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6–11 June 2017 Book online: scienceforschools




Welcome 10am





TUESDAY EDF Energy Arena

SS09 Robot Orchestra

The Crucible

SS10 Accelerate SW28 Making the Invisible Visible

ExperiTent Helix

DP01 Anatomy Zoo

Pillar Room

SW08 The BLOODHOUND Challenge

SW29 Making the Invisible Visible

SW30 Making the Invisible Visible

SW31 Making the Invisible Visible

DP02 Anatomy Zoo SW09 The BLOODHOUND Challenge

DP03 Anatomy Zoo

SW10 The BLOODHOUND Challenge

SW11 The BLOODHOUND Challenge

Siemens Curiosity Zone GE Pavillion


A warm welcome to Science for Schools 2017, four action-packed days full of events for children and young people, which promise to excite and inspire in equal measure. Come and enjoy our live shows, get hands-on in our class-size workshops and explore our range of interactive zones. Whether you are looking to bring a small number or a whole year group, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget to look at our packages too; why not make a full day of it?

EDF Energy Zone Discover Zone

We look forward to welcoming you in June.


Sharron Pearson Education Manager

THURSDAY SS11 Indestructible Energy

EDF Energy Arena

Hana Ayoob Science Festival Programme Manager

SS12 Exploring Hidden Worlds

The Crucible ExperiTent

DP04 Engineering Utopia

Pillar Room

SW32 Fish Dissection


DP05 Engineering Utopia SW33 Fish Dissection

DP06 Engineering Utopia

SW34 Fish Dissection

A word from our Associate Title Partner

EDF Energy is delighted to be the Associate Title Partner of Cheltenham Science Festival, and to continue to support the Science for Schools programme. We are passionate about engaging young minds with science, so we support this extensive programme as well as Cheltenham Festivals’ ambitious year-round activities for schools. LabLive takes the best of the Festival to towns around the country, and FameLab Academy develops hundreds of local secondary students as confident science communicators each year.

SW35 Fish Dissection

Science for Schools contacts

SS15 KS4 Science Day I: Cancer and Nanomaterials

If you would like to contact a member of the Education Team, email us at:

Siemens Curiosity Zone GE Pavillion

Or give us a call:

EDF Energy Zone

Sharron Pearson

01242 537 250

Philippa Claridge

01242 537 267

Rose Wood

01242 537 268

Discover Zone

We hope that by inspiring as many children and young people as possible that this will lead to many brilliant careers in STEM. Stuart Crooks Managing Director - Generation, EDF Energy

MakerShack FRIDAY EDF Energy Arena

DP07 Robot Olympics SW24 Colourful Chemistry

Venue TBC

Event (50 minute science shows) £5.50 per pupil

SS14 Marvellous Materials

The Crucible ExperiTent


DP08 Robot Olympics SW25 Colourful Chemistry

SW26 Colourful Chemistry

SS16 KS4 Science Day II: Astrobiology, Proteins and Skyscrapers

GE Pavillion

Discover Zone MakerShack

KS3 workshops

SW27 Colourful Chemistry


£6.50 per pupil

KS3 Day Package

£14 per pupil

KS4 Day Package

£10 per pupil

Education Programme Partners

Discover Zone, MakerShack, EDF Energy Zone, GE Pavilion, Siemens Curiosity Zone, Science Trail: Free in conjunction with an event/workshop subject to availability

EDF Energy Zone


DP09 Robot Olympics

A £5 booking fee will be added to the total cost of your booking

Siemens Curiosity Zone


Overview of prices

SS13 Body Hacking

KS3 Day package workshops


Free bookable activities


Free Activities at Cheltenham Science Festival

KS4 Science Days

For each paid activity you can book one of our dedicated interactive zones. Please note these are only available with a paid activity and are subject to availability. Please see the planner for times.


EDF Energy Zone

Science: Creating Your Future Helix Theatre £10 per pupil per day – choose from Thursday or Friday’s day package

All ages One-hour slots available every day. How would you use technology to improve your daily routine? Let your imagination run wild and create your very own smart gadgets. Get inspired with virtual reality to see what Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers are available and what you could be doing in the future.

Tomorrow’s science is in your hands: With scientists and professionals from STEM-related fields, these packed days bring together mini lectures on cutting-edge research, inspiring pupils to think about their own future careers and the future of science. Round off your day with a dedicated KS4 session in our interactive Discover Zone.

Discover Zone All ages One-hour slots available every day.

GE Pavilion One-hour slots available every day. Plant yourself in GE’s green pavilion and unearth your passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Embark on a journey to discover the future of flight, experience different branches of digital industrial engineering and explore how GE is digging down to the root issues that will affect the future of the planet. Enjoy hands-on activities and meet the engineers who are shaping our future.


Three mini-lectures from leading professionals


Panel Q&A on STEM careers


KS4-only Discover Zone

Our huge interactive space is a real sight to behold! Packed with a variety of exhibits for all ages, and full of enthusiastic scientists and engineers to answer all your questions, it’s the perfect place to get hands-on with science and discover more about the world around you.

MakerShack One-hour slots available every day.

Future Engineers: Driverless Vehicles – Siemens Curiosity Zone One-hour slots available every day. Robots have the potential to make life easier and safer for all of us. Driverless cars could improve journeys, reduce traffic jams and even provide in-car entertainment! Can you put your coding skills to the test to program your very own driverless car? See who can navigate our obstacle course to collect the most points and be crowned best programmer.


Drop into the MakerShack to explore curious materials such as invisible balls and kinetic sand. Watch wondrous material science demonstrations and get stuck in by constructing an electronic circuit, making a whistle from a carrot, coding a robot, and more.

Other things to do to fill your day:

Science Trail Take part at a time which suits your group. Collect your quiz sheet and follow the Science Trail around Imperial Gardens. It’s the perfect activity to engage pupils in the world of science whilst exploring all that the site has to offer. Limited bookable lunch spaces available: enquire when booking

Thursday 8 June


Day Package I Cancer and Nanomaterials Join sustainable chemist Jemma Rowlandson and cancer researcher Alex Lathbridge for an inspiring morning. Jemma shares how a special set of materials which look like holey cheese could save the world, and Alex explores how computers can help us develop new ways to target specific cancer pathways. Hosted by biologist and broadcaster Adam Hart.

Friday 9 June


Day Package II Astrobiology, Proteins and Skyscrapers Come along to hear from former Chief Scientist of NASA Ellen Stofan, mathematical biologist Jonny Brooks-Bartlett and structural engineer Roma Agrawal. Ellen discusses the search for life beyond planet earth, Jonny explores how mathematics can help us understand proteins and Roma explains why triangles form the basis of skyscrapers and bridges all over the world. Hosted by broadcaster Dallas Campbell. 5





Accelerate The Crucible 12noon YRS 7-9 £5.50 per pupil



Robot Orchestra EDF Energy Arena 10.30am YRS 7-9 £5.50 per pupil Delve into the worlds of robotics, coding and sound with engineer Danielle George. Meet futuristic recycled robots from the University of Manchester’s Robot Orchestra and find out how engineering and computing have fused to take control of technology. Get a glimpse of the future as our musical maestro robots take to the stage. @robotsmcr @EngineerDG


Join Suzie Sheehy and scientists from the University of Oxford on an explosive and interactive tour exploring the science behind atom smashers. This award-winning show is packed with hair-raising demonstrations, explosions and real particle beams. If you’ve ever wondered how the Large Hadron Collider works, this is your chance to find out! @accelerate_show @suziesheehy


Workshop: Anatomy Zoo Helix Theatre 9.45-11.15am 11.45am-1.15pm 1.45-3.15pm YRS 7-9 This event is only available as part of the Tuesday Day Package.

What do a ballerina and a horse have in common? How is a predator’s skull adapted for hunting? The anatomy zoo will answer these questions and more. Explore a huge range of skeletons including humans, dogs, cows and crocodiles with anatomists from the University of Bristol and discover how anatomical differences reflect each species’ adaptations to its particular lifestyle and environment.

KS3 Day Packages: Tuesday 6 June 2017 £14 per pupil YRS 7-9 If you are looking for variety in one easy booking then a Day Package is for you. Each package can accommodate 30 to 35 pupils and comprises an event, an extended workshop, and a guaranteed session in the Discover Zone. Check out each day’s listings to see what is available. DP01

9.45-11.15am 12noon-1pm 2-3pm

Anatomy Zoo Accelerate Discover Zone


10.30-11.30am 11.45-1.15pm 2-3pm

Robot Orchestra Anatomy Zoo Discover Zone


10-11am 12noon-1pm 1.45-3.15pm

Discover Zone Accelerate Anatomy Zoo 7




Workshop: The BLOODHOUND Challenge


Workshop: Making the Invisible Visible ExperiTent SW28 10-11am SW29 11.15am-12.15pm SW30 12.45-1.45pm SW31 2-3pm YRS 7-9 £6.50 per pupil Join Nano Simbox as we delve into the immersive world of atoms and molecules. Take a virtual reality journey from macro, through micro to the nanoscopic world where we can explore, build and experiment with molecules. The workshops are built on real world challenges connecting students’ lives to the invisible scientific world that affects us all.

Town Hall, Pillar Room SW08 10-11am SW09 11.15am-12.15pm SW10 12.45-1.45pm SW11 2-3pm YRS 7-9 £6.50 per pupil



Workshop: Fish Dissection

Indestructible Energy

Experience the thrill of designing, engineering and testing your own K’Nex air-powered rocket car with the BLOODHOUND team. Find out about their global engineering adventure to break the land speed record. Improve your decision making skills, learn the art of prototyping, and enjoy the satisfaction of launching your car and watching it go!

Town Hall, Pillar Room SW32 10-11am SW33 11.15am-12.15pm SW34 12.45-1.45pm SW35 2-3pm YRS 7-9 £6.50 per pupil

EDF Energy Arena 10.30am YRS 7-9 £5.50 per pupil @BLOODHOUND_SSC

If you want to know how something works, start by taking it apart. Find out what biological adaptations make a fish a fish as you systematically dissect one piece by piece. With expert guidance from marine biologist Russell Arnott. NB. Not for the squeamish! @WhaleFest


What do petrol, ping pong balls, calories and cookies have in common? Energy! Chemist Jamie Gallagher burns food, smashes eggs and generates electricity as he shows us what energy actually is and why we can’t create or destroy it. Discover how deep space missions are powered, why your phone battery doesn’t last very long and why athletes need special diets. @JamieBGall @NanoSimbox 8






Body Hacking KS3


Exploring Hidden Worlds The Crucible 12.00-1pm YRS 7-9 £5.50 per pupil


Workshop: Engineering Utopia ExperiTent 9.45-11.15am 11.45am-1.15pm 1.45-3.15pm YRS 7-9 This event is only available as part of the Thursday Day Package.

Enter the city of the future where cars fly, medicine cures all diseases and famine is a thing of the past. What happens if the science and technology that we are so reliant on fails? Join experts from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers on their rescue mission to avoid catastrophe. Can you work together to engineer new solutions to rescue your friends and get back on track?

How do scientists investigate things that are too small to see with the naked eye? Join biochemist Nate Adams as he examines the microscopic and nanoscopic world, looking for bugs, pixels and the surprising things you can find in cheese! Go even smaller to look at the nanomachines inside us keeping us alive and learn how we can see beyond the visible spectrum. Expect some fireballs!

EDF Energy Arena 12.30pm YRS 7-9 £5.50 per pupil Embark on a hilarious, high tech and utterly disgusting journey through the body with BBC presenter Stefan Gates and UCL Chemist Andrea Sella. There will be robots, remote-controlled humans, mind blowing video footage of our guts, digestive chemistry and a very noisy fart machine. Biology lessons will never be the same again! @StefanGates @SellaTheChemist @nateadams

KS3 Day Packages: Thursday 8 June 2017 £14 per pupil YRS 7-9 If you are looking for variety in one easy booking then a Day Package is for you. Each package can accommodate 30 to 35 pupils and comprises an event, an extended workshop, and a guaranteed session in the Discover Zone. Check out each day’s listings to see what is available.



9.45-11.15am 12noon-1pm 2-3pm

Engineering Utopia Exploring Hidden Worlds Discover Zone


10.30-11.30am 11.45-1.15pm 2-3pm

Indestructible Energy Engineering Utopia Discover Zone


10-11am 12noon-1pm 1.45-3.15pm

Discover Zone Exploring Hidden Worlds Engineering Utopia 11




Workshop: Robot Olympics ExperiTent 9.45-11.15am 11.45am-1.15pm 1.45-3.15pm YRS 7-9 This event is only available as part of the Friday Day Package.



Marvellous Materials

Put your coding skills to the test in oour robot olympics with robotics expertt Zan Nadeem from Restech. Developp your programming and problem sol solving ving abilities as you build and code real robots. Navigate mazes, race agains againstt each other, compete in sports, and even e enter our robot wars! All you need iss an inquisitive mind, lots of questions, plenty p of enthusiasm and a can-do attitude attitude. e.

The Crucible 10.30am YRS 7-9 £5.50 per pupil @Restech_Edu

KS3 Day Packages: Friday 9 June 2017 £14 per pupil YRS 7-9

Strength? Elasticity? Durability? These are just some of the properties scientists, designers and engineers have to consider. From the phone in your pocket and the chair you’re sitting on to the materials we use to launch astronauts into space – travel through the material world we live in to encounter the secret science of stuff with materials scientist Suze Kundu. @funsizesuze

If you are looking for variety in one easy booking then a Day Package is for you. Each package can accommodate 30 to 35 pupils and comprises an event, an extended workshop, and a guaranteed session in the Discover Zone. Check out each day’s listings to see what is available. DP07

9.45-11.15am 12.30-1.30pm 2-3pm

Robot Olympics Body Hacking Discover Zone


10.30-11.30am 11.45-1.15pm 2-3pm

Marvellous Materials Robot Olympics Discover Zone


10-11am 12.30-1.30pm 1.45-3.15pm

Discover Zone Body Hacking Robot Olympics


Workshop: Colourful Chemistry Venue TBC SW24 10-11am SW25 11.15am-12.15pm SW26 12.45-1.45pm SW27 2-3pm YRS 7-9 £6.50 per pupil Explore the history of colour on cloth and discover what ‘a load of twaddle’ really means with the Society for Dyers and Colourists. Get to grips with the chemistry of colour in this hands-on workshop. Apply colour to cloth using household materials and take away other ideas to try in the classroom and at home. @sdc_org_uk



Teacher CPD Opportunities

Wednesday 7 June, 4-6pm


Teacher CPD Workshop: Spice Up Your Science St Edward’s School £25 Bored with the same old practical science lessons? Let’s change all that! Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, Steve Hacker and Neil Adams from the Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire Science Learning Partnership will share ideas to spice up science learning in your school. Discover engaging starters for science lessons and new ways to show off your department on open days and evenings. Expect to get hands-on in this practical session. Limited spaces available. Thanks to the Gloucestershire Association of Secondary Headteachers (Adfecto) for their support of this event.

Friday 9 June, 4-6pm

Teacher Twilight Reception Siemens Curiosity Zone FREE When do you ever get to play around on a class trip yourself? Join us for our Teacher Twilight Reception at the Science Festival and test some of Siemens’ fun coding kits! Catch up with your peers at this networking opportunity and collect useful resources for your classroom as you explore the Festival’s Discover Zone. For more information and to book your FREE ticket, please email us at

Cheltenham Science Festival – a great day out for all the family Enjoy an exciting day out for the whole family this June, right in the heart of Cheltenham. Join us in Imperial Square for free activities, games and challenges for kids and grown-ups alike. Look out for family ticket offers so everyone can experience some of the great events, demonstrations and discussions about how the world works and what makes us tick! Please share with your students and their families in your school newsletters, website & social media! Families can sign up to receive news online at If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at



FAQs How do I book tickets? It’s simple! Once you’ve decided which activities you want to book just go to and fill in and submit the booking form. Booking opens 8am on Wednesday 1 February 2017. Please be aware there will be a £5 administrative booking fee applied to each booking.

Is there a bookable lunch space? We understand the challenge of finding a sheltered spot for pupils to have snacks or lunch if the weather is bad and we are able to offer a covered picnic area. The space has a maximum limit so please make sure you request a reservation on your booking form if you know you are having lunch on-site, and we will aim to accommodate as many groups as we can.

What happens next? 1. Once received, we will review your booking form. If any of your choices are not available, we will be in touch to discuss alternative options. You will receive a formal booking confirmation via email once everything is booked. 2. Monday 8th May is the deadline for notifying us of changes to your numbers as a result of fluctuations in class size. We will do our best to accommodate such changes, but please understand that we may be unable to do so. 3. After this date an invoice will be sent to your school finance office. 4. You will also receive the following documents at this point – please bring them with you: • A ticket document • A site map and venue list • An information document with important details about your visit It is helpful for every accompanying adult in your party to have a copy of these documents with them.

Getting to the Festival For full details about arriving, parking, getting to venues and more, please refer to the FAQs at where you will also find our cancellation policy and advice for preparing a risk assessment.

Don’t miss our Teachers CPD Opportunities See page 14 for details

Charity No. 251765

Illustration by Michelle Thompson

Cheltenham Science Festival 2017 - Science for Schools SECONDARY PROGRAMME  
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