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Prep for the Week

Issue Number 1918 – 15 March 2019

That was the week that was...

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


Prep for the Week

Issue Number 1918 – 15 March 2019

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Included in this week’s issue… • Kingfishers Update • Lower School News • Sports Update • Birthday Announcements • Scooby Awards • Updated Week 11 Calendar

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019

And finally... Don’t miss Mr O’Sullivan’s take on this week. His Week 10 blog can be found at the back of this week’s edition.


Kingfishers Update

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Nursery News It is Monster Week in Nursery and the children have been making monsters. They have been using WOW words to describe the way their monster looks to their friends.

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The Fledglings performed their assembly to parents. They showed snippets of their day and all their lovely learning. It was a great success and we are all very proud of them!

Dance Club Fun We have been having a lot of fun in Dance Club on a Wednesday afternoon. The children have been exploring different dance genres, and our current focus is on Ballet. We have been learning the French names for some of the arm positions and thinking carefully about our posture! Well done everyone.

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


Easter Fun Time! Come and join in the Easter fun in the Kingfishers Nursery: Monday 1 - Friday 5 April 10am - 4pm each day


to chil d ren ag 41/2 an d unde ed r

There will be lots of fun activities to take part in and games to play with the Nursery staff To book your place email Mrs Davis via:

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


Lower School News Lower School has been a buzz of activity over the last couple of weeks with all the children preparing for their Speaking and Listening assessments. The aim of this is to gradually build the confidence of each child over the next couple of years (as an activity, it is done up to Year 5) and allow them to develop skills that will benefit them in later life. In front of independent examiners the children have to recite a poem, read an extract from a book and talk for a couple of minutes on something they have a passion for. The variety of talks, based around an object of their choice, has been as varied as usual, with some of the more unusual ones being llamas, Frida Khalo and Japanese festivals. We learnt about beer leaking into a pond in Belgium, what it’s like to be a mascot at a football match and how scary American roller coasters are in comparison to British ones. All in all, both Year 3 and Year 4 have put in a lot of effort and will have, hopefully, gained a little more confidence when asked to stand up or perform in public in future.

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We have also been accumulating points in Mathletics, as part of the Maths Challenge. The children have been working hard at gaining points in the classroom and the number of certificates printed out on Monday alone was more than in previous weeks. Congratulations to Tobias and Thomas who both made it into the top 10 worldwide, by Tuesday. Finally, Lower School look forward to welcoming you to our assembly next Tuesday, 19 March at 3.00pm which will be held in the Assembly Hall and followed by tea and coffee.

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


Golf Champion Last Sunday, Jasmine Y played in the IMG Academy Junior World Golf Qualifier (6 and under age group) against top junior players in the UK. On a gusty and rainy day in Oak Park Golf Club, she pulled through to the end and won the Girls’ Runner-Up trophy and also a place in the IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championships this summer, when she will have the chance to play against all the top little golfers in the world. Good luck Jasmine!

Year 4 Gymnastics This week Year 4 have been performing their Sports Acro Gymnastic routines in their PE lessons. They have spent the last few weeks choosing their favourite partner balances and adding some extra moves to create a sequence which they have been practising and perfecting. Here are some highlights!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


Sport Update Netball Team of the Week: U11 Blue Although they had a narrow loss, the Blue team played with a huge amount of passion and team spirit against Dean Close. They owned the court and their movement, skills and footwork was testament to the time and effort the girls put in every week during Games sessions. They should be so proud of how they played and their ability to play effectively as a team. Well done girls!

Boys’ Team of the Week Well this was a tough one… the U12A VII travelled to the Sibford Rugby 7s, beating schools with almost four times our numbers and did amazingly well, falling narrowly short in the final. The U11A VII, backed up becoming County champions by winning the Dragon Tournament and bringing home another tropy. The U9A had a great hockey win over at King’s Gloucester, the U10s had some terrific performances on the football fields against Kitebrook… but the award has to go to the Captains. In our Upper School House Hockey we observed the perfect balance of performance with participation, with the boys working so hard for their Houses, but making sure the opportunities were shared around and this came from the leadership of the Year 8s charged to lead their House teams. Well done boys.

Girls’ Netball Results U13A vs Dean Close Lost 5 - 16 U13B vs Dean Close Won 15 - 9 U13C vs Dean Close Won 17 - 6 U12A vs Dean Close Lost 4 - 24 U12B vs Dean Close Won 21 - 13 U11A vs Dean Close Won 18 - 3 U11B vs Dean Close Drew 4 - 4 U11 White vs Dean Close Won 5 - 1 U11 Blue vs Dean Close Lost 4 - 6 U10B vs Dean Close Won 11 - 2 U10A vs Dean Close Won 15 - 10 U9A vs Dean Close Won 7 - 4 U9B vs Dean Close Won 8 - 0 U8 vs Dean Close Won 5 - 0

Boys’ Football Results U13A vs Bournside Lost 1 - 6

Boys’ Hockey Results U11 at the Dragon Tournament WINNERS U9A vs King’s Gloucester Won 9 - 0 U9B vs King’s Gloucester Lost 0 - 2

Boys’ Rugby Results U12A at the Sibford 7s Runners-up

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


Notices Happy birthday to the following pupils who have their birthdays this week:

• Ngonidzashe M (12) • Bertie B (11) • Freddie M (4) • Ethan S (6)

Charitable Champion

Well done to Franchesca F who generously gave her own pocket money to the school’s charity, Winston’s Wish, a brilliantly selfless gesture!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


2019 - Our Year of Reading Caught You Reading Here at The Prep, we love to catch our pupils reading. All pupils have regular access to the Library, with the majority of pupils also having weekly Library lessons. Such is their love of reading, many of our pupils also love to read at breaktimes, lunchtimes and during other opportunities across the school day. For this reason, we introduced our Caught You Reading initiative last year. All staff carry Caught You Reading slips which they fill in and give to pupils when they catch them reading. These slips then go in the Caught You Reading box in the Library, and a prize is given to one lucky winner, drawn out weekly by Mr O’Sullivan. You have to be in it, to win it!

This week’s Caught You Reading Winner is...

Harry R

Reader of the Week Congratulations to this week’s Reader of the Week... Isabel C

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019

Each week, staff in the English department, together with Miss Richardson, our Librarian, nominate one pupil who has made particular progress with, or shown genuine commitment to, their private reading.


Scooby Awards

Congratulations to the following pupils who have earned 25 pluses this term:

• Jules H

• Frederick H

• William B • Bella C

• Mikhail S • Matthew S

• Hannah D • Sophia G

• Isabelle M • Livvie R

And well done to the following pupils who have already reached 50 pluses this term!

• Allegra S • Isabel C • Octavia D • Maya F • Victoria H • Tim I

• Finlay M-K • Charles M • Ryan N • Theodora W • William D • Sarah A

• Harris C • Josh C • Seraphina D • Emily F • Herbie H • Seren H

• Riley J • Martha K • Tibault K • Virginia M • Nick N • Jasper P

• Lula R • Rory S

Congratulations to the following pupils who have now reached the 75 plus milestone:

• Sam A • Freddie A • Georgia B • Ava-Grace B-B

• Penny C • Shannon E • Lily E • Hattie L

• Imole A • Herbie E • Sebastian M-T

• Zac M • Saif J • Max M • Ruby S

• Eva T • Sophia W

Well done to Lawrence Y and Jemima P who have done incredibly well to receive their 100th plus of the term! And finally, congratulations to Ava B who now has over 125 pluses so far this term, a fantastic achievement!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


And finally... Dear Parents For those of you lucky enough to have been at the Fledglings (Nursery) Assembly this week it will undoubtedly have been your highlight. To see such young children demonstrate so much confidence and obvious enthusiasm for performance was a real joy. These skills need to be nurtured and cherished as they so often become lost as children grow into teenagers and then adulthood, yet they remain keys to both successful, and happy, lives. I have no doubt that over the next fifteen years the talents of this particular group of fledglings will be celebrated on any number of occasions - even if they never again look quite as sweet as they did on Wednesday!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019

There is one point of concern I should share with all in relation to College/Prep relations. Neither Nicky (Huggett) nor I are really betting people, but we did both have a small flutter whilst entertaining guests on Tuesday. Unfortunately, my horse fell and in so doing took out Nicky’s horse which had been doing rather well! Hopefully relations between the two schools won’t have been permanently scarred but it only goes to prove that betting really is a mug’s game!


Week 11 Calendar Week 11

18/3/19 - 24/3/19 Mon - 18/3/19 Week 11 (26) 18 - 24 March House Music Finals (Lake House) 09:00 HPV Vaccinations for Year 8 Girls 17:00 LAMDA Showcase 2 (Lake House)* 18:00 Athens and Persia House Year 8 Social Event to Zizzi's. Pick up 20:15 Tue - 19/3/19 07:30 Departure for IAPS Finals at Millfield (A): 1st VII. Start 10:00. Pick up 18:00 11:30 Departure for Sibford Rugby 7s (A): U13A VII. Start 13:00. Pick up 17:30 15:00 Lower School Assembly (Assembly Hall)* Wed - 20/3/19 07:30 Departure for IAPS Finals at Rugby School (A): U11A. Start 10:00. Pick up 17:30 13:00 XI a-side Hockey Training (H): Upper School. Pick up 16:20 13:00 Departure for Netball v RGS The Grange (A): U10A, U10B. Start 14:30. Pick up 17:15 13:00 Departure for Netball v The Dragon (A): U9A, U9B. Start 14:30. Pick up 17:30 14:00 Middle School House Football. Pick up 16:20 14:00 Cheltenham Prep Hockey Festival (H): U8A VII, U8B VII. Pick up 16:20 14:00 Upper School Cricket Training. Pick up 16:20 14:30 Netball v Berkhampstead (H): U8A, U8B. Pick up 16:00 14:30 Netball v RGS The Grange (H): U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D. Pick up 16:20 Thu - 21/3/19 Year 4 Viking Day West of England Hockey Finals (A): 1st VII

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


Week 11 Calendar 13+ Art and D&T Scholars' Exhibition opens (Prep Art Room)* Year 3 Trip to Dundry Nurseries 09:00 Year 1 Assembly (Assembly Hall)* 17:00 Private View - 13+ Art and D&T Scholars' Exhibition (Prep Art Room) 18:00 Choral Evensong: Schola Cantorum Boys' Voices (Chapel)* Pick up 18:30 Fri - 22/3/19 LAMDA examinations (Drama Studio) 08:00 Preparation for Middle School: A talk for Year 4 parents (Library)* 09:00 Fun Friday Pre-3s Stay and Play (Nursery) 09:00 Year 2 Assembly (Assembly Hall)* 14:20 Chapel* 14:20 Upper School Play: 'Wizard of Oz' - Rehearsal (Assembly Hall) 19:30 Prep+ 'The Mousetrap' (Everyman Theatre) Sat - 23/3/19 08:30 Departure for The Downs Wraxall Netball Festival (A): U8s. Start 10:00. Pick up 12:45 08:45 Departure for Football v Beaudesert (A): U10A VII, U10B VII, U10C VII. Start 10:00. Pick up 12:00 09:30 Departure for Netball v Beaudesert (A): U11A, U11B, U11C, U10A, U10B. Start 11:00. Pick up 13:30 09:30 Netball v Beaudesert (H): U9A, U9B. Pick up 10:45 09:50 Departure for Hockey v Beaudesert (A): 1st VII, 2nd VII. Start 11:00 and 11:45. Pick up 13:45 10:00 Football v Beaudesert (H): U8A VII, U8B VII, U9A VII, U9B VII. Pick up 11:15 11:00 Hockey v Beaudesert (H): U11A VII, U11B VII, U11C VII, 6th VII. Pick up 12:15 11:00 Netball v Beaudesert (H): U13A, U13B, U13C, U12A, U12B. Pick up 12:15 11:45 Hockey v Beaudesert (H): 2nd VII, 3rd VII, 4th VII, 5th VII. Pick up 13:00 Sun - 24/3/19 10:00 Upper School Play: 'Wizard of Oz' - Rehearsal (Assembly Hall). Pick up 16:00 13:00 Boarders' Bowling

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


Mr O’Sullivan invites you to join in the fun at the...


SUNDAY 9 JUNE If you would like to enter the Doubles Tennis tournament, please contact Lucy Hill on Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a doubles partner - this is a friendly tournament where partners swap after each match! If you are a cricketer and wish to participate, please contact Andrew Hill on A delicious match tea will be served at 15.30. Thank you and we really hope you can come, the event will be a lot of fun!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1918 15 March 2019


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