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Prep for the Week

Issue Number 1936 – 8 November 2019

That was the week that was...

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Prep for the Week

Issue Number 1936 – 8 November 2019

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Included in this week’s issue… • Kingfishers Update • Boarding House Update • Sicily Trip • Karting Success • Sports News • Saturday Fixtures and Sports Training Week 11 Calendar

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019

WEDNESDAY GAMES On Wednesdays, Year 3 should come in PE kit, bringing their school uniform in their sports bags plus games kit if they have a match. Years 4-8 should come in games kit, bringing their school uniform in their sports bags.

And finally... Don’t miss Mr O’Sullivan’s take on this week. His Week 10 blog can be found at the back of this week’s edition. 2

Kingfishers Update Nursery News The Nursery children have started their new topic ‘On the Move’ and have been thinking about all the different ways to travel. They were very clever at sorting the different modes of transport into land, air and sea vehicles. We are also enjoying our new celebration song “I ride on a bike/bus/car/plane but I want to go faster ... faster”

Fireworks Fun The children have been whizzing, popping and whooshing everywhere this week. We have learnt about the history of Bonfire Night, how to stay safe as well as having fun with art. We used a toothbrush and a salad spinner to create fantastic fireworks.

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Kingfishers Update Amazing Africa The children in Year 1 have been introduced to their new topic ‘Amazing Africa’ this week. They started their learning by creating African clay pots and visiting Stroud Reading Festival to see the author Atinuke. The children discovered many new and interesting facts and were captivated by the stories she told.

Fact or Fiction Year 2 have been learning all about the differences between fiction and non-fiction books this week in literacy. They worked as detectives to find all of the different features included in information books. Now they know, keep an eye out for their very own information book coming soon, to a book-shelf near you!

Kind Kingfishers Kingfishers will be taking part in the World Kindness Day next week. Look out for a feature on it in next week’s edition!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Lower School News Before Half Term, as the weather began to get colder, 3T decided that a hearty winter vegetable soup was required. We chopped onions, carrots, swede, potato and celery to go into our soup, although we found the swede rather tricky to get through with a knife! We poured it all into a large pan to boil with tomatoes and vegetable stock. After half an hour of cooking, we had a turn with the hand blender to make our soup smooth. The perfect supper for an autumn evening! Meanwhile 3M have begun to think about Christmas. This week we began the process of making our own Christmas cakes. We mixed flour, butter, brown sugar, mixed spice, mincemeat and dried fruit all together. Then we spooned the mixture into our individual cake tins for baking. Next week we will be tackling the marzipan and icing!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Electric Kart Racing The F24 karting team had an incredible event at Silverstone. Here is a write-up as it unfolded. On Thursday 17 October, the F24 Karting Team were invited to the International Finals at Silverstone! As this is our first year competing we were elated to have qualified so before the event the team set about making the necessary modifications to maximise the speed and usage of the batteries come race day. On the day, we arrived and flew through the scrutineering to check the kart was race-worthy. Next, we completed our practice laps to familiarise ourselves with the national circuit, with our new international ranking of 84th plastered on the front and sides of our kart. Our first race was a 90-minute qualifier to gain the best grid placing for the final race, in which the team did well and gained another 23 places, finishing 61st. Having refuelled both kart and children, we were ready for the race of the year. Starting at 61st gave us great confidence, however, the early speed of our kart was not as quick as others and we slipped to 75th. Nevertheless, fter some lightning fast pit stops and other karts struggling for power later in the 90-minute race, we started climbing the rankings once more. At the end, we finished 61st again, an amazing achievement for all involved and the kart did not put a wheel wrong. The one trophy we were aiming for was ‘Best Newcomer’, so we waited with baited breath at prize giving to accept our fate! And the ‘Best Newcomers’ goes to… not us! However on closer inspection the team that won it finished in 60th only 25 seconds in front of us! We worked out that if the race was 2 minutes longer we would have overtaken them to claim the prize but this must not be taken away from how incredibly well this first season was for the team. Having gained many more skills such as teamwork, driving ability and organisation, we will be stripping down the kart to make it leaner and faster for next year’s competitions.

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Movember Men “Please sir, will you grow a mo?”

At school this month several of the male staff, some pictured above, are taking part in ‘Movember’, growing moustaches in the name of the men’s cancer charity. Please do support them around school as they undertake their itchy and somewhat embarrassing moustached journeys and if you feel like supporting the charity then you can donate to the ‘Cheltenham College United’ team, via this link:

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


2019 - Our Year of Reading Congratulations to Magdalen A who has been named this week’s reader of the week. Great work Magdalen, keep it up!

Congratulations to Charlie A who wins this week’s Caught You Reading award!

Finally, well done to the following pupils who have now earned their Accelerated Reading Bronze Award:

Magdalen A Thomas C Michael W

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Sicily Trip 24 pupils from Years 5 to 8 and three staff left at 3am (!) to catch a flight to Sicily for the 2019 music and cultural tour. The hotel was amazingly situated right on the beach, and the weather was lovely and warm for us during the entire trip. We visited various beautiful, historic towns, such as Syracuse and Taormina, saw the spectacular Alcantara gorges and were all suitably awe-struck by our visit to Mount Etna. The latter involved being taken up by coach to 1900m, then using cable cars to get up to 2300m, and finally using large 4x4 vehicles to ascend to 2600m. From there a tour guide walked us around the summit of the volcano (which constantly smokes due to being ‘live’…!) looking at the various craters that the lava has created over time. We had super weather that day and could see for miles around, despite being above the clouds. Amazing! We also performed two concerts whilst we were there, including one in Taormina Cathedral. The children sang items ranging from Londonderry Air, through to Tears in Heaven, Gospel numbers and sacred choral works too. They received a standing ovation and did the school proud. A wonderful time was had by all – so make sure you look out for the next music and cultural tour that takes place in 2021!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Sports News Girls’ Hockey Results 1st VII vs Downs Malvern Won 4 - 3 2nd VII vs Downs Malvern Won 2 - 0 3rd VII vs Downs Malvern Lost 0 - 4 4th VII vs Downs Malvern Won 8 - 1 5th VII vs Downs Malvern Drew 0 - 0 6th VII played some great Hockey at the Stourport Festival U11 Cheetahs vs St John’s on the Hill Drew 2 - 2 U11 Pumas vs St John’s on the Hill Won 6 - 0 U11 Jaguars vs Berkhampstead Drew 0 - 0 U10 Leopards vs Berkhampstead Drew 0 - 0 U10 Cougars vs Berkhampstead Drew 0 - 0 U9 Lions vs St John’s on the Hill Won 2 - 1 U9 Tigers vs Pinewood Lost 4 - 7 U8 Panthers vs St John’s on the Hill Drew 1 - 1

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019

Girls’ teams of the week The U8 Panthers who are undefeated all term and the 4th Team who won 8-1 with a stand out performance for Mia E who scored five goals – well done girls!

Boys’ Rugby Results The U8, U9, U10, U11, U12Bs and U13Bs all played in their first 7s festival of the season this week where no scores were kept. The U13As and U12As both finished runners up in their respective Severnside tournaments. Great work boys, keep it up!

Boys’ teams of the week The U12A VIIs who played some stunning rugby 7s in their first tournament in this format. The boys moved the ball superbly and will be quite a force in the Spring Term 7s competitions.


Scooby Awards Congratulations to the following pupils who have reached the 25 plus mark this term and have earned a Scooby Award.

• Felix D

• Daniel R

• Imam B-A

Congratulations to the following pupils who have now reached the 50 plus mark and have earned their second Scooby Award of the term.

• Penny C • Peter • Victoria • Hattie L • Hector T H • Harriet B C-H • Josh M-K • Thomas H-C • Maya C • Shannon E • Sofia J • Akinka • Nell A • Harry C • Zandra G • Poppy K M Congratulations to the following pupils who have now reached the 75 plus mark and have earned their third Scooby Award of the term.

• Seren A

• Georgia B

• Clara S

• Evie W

Congratulations to Verity C who has now reached 100 pluses, great work Verity! And finally, well done to Annabelle B who becomes the second pupil of the year to reach 150 pluses, an incredible achievement!

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Birthdays and Notices Happy birthday to all of our pupils who have had their birthday since the start of Half Term: • Emily F (9) • Bobby S (8) • Liam V (7) • Francesca F (11) • Irona N (6) • Eliza S (3)

• Betty W (5) • Max C H (13) • Kiara P (6) • Keona L (13) • Grace S (7) • Eva N (4)

• Callum K (8) • Harry S-L (12) • Ethan Z (9) • Ollie F (7) • Robyn B (9) • Alfie P (9)

• Ludo C (8) • Arabella H (12) • Livvie R (12) • Ollie S (6)

Potential New Bus Route We are considering putting on a morning bus pick-up from Gotherington if there is enough interest from Prep families. Please email for more information.

Tennis - Two courts have been booked from 0815-1100 on a Friday for Prep parents to play tennis. Please visit the Sports Hall Reception for the code to enter the courts. Availability will be on a first come first served (pardon the pun!) basis. Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Week 11 Calendar Week 11

11/11/19 - 17/11/19 Mon - 11/11/19 Week 11 (11) 11 - 17 November 09:00 Cheltenham College 13+ (Year 8) Sports Scholarship (Sports Hall) 18:30 Parent Information Evening: Relationship Education (Library)* Tue - 12/11/19 Visiting Author: Virginia Clay - cancelled 09:00 Cheltenham College 13+ (Year 8) Sports Scholarship (Sports Hall) Wed - 13/11/19 Kingfishers Act of Kindness Day 09:30 Years 6-8 'Borneo's Fragile Ecosystem' with Chris Willmett, explorer and conservationist - Cancelled 11:00 Chapel* 12:40 Departure for Clifton Rugby Festival (A): U13B XIII. Start 14:00. Pick up 17:30 12:45 Departure for Hockey v Hereford Cathedral School (A): U11A, U11B. Start 14:15. Pick up 16:20 13:00 Departure for Rugby v Abberley Hall (A): U11A IX, U10A VIII. Start 14:30. Pick up 17:30 13:00 Departure for Rugby v St Hugh's and Beachborough at St Hugh's (A): U11B IX, U11C IX, U10B VIII. Start 14:30. Pick up 17:30 13:00 Departure for Wycliffe Rugby Festival (A): U9A VII, U9B VII. Start 14:00. Pick up 17:00 13:00 Departure for Hockey v Abberley Hall (A): 3rd VII, 4th VII, 5th VII. Start 14:15. Pick up 16:45 13:40 Departure for Hockey v Hereford Cathedral School (A): U11C, U10A. Start 15:10. Pick up 17:15 14:15 Hockey v Abberley Hall (H): 2nd VII. Pick up 16:20 14:15 Hockey v Beaudesert (H): U9A, U9B. Pick up 16:00

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Week 11 Calendar 14:30 Rugby v Abberley Hall (H): U13A XIII, U12A XII, U12B XII. Pick up 16:20 14:30 Indoor Hockey Training (H): 6th VII, U10B. Pick up 16:20 Thu - 14/11/19 Scholastic Book Fair (Library)* Year 8 Flying Start Challenge 08:30 Year 7 Theatre Trip: "War Horse" (Wembley Park Troubadour Theatre). Pick up 18:30 13:40 Lower School Family Art Attack Afternoon (Lower School)* 16:45 Swimming v St Edward's (H): Years 3-6. Pick up 18:00 19:30 Prep+ 'The Entertainer' (Everyman Theatre) Fri - 15/11/19 Scholastic Book Fair (Library)* 07:00 Departure for the IAPS U13 National Final (if qualified) (A): 1st VII. Start 10:00. Pick up 17:00 08:30 Entrance @11 Day for Year 6 and Prospective Pupils 09:00 Fun Friday Pre-3s Stay and Play (Nursery) 13:00 @11 Entrance Day Activity 14:30 Kingfishers Open Afternoon for Current Parents until 15:30 (Kingfishers classrooms)* Sat - 16/11/19 09:00 Super Saturday: Art Attack with Mrs Parsley. Pick up 10:30 09:30 Departure for Rugby v Beaudesert (A): U9A VII, U9B VII. Depart 08:30. Start 09:30. Pick up 11:30 09:30 Rugby v Beaudesert (H): U8s. Pick up 10:45 09:30 Departure for Hockey v Beaudesert (A): 4th VII. Start 11:00. Pick up 13:00 09:50 Departure for Rugby v Beaudesert (A): U13A XIII, U13B XIII, U11A IX, U11B IX, U11C IX. Start 11:15. Pick up 13:30 10:00 Hockey v Beaudesert (H): U9A, U9B, U8s. Pick up 11:15 10:15 Departure for Hockey v Beaudesert (A): 5th VII. Start 11:45. Pick up 13:30 11:00 Hockey v Beaudesert (H): 1st VII, 2nd VII, 3rd VII, U10B. Pick

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


Week 11 Calendar up 12:15 11:15 Rugby v Beaudesert (H): U12A XII, U12B XII, U10A VIII, U10B VIII. Pick up 12:45 11:45 Hockey v Beaudesert (H): U11A, U11B, U11C, U10A. Pick up 13:00 Sun - 17/11/19 13:00 Boarders' Taskmaster

Saturday Fixtures and Sports Training Match Information Team Sheets, which include comprehensive information including, meet times, match starts, return/pick-up times and match locations can be found through our sports webpage via the following link:

Important Notice Drop-off Times - Please do not drop off children before the allotted meet time as they will be unsupervised until the member of staff comes on duty. With such a busy car park, we must ensure the children are safe and therefore ask that if a family arrives early, parents remain with their children until the meet time. Pick-up Times - Please ensure your child is picked up at the appropriate time and are signed out.

Uniform Pupils to arrive in their games kit, wearing their full tracksuit and have their games bag with them. After sport all children must sign out with their team coach.

Absences A reminder to parents that if your child needs to miss a Saturday event, permission must be obtained from Mr O’Sullivan with a week’s notice. If your child is unwell and therefore unavailable for a Saturday event, please email Mr Simpson or Mrs McNulty the night before, or telephone the school on 01242 522 697 between 08:15 and 08:45.

Siblings If you have a child in Year 7 or 8 and others in Years 3, 4, 5 or 6 there will be an option to drop your younger child at “Sibling Club”. Children should be dropped at The Prep School Reception at 08.15. They will be registered by the Reception staff and directed to the club where they will be supervised until their meet time. There is no post-match childcare available for siblings. Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


And finally... Dear Parents A very warm welcome back to all. The children are straight back into it with the next few weeks full of hard work so that everyone can enjoy the final few Christmas days knowing they have earnt the celebrations. I am sure it will seem like no time at all before I am sat beside you at the various Nativity Plays, productions and carol services that round off this wonderful Term. If you get the chance you must take a stroll along the main House Corridor where all of the House Art Competition entries are displayed. It really is the most fantastic demonstration of the talent and dedication of our children. All of the work was produced entirely in their own time and without any adult assistance. They really are fabulous - winners announced in Assembly on Monday!

Have a great weekend and look out for footage of all of the usual exciting Prep School activities in a forthcoming highlights video.

I write this as I prepare to go and join the rest of the school for our Remembrance Service in chapel. We will also be gathering together on Monday at 11am to pay our respects with a short Act of Remembrance.

Prep for The Week Issue Number 1936 8 November 2019


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