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Flourish The annual report of giving at College January 2017

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24/01/2017 19:29

Thank you for supporting the future of College In March 2016 I succeeded John Horan as President of the Council of Cheltenham College. To say it’s an honour to be asked to serve the College in this way would be a very considerable understatement and I’m truly delighted to have taken up the reins. However, I’m the first to recognise that chairing College’s governing body brings with it heavy responsibility, not least as a result of the far-reaching changes taking place in both state and private education, in the charities sector, in the world of business and in the economy more generally. In our 175th year it’s more important than ever to keep in mind that the Council, as custodians of this school, has a duty to ensure excellent governance as well as clear and ambitious guidelines for the Headmasters, the Bursar and the senior management teams as we prepare Cheltenham College for the next decades of the 21st century. When I addressed the joint Common Rooms in April and parents on Speech Day, I stressed two things. Firstly, Council will ensure that the two foundation stones of our current renaissance will be maintained. In other words, further raising academic standards alongside a full and varied co-curricular programme, and at the same time running the business of College efficiently, with the particular aim of delivering outstanding value for money

to our fee-payers. Put another way, there will be continuity of approach – no ‘change for the sake of change’. However that doesn’t mean College will be standing still – very far from it. Both schools will continue to develop in the most positive of ways. This will be ‘spring boarded’ by several important facilities development projects. We will see dramatic changes to our food preparation facilities, improvements to our existing boarding facilities, the refurbishment of the College Boathouse and the rebuilding of the Chapel organ. At the Prep, we are also planning new nursery and outdoor learning facilities. Council has authorised up to £10m of capital investment during the next few years or so, but this expenditure will be contingent on fundraising success and stringent limits set on total borrowing. The idea is to ensure our core facilities are fully up to scratch and that the entire College community, including parents and other fee-payers, can reap the benefits that will come from growing College in quality and academic attainment – something we intend to achieve without diluting the culture or the ethos that have helped to make this such a successful school. This is an exciting time for College and for the Prep. We remain grateful, as always, for the support given to College and along with my Council colleagues I shall look forward to seeing many of you in 2017.

William Straker-Nesbit President of Cheltenham College Council

Donors Across the World United Kingdom

92% Canada

<1% USA

1.7% Colombia

<1% Africa



3.3% United Arab Emirates

<1% Hong Kong

1.1% Thailand

<1% Australia

<1% Malaysia


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24/01/2017 19:29

College and Giving growing together 2016 has been a great year of celebrating 175 years of College. Philanthropy has always been essential to College from Hugh Reeves’ generous gifts to the school to the support received in the last decade. Indeed, giving to College has never been stronger and we very much hope that you will be inspired by our ambitious plans for the future. We have been delighted with the gifts and pledges already received for our BEHIVE project. Last year, College was one of the first schools to launch its own Mini MBA course. This is the first step in developing our entrepreneurial programme to equip students with essential skills for the workplace and business start-ups. The Business and Economics Hub for Innovation and Enterprise will be the next step to provide state of the art teaching facilities and the best possible opportunities for linking with local businesses, Old Cheltonians and parents. 2016 also saw the arrival of beautifully hand-crafted Steinway pianos giving College ‘All-Steinway School’

Projects Supported 2010-2016

status. Music and Chapel in particular have always been at the heart of College life and this investment will further enhance our reputation for excellence in Music. Whilst the Chapel organ has been excellently maintained by Harrison & Harrison since the last major restoration in 1976, the time has now come for the entire instrument to be taken apart to be rebuilt. Please do get in touch if this is something you would like to support. Opportunities to sponsor stops and pipes will be available and we very much hope OCs, parents and friends of College will all get involved. School fees pay for the running costs of College. For us to be able to develop our facilities, expand into new areas of teaching and learning and provide increased extracurricular opportunities, the support and involvement of parents and Old Cheltonians is crucial and most welcome. We are hugely grateful for the many generous donations we receive from OCs, parents, staff and friends of College. These gifts have enabled us to modernise existing facilities as well as develop new ones much faster than otherwise possible over the last 6 years. There are many ways to support College and we are immensely grateful to the many OCs and parents who have given their time for careers talks and lectures as well as mentoring current students and recent leavers. Thank you very much for your support of College, whatever your involvement has been in 2016. I look forward to meeting many of you at College or at one of our Cheltonian Association & Society events in 2017.

Christiane Dickens Development Director

Who are our donors?*

Unrestricted* Science Centre The Chatfeild-Roberts Library CCF Extension Other Projects The Ben White Learning Centre Chapel Sports Bursary & Scholarship Fund Westal Girls’ Boarding House * No specific project. College to use at its discretion.

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Alumni of College and the Prep

Current and past parents

Staff and Friends of Trusts & College College Foundations Council

* Number of donors, not total amount received

24/01/2017 19:29

Thank you Thank you to all those who have made donations to the Cheltenham College Charitable Trust or have attended a fundraising event supporting College between 1st Jan 2016 - 31st Dec 2016. We would also like to express our gratitude to all those who wish their support to remain anonymous. Christopher Adams

BH, 1957

Anne Cadbury

Hon OC

Mr & Mrs Goff

Current Parents

Linda Adams

Current Parent

Michael Caines

Xt, 1995

Gabriella Goff

Cha, 2014

Nicholas Adams

S, 1992

Jae Chalfin

L, 1996

Anthony Goodwin

Ch, 1960

Charles Aikenhead

BH, 1963

Hugh Champion

H, 1972

Philip Greenish

Xt, 1969

Mr & Mrs Albutt

Current Parents

John Champion


Mr & Mrs Hall

Current Parents

Andrea Alves

Current Parent

N C Chan

Current Parent

Mr Hall & Dr Harland

Current Parents

Debbie Anderes

Hon OC

Mr & Mrs Chesterfield

Past Parents

Rebecca Hammersley

Current Parent

Lawrence Anderson

Th, 1959

Ita Connell

Past Parent

David Hammerson

L, 1959

John Appleton

BH, 1963

Mr & Mrs Cook

Current Parents

Peter Hammerson

L, 1962

Julian Archard

H, 1988

David Cook

L, 1964

Michael Hancock

BH, 1962

Timothy ArengoJones

BH, 1995

Richard Corbett

Current Parent

Mr & Mrs Hardy

Current Parents

Mr & Mrs Avery

Current Parents

Dr & Mrs Corbyn

S, 1986

Mr & Dr Harrar

Current Parents

Mr & Mrs Bailey

Past Parents

Katherine Cox

Cha, 1996

Andrew Harris

Current Parents

Current Parent

Past Staff Member

Mr & Mrs Barnes

Palmarino D'Istria

L, 1989

L, 1957

Past Staff Member

Robert Harris

Clive Barnes

Karen Davies

Mr & Mrs Hartley

Current Parents

David Bartholomew

Xt, 1970

Paul Davies

BH, 1969

Mr & Mrs Hesketh

Current Parents

Mr & Mrs Bays

L, 1987

Arthur De Haast

L, 1975

Mrs Hickey

Current Parent

Mr & Mrs Bennett

Current Parents

David Delaney

Ch, 1955

Mr & Mrs Hill

L, 1985

Alastair Bennett

Ch, 1976

Christiane Dickens

Staff Member

Matthew Hind

W, 1986

Benjamin Bennett

H, 1958

Mr & Mrs Doskulova

Current Parents

Mr & Mrs Hine

H, 1986

Charles Bennett

H, 1980

Mr & Mrs Hitchins

NH, 1965

H, 1975

Timothy DouglasRiley

BH, 1968

Christopher Bennett

BH, 1949

Current Parents

Ch, 1985

John Bevan

Mr & Mrs Dyke

Tom Hooper

Past Parent

NH, 1978

L, 1987

Roger Ecob

Richard Hornor

Mr & Mrs Bingham

Current Parents

Xt, 1951

Past Parents

Mr & Mrs Birch

Anthony Elliott

Dr & Mrs Howe

S, 2004

BH, 1963

Current Parents

Mr & Mrs Emirali

Nicholas Howell

Mr & Mrs Blanchfield

NH, 1954

NH, 1952

NH, 1997

Edward Bliss

Robert Epton

Thomas Hughes

Current Parent

Xt, 1964

Xt, 1994

Penny Evans

John Hyatt

Daniel Bloomfield

H, 1977

Current Parents

Current Parent

Thomas Blott

Mr & Mrs Fair

Gustaf Isaksson

Current Parents

Past Parent

Past Parents

Mr & Mrs Fairs

Lynn James

Mr & Mrs Bond

L, 1987

L, 1987

H, 1951

Mr & Mrs Boothman

Mr & Mrs Fentum

Robert James

Current Parents

Hon OC

OJ, 1965

Mr & Mrs Ferris

Bridget Jepson

Simon Bowes

L, 1969

Current Parents

Past Parent

Peter Bowman

Mr & Mrs Finch

Ann Johnson

NH, 1980

Current Parents

Past Parents

Trevor Fitzherbert

Mr & Mrs Johnston

Mr & Mrs Bowring

Past Parents

Current Parents

BH, 1957

Mr & Mrs M Brown

Mr & Mrs Foster

James Kellie

Xt, 1965

Current Parent

S, 1987

Alan Foster

Clare Kemp

Simon Bullers

BH, 1954

Current Parents

Xt, 2001

Osborne Burchnall

Mr & Mrs Fowler

Mustafa Khan

Xt, 1965

Past Parent

BH, 1979

Alan Fowler

Simon Knowles

Nicholas Burge

Past Parent

Staff Member

Curent Parents

Andrew Burgess

Stephen Friling

Mr & Mrs Lait

L, 1976

Xt, 1960

DB, 1951

Kwabena FrimpongAnsah

Nicholas Langrishe

Ian Burns-Thomson

Clive Lawson-Smith

Past Parent

Sir Edmund Burton

Th, 1961

Andrew Gasson

Hon OC

Yulia Levchenkova

Current Parent

Mr & Mrs Buttress

Current Parents

Mr & Mrs Giuseppetti

Past Parents

John Lloyd

BH, 1954

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24/01/2017 19:29

Thank you continued Other Supporters

Hector Lopez-Valido

Xt, 2015

Charles Seltman

H, 1966

James MacKaness

H, 1975

David Sewell

DB, 1959

Bespoke Hotels

Murdoch MacKay

L, 1954

Mr & Mrs Shen

Current Parents

Bicks of Montpellier

Richard Madeley

Past Parent

Nicholas Shryane

Th, 1974

Bristol & District Organists' Association

Howard Marx

Th, 1971

Mr & Mrs Simpson

Current Parents

Chase Distillery

John Maxwell

L, 1960

Dr & Mrs Sloan

Hon OC

CHB Global

Mr & Mrs McCarthy

Current Parents

Peter Smallwood

OJ, 1958

Commercial Group

Ivan McMeekin

NH, 1952

Mr & Mrs Sneyd

Past Parents

Ellis Clowes

John McMeekin

L, 1955

Mr & Mrs Stanion

Past Parents

Goff's Brewery

James McMullon

H, 1981

Mr & Mrs Steel

Current Parents

Holy Trinity Tewkesbury

Michael McWhinney

BH, 1958

Julius Steinert

L, 1998


Sir Michael McWilliam

Ch, 1952

M Stephens

L, 1959

Kibou Sushi

Dr & Mrs MeechamJones

Current Parents

Robert Stephens

H, 1955

Laurent Perrier

Dr & Mrs MerheimKealy

Current Parents

Mr & Mrs Stevens

Current Parents

Martin & Co

Jill Stewart

Current Parent

New Frontier

H, 1948


Mr & Mrs Mills

Current Parents

Harold Stranks

Peter Moir

S, 1991

Paul Strover

BH, 1946


Ian Moody

Ch, 1946

Michael Swiney

NH, 1969


Richard Morgan

BH, 1999

Adam Thomas

L, 1987

Trinity House

Michael Moscardi

BH, 1952

Richard Thomas

NH, 1953

Wesley House, Winchcombe

Michael Muller

Th, 1969

Robert Thompson

L, 1984

William Edwards

Keith Norton

Past Parent

Mr & Mrs Thomson

Current Parents

Jonjo O'Neill

NH, 2016

Jeremy Tong

H, 1995

Alison O'Sullivan

Current Parent

Past Parents

William Offer

L, 1958

Mr & Mrs Gordon Townend

Stephen Page

H, 1964

Francis Tuck

BH, 1952

Natasha Palmer

Current Parent

Ted Tuppen

Past Council Member

David Panton

BH, 1968

William Urquhart

H, 1950

Simon Pattinson

NH, 1962

Mike Vernell

BH, 1968

James Pearson

Th, 1966

David Vetch

DB, 1943

Jonathan Pepper

S, 1995

Mr & Mrs Walker

Current Parents

Alex Peterken


Mr & Dr Warr

Current Parents

Billie Portsmouth

Q, 2014

Christopher Wegerif

NH, 1951

Andrea Ramsey

Current Parent

Mr & Mrs Wheeler

Past Parents

Philippa Rankin

Past Parent

Mr & Mrs Whittal

Current Parents

Matthew Rees

NH, 1989

William Whittuck

NH, 1960

Colonel & Mrs Ringrose

Past Parents

Nicholas Wilkinson

NH, 1959

Georgina Roberts

Q, 2012

Simon Williams

NH, 2000

Mr & Mrs Robinson

Current Parents

David Wilson


Robert Sanders

Xt, 1958

Timothy Woollatt

Xt, 1954

Peter Wynter Bee

L, 1973

John Yendall

Ch, 1970

Robert Yorath

NH, 1972

Mr & Mrs Young

Current Parents

David Young

Ch, 1960

Christina Zhang

Current Parent

Mr & Mrs Schallamach Current Parents Mr & Mrs Schmidt

Past Parents

Mr & Mrs Scott

Current Parents

Edward Sealy

BH, 1994

James Searight

L, 1977

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Legacies Received Hugh Crooke

NH, 1942

Andrew Elmslie

NH, 1978

Gerald Robinson

Xt, 1955

Every effort has been made to ensure that these details are correct, but we apologise for any errors or omissions. We will be happy to publish corrections in the next issue of Flourish.

24/01/2017 19:29

â&#x20AC;&#x153; Without the support and guidance provided by the teachers and tutors, it is unlikely that I would have developed my confidence and academic interests to the point I am at now.â&#x20AC;? Bursary Supported Student

Find out more CC093 Flourish AW PRINT.indd 5

24/01/2017 19:29

CC093 Flourish AW PRINT.indd 8

24/01/2017 19:29

The 1841 Society We have been delighted with the launch of The 1841 Society which sought to build on the success of our existing Regular Giving Programme. All existing regular donors to College are automatically members and in June we held our inaugural annual 1841 Society event at College. It was wonderful to add more members to our benefactor boards which have been installed at the entrance to The Chatfeild-Roberts Library. This year funds have supported Bursaries and the restoration of some of the Chapel Lunettes amongst other projects.

The education that pupils receive at College has been supported by generations of donors since 1841 and we would be delighted for more OCs, parents and staďŹ&#x20AC; to join The 1841 Society. The annual event will again be held at College on Saturday 17 June. If you would like to follow the philanthropists of the past by making an investment, of whatever size, in the future of College please contact Sebastian Bullock, Deputy Development Director, on or 01242 706812.

To find out more:

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24/01/2017 19:29

Scholarships and Bursaries at College Over the years there have been many examples of talented students who, thanks to the start they received at College, have made a real success of their own lives and enhanced the lives of others. Giving children with the academic ability the opportunity to have the College experience, irrespective of financial means, is something that we strive to be able to offer as widely as possible. We also want to enhance our range of Scholarships to recognise and reward excellence. Scholarships are entirely based on merit and reflect exceptional ability or potential in Art, Drama, Music, Sport or Academia. We are delighted that the generous donations received over the last years have enabled us to offer transformational bursaries to two new Sixth Formers

who joined in September 2015. This year we received another generous gift to provide a full Sixth Form place starting from September 2017. These places are in addition to the overall Bursary provision made by College. Maintaining the funding necessary to ensure the security and longevity of the bursary programme remains a key priority for College. Our donors play an essential role in helping us to provide Bursaries and your support allows us to plan with confidence and ambition for the future. If you would like to support a Scholarship or Bursary, please contact the Development office on 01242 706812.

“I have had access to brilliant teaching which has fuelled my intellectual appetite ” Bursary Supported Student

Find out more:

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24/01/2017 19:29

Restoration of Chapel Lunettes by Nick Nelson, Director of Internationalism and Culture In each bay, beneath the windows and above the stalls, lunettes, or painted panels, illustrate the Ministry of Angels, with scenes from the Old Testament on the north side of the nave facing scenes from the New Testament on the south side. Running from east to west on the north side are the Expulsion from Eden, the Escape from Sodom, the Vision of Jacob, the Offering of Isaac by Abraham, the Angel appearing to Hagar, and the Burning Bush. On the south side, from east to west, are the Annunciation, the Flight into Egypt, the Ministry of Angels to Christ after the Temptation, the Agony in the Garden, the Resurrection (part of the Myers Memorial), and the Ascension. They are all memorials to Old Cheltonians and, with one exception, were are all by J.E. Reid, an Art teacher at Cheltenham Ladies’ College during the 1920s. The one exception is the Angel appearing to Hagar, which was painted by John Batten, a relative of Francis Winterbotham (Day Boy, 1856-1857) who died at Peshawar in 1879 and is commemorated by it. The three works highlighted in bold listed above, are the works restored by Hirst Conservation in 2016.

CC093 Flourish AW PRINT.indd 11

A build-up of dirt had obscured the details of the original works, and it was discovered that no varnish layer was currently protecting the paintings. Due to water seeping into the paintings, the paint layer had become detached from the priming layer and was flaking away in areas. The three newly restored works glow with a freshness and a luminosity hitherto unseen. The greater clarity is plain to behold, and the colours have been returned to their former splendour. The cost per Lunette for all of this work was c. £5,000 which also included costs for the removal of pews and the installation of scaffolding. We are very grateful for the generous donations received from The Allchurches Trust Limited and Sir Michael McWilliam which have enabled us to breathe new life into these works, and we are keen to restore the remaining nine lunettes over the next couple of years. Please do contact the Development Director, Christiane Dickens, on or 01242 706812 if this is something you’d like to support.

24/01/2017 19:29

The Hugh Reeves Legacy Society A legacy donation is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give. It is also one of the simplest and most flexible ways of supporting College, and allows you to support the school in a way in which you may not be able to during your lifetime. Whatever their size, legacies directly benefit College, its pupils and staff. Legacy bequests are a very tax-efficient way of donating as they are free from Inheritance Tax, and gifts of shares and property are exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Gifts may be directed towards specific areas of College life, or left without restrictions for allocation wherever the need is greatest.

How does a legacy gift help College? College needs funds, not only to maintain our historic buildings, but also to upgrade our facilities to keep up to date with 21st Century learning. These developments are all costly and cannot be provided through fees alone but rely on donations. We also want to continue to provide bursaries for able and deserving students.

Those who have chosen to support College with a legacy will be thanked in their lifetime. All those who have made provision for College in their will are invited to become members of The Hugh Reeves Society. Hugh Reeves was one of the greatest benefactors College has ever had. A solicitor by profession, he was a member of College Council from 1929 until his death in 1952. The Hugh Reeves Society was set up in 2002 and members are invited to an annual lunch with the Headmaster at College. A legacy gift is an excellent way to provide for the people who are important to you, help causes you support and to honour the influences that have shaped your life. Your legacy for Cheltenham College will ensure that we can go forward into the future with confidence. To find out more about becoming a member of The Hugh Reeves Society or how to create a legacy for College, please contact the Development Office.

Every pupil at College has been the beneficiary of the generations that have gone before. We want to build on this legacy.

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24/01/2017 19:29

Contact details Development Director Christiane Dickens Deputy Development Director Sebastian Bullock Development Administrator Susie Bosano 01242 706815 Cheltenham College Charitable Trust. Registered Charity No. 1006429

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24/01/2017 19:29

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