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WHY FLOREAT? Floreat is a word that has been closely linked with College over many years, as the verses below demonstrate. With this in mind we felt it was an ideal name for the Association Magazine.

HOLIDAY HYMN Written by George Wotherspoon whilst he was a pupil at College from 1863 – 1872. Known as the Holiday Hymn it was sung to the tune of “We plough the fields and scatter” at the end of the Christmas term until 1979. Floruit, Floret, Floreat Once more to part, great Mother, Thy sons around thee stand, For thee with one another Uniting heard and hand. For thee we lift our voices, For thee we shout our song, For thee each tongue rejoices That swells our vocal throng. Floruit, Floret, Floreat, Cheltonia’s children cry; Through good or ill God guard thee still, Our boast through years gone by. Though fresh on Time’s broad pages, Yet glorious of old, Thy name shall live for ages, Thy praise to years untold, If we thy love remember, Thy honour hold in fear, When many a wild December Has missed our voices here. Floruit, Floret, Floreat, Cheltonia’s children cry, Through good or ill God guard thee still, Our boast through years gone by.



Written by Sir John Betjeman on a visit to the college. It is a great pleasure to be writing to you in the first magazine from the Cheltonian Association. As its first Honorary President, I am looking forward to helping the College meet the Association’s objectives, the most important being, to reach out to all it’s members, including Old Cheltonians, current pupils, staff, parents – past and current, and friends of the two schools. As an Old Cheltonian, ex-parent and ex President of both the Old Cheltonian Society and the College Council, I hope that I will be able to bring substantial experience of the Senior and Junior schools to my role. I know that some of you will be interested in the relationship between the Cheltonian Association and the Cheltonian Society. The Cheltonian Society has had a special role in its relationship with former pupils of the College and it has successfully administered a number of scholarship funds and exclusive activities for Old Cheltonians. The Cheltonian Association, by contrast, is broader and more inclusive, encompassing all those who have an interest in the two schools. I have no doubt it will serve both the Old Cheltonians and the wider College communities very well indeed. I hope you will make contact with the Association if you have not done so already, and play what part you can in making it a success. Bridget Vick, who directs the Association and Rebecca Creed, the Association Manager, would be glad to hear from you and particularly about how you feel the Association could develop in the future. The College has meant, and continues to mean, a great deal to me and my family, as I am sure it has and does to you. I believe that we have a great school to support and I look forward to seeing many of you at Association events in the future and, of course, to seeing College continue to flourish or even ‘floreat’!








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Peter Brettell. (B ‘71) Honorary President.

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THE NOTICEBOARD London House Reunions We have decided to take a year out in 2008 to re-organize the traditional OC London House gatherings. The newly formed Reunions will be held every two years in London on a Friday evening in March. The first of these is planned for Friday 7th March 2009 at individual locations in the Capital. All Houses will host OC gatherings on the same evening. We will suggest a ‘post-House gathering’ venue should you wish to meet up with contemporaries from other Houses later on. With all the help from the Yeargroup Co-ordinators it promises to be a really exciting and lively evening!


Welcome Back!

The Cheltonian Association website will be our main vehicle of communication with you. This site includes lots of contact information; a calendar of events and reviews; and reports of past events. We will of course send out personal invitations to you when necessary, but we are equally aware of being as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore we ask you to keep an eye on the website, where we will endeavour to keep you as up to date as possible with important information.

“Cheltenham College aspires to be a more stimulating place in which to learn, whilst reducing the environmental impact of the whole school on the community.”

Whether you are a past pupil, parent or member of staff you are very welcome at Cheltenham College at any time.

LOST Please check the Association website for lost OCs and let us know if you have any current contact details.

Please help us by letting us know about things that happen throughout the year, which can be included in Floreat 09; weddings, specific events, unusual life experiences and adventures! Any other snippets of interesting information will be most welcome.

Watch this space…. New Association and OC Merchandise is coming soon! We hope to launch a new range of products through the Association Website in April.

DATA PROTECTION As stated in the last Newsletter, the Cheltonian Association aims to provide opportunities for you to renew or continue to develop a positive and active relationship with the College and the Junior communities as well as with each other. In order to facilitate this, we have an Association Database which holds your contact details i.e. address, e-mail and telephone numbers. We would like to use these details in the following way: • To mail the Newsletter and other information regarding specific College and Association events to you. • To pass contact details to yeargroup, regional and country co-ordinators so they can contact you to rally support for events. • To pass on your details to contemporaries wishing to get back ‘in touch’ with you. We will not pass on your details to anyone outside the Association. If you do not wish your details to be supplied to others, or to receive event information via e-mail you must notify us. If we do not hear from you we will assume you are happy for us to use your details as described above.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us on 01242 265694 or e-mail info@cheltonianassociation.com.

J A N U A RY 2 0 0 8


Our Website




We are more and more aware of being as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible. Floreat has been printed on recycled paper stocks and we will endeavour to do this on all our mailshots. Please, therefore, use our website for information and communication, when you can.

YOUR Contribution

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Please come and support our sports teams (especially our away fixtures!). Be part of the audience at our House drama productions, our monthly informal concerts or our new bi-termly Choral Evensong etc. The Senior and Junior School’s calendar of events can be found at www.cheltcoll. gloucs.sch.uk. We would ask, however, that you let the Association Office know of your intention to attend any events. Cheltonian Association Cheltenham College Bath Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL53 7LD 01242 265694 info@cheltonianassociation.com


We have had a tremendous response to our request for Association Representatives around the UK and the World. May we take this opportunity to thank you all very much indeed for agreeing to assist us with the implementation of Association gatherings. As you can see we do still have some vacancies. If you would be happy to help coordinate events etc in your area please do contact the Association Office Tel: 01242 265694 Email: info@cheltonianassociation.com We have tried to provide an all-inclusive 2008 calendar of events. This is by no means exhaustive and we intend, with the help of our coordinators, to establish a strong and active programme of reunions around the Country and Worldwide.

UK Co-ordinators:

House Co-ordinators:

England: Berkshire:

Ashmead: Current Parent – Past Parent – 2006 – Lucy O’Neill l.e.o’neill@newcastle.ac.uk 2004 – Rebecca Demczak becca_demczak@hotmail.com 2001 – Belinda Drummond Belinda.drummond@leedspft.nhs.uk Boyne House: Current Parent Past Parent – 2003 – David Stephens dt_stephens@hotmail.com 1990 – Oliver Baughan oliver.baughan@ubs.com 1979 – Nigel Powell Nigel.powell@spcorp.com 1963 – John Appleton Appleton.john@wanadoo.fr 1961 – Keith Skinner keithskinner33@hotmail.com 1954 – Christopher Mallinson cnmallinson@yahoo.co.uk Chandos: Current Parent – Past Parent Cheltondale: 1958 – Adrian Owen ago@tesco.net Christowe: Current Parent– Past Parent Hazelwell: Current Parent – Past Parent – 2003 – Mark Stewart mark.alastair.stewart@googlemail.com 1999 – Toby Nicholson toby.nicholson@eu.jll.com 1997 – William Frost wtaf@hotmail.com 1996 – John Mengers johnmengers@yahoo.com 1994 – Giles Selby gilesselby@yahoo.co.uk 1990 – Howard Thomas howard.thomas@level3.com 1988– Will Hine willhine@tiscali.co.uk 1984 – William Nichol william.nichol@db.com 1980 – Charles Bennett charles.bennett@credit-suisse.com 1978 – David Stewart dstewart@aerostrategy.com 1977 – Bruce Carnegie-Brown bruce.carnegiebrown@btinternet.com Leconfield: Current Parent – Past Parent – 2006 – Joe Clarke jojobean1100@yahoo.co.uk 2004 – Alex Clarke apc31@hotmail.com 1996 – Thomas Doyle tdoyle@trinsum.com 1991 – Robert Marshall-Lee Robert_marshall-lee@newton.co.uk 1992 – Chris Chadwick chrisisachadwick@tele2.it 1988 – Tristan McMullan tristanmcmullan~googlemail.com

Mark Searight – mfcssms@hotmail.com Ticky Tuppen – tickytuppen@mac.com


Nick Arkell – nick.arkell@miltonabbey.co.uk

East Anglia:

Simon Pattinson - 01473 736610 Mike Swiney - alan@bhhotel.co.uk


John Balmer - john.balmer@hotmail.co.uk


Clare Pearson-Gregory – pearson-greg@clara.co.uk


Rob Davies – rob_davies@bat.com Bill Straker-Nesbit – wjsn139@hotmail.com


Andrew Schuman – andrewschuman@onetel.com Robin Robins – robin.robins@tiscali.co.uk


David Worthington – david@sancreed.demon.co.uk

South Gloucs:

Nigel Sherwood – njs@winterbothams.com


Ian McFarlane - mcfarir@chevron.com


Kate Dymoke - katedymoke@btinternet.com


Maggie Knight-Adams – Maggie_ka@hotmail.com


David McCready – mccreadd@tcd.ie


Malcolm Hutton - mallhutton@yahoo.co.uk


Clive Mossford - clive.mossford@minton.co.uk

Worldwide Co-ordinators: Australia:

Peter Perkins (Tasmania) borrowdale@vision.net.au Ted Doraisamy – (NSW) - doraisamy@bigpond.com Henry Gordon-Clark – (Victoria) - hgordonclark@impaq.com.au


Cecily Weinberger - cecily_weinberger@hotmail.com


Raisul Islam – raisulislam905@hotmail.com


Peter Gooch (British Columbia) - pgooch@shaw.ca Robin Lodge (Alberta) - recl@telusplanet.net Robin Landau (Quebec) - ndifiore@landaufineart.ca Bob Charlton (Ontario) - bobc@accessv.com

Hononary Member: Peter Brettell - Hon President, OC B’71, Past Parent Executive Members: Bridget Vick - Chairman of Cheltonian Association John Richardson - Headmaster of College Nigel Archdale - Headmaster of Junior School Owen McNeir - Marketing Director

Alicia Fuller – fullersmith7481@aol.com



Francis Titley – titleys@free.fr

Non-Executive Co-opted Members: Debbie Anderes – Junior School Staff Hamish Baillie – Current Pupil & Chairman of Senior School Council Jo Bertinet – OC Ch‘89 Nick Byrd - OC B’71, Past Parent Beccy Cannon – Senior School Staff Bean Chapman – OC NH‘93 Simon Collyer-Bristow – OC B’77, Current Parent Rob Mace – OC NH‘04 Peter Mason - OC H’71, Current Parent Ian McFarlane – OC L/NH‘46 Lillian Phillips – Senior School Parent Julian Snell – OC L’76, Current Parent Malcolm Sloan – Deputy Head, Hon OC Mark & Sarah Stanton – Junior School Parents


Patrick Jung – patrick.jung@cheltonianassociation.de

Hong Kong:

Manna Yu – mannayucn@gmail.com


Nidhi Behl – nidhi_behl@hotmail.com


Makiko Kashikura – makik@edicm.jp


Kiran Ahluwalia – runninwild@iconnect.co.ke


Angela Spencer – angespee@hotmail.com Haris Onn Hussein – harisonn@tm.net.my


Maarten Boeye – maartenboeye@yahoo.com

New Zealand:

Bob Lucy – lucy.lucy@extra.co.nz


Robert Furniss-Roe – Robert_furnissroe@hotmail.com

South Africa:

James Quibell – jquibell@stanfordlakecollege.co.za


Clare Blenkinsop – clareblenkinsop@yahoo.com


Alice Tsai – yichien_99@yahoo.com


Pornphan Sittichaivigit – pornp@ksc.th.com Prae Prakitritanon – p.sirisant@gmail.com


Debbie Suddaby (Dubai) - suddabys@mailme.ae

Association Manager - Rebecca Creed


Richard Zorab (California) – richardzorab@yahoo.com Peter Brettell (Washington) – peter.brettell@jacobs.com Robert Prescott-Walker (New York) – chrisandrob@verizon.net

1980 – John Chatfeild Roberts jchatfeildroberts@jupiter-group.co.uk Newick House: Current Parent – Past Parent – 2004 – Rob Sancroft Baker rs5725@bristol.ac.uk 2003 – Rob Mace robdmace@hotmail.com 1995 – Huw O’Callaghan huge_elvis@hotmail.com 1994 – Hugo Smith hugo.smith@smith.williamson.co.uk 1993 – Anthony Chapman beanchapman@hotmail.com 1983 – William Kinsman william.kinsman@gmail.com 1978 – Andrew Elmslie Andrew@aeproduction.uk.com 1976 – Francis Titley titleys@free.fr 1974 – John Cosmas john.cosmas@brunel.ac.uk 1965 – Adrian Brett the_bretts@btinternet.com 1963 – Rod Stockell - rod. stockell@highered-appointments. comlau 1960 – Jim Beach idrec@idrec.com 1959 – Nick Wilkinson wilkbedwyn@hotmail.com 1953 – Graham Parsons jandgparsons@btinternet.com 1951 – John Boutflower john.boutflower@tiscali.co.uk 1947 – Graham Avery kyrtlemead@aol.com 1942– Bryan Moxon - 01777 817216 Queen’s: Current Parent: Lucy King lucy@lcking.com Past Parent: Caroline Smith carolinesmifff@hotmail.com 2004 – Katie Smith poodle.khs85@hotmail.com Southwood: Current Parent – Past Parent – 2006 – James Harrison jlh684@bham.ac.uk 2002 – Ben Buckley benedict.buckley@googlemail.com 2001 – Matt Ripley matthewripley@yahoo.co.uk 1989 – Phil Schuman philschuman@hotmail.com 1978 – Nigel Taylor Nigel.taylor@airbus.com 1979 – Ian Sanders i.sanders@haileybury.com Thirlestaine: 1978 – Phillip Hoyland ph@phinewoodschool.co.uk 1969 – Tim Sketchley clare.rainbird@eur.cushwake.com 1963 – James Cooke jamescooke@ukf.net 1961 – David Price edpprice@yahoo.co.uk Wilson: 1983 – Ben Kent ben.kent@bupa.com 1979 – Ian Sanders i.sanders@haileybury.com



Junior School 2007


The Pink Ladies!

The Untouchables ‘06

I am delighted to write my Headmaster’s Welcome to the first Association Magazine. Cheltenham College Junior School is enormously proud of its place alongside the Senior School in the new unified structure for our two fine schools. As Deputy Chairman of the Strategic Committee, overseeing the work of both our schools, I have been able to ensure that the Junior’s vital voice in the new unification process is heard on a genuinely equal basis. This strength is the single most significant factor in ensuring that the quality the Junior and Senior schools have enjoyed in their illustrious pasts are now fused in a winning combination for both schools. This magazine is further proof of that fusion and I commend this initiative to harness current and former pupils, parents, colleagues and governors in a highly effective way. As our school’s combined momentum gathers pace, I cannot think of a better way of marking our school’s contribution to this brave new departure than through the celebrations we have planned to mark the centenary of the Junior’s occupation of it’s present site in June 2008. On Saturday 28th June we hold our 100th Birthday Party as a central tenet to our Celbr08! Project. All OJ’s and their parents, former staff and governors are warmly invited to join everyone at the Junior for a summer afternoon and evening of unforgettable CCJS Spectacle culminating in a Son et Lumiere and Firework Finale.

Boy’s U13 County Hockey Champions 2006. Thank You To Our Catering Team For Another Exceptional Buffet Lunch To End Our Academic Year.

Girls’ Fundraising Stall For Their Sporting Tours.

Is the Barthorp Bench Facing The Wrong Way?

Girls’ U11 County Hockey Champions.

1st XI Hockey Squad about to depart on their inaugural tour to Barcelona.

Windbag & AJC Holt! Who Goes There?

‘The Last Post’ Remembrance Day 2006.

A Snowy Day.

CCJS Play Host To A London Primary School. The Barthorp Family Present A Bench to CCJS.

Mrs Holt’s Final Year 8 Bude Adventure Week Was A Great Success. Spot The Ball

Mr Clark Waking The Boarding House On The Last Day Of The Christmas Term. Yr 8 Post Exam Party For Boarders In The Headmaster’s Garden.

An English Summer! U13 Cheltenham District Netball Champions.

English Summer

Heads down and hard work in class has always been a maxim I have used to describe what all our Junior pupils do best. The fact that they do it better because they are challenged and enthused by excellent teachers and superb opportunities in the sporting, dramatic, artistic and aesthetic arenas is ultimately what the Junior has always been, and continues to be, as it moves confidently into its second century on its Thirlestaine site: Labor omnia vincit.

BBC Radio 4 Question Time Broadcast from CCJS Assembly Hall.

In-tents & Camping

Rugby 7’s Tournament at CCJS.

Going, Going, Gone…

Summertime And The Livin’ Is Easy.

View of the Lake on a Snowy Day.

A Fine Line

Michael Morpurgo Signing His Books Following His Inspirational Talk To Our Yr 8 Leavers In Chapel 7th July 2007. Andrew Swait Is Runner Up At The BBC 2 Choir Boy of the Year 2007 Competition.

Coffee After The Leaver’s Service In Chapel July 7th 2007.

Flippin Teddy

CCJS Gold Cup!

Sports Day. Monsoon Season

Nigel Archdale Headmaster of the Junior School

Kingfisher’s Sports Day. The Headmaster Reading on National Poetry Day .


U11 West of England Hockey Finals.

Race Night. Winners of the British Inter Schools Ski Championships At Les Houches.

Teddy Visits Kingfisher’s Assembly On Shrove Tuesday.





A Kenyan Baraza Mark Durston hosted a reunion at the Muthaiga Club in Nairobi during the Easter holidays. A great group of people attended, from OCs who left College last year to gentlemen who left a considerably longer time ago! With several current Kenyan pupils at College we were also delighted to welcome them and their parents. It is understood that Cheltenham has more alumni living in Kenya than any other English public school. So with that in mind we are planning to repeat this event in 2009 when we hope to have a really vibrant and extensive gathering. We welcome your thoughts about the best time of year, best venue and so forth.

Tarka the Trotter!! Further to our article in the Summer 2004 issue, Tarka L’Herpiniere (Boyne 00) has been trekking again this time with partner Kate. The pair completed a colossal unsupported 4300 km journey following the Great Wall of China in March 2007, crossing some of the world’s harshest and varied terrain from towering snow capped mountains to vast frozen plateaus of the Gobi dessert. To their knowledge this expedition is the longest continual trek along the Great Wall of China and with a winter crossing, a spectacularly unique challenge. Tarka is raising money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. If you would like to know more about their amazing feat or wish to make a contribution please look them up at : www.primaljourney.com/charity. Tarka’s dream is to do something that has never been done before, so what’s next?

Hampshire Luncheon ByJohn Balmer After a chance meeting of OCs at the end of the 60’s, an annual gathering in Hampshire was held at the Red Lion Hotel in Salisbury by courtesy of M. Maidment (L’65), and hosted by R Bramwell (B ‘36). The black tie dinner event ran successfully for many years but was eventually replaced by the current Hampshire Luncheon. Started in 1982 by A Greenwood (NH ’35), it was initially held at the Westover Hotel in Milford on Sea but subsequently moved to the South Lawn Hotel nearby which regularly hosts up to 40 or so OCs and partners. Now co-hosted by J Balmer (XT ‘78), this event has continued to attract OC’s from across the south of the country and is possibly the longest running regional event in the OC calendar. A pleasant informal social occasion, even for wives, and a chance to catch up with old friends. Contact John Balmer for more information John@edifis.com 01189 326 020.

OC Hockey Weekend 2007 A gathering of OC Hockey Players met at College for supper on Saturday 3rd February to exchange tactics and catch up on recent news. The following day saw the eighth annual OC v College 1st XI hockey teams battle it out for the OC Hockey Trophy. Everyone enjoyed a good spirited game, however the OCs ‘thrashed!’ the College to retain the Trophy.


29th September 2007

Supporting Cheltenham College Legators Live Longer

Share and Share Alike

Making a will prompts images of families squabbling over silver spoons and lawyers licking lips. What is more, allocating your hard-earned wealth when you are still in fine fettle may feel like tempting fate. Whatever the objection, everyone thinks making a will is a morbid chore. However research has revealed that people who leave a slice of their estate to a good cause can live longer. It seems the ‘feel good’ factor that comes from doing good beyond the grave actually postpones the fateful day. And that’s without considering the tax benefits!

Donating stocks and shares or property to charity (eg the Cheltenham College Charitable Trust) can potentially save donors more in tax than the assets cost originally! As well as potentially reducing your income tax bill, the concessions mean gifts of stocks and shares are exempt from capital gains tax.

The Cheltenham College Charitable Trust (charity no. 1006429) is exempt from Inheritance Tax which means that any legacy could reduce the tax burden on your estate. Should the value of your estate exceed the inheritance tax threshold you will be liable to inheritance tax at 40%. However, a willed gift to Cheltenham College may reduce that liability and in doing so contribute to the future health of the college.

How it works:

“It takes a brave man to plant a seed for a tree that will some day give shade to people he may never meet”

You can claim income tax relief equal to the market value of the share on the day the gift of shares is made, plus any associated costs such as brokers’ fees. If you are a higher-rate taxpayer and give a charity £1,000 worth of shares, you will be able to claim a reduction of £1,000 in your taxable income when you complete your tax return for the year, reducing your tax bill by £400. No capital gains tax is payable on any increase in the value of the shares. This could mean a further ‘saving’ of up to 40%.

In 2002 The Hugh Reeves David Trueblood Society was set up to honour those who have made provision in their Will for the benefit of College. Since its inauguration we have heard Example from over 200 individuals wishing to become Members Value of shares donated £1,000 by including College in their legacy plans. Income tax relief for higher rate taxpayer £400 This Society is named after perhaps the greatest benefactor in the College’s history. Hugh Reeves (H 18821884) was President of the Cheltonian Society from 19234 and a member of the College Council from 1929 until his death in 1952. Hugh generously bequeathed 15 acres of prime land now known as ‘Reeves’ and also the site on which the boathouse in Tewkesbury currently stands. By leaving a donation to the Cheltenham College Charitable Trust, and becoming a member of the Hugh Reeves Society, you can give a legacy of immeasurable value to future generations who will continue to reap the benefits of a Cheltenham College education thanks to your generosity.

Potential capital gains saving £400 Actual ‘cost’ to the higher rate taxpaying donor £200

Contact us If you would like to discuss a possible gift to College please contact the Development Office on: 01242 265694 or email dev@cheltcoll.gloucs.sch.uk. Our website at www.cheltonianassociation/gifts also has further information and downloadable gift forms.





Cheltenham Do The Double By Michelle Davies

Large crowds at Cirencester Park Polo Ground defied some very wet British weather to support the annual Cheltenham College Polo Invitation Day where, against the rain, Cheltenham secured a magnificent double victory on Sunday 13 May. Invited guests came armed with true British stoicism, umbrellas and gazebos (just in case!) to cheer as Cheltenham, Eton and The Old Cheltonians and Old Etonians battled it out to lift the silverware. Despite appalling conditions some magnificent high level school polo was on display as Cheltenham retained the title despite a valiant attempt at defeat by Eton. Ever the entertainers Cheltenham kept the home crowd shouting in the rain until the final chukka when a late fourth goal secured a win at 4-31/2. The

College Polo Trophy was presented by Lady Apsley. On the heels of the College victory, The Old Cheltonians didn’t disappoint and went on to beat the Old Etonians with a fantastic display of professional polo and a 4-21/2 win. This was long overdue for The Old Cheltonians who claimed back the silver for the first time in six years! The Old Cheltonian Polo Cup was presented by Lord Bathurst. Sponsored by La Martina and Broughtons Bentley & Aston Martin, family, friends and invited guests also enjoyed a Champagne reception, an exhibitors’ marquee of delicious eateries, fine art, clothing and jewellery, and the traditional post polo afternoon tea, to end a day that has become a firm favourite in the polo calendar.

The Cheltenham College Polo Invitation Day 2007 Final Teams: The College Polo Trophy Cheltenham College: Henry Larthe -1, Ed Horton -1, Ollie Cudmore 1, Max Lopez-Valido 0 Eton College: Tom Mayou -1, Felipe Massu 0, Lanto Sheridan 0, Benjy Powell -1 The Old Cheltonian Polo Cup The Old Cheltonians: Nick Hine 0, Raghav Raj Singh 3, Will Hine 4, Tom Beim 2 The Old Etonians: Yanni Zographos 0, Alex de Lisle 2, Ben Vestey 4, Tristan Phillimore 2 We would like to thank the Exhibitors who generously donated 10% of their profits from the day. This amounted to nearly £400 and will be given to the Cheltenham College Charitable Trust.

Polo Invitation Day 2008 Saturday 10th May – Invitations to follow

Sponsored by:

9 9




A Summer To Remember By Alison Goff (Current CCJS Parent)

Marcus and I moved from London in 1994 to open our brewery in Winchcombe. The River Isbourne runs very close to our premises and over the past 13 years we have had problems with the small river bursting it’s banks but nothing prepared us for the events this Summer!

On July 20th, the heavy constant rain began, that afternoon the roads were practically impassable, cars were abandoned everywhere and it took Marcus three hours to make the fifteen minute journey home. Cox’s Meadow was covered with floodwater - and when we took our dog there for a walk (or possibly a swim) we encountered the bizarre sight of a man windsurfing on the newly created lake, with Reeves playing field in the background. The waters had subsided in Cheltenham the next morning so we were able to make the journey to Winchcombe. We feared the worst, but couldn’t believe the damage. The brewery had been submerged under five feet of water. Everything was lost - the office furniture, computers, much of the brewing equipment and of course all the beer. Even the skip, which was in our yard, had floated fifty yards away and had been emptied of it’s contents - principally the damaged items from the previous flood! The closure of the Mythe Water Treatment Works meant that even when we were able to open again we couldn’t brew for three weeks as we had no water supply. The only saving grace was that many of our customers, local pubs in particular, were unable to

Toby Ellis (S ’99) married Annelli Melrose on 8th September in Corbridge, Northumberland. Andrew Lyons (S ’99) was best man.

Gabriella Goff

Our building was inundated with eighteen inches of water during the first flood in June. Fortunately (if you can call it fortune), much of the valuable equipment was above desk level - but of course all the furniture was damaged, as well as large stocks of our bottled beer.

Adam Denton (N ’97) married Rohini Brahmbhatt on 18th August in the Chapel at Cheltenham College.

Sam Hodgson (N ’96) married Georgie Hollings on 4th August in Minchinhampton Parish Church. trade either - so demand for our award-winning ales was not as high as it would normally have been. Putting it into perspective, we are trading successfully again and we have not lost our livelihoods - nor have we lost our lives or our home. Our ‘White Knight’ ale was for the second year running named Champion Premium Bitter for the South West and was voted overall Champion of the Cheltenham Beer Festival and our flagship ale Jouster was voted Gloucestershire’s Best Bitter by the ‘Campaign for Real Ale’.

Big bergs and small boats at the bottom of the world

Cold, glacial, frozen… These are a few words that describe the Antarctic, the largest continent on the planet, commanding the southern region of the world and responsible, in part, for the global climate. Many dream of it, few visit it. Just under a year ago, I stepped foot on Adelaide Island, Graham Land (67°34’ S, 68°08’ W) situated half way down the Antarctic Peninsula. I am the Boating Officer to Rothera Research Station of the British Antarctic Survey. It is not a position widely recognised as ‘normal’ in an environment of ice and rock, but my role is to facilitate all small boat operations from the station. We have a fleet of Rigid Inflatable 11

In December 2006 after a three week journey via South America and the Falkland Islands I arrived on the RRS James Clark Ross. The first weeks were tentative but summer is a busy season with deep field expeditions flying out hundreds of miles further south. After field training where we learned essential skills such as remote camping, polar travel and mountain survival, I spent the next couple of months working alongside the departing Boatman. On April 16th 2007, the JCR departed after it’s third call of the season and 22 base

Preparing to dive through a hole in the ice.

personnel settled into a routine without fresh food, post and external social contact. Our role is to maintain the science activities and base operations. Specifically, as a diving member of the Marine Team, I take the biologists out to continue their biological research and take part in the collections. The continent swells by two-thirds as the sea freezes over winter. We use a chainsaw to cut access holes in the ice for diving. The winter is also a period for recreational travel around Adelaide Island, while snowboarding, skiing and climbing are favoured weekend activities. After six months of isolation, the BAS planes returned with post, fresh fruit and the first of many returning personnel. Depots of fuel and stores are dug out in isolated locations to the south and so the science can continue. The ship arrives in December and makes it’s last call in April, before I settle in for a second winter in the Antarctic.

Toby Orr (L ’95) married Olivia Homan on 16th June in Teffont Magna, Wiltshire.

Harriet Franklin-Adams nee Lee (Ch ’91) and husband James are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Emily, born on 28th September, a sister to Tommy born on 23rd February 2005 and Sophie born on 24th September 2004. Jeremy Schuman (S ’81) and his wife Charlotte are pleased to announce the birth of their son

Benjamin Alexander born on 11th September 2007, a brother to Emily born on 18th October 2005. Angus Baillie (L ’94) and partner Shayne Morton are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Ella born on 24th July 2007, a sister to Joely born on 27th February 2006.

Gordon McEwen (XT ’01) married Charlie Sweet on 4th August in Westbury Parish Church.

Tom Bagnall (L ’97) married Claire Warner on 29th September in Tillington West Sussex. Mark Stone (H ’97) was best man and Ralph Shipway (TH ’66) gave the Father of the Bride’s Speech.

Belinda Savage (A ’01) married Guy Drummond on 24th February in South Parade Baptist Church in Headingley, Leeds.

James Street (B ’97) married Andrea Trimingham on 28th July in Bibury Church.

Gareth Jenkins (S ’97) married Poppy Goodrich (CH ’97) on 21st July in Shropshire.

Ben Hall (B ’94) and his wife Nathalie are pleased to announce the birth of their son Frederick George on 16th July 2007. Hannah Comolli (CH ‘94) and husband Kevin are pleased to announce the birth of their son Carter Sebastian born on 21st September 2007.

Emma Turner nee Gorbey (Ch ’87) and husband Craig are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter Sasha Maegan on 24th September 2007, a sister to Sophie Seren born on 25th April 2005.

Mr F E Winsland (XT ’51) died on 24th August 2007.

D e a t hs 20 07

Me camping in a blizzard.

Boats that are used for diving, science support, Search and Rescue, and recreational operations.

Prae Sirisant (CH ’97) married Swaek Prakitritanon on 9th December 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Fran O’Reardon (Ch ’98) married Pierre Gaston on 23rd June in St Richard & Huberts Church, Worcestershire.

B i r t h s 2 00 7

By Jim Elliott (L ‘96)

Hannah Davies (Ch ‘ 97) married Mark Brazier on 1st September in Chapel at Cheltenham College. Nick Davies (XT ’95), Amy Long (Ch ’97), Prae Prakitritanon nee Sirisant (Ch ’97), Tom Hughes (N ’97), Vici Otto (Ch ’97), Jon Pepper (S ’95), David Issott (XT 95) and Richard Mawle (XT ’95) attended.

Mar r iag es 2 0 0 7


Me leading a trip amongst icebergs.

I left college in 1996 hoping to study Land Management, but after a gap year in the marine environment and two degrees in Marine Science, I never once thought I’d find myself here. There isn’t enough space to tell the full story, so to get more idea about the life and work in the Antarctic, you can log onto the BAS website – www. antarctica.ac.uk. For more on my experiences and pictures, please visit my own website at www.saltwater-support.co.uk. It is a truly exhilarating place to work!

Mrs M Hughes (Past Staff Member 1972 – 1997 & Honorary OC), Head of Music at The Junior School, died on 14th December 2007. Mr G V Ford-Robbins (Day Boy ’58) died on 2nd January 2007 aged 66. Mr C F Shelley (C ’43) died on 10th January 2007 aged 81. Major P G Rouquette (H ’33) died on 13th January 2007 aged 90. Mr I F Sandell (NH ’59) died on 28th January 2007 aged.

Mr A W Loveband (BH ‘ 34) died on 5th February 2007 aged 91.

Mr E C Blower (S ’32) died on 30th March 2007 aged 92.

Mr R J Simpkin Mr G A Y Kirkpatrick (L ’56) died on 9th February 2007 (BH ’52) died on 9th April 2007 aged 72. aged 68. Mr I Bedale (NH ’38) died on 17th Feburary 2007 aged 86. Mr R Blomfield (Past Staff Member & Honorary OC), Head of Art at The Senior School 1965 - 1979, died on 24th February 2007.

Major General Sir J Moore KCB, OBE, MC (XT ’46) died on 15th September 2007 aged 79.

Brigadier M W Biggs (East ’29) died on 15th April 2007 Mr C G D Currie (B ’50) died on 1st October 2007 aged 95. aged 72. Commander G E Baker (Day Boy ’33) died on 22nd April Mr R J M Selfe 2007 aged 90. (Day Boy ’49) died on 24th Major J E B Conder (Day Boy ’40) died on 4th May 2007 aged 84.

Mr P T Cowcher (East ’39) died on 4th March 2007 Dr J H Neame aged 84. (NH ’40) died on 13th July 2007.

October 2007 aged 76. Mr C Townsend (Past Staff Member, Catering) died on 7th December aged 74.



Cheltonian Association

OC Day 2007 Despite the weather, over 200 guests returned to College for OC Day on Saturday 23 June. As part of the day nearly 50 Owenites gathered in the Jack Ralphs Studio Theatre where an exhibition of ‘Cheltondale through the ages’ was on display to make everyone feel as at home as possible. Mr Vinestock and Mrs Mary Ralphs were also able to be present. We were also very honoured to welcome back no less than FIVE of our old boys who are now in their 90s for our Nonagenarian Reunion as well as many representatives from the specific year group reunions. Sadly, although the 1st XI v OCs started their match at 11am, play was abandoned at lunchtime (with OCs at 67 for 6) when the heavens opened and the floods took over.







By Martin Stovold (Newick House Housemaster) & Lynn Rowland (XT ’62, Past Parent & Council Member).

City City Bang Bang By Philip Giblin - (S ’03)

Having finished at Nottingham University, my good friend Rob and I packed up our twenty year old Suzuki SJ 410 with things that we thought might be of use to us on our 10,000 mile long trip across a quarter of the globe in our quest to complete the Mongol Rally. The Mongol Rally is a race between 200 cars of less than one litre and over 10 years old through Europe and Asia to Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia. Each team decides their own route and we chose

to go through Europe to Turkey, Turkey to Iran and then into the relatively unpublicised countries of Central Asia. We crawled through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to name but a few! In total we conquered 19 different countries, struggling over 5 mountain ranges and crossing 3 desserts. It wasn’t all beautiful vistas and serene mountain passes, most of the time we were travelling through baron sparsley

populated areas. As we broke down in some shape or form every day, we had to rely on our own very limited mechanical knowledge to get our Banger, Black Betty up and running again. At one point I was in the middle of the Gobi Desert removing the rear drive shaft from its universal joint, bodging it back together with rope and wire so it would take us the final 500 miles to the finish line. There were times when I honestly thought we weren’t going to finish, but the fact that we were doing this for Mercy

Corp Mongolia and Send A Cow spurred us on. After 9,789 miles, a blown head gasket, four snapped suspension springs, two worn drive shafts, two radiators and exactly one month we completed the Mongol Rally finishing in 40th place. This doesn’t sound like much to shout about, but when you consider that only 100 cars out of the 200 that started actually finished it takes on a new dimension.

The Old Cheltonian Lodge By Richard Cann (Day Boy ‘55)

The Old Cheltonian Lodge celebrated the Centenary of its consecration at Mark Masons’ Hall, 86, St. James’s Street, London on Tuesday, 8th May 2007. The Lodge is third in seniority in the Public Schools Lodges Council and was one of the founders of the Council; the coats of arms of these five founding lodges are to be seen in the stained-glass window in the narthex of the Chapel.Representatives from the other four lodges were present as guests of the OC Lodge. The Lodge proceedings were in two parts – the Installation of Michael John Green as Worshipful Master, followed by the Centenary Celebration, after a break for tea and biscuits. The Guest of Honour was the Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master, Russell Race, JP DL, and twenty-five members of the lodge and seventy guests retired to the Royal Over Seas League after the Centenary meeting, for a Banquet. Eight cast iron benches were presented to College by members of the Lodge on Friday 23rd November. They were suitably adorned with the College arms in roundels on the ends, and donor plaques on the back boards, to mark the occasion of the Centenary. The Lodge meets three times a year in London, on the first Tuesday of May, November and February, and twice a year at College, usually on a Saturday in March and September. All enquiries for information on the Lodge can be directed to the Secretary - Richard Cann, 54, Hinton Road, Gloucester, GL1 3JS, Tel: 01452 526232, e-mail: mail@hinton.fslife.co.uk, website: www.oclodge.org


Tom Scudamore riding Uncle Max

Martin Stovold & OC Tom Scudamore at Ludlow Racecourse

Martin Stovold & OC Tom Scudamore at Ludlow Racecourse


heltenham is famous for its regency architecture and is said to be ‘the most complete regency town in England’. It hosts several festivals of culture, music, science, sport and most notably the flagship festival of steeplechase horseracing, which includes the Gold Cup. It is also the ‘home’ of Cheltenham College and a strong link has always existed between the school and the racing community.

Certainly in the 1950s, and possibly even before then, it was the College practice to allow boys who so desired, to attend the Cheltenham Gold Cup. As a result, for several years, vast numbers of College boys could be seen making their way down College Road in the direction of the racecourse, immediately after lunch on that particular Thursday in March. In those days, the boys were allowed into the centre of the course, free of charge where, alas, there were no bookmakers! However, the problem of placing bets was solved by forward-thinking individuals who set themselves up as bookmakers, invariably charging inordinate amounts of commission on winning bets! Precisely when this annual joyous outing for College pupils was discontinued is unclear but College’s connection with the racing fraternity has carried on, in one way or another, right up to the present time.

OCs at Brownsea

Further College links to the racing world include Tom Scudamore (N ’00), top national hunt jockey, and Tom Scudamore riding his brother Michael (N ’02), now Beauchamp Prince into winners enclosure at assistant trainer to their grandfather. Worcester April 200 Both were comparatively recent boarders at Newick House, as were Charles (N ’95) and George Hills (N ’01), sons of Barry Hills, the Lambourn trainer; Tom and Charles went on to become champion amateur riders. Henry Oliver, a current jockey, is also a former College pupil. Jonjo O’Neill, exchampion jockey and rider of Dawn Run, winner of the Gold Cup and Champion Hurdle, is currently a successful trainer with two young boys at the Junior School. Kim Bailey, trainer of a Gold Cup and Grand National winner, has just seen his son Harry through College. Alistair Down, Channel 4 racing pundit, has children at College, as does Peter McNeile, the director of sponsorship at Prestbury Park. A certain locally based racing syndicate, which is becoming increasingly successful and well known, the ‘Yes-No-WaitSorries’, has Old Cheltonians in its membership including Mr Chris Coley (Th ’63) - syndicate leader, a current College housemaster and one or two others with links to College. There are numerous College racing families the Richardsons, Hitchins and Doughtys. The winter months see the return of the jump racing season and Prestbury Park comes alive with a mix of excitement, passion and entertainment. It becomes a meeting place for Old Cheltonians, parents, pupils and friends. It now seems to be entirely appropriate that the newly established Cheltonian Association should continue the link with ‘racing at Cheltenham’ by holding a special day at Prestbury Park on March 12th 2008. We are pleased to be able to offer all Association members a ‘base for the day’ (£25 + £60 Members Badge) or the chance to bring family and friends to enjoy the ‘hospitality‘ package (£115 + £65 Members Badge). Please contact the Cheltonian Association Office on 01242 265694 or e-mail to buy tickets or for further information.

By Jill Barlow, Archives.

This year sees the centenary of the first experimental scout camp when, in the summer of 1907, Sir Robert Baden-Powell took 20 boys to Brownsea Island. Two of these boys came from Cheltenham College: Brian Evans-Lombe (Junior and Boyne, 1902-12) and his younger brother John Michael (Junior and Boyne, 1905-12). Brian was Patrol Leader of Bull Patrol and John a member of the Wolves. Both went on to distinguished military careers. When Colonel Brian Evans-Lombe died in 1994 at the age of 100 he was the last survivor of the historic camp. He maintained his connection with the Scout movement throughout his life. He donated his collection of school photographs to the College Archives.

If you have information or anything connected with the life and history of College, please contact our Archives department. They can be reached on e-mail jill@cheltcoll.gloucs.sch.uk or telephone 265600 and ask for Jill Barlow on ext 320.



Getting To Know You


Phil Davies – Past Junior School Staff What is your relationship to College? Former Headmaster of CCJS & Honorary OC. What is your background? Born in Worcestershire, educated at Denstone College and St Catharines Cambridge. Teacher of Biology and then became Headmaster at CCJS 1964 – 1986. Married to Nancy with daughter Judith. Tell us your favourite memory of College? Chapel, it’s history and signing “Sleeper Wake” for Advent and “Three Kings” for epiphany. What did you want to be when you were younger? Scientist, pilot, sportsman and to play against the All Blacks. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? 1979 Space Odyssey – I went to sleep! What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? I listen to Radio 3/Classic FH – Mozart & Vaughan Williams. OJs would expect ‘Meat Loaf”! What is in your fridge? Never Enough! By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? Go out with joy and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

David Dibben – OC (XT ’78) What is your relationship to College? OC – Christowe 1974 - 1978 What is your background? Married to Francoise with two daughters, Celine 12 and Anais 9. Zoology degree at University of Wales followed by Banking exams. Currently Chief Operating Officer for HSBC Investments, Global Fund Rangers. Tell us your favourite memory/aspect of College? The buildings especially the library, Messrs Ashcroft, Morse, Sloane, Pearce, Bregazzi, Tickner, Eustace, George and Mennie too. Sammy Salter in the Chapel and his cycle rides down Xtowe lane.1976 the hottest summer on record when the tarmac melted in Cheltenham, H He li Be B C N O F Ne Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar K Ca… guess which physics teacher taught me to remember that? Doing Spanish for a year because the girls from CLC joined us, ahh those heady evenings and Sundays with the CLC girls. Bumping into fellow XT inmates especially John Balmer. What did you want to be when you were younger? A Biology based scientist – perhaps what today we would call an Ecologist. What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? Lord of the Rings – Part III. What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? George Benson ‘Valdez in the Country’ a favourite track to relax to. What’s in your fridge? Plenty of goodies – including those that are healthy (yogurts, humous, juices etc) and those not so healthy (dry white wine, cured meats etc). By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? Succeed and help others to succeed. Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

Mick Brunt – Current Senior School Staff

What is your relationship to College? Have taught here since September 1969, both son and daughter were pupils and my wife is assistant matron in Boyne House. What is your background? Father – sales rep, mother – housewife, happily married them and me. Tell us your favourite memory of College? Very difficult in over 37 years. In general to play some part in lives of young people growing up in today’s society. What did you want to be when you were younger? Experimental scientist or teacher. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Amazing Grace. What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? Widor’s toccata. What is in your fridge? Marmalade. By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? WWJD.



The Locks Past Senior & Junior School Parents What is your relationship to College? Parents to OCs, Michael (S ’04) and Oliver (S ’07). What is your background? Sussanne – I was born and brought up in Iran and moved to the UK to train as a nurse. Andrew – Grammar school and then a engineering and management sciences degree at Manchester University. Tell us your favourite memory/aspect of College? Having lived in the USA, Oliver and Michael’s first sight of cricket being played in the Junior school held them spell bound. This was the school they wanted to come to. Now they have left we can look back dispassionately on our 9 years association. Was it what we wanted – yes, was it what we expected – yes. The big picture, it’s a happy and supportive environment that produces young adults we can be proud of. What did you want to be when you were younger? Sussanne – A nurse working in the hospital in my hometown Isfahan. Life is unpredictable! Andrew – Start and build a business – I had the good fortune that I was able to make it happen. What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? Atonement. What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? Right now I’m listening to Beethoven’s symphony number 9 in D minor but recently I’ve gone back to my student days with Leonard Cohen. What’s in your fridge? There is always homemade yoghurt, fresh lemons and coriander. If I have fresh lemons and good olive oil a good dinner is never far away. By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? Honesty and integrity in your dealings with people will take you a long way in life and hard work often makes luck happen.

Bob Elliott – Current Junior School Staff What is your relationship to College? Appointed Head of Classics at CCJS in 1976. What is your background? Both my Grandfather and Great Uncle are OCs. Grammar school in Winchester then Queen Mary’s College London University to read Classics. My wife Gill and I currently live on a small holding with our dogs, cats and free range chickens and bantams. Tell us your favourite memory of College? Favourite moments are connected to my close friend and ex-colleague Derek Skinner. Derek was organising an Assembly concerned with Remembrance Day and also preaching in Chapel on the same theme. On both occasions his accompanying sound effects did not gel with his sermon so sounds of spitfires, bombs etc were heard at rather unfortunate moments – the entire audience was in hysterics.

Michael Brett – OC (N ’41) What is your relationship to College? OC, Father, 2 brothers and 2 nephews also OCs. What is your background? Married with two married daughters and five grandchildren. I qualified as a Chartered Engineer and spent several years in Malaysia, the Far East and Europe. Retired to Oxfordshire and my interests are golf, music and country life. Tell us your favourite memory/aspect of College? My fondest memory is happily returning to Cheltenham after College had been evacuated to Shrewsbury. What did you want to be when you were younger? An Engineer. What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? The Queen – Helen Mirren. What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? Che Gelida Mavina (La Boheme-Pucini) Luciano Pavarotti. What’s in your fridge? Food. By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? Manners maketh man.

What did you want to be when you were younger? A Lawyer! What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? Atonement.

By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? I don’t really have a motto but I think you get back what you put in.

What is in your fridge? Free range eggs, salad from the garden and green house, semi-skimmed milk, Flora, Bacon and a selection of cheeses. By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? Work hard and play hard. It is essential to have a balanced life.

What is your background? Helen – Drama school. Peter – Golf and law.

By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? Have no regrets.

Tell us your favourite memory/aspect of College? I have always said it was the ethos of College that initially appealed to me – even as a 12 year old trying to persuade my parents not to send me to an all-girls school. Quad/Chapel/Tuckshop and the dining room – just such fun.

What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? I listen a lot to and prefer the radio – mainly Radio 4 and then Radio 2 for lighter entertainment.

What is your background? My Grandfather and his brothers were at College. I have recently graduated from Chichester University with a Performing Arts degress and am looking to audition for Drama School in 2008.

What’s in your fridge? Milk, salmon, pate, Actimel, tomatoes and a lot of chocolate puddings.

What is your background? College and then I studied English at King’s College London. I am now a singer and I also work in music management.

What’s in your fridge? A bottle of white wine and parmesan are usually kicking around.

What is your relationship to College? Helen – Current Parent. Peter – Financial support and cultural.

What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? Frank Sinatra.

What is your relationship to College? I was a pupil at the Senior School from 1998 - 2003

What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Wallace and Gromit and The Return Of The Were Rabbit.

What is your relationship to College? Junior school from 11 and Senior school until 18. I am now a proud Old Cheltonian.

What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? Eastern Promises.

Cess Warren-Thomas – OC (CH ’03)

What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? I am a radio junkie – but I’ve been listening to a Sneaker Pimps album on my ipod.

The McEvoys Current Junior School Parents

What did you want to be when you were younger? An Acress.

J A N U A RY 2 0 0 8

What did you want to be when you were younger? 3 possible ambitions – to be a chef, Royal Marine and a teacher.

Holly Currie – OJ/OC (Q ’04)

Tell us your favourite memory/aspect of College? Singing in Chapel along with cheers in the dinning room when someone dropped a plate.


Tell us your favourite memory/aspect of College? Helen – Kingfisher Nativity and Christmas Chapel services. Peter – Sports matches. What did you want to be when you were younger? Helen – Actress. Peter – Golfer and writer – nearly did both!

The Harbers – Current Senior Schoolnts What is your relationship to College? Three children at College, Laura, Chandos 3rd form, Jack U6th and Mat 5th form both in Leconfield. What is your background? Both born and educated in UK. Both studied for our professional qualifications in UK, David as a Chartered Surveyor and myself as a Chartered Accountant. Although several years apart we both went out to Kenya soon after qualifying, it was there that we met. We have lived and worked there ever since and our children were all born in Nairobi. Tell us your favourite memory/aspect of College? It is difficult having children at school thousands of miles away, but my favourite aspect of College is the genuine care and concern of all the staff at the school, particularly their house master/mistress, and tutors, which goes far beyond the call of duty.

What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? Atonement.

What did you want to be when you were younger? Jenny – I wanted to teach games and music – an unlikely combination that could never have worked! David – I wanted to be a chauffeur so I could drive lots of different smart cars.

What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? Helen – Foo Fighters and Frank Sinatra. Peter – What is an IPOD?

What was the last film you saw at the Cinema? The Constant Gardener.

What’s in your fridge? Helen – Food for the children! Peter – Hot sauce and drink!

What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? Jenny – James Blunt, Jack Johnson. David – Gordon Lightfoot, Rod Stewart.

By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? Helen – Live for the moment! Peter – Remember the future.

Robin Proctor – Past Senior School Staff What is your relationship to College? I joined the Senior School as Director of Music in January 1974. My wife became the first housemistress of Chandos in 1981 and quite coincidentally three of my in-laws are OCs.

What’s in your fridge? Jenny – Salad, yoghurt, vegetables – all the healthy stuff, and lots of chocolate! David – Tusker! By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? Jenny – Always strive to achieve your potential, whatever that may be, in everything you do. David – Work hard, play hard and never be beholden to anyone.

What is your background? Boarding school, Cambridge and teaching posts at Wellington, Stowe and Rossall before arriving in Cheltenham.

Charles Wyn-Davies – Current U6th Pupil

Tell us your favourite memory of College? Chapel. Thinking of Chapel brings to mind so many occasions, people, sounds, feelings – the list is endless.

What is your background? I live in Oxfordshire and have one sister, Katherine. St Hugh’s School Faringdon from 4 – 13 then College.

What did you want to be when you were younger? At school I decided I’d like a job like my Director of Music, with all that spare time in the holidays! I wanted to be a concert pianist as well.

What are your plans when you leave College? University to read Engineering, hoping to apply for Oxford, Imperial and Durham.

What is your relationship to College? Current U6th Pupil.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Four Weddings and a Funeral.

What did you want to be when you were younger? A Lawyer.

What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? Nothing, but Radio 3 is entertaining me with Symphony No 6 by Sibelius.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema? The lastest Harry Potter.

What is in your fridge? The usual diary products, a lime and a bottle of wine.

What is currently playing on your CD player/IPOD? Five Variants of “Dives and Lazarus” by Vaughan Williams.

By which ‘motto’ do you try and live your life by? I have plenty of choice over mottoes but they always sound pompous, pious and anachronistic. Mottoes are just the ‘soundbites’ of a bygone age!

What is in your tuck box? I don’t have one, however, if I did it would probably be filled with various pieces of paper with ideas on them!



before Farewell Class of 2007

OC ties and ribbons were presented by the Headmaster to U6 leavers prior to the Leavers’ Chapel Service, on Saturday 7th July. It proved to be a welcome initiative, with over 90% of leavers being involved, and one we intend will become an Association tradition. Drinks were offered in the Quad following Chapel where students discussed what they had been up to since finishing exams. Nearly 350 guests attended the Leavers’ and Parents’ Ball where parents, staff and pupils danced the night away together. The Sumo wrestling and casino also proved very popular! We wish all our leavers every success in all their future endeavours. Make sure you keep in touch with us…. parents and pupils!


-after! 20


Senior School 2007 A Dynamic Partnership Last year, the College Council asked Nigel Archdale and myself to bring the College and the Junior School together under a single executive structure. The Council initiated this work with the intention of strengthening both schools by their closer association, something that would bring direct and long-lasting benefit to pupils. The work has been completed and this academic year started with what might best be described as a dynamic partnership. In undertaking this work there are three key aims: 1. to improve the quality of teaching and learning 2. to raise professional standards 3. to provide better value for money We are confident that these changes, and others that will follow in time, will be of enormous benefit to pupils in both schools. The model we have adopted, of strategic unity coupled with operational diversity, will retain the character and day-to-day independence of the two schools, but give us the opportunity to work much more closely together and create a clear and exciting shared sense of purpose.


Inspection Success College has never been a more exciting place than during the past year. Pupils and staff have produced a constant stream of events celebrating every area of College life; in sport, art, design, music, drama, academic societies and a huge programme of activities, pupils excel. But any review of 2006/07 cannot go by without congratulating every member of staff in helping College achieve a remarkable and enviable ISI Inspection Report. We were judged, “A strong and successful community where pupils are very well cared for; they achieve good standards in public examinations and high levels in a very wide range of activities”. The report went on to praise the College’s strengths in all areas especially our boarding ethos and our quality of teaching. It also felt that College fostered a deep sense of belonging in its pupils and that the relationship between staff and pupils was excellent. The Headmaster, John Richardson, was delighted: “The report is so positive about every aspect of College life. It speaks in the highest terms of the quality of teaching and pastoral care, and of the strength of the College community, all of which are so central to all we do. It is really excellent.”

Look Back In Awe The autumn saw an inspiring art and craft exhibition by the staff, plays, concerts, the annual variety show, and the impressive (if a little damp) Fireworks Display devised and organised by Charles Wyn-Davies (L6 BH). The Ashmead girls lit up the Spring Term with their Fashion Show, raising £6,000 for local charities, and the Chapel hosted world-famous organist Thomas Trotter as part of our involvement in the Oundle for Organists Festival. One participant, Will Mason, was so impressed with the Chapel organ, that he applied

for the new Sixth Form Organ Scholarship…and got it!

Sporting Honours

The fundraising bug caught on and, under the energetic direction of Chris Rouan, the Summer Term 24-hour Charity Challenge for the Romanian Bradet project took flight (literally, with the release of hundreds of balloons!). An astonishing feat which involved the whole school taking part in activities ranging from a charity fair, auction, pop idol competition, costume making, wheelie bin rides, 10K fancy dress fun run, to swimming, squash, cross country and rowing through the night. The result? Exhaustion, elation and £60,000!

Onlookers may well call Cheltenham a sporty school, and we’re justifiably proud of our sport, but what does this mean? Views have been canvassed around the touchlines of prep and senior schools, and it becomes clear that we are admired for our dedication to ensuring there is a team or a sport for

The other major inspection of the year was the CCF Biennial Inspection. This time led by the Army section, Major Chris Reid (Contingent Commander) and Major Stephen Clark (College Adjutant) were proud to present the contingent in parades and field activities to the reviewing officer, Lieutenant General Robin Brims CB CBE DSO Commander Field Army. The inspection was a success, with Lt General Brims judging the CCF “a vibrant and stylish unit…with a tangible sense of vigour and enthusiasm everywhere I went.”

everyone of any ability. The main games are flourishing and the honours boards for girls and boys are filling up in rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, rowing, tennis, squash, rounders, shooting, polo, badminton, rackets, athletics, water polo, swimming and golf. No surprise then that College pupils are setting the standard at county, regional and national level.

Academic Matters Under the guidance of the new Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr Charles Runacres, and his Heads of Department, the academic pulse is also accelerating. This year saw an increase in Oxbridge offers, with successful pupils winning places to read English, Law, Classics, Mathematics, History and Natural Sciences. The number of co-curricular societies has grown to further inspire enquiring minds, including Debating, Politics & Current Affairs, Philosophy, Science, Astronomy, History, Creative Writing & Journalism, Classics, Social & Political Thought, and the new Lower College Maths Society. And, of course, Mandarin. We now also have new Directors of Curriculum, Activities, Sport and a Gifted and Talented Coordinator. Both the GCSE and A level candidates produced record results again, with 51% A & A* grades at GCSE and 45% A grades at A level (73% A & B grades). What’s more, four pupils were amongst the Top 10 highest achievers in the country at A level and GCSE for History and Design Technology (Product Design and Textiles).





Cheltonian Association 2008 Calendar Please check our website for details of all our events.

2nd/3rd February 2008 OC Hockey Weekend Old Cheltonians v Cheltenham College Senior School 1st XI Contact: Mark Durston Tel: 01242 265609 Email: durston. mark@cheltcoll.gloucs.sch.uk Saturday 2nd February OC Hockey Dinner – all welcome, please rsvp to the Association Office on 01242 265694 or e-mail info@cheltonianassociation. com. Sunday 3rd February Hockey Match – players please rsvp to Tom Richardson t4maverick@yahoo.co.uk. Please do come and lend your support.

March/April 2008 Germany Reunion

A warm welcome to all former pupils, parent and colleagues of the Junior School. We hope to host a reunion for all members living in Germany. Further details and invitations to follow.

10th May 2008 Polo Invitation Day The annual College v Eton matches. Bring family, friends, picnics (and umbrellas!). Contact: Association Office Tel: 01242 265694 Email: info@cheltonianassoci ation.com All Association members welcome, invitations to follow.

12th March 2008 Cheltenham at the Races

28th June 2008 Celebr08! Picnic Party & Pageant All former pupils, parents and colleagues of the Junior School are invited to join the picnic party and pageant culminating with a son et lumiere and firework finale.

4th July 2008 Banter, Buffet & Boggie Extended to current and past parents. A chance for you to meet new and old friends whilst enjoying cocktails, a buffet meal and music from the ‘Chip Shop Boys’.

7th March 2008 Greenite Gathering Davy’s Wine Bar, Pall Mall. Contact: Nicholas Lowton Tel: 01242 265609 Email: lowton. nicholas@cheltcoll.gloucs. sch.uk. All former members of Hazelwell are warmly invited, personal invitations already sent.

21st June 2008 CCJS Celebr08! Summer Ball

Further details and invitations to follow.

21st June 2008 An Association Summers Day Bring family, friends, picnics and enjoy OC v College XI Cricket, Pimms and complimentary Cream Teas.

5th July 2008 Leaver’s Presentation All U6 Leaver’s and families welcome to attend tie/ribbon presentation before the Chapel Leaver’s service.

August 2008 OC Hockey Tour to Barbados

Cheltenham College will be at the races this year, so please join us. All Association members welcome.

March/April 2008 USA Reunion

21st June 2008 Dinner & Classical Music Evening Enjoy dinner at College whilst being entertained by a medly of exceptionally talented Old Cheltonians.

For all members living in the USA. Please note the date change from the Spring 2007 Newsletter. Further details and invitations to follow. 23

Further details and invitations for both events on 21st June to follow.

All hockey playing OCs welcome. Contact: Tom Richardson Email: richardson. tom@cheltcoll.gloucs.sch.uk

10th August 2008 The Gloucestershire Cricket Festival

A warm welcome extended to all of our members to come join us and enjoy Cricket, Beer & a BBQ in the Association Marquee. Further details and invitations to follow.

Sep/Oct/Nov 2008 Association Rugby Event

10th December 2008 Association Carol Service All Association Members welcome to join in the last school service of the Autumn term, please do bring along family, friends and enjoy mulled wine and mince pies in the Dining Hall. All members welcome, invitations to follow.

7th March 2009 House Reunions Invitations to follow

OTHER NOTABLE DATES 3rd – 14th February 2008 Junior School Cricket Tour to Barbados. 9th – 12th March 2008 Junior School British Ski Championships at Les Houches.

A date is yet to be decided as we await fixtures confirmation. Bring family, friends and enjoy our 1st XV Rugby, Beer Tent, & Burgers 1.00pm – 5.30pm pm with complimentary post match tea. We also hope our girls 1st XI Hockey team will be playing at home on the confirmed date.

Sep/Oct/Nov 2008 Dinner & Jazz Evening This is planned for the evening of the Association Rugby event therefore the date is yet to be confirmed. Further details and invitations for both these events to follow.

September 2008 Hampshire Luncheon An informal gathering held at South Lawn Hotel, Milford on Sea for all OCs and their partners from across the South of England. Contact: John Balmer Tel: 0118 9326020.

14th – 16th March 2008 Junior School Hockely Tour to Guernsey. 7th – 11th April 2008 Junior School Pre-Season Cricket Training in Spain. 17th April 2008 Choral Evensong at Gloucester Cathedral – Chapel Choir. 14th - 21St June 2008 Junior School Year 6 French/ History trip to Normandy. 27th June 2008 The launch of the ‘Celebr08! – A Pictoral History’ There will be an opportunity to order Tim Pearce’s book from the Junior School website www.cheltcoll.gloucs. sch.uk. 6th – 11th July Chapel Choir Tour to Venice 7th – 11th July Junior School Choir tour to Annecy in France.

The Society and the Association Just over two years ago the decision was taken to examine ways in which the Society and the College could work more closely together. Representatives of both the College and the Cheltonian Society have been meeting to discuss these opportunities but concerns about a number of issues, including the independence of the Society, meant that no agreement could be reached. In February 2007 College Council agreed that a single, well-resourced organisation working amongst its alumni and all those with a connection to College was essential for the future of Cheltenham College. The following aims of this organisation, The Cheltonian Association, were agreed: • to create a modern, vibrant and thriving worldwide community; • to extend its work to include OCs, past and current parents, former and current staff and all who share an affection for the College; • to encourage a spirit of support; • to become an integral part of College life and its future success. We are continuing to find a way for the two parties to work together. College Council has decided, however, that if agreement cannot be reached by the end of this academic year, the wish of the Cheltonian Society to remain strictly independent of College should be respected. Council very much hopes, though, that the Society and College will find the means, jointly, to support the Cheltonian Association and ensure its success. We strongly believe it is the best and most effective means of serving both OCs and the College in the years to come.

20th – 24th July Junior School Geography Trip to Iceland. December 2008 Senior School Cricket Tour to Australia. Melbourne, Sydney & Cairns

Reverend John Horan President College Council 24


50 years on


College Carol Service Wednesday 12th December An absolutely terrific turn out for the end of term Carol Service swelled numbers to nearly 550. OCs, past and current parents, and local friends of College joined an exceptionally fine Chapel Choir to sing Carols before indulging in mulled wine and mince pies in a particularly festive-looking Dining Hall.

By Jeremy Taylor (XT ’58)


Dan Hearn joined the rest of the team for dinner in the evening.


College completing the season unbeaten in Schools Fixtures has only happened twice – in 1939 and 1957. The 1957 XV was the first team unbeaten in the school fixtures since 1934 (when Hoole’s father was in that team). As captain I have kept in touch with most of our team. We were always proud of our unbeaten record but as the years went by and no College side equaled it, we all felt it would be marvelous if we could meet up again. The side have met on a couple of occasions in the past, since then it has always been our collective goal to celebrate the 50th Anniversary whether or not a College XV had equaled the feat or

1957 1st XV

not. We always joked that the reunion might include only a few because many of us would have died off, but amazingly we all made it! We had an excellent trip back to College on Saturday 10th November to celebrate our 50 years on. The current 1st XV turned out in force to welcome us and hoped that they would do us proud. Which they did despite a loosing score of 15-17 against a much heavier Sherborne School. The Headmaster, John Richardson and Second Master Malcolm Sloan joined us for a buffet luncheon in the Common Room.

Back Row: M F Miler Esq, DKA Wheeler (N ’58), CG Hoole (H ’59), RD Hearn (N ’59), JW Mermagen (N ’57), CPN Gomm (N ’58), RDF Robins (B ’59), GAG Dodd (H ’59), CM Brain (H ’58). Front Row: RJ Kershaw (XT ’57), SH Lloyd (L ’59), MS Rees (XT ’58), J Taylor (XT ’58) Capt, AG Owen (Ch ’58), B Lowe (N ’57), CR M Boote (Ch ’57)

CLOSE CONTENDERS… Only 4 teams have come close:

1992 – played 15, won 12, lost 3.

1989 – played 12, won 10, lost 2 – First away victory against

1995 – played 11, won 10, lost 1.

Sherbourne since 1958!

1997 – played 12, won 10, lost 1, drew 1.

1995 1st XV

1989 1st XV

NEXT ISSUE… We would like your help with the 2009 issue of Floreat. We hope to feature the following articles so please let us have any interesting/funny facts and stories, on.... • “Did you know….” Eg. Why a specific part of College was so called; funny traditions, interesting historical facts etc. • The Military and Cheltenham College. • A valete section on the following Senior Members of Staff who will be leaving us in 2008, Nigel Archdale, Malcolm Sloan and Nicholas Lowton. • Hazelwell and Leconfield. • The Junior School – It’s Centenary year on the current site. • Remembering If... Please also let us know about marriages (photos please!), births and deaths for us to record in the magazine. We also welcome any other ideas for articles. Let us know if you have anything of interest you would like to share with the Association. 25

Back Row: J T G Westbrook (BH ‘92), D R Fulton ( L ‘90), P C Reynolds (H ‘91), P A Knowles (W ‘90), A G Brownlee (BH ‘91), E D M Wareing (W ‘90), J P G Dalzell-Payne (BH ‘91), E D P Turner (L ‘91), B B Jones (L ‘90) Front Row: J C Wiggett (H ‘91), C R Jones (L ‘90), D J Pullen (W ‘90), O J Wiggett (H ‘90) Capt, J T Stewart (W ‘90), G C Selby (H ‘90), S O Ogunlana (L ‘91).

Back Row: G Chamberlain (L ’97), P Mourton (S ‘96), R Sellers (NH ’97), S Danielli (NH ’98), T Adebayo (H ’98), T Doyle (L ‘96), S Pearman (XT ’96), J Street (BH ’97), L Stack (NH ’97), J Cowley (S ’96), W Chambers (L ’96). Front Row: D Hornsby (L ’97), J Koch (S ’97), T Lacey (S ’96), T Robinson (L ’96) Capt, C Walford (S ’96), T Allen (S ’97), L Mills (L ’96).

OC INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS College have produced a few International players over the years. Martin Rees (XT ’58), Dan Hearn (N ’59), Robert Lloyd (L ’61), Rob Fidler (S ’93) and Tom Beim (S ’94). Nick Abendanon (L ’04) is our current hopeful (Bath full-back) who made selection for the England side in 2007.


CHELTOND ALE By Gordon Wallace-Hadrill Rev J Graves 1869 - 1871

J A Owen 1872 - 1881

Rev J H C Baxter 1881 - 1888


heltondale is now merely a name, as quaintly prehistoric as Collegers, Dress X or Todd’s Lawn. Yet to those of us who are equally prehistoric the name conjures up a host of memories. I went as a boy, the youngest of three in the 1930s. We wore our own clothes, complete with a dark suit and stiff collar for Sundays. The headmaster, John Bell, was an impossibly remote, god-like figure, and our lords and masters were the prefects whose words were law. Over us all loomed the splendidly solid presence of Dick Juckes, our Housemaster. His study was part-workshop, with wood shavings from the lathe strewn over the floor; and in the boys’ airing cupboard Dolly Juckes hatched turkey eggs. He was the centerpiece of our spinning, adolescent world, radiating stability and common sense. We sometimes feared him, always respected him and later often came to love him. There was the other world of College life, hurrying from classroom to Gym, from OTC parade to the games field – a quite separate life of occasional triumphs and more frequent disasters. And above all there was the sense of companionship and of being part of a clearly defined world of our own. And there were even moments of pure bliss – as when a clandestine dose of Eno’s in an unpopular prefect’s chamber pot had the desired pyrotechnic effect. The outbreak of war in 1939 certainly shook our complacency. Lessons were suspended while we dug air raid trenches on College Field, it all seemed rather fun. Off we went, uncomprehendingly, for two terms of Tweedledee existence in Shrewsbury. It was very cold and very disrupting, and we returned to 27

E A Bennet 1888 - 1907

T Hyett 1907 - 1922

College with relief. Cheltondale had a charmed life during the occasional air raids. Incendiaries fell on College Field, Pilley Bridge was destroyed and a large unexploded bomb fell on Orrisdale Terrace. Years later, when I was the Housemaster, our gardener, digging near the gate into what we knew as Corpse Lane, came across a bomb buried in the earth. It was probably only an incendiary but it meant police, a bomb disposal team and minor publicity. ‘So that’s where it landed!’ exclaimed Dick Juckes when I told him. ‘I knew one came down very close to the House but I never found it!’ War meant boiler suits, to hide the threadbare oddments of clothes we were left with. It meant – horrors of horrors the introduction of central feeding under Mollie Clough’s eagle eye in what had been first the Chapel and then the Library. And it meant the sometimes uncomfortable loosening of familiar ties. The headmaster, Eliot-Smith, actually made us think – about self-discipline and about responsibility for others. He was always refreshingly unpredictable and ahead of his time, and never deserved the hostility of so many senior OCs. Out went prefectorial beatings, in came large scale gardening, almost farming, to help feed us. And to replace masters joining the Armed Forces in came interesting new staff – Guy Pocock, Paul Bloomfield, G. L Murray and others – to shake us out of our complacency. In 1964 I returned, older and not much wiser, to become Housemaster, following Harry Johnston – nattily dressed, trilby hat at a jaunty angle, and a twinkle in his eye. The house had not changed at all from pre-war days – the same long, shabby corridor, the same battered Sweatroom desks and cupboards presided over by the picture of Rorke’s Drift on the wall,

C H Pigg 1922 - 1934

R H Juckes 1934 - 1949

H C F Johnston 1946 - 1964

and a bracket clock with a mind of its own. The House was becoming a tatty and tired old lady. Owenites had always had the reputation for being pleasant rogues and the inmates of the 1960’s had not changed much. But the complacency had gone. This was the time for nation-wide student protests and a reluctance to accept tired old rituals. A near-contemporary of mine in the 30’s Lindsay Anderson’s “IF” - didn’t help, probing the problems of student unrest and its explosive conclusion. No – not an easy decade for the young. But common sense and the steady, sane leadership of David Ashcroft saw us through.

F G Wallace-Haddrill 1964 - 1972

G Vinestock 1972 - 1978

Jack Ralphs 1979 - 1981

actually had comfortable armchairs! We became as house proud as newly weds. Even the BBC and ITV came to photograph this new approach to boarding school life. Everything worked and what was the first tentative step towards modernization became the pattern for the much bigger modernization, one by one of the other Houses. No doubt, they learned from our mistakes.

A few years later, I was moved on to other tasks, leaving the House in the capable hands first of Gerald Vinestock and then of Jack Ralphs. In 1981 the axe fell and the House was sold, for instant demolition, to the ever-eager Hospital next door. Tim Pearce’s Then and Now fully records the necessity for the sale - it makes sad reading, especially when the House disappeared from view, to be

replaced by a perfectly hideous Pathology Lab. The name survived for a few more years as the remaining inhabitants lived out their schooldays elsewhere. It was a brutally quick death. Cheltondale dead? Of course not! It lives in the memories of all Owenites.

1969 a year to remember - it was the centenary of the opening of the House under the Rev. J Graves – Owen followed three years later. The anniversary passed, shamefully, without notice, but 1969 was also the year when the House underwent major modernization. This involved converting the existing shacks and both dormitories into study-bedrooms, leaving only sufficient cubicles in the Upper for new boys. All this, plus carpeting, was to take place in the six weeks or so of summer holidays. Before the end of the summer term, the shacks and cubicles had been stripped, leaving a huge pile of tatty furniture in the yard, to be picked over by colleagues eager for cheap bookshelves. I still have one small bookshelf as a reminder. Eventually the rest went up in a huge bonfire – a hundred years of vanities, perhaps. By the time the boys returned for the Christmas Term, the old lady had had a major face-lift. It was a huge achievement. Back came the boys, tip-toeing over new carpets and switching on fluorescent lighting. The new study-bedrooms were as varied as possible and the dayrooms Wallace-Hadrill as a student.

Wallace-Hadrill as House Master.




Enjoy Coffee, Luncheon and Tea in the warmth of the Association’s own Marquee. Cash bar, Tote & TV coverage available on both packages.



Please contact the Association Office on 01242 265694 or e-mail info@cheltonianassociation.com

Matches & Tea £20 per adult, (£10 per child).

BOOK YOUR TICKETS NO W Please contact the Association Office on 01242 265694 or e-mail info@cheltonianassociation.com




Friday 4th July 2008

Another opportunity to meet up with old friends and support the Senior School’s 1st XV and Girls Hockey XI.

A perfect opportunity for past and current parents to rekindle old friendships and more importantly, make new ones!

Beer Tent & Burgers Available (1.00pm – 5.30pm) Complimentary post match tea served in the Dinning Hall

Come and enjoy Cocktails, a buffet supper and then boogie the night away to the Chip Shop Boys.

Please RSVP to the Association Office for this event.


This is planned for the evening of the Association Rugby event therefore the date is yet to be confirmed.



Please RSVP to the Association Office for this event.

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DINNER & CLASSICAL MUSIC EVENING Enjoy dinner at College whilst being entertained by a medly of exceptionally talented Old Cheltonians.


Please contact the Association Office on 01242 265694 or e-mail info@cheltonianassociation.com

Willoughby House Location: 1 Suffolk Square, Cheltenham, GL50 2DR Tel: 0845 200 3195 Open: Please phone for details willoughbyhousehotel.co.uk Situated at the top of Cheltenham’s Montpellier area, Willoughby House is an elegant listed building offering a touch of country house atmosphere. Although convieniently within easy reach of the centre and all the amenities Cheltenham has to offer, Willoughby House manages to maintain a quiet aura and provides the relaxing haven craved after a busy day.


When booking accommodation at The Greenway in 2008, mention that you are a member of the Cheltonian Association and receive: A Glass of Champagne + Complimentary Light Afternoon Tea upon arrival! Tel: 01242 862352 For upcoming events at The Greenway: www.thegreenway.co.uk


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Situated in the village of Prestbury within walking distance of Cheltenham town centre. Comfortable Country House Hotel with large private gardens overlong the Cotswolds. www.prestburyhouse.co.uk enquiries@prestburyhouse.co.uk Discounts offered to Cheltonian Association barring race meetings at Prestbury Park.

Brasserie Blanc, Promenade Cheltenham


LYPIATT HOUSE 5 star accomodation, close to Cheltenham College in the Montpellier area. Tel: 01242 224994 E-mail: stay@lypiatt.co.uk

01242 266800 Cheltenham@brasserieblanc.com



Authentic Recipes

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Conferences Weddings

10th August 2008

Special Celebrations

The Cheltonian Association are hosting a Marquee at the Gloucestershire Cricket Festival.

Please contact Association Office on 01242 265694 or info@cheltonianassociation.com

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01242 529 533


Hot Food and Cash Bar available.

The Greenway Restaurant has been the winner of many National & International awards.


21st June 2008


Please contact the Association Office on 01242 265694 or e-mail info@cheltonianassociation.com

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Champagne Reception £30 per adult (£15 per child) Price includes Reception, matches and full tea).

Enjoy the Pimms tent and complimentary cream teas.

The Greenway is perhaps the finest Country House Hotel near Cheltenham. This beautiful Elizabethan Manor offers extensive facilities for Weddings, Business Meetings & Conferences, Training Courses and Special Breaks.

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Corporate Hospitality £115 (+ £60 Members Badge)

You are all warmly invited to bring family, friends and picnics and to support our 1st XI Cricket Team v OCs.

��������������� �����������

����� �

Use the Association’s own Marquee as your base for the day. Bring along friends and family.

Bring family and friends to support Cheltenham College v Eton College and Old Cheltonians v Old Etonians. Picnics welcome from 12 noon.

21st June 2008

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A Base for the Day £25 (+ £60 Members Badge)

Saturday 10th May 2008 Cirencester Polo Park



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For further details or to make a booking please contact Reservations on

01242 232691

Christmas Bookings

Starters Soups Salads Steamed Specialities Grilled Specialities Curries Stir Fried Dishes Rice and Noodles Set Meals also available

Now being Taken

Tel 01242 260666

Email: siam2smile@hotmail.com

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2007 Menus

Stay at Thistle Cheltenham from £79 per night including Breakfast and a complimentary bottle of wine -

Wednesday 12th March 2008




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12 Suffolk Road | Cheltenham | Gloucestershire | GL50 2AQ

Montpellier Drive, Cheltenham, Glos

T: 01242 226 300 www.spicelodge.com

01242 260666 30

Cheltonian Association Cheltenham College Bath Road Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL53 7LD Contact Details; Tel: 01242 265694 Fax: 01242 265630 Email: info@cheltonianassociation.com Contact: Bridget Vick, Association Director Rebecca Creed, Association Manager