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July 2011

CRIME FALLS AGAIN rime is down in Gloucestershire for the seventh year in a row, and Town Crier Ken Brightwell has been telling people all about it.


Figures released Thursday July 14 show that between April 1 2010 and March 31 2011 overall crime in the county fell by 5.8 per cent, or 2,233 offences. The official announcement was made in Cheltenham Town Centre, by the Town Crier, this morning. John Bensted, Chief Executive of the Gloucestershire Probation Trust and Chairman of the Gloucestershire Stronger Safer Justice Commission*, said the continued decrease in crime was good news for everyone who lived in, visited or worked in the county. He said: “These latest figures are testament to the work being carried out by many agencies and individuals across Gloucestershire, as well as communities throughout the county. “By working together we have all helped to achieve this continued reduction in crime. “The figures alone are reason to feel proud, but what makes me feel more proud is the fact that 2,233 less offences means 2,233 less victims of crime. “We cannot forget, however, that one crime is one crime too many and the impact of any crime can be considerable. SOLAR VAT FRE IN JULY E AUGUS & T

“We in the Commission and everyone throughout Gloucestershire needs to work together now to try and maintain these reductions in crime, and help to create a stronger and safer Gloucestershire throughout 2011 into 2012.” Assistant Chief Constable Ivor Twydell, of Gloucestershire Constabulary, also welcomed the figures. He said: “Crime has not only fallen countywide, it has fallen in every single Local Policing Area. From the largest decrease in the Forest of Dean, to the smallest reduction in Cheltenham, every area has improved. “I’d like to thank every organisation around the county that has worked with us, as well as our communities, for the help they have given us in achieving these reductions. “We know, however, that there is no reason for complacency. There have been increases in certain crimes in certain areas. However, we are very clear about what we and our partners need to do to tackle these problems and the public can have confidence that, despite the challenges facing us, particularly financially, we will do everything we can to maintain these reductions. “I would ask everyone to help us with that. Give us your support, help us to solve crimes and do your best to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime. The challenge now is to reduce crime again this year.”

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July 2011


Congratulations!! The winner of the last ‘Find the Cheltenham Chick’ competition is


ere at the Cheltenham Advertiser we have some 40 years experience within the industry and for a long time now there has been clearly a need for Cheltenham to have a credible alternative to the papers that are produced in the town.


RETIRED ROYAL NAVAL OFFICER IS SEEKING PART TIME WORK, CLEAN LICENCE, A N Y T H I N G CONSIDERED, 01242 525724 EARLY Learning Centre Pirartes Ship original cost GBP £15, original cost GBP £40. Tel: 01242 771789.

26” Toshiba TV, freeview with topbox, also stand on castors £40. 01242 574810. MODERN Grey framed single bed with mattress GBP £40 ono, Tel: 01242 771789. THUNDERBIRD'S play island with a few vehicles GBP £7, Tel: 01242 771789. ECYBERMAN Doctor Who suit ages 7-11, Tel: 01242 771789.

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The biggest problem to the market has been the cost of entry and the fact that 85% of all free papers within the UK are owned by 5 large newspaper groups. (source: newspaper society).

We are free and independent! We at the Cheltenham Advertiser look forward to giving both readers and advertisers an exciting local newspaper printing and delivering 20,000 copies FREE across Cheltenham. The Cheltenham Advertiser, Unit 9, Basepoint Business Centre, Vale Park, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 1GP

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July 2011

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Don’t Let the Good Weather Cloud Your Judgement When it Comes to Crime Prevention • Photograph items of jewellery, antiques and other items that may be difficult to describe. • Always back up home computer records on disc and store them safely in case the computer is stolen.

ith a sunny weekend due Cheltenham Police are urging residents not to let the good weather cloud their judgement when it comes to keeping homes safe.


Inspector Alistair Barby said: "Now we’re finally due a bit of sunshine we do urge people to make sure doors and windows are closed and locked when the room or building is empty. It sounds obvious but it’s incredible how many people fail to follow this simple advice.” Criminals are quick to exploit any slackening of security such as windows and doors being left open on a hot summer’s day and the majority of burglaries and thefts can be avoided by following very simple crime prevention advice. Cheltenham Police also advise people take the following measures: • Don't leave valuables on display where they can easily be seen through a window.

• Mark valuable items with an indelible marker with your post code or better still use a forensic marking system and display the signs provided with the kit. • Consider purchasing a safe for storing valuablesDon't keep large amounts of cash at home. Inspector Barby also encouraged people to report any suspicious activity. “If you see something that looks or feels a suspicious or out of the ordinary then please do make sure you report it,” he said. “We would always much rather get calls that turn out to be something legitimate than to miss an opportunity to prevent a crime or catch an offender. You can report information to Gloucestershire Police on 0845 090 1234.

You can also give information anonymously by contacting the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or via

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July 2011


Speed dating in Cheltenham t’s a new month again, and it’s just crazy that we are already half-way through 2011.


What have you done with your year so far? Many of you are still stuck on number one of your new year’s resolution list – is that you?

Single in Gloucestershire? Are you single & looking for Love? Then it’s time to take charge of your own destiny. Your soul mate could be waiting for you at Copa of Cheltenham.

Speed Dating Wed 27 July th

Advanced bookings only at

Email: Phone: 0845 230 3199

Yeah? Well, not to worry, When The Music Stops Gloucestershire, has arrived to ensure that the remainder of your 2011 is so exciting, that all your friends will wish that they were single, just to join in the fun and adventure. We are launching our singles events in July with speed dating at the newly renovated Copa of Cheltenham in Regent Street. You will have the opportunity to date and flirt with a number of interesting people, while sipping on a complimentary drink and tucking into a stack of tasty nachos.

Not only that, but we are offering you a 30-day free online profile on our dating website just for attending our events, and loads more freebies to come. So keep your eyes on our website for upcoming events and dating news. We have heaps in the pipeline, from dinner parties, to pub quiz nights, Sunday strolls with pub stops and adventure days. So come on, join the buzz....make the most of what’s left of your 2011.

July 2011

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to have friends over for dinner and be hailed the new Nigella or told you give Gordon a run for his money? Not many of us have the time or, let's face it, the skills to pull off a really flash dinner party...or do we?

want to choose a theme too, like Italian or Spanish food.

ingredients like this Tomato & basil granita. You get points for being in tune with the food seasons and you'll be using produce when its flavour is best. It'll be cheaper too. Avoid a last minute flap by cooking at least one course, from start to finish, at leisure and ahead of time. If you want to do something complicated, that's definitely the one to choose. You'll be surprised at some of the dishes that can be made ahead. Consider each course and think about which bits you can do beforehand. If the answer's nothing, you might want to choose something else.

3/ Avoid nasty surprises Not asking your guests if they have special dietary requirements doesn't make them go away. If only. Check with people upfront if there's anything they can't eat and make at least two of the courses suitable for everyone to save you work. Here are our top 10 ideas for making the most of your talents:

1/ Resist the temptation... cook some exotic Japanese dish that you're not even sure how to pronounce and had never laid eyes on until you opened Google five minutes ago. Cook something you're confident with. Don't try a recipe for the first time (unless you are, in fact, Nigella).

2/ Keep your balance When planning your menu, avoid too many heavy dishes and think about how they go together. Would you fancy eating quiche, followed by pie, followed by tart? Too much pastry, too much stodge! You might

8/ Pro-cooking

5/ Relax Avoid anything that's going to keep you in the kitchen too long. You don't want to have massive gaps between courses and then emerge from the kitchen flustered, covered in food and having missed half the conversation.

There are certain dishes that scream 'pro' that are not as difficult as you might think. A soufflé, for example, doesn't have to be a scary thing. Try easy Double cheese soufflés or Make-ahead mushroom soufflés. Think restaurant classics, like Beef wellington, Pork belly, Crème brûlée and Panna cotta too.

Try a simple dish that showcases seasonal




Finest beef in England ONLY £6.99/kg WHOLE DUCKS ONLY £6.99 each WHOLE LEG OF LAMB ONLY £15.99 each DICED BEEF ONLY £12.00/2kg MINCED BEEF 2kg Tray ONLY £6.99 RUMP STEAK ONLY £11.99/kg 10 BEEF BURGERS Homemade ONLY £5.00 WHOLE BEEF FILLETS ONLY £18.99/kg PORK STEAKS 2 Trays ONLY £8.00

and Poultry to the Public High Class Butcher to the Catering Trade


Your guests won't expect you to have made the little extras. Cheese straws, spiced nuts, a quick, no-knead bread, ice cream, chutney or chocolate truffles are really easy to make and can be done in advance. We're not suggesting you make all of them but if you add just one of these to your spread you can guarantee people will be impressed. Great presentation can turn a relatively simple dish into something really special. Pea, mint and spring onion soup can be made ahead and is served with homemade Parmesan biscuits (really easy!) and garnished with sliced spring onion and mint.

Do a timeplan and think about what oven/hob space you're going to need. If your starter, main course, side dishes and pud all need time in the oven it's going to be tricky.

6/ Go seasonal

9/ Is it homemade?

10/ Finishing touches

4/ Plan your time


There are lots of simple finishing touches you can use to ensure your dishes wow the crowds. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

7/ Prepare ahead

You'd be surprised, that with a few tricks of the trade all manner of miracles can be performed with your err..manna.


QUALITY MEAT AT AFFORDABLE PRICES! 187 Cirencester Road, Charlton Kings

Telephone/Fax: 01242 515666

July 2011

To starters and mains, add: • A drizzle of olive oil or balsamic glaze • A generous sprinkling or sprig of fresh herbs • A handful of rocket • A grind of black pepper • A dollop of crème fraîche or soured cream • Melba toast, parmesan crisps or cheese straws To puddings, add: • A dollop of mascarpone or extra thick double cream • Fresh seasonal fruit eg berries, physalis, pear or apple crisps • Use a tea strainer to sprinkle over icing sugar, cinnamon or cocoa powder • A sprig of mint For general presentation: • Try to avoid food that is all the same colour, lift a lemon tart with a sprinkling of raspberries or a sprig of redcurrants. • Go for unusual serving dishes, like cute little jars for serving paté. • Serve the main focus of each course in individual portions. A chicken parfait looks great in little pots. Lasagne's nothing special in a big dish but plate it up for each guest with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze, garnish with a big sprig of basil and it's magnifico! These are a few of ideas but don’t be put off, eat in, relax but remember it is supposed to be enjoyable!

July 2011

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July 2011

SPECIAL OFFERS CHEESEBURGER & CHIPS .........................................£2.00 SENIOR CITIZEN FISH & CHIPS ...............................£2.70 SMALL FISH & CHIPS .................................................£3.20 CHICKEN CURRY........................................................£2.70 CHICKEN CURRY & CHIPS/RICE...............................£3.60 HOT DOG ....................................................................£1.50 2 PIECES CHICKEN & CHIPS .....................................£2.60 3 PIECES CHICKEN & CHIPS .....................................£3.60 4 PIECES CHICKEN & CHIPS .....................................£4.60 Large Cod ..............£3.20 Cheese Burger...................£2.20 Beefburger in a bun ...........£2.10 Small Cod...............£2.60 Chicken Burger..................£2.20 Haddock.................£3.40 Veggie Burger.....................£2.20 Plaice......................£3.40 Battered Beefburger ..........£1.70 Scampi (10) ............£2.70 Double Cheese Burger ......£3.20 Fish Cake ...............£1.00 Double Chicken Burger .....£3.20 Cod Roe.................£1.00 n Double Veggie Burger........£3.20

Plus a large selectio more of kebabs, pies, chicken, sauces and much

Cheltenham Cafe & Restaurant 335-337 High Street, Cheltenham GL50 3HS Tel: 01242 245495 FULL ENGLISH ALL DAY SINGLE BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST 2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 hashbrown, mushrooms, black puding, beans, toast

2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, beans and toast

1 eggs, 1 sausage, 1 bacon, beans and toast




July 2011

Page 11


Warning About Fraudulent Website Sales G

loucestershire Police are urging people to follow crime prevention measures when purchasing items from online community classified advert websites as they investigate a report of fraud. On Tuesday June 14 a woman from Wotton Under Edge agreed to purchase a candy floss machine via classified advert site Gumtree. She agreed with the seller that she would collect the item from an address he gave her in Plymouth and that money would then be exchanged. She travelled to the address she was given in Plymouth but discovered the address did not exist, and so

“The Gumtree website does have a safety section to advise those using the site of what to keep an eye out for when it comes to potential scams, and we suggest that all users of the site have a look at those before committing to a purchase. “If you are using an online auction site or classifieds website there are a few simple steps you can take to make things safer.” Police suggest you: • Make sure you fully understand the purchase or auction process of a site before you buy or bid. • Read the website’s own safety advice. • Check the seller’s feedback and ask them questions. • Choose the safest way to pay possible, such as credit/debit card or PayPal. If you are a victim of this kind of offence you can report it to Action Fraud, the UK’s fraud reporting centre. Contact them on 0300 123 20 40 or via their website

contacted the seller who said that if she transferred the agreed money, £280, into a bank account he would post the item. The victim transferred the money but the item has not been received.

Crime Reduction Officer for the county, Paul Francis, said: “Whilst the vast majority of sales will be perfectly legitimate sadly there are a number of unscrupulous people who will take advantage of such sites to separate you from your hard earned cash.

UPVC Windows and Doors UPVC Doors and Windows add value, style and security to your home. JJS Construction Ltd have a large range of designs in a multitude of colours including the new A rated Energy Efficient Eurocell thermolgik logik system and also the Eltis range.

Aluminium Windows and Doors Aluminium windows, doors, bi folding doors and aluminium curtain walling are our speciality. Working in conjunction with innovative bespoke suppliers of aluminium doors and windows JJS Construction Ltd offer bespoke aluminium products at affordable prices. We are working on local authority schools and high end building products installing quality aluminium windows and doors.

JJS Construction Ltd is a member of DGCOS DGCOS is an ombudsmen scheme for the double glazing industry offering extensive safeguards and protection including: • Accredited Installers • Deposit Protection • 10 year Guarantee • Insurance Backed Guarantee • Free Advice Line • Ombudsmen Protection

For more information call


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July 2011

For all

property maintenance inside and out

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ColourFence the sensible choice... Colourfence is a unique STEEL FENCING product that is guaranteed not to rot, warp, rust or peel. Built to withstand winds of up to 130mph and all while improving the overall look and privacy of your garden. Built to last and with no maintenance required along with varied colours and heights, Colourfence is the sensible choice in fencing. Colourfence, originally from Australia where it makes up 40 percent of the fencing market, is a rapidly expanding product in the UK and Ireland.

Locally Manufactured


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July 2011

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Police Authority Confirms Future of More Police Stations G loucestershire Police Authority has made decisions about the future of five more police stations across the County.

Following a period of public consultation throughout February and March the Constabulary announced the closure and sale of nine stations earlier this year.

Nine other buildings required further discussion to take place to ensure that the best possible solution was found to reshape policing in Gloucestershire; increasing visibility and maintaining the best possible accessibility for the public.

With an £18m budget reduction over the next four years, the Constabulary has been working to identify where this money can be saved, whilst maintaining an excellent service to the public.

Initial proposals involved moving police officers to the nearest large police station or moving the policing presence to a library or other public building to allow for the sale of the existing police station. In every scenario the communities will continue to have the same daily policing presence as before – just provided from a different base.

After thorough consideration of all of the options presented by the communities affected, decisions have now been made in relation to each of the following stations:

Brockworth – The proposal had been to move police officers to the nearest large police station from where they would continue to police Brockworth. The community offered the use of the Parish Council offices which has been accepted. A Police Point has been established in the Parish Council offices allowing for the sale of the Police Station.

Fairford – The community offered the possibility of moving into the community centre, which is right at the heart of the town. This option provides great visibility and accessibility and the existing police station will therefore now be sold.

Lydney – The option of providing a Police Point in the local library was explored but a number of logistical issues have emerged. These issues proved insurmountable and, as a result, the Police Station will not be sold, but retained for future use.

Stonehouse – The community offered the opportunity to move a policing presence into the Town Council offices. This provides the best option in terms of maintaining a very visible and accessible policing presence and a Police Point will therefore be established in the offices, allowing for the closure and sale of Stonehouse Police Station.

Tetbury – During public consultation, the community put forward the possibility of a Police Point moving into Tetbury Town Council offices – into what was previously the old police station, last occupied by Gloucestershire Constabulary in 1969. This offer has been accepted allowing for the sale of the existing Police Station. Consultation with the communities affected was incredibly successful; with a number of alternative solutions found in various communities which the residents felt best suited their needs. Cllr Rob Garnham, Chair of Gloucestershire Police Authority, said: “The process of reviewing our estate could have been very painful, and of course it was never going to be easy to determine which police stations should close. “However, we’ve found the public of Gloucestershire very understanding of the situation we are in. “Our communities have not only commented on our proposals, but in many cases have suggested and offered different venues for our officers to work from, which is a marvellous indication of the community spirit in the county. “We’ve listened to all the views put forward and have carefully considered our presence in every part of the county. Inevitably some people will be disappointed, but I can reassure everyone that even where a police station is closing, we will still provide a visible and accessible policing presence. “We’re also very grateful to those bodies, such as Town Councils and the County Council, who have offered us space in their facilities to help us maintain that presence.” Chief Constable Tony Melville said: “The estates review has been a very in depth and carefully considered process. “We have been clear throughout, however, that we not only need to change the way we delivery policing, we want to change the way we deliver policing in order to provide a more responsive, visible and accessible service. “While we may not have our own buildings in certain areas any more, we will still maintain a real visible policing presence in those communities in order to respond to local issues and work with communities to keep them safe from harm.” The future of four other police stations which were also subject to public consultation; Bishops Cleeve, Churchdown, Winchcombe and Whaddon, continues to be considered, as all options are fully explored.

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July 2011

Summer holiday scheme launches – Book your place today!


ooking lines are now open for parents to book their children in for a fun filled summer. The sport and play development teams at Cheltenham Borough Council are once again planning an action packed programme for youngsters with a wide range of playschemes, activity days and sports sessions. PlayZone playschemes will operate from Balcarras School and Rowanfield Infant School for children aged 6 – 12. The Balcarras scheme offers parents the opportunity to book in advance to secure a place, whereas the shorter Rowanfield scheme will operate on a first come, drop in basis. A range of action days have also been planned including trips to South Cerney Water Park, the Battlesports Laser Tag arena, and a series of pony days. The summer of sport programme will see a wide range of sports sessions and coaching courses


on offer including basketball, badminton, cricket, street dance, athletics, water polo and many more. Craig Mortiboys, healthy communities partnership manager said: “This year’s summer programme is more varied than ever before, and hopefully there is something to keep everyone busy and entertained. I would encourage people to book early to avoid disappointment.” The summer holiday programme runs from 25 July until 26 August and booking lines are now open. For further details and to see the leaflet visit or call the sport and play team on 01242 774408.

July 2011

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July 2011

From Sydney to Lydney T

he Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire is the next stop for a spectacular international art installation that doubles as a fun-packed activity for all the family.

As part of a global tour, which began at the Sydney Opera House and visited Miami Beach earlier this year, the Luminarium Levity III will arrive at Taurus Crafts near Lydney, for a ten day installation starting on 22nd July. Likened to walking inside a stained glass window, drawing inspiration from Gothic and Islamic architecture, the Luminarium is an interactive sculpture that entices visitors to experience the beauty of light and colour inside its 1,000

The Luminarium premieres in Gloucestershire Taurus Crafts hosts Luminarium Levity III light and colour sculpture extravaganza

square metre structure. Visitors to the Luminarium Levity III will enjoy a unique sensory experience in a kaleidoscopic atmosphere. Visitors are encouraged to explore cozy nooks, caverns and domes as shades of blue, red and green light flow through colored rubber panels, and soothing music echoes through the labyrinthine fantasy environment.

first visited the Luminarium, I immediately thought how fantastic it would be to see it in a rural location with space, open skies and framed by the green of trees and fields. To host it here in the Forest of Dean will be very exciting.” Alan Parkinson, artistic director of Architects of Air, creators of the Luminarium, said: “When we were approached by Taurus Crafts, we saw the opportunity to bring one of our modern structures to a rural location where natural drama of the Forest of Dean and the River Severn will enhance the visitor experience.”

Luminarium exhibitions have been enjoyed by over two million people in 37 countries across five continents, and this is the first time that the sculpture has visited the Times: The Luminarium Levity III will take South West. place from 22nd to 31st July 2011 The Luminarium inspires all Costs: £3.00 per person for. A family ages and is a fun, family ticket (one adult and three children or activity to mark the start two adults and two children) costs £10. the summer holidays. To Location: Taurus Crafts, The Old Park, further celebrate the exhibition’s arrival, artisan Lydney, Gloucesterhire, GL15 6BU. businesses based at Taurus Telephone: 01594 844 841 Media enquiries: Contact Bridget Crafts will be joined by local artists and designers Ballantyne or Jade Jackson at for a programme of Renegade Media on +44 (0)1452 760 activities and workshops. 147 or email Elizabeth Ball, director of Taurus Crafts said: “When I

July 2011

Trojan Free Fighters for all ages and levels T rojan Free Fighters teaches a range of martial arts to people of all ages and levels of experience, including beginners. The Trojan Free Fighters host classes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing, Muay Thai

Boxing, Olympic Wrestling, Ladies kickboxing, Circuit Training and much more. Our class based workouts are led by highly professional qualified coaches for each discipline, so you can be sure that you are getting the best technical instructions along with a Fun, Fit and Functional session.

Located opposite Cheltenham Spa train station our facility is fully equipped to provide the safest environment to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself, such as improve overall fitness, gain muscle tone, de stress, burn off the calories or to simply have fun and enjoy the social aspect. In addition to conducting classes, Trojan Free Fighters are at the forefront of Mixed Martial Arts competition in the UK and Europe, training competitors for events at regional, national and international levels, most notable Matt Ewin and Che Mills winning there bouts on BAMMA the UK leading MMA organisations. Throughout June Trojan Free Fighters are offering some fantastic opportunities to get involved to achieve your goals.

Page 17 Join for 3 months and get an EXTRA month for FREE NOW! Existing pay as you go member converting to a 3 month membership will receive ÂŁ30 Sci-MX Voucher Bring a Friend for FREE Trojan Free Fighters have venues in Bristol, Cheltenham and Worcester. For further information on classes and more, please see

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July 2011

To advertise call 01242 639518

A great day out for Summer of Sport four-legged friends kicks off 25 July D

ogs and their families are once again being invited to Burrows playing field, Leckhampton, for Paws in the Park. The event, in its 8 th year, will take place on Sunday 7 August from 10.30am.

odgeball, athletics, kung fu, basketball and street dance are just some of the ways to keep fit and active during the holidays when Summer of Sport 2011 launches on 25 July 2011. The programme is being delivered by the council’s sports development team and always proves to be popular with young people.


7 August, 10.30am Burrows playing field

Paws in the Park continues to promote the aims of responsible dog ownership with the added benefit of a great family fun day. Dog owners will have the opportunity to take part in the Kennel Club's Good Citizenship Awards, which allows them to earn recognition for being responsible owners. The day includes a ranges of doggy activities, such as eight novelty classes to enter including the most appealing eyes, cutest puppy and junior handler, also the very competitive dog scurry to name but a few. This year’s celebrity judge is Debbie Connolly, from BBC’s Dog Borstal. Debbie will be judging the novelty dog classes.

A funky street dance session will mark the start of the programme, running from leisure@cheltenham on 25 July. From Wednesday to Friday each week, the sport zone roadshow will be running at Christ College Sport Centre, with a range of activities including football and kwik-cricket on offer. If there are specific sports of interest, young people can take part in a camp which coaches them in one sport only throughout the duration of the holidays. Free of charge ‘sport in the park’ sessions will also take place in various different open spaces across the borough.

Other things to see and do include husky rides by Arctic Quest Sled Dog Adventure team, have a go agility, flyball, canicross and low-cost microchipping. In addition there will be stands promoting animal charities, pet services and stores, as well as face painting, bouncy castles and refreshments.

Perhaps a highlight of the programme is the athletics workshop on Friday 29 July, hosted in partnership with the Cheltenham Harriers athletics club. Participants will have the opportunity to experience a range of different athletics events that will feature in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Expert coaches will be on hand to improve jumping, running and throwing skills with each young person working towards an official UK Athletics awards certificate. For something a little bit different, there will be a beginner's Kung Fu taster session delivered by qualified instructors from Chi Wai Black Belt Academy on 17 August.

Janice Payne, the council’s biodiversity ranger is helping to organise the event, she said: ‘’This event is always really popular with people of all ages and it’s great fun for dogs. It will send out an important message about responsible dog ownership, as well as raising much needed funds for Cheltenham Animal Shelter.’’

Tom Sparks, sports development officer said: "This year’s summer of sport programme has been designed to provide an action packed five weeks, with fun, new sports on offer to give young people a large selection of activities have a go at. From Kung Fu to dodgeball, we have plenty of sessions on offer to appeal to a wide range of children. We are also linking in closely with local sports clubs in the area to not only provide quality coaching, but to link youngsters to a local club that they can become involved with. We would encourage parents to book early to avoid disappointment.’’

Car parking at £1 per car is available on site. For more information visit or contact Janice Payne on 01242 250019,

Different charges apply and some activities are only suitable for older children. There is also a wide array of play activities on offer. Both the sport and play activities take place in a variety of different venues. To find out more and to book a place, contact the sport and play team on 01242 774408. The booking line is open from 12 - 3pm, Monday to Friday. See the full programme at

Application forms for the novelty dog classes can be downloaded from the council website in advance but entrance is first come, first served on the day.

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SPRING - CHRISTMAS 2011 LOCAL PRODUCE MARKET ESSENTIAL SATURDAY DATES August 6th September 3rd October 1st November 5th December 3rd




EVENT DATES August 20th September 17th October 15th December 17th & 18th


July 29th August 12th & 26th September 9th & 30th October 14th & 28th November 11th & 25th December 9th & 23rd*




9.00am - 4.00pm

9.00am - 3.00pm

9.00am - 5.00pm


The Farmers Market is operated on behalf of Cheltenham Borough Council by Grenchurch Markets Ltd

(01608 652556) Fish











July 2011

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July 2011


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July 2011

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July 2011


Sir Stirling Moss becomes one of the first Aston Martin Cygnet customers Martin Cygnet shares much in terms of design and craftsmanship with the company’s sports cars. Elegant and distinctive, individual and practical, the Aston Martin Cygnet is the ultimate Tailor-Fit solution for city living. Launched in May 2011 with first customer orders arriving at European dealers now, Cygnet is handcrafted for the city and like every Aston Martin it can be uniquely personalised to suit individual taste and style, bringing a new level of luxury and bespoke capability to city cars.


t the prestigious Royal Automobile Club last night, international motorsport legend, Sir Stirling Moss took delivery of his newly purchased Aston Martin Cygnet; a surprise birthday present for wife, Lady Moss.

One of the closest teams in motorsport for many years, Sir Stirling and Lady Moss planned a private celebratory dinner on the eve of her birthday at the Royal Automobile Club in its clubhouse the century old, ‘palace on Pall Mall’ in London. On arrival they were met with the sight of the new Aston Martin Cygnet on display in the magnificent central rotunda – the culmination of six months planning and ‘secret’ correspondence between Sir Stirling and Aston Martin to plan a surprise birthday present for Lady Moss. Sir Stirling Moss said: “My greatest partner in everything that I do, Susie is an amazing person and frankly the best wife a man could have. Since seeing a pre-production Cygnet in January I knew that it was the perfect car for Susie; a proper little piece of British luxury and perfect for our life in town.” Hand-crafted at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon, taking 150 hours to complete, the Aston

Specifications for Lady Moss’s car include Sir Stirling’s choice of Aston Martin Racing Green, harking back to the company’s sports cars that Sir Stirling raced in the 1950s, as the paint colour. This iconic exterior has been complemented by a simple and elegant interior hand crafted in Obsidian Black leather with a contrasting coarse silver stitch, forming a typically understated combination. Adding to the occasion and its ongoing theme of long standing relationships with the marque, the Cygnet has been supplied through HWM Aston Martin, based in Walton-on- Thames, who were appointed as an official Aston Martin dealer in 1951. The longest serving of the company’s global network of 134 dealers, HWM Aston Martin was started 60 years ago by fellow Aston Martin Works Driver George Abecassis who actually gave Sir Stirling his first Grand Prix drives in 1951/52 in HWM-built cars. Sir Stirling’s own driving career with Aston Martin saw him drive a number of the company’s racing cars including the famous DB3S and DBR1 models with great success. This culminated in being part of the factory team that in 1959 secured the company the World Sportscar Championship following victories in the DBR1 at such prestigious races as the Le Mans 24hour.

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New BMW London 2012 performance editions BMW 1 Series and 3 Series get a London 2012 transformation o celebrate BMW’s sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and inspired by the BMW London 2012 Performance Team, BMW has introduced two new Performance Edition models based on the popular BMW 1 Series and 3 Series.


Building on the sporting looks of the popular 1 Series Sports Hatch, the 1 Series Performance Edition comes with M aerodynamic bodystyling, dark chrome 18inch M light alloy wheels, High-gloss Shadowline exterior trim, dark chrome exhaust tailpipe and dark line rear lights. Enhancing its sporty driving style is the addition of M Sport Suspension, while sport seats with Royal Blue stitching, M Sport multi-function leather steering wheel and gearshift leaver, floor mats with Royal Blue piping and London 2012 exterior badges complete the sporty look. Available on the 116i, 116d and 118d threeand five-door models, the BMW 1 Series Performance Edition costs just £1,500 more than the equivalent ES model, representing a saving for customers of £1,725. Prices start at £19,530 OTR for a BMW 116i Performance Edition three-door. The BMW 3 Series Saloon is also getting a Performance Edition revision. Available on

PEUGEOT 306 2001 Y 50,000 miles,Dark blue, ABS, Air con, CD, E/Mirrors, E/Windows, PAS

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PEUGEOT 306 2001 Y 50,000 miles,Dark blue, ABS, Air con, CD, E/Mirrors, E/Windows, PAS £2000 ono Tel: 01245 123456

Call our sales team on 01242 639518 or email Alternatively send your car details to The Cheltenham Advertiser, Unit 9, Basepoint Business Centre, Vale Park, Evehsam, Worcestershire WR11 1GP

the 118i and 118d, the BMW 3 Series Performance Edition will gain an M aerodynamic body kit, M sport multifunction leather steering wheel, sport seats, floor mats with blue piping, 18-inch light alloy wheel, chrome exhaust finisher and London 2012 exterior badges, making the BMW 3 Series a winner in the style race. The BMW 3 Series Performance Edition costs just £500 more than the equivalent 3 Series ES Saloon, saving customers a substantial £2,030. Prices start at £23,195 OTR for the BMW 318i Performance Edition Saloon. The BMW Performance Editions are available in a choice of four colours; Alpine White, Titanium Silver, Bluewater and Black Sapphire, and are on sale now. Chosen by London 2012 as the Official Automotive Partner, BMW’s sustainability credentials will help London 2012 deliver a sustainable Games. As part of the partnership, BMW will supply a range of Efficient Dynamic diesel cars, hybrids and electric vehicles, achieving average CO2 emissions below the LOCOG target of 120g/km, as well as bicycles and motorcycles. The BMW London 2012 Performance Team will also benefit by being provided with vehicles to support them in their preparation for the Games.

July 2011

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