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Contents Contents Public Services & Emergency Numbers All the contact information you will need for doctors, schools, libraries and many more can be found in this section.

Pages 5-11 Clubs&Organisations Fancy joining a club or an organisation? Contacts for local schools, sport & leisure activities for all ages can be found in this section.

Pages 13-19 Local Businesses An A-Z clasified index of all the best local businesses you may need from time to time can be found in this section.

Pages 20-35 Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information in this infoguide, the publishers cannot accept responsibility for any errors howsoever caused. The contents of this book are the copyright of Shellian Publishing and no copying of any part of this publication may be made without the written permission of the publishers.



Keep it handy for quick and easy access to all the names and numbers you might need throughout the year....


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