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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014


If it be possible, oh spare my son ANZAC Day, 25 April, is a special day in Australian history. It marks the anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand forces on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey in 1915. It was here that the Anzac legend was born and, in the subsequent grim fighting, traditions of mateship, courage and perseverance were established as hallmarks of the Australian serviceman. During the Gallipoli campaign, the number of Australians killed and wounded (19,000) shocked the nation, yet much worse was to come. During the battles of the Western Front in France from 1916 until the end of the war in November 1918, 500,000 diggers fought in the trenches of the Somme battlefields, sometimes for weeks at a time and up to their knees in mud. The bodies of nearly 40,000 Australians lie in the immaculate war cemeteries in France and Belgium; a further 11,000 have no known grave. More than three times this number were wounded, many of them on more than one occasion. In the years that followed the

war, many returned soldiers died from poor health resulting from their wounds and the aftermath of being gassed. As we gather each Anzac Day, we remember the fallen. Each of whom had people who cared deeply for them and longed for their return. Reading through the war records, time and time again we came across letters from parents and siblings of lost soldiers begging for more information. The return of personal belongings to give a tangible reminder, or often vain attempts to locate their loved ones final resting place. This poem sent to us struck a chord immediately, and gives a stark and stirring insight to the pain and suffering of whose who sent their loved ones off to war. The writer of the poem was Violet Bushell of Chelsea. Her son had enlisted in the Otago Mounted Rifles in New Zealand and served first at Gallipoli before being transferred to the Western Front. Despite the pleading poem, the worst outcome was to befall Violet with the loss of her son.

IF IT BE POSSIBLE Savior, the dread offensive has begun, Wilt though, in thy great mercy, stand close to my son. I would commit him solely to thy care, believing for Christ’s sake thou will accept my prayer, I do not know what I should ask of thee, If it is possible keep him safe for me.

Dante was killed in action at Messines in Belgium on 27 March 1917. Very little else is known of the subsequent suffering of Violet at the loss. The only entry found was in an Australian Red Cross Society wounded and missing enquiry file that read: “Officially reported as killed in action on March 27th, 1917. Mother desires to know all available particulars of the circumstances surrounding this soldier’s death, place of burial etc.” 61,928 Australian soldiers and 18,052 New Zealand soldiers died during the First World War. They were sons. They were brothers. They were friends. Their loss would have been sorely felt by those they left behind. The tragic loss of wartime would have been repeated in tens of thousands of homes during this bloody conflict. On this Anzac Day, spare a thought for the mother whose words were not heeded: “If it be possible, spare, oh spare my son.”

In this dread hour of danger, draw though nigh, Let him not be afraid either he live or die. Let him not feel afraid - thy courage give. If it possible, grant that he may live. If life is granted, give him strength and skill, And make him brave every hour to do thy holy will. And if he is to fall – within thy arms, May he be ever blest and safe from war’s alarms. If it be possible, spare him any pain. If it be possible, bring him home again. My heart is longing so for him tonight. Lord keep him ever in thy holy sight. Help me, submissive to thy will to be Ever do only what is best for him and me. Lord in this time of horror soothe my fears. In agony I cry to thee, in bitter tears. Saviour, hear my cry – Stand close beside him now, whether he live or die. I ask the best – thy will, not mine be done; If it be possible, spare, oh spare my son – Violet Bushell



Wednesday, 7th MAY

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Boys’ home orphan killed at Gallipoli By Matt Vowell ARTHUR Ernest Bolger joined the Australian Imperial Force on 2 November 1914. He was born in Carlton in 1893 and was given up for adoption soon after he was born. He was sent to the Ragged Boys’ Home in Frankston, which was a place for underprivileged orphan boys. When the boys’ home was shut down in 1901, he was adopted by Charlotte and Matthew Bolger of Frankston residents. Charlotte Bolger was the former matron of the boys’ home who had cared for Bolger since he was six weeks old. After completing his schooling in Frankston, Bolger got a job as a labourer. He never married and was single when he enlisted and went to war. He joined the AIF at Warragul on 2 November 1914 and passed all physical tests. He enlisted as a private in the 14th Battalion. Bolger embarked for Gallipoli on board HMAT Berrima on 22 December the same year. He was serving near Quinn’s Post at Gallipoli

when he was killed in action on 27 April 1915, two days after the landing. On that fateful day, Bolger was in one of two companies of the battalion lead by Major John Adams that were sent to Quinn’s Post. At arrival, the commanding officer was shot and severely wounded by Turkish machine gun fire. Returning fire was futile as the Turks were well concealed in the ‘dig-ins’ of the rough terrain. Twentyseven men lost their lives in the battle, nearly a third of the men of the 14th Battalion, including Arthur. Just after midnight, Chaplain Frederick Wray made his way up to Quinn’s Post and buried the 27 dead soldiers in the cold and dark, at the Quinn’s Post Cemetery. Arthur Bolger was 21. Charlotte Bolger received Arthur’s war medals and certificate of death since she was his only next of kin. She was advised that a special memorial would be erected at Quinn’s Post with the inscription “Believed to be buried at this cemetery. He gave God’s greatest gift to man; his life.”

Ultimate sacrifice: Arthur Ernest Bolger and HMAT Berrima, the troopship that took Bolger to war and, below left, Quinn’s Post where Arthur Bolger was killed two days after the first landing at Gallipoli and, below right, the memorial to Arthur Bolger at Quinn’s Post Cemetery.


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Remembering the wounded By Peter McCullough ANYONE with even a cursory knowledge of Australia’s involvement in the First World War will be able to inform you that the death toll was about 62,000 (the precise figure was 61,966). Less well known is that the “gassed and wounded” totalled 156,000 and that the subsequent death toll in the decade following the end of hostilities was 60,000, according to the Australian War Memorial website. It is important to realise that the “wounded” did not include soldiers who suffered what in those times was referred to as “shell shock”. When assessing returned soldiers for a war disability pension, many doctors rejected psychological explanations of war’s impact (what we now call post-traumatic stress disorder) and were suspicious about malingering. Accordingly, many men returned to Australia physically intact but mentally destroyed and found great difficulty in settling back into civilian life; these men lived for the rest of their lives with the ghosts of Gallipoli or the Western Front. The death toll of 60,000 in the decade after 1918 would surely have been much greater if these other “wounded” had also been counted. At the time of the Great War, Australia’s population was less than 4.5 million while the number of men who enlisted was 416,809. With such a large percentage of men of eligible age being involved, it was rare to find a family that was not touched in some way. Melbourne historian and author Leila Shaw is very familiar with the consequences of the conflict: both her father (Sapper Thomas William Brunning) and her father-in-law (Trooper William Shaw) were invalided home. When both these young men enlisted, the war had been in progress for two years. The Gal-

Early days: A photograph of the Brunning children with Ruby (born 1896), Florence (born 1893), George (born 1900) and Bill (born 1895).

lipoli campaign had come and gone. One wonders what prompted them to join up when they did. Horrific casualty lists were commonplace and by this time, no one went off expecting a picnic. Fortunately, both men were able to settle back into the community and lead happy and successful lives as nurserymen/orchardists. I am indebted to Mrs Shaw for the information and photographs contained in this article.

Sapper Thomas William Brunning (No 16729) BILL Brunning, as he was more commonly known, was born in Somerville in 1895, one of three sons of John and Maria Brunning. He was a descendant of one of the earlier families which came to Somerville as nurserymen and orchardists, settling in the area in 1866. Bill subsequently became a partner in the nursery business that exists today under the name of John Brunning and Sons “Somerville Nurseries”.

Ready to go: Sapper Thomas William Brunning (BIll) on his enlistment in 1916.

At the age of 22 years and eight months, Bill Brunning enlisted on 29 September 1916 and, after initial training, he embarked on the Orontes on 23 December, disembarking at Plymouth on 17 February 1917. His training in England was interrupted several times by illness, requiring hospitalization. It was not until 8 September 1917 that Sapper Brunning joined the 1st Signal Company at Abbeville in France. However, his stay at the front



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Sa le e 2 6 n Wh t ile h A ds sto p cks ril la




Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014

OUR ANZACS was short lived as he was admitted to hospital on 20 October and invalided back to England a month later with “jaundice”. His health problems appear to have kept him in England for the rest of the war and he departed for Australia on the Argyleshire on 9 December 1918. It was a sad home-coming for Sapper Brunning for, while he was at sea, his mother Maria, aged 52, and his sister Florence, aged 26 and married two months, died as victims of the Spanish influenza pandemic. In fact the Spanish flu followed the troops home and it has been estimated that in 1918 it alone killed another 12,000 troops. Bill Brunning returned to Somerville which by this time had become one of the largest fruit growing areas in Australia. Brunnings nursery, owned and managed by Bill and one of his brothers, George, was reputedly the biggest in Australia: it exported fruit and fruit trees to all parts of Australia and overseas to England, parts of Europe, Argentina, New Zealand, India, Burma, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Mauritius and parts of Africa. During his years overseas Bill corresponded with a local girl, Beatrice Fraser, and they married in 1920. Their family consisted of twin girls, Beatrice and Lilian (who lived for three days), Warwick (who lived for 14 months), and Leila. Beatrice married Keith Dawson and Leila married Gaza Shaw. As well as his involvement in Brunnings Nurseries, Bill Brunning became very active in public affairs. As you might expect, these included the Somerville Fruitgrowers’ Horticultural and Agricultural Show, of which he was both president (1928-34) and secretary (1940-62), and the Somerville Fruit Growers Association. Between 1942 and 1964, Bill Brunning was a member of the Hastings-Somerville RSL, serving a term as president. During the 1940s he was president of the Somerville Soldiers’ Welfare Committee and in a generous gesture he paid for the cool store space for all returned orchardist servicemen for the first year after

On the front foot: Will Shaw at the time of his enlistment in 1916.

their return from overseas. Bill Brunning was a director of the Tyabb Cool Store. In 1949 Bill Brunning donated the land in Frankston-Flinders Rd, Somerville for an infant welfare centre, which was erected by the citizens of Somerville as a war memorial. This property was sold in 2012 by the Mornington Peninsula Shire to Aldi for a supermarket carpark, a decision that still rankles with many local residents. Bill Brunning’s wife, Beatrice, died in 1939 and a second marriage produced a daughter, Helyn. Bill Brunning died in 1964. Trooper William Shaw (No. 1565) Will Shaw was born in Maffra, Victoria, in 1890, the son of John and Frances Shaw. He enlisted on 18 October 1916 aged 26 and gave his occupation as farm labourer of Willesden Rd, Oakleigh. His father was listed as next-of-kin at the same address, but at some point over the next two years this was amended to “Tyabb PO.”


On 15 December 1916 Trooper William Shaw of the Camel Corps November 1916 Reinforcements embarked on the Vestalia. A little over a month later they disembarked at Suez where, following time with the 1st and 4th Light Horse Training Regiments, Will Shaw was taken on strength with the 4th Light Horse. Letters to family members dated 23 March 1917 stated: “I am still going strong and feel splendid. Don’t address Camel Corps any more; its cut out... The new Brigade went out the other day, and we are likely to follow any time now.” On the reverse was a photograph of Will and his two mates on camels with the Sphinx and a pyramid in the background. A second letter stated: “...been for a trip to Cairo and had a rattling good time, out at the Pyramids and all over the place...” A letter to his brother, Rod, dated 18 April stated: “ the front now, we arrived here at 2am Sunday-some big bombarding going on over the last couple of days-aeroplanes are pretty active...I don’t feel a bit afraid, Rod. I think I will get through alright-don’t forget the 4th Light Horse.” William’s next letter, dated 28 July 1917 stated: “We got orders to saddle up and put all our equipment on this morning, horse feed and all. We thought we were off out for a big fight, but it was only a false alarm...lined up ready to move, the General came along and inspected us..he said we mustn’t go out short of anything, for it will be a five days severe battle they reckon. I hope I have the luck to pull through alright...” Trooper Shaw suffered a setback in October when he was hospitalized with septic sores in the groin. On 1 November, he was transferred to the Convalescent Depot and in a letter to family the following day he was quite optimistic about the future. He stated: “I didn’t like leaving the front to come here , but I couldn’t ride for the septic on my thigh-an awful lot of men got them, nearly

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the Bauer Brief April 2014

BELVEDERE Park Primary School in Seaford was the happy recipient of $540,000 in funding for a muchneeded facelift this month. The school has more than 300 students and the funding will allow the school to upgrade its learning and administration areas and other general improvements. I am working hard to deliver to other schools in my electorate. I URGE breast cancer patients and survivors, their partners, friends and supporters take part in Breast Cancer Network Australia’s 2014 Field of Women event at the MCG on May 10. The event calls for 15,000 people to stand on the MCG in the shape of the Pink Lady, to represent the number of women and men who will be told they have breast cancer in 2014. All money raised goes to Breast Cancer Network Australia. To find out more go to FANTASTIC news for commuters this month. From January 1, 2015, Zone 1 fares will apply across the entire metropolitan network and there will be free tram travel in Melbourne’s CBD and Docklands. This means that a commuter who pays for a Zone 1 and 2 ticket each day will save about $1200 a year, or if using an annual myki pass, more than $750. AND the good news continued with the announcement that the Coalition Government has committed to building a long-overdue Melbourne Airport Rail Link from Southern Cross station to Tullamarine Airport, The link will provide a frequent and reliable train service between the airport and the CBD, with services departing every 10 minutes during the day. About 30 million passengers pass through the airport each year. MORE than 6,600 complaints about boundary fences were made to the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria in 2012-13 and this month the Government passed new laws to simplify rules and procedures pertaining to erecting a boundary fence. The new rules are clearer and provide clear guidelines neighbours can follow when negotiating the type and location of the dividing fence and which will also make it easier to settle fencing disputes. MY office can assist with any State Government inquiry. Call in to 374 Nepean Hwy, Carrum, phone 9772 4544, or email donna.bauer@parliament. And don’t forget to like me on facebook, follow me on Twitter or visit my website page at

Chelsea • Mordialloc • Mentone

Got any sport news?

Donna Bauer MLA Member for Carrum


or call us on 5979 8564

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Selection Centre & COLOUR Studio Unit 2/76 Reid Pde Hastings Authorised by Donna Bauer MP 374 Nepean Hwy, Chelsea 3196 Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014


OUR ANZACS every scratch used to turn septic. I think it’s too much bully beef and not enough vegetables.” Unfortunately the problem persisted, and Trooper Shaw was moved to various hospitals, not rejoining the 4th Light Horse until 11 January 1918. In his letter of 2 November 1917 Will Shaw sent Christmas wishes to his family and expressed the hope that he would be with them again for the following Christmas. He did get back to Australia before the next Christmas, as he had hoped, but it could easily have proved otherwise. Overnight on the 30 April/1 May 1918 Australians and Turks opposed each other near the River Jordan, west of Es Salt, poised for battle. In Volume VII of The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 (The Australian Imperial Force in Sinai and Palestine) historian H S Gullett wrote: “The situation was uncomfortable. Grant had only about 800 rifles available for the firing line.” Grant and two other senior officers were descending the hillside behind brigade headquarters, after a 7am reconnaissance, when “...rifle and machine-gun fire burst suddenly from the whole front, and in a few minutes it was clear that the Turks were attacking in great strength... “Wave after wave of infantry in open order, and very boldly led, debouched from the mudhills and struck straight across the plain... To the north the 4th regiment was being forced further into the hills, and by 8.30 o’clock the enemy, advancing down the plain, were close to the Es Salt track.” By this time, Trooper William Shaw lay wounded on the battlefield. He was delivering a message to the Australian Mounted Divisional Head Quarters in Es Salt when his right knee was shattered by a gunshot. This happened at about 8am on the morning of 1 May 1918, but Will Shaw lay out there unattended for several days before he was brought in. By this time the wound was crawling with maggots, but they were feeding on the infection and this saved him from blood poisoning. Trooper Shaw was transferred from a Casualty Clearing Station to the 47th Stationary Hos-

Through the ages: Left, Will Shaw (on right) in Egypt. Middle, Gaza pictured his his father Will, mother Alice and little brother Malcolm as he prepared to leave for New Guinea in 1942. Right, Will and Alice in their later years. Will died in 1970 and Alice died in 1975.

pital on 12 May 1918. Service records show that the next-of-kin were regularly advised of William’s condition and it would have been a worrying few months for the Shaw family back home: on 20 May his condition was reported as “serious”; two days later he was “dangerously ill.” In a tent hospital in Gaza several attempts were made to control the gangrene and one evening he overheard the doctor telling a nurse “This one will not survive the night.” William survived-and vowed to call his first son “Gaza” in appreciation of his life! On 30 May the leg was amputated above the knee, and it was three more weeks before William was off the “dangerously ill” list. On 3 August 1918, Trooper William Shaw embarked on the Karoola for Australia. He disembarked on 4 September and was discharged from the AIF in Melbourne on 20 December 1918-just in time for Christmas as he had hoped. When he was discharged, Will Shaw lived with his parents on the Mornington-Tyabb Road

in Moorooduc. As well as the usual problems faced by soldiers returning from war, he had to come to terms with the loss of a limb. It was not long before he made the acquaintance of Alice Lilian Reeves, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Reeves who lived nearby. On 20 August 1921 they married and settled at “Karoola” on the Mornington-Tyabb Road, Tyabb: Will could not forget the ship that brought him home. Despite his artificial leg, Will Shaw managed ably on his 20 acres, and became a very successful orchardist, largely working the property alone. Between 1922 and 1939 Will and Alice had five children: Dorothy, William John Gaza, Neville, Linda and Malcolm. The first son was given the name of his father, his grandfather, and an eternal reminder of the desert conflict. Universally known as “Gaza”, he married Leila Brunning and was a local builder; amongst many others he built the home that William and Alice retired to in Tyabb in 1952. Daughter Linda married a local orchardist,

Bill Lillywhite, and she, too, has lived locally all her life. Two of the Shaw family were in the forces during the Second world Was, including Gaza who served in New Guinea and Bougainville with the 10th Field Company of the Royal Australian Engineers. Although he suffered from phantom pains all his life, Will Shaw was never heard to complain. With a happy disposition, he worked hard on the farm chores like a man with both legs. He also participated enthusiastically in community matters and, at various times, held the positions of Secretary of the Tyabb Primary School Committee, the Tyabb Scout Committee, and the Tyabb Recreation Reserve. He was a Trustee of that Reserve and also of the Tyabb Methodist Church. Will was a longtime member of the Hastings-Somerville RSL and he donated to many charities including the Tyabb Hall which was rebuilt by his son, Gaza. William Shaw died in 1970 and his wife Alice in 1975.

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realestate Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone

23 April 2014

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CHELSEA MORDIALLOC MENTONE realestate 23 April 2014

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Under Instructions from

CONVENIENCE NEAR FRANKSTON CITY CENTRE Perfectly positioned to lap up the spoils of beachside Frankston this elegant 2 bedroom unit is custom made for convenience and ease with restaurants, parks, cinema, Arts Centre and the beach all within walking distance, while the hospital, university and Frankston High school are also just moments away. Offering extreme comfort as well as scope to easily modernise, the compact allotment allows room for a vegetable garden, sunny alfresco area and a lock-up garage.


Saturday 10th May at 11am


10% deposit, balance 60 days


$290,000 - $320,000


Saturday 11:00-11:30am


James Crowder 0407 813 377


UNIQUE CHARACTER & A SPARKLING POOL Full of character and amazing mood, this unique property will excite the best of visionaries with fabulous use of timbers, an enormous crackling fireplace, wood heater and an in-ground pool for a touch of summer time luxury. Set on 2,790sqm (approx) in a peaceful leafy court, the 3 bedroom home presents limitless options to redecorate exactly to your liking. Features 2 extra large living areas, a large alfresco terrace, 3 carports, garage & workshop.


$690,000 - $760,000


Saturday 12:00- 12:30pm


James Crowder

0407 813 377

Deb Ketting-Olivier 0403 554 955

9708 8667 Page 2

>CHELSEA MORDIALLOC MENTONE realestate 23 April 2014

Shop 7 / 20-22 Ranelagh Drive MOUNT ELIZA



Love the grandeur BUILT from granite and bluestone, this architecturally designed residence, set on about 20 hectares (50 acres) of prime Flinders land, has a stunning design that immediately conjures up images of medieval times. With a feature stone entrance and castle-style turret, the property enjoys a grand outlook and abuts Greens Bush, part of Mornington Peninsula National Park. The tranquil and gently undulating acreage includes a large spring-fed dam and the land lends itself to running a small herd of cattle or sheep. Outbuildings include a 250-square metre machinery shed. The home measures about 353 square metres (38 squares) and includes three bedrooms, including a magnificent master bedroom complete with a private bathroom and dressing room. There is a separate home office and a mud room for hanging raincoats and storing boots in wet weather. A spacious country-style kitchen features an Ilve 900mm gas cooktop and a natural wood-fired bakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oven. To keep the home fires burning, there is a Phillipe convection wood heater and, for convenience, a ducted reverse-cycle heating and cooling system throughout the main living areas. For a discerning buyer, this secluded estate is one for the ages.

Address: Price: Agency: Agent:

217 Gwenmarlin Road, FLINDERS $3.8 million plus buyers Roger McMillan Real Estate, 211B Pt Nepean Road, Dromana, 5981 8181 Roger McMillan, 0410 583 213

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>CHELSEA MORDIALLOC MENTONE realestate 23 April 2014

expect extraordinary

JUST SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 11 Berry Avenue Edithvale - $645,000

42 James Avenue Aspendale - $730,000

5 Carpenter Court Chelsea - $390,000

SOLD SOLD SOLD 9 Field Avenue Edithvale - $706,000

17 Clydebank Road Edithvale - $980,000

26A Randall Avenue Edithvale - $685,000

The property market is booming! We are currently experiencing huge buyer demand and prices are increasing!

Call today for your no-obligation appraisal.

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Offers Over $560,000

86B Keith Avenue Private Family Retreat with Laidback Funky Coastal Vibe Set in idyllic surrounds, this extra-large family home offers an uplifting sense of peace and privacy and a rare opportunity to acquire a true five bedroom home in Edithvale’s GOLDEN SQUARE. Capturing the essence of laidback lifestyle, bright and spacious interiors this home has a real family friendly floor plan with a choice of three living areas, large bedrooms and views out looking the area from the upper level. It comes with 3 split system air condition. Introduced by a private entry and at the rear of a private block, it features a front sitting room opening to new modern kitchen which overlooks the second family/living area spilling out to two large outdoor areas. Perfect for families this property is zoned to some of the area’s best schools and features easy access to the beautiful Edithvale beach that is within walking distance. Throw a towel over your shoulder and head down there to enjoy the summer. Features: • Five bedrooms • Three living areas • Plenty of outdoor spaces • Two modern bathrooms • Three car spaces




open to view by appointment or as advertised on

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>CHELSEA MORDIALLOC MENTONE realestate 23 April 2014

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Boris Fedotov 0432 738 920


Auction 10th May at 2:30pm


36 Berry Avenue Sanctuary of Style Utterly private and surrounded in complete family style, this elegant four bedroom plus study home bears all the hallmarks of a meticulously designed property. The zoned family friendly floor plan features impressive flow-through entertaining spaces and an emphasis throughout on maximising light and space with soaring ceilings, strategic glazing positioned to capture winter sun and garden views. An entertainerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delight, highlights include a gourmet stone drenched kitchen with all the trimmings, formal dining, rumpus/play room and sitting room with casual living opening to a lush rear yard with immense space for all facets of family entertaining and playful children. Zoned private and perfectly, the main bedroom is HUGE with walk in robes and an en suite. Three further bedrooms, share a family bathroom with a bath. Beautifully appointed, it includes heating and cooling, excellent storage, porcelain tiles, quality carpets, a generous laundry, double auto garage with storage and newly landscaped garden. Zoned for some of the areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best Schools, this fabulous family home is within walking distance to Edithvale Beach, Train Station and new Sports Complex. Land: 696sqm approximately with rear laneway access. Call Noel Susay or Rod Gatt today to talk about your next move.



2 Noel Susay 0450 069 506

open to view: Saturday 2.00- 2.30pm


Rod Gatt 0450 655 597

CHELSEA MORDIALLOC MENTONE realestate 23 April 2014

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Custom designs

Everything and more

SPECIALISING in the manufacture and custom design of commercial upholstered furniture, this business operates from a large factory and has been established for 13 years. Orders come via the company website and referrals. A lease is available with options negotiable as required. The vendor is happy to stay on for 6 months to train new owners if required

THIS multi-cultural supermarket has a kitchen, so as well as selling groceries, phone cards, magazines, and many other mixed lines, there is also a takeaway component and bulk catering component to the business. Other services offered are money transfers, with the shop having won two Western Union awards. Trading hours are 9am to 8pm, 7 days a week, generating an excellent turnover with huge profits.

Commercial upholstery, CARRUM DOWNS Price: $109,500 + sav Agency: Latessa Business Sales 50 Playne St, Frankston, 9781 1588 Agent: Tony Latessa, 0412 525 151

Supermarket & takeaway, DANDENONG Price: $395,000 plus SAV Agency: Latessa Business Sales 50 Playne St, Frankston, 9781 1588 Agent: Tony Latessa, 0412 525 151

Business Sales Specialists

50 Playne Street Frankston

Tel: (03) 9781 1588 FLORIST RYE Only florist in town, Petals member, also sells plants, gifts & made to order hampers. Delivers in the area. 5 days. Can be a single person operation. Well-presented, price inc stock, fittings, fixtures & sundries.

NOW $25,000


Exceptionally clean, good equipment, great menu choices. 7 days from 11am in shopping village, close to supermarket.


$65,000 + sav





URGENT SALE 85 members includes 25-30 personal training, database of 1100 clients. Two consulting rooms both sub-let. Est 5 yrs, has detox sauna, reception area, beauty, massages. 7 days various hours..




Located in the busy Power centre food court catering for retailers & shoppers. No late nights, plenty of seating available, heaps of parking. S52 shows $4900+ ave per week.

$70,000 + sav

NOW $70,000 + sav

Retail sales of discount products Well designed premises with ample equipment. Trades 5 days 7am – in great location on outskirts of Frankston. Huge variety, trades 4.30pm, around 10 cars per day, work comes from car dealers and private 5 ½ days. clients. Very profitable business with lots of scope.

$75,000 + sav

NOW $90,000







MORNINGTON Perfectly located in Main St’s café strip. Fully renovated, CCTV, 4 change rooms, kitchen. Exclusive stock includes fashion, footwear, accessories & formal wear. 7 days 11am-5pm.


Pizza and fish & chips with

Very well presented shop opposite

deliveries. Large shop, coolroom,

HOME BASED Operated in the same area for many years, many regular customers. All types of cleaning services provided. Vendor is willing to train and/or work for new owner if required. URGENT SALE

CHELTENHAM No competition in the area, 11,000 DVDs + games etc. Full computer system & 2600 database. Network buying group. Service focused, well priced & high quality.

ROSEBUD WEST Fully equipped for immediate start for new owner, secure long lease. Wholesale fudge, glazed nuts, sell to retailers, at markets and direct factory sales. New machines & equipment, strengthening sales.

NOW $107,000 + sav

$115,000 + sav

$140,000 + sav

$90,000 + sav

supermarket in arcade, also close

large conveyor oven. Good parking,

to liquor store. Trades 6 days 8am-

main street, no competition. Steady

6pm, has qualified butcher. Long

business with huge potential for

lease in place, quick sale required.


NOW $100,000 + sav

$100,000 + sav



ENDEAVOUR HILLS Trading Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm in busy retail/commercial area. Established for many years and well patronised by shoppers & workers. If you want a busy, short working week, this is for you!

Home-based business with no opposition. Vendor wishes to retire after 18 years. Lots of work from interstate. Fully fitted out van can do mobile repairs. Huge potential – vendor will train.

Franchised women’s gym and weight loss centre in southern suburbs. 90% direct debit clients, opens 5 ½ days. Specifically trained staff. Stock included.

$150,000 + sav

$150,000 + sav


$150,000 + sav





SORRENTO Well stocked shop in great location, high stock turnover, long lease in place. Vendor must sell and offers full assistance with changeover. Quality labels catering for over 35s. Staff room & 3 rear car parks.


NOW $170,000 + sav PACKAGING & FREIGHT

Mon-Fri 7am until 6pm, licensed for 25 children per day, 10 under 3 ( 3 staff) and 15 over 3 (1 staff). Established 30 years in dense residential area.


MORNINGTON Well known designer wear in Main Street. Established for 25 years. All clothing labels exclusive to this shop in the area, fashion parades, client nights. Vendor willing to stay on and manage if required. New security system, fully computerised.

BUSINESS $175,000 FREEHOLD $415,000 + GST

$189,000 + sav


DANDENONG CARDINIA Established 8 years, sales award Only one in town, ideal H/W or winner in leading franchising network. partnership, est 50 years. Opposite Solid business, no competition in school, caters for school lunches. area, well presented premises with Rent only $300 pw. This is a real good lease. Deals with residential money spinner with huge profits – and business customers. don’t delay!!!



$176,000 + sav


Timber fencing, paling, screening, retaining walls etc. Ave 10-14 jobs a week, regular customer demand. Vehicles inc, full training & hand-over period. Established 30+ years.

Opposite foreshore camping ground, corner position on highway. Seats 35+, great atmosphere, good food, excellent coffee, very busy with brekky trade. Dual shop. NE 7 days 7am-4pm. W



Niche business in the heart of town. Upmarket recycling, unique stock inc handmade and exclusive sourced from local artists and afar. Sub-lets café for half rent and outgoings.

WARRAGUL Fully managed business in best area, always busy, especially greeting cards, one of John Sands top performers. Over 9 years on lease, established for 25


$185,000 + sav CAR DETAILING


years, opens 5 ½ days.


Established 35+ years on major busy road. S52 shows $13,500 + per week, excellent profits. Family business, market two to three times a week. Van and utility included in asking price.

All services, same day, trade and fleet work, inc mobile within 20kms. Two wash bays, triple interceptor. Established 1993, reception area, waiting lounge, opens 5 ½ days.





Multiple business operation in one – wholesale online & retailers, online direct to public, retail, social media. Exclusive distribution rights to certain products, patents & trademarks, designated websites.

$225,000 + sav

$235,000 + sav



6 days from 5pm, Italian pizza, seafood etc. Seats 60 in / 40 out, online order/delivery system. Turnover skyrockets in summer. Baby needs the attention now, vendor must sell.


CLAYTON Sublimated sportswear and uniforms, Australian based promotional products supply company. Trademark, quality control systems, factory/warehouse approx. 1000sqm. New lease offered

Manufacture and retail sales of over 60 traditional European products. State of the art purpose built factory outlet, natural methods & recipes. Excellent equipment, new lease to be negotiated.


CHELSEA HEIGHTS Range of kitchen cabinets to commercial (builders etc) and private clients. Total package is full design service, removal of old cabinets, supply of new cabinets/bench tops, installation. High exposure premises.

$390,000 + sav

$400,000 + sav

$550,000 + sav

$900,000 + sav

$235,000 + sav

DANDENONG Huge potential for owner operator in this 5 day business. Covers all Victoria for cigarette units/machines. Established 1985. Freehold also available @ $420,000 + GST.


$250,000 + sav

Tony Latessa: 0412 525 151

$280,000 + sav

Complete service to meet all commercial and/or architectural requirements. Largest regional distributor for SCHOTT. Two locations, established 25 years, vendor retiring.

BUSINESS $1.2 million + sav FREEHOLD $1.2 million + gst


$350,000 + sav

$2,000,000 + sav

No. 1 REIV Accredited Business Agent in Victoria 33 years selling experience based on honesty and reliability REIV Business Brokers Committee Member

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>CHELSEA MORDIALLOC MENTONE realestate 23 April 2014


The mystery of a Frankston recruit By Peter McCullough MY brief was to provide a short biography on a First World War Anzac who enlisted in Frankston. This didn’t seem too difficult an assignment: I looked up “Mapping Our Anzacs” on the internet and discovered that 33 people enlisted in Frankston between 1914 and 1918. The only name that rang a bell was Lewis Cole, one of the three Cole brothers from Tyabb who went overseas, but I did a feature article on them in the 2012 Anzac Day special edition. That left 32 to choose from. One of those was William Victor Murray Grainger. With three given names he sounded interesting. Besides, I wondered, could he be related to the composer, Percy Grainger? I brought up his details on the computer and it wasn’t long before I appreciated how difficult it can be for an historian to track some of the original participants in the AIF. As can be seen, the official papers reveal that, during the course of the war, Private Grainger changed his details to such an extent that he caused a heated dispute to break out between the adjutant at the camp and the records office. The original papers show that this 21-year-old labourer, who was born in London, enlisted on 17 September 1914 (only days after war was declared) and provided the following information:

1. NAME: William Victor Murray Ireland 2. NEXT OF KIN: Elizabeth Ireland, 29 Quadrant Grove, Maitland Park, London. 3. RELIGION: R.C. So what changed in the following few years? 1. In early 1916, at the request of the soldier, his name on the payroll was changed by the adjutant at the Australian Base Camp at Weymouth from Ireland to Grainger. The Adjutant did not follow proper procedures and received a “blister” from the OIC records who pointed out that his actions “contravened paragraph 1901 of the King’s Regulations”. Subsequently, on 27 March 1916, Private Ireland submitted a statutory declaration indicating that he was now Private Grainger. No reason was given for the name change. 2. At some point, the soldier’s “next of kin” was changed to Mrs M Grainger of 16 Oakford Rd, Suffolk Park, Highgate, London. Presumably this change was made following the submission of a marriage certificate dated 6 November 1915 concerning the marriage of William Victor Murray Grainger (aged 21) of 29 Quadrant Grove, to Mabel Laura Holt (21) of 72 Wellesley Rd. The marriage took place while the soldier was convalescing in London following a severe bout of influenza. He was already using

Clearing station: A hospital in Etaples much like the one William would have been admitted to.

the name “Grainger” and his given address was 29 Quadrant Grove, which was the same address as his original “next of kin” (Elizabeth Ireland). One wonders whether he knew Mabel before he came out to Australia, or was this a whirlwind wartime romance? 3. Private Grainger’s religious denomination was changed from Roman Catholic to Church of England. Perhaps this was a consequence of

his marriage to Mabel? While all of these changes were keeping the OIC records on their (no doubt highly polished) toes, Private Ireland/ Grainger had not been idle. He embarked from Australia as a member of the 6th Battalion on 2 December 1914, returning on 2 December 1918. The years in between were spent at Gallipoli where he suffered a rifle wound to the chest (8 May 1915) and



199 *




then severe influenza (1 September 1915) necessitating his despatch to England to convalesce (and marry). On 28 May 1916 he rejoined his regiment in France at Etaples and completed his war experience in hospital as a result of being gassed and wounded (31 August 1918). One can’t help but wonder whether Private Grainger’s life as a civilian was as colourful as the years he spent in uniform.




03 5977 0878



Window Films

ESTABLISHED SINCE 1996 *SPECIAL CONDITIONS APPLY Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014



Age no barrier to Kokoda return By Michelle Kapnoullas St John of God Frankston Hospital IN 1941, Alan Moore was only 20 years old – a newly promoted Lieutenant in the 39th Battalion – when he was sent to Port Moresby to defend the airstrip and halt any Southward Japanese advance. There were approximately 1000 Australians against 3000 Japanese. Alan attended Melbourne Grammar School and during his time there, attended four years of cadet school, where he became a cadet lieutenant. It was because of his cadet knowledge that he was promoted to lieutenant at such a young (the youngest officer to serve in his battalion). His platoon of 33 (18-19 year olds) along with the rest of the battalion sailed the Aquitania from Sydney to Port Moresby.

Alan travelled in the honeymoon suite – however it was with 14 other young lieutenants. The convoy of ships took 4.5 days to arrive at their destination. As the battalion prepared to be taken to the campsite, they were informed their supplies were at the bottom of the cargo and would therefore take several days to unload. So they marched seven miles in the scorching heat to Seven Mile Drome where the sargeant pointed to a place on the side of the hill and told them to set up camp – without any of the following: tents, mosquito nets, building equipment, medications or decent food. During the first week, without proper supplies and equipment, many of the men suffered from dysentery and malaria. Alan was unfortunate to suffer from dysentery him-

Above: Alan Moore with physiotherapist, Cleeve. Left: Alan Moore ready for action in the front garden of his parents Camberwell home, aged 20.

self, but did not get malaria. Finally their supplies arrived. The men spent many hours unloading ships and preparing defences – unfortunately when the new senior officers arrived, they informed them they were setting up the defences in the wrong place and had to start again. The Japanese landed in Rabaul – New Britain and set up airfields and a naval base. During the day and night they continually bombed the area where Alan’s Battalion was based. Alan said they would wait for the bombers to leave and would then jump out of the holes they were hiding in the shoot, using First World War Lewis Guns (machine guns) at the Zero strafing planes that would follow the bomber planes. They even managed to shoot a few down. After Kokoda, the Japanese established themselves in the northern beaches of Papua New Guinea. Alan recalls this being the worst part of the war for him. The Japanese had positioned themselves in the beach and the Australians had to walk through swamp land to get to them (more soldiers died from disease and

dysentery than from combat). Alan was evacuated when he became very ill. He has no recollection of being transferred to the Australian General hospital in Port Moresby. Alan spent a total of three years in Papua New Guinea (two campaigns). He was transferred to another unit when he got back to Australia as the 39th Battalion was disbanded due to casualties. Twelve months after the war, both of Alan’s parents passed away. He stayed in the family home in Camberwell on his own, until he met the love of his life – Joan. They married three months after meeting each other, had two daughters, moved to Mount Eliza in 1955 to enrol their daughters in Toorak College and were married for 51 glorious years. They have five grandchildren ranging in age from 30 – 18. Sadly Joan passed away 12 years ago. Over the years, Alan has been an active member in school committees and is one of the two past two-year members of the Canadian Bay Club. Alan keeps active, walking half a kilometer every day into Mount

Eliza Village to have coffee with friends. Two weeks ago, Alan came down with a severe gastric attack and became quite ill. He arrived at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital as an inpatient, to help him return to maximum strength to prepare for his trip back to Kokada in August this year. He is participating in physiotherapy sessions to improve his balance and coordination and improve his walking endurance. Alan will be joined by his two daughters in Kokada for Kokada Day on 8 August. His granddaughter will also meet them there after walking the Kokoda trail. “I never thought I would get another opportunity to go back to Kokoda, but I’m so happy I am,” Alan said. Alan is extremely happy with St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital and said “I am staggered at the high quality of the equipment here. I couldn’t speak more highly of the staff, they are well selected. The food is the level of a top class restaurant and we are terribly lucky to have this establishment in our area.”

Peninsula Fireplace



Priced From $310,000



Independent living for over 55s • • • • • • • • •

High care nursing home on site! All with safety features & emergency call system 2 bedroom units or 2 bedroom plus study Choice of floor plans, all with S/S appliances Private courtyards & garages with internal entry Friendly community with great social amenities Walk to local shopping centre, adjoining park Pet friendly Inspection by appointment

1133 Frankston - Dandenong Rd (Mel Ref: 98F12)

(03) 9822 9505 or 0429 662 010


Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014




A look at the Nazi mystique

BOOK REVIEW By Peter McCullough ABOUT 30 years ago, British publisher Paul Hamlyn visited Australia and was interviewed on television. He related the story of a budding writer, fresh from a course at the local polytechnic, who obtained an appointment with Hamlyn and enquired “I want to write a best-seller: can you suggest a topic?” The publisher explained that bestsellers were rarely novels but topics of general interest. In the case of his company, the best sellers were books on Hitler, cats and golf – in that order. Twelve months later, the young writer was back. He pushed his manuscript across the desk and Hamlyn glanced at the title: I Played Golf with Hitler’s Cat. He was not impressed. Although Hamlyn’s story may have been apocryphal, the fact remains that books on Hitler and the Nazi era are still appearing frequently on the best-seller lists. The hysteria that swept Germany in the 1930s and 1940s still mystifies us today, just as it mystified our parents and grandparents in those times. How did a man who was an obscure failure until his thirties become the most powerful dictator of his day? When Hitler became chancellor in 1933, six million Germans were unemployed. Within three years, there was full employment. To many Germans, he was a miracle worker. Yet his sinister attributes were always present: his brutal views on race; his thirst for war; and his obsession with expanding Germany’s borders. His anti-semitism would ultimately lead to his downfall, as he divided his resources between the war and the persecution of the Jews. As the persecution intensified, the Jewish citizens, who were invariably loyal Germans and many of whom had fought in the First World War, wondered where it would end. In Two Brothers (see below), one of the main characters reflects on the situation that was puzzling the rest of the world: “...Paulus, like every half-civilized person in Germany, Jew or Gentile, had hoped that somehow, one day, a line would be drawn. That

had apparently been unearthed in the basement of a condemned New York hotel, and when Ruth reads it the memories come flooding back. Funder became a friend of the real-life Ruth Wesemann in Ruth’s later years in Sydney, and her notes on sources indicate how closely she tried to base the novel on what is known. At the same time the book is more than “faction”; she has successfully transformed the material into a narrative of individual endeavour and survival, one that examines intricate human themes. This was the first novel by Melbourne-born Anna Funder and won the Miles Franklin Award in 2012. Her previous publication, “Stasiland”, won the Samuel Johnson prize.

the steady erosion of all humanity towards the ‘race enemies’ would reach its nadir. Deprived of rights, property, dignity, security. Yes. But murder? Mass murder? Surely not. That couldn’t be. Nobody. Nobody would do that. Least of all the sons of Bach, Beethoven, Goethe, Schiller, Mozart, Bismark, Gutenberg and Luther. Murder all the Jews? ALL of them? It couldn’t happen And yet...” If you, too, are fascinated by the Nazi era, there are three recent novels that you might care to choose from for some reading over the next month or so. Coincidentally, all three novelists have been motivated to write by an actual event.

Alone In Berlin

By Hans Fallada SET in Berlin in 1940, a city paralysed by fear, the story tells of one man who refuses to be scared. Otto Quangel, an ordinary German who is the foreman in a furniture factory and who lives with his wife (Anna) in a shabby apartment block, tries to stay out of trouble under the Nazi rule. But when he discovers that their only son has been killed fighting at the front he is shocked into an extraordinary act of resistance and starts to drop anonymous postcards attacking Hitler across the city. If caught he will be executed. Soon his silent campaign comes to the attention of ambitious Gestapo

inspector Escherich, and a murderous game of cat and mouse begins. The end result is inevitable. Fallada’s novel, evoking the horror of life in Germany in the war years, was first published in Germany in 1947. However it is “new” to us as it was not translated and published in English until 2009. According to the foreward in the first German edition, the novel follows “in its broad lines” the Gestapo files on the illegal activities of an actual Berlin working class couple, Otto and Elise Hampel. Originally Nazi supporters, on the death of their son in France in 1940 they began to deposit postcards and some 200 written leaflets in post-boxes and stairwells around their home district. They were betrayed, arrested, sentenced to death by the People’s Court, and executed.

All That I Am

By Anna Funder WHEN 18-year-old Ruth Becker visits her cousin, Dora, in Munich in 1923 she meets the love of her life, the dashing young journalist, Hans Wesemann, and eagerly joins in the heady political activities of the militant left in Germany. Ten years later Ruth and Hans are married and living in Weimar Berlin when Hitler is elected Chancellor of Germany. Together with Dora and her lover, Ernst Toller, the celebrated Jewish poet/playwright and self-doubting revolutionary, the four become

hunted outlaws overnight and are forced to flee to London. Inspired by Dora, the friends risk betrayal and deceit as they dedicate themselves to a dangerous mission: to inform the British government of the very real Nazi threat to which it remains wilfully blind. Funder portrays what dangerous work this was, particularly given that the Gestapo was active in London, something the establishment would not believe at the time. This part of the novel is based on a real-life mystery: in 1933 the bodies of two German emigres were found in a Bloomsbury bedroom-locked from the inside-in an apparent suicide pact. In the novel the inquest seems a sham, not so much because the Crown is colluding in some high-level cover-up, but because the assertions of the dead women’s friends seem impossible nonsense. “All That I Am” is the heartbreaking story of these extraordinary people who discover that England is not the safe haven they think it is, and a single chilling act of betrayal tears them apart. Some 70 years after the events Ruth Wesemann is an elderly German woman living out her days in Sydney, making an uneasy peace with the ghosts of the past, and a part of history that has all but been forgotten. One morning in 2001 she receives in the mail a tattered old notebook addressed to her by Ernst Toller who committed suicide in New York in 1939. The notebook

Two Brothers

By Ben Elton THIS is a heart-rending story of two boys growing up in a Jewish family under the darkening shadow of the Nazi regime. Born in Berlin on 24 February 1920, the same day as the birth of the Nazi party in Munich, and raised by the same parents, one boy is Jewish and his adopted brother is Aryan. At first their origins are irrelevant. But as the political landscape changes they are forced to make decisions with horrifying consequences. The brothers end up on opposite sides in World War Two-one with the Waffen-SS, and the other with the British army. The author, Ben Elton, is perhaps better known as the comedian who wrote the scripts for Blackadder and The Young Ones. The story is to a certain extent based on Elton’s own family. His uncle was born Gottfried Ehrenberg to a secular Jewish family which fled Germany in 1939. After anglicizing his name to Geoffrey Elton the uncle enlisted in the army, later became a prominent historian and received a knighthood. However, a cousin, Heinz Ehrenberg, who was adopted (an Aryan) stayed behind to work the family farm when his parents fled the country. He was subsequently drafted into the Wehrmacht. After hostilities ceased the two cousins discovered that they both served in Italy and at one point fought within a mile of one another.

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014



Port Phillip guns fire first shots of wars By Chris Brennan THIS year marks one hundred years since the outbreak of hostilities that would avalanche into the optimistically dubbed “war to end all wars” and the prominent role played by the guns of Fort Nepean at the heads of Port Phillip in the events of 1914 is now the stuff of international legend. A shot fired from an assassin’s handgun in Sarajevo was the catalyst that would propel the world’s great powers into the orgy of seemingly senseless carnage that would become The Great War. But it was a blast from the naval artillery guns of Fort Nepean on the southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula that would be forever recorded as the first shots fired by the British Empire in the war. Given Australia’s enthusiastic embrace of military ventures in defence of “the realm” and considering the time difference that places Down Under the best part of a day ahead of our Northern Hemisphere allies, it is perhaps not all that surprising that the recently federated nation’s most formidable fortification should figure so prominently in the chronology of events rapidly unfolding mid 1914. But what is truly astonishing is that those very same guns mounted at Point Nepean would end up firing The Empire’s first shots of the Second World War as well. On the morning of the day the First World War broke out on 5 August 1914, there was only one German ship in Melbourne: the 6560 ton steamer Pfalz, a merchant vessel operated by German shipping company Norddeutscher Lloyd. In the hours leading up to the declaration of war between Great Britain and Germany, staff from the German consulate in Melbourne were in a desperate race to get aboard the Pfalz to escape to their homeland and avoid impending arrest. The cargo-laden steamer left Victoria Dock mid-morning ahead of schedule with its ex-

panded passenger list of German VIPs intent on escaping through the heads and to the freedom of the open sea before the now inevitable declaration of war. Also on board was Australian Captain Robinson, an employee of the pilot service, whose duty was to safely guide the soonto-be enemy vessel out of Australian waters. But the ship would not make it through the heads. Australian authorities were being updated minute by minute of the rapidly unfolding events in Europe and were well aware of the movements of the Pfalz and her high-value “cargo”. It was a race against time and tide for the Pfalz, but history was still on her side when the vessel was halted at Portsea by the SS Alvina. With no legal authority to detain the vessel in lieu of advice of the outbreak of war, the Pfalz was permitted to resume its journey. But just minutes later, at 11am local time, a message was received by the Australian Naval Board from the British Admiralty that war had now officially been declared. The order came to the Fort Nepean gunnery crew to “stop or sink” the Pfalz. Signals were hoisted at Point Nepean calling on the ship to stop. The Pfalz did not comply. A shot was fired across the ship’s bow from a 6 inch Mk VII naval gun mounted at Fort Nepean. When that first shot was fired, Captain Robinson reportedly had some difficulty convincing the captain of the Pfalz that the next shot would be directed at the ship. But Robinson eventually won the day and the captain and crew of the Pfalz – no doubt in close consultation with their consular superiors – were convinced to comply. The vessel was brought back to Portsea, where the ship, crew and passengers were placed under arrest. They would be recorded as the first German prisoners of the First World War. A member of the Fort Nepean gun crew wrote of the incident: “The tide was flowing very fast

Stop of sink: The six inch guns at Fort Nepean fired the British Empire’s first shots of both world wars.

when we had the word to fire and I pressed the electrical trigger and saw the shot land with a splash in the water; the splash went right up over the bridge of the ship ... The last order we had was ‘stop her or sink her’.” As irony would have it, the commandeered Pfalz was quickly refitted and renamed, becoming the HMAS Boorara, which would soon carry Australian troops to Egypt and the Dardanelles in 1915 as part of the Anzac Day landing. The requisitioned former German merchant vessel became part of the 2nd Australian convoy to the mid-east, with subsequent duties including the transportation of Axis-allied Turkish prisoners of war. While serving in the Aegean Sea in July 1915, the ship collided with the French Navy cruiser Kléber and was beached at Moudros before being taken to Naples to be repaired. The ship was torpedoed twice in the English Channel in 1918 but was repaired on both occasions before serving perhaps its most useful role in transporting repatriated Australian

troops home from England. Twenty-five years later, the guns of Fort Nepean would again thrust themselves onto the world stage, firing Britain and the Commonwealth’s first “angry” shot of the Second World War. It was the only other time Victoria’s naval defences had ever been deployed in hostile action, though this time the target turned out to be “friendly”. The date was 4 September 1939, and the Second World War had been declared only hours earlier. Alas, this time, there was no fleeing enemy to confront. The mistaken enemy turned out to be the Australian freighter SS Woniora, a cargo vessel en-route to Tasmania, which had failed to respond to a recognition signal as it neared the mouth of Port Phillip Bay. A warning shot was fired from the very same pair of 6 inch Mk VII naval guns at Fort Nepean. The ship promptly identified itself. None-the-less, history records the incident as the British shot fired in the conflict.


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LOUNGE SUITE, one x 3 seater, one x 1.5 seater, EC, Warwick fabric, colour - driftwood, $600. 9702 2424.


Phone Rob 5996 3823, 0418 306 738 C1119299-BM07-14

Rec: 17824

JUMPING CASTLE, 12'x12', colourful, 'Super Bounce', Australian made, with extras, VGC. $2,600. 0409 198 675.

MARKET TRAILER, poptop, 10'x8', benches, walk-through floor, electric brakes, gas/electricity, lots more, great market stall, VGC. $14,700. 0409 198 675.

Deal direct with tradesman. All work guaranteed.




JUICE EXTRACTOR, Cuisinart, diecast and stainless steel, brand new, boxed, RRP $349, sell $150. 5979 2658.

LADDER, Transformer ladder system, brand new, never used, cost $555, sell for $450ono. Call: 9798 8889.


J.L. Hutt Electrical

GOLF SET, mens' RH, Trident, as new, includes buggy, bag with lots of pockets, number 1, 3 and 5 woods with covers, plus 11 irons and few extras, plus mens' size 9 golf shoes (worn twice). $350 the lot. 9781 1173. HOME GYM, electric treadmill, rowing machine, bike, 2x ab machines, punch bag and speed ball. $450ono. 5942 5420.


• Entensions/Refurbishments • Switchboard Upgrades • House Rewires • Safety Switches • Phone, Data & TV • Oven & Hot Plate Repairs • Hot Water Service Repairs

BILLIARD TABLE, 8x4, 1 inch slate, table top and all accessories. Paid $3,200, sell $950. 9707 2391. CHAINSAW, Wood Boss, Stihl MS21016, '' bar, as new, made in Germany, $480.00. 0425 869 735.


BED, medical, special needs, single, motorised, includes mattress, (Madison Kensington), great for elderly or disabled people, 12 months old, $1,400 ono. 0402 429 317. BEDS, x2, single, foam mattresses, little use. $100ono. 5942 5420.





GUITAR AMP, Marshall, Valvestate 2000, AVT, 50W, with foot switch, dual channels, EC, $450. 0409 245 037.


Windows… Doors… Shop Fronts…

Phone: 1300 666 808 (Open 8.30-6pm Mon-Fri) Fax: 03 5945 0667 Email:


OUTDOOR DINING SET, 7 piece, charcoal, wicker effect, glass-top table, 180x105cm, 6 carver chairs with seat pads, all VGC. $375ono. 0415 153 800. PACKING BOXES, approximately 80 cartons including 4 wardrobe boxes, strong cartons suitable for books etc. heavy duty, large and small, some new, $50 lot. 0402 231 600. RIDE ON MOWER, John Deere, 23 HP, Z425, zero turn, 48' mowing deck, with 43 hours. $5,000. Call Jeff 0488 086 300. RIDE ON MOWER, trailer, brush cutter and more to start a business. Trailer 8x5 box, with mower cage, tool box, ramps. Husqvarna ride on mower, 22hp, 42 inch deck, 320 hrs. Stihl brush cutter, Kawasaki brush cutter, 3 lawn mowers, 2 jerry cans and fuel containers, assorted garden tools and much more. $6,450 ono. Call Doug 0407 802 225. SOFA BED, 2.5 seater, black floral design, VGC. $460. 9706 1123.

PIANO, upright as new, about 15 years old. Paid $5,000 6 years ago. Sell inc lovely stool. $2,250. 0428 900 710. PIANO, Baby grand piano, Samick, digital, 88 keyboard, plays as natural piano or with all effects. Matching stool and manual, $3,000, Mt Martha. 0414 627 521.

PETS & SERVICES HYDROBATH and whelping box, heated. $500 the pair. 0429 985 288.



★ NO BOND ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Singles Cabin - Bed Sitter (incl Kitchen) Caravans (ensuite) Caravans (no ensuite) Quiet secure park Close all facilities



Ph 9546 9587 Office Hours Mon-Sat 8am-6pm. Sunday 10am-4pm 870 Princes Highway, Springvale

Caravan & Cabin Park


SOFA BED, contemporary futon in soft, red faux leather upholstery with chrome finishings, measures 77"L x 32"H x 32.5"W (sofa) and 77"L x 14.5H x 43"W (bed), comes with 2 matching pillows and adjustable headrest. Hardly used, excellent condition. Sale due to relocation to WA. $350ono. 0416 844 609. Botanic Ridge. SPRAY BOOTH, dismantled, 7 metres length x 4 metres width x 3 metres height. $1,200. Phone 0459 411 565. VENETIAN BLINDS, 2 x 1805 x 1850, 2 x 900 x 1850, cream wood, all fittings. $280. 0418 317 374 WALL UNIT, 3 piece, bar, crystal cabinet, TV. $170ono. 0418 998 093.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT/ TECHNICAL SALES We are looking for a motivated and well presented sales gun with a proven track record in sales. If you are someone who thrives on a challenge, isn’t afraid to pick up the phone or knock on a door to achieve their goals, then this is the place for you. Industry experience is not essential (as product training is given), but the right attitude is. The territory you manage will have an existing client base, both residential and commercial. You must be proactive in your territory and become the industry specialist to develop opportunities and drive new business. In return you can expect a competitive salary package, which includes base, car allowance, super & a generous incentive scheme. OTE $85K+ (high achievers will earn more). Call Greg: 03 9796 4700 or email resume to 1131222-DJ17-14



APPALOOSA GELDING, 15.1H, 9yo, suits bush rider. $4,800. Phone 0407 021 350. CHESTNUT GELDING, Stock horse, 9yo, 15H, would suit camp drafting, easy to shoe and float, suits rider with some experience. $4,500ono. Phone 0407 021 350. THOROUGHBRED GELDING, black, 15H, 8yo, very soft mouth, good nature, good looking. $4,500. Phone 0407 021 350.

2-3 days per week, must be skilled in MYOB and wages, award wage. 18-20 hours per week, flexible, experience and references essential, Mordialloc. Contact Kim 9580 6099.

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Classifieds 1300 666 808

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014



BOAT, Savage bay cruiser, 4.35m, first registered January 2013, 40hp Mercury 4 stroke, 24 hours, many extras, as new. $18,500. 0407 887 217.

QUINTREX BOAT, 14.2 metres, as new, Seatrail trailer, as new, Suzuki 15hp motor, newly installed, folding seats and bimini. Extras include fish sounder and 5 life jackets. $3,500. 0410 646 550. SAVAGE, 4.2m, 50HP motor, reg for 12 months, new battery, new electric winch $3,200neg. 5996 2470. JAYCO, Hawk, 2002, 7 berth camper trailer, end beds, 1 QS, 1 dble, 4 burner stove and grill, 3 way fridge, drop down table, deluxe bed, end flys, fully framed canvas annexe, zip on walls and extended front awning, electric brakes, VGC, reg Dec 2014. $16,000ono. 0418 396 641.

CARAVANS & TRAILERS BOX TANDEM, trailer, blue, 8ft x 5ft, 1ft 7inch high, 2002, GVN2000kg, tare 650, light truck tyres. $4,000. Call Jeff 0488 086 300. CAMPER TRAILER, Camel, 2013, off road, walk in QS bed, stainless steel kitchen, 2x4.5 gas bottles, 75 litre water tank, gazebo, electric brakes. Almost brand new. $16,000. 0407 859 685. Calls only after 7pm. CAMPER TRAILER, VGC, off road, 12 months reg, 16" wheels, annexe. $3,100. 0437 138 515.

CARAVAN, low tow Commodore Deluxe, 1993, tare 1350, 5.18m, toilet, shower, hand basin, dbl bed and fold down kitchen to dbl bed, AC as new, hot water service as new, pinch pleated curtains rubber backed, tandem wheels, plenty of storage space, 3-way fridge, like a home inside, many extras. $16,000. 0448 768 140. JAYCO, Freedom, 2004, poptop, two single beds, inner spring mattresses, hotplates, grill, oven, microwave, AC, awning, 3 way fridge, annexe, EC, $21,500. 5977 5659.


JAYCO, 2012, Sterling, model 21-65-7, 2 door fridge, Ibis AC, washing machine, ensuite, solar panel plus 2 batteries, outside entertainment pack, cafe dinette with trifold table, bike rack, pole carrier, fitted with ESC, new condition, suit new buyer. $51,500. 0428 564 662.

JAYCO, Caravan, 1986, model 1665, double bed, with collapsible table to make 2nd double bed, gas oven, new Dometic fridge installed 2009, roll out fitted annexe, installed 2009. $9,000. Phone: 0430 484 592, 9754 2742.

JAYCO, Destiny, 2007, poptop, 17'6'', dual axle, island bed, front kitchen, AC, roll out awning, electric water pump, TV, microwave, battery pack, urgent sale, must sell, $25,500 ono, Mt Martha. Phone Rod 0419 001 259.

JAYCO, Destiny, poptop, 2007, 14ft, garaged as new, two single beds, EC, electric brakes, 3 way fridge, griller, 4 way stove top, awning, quick sale, $17,500. Somers 5983 1391. JAYCO, freedom, pop top, 2000, EC, new 3 way fridge, single beds, awning, reg, serviced, tow kit available, ideal first van, easy to tow. $13,000. Endeavour Hills. 9700 7340.


JAYCO, J series van, 2007, EC, reverse cycle air conditioning, gas hotplate plus grill, microwave, awning, $21,500. 0419 112 062. JAYCO, pop top 17ft 2004, 3 way fridge, 4 burner stove, 2 single beds, microwave, AC, heater, tinted windows, genuine reason for selling, excellent condition. $20,000neg. 0419 530 891, 5997 5376. JAYCO, Sterling, 2010, 18' 6" tandem poptop, double island bed, toilet /shower, full gas stove /oven/grill, microwave, TV, 3 way fridge, lots of storage, AC/heating, full awning with shade curtain and ground cover, service history, electric brakes, EC. $37,000. Phone: 0407 425 411.

JAYCO, Sterling, 2011, 22ft, awning with annexe, large fridge/freezer, washing machine, full ensuite, TV, DVD player, AC, heating, electric brakes, in new condition, stored in garage. $43,000. For more photos call 9707 5012 or 0418 549 309.

JAYCO EAGLE, 2009, 3-way fridge. Bagged awning, bed flys. Full custom made annexe. VGC. Excellent for family camping. $18,500. Call 0407 709 443


OFF ROAD CAMPER, Australian, ahead of the rest, Odyssey Signature Export, year July 2010, with all extras included, firewood rack, full annexe new, 2nd water tank, skirt, $46,000. 0439 803 137.

OLYMPIC, 1000, 12 years old. GC, light green and grey inside, microwave, awning, annexe, reg July 2014. $14,500. Justina 0402 418 928.

PLAYMOR, caravan, Drifter, 2009, EC, comfortable living, recliner chairs, QB, 2 digital TV's, washing machine, slide out AC, awning plus shades, shower, toilet, hot water, frisge, freezer. $79,500. 0422 041 941.

POPTOP, Campervan, Toyota Hiace, 2000, SBV, LWB, 2.4L, manual, AC, CC, CD/MP3 radio, tinted windows, frontline conversion, hot water system, shower, 2 way fridge, 2 burner stove, microwave, Fiamma awning, side annexe, EC, Hayman Reece tow bar, 185,000kms, WUU-683. $27,500. 5623 3301. 0417 266 507.

JURGENS Lunagazer, 2012, 20ft, J2406, as new, under warranty, single beds, tare 1,750kgs, full ensuite, rod holder, tows nice, extras. $49,995. 5971 0131, 0400 196 196.

SCENIC, Vega, spinnaker, 18ft, 2008, island double bed, 3 way fridge, microwave, electric/gas cook top, 2 recliners with foot stools, TV and radio, VGC. $26,000ono. Cranbourne. 0427 006 790.

VISCOUNT, Supreme, 1984, 16'6"x8", front kitchen, 4 burner stove, grill, oven, 3 way fridge/freezer, AC, plenty of storage, VGC, reg until 10/14, 23717-y. $8,730. Call: 9548 1168, 0425 737 019, 0425 769 367. Noble Park area. WINDSOR, 14', pop top,1990, single axle, reg until 12/14, 2 berth, annexe, fridge/stove, gas bottle, porta loo, easy to tow. $2,800. 0410 815 528. WINDSOR, 20ft, Statesman Royal excellent condition, rear ensuite, front kitchen, roll out awning, reverse cycle underfloor, AC, oven, microwave, Wheelers hill. 0412 170 656.

FARM VEHICLES /MACHINERY MASSEY FERGUSON, 35, tractor, 3 cylinder Perkins Diesel, runs well, GC. $4,950. 0418 317 374

Sell it local... RELOCATABLE home, 2 dbl beds, furnished, no pets, ensuite, toilet, shower, Rosebud. $55,000. 5986 8523, 0413 186 471.

JAYCO, Heritage, 2004, poptop, 17ft, double island bed, AC, front kitchen, 3 way fridge, 4 burner stove, 3 gas, 1 electric and gas oven, microwave, rollout awning, full annexe, sun shade screens for side and end, $17,500. 0418 574 348.

ROADSTAR VOYAGER 1993, 16'6"x7'6", 2 single beds, centre kitchen, 4 burner cooktop, grill and oven, rangehood, 3 way fridge, roll out awning, front boot, full security door, VGC, Reg 06/14. $12,000. 0429 109 834. ROYAL FLAIR, caravan, full ensuite, new buyer, AC, washing machine, 22ft, kept under cover, built in BBQ, as new. $46,000ono. 5941 2856.

REGENT Pop top, 18ft, 2008, auto roof lift, TV, microwave, AC, gas and electric stove. Many other extras, tandem axle, roll out awning. $24,500. 9702 3587.

MERCEDES BENZ, Sprinter, 2005, new fit-out, turbo diesel, double bed, LED TV, DVD, 90L 3 way-fridge, microwave, roll out awning, gas hotplate, plenty of cupboard storage, shower and toilet, gas hot water service, 260L fresh water, RWC, reg BOSNA. $54,000ono. 0418 319 877. Nar Nar Goon.





MITSUBISHI. Sigma, station wagon 1987, Astron 2.6L, 5 spd gearbox, high roof, GC, needs clutch plate, eng. M57ZU04405. $550. Phone 8707 5687.

Please take care if an advertiser requests money to be transferred to an account or address prior to receiving the goods. Be cautious when responding to any such requests. Always verify the authenticity of persons who request your credit card or banking details prior to making any transfers. For more info go to


BOATS & MARINE 1300 666 808



CITROEN, 2005, auto, 1.4C3, 70,000kms, RWC, reg until 08/14, UWG-710. $7,000. 0433 175 066.

HOLDEN, Commodore, VYSS 2002 auto, silver, reg Jan 2015, RWC, 156,470+kms, GC, TXY-857. $10,000ono. PH:0401 064 364. Narre Warren South.

EUREKA, at 65% complete, has Simmonds wheels, 1835 VW engine and gear box, perfect project car. Engine n.o: 043101101A. $5,900ono. 0407 045 410. FORD, Falcon, BA, XR6, turbo, auto, 2003, leather trim, 18" alloys, 97,000kms, RWC, reg until 02/15, SRA-971, EC, service books. $10,500. 0407 324 695. HOLDEN, Jackaroo, 3.0 turbo diesel, 250,000kms, GC, reg September 2014, service manual and history, bullbar, Hayman Reese towbar, engine immobiliser, tinted windows, dual batteries, no RWC, PBB-264. $3,000. Phone 5941 3225.

HOLDEN, Berlina, VZ 2006, black, auto, 4 speed, sedan, 167,237 kms, PDW 18 inch rims, CC, 6 cyl, 3.6L petrol, rear park assist, airbags, towbar, electric and tinted windows, sound system with Panasonic touch screen head unit, 2 x 12 inch kicker subs, amp, 6 x speakers, iPod connectivity, interior EC, black/grey. The vehicle is in EC and has been serviced regularly. New number plates will be supplied as personalised plates 'RHYZ' will not be transferred on sale. Reg 17/05/14. RWC will be supplied. $10,800 or best offer. All enquiries: 0418 274 312. HOLDEN, Commodore, executive, station wagon, white, VS, 1997 model, PS, AC, heating, interior VGC, body fair, not registered. Vin Number 6H8VSK35HVL250097. $1,200. Ph:0409 584 926.

HOLDEN, Cruz, 2010, CDX, black leather seats pewter grey colour, sun roof, manual, reg until 01/15, YCH-680. $13,500. 0423 092 188.

HOLDEN, Premier Collectors car, auto, original condition, drives smoothly nothing to spend, reg 04228-H. $18,800. 0426 873 347. HOLDEN, Statesman 2007, 6 cylinder, grey leather interior, cruise control, 5 speed auto, sandstorm colour, reg until 07/14 154,000kms, URZ-024. $16,000. 0408 315 761.

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014

TOYOTA, Hilux ute, 4WD, 1990, diesel, canopy with lock up cage and curtain, roof rack, alloy bullbar, safari snorkel, towbar, alloy water tank, alloy tool box and 2 steel tool boxes, Qld reg, 1110BQA, $3,500. 0425 223 584.

TOYOTA, Land Cruiser, 100 series, 1999, diesel with after factory Turbo, eight seater with DVD player, electric brakes and heavy duty Haymen Reece tow bar, 313,000kms, VGC, SNG-632. $21,000 with RWC. Phone 0408 533 122 TOYOTA, landcruiser, GXL, 4.5, gas and petrol, UMY-942, $7,700 ono. 0409 219 017. TOYOTA, Lucida, 1993, auto, turbo diesel, AC, CC, sunroof, alarm, full electrics, 252,800kms, great family car, reg until 03/15. SCU-323. $2,600. 0422 680 138. Keysborough.

TOYOTA, Prado Grande, 3.4, V6, 2001, leather interior, sunroof, full electrics, new tyres, 8 seater, no off road, EC, reg, RWC, 156,300kms, UGS-205. $16,500. 5941 2666.

MOTORCYCLES JAYCO, Star Craft, 15' pop-top, single beds, roll out awning with shades, 3 way fridge, microwave, TV, GC, Langwarrin. $11,500. 9789 6915, 0429 802 593. LAND ROVER, Discovery. 1991, manual, blue, 243,000kms, GC, YLZ298. $3,000. Call Doug 0407 802 225.

MITSUBISHI, Pajero, 1997, manual, 7 seats, sun roof, motor reconditioned 2 years ago, injected dual fuel, bull bar and heavy duty tow pack, well maintained, VGC, RWC, registered, OEF-878. $5,995ono. 5942 5642, 0438 041 754.

Good Friday: Rye was all smiles after taking the win over Rosebud by seven points. Picture: Andrew Hurst


NISSAN, Patrol, wagon, 1990, 4WD, gas, manual, V8, 2 new front tyres, WPX-598. $6,500. 0410 815 528.

HONDA, Scooter, Forza 250, 35,713kms, VGC, 12 months reg, RWC, IN-5ZA. $3,750ono. 0402 457 516. YAMAHA, WRF 250, 2004, VGC, 6000kms, FMF pipe, all lights working, for reg. $3,500. 0402 819 053.

UTES & 4WDS TOYOTA, Landcruiser, wagon, 1988, automatic overdrive, little for RWC, VIN JT711FJ6200700265. $3,500. 9702 5397 between 5pm-6pm.



Eagles continue to fly high PENINSULA LEAGUE

By Toe Punt IN a repeat of the Peninsula League grand final, Edithvale-Aspendale came from behind to beat Bonbeach in comfortable fashion. Played on Good Friday at Shark Park in ordinary conditions for football, the Eagles booted eight goals to one in the final quarter to win 13.7.85 to 7.8.50. The match was played on the terms of the team kicking with the wind. The Sharks took advantage of the wind in the opening quarter and booted four goals to one to lead by 19 points at the first change. The visitors hit back in the second quarter, booting four goals to two

behinds to take-in a one goal break at the major interval. It was the third quarter where the Eagles set-up the win. The Eagles played tight, disciplined football and the result was restricting the Sharks to just two goals in the premiership quarter. Whilst the Eagles didn’t score themselves, their ability to stop the Sharks taking advantage of the fourgoal wind was the key in the victory. The floodgates opened in the final term, the Eagles winning the ball in the middle of the ground and the forwards having plenty of supply. Edithvale kicked 8.2 to 1.2 in a dominant final term. This week, Bonbeach has the tough

task of heading down to the kennel to play Mornington. The Sharks will be keen to bounce back while the Doggies will be looking to play better football than they did against Karingal two weeks ago. On that occasion, the Dogs were prevented from playing free flowing footy and got sucked into a scrappy affair. Mornington was expected to improve this season and we will only take them seriously if they can beat the likes of Bonbeach. Meanwhile, Edithvale hosts Seaford at Regent Park. The Eagles will be flying after coming off this great win against Bonbeach and will have no issues beating the Tigers.

Langwarrin faces its toughest task to date when it hosts Mt Eliza. The Kangas have won their opening two matches, which wasn’t out of the ordinary. Beating Karingal, who has lost 14 regular senior players from last season, and then getting over Pines, was a pretty easy start to the season for the Kangas. The Redlegs had their colours lowered by Frankston YCW two weeks ago and will enjoy the fight of another tough contest against the Kangas. If Langwarrin is to be considered as a final five side this season, it has to beat the Redlegs. Frankston YCW and Karingal is usually a fantastic game of football. This Saturday, it will be terribly one

sided. The Stonecats are in fantastic form early in the season while the Bulls are still finding their way. Expect Ricky Morris to kick another big bag of goals for YCW. The best match-up in this game will be Ash Eames up against Grant Goodall. In the final game, Chelsea is a big chance to win two games on the trot when it heads to Pines. The Gulls just need to keep Jamie Messina in check and stop the influence of Beau and Guy Hendry. They are becoming dominant forces. Jake Prosser will be a welcome return to the Piners also and will no doubt get a runwith role.

Rye led at every change and won a low scoring game 9.18.72 to 9.11.65. Both sides squandered opportunities in front of goal, albeit the conditions were tough. According to Rye Football Club legend Scott Beel, the club was disappointed with its output in Round one and was keen to make amends against one of its biggest rivals.

“We had a real crack on Friday and played really tight footy,” Beel said. “Holmesy (coach, Ben Holmes) coached the boys really well through the week and we were able to execute it on game day. “Our press worked really well and I thought we worked really hard when we didn’t have the footy,” Beel said. Rye outscored Rosebud when they

kicked against the breeze in the first and third quarters, which really did set-up the win. Rosebud went into the game without prime movers in Greg Bentley and Daniel Giarusso, while Ben Shutlz was also missing from the team. All three players suffered hamstring injuries at training, believed to be as a result of a weight program.

Rye run with player Sam Smith was back to his best for the Demons, keeping quiet Brenton Payne, while Jai Lloyd booted three goals after being moved forward after suffering a knee strain. Ben Holmes injured his ankle in the last quarter and is expected to miss a couple of matches as a result.

Demons come to play on Good Friday


By Toe Punt RYE registered its first win of the season on Good Friday when it led all day to beat Rosebud at Olympic Park. In tricky windy and wet conditions, the Demons came to play after a strong week on the track and poor form against Dromana in round one.

Teams line up for Anzac clash ANZAC ROUND

By Toe Punt Nepean League football will be played over two days this weekend to celebrate Anzac Day. Somerville will host Pearcedale and Hastings will tackle Frankston Bombers on Anzac Day (Friday), while the other four matches will be played on Saturday. Hastings will be keen to bounce back after a disappointing result against Rosebud two weeks ago. After a superb performance in round one, the Blues were expected to put up a real fight against Rosebud. It may have been the shot in the arm the Blues needed, even as early as round two. Nepean League is a tight competition and any lack of concentration will see you overrun. With an influx of new faces

Chelsea • Mordialloc • Mentone

at the Blues, they may have thought it was going to come easier that it did. Frankston Bombers had a sensational victory against Pearecdale in their last match and will keen to show that this wasn’t a flash in the pan. The Bombers also boast a lot of new faces from the team last year and if their good players are up and going, they are always a chance. Somerville needs to kick goals, which won’t be easy against Pearcedale. The Panthers should have beaten Frankston Bombers and its one that got away. This too should be a close encounter, however, it’s hard to see the Panthers losing. There are some sensational matches on Saturday. Sorrento and Rosebud both played over the Easter weekend, the Buds hav-

ing an extra day’s break. Rosebud will again be without Giarusso, Bentley and Shultz. They cannot beat Sorrento without these three players. They are vital cogs in the Buds’ machine. Devon Meadows hosts Rye in what should be a great battle. No Ben Holmes evens the ledger, although the Demons do get back Jake Semmell and Andrew Dean. Adam Kirkwood and Rhett Sutton are at the peak of their powers. No doubt the Devon boys would have been at Rosebud taking a sneak peak. Devon is going to be a team that continues to improve and if it is to be taken seriously this season, it needs to beat or go very close to Rye. Dromana and Crib Point will be another cracker.

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Good Friday: Rye was all smiles after taking the win over Rosebud by seven points. Picture: Andrew Hurst


Friday 25th April Vs Richmond Dev League: Bye Seniors: 2pm Played at Frankston Park

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Saturday May 3 Vs Box Hill Hawks Dev League: 11am Seniors: 2pm Played at Box Hill City Oval Come watch the Dolphins play!

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 23 April 2014


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23 April 2014 - Anzac Day edition  
23 April 2014 - Anzac Day edition  

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News - Anzac Day special