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Trailer time

COMMUNITY groups and businesses have come to the 3rd Chelsea Air Group’s aid by donating money to buy a trailer for the Scouts. A grant from Freemasons Foundation Victoria helped get the trailer on the road. Pictured are Scout leaders Paul Villani, left, Caleb Venn and Freemasons Foundation Victoria’s Neil Cripps with the trailer. See Page 8. Picture: Yanni

Wetlands warning on level Neil Walker RARE species of bird that migrate to the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands and other endangered wildlife could be further threatened if rail under road is built at Bonbeach and Edithvale. The state government announced last month that rail trenches would be dug to remove level crossings at Bonbeach and Edithvale. The prospect of elevated rail, dubbed

sky rail, has risen again. The Level Crossing Removal Authority acting project director Brad Smith and senior planning and environmental specialist Adam Mitchell last week referred a report by consultants GHD and Aecom to the federal and state governments. The report flagged possible “long-term and irreversible” impacts on the environmentally sensitive wetlands if rail goes under road at Bonbeach and Edithvale. The LXRA noted an environment effects statement study will need to be completed to assess the chance of any

damage to the Ramsar-listed EdithvaleSeaford Wetlands. The report referred to federal Liberal Planning Minister Josh Frydenberg and state Labor Planning Minister Richard Wynne stated groundwater could be impeded from naturally flowing from the wetlands by two rail trenches. “The impact would be indirect owing to the distance between each project area and the wetlands, and would result from construction of the proposed rail trenches changing the groundwater conditions up-gradient of the project ar-

eas,” the report stated. Endangered wildlife including sharptailed Sandpipers, Australian Bittern, Curlew Sandpiper, Southern Brown Bandicoot and Growling Grass Frog could suffer due to a potential rise of 0.1 metres in groundwater “mounding” at the Edithvale section of the wetlands. Vulnerable flora such as River Swamp Wallaby Grass Amphibromus fluitans and Swamp Everlasting Xerochrysum palustre could also be placed under greater stress if groundwater does not readily flow from the wetlands due

to the rail trenches. Friends of Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands vice-president Robin Clarey said she is not a hydrology expert but wetlands should have changing conditions “and need to dry out” occasionally so a water rise could negatively impact on wildlife and vegetation. “We want a proper study done to see what the effects would be,” she said. “My personal preference is not elevated rail but I do have concerns for the wetlands. They are a priority.” Continued Page 4

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017

NEWS DESK Police patrol Bus stop bashing

Golden slumbers: This seal, known as Arcto, often frequents bayside beaches including Chelsea beach. Picture: Gary Sissons

Seal ‘attacked by dogs’ Stephen Taylor WILDLIFE officers from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning want to hear from anyone who saw dogs attacking a seal on Edithvale beach last week. The alleged attack occurred after 7.30pm last Thursday (23 March) on the foreshore at the end of Alexandra St. DELWP resource protection and management program manager Suriya Vij said the department has already received “multiple reports” of the attack. “Two dogs reportedly approached a seal resting on the beach, nipped at the seal’s flippers as well as barking at and

harassing it. These dogs were unleashed. “Dogs are allowed along the Edithvale beach during the evening, but they must be on-leash.” Ms Vij said the seal would have been distressed by the incident and could have seriously injured the dogs if it had retaliated. “It’s up to owners to do the right thing and keep their dogs on lead where local laws require it,” she said. “The laws are in place for a reason, and one of them is the protection of wildlife, such as seals. “Equally concerning are suggestions that a man was straddling or riding the seal, which is also illegal. Offenders can be fined several thousand dollars. “It’s also just downright stupid as seals are large, wild animals that have been

known to bite humans and dogs when threatened. “The reports received suggest there were many people on the beach at the time, a number of whom were taking photos on their phones.” Ms Vij urges anyone on the beach who saw the alleged attack, or who took photos of people going too close to a seal, to contact the department. “We want to identify both the dogs’ owner and the individual who made physical contact with the seal and speak with them about these incidents.” It is illegal to go within 30 metres of seals, or within 50 metres with a dog. Such incidents should be reported to DELWP 136 186 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

A MAN sitting at a bus stop in Mordialloc on Saturday night (25 March) was brutally bashed by three men from a group of eight-10 men and women who got off the Smart bus. The man, 23, of Aspendale, was punched to the head and fell, hitting his head on the pavement, outside the supermarket in Centreway, midnight, 25 March. He was then kicked while lying on the ground. The man was taken by ambulance to Monash Hospital. Police later patrolled the area but could not find the culprits. They are viewing CCTV footage from the bus and talking to witnesses to help identify them. Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Home alone A TEENAGER at home alone in Mentone quickly rang his father, who had just left, when two intruders jumped a side fence and forced the house’s back door open, 2.15pm, Thursday 23 March. The boy later told police a Caucasian man wearing a baseball cap backwards rang the doorbell of their Beach Rd home three times before he and an accomplice broke into a gymnasium at the back of the house, on the corner of Marina Rd. They cut through wire screen doors and unsnibbed sliding glass doors to enter the house before rummaging through two downstairs bedrooms and stealing hockey sticks and piggy banks. The boy, who was not seen by the intruders, was in a third downstairs bedroom when his father returned. The garage door went up and the offenders ran out to a waiting stolen car and drove off. Soon after, police were called

to Cremona St, Mentone, when the same offenders were seen rummaging through a parked car. They smashed open two metal money boxes in the street before leaving them on the nature strip and driving off along Venice St. Police later pursued the car but broke off the chase. Call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 with information.

Wine walks THREE women stole 14 bottles of wine from a Southland liquor store, 10.20pm, Thursday 23 March. Two acted as lookouts while the third reached through temporary fencing to grab the wine – seven Yellow Glen sparkling and seven Catalina Sounds sav blanc – from a display shelf which was just inside the door within arm’s reach. The women ran off with their ill-gotten gains to the car park near Aldi. Police said the centre should have been closed at the time and the offenders should not have had such easy access to the wine. Call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Wilful exposure A WOMAN walking past shops in Nepean Highway, Edithvale, heard tapping on a window and was startled to see a penis protruding through window blinds, noon, Saturday (25 March). The woman, 67, told police children and families were walking near the disused shop at the time. Police expect to charge a man, 32, they questioned about the incident with wilful and obscene exposure and over outstanding warrants.

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News

29 March 2017


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Wetlands ‘priority’ in plan Continued from Page 1 Carrum MP Sonya Kilkenny said “it is important and absolutely appropriate” for the rail trench plans to be referred to the planning ministers “given their proximity to the internationally-protected Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands”. “An environment effects statement is a detailed and comprehensive planning study that includes extensive community involvement. It evaluates the potential significant environmental, social and planning aspects of a project and the approach to managing those impacts and is typically undertaken on major projects where particular risks are identified that may have a significant effect on the environment. “We expect a decision from the Planning Minister on whether or not an EES is necessary over the coming months. If an EES is necessary, this will take between 12 to 18 months.” Ms Kilkenny said the federal government may put conditions in place to protect flora and fauna under the terms of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Mordialloc MP Tim Richardson said the wetlands are “a treasure for our region”. “Importantly, the EES process will ensure that the trench solution has the least possible impact on the wetlands to preserve it for generations to come,” he said. “It will also assess and help mitigate environmental and social impacts. “The LXRA has undertaken a significant amount of research and as-

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Watching the wildlife: Friends of the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands vice-president Robin Clarey, right, and Sue Telfer will be keeping a keen eye on how level crossing removals may impact on endangered species. Picture: Darryl Gordon

sessment into groundwater and found the trench solution possible and feasible at Edithvale and Bonbeach. “I can’t wait to see these projects put out to tender towards the end of the year. The proposed rail trenches would

be dug up to eight metres deep and about one kilometre in length. Eleven level crossings are being removed along the Frankston line as part of a state government project to separate rail from road at crossings across Victoria.

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017 Bayside

Big clean-up after fire Stephen Taylor PATTERSON Lakes Library and Community Centre will be repainted and each of the 13,947 books individually cleaned before the centre reopens on Monday (3 April). The major clean-up follows a fire last Tuesday night (21 March) which started in the ceiling of the community centre. Other areas, including the library, suffered smoke and water damage. About 50 firefighters fought the blaze at the buildings in Thompson Rd. Kingston mayor Cr David Eden said the major clean-up aimed to re-

open community services as quickly as possible. Entry to the library will be through the Thompson Rd doorway at the front of the building. “We’re certainly disappointed that vital community facilities at the Patterson Lakes Library and the Patterson Lakes Community Centre have been damaged by fire,” he said. “Council will now work closely with the community centre to repair the damage and restore these services as soon as possible.” More extensive works are required on the community centre, which could be out of action for several months. “Some areas of the centre are more badly damaged than others, so right now we’re hoping to reopen

the centre in stages,” Cr Eden said. “But, unfortunately, it may be three to four months before the community centre is completely restored. In the meantime, we’re working hard to temporarily relocate the many groups and classes that use the centre each week.” Cr Eden said alternative locations for many groups had already been found in the local area and that Frankston Council had offered its support. Police say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire.

Up in flames: CFA crews battle the Patterson Lakes Library and Community Centre Fire last week. Pic: Gary Sissons

The truth is out there about UFO IT wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. People in Westall who saw an unidentified flying object hovering over the suburb in 1966 are still sure they saw something extraordinary and unexplained on 6 April that year. A flying saucer-shaped object was seen by more than 200 witnesses in broad daylight including schoolchildren and teachers at Westall Primary School and Westall Secondary School. ‘The Westall Incident’ as it came to be known has long fascinated UFO watchers and some of the eyewitnesses on that April day five decades ago will gather to recall the strange events surrounding the mass UFO sighting. Rosebud resident Marilyn Smith will join others who saw “a silver flying saucer” hover and fly overhead in 1966 to “recount their own personal experiences of the day and reflect on what it means to them today” at Screening of Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO Mystery in Parkdale. Mrs Smith, who works at Frankston Hospital in pathology, has often thought about the day, at the age of 14, when she and her school friends saw the UFO. “It all began when a girl burst into our classroom and screamed a UFO had landed nearby,” she said. “The teacher told us all to stay in class but then the bell rang so we all ran outside. We saw a silver flying saucer hover then take off at great speed.” She said a Channel 9 TV news crew visited Westall Secondary and spoke to students in the aftermath of the incident but a news report never aired and footage

has never been found amid theories of a cover-up by authorities. Several people claim “military people” visited eyewitnesses and warned them to keep quiet about what they had seen over Westall. The Victorian UFO Action group will host a screening of a documentary about the incident following by a question and answer session from a witness panel including Mrs Smith and several others who saw the flying saucer in 1966. Documentary filmmakers Shane Ryan and Rosie Jones will also appear to discuss their research into the Westall sighting. “Hundreds of people saw it and not only did they see the object in the sky — it came down to the ground and landed. It was on the ground for some time at The Grange,” Mr Ryan said in 2013. As for Mrs Smith, she says no-one saw “little green men” so she keeps an open mind about the origin of the UFO. “It may have been from outer space, it may have been a secret military craft. It definitely wasn’t a weather balloon which was the official version.” n Westall - The Witnesses Speak will be held at the Shirley Burke Theatre, Kingston Arts Centre, 64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale on Sunday 2 April, 12-5.30pm. See and search for ‘Westall’ or call the Shirley Burke Theatre on 9580 4998 for ticket prices and more details. Neil Walker

‘Fire danger’ over, register burn-offs

Keep watching the skies: Marilyn Smith was one of many people who saw a silver flying saucer at Westall in 1966. Picture: Gary Sissons

THE CFA is urging landowners in Kingston to register burn-offs and avoid unnecessary call-outs. With the official end of the fire danger period on Monday (27 March), CFA operations manager Mark Kennedy said there would be a lot of private burn-offs over the next few weeks due to vegetation growth caused by heavy rainfalls at the start of the year. He urged people to check conditions and register their burn-offs. Mr Kennedy said every year firefighters had to respond to calls from the public concerned about smoke in the air from unregistered burn-offs. He said this left firefighters and fire trucks unavailable for other emergencies, and took volunteer firefighters away from their workplaces and families. Mr Kennedy said people should give information about location, date, expected start and finish times, estimated size, and what they intended to burn. Other precautions include checking fire restrictions and weather conditions, warning neighbours, stayingnearby and having sufficient equipment and water to stop the fire spreading. Landowners can register their burn-off with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) by calling 1800 668 511 or emailing au

Dredging begins again DREDGING in and around Mordialloc Creek’s entrance will begin this week to clear natural sand build-up, a hazard for recreational and commercial boat operators. “The works form part of Parks Victoria’s ongoing dredging program to ensure the continuation of safe boating access within Port Phillip and Western Port” Parks Victoria local ports and waterways senior manager Victor Teoh said. Mr Teoh said the freshly dredged material contains organic material, mostly seaweed which gives the sand a dark colour and odour. Visitors to the beach should not be concerned since the sand is tested on a regular basis. “While the dredged sand may look and smell mildly unpleasant when

it first comes out of the water, after a few days exposure to the air and sun, the sand will bleach to the normal colour and lose the odour.” Mariners should travel at less than 5 knots during the dredging process in the channel and near the dredge. The dredger cannot easily manoeuvre during dredging works and all vessel operators should observe marks on the dredge and pass safely on the side showing two black diamonds. Maintenance dredging at Mordialloc Creek was last carried out in December last year and will run for 3-6 days, depending upon the weather. See or call 13 19 63 for more information about the dredging.

Clear way: Dredging works at Mordialloc Creek are due to begin this week. Picture: Gary Sissons Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News

29 March 2017



Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017


Food waste to be recycled Neil Walker MORE than half a million tonnes of food and garden waste will be diverted from Melbourne landfills to a new composting facility as part of a deal with 13 councils including Kingston and Frankston from early next year. The state government announced last week that eight south-east councils in have agreed to collect and process organic waste for recycling into compost. Kingston, Frankston, Bayside, Cardinia, Casey, Glen Eira, Greater Dande-

nong and Monash councils in the south east have signed deals with Veolia Environment Services. Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges in Melbourne’s east are also onboard. Veolia will recycle the waste at its existing Dandenong North facility. Victorian Energy, Environment and Climate Change Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said the contracts will help meet a Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan of processing 400,0000 tonnes of organics each year by 2021. She said councils will be able to offer

or increase food waste collections. Kingston Council city assets and environment general manager Daniel Freer said vegetable scraps will be able to be put in garden waste bins to be recycled into “high-quality” compost. “It is estimated that the average rubbish bin includes up to 35 per cent food waste so this will be a fantastic way to divert vegetable material from landfill and free up some space in your rubbish bin,” he said. “We hope to have this service up and running by the end of the year and we will be providing further details in the coming months.”

Ms D’Ambrosio said businesses and industry will also be able to redirect commercial food waste. She said businesses and industry will also be able to redirect commercial food waste. A new composting factory will also be built by the Sacyr group in Dandenong South and will open in mid-2019. The state government said diverting food and garden waste from landfills means methane produced during decomposition is not released into the atmosphere as a major greenhouse gas. Melbourne’s waste is predicted to grow from 10.4 million tonnes each year to 16.5 million tonnes by 2042.

‘Light and airy’ station unveiled A MAJOR facelift for the gateway to Frankston has been unveiled by the state government after two years of community consultation and a nationwide design competition. A new train station designed by Genton Architecture will be the centrepiece of a planned rejuvenation of the centre of Frankston including a revamp of Young St now underway. Labor Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan and Frankston MP Paul Edbrooke congratulated the Melbourne-based architectural firm for seeing its design for the train station chosen from 40 entries in a nationwide competition. Construction work on the new train station, part of a $63 million revamp of the Frankston train station precinct,

will begin later this year. “Frankston has been fighting for this investment and we’re delivering it – a new station, safer community and a better place to live,” Mr Edbrooke said. “After years of hard work, it’s so exciting to see our new station. I can’t wait to see work start later this year.” A panel of six judges — Victorian government architect Jill Garner, Mr Edbrooke, Frankston Council CEO Dennis Hovenden, architect Peter Elliott, urban designer Felicity Stewart and Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources director Geoff Oulton — made the final decision to go with the Genton design for the train station. The station will include a new bus

interchange, wider footpaths, landscaping and road improvements. “It was important to the jury to find a design solution that responded to the particular nature of Frankston as a city by the sea,” Ms Garner said. “The winning design suggests a light and airy place embedded in an abstract beach landscape - it knits into the Young Street works while extending delightful coastal planting right onto platforms.” Genton Architecture director Steven Toia said the firm is “excited” to be working with the state government to “contribute to a revitalised Frankston”. “A renewed Frankston station will be a significant and uplifting arrival and departure experience for com-

Future vision: The winning design for a revamp of Frankston train station.

muters as well as an icon for the city of Frankston.” An expansion and partial rebuild of Chisholm TAFE in central Frankston is also underway as part of a plan to rejuvenate the centre of Frankston. Neil Walker

Taking the lead: Mayor David Eden with family dogs Oscar, left, and Monty.

Pets rego due DOG and cat owners should ensure pet registration is renewed before Monday 8 April to be easily reunited if a pet is lost or runs away. About 400 lost dogs were rounded up by Kingston Council rangers last year. “I encourage all pet owners to have their animals registered and microchipped, that way if they are ever lost they can be identified and safely returned home,” Cr Eden said. “For the past three years, 100 per cent of the properly registered dogs collected by Kingston Council rangers were successfully returned to their owners. Every cat and dog aged three months and over must be registered with council. Animals being registered for the first time must be microchipped and desexed prior to registration. See or call 1300 653 356 for more details.


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Our mobile info hub will be jam-packed with project information about the level crossing removals along the Frankston line. So come visit us and learn more about the recently announced design solution for Carrum. The info hub will be in the Carrum train station car park.

Opening dates and times

Carrum (Carrum train station car park)

Monday 27 March – Saturday 1 April 1800 762 667 Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne


We’ll also be at the Frankston Revitalisation Hub, cnr Young and Balmoral Streets, Frankston each Tuesday from 27 March onwards to talk with you about the Skye/Overton Road level crossing removal.


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• Wednesday 19 April • Thursday 20 April • Monday 24 April • Friday 28 April • Tuesday 2 May

All tours to start at 9.15am For parents unable to attend through the day, an information evening will be held on Wednesday, 3 May at 7.00pm. As places are limited, bookings are required. Please book via our website at or phone the office on 9783 7955.

Foot Street, Frankston Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News

29 March 2017


NEWS DESK Police patrol Boy terrorised A 12-YEAR-old boy was repeatedly manhandled, threatened and intimidated by two teenagers who stole his watch in a Parkdale street, 5pm, Wednesday 22 March. The boy was walking to the station along Como Parade West from St Bedes, Mentone, when the pair approached and demanded his wallet. In desperation, the boy asked a woman passer-by to call police, but she ignored him and kept walking. The older offender spat on the victim and the pair prised the G-Shock watch off the boy’s wrist and told him to walk away while they ran off south towards Parkdale train station. The offenders are Caucasian. The older is aged 18, 175cm, thin build, brown eyes and unshaven. He was wearing a black hat with orange logo, blue and white hoodie and Camo jeans. The younger is aged 15-16,

160cm, shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes and pimples. He was wearing a black Nike jacket and black sport shorts. Call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Trafficking charges POLICE allegedly found methamphetamines and cash in a car being reversed along a Mordialloc street, 4.45am, Friday 24 March. During an initial search, police said they found resealable plastic bags including one with a clear crystal substance as well as $260 in cash in the car in Collocott Rd. A further search allegedly found two more bags containing a clear crystal substance inside a flap on the driver’s window visor, $410 in a bag under the driver’s seat, and a mobile phone. A Brighton East man, 34, has been charged with trafficking methamphetamine and bailed to appear at Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court on 16 June.

Chipping in for Scouts trailer MEMBERS of the 3rd Chelsea Air Scout Group are all smiles after a substantial grant from Freemasons Foundation Victoria, along with its own fundraising and support from the Chelsea community, allowed it to raise enough money to buy a new trailer. Scout leader Paul Villani that about three years ago the group’s trailer, used for Scouting activities including camps, major events and fundraising, was stolen from its storage hall in Carrum. “This posed a problem for the group as we had to beg and borrow from other groups and districts to be able to have our children’s camp and attend activities that required lots of equipment and gear,” he said. The group drew up plans for a new trailer to cost $5500, but this could not be covered by the insur-

ance money. So, members rolled up their sleeves and began fundraising while seeking the support of local traders. Then, a substantial grant from Freemasons Foundation Victoria upped the ante and provided enough money to buy a new trailer. Signage along the sides of the trailer was going to be very expensive, too. “We needed to have signage to advertise our group, to provide a bit of security by having a big name on the sides and back, and to thank our supporters,” Mr Villani said. “Local sign-writers SeeSigns came to our assistance and donated a lot of labour and materials to assist us.” New trailer: Scout leaders Caleb Venn, left, and Paul Villani, right, with Freemasons Foundation Victoria’s Neil Cripps. Picture: Yanni

Church appeal goes to Supreme Court Neil Walker A GROUP that saw a bid to build a place or worship on green wedge land in Carrum Downs dashed by VCAT on religious grounds is appealing to the Supreme Court of Victoria to press ahead with its plan. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruled in February that the Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) is not a recognised religion for the purposes of being allowed to build

a church on green wedge land (“Religion ruling ‘a win for the wedge’”, The News 1/3/17). A Supreme Court appeal against the VCAT decision is listed to be heard on Friday 31 March. Defenders of the South East Green Wedge spokesman Barry Ross is listed as a respondent despite not raising religious reasons for the RSSB not being granted the planning permit. The group’s appeal to maintain the rural character of the area 26.3 hectares of green wedge land between EastLink and Frankston-Dandenong

Rd and Boundary Rd near an existing Hindu temple was rejected by VCAT. VCAT panel member Michael Deidun instead ruled a proposal to build a place of worship for RSSB devotees “are not related to the practice or following of a religion”. “I was informed during the course of the hearing that members of RSSB Australia Pty Ltd maintain their existing religious beliefs, whether they be Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or another religion,” he said in the ruling. Mr Ross said he is seeking legal advice about the Supreme Court hearing.

Frankston Council has been listed as a second respondent despite councillors voting to approve the development at a public council meeting in July last year. RSSB chairman Michael Cooke confirmed the organisation has sought leave to appeal against the VCAT decision. The group is a self-proclaimed “philosophical organisation based on the spiritual teachings of all religions and dedicated to a process of inner development under the guidance of a spiritual teacher”.

RSSB’s “spiritual leader” is Baba Gurinder Singh who lives in northern India. RSSB has been granted non-profit religious institution status by the Australian Taxation Office. Frankston Council has been contacted for comment about the Supreme Court hearing. An attempt by RSSB to build the place of worship and dwellings to house devotees in Chirnside Park was rejected by Yarra Ranges Council in late 2014.

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017


Stadium lease stoush in overtime Neil Walker A STALEMATE over lease terms for the use of the Frankston Basketball Stadium that threatens a $12.7 million upgrade and expansion of the stadium is no closer to resolution two weeks after The News revealed a breakdown in negotiations between Frankston Council and the Frankston & District Basketball Association. Meetings between council CEO Dennis Hovenden, the mayor Cr Brian Cunial, councillors and association representatives have failed to resolve a dispute over increased lease payments to council by the not-forprofit association. The association says it has been trying to agree to a new lease since mid-2015. Council has ordered developer Devco Project & Construction Management to stop preliminary works at the Seaford site since a new lease has not been signed. Cr Cunial has said council “cannot be held to ransom” over the lease negotiations. The FDBA is contributing $1 million to the expansion project and believes council is double dipping in “a cash grab” by increasing annual lease payments from about $30,000 annually to about $60,000 plus a 6 per cent take on future revenue above $1 million, bringing the total payable to about $160,000 each year. The $160,000 payable each year would effectively repay $4 million of ratepayers’ money being committed

Bursting at seams: The Opals took on Japan in front of an overpacked crowd at Frankston Basketball Stadium in 2015. Picture: Gary Sissons

by council to the stadium upgrade, to include four more basketball courts, over a 25-year lease term reviewed every five years. The state government is contributing $2.5 million to the project. Frankston MP Paul Edbrooke and Carrum MP Sonya Kilkenny have called on council to get on with the muchneeded stadium upgrade. Both MPs raised the matter in parliament late last week and have asked Local Government Minister Natalie Hutchins to visit Frankston to speak to council to find out “exactly what is going on”. “My office has received around 50 calls and numerous emails on the serious issue of why the $12.7 million Frankston & District Basketball Association redevelopment, in which

the state government is a multimillion dollar stakeholder, has stalled following a closed council meeting,” Mr Edbrooke said. “I would like the minister to visit the Frankston electorate and meet with a delegation of my constituents regarding the basketball association that services over 13,000 people per annum in the Frankston and surrounding electorates. Sadly, due to the amount of courts, people are having to play basketball at 11 o’clock at night, and that is why we have this project, which is funded by all levels of government and the basketball association. “The project is worth $12.7 million. But it has stalled because of a failed renegotiation of the lease with the local council. It is a great project

and a project that our community desperately needs. We know that sport is the glue that holds the fabric of our community together in Frankston. Builders are on-site but they have been instructed to cease their operations.” Ms Kilkenny said the stadium “is bursting at the seams”. “The priority now must be the local community, not a cash grab by Frankston City Council,” the Carrum MP said. “Frankston Council needs to lift its game and start the Frankston Basketball Stadium upgrade as soon as possible, and my local community deserves to know why Frankston City Council has suspended the project and what it plans to do with the project going forward. My community and I look forward to the Minister’s action.”

Basketball association general manager Nathan Jolly says council has agreed to defer the 6 per cent revenue take for 18 months but it “is still on the table”. “The FDBA board of management will be meeting early next week to discuss revised terms from Frankston City with a formal response to be provided to council in due course,” Mr Jolly said. “Along with the 6 per cent tax still being included in revised terms, council has still not advised a way forward for key items to be delivered as part of the wider expansion project that the FDBA have previously requested. “The support the FDBA has received over the last few weeks since news broke of the lease negotiation impasse has been overwhelming and reinforces the FDBA board of management’s view that fighting for what is right is still one of life’s great endeavours which the FDBA, as a good community citizen is committed to until resolution to this impasse is achieved.” Devco installed work sheds and containers on site before being ordered to stop work by Mr Hovenden until a new lease for the stadium, located on council-owned land, is signed. A final contract was not been finalised and it is understood letters of understanding were signed between council and the builder but no penalty clauses apply now work has stopped.

Fun run win for CFA A CHALLENGE between Labor Party comrades was settled on Sunday and the Country Fire Authority was the winner. State Mordialloc MP Tim Richardson got over the line first at the fifth Edithvale CFA All Fired Up Fun Run against federal Isaacs MP Mark Dreyfus. The pair bet $500, to be paid the CFA’s Edithvale unit, that they could outrun the other and the loser would stump up for the firefighting cause. “I gave the run my all but didn’t quite run fast enough to beat Tim home over 5km,” Mr Dreyfus said. “I’m a man of my word and have today written a $500 cheque for the Edithvale CFA.” Mr Richardson said he was rapt to

claim victory. “I will also donate $500 to the Edithvale CFA,” he said. “I thank brigade captain Graham Fountain and all of the Edithvale CFA team for their work in making this All Fired Up Fun Run the best yet.” A new four-bay fire station will be built next year in Edithvale. Hampton East-based construction firm SJ Higgins Group was awarded the contract earlier this month to build the station.

Shake on it: Mark Dreyfus, left, congratulates CFA brigade captain Graham Fountain on finishing a 5km fun run while Tim Richardson enjoys getting over the line.

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Mr Archibald secures six Rhode Island roosters Compiled by Cameron McCullough MR Archibald has secured from a breeder six fine Rhode Island roosters. They have been much admired and can be purchased for 6d each. If not sold before 5th April they will pass into city fanciers. *** OWING to our next issue falling on Easter Saturday, the “Standard” will be published on Thursday evening next. Advertisements and all matter intended for insertion must therefore be sent in on or before Thursday morning next. *** SIR Wm Irvine will address the electors at tho Frankston Mechanics’ Hall on Wednesday evening next. *** THE “Wattle” Club dance takes place in the hall this evening in aid of the returned sick and wounded soldiers. *** THE report of Senator Findley at Somerville, and Mr D. P. Russell, at Frankston, are unavoidably held over till our next issue. *** ALEX Scott and Co will hold their usual sale at the Tanti, Yards on Monday next, for which a good yarding of stock is advertised. *** IT was with deep regret that news was received of the death of councillor George Griffeth, of the “Two Bays Nurseries,” Somerville on Thursday last at private hospital Melbourne, at the age of 67 years. Although being in failing health for some time, death was unexpected, and no particulars are to hand. *** OWING to the death of Mr George Griffiths of Two Bays Nurseries, the cricket match between Somerville and Frankston will be posponed indefinitely.

*** A GRAND concert will be held in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall on Easter Saturday April 7th in aid of the local Red Cross Society. The programme will be given by leading artists from Melbourne. *** REV E Tonkin will conduct both services at Frankston on Sunday next 11 a.m., and 7 p.m. He will also preach at Somerville at 3 pm. There will be communion after the afternoon and evening services. *** THE Australian Club will hold a plain and fancy dress dance in the Mechanics’ Hall on

Thursday next, in aid of returned sick and wounded soldiers. A good band has been engaged and at the interval a capital supper will be partaken of. Good prizes are offered for the best fancy dresses. *** THOSE interested are requested to a working bee this afternoon at Frankston Cemetery, and undertake work for the further improvement of the place. *** MESSRS T. R. B Morton and Son hold a clearing sale at Mornington Junction on 12th April, of farm and dairy implements, furniture, produce etc, on account of Messrs Barclay and J. J. Scott, who have sold their properties. The sale will start at 11 a.m. *** Y M.C A. WAR ZONE CONCERTS The latest English mail brings advice that the military authorities at the front have definitely recognised the essential value of the Y.M.C.A. near the front lines, more especially in view of the cheering results on the soldiers which accompany the presence of the Red Triangle workers. In nearly all cases therefore the Y M.C.A, is waiting on the men in close proximity to the actual firing lines in France and Belgium. Here the entertainment element is kept well to the fore. Warm drinks to men coming from the trenches, followed by other comforts and services, have a wonderfully “bucking-up” influence. An officer writing to an Australian Y.M.C.A. secretary says:—” There is no need to back up the Y.M.C.A. It is ‘out on its own.’ The task you have undertaken in France is tremendous, but if nobody else does so in this war there is not the least doubt the Y.M.C.A. will “stick it”. A specially gifted entertainer, who is visiting the various huts and camps under Y.M.C.A.

direction, has written to the National Committee of the Association; saying :— “I have often found it an easy matter to get a few turns from the soldier audience to keep the concert going, which is very necessary when one is working alone. Sometimes men of extraordinary talent have displayed their power and astonished the audience. The men are splendid, and always greatly appreciative of the little one can do for them. It would gladden the heart of any entertainer to have such bright and cheerful audiences. One has been specially impressed by this when appearing before troops who have come directly from the trenches, but even more wonderful to me is the exteraordinary enthusiasm of the wounded: some brought to the ward in their beds, others I have seen on stretchers and no words of mine could express their gratefulness for what one is so willing to do for them. To give one instance of this: The Colonel of a large clearing station told me the other week:— “If you only knew the effect the concert has on our boys; it has done more than anything else to brighten them up.” - D.G. MACDOUGHLL. *** Frankston Court of Petty Sessions. Monday, 26th March 1917. (Before Mr Cohen, P.M. and Messrs Oates, Grant, Williams and Burroughs. J’s P.). W J. Field v Richard Bell, neglecting to have his name put on the Federal Electal Roll. Defendant admitted the offence, and was fined 1s. E. H. Ryan, assistant inspector of fisheries and game, v Alfred Lord. Having underweight fish in his possession No appearance of defendant. Fined 40s. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 31st March 1917.


An open letter to the Tyabb Junior Football Club By Stuart McCullough I SHOULD have said something sooner. The enormity of the occasion was such that to have raised my concerns at the time would have seemed like nitpicking. Disrespectful, even. But the passage of years has lent a certain perspective. Things that were once unknowable have come in to sharp focus. It’s that clarity that leads me to write to you now, as I ask you to consider righting the most egregious of wrongs. You may not recall, but I played several seasons with the Tyabb Junior Football Club. Mostly I remember training two nights a week under the spotlights and heading off on Sunday mornings to play. We were always cold. Often we lost. There were matches when the margin of our defeat was so great that it resembled a phone number. Very occasionally, we tasted victory and it was even sweeter than the quarter time oranges. That these victories were the result of a misunderstanding on the part of the other team as to the location of the venue resulting in a forfeit mattered little. A win is a win. So long as they get your name right, that is. I took it all very seriously, even if my main skills were falling over and kicking into the man on the mark. I was, I feel, something of a specialist in this respect. However unorthodox my approach, I must have been doing something right because I was bestowed with the ‘Team Manager’s’ award on no fewer than four occasions. Back then I thought these were the first tentative steps towards even greater sporting glory: a Brownlow, a gold medal, perhaps my own line of sportswear. None of it came to pass. With the benefit of


time, I now know that my time playing for Tyabb is where I peaked. It has been, truth be told, downhill ever since. I know what you’re thinking. The ‘Team Manager’s’ Award is a fair way

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017

off ‘Best and Fairest’. It’s the trophy considered by many, not least me, as the ‘thanks for coming anyway’ award. That I won this award on four occasions shows just how deeply the club

appreciated my willingness to make up the numbers despite a complete absence of any discernable talent for the game. Perhaps it was the nature of the honour itself that largely accounts for the resulting atrocity. The Club’s Best and Fairest/ Pie Night was always a big occasion. The first time I went, I recall feeling slightly awkward not just because of the uncertainty inherent in a gala event of this kind but also as the only nine year old in attendance to have worn a tuxedo. The ‘Team Manager’s’ Award came up early in the evening. Much as the award for ‘Best Make-Up: Eyeliner in a Foreign Film starring a Camel named Dennis’ is presented at the Oscars before the famous people have had a chance to plant their backsides in their seats, my name was announced as a crowd milled around the pie-warmer. Stumbling towards the stage, it’s a miracle that I didn’t resort to the skill that had served me so well throughout the home and away season and immediately fall over. I didn’t have a speech prepared. My decision to try and improvise a short poem cast a pall of silence over the crowd. Amidst the fug of awkwardness that followed, I failed to notice something of catastrophic significance. Had I not been so desperate to get off stage and resume my seat, I would have spotted that the ‘Team Manager’s’ trophy had been award to ‘Stewart’ rather than ‘Stuart’. It’s the kind of error that makes the whole ‘Moonlight versus La La Land’ shemozzle look like little more than a minor clerical error. It’s hard to tell someone that you value their contribution to the team – no matter how flawed

or prone to being overcome by gravity that contribution may be – if you don’t even know their name. The next time I won the award, the trophy was engraved with ‘S. McCullough’. I can respect that the organization decided to play it safe, but it still suggests some uncertainty as to how my name was spelled. The only way it could have been worse is if the award simply read ‘Give it to the guy that falls over all the time’. The third time I won, it should have been clear that something truly magnificent was occurring. It’s rare that someone can receive what is ostensibly an encouragement award several years in a row. That’s like winning ‘Best New Artist’ at the Grammys three times running. It’s simply unheard of. But despite this, the award was again given to ‘Stewart’. The fourth and final trophy again played it safe with ‘S. McCullough’. As a result, it means exactly half the trophies I’ve ever won, have the wrong on the name on them. I’d like to think it’s never too late. The Club can still right this most extreme of wrongs, by re-awarding the Team Manager’s trophies for 1982 and 1984 to the right person. It will be just like that Brownlow ceremony except in Tyabb and there will be pies. For my part, I’ll be gracious; avoiding a panicinspired impromptu poetry slam and have something resembling a speech at the ready. It’s time to set the record straight. I look forward to your earliest reply. Sincerely yours, Stewart Stuart McCullough P.S. Go Yabbies.


ACROSS 1. Raise petty objections 4. Florida city 7. Happened (upon) 8. Surpass 9. Sanctuary 12. Made angry 15. Assess 17. Took (baby) off bottle

18. Lunches or suppers 21. Childhood disease 22. Watery hail 23. Fine particle

DOWN 1. Repeatable (of speech) 2. Witness 3. Inscribe 4. Manner 5. Gum sore 6. Teen hero 10. Italian fashion & design hub

11. Spiral pin 13. Task-completion date 14. Verve 16. Comprehend (4,2) 18. Small rugs 19. Indecent material 20. Auld ... Syne

Puzzles supplied by Lovatts Publications Pty Ltd See page 15 for solutions.

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Final victory: Baxter saw off Mt Eliza's challenge to become final winners of the Provincial premiership cup in the last season of the competition before a new cricket league is formed next year. Pictures: Rab Siddhi

Baxter wins the final title PROVINCIAL

By IT Gully BAXTER was crowned the final MPCA Provincial premiers on Saturday. With a new competition coming into play next season, the Provincial premiership cup handed over to the Baxter players will stay with them forever. It took just a couple of hours on Saturday for Baxter to pick up the two wickets required to win the match. In fact, it took until the first ball of the 14th over of the day to claim the title. Justin Bridgeman took out the off stump of Tim Clarke to wrap up the

match, Mt Eliza all out for 209. At the beginning of the day, the Mounties had two wickets in hand, chasing 273 for victory. They resumed at 8/172. Clarke was at the crease on 37 and Nick Baron resumed on five. Baxter opening quick Dale Irving started proceedings from the Somerville end of Tyabb’s Bunguyan Reserve to get play underway on the third and final day. Clarke’s intention was obvious and he played his shots from the opening delivery. Baron, however, had a clear game plan to stick around with Clarke. Mt Eliza players patrolled the boundary line offering support. Club

legend Lyle House was asked if he was nervous, only to reply, “we’ll only get nervous when we get closer to the target”. The Mounties were looking comfortable though, adding 17 runs in six overs to be 8/189. At the end of the sixth over, Chamika Sattambi was brought into the attack and straight away had a massive appeal for LBW turned down. However, on the last ball of his first over, Clarke poked a ball to a man short cover, who charged in and hit the stumps with a diving direct hit – Baron was gone and Mt Eliza’s faint hopes were dashed. The score was 9/190. Chris Brittain continued from the

Hastings end while Clarke, still visibly disappointed with himself, brought up his 50. Justin Bridgeman was brought into the attack after Brittain’s fifth over and Sam Wolsgrove replaced Sattambi at the other end. Wolsgrove kept things quiet while Bridgeman wrapped up the match. The drama did continue when Mt Eliza sent Baxter back into bat in the hope that they could produce a miracle. Firstly, Joe Rule, who was a hero of the first innings with a team-high 78, was retired hurt, which brought Chris Brittain to the crease. On 998 runs for the season, ‘Britts’

needed just two runs to bring up the magical 1000. He was trapped in front by Shaun Knott first ball. The word spreading around Graydens Rd later was that Brittain had in fact scored 1000 runs for the season. It was said that a six he hit against Crib Point was given to Brittain’s batting partner at the time, Dale Irving, instead of Brittain after a fill-in scorer relieved the ‘official’ scorer for a couple of overs. Regardless, Brittain as simply sensational in season 2016/17, as were the rest of his teammates. Baxter was the best side in it and once again, ruled another season of Provincial cricket.

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017



Dart produces fine innings on big stage DISTRICT

By IT Gully RED Hill captain Simon Dart produced one of the finest innings ever witnessed in MPCA cricket on Saturday to play a major role in steering his side to the District premiership. Dart played a masterful innings that saw him bat an additional 71 overs on the final day, on top of the overs he batted last Sunday, to finish unbeaten on 133. With four overs left to play in the grand final, the Hillmen had worked their way into a commanding position and needed just 10 runs off the final 24 balls with four wickets in hand. If the century wasn’t enough to help win the match, the way Dart orchestrated the victory was first class. It took just three balls for Dart to send two balls crashing to the bound-

ary line to give the Hillmen the runs they required to taste the sweetest of all glories – a flag. Social media lit up straight after the match from those from other clubs who had made the journey to Graydens Rd to watch the final day unfold. Describing Dart’s innings, words such as “unbelievable, brilliant, firstclass, a class-above and sensational” were all used. It was fitting for such a memorable performance. It was a superb effort from Red Hill, who resumed the final day at 3/70. Dart and Brent Martin were new to the crease and there were another 238 runs to chase down to claim victory. There were some words exchanged between Delacombe Park coach Ricky Ramsdale and Dart at the conclusion of play last Sunday. Suffice to say that Dart and his charges had plenty of ammunition to come out to play with on

Saturday. Martin was the aggressor and Dart was happy to poke around for singles and twos when play resumed on the final day. Both batsmen were faultless in the first session, however, as they approached tea, Delacombe Park legend Nick Christides was brought on to try and produce something special. With one of the worst half trackers you will see, Martin failed to get onto it and hit it straight down the throat of Andrew Christides. Martin was out for 66 after hitting eight fours in 155 balls. For the first time for the day, the Parkers were up and about. What came next was the defining moment of the match. On 80-odd, Dart tried to paddle-sweep a ball off Ricky Ramsdale, which popped up over the keeper’s head. The fieldsman was in a great position at first slip to take the

catch, however, put down a very simple chance. The very next ball, Dart sent Ramsdale to the boundary with a cracking cover drive. The Hillmen again settled and got to drinks to be 4/232 off 60 overs. Dart was on 90 and Robinson 15. Dart brought up his 100 in the 62nd over, however, requiring another 70 runs for victory, Carl was out for 23 in 45 balls. The score was 5/240. Red Hill wicket keeper Nick Esipoff then came to the crease and completely swung the momentum of the game. Requiring about four and a half runs an over when Esipoff came to the crease, this had been reduced to three runs by the time he went out. Esipoff hit 22 in 14 balls, including a towering six, before going out on the first ball of the 66th over trying to repeat the shot and was caught on the

rope. This brought Lincoln Toy to the crease, whose highest score for the year was 14. At 6/274 with eight overs left, Toy just needed to be there at the end. At the end of the 69th over, the score was 6/280. With five overs to go, Delacombe Park took the new ball. Many around the ground believed it was the wrong move. It proved to be with Dart smacking eight runs off the first over with the new pill. The equation was then 10 runs off 24 balls. Dart picked up a couple after flicking one off his pads, then hit two sensational fours to bring up the winning runs. It was a memorable match and fitting as the last District grand final ever.

Mornington too strong, Baxter ends Heart’s run SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie MORNINGTON’S title threepeat attempt got off to a flyer last Friday night with an impressive 2-0 away win over Casey Comets. Adam Jamieson’s men bossed their fancied opponent from the outset, particularly in midfield, where Scottish duo Craig Smart and Chris Reid were dominant. The confronting thought for others with eyes on the championship is that Mornington can only get stronger as the club maintains an interest in English striker Josh Hine from Salford City while another forward, Simon Mur, is back after two years in the UK and looking sharp in training. Young Josh Valadon did a fine job deputising for injured captain Simon Webster and linking with Steve Elliott at the heart of Mornington’s defence. The greatest challenge facing Jamieson is managing an embarrassment of riches as he oversees a squad with more depth than he has ever had during his nine-year reign at Dallas Brooks Park. Despite nursing a hernia, an injury he is prepared to carry throughout the season, livewire striker Wayne Gordon remains a thorn in any opposition’s side due to his workrate and the fact that he can finish as well as create. Fellow striker Ryan Paczkowski was immense against Comets, giving teammates further afield an option time and again, turning opponents inside out, scoring a goal and tracking back regularly in a man-of-the-match display. Smart opened the scoring in the 28th minute when he caught Comets keeper Faraz Zenoozi too far off his line and sent Paczkowski’s lay-off over the head of the diminutive custodian and into the top far corner. Two minutes into the second half Paczkowski took a touch with his back to goal then spun and struck a low left-foot shot inside the near post from just inside the area to make it 2-0. Mornington started getting into a yellow card minefield and ended up with six players cautioned. Gordon enjoys playing on the edge and he was testing the resolve of the match officials so Jamieson wisely took him off in the 76th minute and replaced him with Gino Defeo. In the 87th minute Junsoo Park was robbed by Mornington substitute


Mighty Matt: Frankston Pines captain Matty Davis. Picture: Darryl Kennedy

Scott Millar but the tall midfielder shot over from outside the area. Comets’ Canadian import Allando Matheson had entered the fray not long after Paczkowski’s goal replacing Andy Stubley but the closest the powerfully built striker came to making his mark was in the 91st minute when he headed just wide. It was the last goalmouth action of a contest that reaffirmed State 1 South-East’s status quo. This weekend Mornington is at home to St Kilda who has set the local scene alight with five championships in a row. Mornington captain Simon Webster is battling a glute injury but could be fit in time, Mur seems certain to make the matchday squad as does midfield

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017

import Matty Wade who is expected to return from a wedding in England. St Kilda’s gun recruit is former Leeds United and Bury midfielder Zac Thompson. The club has also signed midfielder Brodie Paterson from Geelong and striker Steve McRae from Caulfield United Cobras. A four-goal blitz in a superb 22-minute spell in the first half powered title aspirant Langwarrin to a 5-2 away win over Mooroolbark on Saturday night. A rare Andy McIntyre goal, a double from Nabil Mozaffaruddin and a penalty conversion from Caleb Nicholes seemingly put Langy out of sight but Mooroolbark hit back before the break with goals from Sam

Klepac to make it 4-2. Connor Belger scored late in the second half and Langy cruised to the line. Boris Ovcin returns from suspension for Saturday’s Lawton Park clash with Morwell Pegasus which has taken the scalps of Mornington (FFA Cup) and Malvern City in successive weeks. Baxter celebrated its second derby success over arch rival Rosebud Heart at Baxter Park on Saturday running out a deserved 3-1 victor. It was the first league game Heart had lost since 5 September 2015. Baxter featured debutants Travis Ernsdoerfer, Liam Tinsley and Ben Meiklem while Owen Kilner was back in the starting line-up after a long lay-off due to a knee reconstruction. Ernsdoerfer didn’t take long to make his mark and his cross from the right in the 5th minute was headed home by the unmarked Louis Griffiths at the far post to make it 1-0. A long kick downfield from Baxter keeper Francis Beck in the 15th minute saw Griffith break clear only to send a firm low shot thudding into the near post. In the 40th minute Heart goalscoring machine Dave Greening got into a rare one-on-one but Beck spread himself superbly to effect a close range smother. Ernsdoerfer brought Baxter fans to their feet five minutes into the second half with a cracking drive from just outside the area that was turned wide by Heart keeper Sean Skelly in acrobatic fashion. Heart failed to clear the resultant corner and Baxter substitute Dan Disseldorp struck a low shot into the far corner to make it 2-0. Ernsdoerfer got his name on the scoresheet in the 60th minute after another excellent solo run. The teenager squared the ball for a teammate whose shot was blocked but Ernsdoerfer followed up to tuck away the rebound. Cory Osorio caught Beck off his line in the 77th minute but by then the result wasn’t in doubt. “We weren’t at the races today. We thought we only had to turn up to win and we got punished for that mentality,” said Heart head coach Scott Morrison. Aaron Young resumed training last week and will come straight into Heart’s matchday squad for Saturday’s trip to Reema Reserve to take on Endeavour United.

Heart’s Italian import Marco Cannella was stretchered off in the reserves and the extent of his knee injury wasn’t known as we went to press. The downside of Baxter’s win was Mark Pagliarulo inventing another way to get sent off, this time by being substituted and engaging in a slanging match with the Heart bench which earned him a second caution and a mandatory red card. Baxter gaffer Roy Kilner is continuing his pursuit of teenage midfielder Sam Gallagher from Kingston City but is unlikely to sign the talented midfielder before Saturday’s home game against Noble Park. Two second half goals by Daniel Fotopoulos were enough for Mazenod to see off visitor Frankston Pines last weekend. Pines were without Christopher L’Enclume and Cedric Permal who remain in limbo due to a dispute with their Mauritian clubs over their international clearance. Pines defender Graham Hill was sent off in the 85th minute after receiving a second yellow card and will miss Saturday’s home game against Eltham Redbacks who defeated Peninsula Strikers 5-2. Goals from Strikers’ star Aziz Bayeh saw the sides locked at 2-2 at the interval but Strikers were poor at the back and in midfield in the second half and paid the penalty. Strikers’ boss Craig Lewis is determined to strengthen his squad. Seaford United probably wished it didn’t travel to Anderson Park on Saturday as it was on the wrong end of a thrashing going down 7-1 to Doncaster Rovers. Alex Roberts scored for Seaford. Somerville Eagles marked their FFV league debut with a 2-0 loss at home to Old Mentonians. This weekend’s games: SATURDAY, 3pm: Mornington v St Kilda (Dallas Brooks Park), Langwarrin v Morwell Pegasus (Lawton Park), Peninsula Strikers v Berwick City (Centenary Park), Frankston Pines v Eltham Redbacks (Monterey Reserve), Dingley Stars v Skye Utd (Chadwick Reserve), Baxter v Noble Park (Baxter Park), Endeavour Utd v Rosebud Heart (Reema Reserve), Drouin Dragons v Somerville Eagles (Bellbird Park). SATURDAY, 7pm: Heatherton Utd v Seaford Utd (Bosnia and Herzegovina Centre)


Loyalty rewarded for ‘Bluey’ Mannix THE Edithvale-Aspendale Sporting Club has inducted Tim Mannix into the prestigious life membership group in recognition of his commitment to the club. ‘Bluey’, as Mannix is referred to by many, received the honour of joining the “elite group” earlier this year when unanimously voted in at the first committee meeting. Edithvale-Aspendale club president Peter O’Connor said it requires true commitment and devotion to the club to join the life membership group and that Mannix is the very meaning of it.

“He’s just incredibly loyal to the club,” O’Connor said. “He’s had offers almost every season to move clubs but he has stuck with us and it really shows how loyal he is.” Mannix guided Edi-Asp to premiership glory in the 2013 Grand Final where he was awarded ‘Best on Ground’ after the team defeated Bonbeach. A dynamic player, Mannix has been able to make an impact across the field but has more recently played a forward role. Mannix is the second most deco-

rated player at the club receiving six club best and fairest awards, just one short of gun footballer Brett Wright. Mannix has played 197 matches for the club and is set to make his 200th appearance this season against the Pines at Regents Park, home of the Eagles. The Mannix family has become a common sight at the club with brother Steve captaining the senior’s side and both parents having played key roles throughout the club. “They’ve played an instrumental role in the club’s rise back to a successful platform. His mum

served on the committee, his father in the football department and his brother is currently club captain,” O’Connor said. “We are a very community orientated club and it’s great to have Tim get rewarded for his support.” The Mannix brothers, Tim and Steve, will now be looking to make an impact at the upcoming Good Friday clash against Bonbeach on 14 April at Regents Park. Guiding star: Tim Mannix led Edi-Aspi over the line against Bonbeach in the 2013 Grand Final and has been the Eagles’ best and fairest six times.

Horse put down after leg break By Ben Triandafillou THERE were mixed emotions at this year’s Mornington Cup as global powerhouse Godolphin racing stables faced the peaks and valleys of racing. More than 7000 racegoers packed the Mornington racetrack on Saturday (25 March) for the main event which was shaping up to be a fascinating staying contest. But celebrations around Godolphin’s victory with the John O’Shea-trained Tally in the Group 2 Mornington Cup were short-lived as tragedy struck 100 metres past the post. Making a much-anticipated Australian debut, the Charlie Applebytrained race favourite The Gold Trail stumbled shortly after finishing

fourth, tossing jockey Craig Williams to the turf. Williams was knocked unconscious for a short time before regaining awareness and being transported to the Frankston Hospital for observation. Medical staff rushed to the horse’s aid but sadly nothing could be done to save the English stayer who had broken two sesamoids on his near front foreleg. The Gold Trail was targeting victory at the Mornington Cup after two successful runs at Doncaster in the UK and Meydan in Dubai. The Gold Trail’s body will be transported to the Werribee Animal Hospital for an autopsy. Williams was cleared of serious long-term injury the day after the

race, according to Racing Victoria. Godolphin stayer Tally was victorious in the Mornington Cup in a sadly overshadowed win and was awarded exemption from the Caulfield Cup ballot. Tally settled midfield before bursting through late to hold out Vengeur Masque who finished 0.1 lengths second. Settler’s Stone closed late rattling off quick sectionals but wasn’t able to reach the Godolphin stayer and finished in third. Tally is likely to be heading to the Caulfield Cup in the spring where he finished 12th in last year’s event. Calm before storm: Mornington Cup race favourite The Gold Trail is led out before tragically dying after finishing fourth. Picture: Ben Triandafillou

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017

29 March 2017  

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 29 March 2017

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