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INSIDE: n Pompei ‘peace deal’ sealed

Pompe i ‘peac e deal’

Bag it up

EDITHVALE Frank BaguleBowling Club y in action veteran three-day and wife carnival at the ahead of a Neil Walke See Page Isabel’s honou club in his r r. neil@b Picture: 4. aysidenews. Gary Sisson s Mr Pompe A BITTE Mordialloc” i, son of R disput legendary leases at e loggerheads Jack Pompe “Mr Mordialloc over licences i, has been Mr in a settlem Creek has and years over with council at 2015,Pompei by Counc with il Kingston lease terms at for several Kingston ent and an agreem ended increased a longer-termin December the creek. mayor said in Wednesday Council annou ent. has Cr lease and Steve Staiko entered a statem slightly area”. Council into a ent last ment had (28 February) nced last agreement licence said a new formal week thats will be built has arrangement public lease ongoing tween councfinally been that agree- lease for parts been reache to the north pathway area and that ensure and counc presence d “on of land il and tenant reached be- loc Creek a ily il of fence a pei after s of the Pompe the at the Mordi in early on the ”. site. will clearly the lease “months Leon Pom2015. Cr Staiko alkos said. Mordialloc Creek i fam- declined mark the of legal Mr Pompe s said Cr Staiko at the ,” Cr Stai- the time to sign the lease action”. i “The nine-y s said communitythe lease agreem legal arguing offered the long-r annum is crown ear since ent since action had out the rate of at is “simil unning cost about areas wherelease clearly land counc the creek land ar to one $104 per legal procee operate $800,000 il had no 2016. Mr Pompe sets impose lease offered from and dings right to terms. use to i can also began Under “We’re in allocof the boat ramp allows for pleased joint Mr Pompethe terms of Boating with that Mr and Anglin the Mordi i’s busine the new lease, The boatin Pompei ss g Club.” - rine Pty Ltd g agreed With The will contin Pompei’s Maboats to sign and angling ue to carry a lease Retracta club paint maintenance out offered work sales and ble Roo by Made from boats hire. including f System aluminium canvas Continued and powd or Page 3 the Retra PVC optio er


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n Bowls club honours Baguleys


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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait... it’s a kite! IT’S a telling sign in today’s high tech, fast paced world that people take such pleasure from the simple act of flying a kite. Now in it’s 15th year, the much-loved Rosebud Kite Festival has grown from small beginnings to be among Australia’s largest kite flying events. Powered by coastal sea breezes the super-sized inflatables known as Maxi’s, some measuring up to 12 meters in diameter, are back leading

the flight program again in 2018. These giants of the kite world are made using colourful fabric construction that catch wind in the folds of their intricate design. Flying tens of meters high above the foreshore in Rosebud, they are tethered back to the earth with multiple wires and weights that counter the huge lift forces they generate. Not for the faint hearted, it takes a great deal of skill and experience to keep these Maxi’s aloft. On

March 11th, Rosebud will host an internationally recognised team of professional kite makers, including Craig Hansen from Peter Lynn Kites and Jo Baker recently back from representing Australia in India’s most iconic Kite Festival, as well as some of our best known kite makers from around the country. They’ll be unfurling a store of animated creations including; a giant spotted Whale Shark, Flying Pigs, and Winged Dragons

and numerous Underwater Creatures. Along with the kite flying program, this FREE FAMILY FESTIVAL offers a program of live music and entertainment, performing artists, circus workshops and storytelling, kite making workshops, kids rides, food stalls, community demonstrations and all things fun under the sun (see website for full program) http://

Interstate kite flyers join the party Ian Burrell

David Greer DAVID Greer is the current president of the Kite Flyers of Tasmania and a man who enjoys talking kites and kiting as much as he loves to fly them. This award winning kite builder and kite flyer has also been a Club committee member for more years than he can remember. He doesn’t escape the Tasmanian border control often but is glad to be back at Rosebud to share his love of all things kitey.

Sarath Kingsley

Craig Hansen

SARATH Kingsley, born in Sri Lanka but now living in Sydney, joins the Rosebud Kite festival for the first time. An artistic kite builder from a young age he received awards at Columbian kite festivals for the smallest kite & most creative kites.

CRAIG Hansen, the International visiting kite professional, lives and manufactures his colourful, air inflated soft kites in New Zealand, having developed his passion over 45 years ago as a boy in Zimbabwe. His giant kites are amongst the largest in the world which can generate incredible lift force that need a serious anchor, in our instance, a car, to keep them from taking off! Watch this man use all his weight to control his collection of kites.

Now a senior member from AKFS in Sydney, Sarath continues to build kites, winning many awards for his designs at Bondi’s Festival of the Winds over the past six years.

Our charity partner in 2018 is One Voice. Applying their compassionate and innovative thinking to a not-so-obvious social problem, One Voice have built a bus that offers mobile


Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News

7 March 2018

shower services for homeless Australians. If you’ve heard about this amazing project and you’d like to show your support, you can come along to the Rosebud Kite Festival and

Some people collect stamps, others may collect art, but 69 year old IAN Burrell collects house sized Kites. Ian is the proud owner of more than 100 kites including a whale that stretches up to 16 meters in size and his fascination with kites began to bud at a young age. “We used to make kites when we were kids, but I can’t remember them really being successful because they were brown paper and string,” he said. Now his kites range in price from $20 to thousands of dollars. Mr Burrell said he enjoys travelling to kite festivals around Australia, meeting other likeminded kite enthusiasts. “I used to fish years ago, but now the line’s in a different direction”.

purchase a bottle of ‘Love Out Loud’ branded water: the sales and profits will help restore dignity to Australians dealing with homelessness.

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EDITHVALE Bowling Club veteran Frank Baguley in action ahead of a three-day carnival at the club in his and wife Isabel’s honour. See Page 4. Picture: Gary Sissons

Pompei ‘peace deal’ sealed Neil Walker A BITTER dispute over licences and leases at Mordialloc Creek has ended in a settlement and an agreement. Kingston Council announced last Wednesday (28 February) that agreement had finally been reached between council and tenant Leon Pompei after “months of legal action”.

Mr Pompei, son of legendary “Mr Mordialloc” Jack Pompei, has been at loggerheads with council for several years over lease terms at the creek. Kingston mayor Cr Steve Staikos said in a statement last week that agreement has been reached “on a lease for parts of land at the Mordialloc Creek”. Cr Staikos said the lease agreement at the community rate of $104 per annum is “similar to one offered to

Mr Pompei by Council in December 2015, with a longer-term and slightly increased lease area”. Council said a new public pathway will be built to the north of the lease area and a fence will clearly mark the site. Cr Staikos said the long-running legal action had cost about $800,000 since legal proceedings began in 2016. “We’re pleased that Mr Pompei

has entered into a formal lease and licence arrangement that ensures the ongoing presence of the Pompei family on the Mordialloc Creek,” Cr Staikos said. “The nine-year lease clearly sets out the areas where Mr Pompei can operate from and also allows for joint use of the boat ramp with the Mordialloc Boating and Angling Club.” The boating and angling club agreed to sign a lease offered by

council in early 2015. Mr Pompei declined to sign the lease offered at the time arguing since the creek land is crown land council had no right to impose lease terms. Under the terms of the new lease, Mr Pompei’s business Pompei’s Marine Pty Ltd will continue to carry out boats maintenance work including paint sales and boats hire. Continued Page 3

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018


New jetty takes shape

Stoush over: Leon Pompei at the start of a battle with Kingston Council over land at Mordialloc Creek. Picture: Yanni

Lease deal agreed at creek Continued from Page 1 Mr Pompei said he incurred a hefty legal bill during the fight to avoid eviction. He has set up an online crowdfunding campaign to try to recoup some of the legal fees. “It has been a long hard experience and I faced a lot, including the loss of a boat and a customer’s boat in attacks on my property and loss of business while standing up for myself,” Mr Pompei said. “I personally feel disappointed to have been treated this way after all that we have given back to the community and would also like to thank

the people that gave me great support over the years. I hope that council will say sorry.” He said he is willing to work with the council in future. Mordialloc Boating and Angling Club members and Mr Pompei have been in disagreement over access to a slipway into the creek. The club’s committee released a statement in the wake of council’s announcement last week. “The Mordialloc Boating and Angling Club (MBAC) has been an integral part of the boating community in Mordialloc Creek since the club’s


inception in 1946, and remains committed to providing support to its 80 strong members who own and maintain the majority of traditional wooden boats moored within Mordialloc Creek,” the statement said. “It is hoped that Kingston City Council can now re-direct some of its focus and resources to support the MBAC in ensuring that the heritage of the historically significant wooden boats, which make Mordialloc Creek unique, is preserved into the future.” The club said it will make no comment about the lease terms offered to its neighbour, Mr Pompei.


CONSTRUCTION on the long-mooted public jetty at Patterson Lakes’ Inner Harbour has begun this month. The crumbling jetty will be rebuilt thanks to $499,000 in state government funding and an agreement for Kingston Council to contribute about $10,000 each year for the new jetty’s upkeep. Melbourne Water also contributed $35,000 towards the jetty built near waterways managed by the state government and connected to the Harbour Plaza Shopping Centre. The project seemed sunk before the Labor state government and council managed last year to reach agreement on the ongoing upkeep of the jetty. “I am delighted to have been able to work so closely with the local community to get state government funding for the new public jetty,” Carrum Labor MP Sonya Kilkenny said. “The new jetty will really unlock the potential of this beautiful area.” Boat owners will soon be able to moor at the public jetty for a maximum of four hours and enjoy shop-

Work sight: New jetty construction at Patterson Lakes. Picture: Gary Sissons

ping and dining in the area when the new jetty is completed next month. “The jetty will also have a dedicated space for the Victorian Water Police and Australian Volunteer Coastguard to ensure our emergency services can respond quickly in times of need,” Ms Kilkenny said.

Nippers head to champs More than 1400 junior lifesavers will travel to Victoria’s south west coast to compete in the 2018 Victorian Junior Lifesaving Championships this weekend, hosted for the fifth year in a row by Warrnambool Surf Life Saving Club. Mentone is one of several clubs taking part and more than 100 competitors are registered. Key events including beach sprints and beach flags on the sand, as well as board and iron events in the water.

Life Saving Victoria sports coordinator Kirsty Clark says 34 Surf Life Saving Clubs will compete at the two-day event, which usually attracts more than 2000 spectators. “We’ve seen a lot of strong clubs competing over summer, so it’s anyone’s guess who will end up this year’s champions,” Ms Clark said. “One thing is certain - the events will be exciting to watch and hotly contested.” See for full details.

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Bowls club honours Baguleys A THREE-DAY carnival of bowls and more will be held in early April in honour of two longtime members of the Edithvale Bowling Club. The Baguley Carnival, named after long-time members Frank and Isabel Baguley, will take place at the bowling club on 6-8 April. There will be a total of $4500 in prize money be up for grabs. The carnival begins on Friday 6 April with a mixed tournament, followed by a men’s tournament on Saturday, and a women’s tournament on Sunday. The tournament is named after the Baguleys, whose name has been associated with the Edithvale Bowling Club for nearly forty years. Frank Baguley is still an active bowler at the age of 94, practising in his own rink set up in his home. The deadline for entry is 23 March, with teams able to register before then at a cost of $60. Entry forms are available from the Edithvale Bowling Club at 109 Edithvale Road, Edithvale. See online or call Rob Leitch at 0402 450 764.

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Lawn time member: Frank Baguley and Claire Baskett prepare for the upcoming three day bowling carnival at Edithvale Bowling Club. Picture: Gary Sissons

Congratulations to the Carrum Coast Guard on another fantastic Around the River Fun Run. I look forward to running again in 2019.

Mornington Peninsula Writers Festival

Guest speakers include: Andrew Rule Father Bob Maguire Garry Disher MARCH Nicky Johnson Peninsula Community Theatre Paul Kennedy and more... Tickets $10 (under 16s free) Purchase at or at the door


Authorised by M Dreyfus, 566 Main St Mordialloc.


566 Main Street, Mordialloc VIC 3195 P: 9580 4651 E: PAGE 4

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018


Draw to win with ‘luck of the Irish’ ST PATRICK’S Day celebrations will be in full swing this year at the Chelsea Heights Community Centre, with the centre set to host a family fun day on Sunday 18 March. Organisers of the event hope the event will provide a good time for all while celebrating Irish culture. “With such a large Irish contingency in our community, committee and staff at the Chelsea Heights Community Centre have decided to acknowledge this very well known culture and create a family-friendly celebration for our local Irish ancestors,” Chelsea Heights Community Centre president Maddie Race said. “We are embracing the Irish culture and bringing a touch of Irish to our community.” The free event will kick off at 10am and will feature themed activities, including Irish music and crafts. There are also plenty of giveaways to win if the luck of the Irish is on your side. A boy’s bike, a girl’s bike, and a scooter are up for grabs for the lucky winners of the St Patricks Day colouring competition. All children 12 and under will be eligible to enter. “Set in the beautiful surrounds of the centre’s Earth Carers Community Garden, we invite you to have some Irish fun. The morning is all about bringing the community together, as we celebrate the Irish culture,” Mrs Race said. For more details regarding the competition or the Family Fun Day, visit the Chelsea Heights Community Centre website or call 9772 3391. To enter the competition, see and submit an entry by 14 March.

Police patrol

With Stephen Taylor

‘Visitor’ steals from staff

AN unknown young man found sitting on the floor of a Parkdale business was asked to leave by suspicious staff after he told them he was “looking for his cat”, 3.30pm, Monday 5 March. The man, described as “slightly Asian-looking” and skinny, with short black hair, was wearing dark-coloured jeans and a grey anorak. When challenged he ran across Como Parade towards Parkdale train station with three shop staff in pursuit. They later found he had rifled their handbags and stolen almost $300.

Phones, jacket stolen

Pot of gold: River, left, and Asher who are going to try a Chelsea Heights Community Centre colouring competition to win a bike. Picture: Gary Sissons


DETECTIVES used the Find My iPhone app to track mobile phones stolen from three 16-year-old boys as they walked to a friend’s place in Edithvale, 1am, Sunday 4 March. Earlier, an older boy had called out to the trio asking for cigarettes. Five or six teenagers, aged 16-18, then ran across Edithvale Road and demanded their phones and cash. They stole $40 and a black Nike jacket from one of the boys, and two phones from the others after grabbing their collars. Protective services officers who saw the incident called police as the attackers ran towards Vincent Street. The offenders are described as Caucasian with the main offender wearing a black hoodie. The discarded phones were later found at the corner of Vincent Street and Joffre Avenue.

Cars ‘keyed’

ALMOST $3000 in panel paintwork was damage when cars were “keyed” in Carrum, overnight Tuesday 27 February. The Renault, Toyota and Mazda cars were parked in Nepean Highway. A resident told police she heard a dog bark at about 11pm.

Cars ransacked

POWER tools and electronic testing equipment was stolen from a tradie’s car parked outside his Aspendale house, overnight Friday 2 March. Earlier, the man had heard noises in a neighbour’s garage on Nepean Highway and looked down to see three Caucasian men rummaging through his car. He ran down to confront the offenders but backed off and they ran away. He then checked his own car and found the tools gone. A packet of cigarettes was on his front seat. One of the men was about 183cm tall and the other two about 170cm tall.

Card runs hot

A MENTONE bather’s Gucci wallet containing her credit card was stolen and $981 spent before the theft was discovered, Friday 2 March. The Mordialloc woman checked her bank account the next day and discovered it had been used in 16 transactions before she cancelled it. Anyone with information on any of these incidents is urged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.


SOCIALISE IN STYLE AT THE STELLER GARDEN BAR Trackside location, live music, all inclusive package $160 per person

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018


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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018



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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018



Police patrol Costume jewellery gone

A PILLOW slip was used to steal costume jewellery from a house in Aspendale, sometime between 22 February and 2 March. The offender forced the back door of the Watkins Street house and ransacked bedrooms before making off with the jewellery valued at $250.

Attendant spat on A MENTONE service station attendant was punched in the face and twice spat on by one of two men who stole condoms from the store’s display, 10.20pm, Thursday 1 March. The attendant approached the men to see what they were up to when one bolted with a packet of condoms. The other man then allegedly spat on him and punched him in the face before fleeing along Balcombe Road. The men are Caucasian and about 170cm tall. The attacker was described as wearing a grey hoodie, orange shorts and white cap. The other was wearing a red T-shirt, black shirt and runners.

Thief ’s buying spree A THIEF took a credit from a car parked in Nepean Highway, Aspendale, as well as $55 cash and a bottle of CK aftershave, 1.30am, Friday 2 March. The thief went on a $1650 buying spree that same morning which only came to light when the Holden Monaro’s owner was notified by his bank. Detective Sergeant Peter Windhager, of Kington CIU, urges motorists to lock their cars and take valuables inside – especially if their cars are parked on the street. “Credit or debit cards should be treated as cash,” he said. Anyone with information on any of these incidents is urged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

The 90th RED

Pictures: Gary Sissons

Surfboards in freeway wipeout NORTHBOUND lanes on Peninsula Link were completely closed on Saturday afternoon (3 March), after a serious accident involving a motorcyclist. Leading Senior Constable Brian Smith of Somerville Highway Patrol said that the accident occurred near the Cranbourne-Frankston road turnoff just before 3pm after surfboards fell from the top of a car. “The boards came off the top of the car, and the other cars had braked to avoid a collision,” he said. “As the cars had started to brake, the cyclist was changing lanes. It was a really unfortunate accident.”


Saturday 10 March, 2018 8.30am - 5pm

Red Hill Showgrounds - Arthurs Seat Rd, Red Hill

Admission: Family ticket (2 adults, 3 children 6-18 yrs) $60; Adults $20; Children 6-18 yrs $10 (5 years and under free); Students and Pensioners $10. Free parking. ATM Onsite


Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018

Police said the motorcyclist struck one of the braking cars and suffered initially life-threatening injuries. He was airlifted to The Alfred hospital, where his condition is now considered serious but stable. The incident occurred four days before the motorcyclist’s 6Oth birthday. The scene was attended by police, ambulance crew, and SES members. Use of the freeway was cut off at Golf Links Road, causing traffic chaos throughout the rest of the afternoon. Police said the driver of the car from which the surfboards became detached is expected to be charged with having an insecure load Brodie Cowburn

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Festival a new chapter for readers and writers A NEW writers’ festival is set to make its debut in Mornington. The Mornington Peninsula Writers Festival will be hosted by the Frankston Writers and Poets Society at the Peninsula Community Theatre on Saturday (10 March). Several established writers including Andrew Rule (co-author of the Underbelly and Chopper books), Paul Kennedy (ABC journalist and author of books including Fifteen Young Men about the tragic 1892 drowning of Mornington Football Club players), Garry Disher (author of several crime novels set on the peninsula), The Age scribe and author Anson Cameron and Nicky Johnson (author and illustrator of several children’s books including Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!) will give author talks on stage and take part in questions and answers session with festival attendees. Renowned priest, community worker and media personality Father Bob Maguire — himself the subject of a biography called Father Bob: The Larrikin Priest by Sue Williams — is also a speaker at the Mornington festival. Frankston Writers and Poets Society president Beverley Allen said she started the group last July and is looking forward to the first Mornington Peninsula Writers Festival for writers and readers. “I felt there was a need for people with a diverse set of writing skills to come together in a friendly and nonformal type of atmosphere,” she said. The writers group meets regularly at Frankston Library. The now retired professional travel

Writers united: Frankston Writers and Poets Society members Bill Graham, left, Alma Jacovou and Beverley Allen get ready for the Mornington Peninsula Writers Festival in Mornington. Picture: Gary Sissons

features writer joked she has “never worked so hard in all my life” arranging the festival. “I have a passion for it and I want to do it for the emerging writers.” The festival at one stage looked in doubt when Frankston Council declined a funding grant application to host the event in Frankston. Ms Allen said the first festival was saved by donations including a substan-

tial one from writers’ group member Alma Jacovou which kick-started fundraising efforts. “She joined the group and found she had stories inside her. She’d never written anything formally before and so it is great to see her writing emerge,” Ms Allen said. Farrell’s Bookshop in Mornington and Busybird Publishing were also donors. Mornington Peninsula Shire has

shown an interest in supporting the festival in future years. Briars Ward councillor Bev Colomb will officially open the festival and MC for the day will be former Frankston MP Andrea McCall. Acoustic duo Boy Meets Girl will perform songs in the theatre foyer. Families are welcome and there will be face painting and writing activities for children.

n The Mornington Peninsula Writ-

ers Festival will be held at Peninsula Community Theatre, corner of Nepean Highway and Wilson Road, Mornington 10am-6pm Saturday 10 March. Free parking available. Tickets $10 per adult; children under 16 free.See or call 0498 583 152 for further information and times of author talks throughout the day. Neil Walker

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018



Calls to drain the swamp in Frankston Compiled by Brodie Cowburn SOMETHING should be done at once by “our city fathers” with reference to the state of some of the drains in Frankston. The present state of affairs is disgraceful, and constitutes a serious menace to the health of the people of Frankston. In the right-of-way leading from Bay street into Thompson street, drainage from a number of houses flows, and although a drain of sorts has been made, there does not appear to be enough fall to enable the drainage to reach the drain in Thompson street. At present the drain is just a series of stagnant evil-smelling pools, and if something is not done to mitigate the nuisance, and ensure a proper means of allowing the slops, etc, to flow away, a serious epidemic of fever, or some kindred evil, will arise. *** A WELCOME home social to Corporal F. McDonald D.C.M., and Gunner H G. Upton both lately invalided home, and a farewell presentation to Trooper F. Knox, who is shortly leaving for the front, was held at the Recreation Hall, on Saturday evening last. Cr W. J Oates, President of the Frankston and Hastings Shire, occupied the chair and the hall was filled to its utmost capacity, the residents of the district turning out almost en masse to welcome home the warscarred soldiers who had taken part in some of the great battles on the western front. Each item of the programme was

well rendered Mr V. McGraw, a former resident, and now of Melbourne, added to his laurels as a king of song, and to each of his numbers vociferous applause resulted. *** GILBERT Watley was charged by Detective Bell with larceny of a horse rug, valued at £1, from Carrum, on 2nd November 1917. Constable Ryan conducted the prosecution and Mr W. S. Cooke appeared for accused. After lengthy evidence had been taken, the bench dismissed the case, the chairman remarking that there had been no evidence on which to convict. Watley had perhaps not done the right thing in taking the rug without telling the owner, but, seeing that they were neighbours, and always borrowing one from the other, he (Watley) thought perhaps that he had done no harm. *** DRAWINGS and specifications have been prepared for the erection of a Tennis Court in Seaford, and tenders are to be called for constructing same. *** A CONCERT is to be held at Frankston on Saturday evening next, March 9th, in aid of the Repatriation fund, should be highly successful. Some of Melbourne’s leadings artists have definitely promised to contribute items, among them being Madame Evelyn Ashley, soprano;, Miss Florrie Gordon, contralto; Miss DeSaxe, flautist; Mr Ambrose McMahon, baritone; Mr Pat Coleman and many other talented city artists. Miss Ethel O’Grady will act as ac-



companist. Tickets are selling freely, and a bumper house should be present to hear what will undoubtedly be one of the finest concerts ever given in Frankston. *** THE water sports, to be held on Saturday next, March 9th, in aid of the Repatriation Fund, promises to be a great success. The programme includes swimming races for ladies and gents and boys and girls; water feats, diving, commicalities, etc. *** BY advertisement in another column Mr. J. Smythe, who has had 25 years experience, announces that he is prepared to undertake pianoforte tuning and repairing. *** ON Monday next, March 4th Messrs A. Scott and Co; will hold their usual monthly market in the Corporation yards, Tanti, when they will offer pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep, etc, *** THE monthly meeting of the Seaford Progress Association was held on Saturday, there being a good attendance. The president, Mr J. Howell occupied the chair. Messrs Martin and Aike moved that the President and Secretary attend the next Council meeting and ask for further improvements to the Carrum Vale Road and that a crossing be constructed at Mr Jamison’s residence. Messrs Hunter and Anderson moved that the Progress Association take over the Hermit’s Camp with permis-

sion from the Council, and that an old age pensioner be posted at the camp to look after same. *** A TALENTED company of young ladies from Melbourne gave a very pretty and varied entertainment in the Somerville Mechanics’ Hall on Saturday evening last. The hall was packed and the Lady Mayoress’ Patriotic League (Somerville Branch) will benefit by a sum of two figures through the generous services of the Gipsy Rovers. The whole entertainment went without a hitch, and with a briskness and sparkle which spoke well for the training and talent of the performers. Among many uncommon items showing talent above the ordinary may be mentioned character sketch (musical ) “I love someone in Somerzet” by Maroaretta Webber and Gladys Harley. The latter young lady displayed exceptional ability as the shy country boy *** THE following has been contributed by an occasional correspondent. When Sgt. Mjr Sullivan relinquished control of Military Reserve. Langwarrin he crowned the result of 20 years successful management, by advising that such a large property should be supervised by one well versed in estate management. With the advice of Hon. Hugh Mahon, then Minister of Home Affairs, Senator Pearce appointed Mr. John Archibald, of Archibald Bros. to the post at a rumeration of £40 per annum. This was subsequently raised

to £78 On this the firm have worked wonders. *** PRIVATE R. C. Yule, who was recently detailed to act as an Australian Y.M.C.A. orderly in the front line, has written a graphic account of some of his experiences as a Red Triangle worker in a big “stunt”. In a letter just to hand he says:— ”As the news spread on the eve of the push, that the Y.M.C.A had opened a free coffee stall there was a rush for the goods. Our clients were runners dispatch riders, messengers, signallers, guides. etc., in addition to men near by. Of course the free distributions of tea, coffee, cakes, smokes, and other comforts to men in the trenches and to the walking wounded is a permanent institution by the Y M.C.A. These coffee joints to all and sundry are an addition in the forward areas, but not actually in the front line. Further back goods in the Y.M.C.A. canteens are sold at prices fixed by military regulations.” *** APPLES—Wanted to buy for cash, Jonathan and other eating apples. Packed and delivered at Tyabb Cool Stores. State price etc to T. H. Houfe. *** LOST—Between Dalman’s Boot shop and Golf Links, gold band ring engraved “’B”, Soldier brother’s keepsake. Reward, on returning to Miss ATKINS, C/o The Fernery. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 2 March 1918


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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018


New Active Health and Wellbeing Program

Front foyer with Café

The new Active Health and Wellbeing (AHW) program at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital ensures access to their rehabilitation service is open to everyone; whether privately insured or not. For the first time, people can access their highly experience rehabilitation health professionals using private insurance ‘extras’ cover, or via a referral from your GP (for Chronic Disease Management Schemes). TAC, workcover or self-funding patients are also welcome. Their ahw programs include: • Dietitian Services • Exercise Physiology • Hydrotherapy

Consulting room

• Occupational Therapy • Physiotherapy • Speech Pathology • Women’s & Men’s health programs Their new AHW consulting rooms are modern with equipment designed to provide the best possible care The programs may be offered in their purpose built rehabilitation gymnasiums and hydrotherapy pool Rehabilitation ensures patients obtain the best possible recovery to continue living healthy, productive lives. The physiotherapists assist people affected by accident, injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise; manual therapy; education and advice. they maintain health for

Waiting area in front foyer

people of all ages by helping patients manage pain and prevent disease. Women’s and Men’s health is provided by experienced physiotherapists who have specialist knowledge and expertise in this area. A variety of conditions are assessed and treated for incontinence and bladder/bowel dysfunction to musculoskeletal complaints of the pelvis. Using the latest in technology such as real time ultrasound, they pride themselves in being specialists in their field. Exercise physiologists design safe and effective exercise programs specifically for an individual, to ensure maximum performance.

They also work with people affected by acute or chronic medical conditions, following injury, trauma or disability. Occupational therapy enables people to participate in their activities of everyday life. Whether it is by a specific exercise program, use of assistive devices or modifying the way we do things, occupational therapy provides a practical approach to making life easier. Services such as dietetics, speech pathology and hydrotherapy complete the comprehensive AHW rehabilitation services available. St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital’s Active

Health and Wellbeing program is easily accessible to all. Please call to 9788 3331 to enquire and make an appointment. A GP referral will be required for a Chronic Disease Management Scheme. For more information: Address: 255-265 Cranbourne Road, Frankston General tel.: 9788 3333 Active Health and Wellbeing: 9788 3331 Website:

Specialist rehabilitation - under the one roof Call us.. 03 9788 3333 We are committed to helping our patients. Our specialist programs include: Cardiac Chronic Pain Management Diabetes Management Falls and Balance General Rehabilitation (Reconditioning) after an accident, illness, injury or surgery Medical Intervention Program (GEM style program) Neurology Oncology Orthopaedic Movement Disorder programs - ie.Parkinson’s Pre-op rehabilitation (preparing for surgery) Pulmonary Reconditioning Stroke Driving assessments by a qualified Occupational Therapy Driving Assessor

Simply ask your GP or Specialist for a referral to our hospital 255-265 Cranbourne Road, Frankston Telephone: 03 9788 3333 Email: Hospitality I Compassion I Respect I Justice I Excellence

Find us on Facebook SJOGFrankston

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018



ACROSS 1. Amusingly coarse 5. Castle water ditch 7. Senseless (comment) 8. Hawaiian dance 9. Grumble 10. Dining bench 11. Cows’ milk sacs 13. Not one

14. More effortless 18. Phantoms 21. Collar button 22. Wellbeing 24. Female reproductive organ 25. Forbid 26. Injury 27. Ascended

28. Operates 29. Records DOWN 1. Reaccommodate 2. Conscious 3. Slimming plans 4. Poking abruptly 5. Token of remembrance

6. Opposed to 12. Regret 15. National songs 16. Within building 17. Fall ill again 19. Garden tool 20. Plots 22. African scavenger 23. Pallid

Puzzles supplied by Lovatts Publications Pty Ltd See page 14 for solutions.

WHAT’S NEW... MARCH & APRIL 2018 At Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

WHAT’S ON Play On: The art of sport






Saturday 7 April

A NETS Victoria and Ian Potter Museum of Art, the University of Melbourne touring exhibition

Art activities, demonstrations, rock climbing, face painting, gymnastics, kung fu, table tennis, exhibition tour and more.

2 March – 29 April 2018 An exhibition that reflects upon Australia’s sporting culture featuring work by Jon Campbell, Richard Lewer, Shaun Gladwell and Fiona McMonagle amongst others.

LOLA GREENO: CULTURAL JEWELS ADC On Tour: Australian Design Centre national touring exhibition

2 March – 15 April 2018

CAMPBELL VS LEWER Tuesday 27 March In this unique event, well known artists talk art and sport over a friendly match of table tennis. Richard Lewer, The theatre of sports 2016 (detail), oil on canvas, Courtesy of the artist Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney and Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide, Collection of Basil Sellers AM, Photo credit: Andrew Curtis adults $4 concession $2


Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018

For many artists, sport has already been a ‘happy hunting ground’ within their practice. Australia’s mythology, sense of identity and achievement is linked to sport and our social rituals are often structured around sporting events, from the humble game of beach cricket through to the Melbourne Cup. Our contemporary economy is inseparable from sport, and some of our lingering barriers – race, gender, sexuality, disability – show up sharply in sporting culture. From 2 March – 29 April Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery is presenting Play On: The art of sport, 10 years of the Basil Sellers Art Prize, A NETS Victoria and Ian Potter Museum of Art, the University of Melbourne touring exhibition. As one of Australia’s richest and freshest prizes, the Basil Sellers Art Prize (2006-2016) broke with tradition by bringing together these apparent foes - luring art and sports supporters from their strongly held positions on opposite sides of the ring.

The prize and current exhibition offers a fresh take on the theme of sport, with artists asking bold questions to rattle our preconceptions and explore the murkier backwaters of sporting culture. The prize was initiated and generously underwritten by Basil Sellers AM. Basil offered a $100,000 prize booty every two years. A recognised art collector, Basil divides his time between Europe and Australia (or wherever the Sydney Swans are playing that weekend). “My hope was that this prize and exhibition would take lovers of sport and art into what may be unchartered, but ultimately rewarding territory, leading to an engagement that will enhance their enjoyment of each other’s loves,” said Basil. Visit the MPRG website to find out more about the exhibitions and special events and to listen to podcasts and artist videos Trades & Services V


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CAMPERVAN "Cape York Trailer". Great camper trailer "tough" for an adventurous family. Hard floor, canvas in excellent condition (no mould or tears), extremely well looked after, queen size bed with inner spring mattress, ample lighting inside and out, gold wing boxes fitted with LED's, 3000w inverter, 100ltr water tank, 2x200amp deep cycle batteries, 1x132ltr Evakool fridge, 1x45ltr Engel fridge, 3xgas cook top, stainless steel sink with hot old water, ample storage space, full annex, boat loader, registered (XO4-415). To many things to mention. Come and take a look, you won't be disappointed. $17,500 Negotiable. Phone: 0499 146 006.

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018




Reigning premier looks gone PROVINCIAL

By Mr & Mrs IT Gully AS predicted a number of rounds ago, Baxter looks set to miss the finals after being touched up by top of the table Langwarrin on Saturday in MPCA Provincial cricket. Defending just 135 Langwarrin started the second day on top as Baxter resumed at 4/31, with Chris Brittain, Justin Bridgeman and Dale Irving still to bat. Between the three of them they scored 16 runs. This was as a result of the onslaught from Langwarrin skipper Travis Campbell with the ball snaring 6/38 off 18.4 overs. Playing against his old side Leigh Paterson took out the top order and finished with 4/30. With plenty of overs left in the match, Langwarrin went back out to bat and at one stage were 2/0. They recovered to be 3/58 and the match was declared. Despite being set an awkward total of 175 by Mornington, Peninsula Old Boys comfortably tracked down the total, bowled out for 232, handing them a 58 run victory.

Dylan O’Malley top scored for the Old Boys with 50, Tom La Brooy helped himself to 47, while little brother James La Brooy hit a quick-fire 37. Mornington quick Michael Heib took 3/79, Matthew Bates snared 3/65 off 18. Crib Point was always up against it to track down Sorrento’s 9/236. While spending 68.1 overs at the crease the Pies were bowled out for just 149. CJ King was at his finest bowling 14.1 overs for a return of 6/38. Spencer Wilton top scored for the Pies with 41 and Neil Clark hit 32. Mt Eliza won a thriller against Pearcedale on Saturday, thanks largely to the batting performance of Justin Grant who scored 53. Pearcedale set Mt Eliza 167 for victory; a tricky chase. Mt Eliza got there scoring 171. While Grant scored 53, Tim Clarke contributed 32 and Scott Tansley contributed a very important 21 at the bottom of the innings. Grant ensured he was at the crease to see out the victory, dismissed by Kane Smith who took three wickets.

Outright Eagles swoop into four PENINSULA

By Mr & Mrs IT Gully SOMERVILLE has swooped into the top four in MPCA Peninsula cricket after beating reigning premier Red Hill outright on Saturday. At the beginning of day two Somerville was just 34 runs short of a first innings victory. The Eagles, clearly looking for an outright win, declared their innings at 9/109 giving them a first innings lead of 11 runs. Eagles skipper Jayde Herrick then went to town on the Hills snaring 6/38 of 17 overs to roll the Hills for just 83. Brent Martin top scored for the Hills with 41. Needing just 70 runs to win with plenty of overs to spare the Eagles cruised to 3/77, claiming the outright victory. Flinders successfully defended its first innings total of 224 to beat Main Ridge. The Ridge lost 6/21 with only three batsmen scoring double figures. William Noall was the top scorer for the Ridge for 49, while Michael Hol-

mes opened with 43 and Luke Collins, batting at number ten, hit 16. The Ridge were bowled out for 157. Both Matt Burns and Will Tuck took 3/41 while Max Royal and Neil Barfuss claimed two wickets each. We said last week that Moorooduc would need to be at their best with the bat to chase down Long Island’s 216. They did so with 16 overs to spare, scoring 5/245. Duck’s skipper Shamith Kannangara top scored with 71 which included 14 boundaries and one over the rope, while Rashimal Mendez scored 50. Other batsmen to perform were Pathum De Mel who scored an unbeaten 44, including five balls over the rope, Madushanka Pereraand hit 36 Kasun Perera hit 35. In the final game Pines was back on the winners list against Delacombe Park. Set 168 for victory the Parkers failed to get there, bowled out for 129. Harley Parker was superb for Pines with the ball taking 5/54 while Adrian Mack led from the front taking 3/32.

No trouble for old boys: Peninsula Old Boys had no trouble reaching the total set by Mornington. Picture: Andrew Hurst

Top four looks set in District DISTRICT

By Mr & Mrs IT Gully THE top four looks set heading into the final round of MPCA District cricket. Fourth-placed Mt Martha is currently 16 points clear of Seaford Tigers and Rosebud are a further four points clear of Hastings. Bottom of the table Rye is four points behind the Buds and the Blues. The Demons take on top of the table Baden Powell in the final game. Mt Martha host Rosebud and a simple win here for them will ensure a place in the finals. Seaford despite losing in the first innings were able to pull off an outright victory against Hastings. The Blues were bowled out for 107

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018

in their second innings leaving Seaford 120 runs to claim victory. Robbie Hearn top scored for the Blues with 51 while skipper Luke Hewitt was next best with 19. Seaford’s Chris Cleef was the pick of the Seaford bowlers with 5/32. Needing 119 runs to win Seaford made the runs with one wicket to spare, Cleef top scoring with 35. Rosebud found themselves back in the finals hunt after beating Rye outright. The Buds entered day two of the match having already won. Rye scored 130 in their second innings giving them a lead of 30 runs. Rosebud took just nine overs to pick up the runs required losing just one wicket along the way. Heatherhill’s Steven O’Donnell blasted 222 to help his side to a massive win over Mt Martha. The Hills scored

Sudoku and crossword solutions

3/305 with Sam Mullavey helping himself to a half century. The Red’s scored 4/111 in their second innings, Simon Street top scoring with an unbeaten 42. Baden Powell won an absolute thriller against Seaford Tigers winning by just three runs. Set 159 for victory Baden Powell got there with just balls to spare and one wicket in hand. Daniel Di Paolo top scored for the Braves with 47 while skipper Craig Entwistle was next best with 31. Cohen Chernishoff played a very important innings hitting 27 off just 33 balls, including four boundaries. Matty Roach did everything he could with the ball for the Tigers bowling 30 overs for a return of 5/63.


Boneo, Carrum Downs and Stonecats in last ditch fight SUB-DISTRICT

By Mr & Mrs IT Gully FRANKSTON YCW, Carrum Downs and Boneo will be fighting it out for a spot in the Sub District finals this weekend in the final home and away game of the year. The Stonecats tackle Balnarring at Balnarring this Saturday, a one-dayer. The Saints will be looking to make a statement this weekend. Boneo and Carrum Downs have destiny in their own hands, playing

each other at Thompson Oval. There will be no excuses for either side. Fourth-placed Boneo could have sealed their fate on Saturday against Balnarring, however, fell agonisingly short, losing by two runs. Saints’ skipper Mal Coutts was at his best, bowling 15.3 overs and finished with 5/22, including eight maidens. Ryan Jellie and Stewart Mathieson were the ‘almost’ heroes for the Pandas, hitting 31 and 24 respectively. Frankston YCW kept its season

alive beating Dromana by two runs with two wickets in hand. The Stonecats resumed on day two at 1/33 and it was Levi McLoughlinDore with 43 runs and Nathan Swift with 22 that saw their team over the line. YCW skipper Brett Hudgson hit a timely twelve runs to get his team over the line. Zac Klan was the pick of the Dromana bowlers with 3/36. As predicted last week Tootgarook defeated Ballam Park outright.

The Knights were bowled out for just 53 in their first innings before the Frogs belted 7/127 in their first innings before declaring. The Knights then faced the final 16 overs of the day and resumed on Saturday at 1/24. Ballam Park was then bowled out for 106 leaving Tootgarook 30 odd runs short of outright. Travis French made light work of getting the total, hitting 32 in just 6 overs giving the Frogs the outright win. Last week we predicted that Tyabb

needed to be at its best with the bat to chase down Carrum Downs. Our prediction was spot on. Tyabb openers Nick Taranto blasted 100 while Aidan Pateman hit 56 which set the scene for the Yabbies to win with three balls to spare, scoring 3/225, an 18 run victory. Carrum made light work of Skye. Defending 180 Skye was bowled out for just 92. Brett Moulten was the pick of the bowlers for the Lions with 5/30 off 13.5 overs.

Strikers’ boss: Centenary Park ‘disgrace’ SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie PENINSULA Strikers and Frankston City Council are at loggerheads over the dire state of the club’s home ground at Centenary Park. Strikers claim that their plea to council in January to water the ground fell on deaf ears. The main pitch is now unplayable and council has ordered the club not to use it. Strikers president Trevor Johnston fears that it won’t be repaired in time for the start of the league season on 24 March. “I’m having an onsite meeting with council on Monday (today) to see what can be done but I can’t see how it will be ready for round one,” said Johnston. “I alerted the council about six weeks ago to the fact that the ground needed watering and they said they could arrange that remotely but obviously that hasn’t been done. “It’s extremely poor and I’m bitterly disappointed at the way we have been treated. “We played our last home game on that pitch on 2 September last year so council has had plenty of time to get it right. “We pay winter tenancy fees and summer tenancy fees and this is what we get. “Come winter it’ll be a mud heap and games will have to be called off. It’s a disgrace.” The club was forced to find an alternative venue for last weekend’s FFA Cup clash with Waverley Wanderers. The tie was played at the Lemnos Club in Braeside and Strikers won 1-0. Wanderers had a player red carded in the first half and a second yellow for Strikers’ Tom Hawkins sent him to the sidelines in the second period. Danny Brooks notched the winner from the penalty spot in the 74th minute. Strikers were without eight visa players due to a hold-up in gaining international clearances. One of those absentees was Scottish central defender Liam Weir who scored the second-half winner in last week’s friendly against Mornington which Strikers won 1-0. Weir, 21, has come through the Queen of the South youth system and has been signed from Ayrshire-based Auchinleck Talbot after four years with Kello Rovers. Frankston Pines, Skye United, Seaford United and Somerville Eagles all bowed out of the FFA Cup last weekend. Pines went down 2-1 at home to Ashburton. Naseer Mohammad gave Pines the lead in the 52nd minute but Kurt Crnic equalised for Ashburton and Campbell Woolacott scored the winner in injury

Spot on: Peninsula Strikers’ midfielder Danny Brooks (right) scored the decisive goal in Saturday’s FFA Cup tie. Picture: Paul Seeley

time. CJ Hodgson was in goals for Pines as regular custodian Alfonso Cardinale was unavailable. Former Seaford United captain Daniel Wash was one of four debutants for Skye United in Saturday’s 3-2 FFA Cup loss to Brunswick Zebras at Sumner Park. Former Langwarrin players Mitch Blake, Jordan Redburn and Chris Driver also made their debuts but boom recruit Caleb Nicholes was unavailable. Skye’s first choice keeper Jonathan Crook was rested after injuring a finger at training and Lee Heron was his replacement. A quick-fire brace in the 32nd and 34th minutes for Blake had Skye seemingly in control. However the home team hit back with the last play of the first half as a corner opened up Skye’s defence and allowed Connaire Mallett to head home. Brunswick levelled almost immediately in the second half when a Chris Kouas corner sailed straight into the back of the net. Skye’s Jason Nowakowski rattled the bar in the 70th minute but Brun-

swick dominated most of the second period and with the last kick of the game Kouas again converted direct from a corner to send Brunswick into the next round. Seaford United lost 7-1 at home to State 2 South-East club Old Scotch with Conor McFall scoring for Seaford. Somerville lost 4-0 at home to State 3 North-West outfit Point Cook. “They were a quality opponent who wouldn’t look out of place in State 2,” said Somerville player-coach David Greening. “It’s been a good little cup run that has put us on the map and provided three competitive games and a great preparation for the season ahead.” Langwarrin suffered its first NPL loss on Saturday when it went down 4-1 to Springvale White Eagles at White Eagles Stadium. The home side had a gale at its back and scored four goals in a 12-minute blitz in the first half to seal Langy’s fate. Most of the goals were fashioned from lightning quick moves down the home team’s right side where Delarno Pharoe ran riot. Pharoe played the ball into the

Langy area in the 23rd minute and Andrija Kecojevic was given time to strike a low shot past Langy keeper Robbie Acs for the opener. Langy should have equalised two minutes later but a Luke Burgess header forced a stunning point-blank reflex save from Springvale keeper Lajos Hun. Pharoe and Marcus Holmes combined in the 30th minute with Holmes skipping past a defender inside the area then smashing an unstoppable shot past Acs and into the roof of the net from close range to make it 2-0. A minute later it was 3-0 when a deflected shot by attacking midfielder Slaven Vranesevic wrong-footed Acs. Vranesevic made it 4-0 with a low shot in the 35th minute as the home team continued to boss the midfield exchanges and put Langy’s defence under enormous pressure. In the second half Langy gaffer Gus Macleod took off Viktor Medini, Boris Ovcin and Lewis Foster and threw Sam Klepac, Esmael Zaheri and Cody Estes into the fray but to no avail. Paul Speed scored for Langy in the final minute of normal time but it was too little too late and the visitors were left hoping that they had just faced one

of the better sides in NPL2 East. There’s no respite for Macleod’s men as they host cashed-up title aspirant Dandenong City this weekend in a clash that promises to draw a bumper crowd. Langy’s under-20s lost 1-0 in the earlier game on Saturday at White Eagles Stadium. A defensive blunder 10 minutes from time allowed Matthew Harrington to strike the decisive blow. Meanwhile Mornington’s pre-season preparations continued with a 1-0 win over Banyule at Dallas Brooks Park on Saturday thanks to a Sammy Orritt goal. “We’ve been very good defensively during pre-season which I’m really happy about because it’s something we’ve been working on,” said Mornington head coach Adam Jamieson. “The only team that really gave us any problems was Bentleigh Greens.” English import Andre Bennett, 24, arrived on Sunday. In NPLW news Hong Kong international midfielder Avery Lau arrives in Melbourne tomorrow (Tuesday) and is expected to make her debut for Southern United in Sunday’s clash with Alamein FC at Monterey Reserve. Lau has been with the Hong Kong squad at a training camp in Japan and will rejoin the squad in August to play in the Asian Games. Southern has also been tracking strikers from Germany and the US and could end up with three visa players. The club can only use two visa players per game so the third visa player would line-up in the under-19s. Southern recently made a play for US central defender Lauren Prott but she has joined Boroondara Eagles. Prott, 25, has played with Primero de Mayo in the US second tier and with Swedish clubs Vasteras BK30 and FC Djursholm. Southern travelled to Keilor Park Recreation Reserve on Sunday to take on Calder United, one of the NPLW’s top outfits. The under-12s won 2-0 with goals from Rhiannon Kelleher, the under14s lost 2-0, the under-16s won 3-1 with goals from Haylea Porter (2) and Monique Lapenta, the under-19s lost 3-0 and the seniors lost 5-0. A fortnight ago we published Southern United’s under-16 squad and incorrectly named Belinda Stojcevski as being signed from Dandenong Thunder. She is a former Dandenong City and Noble Park player. The incorrect information was supplied by Southern United. This weekend’s league games: SATURDAY 3pm: Langwarrin v Dandenong City (Lawton Park, U20s 1pm). SUNDAY 3.15pm: Southern Utd v Alamein FC (Monterey Reserve, U12s 9am, U14s 10.15am, U16s 11.40am, U19s 1.15pm).

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018



Blind golfers tee off for titles BLIND golfers will contest the Victorian Blind Golf Championships and the Australian Blind Golf Open at Rosebud Country Club this week. The Victorian event will be played over two days: Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 March, and the Australian Open will be on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 March. The championships are free to the public. Players will tee off at 8.30am. Rosebud Country Club has supported the blind golf championships since 1990 and 20 golfers from across Australia will take part in the event. Blind Golf Victoria president Doug Sloan said the event “wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of Rosebud Country Club”. “They’re just phenomenal,” he said. “They assist us with finding caddies and help us throughout the day. “The course is very user friendly and they really make us feel welcome. It’s not just the golf; it’s the socialising and sitting down, talking about your game. “We’ve achieved a lot since we have

been down at Rosebud Country Club.” Three categories: B1, B2 and B3, designate a player’s vision capabilities. B1 players are totally blind. Players are assisted by coaches and caddies who line up the ball and guide them on where they should be hitting. General manager Danny McGrath said Rosebud Country Club was “honoured to host the championships each year and be a part of such an inspiring event”. “With the assistance of their coaches, totally blind and visually impaired golfers are able to enjoy the key benefits of golf – friendship, exercise and the thrill of hitting a great shot,” he said. “Most people will think it is essential to have good eyesight to play golf but this event shows this is not true. Golf is a sport which can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, ability or disability. Many of us would be in awe of how well the golfers can hit the ball with limited to no vision.”

Best ball: Players at last year’s Victorian Blind Golf Championship at Rosebud Country Club. Picture: Supplied

Fitting tribute: Andrew ‘Toe Punt’ Kelly is flanked by Sorrento’s coach, Tony Blackford, and Frankston YCW’s coach, Wayne Capp, as they present the Toe Punt Shield and Andrew Kelly ‘Best on ground’ medal to Andrew ‘Toe Punt’ Kelly. Picture: Supplied

Shield and medal honour Toe Punt’s service THE coaches of Frankston YCW and Sorrento football clubs, Wayne Capp and Tony Blackford, presented the inaugural Toe Punt Shield to Andrew ‘Toe Punt’ Kelly this week. The shield will be awarded to the winner of the clash between the two sides in the opening round of the season. Andrew, who is currently in hospital undergoing treatment for cancer, will also have a medal named in his honour for the best player on the ground. Frankston YCW president Michael

Lamb, with the support of his committee, came up with the idea of playing the annual blockbuster, starting this season with round one on Easter Sunday at Frankston Park. Sorrento President Bernie Balmer and his committee immediately got behind the concept. “This game is the most anticipated match in 30 years of my coverage of the MPNFL,” said Andrew ‘Toe Punt’ Kelly. “Frankston YCW has been the domi-

nant club in the top competition for the past 20 years. “Sorrento has been the big fish in the little pond, dominating division two for more than 10 years. “Both clubs are the envy of all!” Andrew urged all sports fans to swap the hot cross bun for a meat pie and head to Frankston Park on Easter Sunday. “This is a game you won’t want to miss” said Toe Punt.

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018


Festival Program




11.00am The Stokers 12.00pm



Ben Whiting Band


Andy Phillips & Cadillac Walk


The Calmer Miles

KITE FLYING: Maxis, Inflatables, Deltas, Diamond and Sport kites will be on display. Bring along your own kite and fly alongside the masters in our family kite flying area.

CIRCUS TENT: Free circus play all day with shows 11.30am

Kazzam Magic Show


Circus Show


Global Myths Storytelling

Andy Phillips

Circus play in between these shows

ROVING ENTERTAINMENT: 12pm – 1pm 12pm & 4pm 12pm – 3pm 11am – 4pm

SUN 11thSUN 11th Stiltwalkers MARCH MARCH 2018 11th SUN 11thSUN 2018 SUN 11th Tubby The Robot CaptainMARCH Chippy MARCH 2018 2018 MARCH SUN 2018 11th MC Frederico Boogie

MARCH 2018


11AMThe - 5PM 11AM - 5PM 11AM - 5PM Calmer Miles SUN-11th 5PM Plus, meet Kev, Dorian &11AM Teng from Travel Visit and have your photo taken in the Married

at First Sight Chapel, don’t forget to use #MAFS.

MARCH SUN 2018 11th MARCH 2018 THE MUSIC NETWORK 11AM - 5PM PERFORMANCE 11AM - 5PM MARQUEE: Guides from 11am-12pm.



Watch the kite flying professionals from across Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, show their spectacular kites plus displaying their amazing skills.

FREE ENTERTAINMENT Free live entertainment across two stages: the Main Stage with local acts and the Circus Tent with kids storytelling, puppet shows and circus skills. Also enjoy wildlife show, Tubby the Robot, juggling and magic skills of Spiff Daddy, Stiltwalkers, Scouting Victoria’s rope bridge, Married at First Sight Wedding Chapel photo booth.

SUN 11thSUN 11th MARCH MARCH 2018 11th SUN 11thSUN 2018 SUN 11th MARCH 2018 MARCH 2018 MARCH SUN 2018 11th MARCH 2018 FOOD TRUCKS, KIDS


Sample one of many tasty food trucks and stalls MARCH including Los2018 Milbros, Captain Calamari, Wicked Spud, SUN 11th Roast’n’Roll, donuts, coffees and ice cream. Enjoy kite making, carnival rides, animal farm, mini golf and festival MARCH 2018 face paint. There’s options galore!

- 5PM Get 11AM some holiday tips from the Channel 9’s Travel Guides – Kev, Dorian and - 5PM9 tent. Teng11AM at the Channel

Rose Alexandre

11.30 Lizzy Faulkner 12.00  Tom Quirk 12.15 Jaylee Branch 12.45 Tayah Logan 1.15

Mac Brown


Alex Roberts


Hannah Milner


Peppa-Rose Nettleford


Maddison Clark


Maddison Elhage


Tahlia Eglinton


Katrina Greenhatch


Emma Campbell

The Rosebud Kite Festival is presented by:

Spiff Daddy

More Information: Your gold coin donation is appreciated on entry. Festival program and ‘Love out Loud’ bottled water available. Do bring: beachwear, chair or picnic blanket and please remember; inflatable kite flying is weather dependent i.e. only when the wind blows! Location: Rosebud Foreshore, Jetty Rd., Rosebud. or 0403 889 559. Find us on facebook at: RosebudKiteFestival

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018



Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News

7 March 2018

7 March 2018  
7 March 2018  

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 7 March 2018