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charleston OUR 14TH YEAR


La Dolce Vita

Cupcake’s Kristin Cobb Offers a Glimpse into Her Delectable Lowcountry Life





Charleston Home + Design Show Preview Inside


CH+D • Winter 2013

Porcelain Planks by Palmetto Tile

“Charleston’s Complete Ceramic Tile and Stone Showplace” 3714-P Betsy Kerrison Pkwy Johns Island, SC 843-768-3111 M-F 9-5

Palmetto Tile Distributors, Inc.

4639 Rivers Avenue North Charleston, SC 843-266-8700 M-F 8-5 Wed 8-7 CH+D • Winter 2013



CH+D • Winter 2013

CH+D • Winter 2013



CH+D • Winter 2013

CH+D • Winter 2013



CH+D • Winter 2013

CH+D • Winter 2013


What do you want to control?

Serving the lowcountry for 33 years Because a Control4 home automation system makes it possible for virtually everything in your home to work together—from TVs to receivers, DVD players, stereos, speakers, even security systems, garage doors, pools and much more—your ideas of control can be as unique as you are. Just select any of the graphics below for ideas and examples of how intelligent automation can bring you and your family more comfort, convenience and peace of mind. Control4® solutions are: t7FSZBGGPSEBCMFBOEDPTUFGGFDUJWF t&BTZUPJOTUBMM OPNBKPS construction required







screen or remote control t'MFYJCMF TUBSUTNBMMBOEBEENPSF

Call us today for a free estimate.




CH+D • Winter 2013


CH+D • Winter 2013


Phillip W. Smith General Contractor, Inc. 843.881.9828 |


CH+D • Winter 2013

Wasabi Granite

Cianitus Granite Shown Above : Super White


New Location Now Open! World Stone Distribu

Providing Beautiful and Unique Natural Stone Slabs. Come by and See Our New Warehouse!

owroom gree s sh ter tor Tig ir bu

l World Sto ne fficia Di ‡ O st

414 Jessen Lane Charleston, SC (843) 744-5665

l World Sto ne fficia Di ‡ O st


All other times can be made by appointment only.


howroom greet er rs s Tig uto rib

Hours: Monday - Friday : 8am - 5pm Saturday : 10am - 2pm

tors team

CH+D • Winter 2013


Scan this qr code with your phone to learn more!

Consult the ls professiona & custom design your h project wit f o our team s. expert

2008 Pinnacle Award Winner New Construction

2009 Prism Award Winner Renovation

2010 Prism Award Winner Renovation

Custom Homes · Remodeling · Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling · Additions · Custom cabinetry · Custom closets · Roofing Porches/Decks · Interior/Exterior Painting · Rotten Wood/Termite Repair · Window & Door Replacement


CH+D • Winter 2013

Let’s face it, being green means lower energy bills, too.*

For many homebuyers today, having a “green” home isn’t just about being environmentally responsible. They want a home that’s as energy efficient as possible to save money. The easiest and least costly way to having a green home is by using natural gas for water heating, heating and cooking.


That’s because natural gas appliances are energy efficient, cost-effective to operate, last longer and require less maintenance. And, natural gas is one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources available. Plus, no other energy source delivers the comfort, convenience and reliability of natural gas. Call 1-866-523-8242 or visit to see just how easy being “green” can be.

LOOK FOR HOMES BUILT BY BUILDERS WHO KNOW THE ADVANTAGES OF NATURAL GAS. * When asked to list their top 12 influences in buying a home, consumers responding to a National Association of Home Builders survey last year put energy efficiency at No. 2 , behind quality of living space. Five years ago, energy efficiency did not make the same survey. •

CH+D Winter 2013





8 4 3 . 7 22.8169 E X T . 223 16

CH+D • Winter 2013





W W W. B E N N E T T H O F F O R D C O N S T R U C T I O N . C O M

CH+D • Winter 2013



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features 114 • la dolce vita

In a delightful, Mt. Pleasant cottage lives the queen of all things sweet and delicious— Kristin Cobb, proprietor of Charleston’s favorite bakery, Cupcake. Peruse the pages of “La Dolce Vita” to learn about the entrepreneurial spirit, the beloved family, and the welcoming home of Cupcake’s heart and soul.

129 • home show preview We bring you a sneak peek of our January event held at The Citadel's Johnson Hagood Stadium. Don’t miss out on meeting some of the Lowcountry’s most talented home professionals, chatting with ASID interior designers about upcoming projects, and viewing the décor featured in our White Room Challenge.

133 • wine-oh! Stained wood, warm lighting, and impressive natural stone make wine cellars and wet bars some of the most luxurious and character-filled rooms in a house. “WineOh!” (a particularly exciting feature for some CH+D editors) will help you discover the perfect space to illuminate your collection and taste your favorite wines. p. 114

153 • quintessential kitchens Are you wanting to redo your kitchen (or start from scratch in a new home), but feeling overwhelmed with the myriad of decisions required? Take a look at our “Quintessential Kitchens” feature to get inspired.

202 • dwell well The spaces of our home that we open up to our friends and extended family—our living rooms and dining rooms—are the ones we want to show off the most. If you’re looking for the creativity to spruce up your entertaining rooms, check out ten top-notch, professionally designed rooms located right here in the Lowcountry.

220 • giving back p. 133

p. 153


CH+D • Winter 2013

CH+D offers you exclusive coverage of the 2012 CRAN Design Charrette. Over 30 local architects banded together this past October to develop eco-friendly, budgetconscious home designs for local branches of Habitat for Humanity.

p. 202

continued on page 22

My vision is to create a warm glow for all seasons.

This homeowner wanted to create a cozy lakeshore sanctuary in a style that will last for generations. With Kolbe windows, it’s possible to build a modern home with historicallyaccurate charm. Make your vision a reality at a Kolbe dealer. | We’re for the visionaries.

Bringing your vision to life takes a higher level of creativity and expertise. Who you choose matters. Contact our experts for a personal design consultation. 1038 Legrand Boulevard Daniel Island, SC | 843-881-0038

© 2012 Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc.

CH+D • Winter 2013



CH+D • Winter 2013

CH+D • Winter 2013



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Pictured on Cover: Kristin Cobb photographed in her kitchen in September 2012

Cover Photo by: Matt Bolt, Graphic Designer


CH+D • Winter 2013

p. 150

home + design news • 29 Find out what’s happening in Charleston’s home + design industry, and pick up a few CH+D suggestions for things to do, see, read, and listen to in the Lowcountry.

greenhouse • 50 To help cultivate your eco-consciousness, check out innovative new products and services from local companies that promote energy-efficiency as well as sustainable design.

trends • 55 With winter comes cozy gatherings of family and friends including game nights in the den, dinner parties in the dining room, and marshmallowroasting bonfires on the patio. Check out how you too could be hosting some impressive fêtes before the season’s end.

nature/nurture • 74 In Charleston, outdoor living is an art form. Become an artist in your own right with tips and tricks from local landscaping and garden specialists.

project files • 89 Peruse the impressive results of transformative home projects courtesy of several local companies.

h2ome • 112

Living near the salty ocean can wreak havoc to the very materials used to construct our homes. We’ve listed several tried and true products made to protect against the threats of coastal living like rust, water damage, and hurricanes.

This issue, the CH+D crew had the opportunity to visit the chic, Mt. Pleasant home of Cupcake bakery owner Kristin Cobb and husband Darryl. The sweet couple invited us in to meet their son, Bodie, Kristin’s mom, Carol Kuhlke, and their two playful pups. Sending us home with a bakery box of fresh cupcakes (Yes, we did eat all of those cupcakes pictured on the cover!), Kristin and Darryl were more than the epitomic picture of Southern hospitality.

Mt. Pleasant Residence

CH+D • Winter 2013


charleston HOME+DESIGN Publisher • Timothy A. Barkley

Production Editor • Christy Conway Art Director • Patrick Brickman Graphic Designer • Matthew Bolt Associate Editor • Megan Busch Production Coordinator • Corie Turner Interns • Ashley Holliday, Emily Mecredy

Advertising Director of Advertising & Special Events • Sherry Crawford Senior Account Manager • Paige Mills Account Manager • Karly Cortes (ph) 843.577.7652 (fx) 843.577.7654 P.O. Box 22573, Charleston, SC 29413 Have something to say? We welcome your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. Shoot us an email at Can't wait to hear from you!

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CH+D • Winter 2013

CH+D • Winter 2013




ndulge in five enticing courses


n these colder months, there is nothing better than experimenting in the kitchen with a new stew, casserole, or bread recipe. I find that completing a warm, new dish for family and friends can provide such joy. I also find that cooking can be stressful in the wrong environment, such as a kitchen with poor lighting, inadequate counter space, or malfunctioning appliances. With a little imagination and a few great home-improvement professionals, though, the kitchen of your dreams can be ready for you to make gazpachos, salsas, and salads by the time spring emerges. To develop your transformative ideas, take a peek at our “Quintessential Kitchens� feature and learn the finest ingredients for creating a consummate kitchen. And if that whets your taste buds, inspiring you to transform all of your entertaining spaces, the “Dwell Well� feature is something to explore. It will show you that interior design is more than a hobby; it’s an art form. If you’d simply like to dabble in a few home updates, our “Trends� department will direct you to some entertaining pieces from the Lowcountry that are not to be missed.

Since everything comprising a home expresses who we are and what we’d like to be, the home is personal. Thanks for letting us in.

Christy Conway, Editor

And finally, what meal wouldn’t be complete without some wine and dessert? Pore through 10 pages of wine cellars and wet bars before delving into our cover feature, “La Dolce Vita,� about Kristin Kuhlke Cobb, proprietor of local sweet spot Cupcake.

P.S.–For a daily dose of CH+D’s advice, follow the (RED)itors on Twitter @CHDmag, friend us on Facebook, and check out our ideabooks on Houzz, a site and app for home improvement aspirants.







An Interior Design Showcase

Years Old

January 25-27, 2013 at The Citadel's Johnson Hagood Stadium



he 10 Annual Charleston Home + Design Show is happening the weekend of January 25-27, 2013. The downtown home show that people have loved for years will take place at a new location while Gaillard Auditorium undergoes a major renovation. Our new, temporary home— The Citadel's Johnson Hagood Stadium—will be completely transformed from a football stadium to a home-and-design

Mecca with over 100 of the best local companies setting up elaborate displays on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With over 30,000 square feet of displays located inside the Stadium's $40 million expansion (including The Citadel's exclusive Pearson Club Level on the 4th Floor), our event is rain or shine. Everything is covered, heated, and protected from the elements. Plus, there is free parking!

t! New Even


CHALLENGE Sponsored by Ethan Allen Charleston Home + Design magazine will be staging our own version of the popular reality show on HGTV. We start with four rooms, each 100-square-feet, built onsite at the stadium, all painted white. Four Ethan Allen interior designers will be tasked with transforming each room into an amazing space in only 12 hours. Vote on your favorite room; CH+D will make a donation to the winning room’s charity of choice!


Winee -



hether stocked with complex California Cabernets, bold French Burgundys, or even bottles of sweet Lowcountry Muscadine, a wine tasting space—be it a cellar or a bar—is always a luxurious addition to a home. As most wine connoisseurs know, the atmosphere of a vineyard is very much associated with the outcome of the vintage. The same can be said for the enjoyment of wine—the better the surroundings, the better the taste. We’ imagine that tasting wine in any of the following handsome spaces would inspire Wine Spectator scores from 90 to 100‌for most (Swill can’t be overlooked, even in the nicest, wood-clad cellar in all of Charleston.). Cheers!

Special Thanks to: Ċŗ."(ŗ&&(ŀ-ŗ ."3ŗ0(-ąŗ (.,#),ŗ-#!(,ąŗ&&#ŗ ',ŗ  Ċŗ."(ŗ&&(ŀ-ŗ (ŗ&ąŗ-#!(ŗ)(-/&.(. Ċŗ."(ŗ&&(ŀ-ŗ 3#ŗ#43-ąŗ (.,#),ŗ-#!(,ąŗ&&#ŗ ',ŗ  Ċŗ."(ŗ&&(ŀ-ŗ#&&ŗ)/&)%ąŗ (.,#),ŗ-#!(, Ċŗ#(.ŗ/**&#,Ćŗ)ŗ) Ċŗ#(.ŗ)(.,.),ĆŗÝ-.ŗ&--ŗ#(.#(!ŗċŗ-.),.#)( Ċŗ/#&#(!ŗ .,#&ŗ/**&#,Ćŗĥ /',Ğ,31&&ĢĆŗĂÞŗ /', Ċŗ)'ŗ/,(#-"#(!-Ğ/!-Ğ&&ŗ(!#(!-Ćŗ."(ŗ&&( Ċŗ/#&,Ğ,',Ćŗ.,)%ŗ(.,*,#--ŗ-#!(ŗċŗ')&


— page 114 —


CH+D • Winter 2013

— page 129 —

and the cabinetry. Here to walk you through the cornucopia of options and upgrades, the editors at CH+D have chosen a few amazing, local kitchens to get your creative juices simmering. And, because you’ll likely want to snag some design aspects (they’re that imitation-worthy!), we’ve pulled out a few complementary elements for your purchasing pleasure.

Builder: Priester's Custom Contracting, LLC (843) 200-8495 |

Art Mosaics of the Carolinas

Interior Designer: MW Hunter Custom Interiors (843) 556-4939 |

Designed by Stephen Mays | Built by R.M. Buck Builders, Inc. | Lighting by Charleston Lighting and Interiors | Story by Christy Conway


o matter what your flavor—modern, rustic, cottage, or vintage—and no matter which your kitchen layout—galley, pullman, horseshoe, or island—one thing on which everyone can agree is that a quintessential kitchen can only be made with high-quality ingredients. Each portion is important in affecting the final outcome: the lights, the appliances,

— page 133 —


e all love our home’s living spaces; they’re the relaxing, kick-off-your-shoes rooms, the watch-a-movie-on-the-couch rooms, the grab-a-bowl-of-cereal-before-work rooms. Our dining rooms and living rooms aren’t just for our immediate family, though. They’re the places in which we entertain. And when we want to put our best hosting foot

World Stone Distributors

Flooring Services

133 133


— page 153 —


— page 202 —

CH+D • Winter 2013



CH+D • Winter 2013

HOME+DESIGN NEWS ★ ★ What’s Happening in Charleston’s Home and Design Industry

Charleston, SC

{ M

Eco Deco Honors Interior Designers

T. PLEASANT— Throughout the years, local home décor companies have realized the benefit of building strong relationships with the interior design community. Eco Deco—a green, healthconscious paint company— has chosen to honor those designers who have fallen in love with their paints by connecting them with Lowcountry homeowners. Bertrand Valero of Eco Deco expresses, “Our experience tells us that selecting paint colors can be a very stressful and overwhelming process for homeowners. They come in the store and say, ‘There are too many choices; there are so many hues of the same color. I can’t even tell the difference between them.’” Eco Deco’s approach has always been to make this selection process as easy as possible. To do this, the company partnered with local interior designers to create the “Wall of Colors,” which features each designer’s favorite color palette on enlarged swatches. This visual representation allows shoppers the opportunity to see color trends and become inspired by the industry professionals’ picks.

with a Designer of the Year Party


} Photography by Matt Bolt


Showcasing these local designers and their projects was the next natural step for Eco Deco. The Designer of the Month program highlights the work of a particular designer each month so that homeowners can see the paint within the context of a room. To top off the 2012 Designer of the Month year, Eco Deco hosted a Designer of the Year party in which each of the nine featured designers submitted their best project utilizing Eco Deco paints. Participants included Lara Raih of GDC Home, Annise Blackwell of Annise Blackwell Interior Design, Denise Maksimowitz of Denmak Design, Cristina Swinney of Island Interiors, Hunter Graybill of Hunter Phelps Interiors, Theresa Bishop of Herlong and Associates, Betsy Bamberg of Market Place Interiors, Jesse Phipps of ink Interiors, and Regina Garcia of Regina Garcia Design. Introduced with a drumroll, the 2012 Designer of the Year is Annise Blackwell. Congratulations on your hard work and impeccable eye for cohesive, creative interior design!

(top) Karly Cortes of Charleston Home + Design magazine, Karim Hiouel of Eco Deco Paints, Designer of the Year Annise Blackwell, Christopher Rose of Christopher Rose Architects, Leslie Roberts Norton of the Art Institute of Charleston, and Timothy Barkley of Charleston Home + Design magazine (above) A red carpet (along with the paparazzi team of CH+D) donned the entrance of Eco Deco to add a touch of glamor to the evening. (below) Eco Deco revealed the Wall of Colors which showcases the top picks of local interior designers.

For more information, call (843) 654-9520 or visit

CH+D • Winter 2013



Max G. Crosby Construction and Ginger Brewton Interiors, LLC to Work with Coastal Living Magazine


ANIEL ISLAND—Coastal Living magazine has selected local construction company Max G. Crosby to be the general contractor and Ginger Brewton to take on the interior design of the 2013 Idea House. Construction began on Daniel Island in December 2012, and the project will be complete in June of this year. The companies are looking forward to showcasing their talent on a national level. The home will be open for tours during July, August, and September of 2013.

Photograph by Matt Bolt

For more information, call Max G. Crosby Construction at (843) 766-9976 or visit To speak with Ginger, call (843) 270 7491 or visit Jamison Howard of Max G. Crosby Construction with Ginger Brewton of Ginger Brewton Interiors, LLC

HGTV Dream Home Opens to Public


IAWAH ISLAND— Charleston has eagerly watched the building progression of this year’s HGTV Dream Home that was constructed in Kiawah Island’s Indigo Park neighborhood. The home was designed by architect Christopher Rose, who was kind enough to share a sketch

Architectural Sketch of the HGTV 2013 Dream Home, Which Just Received Platinum LEED Certification


CH+D • Winter 2013

of his design with our readers. Tour the home in person now through March. For more information about Christopher Rose Architects, P. A., call (843) 559-7670 or visit For more information about HGTV Dream Home, visit

CH+D • Winter 2013



Remark Landscape Architecture Participates in PARK(ing) Day

D J.R. Kramer of REMARK

OWNTOWN—PARK(ing ) Day is a lesser-known festivity celebrated throughout America by artists, designers, and citizens who convert metered parking spots into mini public parks. The idea is to create beauty in a public space that is normally used for a mundane purpose (like parking a car) and bring awareness to the way citizens choose to use

public lands. During lunch on September 29, 2012, J.R. Kramer of Remark Landscape Architecture transformed an upper-King Street parking spot into a peaceful spot, featuring lush greenery and blooming plants in celebration of PARK(ing) Day. For more information, call (843) 7469573 or visit

MW Hunter Custom Interiors Launches New Candle Line

Photograph by Matt Bolt


EST ASHLEY—The Votivo candle company, based in Spartanburg, has gained national acclaim as the favorite candle of stars such as Madonna, Rihanna, and George Lopez. Each deliciously smelling candle—in fragrances like Black Ginger, Bright Leaf Tobacco, and Red Currant—is hand-packaged and hand-sealed, giving it a special, homegrown touch. MW Hunter Custom Interiors in West Ashley is now

Votivo Candles at MW Hunter Custom Interiors in West Ashley

an authorized dealer of Votivo candles; stop by and pick up a sample (or a new candle) next time you’re in the area.

For more information, call (843) 556-4939 or visit Find their showroom at 1722 Ashley River Road in West Ashley.

Energy One America Hosts Ugliest Crawl Space Competition

C Encapsulated Crawl Space by Energy One America


CH+D • Winter 2013

HARLESTON—Energy One America, which was named one of the fastest growing businesses by SC Biz News, decided to spread the word about their crawl space encapsulation service. To do so, they hosted the Ugliest Crawl Space Competition through their social media networks. After

sorting through many submissions, the team at Energy One declared the home of Hannah Shumaker the winner. Hannah will receive a $500 credit towards a crawl space encapsulation project. For more information, call (843) 3886260 or visit

CH+D • Winter 2013



(above) Circa Lighting's Newly Remodeled Showroom (right) Karly Cortes of Charleston Home + Design with Matthew McLaughlin and Steele Trotter of Circa Lighting

Circa Lighting Redesigns King Street Boutique


OWNTOWN—Circa Lighting is hailed as one of the most high-fashion lighting boutiques on the peninsula, and the shopping experience there has just become even better. The team at Circa Lighting has thought-

fully redesigned their upper King Street shop to match their national branding campaign of striking, yet simplistic, design. The new layout features a more spacious floor plan, more room to work with the in-house staff, and eye-catching

window displays. The revision is sure to wow each shopper who steps inside. For more information, call (843) 937-5990 or visit Find their showroom at 426 King Street, Charleston.

New Consignment Store Opens in the Neck Area


CH+D • Winter 2013

Photography by Matt Bolt


OWNTOWN—After searching for the perfect downtown location for nearly three years, Linda Kammel (owner of Lowcountry Consignments and Victoria’s Furniture) has opened Charleston Consignment Co. on North Nassau Street between Morrison Drive and Meeting Street. Of her new location, Linda dotes, “I love the diversity and energy of the neck area; it is filled with student activity, restaurants, bars, and other emerging businesses. I can see a bright future in this end of Charleston. We're glad to be here.” The new store houses everything from art to furniture. Shop often because the inventory is always changing.

Linda Kammel of Lowcountry Consignments, Victoria's Furniture, and Charleston Consignment Co.

For more information, call (843) 720-5282 or visit Find their showroom at 464 N. Nassau Street, Downtown Charleston.

CH+D • Winter 2013



Moluf’s Expands Showroom on East Bay Street


OW N T OW N — U n d e r s t a n d i n g the need for a showroom that inspires vision and creativity within homeowners, Moluf’s has expanded their display area to showcase even more kitchen and bathroom options. Their new setup includes Plain and Fancy brand cabinetry provided by Sandra Gaylord of Gaylord Design; lighting by Carolina Lanterns; countertops by Palmetto Surfacing, World Granite, LLC, and World Stone Distributors; five farm sinks; five new faucet brands; multiple vanities; five freestanding tubs; and one working Microsilk tub (the height of bathroom technology, deemed “the fountain of youth”). A real-life representation of installed fixtures allows the shopper to envision the displayed products in his or her own home.

Moluf's newly remodeled showroom features numerous installations of plumbing fixtures, sinks, toilets, and tubs so that homeowners can glean inspiration for their own house.

For more information, call (843) 723-4881 or visit Find their showroom at 530 East Bay Street, Downtown Charleston

The Pendergrass Moving Company, LLC Opens Private, Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

C Mark and Mandi Pendergrass of The Pendergrass Moving Company, LLC

For more information, call (843) 971-0919 or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013

HARLESTON—The Pendergrass Moving Company now offers private, climate-controlled storage for their customers. Mandi Pendergrass notes, “We’re able to store household goods as well as office and commercial goods. Items that benefit from a climate controlled environment include antiques, fine furnishings, art, photos, heirlooms, furniture, electronics, and important documents. A climate-controlled and monitored environment is important to prevent warping, mold, pest infestation, and other problems caused by improper temperature control.” To offer maximum security, the Pendergrass staff checks on stored items daily, ensuring that their customers’ possessions are tucked away safely.

CH+D • Winter 2013



Photography by Matt Bolt

Jay Miller of HWC Custom Cabinetry Demonstrating the Functionality of the Murphy Bed

HWC Custom Cabinetry Now Specializes in Murphy Beds


ORTH CHARLESTON— Forget hideous wall panels masking the murphy beds of the past; you can have the same convenience and space-saving technology hidden behind beautiful custom cabi-

netry. The murphy beds that HWC Custom Cabinetry is now building are not only stunning, but also easy to use. They utilize one-person, one-handed, simple hardware that makes offering a good night’s rest a cinch. With

beauty and quick accessibility, it’s no wonder that murphy beds are coming back in style. For more information, call (843) 207-0750 or visit

Buck Lumber & Building Supply, Inc. Offers New Door Options from Craftsmen in Wood


AMES ISLAND—Buck Lumber now carries a new line of doors, Craftsmen in Wood, which specializes in handrubbed finishes as well as artistic distresses and carvings. Dale Fort of Buck Lumber describes, “When locals think of millwork, we want them to think of Buck Lumber. In order for that to happen, we have to be exceptional. Craftsmen in Wood is an exceptional company with exceptional products that we’re proud to carry.” The new line is a welcomed addition to Buck Lumber’s offerings. For more information, call (843) 795-0150 or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013

Dale Fort of Buck Lumber and Building Supply Showcasing the New Craftsmen in Wood Door Line Available in Multiple Finishes and Styles

CH+D • Winter 2013



RS Custom Homes Teams with Lowcountry Orphan Relief to Complete New Construction


ORTH CHARLESTON—On November 8, 2012, RS Custom Homes broke ground on a new distribution center in North Charleston for Lowcountry Orphan Relief, a non-profit organization that works to help children in need in the TriCounty area. At the new facility, volunteers will organize and receive materials such as clothes, school supplies, and toiletries. As orders from a variety of sources (such as caseworkers and teachers) come in, volunteers will distribute the resources to area children in need of supplies.

Chip and Zac Naramore of RS Custom Homes meet with members of the press and volunteers for Lowcountry Orphan Relief to break ground on the new distribution center.

If you would like to learn more or if you would like to donate to Lowcountry Orphan Relief, visit To learn more about the involvement of RS Custom Homes, call (843) 514-7521 or visit

Two of CH+D’s Favorite Companies Take Home Prism Awards


Tommy Priester of Priester's Custom Contracting (above) and Steve Kendrick of Structures Building Company (right) both accepting Prism Awards from Heather Pound of The Post and Courier.


CH+D • Winter 2013

OWNTOWN—At the 2012 Prism Awards Ceremony hosted by the Charleston Homebuilders Association, two noteworthy local companies went home with a coveted glass trophy— Structures Building Company and Priester’s Custom Contracting. Structures won the award for the best single-family home in the $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 category. Priester’s Custom Contracting brought in two awards: the Excellence in Customer Service award and the Best Remodeling Project between $150,000 and $300,000 award. We commend the

two companies for their hard work in the 2012 year! To contact these builders, call Structures Building Company at (843) 856-6901 or visit Priester’s Custom Contracting can be reached at (843) 2008495 or at

CH+D • Winter 2013



Local Building Company Southern Structures, Inc. Branches Out with Handyman Services such as carpentry work, sheetrock installation and repair, painting, plastering, masonry, plumbing, electrical work, HVAC maintenance, replacing windows, repairing roofs and gutters, and pressure washing. The best part? Ben and his crew are on call 24 hours a day for emergencies (like when that pesky water pipe bursts at two o'clock in the morning). For more information, call (843) 442-7354 or visit

Photograph by Matt Bolt

CHARLESTON—Since many people today are buying existing homes or staying in their current homes longer, Ben Daniel of Southern Structures saw the growing need for a trusted handyman. So, he created a new branch of his building company known as Daniel Handy Home Services. Being a builder has helped Ben learn the ins and outs of each aspect of a house, allowing him to fix just about any problem that may arise. The list of his repair capabilities is endless, including tasks

Ben Daniel of Southern Structures, Inc.

World Stone Distributors Moves to New Showroom off of Clements Ferry Road

Photograph by Matt Bolt


HARLESTON— The folks at World Stone Distributors have been doing business off of Clements Ferry Road for years. Carefully looking at their status-quo setup, owner Giuseppe Telara knew that they needed a change—more warehouse room and less showroom space. While homeowners like to see stone installed in a showroom (and World Stone still has plenty of display space), one of the unique experiences when shopping for natural stone is choosing one's own slab. At their new location—a 50,000 squarefoot facility also located off of Clements Ferry Road—homeowners can peruse natural slabs and choose the perfect one for their project.

World Stone Distributors' natural stone warehouse is home to thousands of slabs on display for the public.

World Stone Distributors is now located at 414 Jessen Lane off of Clements Ferry Road. For more information, call (843)744-5665 or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013

Ryland Homes are


hundreds with Natural Gas!*

Warmer rooms. Steaming showers. When your home has natural gas, every day can be the ultimate housewarming. Natural gas offers exceptional comfort, convenience and energy savings year round.

Boral. More than just brick. Boral Building Products is your one-stop shop for brick, Cultured Stone®, Finestone EIFS and stucco, Nichiha fiber cement siding, Boral® Pavers, Fire Rock fireplaces and all your masonry accessory items. Boral Building Products 121 Mellichamp Road Summerville, SC 29483 Office: 843.873.1610 Contact: Sally Ann Kivett

Faster heating. A natural gas furnace warms a home faster with heat up to 25 degrees warmer than electric heat pumps. Ample hot water. A natural gas water heater heats water about twice as fast as most electric models, and provides faster recovery and seemingly endless supply. Higher efficiency. Natural gas furnaces and water heaters are more energy efficient, economical to operate and durable compared to electric models. Come see Whitney Lake and the energy advantage of natural gas. Visit or call 1-866-523-8242 to learn more. *Annual energy savings are calculated based on a home with natural gas for heat and water heating. SCE&G offer bill credits that are subject to change when converting to natural gas.

WHITNEY LAKE 843-559-0197 Built by:

Build something greatTM

CH+D • Winter 2013



Daniel Island Audio/Video and Structured Wiring, LLC Opens New Show Room


ANIEL ISLAND—Daniel Island Audio/Video has decided to move their showroom from Seven Farms Drive to a new location in Charleston’s island town—Jessen Lane off of Clements Ferry Road. The new location will be highly accessible to shopping homeowners and close to other industry professionals who have made their home on Clements Ferry Road.

Photograph by Matt Bolt

For more information, call (843) 4712990 or visit To stop by the new showroom, go to 474A Jessen Lane, Charleston, SC.

(above) The new Daniel Island Audio/ Video showroom welcomes shopping homeowners. (right) Eleanor Black and Jerry Tollison outside of their showroom.

Palmetto Tile Distributors, Inc. Now Carrying Laminan by Crossville


ORTH CHARLESTON—Laminan, a thin, porcelain, skin-like tile, is one of the most unique wall-covering options available; it can actually be installed over outdated ceramic tile on the walls without removing the original, old tile. Its usability doesn’t end in the bathroom and kitchen, though. Laminan is also suitable for boats and outdoor areas. The large, onemeter by three-meter panels will last as long as any other porcelain material. In addition, they require no sealing, stripping, waxing, or refinishing. You can now find Laminan locally at Palmetto Tile Distributors. For more information, call (843) 266-8700 or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013

(above left) Laminan by Crossville Installed in the Restroom at Ms. Rose's Restaurant in West Ashley (above) Laminan Color Options

CH+D • Winter 2013



{ Bacco Italian Restaurant Serves Up Yummy Lunch Dishes {


T. PLEASANT—A young entrepreneur, Michael




opened Bacco Italian Restaurant in 2007 at the ripe age of 25, offering delicious dishes with Italian inspiration from Venice and Naples. Boy, were we impressed by the authentic Italian spread he laid out for the CH+D team! We savored four different antipasti treats, followed by several tasty entrees. To complete the dining experience, we eagerly sampled two gourmet Italian desserts. With a meal like this, we left the Mt. Pleasant eatery more than satisfied with Michael's culinary creations. To grab a bite, make a dinner reservation by calling (843) 884-6969 or stop by for lunch at 976 Houston Northcutt Boulevard in Mt. Pleasant.

ANTIPASTI •Sformato (chilled beet custard with parmigiano poppy seed frico) •Salumi and Formaggio •Vongole al Forno (little neck clams fire roasted with white wine and parsley) •House-Made Mozzarella and Prosciutto •Insalata di Polpo (which showcased grilled octopus, a new treat for the entire CH+D team) ENTREES •Margherita Pizza •Salumi Toscani Panuozzi (Italian sandwich with house-made mozzarella and Tuscan salumi) •Bucatini Amatriciana (Bucatini pasta with pepperoncini-flavored tomato sauce, guanciale and pecorino cheese) •Pasta al Forno (butternut squash gnocchi with sage and smoked provala) DESSERTS •Budino alla Modica (roasted habanero- and cinnamon-flavored chocolate custard) •Panettone Bread Pudding

{ The Journey House Reaches Out to Families in Need { T SUPPOR

youngest child, Ansley, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, the McEvoy family experienced this change first-hand. Not only do medical bills pile up, but travel costs to appropriate hospitals (including gas and hotel fares) add to the expenses. Amy McEvoy, the matriarch of the family, decided to do something for other families in the same situation; she founded The Journey House, a nonprofit organization in the Lowcountry that helps families afford the additional costs associated with having a child who is suffering from a chronic or life-threatening illness.

Amy McEvoy Pictured with her Family on the Steps of their Mt. Pleasant Home


OWNTOWN—If a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, the life of each member of the family changes dramatically. When their


CH+D • Winter 2013

Currently, they’re working with America's Home Place to construct a home for families to stay while their children are receiving care at MUSC. To get involved or donate, visit The Journey House website at


what's happening



Charleston Home + Design Show

January 25-27, 2013 The Citadel’s Johnson Hagood Stadium Downtown Charleston For more information, call (843) 577-7652 or visit

Chalk Paint™ Furniture Refinishing Classes

Twice Monthly Presented by Charleston Revisions Mt. Pleasant For more information, visit

Festival of Houses and Gardens March 21-April 20, 2013 Downtown Charleston For more information, visit

10th Annual Charleston Antique Show March 22-24, 2013 Memminger Auditorium Downtown Charleston For more information, visit

Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament

March 30-April 7, 2013 Daniel Island For more information, visit

36th Annual Cooper River Bridge Run

April 6, 2013 Mt. Pleasant For more information, visit

78th Annual Walking Tour of Private Houses and Gardens April 5-6, 2013 Historic District For more information, visit

Charleston's Open Air Home Show and Homes by Architects Tour April 20-21, 2013 Family Circle Stadium Daniel Island For more information, call (843) 577-7652 or visit

CH+D • Winter 2013



Design In Mind Photography by Matt Bolt

The number-one room homeowners choose to remodel is the kitchen. To navigate the project on one’s own, however, is no piece of cake; there’s more to it than simply making decisions about color swatches and granite samples. Hailed as an expert in “all things kitchen,” Nancy Jo Klug, owner of The Charleston Design Cottage (a local kitchen design company), helps homeowners achieve the kitchen of their dreams, and after talking with her about her methods, we can see how.

Nancy Jo Klug of The Charleston Design Cottage

With a prospective client, how do you begin the design process? The first questions I always ask are “What problems are you having in your current kitchen?” and “What would you like to see in your new kitchen?” After all, my goal is to create the homeowners' perfect kitchen, not mine. Before our first sit-down appointment, I usually suggest that they pick up a couple of shelter magazines (including Charleston Home + Design) and flag kitchens that appeal to them. By looking at the pictures, I can usually point out a pattern or consistency in their choices that will help define their present sense of style. During this first appointment, we discuss the need to shop for appliances very early in the design process, as they determine cabinet placement. This shopping trip is also a good way to help them define a realistic budget for the project (and perhaps experience a bit of sticker shock in private). Kitchen remodels can be expensive. How do you broach the subject of budget?


CH+D • Winter 2013

Budget is a sensitive area for most, but I let clients know that I can’t and don’t start designing without one. My job is to respect their financial comfort level and stay within it. No one wins if every time they walk into their kitchen, they think of the items that had to be eliminated or their discomfort from knowing they spent more than they could afford. Our shared goal is to create a room that brings joy each time they enter it. What advice do you have for homeowners who feel overwhelmed with the idea of remodeling their kitchen? I find that most people get intimidated for three reasons: they don’t know where to start, they think they have to make all the decisions at one time, and they believe they will make mistakes. I’m famous for saying, “Look at everything and fall in love with one thing. That one item is what we will build the design around.” I suggest that they take a look at cabinets, floors, countertops, and appliances. Within those arenas, something will catch their eye (or soul), and that is where we

One of Nancy Jo Klug's Favorite Kitchen Remodels from Her Career

start the design process. Each subsequent item will be chosen to flatter or coordinate the original inspirational item or give purpose to it. What do you do as the designated project leader to alleviate the homeowner’s worries about mistakes?

lems related to any choices are discussed. Issues and decisions can be revisited as many times as needed until they are comfortable with the design. I tell the homeowners that their job is to look forward to their new room; my job is to make sure they have a design they love that is based on safety, budget, efficiency, function, and aesthetics.

I remind the homeowners, when necessary, that I’m here to make sure they don’t make mistakes. The benefits and potential prob-

For more information about The Charleston Design Cottage, call (843) 518-0338 or visit

Available at:



Wilmington Showroom 3001 Flight Path Drive #5 Wilmington, NC 28405

Tested to withstand

hurricane force winds of 173mph.

DP Rated Products

Doors to fit any style home.

Design it & DSA will Build Your Dream Door. You

CH+D • Winter 2013



Local companies and products focusing on eco-friendliness

Story by Christy Conway •Photograph by Patrick Brickman

SIPs: Savings in your PocketbookS Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Prove that Homes Can Be Built Better and Faster The desire to own a home that has architectural character, uses quality materials, is of a manageable size, and produces an energy bill that is half the cost of the neighbors’ is an emerging movement in home construction for obvious reasons. The Verdi Company is responding to those desires by offering a soup-to-nuts service that includes design, development, and construction of low environmental-impact homes by taking advantage of company owner David Hill’s experience as an architect and general contractor. With his green designs, combined with his in-house manufactured Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), David's work lives up to the company name: Verdi. SIPs are structural “sandwiches” of wood skins bonded to high density foam that provide primary structure, insulation, and sheathing all in one piece. The use of these prefabricated SIPs

allows a home to be “in the dry” within a week, produces less onsite material waste, and requires smaller heating and air conditioning systems. Because these quasi-custom homes are not traditionally stick-built, The Verdi Company promises they are building better, more efficient homes that save both the environment and money. To build your new, green home with Verdi, call (843) 475-3317 or visit

Relief from the Sun A Hardly Noticeable Film Makes You Notice the Benefits of Being Green Living in the continually sunny Lowcountry, do you feel compelled to take advantage of solar energy even though you’re not ready to commit to a full solar-power system in your home? Good news! We at CH+D have found a new product that lets you participate passively in solar heating. Solar film for windows heightens your home’s interaction with the sun’s power without calling for a major remodel.

ing, you would be using drastically less energy to cool your home in the summer months. Also, solar film blocks 99 percent of UV rays, keeping your furniture and home décor safe from fading. With solar film, a solar panel construction project is avoided, electric bills are lowered, costly furniture is spared, and the earth thanks you.

Solar film will reject 60 percent of the sun's rays that currently come through your home. By eliminating that unnecessary heat-

To learn more about solar films, call Solar Reflection at (843) 769-6087 or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013

Professional Pest Elimination Services to protect your family & business since 1985 t 1FTU3PEFOU&MJNJOBUJPO t 5FSNJUF5SFBUNFOU t .PTRVJUP$POUSPM

SAVE 50% On Your Initial

Residential Pest Service

XJUITJHOFEQFTUBHSFFNFOU Cannot be combined with any other offer – some restrictions may apply. Expires 3/31/2013.


FREE Estimate TODAY!

(843) 760.1199 (800) 813.4790

Experience Exquisite Kitchen & Bath Design!

¡ New Construction & Remodel ¡ ¡ Aging in Place Design ¡ Also Offering ¡ Refinished Vintage Furniture & Decor ¡

You deserve to have a truly unique space that reflects your life style. Call today to schedule a design consultation!

1070 Main Road, Johns Island, SC 29455


CH+D • Winter 2013


ASK THE EXPERTS Excerpts from our radio show TALKING ABOUT A HOME


We asked five experts: “What advice do you have for homeowners considering a project in your field?” Garage Doors


Pest Control

Home Inspections

Linda Kammel

Robert Gatch

David Smith

Bert Snyder

Jeff Donaldson

“I think homeowners should have a clear idea of what they need. Then, I think the number-one thing they should look for is the quality of the piece (which can be determined by manufacturer). Also, homeowners should consider customer service. If you have someone that knows the pieces, knows the furniture, and knows what you’re looking for, the shopping experience will be better. We have a great staff at all of our stores. They’re all wellinformed and very good at what they do. They are always able to assist shoppers with their selections”

“The first things you always want to ask about are how long the company has been in business and how long they’ve been working with garage doors. Also, it’s important to know if their installers actually work for them (rather than being subcontracted out). Today, there are a lot of companies that use subcontractors. All of our guys work for us, so we have control over the entire process. Also, because All About Garage Doors is growing, I’m not able to be on every job site. Since I hire each employee personally, I know that they will get the job done right.”

For more information, call All About Garage Doors and Openers, LLC at (843) 813-7779 or visit

“I would look for experience from the standpoint of general pest control, which is a fairly risk-free service to purchase. However, if you are talking about termite control, you need to ask the prospective company a lot of very detailed questions. How many Formosan termite infestations have they seen? How many infestations have they repaired? How long have they been in business? I would look for a business that has been here for a long time, is a substantial size company, and has the wherewithal to handle termite damage claims. These factors go a long way in validating how good the company is.”

“Always ask if the inspectors give a guarantee or warranty with their service. We want satisfied customers, so we offer a satisfaction guarantee with our service. If somebody is not happy with our work, we will refund his or her money and pay for another inspector to look at the house . We also include a 90-day home warranty with every inspection. Even though the inspection is a snapshot in time, sometimes things happen after the inspector has been there, and the 90-day warranty covers many concerns that may arise within that time frame.”

For more information, call Charleston Consignment Co. at (843) 720-5282 or visit

“First and foremost, you want to work with a reputable company, one that has been in business for a while. The homeowners need to do their research to make sure that they are dealing with a business that has insurance and is licensed. There are a lot of ways to do audio and video in a house, and it is a costly venture. You want to work with someone who has experience. Technology is constantly changing, and unless you are working with someone who has experience, you are going to run into headaches. The more reputable companies help you avoid that.”

For more information, call Audio Tech Services at (843) 277-0059 or visit

For more information, call Palmetto Exterminators at (843) 766-9701 or visit

For more information, call ACE Preferred Inspections, Inc. at (843) 849-0455 or visit

Now in our fifth year, Talking About a Home, a home show on the radio, airs every Saturday 1-2pm on 94.3 WSC-FM and online at You may also listen to archived radio interviews on our website, 52

CH+D • Winter 2013

tel - 843.971.6880 email - web - CH+D • Winter 2013


Welcome the Charleston Collection into your Home..

Gas Lamp

Ravenel Blush

Folly Tides

Lowcountry Marsh

Hand picked by Eco Deco’s color experts, the Charleston Collection will bring pieces of the Holy City and the Lowcountry into your home. Eco Deco offers high-quality, soy-based and acrylic-based paints that contain low-to-no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)*. Eco Deco is ready to make the world a better breathing space . . . one home at a time. Visit our showroom to receive 15% off paint and accessories and a free in-store color consultation. 843.654.9520 Next to Whole Foods Mt. Pleasant *meet LEED standards


CH+D • Winter 2013




843.937.5990 S AVA N N A H


168453_StXL_CharlesHomeDesWint_x1a.indd 1

11/6/12 2:33 PM

Hot new styles and products hitting the Charleston market



Backyard Retreats (843) 856-0049


he feel of life differentiates a house from a home.

A house has not seen dinner parties, family game

nights, or outdoor martini sipping and marshmallow roasting. A home, however, has. The proof is in the personal details that decorate a home. Some families’ tokens of life may include hand-sewn throw blankets, antique ice buckets, or carefully chosen mercury glass vases. Browse through the next few pages to see how Trident Habitat for Humanity (843) 724-6900

Terrace Oaks Antique Mall (843) 795-9689

you can turn your house into well-appointed home.

For the House - The Barstool Shop (843) 881-7073 CH+D • Fall 2012



Gripping Game Night

Perfectly Paired Paint

Media Room by: Bennett Hofford Construction Company, Inc | (843)722-8169 |

Mystic Ouija Board Set



Cozy Throw Blanket



Refreshment Tray

Charming Chess Set 7





Wooden Ice Buckets 9

Tufted Ottoman



Sherwin-Williams 1-800-4-SHERWIN

Creative Cotton Company

(843) 737-0935


CH+D • Winter 2013

Floor Pillows

2,8 Coralberry Cottage (843) 884-2225


For the House The Barstool Shop (843) 881-7073

3,5,9 Terrace Oaks Antique Mall

(843) 795-9689


Palmetto Moon Antiques (843) 856-1881

Antique Blanket Rack

Complete cabinetry and countertop solutions


ince 1991, Jilco Kitchen and Bath

has provided our clients with cabinetry and countertop solutions to fulfill the needs of new construction, remodeling and commercial applications.

At Jilco, we have a variety of kitchen and bath products to fit all budgets and design challenges. Jilco is the one stop source to make your cabinetry and countertop projects a success.

2300 Clements Ferry Road, Suite 105 Charleston, South Carolina 29492 phone: 843-849-6465

For more information contact:

See the Difference Quality MakesÂŽ

1038 Legrand Boulevard Daniel Island, SC 843-881-0038 CH+D • Winter 2013



Beautiful Bonfire Bash

Unbreakable Govino Wine Glasses 1

Outdoor Space by: Backyard Retreats | (843) 856-0049 |

Perfectly Paired Paint

Rustic Bench 3


Unbreakable Govino Wine Decanter


Condiment Dispenser

1,4,5 MW Hunter Custom Interiors (843) 556-4939


Trident Habitat for Humanity (843) 724-6900


CH+D • Fall 2012



7 Coralberry Cottage

8,9 Backyard Retreats

(843) 654-9520

(843) 884-2225

Next to New




Outdoor Plates

2 Eco Deco Paints

Standing Drink Chiller

Outdoor Furniture 9

(843) 606-2715

(843) 856-0049

Decorative Plaque

Need Mulch?

Cypress Mulch¡ Hardwood Mulch¡ Pine Mulch¡ Decorative Mulch¡ Soils Hardscapes¡ Compost¡ Playgrounds¡ Delivery¡ Pinestraw¡ Bark Blowing


)PVST Mon - Fri: 8AM to 5PM Saturday: 8AM to 2PM Sundays: Closed

843-971-7010 | CH+D • Winter 2013



Delicious Dinner Party

Seahorse Candle Holders 1

Dining Room by: Coralberry Cottage | (843) 884-2225 |

Perfectly Paired Paint


Place Setting


Wooden Scoop





Fruit Platter


Eco Deco Paints

3,4,8 Coralberry Cottage


Next to New


Trident Habitat for Humanity



(843) 606-2715

CH+D • Fall 2012

(843) 654-9520

(843) 724-6900




Deviled Egg Plate

Mercury Glass Centerpiece

MW Hunter (843) 556-4939

4 (843) 884-2225

Danco Modern Furniture (843) 884-2256

Sleek Dining Room Chair

GET WHAT YOU DESERVE Save $$$ on insurance and more! WIND CERTIFICATIONS VERIFY: Roof Sheathing Attachment · Secondary Water Barrier Roof Covering · Roof Geometry · Gable End Bracing Roof to Wall Connections · Opening Protection

WITH A WIND CERTIFICATION REPORT YOU MAY BE ABLE TO CLAIM: Tax Credits · Tax Deductions Insurance Rebates · Premium Discounts Even a $5000 Grant!


An ACE wind certification is only $150!

2TQHGUUKQPCN†'ZRGTKGPEGF†6JQTQWIJ Scan the QR Code to learn more about wind certifications

schedule appointments online at

“We asked him to repaint the entire interior of our home on Kiawah Island. My husband and I have very high standards. James proved that his standards were as high as ours. He finished the job on time and within budget. We were so impressed that we then hired him to paint the exterior of the house. - Victoria Tifft, 215 Glen Abbey, Kiawah Island, SC

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Painting & Contracting, Inc.

Custom Painting Historical Restoration New Construction Repainting & Staining Remove Popcorn Ceiling Drywall Repair/Wood Repair

Cell 200.3735 · ·

James Leigh - Owner

Check us out on &

CH+D • Winter 2013




Barrel-Vaulted Ceiling

Beadboard Ceilings

Rich, Wood-Paneled Ceiling

This coffered and barrel-vaulted foyer ceiling is one of the jaw-dropping features that qualified this house as a must-see on the Homes by Architects Tour on Daniel Island last year. With custom mouldings and tongue-and-groove, v-edge construction, the homeowners will never see any imperfections despite the difficulty associated with installing barrel-vaulted ceilings. And, they can brag to guests upon entry that their ceiling is made from the same wood (Sapele) used to manufacture 36-string harps and the decorative interior trim of Cadillacs.

Blue beadboard porch ceilings have been a tradition in the Lowcountry since the Victorian era. Some say it is because the color is reminiscent of the sky, but Gullah folklore dictates that the color blue (or “Haint Blue”) was applied to doors, window frames, and porch ceilings to keep away evil spirits. No matter the reason, many Charlestonians still appreciate the style which can be achieved using high-quality, four-foot by eight-foot ply bead sheets.

Why use drywall when wood paneling gives a ceiling character? For a room like a study or a den, deep, rich paneling adds the necessary atmosphere—a combination of masculinity, class, and coziness. With such dramatic moulding—milled by Southern, family-owned company Stewart Brannen Millwork—homeowners are able to construct new homes that feel historic or update older homes with a period-appropriate charm. Who knew ceilings could be such an important aspect in home design?

For more information, call Southern Lumber and Millwork Corp. at (843) 744-6281 or visit

For more information, call 84 Lumber at (843) 884-8431 or visit

For more information, call Buck Lumber & Building Supply at (843) 795-0150 or visit To contact Stewart Brannen Millwork, call (912) 488-2397.

Photograph by Patrick Brickman

Cypress Porch Ceiling


CH+D • Winter 2013

A charming addition to any porch, dark-stained cypress ceilings allow a tea-sipping marsh observer to feel one with nature. Because cypress does not cup or twist like other species of wood, it is the perfect material to have installed in such an exposed portion of the home. Also, cypress easily accepts a range of finishes, including fine oils and stains. These particular panels are tinted to perfectly match the warm tones seen in the exterior doors. For more information, call Liberty Cedar at (843) 744-0450 or visit

CH+D • Winter 2013



At Home with

Steve Meyer of Precision Flooring Group


Story by Emily Mecredy • Photography by Matt Bolt

teve Meyer and his wife built their home in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of River Towne after falling in love with the location for its sprawling golf courses and beautiful views. While moving to Charleston had always been a dream for the couple, they had no immediate plans to relocate. Once they found the perfect lot, the Meyers’ decided to seize the opportunity and make Mt. Pleasant their new home. Steve, a California native, has been

Steve Meyer of Precision Flooring Group

with Precision Flooring for only a few years, but he has a lifetime of experience. “I’ve spent 45 years in the tile business. I’m the third generation of experts, and I’m a certified tile installer,” Steve notes. While Precision Flooring offers wood, vinyl, tile, and carpet, Steve is most passionate about tile. For more information about Precision Flooring Group, call (843) 762-9380 or visit

Steve got creative with the tiling patterns in his home. The most striking element is the black granite frame surrounding the center of the kitchen. By choosing tiles that match the island’s countertop, Steve developed a design element that adds visual interest and variety to the floor, while offering a clean and low-maintenance alternative to an area rug.

Originally, Steve chose larger tiles for the kitchen backsplash to match the floor, but a few years later he opted to replace the existing tiles with smaller, mosaic-style tiles. After a long search, Steve decided on these one-inch glass and slate pieces to match the countertops.


CH+D • Winter 2013

To create the look of a solid slab, Steve set these granite tiles close together, giving them a seamless, cohesive look.

Let Charleston inspire you! The green in our Palmettos. The blue in our oceans. And a history just as colorful. Now you can bring the vibrant colors and timeless tradition of Charleston into your home with color palettes found exclusively at Sherwin-Williams. Select these unique colors and a portion of the proceeds supports the ongoing preservation projects of the Historic Charleston Foundation.

Image copyrighted to Historical Society of Charleston

For a store near you, visit us at, or call 1-800-4-SHERWIN

Ask Sherwin-Williams.™ ©2012 The Sherwin-Williams Company.

Made-to-Order · Fabulous Finds · Redesigns · One-of-a-Kind Home Decor Furniture Chalk Paint™ Pillows Mid-Century Modern Vintage Votive Lamps - Lighting Wall Decor

original ideas = creative spaces


1212 Fairmont Ave. Mt Pleasant, SC CH+D • Winter 2013



taking a look at the cost of hurricane-resistant shutters


he 2012 hurricane season came to a close with very few local threats, but that’s no reason for Charlestonians to become complacent. Truly unpredictable, the 2013 season could bring gushing rains, intense winds, and all other hazards accompanying a high-category storm. Now is the time to begin preparing your home. Ever wonder if adding hurricane shutters is a good investment? Check out our investigation into the value of these popular window protectants to find out for yourself.

One of the main causes of hurricane damage is the penetration of a home’s windows and doors by flying debris. Once the windows are broken, wind can enter the home, creating increased pressure inside the house that could literally force the roof to detach from the structure. Hurricane shutters are installed to protect the building envelope (the outer walls and roof ) and to prevent this wind pressure from entering.

tially eliminating the hassle and cost of rebuilding, remodeling, or replacing belongings after a storm. Furthermore, with the passing of the Omnibus Coastal Property Insurance Reform Act of 2007, insurance companies are required to offer discounts for homes with substantial hurricane protection. Grants are also available to promote hurricane-safe homes. For example, if the structure of your home is insured for less than $300,000, you can qualify for a matching grant up to $10,000; also, if your income is below a certain level, you can qualify for a full grant of $5,000 to protect your home from storm damage. These little, money-saving perks can truly add up in the long run.

Saving Dough:

Aesthetic Appeal:

Tim Smith of Windward Shutters

A Peace of Mind:

Hurricane shutters add value to a home and protect the contents inside, poten-

In addition to the sheer brawn of hurricane-resistant shutters, their beauty is

impeccable (think vibrant, coastal Bahama shutters, not drab plywood window coverings). Some options include aluminum, steel, and fabric hurricane panels, all forms of hurricane protection that simply hide away when not in use. Also, there are both decorative and hurricane-rated options available in the popular, hinged colonial shutters and Bahama shutters. You certainly don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality! For more information about adding hurricane shutters to your home, call Windward Shutters at (843) 881-6262 or visit


Home Constructed by JacksonBuilt Homes CH+D • Fall 2012

Family Owned & Operated For Three Generations




/&& )NITIAL0EST#ONTROL 4%2-)$/2 #%24)&)%$ 02/&%33)/.!, -AJOR#REDIT#ARDS!CCEPTED


Check us out on

Facebook & Twitter!

CH+D • Winter 2013



The story behind select antique pieces

Antique Table Lamp L


Palmetto Moon Antiques

ighting designer and manufacturer Edward F. Caldwell & Co. of New York City designed lighting fixtures that helped affluent citizens transition smoothly from elegant candlelight to modern electricity in a time when many homes and public buildings were being electrified for the first time. Inspired by the traditional, ornamental aesthetics of the late 19th century, Caldwell and his partner Victor F. Von Lossberg created intricately designed lamps, lanterns, and chandeliers that were installed in landmarks such as the Rockefeller Center and the White House. This table lamp (shown right) would fit in a well-appointed foyer or office, reminding passersby of the amazing electrical transition Americans underwent. For more information, call Palmetto Moon Antiques at (843) 856-1881.

Equine Oil Painting from

Terrace Oaks Antique Mall


questrian artwork dates back to the prehistoric era with depictions of the wild animal adorning cave walls. While the medium has changed, the symbolism remains the same: strength, beauty, and grace. One artist, who knew this more than most, was British painter Leonardo F. G. Cattermole, acclaimed for painting both horses and dogs in the midto late-19th century. It is no wonder a good number of Cattermole’s works are still sold and auctioned in Europe—he was an award winner at the French International Exhibition of 1855. This particular historical painting, featuring three spirited horses, is a rare gift to the Lowcountry. For more information, call (843) 795-9689 or visit

Late Federal Sideboard T


Leon Vanderbilt Antiques

his stately sideboard, created to hold and display fine silver and dishware, is especially worthy of collection for its unique, vertical drawers and impressive crotch (flame) mahogany veneer. Such veneer is identifiable by the dramatic v-grain of the wood, which is cut from the section of the tree from which the limbs and branches develop. Built in New York in the early 1800s, this piece (along with all American Federal pieces) is characterized by its straight legs and geometric inlay patterns. Functioning as a centerpiece of entertainment, this sideboard is both a conversation starter and a handsome addition to any dining room. For more information, call Leon Vanderbilt Antiques at (843) 577-0520 or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013


We design solutions


audio video installation products and Great Customer Service!

Technology Simplified!




843.277.0059 CH+D • Winter 2013



Kevin Crout of SolarTEK Energy of Charleston


Kevin inspects the client’s property. He determines the south-facing side of the roof (to maximize the UV light), makes sure there are no trees blocking the roof from the sun, and proceeds in designing a solar panel array on a piece of paper so that the client can envision the layout. This requires some simple math to make sure the panels (whether they are solar photovoltaic or solar hot water) fit on the home. Solar photovoltaic panels create electricity, while solar hot water panels heat and cycle hot water for the home.

eventually hold the solar panels onto the roof through hurricanes.


The technicians use a pulley system to raise the 30- to 100-pound panels onto the roof. These American-made panels are transported from Georgia. With such a short shipping time, this homeowner will be getting off the power grid in a matter of days. When they arrive, each panel is clamped to the rails in a portrait orientation.

DAY 6-8

Solar panel installers have to be both electricians and plumbers when installing water heating and electricity generating panels. On this day, Kevin and crew place inverters (electrical power converters) and run a wire connecting the panels to the meter and the electrical breaker box—the load center that distributes power to the home. Also, they


The SolarTEK team evaluates the roof’s age and condition. This Mt. Pleasant, marshside roof is mid-age but is in generally good shape. Because the project will be an extensive residential installation, Kevin promises to remove and reinstall all of the homeowners’ panels in a few years when they update their roof.

DAY 3-4

Two experienced SolarTEK technicians secure stainless steel and aluminum rails four feet apart on the roof. These rails will


CH+D • Winter 2013

install copper pipes from the solar water heat panels to a new drain-back tank under the house. This tank pumps ten gallons of water up through the copper pipes and onto the roof to soak up the radiant heat from the sun.


Finally, the team connects their system to the homeowners’ wireless router so that when they log on to the internet, they can easily monitor the system. The installation is now ready for inspection by the town of Mt. Pleasant. When there is proof that SolarTEK has adhered to code, SCE&G commissions the system by putting in a meter that allows the home to feed electricity back into the power grid, thus drastically reducing the homeowners’ bill.

For more information, call SolarTEK Energy of Charleston at (843) 937-9999, or visit

Photography by Matt Bolt


ongtime contractor Kevin Crout took his jack-ofall-trades knowledge and applied it to the up-andcoming field of solar energy. With an average of 230 days of sunshine in the Lowcountry per year, it only made sense. Since starting SolarTEK, he has yet to look back. The CH+D crew took a few days to shadow Kevin and his team of pros on the go, learning—surprisingly—that lowering utility bills by taking advantage of the sun is not quite the complex undertaking that one might imagine (or expect).

CH+D • Winter 2013



Photography by Matt Bolt


The Craftswomen:

Libby Ganong of Add Libb Designs and Harper Bech-Correa of Not Just Fabrics

The Craft:

In the studio basement of Downtown Charleston’s Karpeles Museum, Libby stitches hundreds of one-size-fits-all, wearable-art handbags. These modified satchel bags are the result of years of experimentation with the goal of producing the perfect purse shape. Libby is not only known for her unique A-frame style but also for her threedimensional accents, such as silver Drings, buckles, shells, and chains.

The Backstory:

A late-twenties cultural anthropology major from the University of Virginia, Libby is not your typical seamstress. She taught herself to sew at the age of 12 on an old sewing machine purchased from a garage sale. Always creating her own patterns, weaving, and woodworking, it seems as if Libby was meant to be a hand-crafter. After college graduation, she moved to the Lowcountry to immerse herself in the thriving art scene (with no idea that purses would be her signature). Just two years later, she started Add Libb Designs with only a handful of styles. Now, her collection is vast and reflective of her maturity as a designer.


CH+D • Winter 2013

The Process:

First, Libby purchases contemporary fabric from local suppliers like West Ashley, home-fabric store Not Just Fabrics. They have a revolving stock of high-end remnants (from furniture manufacturers) and bolts upon bolts of bright, sleek silk; rich, luxurious upholstery fabric; and fun, floral prints. Since a purse’s design starts with the fabric, this type of selection is essential for her business’ success. Harper Bech-Correa, owner of Not Just Fabrics, is a long-time friend to Libby. She often pulls out unique leathers from a stack in the back that she put aside just for Libby. Next, Libby buys her handle and hardware garnishes from Unites States manufacturers, making her work 100-percent American-made. Finally, once she melds her chosen elements, Libby takes her purses to market (locally, the Saturday morning Charleston Farmer’s Market). They fly off the racks at just under 100 dollars each.

For more information about Not Just Fabrics, call (843) 852-0837 or visit For more information about Add Libb Designs or to buy a hand-made purse, call (843) 469-9123 or visit

(top) Libby's designs feature an A-frame style with varying decorative accents. (above) Add Libb Designs' studio gives Libby and her team plenty of space to create. (below) With the help of Harper, Libby chooses high-quality, contemporary fabric for her unique purse creations.

CH+D • Winter 2013


curve appeal Elongated Flower Bed By lining the wall, this narrow planting bed brings in a touch of green to the hardscapes in this outdoor living space. The foliage also serves as a visual transition from the pavers of the patio to the brick of the wall.

Matching Curves The low retaining wall provides an effective way to manage a multilevel lawn and is aesthetically pleasing. The shape of the retaining wall mirrors the curve of the fountain, creating a cohesive design.


CH+D • Winter 2013

Tips and tricks for enhancing outdoor enjoyment

Story by Emily Mecredy • Photography by Patrick Brickman


Miniature Hedges


Meandering Path

These shrubs form a low-set version of the classic hedge style. Forming a frame around the bed, the bushes give the yard a manicured appearance and require little maintenance.

With their large, snowy blooms, these magnolia trees exude Southern charm and elegance. Native to the Carolinas, magnolias have added benefits such as staying green all year, attracting songbirds, and growing large enough to provide ample shade.

This winding gravel path is a great landscaping solution for a skinny strip of yard along a property line. The walkway gives the space a healthy dose of artistic panache.

For more information on this Daniel Island project, call DIG Landscape • (843) 327-4372

CH+D • Winter 2013



Caribbean Chic

Flooring Functionality

Wise Walking

Bold-textured native plants and grasses provide a tropical atmosphere right here in the Lowcountry for these homeowners to enjoy.

The large, ground-level deck creates a designated floor space for this outdoor area, offering plenty of room for comfortable furnishings to accommodate friends and family.

The boardwalk provides a practical path to the door, while still upholding the yard’s beach-house aesthetic.

Photography by Candace Johnson

For more information on this Sullivan's Island project, call REMARK• (843) 746-9573 •


Outdoor Heaters

Water Feature

This pergola is not simply decorative; it also provides shade and a mount for a fan that will keep the patio cool when the Charleston summer heat rolls in. Vines can be easily trained to climb and cover a pergola, creating a verdant roof.

Patio heaters will keep the seating area toasty when the weather gets cold so that homeowners can continue to enjoy their outdoor living space.

A pondless water feature is the perfect way to create the sound and appeal of a waterfall without the additional maintenance of a pond. This water feature was specially designed for pups and pup lovers.

For more information on this project, call Mathew Ward Landscapes • (843) 695-1193 •


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AKL Professional Interiors

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Taking the Hard Out of Hardware Since 1997

Sales & Installation

Voted most influential interior designer by Charleston Home + Design CH+D Idea House Interior Designer - 2nd & 3rd floors

Fences & Gates

Offering complete interior design service Award winning design work Bachelor of science degree in interior design

April K. Lipps, Interior Designer

843.764.3006 |

Decorative Hardware OF SOUTH CAROLINA, INC.

7268 Peppermill Parkway North Charleston, SC 29418

(843) 552-5515 CH+D • Winter 2013


Photography by Matt Bolt


Private Pergola

Outdoor Hearth

Light the Way

Adding a sidewall to a classic pergola creates a more intimate atmosphere in an out-of-doors entertaining space. Its rich wood tones set an inviting mood.

The large chimney and symmetrical firewood storage areas will provide a warm fire all evening in this rustic brick fireplace. Once the sun goes down and the air is chilly, guests will enjoy gathering around a welcoming hearth for its warmth and light.

Mushroom-top lights are clean-lined fixtures that don’t need to be hidden in bushes or along a wall. These lamps will light up the yard and walkway at night so that homeowners can enjoy the backyard all evening.

For more information on this Mt. Pleasant project, call Coastal Landscape • (843) 559-3311 •

Dress it Up

Room to Grow

Seamless Transition

Hanging plants aren’t just for your porch; they make great additions suspended along fences or on decorative supports.Rather than completely hiding the fence, these hanging pots add visual interest and charm.

Carefully spacing young shrubs and plants ensures that a yard will become beatifully lush rather than overgrown as the years pass. Even while the plants are small, a well-organized flower bed looks thoughtful and attractive.

Recessed stone slabs allow homeowners the ability to simply mow the area along with the rest of the lawn. The integration of the stone into the sod creates a seamless transition from the deck to the yard.

For more information on this Johns Island project, call HLG Growers • (843) 901-4862 •


CH+D • Winter 2013

r List

You ff O g n i eryth v E k c e Ch

pace S l w a r ed C s o l C a With

rica e m A e rgy On

e From En

888-907-3090 All Work Guaranteed. Licensed, Bonded & Insured

CH+D • Winter 2013


Photography by Patrick Brickman


Columnar Trees

Elegant Lighting

These cypress trees will grow up to 40-feet tall without getting very much wider, so they won’t overcrowd the space. Columnar trees like these fit well with historical and Mediterranean-style homes.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to show off your home's landscaping throughout the evening. Well-placed light fixtures can accent the best part of your home's architectural features while increasing visibility in the darker corners of the yard.

Color Variety Although the flowers may not be in bloom, your yard can still be colorful and fun. In this courtyard, the variety of shades of green in the trees and bushes provides a splash of color interest, especially as the leaves turn in the fall.

For more information on this Downtown Charleston project, call Charleston Landscape (843) 296-7592


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CH+D • Winter 2013

Snapshots of local builders, architects, and interior designers


BUILDING BLOCKS James “Donnie” Smith, founder of The J.D. Smith Company, has been making an impact in the Charleston area since 1998. Donnie is a member (and was the president at one point) of the Charleston Trident Home Builders Association. In addition, he has been recognized by Professional Builder Magazine for his stellar construction capabilities in and around the Holy City. We took a moment to pick his brain about the joy he finds as a builder in Charleston.

James "Donnie" Smith of The J.D. Smith Company

When did you discover your passion for building? Before settling in Charleston and starting my own business, I worked in the corporate side of the homebuilding industry. Through my experiences, I discovered that I had a true passion for building, but I wanted to be able to interact with clients on a personal level, which is not common in corporate America. When I started my own business, I wanted to focus on an informal and intimate way of building; the only way to do that was (and is) through custom building.

What is the best part of being a builder in Charleston? Since the Lowcountry and its homeowners are so diverse, custom homebuilding possibilities are endless. If you combine that diversity with the amazing landscapes, picturesque views, and the unique tastes and trends of Charlestonians, you have the perfect ingredients for spectacular, oneof-a-kind custom homes.

What has been the most interesting or unique project you've worked on? Every custom home we build is unique and interesting; it’s impossible for me to choose one project as a favorite. Each project allows my team and me to grow and learn new building trends, while still keeping green building, energy efficiency, and superior building quality a top priority. 

Do you have any exciting projects on the horizon? We constantly have new projects on the horizon, which has been a blessing through some of the toughest economic times in our country. We’re still building and renovating quality homes at a steady pace and are more than grateful for that.

For more information, contact Donnie with The J.D. Smith Company at (843) 881-8843 or visit CH+D • Winter 2013




Architecture is very much like an art, and the architect is the artist. When did you begin to dabble in architecture and discover your passion for the art? Art and architecture have always been a part of my family's history. My middle name is Allison, which is my grandmother's maiden name; she was a painter. Her mother—my great-grandmother—was also a painter, and my great-grandfather was an architect who lived and practiced in the upstate of South Carolina. As you can see, art runs in the family. Growing up in the Lowcountry with three family plantations, I was constantly exposed to architecture. When I was nine or ten years old, my father needed to build a barn on our farm.  He just cut down some timber on our land, which was then milled into the proper sizes and dried. He asked my opinion about the structure and what should go where. It was during this whole cycle of turning trees into a functional barn on the farm that I realized there was more to building than simply putting


CH+D • Winter 2013

Christopher Rose of Christopher Rose Architects, P.A.

Photograph by Matt Bolt

A truly homegrown Carolina boy earning his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in architecture at Clemson University, Christopher Rose has been an integral part of the architectural community for more than 20 years. His work since graduation includes the development of plans for affordable housing, designs for numerous, high-end custom homes, the acquisition of over 17 design awards, and the creation of several local communities. Although his primary market is Charleston, Chris has expanded his talents to construct cohesive residential and commercial spaces throughout the United States and abroad.

some lumber together. This was when the concept of architecture—blending art and construction, combining form with function—became real to me.

How has this architectural passion that you realized so many moons ago morphed into a design philosophy for your firm? My history with the Lowcountry has influenced the way I practice architecture and my business model. Of the team that works at

my firm, most of the architects were born and raised in South Carolina. Our state— especially Charleston—has a unique architectural style already. We strive to tie the Carolina style we’ve been exposed to since childhood into our designs, while also adding new concepts gleaned from our experiences through school and travel.

What exciting, new projects are in the works for the new year? We’re currently working on two ocean-front homes, which are both very different. One home is very contemporary, where we get to expand and stretch our design skills to new levels, and the other is very traditional, allowing us to incorporate our rich, Southern heritage.

For more information, call Christopher Rose Architects, P.A. at (843) 559-7670 or visit

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DESIGN DILEMMA With more than 17 years of experience in her tool belt, Cynthia Zimmerman of Zimmerman Interiors brought a tired kitchen and living room out of the ’80s and devised a chic and contemporary look. She revitalized the space by creating the functionality that the homeowners needed and the beauty that will allow them to enjoy the living space for years to come.

Cynthia Zimmerman of Zimmerman Interiors

functional; they wanted it to be beautiful. The homeowners desired the design to be streamlined and sophisticated.

Story by Emily Mecredy • Photography by Patrick Brickman

The Plan:

The Dilemma:

The homeowners called in Cynthia to breathe new life into this outdated kitchen and living room. The space was stuck in the ’80s and in need of an update. Not only did the homeowners want to modernize the space, but they also needed to improve its functionality to fit their lifestyle. They needed more usable storage and a space that would lend itself to casual entertaining.

The Requests:

The homeowners lived in the house for a year before reaching out to Cynthia so that they would know ex-


CH+D • Winter 2013

actly what would work for them and what needed to change. They were happy with the floors but tired of putting up with many other outdated elements (like their old refrigerator and rickety cabinets). However, they wanted the space to be more than just

Inspired by a set of custom, hand-blown glass pendant lights, Cynthia set out to create a cohesive space that was both modern and functional. She gave the room a muchneeded facelift with up-to-date fixtures, pristine cabinetry, and all new Jenn-Air appliances (including a beverage refrigerator for entertaining). To make the room a better place to welcome and entertain guests, Cynthia took out a dividing wall and joined the kitchen and living room spaces. “I also cut down the bar-height counter at the peninsula, opening up the space and allowing for more functional serving and eating,” she explains. Cynthia didn’t only think of functionality in the design; she also introduced elements to make the room elegant and relaxing. She employed a color scheme of calming blues, rich chocolates, and mellow creams to set a tranquil mood.

The Result:

The changes that Cynthia made in the kitchen and living room make the space versatile and modern. The once-dated area is now an ideal place for the homeowners to entertain friends and family or to relax and unwind after a busy day.

For more information, call Zimmerman Interiors at (843) 9716880 or visit


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Next To New

"Shop Often...The Good Stuff Goes Fast"

Owners - Cathi & Cindy 88

CH+D • Winter 2013

2700 North Hwy 17, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29466 843-606-2715

Highlights from local projects by some of Charleston’s best home professionals


endowing texture Story by Megan Busch • Photography Matt Bolt

After purchasing a house overflowing with historical texture, Mt. Pleasant homeowners sought to develop an interior design—featuring highly textured tilework—to match the structure’s storied past.

The balance of matte and iridescent tiles in this Old Village master bathroom gives the space a chic, feminine feel.

CH+D • Winter 2013



(left) In this Old Village kitchen, the homeowners chose a uniquely textured backsplash featuring Biblical Stone imported from Israel. (right) The homeowners worked with Buckhannon Brothers Tile to install multiple styles of tile in varying shapes, sizes, and feels to create layer upon layer of design in each room. (below) The guest bathroom flaunts multi-colored mosaic tile around the tub.


ell-known for its fatal, kamikaze-style mission sinking the Union warship Housatonic off the coast of Sullivan’s Island, the H.L. Hunley submarine holds many secrets about Charleston’s involvement in the Civil War. Just moments after the Hunley distributed its epic blow to the Housatonic and the crew sent the signal of victory, the submarine sank, carrying with it a crew of victorious Confederates. Staying an evening ashore in a cozy residence just a short time before their demise, the Hunley crew has a direct tie to one particular home in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant. When the most recent homeowners first purchased this Old Village home, they knew they wanted to remodel and build an addition worthy of the house's memorable roots. So, they picked up the home, moved it to a different position on


CH+D • Winter 2013

the same lot, elevated it, and added the addition. Understanding the historical texture of the home inspired the owners to incorporate rich textures into the interior design; to do that, they focused primarily on unique tile installations with the help of Mt. Pleasant’s Buckhannon Brothers Tile. Sonya Buckhannon (half of the company’s husband-and-wife pair) notes, “The owners have a lot of interesting materials that they used throughout the home. Even with the tile, I think they brought in many different patterns and designs to make it really stand out.” Many homeowners don’t realize how progressive the development of tile options has been over the past five to ten years. Sonya describes, “Our industry used to be just stone and ceramic tile. Now, there are so many different colors, patterns, and styles. We have porcelain tiles that look like stone, fabric, or even painted

walls. There are also options like leather and stainless steel tile. The possibilities are endless. Tile used to be considered so utilitarian; you would just put it on your floors or your shower walls and be done with it. Now, it’s more like wallpaper. You can create such a unique look, and (unlike wallpaper) it’s so easy to maintain.” The Old Village homeowners understood the advances in tile and decided to take full advantage of the modern options for their historical home. Buckhannon Brothers helped with these options by installing the homeowners’ choices in two master his-and-hers bathrooms, two guest bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room. The dual master bathrooms contain features fit for the opposing sexes. The husband’s space sports natural stone in warm hues, while the wife’s area flaunts unique matte and iridescent glass tiling. “Her side of the master bathroom is so feminine. Its beautiful, coastal color fits the marsh-front venue. Glass tile like this has become more popular over the past few years. A lot of people think it’s kind of trendy, but I think this room in particular is a great application to show that it can be very traditional,” says Sonya about her love for this bathroom's design. The glass tile isn’t the only unique installation in the bathrooms of this home. Chair rails donning the guest bathroom’s shower


walls and heated flooring (even inside one of the showers) add to the lavatories’ unique design. After the bathrooms were complete, the Buckhannon Brothers team returned several weeks later to complete the kitchen installation (following the arrival of custom cabinetry imported from England). The homeowners chose a Honey Onyx subway tile for the backsplash and Biblical Stone imported from Israel to be the focal point above the range. Quarried from the deserts around Bethlehem and Jerusalem, every piece of Biblical Stone has a distinctive color and pattern. When installed, each limestone tile looks varied, yet the individual pieces naturally match one another. To punctuate the kitchen, Buckhannon Brothers installed a custom inlay above the range surrounded by a pencil frame, a minute detail that enhances the focus of the inlay.

(above) In this guest bathroom shower, the team at Buckhannon Brothers Tile added horizontal lines of contrasting tile, giving the shower a sophisticated, layered feel. (below) Going hand-in-hand with the feminine side of the his-and-hers master-bathroom pair, the husband’s lavatory boasts a masculine motif and heated floors— even in the shower!

By incorporating these textures throughout the kitchen (and, really, throughout the entire house), the homeowners were able to complement and pay homage to the home’s rich historical past and construct a living space that is both vibrant and impeccably designed. v For more information, call Buckhannon Brothers Tile at (843) 881-8911 or visit

Check out our full interview with Sonya at or scan the QR code using your mobile phone.

CH+D • Winter 2013



rising from the ashes After losing their original Wadmalaw Island home, Jacqui Brokaw and her husband began to rebuild, constructing and envisioning the residence of their dreams.


new construction, especially a project as large as this one.” With their pictures in hand, the Brokaws began working with an architect to design their home; Jacqui was most concerned about the kitchen. She recalls, “Working with an architect for the actual plans, my husband and I pretty much designed the house ourselves. One of my starting places was the kitchen. That room always seems to be the last room that is considered, but I wanted to start with the kitchen.”

Thomas Lauderdale with Homeowner Jacqui Brokaw

After poring through tons of shelter magazines and ripping out the photos she liked, homeowner Jacqui Brokaw decided on a design for her kitchen incorporating Smithport Cabinetry installed by local company Advanced Kitchen Designs. CH+D • Winter 2013

Story by Megan Busch • Photography by Patrick Brickman


early two years ago, the Brokaws, Wadmalaw Island homeowners, lost their house to a devastating fire caused by a wayward lightning strike. After picking up the pieces and deciding to rebuild, the couple began imagining a custom home with all the amenities they’ve always wanted. “Well, I started out with pictures,” explains Jacqui Brokaw. “Just tearing them out of magazines is the best way I’ve ever known to design a house. I’ve remodeled before, but I’ve never had the opportunity to work on

The hood is accented by an intricate tile backsplash provided by Melcer Tile. The homeowner was pleased to find a minimal price difference between painted and stained Smithport Cabinetry.

After completing the design, the Brokaws took their plans to Thomas Lauderdale at Advanced Kitchen Designs to perfect the cabinetry layout; he came highly recommended to the couple by a close friend in the Charleston area.

Nestled off of the kitchen is the breakfast room, housing a little bit of counter space for favorite morning appliances— such as an espresso machine or a toaster—and plenty of cabinetry for storage.

the custom look that she saw in so many shelter publications, while still fitting comfortably within her family’s budget.

Thomas didn’t stop with the installation of the kitchen; he also carried out the Thomas quickly began Brokaws’ plans for transforming the Brokaws’ the breakfast room, plans into a functional the master bathroom, kitchen. The team chose two guest bathrooms, the affordable, fully and the laundry room. custom designs of He couldn’t complete Smithport Cabinetry, a these projects all cabinet manufacturing on his own, though. company based in It was through a Tennessee. The cabinetry collaboration with around the kitchen has other Lowcountry a white, painted finish; home professionals In addition to the kitchen in contrast, the island and breakfast room, Thomas that Thomas was features a darker finish. Lauderdale of Advanced Kitchen able to deliver such a Designs worked with the The unique touches of beautiful kitchen and the kitchen—such as homeowners to install cabinetry bathroom for these in the master bathroom and two the hood with custom guest bathrooms. local homeowners. He corbels, the stacking worked with Melcer cabinets, and the non-traditional door Tile to provide the intricate tiling, style—have fulfilled Jacqui’s desire for Vitoria to choose the stunning granite beauty in the most utilized room of the countertops, Ferguson Enterprises to house. And, upon seeing the cost, she was find the perfectly matching faucet, and pleasantly surprised that she could have Rick’s Lighting to add the finishing

touches. Thomas, with his band of local companies working together, was able to construct a functional, custom kitchen (and bathrooms!) for the Brokaws, who are ready to move in to their new home atop the ashes of their previous abode.v For more information, call Advanced Kitchen Designs of Charleston at (843) 225-9344 or visit

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE Check out our full interview with Thomas and Jacqui at or scan the QR code above using your mobile phone.

CH+D • Winter 2013


Story by Christy Conway • Photography by Matt Bolt

love lifts us up Aging Isle of Palms homeowners find a renewed love for their Wild Dunes four-floor, marina-side home with the addition of a custom-built elevator.


fter recently celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, Melvin and Lessie Smith, understandably, are less agile and more cautious than they once were. So, it’s no wonder that the two considered finding an alternative to their four-story Wild Dunes home—even reaching the point of researching assisted living facilities. After, they met Sam Hiott of Advantage Elevators, however, they decided to initiate the healthy undertaking of installing an elevator in their pre-existing home.

(left) Advantage Elevators installed a custom-sized, 14.5 square-foot elevator cab so that the Smiths could easily transport luggage, groceries, or a wheelchair, if need be. (middle) The neighbors' house depicts the original configuration. (right) The Architectural Review Committee allowed the Smiths to enclosed their stacked porches to create an elevator shaft. From the finished exterior, one would never know that there had been an extensive remodel.

Maintain, Inc. enclosed their Charleston-Single style porches to create the custom-sized shaft. “We had to raise the roof in order to have the elevator, but in the process we did a lot of other remodeling,” Lessie said, clearly happy with the turnout.

Advantage Elevators installed a Home Elevators Direct hydraulic elevator package with a custom-sized maple cab and clear, acrylic doors. “One of my requests was that we make sure it was large enough to (from right) Sam Hiott of Advantage put a wheelchair in,” Elevators with Homeowners Melvin Melvin described. “Also, “To start, we found Sam, and Lessie Smith and that was a blessing,” we chose the acrylic explained Lessie. “We had to go to the Ardoor because if you have any claustrochitectural Review Committee (ARC) to phobia, that would make a big difference.” get all the permits, and that took more time than it took Sam to put in the elevator.” Working in the elevator business for Initially, the Smiths preferred to add an elyears, Sam knows how to accommodate a evator to the front exterior of their home, homeowner’s specific needs. Sam detailed, as it would be less expensive to install. But, “Because the elevator is out here in the the ARC denied their request because it salt air, dealing with rust, everything that would change the look of the home from is metal is powder coated. We also use an the street. In order to appease the commitelectronic valve for our hydraulic systems, tee, the Smiths and their contractor from which means that you don’t have to make


CH+D • Winter 2013

the adjustments that you do with a mechanical valve. The electronic valve actually anticipates the change in oil viscosity caused by changing temperatures. We’re the only manufacturer of residential elevators [in all of Charleston] that uses an electronic valve in their home elevators.” With homeowners like the Smiths who are not in the market for home maintenance, this installation is ideal. “This has made a terrific difference,” Lessie asserted. “We can stay here forever, now.” v For more information on Advantage Elevators, call (843) 475-3541 or visit


Check out our full interview with Sam, Melvin, and Lessie at or scan the QR code using your mobile phone.

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CH+D • Winter 2013



green light With a desire for Platinum LEED Certification at the forefront of their minds, the builders of this Kiawah Island cottage sought only the most energy-efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures for the seaside home’s interior.

T Story by Megan Busch • Photography by Patrick Brickman & Matt Bolt

he home and design industry has heard nothing but good things about Kiawah Island’s up-and-coming Indigo Park, which features the 2013 HGTV Dream Home. The entire neighborhood was constructed and planned by some of the best homebuilding talent in the Lowcountry. Architect Chris Rose and building company Royal Indigo began with an idea to create a LEED-Certified (a designation for excellent environmental design), green-conscious community in the heart of Charleston’s

island resort town; to do this, they employed the help of several local businesses, including plumbing, lighting, and appliance company Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. Heather Thomas of Ferguson describes Indigo Park saying, Heather Thomas, Lighting Manager, “The developers’ main and Wade Kuisel, Builder Outside Sales concern was to be an Associate, of Ferguson Enterprises eco-friendly community. So, specifically, they wanted to ensure that their homes achieved Platinum LEED-Certification. Because we work with homeowners and builders on a daily basis with green products, we were knowledgeable about the lighting and plumbing fixtures appropriate for the job.” However, green building is not unique to Kiawah; simple additions and upgrades can bring your own home closer to a LEED Certification. Working in the industry for years and with the developers of this unique Kiawah neighborhood, Heather and her Ferguson colleague Wade Kuisel, have come up with several solutions for the homeowner who wants to not only make a tiny carbon footprint on the environment, but also save a little cash on his or her energy bill. For lighting, the duo recommends recessed LED can lights by CSL Lighting and dual-function, under-cabinet LED task lamps, like the ones they installed in the Indigo Park home. Heather describes, “LED lighting is probably the most cutting-edge technology in the residential arena right now. The new lamps are different from traditional bulbs because they have a significantly longer life span. A

(left) LED recessed can lighting in this Indigo Park home’s ceilings actually saves the homeowners money on their electricity bill and helps them make a smaller impact on our earth’s environment. (right) With beautiful design and vast, vaulted ceilings, the homes in Indigo Park prove that one can have both beauty and energy efficiency.


CH+D • Winter 2013

One of the newest, green-friendliest neighborhoods, Indigo Park on Kiawah Island is the location of HGTV’s 2013 Dream Home. The beauty of the neighborhood is unparalleled, and the talent of local home professionals (such as Aqua Blue Pools; Christopher Rose Architects; Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery; and Liberty Cedar, just to name a few) utilized in this neighborhood’s design is unmatchable. CH+D • Winter 2013



(above and bottom right) The faucets featured in this home are all low-flow faucets, which use significantly less water each time you turn them on. (top right) Dual-flush toilets are just one of the many features that earned this home a Platinum LEED Certification. (inset) LED lighting, like these can lights, offers substantial savings on energy bills (and each lamp lasts roughly 50,000 hours).


typical LED lamp lasts for 50,000 hours, whereas a traditional bulb lasts between 900 and 2,500 hours. You rarely have to worry about the maintenance of it, so you don’t have to ask your husband every few months, ‘Will you please go and change those light bulbs?’” In addition to these perks, LED lamps use about six times less energy than a typical bulb.

feels like a regular faucet. I turned it on, and I couldn’t believe it.” If you’re seeking to save money, though, don’t stop with just the faucets—consider installing dualflush toilets. Toto brand dual-flush toilets (which are also installed in these bathrooms) save up to a half-gallon of water every time you visit the loo. “That’s quite a bit; I know that can add up,” quips Wade.

LED lighting is not the only feature that Ferguson recommends for an earthfriendly, pocket-kind home. The plumbing fixtures used throughout a house can have a significant impact on the price of the water bill. Wade suggests using low-flow faucet heads. The bathrooms in this Indigo Park home, in particular, feature Grohe brand low-flow faucets. Wade raves, “Even though they are low-flow fixtures, the sensation you have of the water flowing still

By utilizing the new technology on the market—for your lighting and plumbing fixture needs—utility bills can drop drastically, and for this Indigo Park home, these simple upgrades (among others) have led to a Platinum LEED Certification, which is the highest ranking available. v

CH+D • Winter 2013

For more information, contact Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery at (843) 747-6301 or visit

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Where ever you are, Use your  computer, iphone or smartphone to: ¡ Program Lighting Scenes ¡ Adjust Thermostats ¡ Control Security Systems ¡ Heat the Pool or Spa ¡ Control Irrigation ¡ View Security Camera ¡ Enjoy Music, Movies, & Entertainment

1155 Pleasant Oaks Street . Mt. Pleasant


Beautiful Custom Cabinets & Countertops

Nathan & Kenneth Sullivan

Recently completed project on Daniel Island




Custom Kitchen & Bath Cabinets %RRNFDVHV 6SHFLDOW\&DELQHWV 5HIDFLQJ'RRUV 'UDZHUV /DPLQDWH 6ROLG6XUIDFH&RXQWHUWRSV Granite & Quartz Countertops Tile Backsplashes 6ROLG:RRG7RSV

6 H U Y L QJ  W K H  / R Z F R X QW U \  V L Q F H      CH+D • Winter 2013


backyard revamp gone swimmingly

Long-time Park West homeowners realize the potential of their home by simply expanding their living space to include the outdoors.

(above) The Desciaks discussed many pool shapes, square and kidney among them, but decided their yard called for a free-form pool, which they had custom designed entirely by Josh Atkinson, a seasoned pool and spa designer, installer, and maintainer.


he Desciak family of Mount Pleasant had a backyard that was barely usable. Their house was lovely, but they didn’t dare venture outside, let alone spend quality family time together there. Their dislike of the space increased so much that Bill and Jennifer Desciak—parents of four growing boys—considered moving, despite their love for the house. They looked but could not find a seamless combination of indoor and outdoor living space. So, they decided to drastically revamp the plot they had owned for nearly 11 years. In order to keep the teens happy and close to home, Bill and Jennifer envisioned a green space for their soccer-loving sons, a barbeque space with


CH+D • Fall 2012

shade for Jennifer’s family dinners, a flat screen television for Bill's entertainment, and last but not least, a pool, spa, and fire pit combination to satisfy every family member—and their friends. To achieve their

(from right) Josh Atkinson of Atkinson Pools and Spas with Homeowners Jennifer and Bill Desciak

goals, they chose architect Losse Knight of LFK Architects, LLC and custom pool designer and builder Josh Atkinson of Atkinson Pools and Spas. “We’ve been in business for 30 years; I am actually a third-generation pool builder. Sometimes people joke that I was born to do it,” stated Josh. This similar family bond, along with Atkinson Pools’ design quality and flexibility, were the reasons the Desciaks chose the Atkinsons for their backyard remodel. And, what a good pair it turned out to be! Jennifer explained, “We went through several concepts and found ourselves moving the pool a little further away [from the house] based upon this new

Story by Christy Conway • Photography by Matt Bolt



outdoor kitchen. So, we kind of settled on this shape, and then we designed [the rest of the backyard] around the shape.” They added a hot tub and fire pit, both clad in silver travertine decking (with stunning veining), one option of many that Atkinson Pools has samples of in their showroom. To complement the decking, the couple chose French Silver exposed quartz aggregate for their interior pool finish. “There were three colors [varying in darkness] that we could have gone with,” described Bill. “There was black, which we were initially intrigued by because it looked like a lagoon, and then there was the traditional look, which is the lightest [option]. It was

just too bright, but the [middle option] was a nice in-between because it gave the pool a warmer feel, and it fell in well with the travertine, too.” Since the design and layout was completely custom, through each step, Josh and his team assisted the Desciaks with their material choices. Josh said, “Early on, we strive to form a relationship with our clients that is built on trust. It helps to have candid conversations about their visions throughout the building process. Even after this project was completed, I still enjoy visiting with them.” Bill and Jennifer were quite pleased with the partnership and final product.

Check out our full interview with Josh, Jennifer, Bill, and the kids at or scan the QR code above using your mobile phone.

Jennifer stated, “We use our backyard a lot more now. I mean, we sit out here to eat dinner and entertain our family and friends coming into town. The kids even do their homework out here. It’s like our second living room.” v For more information, call Atkinson Pools and Spas at (843) 881-3068 or visit

Stunning silver travertine decking (top) and a fire pit and hot tub combination (above) allowed the Desciaks the opportunity, finally, to take advantage of the backyard property they had owned for over 11 years.

CH+D • Winter 2013


PROJECT FILES material left. Tex-Cote is 68-percent material, so it is a lot thicker and lasts a lot longer. There are some other products out there that are elastomerics, like vinyl or ceramic paint, but they don’t breathe. It is very important for a house to be able to let the air come and go. Mold and mildew are two of the problems with using the plastic paints.”

Story by Christy Conway • Photography by Patrick Brickman

looks that last a lifetime

A work-from-home consultant for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ed describes himself as a detail-oriented, value buyer, which means he does his homework for a good investment. “I come from Atlanta where normal paint lasts 25 years,” Ed quipped. “When we moved here, I started checking around for types of

Transplanted Sullivan’s Island homeowners find a challenge and a solution to the Lowcountry’s extreme elements.


stone’s throw from Fort Moultrie, the homes on the southern tip of Sullivan’s Island are immersed in history. Like many houses in the Lowcountry, they may be indoctrinated—hundreds of years down the line—into Charleston’s historic registry. With the harsh UV rays, salt sprays, and rough winds of the island, however, it is likely that many will fall by the wayside before ever earning their historic plaque.

Tex-Cote over other options: “Standard water-based paint is about 70-percent water, so that when the paint cures or evaporates, there is only 30 percent of the

Michael Shiver of Permacoat of Charleston

One way homeowners Ed and Carolyn Allen ensured that their home will be around for years to come (at least for their lifetime) was to have Permacoat of Charleston coat their wood-sided home with Tex-Cote, a titanium- (for strength) and calcium- (for breathability) based coating that is ten times thicker than traditional exterior paint and, thus, holds a 45-year warranty. In Carolyn and Ed’s newly coated screened-in porch overlooking the cove inlet, Michael Shiver, owner of Permacoat of Charleston, explained the benefits of


CH+D • Winter 2013

Not only does Michael and his Permacoat team caulk and paint every inch of a home’s exterior, but they also have the capability of rescreening a porch or replacing windows. So, there is no need for other subcontractors. (above) Permacoat’s final product has a 45-year warranty, so this home will be just as well-maintained in the year 2058!

finishes. I wanted to hear about the oldest homes in similar climates. It became a value question. I knew Tex-Cote was more expensive, but you pay more now and you get more life.” It’s true. Around here, homeowners end up repainting every five to seven years based on the unique elements and poor paint preparation. See, a lot of painters fail to prep the exterior thoroughly. The painters at Permacoat pride themselves on power washing the existing wood, carefully replacing rotten siding, and using premium caulk. Also, Permacoat—if need be—replaces gutters, roofing materials, screens, and windows. (The windows are actually sold by Michael’s father, a Lowcountry factory-direct window provider, which means they are less expensive for the end user.) In addition to saving the Allens the obvious fees and hassle of repainting, TexCote will reduce their energy bills. “According to the Department of Energy, depending on the substrate [siding material] and color of the paint, you could save up to 21.9 percent on cooling cost because Tex-Cote actually reflects heat,” Michael explained. “For Ed, he only has a little shade on one side of his home. This product is great for that direct sunlight.” “My whole experience has been positive,” Ed said emphatically. For someone with no time for home maintenance but an eye for perfection, that is a huge compliment. v


A Closer Look

Antique Barnwoods Antique Heart Pine Wide Plank Flooring Hand-Scraping Available

For more information about Permacoat, call (843) 763-4562 or visit


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Charleston One Source 843-278-1751 Custom Hand Scraped American Cherry with French Bleed

826 Coleman Blvd., Mt. Pleasant CH+D • Winter 2013


Story by Christy Conway • Photography by Matt Bolt


(from left) John Gaccione, Chad Sanders, and Brian Pember of QEI Security and Technology

the cutting edge Hip, new, upper-King restaurant Stars enhances their atmosphere and safety by partnering with fellow local business QEI Security and Technology.


econd only to cuisine, the atmosphere of a restaurant—including lighting and music—dictates its success. For such an integral aspect, newly opened Stars restaurant owner, Keith Jones, trusted QEI, the technology arm of Quality Electric—a Lowcountry company in business since the late 1970s. “On this particular project, they requested lighting and music control,” John Gaccione, General Manager of QEI, explained. “They were going to experiment and see how that worked for them, and then eventually we were going to tie in a security system, thermostat control, and surveillance cameras down the road.” For this, QEI chose to install Control4, a personalized automation and control system. So far, it has been the key to Stars’ impressive ambiance. Since opening, the two restaurant managers easily control (from their Apple devices) both volume and playlists independently for the three different floors. Because the roof patio— with hidden planter speakers installed by QEI—has strict noise restrictions, this capability is particularly important. And, as the night goes on, being able to automatically dim the light in certain rooms and romantic nooks has proved priceless. (top left) On- and off-site lighting control is essential to businesses and homes alike for efficiency purposes. (above) This Control4 system, which is a small expense upfront, can drastically reduce utility bills for years to come.


CH+D • Winter 2013

For a commercial operation such as this, control is key, however many homeowners have similar concerns (efficiency ranking the highest among them). Chad Sanders,

Photography by Patrick Brickman

Now Offering Reclaimed Wood


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“Appliances are what we do best because they are all we do.”


625 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Mt. Pleasant, SC Free Delivery and Open on Sundays! Bertazzoni Cooking Appliances have been designed and built by the Bertazzoni family in Gustalla Italy for 130 years. Bertazzoni represents unsurpassed quality, fashion, and value with prices starting at $2399 R

CH+D • Winter 2013



(above left) Volume control is very important to downtown restaurant Stars because of strict roof-top noise restrictions. So, Quality Electric installed the electrical wiring, and QEI, a division of Quality Electric, installed these unobtrusive speakers and programmed a system so that, at the touch of an iPad or iPhone, the sound could be diminished. (above right) Chad Sanders, owner of QEI, demonstrates the ease at which a restaurant manager or homeowner can control lights, sound, and even HVAC and security systems.

owner of QEI clarified, “The same [or similar] system can be installed in a residence. It ties in home audio, lights, and HVAC. It even has different apps for the kitchen so that homeowners can preset their range to a certain temperature. It also has an app for Subzero refrigerators that allows a homeowner, who may be entertaining or having people over, to set the Subzero to go into ‘party mode’ so that it creates more ice.” Even more impressive than that is the fact that Control4 allows homeowners the ability—at one push of a button—to turn off all interior and exterior lights, lock every door, and arm the alarm system right from the comfort of their own bed. And, if homeowners are on vacation (even across the country!), they can still retain control, as long as they have their chosen device


CH+D • Winter 2013

(Mac or PC based) in hand. Chad explained, “Homeowners can unlock their doors and disarm their system remotely, for example, to let the cleaners in.” As with everything, there are varying levels of control available, as shown by the restaurant. Stars started with lights and audio. Homeowners can start simply, for example, with one-stop entertainment control, condensing the multitude of remote controls on their coffee table. John described, “What is good about this particular product is that you can build it as you go. You can start with a base and, as your budget allows, you can go further. You don’t have to do it all in one shot.” v For more information, call QEI at (843) 797-7603 or visit

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%NERGY!UDITS "LOWER$OOR4ESTING 4HERMAL)MAGING s/0%.#,/3%$#%,,302!9&/!s42!$)4)/.!,&)"%2',!33

s",/7. ).).35,!4)/. s3/5.$$!-0%.).'

(843) 225-5833 Air

Call for a free on-site consultation.

“We provide area residents with innovative tools that promote successful gardening and landscaping in the lowcountry from the foundation up, through product, service, education, and implementation.�

Christian Teague (Owner): (843)-901-4862 E-Mail: Website:

Johns Island, SC CH+D • Winter 2013



the junction of old and new With a business philosophy that combines the traditional with the up and coming, Charleston Woodworks brings a medley of past and present into their latest custom design.


harleston is the quintessential example of blending the old with the new, for where else can you find a horse (with a carriage) trotting in front of an Apple store? Local company Charleston Woodworks has picked up the Holy City’s trend and incorporated it into not only their business model, but also their custom designs. In one Mt. Pleasant house, the retiring homeowners wanted to showcase their love of both the antiquated and the technologically advanced. So, for two rooms—the master bedroom and the family room—

Story by Megan Busch • Photography by Matt Bolt

these homeowners reached out to Charleston Woodworks to design and build a large cabinetry installation that would display the matriarch’s vast collection of books around a traditional fireplace, above which would sit a sleek, flat-screen TV. Sarah Jacobs (who has been helping her father, James, owner of Charleston Woodworks, in the shop since she was twelve) describes, “The design was all very traditional in style to match the rest of the house, but they wanted space for their modern technology, too.” To create these mixed-era masterpieces, James implemented classic, handmade

techniques coupled with the modern convenience of a CNC router, which is a computer-operated routing device. Sarah explains, “My father hand made the mantelpiece in the living room. It’s kind of a pet project of his; anytime a mantel comes up, he likes to check out of the office and go reintroduce himself to what he loves about woodworking. The fluting detail, however, was made using a CNC machine. We have one employee who draws the designs on the computer; those drawings are then sent to the CNC router, which transforms the illustration into a three-dimensional design. We like the machinery because it provides a much faster

(top and above right) The homeowners wanted the traditional look of library bookcases and a fireplace, yet they also wanted space for the latest technology, like a flat-screen TV. (above left) Although Charleston Woodworks did not handcraft the kitchen cabinetry, they did install it and make minor adjustments so that it fit into the room’s design with precision.


CH+D • Winter 2013

Discover the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood!

Sarah Jacobs of Charleston Woodworks

way to develop high-precision items. This routing process used to be done by hand, but it’s a very dangerous task. The CNC machine takes the danger out of it because it's 100-percent computer operated. After a design is created by the router, the piece is inspected and hand-finished.” The technology of the CNC machine provides a safe and efficient method for custom woodwork to be developed, while still leaving room for the creativity of human touch.


d Creden

Upcycle Interiors LLC sells reclaimed wood furniture and furniture that has been uplifted and remade with recycled metal, reclaimed wood, recycled glass and more. Located in Charleston, South Carolina, we offer nationwide services. All our products are made partially or entirely from recycled material.


INTERIORS 843.442.3717


Barnwood Desk



Ask about our UpDesign consultations and reclaimed flooring!

Mingling the old with the new (in their cabinetry installations and in the manufacturing process) has become a common practice for the local company and an integral thread that runs throughout their business philosophy—even to the point that Sarah mixes the new business ideas that she learned in college with her father’s old-time, triedand-true traditions. With the best of both worlds, it’s a win-win situation. v


For more information, call Charleston Woodworks at (843) 744-0016 or visit


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CH+D • Winter 2013



The Ins & Outs

of Homebuilding Shannon and Nelda Dwinnell of building company America’s Home Place face off on floor plans, design, and the perfect kitchen. (from left) Nelda (Building Consultant) and Shannon Dwinnell (General Manager) of America's Home Place


She Said:

He Said:

She Said: I prefer an open plan. Often an open plan will appear bigger than its actual dimensions because it simply has good flow. Also, I love being able to interact with friends or guests when entertaining and spending time with family in a combined open kitchen, dining, and living area.

He Said: I miss the character of the traditional floor plans with their intimate spaces, like inglenooks, boudoirs, mudrooms, butler’s pantries, parlors, and drawing rooms. Victorian-era homes were the pinnacle of architecture for me; they are not often matched today because of our focus on standardized dimensions and because our busy lives have eliminated the need for rooms used primarily for leisure. The best plans blend the new with the old in a seamless and timeless way.

What is the best feature that one can add to their kitchen in the design process?

She Said: Unique lighting adds functionality, warmth, and interest to any kitchen. This feature is often overlooked. It’s important to add lighting in the planning stage to ensure that the wiring is correct for the purpose intended. Yes, that does mean that you need to pick all the fixtures ahead of time and know the specifications for each.

He Said: With options like pot fillers, warming drawers, built-in espresso bars, under-counter freezer drawers, wine racks, spice racks, and plate racks, who could pick just one? However, I would have to say that a good kitchen needs ventilation. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but if you plan to cook much of anything, you need good ventilation.

Do you prefer a minimalist design—a smaller area overall with maximum usability—or a large space with room to grow?

She Said: I like a just-right sized design. If you do want a smaller space, taking advantage of any available storage space and maximizing the usability of all the areas are key. Combined-use areas can help cut down on the footprint and create neat features. For example, consider adding a laundry-pantry-mudroom or an office that can double as a guest suite.

He Said: There is nothing more impressive than a two-story entry with a sweeping central staircase and a second floor gallery. Yes, it may eat up 20,000 cubic feet of volume (or roughly 1,500 square-feet of potential living space), but you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And really, can you ever have too much garage or storage space?

Do you prefer an open floor plan or lots of cozy, private nooks?

For more information, contact America's Home Place at (843) 824-1402 or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013

Elegance, Style, & Privacy

Raised Panel Colonials Louvered Colonials Board & Batten Colonials Bahamas · Roll Downs >LÀˆVÊ-…ˆi`ÃʱÊVVœÀ`ˆœ˜ÃʱÊiÝ>˜ Õ“ˆ˜Õ“ÊEÊ i>ÀÊ-̜À“Ê*>˜iÃ

Innovation, Collaboration & Stewardship

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A peek into products designed to weather the coastal elements

Story by Kelly Doyle

A great way to decorate any outdoor space (without the worry of deterioration) is all-weather art. Using vibrant, one-hundred-year ink, highresolution photography is transferred onto stretched, durable canvas. These prints are 100-percent waterproof and include special mounting hardware designed specifically for outdoor use that can withstand winds of up to 60 mph. You can choose from a variety of designs, such as a tropical beach setting or a quiet Italian street. Adding this art to any patio will create an allseason aesthetic with the confidence of year-round durability.

Available at Backyard Retreats | (843) 856-0049

Looking for a way to redesign an outdoor bar or kitchen in a unique and eco-friendly way? Fisher Recycling creates completely customizable countertops from repurposed glass. Fisher Recycling was created twenty years ago by Chris Fisher with the vision of serving local businesses with a dependable recycling collection program. Over the years, this vision has transformed into an eco-conscious business that reuses these recyclables in creative home designs. These countertops are waterproof and great for homes with outdoor living spaces on the marsh or the ocean. Our favorite model incorporates Lowcounry oyster shells for a truly local, outdoor design suitable for any home patio on the coast.

Available at Fisher Recycling

(843) 554-6099

For anyone tired of flimsy tiki torches or candles that perish in the sea breeze, gas lamps are a welcomed convenience. These gas lamps are handcrafted and come in several varieties, including stunning copper, which will beautifully patina in our coastal environment. Copper is one of the most durable metals available; the Statue of Liberty—made primarily of copper— has weathered the salty ocean air of the New York Harbor since 1886. Lamps can either be lit by propane or natural gas and are acceptable for both indoor and outdoor use. With these, it's easy to bring classic Charleston elegance into the comfort of your own backyard or patio!

Available at William Smith Fireplaces

(843) 766-0347 |


CH+D • Winter 2013

There are recliners you sit in. Then there are those you escape to. Place a Stressless® recliner in any space and the room transforms into a haven of perfect comfort. Where tension gives way to relaxation. And the mind settles as placidly as the body. At the heart of the Stressless® experience are unique comfort systems that provide rejuvenating support across the entire body. Available in up to three sizes to create the perfect fit.

*See your sales associate for complete details.

Stressless® is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

843.884.2256 | 1035 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC

We Do It All From Design to Installation New Construction Remodels Kitchens & Baths Granite-Solid Surfaces Quartz · Corian Marble Countertops Fine Cabinetry Entertainment Centers Book Cases Built-Ins shown: recently completed kitchen remodel in Dunes West


(843) 852-9407 2457-5 Ashley River Rd. | Charleston, SC CH+D • Winter 2013


Kristin Kuhlke Cobb with husband Darryl and son Bodie


CH+D • Winter 2013

La Dolce Vita Delve into the Sweet Life of Kristin Kuhlke Cobb of Charleston's Cupcake


By Megan Busch Photography by Patrick Brickman & Matt Bolt

cing swirls too immense to fit in your mouth, whimsical travel to far-away places, and the sturdy, consistent love shared among family and friends: These are the ingredients that add spice and flavor to the life of Kristin Kuhlke Cobb, owner of Charleston’s favorite bakery, Cupcake. After working the food-and-beverage circuit post-college and completing a stint in the cell phone industry, Kristin knew that it was time for a career change, but she wasn’t quite sure where life was taking her. So, she packed her bags for

a soul-searching venture in New York City. In the middle of the bustling city, she found the roots of inspiration that sparked a return voyage down South to open the doors of Cupcake, a shop for sugar-craving Charlestonians. Kristin’s creation of the King Street cupcakery was just the beginning of the amazingly sweet, entrepreneurial road ahead. The Charleston Home + Design team took a moment to sit down with Kristin and her architect-husband, Darryl, in their cozy Mt. Pleasant cottage to chat about all of life’s delectable treats . 

CH+D • Winter 2013


La Dolce Vita

Kristin Cobb of Cupcake

(above left and right) As a recent birthday treat, Darryl purchased professional interior design services from Adrian Truluck of Parker Sims Interiors for Kristin. One of the rooms that they completely redesigned was the office, where Kristin balances the books and handles the business side of Cupcake. (right, counter-clockwise from top) One of Darryl’s favorite aspects of his family’s home is the location; it is nestled in an area where he, as a cycler, can bike downtown or all the way to Sullivan’s Island. Colorful, blooming flowers surrounding the home brighten the Cobbs’ cottage even on a crisp, fall day. On their back porch, the Cobbs sit at a table that Kristin creatively built herself.

Every time I walk into Cupcake, I’m utterly thrilled with the anticipation of biting into a red velvet treat; it’s my favorite dessert of all time. Where do all of your delicious—and often more unique than traditional red velvet— flavors originate? Kristin: When I first opened the bakery, my biggest inspiration came from the grocery store; I would walk up and down the ice cream aisles and find new flavors. Today, though, I’ve been blessed with creative staff members who discover a lot of new flavors on their own. When I get involved with the process, I just focus on flavors I enjoy—like salted caramel—and turn them into cupcakes. When there are certain flavors that are popular or trendy, we try to incorporate those into the recipes, too. I also have a few family recipes in the store; the pumpkin cupcakes that we bake in the fall are my aunt’s recipe. You seem to really have a passion for the oven, so much so that it has become an integral part of your life. Where did you first learn how to bake?


CH+D • Winter 2013

Kristin: My dad did the majority of the cooking when I was growing up, so he taught both my sister and me how to cook. My dad was more of a cook rather than a baker, but he always made us these wild, crazy cakes for our birthdays. One year, my cake was made to look like a mountain; it had about six different cake flavors with a different type of filling in between each layer. However, he didn’t make the icing stiff enough to keep it from running down the sides of the mountain. It was a mess, but it was awesome. Have you ever incorporated any of your dad’s wild flavors into cupcakes at the store? Kristin: Not really—the mountain wasn’t the only creation that didn’t turn out quite right (giggles). Another year, he attempted a red velvet cake for my birthday. It turned out so badly that he tossed it out on the picnic table in the backyard for the birds to eat. He also made me a giant ice cream sundae the night I first rode a bike without training wheels. He was so proud! It was filled with three different

ice cream flavors and every kind of sauce and sprinkle he could find in our pantry. It made me sick, but I'll never forget it. His passion for unique sweets really inspired me, and I’d like to think that I perfected some of his concoctions. [The red velvet flavor at Cupcake is their top seller!] What made you turn these wonderful memories of your dad baking into an actual career and business? Kristin: When I moved to New York on a sort-of sabbatical, I went to a friend’s birthday party, and her boyfriend brought cupcakes. I thought that was just the most exciting thing because I hadn’t really seen cupcakes since I was a kid. It was such a fun thing to do because everybody got to pick his or her own cake flavor. Then, I started going to Magnolia Bakery, which was on Sex and the City, and I found loads of inspiration there. After a year, I moved back to Charleston and decided that I would open a cupcake bakery. Most people thought I was totally nuts because they had never heard

CH+D • Winter 2013


La Dolce Vita

Kristin Cobb of Cupcake

of a cupcake store, but my family and my best friend were more than supportive throughout my whole adventure. What great inspiration—birthday cakes as a kid and cupcakes at a New York birthday party as an adult. After watching Sex and the City for years, I think living in New York City would be a wonderful experience. Is it all that the show makes it out to be? Kristin: In every way you would think it’s cool, it is cool. But, it can also be very lonely and expensive. My friends and I used to laugh and say that every time you walked out your door in New York, twenty bucks flew out of your pocket. You can’t go anywhere or do anything in the city without spending money. So, when you’re trying to save or budget, you just have to stay in your apartment, which is usually unbelievably small. In my place, I had a trundle bed, and in the trundle was where I kept all of my sweaters and winter clothes—I didn’t have space anywhere else. I just had this trundle bed and the teeny, tiny, little apartment with a miniature sink and a miniature oven. Trying to find a job in the city is hard, too. It’s very competitive there; it’s very different than Charleston.


CH+D • Winter 2013

The design of Bodie’s nursery began with the elephant fabric used on the curtains and pillows. Kristin found the pattern and fell in love with it. When she took it to her interior designer, the duo decided to pair it with green because it’s a much more modern color for a boy’s nursery than the traditional blue. The result could not have been any more stylish for Bodie’s abode!

Shown: heavy glass shower enclosures, designed & installed by Port City Glass

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843.884.8661 CH+D • Winter 2013


La Dolce Vita

Kristin Cobb of Cupcake

(above left) The living room features some of Darryl and Kristin’s favorite art that they have collected during their various travels. (above and below right) With the redesign of the house, Kristin wanted to incorporate some of their older furniture into the new look. Her designer, Adrian, used the favorite pieces that Kristin already had to create the new space.

There’s no Southern sweetness. For instance, when you’re interviewing, you have to be all about your career and die-hard; that was difficult for me. Despite all of this, though, I loved living there. The culture, the art, the museums, and everything else are just amazing. Oh! And the food and shopping—you can’t beat it. Living in the city really sounds like an awesome experience, even with its pitfalls; do you ever go back to visit? Kristin: The city will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’ll continue to visit. My husband and I actually got married there in Central Park. It was wonderful! We flew up, and we walked through Central Park to try to figure out where exactly we were going to do the ceremony. We found this pavilion called the Women’s Pavilion right near a lake that we thought was really pretty. The morning of the wedding, we just went to the park with a few friends for the ceremony.


CH+D • Winter 2013




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CH+D • Winter 2013


La Dolce Vita

Kristin Cobb of Cupcake

(above left) The dining room, adjacent to the kitchen, is where Kristin entertains. When the couple has friends over, everyone gathers between the dining area and the kitchen. (above middle) The Tour De France painting is one of Darryl’s favorites because it reflects his passion for cycling. (above right) Even though Kristin’s job requires her to bake on a regular basis, she still loves coming home and whipping up a good dinner in her kitchen.

It was really hilarious during the ceremony because random people in the park would stand and just watch. One lady, who we didn’t even know, was really getting up close to us taking pictures. It was great (laughs). We try to make it back to the city once a year; we just have so many memories there. I would imagine so! Do you like to travel elsewhere, too? Kristin: We’re big travelers. We like to go to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans each year, and we spent our honeymoon—before our wedding—in Italy. We went to Rome, Siena, Florence, and Cinque Terre; we drove all around Tuscany, too. Did any one of the cities in particular grab your heart or make a most-memorable impression? Kristin: I really liked Tuscany. The first time I went to Italy, I stayed in an inn in Arezzo run by a mother and


CH+D • Winter 2013

daughter—Rosy and Carla. When I went with Darryl, we went back to the same place. There, I had the best tiramisu that I’ve ever had, so I asked Carla if she would teach me her recipe. She and her mom taught me five different desserts, including the tiramisu. The family was just so open and welcoming to Darryl and me. They had us sit at the table with their family, and we had this three-hour-long dinner where we just relaxed, ate, drank, and talked. It was such an experience. Also, one night we went out to dinner with Carla, and she gave us a tour of the whole town. She had lived there all her life. She told us all the history and took us to the school, which we never would have found on our own. She had us visit her friend’s vineyard where they make organic cheeses and all organic wines. So, we got to do a tasting and see how the organic vineyard works. We enjoyed every minute of the trip. I’m so in love with Italy that I can’t even stand it.

This seems like the perfect way to spend a honeymoon. With travelling to Italy, New York, and New Orleans, it sounds like you and Darryl have had a lot of fun adventures together. What was your very first adventure; how did you first meet? Darryl: Well, we kind of knew each other just well enough to say hello. Then, a mutual friend said, “You ought to go out with Kristin.” So, I took her to McCrady’s. Our first date was actually on the one-year anniversary of Cupcake and the seventh anniversary of my architectural firm. It’s quite impressive that both of you are entrepreneurs, owning and managing your own businesses. Kristin: It is, but I never really had the kind of career that Darryl did. He went to school for architecture, became an architect, and opened his own architectural firm. I went to Clemson, then I kind of bounced around between different jobs. I

think that because we’re both business owners and entrepreneurs, we work especially well together. We can understand each other’s business, so that makes life easier. What did you do before opening Cupcake? Kristin: My degree is in financial management and accounting. I worked in food and beverage here in Charleston for a number of years waiting tables and bartending. I also did some bookkeeping jobs, and then I took some sales positions. I worked at BMW, and I sold cell phones. For many years, I was known as The Cell Phone Girl, and now I’m known as The Cupcake Girl. Darryl: When she first opened her first Cupcake store, people would bring their cell phones in there for her to fix them. Kristin: I finally had to tell them, “I don’t do that anymore. You’re on your own” (laughs). You each have your own special niche in the business world now. Darryl, how did you get your start in architecture?

Darryl: I’ve always known that I wanted to be in architecture. I went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to study. After that, I was required to work for different firms and complete 5,600 hours of internship credit, which takes about three years. Then, there were nine tests I had to take to become a certified architect. Once I was finished, I started Cobb Architects. Kristin: When I think of stories about us, I just always think of Darryl going to school and becoming an architect. He worked so hard, and I’m proud of him. He’s done such great work around the Lowcountry, too. It’s a riot to have him drive through areas like I’On and Daniel Island and listen to him give a tour. He’s like, “I did that one, that one, that one, that one, and those three.” He’s not the only man you have to be proud of; you two just welcomed a brand new little man into the world. How does it feel to be parents? Kristin: We feel pretty normal and pretty good. We’re actually getting a decent amount of sleep. At six weeks, Bodie just

started sleeping about eleven hours each night. I’m not complaining. What a blessing for the two of you that he sleeps all night long. The name Bodie is really unique. How did you decide on it? Darryl: Well, at first we couldn’t pick a name. Then, we were watching the Kentucky Derby, and I said, “Whoever wins this race, that will be our kid’s name.” The winner of the race ended up being I’ll Have Another. Kristin refused to name our kid that. But, Bodemeister came in second, so we named him Bodie. His middle name is Anderson because that’s my dad’s and my middle name. You guys have a wonderful home in which to raise sweet, little Bodie. What made you choose this place to settle down? Kristin: We have such a great neighborhood and such great neighbors. There are always little kids playing outside. Right now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Darryl: I’ll tell you a cool story about this house. Being an architect, I was get-

CH+D • Winter 2013


La Dolce Vita

Kristin Cobb of Cupcake

ting ready to build a custom home. I bought the lot; I drew the plans. While in the permitting stage, this house became available, and I snatched it off the market. The reason I did it was because of the location. I love to cycle, and from here, you can cycle or run anywhere. I can leave the driveway and go to Charleston or go to the islands. It’s great. Do you guys think that designing and building a custom home is in your future? Darryl: Yeah. You know, maybe one day. I like this house, but we would like to have a pool and some other features. If I was designing our home, it would probably be a little more modern, and there would be a big island in the kitchen. Right now, it’s always a little tight in here because everyone piles in our small kitchen and dining room. You know how people have the big, open floor plans now with that big island in between the living room and the kitchen? That’s what we would do. We would like a really nice screened-in porch, and I’d love it if I could design our future home to be on the water. That would be the best scenario—something over the marsh. Kristin: I think that one day I’d like to live in a Darryl Cobb original (laughs). Darryl: We’re content, though. If it happens, great, but if it doesn’t, this is a wonderful spot too. It’s so refreshing to hear two people actually say that they’re content and happy. You have done so many things to update the home, making it cozy and a reflection of who you are. What are some of the more recent changes and updates you’ve made here? Kristin: I had never worked with an interior designer before, so for my birthday gift this year, Darryl got me Adrian Truluck of Parker Sims Interiors. Adrian and I remodeled the kitchen and completely revamped the other areas of the house. It was great working with a designer; Adrian just seemed to get my style, and everything has come together nicely. Outside, we added the firepit and did the planting. Darryl also painted the shutters blue not too long ago. Darryl: Before the most recent redesign—and before Kristin moved in—I made some other adjustments to the house. I put on a new front porch, a new front door, the beadboard and wainscoting in the bedroom, all the crown molding, and hardwood floors. We’ve just made a couple different layers of changes.


CH+D • Winter 2013

(above and below) The Cobbs’ bedroom features wainscoting and hardwood flooring that Darryl installed himself before Kristin moved in. The couple is always updating and redesigning, making each room in their house feel cozy and personal.

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La Dolce Vita

Kristin Cobb of Cupcake

So, before Kristin moved in, was this house more like a man cave? Darryl: Surprisingly no (chuckles). I’m a minimalist, so there was just a lot less stuff in here. Kristin: He actually had curtains hung and throw pillows. As I started coming around, though, more and more things started appearing in the house. The décor, now that you’ve moved in, seems to focus on a lot of eclectic art. Did you bring that into the design, Kristin? Kristin: We actually both like to collect art, and it’s something we enjoy doing together. Darryl: All of our art has some sort of meaning to it. We have one painting of my dog that passed away last year, one of the Tour de France because I love to cycle, a few pieces from our trips to New Orleans, some from our honeymoon, and a couple local finds as well. We’re going to try to get a piece this year when we go to New York. Do you have plans for the future of this house—besides filling it with more memorable artwork from forthcoming adventures? Darryl: Nothing major. We may add a screened-in porch to the back, and I’ll keep adding landscaping a little every year. We were thinking about doing an addition off the living room, but I don’t know that we need it. When I found out we were going to have a kid, I thought the house was too small, but now I think it’s just the right size. Who knows? Maybe with another baby, an extra room just might be necessary.

(above) Made famous in Charleston by their delicious flavor and massive icing swirls, Kristin’s cupcakes have been a favorite among locals since 2006. (above right) Kristin Outside Her Mt. Pleasant Store Located in the Belle Hall Shopping Center

Kristin: Darryl told me it was a one-in, one-out deal. We might have to lose a dog to have another kid (laughs). Whatever it may be, we’ll see together what the future holds—for the house and for our family.

The Proper Way to Eat a Cupcake (According to Kristin) 1




➊ Unwrap the Cupcake ➋ Remove the Bottom of the Cake ➌ Place the Bottom of the Cake on Top of the Icing, Forming a Sandwich ➍ Take a Bite 126

CH+D • Winter 2013

CH+D • Winter 2013




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La Dolce Vita

Cupcake’s Kristin Cobb Offers a Glimpse into Her Delectable Lowcountry Life


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CH+D • Winter 2013


1O Years O


January 25-27, 2013 at The Citadel's Johnson Hagood Stadium


he 10th Annual Charleston Home + Design Show is happening the weekend of January 25-27, 2013. The downtown home show that people have loved for years will take place at a new location while Gaillard Auditorium undergoes a major renovation. Our new, temporary home— The Citadel's Johnson Hagood Stadium—will be completely transformed from a football stadium to a home-and-design

mecca with over 100 of the best local companies setting up elaborate displays on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With over 30,000 square feet of displays located inside the Stadium's $40 million expansion (including The Citadel's exclusive Pearson Club Level on the 4th Floor), our event is rain or shine. Everything is covered, heated, and protected from the elements. Plus, there is free parking!

vent! New E

White Room

Challenge Sponsored by Ethan Allen Charleston Home + Design magazine will be staging our own version of the popular reality show on HGTV. We start with four rooms, each 100-square-feet, built onsite at the stadium, all painted white. Four Ethan Allen interior designers will be tasked with transforming each room into an amazing space in only 12 hours. Vote on your favorite room; CH+D will make a donation to the winning room’s charity of choice!

Special Thanks to: • Ethan Allen's Kathy Evans, Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID • Ethan Allen's Jane Neal, Design Consultant • Ethan Allen's Lydia Gieczys, Interior Designer, Allied Member ASID • Ethan Allen's Bill Goudelock, Interior Designer • Paint Supplier: Eco Deco • Paint Contractor: 1st Class Painting & Restoration • Building Material Supplier: (Lumber/Drywall): 84 Lumber • Home Furnishings/Rugs/Wall Hangings: Ethan Allen • General Contractor/Framer: Strock Enterprises Design & Remodel • Lighting: Charleston Lighting & Interiors CH+D • Winter 2013


ent! ing Ev n r u t e R

Make the Most of Your Free Design Consultation by Coming Prepared! Things to Bring:

Free Design Consultations for Homeowners offered by ASID Interior Designers

The local interior designers from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Carolinas Chapter will be volunteering their time to provide free professional design advice to homeowners. Consultation times are available Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 11am-5pm, and Sunday noon-4pm. Although reserving a timeslot is preferred, you may sign up at the show if any appointments remain available. If you would like an appointment, please call Charleston Home + Design magazine at (843) 577-7652 to schedule your personal 20-30 minute design consultation.

Curious about Which Local Designers Are Volunteering Their Time? Meet: • Marian Chatfield, ASID • Jennifer Rhodes Mendelsohn, ASID • Hunter Graybill, ASID • Agnes Wilcox, ASID • Stasia Berk, ASID • Jesse Phipps, ASID • Donna Horack, ASID • Cindy Zimmerman, ASID • Donna Coudes, ASID

• House Plans and/or Room Dimensions • Fabric Swatches • Samples of Flooring, Countertops, Cabinetry, etc. • Paint Colors • Photos of the Room or of Furniture You Already Have • Magazine Photos of Rooms or Style You Like

ent! ing Ev n r u t e R

Silent Auction

for Home + Design Items All Weekend Long!

t! g Even n i n r u Ret

Speed Dating

to Find a Builder or Architect We take the familiar concept of speed dating and give it a twist. Homeowners will have an opportunity to get acquainted with seven builders and/or seven architects in three separate sessions on Saturday and Sunday, January 26 & 27.

Speed Dating to Find a Builder: 12:30pm-1pm on Saturday and Sunday Speed Dating to Find an Architect: 1:30pm-2pm on Saturday and Sunday Speed dating is free for homeowners, but you must be actively seeking to hire a builder or architect now or sometime in the future. BONUS! We'll even give you a free Speed Dating t-shirt. To reserve your spot, call Charleston Home + Design magazine at (843) 577-7652.


CH+D • Winter 2013

A silent auction, featuring valuable products and services for your home donated by many of the participating vendors at the show, will be happening again this year! Walk away happy with valuable homerelated items purchased at auction prices!

vent! New E

Win a $10,000 Room Makeover! Someone local will win a $10,000 Room Makeover featuring new paint, interior trim, lighting, furnishings, and more. Register to win the makeover at the show. Special thanks to the following local companies donating products or services for the Room Makeover: • Paint Supplier: Eco Deco • Paint Contractor: Leigh’s Painting • Interior Trim: Charleston Woodworks • Building Supplies: Buck Lumber & Building Supply • Lighting: Charleston Lighting & Interiors • Furniture: Ethan Allen • Art Work: Frames Unlimited • Lamps: Charleston Lamp Company • Design Services: Ethan Allen (Winning Interior Designer of the White Room Challenge)

Show your Palmetto pride with a shirt, courtesy of us. Have you had a good experience with one of the companies in this magazine? Tell us about it, and we’ll send you this Charleston Home + Design shirt absolutely free!

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CH+D • Winter 2013


Elegance, Innovation, and Precision. Specializing in premium full-access cabinetry for the entire home.

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Custom Home on Seabrook Island


CH+D • Winter 2013



Wine -


hether stocked with complex California Cabernets, bold French Burgundys, or even bottles of sweet Lowcountry Muscadine, a wine tasting space—be it a cellar or a bar—is always a luxurious addition to a home. As most wine connoisseurs know, the atmosphere of a vineyard is very much associated with the outcome of the vintage. The same can be said for the enjoyment of wine—the better the surroundings, the better the taste. We imagine that tasting wine in any of the following handsome spaces would inspire Wine Spectator scores from 90 to 100…for most (Swill can’t be overlooked, even in the nicest, wood-clad cellar in all of Charleston.). Cheers!

Designed by Stephen Mays | Built by R.M. Buck Builders, Inc. | Lighting by Charleston Lighting and Interiors | Story by Christy Conway CH+D •• Winter 2013 CH+D Winter 2013

133 133

Wine -



ymmetry is of the utmost importance for this focal-point bar in a home on the Isle of Palms. Designed by Stewart Culler (and built by the Amish), the cabinets are constructed of maple with a cool paint and glaze finish, and the door insets are a seedy glass. To ensure the piece corresponded with its surroundings, the builders matched the decorative valence rail on the open display cabinet to the toe rail in the near-by kitchen. Carolina Kitchens of Charleston, Inc. (843) 856-8255

Tasting Notes James Island Remodel -Chai Glazed, Maple Cabinetry -Furniture-Style Projected Baseboard -Beadboard Backsplash -Absolute Black Granite Countertops Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by HWC Custom Cabinetry (843) 207-0750


CH+D • Winter 2013

"GGPSEBCMF$VTUPN Pools & Remodels

# 1 - R a n ke d Builder in AmPo o l —9 years in a e r i c a ! row —

Filename: Blue Haven - chd 122412 Publication: Charleston Home & Design Magazine Ad Name: Swim in Style Runs: Dec 24; as scheduled by local office Color: 4-color Ad Size: 1/2 pg vert Dimensions: 3.5625" x 10.125" $G5HS 6KHUU\&UDZIRUG‡‡VFUDZIRUG#QHZKRPHFKDUOHVWRQFRP &RQWDFWV 0DUNHWLQJ0DQDJHU-XOLH.UDPHU‡[‡MNUDPHU#EOXHKDYHQFRP PTransmit PImmediately PBy original date PBy_____________________________ Transmitted: ______________________ P(PDLO5(3LQIR#QHZKRPHFKDUOHVWRQFRP

Liquid Luxury

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Electric Hanging Fireplace

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Indoor Hanging Waterfall

Complimentary brochure, in-home estimate & custom poolscape DESIGN CENTER & 3 DISPLAY POOLS


Charleston - FR

7475 Peppermill Pkwy. N. Charleston Voted Most Trusted Low Country Pool Builder

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits Custom Outdoor Kitchens, Design Grills, Sales, & Service CH+D • Winter 2013


Wine -

h! Tasting Notes Hamlin Plantation, Mt. Pleasant -Half Lap and Crisscross Angled Wine Storage -Glass Inset by Port City Glass -Countertop by Palmetto Surfacing Designed and Built by Crosscut Services LLC (843) 608-8142 •


ray, inset shaker cabinetry and mahogany countertops (by Mt. Pleasant Wood Works) make this wet bar a unique addition to a downtown Charleston abode. Interior designer Elizabeth Sullivan seamlessly blended those masculine attributes with light peach throw pillows and dramatic, pink window panels. But, what makes the space truly special is the antiqued mirror backsplash provided by R Squared. Only a mature red and some French brie could add to this room's appeal. RS Custom Homes, LLC (843) 886-5187


CH+D • Winter 2013

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CEMEX HARDSCAPES PRODUCTS Concrete Pavers Segmental Retaining Walls Pool Coping

When chosen to construct a dream home in Naples, Florida, the builder needed materials up to the task – functional products with strength to withstand extreme conditions and beauty to inspire. He called the people of CEMEX. The vision began to take form with a concrete block shell for durability, and the selection of a smooth stucco finish for timeless beauty. A three-color blend of CEMEX decorative pavers provided an elegant finishing touch, turning the challenge of building the client’s dream home into a stroll on the beach. For more information on our full line of decorative pavers and masonry materials, call (843) 744-2992 or visit the CEMEX showroom at 2821B Azalea Drive in Charleston.


Contact Richard H Cummings @ 843.412.4409 Photography by Taylor Architectural Photo and Harwick Homes

560 Park Circle, Holly Hill CH+D • Winter 2013


Wine -

Kiawah Island -Mahogany Bar Tucked Under Stairs -Hand-Applied, American Clay Walls -Designed by WH Childs and Associates Carefully Crafted and Installed by Southern Structures, Inc. (843) 442-7354 •

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes



Center Lake, Mt. Pleasant -Face Frame Constructed Boxes -Five-Piece Raised-Panel Doors -Hand Lacquered with Alabaster Satin -Pinstriped with a Chocolate Glaze Whole Home Designed (using 3-D CAD) and Bar Built In-House by Dynamic Design Build (843) 345-5044 •

CH+D • Winter 2013

West Ashley -Solid Surface, Faux Marble Countertop -Frameless, Raised-Panel Cabinets -Espresso Stained Finish -GE Profile Wine Cooler with Front Exhaust Cabinetry and Countertop Supplied and Installed by Jilco Kitchen and Bath (843) 849-6465 •

Columbia;Smith’s Htg & A/C Co Inc;B10628;3.56x10.12-4C




Smith’s Heating & Air Conditioning Company, Inc.



Since 1979 4759 Franchise Street, Charleston, SC 29418



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French Chic MONSAT 10:005:30 2037 MAYBANK HWY CHARLESTON, SC 29412 843.795.9689 CH+D • Winter 2013


Wine -



his Daniel Island outdoor patio has a true coastal flair with crushed oyster decking, a distressed wood wine bar with tin tile inserts, and a jaw dropping, locally manufactured, recycled-glass countertop. With a mix of window panes, oysters, green Coca-Cola glasses, and Bombay Sapphire gin bottles, this Fisher Recycling custom bar top would be a fantastic place to enjoy a bottle of crisp white wine. Fisher Recycling (843) 554-6099 •


his wet bar features a Spanish Cedar butcher block countertop which was made to match the homeowner’s fireplace mantle. In addition to the traditional custom cherry wood cabinetry, the tasting space boasts some of the finest technological features: an under-counter beverage center with a matching ice maker and a built-in entertainment unit above for those who enjoy some guilty-pleasure programming with their vino. Sullivan Custom Cabinetry (843) 554-5880 •


CH+D • Winter 2013

Coastal Elevators & Lifts, LLC

Custom Homes and Renovations

Choose Coastal Elevators for all of your elevator and lift needs.

(843)-296-9427 · 449 Deanna Lane, Charleston SC Also available, upgraded Homes in the 2,000 sq ft area for under $220,000 in Nelliefield Plantation. We can build a house on your lot for $80 a square foot!


Jean Brockman on a stairlift at the Johns Island showroom.

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3515 Meeks Farm Rd Johns Island, SC 29455


843-881-6262  >QZOQVQI)^M6+PIZTM[\WV;+Œ____QVL_IZL[P]\\MZ[KWU CH+D • Winter 2013


Wine -



his rich, impressive wine room is on the terrace level of a residence on Wadmalaw Island in Anchorage Plantation. However, the use of dry-stacked Tennessee fieldstone for the accent wall and Lagos Azul tumbled stone flooring makes it look as though it were located in the Northern Great Plains. Grand mahogany shelving, custom manufactured by Kessick Wine Cellars, displays the homeowner’s favorite vintages. Bennett Hofford Construction Company (843) 722-8169 ext 223 • Christopher Rose Architects (843) 559-7670

Tasting Notes -L-Shaped, Three-Inch Wood Countertop -Glazed and Stained Maple Cabinetry -Matching Wood-Paneled Wine Cooler -Barrel-Vaulted Inset Shelving Designed by Advanced Kitchen Designs of Charleston (843) 225-9344 •


CH+D • Winter 2013

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h New Construction & Remodels Marble · Quartz · Granite Onyx · Limestone · Slate Silestone · HanStone Hand-made Glass Tile Accents

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CONTRACTORS, INC. CH+D • Winter 2013


Wine -

h! Tasting Notes Dunes West, Mt. Pleasant -Cherry Wood with a Muscadine Stain -Black Light Rail -LED Under-Cabinet Lighting Designed, Built, and Installed by Authentic Kitchens & Baths Concepts (843) 852-9407


he charcoal and garnet color scheme makes this special builtin a one-of-a-kind place to store and pour the finest reds from around the world. With in- and under-cabinet lighting, each striation in the granite is magnified, and each delicate piece of glassware is highlighted. While there is no place to belly-up, we’re sure (with a feature piece like this) that there are plenty of other amazing lounging spaces in the house in which to enjoy a glass. Designer Kitchens & Baths, Inc. (843) 763-7717


CH+D • Winter 2013



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CREATURE CATCHERS Wildlife Relocation Specialists

(843) 205-0551 Catching God's Creatures for over 20 Years.

Locally Owned & Family Operated CH+D • Winter 2013


Wine -



torage is key in this geometrical wonder of a wine room. With triangular shaped cubbies, Mt. Pleasant restaurant Basil is able to quickly and easily access a collection of wine under the same label and proudly display their finest magnum bottles. Designed by Tara Romano of Neil Stevenson Architects, each solid walnut rack is both beautiful for patrons and functional for sommeliers. Charleston Woodworks, Inc. (843) 744-0016

Tasting Notes Daniel Island -Maple, Shaker Cabinetry -Mounted Wine Rack and Shelving -Scabos Flooring Built by Phillip W. Smith General Contractor, Inc. (843) 881-9828


CH+D • Winter 2013

Designing a Precision Mechanical System Variable Speed Energy Efficient Air Handlers & 95% Furnaces

Spray Foam Insulation

Energy Efficient Windows

Tankless Water Heaters


2 Stage HVAC

12-20 millimeter Vapor Barrier

Energy Services __ Energy Evaluations __ Energy Audits __ IAQ Tests __ Manual J Heat Load Calculations __ Energy Efficient HVAC Systems __ Tankless Hot Water Heaters __ Open + Closed Cell Spray Foam n __ Enclosed crawl Space Dehumidificatio Glass g Slidin ows, Wind ent __ Energy Effici Doors + French Doors


E n er


gy ¡ Solutions

CH+D • Winter 2013


Wine -

h! Tasting Notes Cassique, Kiawah -Low-Voltage Cable System Task Lighting -Glass Shelving for Filtered Light -Designed by Wayne Windham -Built by Koenig Construction -Cabinetry by Signature Kitchens Lighting Designed and Provided by Charleston Lighting and Interiors (843) 766-3055


uscany has nothing on this Old Village wine cellar. The rustic, knotty-pine shelving, crown moulding, and mantle perfectly accentuate the aged brick fireplace surround so that, when tasting, the space feels intimate and cozy versus chilly, like a wine cellar tends to be. The long, porcelain tiles, laid in a herringbone pattern, add visual interest and a variation of texture to the space. And, they will not warp or stain if someone spills a little wine when having a little fun. Buckhannon Brothers Tile (843) 881-8911


CH+D • Winter 2013




CHARLESTON, SC 843•559•7670 PH

ASHEVILLE, NC 843•559•7670 PH

The Proven Home Coating System

Looks like rich, fresh paint with a 25 year transferable warranty.


Paint does not stop moisture, cracking, rot and the damaging rays of the sun. Add protection and beauty to your home with rhino shield –


Call for a free estimate or more information

843-884-1992 Jon Rosa General Manager



Wine -


Oak Tasting Spitoon

Vintage Colored-Glass Decanter and Wine Glasses Charleston Revisions (843) 388-7880

Periwinkle Glazed Wine Chiller

Coralberry Cottage (843) 884-2225

Terrace Oaks Antique Mall (843) 795-9689

Cork-Filled Table Lamp

Charleston Lamp Company (843) 763-9150

Wine-Chilling Corkcicle

MW Hunter Custom Interiors (843) 556-4939

Ceramic Tile Mural Backsplash Palmetto Tile Distributors, Inc. (843) 768-3111

Italian Wine-Tasting Chalkboard Next to New (843) 606-2715

Hand-Forged Iron Cellar Door

Decorative Vin Vignette

Lowcountry Iron and Woodworks (803) 655-5653

Palmetto Moon Antiques (843) 856-1881

Natural Stone Tasting Table Lowcountry Consignments (843) 606-9881

Marvel Wine Cooler Swift Appliance (843) 388-7283


CH+D • Winter 2013

Pantry Wine Pull-Out Tailored Closets (843) 696-0791

Iron and Wood Barstool

For The House - The Barstool Shop (843) 881-7073

Venetian Wenge Lago Mini Bar California Closets (843) 762-7980

CBMMVTtoday to get yPVSEream project started! We offer FREE Estimates and Design Services*

Custom Renovation and Remodeling Full Service In-house Design OutEPPS-JWJOHt4VOrPPNTtDFDLTtPatios LicFOTFEtBPOEFEt*OTVred

* Most projects include complimentary design services. Large projects requiring stamped documents may require additional fees.

CH+D • Winter 2013


We’ve been doing Green Building — common sense, cost-effective, “fit your lifestyle” Green Building — for over 25 years now.


And we can do it for you.



WEST ASHLEY The Verdi Group: architecture, interiors, planning, construction, development... and great homes!

(843) 475-3317 152

CH+D • Winter 2013

Flagship Showroom t 1640 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm UÊ Sat 10am-4pm 843.766.3055




o matter what your flavor—modern, rustic, cottage, or vintage—and no matter what your kitchen layout—galley, pullman, horseshoe, or island—one thing on which everyone can agree is that a quintessential kitchen can only be made with high-quality ingredients. Each portion is important in affecting the final outcome: the lights, the appliances, Builder: Priester's Custom Contracting, LLC (843) 200-8495 | Interior Designer: MW Hunter Custom Interiors (843) 556-4939 | Photograph by Matt Bolt

and the cabinetry. Here to walk you through the cornucopia of options and upgrades, the editors at CH+D have chosen a few amazing, local kitchens to get your creative juices simmering. And, because you’ll likely want to snag some design aspects (they’re that imitation-worthy!), we’ve pulled out a few complementary elements for your purchasing pleasure. Countertops: World Stone Distributors (843) 744-5665 | Mosiac: Art Mosaics of the Carolinas Backsplash & Flooring: Flooring Services (843) 388-6872 |

CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Builder: Russ Cooper Associates, Inc. Interior Designer: Denise Balassi of Interior Consultants Cabinetry Provider: K&K Cabinets, LLC Architect:

Christopher Rose Architects, P.A. (843) 559-7670 154

CH+D • Winter 2013

White Cristalino Marble

Vitoria International (843) 760-2470 |

Get a Similar Look with These

Photograph by Matt Bolt

Essential Ingredients:

Best Classico Hood

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301 |

Danze PullDown Faucet Moluf's (843) 723-4881

Bianco White Tile

Palmetto Tile Distributors, Inc. (843)266-8700 |

Calligaris Exia Barstool

Danco Modern Furniture (843) 884-2256 | CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Builder: Norm Labrie of N.C. Labrie Custom Builders Architect: Scott Sullivan of Scott Sullivan Design Interior Designer: Andy Bennington Flooring: Melcer Tile Builder:

Designer Kitchens and Baths, Inc. (843) 763-7717 156

CH+D • Winter 2013

Fish Gurglers

MW Hunter Custom Interiors (843) 556-4939 |

Get a Similar Look with These

Essential Ingredients:

Hubbardton Forge Mobius Pendant

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301 |

Subway Tile

Buckhannon Brothers Tile (843) 881-8911

Bertazzoni Double Oven Swift Appliance (843) 388-7283

CH+D • Winter 2013


Quintessential Kitchens

About this Kitchen:

Woven Shade Provider:

Best Buy Blinds (843) 884-3454 |

Builder: Thomas M. Evans Custom Building and Renovations • Interior Designer: Amy Trowman Design • Fixtures: Lowcountry Lighting Center

About this Kitchen:


Southern Structures, Inc. (843) 442-7354 |

Architect: Bill Childs of WH Childs and Associates • Plumbing Fixtures: Moluf's • Window Provider: Buck Lumber and Building Supply, Inc.


CH+D • Winter 2013

About this Kitchen:

Countertop Designer and Fabricator:

Eco Designer Concrete (843) 364-6917 |

Builder: Travis Arnett of Arnett Construction

About this Kitchen:

Painter and Cabinetry Refinisher:

1st Class Painting & Restoration (843) 261-0212 |

Interior Designer: Karen Blasko and Melinda Welch • Paint Provider: Sherwin-Williams CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Architect and Builder:

The Verdi Company (843) 744-6550 160

CH+D • Winter 2013

Tea Pot

Palmetto Moon Antiques (843) 856-1881

Photograph by Matt Bolt

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Essential Ingredients:

"Lively Yellow" "Blue Sky" "Renwick Golden Oak" Sherwin-Williams 1-800-4-SHERWIN

American Black Walnut Flooring Elegant Hardwood Floors (843) 723-8172 |

GE Microwave Oven

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301 |

Viking Intelli-Wash Dishwasher

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301 |

CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Builder: Cline Homes Cabinetry and Countertops:

Jilco Kitchen & Bath (843) 849-6465 162

CH+D • Winter 2013

Intercom System

Daniel Island Audio/Video and Structured Wiring, LLC (843) 471-2990

Photograph by Matt Bolt

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Essential Ingredients:

Snow White Marble in Herringbone Pattern

Palmetto Tile Distributors, Inc. (843) 266-8700 |

Hand-Scraped American Cherry Wood Charleston One Source (843) 278-1751

"Mint Julep" "Graphite"

Eco Deco Paints (843) 654-9520 |

Bell Jar Lighting

Charleston Lamp Company (843) 763-9150 CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Kitchen:

Architect: Richard Nevil Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures: Ferguson Enterprises, Builder:

Cinder Creek Construction

(843) 737-2201 |

ELK Buckingham Chandelier Kohler Revival Faucet

Rick's Lighting (843) 763-2282 |

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301

TRUFIG Wall Plate

Accucom Integrations Group, Inc. (843) 769-4822 164

Rocky Mountain Hardware Maddox Grip

Builders Hardware of South Carolina (843) 552-5515 | Get a Similar Look with These

CH+D • Winter 2013

Essential Ingredients

Wheatland™ Offset Undercounter Kitchen Sink

Let us orchestrate your dream. For the perfect products for your kitchen or bath, stop by a Ferguson showroom. It’s where you’ll find the largest range of quality brands, a symphony of ideas, and trained product experts to help orchestrate your dream. With showrooms from coast to coast, come see why Ferguson is recommended by professional contractors and designers everywhere.



Charleston: Beaufort:


4711 Rivers Ave 1425 South Ribaut Rd


(843) 747-6301 (843) 524-5298



Coming Soon, American Olean’s Bordeaux (shown here) FERGUSON.COM

Available at


843-571-0013 (843) 815-6080 3196 Marginal Rd Charleston, SC ©2013 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

114 Bluffton Rd, Hwy 46

#ONSTRUCTIONs2EPAIR 2ENOVATIONs0OOL#ARE Phone: (843) 300-4143 Fax: (843) 300-4147

7110 Rivers Avenue N. Charleston, SC 29406 CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Builder: Lane Baker of Saltwater Homes Cabinet Designer and Provider:

Advanced Kitchen Designs of Charleston (843) 225-9344 | 166

CH+D • Winter 2013

Gravy Boats

Coralberry Cottage (843) 884-2225 |

Get a Similar Look with These

Essential Ingredients:

Bertazzoni Master Series

Photograph by Patrick Brickman

Swift Appliance (843) 388-7283

Tile Planks "Barrier Island" "Simply White"

Buckhannon Brothers Tile (843) 881-8911

Eco Deco Paints (843) 654-9520 | CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Countertops: Lowcountry Stone Solutions Appliance Provider: Wholesale Appliance Center Builder and Cabinet Maker:

Dynamic Design Build (843) 345-5044 168

CH+D • Winter 2013

Baldwin Deco Cabinet Knob Builders Hardware of South Carolina (843) 552-5515

Get a Similar Look with These

Essential Ingredients:

Quoizel Naturals Fixture in a Palladian Bronze Finish

Charleston Lighting and Interiors (843) 766-3055

Antique Water Cooler

Terrace Oaks Antique Mall (843) 795-9689

"Napery" "Compatible Cream" Sherwin-Williams 1-800-4-SHERWIN

iPortÂŽ Whole-Home Control System

Audio Warehouse (843) 571-0535 CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Kitchen:

Architect: Historical Concepts Interior Designer: Angie Hranowsky 2009 Coastal Living Idea Cottage Builder:

Structures Building Co.

Calligaris Nido Chair

Danco Modern Furniture (843) 884-2256 170

Photograph by Tria Giovan

(843) 856-6901 |

Custom Mosiac Tile Melcer Tile (843) 744-5345

Best Montagne Hood

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301 | Get a Similar Look with These

CH+D • Winter 2013

Essential Ingredients

Repair the deck? Adjust the garage doors? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing things you enjoy? Frustrated because you've spent money fixing problems that could have been prevented? Our preventative maintenance programs reduce failures and make systems perform more efficiently. Worried about how to maintain your home, but not sure what to do? Our comprehensive Home Evaluation helps you get a handle on your investment. Feeling overwhelmed about the home repair to-do list? We identify what needs to be done and prioritize according to your budget. Tired of wasting your free time fixing things? We’ll do all the work, so you can go have fun!

For repairs or maintenance, additions or renovations, contact us for a Home Evaluation at:


“The amount of time and money Nautilus Company has saved me is amazing!”

- Daniel Island Customer

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LIGHTING 1027 St. Andrews Blvd. | 843-763-2282 Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5pm | Sat 10am - 2:30pm CH+D • Winter 2013


Quintessential Kitchens

About this Kitchen:


Artistic Design & Construction (843) 573-2444 |

Countertops: Granite Shop • Tile: Melcer Tile • Cabinets: Prestige Cabinets • Lighting: Rick's Lighting • Flooring: Bay Pointe Hardwood Flooring

About this Kitchen:

Cabinetry Provider:

Carolina Kitchens of Charleston, Inc. (843) 856-8255 |

Cabinetry Designer: Stewart Culler • Interior Designer: MW Hunter Custom Interiors • Cabinet Pulls: Bird Decorative Hardware


CH+D • Winter 2013

About this Kitchen:

Interior Designer:

Hunter Phelps Interiors (843) 647-7457 |

Builder: John Wieland Homes • Granite Fabricator: Granite Shop • Paint: "Thunder Road" by Eco Deco Paints

About this Kitchen:

Cabinetry Refinishiner:

Carpenter's Antiques & Restoration (843) 884-3411 | CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Kitchen:

Architect: Christopher Phelps & Associates Interior Designer: Regina Garcia Design, LLC Builder:

JD Smith Custom Homes, LLC

Rooster Cookbook Stand Next to New (843) 606-2715 174

(843) 881-8843 |

Hakwood Engineered Flooring Palmetto Wood Floors, Inc. (843) 884-6191

Gilt and Crystal Chandelier Charleston Lamp Company (843) 763-9150

Get a Similar Look with These CH+D • Winter 2013

Essential Ingredients

Serving Charleston for 20 Years featuring C. Sherman Johnson Stainless Steel Handrail System


glass countertops for your business!

You paid for the million dollar view, you may as well see it “You paid for the million dollar view, you may as well see it”

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF RECYCLING We Stock Nails, Screws and Galvanized Hardware for the Construction and Repair of Decks and Docks

Completely custom. Completely Charleston. Completely YOURS! (843) 554-6099 t CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Builder: Cook Bonner Construction, Inc. Tile Provider: Melcer Tile Cabinetry: Carolina Kitchens of Charleston Audio and Video: Accucom Integrations Group, Inc. Window Provider: Buck Lumber & Building Supply, Inc. Architect:

Spivey Architects, Inc. (843) 795-9370 176

CH+D • Winter 2013

Impressions Classic HandScraped Flooring in Wheat Carpet Baggers (843) 571-0013

Get a Similar Look with These

Essential Ingredients:

Kohler Cast-Iron Apron-Front Sink

Moluf's (843) 723-4881 |

Calligaris La Locanda Chair

Danco Modern Furniture (843) 884-2256 |

Water Shades Brick Blend Mosaic

Palmetto Tile Distributors, Inc. (843) 266-8700

Hudson Valley Canton Lighting Charleston Lighting and Interiors (843) 766-3055

CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Kitchen:


Fisher Recycling

(843) 554-6099| Tile: Melcer Tile

About this Kitchen:

Cabinetry Builder:

Sullivan Custom Cabinetry

(843) 554-5880 | 178

CH+D • Winter 2013

About this Kitchen: Photograph by Holger Obenaus


Just Additions & Remodeling (843) 928-3971 |

About this Kitchen:

Countertop Fabricator:

MVP Granite and Flooring (843) 388-2326

Photograph by Matt Bolt

• Winter • Fall 2012 CH+D CH+D 2013




Not at Home? Not a Problem!

About this Photo: Designer: Signature Kitchens Custom Cabinetry Builder: Mt. Pleasant Woodwork Building Material Provider: Southern Lumber & Millwork Corp. Builder:

RS Custom Homes (843) 886-5187 180

CH+D • Winter 2013

Touchpad Control System Carolina Custom Security (843) 881-4802

Photograph by Matt Bolt

Get a Similar Look with These

Essential Ingredients:

Calligaris Latina Housse Chair Danco Modern Furniture (843) 884-2256

"Calico" "Tradewind"

Sherwin-Williams 1-800-4-SHERWIN

Valley White Granite AGM Imports (843) 747-0088

Viking Refrigerator

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301 | CH+D • Winter 2013


Cabinetry Builder: Charleston Woodworks (843) 744-0016 |


Kitchens Interior Designer: Anna Deyton & Sabrina Williams of Beauregard Design Builder: George Reavis of Reavis-Comer Development Flooring: Elegant Hardwood Flooring

Light Fixture Provider: Circa Lighting | (843) 937-5990 |

Architect: Lessard Group Inc. Appliance Provider: Signature Appliance

Light Fixture and Cabinetry Builder: Low Country Iron & Woodworks (843) 655-5653 182

CH+D • Winter 2013

Glass and Stone Mosiac Backsplash: Precision Flooring Group (843) 762-9380

For less than the price of one of these a day...ďż˝ You could be free of these! Since 1960

843-766-9701 800-585-8019 CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Builder:

Phillip W. Smith General Contractor, Inc. (843) 881-9828 | 184

CH+D • Winter 2013

Tiberious Granite

World Stone Distributors (843) 744-5665

Photograph by Tripp Smith

Get a Similar Look with These

Essential Ingredients:

Mohawk Laminate

Carpet Headquarters (843) 568-6372

ELK Cerama Pendant Rick's Lighting 763-2282

Architect: Herlong & Associates Interior Designer: Soucie Horner, Ltd. Countertops: MVP Granite & Flooring Lighting Fixtures: Charleston Lighting and Interiors

Sub Zero Refrigerator

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301

Serving Scale Dish

Lowcountry Consignments (843) 606-9881 CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Architect: Julie O'Connor of American Vernacular Cabinetry: Advanced Kitchen Designs of Charleston Builder:

Bennett Hofford Construction Company Inc. (843) 722-8169 | 186

CH+D • Winter 2013

Beveled Subway Tile

Palmetto Tile Distributors, Inc. (843) 266-8700 |

Get a Similar Look with These

Essential Ingredients:

ShowHouse Ascent Faucet

Moluf's (843) 723-4881 |

Heart of Pine Flooring

Elegant Hardwood Floors (843) 723-8172 |

"Biscuit" "Froth"

Eco Deco Paints (843) 654-9520 |

Iron Barstool

For the House - The Barstool Shop (843) 881-7073 | CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Kitchen:

Pantry Provider: California Closets | (843) 762-7980

About this Kitchen:

About this Kitchen:

Tile Provider: Melcer Tile Company, Inc. (843) 744-5345 |

Granite Fabricator: Granite Shop (843) 771-1235 188

CH+D • Winter 2013

About this Kitchen:

Window Treatments: Advanced Window Fashions (843) 881-8858

Prepare Now For Higher Energy Costs!

With Vista

ta Without Vis

Are you living in the BEST PART of your house?

For more information please call Charleston    Hilton Head    Savannah    Brunswick    Toll Free   

(843) 884-5123 (843) 684-5123 (912) 234-0508 (912) 638-7171 (888) 884-5123

Your Kitchen

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We can make even the smallest outdoor space become a refuge for Outdoor Living

Adding a paver Pool Deck to your home can create a beautiful and functional backyard experience

Expect More from Your Outdoors

843-821-0121 | CH+D • Winter 2013


Quintessential Kitchens

About this Kitchen:

Decorative Features Provider:

Trident Habitat for Humanity (843) 559-4009 |

Interior Designer: Claudia Trowman • Range Hood Builder: Stone Casting, Inc.

About this Kitchen:

Craftsmen in Wood Cabinetry Provider:

Buck Lumber & Building Supply, Inc. (843) 795-0150 | 190

CH+D • Winter 2013

About this Kitchen:


Coastal Design Builders, LLC (843) 300-9383 |

Countertops: MVP Granite and Flooring • Plumbing Fixtures: Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. • Tile: Melcer Tile

About this Kitchen:

Kitchen Designer:

Authentic Kitchens & Baths Concepts (843) 852-9407 |

Builder: Max G. Crosby Construction CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Photo: Interior Designer: Sandra Crosby Tile: Melcer Tile Countertops: Martol Marble and Granite Cabinetry: Authentic Kitchens and Baths Concepts Flooring: Bay Pointe Hardwood Floors Builder:

Max Crosby Construction (843) 766-9976 192

CH+D • Winter 2013

Titanium Black Granite

Universal Marble & Granite, Inc. (866) 919-7779

Photograph by Matt Bolt

Get a Similar Look with These

Essential Ingredients:

Quoizel Uptown Fulton Pendant Charleston Lighting and Interiors (843) 766-3055


Charleston Revisions (843) 388-7880

Viking Cooktop

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. (843) 747-6301 |

White Plantation Shutters

The Plantation Shutter Company (843) 571-4707 CH+D • Winter 2013


Quintessential Kitchens

About this Kitchen:

Wood Cabinetry Provider:

84 Lumber (843) 884-8431 |

Builder: Sam Lisi of Village Restoration and Custom Homes

About this Kitchen:

Countertops and Backsplash Provider:


CH+D • Winter 2013

Lowcountry Tile Contractors, Inc. (843) 763-2161 |

outdoor fireplace, patio, pergola, and lighting

We provide stunning landscape design from start to finish!

Contact us today to get started on your next landscaping project!

completed outdoor living area in Mt. Pleasant

design · pavers · patios · outdoor living areas · fireplaces · water features · irrigation · lighting

custom driveway paver design

water feature

custom retaining wall & driveway

843-559-3311 CH+D • Winter 2013


Quintessential Kitchens

About this Kitchen:


Leigh's Painting (843) 200-3735 |

About this Kitchen:

Building Material Provider:

Southern Lumber and Millwork Corp. (843) 744-6281 |

Builder: M. R. Jackson Construction • Custom Cabinetry: HWC Custom Cabinetry • Trim: Carolina Machine Finishing • Countertop: Affordable Granite


CH+D • Winter 2013

Countertops: Classic Marble, Granite & Tile Flooring: Sonray Flooring

Interior Designer: Debra Boyle of Blair Design Associates, Inc. • Countertop Fabricator: Palmetto Surfacing • Flooring: C & B Hardwood Floors

HWC's unique floor levelers saved this kitchen from flood damage!

About this Kitchen:

Cabinet Builder:

HWC Custom Cabinetry

(843) 207-0750 |

About this Kitchen:

Kitchen Designer:

About this Kitchen:


Classic Remodeling & Construction, Inc. (843) 763-3297 |

America's Home Place (843) 824-1402 |

Cabinetry: Jilco Kitchen and Bath • Countertops: Palmetto Surfaces • Lighting, Plumbing Fixtures, and Appliance Provider: Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. CH+D • Winter 2013




About this Kitchen:

Interior Designer: Gaylord Design Countertops: World Stone Distibutors Tile: Melcer Tile Appliances: Wholesale Appliance Builder and Custom Cabinetry:

Thomas M. Evans Custom Building and Renovations (843) 442-0277 |

Control4 System

QEI Security & Technology (843) 797-7603 198

Butcher Block Cutting Board

Charleston Woodworks (843) 744-0016

Upholstered Barstool

For the House - The Barstool Shop (843) 881-7073 | Get a Similar Look with These

CH+D • Winter 2013

Essential Ingredients

“1st class people doing a 1st class job”

Painting · Restoration Remodeling · Carpentry

Roofing Drywall · Flooring

843.261.0212 Recently finished cus tom cabinetry and Kitchen painting projec t in Mt. Pleasant

Quality Installation & Refinishing Fine Hardwood Floors New Homes and Remodeling From left: Rick Bonner and George Cook of Cook Bonner Construction with Fred Stone III of Elegant Hardwood Floors

We like the product

knowledge and commitment


to customer service from

Elegant Hardwood Floors. – Rick Bonner

Showroom located at 1783 Harmon St., Charleston, sc

CH+D • Winter 2013


Test Your Kitchen Knowledge

Question 1: How do you know if one (or more) of your kitchen appliances has been recalled? A. Keep up with the News B. Google It C. Let Your Home Inspector Keep Track of It Answer: C. When inspecting a house, ACE Preferred Inspections will note the make and model number of each of your appliances and monitor them for recalls forever. A do-it-yourself recall check service is also available.

For more information about ACE Preferred Inspections, call (843) 849-0455 or visit Question 2: True or False? If you experience a kitchen fire, your insurance will automatically cover any resulting damages.

How Much Do You Know about the Nitty Gritty of Your Kitchen?

Question 4: How do you keep your refrigerated food from spoiling during a power outage? A. Open the Refrigerator as Little as Possible B. Have a Backup Generator C. Dispose of All Food before It Has Time to Spoil Answer: B. A backup generator will ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible during a major storm or power outage, and it will keep your food nice and cold until the main power source is restored.

For more information about Lowcountry Generators, call (843) 696-0082 or visit Question 5: How many plugs should be on a kitchen’s island to meet South Carolina’s code requirements? A. At Least One B. At Least Two C. None Are Required (Although,

Answer: False. Your insurance will only cover the damages if the fire is deemed unintentional. If it is a cooking accident, normally the insurance policy will pay for repairs. However, the intentionality of the event is determined by the adjustor, so it is based on his or her discretion.

Answer: A. Each kitchen island must house at least one electrical plug for the home to meet the current building code requirements.

For more information about Allstate, call Kevin Shealy at (843) 573-4777 or visit

For more information about Mister Sparky, call (843) 225-5998 or visit

Question 3: True or False? My home insurance plan can act as a warranty for my high-end appliances.

Question 6: True or False? You should have an electrical outlet in your kitchen every eight feet.

Answer: False. Unlike a warranty, insurance plans will not cover faulty manufacturing defects or normal wear and tear. However, if your appliances are damaged by a flood, hurricane, surge outage, or other disaster, most insurance policies will pay to replace the damaged items.

For more information about McKay Insurance, call (843) 856-8301 or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013

it’s nice to have one nearby.)

Answer: False. You should have double that amount, installing one electrical plug for every four feet of counter space.

For more information about Transworld, Inc., call (843) 577-3491 or visit Question 7: How can you know if your home has moisture control problems? A. Inspect the Crawl Space B. Look for Evidence of Mold C. Have an Air Quality Test Performed D. All of the Above

Answer: D. To learn if your house is experiencing moisture control problems, you must start at the crawl space, inspecting the wood for visual water damage (a darkening of the wood) and visible mold spores. Then, an air quality test should be performed on your home to see how much of the mold has seeped into your living space. If there is water damage within the structure of the home, it can weaken the floors, possibly making them too brittle to hold heavy-duty appliances.

For more information about Clean AIR by Earthcare, call (843) 284-6160 or visit Question 8: True or False? Mold can grow in the house without a moisture source. Answer: False. Mold always needs a moisture source in order to thrive. It will make you think twice about leaving damp dish rags out on the counter!

For more information about AirTight Sprayfoam, call (843) 225-5833 or visit Question 9: True or False? If you want to enclose your crawl space to reduce the possibility of mold growth under the house, the procedure can also prevent your beautiful hardwood kitchen floors from cupping. Answer: True. Without the extra moisture under the house, your hardwood floors are safe from the dampness.

For more information about ESS: Environment Solutions and Services, call (843) 881-0027 or visit Question 10: True or False? You can order your building materials for a kitchen remodel online and have them delivered to your jobsite for free. Answer: True. At, you can place an order for the building materials you need (many of which are cheaper than the national chain stores). OrderOnSite partners with local vendors to fill your order, ensuring that your money boosts Charleston’s economy.

For more information about OrderOnSite, visit Question 11: What is the healthiest, safest cleaning ingredient to use in your kitchen? A. Bleach B. Hydrogen-PeroxideBased Cleaners C. Ammonia Answer: B. Hydrogen-Peroxidebased cleaners kill 99.9 percent of common germs in the kitchen. Proxi disinfectant cleaners break down into water and oxygen without leaving any harsh chemicals behind.

For more information about Proxi, call (704) 584-0072 or visit Question 12: What’s the best method of cleaning the trays underneath the burners on the stovetop? A. Steel Wool B. Baking Soda C. Lemon Juice Answer: C. Combining lemon juice, salt, and a little soapy water creates the perfect combination for cleaning surfaces so close to a heat source. You don’t want to use any chemicals on the stove because the heat could cause a fire or cause the chemicals to burn off into your sizzling food.

For more information about Maid Pure, call (843) 284-8272 or visit Question 13: What insect is most attracted to a dirty kitchen? A. Flies B. Cockroaches C. Ants Answer: A. Flies are the first insect to be attracted to a dirty kitchen with exposed food items. Ants quickly follow to gather food to take back to the hill.

For more information about Palmetto Exterminators, call (843) 766-9701 or visit

Question 14: True or False? When arriving home from the grocery store, you should always remove grain items (like flour, grits, cereal, or dog food) from their original packaging and store them in air-tight canisters.

breakfast for the entire family without waking a sleeping soul until the food is ready.

Answer: True. Grain beetles can make their home in penetrable paper packaging. By placing your products in plastic containers, you’re making sure that the product has not already been infested and that it doesn’t become infested. In addition, roaches are attracted to the glue used to assemble many paper and cardboard packaging. Removing it decreases the attraction of these pesky bugs.

Question 17: True or False? Your HVAC return should be located in the kitchen.

Question 20: True or False? Switching out your traditional light bulbs for CFLs makes no significant difference on your energy bill.

Answer: False. If the HVAC return is placed in the kitchen, it will pull in the heat generated from the cooking appliances, making your HVAC unit work harder to cool the warmer air.

Answer: False. CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) can drastically reduce your energy bills. These bulbs use up to 75-percent less energy when compared to traditional options.

For more information about Mills Brothers Energy Solutions, call (843) 764-1919, or visit

For more information about SCE&G, call (866) 523-8242 or visit

Question 18: True or False? Dropping the temperature of the entire house can counteract the warmer temperature generated while cooking in the kitchen.

Question 21: How can you get free hot water for your home on a monthly basis?

For more information about Ledford’s Termite & Pest Control, Inc., call (843) 766-8298 or visit Question 15: True or False? Fruit flies enter a kitchen through windows and doors, as well as travel on fruit. From there, they breed in damp areas and grimy sink drains. Answer: True. Anywhere there is decay or fermentation of carbohydrates, fruit fly larva feed on the yeast produced by this decay. Interior breeding sites can include drip saucers of potted plants, drip pans under refrigerators, door seals of dishwashers, openly stored fruit and vegetables, the lost potato under the stove, damp mops, soda cans stored in the recycle bin, and any other place there is moisture and some sort of fermentation.

For more information about Lane’s Pest Control, call (843) 238-9995 or visit Question 16: Which kind of spray foam insulation is best for the kitchen? A. Open Cell B. Closed Cell C. Both Answer: A. Open cell spray foam is ideal for the walls of a kitchen because it acts as a sound barrier. You would be able to cook

For more information about Energy One America, call (843) 388-6260 or visit

Answer: True. Depending on what appliances are in use, the temperature in the kitchen can rise anywhere between five and ten degrees. Lowering your thermostat during a day or evening of cooking can balance the temperature and keep you from breaking a sweat while whipping up your famous blueberry pies.

For more information about Smith's Heating & Air Conditioning Company, Inc,. call (843) 552-3772 or visit Question 19: If you want to take on a cabinet refinishing project of your own, what is the first step? A. Priming B. Sanding C. Staining Answer: B. You must always sand your cabinets before you paint or stain them. If you skip the sanding step, the new layers of primer and paint will not stick to the wooden surface. If you’re staining and forego the sanding process, the stain won’t even penetrate the wood. If the whole process becomes too taxing, you can always call in a professional to take

care of the dirty work.

For more information about G&R Services, LLC, call (843) 343-5483 or visit

A. Steal It from the Neighbors B. Use a Wood-Burning Stove C. Capture Energy from the Sun Answer: C. With heating costs constantly on the rise, using the rays of the sun for solar hot water can reduce your monthly expenses. Solar hot water systems can produce up to 95 percent of the hot water necessary to run a household.

For more information about SolarTEK Energy, call (843) 937-9999 or visit Question 22: True or False? When it’s time to move, the best way to pack your fine china is by wrapping it in newspaper. Answer: False. If you wrap your fine china in newsprint, the ink can permanently transfer to your expensive dishes. The best way to pack your china is to place the pieces in a triple-corrugated box. First, you should pad the bottom of the box, then add the heavier dishes wrapped in non-printed newsprint. The lighter items—like fragile stemware— go on top. If you’re packing your stemware, never lay glasses on their sides. Always wrap them and pack them together standing up.

For more information about Pendergrass Moving Company, call (843) 971-0919 or visit Question 23: If you’re selling your home, the most-wanted item that homebuyers like to see in their future kitchen is a granite countertop. Answer: True. The most desirable features in a kitchen right now are natural stone countertops and stainless steel appliances.

For more information about Showhomes Homes Staging, call (843) 606-2811 or visit Question 24: In what way can an iPad increase your productivity in the kitchen? A. The iPad can store recipes for easy access when cooking. B. It can set the lighting and music for the perfect party ambiance. C. You can keep an eye on your children in the pool while you prepare the sides for a summer bar-b-que. D. All of the Above Answer: D. The technology of the iPad has created significant improvements in the daily functions of running a household— including improvements to the time spent in the kitchen.

For more information about NextGen Technologies, call (843) 871-8531 or visit Question 25: True or False? You can design your home with systems that can turn your oven off if you accidently leave it on. Answer: True. The Control4 System can control almost any aspect of your home that you choose from the music and lights to the door locks and kitchen appliances.

For more information about ATS: Audio Tech Services, call (843) 277-0059 or visit

CH+D • Winter 2013




An Interior Design Showcase


e all love our home’s living spaces; they’re the relaxing, kick-off-your-shoes rooms, the watch-a-movie-on-the-couch rooms, the grab-a-bowl-of-cereal-before-work rooms. Our dining rooms and living rooms aren’t just for our immediate family, though. They’re the places in which we entertain. And when we want to put our best hosting foot


CH+D • Winter 2013

Builder: Phillip W. Smith General Contractor, Inc. Interior Designer: Edith Royall Smith Architect: Herlong and Associates Photograph by: Tripp Smith

forward, the public spaces in our homes must be inviting, impeccable, and ready to provide a warm welcome to all who visit. Browse through the next several pages to grab ideas for the perfect dining and living room looks from a handful of the Lowcountry’s favorite designers who know exactly how to create fabulous, functional rooms.

CH+D • Winter 2013



Photography by Patrick Brickman


Interior Designer: Jesse Phipps, Allied ASID • Builder: Chris Ravenel of Ravenel Construction Group • Paint: Eco Deco • Location: Mt. Pleasant


he biggest inspiration for the design of the living room was the color

palette. The homeowner wanted a light and airy interior to provide a relaxing space to gather with her family.  We worked with Eco Deco Paints to find the perfect shade of light gray for the walls. This color set the tone for the monochromatic color scheme of the furniture. Introducing small pops of blue and green in the accessories adds some interest and still maintains the overall soothing atmosphere.


For more information on this project, contact:

ink Interiors (843) 882-7810 •


CH+D • Winter 2013

Helping to Save You Money and the Environment One Panel at a Time. At SolarTEK Energy, we believe in using the power of the sun to its fullest potential and meeting the customer where they are with their particular energy needs.


30% tax credit available from the federal government and 25% from the state! Give us a call for more details.


Electricity Pool Heaters Solar Hot Water Solar Tube Lighting Solar HVAC Attic Conservation Home Energy Conservation Solar

(843) 937-9999

CH+D • Winter 2013




Interior Designer: Melissa Hunter • Builder: Joe Arvitrio of Joseph Vincent Custom Carpentry Wet Bar Cabinetry: Carolina Kitchens of Charleston, Inc. • Location: Isle of Palms


his house was originally used as the homeowners’ beach house

on Isle of Palms, but they wanted to retire here in the Lowcountry and make the space their permanent residence. When they began the remodel, the matriarch of the home wanted to reuse some of her older furniture. So, I recovered the pieces in a new gray and yellow color scheme and ordered a few new pieces for the space. Finally, I created some pillows

to further draw in the pops of yellow. –Melissa

For more information on this project, contact:

MW Hunter Custom Interiors • (843) 556-4939 •


CH+D • Winter 2013

Photography by Patrick Brickman

Project Location: ,VOHRI3DOPV6&



'HVLJQ‡,Qs tallatioQ‡Renovation SalHV‡1HZ&RQVWUXFWLRQ‡$UFKLWHFWXUH CH+D • Winter 2013



Photography by Patrick Brickman


Interior Designer: Lydia Gieczys • Furniture: Ethan Allen • Painting: Jack Brubaker • Location: Daniel Island


y inspiration for this home was the client herself. I have worked with Barbara [Kolakowski] for a number

of years; this year she made the decision to complete her living space. Her style is the essence of sophistication and quiet elegance. In her home, she wanted some rustic, Lowcountry charm. Her desire was to have coastal touches without it being too obvious. We used a lot of different textures—from the smooth feel of the sofa to the highly textural pillows. We also incorporated a sisal rug and, of course, some seashells (without over doing it). The painting over the mantel signifies that there is water close by without actually seeing it firsthand. For the furniture, we mixed Ethan Allen's British Classics collections with some of our contemporary pieces. The final look is very soothing, fresh, and contemporary.

For more information on this project, contact:


Ethan Allen • (843) 971-4338 •


CH+D • Winter 2013

Shown : Custom Tile Installation

Custom Tile Installation · Backsplashes · Hardwoods · Fine Carpets · Custom Rugs · Sand & Refinishing · Installation

Call us today at 843-762-9380 to visit our showroom!

447 Fleming Road James Island, SC

This year, let your vacation be in your backyard!

Made in South Carolina Locally owned and operated 50 year warranty

(843) 847-1349 CH+D • Winter 2013


Photograph by Cali Associates

Photograph by Patrick Brickman



CH+D • Winter 2013

Interior Designer: Courtney Agosti Art: Ann Long Fine Art • Sofa: Lee Industries • Rugs: Zinn Rug Gallery and Whitaker Rugs

Location: Charleston


his sitting room was inspired by the Jill Hooper painting

(‘Katalina’) hanging above the mantle. The painting was the catalyst from which we drew colors and textures. All pieces had to complement, not overshadow or compete with, the simple elegance of the painting. We found furniture and decor from antique vendors, shows, and resources throughout the Southeast. This formal, yet livable, room speaks to design elements through out the house, so there is an elegant, detailed flow.


For more information on this project, contact:

Courtney Agosti Interior Design (843) 532-7132 •

Interior Designer: Stasia Berk, ASID Builder: Matt Lyle of Lyle Construction Cabinetry: Centerpoint Cabinets Location: Bluffton


he living room is the central hub of this home. It has visual texture and a vibrant color palette. My design style is to create a space that people are comfortable spending time in. This living room is a mix of traditional and nuevo classical styling. My inspiration came from the natural landscape. The views from this house offer bursts of vibrant colors from sunsets, wild foliage, and water. –Stasia

For more information on this project, contact:

Stasia Berk Interior Design • (843) 301-3385 • CH+D • Winter 2013



Photography by Patrick Brickman


Interior Designer: Jennifer Rhodes Mendelsohn, ASID • Living Room Fabrics: F. Schumacher and Kravet • Furniture: Kravet Needlepoint Area Rugs: Zinn Rugs • Dining Room Side Chairs: Travis and Company • Drapery Fabric: Beacon Hill Built-In China Hutch: Signature Kitchens and Baths • Location: Daniel Island


he inspiration for this project began with the blue and yellow F. Schumacher print fabric on the living room love seats.

My client fell in love with the design and color combination, so the interior design for the living room and the rest of the home evolved from the feel of that original fabric. For more information on this project, contact:


J. Rhodes Interior Design • (843) 795-9411 •


CH+D • Winter 2013

CH+D • Winter 2013



Photography by Matt Bolt


Interior Designer: Sabrina Young Williams and Anna Deyton • Builder: Passailaigue Homes, Inc. • Architect: Darryl Cobb • Drapery and Wall Upholstery: Creative Cotton Company • Location: Daniel Island


he inspiration for the room originated with the client. She dined at the Peninsula Grill and fell in love with the velvet walls. She called

me and asked, 'Can we do that?' I took that question and ran with it. We wanted a formal dining room, which is what the architecture of the house demanded.  I tried to create a warm and intimate space where people could sit for hours and not want to leave after a wonderful meal. The table was specifically chosen for the room so that everyone

could sit and converse.


For more information on this project, contact:

Beauregard Design • (843) 628-3233 •

All of the dining room’s upholstery was created by Annette Ellard of Creative Cotton Company. The wall upholstery fabric is Antique Cotton Velvet by Kravet and the drapery fabric is a silk taffeta stripe by Colefax and Fowler. For more information on this project, contact:

Creative Cotton Company • (843) 737-0935 •


CH+D • Winter 2013

Experience free energy living... Everyday!




Why settlE for someone else’s Dream... when you can have your new “ecoshell” Home just the way you want it.

You Can Experience... Customizing your interior design to your family’s lifestyle A ‘Hassle-free’ Customization process that takes as little as 60 Days ‘Rural’ Living just minutes from downtown Charleston Capturing free energy from the sun Breathing healthy indoor air, certified by the epa

To see our Free Energy Living homes, call us at 843-637-4311 or visit Developed by Pearlstine Real Estate Investment - Built by Amerisips Communities - Marketed by Carolina One


Visit our Showroom

9-5 M-F, Sat by appt only 500 Deanna Lane

(Off of Clements Ferry Road) Daniel Island 29492



Call for a Free Estimate CH+D • Winter 2013



Photograph by Matt Bolt



CH+D • Winter 2013

Interior Designer: Jennifer Ferrell, ASID • Builder: Terry Hoff Construction • Architect: Richard Moutz of R.L. Moutz Architecture, LLC • Cabinetry: William C. Pritchard Co, Inc. Lighting: Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Plumbing Fixtures: Design on Tap


Location: Edisto Island


“Pre-finishing the exterior siding and trim materials is the only way to create a durable, lasting finish. This process encapsulates all 6 sides of the material and is the only way to control moisture and therefore provide a long lasting finish. We talk with all of our clients about the importance of every detail within their home and this is truly one of the most important details if you are looking to create quality and low maintenance.�

Beautiful UĂŠDurable UĂŠLow Maintenance

-Steve Herlong, Herlong Architects & Interiors

was completely inspired by the view. The house sits so close to the ocean

that you can see, taste, hear, and smell the water. I wanted to create an interior that wouldn't compete with the view, but instead, provide the perfect backdrop without being clichĂŠ (overdone with ‘beachiness’). When you're at this house on Edisto, you're on vacation, so it was important that the home's environment


be one that you could sink into and absolutely relax.



For more information on this project, contact:

See our video at

(843) 760-0029


Riverside Designers, Inc. • (843) 377-2600 •

A style for every taste, A price for every budget Interior Designer: Patricia Karsten, Allied ASID Builder: Glyder Fine Homes • Architect: Camens Architectural Group • Furniture: Harden Furniture


Area Rug: Stark • Window Treatments: Threadhouse Lamps: John Richards and Lamp Works (Illinois) • Art: "Turtles" by Trowbridge • Accessories: Global Views, Arteriors, John Richards • Location: Kiawah Island



aving never been to Kiawah Island, I had no idea of the natural beauty that was waiting for me on the drive to

the O’Learys’ new building site. The scenery along the drive was truly no less than inspirational. The colors and the way they interplayed gave me a tranquil peacefulness that I had never experienced. I knew right then that I had to play off this experience and duplicate this same feel throughout the home. Using a monochromatic color scheme and introducing subdued blues, greens, and delicate grays, I formed the foundation for my color palette. At completion, my clients and I knew we had achieved the goal of creating an incredible living experience in a very special place.



For more information on this project, contact:

Kenbrooke Designs • (860) 693-9777













a proud member of

CH+D • Winter 2013



Photograph by Dickson Dunlap



y clients told me they loved the interiors in the film Something's Gotta

Give, and the wife loves the color blue and a traditional style. I watched the film several times, freeze-framing the interior shots to


his dining room is actually in






was the artwork. It

really look at them. So, we made blue the

was over a living

‘new beige.’ It has the casual elegance of a

room fireplace in

house in the Hamptons with a more colorful

our last house, but

palette. The surprise element was the

it would not fit there

painting over the mantel. The homeowners

in the new home.

mentioned contemporary, and I knew

Our last house was

that an Eva Carter painting would bring

decorated in very neutral tones, and I wanted color in this house. Since the dining

something wonderful to the room. It is a

room gets used mainly at night, we used a wonderful rich hue. The wainscoting

spectacular finishing touch.

was painted white when we bought the house, but I wanted to change the color of it


For more information on this project, contact:

Chatfield Interiors • (843) 971-7405


CH+D • Winter 2013

Photograph by Matt Bolt

Interior Designer: Marian Chatfield, ASID • Architect (Living Room): Bill Huey and Associates Dining Room Location: Mt. Pleasant • Living Room Location: Kiawah Island

without removing the texture. So, the painter ‘painted it out,’ making it the same color as the upper half of the wall. The room is almost square, so the large round table and chairs fill the space.


Wheatland™ Offset Undercounter Kitchen Sink

Let us orchestrate your dream. For the perfect products for your kitchen or bath, stop by a Ferguson showroom. It’s where you’ll find the largest range of quality brands, a symphony of ideas, and trained product experts to help orchestrate your dream. With showrooms from coast to coast, come see why Ferguson is recommended by professional contractors and designers everywhere.


Charleston: Beaufort:


4711 Rivers Ave 1425 South Ribaut Rd



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114 Bluffton Rd, Hwy 46

(843) 815-6080

©2013 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

CH+D • Winter 2013


Story by Emily Mecredy • Photography by Patrick Brickman

Giving Back

Over 30 Charleston-area architects volunteered their time and gathered together for an entire day to create new home plans for local Habitat for Humanity chapters.

CRAN Charleston Organizes 2O12 Design Charrette


ith a giving spirit, over 30 talented architects from the Lowcountry area met for a design charrette on October 19, 2012 to volunteer their time to aid Trident Habitat for Humanity. Benefitting the tri-county area was the real goal of the design charrette, and these architects were thrilled to have the opportunity to use their skills and specialized knowledge to give back to the Holy City. Habitat for Humanity will use these new plans to construct homes by the end of 2013 in each of the


CH+D • Winter 2013

area’s Habitat for Humanity districts in Charleston, Sea Island, East Cooper, Berkley County, and Dorchester County. The architects of CRAN (Custom Residential Architects Network) volunteered their time to make Charleston a better place to live by organizing a charrette. For those of us that don’t speak French, a charrette is traditionally a cart that architecture students at the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris would use to carry project materials through the city. Because these students used the carts during periods of intense work,

the term now refers to “doing something in a very focused and energetic way to produce a product very quickly,” (Bill Huey, president of CRAN Charleston). The architects of CRAN followed this tradition by meeting for one day to produce five functional home designs. “Energy efficiency” was the phrase on everyone’s mind as they worked to create aesthetically pleasing and practical plans for the Habitat homes. Because volunteers from all walks of life build Habitat for Humanity homes, the organization has a number of standards

(left and right) The architects worked together in teams to develop five different home designs that the Habitat for Humanity group will implement in the development of neighborhoods throughout Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley Counties. (center) David Hill of Verdi specializes in green building; his expertise helped the CRAN team create homes that are not only functional and beautiful, but also energy-efficient.

for the blueprints that provide for the safety of these volunteers. While the guidelines created a challenge for the architects, the charrette teams found many opportunities within Habitat's standards. The CRAN group hoped to create innovative designs for Habitat that would bring their plans up-to-date with the ever-changing building codes, as well as serve as beautiful and energyefficient models for construction. New and alternative building materials (such as spray foam insulation) are some of

the solutions that the architects utilized for eco-friendly construction. “By building houses that meet Energy Star Three-Design specifications, we are able to not only lower a family’s average monthly utility bill by about 25 percent, but also reduce the carbon emissions from these houses for each year the houses are in operation,” explains Chris Tweedy of Trident Habitat for Humanity. Because these new designs will cost slightly more up front than previous Habitat home designs, Alcoa (a major

aluminum manufacturer) has generously given a grant to make up the difference so that these energy-efficient designs can be a reality. The architects of CRAN are so enthusiastic about the work they have done for Habitat that they are considering constructing one home as a team. Bill Huey explains, “Through CRAN, we hope to let the public know that the local professional residential architects have united with the common theme of working together for the community.”

(above left) In creating the plans for the Habitat homes, the architects had to be mindful of the organization’s safety regulations; because many people from all walks of life help construct the homes, safety is of utmost importance in the building process. (above right) The use of the latest technology allows the CRAN team to digitally create images that demonstrate how the home will look once constructed.

CH+D • Winter 2013



McDonald McDonald Architects Architects

Alice Alice Nixon Nixon Burress, Burress, Architect, Architect, AIA AIA

Michael Michael E.E. Karamus, Karamus, Architect, Architect, LLC LLC

Allen Allen Designs DesignInc. Inc.

O.O. Douglas Douglas Boyce, Boyce, Architect Architect

ALM ALM Architect, Architect, LLC LLC

Phorm Phorm Architecture Architecture + Design, + Design, LLC LLC

b Studio b Studio Architecture Architecture

Ron Ron Gossen Gossen Architecture, Architecture, Inc. Inc.

Bill Bill Huey Huey + Associates + Associates

Samuel Samuel Furr Furr Architects Architects

Camens Camens Architectural Architectural Group, Group, LLC LLC

Schmitt Schmitt Walker Walker Architects Architects

Carl Carl Berry Berry Architecture Architecture

Swallowtail Swallowtail Architecture Architecture

Christopher Christopher Rose Rose Architects, Architects, P.A. P.A.

Thomas Thomas && Denzinger Denzinger Architects Architects

Clark Clark Glidewell Glidewell Architect Architect

TMD TMD Architects Architects

Cobb Cobb Architects Architects

Tucker Tucker Architectural Architectural Associates Associates

Cumulus Cumulus Architecture Architecture + Design + Design

The The Verdi Verdi Company Company

Dennis Dennis Lloyd Lloyd Blaschke, Blaschke, Architect Architect

W.M. W.M. Warlick, Warlick, Architect Architect

Dolphin Dolphin Architects Architects && Builders Builders

Wayne Wayne Windham Windham Architect, Architect, PAPA

Herlong Herlong && Associates, Associates, Inc. Inc.

Zach Zach T. T. Carney Carney Architecture Architecture

Local Local since since 1997 1997 Local Local since since 1977 1977 Local Local since since 2003 2003 Local Local since since 1999 1999 Local Local since since 2009 2009 Local Local since since 1987 1987 Local Local since since 1998 1998 Local Local since since 1982 1982 Local Local since since 1987 1987 Local Local since since 1998 1998 Local Local since since 2000 2000 Local Local since since 2006 2006 Local Local since since 1998 1998 Local Local since since 1990 1990 Local Local since since 1983 1983

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Local Local since since 1992 1992 Local Local since since 1999 1999 Local Local since since 1979 1979 Local Local since since 2003 2003 Local Local since since 1995 1995 Local Local since since 1992 1992 Local Local since since 1986 1986

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MM GG Architects, Architects, LLC LLC

Local Local since since 2001 2001 CRAN CRAN Charleston Charleston is comprised is comprised of of local, local, registered registered residential residential architects architects dedicated dedicated to to assisting assisting homeowners homeowners make make thethe most most of of their their residential residential project. project. CRAN CRAN architects architects areare committed committed to to helping helping homeowners homeowners through through thethe maze maze of of questions questions and and doubts doubts that that surround surround thethe idea idea of of building building or or renovating renovating a home. a home.


crcan r an c hc ar h al rel setsot n o .o n.o r gr g

CH+D • Winter 2013

AD DIRECTORY 1st Class Painting & Restoration, LLC...............199 84 Lumber........................................................137 Ace Preferred Inspections, Inc.........................61 Accu-Brick Paving Systems..............................189 Accucom Integrations Group, Inc....................121 Advanced Kitchens Designs of Charleston......105 Advanced Window Fashions............................33 Advantage Elevators........................................73 AGM Imports....................................................39 AirTight of Charleston......................................107 AKL Professional Interiors................................77 Alaglas Pools....................................................209 All About Garage Doors...................................189 Allstate/Kevin Shealy.......................................128 America's Home Place.....................................23 Amerisips Homes.............................................215 Aqua Blue Pools...............................................111 Artistic Design & Construction........................119 Atkinson Pools & Spas....................................127 Audio Tech Services......................................... 69 Audio Warehouse............................................. 95 Authentic Kitchens & Baths Concepts............ 113 Backyard Retreats, Inc..................................... 37, 61 Best Buy Blinds, Inc.........................................183 Bennett Hofford Construction Company, LLC..16 Blue Haven Pools & Spas................................135 Boral Building Products...................................43 Buck Lumber & Building Supply, Inc.....................2 Buckhannon Brothers Tile.......................................127 Builders Hardware of South Carolina, Inc.......77 California Closets.............................................195 Carolina Custom Security & Sound.................99 Carolina Fence Company.................................85 Carolina Kitchens of Charleston, Inc...............217 Carolina Machine Finishing..............................217 Carpenter's Antiques.......................................125 Carpet Baggers Floor Coverings......................165 Carpet Headquarters.......................................147 Cemex...............................................................137 Charleston CRAN/AIA......................................222 Charleston Design Cottage, The......................51 Charleston Lamp Company.............................109 Charleston Landscape.....................................63 Charleston Lighting and Interiors....................152 Charleston One Source....................................103 Charleston Revisions.......................................65 Charleston’s Rigging & Marine Hardware.......175 Charleston Woodworks, Inc.............................219 Christopher Rose Architects............................149 Cinder Creek Construction...............................27 Circa Lighting...................................................54 Classic Remodeling & Construction, Inc.........137 Cleanair by Earthcare, LLC............................... 125 Clear Blue Pools, Inc........................................165 Coastal Cottages of SC....................................141 Coastal Design Builders, LLC...........................35 Coastal Elevators & Lifts, LLC..........................141 Coastal Landscape Design, LLC.......................195

Coralberry Cottage...........................................6, 7 Creative Cotton Company................................151 Creature Catchers............................................145 Cross Cut Services, LLC....................................63 Crystal Clear Pools & Spas.............................. 87 Danco Modern Furniture.................................. 113 Daniel Island Audio/Video............................... 59 Designer Kitchens & Baths, Inc....................... 207 D.I.G. Landscape.............................................. 5 Dispute Resolutions......................................... 107 DSA Master Crafted Doors............................... 49 Dynamic Countertops...................................... 103 Dynamic Design Build...................................... 41 E.A. Energy Solutions....................................... 41 Eco Deco.......................................................... 54 Eco Designer Concrete..................................... 63 Elegant Hardwood Floors................................ 199 Energy One America........................................ 79 ESS: Environmental Solutions and Service.... 183 Express Sunrooms........................................... 175 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc................................ 219 Fisher Recycling............................................87,175 For the House - The Barstool Shop.................165 G&R Services................................................... 145 Granite Shop.................................................... 9 HLG Growers.................................................... 107 Homewerx........................................................ 205 Hunter Phelps Interiors.................................... 82 HWC Custom Cabinetry................................... 132 Icebox............................................................... 53 James Hardie.................................................... 121 JD Smith General Contractor, LLC.................... 31 Jilco Kitchen and Bath...................................... 57 Just Additions & Remodeling........................... 147 Kelly Builders................................................... 53 Kolbe Gallery, The............................................ 19, 57 Lane's Professional Pest Extermination.......... 51 Leafguard......................................................... 85 Ledford’s Termite & Pest Control, Inc.............. 67 Leigh's Painting and Contracting, Inc.............. 61 Liberty Cedar.................................................... 211 Lowcountry Consignments.............................. 17 Lowcountry Custom Pool & Spa...................... 71 Lowcountry Generators.................................... 82 Lowcountry Hurricane Protection & Shutters 111 Lowcountry Iron & Woodworks....................... 59 Lowcountry Mulch, Inc..................................... 59 Lowcountry Paver............................................. 227 Lowcountry Pool House................................... 71 Lowcountry Tile Contractors, Inc..................... 143 M & M Oil and Propane (The Fire Place)......... 95 Maid Pure......................................................... 87 Matthew Ward Landscapes............................. 51 Max G. Crosby Construction Co., LLC.............. 20 McKay Insurance, Inc....................................... 67 Melcer Tile Company, Inc. . ............................. 28 Mills Brothers Heating & Air............................ 147 Mister Sparky................................................... 213

Moluf’s............................................................. back Mosquito Squad.............................................. 119 MVP Granite & Flooring................................... 215 MW Hunter Custom Interiors........................... 81 Nautilus Company Home Management.......... 171 NextGen Technologies, Inc.............................. 73 Next To New..................................................... 88 Order on Site.................................................... 213 Palmetto Exterminators...................................183 Palmetto Moon Antiques.................................47 Palmetto Tile Distributors, Inc.........................3 Palmetto Wood Floors.....................................95 Pendergrass Moving Company, The................88 Pensarc.............................................................45 PermaCoat of Charleston.................................85 Phillip W. Smith General Contractor, Inc..........12 Plantation Shutter Company, The....................143 Port City Glass & Mirror, Inc............................119 Precision Flooring Group.................................209 Priester's Custom Contracting, LLC.................4 Pro Roofing and Siding....................................82 Proxi.................................................................45 QEI Security & Technology..............................10 REMARK Landscape Architecture....................111 Renovators, The...............................................151 Rhino Shield.....................................................149 Rick's Lighting & Supplies, Inc........................171 RS Custom Homes...........................................11 SCE&G..............................................................15, 43 Sherwin-Williams.............................................65 Show Homes Home Staging............................79 Smith's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc..........139 SolarTEK Energy of Charleston........................205 Solarworks Group, Inc.....................................189 Southern Lumber & Millwork Corp..................24,25 Southern Structures, Inc..................................79 Special Addtions..............................................57 Spivey Architects, Inc.......................................69 SR Design - Unique Sea Shell Designs...........132 Stone Casting, Inc............................................45 Structures Building Company..........................8 Sullivan Custom Cabinets................................99 Swift Appliance................................................105 Tailored Closets................................................205 Teak Hut, The...................................................81 Terrace Oaks Antique Mall...............................139 Thomas M. Evans Master Builders..................14 Trident Habitat for Humanity...........................71 (Up) Cycle Interiors..........................................109 Universal Marble and Granite, Inc...................49 Verdi Company, The.........................................152 Vitoria International.........................................21 William Smith Fireplaces.................................135 Windward Shutters, LLC..................................141 World Stone Distributors.................................13 Zimmerman Interiors.......................................53

CH+D • Winter 2013



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CH+D • Winter 2013

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Cultured Marble

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Accucom Integrations Group, Inc. ATS - Audio Tech Services Audio Warehouse Carolina Custom Security & Sound Daniel Island Audio Video and Structured Wiring LLC NextGen Technologies, Inc. QEI Security & Technology

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Accucom Integrations Group, Inc. ATS - Audio Tech Services Audio Warehouse Carolina Custom Security & Sound Daniel Island Audio Video and Structured Wiring LLC NextGen Technologies, Inc. QEI Security & Technology

769-4822 277-0059 571-0535 881-4802 471-2990 871-8531 797-7603

Advanced Window Fashions Audio Warehouse Best Buy Blinds Creative Cotton Company MW Hunter Custom Interiors Plantation Shutter Company, The Solar Reflection Inc. Solarworks Group, Inc. SR Design "Unique Seashell Design"

881-8858 571-0535 884-3454 737-0935 556-4939 571-4707 769-6087 884-5123 303-2669

84 Lumber Buck Lumber & Building Supply, Inc. DSA Master Crafted Doors Homewerx Kolbe Gallery, The Southern Lumber and Millwork Corp.

884-8431 795-0150 919-781-3200 270-2204 881-0038 693-2117 744-6281

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Structured Wiring


Swimming Pools

Termite Contract


Whole House Audio

Window Treatments


Wrought Iron

CH+D • Winter 2013



DIY Nursery Mural


n preparation for the birth of their daughter, Patrick Brickman (Charleston Home + Design’s art director) and his wife, Rachel, created a whimsical nursery for their precious babe, Emma Joy. Both knew they wanted a gender-neutral room for when their family grows again, but they had somewhat different ideas about the theme. Because Rachel wanted a Noah’s ark motif and Patrick wanted a beach theme, he found a playful way to combine the two ideas. Painting an all-around mural for the nursery was no small task, but Patrick was up for the challenge. For his project, Patrick chose all of his colors from Sherwin-Williams. He explains, “I always enjoy supporting a quality company from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Sherwin-Williams always has superb discounts for premium paint, and I wanted to ensure that the mural would endure any scuffs or spills. The paint mixed well to create other shades of color and was easy to apply. It dried quickly and turned out better than I expected.” Patrick tackled this DIY project in just a few steps. Here is how he did it: Step 1: On paper, Patrick mapped out the walls and major furniture, such as the crib, and then sketched out his design for the room. He made sure that most of the animals faced the crib so that the whole focus of the room is on baby Emma.

Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors Used

SW 6258

Tricorn Black

SW 6549

Ash Violet

SW 6780 Nautilus

SW 6491 Open Air

SW 6921

Electric Lime

SW 6897


SW 6599 Begonia

SW 6258 Toasty

SW 7006

Extra White

Story by Emily Mecredy • Photography & Mural by Patrick Brickman

Step 2: Patrick taped off the upper and lower sections of each wall. Then, he painted a basecoat of two different blues that would become the sky and ocean. Step 3: Although free-hand drawing was an option, Patrick chose to project his sketches onto the wall and trace the image. Step 4: Finally, Patrick painted in the different animal outlines with cheerful colors like he was completing a colorby-number painting. By mixing different paint colors, he was able to give the animals intricate shading and detail.

For more information about SherwinWilliams, call at 1-800-4-SHERWIN or visit


CH+D • Winter 2013

I’m really happy with how it turned out. The bold shapes, colors, and animals will be great for the baby to point out and identify as she gets older.

–Patrick Brickman, Art Director of CH+D

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