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National Wedding Month Wedding Tips for the Bride to Be

Tradition Steeped in History: Where Our Modern Day Marriage Ceremony Find Its Roots

By Mallory Diefenbach Star News Writer

When two people decide to get married, it is a special occasion. They are making a commitment to be with each other for the rest of their lives. So, it is little wonder that many newlyweds wish for their marriage to be perfect. So, in honor of National Marriage Month, here are a few tips to throw the perfect wedding ceremony from Kathleen’s Bridal and Formal: “1) When looking for your wedding dress, try on several different styles. The gown you’ve been picturing in your head may be different from your actual dream gown! 2) If you are considering a different color for your gown, pick one that compliments your complexion. White will sparkle against an olive complexion, and ivory will add color if you are fair. 3) Dreading sore feet? The first rule is to wear your bridal shoes at home for about 30 minutes to an hour a day for the two weeks before your wedding. You would never purchase a new pair of shoes and wear them the first day for 10-12 hours! Next think about bringing two pairs of shoes; just slip on the second pair when your feet start to hurt. 4) Bring an emergency kit: Double sided tape, safety pins and needle and thread. Don’t forget the band-aids for your heels after a night of dancing in new shoes. And of course something for a headache should you get one.

5) Once you’ve found your caterer, figure out what they do best and go with it! (Hint: If they specialize in Italian, don’t ask for egg rolls.) 6) To avoid looking washed out in your wedding portraits, apply makeup more heavily, but be sure to blend well. 7) Skin primers will help to insure your make-up lasts all day long. But always bring extra make-up along

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By Mallory Diefenbach Star News Writer

It’s impossible to think of February without hearts and love. With Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14, Cupid, the Roman god of desire, affection and love, aims his arrows at unsuspecting humans. With his help, couples get together and celebrate their love for each other. Some couples take that extra step in their relationship and make the decision to be with one

another for life. So, it should come as little surprise that February is National Wedding Month. Weddings are an event based heavily on tradition, although in today’s era traditions don’t tightly bind us as they have in the past. However, there is a long history of why we still follow common traditions such as proposing on one knee to having a white bride’s dress. The reason proposals are typically done on one knee goes back to the era where knights and chivalry were the norm. According to “Enduring Wedding Traditions...Customs and their Origins” on, a knight would kneel before a tournament and wait for ‘his’ lady to toss him an indication of her favor, typically a ribbon or the like. As years went by, this became the norm and it became unheard of for women to propose to the man. (Although, this isn’t the case today.) However, there is a loop hole which allowed women to propose to a man. Feb. 29, also known as a “leap year” wasn’t recognized by English law for hundreds of years and was simply ignored. Because the day had no legal status, it wasn’t unheard of for women to take advantage of the day to propose to the man they wished to marry. The movie “Leap Year” staring Amy Adams, Matthew Goode and Adam Scott is all about this glitch in marriage status quo. The engagement ring can trace its

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Merritt Estate Offers Sweet and Savory Take On Wine And Chocolate Contributed Article Jessi Luke

The Lake Erie Wine Trail will once again host its annual Wine and Chocolate Weekend. As the wine trail’s Valentine’s Day venture for lovers, friends and family alike, the self-guided ticketed event will take place on Friday, February 17 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, February 18 and Sunday, February 19 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m at participating wineries. This year’s event is sponsored by Finney’s Chocolate of Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. Each year, Merritt Winery pairs a savory dish with one of their award winning wines to help give customers a break from the overwhelming amount of sweet treats they will devour throughout the day. This year the winery has chosen Chicken Milano, a chicken and sundried tomato dish served over pasta with crème sauce. The dish will be paired with Merritt’s Seyval Blanc, a clean and crisp white wine with a delicate bouquet that pairs nicely with white meats. In an effort to participate with the overall theme of the weekend, Merritt will also offer a sweet finish to compliment their savory selection. Visitors to the winery will have the

chance to create their own chocolate temptation when they choose from several dipping options to try in a chocolate fountain provided by Devine Chocolate Fountains of Western New York. Customers can dip something they like or try something new with dipping choices including pretzels, vanilla wafers, marshmallows and fresh fruits.

As an additional incentive for event attendees who visit Merritt, the winery will offer a chance to win four tickets to the Lake Erie Wine Trail’s Wine and Cheese Weekend, taking place May 18-20. Sponsored by Yancey’s Fancy, the popular wine trail event is similar to Wine and Chocolate Weekend in its self-guided nature. Each customer will receive a raffle ticket just for visiting Merritt,

automatically entering them in to the drawing. “We are very fortunate to have generated such a loyal customer base over the years,” said Jessi Luke, Public Relations and Promotions person for Merritt Estate Winery. “We do our best to offer new and exciting incentives not only to reinforce our presence and appreciation to our current customers, but in hopes of gaining new Merritt supporters as well.” Tickets and additional information for this year’s Wine and Chocolate Weekend are available on the Lake Erie Wine Country web site at www. A recipe book containing all courses to be offered by participating wineries can also be found on the web site. For more information on Merritt news and events, visit or find us on Facebook at merrittwinery. Merritt Estate is located in Lake Erie Wine Country, the largest grape growing region of New York State located along the shores of Lake Erie. The grapes and wines produced by Merritt rival the quality of premium vintages throughout the world.

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February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

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Daily Radar - NYCbeatbox tionally competing beat boxer. You’ll want to check out the Entertainment Section this week for an Artist Profile on Chris. NYCbeatbox SUNY Fredonia is well known for producing talented musicians who go on to make careers out of their art. But, the school currently has a music student whose talent goes beyond the average scope of student mastering instrument. Chris Celiz, of Flushing New York City does play instruments, he is a saxophonist, clarinetist and a guitarist. But, his main instrument is his mouth. No, that doesn’t mean he is a vocalist. Chris is a beatboxer.

Dusten Rader Commentary

On today’s radar, Today, I’ll be talking about a good friend of mine named Chris Celiz who is an interna-

Local Celebrities


Lake Erie Wine Country is hosting a Wine and Chocolate Weekend, February 17 - 19. The CW23’s network (WNLO) will be recording at Buster Brown Bean Company, introducing the tour. Twenty-three of Lake Erie Wine Country’s best wineries will pair their own splendid chocolate creations with a delightful wine accompaniment during the tour. The recording of the event will be at Buster Brown Bean Company’s, Café and Bistro, Thursday, Feb. 16 at 11 a.m. Several of the wineries will be set up to do wine tastings during the shoot. Owners of the Café and Bistro, David Culver and Gregory Wollaston strongly encourage anyone who would like to attend, to grab a bite of lunch and be seen on TV. Wollaston states, “Come down, have a bite to eat and help us support the

local grape growers and wineries in the region.” It is unknown how long the TV shoot will take, however any footage captured is set to air on the Friday Morning show, Feb. 17 during the 8 o’clock hour. The wine event will take place Feb. 17-19, 2012 on Friday 12 - 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 10 – 5 p.m. “I’m doing everything in my power to attract people in to Chautauqua County. Do a local wine tour, visit a local farm, and eat in our fine restaurants & Bistros,” says David Culver, co-owner of BBBC. “Come and see what we have to offer, PLEASE!” Lake Erie Wine Country, the largest grape-growing region of the east, extends from Silver Creek, N.Y. to North East, P.A. Lake Erie Wine Country produces a unique style of wines for all tastes, generating strong customer enthusiasm and awareness of the organization. Tickets for the wine tour will be available for purchase

event can be found on his facebook page at NYCbeatbox. I also took some photos of the competition that can be found here: 599716421965.2061606.6440 0267&type=3&l=0e262eadcf. There is also a really neat studio session available available on his facebook where Chris shows off his talent. Chris can also be found on twitter at and on youtube at celizOHthatguy. Keep an eye out for more awesome news on my Daily Radar blog at: Ta tag/daily-radar.


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2012 Young Reader Program on Civil Rights Pioneer

Buster Brown Bean Company To Record Tv Segement With The Cw23 Affiliate Network (Wnlo) To Promote Wine And Chocolate Weekend Contributed Article

present to select the top 16 performers for the elimination rounds. Chris managed to make it into the top 16 and even did well there. He was selected to perform in the top 8 and crushed his opponents there too. To be selected as one of the top 4 means you are given the title as semi finalist. It is a huge honor among beatboxers to be among the semi finalists. From there Chris was pitted against BBK. He did his best but unfortunately was eliminated during that battle. However, being eliminated by BBK wasn’t such a bad thing considering BBK ended up winning the next battle to claim the title as champion. Videos of Chris’ battles at the

mances are very interesting to watch because many of them are in the form of elimination rounds. Each competitor is pitted against another in battle. They are each given about a minute or so to display their skill four rounds resulting in a total of four or more minutes of performance time. The battles continue until there is only one man left standing. Chris Celiz, AKA NYCbeatbox recently competed in one of these tournaments. He made a trip up to Toronto Canada to test himself in an international beatboxing competition. The event started with open auditions where anyone who wanted to sign up could perform. Judges were

Beatboxing is the art of creating percussion sounds vocally. By manipulating the tongue, lips and vocals beatboxers are able to produce rhythm, drums and the simulation of other instruments. Basically, a beatboxer can become a one man band. It is a skill that is difficult to master and thus is fairly uncommon. The rarity of the skill makes the entertainment factor of the performances even more unique. Modern beatboxing has become not only a tool for performance but also for competition. Beatboxers gather at tournaments around the world to show off their skills and test themselves against each other. These perfor-

Contributed Article

online at until Wednesday, February 15th at noon. Ticket holders provide their own transportation to the wineries and choose their own itinerary. Purchasers choose one winery as the pick-up point for their ticket. Each ticket will include a gift bag packed with a wine glass, great gift, recipe booklet and a 5 dollar voucher to spend on wine at any winery or food participating restaurants. Designated driver tickets are available for only $20 and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided instead of wine. For more information concerning the event visit our website at,, or contact David Culver at 716-672-6622 or david@busterbrownbean. com for more details. Buster Brown Bean Company is a Café and Bistro, as well as a fine dining establishment located in downtown Fredonia, NY.

Robert H. Jackson Center

Phillip Hoose, award-winning author of Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice and We Were There, Too! Young People in U.S. History, will be speaking at the Robert H. Jackson Center and at the Reg Lenna Civic Center in Jamestown, New York, on February 28 & 29. Claudette Colvin became a civil rights pioneer when she, at age 15, refused to give up her bus seat to a white person in Alabama. This was fifteen months before Rosa Parks refused to do the same. Colvin’s story is told masterfully in Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, winner of a Newbery Medal and a National Book Award. Phillip Hoose’s book We Were There, Too! is a compilation of over seventy stories of young people—including Colvin— who shaped U.S. history. Phillip Hoose’s appearance is part of an annual Jackson

Center tradition of hosting educational programs for middle school students with prominent authors on subjects related to civil rights, Nuremberg, the Holocaust, and other important moments in history. This 2012 Young Reader Program, focusing on Claudette Colvin during Black History Month, fits well with this year’s Black History Month theme, “Black Women in American Culture and History.” The Robert H. Jackson Center has partnered with the Law, Youth and Citizenship Program of the New York State Bar Association for Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice to be the

subject of a state-wide essay contest for middle school students. Contest winners will be honored at a Jackson SP Center pasta dinner with Phil- Pg 1 lip Hoose on February 28 at Pg 4 6:00 pm. The public is invited Pg 5 to attend the dinner, at a cost Pg 6 of $10.00 per person. Reserva- Pg 7 tions may be made by calling Pg 8 the Jackson Center at (716) 483-6646 or e-mailing info@ Pg 9 The awards Pg 1 presentation will be followed Pg 1 by an open (free) event at 7:00 Pg 1 pm with the author. The public Pg 1 is also invited to attend Phillip Hoose’s hour-long program at EN the Reg Lenna Civic Center See at 10


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Wedding Tips, Cont. from page 1 If you enjoy the Chautauqua Star, email your comments, along with your name, telephone number and location to:

Table of Contents MAIN

Pg 2: Commentary Pg 3 – 6: Community News Pg 7: Flavor of the Week Pg 8: Recipe & Calendar Pg 9: Movies & Review Pg 10: Artist Profile Pg 11 & 12: Education Pg 13: Business Pg 14: Contributing Writers Pg 15: Pets Pg 16: Featured Advertiser


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with you for touch ups. 8) Coordinate flowers with the season you are married in. They are less expensive and look nicer. 9) Maximize your floral budget with large stemmed flowers like Green Goddess Calla Lilies and curly willow twigs. 10) Unusual flower vessels can add personality to any event. Try flea markets and second hand stores for vintage vases or tins from imported tomatoes and fruits. 11) Bring color samples of fabric from a bridesmaid dress (or if you can’t get any fabric, get a piece of ribbon that is the same color) and pictures from magazines of arrangements you like, so the florist can get an idea of your style and get the color right. 12) Ask your florist to make you up samples of what you will be getting and check them at least two weeks before your wedding. If you are unhappy with anything, you still have time to correct it. 13) It’s never a bad idea to taste a sample of your cake before you order it. And think about the color you want the cake in - red is very hard to get out of your gown after he

has smashed some of it in your face! 14) Colored linens are often available to rent and can make a huge impact on the look of your reception. Check the prices of more than one rental store as prices vary. 15) To make your cake budget stretch, order a small customized, tiered cake and then serve decorated sheet cake to guests. (Be sure to plate the sheet cake behind closed doors.) Or you can order a couple of “fake” layers with one or two real cakes mixed in; but remember not to cut into the fake layers when you are cutting the cake together. 16) Start putting together your playlist now. Keep a working list going, and after a few months you’ll have a selection of music that truly reflects your personalities. 17) Always order 15-25 extra invitations so that you are covered. Ordering extra invitations will cost a lot more in the long run when extra guests pop up as your big day approaches. It seems like you always run into people you forgot to have on your list but want to be there! 18) To get your best and most natural photographs, forget the photographer is there!

19) For the added sparkle, have your jewelry (especially the ring) cleaned before your big day. 20) Do a trial run, or even two, with your hair before the wedding. Then take pictures from different angles to insure you get the right look on the right day. 21) If you color your hair, make sure to do it a week in advance to allow time for any accidents that may happen. Another good reason to have your hair colored is that your hair will have extra body and lots of shine on your wedding day! 22) Give your gown to your mom or someone else who you can count on, and ask her to take it in to be cleaned while you are on your honeymoon. The least amount of time that the dirt, perspiration and food (think wedding cake) stay in your gown the more likely they will come out. 23) Remember to relax and enjoy the day. Little things may not all go as planned, but keep your heart and mind focused on what is really the most important part of the day-your ceremony! You won’t remember any of the problems if you focus on that special guy you just married!”

Pg 9: Chautauqua Outdoors

Tradition Steeped in History, Cont. from page 1

Pg 11: Golf

history all the way back to Ancient Egypt where Egyptians would present their bridesto-be with circlets of hemp or rush. However, the meaning is traced back to Anglo Saxon history where giving a ring became a token of promised love. The shape of the circular band ended up becoming a symbol for eternal love and unity. The diamond, because of its strength, is the symbol of never-ending love. White is commonly equated with purity. As a result, it

Pg 10: National Sports Pg 12–15: Classifieds

Pg 16: Featured Advertiser

ENTERTAINMENT See pages 7–10 of MAIN

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became a symbol of a bride’s worthiness. Because a marriage is a union between two families, it was essential that the bride be an honor to them both and purity was valued higher than anything. As a result, the wedding dress became to represent the purity that the bride was supposed to have. In addition, a white wedding gown was believed to ward off ill luck and evil spirits. This superstitious belief gave rise to traditions as a bride should never make her


February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

own wedding dress. The kiss at the end of a wedding ceremony in ancient times was seen as legally binding and the acceptance of both parties of the contract of marriage. It was said that the newlywed couple would exchange a bit our their souls with that kiss. Marriage is a wonderful thing with many interesting traditions. May love find each person this month, and for all the rest of the months to follow.

Arts Grants Offered By United Arts Appeal


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Contributed Article



The United Arts Appeal of Chautauqua County is accepting applications for its 2012 Projects Pool Grants Program for Chautauqua County artists and organizations. UAA President Rick Davis noted that, “A portion of the funds raised through the United Arts Appeal’s annual campaign will again be allocated for grants for artist career development and artistic projects that benefit the cultural life of Chautauqua County.” Davis added that grants up to $500 are available to organizations and to individual artists in all disciplines. Eligible organizations must have non-profit status and may include libraries, municipalities, churches and other community groups. An artist who has been a Chautauqua County resident for at least one year and works in any artistic discipline, including crafts, choreography, film, fiction, poetry, printmaking, sculpture, painting, video, play writing, performance, music composition and photography, may apply for a Projects Pool Fellow-

SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET The United Arts Appeal is offering grants to Chautauqua County organizations and to individual artists in all disciplines, including photography, fiction, painting, video and more. Applications must be postmarked by March 15, 2012. Previously, Westfield’s Patterson Library received a grant to offer eight weeks of Music Together classes with Kay Barlow, as pictured here.

ship. Funding priority will be given to those applicants who demonstrate that a fellowship would have significant career impact. Grant applications are accepted only by mail and must be postmarked by Thursday, March 15, 2012. All applications are screened for eligibility and fulfillment of application requirements. An allocations panel made up of artists and community leaders reviews applications and presents funding recommendations to the United Arts Appeal board for approval. Artists and community organizations interested in applying for funding through the United Arts Appeal’s Projects Pool can obtain application information and funding criteria on-line at the Grants page at or by contacting the United Arts Appeal at (716) 484-7329. In addition to funding for

individual artists and smaller arts projects through the Projects Pool, the United Arts Appeal provides operating support for eight of the larger arts organizations in Chautauqua County: Chautauqua Regional Youth Ballet, Community Music Project, 1891 Fredonia Opera House, Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, Jamestown Concert Association, Lucille Ball Little Theatre of Jamestown, Reg Lenna Civic Center, and the Western New York Chamber Orchestra. For information on performances offered by member organizations, visit the United Arts Appeal page on Facebook. The United Arts Appeal is supported by Chautauqua County, local foundations, corporations, businesses and individuals throughout the county. For more information about the United Arts Appeal of Chautauqua County, visit


Product Features: Processor: NVIDIA Tegra 2 1 GHz; Installed Memory: 1 GB (SDRAM); Display: 10.1 in. WXGA TFT Active Matrix; Networking Type: Bluetooth, Integrated Wireless LAN; HDD Size: 16384 GB; Weight: 1.24 lb.; Input Method: Camera; Expansion Ports: 1 x USB 2.0; Security Features: USB Port Control; Processor Type: NVIDIA Tegra 2; Processor Speed:1 GHz; Processor Manufacturer: NVIDIA; Processor Number: T20; Display Size: 10.1 in.; Display Max. Resolution: 1280 x 800; Display Tech: WXGA TFT Active Matrix; Touch Screen Technology: Multi-Touch; Hard Drive Capacity: 16384 GB; RAM Technology: SDRAM; Installed RAM: 1 GB; Audio Input Type: Microphone; Audio Output Type: Sound card, Speaker(s); Data Link Protocol: Bluetooth, Hi-Speed USB, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n; Battery Technology: Lithium polymer; Battery Run Time: 14 Hours

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Store Hours: Mon–Wed 8 am–6 pm Store Hours: Mon–Fri 10 am –7 pm Sat 10 am–6 pm Th & Fri 8 am–8 pm Sun 12–5 pm Sat 9 am–4 pm, Sun Closed All offers subject to availability. Limited quantities vary by location. Financing available to qualified buyers.

A local authorized dealer

This Week in... Our Community


February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Inner Balance Day Spa

Contributed Article Joanne Cole

Leave the stress of everyday life behind with a visit to Inner Balance Day Spa located at 91 E 4th St, Dunkirk. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate day spa experience, the highest level of customer

service, and personalized treatments tailored to your specific needs. Inner Balance Day Spa is the perfect place to plan your bridal spa party. Whether you are planning a full day of pampering or just a few hours, we’ll make certain your spa party is truly unforgettable. The bride gets 1/2 off all services with a party

of 4 or more. Some food and beverage included and custom packages are available. We invite you in for a tour of our facility ad pick up a copy of our services menu. Reserve Inner Balance Day Spa early for your spa party by calling 716-363-0900.

Changes In Hours

Host Your Event in Ashville Contributed Article Chautauqua Lake Auction Center and Banquet Facility

The Chautauqua Lake Auction Center and Banquet Facility in Ashville, NY is a modern facility that boasts a room capacity of 299, is handicap accessible, has a fully functioning kitchen, clean restrooms and a very large paved parking area! This building hosts

Chautauqua County Humane Society Must Reduce Shelter Hours As The 7th Annual Pennies 4 Paws Campaign Begins

Contributed Article CIAO

The Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) announces new hours of operation for the Strunk Road Adoption Center as they kick off the 7th annual Pennies 4 Paws campaign. The shelter is condensing the hours open to the public starting Monday, February 13 in order to reduce the costs associated with open hours of operation and narrow a very tight 2012 budget. “CCHS Pennies 4 Paws- Imagine If We Didn’t Exist” campaign launches at the same time and this year the non-profit pet shelter is hoping to raise 17 million pennies in order to help with the escalating expense of basic care and medical costs. Rising costs directly correlate with the need to streamline hours and elevate fundraising efforts for CCHS. “We have always strived to operate in a very frugal manner while working to maintain a consistent balance of quality care for the pets we take in.” states Jeff Lubi, CCHS executive director. “The challenge now is to be able to contain costs so they do not outpace our efforts during uncertain economic times. The decision to shorten our hours also reflects changing adoption patterns and off-site trends associated with the concept of creating a shelter without walls.” The new CCHS Adoption Center hours of open opera-

lawn is perfect for an outdoor wedding! This facility is one mile from the lake and set in peaceful Ashville, NY. Also, Ashville General Store, which is only 1 minute down the road, is a preferred caterer for the Chautauqua Lake Auction Center and Banquet Facility! Call Miss Judy and schedule a preview of the building today! Our number is 716 – 526 – 4230.

CIAO Updates

Contributed Article CCHS

consignment auctions, antique glass and furniture auctions, business meetings, weddings, family and class reunions, carnival glass conventions, and many other events! The event room is available for you to decorate as you please. There is a raised stage area for your DJ or speakers, and plenty of room in the parking area for a large tent if you find you prefer to be outdoors! The front

The Board of Directors of CIAO met on Tuesday, February 7, 2012. President, Sam Crisanti presided. CIAO and its members are planning on celebrating St. Joseph Day on Sunday, March 18, 2012 from Noon until 5 p.m. at St. Joseph Church Hall, Main Street in Fredonia. Members are asked to provide a dish to pass,

their own refreshment other than coffee and their own table setting. Members must RSVP by March 15 to either Sam Crisanti-- 934-2592, Nance Ortolano-- 672-9177 or Mayme Joy-- 673-1618. Pasta will be provided by CIAO made especially by Chaira DeSanati. LaParola will be mailed and emailed to members the week of February 20th listing dates, times and places of the next

events. Members are reminded to send their dues to CIAO, PO Box 483, Fredonia, NY 14063. Single dues $10, couple $15, Family $20. Other exciting events for 2012 include the awards ceremony for Unione Italiana (SUNY Fredonia’s student Italian Club) in April, Annual picnic on July 28 at Russell Joy Park, and Cooking Class.

A Gathering of Eagles- with a Distinguished One Contributed Article Allegany Highlands Council

The Allegheny Highlands Council Boy Scouts is extremely proud of every young man who works long and hard to become an Eagle Scout. Thirty of them this year, in the five counties in two states that a.m. to 6 p.m. tion reduce from seven days the council serves. a week to five and shorten the The Chautauqua County They are part of the four daily hours slightly. The public Humane Society is a nonpercent who earn the covwill have access on Monday, profit that is not part of any eted Eagle Scout award. They Wednesday and Saturday government organization and are elite scouts, the cream of from noon to 4 p.m. and on its mission to care for animals the crop. They earn 21 merit Tuesday and Friday from 2 by promoting adoptions, badges, 11 which are required; p.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday and preventing cruelty and provid- they serve in various troop Sunday will now be closed. ing education relies solely leadership positions, and learn 2nd Chances Thrift Store on on public support. For more all the skills necessary to be a Fairmount Avenue will reinformation call 716-665-2209 responsible outdoorsman, a main open seven days a week, or visit good neighbor, and one who Monday – Saturday from 9 leads by example. All in all, a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays 10 a great boy scout. Something to strive for, the Boy Scouts of America think. Since it’s inception as the highest rank in scouting in 1912, over one The Peace Wesleyan Church Congregation Will Sit Pretty on New Pews Purchased million American boy scouts have earned it. by a Community Foundation Fund 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scout Rank. In Contributed Article honor of this, the Program Chautauqua Region for Pro-Social Behavior at Community Foundation Baylor University received a grant from the Templeton After serving the community Foundation to measure the for nearly 90 years, several lifelong affects of being in the pews at the Peace Wesleyan Scouting program, and more Church have a fresh look to specifically, of attaining the them, due to a grant from the rank of Eagle Scout. A naKarl Peterson Fund. Peace tional survey was conducted Wesleyan Church Pastor Steve in partnership with the Gallup Strand stated, ìthe beauty this L to R: Pastors Steve and Ruth Strand of the Peace Organization. Pre- screening brings to the worship space results were used to randomly Wesleyan Church enjoy the newly refurbished pews with has been a real gift.î A nearby Karl Peterson Fund grant committee member Becky select respondents from those Falconer company, Fancher Robbins. who agreed to be re-contacted Chair, was enlisted by the during the pre-screening. Additional details on grants 1993, and provides financial parish to refurbish the pews, Results from this study are through the Karl Peterson which will be able to serve the assistance to religious and/ based on the responses from Fund and the similar Lynn or non-religious charitable community for another 90 2,512 adult males who were activities within the Chautau- Foundation Fund can be years. interviewed via telephone. The found at www.chautauquaqua Region. total sample consists of 134 The Karl Peterson Fund was a or by calling Lisa The Karl Peterson Fund is acEagle Scouts, 853 non-Eagle private foundation for many Lynde at the Community cepting grant applications for Scouts, and 1,502 non-Scout years. It merged with the Foundation at (716) 661-3394. projects through March 1st! Community Foundation in

Sitting Pretty

respondents. The main findings of the study showed that Eagle Scouts are more likely than men who have never been in Scouting to: Regularly participate in outdoor and non-outdoor recreational activities in their leisure or free time Have higher levels of planning and preparation skills Be goal oriented Network with others Report having closer relationships with family and friends Volunteer for religious and non-religious organizations Donate money to charitable groups Work with others to improve something in the neighborhood Have voted in the last presidential election Be in a leadership position at their place of employment Be in a leadership position in their local community To also commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scout, the council’s inaugural Eagle Scout dinner was held this January. Every Eagle Scout, along with his parents and Scoutmaster, were invited to an dinner in their honor, to recognize them again individually, and collectively as the class of 2011. “The dinner was a wonderful success,” said Curt Crandall, one of the dinner’s co-chairs and an Eagle Scout himself, as well as a council executive board member and the lead legislator in Allegany County. “We couldn’t have been more pleased with every part of the program,” he said. Dennis Casey, from Olean, also a co-chair, agrees, ” It was

a wonderful sight to see all of these achievers in one room. It was an event that showcased the best of the best.” David Dawson from Jamestown, past president of the council and also a co-chair of the event, was absolutely thrilled with how the dinner came out.” This is a gathering that has been long in the making, and now that it has happening, we couldn’t be prouder. It will become a tradition in our council every year.” Tony Evans, Cattaruagus County Youth Bureau Director and Vice-President of the Council helped spearhead the committee from their first meeting. “The dinner was at Doyle Hall at Saint Bonaventure University, and what a really nice affair. The University and Aramark were excellent hosts,” he said. “This was for sure a premier event for our scouts and our council” he said. “Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson from the 5th District in Pennsylvania was just an outstanding speaker,” John Wojciechowicz, council executive said. “Being an Eagle Scout himself, and the proud father of three Eagle Scout sons, he connected immediately with the audience. His lifelong involvement with scouting at every level was evident as he hit home with subjects like leadership, teamwork, service, and patriotism. What a great role model and fellow Eagle Scout for the boys to hear speak.” To learn more about scouting in your community, please call the above number and visit the Allegheny Highlands Council on the web at www.

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Women Create Artists at Salon Contributed Article Creative Arts of Women


February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

United Arts Appeal’s “Kaleidoscope” in Jamestown February 17


Contributed Article Following the stunning opening reception last Saturday (February 11) night for the Women Create art exhibit at the 3rd on 3rd Gallery, three Jamestown artists will be featured in the first Salon presented in conjunction with the show. The Wednesday, February 22 Salon will be held in the Gallery at 116 East Third Street, next to the Reg Lenna Civic Center in downtown Jamestown. From 7 to 9 p.m., artists Tara Eastman, Catherine Panebianco, and Debra Eck will give brief talks about their work, interspersed with questions, answers, and conversation. Based on her exhibit painting “Leo’s Pretty Tree,” Tara Eastman will present “Growing Where You Are Planted.” She will explore ideas around the questions: What inspires you? How do you work that into the practical work of how you create? What tools help you keep creating? Also one of the 41 artists whose work is represented in Women Create, Catherine Panebianco will share how she uses her iPhone to make art, taking her back to when she shot in film and got a “low-fi look.” With photographer Jenni-


After a delightful presentation last Friday (February 3) in Fredonia, the United Arts Appeal of Chautauqua County is offering “Kaleidoscope” in Jamestown on Friday, February 17. On Wednesday evening, February 22, painter Tara Eastman “We’re so pleased with will be one of the women artists featured during the first all the terrific perforof three Salons presented in conjunction with the Women Create art exhibit. The Salons will be held in the 3rd on 3rd mances,” noted UAA board member Sally Gallery, 116 East Third Street, next to the Reg Lenna Civic Center in downtown Jamestown, where the exhibit will run Ulrich, “that we’re really through March 31. looking forward to our Representing Jamestown’s Reg Lenna Civic Center, (from left) Jamestown event. We the Cattaraugus County Arts fer Schlick, final presenter Facilities Support Jay Peterson, Facilities Director Jeff Erickson can’t think of a better Council, three workshops Debra Eck is the co-creator of and Board President Nate Arnone will perform at the United Arts Appeal’s “Kaleidoscope” at the Reg on Friday, February 17 at 7 pm. will result in the creation of a way to let the commuWomen Create and its related nity know about all our programs. Eck will discuss her Photo Flag Book Installation away throughout the evening. qua County. wonderful arts offerProject. current project, Occupy(ied ings!” in) Suburbia, as she will just Admission is only $5. Tickets All eight UAA member Events are also planned from have returned from the openorganizations -- the Chautau- can be reserved by calling morning to evening on SWAN The 7 pm presentation at the ing of its exhibit in Stockholm, (Support Women Artists Now) Reg Lenna Civic Center will (716) 484-7070 and will also qua Regional Youth Ballet, Sweden. Salon participants be available at the door. Community Music Project, be emceed by Jamestown’s Day, Saturday, March 31. will be among the first to learn 1891 Fredonia Opera House, own comedy improv troupe, For more information, visit Women Create is presented her perspective on this intriInfinity Visual & PerformThe Unexpected Guests, and in cooperation with the Arts cate installation. ing Arts, Jamestown Concert will feature folk music, ballet, Council for Chautauqua Association, Lucille Ball Little For information on perfortheater, chamber singers and Sponsored by Creative Arts of County. Regular hours are mances offered by member Theatre of Jamestown, Reg players, and more. Women, WNY Chapter, future 10 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday organizations, visit the United Lenna Civic Center, and the Salons will be on Wednesdays, until the closing reception on In addition to funding for Arts Appeal page on FaceWestern New York Chamber March 7 and 21. There is no Saturday, March 31. For view- individual artists and smaller Orchestra -- will contribute to book. charge for the Salons, but doarts projects through its ing by appointment, contact nations are gratefully accepted. Len Barry at (716) 664-2465, Projects Pool, the United Arts “Kaleidoscope.” Door prizes of free tickets to Appeal provides operating ext. 227. In addition, with funding presentations by the member support for eight of the larger provided in part by a Ray and Details on all these programs organizations will be given arts organizations in ChautauWyn Ritchie Evans Foundaare available at http://womention “Artists in the nity Grant” administered by

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Figurative Show at Sensory Winery and Gallery Contributed Article • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

4-H Members Send Loving Wishes to US Troops

Contributed Article 4-H

Tom Annear

Seven juried artist members of the North Shore Arts Alliance (NSAA) are exhibiting work in a group show at the Sensory Winery and Art Gallery in Ripley. The show opens Wednesday, February 15th and runs through the Wine and Art event on Saturday, April 15th. A reception for the artists will take place this Friday, February 17th from 6-9 p.m. and is free and open to the public. North Shore Arts Alliance Members explore notions of the body within their work. “Figurative Show” features paintings by Fredonia artist Thomas Annear, Quilted works by Westfield artist Gerri Beers, Sculptures by Westfield artist Mark Gillespie, Paintings by South Dayton artist Jeremy Daly-Griffen, Paintings by Fredonia artist Susan MacKay, Drawings and paintings by Westfield artist Alberta Parker, and Mixed


Medium paintings by Jamestown artist Jamie Pirrello. The North Shore Arts Alliance began working with Sensory owner Kevin Daughrity in October of 2011 to create a series of themed group shows focussing on different aspects of our member artist’s works. The first show last fall was an Abstract show featuring works by 7 member artists. The “Figurative Show” will quickly be followed by a Landscape show (April-July), a Photography show (July-September), a Members Show (OctoberDecember) and a 3-D show (January-April 2013). For more information about this

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County 4-H Stockton Panthers and Stockton Panther Paws Clubs are no stranger to community service. Last year the club completed multiple community service projects and this year they have continued to give. show, upcoming shows and other membership opportuni- The Cornell Cooperative ties visit www.northshoreart- Extension 4-H Program, provides quality youth ment and encourages generosThe gallery is located approximately two miles outside ity. 4-H youth members age 9-19 years old and Cloverbud of downtown Ripley headmembers age 5-8 years old, ing toward the Pennsylvania participate in a variety of projborder at 10593 W. Main Road (Rt. 20), directly across ects from animal rearing to the street from Quincy Cellars drawing and painting. There Winery. Regular gallery hours are 26 4-H Clubs throughout are Thursday - Monday from Chautauqua County, encom11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sensory Art passing 412 members and 58 Cloverbuds. 4-H programs Gallery is also a sponsor of are made possible through the NSAA’s signature event, the generous time and efforts of Chautauqua-Lake Erie Art over 150 registered adult volTrail. For more information unteers. The mission of Corabout the gallery, visit www. nell Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development is to create supportive learning environments in which diverse youth and adults reach their fullest potential as capable, competent and caring citizens. Club activities and additional community wide projects are held throughout the year and showcased annually at the County Fair in Dunkirk. Quality youth development opportunities through 4-H, work to capture the four es-

Community Foundation and Greenway Friends Unite Contributed Article Chautauqua Region Community Foundation

Chautauqua County officials have worked diligently to clear legal and other details to allow ìFriends of Chautauqua County Greenwaysî to maintain the existing trails of the financially challenged County parks system. This volunteer group, concerned with the well-being of all the Countyís natural recreational assets has established a non-endowed fund at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. ìThe Friends of Chautauqua County Greenwaysî mission is to match the pool of volunteer labor and resources with the management and maintenance needs of parks, trails and waterways throughout the County. Additionally, they will identify trail upgrades that would minimize or eliminate maintenance needs

JS Sipos

The Rodeo City Senior Citizens met recently for their monthly luncheon and program in the Gerry United Methodist Church. President Leona Peterson welcomed all to the meeting and said that there were twelve new members attending. The luncheon was a potluck meal with a variety of foods being brought and ample amounts for everyone. Table decorations were provided by Mrs. Peterson and Helen Larson. All enjoyed a fine meal. The blessing prior to the lunch was given by Rev. Raymond McGinnis, and he said that live in a great town,

sential elements of positive youth development; belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. Community Service is highly recommended for each 4-H youth member. Youth club members often find very creative methods for completing community service. Community Service is a core competency that is embraced by 4-H though the modeling of adult volunteers. Members of the Chautauqua County Stockton Panthers 4-H club and the Chautauqua County Stockton Panther Paws 4-H Club began this year with a very special community service project supporting our overseas troops. The Cassadaga area 4-H members created 130 handmade Valentines Day Card for US Troops. Cheyanne Wolcott, an 11 year-old member of the Stockton Panthers, was the

biggest card contributor making 26 Valentines Days Cards. Cheyanne’s generosity earned her a special pin of recognition from the ‘Friends of Our Troops’ organization. For more information about Chautauqua County 4-H, call the 4-H Office at 716-6649502 Ext. 214. Our Chautauqua County Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H works hard to provide positive youth development experiences for all the youth of Chautauqua County. You may have experienced the smiles of 4-H youth at the county fair, one of our other programs or at one of our various community service activities. Cornell Cooperative Extension, is a not-for-profit 501©3 and all donations are considered a charitable contribution.

2012 DJDC Membership Drive Contributed Article DJDC

When a community participates in a comprehensive Randall Sweeney, Executive Director of the Chautauqua revitalization effort, its downRegion Community Foundation, Lisa Schmidtfrerick-Miller town or traditional neighborand Mark Geise, Friends of Chautauqua County Greenways hood commercial district other materials and tools are by undertaking sustainable can experience a return of being accepted at the Chaubuilding techniques, re-routeconomic vitality. Members ing trails, or eliminating trails tauqua Region Community will join a group of residents, Foundation, 418 Spring Street, business owners, and commualtogether. Jamestown, NY or donations nity leaders who have made No expense will be incurred can be made online at the the commitment to making by municipalities. TaxFoundationís website (www. downtown Jamestown a safe exempt donations for the . place to work, play, and live. purchase of shovels, rakes, chainsaws, lumber, fuel and DJDC invites community residents, business professionals, small businesses, local industries, and others to become part of the renaissance in our community. DJDC needs everyone to be involved in its continued planning in the area. Become a member and the birthday song was sung by support DJDC financially. county and state. The group DJDC relies on the participameets on the second Friday of all, with a round of applause given afterwards. Mrs. McIn- tion and voluntary annual each month at noon. dues from our members tyre read the minutes of the Following the lunch, the Big and partners to accomplish last meeting held and treaRiver Band performed for the our goals and complete our surer Valerie Bartholomew group. The band, which has projects. Whether you own gave the financial report. Both been together for 21 years a downtown business or you reports were accepted. included Bill Frost, Owen The slate of officers for 2012 just love downtown JameHouser, Frank Jesmer, and stown, DJDC needs your enwas presented. For presiCecil Miller. A wide variety ergy and support to continue dent, is Leona Peterson, vice of songs were played for the to rejuvenate our community’s president is Tom Fairbanks, group, including a railroad heart and soul. secretary is Marge McIntyre, song at the end. Frost read Together with its community treasurer is Valerie Barthosome jokes received from his partners, DJDC provides its lomew, wagon master is O. aunt and added some of his Winston Bartholomew, and own. A fine performance was cheer-person is Ruth Newenjoyed by all. ton. The floor was opened to A special heart of candy more nominations, and since was awarded to the group’s there were none, the slate was secretary Marge McIntyre. unanimously accepted. Birthdays for the month of The next luncheon meeting February were announced and will be on Friday March 9th in the Gerry United Methodist Church, with lunch beginning promptly at noon. Table decorations will be provided, and all those attending are encouraged to bring a dish of food to pass and their own table settings. The program will the story of Celoron Park presented by Jack Keeney. New members are welcome.

Big River Band Performs for Rodeo City Senior Citizens Contributed Article

Pictured left to right: Mary Dorman 4-H Club Leader; Alexis Ruedinger; Kendra Dorman; Kayla Anderson; Jared Dorman; and Brittany Woodard. Absent from photo: Cheyanne Wolcott, Zachary Wolcott, Erma Jean Wolcott, Ben Wolcott and Mathew Wolcott.

A group of high school student volunteers participate in the 2011 Hands on Jamestown Community Clean-up, which is held each spring. Hundreds of volunteers provide general litter clean-up, weeding, raking, sweeping, planting flowers, and many other duties to help in the beautification of Jamestown.

members an array of benefits and incentives including, but not limited to creating a positive community image, preserving Jamestown’s commercial district, attracting new businesses and customers, influencing economic development and investment in the downtown, and improving Jamestown’s appearance and atmosphere. “We have evaluated and enhanced our membership program to better meet the needs of our current and potential members,” said Tiffani Conti, DJDC Special Projects Manager. “Updating our program

allowed us to add additional incentives which our members will greatly benefit from. We are thankful for the continued support of our members we receive each year.” One-hundred percent of all membership dollars directly support the continuation and expansion of DJDC and its initiatives. For more information or a membership application visit or stop by the DJDC located at 119-121 West Third Street in downtown Jamestown.

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February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Flavor of the Week – Kolassa’s Pizzeria


By Dusten Rader Entertainment Editor

Owner Dan Kolassa of Kolassa’s Pizzeria in downtown Fredonia is no newcomer to making pizza. He has been perfecting the art for the last 25 years. He has owned two other pizzerias in his time, one in the St. Stephens Hotel in Brocton and one in the West Portland Bowling Alley. And, now that he has been at the Water Street location in Fredonia for the past two and a half years he may have finally found a home for his talent. Originally from Fredonia, Kolassa spent a lot of time on Water Street in his youth. He always loved grabbing a slice from the local pizzerias. So, he decided he’d give making pizza a shot of his own. He started out at the West Portland Bowling Alley and then moved to the St. Stephens Hotel location. But he soon chose to move to Florida and give living out there a try. After spending some time there he realized he missed home and heard of the location on Water Street being available. So, in 2009 he made the move back here and found an investment partner by the name of Mike Hodkin. “When I heard of the location opening I knew it was a great opportunity so I found a partner and purchased the property as soon as I could,” said Kolassa. “I did it even though I knew there were four other places who didn’t make it here.” Since then he has had much success. He managed to pay off his investor and is now the full owner of the pizzeria. Plus, he has received a warm welcome from the Fredonia community. SUNY Fredonia students and locals alike have come to appreciate the delicious comfort food served at Kolassa’s. “I really wanted this location because I figured it would be a great spot for late nights,” said Kolassa. “There are more students here than there were people in the other towns I started in. So, we’re doing good here.” “Different people got different taste buds and not everyone likes it here plus there are a lot of other places,” said Kolassa. “But, I’ve been a pizza connoisseur since I was a little kid. I try every place I can and I try to do different things with mine. The little diced pepperoni I did is kind of like a trademark. I also do the corn meal on the bottom of the pizza. The sauce used to be a secret but it’s not so much anymore. It’s just the right amount of stuff blended together.” One ingredient Kolassa doesn’t skimp on is garlic. Some people have even begun to refer to the place as the garlic shop. Kolassa loves garlic so much he even makes a garlic pizza made with an extra garlicky sauce. “It’s really good,” said Kolassa. “We put a buttery herb sauce on the dough with cheese and pepperoni.”

Located on Water Street in downtown Fredonia Kolassa’s is the perfect spot for a late night snack. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Kolassa’s wings are a favorite late night snack for Fredonians. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Kolassa’s pizza features owner Dan Kolassa’s special recipe sauce and just the right ratio of ingredients. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Freshly baked calzones with pepperoni, ham, sausage, broccoli, Hawaiian or Buffalo chicken and served with marinara sauce. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Chicken fingers dipped in sauce or served on a sub. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Kolassa’s is home to Fredonia’s only garbage plate. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

Even though the place is a pizzeria and Kolassa recommends all newcomers first have a slice of the pizza there are plenty of other things on the menu worth trying too. Kolassa gets a lot of compliments on his wings, tacos, calzones and subs.

“I’ve been told that our Philly Cheese Steak is better than Philadelphia,” said Kolassa. “Our chicken finger subs are also big in this town.” Kolassa’s is home to the Fredonia’s only garbage plate. For those who have never heard of

a garbage plate the dish originated in Rochester at Nick Tahou Hots. It is a combination of two meats like cheeseburgers, hotdogs or chicken fingers on top of a bed of macaroni salad and home fries and topped with Uncle Mikey’s Texas Hot Sauce. “Two of the previous owners had a garbage plate and it was a hot seller so I wanted to keep it on the menu,” said Kolassa. “I want to put up a sign that says home of Fredonia’s garbage plate. It features my previous partner’s Texas hot sauce recipe that is out of this world. One guy said he’d even put it on his Cheerios if he had to.” Uncle Mikey’s Texas Hot Sauce isn’t only on the garbage plate. It can be ordered as a topping on hot dogs, burgers, fries or on the Hillbilly

Deluxe. The Hillbilly Deluxe takes garbage plates to the extreme by combining a choice of four meats diced then mixed with home fries and topped with a choice of ketchup, mustard, nacho cheese, ranch, blue cheese, hot sauce or Uncle Mikey’s Sauce. “We call the Hillbilly Deluxe the cousin of the garbage plate,” said Kolassa. “It’s another thing that Mike came up

with and we sell a lot of them.” Kolassa’s even has a delicious dessert option that is surely worth a try. Kolassa takes bread sticks and covers them in cinnamon and icing. “The cinnamon sticks are very addicting,” he said. Those who want to give Kolassa’s a try and also get a great deal should check out the daily specials. Every day of the week there is a great deal that features something off the menu. Monday’s feature calzones, Tuesday’s tacos, Wednesday’s subs, Thursdays pizza and bread sticks, Friday and Saturday is pizza and wings and Sunday is Family Night with a special on pizza, wings and cinnamon sticks. After almost two and a half years of being a popular spot for a late night snack in downtown Fredonia Kolassa is proud to be a part of the community again. “I’m just proud that it’s still open, that I can pay the bills and that my name is on the sign out front,” said Kolassa. Kolassa’s Pizzeria is located at 30 Water Street in Fredonia and is open from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Tuesday and from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Sunday. For more information call 716-672-7744, visit or find them on facebook.

Recipe and Calendar


February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Cooking On The Hill: Grilled Ham and Swiss

When it comes to sauces there isn’t a better bottle in Chautauqua County than Burning Asphalt. So, to help promote some of their amazing creations the Chautauqua Star will be featuring a recipe each week that utilizes one or more of their delicious products. Grilled Ham and Swiss 2 tbsp. Burning Asphalt Louisiana BBQ Sauce ( 2 tbsp. Burning Asphalt Peppers and Onions in Sauce ( 4 slices of thin cut ham 2 slices of thin cut Swiss cheese 2 slices of bread Mix Burning Asphalt Louisiana BBQ Sauce (

and Burning Asphalt Peppers and Onions in Sauce ( in a saucepan on low heat and bring to simmer. Stack a layer of cheese, then ham, then BBQ sauce and peppers/onion mix, then cheese in between the two pieces of bread. In a frying pan melt butter and place sandwich on the butter. Cover and fry on medium heat until bottom is crispy and golden. Melt more butter and repeat step for the other side of the sandwich. Submitted by: Dusten Rader This sandwich brings grilled ham and cheese to a whole new level. The Burning Asphalt Louisiana BBQ Sauce ( and Burning Asphalt Peppers and Onions in Sauce (

Photo by Dusten Rader

pecialties.asp) add a distinct flavor that compliments the ham and Swiss perfectly. Use your favorite slices of bread to create the best grilled ham and cheese you’ll ever have. Serve with chips and a pickle

to make a lunch out of the dish. For more recipes visit http:// saucerecipes.asp, to order a bottle of sauce online visit http://www.burningasphalt.

What’s happening

On-Going Events Chautauqua Shores Chorus (Women Barbershoppers) (Mondays) First Baptist Church, 358 E. Fifth St., Jamestown, NY. 7 p.m.

Dunkirk Free Library Story-Time and Craft - (Tuesday and Thursday) 10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. For children ages 3 - 5 years old. Story time is free. For more information call 366-2511.

“Material/Ethereal Constructs” art exhibit at Weeks Gallery (Feb. 6 through Mar. 22)

The exhibition, which includes works by Judith Olson Gregory and Dianne Baker, will be on display . The Weeks Gallery on JCC’s Jamestown Campus is open 11am5pm, Mon. through Wed.; 11am7pm, Thur.; and 11am-3pm, Fri. The gallery is closed on college holidays. For more information, visit

“Tropical Inspirations” art exhibit at Patterson Library (through Fri., Feb. 24)

The Resource Center’s Creations art program presents “Tropical Inspirations,” an art exhibit featuring painting by artists with disabilities. The exhibit will run at the Patterson Library Octagon Gallery located at 40 South Portage Street in Westfield. Regular viewing hours for the exhibit will be 9:00 to 8:00 Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 9:00 to 5:00 Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For more information about the exhibit, contact Ms. Briggs at 661-1076 or kristen., or Nancy Ensign, the Octagon Gallery’s Curator at 326-2154 or

“Here Comes The Sun” Exhibit at RTPI (through Apr. 7)

“Here Comes The Sun,” Roger Tory Peterson Institute’s newest natural history exhibition features the astro-images of Alan Friedman and Ted Wolfe, along with a rare collection of space rocks courtesy of our friends at Mercyhurst College. Come visit the Institute and and leave better informed about our local universe, questions to ponder, and your sense of wonder renewed; just the antidote for the midwinter and “mud season” blahs. The exhibit can be viewed at 311 Curtis Street, Jamestown, NY. Museum hours are from 10am-4pm Tue-Sat and 1-5pm on Sun. RTPI is closed on Mondays. Admission is $6 for adults, $4 for children and members of the Institute are free. Call (716) 665-2473 or go to www.rtpi. org for more info.

Garden and grounds. Garden Workshop hosted by Sara Baker Michalak. Reservations required. $52 per person; $47 per person for groups of 3 or more. 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Free Tax Help at Library (Fridays, Feb. 3 - Mar. 23)

Friday, February 17- – Sunday, Feb. 19)

Through VITA, IRS-certified volunteers will prepare and file federal and state returns electronically at no cost to income-eligible clients. Help will be available in the Public Computer Center at Prendergast Library, 509 Cherry Street in Jamestown from 4-8 pm. Dial 2-1-1 for information or an appointment.

Thursday, February 16 Life and Times of The Little House Garden

Start the new year right: hear the story about the very special Lana’s The Little House garden, and how it grew from its idyllic countryside and woodland setting. We’ll talk about the historical developments to led to what we call the Cottage Garden, and the factors that influence our notions of gardens as they continue to evolve today…all while we enjoy an easy, exhilarating walk through The Little House

com or to read Jeff Furash’s blog called Cooking On The Hill that also features recipes and news on Burning Asphalt then visit http:// You can also find a listing of

retailers who carry Burning Asphalt products by visiting http://www.burningasphalt. com/saucelocations.asp. Plus, find Burning Asphalt (www. and Soulshine Coffee (http:// Soulshine-Coffee-Company/127145254011315) on facebook. You can also contact Burning Asphalt by calling (716) 5326686 or by emailing customerservice@burningasphalt. com. If you’d like to submit a recipe for ‘Cooking On The Hill,’ email, or call 716-366-9200. Tell us your recipe, where it came from, and a favorite memory of it!

Get Moving with the Spirit!

Get Moving with the Spirit! Amy Livengood, OTR/L, CEAS II. Lunch: 12-1pm. Presentation: 1-2pm. Bemus Point United Methodist Church Family Life Center. Wear comfortable footwear and clothing as we will be moving to some “Big Band Music!” *A $ 5.00 fee for a delicious catered meal will be collected at the door. Seats are limited! A firm RSVP is required no later than Friday, February 10. Please call Judi at 488-2322 to reserve your spot today. Open to the Public.

2012 President’s Day Weekend Winter Festival

The 2012 President’s Day Weekend Winter Festival, scheduled the weekend of February 18 from 10 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. and Sunday, February 19 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., at Lakeside Park in Mayville, New York, will again feature many contests and sports competitions. Check out our web site www. mayvillechautauquachamber. org soon for updated Festival information or call the Chamber of Commerce at (716) 753-3113.

Wine and Chocolate Weekend (125pm, Sat. and Sun., Feb. 19-20: 10am-5pm)

Calling all Lovers! This Valentine’s treat is especially for you. Wineries will pair their own splendid chocolate creations with a delightful wine accompaniment.

A perfect match! Your $35 Ticket Allows You to Enjoy: A food and wine paring at each winery; Wine tasting; A great gift of a small box of specialty chocolates from Finney’s Chocolates; A booklet containing all of the recipes of the foods you’ll be tasting; A Lake Erie Wine Country wine glass; and A $5 voucher to use at any winery or at certain restaurants designated on the back of the voucher. www.

February “Soup and a Song” to Feature Wind River

Jamestown’s St. Susan Center will continue the monthly “Soup on Friday, Feb. 17 with featured performers, local bluegrass favorites, Wind River. For the modest admission price of $10, attendees will be treated to an evening of fine live musical entertainment and a meal consisting of hearty soup, several varieties of breads, crackers, desserts, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Gateway Center, 31 Water St., Jamestown. Persons interested in performing during open-mic should contact Jim Holler at (716) 665-4490, or sign up in person at Trinity Guitars, 800 West Third St., in Jamestown.

Jamestown Ironmen vs. Janesville Jets 7:05 p.m.

Saturday, February 18 Jamestown Ironmen vs. Janesville Jets 7:05 p.m.

Sunday, February 19

Jamestown Ironmen NAHL Top Prospects (All-Star Break) II (through Feb. 21)

Monday, February 20

JCC Alumni Ski Day at Peek’n Peak

A Jamestown Community College Alumni Ski Day is planned at Peek‘n Peak Resort on Feb. 20. The event is open to JCC alumni and their family and friends and features discounted pricing on lift tickets, rental equipment, and learn to ski packages. To receive a voucher for the discounts, contact JCC’s alumni office at 338.1056 or

Tuesday February 21 Pajama Story Time at the Dunkirk Free Library

6:00pm – 7:00pm. Kids can listen to bedtime stories with some refreshments. Wear your pajamas! For more information call 366-2511.

Thursday, February 23 Brian McKnight in concert

8:00 p.m. Brian McKnight - Concert. Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena, 319 W. 3rd St., Jamestown, NY, 716-484-2624, Premium Floor Seating $80.00. Floor and Arena Seating $30.00 - $50.00

Friday, February 24 Infinity Cafe - Blues and Pizza Night

7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Blues and Pizza Night is back by popular demand. The night with the fullest house, Blues and Pizza Night features the Infinity Blues Group along with collaborations between Infinity Students, Instructors, Staff and local musicians! Join us for a great evening of Blues music while enjoying a slice of pizza or two! Infinity Visual and Performing Arts 115 East Third Street, Jamestown, NY 14701. For more information, 716-664-0991, or

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Jennine Sauriol 713-1911 or Terra Sturtz 870-0180

Movie & Review • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)



February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Movie Review - Big Miracle Star Staff Writer Amber Rinehart

Star Rating: 3.5/5 In 1988, the small town of Barrow, Alaska became one of the most known and watched places throughout the country. This small town, inhabited by the native Inuit people followed old traditions and worked hard to keep their way of life. One event changed all that and brought the whole world to this small arctic town. The movie Big Miracle is in theatres now and tells the story of a family of three gray whales that became trapped as the ocean around them froze. Unable to swim to the open sea and using only a small hole in the ice as their salvation, the people of Barrow as well as volunteers and reports from all over the country helped to cut and break through the ice to save the whales lives. The story is pretty simple and in some ways this both helps and hurts the film. Even though Big Miracle was an entertaining and heartwarming story, it did suffer from redundancy. The main plot of the story is about freeing the whales from the ice and doing so in the vicious arctic weather. Most of the story is simply “Oh no the hole is going to freeze over,” “It’s ok, we fixed the hole,” “Oh no the hole is going to freeze over again,” “It’s ok, we fixed the hole again.” Although there are variations on this problem, it does become repetitive rather quickly. Having a simple story is also a good thing for Big Miracle though because it allows for side stories to develop as well. One of the most interesting parts of the film is getting an inside look into how media, politics and different rights groups work and fight together to achieve a goal. Seeing just how much back and forth occurred and how much politics played into something simple like freeing whales was amazing to see played out on the screen. Another interesting side story involved the Inuit people trying to preserve their way of life. Although, not a main story in the film, I think this struggle to keep their traditions and history alive while attempting the cope with the modern world is a fascinating addition to the film. Ahmaogak Sweeney plays Nathan, a young Inuit that is bored with his way of life and fascinated with the outside world. He loves the media and attention the whales are bringing to his town, but also begins to understand his place in the world at the same time.

Times Starting Thursday, February 9th

Dunkirk Movieplex 8 10520 Bennett Road Dunkirk, NY 14048 The Vow (PG13) 5:00, 7:15, 9:30, 11:45 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) 4:40, 6:50, 9:00, 11:15 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (PG13) 5:00, 7:10, 9:20, 11:30 Safe House (R) 4:30, 7:00, 9:30, 11:55 The Grey (R) 9:25, 11:55 The Woman in Black (PG13) 7:00, 9:10, 11:20 Joyful Noise (PG13) 4:30 Chronicle (PG13) 4:30, 6:30, 8:30, 10:30 Big Miracle (PG) 4:50, 7:10 This Means War (PG13) 4:40, 6:50, 9:00, 11:15

Amongst solid performances from actors such as John Krasinski, Drew Barrymore, Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, Sweeney really holds his own and is quite the scene-stealer. Even though all of these actors and characters are interesting, there are many more that really do not add to the film. Big Miracle suffers from too many characters and too many side stories. There are love stories and promotion stories on the side that get too confusing and jumbled and do not do anything for the overall narrative. Many of the characters are never even connected back to the main story. Who they are and why we keep seeing them on screen is left a mystery. Perhaps the film was trying to convey a sense of connection and that we are all united, but it missed the mark and ended up feeling unneeded. Similarly, Big Miracle seems to have trouble deciding what

kind of a movie it wants to be. Is it a movie about whales and nature or is it a movie about people? Many movies are able to combine the two, such as Dolphin Tale (Big Miracle has been nicknamed Dolphin Tale in the snow), but this film falls a bit short. If interested, the movie is based on the book Freeing the Whales by Tom Rose published in 1989. Although there are some differences between the real rescue operation and the one told in Big Miracle, both are very interesting stories. Do not let these criticisms make you think it is a bad movie. It is not. It is very entertaining and you will leave the theatre feeling happy. Although it is a little too long and a bit slow moving for younger children, anybody interested in nature or a heartwarming story should check out Big Miracle.

The Grey (R) 6:30, 9:05 The Vow (PG13) 1:45, 4:20, 7:05, 9:35 This Means War (PG13) 1:55, 4:30, 7:20, 9:40

Regal Quaker Crossing 3450 Amelia Drive Orchard Park, 14127

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (PG) 2:15, 5:10, 7:40, 10:00 Cinemark Tinseltown 17 Journey 2: The 1910 Rotunda Drive Mysterious Island 3D (PG) 1:40, 4:20, 6:50, 9:10 Erie, Pa 16509 Safe House (R) 1:00, 2:00, 3:50, 4:40, 6:30, Ghost Rider: Spirit of 7:30, 9:20, 10:20 Vengeance (PG13) Star Wars: Episode I – The RealD 3D: 12:40, 3:05, Phantom Menace 3D 4:05, 5:30, 6:30, 7:55, 12:45, 1:15, 3:40, 4:15, 8:55, 10:20 6:40, 7:15, 9:40, 10:10 Digital: 1:40 The Vow (PG13) The Secret World of 1:25, 2:35, 4:05, 5:25, 7:00, Arrietty (G) 8:00, 9:30, 10:30 Digital: 12:10, 2:30, 4:50, The Woman in Black 7:10, 9:30 (PG13) This Means War (PG13) 2:25, 4:00, 5:15, 7:50, Digital: 12:00, 1:00, 2:25, 9:35, 10:15 3:25, 4:50, 5:50, 7:15, The Grey (R) 8:15, 9:45 1:50, 5:00, 7:45, 10:25 Journey 2: The Man on a Ledge (PG13) Mysterious Island (PG) 3:45, 9:45 RealD 3D: 12:05, 2:30, Red Tails (PG13) 4:55, 7:20, 9:45 Chautauqua Mall 12:55, 6:20 Digital: 3:15, 8:00 Cinema I & II Underworld: Awakening 500 Chautauqua Mall Safe House (R) (R) Digital: 12:25, 1:55, 3:10, Lakewood, NY 14750 4:35, 5:55, 7:35, 8:45, 4:30, 10:05 Underworld: Awakening 10:15 Extremely Loud and Star Wars: Episode I – The 3D (R) Incredibly Close (PG13) 7:20, 9:50 Phantom Menace 3D 4:00, 6:45, 9:30 RealD 3D: 1:30, 3:20, 4:30, Contraband (R) The Woman in Black 7:20, 9:50 6:25, 7:30, 9:30, 10:30 (PG13) Joyful Noise (PG13) Digital: 12:15 4:00, 6:45, 9:30 3:55, 9:25 The Vow (PG13) Extremely Loud and Digital: 12:10, 1:25, 2:40, Lakewood Cinema 8 Incredibly Close (PG13) 3:55, 5:10, 6:30, 7:40, 1:20, 4:10, 7:05, 9:55 171-3 Fairmount Ave W. 9:05, 10:10 War Horse (PG13) Lakewood, NY 14750 Big Miracle (PG) 12:50, 6:25 Digital: 12:00, 5:10, 7:45 The Girl with the Dragon Chronicle (PG13) Big Miracle (PG) Tattoo (R) Digital: 12:30, 2:45, 5:00, 1:45, 4:15 1:10, 6:45 7:20, 9:35 Chronicle (PG13) Sherlock Holmes: A Game The Woman in Black 1:50, 4:30, 7:00, 9:20 of Shadows (PG13) (PG13) Ghost Rider: Spirit of 1:05, 6:35 Digital: 12:20, 2:40, 5:05, Vengeance (PG13) The Artist (PG13) 7:25, 9:50 1:20, 4:10, 6:55, 9:30 1:45, 4:35, 6:55, 9:15 The Grey (R) Journey 2: The Hugo 3D (PG) Digital: 1:15, 4:15, 7:00, Mysterious Island (PG) 1:30, 4:25 9:55 1:15, 9:25 One for the Money (PG13) The Descendants (R) Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D (PG) Digital: 12:55, 5:40, 10:25 2:05, 4:50, 7:35, 10:25 Underworld Awakening 3:50, 6:50 (R) Safe House (R) Digital: 2:35, 10:25 1:30, 4:15, 7:10, 9:50 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D (PG) 1:00, 4:00, 6:45, 9:40

Artist Profile


February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

NYCbeatbox By Dusten Rader Entertainment Editor

SUNY Fredonia is well known for producing talented musicians who go on to make careers out of their art. But, the school currently has a music student whose talent goes beyond the average scope of student mastering instrument. Chris Celiz, of Flushing New York City does play instruments, he is a saxophonist, clarinetist and a guitarist. But, his main instrument is his mouth. That doesn’t mean he is a vocalist, Chris is a beatboxer that is known as NYCbeatbox. Celiz’s interest in music was sparked at a young age. His family exposed him to a lot of music and dancing. Even though his parents aren’t musicians themselves they were always very expressive and musical people. His dad even sang to him every night before he went to bed. And, growing up in New York City there was rich cultural musical background to tap into. But, he remembers that his first real introduction to the art of playing an instrument came when he was in fourth grade. He went to a recruitment event at his elementary school PS165 in NYC. While there he watched a band play on stage and thought it was really cool. So, he signed up and began playing clarinet. “It started me on my musical path,” said Celiz. “And, my parents being the good providers they were bought me a clarinet and got me private lessons. They made me practice every day and it was fun but it sort of became a chore. Though, when I look back on it now I see that I didn’t realize how fortunate I was. It instilled in me the idea

Chris Celiz AKA NYCbeatbox’s Chris Celiz and Risen at the International Beatboxing Competition in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Dusten Rader)

that you should put hard work into whatever you’re doing.” Celiz’s first experience with beatboxing happened when he was in sixth grade. He stumbled upon an audio track called “The Four Elements” that featured Kenny Muhammad and Rahzel battling against two DJ’s. “They are the most influential artists in modern day beatboxing,” said Celiz. “On that track I couldn’t tell the difference between the artists and

the DJ’s. And, that really made we want to do that too.” Celiz then began beatboxing during Freshman year of high school. He found the website and it became a great resource. He began watching tutorials by Gavin Tyte on how to make basic sounds. From then on he was hooked. He started practicing every day but was very secretive about it. “I didn’t really know how to explain what I was doing to

my parents,” said Celiz. “So, I took a wireless mic that my parents used for karaoke into the bathroom to freestyle. I was quiet because I didn’t want anyone to realize what I was doing. But, it was something that I finally felt I had taken upon myself and had ownership over.” He continued to practice on the side until his senior year of high school when he picked up a saxophone. His band director Tom Zlabinger had a huge effect on how Celiz currently views music. “He was the first person who made me see how passionate someone could be about music,” said Celiz. “It wasn’t only about the emotional aspect but it was also from an intellectual standpoint. He is an ethnomusicologist so he not only knows how to play the music but he also knows the story behind it. And, he got me into jazz and saxophone. He also made me see that music is a vehicle for people express themselves with passion and love. It pretty much started me on my path to true ownership of my self expression through music.” He never stopped playing clarinet or saxophone and currently studies classical clarinet in SUNY Fredonia’s School of Music. He’ll be performing his senior recital on April 22 at noon in the Rosch Recital Hall. He plays saxophone and is director of

the group Weapons of Jazz Big Band, sang a capella in Much More Chill, is in Fredonia Jazz Ensemble and is president of Fredonia Jazz Workshop. “All of this ties into my beatboxing,” said Celiz. “No matter what instrument you’re playing music is expression. And, I believe in working hard at the things you’re good at so you can do it at a high level and be able to communicate something to someone. People go to see live music to make a connection and share whatever it is they are feeling at the moment with anyone who is willing to listen.” That realization made Celiz decide he wanted to share his beatboxing. Things really turned around when he entered the first American Beatbox Championships where he managed to get into the finals. “I didn’t do as well as I wanted to,” said Celiz. “Because, when I put myself out there for the first time I was too concerned about how I wanted to portray myself and I totally forgot about why I was beatboxing in the first place.” That experience led Celiz into a time of reflection upon his art. It was a hard time for him and the people close to him like his girlfriend and manager Izzy Jay who is a Music Industry Major at SUNY Fredonia. It was a difficult time in which Celiz was rediscovering why he was beatboxing.

“It was like a coming of age thing,” said Celiz. “So, during the second year of the American Beatbox Championships I kind of took a backseat to get myself plugged into the scene. Then during the summer of 2011 a major musical and personal turning point came. I feel like I really grew into a man then in terms of getting the things I needed to get done in order to achieve a goal. I want to get into the World Championship of beatboxing.” He is currently working toward that goal by practicing hard and competing in tournaments like the recent International Beatboxing Competition in Toronto, Canada. There he was a semi finalist and was pitted against BBK. He did his best but unfortunately was eliminated during that battle. However, being eliminated by BBK wasn’t such a bad thing considering BBK ended up winning the next battle to claim the title as champion. The judges for the evening were very talented beatboxers themselves like Scott Jackson and KRNFX “Because the art form is still growing there is a familial aspect to it,” said Celiz. “So, even though you’re up on stage battling when you get off you realize there is so much love in the room. Not only from the competitors but from everyone involved in the scene. So, it was cool be judged by my heroes who are also my friends.” With the ultimate goal of getting to the World Beatboxing Championships on his mind Celiz must first and foremost prepare himself for the third annual American Beatbox Championship held later this year. “I hope to win that,” said Celiz. “Then that person gets to represent the U.S. at the World Championships in Berlin, Germany.” The third annual American Beatboxing Championship will be a true test of Celiz’s dedication to the art. There he will get the chance to show his growth in a competition that has evolved parallel to his own. Beatboxing has become a part of Celiz that he can no longer exist without. “I know in my heart that this is the one thing that I have to keep doing,” said Celiz. “I know my life will be better if I keep going and working hard at it. And, I know something is wrong if I’m not doing it.” Videos of Celiz’s battles at the International Beatboxing Competition in Toronto, Canada can be found on his facebook page at facebook. com/NYCbeatbox. Chris can also be found on twitter at and on youtube at

This Week in... Education • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Lifeguarding Class Offered at the Y Contributed Article Jamestown YMCA

The Jamestown YMCA is excited to be one of the first sites in Chautauqua County to offer the new American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguarding r 2012. This is the updated and revised version of waterfront lifeguarding. The program includes the latest CPR for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid, and AED standards and new rescues. The first class of Waterfront

Lifeguarding r 2012 will begin April 9 and run through April 13. Classes will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and include both classroom and water exercises. Class size is limited and preregistration is encouraged. The cost for the class is $200 for YMCA members and $250 for potential members. Upon successful completion of this class, students will be certified in American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguarding r 2012, First Aid, CPR-PR and AED.

Students must be at least 15 years of age by the final day of class. The following courses have also revised their content and requirements for certification: Lifeguarding, Waterfront Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR, CPR-PR, and AED. All recertifications are now done via updates. For more information, please contact the Jamestown YMCA aquatics office at (716) 6642802, ext 233.

Family Gardening Day March 31 at JCC Contributed Article JCC

A variety of workshops are featured in a Family Gardening Day program planned for March 31 at Jamestown Community College’s Jamestown Campus. Designed for children ages eight and up, the event is a collaboration between JCC and the Chautauqua County Master Gardener program. The cost is $10 for ages 8-17

and free for the adult accompanying a child. To register, call 338.1005. Do It Yourself Worm Composting will demonstrate how worm composting is faster and more effective than traditional composting. Participants will learn how to recycle kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer, taking home a worm bin, bedding, and worms to begin their own composting. Attracting beneficial birds, butterflies, and wildlife to the

garden is the focus of Nature Projects for the Garden. Each participant will build a bird feeder and butterfly feeding station and will learn about plants that attract most wildlife. Designing an herb garden bucket is the focus of an introductory herb gardening workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to smell and taste different herbs.

Higgins to Address Local Economic Revitalization Contributed Article SUNY Fredonia

The Fredonia campus will welcome Western New York Congressman Brian Higgins, who will give a talk on the improvement of local economics, on Wednesday, Feb. 22. Congressman Higgins is a fourth term member of the United States House of Representatives. Currently, he serves as a member of Congress representing New York’s 27th Congressional District, including a large portion of the city of Buffalo, most of eastern and southern suburban Erie County, and all of Chautauqua County. He holds an advanced degree in public policy and administration from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Buffalo State College. Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Higgins has been a champion of waterfront development in Buffalo. Due to his contributions, a budget of $279 million from the New York Power Authority is now

settled to finance a major transformation of Buffalo’s long-neglected Inner and Outer Harbors. The talk will take place from 7 to 8 p.m. at Fenton 105. It is open to students, faculties, staff and community at no cost for admission. This event is organized and sponsored by College Democrats of Fredonia, a studentrun political group. The club is dedicated to informing its members and the student body of the democratic principles and keeping the campus

engaged in the community and attuned to contemporary political issues. This year, the group aims to increase the awareness of national and congressional elections by working closely with College Democrats throughout Western New York. To learn more, contact Erik Coler, president of College Democrats of Fredonia, at or (917) 699-2320.

December 2011 Graduates Announced by JCC Contributed Article JCC

Marilyn Zagora, vice president and dean of academic affairs, and Eileen Goodling, vice president and dean of student development, have announced the names of those students who were awarded degrees or certificates from Jamestown Community College’s Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in December 2011. A total of 185 students earned degrees and certificates. One student earned highest honors, 41 earned high honors, and 34 earned honors. Edward Carey of Clifton Park earned highest honors, representing a 4.0 grade point average, with an Associate in Science (A.S.)-Computer Science degree. High honors, representing a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99, were earned by: A.S.Human Services: Amanda Hollis of Ashville, Michele Smucinski and Amanda Wing of Olean; A.S.-Individual Studies: Larkin Spas of Ashville, Jillian Caban and Rachael Genung of Dunkirk, Matthew Thies of Falconer, Carrie Swart of Frewsburg, Krista Bellardo, Erin Haag, and Aleesha Milks of Jamestown; A.S.-Fine Arts: Music: Ashley Gardner of Campbell (who also earned a Certificate-Digital Audio Production); A.S.-Criminal Justice: Sara Cunningham of Cherry Creek, David Sebastiano of Fredonia, Christopher Pope of Jamestown; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science: Brian Fox of Falconer, Jonathan Huihui of Mayville; A.S.-Business-Business Administration: Tammy Schichtel of Forestville, Nicholas Bennett and Nathan Johnson of Jamestown, Troy Riehle of Olean; Certificate-Welding Technology: Marshall Minor of Frewsburg; A.S.-Media Arts: Sam Whittaker of Frewsburg; Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)-Individual Studies: Cassandra Heil of Gerry; A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology: Patricia Barber, Karin Hartson, and TammyLynn Pattison of Jamestown; Sierra Ellis of Little Valley, Morgan Humble of Mayville; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education: Jordan Coccagnia of Jamestown, Erika Austin of Randolph; A.A.S.-Criminal JusticePolice: William Ferguson and Justine Padilla of Jamestown; Certificate-CAD & CNC: Philip Lowe of Jamestown; Associate in Arts (A.A.)Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science: Rosita Rivera of Jamestown, Jennifer MorganBurt of Olean; A.A.S.-Computer Information Systems: Jordan Streeter of Kennedy; A.S.-Communication: Holly Gollnitz, Jacob Harp, and Ryan Tofil of Westfield.

Students who earned honors, representing a grade point average of 3.25 to 3.49, included: A.S.-Individual Studies: Karl Hanson and Brandon Armeli of Bemus Point, Jacob Babcock and Katie Brown of Fredonia, Jody Adams of Friendship, Todd Rapp and Shawn Sprankle of Jamestown, Hillary Gassman of Salamanca, Brittany Carlin of Wellsville, Megan Neratko of Westfield; A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology: Sherese Greiner of Bemus Point, Ashley Huber of Gowanda, Vanessa Koch of Jamestown; A.S.-Physical Education Studies: Rychele Waclawski of Brocton, Sandra Nellis of Jamestown; Certificate-Welding Technology: Nathaniel Organ of Dunkirk; A.A.Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science: Jacqueline Solazzo of Dunkirk, Melissa Carpenter of Jamestown; A.A.S.-Individual Studies: Amber Szopinski of Dunkirk; A.A.S.-Welding Technology: Wayne Akin of Frewsburg, Stephen White of Westfield; A.S.-Media Arts: Heather Ward of Irving; Certificate-Individual Studies: Connie Chase of Jamestown; A.A.S.-Business-Business Administration: Erica Cruz of Jamestown; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Adolescence Education: Collin Kennedy of Jamestown, Alethea Marsh of Kennedy; A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities: Andrea Lutgen of Jamestown; A.A.S.-Human Services: Christina Pangborn of Jamestown; A.S.-Human Services: Noah Soto and Paige Walter of Jamestown, Kaitlin Bova of Mayville; A.A.S.-Criminal Justice-Police: Christopher Veres of Jamestown; A.A.S.Information Technology: James Albro of Kennedy; A.S.-Business-Business Administration: Gretchen Gilroy of Olean. Others receiving degrees and certificates included: A.S.Individual Studies: Keira Van Damme of Allegany, Lucas Dubois and April Goot of Cassadaga, Angela Bateman of Dayton, Megan Ahlstrom, Ashley Bantin, Justin Bradley, David Cosme, April Ramirez, and Adamides Ramos of Dunkirk, Jonathan Cole, Jeffrey Dimmer, Matthew DiPalma, Erica Elliott, Lyndsey McCormick, Cherisse Messina, Michael Phelka, and Nicole Pleszewski of Fredonia, Donald Baker, Courtney Carr, Rachel Kinney, and Kelsey Nelson of Frewsburg, Amanda Swan of Gerry, Hope Wienk of Great Valley, Ronald Murray of Hopewell Junction, Cortney Barron, Shawn Barry, Jessica Canby, Edward Carlson, Leigh Hunter, Krista Johnson, Brooke Ludwiczak, and Andrew Towne of Jamestown, Willow Taft of Lakewood, Heather Kooser and Justin Stahley of Little Valley, William Dombrowski and Richard Knott of Olean, Kelsey Brown of Randolph, Bethany


Peterson of Stow, Charli Howard of Westons Mills; A.A.-Individual Studies: Kristopher Wright of Randolph; A.A.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science: Shane Swann of Angelica, Michael Brown of Ashville, Steven Grimm of Gowanda, Nicole Good of Great Valley, Philip Benedetto of Jamestown, David Bright of Olean, Kelsea Gardner of Portville; A.A.S.-Individual Studies: Evan Owens and Joshua Wells of Ashville, Jill Stanbro of Cattaraugus, Jaden Hawkins of Dunkirk, Ashley Schichtel of Franklinville, Amelia Rough and Kirstie Surrena of Jamestown, Matthew McClelland of Olean, Cindy Holland of Rushford, Amanda Austin of South Dayton; A.A.S.-Medical Office Technology: Mary VanArsdale of Ashville, Cristy Ferry of Bolivar, Alicia Kimber and Stacy Pangborn of Jamestown, Lindy Terhune of Little Valley, Kathleen Laughlin of Ripley, Jessica Roach of Stockton, and Jeanne Lyon of Sugar Grove, PA; A.A.S.-Criminal Justice-Police: James Freeman of Bemus Point, Adam Zendarski of Franklinville, Andrew Streicher of Kane, PA, Brett Rinaldo of Jamestown, Antonino Calimeri of Lakewood, Reannon Lauber of Sheridan; A.S.-Criminal Justice: Charmaine Wade of Bolivar, Shawn Caldwell and Shelby Peterson of Falconer, Alex Lacen of Fredonia, Kyle Cross of Friendship, Danial Shields of Lakewood, Samantha Scanlon of South Dayton; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science: Akwasi Owusu of Cassadaga, Katie Parker of Mayville; A.S.Business-Business Administration: Kasandra Soto and Nathan Westling of Dunkirk, Charles Love of Franklinville, Anthony Gugino of Fredonia, Zachary Gifford of Frewsburg, Abby Minich of Limestone, Michael Lippert of Olean, Eric Sonnylal of Olean; A.S.Physical Education Studies: Chantel Murphy of Franklinville, Lorenzo Rodriguez of Olean; A.S.-Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education: Danielle Salemi of Fredonia, Samantha Trank of Perrysburg; A.A.S.-BusinessBusiness Administration: Levi Hubbard of Gowanda, Danielle Plunkett of Great Valley, Danielle Harrington of Jamestown, Sally Shanks of Sinclairville; A.S.-Fine Arts: Studio Arts: Stella Schlegel and Alexa Tyger of Gowanda; A.A.S.-Occupational Therapy Assistant: Tasha Abers of Jamestown, Kayle Gordnier of Wellsville; A.S.-Human Services: Arrick Davis, Heidi DuBose, and James Weaver of Jamestown, Jennifer McIntyre of Olean, Megan Flanders of Westfield; A.A.S.-Information Technology: Lee Fehlman of Sinclairville, Kelley Ivett of South Dayton; A.S.-Engineering Science: Joshua Thomas of Sugar Grove, PA.

Annual Slush Rush 5k Run to be Held Mar. 4 on Campus Contributed Article SUNY Fredonia

The SUNY Fredonia International Education Center will host the fourth annual Slush Rush 5K Run on Sunday Mar. 4. This year’s event will be held at 9 a.m. in front of Dods Hall on the Fredonia campus. Participants can register online at internationaleducation until Mar. 1. In-person registration will be available the day of the event from 8 to 8:30 a.m. in the Dods Multipurpose

Room. This race is held annually to raise scholarship funds for international students, and to commemorate the life of Xylia Peterson, a former international student at SUNY Fredonia who passed away at the age of 45 due to injuries resulting from an automobile accident. Peterson originated from Sri Lanka and was part of SUNY Fredonia’s Class of 1985. She later served as secretary for the Vice President for Administration on campus and became an important figure in the Northern Chautau-

qua community. The Xylia Peterson ’85 Memorial Fund was established to reward and provide international education scholarships to full-time junior and senior international students. This event is open to the general public. The registration fee is $20, which includes a long sleeve t-shirt, refreshments and a raffle ticket. To learn more, contact the International Education Center’s Communications and Special Projects Intern Kate Fassl at or (716) 949-3469.

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February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

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“Biological Regionalism”

SUNY Fredonia’s Rey unveils new exhibit at Patterson Library in Westfield Contributed Article SUNY Fredonia

SUNY Fredonia Distinguished Professor of Visual Arts and New Media Alberto Rey will unveil his new exhibit, “Selected Streams of Northern Chautauqua County, N.Y.,” at an opening reception on Friday, March 2. The event, to be held from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Octagon Gallery in the Patterson Library in Westfield, N.Y., marks Rey’s latest installment in “Biological Regionalism,” a series that encompasses streams in Western New York and the Catskill Mountains, as well as bodies of water in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alaska, and the seven Western states, as well as the countries of Wales, England, Iceland and Cuba.

Intrigued by stories of salmon runs in Canadaway Creek after moving to the area in 1989, Rey conducted extensive research into the creek’s hydraulic characteristics. He focused on the creek’s history, the introduction of fish species into the Great Lakes, the history of towns located along the creek, regional geology and entomology, and weather pattern effects on fish physiology, fish biology and hydrology. Due to that research, Rey later began a youth fly fishing program and became a fly fishing guide himself. Rey’s broader investigations included painters of the Hudson River School of the 19th century and their role in American society. “The study of biology, botany, geology and art was popular

This painting of Laona Falls by Alberto Rey is one of many which will be part of his new exhibit appearing at the Patterson Library in Westfield beginning March 2.

amongst the residents of the new country and piscatorial art and nature painting was considered a form of ‘high art’ during this period,” Rey explained. Though mass media and

consumerism have made American culture more homogeneous, the one element that remains true to a region is its natural environment, Rey said. Most landscapes and their biological inhabitants characterize a region’s nature,

despite society’s attempts to manipulate it to fit its needs. “The knowledge of a region’s distinguishing natural elements is being lost as generations continually become more disconnected from a lifestyle that relies on the landscape for survival and spiritual renewal,” Rey said. For this exhibition, Rey concentrated entirely on landscapes or depiction of the environment as a way to encourage area residents to reconnect with memories from these locations and/or to create new connections to these nearby environments. Another exhibit goal is to create discussion opportunities related to historical and contemporary theories of aesthetics, migration of fish species, history of these loca-

tions, environmentalism and geological formations. Rey is delighted to have the exhibit housed at Patterson Library, citing its fine architecture and painting and taxidermy specimen collections. “It seemed like a perfect venue to exhibit these devotional paintings of some of my favorite stream locations in this area,” he said. Rey will also present a lecture at the gallery on Thursday, March 15, at 7 p.m. To see examples of the paintings in this exhibition and some documentation of the process, visit:

RecycleMania Returns to Top-Performing SUNY Fredonia Contributed Article SUNY Fredonia

SUNY Fredonia will look to retain its lock on the top spot among SUNY schools, and raise its standing among colleges and universities across the country, in 2012’S episode of RecycleMania, the annual competition that promotes waste reduction activities in campus communities. “I think recycling has become part of everyday life for people. We see an increase year after year in the amount of recycling,” said Kevin Cloos, director of Facilities Services and a member of the campus Sustainability Committee, which leads the RecycleMania campaign here. “It’s become

more mainstream for people.” SUNY Fredonia is once again entered in the per-capita classic division, which challenges schools to produce the least amount of waste and recycle the largest percentage of their overall waste stream. In all, 10 SUNY comprehensive schools – up from seven that competed in 2011 – are challenging SUNY Fredonia for top per capita honors. “We look to stay number one. We hope to build on the success of last year and remain number one among SUNY schools in that division,” Cloos said. SUNY Fredonia has been a top performer in all four years that it has participated in the campaign, now in its 12th year. Efforts to facilitate recycling

have been made at SUNY Fredonia in recent years. Recycling stations — offering single-stream collection of paper, glass, plastic and metal, along with separate bins for trash and deposit bottles and cans — are situated in high-traffic areas throughout the campus. That number of recycling stations — now more than 100 — will grow to keep up with campus growth. “We are looking to increase their numbers near entrances of buildings and also at the new townhouses and the new science center when those open,” Cloos added. Casella Waste Services in Dunkirk serves as SUNY

Fredonia’s key RecycleMania partner during the campaign and throughout the year. RecycleMania, which concludes March 30, runs parallel with the NCAA basketball tournament. Each week, participating campuses submit weekly totals — in pounds — for paper, cardboard, cans and bottles, food waste and general trash. And each week,

schools can see how they “stack up” to other campuses in nine RecycleMania categories at the RecycleMania website (www.recyclemaniacs. org). A new category for electronics has been added. At the end of the 2011 campaign, SUNY Fredonia was ranked 71st among 363 schools in the per capita classic division, representing a hefty improvement from its 106th position in 2010. In 2011, more than 600 participating colleges and universities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five Canadian provinces, representing 5.1 million students and 1.1 million staff, collected more

than 91 million pounds of recyclables and compostable organics. This prevented the release of 127,553 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere. New York State is tied with Massachusetts with 41 participating schools; only Pennsylvania, with 43, has more. RecycleMania, which began as a friendly challenge between Miami University of Ohio and Ohio University, has sponsorship support from Alcoa, the Coca-Cola Company, SCA Tissue, Waste Management, the American Forest & Paper Association and HP. Additional support has been provided by the EPA’s WasteWise program and the College and University Recycling Coalition.

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February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Keeping the Wild West Alive Bill’s Gun and Saddle Shop Marks 49 Years in Business

by Patricia Pihl Star Staff Writer

For almost half a century, a little bit of the Wild West has remained alive in Sinclairville. While selling guns for hunting, collecting and selfprotection, Bill Frost and his wife Lucille of Bill’s Gun and Saddle Shop have put a little bit of show business into their cowboy skill and know how, entertaining crowds with their Wild West Show, Western museum and the small ‘frontier town.” The shop, town and museum are located on the grounds of their 280 acre property tucked into the pristine setting of Cassadaga Valley. Last summer marked an end of an era, with the Frost’s retiring the Wild West Show, something Bill has done for 37 years. While he will still perform trick roping, Frost says he is looking for a “young

fella to come and do the jump roping....which is hard for me.” The 82-year old still does quick draw and gun spinning. “We have three generations of shooters--grandpa, son and now the grandkids who have come to this shop all these years,” he says. A family affair, grandson Cody is known for his skills with the bull whip. The cowboy haven has also been a destination for bus tours, offering both education and entertainment. “I’ve got the best Western museum east of the Mississippi out here,” Bill states proudly...“I’ve been building it for 45 years.” The Frosts also say they were responsible for bringing the Cowboy Mounted Shooters Competition to the state. According to the organization’s website, the competition is the fastest growing equestrian sport in the nation, combining horsemanship and gun skills in a timed event.

Bill and Lucille Frost display an antique 1898 Winchester model 94 30-30 and Luger LCP 380 automatic handgun.

The couple said the event draws participants from as far away as Pennsylvania and Ohio to the Gerry Rodeo grounds for the local competition. For its part, the shop provides hand guns, holsters, belts and other accoutrements to competitors. Lucille says another thing her husband “has had a lot of fun doing” is teaching students from area high schools and

Gowanda Rehabilitation & Nursing Center Taking “Right” Steps Contributed Article GRNC

In the era of cuts and layoffs, Gowanda Rehabilitation & Nursing (GRNC) is doing the opposite. Through innovation and creativity GRNC is employing more and providing more services for its residents. GRNC is a skilled nursing facility that prides itself on its rehabilitation. Located in Gowanda, New York, Gowanda has 160 skilled nursing beds, 80 of which is dedicated for short term rehabilitation. “We started rehabilitation late but we are definitely leading the pack now. We have 33

therapists on our staff while other facilities are reducing their staff we are adding.” Stated Mr. Peter Fadeley; Nursing Home Administrator for Gowanda. IN 2010, Gowanda took the next step in their growth phase and added a brand new state of the art service; Telemedicine. Through very thoughtful physician recruitment, Gowanda sought out the top specialists in Western New York in several fields. In 2012, Gowanda has the largest compliment of specialty physicians available for it’s residents in New York State. The current program includes specialists in Cardiology,

Pulmonary, Medical Rehabilitation, Vascular Surgery, Infectious Disease/Wound management, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Urology and Neurology. Gowanda is working on adding other specialty physicians such as Dermatology, Endocrinology, GI and Emergency Telemedicine where patients will not have to wait in an Emergency Room but will be directly admitted to a floor. “There is no better place to be for short term rehabilitation that will provide the compliment of high level rehabilitation and medical management.” Stated Peter Fadeley. To arrange a tour, call 713-1911.

Strike Out Heart Disease Bowl-A-Thon Monday, February 27

Contributed Article WCA Hospital

On behalf of the WCA Heart Center and Wellness, and in recognition of National Heart Month, I invite you to join us for the inaugural Strike Out Heart Disease Bowl-AThon presented by Serta and America’s Mattress. This charity event will take place at the Fountain Bowl (3316 Fluvanna Avenue in Jamestown, NY) on Monday,

February 27. Sign-In and a Basket Auction will begin at 5:00 p.m., followed by Bowling at 6:00 p.m. Please see attached flyer and Registration Form. Registration is limited to first 280 bowlers. For only $10, you will enjoy two games of bowling and shoes, as well as some heart-healthy snacks. It is a Scotch Doubles format, a fun format which allows you to sign up as a Team of Two or as an Individual. All proceeds from this special

event will benefit the WCA Heart Center through the purchase of new equipment for Cardiac Rehabilitation. I would like to ask you/your business to consider donating great Auction/Raffle items to WCA Hospital. Please contact me to make arrangements for pick up or with any questions you might have. Thank you & hope to see you on February 27 as together we strive to Strike Out Heart Disease!

the Lucille Ball Little Theatre basic rope spinning, which comes in handy when they need to get a part down in musicals such as Oklahoma or the Will Rodgers Follies. Local boy scout groups have also enjoyed learning the tricks of the trade from Frost. Rugged Individualism “One thing that draws people here is that we have 49 years

of experience; we might know what we are talking about,” says Bill. “We have stock, single actions, double actions, 22 calibers, a variety of the semi automatic rifles, shotguns for hunting, military-style guns, lever and bolt action,” states Lucille. She says that a growing part of their business is by customers, especially women, who are purchasing guns for self-protection. Lucille aptly demonstrates the self-protection attributes of a small Luger LCP 380 automatic, which focuses a laser light on its intended target, a likely deterrent itself to a would-be criminal. True to form, the Frosts exude a spirit of rugged individualism, seeing gun ownership as an inalienable American right, protected by the second amendment. Another specialty which sets their store apart is the large array of collectible guns

which, according to Bill, with gold, “has the fastest appreciating value in the United States.” Bringing out a 1898 Winchester, Bill explains the gun was used in an Oregon logging camp, as “a meat-getter” for crews. It is one of 100 or so collectible guns he owns. Frost also restores horse saddles, with a large collection of antique varieties from all over the world. Bill’s Gun and Saddle Shop is located at 39 Prospect St. in Sinclairville and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Frosts encourage visitors to call (716) 962-5168 before stopping. In addition, the shop will be participating at the Seneca Allegany Sportsmen Show on Saturday, February 18 February 19 at the Seneca Allegany Casino and Hotel in Salamanca.

Merritt Estate Winery Goes to China Contributed Article Merritt Estate Winery

For the second time in less than a decade, one of Merritt Estate’s wines will be featured in the international market. Just three years ago, Merritt’s Bella Ice, a sweet red wine with intense Concord grape flavor, made its debut in the Chinese wine market. In March the winery’s Late Harvest Delaware, a sweet, pungent and grapey white wine with vanilla characteristics, will become the second international seller for the local establishment as it makes its first appearance in China. The ice wine and dessert wine markets in China have grown at a rapid pace over the last few years. A large amount of wines offered overseas are imported from other markets. In China, limitations in both water and land supplies make importing wine a necessity. The Chinese public also holds a very high standard for their food and beverage products. The quality of wines produced and the cleanliness of the environment they are produced in are both important factors in the eyes of the consumer. New York State wines have become a trusted product in the Chinese marketplace. The sweet and fruity red wines that the region has become known for producing fit well with the taste that Chinese consumers are looking for. The difference in price points of New York wines is also a

strong selling point when it comes to overseas interactions. A large price range allows for the sale of wines that have the potential to be mass produced, while still leaving a competitive market open for wines that can sell at higher dollar amounts. Merritt Estate was recently approached by Simon Wu of Glacier Treasures, a wine expert wholesaler and agent to China, with interest of exporting and promoting the Late Harvest Delaware. “Dessert wine is rare in China, and the unique looking design of the bottle stands out as a nice visual,” said Wu. “About one-third of consumers in China are looking to drink the wine they purchase. The other two-thirds are looking to give the wine as a gift, so the visual impression is important.” Wu will be promoting Merritt’s Late Harvest Delaware at upcoming trade shows throughout China. The Food Ingredients China trade show will take place this year in Shanghai which boasts over 800 exhibitors. The show is attended by chefs,

restaurant and hotel owners, retail chain owners and retailers, importers and exporters. The event will provide a promotional platform for the popular dessert style wine. Late Harvest Delaware will also be featured at the Wine China trade show, held this year in Beijing. The trade show invites wine producers, distributors, retailers, experts, lovers, journalists and consumers to share their own personal expertise with one another in an effort to promote the many facets of the wine culture. For more information on Merritt news and events, visit www.merrittestatewinery. com or find us on Facebook at Merritt Estate is located in Lake Erie Wine Country, the largest grape growing region of New York State located along the shores of Lake Erie. The grapes and wines produced by Merritt rival the quality of premium vintages throughout the world.

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February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

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YWCA Westfield News By Katie Smith Contributing Writer

Annual Meeting The annual meeting of the YWCA Board of Directors is set for Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 5:30 p.m. YWCA members and others interested in the YWCA are invited to attend. The agenda will include program reports from Katie Smith, the executive director, Brenda Backus, child services director and other staff and board members. Light refreshments will be served. There are space limitations so reservations are appreciated but not required – walkins are welcome. For more information or to reserve your spot, contact the YWCA at 326.2011 or email your reservation to Before School Care Parents interested in before school care for children are invited to contact the

YWCA Child Services office at 326.4012. Before school supervision is available from 7 am each school day. YWCA Staff is available at WACS to provide a safe secure environment for the kids and make sure they arrive in their classroom on time. “This program allows parents to get to work knowing the kids are safely at school. We partner with the school breakfast program” stated Brenda Backus, YWCA child services director, “we also work to make this an affordable service; we encourage parents to call and inquire about our scholarship scale”, she continued. Babysitting Class Young people 11 – 15 are encouraged to contact the YWCA and register for an upcoming Red Cross babysitting class. “We are close to having enough students to schedule a class,” reported administrative assistant Michele Sunday-Warner. “as soon as we fill a class we will schedule this training and notify the

students. Families are looking for informal child care and this class will allow students to assure parents they have the knowledge and skills needed to care for their children.” She continued. Contact the YWCA at 326.2011 to be added to the list Spaghetti Dinner Area residents are encouraged to mark their calendars for the YWCA Child Services annual spaghetti dinner. This years’ event will be held on Monday, March 26 and features spa-

ghetti with meatballs, salad, bread, dessert and beverage. In addition the popular Chinese auction and 50/50 drawing will again be offered. Dinner Tickets will be on sale early in March. Businesses or individuals interested in donating to the dinner or the auction are invited to contact Brenda Backus, Child Services Director at 326.4012. Proceeds from the dinner, auction and drawing support the child care programs at the YWCA. Adult Gym Privileges

Adult membership at the YWCA has been expanded to include use of the gym – on a space available basis. Adult members interested in using the gym for basketball or other activities are invited to call the office and complete the reservation form. There will be no charge but a valid, current membership and a waiver form must be on file. Non members who accompany members will be asked to complete a waiver form and pay the $3 per time use fee. More details are available by contacting the YWCA office. Fitness Center The YWCA Workout Center hours remain 5 AM – midnight, seven days per week. Access to the center is via an identification number – PIN – that is personally assigned. The fitness center is open to adults who hold valid YWCA memberships and have purchased a set number of visits to the center. Memberships for adults are $20 annually, seniors membership is $12

and visits are traditionally sold in units of 30. For more details, please call the YWCA at 326.2011 or stop and visit. Volunteers Needed The YWCA is currently recruiting volunteers for many areas. Opportunities are available on the board of directors, the board of trustees and several of the board committees. Volunteers are also welcome to contact the YWCA and indicate their willingness to help on a one time basis with the Arts and Crafts Festival. . Call Executive Director Katie Smith at 326.2011 or stop and visit the YWCA during business hours. YWCA Products Logo products featuring the YWCA persimmon color are available at the YWCA. Coffee mugs, tote bags, pens and drawstring backpacks are offered for sale during business hours. Prices range from $5 for the drawstring bags, $3 for the tote bag, $4 for the mug and $1for the pen.

spent on the deck, drinking wine and eating cheese.” I may change that with a prettier, more eloquent typed piece on vellum, but haven’t decided yet. Sometimes I like to let a page mellow for a few days before I make any changes to it, giving myself distance and perspective. Most importantly, I’ll have this, along with a few other pages, to give to Jodi for her vacation album. I love to see her face when she looks at them, remarks about how the children have grown since the summer, and we discuss what will be on the tasting menu this year. Hopefully, it’s more wine and cheese. Do you ever make scrapbook pages without photos? What kind of ephemera do you use? How do you handle the journaling? Send me an e-mail at awalterich@sunsetscrapbooks.

com and you may be featured in an upcoming column. This week’s $$ pick : 21 Brix Winery, 6654 West Main Rd, Portland, NY 14769, 716-792-2749, www.21brix. com. Though many of the dry wines were not available when I visited a few weeks ago, they Brick House Red was a light, refreshing blend, perfect for a day on the deck. I’m looking forward to tasting the Thirsty Elephant, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon on my next trip. Anne Walterich is the owner of Sunset Scrapbooks, a photo preservation and album design service. When not enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sunsets over Lake Erie, she can be found online at SunsetScrapbooks. com and at

Scrapbooking Today

An Ephemera-Heavy Wine & Cheese Themed Page Anne Walteric Contributing Writer

When I open the outside door and get blasted in the face with the harsh mix of wind, sand and snow that is unique to Sunset Bay, I can’t help but think of summertime. I miss the sunshine, warm breezes and weekly vacationers. One of my favorite ways to forget the reality of February in the Northern hemisphere is to spend time with my summer photos and ephemera, scrapbooking my way to the vernal equinox. Reliving the moments when the temperature was above the freezing mark and the sun sets after 8 p.m. brings me joy and welcome relief from the gloominess of the season. I came across some wine labels that I had saved from over this summer. My friend

Jodi stays with her family on the beach in July, and seeing these brought back fond memories of her visit. Inevitably, one afternoon of her vacation every year is dedicated to the delicious pleasures of wine and cheese. Jodi and I enjoy a few bottles of wine over the course of the day with bites of cheese, bread and fruit. Her Aunt Mel joined us this year, as well as my sister. Other years, we’ve been less formal, with a bottle of Yellow Tail, Laughing Cow and Triscuits. We listen to the waves and to music, discuss our lives and watch Jodi’s young sons make memories in the sand. The children wander on and off of the deck, the neighbors visit and the occasional brooding teenager even sulks down from her bedroom to join us. It’s always on a sunny, perfect day, with a calming view of Lake Erie.

For this week’s layout I decided to take those labels and create an ephemera page with no photos about those afternoons on the deck. First, I took a plain sheet of light green 12” X 12” paper and created the pattern using VersaMark ink on a winethemed background stamp (manufacturer unknown, purchased at the annual Stamp Scrap Art Tour at the Hamburg Fairgrounds) and Ranger Embossing Tinsel in Silver. Next, I sanded the chipboard flourishes (Creating Keepsakes), used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Parchment to tone down the bright pink and orange, and adhered them to the bottom third of the page. I then arranged and adhered the four wine labels, placing the Tapena Garnacha label vertically on a polka-dot patterned paper scrap to fill some of the background space and “ground” it. I sanded the

cheese and bread wooden embellishments (from Joann’s discount bin, 10 cents) and placed them near the bottom of the page because of their heavier visual “weight.” I inked the Tim Holtz bird chipboard die cut in his Walnut Stain shade and adhered it above the cat wine label to fill the space above as well as to bring in more dark brown and balance the heavier elements of the page. I used a wine glass stamp (also from the Stamp Scrap Art Tour) and a maroon embossing powder (manufacturer unknown ) on a scrap of kraft paper, next to Creating Keepsakes letters distressed with the Parchment ink. 3-D foam squares give dimension to the Cupcake cork foil. Last came the journaling strip of coffee-dyed paper attached with two brass heart-shaped brads left over from a kit. The journaling reads : “Some of the best afternoons are

Keeping the Faith

Dear Pastor, it seems that my prayers don’t get answered. What am I doing wrong?

By Rev. Michael Lokietek Family Church of Chautauqua County

Last week we looked at the influence that our words have on our prayers. We saw that

our words can either support our prayers or work against the very things we pray for. This week we want to continue to examine things that can hinder our prayers. In the last few columns we focused on how we speak. This week, I want to focus on how our actions influence our prayer effectiveness. While we certainly don’t have to earn God’s love and attention with good actions, we can interfere with His blessings

for us through choosing to be disobedient to His will. So how do we know His will? The Bible is His will! If you are doing what you know you shouldn’t or you aren’t doing what you know you should… you are in disobedience. This disobedience will be a barrier or a stumbling block to getting your prayers answered. Our actions make us unavailable for God’s blessings. An example of this is seen in Matthew 9:35-36. Jesus,

seeing the weary and scattered people around Him, referred to them as “sheep having no shepherd.” This scripture reflects our need to sit under a shepherd’s care… for direction, for teaching, for maturing in our Christian walk. God has called Christians to go to church. We are admonished to “not forsake the assembling of yourselves” (Hebrews 10:25). Much of the New Testament was originally written in the form of letters written to the local churches

where believers gathered. This shows that God speaks to church bodies. If you are not there, you can miss what He has for you, including the answer to your prayer. Another example of how our behaviors can influence our prayers can be seen in Matthew 6:14-15. Although many interpret this passage as if God will punish us if we don’t forgive others, I read it differently. In this prayer, Jesus says that having unforgiveness

interferes with God’s being able to forgive us. We can pray for forgiveness of our sins and God wants to forgive us, but if we haven’t forgiven others, our heart becomes hardened. A hardened heart can’t receive from God! Remember…we are called to walk in love towards others, even people who’ve hurt us in some way (Matthew 5:43-44). Forgiveness is all about love, and love enables our prayers!

me, and gave Himself for me.” Faith isn’t something that I must try to have. Faith is not a burden I place on myself. Faith is a result of knowing that Christ never failed. I am dead. My efforts are dead. My self-righteousness is dead. My only purpose is to allow Christ to live in me! When I pray, I know I receive my answers because, when I pray, it is as if Christ is praying on my behalf. I don’t live in holiness because it is a rule. I don’t follow the Ten Commandments because I have to. I don’t follow rules because Christ doesn’t follow rules. He follows love. I walk

in the ways of God because Christ is alive in me. I seek to please God because of His love, not because of His law. What could your life be if you had a revelation that you are made a new creation in Christ completely outfitted with His strength? What if you realized that you can have complete confidence before God because Jesus substituted His life for yours? This is the great secret of the ages: To understand and give permission to the Heavenly Father who seeks to live in your body.

Weekly Word Christ Our Sufficiency

Rev. Tim Stahlman Family Church of the Southern Tier

Christianity is mankind’s only hope for greatness. Sure, men can gain fame and notoriety by other means, but they will have to hurt someone else to do it. You can have riches and fame without Christ but you cannot have joy and peace

without Him. Christ is the only way to reach sufficiency in spirit, soul, and body. To prosper any other way, or to be fulfilled by any other means, is equivalent to an eternal death sentence. Either God fulfills you or what fulfills you becomes your god. He is either Lord of all or not Lord at all. Either God prospers your life or what prospers you takes your life. Christ died to give you a place with God; take it! Christ left His place beside the Father to become our great substitute. Do you realize the fullness of your redemption? Christ came with perfect strength

and separated you from all your weaknesses and infused you with all His strength! Stop talking about how weak you are and start talking about how great the power of God works in you! (Eph 3:20) People will say, “But I am weak without Him.” Yes, but you are not without Him! You are in Him. You have been joined to Christ. Galatians 2:20 is a revelation that few have been willing to receive. It says, “I have been crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; not I, but Christ lives in me…” God never intended you to go on with your same life with its same weaknesses and failures.

I am dead. That means that my weaknesses died with me. I am alive in Christ and His strength is the only thing that remains! Jesus took my place in everything. He took my sin so I could be reborn into righteousness. He took my sickness and disease so I could be reborn into health. He took my poverty so I could be reborn into provision. He took my grief and sorrow so that I could be reborn into perfect peace. Everything I lacked He supplied! The rest of Galatians 2:20 goes on to say, “…and the life I live in the flesh, I live by faith of the Son of God, who loved

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Q&A Cat meet-and-great needs to be slow



February 16, 2012 Edition – Main Section – A

Happier trips mean cleaner car rides

NO-MAGIC DRAGON You don’t need to work hard to care for a bearded dragon

Cats can enjoy the company of others when properly introduced. Q: What’s the best way to introduce a new cat to my current cat? — via email A: Having more than one cat is a popular option for many people, though not always for cats. But living with more than one cat doesn’t have to be contentious. The trick to domestic harmony for co-habiting felines is to introduce — or reintroduce — them slowly and carefully. Since the worst territorial spats are between cats who aren’t spayed or neutered, your chances for peaceful co-existence are many times greater if the cats are both altered before any introductions are planned. Prepare a room for your new cat with food and water bowls, and a litter box and scratching post that needn’t be shared. This room will be your new pet’s home turf while the two cats get used to each other’s presence. Take your new cat to your veterinarian first, to be checked for parasites such as ear mites, and contagious diseases such as feline leukemia. When you’re sure your new pet is healthy, the introductions can begin. Bring the cat home in a carrier and set him in the room you’ve prepared. Let your resident cat discover the caged animal, and don’t be discouraged by initial hisses. When the new cat is alone in the room, close the door and let him out of the carrier. If he doesn’t want to leave the carrier at first, let him be. Just leave the carrier door open and the cat alone. Maintain each cat separately for a week or so — with lots of love and play for both — and then on a day when you’re around to observe, leave the door to the new cat’s room open. Above all: Don’t force them together. Territory negotiations between cats can be drawn-out and delicate, and you must let them work it out on their own, ignoring the hisses and glares. — Gina Spadafori Do you have a pet question? Send it to

About Pet Connection Pet Connection is produced by a team of pet care experts headed by “Good Morning America” and “The Dr. Oz Show” veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker and award-winning journalist Gina Spadafori. The two are affiliated with and are also the authors of many best-selling pet care books. Dr. Becker can also be found at or on Twitter @DrMartyBecker.

Bearded dragons get their name from the way they puff out their necks when scared or angry. By Gina Spadafori Universal Uclick


f you want a friendly reptilian pet who’s easy to care for, your choice is an easy one: You want a bearded dragon. Beardeds are not only tame when handled, but many also seem to enjoy the contact. Even better, they’re suitable for almost any pet lover or family situation — and a great pet for a responsible child. Bearded dragons enjoy exploring, whether crawling on their owners or around the house. They stick out their tongues to touch new surfaces to determine the temperature and makeup of the area — a behavior that adds to their appeal. Beardeds live to be about 10 years old and will mature at 18 to 24 inches in length, including the tail. Hatchling beardeds are only about 3 1/2 inches in length and look more like a gecko than a giant lizard species. Common colorings of the bearded are yellow and tan, though they can be found in more vibrant yellow, orange and albino. The bearded dragon name comes from the display the pet puts on when trying to act tough. The puffed-beard display is used only defensively to scare away potential threats. Along with puffing out, beardeds also flatten out their bellies to look wider, as well as leave their rather large mouths gaping open to intimidate the potential threat. Beardeds are quite happy to live alone as in the wild, except when in search of mates. If you want more than one, however, there’s no downside, since they seem to enjoy the companion-

ship of another of their kind. Female beardeds can usually be housed with another female or male, but males should not be housed together, due to territorial aggression. Beardeds need human help to maintain their temperature in captivity, using heat lamps or warming pads. They do well in tanks where some areas are cooler and some are warmer — a range of 85 to 105 degrees by day, dipping into the 70s at night. You’ll also need special lighting, since these reptiles need UVB rays to properly absorb dietary calcium. A full-spectrum light should be provided 12 to 14 hours a day most of the year, and 10 to 12 hours in the winter. Omnivores by nature, beardeds enjoy both plants and meat in their diet. Juveniles enjoy a carnivorous diet, while adults become primarily herbivores, enjoying a diet of dark, leafy vegetables and some fruit. All food given to the bearded should be shredded into easyto-swallow, bite-size pieces. Insects should be given to adult beardeds two to three times per week (mainly crickets), but also mealworms, wax moth larvae and pinkie mice in limited amounts. Beardeds hit sexual maturity between 1 and 2 years of age, when females will start laying eggs, regardless of whether they’ve been mated. Veterinary care is minimal for pets who are being properly cared for. After purchase, your bearded should to be examined for health and parasites, with treatment for the latter if necessary. After that, annual examinations are recommended, to help your veterinarian understand what’s “normal” for your pet, so treatment can be more targeted if there’s a problem.

Most dogs outgrow car-sickness, but there are medications for those who do not. D Dogs get carsick for many reasons, including anxiety, full bellies and a lack of experience. But most puppies can outgrow car sickness if taken out regularly in the car. If you want your dog to enjoy car rides, then take him to dog parks and other fun destinations. Otherwise, if all trips seem to end at the veterinary hospital, he may never think car rides are fun. Talk to your veterinarian about medications (over-the-counter or prescription) that can help if your puppy doesn’t outgrow carsickness. And make sure when your pet is on the road that he’s safely secured in a crate or with a harness. D Would you rather work out or indulge in heavy petting? According to Prevention magazine, 67 percent of us say having a pet is better for long-term health than having a personal trainer. Probably more fun, too. D Every healthy dog has a reflex reaction to any passing skin irritation, whether it’s an insect crawling between the hairs or a fingernail giving a scratch. If nerve endings detect something that’s annoying the skin, the dog’s leg will automatically come up to scratch off the pest — even if there’s no pest there. The response is most pronounced if you scratch a dog on the rump near the base of the tail, along the upper part of the flanks or on the belly — not coincidentally, places where fleas like to congregate. The “scratch reflex” is so predictable that veterinarians will use it to help with their neurological exam when spinal damage is suspected. — Mikkel Becker and Dr. Marty Becker

Chautauqua County Humane Society Pet of the Week

KITTY This week we are featuring “Kitty”. She is a 9 year old white cat with stunning blue eyes. She is a real sweetheart that would prefer a quiet home. Because of her age, she is often overlooked but Kitty has lots of living and loving left in her. Kitty is also available for a Senior for Senior adoption. If you think you have a place in your heart and home for Kitty, come and meet her at the Strunk Road Adoption Center. She is ready to start the best part of her life with a new, forever family.

2825 Strunk Road • Jamestown 716-665-2209 • The Chautauqua County Humane Society’s Pet of the Week is sponsored by The Annual Tom Pawelski Memorial Golf Tournament , held this past summer. The money raised from the 2010 tournament provides discounted adoption rates to Pet of the Week animals. Stop by CCHS and find your new best friend, 2825 Strunk Road Jamestown.


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B12 – Week of February 16, 2012 – Section B

February Frenzy

High School Hoops Tournaments Start Next Week By Chris Winkler Star Sports Editor

If you like basketball, this is your time of the year. While the famed “March Madness” for Division I college basketball still won’t tip off for another month, high schools hoops serve as quite the prelude. Hard to believe, but sectional tournaments will be tipping off starting next Wednesday, Feb. 22. “When you get to this time of year, you want to start to get on a roll,” Chautauqua Lake head coach Chris Dole said. “We’re working on playing good possession basketball in the half court. When you get into the playoffs, possession basketball is huge.” All schools will finish their regular season portion of their respective schedules this week and the Section VI basketball committee will release the official brackets Feb. 18. Beginning this week, you can see the projected brackets for Classes AA, B-1, B-2, C-1, C-2 and D on our Web site at Then come Sunday, check back in as I discuss each county team’s road to the championship. Before that, though, teams are still in action this week as they try to make one last push for a higher seed in their respective tournaments. The seeding for each class is determined by a point system that ranks wins within your league. For example, when Jamestown (a Class AA school) wins a league game against a fellow AA school, they are awarded five points. At the end of the season, the amount of points earned divided by the amount of league games determines each school’s final rating. At this point, we have a pretty good idea of what teams will go where. Start in Class AA, where lone county school Jamestown finally hit a speed bump last week when they lost to Frontier Friday night in a game that would have clinched a league title. The good news is Jamestown can still clinch the ECIC I league title and the top seed

Seniors Josh Mleczko (top) and Kareem Walker (bottom) look to lead Dunkirk and Jamestown, respectively, to sectional championships in their final season. (Dunkirk photo — Al Gens. Jamestown photo — Chris Winkler)

in Class AA with a win Wednesday night at Lancaster (past publishing time). Jamestown’s top threat to win Section VI appears to be traditional power Niagara Falls, who the Red Raiders defeated in last year’s final. Kenmore West, Frontier and Williamsville North also present dangerous games for Jamestown. Class B Dunkirk is the lone county team in Class B-1. The Marauders have lost just two games this year, but unfortunately were at the hands of CCAA I rival Olean. The Huskies have locked down the top seed in the bracket, which actually comes as pretty good news for Dunkirk. Dunkirk finished up their league portion of the schedule with a blowout win over Allegany-Limestone Monday night. That win guaranteed Dunkirk could finish no lower than third, which would ensure the Marauders of being on the opposite side of the bracket as Olean. Thus, the teams couldn’t meet until the finals. B-1 is loaded, though. Tonawanda and Newfane had tremendous seasons, while Buffalo East is always a tough out. Meanwhile over in B-2, county teams Fredonia, Southwestern and Falconer will have their work cut out for them if any want to make a deep run. Class C Cassadaga Valley is the only Chautauqua County team represented in C-1. Last year, the Cougars defeated Lackawanna to win Class B, but fell to Charlotte (Section V) in the Far West Regionals. Since then, Cassadaga Valley slipped down into Class C and has had a tough time finding secondary scoring options outside of Dustin Schaumann. In C-2, Maple Grove, Silver Creek, Westfield, Chautauqua Lake and Frewsburg will represent the county in the 11-team bracket. Maple

Fredonia Sports Information

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Fredonia State women finished second at the SUNYAC Swimming and Diving championship meet which ended Saturday night at the Erie Community College's Burt Flickinger Center. It was the highest finish in the history of the women's program. Several more school records were set Saturday and one individual SUNYAC champ was crowned. Sophomore Ashley Keller (Lockport) finished first in 1-meter diving, and broke the SUNYAC record in the process. Keller recorded 478.15 points for 11 dives and took down a record held by former national champ and current assistant coach Kelly Sponholz. In addition, Keller defeated teammate Sarah Ficarro, a junior, who was second off the 1-meter board after winning her third straight SUNYAC 3-meter title Thursday. Ficarro had 474.85 points, which was also better than Sponholz's former record. The Blue Devils again dominated diving as sophomore Katelyn Haley was third, freshman Heather Colby fourth, senior Leanne Kies sixth, and sophomore Breena Cogliandro ninth. The 90 points earned by the divers Saturday enabled the Blue Devils to overtake Cortland in the final team standings, 627.5 points to 599 points. Geneseo won the team championship with 681.5 points. Elizabeth Schake, a junior, added her name to the school-record list for the fifth time at the meet when she was

Sophomore John Estanislau set three individual school records and two team relay records during the three-day championship meet in Buffalo. (Fredonia Sports Information photo)

clocked in 54.04 seconds during the women's 100-yard freestyle preliminaries. She lowered the record even further in the evening final with a sixth-place time of 53.97 seconds. In the 100 free consolation final, freshman Katie Donnelly finished 10th. Schake would take part in a sixth school record in the final event of the night when she, Donnelly, sophomore Jennifer Smith, and junior Emily Ginty were clocked in 3:37.91 in the 400-yard freestyle relay and finished fourth in the race. During prelims, freshmen Ellie Brion and Camille Follman, junior Jessica Dosser, and Ginty had the fourth fastest qualifying time. Nearly matching Schake with five school records was junior Stephanie Andrasek (Parma, Ohio), who broke her own school record in the 200yard breaststroke by touching out in 2:29.66 — over three seconds faster than her previous-best time. She was seeded second after prelims and junior Courtney Schmidt (Portville) was seeded eighth. In the final, Andrasek finished second in 2:28.09 —

further lowering her school record — and Schmidt finished eighth. Ginty broke the school record during preliminaries of the 200-yard backstroke with a time of 2:11.41, then re-broke it in the final with a fifth-place time of 2:09.66. Freshman Steph Rosa finished sixth and Follman seventh. In addition, freshman Breeona Henningham was 10th after swimming in the consolation final. The Blue Devils began their move up the scoreboard with the first event Saturday night when earn points from four women in the finals of the 1,650-yard freestyle. Lizzie Lodinsky, a junior, led the way with a second-place finish in school-record time of 17:55.49. Enroute to the mile, Lodinsky's 1,000-yard time of 10:48.14 was also a new record. She was followed by Smith in seventh place, Schmidt in ninth, and sophomore Kristen Champoux in 13th. Another freshman, Jamie Reidy, finished 15th in the 200-yard butterfly. For the men, junior Ryan Fuller swept the 2012 SUNYAC diving

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Second-Place SUNYAC Finish Women's Best Ever Contributed Article


titles following his 3-meter victory Saturday night. Fuller earned 512.65 points to win the competition by 16 points. He also won the 1-meter championship Thursday. He was joined on the medal stand by two teammates, sophomore Josh Croft and senior John Rodman. Croft was fourth and Rodman seventh in Saturday's event. Rodman was named diver of the meet on the men's side while. Fredonia State's top swimmer all three days was sophomore John Estanislau. He set three individual records over the three days, all set by Shawn Erb in 1989. The latest was Estanislau's 100-yard freestyle time of 47.02 seconds during preliminaries Saturday. Second after prelimns, Estanislau finished second in the final with a time of 47.16 seconds. Sophomore Dave Adamczak finished 16th. Estainslau also had a hand in new team relay records in the meet, including one more Saturday. He, sophomore Andrew Case, Adamczak, and senior Robert Sweeny combined for a time of 3:10.31 in the 400-yard freestyle. It was one-hundredth of one second faster than the previous school mark. In addition, Case made the final of 200-yard butterfly, where he finished fourth in 1:59.46. Sophomore Eric Jordan finished 12th in the 200-yard backstroke. He also finished 13th in the 200-yard butterfly. Freshman Charles Richard was 14th. Adrian Van Hall, a sophomore, finished ninth in the 1,650-yard freestyle. The Blue Devils finished fifth in the final team standings.

High School Basketball Results ... See B-2

Jamestown Ironmen Results ... See B-5

Sabres News... See B-7

Local Sports


February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Ironmen Frangione And Scheppelman Join CSHOF Induction Banquet

Steve Frangione

Aaron Scheppelman

Contributed Article Chautauqua Sports HOF

Jamestown Ironmen players Steve Frangione and Aaron Scheppelman will be part of the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame’s 31st annual induction banquet, Monday, Feb. 20, at

the Lakewood Rod and Gun Club. Steve Frangione is a hometown defenseman from Jamestown, N.Y. He played high school hockey at JHS and also played with the Jamestown Jets. He is the only local player to make the cut and be part

of the 2011-2012 Jamestown Ironmen. Aaron Scheppelman is a defenseman from Hanover, Mich. Aaron has been with the team for two seasons, playing the 2010-2011 season for the Motor City Metal Jackets (who relocated to become the Jame-

stown Ironmen). As a veteran on the team, Aaron earned the captain’s ‘C’ patch as a true leader in the locker room. The banquet will feature the induction of Betty Bartkowiak, the late Ben Bishop, Jim McElrath Sr., John O'Neil, Greg Peterson and Bob Schmitt.

Also slated to be honored are thirty (30) Chautauqua County high school and collegiate athletes and teams who have won state championships, earned All-American status or have been named as First Team All-State players. Andre Reed, former All-Pro

receiver of the Buffalo Bills, will be the guest speaker. Tickets are priced at $50 and can be purchased at the Jock Shop in Jamestown, Matt’s News in Dunkirk, Fredonia Food Mart and Deli or from Chip Johnson, banquet chairman at 485-6991.

FEBRUARY FRENZY continued from pg 1 Grove won CCAA III and might just finish the year off undefeated in league play. Silver Creek also had a bit of resurgence this year and won CCAA II. Those two teams will be seeded No. 1 and 2. Also in a deep field are Westfield, MST Prep (Buffalo) Grover Cleveland, Portville and Randolph. Chautauqua Lake head coach

Chris Dole knows this might be the deepest bracket in all of Section VI. “It’s absolutely loaded,” Dole said. “There are eight teams with winning records in their league in our bracket. While C-1 only has two or three with teams. This is a really strong bracket.” Class D

Finally, Class D is comprised of 11 schools, 10 of which are from CCAA. Buffalo city school Olmstead rounds out the league. As we’ve seen throughout much of CCAA IV this season, Panama, Clymer and Sherman make a formidable top three. Meanwhile, Pine Valley, who went on a big run last year to upset a few teams and win

sectionals, is in eerily similar position. For more information on high school basketball, check out our Web site, Starting this week, quotes from coaches with season recaps and playoff primers for each Class will make the Web site the key source for local basketball action.

Full Section VI Bracketology available at Saturday: Brackets Released Monday: Section VI First Round Wednesday: Section VI Second Round

Chautauqua Lake finished the season 9-9 and 8-4 in CCAA III. As of now, they're seeded to be the No. 8 team in the Class C-2 Tournament. (submitted photo)

2011-12 Boys Basketball Standings (Through Feb .13)

CCAA I Olean Dunkirk Allegany-Limestone Fredonia Southwestern Falconer Gowanda

W-L Div W-L 16-1 11-0 16-2 10-2 11-7 8-4 7-10 6-6 6-10 4-7 2-15 1-10 2-15 0-11

CCAA II Silver Creek Portville Randolph Salamanca Cassadaga Valley Frewsburg Catt/Little Valley

W-L Div W-L 14-1 10-1 11-6 8-3 11-5 7-4 10-7 6-5 8-10 5-7 7-10 3-8 1-16 0-11

CCAA III Maple Grove Westfield Chautauqua Lake Pine Valley Ellicottville Franklinville Forestville

W-L Div W-L 12-3 10-0 11-5 8-2 8-9 7-4 6-10 4-6 3-12 3-7 7-9 2-8 4-11 1-8

CCAA IV Panama Clymer Sherman North Collins Brocton West Valley Ripley

W-L Div W-L 13-3 9-1 11-5 9-1 12-4 8-2 10-7 5-6 5-9 3-7 3-13 2-8 0-15 0-11

ECIC I Jamestown Frontier Williamsville North Orchard Park Clarence Sweet Home Lancaster West Seneca West

W-L Div W-L 14-2 12-1 13-3 11-2 11-6 9-4 6-11 5-8 9-9 5-8 6-11 5-8 5-12 4-9 3-14 1-12

W-L Div W-L 16-1 11-0 13-4 9-2 10-7 8-3 8-8 5-5 4-13 3-9 1-13 1-9 1-12 1-10

ECIC I Lancaster Jamestown Clarence Frontier Sweet Home Orchard Park Williamsville North West Seneca West

W-L Div W-L 15-0 13-0 13-3 11-1 9-6 8-5 8-7 7-5 8-9 6-7 5-12 3-10 2-14 2-11 2-14 1-12

2011-12 Girls Basketball Standings (Through Feb .13)

CCAA I Southwestern Olean Allegany-Limestone Gowanda Falconer Dunkirk Fredonia

W-L Div W-L 15-2 11-1 10-6 9-3 9-8 8-4 8-9 5-7 4-14 4-8 6-12 4-8 1-16 1-11

CCAA II Frewsburg Randolph Portville Cassadaga Valley Silver Creek Salamanca Catt/Little Valley

W-L Div W-L 14-3 10-1 15-2 10-2 13-4 9-2 6-9 5-6 6-11 4-8 5-12 2-10 1-14 0-11

CCAA III Chautauqua Lake Ellicottville Maple Grove Pine Valley Forestville Westfield Franklinville

W-L Div W-L 13-3 9-3 11-6 8-2 10-7 8-3 10-7 7-4 7-8 3-6 5-11 1-9 3-14 1-10

CCAA IV Clymer Sherman Panama West Valley North Collins Ripley Brocton

2012 Division II Wrestling Championships • Lew-Port 130 • Fredonia 128 • Roy Hart 108 • Eden 93 • Olean 80 • Pioneer 78 • Alden 74 • Southwestern 68

• Cassadaga Valley 42 • Pine Valley/ Catt. Little Valley 43 • Salamanca 41 • Barker 37 • Maple Grove 34 • East Aurora 29 • Gowanda 28 • Chautauqua Lake 26

• Tonawanda 65 • Newfane 64 • Frewsburg 64 • Ripley 59 • Cheektowaga 56 • Falconer 53 • Portville 49 • Medina 43

• Akron 23 • Panama 19 • Wilson 13 • Franklinville 12 • Lackawanna 12 • Depew 8 • Holland 7 • Albion 5

• Allegany/Limestone 3 • Randolph 3 • Maryvale 3 • Springville 0 Local Wrestlers Heading to State’s Fredonia Dakota Gardner, 120 lb

Jude Gardner, 138 lb Zach Buckley, 160 lb Southwestern Dylan Lundmark, 99 lb Frewsburg Nick Mitchell, 170 lb Maple Grove John Nickerson, 195 lb

2011 Swimming Championships (Boys) Class A • Williamsville North 339 • Clarence 307.5 • Orchard Park 246 • Lockport 177 • Olean 161.5

• Frontier 159 • Lancaster 126 • Niagara-Wheatfield 124 • Kenmore East 115.5 • Niagara Falls 111 • Jamestown 108

• Kenmore West 85 • Hamburg 84 • Sweet Home 68.5 • North Tonawanda 63 • West Seneca West 30

Classes C/D • Roy-Hart 410 • Frewsburg 272 • Cleve Hill 244 • Southwestern 188 • Tonawanda 188

• Akron 121 • Fredonia 115 • Medina 114 • Alden 111 • Barker 109 • Eden 97

• Newfane 65 • Franklinville 46 • Dunkirk 39 • City Honors 38 • Panama 35 • Olmsted 7

Local Sports • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Tamed Tiger

Chris Winkler COMMENTARY

There wasn’t a whole lot to watch this weekend outside of college basketball. Of course, unless you’re me and you can’t miss a single game, even something from the Sun Belt conference or every single Atlantic 10 game, maybe there wasn’t anything on at all. , But Sunday, hopefully you channeled your lack of football depression into nd something positive. After ck all, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were paired a together for the final round m of the Pebble Beach National airPro-Am. It had all the makings of a great day. Lately, Tiger had been playing somewhat near his former No. 1 ranking in the world. Phil, on the other hand, really hasn’t, but was within striking distance of Sunday-morning leader Charlie Wi. Heck, if you are a natural golf fan, fellow Top 25 players Dustin Johnson and Hunter Mahan were right there in the mix, too. But what transpired was nearly as anti-climatic as Sunday night’s Grammy Awards. What, Adele won everything — really? No, Sunday’s final day at Pebble Beach wasn’t exactly what golf wanted. Although, you can be sure the Tiger-Phil final day pairing got more people to tune in around tee time than this tournament would normally see. W-L But still, Phil put on a clinic 2-1 and in a sense ran away with the championship. It was 1-2 as just painful to watch as 9-4 if all of us had simultane5-8 ously slipped into Woods’ mind to watch his archrival 5-8 completely mop the floor 5-8 with him. 4-9 Mickelson shot a six-under -12 64, while Woods missed five-foot par punts just as often as I do and shot a fiveover 75. Remember when Tiger wore red on Sunday’s? Remember W-L when nobody could beat 3-0 Tiger on Sunday’s? Remember when everybody else im1-1 ploded while Tiger cruised 8-5 on Sunday’s? 7-5 Well I do. And I’m not en6-7 tirely sure we’re ever going to see that again. -10 Granted Woods has gone -11 through quite a lot over -12 the past few years and I’m not even talking about his personal life. Multiple knee injuries sidelined him even before his divorce. After though, a new caddy, more injuries, a new swing coach and a fight with father time and I’m not surprised Woods

hasn’t been able to get back in the swing of crushing opponents with ease. But, it’s been startling to watch arguably the greatest golf player of all-time struggle so mightily on the final day of all these tournaments. It wasn’t just this week. He was tied with Robert Rock (who?) at the Abu Dhabi Championships in his previous tournament to start the year. An even-par 72 and Woods finished in a tie for third place. It wasn’t just this year, either. He was there at each of the last two Masters. And he was right there at the 2010 U.S. Open too. Top 10 finishes are great and can get you in the Hall of Fame. But, for Tiger, it’s just another failure. He hasn’t won a major since the U.S. Open in 2008. He’s on the verge of a four-year drought and while he’s still only 36 years old, the 18 majors won by Jack Nicklaus just seems further and further off in the distance with each passing tournament. Sure, Woods has 14, but as most people forget, winning a major isn’t exactly easy. Only 26 men have won four or more majors and I don’t think any of them started winning in their 40’s. Again, there was a time when Tiger was just unbeatable. I wasn’t the biggest Tiger fan growing up — probably because I didn’t realize the enormity of what he was doing — but I find it immensely interesting to watch him now, as do most other American’s. He crushed everyone. He won four majors in a row in 2000-01. He hadn’t ever lost when leading or tied heading into the final round of a tournament. Never being a fan of the dynasty, I rooted against him. Now, I root for the remnants of a long-passed empire. We all tend to gravitate to the fading legend — although Forbes listed Woods’ as the second most hated professional athlete behind Mike Vick — but I guess I’m just stunned how quickly Woods has become ancient. While I’m not condoning his personal life, I’m not sure it’s ever crossed my mind while watching Woods swing a golf club. Should it? I don’t know. But while nobody else will ever reach 14 majors, there was a time not too long ago when it wasn’t a matter of if Woods would get to 18, but when — and better yet how soon. Maybe I’m just disappointed because that once-imminent record chase is just about as buried in the sand as a few of Tiger’s shots Sunday. Or maybe I’m just disappointed a golfing legend is riding off into the sunset quieter than Terrell Owens’ football career. Whatever it is, this Tiger appears to be tamed. And you can be sure I’ll be rooting for a turnaround in 2012. Unfortunately, I just don’t see it.


All-Around Athlete Bartkowiak Earned Induction Contributed Article Chautauqua Sports HOF

Dunkirk native Betty “Burke” Bartkowiak shows no signs of slowing down these days when it comes to sports, even at the youthful age of 81. In fact, when one of the officials from the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame called to inform Bartkowiak of her upcoming induction into the organization, she was heading to the tennis court near her Florida home! She will clear her athletic calendar on Feb. 20 so she can be one of six inductees honored at the CSHOF’s 31st annual induction dinner at the Lakewood Rod & Gun Club. The other inductees are the late Ben Bishop, John O’Neil, Jim McElrath, Greg Peterson and Bob Schmitt. Bartkowiak has always been a great allaround athlete, starting with her early days in Dunkirk where she developed a passion for everything from softball, tennis, volleyball and basketball to table tennis and bowling. That passion made her successful in all of them. She especially shined in softball, being named the most valuable player when she was part of the Koch’s Angels team from 1950-56. She pitched a one-hitter while playing with the Holling Debs in Fillmore Stadium in Buffalo in 1953. She also played City League basketball from 194853 and was a member of the Frontier Oilers basketball team.

After her high school days ended, she headed for Brockport State, where she majored in health, physical education and recreation. She also participated in varsity-level sports such as basketball, softball and tennis. She took first in the State University Division Ski Meet at Canton in 1954 and was second in a cross-country meet. Bartkowiak taught health, physical education and recreation at SUNY Oswego, coached a number of teams for the school and also served as an administrator. She coached the 1975 New York State Championship bowling team for Oswego Betty was a gold medalist in three events in the New York State Senior Games. She was inducted into the Western New York Softball Hall of Fame in 1984 and


has been a member of the Golden EaglesBrockport State Hall of Fame since 1988. She’s also been a corporate representative between SUNY Oswego, where she is a professor emeritus, and the American Association of University Women. Tennis remains a huge part of her life and she has shared her love of the game with numerous groups around the nation, teaching singles, doubles and mixed. She’s been a fine golfer since her youth, winning several championships along the way. She has also excelled in bowling, again as a teacher and as a participant in state and national tournaments. To reference an article about Bartkowiak written in 1979, she believes that “the mental motor patterns and body rhythms of sport are ageless.” Simply put, Bartkowiak has lived that statement to the fullest and is well deserving of her induction into the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame. The organization’s induction dinner on Feb. 20 will begin with a hospitality session at 5 p.m. with dinner at 6:30. The guest speaker will be former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Reed. Tickets are $50 each and CSHOF members receive a $5 discount. Tickets are available at the Jock Shop, Matt’s News in Dunkirk and at the Fredonia Food Mart. They are also available by contacting induction dinner chairman Chip Johnson at 485-6991.

New Rodeo Contractor Highlights Changes For 68th Annual Gerry Rodeo Contributed Article Paul Cooley

When the Gerry Fire Department’s 68th annual PRCA rodeo rolls around the first week in August, area rodeo fans will see a number of changes which chairman Tom Atwell says are designed to attract a much larger number of cowboys and cowgirls and make for one of the best rodeos ever produced here. Headlining the changes is the hiring of a new rodeo contractor, Painted Pony Pro Rodeo from Lake Luzerne, N.Y., which has been in business since 1953. This rodeo company is presently owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Shawn and Shana Graham, both of whom have competed in the Gerry Rodeo in years past. They presently produce three shows weekly at their own arena during the summer months as well as putting on rodeos away from their home site. They both say that coming back to Gerry as producers of the rodeo is “a dream come true.” The schedule of shows will also be changed with the return to the traditional Wednesday evening opening performance on Aug. 1 at 8 p.m. and will continue

The Gerry Volunteer Fire Department has completed the contract signing with Painted Pony Pro Rodeo for the production of their 68th consecutive PRCA rodeo in August. Seated (left to right) Bruce Gustafson, Fire Department president, Shawn and Shana Garaham, rodeo contractors. Standing: Dave Hall, rodeo vicechairman and Tom Atwell, rodeo chairman. (submitted photo)

nightly through the closing show on Saturday, Aug 4. The famous BBQ beef dinners will be served daily beginning at 5 p.m. The Saturday afternoon matinee will be replaced with a first-ever free kids’ rodeo at 3 p.m., directed by Shana Graham, where kids will compete in the arena for prizes in a variety of rodeo related events. Parents will be permitted to accompany their children into the arena. Another free highlight on Tuesday of that week will be a PRCA rodeo day camp

for youth who would like to learn more about becoming a competitor in the world of rodeo. Contractor Shawn Graham is promising more contestants for each event as, for the first time in Gerry, contestants will be permitted to compete on two animals in the same night, which will give the contestants more flexibility in arranging their schedules to come to Gerry and provide the fans with more rodeo action. Already several “big name” rodeo performers have committed to coming,

including steer wrestler Joe Bell, Jr., four-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier and Clovis Crane, who last month won the All-Around Cowboy championship at the First Frontier Finals in Harrisburg. In another move to attract more contestants, the Fire Department has raised the prize money to $3,000 for each of the seven traditional rodeo events, with an additional $3,000 being awarded in the saddle bronc event. This means that the Gerry Rodeo is now the third highest paying rodeo in the East. The prize money comes from the Fire Department and from the entry fees paid by each contestant. As it enters its 68th year, this Gerry Rodeo is the longest consecutively running rodeo east of the Mississippi and is the main source of revenue for the Gerry Volunteer Fire Department, which answers more than 350 fire and rescue calls each year. Atwell says that in spite of rising costs, prices will remain at last year’s level for both the rodeo and the dinners in order to continue to make this an event that families can still afford. Additional information is available at the rodeo website

Jamestown YMCA Slates Competitive Swim Program Contributed Article Jamestown YMCA

The Jamestown YMCA, home of the first Jamestown swim team whose roots stretch back to 1931, will be hosting a competitive swim program. All swimmers who are interested in improving skills, experiencing swim team and having fun are encouraged to sign up. Standings as of Feb. 12, 2012 The class will be held Tuesday Gary Oehler is first in the 1. 8 Ball Assassins and Thursday from 3:30 to Purple Tier. Doug Pine and 5 p.m. beginning Feb. 27 for 2. Ball Busters IDK are tied for first in the Red eight weeks. 2. Simply Wicked Pool Tier. Steve Gimbrone is first in The first hour of the program the Yellow Tier. Kit Carpenter 4. Da Wicked Skibbies will consist of stroke developis first in the Blue Tier. 5. Ronnie’s Crazy 8's ment, starts, turns and endurFor more information contact ance. The last half hour will 6. Jamestown Street Tavern David Covert Division Rep at be a fun activity. Top Gun 698-2291.

Gowanda APA League

February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

Registration is required and swimmers are permitted to register for both days. The cost for the session for one day per week is $10 for family members, $13 for youth members and $30 for potential members. Non-Jet swim team members and children age 8 years and under Jets need coach approval to register. Please contact the Jamestown YMCA aquatic department at 664-2802, ext. 233, for more information.

Lessons for students 6 months to seniors For infants 6 to 36 months, the Y offers parent with child

classes that get the children acclimated to the water through songs and rhymes. These classes are offered Monday evenings, Tuesdays, and Saturday mornings. Preschool and school-age lessons teach stroke development, water safety and endurance to children of varying abilities. These lessons are offered Saturday mornings, Monday through Thursday evenings, with a new 6:15 class added Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Y also offers lessons geared specifically toward teens and adults on Monday evenings. New this session for our advanced school age swimmers is a competitive swim

program class. This program will work competitive stroke development, starts and turns, and endurance. This exciting addition will be Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. All evening lessons are either preceded or followed by a half hour of free swim for all students and their families to enjoy the water and practice the skills they have learned. If your schedule does not fit into one of the class times, the Y also offers personalized swim instruction at the convenience of the student. For a complete description of levels and list of times and days offered, please visit or contact Maria Roehmholdt at maria@



February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

By RICK MINTER / Universal Uclick NOTEBOOK

Dave Despain

‘Elder statesman’

Kahne: 2013 cars ‘drove great’ The recent on-track testing of the 2013 Sprint Cup cars at Homestead-Miami Speedway was carefully kept under wraps, with no media allowed anywhere on site. Kasey Kahne’s comments on a NASCAR teleconference did offer a glimpse into what went on at the test, which was believed to be the first time all four participating manufacturers had their cars on track together. Most manufacturer representatives say they want their 2013 NASCAR car to better represent passenger cars, but only Ford has unveiled its new car. Kahne said he believes Chevy fans – and other Chevrolet race drivers – will like the one he drove at Homestead. “You can tell they’ve put a lot into it because the car drove great,” he said. “It looks really good. I think all the cars looked really good that were there, and it drove great right off the start, first time on the track. “I think it’s going to be a really exciting change for everybody involved, and especially the fans. I think they’re going to be able to see a little more of … what they’ve looked for in the past, being able to see the manufacturer of each car and how they look different and aren’t the exact same.”

Dave Despain, host of SPEED TV’s “Wind Tunnel.” (NASCAR photo)

Veteran broadcaster reflects on four decades of race coverage


ver the course of his long career as a motorsports journalist – and especially during the past 10 years as host of SPEED TV’s “Wind Tunnel” talk show – Dave Despain has built a reputation as an authority on all forms of motorsports. NASCAR racing is one of the focal points of “Wind Tunnel,” but the show also covers the gamut of racing, from dirt Late Models to motorcycles to drag racing, and Despain comes across as very knowledgeable no matter which side of the sport is being discussed. That reputation is something that Despain, now 65, looks upon with mixed emotions. “It’s difficult to perceive yourself as any kind of elder statesman because you still want to be that kid on the way up, that hot young prospect that still has his best days ahead of him,” Despain said in a recent phone interview from his home near Jefferson, Ga. “That being said, I don’t regret any of the experiences that have gotten me to the point of being an elder statesman, if in fact I have somehow qualified for that lofty description.” Despain’s rise to the position he’s reached in the sport began at one of auto racing’s most historic tracks, and one not far from his current home. It was at Atlanta’s now-defunct Lakewood Speedway back in 1971 that Despain got his biggest career break. After working at a local radio station near his hometown of Fairfield, Iowa, and trying to make it as a dirt racer, he’d come to Lakewood to cover an American Motorcycle Association event and to do a prototype of a radio show he thought would be a hit. His timing was perfect, as the president of the AMA was at the track, heard of his project and was impressed. “He learned that my heart real-

ly was in that form of racing, which was his favorite, and he pulled necessary strings to get me the job,” Despain said. His next break came in 1975 when he was at Daytona International Speedway for the Daytona 200 motorcycle race when ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” producers showed up at the last minute and bought the broadcast rights to the race. The broadcast crew needed an expert analyst, and Despain got the call. “They gave me a shot,” Despain said. “My very first television show was the 1975 Daytona 200. Keith Jackson was the anchor

Dave Despain (SPEED TV photo) with me standing alongside in my long hair and my borrowed yellow Century 21-looking blazer, which was the costume at that time. “That led me into a TV career.” His knack for being in the right place at the right time also led to good fortune away from work. He was working in Atlanta, doing “Motorweek Illustrated” when he met a Delta Air Lines flight attendant, who eventually became Wendy Despain. Their second date was a race that Despain was covering at Atlanta Motor Speedway. “She’d never been to a big-time race before,” Despain said. “My

broadcast position was outside Turn Three, about six to eight feet above the wall and four or five feet back. “At the end of 500 miles, we were both pretty well covered with Goodyear rubber dust. I figured if she could tolerate that, she could tolerate me.” Today, Despain does most of his work from a studio in Charlotte, N.C., but he sometimes goes on assignment, and his SPEED bosses have been cooperative in allowing him time off in the summertime to knock a few motorcycle journeys off his bucket list. But most weeks find him on the job, working hard to be sure he’s as prepared as can be for “Wind Tunnel.” “I read and watch a lot of racing on TV,” he said. “I try to stay as current as I can, given the plethora of information out there now, which is probably the biggest change I’ve seen in the time I’ve been covering racing. When I started, you had to call the press box to see who won.” But he said the vast amount of information available through just a few keystrokes on a computer has its downside. “It can tend to make those of us who cover the sport lazy and assume if it’s not on TV, or if the series or track doesn’t have a good Internet site, it’s not worth covering,” he said. “A lot of times, that local racing that is not very sophisticated is some of the best racing out there.” Like other interviewers in the sport, Despain finds drag racer John Force a good interview subject, entertaining and informative, even if it’s hard to get in a word edgewise once Force gets going. “You only need one question per segment,” he said. “In fact, that’s all you get. To get the big picture, you have to steer a middle path through all the tangents he goes

off on.” On the other hand, interviewing NASCAR’s reigning Cup champion Tony Stewart, requires some effort. “I’m on record as saying Tony Stewart is one of the toughest interviews, but that’s not a knock on Tony in any way,” he said. “To the contrary, it’s a compliment. Tony just doesn’t suffer fools gladly. You’d better come with good questions or he’s going to let you know that you haven’t. That puts a lot of pressure on you to do your half well, which I like and appreciate.” Despain also gets pleasure from interviewing young drivers on the way up, career-wise, even if he has to work to coax answers out of them. “They may not be particularly sophisticated, may not have done a lot of interviews before, may not be smooth and polished,” he said. “But to me that’s half the fun, seeing the diamond in the rough and maybe contributing in some way to them being better at that end of the business. “And I just like the raw honesty instead of the polished PR speak.” Then, he said, there are those like Roger Penske, who doesn’t hide his car owner bias, but also gives a good look at the big picture of racing, and others, like Jeff Gordon, who are predictable, but in a good way. “You know [Gordon] is going to show up with his game face on, and you know he’s going to be very professional and give you good answers,” Despain said. “He’s going to put an effort into it, not just show up and rattle off a list of his sponsors.” But no matter who show up on the set or calls in on the phone, Despain never seems to tire of talking to them. “It’s not the most difficult gig,” he said. “I’ve had real jobs before.”

The 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion race car. (NASCAR photo)

DUI arrest costs driver contract Former Nationwide Series driver John Wes Townley, who had planned a comeback this year in the Camping World Truck Series, has been released from his race team after being arrested for drunk driving near his home near Athens, Ga. “Obviously, this is an unfortunate situation,” Robby Benton, owner of RAB Racing with Brack Maggard, said in a statement. “However, we have to react to the severity of the incident accordingly. His actions do not reflect those of RAB Racing, nor the sponsors associated with the team. “John Wes has accepted full responsibility, and will take the necessary personal steps in order to corJon Wes Townley in 2010 rect his actions, among (NASCAR photo) other internal sanctions.” The arrest, which came after he crashed his 2011 BMW into a power pole, isn’t Townley’s first alcohol-related incident. In 2010, he was cited for underage possession of alcohol while in Las Vegas for a Nationwide Series race.

Stewart hot at ‘Winter Freeze’ Reigning Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart tuned up for Speedweeks with a feature win in the All Star Circuit of Champions sprint car race at Screven Motor Speedway near Sylvania, Ga., on Saturday night. Stewart’s win in the “Winter Freeze” came in a race that lived up to its name, as temperatures were below freezing at race time.

After years of upheaval, Kahne settles into stable race home at Hendrick If there’s one thing that has been missing from Kasey Kahne’s NASCAR career, it’s stability. He started out in 2002, in the series now known as Nationwide, driving a Ford for Yates Racing. The next year he moved to the Brad Akins Ford team, and a year later he was racing in Sprint Cup, driving the No. 9 Dodge for car owner Ray Evernham. He appeared headed for a stretch of stability, but in 2007 Evernham sold controlling interest in the team to the Gillette family, and then in 2009 the team merged with Petty Enterprises and became Richard Petty Motorsports. During the ’09 season, Kahne signed a contract with Hendrick Motorsports to take over the No. 5 Chevrolet then driven by Mark Martin, but spent last year farmed out to Red Bull Racing, as Martin was still under contract to drive the No. 5. Now Kahne and his longtime crew chief Kenny Francis are officially under the roof at the Hendrick Motorsports complex, as they head to Daytona International Speedway this week to crank up for the 2012 season. “Probably the Daytona test [in January] was the first time I started to feel like kind of part of the team, and it’s been really good,” Kahne said on last week’s NASCAR teleconference. “It’s been everything that I expected up to this point. I still am pretty fresh with the whole deal, so I think it only gets better from here.” Kahne said Francis seems to be happy in his new surroundings as well. “He’s fitting in great over there,” said Kahne, who had outpatient knee surgery last week but is expected to compete as scheduled at Daytona. “It’s been a lot on his plate trying to figure it out and figure out how things are run there and how the

Clint Bowyer (left) and Kasey Kahne throw the ceremonial first dice roll at the opening ceremonies of the Hollywood Casino in Kansas City, Kan., on Feb. 3. (NASCAR photo) cars are built. “There are just a lot of people, so trying to figure all that out and work with all the guys takes time. “Watching him, he’s done a really good job, and he’s definitely happy about where he’s at and what

he’s working on.” At Hendrick, Kahne’s No. 5 team is paired with the No. 24 of Jeff Gordon. They operate out of a shop that sits alongside a similar facility housing the No. 48 of Jimmie Johnson and the No. 88 of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Kahne said he likes being paired with the veteran Gordon. “It’s been fun to kind of talk with Jeff and try to pick his brain a little bit on certain things,” Kahne said. “I’ve looked at things differently … so some of the ways that I look at stuff will be different from Jeff, and I’ll give him a different way to look at stuff every once in a while, too. “He’s been in one spot for so long. He’s so used to trying to do things certain ways, but he’s been very successful, so I feel like working with him is a pretty great opportunity for myself, and it’s been a lot of fun so far doing that and just pretty cool to be a part of that.” From an overall standpoint, Kahne said the best part about being at Hendrick is having the stability that has been missing for much of his Cup career. “Stability, that’s a great word, good word to hear,” he said. “I have four years [at Hendrick] that I know it’s going to be stable and be competitive and have great people and a great team around me. “To be able to be a part of all that is something that I haven’t had. It’s definitely nice to have it, makes you feel pretty good about where you’re at. “It’s taken time. I’ve had some really good years in Cup, and I’ve learned a lot from everything, and now I’m just in a really solid situation and need to take full advantage of it.”

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SPEAKING Career Nationwide 980 starts for the Wallace brothers (Kenny leads

the all-time list with 522, Mike is 4th on that list at 416 and Rusty, now retired, has 42)

Career Nationwide 13 wins by the Wallace brothers (9 by Kenny, 4 by Mike and 0 by Rusty)

Career starts 1,090 in all major NASCAR series by Mark

Martin (Cup: 830; Nationwide: 235; Truck Series: 25)

Career starts by 1,185 Richard Petty, a NASCAR record (all of Petty’s starts are in the Cup series) • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

2011-12 NAHL Standings Central Division




(Through Feb. 13) x- Clinched Playoff Spot

x- Bismarck x- Alexandria x- Austin x- Aberdeen Minot

46 45 43 45 46

37 29 24 22 5

8 13 15 17 39

1 3 4 6 2

Midwest Division



South Division OTL PTS x- Amarillo

x- Janesville x- St. Louis Springfield Coulee Region Chicago

46 44 44 45 46

31 31 20 15 10

12 11 22 23 32

3 2 2 7 4

North Division

75 61 52 50 12

65 64 42 37 24

Topeka Texas Corpus Christi Odessa Wichita Falls New Mexico


48 46 48 45 46 48 47

36 31 28 21 17 17 16


5 13 13 21 24 27 28


7 2 7 3 5 4 3

79 64 63 45 39 38 35




x- Port Huron Kalamazoo Traverse City Michigan Jamestown

49 45 41 47 44

32 28 21 17 15

14 14 15 25 27

3 3 5 5 2

West Division




Alaska Fairbanks Wenatchee Kenai River Fresno Dawson Creek

45 43 42 43 44 43

28 26 24 23 19 9

14 10 14 18 16 31

67 59 47 39 32

3 7 4 2 9 3

59 59 52 48 47 21

Ironmen Drop 3 Straight On Road, Playoff Hopes Fading By Chris Winkler Star Sports Editor

Effort. That’s what Jamestown Ironmen head coach Dan Daikawa said is keeping this team from winning. With three pivotal games in three days — in three cities — this past weekend, the Ironmen fell short with a 6-3 loss to Port Huron, a 4-1 loss to Michigan and a 3-0 loss to Kalamazoo. The Kalamazoo loss Sunday afternoon was perhaps the most disheartening, but considering the team didn’t make it into Kalamazoo until midnight, just 12 hours before getting over to the rink, getting outshot 12-5 in the first period shouldn’t be a huge surprise. But excuses, Daikawa said, are just that. “I don’t put myself above excuses,” he said. “I blame myself for not having these guys prepared enough. Something has to click. But if we keep making excuses, we’ll be a losing organization.” Both games Friday and Saturday saw Jamestown jump out to early 1-0 leads, but in both contests, they didn’t last for long. While Jeff McFarland put the Ironmen up 30 seconds into the game against Port Huron Friday, Fighting Falcons answered backed less than two minutes later, and two more times after that to lead 3-1 at the end of the first period. Saturday, more of the same. Drew Kelly’s goal midway through the second period put Jamestown ahead. By the end of the period, the Ironmen trailed 3-1. “The whole weekend was disappointing, especially the effort,” Daikawa said. “We were in those games, but just missed assignments and it cost us. Truthfully, it’s not just effort but the

Dave Porter and Linda Johnson (middle) represent the WCA on PINK the RINK night and dropped the ceremonial first puck drop. Captains Aaron Scheppelman (left — Jamestown) and Chris Leone (right — Kalamazoo). (Photo by Phil Genco)

frustrating thing is it’s the stuff we work on in practice, but we just don’t execute at times and it hurts us. “Maybe we’ll switch everything in practice to what we’re already good at,” Daikawa quipped. But even with the loss to Michigan, the team the Ironmen are chasing, the playoffs aren’t exactly out of the picture. Michigan leads by seven points and has 13 games to play. Jamestown has 16 games left to play and has two games still against the Warriors at home.

Michigan hosts the second place St. Louis Bandits Friday and Saturday, while Jamestown hosts Janesville. “We’re fortunate Michigan hasn’t shut the door on us yet,” Daikawa said. “We still really feel like if we can get a few bounces we can make a run. We still like where we’re at.” Of course, the Ironmen have to start winning, but seven points with three games in hand can be made up just like that. Getting back home should help, too.

Star Fans of the Night

Justin Wilcox (left) won the Wing City Grille Challenge. Panache Salon treated fans and donated their proceeds to WCA Hospital on Pink the Rink Night. (submitted photos).

Date Fri, Feb 17 Sat, Feb 18 Fri, Mar 02 Sat, Mar 03 Fri, Mar 09 Sat, Mar 10 Sun, Mar 11 Thu, Mar 15 Fri, Mar 16 Sat, Mar 17 Fri, Mar 23 Sat, Mar 24 Sun, Mar 25 Fri, Mar 30

Jamestown won’t the leave the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena for another month. They play their next seven games at home, starting with Janesville this weekend before a massive two-game set against Michigan March 2 and 3. But Daikawa, who still said he remains confident, said things to need to change. “We need somebody or some thing to spark us,” Daikawa said. “I’ve just never been around a group that doesn’t always think they can win. I guess we’re sort of hoping everything clicks at once.” Part of the problem has been the team’s consistency. Without having a premier goal scorer, the Ironmen offense has come and gone. However, what was supposed to be the team’s strength, it’s defense, has also gone through their share of difficulties. “Some players play good for a few games here and there and then when somebody else picks his game up, the others drop off,” Daikawa said. “We’ll have one line going well and the others not at all.” For Daikawa, hopefully that all clicks this weekend against Janesville, a team that has the fourth most points in the entire league. But, the Ironmen split a pair of games with the Jets on the road last month, and they almost took both. “That’s a top four team in the league,” Daikawa said. “We thought we could beat them, but two points in a weekend against them is still pretty good. “Right now, though, we need to win,” he continued. “That’s the bottom line. We have time, but we have to get on a run. A couple of wins this weekend would help.”


Game Janesville Jets Janesville Jets Michigan Warriors * Michigan Warriors * Traverse City North Stars * Traverse City North Stars * Traverse City North Stars * at Traverse City North Stars * at Traverse City North Stars * at Traverse City North Stars * at Port Huron Fighting Falcons * at Kalamazoo Jr K-Wings * at Kalamazoo Jr K-Wings * at Traverse City North Stars *

2011-12 Key Dates

Time 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 2:00 PM 6:35 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:00 PM 2:00 PM 2:00 PM 7:05 PM

Feb. 19-21 — NAHL Top Prospects (All-Star Break) II May 1-5 — Robertson Cup * - denotes divisional game † - NAHL Showcase games played in Blaine, Minn.


National Sports February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

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Mickelson Wins Pebble Beach As Woods Stumbles

Contributed Article Associated Press

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — Phil Mickelson rallied from six shots behind to win for the fourth time at Pebble Beach, a final round made even more memorable by the guy in a red shirt who was among the first to congratulate him Sunday on the 18th green. Turns out that Tiger Woods was just along for the ride. Mickelson closed with an 8-under 64, beating Woods by 11 shots in a one-sided showdown at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. "I just feel very inspired when I play with him," said Mickelson, who has posted the better score the past five times he has played alongside Woods in the final round. "I love playing with him, and he brings out some of my best golf. I hope that he continues to play better, and better, and I hope that he and I have a chance to play together more in the final rounds." Woods, one shot out of the lead on the sixth hole after 54-hole leader Charlie Wi fell apart early, followed his first birdie of the final round with three straight bogeys, starting with a three-putt from 18 feet on the par-3 seventh. It never got much better from there. He finished a miserable day with another three-putt on the 18th for a 75, the only consolation coming from belief that he's closer than ever to putting it all together. "I didn't hit it as bad as the score indicated, but I putted awful," Woods said. "As good as I felt on the greens yesterday, I felt bad today. Anything I tried to do wasn't working. Consequently, I made a ton of mistakes on the green." At least he got to watch a clinic.

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods exchange a handshake after the final round Sunday at Pebble Beach. The two were paired together, but had awfully different rounds. (AP Photo)

Mickelson went from six shots behind to a two-shot lead on the par-5 sixth hole when he rolled in a 20-foot eagle putt, adjusting his read after watching Woods' amateur partner — Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo — miss from a similar line. Woods holed a bunker shot for birdie on No. 12, but right when it looked like a two-shot swing that could give Woods some momentum, Mickelson made a 30-foot par putt. With Woods out of the way, Mickelson made a 40-foot par putt on the 15th hole to keep a three-shot cushion, and he was never challenged from there. He wound up with a two-shot win over Wi, who four-putted for double bogey on the opening hole and never recovered. Mickelson, who finished at 17-under 269, became only the ninth player in PGA Tour history with 40 career wins. This one was special for many reasons, and the thrashing he gave Woods was but a small part of it. His wife, Amy, flew up for the weekend and gave him a pep talk Friday in the rain at Monterey Peninsula when Mickelson was going nowhere. He ran off five birdies, got back into the tournament and picked up a win he didn't see coming.

As much as Woods talks about his game being close, Mickelson felt the same way. His last win was the Houston Open last April, and while he thought he was putting well, his scores didn't reflect it. "It's one of the more emotional victories for me than I've had, and the reason is I've had some doubt these last couple of weeks, given the scores I've shot," Mickelson said. "Having these great practice sessions, I started to wonder if I'm going to be able to bring it to the golf course. So this gives me a lot of confidence and erases the doubt." The last shred of doubt came on the 14th, a diabolical green that turn birdies into bogeys without caution. Woods hit a wedge that went down the side of the green, requiring two chips to get on the green. He made bogey. Mickelson's caddie, Jim "Bones" Mackay got in his hear. "He erased all doubt and said, 'Let's get aggressive and make birdie, we need one more here,' " Mickelson said. "It just got me aggressive and into a positive frame of mind." He went at the flag and made birdie. Wi, who started the final round with a three-shot lead, birdied his last two holes for a 72 and his fifth runner-up finish on

tour. It was the third straight week that the winner began the final round at least six shots behind a 54-hole leader going for his first tour victory. "I fought back and hung in there, because the four-putt on the first hole, I was really shook up pretty badly and my strokes were pretty iffy at best," Wi said. "I hung in there all day. My time will come." The shocker, though, was how Woods fell apart. He has been taking big strides with his game over the past few months, and he looked poised to break through after a 67 in the third round at Pebble Beach got him to within four shots of the lead. But he needed a start like Mickelson, and was never really in the game. Two weeks ago in his 2012 debut at Abu Dhabi, Woods was tied for the lead with unheralded Robert Rock going into the final round and didn't break par, tying for third. "What was frustrating is that I had a chance," he said. "All I had to do was get off to a good, solid start today. And I didn't do that." Woods used to own Mickelson, but that changed at the 2007 Deutsche Bank Championship. This was the fifth straight time Mickelson posted the better score when playing in the same group as Woods in the final round. Mickelson has won three of those tournaments, although they have yet to be in the final group on those occasions. "Although I feel like he brings out the best in me, it's only been the past five years," Mickelson said. "Before, I got spanked pretty good. Let's not forget the big picture here. I've been beat up. But the last five years, I've been able to get some of my best golf out when we play together."

Cundiff: Player Support Has Been ‘Impressive’ Contributed Article Associated Press

DES MOINES, Iowa — For Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff, the support of his teammates and the lessons learned from his Midwestern upbringing have helped keep the biggest miss of his career in perspective. The 31-year-old Cundiff returned to his home state of Iowa on Sunday to accept an alumni award from Drake University in Des Moines, three weeks after he shanked a 32-yard field goal attempt with 11 seconds left in the AFC Championship Game that sent the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl. Cundiff said his Ravens teammates had been even more supportive than he imagined. "It's been impressive. I expected a lot more backlash," Cundiff said. "I had a lot of guys that kept telling me, 'Look, I've made mistakes.' Obviously, everyone sees my mistakes. That's just the way it goes." Cundiff called the miss a "tough pill to swallow." But it certainly wasn't the first setback for an Iowa kid who blossomed from a wannabe quarterback at a nonscholarship FCS school to an All-Pro kicker. Cundiff was a three-time allstate pick as a quarterback at Harlan High, a small-school football powerhouse in western Iowa, and kicked out of necessity. Cundiff had hoped to play quarterback at Drake, but he quickly discovered his future in football was as a kicker. Cundiff was also a point guard for the basketball team who played sparingly, though he quit before his senior season to concentrate on football. He said the relative anonymity of kicking for the Bulldogs — who rarely the Flyers ahead 2-1. draw more than a few thouPavel Datsyuk tied it 2-all a sand fans a game — allowed few minutes later on a power- him to get all his mistakes play goal from the left circle. out of his system away from MacDonald didn't have much the spotlight. of a chance to stop Maxime By the time Cundiff left Talbot's go-ahead goal late in Drake, he held school rethe second period. Talbot got cords with 284 points and 49 behind Detroit's defense and career field goals. flipped the puck past Mac"I like to tell people that my Donald. parents groomed me to be Zetterberg's one-timer a couple a basketball player, but God of minutes later tied the game made me a kicker," Cundiff at 3 entering the third. Fired-up fans at Joe Louis Arena wanted to see a league mark matched and one of them hurled an octopus on the ice during the national anthem, an act usually reserved for a playoff game. "That says it all about the atmosphere in here," Franzen said. Niklas Kronwall kept them happy, putting Detroit ahead 1-0 midway through the first period with a one-timer from just inside the blue line on a power play. The puck got past Bobrovsky before he could see it because Todd Bertuzzi was obstructing his view, standing in front of the crease. Schenn was in the perfect spot to score into an open net late in the first period when MacDonald didn't get much wood on a clearing attempt from behind the net, turning it over to Danny Briere, who quickly got the puck to Schenn in front of the net. Schenn's second goal gave Philadelphia its first lead 5:22 into the second from the bottom of the left circle, beating Zetterberg to a loose puck that was poorly cleared by Billy Cundiff walks off the field after he missed a 32-yard field MacDonald off a rebound. goal in the AFC Championship game against the New England

Red Wings Tie NHL Record With 20th Straight Home Win Contributed Article Associated Press

DETROIT — The Red Wings have finally started to embrace a record they've been chasing. Detroit equaled an NHL mark with its 20th straight win at home, beating the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 Sunday night thanks to Johan Franzen's tiebreaking goal early in the third period along with timely defense and saves. "We haven't talked about this at all," coach Mike Babcock insisted. "We talked about it tonight because it happened." The NHL-leading Red Wings have been more focused on trying to keep their edge in the highly competitive Central Division and Western Conference, not their streak on home ice. "We don't want to talk about it," defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom said. "We just want to keep it going. Just go out there and play and win games. That's the approach we've had." The league mark was set by the Boston Bruins during the 1929-30 season and matched by Philadelphia in 1976. "We definitely wanted to keep them from tying the record," Flyers wing Scott Hartnell said. "We're all disappointed about that." Detroit can break the record with a win Tuesday night over the Dallas Stars at Joe Louis Arena. "It's not too often you get a chance to do that," Red Wings goalie Joey MacDonald said.

Detroit Red Wings goalie Joey MacDonald (No. 31) stops a shot by Philadelphia Flyers right wing Wayne Simmonds (No. 17) as the Wings won their 20th straight home game. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Philadelphia rookie Brayden Schenn had a career-high two goals, helping the Flyers take the first of two leads they couldn't keep against a team that hasn't lost at home since Nov. 3 against Calgary. MacDonald overcame shaky clearing attempts that led to two goals and finished with 26 saves. "What I liked was how he played after a mistake," Babcock said. Sergei Bobrovsky stopped 21 shots for the Flyers. Bobrovsky's head was on a swivel in the opening minute of the third period when Henrik Zetterberg and Lidstrom made diagonal passes to set up Franzen in front of the net for his league-leading 10th goal to win a game. "There's not much you can do about it when they're zinging it around like that," Hartnell said. "They picked us apart a few times out there and that was the difference." Lidstrom played in his 1,550th game, the most by

an NHL player who spent his entire career with one team. He broke the mark set by former Red Wings great Alex Delvecchio. "That's something special," Lidstrom said. "He came down on Friday and congratulated me and we took a picture together. That means a lot to me." Fans stood and chanted, "Let's go Red Wings!" during the final minutes and cheered wildly when the clock hit zero. "It felt like it was a little bit of a special game," Franzen said. Early on, Philadelphia took advantage of facing MacDonald instead of Jimmy Howard, who missed his fifth straight game with a broken right index finger. The Red Wings are hoping Howard will return Friday night at home against Nashville. MacDonald misplayed a puck behind the net to help Schenn score late in the first period and couldn't clear a rebound early in the second, setting up Schenn's second goal that put

said. Cundiff bounced around the NFL, spending four seasons with Dallas and one with New Orleans before finding himself out of the game in 2007. Cundiff, who got his MBA from Arizona State, spent the next two years working for a venture capital firm. But Cleveland lured him back to the game in 2009, and he finally found a permanent home when Baltimore signed him in November 2009 after the Browns waived him. After being cut by NFL teams nine times, Cundiff earned All-Pro honors in 2010 and doesn't have to look over his shoulder despite the biggest miss in team history. For that, Cundiff is grateful. "They knew if I had that same situation to play over again, I'd probably make it 99 times out of 100," he said. "It was a really strange situation. The team understood the context of it all. So they knew going forward that they don't have to worry about me, because they know what I've been through." Cundiff half-jokingly said that expectations at his high school were so high that losing the state title game was considered by some to be a disappointing season. But Cundiff also learned a great deal about perspective while at Harlan. Cundiff said his coach at Harlan rarely talked about winning or losing. He instead told his players to simply put forth their best effort, a lesson Cundiff leans on to this day. "We just talked about playing the best we could and, as he'd say, let the chips fall where they may. And I think that's the attitude I've taken when I got into the NFL. I know I'm going to fail, and I know I'm going to have some success. I'm going to put my best effort out there, and sometimes it's not going to be good enough, and sometimes it's going to be more than enough," Cundiff said. "But at the end of the day, can I look myself in the mirror and say I did the best I could? If that's the case, then I know I can't really do any more than that."

Patriots last month. (AP Photo)


the ns • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)







ge r-


d gh osas a t eat hile

inville fed a no-look pass in front that bounced off a Devils defender and flipped over Brodeur's right shoulder. Brodeur was otherwise sharp in improving to 5-1-1 in his past seven starts, a stretch in which he has allowed 12 goals. His best save came with 2:30 left, when he got his glove out to stop Derek Roy's shot from the right of the net. Brodeur also twice robbed Brad Boyes in the first period. The first chance came 4 minutes in, after Brodeur stopped Zack Kassian's attempt to redirect a pass in front. The puck came back to Boyes in the slot, where he snapped a shot that was stopped by Brodeur. Eight minutes later, Brodeur made a big grab to turn aside Boyes' slap shot from 30 feet.

Contributed Article Associated Press

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Ilya Kovalchuk had three goals and an assist, and Martin Brodeur stopped 29 shots in leading the New Jersey Devils to a 4-1 win over the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night. Petr Sykora broke a 1-1 tie 1:44 into the third period, and the Devils extended their road winning streak to five — their best stretch since winning five straight last February. The Devils, sixth in the Eastern Conference, are 6-1-2 in their past nine games. They are one point behind division rivals Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Kovalchuk completed his hat trick with an empty-netter with 9 seconds left. Jason Pominville scored for the Sabres, who have lost two straight following a 5-0-1 run. Buffalo (24-26-6) is 14th in the East and is fading out of playoff contention. The Devils, who never trailed, continued to get production from their power-play unit which went 2 for 7. After failing to register a shot during a 47-second, two-man advantage, the Devils capitalized while Sabres defenseman Mike Weber was still in the penalty box for cross-checking. Sykora had the puck in the right circle and snapped a shot that deflected off the stick of Buffalo defenseman Andrej Sekera and bounced

Goalie Ryan Miller stops New Jersey Devils' Zach Parise (No. 9) during the second period. But, the Devils rolled in the third period and won easily. (AP Photo/David Duprey)

in over goalie Ryan Miller's right shoulder. Kovalchuk sealed the win 8:03 later by redirecting rookie Adam Henrique's pass to cap a 2-on-1 break after Sekera misplayed the puck at the Devils' blue line. Kovalchuk opened the scoring with a powerplay goal in the final minute of the first period by completing a perfectly executed give-

and-go with Patrik Elias that had the Sabres scrambling. They have converted 10 of their past 33 opportunities over nine games. Pominville extended his point streak to five games (four goals, two assists) by tying the game at 1 with 2:41 left in the second period. Getting the puck along the end boards, Pom-

Game notes Sabres coach Lindy Ruff was back behind the bench for the first time in a week since he broke three ribs during a collision with a player in practice. After spending the past three games watching from the press box, Ruff said he intended to wear a flak jacket to protect his still sore ribs. ... Devils LW Stephane Veilleux made his debut with the team after being called up from AHL Albany. Veilleux played in Europe last season, and last played in the NHL with Tampa Bay in April 2010. ... The Sabres finished a four-game homestand and will play at Philadelphia on Thursday. They will then kick off another stretch of four straight at home.

CCYHA Coach McFall Chosen As 2012 Duffett Award Recipient

Contributed Article Buffalo Sabres

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Buffalo t Sabres announced that Tom McFall has been named as the 2012 recipient of the J. Michael Duffett Memot rial Award, presented each year to ans the coach whose contributions to amateur hockey in Western New York “best exemplify the knowledge, y- teaching, love of the game and gentle , humanity of Mike.” all ink McFall will become the 27th reen cipient of the Duffett Award at the I Sabres’ game on Saturday against the d Tampa Bay Lightning. He will join his father, John McFall, who won the o award in 1995. re, nd e diff e he best


February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

Sabres Drop Second Straight In 4-1 Rout

ng n



the goal of allowing more young people to play hockey at virtually any age or playing ability, and without the challenges presented by travel hockey. The program has since given hundreds of kids who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to play hockey a chance to experience the sport. With 20 years of coaching in the Chautauqua County Youth Hockey Association (CCYHA) now under his belt, McFall has coached at every level of youth hockey and currently serves as head coach of the Southern Tier Storm of the Great Lakes Girls Hockey League.

One of McFall’s greatest contributions to youth hockey in Western New York came in 1992 when, upon recognizing a lack of summer hockey programs in the Jamestown area, McFall went about creating a summer hockey camp. That camp, now entering its 20th season, has expanded into McFall Brothers Hockey, which provides additional hockey training for area hockey players of all ages. McFall teamed up with fellow coach George Watkins in 2002 to create the “Keep It In Jamestown” house hockey league. The co-founders began the league with

2011-12 NHL Standings

Westfield Memorial Hospital

Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic Our ENT specialists, Sean Carroll, DO, Ruthann Lipmann, DO, Rick Fornelli, MD and David Martin, PA-C perform a broad range of services that include: Adult and Pediatric Care

He also oversees both the on- and off-ice operations of the Jamestown Timbits, a program that emphasizes fun while teaching beginners aged four to seven the fundamentals of hockey. This year alone, the Jamestown Timbits program has welcomed nearly 70 new players. In his playing days, McFall played for the Buffalo Jr. Sabres in 1984-85 before joining the Oswego State Lakers for his collegiate career. In four years with Oswego State, McFall set the school records for assists by a defenseman in both the single-season (38, 1986-87) and career (118, 198590) categories. He is tied for 28th in scoring in school history with 139 points in 123 career games.

Eastern Conference

(Through Feb. 14)


NY Rangers

55 37 13 5


8-1-1 Won 4


58 39 17 2


7-2-1 Won 4


56 31 18 7


3-4-3 Lost 2

St. Louis

56 34 15 7


6-3-1 Lost 1


56 32 19 5


7-2-1 Won 2


57 33 18 6


6-2-2 Won 1

New Jersey

56 32 20 4


6-2-2 Won 1


57 29 21 7


1-8-1 Lost 9

NY Islanders

55 23 24 8


5-3-2 Lost 1


57 17 34 6


4-6-0 Won 1





Western Conference







54 34 18 2


4-5-1 Lost 1


56 35 15 6


7-0-3 Won 1


59 29 22 8


2-6-2 Won 1


56 26 22 8


5-2-3 Won 1


56 28 22 6


5-4-1 Lost 3


57 28 25 4


4-4-2 Lost 1

Hearing Services


57 23 25 9


6-4-0 Lost 1


56 25 23 8


3-6-1 Lost 5


56 24 26 6


5-4-1 Lost 2


55 22 28 5


5-4-1 Won 1

ENT Surgical Services




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55 27 17 11


6-3-1 Won 3

San Jose

54 31 17 6


5-4-1 Won 1


56 28 23 5


3-4-3 Lost 3

Los Angeles

57 27 19 11


4-4-2 Won 1


57 26 25 6


4-5-1 Lost 1


57 27 21 9


6-2-2 Lost 1

Tampa Bay

56 24 26 6


5-3-2 Lost 2


56 28 25 3


4-5-1 Lost 3


57 21 25 11


5-1-4 Won 1


56 23 24 9


6-2-2 Won 2


College Sports February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

Byrant Shines On Senior Night

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Van Tatenhove’s Game-Winner Stuns Dayton, Bona Remains Perfect

Contributed Article

St. Bonaventure Sports Information

DAYTON, Ohio — Senior Megan Van Tatenhove's basket with 23 seconds remaining capped a 15-point road comeback by No. 25/RV St. Bonaventure (24-2, 11-0 Atlantic 10 Conference) over Dayton (16-6, 8-2 A-10) as the Bonnies grabbed a stranglehold of the A-10 race with a 56-55 win Saturday afternoon. The Fredonia men's basketball seniors and families before their final home game Saturday night. (Fredonia Sports Information) Van Tatenhove finished with a game-high 17 points and Kashmer had 8 points. converting a three-point play Contributed Article sophomore CeCe Dixon Fredonia Sports Information and adding another layup. Three different players had stepped up with 13 points seven points apiece for Midway through the run, the and three 3-pointers on an Geneseo. FREDONIA, N.Y. — The Fre- Devils also received a buzzerafternoon when leading scorer beating three pointer to close donia State men's basketball The Devils held a 39-38 reJessica Jenkins tallied just team defeated Geneseo 62-50 out the half from Herrera. bounding advantage. three points. At that point, they sported a as the Blue Devils celebrated The win extends Bona's pro30-19 lead before opening the Friday, they fell behind early Senior Night on Saturday in the second and could not gram-best 13-game winning second half with nine straight evening. The Devils used a recover as Brockport downed streak, keeps it firmly atop the points. strong defensive performance the Devils, 79-60. A-10 standings and clinches a by senior Julius Bryant and The Knights eventually got first-round bye (top 4 teams) Brockport held a 34-33 lead an eight-minute stretch – the back on track, scoring field at the A-10 Championship at the break. Th e half featured final four minutes of the first goals on three consecutive next month. six ties and eight lead changes. half and first four minutes possessions to make it 41-26. St. Bonaventure — picked 6th of the second half – to pad a Herrera responded with a With Brockport up 46-43 at in the A-10 Preseason Poll — lead that proved to be insurmomentum-killing long three the 15:35 mark of the sechas now defeated every team mountable. to put the Devils back up by ond half, the Golden Eagles chosen to finish ahead of it eighteen, 44-26. stretched their lead to 57-43 Bryant produced a doubleas the Flyers, who along with on an 11-0 run to make it double with 10 points and Geneseo mounted another Temple, were favored to win 57-43. From there, the Devils 11 boards. He was dominant rally late, pulling within eight the league crown. The Bonnies would get no closer than 12 on the defensive end, with 9 points. With just over six also defeated Temple on the points. defensive rebounds, 5 blocked minutes remaining, the Devils road earlier this season. shots and 3 steals. led 52-32. Geneseo went on a Fredonia State was led by After getting down by 14-2 run to make it 54-46 with Goodwin II with 13 points. Up 21-19 with 4:11 left in the 15 points, 19-4, not even 1:30 left to play. Th e Devils Leonard Smith and Herrera first, the Devils would go on seven minutes in, the Bonclosed out the game as three had 11 each. Kevin Mitchell an 18-0 run to close out the nies showed why they're the diff erent players would comadded nine points and four first half and run through the only unbeaten in the A-10 as bine to connect on all eight assists. 16:07 mark of the second half. they gutted their way back to free-throw attempts. Brockport had four players in The rally started as Jonathan trail by just one, 29-28, at the Leonard Smith led all scordouble digits, led by Kyheem Herrera and Bryant teamed half. That effort was led by Green's 19. Brockport held a up on an alley oop. The Devils ers with 19 points, and added Van Tatenhove — who also 36-27 advantage in rebounds. seized that momentum all the six rebounds. Herrera had 13 corralled eight rebounds in points — including four three- The Devils are back in Steele way to a 39-19 lead. Damien the game — as she tallied 13 pointers — and Goodwin fin- Hall on Tuesday evening as Goodwin II was key in the in an opening frame in which ished with 12 points. Dalton spurt, nailing a pair of threes, they play host to Buffalo State. Jenkins was blanketed with a defender and did not score. Much of the work was done inside as UD had a 10-0 and The Devils outscored Geneseo 12 points and nine rebounds. 14-4 scoring advantage in the Contributed Article paint on two separate occaFredonia Sports Information 29-25 in the second half. Brockport got off to a solid sions. The Flyers closed the start in the first half holding a half with just 16-14 edge in With the Knights up 61-43 with 7:46 left to play, the Dev- 15-11 advantage at the 12:14 FREDONIA, N.Y. — The that category. ils ran off 12 straight points to mark. Fredonia State took Fredonia State women's basA back-and-forth second back the lead two minutes pull within six, 61-55. ketball team fell to Geneseo, stanza in front of 2,484 spectalater, but Brockport stayed 63-55, on Saturday. The Devils The run began with a layup by finished the game on a 12-2 Riley. Warren then connected within striking distance. The Blue Devils led 36-29 with run, but it was too little, too on a pair of threes. Jenna just over a minute remaining late as the Devils dropped Austin followed up with a to 10-11 overall and 6-9 in three-pointer of her own. The before Brockport rattled off the next six points to close out conference play. run was wrapped up by a free the half. The Devils led 36-35 Contributed Article throw by Calbi. Jaimie Warren led the Devils heading into the intermission. Fredonia Sports Information with 23 points, including The Devils would hold Hebert had a strong fi rst half a career-high five threeGeneseo scoreless from the with 13 points to lead all pointers. She had a total of 7:46 mark until Megan Prue CORTLAND, N.Y. — Fredoscorers. five threes heading into the connected on a pair free nia State ended a three-game game. Kristina Kuscht added throws with 12 seconds left to The Blue Devils came out in losing streak with a 3-0 win 8 points, Anna Riley had 8 the second half on a 14-5 run Saturday over the Cortland close out the scoring. rebounds and Nicole Calbi Red Dragons. Geneseo (13-9, 8-7 SUNYAC) to go up 50-40. Brockport chipped in 6 assists. got back to within six, 54-48, had four players in double The Blue Devils scored three The Devils opened with the digits, with Lea Sobieraski's 14 but the Golden Eagles never goals in the second period got closer than that for the game's first four points before tops for the Knights. and goaltender Mark Friesen remainder of the game. Geneseo ran off the next 10 to Friday, they defeated the (Calgary, Alberta) earned his take a 10-4 lead. From there, The Devils' biggest lead of 13 first shutout of the season with Brockport Golden Eagles Geneseo would maintain the points came at the 3:28 mark 29 saves. 75-63. lead into halftime, 38-26. following a layup by Calbi to They improved to 6-6-3 in the The Devils were led by Becky make it 68-55. At the break, Warren totaled SUNYAC and 11-9-3 overall. Hebert with 24 points. Calbi 14 points. Cara Manfredi led The Devils are back in Steele added 12 points and six asCortland fell to 3-10-1 in the Geneseo with 9 points. sists, while Warren chipped in Hall on Tuesday evening as they play host to Buffalo State. conference and 5-17-1 in the

Fredonia Splits Weekend Pair

Megan Van Tatenhove hit the game-winning shot with 23 seconds remaining to keep the Bonnies undefeated in Atlantic 10 play. (St. Bonaventure Sports Information Photo)

tors saw the game tied three times and the lead change seven different occasions. SBU's first lead of the day came on Jenkins's lone 3-pointer at the 14:10 mark, 35-34. Sophomore Chelsea Bowker gave the Bonnies a 48-47 lead with a baseline 3 with just more than five minutes to play. However, Dayton responded and held the lead for the final five minutes until Van Tatenhove's heroics in the waning seconds. Sophomore Doris Ortega added 12 critical points for Bonaventure, and while she scored just four points, junior Alaina Walker grabbed a team-best 10 rebounds. The game was a matchup of the league's best offense (Dayton, 72.2 points per game) and second-best defense (St. Bonaventure, 54.3 points per game) — a battle which the Bonnies won by holding Dayton to its lowest scoring output in its 10 A-10 games. Justine Raterman recorded a double-double with 11 points and 12 rebounds, while Cassie Sant led UD with 12 points and Patrice Lalor added 11 for the Flyers. After allowing UD to shoot 42 percent (13-31) from the field in the first half, the Bonnies

locked down in the second frame in limiting the Flyers to just 29-percent shooting (931). SBU held Dayton to just three made 3's on the day – tied for the second-fewest the Flyers have made in a contest this year. St. Bonaventure will have a week off before it returns home to the Reilly Center to face Xavier on Homecoming Weekend. The game will be broadcast nationally by CBS Sports Network and is the first game of a doubleheader with the men's team. Tipoff is slated for 2 p.m. on Feb. 18 from Bob Lanier Court. NOTES: Jenkins wore No. 3 in her home state of Ohio in memory of a friend; Walker sported No. 14 … the game was Dayton's Play 4Kay as the Flyers donned pink jerseys … SBU is now 2-7 at UD Arena … SBU committed 10 first-half turnovers, tied for the second most this season and finished with 17 for the game … Bonaventure is now 4-0 when trailing at the half on the road … the teams finished tied on the boards, 3939 … after going 7-9 from the line in the first half, Bona's did not attempt a free throw in the second half while Dayton went 7-9 ... Dayton finished the game with a 32-24 edge in points in the paint.

Fredonia Bounces Back From Oswego Loss Behind Friesen’s Shutout SUNYAC. After a scoreless first period, the Blue Devils erupted for three goals in the second period — two on special teams. After Friesen made a post-topost sliding save, the flustered Red Dragons gave the puck away and Mike Muhs converted the turnover with a shorthanded goal at 5:58. It was his second goal on the trip and his seventh of the season. The Blue Devils took a 2-0 lead when Stephen Castriota scored his ninth goal of the season off a rebound at 9:39. Alex Perkins increased the margin with a power-play goal at 17:29, his

fifth goal of the year. Friday, nationally ranked Oswego jumped to an early lead, then rolled to a 10-2 over Fredonia. The Lakers, ranked No. 2 in NCAA Division III, scored four goals in the first eight minutes and drew away to improve to 18-2-2 overall and 11-0-2 in the SUNYAC. Mike Monfredo scored his eighth goal and Muhs scored his sixth to account for the Fredonia State scoring. The Blue Devils close the regular season with Buffalo State Friday night at home.

Track And Field Teams Compete At Cornell And Baldwin-Wallace Contributed Article Fredonia Sports Information

ITHACA, N.Y. — Fredonia State athletes recorded ECAC qualifying efforts in three events Saturday at Cornell's Robert Kane Invitational. Sophomore triple jumper Emily Cummiskey had a personal-best 11.07 meters to add her name to the ECAC list. She was joined by the women's 4-by-800 relay team of junior Kateri Walsh, sophomore Kimberly Foltz, senior

Amanda Solly, and freshman Angela Richter. Their ECAC qualifying time was 9:56.28. The other ECAC qualifier Saturday was junior Peter Francia, who ran a 15:12.86 in the 5,000 meters. Several other Blue Devils had personal-bests and SUNYAC consideration efforts Saturday. They were: Amanda Cocchiara, a freshman, with 19:44 in the women's 5,000 meters; Solly with a 5:33 in the women's mile; senior Melissa Cum-

miskey with 5.02 meters in the women's long jump and 1:05.97 in the women's 400 meters; sophomore Alexis Perez with 8,49 seconds in the 60-meter dash and 28.55 seconds in the 200 meters; freshman Kelsey Travers with a 1:04.67 in the 400 meters; and sophomore Erin Parker and freshman Alicia Brand in the 60-meter hurdles, with times of 10.01 and 10.41 seconds, respectively. On the men's side, it was freshman Andew Burnell with 24.08 seconds in the 200

meters; and freshman Chris Shartrand with 15:53.54 in the 5,000 meters. Three men had PRs in the 3,000 meters, led by a 11-second improvement by sophomore Steve Whittemore, to 8:57.22. Also, junior Jack Bennett ran 8:59.93 and freshman Alex Gonzalez was clocked in 9:19.20. In the men's pole vault, senior Cody Dahleiden cleared 15 feet, 3 inches for the first time this winter. Also for the track and field teams, nine members

competed at Friday’s BaldinWallace’s Mid-February Meet. The fifth-place finish by junior Kathleen Goodberlet in the women's 20-pound weight throw was the best finish by a Fredonia State athlete. Goodberlet threw the weight 13.53 meters, which converts to 44 feet, 4.75 inches. She finished ahead of 26 other throwers, including three teammates. Loren Metzger, a sophomore, finished ninth; freshman Nicole Dessens was 10th; and freshman Jenna Fiacco 15th.

In addition, Desens was ninth of 35 women in the shot put, while Fiacco was 21st. Five other Blue Devils competed Friday. Jenny Mooney, a sophomore, was ninth in the 800 meters; freshman Sarah Rocco and sophomore Alissa Conti were fifth and sixth, respectively, in the women's 1,000 meters; and sophomore Becca List was ninth in the mile. For the men, junior Max Radley was 15th in the shot put and 18th in the weight throw. • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)





February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

Ice Fishing Begins On Local Waters By Steve Peacock Star Outdoors Writer

This winter has continued to be a wild rollercoaster ride. This past week’s slightly colder weather has sured up a lot of ice around our area. I got to go ice fishing for the fist time this season on Sunday.

The lake I was on in Cattaraugus County had six inches of good hard ice on it. I just wish the fish had been a bit more cooperative because I didn’t catch anything in three and a half hours of fishing. That’s OK though, it was good to get out and knock the dust off of my gear. I should be able to get out a few more times

now that my gear is all ready. Maybe next time I will go to Chautauqua Lake and try to catch some walleye. I hear that people have been fishing on the ice there. Unfortunately the ice is not as thick as I would like it to be. I even heard that some guys fell through the ice trying to go out.

Catching walleyes at Chautauqua Lake is always a challenge, but the best time is when the light is changing at dusk and dawn. Some of the walleye guys I know find it more productive to make the drive to Oneida Lake. However this past Sunday, the fishing wasn’t very good there either. Apparently the

fish were biting on Saturday, but my friends were there on Sunday — isn’t that always the way? Now I have been told that high winds Sunday night have made a bunch of open water. I have another smaller lake where I like to ice fish for northern pike.

Hopefully the weather rollercoaster will stay on the cold side long enough for me to log some more ice time this season. If not, I will have to get the long fishing poles out a little earlier than normal. Well good luck out there and use extreme caution on any ice.

Lake Erie Fishing Hotline Feb. 10 to Feb. 17

Contributed Article

Department of Environmental Conservation

Lack of ice has allowed boat anglers to get out on Lake Erie when winds have been manageable, however the yellow perch bite has been fair. Northwest of Sturgeon Point in 45-50 feet of water is a good bet, as that area is usually the wintertime, yellow perch hot spot (for ice anglers). Emerald shiners are the bait of choice for Erie perch. Anglers continue to catch brown trout from Dunkirk Harbor. Catches have been better from the city pier, but anglers can also try the DEC fishing platform near the power plant's warmwater discharge. Minnows fished under a float or casting spoons have worked well. Chautauqua Lake Some of the sheltered bays in the south basin have good ice. Burtis Bay reportedly has between 3-4 inches of ice, but only a few anglers have been out. Anglers can catch sunfish and

teenmile, Silver and Walnut Creeks. Catches have been better in the upper stretches of the streams, including some fresh fish. Small groups and individual steelhead are spread out, so moving around is a good bet. Egg sacs, egg pattern flies, trout beads or small hair jigs tipped with a waxworm/spike (fished under a float) are good baits. With the colder temperatures this weekend, anglers should expect floating slush and shelf ice forming in slack areas. Winter season steelhead angling on the Lake Erie tributaries can be a challenging and potentially hazardous outing, with the onset of ice and snow. Safety is of utmost importance. Some helpful items that you should consider include neoprene waders, ice cleats for boot soles, a walking stick/pole and a fishing companion whenever possible. Lake Erie and Harbors

s to st All of the Lake Erie tributaries are – at fishable levels, even Cattaraugus the Creek. The Catt is flowing at about est 640 cubic feet per second (and dropping) with marginal color, however anglers report steelhead catches just above Gowanda and at the Springo ville Dam. ng If you plan to fish Cattaraugus e Creek, keep in mind that fishing is S closed on Seneca Nation of Indians' lands during January and February. er For more information contact the ff Seneca Nation Conservation office at 18 (716) 945-8127. Flows on the small to medium sizes streams, range from moderate to low and clear. Chautauqua and Canadaway Creeks have been fishing best, was however anglers are also catching ly- steelhead on Cayuga, Buffalo, EighBU SBU st h ture a member of the Naismith Contributed Article he St. Bonaventure Sports Information Hall of Fame. The Mississ sauga, Ont. native joins Bona 39basketball icons Lanier, Glen he ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. Price (21-20) and Essie Hollis did — St. Bonaventure's Andrew (21) as the only other players he Nicholson posted 21 points ent and 23 rebounds to mark the in school history to grab 20 or more boards in a single game. ame school's first 20-20 double n double on record since Bob After a slow start, the Bonnies overcame a five-point Lanier's 34-and-27 Dec. 22, 1967, as St. Bonaventure (13- deficit and used an extended 18-4 first-half run to take 9, 6-4) defeated Duquesne control for good. Nicholson, (14-10, 5-5) 69-48 at the who booked 11 points and Reilly Center. 15 boards over the final 20 Nicholson's effort on the glass minutes, had 10 and eight by ranks as the third-best single- the intermission, with Chris game total in school history Johnson adding 12 of his 15 in behind 27-, 24-, and 23-rethe opening frame. y bound games from Lanier, over



February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

nds (St.



Nicholson Posts School’s Second 20-20 As Bonnies Win Eric Mosley finished with 12 points, including a driving layup during a 9-2 run in the second half that put the game out of reach for good. Nicholson, who snared eight of the Bonnies' season-high 21 offensive rebounds, capped the surge with a dunk off a feed from Johnson. St. Bonaventure improves to 9-1 in the Reilly Center this season, with all but one victory coming by double digits. The Bonnies continue a threegame homestand by hosting Temple on Wednesday in a "Whiteout" game televised nationally by CBS Sports Network at 8 p.m.

yellow perch throughout the south basin. There is no safe ice to report in the North Basin. Upper Niagara River Upper river waters are a murky green color, but fishable. Windy weather this weekend could degrade conditions. Nearshore sites can be good for yellow perch at this time of year, especially when using emerald shiners. Anglers can also target trout off Squaw Island and Bird Island Pier with egg sacks, minnows or spoons. Ice Fishing An extended cold snap has some of the area's waters locked back up and ice anglers are venturing out on some of them. However, anglers should not assume that ice thickness is uniform on any body of water. Remember that a minimum of 3 to 4 inches of solid ice is the general rule for safety.

Eight Blue Devils Make 2012 All-SUNYAC Team Contributed Article Fredonia Sports Information

FREDONIA, N.Y. — The 2012 SUNYAC Swimming and Diving all-conference team was announced Tuesday. Comprised of top finishers during the conference championship meet last week, the All SUNYAC team was comprised of eight Fredonia State Blue Devils. On the women's team, junior Sarah Ficarro and sophomore Ashley Keller were First Team selections. Ficarro won the 3-meter springboard diving championship and was second in the 1-meter event, while it was the opposite for Keller — first in the 1-meter and second in the 3-meter. In addition, Ficarro was named Women's Diver of the Meet. Two other Blue Devil women's divers were selected to the Second Team — senior Leanne Kies and sophomore Katelyn Haley. They were joined by two swimmers, junior Stephanie Andrasek and junior Lizzie Lodinsky. On the men's side, junior diver Ryan Fuller made the First Team and sophomore John Estanislau was a Second Team pick. Fuller was the champion of both men's diving events and was named Men's Diver of the Meet. RECOUNT: The final women's team scores were recalculated after Saturday's meet and resulted in a change in the final scores, yet there was no change in the final standings. Geneseo won the meet with 721.5 points, Fredonia State was second with 657.5, and Cortland was third with 633. The remaining order of finish was New Paltz, Oneonta, Brockport, Oswego, Buffalo State, and Potsdam. WAITING GAME: Eight Fredonia State divers attained NCAA consideration scores during

Accidents • Social Security Disability Workers’ Compensation

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(716) 484-1010

Representing Injured People and Their Families

Ryan Fuller shakes hands with SUNYAC Commissioner Dr. Patrick Damore while receiving the Men's Diver of the Meet award. (Fredonia Sports Information photo)

the season, yet not all eight will make the final field for the Division III championship meet next month. Assistant coach John Crawford, who specializes in diving, said the finalists will be announced in early March after all the remaining conference championship meets are held. They will be chosen by a panel of national judges who must review videotapes submitted by schools and conferences. Ficarro has participated on nationals her previous two seasons and has earned five All-American awards. None of the other current Fredonia State divers have been to the D-III meet. This year's championship meet will be held March 15 through March 17 in Indianapolis, Ind. BOARD BUSTERS: The Blue Devil record board underwent a major overhaul during the four-day SUNYAC championship meet. A total of 31 new team marks were set, including records broken more than once. An updated list will be posted on this website in the coming days.

National Sports


February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B

Bills Re-Sign Lindell; Hire Metzelaars As TE Coach

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

Three Bandits Selected As All-Star Starters For Game In Buffalo

By John Wawrow Associated Press

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — Kicker Rian Lindell avoided free agency by re-signing with the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday. And there’s another familiar face returning to the fold, after the Bills hired Pete Metzelaars, the most productive tight end in team history, as an assistant coach. Lindell will return for a 10th season in Buffalo after signing a four-year contract worth about $11 million. The Bills announced the signing, while the terms of the deal were revealed by Lindell’s agent, Paul Sheehy, in a text to The Associated Press. With 878 career points, Lindell is the Bills’ secondleading scorer. He also holds several team records including hitting 18 straight field-goal and 225 consecutive extrapoint attempts. He had played in 180 consecutive games before finishing the season on injured reserve. He missed the final eight games after breaking a bone in his right shoulder while attempting to make a tackle in a 27-11 loss to the New York Jets on Nov. 6. Lindell had said his injury had nearly fully healed after the season finale last month. He was replaced by Dave Rayner and Brandon Coutu. Metzelaars returns to Buffalo to serve as the tight ends coach, a position he’s very familiar with after a 16-year NFL career as a player. He played 10 seasons with the Marv Levy-coached and Jim Kelly-led Bills, from 1985-

The First Niagara Center will host the 2012 NLL All-Star game Saturday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. Three bandits, including the NLL's all-time leading scorer John Tavares will be starting for the East squad.

Contributed Article Buffalo Bandits

The Bills re-signed kicker Rian Lindell last week. Lindell is second on the Bills' all-time scoring list. (AP photo)

94, and still holds team tight end career records with 302 catches, 2,921 yards and 25 touchdowns. He was a three-time Pro Bowl alternate selection and his 235 games rank third in the NFL among tight ends. Metzelaars retired after the 1997 season, and spent the past eight years as an assistant in various positions with the Indianapolis Colts. “I’m excited. It’s a lot of fun. And it’s a little bizarre,” Metzelaars said. “It’s been 18 years or so since I’ve really been back here, so to come back, it’s neat.” He fills the final vacancy on Chan Gailey’s staff that was left open after Bob Bicknell

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took over as receivers coach, replacing Stan Hixon, who took a job at Penn State last month. The status of the Bills tight end group is in question, with starter Scott Chandler eligible to become a free agent next month. Metzelaars said the Bills are interested in re-signing Chandler, who had 38 catches for 389 yards and six touchdowns. “He had a very good year last year and we’ll try to build upon that,” Metzelaars said. “I’d like to get some players to break any and all the records that I may still be holding around here — find somebody better than me.”



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4007 Vineyard Drive • Dunkirk, NY 716-366-2275 •

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The National Lacrosse League announced that three Buffalo Bandits players have been selected to start for the East in the 2012 NLL All-Star Game on Saturday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. at First Niagara Center. Bandits forward John Tavares, the all-time leading scorer in NLL history, will play in his 10th career All-Star Game. Tavares entered the season in a tie with Colin Doyle of the Toronto Rock for most career All-Star Game appearances. Tavares has scored 32 points and collected 82 loose balls in his previous nine All-Star Games. He currently leads the Bandits with 28 points, including a league-leading seven power play goals, in five games played this season. Buffalo defenseman Billy Dee Smith, the 2009 NLL Defensive Player of the Year, will make his first career All-Star Game appearance. Smith has played in all five games this season, registering one goal, 14 penalty minutes, 12

loose balls and three forced turnovers. Bandits goaltender Mike Thompson, the NLL’s Defensive Player of the Week for Week #2, will also appear in his first career All-Star Game. Thompson is tied for third in the NLL with two wins and currently ranks fifth in the league in both goals against average (11.36) and save percentage (.757). Thompson finished in the top three in all three of those categories last season. Online fan balloting that helped select the starting lineups concluded this past weekend. The fan votes were combined with the votes of the league’s General Managers & Head Coaches, as well as the league’s covering media, to select the starters. Each group’s votes counted for onethird of the total.

White, Wiles Named Reserves The National Lacrosse League also announced that two Buffalo Bandits players were selected as reserves for the East in the All-Star Game.

Bandits defenseman Chris White will play in his fourth All-Star Game in five years. White scored four points and recovered 11 loose balls in his three previous All-Star Game appearances in 2008, 2009 and 2011. Buffalo’s team captain has one assist and 13 loose balls in five games played this season. Buffalo forward Luke Wiles, acquired from the Washington Stealth in an offseason trade, has been selected to his second straight All-Star Game. Wiles scored a game-high six goals, a team-high 10 points and collected 10 loose balls for the West in 2011 NLL AllStar Game. Buffalo’s leading goal scorer ranks second on the team with 21 points and is third on the team with 23 loose balls this year. Tickets for the All-Star Game, which will take place in Buffalo for the first time in NLL history and features a total of five Bandits players, may be purchased here. For more ticket information, please call 1-888-467-2273 or visit the First Niagara Center Box Office.

Golf • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)



th s. and

8, am


s, gton e, e. six ts s Allg n d 3

ce me es a rs, or




February 16, 2012 Edition – Sports Section – B




Your short game: The great equalizer

For my students who are serious about improving and have the time to devote to a program, I’ve developed a “when to do what” improvement calendar. It’s a 13-week guide to help focus my students’ path to bettering their golf. The fourth week on the calendar is devoted to the short game. The great Bobby Jones once said a player who can string together “three of them and one of those” is a match for anyone. So while the long game is glamorous, the short game is the great equalizer. Thus, at least 60 percent of your practice time should be devoted to chipping/pitching, putting and bunker play, using the following model of learning. First, review your short game. Write in your journal all you know about each part — for example, the how-I-chip technique — then graduate to actually using that technique from a number of real-lie situations. Then return to your journal and write down any problems or additions uncovered by your self-assessment. Anything you can’t fix or figure out should send you on a trip to see the wizard, i.e., get some help. During short-game week, take the technique/touch method outlined below for a spin to learn its ins and outs. You can then use it as the learning model any time you want to learn something. Stage 1: Technique With your journal as a guide (bring it to the range), run through your checklist of fundamentals, such as ball position, weight distribution, when and how to set the wrists, etc. Then hit a few shots with no particular target in mind. Your focus should be “Did I do it correctly?” rather than “Where did it end up?” You may hit 35 balls from the same spot, not caring about results because only the form of your swing is important at this stage. Once you are confident with your technique, it’s time for stage 2, when you develop your touch. (If you’re a faithful reader of this column, you’ll know all about shortgame technique. If not, assess yourself a two-shot penalty, and consult me at Stage 2: Touch To have a good short game, you must be able to move your focus from technique to target. In this stage, your concern is not how to do something, but how close you come to your target. Take a handful of balls and toss them over your shoulder just off the green. Then play them, one at a time, until you hole each one out. Play the ball as you find it, hit it to your target, putt the ball in the hole, then go back and play the next ball. This is the way you do it on the course, and it should be the way you practice. Keep track of your ability to get it up and down from different lies, and then focus on those lies until they become strengths. From now on: When you’re hitting to a target, there’s no mechanics; when you’re practicing mechanics, there’s no target.

Foxy thieves


Out of sight While you may not be consciously aware of it, your brain has no problem keeping track of your clubhead when it’s in front of you because the head is “seeable,” either by looking directly at it or through your peripheral vision during the takeaway. But during your backswing, as your hands cock, the clubhead leaves your visual field, and at this point your brain must rely solely on its network of sensors scattered throughout your body whose job it is to report where your body parts are. The problem is that when you suddenly deprive your brain of its dominant tracking system (sight), it requires a smooth transition from your visual to your kinesthetic system — the pass along — to keep the clubhead going where it should. Turning over every swing to your sense of feel is just asking for trouble because “feel” is a shaky edifice on which to build your swing. There are two steps you can take to keep your good swing around as long as possible. First, make a blueprint

of your good ABOUT THE WRITER swing: Write Dr. T.J. down, in deTomasi is a teaching tail, what you professional do when you in Port St. are swinging Lucie, Fla. Visit his well. website at If you don’t know what you’re doing, see your teaching pro and write down what she or he tells you. With your blueprint in hand, you can reconstruct your swing when it starts to go south. Second, do the following drill anytime your swing goes on wobble: Close your eyes and, from your normal address position, swing your clubhead to waist high. Now open your eyes and check how near you came to your goal; then adjust and close your eyes to embed the feel. Repeat this closed-open-adjustclosed sequence with your hands at 10 o’clock, both for the backswing and the downswing. This will help you make the transition from sight to feel without a hitch for every swing.

In Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada, there is a golf course named Fox Meadow where you’re liable to be outfoxed when it comes to finding your golf ball. The area is overrun with foxes that seem to think golf balls are worth stealing. According to General Manager Harry Simmonds, the foxes are very bold, waiting on the green for your approach, then they snatch the balls and run into the woods, where they bury them. This is one golf course where it pays to miss the green.

’Nuff said

Can’t remember seeing Phil Mickelson with a suit on? Well he’s got one on now. He’s filed a lawsuit against a Canadian Internet service provider, forcing it to provide information about the people who have been lying about him from the cover of anonymous posts on the Internet. These character assassins may not be as safe as they think because after Mickelson filed a complaint on Nov. 21 in San Diego County superior court, he can now legally obtain information from the provider that would identify the posters. “I’m all for freedom of speech, but I won’t tolerate defamation,” Mickelson said. ASK THE PRO

While he doesn’t realize it, this young player has turned his head much too far as he tries to track his clubhead with his eyes, and it’s affecting the quality of his swing.

Q: I broke a finger on my left hand and the doctor said I shouldn’t play golf or hit balls for at least three months. But it feels good. I can’t stand waiting around, but my wife says I should. Can I go easy as long as it doesn’t hurt? — S.W. A: The short answer is no, and the long answer is absolutely no. In the first place, listen to your doctor. In the second place, there is a danger not only to your hand, but to your golf swing. Your brain knows enough to stay away from using your hand while you recoup, and without its normal function, you’ll make some subconscious compensations and ruin your swing. You wouldn’t be alone; the pros do it too. Recently, Dustin Johnson had a knee problem, tried to come back too early and developed a back problem, which often happens. You favor the knee and hurt the back. He had to withdraw from this year’s Humana Challenge during the second round. Now, this kid is 25 and one of the best pure athletes on tour. If he can’t handle an early return, what chance do you have of coming back early?

At this point in his swing, not even a player this supple can still see the clubhead. To break himself of his head-turning habit, he should practice the drill outlined above.


“A robotic suit, a form of ‘supersuit’ that guides your movements as you wear it, helps you to learn how to better swing the golf club.”

(To Ask the Pro a question about golf, email him at:

— Rich Mahoney, director of robotics at California’s SRI International , looks into the future.



Interesting practice is better practice

How to be solid off the first tee

I have said it many times: Golf is a point A-to-point B game where the ball is point A and the target is point B. And like snowflakes, you never have the exact same A-to-B circumstances. Thus, golf is a game of adjustments, begging the question: “What’s the best way to practice a game with so much variability?” My answer is twofold: First, practice your swing using my rule — when you are learning a piece of your swing, do not hit to a target. Second, when you are practicing playing the game, use variable practice. Let me explain. Dr. Timothy Lee and a group of researchers at McMaster University in Ontario have found that simply repeating the same motor movement again and again (block learning) will install that movement in your motor memory bank, but not nearly

as effectively as if you used mixed learning, where you vary the target, the task and the sequence, aka mixed or variable learning. Although Lee’s team was not studying the golf swing per se, I believe his findings apply to golf. Instead of hitting 20 drivers to the same target, your practice is more effective if you mix things up: Hit three drivers, then switch clubs and the target and hit five 6-irons, then a few pitches, then four drivers, all to different targets, then two 5-irons from an “iffy” lie. I believe the reason this is so effective is that (1) it reproduces the variant point A-to-point B problems you must solve when you actually play, and (2) it keeps your brain interested by switching problems. Your brain goes on scan when it gets bored, and blind repetition is boring. By using a mixed learning paradigm, you’re always running fresh learning software.

• How can you avoid the first-tee jitters? Try This: Commitment to the target. I ask students to use the club(s) they will play the first hole with just before they head for the first tee. Then, when you stand behind the ball on your first tee shot, simply imagine the shot you just hit on the practice tee and remember the rule: Swing mechanics recede as the target looms. • How can you improve your ball striking/ centeredness of contact? Try This: Put face tape on an iron and experiment with your swing until you can make the mark appear in the center of the face. If you can’t do it after two days of trying, take a lesson from a teaching pro.


Power comes before control Is a big hitter off the tee usually a good player? Yes, sir, according to A.J. Fradkin and his associates at Deakin University in Australia. His research suggests that clubhead speed is a valid predictor of excellence in golfers. Handicap is the usual measure of performance, but clubhead speed is a much more swing-based indicator because it’s established on the principle that guides the transfer of power called the kinematic sequence. During the downswing, data analysis confirms energy transfers

from the core of the body, flowing through the upper torso, along the arms, down the shaft and into the ball. It describes how the segments of your body, each in their turn, accelerate early in the downswing, then progressively slow in order to pass their energy to the segment immediately following, until the clubhead has accumulated the energy of the entire system and it is ready to dump it into the ball. Fradkin’s findings confirm my longstanding approach: First learn to hit it hard; you can learn control later.


In the mayor’s office

A high swing speed usually indicates a good player.

A tee shot that ends up in perfect position.

Chautauqua Star

CLASSIFIEDS – Week of February 16, 2012 – Section B


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Registered child care has openings for children ages 6 weeks and up. Activities and fun. DSS accepted. Meals and snacks included 716-483-3974. CHILD CARE




Companion who is attractive, healthy, age 60-68,non smoker. Very active & enjoy spending time at home 716345-8069






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Bring in your Auction Items and Make Money FAST! Wild Buffalo Auctions! 6 S. Main St. Angola NY 716-997-7870

HIMES AUCTION CO. Springtime is coming give us a call today to schedule your estate/personal property auction. 716-499-1418 LIVE AUCTION ON FRIDAY! Wild

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Loads of Features, home/office, copy, autodial, fax/tel/ answer mach opts, plain paper, $55. 716-232-4013 VERIZON MOTOROLA DROID

5MP Autofocus, Keyboard & Touch, Car & Wall Chargers & Case Hardly use, No Contract needed. 716-232-4013 TWO SONY T.V’S FOR SALE


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Free, Wedding Accessorie Show Feb. 5 Sunday Only 2-6pm at 430 Fredonia Commons, Fredonia N.Y. 14063 716-366-3050

you Saint Rita of Cascia for favors granted.

St. John’s UCC, 733 Central Ave., Dunkirk, Sat. Feb. 18, 4-6:00, $7.50 pre-sale; $8.00 at the door. 716-366-0710

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ers wanted, must have reliable transportation, and able to work saturdays. 716595-3345

Classifieds • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


dia One Group has a Radio Sales Executive opening. Apply at - EEO Employer.

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VeriFone Omni 396, Report Functions, Power Supply, Xtra Tapes $95. 716-232-4013 The Thrifty Kitty Thrift Store supports 59 E. Main in Westfield 716-326-2404


Leather Travel Bag with multiple Side Pockets with zippers & carry strap, Nice,32L x 13W x 13T, $15 716-232-4013 LEATHER TRAVEL BAG


Delta Homecraft saw with planer & wheel sander. Rockwell 3/4 HP motor with pulley on each side. $300 716-785-1790

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Very nice, J2 cushion, Charger, many extras. cost $12,000 Now $575 OBO (716) 488-9094





New Electronic VARMINT PREDATOR CALL: Rabbit, Mouse, Coyote & Fawn Deer Retail: $39.99 - $15.00 716997-0821 HUNTING KNIFE & SHEATH

Tuf-Stag Ultra Honed Bowie knife in Leather Sheath, Collectable, $55. 716-232-4013 AMERICA 911 KNIFE SET New 5 Piece Commemrative Knife Set W/Cherrywood Box 7”Folding Knives & Key Chain Nice Gift $25.00 716997-0821 NEW SPANISH RAPIER SWORD



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February 16, 2012 Edition – Classifieds Section – B


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February 16, 2012 Edition – Classifieds Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


For a home delivery subscription or to upgrade your current subscription, call (800) 777-8640 or online at LUTHERAN CAMPUS JAMESTOWN A must see! Newly

Built one bedroom apts. Beautifully designed. Built in appliances, Washer/dryer unit included. Central Heat and air. $975/month includes utilities except phone. Smartment Technology included. 55 years and older. Pet Friendly, smoke free. Call Today! 665-8197


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1998 FORDRANGER 4WDSPLASH New Tires, Lift Kit,


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military items and hunting items. Guns, Swords, Helmets, Foreign county uniforms, etc. Will buy complete collections. Jim Schermerhorn - 326-2854


Classifieds • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)


February 16, 2012 Edition – Classifieds Section – B

Chautauqua County Rural Ministry needs your help this season

We would like to thank our corporate partners for donating over $2,000.

G N I n o V s I a GReeason



Tops-Dunkirk Tops- Silver Creek Sav a Lot- Dunkirk Sav a Lot- Silver Creek Walmart- Fredonia Walmart- Jamestown Xpressions Chautauqua Star Barts Cove Karate Connection Jim’s Cleaners Seneca Hawk NCCF JCC Farrell Dodge Jeep Gowanda Harley



RM C C u ta Ch a

a u qu

n ty Cou


al Rur


is Min

! you


Main Wines & Spirits Lakeshore Savings VSK Emporium Creative Mind DFT Mancuso’s car Wash Rodgers & Sons Lawley Insurance Barbara Anns’ Hair Salon Nationwide Eckstrom Insurance Jamestown Cycle Shop Storer’s Container Service Fender Menders Sears Christ Community Church Tim Hortons

Purchase a Giving Shirt at

Expressions Promotional Solutions - Rt 5 Dunkirk Tops Friendly Markets - Fredonia & Silver Creek Save-A-Lot - Fredonia & Silver Creek The Book Nook- D&F Plaza Gowanda Harley All proceeds go to The Chautauqua Cross Roads VSK Emporium County Rural Ministry You can send your contribution to CCRM at 127 Central Ave., Dunkirk, NY 14048 – Thank You!


Featured Advertiser


February 16, 2012 Edition – Classifieds Section – B

| • 366.9200 (Dunkirk/Fredonia) • 338.0030 (Jamestown)

NO MATTER WHERE YOU’RE GOING, WE’LL GET YOU THERE FAST! The choice is yours... multiple high speed internet plans to fit your needs. SENIOR PLAN


512 Kbps down | 256 kbps up. Wireless Router: $4.95 per month

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1.5 Mbps down | 512 Kbps up. Wireless Router Included




GO! BROADBAND PLAN No Advantage Plan Discount

No Advantage Plan Discount



6 Mbps down | 768 Kbps up. Wireless Router Included


6 Mbps down | 768 Kbps up. Wireless Router Included

No Advantage Plan Discount


No Advantage Plan Discount

MULTIMEDIA PLAN 12 Mbps down | 768 Kbps up. Wireless Router Included


Certain restrictions apply. Certain geographic limitations may apply.


Residential UNLIMITED CALLING Talk as much as you want to who you want! Our unlimited calling plan includes local callling, domestic long distance and calls to Canada and Puerto Rico.

Available Everywhere No matter where you live, if you have high speed Internet you can have unlimited calling from DFT. Get local 24/7 technicial support, not overseas, plus 100% customer service satisfaction.

$29.99/mo. This is NOT a promotional rate.

GET LOCAL 24/7 technical support (Not Overseas)

PLUS 100% CUSTOMER service satisfaction

716-673-3000 • 1-877-653-3100 • 716-483-8000 | Fredonia • Cassadaga • Jamestown

Storers Container 2 x 2”

For the week of February 17 - 23, 2012

They’re hired

Sulu and Hulk among new ‘Apprentice’ celebs By Dee Wright TV Media


s the nation waits with bated breath to see who the Republican presidential nominee will be, many will also be watching one of the could-have-beens. Real-estate mogul Donald Trump opted out of the presidential race last spring so he could focus on the series, and though the last season finale had lower ratings than the previous years, Trump is sure to have an ace up his sleeve. “This will be our 12th season, and I have to say, I love ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’” Trump said in an interview with NBC. “We’ve raised tens

of millions of dollars for charity. We’ve never raised so much as we have in the last season. I’ve decided that we are going to continue onward with ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’” The lineup this season, which premieres Sunday, Feb. 19 on NBC, consists of many big names from the entertainment world -- some who are still in the news, and some who haven’t been in the spotlight for awhile. The celebrity installments of “The Apprentice” are quite similar to the regular “Apprentice” seasons -stars must complete Trump’s tasks by using their experience and contacts to raise money for a chosen charity.

Lou Ferrigno is one of eighteen stars in the new season of “The Celebrity Apprentice”

JJ Guns 2 x 2”

TV stars include Tia Carrere, Lou Ferrigno, George Takei, Paul Teutul Sr., Cheryl Tiegs, Penn Jillette, Adam Carolla and Lisa Lampanelli. From the music world, Clay Aiken, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider and Aubrey O’Day have also signed on. Michael Andretti, Teresa Giudice, Victoria Gotti, Patricia Velasquez and Arsenio Hall round out the cast that will be in the boardroom this season. Carrere has starred in “Wayne’s World” (1992), as well as a threeseason run as the lead character in “Relic Hunter.” She also appeared in Season 2 of “Dancing With the Stars,” but she was eliminated four weeks before Drew Lachey was crowned the winner. Ferrigno was best known in the ‘70s and ‘80s when he played David Banner’s angry side, also known as the Incredible Hulk. He has reprised his green role in several films and TV series, and he will voice the newest resurrection of the Hulk in the 2012 film, “The Avengers.” Takei starred as helmsman Sulu in the original “Star Trek” series and multiple movies. He currently voices a character on the Nickelodeon series “Supah Ninjah” and is a vocal advocate for gay rights. Teutul, better known as Senior to avoid confusion around his son (who is also named Paul), founded Orange County Choppers, which is the bike shop featured on “American Chopper.”

Frederickson 2 x 2”

Laser Center 2 x 2”

Gugino's Plumbing 2 x 2”

Spacc Chevrolet 3 x 2”

2 • February 17 - 23, 2012


NBC opens the workweek with magic musical ‘Smash’ By Kyla Brewer TV Media

  



atching television is one thing, but sitting in a theater as the curtain goes up and the lights go down is something else entirely. There’s nothing like the feeling of watching a live Broadway musical, and NBC brings that magical feeling into living rooms across the nation with its latest prime-time offering. Kick off the workweek with a look at the lives of theater professionals in “Smash,” airing Mondays on NBC. It’s an optimistic title for the network, which has been floundering in the ratings game lately. Luckily, NBC executive Robert Greenblatt brought the project to the network when he left cable network Showtime last year. Executive producer Steven Spielberg reportedly proposed the idea for “Smash” a couple of years ago, and Greenblatt hung on to it. Now in its third week, the series boasts a show-within-ashow concept as it follows the process of bringing a new musical to the Great White Way. Emmy winner Debra Messing headlines as Julia, one half of a successful songwriting duo charged with writing a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Although she recently promised her husband Frank (Brian d’Arcy James) she’d focus on their efforts to adopt a child, she can’t resist the lure of musical theater. Stage actor Christian Borle comes to television as Julia’s professional partner, fellow songwriter Tom. At the Centre of “Smash” is the rivalry between two potential star-

Copy Boy

Let Our Staff of Trained Professionals Assist 2 x Copy 2” or Print Job. You With Your Next



Anjelica Huston stars in “Smash” lets battling to play the iconic film star. Real-life Broadway star Megan Hilty is chorus girl Ivy Lynn, an experienced performer who longs for her big break. Former “American Idol” finalist Katharine McPhee stars as Karen, a naive Midwestern girl hoping to snag the debut role of a lifetime. The biggest name on the “Smash” bill is undoubtedly Oscar winner Anjelica Huston, who brings tenacious producer Eileen to life. English actor Jack Davenport, best known to North American audiences as James Norrington in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, tackles the role of egocentric director Derek. Some writers and bloggers have described the show as “‘Glee’ for grown-ups,” but executive producer Neil Meron has promised much more. If the show has an authentic Broadway feel, then it’s because real-life Tony winners are working both in front of and behind the cameras. Tony winners and nominees

represent the crème de la crème of stage professionals, and “Smash” has them in spades. In addition to stars Borle and d’Arcy James, both being Tony nominees themselves, the show relies on the talents of Tony nominee David Marshall Grant, who serves as an executive producer. Behind the scenes, Tony and Grammy winners Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman have created original songs for “Smash,” which will also feature a number of existing hits. For those not in the know, they were the acclaimed songwriters behind the music for such Broadway smashes as “Hairspray” and “Catch Me If You Can,” and even “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” (1999). Anticipating a high demand for the show’s music, NBC has already announced a soundtrack deal with Columbia Records. The deal, which guarantees worldwide rights to the first season’s music, was confirmed in June.

Absolute Care 5 x 2”

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. Solution on page 5 “Music is at the heart of ‘Smash,’” explained Columbia executive Rob Stringer, “and with our wonderfully creative broadcast partners, we will develop innovative strategies to present this music to a huge audience.” The Tony winners don’t stop at the regular cast and crew either. Bernadette Peters, one of Broadway’s most celebrated performers, will appear as Ivy’s mother, Leigh

Conroy, a one-time theater sensation trying to live vicariously through her daughter. “Smash” has attracted the attention of some other high-profile guest stars too. Golden Globe winner Uma Thurman has signed on to play a diva movie star who shows an interest in starring in “Marilyn.” Disney darling Nick Jonas is set to appear as a sitcom star who started out on Broadway.

February 17 - 23, 2012 • 3

StarsonScreen By Sheila Busteed TV Media ‘BUST’ A NEW MOVE: As two of Discovery’s most popular personalities, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have found tremendous success with “MythBusters.” Now, the two hosts’ ingenuity is going to come in handy as they launch a new series for the network. Savage and Hyneman will serve as judges and executive producers of “Unchained Reaction,” a new reality competition series that will premiere next month. The six-part series will reveal who among a group of artists, engineers, scientists and others have the ability to impress the judges with their creativity and originality as they build a series of contraptions to achieve a shared goal. Each team will be given five days with the same set of tools and materials and must transform them into something completely different. The competitors are encouraged to engage in large-scale builds, use robotics, tear things apart, blow things up, and think outside the box -- basically, the type of behavior that Savage and Hyneman are known for in “MythBusters” -- to win the contest. “The spirit of

‘Unchained Reaction’ is at the intersection of art and engineering,” said Discovery’s Eileen O’Neill. In a way, this new series presents “MythBusters” fans with the opportunity to interact with the hosts on a whole new level. No longer confined to suggesting myths for investigation, now a select few people will get the chance to step into the hosts’ shoes per se by taking part in this competition. “We wanted to craft a show that puts the process of problem solving and ingenuity front and center, and we’ve done exactly that with ‘Unchained Reaction,’” said Savage. Each of the six episodes will welcome a different guest judge to join Savage and Hyneman as they decide who wins each level of the competition. However, the names of the guest judges have not yet been released. ONE LAST SHOT: Many people

can relate to this situation: when reality sets in or life gets in the way, it forces one’s path to deviate from a big career goal. Yet few indiJamie Hyneman and Adam Savage have a new series, “Unchained Reaction,” premiering in March

viduals ever get the chance to go back to try again for that big break. Now, USA is breaking into the reality programming market by giving a select few that second chance. This fall, USA will premiere its first original reality show, tentatively called “The Moment,” and has hired a host who sets a perfect example for the show. It took former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner multiple times to have a professional football career, and he was working at a grocery store when his big break finally happened. Within 18 months of that, he was named Super Bowl MVP in 1999. USA’s initial pickup is for nine episodes, which will be executive produced by Charlie Ebersol and Justin Hochberg. HEART AND HOME: Bravo loves the Big Apple, and it’s ready to prove it with two new series. First, Manhattan matchmaker Lori Zaslow will test her skills as she helps New Yorkers find the right partner in “Love Broker,” debuting on Monday, March 5. Then, on Wednesday, March 7, the cabler will premiere a new version of its established realty show with “Million Dollar Listing New York.” “Love Broker” reveals the inner workings of Zaslow’s Project Soulmate, a

Jedwards Insurance 2 x 2”

KCR Enterprises 2 x 2”

matchmaking service aimed at educated, upscale people who want to take a proactive approach to finding a mate instead of waiting around, hoping that love will just come to them. Zaslow certainly lives by example; she has been married to her perfect match, Bryan, for 12 years and they have two children. Before launching Project Soulmate, Zaslow worked for more than a decade as an executive recruiting specialist within the fashion industry. Needless to say, she has a knack for finding the right person for the job. However, finding the right person to complement another in the romantic sense can be more tricky, but her record has proven that she

knows the key to finding and keeping love in one’s life. Bravo’s other new property, “Million Dollar Listing New York,” features three of the city’s top realtors as they take a bite out of the local market while dealing with very picky and demanding clients. Michael Lorber, Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund compete for bragging rights and big commissions as they work to sell some of Manhattan’s richest properties. The show’s predecessor, “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” has enjoyed four successful seasons on the air, but the New York real estate market is a different beast altogether, as the show’s realtors will prove.

Television Crossword

ACROSS 1 Ms. Chang, Special Correspondent on ABC’s “Nightline” 5 Little, in Lyon 8 Singer/songwriter/actor Mr. Davis 11 Expressionist painter Mr. Schiele 12 50+ org. 13 Mr. __ from “Lost” 14 “Dynasty” spin-off series: 2 wds. 16 Pick up-sticks game 17 Lounge around 18 Start of a challenge: 2 wds. 20 Mr. Hall of ‘90s late night 23 Restaurant ratings guide 24 Mystifying board 25 “All About __” (1950) 26 Wall St. landmark, commonly 27 “Das Lied von der __” by composer Gustav Mahler 30 “For shame!” 32 Foreigner song: “Cold __”: 2 wds. 33 V-formation fliers 35 Sci-fi series Katherine Heigl starred on 37 Bobby Darin hit: “If I __ Carpenter”: 2 wds.

38 39 40 45 46 47 48 49 50

‘Switch’ suffix Part of BCE “The __ Apprentice” on NBC Senior International Correspondent on CNN, __ Robertson Salute Rob of “The West Wing” Mesh Utah’s capital [acronym] “Win, Lose or __”

DOWN Paul McCartney & Wings song “Ick.” MSNBC’s “Morning __” Character on 1987 to 1995 sitcom “Full House”: 2 wds. 5 Art’s Mr. Picasso (b.1881 - d.1973) 6 ‘Trick’ suffix 7 Get the large instead of regular fries 8 “The Glass __” (Tennessee Williams play) 9 Director Mr. Kurosawa 10 Halley’s __ 12 “__ _ Desire” (1953) starring 1 2 3 4

Barbara Stanwyck 15 Mother of actress Geraldine Chaplin 19 ‘90s sitcom starring Harry Anderson as a newspaper columnist: 2 wds. 20 Chicago’s third-tallest building, __ Center 21 __ Lopez (Chess opening) 22 Whoopi Goldberg movie: 2 wds. 28 Old Rome’s 650 29 Moray, for one 31 Mike Hammer portrayer Stacy’s surnamesakes 32 Tell _ __ story (Be woeful in taletelling) 33 “The Trouble with Harry” (1955) star, Edmund __ 34 “__, Indiana” 35 Keepsake of yore 36 Great pitcher Mr. Hershiser 41 ‘Ether’ ender 42 ‘Super’ suffix 43 Lettered airline, once 44 Archery bow wood Solution on page 5

4 • February 17 - 23, 2012

Cookingthisweek FRIDAY

Battling the bulge: Food reality series follows chefs’ weight loss journeys TV Media


nyone who’s been on a restrictive diet before knows just how difficult it can be to resist the temptation that can come with some of the very foods we crave. Well, try being surrounded by it all day long at work. With all the talk about America’s rising obesity rates in recent years, a lot of pressure has been put on the food industry to trim portions, cut down on some of the nutritional pitfalls and help consumers make healthier eating choices in general. And countless restaurants and celebrities have taken up the cause, including Jamie Oliver and his “Food Revolution” campaign. But what of the chefs themselves, who toil away every day in America’s kitchens? When food is your passion and your performance is guided by your sense of taste, it’s gotta be pretty tough to stick to a balanced regimen. Just think of how many spoonfuls of risotto Gordon Ramsay has had to sample on “Hell’s Kitchen” alone. Enter Food Network’s recent reality offering, “Fat Chefs.” The frankly-titled series -- which joined the Thursday-night lineup a few weeks ago – is the specialty channel’s answer to “Heavy,” the (also frankly titled) weight lossthemed docudrama that ran last year on A&E. Each episode follows two overweight food professionals whose passion for food has resulted in a successful career – but at the cost of their health. Cameras followed them for four

11:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Good Eats ‘Gills Gone Wild’ (30m) 2:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Secrets of a Restaurant Chef ‘The Secret To Steakhouse Dinner’ (30m) 3:00 p.m. (6) CBLT Best Recipes Ever ‘Girls’ Night In’ (30m) 3:30 p.m. (6) CBLT In the Kitchen With Stefano Faita ‘Stefano’s Porchetta Dinner’ (30m) 4:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Barefoot Contessa ‘Back for the Weekend’ (30m) 5:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Home Cooking ‘Paula’s Sweet Shop’ (30m) 5:30 p.m. (34) TLC Kitchen Boss ‘Seaside Favourites’ (30m)

SATURDAY 9:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Down Home With the Neelys ‘Neelys Cajun Style’ (30m) 9:30 a.m. (65) FOOD 30 Minute Meals ‘The Whole Truth’ (30m) 10:00 a.m. (7.1) (7) WKBW Food for Thought With Claire Thomas (30m) (65) FOOD Pioneer Woman ‘Camping At The Creek’ (30m) 10:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Best Dishes ‘Gourmet At Home’ (30m) 11:00 a.m. (6) CBLT Surprise! It’s Edible

A scene from “Fat Chef”

‘Backyard Bites: Lamb Tacos’ (30m) 11:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Sandwich King ‘Double Dose of Cozy’ (30m) 11:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Secrets of a Restaurant Chef ‘The Secret To Pork Sausage’ (30m) 9:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Worst Cooks in America ‘Going Global’ (1h) 10:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Iron Chef America ‘Morimoto vs. Boggle’ (1h)

MONDAY 10:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction ‘Greek Barbecue... Opa!’ (30m) 2:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ The Rachael Ray Show (1h) 5:30 p.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Home Cooking ‘Grubfest’ (30m) 8:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Heat Seekers ‘Kansas City’ (30m) 10:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ‘Long Standing Legacies’ (30m)

TUESDAY 2:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ The Rachael Ray Show (1h) 3:00 p.m. (6) CBLT Best Recipes Ever ‘Fast Weeknight Mains’ (30m) 3:30 p.m. (6) CBLT In the Kitchen With Stefano Faita ‘Stefano’s Paella Feast’ (30m) 5:30 p.m. (34) TLC Kitchen Boss ‘Mexican Fiesta’ (30m) 10:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Chopped ‘Good Chop, Bad Chop?’ (1h)

WEDNESDAY 1:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Guy’s Big Bite ‘Queen Korina Salad’ (30m) 2:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ The Rachael Ray Show (1h) 3:30 p.m. (6) CBLT In the Kitchen With Stefano Faita ‘Creamy Pastas’ (30m) 5:30 p.m. (65) FOOD Paula’s Home Cooking ‘Brunch Club’ (30m) (34) TLC Kitchen Boss ‘Mainly Meat’ (30m)

Bella Casa 3 x 3”


months to document their journey through a boot camp regime aimed at shedding those extra pounds (which are so easy to put on when you have access to some of the tastiest food indulgences around). To increase their chances for success, they’re not doing it alone either. A team of nutritionists, therapists, and trainers are all on-

Jamestown Mattress 3 x 2”

hand to help them reverse the habits that have come to endanger their health. Given that the Food Network tends to celebrate all things foodrelated, it’s not really surprising to see the specialty channel venture into the area of weight loss since the issue has been at the forefront of the industry over the last few years.

Incredible! (30m) (65) FOOD Barefoot Contessa ‘Dare To Be Different’ (30m) 12:30 p.m. (17.1) (3) WNED Rachel’s Favorite Food at Home ‘Edible Gifts’ (30m) 10:30 p.m. (65) FOOD Diners, DriveIns and Dives ‘Grilled, Smoked And Sauced’ (30m)

SUNDAY 10:00 a.m. (65) FOOD Ten Dollar Dinners ‘Greek-Onomical Dining’ (30m) 10:30 a.m. (65) FOOD Guy’s Big Bite

2:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ The Rachael Ray Show (1h) (65) FOOD Secrets of a Restaurant Chef ‘The Secret To Sole Meuniere’ (30m) 2:30 p.m. (65) FOOD Ten Dollar Dinners ‘French Bistro Bargain’ (30m) 3:00 p.m. (6) CBLT Best Recipes Ever ‘Family Favourite Desserts’ (30m) 3:30 p.m. (6) CBLT In the Kitchen With Stefano Faita ‘Easy Greek Dinner’ (30m) (65) FOOD 30 Minute Meals ‘Tex Mex Rx’ (30m) 4:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Barefoot Contessa ‘Old School Retro Mix’ (30m) 5:30 p.m. (34) TLC Kitchen Boss ‘Beans Baby’ (30m) 10:00 p.m. (65) FOOD Fat Chef ‘Jeff/ Maggie’ (1h) Chautauqua Star and Bulletin Board: Food Feb 17, 2012 to Feb 23, 2012

Westfield Memorial Hospital 2 x 2”

February 17 - 23, 2012 • 5

Dunkirk Moose 5 x 1”

Sportsthisweek FRIDAY 3:30 p.m.

(38) ESPN Baseball Tonight (Live) (0:30) (39) SNY Inside Villanova Basketball


4:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00) (62) NBCSN USSA Freestyle Skiing --

Moguls. (1:00)

4:30 p.m.

(39) SNY Red Storm Report (0:30)

5:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN USSA Freestyle Skiing -Aerials. (1:00) 7:30 p.m. (54) MSG Knicks Pre-game (Live) (0:30) (62) NBCSN NCAA Hockey Dartmouth vs. Yale. (Live) (2:30) 8:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Dallas Mavericks vs. Philadelphia 76ers. (Live) (2:30) (54) MSG NBA Basketball New Orleans Hornets vs. New York Knicks. (Live) (2:30) 10:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (Live) (1:00) 10:30 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers. (Live) (2:30) (54) MSG Knicks Post-Game (Live) (0:30)

SATURDAY 11:00 a.m.

(43) SPIKE Xtreme 4x4 (0:30)

12:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Marquette

vs. Connecticut. (Live) (2:00)

(39) SNY NCAA Basketball Louisville vs.

DePaul. (Live) (2:00) 12:30 p.m. (29.1) (5) WUTV Raceline (0:30) 1:00 p.m. (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE NCAA Basketball UCLA vs. St. John’s. (Live) (2:00) 1:30 p.m. (54) MSG NCAA Basketball Tennessee vs. Alabama. (Live) (2:00) 2:00 p.m. (6) CBLT USSA Snowboarding -- World Cup Snowboard Cross. (Live) (1:00) (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Missouri vs. Texas A&M. (Live) (2:00) (39) SNY NCAA Basketball -- Women’s. Marquette vs. Syracuse. (Live) (2:00) 2:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN USSA Freestyle Skiing -Dual Moguls. (1:00)

Crossword Solution

3:00 p.m.

(4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE PGA

Golf Northern Trust Open -- Round 3. (Live) (3:00) (6) CBLT FIS Alpine Skiing -- Women’s Downhill and Men’s Giant Slalom. (Live) (1:00) 3:30 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ USSA Snowboarding U.S. Grand Prix (1:30) 4:00 p.m. (6) CBLT ISU Figure Skating Four Continents Championships -- Pairs and Dance Free Programs. (Live) (2:00) (7.1) (7) WKBW ESPN Sports Saturday (2:00) (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Clemson vs. North Carolina. (Live) (2:00) (54) MSG NCAA Basketball Mississippi (Ole Miss) vs. Kentucky. (Live) (2:00) (62) NBCSN NCAA Basketball San Diego State vs. Air Force. (Live) (2:00) (39) SNY NCAA Basketball Seton Hall vs. Cincinnati. (Live) (2:00) 5:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ Crashed Ice (1:00) 6:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Bracketbusters Tournament St. Mary’s vs. Murray State. (Live) (2:00) 6:30 p.m. (6) CBLT Hockey Night in Canada: Scotiabank Hockey Tonight (Live) (0:30) 7:00 p.m. (6) CBLT NHL Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks. (Live) (3:00) (54) MSG NCAA Basketball Sacred Heart University vs. St. Francis (NY). (Live) (2:00) (62) NBCSN Poker Heads Up (1:00) (39) SNY NCAA Basketball Georgetown vs. Providence. (Live) (2:00) 8:00 p.m. (29.1) (5) WUTV NASCAR Auto Racing Shootout -- Sprint Cup Series. (Live) (2:00) (62) NBCSN Poker Heads Up (1:00) 9:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Ohio State vs. Michigan. (Live) (2:00) (62) NBCSN PBR Bull Riding (Live) (2:30) 10:00 p.m. (6) CBLT NHL Hockey Calgary Flames vs. Los Angeles Kings. (Live) (2:40) 12:40 a.m. (6) CBLT Hockey Night in Canada: After Hours (Live) (0:50)

SUNDAY 8:30 a.m.

(62) NBCSN Hank Parker’s Outdoor

Sudoku Solution

Magazine (0:30) 9:30 a.m. (38) ESPN The Sports Reporters (0:30) 12:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ NHL Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Buffalo Sabres. (Live) (3:00) 1:00 p.m. (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE NCAA Basketball Big-10 Wild Card Michigan State vs. Purdue. (Live) (2:00) (29.1) (5) WUTV NASCAR Auto Racing Daytona 500 -- Sprint Cup Series Qualifying. (Live) (3:00) (7.1) (7) WKBW NBA Basketball Dallas Mavericks vs. New York Knicks. (Live) (2:30) (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Syracuse vs. Rutgers. (Live) (2:00) 2:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN NCAA Lacrosse Sunshine Classic Georgetown vs. Jacksonville. (Live) (4:00) (39) SNY NCAA Lacrosse Albany vs. Syracuse. (Live) (2:00) 3:00 p.m. (2.1) (2) WGRZ NHL Hockey Boston Bruins vs. Minnesota Wild. (Live) (3:00) (4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE PGA Golf Northern Trust Open -- Final Round. (Live) (3:30) 3:30 p.m. (7.1) (7) WKBW NBA Basketball Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat. (Live) (2:30) 4:00 p.m. (54) MSG Halls of Fame (0:30) 6:00 p.m. (6) CBLT (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey New Jersey Devils vs. Montréal Canadiens. (Live) (3:00) 7:30 p.m. (54) MSG Rangers Pre-Game (Live) (0:30) 8:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder. (Live) (2:30) (54) MSG NHL Hockey Columbus Blue Jackets vs. New York Rangers. (Live) (2:30) 8:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 9:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (Live) (0:30) 11:00 p.m. (29.1) (5) WUTV Wrestling Ring of Honor (1:00) 4:30 a.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Dallas Mavericks vs. New York Knicks. (2:00)

MONDAY 2:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball -- Women’s. Notre Dame vs. Louisville. (Live) (2:00) 4:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls. (Live) (2:30) 4:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN UCI Cycling Tour of Qatar (1:00) 7:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Connecticut vs. Villanova. (Live) (2:00) (54) MSG Knicks Pre-game (Live) (0:30) (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 7:30 p.m. (54) MSG NBA Basketball New Jersey Nets vs. New York Knicks. (Live) (2:30)


Davis leads Kentucky to top ranking

By Joel Duplessis TV Media


he NCAA championship season is just around the corner, and it has teams gearing up for a grueling stretch that will decide next month’s March Madness tournament. To this point, the story of this season has been the outright dominance of the Kentucky Wildcats, thanks in large part to the outstanding play of freshman Anthony Davis. The Kentucky basketball program has long been one of the most successful in the history of the NCAA. They’ve won a record seven national championships and boast the most wins in Division 1 history. This season, the Wildcats have followed in the winning tradition and appear poised to make a legitimate run at a national championship. A contributing factor to this year’s success has been Kentucky’s dominant play on the defensive side of the ball. A catalyst for their defensive prowess is the overpowering presence of Davis in the paint. Davis averages 10 rebounds per game and is on pace to be the first Wildcats player to average double-digit rebounds since Kenny Walker in 1984-85. Davis’ unparalleled athletic ability helped him break Kentucky’s singleseason record for blocked shots, with 12 games still left on the schedule. His presence alone makes the opposing offense think twice before driving to the net. Although Davis has made a name for himself as a defensive pillar, he can also contribute to the offense when called upon. His shooting percentage is in the 60s, and his imposing presence in the paint has contributed a number of slam-dunk scores. Another key player to Kentucky’s success is Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He brings intensity, heart and determination every time he sets foot on the court. (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Washington

Capitals vs. Carolina Hurricanes. (Live) (2:30) 8:00 p.m. (52) TNT NBA Basketball Boston Celtics vs. Dallas Mavericks. (Live) (2:30) 9:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Baylor vs. Texas. (Live) (2:00)

(51) USA WWE Monday Night Raw


10:00 p.m.

(54) MSG Knicks Post-Game (Live) (0:30) (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) (39) SNY Mets Yearbook (0:30) (51) USA WWE Monday Night Raw

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Main Wine & Spirits 2 x 2”

6 • February 17 - 23, 2012

Sportsthisweek Sports 6:30 p.m.

(54) MSG Rangers Pre-Game (Live)


7:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Illinois vs.

Valvo's 2 x 2”

(1:05) 10:30 p.m. (52) TNT NBA Basketball Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers. (Live) (2:30) 11:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (Live) (0:30) 1:00 a.m. (52) TNT Inside the NBA (Live) (1:00)

TUESDAY 9:00 a.m.

(62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (0:30)

3:30 p.m.

(38) ESPN Baseball Tonight (Live) (0:30)

4:00 p.m.

Ohio State. (Live) (2:00) (54) MSG NHL Hockey New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins. (Live) (2:30) (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (1:00) (39) SNY NCAA Basketball Georgetown vs. Seton Hall. (Live) (2:00) 8:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks. (Live) (2:30) 9:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Kentucky vs. Mississippi State University. (Live) (2:00) 10:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 12:00 a.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (Live) (0:30)

(38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00)


5:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN USSA Freestyle Skiing -Dual moguls. (1:00)

3:30 p.m.

(38) ESPN Baseball Tonight (Live) (0:30)


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5)


(7:00) Today Show



Today Show II

(28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)



The Sopranos Paid Paid The Crocodile Hunter Paid Paid Paid Paid Mickey M. Jake SportsCenter Like You Like You (5:00) Paid Program F Smarter F Movie G. Girls G. Girls Various Various Various WGrace W&Grace (6:00) Boomer & Carton SportTlk Game On! SpongeBob SpongeBob Dr. Phil SportsNite SportsNite Paid Paid Various F M Twilight Fresh P. Fresh P. Baby Story Baby Story Charmed Pokemon Johnny Movie Movie Movie Beaver Various F Movie (6:00) Jump Start

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Today Show III

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The Dr. Oz Show (23.1) Winging It! Buffalo (11) Style (35.1) (7:00) CBS This Morning Live! With Kelly (17) (20)


Diamonds. (1:00) 7:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Boston Celtics vs. Oklahoma City Thunder. (Live) (2:30) (54) MSG Knicks Pre-game (Live) (0:30) (39) SNY NCAA Basketball South Florida vs. Syracuse. (Live) (2:00) 7:30 p.m. (54) MSG NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks. (Live) (2:30) 8:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 9:00 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Hockey Los Angeles Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche. (Live) (2:30) 9:30 p.m. (38) ESPN NBA Basketball Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks. (Live) (2:30) 10:00 p.m. (54) MSG Knicks Post-Game (Live) (0:30) 11:30 p.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Live! (Live) (0:30) 1:00 a.m. (62) NBCSN NHL Overtime (0:30)

(38) ESPN Baseball Tonight (Live) (0:30)

3:30 p.m.

4:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00) (62) NBCSN USSA Freestyle Skiing --

Dual Moguls. (1:00) 7:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Teams TBA. (Live) (2:00) (54) MSG NCAA Basketball Mount St. Mary’s vs. Central Connecticut State. (Live) (2:00) (52) TNT NBA Basketball New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat. (Live) (2:30) 9:00 p.m. (38) ESPN NCAA Basketball Teams TBA. (Live) (2:00) 9:30 p.m. (52) TNT NBA Basketball Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder. (Live) (2:30) 12:00 a.m. (52) TNT Inside the NBA (Live) (1:00) Chautauqua Star and Bulletin Board: Sports Feb 17, 2012 to Feb 23, 2012

FEBRUARY 17, 2012 TO FEBRUARY 23, 2012 9 AM

Curious The Cat in Super WHY! Dinosaur George the Hat Train (7:00) CBS This Morning The 700 Club

Paid Paid Program Program Bo on the Busytown (6) Go! Mysteries (7.1) (7:00) Good Morning (7) America (6:00) Canada AM

4:00 p.m.

(38) ESPN NFL Live (Live) (1:00) (62) NBCSN Poker Heads Up -- Clubs and

America's America's Court Court The Nate Berkus Show

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February 17 - 23, 2012 • 7

Fridayhighlights Gold Rush (44) DISC

7:00 p.m.

Catch up with Todd Hoffman and his crew as they continue their quest to strike it rich in Alaska. After a dismal outcome last season, the miners must come up with a new plan if they want to salvage what’s left of the mining season.

NAACP Image Awards (2.1) (2) WGRZ

8:00 p.m.

Stars pay tribute to those who portray positive images of African Americans in a multicultural celebration of literature, television and film. There are over 50 categories designed to acknowledge outstanding work in the arts, as well as social justice.

Todd Hoffman as seen in “Gold Rush”

Valley Motorsports 2 x 2”

A Gifted Man


(4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE

(31) SYFY

9:00 p.m.

Everyone’s destiny could change when Morgana allies herself with enigmatic wizard Alator in the hopes of learning a powerful secret. Now that she has friends both inside and outside the castle, Morgana is poised to reveal Merlin’s secret.

Singer Christina Milian guest stars as a spoiled pop star who comes into Holt with unusual symptoms. When a little girl at the Clinica comes in with the same symptoms, both teams of doctors struggle to figure out the common link.


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


Ellen Nathan Lane, Reese Witherspoon ~ TVPG Scully the T. Smiley World TVG (N) ~ TVG The Dr. Oz Show (N) TVPG Maury (N) TV14

10:00 p.m.

FEBRUARY 17, 2012 5 PM


Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG


8 PM


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11 PM


The Insider NAACP Awards honors prominent African Americans Dateline NBC TVPG Channel 2 Jay Leno from the fields of music, television and film. (L) ~ TVPG News ~ TVG (N) TVPG  TVPG Summer Washingto Need to   Anastasia (‘56) Ingrid Bergman. TVPG Business Austin City TVG TVPG  Wine TVG n Week TVG Know TVG News 4 ~ TVG News 4 at 6 CBSNews Inside Ed. Access H. Under Boss "Checkers Gift Man "In Case of Co- Blue Bloods News 4 at (:35) LateS TVG TVPG TVPG (N) ~ TVPG  p.m. and Rally's" (N) TV14 Dependents" (N) TVPG "Parenthood" (N) TV14 11 ~ TVG The Jeremy Kyle Show Big Bang Judge Judy Judge Judy Two and Kitchen Nightmares Fringe "A Better Human Seinfeld Two and TheSimp- Seinfeld TV14 TVPG TV14 Theory TV14 TV14 Half TV14 "Charlie's" (N) TV14 Being" (N) TV14 Half TV14 sons TVPG TVPG Rick Mercer Wheel TVPG CBC News Coverage of the day's top Coronation Coronation Jeopardy! Marketp- Rick Mercer the fifth estate "The CBC News: The National (:55) CBC News TVG TVG TVG TV14 local news events. ~ TVY Street Street lace (N) Report Lost Boys" (N) /(:05) George S. (N) The Doctors (N) TVPG Eyewitness News at 5 News at 6 ABC World Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! Shark Tank (N) TVPG 20/20 "One Moment in Time: The Life of Whitney Eyewitness Nightline TVG  p.m. ~ TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG Houston" News ~ TVG TVG The Dr. Oz Show (N) Anderson TVG CTV News ~ TVG eTalk TVPG Big Bang Under Boss "Checkers Law & Order: S.V.U. Blue Bloods CTV News ~ CTV News ~ "Behave" TV14 "Parenthood" (N) TV14 TVG TVG  TVPG Theory TVG and Rally's" (N) TV14 The Wendy Williams The Nate Berkus Show America's Funniest The Office The Office Nikita "Origins" (N) TV14 Supernatural "Repo 10 O'Clock TMZ TV14 Cops TV14 Cops TVPG Show TVPG TVPG Home Videos TVPG TV14 TVPG Man" (N) TV14 News ~ TVG Anderson TVG Dr. Phil (N) TVPG Newswatch CBSNews Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! Under Boss "Checkers Gift Man "In Case of Co- Blue Bloods Newswatch (:35) LateS ~ TVG TVG TVG (N) ~ TVPG  and Rally's" (N) TV14 Dependents" (N) TVPG "Parenthood" (N) TV14 ~ TVG (3:00)   Boyz 'N Cold Case "The GoodCold Case "Shuffle, Ball Cold Case "A Dollar, a Cold Case "Offender" Cold Case "Stand Up Cold Case "Torn" TVPG Flashpoint "A Day in the Hood TVM Bye Room" TVPG Change" TVPG Dream" TVPG TV14 and Holler" TV14 the Life" TV14 Criminal Minds TVPG The First 48 TV14 Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Ship Wars Ship Wars Ship Wars Ship Wars  (2:)  The Fugitive TV14 CSI: Miami TV14 CSI: Miami TV14 CSI "Sink or Swim" TV14   Slither (‘06) Nathan Fillion. TVMA Dead "Nebraska" TV14 Comic Book Men "Junk" The Haunted TVG Gators "Pilot" TVPG RivMon "Piranha" TV14 The Haunted TVPG Infested! TVPG Infested! TVPG Be Alive TVPG Infested! TVPG (:55) Futura Tosh.O Sunny South Park Daily Show Colbert 30 Rock 30 Rock Tosh.O Tosh.O South Park KeyPeele Mike Epps TVMA The Ruckus The Ruckus American Chopper TVPG Man vs. Wild TVPG Rush "Bedrock Gold" Rush "Man Down" TVPG Gold Rush TVPG Rush "Frozen Out" TVPG Bering Sea Gold Rush "Frozen Out" TVPG A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm GoodLuck Shake It Up Shake It Up GoodLuck Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally  Radio Rebel (‘12) Debby Ryan. TVPG (:40) Austin SoRandom GoodLuck Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally NFL Live (L) TVG Horn Interrupt SportsCenter TVG Countdown Basketball NBA Dallas Mavericks vs. Philadelphia 76ers (L) TVG Basketball NBA Pho./L.A. L. (L) TVG  '70s Show '70s Show Gilmore Girls TVPG   Scooby Doo (‘02) Freddie Prinze Jr. TVPG   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Daniel Radcliffe. TVPG The 700 Club TVPG Barefoot Giada Home Cook Paula Diners Diners BestAte BestAte Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Crave (2:30)   2012 (‘09) John Cusack. TV14 Two 1/2... Two 1/2... M-Mother M-Mother   Star Trek (‘09) Chris Pine. TVPG  Men of Honor TVMA  The Waltons TVG The Waltons TVG Little House Prairie TVPG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Income Income Property Property House House House House Cash/ Cari Cash/ Cari Pop Shop Pop Shop HouseH House House House UFO Files TVPG UFO Files TVPG UFO Files TVPG UFO Files TVPG American Pickers TVPG Ancient Aliens (N) TVPG Top Gear TVPG Modern Marvels TVPG  M-Mother Met-Mother Unsolved Myster. ~ TVPG Most Wanted TV14 Most Wanted TV14 Most Wanted TV14 Most Wanted TV14 Most Wanted TV14 Most Wanted TV14  (2:00) Hockey NHL TVG Rangers in 60 NHL TVG Track USSA MSG Vault Pre-game Basketball NBA New Orleans Hornets vs. New York Knicks (L) TVG Post Game NYSeasonReview (N) Skiing USSA Moguls TVG Skiing USSA Aerials ~ TVG NBC Sports Talk (L) Game On! Hockey NCAA Dartmouth vs. Yale (L) ~ TVG NHL Overtime (L) NBC Sports Talk Penguins Kung Fu SpongeBob SpongeBob Victorious Victorious Anubis iCarly SpongeBob SpongeBob Friends Friends G. Lopez G. Lopez Friends Friends The Real NCIS TV14 The Real NCIS TV14 The Real NCIS TV14 The Real NCIS TV14 48 Hours: Evidence TV14 48 Hours.. "Toxic" TV14 48 Hours: Evidence TV14 48 Hours: Evidence TV14 Sidelines Red Storm Daily News Wheel Loud Hot Stove Beasts of Big East Boxing Broadway Card TBA ~ TVMA Big East SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite Gangland TV14 Gangland TV14 Ink Master TV14 Ink Master TV14 Ink Master TV14 Ink Master TV14 Ink Master TV14  Rambo: First Blood ...  (3:30)  Star Trek: Insurrection TV14   Pandorum (‘09) Dennis Quaid. TVMA WWE Smackdown! (N) TV14 Merlin (N) TVPG Being Human TV14 Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld Payne Payne Payne Payne   Diary of a Mad Black Woman TV14  Say Yes Say Yes Cake Boss Kitchen Toddlers & Tiaras TVPG Four Weddings TVPG Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Say Yes to Four Weddings TVPG Say Yes to Say Yes to Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 LawOrder "Stiff" TV14 Law & Order TV14   300 (‘06) Gerard Butler. TVMA Franklin & Bash TV14 Ed Edd Mountain Johnny Test Regular Level Up Level Up Adv.Time NinjaGo Rex Rex King Hill 1/2 King Hill 2/2 Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Family Guy Family Guy (:15)   Panic in the Streets TVPG   In the Heat of the Night TVPG   Glory (‘89) Matthew Broderick. TVM   Gone With the Wind TVPG  Bonanza TVPG Bonanza TVPG M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Home Imp Home Imp Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Queens Queens House TV14 NCIS TVPG NCIS "Skeletons" TVPG NCIS "Iceman" TVPG SVU "Coerced" TV14   G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra TVPG Movie Sat. Night Live TV14 Sat. Night Live TV14 Great Women "Hour 1" Great Women "Hour 2" Great Women "Hour 3" Great Women "Hour 4" Greatest "Hour 5" (N) VH1 News Pop-Up

8 • February 17 - 23, 2012

Friday (23) DISN

Familyhighlights rose to fame thanks to his skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding antics, sets out to find the country’s most talented pooches. Dog owners attended auditions and sent in videos of their amazing canines.

8:00 p.m.

Radio Rebel

A shy high school student hosts a nightly podcast to showcase her taste in music in this premiere movie. When the Sunday podcast becomes extremely (46) FAM 12:00 p.m. popular with her classmates, she must decide whether to re- Mr. Magorium’s veal her secret identity as the Wonder Emporium Radio Rebel. Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman and Jason Bateman star Saturday in this whimsical tale about a (49) APL 10:00 a.m. toy store with a life of its own. Who Let the Dogs At the age of 243, toy-store Out owner Mr. Magorium has deCelebrity bulldog Tillman, who cided to retire and plans to

give his business to his longtime manager, Molly.

Monday (23) DISN

8:30 a.m.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Jake returns to lead a crew of kid pirates in the season premiere of this brightly animated series. Classic characters such as Captain Hook and Smee come to life, along with the enthusiastic and courageous Jake and his friends.

Wednesday (60) HALL

12:00 p.m.

Emeril’s Table

Round up the kids and head to

the kitchen as Emeril presents easy children’s recipes for kids big and small. He demonstrates how to make grilled, almond-butter sandwiches with bananas and chocolate, French bread pizza and mac and cheese.

Thursday (23) DISN

8:30 p.m.


Shia LaBeouf stars in this adaptation of the Louis Sachar novel. After being wrongfully convicted of stealing a pair of shoes, a young boy is sent away to Camp Green Lake. Forced to dig holes, he’s deter-


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


9 AM

Debby Ryan stars in “Radio Rebel”

mined to find out what his supervisors are after.

FEBRUARY 18, 2012 9:30

10 AM


11 AM

(7:00) Saturday Today Daybreak Saturday Morning ~ TVG Living Jane & Scotty McCreary (N) TVG Toronto Drag. TVY7 Cyberchase Bob the The Saddle DragonfGarden ~ The Victory Mexico One TVY Builder TVY Club TVY lyTV TVG Garden TVG Plate TVG TVG TheDood- TheDood- Busytown Busytown Danger R. Horseland Kids News lebops TVY lebops TVY Myst. TVY Myst. TVY TVY TVY7 TVG Kitchen Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Weekend Marketplace ~ TVG World TVG Mech. / Super WHY! Doodlebop/ Goldfish Is Artzooka Hamilton Edible Incred. TVG TVG TVG :15 Pirates TVY :20 Pirates Evil TVY Good Morning America Born to Everyday Food for Th Culture Metro Saturday TVPG Explore TVG Health TVG TVG Click TVG Showcase The Littlest The Littlest Corner Gas Corner Gas Sick Kids Foundation ~ It is TVG Hobo TVG Hobo TVG TVPG TVPG Written Sonic X Sonic X Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Tai Chi (N) TVY7 TVY7 Zex (N) TVY7 TVY7 Z Kai TVY7 Z Kai TVY7 TVY7 Morning Saturday A discussion of current events and TheDood- TheDood- Busytown a variety of topics that affect our world today. ~ TVG lebops TVY lebops TVY Myst. TVY Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG

11:30 Babar TVY

12 PM

Willa's Wild Life TVY Cooking Essential Pepin TVPG TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG


1 PM


2 PM


3 PM


Pearlie TVY Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Snowboard USSA TVG  Favorite TestK TVG Simply Lidia's Italy Ciao Italia Burt Wolf PricelessAFoods TVG Ming TVG TVG ntique TVG TVG TVPG B.ball Tday Basketball NCAA UCLA vs. St. John's (L) TVG Golf PGA Northern Trust (L) TVG Open Round 3 (L) ~ TVG  Paid ~ TVPG Raceline   The Love Letter (‘99) Kate Capshaw. TV14   Perfect Stranger (‘07) Halle Berry. TVMA  TVG G2G: Got to The Lost Years 1/2 cont'd Doc Zone TVPG Snowboarding USSA (L) Alpine Skiing FIS (L) TVG Go! TVY Feb 24 TVG Local Proud Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Superfest "Salute to The Big Time (N) TVG Black History" ~ TVG Car "Audi SportsC All the news from Canada's Worst Driver Worst Handyman The Marilyn Denis Show "The Verdict" TVPG "Bentwood" TVPG TVPG Racing" ~ the world of sports. TVG Yu-Gi-Oh! Wake Up ~ TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG TVY7 Busytown Awesome B.ball Tday Basketball NCAA UCLA vs. St. John's (L) TVG Golf PGA Northern Trust Myst. TVY Adv. TVG (L) TVG Open Round 3 (L) ~ TVG  Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG NutriSy  Heartbreak Ridge (‘86) A tough marine's final assignment is to get a squadron of young recruits into shape. Marsha Mason, Clint Eastwood. ~ TVMA stem Sell House Sell House Sell House Sell House Sell House Sell House Flip This House TVPG Flip This House TVPG Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Rifleman Rifleman   Return of the Seven (‘66) Yul Brynner. TVPG (:15)   The Magnificent Seven (‘60) Yul Brynner. TVPG (:15)   Last of the Dogmen TVPG  Hillbilly Hand TVPG Dogs 101 TVPG Dogs Out Funny A. Pit Boss TV14 Pit Boss TV14 Pit Boss TV14 Pit Boss TV14 My Cat From Hell TVPG Comedy D.L. Hughley TVM   The Ladies Man (‘00) Tim Meadows. TVMA   Barbershop (‘02) Ice Cube. TV14   First Sunday (‘08) Ice Cube. TVPG Sinbad  Paid Paid Program ~ TVPG American Chopper TVPG American Guns American Guns American Guns American Guns Jake Never Land TVY Phineas Phineas Phineas Fish Hooks Jessie A.N.T. Farm Wizards Wizards GoodLuck GoodLuck Shake It Up Shake It Up Wizards Wizards SportsCenter TVG SportsCenter TVG SportsCenter TVG College Gameday (L) Basketball NCAA Marquette vs. Connecticut (L) TVG Basketball NCAA Missouri vs. Texas A&M (L) TVG (7:30)   Scooby Doo TVPG   Casper (‘95) Christina Ricci. TVPG   Legally Blonde (‘01) Reese Witherspoon. TV14   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban TVPG  Aarti Party Cooking DownH. 30 Mins Pioneer Paula Barefoot Giada Chopped TVG Cupcake Wars TVG WorstCooks TVG Fat Chef TVG 7:  Underworld: Evol... Met-Mother Met-Mother Met-Mother M-Mother Two 1/2... Two 1/2... Two 1/2... Two 1/2...   Invincible (‘06) Greg Kinnear. TVPG  Men of Honor TVMA  G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls G. Girls   The Good Witch (‘08) Catherine Bell. TVPG  Cupid (‘11) Joely Fisher. TVG   The Good Witch's Garden TVPG Income Cousins Property Property Crashers Crashers Crashers Crashers Crashers Crashers Room Cr Homes Homes Bang Buck Bang Buck High Low Declassified TVPG True Caribbean Pirates "Blackbeard" TVPG Lost Worlds TVG Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler TVPG The Third Reich "The Rise" TV14 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Christine  He Loves Me (‘11) Heather Locklear. TV14   Fracture (‘07) Anthony Hopkins. TV14 (6:00) Paid ~ TVPG Knicks NBA N.O./N.Y. TVG Knick # Best of Boomer TVPG Basketball NCAA Bryant vs St. Francis TVG Basketball NCAA Tennessee vs. Alabama (L) TVG H. Fame Fly Fishing Outdoor Fish Roland Bill Dance AnglEdge Bass 2 Salt Fishing Saltwater Into Blue Fishing TV Saltwater Saltwater Real Hunt. Skiing USSA TVG Game On! SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Kung Fu Kung Fu P. Rangers SpongeBob Kung Fu Kung Fu Kung Fu Kung Fu Big Time R. Big Time R. Dr. Phil Home Simple TVPG   Look Who's Talking (‘89) John Travolta. TV14   Beaches (‘88) Bette Midler. TVPG Prison Wives TV14 USF Bask. Red Storm Paid Paid Paid Paid Rutgers Sidelines Basketball NCAA Louisville vs. DePaul (L) TVG Basketball NCAA Marquette vs Syracuse (L) TVG Paid Paid Walker, TR TVPG Repo Game Repo Game Xtreme 4x4 Horsep. Trucks! MuscleCar Repo Game   Kill Bill Vol. 1 (‘03) Uma Thurman. TVM Paid Paid   Impact 1/2 cont'd next TVPG   Impact (‘08) 2/2 David James Elliott. TVPG   Earthstorm (‘06) Stephen Baldwin. TV14  Meteor Storm TV14  Name Earl Name Earl Accord.Jim Yes, Dear Yes, Dear Yes, Dear TBSPrev. /(:10)   Mr. 3000 (‘04) Bernie Mac. TVPG   Diary of a Mad Black Woman (‘05) Kimberly Elise. TV14 Paid Paid Property Ladder TVG Property Ladder TVG Property Ladder TVG Property Ladder TVG Cellblock 6: Female TV14 Cellblock 6: Female TV14 Cellblock 6: Female TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Rizzoli & Isles TV14 The Closer TV14 Law & Order TV14   Doom (‘05) Karl Urban. TVMA  Transporter 3 TV14  Beyblade Pokemon Ben 10 CloneWars Johnny Test Johnny   Surf's Up (‘07) Shia LaBoeuf. TVG  Open Season 3 (‘10) Dana Syder. TVG   Shrek TVPG  Movie   Gigi (‘58) Leslie Caron. TVG   Mr. Hulot's Holiday TVPG   Ninotchka (‘39) Greta Garbo. TVG   The Three Musketeers Lana Turner. TVG  7:30 3's Co. The Nanny The Nanny The Nanny The Nanny The Nanny Makeover: Home TVPG Makeover: Home TVPG Makeover: Home TVPG Murder, She Wrote TVG Murder, She Wrote TVG Paid Program ~ TVPG Royal Pains TV14 White Collar TV14 Psych TVPG   Employee of the Month Matt Dillon. TVMA   Good Luck Chuck (‘07) Jessica Alba. TVMA (6:00) Jump Start TVPG VH1 Top 20 Videos TVPG VH1 Top 20 Videos TVPG VH1 News Sports Illustrated   The Blues Brothers (‘80) John Belushi. TV14 MobWives 

February 17 - 23, 2012 • 9

Saturdayhighlights Parking Wars (28) A&E

9:00 p.m.

Maddenford Spring & Auto 2 x 2”

Sonia and Johnny Tickets encounter angry citizens as they go about their daily duties. Also, a hefty football player causes problems for booters Courtney and Sonjia when he tries to prevent them from towing his mother’s car.

Dateline: Real Life Mysteries (34) TLC

9:00 p.m.

Valvo's 2 x 2”

Another horrifying mystery comes to light in this two-part special edition. Find out what happened in the case of a young college freshman who was brutally gunned down in her own car in a dark, deserted parking lot.

Richie in “Parking Wars”


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


5 PM

FEBRUARY 18, 2012 5:30

(3:30) Snowboard USSA Crashed Ice ~ TVG U.S. Grand Prix ~ TVG Steves' Motorweek Woodwork Hometime Europe TVG (N) TVG TVG TVG (3:00) Golf PGA Northern Trust Open Round 3 Site: Riviera Country Club Pacific Palisades, Calif. (L) ~ TVG (3:00)   Perfect Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Stranger TVMA FigSkate ISU Four Continents Championships Pairs and Dance Free Programs Colorado Springs, Colo. (L) ~ TVG Sports A mix of sports highlights, including a review of the week and a look at upcoming events. ~ TVG eTalk TVPG App Central Movie eTalk TVPG TVG Night TV14 Access Hollywood TMZ TV14 Weekend TVPG (3:00) Golf PGA Northern Trust Open Round 3 Site: Riviera Country Club Pacific Palisades, Calif. (L) ~ TVG   The Replacements (‘00) Keanu Reeves. TV14

6 PM


Channel 2 NBC News News at 6 TVG This Old Ask-Old House TVG House TVG News 4 Weekend ~ TVG

7 PM


Spiel the Paid ~ TVPG Wine Robin Hood "The Return of the King" TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG

8 PM


9 PM


10 PM


11 PM


Smash "Callbacks" TVPG The Firm "Chapter Law & Order: S.V.U. Channel 2 Sat. Night "Theater Tricks" TV14 Seven" (N) TV14 News ~ TVG (N) TV14  Doc Martin "Old Dogs" New Tricks "Where Poirot "The Mystery of Masterpiece "Downton TVPG There's Smoke" TVPG the Spanish Chest" TV14 Abbey, Series II" TVPG  Person of Interest NCIS: Los Angeles 48 Hours Mystery TVG News 4 at Universe 11 ~ TVG "Mission Creep" TV14 "Anonymous" TV14 TV14  Two and Two and The Big The Big Auto Racing NASCAR Shootout Sprint Cup Series Site: The Big The Big Alcatraz "Guy Hastings" Half TV14 Half TV14 Bang TVPG Bang TV14 Daytona International Speedway (L) ~ TVG Bang TV14 Bang TVPG TV14 CBC News: HNIC (L) ~ Hockey NHL Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks Site: Rogers Arena Hockey NHL Calgary Flames vs. Los Angeles Kings Site: Toronto Vancouver, B.C. (L) ~ TVG Staples Center Los Angeles, Calif. (L) ~ TVG TVG  Eyewitness ABC World Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Wipeout TVPG   Wild Hogs (‘07) John Travolta. TV14 Eyewitness Playground News ~ TVG News TVPG News ~ TVG TVPG CTV News ~ TVG W5 TVPG Flash "Unconditional Criminal Minds The Borgias "The National CTV News ~ "Corazon" TV14  Love" TV14 Assassin" TVMA News TVPG TVG Paid ~ TVPG Evening Stargate Universe Law & Order "Silence" Law & Order "The 10 O'Clock Criminal Minds Numb3rs News TVG "Alliances" TVPG TV14 Working Stiff" TV14 News ~ TVG "Lessons Learned" TV14 TVPG  Insider ~ Evening FortuneW- Jeopardy! Person of Interest NCIS: Los Angeles 48 Hours Mystery TVG Newswatch Grey's A. TVG News TVG eekend TVG TVG "Mission Creep" TV14 "Anonymous" TV14 ~ TVG TV14  Psych "An Evening With Psych "Extradition: Psych "He Dead" ~ TVPG Psych "High Noon-Ish" ~ Psych TVPG Psych "Shawn Gets the TVPG Mr. Yang" ~ TVPG British Columbia" TVPG Yips" ~ TVPG Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Parking Billy Billy Billy Billy  2:15  Last of the Dog...   Unforgiven (‘92) Clint Eastwood. TV14   Braveheart (‘95) Mel Gibson. TVM My Cat From Hell TVPG My Cat From Hell TVPG My Cat From Hell TVPG My Cat From Hell TVPG My Cat From Hell TVPG Pit Boss TV14 Pit Boss TV14 Meet the Preppers TVPG (3:30) Sinbad: Where U Been? TV14 Wyatt Cenac TVPG Pat. O'Neal Kevin Hart TV14 Chappelle KeyPeele Dave Chappelle TVMA Katt Williams TVMA Nick Cannon ~ TVMA American Guns Ready, Aim, Sold Sons of Guns TV14 Sons of Guns TV14 Sons of Guns TV14 Sons of Guns TV14 Sons of Guns TV14 Sons of Guns TV14 Wizards TVG GoodLuck Jessie Austin/ Ally Shake It Up Jessie  Radio Rebel (‘12) Debby Ryan. TVPG (:10) Jessie (:35) Jessie A.N.T. Farm GoodLuck Austin/ Ally Shake It Up Basketball NCAA Clemson vs. North Carolina (L) TVG Basketball NCAA Bracketbusters Tournament (L) TVG College Gameday (L) Basketball NCAA Ohio State vs. Michigan (L) TVG SportsCenter TVG Movie   Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (‘05) Daniel Radcliffe. TV14   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (‘07) Daniel Radcliffe. TVPG Jane "The Lookbook" Diners Diners Iron Chef America TVPG Chopped TVG Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Iron Chef America TVPG (3:00)   Men of Honor Robert De Niro. TVMA   Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (‘09) Shia LaBeouf. TV14   Ghost Rider (‘07) Nicolas Cage. TV14 Louie  The Good Witch's Gift (‘10) Catherine Bell. TVPG  The Good Witch's Family Catherine Bell. TVPG   Second Honeymoon (‘00) Roma Downey. TVPG   Second Honeymoon (‘00) Roma Downey. TVPG Design Genevieve Color Splash HouseH House HouseH House Candice Genevieve Color S. Interiors HouseH House HouseH House The Third Reich "The Fall" TV14 Sharp Shooters "Wild Bill Hickok" TVPG   The Outlaw Josey Wales (‘76) Clint Eastwood. TV14 Full Metal Jousting    Lies My Mother Told Me TVPG   Sex, Lies & Obsession (‘01) Harry Hamlin. TV14   Cries in the Dark (‘06) Eva LaRue. TV14  And Baby Will Fall (‘11) Anastasia Griffith. TVPG  Basketball NCAA Mississippi vs Kentucky (L) TVG MSG Vault TVG Basketball NCAA Sacred Heart vs St. Francis (L) TVG Bench Hockey Night (L) ~ TVG NYGiants Beginnings Beginnings Basketball NCAA San Diego State vs. Air Force (L) TVG Moto. Hour (N) ~ TVG Poker Heads Up TVPG Poker Heads Up TVPG Bull Riding PBR Georgia (L) ~ TVG Game On! iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious ToRock Epic Adv. iCarly '70s Show '70s Show Friends Friends Prison Wives TVPG Prison Wives TVPG Prison Wives TVPG Prison Wives TVPG Unfaithful TV14 Unfaithful TV14 Unfaithful TV14 Unfaithful TV14 Basketball NCAA Seton Hall vs. Cincinnati (L) TVG Big East Pre-game Basketball NCAA Georgetown vs. Providence (L) TVG Post-game Hot Stove Beer SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite   Kill Bill Vol. 2 (‘04) Uma Thurman. TVM   Rambo: First Blood Part II TV14   Rambo (‘08) Sylvester Stallone. TVMA   Rambo III TVMA  3:  Meteor Storm TV14  Swamp Volcano (‘12) Rachel Hunter. TV14  Stonehenge Apocalypse (‘10) Misha Collins. TV14  2012: Ice Age (‘11) (P) Patrick Labyorteaux. TV14  Ice Twisters TVPG  Queens Queens Friends Friends Friends Friends Seinfeld Seinfeld BigBang BigBang BigBang BigBang   Madea's Family Reunion Tyler Perry. TV14  Female Lock Up TVPG Cellblock 6: Female TVPG Cellblock 6: Female TV14 Real Life TV14 Real Life TV14 Real Life TV14 Real Life TV14 Real Life TV14 3:  Transporter 3 TV14   Final Destination 3 TV14   Resident Evil: Extinction TVMA   I Am Legend (‘07) Will Smith. TV14 Leverage TVPG (3:00)  Shrek TVPG Adv.Time Adv.Time Adv.Time Adv.Time   Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs TVPG God, Devil King of Hill King of Hill Family Guy Boondocks Boondocks (:15)   The Hunchback of Notre Dame TVPG (:15)   Joan of Paris (‘42) Paul Henreid. TVPG   The Train (‘65) Burt Lancaster. TV14   The Day of the Jackal TVPG  Murder, She Wrote TVG   Miss Congeniality (‘00) Sandra Bullock. TV14 Hot/ Cleve. Hot/ Cleve. Hot/ Cleve. Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Queens NCIS TV14 NCIS "Silver War" TVPG NCIS TVPG NCIS "Blowback" TVPG NCIS "Broken Bird" TV14 NCIS "Faith" TVPG NCIS TV14 CSI "For Warrick" TV14 3:30MWives Mob Wives VH1 News TI Tiny TI Tiny TI Tiny BballWives /One-Hit TVPG One-Hit "Hour 2" TVPG   National Lampoon's Animal House John Belushi. TVMA Movie

10 • February 17 - 23, 2012

By Adam Thomlison TV Media Q: My sister and I watched Josh Bernstein on Discovery Channel and enjoyed his documentaries, plus he was very pleasing to the eye. What in the world happened to him? A: It seems as if Josh Bernstein has parted ways with television for the time being. If you want to see his handsome, rugged face any time soon, it’ll have to be live. His most recent series, Discovery Channel’s “Into the Unknown With Josh Bernstein,” was canceled in 2008 after a brief, eight-episode first season. Since then he hasn’t returned to series television, instead popping up occasionally as a guest on NBC’s “Today Show” and

HollywoodQ&A pursuing a freelance career as a speaker and extreme-tour guide. He recently spoke at New York’s famed 92nd Street Y, giving an address titled “Around the World in 50 Minutes.” It’s described as “a photographic tour of some of the most interesting places he has been on his journey of over 500,000 miles around the world.” The tour-guiding he’s done hasn’t been quite so public. He recently led a three-day nature tour of Iceland for 18 of “Delta Airlines’ most valued clients.” He also serves as the CEO, owner and occasional instructor at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, which he first attended as a student in 1987 at age 16. With all of this, you’d think he wouldn’t even have time for television, but it seems he might be

getting back into the game. His website says he’s currently “developing a number of new projects to be announced shortly.” Though he was already an accomplished adventurer and explorer at the time, Bernstein first found fame as the host of “Digging for the Truth” on The History Channel. The show quickly became the network’s highest-rated, which is why it was such a coup when he was poached by rival Discovery Channel in 2007. Q: Have Gabi and Miles on “Sesame Street” always been played by the same actors? A: No, actually -- a few different young actors have taken on those roles for the venerable TV institution. Fittingly, just as the characters themselves were part of longstanding “Sesame

Street” families, the first actors to play them were family as well. Both roles were first played by the children of the actors playing their parents. The first person to appear as Miles Robinson was Miles Orman, the real-life son of Roscoe Orman, who played his father, Gordon. And the first to play Gabi Rodriguez was Gabriela Manzano, daughter of Sonia Manzano, who played Gabi’s mother, Maria. Miles Orman stuck with the role until he turned 7, while Gabriela left the show in 1993 to pursue a promising role in kindergarten. The only other actress to play Gabi has been Desiree Casado, who’s been in the role for nearly 20 years now. Miles has been played by two other actors since -- Imani Patterson stepped into the job in 1992 and held it for 10


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


years before being replaced by Olamide Faison, who has played Miles ever since. If Faison looks familiar to older viewers, it could be a family resemblance he shares with his older brother, Donald Faison, who’s most famous for starring as Dr. Christopher Turk on the hit sitcom “Scrubs.” The kids’ roles aren’t the only ones to be switched up. While Gabi’s mother, Maria, has been played by Manzano since her character’s debut in 1974, four different actors have played Gordon Robinson since he first appeared in the show’s 1969 pilot.

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February 17 - 23, 2012 • 11

Sundayhighlights The Amazing Race (4.1) (4) WIVB (10) CFTO (35.1) (17) WSEE

Maddenford Spring & Auto 2 x 2”

8:00 p.m.

Phil Keoghan hosts as another 11 teams set off on a global sprint around the world in this season premiere. This season includes the former “Big Brother” contestants Brendon and Rachel.

The Simpsons (29.1) (5) WUTV

8:00 p.m.

When the Simpsons are kicked out of Springfield, they join an “off-the-grid” community outside of town. Grammy winner Alison Krauss recorded the theme song for this monumental 500th episode of the long-running animated series.

Brendon and Rachel in “The Amazing Race”

Shevlin's 2 x 2”


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


FEBRUARY 19, 2012 5 PM


6 PM


(3:00) Hockey NHL Boston Bruins vs. Minnesota Wild Channel 2 NBC News Site: Xcel Energy Center St. Paul, Minn. (L) ~ TVG News ~ TVG TVG The Brain that Changes Globe Trekker Antique "Pittsburgh "Antarctica" TVG Itself TVG (Hour One)" 1/3 TVG (3:00) Golf PGA Northern Trust Open Final Round Site: Riviera CBS Even. Country Club Pacific Palisades, Calif. (L) ~ TVG News TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG

7 PM


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(L) ~ TVG "Pilot" (N) TVG (3:30) Basketball NBA Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat News 9 at 6 ABC World America's Funniest Once Upon a Time (N) Desp. Housewives "Get Pan Am "1964" (SF) (N) Eyewitness Playground Site: American Airlines Arena Miami, Fla. (L) TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG Home Videos (N) TVPG TVPG Out of My Life" (N) TV14 TVPG News ~ TVG TVPG (3:00)   Bailey's In Fashion Fashion TV CTV News ~ TVG Once Upon a Time (N) The Amazing Race (SP) Desp. Housewives "Get Pan Am "1964" (SF) (N) National CTV News ~ Billions Dean Cain. TVG  TV14 TV14 TVPG (N) TVPG Out of My Life" (N) TV14 TVPG News TVPG TVG Brothers & Sisters True Story "American News 4 Weekend ~ TVG Paid ~ TVPG Paid ~ TVPG   The Big Hit (‘98) Mark Wahlberg. TVMA 10 O'Clock Paid ~ TVPG The Office The Office "Mexico" TVPG TV14 TV14 Idol: Girls Rule" TVPG News ~ TVG (3:00) Golf PGA Northern Trust Open Final Round Site: Riviera CBS Even. 60 Minutes TVG The Amazing Race (SP) Good Wife "Live From CSI: Miami "Last Straw" Newswatch Grey's A. (N) TV14 ~ TVG TV14  Country Club Pacific Palisades, Calif. (L) ~ TVG News TVG (N) TVPG Damascus" (N) TV14   Commando (‘85) Arnold Schwarzenegger. TV14   The Terminator (‘84) Arnold Schwarzenegger.   Out of the Ashes (‘03) Christine Lahti. TVMA   Boyz 'N the Hood (‘91) TV14 Laurence Fishburne. TVM  Flip This House TVPG Flip This House TVPG Flip This House TVPG Flip This House TVPG Flipping Boston TVPG Flipping Boston TVPG Flipping Boston TVPG Flipping Boston TVPG  3:  Pet Semetary II TV...   V for Vendetta (‘06) Natalie Portman. TV14 Dead "Nebraska" TV14 The Walking Dead (N) Comic Book Men (N) Dead "Triggerfinger" Gator Boys TV14 Gator Boys TVPG Gator Boys TVPG Finding Bigfoot TVPG Hillbilly Hand TVPG Gator Boys TVPG Finding Bigfoot TVPG Rattlesnake Rep TV14 (3:45)   Barbershop TV14 (:45)   Beverly Hills Cop (‘84) Eddie Murphy. TVM Chappelle KeyPeele Kevin Hart/Pain A Tribute To Bernie Mac  The Original Kings...  Gold Rush TVPG Gold Rush TVPG Sea Gold "Paydirt" Bering Sea Gold Sea Gold "Suction" Bering Sea Gold Cruise Ship Disaster Cruise Ship Disaster Phineas Phineas GoodLuck A.N.T. Farm :55 SoRandom /(:20)  Radio Rebel TVPG Austin/ Ally Shake It Up A.N.T. Farm Jessie SoRandom A.N.T. Farm Austin/ Ally Shake It Up 3: Bowling Fitness Fitness Fitness SportsC. The day's news in the world of sports. ~ TVG Basketball NBA Denver Nuggets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (L) TVG SportsCenter TVG 2:  Harry Potter & the Goblet of F...   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (‘07) Daniel Radcliffe. TVPG   Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (‘09) Daniel Radcliffe. TVPG Diners Diners BestAte BestAte Diners Diners WorstCooks TVG Cupcake Wars (N) TVG WorstCooks (N) TVG Iron Chef USA (N) TVPG Chopped TVG 2:30  Transformers: Revenge of t...   Ghost Rider (‘07) Nicolas Cage. TV14   Star Trek (‘09) Chris Pine. TVPG   Star Trek TVPG    The Parent Trap (‘98) Lindsay Lohan. TVPG   The Parent Trap (‘98) Lindsay Lohan. TVPG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier HouseH House For Rent For Rent HouseH House Holmes on Homes TVG Holmes on Homes TVPG Holmes Inspection TVPG Holmes Inspection TVPG Property Brothers Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Marvels "Saws" TVPG Modern Marvels TVPG Ax Men TVPG Ax Men TVPG Ax Men TVPG Jousting "Unhorsed" (N) Mudcats "Hot Spots"  3:30  Their Eyes Were Watching ...   The Secret Life of Bees (‘08) Dakota Fanning. TV14   Obsessed (‘09) Beyoncé Knowles. TV14  Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story TVPG  H. Fame Game 365 Hockey Night ~ TVG Beginnings Bench Beginnings Pre-Game Hockey NHL Columbus Blue Jackets vs. New York Rangers (L) ~ TVG Post-Game Bench Rangers  (2:00) Lacrosse NCAA Sunshine Classic (L) TVG Hockey NHL New Jersey Devils vs. Montréal Canadiens (L) ~ TVG NHL Live! Overtime   Wildcats (‘86) Goldie Hawn. TVMA Movie iCarly iCarly Victorious Victorious SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob '70s Show '70s Show Wife Kids Wife Kids G. Lopez G. Lopez Friends Friends (3:00) Prom Night TV14 Oprah/ Roots Cast Next Chapter TVPG Next Chapter TVPG Oscar Special TVPG Oprah's Next Chapter "Tony Robbins" TVPG Oscar Special TVPG Ernie Davis Basketball NCAA Georgetown vs. Providence TVG Beer Beer Boxing Broadway Card TBA ~ TVMA Beer SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite Ink Master TV14 Ink Master TV14   Rambo (‘08) Sylvester Stallone. TVMA   Walking Tall TV14   Walking Tall TV14 2:30  The Rocketeer ...   Prey (‘07) Bridget Moynahan. TVMA   Land of the Lost (‘09) Will Ferrell. TVPG   Signs (‘02) Mel Gibson. TV14 Face Off  (3:30)   Last Holiday TVPG (:45)   Madea's Family Reunion (‘06) Tyler Perry. TV14   Madea Goes to Jail (‘09) Tyler Perry. TV14 (:15)   Madea Goes to Jail (‘09) Tyler Perry. TV14  Hoarding TVPG Little People: Big TVPG Little People TVPG Little People TVPG Little People TVPG Hoarding TVPG Addiction Addiction Hoarding TVPG  The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mine...  The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice TVPG   War of the Worlds (‘05) Tom Cruise. TV14 Falling Skies TV14 Movie Regular Gumball Gumball Gumball   Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs TVPG Level Up Looney King of Hill Squidbillies Robot Family Guy Family Guy Robot (3:30)  An American in Paris TVG   Joan of Arc (‘48) Ingrid Bergman. TVPG   The Song of Bernadette (‘43) Jennifer Jones. TVG  The Razor's Edge TV...  (3:30)   Groundhog Day (‘93) Bill Murray. TVPG M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Queens SVU "Damaged" TV14 SVU "Resilience" TV14 SVU "Folly" TV14 SVU "Pure" TV14 SVU "Tangled" TV14 SVU "Honor" TV14 SVU "Slaves" TVM  The Mummy TV14  3:30 Great. Great Women "Hour 4" Great Women "Hour 5" VH1 News Mob Wives TV14 Mob Wives (N) TV14 Mob Wives Mob Wives TV14 Mob Wives Mob Wives TV14

12 • February 17 - 23, 2012

Mondayhighlights Precision Transport 2 x 2”

How I Met Your Mother

Being Human

(4.1) (4) WIVB (35.1) (17) WSEE

The past comes back to haunt Aidan, who is also accosted by his vampire mentor Bishop. Elsewhere, Josh discovers that Sally’s mother is dying, and Sally yearns to see her again.

(31) SYFY

8:00 p.m.

Robin breaks up with Kevin, and Ted decides that it’s time to tell her how he really feels about her.

Cobie Smulders and Josh Radnor star in “How I Met Your Mother”


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


The Ellen DeGeneres Show TVPG WealthTT. Smiley rack TVG (N) ~ TVG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG

9:00 p.m.

FEBRUARY 20, 2012 5 PM


Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG


8 PM


9 PM


10 PM


11 PM


The Insider The Voice "The Blind Auditions" (N) TVPG Smash "Enter Mr. Channel 2 Jay Leno DiMaggio" (N) TVPG News ~ TVG (N) TVPG  TVPG Time Goes Antique "Pittsburgh American Experience "Clinton" 1/2 cont'd Feb 21 Business  By TVPG (Hour Two)" 2/3 (N) TVG (N) TVPG TVG Anastasi...  News 4 at 5 p.m. ~ TVG News 4 at 6 CBSNews Inside Ed. Access H. M-Mother Broke Girls Two 1/2... M&M (N) Hawaii Five-0 "Kupale" News 4 at (:35) LateS TVG TVPG TVPG (N) TVPG (N) TVPG (N) TV14 (N) ~ TVPG  p.m. (N) TVPG TV14 11 ~ TVG Maury TV14 The Jeremy Kyle Show The Big Judge Judy Judge Judy Two and House "Man of the Alcatraz "Johnny Seinfeld Two and TheSimp- Seinf. "The TV14 TVPG TV14 Bang TVPG TV14 Half TV14 House" (N) TV14 McKee" (N) TVPG Half TV14 sons TVPG Bris" TVPG Rick Mercer Wheel TVPG CBC News Now News reports from CBC Coronation Coronation Jeopardy! Mr. D (N) Little Redemption Inc. (N) CBC News: The National Stroumboulopoulos (N) TV14 bureaus. ~ TVG Street Street Mosque (N) TVG TVG The Doctors TVPG Eyewitness News at 5 News at 6 ABC World Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! The Bachelor Ben leaves home to visit the final four Castle "Linchpin" 2/2 Eyewitness Nightline TVG  p.m. ~ TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG women's hometowns and meet their families. (N) TVPG from Feb 13 (N) TVPG News ~ TVG TVG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG Anderson TVG CTV News ~ TVG eTalk TVG The Big The Voice "The Blind Auditions" (N) TVPG Smash "Enter Mr. CTV News ~ CTV News ~ TVG TVG  Bang TVPG DiMaggio" (N) TVPG The Wendy Williams The Nate Berkus Show America's Funniest The Office The Office Gossip Girl "Cross Hart of Dixie (N) TVPG 10 O'Clock TMZ TV14 Cops TVPG Cops TVPG Show TVPG TVPG Home Videos TVPG TV14 TV14 Rhodes" (N) TV14 News ~ TVG Anderson TVG Dr. Phil TVPG Newswatch CBSNews Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! M-Mother Broke Girls Two 1/2... M&M (N) Hawaii Five-0 "Kupale" Newswatch (:35) LateS ~ TVG TVG TVG (N) TVPG (N) TVPG (N) TV14 ~ TVG (N) ~ TVPG  (N) TVPG TV14 (2:)  The   Dante's Peak (‘97) A scientist believes that a small town is in Cold Case "The Good Cold Case "Stalker" 1/2 Cold Case "Thrill Kill" Criminal Minds "Won't Criminal Minds "Plain Client TV14 danger of being consumed by a volcano. Pierce Brosnan. ~ TV14 Death" TV14 cont'd next TV14 2/2 TV14 Get Fooled Again" TV14 Sight" TV14 Intervention "Jeff" TV14 Inter. "Casie" TV14 Inter. "Tiffany" TV14 Inter. "Tyler" TV14 Hoarders TVPG Hoarders TVPG Intervention TV14 Inter. "Suzon" TV14  3:  Mad Max 2: The ... CSI "Divorce Party" TV14 CSI "Flight Risk" TV14 CSI: Miami TV14   Blade Runner (‘82) Harrison Ford. TV14   Blade Runner TV14  Gator Boys TVPG Finding Bigfoot: XL TVPG Finding Bigfoot: XL TVPG Finding Bigfoot TVPG Finding Bigfoot "Birth of a Legend" TVPG Rattlesnake Rep TV14 Finding Bigfoot TVPG  Futurama Futurama Sunny Sunny Tosh.O Tosh.O 30 Rock 30 Rock Work South Park Sunny Sunny Sunny 1/2 Sunny 2/2 Daily Show Colbert  American Chopper TVPG American Chopper: TVPG American Chopper: TVPG American Chopper TVPG American Chopper TVPG American Chopper TVPG Toughest Trucker American Chopper TVPG Austin/ Ally A.N.T. Farm Wizards TVG Jessie Jessie  Radio Rebel (‘12) Debby Ryan. TVPG (:40) Shake (:05) Jessie Jessie Wizards TVG GoodLuck GoodLuck Basketball NBA Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls (L) TVG SportsCent. Basketball NCAA Connecticut vs. Villanova (L) TVG Basketball NCAA Baylor vs. Texas (L) TVG SportsCenter TVG Pretty Little Liars TV14 Pretty Little Liars TV14 Pretty Little Liars TV14 Liar "CTRL: A" TV14 Pretty Liars (N) TV14 The Lying Game (N) TV14 Pretty Little Liars TV14 The 700 Club TVPG Barefoot Giada Paula Home Cook Diners Diners Diners Diners Seekers Seekers Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners (2:)  Spider-Man 3 TV14 Met-Mother Met-Mother Two 1/2... Two 1/2...   Live Free or Die Hard (‘07) Bruce Willis. TV14   Live Free or Die Hard TV14  The Waltons TVG The Waltons TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Frasier 1/2 Frasier 2/2 Frasier Frasier HouseH HouseH HouseH HouseH HouseH HouseH House HouseH Love It or List It (N) TVPG HouseH HouseH HouseH House My House Price Place Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars American Pickers TVPG American Pickers TVPG Pawn Stars Pawn Stars American Pickers TVPG Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Jousting "Unhorsed"  Dance Moms TVPG Dance Moms TVPG Dance Moms TVPG Dance Moms TVPG Dance Moms TVPG Dance Moms TVPG Dance Moms TVPG Dance Moms TVPG  (2:00) Hockey NHL TVG Rangers in 60 NHL TVG Countdown Knick # Pre-game Basketball NBA New Jersey Nets vs. New York Knicks (L) TVG Post Game Boomer & Carton H. Fame 3:30 Poker Cycling UCI TVG Game On! NBC Sports Talk NHL Live! Hockey NHL Washington Capitals vs. Carolina Hurricanes (L) ~ TVG NHL Live! NBC Sports Talk Overtime iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob '70s Show '70s Show G. Lopez G. Lopez Friends Friends Unusual Suspects TV14 Unusual Suspects TV14 Unusual Suspects TV14 Oprah's Next Chapter "Tony Robbins" TVPG Oprah's Oscar Special TVPG Oscar Special TVPG  (3:00) Basket. NCAA TVG Daily News Wheel Loud Yearbook Baseball Classics MLB Milwaukee Brewers vs. New York Mets May 20, 1999 TVG Yearbook SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite Band of Brothers "Bastogne" TVMA Brothers "The Breaking Point" TVMA Brothers "The Last Patrol" TV14 Brothers "Why We Fight" TVMA Band of Brothers "Points" TVMA Movie (3:30)   Land of the Lost TVPG   Signs (‘02) Mel Gibson. TV14 Being Human TV14 Being Human (N) TV14 Lost Girl (N) TV14 Being Human TV14 Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Conan ~ TV14 Hoarding TVPG Hoarding TVPG Hoarding TVPG Hoarding TVPG Little People TVPG Undercover Boss TVPG Boss "YMCA" TVPG Little People TVPG Supernatural TV14 Supernatural TV14 Supernatural TV14 Law & Order TV14 Basketball NBA Boston Celtics vs. Dallas Mavericks (L) TVG Basketball NBA Por./L.A. L. (L) TVG  (3:00)  Shrek TVPG   Planet 51 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. TVPG Hall of Game Level Up King of Hill King of Hill Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Family Guy Family Guy (2:15)   Ben-Hur (‘59) Charlton Heston. TVPG :15  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to th...   The Smiling Lieutenant TVPG   The Third Man (‘49) Joseph Cotten. 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February 17 - 23, 2012 • 13

Tuesdayhighlights Cougar Town (7.1) (7) WKBW

8:30 p.m.

Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, Jules asks both Laurie and Ellie to be her co-maids of honor. Meanwhile, Jules’ father Chick decides to have some fun with Grayson, who wants to formally ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Valley Motorsports 2 x 4”

New Girl (29.1) (5) WUTV

Busy Philipps stars in “Cougar Town”

The Biggest Loser (2.1) (2) WGRZ

and remain anonymous. After the switch goes down, tensions rise and the contestants speculate about who’s responsible. Later, another contestant is sent home.

8:00 p.m.

A favorite-foods challenge comes with a huge prize: the ability to change up the teams,

9:00 p.m.

A classroom bully causes problems for Jess when she tries to intervene. She soon finds herself the bully’s target. Elsewhere, Schmidt is excited about his romantic Valentine’s Day, but he isn’t happy that his love wants to keep their experience a secret.


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The Ellen DeGeneres Show TVPG Ideas/AcT. Smiley tion ~ TVG TVPG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG

FEBRUARY 21, 2012 5 PM


Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG


8 PM


9 PM


10 PM


11 PM


The Insider Big Loser The contestants are faced with temptation Parenthood (N) TVPG Channel 2 Jay Leno and the winner has a huge advantage. (N) ~ TVPG News ~ TVG (N) TVPG  TVPG Books ~ American Experience "Clinton" 2/2 from Feb 20 (N) Frontline "Cell Tower Business Nature TVG TVPG Deaths" (N) TVPG TV14 TVG  News 4 at 5 p.m. ~ TVG News 4 at 6 CBSNews Inside Ed. Access H. NCIS "Psych Out" (N) NCIS: LA "Blye, K" 1/2 Unforgettable News 4 at (:35) LateS TVG TVPG TVPG "Heartbreak" (N) TV14 11 ~ TVG (N) ~ TVPG  p.m. TV14 cont'd Feb 28 (N) TVPG Maury TV14 The Jeremy Kyle Show Big Bang Judge Judy Judge Judy Two and Glee "On My Way" (N) New Girl Raising (N) Seinfeld Two and TheSimp- Seinfeld TV14 (N) TV14 TVPG TV14 Theory TV14 TV14 Half TV14 TV14 TVPG Half TV14 sons TVPG TVPG Rick Mercer Wheel TVPG CBC News Coverage of the day's top Coronation Coronation Jeopardy! Rick Mercer 22 Minutes Arctic Air (N) CBC News: The National (:55) CBC News TVG TV14 local news events. ~ TVY Street Street (N) /(:05) George S. (N) TVG (N) ~ TVG The Doctors TVPG Eyewitness News at 5 News at 6 ABC World Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! Last Man St Cougar T The River "A Better B. Proof "Occupational Eyewitness Nightline TVG (N) TVPG  p.m. ~ TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG (N) TV14 Man" (N) TV14 Hazards" (N) TVPG News ~ TVG TVG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG Anderson TVG CTV News ~ TVG eTalk TVPG The Big Whitney (N) Hot/ Cleve. The River "A Better Unforgettable CTV News ~ CTV News ~ "Heartbreak" (N) TV14 TVG TVG  Bang TVPG TV14 TV14 Man" (N) TV14 The Wendy Williams The Nate Berkus Show America's Funniest The Office The Office Hart/ Dixie "The Undead Ringer (N) TV14 10 O'Clock TMZ TV14 Cops TVPG Cops TVPG Show TVPG TVPG Home Videos TVPG TV14 TV14 and the Unsaid" TVPG News ~ TVG Anderson TVG Dr. Phil TVPG Newswatch CBSNews Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! NCIS "Psych Out" (N) NCIS: LA "Blye, K" 1/2 Unforgettable Newswatch (:35) LateS ~ TVG TVG TVG "Heartbreak" (N) TV14 ~ TVG (N) ~ TVPG  TV14 cont'd Feb 28 (N) TVPG Criminal Minds Criminal Minds "The Criminal Minds "Natural Criminal Minds "What Criminal Minds "25 to Criminal Minds Flashpoint "Scorpio" Flashpoint "First in "L.D.S.K." TV14 Fox" TVPG Born Killer" TV14 Happens at Home" TV14 Life" TV14 "Corazon" TV14 TV14 Line" TVPG Criminal Minds TVPG The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage Storage  2:30  Mad Max: Bey... CSI: Miami TV14 CSI "Chip/ Tuck" TV14 CSI: Miami TV14   The War of the Worlds Gene Barry. TVPG   The War of the Worlds Gene Barry. TVPG The Haunted TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG RivMon Unhooked TV14 O. Wild O. 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TV14 SVU "Totem" TV14 SVU "Reparations" TV14 SVU "Bang" TV14 SVU "Delinquent" TV14 SVU "Smoked" TV14 White Collar (N) TV14 Royal Pains TV14 Greatest Women/Music Great Women "Hour 4" Great Women "Hour 5" Basketball Wives TV14 TI Tiny Mob Wives TV14 Mob Wives TV14 Mob Wives Basketball Wives TV14

14 • February 17 - 23, 2012

Wednesdayhighlights The View (7.1) (7) WKBW (10) CFTO

Are You There, Chelsea?



Star Jones, one of the original cohosts of “The View,” returns to the show in this special edition. Her return is particularly significant since the famous figure had a public falling out with fellow co-host Barbara Walters in 2006.

Whitney (2.1) (2) WGRZ

8:00 p.m.

Whitney learns a new bra has some disadvantages when she tries to use it to entice Alex. Also, Roxanne and Lance break up, and she asks Mark to help pack up his stuff. Lily and Neal’s prenup discussion makes them wonder if they should get married.

Laura Prepon stars in “Are You There, Chelsea?”


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)


The Ellen DeGeneres Show TVPG Inside E T. Smiley Street TVG TVPG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG

5 PM

(2.1) (2) WGRZ

8:30 p.m.

Chelsea can’t keep her mouth shut when Dee Dee reveals that she has a pillow named Mario Lopez. Hoping to make things right with her friend, Chelsea tries to arrange a meeting with the real Mario Lopez.

Ghost Hunters International (31) SYFY

9:00 p.m.

The team travels to Peru to investigate the Chavin Ruins in this new episode. They learn the underground tunnels were once used as an aqueduct system for the ancient civilization.

FEBRUARY 22, 2012 5:30

Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG


The Insider TVPG Ladies of ~ TVPG Inside Ed. Access H. TVPG TVPG Judge Judy Two and TV14 Half TV14 Coronation Jeopardy! Street TVG Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! TVG eTalk TVPG The Big Bang TVPG The Office The Office TV14 TV14 Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! TVG Cold Case "Cargo" TV14

8 PM


9 PM


10 PM


11 PM


Whitney (N) Are There Rock Center With Brian Law&O.:SVU "Hunting Channel 2 Jay Leno TV14 (N) TVPG Williams TVPG Ground" (N) TV14 News ~ TVG (N) TVPG  Nature "Ocean Giants: Nature "Ocean Giants: Nature (N) TVG Business Frontline Giant Lives" 1/3 (N) TVG Deep Thinkers" (N) TVG TVG TVPG  News 4 at 5 p.m. ~ TVG News 4 at 6 CBSNews Survivor: One World (N) Criminal Minds "A Thin CSI: Crime "Stealing News 4 at (:35) LateS TVG (N) ~ TVPG  p.m. TVPG Line" (N) TV14 Home" (N) TV14 11 ~ TVG Maury TV14 The Jeremy Kyle Show The Big Judge Judy American Idol "Final Judgment, Part 1" 1/2 cont'd Seinfeld Two and TheSimp- Seinfeld TVPG TV14 Bang TVPG TV14 Feb 23 (N) TVPG Half TV14 sons TVPG TVPG Rick Mercer Wheel TVPG CBC News Coverage of the day's top Coronation Dragons' Den Doyle "High School CBC News: The National (:55) CBC News TVG TV14 local news events. ~ TVY Street Confidential" (N) TVPG TVG /(:05) George S. (N) The Doctors TVPG Eyewitness News at 5 News at 6 ABC World The Middle Suburgato- Modern (N) Happy End. 20/20 "Before They Eyewitness Nightline p.m. ~ TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG (N) TVPG ry (N) TVPG TVPG (N) TVPG Were Famous" TVPG News ~ TVG TVG  The Dr. Oz Show TVPG Anderson TVG CTV News ~ TVG American Idol "Final Judgment, Part 1" 1/2 cont'd CSI: Crime "Stealing CTV News ~ CTV News ~ TVG TVG  Feb 23 (N) TVPG Home" (N) TV14 The Wendy Williams The Nate Berkus Show America's Funniest One Tree "Last Known Remodeled "All in the 10 O'Clock TMZ TV14 Cops TVPG Cops TVPG Show TVPG TVPG Home Videos TVPG Surroundings" (N) TV14 Family" (N) TVPG News ~ TVG Anderson TVG Dr. Phil TVPG Newswatch CBSNews Survivor: One World (N) Criminal Minds "A Thin CSI: Crime "Stealing Newswatch (:35) LateS ~ TVG TVG TVPG Line" (N) TV14 Home" (N) TV14 ~ TVG (N) ~ TVPG  Ghost "Children of Ghost Whisperer "The Ghost Whisperer "The Cold Case "That Cold Case "Running Criminal Minds Criminal Minds "The "Derailed" TVPG Ghosts" TVPG Collector" TVPG Prophet" TVPG Woman" TV14 Around" TV14 Popular Kids" TV14 Criminal Minds TVPG The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 Storage Storage Storage Storage Bounty Bounty Bounty Hunter TVPG Bounty Hunter TVPG  2:  Conan the Barbar... CSI: Miami TV14 CSI "Dissolved" TV14 CSI "Seeing Red" TV14   Kingdom of Heaven (‘05) Orlando Bloom. TV14  Kingdom of Heave...  The Haunted TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG RivMon Unhooked TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG Hillbilly Hand TVPG Finding Bigfoot TVPG Finding Bigfoot TVPG Hillbilly Hand TVPG (:55) Futura Tosh.O Sunny South Park Daily Show Colbert 30 Rock 30 Rock Futurama Futurama South Park South Park South Park South Park Daily Show Colbert  American Chopper TVPG Man vs. Wild TVPG Sons of Guns TV14 Sons of Guns TVPG Sons of Guns Sons of Guns Guns "Wedlock & Load" Sons of Guns Jessie Jessie Austin/ Ally Austin/ Ally Shake It Up GoodLuck Shake It Up GoodLuck SoRandom Austin/ Ally A.N.T. Farm Fish Hooks Austin/ Ally Shake It Up GoodLuck GoodLuck NFL Live (L) TVG Horn Interrupt SportsCenter TVG Basketball NBA Boston Celtics vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (L) TVG Basketball NBA Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks (L) TVG Grounded '70s Show Gilmore Girls TVPG '70s Show   Step Up (‘06) Channing Tatum. TVPG   Step Up 2: The Streets Briana Evigan. TVPG The 700 Club TVPG Barefoot Giada Paula Home Cook Diners Diners Restaurant TVG Restaurant TVG Rest. "Chatterbox" TVG Restaurant (N) TVG WorstCooks TVG (3:30)   Ghost Rider (‘07) Nicolas Cage. TV14 Two 1/2... Two 1/2...   2012 (‘09) John Cusack. TV14   2012 (‘09) John Cusack. TV14  The Waltons TVG Waltons "The Calf" TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Unsellables Unsellables Unsellables Unsellables Unsellables Unsellables House HouseH Property Brothers Income Cousins HouseH House Property Brothers Human "Human Wolf" Human "Killer Punch" Modern Marvels TVPG Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Only America (N) TVPG Restoration Restoration Only in America TVPG  M-Mother Met-Mother Wife Swap Wife Swap TVPG Wife Swap TVPG Wife Swap Wife Swap TVPG Wife Swap Wife Swap  (2:00) Hockey NHL TVG Rangers in 60 NHL TVG Track USSA Knick # Pre-game Basketball NBA Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks (L) TVG Post Game Boomer & Carton H. Fame Poker Heads Up TVPG Motorsport Hour ~ TVG NBC Sports Talk (L) NHL 36 NHL 36 NHL 36 NHL Live! Hockey NHL Los Angeles Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche (L) ~ TVG NHL Live! Big Time R. Big Time R. Big Time R. Big Time R. Big Time R. Big Time R. SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob '70s Show '70s Show G. Lopez G. Lopez Friends Friends Disappeared TVPG Disappeared TVPG Disappeared TVPG Disappeared TVPG With Paula Zahn TVPG With Paula Zahn TV14 With Paula Zahn TV14 With Paula Zahn TVPG (3:00) Basket. NCAA TVG Daily News Wheel Loud Pre-game Basketball NCAA South Florida vs. Syracuse (L) TVG Post-game Ernie Davis SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite CSI: Crime Scene TV14 CSI "Who & What" TV14   The Rundown (‘03) The Rock. TV14   The Rundown (‘03) The Rock. TV14 WaysD WaysD WaysD WaysD Face Off TVPG Face Off TVPG Face Off TVPG Face Off TVPG Ghost Hunters TVPG Ghost Hunters (N) TVPG Face Off (N) TVPG Ghost Hunters TVPG Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy BigBang BigBang Conan (N) TV14 Four Weddings TVPG Cake Boss Kitchen Toddlers & Tiaras TVG Dr. G "Fatal Feud" TVPG Hoarding TVPG Untold Stories TV14 My 600-lb Life TVPG Untold Stories TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Southland TVMA Ed Edd Johnny Test Johnny Test Regular MAD Gumball Adv.Time Johnny NinjaGo Level Up King of Hill King of Hill Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Family Guy Family Guy (3:45)   A Man Called Peter TVG   Watch on the Rhine (‘43) Bette Davis. TVG   Strangers on a Train Farley Granger. TVPG   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington TVG  Bonanza TVPG Bonanza TVPG M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Home Imp Home Imp Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Queens NCIS TV14 NCIS "In the Dark" TVPG NCIS TVPG NCIS: LA "Hunted" TV14 NCIS TV14 NCIS "Recruited" TV14 Royal Pains (N) TV14 Covert Affairs TV14  3:30 Wives Mob Wives TV14 Mob Wives   Dangerous Minds Michelle Pfeiffer. TV14 Behind "Nelly" TVPG Basketball Wives TV14 TI Tiny TI Tiny  Menace II Society T... 

February 17 - 23, 2012 • 15

Thursdayhighlights Parks and Recreation (2.1) (2) WGRZ

8:30 p.m.

(17) WSEE

The Finder

24 Hour Catwalk

9:00 p.m.


(2.1) (2) (17.1) (3) (4.1) (4) (29.1) (5) (6) (7.1) (7) (10) (23.1) (11) (35.1) (17) (20) (28) (40) (49) (55) (44) (23) (38) (46) (65) (59) (60) (29) (64) (50) (54) (62) (45) (35) (39) (43) (31) (30) (34) (52) (58) (56) (48) (51) (42)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show TVPG America T. Smiley TVG TVPG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG

5 PM

10:00 p.m.

Malcolm McDowell reprises his guest-starring role as cult leader Bret Stiles, Jane’s former nemesis. Jane and Stiles are reunited when the leader of an anti-cult activist organization is murdered. (50) LIFE

Dr. Jack Hodgins (guest star T.J. Thyne) approaches Walter for help in finding evidence of extraterrestrial activity in this special “Bones” crossover. After sensitive video footage from outer space is leaked, a shuttle pilot suddenly turns up dead.

A designer in “24 Hour Catwalk” 4:30

(4.1) (4) WIVB (10) CFTO (35.1)

Leslie decides to make things right when she realizes that the entire department forgot Jerry’s birthday. She plans to throw a party for him at a special location. Elsewhere, Tom is shocked when he learns Ann doesn’t share his taste in music. (29.1) (5) WUTV

4 PM

The Mentalist

10:30 p.m.

Four designers must transform a colorful Hawaiian shirt into a stylish look for the modern jetsetting woman as the competition kicks off. The two designers who make it through to the final round will need to use an inflatable beach ball for inspiration.

FEBRUARY 23, 2012 5:30

Channel 2 2 News News ~ TVG Charlie Rose TVPG

6 PM


7 PM

Channel 2 NBC News ET TVPG News ~ TVG TVG News TVPG PBS NewsHour TVG


8 PM


9 PM


10 PM


11 PM


The Insider 30 Rock Parks/Rec The Office Up-Night Grimm TV14 Channel 2 Jay Leno (N) TVPG News ~ TVG (N) TVPG  TVPG TV14 (N) TV14 (N) TV14 Thin Blue Land Girls "Fight the World War II in HD MI-5 "The Courier" TV14 Business Brain TVG  Line TVPG Good Fight" TV14 Colour "D-Day" ~ TVPG TVG News 4 at 5 p.m. ~ TVG News 4 at 6 CBSNews Inside Ed. Access H. BigBang (N) Rob (N) Person of Interest The Mentalist (N) TVPG News 4 at (:35) LateS TVG TVPG TVPG "Risk" (N) ~ TV14 (N) ~ TVPG  p.m. TV14 TV14 11 ~ TVG Maury TV14 The Jeremy Kyle Show Big Bang Judge Judy Judge Judy Two and American Idol (N) TVPG The Finder "Little Green Seinfeld Two and TheSimp- Seinfeld TV14 TVPG TV14 Theory TV14 TV14 Half TV14 Men" (N) TVPG Half TV14 sons TVPG TVPG Rick Mercer Wheel TVPG CBC News Coverage of the day's top Coronation Coronation Jeopardy! The Nature of Things (N) Doc Zone "Sext Up CBC News: The National (:55) CBC News TVG TV14 local news events. ~ TVY Street Street TVG Kids" (N) TVG /(:05) George S. (N) The Doctors TVPG Eyewitness News at 5 News at 6 ABC World Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! Wipeout (N) TVPG Grey's A. "If Only You Private Practice Eyewitness Nightline TVG  p.m. ~ TVG p.m. TVG News TVPG Were Lonely" (N) TV14 "Andromeda" (N) TV14 News ~ TVG TVG The Dr. Oz Show TVPG Anderson TVG CTV News ~ TVG eTalk TVPG The Big BigBang (N) Up-Night Grey's A. "If Only You The Mentalist (N) TVPG CTV News ~ CTV News ~ TVG TVG  Bang TVPG TV14 (N) TV14 Were Lonely" (N) TV14 The Wendy Williams The Nate Berkus Show America's Funniest The Office The Office The Vampire Diaries The Secret Circle "Fire/ 10 O'Clock TMZ TV14 Cops TVPG Cops TVPG Show TVPG TVPG Home Videos TVPG TV14 TV14 "Our Town" TV14 Ice" TV14 News ~ TVG Anderson TVG Dr. Phil TVPG Newswatch CBSNews Wheel TVPG Jeopardy! BigBang (N) Rob (N) Person of Interest The Mentalist (N) TVPG Newswatch (:35) LateS ~ TVG TVG TVG "Risk" (N) ~ TV14 ~ TVG (N) ~ TVPG  TV14 TV14 Ghost Whisperer "The Ghost Whisperer "The Ghost Whisperer "Don't Cold Case "Devil Music" Cold Case "Thick as Cold Case Criminal Minds "Blood Criminal Minds "What Gathering" TVPG Underneath" TVPG Try This at Home" TVPG TVPG Thieves" TV14 "Wunderkind" TV14 Hungry" TV14 Fresh Hell?" TV14 Criminal "Identity" TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 The First 48 TV14 Most Wanted TV14  2:30  Patch Adams TV... CSI "Out of Time" TV14 CSI: Miami TV14 CSI "Bolt Action" TV14   E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (‘82) Henry Thomas. TVPG   Sleepless in Seattle TVPG  The Haunted TVPG Swamp Wars TVPG RivMon Unhooked TVPG Infested! TVPG Infested! TVPG Infested! TVPG Infested! TVPG Infested! TVPG (:55) Futura Tosh.O Sunny South Park Daily Show Colbert 30 Rock 30 Rock Chappelle Chappelle Carlos Mencia TV14 KeyPeele Tosh.O Daily Show Colbert  American Chopper TVPG Man, Wild "Botswana" Cash Cab Cash Cab Killing Bin Laden TV14 The 9/11 Tapes U.S. Drug Wars "Hide and Seek" U.S. Drug Wars SoRandom Wizards Wizards Wizards Shake It Up GoodLuck Shake It Up GoodLuck Phineas   Holes (‘03) Sigourney Weaver. TVPG (:40) Shake (:05) GoodL GoodLuck NFL Live (L) TVG Horn Interrupt SportsCenter TVG Basketball NCAA (L) TVG Basketball NCAA (L) TVG SportsCenter TVG '70s Show '70s Show Gilmore Girls TVPG Home Videos TVPG   Legally Blonde (‘01) Reese Witherspoon. TV14  Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde TVPG The 700 Club TVPG Barefoot Giada Home Cook Paula Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Chopped TVG Fat Chef (N) TVG Cupcake Wars TVG (3:30)   There's Something About Mary TV14 Met-Mother M-Mother M-Mother M-Mother Two 1/2... Two 1/2... Two 1/2... Two 1/2... Archer Unsuperv. Archer Unsuperv. The Waltons TVG Waltons "The Star" TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Little House Prairie TVG Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Real Estate Real Estate First Sale First Sale My Place My Place House HouseH My Place My Place Selling LA Selling NY HouseH House HouseH House Modern Marvels TVPG Modern Marvels TVPG Modern Marvels TVPG Swamp People TVPG Swamp People TVPG Swamp People (N) TVPG Mudcats (N) Cajun Cajun  M-Mother Met-Mother Wife Swap TVPG Wife Swap TVPG Project Runway Project Runway TVPG Project Runway TVPG TBA 24 Hour "Travel" TVPG TBA  (2:00) Basketb. NBA TVG Knicks NBA Atl./N.Y. TVG Giants Season Review Basketball NCAA Mt. St. Mary’s vs Cent. Conn. (L) TVG Game 365 H. Fame Boomer & Carton Basketball NCAA TVG  Skiing USSA TVG Poker Heads Up TVPG NBC Sports Talk (L) Tred Barta Hunt/ Fish Fishing Fishing No Offense   Wildcats (‘86) Goldie Hawn. TVMA SportTlk  iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly iCarly SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob '70s Show '70s Show G. Lopez G. Lopez Friends Friends Prison Diaries TV14 Prison Diaries TV14 Prison Diaries TV14 Prison Diaries TV14   Philadelphia (‘93) Tom Hanks. TV14  Philadelphia TV14  (3:00) Basket. NCAA TVG Daily News Wheel Loud Seton Hall Hot Stove Baseball Classics MLB San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets May 27, 1986 TVG SportsNite SportsNite SportsNite Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Jail Impact Wrestling (N) TV14 Uncensored Jail Ghost Whisperer TVPG Stargate: SG-1 TVPG Star Trek: NG TVPG   Planet Terror (‘07) Rose McGowan. TVMA   Dawn of the Dead (‘04) Sarah Polley. TVM Movie Friends Friends Friends Friends Queens Queens Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy Family Guy BigBang BigBang BigBang BigBang Conan (N) TV14 Four Weddings TVPG Cake Boss Kitchen Toddlers & Tiaras TVPG David Blaine TVPG Magic Man TVPG NY Ink TV14 Female Lock Up TVPG NY Ink TV14 Law & Order TV14 Law & Order TV14 Bones TV14 Basketball NBA New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat (L) TVG Basketb. NBA Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (L) TVG Ed Edd Level Up Level Up Regular MAD Gumball Adv.Time Adv.Time MAD Regular King of Hill King of Hill Amer. Dad Amer. Dad Family Guy Family Guy   All the Brothers Were Valiant (:45)   Mister Roberts (‘55) Henry Fonda. TVPG   The Bridge on the River Kwai (‘57) William Holden. TVPG   The Letter TVPG  Bonanza TVPG Bonanza TVPG M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Home Imp Home Imp Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Loves Ray Queens Burn Notice TV14 Burn Notice TVPG NCIS "Family" TV14 NCIS "Ex-File" TVPG NCIS TV14 NCIS TVPG NCIS TVPG Burn "Bloodlines" TV14 3:  Who's the Man? ... Bball Wives TI Tiny TI Tiny TI Tiny TI Tiny TI Tiny   Menace II Society (‘93) Tyrin Turner. TVM Basketball Wives TV14 Mob Wives TV14

February 16, 2012 Chautauqua Star  

The February 16, 2012 edition of the Chautauqua Star.

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