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Levy takes on Washington University Anthony Kelleher TECHNOLOGY EDITOR

Senior year is all about students filling out college applications, getting in those last standardized tests, and making last minute college visits. PPCHS’ Francesca Levy was offered an opportunity that not many high school seniors are given. Over the summer, Levy received a huge invitation packet in the mail from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Due to

Levy’s strong academic record and profile, the university discovered her and they offered to pay all of her expenses if she would come out and visit their school. The university invited Levy to be a part of a program called Discovery Weekend. The program was designed as a way for Washington University to show off their school to potential incoming college freshmen. The program includes campus tours, class visits, admission presentations, interview possibilities and much more.

When Levy first entered campus, she noticed that the school is a medium-sized campus, the people were warm and friendly, and the environment was very different from South Florida. “The people were so friendly there and they were eager to help me with anything I needed. I was looking at a map and ten people asked me if I needed help,” stated Levy. The university campus houses plenty of clubs, sports, and it is seven miles from downtown St. Louis. Levy mentions that the food that they gave

on campus was amazing and had a variety of options to pick from, which fits well since, Washington University’s food is actually ranked #2 in the nation according to Fox News. Levy also had the opportunity to meet other high school seniors from all over the country while at Discovery Weekend and got the chance to make new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience.

See Levy, Page 4

Inside Student Life...

Levy takes on Washington

Make the pledge, stay drug free

Charter alumnus plays a new game

Student Life October 2013


Levy takes on Washington University Levy from page 3...

majors easily. This option is definitely a plus for Levy. Nearly 70% of the university’s students have earned a major and a As for acaminor, or more demics, Franthan one major cesca liked the when graduatvariety of maing. Francesca jors offered at also had the the school. She opportunity especially liked to interview how the unifor a scholarversity makes ship offered it easy for stuat Washington dents to explore U n i v e r s i t y, what they want called the Anto study without nika Rodriguez going off track Scholarship. in their degree. This scholar“I am not sure ship offers what I want to multiple fullmajor in, but tuition scholI am for sure arships and going to law multiple partial school in the scholarships future and law as well. Reschools usually cipients of this do not require a Washington opens doors: Senior Francesca Levy was invited to scholarship are specific major,” visit Washington University, where she was able to tour the campus students with a learn about what the university has to offer. states Levy. and strong academPhoto by: Rebecca Gonzalez The school ofic record, test fers options that scores, and a enable students to have a double major, passion for service like the former student, have a major and a minor, and/or switch Annika Rodriguez. Anthony Kelleher TECHNOLOGY EDITOR

The overall experience for Levy was an amazing one. She was able to meet new people, experience campus life in a differ-

away from my family. We will see what the future has in store,” states Levy. Although Levy is uncertain of what university she

Campus life: Washington University shows what it has to offer to senior Francesca Levy. Photo donated by: Francesca Levy

ent state, and see what the university had to offer her. “I am definitely considering applying to Washington University. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and I especially love the academic flexibility. However, I don’t like that it is in an unfamiliar location and that it is so far

will attend, PPCHS is extremely proud of her accomplishments thus far. “It was an honor that I was invited to a top university and the program. The university showed me what they have to offer to me and I cannot wait for what the future holds,” said Levy.

Make the pledge, stay drug free to make a personal pledge during both A and B lunches. With a goal of 800 pledgDuring the path from elementary to mides, the NHS President, Melissa Gianello, dle school, innocent children all took the stated, “This year, our number one objecheart-felt pledge to stay drug-free without tive is raising awareness among students thinking twice. The catchy songs and witty that have lost their steam when it comes slogans proved to have students chantto drug prevention. By taking the pledge, ing “hugs not drugs” beyond the students will have the opportuclassroom doors, with the message nity to make a personal promise lingering. However, as time wore to themselves, and in return reon, fast forward to high school, ceive a cute red ribbon bracelet many teens have fallen victim to to symbolize that commitment.” disregarding promising attempts to Beginning in 1985, the celprevent any fatal habits caused by ebrating of Red Ribbon week drugs. With the help of the National acts as the oldest drug prevenHonors Society (NHS), PPCHS is tion campaign in the United carrying on the tradition of hostStates ( It was ing Red Ribbon Week and bringing initially created in honor of awareness to one of the most seriDrug Enforcement Administraous issues among high school stution (DEA) member Enrique dents today. Carmarena who was killed From October 28th to November when fighting illegal drug dis1st, the National Honor Society tribution in Mexico. Through will be promoting the advantages of Pledging to be drug free: NHS President and senior Melissa Gianello is ready the recognition that this cause being drug-free and educating the to bring Ribbon Week to PPCHS. Photo by: Carli Stander receives, it not only helps to student body on the hazards of drug preserve Special Agent Camareuse. In earlier years, in order to promote featured on the morning announcements, na’s memory, but also reminds teens of the the importance of “just saying no” color- and most importantly by asking students consequences of consciously damaging Shakayla Lee STAFF WRITER

fully written statistics in chalk were spread along the grounds of PPCHS; allowing students to be reminded about the risks of drugs with each step they took. This year, NHS is taking it a step further, by illustrating their messages on banners in addition to statistics on the sidewalk, with facts

their bodies. NHS sponsor Mrs. Rudd explained “I am a huge fan of the message of red ribbon week. It has become known that many high school students around the nation struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. The media has taken a huge part in glamorizing the use of drugs, but teens have to remember that no amount of glitz and glamour can make up for the lasting effects on their brains and even their bodies. To be frank, students have enough to worry about and shouldn’t add on something like dealing with addiction.” Although the purpose of dedicating time for drug prevention education has often gone unnoticed, the message can save lives. Staying above the influence is a slogan that spirals among Jaguars in the fight to building a healthy future. By going beyond glimpsing at posters of scary statistics and commercials with unfortunate victims, PPCHS looks to spread a deep understanding of the effects that entertaining drugs can lead to physically and mentally. As Red Ribbon week nears, spreading a positive message and creating a safe environment is in full effect, aiding in withstanding a drug- free community at PPCHS.

Charter alumnus plays a new game Gabriela Garcia FEATURES EDITOR

When Aaron Davis graduated in 2009, he thought it would be the last time he saw the pasty white walls and maroon paw prints known as PPCHS. Fast forward four years and now he has stepped back on campus, under a new name: Mr. Davis. Taking the valued spot of Mr. Roberts as a Game Design and Game Foundations teacher, Mr. Davis is more than happy to return to his old home. As a sophomore, Mr. Davis sat in the same classroom, behind a similar computer screen, taking orders from a familiar face. Mr. Roberts taught a sixteen-year-old Aaron Davis the basics of programming and the foundations of gaming. Due to his vast connections with the staff and great re-

lationships he built while studying on this campus, Davis was one of the first to hear when his old teacher renounced his job. “I was up in Tallahassee when I got the call from a friend who works in the IT department here,” says Mr. Davis, “After graduating from FSU, I started working as a software developer making computer programs. After a while though, my job started to bore me and this is exactly the kind of change I was looking for.” Every day when he steps into the peach colored buildings, he reunites with his family; science teacher Mrs. Hernandez-Davis and Kurt (’14) and Bryce (’17) Davis. Mr. Davis admits that though it may be a little weird at times, the presence of his family is a “friendly reminder” of his values. However, there are some things that not even his family can help him with. He ad-

mits that it is hard to pick up where Roberts left off along with getting used to the craziness that is Charter. “It’s a little hectic and I feel like I’m playing catch up a lot,” he admits, “But I love it so far. This job keeps me occupied and I’m learning so much.” Charter has welcomed Mr. Davis in with open arms, along with our dozen new teachers. PPCHS is confident that Mr. Davis will do a great job, what with his academic history, experiences at FSU, volunteering projects at the Boys and Girls Club, and his simple understanding of the Charter family. “It’s so weird to think that the roles are reversed now. But the future is now in my hands, literally,” finished Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis takes over: New teacher and PPCHS alumnus, Mr. Davis, takes on his new spot in the Charter staff as the Game Design and Game Foundations teacher. Photo by: Juan Tellez


Student Life October 2013

PPCHS Majorettes: Janelle Saintilus, Kali Cilli, Ashley Zak, Carissa Perry-Smith, Haley Coolidge, Alexa Kaufman and Kailey Prendergast

Senior running back Jordan De Leon

The PPCHS Drumline

Senior Danny Melgarejo

Juniors Sofia Lalinde and Nina Abrishami

The PPCHS Mascot

Sophomore Cristina Villegas and senior Nicole Cordoba

Seniors Adrian Cortez, Marcela Gallardo and Santiago Guarin

Sophomores Liandra Gaston and Nicole Hernandez

Seniors Alden Diaz and Andy Iglesias

Page Name Month 2013


Freshman Anticipation Guide Looghermine Claude LIFESTYLE EDITOR

When entering high school, freshmen are bombarded with a myriad of clubs, sports, and school activities that they were not

exposed to in middle school. In the midst of all of this information, the new students might not know what’s going on. As a reference guide to upcoming activities in high school, here is an anticipation guide: Spirit Week: The daily themes for Spirit

Week have been announced and everyone is almost finalized with who or what they’re going to be for each day. Go all out, or dress mildly for the occasion. Grab a group of friends, or go solo. It doesn’t matter how you decide to dress up or dress

down for the week, just make sure that you have fun and enjoy everyone else’s costumes.

See Freshman, Page 7

Inside By the Grade 9th...

The new kids are taking over

Upperclassmen guide siblings through their first year

Freshmen anticipation guide


By the Grade 9th October2013

Freshman from page 6... Looghermine Claude LIFESTYLE EDITOR

Freshman Brianna Jean-Baptiste says “I’m looking forward to twin day because people are going to go all out especially the freshmen. For around the world, I know a couple people with unique cultures that will dress up, and for animation day it’ll be fun to see what who people choose to go as.” Pep Rally: Filled with the roar of the crowd and the pride of being a Jaguar, Pep Rally is one of the highlights of the high school experience. Get excited to see PPCHS dancers, drumline, cheerleaders, and sports teams build school pride and enthusiasm. For the first year ever, the Pep Rally will be held on the Jag football field instead of in the gym. With all the students attending at the same time, it’s almost a guarantee that it’s going to be great show this year. Erick Peres (’17) says “I think it’ll be pretty cool. I know if they try to have a Slam Dunk contest again, it will be a fun thing to watch. It might be more fun because it’s on the field this year.” Homecoming Game: The band blares

Showing School Spirit: Spirit week will provide Freshmen with a chance to show off their school spirit at PPCHS. Photo by: Carli Stander

songs over the shouts of Pines Charter families. The nervous excitement hangs in the air as the football team maneuvers through the field to score a touchdown. The distant smell of food wafts through the air. It’s the sights, sounds, and smells of the homecoming game. Even if you never

show up again, this game is one you don’t want to miss. Freshman Adrien Gutierrez says “It’s going to be a good event because a lot of people will go. Hopefully we’ll win because the football team may work harder knowing that a lot of their fans will be present.

I’ll probably go because it’s an important game and a lot of freshmen will show up.” Midterms: Even though midterms are nothing new for the incoming class, the idea of being able to exempt exams is foreign information. If a student has gotten an A or a B in a class for both the first and second quarters, they have the choice of being able to exempt that class’ midterm. Even though the limit is three classes and it doesn’t include classes with an EOC (Algebra I, Geometry, and Biology), it does lighten the load. Tahj Gioreany (’17) says “I think midterms will be harder because high school is more advanced and the classes are harder. For me personally, math will be the hardest because it’s one of the most confusing classes for me.” In order for the freshmen to make their first year of high school count, they should participate in these events. Making memories in these foreign fields will allow any newcomer to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of high school here at Pines Charter.

The new kids are taking over: Upperclassmen guide siblings class of 2017 officers elected through their first year Lauren Ramirez STAFF WRITER

place for the students,” said Gioneal Morgan freshmen class vice president. This group of students will play a major key in Just a few short weeks ago, the hallways leading the class of 2017 to success this of PPCHS were littered with colorful post- school year. “I decided to run for secretary ers advertisso I could ing campaigns help shape for the class the school, be of 2017 offia part of repcer positions. resenting the Ballots were school, make distributed new friends, to freshman and work on classrooms my leadership and votes skills,” stated were casted. Mincheska Before long, Felipe, freshthe names of men class the students secretary. chosen to lead The freshthe class of men class 2017 were anofficers have nounced. been work“I wanted to ing hard to run for Freshmake sure man Class every stuSenator so that dent’s voice I could be a is heard, part of student “Even though government I’m not an and represent officer, I am my class.”, still aware of said Demi everything Iglesias, the the officers newly electhave been ed freshman doing. They New Leaders of the Freshman Class: Freshman presisenator. These dent Analeza Newman loks forward to guiding her class- really benefit officers are our school.” already hard at mates through their first year of high school. Photo by: said freshman work ensuring Rebecca Gonzalez Dennis Henthat the freshmen have an amazing year. dricks. The class of 2017 officers have all The class officers hold meetings with the expressed that they want to help the school class of 2017 sponsor, Ms. Hyacinth, to in any way they can. All freshmen should form ideas and discuss plans for the up- feel free to talk to their class officers about coming school year. They are working on anything they need and they will try their designing the class shirt, organizing fund- hardest to help out. raising events, planning activities for the The Class of 2017 freshman officers are as homecoming game, and much more. “We follows: are planning a memorable year for everyone. As class officers, we want everyone to President: Analeza Newman feel comfortable talking to us about any is- Vice President: Gioneal Morgan sues they have. We also want to make sure Secretary: Mincheska Felipe that the class of 2017 sees freshman year Historian: Natalie Hill as a positive year,” says Analeza Newman, Treasurer: Alyson Davis freshman class president. Freshman Senators: Demi Iglesias and “We work hard to make the school a better Elizabeth Garrison


down from veteran Jags act as a “guide” to helping their underclassman siblings get through the day. Junior Christopher Montes stated, “I will never forget my first day as a freshman. I had two brothers in high school; one as a junior and the other as a sophomore. They pressed the fact that I am only in high school once and I have to make it count.” With every intention of setting him on the right path, his brothers explained the value of high school. He explained, “I was so excited to finally be at school with my brothers, and share that same experience. They definitely made high school seem like the times of their lives.” Currently enjoying his last year of high school, Christopher’s brother Stephan Montes explained, “When I was a sophomore I told my little brother that high school is very different than middle school. He just had to know his place, not get bullied, and most importantly take it seriously. As fun as it may be, these four years are extremely important in deciding the rest of your life. After setting your priorities straight, it’s important to just have fun.” Watching an older sibling indulge in all of the privileges of life in high school can cause a huge amount of anticipation for the awaited time they will get the opportunity to participate themselves. Finally able to attest to the activities at PPCHS, the freshman class has officially crowned themselves honorary Jaguars and have become a part of the entire PPCHS family. With their long lived questions answered, these jags have a few more years to go on their journey through high school and loving siblings to help them along the way.

The time has come where the PPCHS freshman no longer have to rely on their older siblings to know the feeling of walking the halls as a Jaguar. The stories that landed on the ears of the baby Jags have proved to cause bittersweet expectations for their high school years. Through tales of the arduous work load, the adventures of high school study days, or even stories about the teachers that their siblings may have had, the newest freshman have lived vicariously to those they look up to. No matter the age difference, as a freshman, knowing that they have someone who genuinely cares about them as they cross over into new territory gives them a sense of security. With nervous energy spiraling through the upcoming class and a vivid picture clearly painted of how their first days would be, the idea of a familiar face that will help them through the occasional bump in the road calls for peace of mind. “On my first day stepping foot on campus as a high school student, I was more nervous than excited,” exclaimed Freshman Alexis Mallat. “I have always looked up to my sister Nicole. Because she’s a junior, she gave me her perspective of high school before I experienced it and relieved some of the pressure that I built up. To be honest, when I was younger I always pictured high school as this huge scary place that you can’t find your way around, with bullies everywhere. But during my first week, my sister was a huge help and I realized it was the complete opposite. Of course it is fun, but the teachers are amazing and, despite what you see on TV, there are no bullies. I can tell it’s going to be a great year!” Proud of her sister in her first few weeks, junior Nicole Mallat stated, “I’m so happy my sister is with me in high school. She is growing up so fast! I really hope she takes advantage of her first year in getting good grades, and a high GPA while finding the balance between work and play.” The helpful tips passed Siblings do Care: Junior Nicole Mallet (right) shares her knowledge of PPCHS with her sister, Freshman Alexis Mallet (left). Photo by: Alex Monge

Page Name Month 2013


AP Classes Nicholas Rivera STAFF WRITER

As a college prep school, Pembroke Pines Charter offers classes to help prepare students for life beyond high school. When students enter sophomore year, most of them are exposed to advanced placement courses for the first time. Advance Placement classes have been known to better

chances for acceptance and even scholarships in college. But it can be extremely difficult to go from honors classes to AP classes because some people just don’t know what to expect. Advance Placement courses are equivalent to taking college classes, and having only

experienced high school classes, it is a difficult adjustment. Because students do not have the opportunity to take any Advance Placement courses during their freshmen year, they try to make up for the lost year by taking multiple AP classes. Since the level of difficulty in some of these classes

is so high, it can be a rude awakening to adjust to the class. When a class is interesting, it may be slightly easier; however, that does not change the amount of work that is given.

See AP Classes, Page 9

Inside By the Grade 10th...

Super shoot out

Scents on sale


AP Classes

By the Grade 10 October 2013

AP Classes from page 8... Nicholas Rivera STAFF WRITER

Sophomore Seda Makarova is currently taking three advanced placement classes, 2D Design, Art History, and World History. “The classes themselves are really interesting in the aspect of the material you’re learning, they just require a lot more effort.” According to, students take AP classes to have a better experience in college. “I took them because I really want to get into a good college, possibly out of Florida, and I know that to get into out of state programs and receive scholarships, you have to push yourself more than you normally would,” says Makarova. It’s no lie that the classes will be beneficial in the long run, however, it is necessary to pass the AP exam first, which can potentially be the most difficult part of an AP course. In fact, in 2012, on 52.94% of students that took AP World History exam received a passing score and only 50.6% passed their AP Biology exam (totalregis- cus on the end goal and where I see myself “I understand my decision so I am fine in a few years, it makes the effort worth it.” with the amount of strain I’m under. I’ve learned to prioritize what’s important to do and sometimes other classes have to take the back burner while I focus on my more difficult classes, and manage my time more efficiently. Going into the classes I knew that it would be a lot of work,” says Makarova. “Overall it can be Sophmores Ready for AP Classes: AP World History teacher Mr. Velasquez chaloverwhelming, but lenges Sophomores Faith Marrero, Giselle La Hoz, and Shania Quallo to perform I know if I just fo- well in their first AP class.

It is common for someone to underestimate the workload and intensity of a course when they have never experienced something similar to it. Classes that sound simple, such as Art History, can end up being the hardest classes. Seda Makarova, for example, says the she underestimated her 2D Design class. Although it is only an art class, it requires a lot of time and education. “It’s ended up being the one that takes the most time with the development and creation of pieces, as opposed to just having to read material and answer questions for my other APs.” Despite the difficulty of these classes, don’t be discouraged. Although things may seem difficult now, they will certainly get better when college comes. APs are a preparation for the tough college classes that will come. With good study habits and enough sleep, anything is possible.

Sophomore super shoot out

Sophomore scents on sale

Lauren Ramirez STAFF WRITER


The whole basketball court goes quiet as only does the fundraising reduce the price the ball moves swiftly through the air, but of Prom, but also many other events such it isn’t long before the ball passes through as senior sunrise, senior breakfast, and sethe basket and the crowd goes wild. No, nior dinner. This is why we need as many this isn’t a basketball game, but Super Shoot Out. Super Shoot Out is an event being held at PPCHS homecoming game tailgating event, which is in the gymnasium on October 24th at 5:00 p.m. At the event, anyone can attempt to make a half-court shot for a dollar. If they make the shot, they will be rewarded with a five dollar gift card to Menchies, Chipotle, or another teen- Slam Dunk: The sophomore class gets ready to launch the basketball friendly place. Then, for shoot out event for all students. Photo By: Daniel Vidal another dollar, double or nothing, they get people to participate as possible.” the chance to win a ten dollar gift card. This shouldn’t be a problem, because the This fundraiser is a great way for the class sophomore class is already buzzing about of 2016 to earn money, but many students their anticipation for the activity, “Super have been wondering what the money Shoot Out sounds amazing. I can help my is used for. What they don’t know is that class and have fun at the same time!” says the money earned from these fundraising sophomore Andrew Walters. events goes right back to the students. “The This is the first year PPCHS has orgamain goal of fundraisers like these is to re- nized an event like the Super Shoot Out. duce the cost of senior events like Prom,” It is just one more thing to make students says class of 2016 sponsor, Mrs. Torres. even more excited about going to tailgatThe Class of 2016 Student Council knows ing and the homecoming game. For just a how expensive senior year can be, so they dollar, they can test their talent and try their organize as many activities and fundraisers luck with a fun new activity. Hope to see as they can to help the students out. Sopho- you there, Jags! more President Camila Lopez says, “Not

The time of year when scents of pumpkin and cinnamon fill the noses of students at PPCHS. It’s time for the annual fundraiser Yankee Candle sale to take place. The sophomore class will be selling candles throughout the month of October. All funds raised by the class of 2016 will go towards their future senior activities such as prom. PPCHS encourages everyone to help the Sophomore Class by purchasing a candle. In order to ensure the success of the fundraiser, incentives offered for students of all grades. “I think that this fundraiser is very beneficial towards the sophomore class. It is a good opportunity to raise money for the class because we get 40% of the profit,” says Mrs. Torres, the sophomore class sponsor. Apparently, Torres is not alone. Camila Lopez, the Class of 2016 President says, Graphic by: Armando Urena “This fundraiser is helpful to our class because anyone can contribute. Torres in room U231. They will officially Unlike all of the other opportunities we be on sale on October 14th, 2013 and will have put out there to help our class raise be sold throughout the week. Anyone inmoney, you will not need to pay anything. terested in buying a candle will receive a All you have to do is sell candles!” catalogue with all necessary information. Any sophomore that would like to par- Orders are due by November 1st, Jags! ticipate in selling the candles can see Mrs.

Super fundraiser: The class of 2016 is encouraging students to try their luck at tailgating. Photo Daniel Vidal


Scents for sale: Yankee Candles with roomfilling scents like lavender are being sold by the Sophomoreclass for all of PPCHS. Photo by: Sydney Silverberg

Page Name Month 2013


Class of 2015 plans a fun-filled year

the capabilities of their senior year. The junior class, just a few months Within each class the elected of- away from their much anticipated ficers team up with their sponsor to final chapter of high school, has create an exciting year that aids to countless events and fundraisers


Inside By the Grade 11th...

You should’ve put a ring on it

in store for the 2013-2014 school year. Junior Class sponsor Ms. Ellis has high hopes for the events planned and looks forward to a fun filled year. Each event, some tradi-

tion and some new, has added an exciting outlook to what PPCHS students should expect. See Fun Year, Page 11

APUSH class participates in Constitutional Convention

Class of 2015 plans a fun-filled year



ing the ring ceremony. It will be held in the River of Grass Theatre, where the jags will officially take off their symbolic necklaces and put on their personally designed class rings. The moment is one of many that commemorated the students taking the next step in their high school careers, with a ring that will hold a special place in their heart for the rest of their lives.

“perfect match” is.

Matchmaker Fundraiser: February (TBA) Love is in the air at PPCHS as Valentine’s Day nears. The junior class will be hosting a match maker fundraiser that allows students to take a survey in their third period class that will match them to another lucky student. Around Valentine’s Day the results will be available for purchase at both A and B lunches for $2.00. In hopes of a sudden spark, jags will have the opportunity to find out who their

March Madness Basketball Tournament: March (TBA) The college tournament that hosts teams that prove to be the best of the best, comes to PPCHS at the March Madness games. Hosted by the Class of 2015, admissions are free as all PPCHS students can come out and support their favorite teams and watch the brackets dwindle down to the top two teams that battle it out for the winning title. The first 16 teams to add themselves to the dynamic roster will pay $12 to participate in the games. The event starts after school, and concessions will be sold.

Fun Year from page 10...

Catching Fire Premier: November 21 Jaguar Hunger Games fans listen up! A private screening of the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire will be hosted at Cinemark 24 at 7:00 p.m., by the junior class open to all PPCHS students. An entire theatre will be rented out the day before the movie is debuted worldwide, for the price of $13.50. Only a number of tickets are available so tickets will be sold starting October 15th until they run out. Tickets can be bought in Ms. Ellis’ room (D110) before and after school, and during both A and B lunches.

towards discounted prom tickets, senior jerseys, and Grad Bash tickets.

Graphic By: Matthew Perez

Yankee Candle: October 14 – November (TBA) Yankee Candle is a fundraiser that allows juniors to sell candles, and use the money earned directly for themselves in aiding the expense of senior year. The incentives to the project will go

Ring Ceremony: January 15th Upon making a deposit for their class rings, countless juniors have been following the tradition of wearing their mini-ring ordained necklace day after day- await-

By the Grade 11th October 2013

Valentine’s Day Grams: February 10th- 13th To help raise funds and participate in celebrating the romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day Grams will be sold by the Class of 2015 starting February 10th until Thursday, February13th. Valentine’s Day grams will be sold during A and B lunches starting at $2.00, to send items such as flowers, a bear, a note to a friend, or even to that special someone.

APUSH class participates in Greased Lightnin’ strikes PPCHS Constitutional Convention class. It was a really interesting project and helped me understand what happened in the original Convention,” said junior Noah On Monday, October 7th Mrs. Torres’ Advanced Levy. Each student discussed several issues Placement United States History (APUSH) classes participated in a simulation of the Con- including whether or not the Articles of stitutional Convention. The assignment was an Confederation should be revised, how indiinteractive way for students to learn about the vidual rights should be protected and how Convention, which was originally held in Phila- slavery should be addressed in the Constitution. APUSH students were encouraged delphia in 1787. To head the convention, students in each class to partner or align with others who share had to elect someone to act as the role of George their views and speak against those who Washington. From there, students were assigned were opposed to their views. In addition to the simulation, students one delegate to the convention and were required to research issues originally discussed in 1787. were required to complete a written asThey were presented with a brief summary of sessment. They had to write a newspaper their delegate, describing their personal back- editorial in the viewpoint of their assigned ground, views and important points that should delegate. In the assessment, which had to be brought up during the simulation. Students be at least two paragraphs in length, students had to discuss how each member would present their position to the community. “This project was intended to make students think outside of the box,” said Mrs. Torres. “It’s a dull topic that students have trouble understanding. By participating in an interactive project, they will remember the facts when it comes time for the exam.” PPCHS is focused on preparing students to succeed beyond high school. Advanced Placement classes aren’t taken lightly, by students or teachers. Interactive Learning Experience: Junior Noah Levy leads his To ensure that this success continclass’s Constitutional Convention as George Washington. ues, teachers such as Mrs. Torres are Photo By: Alex Monge focused on providing students with alsimulated actions of their assigned delegates as ternative methods of learning that will aid them when the time to take the AP exam issues were presented to the Convention. “I was elected to be George Washington in my comes. Melissa Sullivan WEB MANAGING EDITOR


film, I practically grew up watching it. It’s a classic and will always be one of my favorites,” said senior Alden Diaz. “When a group of guy friends It was a night under the stars at PPCHS gets up to dance and you don’t dance with them, on Friday, October 11th as students met on you’re just missing the point.” the newly constructed field to watch the hit From there on out, everyone was embracing movie, Grease. The Junior Class (’15) put the Grease within them. As the movie continued, together this unique event in an effort to more and more students and faculty began to reraise funds necessary for their future se- cite the words and sing along. Everyone chimed nior year activities. Throughout the night, in to be part of the event, bringing the spirit of the class officers could be seen dressed in 50’s movie to PPCHS. It was as if PPCHS was now styled car hop hats home to the sassy Pink Laas they hosted the dies and the tough T Birds. screening. “I really enjoyed the Students from event, it was definitely all grade levels as a lot of fun,” said senior well as several staff Anthony London. “I had members met on the fun dancing with my other turf at 7 p.m. with guy friends, but the whole blankets and pilnight was basically about lows in hand, ready coming together and havfor an enjoyable ing fun with friends while evening. Shortly watching a great movie.” after arriving, at- Grown Up, but Never Old: Students gather on the As the school year protendees placed their PPCHS football field to watch “Grease”. gresses, many students are blankets stretched Photo By: Jaun Tellez left hoping that another across the turf and movie night will surface. sat down in preparation for the opening “I had so much fun at the Grease movie night. scene. The movie quickly began and had Since it’s my last year in high school, I definitely the entire audience, students and teachers want to experience more unique and great nights alike, singing along to the catchy tunes like that,” said senior Olivia Hamilton. that radiated from the speakers. When the Overall, the event proved to be successful tosong, Greased Lightnin’ played, a group wards raising funds for the class of 2015. With of seniors stood up and began to dance over 150 people attending and tickets ranging along with the famous scene. As they sang from $3.00 to $5.00, the junior class raised alalong, they pointed their fingers out toward most $1,000 dollars, which will prove to be usethe crowd, catching everyone’s attention. ful for their upcoming senior year. Lights began to flash as numerous people “The event was extremely successful in both brought out their phones and cameras to raising money and bringing more Jags together. snap pictures of the memorable moment. The junior class has a lot more in store for this “I started dancing because I love that year,” said Principal Mr. Bayer.

You should’ve put a ring on it Aaliyah Pasols STAFF WRITER

You know how the song goes: “If you liked your high school years, then you should’ve put a ring on it!” Or well, maybe those aren’t the exact words. But they sure are accurate when referencing PPCHS’ class rings. Last year, all juniors had the opportunity to pre-order any of the hundreds of gorgeous class rings that were available. The rings were highly customizable as students had the choice of choosing the different stones, material, and style of the ring. And for an additional amount, students could have had something inscribed on the sides of the ring, resulting in a memento that would sum up their high school years. And that’s the whole point of the class rings, really: to have a physical representation of all of the memories, and good times that were made at PPCHS. “It’s important for students to purchase class rings because it serves as a testimony to a period of time that is significant to them,” Mr.Opalka, the U.S. History teacher says. Mr.Opalka shows

off his own class ring by continuing to of the ceremony, after the students receive wear it every day. He shares their official that it holds various high class ring they school memories for him will take the such as “high school football Mini Ring on a games, basketball championChain off their ships, girlfriends, prom, and neck and put it great teachers.” around the neck Additionally, one exciting of someone feature of pre-ordering the who is special class rings is that all of the to them,” Caitstudents received a mini ring lin Cunningthat was attached to a neckham, an official lace. For weeks after, students for Herff Jones were seen around Charter informs. showing off their sparkling With final paynecklaces. But as of this year, ments due on the wearing of the necklace January 8th, seems to have come to a halt. 2014 students “Students are encouraged to are beginning wear their Mini Ring on a Junior Class Rings: Juniors anticipate the ap- to feel as if the Chain up until the night of the proach of the Ring Ceremony later this school ceremony is ceremony to remind them that year. Photo By: Carli Stander right around the the ceremony is coming up. On the night corner. The ceremony takes place on Janu-

ary 15th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the River of Grass Auditorium. A night to remember, the ceremony is a sort of a “coming of age” event that is sure to bring tears to parents’ eyes. The taking off of the necklace and the putting on of the ring symbolizes a new stage of life that the students are about to enter. And for many nervous students, it also resembles a transition into what is inscribed on the side of the rings: “2015.” The big senior year. “This ceremony really represents how I’m finally growing up. Physically, and as a person in general. The class ring ceremony is a step closer to senior year and I’m really looking forward to it,” expressed junior, Piedad Pizarro-Tolsa With many upcoming events such as Homecoming, Winter Fantasy, and the ceremony, students are excited and full of school spirit. Pep Rally is just a few weeks away, and we’re certainly ready to bring out those maroon socks and “Go Jags!” posters. As for the ceremony, students are anticipating a beautiful turnout. Make sure to get your final payments in on time, and continue to wear those class ring necklaces. Keep roaring Jaguars, this year is looking newsworthy!

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Senior management 101

Andrea Bellorin CLUBS EDITOR

With senior year in full swing, the piles of stress and procrastination are beginning to take their toll. Senior year is unlike any other. In order to enjoy your last year in high school, you need to learn how to push aside stress and make way

for fun. All your years of late night studying, cramming for exams, piles of homework, SAT/ACT preparing and much more are finally dwindling down. With college application deadlines just around the corner, there are still CommonApps to finish and supplement essays to edit. Senior stress levels are higher

Inside By the Grade 12th...

Deadlines for yearbook are prowling for seniors

than ever. Teachers, parents, and counselors alike all love to stress the idea of college and success to students on a daily basis. Although this might not necessarily be a bad thing, sometimes it can get to your heads. Once you let projects, homework, and other activities be pushed to the

side, you are making way for procrastination and quite possibly, bad results. Although it may seem like the best of ideas, it is only creating more stress.

See Management, Page 13...

Seniors four years of fundraising pays off

Senior management 101 Management from page 12... Andrea Bellorin CLUBS EDITOR

Here are a few tips to prevent this from happening during your senior year: • Time management: Schedule your activities and make check lists to stay on top of deadlines to be able to manage work better. • Do not procrastinate: It might seem like a good idea to hold things off but in the long run, it will only stress you out even more and potentially give you a worse outcome than what you could have gotten if you prepared yourself. • Don’t overload: Ok, senior year is a big deal and all but don’t take classes you can’t keep up with. Take rigorous courses but not so much to blow your head up. Challenge yourself at a normal dose. Remember you have college applications to finish also, so make sure that things

on your schedule are things that you can handle. The entire college process can be one of the most stressful parts of senior year. With more and more pressure to get into the toprated schools, no wonder students are lost when it comes to stress management. “Sometimes when I feel stressed and anxious I like to go to the gym to unwind. Lately, I feel very stressed when it comes to school work,” says senior Nina Salciccioli, “My teachers are piling on homework and projects when on top of all that, I have college applications to complete. It’s really driving me crazy.” Believe it or not, you’re not alone in the application process. If you have not discovered them yet, there is faculty at school to help you get through. These helpful “col-

What would you do if you were handed $50,000 in a suitcase and told to start a business; what would you create? This is the question that all of Mr. Quigley’s Economic honors students are in the process of answering. His students have been asked to map out the finest details of a business they are supposed to create; from a workers’ salary, cost of renting restaurant space, and even stocking the store with goods, creating a business from scratch is a lot of work. Currently, in his classroom, students are learning the fundamentals of supply and demand, and with this project, will have the opportunity to grasp the complicated process of both the producer and the consumer. The toughest thing, explained by Quigley, is for students to differentiate the goals of the supplier and the consumer. So far they have been learning the law of supply and law of demand and this project hopefully will reiterate the lessons taught in class, while also allowing students to get creative and put potential dream businesses into ac-

By the Grade 12th October 2013

lege coaches” include Mrs. Thomas, Ms. Peacock, and even some of your teachers that are willing to help. Guidance counselors are readily available to steer students in the right direction towards the colleges that suit them best. “College applications and applying for scholarships is almost like a part-time job for students. Application station, student requests, parent conferences, and especially email works well to get help because deadlines are stressful,” said Guidance Counselor Mrs. Thomas. Currently and within the next few months, seniors will be receiving acceptance letters. If it is either from their dream schools or even back-up schools, acceptances into colleges or universities is a reason to celebrate. The wave of relief once you submit a

college application is unlike any other. Although you will get declined at some point in time, it is no reason to keep you from reaching your goals. “My best advice to give is to not let everything school related get too serious and take over your life. There will ways be a second option for college if the first one doesn’t work. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be,” said senior Brittney Bruns. Our greatest ability against stress is to choose one thought over the other. Seniors: instead of letting the college application process take over your thoughts day and night, instead let it become a chance for you to mature and prepare yourself for the real world. After all, you are only a high school senior once in your lifetime, so try to get the best of it and enjoy.

tion. class selects the final winner. The ultimate “The toughest part of this project is try- prize is not food or a small gift, instead, ing understand how to properly distribute Mr. Quigley has promised a guaranteed A the $50,000 without overspending,” said for the entire first quarter. senior Izaak Kaufman. “There is just so The second part of the project gives his many extra expenses you forget students the opportunity to about because your whole life explore their imagination, you have been a consumer.” and type up a descriptive The project is broken down paper describing the atmointo 3 different sections. The sphere of the business. In first part is the elevator pitch this section they are also which is basically a 2-3 minute required to create actual speech about your business and business cards and a postan explanation on why someone er that advertises the new should invest in your company. business. The philosophy of the pitch is “I like the concept and designed to simulate being in an the chance to make up any elevator with someone like Donbusiness you can think ald Trump, and having a short of,” said senior Kevin elevator ride to entice an inves- Quigley: Mr. Quigley creates a Ledford who is currently tor. Groups will prepare their project that challenges his music. in the process of designing speech and begin their pitch to Photo By: Danny Vidal a sports grill. “I just hope I Mr. Quigley, then 4 -5 groups will be se- can translate the ideas that I came up with lected to pitch to the class. From there, the in my mind and put it on paper.”

The last and final part of this massive project is the interview, where groups are required to interview a manager or assistant manager of a business similar to the one they are creating. They have a list of questions and must ask at least five original questions aside from the set questions. Six students in the past have actually earned a job in credit to the project and getting to know the manager of the store. “When students go to the mall and stroll from shop to shop, many bypass little stands and booths and don’t even realize those vendors,” stressed Quigley. “My goal for this project is to make people realize that you are not just walking by stands full of phone cases or t-shirts, but instead recognize and acknowledge that that stand is that persons’ life and way of living, and to actually appreciate how hard it is to run a business.” From clothing lines, restaurants, to even online businesses, the options are infinite. This project hopefully will provide a better understanding of supply and demand and possibly create a dream that a student will pursue way past their high school years.

Quigley means business Troy Bottom SPORTS EDITOR


Deadlines for yearbook are prowling for seniors

Seniors four years of fundraising pays off



5th, which varies differently from last year. Last year, a student was able to purchase their yearbook when they arrived around Deadlines seem to be a reoccurring theme for the month of March. This change occurred senior year. Application deadlines, payment due to the economy and the expenses. Sedeadlines, homework deadlines, and especially nior and Editor-in-Chief of The Prowler yearbook deadlines. PPCHS’ Yearbook, The Taylor Cowheard says, “With the old way, Prowler, has plenty of deadlines for the class of we would have to guess how many students 2014. Senior pictures, senior dedications, and the would buy a yearbook when they arrived. It last day to buy a yearbook are all coming up in was a complete mystery and if there were the next few months. any unsold yearbooks we would lose the The deadline for senior pictures is just around money that could be used to plan for next the corner. The last day to take senior pictures is year. This will make it easier to have one October 31st in order to make it in the yearbook. deadline and it will help save money for These pictures are done by FoxMar studios in future yearbooks.” Yearbooks can be purBroward County. One has to make an appoint- chased in room C117 for $80 with cash or a ment online and will be able to choose from a check or it can be done online by going to variety of packages and poses from the Yearbook and enterOnly Package to the Platinum Package with the ing the order number #15760. Visa, Masglitz and glamour. tercard, and Discover Senior dedications are the credit cards are the well wishes in accepted for online the back of the book orders. made by parents, famOverall, The Prowlily members, friends er Yearbook is comand more. The sizes ing together nicely to vary from a business create memories for card to a whole two seniors and the other page spread. The cost grades as well. All seis between $65 and nior students should $250 depending on be on the lookout for the size of the senor these important deaddedication. The perlines to make sure son buying the senior they do not miss out. dedication makes the In addition, senior dedication their own panoramic is coming with pictures, backup on December 3rd. grounds, and text, as “I believe that this if they were creating year’s yearbook will their own advertisebe a good one. It is ment. If there is no my first year here and Yearbook: Editor-in-Chief, Taylor Cowheard, leads her created dedication staff in the race to complete the yearbook. I have heard about submitted, the senior Photo By: Carli Stander how good the book is portrait will be used as the dedication. The last from my older friends, but I feel like it will day to submit materials and buy a senior dedica- depend on the theme.” says freshman Mattion is December 5th. thew Morin. The Prowler will come out Senior dedications are not the only thing due on towards the end of April or the beginning December 5th. The last day to purchase a year- of May. Make sure to mark your calendars book for the entire school year is also December and stay informed!

deposit off my Grad bash ticket.” Most commonly, Prom tickets are $100 but with the large profit due to endless fundraising, the cost of the With four years of hard fundraising under tickets have been lowered to $85.00. Fundraising their belt, the senior class has worked up a is a significant part of the raising money process. tremendous amount of money, in efforts to Huge profits for the senior class came from selllessen the financial burden of senior year. ing summer reading books and t-shirt sales. AP From fundraisers to incentives, the motiva- workbooks, which were previously sold by SGA, tion to raising money lies in the vision of a have also gathered a large amount of funds. great fun-filled last year. However, the two standout fundraisers to rack The class of 14’ is under great leadership, up the most proceeds were the Yankee Candle which is one of the most important pieces fundraiser and the voter registration pole. Last to something being year, students were sellsuccessful. Under the ing candles of all differsponsorship of Mrs. ent scents from Yankee Diaz and presidency Candle. Depending on the of senior Nicole Baamount of money the stutista, they are only dent sold, certain activities a part of the whole for their senior year were that can be accredited lowered. The list of incenwith one of the most tives range from $200.00 to successful classes $2,000.00. If a student sold thus far. “Once I com- Senior Money: Nicole Batista and Mrs. Diaz two hundred dollars’ worth mit, I commit to all proudly fluant their foundraising accomplishments. of candles the cost of his/ Photo By: Juan Tellez four years,” says Mrs. her senior jersey would be Diaz, who’s hard work shows through the obliged. If two thousand dollars’ worth of candles success of the seniors, she has been deter- were sold, the cost of the senior jersey, grad bash mined to make Prom the best it can be. “To and two prom tickets would all be exempted. be honest I’m not sure of what’s everyone’s Mrs. Diaz developed these incentives in order title because we work as a team. We com- to motivate the students to fundraise. “I personmunicate a lot which I think is one of the ally stopped by all of the social studies classes to reasons we have done so well.” present the incentives. I thought if I showed them Usually the previous graduating class pass- personally they would understand that selling is es down money to the incoming seniors. very important to making their senior year a good This year a total of $2,200 will be handed one,” said Mrs. Diaz. Students who volunteered down to the class of 2015. Four years ago, as poll workers were fortunate enough to have the class of 14’ started with about two thou- the price of their senior jersey nullified as well. sand dollars which was handed down from “We had over 100 people sign up to volunteer for the previous class, but with many fund- poll working which helped us get a lot of money. raisers and the help of students, the class These incentives that were offered made it one cooked up a whopping $17,000. The main less thing to pay for senior year,” says 14’ class focus for the senior class was to lower the president, Nicole Batista. price of the Prom tickets. “I raised $400 The fundraisers have proven to be very benefidollars’ worth of Yankee Candles last year. cial for the class of 2014. This year the graduating Since I’m the Vice President I felt motivat- class has raised the bar of raising money. With ed to raise money for our class to do things huge profits from all of the fundraisers throughthat have never been done before,” said out their high school career, this senior year can Stephan Montes (’14). “The money also anticipate an amazing prom and more thrilling helped me get a free senior jersey and a $40 events to come.

By the Grade12th October 2013


ACL’s: Tearing apart the next generation of athletes


Pop. Scream. Plop. These three sounds haunt athletes at every level. It starts with the pop; a bad cut or direct blow that slices the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, most commonly known as the ACL. Then the scream; the eardeafening holler from the ath-

lete as the instant pain suddenly mixes with the realization of a dragged out process of recovery. Finally the plop, the symbolic fall of an athlete and his future all in one movement. ACL tears have become one of the most common injuries in almost every

contact and collision sport; and in recent studies done by ESPN. com; this trend will not be slowing down anytime soon. The issue of ACL tears is being discussed from little leagues all the way up to the professional level all across the United States

Inside Sports...

Cross Country runs for success

in almost every sport. The explanation for why ACL tears have been increasing year after year have eluded doctors and added confusion to this puzzle. There are a few possible explanations, but unfortunately they offer no real easy solution. See ACL Tears, Page 15

NCAA lawsuits handled EAsily

Yordan and Sosa score a trip to Haiti


Sports October 2013

ACL’s: Tearing apart the next generation of athletes ACL Tears from page 15... Troy Bottom SPORTS EDITOR

The consequences of injury can be life changing and no one knows this better than senior and captain of the football team, Dylan Fernandez. “It’s a horrible feeling and it has really hurt my career,” Fernandez stated. “It was in a playoff game and I was on defense defending an option play. The running back received a pitch followed by a quick cut and I tried to do the same but my leg just got stuck planted in the ground. I made the tackle but when I began to jog off the field I felt my leg all wobbly and I fell back down.” There are two types of ACL tears, those that are caused by a collision and then the ones that are a result of a sharp cut or bad landing. In Fernandez’s case, his injury . Collision ACL injuries are categorized as more violent and 40% of collision tears result in what is called a “terrible triad.” A terrible triad is basically a hit, much like the publicized impact on South Carolinas Marcus Lattimore a year ago, which tore his ACL, MCL, and Meniscus all in one

blow to the knee. The time table for any ACL injury, collision or not, is anywhere from eight months to the one year mark. “We have many different ways we test if an athlete has suffered a tear. The most common test is usually done on the field where the athlete goes down and is called a ‘Lachman’s test.’ Here we grab the thigh and tibia and moving the tibia trying to shift it forward. The ACL is what prevents movement of the tibia so we test to see if the ACL allows movement or opens up, if so, it is torn,” explained Head Athletic Trainer, Coach Benji Sloan. Collisions are inevitable in sports like soccer and football, but the reasons why the collisions are causing more and more tears is explained by two theories. One is that kids nowadays are being trained too hard. Elite high school programs lift, condition, and work their athletes at levels that rival college universities. The simple fact is that with time, science has been able to study and strengthen every muscle possible in a male or female, allowing for a far more enhanced athlete. With more rigorous training comes a more significant toll on an individual’s body. The other theory

also corresponds with the fact that athletes today are being over trained. The average teenager is faster, stronger, and more agile than ever before. This equates to all these young athletes running at speeds they’re not meant to reach until a more mature age, and as a result, they make cuts so fast and quick that their ligaments are not strong enough to support it.

More and more research has been under way to tackle this subject. The most common places to see these injuries are on the soccer field, football field, and basketball courts. With more and more tests constructed, hopefully scientists can tear apart the subject once and for all, and help sideline these injuries that have sidelined many of our nation’s next top athletes.

Athletes “kneed” to be safe: Sebastian Cubillos shows off his knee brace that he uses to prevent injuries such as an ACL tear. Photo by: Peter Dourvetakis

NCAA lawsuits handled EAsily Jake Dreilinger NEWS EDITOR/MANAGING EDITOR LAYOUT

The end has come. No longer will gamers be able to sit at their favorite gaming consoles and play their beloved college football game. The end of a glorious franchise has come to end, but not for the fairytale ending that they so truly deserve. After losing $40 million in a lawsuit, EA sports announced that they will not make a college football game in 2014, hinting that they will discontinue the 20-year-old franchise ( Many former collegiate players, including Ryan Hart of Rutgers University, Sam Keller of Arizona State University and University of Nebraska, and Shawne Alston of West Virginia University, have filed a lawsuit against EA sports, the NCAA, and the Collegiate Licensing Company. They are saying that these three companies “profit from the players without compensating them in media such as EA’s NCAA Football games” ( In EA Sports’ newest game, NCAA Football 14,

the names of the college athletes were excluded from the games, and were replaced with their numbers. “I will miss the college football franchise,” said junior Malik Gray. “I loved playing as my favorite college athletes, and

The University of Miami was given gifts and money by Nevin Shapiro to play for the team. As a result of this, Miami selfimposed a penalty where they couldn’t participate in a College Bowl game last year. Southern Methodist University got

Graphic By: Armando Urena

I surely will miss playing with my favorite teams.” It is illegal for college athletes to be paid in college. The penalties could be severe.

the death sentence for giving players illegal benefits and were warned several times to stop. The death penalty shuts down the college football program for a whole year,

and SMU hasn’t recovered since then. The lawsuit on EA sports and the NCAA has had some traumatic effects. In response to the lawsuit, EA sports announced that they won’t be making an NCAA football in 2014, possibly hinting an end to the NCAA Football franchise. NCAA will continue fighting the lawsuit, but the damage has already been done. According to, the lawyers and the players never intended for the football video games to end. They just wanted some sort of consent when using their names in videogames, but when they didn’t get it, they sued EA and NCAA for $40 million. No matter what happens, EA and NCAA policies will change, whether it be for better or for worse. “Watching football games and then playing them in video games was one of my favorite things to do,” said junior Noah Levy. “It’s a shame that this is happening.” In the wake of the lawsuit, many new things will appear in the college football world. Only time will tell whether these changes will be good or bad ones.

Yordan and Sosa score a trip to Haiti Jake Dreilinger NEWS EDITOR/MANAGING EDITOR LAYOUT

Soccer is considered the most popular sport internationally. Soccer in some parts of the world is the equivalent to football here in America. Top stars like Leonel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar are the inspirations for many to pursue a career in soccer. Two examples of these inspired individuals are found here at PPCHS, sophomore Emely Sosa and junior Patricia Yordan. The two talented athletes recently traveled to Haiti to participate in the Caribbean Union Futbol tournament to qualify for the U17 World Cup. Sosa played for the Dominican Republic international team. She loves playing soccer and hoped to put all her skills on display when she made the trip to Haiti. In all three games she played in, Sosa impressed her competition, scoring two goals. Unfortunately, her team failed to make it

past the group play round, losing their last up for anything else. What really topped game while tying it off was when the others. Sosa I scored my loves playing for goals. I love the team and it playing for this started when she team.” managed to imYordan played press the coach for the Puerto of the Dominican Rico internaRepublic team. tional team, Sadly, the Doand the team minican Republic had a bit more U17 team failed success. After to qualify for the making it out next tournament of the group to determine who play without a goes to the Womloss, Yordan’s en’s World Cup. team lost in the “I enjoyed playSemis, but fining a lot,” said ished 3rd place. Sosa. “The exYordan has been perience was unplaying soccer believable and I One love, one game: Yordan and Sosa both share a love for their since she was wouldn’t pass it sport that can only be explained through playing. Photo donated a little girl, and by:

Patricia Yordan

fell in love with the sport. She has been working hard all summer after making the team back in January. Her constant training with the team shows when she performed in Haiti. Although she failed to qualify for the next CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American, and Caribbean Association Futbol) tournament, Yordan had a lot of fun and was glad that she participated in this once in a lifetime experience. “I am very glad that I was able to play with this team,” said Yordan. “It gives me more reasons to continue training and playing soccer. I am happy that I was able to represent the country that I love.” Both ladies performed well, but both failed to move on to the next tournament. Sosa and Yordan both are expecting to try out again, but Yordan wants to try out in 2015. Both girls are ready to use their training and skills learned in international play and implement them when they put on a Jaguars uniform this upcoming season.

Sports October 2013



When teams are all about business, they get the job done. The PPCHS boys cross country does more than just “getting the job done.” Before business comes togetherness. This team is like no other and the extreme talent and hard work has more than a lot to do with it; it has everything to do with it. All of the team’s success ideally reflects their practices day in and day out. The Cross Country team has two types of practices: a hard practice, which totals nine miles, and an easy practice, which totals six miles. In order to prepare for the Florida State invitational, the cross country team did easy days to give those who are going a longer time to rest. On easy days, the experienced runners run four miles around the farmlands behind the school and run back to PPCHS while doing various exercises. The rest of the people run laps around the new field. Each lap is a quarter of a mile, so six miles is equivalent to 24 laps around the field. “To warm up, we run a lap around the outside of the school,” said Carlos Penaranda. “Then we start running our six miles on the track. The first mile is a warm-up, but the next four miles, we go all out. And the last mile is a cool down. We do this so we don’t injure ourselves by just suddenly stopping.”

Cross Country Runs for Success At practice, the cross country team is always moving and relies on their determination to beat the person in front of them. The members of the team travel in groups as they run their laps, and use them as motivation to continue running. They get wa-

that run four miles around the farmlands by the school were training for the Florida State Invitational in Tallahassee Saturday, October 12th. These students are Justin Ortiz, Carlos and Danny Penaranda, Danny Arango, Angelo Paparazzi, Alejandro

The great eight: Cross country runners prepare to take the state by storm as the put in work at practices day in and day out. Photo donated by: Pines Carter Track’s Flickr

ter breaks after they complete a few laps in order to stay hydrated, but their incredible stamina makes them seem like they could go on forever. After running five miles, including warm-ups, the team cools down with one more mile. The team then stretches with sit ups and push-ups. After that, the team gets a pep talk from the coach. The experienced members of the team

Adarve, John Medina, Andy Iglesias, and Kristin McNair. These students lead the cross country team in each event and are always running their hardest to improve their skills. The Florida State Invitational was an event where many schools competed against each other in Tallahassee, Florida at the FSU campus. Although no one on the team finished in the top ten, this

has become a learning experience for the team. This proves that they can always get better and there is somebody better than them out there. “I am honored to be a part of this group of students to run at the Invitational,” said junior Justin Ortiz. “It is all very exciting and I hope to help take home the win in Tallahassee.” Coach Hazera, the cross country coach, is there through it all, making sure the team doesn’t fall short of everyone’s expectations. He places each runner into groups based on the similarities of running styles. Hazera is an expert in his field and is able to come up with the best running techniques for his runners. Although his daughter is on the team, Hazera doesn’t go easy on anyone. He pushes his runners to run that extra lap and keep up with the competition. Even though Coach Hazera pushes the cross country team to meet their full potential, it’s the hard work and determination of his skilled runners to take home the gold. There are many strong runners who have incredible stamina in the long races, and there are those who can blow by their competition in short races. The team practices every day after school and on the weekends, although Sunday practices are not mandatory. The overall determination of these runners is why the cross country team is one of the best in the state of Florida.

thirst is real – and that’s the dry MLB Full of Tricks and Treats The truth Brett Alayon STAFF WRITER

The 2013 MLB regular season was filled with historic records, games, and even brawls. Last year’s Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera once again had an outstanding year at the plate as he captures his second consecutive batting title and an expected MVP award. Alongside Cabrera, pitcher Max Scherzer of the Detroit tigers finished the season with a 22-3 record on the mound completely dominating all of baseball. These were certainly the two most glaring headlines in all of baseball this season, but are there more? There most definitely was. It appears that either the Los Angeles Dodgers or New York Yankees must make the postseason every single season. As a matter of fact, the Yankees have only missed the playoffs two since 1992 (including this season). That is unbelievable, whether you hate them or not. Across the country in Hollywood, the Dodgers had the most dramatic season of any team in baseball. A horrific start put them with a 34-42 record to start the season and Graphic By: matthew Perez head coach Don Mattingly was on the verge of getting fired. Along came a youngster names Yasiel Puig who appeared to save their season with his incredible talent and unlimited energy. Potential CY Young winner Clayton Kershaw and the rest of Los Angeles rallied around Puig to end off their season better than anyone else finishing with a record of 92-70. That easily won them the NL West division and put last year’s World Series champs, the San Francisco Giants, in the dumps. This surely proves how tough it is to win back-to-back rings in professional sports. For some, just making it to the playoffs is difficult enough. The Pittsburgh Pirates captured their first winning record and playoff win since 1992. Unsurprisingly, the St. Louis Cardinals are once again in the thick of things even with a young manager. They know how to get the job done year in and year out. Now what about the

Marlins? The fish accomplished two things this season. One: They didn’t finish with the worst record in the MLB. Two: Rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez pitched a no-hitter on the last day of the regular season against the Detroit Tigers. Unfortunately for South Florida fans, they’ll be lucky to see any type of improvements within the team, not the ballpark. “The Marlins looked pretty awful this season, but the pitching staff is young and is full of guys that can throw in the upper 90s,” said sophomore baseball player Daniel Rivero. “Sweet Caroline…. BUH BUH BUHHH”. The Boston Red Sox are back in the playoffs for the first time in the last 4 seasons. Their theme song and their fans contribute greatly to the energy in Fenway Park and to Boston’s success at home. The Oakland A’s once again have stunned experts, analysts, and everyday MLB fans with an impressive 96-66 record, thirty games above the .500 mark. Once again, team’s like the A’s and Pirates prove that money doesn’t win championships. Prediction time. Through the first round of the playoffs, the Tampa Rays, Oakland A’s, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Atlanta Braves have all been eliminated. Four teams remain for the gold as the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers will battle in the ALCS and the Los Angeles Dodgers will face off in a highly-anticipated series in the NLCS. The Red Sox have a much needed homefield advantage in the seven game set and a result I’ll take Boston in six. St. Louis and Los Angeles are dead even in almost every aspect of the game. I can really see this going seven games with a win or go home game between Adam Wainwright and Clayton Kershaw, advantage St. Louis. With a rematch of the 2004 World Series, the Cardinals will be looking for revenge after getting swept. No revenge will take this year as the Red Sox will win the 2013 World Series in six games. This will prove to everyone they are truly Boston Strong.


person grows more dehydrated, the symptoms may worsen as they affect various vital organs in the body. Coach Hervis, who helps to condition the athletes at PPCHS, is always emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated. “I see a lot of people who are not drinking properly throughout the day, and it shows in their training. Many of them come complaining to me about cramps, and I automatically see that they are dehydrated,” says Hervis. “Basically, the most important thing is to hydrate and replenish your body before, during and after physical activity.” While dehydration has become common, it is also very preventable. According to , drinking fluids throughout the day is the main way to prevent any form of dehydration. The amount of liquid that is taken in may vary depending on the person’s age, size and weight. Water should be consumed before playing and also in 20 minute intervals at least. While any fluid may seem to quench the thirst, nothing beats the classic H2O for this case. “I always maintain hydration throughout the day, especially on the day of a big game. With all the hard work we put in, I don’t want a lack of water to be what stops me from success,” says senior Varsity basketball player Stephan Montes. Waiting for the whistle to blow for a water break is not the answer when hydrating. At

An hour before the game, the players arrive at the field, bags in hand, ready to get into lines and begin their warm ups. The preparation that goes in before a game can determine just how the team will play. However, in the sweltering heat of Florida, preparations require much more than a pre-game jog. Athletes are often so focused on the game itself that they forget one of the most important aspects that will lead to success: hydration. Hydrating cannot begin right before the important game; it is crucial that a person is hydrated at all times, both on and off the field. According to, 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated. This means that more than half of Americans cannot perform to their full potential during daily activities solely based on the fact that they do not have enough fluid in their bodies. If a person is even slightly dehydrated, mood changes can occur as well as having difficulty concentrating, headaches and fatigue (lifescience. com). When a player sweats during a match, it is not a simple sign of them working hard. It is one method of the body attempting to cool itself down. When this occurs, the level of water in the person’s body decreases. If the player did not consume enough water to begin with, the effects can be game altering to say the least. Here at PPCHS, many athletes participate in sports that require intense training along with conditioning. In the middle of the day, when the heat is really kicking in, the athletes make their way to the goal line of the football field for sprints. Sophomore Houda Baajour is one athlete who has experienced both the good and bad of conditioning. “I have gotten dehydrated at conditioning before, and it Quench your thirst: As a football player, William Facey knows the is not fun. My mouth got importance of staying hydrated. Photo by: Jonathan Harrris really dry and I started to get goose bumps. I felt cold even though it all times of the day, a person who wishes was 95 degrees out! I felt extremely light- to excel in their sport as well as their daily headed and got a really bad headache,” life should stay 100% hydrated. When their said Baajour. mouth begins to dry up and they are wishWhen a person feels thirsty, it is a sign ing they ordered water instead of soda at that they are already dehydrated. Other lunch, reality sets in: being an athlete resymptoms may include feeling dizzy or quires that the body is taken care of all the lightheaded and having a dry or sticky time, whether the “thirst is real” or just bemouth. states that as a ing prevented.


Who says cats hate water? Top 5 Boys’ Swimmers at PPCHS

Sports October 2013

All headhots taken by Rebecca Gonzalez

Alex Viloria- Sophomore

Edward Kon- Senior

At the age of two, most kids are learning how to walk, but sophomore Alex Viloria was already in the water learning how to swim. Viloria’s passion for the pool stemmed from his father’s love for the sport, and their talents translated well, like father like son. Viloria’s father, a professional swimmer in Venezuela, taught him to swim at an early age, and by 1st grade he was already swimming competitively. “I love swimming and it has really helped me branch out into other sports that I’ve come to love like water polo,” said Viloria. “I love the fact that I can compete individually and then come together and compete in a relay; it’s a unique sport.” Viloria is a speedster from the instant he hits the water, and has been a huge asset to the team as an underclassman. His best event is the 50 freestyle where he delivered a stunning 23.8 time this year.

The toughest moment in a student-athletes career is that sharp realization that one day their high school athletic career will come to an end. This daunting thought has been on senior Edward Kon’s mind all season, and has driven him to excel in the water. “It’s scary thinking that this is my last season swimming competitively,” said Kon. “It has been such a huge part of my life and for so long, it’s hard to swallow that this is my last year.” Kon’s first interest in swimming was sparked by watching his swimming idol Michael Phelps dominate the 2004 summer Olympics. He then jumped into a local pool and began swimming lessons. From there the young Kon began competing on a club swim team where he started making his presence known.

Noah Hernandez: Junior

For many, playing a sport is just a hobby. However, for junior Noah Hernandez at PPCHS, swimming is a lifestyle. At the age of just ten years old, Noah was introduced to the sport by his parents who had found out about a local club team. Eventually Noah and his younger brother had tried out and shined instantly. The 50 meter freestyle, 200 medley relay, 200 free relay, and 400 free relay are all of the events Noah competes in every time he enters the pool. “The competitive aspect of swimming is like no other sport. I know a lot of people who swim and I just enjoy being out there with my friends doing what I love,” Noah said. Noah takes pride in being a leader to teach the newer kids and making sure everyone goes to practice and puts in their maximum effort. For now, Noah is really interested in FSU for swimming and even water polo. Expectations for the junior are high and it’s up to him to shine no matter who’s next to him in the pool.

Juan Lucas: Freshman

Look in the water! It’s a shark! No, it’s a dolphin! No, it’s just PPCHS freshman swimmer Juan Lucas. Taking the school by storm, Juan Lucas has made it clear that he is one of the best swimmers in the state. He started swimming in the summer of the 5th grade, when a friend kept nagging him to give the sport a chance. Now, the sky is the limit for this young star. “I’m just very grateful that I was introduced to the sport of swimming at a young age. It has allowed myself to gain more knowledge and passion for the sport.” says Lucas. Trying to improve on every stroke in practice, Lucas is hoping to make it to regionals this year. His goal is to make it to states by the time he finishes high school. For college, he wants to earn scholarship to any college that has a good swim team.

Blake Kelley: Senior

Senior Blake Kelley is a “diving” force for an amazing swim team. Kelley began swimming in the 6th grade after watching the swim events for the Athens Olympic Games. “Watching those athletes swim inspired me to begin swimming,” said Kelley. Last year, Kelley quit swimming because he got bored of the sport, but his friend Noah Hernandez convinced him to come rejoin the team. “Hernandez makes swimming fun for me and makes me want to show up to practice. He motivates me to try my hardest,” said Kelley. Entering his final year of high school, Kelley has many options for colleges to choose from. He wants to swim in college, even if he joins the team as a walk on. “I am looking at Florida State University, Louisiana State University, and Fordham University. I want to swim to stay active,” said Kelly.

The 2013 NFL season: the year unpredictability Troy Bottom SPORTS EDITOR

Not even the best psychic in the entire world could have predicted the start of this year’s NFL season. For starters, the league has its own super hero by the name of Peyton Man-

Graphic by: Matthew Perez

ning; a 37 year old legend that continues to teach defenses to respect their elders. Then you have the winless Jacksonville Jaguars, a team with new uniforms but the same old reputation as the worse team in the NFL. A team that was fighting with the Jaguars last season for the worse record in the league was the Kansas City Chiefs, a team who has made a complete

turnaround with a 6-0 start. The Chiefs and Broncos both hold impressive undefeated records, leaving one more elite team out there, but Who Dat? That team is the New Orleans Saints, another franchise that did a complete 360 as they welcome back Head Coach Sean Peyton who was suspended for the 2012 season for being involved in a bounty scandal. The Saints started off 5-0 and suffered their first lost against arguably the fourth best team in the NFL, the New England Patriots led by Tom Brady and a handful of no name receivers. The Saints bad luck from last year definitely did not disappear, but instead spread across the league like an infectious disease, hitting their division rival Atlanta Falcons first. The Falcons were tied for the best record last year at 13-3, and clinched the division title and also secured home field advantage in the playoffs. The Atlanta team from last year was like a machine, and well

with a 1-4 start this year, that machine is going to have struggle chugging along to an 8-8 record, none the less a playoff spot. The Falcons weren’t the only team to slip from the top of the totem pole. The Steelers and Giants, both with two super bowl winning quarterbacks under center, started their 2013 campaign with records and a lot of angry fans. As for South Florida, Dolfans finally have something to cheer about, and that is a team that can compete with almost any team in the league. The Miami Dolphins started off hot with a 3-0 record, which gave validation to General Manager Jeff Irelands moves this past offseason, where he spent millions for players like Mike Wallace, Dannell Ellerbe, and the now injured Dustin Keller. At the time I liked the fact that Ireland went out to actually bring some talent to the team but at the same time the offensive line definitely could’ve used some help. Tannehill has been sacked the most out of any other QB across the league, which is not something Miami fans like to see with Tannehill proving he can be that franchise quarterback for the Fins. On top of that daunting statistic, the rushing attack of the Dolphins has been nonexistent, calling for the offensive line to step up. Another area for concern is a young Dolphin

secondary that 25th in the league and recently got shredded in two straight losses to the Saints and the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. Despite the two consecutive losses the Dolphins look stronger than the past couple years, which has also led to the increasing their ticket sales from any season in the past 5 years. Despite the chaotic start of the 2013 season there are some things that have been made clear and one of those things is the favorite to win the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos are clearly the top dog across the league and know it. The nation watched on their edge of their seats as the Broncos team looked human for once as they faced the Dallas Cowboys. With a tight 4848 lead, the Denver defense rallied and forced Romo’s only mistake of his 500 yard masterpiece of a game. The Broncos are the real deal and I believe they will not just win the Super Bowl, but break several records on their way. If the start of this season has taught us anything, it definitely demonstrates how this league is completely unpredictable, no matter how many different analysts try to predict the future. That’s the beautiful thing about this league, no matter the team, if you’re the underdog, or who did better last year, each game is truly a dog fight where anyone can win, well except if you’re the Jaguars.

10 signs of Jupiter Grades Addiction 1.The home page is bookmarked on your phone.

6.You know your grade percentages by heart.

2.You constantly check if your test scores are up.

7.You get yelled at in class for being on Jupiter Grades.

3.You check your grades on Friday to see if you can go 8.Your browser has your username and password out over the weekend. memorized. 4.You constantly ask your teacher what they were doing 9.When you hear the word “Jupiter”, you don’t think over the weekend instead of putting in grades. of the planet. 5.The first tab on your browser is always Jupiter Grades. 10.You visit Jupiter Grades more than social media websites.

Race to the Finish Line Anthony Kelleher TECHNOLOGY EDITOR

As seniors start their last year of high school, they will soon be entering an unchartered territory: college. Virtual Counselor is a term that every student knows well. Every graduating class is all too familiar with their graduation information listed in Virtual Counselor. Amongst this information there is a section called class rank. Class rank shows a student’s standing as compared to the rest of their graduating class; it is based on weighted GPA for each individual student. Enrolling in Honors, AP, or dual enrollment courses will certainly boost a student’s weighted GPA and help them achieve a higher class ranking, as long as they perform well in the course. With every year that goes by in high school, each student realizes how important class rank is in their own time. Some students just want to maintain their rank status, while others wish to move up a slot or two. No matter if the student has been in the top 10% of their class all 4 years of high school or if they decided to enter the race for ranking just now, there is one thing that remains the same for all grades this year and that is: “survival of the fittest!” Freshmen have just approached the starting line of the race for ranking. They are learning all about competing and what it takes to become a champion student. Grades in freshman year usually set the tone for the rest of the students’ academic career in high school; this is the time when students decide whether they want to turbo charge their performance, stay within the average status or become a back-marker. “I feel that class rank is very important and that freshman year is a vital year in high school. However, I don’t think class rank is

an obsession. I just think people are overly concerned and just want to maintain their rank,” says freshman Uzair Farid. Sophomores are used to the competition; they have set their position in the race and some want to become number one. A huge hurdle, known as AP courses enters the race this year, at which time some students want to take a pit stop before taking on an AP course. These accelerated courses can help make or break their class rank. The competition starts to become fierce and for some the obsession of class rank begins. Sophomore Christopher Doan says, “I feel that class rank is much hyped about but

On top: Seniors Aditya Iyer, Melissa Gianello and Catalina Villegas. Photo by: Rebecca Gonzalez

for a good reason. Class rank is important for both high school and college, but some people take it too seriously and check it every two seconds and get really frustrated when they move down a spot.” Junior year is considered to be one of the most important years of high school, for colleges and class rank. Colleges look at junior year the most when scouting potential new students. Juniors are allowed to become dual enrollment students and they should actively start taking the SAT or

ACT. In junior year there are obstacles in the way such as SAT and ACT, so students are advised to plan accordingly, it won’t be a smooth ride if unprepared. “I feel that certain people take class rank too far and that they are obsessed over it. However, I think it can be a healthy competition, but it is not the end of the world if your class rank isn’t the best,” says junior Sofia Lalinde, who is currently number one in her class. During junior year, students tend to take the most challenging courses possible to boost their weighted GPAs. The obsession with class rank grows even more and just like natural selection, only the strong survive in top 10 percent. It’s the beginning of the end for seniors. Seniors only have one more semester in the race to boost up their weighted GPAs. Students strive to be in the Top 20 students of the class of 2014 known as Summa Cum Laude; if successful, their senior picture will go up in the Administration Building. Being in the Top 20 also gives those students the opportunity to apply for the Jaguar Pride Scholarship. The Jaguar Pride Scholarship is given to a student that is in the top 5 percent of the senior class, who is well rounded, and has a love for academics as well as service. The selected student will receive a $1,000 scholarship, the honor of speaking at graduation, a Macbook, and a plaque that will go up in the office. Senior Aditya Iyer says “I feel class rank is a healthy competition. People just want to strive to be the best version of themselves.” It is important for seniors to maintain their class rank and grades throughout second semester, because colleges still have the right to rescind the admission offer if certain academic standards are not met. Some school districts don’t even use class rank anymore because the competition is


October 2013

too fierce. In the 2007-2008 school year, Miami Dade County schools removed class rank and the competition for valedictorian and salutatorian is now over. Instead, they honor a greater range of students. Students in the top five percent of the class receive the Summa Cum Laude honor; students in the top ten percent of the class receive the Magna Cum Laude honor, and students in the top fifteen percent of the class receive the Cum Laude honor. This is similar to PPCHS. Charter does not have a valedictorian or salutatorian and uses those honors similar to Miami Dade County Schools. The only difference is that PPCHS does have a class rank and the competition for the top is fiercer than ever. Senior Adriana Rashid says “In my opinion, class ranking does not reflect who a person is. Whether you are 1 or 300, the most important aspect about a person is how they are around others and their personality,” Like Miami Dade County, Broward County schools tried to remove class ranking from the county in the 1990’s but fierce debate caused the discussion to end. Overall, class rank is an obsession amongst most of the PPCHS students. Most students want to strive to be number one and will be content with nothing less. Is this competition for excellence truly an obsession or is it simply a race to the finish line? Senior Guidance Counselor Mrs. Thomas says “I am a person who doesn’t really like class rank. A number doesn’t reflect the type of student you are. Every student has different situations and lives, which may hinder the ability to take APs and boost the weighted GPA, which determines class rank. Yet, they may be good students.” No matter what the opinion, every graduating class will surely end in a photo finish.

The college stress obsession

Life before the Grades



For some, the thought of college is all that is on their minds twenty-four seven. They have spent hours upon hours perfecting A plethora of tabs are open on Internet their grades and applications to make sure Explorer, word document after word docu- that they get into the school of their choice. ment are piled up on the monitor, while “My friends are probably already really ana cell phone continues to chirp as new noyed with me because all I talk about is emails come in- this has become the typi- college. Honestly, if I’m in class and I have cal senior’s surroundings during the fall. the chance to go on the computer, I will go With college application season now in and look at college websites and check my full swing for all seniors at PPCHS, their applications. At home I’m also constantly already hectic schedules have just become checking my application statuses and if I that much worse. As classwork, projects have time I will work on my essays too,” and grades surround the everyday life of states Tionna Salmon (’14). Senior year is the year that all the little seniors, as an added bonus they must begin to truly focus on their future and what is to details are wrapped up, but for some who come in the next few months as graduation didn’t see the past three years of high school as important, they are and college quickly left in a bind of rushing to make approach. To say sure that their grades meet the the least, senior year needed expectations. Tranhas quickly changed scripts that are sent out docufrom being the fun, ment the first three years of evrelaxation filled year ery students high school career, that many expected, putting those grades front and to a stress filled year center for every college to see. with the unknown So when it comes to the stress lurking at every corof trying to correct the GPA and ner. grades, makes this school year, A major point of in particular, the first semester senior year is to get that much more challenging. every student ready This has led to many students for college; however, with that comes the Stressing Out: Senior Samuel Hopkins becoming worried and fixating is one of several students that is stressed all their time on their grades to stress of making sure about college. Photo by: Rebecca make sure that they can help the SAT and ACT Gonzalez scores are up to par as well as class grades. their college resume to become stronDue to this, stress and obsession with ger. “For me I always knew that colleges grades and scores has come into play for looked at your grades all throughout high many seniors the past few weeks. It is hard school, so now I don’t have to worry about enough already for students to balance the fixing my grades and such. But I think a lot workload that comes from their classes of people overlooked the fact that the past along with extracurricular activities. So three years’ worth of grades were impormaking sure that college and scholarship tant, and now they’re realizing all the time applications are ready on time has only they wasted and have to stress out even more,” stated Cordoba. amped up the already stressful year. No matter the circumstance senior year “College applications themselves are a hassle, and keeping up with them and has become the gateway to stress and obthe grades that I am used to getting is the session for most students. Balancing regustressful part. Also, the fact that I am fo- lar school, applications, jobs, sports and so cusing on the ACT and trying to find time on makes the mind burst. Seniors have put to study for it every day and still do my themselves under the pressure of getting homework, swimming, and keep up with into their dream colleges that they now fomy Student Government Association re- cus a majority of their attention on the colsponsibilities makes the year that much lege websites waiting for their admissions more hectic,” said senior Nicole Cordoba. to appear.


and ask why I was late, so I make sure I’m on time so I don’t get in trouble,” laughed junior, Raul Reyes. Additionally, students can see specific grades and ask questions for future assignments. If a student is lucky enough to have an organized teacher, they may even get to see the lesson plan a few days in advance, or if they are absent, see what they missed. “I really like Jupiter Grades because it allows me to be on top of my grades and it allows me to see what

Bright yellow screens with the pasty white block letters that spell out “Jupiter Grades” have seemed to be taking students’ phones by storm. But grades weren’t always instantly available at the click of a button. Going further and further back into the ghosts of grading past, even further back than Snapgrades or TeacherEase, were report cards that came in a little manila slip that parents would have to sign and bring back to class. Life before Jupiter Grades, to most students, is a prehistoric idea consumed with guessing grades and huge disappointments when report cards came out. “I remember I used to get my report card and be scared to look at it, because I wasn’t sure what my grades were. It was all a guessing game,” said Jordan Beeker (’14). Jupiter Grades, to Life before JG: Before Jupiter Grades, students didn’t constantly stress many students, has been a over grades. Photo by: Sydney Silverberg godsend because instead of working blindly towards a grade, they can assignments I’m missing so I can make the watch effortlessly as that final test boosts necessary changes before my grades are them up towards the “A” they have been set,” said senior, Amanda Hernandez. The working for. Teachers have also benefited phrase, “what did we do during class yesfrom this neat new tool as well because terday? I was absent,” has almost come to it allows students to directly see how one the point of extinction. If any person was project grade affected their assignments. even asked this question —students and Several teachers use all aspects of Jupiter teachers alike—would respond with someGrades to allow students to utilize all it has thing along the lines of, “check Jupiter to offer, putting up homework daily, mak- Grades.” ing it easy for students who may have forJupiter Grades is an advance that so many gotten to write down the homework. “Jupi- of us cannot live without. It is the one ter Grades really makes it so that you have thing that answers every single question a no excuse not to do homework, because it’s student could think to have in a classroom. all right there,” said senior Mya Goodman. The ancient times of paper report cards and Jupiter Grades has mended the gaps be- tangible grade books seem like only a distween teacher and students, and teacher tant memory. Jupiter Grades has become and parent; now, parents can see every a way of life for Pembroke Pines Charter grade their child has received in the class, High School and has permitted students to which helps them understand how their track their progress in every aspect of the child has earned the overall grade that they classroom imaginable. Senior Mya Goodhave in class. It also monitors absences man explained it best when she said, “it and tardiness, yet another feature that has connects you to your class in a great and been beneficial to parents. “My mom ac- innovative way, and I can’t remember life tually will get mad if I’m late for a class without it.”

Features October 2013


The ‘Grade Bible’: Jup Victoria Alvarez ASSISTANT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

“I agree that students are obsessed with Jupiter Grades. They check it not only to maintain their scores, but also to access files from teachers. It is a program used on a daily basis.” Government teacher, Ms. Chevres

“I like Jupiter Grades, every entry can be used to filter information. There are many options available when creating assignments and the reports are really nice. Some students are addicted but they’re more addicted to finding out their grades, the words “Jupiter Grades” have no effect. IIT and Web Design teacher, Mr. Sands

“I don’t like Jupiter Grades at all. It’s too complicated to use and constantly logs me off when I step away for a few minutes.” Sophomore, Alexander Viloria

“I’m always on it; I check it like fifty times a week. I like it because it gives me the opportunity to check my grades and improve them.” Freshman, Kristy Hamilton

With six classes, six teachers, numerous clubs, and countless extracurricular activities, maintaining good grades can sometimes be difficult. However, as the pressure piles on and the reality of high school and future begin to set in, students’ goals for their grades begin to become desires, dreams, and even obsessions. These obsessions are all fed by one website – Although its original intention was to provide students with an easy way to track assignments and grades in their classes, Jupiter Grades has become more of a “grade bible” that serves as a constant reminder of either success or failure. Jupitergrades. com allows PPCHS students to view each of their classes and the numerous assignments, quizzes and tests for each class. Each class has a weighing scale, with some categories weighing more on the grade than others. For example, tests and projects are more likely to hold a higher percentage on the grading scale than classwork and homework. Along with that, the website also gives the student the opportunity to view the impact that a grade for an assignment has on their overall grade. If the student receives an F, it can bring their grade down many points, but if they receive a B, it can push their grade a few points up. Although the website offers so many beneficial parts, it can almost be seen as unhealthy for students. Senior Kevin Ledford finds himself checking the web-

site on numerous occasions throughout the school week. “My teachers have been putting in my grades so quickly that I always find myself logged on to Jupiter Grades. I constantly hover over certain grades and tell myself exactly what I have to do in order to bring my grades up,” says Ledford. “Even though it’s helpful, sometimes I wish it wasn’t there so that I wouldn’t obsess over it so much.” However, students like Ledford aren’t the only ones that obsess over the site. The grade book also allows parents of students to receive emails and even weekly

text messages that serves as a progress report, and even tells the parents of any tardiness or absences that their Jag acted on during the week. Therefore, parents find themselves obsessing over Jupiter Grades and even hovering over their young Jaguars, pushing them to do better in each class. “I don’t mind my parents knowing my grades, but sometimes it gets annoying when they know each and every little thing about the smallest assignments,” said junior Alexandria Smith. “I check my account enough to know everything that’s on it, and hearing my parents tell me what’s on it in verbatim can become quite stressful.”

Students who go to Jupiter won’t get “stupider” On the other hand, Jupiter Grades allows teachers to show students (and parents) how You scramble to enter the passcode on your they are doing in the class. Again, this can phone and then tap hurriedly onto the brows- help a student by giving them daily motivaer app. Logging into, you tion to raise that C to a B, or whatever the halt your panting, and instead sigh in relief. case might be. “For me, Jupiter Grades helps You passed the most important Chemistry me to become determined because I receive exam of the year. The anxiety is over now rewards at the end of a quarter. If I have A’s that you know what you got on your test. and B’s in all of my 6 classes, my parents This is a scenario that has happened to many will buy me something small as a kind of students before. The dread and anxiousness reward. So Jupiter Grades does help me in as the browser loads the page where your that way,” says junior Jessica Flores. This is precious grades lay is almost unbearable, and another way that Jupiter Grades can be helpyet the feeling of gratitude towards Jupiter ful in getting students determined and motiGrades is almost its match. vated. The aspect of “sharing” grades is a benefiBut besides the motivation, Jupiter Grades cial thing because it helps to give students can help in other ways as well. For example, motivation, and puts them in a positive, com- if a student forgets the homework, he or she petitive mode. Some teachers are known to can look online and be able to retrieve it. At share students’ grades to the class after a test times, Jupiter Grades can be a real lifesaver. is given and the scores are in. Although teach“There’s been times ers aren’t allowed to where I’m at lunch share grades below a eating, and I check JuC, grades that are B’s piter Grades and find and above can be read homework there and aloud. Mr. Ramphall it’s for 6th hour. And is one teacher who then I have the time to announces students’ save myself last mingrades to the class. ute by completing it “When you receive before 6th,” Lalinde praise for hard work it shares. By doing this, shows that the teacher she just prevented Thumbs Up: Some students love Jupiter Grades for its has graded you fairly. simple design and accesibility. Photo by: Alex Monge what would’ve been Also, if you don’t hear a detrimental drop in your name called, it would cause you to work her grade for the class. Jupiter Grades is adharder to hear your name called next time,” vantageous in the way that it gives students Physics teacher Mr. Ramphall explained. the ability to check for any homework that This is great for students in the long run they may have forgotten about. because it can help to motivate the students The “sharing” of grades and Jupiter Grades to do better. Students may think “well if he are both ways that would help any student to can do it, I can too,” and it will push them to stay on track, and become more determined study harder to have their well-earned grade to achieve a greater level of success. The read to the class. reading of test scores to the class is some“I think ‘sharing’ grades is beneficial to thing that is done in many classrooms and students because it encourages them to want has encouraged students to do better in order to work harder and be the best that they can to “up” their classmates. Jupiter Grades is be,” junior Sofia Lalinde says. By hearing a tool that helps students to stay organized, other students’ grades read aloud, it awakens and catch up on homework assignments; and a certain determination and competitiveness is also a main source of motivation for many. that would help to push students to work Without the concept of sharing grades, and harder and study more. They would want to the ability to view them online, most students do better to surpass other classmates’ grades would surely see a decline in their grades and and have pride in their work. overall organization. Aaliyah Pasols STAFF WRITER

“I do [agree students use Jupiter Grades too much] because parents want to keep track of their child’s grades and so do students. I think it makes them more responsible for their grades.” Algebra II teacher, Mrs. Kelley

“I constantly check Jupiter Grades, and so do my parents. I think it’s great but if I get a bad grade my parents get really upset.” Freshman, Christian Ruiz

“Compared to other schools where I’ve been, I don’t think we are as obsessed with Jupiter Grades as we could be. I think it’s great that parents can look and know the exact status of their students. I do think some students check a little bit too often, but the benefits weigh out the detriments.” Physics teacher, Mr. Zach

“I like it because it’s easy to check my grades. I check whenever I get the chance, I consider myself addicted.” Sophomore, Melissa Gonzalez

“I think students are obsessed with it [Jupiter Grades] because they are always thinking that this next grade will make or break their lives, when in reality it won’t because there is going to be another test or quiz next week that will change it. The idea of looking at it every five minutes is kind of ridiculous to me.” Geography teacher, Mrs. Deturk

“I like Jupiter Grades, I think it’s simple and effective. I can check my grades whenever I want to and can stay up to date with all of my assignments. I’m not an addict but I definitely check whenever I can and enjoy knowing my grades.” Sophomore, Daniel Rodriguez


piter Grades takes over The Jupiter Grades fixation is beginning to take over PPCHS students and is surfacing in more Jags as each day passes. As the quizzes, homework assignments and projects pile on, more and more students are finding themselves logged on to check up on their latest evaluations. “As a freshman last year I would have never pictured myself to be on Jupiter Grades so much, but now as a sophomore, I find myself on there at least 3-4 times a week, hoping I got the grades I hoped for,” says Roberto Coltraro (16’). However, it’s not just the computer that students find themselves sitting at while they check up on their newest grades. Around the campus, students of all grades can be found glued to their cell phones and scrolling through their screens. At first, it would seem as if the student is texting, tweeting, or even posting a picture, but that’s not the case in many PPCHS students. Instead of attaching themselves to social media sites, Jaguars are now tuning into Jupiter Grades on their phones, and many have even “ b o o k marked” the page so that the web page opens up quickly when they’re ready to log


October 2013

on. “I’m starting to think that the obsession is something that comes along with high school; it’s just hard to stay away from something that’s so important to your future. Going on my phone is easier than just going to a computer, plus, it’s a great way to keep a

“I don’t like it because of the fact that it sends emails to my mom every week about my grades and I never really get time to bring my grades up until I get in trouble.” Senior, Jake Jacobs

“I think Jupiter Grades is a good thing to have because it keeps the students and parents informed daily about what grades they have. Not only that, but it is easier for the student to know if any mistakes were made by the teacher so that it does not come as a surprise at the end of the grading period.” Spanish teacher, Mrs. Ciafre

“I love Jupiter Grades. I check it when I wake up, before school, between classes, when I get home, before I eat, after I eat, and before I sleep. I am addicted. I even check during the summer... It’s just a great way to see my grades and know what I have to do to get an A in a class.” Senior, Melissa Gianello

“The old grading sytem was difficult to use. I can’t think of a bad thing to say about Jupiter Grades, it’s great for teachers, students and parents. Some students look too frequently, but it’s a good problem to have. English IV teacher, Mr. Troha

“I really like Jupiter Grades; it keeps me up to date on grades and lets me know when I am slacking. I wish it had been invented earlier.” Junior, Corey Villard

“My students will check their phones almost immediately to see whether or not their grade increases or decreases. Even some parents are obsessed; they will check incessantly or e-mail me to ask questions about tests.” Algebra II teacher, Mrs. Coolidge

“I don’t label myself as an addict to it, but it’s really reliable when I want to know what I have and how much time I have let to bring up all my grades.” Junior, Taylor Liguori

“Jupiter Grades is a great tool for students to use. They can check their grades and stay up to date with assignments easily. By obsessing over it, they are showing an interest in their schoolwork.” Physics teacher, Mr. Ramphall

“I think it's effective and practical because it allows students and parents full access at all time. This enables students to understand grading scales, where they need to improve, etc. Addict might be too strong of a word to describe Jupiter Grades. I think Snap Grades was better and the name made more sense; what does a planet have to do with our grades?” Senior, Sai Balusu

“As a teacher I love Jupiter Grades, and I do not mind that students are obsessing over it. It means that they are being conscience of their grades and can keep better track of them. I also like the features, especially the one that shows how one particular grade can impact their average positively or negatively. It helps them become aware of the importance of the different assignments.” English I teacher, Mrs. Portuondo

close eye on all my grades,” added Coltraro. As the year progresses and lessons become more in depth, tests become more difficult, and projects become more present, has become the “grade bible” that students just can’t seem to stop praising.

Jupiter Grades isn’t so out of this world grades. Many students become uneasy and impatient with teachers when it comes to Students constantly login to their Jupiter submitting grades for assignments. Grades accounts, stressing themselves to “Jupiter Grades forces teachers to rush raise their grades and compare their score to when grading papers, students become restthose of their friends. By logging in to online less and constantly have questions,” said segradebooks and comparing grades, students nior, Joel Maiz. are not trying to improve their personal perStudents worry themselves and obsess formance. They are just competing with oth- over this online gradebook to see their perers for the highest grade and bragging rights. formance throughout the year. If students Students should refrain from checking focused on the work at hand, they would be Jupiter Grades constantly and comparing more focused on learning rather than just their grades; instead, they should focus on getting an “A” in a class. their own goals “In middle school, and performance. we had a simpler “Sharing” grades version of Jupiter amongst each Grades, but barely other only stresses anyone checked it students into bedaily,” said senior lieving that they Tionna Salmon. should have equal “We tried our best to or better grades on assignments than their friends. and communiIf a student doesn’t cated with teachdo well on an asers, we weren’t so signment but their concerned with friends do extreme‘grades’ as we were ly well, the student Down with Jupiter: Jupiter Grades strresses students out and with doing our best will feel incom- makes them obsess over their grades. Photo by: Alex Monge and learning. We petent in their abilities. Comparing grades communicated with teachers whenever we can also be negative for students if a student worried about our grades and tried harder to does poorly on an assignment but all of their improve them.” friends also do poorly. Students will obsess over getting high “If someone gets a bad grade on a test and grades for fear that if their parents log in to their friends also do bad, that person will feel their account and see low grades, they’ll be more comfortable with the bad grade than punished. They will go to extreme measures they should. You should feel disappoint- to ensure that they have high grades rather ed in yourself and strive to do better. You than learn the actual material. Some students shouldn’t be at ease just because everyone will rush to copy their homework just so else did poorly,” said senior Adrian Mati. their grade will go up “.5” of a point on Ju“Sharing” grades is not beneficial towards piter Grades. students, it stressed them into comparing “It’s crazy what people will do just to raise themselves to their peers. Every student their grade, they practically beg their teachfunctions at a different level, not everyone is ers and copy assignments from their friends able to perform at the same level and meet just so that they can have a high percentage the same standards as their friends. Instead in their class,” said sophomore Daniel Roof comparing grades with one another, and driguez. basing performance off of others, students Rather than “share” grades and constantly should set their own goals and strive to ac- check this easily available online gradebook, complish them. students should focus on themselves. They Likewise, constantly checking Jupiter should set personal goals and strive to meet Grades is negative for some students be- them, everyone functions at a different level cause they tend to obsess over checking their and shouldn’t compare themselves to others. Melissa Sullivan WEB MANAGING EDITOR

You can’t buy knowledge Chelsi Chang ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

Upon being asked the question, “Would you rather have beauty or brains?” most people would respond almost immediately with the answer, “brains.” It’s almost frowned upon to say anything else. However, in this day and age, that question may have shifted from “beauty or brains” to “money or knowledge.” As a senior, I watch as all of my peers apply to their dream schools and cross their

fingers that they get in, which is really only half the battle. Nowadays, students stress out over way more than simply getting into the college of their dreams. As the sticker price of college soars through the roof, like Ivy Leagues such as Princeton costing approximately $58,820 per semester, more and more students are staying home instead going to a college that will match and challenge their academic ability, just to save a

few bucks. It is sad to see so many intelligent kids who, excuse me to say, aren’t underprivileged enough for substantial scholarships or financial aid and end up settling for a cheaper, less academically acclaimed, school. It happens all the time, more and more now as less money is funneled into America’s educational systems. Yes, there are student loans; but I think many of us watched as older family members stressed

out over trying to find the means to finish paying them off, we came to the conclusion that the best way not to stress over student loans is to have a little as possible.

See Knowledge, Page 25

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Restaurant Review: Cook in Paris

Scientists hope for the future

Body Bullying

You can’t buy knowledge Knowledge from page 24...


of the poor will have less chance of escaping poverty or low socioeconomic status.” So maybe the better option is money. This The rich will always have an advantage almost feels taover the poor. boo to talk about Think of it this because everyway: two students one thinks it but apply to Harvard, doesn’t say it. one has his father It’s almost as if it pull strings and breaks some unbarely gets in, and spoken law that the other applies intelligence is althe honest and ways supposed normal way and to be ranked is immediately over everything. accepted. Student But the truth is, number one comes money gets you from a rich famplaces too. Acily that has friends cording to Parents in high places; to Children: The they can afford to Intergenerational send their child to Transmission of The Argument Intensifies: The arguemnt on the issue of Harvard. Student Advantage, “the money vs knowledge affects many not just in PPCHS but number two isn’t children of the around the world. Cartoon by: Carmen Pettersen so lucky and ends rich will have a relatively better chance of up going to a smaller, more local college staying rich in the future, and the children that doesn’t have the reputation Harvard

Body Bullying Melissa Pierce STAFF WRITER

“‘It appears that severe obesity is the fastest-growing subcategory of obesity in youth’ write the authors in the report published in the journal Circulation”, says NBC reporter JoNel Aleccia. The growing population of obese children in America seemed to be evening out; all the while, a brand new category was rising to the surface: severely obese. When youthful individuals reach the point where they have passed obesity, it is hard to curb their unforgiving eating habits. According to, the Director of the Center for Bariatric Research and Innovation at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Dr. Thomas Inge explains, “Once this problem gets so severe, there’s no turning back, or there’s no turning back easily. The new category was ‘born out of necessity’ as doctors and health workers have seen more kids with weights literally off the charts…” However, many individuals far from this threatening new category are encountering problems with bullies. Those who are “too skinny” can have just as hard a time as an obese person. The category of severely obese constitutes children ages 2 to 19 who have a bodymass index score of 35 or higher. Kids who meet the criteria for this category can possibly have the arteries of a middle-aged adult at the age of just 10 due to their high risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. But how does a child face daily life when the preconceived notion that fatter kids get bullied is forever looming over their heads? Although severe

obesity is becoming a main point of concern for individual health, the problem of bullying outweighs this new category. Many would predict the outcome to be that the obese kids are the center of all jokes, but a new source of bullying has come into view. Although larger individuals are still susceptible to bullying, girls and boys who are seen by their peers as

Lifestyle October 2013

has. If both students apply for the same job years down the line, the odds of student number one getting the job are extremely high. With the words, “graduated from Harvard,” on his resume, these employers will practically make him CEO right away. With money comes connections, and opportunities that knowledge can’t buy. Let’s face it, we live in a world where money talks, and it talks loud. Money can buy you the best SAT tutor in town, pay for a world renowned private school, and send you on a $4,000 trip to Africa to provide clean water for a village of malnourished children, which looks amazing on a college application. The truth is, now colleges want Einstein, Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther King Jr. all rolled up in one, and the kid who just sits at home striving for an A in all of his APs and honors classes just isn’t cutting it anymore. They want people who can do it all, and people with money are the only ones who can afford it. “It’s crazy how much colleges ask of you now, and I just don’t think it’s fair that some people that don’t have the means to do certain

things are eliminated just because of that,” said senior, Stephanie Guevara. When did knowledge become less than enough for schools? When you are wealthy in this world, it means you sit in high places, and have more authority. Knowledge can give you many opportunities as well, and ultimately leads to success, it might just take more work to get there. Having said everything, when asked the question “money or knowledge,” I would still choose the latter. Knowledge is an open door that offers opportunities that money can’t buy. It’s in the little things, like being able to have an educated conversations with your peers, or being able to do a job simply because you have the proper qualifications to work there. I would never want to feel lost in a sea of people who worked their tails off to get where they are today, people who have experience, while all I did was have “daddy” make a phone call. The truth of the matter is, money gets you in the door, knowledge keeps you there.

lies approach harassing others.” A bully just needs an audience, and as long as they have that, their victim can be of any size or orient. In support of this statement, junior Sabrina Causing views bullying in a negative light. She states, “If you don’t like someone, you don’t have the right to bully them; if you find them attractive you still don’t have the right to bully them. It

and middle school. According to the Huffington Post, she explains that she simply couldn’t help her appearance; she was not one to count calories and just had a high metabolism. Freshman Anette Mago is expert at explaining scenarios of this sort. She says, “When I picture bullying I picture someone that is being oppressed, someone that is being teased for something that they can’t control. In the case of bullying, an individual is an individual and they can’t change their features. If they are being teased for being who they are then really the person that is at fault is the oppressor.” Whether or not someone is fat or skinny, short or tall; bring bullied is something that will never be tolerated. Every person is a unique individual that holds every right as the person next to them. Although one may think they have the authority to put another down, they don’t. Bullying is a serious matter and should never be brought on anyone; especially if it is concerning physical aspects of a person. With obesity rates dwindling in concern as compared to severe obesity rates, the issues of emotional and physical stability are of essence. Children suffering from severe obesity have their health hanging on a fine line while those who are considered “too skinny” are being bullied according to how they look. Bullies will find a victim one way or another; it may be someone large, someone skinny, someone tall, or someone short. Either way, size is playing a role in children being broken down and bullied for something they may not be able to control: their own body.

Graphic by: Matthew Perez

“too skinny” are being tormented as well. Due to the fact that bullying is based off of one’s inability to admire another person because of their own faults or jealousy, this source of torture is nothing new. Whether a person is fat or skinny, tall or short, bullying is bound to take place. Mathematics teacher Mr. Pierre says, “Bullying is more effective now in the sense of the way bul-


doesn’t matter their look, size, color, race, sexuality, or anything else- it’s wrong.” Regardless of whether or not the victim is being made fun of for their weight or not, bullying is bullying no matter what size, shape, or form it comes in. An anonymous student from Youth Communication, a non-profit organization, tells her story about being bullied in elementary

Restaurant Review: Cook in Paris Lauren Ramirez STAFF WRITER

Upon walking in the restaurant Cook in Paris, wonderful aromas of crispy French baguettes and bubbling creme brulees delighted my senses. The service was very quick, and I was seated immediately upon walking in the door. The dining area was formal; round tables with white table cloths were organized neatly throughout the room, and the color scheme of creams and browns provided warmth to the ambiance. I was offered a choice of regular or sparkling water and read a list of the day’s specials which included grouper with white wine sauce, duck, and lamb. While all the specials sounded delicious, I decided to go with the ribeye with garlic butter as my entrée, and the escargot as my appetizer. I was delightfully surprised when brought a ham and cheese quiche, and a roll of French bread as a “pre- appetizer”. The quiche was fluffy, light, and absolutely delicious, but the French bread was really the thing that made my mouth water. I had to stop myself from devouring all the bread before the appetizer was even out yet. To be completely honest I didn’t care for the

escargot much, but I wouldn’t be one to airy and light, yet still managed to maintain the richest, most chocolaty item on the desjudge seeing as I don’t have a particular a creamy texture. sert menu: the chocolate lava cake. I was taste for escargot to begin with. definitely not disappointed. Within minutes of finishing the The cake was gooey and deliappetizer, main courses were cious, with the perfect amount brought to the table and my famof sweetness. It would be alily and I didn’t waste a second most sinful if not for the fresh before digging in. The ribeye raspberries decorating the was tender and buttery and the outside of the plate. At least garlic seasoning on it was deliI could say I ate something cious, although I was very disaphealthy that day. pointed to see that the center of I would recommend going the piece of meat was extremely early for the best experience. undercooked. I ordered my steak The restaurant does not get cooked medium, and the steak busy until around 8:00 p.m., so I was given could only be clasbefore then you will have less sified as rare. I tried my dad’s wait time and better overall meal- the beef tenderloin- and service. Overall I give Cook in it was cooked perfectly and was Paris, located at 20170, Pines delicious all the way through. Boulevard, Pembroke Pines Exotic Tastes: New restaurants, like Cook in Paris, are popping up all around the Both pieces of meat came with city waiting for people to try its food. Photo by: Rebecca Gonzalez FL 33029, four stars. The price green beans and these small fried range for an entrée is around potato bites, which my dad so el$15- $40, but Cook’ in Paris oquently named “French tater tots.” I also Alas, it was time for dessert, hands down can make any day feel like a special occahad the opportunity to taste my mother’s my favorite course of the meal. I was sion. The exceptional service, quality food, meal: grouper. While the fish itself was brought a tray of desserts ranging from and warm ambiance makes Cook’ in Paris wonderful, the spinach soufflé that came crème brûlée to chocolate mousse. Me, be- a must for anyone looking for a quality on the side of it was the best part. It was ing a chocoholic, couldn’t help but go for French dining experience.

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Halloween Dessert How To’s


Throw away the savory and focus on the sweet! Whether you are throwing a Halloween party or just baking a scary snack, get rid of store bought sweets and make homemade goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth. October is all about eating tasty treats, here are a few recipes that are creative easy and fun to make.

Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Bats & Bones Brownie Pizza

Here lies the wicked witch of the west, from her green skin and candy corn nose, her sweet and moist chocolate interior will cast a spell over you.

Photo by: Carli Stander

This isn’t your typical pizza. The cool whip, brownie crust and chocolate candy bar toppings transform the traditional tomato pizza into a sweetza.

Spider Webbed Candied Apples When you imagine Halloween you don’t typically think of fruit. However this delicious webbed apple is a game changer. Uniting health and sweets, these spooky apples will be one to remember.

Cartoon by: Carmen Pettersen

Photo by: Carli Stander




• 24 brown mini M&Ms, plus more for filling (optional) • Hershey’s Chocolate Cupcakes • Dirty Green Simple Buttercream • 12 chocolate sugar cones • 1 pound(s) black licorice laces, cut into 1/4-inch, 1/2inch, and 2-inch lengths • 12 candy corns

• 1 Pkg. (16 oz.) Brownie mix • Yellow and red food coloring (15 drops yellow, 3 drops red) • COOL WHIP Whipped Topping • Fun-size candy bars (1/2 oz. each), chopped (about 1 cup) • 2 Tbsp. Halloween sprinkles • HEAT oven to 350ºF.

• Granny Smith apples • 3 ounces bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped • 2 1/2 ounces premium white baking chocolate (such as Baker’s), coarsely chopped



1. Using a melon baller, scoop out the center of each cup-

1. PREPARE brownie batter as directed on package;

cake and fill with mini M&Ms, if desired. 2. Cover the tops of each cupcake with a generous mound (about 1/3 cup) of buttercream. 3. Insert one candy corn into each cupcake to form a nose. Using brown mini M&Ms, insert two into each cupcake to form eyes. Place two short lengths of licorice above the eyes to form eyebrows for the witch. Place the shorter licorice lengths above the eyebrows to form bangs. Place an inverted cone on top of bangs, pressing gently into buttercream to adhere. Place the longer licorice lengths under the cone hat to form the hair.

spread onto bottom of 12-inch pizza pan sprayed with cooking spray. Bake 15 min. or until toothpick inserted in center comes out with fudgy crumbs. (Do not over bake.) Cool 30 min. 2. ADD food colorings to COOL WHIP; stir gently until well blended. 3. Spread over brownie; top with remaining ingredients. 4. CUT into wedges.

Directions: 1. Wash and dry apples; remove stems. 2. Insert a wooden stick into the stem end of each apple. 3. Place white chocolate and chocolate in a glass bowl;

microwave at HIGH 1 minute or until melted, stirring every 20 seconds until smooth. 4. Using a spoon, drizzle apple with about 2 teaspoons bittersweet chocolate. 5. Place apple, stick side up, on a baking sheet covered with wax paper. Repeat procedure with remaining apples. 6. Chill apples until ready to serve.

Frankenstein’s Jell-O Monster He’s alive! With this cute, sweet, and jiggly treat, recreate the famous monster that is sure to be a great healthy snack. A perfect alternative to the super sweet and sugary Halloween candy.

Cartoon by: Carmen Pettersen



• Black and red 3-D paint and brushes (scars and mouths); we used Scribbles and Tulip Slick brands • Ceramic plate • 3-ounce box of Jell-O® lime gelatin (makes 2 monsters) • 9-or 10-ounce, 4-inch-tall clear plastic cup • Table knife or spoon • 2 maraschino cherries (eyes) • Double-sided tape • 2 Rolos (neck bolts) • Crushed Oreos® (enough for hair)

1. Paint scars and mouths on a ceramic plate (squiggly mouths and "stitches" are covering a plate). Let them air-dry overnight. 2. Prepare the gelatin according to the package directions. Pour slightly cooled gelatin into the cup, stopping 1/2 inch from the top. 3. Refrigerate until the gelatin is partially gelled, then remove the cup from the refrigerator and use a table knife or spoon handle to push 2 cherry eyes into the gelatin. Refrigerate again until the gelatin is

completely set. 4. Use double-sided tape to attach the neck bolts. Peel the scars and mouths off the plate and place them on the cup. If it's difficult to peel the shapes off the plate, stick the plate in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes, and they should come off easily. Variation: it may not look as cool as the paint, but you can also use a permanent marker to draw the face on. 5. Cover the top of the gelatin with crushed Oreos® hair. Eat as soon as possible so the ‘hair’ doesn’t get soggy.

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The Government Shuts Down


October 1st marks day one of each fiscal year. Each year at around this time, Congress decides on a spending bill to help fund the government. For years, Americans have not thought much about it, but this year, their views on the topic have changed. On October 1st, 2013 the government shut down for the first time in 17 years. As days pass, this

government shutdown has no clear signs of a resolution. The longest government shutdown occurred 17 years ago, in 1995. It lasted approximately 21 days, from December 16, 1995, to January 5, 1996. The average shutdown time is only three days, and we still do not have a resolution. If the shutdown lasts more than three weeks, it could show disastrous effects, possibly even worse effects than in 1995. Despite the long lasting shutdown,

it did not take as long as it was predicted to stabilize. After President Clinton signed a spending bill that was agreed on, stocks raised 10% from the only 4% lost in the duration of the shutdown, according to the LA Times. Along with this, economic growth grew to 7%. “As a conservative, I think it is about time that Republicans are standing their ground saying that Obamacare is not beneficial to our economy at all. The whole reason

I think Obamacare will ruin our economy is because when we tax the wealthy more, that would mean that they would lose more money and would not have enough money to open up more job opportunities for Americans, which is why our unemployment rate is currently 7.3%. Because of this, lower wages are going to the few workers that are actually obtaining jobs from wealthy corporations,� said junior Noah Levy. See Shutdown, Page 28

New law makes texting and driving illegal

Pressing for reform at the Vatican

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Shutdown from page 29...

The Government Shuts Down


During a government shutdown, many government-run businesses are forced to send employees home and close. National parks, museums, and even the Capitol are among the many businesses that are closed at this time because they are run by the government ( Disagreements between two sides, Republicans and Democrats, has caused no solution for this problem to be made. Some may trace the dispute back to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. This act would require all Americans to pay for health insurance at an affordable rate. However, many Republicans oppose the bill, arguing that it is unconstitutional ( The Republicancontrolled House had passed a bill that did not allow for the funding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and so President Barack Obama vetoed it. President Obama, along with other Democratic supporters, refused to settle unless the two parties agreed that Obamacare be fully funded. The only way to call off the shutdown would be for the President to sign a spending bill that has been agreed on by Republicans and Democrats alike. However, going into the second week, it is clear that this may not occur anytime soon. “Both parties are at fault. What they don’t consider is the people that they are hurting. Congress still gets their paychecks, but they don’t realize that some people are going without a paycheck. It’s inconsiderate for having to not negotiate, and to keep everyone waiting for them to negotiate,” said senior Andrew Iglesias. A big concern of the government shutdown would be its effects on the economy. The main issue is the debt ceiling, but with the government shutdown, the economy could go from bad to worse. The effects won’t have a great impact on the economy at first, but if the government stays shutdown for too long, the government won’t

Graphic by: Matthew Perez

be spending money trying to improve the already struggling economy. If the government stays closed for a few more weeks, then the American people will begin seeing the economic problems the U.S. will be facing on top of the national debt. It is predicted that the economic growth will lower about .03%. This may not seem like much, but it is considering that the annual economic growth is only approximately 2%. Experts estimate that the costs could be up to $55 billion. The debt ceiling is the maximum borrowing power of a government entity. Currently, the ceiling is at 16.7 trillion dollars, but if the shutdown lasts too long, it could potentially cause Congress to raise the debt ceiling. “I believe that both sides are at fault because even though the democrats are supporting Obamacare, the republicans want

to raise the debt ceiling. In my opinion we shouldn’t raise the debt ceiling only because of the fact that we are digging ourselves a bigger hole for the grave of the United States of America,” said Levy. The argument between the Democrats that control the Senate and the Republicans that control the House of Representatives are not only affecting the country, but are affecting the students of PPCHS as well. Any students going on vacation to any national parks, national zoos, or national museums will no longer be able to go as long as the government is shutdown. Any building owned by the government is closed down. Those who wish to leave the country and have yet to get a passport will not be able to get one. If a student works for their family’s small business, that business cannot receive a loan from the government. Fam-

ily members who work in government jobs are now on an unpaid vacation and can no longer provide for their families. “My uncle works for NASA and he is currently out of a job. All he can do is sit down at home and do nothing. While he and hundreds of other Americans are not getting paid, Congress still is. If Congress wasn’t being paid still I think the shutdown would have already ended,” said junior Anthony Perez. On Wednesday, October 16th, the government shutdown ended when the House, Senate, and the President signed a bill to reopen the government. The Bill wasn’t signed by the President until just after midnight on Thursday, October 17. This new funding bill will open up government buildings and reemploy nearly 800,000 people ( If a deal wasn’t reached before the 16th, the effects would be detrimental. The shutdown and the debt ceiling would have combined, resulting in a possible economic collapse of the United States. Mr. Quigley addressed his classes on this topic. “At midnight, Jack Lou, the Secretary of the Treasury, has said that the United States will reach the borrowing limit,” said Mr. Quigley. “The U.S. can no longer borrow money to pay bills. If this were to continue for days or weeks, the government can’t do things the government needs to do. People who are retired can’t get social security. People on welfare cannot receive pay. This would eventually effect the school. Seniors will no longer receive financial aid. Those who need to take out loans will see an increase in price at nearly three-four times as much. We could seriously see an economic collapse of United States.” Thankfully, a funding bill was passed for the United States. The economic problems that the United States would have faced are starting to dwindle one by one. However, there will always be that political tension between the Republicans and the Democrats that could cause the problems that the U.S. faced to reappear in the future.

Pressing for reform at the Vatican Melissa Pierce STAFF WRITER

Pope Francis—an Argentinian bishop elected as the 266th pope of the Catholic Church—is bursting at the seams with thoughts. In previous instances, the pope and the Vatican community has made problems from society seep into their religious practices. Instead, Pope Francis feels that the church should religiously focus on the duty of the church as a provider for the community and not an interference with the evils of society. To him, no time should be given entertaining social subjects. According to NBC News, the Pope said that the Catholic Church should not focus so much on homosexuality, abortion, and contraception. Pope Francis wishes to “find a new balance or risk seeing the church’s entire moral edifice collapse like a house of cards”, as he stated in an interview with Jesuit magazine Civilta Cattolica. History teacher and SGA Director Mr. Velasquez supports the idea of reform. “I think the church needs reform; they are going to lose a lot of Catholic followers if they don’t change. Catholicism is outdated and we have to understand that religion is not about what use to be, but about right now. Without reform, more people will leave the Catholic Church in terms of disliking the social practices of the church. People with either convert or resort to non-denominational Christianity,” said Mr. Velasquez.

Pope Francis’ hope for a reformed Catholic Church did not stay within the walls of Vatican City; his comments made their way around the world where he gained much support. A poll conducted by the Civilta Cattolica showed that only 23% of people disagreed with his effort to reform, 89% have a “favorable” or “very favorable” opinion of the pope in general, and only 4% are not in favor of the new pope. According to, American Catholics express strong approval of the Pope and his religious desires. Of those Americans, many come from Pines Charter. With the majority of the population at Pembroke Pines Charter High School practicing a branch of Christianity, this new poll applies to the high schoolers. Junior Adia Celestine furthers American approval of the Pope’s wishes by stating, “I agree with the Pope because religion should be about unity and inclusion of all instead of judging others based on what they do. In today’s society, too many people focus on judging others when they should focus on themselves and the real meaning of religion.” Perhaps Catholics began enforcing strict beliefs to salvage the religious aspect of their church under the rule of Pope Francis. This would cancel out social distractions, but would it cause teen worship to differ? Promoting religious events through social media or fundraising through the church for a social cause may be scorned. Stu-

dents here at Charter could experience a change in the demographic of the Catholic Church first-hand. Reforming the Catholic Church is an idea currently hanging in the air. Pope Francis has not made a physical move in changing the views of the church, as it is expected to be met with much controversy. His idea of making the central focus of the church Graphic by: Matthew Perez religion and unity has encountered much success and approval, especially from American Catholics. A change in the practices and beliefs of the Catholic Church could very well affect the way Catholic high schoolers here

at Pines Charter worship. Whether this reform will take place is unknown, yet it is a change that may have a lasting effect on the century-old religion of Catholicism.

New law makes texting and driving illegal in order to lower the amount of accidents from breaking other driving laws. and deaths in the state of Florida. Senior Courtney Merolle says, “I only “Texting and driving is dangerous and I text at stop lights if it is necessary. I would would never do never text and drive. I feel that the law is it. I don’t think not effective because you have to be pulled that the law is over for something else. It won’t prevent effective unless many accidents.” it is fully illeOverall, texting and driving is a practice gal. There are that many teens and adults alike have done a lot of excep- in the past. The state of Florida wants to tions to this law make the roads safer and prevent accidents that can make from happening. “I don’t think the law is loopholes for effective because I know in order for them people not get- to stop you it has to be a secondary offense. ting penalized I feel that they should stop you for texting for this,” says and driving,” says Guidance Secretary senior Adrian Mrs. Benitez. According to, Cortez. 21 percent of the distracted drivers who are When pulled 15-19 and involved in fatal crashes were over, the first distracted by the use of cell phones. Texoffense is a ting and driving is a habit that needs to be Texting and Driving: Junior Jordan Corona gives an example of what no to do while driving. Photo by: Alex Monge $30 fine, and broken or else fines and tickets will accuthe second of- mulate -- or worse. When the 2:00 p.m. school bell rings, students rush to the parking lot to get in their fense is $60 with 3 points on the drivers cars and speed away to the comfort of their driving license. own homes, swerving through traffic while There are also texting, tweeting, and blogging. For years, some exemptions teenagers and adults alike have been able to the law. Phones to get away with this without being penal- can be used for the ized. That has now changed. As of October GPS, looking at 1st, texting and driving is illegal in the state an address, talkof Florida. According to, 25 ing on the phone, percent of teens respond to a text message and texting at a once or more every time they drive. 20 per- stop light. The cent of teens and 10 percent of parents ad- driver will not be mit that they have extended multi-message penalized for texting and driving text conversations while driving. The law does not make texting and driv- if the driver is doing fully illegal. However, the law says you ing any of those These can be pulled over for the effects of texting things. while driving such as swerving, speeding, exceptions don’t It’s Illegal!: Juniors Mathew Rondon and Danny Rodriguez remember that texting driving too slow, etc. This law was passed excuse a person and driving is now illegal. Photo by: Alex Monge Anthony Kelleher TECHNOLOGY EDITOR

Finally! There’s a possible cure for cancer! Jake Drelinger NEWS EDITOR/MANAGING EDITOR LAYOUT

The month of October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. All throughout the month, organizations everywhere are supporting the millions of women who survived, currently have breast cancer, or have passed away from breast cancer buy raising money to find a cure. These organizations want to have these women remembered and their legacy left in society. Breast cancer isn’t the only cancer that affects other people. Many other dangerous cancer, including brain cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer, can damage the body beyond repair, maybe even kill. However, a cure may have been found for cancer. 17-yearold Angela Zhang of Cupertino, California presented her possible cure for cancer at the National Siemens science contest. Zhang’s cure isn’t fully created yet; it is rather an idea and a prototype. Her idea is “to mix cancer medicine in a polymer that would attach to nanoparticles. These nanoparticles would fasten themselves to cancer cells and show up on an MRI, allowing doctors to know exactly where tumors are” ( An infrared light aimed at the tumor would melt the polymer, thus releasing the medicine. According to Dailymail, this would kill the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells unharmed. Zhang’s idea has won her a $100,000 scholarship at the science contest. Zhang refers to her creation and findings as a “Swiss army knife of cancer treatment” in an interview with the Huffington Post. Zhang’s cure could mean an end to the devastating effects of cancer and the effect it has on the loved ones around the world. There is only one catch: the cure

could be safe for human use in as little as 15 years. 15 years is a long time for people who don’t have the brain of someone in the medical science. A lot of medical advances can take place in those 15 years (kevinmd. com), things that can improve the technology needed for Zhang’s possible cure. Those who are suffering or have loved ones who are suffering need the medicine as soon as possible. However, the fact that there can possibly be a cure for the devastating disease of cancer leaves many stu-

dents at PPCHS full of hope. “My Grandmother died of cancer,” said sophomore Jian Decembirale. “It kind of sucks that they couldn’t find a cure earlier, but I am glad that they could have possibly found a cure. I don’t want others to go through what I went through.” Zhang’s discovery is impressive for many reasons. According to Dailymail, she is a senior in high school that spends most

of her time researching bio-engineering, which she started studying as a freshman. In her sophomore year, Zhang was in a lab at Stanford learning more about her project. In her junior year, she was performing her own research on the cancer cure. Zhang’s high school career has led her to where she is now, and proves what a person does in high school can affect them in their later years. “It is really great that there can now be a cure for cancer,” said freshman T.J. Lemmers. “People whose families are affected by cancer have no words to describe how happy they are. They won’t have to worry that their loved one’s life would suddenly end. They no longer have to live in fear that they will get cancer themselves.” This cure for cancer will be Graphic by: Armando Urena a huge breakthrough for the future of bio-engineering and the medical field. The experimentation that can be done with Zhang’s prototype can improve cancer treatment technology and procedures. The fact that a teenager was able to do this shows just how capable the human mind can be at such a young age. Now that a cure has been found, many people no longer have to worry what the future will hold for them and cancer.


News October 2013

The Weekend Reviews Melissa Pierce STAFF WRITER

• NYC Biker and SUV chase: A group of motorcyclists were on the highway when one particular rider purposefully swerved in front of a black Range Rover and slowed down. After the SUV hit him, the motorcyclist got off his bike and tried to beat through the window. In the end, the situation turned into a car chase. A second biker suspected at first of helping the abuser is now guilt-free as they are now expected to have been helping the driver. According to, an undercover cop was amongst the riders and did nothing in order to keep his top secret identity. What kind of law enforcement watches a group of enraged motorcyclists beat through a window of a man’s car for the sake of remaining undercover? • Jacksonville hoax bomber in custody: A man travelling through airport security at Jacksonville International Airport told a worker that he had a bomb in his bag. The bomb turned out to be fake but caused the airport to shut down for 5 hours. Junior Gabrielle Hofmann says, “I think bomb threats are a serious matter because they concern the well being and safety of the people. It definitely wasn’t smart of him to fake something that is a threat to other people.” • U.S. captures Al- Qaeda leader: The U.S. raided Libya and Somalia on Saturday, October 5th after the attack on the mall in Kenya. They captured a top al Qaeda member from bombings in 1998; it took them more than long enough! • School districts want tighter rein on charters: The Broward and Palm Beach districts have already closed several Charter schools for not having enough regulations. Even though Charter schools are designed to be innovative, districts want them to be connected more to the rules and want to control where a Charter school should be. As a Charter student herself, freshman Neena Morazan thinks differently: “If the county gains more control, our school will have less independence.” • Change to ‘Stand your ground’ law: Upon George Zimmerman’s trial verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, protestors have camped outside of Governor Rick Scott’s office in protest of the ‘Stand your ground’ law. This law allows an individual to defend themselves in a threatening situation with the use of a deadly force. Their efforts have paid off because the legislature started their consideration of changing this law on October 7th. Maybe Stevie Wonder, who refuses to come back to Florida unless the law is repealed, will share his musical notes with Floridians once again. • The SEAL raid in Somalia was unsuccessful: A group of less than two dozen Navy SEALS landed on the shores of Somalia with the intent to capture an al Shabaab warlord named Ikrima. However, a Shabaab fighter took a smoke outside while pretending not to see the SEALS. He then came back outside shooting with other soldiers which caused the navy Seals to eventually surrender. Sophomore Breanna Jomsky reflects on this failure by stating, “The whole situation is upsetting because the Navy SEALS are suppose to provide help; if they stand there and let disasters happen then they aren’t doing what they are supposed to.”

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Big Sean drops the mic and picks up a ring Shakayla Lee STAFF WRITER

Whether they were spotted sporting matching outfits on the red carpet, or even in candid shots by the paparazzi enjoying each other’s company, the Hall of Fame artist Sean Michael Anderson, otherwise known as Big Sean, and actress and singer Naya Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez on Glee, have had no problem showing their love for one another to the world. Big Sean has received a lot of press

since he released his latest single “Control,” and with all eyes on him, he recently hinted towards a new love interest in his life that has fans raising their eyebrows worldwide. As of Thursday, October 3rd, Big Sean has replaced his mic with a ring as he and Naya are officially engaged and looking to settle down. Their first public night out on April 9th, 2013, marked the day that the Glee starlet and Detroit rapper put an end to rumors; openly sharing their relationship

with the world at the premier of 42, the baseball biographical film of Jackie Robinson, at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Six blissful months later, the couple has once again made it publicly official on the red carpet at the Latina Magazine Hollywood Hot List Party in LA, showing that they are in it for the long run. Although Sean was performing in Toronto, Naya glowed as she went solo for the night promoting her new single “Sorry” featuring none

other than her fiancé. Making a statement, she floated across the carpet with her hand on her hip, allowing her 5-6 carrot bling that totals roughly fifty to one hundred twenty-five thousand dollar rock to sparkle the whole night through. “Her ring is huge! I’m so happy for Naya and Big Sean; marriage is a huge commitment. I’m a little surprised that they are taking things so fast but they are in love,” stated senior Erica Camacho. See Marriage, Page 31

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Oh baby!

Jackson v. AEG



Big Sean drops the mic and picks up a ring Marriage from page 30...

The duo has proved to be absolutely smitten, revealing in interviews that they have found the person they have been searching for their entire lives. Naya later confessed to well-known blogger Perez Hilton that that the “Beware” artist may appear to be rough and tough due to his Hip Hop persona, but behind closed doors he is quite the romantic. Describing him as her “Casanova” in an interview with Hilton she stated “I feel like we’re soul mates and we know each other and we’re on the same page about everything. It clicks, and it works. It’s so easy and fun. I’m genuinely such a better person now that he’s around,” ( Love is seemingly in the air as Big Sean also gushes about his love to E! News when he stated “Every morning I wake up, I look over at her and be like, ‘I’m winning so hard’”. Believe it or not, the love birds started their romance online when exchanging a few words on the social networking site, Twitter. They mutually followed each other, which led to a few direct messages back and forth. An innocent beginning to their romance, Naya affirmed to Access Hollywood that to catch his attention she tweeted that she followed him, because he fit her “boyfriend checklist”: “Kindness, looks

— obviously –and talent” (hollywoodlife. com). Before they knew it they went out to dinner and the rest proved to be history.

Though love and weddings usually bring a positive outlook to any situation, the duo has fans with a bittersweet mindset. “I’m beyond happy for them. It’s good to see

rappers with one girl that they settle down with, instead of the multiple girls someone would typically see them with,” exclaimed junior, Camille Haynes. “Naya is a beautiful, strong, and independent woman who looks like she brings out the best in him. If they feel like they can spend the rest of their lives together, then they should.” On the other side of the issue, some fans have run cold from the of Graphic by: Armando Urena choices the G.O.O.D Music artist. What most people don’t know is that Sean just recently ended his relationship with his high school sweetheart of 10 years, fast forward six months later

Entertainment October 2013

and the rapper is ready to marry his fiancé. Junior Chloe Fabien attested to those who disapprove by saying, “when I first found out that he broke up with his girlfriend even though they were together for a decade, earlier this year, I was shocked. I do love Naya Rivera... Like she’s beautiful to watch, because I use to tune into Glee all the time, but that’s ridiculous.” Like most fans who were rubbed the wrong way by the news she went on to say, “that situation makes it seem like their entire relationship was for nothing. To compare six months and ten years is mind blowing. His sweetheart loved him before he was famous and I feel like Naya loved him after. That really upsets me.” Despite the mixed reviews, the newly engaged Big Sean and Naya Rivera have graced their names as the newest addition to the hottest Hip Hop celebrity couples heading to the alter. They’ve followed in the footsteps of Waka Flocka Flame, who recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend Tammy River, and even 2 Chainz, who popped the question to his girlfriend of five years. Love is in the air in the Hip Hop realm, and a congratulation is definitely in store for the celebrities that are ready to take the next step in their lives!

Oh baby! Alexys Nowak COPY EDITOR

In more ways than one, celebrities live different lives than the average Joe. All eyes are on them and their every move as they go throughout their day. Simple things like where they go out to dinner become a trend that people want to follow. However, there seems to be one part of celebrities’ lives that the world does not follow: the names they give their children. “Apple, Blue- Ivy, North,” they have all made their names known simply because of the fact that they are uncommon. The students at PPCHS all have different views on exactly why and how these celebrities came up with these obscure names. Each one of them has an opinion on which name is the strangest, which caused them to think “what would I name my kid if I wouldn’t be judged for it?”

Freshmen Samantha Villegas: “My dream name for my kid would be “Sperry” because the shoes are so nice and I love wearing them, so why not make them part of my life? For me, the strangest name I have heard is Blu- Ivy because it would be like naming a child “pink.” Who knows, maybe Beyoncé loves that color!”

Sophomores Rafael Miranda: “North West is the weirdest name for me because I don’t even see a meaning from it. It really just seems like a direction. If I were to name my child anything I wanted, I would go with “Ranger Z” or maybe even “Soccer” because it reminds me of how much I like Power Rangers and my sport.

Matthew Behnke: “The celebrities have to pick those names for attention, almost like a publicity stunt. They will do anything just to have the media on them. The strangest one has to be Kim and Kanye’s baby North. I think it would be so funny if I named my baby “Who” because people would be so confused when I talked about him.”


Juniors Julieth Gil: “Celebrities really think that it will make them even more unique than they already are to name their baby something strange. For me, the names that are actually foods have to be the strangest. Maybe they were hungry when they named them, who knows? I guess if I was famous I would be a little out of the box and name my child “Studio” because I am always dancing and it’s part of me.”

Rachel Lorenzo: “Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their daughter ‘Apple,’ which is just so weird to me because an Apple is a fruit… not a human. I think they felt like they could get away with this because they’re famous and they have the idea that they will be looked up to for everything. I would take the opportunity as a famous person to name my kid “Futbol,” because you know, ball is life.”

Anthony Gomez: “The weirdest baby name that I’ve heard is the most recent one, ‘North.’ Celebrities must think that they are not different enough already, so they feel the need to name their child something completely random. If I were to pick any name that I find unique, it would be ‘Ivory’.”

Arianna Schmid: “I feel like naming someone Egypt is really weird especially if they weren’t even b o r n there. They must do this either because they actually believe it’s a cute name, they’re crazy for attention or they’re not right in the head. Honestly, I would name my kid something like ‘Honey’ because even if you’re mad it still sounds nice. I think it would be pretty funny.”

KC Felix: “The strangest name I’ve heard is Jason Lee’s child ‘Pilot Inspektor’ because I feel like there’s no way to connect it to anything. They must pick these names because it is in the moment and they feel like it will bring even more publicity to their name. Even though it sounds weird, if I was a celebrity I would take the opportunity to name my child ‘Parfait’.

Entertainment October 2013


Keep up with the Kardashians Can’t escape the Kardashians Maria Bozo BUSINESS MANAGER

Picture this: a stereotypical all-American family with one large twist. The father is the defense attorney of the infamous OJ Simpson Trial. The youngest daughter is the best friend of the world’s largest socialite, Paris Hilton. The mother has divorced the father and is married to a gold medal Olympian. These two go on to have two daughters who take the modeling and fashion-designing world by storm. One day, this family is offered their own reality TV show that will go on to revolutionize the idea of reality television. The show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians features the lives of two joined families: the Jenners and Kardashians. Kris, Bruce, Kendall, and Graphic by: Matthew Perez Kylie make up the Jenner side of the household. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Robert make up the Kardashian side. Much to their surprise, this show has gone on to reach over 3 million viewers. ( With such neurotic familial relationships being aired on TV, you would expect all different types of reactions. “I like the show. It is very entertaining and makes me wish I was a part of the Kardashian clan,” says sophomore Shariah Wright. Their antics range from pranking their siblings like a typical family to going on to do photoshoots for international magazines including People Magazine, Vogue, and Rolling Stones. When the statement “The Kardashians do not deserve to be famous,” is said, it makes me wonder what one has to do to “deserve” fame. Some may argue that celebrities should only be famous if they have some type of special talent, but that is not the purpose of reality television. The job of a singer is to be selling out shows and making new records, not star in their own reality television show. At the end of the day, the show does what every TV show needs to do: gain viewers. It is a common misconception that the Kardashians do nothing. In fact, they have released their own cosmetic line, two clothing lines, weight-loss supplements and DVD work out videos, in addition to airing their personal lives for entertainment. Students at PPCHS agree. “It’s not true that

the Kardashians don’t do anything. They work for their money,” says freshman Ashley Rodriguez. The reason KUWTK has blown up into such a huge brand is because it gives the American people a sense of hope. With so many families who have been through divorce, it makes them believe that someday, their family will come together once again because at the end of the day, family is family. “I love the family dynamic that Keeping Up with the Kardashians shows. It makes me wish for me to be that close with my step siblings,” says junior Anesia Gordon. That is one of the major themes of the show. Bruce takes care of the Kardashian kids as if they were his own. Kris also accepts her step kids, Brandon and Brody as members of her family. Not only have the Kardashians inspired the people that come from separated households, but the youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are perfect models for anyone who aspires to establish great things as entrepreneurs. At the young ages of 16 and 17, both have their own clothing line that is sold at PacSun stores and have modeled in countless runway shows and photo-shoots including Seventeen Magazine and Abby Dawn. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is unlike any other show. The show also features rapper and producer, Kanye West and basketball star Lamar Odom. Kim is married to West and has a baby girl named North West. Khloe married Odom after just nine days engagement and has already captured the hearts of people everywhere with their infertility struggles. Due to the fact that there are so many different celebrities in the family, people are intrigued by them. They definitely deserve to have their own reality TV show because it captivates the attention of the public. All in all, the Kardashians are not your usual family. The drama going on within the family has captivated the attention of viewers everywhere. It has even gone as far as inspiring the audience with their unity and infertility struggles. As important models, fashion designers, business owners, and wives, the Kardashians have forever changed reality television.

Alexys Nowak COPY EDITOR

Day in and day out, people around the world put in hard work to eventually make a name for themselves. But what if one day you woke up and everyone knew who you were? This is the life style that the Kardashian’s have lived by since their reality TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, first aired in 2007. When Robert Kardashian passed away in 2003, he left a whopping 100 million dollars for his family. The next couple of years would be filled with luxury, not needing to worry about being short on money for what seemed like forever. However, within the next few years their reality TV show came about. Now, each daughter networks millions of dollars for being recorded daily. If they thought they were secure before, there is no doubt that they are set for more than life now. It is basically like they’re living retired lives without working a solid amount of time to even earn it. In no way will it ever be acceptable to call the Kardashian’s “successful” solely based on what is seen on their reality TV show. Kim Kardashian, who is the middle daughter between Khloe and Kourtney, became famous for reasons that definitely do not deserve bragging rights. With her father being OJ Simpson’s defense lawyer, interest was automatically drawn to her. On top of that, she was close friends with Paris Hilton. When a sex tape of her with Ray J was released, word of her name sparked once again. Now, these are not viable reasons to become known to the whole world or to earn a reality television show. Going into the business, Kim already had a set reputation, and that is not something I would want to be known for. To me, it sounds like just because she had an accomplished father, she believed she had the right to be rich and famous as well. Kim is worth about 40 million dollars, as she makes $80,000 per episode. This is absolutely ridiculous considering she does not even have to memorize any lines or put any rehearsal time in. She is simply being paid for having a camera follow her around and talking to it Graphic by: Armando Urena for five minutes while she sits comfortably on a couch. As for youngest sister Khloe Kardashian, the story is a little bit different. She does not make as much as Kim, but there is no doubt that she is also set for life. Despite the fact that she was cut as the X- factor co-host after just one season, she was still rewarded with 1 million dollars. She also brought in over 20 million dollars after

she and husband, Lamar Odom launched a unisex perfume. ( This profit all has to do with her name. We will never know if the perfume was actually good, or if people were just purchasing it because it was Kardashian made. The eldest of the three, Kourtney, has a net worth of about out 12 million dollars, and receives $50,000 per episode. On top of this insane amount of money, Kourtney Kardashian gained loads of attention from her on and off relationship with Scott Disick. Being so open with their relationship caused viewers to become almost obsessed, wondering what the next phase of their relationship would bring. It was almost as if Kourtney made her relationship so dramatic simply because she wanted the attention. Again, it is absurd to reward someone for over-dramatizing their life on national television. The Kardashian’s relationships are yet another aspect that has made them so famous. While people break up and get together all the time, it is suddenly a huge deal when it happens to them. After divorcing Kris Humphries after only 72 days, Kim generated attention from all over the world. Millions of dollars went into the wedding for what seems like no reason at all. I find it impossible to believe that she was not having second-thoughts beforehand. She simply used the wedding to gain more publicity for herself and her TV show. Another aspect that I believe brings the Kardashian’s so much attention is their physical appearance. Let’s face it; so many people would not hold them on a pedestal if they were not so physically appealing. On TV, the make-up is always freshly done and their hair is hair sprayed to the point that a hurricane wouldn’t be able to move it. Why else would they strive to look so “perfect” if it did not affect the views on the show? If any talent were to be displayed at all, the fact that these three women are rich and famous would be admirable. However, this is not the case. They are only famous for the way they present themselves and how dramatic their lives are. For all we know, it is all just an act to keep the public entertained. The fact that they appear on TV for an hour every Sunday has proven to be enough to keep them going. If all of their money was to be taken away, these three would not know what to do with themselves. There is strong foundation to say that if the Kardashians were thrown into an average lifestyle, they would crumble underneath the “stress” of having to work for what they earn.

Agents assemble for ABC’s Hulk-worthy hit 33 Looghermine Claude LIFESTYLE EDITOR

Walking out of a dimly lit theatre into the bright lights with hands shaking from excitement and a mind racing with images of intense actions scenes, startling plot twists, and light humor, moviegoers, having just seen The Avengers were already yearning for more than just one movie to appease their eagerness for the popular superhero team. They were still unsatisfied upon finding out that the blockbuster’s sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, would come out all the way in 2015. With the fervor surrounding the franchise and its characters, ABC decided to capitalize on it and create the TV show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., designed to quell fans craving for more superhero and agent adventures. The plot of the show revolves around a team of “agents” employed by the revived Phil Coulson to help accomplish S.H.I.E.L.D.’s goal of “dealing with the growing number of strange threats and exposure from hacker group The Rising Tide…” (Entertainment Weekly). The team includes Agent Grant Ward, the Black Ops Specialist; Agent Melinda May, the pilot and Weapons Expert; Agent Leo Fitz, the specialist in Weapons Technology; Agent Jemma Simmons, the team’s Bio-Scientist; and Skye, the hacker that joins the team in the first episode. Lead by Coulson, the ragtag team has to simultaneously bond in a group and keep the world safe. Their journey with its hardships and triumphs is what’s being chronicled through the TV

series. Junior Jonathon Zigler says, “I was really excited because I love superheroes and Marvel in general so I was really looking forward to the series. After the first episode, I realized that it was different than I thought it would be, but I still like it. I thought it was going to be either over the top or not up to my expectations but it’s a good balance of enough action and story together. As the story goes on I think we’ll find out what really happened to Coulson, and we’ll get more of The Rising Tide’s story.” So far, only three episodes of S.H.I.E.L.D. have aired on ABC. The pilot begins the show by introducing the group, “The Rising Tide,” who seems to be one of the top rebel groups targeting S.H.I.E.L.D. The newly formed agent team has to work together not only to uncover part of “The Rising Tide’s” plan, but also save a man injected with alien technology capable of giving him superpowers. The second episode, “0-8-4” is where the action kicks off. Skye is now officially part of the team as they travel to Peru to confront an unknown piece of military technology. While retrieving the item, the team gets caught under fire by rebel armies. The real action happens on their plane where the agents have to fend off a group of soldiers. Also in this episode is a cameo appearance from Samuel L. Jackson, as his Avengers character Nick Fury. In the third episode “The Asset,” Agent Coulson places his trust in Skye to help infiltrate the highly guarded mansion of Ian Quinn to get back their asset. Even though Skye kept viewers in sus-

Entertainment October 2013

pense because of her questionable actions a chance to steal viewers not interested in that seem to be against S.H.I.E.L.D, she singing competitions, comedy, and drama. manages to pull through and help the team. For the pilot S.H.I.E.L.D. earned 11,889 “My expectations were really positive viewers surpassing Dads on FOX and because Joss Whedon, who directed The Whose Line but failing to capture the same Avengers, was put in charge, so if you have amount of people as NCIS and The Voice. the man who directed The Avengers create Even with Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo in a TV show in the same universe, I had a the second episode, S.H.I.E.L.D. failed to lot a faith. Also, they picked a fan favor- come up with the same audience as the ite character, Agent Coulson, to star so that week before (Entertainment Weekly). was a good move on their part. I’m calling The way that ABC continues developing it right now, and everyone can quote me and moving along the story of the Agents on this, Coulson is a robot because there is will drastically affect the ratings that the too much foreshadowing for him not to be. show receives in turn affecting whether or Aside from that, I think we’re going to get not S.H.I.E.L.D. get to continue its mismore appearances from different Aveng- sion. With the hype of Avengers and the ers because we’ve already had Samuel L. bar set high for the show, only as more epiJackson come on the show as Nick Fury,” sodes come out will people realize whether says senior Alden Diaz. or not Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will fly as a With its appeal to the millions of fans who show worthy enough to be a continuation were extremely pleased with Avengers, es- of The Avengers. pecially those who loved the character of Agent Coulson, ABC seems to be hacking into that fan base to keep the show running. Paired against the other 8 p.m. slots of NCIS on CBS, The Voice on NBC, and Whose Line is it Anyway on the CW, and Dads on FOX, S.H.I.E.L.D. is the only really fictional Agents of S.HI.E.L.D.: This new TV show has taken PPCHS by storm, as junior show on the TV, Jordan Corona demonstates. Photo by: Alex Monge giving the franchise

Jackson v. AEG: The King of Pop and his medicinal secrecy Melissa Pierce STAFF WRITER

Upon Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in prison for administering a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol that killed

Graphic by: Armando Urena

him. Conrad Murray was a doctor hired by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) Live to tend to Mr. Jackson during his ‘This Is It’ fifty date tour. Now, four years after the King of Pop’s death and two years after Murray’s sentencing in 2011, Katherine Jackson and her three grandchildren sued

AEG Live for, “wrongful death, claiming the entertainment company that promoted the King of Pop's last concerts failed to pick up on warning signs that could have saved his life” ( Junior, Symone Cyrus supports the claim of the Jackson family saying, “AEG is responsible for hiring Conrad Murray so they should have kept tabs on his activity. If he was doing something that was wrong or that was hurting someone, they should have regulated his visits, had him fired, or deprived of his privileges.” Despite AEG Live being responsible for hiring Conrad Murray, they were relieved of the charges being pressed against them. Marvin Putnam, AEG Live attorney, stated, “The jury’s decision completely vindicates AEG Live, confirming what we have known from the start—that although Michael Jackson’s death was a terrible tragedy, it was not a tragedy of AEG Live’s making” (NBC). Putnam’s point is this: AEG Live is not responsible for something that happened upon Mr. Jackson’s request

in the privacy of his own home. According to, Marvin Putnam added that the singer was a 50-year-old man responsible for his own health and said the singer had a history of "shopping" for doctors who would prescribe him the medication he wanted. Senior, Kimberley Doan agrees with the verdict in stating, “The fault is with Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson, not AEG. Jackson was the one who asked for the drugs. If Michael Jackson hadn’t asked for the drugs, then it would be AEG’s fault and the tables would be turned. This would completely change the outcome.” Although AEG Live took full responsibility for hiring the doctor that administered a fatal amount of the drug propofol to Michael Jackson, they were found innocent against the charges being pressed by the Jackson family. Regardless of the fact that they hired Conrad Murray and bound him by a contract, they were not present and did not permit him to give propofol to Mr. Jackson upon his personal request.


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STEMming away from gender defined jobs Looghermine Claude LIFESTYLE EDITOR

Throughout childhood, kids are encouraged to follow their dreams and reach for the stars when it comes to choosing a career. As they grow older, people begin to realize that seeking their dreams tends to lean towards men. This recognition applies especially to women who are trying to pur-

sue careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. As jobs in those categories are categorized as being a man’s work, it getting increasingly difficult for women—even highly trained and educated ones—to land a job in a STEM field. Even through these struggles, some companies and universities are pushing for girls and women to finally achieve the dreams they’ve always had.

Inside Technology...

According to, in 2011, only 25 percent of the STEM related careers in the U.S. were filled by women, and it was only 30 percent worldwide. Even scarier is the fact that 56 percent of women with technical jobs leave their work midway through their careers. These depressing statistics are one of the many theories surrounding the fact that there is shortage of ladies in the tech and science fields. Other ideas

include little room for home building and the lack of popular role models. Whatever the case may be, those girls who are breaking the barrier and pushing to succeed in a man’s world are getting their voice to be heard—with a little help from some giant corporations. See STEM page 36...


Technology October 2013

STEMming away from gender defined jobs STEM from page 31... Looghermine Claude LIFESTYLE EDITOR

Dr. Glenn, a chemistry teacher who holds a PhD in immunology, says “It’s only the biological sciences where there are probably an equal number of women if not more women. It’s the math based fields that women are shying away from and that’s because somehow they get the impression that they can’t to math. They do really well in high school and even in college they do well, but when they get to graduates degrees then they think that they can’t do the hard math and that’s where it stops. Either somebody told them or they lost their confidence in their math skills. If you have an analytical mind, then that’s all you need to go on the engineering, physics, and math fields. Don’t let anybody deter you because you’ve shown that you have an analytical mind at least equal to a males.” IBM, the International Business Machines Corporation, has become one of the leading companies pushing towards the advancement of women in STEM fields. One of their major steps is a YouTube series called ‘The Technologista Series’, a one-minute interview dedicated to “showcasing 10 technical women at IBM today… to gain valuable insights about the unique culture of IBM as well as a chance to see the faces behind the innovations that have changed our world,” says the videos’ YouTube description. IBM also holds multiple awards for their ongoing dedication for their work with women working with technology and science. They were named as one of the Top 10 2013 NAFE Working Mothers Top 50 Companies for Executive Women. For their work in “…recognizing innovative approaches for developing women,” IBM is a three-time Catalyst Award winner. “Honestly, the fact that not a lot of women are pursuing careers in STEM fields only motivates me to pursue engineering further, and try harder so I can represent women. I am hoping my future success

will show that more women should be working in the same field and push them to take on jobs in engineering,” says sophomore Britnee Marius. Universities are also taking part in the nation’s ambition to aid women to reach their career goals. Many universities like FSU, Rutgers, and UConn have living-learning

ing and dessert socials creating a bond between them, and allowing the students to develop a web of support during their challenges. “In any occupation it is a choice whether or not you will continue with your job. In terms of women, they tend to lean more to jobs that give them flexibility because

Graphic By: Matthew Perez

communities dedicated to these young ladies. These communities called Women in Math Science, & Engineering (WiMSE), focus specifically on supporting, mentoring, and encouraging their students to graduate and then work in the fields that they want to. For first-year students in the program, they not only get support but the chance to live next to other young ladies facing similar challenges to them as they work their way to get their degree. Not only do the girls live and learn together, they also participate in activities like bowl-

they want to raise a family. With jobs in technology or math there are a lot of deadlines and working late and after hours, so women who are trying to start a family don’t get a chance to do that. Almost all of my friends who have masters and doctorates degrees in engineering have never had the chance to connect and socialize with others so they are seen as colleagues and not women. This discourages women from entering and pursuing a job in those fields,” says math teacher Mrs. Kim. In anticipation of the new movie Thor:

The Dark World which premieres on November 7th, Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster in the film, is partnering up with MARVEL, The National Academy of Sciences, and Underwriters Laboratory for a part mentor program, part contest dedicated to girls interested in working in a STEM career. The program, called the Ultimate Mentor Adventure, claims to be looking for ‘The Next Jane Foster’ with their search throughout America for a girl in grades 9-12 who are willing to find out more about STEM careers. The contest asks for the girls to go out and find a hometown mentor and interview then about their field and what they do. Then, the girls are supposed to make a 5-minute video telling about themselves and the woman they had the chance to interview. The finalists will be flown to Los Angeles, California to continue on their adventure with hands on experience and behind the scenes access to places where STEM women work. The pinnacle of the finalists’ journey is the opening day screening of Thor: The Dark World that they will see at the El Capitan theatre. The contest ends on October 20th at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. For more information about the contest, check out dep. index.html Even though the world seems to be pitted against women journeying into a life of science, technology, engineering, and math, there is support big and small. Companies like IBM and Marvel are publicly showing support for women and even giving them the spotlight so that the world sees them shine. Universities are creating specialized programs to make sure that STEM ladies succeed. Exceptional PPCHS women STEM teachers are always encouraging their students to push for their dreams and believe in their talents. All of this support can combine together to change the tide and allow women to rise in STEM fields.

Humans on the Red Planet Nicholas Rivera STAFF WRITER

It has been a part of science fiction for the atmosphere of Mars. The mission will decades. Space exploration is something observe the atmosphere and test the condithat is always talked about, but never really pictured as a reality. In the year 2022, this could all change. Four people, chosen from thousands, will be chosen to take on a one-way trip to Mars. By the year 2015, 40 entries will go through intense training to find out if they meet the expectations of someone who can handle space travel. Last month, scientists learned that within the soil, there are some traces of water. Although there are traces, they are bounded to other minerals, meaning that it hasn’t been accessible for many years. At the time of water there was potentially life on the planet thousands of years ago. By December, NASA will embark on another mission, named The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission, or MAVEN. The goal Graphic by: Armando Urena will be to send a probe to Mars, which will take a ten month trip to reach tions of it to see if it could have supported

life at one point. In just a few more years, scientist may just put life back on Mars. Many are skeptical, but the future may look bright. “I don’t think this will be successful because I think there is only a limited amount of resources that we can bring to the planet before they run out. If they do make it, they are not going to have a pleasurable life. We have advanced far in technology, but we are trying to do many things at once and we aren’t really focusing on the important things on our planet. Even if we do succeed, we will most likely end up spending more money towards advancing on Mars rather than here, where we need it,” says sophomore Chinelo Osakwe. Osakwe, along with many others do not support the trip, saying that at this point, it is not necessary and it shouldn’t be first priority. One of the people signed up for the trip is a college student named Patrick Ford, who is majoring in physics and minoring in astronomy. Sophomore

Fernando Plata is a friend and supporter of Ford. “I’m skeptical of the project, but I think we have gone a long way in technology and I believe that eventually we will be able to support human life on Mars,” says Plata. Plans to send humans to Mars only include four people, which is not enough to necessarily start a colony. The main purpose will simply be to test if human life will be supported. Another supporter of the project, senior Brandon Guzman, says “It’s a good idea to try to colonize other planets. Nothing lives forever, including the earth. All of our natural resources will eventually die off. I think it is better to start now so that we have time to make Mars more sustainable for life.” The future looks bright for space exploration. With the discovery that water may have been on Mars years ago, there is more hope in a successful mission to colonize Mars in the near future. Exploring this option now will help prepare for any natural disasters that might occur on Earth. With only just a few more years left until scheduled takeoff, scientist may be on their way to expanding the location of the human race. Who knows, one day Red Planet may turn green.

Technology October 2013


More bass for your buck Lauren Ramirez STAFF WRITER

check those out.”, writes Geoffrey MorriOne thing almost all teenagers have in son, Forbes Magazine contributor. The Beats Pro headphones are considered common their love for music. While waitto be one of the best ing in the lunch headphones that line or sitting on can be bought. Althe school bus, though with a price almost every stuof $399.95, they dent has an ear are not the most bud in their ear or reasonable option. headphones on. According to the Some students Beats by Dr. Dre have headphones website, “Beats Pro that cost over professional head$400, while some phones sound good students have ear because they put buds that came back the quality lost free with their cell in modern- day life phones. So the compression. That question is, are means you’re really more expensive hearing music the headphones reway it was originalally worth it? Acly heard by the artist cording to Forbes in the studio.” Magazine, they Although more exare. “Stepping up pensive headphones in price usually Beats Headphones: Vanessa Estevez is listening to music. Photo By: Sydney Silverberg like the Beats Pros gets you better sound, better build quality, and features seem to have higher quality sound, a more like Bluetooth or noise cancelling, but if practical option would be something like you’re unsure if that’s all really worth it, the Panasonic RP-HTX7. According to check out some reviews of headphones in CNET Media News, “The Panasonic RPa price range you’re comfortable with, and HTX7s are an affordable entry-level over-

the ear headphones that fit comfortably, are relatively lightweight, and sound very good for the money. They also don’t leak sound, and their retro styling is more hit than miss.” While headphones are placed over the ear, earphones are placed inside the ear. While this may give the impression that earphones have better sound quality, they often do not offer the seal or noise cancellation features that headphones have. “I’ve found that headphones in general have better sound quality than earphones do.” says sophomore Vanessa Osorio. Making up for their lack in sound quality, earphones are typically more affordable than headphones are. A good quality pair of earphones, such as the Panasonic ErgoFit in- ear headphones, can be purchased for around $5-$10. “They all sound different,” says sophomore Matias De La Flor. “Some headphones sound louder, some focus more on comfort, and some have better quality.” There are a seemingly infinite amount of headphones on the market, all claiming to have “great sound quality” and “impressive noise cancellation”; but in the end, music is still music whether it comes from 5 dollar headphones or a $400 pair.

4D printing will move your mind

Video games can be the hero too

Melissa Pierce STAFF WRITER

The next level of printing is on the rise; it literally moves 3-D printing aside. “4-D printing is the ability to program physical and biological materials to change shape and properties, and even compute outside

Graphic by: Armando Urena

of silicon-based matter”, states Skylar Tibbits in his TED video on the emergence of 4-D printing. A 3-D shape such as a nano robot can be designed and altered by using DNA to activate self-assembly. In layman’s terms, one can print 3-D string and make it form into the structure of a cube using 4-D printing. In light of this new invention, sophomore Carlos Andreu states, “4-D printing is a very interesting idea because it can help us with larger building projects in the future such as erecting a building in a short amount of time due to self-assembly. However, I think it will take a couple more years for this idea to take off.” This innovate way of printing has a second purpose similar to that of Carlos Andreu’s theory; it is meant to be applied to the real world. According to Skylar Tibbits, inefficiencies in construction, manufacturing,

and infrastructure can be mended with the use of 4-D printing. For instance, excessive and unnecessary labor can be relieved by a 4-D robot that changes functions and reassembles for each job. Tibbits explains that this type of printing “combines the world of nano scale programmable adaptive materials and the built environment.” The use of geometry and materials, interactions, and energy is key in the selfassembly of 3-D objects; energy of which can be passive such as heat or shaking. Simply, Tibbits is expecting his invention of 4-D printing to help in the field of large construction. Despite this, web design and informational technology teacher Mr. Sands thinks that this technology, although advanced, may not be dependable on a large scale. “I think 4-D printing is interesting in terms of ‘Oh, let’s see if we can do it’. As for its applications however, I feel that the best thing it could possibly be used for would be to make many different mock-ups of the same thing,” said Mr. Sands. “I doubt it will ever get to the point where you can have it build itself and then rely on it; I worry by giving too much automation to a computer that it will have too many flaws. If you are doing a project however, you are able to come up with multiple solutions with the use of 4-D printing.” From the elementary concept of printing a flat image on a piece of paper to the complex process of morphing 3-D printing into 4-D printing, the methods used for the depiction of images has come a long way. 4-D printing takes the concept of 3-D printing and adds the aspect of self-assembly. This method created by Skylar Tibbits is intended to help the industrial world and improve the efficiency of construction workers. If objects can assemble themselves into shapes today, what will technology be able to do tomorrow?

IPhone5 headphones: Nathan Bater is listening using Apple headphones. Photo By: Sydney Silverberg


Video games are widely known as an excellent source of entertainment, and are, according to some, better than watching TV because of their interactivity. The perception of video games is that they contribute to too many acts of violence or aggression in kids of all ages. What the media misses is that video games have many benefits we haven’t found in any other media. Most people are not aware of the fact that all games do have benefits for players, and in a number of different and sometimes surprising ways. In a good game, people feel delightfully productive. They have clear goals and a sense Photo By: Alex Monge of heroic purpose. More importantly, they’re constantly able to see and feel the impact of their efforts on the virtual world around them. As a result, they have a stronger sense of their own activity and are more likely to set ambitious real-life goals. One recent study found by ABC News, for example, stated that players of "Guitar Hero" are more likely to pick up a real guitar and learn how to play it. When people play, they also have a sense of urgent optimism. Most people are up to any challenge, and become remarkably resilient in the face of failure. Research from ABC news shows that gamers spend on average 80% of their time failing in game worlds, but instead of giving up, they stick with the difficult challenge and use the feedback of the game to get better. With some effort, they can learn to apply this resilience to real-world challenges. “Whenever I am playing video games and can’t get passed one certain level, I just keep trying because I know that I will eventually get the hang of it,” comments sophomore Addam Hall. Games make it easier to build stronger social bonds with friends and family. Stud-

ies show that people like and trust someone better after they play a game with them, even if they win. They are more likely to help someone in real life after they’ve been helped in an online game. They're a fast and reliable way to strengthen our connection with people we care about. “The best way to take full advantage of playing games is to do it with a friend. In my opinion, it is more comforting and

makes for some good competition,” says junior Noah Levy. With so much enjoyable productivity, urgent optimism, and stronger social bonds, it is not surprising that so many players feel that they have become the best version of themselves in video games. Some people can take the benefits of games a step further by harnessing the power of game design to tackle real-world problems. They can allow gamers to use their virtual-world strengths to accomplish real feats. Undeniably, when game communities have been matched with challenging real-world problems, they have already proven themselves capable of producing tangible, potentially world-changing results. These examples are just the beginning of what is possible if they take advantage of the power of games to make us better and change the world. Those who understand this power will be the people who invent the future. They can produce rewarding, transformative games for themselves, their families, and for their school. They can create any future imaginable. Let the games begin!

A Splash of Diversity at PPCHS Aaliyah Pasols STAFF WRITER

On October 10th, the crowd filed into the River of Grass Auditorium excitedly, already stirring up a loud buzz of chatter as they anticipated the showcase. Teachers, faculty and students quickly filled up the seats in the spacious auditorium, and parents and siblings followed, holding balloons and flowers for their loved ones that were performing. At 7:15 p.m., the lights dimmed, the voices came to a halt, and the

spotlight shifted to center stage. A fun-filled Multicultural Night was about to begin. The wait was finally over as the first performer took the stage. Senior Nicole Pollard began by singing the beautiful French song “Non, Je ne regrette rien” by Edith Piaf. Performing along with Nicole was the PPCHS band, and judging by the crowd’s enthusiastic awe-inspired cheers, this performance was a great way to kick off the night. After the song came to an end, R.J. Reyes,

the host for the night, hopped onstage and was began to hype up the crowd for the next performance. Another talented singer at Charter, senior Natasha Viloria, stood in the spotlight, microphone in hand, ready to shine. While combining some salsa into her movement, Natasha belted out “La Vida es un Carnaval” by Celia Cruz. The crowd went wild with recognition of the famous song. Parents and teachers were soon smiling and singing along, and even some children were

seen dancing in their seats as this catchy Spanish hit was sung. Clearly shown, hard work does pay off. “I practiced and went over the song many times with the band and my backup singers in Mr. Daughtery’s class,” said Viloria. As most performers are, she was nervous before going onstage, but once the first few words left her mouth she was “in the zone” and ready to rock the house. See Multicultural, Page 35...

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A Splash of Diversity at PPCHS

Multicultural from page 34...

Aaliyah Pasols STAFF WRITER

Foot sang a cover of Dean Martin’s charmNext up was the Latin Dance Team, as ing, popular song “Sway.” A loud applause the high energy of the night continued on. from the audience sounded, and the curThis was the Latin Dance Team’s first per- tains closed once more. Advanced Latin formance out of three, and they lured in the Dance was now up to take up the stage for audience in with a fast-paced, fun song. Round two and show off their hip-shaking The guys, skills. One of dressed in a the newest classy black team memand white, bers who perdipped and formed was swayed the senior Stephgirls as they anie Torres. spun across She expresses the stage to that her team the rhythm is like a famof the music. ily, and that “I loved the they have pep Latin Dance talks to get routines bethem riled up cause it was before their Sing it out: Monica Moljo (‘16), Tatiana Busamante (‘14), and Hannah exciting to Rector (‘14) entertain the audience at the Multicultutural show. Photo fiery dancing see my peers by: Johnathan Harris begins. “Beand friends fore our perdoing their best performances. It was inter- formance we were all in a circle backstage esting to see how far they’ve come in just doing a family prayer. Then our captains, a matter of weeks,” junior Jessica Flores Eddie [Montserrat] and Maria [Moreno], said. The crowd seemed to love them too gave the whole team a pep talk. They were as they clapped and cheered along with the telling us that they had faith in us, and that music. they knew that we could do it. They reFollowing the first Latin Dance perfor- ally expressed that they were proud of our mance was senior Isabell Vasquez, singing team, and that made the whole night worthanother classic Spanish song “Vivir Mi while,” Torres shares. PPCHS’ beloved drum line rolled onto the scene, taking up the whole stage as they lined up, drums ready and armed. People loved the catchy beat, as they moved to the rhythm of the drums from Nothing wrong with a little song: Natasha Viloria (‘14) joins fellow singers in a powerful their seats. singing preformance. Photo by: Johnathan Harris And after a Vida” by Marc Anthony. Isabell sung her promising women’s trio performed by Taheart out and the crowd joined her, sing- tianna Bustamante (’14), Monica Moljo ing along “Voy a reír, voy a bailar, vivir mi (’16) and Hanna Rector (’14), Ladies of vida, lalalala,” which in English translates Essence, the PPCHS step team, was next to, “I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna dance onstage. The girls tore down the house [I’m gonna] live my life, la, la, la, la.” After with their stomping and clapping, as they Isabell’s upbeat performance, yet another gave the auditorium a new fiercer kind of singer was up at the microphone, ready to energy. The Ladies of Essence is always awe the audience. Sophomore Nicole Fair- one to wow the crowd. Team member and

junior Samantha Czerwonko expressed her doors of the stage. All carrying various pride in her team. “We had to practice for flags from different countries, they danced two very long weeks to be able to prepare in the aisles between the two crowds of for this performance, so I knew we were people, and all came around to meet up going to do awesome. We nailed it and I’m front on the stage. With the different flags extremely proud of my team,” Samantha waving in the air, and the spotlight shining said. Sashaying onto the stage from behind the curtains was the next performer: Valentina Giraldo. This was a special treat for Charter because Valentina doesn’t attend PPCHS. She attended Pembroke Pines Charter Central Middle School, but switched to West Broward High School to attend high school there. Because of her natural talent at belly dancing, Pumping up the crowd: Preformers stand side by side with energy and all she’s called back to per- smiles. Photo by: Johnathan Harris form year after year. Her Charter ties have resulted in her return to on the close-knit dance team, it was a finale wow the crowd with her “impeccable” that put the icing on the cake. belly dancing. “My favorite performer was “Multicultural Night is put together evwithout a doubt Valentina [Giraldo]. She’s ery year to showcase the wide variety of extremely talented at belly dancing. Just talents that this school possesses within watching her its students. It’s move amazed also featured me and made every year to me want to beexpress and come a belly educate people dancer!” senior of the different Natasha Vilocultures that this ria shares. Valschool contains. entina danced It’s an enterto two songs, taining way for and at the end people to get a she struck a chance to view pose, making some different the crowd go styles [of the wild. arts] from other After Valennationalities,” tina’s perforjunior Samanmance, how tha Czerwonko could one top expressed. And that? The Fiwith that, yet nale of the another amazLatin Dance ing and unique team sure did Flying high: Tons of flags were on display, representing the di- M u l t i c u l t u r a l the job. Dancing verse mixture of cultures here at Pines charter. Photo by: Johna- Night was a sucthan Harris to one final last cess. “It was an song, they dipped and slid across the stage amazing show and I really enjoyed it. I smoothly, electrifying the crowd. And just think everyone in the audience learned when the music stopped and the audience something and took a piece of the show thought it was over, a new song blasted away with them as they drove home that from the speakers, and more Latin Dance night,” Jessica Flores said. The night of team members paraded out from the back- October 10th will not be easily forgotten.

Baby Jags get the creeps Chelsi Chang ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

to be able to come and have fun around Halloween time. It’s also going to be modeled after Disney’s ‘Not So Scary Halloween,’ so there will be a lot of butterflies and

be taken into M building where two rooms will be thematically decorated. The first room will be decorated as a magical forest and the second as an enchanted cave.

fortune teller, watching little Miss Muffet get frightened by a spider, and sticking This October, The Drama Department, their hands into sensory boxes containing SGA and Band are all teaming up to cre“eyeballs, fingers and worms.” The Drama ate a less than scary event in light of the department plans to help out most frightening yet fun holidays of them by using their acting skills to all-- Halloween . Lead by band instructake the kids throughout the tor, Mr. Daugherty, the event seems to be rooms, playing the part of an adorable night for all children to enjoy a friendly costumed guide. themselves without all the guts and gore “I’m going to be lending of your traditional Halloween festivities. Mr. Daugherty some of my On October 19th, from 4-8 PM, the students to help the band children decked out in their favorite cosout,” said Mrs. Kidd. tumes from Cinderella to Spiderman will “Little Halloween on Jagbe transported to the “Little Halloween uar Way” seems like it’s on Jaguar Way.” The event will start in adding up to be the talk of the cafeteria with crafts, carnival games, the town. Tickets are $8 and Parades on the 45— which lets the presale and $10 at the door, kids walk around the cafeteria, parading so make sure to bring your their costumes as everyone in the room little brothers and sisters applauds them every forty-five minutes. to this frightful and fantasThe games range from pin the tail on the tic night—not to mention pumpkin to fishing for prizes, all with helping out our very own the little tykes in mind. Mr. Daugherty school’s band by helping also plans for a flash mob to take over Not so bad to the bone: SGA, Drama, and Band transform the M building with props into a child friendly haunted house. Photo by: to fundraise. Who knows, it the middle of the cafeteria to the famous Alex Monge may end up being the equivsong, “Thriller” several times throughout alent of Halloween Horror the night. “The idea of it is that it will be a princesses,” said Mr. Daugherty. The rooms will feature fun activities for Nights to us, for the little ones! place for kids from VPK to the fifth grade After drawing and crafting, the kids will the kids to do such as talking to Zoltar, the


Clubs October 2013

Shana Tova! JSC starts strong The Resurrection of First Priority Jake Dreilinger NEWS EDITOR/MANAGING EDITOR LAYOUT

Francesca Levy, Mya Goodman and club Vice Presidents Alden Diaz (’14) and Noah In the light of the Jewish New Year, a Levy (’15), was a huge success, with many new Jewish club has opened up at PPCHS. students sensing the potential the club posLast year, the Jewish Student Union, also sesses and enjoying some after school pizza. known as JSU, broke apart after being un“I have high expectations for this club,” able to gain a sponsor and was forced to stated Diaz. “We are going to get new drop out of the international club of the members of different cultures and forge connections with Judaism. We’ll all come together to learn of this religious aspect of life, and eat pizza!” Mrs. Kidd graciously offers her room to the members of the JSC, but because JSC is an international club, an adult sponsor from the organization is required to come to the meeting. For the PPCHS JSC club, a man named Dave Dossick comes to watch the club and plan activities for the members of the club. Please allow me to reintroduce myself: A year after the club split, the “Unfortunately, Dave JSC is back once again with new sponsor, Mrs. Kidd. Photo By: Sydney was unable to attend [the Silverberg last meeting],” said FranJSU. Two previous members, seniors Fran- cesca Levy. “He’s a very cool guy and I cesca Levy and Mya Goodman, weren’t think that everyone will enjoy his presdone with the club they loved so dearly, ence. He is a great man and will become a and took this opportunity to remake the great friend to each and every one of us.” club. They recruited many people to form The first meeting on October 4th was the first board of PPCHS newest club, only an informational meeting, but that the Jewish Student Connection, or the didn’t stop the members from snacking on new version of the Jewish Student Union. pizza. The JSC has the potential to become The JSC is all about leaning the many as- an amazing club that many will enjoy at pects of Judaism. Anybody can join; it is PPCHS. As of now, Francesca Levy, Goodnot limited to people of the Jewish faith. man, Noah Levy and Diaz hope to get the On Friday, October 4th, Levy and Good- club on the right track and avoid the fate man held the first meeting of the newly of the JSU the previous year. Many can revived JSC. Many students of different expect that JSC will reach out to people’s cultures arrived to Mrs. Kidd’s room, anx- knowledge of Judaism and greatly change ious to learn about the new club and what it the views of a Jewish lifestyle. stands for. The meeting, which was led by

A rolling start for film appreciation club have an exclusive program there. They only accept 8-10 people in this program so I want to make myself the most appealing The Giver, The Mortal Instruments: City candidate. I figured if I started a club doof Bones, and Cloudy with a Chance of ing what I was passionate about, I would Meatballs 2 are all topics of discussion for be ahead of the other candidates.” the modish Film Appreciation Club here In Film Appreciation Club, the Asaro sisat Pines Charter High. With a renewed ters hope to embark on film driven field interest in the characters, setting, and plot trips and watch movies as a group. Emdevelopment of recently released movies, ily Asaro aspires to hold movie showings this new club sits down every Wednesday on grand scales much like the showing of Grease on the football field that the junior class organized for the entire school. They wish for people to expose themselves to films they normally wouldn’t watch by doing so with the company of their friends. Sophomore Kelcey Hernandez is an active member of this new club Lights, camera, appreciate: Junior Emily Asaro directs the the newly formed movie and states, club. Photo by: Peter Dourvetakis “I wanted to be in room S113 to share their thoughts and able to compare my thoughts on movies opinions. Junior Emily Asaro, director of with other people. Film appreciation club this movie cub, serves as President while allows me to tell others what my initial reher sister, sophomore Alyssa Asaro, fills action to a film is and recognize whether or the position of vice president. Emily puts not other people agree with my opinion.” her all into this new club; as it has become From sci-fi, to mystery, to fantasy; films very important in her life. She dedicates and their organizational patterns are the her energy and time into making Film Ap- topics of conversation for the new Film preciation club as enjoyable and informa- Appreciation Club. Emily Asaro’s pastive as possible: sion for film and desire to express the im“I started the club because of my interest portance of movies to other students will in film. About 2 or 3 years ago, I saw Stand hopefully push her closer to her dreams of by Me, which changed how I felt about attending FSU. This new club faces the rest films; they suddenly became very impor- of the year, in which they will further their tant to me. I decided that’s what I want to understanding of films and impart their do. After I graduate high school I want to knowledge on others. study film production at FSU since they

Melissa Pierce STAFF WRITER


It’s back! A whole new perspective is being reintroduced to PPCHS with a new club called First Priority. The club has been at PPCHS in the past, but now it’s back! Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 marked its first meeting. First Priority is a club whose mission is to give kids the opportunity to have an environment in school where they can share the gospel with their friends. Their goal is to reach this generation for Jesus Christ and prayerfully consider how God is leading everyone to get connected to campus ministry. Sophomore Chinelo Osakwe was the first to propose the idea of bringing First Priority to PPCHS. “The process was not that difficult. My friend’s mom and I were talking about it and we figured that a club like First Priority would be a good thing to have. I proceeded by going to Mr. Bayer and he agreed, but with the exception that I get ten signatures on the petition. I ended up getting 41 signatures, which was amazing,” says Osakwe. First Priority is not the typical high school

club. For starters they do not have the traditional President, Vice President, or any type of hierarchy. Instead, the club focuses on the importance of teamwork. The First Priority Team at PPCHS includes: Chinelo Osakwe (’16) Natalie Franco (’16) Ethan Coe (’15) and Nicole Briceno (’17). This year, they will be having a collection of clothing to donate to a local church. In addition, they will have a celebration called Mission Week, in which they will celebrate all of their achievements they have accomplished in the past month. “Our first meeting was a success. We prayed and talked about having bracelets with the word ‘GOSPEL’ printed on them. There were about 20 members and we honestly could not have asked for a better turnout. We look forward to having a good year,” says junior Ethan Coe. First Priority is a place for students to be who they want and come together to share their beliefs. PPCHS urges the student body to go experience First Priority. The meetings are every Wednesday in Ms. Russo’s room, U124. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to visit Ms. Russo.

The return of First Priority: The T.E.A.M. of First Priority, Nicole Briceno (’17) Natalie Franco (’16) Ethan Coe (’15) and Chinelo Osakwe (’16) prepare for a good comback for the reurning club. Photo by: Johnathan Harris

Columns October 2013


You are never too old for Halloween The scary truth: you’re too old for this Chelsie Ramos STUDENT LIFE EDITOR

Imagine it is Halloween night and the neighborhood is decorated to the tee with ghosts, spiders and orange and black splashed all over. Kids in costumes ranging from bumble bees to vampires fill the streets and groups upon groups of friends roam all around. Some may stand out among the rest: a group of friends ranging from the ages of 12 to 19. How do I know about this group? It is because I was once, and still am a part of that group of friends. After seeing groups of teens trick or treating, many people question whether teens should be able to go out or not. This is a question that crosses the minds of many- teens, parents, and maybe even kids. But the truth is that “trick or treating” is not about a “number” or age, but about the fun and excitement of that one day where everyone gets to dress up and forgets about their worries. Streets are filled with laughter, homes are decorated and the idea of enjoying a night with friends or family dressed in costumes never grows old. As a child, you get the chance to fantasize about that one character that you wish you could be. Dressing up as whatever character seemed like a great alternative to being your old self for the night. You wonder aimlessly through streets looking for those homes that you think will be the scariest or the ones with the best treats. Surrounded by family and friends, you can’t imagine the night coming to an end. When it finally does, you find yourself sifting through your candy bag looking for your favorite treats. Now go forward in time and you’re now a teen. You still love the idea of costumes and may still have a sweet tooth, but question yourself, should you still trickor-treat? Well of course, for one you still enjoy that special day, what is wrong with dressing up? Adults do it, so why shouldn’t you? Halloween is a tradition, one that most kids grew up with. As a child, your parents probably got as much of a kick seeing you dressed up as you did. Year after year you anxiously waited to get to do it all over again. So what’s different now, your age? The problem that many face themselves with by saying that they are too

old for Halloween is that they will not be able to enjoy the thrill and excitement of the night. So instead, teens should just not listen to what others say, they should go out and experience the excitement of Halloween and get the chance to go back and relive those childhood memories. Halloween is one of the few times in the year that teens get a chance to relive their innocence and childhood. They are able to get all dressed up either in the scariest or the most wholesomeness of costumes, and have the chance to spend the night reliving the past joys of their childhood. It also gives people the opportunity to show off your creativity once again. It’s a chance to let the inner child in everyone come out once more and enjoy a night of endless walks. Halloween is not just for kids but for the kids in all of us. Dressing up in the craziest of get ups is all a part of the Halloween fun, but what makes it even better is being able to spend the night out with friends. As children, friends would gather together and walk about the neighborhood looking for candy. So why shouldn't teens be able to do the same thing as their children counterparts? Spending a night out with your friends is a great part of the joy in Halloween. Being able to go door to door chanting trick or treat and satisfy your sweet tooth. Getting all decked out in your favorite costume, while being surrounded by your friends allows the teens to spend one night out with their friends as innocent and young again. But this time around they have the street smarts that now comes with their age. When it comes to Halloween, this tradition is something that has become engrained in the lives of many for generations. However, as Graphic by: Armondo Urena time has passed, the usual paths that kids would take and the safety that parents felt when they let their kids walk out the door, has slowly faded away. Another reason why no one should look down upon teens that go out trick or treating is that they are able to go out with their younger siblings to be the protective barrier for their naivety. Having teens walk around on Halloween, going door to door with the little kids allow for a form of protection for the kids, since being older means that you are wiser than the average 8 year old. Kids see this idea of trick or treating as a fun night where the spooky and scary that lurk at every corner are just a part of the show, when in reality Halloween is a much more dangerous night than many would like to believe it is. It is the idea of tradition, the rebirth of our childhood and the protection factor that should allow teens to be able to get dressed in their best costumes, have their pumpkin ready and their walking shoes on. Halloween isn’t a night just for little kids and their protective parents, but instead a joyous night with friends and reliving past memories. So teens of all ages: get ready for the upcoming haunting filled streets and screams of joy.


As soon as the sun disappears and the moon takes over the sky on October 31st, everyone knows what’s going to happen. The distant sounds of doorbells chiming throughout homes and excited knocks fill the air as Halloween goes into full swing. But imagine opening the door to an underdressed sixteen year old girl, who is innocently smiling at you, waiting her turn for her candy among the six and seven year olds congregated at your front door. It’s just a little… strange. At some point, teenagers waltzing up to our door and banging for candy becomes less than sweet. After a certain age, Halloween is no longer the scariest holiday of the year where mommy turns you into your favorite Disney princess or Ninja Turtle with homemade costumes and DIY accessories-which is really what trick or treating is all about. It’s about using the cuteness factor to get free candy out of neighbors you barely talk to. However, after a certain age, the cuteness factor no longer applies, and it just isn’t appropriate anymore. Now before you assemble your pitchforks against the “breach on your right to a little free candy,” let me explain myself: Once some girls hit puberty, Halloween becomes a poppy show for whose outfit can get them the most attention—which, nine times out of ten, means who can dress the most provocatively. Many times, little kids will be trick or treating along the same street or in the same area and see these girls and think that that is okay to wear these outfits because the “older girls” are wearing it. To me, it just comes off as a little odd: teens in their more mature outfits going door to door standing amidst little girls in fairy and princess costumes. Let’s be honest with ourselves, teens aren’t always the most conscious or necessarily respectful group of people, myself included. When I’m out with my friends, I sometimes don’t notice how loud or obnoxious we are being until I notice the furtive glances being thrown at me from across the room by some older woman in a business suit. It happens. It’s not really

on purpose that we do these things, but regardless, it happens. I see it all the time, groups of friends go out and don’t realize how annoying they’re being to the people around them because they are so engrossed in the conversation and the excitement of it all. Now imagine these—not knowingly— obnoxious teens hyped up on candy and the spirit of Halloween; they overpower the kids and probably just irritate the adults. Also, there are so many things directed towards teens to do that little kids can’t and shouldn’t attend. I feel like at this stage in your life, going around asking strangers for candy is childish; these are the times we should be looking forward to things like Halloween Horror Nights (HHN), Fright Night, Festival of Souls or a Halloween party with your friends. Your days of trick or treating should be far behind you and you should be looking forward to new adventures. These things become like a rite of passage for so many of us: after asking for months, our parents say yes, we take a road trip to HHN with our friends and spend the night at a hotel. Things like that are more appropriate for people our age and it’s something so many teenagers do, simply because we are older, and we can. Have you ever thought of the fact that the piles and piles of candy you dump out on your floor after a long day of door to door, could’ve belonged to a sweet little kid who didn’t get enough candy? It happens all the time. People run out of candy. That’s when the sign, “sorry, all out of candy” hastily written and taped to front doors start to become the norm. They begin decorate homes and sit alongside the carved out pumpkins and fake cobwebs after kids and teens have exhausted their resources. When we go trick-ortreating, we are stealing a child’s opportunity for a successful; night of candy begging because we came first and took their candy. Maybe this kid can’t go out as early as everyone else because he Cartoon by: Carmen Pettersen has to wait for his mom to get home from work to take him door to door and make sure he’s safe. You literally just stole candy from a baby. When we all sit back and talk about our fondest and funniest moments of Halloween, it always about us as little kids and maybe our parents slowly following us in their SUV as we go door to door, hunting for the house with the best candy. The memories of a simpler and more innocent time where we were too preoccupied with filling our pillowcases up that we didn’t realize how bad our costumes looked or how embarrassing our parents were being—it was all about the experience. I think it’s time as teens that we step back and allow the little ones the opportunity to make these memories too, memories that they are going to have, and laugh at years down the line after they have moved on from trick or treating. It’s about time we move on, holding on tight to the sweet memories we once had, and buying our own candy.

Charter sees double around the world

Spirit Week October 2013


Charter network sees do

Victoria Alvarez a ASSISTANT EDITOR-IN-C

Imagine a place where soldiers, bunnies, tourists, kings, queens, goddesses, and super heroes came together. Sounds a it’s normal for such things to happen. Each year, PPCHS students come together with creative outfit ideas to fit the spiri expectations. “When we announced the Spirit Week themes I knew that the students would have really creative ideas. A lot of Jaguars President, Melissa Rueda. The 2013 Spirit Week (October 21st- October 24th) themes were Make Charter See Double (Twin Day), Around the W unique, most funny, and most creative outfits they could think of. Students brought their closest friends together as they c fit into the themes.

Seniors Jonah Wichterich and Izzak Kaufman

Monday, October 21st: Twin Day This theme was all about making Charter see double. Students could come dressed in matching costumes or identical outfits, creating twins, triplets, quadruplets, and much more. Although many students came in matching outfits that complimented their various styles, there were some groups that went outside of the box to make Twin Day memorable. Taking the biggest advantage of this theme was the junior class. Coming together as one, the Class of 2015 decided to follow one set theme of “G.I. Juniors.” Stepping on campus in camouflage pants, black shirts, and painted faces, the juniors were ready to take over PPCHS. Filling the halls and classrooms, the G.I. Juniors were impossible to miss. “A lot of people didn’t expect so many people to come dressed as G.I. Juniors, so everyone was surprised and excited when they saw our class. Nikki Scort made headbands that said ‘G.I. Juniors’ on them, and a lot of people wore them. It was really cute and I’m glad our whole class did something together,” said Laren Fernandez (15’). As students from all grades participated in Twin Day, the first day of Spirit Week successfully kicked off Homecoming 2013.

Junior Ethan Coe, sophomore Colin Gonzalez and juni

Senior Isabell Vasquez

Seniors Karinna Rodriguez, Melissa Rueda, Janine Legaspi and Nicole Cordoba

Freshmen Gaby Teruel,Isabell Camara, Abrianna Ajmo and Celia Gomez

Wednesday, October 23rd: Cartoon Day “Up, up and away!” On Wednesday, the senior class showed they are superior when they came together as different groups of super heroes. Students went as far as wearing Superman themed, men’s underwear over bright tights. To complete the look, masks were worn and capes were tied, allowing the seniors to pull off the perfect super hero ensemble. The idea of everyone coming together as one group brought a “super” bond throughout the senior class. “I think it gave us a great sense of unity in our senior class. We feel more superior and we definitely love how it feels. ‘Super Seniors’ brought another way for us to have fun and it allowed us to really enjoy our last spirit week as Jaguars,” said Sarah Duque (14’). One senior that really stood out was Andy Iglesias, who was seen dressed as the Hulk. Iglesias, who is known for going all out during spirit week, did more than just wear a costume. During classes, he could be seen in full green body paint, carrying a speaker that played the theme song to the legendary movie. Students gathered around as Iglesias ripped through cardboard boxes and screamed, banging his chest just as the Hulk would. “I’ve always gone all out since freshman year,” said Iglesias. “Since its senior year, I might as well continue the tradition and end it with a kick. It’s just something that I do, it’s always so much fun.” Iglesias’ performances do more than just create a fun show, they form a bond throughout the student body that will never be forgotten.

Juniors Kalie Vickers, Sofia Lalinde, Paula Villafane, Victoria

Sophomores Matthew Matson and Andrea Roman

Seniors dress up as the “Grizwalds” for Around the World Day

“You have to respect Andy [Iglesias] for what he does. He goes above and beyond to step up the whole theme of Spirit said Principal Mr. Bayer. As the week came closer to the end, Charter spirit only grew in size. On Character day, two costume contests were held, down the center lane of the cafeteria, striking a pose midway, and generating cheers from all sides of the cafeteria. In A However, after loud cheers, table banging, and applause, sophomore Colin Webb, who dressed as the Joker, won the co contestant that won the competition was Jake Dreilinger. Decked out in a Gingerbread man costume, Dreilinger walke loudest, most enthusiastic cheers out of all of the contestants. Over the years, Spirit week has proved to be one of the most anticipated events that PPCHS takes part in. Students go ab that come to life throughout the week show how much PPCHS students love the school that they attend. Whether it’s m their character for a few days of the year.

43 Spirit Week

ouble around the world

October 2013


a little odd, right? Such random categories of people don’t normally mix together, but during Spirit Week at PPCHS, it themes of the week. This year, the Student Government Association announces the ideas with extreme joy and high

s participate in Spirit Week, so with these themes, I knew there wouldn’t be a dull moment,” said senior and SGA Vice

World Day, and Charter Network (Cartoon Day). On these days, Jaguars of all ages participated and put on their most coordinated their Spirit Week outfits, and in some cases, whole classes came together as one with their own ideas that

Tuesday, October 22nd: Around the World Day Bringing culture and heritage pride to PPCHS, Around the World Day allowed students to represent their countries. One of the most reoccurring themes on Tuesday was “Tacky Tourists.” All over school, students could be seen dressed in cheesy button-down shirts, khaki pants, high socks and running shoes. Accessorized with binoculars, cameras, fanny packs and maps, these tacky tourists took over PPCHS with not just their outfit choices, but their acting skills as well as their abilities to stay in character. “When we heard what the themes were for this year’s Spirit Week, my friends and I immediately knew what we wanted to do for Around the World day. We decided that we would dress and act as one huge family on vacation and we named ourselves the ‘Grizwalds’,” said senior Olivia Hamilton. “It was definitely a lot of fun to wear matching clothes and act like a real family for a day.” The “Grizwalds” were seen all over PPCHS, walking around with maps in their hands looking for the right buildings and taking photos in front of “landmarks,” such as the fountain located in the courtyard. Making people laugh in their matching floral blue shirts and khaki pants, the Grizwalds were one of the memorable groups for Around the World day.

Sophomore Melissa Gonzalez and junior Taylor Alfonso

ior Franklin Gonzalez

English teacher, Mr. Troha

Seniors Andre Batista, Christian Alvarez, Ricky Gonzalez, Nathaniel Carvajal and Keanu Coupet Hill, Melissa Rodriguez, Patricia Yordan and Melissa Rondon

Thursday, October 24th: Spirit Day This year, a tradition was broken. Normally taking place three times throughout the day in the gym, Pep Rally found a new home for the 2013 Homecoming Week celebration: the new stadium. With 1600 Jags sitting in the stands, Pep Rally took its first steps on PPCHS’ field: The home of the Jaguars. Taking place on an early release day, the 2013 Homecoming Pep Rally was a highly anticipated event for all students. “I was really excited to find out that our Pep Rally was going to be one huge gathering on the new field instead of in the gym,” said senior Melissa Wagner. “I think it brings a sense of unity to the school since now we’re all together instead of having to go three separate times.” With a new sense of pride and unity, PPCHS students took to the field at 11:00 a.m., ready for the Pep Rally of a lifetime. The stands were filled with maroon, grey and black shirts as students sat with their friends, anticipating many great performances from the various clubs and teams. As the even began, music and cheers got the students riled up, all proud to be Jaguars. “Having Pep Rally on the field this year is definitely a great high school memory that I now have. I was able to sit with my friends, cheer for my school, and be surrounded by people that I’ve been going to school with for years. On top of that, the performances were great and I’m really proud of everyone that participated,” said Samuel Hopkins (’14).

Seniors Andrea Gonzalez, Nicole Batista and Brittney Bruns

t Week. His performances and characters that he portrays really give our school a sense of pride and true Jaguar spirit,”

d, in which students of any grade could participate. These contests allowed students to show off their character by walking A lunch, contestants ranged from Spider Man, to Pikachu, and even characters from the hit TV show, The Walking Dead. ontest. With a smile spread across his face, Webb walked off away from the contest happier than ever. As for B lunch, the ed onto the stage, struck a pose and began eating bread out of a bag. This drew the crowd’s attention, as he received the

bove and beyond to make their week successful with costumes that fit into the set themes of the year. The variety of ideas matching with a friend, an entire class, or just going solo, the Jags look forward to ridding their uniforms and showing off Seniors Sarah Pierce, Tionna Salmon, Catherine Ledgister, Xan Taylor, and Alexisa Easignton

Spirit Week October 2013


Juniors Kayla Borges and Sophia Devesa, senior Jamie Gonzalez and sophomore Claire Blount

Sophomore Colin Webb

Senior Andy Iglesias

Senior Jake Silverberg

Seniors Danny Rodriguez and Alden Diaz with junior Samantha Billings

The PPCHS Drum Line was a crowd favorite

The PPCHS band plays for the entire school

Junior RJ Reyes

Junior Noah Levy

Senior Emily Belanger

Page Name Month 2013


A new Charter tradition is born: First open field Pep Rally

Pep Rally


October 2013

Pep Rally Stirs U Aaliyah Pasols STAFF WRITER

The PPCHS mascot showed off his Jaguar Pride throughout the entire Pep Rally.

The Book Club continued their tradition of wearing of wearing costumes to the Pep Rally.

Friends and seniors Vanessa Estevez and Andrea Gonzalez were excited to be a part of the Homcoming Court nominees.

Give me a J! Give me an A! Give me a G and an S! What does that spell? J-A-G-S! Jaguar pride was definitely awakened once again in the student body during the 20132014 Homecoming Pep Rally. Students were seen baring their school colors, wearing knee high maroon socks, and displaying paw prints on their faces and arms. Administrators wore their spirit shirts, and other maroon accessories to show off their spirit as well. At this Pep Rally, students couldn’t help but to stand up from their seats, clapping and dancing along with the performers. Cheers and shouts from the crowd could be heard from a mile away, and flashes were common, as people snapped pictures of their friends and peers. Videos were taken as the performers rocked the house with their routines. There was not a dull moment on this early release day on October 24th, 2013. And although students had feared it would rain, luck was on PPCHS’ side as everything went according to plan. The rain had definitely been a worrying factor because for the first time ever in PPCHS history, the Pep Rally was hosted outside in the brand-new stadium. All of the past Pep Rallies have always been held in the small gym, with not enough room to fit the whole student body. It had previously been separated into three Pep Rallies, resulting in students having to stay in their 4th hour all day. This year, PPCHS decided to spice it up a bit with the Pep Rally being held on the beautiful brand new football field. All of the students were lined up on the high bleachers, chanting and calling out when their peers stepped out onto the grass. And the speakers blared the most hit songs to accompany the routines and performances that left the crowd screaming for more. Also this year, because of the fact that the students sat up in the bleachers, enough space was provided to hold all of the students, and all of that Jaguar pride as well. Holding the Pep Rally in the stadium caused the effect that was much desired: It made the Jaguars roar louder. “I love the fact that we had Pep Rally in the new stadium this year. It was cool to do something different for once, and there was a lot of more people all together, so there was more energy and excitement than in the small gym,” junior Elizabeth Leal expressed. With the Pep Rally being hosted in the stadium, a lot of preparation and thought had to go into planning the whole thing. So who

were the masterminds behind the successful event? Thank the administrators, Mr.Bayer, of course, and the Student Government Association. SGA plays a huge part in all of the events that go on at Charter, and Pep Rally is one of their main events. According to SGA member and junior Phoebe Mishler, SGA made the banners, hung them up, blew up the balloon arches, and “made sure everything was perfect.” And with everything set up, the performers were ready to rumble. Every year, Pep Rally kicks off with the National Anthem, and this year was no different. Lori Johnson belted out the song as four students from ASL stood beside her. They signed the song, showing off their sign language skills. At one point, the microphone shut off, and interrupted Johnson mid-song, but she picked it right up again, hitting the notes as if nothing had occurred. The crowd cheered and hollered as the song came to an end, and the next performance was up and ready. The PPCHS Majorettes took the center of the field, tossing their batons high up in the air as they danced along to “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie. Next up was one of the most popular performances of the afternoon: Step Team. Strutting out from the sides, the Ladies of Essence got into their positions on the track. They were all dressed as ring leaders from a circus. They started with a regular step routine, but then came to a halt. Suddenly, “Ooh Kill ‘Em,” a phrase and dance that was made famous by 6 year old Viner: Terio, blasted from the speakers. The crowd went wild, and little did anybody know that, that was only a preview of what was to come. The Step Team rocked the stadium as they stepped to a few more songs before ending with the appropriate song titled “Circus” by Britney Spears. “It felt awesome to finally perform at Pep Rally. It’s my first year on the Step Team so I’m glad I got to show off my skills that I learned during practices,” junior Samantha Czerwonko said. As the Ladies stomped off the field, the sports teams and clubs were ready for the spotlight. Giving the exciting performances a break, it was the school’s sports teams and clubs turn to run out onto the field. Golf team sprinted out first, clubs in hand. They stuck them up in the air fiercely as they ran around shouting and laughing with each other. Following the Golf team was the girls and boys swim teams, and then cross country. The Boys

Varsity football players and dance team members gathered together, all happy to be a part of the Homecoming Pep Rally.

Up Jaguar Pride

47 Pep Rally

October 2013

Photos by: CHAT Photography

Cross Country team limped onto the field in crutches, holding a sign that said: “Coach... I can still run”, resulting in an eruption of laughter from the crowd. The Girls Cross Country team did the same, except they threw their crutches onto the ground to complete their run off the field. Next up was volleyball, who showed the love they had for each other by putting their hands in the center of a circle and raising them all at once. After that, the JV Football team stepped onto the field. As the JV players came out, the song “Teach Me How To Dougie” by Cali Swag District began playing. Immediately, the boys rounded up in a half-circle and two of the team-members began to dance to the song and do the “Dougie.” Everyone observing from the bleachers laughed and cheered the two boys on. The last sports team to take center field was the Varsity Football team; they felt right at home on the football field as they lined up and chucked the football to each other before bolting off. Next up was the quirky Book Club. Following tradition, the Book Club members dashed onto the field geared up in wacky, colorful costumes. They ran around in a circle, all smiling and chanting for books. The Book Club does this every year at each Pep Rally, and the students always end up laughing and chanting along with the excited Book Club members. As soon as the black combat boots hit the grass, all eyes were fixed on them. The PPCHS Dance Team strode out with confidence, lining up in two rows except for the two team leaders, Rebecca Rivero and Janique Tang-How, standing up front. The team was decked out in black tops and camouflage pants, showing the crowd that they were tough and fierce, ready to give them a memorable performance. The team leaders blew their whistles and all of the team members began to do jumping jacks. The whistle was blown a second time and they dropped to the floor, doing sit-ups. On the third whistle, the music blared from the speakers, and they began to dance. They danced to a variety of songs before going through with their final stunt. At the end, they circled around their team leaders. A murmur or ‘ooh’s’ rose from the crowd as the dance team showed their leaders that they weren’t their bosses anymore. Picking up the two girls, they carried them over their heads as they marched off the field. “The Dance Team did an amazing job. I look forward to seeing them perform every

year because they always have new dances, and play the best music to go along with it,” Elizabeth Leal (’15) shared. A little treat was in store for PPCHS as Jeffrey English was seen holding the microphone, wearing a sign that said “Charter’s Most Famous Viner.” Hosts Andy Iglesias and Alden Diaz then told him along with many in the crowd, to “do it for the Vine.” In response to this, he made his infamous face and patted his forehead with a tissue, the same actions that got him over 50,000 revines on the popular app: Vine. The students roared with laughter at his popular facial expression. The PPCHS cheerleaders soon skipped onto the field, ready to show Charter what they had prepared for the afternoon. ‘Ooh’s’ and ‘aah’s’ were whispered among the people as the cheerleaders were lifted high into the air. “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie came on once again, and even the hosts, Andy and Alden, were spotted grooving to the song. “My favorite performance was without a doubt the cheerleaders. They always do a fantastic job, and I especially liked this performance because they had new stunts, and found a way to incorporate the theme of the Great Jagsby into their routine,” said junior Jillian Marrero. After the Homecoming nominees were re-announced and had walked the field, the last performance of the afternoon appeared. PPCHS Drum Line started by standing at the very back of the field. Then, while walking towards the bleachers, they began to play, banging on the drums as loudly and boldly as they could. Everyone stood up on their feet, moving to the beat. And the Drum Line continued to play even as the students exited off the field, walking back towards class. At the end of the day, Pep Rally isn’t about who performed the best or which act was the funniest, it’s about something bigger and more important. “The main purpose of having Pep Rally is to get the whole school together in one place, and have everyone show off their school spirit. It’s a fun and entertaining event that students look forward to every year,” Pines Charter cheerleader and junior Phoebe Mishler explains. The dancers had danced, the singers had sung, and the cheerleaders had cheered, but most importantly, the Jaguars had roared.

The varsity cheerleaders put together a new and exiting performance that included flips, spins and more.

The Step team brought their best moves to the track by clapping their hands and stomping their feet to great music.

Junior and Cross Country team member Justin Ortiz runs on to the field with his team holding a sign that reads, “Coach...I can still run!!!”

The Boys Swimming team freestyles on land and shows their school spirit.

Pep Rally October 2013


The PPCHS Cheerleaders had an amazing performance at the Pep Rally

Dance Team Captain, Rebecca Rivero puts on a stellar performance

Seniors Josie Bombardiere, Nicole batista and Brittney Bruns

Seniors Nigel Royes and Andres Machado

Senior Caleb Kramer

The PPCHS Mascot pumps up the crowd

Seniors Alex Rose, Deanna Alford, junior Diana Alvarez, senior Brandon Lowe and sophomore Nick Arza

Sophomore Jeffery English

Seniors in SGA participate in Pep Rally

Senior Natasha Viloria

Homecoming October 2013


Pines Charter homecoming: Heart and soul Gabriela Garcia and Troy Bottom FEATURES EDITOR AND SPORTS EDITOR

On October 24th 2013, Pines Charter was riled up. Starting earlier than ever with the annual festivities, students of all ages could be found at the first ever homecoming tailgate. On the outside basketball courts, clubs and organizations worked with SGA

the crowd erupted into cheers full of anticipation and excitement as our players were seconds away from facing the Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks at the 2013 Homecoming Game. The game started fast paced and full of action. Both the Mavericks and Jaguars have had disappointing seasons up to this point, leaving two of the district’s most struggling teams to play for one thing,

The great Jaguar fight: The Jags played with heart trhoughout the entire game against the Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks. Photo by: Carli Stander

Christian Ruiz, sophomores Pilar Sanchez and Colin Gonzalez, and juniors Indikah Chong and Leon Morgan for earning the title of the homecoming court of 2013. The winners for the senior class’s homecoming king and queen were to be announced on Saturday night Senior captain John Jablonka escorting his beatuful Homecoming Queen onto the field. at the home- Photo by: Alex Monge own 5 yard line. With one sharp cut, Treco coming dance, making the anxiety of the put on the after burners, jetting away from finalist that much stronger. anyone near him and putting up 6 points Once again the whistle blew signaling on a 98 yards pick six. With the extra point the beginning of the third quarter and the successful from kicker John Davis, the football game was once again in full swing. defense was left to hold the Mavericks ofThe sea of maroon, black and silver fans fense who put up 17 points up to that point. couldn’t be any louder—the bleachers were With 2 solid downs, senior Tyler Constable packed with what looked to be the biggest came up big with a pass deflection that turnout all year. One particular section of gave the Jags another opportunity to win the bleachers stood out, and it wasn’t only the game. With the ball in Jaguar hands and because of the dominant black and white a little time left on the clock, the Jaguars attire all of its residents seemed to possess. needed a miracle to deliver the comeback The class of 2014 seniors sat together at win. Unfortunately, no amount of school their last high school football game, clad in spirit, Jaguar effort, or crowd support could their new glossy senior jerseys. penetrate the opponent’s defense, resulting “I’ve never seen our class so united and in another tough loss for the Charter footcheerful,” says Rebecca Rivero (’14), “It ball team. was a great feeling, cheering on our team At the end of the night, the score sat at a together as a family. It’s weird to know that disappointing 14-17 in favor of the Mavit is the first of the many lasts that we’ll all

pride. Senior Chrishawn Pearson began the hard hitting contest, and forced a fumble into the end zone resulting in a touchback. Fellow senior Dylan Fernandez helped stop the Maverick attack, coming in clutch with big stop after big stop including a 4th and short sack where he flung Archbishops quarterback down hard to the unforgiving turf. On the offensive side, the option attack finally cracked their stingy defense, sending senior quarterback John Jablonka into the end zone, giving life to a crowd that had slowly become silent. After two sweaty and determined quarters, the game came to its halftime mark, with the score standing at 7-10 in favor of the Mavericks. Despite the score, the band and crowd continued to keep an uproar, which was soon quieted down to an anxious whisper as the winner of a raffle was announced. Emily Rangel (’15) was happy to discover that she now was the proud Stiff competition: The Jaguars went into the game with heads held high after much preperation. Photo by: owner of a shiny brand new Peter Dourvetakis mini iPad. experience this year as seniors.” ericks. Although we didn’t take the win, Not too long after, the In the second half, the Mavericks con- the night proved to be one to remember, cheerleading squad strutted tinued with strong defensive play, not al- where the Jaguar family united and celeout onto the field to perform lowing the Jags to put up any more points. brated each other. There’s no better feeling their homecoming routine. Seeing the offense struggle, sophomore than being surrounded by friends, fans and Countless flips, stunts, fist Richard Treco took matters into his own family who are all in it together, and that’s pumps, and jumps decorated hands, picking off a pass inside the Jags what homecoming is truly all about. our field as the ladies nailed their most anticipated performance Senior shows support: Dylan Fernandesz shows support to Breat Can- of the year. cer at his last Homecoming game. Photo by: Alex Monge “I’m so proud of the way we performed at later in the evening.” the game,” says cheerleader Nina When the clock struck 6:30 p.m., seniors Abrishami (’15), “We truly have on the football team, cheerleading squad, worked our hardest and I’m so happy and the Majorettes met with their par- that everyone got to see the magnifients on the track, ready to embrace in a cent result. I’m sad to see this season special night. An array of sashes, flowers come to a close, but I’m honored to and crowns were handed out—tokens that say that we ended it with a bang.” would symbolize a long journey of four Afterwards, it was with great pleayears and all of the hard work it took to get sure that the winners of the underto the top. classmen homecoming court were When the whistle blew, the happy tears announced. The nominees were all were quickly wiped away and game faces dressed to impress as they filed out were put on. The cheerleaders and major- on the field, anxious to see if the glitettes held a gargantuan banner for the foot- tering sashes and crowns would be ball players to run through onto the field; theirs along with the title of the year. when the first tear was heard and the shiny Congratulations were handed out to white and maroon helmets streamed out, freshmen Gabriella Hernandez and Close Calls: In a close, demamding game, every Jaguar went 100% on every play. Photo by: Joshua Alleman to get excitement levels high for what was to be a great night. “I loved the idea of hosting a tailgate before one of our most important football games,” says Student Government Vice President Melissa Rueda. “We had a pretty good turn out and everyone had a lot of fun. I definitely saw the excitement and craze transfer over to the football game

Jags roar the night away,‘20s style Shakayla Lee and Tyra Green STAFF WRITERS

October 26th, 2013 marked the day students arrived at Bonaventure Resort and Spa to step back in time where glitz, glam-

p.m., the Grand Ballroom A filled up with 400 Jaguars, ready to indulge in a night full of glamour. Stepping through a sea of gold shimmers, Jags were ensconced into an ocean of white, silver and gold. As guests arrived, the buffet was opened

Friends for a lifetime: Senior boys enjoy their last Homecoming as PPCHS students. Photo by: Jonathan Harris

our, sparkle and shine formed a roaring to all, featuring a delicious selection from party hosted by the dazzling Jay Gatsby. pasta to chicken fingers, and as the table Fit for the roaring 20’s, Jaguars came out grew longer a variety of desserts to satdressed to impress. Pearls, headpieces, and isfy everyone’s sweet teeth. The darkened fringes filled the room as the girls showed room accented with pink and blue lighting off their newest old-fashioned dresses and gave the setting a sultry feel, with a New their highest heels. Boys fitted in their York skyline silhouette, the backdrop of a finest suits and matching ties made their lovely scene from the romantic movie The way down the halls of the new venue to be blown away by the breathtaking scenic view of New York. As the doors opened, a whole new era awaited as they entered a glittering Great Jagsby homecoming. This year, the location of the dance changed from Signature 20’s Style Glam: The table decorations gave off the feeling of a real party in the 1920’s. Photo by: Jonathan Harris Grand to a site in Weston, a serene resort that allowed for Great Gatsby, illuminated the entire room the setting of homecoming to be an unex- and gave off another breathtaking vibe of pected fairytale of diamonds and jewels 20’s flapper-esque era. Tables were covthat was nothing PPCHS has ever seen be- ered in smooth white fabric and finished fore. Jumping out of the big screen, at 7 with lavish crystal centerpieces topped with dazzling white feathers, which inevitably set the mood for the classy celebration. Each table was adorned with twelve martini cup party favors, each carefully handmade, laced with a gold glitter trim and filled with gold beads and an elegant black feather. This take-home treat, along with the prop filled photo booth, was enough to remind students of the one night they will never forget. “Homecoming this year was better than last year by far. The decorations were so nice, the little cups and balloons suit the theme well and I can honestly say I felt like I was in the movie. The food even kept me going back for more. It was elegant and well done, and I can’t wait to see what we do next year,” stated junior Julie Ascunce. Although the year is 2013, it was no question that the Jaguars traveled back in time to a Moulin rouge affair. Silvers and Golds sprinkled around the ballroom; giant balloons Sisters by blood, friends by choice: Sisters Nina(13’) and Leah(16’) Salciccioli share a laugh as they try on crazy hats and glasses at Nina’s wrapped in metallic streamers accompanied the stage where last homecoming. Photo by: Carli Stander


Homecoming October 2013

Disk Jockey A.N.D. graced the turntables. Originally the DJ for 106.7, A.N.D. became Charter’s personal DJ on this night to remember. At one point during the night nearly all 400 guests could be seen raving to the music being amplified throughout the room. From Jay-Z to Katy Perry, his mix included genres that could resonate with every single person. Students and teachers were swaying to the bachata beat, jumping to festival music and rocking out to the beats of Hip Hop. The crowd moving in sync to whatever beat DJ A.N.D. released from his speakers was a sight to see as hands waved and bodies rocked the whole night through. Students crowded the stage, jamming out to every song he played, “I do a lot of parties but you guys have got to be my favorite!” screamed DJ A.N.D. “The DJ was amazing I hope he comes next year, I still have his mixes and songs in my head,” said junior Kamille Catala. As the night progressed, the moment that everyone had been waiting PPCHS Royalty: Seniors John Jablonka and Andrea Gonzafor finally arrived and anticipation lez were crownes King and Queen at Homecming. Photo by: filled the room. The music momen- Jonathan Harris Like a scene out of the movie the lively tarily stopped for the 2013-2014 Homecoming King and Queen crowing, vibe of the night never stopped as the and the crowd could barely contain their clocked struck 11 p.m., and guests continexcitement. As the tradition that has be- ued to jump, shimmy, and dance the night come a staple at Homecoming for many away disregarding the fact that, unfortuyears, the feeling of nerves mixed with the nately, the night had to come to a close. thrill of what is to come makes each time There is no doubt that this year’s “Party at even sweeter. This year a congratulations Jagsby’s” has been the best thus far, and is in store for the proud PPCHS King and has students already talking about what is Queen, John Jablonka and Andrea Gonza- yet to come. SGA president Sofia Lalinde was thrilled lez. After the two seniors were crowned, the

Pretty in teal: Seniors Monica Gomez and Vanessa Alvarado show that they had an outstanding time at the Great Jagsby. Photo by: Carli Stander

crowd was filled with smiles and squeals as they proceeded to the middle of the dance floor for their slow dance. “I was nervous but I was running against my really good friends so it was really just a fun thing for us to do. It was really exciting to be called up on stage. Receiving the crown was a senior memory I’ll never forget. To be honest I was in shock, the whole dance was so cute and it was a perfect senior moment since I’m actually Photo by: Carli Stander really good friends with the king. It all just made my senior year that much more special,” said Homecoming Queen, Andrea Gonzalez.

by the turn out of the dance. “Homecoming exceeded our expectations. Every little detail created the perfect ‘Jagsby’ atmosphere. The decorations had such a classy1920’s feel, the food was spectacular and the dance floor was packed the whole night! Even the photo booth was a great new addition. The last song “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” closed the night perfectly—DJ A.N.D. really knew how to end the amazing evening. To top it next year will be a challenge, but we can only get better from here!” stated Lalinde.

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