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The Greasers and Pink Ladies make their way to PPCHS

Inside Student Life...

A snapshot into the life of Isabella Bobadilla

“Make the effort”:A teacher’s guide to long term friendships

Student Life March 2014


The Greasers and Pink Ladie

Eli Radosevich (‘15) as Danny


Grease- the 1978 musical is making its way to the River of Grass Au the iconic Grease musical. As Ms. Kidd and the drama students conti anticipation for the musical only builds. To increase the anticipation fo

“I’m really excited to have such a big role in the play; I’ve been having a lot of fun with it so far. My drama experience began when I was in my 5th grade musical for the FSU Charter Elementary. But other than that I’ve had no other theater training. Being an underclassman definitely puts more pressure on me to perform, but I know that everyone in drama is like family so I know I can depend on them for any support if I need it. Being able to play the role of Danny means more to me than I could really put into words. It means that Ms. Kidd has complete trust in me, and the fact that she thinks that I deserved the role, over all the other incredible actors in drama, really motivates me to be the best that I can be.”

Anthony London (’14) as Sonny

Alden Diaz (’14) as Roger

“I was actually really shocked when I found out that I got a main role in Grease because there are many kids in the class that have been in it longer than I have. Normally, you have to have more experience to have a main role in such a big production like Grease. Even though most of those kids are underclassmen, it still came as a shock because I have been in Drama for only this year. Ms. Kidd recruited me saying that she would put me in advanced if I took the class. So I’ve only been doing it for a year and I guess I’m pretty good because I got a main character. I’m going to be playing Sonny in Grease. Right now, we’re still in rehearsal. We got through all of the first act and we also got all of the songs down. I know that it is going to be a good show.”

“Being in Grease so far has been a very excellent experience, especially for the seniors in Drama IV because it’s a play about senior year and about very tight knit groups of friends done by a very tight knit class because in sixth hour, we consider ourselves to be a family. So being able to learn to sing, dance, and act together has just been a really humbling and lots of fun. I skipped directly into Drama IV this year; I auditioned into it. I play Rodger who exemplifies the fact that this is completely different from the movie. It’s the same plot but we have songs the movie doesn’t have and the movie has songs that we don’t have. So even if you own the DVD, you can expect something completely different from the PPCHS version of Grease.”

Raul Reyes (’15) as Kenickie/Teen Angel

“I’m actually really very excited for the role I got. I love the role of Kenickie. I love the thought of Kenickie. Kenickie is one of my favorites if not my favorite character in Grease. I also was given the opportunity to be Teen Angel as well, so I’m not only Keneckie but I’m also Teen Angel in the show. So I will be singing ‘Beauty School Dropout’ as well as ‘Grease Lightning’ because in the play, Keneckie sings ‘Grease Lightning’. It made me really happy to be able to not only act, but also sing not one but two songs. We’ve been rehearsing nonstop every day, after school sometimes doing a lot. I’ve been in Drama for a while. I was in Drama freshman year, and then I skipped it sophomore year, and then I’m in it again this year. I’m also going to take it again next year.”

Nicholas Berardino (’15) as Doody

“I was in Drama my freshman year but then I left. I made the decision to come back for Drama III because I really wanted to get back into it. I was really happy to get the lead in the play and it meant a lot to me because I felt that I found a new part of myself that I was hiding. I think the play is going to be really good because we have a good cast and a lot of hard workers. My character is one of the main characters and he also has a solo. The song means a lot to me because my character gets to show off a little bit and be something he’s really not and that’s what I get to do in this scene. My character is almost a parallel to me. The character I’m playing’s name is Doody and the song is called ‘Those Magic Changes’, it’s not in the movie, but it’s in the play.”

The rest of the cast of Grease is: Patty:Brittni Garcia(‘14) Cha-Cha:Steph Guevara(‘14) Eugene:Nico Bastidas (‘14) Vince Fontaine: Christian Fontane(‘14 Boys Ensemble: Michael Marrero(‘15) Kevin Sage (‘16) Ross Gelman(‘15) Tarick Evans(‘15) George Garcia(‘17) More “Pink Ladies”: Amanda Hernandez(‘14) Hannah Rector(‘14) Nicole Pollard(‘14) Nicole Gomez(‘17) Kayla Gallego(‘15) Girls Ensemble: Olivia Hamilton(‘14) Hayley O’Brien(‘15) Stephanie Torres(‘14) Kaylin Carro(‘14) Courtney Merolle(‘14) Samantha Wong(‘16) Isabel guez(‘16) Bhargavi Madhu(‘15) Savannah Dozier(‘17) Disclaimer: All parts are subject to change due to sickness or injury. Understudies are also casted.

es make their way to PPCHS

uditorium. This year the PPCHS Drama Department will be taking on inue to spend countless weeks preparing for the curtains to open, the or the opening nights of April 10th and 11th, here is the full cast list:


Student Life March 2014

Natasha Viloria (‘14) as Sandy

“I'm so excited to be a part of Grease because it is such a well-known musical and everyone is going to have so much fun watching it. I feel very blessed to be the main role. I've been in drama since I was in my 8th grade musical. However, I only joined the PPCHS Drama Department two years ago, so I definitely wasn't expecting a lead role. I'm so glad that I get to finish off my high school career with Grease, which is such an iconic musical and I only hope that I can bring my best to "Sandy" and just entertain the audience as best as I can. Being able to play Sandy means a lot to me because I feel like Sandy is such an iconic character. I feel like a lot of people can identify with her and I hope that I can bring that out on stage.”

Erica Camacho (‘14) as Marty

Chelsi Chang (‘14) as Frenchy

“I'm extremely excited to be a part of the play because so many people are excited to watch it. I did drama in 9th and 10th grade but 11th grade, I decided to try something new, even though I still loved drama. So I re-enrolled my senior year and here I am. Having a main role my senior year is thrilling. I wasn't expecting a main role, I just wanted a role. Period. Through the audition process I gave it my all and pushed my own limits. I know I'm not an experienced singer like the other girls, but that just motivates me to work harder every day. For this to be the last production of my high school career I am so grateful. I'm learning more about myself through every rehearsal, and lots of people are already extremely excited to watch it. I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to my high school drama career.”

“There’s an amazing feeling that comes over you when you know you’re part of a production. I’ve been in drama for four years and I’m delighted to say that I followed my passion all throughout high school. Last year I was in The Other Room. So to be able to say that I played a lead two years in a row is an incredible honor. So many of the kids in the class have really become more than just classmates, they’re my family. I couldn’t be happier to be doing Grease with them. I believe that the musical will be up there with prom and graduation in terms of memories and I’m ready to make those memories. Honestly, I’m not really ready to walk away from the Drama Department because it has been such a major part of my high school career but if I do, I would want to walk away to the song “Beauty School Drop Out.”

Tatiana Bustamante (‘14) as Rizzo

“I am so thrilled to be joining the cast of Grease! Being a part of a large production is always challenging and rewarding. I've been performing since I was 10 years old. Tapping into my inner Rizzo definitely won't be easy though. A bonus is that I get to belt my favorite Grease song "There Are Worse Things I Can Do." When I think about this being my last high school role, especially my last show with Ms. Kidd, who over my four years at PPCHS has become a valuable mentor of mine, I struggle to fight back tears. Drama is a bigger part of my life than most people realize. It is my passion, my escape, and my chosen college major. I can't think of a better way to end my high school career than to be a major player in this incredible show and process alongside people who support and inspire me.”

Meagan Roberts (‘14) as Jan

“I’m really enjoying our practices and rehearsals because I can just be myself really. I have been in drama for three years, in freshman, junior and senior year. The class is really fun and I truly enjoy it. I’m happy that I am getting the chance to play Jane, because I am getting a chance to actually act like myself. Because that character is similar to how I actually act, just less obnoxious. It means a lot to me that I am getting to play a part of the play in my last year, because a lot of other seniors, when they saw the callbacks were disappointed, including myself. At first I was one of the people who hadn’t gotten a lead role, but we then had another audition and I got the part, and I was really happy. When I really think about it, I realize that this is my last chance to show people my talent and what I can do.”

4) Johnny Casino:Daniel Kan(‘16) Miss Lynch:Kara Ortis(‘14)

l Vasquez(‘14) Arielle Cuevas(‘16) Maria Chen(‘14) Sasha Smith(‘14) Eryn Mcintyre(‘15) Sarah Mulchan(‘15) Anesia Saunders(‘14) Alyssa Rodri-

Student Life February 2014


Looghermine Claude LIFESTYLE EDITOR

One day in 2009, a thirteen-year-old girl began a story that would change her life forever. That story began with a Nikon D3000 first used to take pictures of friends. When she first snapped these photos, this girl never knew that this camera could lead to trips around the world, a budding career in photography, or a chance to be known around the nation. Here is the rising action of junior Isabella Bobadilla’s story, a story full of travel, language, and of course photography.

A snapshot into the life of Isabella Bobadilla To this date, Isabella has taken almost five thousand photos. She loves to take pictures of landscapes and scenery when she travels, but locally, her favorite pictures are candid ones that she takes when people are being natural and not posing for a photo. She now owns a Canon T4i and three different lenses that she uses to take photos for pleasure as well as the school’s yearbook. Saying Isabella Bobadilla isn't an international girl is saying water isn't wet. Just look at the repertoire of places she's been to: Central America, South America, Canada, Europe, and North Africa. This summer she plans on going to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and taking photos of all the modern architecture in the city. That's not all. Bobadilla understands French and Spanish the most, but she is in the process of teaching herself Italian and plans on learning Japanese, German, Portuguese and more.

An eye for winning photography: As soon as Bobadilla set eyes on the susnet, she knew it was worthy of a beautiful photo. Photo donated by: Isabella Bobadilla

“My favorite place and language has to be Italy and Italian,” says Bobadilla. “The language just sounds so beautiful, and all the houses and the architecture in the country are breathtaking. There are a lot of plants and flowers that I got beautiful photos of, and I stayed by the coast, so I was able to see wonderful views of the water.” Last year, Isabella’s mom asked her if she wanted to enter some vacation pictures from Italy, Germany, and Switzerland to an American Express calendar contest. Bobadilla didn't think her pictures were good enough, so she didn't place them in. However, without her knowing, Bobadilla's mom sent in some pictures to the competition. A few weeks ago during lunch, Bobadilla received an email from American Express saying that she was one of the fourteen winners. This means that her picture will be featured in American Express’s official 2014 calendar with her name. Not only does she get this huge recognition in a calendar distributed nationwide, Bobadilla also got a $500 American Express gift card which she plans on saving until she has enough money for a new lens. “I was in Venice when I took the picture. The sun was going down and all the gondolas were lined up along the canal. In my

shot, there was also a church in the background,” says Bobadilla. “When I first saw the view, I had to stop and take it all then. Then, as the sunset was happening, I decided that it was the perfect time to take the picture. With a love of photography and languages stronger than anything else, Isabella plans on majoring in something that involves her language skills or photography when she goes off to college. Traveling seems to be Bobadilla’s nature, so it’s only natural that she would want to go to schools like San Francisco Art Institute, School of the Art Institute in Chicago, or the School of Visual Arts in New York and participate in their study abroad program to test her photography skills in more locations around the world. When she gets back from vacationing in Dubai this summer, Isabella plans on entering some more contests now that she is more confident in her photography skills. With talent in photography as well as a love for everything international, Bobadilla’s dream life will encompass her passion for both. Whether we see her pictures on the front page of a newspaper, or displayed New York museums, Isabella Bobadilla seems destined for greatness.

“Make the effort”:A teacher’s guide to long term friendships Chelsi Chang ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR

As acceptance letters come out, deposits for college are put down, and serious talks about majors become more and more frequent in seniors’ households. They realize that this is the last home stretch. It’s almost over. And as the graduation count down gradually proceeds from two digit numbers to one digit numbers, everything starts to become real. Seniors, many of which have been going to Pembroke Pines Charter School since before they could even spell their name, gear up for life. But one heart wrenching ghoul haunts every party, every get together and every simple giggle among friends. It looms over every senior’s head and while everyone feels its darkening presence, no one has the heart to look it straight in the eye. It’s only around graduation and prom that seniors are forced to look their biggest fear in the eye—losing the people that have become their family. Soon, the friends these seniors have shared laughs, tears and memories with will be going off in different directions finding their own path in life. However, while many stories about high

school friendships are dominated by past tense verbs, one teacher here at PPCHS has defied all odds and found that one special group of friends that may really be with her for life. “I met my group of five friends in the ninth and tenth grade. And we’ve been friends since 1978,” says AP U.S. History and Government teacher Mrs. Emily Rodriguez. Mrs. Rodriguez, beaming and eyes sparkling as she reminisced on the days of her youth with high school best friends that would last far longer than high school, said that after graduation all her friends attended different schools scattered across Florida. “Well there wasn’t cell phones or internet back then, God that ages me,” she laughs, “but we would write letters, call each other on the phone or [we would] visit each other or go on vacation together.” Even after college this quintuple still couldn’t seem to let go of each other. Mrs. Rodriguez calling it a “special connection” that they just seemed to treasure far too much to ever let go. A treasure and love, as more than just friends that met in high school, but as an integrated family. Baby

showers, vacations, birthday parties and and movies, but she has proved it to be weddings never stopped these ladies from possible. With a little love and effort from spending time with the women that had friends, Mrs. Rodriguez shows us that anyseen them grow, change and mature the most. “It’s amazing—every time we sit around a table and we look at each other and we all have a little more wrinkles and we’ve all aged, obviously, but we look around and we are amazed. We always toast, say a prayer or thank our lucky stars that we have each other because we know how easy it would have been to just let it go.” Mrs. Rodriguez advices students who are trying to keep their valued friendships alive to “make the effort.” She says that you have to schedule the time to be with and appreciate the people you love. With a friendship that has lasted 35 Never underestimate friendship: Mrs. Rodriguez poses with her long years and counting, seniors time friends from high school. Photos donated by: Mrs. Rodriguez should really take a page out of Mrs. Rodriguez’s book. Her friendship thing is possible if you’re willing to go the is something that we only see in stories distance.

Snow bowl strikes again Tyra Green STAFF WRITER

Eighteen large white snowflakes hung on the wall, announcing the eighteen teams that would compete in this year’s dodge ball tournament. The court was divided into two sides and cones holding balls sat ready for each team to knock out their opponents. As the crowd filed in and the referees got their whistles in place, the PPCHS 2014 Snow Bowl game began. This tournament is an annual tradition here at PPCHS and a staple event in the Charter community. Teams of five players sign up to compete against each other. Each year, sports teams like the soccer and football teams join in to take a little focus off of their difficult season and have a little fun playing a good old fashion game of dodge ball. Not only did the students play, but a group of teachers who traditionally reign under name of “Team Educationers,” stepped up to the line, with high hopes of taking a win over all of their students. The group of social studies teachers came into the game with courage and excitement, and showed no mercy. “The whole day

SnowBowl: Senior Blake Kelley participates in SnowBowl. Photo by: Rebecca Gonzalez

my students were teasing me saying that we weren’t going to win, I just wanted to prove them wrong,” said US history teacher Mrs. Torres. Although they gave it their all, they didn’t match up to the quickness of the “Bayerns” who defeated “Team Educationers” in the second round.

Each round consisted of two teams going against one another. As each team approached the battlefield and the whistle sounded, the time start to tick the fight for balls began. Balls flew around the gym as players jumped and dodged, trying to escape the intensity the pelting “snow balls”.

After 4 intense rounds the final round came down to ‘Average Blows’ and PCF. The football players (PCF) are used to throwing balls, catching passes and dodging tackles and undoubtedly used those skills in the game. Those useful tactics proved be a huge advantage in the final plays of the game, as time trickled down all five team members of ‘Average Blows’ were knocked out. In unison, the crowd and team PCF erupted into celebration, PCF took the title and were named Snow Bowl 2014 champions. At the end, the winning team was awarded with shirts that gives them the chance to brag about their newly acclaimed win. “I had fun, it was a good experience. I think if PCB played this year they would’ve gone against PCF which would’ve been a good match up. I’m glad the football team won though,” said junior Camille Perez. The Snow Bowl tournament has been a success throughout the years and has proved to be a sign of school spirit that rocks our campus each year. The tradition of the childhood game of dodge ball holds true to be a special event.


Page Name Month 2014

Teachers appreciate the freshness of ninth-graders Maribel Maignan STAFF WRITER

Four years of high school, four grades: freshman, sophomore, juniors, and seniors. The lucky teachers get the opportunity to teach all, but which class is their favorite? Most teachers will say freshmen because

they’re new to high school, and they don’t know anything, or because of how excited they get when they’re taught something new. It takes a certain type of teacher to teach freshmen, so why do teachers love it so much? PPCHS’s teachers will tell all:

“The fact that they’re new and you get to bring new things to their culture of learning, especially the way they take notes is the beauty of teaching them in high school. It’s easy to teach freshmen if you get a great class of kids because they’re more

obedient and will listen to you, most of the time,” said Mr. Pierre. See Freshmen, Page 8...

By the Grade 9 March 2014

8 Teachers appreciate the freshness of ninth-graders Freshmen from page 7...

yet and still interested in school and most of the time excited to be here,” said Ms. Oddy. “They come with no knowledge of how “The great thing about teaching freshmen is high school is going to be. That’s why it’s that they’re still enthusiastic about school. I important for them to learn, teaching orga- can still entertain them with goofier things, nization is important for 9th graders and I like not too long ago we did a “valentine like to be organized,” said Ms. Rodriguez. you float my boat” experiment where the One of the top five qualities teachers love kids get to make coke floats. They were delicious and the kids really enjoyed it. I love that most about freshmen because they get really excited about the new things we do. The juniors and seniors are different because the older they get their excitement about the little things like these fade because they think they’re too “cool” for it but the freshmen still enjoy it, that’s really nice,” said Mrs. Ramos. Those little posters in Freshman Teachers: Teacher Ms. Oddy appreciates freshman being interested the teacher’s classroom in school. Photo by: Jonathan Harris with their rules may be annoying to look at and about teaching freshmen is their enthu- between the years they may switch out, but siasm. Just the excitement they get about there’s only one rule that always stays the being at school is what gets some teachers same. Being respectful is a major part for up in the morning, along with maybe a cup the students and a teacher. If there is no reof coffee. “I love how they’re not jaded spect in the classroom then there is no way Maribel Maignan STAFF WRITER

to get any work done, that’s why the 50:50 greatness of teaching freshman is their ratio of respect in the classroom is great enthusiasm and excitement to learn new without losing your authority as a teacher. things. The way teachers get to shape them It may be extremely tough dealing with freshmen though because of how immature they can be sometimes, but with a great team in the classroom working together anything is possible. “Freshmen are great, but sometimes they can get out of hand in the classroom. I understand they are a work in progress. That’s why I love it when they’re new because were kind of shaping them into mature teenagers. You have to teach the students respect early on because as they move on through the years of high school, other teachers won’t be patient with them and they will either keep getting kicked out of class or a detention, and I don’t want that for any of Education: Mrs. Azcarate enjoys teaching ninth graders in her math my students. The best part of class. Photo by: Jonathan Harris teaching freshmen though is when their seniors and they come back to into mature teenagers and model students visit you and you get to see how much they is amazing. Bringing new things to their matured, it’s just wonderful,” said Mrs. culture of learning is a gift. Teaching stuAzcarate. dents how to be good and respect others Teaching may be hard work but to these is wonderful, and when they come back to teachers it’s a piece of cake, and with high school and you get to see how much freshmen it makes it that much better. The they have grown, it’s a great prize to win.

Camille’s Hips Don’t Lie Hayley Hartwell STAFF WRITER

often want their little girls to be in dance, gymnastics, or cheerleading. As a child grows and gets older, however, they begin to figure out which sport turns out to be the perfect fit for them, and they end up sticking with it. Freshman Camille Acevedo found her passion of belly dancing when she was around eight years old. It all started when her mom took her to dance class, she tried all different types of dance including tap, hip hop, and ballet, but when her studio had a belly dancing class, Acevedo’s mom asked her if she wanted to join and soon enough, it became her favorite class she had ever taken. She continued taking classes with the annual recital for the company. Around four years ago she decided to go somewhere that specialized in belly dancing. Acevedo joined Arabian Roses Dances Ensemble while simultaneously taking on another company called Belly Motions. During her time at Belly Motions, she joined the teen program and learned many new things and had new experiences but beDancing class: After taking belly dancing classes they quickly When girls are young, their fathers usually force them to join sports like soccer, basketball, or tee ball, while their mothers

became Acevedo’s favorite. Photo by: Peter Dourvetakis

Belly Dancing: Acevedo found her passion in belly dancing at a young age. Photo by: Peter Dourvetakis

cause the studio was located in Miami, Acevedo decided to stick to Arabian Roses. “I love belly dancing because I love being on stage and even though I get super nervous it’s just really fun in the moment. When I’m dancing I forget about everything that is going on in my life, so it’s like an escape. Belly dancing is also kind of a rare activity to take part in, not a lot of people do belly dancing and it’s so much fun and hard so it’s a challenge.” Acevedo participated in the talent show at Charter performing a belly dancing routine that awed the crowd and brought them to their feet at the end of the number. “The talent show was a really fun experience, everyone was so nice and friendly. The show helped me face my fear because I was terrified to perform in front of people from school.” During performances, Acev- Performance: Freshman Camille Acevedo does not know the edo’s belly dancing techniques meaning of stage fright. Photo by: Peter Dourvetakis may look easy and effortless but it takes hard work and lots of practice to be and stuck with it because it is one of her faable to move her hips like that. Acevedo vorite things to do and hopes she can stick is so glad she tried out this style of dance with it for a long time.

Events: Acevedo participates in numerous events while dancing; the school talent show being one of them Photo by: Peter Dourvetakis

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Student Spotlights

By the Grade March 2014


Melissa Sullivan EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Whether it’s a sport or a unique hobby, most high school students participate in activities that they enjoy and love doing. Sophomore Alexander Feria, like most students his age enjoys the great outdoors and the activities that come with being outside. His weekends often include fishing and mudding with friends. Uniquely, Feria has a large passion for surfing and enjoys this exceptional hobby several times a year. A

Feria hits the water hard sible. When given the opportunity he hits the waters, plops down his board and rides the crashing ocean waves for as long as possible, rain or shine. Since a very

surfboards along the time to go is early in the morning when way. there’s few people out on the water and it’s “I feel so peaceful not so hot outside,” said Feria. and free when I’m Currently, Feria hits the waves about surfing out on the twice a month but hopes to continue imwater. It’s a feeling proving his skills as he grows older and that I don’t get with surf as frequently as possible. With a pasanything else that I sion for the water, Feria hopes to move on do. Any chance that to join the United States Marine Corps or I get, I pack up the Navy and put his talent and passion to use truck and head out to for thhe greater good of others. the beach for the entire day. The bigger the waves, the better,” said Feria. Feria has enjoyed surfing on beaches across southern and central Florida including Hollywood, Dania, Cocoa, New Smyrna and Hit the waves: Sophomore Alexander Feria spends Naples beaches. most of his free time surfing. Photo donated by: His favorite spot Alexander Feria continues to be young age, Feria has en- Dania Beach located locally in sunny joyed visiting the beach, South Florida. just as every Native Flo“I love going out to Dania and heading Hang ten: Feria looks to surf as nuch as possible in the coming year. ridian does. With a natu- out right next to the pier whenever I get Photo donated by: Alexander Feria ral love for the water, his the chance to. It’s not far from where hobby that started as a simple fascination parents saw it fitting to purchase his first I live and there’s rarely many surfers for the beach later grew into a full grown surfboard when he was just six years old. crowding the water. The scenery is so passion and love for being in the water and Since then, Feria has grown to love surfing beautiful and the waves are always the Alexander Feria: Sophomore Alexander Feria is deterto improve on his favorite hobby. Photo donated by: getting as close to a marine life as pos- more and more and has collected over six best in all of South Florida. The best mined Alexander Feria

Taylor tops them all David Cha-Kim STAFF WRITER

The teachers and staff of PPCHS are often recognized for their hard work and dedication to our school, but a high percentage of students, including underclassmen, also sacrifice so much of their time and energy for the benefit of their fellow classmates. So many of the students at Charter are energetically active in so many different school related activities and clubs, and sophomore Taylor Horan is no exception.

there is always an enjoyable and interactive activity for the members each time the club meets. She is also part of the team that prepares the PPCHS book club for the “Battle of the Books”, which is a national competition that brings the book clubs of different schools together to engage in a competition testing students’ abilities and knowledge on the books they have read.

Dreess Drive: Taylor Horan helped fundraise with the PPCHS SGA for the annual Dress Drive. Photo donated by: Nikki scort

Taylor is the President of the PPCHS Book Club, a member of SGA, Sophomore Senator, and the Student Coordinator of antibullying week, all of which she does while still maintaining an impressive GPA. As President of Book Club, Taylor is responsible for coordinating every event and meeting for the club and has to ensure that

“I love being a part of book club because reading is something that is something very important to me,” says Horan. “I cherish reading and it’s great to spread the love of reading throughout the student body.” The responsibilities that Taylor has as SGA Sophomore Senator are also very important to our school. She represents

all four hundred twenty students in the sophomore class (‘16) and relays any information on the 10th grade to the rest of the senators, leaders and members of SGA. As senator, Taylor also serves on the sophomore class board and helps with the planning and organization for the many events that SGA takes part in on a regular basis. “It’s great being the Sophomore Senator for SGA because I can always know what’s going on in the school and am able to share that information with the rest of the sophomore student class,” says Horan. The third week of February was Anti-bullying week and it was the first time that the students had a voice in choosing the activities. In previous years, the teachers Taylor Horan: Sophomore Taylor Horan has proven herself as an individual and staff would choose, who is involved in her community. Photo by: Juan Tellez plan, and organize the events but this year the students were able to share their input on what the school been in the past. should do in honor for anti-bullying week. “I love being a part of Charter because “I was a victim of bullying in elementary there are so many great opportunities,” school so I find it really important to get says Taylor. “I feel as if I went to anoththe message of bullying out,” said Taylor er local high school, I wouldn’t have the Taylor was student coordinator in Febru- amazing opportunities and have met the ary’s anti-bullying week and made sure incredible people that I have here.” that all of the events were as interactive Horan’s work ethic could take her to sucand engaging to the students as possible. cess in several different careers, but one She was able to help the students choose that she has her eyes set on the most is beevents for students instead of administra- coming a politician. Our nation could defition choosing for the students like it has nitely use people like her in the future.

Page Name Month 2014


Junior leaps to make a difference Maribel Maignan STAFF WRITER

As time flies by, the time to take the SAT and ACT is growing closer and crunch time is beginning. Most students are dreading the day and others are studying like there’s no tomorrow. To prep for the test, many

students have decided to apply for SAT prep classes this summer, or have bought all the workbooks and textbooks they need, so they can be well prepared for the day of the test. The problem with this is that SAT

prep classes tend to cost a lot of money and become very time consuming. Not everyone may be able to afford it. Nevertheless, if you’re a junior or senior in need, no worries because thanks to junior Arvind Iyen-

gar, any student can be more than prepared to pass the SAT coming this fall. See Leaps, Page 12...


Junior leaps to make a difference

By the Grade 11 March 2014

Maribel Maignan STAFF WRITER

Leaps from page 11... Arvind Iyengar has been preparing himself for the SAT almost all his life. He decided the test was important enough to dedicate all his time to. After studying for the big test over the summer, it finally came time to take it in October of last year. Iyengar was sure he was prepared to take the test due to his nonstop studying, SAT prep classes, memorization of quotes, and even some outside research. After a stressful, long-awaited couple of weeks, Iygengar received his test results in the mail. Iyengar was more than ecstatic to have scored in the 99th percentile doing better than 99.3% of all test takers with an outstanding 2260 on his SAT. His strong motivation and perseverance paid off and showed his overall accomplishment. “Arvind takes the classes very seriously, he’s been preparing for months with getting the classes ready, making power points, lectures, worksheets, and even homework for his students. I am so proud of him, it’s a huge responsibility to take this on and it’s a lot of work. It will be taking a major chunk of time from his everyday life of being just a teenager, and I think it’s just amazing what he’s doing for the school and the students,” said Arvind’s teacher, Ms. Rodriguez. It is no secret that the Charter schools have been having some money problems. With the help of S.O.S. (Save Our Schools), PPCHS has raised an increased amount of

money to help our school get out of these and it’s for a great cause, so why not.” said tough times. Iyengar was questioning what junior, Arvind Iyengar. he could do to raise money for the school After weeks of advertising for the SAT and help his peers all at the same time. Iy- prep classes, the room is now filled with 28 engar came up with an incredibly helpful registered students. Because of such high idea. Because he did so well on his SAT, demand for the classes there is actually a he wanted to teach others how to do the waiting list. The classes cost $60 for each same. Therefore, after chatting with Mr. Bayer and sharing his ideas, Iyengar was approved by the school board to teach SAT classes to PPCHS’ students in need. “See, most students fear the SAT, and even though this is the most important test they will ever take SAT Prep: PPCHS hopes to help all students do great on the SAT with help of future SAT in high school, Prep opportunities. Photo by: Rebecca Gonzalez and it most likely will make or break their future. There is noth- student and all the money goes to S.O.S.. ing to worry about as long as they’re in my The SAT practice classes have already beclass because they will be in good hands. gun and are being taught on Mondays in I’m really excited to help them succeed Ms. Rodriguez classroom and Thursdays

in Mr. Lavaro classroom. “It’s just incredible how much students signed up for the SAT prep classes. When I came up with the idea for the classes I decided to go to my teacher Ms. Rodriguez, she’s helped me through it all and I am so thankful for that,” says Iygenar. He is currently teaching students subjects like reading, math, and writing classes. Due to his PSAT and SAT scores, Iygenar is a national merit finalist and is credited and will guarantee to be able to help students with their SAT preparation. “Arvind’s a great teacher and I’m really understanding the material he’s teaching. Other SAT prep classes have so much students in them that there’s never really any one-on-one time with your teacher if you don’t understand something. Not Arvind though, he actually cares if were learning or not and pays attention to us. I trust that I’m going to pass the SAT now as long as Arvind’s teaching the class,” said sophomore, Sophia Lugusto. The next few months ahead of Iyengar will be filled with planning new lessons to teach the class and helping students achieve their SAT goals. It will be hard but not impossible, and to Iyengar it may look tough now but soon it will be worth the hard work. With the satisfaction of donating to S.O.S. and help students tackle the SAT, Iyengar is sure to make a stand in his grade as a leader and teacher.

SAT Dates and Practice

Graphic by: Matthew Perez


By the Grade 12 February 2014

Find your perfect match: the search for roommates begins


you off at school. You find your Finally, the day has arrived. You dorm that you will be spending the pull up to the campus with your par- majority of your time in. Look to ents; it’s one of the last times your the right and you see a smiling, but mommy and daddy will ever drop nervous face looking back at you:

your new roommate. When going to college, one of the most thought out parts of the process is who you are going to spend your year with. The idea of meeting someone brand

new can be intimidating, but there are a few tips to make sure you have a great college experience. See Roommates, Page 14...

By the Grade 12 March 2014


Find your perfect match: the search for roommates begins Roommates from Page 13... Alexys Nowak PROOF-READER

The idea of rooming with your best friend that you have known for years may seem comforting, however, it can definitely come with its downfalls. Imagine all of the years you have known each other and the mini fights you have gotten into. When you are living together, there is no way to get space from the other person when needed. Knowing someone so well can cause disagreements and unnecessary arguments if you are with them every minute of the day. Charter alumni Alexandra Alvarez, who graduated in 2006, has had her fair share of roommates, and believes living with an acquaintance is a much better solution. “When I attended FSU my first year, I roomed with a longtime friend. Since we knew each other so well, there were more arguments than good times. We ended up bickering to the point that the friendship did not continue after that year. Looking back, I wish I had roomed with someone who I knew, but didn’t not know everything about. That way, there would be room to learn more about the person and create a new friendship,” said Alvarez.

Whether you have met the person before a random roommate, but Mrs. Drumm em- relationship with your roommate, you can or are starting a brand new life with some- phasized the fact that it is “important to be always bring it up with your dorm advisor. one new, your roommate will not define open to change.” There will be many op- However, not having something in comyour whole college experience. Your first portunities to meet more people through- mon with someone is different than having year on campus will provide you with mul- out your college life, so there is no need to actual disagreements. Putting up with one tiple opportunities to meet new people and stress over not knowing everything about a year of someone you may not feel comfortmake groups of friends. able with will improve your Your roommate may be a people skills for the rest of part of this group as well, your life. but that is a plus. English Naturally, humans settle for II and Debate teacher Ms. what is most comforting in Drumm met one of her a time of stress. People turn lifelong friends in college to their friends for advice on after they spent their days anything and everything, but together. it comes to the point that you “I had a lot of roommust spread your wings and mates in my time at coltake a flight on your own. lege, and I think it’s cool College is the place where to meet someone new. If you can let go of the past you have someone you’re if you did not enjoy it and close to, it could be good just start fresh. Your roomto go together, as long mate can be someone that as you are confident that once you meet, you develop your friendship will not a friendship with that will fade,” said Mrs. Drumm. last a lifetime. Whether you “It is very important to be hit it off right away or have open to change because Roomates: As students leave their high school behind, they usually have to find roomates to a shaky start, the person you you meet a lot of people share their new space with. Photo By: Alex Monge spend days and nights with in person from the start. If it gets to the point the dorm will leave a lasting impression on especially when you are on campus.” A lot of people find it risky to be assigned that there is no sign of any growth in the you for years to come; choose wisely.

Pledging to lifelong opportunities? Shakayla Lee STAFF WRITER

handle themselves in the world betterGreek life is the choice for you. Face it, when going into a huge college, after just As February comes to a close, seniors are leaving a close knit high school, meeting preparing to leave their high school career new people can be overwhelming. Beyond behind and jumping into the fresh waters any doubt, pledging to Greek life gives you of college. With bags packed and ready to the opportunity to not only have a group of go, and high anticipation for the activity- friends to go out and party with, but can filled year there one big question that lin- also give students the chance to make crugers among the minds of the soon-to-be cial connections that can aid in job opporfreshman: To Greek life, or not to Greek tunities- which will prove to be vital after life? graduation. Although students may be apprehensible While the social aspect can always bring about making the pledge, the benefits of a positive outlook to any situation, pricjoining a sorority or fraternity are endless. ing tends to be touchy subject. Within It is no secret that typically when think- any standard club, there is a cost. Nothing ing of Greek life, wild parties and sleep- comes free in life, especially when joining a lifelong organization. With that being said, joining Greek life will not having you clutching your wallet or scrounging for change. Less than 2% of an average college student’s expenses go toward fraternity/sorority dues (uwgreek. com), so students won’t have to eighty-six their textbook to give pledging a fighting chance. “I’ve recently just become involved with Greek life and I love every part of it. Upon graduating from PPCHS last year I was involved in a few organizations such as SGA and student council, so it felt weird coming to UCF and not being involved in anything. That is Going Greek: The joy that comes with being part of a sorority draws one major reason why I chose so many people into the Greek college life. Donated By: Alexandra to rush in the spring and join Mangano the Gamma Phi Beta chapter less nights seem to cloud the perception at UCF. It feels great knowing you have of what sororities and fraternities can be. 120 other girls that you can call sisters and Despite popular belief, these stories can being able to get involved with different often be deceiving and tend to amplify organizations and volunteer opportunities. the chaotic movie like scene; which, to no I can’t wait to see what the future has in surprise beats out the fundraisers and phi- store for me at UCF and within Gamma lanthropy events in the headlines- that are Phi Beta!” exclaimed Charter Alumnae done year after year. However, shedding Angelique Berkowitz (’13). light on what most people don’t know, uwPledging to Greek life doesn’t mean explained “The Greek system mitting to endless parties and a neglected is the largest network of volunteers in the college education. It does, however, tie stuUS, with members donating over 10 mil- dents to a lifelong networking organization lion hours of volunteer service each year”. that allows them to go beyond their social On the brighter side, whether students are horizons and will look to be a promising seeking to instantly connect with a group choice when they branch out into the world of people or are seeking to learn how to of career opportunities.

Think before you go Greek Tyra Green STAFF WRITER

“I’m not sure if I can commit to a fraternity yet, I know frats have their pros but they demand a lot of time and money. If anything, I’ll take time to get use to college life and experience freshman year as a regular student and then join the Greek life later” said junior Tyler Gibbons. The most publicized aspect of Greek societies are the partying but everything is not as sweet as it seems. The downside of the

Seniors, it’s finally that time in your life when you have to close the chapter of high school and enter the most independent period: college. After answering the overwhelming questions of where, when, and what you will study, the following question will arise—should you pledge Greek? The fun in pledging can be highlighted in the Hollywood movies, Legally Blonde and The House Bunny but like all things in Hollywood the perception of Greek life is altered and dramatized. Sororities and fraternities are not for everyone, confidence, individualism and your bank account all diminish when you take the oath of Greek. Enrolling in a university is one of the most exciting things that can happen but the price that comes with it is very intimidating. Books Charter goes Greek: Alumnae Nicolette Sponer went Greek, and board already calculates to but warns that it is not cheap. Donated By: Nicolette Sponer thousands of dollars, when you pledge you are just breaking another pink fun and games of pledging is highlighted piggy bank. through the countless reports and accounts “The money wasn’t even a thought for me. of harassment or better known as “hazing”. No it’s not cheap but I wouldn’t trade the Hazing has become rarer but the negative experiences I’ve had for anything. A lot of effects still echoes through the nation. Last the dues are for national things, then there’s year a 19 year old student of Baruch Colthe housing upkeep fee, membership dues, lege was pronounced dead when his inimeal plan, etc. But like I said, going Greek tiation ritual went wrong, the Pi Delta Psi is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can fraternity made the student dodge tacklers always pay off loans etc but you can never to get across a frozen yard while blindget back memories you lost.” As you can folded and wearing a back pack filled with see, I didn’t exactly “warn that Greek life sand. According to 44 of the isn’t cheap,” said PPCHS Alumnae and 50 states have passed anti-hazing laws and now UF Delta Zeta sorority member Nico- anti-hazing policies throughout their unilette Sponer (‘13). versities, however; the laws do not guarThe costs of rooms and sponsored events antee complete aberration of disturbing are even larger than the significant amount punishments, many experiences still go unof just going to college. For example, the noticed. Existing in a large community of national dues of Pi Kappa fraternity is $265 people also forces people to lose their inand adds a couple hundred bucks to your dividualism and fall victim to the “norm”. expenses. Along with the commitment of Greek life forces you lose your self-worth money, time is of the essence in these or- and independence. ganizations. You live with your “brothers Taking an oath to a Greek community is and sisters” and are expected to attend to not what it seems and it may not be for you. the frater and sorer lifestyle. While other The negative effects of Greek life singleorganizations like student government and handily outweighs the benefits. Don’t feel volunteer clubs require time and attention, pressured to join a fraternity or sorority sororities and fraternities surpass that re- just for the sake of meeting friends there quirements when they demand daily at- are other ways that you can get involved on tention. You are literally living, eating and campus. Remember the number one rule: breathing these specific societies. think before you go Greek.


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PPCHS: No Place for Hate

Features March 2014


No place for hate: PPCH

Aaliyah Pasols STAFF WRITER

Imagine being discriminated against for just being yourself. Being afraid to show the world who you really are and what you’ve got. Instead, you’d rather slip on a hoodie and stay alienated from everyone else in-

their true identity. On Friday, February 21st during 5th period, a small group of students headed down to the River of Grass Auditorium. Tracy Wise, member of the LGBT adults Live Out Loud program, was making a special appearance at Charter. The PPCHS students were granted the opportunity to listen to Wise share her amazing story of how she “came out of the closet.” Wise shared her story, detailing the different phases she went through as a teen. In Sharing a laugh: LGBT member Tracy Wise lightens the mood when she tells her own story of high school, coming out to her parents. Photo By: Juan Tellez she explained stead of showing your true colors. It’s not that she dated boys at first because that was a fun life to live. However, some people go what she was expected to do, but that she althrough this struggle, and it’s a very real re- ways felt different from her peers. ality, especially in the LGBT community, “I remember when I felt different and alienwhere some have become a master at hiding ated from everyone else,” said an anony-

mous student. “I had a hint of what it might visiting various guidance counselors at the be but I was so in denial I didn’t want to college she had been attending: the Univerface it. But after sity of Miami. coming out to For a while, my friends and she couldn’t get family, I was over the fact, at peace with often crying and myself. I really fighting herself related to Tracy in denial. But [Wise’s] story in after talking to that way.” her guidance Just like this counselor for student, Wise some consecuended up distive months, she covering what got the closure she had been she needed and missing her was able to acwhole life. “For cept herself. the first time I fiHowever, comnally knew what ing out to her chemistry was. parents, was a What attraction different story. was. And what “I was really it meant to like nervous to tell someone,” Wise my family, but said about her I did it over first experience Thanksgiving with a girl. From dinner. I didn’t that moment on, know how to she knew why Confidence is key: Tracy Wise is content with her life and is now say it so I just willing to help others reach that point. Photo by: Juan Tellez she had felt so kind of said it… different. Now ’I’m gay.’ My the hard part was dealing with the truth. Wise brother’s first reaction was, ‘Wait. So you struggled with the fact that she was different, find my girlfriend hot?’” There was a laugh

Tuesday: “No place for Hate” video

Wednesday: “I Swear”: the novel and the pledges

On Tuesday February 18th, 2014 the anti-bullying week kicked off and the first couple activities proved to be impactful. A kick-off video was shown during SSR that captured the severity of the pandemic called bullying and announced the week as PPCHS’ official anti-bullying week. “We are SGA and we are a no place for hate campus!” is how the video began, with all 20 students standing in the middle of the school yard represented the different cultures here at PPPCHS.“I think all the activities in anti-bullying week are actually bringing us together and promoting a good cause” said SGA member Melvin Lattimore, “I’ve seen someone be bullied before and it’s not something that I wish on anyone.” After the video, another video entitled “Mean Girls in Kindergarten” was shown in classes followed by a class wide discussion that openly addressed the aspects of bullying. After the video students signed the “No Place for Hate” pledge. The signature of students recognized that they took an oath to promote non-violence and harassment and remain an anti-bullying campus. “In the previous years, only staff have worked on anti-bullying week so I thought it would be great for students to assist with choosing the activities. I would say that this year was the most successful year we’ve had, I’m a strong advocate of bullying and such so I loved to get my hands in and work hard” said anti-bullying week coordinator Taylor Horan.

On Wednesday, the Lunch at the Library book discussion featured the novel I Swear by Lane Davis. The turnout was a success as students were given the opportunity to dive into the gripping plot about a victimized teen who took her own life as a result of the harassment she endured by her own classmates. In this spiraling drama, the ring of aggressors plead their case to a courtroom and allows the reader to reflect on not only the consequences of the actions of the bullies, but also the emotions of the mistreated victim. “This was my first book discussion and I really enjoyed it. It was a great part of anti-bullying week. What I liked most about the book is that it portrayed characters in a real way,” stated sophomore Maria Chacon. Also, Student Government (SGA) partnered with Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) to allow students to take affirmative action in signing a purple banner stating “I Pledge…” during both A and B lunches. With representatives from both clubs in the cafeteria, students were given the opportunity to sign their name and what they pledge to do during Antibullying week. After pledging, students received the latest Anti-Bullying Week sticker to showcase their participation in the cause. The goal of the activity was to gain an understanding of the pain that victimizing other students can cause and driving out any signs of bullying at PPCHS.



March 2014

HS’ Anti-Bullying week from the crowd as Wise said this, and she continued on with her story. Her parents at first were confused and not too happy with her decision, but over time they learned to

skin, not with some fake mask hiding her true self. After coming out, Wise’s life began to taken a turn for the better. She majored in Advertis-

Learning to relate: Students who attended the Live out Loud presentation listen closesly as they learn to accept both themselves and others around them. Photo By: Juan Tellez

accept her for who she really is. They wanted her to be happy, and comfortable in her own

ing at University of Florida and got a job at InStyle magazine, then continued on to dif-

ferent magazines all throughout the country. crowd. And as long as you’re doing what She found a significant other, and is happily makes you happy, who cares what others dating now. In the end, Wise is pretty happy may think. You just have to show your true with her decisions, and agrees that coming colors, even if it is the color of the rainbow. out is the best move she’s ever made. “I don’t ever look back and say I wish I wasn’t me. I look back and say I’m happy that I’m me,” Tracy Wise said happily to the crowd. The students clapped loudly, some even hollering. There was definitely a moment happening between the brave speaker and the students of PPCHS. After her speech commenced, students got up to talk to her and even took pictures with her. It was clear that this prideful woman had touched the students’ hearts. “It was really inspirational listening to how Tracy Wise overcame such hard obstacles in her life, whether it was her family or high school life. But she got through it. I thought that the speech wouldn’t really apply to me, but I actually took something away from it. Tracy Wise’s story taught me how to not be ashamed of who I am,” Sam Melendez (’15) expressed. After listening to Wise’s inspiring story, it’s evident that nobody should hide themselves or pretend to be someone they’re not just to A lasting impression: By the end of the presentation, Wise left stufollow along with the rest of the dents with something they will never foget. Photo By: Juan Tellez

Thursday: Hate comes home leadership seminar

Friday: Students show their support

On Thursday February 20th, selected students from PPCHS gathered together in C109 to discuss bullying and types of discrimination. Representatives from the AntiDefamation League of Florida, Tracey Grossman and Wiley Huff, led the seminar and had a discussion with the students on the type of discrimination and what bullying can lead to, and how to combat bullying. Sophomore and creator of this event Taylor Horan says “ I think the seminar was very effective for these students and it will teach them how to be student leaders and to combat bullying and hate in PPCHS.” The Anti- Defamation League is a national organization that wants to spread the word about preventing hate and removing discrimination in the United States. The acronym for the seminar was RESPECT. Each letter stood for a rule of the seminar. R stands for respect. E stands for enjoy and be excited. S means speak clearly. P is for perspective and to have an open mind. E stands for empathy. C is for compassion. And T stands for truthful and transparent. These rules were followed throughout the seminar and made the seminar as effective as it was. For example, one of the exercises of the seminar was to have a word about a type of discrimination and the student defines it and gives an example. Then the group discussed each type of discrimination and how it can be combated. Representative from ADL Wiley Huff says “The seminar went great. We think that this school has high caliber students so they are very receptive to what Tracey and I are saying to these kids and the message of the Anti-Defamation League.” This event was one of the many great events that come together to create Anti-Bullying week at PPCHS.

On Friday, February 21st, students around PPCHS could be seen wearing purple shirts to show support. Since purple is the campaign color for victims of bullying, students were permitted to wear a purple top and uniform bottom, free of charge, to show how much they really cared. The conclusion of Anti-Bullying week brought a video into the classrooms that sparked a Socratic seminar afterwards. Students who attended the seminar were educated on the effects of bullying and what they can do to help stop it. Many victims of bullying see themselves as worthless due to the hostile lies they are told; according to the Bullying Statistics website, about 4,400 people commit suicide every year due to bullying and endless torment. The goal for these students was to attend the seminar in order to help bring these numbers down. If the students at PPCHS can change the way they react towards people who are not like them, it is a step closer to the amount of people being bullied decreasing. Whether bullying hits home or not, it is an everyday, inevitable occurrence. Anti-Bullying week here at Pines Charter certainly did its part in educating the students about victimizing other people; this could mean a difference between life and death for many people.

Features February 2014


Q & A:

Mrs. Judi Oltmans Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself Mrs. Oltmans. How long have you worked at Charter for? A: This is going to be my ninth or tenth year here. I’ve always worked as the Media Specialist. Q: How long have you sponsored the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)? A: I’ve been the sponsor since it started, so around four or five years. Q: How did the club come about? A: I knew there were some students that were interested, so I kind of just put the idea there. They ended up coming to me and the students actually set it up. Q: What’s your favorite thing about sponsoring the club? A: I think having a safe space for everybody. I mean it is called the Gay Straight Alliance, so that includes everyone and anyone. It provides a safe place where everyone can be themselves. Also getting to help with the Anti-Bullying Week is a great thing that we love to do. Q: What do you think sets this club apart from all of the other clubs at PPCHS? A: We have a lot of guest speakers, maybe once a month all throughout the school year. We bring people in from all over the place, including from the police stations, from ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), Poverty Law Center, and other places. Also, we do special events like the Anti-Bullying Week and the Day of Silence, Diversity Day. Q: How do you feel that GSA ties into the whole No Place for Hate campaign and the Anti-Defamatory League (ADL)? A: I think that anyone that is in GSA ties into ADL because they want this to be a safe school for everyone, which is what ADL really stands for. Q: What do you feel was the most successful day of the week? A: It’s really tough to choose because each day really had something amazing to offer. Every day was unique. Everything from the banners that SGA made for us, to the video that The Chat Video News crew put together, to our incredibly moving guest speaker, to the awesome work shop that had such a great turn out. We couldn’t be more thankful for everything that happened throughout the week. Q: What do you think made this year’s Anti Bullying Week so successful overall? A: Definitely the involvement of SGA and the entire school. SGA were the ones who brought in ADL and are working to make the school a “No Place for Hate”. They made the most beautiful banners and held activities in the lunch room and really helped to spread awareness about the week. We’re excited about the coming years and what we’ll accomplish together. Q: Thank you so much for your time Mrs. Oltmans. A: It’s my pleasure. Interview by: Gabriela Garcia FEATURES EDITOR Photo by: Jonathan Harris STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER


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SGA convention: the rest is still unwritten Lauren Ramirez STAFF WRITER

A select group of PPCHS students walk into a building to find a crazy scene laid out before them, some of the people around them are dressed in business suits, while others are bouncing around a beach ball or jumping on an inflatable bouncy house. On Friday, February 14th, a group of students in the Pembroke Pines Charter High School Student Government Association (SGA) attended the Florida Association of Student Council convention (FASC). FASC was a three day convention that

helped the students learn new techniques and leadership skills. The theme for this year’s FASC was “The rest is still unwritten”, based off the popular Natasha Bedingfield song Unwritten. “We chose this theme to show the students that it is never too late to make a difference. The rest of your life is laid out before you, completely unwritten, and only you hold the pen”, says FASC president Garrett Johnson. The students arrived in Lake City, Florida on Friday afternoon after a long six hour bus ride. After getting settled into their hotel rooms, they headed out to

the convention. The first day of the convention burst with fun; students got the chance to let out their inner child as they jumped around in bounce houses and raced through inflatable obstacle courses while party music like the cha-cha slide played in the background from a DJ. Students had the opportunity to meet students from other student government associations from across the state and made many new friends. After dinner, they went to a general meeting with everyone at the convention. The best part of the night began later on though, when a hypnotist

performed an entertaining act. PPCHS student government delegate Janine Legaspi was called up as a volunteer during the show, “It was a crazy experience. I never before thought that hypnotizing was a real thing, but when I took part in this show I was shocked to find that the performer could actually hypnotize the other volunteers and me” Legaspi said. The show ended at around 11 p.m. and the tired students went back to their hotel rooms to rest up for another long, yet eventful, day.

See SGA, Page 20

Inside Clubs...

Behind closed doors: media center annex

Get the morning brew, in the afternoon

Clubs March 2014

20 SGA convention: the rest is still unwritten

Lauren Ramirez STAFF WRITER

The second day started off early, where the students arrived at Columbia High school, and the convention was held. The day began at 8 a.m. sharp, bright and early. As soon as the delegates arrived, they were led into a common area where a Zumba class was held. The aerobic exercise was a great way to wake up the students and get them energized and ready for the day ahead of them. Soon after, they went into a meeting with all the students from their district. PPCHS was district 6. The group came up with a chant, “D6, D6! You wish you had this, you wish you had this!” The chant was used all throughout the weekend as the districts competed to see who could chant the loudest and have the most spirit. The SGA students then split up into two groups. The sophomores attended a meeting called resolutions, where they voted on different potential laws that may be proposed to the state government. The upperclassmen all attended specialized workshops that pertained to their interests. These workshops, covering a wide range of topics from healthcare all the way to

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cosmetology, helped the students to gain they went back to their hotel in order to more insight into possible career paths and get ready for the awards ceremony, candle provided a great opportunity for them to lighting ceremony, and dance that would have a unique look into the pros and cons be held later that night. At the awards cerof each career. At night on the second day, the students had another fun experience followed by a Casino night. The high school was then transformed into an almost realistic looking casino with blackjack tables and slot machines. Other sections had entertainment such as a dessert bar, the video game Just Dance placed in the gym, and a karaoke session in the auditorium. All the students had the chance to let loose and relieve a bit of stress with SGA at FASC: The SGA class traveled to the Florida Association of Student Council convention at Lake City, Florida where they won the Gold the thrilling activities. Medal. Photo by: Lauren Ramirez The third and final day was by far the most electrifying. The stu- emony, the PPCHS Student Government dents traveled on charter buses to a civil Association was glad to receive a silver war reenactment event that they all found medal for their medallion project book, very fascinating. After the reenactment, although they were a bit disappointed

Get the morning brew, in the afternoon Hayley Hartwell STAFF WRITER

On February 13th, 2014 students ventured into Mrs. Kidd’s class, into the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and treats for all the attending viewers. This was the second Coffee House event of the year, hosted by her fifth period drama class, who got the chance to display all the talents they have to offer. The room was decorated Valentine’s Day themed, being that the holiday was the following day. There was candy and other treats all around the room for the students that came out to watch. All of the proceeds would go directly to the production of the Drama class’s Grease. “The Coffee House in February was very nice. It compared to the early one in the year with a lot of variety and talent. If there would be another Coffee House this year it would be in May - it will depend on if time permits. My favorite performance was the song from Frozen that concluded with the asking to Prom from the performer to an audience member!” said drama teacher Mrs. Kidd. Some of the highlight performances were Nicole Fairfoot (’16) and Jonathon Zigler (’15) who did an acting performance. There were many singing acts by sophomores Michelle Vaca and Grecia Valencia who performed a duet to a mash-up of two songs, Sweater Weather, by The Neighborhood and Seaside, by The Kooks and Nadgie Louis-Jacques and Arielle Cuevas also performed a duet on the piano and were singing. One of the most interesting acts that was a favorite among the crowd was of Daniel Kon, who performed a ventriloquist act with a puppet. “Daniel Kon was my favorite act of the whole show, he was very entertaining with

his puppet. It was really funny to watch and I hope he can do another show before I graduate.” said Anthony London (’14). The grand finale of the Coffee House was a performance of two seniors battling Anthony London and Tatianna Bustamente singing the song “Love is an Open Door” from Disney’s Frozen. In the final lines of the song it ends with the male character, Hans, proposing marriage to Anna. London proceeded to change the lines to, “Can I say something crazy?” and then asked senior Mya Goodman to prom. “I have been a huge fan of Frozen since it came out, I have watched it five times in total. When I saw that scene in the movie I wished I had a girlfriend to try out this idea that I had, because I thought it would be a great idea for a “promposal”. All of my friends were telling me to ask Mya because she’s such a great and cool person, so I went with it and it worked out surprisingly,” said London (’14). “Promposals” seem to be in the works already. “It was so exciting for my friends to be performing the song from Frozen, so I was video tapping the whole thing. When Tony changed the lyrics to the song Love is an Open Door I was so surprised but also super happy. The idea was so cute and I’m glad he chose me to go to prom with.” said senior Mya Goodman. The second Coffee House ended in a huge way, with the performance from Frozen and the “promposal” closing the show. Overall the Coffee House was a huge success. For only $3 anyone could have enjoyed all the entertainment, food, and surprises that came with the afternoon. Hopefully the Drama department will host another Coffee House sometime soon.

Drama Coffee House: Junior Jonathon Zigler and sophomore Nicole Fairfoot take part in the second Coffee House, which was hosted by Mrs. Kidd’s fifth period class. Photo by: Jonathan Harris

they didn’t receive gold after all the work they put into the book. Luckily, the Student Government sponsor Mr. Velasquez decided to check to see why the students received the medal they got. After much confusion, it turned out to be that the silver medal was awarded by mistake, PPCHS actually won gold! “I’m so proud of you guys,” Mr. Velasquez said to his students, “I know how much hard work you put into this and you deserve the gold medal.” Ecstatic with the good news, the students ended the convention with a dance. Saying goodbye to all the new friends they made, the students were happy to have seen all their hard work pay off. “FASC was an incredible experience, I’ve been to several of these conventions but I think this one was the most fun and educational. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go to this event.” said senior Josie Laue. Every student that attended the FASC convention felt that the experience was one they would never forget. They learned insight on leadership skills and had the chance to expand their boundaries by meeting new people and having new experiences.

Behind closed doors: media center annex Looghermine Claude LIFESTYLE EDITOR

At Pines Charter, there is a little nook in S building bursting with stories. Everything from realistic lives to extraordinary sci-fi adventures are in this corner. In room S225, the media center annex is open to charter students who are looking for a good read and much more. The most popular program that the media center offers is the Lunch at the Library Book Discussions. Four times a school year, the center brings together students to

will take place towards the end of March. Another program that the media center offers to the students is the Books-on-the-Go program. Books-on-the-Go is offered to students on Thursdays and Fridays, so that they can get a novel to read. All students have to do is head over to the media center annex (S225) and check out whatever novel they would like to read. The media center offers all kinds of genres including fantasy, realistic fiction, sports, nonfiction, with science fiction being the most popular. What are most of Charter’s students reading? With movie adaptations coming out for many of the popular bestselling books, students are now checking out popular science fiction novels including the Divergent series by Veronica Roth and The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. One of the newest programs the media center is Media Center Fun: In the latest Lunch at the Library Book Discussion, offering is through the local library. The Southwest students discussed the novel I swear while enjoying slices of pizza. Photo by: Juan Tellez Regional Library has rediscuss a novel. The students have about cently received a 3-D printer for students a month to read the book beforehand, and to use. Soon, Mrs. Oltmans will be taking then on the set date, they all come togeth- classes to see the 3-D printer in action and er alongside plentiful servings of pizza hopefully give them the chance to learn and soda to talk about the book. The lat- about the technology and how to use it. est Lunch at the Library was on February If you’re interested in picking up a best19th and was based on the novel I Swear seller novel as a past time, or you want to by Lane Davis. The book tied into the Anti- express your deep emotional attachment Bullying Week campaign that has been go- to a novel, the Pines Charter media center ing on around the PPCHS campus. If stu- has the programs for you. Make sure that dents would like to participate in the next you check out the many programs that are Lunch at the Library, they can join others at available to the students at the school bethe book discussion over the popular John cause they offer a great array of extracurGreen novel The Fault in Our Stars, which ricular activities.

New Uniforms: To make it easier for students to identify them, the PPCHS team of security will now wear uniforms with the word “security” on them. Photo by: Rebecca Gonzalez

USA came to play Brett Alayon STAFF WRITER

Representing your country playing the sport you love appears to be the greatest honor an athlete can ever have. Representing the red, white, and blue gets those professional’s chills like no other. Beyond these things, representing the United States of America in the Winter Olympics has made winning a medal that much better. As a world, every four years we sit down together to watch some of the best ath-

letes on Earth compete in obscure and often dangerous sports. It's a time for things that normally don't penetrate the public's consciousness, a time for sleds hurtling at 80 miles per hour, snowboarders flying through the air and Eastern Europeans skiing like whizzes down the slopes. The 2014 Winter Olympics were held in the sub-tropical climate of Sochi, Russia as a total of 88 nations and 2,871 athletes across the globe participated in 98 different events, according to Things got underway as the traditional opening

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Build it like Beckham

ceremony on the eve of February 6th introduced every single country’s participating athletes. Nation’s with one athlete (Nepal, Zimbabwe, etc.) and nations with over 200 athletes (United States, Russia, and Canada)all had faces in awe walking around Fisht Olympic Stadium. The Winter Olympics is the ideal stage for a great story. Take U.S. slalom skier Mikaela Shiffrin for example. At just 18 years old, she didn't let the big moment get to her. As the camera zoomed in during her Olympic debut, she turned and winked to

Goodbye to “The Captain”

the world before launching herself down the hill on her way to glory. And, apparently, one gold medal is not enough. She's already thinking about 2018 and has some grand ambitions. In a press conference with USA Today, she stated, "I'm dreaming of the next Olympics and winning five gold medals, which sounds really crazy. Sorry I just admitted that to you all."

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Baseball Top 8

Sports March 2014



Micah Baxter-Miller

Jake J

Anthony Gomez

Senior Micah Baxter-Miller has been a baseball prodigy since the very young age of four. He was brought into the sport by his father, who played for both his high school and college teams when he was younger. Baseball was the only sport Micah truly knew growing up, and as he got older he began to develop a passion for it and improved year by year. He is now a starting outfielder for the PPCHS Varsity Baseball team and a future player for Point Park University, a university located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known around the US for their impressive athletic teams. Micah was recently accepted into Point Park for his wide arsenal of skills as an outfielder and is one of the only Jaguars in PPCHS history to ever receive an

honor of this caliber. The school season has only barely begun, but Baxter-Miller is already batting a stunning .360 average and the entire team is off to a pretty good start. Micah’s professional role models are outfielder Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels and center fielder Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates. “I love my team and my coaches,” says Micah. “They are like a second family to me.” Baxter-Miller has been a part of the varsity baseball team since his freshmen year, and although he has grown to love the Pines Charter Baseball family, he also looks forward to being able to play in Pittsburgh and wear the green and gold of the Point Park Pioneers.

Derick Garcia

Senior pitcher and third baseman Derick Garcia has been playing baseball all his life. From when he was three and first playing to playing on the varsity team his senior year, Garcia has come a long way on his baseball journey. His dad, who played baseball until he was thirteen, introduced him to sport, and he has fallen in love with the game. “The sport itself just seemed fun and exciting,” said Garcia. “I wouldn’t choose any other sport over baseball due to the fact that you can’t burn out the clock or milk the clock to hold on to a lead. You have to throw the pitch and let the hitter hit, let the fielders field, and let the pitchers pitch. That’s the game.” During his junior year, Garcia was called up to the Varsity baseball team, where he excelled as a pitcher and a third baseman. Hitting a batting average of around .410 this season, Garcia hopes that he can push his team to success. As for after high school, Garcia hopes to play baseball as a walk on. “I do plan on playing in college, but I don’t know where I am going yet,” said Garcia. “I will probably play at Broward College, Florida International, or Miami-Dade.” So far, Garcia is one of the leading factors to the teams above .500 record. He motivates his team to play the best they can. Whether he wins or lose, he always keeps his head up high and looks to the future.

Anthony Gomez is a junior on the Pines Charter Jags Baseball team. He was one of the rare players who got to try out varsity for the Clearwater tournament his freshman year. This year there is no freshman on the varsity team and only one sophomore, so that is an honor to be called up. During the 2014 season Gomez is the starting short stop for the Jags and has started there since last year. “It was cool that I started sophomore year,” said Gomez, “they took me under their wing, showed me the ropes, and taught me a lot of new things. The team gave me a good first experience.” Gomez had started playing baseball when he was only three years old, which is young for any sport. He gets his inspiration for the game from his dad who helps to make him better in every way he can. He takes him batting everyday, and pushes him to try his hardest and be the best player he could be. Gomez’s dad played college baseball and played in the minors for three years but ended up quitting. His dad comes and supports to every single game, and that pushes Gomez to try even harder for his dad. “I liked baseball from the first moment I began playing. It interested and kept me hooked like no other sport could. Plus it was the most fun I could have. It’s fun to be on the high school team cause you get friends that are like brothers who you can be with in and out of school,” stated Anthony Gomez. Last year Gomez had a batting average of .250 and this year he has improved to a .363 so it seems like his training with his dad, is helping him.

There’s a ball hit deep into center field; does it have the distance? Oh my! It’s caught at the warning track by Jacobs.” These are moments that senior outfielder for the PPCHS varsity baseball team, Jake Jacobs Jake Jacobs, lives for. Ever since he was able to walk, Jacobs has always had a great passion for America’s favorite pastime. Whether it be in an immaculate stadium or a neighborhood sandlot, all that Jacobs wants to do in his free time is grab a bat, ball, and glove, and play some baseball. This passion is what has Jacobs on his way to helping the team achieve more than they could have ever imagined. “I feel that the team has the ability to go really far this year. What it ultimately comes down to is how much do we want it, and I know that I want it more than anything in the

Record: 7-2 Home: 4-2 Away: 3-0

Daniel M

When senior Daniel playing baseball at th at the time he didn’t his true passion and f PPCHS Varsity Boys ejo hopes to make it t school season. “Baseball has always life,” said Melgarejo. memories involve a b to be honest I really without the sport. I’ high school season an it far this year with m On the field. Melgar player that always br and vibe to the game the game is played b feel and think better. Melgarejo is the first mate up. Looking toward his be attending Bethun located in Daytona B scholarship next fall has always been my knew I would have where I am today, an that all of my hard w As the Jags ace pitc leaving big shoes to and makes his way o But for now, the Jags and one of the best ar ready to take on any way.

ll Top 8



March 2014

Anthony Nogueiras


Alex Monge-Rodriguez

world.” said Jacobs. Getting to where he is now hasn’t always been easy for Jacobs. Back when he was a freshman, Jacobs was sidelined for the whole year due to having major surgery on his arm. However, he wouldn’t let this setback get the best of him. Through continuous hours of rehab, Jacobs not only gained back the strength he once had, he became stronger than he ever was. With this amazing recovery, he was honored as the team’s Comeback Player of the Year as a sophomore. Since then, Jacobs has been contributing to the team’s success and is now looking to get them over the hump. His ultimate goal is to take the team past Regionals and to States. With his incredible work ethic and passion for the game, that goal is certainly achievable.


l Melgarejo first began he age of four, although realize it, he had found future. A pitcher for the s Baseball team, Melgarto States in his last high

s been a huge part of my . “Most of my childhood baseball and a mitt, and y can’t imagine my life ’m excited for my last nd I really hope to make my team.” rejo is known to be the rings a positive attitude es. He truly believes that better when the players When a player is down, t to help pick his team-

future, Melgarejo will ne Cookman University, Beach, FL, on a full-paid l. “Playing college ball y dream. Growing up I to work hard to get to nd I’m really glad to see work has paid off.” cher, Melgarejo will be o fill when he graduates off to college this year. are grateful to have him rms in Broward County, y team that comes their

He’s the first face opponent’s see when they take on PPCHS. He’s leadoff hitter Alex Monge-Rodriguez, a junior who lives on the clay and to push his body to the limits training, and push past that. Baseball has been in Monge’s life since an early age, learning from his older brother and father. Once he got the hang of things, Monge began separating himself from his teammates with something that can’t really be taught, which is the will to succeed. “I just love competing and giving all I have to just improve every day,” said Monge. “Working out and practicing baseball has just been a way of life for me.” That practice has paid off significantly for the 2nd year varsity second baseman. As a sophomore, Monge posted an impressive .312 batting average and solidified a strong contact hitter that every team wants in their leadoff batter. On the bases, Monge is a shifty runner with quick reflexes and good jumps. “I feel there is always room for improvement and this year I’m looking for a close to .500 average and over 10 stolen bases,” commented Monge. From the quickness to the strong arm, the best attribute Monge brings to the table is his Baseball IQ which he has accumulated from years of travel baseball. From scenario to scenario, Monge prides himself on knowing exactly what to do if the ball is hit to any given position. It’s like muscle memory for the junior, something he has done his entire life. Monge will continue to push his mind and body farther and farther as he hopes to earn a scholarship at the collegiate level. But for now, he wears a Jaguar paw print on his ball cap, and is a player PPCHS needs to be successful this season.

At the age of three, after taking his first steps onto the orange turf, with his helmet not quite adjusted properly and adrenaline pumping from anticipation of the game, it all began for Anthony Nogueiras. Fast forwarding 14 years later and the PPCHS junior describes his relationship with baseball as a humbling experience. With an undoubted dedication and passion for the sport he loves, at a young age Nogueiras, otherwise known by his teammates as Nuggie, fell in love with the game of baseball. As the right outfielder, Nogueiras sports #1 on his jersey and has the crucial job of catching and making plays for his teammates. Being the last line of defense on the field, he feels that to be the best he can be he must be “more confident” and leave the nerves off the field. His love for the sport stems from his weekend trips with his dad to the

park, and his overall role model New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. In his third year playing as PCB Jaguar, Nogueiras admits that one of his favorite aspects of the game would have to be having fun with his teammates, and- of course- bringing home team wins. His dedication doesn’t stop there, when the school doors close and summer begins Anthony is still on the field playing for his summer team. Looking towards the rest of his high school baseball career, Nogueiras hopes to continue on and have a great season. “Our expectations for this year is to make history for our school. I feel I can help my team by getting on base as much as possible and making the big plays. In the future, I'd love to play in a division 1 school in Florida for baseball and I believe I can play on the next level in college and eventually, much more,” said Nogueiras.

Danny Rodriguez

Here’s the pitch, a line drive to first base and he’s out, what a great catch by first baseman Danny Rodriguez. At the age of six years old, junior Danny Rodriguez picked up a ball and a glove and started what would become a life-long hobby that soon turned into the love of his life, “my dad played baseball all his life and he wanted me to try it, when I did I fell in love with it and I have been playing it ever since.” When asked what the game of baseball meant to him, it was clear that it was much more than a sport but a passion that he adores, “when I step on the field my mind clears and its just me and the field.” Born in New York, Danny has a strong tie to the New York Yankees and is looking forward to one day hanging up his Monroe and Gray Jaguar jersey for a blue pen-stripped Yankee one. His intense admiration for baseball undoubtedly translates on the field. Rodriguez’s position demands quickness and flexibility something he definitely has, opponents are lucky to get by the 6’2 defensive player. After three previous seasons on the team Danny has high hopes for this year “It’s going to be a great season, we’ve already gotten off to a good start. I can tell that we’re going to get far into the playoffs.”

Sports March 2014


Catch some knowledge and pass it on Troy Bottom SPORTS EDITOR

• Fundamentals: Football consists of two teams competing against each other with 22 players on the field at a time, 11 for each team. Each team is given 3 timeouts per half. At the professional and collegiate level, teams are also given two challenges which can be used to question a call or decision made by the officials, and have them use instant replay to correct the call. • The basics: Players are required to wear a helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, and protective hip, knee, butt, and thigh pads. Referees are required for each game along with a group of individuals to control the “chains”, or the first down markers. At each end of the field, there are 10 yards designated as the end zone. This creates a 100 yard field which is marked every ten yards, increasing from yard 1 to 50 and back down to 1. Each team is designated to protect their end zone with their defense, while the opponent attempts to score with their offense. • Special Teams: Each game is started with a coin toss to determine which team will receive the ball to start the game and who will get it after halftime. Both teams have their special teams take the field, which are players who take the field when a kick of any sort is about to take place, either a punt, kick, or extra point. The ball is then kicked off at the 30 yard line and the receiving team catches the ball and tries to move the ball as close to the opponents end zone as possible. To stop a

player from reaching the end zone, they must be tackled and brought to the floor with at least their elbow or knee touching the floor for a player to be deemed down. • The “O”: The offense then will take the field from where their player was tackled, also known as the line of scrimmage. Each play must be started with a snap which the ball is going through the centers legs, except for a kickoff. There are several ways an offense can line up, but it is required that seven players are on the line of scrimmage for each play. The offense now has 4 downs or tries to progress the football 10 yards from that line of scrimmage, referred to as a first down. The offense then snaps the ball in which it must go through the centers legs, one of the players on the line of scrimmage. From here the offense can either pass or run the ball forward past the defense and closer to the end zone. • In the air: If it is a pass, a player must be behind the line of scrimmage and throw it forward to a teammate who then must have two feet in bounds (1 foot for collegiate and high school level). If the ball is caught by the defense, it is called an interception and the defensive player who intercepted the ball must be tackled before he takes it to the opponents’ end zone. If no one catches a forward pass, the ball is dead, and is called an incomplete pass, causing that play to come to an end. If the ball is thrown backwards and incomplete, it is a live ball or fumble and then may be picked up by the defense. • On the ground: If an offense decides to run, the ball carrier must hold on to the ball

while trying to gain yards, or he could fumble before he is completely down and turn the ball over to the defense. If an offense does not get a first down in 3 downs, special teams come out onto the field to punt the ball away, giving the opponent tougher field position. • Sick kicks: If the offensive team is in range, they could attempt a field goal, which requires a kicker to kick the ball through the field goal post for a total of 3 points. If a field goal is missed, the opposing team is on offense at the spot where the missed kick was attempted. If a team eludes all of the defenders and scores a touchdown, 6 points will be awarded. A special team is then called onto the field for an extra point, which is a field goal attempted from the 2 ½ yard line worth 1 point. But a team could opt out of the extra point and attempt a two point conversion, which gives the offense one attempt at getting the ball in the end zone from the 2 ½ yard line which is worth 2 points. • For your saftey: The only other way to score is a safety which happens when a team is tackled into their own end zone or the ball goes out of bounds in their end zone. At the end of the 4 quarters, the team with the most points wins. But if the teams are tied, they must go into overtime. For the professional level, the first team to score a touchdown wins, but if the team that gets the ball first scores a field goal on their first possession of overtime, the opponent is given a shot to score after a kickoff. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the victor.



March 2014

Steal these rules and take them home Troy Bottom SPORTS EDITOR

• The basics: Baseball is played between 2 teams with 9 people on the field at one time and one batter up to bat for the opposing team. The away team is on offense first, and will be the first team to hit in top of the first inning. The away team will then have 9 guys, put in order by the head coach, get ready to hit at home plate. The batter up to bat is referred to as the batter, the next player after him is considered “on deck” and the batter following is “in the hole”. While up to bat at home plate, the batter has three strikes to try advance to first base. The pitcher’s mound is a collection of clay that is slightly taller than the rest of the field and is 60 feet from home plate. • Hey pitcher, pitcher, pitcher: The pitchers objective is to throw three strikes past the hitter to record an out. A strike is a ball thrown by the pitcher that is swung on, no matter where the ball is thrown. A strike can also be achieved when the ball is thrown within the width of home plate, is between the batters knees and upper abdominal, and the hitter dos not swing. This is referred to as the strike zone and may vary from umpire to umpire. Finally one can achieve a strike by fouling a ball off, which is swinging at a pitch and hitting it out of play and not inside of the white foul lines. If a foul ball is hit and is in the air, it can be caught, in which case the batter would be out. Although a foul ball counts as strike, a batter cannot be struck out on a

foul ball. This means a strike must be thrown with the batter either swinging or looking to deem the batter out. If a pitcher throws an inaccurate pitch and the batter does not swing, it is known as ball. If a pitcher throws 4 balls while facing a batter, he is awarded walk or a free base and goes to 1st base. • Maroone call to the bullpen: If a pitcher is extremely inaccurate and strikes a batter, the batter is awarded a free base and it is up to the umpire’s discretion to determine if it was intentional, which could mean ejection. Although there are no timeouts in baseball, a coach is allowed mound visits where he can calm the pitcher down if he is struggling. If two mound visits are used in the same inning, the pitcher must be removed and another pitcher must replace him. • He takes his lead...: If a pitch is thrown and the batter hits the ball, it is up to the 9 defenseman to record the out. A groundball is where the ball is struck and by the batter and rolls on the ground. The infielders are then responsible for throwing the ball to 1st baseman who will step on first base before the batter does. If a batter does successfully get on 1st base safely, they then take a two to three step lead off of the base. A pitcher can then try to pick off the base runner and throw the ball to the first baseman to record an out. To record an out, the first baseman must catch the ball and tag the runner instead of simply stepping on the bag. The base runner now has the option to steal a base, which is where he can sprint to second base while the pitcher is pitching, requiring the catcher

to catch the pitch and throw the ball to second base to tag the runner for an out. • Call it in the air: Another hit is known as a fly ball, which is when the batter strikes the ball into the air, giving the defense the opportunity to catch the ball for an out. If the ball is unable to be caught, the batter could proceed around the bases, which go counter clockwise from home to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and back to home base. If the ball is caught, the batter is out, but base runners already on base can tag up. This is where a base runner returns to the base he is on and put his foot on the bag waiting for the ball to be caught. Once it is caught, the runner then sprints to the next base before the ball is thrown and they are tagged. If they leave before the ball is caught, the ball can be thrown to the base they were previously on and the defense just has to step on the bag with the ball to record the out. • Swing for the fences: If the batter reaches 1st in one hit, it is a single, 2nd is a double, 3rd is a triple, and back to home is a home run. Besides a single and a runner leaving early in an attempt to tag up, the only way to get out a runner out is by tagging him with the ball in his glove. For the defense to go to offense, they must first get three outs, and then the home team will be up to bat in the bottom of the first inning. A regulation game is 9 innings, with the winner being the team with the most runs. If it is a tie, additional innings are added accordingly until a winner is proclaimed.

Sports February 2014


USA came to play from page 21...

The highly-anticipated men’s semi-final hockey matchup between the U.S. and Canada featured some of the top hockey players in the world including Patrick Cane for the Americans and Sidney Crosby for the Canadians. The only score of the game came within the first two minutes of the second period as no other offense was produced throughout the entire game, allowing Canada to knock out the U.S. of the gold medal game. For the second straight Olympics, Canada took home the gold and

USA came to play the U.S. failed to earn a bronze medal after losing 5-0 to Finland in the bronze medal game. “The Canadians broke our hearts once again. The ice-hockey is personally my favorite event to watch due to the huge rivalries all of the teams have created over the years. It makes me want our country to come out on top that much more,” said sophomore Jamar Alexis. Curling, luge, skeleton. Not many people know the basics behind these three sports in which hundreds of athletes participate every four years. That’s what the Olympics is all about: discovering the unknown athlete in a relatively unknown sport. The Olympics always brings surprises. Would you have guessed that a Dutch speed skater would leave Sochi with the

PCB’s post-season run comes up just short of states Matthew Deno STAFF WRITER

After an incredible regular season by the Pines Charter varsity basketball team with eighteen wins and only five losses, the team set their focus on making a post-season run. Knowing that there were high expectations to make a good push, the Jags were more than determined to achieve their goals. Starting with the Big 8 tournament and ending at the Regional finals, it sure was a wild run for the PCB boys. Heading into the Big 8 tournament, the Jags felt that if they played their best, they could beat any of the other seven teams. The Jags played well in the quarterfinals, beating St. Thomas Aquinas by 21 points. Going up against a much tougher opponent in the semifinal, Boyd Anderson, the result wasn’t the same for the Jags. It proved to be an all-out battle as no one managed to gain the upper hand until the final minutes when Boyd Anderson made some clutch shots and pulled out a 62-58 win. Although the Jags didn’t reach their goal of winning the tournament, they knew that they couldn’t soak in the loss because Districts was right around the corner. “We had to have a short memory and forget about the loss to Boyd Anderson. If we didn’t then we knew that we wouldn’t be prepared for Districts.” said junior guard Marcel Denbow. Due to only having three teams in their District and owning the top record, the Jags had a bye that put them in the championship game. Boynton Beach, who defeated Stranahan in the semifinal, was all that stood between them and a trip to Regionals. The Jags got off to another fast start and obtained an early lead that seemed to grow as the game progressed. In the second half, they blew it open with junior

Haniff Cheatham, who had 29 points and 12 rebounds, leading the Jags to the District championship by winning 84-57. Riding high heading into the Regional quarterfinals, the Jags used that momentum to their advantage as they dominated their opponent in every aspect of the game. Whether they were raining threepointers or grabbing every rebound, the Jags couldn’t be stopped as they won decisively with a score of 76-59. Cheatham lead the team again with 20 points and senior Peter Buckley pulled down a game high 13 rebounds. “We definitely had the momentum on are side for the quarterfinal game and could feel the energy from the crowd. That’s what ultimately led us to the Regional final.” said senior Stephan Montes. In the Regional semifinals, the Jags went up against Boynton Beach in a rematch of the District finals. Although it was a little too close for comfort, the Jags managed to punch their ticket to the Regional final by winning 71-63. Yet again, Cheatham was the lead scorer with 23 points and he also grabbed 11 rebounds. Now, it was the game the Jags had been waiting for since the beginning of the season, the Regional final. Their opponent was Miami Norland, the same team that ended the Jags postseason last year. They were in the game for the whole first half, only down by seven at halftime. Knowing they needed to gain some momentum, the Jags got on a run in the third quarter and cut the lead to three points. Unfortunately, Norland went on a run of their own in the fourth and managed to take the Regional championship with a 55-43 win. It wasn’t the end result the Jags wanted, but being Regional runner-up is still a great accomplishment. Congratulations to PCB on an awesome season and hopefully they’ll break the trend next year and make it to States.

most medals won? More likely than not, no one would have. Ireen Wust took home five medals from Russia, winning two gold and three silver. That was the biggest haul for any athlete and more than all but 19 nations. These Olympic Games essentially bring out the best in all of its participants. As the curtain comes down in Sochi without the 2014 Winter Olympics delivering an indelible signature moment, several teams are still entitled to walk away feeling they turned in the top performance. The Americans did their usual business in the Olympics, taking home a total of 28 medals, nine of which were gold. The U.S. secured five medals alone in snowboarding, three of which were gold. Only two Americans won multiple medals in Sochi. Meryl Davis and Charlie White won

bronze in the team figure skating competition and a historic gold in the ice dancing competition. The one gold and one bronze tied them for 39th on the individual medal count. “I watched the Winter Olympics from beginning to end. I was born in Canada, but I was going for U.S. the whole time. People should really take the time to watch these interesting events because you only get the chance to watch it once every four years,” said senior Austin Heim. For now, Russia has bragging rights for the next four years as the U.S. came in a close second in the medal count. But who cares? Representing the red, white, and blue shows the freedom you have. It shows the courage you have. Above all, it shows the heart you have.

Saying Goodbye to “The Captain” Matthew Deno STAFF WRITER

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, and Mariano Rivera. These are the names of some of the greatest players to ever put on a New York Yankees uniform. Now, you can go ahead and add Derek Jeter to that list. Jeter, the future Hall of Fame Yankees shortstop whose stellar career corresponded with the resurgence of baseball's most iconic franchise, announced on February 11th that the 2014 season will be his last. In a post on his Facebook fan page, Jeter, 39, said the 2013 season, in which he played just 17 games due to a broken ankle, “was a tough one for me,” and that “some of the things that came easy to me became a struggle.” Jeter's announcement signals the end of what will be a 19-year career for a player without any scandals, even as he had the highest profile on the league’s most scrutinized team. He enters his final season with 3,316 hits, 10th on the all-time list. He was the 1996 American League Rookie of the Year, and that season ended in what would be the Yankees’ first of five World Series championships with him as their shortstop. “It’s definitely bittersweet to know that Derek Jeter won’t be playing professional baseball anymore after next year. He was my favorite player playing for my favorite team, but I’m glad to see that he is going out like the true champ that he is.” said sophomore Jorge Perez. Like Mariano Rivera last season, Jeter will bring plenty of fans to the ballpark both at home and on the road as people look to get one final glimpse of the future Hall of Famer. Words cannot describe all

of the great things that Jeter has brought to not only the Yankees, but to the whole city of New York. He had so many iconic moments, such as his amazing “flip play” in Game 3 of the 2001 American League Division Series and his diving catch into the stands in 2004 versus the Yankees bitter rivals, the Boston Red Sox. However, Jeter wasn’t just known for his abilities on the field as many may describe Jeter’s best characteristic is his ability to handle all of the media and pressure put on him. When you’re the star of a team stationed in the media capital of the United States, there isn’t going to be a moment when the spotlight is not on you. Jeter didn’t let that bother him as he was never involved in any scandal and never had an outburst towards a reporter or any other media personnel. Also, with such high expectations, Jeter was often times faced with harsh criticism. Did he let that bother him? Absolutely not. Jeter couldn’t care less about what anyone other than his teammates had to say. It’s that ability to stay calm and humble that has Jeter ranked as one of the greatest athletes on and off the field. “Even though I am a die-hard Red Sox fan, I have the outmost respect for Derek Jeter. The way he carries himself and plays the game is something that should be recognized and repeated around the league.” said junior Anthony Garcia. Jeter’s farewell tour will begin in Houston as the Yankees open the season on April 1st against the Astros. His final home opener will come on April 7th against the Orioles, the same opponent he’ll face in his final regular-season home game on September 25th. Jeter’s last regular-season game will come against the Red Sox on September 28th at Fenway Park.

ners, called the “Miami Beckham United investment group” have set out to make a deal with the Mayor- Carlos Gimenez. If Gimenez agrees to allow the stadium to be built on the property, the investment group will be one step closer to obtaining their goal. In order to spark even further interest, Beckham even mentioned that the University of Miami football team could possibly use the field for their games. Since the team has difficulty filling the Sun-Life Stadium in Miami, Gardens, Beckham is open to the idea of them playing at the someday MLS stadium. Beckham is not letting the fall of the team in 2001 discourage him; he believes that times have changed for the city of Miami. According to the Miami Herald, Beckham said,

“I know that this city is ready for footballsoccer-this time around.” To bring even more interest, Beckham plans to open a local youth soccer academy. When he visited Kendall’s soccer park, he was bombarded by soccer moms and young athletes that would be excited to say the least about training with a legend. The enthusiasm that these fans brought to the field is hopefully a microcosm of what the stadium will be like in 2017. “I’m really excited that there will finally be a team in Miami because I like to watch the pros since I play myself. Watching the games in person will allow me to see the level of talent that it takes and what I need to work on,” said sophomore and Pines Charter Soccer player, Emely Sosa. “Hopefully it will work out so that future athletes have a team to grow up watching.” While Beckham continues to work with his business partners to bring the team to Miami, the excitement continues to grow for soccer fanatics. If it all works out, the team will find a home in Miami by 2017.

Build it like Beckham Alexys Nowak PROOF-READER

He plays the sport, he coaches the sport, he raises his kids to live and breathe the sport. He even models for sport’s magazines in which he proposes a more “eye candy” idea of the game of soccer. David Beckham, who retired last year in May, has accomplished many feats throughout his life. Now that he has finished his time on the field, he has decided to focus on a different side of the game: managing. Beckham has proposed the idea of bringing a professional soccer team to the city of Miami. From 1998-2001, Miami had a team named Miami Fusion who played out of Ft. Lauderdale, but folded due to lack of attendance. Even knowing this, the retired English player made his way to Miami to see what the city could do for him. On February 5th, Beckham had thousands of fans gathered around him at the Perez Art Museum. According to miamiherald. com, Beckham wants to fund the stadium

on his own with help from his business partners Simon Fuller- the creator of American Idol - and Marcelo Claure – a chief executive of Brightstar Corp who is based in Miami. Beckham presented the idea that in his MLS contract, it is stated that he could purchase a franchise for a below-market $25 million. Their main priority at the moment is finding a site for the stadium that they hope will fill 25,000 fans. Their dream place for the stadium would be the South West port of Miami. The property is owned by the county, so Beckham and his part-

Entertainment February 2014


Biggest Loser…loses?

accomplished. On the reality TV show The Biggest Loser, the conLosing weight is a good thing, testants of every season have one right? For many, losing weight goal: to lose as many pounds as posseems desirable and something in sible when they are on the so-called life that will eventually have to be “ranch” in the heart of Los AngeBrett Alayon STAFF WRITER

Flappy Bird goes down the pipe

les, California. For years, this show airing on Tuesday nights on NBC has been a huge hit inspiring those at home to get off the couch and be physically productive. However, when does losing weight change

Jack Ryan: Needs new recruits

from a positive and encouraged activity to taking a second chance too far? See Biggest Loser, Page 28...

A world of magic on your wrist

Entertainment March 2014


Jack Ryan: Needs new recruits Emily Asaro FILM APPRECIATION MEMBER

There’s no need for Chris Pine [Jack Ryan] to prove his capabilities as an action hero, yet in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruits he only emphasizes his leading man characteristics. His acting brings a sense of enthusiasm to the film that would otherwise be lacking had anyone else been cast. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruits: is a slow starter. Much of the beginning follows Jack Ryan [Chris Pine] and his ordinary life. Fortunately, like The Little Engine That Could the story begins to pick up as the audience learns that Jack Ryan must fly to Moscow, while deceiving his girlfriend Cathy [Kiera Knightley], to stop the impending economic crisis of the United States. The plot is something to appreciate. It’s deeper than a foreign country trying to blow us off the map. It is a story of economic warfare, an intelligentsia’s way of fighting. The antagonist, Viktor, is played by the movies director, Kenneth Branagh. He’s a stoic character who seems to have one thing on his mind, power. His character has depth and proves to be an interesting villain. Although beautiful, Kiera Knightley’s acting at times is boring. She carries a half smile and seems to be trying a little too hard to prove that she was a good fit for this part. Long story short she was replaceable. Chris Pine on the other hand, did well. He has the physique of a secret CIA agent, and is believable when he displays emotions of anger, despair, etc. Overall, the movie was good. David Koepp, one of the script writers, worked on blockbuster hits such as Jurassic Park, and Spider-Man. From a man with such a reputation I expected to be wowed and was disappointed when I wasn’t. The dialogue may draw a few smirks and smiles but I felt that there were missed opportunities. I would recommend seeing this in anticipation for the sequel which is sure to draw more character development from Jack Ryan.

I Swear it’s worth the read Jerika De Armas BOOK CLUB MEMBER

Bullying is one of the most significant issues worldwide. Whether it causes physical or verbal abuse, bullying negatively affects the victim. I Swear by Lane Davis is one of the most phenomenal books about bullying. The reader goes through an array of emotions while reading this book, but nothing can compare to the disgust and hatred I felt when the bullies found an innocent girl as their victim. The book starts off from Leslie’s point-ofview as her mind is filled with harsh, horrible thoughts stemming from the bullies who assaulted her. She didn’t deserve to be bullied; she had a wonderful life, family, and a boyfriend. Being bullied to the point where nobody could save her caused Leslie to commit suicide by inhaling exhaustive monoxide gas in a locked garage. The most twisted part of all is that her friends were the ones bullying her. I Swear was very well-written in the sense that I was able to closely examine the different point of views of all the characters. I was able to see each character for who they really were—from the bullies to their victims. Bullying is by no means acceptable; it only makes you a bad person. If you happen to see somebody being bullied, take action! Your inability to assist the victim will result in their fractured mind. Sometimes I found myself putting the book down because of how upset it made me feel. Throughout this book, I craved Leslie’s justice. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wishes to do their part. One can truly grasp the powerful message of standing up to bullying by not staying silent—Leslie’s death in the book was, for the most part, due to her “friends” staying silent and lying about the constant abuse she received from them. Bullying should not be tolerated anywhere and it requires immediate action. Don’t stay silent to bullying; stand up for the rights of people just like you.

Biggest Loser…loses? Biggest Loser from Page 26... Brett Alayon STAFF WRITER

The most recent winner of the show was Rachel Frederickson a former swimming athlete in her teenage years. As of 2005, Frederickson had seemingly everything going for her until all of her goals and dreams were put on pause after falling for a guy. Soon enough, Rachel’s dream of competing in the summer Olympics were completely destroyed after gaining weight and gaining it far too quickly. According to the People magazine, Frederickson’s path toward an unhealthy lifestyle quickly rose in 2008 when she went to a French pastry school due to her love for sweets. Just a little over five years later, The Biggest Loser came along. But was it for the better or worse? With almost six full months on the show, Frederickson won The Biggest Loser Triathlon, dominated almost every competition, and killed it in the gym with trainers Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, and Dolvett Quince. Rachel started the show at 260 pounds and left it at 150 on the dot. With just a few weeks until the finale, Rachel reportedly worked out roughly six hours a day on a 1,600 calorie daily intake. Although Frederickson stresses that she is now happier and healthier than ever, Ra-

chel weighed in at the finale at a total of people out there, including me. Despite all the 105 pounds. controversy, she is clearly in better condition “I’ve been watching the show for years than when she began the show; so I think the now and I have truly never seen anything media should just give her a break,” said sopholike this before. Ramore Jorge Perez. chel shocked the The Biggest Loser show world with all of the itself has received a lot conadditional weight troversy on losing too much she lost after leaving weight too fast. For Frederthe show. I just hope ickson, she describes it as she remains healthy “one of the best experiences and lives a normal I will ever have.” (Peolife,” said junior People Kaitlyn Tenn. magazine, social networkAs The Biggest ing sites, regular news sites, Loser’s winner was and the running of people’s swarmed by the mouths has produced a great media, viewers of deal stress for Rachel Fredthe finale at home erickson by calling her ancould not get over orexic and urging her to reBob Harper’s and gain the weight she has lost. Jillian Michael’s reIn an interview Rachel stataction to Rachel’s ed, “I love myself and I can new look. With a embrace me. I am not going Biggest Loser: Losing weight is the goal of the literal jaw-dropping hit show The Biggest Loser, but losing too much to let anyone take that away look, the trainers fa- weight can be harmful. Photo by: Alex Monge again.” In the end, The Bigcial express were not gest Loser reality show asks abnormal in response to the huge surprise its contestants to shed pound not only for their millions of Americans witnessed on Feb- outer appearance, but for their inner self confiruary 4th. At PPCHS, many students are dence. In spite of the entire dispute surrounding backing Rachel and her outlook on weight Rachel Frederickson with her stunning weight, loss. she couldn’t be happier. So does that make her “Rachel is truly an inspiration to a lot of a biggest loser and the better winner?

Flappy Bird goes down the pipe Alexys Nowak PROOF-READER

The intensity is real. As the bird flies through the air, he keeps his eyes open for obstacles in the way. He feels the wind underneath his wings as it floats in between the clouds. But suddenly…BAM, the bird runs into something that appears to come out of nowhere: a green pipe floating in the sky. This is not just any bird, it’s the famous “Flappy Bird,” that the generation grew to become obsessed in just a small amount of time. This App was created by Dong Nguyen and topped the charts in the App Store last month. The obsession took its way to Twitter, where people ranted about how they were one point away from beating their high score. Eventually, rumors spread that the game

was removed from the App Store. On February 7th, people began to understand why. Nguyen began tweeting that Flappy Bird was “not made for the masses,” and that it was “ruining his simple life” (via @Dongatori). Believing that the app was overused, Nguyen decided to have it removed from the App Store. Users who already

have the game can still play, but it is not available for purchase. Some users are so obsessed with the app that they would be willing to pay thousands of dollars for it. An iPhone that already has the app installed can be purchased for the amount of money that would buy about five iPhones. The obsession that this app brings has caused people to dig deep into their wallets just for a game. “Flappy bird was a huge sensation. Students constantly played it and everyone was always talking about the frustration it brought when they couldn’t beat their score. I guess people will just have to find another game to obsess over,” said sophomore Rachel Lorenzo. Flappy Bird left its mark on this generation, and some users even find themselves lost without it. The app will be forever gone, but the creator of Flappy Bird will continue to create other games to Graphic By: Matthew Perez sell.

A world of magic sits on your wrist identifications, tracking everything from your name to your Disney Resort hotel room. The bands will come equipped with In a world surrounded by innovations, it’s a sensor, which will have to be touched almost impossible for any major company to another sensor to enter the park, access to avoid upgrades, next in line is the world fast pass, and even pay for merchandise famous Disney World. With the introduc- and food. The Magic Bands will virtually tion of Magic Bands, Disney plans to bet- take over everything in the park. Also, the ter the Disney experience for its visitors by bands do not require any batteries because providing an all in one band that will be they use radio frequency to detect location. able to do nearly anything in the park. One of the major concerns is that the beMagic Bands are small, customizable loved fast passes may soon be a thing of the past, however, they will not be going away completely. The fast pass system is changing to FastPass+. Similar to the old system of fast passes, FastPass+ allows you to enter certain attractions more quickly than if you were to stand in the regular line by giving you a span of about an hour to enter your ride. Unlike the other fast passes, this system will require you to choose only 3 attractions that will be used for FastPass+ whereas before, guests were be able to ride any amount of attractions for free. Although you will have to choose the attractions that you want to access using the FastPass+ beforehand, the system is flexible. If you FastPass+: Disney has now made it possible for you to access haven’t used up your three spots your FastPass before even entering the park. Photo By: Carli Stander. for FastPass+, you can change the wristbands that are accessible in an array rides that you have access to online through of colors. It will be known as your Disney the MyDisney Experience app. Nick Rivera STAFF WRITER

“I think it’s really cool how Disney has found a way to incorporate the whole park into one little wristband. The main concern for me is that it’s too restricting for fast passes. I like to have the freedom of picking my rides out of whim. I don’t need to plan my day and I get to do whatever I want and be spontaneous. I feel like when you go to Disney it’s supposed to be a vacation, not a planned strict schedule. We get enough of that elsewhere. I wouldn’t bother trying it out,” says Senior Jynae Eadie. Currently, Magic Bands are not available to everyone, and only a select few visitors have been testing them out. However, the band will be available in the upcoming months. In order to get the bands, you will have to be staying at a Disney Resort Hotel or be a Walt Disney World pass holder. “I think it might improve how things work. It would give people better chances to get into rides. It will make Disney more efficient because more people will be able to ride and the lines will move faster because people won’t be using all of the rides, only the ones that they really want to ride. I personally don’t stay at the hotels and I am usually someone who goes for only a day so I don’t know if the band would be helpful to me, but I’m hopeful for it,” says sophomore Samantha Vega. There is still a lot to learn about Disney’s Magic Bands, but as the months pass, more information will be available about the advancements that are occurring in Disney World. One thing is for sure, Magic Bands are sure to alter the ways of the Disney experience.

In long run, technology will be upgraded in schools


Today, it is almost impossible for most people in first-world countries to even imagine a life without their precious smartphones, high definition televisions and cars to take them everywhere they need to go. Technology and advances in technology affect almost every single aspect of daily

human life. It is the main influence on what we do in our world and how we go about doing it. Technology is responsible for empowering us to be able to do things ranging from driving a car to observing our planet and the stars in the sky to communicating with someone on the other side of

Also in Technology...

the globe. There is hardly anyone on Earth who doesn’t use some sort of technology in their life, and if some don’t, they are still affected by it in some way. Society has been exposed to more advances in technology in the last few years than it has been since the

beginning of recorded history, and year by year, it gets even more advanced and never ceases to impress all of us. See Modern Eduation, page 30

Technology March 2014


In long run, technology will be upgraded in schools

Modern Technology from page 29... side of school if they need help, so school is no longer restricted to a single time or place. Technology provides an entirely new virtual experience for students that can help to further the depth of understanding that a student has on a certain subject. If a student isn’t one hundred percent comfortable with something they learned, virtual simulations and illustrations provide him/her a visual perspective and a more interactive method of learning. It’s also much easier today for students to collaborate with other students to do group work. Communication between students is breathtakingly easy and students can easily learn together or work together at the same time without being in the same location, with the help of programs such as Google Drive. Students are able to express and share their ideas with other students around the entire world in a matter of seconds. We are also able to get many more things done and on a much larger scale. Technology provides tools that give students a more organized and convenient way of writing, designing, and producing and a quicker, cheaper way of doing so. These methods of learning are more con-

venient and benefit the students and their futures in more ways than most people think. Some people argue that technology actually hinders modern day education and that we should remain teaching the way we have taught in previous years. However, I feel that doing so would only harm the education of today’s students. Although technology has resulted in some negative outcomes, it’s not technology itself that causes those; the true cause is people and how they decide to use the technology provided today. It’s ridiculous that some would actually want to blame technology for the problems that they have caused by misusing it. Using technology to its full power for educational purposes is the best thing for our current and future society, but technology has the potential to be misused and can hinder the educational development for students if used for the wrong purposes. Technology can distract people in the learning environment and can influence students to not do their homework, not pay attention in class, and to slack off with their work quality. Another issue at hand that is brought into the educational world by technology is

be guaranteed to become consumer products in 2014; it’s more of a “to-do list” for In 2013, it was a year full of success for Google. So to prepare for what promises Google, which launched a ton of new and to be a wild year of Google news, here’s improved products, drastically increas- everything we know about the company’s ing its profits each quarter and maintain- future plans. ing its dominance in the mobile OS race. Google Glass- Google kept Glass, its As we enter a new year, everyone’s atten- intriguing head-mounted personal computer, on the down-low in 2013. There was a notable hardware revision which bundled in a mono ear bud, as well as some welcome software improvements. Google is now touring the United States to let the public try Glass for themselves. Almost certainly, Google will be showing off more of Glass and releasing further software updates in 2014. “I’m happy to see that Google is soon going to unveil Glass to the public. Graphic by: Daniel Vidal It seems like a very cool, useful product that I would tion is turning to 2014 and the main ques- potentially buy depending on the price tion that they are asking is, Where Google range.” said freshman Bradley Villard. will focus its efforts next? The following New Nexus devices- Every time Google consists of all the hints, announcements, releases a new Nexus device, it becomes and acquisitions the world has heard from the standard-bearer for the Android platGoogle lately. Not all projects named will form and it always shows the mobile op-

erating system in its best light. The company has unveiled a new smartphone about every 12 months since January 2010 and there is no reason why it would want to stop that trend. Google is also in the tablet game and a follow-up to the Nexus 10, its 10-inch tablet built by Samsung, feels long overdue. Some rumors and apparent leaks have been circulating, none of which feel authentic, but a new full-size slate with Nexus branding seems likely for 2014. More Android updates- Further refinements for Android should be expected in 2014, although it’s difficult to predict how Google will develop the platform moving forward. Version 4.4 was by far the best version of Android to date, featuring a lighter, cleaner design and useful new software features. Whatever Google decides to call the next version of Android, expect there to be an even greater emphasis on smart, contextual information, with a deeper incorporation of Google Now and Google+. “Being an Android owner myself, I’m really excited about all of the new updates to the software. I’ve encountered a few problems with my device which will hopefully be resolved in the updates.” said sophomore Daniel Kan. A Chromecast push- When Google first launched the Chromecast, there were only


Technological improvements have made life much more convenient and have allowed people to discover, learn and do things in a way that we were never able to do before. It has allowed us to further educate ourselves and has even altered the way that we view our place in the world. As of right now, technology is extremely important and beneficial to the education of students in the modern world, and is one hundred percent necessary if we as a society ever plan to advance in the future. It is vital to education for students today, and vital to the education for students in the future. The resources that humans have today should be used to their full power to enhance the learning of today’s youth and more and more schools across the globe are incorporating technology into modern education, and it has made an impressive positive difference so far. The Internet and its large abundance of resources give students across the world several ways of learning without the presence of a teacher being necessary. It also gives students a way to contact their teacher out-

Sneak peak will leave you Googley-eyed Matthew Deno STAFF WRITER

Resources: Sophomore Mickey Pagan uses technology to her benefit in school. Photo by: Sydney Silverberg

cheating. Some students don’t even do their assigned work and instead of actually reading and learning the content they were assigned, they instead choose to use a search engine for answers. When students cheat and perform well on assignments, it doesn’t give teachers an accurate idea of what the class is struggling with and he/she won’t know what needs to be taught. Both good and bad can come from anything, and in technology’s case, it just depends on how it’s used and what it’s used for.

a few apps that could be streamed from the inexpensive TV dongle. That line-up has now started to grow though, with the addition of high-profile serves such as Pandora, HBO Go, Vevo and Songza. It is likely that Google will introduce Chromecast to other markets sometime in 2014 and continue to persuade developers to put support into their next iOS and Android app updates. A broader Google+- According to Google CEO Larry Page, Google+ is being developed as the backbone for everything Google offers on the Web. The new integration with YouTube and the Google Play store last year was only the beginning. In 2014, more of Google’s top products and services will likely tie into Google+. Essentially, Google wants your account on Google+ to be the passport, or primary profile that connects you to all of its services. More surprises- Google always does the unexpected. It builds self-driving cars, balloons that carry Internet access to developing countries, and new companies to tackle the challenge of ageing and associated diseases. What is absolutely certain is that Google will surprise us in 2014. We don’t know how, or exactly when, but at one point this year it’s guaranteed that you’ll be taken back by what the company is hoping to achieve next.

NSA receives backlash from tech companies Jake Dreilinger News Editor/Managing Editor

Dating back to last year, the American public was angered over the fact that the National Security Agency, or NSA for short, was spying on the people of the United States. According to a PowerPoint released by NSA leaker Edward Snowden last year, the NSA was gathering information on people by monitoring websites like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. But now, these tech companies are angry. According to The Guardian, these companies called for ‘aggressive’ reforms at a recent White House meeting. Executives from fifteen companies, including Google, Apple, and Twitter, expressed their concern with the NSA to President Obama and Vice President Biden in a face-to-face meeting. These companies felt that the NSA was undermining their trust ( At the meeting, the government tried to move the conversation back to the healthcare issue, but the tech companies present were determined to get this issue resolved. When nothing happened, these companies lent their support to anti-spying protests that are trying to limit the power of the NSA.

“It’s an invasion of our privacy,” said senior Giovanni Guzman. “It’s good that these companies are doing this. The government should not have the need to tap into the business of the people.” The protest, called “The Day We Fight Back” campaign, has urged Congress to restrict the NSA’s powers ( This protest is supported by various groups and websites, like the American Civil Liberties Union and Reddit. Several websites connected to the protest have urged members to call and email Congress. According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 51,000 calls and 107,000 emails had gone through Congress as of February 11th. “Today we’re proud to support The Day We Fight Back, to end mass surveillance,” tweeted Twitter’s public policy team ( Similar statements were made by Google and Microsoft. “I am a little suspicious as to why these companies are helping this movement,” said senior Nathaly Henriette. “Usually, big name companies are looking for the quickest buck, so they must be hiding something. I think they do not want the NSA to find out what they are doing to

make money.” The main impact that these companies have had on the campaign is their ability to spread the word. When the USA Freedom Act was introduced by Wisconsin Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, many business that support the protest spread the word on the bill. The bill has gained support of both Democrats and Republicans alike ( In a blog written by a Microsoft vice president of government affairs Frederick S. Humphries Jr. (latimes), he states, “People won’t use technology they don’t trust. Governments have put this trust at risk, and governments need to help restore it. Microsoft will keep advocating for change until that day comes, and in the meantime will continue to take direct action to protect our customers.” Ever since that meeting with President Obama back in December 2013, tech companies have dedicated their time to ensure that aggressive NSA reforms take place.

Graphic by: Matthew Perez

The connections that these companies have have increased the support to the protests and campaigns against the NSA. As stated by Humphries Jr., people won’t use technology they don’t trust. If these companies were to support the NSA, their income will decrease and their reputation would be tarnished. Tech companies are giving the power back to the people, and with the restriction of the NSA, the people will no longer have to live in fear of the government listening to their ever word.


Lifestyle February 2014

Dreaming is hard to control, and it’s a good thing


Each night, after hours of doing homework, each of us crawl into bed. Exhausted and happy to go to sleep, most of us can’t even stay up for a few minutes before we pass out. Hours later, we wake up and blindly prepare for another school day. What we don’t ever think about is what happens in those few hours where we are asleep. Humans have an average of two hours of dreams a night. Most of the time, however, we can only remember one or two, if any ( The best part about

dreams is that they can be anything you desire. From flying above the skyline in New York City to talking to your dog, there is nothing that can’t be done. The only problem is that we can’t control our dreams. Or can we? Lucid dreaming can be defined as a sense of awareness that you are dreaming and although it usually only happens once in a blue moon, everyone naturally experiences lucid dreaming ( But what many people don’t know is that it is possible for anyone to learn how to lucid dream. “Dreams represent another part of our life

that we can’t live physically. I definitely think that they are influenced by the things that we think of, see, and hear through our daily lives. Dreams are a part of our spiritual world and I do believe that dreams can show what may come in the future. It helps you think more abstractly through life and also helps you reflect on events that happen throughout your life and how they affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically,” says junior Gabrielle Hoffman. For us to learn about dreams, we have to fully understand how sleep work. Sleep occurs in different stages. The two main

stages are NREM (No Rapid Eye Movement) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The stages occur in cycles that repeat throughout the night. NREM sleep is split into sub stages The N1 stage consists of a light sleep where muscle activity slows down. In stage N2 our eyes stop moving. And in Stages N3 and N4 we enter a deep sleep, often making it difficult to wake us ( The final stage is REM sleep. See Dreaming, Page 15

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Chick-fil-A and Sub-no way

Fashion Week hits the Big Apple

100 Montaditos Restaurant Review

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Dreaming is hard to control, 32 and it’s a good thing

Dreaming from Page 31... Nick Rivera STAFF WRITER

Most dreaming occurs during Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, sleep. This is one of the deepest points in our sleep. At this point, our bodies are paralyzed, all except for our eyes which move back and forth rapidly. Heart rate as well as blood pressure increases and the brain becomes more active during this point, which usually occurs for about two hours in total during the night. Paralysis during REM sleep prevents us from acting out our dreams, however, if during REM sleep the paralysis is inter-

rupted, people can experience REM sleep behavior disorder. This is characterizes by people beginning to act out their dreams as they occur, such as walking around or talking. It proves that dreams can be very dangerous, especially if we can’t control them, because we don’t know what we can end up doing. According to Stephen LaBerge, PhD., most lucid dreaming typically occurs during REM sleep. Those tested by he and other scientists had explained instances where they shifted from being awake to going asleep without losing consciousness.

Chick-fil-A and Sub-no way Maribel Maignan STAFF WRITER

that. Come on Chick-fil-A I would of expected better from you, that is just wrong,” After years of providing menu items that said freshman, Lesley Alled. everyone loves, Chick-fil-A and Subway Subway also has dug themselves into may not be that great after all. Recently it quite a hole too. Vani Hari, who discovhas come to light that the Grade A restau- ered the antibiotics in Chick-fil-A chickrants have been keeping a very big secret en, is also the same person who recently from its customers. Food blogger of ‘Food launched a petition to get Subway to reBabe’ Vani Hari, wrote an article last year move a chemical called azodicarbonamide about controversial ingredients in Chick- from its breads. Azodicarbonamide, also fil-A’s products. “After Chick-fil-A discov- found in yoga mats and shoe soles, is alered this article they decided to have her ready banned from Australia and illegal in come down and check things out for her- Europe. “The chemical used by commerself,” reported CNN. Hari discovered that cial bakers for the purpose of strengthenthe restaurant was using antibiotics in their ing dough has been poorly tested,” accordchicken after her four hour walk through ing to the Center for Science in the Public with the company. Interest. Subway has said the chemical is “Farmers usually give this antibiotic, safe, but is it really. “Azodicarbonamide amongst many other drugs, to food-pro- also has a product in it called semicarbaducing animals while doctors actually use zide, which was found to cause cancers of it to treat sick humans…[and] the U.S. the lung and blood vessels in mice,” said Food and Drug Administration has said CSPI. Thankfully, the company began rethat antibiotics in livestock are contribut- moving the chemical last year and is aling to the rise of dangerous bacteria,” says most done. one CNN article. “I love these restaurants just as much as In recent news, the next guy, but Chick-fil-A has hearing this is made a statekind of disgustment saying ing. I’m just hapthat the move to py their removtake out these ing the products antibiotics has because I would already begun of stopped eating stating that it is their completely a “business deciif they didn’t, sion”. Within the nothing’s more next five years, important than it is said that my health,” said all Chick-fil-A junior, Delain products will noChemicals in food: Popular fast food restaurants, Chick-fil-A Georges. and Subway, have been exposed for using drugs and chemicals longer be comingin their food. Photo by: Jonathan Harris Restaurants evfrom antibiotic erywhere should raised livestock. “A shift this significant start removing harmful products from their will take some time, as it requires chang- food now because if a person starts getting es along every point of the supply chain. sick from it then that company is going to From the hatchery to the processing plant,” have a big problem. Thankfully Chick-filsaid Tim Tassopoulos, executive vice pres- A and Subway have already began the proident of operations of Chick-fil-A. cess of removing these ingredients from “I think it’s disgusting that restaurants their products, and there will be no more like Chick-fil-A will just let us sit there and worry for what’s in their food anymore eat their food knowing that their custom- for the restaurants consumers. Hopefully, ers can get sick from it. The antibiotics are more restaurants will follow suit and make causing bacteria in the livestock and we eat food safer and healthier for consumers.

Although many theories have been tested, scientists like LaBerge are still trying to discover more about dreams and why they occur. As of now, little is known about lucid dreams but scientists hope that one day they will understand everything there is to know about dreams. “I don’t think that scientists will ever be able to find out what dreams actually are or why they occur. They aren’t meant for to find out because like I said dreams are a spiritual thing that’s different per individual. Science and spiritual matters don’t usually mix, and science can’t have an answer

for everything,” says Hoffman. At the end of the day, just as the day before, we will sleep again and dream another dream. Next time you take a snooze, however, try to think about what really happens while you lose consciousness and what your dreams really mean to you. The realization that you are in a dream can make for an amazing experience because you would be able to do whatever you want. Maybe someday we will eventually gain control over your dreams.

Fashion Week hits the Big Apple Shakayla Lee and Tyra Green STAFF WRITERS

and I saw so many celebrities there, Kendall Jenner everywhere I saw her modeling and sitting front row at Top Shop. I saw Kim Kardashian and one of my favorite picture was of Jessica Alba going to fashion week and she was in a very chic Audrey Hepburn style outfit,” said Fashion club president Emily Castellano. Each year the colors and textures of each runway show contribute to one universal theme. The trends set for this fall season has come straight from Nashville Tennessee and Austin, Texas. Inspired by the wild Wild West, fringe and frayed edges, equestrian style boots and blanket coats glided aimlessly on the runway and landed on the shelves of local boutiques. The first designer to begin the trend of the American west was designer Karl Lagerfeld for fashion house Chanel. Cowboy hats and fringe were included into every piece and the red and brown hues accented the theme. Faux fur has also dominated through the fall shows and is certainly becoming a notable

It’s every girls dream to put on a pair of heels and capture their own Carrie Bradshaw to walk the streets of Manhattan. Twice a year, five foot ten models and foreign designers travel to New York City for what is the most glorious time in the fashion world: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. From February 6 to February 13, fashion houses like BCBG Max Azria and Alexander Wang headed the long list of sixty designers who debuted their very best pieces in creative fashion shows. As designers, celebrities and models took to New York, the weather snowed on their fashion parade. In fashion, the show must go one, and a mere snowstorm accented with sleet along the Northeast corridor, couldn’t stop the dedicated elites. With dedication in their eyes, models were bundled up in coats and scarves making their way to “go see’s” or castings to book runway shows .To keep it safe, employees shoveled walkways around the tents at Lincoln Center, and according to the main sponsor of the tents, Mercedes-Benz, stated in an email: “we plan to move forward with all shows as scheduled.” To fight the natural disaster, some such even resorted to having their boyfriend carry them Fashion Week: From February 6th to February 13th, New York City hosted fashion week, where many designers, celebrities, and models showed off the through the snow. latest fashion trends. Photo by: Sydney Silverberg Fashion week not only brings out the best couture, but it trend. J. Mendel who is notable for fur also highlights celebs who look gorgeous debuted a black faux coat that combined in their outfits. It is commonly known that luxury and casual. designers who have glamorous actors and Extravagantly, the world’s most wellactresses front row at their show adds to known designers get together and showthe popularity of that clothing line. Fore- case their vision for the season and give the showing a potential up and coming vogue world something to talk about. Mercedescover, ‘12 Years a Slave’ actor Lupita Benz fashion week serves as a celebrity Nyong’o sat next to the prestigious vogue outlet to keeping up with the latest trends editor Anna Wintour and Naomi Watts in and give those who have a passion for fashthe front row of the Calvin Klein show. “I ion, a chance to shine. watched some fashion week shows online

100 Montaditos Restaurant Review Andrea Bellorin CLUBS EDITOR

100 Montaditos was something far different from your regular Subway or Jason’s Deli. With an array of over 100 different small sandwiches, this restaurant really proved to me how unique it is. Located in Pembroke Lakes Square on Hiatus Road, 100 Montaditos provides the perfect experience for anyone searching for a satisfying and different meal. Walking into the doors of the restaurant I realized it was a bit different than the usual. The atmosphere of the traditional 19th century Spanish tavern greatly influenced the look, as I saw many photos, posters, granite tables and simple decorations that brought the place to life. There are several high and low tables with small pull out seats, followed by tables outside. The set up was more casual and very free if you would say. As you prepare to order your

array of small “montaditos”, you can write baked to order and jam-packed with tradithem down on a tional ingredients as small paper providSerrano ham, Spaned and then simply ish tortilla, chorizo hand it over to the sausage and Mancashier. Within five chego cheese. As I to ten minutes of skimmed through placing your order, the enormous list each customer’s of varying monname is called to taditos, I simply receive their order. didn’t know which Aside from these to choose. There montaditos, one were so many opcan also order varitions that could ous drinks, salads, have satisfied any and appetizers such craving I desired. as calamari that are Pork? They have simply to die for. it. Burger stuffed The restaurant is montaditos? Got it. named 100 Mon- 100 options: 100 montaditos offers over 100 different Nutella filled monbite size sandwhiches to their customers. Photo by: taditos due to the Carli Stander taditos with chocospanish rolls that are late bread? That’s

there too. I came to visit the restaurant on a Wednesday. Little did I know it was the perfect day to go. One thing the restaurant is very famous for is the offers it has on Wednesdays, which is that all montaditos are only $1. The prices of drinks are also reduced. I saw this as a good sales idea because it brings a lot of customers together and overall increases the uniqueness of the restaurant. This fast casual restaurant was a perfect place to eat, drink, and chat. Not only is their quick personalized service, but also it was a general relaxing and friendly environment. The customers ranged anywhere from small children with their families to college students just released from class. It is affordable and satisfactory. Whenever you are unable to decide on where to eat, I recommend 100 Montaditos to satisfy any craving at a great student friendly price.

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Violent Venezuela: Anti-government Protests Roam Caracas Aaliyah Pasols STAFF WRITER

In April 2013, the news was announced that the former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, had died. Now the South American country is popping up again in the news for recent violent protests. Over the last two weeks, Venezuela has not been “one of the happiest countries in the world”, as has proclaimed. They have been making headlines for quite a while as protests, rallies, and riots continue on throughout the cities, more specifically in the capital city of Caracas.

As the pot continues to stir, all most people can do is sit back and hope that a solution is quickly provided to Venezuela’s dangerous brewing problem. The protests first began two weeks ago when Venezuelan students got together to rally and call attention to the major threat of the out-of-control crime in Venezuela. Venezuela ranks as one of the most dangerous countries in the world due to its crime rate (The Guardian). There were more than 21,000 homicides in 2012 and since then the numbers have only climbed higher ( The student protestors had hoped to pronounce their pleas nonvio-

lently, but the opposing government forces made that impossible. As things escalated, five people were killed, including two of the original student protestors. “What’s going on in Venezuela is alarming. People are dying, and it’s obvious that the government over there is corrupt. They need help and fast,” senior Nicholas Kokenzie stated. After seeing the students march the streets, other Venezuelans got motivated, and joined them. Not only were the protests now about the crime rates but also about the rising 56.2% inflation and economic difficulties. Today in Venezuela,

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More than the Minimum

Violent Venezuela: Anti-government Protests Roam

people are struggling in supermarkets just to find common items such as milk, toilet paper, sugar, and cooking oil. Venezuela’s dependency on oil has risen to a devastating 95% ( With their economy reaching ruins, and crime rates higher than ever, it’s no wonder that the Venezuelan people have come together to attempt to end the madness. However, President Nicholás Maduro is not taking to the idea so kindly. See Venezuela on page 34...

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The Weekend Violent Venezuela: Review Anti-government Protests Roam Caracas Venezuela from page 32...

Melissa Pierce STAFF WRITER

• Deadly clashes reignite near Ukraine’s parliament: In a struggle over the nation’s identity and future, Ukrainians in Kiev displayed brutal violence in street protests on February 18th and 19th. Eighteen people were confirmed dead because of the protests, seven of which were police officers. Protest is one thing, but the deaths of law enforcement officers because of these protests is another. • Same-sex marriage moving back into the Supreme Court: The first ban in the south on same-sex marriage came from Virginia on February 13th. Just like Utah and Oklahoma, Virginia has limited marriage equality in the state. The more resistance shown towards homosexuals is just serving as a driving force for them to take their case into the hands of the Supreme Court rulers. Senior Faith Campbell says, “I think that gay marriage is another point of discussion in history. Just like earning the right to vote, gay marriage will have those who oppose and those who support.” • South Africa’s freed miners refuse to be rescued: On February 16th, shouting was heard coming from a gold mine in South Africa which had been blocked by a large boulder. A rescue team was able to pull 21 people to safety; those 21 people were then arrested for illegal mining. The remaining people in the mine are refusing to be helped now in fear of arrest. Sophomore Taj Ali says, “I found it ironic that one minute they were crying for help, but the next they would rather stay in the mine just out of fear of being arrested.” • Crimes against humanity in North Korea: The United Nations released a statement saying that North Korea has no parallel to the contemporary world. They stated, “North Korean leaders employ murder, torture, slavery, sexual violence, mass starvation and other abuses as tools to prop up the state and terrorize the population into submission.” North Korea doesn’t seem to be letting up when it comes to separating itself from the social ‘norm’. • Co-pilot hijacks Ethiopian Airlines plane, flies to Geneva, seeks asylum: On the morning of February 17th, the copilot on an Ethiopian Airlines flight headed for Rome hijacked the plane and headed to Geneva for asylum. Nobody was injured in the process, but the co-pilot was arrested when they landed in Geneva. Senior Merceadez Marion says, “The co-pilot got what he deserved. The one place he thought he would not be arrested is the place where he was arrested.” • Man who shot teen over loud music is due in court: The trial for the man who shot a teen in November 2012 started early this February. The man shot and killed a 17-year-old boy in front of a convenience store after he claimed that the boy and his friends were playing their music too loud. In the trial, he is using the Stand Your Ground Law as a defense. It seems as if this law is hurting more than helping.

Aaliyah Pasols STAFF WRITER

reads. The statement also asked Maduro to release any detained protestors he might have in custody. One of the more popular opposition leaders, Leopoldo López, was arrested early Tuesday. Over the past few weeks, he has been the head of many nonviolent protests, urging the citizens of Venezuela to carry on and help promote the change the country so desperately needs. Despite his efforts,

After seeing the students march the streets, other Venezuelans got motivated, and joined them. Not only were the protests now about the crime rates but also about the rising 56.2% inflation and economic difficulties. Today in Venezuela, people are struggling in supermarkets just to find common items such as milk, toilet paper, sugar, and cooking oil. Venezuela’s dependency on oil has risen to a devastating 95% ( With their economy reaching ruins, and crime rates higher than ever, it’s no wonder that the Venezuelan people have come together to attempt to end the madness. However, President Nicholás Maduro is not taking to the idea so kindly. Being able to protest peacefully and expressing one’s own opinions is a basic human right but in Venezuela the people are being silenced. Maduro has detained 80 people so far, and has tried to put an end to the spark of riots and rallies that have begun to fuel up in Caracas (Channel NewsAsia). In response to this, the U.S. released a statement on the Graphic by: Armando Urena U.S. Department of State website: “Freedoms of expression and peacehe has apparently, in his own words, been ful assembly are universal human rights… turned into a “scapegoat” of sorts by Presithe Venezuelan government has an obliga- dent Maduro ( Maduro sent tion to protect these fundamental freedoms warrants out for López’s arrest after some and the safety of its citizens,” the statement of his protests became too violent. López

has since been charged with accounts of murder and terrorism. Although he denies these claims López immediately went into hiding, all while the protests continued on. But on Tuesday, February 18th, López came out from hiding in front of thousands of supporters. He made one last inspiring speech before giving himself up to the police: “Don’t leave the streets…we must take up our right to protest but we must do it peacefully. Brothers, I ask you and every Venezuelan who wants change… we must inform ourselves, gather ourselves…organize ourselves and hold nonviolent protests,” López told the excited crowd on Tuesday ( Minutes later he was seized by police and is currently in custody. Maduro has since made a statement that he wants the violent protests stopped, and that López might be put in a prison outside of Caracas due to his charges of murder and terrorism ( “López is a great speaker and has done a good job in helping to motivate Venezuela’s people. I hope they let him go soon, because he hasn’t done anything wrong,” junior Patricia Yordan shares. With tensions high, the economy struggling, and the crime rates boiling, Venezuela is in need of a big helping hand. No official statement has since been announced regarding López and his arrest but Venezuelan citizens are hoping it will be good news. Hopefully, Venezuela can pull itself upright in time before things take a turn for the worse.

Valedictorian mystique could be on way out Matthew Deno STAFF WRITER

Just like chalkboards and home economic classes, another school staple may be on its way out the door. According to the SunSentinel, the Broward School Board may eliminate a long-established graduation practice, awarding the top two students the titles of valedictorian and salutatorian. Instead, the top percent of students in a school would just be honored as either cum laude (with honor), magna cum laude (with great honor), or summa cum laude (with highest honor). At Charter, the top 5 percent of students are already honored as summa cum laude, the top 10 percent as magna cum laude, and the top 15 percent as cum laude. Doing away with a valedictorian would restrict the nasty competition that often occurs among students and parents in high-performing schools and would better reflect what colleges are actually looking for, according to Marie DeSanctis,

the district’s executive director of instruction. Academic rankings, as said by DeSanctis, now carry less weight as colleges and universities look for “the total package” among applicants, including extracurricular activities and leadership skills. “I think doing away with naming valedictorians and salutatorians will really help the top students because they will not be fighting for the top two GPA’s in the school and they can focus more on actually learning.” said junior Christian Cioli. College officials said stripping away the honorary rankings would have no impact on admissions. “The term valedictorian and salutatorian has diminished,” said Ralph Rogers, executive vice president for academic affairs at Nova Southeastern University in Davie. He said colleges want to see how students compare to their peers, not necessarily who has the highest gradepoint average, and a mere one-thousandth of a point often differentiates those among

the top. “Not having the title of valedictorian or salutatorian should not have any effect on a colleges’ decision in accepting a student. Looking at a students’ overall profile instead of just grades is what most colleges already do,” said senior Keshauna Alexander. School Board members on February 11th spoke in favor of the change, arguing the current system spotlights just two high-performing students when it should instead be recognizing all of the top students. In 2005, Miami-Dade got rid of the traditional titles, while Palm Beach County schools have maintained the titles and have no plans to change them in the future. Broward school board members are taking a final vote on the issue in July. If it passes, the changes would be implemented next school year.

More than the Minimum Lauren Ramirez STAFF WRITER

With many high school students working part time jobs at minimum wage, an increase in minimum wage is desirable. Typically, students who have part time jobs after school work for minimum wage. President Obama recently signed an executive order requiring employers to pay minimum wage earners more. Unfortunately many employers would prefer to lay off employees rather than pay them the increased wage; however, change will cause some positive effects, as well. In the official State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama presented a minimum wage increase as a way to help struggling families. “I will issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally funded employees a fair wage of at least $10.10 an hour... Americans overwhelmingly agree that no one who works full time should ever have to

raise a family in poverty”, the president states. According to the popular news website Minnpost, the prospective increase seems almost certain. “I don’t think the increase is a good thing. A lot of hard workers will be fired because of it. I think it will hurt more than it will help”, says sophomore Vanessa Osorio. A report released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office read that hiking the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour would increase earnings for 16.5 million workers by the second half of 2016 and would create some jobs as higher-wage workers would now have more money to spend, increasing the necessity for production due to higher demand. On the other hand, the increase would also reduce total employment by about 500,000 workers, or about 0.3 percent, the Congressional Budget Office said. According to Bloomberg Finance, the

president’s comment provides a misleading picture of who minimum-wage earners are. The White House’s own graph promoting the idea shows that only 26 percent of minimum-wage earners have kids. Thirty percent either have spouses and no kids or are kids themselves. “I think the President is on the right track with raising the minimum wage, if someone works hard at a minimum wage job for an hour they deserve more than what they are currently being paid. Even if they don’t have a family to support, 10 dollars seems like a fairer amount” says sophomore Emily Marin. Increasing minimum wage is something that affects people across the nation, whether the good short term effects are greater than the prospectively poor long term effects is something that has brought about a great deal of political debate. For now, the discussion is still in the air about this possible increase.

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Fashion: walk off the runway

Everyone has their own runway



We see it everywhere, and cannot escape it. It passes by us as we walk down the street, we find it in the checkout line at the grocery store, and as we see it during our favorite TV shows- it is fashion. The past few years, fashion has had some major changes. Every year we hear about the latest Spring or Winter fashion, and each of these has their own major Fashion Week. These are the times when the most worldrenowned and exclusive designers meet in big cities all over the world, to show off their newest clothing lines. And this is where I draw the line with most designers, whether they be high-fashion or street style, they have simply just gone too far when it comes to their designs. When the designers have the models take on the runway, they are expecting for many people to fall head over heels for their new styles, and how they see the world dressing in the coming months. However, the options that some designers have been coming up with go beyond what a normal person can take. Now some may say that these designs aren’t always meant for the normal folk, instead it is intended for the celebrities and the socialites. However, the majority of the world consists of normal people who would find the majority of the designer lines to much and to exaggerated. “High-Fashion” has been known to take on crazy and dramatic forms, yet, when they style choices become drenched with threedimensional floral patterns or metallic trash bags then the designers have crossed the line. Fashion Week in New York, Milan, Miami and all over the world are meant to inspire the people watching them and later everyone else. They are supposed to create the trends and looks for that year, which make them that more special. However, there comes a point where the neon colors, feathers, and over the top dresses and headpieces must come to an end. Another issue with the fashion week options is that they take a simple trend that has made its mark on society, and spins it and exaggerates it too much. One example is the basic sheer top. Most people, whether a socialite or an average Joe, would wear some form of an undergarment or shirt, underneath the top to not allow for every piece of them to be out for the world to see. However, designer Marc Jacobs took sheer blouses to the next level, and it simply was too much. Model Kendall Jenner strutted down the New York City Fashion Week in an all-out sheer Marc Jacobs blouse, with nothing underneath to hide her body. Instead she walked down the runway bearing all to the audience and photographers. Now, since Fashion Week is supposed to inspire the newest trends, would this be

something that you would want to see? It would cause girls of all ages to be walking around bearing all through a shirt, all the while, saying that they have a blouse on so it should be “fine.” I personally don’t think so, and this becomes one of my biggest problems with high-fashion designers. They don’t think of the repercussions of their work. They don’t quite get that they have such high positions in the minds of many that they will follow blindly behind a style, just because it is “in”, even if it is repulsive. Now when it comes to the prices that these designers sell their clothing for, it is at astronomical prices which most cannot afford to pay for a blouse or a pair of pants. So why make the price so outrageous for something that is also to outrageous to even truly be worn? This is a concept that I do not understand. Then the worse part has to be how these high-fashion pieces, slowly recreate themselves into fashion that the typical person tries to wear on a day-to-day basis. Some fashion trends flow easily throughout both the high-fashion industry and into street style. Yet, there are those trends that many try to recreate and it fails miserably. You begin to see people trying to wear trench coats and thigh high boats in South Florida, when it is a typical 75 degrees in January and February. However, those fashion trends simply just don’t belong in the region. One thing is for sure, I believe in sticking to what best fits your typical climate, when it comes to fashion. Most people don’t see Northerners wearing high-waisted shorts and crop tops in the middle of the winter, but in South Florida we can wear those things at that time of the year. This is a prime example of staying within the boundaries of fashion. Yet another example of fashion slipping into the everyday world is in the makeup that is seen on the models. Many designers lately have been into over the top dramatic eye shadows and such, some even going as far as face painting. However, should this type of makeup be socially acceptable in the everyday world, just because a model wore it? No, the answer is simple. No matter what many think, there are rules to fashion that everyone, even designers, must follow. One basic one is to wear what you feel comfortable in. This is the big one, which many overlook just so that they fit into what they think, is “in.” However, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing the ensemble, then that trend is simply not for you. And that seems to be a problem with fashion, once one company starts something, a hundred others follow behind. So, if you didn’t feel comfortable in a certain trend, you still could get stuck wearing it, because there are no other options left for you to choose from. Fashion is a dominating factor in our everyday lives. We come across it starting from the moment we wake-up till we begin to count sheep and drift off to sleep. However, just because the media is saying that a fashion trend is “in”, doesn’t mean that everyone has to wear it, this is peer pressure coming from the media instead. Fashion has limits, restrictions, and boundaries that it shouldn’t jump over, point blank. Walking around in a plastic bag might be cool for a runway, but you will surely get some stares if you try to rock those kinds of looks outside of your front door.

As Fashion Week kicks into full gear and designers newest collection take the main stage, the idea of what fashion really is comes into play. Nowadays, it’s more common to see a sickly skinny model wearing a purple and orange silk poncho with what looks like a bird’s nest perched on the top of her head than it is to a simple woman wearing designer jeans and a nice blouse. The world of fashion is constantly changing, redefining itself, moving forward. However so many people don’t see it that way anymore. They see fashion as this ridiculous and often over the top way of keeping its patrons coming back for more. And for a long time, I was one of those people who believed that the world of high fashion was becoming almost comical to watch, it took me a while to realize the truth. What most people seem to forget is that fashion is more than just a multibillion dollar industry that only appeals to the very wealthy—it’s way more than that. It’s an art form, a way of expressing oneself. Like Nigel, a character from one of my all time favorite movies The Devil Wears Prada says (when talking to a coworker about working at a high fashion magazine), “Don’t you know that you are working at the place that published some of the greatest artists of the century? Halston, Lagerfeld, de la Renta. And what they did, what they created was greater than art because you live your life in it.” On top of that, most people don’t go to Fashion Week and watch model walk down the runway with the expectation to think, “oh I think I’ll buy that and wear it to work on Monday.” They go with the intention of being struck by wonder, the same feeling you get when you go to an art show. Also, there are only so many ways that a person can design and redesign normal things like jeans, skirts, dress and suits. The world of fashion thrives on pushing boundaries and making people think. Sure, only four people in the entire world may ever buy Yiqing Yin’s broken and heavily beaded royal blue dress, but those four dresses will no doubt bring in millions of dollars in revenue. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what these designing gurus do with their fabrics because millions of people will end up wearing some form of it anyway. Whether they will admit it or not, smaller companies—ones that we normal people buy— get their inspiration from the designers at fashion week. We all pretty much owe most of our closets to what designers decide to showcase at their fashion shows. Whatever fad is in style can be ascribed well known fashion experts that dominate the industry. This idea of fashion being open to inter-

pretation has definitely lead to a new era when it comes to “style,” a word that has evolved significantly over the years taking on new meanings and shedding old connotations. Now fashion means what you want it to mean, it’s your own way of expressing who you are just like the high fashion designers just on a smaller scale. Things that used to be major fashion faux pas don’t seem to be that way anymore. White jeans after Labor Day? Go for it. Now, I’m not saying that everyone accepts it, some will always be sticklers for the old standard way but this is I believe—experimentation time. Walking down the street you can see a woman wearing a business suit and trailing right behind her is a girl with bright blue hair and a giant nose ring. Our society is far more accepting and open to women branching out, especially with the feminist movement on the rise. Women (and sometimes men) are often encouraged to be themselves in whatever way possible. No longer are we expected to walk around with skirts that fall past our knees, conservative blouses or little gloves that don’t allow our ‘dainty’ hands to get dirty. Women are the least oppressed they have ever been in society and now is the time to take advantage. Although many are still bogged down by the constant pressure to be skinny (which I believe will be slowly fading into the darkness very soon), there are still tons of way to run away from conventional and traditional ideas of what is expected of women as whole. If Lady Gaga can go to a high class event draped in raw meat and Demi Lovato can dye her hair pink and people still take them seriously as artists and role models, then I think it’s pretty obvious where society is headed. Yes, there will always be certain colors and styles that will be more popular than others because of the inspiration from runway, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can runaway in the opposite direction and hone that style to make it your own. As women, and people in general, start to pay attention to and judge each other less and less outer appearance becomes less and less important giving a sense of freedom. At this stage in the game, if you want to wear a leopard skin shirt with bright green leggings, go for it! As long as you’re doing it because you think that it makes you look like the best “you” you can be. It really is a great time to be alive, confidence is one of the most attractive things on a person and so those green leggings may just make you the showstopper when you walk into a room. As the runway begins to exemplify fashion for what it really is (an art form), style begins to take a shift as well. If De La Renta, Murad, Saab and Givenchy can drape their models with whatever they want, why can’t you? They only difference is the average person’s model is themselves. You may see things than other people see them and that perfectly okay. I’m sure that when most of these designers started off their ideas were clowned by many before they made it into the world of high fashion. So keep doing you, who knows, you’re crazy green and leopard combo may end up being feature in the “Styles to Watch” section of Vogue. Your clothes are your statement and they can be as loud or as quiet as you see fit. Every day we walk outside of our house, we are walking on our own runway and I think it’s about time that we start to change it up.

The chat newspaper march 2014 year 14 issue #9  

The official Newspaper of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School. A CHC Production – Sponsored by the Communications & Technology Department...

The chat newspaper march 2014 year 14 issue #9  

The official Newspaper of the Pembroke Pines Charter High School. A CHC Production – Sponsored by the Communications & Technology Department...