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Welcome to Chartwells Higher Education Innovation Magazine As we continue to grow, I am excited and proud to share this collection of innovation opportunities, which will enable us to further evolve with the students we serve. The solutions found on these pages were built in collaboration with our talented campus and central support teams as well as hands-on involvement from our students and interns. We took this approach because we believe that having an inclusive culture means we can dream bigger, reach farther and evolve faster. We recognize the fact great ideas can come from anywhere, and Chartwells will continue to lead by daring to be first, embracing those who don’t stand still, and adapting to the needs of the growing campus community. I ask our teams to continue to do what you do best and be brilliant at the basics so we can avoid complacency. Stay connected to the communities we support, the sharp minds we serve and the clients whose goals we can help achieve. You, our people, are truly our greatest asset, and the heart with which you inspire students on campus, is also the heart of Chartwells. As I connect with each of you this year, I look forward to seeing how you’ve brought these innovations to your campus and continue to bring the Chartwells studentfocused experience to life.

Chief Executive Officer Chartwells Higher Education 1

Table of Contents 2 Our Mission. Our Legacy. 4 Industry Trends 6 Marketing Vision 8 Culinary 18 Wellness & Sustainability 30 Retail 48 Residential 60 Digital Diligence 72 People 80 Culture

We dare to be differentiators in campus dining, nourishing, educating and empowering tomorrow’s leaders. We pave our own path as a dining provider, following the needs of our students, clients, campuses, communities and our people. Our journey is led by individuals bound together by their love of cuisine and an authentic desire to serve our guests with care and consideration. We are Chartwells.

Our mission. Our legacy. Our Values. Our Brand. 2


We treat people with care and concern.



We cook from scratch, menu by season and source responsibly.


We take our lead from our guests.

We face our challenges head on.


We treat every day like a rebid. 3


We take our lead from our guests.

By understanding key trends and insights we can ensure we are constantly evolving and appreciating the needs of the students we serve.

1 in 5 Generation Z is expected to reach 84.7 million people by 2020, making up 24.7% of the U.S. population. Currently, one in five Americans belongs to Generation Z. 1 Gen Zers have an average attention span of 8 seconds as compared with the 12-second attention span of millennials. 1


75% of adults aged 18-34 say the availability of healthy menu options would make them choose one restaurant over another one. 4 42% of consumers have modified their definition of health since 2014 and now define health as: * Food-rich antioxidants * Helping the immune system * Spirited, physical and mental health 5


More than nine of 10 adults ages 18-34 own or regularly use a smartphone. 3

of students said they strongly considered the school’s dining program and amenities in their decision to enroll. 2

81% of Gen Z is willing to use a tableside payment terminal or device, 71% willing to use electronic ordering kiosk. They are more willing than any other generation. 6

Social network opinions are extremely powerful, influencing eight of 10 Gen Zers to shop at a retailer they have never shopped at before. 1

Close to half of Gen Zers are connected online for 10 hours a day. Total time spent online may be a result of the five screens available to Gen Z, who use smartphones, TVs, laptops, desktops, and tablets simultaneously. 1


The following trends were selected from The Compass Group Business Excellence 2017 Industry and Trends reports.

Food with Function:

Students are looking for food that provides benefits beyond tasting delicious, such as sustained energy or immune benefits.

Fewer, but Recognizable: We can expect to continue to see more food products promoting fewer – but more recognizable – natural ingredients.

Asian Invasion: Korean BBQ and other sweet and spicy flavors are beginning to show up in many ways, including packaged foods. Pho’s popularity has also been consistently growing by 11 percent year-overyear since 2013.

Culinary Plant vs. Animal Protein:

Plants are beginning to become a leading protein source in place of the traditional animal protein and dairy products.

Healthful Lattes, Nitro & Cold Brew Coffee Heating Up:

“Wellness Lattes” are gaining traction as businesses look to incorporating colorful flavors of turmeric and spirulina to replace to traditional colorful, but not-so-healthy syrup.

Ethnic-Inspired Breakfast Items:

From chorizo eggs to breakfast burritos and miso broth, ethnic foods are making this daypart all that more interesting.

Sustainable Seafood: Old World Revival: Housemade is the New Local: Restaurant-goers feel they’re getting better quality and healthier choices when “housemade” is attached to the name.

Today’s consumers crave new foods and experiences but seek the comfort that familiar options provide. Look for more modern, unique twists on classic fare.

Students want to know where seafood is from, how it’s sourced, raised or caught, and how it affects the ecosystem.

All Day Snacking is Here to Stay: Consumers continue to prefer all-day snacking over three large meals a day. A Mintel study also reveals that snack items considered “better-for-you” are dominating consumer purchases.


CHARTWELLS M A R K E TI N G V I S I O N 1. We embrace - students’ needs By cultivating a deep understanding of our students’ daily life on campus, their preferences, and ways in which we can help them succeed, we become a true partner. We use multiple forms of feedback and communication that include not only the use of digital technology and surveys, but also in-person connections that embrace them as individuals. We do this as an ongoing activity because we recognize that students are constantly evolving.

2. We enhance - the unique culture of every campus we serve Each campus is unique, from legacy events, to rally cries, to campus traditions. We celebrate the uniqueness of each campus and adapt to a campus-specific approach, because no one wants to be put into a box. We encourage customization and enable our local teams to utilize resources from a professional foodservice organization and tailor them locally.

3. We encourage fun - authentic experiences Because campuses are places where memories are made, we have an opportunity for impact. We hire dynamic, dedicated people with hospitality in their DNA, and we encourage ingenuity. So, work safe, always be respectful, be inclusive, BE BRILLIANT AT THE BASICS, but also ... let’s be ourselves and have some fun. 6

4. We celebrate a culture of inclusion - incorporate diversity into the guest experience. From serving authentic cuisines that remind guests of home, to customizing a meal to satisfy a dietary need or welcoming a guest by name, we celebrate each day with an inclusive spirit. Special requests are never discouraged – they are an opportunity for us to show our inclusive approach.




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Night Dine

5. We keep our operations fresh - constantly challenge the status quo We understand the evolving needs of our guests and embrace their desire for new and exciting concepts, menu items and events each semester. It’s in our DNA to be constantly challenging the status quo, taking a critical look at our strategy and putting fresh eyes on campus. As such, we are constantly evolving our retail, using flexible solutions to make spaces new and exciting without having to invest in expensive construction projects.


We cook from scratch, menu by season and source responsibly.



It’s no secret that today’s students expect our culinarians to wear many hats – from educators to safety champions, their impact goes far beyond simply preparing food for our guests. We are teachers, purveyors, flavor gurus, party-makers and sometimes even part-time farmers.


Our Culinary Leadership Approach Each semester, our culinary teams are introducing exciting new menu items that support our Smart Menuing philosophy. These are to offer more vegan and plant-based options, continuously decrease food waste, use seasonal and local ingredients, cook in small batches, and most importantly, celebrate and empower our chefs.


Harissa-glazed salmon with roasted vegetables Harissa recipes vary between countries and regions, but a standard version includes a blend of hot chile peppers (which are often smoked), garlic, olive oil and spices, like cumin, coriander, caraway and mint. Tomatoes and rose petals are also common ingredients.

Baharat chicken flatbread with tzatziki, baby arugula and roasted tomatoes Bahārāt, which simply means “spices” in Arabic, is an all-purpose seasoning used in Middle Eastern cuisine. Although the particular blend varies by region and household, it always includes black pepper and typically has cumin, cinnamon and cloves, among other spices


Our Ingredient focus: Local, Seasonal, Healthy and Fresh Engage students with special events

Celebrate locally grown ingredients


Host local farmers markets

Be part of the change: New menu innovation supports Menus of Change, as we measure progress against key goals:

Celebrate Food that is Insta-worthy Encourage food celebration on social media channels. Students will get as excited as we are about cool food!

______ produce _______ Increase customers’ access to vegetables and fruits by focusing on globally inspired, largely plant-based cooking

_______ grains ________

Increase our offerings of grain options that are at least more than 50% whole grain

______ red meat ______ Decrease our dependency on red meat and introduce as a supporting role




Our Teaching Kitchen collaborate provides a platform to connect with food and learn about wellness and ingredient quality in a hands-on, fun experience.



Available as a pop-up, a special event or a permanent feature, Teaching Kitchen connects chefs and guests in a way that inspires. This interactive experience is much more than a cooking demo, it’s a participative, hands-on event.




Chartwells has exciting chef partnerships, including local culinary stars. Featuring these partners along with our own exceptional culinary team is a great way to create food experiences on campus.

Evan Hanczor Egg Brooklyn, New York

Brad Kilgore Alter​ Miami, Florida

We are constantly adding new culinary talent to our list of partnerships, including going local. Is there a local favorite restaurant or chef that the students would love to have on campus? Our Starchefs collaborative brings both established and up-and-coming culinary talent to campus, supporting the communities in which we serve, as well as our industry and goals of having great food on every campus.

Contact your regional marketing director for more information and to plan how you’ll participate. 14

Real Story

More than 200 volunteers from the Purchase College community gathered with 300 pounds of sushi rice and 650 sheets of nori to assemble the 500-foot roll on the Great Lawn. In addition to breaking the record, in acknowledgment of National Coming Out Day, the roll was dyed in different colors representing the rainbow flag.



On October 11, 2017, Food Network’s Chef Jet Tila broke the world record for the longest California Roll ever constructed.


From hosting a Teaching Kitchen to book signings and pop-up restaurant menus, we can create memorable food experiences in collaboration with our chef partnerships. 15

Celebrating Authentic Cuisines An important part of our menus is the inclusion of authentic ethnic recipes and ingredients. Students seek culinary adventures from around the globe as well as regions and cultures of the U.S. Our menus include exciting new options built by our chefs each semester to stay on top of trends.

Cuisine New Signature Smokey Broth Noodle Bowl with roasted pork

New BBQ Chicken Naan with sumac, raisins and feta dressing



Celebrating African-American Cuisine

Celebrating cultural diversity is an important part of our dining program, which is why at UNCC we’ve partnered with the campus Multicultural Resource Center and the Department of Africana Studies to host an annual Black History Month meal. This year’s meal featured regional specialties from around the U.S. and dishes re-created from those served by Compass Group at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. 16

New Spice Blends


nt ed i e s gr

Real Story

vorite a F In ts’

Brussels Sprouts Harissa



Local Honey Fennel

Connecting to food: Chef’s Tables, Pop-Ups and Markets


Our chefs are stars! By hosting Chef’s Tables, Eat & Greet events, educational sessions and pop-ups, we can add to the community of our campuses and connect with our students. Build these into your promotional plans and menus each semester, and let’s show off our talented chefs.

POP UP farmers’ market

Chef Connect at St. John’s University

Real Story Fast and Healthy Cooking For associates with no time to whip up dinner, Chartwells’ new Very Busy Person Program at Shippensburg can help. The program is open to all faculty, staff and their spouses and teaches participants how to properly prepare quick and healthy meals for those busy weeknights. Five classes are held a semester and are taught by a panel of subject matter experts on anything from healthy desserts to superfood prep. 17

We provide healthy meals and educational wellness tools rooted in our commitment to sustainability.

Wellness & Sustainability


We look for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our guests through our commitment to nutrition, healthy eating, and positive environmental impact. We are proud of our collective efforts to make our world a better place.



longevity, while others support brain and heart functions. Promoting superfoods in our dining operations helps our students, campus faculty and staff, as well as visitors learn about the important benefits and roles of these foods.

this month s superfood is

Stone Fruit August


excellent source of


rich source





gre a n t i o at s o u xid r a




vi rts ppo

A pumpkin’s bright orange color lets you know it is full of vitamin A and other important nutrients.

Stone fruits offer a refreshing, nutrient-rich treat during the heat of summer while boosting our health.

Cranberries ce


uperfood is this month s s

full f i b e of r

s io n


antiďż˝ oxidant rich


this month s superfood is



Each month we will feature a seasonal superfood and new recipes to celebrate this fresh, healthy ingredient. Superfoods are nutrient dense and work synergistically in the body to promote optimum health and function. Some are known to prevent cancer, others promote

Cranberries are versatile fruit that offer big health benefits in a little package, offering unique polyphenols not commonly found in other fruits.

Look for new superfood recipes throughout the semester

Look for new superfood recipes throughout the semester

Look for new superfood recipes throughout the semester

uperfood is this month s s

this month s superfood is

Tomatoes m

higthassiu in


full of anti oxidants

Botanically a fruit, the tomato is usually treated as a vegetable that provides vitamins, minerals, fiber and particularly high levels of the antioxidant lycopene.

Look for new superfood recipes throughout the semester


Mushrooms November

t boos ps y s t e m el e s

im h





s o u r coef


Often grouped with vegetables, mushrooms provide many of the nutritional attributes of produce, as well as those more commonly found in meat, beans or grains.

Look for new superfood recipes throughout the semester

SPRING SUPERfoods January: Citrus February: Chilies March: Whole Grains April: Herbs & Spices May: Leafy Greens/Avocados


4 Featured Recipes!

Social Media Posts


Utilize all of this each month plus posters, flyers & Dine On Campus to promote Superfoods in your cafes Table Tents Look for new superfood recipes throughout the semester Stone fruits offer a refreshing, nutrient-rich treat during the heat of summer while boosting our health.

Digital Signage

antiďż˝ oxidant rich vitamin source of



Stone Fruit this month s superfood is

this month s superfood is

Stone Fruit excellent source of



antiďż˝ oxidant rich

Stone fruits offer a refreshing, nutrient-rich treat during the heat of summer while boosting our health.

Look for new superfood recipes throughout the semester




Do you have a food allergy?


We can help!

Please speak with a manager about any food allergies you may have.

Our Commitment: Our self-identification program, Don’t Be Shy, Self-Identify, helps us open the lines of communication between our guests and our associates so that we can help students navigate allergy needs. This allows our staff an opportunity to assist as well as provide education on ingredients. Our dedicated prep spaces are always free of any peanuts, tree nuts or shellfish due to the high incidence of anaphylactic reaction to these foods.

Be aware that we handle and prepare egg, milk, wheat, shellfish, fish, soy, peanut and tree nut products, and other potential allergens in the food production areas of our facility. We attempt to provide nutrition and ingredient information that is as complete as possible. Products may change without our knowledge and menu items are prepared in close proximity to other ingredients that may result in cross-contact with ingredients not listed, including allergens. Guests with food allergies or specific dietary concerns should speak with a manager for individualized assistance.

Allergens These foods are limited in calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Eating these food choices more often will help you feel energetic and healthy. Foods that do not contain animal products except dairy or eggs. We celebrate the environmental and wellness benefits of a vegetarian diet by offering multiple options in each venue. 22

Foods that do not contain any animal-derived products at all including honey, dairy or eggs. Vegan options are offered in a variety of dining locations on campus. Foods that do not include gluten-containing ingredients. We avoid cross contact but cannot guarantee they are gluten-free. Avoiding Gluten options can be found at dining locations across campus.



Easily highlight menu items with custom-design signage for those menu items students may be looking for.


Dietitians Get Social

A great way to connect our registered dietitians with our guests is through social media. Here they can post health-related content in a casual, comfortable and connected environment that educates as well as inspires our guests to live healthier lifestyles.



Continuing to focus on local purchasing and sustainable foods, recycling, resource conservation and waste reduction not only helps us operate more efficiently, but also ensures that the resources we use today will be available for future generations.


Tell your Story!

We lead the way in sustainable sourcing and landmark commitments: Cage-free shell eggs Sustainable seafood Reduced antibiotic poultry Local partnerships

ard bility ini ory. ing scorec sustaina teg The followd that meet our ases for that ca purchase nt of total purch E rBGH FRE K as a perce MIL



free of Fluid milk hormones l growth artificia


l artificia Free of es hormon growth

rBGH-free milk and yogurt Eco-certified coffee

We are and our helping the loc environ al ment by community putti into ou r landfi ng less food lls.

Since Ju

ly 2014

lbs. /

Our itments Comm represents items tiatives,

ble from sustainaCriteria) Seafood d Watch (Seafoo sources







The Chicken Mission

Our Local Partners

We would like to thank the following partner s for their suppor t.



e d Human Certifie eggs e (shell) cage-fre



Natural light Enrichment Room to roam – for 60 million chickens a year 24



eals of with ouwholesome fo od r local co mmunity .


Compass Group is committed to serving 100% healthier, slower-growing chicken by 2024 through landmark Global Animal Partnership Agreement. Healthier, slower-growing breeds

, we have

the d without ics produce Turkey of human antibiot use routine

r Trade Eco/Fai coffee certified the d without ics produce Chicken of human antibiot use routine

In collaboration with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, which removes unsustainable wild and farmed seafood from our menus, we are committed to protecting the threatened global fish supply.

OUR EGGS are from hens that aren’t confined to cages.

We offer only Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) certified cage-free shell eggs nationwide. In December 2007, Chartwells implemented a cage-free shell egg policy. All units are required to only offer shell eggs that are certified by the HFAC program in partnership with the Humane Society of America.

Garden Towers

Waste No t

n is

By using a hydroponic garden, a vertical garden on wheels, our chefs are able to keep a fresh supply of herbs and greens all year round.

ot a

Waste Not is a tracking tool that categorizes daily waste and tracks where it goes once it leaves our facilities.


It’s a permanent way for us to improve the way we work.

The self-contained system has circulating water, uses liquid nutrients, has a polypropylene webbing to hold plants’ roots and can easily be rolled inside for colder weather. Chefs can pick fresh lettuce, kale, parsley and basil for use in the operations.

e tiv

e t Wast creates a




s s! ene r a


o ,N

Love Food, Not Waste focuses on four key areas of waste: food, waste, water, energy and packaging. Each area addresses ways our staff and guests can impact the amount of waste they produce.














Freight Farms, SUSTAINABLE, LOCAL FOOD PRODUCTION DIRECTLY ON CAMPUS. Freight Farms fully-functional hydroponic farms are build inside an up-cycled shipping container and use LED technology and energy-efficient equipment to grow food all year long on only 10 gallons of water a day. Working in collaboration with the campus chef and the sustainability team, these containers offer hands on education for many of our Student Success interns who are majoring in sustainability. Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by growing food directly on campus year-round.

Promote student health and wellness by serving produce harvested just hours before consumption.

Bring transparency to operations and educate students on the journey their food takes from farm to table.


Compass Group USA Announces a Landmark Commitment to Reduce Food Waste by 25% by 2020 On April 27, 2018, Compass Group will celebrate National Stop Food Waste Day as part of Earth Month. You can do your part by:


• Using Waste Not – An internal tracking tool to measure waste. • Encouraging students to be thoughtful at all-you-care-to-eat locations with positive messaging about how they can be a part of change. • Tallying your ongoing waste reduction and rewarding students with a celebration when goals are met. • Being a part of Stop Food Waste Day with a strong social media presence.


#stopfoodwasteday Cuisine

#StopFoodWasteDay became a trending topic in 2017! Lets go even bigger in 2018!




Unfortunately food insecurity remains an issue across all campuses, with 69% of students reporting some level of food insecurity. An opportunity exists to make a difference in lives through education of the issue and taking action with food pantries and more.




Education Impacted

Real Story



Without A Textbook

Idaho State University – Benny’s Pantry: • Shelves and supplies donated by Chartwells with ongoing food donations • Students are allowed up to three visits per month, with no limits on what can be taken • Chartwells initiated Spare Change Donation program to support the pantry

Missed A Class

Dropped A Class

Acknowledgment: Hunger on Campus report, 2016. Authors: Dubick, Mathews and Cady.




have meal plans


are employed


receive financial aid


are using assistance programs

*Acknowledgment: Hunger on Campus collaborative study, 2016, Food Bank Alliance, National Student Campaign Against Hunger, Student Government Resource Center, student public interest research groups.



Add Food Pantries

Create Meal Donation Programs

Ensure access to community benefits


Offer campus supported Farmers Markets

Institute Food Recovery Programs

Build Community Gardens

Real Story UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS – Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry: The University of Arkansas is leading the way with a pantry it created for students on campus. Chartwells has partnered by assisting with funding and donations. Serving more than 300 students each week, the pantry is a great way to combat food insecurity on campus. To date, Chartwells has provided more than 40,000 pounds of donated food. Thank you, University of Arkansas, for your partnership.


We take our lead from our guests.



We create retail experiences that delight students, and we take care to customize our approach to highlight each unique campus culture.


Refreshing Retail Refreshing retail locations is an important part of constantly evolving with our students.

Enjoy authentic ethnic cuisines and mash-ups. Community

What Gen Zers looks for in retail:





the biggest Foodies! CONVENIENCE

constantly taking pictures of their food.

Wow, that is refreshing! 32

new retail brand into your business makes sense.

Interesting to the returning demographic

83% of Gen Z say retail is an integral part of their dining experience

Goal Results Increase in check average Increase in guest satisfaction Increase in palette exploration Increase in meal plan memberships

Simple culinary execution


Why integrating a

Unique use of existing space

Real Story UNC Charlotte opened a new Smoked location for its Fall 2017 semester. After generating excitement with a social media countdown, “coming soon� campaign during construction and free sampling, the location opened to major success. Students, faculty, and staff have been raving about Smoked! Sales in the location have doubled since the new brand was introduced.

Fun Fact is a proprietary branded concept for Chartwells Higher Education.


New Flexible, Affordable and Signature Retail Innovations As part of our evolution, Chartwells has created our own collection of proprietary fast-casual concepts that were developed in collaboration with our field teams and students.


Through our retail innovation contest, we surfaced the best of the best from campuses across the country and have created a full package of concepts that are ready to build retail excitement with affordable investment. Each offers menus and recipes, an environment package, uniforms, merchandising and operational guides, making them truly plug and play. To support a need to continuously evolve, we’ve built them all on the same basic footprint and equipment package so they can be quickly changed out with minimal investment. So, how about Tu Tacos this semester and Smoked BBQ next? Yep, we can do that!



Authentic BBQ with fun twists students remember and crave

Smoked is soon to be a campus favorite with house-smoked meats, regionally authentic sauces, preparations and signature sides. We’ve seen sales more than double when Smoked recently replaced an existing concept on a campus that loves BBQ.



best in are life things sweet!


The Sweet Shoppe is a campus hot spot for sweets, snacks, ice cream and treats. This concept is designed to showcase fun, affordable treats and includes a collection of signature recipes that are homemade with wholesome ingredients. Part old-school treat shop and modern twists on favorites like the cake pop, it’s a huge hit with students and can be customized to each campus. Game-day cupcake? Yes, please.



Tu Taco (Your Taco) is reminiscent of a favorite street taco cantina, both in experience as well as the delicious, fresh flavors with Tex-Mex and Cali-Mex trend influences. Guests have the ability to customize their meal and sides, as well as choose vegetarian, vegan or avoidinggluten options. You’ll also notice a “pickup” counter built into the experience to support mobile ordering and takeout. Tacos or nachos on the run? Yes, please.



Houston Street Subs offers high-quality, healthyportion, signature subs with a localized twist. This concept can be modified to offer a localized name and menu. Simply take the fully built-out concept, add “Your Name� Street Subs and local flavor specials and this sub shop becomes a campus favorite. Outrageous, hearty subs named after my campus? Yes, please.



The Egg Shoppe is inspired by homemade American breakfast traditions and the comfort provided by a great stack of pancakes, combined with affordable, crave-able all-day breakfasts with a twist. Customize this concept with local favorites in addition to the classics, add signature menu items named for campus stars – and don’t forget the to-go pickup area for mobile orders and quick runs ... after all, mom always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if it may be at noon! Breakfast quesadilla to-go? Yes, please.

70% of customers wish restaurants would serve breakfast all day long. – National Restaurant Association, 2016 survey


Nostalgic diner experiences are a top choice with today’s students, and Burger 305 offers a way to provide the experience. With a classic diner menu and a few twists – of course! – this concept can also be locally tailored. The “305” pays homage to the Miami area code, where this concept originated, but can be changed to your local area code. Burger 212, anyone? Burger with fries and a classic vanilla shake? Yes, please.

Community 40


Our fun Iron Waffles concept is perfect for that new, interesting additional location where it’s just time to shake it up. The menu is built from the hugely popular waffle trend, with unique twists. It’s also perfect for all dayparts from the breakfast omelet waffle to the taco waffles for lunch and even brownie waffles for dessert. A great addition to this concept is to allow students to vote on a waffle of the day or send in suggestions for a new flavor. Waffle dogs? Yes, please.


Community Our Empanada concept offers a great retail addition to a C-store or quick-serve option. As one of those perfect walking-and-eatingat-the-same-time foods as a snack or several for a meal, this is an affordable, delicious and authentic option. Chicken Adobo Empanada and a fresh juice? Yes, please.



SMASH’D has quickly become a student favorite on every campus where we’ve introduced it, with generous portions of topped baked potatoes assembled to order. The menu offers a unique twist as the potatoes are baked and then truly “smashed,” before being topped any way you like. From the classic chili and cheese to Thai curry, this concept is a constantly crave-able surprise. Broccoli and cheese with double bacon? Yes, please.


of consumers expect restaurants to accommodate customization requests.


Students Love Snacks Make sure we are offering the best variety of healthy, refreshing and portable snacks when and where they want them.

For each semester, a snack and beverage guide will show you all the options, including special promotions that offer both value and variety. Fall 2017 Beverage & Snack Approach August

Hot Deals Quarterly Shipments Snack Innovation Quarterly Shipment


2 Cases Monster Ultra Violet Incremental VA TBD

Beverage Innovation Auto Shipment

Actual Quantities will follow Void Fill size tiers



Food To Go Special






Buy 2 Kickstart New Kickstart Mango Lime 12/16oz Kickstart Hydrating Boost Raspberry Citrus 12/12oz Get 1 Kickstart FREE (Fruit Punch 16oz) Aug 14- Aug 25 - Max 10 Free Cases

Bai & Bai Bubbles Flavors TBD Buy any 4 Bai or Bai Bubbles Get 1 Bai New Flavor FREE Mondelez BelVita Peanut Butter Sandwich SRP: $0.99 Larabar Bites Chocolate Brownie SRP: $1.89

Sahale Snacks Tangerine Vanilla Cashew-Macadamia Glazed Mix SRP: $2.19

Sector Wide


2 Cases Snapple 16oz PET $1.55 Incremental VA

Kellogg’s Special K Chewy Nut Bar Chocolate Almond SRP: $1.29

Organic Gatorade Buy 1 Get 1 Free PBC Only Mondelez BelVita Cranberry Orange SRP: $0.99 Kellogg’s Pop Tart Brown Larabar Sugar Cinnamon Apple Pie SRP: $0.99 SRP: $1.89

Sahale Snacks Maple Pecans Glazed Mix SRP: $2.19

Back to School Case Sale

Back to School Case Sale

Ambient Premium Water Display Contest

Exam Cram Monster/Kickstart Energy Drink Sale

End of Semester Case Sale

The American

Wheatberry Orange Salad

Fried Chicken Wrap

Thanksgiving Turkey Salad Sandwich

Pear & Cranberry Salad

September & October Vitamin Water Drink Outside the Lines Text-to-Win Sweepstakes

Consumer Promotions

Sept & Oct

Pepsi NFL Super Bowl Activation Monster Energy Details TBD

Muscle Milk Stronger Everyday

Operator Incentive

Coca-Cola / SRP: $2.59 Season of Giving: Text-to-Win

Starbucks DoubleShot Details TBD

Quarterly Bundles

AM Bundle

PM Bundle

Required Offering



September Hot Deals on Cold Beverages


Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Gatorade Organic (Any Flavor) 12/16.9oz - Max 10 FREE SRP: $2.59 / Sept. 4-15


Incremental $2 VA Smartwater Sparkling (any size) SRP: $1.99 / Sept. 1-30

Buy 1 Pepsi 1893 (Any Flavor) Get 1 Cola FREE 12/12oz - Max 4 FREE SRP: $1.69 / Sept. 18-29

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE



Bai & Bai Bubbles Buy any 4 Bai or Bai Bubbles Get 1 Bai New Flavor FREE



Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

Additional November & December Hot Deal to be determined by August 1


Bottlers: PBC only (Kickstart, Gatorade Organic, & 1893); Red Truck (Smartwater Sparkling)

Top 9 ways to offer the beverages your students prefer Did you know? Bottled water is the No. 1 preferred beverage for Generation Z.


1. Provide convenient ambient water 2. Offer both traditional and new premium waters • Life Wtr and Aquafina • Dasani and smartwater 3. Use your Plan-o-grams to ensure the right variety 4. Offer noncarbonated favorites • At least 50% of your variety should be healthy/noncarbonated beverages 5. Remember that cold coffee is one of the fasting-growing drinks 6. Don’t forget fresh juices and smoothies 7. Ensure that all top 10 categories are represented • Water • Premium Water • Isotonic • Juice • Carbonated Soft Drinks • Noncarbonated Soft Drinks • Tea • Smoothies • Coffee • Energy 8. Add innovation with new craft beverages and product rollouts 9. Provide beverages for retail sale at the residential swipe-in area



The Perfect Snack Ratios




Breakfast – 8%

Chips – 30%

Granola – 8%

Nuts – 5%

Generation Z snacks up to five times per day. Improve their experience by having what they want, when they want it.

Nutritional – 8%

Popcorn – 5%


Snacks – 5%

Cookies – 5%

Trail Mix – 5%

• Include a balance of indulgent and better-for-you items.

Candy Bar – 10%

• Add innovative, trendy snacks to your offerings. Be brave and try new things. Your guests will love the variety.


• Using MyOrders-Vistar, make certain to always have enough of each snack on hand.

Meat Snacks – 5% Gum – 3% Mints – 3%

Top 5 ways to maintain snack momentum! 1. ORDER snacks using the recharge order guide 2. PRICE, using the suggested pricing included on your order guide as a guideline 3. MERCHANDISE the snacks creatively throughout the servery in both retail and residential 4. PROMOTE snacks utilizing the editable marketing available on MyCompass 5. BUNDLE snacks and a drink as a value opportunity Great Combos: •

Coffee & Kind Bar

Juice & Water for later

Tea & Sabra Hummus

Placing snacks strategically throughout your retail operation ensures maximum visibility and more opportunities for impulse sales.



More than of all daily eating occasions are considered snacking.


of students purchase a snack to satisfy an immediate craving.


of students said they plan to drink more bottled water.

The line

between meals and snacking is thickly blurred.


What Gen Zers Want:

• Functional food and drinks • Portable items • Diverse flavors • Portable portions • Affordable choices • Products geared to the time of day


Nearly of college-aged students purchase snacks from noon-4 p.m.


of Gen Zers are eating some type of snack during the weekday.


We take our lead from our guests.



We are your students’ kitchen away from home. We keep it fresh, fun, warm and nourishing.


meal plan

Insights gather

anytime dine

Gen Zers want to eat on their terms, which means less rules and restrictions.

We want to provide an atmosphere where guests can mingle, study, create memories and build lifelong relationships.

Gone are the days of meal zones. We are seeing a shift to all-access anytime dining.


less rules

It’s about the experience 50

meal plan magic in 3 easy steps ... 1 2 3 Drive awareness of options

Offer delicious food (and recharge campaigns!)


Create plans that provide value

Meal plans are a BIG part of our guests’ lives. Our plans provide value, variety and convenience, allowing guests to get the most out of their dining experience. Our new campaigns focus on sharing the real value of dining with a plan. 51





CREATE AWARENESS Communicate the plans in all possible ways from orientation tables and presentations to social media, emails, posters, yard signs, and more. Use the new #AtTheTable or Eat Smart campaigns to showcase your meal plans and dining program.

Evaluate your meal plans and ensure they are a good fit for your students and account. Build in incentives to purchase or upgrade plans as well as Limited Time Offer Recharge purchase options.

welcome to the Table

​ AtThe​Table focuses on the overall dining experience, showing that having a meal plan is not forced or # negative, instead it is the key to the college experience, to friendships and memories and laughter.




Eat Smart was designed to encourage students and parents to make informed and educated decisions when deciding on a meal plan. The campaign focuses on Convenience, Value and Variety.​

DELIVER ON THE EXPERIENCE Now, just go do what you do best! Deliver a great dining program that goes above and beyond the norm. It’s not just about quality food. It’s about wellness, choice, community, and convenience. It’s about the whole experience.

80% Over 80 percent of students say the food on campus affects their impressions during a campus tour. 53


Residential Students

Commuter Students How big is your market? How much are you capturing now? Set your goals and target this group.


Focus on plan upgrades and addons. Offer incentives for guests to upgrade their plan.

Recharge Offer recharge opportunities each semester so guests can reload their plans or dollars.

Faculty & Staff Faculty and staff make up a large amount of our customer base. Develop and promote meal plans that fit their needs.

Meal Plan Tip Alert:

Meal plan promotions are year-round not just at the beginning of each semester. 54

Put your selling cap on!

Meal Plan Tables

Hosting tables at orientations, move in, and hot spots on campus is a sure-fire way to communicate the value of your meal plans. Be fun and engaging – think scratch-offs, prize wheels, and envelope walls.

Dine with a Plan! Savings and Rewards Built into Each Plan! savings

no driving

no cash

no cooking

Cashier Cards

Think Outside the box with ... • • • • • •

Temporary tattoos Stickers for On The Go products Bottled beverage tags Coffee sleeves iPhone wallets Other swag And don’t forget: Use social media, print materials, and email campaigns.

Our cashiers are on the front lines and can promote meal plans to cash-paying guests as well as those with low balances.


bill to student account


over 25 locations

Sign up online today!

Scratch to WIN! Scratch for your chance to win a special offer from EMU Dining!


Package trendy, seasonal bundles and offer a discount on add-on flex with bundle purchase – a win-win!


Re-inventing Residential


Fall 2017

RESIDENTIAL S TA N D A R D S Culinary & Merchandising Guide


Our Approach In residential dining, we offer continuous innovation and engaging and easy-to-use merchandising and display to inform and educate students on choices available.


The new residential guides will help you comply with FDA labeling guidelines, clarify what great merchandising includes and how to get it, and how it all comes together with the menu.


Residential Dining Toolkit

The promotional calendar includes all the tools and resources needed to launch seasonal campaigns, events and LTOs throughout a semester. All content has been hand selected to fit within your semester parameters and to be executed at the most impactful time.

Kick off the year in style with a fun and trendy event.



Incorporate a local bluegrass band and outdoor wooden games like oversized Jenga to add to the excitement.

Local Highlight our commitment to support local farms.

POP UP farmers’ market

Educate your associates on your local foods. Encourage them to help tell the story.

Chef’s Table Showcase your culinary talent. Korean Steak & Lettuce Wraps or Skillet Gnocchi with Chard & White Beans – recipes that require action!

Spring events: Super-grain bowl Foodie Fridays and more! 58

the why The purpose of each event is clearly explained and front of mind so we never lose sight of how we impact our guests.

involvement Pre-service scripts are to be used at multiple meetings prior to the big event to be sure all associates are involved.

Student Choice

Menu Highlight our commitment to sustainable seafood. Hot & Sour Salmon Citrus Salad, Pecan Crusted Pangasius with Cheddar Grits

Give the students a voice in the program and let them set the menu.

Use poll everywhere to show live results of voting.

Set the mood with spooky music and pumpkincarving contests. Encourage associates to dress up.


Combine with a canned food drive.

Host a social media contest for those that do #thankful posts.

recipes Hand-picked recipe numbers from MenuWorks that are theme appropriate and offer balanced options.

creativity A full package of marketing materials are ready for use to communicate the innovative ideas.

End with a fun memory and it’s a stress reliever.



Host coffee tasting and ask key campus members to serve the food.

gathering Here we focus on entertainment and merchandising tips that will bring the community together at 59 these events.

We face our challenges head-on.

Digital Diligence


Staying current in the digital world is essential to maintaining relationships and effectively communicating with the student and campus community.


DINE ON CAMPUS WEBSITE Our Dine On Campus proprietary website offers a host of great features. Ensure you are fully utilizing and customizing Dine On Campus for your campus.

Incorporate your school’s branding and colors

Connect your social media accounts – and show off your videos

Show a live feed of menus

Highlight your events & specials and link to them directly

Show what locations are open now


Customize your navigation 62

Activate meal plan purchase including recurring payments


Key Features

Add funds to dining dollar account

Meet and Connect with our friendly dining associates

Menus and nutritional data

Click to text integration with our Text2Solve guest feedback program

Our exclusive Dine On Campus app is modern, feature-filled and fully available to all our campuses.

Social integration with user log in

Map to show closest dining location to you and walking directions

With Dine On Campus, we take a mobile-forward approach to dining websites.

Vote for your favorite songs through Rockbot Events and Specials

Multiple Payment Types: Credit Card, Meal Plan, and Payroll Deduct

Integration of beacon technology

Average of 1.3 million page views per month (during the semester).


Track your nutritionals with Apple Health Kit integration


Optimizing the online experience

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Audit your website with the DOC audit form before the start of each semester Rotate homepage images and make them high quality Load in all events and keep them up to date Link to your menus and update hours of operation Feed your YouTube channel right into the home page Activate the meal plan purchase tool and “add to declining balance” box on the home page Link your Facebook photos to your photo gallery


Engaging with Music How it Works:

Music is an important aspect in curating the guest experience. When guests enjoy the music, they tend to stay longer and feel a greater sense of community and connection

When guests navigate to the music tab of the Dine On Campus app they see the list of songs coming up in the playlist and are able to vote on which songs they want to hear first or choose a song from their own collection. In our locations, music becomes an extension of the cafe design as well as a key element of the brand experience, as it sets the tone for the space. When customers enjoy the music they hear, they tend to stay longer, which leads to more eating and drinking and higher check averages and repeat purchases.

Chartwells’ Dine On Campus and Rockbot app

2. Instantly vote, pick, save and share the music playing. 3. Rockbot’s interactive display ties it all together.

Rockbot interactive display (optional)


With the integration of Rockbot, a music engagement platform directly into our Dine On Campus app, we use technology to provide a seamless enhancement of the guest experience through music.

1. Students download the Dine On Campus or Rockbot app.


Connect with Chartwells

Get Social!

/ChartwellsHigherEd /ChartwellsHE






Combined Followers

Social media is a huge opportunity to communicate with our guests!

/ChartwellsHigherEd /ChartwellsHigherEd

/company/chartwells-higher-education-division- #wherehungrymindsgather

storytelling Ideas

Use photos and videos to showcase the core items that make up our brand and tell our story.


conversations Make an emotional connection by listening to our guests’ feedback and inserting ourselves in those conversations.


Humanize the brand by sharing authentic, in-the-moment content.

reinforce the brand Use Snapchat filters to reinforce the brand message in a platform that our guests are already communicating with one another.

Social Media: The Trends A.K.A. the good stuff that will help your social media game. Live Streaming Video

Using free live-streaming services is the ultimate in engagement. How about live streaming your chef?


More and more people are becoming less appreciative of traditional advertising. The need for personalized and relevant content and advertising delivery becomes more important.


Usage of Social Influencers Marketers are eyeing to tap the power of influencers to create authentic content for their brand to acquire new customers and establish a trust to their audience.


More Expirin


Content Snapchat p opularized it. Instagram adopted it. Instagram S tories will continue to be part of th e digital marketing c ampaign. S napchat wil decline. l

More Personalized Content & Delivery


aging Social Mepsesrsonal touch,

a tion Users want d collabora n a y c n re a n. transp mmunicatio o c e n -o o -t with one

6. Social Shopping

Social shopping an d instant purchases.




Social Media - must do’s Follow like minded brands

School accounts – Athletic clubs, student affairs, etc. Retweet and share!

Follow us!

Get Inspired!

Follow Chartwells Higher Ed on all platforms for the most up-to-date happenings within the sector.

Importance of Listening Keep an active pulse on conversations so you can address any issues.

Use Sprout to Listen

Monitor your brand

Sprout Social is a great tool to aid in monitoring your social media accounts, your brand keywords and national brand chatter.

Listen and Learn

Monitor the effectiveness of your posts and tweets.

Cross Promote

Make sure your handles are on all your marketing materials.

Share your work

Share on Yammer

It’s a great place to share and find best practices. Start yammering today!

Increase Engagement with Social Influencers Build Your Following

Invest in paid advertising prior to semester openings.

Ideas 68

Find your biggest fan

Tap into engaged followers with established communities, social groups, sports teams and hardcore foodies who will bring dining into their conversations organically.

Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Post Use a high-quality photo

Be fun and relaxed Have fun with your captions and be relatable.

Make sure the photo is high res – no blurry images.

Questions and contests

Visually appealing Ensure the items in your photo are appealing. There is noting wrong with staging the photo. Make sure lighting and background play a role in creating a perfect picture.

Ask questions and host contests to drive engagement.

Respond! Respond to all comments and questions.

Capture the culture Understand your brand and use images and videos that further enforce your brand messages.

Use relevant #hashtags Make sure your hashtags are relevant so your content can go viral.

At Adelphi, we loved meeting our #firstyearfoodies at our second Freshman Orientation. We took an “Ellen-style” selfie with our new students then gained 193 followers on Instagram, 12 on Twitter, and 24 on Facebook!


Real Story


Chartwells Monthly Chartwells Monthly is your time to shine! Each month we gather stories from our accounts around the country highlighting achievements, new initiatives and innovations as well as recognize associates. Chartwells Monthly is published monthly throughout the school year.

Chartwells Monthly

6 | September 201 ition Back-to-School Ed

ion Miss -In e v Mo o Bus





urn U

a t Aub


w YouFirst Program ard Winners | Ne President’s Circle Aw


Char twells Monthly

| April 2017

Stop Food Waste

Day is April 28


. Go to the Share Your Story e munications pag MyCompass Com etails and our for submission d . editorial calendar


We build high-performing teams.



Chartwells is committed to creating an engaged workforce with a culture of caring, and deep commitment to inclusion.



Student Success Providing internships for students to thrive Did you know? Students who are part of a paid internship program are twice more likely to be employed upon graduation.

win – for the students

Students follow a personalized internship plan, including their internship goals, requirements, and what is important to them, readying them for their future goals.

win – for the college or university

We provide an experience filled with experiential learning opportunities, allowing for creativity and ownership. They help keep students engaged on campus and on track to graduate.

win – for Chartwells “It’s more than a resume builder. It’s an experience where I get to make a difference and jump-start my career!” – Intern

Students bring excitement, innovation and experiences leading to personal growth. A series of relevant work experiences that match their classroom learning results in future leaders of our organization.

It’s a win, win, win! We feature internships in the field of marketing, wellness, sustainability, culinary, business management, HR, finance, graphic design and construction science.


People Do you have questions about Student Success tools and resources on MyCompass? Looking to bring an intern on board? Find all the info you need on the Student Success page on MyCompass.

Check out the new Student Success website,, to learn about all the great things happening and to get connected.

See all the Student Success on Social Media /chartwells.student.success

Our student interns are truly learning, as an example they have: created retail concepts • assisted with design projects enhanced cashier audits • increased voluntary meal plan sales created informational blogs for peers • launched social media campaigns 75

People Creating a loyal, engaged workforce through a culture of caring.

Four traits engaged associates display

Enthusiasm | Empowered | Inspired | Confident

Awesome tools designed to keep your associates informed Manager’s and Associates Roundtable – Specials on your Success Across the Board area!

20,000 Card Celebrations!

Over 5,000 Certificates!


• Pre-service meetings* • Manager floor time* • Service commitment* • Celebrations* • Manager’s Roundtable* (associates/manager)





• Associate development* • Gen Z training* • Guest feedback • Student manager • Service ambassadors • YouFirst University

• Social stars* • Associate Newsletter* • Wow cards* • Associate stories* • YouFirst “Success Across the Board”* • Note Cards* • YouFirst gift cards • Sell More, Cash In** • Appreciation certificates*

110,000 Wow Cards received!

4,000 YouFirst Gift Cards! 77

People Be-A-Star Awards Overview The Be-A-Star program’s theme for 2017 was “Superhero Superstar,” which recognizes the superpowers within each and every one of our associates. As our organization’s difference-makers, each one of you has the potential to be a superstar, and with the unlimited opportunities available at Chartwells, you also have access to the resources needed to grow and become successful. There is no substitute for hard work and understanding that practice makes perfect. It’s all about how well you do what you’re already doing – and aiming to become better at it. Please congratulate our 2017 Be-A-Star national winners!



National Award 2017 Winners Greg Moran Regional Director of the Year Lee Rapport Penta Award Anthony Cinelli, New Jersey City University Director of the Year, Gourmet Tom Lapp and Allison Trinkle Difference Makers Award University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Five Jewel – 1st Place Chartwells Northeast Region Compass in the Community Bronze Winner Missouri State University Account of the Year Sarah Bodner Chef of the Year Annette Damavandi Baker of the Year


We treat each other with care and concern.



Chartwells’ associates around the country have proved that hard work and kindness can go a long way and truly make a difference.


Diversity & Inclusion Action Council

be innovative

be kind

Teamwork makes the k! dream wor

wheel of kindness

be encouraging

be understanding

Real Story We CARE about our guests


For nine years, Chartwells’ CSU Dining associate Gloria “Mama G” Jenkins has mentored thousands of students at Cleveland State University. The most recognized Dining associate on campus, she also became an internet sensation when CSU students created a Facebook fan page for her. Jenkins, who shines with a special engagement for every guest, follows up with nearly everyone she serves: the student who was dreading an exam, the student who had relationship problems, and the student who wanted advice about her wardrobe. Mama G’s impact is so lasting and strong, a recent valedictorian recounted in her commencement speech how it was Gloria who kept her encouraged during challenging times. 82

Culture of Caring

Treating people with care and concern is a part of our Chartwells culture and celebrated across all of our teams.

5k 1k 500 0



Real Story We CARE about our Associates In September 2017 the true resilience of our associates was tested when Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma swept through many of our campuses in the South. Associates from all over the country sent notes of encouragement, donated to our associate relief fund and shared their stories to generate awareness of the devastating impact.

Real Story

We CARE about the Community Bald is beautiful! Take it from six Bowling Green State University Dining associates who participated in BGSU’s fifth annual St. Baldrick’s Foundation Shave-a-thon. These associates solicited pledges from coworkers, friends and family with the promise they would completely shave their heads in solidarity of children who have lost their hair while battling cancer. To help the cause, the Chartwells’ BGSU team raised a record $2,400-plus and racked up an impressive event record of more than $13,400!

Sending love and positive thoughts to Your dedication to Our thoughts and prayers go the Chartwells Higher out to all those affected by service is incredible Ed family. Hurricane Harvey. In particular, and inspiring. we would like to thank our teams and associates for their resiliency in feeding our Your colleagues with students and communities. Chartwells Higher Ed Truly inspiring! at Wagner College have you in our thoughts. Stay strong!

Real Story We CARE about our partners To demonstrate how healthy can also be tasty, Executive Chef Robert “Bear” Evans worked with the head strength and conditioning coach at Louisburg College to help educate and “fuel” athletes of eleven National Junior College Athletic Association teams on campus. Focusing on plant-based food, Chef Evans hosted a Mediterranean-inspired dinner with barley mushroom risotto and a spinach salad with fresh strawberries, pickled carrots, onions and turnips tossed with a red wine and extra-virgin olive oil vinaigrette. The week culminated with Mack’s presentation, emphasizing how proper nutrition can give these athletes an edge over their competition.




How do you make a difference?

The Chartwells Culture is made up of the commitments from individuals to be difference-makers, which is how we are re-inventing the campus experience.

Culture 84


The Difference is YOU!


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