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The Newsletter of Chartwell School | Spring 2017

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Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike

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In this issue

Welcome Friends Grandparents and special friends celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Chartwell Speaker Series Raising awareness and fulfilling our mission. Faculty and Staff News Updates on staff development and other news. Alumni News and Notes What Bulldogs have been up to. Project Based Learning The cornerstone of our high school. Transitions New Board Members and Milestones. Party in a Pear Tree Celebrating our community. Summer Teacher Training Institute Educating professionals in the field of learning differences. Grants Update News of recent grants received by Chartwell. Annual Giving Report 2015-2016 Thank you to our donors. Sports Update Would you believe Bulldogs vs Warriors?

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Contributing Photographers Ethan Erkiletian Isaiah Espinoza Kris Hill Max Kashnow Nena Prakash Randy Postadan Chartwell School is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Tax ID: 77-011-9013.

Front Cover: A collage featuring our creative, inquisitive, welcoming, inventive, resourceful, curious, questioning, wonderful Chartwell community.

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Welcome Special Friends


fter a winter filled with more rain and mud than anyone could remember, Grandparents and Special Friends Day dawned sunny and warm with brilliant blue skies. By 9:00 AM, McMahan Hall was filled with almost 100 special guests who were greeted by John Reid, Strategic Management Consultant. Noting that Grandparents and Special Friends Day is a beloved tradition celebrated by schools the world over, John went on to say that the reason for that is quite simple, “Whenever grandparents are around, life is better.” Following that, Mary Ann Leffel, the Chair of the Chartwell Board of Trustees spoke providing a personal glimpse into the world of dyslexia. She said that when her own children were small, little was known about this language-based learning difference. She continued by praising the Chartwell faculty and administration for their amazing work with these tremendously talented children, noting that 100% of this year’s graduating class have been accepted at a college of their choice.

Finally, the welcomes were rounded out by Steve Henderson, Head of Lower and Middle School. Then, it was time for the children to take to the stage. After joining together to sing the National Anthem, the children treated the audience to several musical numbers including the much beloved Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music and a lively rendition of Saint Saëns Carnival of the Animals, Movement 5: The Elephants. Finally, Music Director Kristen Thompson had the audience clapping and snapping fingers as the children sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Grandparents and Special Friends then joined the students at recess (one grandparent hit a threepointer!) followed by four sample classes from the students’ schedules. Our guests learned about decoding and spelling strategies, algebraic formulas, and how to mix watercolors. In technology class, students interviewed their guests in Story Corps style.


The day concluded with a festive luncheon in McMahan Hall. Students and teachers sat with their special guests while a spectacular team of parent volunteers served the food. Following the luncheon, with the sun still shining, everyone departed campus for the start of the two-week spring break. Pictured here are a few of our students and their special guests plus a group shot of our wonderful volunteer team. For more photos of this special day, see pages 13 to 15.

Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

Chartwell Speaker Series

Raising Awareness about Language Based Learning Differences


t Chartwell, we strive to remain on the cutting-edge of dyslexia research so that we are able to better serve our students. This is accomplished in a variety of ways including: our partnerships with researchers at UCMerced and The Dyslexia Center at USCF; professional development for our faculty (see the story elsewhere in this issue); and by bringing various experts in the field to campus.


In October, we were extremely fortunate to have Paul Orfalea, the billionaire founder of Kinko’s, speak to several groups on campus. At a luncheon in McMahan Hall and later speaking to a group of Chartwell students, Orfalea recounted how he struggled through school because of conditions we now recognize as Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He went on to say that he credits these “differences” as blessings that allow him to see the world differently from his peers. On his website, Orfalea is quoted as saying, “Success is more about your imagination than anything else.” Certainly, words worth remembering! Christopher Woodin, Math Department Chair at the Landmark School in Beverly, Massachusetts was on campus for two days during which time he held several workshops for our faculty. Woodin is a specialist in the field of mathematics and learning disabilities and has

Chartwell School | Spring, 2017

developed innovative, researchbased methods for teaching about numbers and learning basic math skills. Most recently, Dr. Jeff Gilger from the University of California at Merced spoke to a group of friends, parents, and faculty on the topic of, “Different Brains, Different Learners.” In his presentation, which was a summary of his recent research, Gilger noted that, “Everyone’s brain is atypical…in some way!” Therefore, the question is, “In what ways is the dyslexic brain atypical— beyond areas/skills related to reading?” In addition to professional development opportunities for our faculty, each of these events was advertised to and open to the public. Throughout our history, providing these educational opportunities to the greater community has been integral to our mission as well as to our outreach services designed to improve literacy, share best practices in diagnostic education, and raise public awareness about learning differences.

Pictured here are scenes from the luncheon reception where Paul Orfalea spoke about his struggles during his early years in school because of the condition we now recognize as Dyslexia.

Faculty and Staff News and Notes

Sea Otters are a beloved sight on the Monterey Peninsula and our own Jessica Gentry, a teacher in the high school, has been volunteering this year for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) program. SORAC has been studying and trying to save the threatened southern sea otter for over 30 years and their work includes rescuing, treating, and releasing sick or injured sea otters. In addition, Jess joined Sea Otter Savvy and participated in Whalefest to help educate the public about otters and otter safety. As a passionate environmentalist, it was a natural fit for Jess to start the OPP (Ocean Plastics Pollution) leadership team at Chartwell to help educate the high school students on single use plastic pollution. The program, under the auspices of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, selected 125 preK-12th grade educators from thousands of applications across the country to participate in this important endeavor. Her team of students will present their findings to other high school students from across the country at an aquarium overnight this spring. Katherine Kanaski traveled to the Marzano Center in Denver for a two-day Instructional Coaching Conference. Established by Dr. Robert J. Marzano, the Center has been working for over 40 years at the forefront of educational research to determine effective and accessible instructional strategies. Working together with Steve Henderson, Katherine will provide her colleagues with research-based strategies that can be used in the Chartwell classrooms to enhance our own students’ experiences. Katherine’s workshop was conducted by renowned educator Phil Warrick, Ed.D.

Tracy Earle and Britney Hill spent several days in Boston this winter at the Institute for MultiSensory Education (IMSE) taking the Advanced Continuum Training using the Orton-Gillingham method. This teaching method, which was developed

Updates on Staff Faculty Development and Staff in the 1930s, provides reading strategies for instruction for children with dyslexia (although the method is successful at any level using differentiated instructional methods). This intense 30-hour course provided Tracy and Britney with tools for higher level lesson planning as well as multi-sensory strategies for teaching higher level concepts. Armed with this valuable training, Tracy and Britney returned to Chartwell with a multitude of materials and activities to incorporate into and enhance the middle school curriculum. As this issue of The Write Stuff was going to press, we received word that our high school faculty member, Dan Gurska, has completed his Doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. 5 On April 11, Dan presented his oral defense of his dissertation in Mythological Studies entitled, “Peering Down the Bottomless Well: Myth in Thomas Mann’s Joseph Tetralogy.” In the Abstract, Dan noted that, “Considering modern day parallels to the nationalistic one-sidedness of Thomas Mann’s time, the study concludes that Mann’s Joseph tetralogy is just as relevant today as when it was originally written. The assertions made throughout the dissertation point to how this novel can serve as a model for how myths of diverse religious traditions can respectfully interact.” Congratulations to Dan on this significant accomplishment! A belated welcome to our new Facilities Coordinator, Matt Madron. A native of Vallejo, Matt and his wife, Bree, moved to the Monterey area last year to become the Youth Pastor at the Harvest Lands Church in Salinas. In his free time, Matt enjoys all things music—from guitar to drums to composing. We are grateful to have Matt watching over our wonderful facility. Pictured above left: The high school art class used recycled materials to create a scene representing life in the Monterey Bay Sanctuary kelp forest. Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

Alumni News and Notes

Bulldog Updates Tyler Casey checked in via social media and let us know that he received his BA in Business from Azusa Pacific University. He is currently the Director of Engineering at Cornerstone Productions. As the Engineer in Charge (EIC), Tyler facilitates the broadcast of events from remote locations. Nolan Dost (left) (Class of ‘15), visited Chartwell this winter. After attending Chartwell for 4 years, Nolan enrolled at 6 DigiPen Institute of Technology near Seattle where he is currently a sophomore. Before leaving campus, Nolan shared a powerful message of appreciation: “Chartwell changed my life. I’m achieving amazing things at University that I never would have dreamed of attaining if not for Chartwell. I learned skills at this school that I couldn’t have learned in any other school... I learned about myself, and Chartwell taught me I could achieve my dreams.” Benjamin Jannasch (Class of ’14) is majoring in Digital Effects at Chapman University in Los Angeles. Jacqueline Leahy (Class of ‘13) is currently in London studying at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu. In her communication with Chartwell she mentioned that she has taken the opportunity to travel in Europe; most recently to Munich, Germany.

Chartwell School | Spring, 2017

Nick Rodrigues checked in via email after reading about the high school project period working with Loaves, Fishes, & Computers. Nick said that coincidentally he had worked with the same charity when he was a student at CSUMB. Nick attended Chartwell in the early 1990s and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from CSUMB. He currently works at the College in their IT department as their Security & Identity Analyst. In his email, Nick wrote, “I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for what you did for me. It was an amazing transformation, and I doubt I would be where I am today, without the support and training I received there.” Nick also stopped by for a visit in March.

Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog! Don’t be a Stranger!

We want to hear from you! What have you been up to? Moved? Started a business? Just have an idea to share? Don’t lose touch! Email us at P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram!

Q and A with Maisie Mader (Class of ’16) Masie was kind enough to answer our email asking what she has been up to. Write Stuff: What are you doing since graduating? Maisie: I’m at Columbia College Chicago studying Acting and recently took up two different minors in teaching and comedy writing. I’m involved in multiple clubs on campus, as well as preforming in a few plays. Acting will always be a big part of my life, however a big interest of mine is teaching special needs children and I’m exploring that as a career interest. Write Stuff: Did Chartwell prepare you for your current work and how? Maisie: Chartwell helped prepare me by teaching me how to advocate for myself and use my learning disabilities as a benefit; by accessing my creative side and finding different and new solutions to problems and classwork. Thankfully at Columbia, I am able to use so many alternatives to a regular assignment. For example, instead of writing an 8-page essay about gender studies and feminism, I made a documentarystyle video.

Get Clipping! Chartwell has enrolled in the Box Tops for Education Program. This program is an easy way to earn cash for the school. Simply buy your favorite products and then look for the distinctive pink Box Top logo on the package and clip it. Send the Box Tops to school with your child—each coupon is worth ten cents! We will submit the coupons twice each year and purchase equipment for our classrooms and fields. The Box Top website ( has lots of information and even some fun collection sheets you can download and print. So—get clipping!!


PS: This is an easy one to get friends and grandparents and even co-workers involved! Just have them mail their Box Tops directly to Chartwell School!

Write Stuff: Many people think of dyslexia as a curse; others would argue it is a gift. Your thoughts? Maisie: I don’t look at Dyslexia as a curse at all. Yes, dealing with my Dyslexia is hard at times, but it challenges me to find new ways to do things, which are often times better and more useful for my learning style. Write Stuff: Any advice for Chartwell Students? Maisie: Always be yourself. I remember trying so hard to be someone I wasn’t in my beginning years of high school, and it is so important to be your own authentic self. I’ve never been happier with myself and my life since I started being myself, taking every opportunity, and feeding my creative side. Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

Project Based Learning “I have a really good feeling about this place.” * of five non-profit organizations where they would volunteer over the course of the eight weeks. One group of students worked with the Surfrider Foundation which is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. Together with the Foundation, the Chartwell students worked to launch the Ocean Friendly Restaurants Campaign. Through their efforts, the restaurants at the Monterey Bay Aquarium were certified under the new program which required them to meet certain requirements such as not using single-use plastics.


A decade ago, the Chartwell Community committed to an expansion of the school to include a secondary school component. The vision of TNHSP, as it was then known (The New High School Project), was to continue the extraordinary and transformative work that took place each day in the lower and middle school. The idea of Project Based Learning (PBL) has been around for a very long time. In creating the high school structure, PBL was a natural fit because it develops independent and life-long learners. In the lower grades, students work to understand their individual learning styles and then advocate for themselves. In the high school, this work is built-upon and expanded using projects—the projects are the curriculum and compel students to dig deeply using their natural curiosity as a jumping-off point. Each year, the high school faculty develop a set of four Driving Questions which will form the core of each of the four Project Periods. Driving Questions act as a framework around which students construct more questions and delve deep, learning from each other and grappling with complex issues. In the most recent project period, the Driving Question was, “What are people doing to help others and what are the benefits of getting involved?” Students were able to select one

Chartwell School | Spring, 2017

Remember that the preceding paragraph is a glimpse of only one of the five groups working with local non-profits during the project period. Remember that there are four such project periods in each school year. The impact this type of learning by doing has on students is profound: our students, working with real-world concerns become comfortable with the inquiry process, with looking for patterns and analyzing systems, with evaluating different processes, exploring relationships, and solving problems. Is it any wonder that the new student had a good feeling about the place? *Quotation taken from our archives, observation of an 11th grade student on her first day at Chartwell. Pictured this page, top left: Michael Beheshti, Misha Broyles, and Daniel Rinkert with the Chefs from the restaurants at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Above: Daniel Rinkert being interviewed for the KSBW evening news. Pictured opposite page: Project Period II found students studying Monterey Bay. At left Scotia Mapstead logging data. At right, high school students take a break from their project at the humpback whale sculpture in Pacific Grove.

Driving Questions Sampler: What role do humans play in the stability and change of Monterey Bay? Mass Incarceration: Why does the US have the highest number of incarcerated people in the world, and how does this rate affect our culture? Water Consciousness: What impact does water have on our lives, local communities, and the world?

Chartwell High School News


SAFE Groups Honored SAFE (Student Advocates for Education) is a student-led community group operated under the auspices of the Parents Education Network. PEN is the Bay Area’s leading provider for support services for students, parents, and educators working with learning and attention differences. In February, PEN and the SAFE program were recognized by the Northern California Branch of the International Dyslexia Association for their work empowering students in their leadership and self-advocacy. The Monterey SAFE group, which is open to all high school students in the area, was started three years ago by Head of High School, Billy Swift. Billy created his own curriculum and established relationships with other SAFE groups in the Bay Area. In accepting the award, the PEN Executive Director acknowledged Billy and the other facilitators as being, “really at the heart of this SAFE’s magic. They guide and coach our students, enabling them to articulate their learning strengths

and describe their experiences as students thriving with learning differences.” Empowering our students with the tools for self-advocacy is part of the mission of Chartwell. Examples abound. This winter Billy received a letter from a Chartwell parent whose high school son had assisted a local student, “Teaching her how to advocate for herself in a classroom” as well as explaining the assistive technology available on computers or as apps. The parent concluded, “It was life changing for her… and enabled (her son) to pay it forward.” In sharing the news of the recognition of SAFE, Strategic Management Consultant John Reid noted, “It is gratifying to have Billy recognized for the work he has done in establishing the local chapter. It is equally gratifying to hear stories of the changes our program has engendered in the life of our students.” Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

Pictured at left: Our guests at Grandparents Day were welcomed by Board Chair, Mary Ann Leffel.


New Board Members

The Board of Trustees at an Independent School such as Chartwell is charged with safeguarding the school’s mission, vision, and strategic goals. From the school’s beginning, Chartwell has been fortunate to have talented individuals with varied expertise and strengths willing to serve in this most important volunteer capacity. At the January meeting, Chartwell’s Board reviewed recommendations for new members that were made by the Governance Committee. The Board voted and subsequently invited three new 10 members profiled here. Rae Boerema is a familiar face at Chartwell having logged countless hours volunteering in our library over the last two years. Rae brings a depth of marketing, financial, and strategic planning experience to the Board. A graduate of UC San Diego with a Business Administration degree, Rae went on to further her studies at Texas A&M as well as coursework through The Wharton School and Stanford University. In her statement prepared for the Committee, Rae wrote that she would like to offer “a contribution of Board service towards…making Chartwell accessible to a greater number of children who have language-based learning differences.” Heidi Daunt also prepared a statement for the Committee saying that she would like to serve on the Chartwell Board of Trustees because she, herself, is Dyslexic as are her son and daughter (Alora is a Chartwell graduate). Heidi is passionate about her work as Branch Manager at TreeHouse Mortgage Group and has enjoyed a 30-year career in the Finance and Mortgage Industry. Heidi earned her degree in International Policy Studies with focus on the French and Spanish languages from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Chartwell School | Spring, 2017

Caroline Haskell is currently the Director of Health and Wellness Services at California State University, Monterey Bay. Caroline earned a M.S. in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work as well as a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley. She also possesses an Advanced Graduate certificate in Contemplative Clinical Practice from Smith College. Caroline has over 30 years’ experience providing program development and management, clinical/counseling services, psycho-educational workshops, and training programs in education, health care, and human/social services. Caroline’s extensive clinical experience will bring another dimension to the Chartwell Board.


Condolences to the family of Abbie Tudor Eldredge who passed away in June. Among other achievements, she served as the President of the California Medical Association Alliance and was instrumental in the passing of the first Car Seat Law. Her daughter Marigrace (Larry Gamble) is an alumni parent and her granddaughter, Grace Gamble, attended Chartwell for five years. We extend condolences to the family of Clifford Ograin who passed away in June. Mr. Ograin was a scholar-athlete having attended the University of Hawaii on a full football scholarship. He was the sonin-law of Chartwell Trustee Emerita (now deceased) Jean Draper. Dr. Robert Sageman, former Chartwell Trustee and grandparent passed away in June. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Sageman worked with the team evaluating how best to use Fort Ord after decommissioning. His son, Dr. William Sageman and wife Pamela are alumni parents and his granddaughter, Kathryn, is a member of the Chartwell Class of 2005.

2016 Party in a Pear Tree



nce again, as for the last 22 years, the first Saturday in December found the Chartwell Community gathered at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club for Party in a Pear Tree. “Pear” as the event is affectionately known, represents an evening to celebrate the children of Chartwell. Pictured here, clockwise from top: The signature Pear art was created by an sixth grade Chartwell student; Mollie and Tom O’Neal (alumni parents); bidding was spirited as exemplified by parent Brandi Faia; Auctioneer Hunter Finnell once again encouraged the crowd to “bid high and bid

often”; the party favors said it all; Board of Trustee President MaryAnn Leffel with her husband, Hal; a slide from the TGO Photography video created for the occasion. Center: Board member and current parent Hunter Lowder flanked by her father Tom at left and other family members in town to celebrate at Pear. Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

Summer Teacher Training Institute at Chartwell

Educating Professionals in the Field of Learning Differences The Summer Teacher Training Institute at Chartwell offers a professional development program for teachers, educational therapists, tutors, and parents who would like to learn more about dyslexia and other learning differences. CUE credits are available through CSUMB. This year, the institute will take place from Monday, June 26 through Friday, June 30 on the Chartwell campus in Seaside. For complete information, visit


The Institute will be facilitated by Gretchen Giuffre, M.A. Ed. who has been involved in independent and public sector education since 1999. Specializing in children with learning differences, she is the former Middle School Coordinator at Chartwell. Additional experience includes the following roles: Reading and Math Intervention Coach, Language Arts Educator and Advisor for a Language & Literacy School Reform Initiative.

Topics Include: Understanding Dyslexia and the Reading Brain Dyslexia Law (2015): AB 1369 Understanding ADHD and Executive Function Skills Learning and the Brain: Stress, Memory & Growth Mindset Keys to Literacy: Components of Effective Reading Programs IDEA (2004) & Rehabilitation Act (1973): Section 504 Chartwell School | Spring, 2017

Pictured top: Summer 2017 Instructor Gretchen Giuffre. Pictured above: Scenes from the 2016 Summer Institute at Chartwell.

Giving Thanks to our Supporters Chartwell school is grateful for the many gifts each year which make our programs possible. Elsewhere in this newsletter is a listing of the many, many individuals and families, foundations and corporations who gave to Chartwell during the 2015-2016 school year. What follows here is a glimpse of some grants we have received during Pictured above are grateful Chartwell students receiving the the 2016-2017 school donation from visitors from The Intero Foundation. year. We received a generous financial aid grant from The Intero Foundation. The Foundation was established by the founders of Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. in 2002 and has raised over $4.0 million to benefit children living in our local communities. The foundation said that Chartwell’s proposal was a “standout” and commended Chartwell for the work that we do in our community. We are grateful to the Yellow Brick Road Thrift Shop in Carmel for their gift to support the school’s work. In making the gift, the organization said that it was a tribute to our fine programs. Over its 25 years, the Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shops have donated more than $5.0 million to Monterey County nonprofits. The Arts Council for Monterey County, during the Spring Grant Cycle, made a gift to be used in support of our music program. Chartwell is grateful for the ongoing support of the Arts Council. On the Arts Council website, they write that they find over and over that “The Arts Are the Answer to...achieving our region’s

Giving Update

greatest potential.” Chartwell has long believed in the power of the arts and the important role they play in the education of our children.


Chartwell was also honored to receive a generous grant from the Charles and Marie Robertson Foundation. In informing us of the gift, the director wrote, “Growing up on the Monterey Peninsula, we have all known for years about the wonderful work you do to prepare students with cutting edge learning techniques for high school, college and beyond. We are happy to see that you have been ‘discovered’ and are building on your reputation for excellence.” To all of our friends and donors, we thank you for your unwavering support for our mission.

Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

Financial Overview Revenue Distribution - 2015/2016 Fundraising Events 4%

Annual Giving Report

Auxillary Programs 0.35%


hanks to the generous support of parents, alumni, grandparents, alumni families, trustees, staff, friends, foundations, and businesses, Chartwell School raised $434,534 in gifts and grants during 2015-2016. The following pages provide a listing of these generous gifts received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.


(We will publish a listing from the 2016-2017 year in the Fall, 2017.) We extend a special thank you to our Party in a Pear Tree committee and to everyone who attended this annual event, which raised over $140,000 from sponsorships, ticket sales, silent and live auctions, and fund-an-item donations. Please know that we make every effort to ensure that our records are accurate and complete. Please contact Nena Prakash at (831) 394-3468 ext. 1003 to notify us of any omissions or corrections. Thank you again for your tremendous support!

Chartwell School | Spring, 2017

Donations 10% Other <2% 2%

Net Tuition and Fees 85%

Expense Distribution - 2015/2016 Administrative 9%

Fundraising 5%

Outreach 0.5%

Educational Programs 86%

Tuition by Program -2015/2016 Summer 2%

High School 40%

Grades K-3 10%

Grades 4-8 48%

Annual Giving Honorary Gifts

In honor of Mick and Nicki McMahan Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Nichols In honor of Nora Lee Mr. John M. Abel Mrs. Jane C. Anthony Mr. Ralph A. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Balestreri, Sr. Mrs. Sigrid S. Banks Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borda Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Brooks Mrs. Dorothy Budlong Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cole Dr. Carolyn L. Compton Mr. and Mrs. Philip Daunt Mr. and Mrs. G. Gervaise Davis III Ms. Ginny Davis and Ms. Kim Kelley Mrs. Gwen Dillingham Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dini Ms. Susan Draper Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dunnion Mr. Allan J. Dyson & Ms. Susan C. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Stewart J. Fuller Ms. Aleksandra L. Giannotti Mrs. Mary Jane Gonzalez-Huss Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Grant Mr. Fredric Hartzell & Mrs. Janet M. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawley Mr. Robert L. Hernandez and Ms. Susan J. Matcham Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hogan Mr. Dale D. Huss and Mrs. Mary Jane Gonzalez-Huss Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Inda Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Johnson Mr. and Mrs. George W. Lambidakis Dr. Carol R. Lark Mr. and Mrs. Randall K. Lewis Mrs. Joanne M. Link Ms. Sally Maggio Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mallett Mr. Derek Mallett Mr. and Mrs. Lars Mapstead Mr. and Mrs. Hector Mariscal Mr. and Mrs. Glen Marra Mrs. Marlene Martin Mrs. Susan J. Matcham Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMahan Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Melton Ms. Betty Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Michels Mr. and Mrs. Grant Miles Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mirassou Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan P. Monnes Dr. Patricia Morrissey Mr. John K. Murata Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Nino Nunes Company, Inc.

(For the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016) Mr. F. Robert Nunes, Sr. Mrs. Sally S. Pacheco Mr. Sabu M. Shake Jr. Mr. Justin Shoemate Mr. and Mrs. Neal Smith Mrs. Dolores W. Velcoff Mr. and Mrs. Russ Wilks Marilyn Rae Willett and J’Maia D. Fields Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Williams Ms. Marsha M. Zelus Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zlotkin

Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Marjorie P. Love Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Brooks Mr. Robert E. Ryan and Ms. Marianne Gillette In Memory of J. Randolph Elliott Capt. And Mrs. Buzz Hoever Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMahan In Memory of Leland Lewis Thomas H. George Construction Ms. Margaret S. Casey In Memory of Jennefer Lloyd Wineman Ms. Lucinda Lloyd In Memory of Marion Leidig Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMahan In Memory of Maxine Marcella Tuttle Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. McMahan


Estate of Erling Lagerholm

Foundations, Corporations, and Corporate Matching Gifts

Anonymous Amazon Smile Foundation Apple, Inc. Arts Council for Monterey County Austin Cary Eadie Memorial Fund at Schwab Charitable Barnet Segal Charitable Trust Bellini Foundation Benevity Big Sur International Marathon Carmel Realty Foundation of the Community Foundation of Monterey County Carmel Valley Kiwanis Foundation The William McCaskey Chapman and Adaline D. Chapman Foundation Charles and Marie Robertson Foundation Community Foundation for Monterey County Hugh & Hazel Darling Foundation F. Robert Nunes Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Monterey County Francis Elgan and Werner Kunkel Fund of the Community Foundation of Monterey County Marjorie McNeely Fund for the Blind or Illiterate MC Weekly Community Fund of the CFMC (MC Gives! 2015) The Yeomans Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Illinois Emilie S. Welles Foundation eScrip Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First United Methodist Church of Pacific Grove Jack Kent Cooke Foundation John Spadaro Youth Foundation Inc Monterey Peninsula Foundation Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation Newman’s Own Foundation Packard Humanities Institute Pebble Beach Company Foundation Quest Foundation Rotary Club of Monterey Samson Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Target: Take Charge of Education The Robert and Audrey Talbott Foundation Truist Upjohn California Fund The Wollenberg Foundation The Woolpert Family Foundation Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop


Grandparents and Special Friends Day took place on St. Patrick’s Day this year. The luncheon tables in McMahan Hall were decorated with very special Shamrocks. Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

Individual Giving


Mr. John M. Abel Ms. Addie Abercrombie Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Adams Mr. Bob Alspaugh and Mrs. Peggy Alspaugh Ms. Dawn V. Anderle Mr. and Mrs. Bob Anderson Ms. Jane C. Anthony Mr. Ralph A. Bailey Mr. William Baker Mr. and Mrs. Gay F. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Balestreri, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Bankson Ms. Dawn Bankson Ms. Magna Barcelo and Mr. Larry Barcelo Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bassian Ms. Sharon Bates Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Beck Mr. and Ms. Scott T. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Benson Mrs. Susan D. Blois Mr. and Mrs. Mark Boen Ms. Cathy Brito Ms. Teresa Brown Mr. Mikhail A. Broyles Mr. Frank Brunings and Mrs. Kristine Edmunds Mayor and Mrs. Jason Burnett Ms. Theresa Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Tony Campos Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Campos Ms. Tina Carrillo Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Carstens Ms. Margaret S. Casey Mr. Robin Clark Dan &. Andrea Coleman Dr. Carolyn L. Compton Mr. and Mrs. Philip Coniglio, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Corner Mr. and Mrs. Denver Dale Mr. and Mrs. Philip Daunt Mrs. Edwina E. DeLong Ms. Joanne DePaola Mrs. Lynne White-Dixon & Mr. Robert Dixon Mr. and Mrs. William G. Doolittle Ms. Susan Draper Mr. and Mrs. Alec Duarte Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Dube Mr. Allan J. Dyson & Ms. Susan C. Cooper Ms. Laura A. Edwards Mr. Robert C. Egnew Mrs. Daphne Ellington & Mr. Tim Ellington

Chartwell School | Spring, 2017

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Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

Monterey Herald Headline:

Santa Cruz Warriors h-o-r-s-e around at Chartwell School


Chartwell School | Spring, 2017

The Chartwell basketball team hosted the Santa Cruz warriors for an afternoon of basketball. The Santa Cruz Warriors are the NBA D-league affiliate of the Golden State Warriors. The team’s visit to Chartwell was part of their “Get Fit” program. In an article in the local newspaper, the team commented, “We had an amazing afternoon at Chartwell School in Seaside getting active and playing our game with some incredible students! We are so proud of the milestones these students are reaching in the classroom and we’re honored to support you!”


hartwell’s summer program is a special opportunity for students who are not enrolled in the year-long program to benefit from a research-based, student-centered education. Our goal is to guide children toward becoming healthy, curious, confident, and appreciated learners. The Summer CORE Program is academically focused and open to students who would benefit from specialized instruction or would like to maintain progress achieved over the preceding academic year. It is also a great way for students entering the fall session for the first time in August to become acquainted with the “green” campus, the faculty, and their peers. This head start ensures a smooth and successful transition. The morning CORE Program focuses on literacy skill building which can be supplemented by afternoon ENRICHMENT programs. While helping students overcome academic challenges, programs at Chartwell also explore their natural talents and interests to develop selfreliance and respect for others. The success and recognition that students experience in the classroom bolster their self-esteem and allow them to improve peer relationships. Chartwell School’s carefully structured programs offer

ample opportunities to develop positive social relationships which are vital to a student’s overall growth.

Visit for program descriptions CORE Literacy Skills for Ages 6 - 13

8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Reading Skills: Phonemic Awareness, Decoding Strategies, Vocabulary, Comprehension Spelling Skills: Phonemic Awareness, Encoding Strategies, Patterns & Principles, Syllabication Written Expression Skills: Mechanics of Writing, Sentence & Paragraph, Descriptive & Expository, Creative Writing Afternoon ENRICHMENT Programs from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Just a sampling of the variety of offerings available for children from Ages 7 - 16: Digital Photography  Coding  Algebra Refresher  Sports & Fitness  Guitar for Beginners  Stop Motion Animation  Creative Writing

Chartwell School

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit #3 Seaside, CA 93955

2511 Numa Watson Rd. Seaside, CA 93955

Be social! Follow us Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike Chartwell Bulldogs take on Santa Cruz Warriors. See inside.

The Write Stuff Spring 2017  

The Write Stuff Spring 2017

The Write Stuff Spring 2017  

The Write Stuff Spring 2017