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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 VOL 2, NO 276

BURNING THIRST A firefighter shares his water with an injured koala as wildfires wreak havoc in Australia. Suspicions that the fires were deliberately set led police to declare crime scenes in towns incinerated by the blazes. The death toll stood at 181 yesterday.




Hey, lonely – learn to love yourself By Chatrarat Kaewmorakot Writer for Channel 3’s ‘Sud Daen Huajai’ soap opera


ith Valentine’s day approaching, single people out there will be feeling lonelier than usual and perhaps needy for love. But it’s important to understand that love is not about finding someone to fill the emptiness inside us. We have to “fill” ourselves first, so that the love in us can pour out and be shared by others.

Prowling for love Thailand’s favourite popsters, Pink Panther, join up with today’s crooners to give this year’s Valentine’s Day a musical welcome.

Running on anything This green Volvo babe will drink any blend of fuel. >PAGE 10


Battle erupts at MBKbetween students >PAGE 2


Wednesday, February 11, 2009



22,000 APPLICANTS failed to pay the Advanced National Educational Test fee by the January 14 deadline.

Info highway


A mobile phone clip used on Channel 3 news shows a large group of students fighting in front of MBK yesterday.

Cleaners at Maboonkrong Shopping Complex clear up the section of glass door shattered during a student brawl yesterday afternoon.

THE BATTLE OF MBK Fight between vocational students rages for 10 minutes; guns, knives used DAILY XPRESS


ome 100 vocational school students brawled during evening rush hour in front of Maboonkrong Shopping Complex in Bangkok’s Pathumwan district, yesterday, scattering shocked shoppers. The fight broke out only days after a truce ceremony on January 28, when students from the two schools shook hands and exchanged flowers.

Shattering glass Bystanders reported hearing gunshots as the door glass of the mall shattered during the battle between some 100 students, half from the Rachamangala University of DAILY


Technology Tawan-Ok’s Untaintawai Campus, half from the Pathumwan Institute of Technology. Police officers managed to disperse the students, arrest three Uthentawai pupils with a .32 pistol and several knives.

POLICE OFFICERS MANAGED TO DISPERSE THE STUDENTS AND ARREST THREE UTHENTAWAI PUPILS WITH A .32 PISTOL AND KNIVES. initial fight but had to back off after the strengthened gang of Pathumwan students surrounded them.

Police overwhelmed

Taunts and fury

The fight reportedly broke out when a group of Pathumwan students scuffling with Uthentawai students near the Pathumwan Intersection called for reinforcements. At this point the outnumbered Uthentawai students retreated into their school. Two traffic policemen at the intersection’s booth tried to stop the

Taunted by their opponents outside, some 50 Uthentawai students burst out of their school and the battle began in earnest in front of the Pathumwan Princess Hotel and shopping plaza at around 4pm. It lasted for about 10 minutes, with stones and knives used and students reportedly shooting guns into the sky before po-

lice arrived and dispersed them. The shopping malls closed its doors for the safety of customers but rocks shattered a section of the third entrance’s glass door while two cars parked near the scene were also damaged. Pathumwan Police superintendent Colonel Paisal Leusomboon said police were looking at security camera footage in an effort to bring the culprits to justice. He added that teachers of the two schools would meet today to discuss the student brawls.

Treasures get returned The Culture Ministry has approved the return of seven smuggled Khmer artefacts to Cambodia, pending a final decision from the Cabinet soon. Culture Minister Teera Slukpetch said yesterday that he had sent documents relating to the sculpted head of a god and six giant stone busts to the Cabinet Secretary’s Office and the next step was for the Foreign Affairs Ministry to present the case to Cabinet. Fine Arts Department chief Kriengkrai Sampatchalit said that another 36 artefacts claimed by the Cambodians would not be returned until sufficient evidence of their origin could be found. The department is currently examining 100 artefacts seized by Thai customs in an effort to discover which country they belong to, he added.

Bangkok buses to go green The authorities will this week finalise the decision to lease natural-gas powered (NGV) buses for Bangkok commuters, Deputy Transport Minister Prajak Kaewklahan said yesterday. Prajak said the project might be scaled down from 4,000 to 3,500 buses and that the bus routes might be revised to boost efficiency.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009



350,000 Hectares of forest land has been burned in the current wildfires in Australia

briefly Cash sweeter than chocolate


Cash is the unromantic but preferred Valentine’s Day gift this year as the economic downturn bites in South Korea. In contrast to other societies, women traditionally give single men gifts to mark February 14. The Korea Herald, citing a survey by a local matchmaking company, said 27 per cent of the male respondents opted for cash, while 13 per cent chose travel-related presents. Twelve per cent wanted a wallet, rather than something to fill it with, but only 7 per cent desired chocolate. Korean men give women presents on March 14, known as “White Day”. – AFP

Flames engulf a forest in the Kiewa Valley towards the town of Dederang in the Victoria Alps yesterday, above. Signs of devastation seen at Jeeralong West, 200 kilometres southeast of Melbourne, top right. Sheep search for fresh grass in Kinglake, northeast of Melbourne, centre. Family members react after learning that their parents Bill and Faye Walker, along with their disabled brother Geoffrey, were among the victims in Marysville, north of Melbourne, right.

To die or not to die Following the controversial death of Eluana Englaro, a comatose woman at the centre of a right-to-die debate in Italy, lawmakers said yesterday they would seek to introduce legislation on so-called “living wills”. Proposals mentioned differ in the extent to which people could use such documents to specify before their death what type of medical treatment they wish to receive. The documents would be used in the event of a person falling into a vegetative state, like Englaro. The move followed a decision by PM Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative government to withdraw a parliamentary bill it had specifically drafted in a bid to save Englaro’s life. The 38-year-old died on Monday night, four days after doctors, acting on a court order, removed tubes which had been supplying her body with nutrients and water. – DPA

Long wait kills

‘IT RAINED LAVA’ Survivors of Australia’s worst firestorm recall their battle with terror AFP, Healesville, Australia


knew people were dying around us,” says Annette Smit, describing the firestorm in Australia that destroyed her home and almost cost her life. “It rained [fire], it was like lava,” she says in one of the compelling stories of survival that have transfixed Australians as the nation’s worst wildfire disaster unfolds. “You couldn’t see where you were going, the only thing you could see was the road.” A resident in one of the worst-hit towns, Victoria’s Kinglake West, Smit and her partner were preparing to flee in their car when the car exploded in the inferno’s intense heat. Peter Trapp from nearby Lower Plenty, who had sent his wife and child to safety, ran to

his neighbour’s house after failing to save his own home from the flames. “When I was running it radiated heat, I could feel my skin burning,” the 41-year-old says. Trapp and his family made it through their ordeal, though their home was razed.

Lost lives Australia’s newspapers were filled with pictures of the dead and missing, a total of 181 confirmed dead that is set to rise significantly. There were poignant snapshots of the victims’ lives, showing them celebrating weddings and smiling in class photographs. There were also pictures of blackened terrain and horses that survived the inferno searching for food in the charred soil. Ian Creek tells Melbourne’s

Age newspaper how his parents-in-law, Faye and Bill Walker, perished along with their wheelchair-bound son Geoffrey as they tried to flee. They nearly made it. Creek said the key was in the car’s ignition and the family pet had been packed into the vehicle when the flames engulfed them. “The dog was found in the back seat,” he said. There were rare stories of joy too. Bill and Sherrill Carta were reunited in the emergency ward of Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital after becoming separated fleeing the Kinglake blaze. The Telegraph ran pictures of St Andrews resident Angela O’Connor rolling on the ground with her dog Chaz, who had been found still guarding her property two days after her house burned. “He’s an amazing boy,” said O’Connor, who lost another dog in the fires.

Police in East Java province have closed a clinic run by a nine-year-old child believed to possess healing powers after four people died while queuing for treatment, an officer said yesterday. Two patients died on Monday while lining up with thousands of others at the house of Muhammad Ponari, who has been called “child witch doctor”, said officer Muhammad Indra. Ponari caused a stir after he found a stone believed to have healing powers, Indra said. He treats his patients by dipping the stone in water and having them drink the liquid. It’s not clear if anyone has been cured. – DPA

‘Macho Man’sues The Village People’s first policeman wants a revamped version of the group to stop using his likeness and voice. The lawsuit filed last week in San Diego by Victor Willis claims companies continue to use his voice and picture to promote the new Village People. Willis was the original police officer in the group and helped pen hits like “YMCA” and “Macho Man”. – AP


Wednesday, February 11, 2009





LYRICS OF LOVE Five celebrities reveal the songs they’d choose to croon to their sweethearts this Saturday

Luk thung singer Nipaporn “Kratae” Panguan

Bangkok gubernatorial candidate Leena Jangjanja

“There are lots of different ways of loving. I’ve devoted most of my time and my love to my parents because I want them to be better off. I’d give my mother a big hug on Valentine's Day and choose the song, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the movie ‘Titanic’, which talks about true love and sacrifice.”

“I love Valentine’s Day! Last year I took part in the Queen of Valentine’s Day parade to Siam Paragon. This year I’ll either take a group of katoey actors from Poj Anon’s movie, ‘Nak [Taew] Tae Teen Raberd’ to parade along Silom Road and hand out Valentine cards or I’ll dress as a fairy maiden and ride on a vehicle decorated with roses. And I’ll sing my own composition, which is called ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.”

Film director Poj Anon “We should value our love for each other and make a point of saying ‘I love you’ to those that we love. We don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to say it, either; we should express our love every day. If I have to choose a song, it would be Groove Riders’ ‘Ther Thang Nan’ [‘Only You’]. The lyrics say it all.”

Pop singer Tanaporn “Parn” Wagprayoon

Actor Peerawit “Un” Bunnag

“I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as I don’t believe that there is one single day that can make everybody love one another. It’s just a gimmick. What’s important is showing love every day. My favourite love song is Diana Ross’ ‘When You Tell Me That You Love Me’.”

“It’s not enough to talk about love on Valentine’s Day. We need to say ‘I love you’ every day. I usually give my parents a big hug and tell my friends to take special care of each other. My song is Bee Peerapat’s ‘Kham Samkhan’ [‘Important Word’] from the movie soundtrack ‘Before Valentine’, which is all about how important loving words are.”

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul D A I LY X P R E S S

Wednesday, February 11, 2009




OF THE GROSS box-office receipts from films by Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks studio will go to Disney under a new distribution deal.

APPLE CO-FOUNDER Steve Wozniak will compete in “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC TV in the US. Competing celebrities include Belinda Carlisle, Jewel, Lil’ Kim, Denise Richards and former NFL star Lawrence Taylor. K-pop stars get a face full of cake during a birthday party on stage at last Saturday’s SM Town concert.

A world of sound KOH MR SAXMAN and ranad-ek master Khun Lek will be the local musicians taking part in the “Rhythms Meeting” concert at Patravadi Theatre’s Theatre-in-the-Garden on Sunday at 8. They’ll join Swiss pianist Francois Lindeman, who’s been touring with an eclectic group of musicians from around the world, creating sounds as they go along. Tickets are Bt600 and Bt400, students half price, at Call (02) 833 5555.


Looks like they made it Teens go wild as the SM Town tour finally brings South Korean stars to Bangkok By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul D A I LY X P R E S S


eeny-boppers erupted in thunderous screams last Saturday as South Korea’s leading pop acts arrived at Rajamangkala National Stadium for “SM Town Live ’08 in Bangkok”, a concert originally scheduled for the end of November but postponed after Bangkok’s airports were closed by protesters. More than 30,000 fans showed up, posing for photos with the posters of their Korean heroes and playing games to win souvenirs. The five-hour concert had sets by SM’s newest boy band SHINee and Girls Generation before stimulating the audience with Dong Bang Shin Ki’s smash hits “Hug” and “Love Is” and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk’s “One Love”

featuring Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah. Dong Bang Shin Ki also performed their singalong tracks “U”, “Purple Line” and “O”. Bringing the house down was Super Junior, with “Don’t Don”, “Happiness” and “Wonder Boy”. Birthdays were celebrated on stage, with a cake for Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Hangeng, Siwon; as well as soloists Soo Young and Jang Li Yin. The concert wrapped with all the SM artists singing “Hotmail” and “Red Sun” and indulging in a pre-Songkran soaking. Super Junior

soopsip White House wear-monger The fact that US first lady Michelle Obama was wearing an outfit designed by local-boymade-good Thakoon Panichgul at her husband’s inauguration was a Thakoon knockout bit of news. Even better was the media sentiment that having Michelle in the relatively unknown dressmaker’s Radzimir kimono while Barack took his oath of office – rather than in a big-name gown – reflected the president’s agenda for change. Thakoon is based in New York, has a line in the popular Target retail chain, and celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker have worn his gear, but this is a truly massive addition to the old CV.

Easy money for Shahkrit Filming “A Moment in June” wasn’t exactly a sweatshop for actor Shahkrit Yamnarm, even if he has alluded to perspiring on the job. First, he’d worked with director O Nathaporn before, so he understood what he wanted. “He hardly speaks but that’s okay, because if he talks a lot he might confuse me!” Shahkrit Second, co-star Sinitta “Noon” Boonyasak has been his pal since childhood. And third, Mayurin “Gig” Phongpudpanth – Shahkrit’s other co-star – is not only another good friend, but she dotes on him. “Maybe she can start looking after me offscreen too!” he says.




sound bytes By Mr Badboy

All the major labels are celebrating Valentine’s Day by releasing compilation albums of love songs by everyone’s various artists.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Panthers on the prowl Thailand’s favourite popsters from three decades ago join up with today’s balladeers to celebrate the day of love By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul D A I LY X P R E S S


“Pop: The Best of Love 3” is a 2-CD set that brings together hits by boy bands N’Sync, A1, 98 Degrees and Blue with those of Atomic Kitchen and M2M. “Classic Love” features 18 timeless tracks crooned by Elton John, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones and Diana Ross. “The Essential Disney Love Song Collection” serves up love songs from the movies including “A Whole New World” and “When You Wish Upon the Star”. “Love 2 Love” has lots of oldies from Savage Garden, Alicia Keys Chicago on one disk and newer sounds from Rihanna, Colbie Caillat, Fergie and Kelly Clarkson on the other. “The Game of Love” features 18 love songs ranging from “I Turn To You” to “I Believe I Can Fly”. “Forever in Love” is packed with 37 songs by Westlife, Jamie Cullum, Billy Joel, Kool & the Gang, Gabrielle, BabyFace, and Kenny G, while “#1 Love” has 55 love tracks, including Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On” and Norah Jones’ “Sunrise”. “Modern Love” features 30 love tracks on double CDs, among them “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, while “Love Forever” compiles 16 golden oldies including “Unchained Melody”.

ink Panther, the popular pop band from the late ’70s and early ’80s, will be back on stage as usual this Saturday – Valentine’s Day – for the concert “Phleng Rak Khwam Wela”), which kicks off at 3 at the Thailand Cultural Centre. Joining the band in singing favourite love songs from the past will be veteran crooners Wirat UTawaughn, Suchart Chawangkoon, Charas Fueangarom, Setha Sirachaya and Vinai Phanthurak, as well as new stars Khwamwan Weerawes, Chidchanok “Koi” Boonsermsab, Penphicha “Peach” Penwan, and Pasakorn “Spy” Rungrueangnopparat. “The concert’s title refers to the timelessness of these love

Vichai, Vinai and Wirat

Pink Panther

Penphicha, Pasakorn, Chidchanok

songs and how good they sound, even with the different arrangements,” says the Pink Panther’s frontman, Vichai Punyayan. “This year fans will hear Charas singing ‘Thang Roo Kor Rak’ Setha crooning ‘Pen Pai Mai Dai’, while Suchart will peform ‘Jai Rak’ and ‘Heman Thi Paan Pon Pai’. I’ll be working as a singer, producer and conductor. “The second half of the show opens with ‘Fang Dontri Therd Chuen Jai’, which has been rearranged with a really stirring vibe. ‘Jong Rak’ sounds good too, with modern jazz buzz that suits the young singers,” Vichai says. Other numbers guaranteed to please younger audience members include “Rak Chan Nan Phuea Ther”, “Roy Thao Bon Puen Srai”, “Rak Mai Roo Dub”, “Rak Kham Khob Fah” and “Ror Wan Chan Rak Ther”.

Suchart Vichai and

XTRA >> Tickets range from Bt500 to Bt2,000 from >> Those buying the Bt2,000 and Bt1,500 tickets also get a free CD. >> Part of the proceeds will

go to the Music Association of Thailand

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



WHAT’S UP Blushing bears Pick up

a prese Central’s Ze nt for your beloved a t en departm en decorative items and a t, where cute ccessories a wrapped in re ho gal will love t red and cool pink. Y our the teddy b e heart-shap ed toothbru ars, lamps, sh notebooks, mugs and m holders, ore. Call (0 793 7900 . 2)

Chocolate delights Until S

In love wi th Tor Saksit “Tor” Ve

jsupaporn his “Wan H aeng Khwa will share his love at m Rak” con Saturday a cert at 7 on t Im love, expect pact Arena. As it’s th e day of Tor to play ro ing tracks o ff his latest mantic tunes, includalbum, “To Tickets cost r…M fr available a om Bt600 to Bt2,000 ang?” t Thaiticke , and are tmajor.

unday, the InterContinenta lB a romance angkok offers -themed te ati with choco lates and g me ourmet snacks. Tre someone sp at that ecial to a b ox of heart-shap ed chocola tes for Bt145 and Bt2 assorted m 45, or opt for ini hearts at B chocolate t30 apiece . You can a with a pista lso savour ro ch se and berr lipop maca io danish for Bt40, an y mo roons at Bt1 d go home with a stack usse 5 apiece. C all (02) 6 of lol56 0360.

do it! Night sky Toast your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day at Red Sky restaurant at the Centara Grand with a set menu of tuna tartar wrapped in milk-roasted veal tenderloin and tuna with caper sauce, smoky Nova Scotia lobster chowder, braised monkfish, flash-seared beef tenderlion and desserts. It’s Bt7,955 per couple, with two glasses of rose champagne. Call (02) 100 6255.

Sweet home Central Plaza Rattanathibet celebrates Valentine’s Day with a talk by celebrities, a fashion show featuring former Miss Thailand Worlds Phanprapa Yongtrakoon, Kawinta Potijak and Kanokkorn Jaichuen and a chocolate-making workshop. Admission is free. Call (02) 635 1111 or visit



Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This girl will drink anything

The green-eyed Volvo S80 2.5FT is the first mass-market car in Thailand that can take on any blend of fuel By Vijo Varghese D A I LY X P R E S S


o here it is – this car could be the first in a long line of vehicles that will change the future of energy in Thailand. This is the Volvo S80 2.5FT. It’ll run on any blend of ethanol, up to 85 per cent, so you won’t have to feel guilty about creating an earthquake in Bangladesh every time you start your car. (Scientists say that sucking oil from the Earth’s crust increases earthquakes.) The S80 2.5 FT is the first vehicle in Thailand that can run on such a high blend of ethanol. Previously, the high-

est blend available in any mass-market car was E20. What’s so special about fuelling up with ethanol? Well, it comes from sugarcane and cassava, which are locally produced and, most importantly, renewable sources of energy. The biggest advantage of the S80 2.5FT is that it can use any kind of fuel, from regular 95 and 91 octane to E10 and E20, more commonly known as gasohol. A super-smart computer on board senses the blend of ethanol in the fuel and controls the air accordingly. But it’s not the computer that makes the S80 2.5FT a


THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE OF THE S80 2.5FT IS THAT IT CAN USE ANY KIND OF FUEL,FROM REGULAR 95 AND 91 OCTANE TO E10 AND E20. sexy green babe: It also has specially designed fuel pipes, fuel tanks, injectors and pretty much any part of the vehicle that ethanol touches. So don’t try to fill your car up with E85, because ethanol is corrosive, and it won’t be long before your regular car has holes all over. For now, however, there are only three gas stations in Thailand that have E85. Nothing in the S80 2.5FT will let you know that it’s running on the green stuff, except for the badge on the rear. There are no special gauges, just the usual tachometer and speedometer, and Volvo’s super-sleek floating console. Volvo thus becomes the only choice for premium buyers who plan to travel around Bangkok quite a bit, since both Mercedes Benz and BMW need pure 91 or 95 octane. Want to make the world a greener place? Well, at Bt3.1 million, it’s not that tough a choice for premium-brand customers. Will Toyota, Honda and Nissan follow suit?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009




in cinemas tomorrow

>> Na Khanarak (A Moment in June) –

Tearful romance toggles back and forth between 1972 and 1999. >> The Reader – Kate

Winslet and Ralph Fiennes star in this story of a complicated love affair in wartime Germany. >> Push – Telekinetic

Underwor ld: Rise of the Lycans The third inst alment in th e vam territ

ory, going ba pire franchis e enters pre ck to anci (Michael Sh quel een) fell in lo ent times when the firs t Lycan ve with a va Mitra), daug mpire prince hter of the va ss (R mpire King V iktor (Bill Nig hona hy).

tine ir of Before V–afrolemnhigh-school puppy lovers topsa pa in the

Four couples their relationshi ses – deal with ou sp ed cast includes er tt bi em ntine’s Day. The le Va to chawit, up g in an AF” Phanith weeks lead t, Thanakrit “W ha ac ly em Tu Pr t d ar an Thanch Mokjok nakarn, Jaturong e cinemas. btitles at som Diana Jongjinta su h is gl En h it W g. on Busarakamw

teens band together. >> The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Brad

Pitt ages backwards. >> My Bloody Valentine 3D – A coal miner is dig-

ging violence. >> The Class – An inspiring teacher. In French at House. >> Confessions of a Shopaholic – Isla Fisher is

addicted to shopping. Opens Friday.

on tv

Inkheart Mo Folchart (Brendan Fraser) and his 12-year-old daughter (Eliza Bennett) bring characters from books to life when they read out loud. But each time a storybook figure arrives, someone from the real world disappears into the pages. ★★★

Tarchon An ex-convict (Preeti “Bank” Barameeanan) finds that his twin brother has been left comatose after playing in an violent underground basketball game. So he joins the Fireball team to take revenge. With English subtitles in some cinemas. ★★★

The Baader Meinhof Complex

Hudgens) face the prospect of being separated as they head off to college. ★★★

Radicals fight a violent war against American imperialism in 1970s West Germany. In


German with English and Thai subtitles at House. ★★★

Wild Ocean This 3-D documentary captures an epic underwater struggle for survival off the coast of Africa.

Three Polish-Jewish brothers (Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell) join the resistance against the Nazis. ★★★

Red Cliff 2

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Strategists Zhou Yu (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) and Zhuge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) and their vastly outnumbered armies of face warlord Cao Cao (Zhang Fengyi). In Mandarin with

The jock (Zac Efron) and the brainy beauty (Vanessa Anne

English and Thai subtitles at some cinemas. ★★★★

At Krungsri IMAX.

Happy-Go-Lucky Poppy, a 30-year-old Londoner (Golden Globe-winner Sally Hawkins), has an irrepressibly bright outlook on life. At Apex and House. ★★★★

Hode Nha Hiaw The leader of a bumbling gang of criminals has revenge on his mind as he’s released from prison. With English subtitles at some cinemas.

Yes Man Jim Carrey stars as a negative guy whose boring life is turned around after he meets a selfhelp guru. ★★★

Apex Lido: (02) 252 6498 Siam: (02) 251 3508 Scala: (02) 251 2861

Century – The Movie Plaza (02) 247 9940


Shaq’s Big Challenge

(02) 641 5913-4

Major Cineplex/EGV

Shaquille O’Neal stars in this reality series in which he helps six obese children lose weight and gain a healthy lifestyle.

Bangkok: (02) 515 5555

Major Hollywood Bangkok: (02) 718 7999

True X-Zyte (TrueVisions) 8.30pm

Paragon Cineplex

Channel links

Bangkok: (02) 129 4635 IMAX: (02) 129 4631 Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 7 – Modernine – NBT – Thai PBS – True –

SF Cinemas

Revolutionary Road Sam Mendes directs Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in this adaptation of Richard Yates’ incisive novel about American marriage in the 1950s. ★★★★

Bangkok: (02) 268 8888 Phuket: (076) 209 000

Vista Chiang Mai: (053) 894 415

By Brian Basset

Red and Rover By Paul Gilligan

Pooch Cafe By Scott Stantis

The Buckets


By Bryan Basset

By Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes

By John McPherson

Close to Home

12 LEISURE Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer

By Eugenia Last

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

Today’s Birthday: There is so much hidden that must be brought out into the open before you can move on. You have the power, the dedication and the heart and soul to give your all. Now is the time to resolve something you’ve needed to address for a long, long time. ARIES *** March 21-April 19 An innovative approach to friendships will spice things up. Set your own rules and you will find the happiness you are searching for. Stand up for what you want and speak your mind. TAURUS ***** April 20-May 20 It may seem as if everyone is working against you but as long as you keep moving forward, you will accomplish what you need to do. Avoid meddling and everything else will fall into place.


GEMINI ** May 21-June 20 Nothing is likely to go according to plan but you will act fast and efficiently. Emotions will get you into trouble, so avoid letting people set you off. Act on facts, not personal feelings. CANCER **** June 21-July 22 The tables are turning and it’s time for you to make some adjustments to your living arrangements. Once you feel comfortable with the way things operate, stress will ease. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 Take it easy, relax and stay calm. Aggressive behaviour will lead to trouble or cause someone to play with your emotions. Overdoing it in any manner will come back to haunt you. VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Talk to people who can help and encourage you. A little extra work will pay off but don’t jeopardise your health by overdoing it. A change of plans will result in connecting with someone special.


LIBRA *** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Not everything is as it appears. Someone is working against you, so take extra precautions. Insincere gestures of friendliness or someone offering you too good a deal should be handled with care. SCORPIO **** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Stop standing still waiting for someone else to pick up the slack or show you the way. You have to be in the lead if you want to be successful. Trying something new or different will set you apart. SAGITTARIUS ** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Weigh the pros and cons before you make a lifealtering decision. The dynamics of whatever is going on around you are changing too rapidly to make a good assessment. Play it safe. CAPRICORN ***** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Keep your wits about you. With so much to juggle, you must keep a clear head and be ready to take action immediately. Greater profits and advancement can be yours if you are careful. Jennifer Aniston French chef Paul Bocuse is 83. Fashion designer Mary Quant is 75. Actor Burt Reynolds is 73. Musician Sergio Mendes is 68. Singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow is 47. Actress Jennifer Aniston is 40. Singer D’Angelo is 35. Singer Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) is 32. Singer Kelly Rowland is 28.

AQUARIUS *** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Don’t give in to others if it isn’t what you want. Be honest about your intentions. Don’t let confusion cause you to stand still when the answer is to simply follow your heart. PISCES *** Feb. 19-March 20 Avoid putting too many demands on others. You will get the most for your money if you do the work yourself without being dependent on anyone. Sort through your problems first.


The Road to Success with OCEAN The Ocean Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

is now anticipating rapid growth and would like to expand our business. We are embarking on an exciting new journey of transformation, innovation and unprecedented challenges. If you share our quest for excellence and are a results-oriented individual who thrives in an environment of productive energy and rapid change, then we invite you to take this journey with us. Go with a Winner, Modern Life Planner, Develop & Save Thai Socialization Sustainable Development. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Management Trainee

20 Positions

Responsibilities: Management Trainees as a fast-track career development for high-achieving graduates. Our Programme is designed to show you how the insurance business works. We provide you with a chance to gain the technical skills and experience you need to develop a fast-track insurance career leading to senior management. You will be involved in various projects and assignments which will provide you with real work experience in key business areas such as Actuarial, Product Development, Operation & Services, Sales & Client Services and Underwriting, among others. Each project or assignment is determined first and foremost by the demands of the business, but we will also take your development needs into account. After finishing the program, you will have an opportunity to select and request for a placement in a position that best suits your competency skills and interests. Qualifications: ● Male or Female, not over 30 years old ● Master's Degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration or related fields from recognized university with GPA above 3.33 and Bachelor's Degree with GPA above 3.00 ● Good analytical ability and problem solving skills, creative thinking skill ● Excellent interpersonal skill, and a team player ● Proficiency in spoken and written English (an additional Japanese language will be a definite advantage) ● Good computer and presentation skills

Risk Management Officer

1 Position

Responsibilities: Responsible to evaluate, coordinate the monitoring of and providing advice and recommendations to Risk Management Committee (RMC). Develop Quantitative credit risk models study. Develop, and implement risk management tools. Research and apply risk methodologies and approaches. Identify appropriate internal and external data sources, and gather information to support risk analysis. Qualifications: ● Preferably with Master's degree in Finance, Economics or related fields ● At least 5 years experience in risk management, operations audit, internal audit, internal control, or compliance in a financial institution ● Good knowledge of economics, finance and risk management, especially credit and treasury ● Technical skills in financial operation and other business functions ● Planning and organizing skills, analytical skills ● Presentation skills, and interpersonal skills

Marketing Communication (Manager / Executive)

4 Positions

Responsibilities: ● Assist in developing marketing communication and promotion strategy for use in above the line and below the line communications in accordance with business policy and marketing plan ● Coordinate and work with advertising agency or outsource for managing corporate advertising campaign and implementation ● Coordinate with marketing line manager to support communication materials for marketing activities and campaigns ● Manage of marketing communication budget ● Represent company in building up the corporate image ● Manage and control marketing communication program to a lign with each customer segmentation as planned, and in line with overall brand positioning of organization Qualifications: ● Bachelor's Degree or higher in Marketing, Business Administration or Communications is preferred ● At least 2 years experience in marketing communication within professional services environment or insurance business ● Strong leadership and consensus building skills, marketing management and strategic planning experience, a proven track record in development and administering a marketing communication program ● Must be a self-starter, highly organized and able to work well with others at all levels in the organization ● Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and facilitation skills ● Good command of spoken and written English ● Able to travel upcountry periodically

Executive Assistant

1 Position

Responsibilities: ● Day-to-day office management practice to support President i.e. scheduling appointments, receiving messages, greeting visitors, liaison with drivers, etc. ● Documents preparation to assist President in preparing presentations & reports ● Administrative support for President e.g. travel arrangement, hotel reservation, expense re-imbursement, etc. ● Meeting & conference arrangements and other necessary preparations ● Collaboration with internal & external contacts ● Management of document filing system ● Meeting & hospitality coordination for overseas visitors

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 30 years old ● Master's degree in Business Administration or other related fields ● Proficiency in spoken and written English (an additional Japanese language will be a definite advantage) ● Proficient computer literacy in Ms Office applications ● Good personality , interpersonal skills, co-ordination skills and excellent presentation skills ● High degree of self-confidence & maturity - ability to deal with Management ● Ability to relate well with people on all levels ● High level of organizational skills & attention to details ● Flexibility to cope with a wide range of duties & ability to work under pressure within a limited time frame ● Total confidentiality on all matters dealt with President ● Experience in the life insurance business will be an advantage

Assistant Manager President Office

1 Position

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 35 years old ● Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● Proficient computer literacy in Ms Office applications ● Good personality, interpersonal skills, coordination skills and excellent presentation skills ● Ability to relate well with people on all levels ● Ability to manage of document & filing system ● High level of organizational skills & attention to details ● Flexibility to cope with a wide range of duties & ability to work under pressure within a limited time frame ● Experience in the life insurance business will be an advantage

IT Audit Specialist

1 Position

Responsibilities: Working within the Co-operative Accounting Services audit function you will provide specialist IS audit services to a wide variety of business areas. As an expert in IS/IT risk management and control you will advise the business on good practice techniques and ensure excellent quality of work across the department. In addition to possessing extensive experience within IS/IT audit and IS strategy and security you will hold a recognized industry qualification. Benefits are excellent as are the opportunities for further training and personal development. The successful candidate will be required to carry out a variety of audit assignments, including setting up audit programs, making risk assessment, finding vulnerability, coordinating and following up according to audit plans, recommending areas for improvement Qualifications: ● Male or Female, age not over 30 years old, GPA. at least 2.75 ● Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Applied Statistics and Computer Engineering or related fields ● A minimum 3 years' experience in IT Audit, IT general control, system design & development or Network security ● Excellent in English communication skills (both spoken and written English) ● Proficient computer literacy involving MS Office applications, system design and Network ● Abilities of internal audit approach initiation and risk assessment of internal control will be a plus ● Good interpersonal skills, communication skills, consulting skill, conceptual and analytical skills

Worksite Agent

26 Positions

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 25 years ● Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● Possess pleasant personality ● Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills can work under pressure ● Must be self driven to meet and exceed sales target ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good talent and service mind ● Able to work out of working hours

HR Officer

1 Position

Qualifications: ● Male or Female, age 20-30 years, GPA. at least 2.75 ● Bachelor's or higher in Human Resource Management, Political Science, Business Administration, Industrial & Organization Psychology, or other related fields ● Proficient computer literacy in MS Office applications ● Good personality , interpersonal skills , innovative thinking, co-ordination skills and excellent presentation skills

Actuarial Officer

2 Positions

Responsibilities: Prepare actuarial related reports and documents. Identify and gather relevant information for product analysis, including company financial statements in support of pricing, reinsurance administration, experience study and complying. Qualifications: ● Master's degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science or related fields ● Age over 25 years old ● Good command of English and computer Skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good human relation, communication, quick ability to learn, cautious and work follow up

Credit Officer

2 Positions

Responsibilities: Perform credit control work to be accurate and meet the company objectives, company structure, government and statutory. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Financial, Marketing, Business Administration, Economics or related fields ● At least 1-2 years' experience, preferably in insurance industry (but not mandatory) ● Knowledge and experience in credit and financial analysis will be an advantage ● Good command of English and computer skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good personality, honest and diligence


5 Positions

Responsibilities: Perform for making sure that the company accepts only life insurance applicants whose actual mortality rates do not exceed the mortality rates assumed when the premium rates for a particular product were calculated. Prepare regular underwriting reports, and other jobs as assigned in order to achieve company goals. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in Insurance, Business Administration, Economics or related fields ● Good command of English and computer skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good personality, honesty and diligence ● Good communication, quick ability to learn, cautious and work follow up

Representative of Group Life Insurance 3 Positions Responsibilities: Perform and support in sales & marketing activities in responsible area or channel in order to achieve the quota in categories of product. Create confidence by after sale service. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in any fields of studies ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills with an ability to collaborate with various organization partners ● Able to work upcountry (permanent or temporary) ● Good talent, service minded ● Able to work out of working hours

Bancassurance Officer

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: ● Responsible for Bancassurance such as developing and securing quality new business partners ● Market to and maintain relationship with intermediaries and independent agents by advising them on ways in which to build their consumer life insurance markets Qualifications: ● Male, age 25-35 years ● Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related fields ● A minimum 2 years' experience in bancassurance ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills, communication skills, consulting skill, passion to learn & share

IT Project Manager

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: Responsible for lead and to be part of the team member in IT Project Team to initiate and review business units to identify improvement opportunities & support the implementation of business improvement recommendations in order to enhance work efficiency for customers, agencies, and back office staff throughout the organization. Qualifications:● Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science or other related fields together with some IT Management ● At least 3-5 years of work experience in project management experience ● Excellent communication & interpersonal skills ● Excellent analytical skills with problem solving, decision making, planning and management skills ● Excellent knowledge in formulating corrective action plans ● Project planning & management expertise ● Excellent command of English ● Good PC literacy (including MS Project)

Network and System Administrator

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: ● Lead and manage all IT infrastructure of system, security and network team

Develop and implement an IT operating procedure, relevant operational flow and documents for the operations and maintenance of a 24x7 Data Center ● Set up and supervise the management of high availability IP-networking LAN, WAN and server systems such as MSWindows Server, AD, Exchange, AS/400 and/or UNIX ● Implement server/network monitoring system in the Network Operation Center ● Responsible for implementing security solutions and enforcing data center network security policies ● Perform design for collection of server and networking performance data such as system availability, system logs for the server and network capacity planning ● Establish system management criteria and policies ● Plan and manage the disaster recovery plan for the entire server and network systems ● Required standby after office hours and public holiday Qualifications:● At least 5-years hands-on experience in data center man agement ● Degree in Computer, Electrical, Electronics or Telecommunication Engineering, or Network-related fields ● Experience implementation and operations of WAN routing protocols ● Working knowledge in installing and maintaining hardware, software and network such as structured cabling, IP layer 3-switch, router, firewall, etc. and experience in UNIX services or MS-Windows Server, DNS, FTP, DHCP, Web Service, SMTP, POP, etc. ● Understand the principles of VPN, Remote computer on-line, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP,ISDN and any related functions ● In-depth experience in large-scale system and network security ● Skill in implementation and operation of backup/restore solutions, AS400, Unix-based systems, system load balancing, and internet content management, Strong customer service orientation ●


5 Positions

Major Areas of Responsibilities: Provide system support including application assistance, problem solving and training. Help to create and consistently promote programming standards and development procedures. Train end users or technical support staff to use programs. Qualifications: ● Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or other related fields. ● At least 1 year of work experience in programming ● Excellent communication & interpersonal skills ● Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision making skills

Hire Purchase Marketing officer 2 Positions Provide recommendations and services to customers in the area of new and used cars hire purchase. Build up and maintain the good relationship with dealers. Qualifications: ● Male, age not over 30 years old,Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● At least 1 year of work experience in hire purchase business ● Excellent communication and coordination skills ● Able to work under pressure

Sales Manager, Senior Sales Executive 1, 4 Positions Assist in developing marketing strategy for use in above the line and below the line in accordance with business policy and marketing plan. Survey and sell real estate. Prepare and assist in developing sales tools and reports, and other jobs as assigned in order to achieve company goals. Qualifications: ● Bachelor's degree in any fields of studies,Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills with an ability to collaborate with various organization partners ● Excellent analytical skills with problem solving, decision making, planning and management skills ● Able to work up-country (permanent or temporary) ● Good talent, service minded ● Able to work out of working hours, good PC literacy

We are looking for successful people, and if you are, don't miss this opportunity to call for an interview and we are sure that you can get some added value after meeting with us. Interested applicants are invited to apply in person or send application with full resume indicating qualifications and experience, transcript, expected salary and a recent photo to the address or e-mail address below:

Contact Name: Ms. Parichart Rattanasareechai Address: 170/74-83, Ocean Tower 1 BLDG., Rachadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110 Telephone: 02-261-2300 ext. 440 Fax: 02-204-0099 E-mail: or

Index Living Mall : Special Mall for Home Furnishings. Challenges... opportunities... come alive at Index Living Mall in Dubai Got potential and self drive? Take it now! Attractive salary, great benefits await you!

Store Manager & Assistant Store Managers Responsibilities: • Manages the store, performs to achieve sales target. • Maintains store's standard performance. • Develops services and ensures effectiveness. Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in any related field with at least 10 years experience in retail operations. • Dynamic, team player, leadership skill and work hard.

Sales & Customer Service Responsibilities: • Advises customers and offers right products and services solutions. • Maintains store's standard performance, performs to achieve sales target. Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in any related field with 2 years experience in retail operations. • Dynamic, self-disciplined, high responsibility and work hard.

All positions require:

Sales Coordinators Responsibilities: • Summarizes sales ordering documents, plans and coordinates all logistics. • Coordinates all sales activities within the store to ensure customer satisfaction. Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in any related field with at least 2 years experience in coordinating sales activities or logistics. • Dynamic, well-organized, self-disciplined & responsible.

Section Managers Responsibilities: • Manages sales floor, schematic, replenishment, stock availability, performs to achieve sales target and maintains store's standard performance. • Trains and develops staff for operation effectiveness. Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in any related field with at least 5 years experience in retail operations or similar. • Dynamic, team player, leadership skill and work hard.

- Service minded with good personality., Good command of English, preferably writing skills. - Can work in Dubai, UAE for a minimum of 2 years.

Interior Designers / Visual Display Professionals Interior Designer's

Responsibilities: • Provides 3D services, including interior design housing and residence. • Advises customers about interior design, furniture and decorative items.

Visual Display's

Responsibilities: • Interior design, display room setting in the store. • In store communications (e.g. design, placement of POSM in points of sale, etc.)

Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design, preferably interior housing, visual merchandising in housing or retail business. • Dynamic, self-disciplined and high responsibility.

Cashiers Responsibilities: • Handles cash and registers sales transactions. • Process and control documents. Qualifications: • Vocational or Commercial Certificate in any related field, preferably with experience in retail business. • Accurate, self-disciplined and high responsibility.

If you are seeking a dynamic, exciting work environment and everyday challenges, apply now!

Human Resources - Recruitment

Index Living Mall Co., Ltd.

43/15 Moo 7, Rama 2 Road Soi 50, Samaedam, Bangkhunthien, Bangkok 10150, Thailand Tel: 0 2898 5544 ext. Recruitment Fax: 0 2898 4377

Email: Visit:

We are the Asia's largest renowned and experienced manufacturer & distributor of plastic bag and packaging products. Currently, we are expanding and looking for qualified candidates to join us in the following positions:

1. Financial and Accounting Manager ● ● ●

Male/Female, age 35 years up, Bachelor's degree or higher in related field At least 5 years experience Able to analyze and close the financial statement

2. Marketing Manager ● ● ● ●

Male/Female, age not over 35 years Bachelor's degree or higher in related field At least 5 years experience in marketing analysis, marketing strategic planning, product R&D and public relation Knowledge of plastic and packaging will be an advantage

3. Sales Manager ● ● ● ●

Male/Female, age not over 35 years Bachelor's degree or higher in related field At least 5 years experience in sales analysis, sales strategic planning Knowledge of plastic and packaging will be an advantage

4. Sales Manager - Cash Sale Mobile Unit ● ● ● ●

Male/Female, age not over 35 years, personal guarantor required Bachelor's degree or higher in related field Experience in cash sale mobile unit, able to travel upcountry Knowledge of plastic and packaging will be an advantage All positions require English language and computer skills

Please apply at

DPAC Inter Corporation Co., Ltd. 444/1 Moo 4, T. Nongmaidaeng, A. Muang, Chonburi 20000 Tel. 038-458333 or apply via E-mail:

‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡«‘≈¥å Õ—≈‰≈·Õπ´å

»Ÿπ¬å√∫ — ´◊Õ È -¢“¬-‡™à“-¢“¬Ω“° 12 ªï ºŸâπ”¥â“πµ—«·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å

¡.≈¥“«—≈¬å »√’π§√‘π∑√å 18 µ√.«. ∫â“πÀ√Ÿ 4 ™—πÈ 324 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 5 πÈ” ‚§√ß°“√¥’ √à¡√◊πË ¿“¬„π µ°·µàß Built in ‰¡â °— ∑Õß∑—ßÈ À≈—ß „°≈â 4 πÕπ 3 πÈ” µ°·µàß ´àÕ¡·´¡„À¡à∑ß—È À≈—ß 3 πÕπ 4 πÈ” √‘¡∂ππ√“™æƒ°…å æ√âÕ¡‡¢â“Õ¬Ÿà Àà“ß BTS  ÿ√»—°¥‘Ï ‡æ’¬ß 300 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â HomePro  ¿“æ„À¡à ‡À¡“–§â“¢“¬ §“√åø√Ÿ ,å ·¡Á§‚§√ »√’π§√‘π∑√å √“§“ 25 ≈â“π (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) „®°≈“ß·À≈àß∏ÿ√°‘® √“§“ 5.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) √“§“ 3 ≈â“π∫“∑ (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) ‚∑√.081-4033-797, 086-332-3299 ‚∑√.085-996-8833 ‚∑√.081-4033-797, 086-332-3299 L.2400226 Õ“§“√æ“≥‘ ™ ¬å

´. “∑√ 19 Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 13 µ√.«. 4 ™—πÈ

¡.«‘π¥å¡≈‘ ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—Èπ

¡.π«∏“π’ ∂.‡ √’‰∑¬ ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 410 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 876 µ√.«. 2 ™—πÈ 5 πÕπ 6 πÈ” ¡’™π—È „µâ¥π‘ µ°·µà߇ªìπÀâÕßøπ  4 πÕπ 4 πÈ” „°≈â«ß·À«π∫“ߪ–Õ‘π ‚§√ß°“√¡’ π“¡°Õ≈åø,  ‚¡ √ ·≈–ÀâÕߪ√–™ÿ¡ µ°·µàßÀ√Ÿ «‘«∑–‡≈ “∫ Õ¬Ÿà „°≈â π“¡°Õ≈åø ∂ππ∫“ßπ“-µ√“¥ °¡.8 µ°·µàßæ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà √“§“ 25 ≈â“π∫“∑ (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) √“§“ 120 ≈â“π (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) ‚∑√.081-665-3449 ‚∑√.081-665-3449 L.2400288



¡.»√’°√ÿß æ√–√“¡ 3 ∑“«π凌ⓠå 41 µ√.«. 3 ™—πÈ 5 πÕπ 5 πÈ” µ‘¥∂ππ„À≠à „°≈⇴Áπ∑√—≈ æ√–√“¡ 3 µ°·µàßÕ¬à“ߥ’ ‰¡à‡§¬‡¢â“Õ¬Ÿà √“§“ 13 ≈â“π ‚∑√.081-4033-797, 086-332-3299

∑“«πå‚Œ¡„À¡à 43 µ√.«.

æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 240 µ√.¡. Àπâ“°«â“ß 5.30 ¡. 3 ™—πÈ 4 √–¥—∫ 3 πÕπ 4 πÈ” ®“°ª“°´Õ¬ ≈“¥æ√â“« 80 ‡æ’¬ß 300 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â MRT  ÿ∑∏‘ “√ ‡¢â“-ÕÕ° ‰¥âÀ≈“¬‡ âπ∑“ß √“§“ 4.9 ≈â“π (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) ‚∑√.081-4033-797, 086-332-3299 L.2490003


‚Õ‡√’¬≈‡µÁ≈ ∑“«‡«Õ√å §Õπ‚¥ ‚Õ‡√’¬≈‡µÁ≈∑“«‡«Õ√å Õ“§“√ B ™—Èπ 27 ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 300 µ√.¡. 3 πÕπ 3 πÈ” 1 √—∫·¢° 1 §√—« ·≈–ÀâÕß·¡à∫â“π æ√âÕ¡‡øÕ√åπ‡‘ ®Õ√å ∫‘«∑åÕπ‘ µ°·µàß «¬ ‰µ≈å ‚¡‡¥‘√πå Õ¬Ÿ´à Õ¬‡Õ°¡—¬ 12 (´Õ¬‡®√‘≠„®) √“§“ 22 ≈â“π (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) ‚∑√.081-665-3449

´Õ¬π¿“»—æ∑å 5 ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑ 36 ∑“«π凌ⓠå 22.8 µ√«. 3 ™—πÈ 3 πÕπ 4 πÈ”  ¿“ææ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà ‡¥‘π∑“߇¢â“-ÕÕ°‰¥âÀ≈“¬‡ âπ∑“ß „°≈â BTS ∑ÕßÀ≈àÕ √“§“ 6.5 ≈â“π (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) ‚∑√.081-665-3449 L.2400264 ´. ÿ¢ «— ¥‘Ï 22 µ√ߢⓡ§“√åø√Ÿ å ‚Œ¡·ø§µÕ√’Ë

≈“¥æ√â“« 44 §Õπ‚¥ The Next 51.33 µ√.¡. 1 πÕπ 2 πÈ” ™—πÈ 2 ÀâÕß„À¡à µ°·µà߇øÕ√åœ §√∫„À¡àÀ¡¥ ‚§√ß°“√Àà“ß∂ππ„À≠à 50 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â MRT √“§“ 2.9 ≈â“π (∂Ÿ°°«à“‚§√ß°“√) ‚∑√.086-332-3299 L.2400345

127 µ√.«. æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 1,500 µ√.¡. 3.75 ™—πÈ 6 πÕπ 6 πÈ” „°≈⮥ÿ ¢÷πÈ -≈ß ∑“ߥà«π ‡À¡“–∑” ”π—°ß“π, ‚√ßß“π ¿“¬„πµ°·µàßÕ¬à“ߥ’  √â“߇µÁ¡ √“§“µË”°«à“ª√–‡¡‘π ‚∑√.081-4033-797, 086-332-3299 L.2400327

”π—°ß“π  ÿ¢¡ ÿ «‘∑

63 ‚∑√. 0-2726-9855 ¡.«‘ ®‘ µ √“∏“π’ ∫“ßπ“-µ√“¥ °¡.36 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 144.9 µ√.«.

3 πÕπ 4 πÈ” ∫â“𠉵≈å√ ’ Õ√å∑ æ√âÕ¡ √–«à“¬πÈ”„πµ—« ·µàß «¬æ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà ÀâÕß¡ÿ¡ √“§“ 13 ≈â“π∫“∑ (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) ‚∑√.081-665-3449 L.2400276

´.π«¡‘π∑√å 77 „°≈âµ≈“¥Õ‘π∑√“√—°…å ∑“«π凌ⓠå„À¡à 23.2 µ√.«. 3.5 ™—πÈ

4 πÕπ 4 πÈ” Àπâ“°«â“ß 5 ‡¡µ√ ∫â“π„À¡à «— ¥ÿ‚§√ß √â“߇°‘π¡“µ√∞“π°”Àπ¥ Àà“ß∂ππ„À≠à 400 ‡¡µ√ √“§“ 3.5 ≈â“π °Ÿâ ‰¥â 100% ‚∑√.086-332-3299 L.2400324

§Õπ‚¥ The Master Sathron ∑“«πå‡Œâ“ å „À¡à ∑“«π凌ⓠå ∑“«πå‚Œ¡À√Ÿ „À¡à Executive ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 55.3 µ√¡. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 55 µ√.«. 37 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 22-30 µ√.«. ™—πÈ 8 4 ™—πÈ 4 πÕπ 4 πÈ” Àπâ“°«â“ß 6 ‡¡µ√ 4 ™—πÈ 4.5 ™—πÈ ‡≈àπ√–¥—∫ 2 πÕπ 1 πÈ”  —¥ à«π§√—«æ√âÕ¡‡µ“‰øøÑ“ ÀâÕß„À¡à µ‘¥ BTS ‡®√‘≠π§√ „®°≈“߇¡◊Õß „°≈â ‚≈µ— , ‡´Áπ∑√—≈ 6 πÕπ 4 πÈ” Àπâ“°«â“ß 10 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â BTS, 6 πÕπ 4 πÈ” Àπâ“°«â“ß 5.5 ‡¡µ√ ∂.ππ∑√’ §“¥®–‡ªî¥„™âß“π ªï 53 æ√âÕ¡Õ¬àŸ æ√–√“¡ 3 °Ÿâ ‰¥â 100% Big C ‡Õ°¡—¬  ¿“æ «¬ æ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà „®°≈“߇¡◊Õß „°≈â ‚≈µ— , ‡´Áπ∑√—≈ æ√–√“¡ 3 √“§“ 3.75 ≈â“π (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) √“§“‡æ’¬ß 8 ≈â“π √“§“ 8.5 ≈â“π (µàÕ√Õ߉¥â) ‚∑√.081-4033-797, 086-332-3299 √“§“ 7.5 ≈â“π °Ÿâ ‰¥â100% ‚∑√.081-4033-797, 086-332-3299

æ√–√“¡ 3

´.‡Õ°¡—¬ 12


¡.π—π∑«—π»√’π§√‘π∑√å ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“


æ√–√“¡ 3




¢“¬¥à«π ∑’ ¥ Ë π ‘ ‡ª≈à “ 12-2-96 ‰√à ´.‡©≈‘¡æ√–‡°’¬√µ‘ 45 ¢π“¥ 88 x 240 ‡¡µ√ √‘¡∂ππ„À≠à ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 540 µ√.«. ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ 89 µ√«. ∫“ßπ“-µ√“¥ °¡.21 ¢“ÕÕ° ·ª≈ß «¬¡“° µ‘¥∂ππÀ≈—°‚´π¥â“πÀπâ“ ‚§√ß°“√ µ‘¥∑–‡≈ “∫  —ߧ¡À√Ÿ æ√âÕ¡·∫∫∫â“π ¢π“¥ 20 x 17 ‡¡µ√ ·ª≈ß¡ÿ¡ «¬ „°≈â «πÀ≈«ß √.9 µ‘¥ ¬“¡¬“¡“Œà“¡Õ‡µÕ√å  √â“ߧƒÀ“ πåÀ√ŸÕÕ°·∫∫Õ¬à“ߥ’ ‡À¡“–≈ß∑ÿπ √“§“摇»… √“§“ 58,000 ∫“∑/µ√.«. ‚∑√.086-332-3299 √“§“摇»… ‚∑√.081-4033-797, 086-332-3299 L.2400343 ‚∑√.086-332-3299 L.2400322


¢“¬¥à«π ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ∂¡‡ √Á® 4-2-41 ‰√à ¢π“¥ 69 x 96 ‡¡µ√ ´.«—¥æ—π∑⓬π√ ‘ßÀåæ√–√“¡ 2 ∑’ Ë «¬ ‡À¡“–∑”‚√ßß“π √“§“ 3.5 ≈â“π/‰√à ‚∑√.086-332-3299 L.2400336


02-935-9505 ‡≈◊Õ°™¡∑√—æ¬å ‘π ∑ÿ°∑”‡≈π—∫ 1,000 √“¬°“√ Ω“°¢“¬µ‘¥µàÕ 081-442-7989  ¡“™‘° ¡“§¡ 081-652-3636 »Ÿπ¬å ´◊ÈÕ-¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß : ∫â“π-∑’Ë¥‘π 089-767-2799 081-621-8759 081-625-1161 π“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“œ

∂.∫“ßπ“-µ√“¥ °¡.36

´.√“¡§”·Àß 118 Q-House ´.√“¡§”·Àß 96 Land & House ∂.‡∑æ“√—°…å °¡.21


∂. ÿ∑∏‘ “√ ∂.»√’π§√‘π∑√å ∂.‡©≈‘¡æ√–‡°’¬√µ‘ ∂.√“…Æ√å∫√Ÿ ≥–  –æ“πæ√–√“¡ 9 ∂.≈“¥°√–∫—ß ´.ª√–™“æ—≤π“

∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—πÈ 155.3 µ√.«. ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 71.9 µ√.«. ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—πÈ 55.4 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—πÈ 120 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ 52 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 2 §ŸÀ“ 4.5 ™—πÈ §Õπ‚¥œ 93.19 µ√.¡. ™—Èπ 2 ¡’ ∑’Ë¥‘π+‚°¥—ß 8 ‰√à ∑”‡≈¥’ æ◊Èπ∑’Ë 3 πÕπ 3 πÈ” «‘«∑–‡≈ “∫ 3 πÕπ 3 πÈ” ·µàß «¬ æ√âÕ¡‡øÕ√åœ 3 πÈ” „À¡à ·µàß «¬ ‡øÕ√åœ ∫‘«∑åÕπ‘ 3 πÈ” À≈—ß¡ÿ¡  «¬ ∫‘«∑åÕπ‘ ∑—ßÈ À≈—ß 2 πÈ” æ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà ∫‘«∑åÕ‘π∑—ÈßÀ≈—ß 50 µ√.«. µ‘¥∂ππ„À≠à ∑”‡≈¥’ 2 πÕπ 2 πÈ” ÀâÕß¡ÿ¡ ·µàß «¬ „™â Õ¬¡“° „°≈â π“¡∫‘π ÿ«√√≥¿Ÿ¡‘ ·µàß «¬+‡øÕ√åœ ¡.«‘®‘µ√“∏“π’ ¡.≈—¥¥“√¡¬å ¡.π—π∑«—π ¡. ÿ√«’ √√≥ ´.æ‘∫Ÿ≈¬åÕÿª∂—¡¿å „°≈âÀ“â ßœ- «πÀ≈«ß √.9 °“√凥âπ§Õ√å¥ „°≈â∑“ߥà«π -¡Õ‡µÕ√凫¬å

11.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-625-1161 8.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-445-4237 6.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-560-5416 5.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 084-206-7345 4 ≈â“π∫“∑ COURSE MEMBERSHIP EXCHANGE CENTRE THE FIRST IN THAILAND Tel: 081-5555888, 081-5555999 02-259-0980-5 1. NAVATHANEE 2. LAMLUKKA 3. MUANG AKE 1 4. WINDSOR PARK 5. TANYA THANEE

BUY 350-000 350-000 350-000 350-000 150-000

SELL 880,000 200,000 380,000 230,000 150,000

087-996-3329 13.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 089-767-2799 3.9 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-442-7989 45 ≈â“π∫“∑ 084-108-8951

‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡«‘≈¥å Õ—≈‰≈·Õπ´å ≈ÿ¡æ‘π’ ‡æ≈ ªîπò ‡°≈â“ §Õπ‚¥¡‘‡π’¬Ë ¡ ™—Èπ∑’Ë 12 ®“° 21 ™—Èπ 61.22 µ√.¡.

¡.‡°»‘π«’ ≈‘ ≈å ∂.ª√–™“Õÿ∑»‘ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 100 µ√.«. 2 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ÀâÕß„À¡à 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 4 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â ‚√߇√’¬π ¬—߉¡à‡§¬æ—°Õ“»—¬ µ°·µàßæ√âÕ¡‡øÕ√åπ‡‘ ®Õ√å∫«‘ ∑åÕπ‘ π“π“™“µ‘‡¥Õ–√’‡®âπ∑å, ‚√ß√’¬π°√ÿ߇∑æ Õß¿“…“, «‘«‡ÀÁπ –æ“πæ√–√“¡ 8 ¡’ ‚¡ √,  √–«à“¬πÈ”, ∑“ߥà«πª√–¥‘…∞å¡πŸ∏√√¡, √∂‰ø„µâ¥π‘ À⫬¢«“ß øîµ‡π  „°≈⇡‡®Õ√å, ‡´Áπ∑√—≈ªîπò ‡°≈â“ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 17,000,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥π—𠵑¥µàÕ§ÿ≥æ≈ ‚∑√.0-2645-4455 C

‚∑√.0-2463-8333, 089-836-3699 L.102997



»Ÿπ¬å√—∫´◊Õ È -¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß

ºŸâπ”¥â“πµ—«·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å ·ø√π‰™ åµ—«·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å

E ¡.°ƒµ¬“ °√’π∑“«‡«Õ√å ∂.æ√–√“¡ 4 ∂.∫“ßπ“-µ√“¥ Õ“§“√ ”π—°ß“π °¡.10.5 æ◊Èπ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ ∑’Ë¥‘π 156 µ√.«. 587 µ√.¡. 7 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂  ”π—°ß“π°√’π∑“«π凫Õ√å ™—πÈ 11 ‡ªìπ∑’¥Ë π‘ ∂¡·≈â« Õ¬Ÿµà ¥‘ ∂ππ´Õ¬ 2 ¥â“π ∫√√¬“»¥’ „°≈â π“¡°Õ≈åø«‘π¥å¡≈‘ ≈å, ÀâÕßµ°·µà߇√’¬∫√âÕ¬ ¡.Õπ—π¥“, ∫ÿ≠∂“«√∫“ßπ“ „Àâ‡™à“ 220 ∫“∑/µ√.¡. √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,200,000 ∫“∑ À√◊Õ ¢“¬ 35,000 ∫“∑/µ√.¡. ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿ™“µ‘ ‚∑√.081-374-9723

N ¡. À°√≥å°“√∫‘π‰∑¬ N ¡.√—ß ‘µ§≈Õß 4 ¡.°ƒ…¥“π§√ 19 ∂.√—ß ‘µ∂.·®âß«—≤π– ∂.æÀ≈‚¬∏‘π π§√𓬰 ´.·®âß«—≤π–43 ´.§≈ÕßÀ≈«ß 24 ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 8 ‰√à ‡π◊ Õ È ∑’ Ë 81 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 1 ‰√à 342 µ√.«. ∑’¥Ë π‘ À—π∑“ß∑‘»„µâ ‡À¡“–ª≈Ÿ° √â“ß∫â“πæ—°Õ“»—¬ 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ·Õ√å 3 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â«¥— ∏√√¡°“¬, ∑“ߥà«π¡Õ‡µÕ√凫¬åµ–«—πÕÕ° ∫â“πµ°·µàß «¬ „°≈⮥ÿ ¢÷πÈ ≈ß∑“ߥà«π, √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 8,800,000 ∫“∑ Àπâ“°«â“ß 25x64 ‡¡µ√ ∂ππ‡¡π ‡¡◊Õß∑Õß∏“π’, ¡. ÿ‚¢∑—¬ µ√ߢⓡ‡¡Á§‚§√ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥§≥æ» ‚∑√.0-2744-0770 °«â“ß 9 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â ‚¡ √,  √–«à“¬πÈ” L.402831 √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 5,300,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 6,000,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥æ≈ ‚∑√.0-2645-4455



æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 195 µ√.¡. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ‡ªìπ‚§√ß°“√„À¡à  ¿“æ∫â“𠫬æ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà ‚§√ß°“√¡’∑–‡≈ “∫ √à¡√◊πË  “∏“√≥Ÿª ‚¿§§√∫§√—π ¡’¬“¡√—°…“§«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬ 24 ™—«Ë ‚¡ß „°≈â ¡.∏ÿ√°‘®∫—≥±‘µ, ‡¥Õ–¡ÕÕ≈åß“¡«ß»å«“π, Sportcity √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 8,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥∏‘¥“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0969, 081-649-8649



¡.ªí≠∞‘≠“ ∂. ÿ«π‘ ∑«ß»å ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 94.2 µ√.«.

æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ 250 µ√.¡. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 3 ·Õ√å 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ À¡Ÿ∫à “â π¢ÕߺŸ¡â √’ –¥—∫ ∫â“π„À≠àπ“à Õ¬Ÿà ‡øÕ√凮Õ√å ‡§√◊ÕË ß„™â‰øøÑ“„ÀâÀ¡¥ ‡¥‘π∑“߉ª-¡“ –¥«° Àà“ß ÿ«√√≥¿Ÿ¡‘ 15 π“∑’ Àà“ßµ≈“¥¡’π∫ÿ√’ 10 π“∑’ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,900,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥™ÿµ°‘ “πµå ‚∑√.0-2818-0022 µàÕ 103, 085-123-7218 L.402819

NE ¡.‡ª√¡ƒ∑—¬ ¡.π«∏“π’ ∂.≈“¥æ√â“« ∂.‡ √’‰∑¬ ´.‚™§™—¬ 4 ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 151 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 80 µ√.«. „°≈â∑“ߥà«π¡Õ‡µÕ√凫¬å, Àâ“߇¥Õ–¡Õ≈≈å∫“ß°–ªî, 5 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ·Õ√å 3 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ∫‘°Í ´’, ¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬¥—ß, √æ.πæ√—µπå-√“¡§”·Àß ‡¢â“´Õ¬‰¡à≈°÷ ‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«° ∫“¬ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 7,550,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,850,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥§≥æ» µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≈—°…≥å ‚∑√.0-2744-0770, 085-111-6345 ‚∑√.0-2236-7799, 081-947-7372 NE



¡.‡»√∞ ‘√‘ ∂.‡≈’¬∫§≈Õߪ√–ª“ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 69 µ√.«.


∂.‡æ™√‡°…¡ ´.√–‡∫’¬ß®—π∑√å ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 407 µ√.«. µ‘¥‚§√ß°“√À—«À‘π∑√Õªî§Õ≈ °¡.222 Õ¬Ÿà „°≈â π“¡∫‘πÀ—«À‘π, ¥ÿ µ‘ √’ Õ√å∑·≈– ‚√߇√’¬π· µ¡øÕ√å¥ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 9,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿ™“¥“ ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130

∂.ß“¡«ß»å«“π Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4.5 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 27 µ√.«. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4 ™—πÈ §√÷ßË (ª√—∫ª√ÿß„À¡à·≈â«) µ‘¥∂ππß“¡«ß»å«“π „°≈â ·¬°·§√“¬, ‡¥Õ–¡Õ≈≈åß“¡«ß»å«“π ∑”‡≈¥’¡“° √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿ¿“«¥’ ‚∑√.0-2923-4100-1, 089-141-6153

¡.‡§’¬ß§≈Õß 1 ∂.√—ß ‘µ§≈Õß 10 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 200 µ√.«. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ”  “¡“√∂‡¢â“ÕÕ°∑—ßÈ ∑“ß ≈”≈Ÿ°°“·≈–∏—≠∫ÿ√’ Àà“ß®“°∂ππ√—ß ‘µ-π§√𓬰 2 °‘‚≈‡¡µ√ ‡ªìπ·À≈àß™ÿ¡™π ∫√√¬“°“»∏√√¡™“µ‘ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥∏√√¡πŸ≠ ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053





BROKER ¡“™‘° ¡“§¡π“¬Àπâ“

Expert in 2 hand houses in the city. Property investment consulting service. Sukhumvit, Thonglor 13 Sukhumvit 39 Discounted! Ramkhamhaeng 12 Soi Tosak, land with house Land 191 sq.w., 53 m. wide Land 3 rai 367 sq.w., 86 m. wide, 100 m. deep, access to Rama IX Soi 39, near The Mall, Major, ABAC Rama IX Expressway, suitable for a house

Bangna-Trad km. 10.5

Sell@84,000 Baht/sq.w.

~30,000 Baht/sq.w.


Land 328 sq.w. in Wind Mill Project, filled, next to the lake, perfect for a house No.27088-001/191

189 sq.w., 20 m. wide 38 m. deep, peaceful location w/ license to build 8-storey bldg.

Sell@230,000 Baht/sq.w. No.28402-059

Sukhumvit 55 Thonglor Land+building 154 sq.w. 22 m. wide, 28 m. deep located in Thonglor CBD area

Sell@30.8 MB.


Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å

suitable for house, apartment, condominium

Sell@42 MB.


Sukhumvit 81 Land 151 sq.w., 16 m. wide 38 m. deep, convenient, only 200 m. from BTS Onnutch suitable for apartment

Sell@17 MB.


Cheap! Suk. 77 Onnutch Bangna-Trad km.18 Ratchada 7, Nathong Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24 Land 626 sq.w., 36 m. wide, Land 382 sq.w., 6 m. wide Land 232 sq.w., 31 m. wide

30 m. deep, near Robinson, Carrefour, suitable for apartment

Sell@25 MB.


Land 3 rai 207 sq.w., 155 m. wide, 36 m. deep, suitable for 7 apartments

Sell@80,000 B/sq.w.


Chaengwattana Rd. Ramkhamhaeng 40 Rd. Land 5 rai, 80 m. wide 94 m. deep, separable (2 rai) near Muangthong Thani

Sell@110,000 Baht/sq.w.

Land 347 sq.w., 28 m. wide 50 m. deep, multiple accesses near university & hospital

concrete road, in a golf course 68 m. deep, near Srinakarin, suitable for residential house Iamsombat market, suitable for house/apartment 25,000 Baht/sq.w. No.28423-031

34,000 Baht/sq.w. No.28432-058

Suk. 107 Bearing 66, 68

Nuanchan 56 Rd.

Ekamai-Ramindra Expressway Land 409 sq.w., 29 m. wide Land 19 rai 42 sq.w., 56 m. deep, good location, 98 m. wide, 290 m. deep, only 200 m. from main road, partly filled, w/ 8 m. road accessible via Srinakarin, multiple accesses near St. Joseph School

No.28119-001 Special Price No.28411-001/191 30,000 Baht/s.qw. No.28414-068

Sell@10 MB./rai

∂.æ√–√“¡ 2 Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4.5 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 20 µ√.«.

1 ∑’ˮե√∂ µ‘¥∂ππæ√–√“¡ 2 µ—«∫â“π Ÿß°«à“ ∂ππª√–¡“≥ 50 ‡´Á𵑇¡µ√ ∑”‡≈¥’¡“° ‡À¡“–∑” ‡ªìπÕÕøøî»À√◊Õ√â“π§â“ Õ¬Ÿµà √ߢⓡ‚√ß欓∫“≈ ∫“ß¡¥ „°≈⇴Áπ∑√—≈æ√–√“¡ 2, ®ÿ¥¢÷πÈ -≈ß∑“ߥà«π æ√–√“¡ 2 √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,900,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2463-8333, 085-155-8655

Forbest Properties Co., Ltd.

Tel. 02-287-4568-70, 677-5550 / nd

´‘µ’È‚Œ¡ ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑ ∂. ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑ ´. ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑101/2 §Õπ‚¥¡‘‡π’ˬ¡ ™—Èπ∑’Ë 25 æ◊Èπ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ 69.52 µ√.¡.





1 ÀâÕßπÕπ 1 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ‡ªìπµ÷°„À¡à ‡æ‘ßË √â“߇ √Á® „°≈â ∂“π’√∂‰øøÑ“∫’∑‡’ Õ  Õÿ¥¡ ÿ¢, ‚√ß欓∫“≈°≈⫬πÈ”‰∑, ∑“ߥà«π ÿ¢¡ÿ «‘∑ 62, ∑“ߥà«π∫“ßπ“, Àâ“ß √√æ ‘π§â“ ‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«° √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,780,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥Õ√Õÿ¡“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0969, 089-771-9016




N ¡.´◊Õ ¡.‰∑¬∏“π’ 19 Ë µ√ß ∂.æÀ≈‚¬∏‘π ∂.∏—≠∫ÿ√’ ´.3 Õæ“√å∑‡¡âπ∑å ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 59.4 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 80 µ√.«. 19 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” „°≈âπ«π§√, æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 140 µ√.¡. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” √æ.π«π§√, ‚≈µ— π«π§√, ¡.√“™¿—Ƈæ™√∫ÿ√’ ∑”‡≈µ‘¥∂ππ ¡’ √ª¿. 24 ™¡. ·≈–°√¡∑’¥Ë π‘ §≈ÕßÀ≈«ß µ‘¥∂ππ∏—≠∫ÿ√’ §≈Õß 3 √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 5,000,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥®‘𥓠µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≥¿“¿—™ ‚∑√.0-2960-0005 ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053 L.1001810










¡.≈≈‘≈Õ‘π‡¥Õ–æ“√å§ ∂.æ√–√“¡ 2 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 50.7 µ√.«.

3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ·Õ√å 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â ‚≈µ— -∫‘°Í ´’ æ√–√“¡ 2, √æ.∫“ߪ√–°Õ° 9, ‚√߇√’¬πæ“≥‘™¬å∞“π‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’ ‡®â“¢Õß∫â“π‰¡à‡§¬‡¢â“‰ªÕ¬ŸÕà “»—¬‡≈¬ ∫â“π°Á¬ß— ¥Ÿ„À¡à æ◊πÈ ∑’°Ë °Á «â“ߢ«“ß ∫√√¬“°“»‚¥¬√Õ∫À¡Ÿ∫à “â π¥Ÿ ß∫√ࡇ¬Áπ ‡À¡“– ”À√—∫‡ªìπ∑’æË °— ºàÕπÀ¬àÕπ„® √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≈—°…≥å ‚∑√.0-2236-7799, 081-947-7372 L.602701


∂.ß“¡«ß»å«“π ´.ª√–™“𑇫»πå 3 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 41 µ√.«.

3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ·Õ√å 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ∫â“π √â“߇Õß ª√—∫ª√ÿß„À¡à  «¬ ‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«°¡“° ‡¢â“ÕÕ°À≈“¬∑“ß ´Õ¬«—¥∫—«¢«—≠ ·≈– µ‘«“ππ∑å 38 ≈ß®“°∑“ߥà«πß“¡«ß»å«“π ∂÷ß∑’˵—Èß∑√—æ¬å‡æ’¬ß 2.5 °‘ ‚≈ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥®’√–«√√≥ ‚∑√.0-2818-0022 µàÕ 102, 083-247-9977 L.9730138

¡.π—π∑«—π ∂.«ß·À«π √—µπ“∏‘‡∫»√å ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 106 µ√.«. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 4 ·Õ√å 4 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â∫°‘Í ´’, ‚Œ¡‚ª√, §“√åø√Ÿ ,å √.æ.‡°…¡√“…Æ√å √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 7,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥µÿ°ä µ“ ‚∑√.02-923-4100-1, 089-141-6153 W



Wednesday, February 11, 2009



94-73 Sharpshooter Vladmir Radmanovic scores 13 points as Charlotte Bobcats defeat roadweary LA Clippers.

GONE IN 7 MONTHS Scolari steam-rollered by the sheer relentlessness of the English game THE GUARDIAN, London


uiz Felipe Scolari was on the way to acquiring the full thousand-yard stare that only the special branch of bedlam known as the Premier League can inflict on managers, however illustrious, however crocodile-skinned on first inspection. Arriving on our shores to take over from the saturnine Avram Grant, Big Phil might have been mistaken for Brazil’s ambassador to London. He had read all his briefing papers about the cliques and the turmoil of the Mourinho-Grant years and was intent on instilling unity and calm. But then it hit him: the whirlwind of fixtures, the endless churn of headlines, the crowd volatility, the sheer relentlessness of problem-solving at the top of the English game. Under this bombardment he acquired an ominously robotic look as his vision of liberating Chelsea’s creativity began to

look like a bad case of meddling with a fixed identity. Some will think it a mark of shame for the game in this country that a World Cup–winning coach can be crushed like this after 25 league games. Scolari went faster than an England batsman in the West Indies and Chelsea have now worked their way through four managers in five years. Claudio Ranieri is coaching Juventus, Chelsea’s next Champions League opponents, and Jose Mourinho is steering Internazionale to more success. Scolari plunged into the inferno within seven months. Some would say the problem is with the club, not the A-list managers who say yes to the task of reconciling Roman Abramovich’s whims with the commercial cravings of the board and assorted in-house factions, who seldom seem to be holding a single hymn sheet. The first signs of Scolari’s

XTRA BIG PHIL BIG FLOP >> Chelsea supporters called for his head after lacklustre draw against Hull. >> The Brazilian lost the support of the players, who openly questioned his tactics. >> Scolari was denied funds by owner Roman Abramovich to rebuild the side.

disorientation came with the home defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal. The Stamford Bridge fortress was ransacked in the autumn and was no longer a house of pain for visiting sides. Mourinho’s teams would bulldoze their guests into the net and then assume a position of impregnability while the clock ran down. Scolari arrived with grander visions. The Chelsea hierarchy assumed Brazilian self-expression could be welded onto the old defensive solidity to form an unbeatable whole. The

league champions of 2005 and 2006 would start playing like Manchester United and Arsenal and Abramovich, the absentee landlord, would be enticed back from the art galleries to which his new love had lured him. “Overlapping full-backs” became standard dinner party conversational fare. With the newly arrived Jose Bosingwa on the right and Ashley Cole on the left, Chelsea would prance along the flanks in a formation lifted largely from Scolari’s 2002 World Cup-winning side. It seemed impolite to point out that the world champions of seven years ago could call on Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, rather than Florent Malouda and Salomon Kalou. The spirit of adventure was free at last. In Chelsea’s favour is the sense that Scolari never really settled in the Stamford Bridge dug-out. Managing Brazil doubtless inflicted suffocating pressure. But only in short bursts. Here it seemed to come every day.

Chelsea gained exuberance but lost resilience. At the Bridge, visitors found it increasingly easy to negate wingback play. Without the injured or dropped Didier Drogba to smash a path, Chelsea would bounce off a wall. Away games afforded greater space in which to elaborate, but as the side began to toil in December Scolari became ever more querulous, picking fights with referees and fretting about yellow cards. Noises off-stage included suggestions of disquiet about Scolari’s training regime (an old chestnut, when results are deteriorating), and tactical grumblings about the lack of an alternative strategy: the fabled Plan B. One senior player confided recently that Steve Clarke’s departure to West Ham United to work with Gianfranco Zola was a mighty setback for the club. Another theory gaining ground throughout the club was that Scolari inherited a side at the end of a winning cycle, and was denied the funds to rebuild it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009




VILLA’S MIRACLE MAN Quiet man O’Neill has a lesson for Chelsea and Scolari AP, London

uiz Felipe Scolari’s failed tenure at Chelsea is in stark contrast to the quiet way Martin O’Neill has raised Aston Villa into the top four of English football. Scolari appeared the right man to bring success back to the Blues in the hothouse atmosphere of England’s Premier League. He lasted seven months. But Chelsea’s slide coincides with Villa’s rise which is the result of intelligent, low-key perseverance by O’Neill and a lack of interference from owner Randy Lerner, who also has the Cleveland Browns NFL team. A midfielder and Northern Ireland captain who led the team to the second round of the 1982 World Cup in Spain, O’Neill won the European Cup – now Champions League – with Nottingham Forest. Soft spoken but a bundle of



Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill has built a solid team. energy when he stands in front of the bench during games, O’Neill also guided Wycombe and Leicester to promotions before helping Celtic to three league titles and three Scottish Cups. He also took the Hoops to the 2003 Uefa Cup final. As Chelsea manager, Scolari was expected to deliver. But Chelsea went into an alarming slump after a promising start. No such problems at Villa Park,

where O’Neill has formed a line-up without any highly paid stars but with plenty of talent and teamwork. While Scolari had a huge squad of players to interchange, O’Neill barely altered his starting line-up and was rewarded with a good start to the season. Villa also won at Arsenal, beat Everton and drew with Manchester United and, with Chelsea dropping points,

pushed up to third in the standings, five points behind United. O’Neill brushed aside suggestions that his team had broken into the traditional top four – Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool – and laughed at suggestions his team was now a title contender. Whatever he truly believed of the team’s chances, it worked well to take the pressure off his players. But they are getting recognition in another way. England manager Fabio Capello picked six Villa players in the English squad of 23 and one of them, winger James Milner, explained how the manager had lifted the team so high in the standings. “You can see from his track record how well he’s done with players,” Milner said. “It’s a great club to be playing for at the moment. I’m enjoying my football and lucky enough to be playing with good players, working with good staff and the manager fills you with a lot of confidence.” If only Chelsea’s players could say the same.

Rijkaard and Hiddink in Chelsea frame AGENCIES, London


rank Rijkaard’s agent insists the ex-Barcelona coach would “consider” the Chelsea manager’s job and would not be scared off by the ruthless reputation of club owner Roman Abramovich. Guus Hiddink, meanwhile, would also “definitely” hold talks with Abramovich, according to his representative. Rijkaard agent Perry Overeem said if a Chelsea approach was forthcoming then Rijkaard would certainly listen. “[Frank] is obviously a big fan of the game and a big fan of the Premier League so he can be interested in working in the Premier League,” he told Sky Sports News. Hiddink agent expects his client will speak to Abramovich and listen to what he has to say. AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti and former Inter Milan boss Roberto Mancini have also been linked with the job.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009




Ratiwatanas held up in Philadelphia DAILY XPRESS

Indian No 1 pushed to the limit by Thai wildcard By Lerpong Amsa-ngiam DAILY XPRESS

he top two seeds Vera Zvonareva and Caroline Wozniacki lived up to the expectations by storming into the second round of the US$220,000 PTT Pattaya Open with straight set wins. The resilient Zvonareva, who looks fitter than when she last appeared here a few years ago, dominated the groundstroke rallies against Andreja Klepac of Slovenia before prevailing 6-4 6-3 in front of a small crowd at the Dusit Resort Hotel. Second seed Caroline Wozniacki, whose grin is a dead-ringer for that of former world No 1 Martina Hingis, started slowly but recovered quickly to topple Chan Yungjan of Taiwan 6-3 6-0. “A lot of people have said



Sania Mirza stretches for a shot during her match with Nicha Lertpitaksinchai in Pattaya yesterday. that I smile like Martina. She was my favourite player when I was growing up. But I hope people will recognize me for the person I am,’’ said the teenager, who was surprised to see support from around 30 Danish fans. Fourth seed and 2007 champion Sybille Bammer of

Austria, who is here with daughter Tina, beat Urszula Radwanska of Poland 6-4 3-6 61. Earlier, wildcard entrant Nicha Lertpitaksinchai pushed Indian Sania Mirza of India to the limits before losing the match 6-7 (5-7) 5-7. The 17-yearold matched her heavy-hitting

opponent shot for shot and even had a couple of set points at 5-4 in the first set, and led 53 in the second. But nerves and lack of experience prevented her from scoring a big upset over the Australian Open mixed doubles champion. “I was so excited when I was serving for both sets. I gave her a very close match. Her experience also helped,’’ said Nicha who hit two double faults to drop the first set. Mirza was impressed by the fight put up by her rival. “She didn’t play like someone ranked 945. She hit like a top50 or top-100 player. But I’m happy I raised my level at 3-5 in both sets and pulled it through,’’ said Mirza. In other first-round action, Neuza Silva of Portugal eased past Jessica More of Australia 6-2 6-1, Yuliya Beygelzimer of Ukraine ousted Anastasia Rodionova of Russia 6-2 6-2 and Yaroslava Shedova of Kazakhstan downed Tamira Paszek of Austria 6-3 6-4.


he Ratiwatana twins are worried that their inadequate preparation might affect their match against world No 1 doubles team Bob and Mike Bryan in the US$436,000 SAP Open in San Jose. Sonchat and Sanchai were stuck at the airport in Philadelphia on Monday due to flight delays and were due to fly to California yesterday morning for a match scheduled for the evening. “We asked the organisers to move the match to Wednesday but they didn’t seem to sympathise with us. We just hoped to have a day’s practice and be fresh for the match,’’ complained Sonchat, who won a challenger event in Poland on Sunday. “We are excited to play the world top doubles pair, especially as they are twins like us. Hopefully we won’t be too tired from the journey,’’ said younger brother Sanchai.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009




Maradona hits out at his bosses

SPOTLIGHT ON BECKS Beckham backed to build winning mentality in SpainEngland friendly AFP, Watford, England

avid Beckham will steal the headlines if he wins a record-equalling 108th cap for England in today’s friendly against Spain, but Rio Ferdinand hopes the match proves far more significant for the long-term development of Fabio Capello’s team. Ferdinand believes England’s meeting with the European champions at Seville’s Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium offers the perfect opportunity to develop the winning mentality needed finally to lift a major trophy. Ferdinand has been impressed with the way Capello has restored England’s equilibrium in his first year in charge, but the Manchester United defender is convinced their psychological approach to big matches needs to improve. Now Ferdinand hopes the team can lay down another marker by claiming a positive result against Spain in their own backyard. “We are playing against a team that are one of the best two in the world,” he said. “We have to make sure we put on a performance and acquit ourselves in the right way. “It will be a good yardstick to how far we have come under the new manager. There is just a winning mentality at United that is stronger than ever. We’re very business-like. “That is the kind of mentality we need to get with England.




Spanish players Fernando Torres, right, and Sergio Ramos train in Sevilla. The sooner we can get it the better. “It’s down to working on the training field, the desire not to concede goals, the desire to be winners, the desire to claim more titles and victories.” Beckham’s renaissance at AC Milan has persuaded Capello that the midfielder can still cut it at the highest level and Ferdinand revealed Beckham has a new spring in his step since moving to Italy. He claimed critics who insist Beckham doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Moore, who captained England’s 1966 World Cup winning team, are wide of the mark.


“It seems to have rejuvenated him. Speaking to him in training there seems to be that bounce in him again,” Ferdinand said. “He has been talking about who he has been training with and saying what it is like. It seems like he’s delighted to be playing football in Europe again. “Becks has become such a big personality in the entertainment world people start thinking he doesn’t deserve it because he isn’t a whole-hearted footballer. Someone like Becks doesn’t play for Manchester United, Real Madrid and then go to AC Milan and become an integral part of that team .”

Bringing his unique blend of feisty bullishness and a combative nature to the table Diego Maradona will mark 100 days in charge of Argentina with today’s friendly away to France. Maradona scored his first international goal at the same venue as a precocious teen – but despite the general fan adulation the 1986 World Cup winner has not found things all plain sailing to date, as he admitted to reporters in Marseille on Monday.“I thought they [the federation] gave you everything when you take over the reins. But you come in and ask for a coach and they don’t give him to you, you ask for kit and they give you Sweden’s, you ask for a player and [instead] they arrange you a match in Cochabamba [Bolivia] at eight at night – and the plane leaves Argentina at half past eight,” Maradona colourfully complained. Clearly, little love is lost between Maradona and the Argentine hierarchy despite his appointment.He arrived insisting he wanted former teammate Oscar Ruggeri on his technical staff – but Federation chairman Julio Grondona vetoed the move. Maradona also wanted playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme in the squad to face France but the Boca Juniors star has a rearranged Argentine league date pending.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009




TIGER CUB Tiger Woods names his son Charlie Axel Woods, probably in honour of Charlie Sifford, the first black PGA Tour member.

A-ROID Major League Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez admitted in an interview with ESPN that he took performance-enhancing drugs while playing for the Texas Rangers from 2001 through 2003.“I did take a banned substance. For that, I am very sorry and deeply regretful,” Rodriguez said. A 12-time All-Star whose parents immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez was traded from Texas to the Yankees in 2004, three years into a then record 10-year contract worth US$252 million.“I had just signed this enormous contract,” Rodriguez said. “I felt like I needed something, a push, without over-investigating what I was taking, to get me to the next level.” Rodriguez said he took steroids from the time he started playing for the Rangers through 2003, when he was the American League Most Valuable Player. “When I arrived in Texas in 2001, I felt an enormous amount of pressure, felt all the weight of the world on top of me to perform, and perform at a high level every day,” Rodriguez said. “Back then, [there] was a different culture. It was very loose. I was young, I was stupid, I was naive. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was worth being one of the greatest players of all time.”



Beckham set to steal spotlight

Nicha lets Sania off the hook

David Beckham will steal the headlines if he wins a recordequalling 108th cap for England in today’s friendly against Spain. Beckham’s renaissance at AC Milan has persuaded Fabio Capello that the midfielder can still cut it at the highest level. >PAGE 27

Thai wildcard Nicha Lertpitaksinchai pushed Sania Mirza of India to the limits before losing the match 6-7 (5-7) 5-7 after one hour and 51 minutes in the Pattaya Open. The 17-year-old had a couple of set points at 5-4 in the first set and lead 5-3 in the second but nerves got the better of her and the Indian escaped. >PAGE 26

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