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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 VOL 2, NO 438

JUNGLE UPROAR Environmental news reporters and activists are questioning the display of animals at a wildlife exhibition >PAGE 2


Breakfast? Go slow… By Thanakrit “Wan” Panichwid DJ, Chill FM 89


ood morning Daily Xpress readers! I’m glad to get the chance to greet you so early, before we find out what the day has in store for us. Though we can’t predict or control the day’s events, we do have our precious quiet time in the morning when we can enjoy a cup of coffee or a bowl of congee. It’s best to welcome your day calmly – when your boss isn’t around to give you an assignment.

What’s on See the stage adaptation of TV variety show ‘Kun Phra Chuay’ (‘Oh My God!’); catch Jamaican singer Diana King at the Chang World Reggae fest on Bang Saen Beach; take part in the first Thai Zombie Walk, and more...

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009




OF STUDENTS at Bangkok’s state schools are illiterate, according to available statistics.

Pit bulls maul elderly woman

Battle of the beauties

The final round of Miss Thailand 2009 gets underway yesterday with 18 contestants competing for the crown.


terday morning. Taweeporn Rujimora, 74, was walking home when the dogs suddenly pounced. Although neighbours rushed to help, the victim sustained injuries to her face, chest and other parts of her body. “I heard shouting, then I saw people trying to force the dogs into a house while the woman lay on a bench screaming in pain,” said Pol Sub-Lieutenant Damrong Kritchukiat. Damrong managed to video the aftermath of the incident and said the footage could be used as evidence against the dog owner. Taweeporn’s son, Kanok, lodged a complaint with police against the dogs’ owner, Preecha Arunmahat, yesterday. “He has refused to pay for a private room in hospital for my mother. It is useless to talk to him,” said Kanok, a news editor at Channel 5.

Bites, dislocated bones Doctors at the Kasemrad Bangkae Hospital say Taweeporn is being treated for bite wounds and dislocated bones caused by the fall. “Residents are considering petitioning the director of Bang Khae District Office to have the pit-bulls expelled from the housing estate,” said Kanok, adding that Preecha’s dogs have attacked many people before. Lak Song Police Station superintendent Colonel Sunthorn Torod said Preecha had already been summoned for questioning. “He has promised to pay Bt40,000 towards Taweeporn’s treatment.” DAILY



ive pit bull terriers attacked FBangkok an elderly woman at a housing estate yes-

Tiger in the mall! Emporium defends exhibition of 50 rare species at its shopping complex

the exhibition, which ends on Sunday.

Animals ‘stressed’ By Janjira Pongrai, Wannapa Phetdee D A I LY X P R E S S


wildlife exhibition running at a shopping complex in Bangkok was criticised yesterday by environment reporters and activists. In a statement issued yesterday, the Emporium’s general manager of operations Amphan Patharakorn said the animals were being closely cared for by veterinarians and staff from the Zoological Park Organisation and Chiang Mai Night Safari.

She added that all the animals on show were from zoos – none had come directly from the wild. Wanchai Tantiwittayapitak, president of the environmental news reporting wing of the Thai Journalists Association, criticised “The Emporium Flora & Fauna Exotica: King of The Jungle”, for causing stress to rare animals by displaying them in an unsuitable environment. The Emporium has teamed up with several state agencies to display over 50 species in

“What they are doing now is torturing the animals. The white tiger is in a narrow cage. The elephant needs to be outside. The nocturnal barn owl has to face the flashlights of visitors’ cameras. The exhibition area is also noisy. As a result, every animal there is obviously stressed. It’s very sad to see,” said Wanchai. “The exhibition is a marketing strategy and it could cost some of the animals their lives through the effects of stress.” Dr Rangsarit Kanchanavanit of the Seub Nakhasathien Foun-

dation for wildlife conservation said the exhibition was not the way to encourage children to love animals. “The creatures are completely out of place. A mall could not be further from their natural habitats.”

Taken from zoos, not wild Zoological Park Organisation director-general Sophon Damnui confirmed that the animals normally lived in zoos and were accustomed to human contact. “In addition, this is a temporary exhibition and the animals are removed from the mall at night. So, they are unlikely to get badly stressed,” Sophon said.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

THE WORLD Children play basketball in floodwaters in Calumpit town, Bulacan Province, northern Philippines, yesterday. Hundreds of thousands are still displaced from their homes, and the damage from the worst flooding in 40 years has run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Counselling too Ashaari says the state government hopes to launch the plan soon “to resolve marital problems and to create models of exemplary families”. He said yesterday that couples who enroll in the programme must also undergo counselling. AP

1 billion hits a day, says founder Chad Hurley

An apple a day … keeps your marriage sweet


A Malaysian state government says it plans to offer free honeymoons to save the marriages of couples who are on the brink of divorce. Ashaari Idris, a government official in northern Terengganu state, says troubled couples will be allowed to spend two nights at the state’s scenic islands or beach resorts to help them rekindle their romance under a “Second Honeymoon” programme.

Online video site YouTube now gets

Info highway

Wet game

Honeymoons for free in Malaysia to rescue marriages


US govt casts Gotti as evil killer in new trial Prosecutors use witness to convince jury that Gotti – like anyone in Gambino crime family – is a threat to society A P , New York


s his sister Victoria Gotti began a book tour befitting a celebrity author, John “Junior” Gotti sat in court, portrayed as a merciless killer by federal prosecutors who want to show he was far different from his entrepreneurial sister. The government used its star witness – childhood friend John Alite – to convince a Manhattan jury that Gotti was as lethal a threat to society as anyone else in the Gambino crime family once led by his late father, John Gotti Sr.

The testimony marked the first time in four racketeering trials for Gotti over the last four years that the government had produced a witness who could so dramatically link Gotti to stabbings, murders and beatings in the 1980s and 1990s.

‘You’re a punk! A dog!’ Gotti, 45, seemed unflappable through his trials until a US marshal told a prosecutor that he saw him mouth the words: “I’ll kill you” to Alite. When Alite responded, Gotti erupted, shouting: “You’re a

punk! You’re a dog! You’re a dog! You always were a dog your whole life, you punk dog.” Prosecutors seem intent on taking a shine off the Gotti name that has resulted in part from his sister, who was on the “Growing Up Gotti” TV reality show and whose book, “This Family of Mine”, was published with a publicity blitz as her brother’s trial began last month. Gotti’s defence attorney says Gotti quit the Gambino family in 1999 when he pleaded guilty to federal charges and began serving a five-year prison sentence. He also says Gotti had nothing to do with killings.

A Taiwan couple has been living happily together for half a century because the husband has been giving his wife an apple a day to keep their marriage sweet. Lee Ta-pin, 77, and Sung Chin-yu, 74, revealed their secret for maintaining a happy marriage while celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, the Merit Times reported. Their tradition with the fruit began three months after their original wedding when Lee, as an army reservist, was called to serve in the military for 30 days. Knowing that Sung liked to eat apples, Lee bought a basket of them for her, telling her to eat one apple a day when she missed him. Since then, Lee has been buying apples for Sung so that she could eat an apple each day. – DPA

Real estate agent wins chili cook-off An Illinois real estate agent who gave her jalapeno peppers an “extra tweak” has won the world championship cook-off of the International Chili Society in Charleston, West Virginia. Maureen Barrett outcooked more than 160 competitors on Sunday in the 43rd World’s Championship Chili Cook-off, a three-day contest that drew thousands of chili lovers to a minor league baseball park. The 52-year-old winner took the $25,000 (Bt836,000) prize for a zesty bowl of traditional red chili, swaying judges seeking out a perfect blend of meat and spices. Some 167 cooks qualified for the championship, with 28 reaching the finals. – AP

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Women’s hair finances bridge building Some 100,000 Burmese women donate 2,400 kg of hair to fund the rebuilding of 16 bridges along a 26-km stretch of road


D P A , Rangoon

roceeds from hair donated by Burmese women worth 200 million kyat (Bt6 million) have been used to repair bridges leading to one of the country’s most sacred pagodas. Some 100,000 women donated 2,400 kilograms of hair to fund the rebuilding of 16 bridges along a 26-kilometre stretch of road leading to Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park, home to the Alaungdaw Kathapa Pagoda – one of the most revered Buddhist sites in Burma’s Sagaing Division, the Myanmar Times reported. The donated hair was sold to



Chinese merchants in Mandalay for about 100,000 kyat per viss (1.6 kilograms). Women’s hair is a popular export item from Burma.

So far, 11 out of 16 bridges to the pagoda have been repaired and the remaining five are expected to be completed by early 2010.

First Michael Jackson song since his death released

Two-disc CD due on Oct 26


Jackson’s brothers sing background vocals on the track, which is to play during the closing scene of the documentary, set for release on October 28, and is to also appear on the two-disc CD, due out on October 26, the website said. The documentary is to give film-goers a look behind the scenes at Jackson’s rehearsals for a sold-out series of 50 concerts in London that was to have begun in July. The theme of those shows was also to have been This Is It. No information was released about

when the song was originally recorded or when Jackson’s brothers recorded their vocals for it. The song was expected to be the first of a long line of Jackson material that his label Sony and his family would make available as they sift through his unreleased work. The singer has again topped the best-seller lists since his June 25 death. Billboard magazine said Jackson sold 5 million albums in the week after his death in Los Angeles.

D P A , New York


he first song by King of Pop Michael Jackson to be released since his June death was made available online yesterday. “This Is It”, a ballad about unexpectedly falling in love, was released on Jackson’s official website, ahead of a documentary and album of the same name. It was also sent to radio stations. The song opens with the words “This is it. Here I stand. I’m the light of the world. I feel grand. Falling in love wasn’t my plan,” Jackson croons. “I never thought I would be your lovebird.”

In March 2009, organisers of the bridge-repair project called on women to donate their hair, and quickly set up 13 hair-donation centres in

Sagaing Division townships. “The idea of donating hair came earlier this year from the women who lived along the road. They wanted to contribute but they had no money, so they asked that their hair be accepted instead,” the pagoda’s abbot Sayadaw Damadaya Ashin Waryamarnanda said.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009





BOLLYWOOD COMES ALIVE A wild musical encapsulates all the frenetic joy of Mumbai’s mad movies By Pawit Mahasarinand S P E C I A L T O D A I LY XPRESS


et ready for “the first authentic Indian dance and music spectacular from Mumbai”. That’s the tagline in the advertisements, but “The Merchants of Bollywood” actually has a story, and apparently a fitting and personal one. So music and dance aside, there’s dialogue in English.

The plot is adapted from the life of Vaibhavi Merchant, the great-granddaughter of a master of classical kathak dancing who became famous among Bollywood fans as “the Princess of Romance”. She’s the choreographer on “Merchants” and her brothers Salim and Sulaiman composed the music. Australian director Tony Gough has written a script in

which Ayesha Merchant leaves Rajasthan for Mumbai, choosing the glitz and glam of Bollywood over classical dance, her sweetheart and her grandfather, who warns that the film industry is no longer a place for art and good women.

Escapist pleasures We all love Bollywood films in spite – or because – of the high melodrama. That and the extravagant dancing are pure escapism, which everyone needs once in a while. “Merchants” premiered in

F L E S H A N D FA N TA S Y >> “The Merchants of Bollywood” is at the Royal Paragon Hall from October 22 to 26, at 7.30pm on the Thursday and Monday and 1 and 5 Friday through Sunday. >> Tickets cost Bt900 to Bt3,000 at www.Thai Check about a 10-per-cent discount. >> On the Internet: www.MerchantsOfBollywood.

2005 in Australia – the producer and many in the creative crew are also Australian – and has toured Europe and China. Its “turbo-charged” entertainment is presented “with such utter enthusiasm the performers’ toothy grins seem to be transferred to the audience as if by osmosis”, said the Perth Western newspaper the Australian. “The blindingly extravagant costumes and lighting are

matched only by the fast-paced dance routines … True to style, the sentiment is syrupy, but Bollywood fans will love this flamboyant, energetic stage incarnation. Its humour is infectious.” The London Times gave it four out of five stars and called the music “a rich swirl of Eastern and Western influences, bhangra and sarangi strings throbbing to the beat of an almost hip-hop sensibility”.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009





BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN rocked New Jersey’s Giants Stadium for the last time on Friday, the fifth in a series of farewell shows by the Boss and the E Street Band for the 33-year-old gridiron edifice that will be razed next year and replaced by the Meadowlands Stadium.

BARBRA STREISAND tops the US and British album charts with her new album, “Love is the Answer”.


Name that bua sai – a new breed of nightflowering lotus.

Tuk could be our next PM

Designers Nattawat Sivara and Anchalee Buathongchan with designs for the Miss Thailand 2009 Pageant.

Drawings that speak SEE JAPANESE artist Takashi Akiyama’s humourous commentary on environmental and cultural issues in an exhibition of his posters at the Siam Discovery Centre as part of the Bangkok Design Festival. One of his cartoonish creations in Bangkok depicts a tuk tuk carrying a post box. The show runs until Saturday. Visit www.Bangkok


A lotus blooms for the Queen Central shoppers vote on a name for a new species of the plant to honour Her Majesty By Kupluthai Pungkanon D A I LY X P R E S S


he Central retail chain marks its 62nd anniversary by dedicating a new species of lotus to Her Majesty the Queen – and you can help name it. Dr Sermlarp Wasuwat of the Pang Ubol lotus plantation has provided the plant – a bua sai, meaning it blooms at night. “This new species is and has petals of a darker red than other locally grown varieties, and more overlapping petals,” says Central president Yuwadee Chirathivat. “The flowers have a cup shape, which is also quite different from other lotus varieties.” National Artist and SeaWrite-winning poet Naowarat Phongphaiboon has come up with four names for the plant that are being put to a public vote until October 25. Naowarat’s proposed names: >> Sri Kittya – Derived from Her Majesty’s surname Kitiyakara.

>> Kittyadhorn – kitti and dhorn refer to song kiat, meaning “high honour”, also echoing the Queen’s surname. >> Rani Siam – means “Queen of Siam” in the southern dialect, rani used in lieu of rajini throughout the South and Malay Peninsula. >> Patama Rani – means “queen of the red lotus”. Cast your vote at any Central outlet and your name will be entered in a drawing for 6.2 baht of gold valued at more than Bt100,000 and Bt62,000 on your The 1 Card. The name that garners the most votes will be submitted to the Queen along with a sample of the lotus flower. Central has also created a lotus pond at its Chidlom store, includes 62 rare types. Inside the store is the “Wonders of Plant Varieties” show where Thai and foreign flowers mingle in an “East Meets West” display.



THAI SILK may well steal the spotlight from pretty girls on October 28 in the final round of the Miss Thailand 2009 pageant at Bangkok’s Aksra Theatre. The 18 finalists will be dressed in evening gowns of hand-loomed cotton and silk in the rak mai rue roey pattern by the Chitralada royal textile brand, which was created to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of Their Majesties the King and Queen. Nattawat Sivara, programme director of the Chanapatana International Design Institute, has designed three sets of dresses, which will be accessorised with crystals.


Royal pattern

Former national footballer Piyapong “Tuk” Phewon is demonstrating that kicking a ball around can be a solid career choice here. “If you’re really good, you’ll have a career in the sport,” the celebrated striker says. “You play beautiful footTuk ball and then become a coach.” Tuk left the national team and played professionally before coaching the Royal Air Force team. He also hosts footie shows on TV and has his own football fan website. What’s left? He wants to help manage the national team and uproot the common belief that Thailand will never make it to the World Cup. “I will make it happen,” Tuk promises.

Phansakdi Chakkaphak’s and Arianna Caroli’s bags. E A R T H B A GS >> The “Central … Love the Earth” offers floral-pattern tote bags designed by Phansakdi Chakkaphak, ML Chiratorn Chirapravati, Arianna Caroli and Disaya Sorakraikitikul. >> Buy a cloth bag for Bt395 between October 29 and November 2, and the net sale proceeds go to the Chaipattana Foundation.

Pakorn “Dome” Lum and

Cherman “Ploy” Boonyasak broke up almost two years ago but for some reason we still want to see them as a couple. They’ve both just said, separately, that they don’t mind appearing at public events together. Business is business, says Ploy, and Dome adds that he simply jacks up his fee if he’s hired to appear alongside Ploy. “But that doesn’t mean we only look forward to appearing together because it pays more!” he says.

Contact Soopsip at


SKIN DEEP The nose job without the knife My nose is quite flat. Is it possible to give it more height without undergoing surgery?

Non-surgical nose jobs involve injecting a material that’s normally used to fill in wrinkles and skin folds. It can be used to change the shape of the nose as well. Known as injectable rhinoplasty and sometimes called non-surgical rhinoplasty or 10-minute rhinoplasty, the procedure does indeed take only 10 minutes or so, using a local anaesthetic. The filler is injected into the bridge of the nose to add height, or at the base to elevate the tip. It can also be used to straighten a crooked nose. Botulinum toxin might also be used in a non-surgical nose job to relax the muscle that pulls the tip downward, allowing for a more upturned look. How long the results last depend on the product: four months if botulinum toxin is used, and six to 20 months for fillers. If you opt for the filler route, be sure to consult a specialist about the various types of fillers available. I recommend a temporary filler – having the substance permanently embedded remains a controversial practice. Last but not least, you should seek out a dermatologist or physician with extensive experience in botulinum toxin and filler injections. Thanisorn Thamlikitkul, MD, is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery and certified in dermatological laser surgery. Send your questions for her to

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lindsay’s ‘walk of shame’ Lohan’s celebrity catwalk dismays fashion world By Paula Bustamante AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE


indsay Lohan’s widely panned appearance on Paris catwalks for luxury label Ungaro could signal a shift away from high-end brands seeking creative input from celebrities, analysts say. Lohan was hired by Ungaro in September as an “artistic adviser” to the fashion house’s new chief designer Estrella Archs, with a brief to give the label a “cooler” look, according to president Mounir Moufarrige. But the alliance got off to a catastrophic start with global critics trashing the brightly coloured collection unveiled at Paris Fashion Week as a gaudy series of sartorial faux pas. “When Lohan came out for a runway bow, her eyes were full of tears. And it’s easy to see why,” the Los Angeles Times sniped. The universal savaging has left analysts asking if Lohan’s appointment and subsequent ridiculing may have marked a watershed moment for the industry. While high-street labels in Europe and the US have forged a series of successful collaborations with the likes of Madonna and Kate Moss, Lohan’s foray into fashion appears to have been an unmitigated failure. Steven Faerm, director

at the prestigious Parsons the New School for Design in New York, believes the trend towards fashion labels seeking celebrity input could be a sign of the recession-hit economy. “While fashion has certainly gone in the direction of using celebrities for selling fashion, I think we very well may have seen the straw that broke the camel’s back with the appearance of Lohan for Ungaro,” he says. “I think it is indeed an indication that some houses are doing all that it takes to stay afloat in this diffi-

Lindsay Lohan, right, was hired by Ungaro last month as an artisitic adviser to the fashion house’s new chief designer Estrella Arch



cult economy.” “This has really hurt Ungaro relationship with their high-end luxury customers. Miley Cyrus wouldn’t even come to the show, even though Lindsay kept tweeting for her to ‘please come’,” says Wendy Bendoni, Ungaro fashion director of forecasting website “I just feel bad for the poor designer who took the job in the first place.” Farah Chajin, an instructor of apparel design at California State University, says any collection would be judged on the designs themselves. “The collection by Ungaro collaboration with Lohan was not successful, it lacked creativity and innovation to the fashion world.” Nevertheless celebrities will continue to play a role as figureheads for fashion brands. “To have Nicole Kidman as the face of Chanel adds glamour given the image she presents,” Faerm says. “She was also hired to be ‘the face’ of the brand rather than have an active, creative role in the collection’s development. “I get the idea of celebrities endorsing brands but creating brands is a dangerous ground. “I think fashion should remain for the most part up to designers to create. We need more Marc Jacobs, Tom Fords, Stella McCartneys, Donatella Versaces, Karl Lagerfelds...”

Tuesday, October 13, 2009




A little cracker!

LG’s latest phone is perfect for those who love hi-tech but are also on a tight budget By Smiley Byte D A I LY X P R E S S


n attractive touch screen phone with 3G connectivity and a 5 megapixel camera, the new LG GT505 will appeal to many of those looking to acquire the latest in mobile technology for the simple reason that it’s very affordable. Its 3-inch WQVGA TFT LCD touch screen is really bright and the touch-screen interface is easy to use. And it even comes with a stylus just in case your finger is too large to pinpoint characters on the virtual on-screen keyboard. We found that the touchscreen very responsive and were pleased with the performance of phone when we checked out the applications. We tested it on True Move’s EDGE network and it browsed web pages without any problems and downloaded Google

KEY SPECS Network: GSM 900, 1800, 1900 Data connectivity: HSDPA (2100),

Wi-Fi, EDGE Camera: 5 megapixel Display3.0" WQVGA TFT LCD Resistive Touch Screen Standby Time: Up to 300 hrs Talk Time: Up to 4 hrs Memory: 60 MB internal memory, expandable with Micro SD (up to 8GB) Dimension: 107 x 54.5 x 11.8 mm Weight with standard battery: 98g

BIG day out

THE GT505 HAS WI-FI CONNECTIVITY TOO SO YOU’LL BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD APPLICATIONS AND ENJOY FAST INTERNET ACCESS AT TRUE MOVE HOTSPOTS ALL OVER BANGKOK. The camera took 5-mega pixel photos of satisfactory quality for a phone. The pictures look sharp and clear at normal view but at 100-per cent view, you could see the softness. On the plus side, the camera geo-tags the photos for use with applications like Google Maps so you can pinpoint where you snapped your image. And the phone plays music with good sound quality with the provided headset though the player does not have an equaliser setting so you won’t be able to adjust the tone to suit your taste. The GT505 has Wi-Fi connectivity too so you’ll be able to download applications and enjoy fast Internet access at True Move hotspots all over Bangkok. It also supports the fast HSDPA 3G connectivity, which should be available at the end of this year. And best of all, it costs just Bt8,900!

Bangkok’s second interactive game festival gets underway this week – be there

By Smiley Byte D A I LY X P R E S S


Maps to use with its A-GPS feature. The screen is more than adequate for reading web pages too, especially when used in horizontal mode. And when typing messages in horizontal mode, the handset shows the QWERTY keyboard on the screen. Voice quality is good and I was able to hear my conversation partner loud and clear. The phone has good battery life – lasting more than four days for my normal use, as opposed to my own phone, which usually needs charging every two days. The GT505 also provides a 30-day free trial of WisePilot for LG, a turn-by-turn navigation solution, which offers voice instruction and a choice of 2D and 3D mapping to guide users to their destinations.

amers! Be sure to leave some time free this week to go along to the 2nd Bangkok Interactive Game Festival 2009 (aka BIG Festival 2009) where you can learn about new game technologies and observe some exciting competitions. The event kicks off on Thursday and runs through Sunday at Siam Paragon’s Royal Paragon Hall. Serious gamers from eight countries are jetting into town to participate in the E-sport Thailand Championships 2009. The highlight of the tourney is the popular DotA game with winners sharing out prizes worth Bt200,000. There’s also a D’Cos Festival featuring a Cosplay competition for the best game and cartoon character, a Miss BIG Fest 2009 pageant and mini concerts by AF alumni. The BIG Fest 2009 will also feature the Thailand Game Awards 2009 and the SIPA Game Award 2009 as well as seminars by Thai and world-renowned gaming experts. Find out more by visiting


do it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


WHAT’S UP usiont the f l a r u t l u C ust shows a out its Aug

g After sellin ing Power V tre in the K a e h tation of T Aksra T stage adap ay” (“Oh My e th , x le p Com Chu w “Kun Phra atre next variety sho e th e th rns to God!”) retu Phra Chuay n u K e th g l in in Jo . ternationa month fusion of in alatit, a r fo ra st e h Orch Ben C usic will be and Thai m kpong AF4 and Yong n 0o , Lu Kong Nuvo w times are 2 and 7.3 o h . S 8 . r m e yi b Chern ovem and 2 on N ,000 at 7 r e b m e v No Bt3 Bt1,000 to m. Tickets cost

Oktoberfest time The VIE39 Exclusive Entertainment Complex on Phya Thai Road is setting up a beer garden on its mezzanine from Friday until the end of the month in celebration of Germany’s annual beer bash. Grab a stein of Paulaner beer and tuck into potato salad, beef goulash, gurken salat, pork chops with apple sauce and sauerkraut and a variety of bar tapas. Call

jo iTicketMa www.Tha

(02) 309 3939.

Wind in the woods The Siam Society on Sukhumvit Soi 21 is hosting an evening of music on October 28 at 7 with the Suwanaphum Woodwind Quintet. Led by Phattrawut Phanphuttaphong, the quintet comprises flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn, which blend for a surprisingly full and diverse sound. Admission is free. Call (02) 661 6470-7.

h To the 10t powerork’s “Ben 10” jumps

tw stage Cartoon Ne reen to the sc ll a sm e ragon Hall from th at Royal Pa en 10 s w o sh 10 with 22. “B mber 19 to from Nove nitrix” is a m O e er of th ravaganza Live – Pow eatrical ext seiling, th te u in 90-m ts, ab arding stun ia effects. of skatebo ed im lt and mu acrobatics om Bt900 to Bt2,000 fr Tickets cost iT a h .T w at ww

Asian fancies

Reggae queennger Diana King

All this month, the Mistral restaurant at the Sofitel Bangkok Silom is featuring Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine on its lunch buffet prepared by executive chef Boris Cuzon. Daily dishes include sushi, sashimi, seafood, noodles, salad and desserts. The buffet is priced at Bt500 net. For Bt200 more you get one glass of Rooks Lane wine. The buffet’s open from 11.30 to 2.30. Call (02)

Jamaican si the line-up of ng will be amo Chang World e th r fo ts is Saen art al on Bang ber iv st Reggae fe Octo on Buri on Beach in Ch to midnight on 24. The no maican features Ja and o ls a w o sh e ir C r d Inne cl reggae ban from California. in Big Mounta one, include T-B m ts is rt a i Tha Zo , ka , Teddy S Job Banjob oy and Buddha yB Amara, Joe are Bt1,500 at ts ke ic T . Bless

238 1991, extension 134 and 1321.

iTicketM www.Tha

Northern lights Experience Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai at the De Naga Hotel, which has a holiday package for Bt7,999. The price covers two people for three days and two nights in a deluxe room, roundtrip airport transfer, daily American breakfast, one Thai set dinner on Loy Krathong night, November 2 and one glass of wine per person. Call (053) 209 030 or visit

Zombies on the march The Sukhumvit Soi 11 Association in collaboration with and the Lotus Flower Foundation are holding the first Thai Zombie Walk on Saturday from 5. The corpsified, brain-hungering participants will gather at the Skytrain’s Siam station at 5 and ride the line to Nana from where they’ll walk up Soi 11. To show that zombies are good citizens and kind to boot, each zombie is encouraged to donate at least one educational toy to the Lotus Flower Foundation. The drop box can be found at the mouth of Sukhumvit Soi 11. Call (02) 254 0444, extension 1650.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009




on dvd REGION 3

Sam Phan Boke Pairo

te “Mike B sworn to def ” Boongerd plays a desce en nd against a m d an ancient royal treasu ant of a guard ercenary (Ru re . He’s pitted ssell Wong) gangsters to hire plunder the artefacts. R d by American ate d 13+. 

The Ugly Truth A control-freak producer (Katherine Heigl) who has no luck in relationships is mismatched with a chauvinistic TV personality (Gerard Butler) who’s always spoiling for a fight in the battle of the sexes. Rated 18+. 

Fame A remake of Alan Parker’s gritty 1980 classic, this musical drama tracks students as they pursue their dreams at a New York performing-arts school. 

Broken Embraces The latest collaboration between director Pedro

Almodovar and Penelope Cruz is a complex neo-noir drama marked by a four-way romance. In Spanish with English and Thai subtitles at Paragon Cineplex. Rated 18+. 

Cherry Blossoms A Bavarian widower fulfills his dead wife’s wishes and goes to Japan. There, he forms a bond with a young woman street performer. At House. 

Hor Taew Taek Hak Krajerng A college dormitory run by crossdressing gays is haunted. Their solution is to hire their own ghost to fight back. Rated 15+.

nt: Bad LieutenNaew Orleans Port of Call -addled detecler about a drug

lese directs this thril killing of Senega Werner Herzog investigates the he so as al ) s ge de Ca en s tive (Nicola Orleans. Eva M st-Katrina New immigrants in po . Rated 20+.  mas stars. At SF Cine

G-Force A specially trained squad of guinea pigs is dispatched to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world. In 3D in some cinemas. Rated G. 

Sorority Row Sorority girls try to cover up the death of one of their sisters after a prank goes wrong, only to find themselves stalked by a serial killer. Rated 18+. 

The Time Traveller’s Wife Based on the best-selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger, this romantic drama stars Eric Bana

as a librarian who involuntarily travels through time. Rachel MacAdams plays his wife. Rated G. 

District 9 For 20 years, a spaceship has been stalled above Johannesburg, with its alien inhabitants segregated into a shantytown. Now the time has come to move them out. Rated 15+. 

Cheri Directed by Stephen Frears and set in Paris before World War I, this romantic comedy depicts the love affair between an ageing courtesan (Michelle Pfeiffer) and a young man (Rupert Friend) who is the son of her old colleague and rival (Kathy Bates). The audio is in English with Thai and English subtitles. There’s also a behindthe-scenes look with no narration and cast interviews. It’s selling for around Bt160. – DAILY XPRESS

on tv

Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino rewrites the history of World War II with this romp through occupied France. At the Lido and House. Rated 18+. 


Hamlet 2 Steve Coogan stars in this irreverent comedy about a teacher’s overzealous quest to stage a wacky sequel to Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

Apex: Lido, (02) 252 6498, Siam, (02) 251 3508, Scala, (02) 251 2861 Century: (02) 247 9940 House: (02) 641 5177-8 Imax: (02) 129 4631 Major Cineplex/EGV/ Esplanade: Bangkok, (02) 515 5555 Major Hollywood: (02) 718 7999 Paragon Cineplex: (02) 129 4635 SF Cinemas: Bangkok, (02) 268 8888 UMG: RCA, (02) 641 5913-14

As of August 2009, Thailand has these motion-picture ratings: G – General audiences. P – Promote as educational. 13+, 15+ and 18+ – Suggested minimum ages for viewers. 20+ – Restricted to viewers aged 20 and older; ID check mandatory.

> > C H A N N E L L I N KS

>> CRITICAL CONSENSUS Channel 3: Channel 5: Channel 7: Modernine: NBT: TV Thai: True:

HBO (TrueVisions), 8pm > > F I L M R AT I N GS

New York This much-talked-about terrorism drama is set in New York City in 2001 and stars John Abraham, Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif. In Hindi with English subtitles at Major Cineplex Sukhumvit (Ekamai) at 7 tonight. It’s part of the Bollywood Film Festival. Visit

 = Must see!  = Solidly entertaining  = It’s okay  = Barely watchable  = Don’t bother No star rating means no reviews were available.

Adam By Bryan Basset

The Buckets By Scott Stantis

Pooch Cafe By Paul Gilligan

Red and Rover

By Brian Basset

By Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes

By John McPherson

Close to Home

12 LEISURE Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


By Eugenia Last

Today’s Birthday: You can move mountains this year if you put your mind to it. Accomplishments will start at home and work their way into your personal and professional life. You’ll be freed from some of the limitations and frustrations of the past. Changes with older and younger people in your life will occur. Stop procrastinating.

Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

ARIES ***** March 21-April 19 If a deal sounds too good, do more homework. Don’t let anyone put you in a position that makes you feel awkward. Take a safe route that will ensure you can afford the things you want in the future. 5 stars TAURUS **April 20-May 20 You won’t win if you decide to openly argue and you may even damage your reputation with people witnessing events as they unfold. Stubbornness will be your downfall. GEMINI **** May 21-June 20 The people around you will appreciate you for your friendship and all the help and inspiration you bring with you. Be prepared to let a friend lean on you, offering reassurance, suggestions and support.


CANCER *** June 21-July 22 A lazy attitude can lead to trouble. You may not feel much like contributing but, if you don’t, you will end up being left out of something that you might enjoy or an opportunity to make a little extra cash. LEO *** July 23-Aug. 22 Don’t trust what’s being said. Someone may not want to hurt your feelings or put up with your response should you be told the truth. A judgement call will change a special relationship.


VIRGO *** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Don’t leave anything important up to someone else. You will be disappointed in the way others do things and will probably be denied something you want if your contribution doesn’t reflect your style. LIBRA **** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Take part and you will not be denied the position you want. Your ability to represent others will help you gain popularity. Involve yourself in decisionmaking and you’ll enjoy better control. SCORPIO ** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Not everyone will get what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t let others’ lack of understanding unnerve you or make you jump into something that’s not right for you. SAGITTARIUS ***** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Be ready to take on anything and everything. Multitasking will be a must but the results will be spectacular. Adventure awaits you if you dive into every opportunity that comes your way. Sacha Baron Cohen

Actress Melinda Dillon is 70. Musician Paul Simon is 68. Keyboardist Robert Lamm of Chicago is 65. Actor John Lone is 57. Singer-actress Marie Osmond is 50. Singer Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) is 49. Actress Kelly Preston is 47. Actress Kate Walsh is 42. Singer Carlos Martin of Il Divo is 41. Actor Sacha Baron Cohen is 38. Singers Brandon and Brian Casey of Jagged Edge are 34. Singer Ashanti is 29.

CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 A contract someone is offering will not be in your best interest. Don’t feel pressured to get involved. Emotional matters concerning an elder in your family will get blown out of proportion. AQUARIUS ***Jan. 20-Feb. 18: You won’t want to budge but stubbornness can lead to error. You will discover how much easier it is to get along with others if you compromise. Being offensive will not solve the problem. PISCES *** Feb. 19-March 20 Nothing will be too great or difficult for you to solve. Your astute observations coupled with a detailed approach will bring results. Mixing business with pleasure will add to your success.


∫√‘…—∑ ‡Õ°√—∞‚´≈à“√å ®”°—¥ ´÷ßË ‡ªìπ∫√‘…∑— „π‡§√◊Õ ∫√‘…—∑ ‡Õ°√—∞«‘»«°√√¡ ®”°—¥ (¡À“™π) ¥”‡π‘π∏ÿ√°‘®°“√º≈‘µ‡´≈≈å· ßÕ“∑‘µ¬å·≈–ª√–°Õ∫·ºß‡´≈≈å· ßÕ“∑‘µ¬å ´÷Ëßªí®®ÿ∫—π∫√‘…—∑œ ‰¥â¡’°“√¢¬“¬∏ÿ√°‘® ·≈–¡’§«“¡µâÕß°“√∫ÿ§≈“°√‡¢â“√à«¡ß“π „πµ”·Àπàßµà“ßÊ ¥—ßπ’È

We are a leading integrated property services company providing property management consulting service to domestic and overseas clients who trust in our expertise for more than 20 years in Thailand. We are now looking for qualified & experienced candidates to join us in the following positions in Pattaya and Bangkok.

1. Property Manager / Building Manager 4. Admin. & Finance Officer • Male/Female of any nationality at the minimum age of 35. • University graduated in facility management, business management or any related field, MBA is preferable. • Minimum 5 years experience in property management or hotel management. • Strong leadership, entrepreneurial skills with good background in engineering, finance, budgeting, Juristic Land and Condominium Act. • Good command of both speaking and writing English.

2. Admin. Assistant • Bachelor's degree. • 1-2 years experience as a secretary in real estate or business. • Good human relation, service oriented with strong coordination skill.

3. Technical Supervisor

• Female, age 24-30 years old. • Vocational certificate/Bachelor's degree in Accounting & Finance. • At least 1 year experience in condominium management, computer literate.

5. Sales & Leasing Agents (Pattaya) • Experienced leasing agents required for sole agency • Female, age 24-40 years old. • Excellent English required. • Reside in Pattaya.

6. Guest Service Agent • • • •

Female, age 24-30 years old. Bachelor's degree. Good command of speaking English. Highly responsible, self- motivated pleasant personality. • Service and documentation oriented.

7. Technician

• Male, age 20-35 years old. • Male, age 28-35 years old. • Voc./High Voc. certificate in Electronics, • Bachelor's degree in Electrical, Mechanical Electrical or related field. Engineering or any related field. • Experience in maintenance of • At least 5 years experience in technical electrical, tap water, A/C, telephone, management. sanitary systems, etc. • Pleasant personality and good human • Experience in high-rise building relationship. maintenance and fair command of English • Good command of both speaking and are advantageous. writing English and computer literacy. Applications will be treated in strict confidence. Personal data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only.

Savills (Thailand) Ltd. 31/F, CTI Tower, 191/4 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Tel: 0-2259-5353, Fax: 0-2259-6355, E-mail: We will be moving to 26/F Abdulrahim Place, 990 Rama IV Road, Bangkok 10500 Tel. 0-2636-0300 Fax: 0-2636-0339 effective from 1 November 2009 onwards.

1. ºŸ®â ¥— °“√ΩÉ“¬°“√µ≈“¥·≈–¢“¬

¡’§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘¥—ßπ’È : ë «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π°“√∫√‘À“√®—¥°“√ß“π°“√µ≈“¥·≈–¢“¬‰¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 5 ªï ë ∂â“¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å¥â“π°“√µ≈“¥·≈–¢“¬∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß°—∫º≈‘µ¿—≥±å Solar Cell ®–æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…

2. ºŸ®â ¥— °“√ΩÉ“¬«‘»«°√√¡·≈–ªÆ‘∫µ— °‘ “√

¡’§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘¥—ßπ’È : ë «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª “¢“«‘»«°√√¡‰øøÑ“ Õ‘‡≈Á°∑√Õπ‘° å À√◊Õ “¢“Õ◊ËπÊ ∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å„π°“√∫√‘À“√‚§√ß°“√‰¡àπâÕ¬°«à“ 5 ªï ë ∂â“¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥奓â π°“√ÕÕ°·∫∫·≈–µ‘¥µ—Èß∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß°—∫√–∫∫ Solar Cell ®–æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…

3.æπ—°ß“π¢“¬ ·≈– ‡®â“Àπâ“∑’Ë°“√µ≈“¥·≈–ª√–™“ —¡æ—π∏å

§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘¥—ßπ’È : ë «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’¢÷Èπ‰ª “¢“°“√µ≈“¥, «‘»«°√√¡‰øøÑ“, «‘»«°√√¡Õ‘‡≈Á°∑√Õπ‘° å, °“√µ≈“¥, ª√–™“ —¡æ—π∏å, ∫√‘À“√∏ÿ√°‘® À√◊Õ “¢“Õ◊ËπÊ ∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ∂â“¡’ª√– ∫°“√≥å¥â“π°“√µ≈“¥·≈–¢“¬∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß°—∫º≈‘µ¿—≥±å Solar Cell ®–æ‘®“√≥“‡ªìπ摇»…

4. «‘»«°√

¡’§ÿ≥ ¡∫—µ‘¥—ßπ’È : ë «ÿ≤‘ª√‘≠≠“µ√’  “¢“‰øøÑ“, ‡§√◊ËÕß°≈, Õ‘‡≈Á°∑√Õπ‘° å ‡¡§§“‚∑√π‘° å ·≈– “¢“Õ◊ËπÊ ∑’ˇ°’ˬ«¢âÕß ë ¡’§«“¡√Ÿâ·≈– “¡“√∂ „π°“√§«∫§ÿ¡·≈–«“ß·ºπ°“√º≈‘µ‰¥â

·≈–µ”·ÀπàßÕ◊ËπÊ À≈“¬Õ—µ√“ µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 1, 3 ªØ‘∫µ— ß‘ “π∑’Ë ”π—°ß“π„À≠à (°∑¡.) µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 2 ªØ‘∫µ— ß‘ “π∑’Ë Õ.∫“ߪ–°ß (®.©–‡™‘߇∑√“) µ”·Àπàß∑’Ë 4 ªØ‘∫µ— ß‘ “π∑’Ë Õ.∫“ߪ–°ß ·≈– ∑’Ë ®.√–¬Õß  π„® àß„∫ ¡—§√À√◊Õ ¡—§√¥â«¬µπ‡Õß ∑’Ë

∫√‘…—∑ ‡Õ°√—∞‚´≈à“√å ®”°—¥

«ß‡≈Á∫¡ÿ¡´Õß«à“ ¡—§√ß“π

∫√‘…—∑ ‡Õ°√—∞‚´≈à“√å ®”°—¥

‡≈¢∑’Ë 9/291 ™—Èπ∑’Ë 28 Õ“§“√ ¬Ÿ.‡ÕÁ¡. ∑“«‡«Õ√å ∂ππ√“¡§”·Àß ·¢«ß «πÀ≈«ß ‡¢µ «ßÀ≈«ß °√ÿ߇∑æ 10250 ‚∑√. 0-2719-8777 ‚∑√ “√. 0-2719-8760 Õ’‡¡≈å Website :

»Ÿπ¬å´Õ◊È -¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß-Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å WWW.INTERHOME.CO.TH ∫.Õ‘‘π‡µÕ√å‚Œ¡ ‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡Õ ‡µ∑ ®”°—¥ Ω“°¢“¬‚¶…≥“ ø√’


081-808-0633 086-053-6269 ∂.æÀ≈‚¬∏‘π §≈ÕßÀ≈«ß ´.π«¡‘π∑√å 163 ∂.≈”≈Ÿ°°“ §≈Õß 4 ∂.¥‘π·¥ß ∂.æÿ∑∏¡≥±≈ “¬ 5 089-123-4799 ´.≈“¥æ√â“« 64 ∂.æ√–√“¡ 2 ´.‡Õ°¡—¬ 69 Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 2-4 ™—Èπ 4 µ÷° 6 ‰√à Õæ“√å∑‡¡âπ∑å 5 ™—πÈ 200 µ√.«. 75 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 5 ™—πÈ 47 µ√.«. 39 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 4 ™—√È 143 µ√.«. 24 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 6 ™—πÈ 71 µ√.«. 54 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 3 ™—πÈ 150 µ√.«. 41 πÕπ Õæ“√凡π∑å 3 ™—πÈ 100 µ√.«. 36 πÕπ ” √“¬‰¥â¥’ ´.æ—≤𓇮√‘≠√ÿàß 2 41 πÈ”+ ∫â“π 1 À≈—ß 3 πÕπ 2 πÈ”„°≈â 36 πÈ” πà“≈ß∑ÿπ ¡’‡øÕ√å „°≈â∂ππæ√–√“¡ 80 µ√.«. 288 πÕπ 288 πÈ” ·À≈àß‚√ßß“π 75 πÈ” µ÷°„À¡à ¬à“π™ÿ¡™π „°≈âµ≈“¥ 39 πÈ” „®°≈“߇¡◊Õß „°≈âøÕ√å®πŸ 089-925-3653 24 πÈ” 4 ÕÕøøî» √“¬‰¥â¥’ πà“≈ß∑ÿπ „°≈â54 øπÈ«î ‡®Õ√å œ ‚≈µ—  ºŸâ‡™à“‡µÁ¡ «ß·À«π πà“≈ß∑ÿ𠇥‘π∑“ß –¥«° 2 ¬à“π‚√ßß“π 081-669-0709 16 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-323-0645 14 ≈â“π∫“∑ 089-925-3653 13.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-557-6768 089-795-5766 21 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-342-9090 086-323-0645 19 ≈â“π∫“∑ 39 ≈â“π∫“∑ 083-492-2216 √“§“摇»…

´.À∑—¬√“…Æ√å 1

´.æÀ≈‚¬∏‘π 58

∂. —π∑√“¬ “¬‡°à“

®.‡™’¬ß„À¡à ∂.√ࡇ°≈â“

´.‡À§–√ࡇ°≈â“ 6 ´.æÀ≈‚¬∏‘π 66


´.‡√«—µ 1 ∂.æ√–√“¡ 2

089-123-4799 4.5 ≈â“π∫“∑

085-920-7334 4 ≈â“π∫“∑

´.æÿ∑∏∫Ÿ™“ 4 ´.√“¡Õ‘π∑√“ 86

Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 4 ™—πÈ 96 µ√.«. 36 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 4 ™—πÈ 120 µ√.«. 51 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 5 ™—πÈ 197 µ√.«. 32 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 3 ™—πÈ 62 µ√.«. 27 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 4 ™—πÈ 56 µ√.«. 36 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 3 ™—πÈ 47 µ√.«. 18 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 2 ™—πÈ 127 µ√.«. 18 πÕπ Õæ“√å∑‡¡π∑å 3 ™—πÈ 30 µ√.«. 12 πÕπ 36 πÈ” æ√âÕ¡‡øÕ√å æ√âÕ¡√–∫∫§’¬°å “√å¥ 51 πÈ” πà“≈ß∑ÿπ √“¬‰¥â¥’ „°≈âµ≈“¥ 32 πÈ” ¡’∑®’Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â ¡.·¡à‚®â ‡¥‘π∑“ß 27 πÈ” πà“≈ß∑ÿπ „°≈â∂ππ„À≠à 100 ‡¡µ√ 36 πÈ”+‡øÕ√åœ µ‘¥∂ππ´Õ¬ πà“≈ß∑ÿπ 18 πÈ” ·µàß„À¡à „°≈â∑“ߥà«π πà“≈ß∑ÿπ 18 πÈ” √“¬‰¥â¥’ πà“≈ß∑ÿπ „°≈â∑“ߥà«π 12 πÈ” ¿“楒 „°≈âµ≈“¥¡’π∫ÿ√’ ‡¥‘π∑“ß  –¥«° ∑”‡≈¥’ √“¬‰¥â¥’ √“¬‰¥â 9.3% µàÕªï ®µÿ®°— √ 2  –¥«° πà“≈ß∑ÿπ

12.8 ≈â“π∫“∑

089-133-1189 12.5 ≈â“π∫“∑

083-897-8187 12 ≈â“π∫“∑

Large House + Land 100% New, 400 sq.w. Muban Shinkhet Price 18 MB.

02-9443840-1 089-8129000 COURSE MEMBERSHIP EXCHANGE CENTRE THE FIRST IN THAILAND Tel: 081-6490235, 081-6333603 02-259-0980-5

1. Bangpra International 2. Krungthep Krectha 3. Khoe Kaew Country Club 4. Lake wood 5. Tanya Thanee 6. Panya Indra



1,700,000 140,000 400,000

135,000 180,000 400,000 150,000 -

081-603-0687 8.9 ≈â“π∫“∑

086-028-2215 6.5 ≈â“π∫“∑

086-310-0409 3.4 ≈â“π∫“∑



Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Ishikawa impresses team-mates, foes

McGowan holds on in Madrid England’s Ross McGowan won his debut European Tour title at the Madrid Masters on Sunday by three shots from Mikko Ilonen of Finland. McGowan followed up Saturday’s remarkable third round of 60 with a 71 to finish with a 25-under par total of 263 and go second in the points race for the Ryder Cup. – AFP

Johnson motors away to victory The three-time defending Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson easily pulled away from Jeff Gordon following a restart with three laps left to win the Pepsi 500 on Sunday at Auto Club Speedway for his fifth victory of the year and 45th overall. The win was Johnson’s fourth at the 3.22kilometre oval. – AP

3-0 Ales Kotalik scored an important power-play goal as New York Rangers defeated the Anaheim Ducks.

Joker man Vijay Singh plays it cool AP, San Francisco



Kenny Perry’s glimpse of golf’s future – in the person of Japanese sensation Ryo Ishikawa – was almost too much. “I’m retired!” the 49year-old Perry joked after falling to the 18-year-old 2 and 1 in Sunday’s singles at the Presidents Cup. “He sent me right into retirement, that kid.” In fact, Perry had asked US captain Fred Couples to put him up against Ishikawa in an oldest-youngest singles duel. It was a third chance for Perry to watch Ishikawa in action, and like everyone else who sees the precocious player, Perry was impressed. “He beat me three matches,” said Perry, who also fell to Ishikawa and South Korean Yang Yong-Eun in four-ball and foursomes matches. “I spent three rounds with him and I was pretty impressed. He’s very calm, very mature for an 18-year-old.” – AFP


The US team poses with the trophy after a 19½/14½ victory over the Internationals at the Presidents Cup.

EAGLES SOAR Americans retain Presidents Cup with Tiger ruthless AP, San Francisco


iger Woods provided a fitting conclusion yesterday to a perfect week for him and an American team that wrapped up the Presidents Cup to remain unbeaten at home. With a flop shot out of the trees to set up one last birdie, Woods won the point that clinched the cup and made him only the third player in the Presidents Cup to win all five matches. His 6-and-5 victory over YE Yang was a tiny token of revenge for Woods blowing a finalround lead to him in the PGA Championship this summer. Even so, it was the first time in either the Presidents Cup or Ryder Cup that Woods earned the decisive point. And he didn’t even know it. “Oh, perfect,” Woods said, an apt choice of words. “All I knew was I was trying to get my point, and I was 5 up trying to make it 6.” Phil Mickelson wrapped up

another anticlimactic finish with a 7-foot birdie putt for a 2and-1 victory over South Africa’s Retief Goosen, leaving Lefty unbeaten in the Presidents Cup for the second time in the last three contests. The Americans won 19 1/2-14 1/2, the same margin as last time against an overmatched International team. “They are just one hell of a team,” Ernie Els said. “We have to pretty much go back to the drawing board, because they are a pretty well-oiled team, and it’s hard to beat that kind of team.” The United States have six wins, a loss and one draw since the Presidents Cup began in 1994, and they improved to 5-0 on home soil, the previous four victories coming across the country in Virginia. “I’m sure we tried our best all week,” Australian Geoff Ogilvy said after his 2-and-1 singles victory over Steve Stricker. “Coming in today, we had too much to do and the US team was obviously very motivated.” British Open champion Stewart Cink, disgusted with his performance on Saturday, asked

to play early and put the first point on the board by overwhelming Australia’s Adam Scott, a questionable captain’s pick who contributed only one point for the week. Sean O’Hair and Anthony Kim followed with big victories of their own, while Hunter Mahan eventually won his leadoff match over Camilo Villegas of Colombia, the only player to scoreless at Harding Park. That set the stage for Woods, whose performance has been mediocre since he started playing these team competitions in 1997. He won four holes in a five-hole stretch in the middle of the round, pouring in one birdie putt after another, then sealed it with a 9-foot birdie on the 13th hole. Woods went 5-0 for the week, joining Mark O’Meara (1996) and Shigeki Maruyama (1998) as the only players to win all five matches in the Presidents Cup. Woods has 18 victories, the most of any player in this event. “It’s one of my better Cup experiences – we won, and that’s the name of the game, whether you go 0-5 or 5-0,” Woods said.

or a final touch at this Presidents Cup, Vijay Singh was all square in his match with US Open champion Lucas Glover as they played the 18th. Glover blasted out of a bunker to 7 feet, while Singh had an eagle putt from about 35 feet. After the Fijian missed, he conceded Glover’s birdie putt to halve the match. “We had already lost on the 13th hole,” Singh said, alluding to Tiger Woods’ cup-clinching putt. “It was kind of demoralising. But Lucas played well. He would have made it, anyway.” Glover said after watching Woods win his match – that gave the Americans more than then 17 1/2 points they needed to win – he and Singh were “pretty much ready to go in then”. “It was great. It was a good gesture,” Glover said. “I’m not sure he knew what the score was, because he came up afterward and said, ‘I didn’t know that was for a halve. I thought I was 1 up.”’ Glover laughed as he said it, adding it was a fitting way to end the match. “It was pretty cool of Vijay, even if he jokes around and says he didn’t know what the score was,” Glover said.

Jordan rules Michael Jordan helped the US team win the Presidents Cup. Then some players went home with his jersey. Captain Fred Couples handed out four limited-edition No 23 jerseys to show his appreciation for a team that easily defeated the International team for the sixth time in eight tries. One went to Tiger Woods, another to Steve Stricker, and still another to Anthony Kim, as a way to motivate the young player. And one was given to Amy Mickelson, who is being treated for breast cancer.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009




‘Robbed!’ Peru blame the referee

GAZZA ‘SERIAL ABUSER’ Ex-wife Sheryl says he wanted sex 10 times a day AGENCIES, London

ormer English footballer Paul Gascoigne aka Gazza’s ex-wife Sheryl has dubbed him an abuser with an uncontrollable libido. The 44-year-old Sheryl made the revelation as her autobiography, “Stronger: My Life Surviving Gazza”, hits bookshops. “Paul used to force himself on me. I’d say ‘No!’ but he wouldn’t stop. Ten times a day would be pretty normal for him,” she told the News of the World. “When he came home I knew the first thing on his mind would be to have sex with me – but it was better than him hitting me.” Sheryl, a mother of three, says her 12 years of marriage with the footballer were “a nightmare”. Rather than claiming to have been raped by Gascoigne, she calls his actions a form of sexual abuse. “If a friend came to me and described the same situation, I would say to her, ‘He’s raping you.’ I recognise that now. “Throughout our whole relationship I don’t think I ever had a conversation with Paul about anything other than himself or sex. “If I denied Paul sex it made him angry. It wouldn’t matter if I’d already had sex with him seven times that day. If I said no, an hour later I’d get the verbal abuse. He”d say, “You NEVER want to have sex with me! You NEVER want to show me any love! You NEVER show me any affection!” “A lot of women would crave [that attention]. In some cases




Paul Gascoigne is planning to sue his ex-wife after her latest allegation. that’s their fantasy to have a man that wants them that much. But that wasn’t the case for me. “I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it any of the time. Our sex life was good but there was the flipside when it was dark and it wasn’t very nice. I tried not to say no, but many times mentally I said no.” Sheryl was already divorced and mother to two children before she met Gascoigne. Recalling their first meeting, she said she was so attracted to him that “my pants were on fire”.


Gascoigne furious Gascoigne is planning to sue over the allegations and is reported to be furious at the

charge that he demanded sex 10 times a day. He told the Daily Star: “I’m

no rapist! I’m not putting up with this.” He added that he plans to consult his lawyers about launching a legal action against his ex. The revelations could not come at a worse time for the fallen sportsman, who is battling booze and cocaine addiction, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, and recently received news that his mother, Carol, 65, has cancer. A source told the Daily Star: “Paul is livid. She [Sheryl] has just come out with it like a bolt from the blue.” These latest reports of the pair’s marriage follow Sheryl’s allegations that Gascoigne is a regular user of prostitutes.

Peruvian media ganged up on referee Bolivian Rene Ortube after Saturday’s World Cup qualifying loss in Argentina, alleging he “robbed” them of a result. Peru, who had no chance of reaching the finals even ahead of the game, were already sore after Martin Palermo scored Argentina’s winner in stoppage time to keep Diego Maradona’s side in the hunt for the fourth and final automatic regional qualifying spot. And several newspapers insisted the Peruvians should have had two penalties in depicting Ortube as the villain of the piece in a 2-1 loss. “We were robbed!” was the headline in Todo Sport and also Peru21, while Correo preferred “barefaced robbery”. Ojo tabloid alluded to the Andean regional rivalry between Peru and Bolivia – once the same territory – as well as to Bolivian President Evo Morales in headlining: “One of Evo’s compatriots robbed us of the match.” Morales, a member of Bolivia’s indigenous Indian majority, and Peruvian counterpart Alan Garcia have on several occasions been at loggerheads. Ortube did not award Peru a penalty on 57 minutes when Argentine defender Gabriel Heinze appeared to elbow Peru veteran winger Nolberto Solano. “[Argentina] benefited from a clear penalty in the area which referee Ortube did not blow for in a critical decision,” wrote Emilio Laferranderie, a Uruguayan reporter working for El Comercio. – A F P

Bolivia gun down Brazil in high altitude AFP, La Paz



Bolivia’s Marcelo Martins, right, celebrates with head coach Erwin Sanchez.

razil, already qualified for the World Cup, had no answer to a lively Bolivia playing at high altitude here in the Andes on Sunday. The Brazilians were 1-0 down after just 10 minutes when Edgar Olivares netted. Werder Bremen’s Marcelo Martins doubled the deficit on the half-hour and although Nilmar pulled one back for the

visitors after 70 minutes the result never looked in doubt. Coach Dunga blamed the 3,600-metre location of La Paz – the world’s highest capital. “Playing up here is not easy without acclimatisation,” the Brazilian said after watching his side’s run of 11 straight victories and 19 games undefeated come to an end. Bolivia have become adept at exploiting the altitude and

downed Argentina 6-1 here in April, but they lie one from bottom of the South America zone group with just 15 points. The match could be the last at La Paz as Fifa re-examines whether to bar matches above 2,500 metres (8,202 feet) without adequate time preparation.

Austria call up teen Austria have called up 17year-old David Alaba, whose

mother is Filipino and father Nigerian, to face France in their final World Cup qualifier tomorrow. Alaba, who played in Austria’s under-21 win over Azerbaijan on Saturday, would earn his first cap aged 17 years, three months and 20 days if he takes the field at the Stade de France in Paris. Born in Vienna in 1992, he is expected to sign a professional deal with Bayern.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009





SWEEP Posada, A-Rod are irresistible; Los Angeles shock Fenway Park crowd A F P , Minneapolis, Minnesota


ew York’s Jorge Posada and Alex Rodriguez blasted seventh-inning homers and Los Angeles’ Vlad Guerrero singled in two runs in the ninth as the Yankees and Angels completed their series sweeps yesterday. Posada and Rodriguez hit home runs in the seventh inning as the Yankees beat Minnesota 4-1 to win their best-of-five post-season series in three games. Guerrero singled in two runs with two outs in the ninth inning to give the Angels a 7-6 win sending the Boston Red Sox crashing out in the first round of the 2009 Major League Baseball playoffs.

Manning passes another mark

Posada smacked a solo blast to put his team in front as the Yankees advanced to the American League championship series for the first time since 2004. “Our goal is to try to win a championship,” Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter said. “It’s very difficult to do. This is the second step for us and hopefully we have two more.” New York’s late inning onslaught spoiled a stellar pitching performance by Minnesota’s Carl Pavano, who battled Yankees’ starter Andy Pettitte for much of the game. This is the third time in six years New York have eliminated the Twins in the first round of the post-season.



ANGELS Vladimir Guerrero of the Los Angeles Angels hits a two-run single in the ninth.


Mariano Rivera closed it out with a four-out save, the 35th of his post-season career. “We played a great game and came up short,” Pavano said. The Yankees will next play the Angels starting in New York on Friday. Unlike the Twins, the Angels avenged play-off ousters by the Red Sox in 2008, 2007 and 2004 and booked a spot in the American League championship series. Los Angeles had never before swept a play-off series. “It means a lot,” Angels veteran Torii Hunter said. “We battle. That’s why you play nine innings.” Scoring two runs in the eighth and three in the ninth,

the Angeles overcame a 5-1 deficit. Los Angeles set down the Red Sox in order in the ninth and a shocked crowd at historic Fenway Park was sent walking to the exits in neardisbelief.

Rockies on the brink Ryan Howard hit a sacrifice fly in the ninth and Carlos Ruiz had two singles as Philadelphia beat Colorado 6-5 in the third game of their National League play-off series yesterday. Pitcher Brad Lidge came in late to close the game out for the Phillies in frosty Coors Field where temperatures dipped to -2 degrees Celsius.

Broncos prevail in OT to remain unbeaten AFP, Los Angeles


he Broncos had to work overtime to keep their perfect record alive and Carson Palmer rallied the Bengals past the Ravens in an NFL yesterday full of surprises, sorrow and brilliant plays. Kyle Orton orchestrated a 98-yard touchdown drive in the final quarter and Matt Prater booted a 41-yard field goal in overtime as Denver edged the New England Patriots 20-17. “The electricity in the stadium was so great that we had to have it,” Orton said. “When we got to overtime, we just had to win.” Rookie Knowshon Moreno ran for 88 yards and helped the Broncos improve to 5-0 on the season for the first time in 11 years. Denver coach Josh McDaniels also got a win over


Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning threw a firstquarter touchdown pass for the 343rd of his career to eclipse Fran Tarkenton for third place on the NFL’s all-time list. Manning 343rd touchdown was a three-yard throw to Reggie Wayne with 7:28 left in the opening quarter of a 31-9 rout of the Tennessee Titans. Manning needs 77 more touchdowns passes to tie Dan Marino for second all-time. Brett Favre is first with 469. Manning finished yesterday’s game with 309 yards passing to join Kurt Warner and Steve Young as the only quarterbacks to throw for at least 300 yards in the first five games of the season. Manning also needs just 36 yards to reach 50,000 career passing yards. – AFP

Matt Prater, No 5, of the Denver Broncos kicks the game winning field goal in overtime against the New England Patriots. his old boss, Bill Belichick. “I lied,” McDaniels said, when asked about his pregame comments that this was just another game. “It was a little bit more special to me because I knew how hard it was to beat him.”

The New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts and the Minnesota Vikings also got wins yesterday to remain unbeaten on the season. Not far behind is the Cincinnati Bengals (4-1) who have one loss on the season

and got a superb performance from quarterback Palmer who tossed a 20-yard touchdown pass to Andre Caldwell with 22 seconds remaining in an emotional 17-14 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Brett Favre tossed for one touchdown and Adrian Peterson added two rushing TDs, as Minnesota beat hapless St Louis 38-10. “It’s the first time in my career I’m 5-0,” said Favre. “I’m very proud of that and this team.” Quarterback Donovan McNabb marked his return to the line-up by tossing three touchdowns to power Philadelphia to a 33-14 triumph over winless Tampa Bay. McNabb had missed the past two games with a cracked rib suffered in the Eagles’ seasonopening victory over Carolina.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


THESPORT Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo’s injured right ankle will keep him out for three or four weeks, Spanish media said yesterday. “Madrid upset; they think Portugal should not have pushed the player [to turn out for Saturday’s World Cup qualifier against Hungary], headlined Marca. “Four weeks out”, the daily noted, listing all the matches the world’s most expensive player will miss, including Champions league ties against AC Milan on October 21 and November 3. “It was reckless of him to play,” Marca quoted a Real Madrid source as saying. “Understandable recklessness, but reckless.” The AS newspaper ran a quote from the ¤94 million player as a headline: “I pushed it to help my country.” Ronaldo had shaken off a twist to the same ankle to start Saturday’s Group One clash, but lasted just 27 minutes of the 3-0 victory in Lisbon. Real Madrid lie second in the league after six games, three points behind champions Barcelona. Ronaldo, Real’s leading league scorer with five, missed their 2-1 defeat away to Sevilla on October 4 because of the ankle problem he picked up the previous week against Marseille in the Champions league.


HENIN GETS WILDCARD Former world No 1 Justine Henin has been granted a wildcard to play in the 2010 Australian Open in her return to tennis, organisers said.


Becks Milan loan ‘very probable’ AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani said yesterday that it’s very likely that David Beckham will join the club on loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy again in January. “It’s very probable that Beckham will come to Milan on loan until June 30, but I don’t consider anything done until there’s a signature,” Galliani said at a meeting in Monaco yesterday, according to the ANSA news agency. Tim Leiweke, the chief executive of Anschutz Entertainment Group, which owns the Galaxy, said last week he wants the deal for Beckham’s return to Milan to be completed within two weeks. Beckham performed well in a six-month loan with Milan last season, and he wants to return to Europe to maintain his place on England’s World Cup squad. Milan could use the help, with only nine points through the first seven rounds of Serie A and new coach Leonardo’s job already on the line. Beckham has helped the Galaxy reach the Major League Soccer play-offs for the first time in four years and the November 22 final is in their sights.



Unbeatable Tiger seals US win

I’m not a rapist, says Gascoigne

After providing a defining moment in the Presidents Cup, it was only fitting that Tiger Woods delivered the winning point in another American victory over their International foes. Woods amassed a perfect five victories in five matches in four days of competition – including snatching a crucial victory from the jaws of defeat on Saturday. >PAGE 24

Paul Gascoigne angrily rejected claims by ex-wife Sheryl that he would insist on sex 10 times a day – even if she didn’t want it. The former England star, 42, said: “What rubbish. She’s only saying these things to sell her book and make money. I’m no rapist! I’m not putting up with this.” He said he plans to consult his lawyers about launching legal action against his ex. >PAGE 25