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Thursday, February 5, 2009 VOL 2, NO 273


Art is a root-finder By Disaya ‘Tiew’ Koragotchamas Cheeze TV host


ther developing countries are instilling a love of their traditional arts in kids in school, and we should do the same. We have absorbed so much from outside that we’ve forgotten ourselves – the arts and culture that are our roots. It’s pointless to follow the latest styles and fashions if we forget the roots of our civilisation. It’s useless to complain that Bangkok is not beautiful if you still have a littering habit.

Sawadee kha! East will meet West in Italy this year when five Thai artists give a double-take on the Land of Smiles at a UNIQUE EXHIBITION at the Venice Biennale >PAGE 2

What to do today Wolf down French delights, dig into an array of delicious sausages, check out the ‘Thai gifts of love’, and much more >PAGE 9


Thursday, February 5, 2009




OF THAI CHILDREN aged 2-15 have moderate IQ while 12% have lower than the standard IQ

From left: Michael Shaowanasai, curator Thavorn Ko-udomvit, Sudsri Pui-ock, Wanthanee Siripattanutakul, Sakarin Krue and Suporn Shoodej.

Info highway Tackling cancer today

This is Thailand! A giant tour agency will be Thais’ tongue-in-cheek entry at one of Europe’s most popular art festivals By Phatarawadee Phataranawik D A I LY X P R E S S


he exotic offerings of the Thai Pavilion – Buddhist merit making, traditional Thai massage, fiery cuisine and street vendors – will be a highlight at Italy’s 53rd Venice International Art Exhibition, taking place from June 7 to November 22.

Paradise Co Ltd These many faces of Thailand are all part of the tongue-in-cheek installation “Gondola al Paradiso Co Ltd” proposed by Silpakorn University art lecturer Thavorn Koudomvit and featuring five DAILY


Thai artists. Cross-dresser Michael Shaowanasai and Sakarin Krue, returning to Venice’s Thai Pavilion after appearances in 2003, are joined by new faces Sudsri Pui-ock, Suporn Shoodej and Wanthanee Siripattanutakul. Satirising the image of “Thainess” created by advertisers, the artists will convert a

400-square-metre basement on the banks of the Grand Canal into a travel agency. With a budget of Bt5 million supported by Culture Ministry’s Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC), the Thai Pavilion will be fully interactive. “We want to question the beauty and substance of ‘Thainess’ as an image that’s been created for global consumption,” Thavorn explained.

Land of cheeky smiles Viewers will be greeted by Michael Shaowanasai, PhotoShopped to mimic a wai-ing Thai Airways hostess. Video installations will fill the space with images of exotic Thai culture and destinations while one corner will offer Thai massage, and another corner Thai food. “The winning project reflects

the cultural impact of capitalism and globalisation through contemporary art,” said OCAC’s general director Apinan Poshyananda, speaking at a press conference yesterday at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre. Its focus on audienceinteraction and the collaborative process also fitted this year’s concept, he added. “Under Swedish curator Daniel Birnbaum, the exhibition will not be divided into sections but instead weave a few themes into an articulated whole,” said Luca de Mori, cultural attache at the Italian Embassy in Bangkok. “Three aspects will be focused on: the processes of production, the influence of certain key artists and the generations that have followed; and an exploration of drawing and painting.”

The number of cancer patients is expected to increase threefold in the next 20 years if people do not refrain from risky behaviours now, a Thai cancer expert said yesterday. Presiding over an event to mark World Cancer Day, Chulabhorn Cancer Centre director Chaivej Nuchprayoon said the projected cancer figures for 2030 were high because so many of us currently eat too much fatty food, smoke cigarettes and overindulge with alcohol. Cut down on these and we cut our risk of cancer by 40 per cent, he said.

Words of wisdom Ahead of Makha Puja Day, the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand has called attention to the “heart of Buddhism”, reported a senior official yesterday. Chularat Boonyakorn, director of the Office of National Buddhism, said that His Holiness gave the following blessing to Thais: “On the full moon in the third lunar month 2597 years ago, which is now celebrated each year as Makha Puja Day, Lord Buddha recited to his 1,250 disciples the ‘Ovadha Patimokkha’ (Fundamental Teaching) to be followed by all Buddhists. This ‘heart of Buddhism’, summarised by the three precepts of doing good, abstaining from bad actions, and purifying the mind, should be practised from Makha Puja Day on, thus good fortune and peace will prevail by the power of Lord Buddha.”

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Thursday, February 5, 2009



Paralysing snow storms in Britain have cost businesses at least

£1 BILLION (Bt50.3 billion) briefly Girl dies in washing machine accident A four-year-old Californian girl who climbed into a washing machine died after her 15month-old brother turned it on by accident. Orange County sheriff’s investigators said the girl died from blunt force trauma after being thrown around inside the front-loading machine for around two minutes. – AFP

Jailed for nude pics

Making a song and dance


The Futurs Choir performs on stage at the Carnival Groups Contest at Falla Great Theatre in Cadiz, southern Spain, on Tuesday.

Bollywood producer apologises over gaffe A F P , Mumbai


n Indian film-maker has apologised for a scene in his latest film that suggested that Buddha was born in India rather than Nepal. Producer Ramesh Sippy said the opening scene in the action-comedy ‘Chandni Chowk to China’ was badly researched, but he had not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. “The controversial scene is just a voice-over ... It will be deleted,” he was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India news agency. Nepal banned the film last month after protests in Kathmandu, despite the offending remarks having been cut by the country’s censors.

Where is your kid? Check Google maps New ‘Latitude’ feature allows cellphone users to pinpoint their location and share their whereabouts A P , San Francisco


ith an upgrade to its mobile maps, Google hopes to prove it can track people on the go as effectively as it searches for information on the Internet. The new software enables people with mobile phones and other wireless devices to automatically share their whereabouts with family and friends. The feature, dubbed “Latitude”, expands upon a tool introduced in 2007 to allow mobile-phone users to check their own location on a Google map with the press of a button.

“This adds a social flavour to Google maps and makes it more fun,” said Steve Lee, a Google product manager.

Privacy concerns It could also raise privacy concerns, but Google is doing its best to avoid a backlash by requiring each user to manually turn on the tracking software and making it easy to turn off or limit access to the service. Google also is promising not to retain any information about its users’ movements. Only the last location picked up by the tracking service will be stored on

Google’s computers, Lee said. The software plots a user’s location – marked by a personal picture on Google’s map – by relying on cellphone towers, global positioning systems or a Wi-Fi connection to deduce their location. The system can follow people’s travels in the United States and 26 other countries. It’s left up to each user to decide who can monitor his or her location. The social mapping approach is similar to a service already offered by Loopt Inc. Loopt’s service already is compatible with more than 100 types of mobile phones. To widen the software’s appeal, Google is offering a version that can be installed on personal computers as well.

A Maryland man is going to prison for posting nude photos of his ex-wife on the Internet. Queens district attorney Richard A Brown says Thomas Gillen, of Hagerstown, Maryland, has been sentenced to two to five years in prison. Brown says Gillen admitted that he created an Internet account in his ex-wife’s name and used it to contact men and engage in racy conversations. Gillen also sent them nude photos of her and posted some online. The attorney says Gillen admitted that he impersonated his former wife on the Internet 1,577 times. Gillen was arrested on similar charges in 2006 and was sentenced to five years’ probation. – AP

Beaten to death A Malaysian man was allegedly chased and beaten to death by shop employees after stealing several pairs of jeans. The New Straits Times said Mohd Zaidi Zakaria, 40, died in hospital from head injuries after being attacked by three men in Terengganu state. The three, two employees of the shop and one from a nearby restaurant, were all aged between 18 and 19 and were arrested at their homes. The trio allegedly chased Zaidi after watching him swipe the jeans. Police believed he was assaulted after being taken to the restaurant. – AFP

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Britney, parents sued Britney Spears’s former self-styled manager sued the singer and her family, claiming the star’s parents defamed him and that he was owed unpaid management fees. Osama “Sam” Lutfi filed a suit against Spears and her parents in the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging libel, defamation, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract. The suit comes four days after Spears was granted a restraining order against Lutfi and her former boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, barring both from having contact with her, her parents or her two children. Lutfi’s suit alleges Jamie and Lynne Spears “began a campaign of slander, libel and defamation aimed at discrediting, destroying and physically and emotionally intimidating Lutfi in order to drive him out of Britney’s life”. AFP



Batman goes


Actor lashes out at cinematographer and others who try to calm him on sets of ‘Terminator Salvation’ A P , Los Angeles


ctor Christian Bale can be heard in newly surfaced audio delivering a long, profanity-laced verbal thrashing to a cinematographer and anyone who tried to calm him down on the set of the upcoming movie ‘Terminator Salvation’. The three-minute clip was posted on the website and has become a viral sensation on the Internet – it’s even spawned a dance music remix of the audio tape. In it, the actor who portrayed Batman in ‘The Dark Knight’ rails against cinematographer Shane Hurlbut for apparently walking behind co-star Bryce Dallas Howard

and through Bale’s line of sight, considered a film-set foul. “If you do it one more time Christian Bale I ain’t walking on this set if you’re still hired!” Bale howls in one of the few publishable moments from the clip.

Screaming and yelling Later, he screams: “Do you want me to go and trash your lights? Do you want me to go and trash them? ... Then why are you trashing my scene?” The incident took place last July on the set at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico,

days before Bale would face assault allegations from his mother and sister in London. Charges were never filed because his family did not want to press the matter and because prosecutors said there was a lack of sufficient evidence. Bale’s is the only voice that is audible on the tape, though he’s clearly responding to Hurlbut, the film’s director McG, and others trying to persuade him to relax. “Let’s not take a [expletive] minute! Let’s go again!” he yells at one point. Music producer Lucian Piane – who goes by the name RevoLucian online – remixed the verbal freak-out into a three-minute-long hypnotic dance track titled Bale Out, which has become a virtual hit.

Bus-sized boa slithers into record books Stunned scientists have found the fossilised remains of the world’s greatest snake – a record-busting serpent that was as long as a bus and snacked on crocodiles. The boa-like behemoth ruled the tropical rainforests of what is now Colombia some 60 million years ago, at a time when the world was far hotter than now, they report in a study released yesterday. The size of the snake’s vertebrae suggests the beast weighed some 1.135 tonnes. And it measured 13 metres from nose to tail, they estimate. “The snake that tried to eat Jennifer Lopez in the movie ‘Anaconda’ is not as big as the one we found,” said Jonathan Block, a palaeontologist at the University of Florida. “At its greatest width, the snake would have come up to about your hips,” said David Polly, a geologist at the University of Indiana at Bloomington. AFP


Thursday, February 5, 2009




“It’s the music that keeps me alive.”


A JARRING CHARACTER Michael Shannon provides some of the most electrifying moments in ‘Revolutionary Road’ By Susan King LOS ANGELES TIMES


ichael Shannon is a big, imposing guy who’s played a lot of intense, imposing characters in such films as “Bug”, and “Shotgun Stories”. In “Revolutionary Road”, Sam Mendes’ film about 1950s angst, Shannon cranks up the intensity to almost uncomfortable levels. The film reunites “Titanic” stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio as April and FrankWheeler, a married suburban couple who seek to break free of their staid existence. As John Givings, a brilliant mathematician who’s suffered a mental breakdown, Shannon has two pivotal scenes with the couple, scenes in which his brutal honesty cuts to the very core of their disintegrating relationship, and his powerful acting has earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

I never knew the 1950s were so traumatic until I saw “Revolutionary Road”.

It was an era of containment, it seems to me. People were trying to keep it all together and keep it inside.



D R A M AT I C D R E A M S >> “Revolutionary Road” opens in cinemas today. >> The Academy Awards will be shown live from Los Angeles on TrueVisions Series from 8.30am on February 23.

Does Richard Yates give John Givings a back-story in the novel on which the film is based?

Not really. He talks about John having a breakdown and coming home, and how his mother tried to take care of him. Basically, he wanted to kill her and blamed her for all of his problems. There are some clues, I think, in just kind of a superficial way. He is an only child and I assume he wasn’t very popular in

Michael Shannon co-stars in “Revolutionary Road” as John Givings, a brilliant mathematician who’s suffered a mental breakdown. school or very athletic. John really serves as a bookend to April and Frank’s story.

He really is important to the story. It's a hard movie to describe to people when they ask you what it's about. But if you boil it down to its essence, it's about Frank and April trying to decide whether to stay on and suffer silently or try to liberate themselves and escape to a better life? The first time we see John they are celebrating their decision and kind of revelling in this newfound sense of freedom. John is there to kind of celebrate and validate their decision. Then John comes back, and this freedom has crumbled, and he’s there to castigate and punish them for their loss of faith. I think that’s the really beautiful thing about the character.

Thursday, February 5, 2009




ELTON JOHN will close his Las Vegas show, “The Red Piano”, on April 22, after 241 performances. It debuted in February 2004 at Caesar’s Palace.

STUDIO ALBUMS have been released by Tom Jones. His latest is “24 Hours”, featuring duets with Bono and others.

soopsip River


Degrees of dedication

Hindu devotees dry their clothes after taking a dip on Tuesday at Sangam, the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati rivers. It was one of the auspicious days of the annual month-long Hindu religious fair of Magh Mela in Allahabad, India.


It’s always great to hear further proof that


Respect for indies and action ‘Wonderful Town’, ‘The 8th Day’, ‘Ong-Bak 2’ and ‘Chocolate’ are among the surprise nominees for Thai cinema’s coveted trophy D A I LY X P R E S S


he nominations for this year’s Suphanahongse Awards, Thailand’s answer to the Oscars, are surprising many punters, with two indie productions, “Wonderful Town” and “Paed Wan Plak Khon” (“The 8th Day”) drawing nominations in eight categories, putting them on par with 2008’s top grosser “Ong Bak 2”. What’s more, action superstar

Phanom “Jaa” Yeerum gets his firstever nomination for Best Actor for “Ong Bak 2” while action actress Yanin “Jeeja” Vismitananda is nominated for Best Actress in her debut “Chocolate”. Aditaya Assarat’s “Wonderful Town” is nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay while “The 8th Day” gets the nod for both Best Actor and Best Actress.

you’re never too old to learn, but claiming the rewards for your newfound knowledge can be tricky. Major congratulations to 89-year-old Sanguan Sunthornwong, who has just graduated in law at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, easily grabbing the seniority record there, if not right across Thailand. Unfortunately Uncle Sa-nguan’s health prevented him from attending the commencement exercises. So the university will instead confer the degree in a small ceremony at his front door. This Sunday, university lecturers led by Rector Pranee Sankhatawat will travel to Suphan Buri’s Song Phi Nong district and hand over the sheepskin. Expect the news squads too – and hopefully some inspiring words from Uncle on how he pulled off this remarkable feat.

Misses coughing Gwyneth Paltrow wants to clear

Other top nominees include Kongdej Jaturanrasamee’s “Kod” Pongpat Wachirabanjong’s “Happy Birthday” and Yuthlert Sippapak’s “Rak/Sam/Sao”. A new honour award will be given to film archivist Dome Sukwong, founder of National Film Archive. The ceremony takes place the same day as the Oscars – February 22 – at the Thailand Cultural Centre.

the air about this whole antismoking crusade gripping the planet. The actress quit smoking cigarettes when she got pregnant in Paltrow 2003, but now … Smoking, she tells Elle magazine, is a beautiful thing, and it “pisses” her off “that it gives you cancer. I just love them so much”. So she’s puffing again? She’s thinking seriously about it – once she turns 70.

>> ON THE WEB The full list of nominees is at

Contact Soopsip at



Thursday, February 5, 2009


COMIC BLITZS >> “Love Story” continues until February 16 at J Gallery on the fourth floor of J Avenue on Soi Thonglor 15. It’s open daily from 11 to 8. Visit

shows Bowling for romance

>>On Sunday at 6.30 there’ll be a piano recital there and a screening of Wisut’s animation. Tickets are Bt200 and Bt500. >>On Valentine’s Day at 3.30, 20 couples can have their portraits done for Bt1,000 each.

“Exploring Love” is a wall installation made with heartshaped stoneware bowls. The work by Nino Sarabutra is at the Rotunda and Garden Gallery until March 1. The handmade bowls are all different in shape, glaze, texture, colour and details. They could be used to hold fruit or hung on a wall. Just like human emotions, some are dark, some bright, some simple, some complicated. The gallery is open daily except Monday from 9.30 to 5.

He-she-it’s in love

A sojourn in Japan has toned down Wisut Ponnimit’s edginess for a broader appeal By Khetsirin Pholdhampalit D A I LY X P R E S S

W Jumbo journeys Supachet Bhumakarn records his profound relationship with pachyderms in “Our Journey, Elephant & Me” at Jamjuree Art Gallery until February 19. On view are paintings in pastel shades that are a pleasure to move through. The gallery, located close to the Mah Boonkrong shopping centre, is open weekdays from 10 to 7 and weekends from noon to 6pm. Call (02) 218 3709.

isut Ponnimit, creator of the bizarre “hesheit” cartoons popular in several magazines, has more snappy slices of life in “Love Story” at J Gallery. The he-she-it characters were a hit about a decade ago, strange, raw and fun, with startling handwritten dialogue, often crossed out replaced with ideas on a tangent. After three years in Japan, though, his strips are slower in sequence and complete with neat drawing, clean lines and minimal chatter. “The fresh environment changed my life,” says the 31-year-old. “The change of lifestyle

had an impact on my work, and the more I draw, the more confidence I have in the lines.” You can see the artwork he came up with for Japan’s Big Issue and L magazines and his book “everybodyeverything”. There are depictions of relationships between siblings, couples, strangers and a girl and her pet. And you’ll meet his new character Mamuang, a cute young girl with bangs, created in Japan in 2003. “‘Hesheit’ appeals to art lovers and graphic designers, but it’ too bizarre for most people, says Wisut. “To get in the door of Japanese culture I created Mamuang with simple, clean lines and a cheerful design, which should be


Call (02) 233 1731.

more adaptable for animation.” Mamuang was picked up by advertisers, even selling Yamaha pianos, so Wisut rewarded her with a pet dog called Manow and a boy buddy named Maprao. Then there’s Lung Lin, who’s bald and has a big, lolling tongue, deliberately ugly because Wisut doesn’t actually like “drawing cute things”. You can see Wisut’s cartoons these days in the quarterly Thai magazine Mud, and new chapters of “hesheit” on his blog

Thursday, February 5, 2009



WHAT’S UP do it! Tokens of wealth Cen

Gifts of love The Wisdom of Thai SMEs Club, supported by the Industrial Promotion Department brings “Thai Gifts of Love” to River City until February 15. The fair, which is open from 11 to 8, offers Thai foods and desserts, along with herbal cosmetics, sweets, Otop products, decorative items crafted from ostrich eggs, artificial flowers, ornaments and souvenirs. Call

tral Airport Plaza in Chiang Ma i co celebrate C ntinues to hin Year invitin ese New g shoppers to admires it m a that represe ssive lantern nts good fo rtune and w ealth and feast their eye paper cows s on the m recycled pa ade from per that we lcome the Y ear There’s also of the Ox. be a drago n show by an award-win ning group fro that contin m Lop Buri ues throug h March 1. V isit

(02) 237 0077-8.

Spa sensations Until February 28, the Spa at the Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11 is featuring the Strawberry Beauty Package, a new experience you can cherish with your life partner. The 100-minute treatment costs Bt2,999 net per couple or Bt1,799 for singles, and includes a strawberry facial mask and body scrub, milk and strawberry body mask and essential oil massage. The Spa is open daily from 9am to 10.30pm. Call (02) 254 0444

www.Centr alPlaza. com.

Lovin’ cup Sta rbucks intro

duces roma Valentine nce-inspire ’s Day. Cafe d coffe

es Verona, Gu Guatemala atemala An to celebrate Ca tigua and ing Latin ro si Cielo are the three new varieti ma es of beans, best tasted ntic charms. Smooth evo a hot with ch ocolate or b nd aromatic, these bre king “Cup of iscotti. Sta Love”, a cera rbucks is als ws are m premium ch o offerocolates. V ic cup with a colourfu ld isit www.S esign filled with .th.

extension 1254 or visit

Like it hot Until February 15, Chef Thanasit Lampasuk of the Amari Watergate’s Thai On 4 cooks up such favourites as tom yum, curry and spicy salad made with pork, seafood and vegetables. Thai On 4 is open or lunch from noon to 2.30 and for dinner from 6 to 11. Call (02) 653 9000 extension 357.

Abstract creations Thespians wanting to broaden their talent will want to check out “Creation from Abstract”, classes by Nikorn Saetang from the 8x8 Theatre Group. Participants will be helped to understand the abstract before practising free and controlled movements. The sessions take place at Democrazy Theatre Studio on February 9 and 10 and February 12 and 13, from 6.30 to 9.30pm. The cost is Bt3,000 and participation is limited to 15 persons. Call (089) 762 5521 and (081) 441 5718, or visit

Mediterra marvels nean Ooh la

la! Fren on Friday a ch delights are being serv nd at the West Saturday nights at th ed in Grande S e Med uk walk down the skybrid humvit, an easy ge from the BTS station Asoke . In buffet, with dulge your fantasies at the tomatoes w carpaccio w it ith Parmesa h mozzarella, beef n salmon wit h salt crust cheese, baked and lots of and wine. D dess inner is price d at Bt1,100 erts (02) 207 8000 exte . Call n sion 8120 .

Bangers and beer Sausage lovers will want to dig into Chef Andy’s savoury links that are on offer this month at the Pathuman Princess’ Citi Bistro. Sample home-made lamb, pork, beef, chicken and vegetarian sausages flavoured with rosemary, honey and more along with freeflowing Singha beer for dinner Sunday to Thursday. It’s priced at Bt890. Call (02) 216 3700 extension 20100.



quick shots Putting on the cuffs

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Chain of heroes A son’s wish to help his father involves eight people in a series of kidney-exchange interventions

Stressed out? Then get your blood pressure checked for free this year at any one of the more than 300 pharmacies displaying the “Check Life with Microlife” banner. The service is available through the end of the year. Call (02) 948 4888

BNH Hospital is organising prenatal classes in English and Thai throughout the year run by experienced doulas in an informal setting with other parents-to-be. Call (02) 686 2700 extension 3372.

Healthy lovin’ Bangkok Hospital is offering a Valentine’s package all this month for couples, as well as for friends and parent. Take your loved one for a check up and you’ll receive up to 50-per-cent off a range of health and cosmetic packages. Call 1179 or visit www.

HEALTH KIDNEY: Pierre Kattar Jr and Sr, shown at left, pose with the other donors and recipients after the unusual eight-person series of surgeries, which took place last April.

By Delece Smith-Barrow THE WASHINGTON POST Washington


ast April, Pierre Kattar Jr gave his father the gift of all gifts: a new chance at life. The gift – presented in an insulated, red-and-white box at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital – was a kidney. But Kattar didn’t give his left kidney directly to his father: His donation was one of


the pros Magnetic images The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical Centre at Srinakharinwirot University’s Faculty of Medicine, Ongkharak Campus, Nakhon Nayok teams up with Bangkok Hospital for the academic conference “MRI in General Practice and MRI Experience in Orthopaedics, Neurology and Paediatric” today from 11.30 to3 at the meeting room on floor 5b of the medical centre building. Call (037) 395 085 extension 10611.

four in an extraordinary eightperson kidney exchange. With the help of friends, Kattar Jr, 34, a video journalist, created a video documentary of this rare opportunity to get his father an organ he desperately needed. Pierre Kattar Sr, 61, had suffered for most of his life from hepatitis B, a liver disease, and his kidneys had been weak-

is the former host of FM101 PR One Radio’s “We Will Fit You”. Send your question about health to

rect donation. So the Northwestern Memorial staff connected the pair with two other would-be donors in a similar situation as well as a donor from the hospital’s staff and one other recipient. In April, the hospital coordinated the elaborate exchange of four kidneys among eight people. “This has been a lifetime experience. What we have lived is unique,” says Kattar Sr.

White-tooth facts to gnaw on My teeth have been yellow since I was young. Who can fix this problem for me, or is there some product I can buy to do it myself ?


Dentist Kittyluck Jullustian

ened by drugs he began taking after a liver transplant in 2001. After his kidneys stopped functioning in February 2007, four-hour dialysis sessions three times a week became his new lifesaving regime. Kattar Sr, who lives in Chicago, stayed on dialysis for about a year. Father and son turned out to have incompatible blood types, which prevented a di-


Doulas that do

ooth bleaching – also known as tooth whitening – is a common procedure in general dentistry and especially in cosmetic dentistry. Your teeth enamel can be discoloured by ageing, chemical damage or stains from external sources, including medication, coffee, tea and cigarettes. Tooth bleaching can be done on your own at home, but in the dentist’s office you have a special light or laser, both of which use a whitening gel.

This translucent bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and a laser beam is used to activate crystals that absorb the beam’s energy and penetrate the enamel. The time this takes depends on the degree of discoloration. One visit is usually enough for brighter teeth, but often you need to follow up with bleaching at home for the best results. To do the bleaching at home you need a custom-fitted tray that contains bleaching gel and is worn over the teeth for a short period each day. Some people experience discomfort wearing the mouth tray, but your dentist can adjust it for a better fit. “Take-home” or “over-thecounter” bleaching is easy and

less expensive that a trip to the dentist, but results can vary with the kind of application used. Results can sometimes be evident in a couple of days, but it usually takes a week or two to see the full whitening. Meanwhile others might see no results at all. And while bleaching is quite effective, there can be shortterm disadvantages, such as sore gums or teeth due to the bleach. Some individuals are more chemically sensitive. If you are, inform your dentist. He’ll test your sensitivity to the bleach solution. When there is serious discoloration, veneers or crowns might be the better choice.

Thursday, February 5, 2009





Happy gory Valentine How about a Valentine’s

date with a twist (of the knife)? We’ve got 20 pairs of free tickets for the 3D horror film “My Bloody Valentine” screening at 8pm next Tuesday at SFX Cinema at Central Plaza Chang Wattana. All you need to do to get some is say what weapon the killer in the flick uses. Send your answer and contact information in Thai or in English, by Monday, to

s e of the Lycan equel is R : d rl o rw e Und se enters pr vampire franchi

Revolutio nary Road Sa

ment in the e first Lycan The third instal t times when th en ci an na to ck ba re princess (Rho territory, going ve with a vampi lo in ). ll hy fe ig n) N ee ill (Michael Sh King Viktor (B of the vampire Mitra), daughter

m Mendes d irects Leona this adapta tion of Richa rdo DiCaprio and Kate W rd Yates’ inci inslet in American m sive novel a arriage in th bout e 1950s. ★★ ★★,

explaining that you’re taking part in the Daily Xpress contest. Pick the right answer!

on tv

Inkheart Mo Folchart (Brendan Fraser) and his 12-year-old daughter (Eliza Bennett) bring characters from books to life when they read out loud. But each time a storybook figure arrives, someone from the real world disappears into the pages. ★★★

Tarchon An ex-convict (Preeti “Bank” Barameeanan) finds that his twin brother has been left comatose after playing in an violent underground basketball game. So he joins the Fireball team to take revenge. With English subtitles in some cinemas. ★★★

The Baader Meinhof Complex

Hudgens) face the prospect of being separated as they head off to college. ★★★

Radicals fight a violent war against American imperialism in 1970s West Germany. In


German with English and Thai subtitles at House. ★★★

Wild Ocean This 3-D documentary captures an epic underwater struggle for survival off the coast of Africa.

Three Polish-Jewish brothers (Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell) join the resistance against the Nazis. ★★★

Red Cliff 2

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Strategists Zhou Yu (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) and Zhuge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) and their vastly outnumbered armies of face warlord Cao Cao (Zhang Fengyi). In Mandarin with

The jock (Zac Efron) and the brainy beauty (Vanessa Anne

English and Thai subtitles at some cinemas. ★★★★

At Krungsri IMAX.

Happy-Go-Lucky Poppy, a 30-year-old Londoner (Golden Globe-winner Sally Hawkins), has an irrepressibly bright outlook on life. At Apex and House. ★★★★

Hode Nha Hiaw The leader of a bumbling gang of criminals has revenge on his mind as he’s released from prison. With English subtitles at some cinemas.

Yes Man Jim Carrey stars as a negative guy whose boring life is turned around after he meets a selfhelp guru. ★★★



Lido: (02) 252 6498 Siam: (02) 251 3508 Scala: (02) 251 2861

Ethan Hawke stars in this sci-fi drama set sometime in the near future society when personal destiny is determined by genetics.

Century – The Movie Plaza (02) 247 9940

HBO (TrueVisions), 8pm.


Pob Phee Fah

(02) 641 5913-4

Jiranan Manohjaem, Thana Sutthikamol, Pantita Caldwell and Porntip Wongkitjanon star in this new historical ghost drama.

Major Cineplex/EGV Bangkok: (02) 515 5555

Major Hollywood Bangkok: (02) 718 7999

Channel 7, 8.30pm

Paragon Cineplex Bangkok: (02) 129 4635 IMAX: (02) 129 4631

Channel links Channel 3 – Channel 5 – Channel 7 – Modernine – NBT – Thai PBS – True –

Before Valentine (Konrak...Moon Rob Tua Rao)

SF Cinemas

Four couples – from high-school puppy lovers to a pair of embittered spouses – deal with their relationships in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. The cast includes Thanchart Tulyachat, Thanakrit “Wan AF” Phanithchawit, Diana Jongjintanakarn, Jaturong Mokjok and Prem Busarakamwong. With English


subtitles at some cinemas.

Bangkok: (02) 268 8888 Phuket: (076) 209 000

Chiang Mai: (053) 894 415


Close to Home By John McPherson


Pooch Cafe

The Buckets


Calvin and Hobbes

By Brian Basset

By Paul Gilligan

By Scott Stantis

By Bryan Basset

By Bill Watterson

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Red and Rover


Thursday, February 5, 2009



Games&YourStars SUDOKU

The last word in


Yesterday’s Puzzle Answer

By Eugenia Last

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

Today’s Birthday: Consistency and your ability to make good judgement calls will lead to your success. Added responsibilities may seem daunting, but the experience you gain and the connections you make will be well worth your while. An unusual change at home and in your personal life will help you realise what you want more than anything else. ARIES **** March 21-April 19 You may want to make changes and reforms but do you have time to take on extra responsibilities? Weigh the pros and cons. Someone is likely to be jealous of you and what you are trying to do. TAURUS *** April 20-May 20 Timing is everything. Wait and observe before making a life-altering move. It’s optimism that will help you get ahead, not trying to make someone else look bad. Don’t take risks.


GEMINI *** May 21-June 20 Interacting with others will lead to advancement. Mix business with pleasure and don’t hesitate to talk about your ideas. Face-to-face conversations will bring you closer to success. CANCER *** June 21-July 22 Don’t be surprised by what you are offered today. There is money to be made and opportunities to take advantage of. Get promises in writing and take care of any pending financial matters. LEO **** July 23-Aug. 22 The more you socialise and network, the better your chances for success. You are entering a new phase in your life that must be utilised to the fullest. An offer on your part will be well received.


VIRGO ** Aug. 23-Sept. 22 It will be the detail you put into everything you do that will put you on top. Strive to be unique and take full credit for what you do. Promote and present yourself and your ideas. LIBRA ***** Sept. 23-Oct. 22 It’s conversations with the people who can change your life that will help you secure your position and lead to your advancement. Leave nothing to chance. SCORPIO *** Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Someone may be giving you a bill of goods to try to get you to invest. Protect your assets. Problems at home can be rectified with professional help. Ask questions if something isn’t clear. SAGITTARIUS *** Nov. 22-Dec. 21 Be prepared to say no if you have to. Personal matters will escalate if you don’t recognise the sensitive nature of the issues developing. Face the situation head on.

Phanom “Jaa” Yeerum Actor Stuart Damon is 72. Actor David Selby is 68. Singer Cory Wells of Three Dog Night is 67. Singer Al Kooper is 65. Actress Charlotte Rampling is 63. Actress Barbara Hershey is 61. Actor-director-comedian Christopher Guest is 61. Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh is 47. Actress Laura Linney is 45. Bassist Duff McKagan of Velvet Revolver is 45. Singer Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors is 41. Singer Bobby Brown is 40. Actor/director Phanom “Jaa” Yeerum is 33. Actor Jeremy Sumpter is 20.

CAPRICORN *** Dec. 22-Jan. 19 Listen but don’t take over if you don’t have to. Added responsibilities will drag you down and take away from your personal time. Take another look at an offer that was made in the past. AQUARIUS ***** Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Once you have your mind made up, stick to it. The time to be strong is now. By taking a stance you will attract new friends and gain the respect and support of those who count the most. PISCES ** Feb. 19-March 20 You may disappoint someone who can create problems for you if you haven’t been honest. Spend more time developing, planning and creating that special project.


The Road to Success with OCEAN The Ocean Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

is now anticipating rapid growth and would like to expand our business. We are embarking on an exciting new journey of transformation, innovation and unprecedented challenges. If you share our quest for excellence and are a results-oriented individual who thrives in an environment of productive energy and rapid change, then we invite you to take this journey with us. Go with a Winner, Modern Life Planner, Develop & Save Thai Socialization Sustainable Development. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Management Trainee

20 Positions

Responsibilities: Management Trainees as a fast-track career development for high-achieving graduates. Our Programme is designed to show you how the insurance business works. We provide you with a chance to gain the technical skills and experience you need to develop a fast-track insurance career leading to senior management. You will be involved in various projects and assignments which will provide you with real work experience in key business areas such as Actuarial, Product Development, Operation & Services, Sales & Client Services and Underwriting, among others. Each project or assignment is determined first and foremost by the demands of the business, but we will also take your development needs into account. After finishing the program, you will have an opportunity to select and request for a placement in a position that best suits your competency skills and interests. Qualifications: ● Male or Female, not over 30 years old ● Master's Degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration or related fields from recognized university with GPA above 3.33 and Bachelor's Degree with GPA above 3.00 ● Good analytical ability and problem solving skills, creative thinking skill ● Excellent interpersonal skill, and a team player ● Proficiency in spoken and written English (an additional Japanese language will be a definite advantage) ● Good computer and presentation skills

Risk Management Officer

1 Position

Responsibilities: Responsible to evaluate, coordinate the monitoring of and providing advice and recommendations to Risk Management Committee (RMC). Develop Quantitative credit risk models study. Develop, and implement risk management tools. Research and apply risk methodologies and approaches. Identify appropriate internal and external data sources, and gather information to support risk analysis. Qualifications: ● Preferably with Master's degree in Finance, Economics or related fields ● At least 5 years experience in risk management, operations audit, internal audit, internal control, or compliance in a financial institution ● Good knowledge of economics, finance and risk management, especially credit and treasury ● Technical skills in financial operation and other business functions ● Planning and organizing skills, analytical skills ● Presentation skills, and interpersonal skills

Marketing Communication (Manager / Executive)

4 Positions

Responsibilities: ● Assist in developing marketing communication and promotion strategy for use in above the line and below the line communications in accordance with business policy and marketing plan ● Coordinate and work with advertising agency or outsource for managing corporate advertising campaign and implementation ● Coordinate with marketing line manager to support communication materials for marketing activities and campaigns ● Manage of marketing communication budget ● Represent company in building up the corporate image ● Manage and control marketing communication program to a lign with each customer segmentation as planned, and in line with overall brand positioning of organization Qualifications: ● Bachelor's Degree or higher in Marketing, Business Administration or Communications is preferred ● At least 2 years experience in marketing communication within professional services environment or insurance business ● Strong leadership and consensus building skills, marketing management and strategic planning experience, a proven track record in development and administering a marketing communication program ● Must be a self-starter, highly organized and able to work well with others at all levels in the organization ● Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and facilitation skills ● Good command of spoken and written English ● Able to travel upcountry periodically

Executive Assistant

1 Position

Responsibilities: ● Day-to-day office management practice to support President i.e. scheduling appointments, receiving messages, greeting visitors, liaison with drivers, etc. ● Documents preparation to assist President in preparing presentations & reports ● Administrative support for President e.g. travel arrangement, hotel reservation, expense re-imbursement, etc. ● Meeting & conference arrangements and other necessary preparations ● Collaboration with internal & external contacts ● Management of document filing system ● Meeting & hospitality coordination for overseas visitors

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 30 years old ● Master's degree in Business Administration or other related fields ● Proficiency in spoken and written English (an additional Japanese language will be a definite advantage) ● Proficient computer literacy in Ms Office applications ● Good personality , interpersonal skills, co-ordination skills and excellent presentation skills ● High degree of self-confidence & maturity - ability to deal with Management ● Ability to relate well with people on all levels ● High level of organizational skills & attention to details ● Flexibility to cope with a wide range of duties & ability to work under pressure within a limited time frame ● Total confidentiality on all matters dealt with President ● Experience in the life insurance business will be an advantage

Assistant Manager President Office

1 Position

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 35 years old ● Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● Proficient computer literacy in Ms Office applications ● Good personality, interpersonal skills, coordination skills and excellent presentation skills ● Ability to relate well with people on all levels ● Ability to manage of document & filing system ● High level of organizational skills & attention to details ● Flexibility to cope with a wide range of duties & ability to work under pressure within a limited time frame ● Experience in the life insurance business will be an advantage

IT Audit Specialist

1 Position

Responsibilities: Working within the Co-operative Accounting Services audit function you will provide specialist IS audit services to a wide variety of business areas. As an expert in IS/IT risk management and control you will advise the business on good practice techniques and ensure excellent quality of work across the department. In addition to possessing extensive experience within IS/IT audit and IS strategy and security you will hold a recognized industry qualification. Benefits are excellent as are the opportunities for further training and personal development. The successful candidate will be required to carry out a variety of audit assignments, including setting up audit programs, making risk assessment, finding vulnerability, coordinating and following up according to audit plans, recommending areas for improvement Qualifications: ● Male or Female, age not over 30 years old, GPA. at least 2.75 ● Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Applied Statistics and Computer Engineering or related fields ● A minimum 3 years' experience in IT Audit, IT general control, system design & development or Network security ● Excellent in English communication skills (both spoken and written English) ● Proficient computer literacy involving MS Office applications, system design and Network ● Abilities of internal audit approach initiation and risk assessment of internal control will be a plus ● Good interpersonal skills, communication skills, consulting skill, conceptual and analytical skills

Worksite Agent

26 Positions

Qualifications: ● Female, age not over 25 years ● Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● Possess pleasant personality ● Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills can work under pressure ● Must be self driven to meet and exceed sales target ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good talent and service mind ● Able to work out of working hours

HR Officer

1 Position

Qualifications: ● Male or Female, age 20-30 years, GPA. at least 2.75 ● Bachelor's or higher in Human Resource Management, Political Science, Business Administration, Industrial & Organization Psychology, or other related fields ● Proficient computer literacy in MS Office applications ● Good personality , interpersonal skills , innovative thinking, co-ordination skills and excellent presentation skills

Actuarial Officer

2 Positions

Responsibilities: Prepare actuarial related reports and documents. Identify and gather relevant information for product analysis, including company financial statements in support of pricing, reinsurance administration, experience study and complying. Qualifications: ● Master's degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science or related fields ● Age over 25 years old ● Good command of English and computer Skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good human relation, communication, quick ability to learn, cautious and work follow up

Credit Officer

2 Positions

Responsibilities: Perform credit control work to be accurate and meet the company objectives, company structure, government and statutory. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Financial, Marketing, Business Administration, Economics or related fields ● At least 1-2 years' experience, preferably in insurance industry (but not mandatory) ● Knowledge and experience in credit and financial analysis will be an advantage ● Good command of English and computer skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good personality, honest and diligence


5 Positions

Responsibilities: Perform for making sure that the company accepts only life insurance applicants whose actual mortality rates do not exceed the mortality rates assumed when the premium rates for a particular product were calculated. Prepare regular underwriting reports, and other jobs as assigned in order to achieve company goals. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in Insurance, Business Administration, Economics or related fields ● Good command of English and computer skill-MS Office is preferable ● Good personality, honesty and diligence ● Good communication, quick ability to learn, cautious and work follow up

Representative of Group Life Insurance 3 Positions Responsibilities: Perform and support in sales & marketing activities in responsible area or channel in order to achieve the quota in categories of product. Create confidence by after sale service. Qualifications: ● Age not over 30 years old ● Bachelor's degree in any fields of studies ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills with an ability to collaborate with various organization partners ● Able to work upcountry (permanent or temporary) ● Good talent, service minded ● Able to work out of working hours

Bancassurance Officer

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: ● Responsible for Bancassurance such as developing and securing quality new business partners ● Market to and maintain relationship with intermediaries and independent agents by advising them on ways in which to build their consumer life insurance markets Qualifications: ● Male, age 25-35 years ● Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related fields ● A minimum 2 years' experience in bancassurance ● Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills, communication skills, consulting skill, passion to learn & share

IT Project Manager

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: Responsible for lead and to be part of the team member in IT Project Team to initiate and review business units to identify improvement opportunities & support the implementation of business improvement recommendations in order to enhance work efficiency for customers, agencies, and back office staff throughout the organization. Qualifications:● Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science or other related fields together with some IT Management ● At least 3-5 years of work experience in project management experience ● Excellent communication & interpersonal skills ● Excellent analytical skills with problem solving, decision making, planning and management skills ● Excellent knowledge in formulating corrective action plans ● Project planning & management expertise ● Excellent command of English ● Good PC literacy (including MS Project)

Network and System Administrator

1 Position

Major Areas of Responsibilities: ● Lead and manage all IT infrastructure of system, security and network team

Develop and implement an IT operating procedure, relevant operational flow and documents for the operations and maintenance of a 24x7 Data Center ● Set up and supervise the management of high availability IP-networking LAN, WAN and server systems such as MSWindows Server, AD, Exchange, AS/400 and/or UNIX ● Implement server/network monitoring system in the Network Operation Center ● Responsible for implementing security solutions and enforcing data center network security policies ● Perform design for collection of server and networking performance data such as system availability, system logs for the server and network capacity planning ● Establish system management criteria and policies ● Plan and manage the disaster recovery plan for the entire server and network systems ● Required standby after office hours and public holiday Qualifications:● At least 5-years hands-on experience in data center man agement ● Degree in Computer, Electrical, Electronics or Telecommunication Engineering, or Network-related fields ● Experience implementation and operations of WAN routing protocols ● Working knowledge in installing and maintaining hardware, software and network such as structured cabling, IP layer 3-switch, router, firewall, etc. and experience in UNIX services or MS-Windows Server, DNS, FTP, DHCP, Web Service, SMTP, POP, etc. ● Understand the principles of VPN, Remote computer on-line, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP,ISDN and any related functions ● In-depth experience in large-scale system and network security ● Skill in implementation and operation of backup/restore solutions, AS400, Unix-based systems, system load balancing, and internet content management, Strong customer service orientation ●


5 Positions

Major Areas of Responsibilities: Provide system support including application assistance, problem solving and training. Help to create and consistently promote programming standards and development procedures. Train end users or technical support staff to use programs. Qualifications: ● Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or other related fields. ● At least 1 year of work experience in programming ● Excellent communication & interpersonal skills ● Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision making skills

Hire Purchase Marketing officer 2 Positions Provide recommendations and services to customers in the area of new and used cars hire purchase. Build up and maintain the good relationship with dealers. Qualifications: ● Male, age not over 30 years old,Bachelor's degree in any field of studies ● At least 1 year of work experience in hire purchase business ● Excellent communication and coordination skills ● Able to work under pressure

Sales Manager, Senior Sales Executive 1, 4 Positions Assist in developing marketing strategy for use in above the line and below the line in accordance with business policy and marketing plan. Survey and sell real estate. Prepare and assist in developing sales tools and reports, and other jobs as assigned in order to achieve company goals. Qualifications: ● Bachelor's degree in any fields of studies,Highly competent in Sales, active, honest and looking for development opportunities ● Good interpersonal skills with an ability to collaborate with various organization partners ● Excellent analytical skills with problem solving, decision making, planning and management skills ● Able to work up-country (permanent or temporary) ● Good talent, service minded ● Able to work out of working hours, good PC literacy

We are looking for successful people, and if you are, don't miss this opportunity to call for an interview and we are sure that you can get some added value after meeting with us. Interested applicants are invited to apply in person or send application with full resume indicating qualifications and experience, transcript, expected salary and a recent photo to the address or e-mail address below:

Contact Name: Ms. Parichart Rattanasareechai Address: 170/74-83, Ocean Tower 1 BLDG., Rachadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110 Telephone: 02-261-2300 ext. 440 Fax: 02-204-0099 E-mail: or

Index Living Mall : Special Mall for Home Furnishings. Challenges... opportunities... come alive at Index Living Mall in Dubai Got potential and self drive? Take it now! Attractive salary, great benefits await you!

Store Manager & Assistant Store Managers Responsibilities: • Manages the store, performs to achieve sales target. • Maintains store's standard performance. • Develops services and ensures effectiveness. Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in any related field with at least 10 years experience in retail operations. • Dynamic, team player, leadership skill and work hard.

Sales & Customer Service Responsibilities: • Advises customers and offers right products and services solutions. • Maintains store's standard performance, performs to achieve sales target. Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in any related field with 2 years experience in retail operations. • Dynamic, self-disciplined, high responsibility and work hard.

All positions require:

Sales Coordinators Responsibilities: • Summarizes sales ordering documents, plans and coordinates all logistics. • Coordinates all sales activities within the store to ensure customer satisfaction. Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in any related field with at least 2 years experience in coordinating sales activities or logistics. • Dynamic, well-organized, self-disciplined & responsible.

Section Managers Responsibilities: • Manages sales floor, schematic, replenishment, stock availability, performs to achieve sales target and maintains store's standard performance. • Trains and develops staff for operation effectiveness. Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in any related field with at least 5 years experience in retail operations or similar. • Dynamic, team player, leadership skill and work hard.

- Service minded with good personality., Good command of English, preferably writing skills. - Can work in Dubai, UAE for a minimum of 2 years.

Interior Designers / Visual Display Professionals Interior Designer's

Responsibilities: • Provides 3D services, including interior design housing and residence. • Advises customers about interior design, furniture and decorative items.

Visual Display's

Responsibilities: • Interior design, display room setting in the store. • In store communications (e.g. design, placement of POSM in points of sale, etc.)

Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design, preferably interior housing, visual merchandising in housing or retail business. • Dynamic, self-disciplined and high responsibility.

Cashiers Responsibilities: • Handles cash and registers sales transactions. • Process and control documents. Qualifications: • Vocational or Commercial Certificate in any related field, preferably with experience in retail business. • Accurate, self-disciplined and high responsibility.

If you are seeking a dynamic, exciting work environment and everyday challenges, apply now!

Human Resources - Recruitment

Index Living Mall Co., Ltd.

43/15 Moo 7, Rama 2 Road Soi 50, Samaedam, Bangkhunthien, Bangkok 10150, Thailand Tel: 0 2898 5544 ext. Recruitment Fax: 0 2898 4377

Email: Visit:

Aker Solutions is a leading global provider of engineering and construction services, technology products and integrated solutions to industries including oil & gas, refining & chemicals, mining & metals and power generation. Aker Solutions employ approximately 26,000 people in over 30 countries worldwide. From all cultures and backgrounds, our people strive to achieve excellence every day and are relentless in their quest to find the right solution. Our work environment is challenging, but at Aker Solutions we put a lot of energy into developing and rewarding performers who deliver on their commitments. We are seeking high-calibre, forward thinking and enthusiastic people, and in return we offer a future of personal and professional development opportunities including overseas and cross disciplines assignments.

Design Engineer - Base in Bangkok Qualifications ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Male / Female, Thai national aged minimum 30 years old. Preferably degree holder in Mechanical Engineering (Petroleum). Minimum 5 years of relevant design experience, including detail engineering in an Oilfield engineering background. Candidates with knowledge of Offshore working techniques and field exposures are preferred. Excellent command of written and spoken English is a must. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Highly organized, efficient and accustomed to take initiative. Able to communicate at all levels with good presentation skills. Candidates must show record of working in multi-disciplined projects and are familiar with equipment and activities throughout the business. Familiar with ISO9001 quality standards. Able to use AutoCAD, 2D and 3D softwares is an advantage.

Regional Assistant Service Administrator - Base in Bangkok Qualifications ● ● ● ● ● ●

Female, Thai national aged minimum 30 years old. ● Secretarial graduate or degree holder in related field. Excellent command of written and spoken English is a must. A minimum of 5 years' professional working experience in related field. Competent in Microsoft Office. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Highly organized, efficient and accustomed to take initiative.

Warehouseman - Base in Sattahip Qualifications ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Male, Thai national aged minimum 30 years old. ● Preferably degree holder in related fields. Good command of spoken and written English. A minimum of 5 years' professional working experience in related fields. Competent in Microsoft Office. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Able to work flexible hours and on weekends Highly organized, efficient and accustomed to taking initiative.

Applicants are invited to e-mail their application to Your CV must include your contact numbers, current and expected salary and a recent photograph. You may also mail your application to the following address:-

Aker Solutions (Services) Pte., Ltd. 19-02 Floor, Times Square Building, 246 Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Closing date for applications : February 20, 2009

‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡«‘≈¥å Õ—≈‰≈·Õπ´å

»Ÿπ¬å√—∫´◊Õ È -¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß

ºŸâπ”¥â“πµ—«·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å ·ø√π‰™ åµ«— ·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å

C ∂.‡®√‘≠√“…Æ√å C ¡.≈ÿ¡æ‘π’ √‘‡«Õ√å««‘ °√’π∑“«‡«Õ√å ∂. ÿ∑∏‘ “√«‘π®‘ ©—¬ ∂.æ√–√“¡ 3 ´.«—¥‰ºà‡ß‘π (Õ¬Ÿ¥à )’ ∂.æ√–√“¡ 4 ´.Õÿ¥¡‡°’¬√µ‘ §Õπ‚¥¡‘‡π’¬Ë ¡ Õ“§“√ ”π—°ß“π Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å ¢“¬/‡™à“ 19 ™—Èπ ™—Èπ∑’Ë 11 æ◊Èπ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ ∑“«π凌ⓠå 3 ™—Èπ 3.5 ™—Èπ æ◊πÈ ∑’„Ë ™â Õ¬ 587 µ√.¡. 69.47 µ√.¡. ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 25.5 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 23.9 µ√.«. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 4 ÀâÕßπÈ” Õ¬Ÿà „®°≈“߇¡◊Õß 7 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂  ”π—°ß“π°√’π∑“«π凫Õ√å ™—πÈ 11 2 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ∑’ˮե√∂ §Õπ‚¥ «¬ «‘«·¡àπÈ” 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ·Õ√å 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈⮥ÿ ¢÷πÈ -≈ß Õ¬Ÿà™—Èπ 11 µ°·µàßæ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà √–∫∫°“√√—°…“§«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬ ∑“ߥà«πÕÿ¥√√—∂¬“ ≈ß∂ππ®—π∑πå ‡À¡“–∑”∏ÿ√°‘® ”π—°ß“π „°≈â ∂“π’√∂‰øøÑ“„µâ¥π‘  ÿ∑∏‘ “√ ‡æ’¬ß 500 ‡¡µ√ ÀâÕßµ°·µà߇√’¬∫√âÕ¬ ·≈–∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂„πÕ“§“√ Àπâ“‚§√ß°“√¡’√∂‰øøÑ“ BRT À√◊Õ‚√ßß“π¢π“¥‡≈Á°  “¡“√∂‡¥‘π∑“ßÕÕ°‰¥â´Õ¬«—¥‰ºà‡ß‘π, „°≈â ·’Ë ¬° ÿ∑∏‘ “√ ∑”‡≈¥’ ‡À¡“–∑”ÕÕøøî» 3, ∂ππ‡®√‘≠°√ÿß 107 ·≈–´Õ¬·©≈â¡π‘¡‘µ√ „Àâ ‡ ™à “ 220 ∫“∑/µ√.¡. ·≈– ¡’´‡Ÿ ªÕ√å¡“√凰Áµ ‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«° „°≈â∑“ߥà«π ∂ππæ√–√“¡ ·≈–Õ¬ŸÕà “»—¬ „°≈âÀ“â ߇´Áπ∑√—≈, ‚≈µ— , √.æ.‡®√‘≠°√ÿß, √.æ.‡≈‘» ‘π ·≈–„°≈â “∑√, ‡®√‘≠°√ÿß,  ’≈¡ À√◊Õ ¢“¬ 35,000 ∫“∑/µ√.¡. ·≈– √.√. “√ “ πå ‡™à“‡¥◊Õπ≈– 15,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,600,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,300,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿ™“µ‘ 081-374-9723 √“§“¢“¬‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,200,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥®‘√°ÿ≈ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≈—°…≥å L.933691 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ªÿÖ° ‚∑√.0-2645-4455 ‚∑√.0-2236-7799, 081-947-7372 ‚∑√.0-2818-0022 µàÕ 200 L.9702265 L.9702287 L.202951 ‘ ∑√åæ“√å§ N ¡.¡≥’√π N ¡.ÀπÕ߇ ◊Õ N ¡.´Õ¬µâπ π E ¡.π—π∑«—π ∂.√—ß ‘µ∂. ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑ ∂.√—ß ‘µ-ª∑ÿ¡∏“π’ ∂.·®âß«—≤π– π§√𓬰 ´.ÕËÕππÿ™ 44 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ∑’ ¥ Ë π ‘ ‡ª≈à “ ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 46 ‰√à ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 62.7 µ√.«. ‡π◊ ÈÕ∑’Ë 211 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 60 µ√.«. 86 µ√.«. ∑’ Ë «¬ ∑”‡≈¥’ „°≈â∑“ߥà«π∫“ßπ“-·®âß«—≤π– 3 πÕπ 2 πÈ” ∫â“π‚§√ß°“√·≈π¥å & ‡Œâ“ å æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 220 µ√.¡. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ √—ß ‘µ §≈Õß 9 „°≈â®ÿ¥¢÷Èπ-≈ß∑“ߥà«π∫“ßæŸπ Àà“ß®“°∂ππ „°≈â∑“ߥà«π¡Õ‡µÕ√凫¬å “¬µ–«—πÕÕ° Àâ“ߥ—߬à“π·®âß«—≤π–, √√. «π°ÿÀ≈“∫ππ∑∫ÿ√’ ∫â“πµ°·µàß «¬ ¡’ ‚¡ √  √–«à“¬πÈ” √—ß ‘µ-ª∑ÿ¡∏“π’ ª√–¡“≥ 1.5 °¡. √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 11,500,000 ∫“∑ ‡ªìπ∫â“πÀ≈—ß√‘¡ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 7,385,000 ∫“∑ ¡’¬“¡√—°…“°“√≥å 24 ™—«Ë ‚¡ß ·≈– ‚¡ √ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥§≥æ» √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 6.5 ≈â“π∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2744-0770, 085-111-6345 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥§≥æ» ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 5,400,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2744-0770, 085-111-6345 L.402830 µ‘ ¥ µà Õ §ÿ ≥ √— µ π“ L.9702260 L.402870 ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053 L.1001664 N ¡.惰≈¥“ S ¡.≈≈‘≈Õ‘π ‡¥Õ–æ“√å§ S ¡.«√“√¡¬åNE ¡. ‘π∏“π’ ª√–™“Õÿ∑»‘ ∂.≈”≈Ÿ°°“ ∂.≈“¥æ√â“« ∂.æ√–√“¡ 2 ∂.ª√–™“Õÿ∑»‘ §≈Õß 4 ´.≈“¥æ√â“« 80 ´.ª√–™“Õÿ∑»‘ 98 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‚Œ¡ÕÕøøî» 4 ™—Èπ ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 50.7 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 57 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 25 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 133 µ√.«. 4 Àâ Õ ßπÕπ 4 Àâ Õ ßπÈ ” 6 ·Õ√å 2 ∑’ ® Ë Õ¥√∂ ‚§√ß°“√§‘ « å‡Œâ“ å 3 Àâ Õ ßπÕπ 2 Àâ Õ ßπÈ ” 1 ·Õ√å 1 ∑’ ® Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â ‚ ≈µ—   -∫‘ ° Í ´’ 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” ‚§√ß°“√¢Õß ·≈π¥å 2 ÀâÕßπÕπ 4 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂  ¿“悧√ß°“√·≈– ‘ ß Ë ·«¥≈â Õ ¡¥’ ∑”‡≈¥’ µ ¥ ‘  –æ“π æ√–√“¡ 2, √æ.∫“ߪ√–°Õ° 9, ‚√߇√’ ¬ πæ“≥‘ ™ ¬å ∞ “π‡∑§‚π‚≈¬’ ·Õπ¥å ‡Œâ“ å ∫â“π„À¡à æ√âÕ¡‡¢â“Õ¬Ÿà µ√ߢⓡ ‡ªìπÀ¡Ÿ∫à “â π„À≠à ‚§√ß √â“ߥ’ ª√—∫ª√ÿß„À¡à ‡®â“¢Õß∫â“π‰¡à‡§¬‡¢â“‰ªÕ¬ŸÕà “»—¬‡≈¬ ∫â“π°Á¬ß— ¥Ÿ„À¡à æ◊πÈ ∑’°Ë Á °“≠®π“¿‘‡…° ‰ªæ√–√“¡ 2 ‰¥â ÕÕ°∑“ß ÿ∂ππ¢ «—„°≈â  ¥‘Ï 70 ‰ª √√.·¬â¡ –Õ“¥ ∂ππ‡≈’¬∫§≈Õ߇¢â“∑“ß∏—≠≠– ∑“ ’∑ß—È À≈—ß ∑“ߥà«π ÿ¢ «— ¥‘Ï ‰¥â „°≈âÀ“â ß∫‘°Í ´’-æ√–ª√–·¥ß, ‚√߇√’¬π °«â“ߢ«“ß ∫√√¬“°“»‚¥¬√Õ∫À¡Ÿ∫à “â π¥Ÿ ß∫√ࡇ¬Áπ ‡À¡“– ”À√—∫‡ªìπ∑’æË °— ºàÕπÀ¬àÕπ„®  “√ “ π嫇‘ ∑»πå, Àâ“ß®— ‚°â µàÕ‡µ‘¡¥â“πÀ≈—ߢÕß∫â“π°—π∑√ÿ¥ À√◊Õ≈”≈Ÿ°°“‰¥â „°≈â«ß·À«π √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 2,900,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,000,000 ∫“∑ ‡øÕ√åœ∫‘«∑åÕπ‘ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,200,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥æ≈ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ª≈“ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 11,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≥¿“¿—™ ‚∑√.0-2960-0005 ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 ‚∑√.0-2236-7799, 081-947-7372 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥®’√–«√√≥ ‚∑√.083-247-9977 C




¢“¬∑’Ë 4 ‰√à √—ß ‘µ §≈Õß 4 Àà“ß∂ππ„À≠à 20 ‡¡µ√




∂. ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑71 ´.ª√’¥’¬åæπ¡¬ß 42,38 ∑“«π凌ⓠå 3 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 25 µ√.«. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” „°≈â¢π à߇հ¡—¬ , §≈Õ߇µ¬, æ√–√“¡ 4, ‡æ™√∫ÿ√’ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ππ∑≈’ ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053 E

L.1001711 ‚∑√.


¡.∏π“´‘µ’È ∂.∫“ßπ“-µ√“¥ °¡. 15 ∫â“π·Ω¥ 3 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 53 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 3 πÈ” 3 ·Õ√å ª√–µŸ√’ ‚¡∑ ΩÑ“™—πÈ 3 ∫ÿ°π— ‡ ’¬ß, °√–®°™—πÈ 3 ∑” 2 ™—πÈ ‡ªìπ°√–®° °—π‡ ’¬ß ÀâÕß·¡à∫“â π+ÀâÕßπÈ” ·¬°µà“ßÀ“° √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,000,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 E


√‘‡«Õ√å ‰√πå ‡æ≈ ∂.æ‘∫Ÿ≈ ß§√“¡ §Õπ‚¥¡‘‡π’ˬ¡ ™—πÈ ∑’Ë 24 æ◊Èπ∑’„Ë ™â Õ¬ 235.93 µ√.¡. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 4 ÀâÕßπÈ” 5 ·Õ√å 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ÀâÕß™ÿ¥ 235.93 µ√.¡. µ÷°√‘‡«Õ√å ‰√πå ‡æ≈  4 Õ¬Ÿ∫à π™—πÈ 24 «‘«·¡àπÈ”‡®â“æ√–¬“ ∫‘«∑åÕπ‘ ∑ÿ°ÀâÕß „Àâ·Õ√å+‡øÕ√å „°≈â –æ“πæ√–√“¡ 5 √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 17,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥¿—§®‘√“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0969, 081-409-6520

¡.¡≥’¬“ ∂.√—µπ“∏‘‡∫»√å ´.∑à“Õ‘∞ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 114.7 µ√.«. ∫â“𠫬‚§√ß°“√À√Ÿ¢π“¥„À≠à ¿“¬„π‚§√ß°“√ ¡’ ‚¡ √  √–«à“¬πÈ” ·≈– ‘ßË Õ”π«¬§«“¡ –¥«° „°≈âµ≈“¥ ¥ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 7,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥¿—§®‘√“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0969, 081-409-6520

∂.‡≈’¬∫§≈Õß ¿“…’‡®√‘≠Ωíßò ‡Àπ◊Õ ´. «— ¥‘°“√ 1 ‚√ßß“πæ√âÕ¡ ∫â“πæ—°Õ“»—¬ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 241 µ√.«. 7 ÀâÕßπÕπ 5 ÀâÕßπÈ” ¡’„∫Õπÿ≠“µ‘ √.ß.4 µ‘¥∂ππ 3 ¥â“π ´.‡æ™√‡°…¡ 69 „°≈â √.æ.»√’«™‘ ¬— 2, §“√åø√Ÿ ,å ∫‘°Í ´’ ‡¢â“-ÕÕ° ‰¥â∑“ß ‡æ™√‡°…¡ 69,77,81 √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 9,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ¡πµå™¬— ‚∑√.0-2463-8333, 089-836-3699

∂.æÿ∑∏¡≥±≈ “¬ 3 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 98 µ√.«. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 3 ·Õ√å 4 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ∫â“π„À¡àæ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà æ◊πÈ ∫π°√–‡∫◊ÕÈ ß æ◊πÈ ≈à“ß°√–‡∫◊ÕÈ ß µ°·µàß «¬ ∫√√¬“°“»¥’ „°≈â∂ππÕ—°…– „°≈âÕߧåæ√– “¬ 4 ‡¢â“´Õ¬‰¡à≈°÷ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,800,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2463-8333, 081-927-0057





∂.æ—≤π“°“√ ´.æ—≤π“°“√ 30 Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 5 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 31 µ√.«. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 4 ÀâÕßπÈ” 8 ·Õ√å ‡À¡“–∑”ÕÕøøî» „°≈â® — ‚°âæ≤— π“°“√, ‚≈µ— , §“√åø√Ÿ å ·≈– BTS ÕàÕππÿ™  “¡“√∂‡¢â“ÕÕ°‰¥âÀ≈“¬∑“ß √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 8,900,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ªÿ°Ö ‚∑√.0-2645-4455 E





4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 5 ÀâÕßπÈ” 6 ·Õ√å 7 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ µ÷°√‘¡ ∂ππ√—µπ“∏‘‡∫»√å µ°·µàß·≈â«∑—ßÈ À≈—ß∑”§√—«∫‘«∑åÕπ‘ ÀâÕßπÕπ∫‘«∑åÕπ‘ Õ¬à“ߥ’ ®Õ¥√∂Àπ⓵÷°‰¥âÀ≈“¬§—π Àà“ß®“°Àâ“߇´Áπ∑√—≈‡æ’¬ß 300 ¡. √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 9,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥®äÕ° ‚∑√.02-923-4100-1, 089-141-6153 L.9702332



∂.√—µπ“∏‘‡∫»√å Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 4.5 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 55.3 µ√.«.


¡.¿—  √ 8 ∂.∫“ߧŸ√¥— «—¥µâπ‡™◊Õ° ´.°—πµπ“ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 72 µ√.«.

3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ∑’ˮե√∂ ‚§√ß°“√„À≠à ¿“ææ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà ¡’ ‚¡ √  √–«à“¬πÈ” ¬“¡√—°…“§«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬ „°≈â·À≈àß™ÿ¡™π πà“Õ¬Ÿà∫√√¬“°“»¥’ ‡À¡“– ”À√—∫ºŸ∑â ’Ë√°— §«“¡ ß∫ °“√‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«° ∫“¬ ∑’Ë ”§—≠Õ’°‰¡àπ“π‡°‘π√Õ √∂‰øøÑ“ BTS Àâ“ß √√æ ‘π§â“ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,400,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿ¿“«¥’ ‚∑√.02-923-4100-1, 089-141-6153 L.9702369

‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡«‘≈¥å Õ—≈‰≈·Õπ´å

“∑√‡Œâ“ å ∂. “∑√ §Õπ‚¥¡‘‡π’¬Ë ¡ 30 ™—Èπ ™—Èπ∑’Ë 16 ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 65.5 µ√.«. æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 65.5 µ√.¡. 2 ÀâÕßπÕπ 1 ÀâÕßπÈ” §Õπ‚¥µ‘¥∂ππ “∑√ µ‘¥ ∂“π’√∂‰øøÑ“ BTS  ÿ√»—°¥‘,Ï ‡´Áπ∑√—≈ ’≈¡, √æ.°√ÿ߇∑æ§√‘ ‡µ’¬π,  «π≈ÿ¡ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,900,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥∏√√¡πŸ≠ ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053 C

ºŸâπ”¥â“πµ—«·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å ·ø√π‰™ åµ—«·∑ππ“¬Àπâ“Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å

C ∂. “¡‡ π ∂.ª√–™“™◊πË ´.ª√–™“™◊πË 2 ´. “¡‡ π 28 ·¬° 5 ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 5 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 86.3 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 15 µ√.«. ªí®®ÿ∫π— ∑”‡ªìπÀâÕ߇™à“ 15 ÀâÕß §à“‡™à“ÀâÕß≈– Àπâ“°«â“ß 20 ‡¡µ√ ≈÷° 17 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â∑“ߥà«π æ√–√“¡ 6, ·¡Á§‚§√∫“ß°√–∫◊Õ, √.æ.«™‘√欓∫“≈, 1,500-1,800 ∫“∑/‡¥◊Õπ ÀâÕßπÈ”„πµ—« √.√.‡´Áπµå§“‡∫‡√’¬≈,  “¡‡ π«‘∑¬“≈—¬, √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,800,000 ∫“∑ √.√.√“™‘π∫’ 𠵑¥µàÕ§ÿ≥§≥æ» √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 5,400,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2744-0770, 085-111-6345 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥≈—°…≥å L.9702048 ‚∑√.0-2236-7799, 081-947-7372

°√’π∑“«‡«Õ√å ∂.æ√–√“¡ 4 Õ“§“√ ”π—°ß“π æ◊Èπ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ 587 µ√.¡. 7 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂  ”π—°ß“π°√’π∑“«π凫Õ√å ™—πÈ 11 ÀâÕßµ°·µà߇√’¬∫√âÕ¬ „Àâ‡™à“ 220 ∫“∑/µ√.¡. À√◊Õ ¢“¬ 35,000 ∫“∑/µ√.¡. µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿ™“µ‘ ‚∑√.081-374-9723 C



»Ÿπ¬å√—∫´◊Õ È -¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß

E ∂.∫“ßπ“-µ√“¥ ¡.Õπ—𥓠ªÕ√嵉≈øá °¡.3 ´.13 ∂.°‘Ëß·°â« ´.11 ∑’¥Ë π‘ ‡ª≈à“ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 211 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 68 µ√.«. 3 πÕπ 3 πÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ∫â“𠫬À≈—ß¡ÿ¡ ∑’¥Ë π‘ ∂¡·≈â« ∑”‡≈¥’‡¢â“ÕÕ°∫“ßπ“-µ√“¥ ·≈– ‰¡à‡§¬Õ¬Ÿà ∫√√¬“°“»¿“¬„πÀ¡Ÿà∫â“π√à¡√◊Ëπ Õÿ¥¡ ÿ¢‰¥â ‡À¡“–∑”ÀÕæ—° ‡ªìπ π“¡°Õ≈åø √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 7,385,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 6,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿª¬î – µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ ÿª¬î – ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 L.1201956

E ´‘µ’È‚Œ¡ ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑



∂. ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑ ´. ÿ¢¡ÿ «‘∑101/2 §Õπ‚¥¡‘‡π’¬Ë ¡ ™—Èπ∑’Ë 25 æ◊Èπ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ 69.52 µ√.¡.

1 ÀâÕßπÕπ 1 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ‡ªìπµ÷°„À¡à ‡æ‘ßË √â“߇ √Á® „°≈â ∂“π’√∂‰øøÑ“∫’∑‡’ Õ  Õÿ¥¡ ÿ¢, ‚√ß欓∫“≈°≈⫬πÈ”‰∑, ∑“ߥà«π ÿ¢ÿ¡«‘∑ 62, ∑“ߥà«π∫“ßπ“, Àâ“ß √√æ ‘π§â“ ‡¥‘π∑“ß –¥«° √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,780,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥Õ√Õÿ¡“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0969, 089-771-9016 L.802338

NE ¡.ª√‘≠ ‘√‘ NE ¡.π«∏“π’ ¡.·°√π¥åÕÕ√契¥ ∂.‡°…µ√π«¡‘π∑√å ∂.‡ √’‰∑¬ ∂.æ√–¬“ ÿ‡√π∑å ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ∑’¥Ë ‘π‡ª≈à“ ∑“«πÏ‚Œ¡ 3 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 84 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 151 µ√.«. ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 50.9 µ√.«. 4 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” „°≈âÀ“â ß·ø™—πË ‰Õ´å·≈π¥å, „°≈â∑“ߥà«π¡Õ‡µÕ√凫¬å, Àâ“߇¥Õ–¡Õ≈≈å∫“ß°–ªî, 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ∫â“π„À¡à  «π ¬“¡, √.æ.πæ√—µπå√“™∏“π’·≈– ∂“π∑’√Ë “™°“√ ∫‘°Í ´’, ¡À“«‘∑¬“≈—¬¥—ß, √æ.πæ√—µπå-√“¡§”·Àß µ°·µàß «π√Õ∫∫â“π ‡¢â“ÕÕ°‰¥â∑ß—È π«≈®—π∑√å Õ’°À≈“¬·Ààß -π«¡‘π∑√å-‡≈’¬∫∑“ߥà«π‡Õ°¡—¬-√“¡Õ‘π∑√“ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 7,550,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,000,000 ∫“∑ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬11,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥§≥æ» µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥«‘ ¥ÿ “ ‚∑√.0-2744-0770, 085-111-6345 µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥π° ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053 L.402869 ‚∑√.0-2645-4455, 081-947-7355 NE







¡.‡æÕ√å‡ø§æ“√å§ ∂.√“…Æ√åæ≤ — π“ ´.√“¡§”·Àß 164 ∫â“π‡¥’¬Ë « 2 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 54 µ√.«.

3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ·Õ√å 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â∫°‘Í ´’, ‚≈µ— , ·ø™—πË ‰Õ´å·≈π¥å, √.æ.πæ√—µπå,  π“¡∫‘π ÿ«√√≥¿Ÿ¡‘ ‡æ’¬ß 20 π“∑’ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,200,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥π° ‚∑√.0-2645-4455, 081-947-7355 L.9702175

∂. ÿ¢ «— ¥‘Ï ´. ÿ¢ «— ¥‘Ï 78 ‚√ßß“π / ‚°¥—ß ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 96 µ√.«. æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 384 µ√.¡. 1 ÀâÕßπÈ” 4 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ∑”‡≈¥’¡“° ‡ªìπ·À≈àßπ‘§¡ æ◊πÈ ∑’ Ë ¡’ «à ß „°≈â ‡∑§‚π∫“ß¡¥, ®— ‚°â Õ¬Ÿà „°≈â∑“ß ¢÷πÈ -≈ß∑“ß ¥à«π ÿ¢ «— ¥‘,Ï «ß·À«πÕÿµ “À°√√¡ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 4,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ª√—™≠“ ‚∑√.0-2463-8333, 089-836-3699

5 ÀâÕßπÕπ 6 ÀâÕßπÈ” 8 ·Õ√å 4 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ∑“«π凌ⓠå 2 ÀâÕßµ’∑–≈ÿ‡ªìπ°‘®°“√‚√ßæ‘¡æå ∑”‡≈¥’ ∑”‡≈‡¢â“ÕÕ° ‰¥âÀ≈“¬‡ âπ∑“ß „°≈â∑“ߥà«π  ¿“楒æ√âÕ¡Õ¬ŸÕà “»—¬ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 16,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥™ÿµ°‘ “πµå ‚∑√.0-2818-0022 µàÕ 103, 085-123-7218 L.9750004


¡.ª“√‘™“µ‘ ∂.345 ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 52.6 µ√.«.

3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” „°≈â –æ“ππ«≈©«’,  “¡“√∂ ‡¥‘π∑“ß∂πππ‡ âπ√“™ƒ°…åµ¥— ÕÕ° –æ“πæ√–√“¡ 4 ‡ªìπ‚§√ß°“√·≈π¥å·Õπ¥å‡Œâ“ å ¡’√ª¿.√—°…“°“√≥å 24 ™¡. ¡’ ‚√߇√’¬πÕπÿ∫“≈„π‚§√ß°“√ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 2,800,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥°“πµå晑 ™“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0005, 089-141-6053 L.1001776



¡.´Õ¬À¡Õ‡À≈Áß ∂.√“™ª√“√¿ ´.À¡Õ‡À≈Áß ∑“«π凌ⓠå 3 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 81.4 µ√.«.


¡.¡‘µ√ª√–™“«‘≈≈à“ ∂.®—π∑√å∑Õ߇Ւˬ¡ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 93 µ√.«.

3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ·Õ√å 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ‚§√ß°“√„À≠à ‡À¡“– ”À√—∫ºŸ√â °— ∏√√¡™“µ‘ Õ“°“»¥’ ‡¢â“ÕÕ°∂π𠉥âÀ≈“¬‡ âπ ∂ππ°“≠®π“¿‘‡…°, ∂ππ®—π∑√å∑Õ߇Ւ¬Ë ¡, ∂ππ∫â“π°≈⫬-‰∑√πâÕ¬ ®“°µ≈“¥∫“ß„À≠à‡æ’¬ß 5 π“∑’ „°≈âÀ“â ß √√æ ‘π§â“À≈“¬·Ààß‚√߇√’¬π·≈–‚√ß欓∫“≈ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,800,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥®äÕ° ‚∑√.0-2923-4100-1, 089-141-6153 L.2700008 ‚∑√.


¡.·°√π¥å«≈‘ ≈å ∂.ÕàÕππÿ™ ´.ÕàÕππÿ™ 80 ·¬° 5 Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 3.5 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÕÈ ∑’Ë 19 µ√.«. æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë „™â Õ¬ 211 µ√.¡. 5 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ªŸ°√–‡∫◊ÕÈ ß∑ÿ°™—πÈ Õ“§“√Õ¬ŸÀà πâ“À¡Ÿ∫à “â π ‡À¡“–‡ªìπÕÕøøî» ·≈–Õ¬ŸÕà “»—¬ ‡¢â“´Õ¬ 200 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â ‚≈µ— ÕàÕππÿ™,  «πÀ≈«ß √.9, √.æ.«‘¿“√“¡ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥π—π ‚∑√.0-2463-8333, 089-836-3699 E




¡.∏—≠∏“√«‘≈≈à“ ∂.√—µπ“∏‘‡∫»√å Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å 5 ™—πÈ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 31 µ√.«.

2 ÀâÕßπÈ” 1 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ‡À¡“–∑”ÕÕøøî» ·≈–∑”°“√§â“ Õ¬ŸÕà “»—¬Àπ“·πà𠇥‘π∑“ß –¥«° ∫“¬∑—ßÈ ∑“ß√—µπ“∏‘‡∫»√å, °“≠®π“¿‘‡…° À√◊Õ√“™æƒ°…å ‰¥â „°≈âÀ“â ߧ“√åø√Ÿ ,å ∫‘°Í ´’, ‚√ß欓∫“≈‡°…¡√“…Æ√å∫“ß„À≠à·≈– ∂“π∑’Ë  ”§—≠À≈“¬·Ààß √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 5,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥ª≈“ ‚∑√.0-2236-7799, 081-947-7372 L.602704


¡.‡»√∞ ‘√‘ ∂.‡≈’¬∫§≈Õߪ√–ª“ ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 69 µ√.«.

æ◊πÈ ∑’Ë„™â Õ¬ 195 µ√.¡. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 2 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ‡ªìπ‚§√ß°“√„À¡à  ¿“æ∫â“𠫬æ√âÕ¡Õ¬Ÿà ‚§√ß°“√ ¡’∑–‡≈ “∫√à¡√◊πË  “∏“√≥Ÿª ‚¿§§√∫§√—π ¡’¬“¡√—°…“ §«“¡ª≈Õ¥¿—¬ 24 ™—«Ë ‚¡ß „°≈â ¡.∏ÿ√°‘®∫—≥±‘µ, ‡¥Õ–¡ÕÕ≈åß“¡«ß»å«“π, Sportcity √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 8,000,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥§ÿ≥∏‘¥“ ‚∑√.0-2960-0969,081-649-8649 L.802311

∂.‡©≈‘¡æ√–‡°’¬√µ‘ √.9 ∫â“π·Ω¥ 3 ™—Èπ √«¡ 64 µ√.«. 4 πÕπ 5 πÈ” ∫â“π„À¡à‡æ‘ßË √â“߇ √Á® ¡’ÀÕâ ßπÈ”„πÀâÕßπÕπ∑ÿ°ÀâÕß ¡’∑®’Ë Õ¥√∂°«â“ß ∫√√¬“°“»¥’ √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,900,000 ∫“∑ ‚∑√.0-2744-0900, 081-948-3130 E


∂.µ‘«“ππ∑å ´.µ‘«“ππ∑å 24 ∑’¥Ë ‘π‡ª≈à“ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 98 µ√.«.

3 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ ∑’¥Ë π‘ ∂¡·≈â« æ√âÕ¡ª≈Ÿ° √â“ß πÈ”ª√–ª“ ‰øøÑ“æ√âÕ¡ °“√‡¥‘π∑“߇¢â“ÕÕ°´Õ¬‰¡à≈°÷ ‡æ’¬ß 500 ‡¡µ√ ÕÕ°∑“ß´.µ‘«“ππµå 24 À√◊ÕÕÕ°∑“ß «—¥∫—«¢«—≠ ∑–≈ÿ·®âß«—≤𖉥â √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 3,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥®‘√°ÿ≈ ‚∑√.0-2818-0022 µàÕ 200 L.9702414

¡.π—π∑«—π ∂.«ß·À«π √—µπ“∏‘‡∫»√å ∫â“π‡¥’Ë¬« 2 ™—Èπ ‡π◊ÈÕ∑’Ë 106 µ√.«. 3 ÀâÕßπÕπ 3 ÀâÕßπÈ” 4 ·Õ√å 4 ∑’®Ë Õ¥√∂ „°≈â∫°‘Í ´’, ‚Œ¡‚ª√, §“√åø√Ÿ ,å √.æ.‡°…¡√“…Æ√å √“§“‡ πÕ¢“¬ 7,500,000 ∫“∑ µ‘¥µàÕ§ÿ≥µÿ°ä µ“ ‚∑√.0-2923-4100-1, 089-141-6153 W


»Ÿπ¬å´Õ◊È -¢“¬-‡™à“-®”πÕß-Õ —ßÀ“√‘¡∑√—æ¬å ∫.Õ‘‘π‡µÕ√å‚Œ¡ ‡√’¬≈µ’È ‡Õ ‡µ∑ ®”°—¥ WWW.INTERHOME.CO.TH 02-946-6206

Ω“°¢“¬‚¶…≥“ ø√’

085-920-7334 081-808-0633 ´.«—¥°Ÿâ ∂.√—ß ‘µ-π§√𓬰 ∂.‡æ‘¡Ë  ‘π ´.≈“¥æ√â“« 107 ∂.≈”≈Ÿ°°“ ´.≈”≈Ÿ°°“ 67 081-603-0687 ∂.·®âß«—≤π– §≈Õß 1 ∂.æÀ≈‚¬∏‘π54/1 ∂. ÿ¢ «— ¥‘Ï ´.∫—≠™“ ∂.≈“¥æ√â“« Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 4 ™—Èπ 384 µ√.«. 51 πÕπ 51 πÈ” Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 5 ™—πÈ 122 µ√.«. 55 πÕπ 55 πÈ” Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 5 ™—πÈ 200 µ√.«. 61 πÕπ 61 πÈ” 085-065-4267 Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 5 ™—Èπ 71 µ√.«. 22 πÕπ 24 πÈ” Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 5 ™—πÈ 107 µ√.«. 50 πÕπ 50 πÈ” Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 3 ™—πÈ 87 µ.√.«. 27 πÕπ 27 πÈ” «‘«·¡àπÈ” µ‘¥∂ππ„π´Õ¬ πà“≈ß∑ÿπ ‡¢â“-ÕÕ°„™â°“√å¥  –æ“π·¥ß §≈Õß 1 ¬à“π™ÿ¡™π πà“≈ß∑ÿ𠵑¥∂ππ‡æ‘¡Ë  ‘π „°≈âµ≈“¥ πà“≈ß∑ÿπ µ÷°„À¡à  √â“ß 1 ªï Àà“ß∂ππ≈”≈Ÿ°°“ 150 ‡¡µ√ „À¡à ∑”‡≈¥’ Àà“ß ∂. ÿ¢ «— ¥‘Ï 800 ‡¡µ√ „°≈â«ß·À«π √“¬‰¥â¥¡’ “° πà“≈ß∑ÿπ „À¡à‡æ‘ßË  √â“ß 1 ªï 081-337-6500 13 ≈â“π∫“∑ 085-909-2478 081-669-0709 21 ≈â“π∫“∑ 085-481-6988 089-925-3653 15 ≈â“π∫“∑ 081-808-0633 11.4 ≈â“π∫“∑ 25 ≈â“π∫“∑ 086-310-0409 23 ≈â“π∫“∑


∂.§ÿ¡â ‡°≈â“ («—¥∫÷ß∫—«) ∂.®√—≠ π‘∑«ß»å

11 ≈â“π∫“∑

086-028-2215 9.5 ≈â“π∫“∑

´.®√—≠œ 33 ´.√“¡Õ‘π∑√“ 21


»“≈“¬“ ´. ÿ¢¡ÿ «‘∑ 101


¡.‡»√…∞°‘® ∂. ÿ«π‘ ∑«ß»å


089-795-5766 4.9 ≈â“π∫“∑


Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 4 ™—Èπ 65 µ√.«. 28 πÕπ 28 πÈ” Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 5 ™—πÈ 33 µ√.«. 26 πÕπ 26 πÈ” Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 3 ™—πÈ 90 µ√.«. 21 πÕπ 21 πÈ” Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 3 ™—πÈ 129 µ√.«. 23 πÕπ 23 πÈ” Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 4 ™—πÈ 61 µ√.«. 20 πÕπ 21 πÈ” ÀÕæ—° 2 ™—πÈ 78 µ√.«. 12 πÕπ 12 πÈ” ∑”‡≈¥’ Õæ“√嵇¡πµå 3 ™—Èπ 78.6 µ√.«. 22 πÕπ 22 πÈ” √â“ß„À¡à ¡.µ√’∫¥’»√ „°≈â¢π àßæ◊Èπ∑’Ë 4 √“¬‰¥â¥’ ∑”‡≈¥’ ‡¢â“´Õ¬ 300 ‡¡µ√ „°≈⧓√åø√Ÿ å πà“≈ß∑ÿπ „°≈â ¡.¡À‘¥≈ »Ÿπ¬å√“™°“√ πà“≈ß∑ÿπ  ¿“æ„À¡à „°≈â𧑠¡≈“¥°√–∫—ß  π“¡∫‘π √“¬‰¥â¥¡’ “° πà“≈ß∑ÿπ ºŸ‡â ™à“‡µÁ¡ πà“≈ß∑ÿπ „°≈â√∂‰øøÑ“ BTS ‡¢â“-ÕÕ°À≈“¬∑“ß „°≈âÀ“â ßœ √.æ. √.√.Õ—  —¡™—≠

089-126-2200 9 ≈â“π∫“∑

084-879-1906 6.5 ≈â“π∫“∑

089-779-6164 5.8 ≈â“π∫“∑

086-326-3539 5 ≈â“π∫“∑

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02-944-3840-43, 089-205-5899 ¢“¬Õ“§“√æ“≥‘™¬å „À¡à °«â“ß 7 ¡. ≈÷° 14 ¡. µ°·µàß·≈â« ∑”‡≈¥’ ·À≈àß™ÿ¡™π πà“≈ß∑ÿ𠵑¥ √√.Õ—  —¡™—≠ æ√âÕ¡ºâŸ‡™à“·∫√π¥å‡π¡ ¢“¬ 4.3 ≈â“π

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Thursday February 5, 2009

THE SPORT briefly Allen’s game-winner extends Celtics’streak

Ray Allen

Sharpshooting Ray Allen beat the flu, the clock and the Philadelphia 76ers.Allen took a pass from Paul Pierce and nailed the game-winning three-pointer from the left corner with fivetenths of a second remaining, lifting the visiting Boston Celtics to their 12th consecutive victory, 100-99 over the 76ers. “Any time you have any type of a sickness you focus more,” said Allen, who scored 12 of his 23 points in the fourth. – DPA

Mitsubishi Motors says sayonara World motorsports took another blow from the global economic crisis yesterday as Mitsubishi announced it would no longer compete in the Dakar Rally despite a dozen victories. The Japanese team won the annual event seven times running until its disappointing performance this year. “It is extremely regrettable. I am sorry for our fans. We were a good team too,” said Mitsubishi Motors president Osamu Masuko. “Since 2004, we continued to participate in the rally even in difficult times by cutting costs. We gained much technologically during this time. It pains me to say we will no longer be able to participate,” he said. – AFP

Raiders keeping Cable as coach The Oakland Raiders retained head coach Tom Cable, officially removing the interim designation from his title more than five weeks after their season ended. Cable’s win-loss record was 4-8 after replacing Lane Kiffin in October. – AFP

Moorad to buy San Diego Padres Former agent Jeff Moorad reached an agreement for his group to buy the San Diego Padres from majority owner John



2-1 Kari Lehtonen made 39 saves and then stopped two more shots in the shootout to lead the Thrashers to a victory over the New York Rangers.


Moores, a move that could help prop up the team’s sagging onfield fortunes. Moorad, who resigned last month as chief executive officer of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and his group will acquire 100 per cent ownership during a period of up to five years, subject to approval by Major League Baseball owners. – AFP

Ramirez rejects Dodgers offer Major League Baseball star Manny Ramirez has rejected a one-year, US$25 million contract offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Ramirez latest offer chopped one year and $20 million off the deal Los Angeles put on the table at the November general managers meetings. – AFP

Syringes contain Clemens’DNA Roger Clemens’ DNA has been linked to blood found in the syringes that ex-trainer Brian McNamee used to inject the allstar pitcher with performanceenhancing drugs, according to a published report. The DNA results could prove critical if prosecutors seek an indictment of Clemens on charges he lied about using steroids. - AFP

Burnley thank Thompson brace as they gun down West Bromwich Albion A F P , London

hampionship side Burnley progressed to the fifth round of the FA Cup, as they beat West Bromwich Albion of the Premier League 3-1 on Tuesday. Wade Elliott gave them the lead just before half-time, and Steve Thompson added a second goal just after the break. Gianni Zuiverloon pulled one back on the hour, but Burnley responded positively and, with three minutes remaining, Thompson added his second. Burnley have already had a remarkable giant-killing run this season, eliminating Fulham, Chelsea and Arsenal from the League Cup - before giving Tottenham Hotspur an


almighty scare. And they continued that form on Tuesday. Robbie Blake, the tormentor of Spurs, was again impressive, putting a first-half free-kick just over. Brian Jensen, Burnley's huge Danish goalkeeper, made an excellent save from Roman Bednar five minutes before the break. West Brom seemed dominant at that stage, but on the stroke of half-time a half-cleared ball fell for Elliott at the edge of the box, and he lashed a superb volley past Scott Carson. Seven minutes into the second half, Burnley doubled their lead. Christian Kalvenes' cross was superb, and, although Martin Paterson's header hit

the back of Ryan Donk, Thompson swept in the rebound. That was perhaps unrepresentative of the balance of play, and West Brom pulled one back eight minutes later. Full-back Zuiverloon, pushed into midfield as West Brom chased the game, calmly stroked in his first for the club. But Burnley dug in and, as West Brom committed men forward, looked increasingly dangerous on the break. The decisive third came on 87 minutes, with Blake cutting the ball back for Thompson. Burnley will be away to either Arsenal or Cardiff in the next round.

Sky seals TV deal The English Premier League said yesterday it had struck a deal with BSkyB for the broad-

Thursday February 5, 2009



Fabio Capello

Peter Velappan



“England is a fantastic place for the World Cup. Football needs to be back in England after a lot of years and I hope it will be here in 2018 because we need another time, the World Cup. I think England needs, football needs [it] back home.”

“Aside from Qatar, West Asia opposes Bin Hammam. The Arabs reject him. China, South Korea and Malaysia are totally against the Qatari. Members are fed up with Bin Hammam’s behaviour.”

Arshavin finally wheeled out as Gunner in London rsenal finally completed the signing of Andrei Arshavin from Zenit St Petersburg on Tuesday, hoping the Russian star can revive their faltering bid to win the Premier League title. The 27-year-old attacking midfielder, one of the stars of Euro 2008 who also helped Zenit win last season’s Uefa Cup, finalised his move after delays caused by paperwork took the announcement past Monday’s transfer deadline. “It was very hard days for me but now it doesn’t matter,” Arshavin said as he stood outside the Emirates Stadium holding an Arsenal No 23 shirt with his name on it. “I’m a Gunner. I’m happy to be at Arsenal. I like Arsenal’s style. I like Arsene Wenger as a coach. I like some of the players from this team.” Arsenal said Arshavin signed a long-term contract but the fee was not disclosed. Zenit said the player had signed a 3 1/2 year deal and the transfer fee was around £15 million. “We are delighted to have signed Andrei Arshavin. He is a player I have admired for a long time,” said Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, whose fifth-place team has fallen 10 points be-


Burnley’s Steven Thompson, centre, after scoring during their fourth-round FA Cup replay against West Bromwich.

caster to continue showing the majority of live matches in a deal reportedly worth more than one billion pounds. “The Premier League has awarded four of the six audiovisual rights packages to BSkyB for seasons 2010-13,” a statement on the Premier League’s website said. “We will be proceeding to a second round of bidding for the remaining two packages in due course.” The Times newspaper, which like BSkyB is owned by News Corporation, reported that the broadcaster had paid more than £1 billion to retain its four existing packages. They allow BSkyB’s Sky channels to show 92 of the 138 live matches available each season. A second round of bidding on the two remaining packages, which is thought to involve Sky,

Setanta and ESPN, could push the overall TV receipts above the £1.7 billion from the deal for the 2007-2010 seasons, the Times said. The injection of TV cash from Sky has been credited as driving the rise of the Premier League as the most lucrative in world football, capable of attracting many of the best players and wealthy club owners. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns Chelsea, American tycoon Malcolm Glazer bought Manchester United and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi took over unfashionable Manchester City last year. Premier League clubs spent a record £160 million on new players in the just-closed winter transfer window, defying the financial crisis in the wider economy.

Pichitpong Choeichiew is carrying an injury.

Thailand face stiff Saudi test DAILY XPRESS

Russian international Andrei Arshavin jinks his way to Arsenal.

ational coach Peter Reid is hoping his side will beat Saudi Arabia for the first time in a quarter of a century when the two sides meet in a friendly in Japan today. The Middle-Eastern side has a great record against the Kingdom, registering 10 wins out of 11 in their previous meetings. The solitary victory for the Thai team came in 1984 when they ran out 3-1 winners in a friendly. Today’s fixture was arranged as part of Saudi Arabia’s preparation for their World Cup qualifier against North Korea next Wednesday. The game will take place at Chendai City where freezing conditions have hampered the Thais’ training so far. Thai players yesterday spent the afternoon training outdoor despite snow falling throughout the practice session. All the team members attended the full training except midfielder Pichitpong Choeichiew who is injured. Worawi Makudi, the Football Association of Thailand president, believed the game comes at the right moment as Reid’s men appeared to have hit top form. “We have to accept that they are a “Grade A” team on the continent. They’ve qualified for the World Cup more than anyone in the region,” he said.




hind Manchester United in the Premier League title race. “He is a versatile player with great experience, who will add real quality to our squad. Andrei is an exciting impact player with a huge amount of ability and has been an influential force with both Zenit St Petersburg and the Russian national team in recent seasons.” Arshavin is unlikely to play against north London neighbours Tottenham in the Premier League on Sunday. He has been idle since the Russian season finished in November. “I might be on Friday or Saturday, but I’m not fit now,” he said. “It will be decided by Arsene whether I can play or not.” On Tuesday, a few dozen Arsenal fans stood in slush behind barricades outside Emirates Stadium to get a first glimpse of Arshavin. He signed autographs and shook hands with fans, some of whom already were wearing Arsenal shirts with the Russian’s name on the back. Arshavin smiled as he posed for photos with fans, and while his English was broken, he has already picked up on Arsenal’s nickname. He pronounced it as “Gooner,” the common vernacular used by Arsenal fans.


A P , London



Thursday, February 5, 2009


A ROUND WITH OBAMA Woods looking forward to Tour return and playing with US president BLOOMBERG, Orlando

iger Woods said he’s looking forward to returning to the US PGA Tour, the birth of his second child and a round of golf with US President Barack Obama. Woods, who hasn’t played competitive golf since undergoing knee surgery in June, said on his website that he’s going full-bore in practice sessions with coach Hank Haney at Isleworth Country Club near his home in Orlando, Florida. Woods, 33, hasn’t said when he might return to action and that his comeback is dependent on building stamina and when his wife Elin gives birth to the couple’s second child, which is due this month. The Masters, the first major tournament of the season, is sched-



Tiger Woods, right, and New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter during the launch of a Gillette razor in Orlando, Florida, yesterday. uled for April 9-12 in Augusta, Georgia. “A lot depends on the baby, which is due pretty soon,” Woods, the world’s No 1 golfer, said. “That takes precedent over anything I do golf-wise.” Woods, who in October said he was “very confident” about playing at the Masters, is get-

ting excited about returning. “Early on, I didn’t miss golf because I enjoyed staying home with Elin and [daughter] Sam, and I knew I wasn’t physically able to play,” Woods said. “The truth is, I would have embarrassed myself. Now, I’m getting my feel and practice back. It’s just a matter of playing

more on the course.” Woods also said that he was honoured to speak at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on January 18 as part of the ceremonies leading up to Obama’s Presidential inauguration. He said that while Obama has a busy schedule, the two agreed to get together at some point for a round of golf. “We didn’t get to talk much,” Woods said. “I didn’t want to get in his way. I did ask him if he wanted to play golf and he said, ‘I’d love to.’ So we’ll make it happen.” As for his own schedule, Woods remains uncertain. “The perfect scenario is I come back without a hitch and play a full schedule,” said Woods, who took part in 16 PGA Tour events in 2007 and 15 in 2006. “At this point, especially with the baby coming, I’m taking it tournament to tournament. With our new addition, it’s going to be a hectic spring.”


Tiger hardly uses video for tips AP, San Diego


wing coach Hank Haney spoke to a full house at the US PGA Merchandise Show last week, and with the topic centered around instruction he delivered one tidbit that might have surprised some of the teaching pros. “In the 5 1/2 years that I’ve worked with Tiger [Woods], we’ve used video probably four times,” Haney said. “That might surprise a lot of people.” He paused and offered a wry smile. “Then again, he’s on TV all the time, especially with some of the highlights,” Haney said. “He’ll call me up and say, ‘Did you see that swing on 16?’ But he knows what his mistakes look like. Once he sees a swing on video, he won’t be surprised.” Haney couldn’t say when the world’s No 1 would return.“He’s not ready right now,” Haney said.

Thursday, February 5, 2009




THAIS THRASH TAIWAN Tamarine and Suchanan rout a depleted squad in Fed Cup opener DAILY XPRESS

hailand got off to a flying start in the Fed Cup Zone Asia/Oceania Qualifying Group I tie yesterday with a 3-0 win over Taiwan at the State Tennis Centre in Perth. With its top two players Chan Yung-jan and Hsieh Suwei absent, Taiwan fielded a second-string team, who were not up to the task against the star-studded Thailand in the Pool A preliminary round. The Kingdom’s No 2 Suchanun Viratprasert won the first rubber for Thailand, defeating Hwang I-Hsuan 7-6 (73) 6-1. Tamarine Tanasugarn, despite suffering from a cold, eased past Chan Chin-Wei 6-2 6-0. Thailand made a clean sweep of the tie when Tamarine and teenage prodigy Noppawan Lertcheewakarn beat Hwang I-



Tamarine Tanasugarn bashes a backhand to Taiwan’s Chan Chin-wei. Hsuan and Chuang Chia-jung Chuang 6-1 6-7 (5-7) 6-1. In the second round-robin match today, Thailand have a tough task against top seed and hosts Australia, who boast big guns like Samantha Stosur and a resurgent Jelena Dokic, fresh from her run to the

Australian Open quarter-finals. “I have to cut down unforced errors and play my natural game against Dokic,” said Suchanan. “She hits big and goes for the lines.’’ Tamarine, who will take on Stosur, said: “Australia are

tough. They have good players in the singles and the doubles, but we have nothing to lose.” Meanwhile, India’s chances of reaching the next stage of the Federation Cup have been dealt a major blow with the late withdrawal of Sania Mirza. India’s top-ranked female player was expected to spearhead its challenge in the playoffs in Perth this week. However, she was back home in India when her team – now down to three women – stepped onto court for its first tie, against New Zealand, yesterday. Mirza cited a stomach strain as her reason for withdrawing. “I will be taking a week’s rest because of a tear in my abdominal muscle before beginning preparations for the Thailand and the Dubai Opens,” she said. “It is the biggest honour to play for your country, but unfortunately this injury came up. “My body held up pretty well during the grand slam but I am not yet ready for a long, demanding schedule.”

150 teams for River Kwai Adventure DAILY XPRESS


ore than 150 teams from around the world have confirmed their participation in the North Face Adventure Race River Kwai Trophy on February 28 in Sayoke district, Kanchanaburi. Serge Henkens, the race director and managing director of Active Management Asia, said the increasing popularity of adventure racing has finally received recognition in the country. “After three years, the adventure race has attracted the attention of the media, sponsors and Thai athletes alike. It is becoming highly popular in Thailand. Forty per cent of competitors are Thai compared to only 15 two years ago,” he said. The North Face River Kwai Trophy will challenge competitors with four disciplines: running, cycling, kayaking and swimming.




Thursday, February 5, 2009


STRIKING OUT ON STEROIDS Barry Bonds is in court facing charges of testing positive for performanceenhancing substances in 2003.



BARCA Arsenal’s Spanish international midfielder Cesc Fabregas

wants to return to Barcelona next season where he would have a better chance of playing in the Champions League, sports daily Marca reported yesterday. The 21-year-old, who has been in Spain recovering from a serious knee injury that has left him sidelined since December, has met with people linked to the runaway leaders of the Spanish club in recent weeks, it said. “The message he has sent out to all is that he is crazy for Barcelona to sign him for next season,” said the report. Barcelona does not want to pay more than US$ 26 million for the player because “no one would understand a huge payout for a player who came through the club’s youth team,” the newspaper added. Fabregas joined Arsenal from the youth ranks of Barcelona in July 2003. Meanwhile, Barcelona striker Thierry Henry could be offloaded at the end of the season, despite his great form, in a bid to boost the Spanish giants’ coffers, Spanish sports daily AS claimed. AS said that Nou Camp chiefs want to cash in by selling the former Arsenal striker at the end of this season.



Trust in me, says Gooner Arshavin

Tiger wants to play with Obama

Arsenal’s new signing Andrei Arshavin had a message for the Gunners’ fans as he set off on his new career at the Emirates Stadium: “Trust in me and Arsenal.” Arshavin, who hopes to help bring silverware to the Arsenal sideboard after some barren years, also said it had been a “dream move” and told Sky television cameras he had been a “Gooner”, or Arsenal supporter, for some time. >PAGE 25

Tiger Woods said he’s looking forward to returning to the US PGA Tour, the birth of his second child and a round of golf with US President Barack Obama. Though Obama has a busy schedule, the two agreed to get together at some point for a round of golf. “I did ask him if he wanted to play golf and he said, ‘I’d love to.’ So we’ll make it happen.” >PAGE 26

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