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Volunteer Spotlight LOUISE FINGER was born and raised in Albemarle County with lots of siblings, dogs, cats, and horses. She studied biology and natural resources at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. Louise moved back to Charlottesville 23 years ago, and now lives in the mountains of western Albemarle with “the best three dogs and three cats of all time.” She is the stream restoration biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, primarily working on rivers and streams in Central and Western Virginia. BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Suzanne Owen, Chair Mark Sackson, Vice Chair Lisa Ross Moorefield, Secretary Gina Bayes, Treasurer Jenn Corbey Rebecca Tarkington Craig Erin Davis, DVM Ethel deNeveu Tom Fitch Phil Shiflett Frank Squillace



3355 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901 P: (434) 973-5959 F: (434) 973-5271 Open for Adoptions: NOON-6PM DAILY


364 Hillsdale Road Charlottesville, VA 22901 (434) 293-8475 Shop and Donate: Monday - Saturday 10AM-6PM Sunday NOON-5PM



Louise has been a volunteer with the CASPCA on and off for the past 18 years. She has been an active volunteer for two years now and, during this time, has completed 550 hours of service! Louise is a dedicated, experienced dog walker, who is always willing to help train new dog walker volunteers, and does so with a friendly, positive attitude. Over the past few months, in addition to her regular weekly shifts, she has been coming in almost daily when her schedule permits – Louise is truly dedicated to getting as many dogs out for walks as possible. When not working or walking dogs at the CASPCA, she loves to ride her mountain bike on rocky ridgeline trails. Louise says, “There is nothing more gratifying to me than sharing time and love with CASPCA dogs and being a small part of this inspiring community of volunteers and staff!”

STEVE STEARNS, a Kansas Jayhawk, spent a 47-year career in information technology. With degrees in electrical engineering from Kansas University and MIT, he first worked in 1966 for Bell Labs before and after the breakup of the Bell System in 1983. In 1995, he moved to Charlottesville to work for UVa’s Medical Center, where he managed its computer center. In 2006, he moved to UVa’s academic side and finished his career as a project manager for the construction of UVa’s first dedicated data center. Steve retired from UVa on Friday, February 1, 2013. The next day, he attended a CASPCA volunteer orientation session and socialized his first CASPCA cat two days later. He recently celebrated his five-year volunteer anniversary! He’s cared for dogs and cats his entire adult life. He is drawn to cats because of their independence and their insistence on humans gaining their trust. He currently lives with three rescues, one of which may have set a record for remaining in its Safe Room: over three months. Today, Skimble (dubbed Stenny when he came close to being declared a barn cat while at the CASPCA) trusts only Steve but now roams the house with his mates, Izzy and Inara. If he could live his life again, Steve would be a cat veterinarian.

ANNE & TOM WILD started volunteering at the CASPCA in 2008 after they moved to Charlottesville from Houston, where they were involved in fostering with a local shelter. Here, they began socializing in the cat rows, dog walking, working offsite events, and helping with the Voices for Animals feral cat spay-neuter clinics. Anne and Tom have fostered hundreds of cats/kittens in their time at the CASPCA. They feel a real sense of accomplishment in working with an animal that is sick, recovering from surgery, or just antisocial, to help them along the way to finding a home. In addition to fostering, Anne and Tom now mainly volunteer in the CASPCA clinic. They spend the majority of their weekly shifts ensuring instruments are sterilized and ready for surgery. They recently shared the following: “We really love working with the staff in surgery and intake. It can be hectic, but if we can help things run a little more smoothly, it will hopefully free up staff to handle the animals. We’re so impressed that with the number of animals that pass through this facility, the staff always finds the time to treat them all as individuals.”

From the Director Angie Gunter

Executive Director

I couldn’t be happier to be at the helm of this incredible organization. My greatest passion is animal welfare, and I’m particularly invested in the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. For starters, I have five dogs and one rabbit all from this organization, and they are each so special to me. I have served as a volunteer, board member, development director, and now executive director of the CASPCA.

incurable illness or insurmountable behavior problems, according to Best Friends Animal Society. In 2016, according to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, nearly 38,000 dogs and cats were euthanized. This is a staggering number and simply unacceptable. It’s an ethical and moral dilemma, and we must put a stop to it. It’s up to us to be their voices and advocates.

I’m incredibly proud of this organization for leading the way in animal welfare. In 2006, under the leadership of then executive director Susanne Kogut, we became one of the first in the country to achieve No Kill status, and were recognized by esteemed animal-welfare group Best Friends Animal Society as the largest community to achieve No Kill status since San Francisco. • We’ve spayed/neutered nearly 61,000 animals to reduce pet overpopulation. • Nearly 31,000 animals have found loving homes in the past decade. • We have an average live release rate of 95%.

Best Friends Animal Society made a declaration in 2017 to become a No Kill nation by 2025, and the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies has a goal of being the first state to achieve this status. I intend to make sure the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is at the forefront of saving the lives of animals. I want to ensure that we lead this charge by targeting designated shelters in the state and beyond that have high euthanasia rates and helping them realize the same lifesaving success we’ve achieved. This will be accomplished through transporting them to and from our shelter for spay/neuter procedures as well as other needed medical procedures and transferring animals from shelters that have limited space.

BUT there’s still so much work to be done. Every day nearly 5,500 cats and dogs are killed in America’s shelters. This number doesn’t include approximately 2,000 that are euthanized each day for




In 2016, thanks to a challenge grant by the Perry Foundation and our generous community, we raised the money for our Compassionate Care-A-Van. We’ve had it now for over six months and already it’s proved to be a game-changer in helping us save animals, transporting them from Louisa County on a weekly basis and all the way from Houston and Atlanta; it’s proving to be one of the smartest investments in saving lives that we’ve made. But let’s face it, who’s really being saved? Animals give us so much, whether it’s a walking partner or a snuggle buddy, and ask for so little in return.They are truly members of our family. At the CASPCA, we care for every cat and dog brought to us – none are turned away. Your generous contributions go toward critical care for a dog struck by a car, or a cat in need of an operation, or toward finding the best possible homes for the many wonderful animals we care for. You can rest assured that your contributions are literally lifesavers! We are only as strong as the community we serve, and that’s why we are grateful to all of you for your shared commitment to making this world a better place for our many animal friends. Thank you for all that you do to allow us to do this lifesaving work.


How may we be of service? Compassion is just one of the many services we provide. The Charlottesville-Albemarle

SPCA is proud to offer our knowledge and skill to the greater community. All of our services are in an effort to advance the compassionate treatment of animals, promote permanent homes, further education and outreach, and provide low-cost services to our community. To learn more about any of these services, visit us online at or call our main number at (434) 973-5959.


Employee Spotlight Pam Holden

Cat Care Specialist Pam has been a part of the CASPCA team for 20 years as both a volunteer and a staff member, and is an integral part of the organization. She is a staff member whose dedication is unparalleled. She recently shared the following reflections on her time at the shelter:

“I love the ‘high’ we all feel when an animal is adopted into a loving home.”

Q: What is one of your favorite memories since working here? A: When we moved from the old shelter to the new shelter, it was an amazing landmark! Moving from a converted chicken coop to the current state-ofthe-art building was incredible. The Charlottesville-Albemarle community has been so incredibly supportive – we could not do what we do without them! One of my favorite memories is the story of Beau. He came to the CASPCA as a feral dog that had been living in the woods! He was a sweet dog that we worked with every day for almost two years, socializing him and training him. It was so gratifying when we found him

an amazing home with a young woman on a farm. Beau even helped save one of her horses.The horse had become sick and fallen, and Beau warned her and brought her to the horse! Q: What do you hope to accomplish in 2018? A: Looking to the future, I hope to gain more expertise in dealing with frightened cats and feral cats to be able to better prepare them for adoption.

To view our adoptable cats, visit us online at

− Pam Holden Q: What is the best part of your job? A: The best part of my job is working with the wonderful animals; to be able to provide them with loving care and a safe and warm environment is a blessing. It is more a ministry than a job. The CASPCA staff is amazing – we are all like a family. Q: What motivates you to continue working at the CASPCA after your many years here? A: I love the “high” we all feel when an animal is adopted into a loving home! Q: What do you feel has been your greatest contribution so far? A: I feel that my greatest contribution to the CASPCA has been the sheer number of years working and volunteering at the shelter. It truly has been a neat experience to watch the organization grow! 4

Hannah, they made the long trip from New York to Virginia. The meet-andgreet between Hannah and Casper went well, and Casper was officially adopted and on his way to the Finger Lake district of New York with his new family! The Reids drove straight through, arriving at their house at 2AM on a Saturday morning in October with snow on the ground. They realized they were totally unprepared for the incontinence issue. The blankets that lined their vehicle were used to line the carpets in their house. The Reids realized that Casper did not just leak when he slept; he also leaked no matter what he was doing– sleeping, sitting, or standing. It was a constant problem.


Casper The story of Casper is a testament to how animals with special needs, requiring extra care and patience, can bring an enormous amount of love, joy, and bonding companionship to their families.


Casper is a senior white Boxer that arrived at the CASPCA in 2015 as a stray with infections in his eyes, three puncture wounds on his upper backside, and two large lumps on his thorax and scrotum. In addition, he had several fractured teeth and suffered from periodontal disease. The lumps ended up being mast cell skin cancer tumors. After Casper’s stray hold ended, he underwent surgery to have the tumors removed. Afterwards, he spent time in critical care recovery, where excess drinking and urination were noted. It was determined to be behavioral rather than medical. He was cleared for adoption while awaiting his dental surgery.

Not long before Casper arrived at the CASPCA, Cherie and Ken Reid, in Geneva, New York, had lost their ten-year-old white boxer, also named Casper, to thyroid cancer. After the great loss, Casper’s sibling Hannah became very depressed and “lost her spark.” The Reids decided to find Hannah a new companion and began their search with local Boxer rescues. They also searched, and lo and behold, they found a white Boxer – ironically also named Casper – a few states to the south, at the CharlottesvilleAlbemarle SPCA! The Reids called the CASPCA and learned of Casper’s recent surgery and medical history, including his incontinence issue. Their hearts sank when they learned about the mast cell tumors, due to the recent loss of their first Casper to cancer. Despite this news, Cherie and Ken decided to take a chance and travel to Virginia to meet Casper. With their dog

The Reids tried a variety of products made for incontinent male dogs. The disposable diapers they initially purchased worked, but they were expensive! Through a lot of trial and error, the Reids found reusable, washable, cloth belly bands that they lined with disposable pads to absorb and prevent leakage. Fortunately, Casper has a good temperament and leaves his belly bands alone. The belly band with disposable pads has allowed the Reid family to live with Casper’s incontinence. They recently shared that they “change a lot of ‘diapers’ during the day, but Casper is worth it!” He is even allowed to nap on the blanket-covered sofa! Casper is a lucky dog to have been adopted by such a loving, patient family. The Reids feel like they are the lucky ones and that the adoption of Casper was meant to be!

Scratch I was brought to Charlottesville as a Hurricane Irma rescue. Even though I was in a safe place, I disliked living in a shelter. I was so miserable that I acted out against other cats and even the staff. I could only be let out when the other cats were in their cages. The staff wasn’t sure I could find a forever family. And then everything changed when a navy veteran found me and started visiting me, and we became friends.

Send us your pet’s Save Story!

“Scratch has defied every expectation I was told to anticipate. I could not have found a better furry companion. Scratch has become family. Thank you, CASPCA.”

to visit me. I didn’t know it, but he was making changes to give me a home and was reading books to learn how to be a good cat parent. It seemed like a long time until adoption day, and there were many visits while he worked things out for my arrival. While lots of cats take their time and need to be introduced to their new home in stages, I was out of my carrier in minutes and exploring contentedly. I knew right away that I was HOME.

— Phil Lawton, veteran Phil (my human) was looking for a cat on the advice of his doctors at the VA. He found me at the CASPCA the week I was cleared for adoption. He started spending time with me, trying to build trust with me. At first, I ignored him; but every time he came to visit, he had a couple of treats and a toy for me to play with. I decided I liked it when he came

Phil spent all weekend with me making sure I was ok. He has done many things to make me feel safe and loved. I like to climb and jump up to high places. With a couple of leaps, I could get on top of the cabinets, therefore, he decided I needed

a big, tall cat tree. I supervised him while he built it. He even attached it to a coffee table for added height, so now I have the best vantage point in my apartment. He also made a cover for the stove so that I don’t burn my paws. MEOW! We are still getting all of the kinks worked out between us, but for the most part, I am one very lucky and content cat. My name at the CASPCA was Levi, but Phil named me SCRATCH because I was part of his new life in Charlottesville. He had moved to Charlottesville only three months before he met me. He and I are both “starting from scratch!” I like my little crinkle balls the best, and I LOVE CATNIP. I also like to spend most of the night on the top of my tree and then jump on Phil’s bed in the early morning. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes I sense when he has troubling memories from the war, and that’s when I come over and purr for him, and we get through it together.


When you shop for pet supplies at the CASPCA Retail Store, you are doing more than getting a good deal; you’re helping save homeless pets! All Retail Store proceeds go directly to the CASPCA’s lifesaving mission. We carry high quality and affordable pet supplies such as: Premier Easy Walk Harnesses, martingale collars, food and water bowls, beds, crates, carriers, toys, treats, scratchers, litter boxes and Frontline! The store is located directly inside of the CASPCA lobby and is open daily from Noon-6pm.

Dog Training Classes “In December 2014, I adopted Winter from the CASPCA. Even though I have had many dogs in my life, this was the first time that I had ever enrolled in a series of classes. My once very shy and underweight stray has become a social, happy and fun-to-bearound dog!”

- Testimonial from a Student:

BEGINNER FAMILY DOG CLASS: A brief introduction to the

behaviors your dog needs to be a great companion. Through this class, you will learn to communicate more effectively with your dog, improve teamwork, and have fun together. Through positive reinforcement and clicker training, your dog will learn to perform watch me, sit, down, leave it, recalls, and stays.

PUPPY MANNERS: Join us for off-leash play with other puppies, and

to start learning good manners! Socialization and play is an important part of your pup’s development. This class introduces your puppy to the cues he/she will need to be a great family dog such as sit, downs, leave its and coming when called, using positive reinforcement and clicker training. Puppy issues (housebreaking, chewing, and jumping on people, etc.) will be covered as well. 7

To register for classes, please visit

Adopt & Foster TOP 10 REASONS TO ADOPT FROM THE CHARLOTTESVILLE-ALBEMARLE SPCA 1. Save an animal’s life! 2. Break the cycle of animal overpopulation in your community. 3. Choose from a great selection of animals. 4. Adopt a pet who has received excellent care. 5. Skip the demanding “puppy or kitten phase” and take advantage of adopting an adult animal. 6. Help stop cruelty in mass breeding outfits. 7. Have a lifetime resource with shelter staff and volunteers. Be part of the CASPCA “family” for life! 8. Have the opportunity to encourage others to adopt animals from the CASPCA. 9. Pay a lot less – your adopted pet will be spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated. 10. Support an important charity and valuable community organization.

Did you know that 5,500* cats and dogs are euthanized in United States shelters daily? This number does not include the additional 2,200* that are euthanized for medical and behavior issues. Adopting from the CASPCA will help us continue our No Kill mission and ensure we continue helping overcrowded shelters work towards becoming No Kill along with us!

If you are not able to ADOPT, consider FOSTERING for the CASPCA! Hundreds of animals receive a second chance thanks to the love and compassion of our incredible network of foster families. Support from animal lovers like you is needed for us to continue to be a No Kill community. Foster home candidates include kittens and puppies who are too young to be spayed or neutered; nursing mothers; animals recovering from surgery or illness, and animals that need extra training and socialization. Fostering is flexible—it can fit your schedule and talents. If you are interested, attend a Foster Training Session. Training is offered on the second Saturday of every month at 10 am at the shelter on Berkmar Drive, in our Basement Training Room. Training will last 45 minutes and will give you all the tools you need to be a successful foster parent. To fill out a foster application or for more information, visit:


Ways to Give Your generosity makes it possible for us to continue our lifesaving work. Thanks to supporters like you, we are proud to have maintained our No Kill community. But our job is far from over. There are still pets in need who are lost, abandoned, alone, or in need of medical attention. Donating to the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is easy! Here are some of the ways you can help us provide our animals with lifesaving care:

1 Make an online donation via credit card on our website 2 Make monthly recurring gifts 3 Submit a donation in memory or honor of a pet or person 4 Sponsor one of our cats or dogs 5 Sponsor one of our kennels 6 Purchase a memorial brick for our courtyard 7 Make a legacy gift 8 Shop at the SPCA Rummage Store

364 Hillsdale Rd., Seminole Square Shopping Center | (434) 293-8475

SPCA Rummage Shop a wide array of unique treasures, home goods, clothing, and so much more! Donate clean, likenew, or gently used items to the SPCA Rummage Store. We want to thank our loyal community for their generous support! All proceeds from the SPCA Rummage Store go to support the homeless animals in need at the CharlottesvilleAlbemarle SPCA.

SHOP & DONATE: Monday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM & Sunday Noon-5PM 9

Hurricane Relief CASPCA’s Regional and National Rescue Efforts The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA made rescue missions near and far in 2017. Days after Hurricane Harvey wrought the most destructive natural disaster in over a decade upon Texas and neighboring states, a team of CASPCA staff traveled to BARC, the city of Houston’s only municipal animal shelter, to transport 70 abandoned animals back to the CASPCA for veterinary care and adoption. The rescue mission enabled BARC to make room for animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Less than a week later, the CASPCA partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to help clear the shelter at the LifeLine Animal Project, Atlanta’s local pound. The Compassionate Care-A-Van headed south and safely transported over 46 homeless animals back to the CASPCA, helping LifeLine Animal Project make room for hurricane-displaced animals. A few weeks later, CASPCA took in 25 additional animals from Houston. These animals were the most medically challenged, hard-to-place animals that had been living in an arena in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. The CASPCA made rescue missions in surrounding counties as well, transporting animals from hoarding cases and from overcrowded shelters where the animals were in danger of being euthanized. A total of 227 animals were transferred from Virginia shelters to the CASPCA in 2017. The CASPCA is fortunate to have the resources and ability to help animals in need in our region and nation. Without the Compassionate Care-AVan, an amazingly dedicated foster family network, and a very generous and supportive community, the rescue missions would not be possible! The CASPCA looks forward to strengthening its partnerships with Best Friends Animal Society, Virginia Federation of Humane Societies, and the Humane Society of the United States to rescue even more animals in 2018!

Thanks, Pawtner!

Virginia National Bank has been an invaluable partner in our mission to save the homeless, sick, and neglected animals in our community. Their stewardship of the Pawtnership Program has helped us provide the very best care and services for the thousands of dogs and cats we see each year. They have sponsored our Pets-of-the-Month, made appearances at events, and their logo is highlighted in our lobby, and on our website. Thank you, Virginia National Bank, for your years of support! Please ask us about how your business or organization can become a CASPCA Pawtner. 10

Unleash your inner party animal!

Birthday Parties Celebrate your birthday at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. Let us make your birthday one to remember with a shelter tour, fun games, and real “party animals”. Birthday parties are available for children ages five to 12, on select Saturdays and Sundays. Parties are available during two time slots: Noon-1:30PM and 3PM4:30PM. Be sure to schedule your child’s birthday party in advance, as space fills up quickly!

To book your birthday party, please visit our website at

Registration is now open! Does your child love animals? Critter Camps are for rising 3rd through 6th grade animal lovers. These one-week camps are from 9AM-3PM, Monday through Friday, at the CASPCA. Each session consists of 20 campers and two camp counselors. Our camps fill up quickly! Register your child online at

Our one-week sessions are: June 11-15–Session 1 June 18-22–Session 2 June 25-29–Session 3 July 9-13–Session 4 July 16-20–Session 5 July 23-27–Session 6 July 30-August 3–Session 7


Let’s Roll!

cage dividers to allow for space to house larger dogs. Our adorable adoptable animals can be viewed from the outside of the van through roll doors. The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA expanded its lifesaving efforts beyond its shelter walls in July 2017 when a marvelous vision became a reality: the delivery of the Compassionate CareA-Van. The Care-A-Van is a state-ofthe-art mobile unit made possible by the dedicated local community coming together and raising $73,500 to match a challenge grant from the Perry Foundation. It can transport up to 30 dogs and cats and it has a stainless steel wet exam table and removable

Wish List

region to the CASPCA for spay/neuter surgeries, assisting neighboring shelters in an effort to increase their live release rates, ultimately reducing unnecessary euthanasia in our region. The CASPCA provides contracted veterinary services for the Louisa County Animal Shelter and uses the Care-A-Van to make weekly trips to the shelter. With the Compassionate Care-A-Van, the CASPCA can visit the underserved areas of our region where pet owners have difficulty accessing and affording veterinary care, and provide wellness checkups. Be on the lookout for the Compassionate Care-A-Van out in the community!

The Compassionate Care-A-Van was on the road the morning after arrival, traveling to a local humane society to transport animals back to the CASPCA for medical treatments and spay/neuter surgeries. The Care-A-Van traveled to Houston and Atlanta in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to help clear the shelters to make room for pets displaced by the storms. It has been used at dozens of offsite adoption events and to rescue animals from hoarding cases. The Care-A-Van has been used to transport hundreds of animals in the

 Fleece Blankets

 6-Foot Dog Leashes

Want to help provide our animals with lifesaving care? Purchase any of these items at local retailers and drop them off at our shelter!

 Medium & Large Classic Kongs

 Hard Rubber Chew Toys

Visit to check out our Amazon Wish List.n ations at: 3355 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901

 Canned Dog Food

 Kuranda Beds

 Hot Dogs (yum!)

 Canned Cat Food (no seafood please)

 Non-Clumping or Regular Cat Litter

 Carefresh Shavings

 Easy-Walk Harnesses  Yoga Mats

 Windfresh Laundry Detergent  Dish Soap

 Paper Towels  Bleach

 Black Heavy-Duty Trash Bags  Scott Rags


Tribute Wall

Tribute gifts are also listed online at We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions. Please call (434) 964-3320 or email with any corrections or questions. Gifts are listed from A to Z. Amanda Brown Bob Kahn

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In honor of People Natacha Abad Jen Toe Claire Veber Dr. Robert Adams Joyce & Thurman Morris

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Interested in meeting one of our available animals? Speak with an adoption counselor by visiting the shelter or by calling (434) 973-5959.

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Patty Vandever Dana M. Eastman Susan Jamme Kathleen T. Kishore Judy Randle Talya Vardimon Jan Arnow Lucy Vigilante Ellena Amato Heather & Chuck Walker Jill Stubblefield Tom Walton Janet & John Sullivan & Toby Katherine Ward Allan & Ada Marie Kindrick Eileen Warner Ruth H. Parsons Diane Whaley Mildred S. Dean Martha Wynne Stuart & Vicki L. Hawes Bernadette WhitsettHammond Joselyn Whitsett-Bell Duncan Whittome Moffie Funk Ducie Minich

Townsend Stumpf Paige Morris

Caroline & Bill Wilhelm The Cooper Family

Heather Sullivan Catherine Wray

Jane & Barry Willard Katherine & Fred Willard

Paul & Carolyn Scott Kenneth & Gay Loftin

Ellen Susi Struthers & Fred Gignoux Champ Johnson

Sarah Williams & Ankur Gupta JustGive

Nan Seiler Eugene D. McGahren

Junior & Carol Taylor Martin Clark

Ginny Semmes Anonymous

Eryn Thiele’s Birthday Emily Hause

Judie Schrecker Joseph & Christine Melnik

Maya Seneviratne The Mundys Seth & Ella Gleamer & Joseph Sullivan Vanessa Shami Grace White Allison Shearer Christine Shearer Gary & Ann Sheppard Martin Clark Tracey Shull Brandy Martin

Timothy’s Birthday Debbie Coffield

Kylie Wilson Michelle Barksdale Libby Wilson Terry & Marc Columbus Norman Alexander Woolworth Norman & Lori Woolworth

Nancy Townsend Anne & Jay Townsend

Beverly Wright George Costanza & Arty Vandalay

John True & Joan Clark Maggie Bruno

Jane & Dick Yancey Ralph & Charlotte Dammann

Lakin Underwood Stephen K. Stearns

Bodhi Young Emily

Kim & Mac Vanderploeg Charles and Jackie Cottrell

Our son Drew Michael & Donna Marshall


In honor of Pets 9 Good Kitties Roberta & Britt Grimm Abby & Carter Craig and Barb Williamson Adelaide & Ruffin Ann McDaniel Alfredo Larry & Kitty Pettit All of your fur babies Janice Kaltenbach All your beloved pets Cyane Dandridge Williams Allie Fred & Mary Schubert Allie Midthum Dorothy J. Baughan Annie Lonni & David White April & Zebedee Meadow Teplitzky Aurora & Katrina Michele & Kenneth Kellermann Ava In Honor of Catherine Amante (Cathy) Bailey Karyl Reynolds & Bill Whary Bandit & Panda Michael & Donna Marshall Baxter Suzy McDermott Bean, Copper, Nala & Tristan Janie A. Forbes Bella Elizabeth Fuller Bella Parlette Diana & Harry Parlette, III Bo Jay Kathleen Jump Boo Bear Paulette Willard Brioche Peter Conklin Brutus & Daisy Wenche L. Wilkins


Burkley Rose & Steve Taylor Butterscotch, Cheesy, Juice & Ellie May Wendy L. Showers Cavman Dea Mahanes Caylee Jason Jaumouille Chauncery Court Susan E. Bagato Chloe Courtney Millard

Everyone’s beloved companions Holistic Animal Bodywork & Therapies Fox Barbara & Eli Lesser Franklin Carol Ann Wetmore Gabby Abby Sheila & Bertram Weiss Gilda Tony Le Vere

Chloe P. Kevin Sushka

Gracie David Hannah & Laurie McDade

Chloe & Haley Winifred Disandro

Greenpea William Ema

Chunk Andrew & Susan Vinisky

Grey Michelle & Dave Warwick

Cleo Hugh & Debbie Hawkins

Gypsy Patricia Ross

Cleopatra, Theodora, Simon, Alvin and Moley Ernie & Janice Dodrill Cobie Vicki S. Shiflett Cody Lillian Inge Cooper Charlotte & Waldo Turfboer Crystal Carrie & John Gregory Brown

Ivan & Charlie Ellen & Paul Vieth Jimmy & Izzy Susan & Michael Montgomery Julie & Memphis Scott & Karen Goss Kalu Sahar Z. Akhtar Kelley Kats James & Sharon Kelley Kenzie Carolyn & Ronnie Neal

Desi Emily McKean

King Tut Lucy Bongers-Cupp

Dixie, Daisy & Duke Jim & Jan O’Kelley

Kringle Holistic Animal Bodywork & Therapies

Doc & Tucker Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Howell Dolley Diana & Douglas Zanzot Duck Harlowe The Harlowe Family Ella Julia Warner Emma Debbie White & Roy Cadoff Enzo Marilyn A. Marquardt

Leroy Molly Rossberg Libby Susan Lee Foard Lillith Marie Keese Lily Renee M. Severin Lily Betty & Dale Crutchfield Lincoln (aka Little Man) Cynthia Sullivan

Lizzie Katherine L. Smallwood Lois & Gomez Irene & Elliott Jennings Loretta Divine Jennifer A. Trompetter & Rich Warren Lucky James E. Craig, Jr. Lulu & Maisie Karen & Neal Goodloe Mack & Ellie Dana Grimm Maddie Charlie Sallwasser Susan & George Sallwasser Maddux Rachel & Andy Shelden Madre Linda Leshowitz & Tim Brazill Mammy Jo Ann Gray Matilda Alyssa Mikytuck Memphis Jennifer & Brendan Meyer Mickey Nancy & Richard Smith Miss Priss & Blackie Natalie Belt

Miss Zoe Janet Gorman Missy, Sheba & Megan Bob & Judy Polhemus Mistou Mulligan Jill Mulligan Misty Libby Palmer Mossman Mokie Susan & Thomas Bunting

Oreo Jake and Alison Selverstone Patches, Monkee & Bitsy Shirley J. Crickenberger Peppo Jesse Harshaw Piper Chelsea Frost Poppy Anonymous

Molly Lou & Alan Williams

Porter Julie Cook

Murphy Richard Grandage

Prince Michael & Donna Marshall

Murray Stephanie D. Bickers My cats Alice E. Dulaney My feral cats Rose Vayo My Pack of Six Holistic Animal Bodywork & Therapies Olive Standish Family Foundation Fund Olive, Bone & Andie Diana & Terry Saunders Ollie Barbara Pemberton

Puff & Liz Ike Presson Pussy & Riot Terri Di Cintio & Chip King Quinque & Cayenne Barbara Page Riley Owen Julia O. Rea Rocky & Scruffy Barbara & Charles Patterson Rudy Jeanne & Albert Huber Rufus Karen & Bill Hartman

Sam & Dex Karen & C.C. Ballard

Whitey Cat Doris & Paul Mays

Susan Baber Thomas Baber

Irv Brownfield Jacqueline Brownfield

Sammi & Zeus Pat Hayman

Wildcat Barbara Hartless & Joe Sutherland

Kit Baney Robert Baney

Beloved Dad, James Hamilton Browning, Jr Bonnie & Daniel Kliamovich

Sammy, Ernesto, Tobey & Cookie Jayne Brittle & James Jokl Sandy Anna Jane Hayes

Will Deb Higgins Yogi Marvin & Brenda Gose

Saturn Rachel DiLuciano

Zack, Truman & Jasmine Kay S. Ruffner

Scout Nell & David Hibbitts

Zazzle Cemile Kahveci

Sierra & Domino Diane Hillman

Zoe & Ziggy Catherine Tremblay

Spot Ernest D. Dunn

In memory of People

Stray Susan Hatfield Sugar & Ozzie Jarvis Gail Jarvis & Stacy Walker Sybil Mary Kirby Tacy, Bear, Megan & Burt Judy Bancroft The animals found at Smith & Robertson Smith & Robertson, Inc. The Houston animals Thomas & Sheridan Nicholson The rescued dogs and cats from Houston and Atlanta Renate Voris The stray cat & her five kittens Erica Conner Tiki & Mano Rene Bond Tramp Penny & Thomas Troutman Trixie & Ollie Polly L. Sibert Truman William C. Kennedy Twinkle Willow Kittlesen Violet Christopher & Denise Mislow

Harriett Adams Kenneth & Gay Loftin Robin & Mani Aldridge Robert J. & Rebecca L. Vanlier Cathy Amante In Honor of Catherine Amante (Cathy) Glenn Anderson Gary & Amy Haden Judy Herndon LexisNexis Ronald & Cheryl Snead Andy Shelbia & Alan Lengel Anne James G. Kavanaugh, Jr. Clyde Eugene “Gene” Arnette, Jr. Roy M. Clements, Jr. Shelby T. Clements Kathleen Donnelly Susan & Jim Emmart George & Laura Foussekis Kathy & Mike Fuller Sarah & Skeeter KeyJoanne & Bob McNergney Ellen & Stuart Saltzman Teresa & Keith Shaner Ruth & Betty Titterington Adelaide E. Arnold Crutchfield Doris Ashby Finlay Ashby Michael Howard Baber Robert & Marie Lyons, Jr.

Scott M. Bardin Anne & Tom Wild Carroll Bates Courtney Bates Martin Battestin Ruthe Battestin Charlotte Batty Chris A. Matthews Harry L. Beazell Mary Linda & Ron Scott Frank & Doris Beddow Delores & David Brush Barry Behrman PunchOut2Go Firtina & Kelebek Bekcikedisi Sue Ann McCarty Richard Billies Athena Pappas Rick Billies Crystal Grady Richard Billies, Jr. Jessica Kibbe Barry Jacob Arthur Binney Boyd and Michele McCauley Eleanor Blattmann Jay & Leslie DeHaven Peggy Harbert Christen Osburn Jude Sutton Block Andrew and Kelli Block Family Fund Pamela Bonman Victor & Julie Zaydfudim Marie Booth Corning Incorporated Leadership Team Forest Bosserman Earl Senger Helyn E. Boyle Karen Reid Sansom Jennifer Braverman Barbara & Jeffrey Berger Larry Breakiron Jack & Sue Au Lee & Teiko Breakiron Sarah A. Marshall

Drew Bunn The Bunn Family Jean Burmeister Kathleen Callaghan Jose & Beatrice Calhelhas J. C. Leonard Jeri Campbell William Bolton William & Sheller Bolton Joyce Page Brandt Campbell & Christian Bobbye Cohen Timothy & Corinne Conlon Faulconer Construction Company, Inc. Tom & Marilynn Gale M.K. Juraco Ann & David Normansell Paula & Randy Page Peggy & Craig Pickering Dorothy Richards Karen Rose Roudabush, Gale & Associates, Inc. Brenda C. Stevens Christina Strickland Michele & Ellison Thomas Lynda & William Vining Jean & Munsey Wheby Lorna Card Jane & Bruce Greyson

Crystal Coleman Jane & Rodney Biltonen Virginia Ewing Anne Hicks Jackie & Charles Newton Brenda & Perry Stubbs Ursula Collier Strider Amy Bithell Brown David & Vreni Collier Absent Companions Tuck & Sandra Landry Arlene Conner Nancy Fisher & Ledford Carpenter, Jr. Shelly Cook Linda Cook Gary Cornick Linda Cornick Becky Coyner Russell & Bobbie Mooney Pearl H. Craddock Montie Craddock Louise K. Craig James E. Craig, Jr. James “Dewey” Crawford William Robinson, III Scott Cruden Kay & Pat Butterfield Steve Damm Marilyn D. Hocking CoCo Davis Dotty Bohannon

Carl Deane Ilma Deane Linda DeMong Carol & Mike Atchison James & Margaret Barrett Mary Pamela Batchellor Thomas & Mary Jo Bateman James Browne Anne & Jim Burroughs Beverly & George Davis Richard DeMong Mark, Charlotte & Caroline Estabrook Sarah & Jack Esterhay Cynthia Ferguson Friend Henry Griffin Erica Gupta Michael & Leanne Hoffman Karen & Skip Paul Kidwell & Averi Pakulis Jeffrey Lovold Jan McDougal Julie & Alan H. Matsumoto Lorna Derry Miller Don, Lisa, Peyton & William Morin James Peterson Larry & Kitty Pettit Dorothy Richards William Rosen Susan Rumsey Mark Shaffrey Katrina Sherrerd Linda & Jeff Sobel Mary Stack Nancy & Thomas Strassburg

Bryant Carpenter Sarah A. Marshall Wallace & Donna Nunley Christine & Eric Schrank Dr. Freeman Cary John M. Nabers Walter Chaffin Virginia C. Amiss Jan Chaffin Linda Estes Elaine Norman, Paula Epperson and Borgie Silano Jean R. Sampson Rose Marie Chioni, PhD Mary Tatum Bill Clark Missing our Dad


Linda Denz Rose & Steve Taylor Elliott Dougherty Holly & Ed Connell Robert & Sabina McMahon Bruce J. Edmonds Bruce Koplin lone Entenmann William Petri

Betty & George Callaway Virginia & Gregory Douglas Carla Jenkins Martha Jones Peter Leach The Luparello Family Rebecca Orsund Melanie & Brian Rader Rapidan Baptist Church Regina, Judy & Leslie Robinson Vivian Wade Holly & Jerry Watkins

Pete Grine Katherine & David Barto Johanna Grossmann Samuel Rothgeb, Jr. Kathryn Grotz Shentel Management Company Roy W. Guillemin Carole A. Guillemin Lucy Hale Mary Lyle Preston Herman & Mabel Haney Ronald & Cheryl Snead Piearson Harris Anne & Scott Morrill Robbie Harris AHS Class of 1986 Marie Ballenger Michele Blazek Ruby & John Cronk Carl Longmire, Jr Siobhan Reddy Vivian Wade Kelly West Robert N. Harris Betty & Joseph Saunders Heidi Hooper Susan Kaplan Bonnie & Daniel Kliamovich Jon Hukari Karen Hukari

John Eorio Lisa Eorio & Cliff Maxwell Ruth Estep Joi Estep Bob Faris Ann B. Faris Colleen Figula Kelly M. Deichert John & June Fink Jane H. Fink June Fink Warren Rucker Cynthia Taylor Ernest A. Flynn Wendy Flynn Grace Fruehauf Lawrence and Mary Tropea


Doris Garrison Judith & Daniel Berry Roxanne Berry & Mike Kulenguski Michele Bloodworth

Mike & Kelly West Doris Berry Garrison Pauline Piotrowski Helen Garrison Mary Poole Preston “P.E.” Gianniny Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office Foundation Kathryn & Robert Brust Maureen Moore Clark George & Laura Foussekis Alma & Bob Gianniny Ronald Pugh Cindi & John Sanborn Vicki S. Shiflett Faye & Bill Williams Goldie David & Deborah Allen Terry Goldman Diana Goldman Britt Gore Chris Gore

William Isaacs Natalie & Alan Purvis Delana Jackson John Jackson Patricia Jensen Patricia A. Cook Dr. Charles M. Johnson, III Lucy Welbourn Johnson Bradley Joyce Carol & Mike Atchison Susan, Thomas & Ashlee Birckhead Madeleine Chandler Keith & Laurie Curtin Doug & Drene DeGood Jean H. Dyer Ron & Nancy Fischer Dulcy Giuliano Thomas & Mary Goodrich Hal & Mary Alice Green Keith & Sheryl Haney Jim & Betty Hicks Bryan & Karen Holliday

William Huntley & Family Jim & Nina Johnston Patricia Kohl Anne & John Kuehler Hal & Cathy Lippard Susan Mathis Mid Atlantic Car Wash Technology, Inc. Bobby & Joyce Morris Larry & Kitty Pettit Mary & Dave Pullin Karen Read Betsey Soulsby Rebecca Steele The Titus Family Cathy & Joe Teague Polly & Tom Thompson Susie & Mark White Darlene Kaufman Lori M. Kaufman Debbie, Mary & Bobby Kay Minnie Kay James L. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Kessler Jr. Morning Glory Gardeners, LLC Ronald Kite Fletcher & Sally Askew Ann Barnes Joan G. Canevari Julie Coiner Jane Dudek deButts Doris H. Faulconer Ida Simmons & Butch Girdley Beverly & Thomas Glascock Barbara R. McGill Elizabeth F. Morgan Morning Glory Gardeners, LLC James & Sherron Pace Cindi & John Sanborn Courtney Sargeant Betty & Joseph Saunders Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner Louise & Dickie D. Tayloe, II Shirley & Tom Welch Edna P. Wood John Knight Lynn Dillon, Dan & Robin Shepherd, Dale & Martha Nygaard Andrea Geppert Mike Grine Kelly J. Hayhurst Susan Moore Tim Sigmon Dudrey Smith Toyota InfoTechnology Center USA, Inc Joe G. Valencia Dr. John Knight Shinichi Shiraishi

John C. Knight Myra Cohen Angie Lavendar & Tammy Lambert Roger Knight Anonymous Linda Columbus & Cam Mura James & Sharon Kelley Hope Lally Gabriele Ford Jack Larimore In memory of Jack Larimore Peter M. Larsen Schuyler Larsen Robert Laverty Catherine Bub Jean LaViolette Adria LaViolette and Jeff Hantman Paul LaViolette Adria LaViolette and Jeff Hantman Darrell Lease Rose & Steve Taylor Brian Lee Maryann & David Lee Nancy Lewis Carol Manning Western Albemarle High School Doug Lientz Margaret H. Craig Margaret F. Haney Ellen Hickman Susan Kaplan Barbara R. McGill Elizabeth F. Morgan Virginia S. Payne Thomas Lively Larry & Barbara Green Joyce Locke Laurie Lowrance Alison & Steve Stokes Kitty & George Eudailey Rhonda & John Jones, Jr. Dema Lynn Strategic Financial Solutions, Inc. Mac MacDonald Lindsay Ideson Alice MacInnis Kay & Pat Butterfield Elaine Johnson Maureen S. McCusty Sue Rainey

Lisa Mann Kathy & Sam McKelvey Colleen Marchetti Rebecca Turner Jean Marshall Ane Powers Charitable Fund Jean Mackellar Marshall Irene Norvelle & Nina Rothamel Sarah A. Marshall Ricky Marshall Deaf Dogs Rock El Martin Jenny Mead Richard B. Roberts Virginia H. Mawyer Mount Olivet United Methodist Church Marvin & Geraldine McCarter Michelle Pitsiokos Casey McCarty Jane & Mark McCarty Jenny Mead Jane McCauley Michael & Donna Marshall Sally Mead Sandy MacGregor Lois & Warren Pitts Kristin Meyer Friends of Kristin Meyer Bertel & Ellen Mikkelsen Ina & John Mikkelsen Julie Morris Richard Morris Doris Murphy The Four Seasons Tennis Club Elizabeth Murray Wendy K. Caldwell Charlie Nelson Mary Lee & Charles Armstrong Jim Nespeco LaDonna Winegar James Nicely Heidi Andrion Melissa Ingram Peggy & Frank Ingram Darlene LebedevMatulka Patty Luke Velma Irene Norvelle Roy M. Clements, Jr. George Crafts

Susan & James Demas Jeanne Fournier Judy & Paul Harrison Marina M. Heiss Ming Lung Barbara & James Moore Jim Norvelle Lora Spiller Janis Todd University of Virginia Alderman Library Hod O’Brien Debbie O’Brien Ruth O’Connel Susan Woodward, George Smith & Ms. B Cecilia J. Kimata Gail Olson Steven Olson Gail Brockman Orndoff Dora Kay Brockman Nancy Gillespie Mary Ellen Parr Arlene T. Oslin

James & May Reynolds Elkins Thomas A. Mason & Marie-Christine H. Guyonneau Joseph Ringers Linda Cornick Charles W. Rivers Anne & Mitch Neff Clay Rivers Peggy Roberts Betsy & Billy and Pam & Fred Gary & Amy Haden Lori Nicolaysen James & Sherron Pace Joan & Michael Roberts Dr. Bill Ross, DVM Lisa Ross & Robert Moorefield Philip D. Rowan Janice R. Huebner

Ken Payne Temple Doniel Joyce L. Woodson

Charles Rusk Patricia Rusk Maria Salidis Phyllis Lyons

Margaret Potts John Shannon

Greg Salmon Marie Wilkerson

Robert Randall Pratt Kevin Pratt

Jack Sater Natalie & Alan Purvis

David Price Anonymous Edith Ballard Norm & Kadra Bradford Meta Chisholm Joan Clements Betty Coleman Joan P. Delong Nancy Dettor Alycia Wood Ferguson Larry & Marilyn Gardner, II Betsy & Bruce Hathaway Jay, Cara & Jason Jane Kerewich Thomas & Delia Laux Lorna Derry Miller Andree & Chief Nesbit Julia L. & Richard Nunley Heather Wood Stokes Stuart Williams Veronica and Thomas Williams

Paul Scheier Daria Kiselica

Josephine Elizabeth (Betty) Rausch Cia, Diana, Mia & Rob

Mary S. Smith Elizabeth Watts

Roma Reed Ethel Buckhout Karen & Brian Parshall

Joan Scherer Ardis Acuff June, Dutch, Robin, Scott & Kim Amanda & Michael Smith Frances Todd Georgia Webb Linda Schomaker Monika Tomlinson Ellen Schuman Patricia & Warren Jenkins Louise & Dickie D. Tayloe, II Helen & Bill Sillett Deborah & Thomas Sillett Albert Smith Lee Davis-Skinner

William Bonavita Smith Nancy & Oscar Kirkus Roberta & Charles Moore Betty B. Paine

Branch H. Spalding Sallie V.P. Feild Tricia Stanton Kristy Gray Betty Strickler John & Linda Anderson Cathi Athaide Bodo Ladies Tuck & Chris Carter Beverly Carwile Mrs. Hovey S. Dabney Bruce & Sarah Engstler Jim & Betsy Fernald Mrs. Sterling M. Hudson Sarah A. Marshall Russell & Bobbie Mooney Demi Runkle Suzanne Walker Frances Swift, William Haddow, Alton & Virginia Walters Marion W. Haddow Joan Sybil Scherer Reed Bailey Marc & Karin Evans Jayne Weber William & Ann Martin Schultz Thomas A. Mason & Marie-Christine H. Guyonneau Lucye Tarkington Carol L. Chandross Martha & Bernard Terrill Shelby T. Clements Dawn Thompson Phyllis J. Binder Katherine Jack Russell Perry & Jeanette Rosenberg Barbara B. Wilson William Wood Bob Tirrell Jacqueline J. Tirrell Bobby Tirrell Jeannette May Alvin Toms Ann Toms Dr. Jim Walker Teresa & Keith Shaner Dianna Lynn Weeks Eleanor Cassada Lloyd & Sharon Fox Sally S. Rogers Daisy Wright Robert Wells, Jr. Dolores Wells

Peggy Wharton Susie C. Payne Jon Beverly Whitlock Wenche L. Wilkins Christine L. Willard Katherine & Fred Willard Philip L. Williams Lindsay Ideson Andrea Williams Evelyn Willis Michelle & Reid Adams Marie Wills Jenna Easton Christine Wirt Clayton & Crystal Coleman and Alan & Kayleigh Coleman Elizabeth Wood Anonymous Sarah & Vic Dandridge Morning Glory Gardeners, LLC Elizabeth “Libba” Wood Ruthe Battestin Becca Dailey & family Virginia Stokes Andrea S. Vest William Warner Wood Anonymous Ruthe Battestin Corinne Beard Dolores G. Bedell

Duane & Mary Elaine Bickers Paula & Earl Bracker Jacqueline Brownfield Gabriela & Stuart Chase Faith Van Clief Rebecca Love Dailey Joan P. Delong Petie & Ernie Ern Beth & Charles D. Fox IV Whitt & Colston Hanshaw Margery C. Henneman Beverly Kocotas Linda K. Ford Revocable Trust Breck & Will Longstreth Evelyn Marshall Joan C. Martin & Ramsey Martin Lorna Derry Miller Martha & William Pace Ellen & Bob Pate Elizabeth Perkins Mary Reiman Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner Phyllis & Ray Smith Virginia Stokes Frank & Elizabeth Stoner, IV Jane R. Tolleson Elizabeth R. Wood George & Gloria Wood & Felix Crawford Anne R. Worrell

Sean Yemen The Abatzis Family Susan & Kent Flury James M. & Judith Jaeger Sam Jett Bruce Jones Jenny Mead Barbara Millar & Peter Thompson Katherine Nickdow Lee & George Politis Anne Stadelmaier Betty Young Jacquie & John Pickering James Zauner George Ackerman Jennifer & John Fetsko

In memory of Pets Abbey Jane & Tommy Tirrell, III Abbey Road Deborah M. Murray Abby Melissa Spurzem Abigayle Maggie & Richard Gangloff

Kay Wynne Gary Leavel


Absent Companions Tuck & Sandra Landry

Bailey Grace A. Hutcheson

Boots Larry & Kitty Pettit

Casey & Maggie Jacqueline Young

Coco & Hershey Anonymous

Doing Time Debbie Thacker

Aidan Ginger Meislahn

Bailey Nara Rush

Bosco Daly Dahne & Chip Morgan

Casper & Puddin Deborah Allen

Cody Nancy Fraser

Dominic April Martin

Akio Jacquie & John Pickering

Bailey Cindy L. Smith

Cato Kay & Davis Parker

Coe Susan Ordway Pfaltz

Dottie Corliss Bradley

Albert Joanne & Gerald Weinstein

Bam Bam Anonymous

Brady, Charlie & Tucker Cyane Dandridge Williams

CC Holly A. Johnson

Coletrane Anne & Carter Conrad

Dottie Jane Charlotte Rinehart

Cecilia Bedell Emily Prabhu

Colette Andrew Lee Fielding

Dragonfly Karen Olsen

Brandy Emily Powell

Chad Cecilia J. Kimata Charley Anonymous

Dustin, Tugger & Lady Tonya & John Roberts

Barney Jamie Covell

Brendan John & Karen Rowlingson

Colette Timothy Snider & Catherine Wray Colette Karen L. Salmonson

Barter Elizabeth Wilson

Brinkley Maritza Saavedra

Dusty, Patches, Ghee Ghee Pete & Florence Bruce

Batman Lombardo Lisa Marie Lombardo

Bronwen Susan & Benjamin Bates

Alex De Banico Donald & Elaine Debanico All of the critters Shirley R. Moore All of the sweet friends you have loved and lost Rebecca Polan All Our Wonderful Kitties Donna & Dick Vinal Alley Cecilia J. Kimata Ally Jarrett & Stephen Millard Amber Jennifer Lambka Apollo Hamilton & Alexandra Moses Archer Susan & Robert Hodous Arielle Debra L. Woodson Arielle Shirley & Bob Elliott Arthur Molly Boyle Ash John & Karen Rowlingson Atticus Timothy & Corinne Conlon


Bandit Michael & Donna Marshall Barney Marty Sack

Baxter Page R. Flannery Baxter Kendall Giler Bear Cecilia J. Kimata Bear Diana D. Tyler

Brando Maryline & Jason Pollock

Brother Bear Cardoso Susan A. Walton Buckwheat & Roscoe Diane Clark Buddy Susan C. Malone

Beatrice Hadley Zeavin

Buddy Kent & Sherry Mangold

Beatrice Olivia Branch

Buddy Judith Marymor

Beaumont Diane M. Bradshaw

Buddy Sabol Joy & Joe Sabol

Bedford James E. Craig, Jr.

Butterscotch Bradley Keats

Belle Anne & Maye Bennet Whitney Ayres Kenerly Bijou Suzanne Maddux Birdie Matthews The Pearl Family

Charlie Bullett Palmer Charlie P. Cat Perry & Rebecca Corbin

Connie & Maggie Janet Durrer

Chase & Lucy Kirsten Daisley

Coquette Joyce Sperry

Cheeks Charles Crenshaw

Cracker Cecilia J. Kimata Creed Bewley The Bewley Family

Cheeky Marshall McDonald Family Cherokee Mary Lee & Charles Armstrong Chester Tepper Joan Tepper

Cyrano, Skylar & Weenie Margaret Mayer Daisy Sally Boyd

Dylan & Lily Ann & Matt Earl Kelly Gill-Gordon Elgar Dick & Mary Howard Eloise Alan & Helen Staley Elvis Elizabeth Brightbill & Andrew Gabbert Emma Mary & Graham Harris Emma Mike & Laurie Wright

Chloe Heather L. Turner

Daisy Ellyn & Jim Boyd Singleton

Christine Christine Brunner

Daisy Mae Donna Conley

Emmie Clifford & Kate Arnold

C.C. Thomas & Martha Kersey

Cinders, Buffy, Bez, Lupe-Lu, Big Boy & Baba Kevin Haag

Dakota Kay & Ron Gillispie

Emmy Steve & Cathy Ode

Caesar Barbara Deily

Claire Harold A. Geller

Dakota Gregory Hays

Enzo Jeff Ference

Cali D.J. & Andrea Harris

Claire Nancy Dick

Dakota Linda & Robert Thomson

Ephraim Betty Sherrod

Callie, Mitty & Precious Pamela Brezinski

Clancy Pauline & George Meehan

Aurora Julia Thomas

Bitches the cat Tracy Durham

Baby Beth & Wendell Lee

Blue Cindy L. Smith

Carrigain Jocelyn, Ellen, Heather & Johanna

Clancy & Chelsea Maryellen & Charles Palm

Baby Dog Helen & Sim Stidham

Bo Conway Dora Conway

Carrigan Lori A. Hanger

Clark Bidwell Emily Prabhu

Baby Girl Sandra & Eugene Essner

Bo Henofer Ann & Lyle Henofer

Carrigan DeButts Sally M. Garland

Coco Cecilia J. Kimata

Bonnie, Raff, Hili & Helene Grace Bull

Casey Amy & Tom O’Leary

Coco Jane Morton

Bailey Cheryl Wetzel

Comet Demi Runkle

Daniel Stinson Martha & Scott Stinson Darby & Joey Claire Cronmiller Desiree Judith L. Fike Dingo, Baby-Doll & Thai Barbara J. Turner Dixie Cabell Christy Tromey Dixie Lou Beth Coppin

Emmett Cora & Wade Komisar

Ernest James R. Sofka Ernie The van Hover/Irani Family Fabster & Sicky Wendie Faye Chapman Fauve & Timmy Wendy Perry Feathers JJ Towler

Felix Jeff, Candi & Sarah Southard

Grace Linda & Jeff Sobel

Harley Tieder Claire M. Tieder

Jebby Matthew Bowen

Kota Buddy Harris

Gracie David Hannah & Laurie McDade

Harper Melinda Baumann & Margie Garmey

Jenny Sara Fishback

L.T. Brown Jenny Strauss Clay

Gracie Peggy Lynch

Henry Lynda L. Dunn

Jerry Christy Tromey

Laddie Jon & Mary Mikalson

Gracie Judith Marymor

Henry Robin Jackson

Lego & Roscoe Peggy Cornett

Gracie Jenny Mead

Henry Av & Janet Posner

Jess Cecilia J. Kimata Jiggy & Zoie Nancy Holland & Victor Lee

Fluffy Richard A. Skwarlo

Gracie Trevor L. Moon

Hickey Linda Swinson

Jinks, Rocky & Taffy Sandra & Terry Tucker

Fluffy & Chester Donna Stewart

Gracie, Marvel & Justice Penny & Thomas Troutman

Himey Danielle Taylor

Joey Linda Leake

Homer Deborah M. Murray

Joey the Wonder Dog Laura Van Camp

Hondo Page R. Flannery Amy & Tom O’Leary Hondo Kenneth Fox Honeybear Jean Morgan

Joey, Abby & Sylvester Shashank Parekh

Fen Grossman Julie Garmel & Jeff Greer Fiona Maupin Richard & Cathy Maupin Floss, Tess & Wiggins Jean Gary

Foxy Cecilia J. Kimata Fred & Sam W. Leroy and Betty Eheart Fred, Barney,Molly & Dexter Beatrice LaPisto Freddie John & Betty Elliton Frodo Landaker Becky & Chad Bassett Gabriel & MacDuff Dick & Mary Howard Geoffrey Kate Mason George Elizabeth F. Morgan George Teresa Wimmer Ginger Alice & Donald Bradley Ginger Betty & Ed Dinwiddie Ginger Jeri Goldstein Ginger Katherine Rabe & Stephen Hutchinson Ginger & Molly James A. & Mary-Scott Rhoads Ginger Bradley Karen & Jim Lockwood Ginny Wendy & Jay Hirsh Gordon Willenborg Brenda Jarrell & James Call

Gracie McDadeHannah Joan T. Jay Gracie Smart Deborah & Andrew Lockman Grayson Randy Mays Gretchen & Genne Grace & Gene Carpenter Griffin the Great Lockman Hannah Pearce Grover Janice Kaltenbach Gus Amy Lynn Day Hailey Mary Andrew Haji Richard B. Roberts Hala Hana Vratna Hank Allison & Tom Schildwachter Hank Lukens Kye Lee Hank Meriwether Karen Brusie Hank Matt & Jill Meriwether Meriwether Hannah Ruth Olson

Indigo Mary M. Frank Indy Lynette & Izzy Menchero Sumner Menchero Indy Johnson CASPCA Alumni 2005 Erin Coppinger Ivy Jon & Mary Mikalson Ivy Joann M. Simpson Jack Cynthia Carter Jack Deborah & Jeffrey Smith Jack Gwyn Gilliam Jack Marga Reed Jack Pat & Ken Karhuse Jammu & Kashmir Sumner Gerard Foundation

Happy Ruth Douglas

Jammy Nicely Dale DiMisa

Happy Scott & Karen Goss

Jason Kendall Giler

Jolene Amoret & Michael Powers Joon Gretchen Masselli Jumba Murrielle & Stephan De Wekker Justice Martha Haertig & Beverly Goodrum Kaki & Jessie Karen & Greg Wells Kate Regina & John McGovern Katy Willard Christy Tromey Katy, Belle & Bisket Pam, Randy & Jennie Thomas Kava Louise & Charles Ward Khalua T.R. Baun King Doris & Randy Davis Kinsey Brenda F. Langdon Kitty Debbie & David Brumell Kody Shifflett Becky Daniel & Jeff Reynolds

Lemon Joyce Dunn

Maddie Nancy Armstrong & William Holet Maggie Beverly Bunch Maggie Leslie Durr & Mark Fletcher Maggie Temple & Britta Hahn

Lena Shipley David Adele & Carl Creutz

Maggie Cheryl C. & Norman Pearson

Leon, Murphy & Bug Anonymous

Maggie Adam Van Wagner

Lewis Mary Kay Kotelec & Jane Stinely

Maisie Stephens Christine Stephens

Liam Cathy Webb

Majik R. Wayne & Mary Mullins

Lilli Jenny Mead

Malka Michael Schutz

Lilli Susan, Asha and Aya Parmar

Martin Ruthe Battestin

Lily The Peacocks Lily Nita Reigle Lily Rentz Christine and Will McNeely Loppy Dolores G. Bedell Louie Lee & Catherine Briscoe Lucas Lynette Menchero Lucius Kendall Giler Lucky Wendie Faye Chapman Lucky Jim & Jan O’Kelley Ludwig & Tux Kim Stone Lulu Lynette Menchero

Master Toby Mia Taylor Mastin, Bernice & Toby Rea Charlotte Rea Mattie Dahne & Chip Morgan Max & Maggie Susan & Robert Hodous Max, May & Salem Jennifer Rinehart Melbourne Victoria Monika Tomlinson Memory Cecilia J. Kimata Mickey Mary C. Brown Midnite, Shadow & Jangles Patricia Hearn Mikey Kenneth Fox Miles Gary & Lorraine Klein

Mack Alyssa Wittenborn

Millie Karen & Paxton Marshall

Macy June Tate

Millie Linda Crubaugh

Madame Christine Stephens

Millie Nicole Sweitzer


Minnie Susan Reed Mirza Anita Showers Mischief Hannah Pearce Miss Mollymop Ellen & Bob Pate Missy Cecilia J. Kimata Mista Boo Jody Lawrence Misty Christine S. Kennedy Mitten Cecilia J. Kimata Mocha Audrey & Lewis Kardos Moe Elaine Thomas Molly Elizabeth G. Cauthen Molly Ann & James Donovan Molly Bela Giese Molly Sylvia & Thomas Walton Molly, Bailey, Corky, Annie & Abby Susan & Lloyd Raupp Monty Mike Fietz Monty Charlotte Hubert, Christopher Hubert, & Inessa Telefus Ms. O’Malley Meg Curry Mufasa Tracy Marshall Muffin Nancy & Dan Bauer Mugsy Lisa Blake Mulligan Dahne & Chip Morgan Mully Mulligan John & Mary Miller Murphy Sandra & Alfonso Damico


Murphy Matt, Tory, Sydney and Lily Myown Darrah Adrienne Darrah

Panda Michael & Donna Marshall

Myrtle Lauren Smith

Patty Cake Carol A. Hendrix

Rebel Lynne & Steven Saunders

Nala Irene Reilly

Peanut John & Mary Miller

Redgie & Paco Kathy Fontenot

Napoleon Joyce & Frank Butros

Peanut Joan A. Schuette

Reg The Bassett Family

Sadie Bonnie & Daniel Kliamovich

Napoleon Cartie Lominack & Kristine Hall

Pearl Margaret & Monte Parsons

Reggie Jenny Mead

Sadie Dudley Wolfe Maureen Moore Clark

Nathan Hale, Jack & Moonbeam Christina Riebeling & Scott Wiley

Penny Knight Carol L. Chandross

Reggie Carol Pollock

Sadie Marie Heather H. Taylor

Skipper Walker Melissa & Michael Walker

Remi Chere Tew

Salem Jennifer Rinehart

Smacker Cecilia J. Kimata

Renee Dorothy M. Thomas

Sallie Hemings Ducie Minich

Smokey Cecilia J. Kimata

Rexx Sarah & Joe Krenn Rexx Linda Port

Sam Jamie Covell

Smokey Nell Pallotta

Sam Jill & Walter Hubbell

Snuggles Cecilia J. Kimata

Rexx Michelle & Dave Warwick Brenda Warwick Paul Warwick

Sam Pat & Ken Karhuse

Snuggles Jackie Shifflett

Sam Lonni & David White

Smudge Cecilia J. Kimata

Ricki Renee Fuller

Sam Franklin Martha Haertig

Riley Sharon & Scott Bishop

Sammie & Dookie Kyna & Andy Moore Antoinette & William Gray

Sofie, Jackson & Annie Wootens

Nelly Miette & George Michie Neptune (Bill Nye) Julie Kelsey Nevada Larum’s Torchin Tyler Truist

Patriot Lucia Kaestner

PennyLane Clark Gaylord Pepper Noreen & Joseph Hannemann Pepper Sharon Hiner Phinnius Maurio Joseph Maurio

Nibbles Patricia Foley

Pickles Helen & Robert Landel

Nik Melinda Baumann & Margie Garmey

Pilgrim Pamela Tetro

Nubby Holly A. Johnson O.C. Edwin & Dale Reynolds Oreo Mary & John Simonette Oscar HD Jacobs Oso & Emma Joan Flester Our beloved furry friends Karen & Donald Dougald Our beloved Miss Tally Steve, Sue Ellen & Alex Fey

Pita the Turtle Doron Samuel-Siegel Poca Beverly Bunch Porky Robert F. Taylor Portia, Samantha, Tigger, Max & Winston Claire M. Tieder Princess Barbara J. Mann Pudge & Bentley Susie & Jim McCormick Puff Sharon & Jonathan Hall Puppa Mary F. Conlon

Our dear pets Tony & Pamela Cranfill

Puppy dogs Rebecca T. Marshall

Ozzie Ted & Mona Homyk

Rain Man Douglas Montgomery

Pancho Lynette & Izzy Menchero

Ralph & Buddy Susan & Thomas Bunting

Ramsey Anonymous Rane Harrison Marguerite Pickering

Riley Paula Kettlewell Riley Jones Kellie Sauls Risi Kate Mason Rocky Deborah L. Angus Rocky Melinda Baumann & Margie Garmey

Sable Heidi, Woody, Elise, Fenway & Roxy Sabrina Ceridwen & Dave CherryLevine Sadie Scott Hildebrand & Barbara Bousquet

Sandy Suzanne Morris Sandy, Jackie, Hunter & Ben Sue & Charles Stoke Sassy & Hannah Roberta & Wallace Goode Sassy Combs Emily Prabhu

Rocky Suzanne W. Jones

Saucy Diana Abbott

Roger Casey & Steve Reed

Sawyer Karen Neale

Romeo Kristen Savola

Schuyler Jan Silverman

Rosie Lynda Black

Scoonie Suzanne Gigante

Roxie Irene E. Ballenger

Scooter Cathy & Paul Willis

Roxy Brandan & Carrie

Scout Mimi Ensminger

Seamus Anne & John Staley Sebastien Peggy Aglubat Shad Cecilia J. Kimata Shadow/Hobbs Linda J. Wells Shep Cecilia J. Kimata Skaeg Maureen S. McCusty

Sophie Mona W. Beard Sophie Ann Black Sophie Jamie Covell Sophie Compton Crossroads Animal Hospital David, Becky, Gabriel, Jaden and Laela Sparky Shelbia & Alan Lengel Sparky Standish Family Foundation Fund Spirit Roger & Cindi Burket Splotch Janis Craun Spock & McCoy Vicki M. Andreae Spunky, Precious & Pepper Elaine Richardson

Squire Baber Gloria Lamb Baber

Tingroo Steve Engel

Stefan Lynette Menchero

Stella Kathie L. Hullfish & Laura Kuhn

Tinker Menard Brian & Zane Carl, Lisa, Brittni & Tyler Nicole Prysby Tobias Fletcher Elizabeth Allen & Deborah Shapiro

Stella Jacqueline J. Tirrell

Toby The Allen-Shapiro Family

Sue Arlene Propst

Toby The Brutons

Sue Jennifer Rubenstein

Toby Jenny Mead

Sugar Dek & Connie Bowen

Toby Rogers-Kent Becky & Chad Bassett

Sugar Cecilia J. Kimata Sukey Barbara Haskins

Toby, Marsha & Brandy Stuart and Kay Watterson

Stella Jenny Mead

Sukey & Rusty Anonymous Sundance Cecilia J. Kimata Sweet-Sweet, Roscoe & Will-E Wenzel Christy & Anthony Wenzel Tank Darlene & Harry VanEvery Tawni & Cougar Kathryn & Robert Brust Teddy Anonymous Teddy Tonya & John Roberts Tee, Tou & Scootz Shelby T. Clements Tess Sheila & Jeremy Freeman Tessa Darlene VanEvery Tex Rhonda E. Quagliana & William Barkley

Toby, Sara, Raven & KitKat Betty & Dale Crutchfield

Wendy Cecilia J. Kimata Westminster Abbey Anne Parrish Wicket German Christy Tromey William & Mackenzie Gallerycorp, Inc. Willie Morgan Margaret N. Cloutier Winky & Schnoz Kate Goodrich Wiskers C.R. Scherzinger Wolfie, Marcie & Miss Epi Janet Gorman Woody Wendi Armstrong Woody Norman Brenbridge Xiaobai Ming Lung

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Trouble Suzanne S. Word

Zelda Kim Talley

Tucker Susan & Larry Cresap

Zella Knight Margaret & Harvey Sugerman

Tucker Paul & Susan Levine Tuxedo Helen Spielman Uno Leslie & Gary Leser Ursula James R. Sofka Vergil Deborah M. Murray

Tiger Barbara & Danny Kesner

Vinny, Classy & Smokey Judith L. White

Tigger Eleanor Busa

Wally Donna & Phillip Pfeifer

Tiggi Lore M. Amlinger

Weeble True Grit

Ziggie George Bauler Catherine L. George Ziggy Margaret Mayer Ziggy Blosser & Caleb Sheridan Robert & Debbie Blosser Zipper Aqua-Clean Pool Service, Inc

Virginia Veterinary Specialists Pebbles Abalos Lincoln Adams Clay Adamson Darcy Albright Scout Alexander Olli Alford Strupp Alikhan Sammy Allan Ruger Allen Noelle Altizer Capri Anders Jasper Applebee Muffin Ashworth Odine Baisden Spike Bajaj Bailey Baker Kittles Baker Tigger Basore Diesel Battaglia Cato Beckham Nia Benson Copper Biehl Rowdy Bishop Reggie Bonner Mylo Boylen Brandy Bordwine Dallas Bradshaw Rocco Briedis-Ruiz Baxter Brown Ria Bryant Torri Bryant Tater Burns Fritz Cambata Zeppelin Campbell Lex Campbell Savvy Carlson Sammy Chisolm Chase Clay Vogue Cole Caine Collett Barteo Colombus Snow Conrad Scooby Cook Cocoa Puff Cooke Bentley Cove Sadie Craft Shady Creutz Sam Cribb Kaikau Dacu Eoghan Demers Promises Diehl Diesel Caplan Carrigan DeButts Susie Digger Hunter Dodson Smokey Dudley Cooper Dunn Sophie Dworn Mickey Edson Pepper Elmore Charlie Emery Harley Engelman Callie Epstein Lily Ernest Omega Esther Peter Eversberg Bentlley Fabris Cactus Fawley Sawyer Ferree Penny Fishwick Moose Fitzgerald Tayto Flanagan Prince Fourinier Casey Friedlander Pi Garrison Baxter Gilmer Bowser Glassco

Laila Golden Maury Grav Molly Gray Toti Guevara Dash Hagemeister Philly Hammer Hannah Matsko Haddie Hannan Calvin Hansen Gage Harrison Famao Harsh Winnie Hattler Dexter Heimlich Maggie Heirly Murphy Henderson Penny Henderson Virginia Hite Dolly Holcomb Toby Holland Barney Hopkins-Gariss Moya Houston Baxter Huemmer Consuela Hughes Maggie Hughes Puddin Jackson Prince Jemmott Baby Jenkins Winston Johnson Ty Joy-Gaba Giant Kayser Carly Kennedy Berk King Peter King Pepper Kjaer Klaus Hardesty Bud-E Knott Lilly Kochar Syrano Kreismer Zeel Kulund Eden Laden Sadie Lambert Baxter Lambeth Dexter Larson Ellie Laseter Rogue Leary Ariel Lefebvve Tucker Levine Phoebe Lewis Dolly Libby Claudine Libby Scruffy Litchford Tom Lightner Eva Lividini Happy Lowe Buddha Manley Orion Mantalos Lucy Martinez Poppy Mason Satchi McIlvaine Williw McKinley-Oaks Clark Meffert Blackie Menard Mocha Miller Walker Miller Molly McKalps Gretta Moats Molly Morefield Roxy Moreland Carson Morris Hunter Morris Sadie Navo Brandy Neely Opie Neftel Annie Nelson Domingo Nelson Nicolas Nelson Prim Nelson Murray Odrich Buddy Ostlund

Buffy Pace Georgio Palumbo Toby Perry Maggie May Phillip Saphire Phillips Alley Pitts Olive Polan Amos Ponzio Kyra Post Lacy Proffitt Archie Proffitt Howard Proffitt Ellie Racine Nyla Rainey Sir Avery Rath Raleigh Backe Skippy Read Tess Reed Ladybug Richardson Ophelia Ritchie Drake Roberts Miranda Rogers Sparky Roller Marley Rollins Topaz Rosalee Maggie Sailor Kaluah Schegal Belle Schlemer Buddy Searls Milo Shami Toby Shapiro Tucker Shipe Jess Showalter Fernie Shupp Fabimesser Smith Pumpkin Stebbins Scooter Steenburgh Elwood Stinson Zeda Story Murphy Strait Chloe Taylor Bob Thompson Sam Titchenell Harley Towberman Carson Vaughan Aurora Veiner Raven Wade Ginger Warden Abby Watcher Porter Watson Murray Whipple Guiness White Elizabeth Whitlow Baby Whittome Cooper Wilcox Susan Wood Gomer Woodard Ty Woodson Murphy Wright Max Wu Gracie Yannello Bentley Yard Kyler Yirsha


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Orange VA 22960 Permit No 97

3355 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901 (434) 973-5959 OPEN DAILY NOON-6PM

2018 Compassionate Care Clinics! 2018 Compassionate Care Clinics: Sunday, April 15, Sunday August 26 and Sunday, November 18. Visit for more information!


• Shop for the Shelter (Sam’s Club) – March 31, April 28, May 26, June 23-24, July 28-29, August 25-26, September 29-30, October 27, November 17 • Starr Hill Brewery Cheers for Charity – During the entire month of March, $1 for every pint sold will be donated to the CASPCA! Join us for the kickoff on Thursday, March 1. • Taus for Paws – Saturday, April 14 • 34th Annual Eastminster Dog Show – Wednesday, May 16 • Bark in the Park with Charlottesville Tom Sox – Friday, June 29 • Bonefish Grill Benefit Day – Dine on the second Thursday of each month, mention the CASPCA and 10% of your check will be donated to our animals • Applebees Pantops Dining to Donate – Dine on the third Thursday of each month, mention the CASPCA and 20% of your check will be donated to our animals • Critter Ball – September 27, 2018

SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2018 This K-9 2.5K supports the animals and lifesaving programs of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. A huge hit for both two-legged and four-legged friends, 2017 attracted more than 400 walkers and their pets. The 2018 walk kicks off at IX Art Park and winds through Charlottesville’s historic downtown mall before returning to IX Art Park for a post-walk festival. The festival begins at 8:30AM and features human and doggie entertainment, a canine competition, treats for pups, and animal-friendly sponsors. Visit to register and for sponsor information! 23

Whiskers & Tales Spring 2018  
Whiskers & Tales Spring 2018