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A Tribute

Thank you for your service We would like to thank our three retiring board members for their dedicated service. All three served as president during their tenures.

SCHELINE CRUTCHFIELD, a Virginia native, has worked


Suzanne Owen, Chair Mark Sackson, Vice Chair Lisa Ross Moorefield, Secretary Kevin Stiffler, Treasurer Gina Bayes Jenn Corbey Rebecca Tarkington Craig Erin Davis, DVM Ethel deNeveu Tom Fitch Ashley Matthews Barbara Millar Phil Shiflett Frank Squillace



3355 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901 (434) 973-5959 (434) 973-5271 Open for Adoptions: NOON to 6PM DAILY


199 Zan Road Seminole Square Shopping Center (434) 293-8475 Store Hours: 10AM-6PM Daily Donation Drop-Off Hours: 10AM-5PM Daily


in the finance world for more than 20 years. Having moved to Charlottesville 12 years ago to serve as Market President for Wachovia Bank, Scheline later ran Wealth Management for Central and Western Virginia. Outside of work, she is an accomplished artist. Scheline and her husband, Bill, have five rescue dogs from the CASPCA (four dachshunds and a hound). Scheline served on the board for nine years in a variety of capacities, including fundraising chair, treasurer and as both vice president and president. While we will be sad to see her leave, she continues to serve the greater animal community. Scheline is currently working on plans to offer pet technology products through Scheline finishes her nine years of service with advice for our new Board members: “Become knowledge experts about what we do and why it is so important. Share what you learn with others and get them involved. Be good stewards of the resources.” View Scheline Crutchfield’s work at Scheline donates 20% of her annual art profits to the CASPCA.

RHONDA QUAGLIANA is a partner in the Charlottesville law firm of St. John, Bowling, Lawrence and Quagliana LLP. A trial attorney, Rhonda handles civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts. She is also an adjunct faculty member of the University of Virginia School of Law and past president of the CharlottesvilleAlbemarle Bar Association. Passionate about CASPCA’s role in improving the lives of animals and people in our community, Rhonda served on the CASPCA’s Board of Directors for nine years. She served as Board Chair, Board Secretary and chair of the fundraising and facilities committees. A terrific advocate for CASPCA, Rhonda was able to use her legal knowledge and her background serving other non-profit organizations to advance CASPCA’s lifesaving work. As she leaves the Board, she reflects on the dedication and compassion of staff and volunteers who contribute so much to the organization: “At CASPCA we work as a team.” To new Board members her advice is: “Be guided by the CASPCA mission – caring homes for every adoptable animal.” GLENN RUST is the President & CEO of Virginia National

Bankshares Corporation, Virginia National Bank and VNBTrust, N.A. He’s served on the CASPCA Board for seven years, having been motivated to join the CASPCA Board of Directors because of the CASPCA’s status as a No-Kill Community. “I joined because of the excellent work they do in the community regarding animal care and adoptions, public education regarding the care of animals, and of course the no-kill policy, which separates the CASPCA from other shelters in the country.” During his tenure, Glenn served as audit chair, on the financial committee and as the board chair. He feels that his greatest contribution was “handling critical public issues” and fundraising. Glenn finishes his seven years with advice to our new Board members: “Stay true to the mission.”

Read our next issue of Whiskers & Tales to meet our new Board members!

From the Director Jackie Bright Executive Director

We have created a ripple effect. Every contribution of time, talent and support you have given this organization has helped ensure that 94% of the animals served by our SPCA in 2016 were saved. You have given more than just a gift to our shelter; you have given the community the gift of animal companionship. As I type, my beloved rescue cat Shepherd lays in my lap and my new rescue dog

Indiana is curled up at my feet−just two of the nearly 2,500 pets we helped find “furever” homes. My life will be forever enriched because of them and, ultimately, because of you. Thank you. As we look ahead to 2017, my goal is to continue putting the “human” back into humane animal care. I’m committed to doing more to support you − our dedicated volunteers, staff, donors and board – to ensure the actualization of our shared dream – that every life that can be saved, will be saved. Cheers from my fur family to yours!

2016 STATS
























COMPASSION is just one of the many services we provide. The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is proud to offer our knowledge and skill to the greater community. All of our services are in an effort to advance the compassionate treatment of animals, promote permanent homes, further education and outreach and provide low-cost services to our community. To learn more about any of these services, visit us online at or call our main number at (434) 973-5959.


“They amaze me every day.” − Heather Sullivan

Employee Spotlight Heather Sullivan

Donor Database & Grants Administrator Heather Sullivan remembers what life was like before the CharlottesvilleAlbemarle SPCA became No Kill. “We were taking in close to 5,000 animals at that time, which is more than our facility was designed to house. We did whatever we had to do,” says Sullivan. “Pop-up cages, transforming offices into new animal housing areas... In 2006, we sent over 1,500 animals into foster care.”

“We did whatever we had to do. Pop-up cages, transforming offices into new animal housing areas...” The CASPCA has grown into a nationally recognized animal-welfare organization with a nine-acre campus. Heather Sullivan provides a window into what life was like before the CASPCA became a No-Kill Community.

Q: You’ve worked at the CASPCA for a long time. How many years has it been now? A: 11 years! Q: Do you remember your first day? What were your first impressions? A: I remember it like it was yesterday. My job at that time was to care for the dogs in the shelter, which included cleaning their kennels, feeding and watering them, in addition to behavior modification and off-site adoption events. Caring for the dogs at the CASPCA has always been my favorite job and it’s definitely one of the most rewarding. Q: What motivates you to continue working at the CASPCA after your many years here? A: My motivation has always been and will always be because of the animals. Q: What positions have you held while working at the CASPCA? A: Animal Care Specialist-Dogs, Vet Assistant, Assistant Clinic Manager, Clinic Manager, Animal Care & Clinic Manager, Community Cat Manager, Assistant Director of Operations,

Director of Operations, Clinic Reception Manager and now Donor Database & Grants Administrator. Q: What do you feel has been your greatest contribution so far? A: Launching the Community Cat Campaign with our former Executive Director Susanne Kogut. The program resulted in a substantial decrease in the number of cats entering the shelter, and it continues to play an important role in our community. That same year we achieved over 7,000 spay/ neuter surgeries. It was an amazing year, to say the least, and I was lucky to work with such a hardworking and passionate group of people. Q: What is one of your favorite memories since working here? A: About eight years ago, a little hound puppy named Willow came to the shelter as a stray. Her appetite wasn’t the best and we noticed her gagging a lot. Dr. Graybush performed an exploratory surgery and found a 7-8-inch stick in her esophagus. The doctor was able to remove it without complication, and that baby found a great home. She was always so playful and happy. She never missed a beat, even with a piece of a tree stuck inside of her. That’s when I really realized how stoic animals are. They amaze me every day. Q: What do you hope to accomplish in 2017? A: It’s my personal goal to raise as much funding as possible to support the thousands of animals that we care for every year. We live in a very supportive and compassionate community that loves animals, and it’s important that we work together to better the lives of every animal.

To view our adoptable dogs, visit us online at

TOP: Heather Sullivan pictured BOTTOM: Prince Eric and Heather pose for their picture.


“My children took to loving her straight away...” − Josh Burke

Sweetie Pie New story, new life

Many of the animals that come to us arrive with no history, no medical records, no sense of place and no story. Thanks to the efforts of our staff and volunteers, and the compassion of a new family, we were able to write Sweetie Pie her own. Sweetie Pie arrived at the CASPCA scared, underweight and covered in a severe case of demodicosis (demodectic mange) and pyoderma. In parts, the pink of her skin was exposed and susceptible to infection. Most of her body had lost its hair. Thanks to our skilled clinic staff, we were able to treat her. However, the challenges Sweetie Pie would face wouldn’t stop with her arrival at the shelter. Naming Sweetie Pie was easy for our staff. She was excellent on leash, she


was kind and calm around strangers, yet staff were puzzled. She became one of our longest-staying residents, being passed up by visitors for other dogs again and again and again. Like all the animals at the shelter though, all dogs have their day. Sweetie Pie’s luck changed when Josh and Ellen Burke came to the CASPCA.

“The reason we chose her was because of her calmness,” explained Josh Burke. A new home was an adjustment for Sweetie Pie. Many animals require more time and care when transitioning from the shelter environment. But with patience, you can transform a life. Josh says, “Since arriving in our home she has become a part of our family and is much calmer than when she first arrived… [Now she] likes to lounge around with the kids when they are hanging out… My children, Arthur and Cecelia, took to

loving her straight away…” Sweetie Pie has been officially renamed Adrian. We wish Adrian and her family all the best!


There and back again There are very few things more devastating than when we watch an animal being surrendered. It’s twofold in its hardship. The animal left behind is incapable of understanding why it has been abandoned, while we stand alongside that animal and help it piece together a new life. Sigfried came to us in 2005 as a stray. It’s a challenge for every animal that comes to the shelter to navigate its new and complex environment. For Sigfried, it would prove even more so, because Sigfried was blind. During his initial vet examination, our clinic staff was unable to determine if his blindness was acute or had gradually progressed. Shelters are very challenging for blind dogs. Their surroundings are unfamiliar. The shelter inundates our animals with new smells and new sounds. We decided it was in Sigfried’s best interest to be fast-tracked to the adoption floor as quickly as possible. His small size, quirky personality and sweet demeanor had him adopted quickly. However, tragedy struck for Sigfried. He returned to us in 2016, having been surrendered by his owner. His family was unable to take him with them; pets were not allowed at their new home. Sigfried was now 12 years old and had all of the odds stacked against him. Many people were unwilling to adopt an older dog with a disability. As fate would have it, Sigfried would be adopted again, this time by Rachel Repko. “When I met Sigfried, he leaned up against his crate and

whined for me to pet him. I know older dogs tend to get overlooked by adopters, and him being blind would likely make it harder,” says Rachel.

“Luckily for me, I also know that older dogs still have a lot to give, and I’m happy to be able to provide a loving home for him to spend the rest of his years in!” Our staff watched with joy as our senior fellow strutted out of our shelter, with pep in his step and his tail up high. Sigfried is now flourishing in his new home. Rachel says, “His disability makes him walk a bit slower and more cautiously, but it doesn’t stop him from living or loving to the fullest. It’s an amazing lesson and I get to see it every day he’s here.” Interested in adopting one of our Senior Dogs? Search available dogs online at, or speak with an adoption counselor at (434) 973-5959.

Want to see your animal’s Save Story in our next issue of Whiskers & Tales? Share with us! Our adoptive families are a part of our generous support system and help us spread the mission of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. Real stories are a powerful way for people to understand the benefits of adopting animals from our shelter and may help to inspire others to do the same. Share your story and you may be considered for inclusion in our next issue of Whiskers & Tales, on our website or through our social media platforms. To share your pet’s story, email Madeleine Rhondeau at


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a donation in memory or honor of a pet or person Your generosity makes it possible for us to continue our life-saving work. Thanks to supporters like you, we are proud to have maintained our No-Kill Community. But our job is far from over. There are still pets in need who are lost, abandoned, alone or in need of medical attention. Donating to the CharlottesvilleAlbemarle SPCA is easy! Here are some of the ways you can help us provide our animals with life-saving care.

Store Hours: 10AM-6PM DAILY

4 Sponsor one of our cats or dogs 5 Sponsor one of our kennels 6 Purchase a memorial brick for our courtyard


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8 Shop at the SPCA

Rummage Store

Interested in making a donation? Visit us online at and click “Give.�

Shop a wide array of unique treasures, home goods, clothing and more. Donate clean, like-new and gently used items to the SPCA Rummage Store daily from 1PM-5PM. We only accept clothing and decorations that are in season. We reserve the right to refuse any donation. 199 Zan Road, Seminole Square Shopping Center | (434) 293-8475


“What drives the stigma behind these animals who are equally as deserving of homes as their FIV-negative peers? Misunderstanding.”

CENTER: Johnny Bravo TOP: Zane BOTTOM: Spyro

Visit our website to view more of our adoptable felines.

FIV Felines

adoption experience with an FIV feline also will be the same as with any other cat. Spay or neuter other feline members of your household to reduce the chance of fighting,

FIV felines are no less loving than our other cats, yet we find at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA that they usually have the longest stays of our shelter animals. What drives the stigma behind this condition in these animals who are equally as deserving of homes as their FIV-negative peers? Misunderstanding.

“Sadly, many cats testing positive for FIV face major obstacles getting adopted— Animals, regardless of breed, age mostly due to the many or medical condition, deserve loving homes. Interested in one of our FIV misconceptions about cats? Their adoption fees are waived! Speak to an adoption counselor today, this diagnosis that are or email us at simply accepted as truth,” RIPPLE’S

A long-timer’s stigma

Don’t be afraid when you see FIV on a cat’s kennel card. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is harmless to people and can only spread to other cats. Commonly mistaken for Feline AIDS, FIV is a lentivirus, or “slow virus,” that reduces a cat’s immune system over time, although many do not exhibit symptoms for years, if at all. FIV generally is spread to other cats through a deep penetrating bite wound. It is not spread from playing, snuggling, or sharing litter boxes or food and water bowls, because the virus does not survive long in the environment. FIV cats need the same care as any cat—they should be spayed/neutered, kept indoors, fed a balanced diet and provided regular vet checkups. Your

says Becky Craig, an FIV cat owner. Becky’s sister, Lucye Tarkington, spent the final years of her life improving the care of FIV cats at the CASPCA. “Lucye was drawn to these misunderstood and often overlooked cats because of her own struggle with a stigmatizing medical condition,” said Becky. “FIV was discovered only 15 years ago, so misinformation is rampant. Potential adopters often are frightened away without learning the real facts.”

Well-meaning people, including a local vet, warned Lucye that introducing an FIV cat into her household would result in all of her cats acquiring the infection. She did her homework, however, and discovered that the transmission of FIV among cats actually is quite difficult. Ripple, the FIV cat Lucye ended up adopting, is an absolute joy according to Becky, plus none of her other four cats have tested positive over the past five years.


In memory of her sister, Lucye Tarkington, Becky and Jim Craig have generously established a fund to provide financial assistance to our FIV feline adopters. The fund, named after Lucye’s FIV cat, Ripple, provides pet owners with dental care coverage, performed at our clinic, for their FIV pets, as it is important to maintain dental health in FIV cats. To participate, contact Angie Gunter at



Registration is now open!

Does your child love animals? Critter Camps are for rising 3rd-6th grade animal lovers. These one-week camps are from 9AM-3PM, Monday through Friday, at the CASPCA. Each session consists of 20 campers and two camp counselors. Our one-week sessions are June 12-16, June 19-23, June 26-30, July 10-14, July 17-21 and July 24-28.

Our camps fill up quickly. Register online to reserve your spot.

Our camps fill up quickly! Register your child online at


Unleash your inner party animal!

Come celebrate your birthday bash at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA! Let us make your birthday one to remember with a shelter tour, fun games and “real” party animals. Birthday parties are available for children ages 5 to 12, on select Saturdays and Sundays. Parties are offered during two time slots: 1PM-2:30PM and 3PM4:30PM. To book your party or check availability, email Stacey at


Be sure to schedule your child’s birthday party well in advance, as space fills up quickly.


Want to help provide our animals with life-saving care? Purchase any of these items at your local retailer and drop them off at our shelter.

Compassionate Care-A-Van Driving for a difference

The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA has worked tirelessly to promote community engagement as the centerpiece of its mission to provide life-saving support to the animals in our community.

Please drop off all donations at: 3355 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901

Last year, we raised the necessary funding to purchase the Compassionate Care-A-Van, an important asset to the CASPCA’s mission. The van has been ordered and we expect its delivery this summer. It will provide basic pet care, increase awareness throughout the region, and transport animals back and forth from our clinic for procedures like spay/neuter. Our spay/neuter program is an important initiative to decrease pet overpopulation, ultimately resulting in less homeless animals. Each year, the CASPCA takes in several thousand dogs and cats in need of rehoming. Spaying and neutering your pet help

prevent additional unwanted litters in our community. The Care-A-Van is a state-of-the-art mobile unit to serve lowincome families, rural families, seniors and disabled individuals, and it will help us get their pets to our clinic for basic care. “The Compassionate Care-A-Van will be a tremendous help, as it will give us the means to provide basic pet care for underserved populations in our region,” says Angie Gunter, the CASPCA director of advancement. The mobile clinic will help keep animals in their homes and save lives. We’ve raised money to purchase our Compassionate Care-A-Van, but now it’s time to put it to work and move into the next phase! The CASPCA needs to raise funds for the operational costs of our mobile unit to ensure that we impact as many animals’ lives as possible. Would you like to donate toward the Compassionate Care-A-Van program? Call Angie Gunter at 434-973-5959, or email



Tribute gifts are also listed online at We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions. Please call (434) 964-3320 or email with any corrections or questions. Gifts are listed from A to Z.


Interested in meeting one of our available animals? Speak with an adoption counselor by visiting the shelter or by calling (434) 973-5959.


Ale Sarah Meister Christine Allison Susan J. Albert Gina Andersen Dave Norris Ann & Bob Anderson Mary Anderson Janice Anderson Judy Bancroft Malika Anderson Zakira & Val Beasley Gail Angell Kevin Wesolowski Annie Sarah Meister Kevyn Arthur Augusta & Kevyn Arthur Melba Atkinson Anne Megibow Norma Bailey Kelly Kay Near, Eugene Kesler Mr. & Mrs. Rob Ballard Fay Garrison Aaron, Austin & Adam Barber Shirley & Arthur Pearson Liz & Sarah Barbour Barbara & Dennis Barbour Becky Barlow Kay & Pat Butterfield, JJ Towler Donna Barnd Heddy Moskaluk Yarden Batson Rachel Harmon Sofia Beard Tao Tao Best-Harris, Candice & Jason Love Gene & Jane Beck’s 50th Anniversary James E. Beck Jamie Beck Noah Schenkman Nancy Beck Mary Elizabeth Beck Richard Bednar Michael Bednar Thomas Belinski Elizabeth Muir Tao Tao Best-Harris Amelia Sims Shana Bloom Diane Bloom Bohdie’s Birthday Edward Lamb & Pamela Norris David and Barbara Boyd

Sally Boyd Olivia Branch Margaret & Monte Parsons Avery & Sam Brandt Anne & Marty Meth Brian & Rachel Anne Timberlake Jackie Bright Farkas Family Foundation Hazel Brown Latane Wise Mary Hill Caperton Jenny Mead CASPCA clinic Karen Grimes Leone Ciporin Pamela Strong Winifred Claibourn’s Birthday Mark Allen, Joy Claibourn & Paul Martin, Victoria & Josephine Dougherty Ben Clark Heather M. Higgins Joan Clark Maggie Bruno Steve Colle Sandra Leonard Misty, Chris, Olivia, Jude & Max Combs Wendi Steele Niav Condron Catherine Zimmerman Sophie Condron Catherine Zimmerman Joann Conger Judy Bancroft Mindy Connor Home Instead Senior Care Pat Cook Catherine Wray & Timothy Snider Pat Cook’s Birthday Helga Prosser Sara Cousin & Jason Hauser’s Marriage Jean & Nick Johnson Mary Cowan Peyton & Bill Lewis, Lisa & Donald Morin Becky Craig Patricia A. Cook, Ellen Craig Jim & Becky Craig Maggie and Matt Duensing, Rick & Chita Middleton Bill & Scheline Crutchfield Carolyn & Martin Betts Sandy Brooks Burnet Davis Erik & Karen Brooks

Aurora Deane Kara Morgan Isabella DeNunzio Patricia DeNunzio Nora & Austin Diamond-Jones’ Wedding Anniversary Deborah Diamond Ronald Dimberg Riley, Tucker, Elliot & Cathy Dimberg Cameron Doench’s Birthday Pam Starsia Reid & Grey Douglas Jenine Daly, Maya Seneviratne Mr. & Mrs. James Dulaney Nell & Glenn Sweet Matt & Michelle Ehrich Elaine DeSimone Eleanor’s Birthday Liza & Mark Sackson Emily Sarah Meister Ann Faris MA Starr Tracy Farrington Allison & Gene Wright Fay Winn & Rod Ballard Janet Ferguson Derry Miller-Meyung Laura Flickinger Cindy Cartwright & John Frazee Thomas Freire Patricia DeNunzio AJ Getter Kristina & Anthony Getter Girl Scout Troop 64 Tammie Moses/Moses Tax Linda Girvin Heather Davison Sanford Glennie Stephen Rose Stephanie Golden Tricia & Michael Golden Timothy Golden Stephanie Golden Caroline Grassi Missy & Bill Shenkir Grace Greer Bethany K. Miller, Christie Shaps, Caroline Simeone Adam & Meagan Gregory Andrea Ireland, Robert Swierski Kathryn Grotz Laura Walter Angie Gunter

Diane L. Johnson Lori Hanger Joby Gaicalone James & Sabine Hanks Bonita & John Hanks Jeannie Harrell Voe & Robert Montgomery Carol Harvey Franks Family Dr. Hay & The Staff at Airport Animal Clinic Jennifer Cui, Robert J. & Rebecca L. Vanlier Lorna Haycraft & Donald Query James & Mary Lynn Haycraft Polly Haynes Augusta & Kevyn Arthur Martha Heischman Ivy Gardens LLC Beth Hendershot Stephen K. Stearns Patti Henger John Jackson Rachel Hewitt & Steve Pet’s Marriage Katheryn Doran Caroline Hill Candice & Jason Love Rachael Holmes Deborah & Andrew Lockman Lani Hoza Janice Kaltenbach Barbara Hughes Sarah Rinehart Julia Iezzoni Jane Washburn Sheryl Jacobs Camp McElveen Lisa Jones Rachel Lloyd Miller & Jim Miller Paul Jones’ Birthday Judy Savage Jones Katie Sarah Meister Carter Kelly William & Deborah Ashby Marnie Kelly Barbara Kelly Elise Kiewra Amy Thompson Kim & HBP Robin Watson Eva Knight Elizabeth & Wayne Beddow Susanne Kogut Jenny Mead Pam Koury Diana Webb Etta Lamb

Kacie Karafa Hallie Lamb Kacie Karafa Brad Lavin Gregory Lavin Dr. Cori Lewis Linda & Robert Dunn Kathi & Don Lewis Brian & Jeanine Werner Rev. G. Willis Logan, Jr. George W. Logan Joyce MacDonald Lindsay Ideson Maddie Jared Govan Mandy & Joe Eileen Meyer Bill & Margaret Marley Kathy & Jeff Armstrong, John Bandes, Donna & Lee Bensey, Vickie & Gary Bibb, Brenda & Joey Crider, Jo Ann & Wayne Ferguson, Monica & Chris Ferguson, Lt. Hollomon, Denise & Tommy Marley, Laurie Shuren, Betty & Dick Steiner, Bill Wingfield Marvin Sally Robertson Mason’s Birthday Ellie Gamble Alexandra McClellan Kathy Carpenter, Robert Hattler Hope McCullough Lauren Coldren Madeline McDaniel Kim Smyth Barbara McGill Jenny Mead Meridith McGlaulin John Norwood Rita McGowan Gay & Kenneth Loftin Beth McPhee Jenny Mead Sally Mead Sandy MacGregor Darius Mehta Christina ConditChadwick Dr. J. Christopher Middleton Judith & Mac Peatross Billie Midthum’s Birthday Constance A. Mays Mary Mikalson Haney Family Alex Molina’s Birthday Carrie & M. Truitt Cooper, Katie & Wayne Fusco, Elizabeth Molina Bonnie Morgan Antoinette & William Gray Kelsey Murphy Diane Murphy Virginia Novak Katie Philbrook

Bets Oberle Marianne & Calvin Baker Patsy Overstreet Hunter Overstreet Sandra Owen Sarah Rinehart Phil Parrish Michael Pfautz David Pease Anne & Brooks Marshall Judith & Mac Peatross Ann Leake Jean Perry June K. West Patricia Philbrook Katie Philbrook Lee Politis Dahne & Chip Morgan Rory Poole Eliza Saunders, Oakley Whitehouse Katherine Preston Mary Elizabeth Beck Leslie Puckett Marianne & Calvin Baker Rhonda Quagliana Sarah & Chad Raaymakers Katie Reese Holly Thomson Helen Reutlinger Steve Engel Jeff Riley Family Lynn & Tom Williams Richard Roberts Jenny Mead Tim Robinson Diana Webb Kyle Rose Ray & Eileen Gilmer Rachel, Riley & Regan Rosen Brian Mason Nan Rosta Catherine & Eugene McGahren, Sara Rasmussen, Martha & Brad Rodgers Demi Runkle Bethany Taylor Sackson Family Cross Family Eleanor Sackson’s Birthday Angie Gunter Sarah & Jacob’s Birthday Amy & John Snearer Sascha Anonymous Sean Saunders Cooper Smyth Savanna Barbara & Richard Wood, III Peter Schedler Jevera Hennessey Chris & Linda Sega Carolyn Colley Nan Seiler Sara Rasmussen Kellie Shantz

SKV Group, LLC Allison Shearer Christine Shearer Debbie Shelor Alison Perkins Kelly & David Shuster Erica & Jim Millner Sandra Sink Joan & Donald Fry Gary Sloan Ella & Robert Bretz Alyssa Smith Stephen K. Stearns Molly & Bridget Smith Jenine Daly, Maya Seneviratne Sophia Sarah Meister Curt & Anne Vicars Steele Bob & Donna Vicars Christine Stephens Judith Oliva Chaney Stewart Stephanie & Stephen Bolton, Carol Gibson Busching Ginger Stokes Betty C. & John Scott Virginia Stokes Jenny Mead, Judith & Harold Moon, Terry & Harrison Townes Margaret Sugarman Eva L. Knight Ellen Susi Struthers & Fred Gignoux Anne Sweazey Bobbin Franklin Amy Lee Tai Marianne & Calvin Baker Shannon Tanner Fannie Mae Rankin Vinci & Umberto Vinci Mr. & Mrs. John W. Townsend Page & Stephen Savin John True Maggie Bruno Lucia Webber Sarah Meister The Union of M. Dorfman & T. Williams Rebecca Turner Kim & Mac Vanderploeg Charles and Jackie Cottrell Velle-Loach Sarah Meister Hope Verity Mickie Flanigan Tank Verity Mickie Flanigan Roy Wade Kristina Garcia & Roy Wade, Jr. Kieran Walsh Lint Barrage Katherine Ward Allan & Ada Marie

Kindrick Linda Water Cody Woodson Eddie Watson Robin Burke Wedding Guests Jen & Shane Nelson Kathryn Welker Judith & Walter McDaniel Wilhelm Family Christopher D. Cooper Will Douglas & Sarah DuPont Blair Williamson Amy & Harry Franze Aysim Wisco Sandra J. Wisco Tara Wood Beth Freking, MD Sarah Wyant Stephen K. Stearns

IN HONOR OF PETS Abby Craig & Barb Williamson All Creatures Susan Held & Michael Montgomery All Dogs Ernest D. Dunn All Dogs & Cats Eleanor, Mazie, Catherine & Ellie All Siberian Huskies Charles Langham All the Cats & Dogs from Childhood on M. Denise Buddendeck All the Dogs at Pampered Pets Day Camp Pamela & Keith VanDerbeek All the Precious Animals entrusted to my care each year Cyane Dandridge Williams Allie Fred & Mary Schubert Angel Dr. & Mrs. James W. Hayes Annabel Wilson Family Aqua Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates Arielle, Apollo & Panzi Shirley & Bob Elliott Audrey & Louise Alice & Thomas Buchanan Aurora Michele & Kenneth Kellermann Avon Dea Mahanes Bandit & Panda Michael & Donna

Marshall Baxter Carl & Katheryn Saunders Bean, Shug & All Precious Pets Cyane Dandridge Williams Beezus Jamie, Tate, & Gid Bella Jo Ann & Deloy Moore Bella Diana & Harry Parlette, III Bella Russell Alease Russell Big Mama Lynn Ann Appleby Bogart C. McCullough & K. Ahern Boots Katherine & Larry Pettit, Jr. Boux & Lily Pat Hayman Brandy Emily & Enos Powell Brave Jennifer Cui Bronco & Superman Lisa Zimmerman Buddy Ernie Walls Buster Clifton Patricia A. Clifton Butterbean, Woodberry & Forest Cyane Dandridge Williams Cali Stephen K. Stearns Calvin Schwenk The Deigls Cami Sally C. Booker-James Carlton the Cat Katilynn Wyatt Carter Craig and Barb Williamson Cashmere Richard F. Schupp Charley Winn & Rod Ballard Chiquita Susie Bruce & Dan Miller Chloe, Nikki & Buffey Kathy Kessler Cleo Hugh & Debbie Hawkins Cleopatra & Her Friend Gatsby Gracie & Craig Smith Cobie Vicki S. Shiflett Cody Lillian Inge Comfort Katz Carol L. Chandross Conner Roxy Hicks Dakota Angela Canterini Dancer & Scout Nell & David Hibbitts

Danielle David Propst & Jennifer Fowler Propst Denny Ellie, Jenna, Mark Pedersen Denver & Scott Jessica Hall Dixie Lee, Daisy Duke, Duke & Kitty Kitty Jan & James O’Kelley Duke Mayer Anonymous Emma Debbie White & Roy Cadoff Emma Eileen & Robert Conroy Fox Barbara & Eli Lesser Foxy Janice Bryant Francis & Simone Renee M. Severin Friskies James & Sharon Kelley Gaia & Ophelia Jessica Dupont & Andrew Fickley Gemma Jane Durrer Gracie David Harmon Gregor Catherine Wray & Timothy Snider Gretel Idette Charlie Griffin & Matilda Leah Woody Gypsy Patricia Ross Henry Morgan & Marlene Whiteley, Jr. Ho-Shoney Dave & Noel Draine Jayber Catherine Morton Jenny Sara Fishback Jolli Elizabeth Hyatt Juneau John Runkle Juneau Rita Leadem Kathryn, Patricia, Shirley Gay & Kenneth Loftin Katy Baby Betty Thompson Kingston Brian Pusser & Rebecca Foster Lana Etta M. Campbell Lemon Joyce Dunn Lena Lisa Amols Lexi Blaise, Cihlar, J.V., & Nikola Lexi Michael & Donna Marshall


Libby Susan Lee Foard Louie Sallie V.P. Feild Lucky James E. Craig, Jr. Maddie Moose & Pop Maddie Charles Sallwasser, Susan & George Sallwasser Maddux Rachel & Andy Shelden Maggie Britony Buxton Maggie The Rooneys Magic Rakowitz Sandy Rakowitz Maria Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates Memphis Jennifer & Brendan Meyer Millie Jane Crawford Minnich Kitties Lynette Minnich Miska & Dielsel Peggy Aglubat Miss Marcie Janet Gorman Molly & Clancy Patricia & Thomas Cross Mosby Harriet Resio Mr. Pip Mr. & Mrs. Tony Laquintano Murray the Cat Marilee & Paul Newman Nick Furry Charles Pardue & Susan Himelrick Olive, Bone & Andie Diana & Terry Saunders Oreo Jake & Alison Selverstone Oscar Ken & Joy Tilley Otis Mocha Ozzie Ted & Mona Homyk Penny Mr. & Mrs. DiamondJones Pippa Suzanne & Marc Olmsted Poppy Anonymous Princess Barbara J. Mann Puff & Liz Ike Presson Pussy & Riot Terri Di Cintio & Chip King Ralph Kathleen & Vincent Stofan


Riley & Winston Diane Riley Risky & Princess Dr. & Mrs. John A. Jane, Jr. Rocky & Scruffy Barbara & Charles Patterson Roy Eleanor Busa Ruby Tim Sprinkle Rudy Jeanne & Albert Huber Sadie Richard & Donna Goodling Sally Ellen Bridget A. Davis Sam & Lizzie Andy & Pam Flynn Samantha Blaise, Cihlar, J.V., & Nikola Sampson & Lacey Loren Hendrickson Sandy Anna Jane Hayes Sasha Wenche L. Wilkins Scoopy Brooks Jennifer Brooks Scout Anne King Seabow Idette Charlie Sexy Dexy Karen & Bootie Ballard Sierra N.D. Dillon Simon Anne M. Colvin Spay A Cat! Greg Compher Stella, Bo & Knox In honor of Stella, Bo & Knox O’Connor Sukey & Rusty Anonymous Sunny Jean & Morton Wilhelm Tasy & Dream Susan Ordway Pfaltz The Animals Manfred Nettek The Torkle Susan Ordway Pfaltz Tilli Kat Kaye Rasmussen Tobster & Samster Anne Hendrick Tres Sumter HazzardAdolph Trixie & Ollie Polly L. Sibert Tuxies & Lucky Black Cats Everywhere Jen Morris Twisted Sister M.H. McLaughlin Uncle Buck, Agnes & Alex Mac Catherine Wray & Timothy Snider Wally Bruce Jolly

Wally, Zena & Lucy Donna & Phillip Pfeifer Weeza & Hanna Sandra & Jim Thornton Whisper Pamela Tetro Wildcat Barbara Hartless & Joe Sutherland Winston Wilson Family Yogi Marvin & Brenda Gose Zazzle Cemile Kahveci

IN MEMORY OF PEOPLE George Ackerman Jennifer & John Fetsko Harriett Adams Gay & Kenneth Loftin William “Bill” Adams Winn & Rod Ballard, Grace & Theo Giras, Nancy R. Ford, Jean Larson Mineart, Jean & Roger Scanlan Robin & Mani Aldridge Robert J. & Rebecca L. Vanlier Catherine Amante Catherine Amante, Robert Amante, Mary Hansen, Cheryl Kasper, Sean Summers Martha Mae Amato Karen & Kenny Beasley, Roy M. Clements, Jr., Sue & Frank Friedman, Terry Hamlett, Penny & Tom Howard, Denise E. Lacour, Georgia Rodenhauser, Niki Spencer John Marshall Anderson, Jr. Mary Frances & John Aiken, Nancy & John Anderson, Cousin, Tom & Martha Leinbach, Jo Ellen Thornton Anne James G. Kavanaugh, Jr. Beverly Arthur Ellen Dale Ms. B Cecilia J. Kimata Susan Baber Thomas Baber Kit Baney Robert Baney Charlotte Batty Chris A. Matthews Harry “Bud” Beazell Joann Shriner Doris & Frank Beddow Delores & David Brush Richard T. Billies, Jr., Christine Billies, Katie Carlson, Marilyn

Hermann, Juliana Illari, Gerald Shoemaker Christine S. Blincoe Betty & Paul Blincoe, Carla & George Blincoe, Melvin L. Blincoe, Ralph J. Blincoe, Carol & Michael A. Caplan, Sherry Comer, Donna & Donald Eddy, The Glennie Family, Margaret D. McElroy, The Montpelier Foundation, Kim Scala, Cindy & Mike Sikorski, Anne G. Weakley Jude Sutton Block Andrew & Kelli Block Family Fund Janice Bowen Linda & Gareth Weldon Jennifer Lawrence Braverman Deborah Evering, Adam Frazier, Betty Letlow, Sarah Ozturk, Physical Therapy at ACAC, Shirley Shotwell Betty Bretz Wendy & Jay Hirsh, Robin & Gary Sloan Marc Bridenhagen Christine & James Camblos III, Elaine & Chuck Cayton, Deborah & Michael Del Colliano, Gaston & Wyatt, Cortlandt & Andrew Glover, Melissa & John Harrison III, George & Katherine Kidder, Beatrice LaPisto, Courtney Lucier, Sarah Magerfield, Mason Insurance Agency Inc., Mary & Robert McIver, Moore Masonry Inc., Scott Moorhead, Elizabeth F. Morgan, Bonnie & Robert Riggs, Demi Runkle, St. Anne’s Belfield School, University of Virginia Alumni Association, Lynda & William Vining, Wrightson Ramsing Foundation Amy Brown Vreni & David Collier Gilbert Kenneth “Kenny” Brown Jeanette & Ernest Ern, HCPS Department of Technology, Betty & David McMullen, Eric Purks, Nell & Glenn Sweet Irv Brownfield Jacqueline Brownfield Jonathan Drew Bunn The Bunn Family Beatrice Calhelhas J. C. Leonard Donnie Campbell Etta M. Campbell Dr. Freeman Carey

Steven & Anne Anderson, Caldwell & Orkin, Counseling Program at UVA Women’s Center, Stephanie & Michael Reynolds, Betty C. & John Scott, St. James the Apostle Catholic Church, Ellen Roberts Susi, Jean & Munsey Wheby Bowie Carpenter Flower Gale, Linda & Robin Williams Charlotte Carrell Lynne Christian, Nancy Fraser Lawrence Bradford Chandler, Jr. Anonymous, Glen Conrad, Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas LLP, Mary Jean & Donald Foss, Alice & Paul Holtz, SL Nusbaum Insurance Agency Inc. Roxie Chapman Billie Ann Midthum Eugene Cochrane III Anne & John Staley Michael Wayne Ernest Cook Albemarle Charlottesville Pilot Club, Lois & James Shifflett, Delores E. Van Shelly Cook Linda Cook Gary Cornick Linda Cornick William Craddock Anne Treichler James “Dewey” Albert Crawford Jason, Charlotte, Brittany, Dalton & Emma Dickerson, Bob Pineo, Kevin & Caitlin Schafer, Branka & Danny Tomic, Marta & Ryan Tomic Matthew Crawford John & Denise Woodson Dr. Anne E. Culbertson Pass Thru Fund Kay Dannals Harry Dannals Coralee Davis Mary & Warren Andrews, Anonymous, Elsie & Mac Thompson Jr. Anna Day Alice & Donald Bradley Honey Dechert Jenny Collins Susan Diehl Lloyd & Margaret Willis Robert Dolan George Charles Alex, Donna & Michael Bruggeman, Clorisa Phillips & Alexander Horniman, Elizabeth

F. Morgan, Judith & Mac Peatross, St. Anne’s Belfield School, Caroline & Bill Wilhelm Doloris James Thomas John Robert Dorrier Janice Creasy, Patricia A. Doniger, Doris & Frank Rogers, III Mary “Pauline” Dorrier Katheryn Surface Burks, Janice Creasy Pearl Dudley Patricia & Robert Bingler, Lois & Jerry Dollens, Barbara & Roger Dudley, Betty Fuller, Barbara & Charles Simmons, Ashley Stugard Annie Eason Susan & Robert Hodous Jason Eckford Peter Easter Maggie Edwards Ann S. Harris Patricia Fagiana Robert Lenahan Pearl Falbo Geri & Bruce Schirmer Robert Faris Ann B. Faris, MA Starr Ernie Flynn Wendy Flynn Jane Foster Carol L. Chandross Eddie Good Phil & Jeanne Chase Britt Gore Chris Gore Luther Gore Carol & Robert Brown Joan E. Graves Gerda Bansleben, Kay Graves, Katherine & Larry Pettit Jr. Kathryn Scholz Grotz Phyllis & James Ammons, Jodi Blaylock, CFA Institute Multimedia Publishing Department, Stephanie Griffin, Matt Hepler, Linda C. Hogan, Boo & Bill Mathers, Rebecca McClure, Judy Shields, Golde & Paul Walthall Roy Guillemin Carole A. Guillemin Tommy H. Brandy & Todd Hollabaugh John Hackett Phil & Jeanne Chase Erla Hagan Marty Bass Dr. J. Kaye Halsey Christine Fleckles & Edwin Rushia, Madelyn & James Jones Mack Halsey Judith & Mac Peatross Michelle Hamlin

Ann Charlton, UVA Health Physicians Group George Hamrick Mary A. Hamrick Roy Haney Patricia A. Locke James & Dorothy Hanks Bonita & John Hanks Hugh Pierson Harris Nicole & Earle Betts, Anne & Scott Morrill, Dr. Denise Williams & Mr. Christopher Yates Kat Harris Richard Brown, Buddy Harris Carol Harvey Central Virginia Chapter Military Officers Association of America, Carole Edwards, Jean & Ed Fording, Hess Corporation - Marketing Departments Lorna Haycraft’s Aunt and Brother Marie & Wayne Sours Richard Hayden Susan Carkeek, Elaine & Richard Miller, Janet & Jim Pietrovito, Sandy Russell Anne Hobbs Bruce Hobbs, Jr. Jon Hukari Karen Hukari Dr. Charles M. Johnson, III Lucy Welbourn Johnson Michelle Johnson The Coleman Family John Carr Jones, Jr. Claiborne Lange, Dudley Macfarlane Elizabeth Yancey Kane David Kane, Lucia & Robert Phillips, Kathryn Walker Darlene Kaufman Lori M. Kaufman Eunice B. Kay John B. Browning Malorie Kemmerer Blue Ridge Equine Clinic Ellen M. Kent Joan A. Kent Sherri King Andrea Stiernstrand Lenore Kremer Nancy K. Gercke Robert S. Kremer, Sr. Nancy K. Gercke Nettie Krukenberg Julie C. Lacy Jackie Laumakis Anne Ripley Robbie Laverty Catherine Bub Catherine Leclaire Patricia Miller Beswick Roger Leclere Martha D. Leclere

Brian Lee Maryann & David Lee Fred Levering Anonymous, Susan & Tom Dungan, Carol Whitman Thomas Lee Lively Waynesboro Exchange Club Dory Logan Robert Hamfeldt Robert Lucan Ed Baron, Ida & Brett Berkobein, Mary Kay Blake, Annie Groeber, Katherine Hatton & Richard Bilotti Fund , Phyllis Jones, Sharon & Charles Marks, Robin & David Mellen, Chuck D. Tobin, Ruth W. Williams Claudia King Smith Lynn Anonymous, Elizabeth B. Gentry, Samuel & Jane Long, Carl & Ruby Lynn, Patricia D. Lynn, M.H. McLaughlin, Mary & Billy Proffit, Promac LLC, Susan & Jim Quisenberry, G. Richard Waterman Mama Michael & Donna Marshall Martin Ruthe Battestin El Martin Jenny Mead Ron Marullo Brian Roddy Lorraine Mathis Etta M. Campbell, Diane & Robert Jones, Sharon & Douglas Leslie, Viola & Bill Schick Carole Mawyer Anonymous Duke Mayer Ethel Williams Stephen Mayer Nancy & Gerry Mayer Sally Lamons McCullough Janis Chamberlain Brooks, Ann M. Carney, Carolyn & David Grow, M Burke Hood, Daryl & Mattie Howard, Brenda & William Steigman Sally Mead Ruthe Battestin, Lindsay C. Nolting Dr. John Frederick Mesinger Marlene & Ralph Deacon, Daria Kiselica Mick Susan Rice Lynne Mironer June Goodwin June Moore Mary E. Sharpley Judyth Morgan Rosewood Village Hollymead Assisted

Living, LLC Julie Morris Cecil R. Floyd Jr. CPA PC, Mary Ann B. McMahon, Barbara Morris, Elizabeth & Gregory Morris, Edgar O Woodson, Jr. Yolanda Murray Marva A. Barnett, Kip Keener Charles Newlen Anonymous Linda Woods Nicholas Dolores G. Bedell, Jim & Betsy Fernald, Mary & David Haglund, Barbara Kirkman & Clark Baumbusch, Jane Kerewich, Nora & Robert Larsen, Joanne May, Lynn P. Morris, Stephen Ng, Robert & Gail Ramey, Martha T. Rothwell, Scottsville Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy, Andrea & Charles Vest, Dick and Jane Yancey Helyn O’Boyle Karen Reid Sansom Hod O’Brien Mary & John Simonette Roberta Larkin Occhipinti Joan Scherer Ruth O’Connell Cecilia J. Kimata Gail Olson Steven Olson Ruth Orfe Irene S. Rebholz Gail Brockman Orndorff Dora Kay Brockman Carole & Bill Owen Sarah Katharine Owen William Owen Elizabeth Fuller Juanita Van Dael Pace Jane & Bruce Crawford, Melissa Hairston Jack Paddock Roxanna White Mary Ellen Parr Dan & Mary Fielding, George & Sybil Mahanes, Arlene T. Oslin Charles E. Payne Susie C. Payne Charlie Phillips Kathleen & Patrick Long Maria Pinter Tom Dudley Margaret “Maggie” Potts Suzanne & Michael Bailey, Susan Ballagh, Carol L. Chandross, Katherine Clark, Jerry & Melissa Harrelson, Jim Kaufman, Belinda

O’Berry, Edwina Pancake, Alfred Shackelford, Virginia CLE, Aristea Vlavianos Mildred S. Powell Bettie W. Black, Caroline & Jerry Jones, Sandra H. Perry, Marshall Poulson & Carroll Justis, Vernon M. Powell Jr., Betty & Wayne Seiler, Janice Wright Elizabeth “Bebo” Purcell Janice Creasy Tom Raque Anne & Vernon Raque Daniel Jacob Rasnake Jeffrey Paul Brown Mary Lois Ratliff Susan & Robert Hodous, Beverly Ratliff Gayle Reed Karen & Stephen Rudd Roma Reed Robert & Darlene Barber, Ted & Peggy Bidwell, Dave & Noel Draine, Steve Elliott, Charles Frieden, Betty Mars Goodman, Judith Moody, Betty B. Paine, Edwina Pancake, Dorothy Richards, David Scheerer Joseph Ringers Linda Cornick Mollie Rockwell Anonymous, Camille & Robert Guinnane, Cheryl C. & Norman Pearson, Katherine & Larry Pettit Jr. Jacqueline A. Roe Deborah Cohn & Charlotte Patterson Nancy Hagen Root Edith Ballard, Meta Chisholm, Michael Duddy, Ruth & Randall Lillard, Emily & Richard Newman, Julia L. & Richard Nunley, Warrendale Sales, Joan Tutan Philip D. Rowan Janice R. Huebner Steve Ryalls Barbara Coble, Amy & Scott Karr Susan Sargen Debra & Jeff Holloway Cecelia Saunders June & Grayson Beale, Susan & William Craddock, Susan B. Craig, Great Terms Insurance Agency, Patricia Groeninger, Independence Resident Council, Diane & Neal Marks, Barbara & Carl Omohundro, Cory Perry, Janice & John Stalfort II, R.W.

Tatum Jr., Sonja Vicker, Rachel Renfro Wist Peter Schedler Kimberly Calderaro, Cathy & George Carpenter, Marshall Carter, Rodney S. Dillman, Louise Farbstein, Thomas Forrester, Samantha B. Knapp, Michelle Knudsen, Judy Lee, Ian MacLean, Emily & Brian McCahill, Chelsea Power, Peter Schedler, Beverley W. Sutherland, Susan O. Tamsett Maxine E. Shaver Mike & Janet Weeks Jane Sickon Core Knowledge Foundation George Smith Cecilia J. Kimata Helen E. Smith Children of Benjamin H. Word Jr. M.D., Rebecca T. Coles, Mary & Peter Deaver, Donna Packard, Judy & Palmer Sweet, Suzanne S. Word Joyce B. Smith Anonymous, Jean Greenstadt, Pat Grizzel, Henry & Pat Lukas, Susan & John Williamson Helen Snead Etta M. Campbell Ileen Snow Jim Price Chevrolet Tricia Stanton Barbara Ballantyne Wendy SteinerBecker Barrett-Johnson & Associates Doris Stephens Jennifer & John Vidovich Ralph Stow Charlee Channing & Brian W. Chase Ursula Strider Vreni & David Collier Frances Swift Marion W. Haddow Lucye Tarkington Jackson A. & Jenny T. Brown, Carol L. Chandross Martha & Bernard Terrill Shelby T. Clements Margaret J. Thomas Anonymous, Mary A. Barnabei, Mary Jean & Donald Foss, Mary, Beth, Amanda, Miriam, Brenda & William Steigman, Sherry Sinard & Margo De Matteis, Elizabeth & Richard Worch Mason Clark Thomas

Charlottesville Automotive Refinish Supply Alvin L. Toms Ann Toms Eleanor & E.G. Tremblay Michele & Wade Tremblay Marion Trevillian Julie Bibb, Truist Michael Underhill Ellen Adams, Linda & Frank Cardella, Robert B. Fudge & Steven J. Kretzmann, Christina Riebeling & Scott Wiley Pam von Thelen Virginia Stokes Alan “Buddy” Voshell Mona W. Beard, Joan Clements, Janice S. Creasy, Peter Easter, Clarence Fisher Jr., Achsah Henderson, Susan McConnell, Julia & Richard Nunley, Carol Quaif, Jan & John Stalfort, Rebecca Steele, Vivian & Don Zimmerman Raymond John Warren John Jackson Gretchen & Ben Watson Debra A. Watson Caroline G. Wayne Nina B. Adams, Mary Jean & Donald Foss, Moria Frazer, Library/ Learning Commons PLC, Bettie B. Neblett Lucio Weaver Cheryl & James Wilkerson J.V. “Enoch” Webster Gerald S. Deane Dianna Weeks Patsy & Eric Blaesing, Sally S. Rogers, Pamela & Thomas Tinsley Shirley Jacobs Weiner Carmi Gutherz Bob Wells Dolores Wells Bob & Betty Wessel AARP - Charlottesville Chapter #192 Susan Wilder Mary L. Barker Betty Wilkerson Carol & Thomas Merlo, Daniel A. Owens Christine L. Willard Katherine & Fred Willard Cathy Womack Judith Wright Stuart R. “Bobby” Wood, Jr. Charlottesville Dogwood Festival, Doris & Paul Mays,


Jean & Guy Moffat, Vivian Wade Susan Woodward Cecilia J. Kimata Sean Allan Yemen Anonymous, David & Nancy Bogdonoff, Lori Boles, Whitney Burns, Ming-Jer Chen, Michael Childress, Darden Book Club Friends, Darden Business Publishing, Ken & Kathy Eades, Mark Eades, Katie Forkin, James & Janis Freeland, Ron & Janie Goldberg, Krista Palmgren & Nathan Harper, Mark & Mary Ann Harris, Nancy Harrison, Sara Hess, Matthew & Eliza Holland, Kyle Horst, Kristina Howell, Reese & Geri Howell, James Michael & Judith Jaeger, Joan Jay, Sam Jett, Anne & Paul Kawas, Shean Kay, Michele Kellerman, Susan Kiley, Jennifer Lail Lassiter, Katherine Southwell Lee, Dean Lewis, Gary Mahoney, Holly & John Mason, Master’s Auto Body, Inc., Gene & Catherine McGahren, Susan Hale McKibbin, Michele Kellerman, Jenny Mead, Dixie Mills, Marc & Shizuka Modica, Josh Morris, Dr. Leslie A. Olsakovsky, David Peterson, Whitney Phipps, Karen & George Rich, Jacqueline Roper, Peter Araujo Salas, Ted & Barb Sander, Bruce Schirmer, Pete Schmidt, Bill Scott & Ann Proudlove, Elizabeth and Rick Howell Scotson, Ruth Scotson, Peggy Smith & Andy Larner, Linda & Jeff Sobel, friends of the family Robert & Susan Spekman/ Snyder, Maggie Spriggs, St. Anne’sBelfield School, The Amato Family, The Dunn Family, The Teplitzky Family, Neal Trivedi, William Truong, UVA Children’s and Women’s Services, UVA Department of Otolarynoglogy-Head & Neck Surgery, Sara Wakefield & Josh Herb, Pat Walker, James Weissman, Linda Wells, Rebecca Zee James Zauner


Jennifer & John Fetsko Paula Zo Carol L. Chandross

IN MEMORY OF PETS Abby Sue & Lloyd Raupp Abby Jane & Tommy Tirrell, III Abu Jeannette L. Ross Addison Finis Carrell Adriana Rebecca & Zach Whitlow Ajax Morgan Karen Munro & Amanda Morgan Alex Donald & Elaine Debanico All My Cats & Dogs Dedrea Greer All My Pet Dogs Joseph DeVincentis All The Cats and Dogs from childhood on M. Denise Buddendeck All the Dogs We’ve Loved Shelbia & Alan Lengel Ally Shan & Mark Meulenberg Alley Cecilia J. Kimata Amadeus Freedy Amber Barbara & James Moore Amy Wenche L. Wilkins Andy Margaret A. Kahler Anemomilos The Bailey Family Angel Lucy Millinder Animals that have gone before James & Sharon Kelley Anja Barbara Deily Annie Denise Allensworth Annie Sue & Lloyd Raupp Appollo Chris Oakley & James Beall April Teplitzky Jenny Mead Arrow Kirkman Elizabeth G. Cauthen Ash John & Karen Rowlingson Aspen Barbara Holland, Jenny Mead Athena

Chris Oakley & James Beall Atticus Timothy & Corinne Conlon BaabaGanush Michelle & Hadley Baba Kevin Haag Baby Girl Mary-Catherine Calvert Bailey Michele Irvine Bailey Shelley & George Payne Bailey Sue & Lloyd Raupp Bailey Briarley C. Rogers Bailey Cindy L. Smith Bailey Rowe Deborah & David Rowe Bailey Shumaker Mandy Pedersen Bandit Michael & Donna Marshall Barney Jamie Covell Barney Beatrice LaPisto Baron Dorothy Lansing Bart Anonymous Baxter Kendall Giler Bean Judy Bancroft Bear Cecilia J. Kimata Bear Michelle & Ralph Law Bear Laura Shavis Beau Lysa Hodgson Beaumont Diane M. Bradshaw Beck Sara Cary Bedford James E. Craig, Jr. Beethoven Flower Gale Bella Beth Coppin, Poppa & Momma Coppin Bella Melissa Dudek Bella Debbie & Dom Launi Bella Margaret Mayer Bella Elizabeth Wilson Bella Hadley Zeavin Belle Pam, Randy & Jennie Thomas Belle Patricia Gordon Ben Sue & Charles Stoke

Benji Carol & Kenneth Rasmussen Berkeley Momorella Ken Fix Bernie Nancy B. Miner Bez Kevin Haag Bipper Sandra DeKay Black Hawk Lois & Warren Pitts Blacky Joren Sacre Blaze Earnest & Janice Dodrill Blaze Morris Joyce & Thurman Morris Blue James Carnes & Clark Hantzmon Blue Carol & David Hogg Blue Cindy L. Smith Bluebell The Kittlesen/Edelen Family Bo Clara Mincer, Ronald & Cheryl Snead Bob Paula & Jim Pippin Bobby Kay Minnie Kay Bond Becky Barlow Bonnie Barbara C. AulebachRoss Bonnie Elizabeth Fuller Boo Rainey Leslie & Kendall Madigan Boots Alice & Donald Gross Bootsie Caroline Taylor Boris Prysby T.R. Baun, David M. Mehringer, Brian Paul Menard, Michelle Prysby, Melissa L. Rowland Bouncer Patricia Hearn Brambles Lingonberry Pancake Josh Laseter Brandy Emily & Enos Powell Brandy Stuart and Kay Watterson Brendan John & Karen Rowlingson Bridget Virginia Greene Brinkley Maritza Saavedra Brutus The Brashear Family

Buck Jennifer M. Longbrake Buck Millen Jenny Mead Bud Patricia & Elliot Mininberg Buddy Matthew J. Bassignani & Alan Higgins Buddy Jayne Brittle & James Jokl Buddy Elizabeth Fuller Buddy Bell Faye Creighton Buddy Sabol Joy & Joe Sabol Buffy Kevin Haag Buffy Mildred & Bob Westbrook Bunny Mislow Christopher & Denise Mislow Caesar Barbara Deily Cali Anonymous Cali Stephen K. Stearns Cappy Bress Bernard T. Bress, Elizabeth G. Cauthen Cash Martha A. Carpenter Cassie Betty L. Goss Cat Winifred Disandro Cat Lynda L. Dunn Cat Stephanie Polackwich Cat Frances Roberson Ceebs Angela Pascoli Chad Cecilia J. Kimata Charlie Karen & Neal Goodloe Charlie Bullett Palmer Chase Carmen & Alan Bewley Chase Kirsten Daisley Cheeks Charles Crenshaw Chelsea Barbara & James Moore Chessie Ellie Ellison Chica Jacobi Jean & Michael Wheelwright Chico Sandra DeKay Chief Dek & Connie Bowen Chloe Kathy Gross Chloe

Joan T. Jay Chloe Stokes Ruthe Battestin, Elizabeth G. Cauthen, Sally M. Garland, Margaret M. Grove, Jenny Mead, Betty C. & John Scott, Virginia Stokes, Gary Townsend Chloe the Chi Heather & Matthew Schilling Cinders Kevin Haag Classy Judith L. White Cleo The Brashear Family Coco Cecilia J. Kimata Coco Ellen Roberts Susi Columbo Cope Lee & Brian Cope, Emily & David Henley Cooper Cordelia S. Lenz Cricket Debbie Shelor Cubby Nathan Day & Samantha Toet Cubby Sarah Mayer Curley Sue & Lloyd Raupp Cyril Lea & Paul Becker Dace Robert Cantrell Daisy Lauren Noe Daisy Bauler Catherine L. George Daisy Mae Donna Conley Dakota Linda & Robert Thomson Dana Marjorie Garmey & Melinda Baumann Dawson Hope D. Carson D.C. Carol & Kenneth Rasmussen DD Mildred & Bob Westbrook Debbie Minnie Kay Deiter Debbie Thacker Dell Rebekah L. Carmel Demon Cecilia J. Kimata Dexter David W. Dienner Dexter Beatrice LaPisto Ditty the Cat Martha & Scott Stinson Doing Time Debbie Thacker Dora

Courtney Sargeant Doug Susan & Robert Hodous Dr. Donna Anonymous Duchess Cecilia J. Kimata Duchess Beverly L. West Dudley Susan E. King Duke Margaret Mayer Duke Moore Barbara & Hugh Darnell Dusty Pete & Florence Bruce Dylan Linda & Jeff Sobel Ebony Shirley F. Robinson Einstein Mary Ellen Waltz Eleanor Belle Mullen Olivia Branch Eli Corliss Bradley Ellie Barbara & Richard Wood, III Ellie Abbot Margaret & Monte Parsons Eloise Helen & Alan Staley Emma Anonymous Emma Virginia Stokes Emma Renate Voris Emmet Marjorie Garmey & Melinda Baumann Esmont Dr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Waff III Eve Paul & Sandra Felix Jan & Michael Cubbage Fendi Brian Paul Menard Fern Ruth & Malcolm Bell, III Fletch Demi Runkle Floss Jean Gary Fluff Jacquie & Susan Foxy Cecilia J. Kimata Franklin Becky Barlow Fred Carol A. Gilchrist Fred Beatrice LaPisto Freddie John & Betty Elliton Freddy Becky Barlow Freddy

Kaitlin Mussomeli Friskies James & Sharon Kelley Fuzzy Susan J. Thomas Gabby Leonard Mary Ritchie Galen Susie C. Payne Gavin Vic and Ace and Biscuit, Muffin, Martin and Sophie George Diane L. Johnson George Pasternak Julie L. Basic Georgette Susan Kaplan Gidget Doris & Curtis Shular Ginger Marjorie Garmey & Melinda Baumann Ginger Wendy & Jay Hirsh Ginger Justice Martha Haertig Ginny Dallas Lulu Gizzy Debbie & Gregory Telep Gloria Lynette & Izzy Menchero Glory Mary Ashley Laine Glory Joan & Jack Sorensen Goldie Tony Le Vere Gordo Alfonso Martinez Grace Daly Karen Olsen Gracie John Francis Gracie Peggy & Peter Scherman Gracie Daly Cathy & Randy Bogle Gracie Rowe Carolyn Rowe, Deborah & David Rowe Gray Boy Kathy & Sam McKelvey Gus Cheryl & Bob Renaghan Gypsy Barbara & James Moore Hachi Ruth Rollins Hachiko Ruth Rollins Hannah Becky Barlow Hannah Roberta & Wallace Goode Hans Robert Hamfeldt Happy Ron & Lynda Tweel

Harry Brown Lynly Beard, Kathi Ann Brown, Deena Gross, Anna Kamstra, Denise Kulp, Dana Mann-Tavegia, Jenny Mead, Meg Pickering, Susan Shaw, Amanda Schueler, Jean Snyder Havoc Susan Greene & Larry Stopper Hawk Paul T. Vesely Hazel Pamela Morris Henry Ingleside Training Center, Ltd. Hershey Lynette & Izzy Menchero Higgins Victor Bristow Holly Alice E. Dulaney Holly Mary C. Pollard Hunter Bonnie & Dick Brewer Hunter Sue & Charles Stoke Husky Charles & Patricia Rusk Impress Cecilia J. Kimata Indy Lynette & Izzy Menchero Invictus Kathleen Hoffman Isaac “Hazy” Hayes Margaret & Monte Parsons Isabel Sara W. Arneson Isobel Becky Barlow Ivory Mr. & Mrs. Tom Shaw Ivy Joann M. Simpson Ivy Cetta Bevin & Vito Cetta, Margaret & Howard Gutgesell, Darius Jahann Izzy Cecilia J. Kimata Izzy Loretta Spittle Jack Judy Bancroft Jack Christina Riebeling & Scott Wiley Jackie Julie Garmel & Jeff Greer Jackie Sue & Charles Stoke Jackson Anonymous Jackson Claire W. Gargalli Jackson Wayne & Janet

Hudgins Jake Kelley Walton & Damon Dabney Jammu Sumner Gerard Foundation Jason Kendall Giler Jasper Enfield The Hardy-Moore Family Jazzy Helen & Robert Landel Jellie Bean Dallas Lulu Jerry Laura Harlow Jess Cecilia J. Kimata Jesse Barbara Dorrier Jesse Kristina & Eric Parker Jessie Brian Paul Menard Jessie Karen & Greg Wells Jetta Lisa Graziano Jiggy Nancy Holland & Victor Lee Jinks Sandra & Terry Tucker Johnny Cash Poole Barbara Tilley Kabuki Elizabeth Burdash Kashmir Sumner Gerard Foundation Kaki Karen & Greg Wells Kappi Joan T. Jay Karee Beth & Wendell Lee Kasey Jackie Morgan Katie Becky Barlow Katie Pam, Randy & Jennie Thomas Kaz Relatives & Friends Kenzie Brian Paul Menard Kesey Olivia Branch Kiki Morgan Margaret N. Cloutier, Nicki Morgan Killian Christine Charters Kipper Stephen Heim Kiri Mary-Catherine Calvert Kit Kat Betty & Dale Crutchfield Kitten Barbara Urbanczyk Kobe Buddy Harris

Kohavi Ben Cohen Kova Elizabeth Margutti Kuma 2 Christine Pedersen Kurt Laura Yin Kyra Carol & Kenneth Rasmussen Lacey Bond Rene Bond Lacy John Francis Lady Rachel & Kyle Layla Debbie & Gregory Telep Leo Bela Giese Leo Carol & Kenneth Rasmussen Leroy Sarah & Joseph Krenn Levi Larry Setwell Lexi Karen & Neal Goodloe Lexi Stephen K. Stearns Lexus Kathleen Hoffman Liam Noel Mike Fietz Libby Flower Gale Lil Boy Spellman Bobbie Spellman Lilly Janet Adams Lily Marjorie Garmey & Melinda Baumann Lily Kate Mason & Mike Fitts Lily Linda & Jeff Sobel Lily Debbie & Gregory Telep Lisa Becky Barlow Little Ben Janet & George Sakell Little Pip Janet & George Sakell Little Sakell Janet & George Sakell Lola Belle Ray Brooke Ray Lou Lou Jane & Tommy Tirrell, III Loved Dogs Anne Brushwood Lucius Kendall Giler Lucky Barbara & James Moore Lucky Jan & James O’Kelley Lucy

Anonymous Lucy Kirsten Daisley Lucy Margaret & Howard Gutgesell Lucy Scott Height Luke Finis Carrell Luna Aunt Karen Luna William & Helen Reifenberger M.J. Lisa Gay-Milliken Mabel Elliott, Wendy, Paige & Scott Mac Paulette Willard Macy Matthew J. Bassignani & Alan Higgins Maddie Eleanor S. Porter Maddie Coughlin Mantz Jenny Mead Maggie Gabriela & Alfonso Martinez Maggie Daniel O’Connell Maggie Amy & Tom O’Leary Maize Dahne & Chip Morgan Mandy Mary Allen Mandy Charles M. Winkler Marley Gross Meredith P. Gross Mary Minnie Kay Mason Kate Frazier Matti Hope D. Carson Mattie Wayne Harlow Max Terri & Wayne Bryant Max Hope D. Carson Max Rachel Lloyd Miller & Jim Miller Max Susan Towe McCoy Vicki M. Andreae McCoy Maura Burchette McKenzie Gallerycorp, Inc. Megan Judy Bancroft Memphis Buddy Harris Mickey John Francis Midnight Alice E. Dulaney Mikey


Ron & Lynda Tweel Miles Klein Gary & Lorraine Klein Millie Melody & Daniel Beisner Mimi Cecilia J. Kimata Mindy Richard A. Skwarlo Mischief Randy Mays Misha Stuart and Kay Watterson Miss Callie Lynn Boyter Miss Pink Jayne Brittle & James Jokl Missy Torey M. Todd Misty Shirley R. Martin Misty Carolyn A. Smith Mitten Cecilia J. Kimata Mocha Audrey & Lewis Kardos Moka Katherine Rabe & Stephen Hutchinson Molly Lea & Paul Becker Molly Beverly Bunch Molly Doris & Richard Garrison Molly Delia Harrison Molly Beatrice LaPisto Molly Lucy Millinder Molly Elizabeth F. Morgan Molly Patricia S. Moore Molly Joanne H. Peach Molly Sue & Lloyd Raupp Molly Sylvia & Thomas Walton Mollydog Ann & James Donovan Moonbeam Christina Riebeling & Scott Wiley Mooner Cecilia J. Kimata Morris Beverly Bunch Moses Antonio & Denise Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Harvey’s Dogs Margie Swanson, Vicky, Lisa and Wendy Mr. Elmo Kaitlin Mussomeli Mr. Merton


Rose & Rob Capon, Charlotte Drummond, Jacquie & John Pickering Mr. Paws Jayne Brittle & James Jokl Mr. T Cyane Dandridge Williams Ms. Fuzz Marian C. Styles Muffin Nancy & Dan Bauer Murphy Lascano Deborah A. Triant Myown Adrienne Darrah Napoleon Joyce & Frank Butros Nate Christina Riebeling & Scott Wiley Nelson Judith & Mac Peatross, Ron & Lynda Tweel Neptune (Bill Nye) Julie Kelsey Nibbles Patricia Foley Nick Furry Charles Pardue & Susan Himelrick Nicky John Francis Niko Susan J. Thomas No Name Sad Terrier Becky Barlow Nonnie Jessica Young Nora Dahne & Chip Morgan Nora Susan & Michael Daley Not Dog Holly A. Johnson O.C. Edwin & Sherry Reynolds Oliver Marcia & Jim Childress Oliver Sugarman Eva L. Knight O’Malley Missy Sutton Oreo Beverly Ogilvie Oscar Jayne Brittle & James Jokl Oscar Bonnie Neuss Otis John Francis Otis Amy & Tom O’Leary Our Dearly Departed Pets Terri Di Cintio & Chip King Paco Kathy Fontenot Pancho Lynette & Izzy Menchero

Panda Michael & Donna Marshall Pandora Brian Paul Menard Patch Sarah Donnelly Patch Haney Sandra Councill Patches Pete & Florence Bruce Patootie Charles & Patricia Rusk Patrick Becky Barlow Patriot Lucia Kaestner Peanut Donna & Jack Ostrowski Pearl Frederick & Meriflo Heblich, Jr. Pepper Noreen & Joseph Hannemann Pepper Michelle & Ralph Law Pharoah Ellen & Mike Sadler Phin Lamar & John Toole Pied Margaret Bishop Pippin Nancy & Bob Button Pookee Sylvia M. Brown Porky Robert F. Taylor Prairie Dog Anne & Marty Meth Prescott Network For Good Prissy Brenda & David Kovarik Prudence Labus Family Pudgy Sangitha & Rod Fritts Puff Sharon & Jonathan Hall Pusskin Renate G. Brun Quincy Paul & Sandra Raffie Peter Stoudt & Alice Handy Raleigh Miette & George Michie Rascal Stephanie & Michael Reynolds Raven Betty & Dale Crutchfield Red Socktan Mitchell Georgia Mitchell Redgie Kathy Fontenot Reese Rebekah L. Carmel Rex Ferguson Elizabeth F. Morgan Riley Jacquelyn & Robert Haney

Riley Tahira Hulburt Riley Virginia Stokes Riley Cauthen Ruthe Battestin, Elizabeth G. Cauthen, Joan T. Jay, Jenny Mead Robby Emily & Keith Sohr Robin Karen L. Salmonson Rocky Sandra & Terry Tucker Romeo Mildred Dunstan Rosemary Cathy & Paul Willis Rosie Brenda F. Langdon Rosie Stephanie & Michael Reynolds Rubit Wade Kristina Garcia & Roy Wade, Jr. Ruby Debbie & Gregory Telep Ruby Zurlo Marie Ganyard Rudy Marjorie Garmey & Melinda Baumann Rufus Janet D. Hatcher Ruger Jeffrey Paul Brown Sam Jamie Covell Sam Jill & Walter Hubbell Sam Adams Joseph Buchan Samantha Jill Fredrikson Samantha Middleditch Elizabeth G. Cauthen Samoa Karen Ryan Sampson Rene Bond Samwise Lynette & Izzy Menchero San Deane & Mark Begiebing Sandy Sue & Charles Stoke Sara Betty & Dale Crutchfield Saska Ruth & Malcolm Bell, III Sassy Roberta & Wallace Goode Sassy Cecilia J. Kimata Satchell Elizabeth F. Morgan Satchmo Cecilia J. Kimata

Schatzy Margaret Mayer Schwartz Ann S. Harris Scoonie Penn Suzanne Gigante Scooter Weary Anonymous Scout Mimi Ensminger Scout Mark and Barbara Goodson Scout Easter Edward H. Laughlin, Dahne & Chip Morgan Scratchy Thomas Forrester Scratchy Emily & Brian McCahill Sean Anonymous Sebastian Virginia & Allan Kanter Serendipity Sally S. Rogers Shadow Nancy & Bob Button Shady Adele & Carl Creutz, Sid Creutz Sheba Alice & Donald Gross Sheia Danielle Taylor Shelby Timothy & Corinne Conlon Shelby Loretta Spittle Sherwin Tonya & John Roberts Sierra Cheryl C. & Norman Pearson Simba Donna & Dick Vinal Simba Sarah & Robert Wise Simba Gouldman Deborah & David Rowe Simba Schaffer Carrie E. Schaffer Simon Allen Cindy Baber Siobhan Beverly L. West Sirius Mary Lee & Charles Armstrong Skylar Olivia Branch Skylar Shirley & Arthur Pearson Skyler Laura Yin Smokey Judith L. White Smudge Cecilia J. Kimata Snuggles Cecilia J. Kimata Snuggles Jackie Shifflett Sollie Jan & Michael Cubbage

Sophie Stephanie D. Bickers Soplie Jamie Covell Spence Virginia Greene Spike Jayne Brittle & James Jokl Spirit Roger & Cindi Burket Spock Vicki M. Andreae Spook Patricia Hearn Sport Cecilia J. Kimata Spot McDonald A friend Springer Peppard Deborah A. Triant Squinch Catherine Wray & Timothy Snider Squire Susan & Robert Hodous Stella Jacqueline J. Tirrell Storm Anderson Dale Anderson Sugar Magnolia Cyane Dandridge Williams Sumter Torey M. Todd Sunshine Karen L. Salmonson Supi Paula & George Stone Sweet-Sweet Christy & Anthony Wenzel Sybil The Kirby Family Sydney Frances Lungta Sue Ellis Dyar Sylvie Donna & Dick Vinal Sylvie Jessica Young T-Mac Becky & Chad Bassett Taffy Sandra & Terry Tucker Tank Conrad Brooke & Joseph Fields Tasha Judy Bancroft Tasha Virginia Greene Tasha D. W. Hand Tavie Becky Barlow Tay Judy Bancroft Taz Kelley Smith Ted Tonya & John Roberts Teddy Tonya & John Roberts Teddy Donna & Dick Vinal Teeka

Marsha L. Affeldt Tersi Debbie Thacker Tess Jean Gary The Stanimal Pamela Morris The Torkle Kay Pfaltz Tiffany Frances Bosserman Tiger Patricia & Elliot Mininberg Tigger Doris & Randy Davis Tigger Paula & George Stone Tinker Cindy Snyder & A.T. Stevens Tipper Patricia & Elliot Mininberg Tippy Brenda & David Kovarik Titi Mary Ellen & Jon Leachtenauer Tizzy Peter Stoudt & Alice Handy TJ Elizabeth F. Morgan Toby Betty & Dale Crutchfield Toby Laura Harlow Toby Mary Tatum Toby Stuart and Kay Watterson Toby Goretsky Rachel Goretsky Toby Rea Mary McCue Tom Cecilia J. Kimata Tommy Cecilia J. Kimata Tootsie Elaine Richardson Triumph Anonymous Trixie Patricia Gordon Trixie Cecilia J. Kimata Trudy Peggy & Bob Woodall Truffles Karen Olsen Tucker Nancy & Richard Smith Tuffy Etta M. Campbell Tweeter Carol & Kenneth Rasmussen Tyson Trevor L. Moon Uley Mary Lou & Tom Boyd Ursula James R. Sofka Vera Lynette & Izzy Menchero Vergil

Deborah M. Murray Vinny Judith L. White Vladi Brenda & David Kovarik Wags Polly, Gregory, & Lucia Wags Carroll Cindy Schutt Walley Cecilia J. Kimata Wally Houde 2003-2015 Susan & Robert Houde Wanda Cartie Lominack & Kristine Hall Wiggins Jean Gary Will Marcia & Jim Childress William Jenny Mead William Richard & Cecile Swenson William Gallerycorp, Inc. Willow Kate Mason & Mike Fitts Wolfgang Lesley Field Yikes Page R. Flannery Yikes Peter Stoudt & Alice Handy Yin Janet D. Hatcher Yoyo Finis Carrell Zach Scott & Karen Goss Zazu Anonymous Zoe Matthew J. Bassignani & Alan Higgins Virginia Veterinary Specialists, in memory of: Kennedy Albright, Pumpkin Angles, Mozzie Applegate, Cooper Archer, Snickers Atkins, Willow Atkins, Mr. Avery, Baby Aydlett, Chelto Ayler, Squire Baber, Ready Back, Mouse Barwick, Sunny Barwick, Tyler Beagle, Oscar Becker, Bizzy Bee Beier, Gunner Benner, Curly Bolyard, Lola Boone, Bandit Borash, Bull Bowen, Nickel Boyers, Beatrice Colorado Brown, Rosie Brown, Cassie Brudel, Odo Buckberger, Bubba Buford, Bandit Burke, Demi Callahan, Monte Callahan, Murphy Callinan, Daisy Campbell, Trixie Capps, Fletch Caprarese, Ramses Carr, Big Boy Carrickoff,

Wimbley Castello, Koko Catlin, Maxwell Cauley, Penny Chamberlin, Gato Chapin, Chuck Clutteur, Columbus Cope, Augie Crow, Bubba Crow, Carter Dale, Abby D’Antuono, Abby D’Antuono, Buddy Davis, Blue Boo Dinka, Misty Drake, Alice Epstein, Ginger Feisner, Bandit Fiddie, Rex Fitzgerald, Mo Fitzhenry, Cookie Flint, Checkers Floyd, Pete Floyd, Willow Floyd, Biloxi Fried, Sylvester Furo, Tipper Gable, Molly Gauchat, Riley Gibson, Cecil Givan, Bella Gordon, Bex Haag, Wyndi Hacke, Kitty Hall, Kizzu Halterman, Puey Hamilton, Patch Haney, Zeus Hanger, Una Hatcher, Dooley Heivly, Zoee Hoyt, Duckie Hutchinson, Sadie Ivershey, Petey Janes, Annabelle Janis, Maggie Jenkins, Rocky Johnson, Tucker Jurof, Georgie Kaufman, Batman Keifer, Coco Keller,Buddy Kelley, Goldie Kellogg, Lexie Keville, Max Kingrea, Arrow Kirkman, Ian Koppel, Zoey Kubican, Delilah Kucenas, Kermit Lane, Georgia Laow, Gabby Leonard, Typhus Loukota, Cain Louliuta, Elliot Maben, Madison Marshall, Molly Martin, Heidi Marye, Spooky Marye, Sandy Maxham, Yoyo Maygers, Katie Ann McClaren, Sadie McGee, Cooper Megibow, Arlie Miller, Kate Miller,Dasher Miniter, Harley Montoya, Jewels Morris, Mitch Morrison, Sadie Morrison, Munchkin, Murphy Nagle, Iris Nelson, Baker Nickel, Max Nolen, Eddie Norvelle, Mel Oxenham, Sunny Girl Owen, China Pace, Minerva Parker, Shandi Peed, Sally Powell, Proffitt, Abby Proffit, Callie Proffitt, Grace II Proffitt, Whiskas Proffitt, Ginger Provost, Maybelle Quinlan, Shadow Rae Goodall, Mitzie Rappold, Jacky Ray, Murphy Rendich, Domino Rennick, Zsofi Reyes, Ginger Rice, Bear Rivera, Booboo Roberts, Halie Roble, Winnie Rodgers, Lilly Sandridge, Porter Sargent, Charli Schmid, Bear Scott, Sybil Seagle, Kane Selmer,

Zeke Simmons, Kitty Skipper, Maxwell Smith, Stretch Smith, Vegas Snead, Floyd Snowdon, Sammy Soulia, Andie Spencer, Finn Steege, Sammi Stephens, Chloe Stokes, Yilles Stoudt, Gus Strickler, Chupa Swimm, Molly Tait, Bryce Taskey-Cline, Marmalade Taylor, Skippy Thompson, Happy Tooley, Tucker Tribu, Hoovie Turner, Ester Wade, Bennie Walton, Grey Walton, Battler Ward, Fletcher Whihome, Kobi Whistleman, Schwartz White, Sassy Williams, Fenya Williamson, Loki Witherspoon, Georgie Wood, Tucker Workman, Beau Wright


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Orange VA 22960 Permit No 97

3355 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901 (434) 973-5959 (Phone) (434) 973-5271 (Fax)

STAY TUNED FOR OUR UPCOMING EVENTS! • Shop for the Shelter (Sam’s Club) - February 4th, March 18th, April 22nd, May 20th and 21st, June 24th and 25th, July 22nd and 23rd, August 26th, September 23rd and 24th, October 28th and November 11th. • Taus for Paws - April 15th • Fogliani Golf Tournament - Sunday, September 17th • Eastminster Dog Show - Date TBD FO


This K-9 2.5K supports the animals and life-saving programs of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. A huge hit for both two-legged and four-legged friends, 2016 attracted more than 400 walkers and their pets. The 2017 walk kicks-off at Lee Park and winds through Charlottesville’s historic downtown mall before returning to Lee Park for a post-walk festival. The festival begins at 8:30AM and features human and doggie entertainment, canine competition, treats for humans and pups and animal-friendly sponsors.



Whiskers&tales2017 WINTER edition  
Whiskers&tales2017 WINTER edition