The Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Impact Report of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA

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Mission Advance the compassionate treatment of animals by providing sheltering, medical care and behavioral services for dogs and cats; promoting permanent, caring homes, and furthering education and outreach

Vision Healthy animals in caring homes



The animals featured on the front cover belong to Vicky Castegren, who won the "Make Your Pet a Star" auction item at the 2018 Critter Ball.

Vicky Castegren is an animal lover whose support of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA (SPCA) has impacted too many animal lives to count. She has a large furry family that includes the two cuties (Titus and Shatzi) on the front cover, as well as two other dogs, one 20-year-old kitty, two pigs, and horses. Vicky loves animals so much, she is even the co-chair of the 2019 Critter Ball to benefit the SPCA!


Welcome! Thank you for making 2018 yet another remarkable year for the CharlottesvilleAlbemarle SPCA! When I became the Executive Director of this organization in August 2017, I had a clear vision of increasing pet retention and transportation partnerships in order to save as many animal lives as possible. I could not have predicted how dedicated our staff, volunteers, fosters and donors would be to getting animals at risk of euthanasia transported to the SPCA and into homes. Of the 3,890 total animals that the SPCA took in last year, 923 were animals transferred in who were at risk of euthanasia due to overcrowding in their home shelters. Our Compassionate Care-A-Van, which we purchased thanks to a challenge grant by the Perry Foundation and donations from our generous community, could be spotted on the road almost every day. And the precious cargo it carried was animals in


need of a second chance. Since purchasing the Compassionate Care-AVan in June 2017, we have rescued nearly 2,000 animals faced with euthanasia due to overcrowding in shelters. The Compassionate Care-A-Van has positively impacted our pet retention efforts. We have doubled the number of Compassionate Care Clinics we are hosting this year, including an off-site clinic with our Compassionate Care-A-Van.

Fostering for adult animals provides us with information that helps us set them up for successful adoptions. When I fostered a cat named Cammy, I became an expert on all of her quirks! We have increased adoptions through offsite events, additional staff training and lifesaving programs. In 2018, we placed 3,000 animals into new homes, the highest rate of adoptions the SPCA has seen since 2008. It is thanks to you that the SPCA has been able to not only increase transports but also increase adoptions. Already in 2019, we’ve found homes for nearly 2,000 animals. Your support not only changes lives in the shelter but also impacts the lives of people and animals in Charlottesville, Albemarle County and beyond. We are always looking for new ways to increase awareness, education and adoptions in our community. We increased the number of animals going into foster homes this past year, giving them much needed breaks from the shelter and improving their chances of adoption. Animals went into foster care 2,630 times last year, 797 times more than in 2017.

With gratitude,

Angie Gunter Executive Director


Board of Directors Blair Williamson Chair Tom Fitch Vice Chair Jenn Corbey Secretary Gina Bayes Treasurer Kay Cross Erin Davis, DVM Mike Derdeyn Angie Gunter Connie Kapp Measi Kober Sarah Krenn Beth Marcus Elizabeth Morris Phil Shiflett Frank Squillace 6



Lucky Cardigan (now called Lucky) had severe burns and Joan and Brian were warned she might not easily adjust to new people. However, when they let her out when they got home, she walked around the house for about 10 minutes checking everything out. Then she jumped up into Brian’s lap.

She sat in his lap for quite a while. Later that evening she jumped into bed with Brian and his wife, and she spent the night with them. They have taken her to the vet twice – for her original check-up, and once more – when they removed her cone and thought she would be fine. But her rigorous licking to clean herself tore open areas that had not been open when they adopted her. The vet gave her antibiotics, something for the itch and a larger cone. She has adjusted to it very readily and is healing. She is the most loving pet either of them have ever had – and she is truly loved. Today, Lucky is doing great. Even if her fur never grows back where she was apparently chemically burned, it will not bother Joan or Brian one bit. She is the best pet they have ever had and she will be with them until either she or they pass away. Lucky truly is lucky now!


About us Founded in 1914, after unofficially operating out of the basements and garages of concerned citizens since the early 1900s, the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA has come a long way. In 1955, the SPCA acquired eight acres of land with a chicken coop, which, with some conversion and remodeling, became the first animal shelter in the region. For 40 years, the shelter building was never remodeled, and it became a hazard. In the late 1990s, it no longer met state building code requirements and was on the verge of being shut down.

Planning for a new facility began in 2000. In 2004, after a community-wide capital campaign, the SPCA moved into its current facility. The current home is a 32,000square-foot building on a six-acre campus that houses one-third more animals than the former facility and contains a veterinary surgical suite. The improvements to the facility and a commitment to saving lives allowed the SPCA to increase the number of animals treated and placed in foster care. The SPCA was better able to treat and find homes for many sick and injured dogs and cats, as well as older, blind or deaf animals, or those with other special needs. In 2016, the SPCA had been at the forefront of lifesaving efforts for over a decade. Looking into the future, we knew it was time to expand our lifesaving efforts to pets living outside the shelter’s walls. Our vision for a mobile unit became a reality thanks to a $73,500 challenge grant from the Perry Foundation and our generous community of supporters. The Compassionate Care-A-Van has made


The SPCA made rescue missions in surrounding counties as well, transporting animals from hoarding cases and from overcrowded shelters where the animals were in danger of being euthanized. The SPCA is fortunate to have the resources and ability to help animals in need in our region and nation. Without the Compassionate Care-A-Van, an amazingly dedicated foster family network and a very generous and supportive community, the rescue missions would not be possible!

it possible for the SPCA to travel for rescue missions near and far. The SPCA provided rescue support five times in 2018 for areas impacted by national disasters. We rescued 923 animals in 2018, more than ever in the history of the SPCA. We brought 360 animals from other shelters back to the SPCA for veterinary care. We attended 40 off-site events and more than tripled the number of off-site adoption events.


Services & Outreach


Spaying and neutering your pets helps prevent additional unwanted litters in our community. Schedule your animal's surgery today.


Camps consist of animal-related interactions, visits from special guests, fun animal-themed crafts and more.





Prevent your pet from contracting this fatal disease. Clinics are held on the first Sunday of every month from noon-4PM.

Before surrendering your pet, explore every alternative first. Pets are a lifetime commitment.




Therapy teams brighten days at care facilities, nursing homes and children's programs.

Using clicker training, our group classes teach skills to dogs and their people for real-life situations. Register online.

Reclaim a lost pet if it has strayed and found its way to us. Please call us as soon as you realize your pet is missing and file a lost animal report.

We offer free spay/neuter services for community cats living in Albemarle County and Charlottesville.




Clinics provide a wellness exam, pet care education, rabies vaccines and routine wellness care at reduced fees.

We sell county and city dog licenses. Proof of a current rabies vaccination is all you need to bring with you.

Reuniting lost pets with their owners is an important part of our mission. Clinics are held on the first Sunday of every month.




With compassionate hearts, the staff at the SPCA will take your deceased companion and treat your pet with the utmost respect.

We teach principles of respect for all forms of life and believe encouraging the spirit of kindness toward animals is the starting point for empathy in kids.

Let us make your birthday bash memorable with a shelter tour, fun games and “party animals.”



2018 Results & Stats 578,428































Since 2006: MORE THAN














Wasabi In Ghent, there is one dog who is a truly unique rescue. That dog is Wasabi. Robbie (now Wasabi) was always a staff and foster favorite at the SPCA. When he was surrendered by his owners in March 2017, he was just a year old. Wasabi had some previous trauma in his life, and the staff and many caring fosters helped him rediscover his trust in people. It took a little longer than anyone wanted, but after more than 600 days at the shelter, Wasabi found his forever home.

Last April, Alex lost Chessie, his Chesapeake Bay/Lab mix of 16 years. Soon after, Alex let his family know that he was ready for another dog. Two weeks later, his stepmother, Tiffany, and his fiancé, Robbie, made a secret plan to bring “The Dog Formerly Known as Robbie” to his forever home. Now Wasabi has a pretty sweet deal in life. Every morning, Robbie goes to work and Wasabi and Alex cuddle and watch Wasabi's favorite show, Lemur Street. “He’s kind of addicted,” Robbie says. “I know everyone says their dog watches TV, but he really does.” At night, Alex says, “His little butt loves sleeping right in between us. He just curls up into a ball, head on his own pillow, like a sweet little angel.” Wasabi’s life in a nutshell: he’s a spoiled and loved little boy.


Community Rummage sales to benefit the homeless animals in the care of the SPCA have been around for a long time, starting with the first rummage sale in 1940, which raised $40. For 60 years, the rummage sale was a sixweek-long annual event. As the sales grew in popularity, they raised more and more

funds necessary for the care of the SPCA animals, peaking in 2005, when the sale brought in more than $200,000. In 2007, a coalition of board members and staff opened the first brick-and-mortar SPCA Rummage Store on Preston Avenue. After nearly a decade, the store outgrew its original location and moved to Seminole Shopping Center in 2016. The larger space has allowed staff to accept more items due to an expanded area for the sorting and organizing of donations, and has allowed for specialty sections within the store, such as the popular Boutique, an improved book section and a larger shoe area where footwear is organized by size. Additionally, shoppers can enjoy the ease of finding plenty of parking spaces in the shopping center lot. The Rummage Store continues to be a popular, revenue-generating arm of the SPCA. New items are always arriving, and prices drop on older items, ensuring that there’s always a reason to stop by the SPCA Rummage Store and support the SPCA!


Youth We believe that encouraging the spirit of kindness toward animals can be the starting point for the development of empathy in youngsters. The SPCA encourages the next generation of animal lovers with our popular humane education program, including camps, birthday parties and educational tours and visits.

SUMMER CAMP In 2018, the SPCA offered summer camp for rising third- through sixthgraders. Campers learned how to approach and care for pets. Skilled staff showed young animal lovers how to evaluate dog and cat behavior, as well as the importance of treating animals with respect and compassion.


Volunteers & Fosters

Featured here are just a few of the incredibly dedicated volunteers who are an integral part of the SPCA family. Our volunteers assist with everything, including walking dogs, socializing cats, greeting visitors, fundraising, assisting at adoption events and cleaning.


Hundreds of animals receive a second chance thanks to the love and compassion of our many foster families. Fosters offer animals nurturing and feeding when very young, socialization, training, a break from the shelter and time to recover and heal after surgery.



Max & Ace These pug brothers were dropped off at the SPCA at only eight weeks old. They were infested with worms and fleas and both had hernias (likely why they were discarded). It was Laurie Nicole Talbott’s lucky day! She had been wanting a pug and was contacted that morning. Once the pups were cleared medically, they went home with her as fosters for seven days. Unless someone could claim them and prove the claim, Laurie would become their pug mama! Several weeks later, following surgeries to be neutered and repair their hernias, Laurie officially adopted and

named them Max (fawn) and Ace (black). “They were very sick in the beginning, clearly coming from a puppy mill or another bad situation. You just cannot believe that anyone could treat dogs like that,” says Laurie. “But they were always very sweet and grateful. I think they are bonded not only because they’re brothers but also because of what they went through together. I wasn’t originally planning on getting two dogs, but I can’t even imagine them being apart. Now I always recommend getting two dogs (if you can) so that they always have a buddy. Bonus, my son and I didn’t have to fight over the new puppy because we both had one!” Max and Ace are two years old now. They are completely healthy and so happy they got to stay together. And these littermates sure grab attention. They enjoy dressing up and snuggling clients at Laurie’s hair salon, Laurie Nicole 503 West Main. “They’ve become part of the service,” she laughs. “They are the loves of my life. I mean, who rescued who?!” Max and Ace are definitely living the life, charming women all day long.


Meet Our Staff The SPCA’s talented and diverse group of over 70 employees all share the same passion, dedication and commitment to helping the thousands of animals who walk through our doors each year. With over 30 different positions, the staff members work tirelessly as part of a team, all with the shared goal of improving the lives of animals. Jobs range from caring for each animal’s needs and finding them loving homes to working at the shelter’s thrift store to organizing fundraisers that support the many lifesaving programs at the SPCA. Each person plays such an important role in serving our community’s pets and our organization’s mission. Working with animals is a dream job, but animal welfare is also a very challenging and emotional industry. Staff work long days, the work is hard and dirty, and tears of joy and sadness are shed; but performing lifesaving work is one of the most rewarding jobs there is. Helping animals’ wounds heal, both physically and emotionally, and seeing them run into the arms of their new adopters make us want to work that much harder.


Cost of Care



Chunky & Candy When Anne saw Candy and Chunky she knew that she had to bring them both home. Candy is not as shy as she was when she came to her new home. Although she hasn't yet jumped in Anne’s lap, she does follow her around the home purring and waits for Anne to give her a treat, especially after her meals. Chunky, on the other hand, is a very spoiled kitty. He lets you know when he is hungry. He can't wait until Anne sits down in the evenings so he can jump on her lap

to cuddle and take his afternoon nap. Candy and Chunky have adjusted very well. They like to spend their day sleeping and looking out the patio window at the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and occasional deer that passes through the yard, and they will often play hide and seek with each other. Anne says that it has been a pleasure having them in her home and she is so glad she made the decision to adopt these two wonderful adult beauties.


Vet Save Stories Cost: $1,200

Condition: Zephyr experienced one of the most dangerous canine emergencies while at the SPCA. One Sunday morning a volunteer noticed she was acting abnormally and brought Zephyr to the clinic. The veterinarian quickly determined that Zephyr was experiencing a gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), when the stomach becomes extremely dilated and flips to an abnormal position, trapping air and compressing important blood vessels. Treatment: GDV is always fatal without emergency surgery. Zephyr’s stomach was flipped to the correct position and then sutured in place to prevent GDV from re-occurring. Zephyr’s emergency surgery was successful, and the events of that day demonstrated the critical role of both shelter vets and volunteers. Today: Although Zephyr was arthritic and thin and had some bald spots, her new family thought she was a beautiful manifestation of pure love. At her new home, she enjoys cuddling on the couch and making her family laugh by tossing her toys around. Best of all, Zephyr's presence has been her family’s greatest comfort during a difficult time, and the joy she brings makes the future look brighter.


Cost: $1,600

Condition: Peach had multiple upper respiratory and ear infections while at the shelter and in foster, leading the veterinarians to perform a thorough aural examination with an otoscope and skull radiographs. Peach was diagnosed with an inflammatory polyp in her right ear, which is a noncancerous growth, relatively common in kittens, but that can lead to severe infection and discomfort if it becomes too large. Treatment: Initially, Peach was treated conservatively with medications and by an attempt to remove the mass through the ear canal, but all of her clinical signs eventually returned. The shelter veterinarians decided to perform a ventral bulla osteotomy to remove the entire mass. This surgery is rarely performed in shelter clinics or even in private practice. It involves making an incision in the neck to access the middle ear. Peach’s surgery went smoothly, and she recovered extremely well. Today: Peach immediately adjusted to her new home and has made it her own! She is spunky, outgoing and loving, and enjoys looking out the big window and cuddling on her owner’s chest. Everyone says Peach is the perfect cat and her mother says, “I am so glad I went to the SPCA that cold, rainy afternoon!”

Cost: $4,137

Condition: Katydid arrived at the SPCA as a transfer from another shelter with more than one serious medical condition. An orthopedic examination and radiographs revealed that her right stifle joint had cruciate ligament instability and a luxating patella, meaning her knee was not stable and she was in pain every time she took a step. Katydid also had a loud heart murmur: each time her heart beat, a portion of blood flowed in the wrong direction. Treatment: Katydid went to Virginia Veterinary Specialists for an echocardiogram and advanced orthopedic surgery to stabilize her knee. Despite her heart condition, the cardiologist felt she was strong enough for anesthesia and surgery was successfully performed. Katydid did wonderfully – she was clearly more comfortable after surgery and she remains asymptomatic for her heart disease. Today: At home with her two doggy brothers, Katydid became the “alpha dog” in about a week. She loves to cuddle on the couch; belly rubs are her favorite. She’s loved by all members of the family, but has really become a daddy’s girl – she follows him all around the house.

Cost: $450

Condition: Sugar Brown was in pretty rough shape when he was brought to the SPCA by an animal control officer. He had a severe flea infestation and multiple areas of infection in his skin. Sugar Brown was anemic (low red blood cell count) and dehydrated. He also developed ulceration in both of his eyes, which is a very painful condition. Treatment: Sugar Brown was moved to the clinic and started on intensive care. A catheter was placed in his vein so medications could be administered directly. He received fluids, anti-nausea medications and antibiotics. His fleas were treated and he was bathed. He was started on treatment to heal his corneal ulcers and control his pain. Sugar Brown was eventually moved into foster care to continue his healing, where he made dramatic improvements: his fur began to grown back, his corneal ulcers healed and he gained almost a third of his initial body weight. Today: Sugar Brown was adopted on New Year’s Day 2019! He is the king of his new castle, and spends his day keeping an eye on his domain and eating as many treats as he can sweet talk his new owners into giving him.



The Fourth Annual bow-WOW-walk generated nearly $85,000 to benefit the animals at the SPCA, which was more than $4,000 over our goal! Team Natural Pet Essentials led the pack with over $10,000 raised. The K-9 2.5K was a huge success thanks to our supportive community!


BOW-WOW-WALK On April 7, 2018, more than 400 walkers with their adorable dogs promenaded on the historic downtown mall of Charlottesville to support the SPCA. Participants enjoyed human and doggie entertainment, canine competitions, treats for humans and pups, and a pack of animal-friendly sponsors.


The 2018 Critter Ball on September 27, 2018, was the most successful to date for the SPCA, raising over $355,000 to benefit the animals at the shelter! Party guests mingled with adoptable dogs and toured the Compassionate Care-A-Van during cocktail hour. After a delicious dinner, the incredible live auction featured exciting packages and key initiatives, including our Compassionate Care-A-Van, Spay/Neuter, and Rescue Fund Appeals. To top off the night, guests grooved to Motown performers Kustom Made and a $3,500 gift card to Schwarzschild Keller & George Jewelers was raffled to a lucky winner!


FAQs Is the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA affiliated with any national animal welfare organizations? Like most local animal shelters, the SPCA receives no ongoing funding from the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States. If you want to help the animals in your community, give to your local community shelter or animal welfare group.

What is the SPCA’s policy when accepting pets? Our doors are wide open to dogs and cats from Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville, regardless of age or health.

The SPCA is a no-kill organization. What does that mean? We are committed to saving all healthy and treatable animals in our care, regardless of how long they’ve been with us. We are a progressive, solution-oriented animal welfare organization dedicated to saving lives.

What is the SPCA’s annual live release rate? We collect and report our shelter statistics using a nationally recognized data matrix called the Asilomar Accords. We track and compare our progress through our Annual Live Release Rate, which is the data of live outcomes for all cats and dogs that leave our care. In 2018, we were proud to achieve a Live Release Rate of 95%.

Is the SPCA a pound or private shelter? The SPCA is defined by VA Code as a “private animal shelter” whose purpose is finding permanent adoptive homes for animals. We also serve as the contracted “public animal shelter” for Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville to impound or shelter seized, stray, abandoned, unwanted or surrendered animals. We are under contract and receive funding to serve as the city and county pound.








5M 4M 3M




2M 1M 0 -1M





-3M -4M

2015 3% Investment Income.... $146,493 4% Grant Income.... $185,779 10% Bequests.... $479,927 14% Rummage Store.... $664,315 17% Products & Services.... $782,757 18% City & County.... $852,434 34% Donations/Public Support.... $1,593,468 100.00% Total Revenue.... $4,705,173




2015 Expenses: $3,349,987 2016 Expenses: $3,307,095 2017 Expenses: $3,457,844 2018 Revenue: $4,705,173 2018 Expenses: $3,808,986



Philanthropy 3,601 generous donors supported our animals in 2018 The SPCA relies on donations to purchase much-needed equipment, hire top-notch staff and provide crucial programs and services to the community. All the work we do would not be possible without the various forms of giving we receive. Ways you can give include donating to our Rummage Store, making a monthly recurring gift, giving in memory/honor of a pet or person, or even just offering a general contribution. You can also sponsor a pet, adopt a kennel or purchase one of our memorial bricks. Whichever way you have offered support in the past or choose to contribute in the future, we thank you and value your gift, as do the many animals helped every day at the SPCA.


Legacy Giving One of the most crucial types of gift we receive is a legacy gift – a planned gift that costs donors nothing now, but will provide essential support to the SPCA and its programs for years to come. In 2018, legacy gifts made up 24% of our total donations and were vital to our operations, enabling the highest standard of care for thousands of animals in need. There are many ways you can ensure your legacy at the SPCA. You can choose to name us in your will or bequeath to us a portion of your estate. You can give in the form of stocks, bonds or property, or you can arrange a gift annuity, a trust or the transfer of unneeded life insurance. Please contact us today to learn more about these forms of giving.

Acknowledgments Thank you, Pawtner! Virginia National Bank’s ongoing support as a SPCA “Pawtner” has enabled us to expand our reach in the community by funding key programs. Through the Pawtner Program, businesses and organizations support the lifesaving work at the SPCA while being recognized as key leaders in our community. Special recognition is given to our Pawtners throughout the year on our website, in our newsletters and in signage at our facility, reaching thousands every year.

Contact us today to find out more about how your business or organization can increase its visibility while helping thousands of animals in need throughout our community. Photography by: Emily Halaszynski Miette Michie Jen Skipper Aaron Watson


Thank you for your support! Estates & Bequests Catherine Garvey Trust Estate of Betty Black Estate of Elaine Maxcy Estate of Elizabeth H. Akin Estate of Joan Barry Estate of Robert Russell Black Estate of Shannon Douglass Lientz III Frederick A. Thomas Trust William M. Currier Trust

$25,000 & Up Anonymous August Heid Trust Best Friends Animal Society Vicky Castegren Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign Maddie's Fund Beth Marcus

$10,000 - $24,999 Becky Barlow BMW of Charlottesville/Crown Automotive Parke & Coran Capshaw Mary & Michael Chinn Jennifer & Brian Corbey Crutchfield Scheline & William Crutchfield Sharon Donovan Freestyle The J&E Berkley Foundation Shelley & George Payne Petco Foundation R.K. Mellon Family Foundation Red Light Management Sterba Family Fund Thomas C. & Mary Ann Hays Family Charitable Trust Carol Ann Tomlinson Marsha Trimble & Kent Olson Virginia National Bank Anne & Tom Wild


$5,000- $9,999 Anonymous The Bane Foundation Virginia & Ronnie Bayes Crossroads Animal Hospital Darrell & King Investment Counsel Angie Gunter Robert & Molly Hardie Jumper Family Foundation Connie & Jason Kapp Sarah & Joe Krenn Kroger Emily Mead Elisabeth C. Montgomery Monticello Animal Hospital Lisa Ross & Robert Moorefield Robbie Munn Network For Good Oakwood Foundation Timothy & Janie Ober Orange Tree Foundation Perry Foundation, Inc. PetSmart Charities, Inc. Quantitative Investment Management Fund Standish Family Foundation Fund Starr Hill - Red Light Fund Jake & Chapel Turner The William Dean Charitable Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee. Blair K. Williamson

$1,000- $4,999 Graham Adelman Alexander Nicholson, Inc Kevin Allen AmazonSmile Org Central Andrew & Kelli Block Family Fund The Anna & Kirven Brantley Charitable Fund Anonymous Arnold F. Baggins Foundation Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band Karen Barros

Carol Bauer Benevity Community Impact Fund Ben & Helga Bennett Sara Kathryn Bethea Nelson E. & Mary S. Bickers Janet & Gene Bolla Bernard T. Bress A. Cary Brown & Steven E. Epstein Faye M. Brown Julie Brown Victoria Brown Anna Clayton Logan Bullock Thomas A. Caldwell Rip & Millie Cathcart The Charles Fund, Inc. Chevron Matching Employee Funds City of Charlottesville Julie Coiner Conboy-Duke Foundation Lori Connolly County of Albemarle Mary Laub Cowan Coyner Associates, Inc. Jan & Michael Cubbage Cynthia Tremblay Foundation, Inc. Kathleen & William Daggett, Jr. Thomas Dahl Sandra & Alfonso Damico Delta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Dorothea D. Nelson Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Dunstan Fund Judith & Michael Ely Kimberly & Robert Emery Richard Ergler Anne Marie Farrar Jeffrey B. Ferrill Tom Fitch Phillip Flavin Carole & Keith Frazee Elizabeth French Brian J. Gallagher GE Foundation Terry E. Grant The Gregory Family William Guilford Elaine Hadden & Douglas Drysdale Susan K. Hall

Jim & Carol Hallett Hantzmon Wiebel, LLP Martha & Harper Hellems Deborah Hendricks Barbara & Michael Higgins Steven & Mariko Hirano His Barber Shop A. Cherie & L. Peyton Humphrey Elizabeth Hyatt Jim Snead Ford Lori M. Kaufman James G. Kavanaugh, Jr. Emily Kelly Kenny Ball Design Daria Kiselica Wanda & Anil Kochhar L.E.A.W. Family Foundation, Inc. Eric & Kristin Landis Claudia & Rich Lawson Mike Layfield Neal D. Lebedin Robin & Chuck Lebo J. C. Leonard Susan & Thomas Likowski Moira MacAvoy Kelley MacDougall & Michael Pausic McDonald's Michelle & William McDonough Merck Animal Health Francis Meyer Miette & George Michie Milestone Partners Carol H. Minetree Elizabeth & Gregory Morris Jennifer Hays Morris Susan B. Morris Kathy Murphy Jessica W. Nagle Natural Pet Essentials Nunley-Satira Family Fund Renee & David O'Leary Dr. Leslie Olsakovsky & Mr. George Nimmo OSI Restaurant Partners LLC Oxford Pampered Pets Pawprints Boutique Judy & Charles Perkins, III Potomac Family Dining Group

Rhonda E. Quagliana & William Barkley Raising Canes Chicken Fingers Charlotte Rea Barbara J. Reid Cathy & David Reinhard Rick & Susan Goings Foundation Christine & Jeffrey Riley Joyce Roberts Felicia W. Rogan Ronald E. Gareis Charitable Fund Demi Runkle Karen Reid Sansom Renee Savage & Glenn Doggett The Shade Shop Elizabeth & James Shannon Dr. Richard P. Shannon Nancy Sheffield & Jeff Steck Rachel & Andy Shelden Jane-Ashley & Peter Skinner Kimberly Snyder Ruth M. Snyder State Farm Companies Foundation Stephen K. Stearns Virginia Stokes Sumner Gerard Foundation Marion & David Szwedo T&N Printing Kerri Taylor Phyllis & Philip Tenney Claire M. Tieder Carlie & Kelsie Timbie Ting Internet James Trenz Truist George & Martha Truxel Lynda & Michael Tubridy Uhler & Company Vaughan W. Brown Family Foundation Malathi Veeraraghavan & Shrikant Ramamurthy Virginia Veterinary Specialists VSA Partners Water Street Parking Garage Condominium Association Lonni & David White Whitewoods Charitable Foundation

Thank you for your support! The Whitney & Anne Stone Foundation Whole Foods Market William M. Camp Foundation Catherine Wray & Timothy Snider Wrightson Ramsing Foundation Yellow Cab LLC YourCause Connie & Christopher Zazakos, Jr. Zoom Indoor Cycling

$250 - $999 A Place for Rover, Inc Megan Adami Kristin Albert All Things Pawssible Kathy & Brandt Allen Allied Concrete Co. Chris & Rebecca Allison The Animal Connection, Natural Pet Store Anonymous Patricia & William Apperson, Jr. Applied Video Imaging, LLC Sanja Arandjelovic Jo Ann Arcieri-Bostwick & Charles Bostwick Marilyn & F. Michael Ashby Rhea & John Baldino Gerald L. & Robin D. Baliles Bank of America Charitable Foundation Donna Barnd & Chris Moskaluk Mary Barrick, John Brocato, Jack Brocato, Colin Brocato Becky Bartness Ruthe Battestin Susan Bauer-Wu Joann Bauer Kim & John Beard Mona W. Beard Joe Beckett Rosemary & John Beckett Jesse Bejar Best Buy Employee Giving Carolyn & Martin Betts Carolyn & Frank Beverly, Jr.

Lettie Bien & David Schmitt Lonny Blackburn Mary Alice Blackwell Jonathan Blank & Susan Kuhn Bocock/Hitz Fund Victoria Bombardieri Rene Bond Alice & Donald Bradley Susan & Thomas Brady LLR Monique Bragg Brasserie Saison Sarah Bridenhagen Nancy & Carl Briggs Helen M. Brite Allison Brock Elizabeth Brooks Janice & Thom Brown Pete & Florence Bruce Donna & Michael Bruggeman Debra Bryant & Lawrence Groves Alice & Thomas Buchanan Nichole Burkholder Craig & Tracy Burpee Jeff Bushman Caplain Foundation Adele Carbine Caelainn Carney Grace & Gene Carpenter Linda Cave Center For Nonprofit Excellence Bevin & Vito Cetta William & Sara Chambers Kara Chandeysson Charlottesville Concession LLC. Derwood & Joanna S. Chase, Jr. Cathy Chouineire Ulla M. Chunn Cicilese Family Leone L. Ciporin Pamela F. Cipriano Donald Cochrane Gwyn & Brian P. Conway Corner Crew, Inc. Charles & Jackie Cottrell Elisha Courts Becky & Jim Craig Kay Cross Alex Cutler Karen & Ben D'Alessandro

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Anna Sims Diana Skelton Wendy Skinner Richard A. Skwarlo Allison & John Sleeman Sandra Smiroldo Cindy L. Smith David & Anne Smith Lorraine Smith Mark J. Smith Martha Smith Stephen Smith Jan & Doug Smythers Vicki & James Snead Timothy Snider Anne Snyder James R. Sofka Emily & Keith Sohr Dorothy & Randall Somerville Southern Insurance Company of Virginia Diane C. Southworth Sedra Spano Tori & Mike Spillar Carole Springer Tim Sprinkle Sandy Staggers Alan & Helen Staley Janice & John Stalfort, II Richard & Courtenay Stanley Charles Staples Betty G. Starke Margaret & Richard Stavitski Aphrodite Steiner Philip Stenger Polly Stephenson Donna Stewart Lisa & Tripp Stewart Helen & Sim Stidham Katie & Kevin Stiffler Karen Stokes Frank & Elizabeth Stoner, IV Sarah Strentz Sally & Brock Strickler Pamela Strong William T. Struckell Eleanore B. Sturgill Suzanne & Todd Sturman Geo Suarez Nora Suddarth Kristin Swesson & Craig Slingluff Amy Taylor Elizabeth & Harrison Taylor

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Patricia & Lloyd Wood Peggy & Bob Woodall Elizabeth Woodard John & Denise Woodson Dandridge Woodworth Catherine E. Wray Laura Wray Howard Wright Trula & John Wright Kerri L. Wright Michael Wright Victor Wright Peta Jean Wyllie Jane Yager Dan & Betsy Yancey The Yemen Family Jessica Young Nancy & John Young Diana & Douglas Zanzot Jennifer Zunka

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Michele Bessette Barbara D. Best Kathryn Bettis Janet Bevins Stephanie D. Bickers Grace Bielawski & Kevin Richards Josephine M. Bigelow Tori Bilderback Ellen Binder Eugene & Linda Bishop Shirley & David Bishop Mary Sue Biskup Ann Black Bettie W. Black Cathy Black Edna & Dee Black Sheila Blackford Tory Blackford Bronwyn Blackwood Kristin Blakey Jack & Malynn Blanchette & Evey Graham Kathleen & Dan Bledsoe Rose Marie & Ralph Bledsoe Robert Bloodgood & Marlene Robinson Diane Bloom Lori Bluni Dotty Bohannon Kathy Bohorfoush David & Bevin Boisvert Samantha Bolmey William & Sheller Bolton Barbara R. Bonesteel Sara Bon-Harper Gerritt Boogaart Kees Boogaart Misty Boos Robin Boos Jeff Boppe Martina Boteler Jane Shannon & Don Bourret Bryan Bousquet Rhonda S. Bowers Kathy Bowles Kelsey Bowles Barbara Ann Boyce Sally Boyd Christopher Boyers Cara Boyle Victoria Boyle Lynn Boyter Pamela & Lucius Bracey, Jr.

Mary Brackett Nicole Brackett Melissa Brads Diane M. Bradshaw Dawn Brancely Mindy Branch Joyce Page Brandt Babi & Randy Branger Ruth Branger Kim & Kevin Branham Erin Braswell Dejan Bratcher Judy Brauser Samantha Bray Melanie & Doug Brede Aubrey & Pamela Breeden Brenda Breeden John Breeden Kristin & John Breen Angie Brement Deborah Bremer Claire Brennan Dawn Brennan Stephen Brennan Linda Breslau Allison Brewer Rick Brewer Pamela Brezinski Patricia Bricker-Cook Judith E. Briggs Michie Bright Lee & Catherine Briscoe Lydia S. Briscoe Roxanne & Ron Broadbent Cate Broaddus Meriwether Broaddus Rosalie Brock Dora Kay Brockman Aly Brookland Lily Brookman Cathron Brooks Elise Brosnan Becky Brown Bruce & Leslie Brown Carol & Robert Brown Daniel Brown Elliott Brown Jeanne Brown Jeffrey Paul Brown Mary Brown Mary C. Brown Melinda & Richard Brown Brenda Browning Debbie & David Brumell

Janice Bryant Sharon Bryant Emilie Brydge Buford Middle School Warren Buford Alex Bugge Susan & Thomas Bunting Pamela J. Burke Barbara Burkholder James Burnley Carrie Burns Renee Burns Constance Burt Monica Busser Ariel Butler Aundrea Butler Susan Butler Eleanor Butner Jennifer Butt Nancy A. Butters Roddy Butts Danielle Buynak & Jeff Horner Jenny Buzan Diana & Frank Buzzoni Charles & Tracy Byam Barbara Byerly Railton Cabbell Barbara & Todd Cabell Lawrence Cabell Kevin Caine The Caldwell Family Michelle Caldwell Tracy Caldwell David & Gerry Callaghan Ruth Cameron Arlene Campbell Rob D. Campbell Ann Canavan Elizabeth Canfield Mary Hill Caperton Carol Carder Linda Carefoot Francis & Jilann Carey Amy Carlson Josie Carmichael Lee Carneal Jenny Carpenter Kristin Carpenter Karen Carr Kelly Carr Bailey Carter Adam Carter Steven & Sally Carter


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Patricia Colby Kristen Coleman Lori Coleman Christina & Douglas Colley Claire Colley David & Vreni Collier Jessicah Collins Benjamin Combs Jennie Lynn Combs John Combs Ronald & Marilyn Comfort Holly Compton Kim Condrey Maureen K Conklin Donna Conley Holly & Ed Connell Mary Connell Stacy Conner Frances Conners Anne & Carter Conrad Francesca Conte Kayla Cook Patricia A. Cook Margien Cooley Laura Coontz Carrie & M. Truitt Cooper Lee & Brian Cope Gina L. Corell Rebecca Corey Elyce Cornelison Nyssa Cornelius Donna Cornell Emily Corner Peggy Cornett Sara L. Courson William Courtney Trisha Covarrubias Jenna Coverdale Debbie & Lennie Coyner Patricia A. Crabtree Thomas Crabtree Mark Craddock Janis Craun Virginia Craven Cheryl Cravino Deana Crawford Annette Creasy Michelle & Jack Creasy Charles Crenshaw Bucky & Justine Crickenberger Amanda Crinks Misty Critzer Richard Cronk

Ruby & John Cronk Kerry & Peggy Crosby Ethel Crowe Julia Crum Elise Cruz Amy Cubbage Natalie Cullen Sarah Cummings S.B. R.A. Burke Cunningham Victoria Cunningham Sarah Curnutte Keith & Laurie Curtin Elizabeth Curry C-Ville Wherries Lori Cwalina Debbie Dabney Marlyn Dail Ida Dailey James Dailey Kirsten Daisley Mike & Judy Dalton Linda Daly Adam Daniel Patricia Daniel Ralph Dannheisser Mary & David Darnell Patsy Dass Sara & Charles Dassance David Linda David Angela Davis Doris & Randy Davis Emily-Anne Davis Jane & Martin Davis Jennifer Davis Kerri Davis Laurel Davis Samantha Davis Sarah & Hal Davis H.K. Davison Lee Davis-Skinner Jeanne Day Karen & David Day Jacopo De Rossi Mildred S. Dean Patricia & Brandon Deane Donald & Elaine Debanico Lynne Decora Conrad Dehaven Khyati Delada Diane & Hugh Delaunay John Delehanty Valerie Delker Sarah & Chike Dellimore

Susan & James Demas Jeff Demo & Elizabeth Patterson Melissa DeMong-Shafer Dannah Dennis Taylor Derby Claire, Emily & Dave Des Champs Sithy DeSilva Elaine DeSimone Nancy Dettor David & Elizabeth Dezenzo Terri Di Cintio & Chip King Cora Diamond Wendy & Daniel Dicandilo Patricia Carter Dice Nancy Dick Melissa Dickens Ann Dickson Kasey Diedrich Marguerite & Thomas Dierauf Sara Dillich Tianna DiMartino Virginia Dimasi R.G. Dimberg Richard Dion Della Dirickson William Dirienzo Disabled American Veterans Aux Robert Dittmar Janet Dix Randy Dixon Margaret Dodd Ernie & Janice Dodrill Penney L. Dodson Lea E. Doise Sarah Dollar Joseph & Marjorie Donnelly Kathleen Donnelly Sarah Donnelly Sue Donovan Beth & Tom Doody Joanne Doody Jean Dooley Barbara Dorrier James R. Doscher, Jr. Aarav Doshi Karen & Donald Dougald Ruth Douglas Betsy Dove Kristina Dowdell Pamela Dowdell Wendetta Dowdell

Wendetta Dowdell Mariah Doyle Kelley Dreaden Sharon & Sonny Dudley Frank Duggan Bonnie Dunlop Ann & John Dunn Gail Dunn Helen Dunn Lynda L. Dunn Uconda Dunn Ryan Dunnagan Jean Dunnigan Paula Dunsmore Mildred Dunstan Stephen Dunton Jessica Dupont & Andrew Fickley Janet Duran Nicole Durden-Mundy Natalia Dworak Kelly Dye Leah Dymek Maury Early Emma Earnst Alysa Eastwood D. Eaver Donna & Donald Eddy Edmondson Family William Edwards W. Leroy & Betty Eheart Jennifer Ehlers Michelle & Matt Ehrich Marilynne & John Eklund Gene & Debbie Elder Dr. Andrew & Virginia Elgort Jo Ann Eliason Caitlyn Elliott Shirley & Bob Elliott Judy Ellis Lisa Ellison Laura Emery Jon Emm Angela Enciso Gina Engel Steven & Jane Engel Roy & Pat Engen Nancy A. Engleman Catherine English Tilden & Garrett English Lisa Eorio & Cliff Maxwell Equifax Stacy Erickson Matt Ericson

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Wendi Foster Len & Trish Foutz Jeanell Francis Lauren Foster & Greg Frank Courtney Fraser Patsy Frazier Laurence Fredrick Sheila & Jeremy Freeman Emily Frobom Mindy Froncek Chelsea Frost Jennifer Fuchs Laura Fuller David Funk & Boo Barnett Diana Galarreta Lynda Gallagher Mary Louise Gallagher Peter & Sarah Gallagher Shirley A. Gallagher Kim Gallmeyer Kate Galloway Zeke & Tyler Galvin Blair Gammon Carmen Garcia Andrea Gardner Anna Gardner Harriet & John Gardner K. Gardner Nancy B. Garlick David Garono Fay Garrison Ida Garrison Tom Garrison Claudia Garthwait Patricia Garvey Terry & Ted Gaudette Jasmine & Vanessa Gauss Robyn Gavin Harold A. Geller Quayne Gennaro Ashton Gentry Russell Gerry Kristina & Anthony Getter Robert Gettleman Florence Geyer Bethany Gholson Allison Giacomini Nick Gibiser Beverly & Donald Gibson Melissa D. Gibson Norma Gibson Bela Giese Don & Helen Gilbart Carroll & Robert Gilges

Peter & Ginnie Gillen Amy & James Gillespie Laurel Gillette Ray & Eileen Gilmer Toni Gimple Jean Ginter Grace & Theo Giras Claudette Giroux Linda Girvin Sharon Gittin & James Shipp Giving Assistant Elizabeth Gizenski Mary Glaser Karen Glass Parzych Michael Glass Ali Glassie Ann Gleason Sandy Glennie L.D. Glosser Tanya Glymph Godfrey Property Management, Inc. Stuart Goetting Jill Golaszewski Barbara Goldberg Ruth & Bill Goldeen Diana Goldman Maureen Golon Terri Gomez Linda Gonder-Frederick Good Waffles & Co., LLC Moriah Good Stephanie Good Roberta & Wallace Goode P.J. Goodison & Frank N. Skarvelis Karen & Neal Goodloe Tricia Goodloe Justin Goodman Nancy & Bill Goodman Barbara Gord Alena Gordienko-Lloyd Chris Gore Leon P. Gorman, III Sarah Gorman John Gormus Leah Goswell Judy Gough Christina Graham Heidi Graham Pat Graham Patricia & Stephanie Graham Robin Graham Hill Granbery

Grand Piano & Furniture Company Benevolence Fund Adrienne & Ron Granitz Robert & Barbara Graves Antoinette & William Gray Cynthia Gray Don & Lynn Gray Jim & Beth Gray Michael Graziano Deborah Green Donna-Maria Green Hal & Mary Alice Green Julia R. Green Kendra Green Sarah Green Peyton Greene Phyllis Greene Geri Greenspan Jocelyn Grello Emory Griffis Sharon Grimm Erin Griner Rickey Groomes Alice & Donald Gross Kathy Gross Tracey Groux Margaret M. Grove Allen Groves Emily Groves Diana Guerrero Joyce Guerrieri Teri & Andrew Guertler Lenore Guidoni David Gulick Merrilee Gumm Susie Gushue Elizabeth Guyer Michael Gwinn Mark & Vicky Hackler Susan J. Hackman Barbara G. Haden Elizabeth & Michael Haden Marion Haddow, John Swift, the families of Sandra Wolf & Connie Knotts Content Hagen Christopher Hahn Temple & Britta Hahn Nancy Haisenleder Susan S. Hakala Pamela Haley Cleo S. Hall Gabrielle Hall Jessica Hall

Sharon & Jonathan Hall Stuart & Lisa Hall Stephanie Hallinan Carla Hallstead Anne Halstead Emily Hamilton Jack Hamilton Lesley Hamilton Suzanne Hamilton R.K & Paula Hamlett Dawn & Alan Hammock Kimberly Hamric Marjorie Hanawalt Daniel Haney Marilyn & James Haney Danielle Hanley Dr. & Mrs. George Hanna Noreen Hannemann John & Lisa Hanrahan Mary Hansen Michael Hanshew Fran Hardey Elliott Harding Kathlene Harding Melissa Harlin Diana Harlow Lisa Harlow Marianne Harney David & Shelia Harper Buddy Harris Kim Harris Megan S. Harris Karen R. Harrison Nancy Harrison Rachel A. Harrison Juanita Harshman Robert Hart Susan Hartless Karen & Bill Hartman Nancy Harvy Julie & Glenn Hasenfus Jessica Hassanzadeh Glenn & Cathy Hastedt Janet D. Hatcher Karen Hathaway Philip Hathaway Ryan Hathaway Maria & Michael Hatz India & John Haun Victor Hauser Wendy Haworth James & Mary Lynn Haycraft Lydia Hayes Joan & Bob Haynes


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Frank & Paula Holloway Dennis & Jill Holmberg Len Holmes Ted & Mona Homyk Trisha Hongcharti Jonathan Hooe Katherine I. Hoover Melissa Hoover Jessica Hopkins Sally & Dale Hopkins Susan Horner Marilyn Horvath Elvira & Joe Hoskins Ben, Joe & Laura Hostler Jamie A. Hotaling Gary & Nancy Hottle Vanda Houchens Ruth K. Howard John Howard-Smith Megan & Aaron Howell Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Howell Phyllis Howell Sherrard H. Howen Tom & Steele Howen Ann, Jan & Ruth Howie Yvonne Hubbard Megan Huddleston John Hudson Janice R. Huebner Britney Huff Hughes & Ruby Swain Karen Hukari Hannah Humphrey Dona & John Humphries Jim & Teri Hunt Rosalee Hunt Eleanor Hutchins Rebecca Hyatt Elizabeth Hyder J.C. Ignaszewski Tara Illgner In memory of Carrot Top Amber Inofuentes Catherine Irizarry Linda & Michael Irons Jack Jouett Middle School Larry & Roussie Jacksina Barbara Jackson David & Maryrita Jackson Evelene M. Jackson Christine & Andrew Jacobs Sheryl Jacobs William Jacobs Skye Jaffe

The Jala Family Susan James JaneyZee Jeannette Jang Suzanne Janitor Cindy E. Janssen Kathryn Jarvis & Gregory Propp Jason Jaumouille Lorrie Jean Virginia Jedda Carla Jenkins Kaitlin Jenkins Sally & Mark Jenkins Jacqueline S. Jennings Marianne & Arnold Jensen Tony Jernigan Jerry & Adelaide Jones Jersey Mikes Ben Jessee Jennifer John Col. Michael M. Johnson Dreama Johnson Judy Johnson Louise & Gregory Johnson Otis & Sandra Johnson, Jr. Sandra Johnson Sharon D. Johnson Shawn Johnson Stephanie Johnson Virginia Johnson Connie Jones Darrell & Jean B. Jones David & Jennifer Jones Joseph Jones Samuel & Janyce Jones Susan Jones Suzanne W. Jones Brittany Jonwa Lou & Daniel Jordan Daniel & Ada Josephthal JP Morgan Chase Foundation Judy & Jack Fick Frederick Jung Alice Jurkevics Patricia C. Kaelber Lucia Kaestner Cemile Kahveci Arthur & Penny Kaiserlian Liberty Kalergis Natasha Kalergis Douglas Kalish Faysal Kamal

Anna Vande Kamp Matthew Kane Virginia & Allan Kanter Alex Karam Bryan Kardos Audrey & Lewis Kardos Jude Karel-Adamski Heather Karp Cri Kars-Marshall & John Marshall Rae & Steve Kasdan Sharon Katz Matthew Kaufman Rob Kavanaugh & Meg Harris Carole Keathley Keira & Rowan Lemonade Stand Carolyn T. Kelly Cynthia Kelly Pamela Kemp Whitney Ayres Kenerly Susan Kennedy Hilary Kerner & Carolyn Shears Peggy Kerns Eleanor & Joseph Kett Edgar & Mary Keyton Ruth & Robert Kidney Rachel Kincaid Victoria Kindon Jack & Kristie King Kimberly & Christopher King Susan E. King Jane & Paul Kingston Nathaniel Kinsey Caroline & P. Kennedy Kipps Emily Kirk Tamara Harrison Kirschnick Allison Kiser Anita & Kenneth Kite The Kittlesen/Edelen Family Willow Kittlesen Courtney Kluender Susan Klug Allison Knight Linda & Otis Knight Sela Knight Sherry Knight Kimberly Knotts Robin & Mike Koch Walter Koch Audrey L. Kocher Eli Kocotas

Dave Koehn & Ashley Matthews Patsy E. Koestner Bob Koeze Patricia Kohl David Kohn Koinonia Sunday School Class at Jefferson Park Baptist Church Cavell Kopetsky Ninai Koplan Griffin Kopp Sandra C. Korfanty Amanda Korman & Brian Simalchik Pamela Kosmach Brenda & Dave Kovarik Deborah & Joel Kovarsky Eileen Kowalski Mary Kay Kozuch Scott Kozuch Sherry Kraft Barbara Kramer Marci Kramer & Daniel Koller Stephanie Kreiter Sophy Kron Jen Krondon Natalie & Dave Krovetz Henry & Alexandra Kucinska David Kutas Shirley A. Kyger Veronica LaChapelle Lakeside Associates LLC Teri Lamb Jennifer Lambka Patsy Landy Kate Laney Dorry Lang Charles Langham Anderson Lankford James Lansing Karen C. Lapps Tony Laquintano Christoph & Sheila Largiader Schuyler Larsen Gina Lascano Peg Lascano Karen & Bertrand Latil Michelle Laurich Elizabeth Lawlor & Colleen Ewart Lawrence, Jr. K. Edward & Margaret Lay Lisa Layne Kellie Leake

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Kristin Lynn Kim Lytle Kevin Ma Barbara MacGregor Jared Mach Jean Mackay Mary Madden Jim & Anna Madigan Abbie & Cate Maeng Rhys Mahanes Susan & Dana Mains Charlie Mallory Dede Ann Maloney Jenna Malyn Susan Manzella Hollye-Faye Maples Zippy Marcus Margaret & Tess Elizabeth Margutti Alex Marshall Ann Marshall Rebecca T. Marshall Sarah A. Marshall Catherine Martin Mary Martin Michele Martin & Preston Syme Victoria Martin Stephen & Kathryn Marwood Kate Mason Peter Massarelli & Anne Johnson Christopher Mastromarino Mary Matthew & Daniel Waidelich Horace M. Mathews, Jr. Marguerite E. Matter Mary Matter-Harris Kim Mauck Ashley Maupin Carol Lynn Maxwell Thompson Nancy May Nancy & Gerry Mayer Eva Mayo Marie & Donald Mays Nancy Mays Nancy McAdams Ashley McCarron Brian McCarthy & Tessa Kale Melinda McCarthy Sean & Michelle McCarthy Marietta McCarty Steven & Annie McCarty

Sue Ann McCarty Kathleen McCleskey Marita McClymonds Karla McCollough Heather L. McCoy Mary McCue Ann McDaniel Deborah McDaniel Brigid McDonald Heather McDonald James & Jean McDonald Madie & Michael McDonald Colleen McDonough Margaret D. McElroy Amanda & Rob McEwen Kathryn McFarland Eric D. & Jessica L. McGrane Mabel G. McGrory Avis McGuiggan Stephanie McGuire Nicholas McIntosh Micki McKee Kathy & Sam McKelvey Lois McKenzie Virginia McKusick Amy McLeskey Kim McMasters Thomas & Lisa McMurdo Aidan McMurray Beth McNew Michael & Carolyn McPherson John & Kathy McQuilkin Gail McShane Barry Meek Kammie Meffert Anne Megibow Mark Mehlin Alice Meiss Laurel Melendez Brad Melton Amy Melville & John Schroll Rebecca Menderlite Sandra Mendez Rita Merk Emily Merkel Randolph & Caroline Merrick Stephanie Metzger Pat & Mango Meyers Mezeh Charlottesville Wendy Michalski Betty & Leigh Middleditch Hillary Mihle

Mike, Amy, Grace Ann & Ella Ruth Ina & John Mikkelsen Lawrence Mikuta Alyssa Mikytuck Courtney Millard Kevin Miller Lisa Miller Maryida & Scott Miller Vicki Miller Vicki & Brian Miller Claire Jonelle Milton Ray Mims & Andrew Zalman Patsy Minahan Robbyn Minnis Chelsea Mitchell & Jeremiah Santana Phylissa D. Mitchell David & Daisy Moga Janet Mohorovich Carl D. Moje David Moltz Rob & Judy Moodie Shawn Mooney & Peggy Mowbray Brentney Moore Channon Moore Goodwin Moore James Moore Joyce Moore Matt & Ann Moore Sheri Moore Ross & Melissa Moorefield Mooreland Baptist Church Elizabeth F.H. Morgan Megan Morgan Shannon Morgan Constance Morhard Edith Morris Joyce & Thurman Morris Rebecca Morris Sarah Morris Terry Morris Nikki Morrison Audrey Morton Danielle Moses Heddy Moskaluk Bridget Moss Charles Mosser Victoria Moxham Rebecca Muller Peggy & Larry Mundy April Muniz C. Murphy

Linda Murphy Elizabeth & J.J. Murray Liane Murtagh Rhonda Musci My Buddy's Market Place Jacob Nadkarni Wanda Napier Karen Neale Kelly Kay Near Robert Nedby Kathy Neesen Mary Scott Neisser Anne Nelson Isis Neumann James Newman Marsha & Danny Newton Kim Nguyen Nicole Nickerson Daniel & Elizabeth Nissen John Noland Molly Nolasco Nora & Olivia Barbara J. Nordin John Norwood JoAnne Noto Wendy Novicoff Noel Oakes Mary Elizabeth Oberle Barbara G. O'Brien Mona O'Bryant Janie O'Connor John O'Connor Beverly Ogilvie Mark & Diane Okusa Marie Olavere William & Ashley Oliver Karen Olsen Kellee O'Neil Laura O'Neill Eileen Orsini Mary Orsini Donna & Jack Ostrowski Lauren Otto Overlook HOA John Overton Sue & Jimmy Overton Bethany Jill Owens Colleen Owens John Owens Lori Owens Anne Marie Pace Amanda Padgett Maryann Padley Arlene & Nick Page


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Mary L. Phillips Ruthann Phillips Kelly Pickerel Piedmont Valley Football Officials Assocation Deb Piereman Sean Piereman Barbara & Eli Pirozzi Larry Pitchford Pat & Jim Pitts Tim Plant Joann M. Plencner Sara Pleso Levingston W. Plumb, Jr Elizabeth & Matthew Pollard Maryline & Jason Pollock Keith Ponton Jason & Shelby Poole Lynn Poole Katharine Popp Eleanor S. Porter Joseph Porterfield Dotty Posey Catherine Poston Emily & Enos Powell Erika Powell Judy Powell Ruth Powell Amoret & Michael Powers Corrin Pratt Margaret & David Pratt Ellen Press Ike Presson Ann Marie Preuss Gregory Price Erika Priddy Cynthia Proffitt Dennis R. Proffitt Helga Prosser Ellen Provost Michelle Prysby Michelle Prysby & John Woodell Pat Pugh Nick Pullaro Keith Pultz Betsy Purvis Elizabeth P. Pyle Katherine Rabe & Stephen Hutchinson Elizabeth Rabin Madeline Rae Tammy Ragland-Brough Alex Rains

Jane Ramey Doug Ramirez Scott Ramoth Judy Randle Gus Rathe Jeff Ratliff & Margot EltonRatliff Ellie Ray John Redick Jamie Reed Brian & Kelly Reeves Jeannine Regan Evelyn Lee Reid Helen & William Reifenberger Lynne A. Reigel Jody Reilly Michael Reinhard & Julian Cheryl Renaghan Carol Renn Hannah Reno Abbey Ressler William R. Reusing Edwin & Dale Reynolds Millicent Reynolds Donna Rhafiri Susan Rice Cynthia & Zachary Rich Russell Richards Virginia H. Richards Emily Richardson Pam & Charles Richardson Todd & Kimberly Richardson Rebecca Rimel Allison Rittenhouse Claudia Rival Rose Roberson Steve & Brenda Roberson Annie & Steve Roberts Donna Roberts Erika Roberts James Roberts Lynne Roberts Carla Robinson Oxana Robinson Karen Roddy George Rodrigues Kaylah Rodriguez Norma Rodriguez Erika Roeder Briarley C. Rogers Katherine Rogers Vivi Rogers Trudy Rohm Casey Rollins Daniel Rooker

Ann & Dennis Rooker Ruth Rooks Laura D. Roosevelt Chloe Root Kimberly Root Davin Rosborough Susanna B. Rosen Marion & Walter Ross Molly Rossberg Erica Roth Elliot Rothman Jessamy Rouson David Routh Megan B. Rowe Dillion, Michael, & Nicole Royal Patricia Royle Diane Rozycki Liza, Zach & Max Rubenoff Joan E. Rudel Christine & Darryl Rudge Elaine Ruggieri Cecilia Rumsey Judith Rushia Janice Rusiecki Patricia Rusk Janet Russell Mel Russell Teresa & Jeffrey Russell Tim Ryalls Carrie Ryan John Ryan Wayne Ryan Virginia Rybolt Lee K. Ryder Julie Rydlund Maritza Saavedra Susanne Sachs Adam & Vicki Sadlowski Amie & Greg Salmon Karen L. Salmonson Tally Sanford Mitzi Santana Bobbie Sapin Courtney Sargeant Frank Sargeant Annie & Paul Sartori W.H. Saulle Carl & Katheryn Saunders Diana & Terry Saunders Lynne & Steven Saunders Lenore Savage Tara S. Savage John & M. Geraldine Savory

Brad Sayler & Melanie Sprung Jean & Roger Scanlan Rachel Schade Erika Schaeffer Carmen Schaffer Carrie E. Schaffer Scott Schaffer Schechter Dokken Kanter Chris Scheer David Scheer Eric Scheer Kristen Scheller Tessy Schlemmer Amy Schneckenburger Jim Schneider Julia Schnyer Brian Schonfeld Abby Schutte Avra Schwab Theresa Schwab Susan Schwartz Jeff & Donna Schwoebel Joanne Scott Sarah Scott Heather Scozzarella Rita & Daniel Seale The Seawave Company Cape May County Herald Penny Faith Seiler Roberta H. Senechal Patricia H. Severson Mary & A.C. Shackelford, Jr. Lee Shapiro Gillian Shasby Booger & Wally Shell Woody Sherman Vaden & Ginny Shields Chelsea Shifflett Daniel Shifflett Keith & Whitney Shifflett Megan Shifflett Brenda & Eddie Shiflett Fay F. Shiflett Mimi Shin Penny Shipe Pat Shipman Leah & Kevin Shiraishi Terry L. Shirley Millie & Charles Short Shirley Shotwell Anita R. Showers John R. & Ellen Shrum Doris & Curtis Shular Cindy Shull

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Specialty Housekeeping, Inc Susanna Spencer & Bob Gausman Shirley Speno Mildred Spicer Col. & Mrs. William L. Spicuzzaza Christine Spina Beth Spindler Alisa & Matthew Sposato Melinda & Michael Sprinkel Carleigh Sprouse Virginia & Sandy Sprouse Laura Sprung Blair St. Ledger-Olson Janet Stack Tracy Stack David Stackhouse Cat Stanley Jessica Stanley Rebecca Steele & Clarence Fisher William Steigman III Jacquelyne & Peter Stemmer Marla Sterlace Findley Steven Amy Nance Stevens Brenda C. Stevens Daniel & Christine Helmlinger Stewart Deborah Stewart Jeanette Stewart Neil M. Stewart Jennifer & Joshua Stinson Jennifer Stock Bonnie Stokes John Stoll Eric Stone & Barbara Beverly Kim Stone Paula & George Stone Terry Stone Jessica Strang Merrill & Philip Strange Shannon Dee Strassner Che & Christopher Stratos Cindy & Robert Strickland Adrienne & Andrew Stronge Ceciley Stuart Elizabeth O. Stubblefield Patricia Stubbs Vibeke Stubin Rachel Stukenborg Arlene L. Sturm

Everette & Cenie Re Sturm, III Marian C. Styles Chun Su Kelly Sulick Brandon Sullivan Cynthia Sullivan Heather Sullivan Meng Sun P. Kevin Sushka & Anna Hammarskjold Martha A. Susinno Justina Sutphin Melissa Suttle Amy Sutton Susan & William Swaine Linda Swartz Beverly Sweeney Elizabeth Sweeny Heather & Anthony Sweet Sweethaus Margaret Swensen Mary Lee Swift Joan & David Tanner John Tansey Anne Tapaszi Emily Tate June Tate John Tatum Daniel Tawney Louise & Dickie D. Tayloe, II Deborah Taylor Josie Taylor Lory Taylor Rose & Steve Taylor Thomas Taylor Karen Teal Kaye Teasley Carolyn Temple Sarah Teplitzky Anne B. Ternes Pamela Tetro Ric Teves Deborah Thacker Margery Thacker Morton Thalhimer Alexandra Theriault Lori Therrien Dorothy M. Thomas Parker Thomas Margaret J. Thomas Richard Thomasson June Thompson

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UVA School of Engineering & Applied Science Michelle Valentine Laura Van Camp Rebecca Van Den Heuvel & Christopher Schmitt Lynda Van Der Sommen Bill Van Doren & Laura Sutherland Pamela & Keith VanDerbeek Larisa Vann Edda Vardimon Carol Varner Sarah Vaz Paul & Elsa Verbyla Susan Vernon Shawn Vess Andrea & Charles Vest Tammy Vestal Vibethink Barbara Vilar Maria Vizcaino Martin Volaric Ed & Sandy Volkstorf, Jr. Robin & Eric von Seideneck Eleanor VonAchen Judith Vondra Nathan & Rachel Vrooman George Wade Kathryn Wagamon Elisabeth Wagner Alex Wahl Waibel Elaine & Bill Waidelich Joyce R. Walker Sarah Walker Martha & J. Gregory Wall William P. Wallace Claudia Walpole David & Betty Walsh Emily Walters Katherine Walton Susan A. Walton Sylvia & Thomas Walton Amber Wampler Tamara Wamsley Karen Warburton Louise & Charles Ward George & Martha Ward, Jr. Connie Warnock Barbara J. Warren Michelle & Dave Warwick Brandi Washburn Barbara & Scott Waskey


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Katherine & Fred Willard Paulette Willard Claudia & Alan Willett/Duda Alexandra & Brian Williams Philip L. Williams Cyane Dandridge Williams Daniel Williams Elizabeth K. Williams Jackie G. Williams Katherine Williams Rebecca & Michael Williams Molly Williams Sherry Williams Susan & John Williamson Alex Wilson Jessica Wilson Katie Wilson Thomas & Karen Wilson, II Regenia & Shelton Wine LaDonna Winegar Charles M. Winkler Megan Wisecarver Tara Wisnewski Katie Wolf Kayla Wolfe Matthew Wolkoff Allison Wombacher Emily Wombacher Jamie Wombacher Emily Wood Gloria & George Wood Jane Wood Mrs. Liz Wood Megan & Jeff Wood Nancy Wood Robin Wood & Stephen Nuttall Monica T. Woodbridge Connie Woodruff Joyce L. Woodson Lynn Woodson John Woodworth Wooftrax, Inc. Suzanne S. Word Martha Workman Preston Worthley Caitlin Wright Don & Joice Wright Judy Wright Mary Wright Pat Wright Sally L. Wright Timothy Wright William Wylie

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