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Advance the compassionate treatment of animals by providing sheltering, medical care and behavioral services for dogs and cats; promoting permanent, caring homes, and furthering education and outreach

Vision Healthy animals in caring homes



The cover photo features Tessa Ader with her adopted cat, Lydiah. 1

Lydiah Lydiah had to travel quite a distance to find her way into Tessa’s home. She started her search for a forever family at the Humane Society of Tulsa. When severe flooding in Oklahoma threatened to displace dozens of pets, the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA decided to transfer in 40 homeless cats and dogs to make room for new arrivals at the Humane Society and other Tulsa shelters. As part of this rescue mission, Lydiah traveled 1,157 miles in search of her home. When Tessa met Lydiah at the SPCA, she knew right away that this black-and-white beauty was the cat for her. Tessa has poor eyesight, and she realized when she met Lydiah that a mostly white cat would be easiest for her to see. But it wasn’t just Lydiah’s good looks that endeared her to Tessa. Lydiah was “so gentle,” Tessa recalls. “She was hiding in the corner, and I couldn’t bear to leave her.”   

These days, Lydiah’s travels are limited to the various rooms of Tessa’s condominium. Lydiah heads to the hallway for her “daily constitutional” every afternoon. But don’t worry — this playful girl hasn’t lost her taste for adventure. Lydiah still wants to explore all the time. In classic feline fashion, Lydiah hates closed doors but loves darting around the condo looking for new playthings. She’s found the perfect balance of excitement and comfort with Tessa. 2


You never know when an animal will come into your life and change it completely. As the CEO of an animal shelter, I daily meet cats and dogs that I fall in love with. I wish I could take them all home. This past year, I decided to transfer in a sickly puppy from a neighboring shelter. At the time, it wasn’t clear what his health issues were, but I could tell he was a fighter and he needed us. I didn't know at the time how much I needed him. When he arrived at the shelter, I knew he needed a foster home. Of course, it had to be mine! From the moment I took him home, Harrison brought a brightness and joy into my life. Everyone who met him was touched by his joie de vivre. Unfortunately, Harrison had a progressive genetic condition that caused his health to deteriorate rapidly. I only had a few short months with him, but I wouldn’t change anything.   I share Harrison’s story not because it is unique but because everyone has had a pet impact them strongly. Our work at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is all about strengthening those human and animal bonds. Through adoptions, we place


animals in homes. Through our many pet retention efforts, such as Compassionate Care Clinics, spay/neuter services, Microchip and Rabies Clinics and Pet Food Pantries, we provide support to ensure that pets with homes are able to remain with the families who love them. We transport pets from overpopulated shelters and bring them into our community to find homes.

In 2019, we placed 3,336 pets into homes, the highest number of adoptions since we became a No Kill shelter in 2006. We achieved a 97% live release rate, the highest on record for our organization. In short, 2019 was a year for the record books! When we planned ahead for 2020, we couldn’t have imagined the impact that COVID-19 would have on our shelter and our community. This experience has pushed us as a shelter to increase our problem-solving capabilities and creativity. As we’ve adapted, it has been incredible to see that there are some things that haven’t changed. Our supporters have stuck with

us to ensure that the homeless animals in our care are provided for. And pets from our shelter are still changing lives as our hardworking staff adopt them into loving homes. Last year was amazing, and we are pulling together to make 2020 another impactful year. Through persistence, commitment to the animals and your support, we will continue to save animals lives and share the kind of joy that only a rescued pet can bring into people’s lives. We hope that through our actions, every person will meet a pet that gives them what Harrison gave me. Be safe, be well.

With gratitude,

Angie Gunter Chief Executive Officer 4


Little Ghurl Little Ghurl was a survivor. Internal parasites, periodontal disease, heavy matting and urinary tract infections – when this senior spaniel mix arrived at the SPCA in February 2018, she suffered from a slew of veterinary problems. But two years later, Little Ghurl was still going strong. Her foster-turned-adoptive mom, Jan, had nursed Little Ghurl back to health. Jan’s secret? Lots of TLC and chicken-and-rice meals heated in the microwave for exactly 24 seconds. One of Little Ghurl’s favorite places was the SPCA Rummage Store, where she could be found cheering up the staff and volunteers while Jan volunteered four days a week.

Little Ghurl crossed the rainbow bridge this spring, but she left behind plenty of warm memories. Like how she was always dressed to impress with a cute bow, and how she was always wandering around the break room looking for a snack. At home, Little Ghurl loved curling up for naps with her feline friend, Momo. She enjoyed walks with her dad, Michael. And bonus! Jan and Michael no longer needed an alarm clock. Together, Little Ghurl and Momo made sure the humans got up at 6 a.m. every day. Momo started the morning off with a few “eow” sounds, prompting Little Ghurl to roll around the bed she shared with her parents. Jan told us that cuddling her happy senior pup was the best way to start each day.


About Us Founded in 1914, after unofficially operating out of the basements and garages of concerned citizens since the early 1900s, the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA has come a long way. In 1955, the SPCA acquired eight acres of land with a chicken coop, which, with some conversion and remodeling, became the first animal shelter in the region. Over the next 40 years, the shelter building was never remodeled and became a hazard. In the late 1990s, it no longer met state building code requirements and was on the verge of being shut down.


Planning for a new facility began in 2000. In 2004, after a community-wide capital campaign, the SPCA moved into its current home: a 32,000-square-foot building on a six-acre campus, which houses one-third more animals than the former facility and contains a veterinary surgical suite. The improvements to the facility and a commitment to saving lives allowed the SPCA to increase the number of animals treated and placed in foster care. The SPCA was better able to treat and find homes for many sick and injured dogs and cats as well as older, blind, or deaf animals or those with “special needs.”   In 2016, the SPCA had been at the forefront of lifesaving efforts for over a decade. Looking into the future, we knew it was time to expand our lifesaving efforts to pets living outside the shelter’s walls. Our vision for a mobile unit became a reality thanks to a $73,500 challenge grant from the Perry Foundation and our community of generous supporters.

The Compassionate Care-A-Van has made it possible for the SPCA to rescue animals near and far. Our priority is to support our neighboring shelters, and in 2019 the SPCA rescued 789 pets from within Virginia. We provided rescue support seven times in 2019 for areas impacted by national disasters. In total, we rescued 1,166 animals in 2019, more than ever in the history of the SPCA. We also brought 1,275 animals from other shelters back to the SPCA for veterinary care and went to nearly 60 offsite events. The SPCA made 58 rescue missions in 2019, transporting animals from overcrowded shelters where the animals were in danger of being euthanized. Â The SPCA is fortunate to have the resources and ability to help animals in need in our region and nation. Without the Compassionate Care-A-Van, an amazingly dedicated foster family network and a very generous and supportive community, the rescue missions would not be possible!


Services & Outreach


Spaying or neutering your pets helps prevent additional unwanted litters in our community. Schedule your animal for this service today.


Camps consist of animal-related interactions, visits from special guests, fun animal-themed crafts and more.


RABIES VACCINATIONS Prevent your pet from contracting this fatal disease. Clinics are held on the first Sunday of every month from Noon4PM.

PET THERAPY Therapy teams brighten days at care facilities, nursing homes and children's programs.



Before surrendering your pet, explore every other alternative first. Pets are a lifetime commitment.

Reclaim a lost pet if it has strayed and found its way to us. Please call us as soon as you realize your pet is missing and file a lost animal report.



Using clicker training, our group classes teach skills to dogs and their people for real-life situations. Register online.

We offer free spay/neuter services for community cats living in Albemarle County and Charlottesville.




Clinics provide a wellness exam, pet care education, rabies vaccines and routine wellness care at reduced fees.

We sell lifetime city dog licenses for Charlottesville. Proof of a current rabies vaccination is all you need to bring with you.




With compassionate hearts, the staff at the SPCA will take your deceased companion and treat your pet with the utmost respect.

We teach principles of respect for all forms of life and believe encouraging the spirit of kindness toward animals is the starting point for empathy in kids.

Reuniting lost pets with their owners is an important part of our mission. Clinics are held on the first Sunday of every month.

Let us make your birthday bash memorable with a shelter tour, fun games and real “party animals.”



Sapphire Melvin had always been a dog guy, but sometimes you have to try something new. So when Sapphire snuggled up to him in an adoption room, Melvin decided to give cat ownership a shot. “She picked me, really,” he explains. When Sapphire arrived at the SPCA, she took a little bit of time to adjust. Everyone could tell she was a friendly girl who just didn’t like being stuck in the shelter. Fortunately, Sapphire had to spend only two weeks at our shelter before Melvin and his daughter adopted her.  Melvin describes Sapphire as an independent and active girl who isn’t afraid to make her needs known. Sapphire will bang on Melvin’s bedroom door to let him know when she’s ready for breakfast. She enjoys her scratching post, a light-up toy, and wet food snacks, but her favorite thing in the world is catnip. Sapphire may be feisty, but she also has a soft side. Melvin appreciates over and over again the validation of being picked every time this regal gal snuggles up to him.



Sometimes shelter animals need a little extra help as they transition into home life. That’s why, in addition to finding loving families for the animals who come into our care, the SPCA provides post-adoption behavioral support. From follow-up phone calls and emails to home visits, our staff ensures that new pet owners have all the resources they need to help their cats and dogs settle into their new homes. If adopters have questions about housetraining, litter box issues, or introducing resident pets to their new friends, we’re here to provide advice and encouragement. When Peanut the kitten was getting too rambunctious at bedtime and when TJ the dog was feeling a little nervous with new people, our staff provided their adopters with positive reinforcement and management strategies. The goal is for pets and their people to thrive together.


The SPCA also partners with local dog trainers to provide extra behavioral support to dogs who need it. In 2019, we sent four dogs to live at Muddy & CO, a board-andtrain facility in Northern Virginia. While at Muddy & CO, our dogs learn to live comfortably among other dogs, interact with new people, and sleep quietly in their crates. They also go on some fun adventures, from field trips to pet stores to swimming sessions in the backyard pool. After living in a trainer’s home, dogs like Arnie, the brindle-and-white pit mix, and Rover, a black-and-brindle fluffy pup, settle into their forever homes more quickly and more comfortably. We’re grateful for the community support that allows us to save dogs who need behavioral intervention before they are ready for their families.

Community Cat Program In 2011 the SPCA, in partnership with the city and county, launched the Community Cat Program, a program aimed at reducing the number of unwanted kittens being born in the area. In locations with community (feral) cat populations, the staff works with caretakers to trap their feral cats and kittens. Through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), we are able to provide these felines with necessary vaccines and health checks before sterilizing them and returning them to their homes. The SPCA provides this resource at no cost and works diligently with members of the public to help manage the community cat population.

The ultimate goal of the Community Cat Program is to reduce the population of uncared-for felines by ensuring all owned cats are spayed or neutered and that feral cats are trapped, altered and returned to their habitats by their caretakers. The SPCA provided sterilization surgeries and veterinary care for 724 community cats in 2019. We saw a 20% decrease from 20182019 in the number of stray felines entering the shelter. Since we started the Community Cat Program in 2011, the feline stray intake has dropped by 72%, allowing us to increase feline transport to save more lives!


2019 Results & Stats 97% LIVE RELEASE RATE 4,126

ANIMALS TAKEN IN 237 more animals than last year


ANIMALS TRANSFERRED IN Highest number of transfers in the history of the SPCA


PETS ADOPTED Highest adoption rate since the SPCA became No-Kill in 2006 and the secondhighest adoption rate on record


LOST PETS REUNITED WITH THEIR OWNERS 40 more pets than last year


# OF TIMES ANIMALS ENTERED FOSTER CARE 492 times more than last year


LIFESAVING SURGERIES Nearly four times the number of lifesaving surgeries in 2018



# OF ANIMALS ADOPTED DIRECTLY FROM FOSTER CARE Nearly double last year’s adoptions


PETS SPAYED/NEUTERED An increase of 899 from last year

PET MEALS SERVED Over 20,000 more than 2018








PETS MICROCHIPPED 401 more microchips than 2018



Since 2006: NEARLY












Youth We believe that a huge part of fostering a humane and empathetic community starts with educating our youth. The SPCA strives to provide accessible learning opportunities in the form of summer camps, birthday parties, tours, school visits, and our Wags and Words reading program, all of which encourage children of all ages to learn the importance of respecting animals.


Animal therapy can have a significant impact on the lives of senior citizens. Residents of assisted living facilities often do not have the opportunity to keep a pet, which can be a difficult change for lifelong animal lovers. The SPCA works hard to make sure that no one is excluded from experiencing the joy that animals bring. Through our Canines in the Community program, well-behaved SPCA dogs visit with residents of assisted living facilities several times a week. The program has been very popular with participating seniors, who love meeting new dogs, and with SPCA dogs, who love meeting new people!


SPCA Rummage Store Rummage sales to benefit the homeless animals in the care of the SPCA have been around for a long time, starting with the first rummage sale in 1940, which raised $40. For 60 years, the rummage sale was a six-week-long annual event. As the sales grew in popularity, they raised more and more funds necessary for the care of the SPCA animals. In 2007, a coalition of board members and staff opened the first brickand-mortar SPCA Rummage Store on Preston Avenue. After nearly a decade, the sale outgrew its original location and moved to Seminole Square Shopping Center in 2016. The larger space has allowed staff to accept more items, due to an expanded area for the sorting and organizing of donations, and it has allowed for specialty sections within the store, such as the popular Boutique. The Rummage Store continues to be a popular revenue-generating arm of the SPCA. In 2019, the SPCA Rummage Store generated 16% of the SPCA’s revenue!


By implementing creative ideas and through hard work, the Rummage Store’s manager, Sharon Johnson, has ensured the store is a staple for shopping in Charlottesville. New items are always arriving, and prices drop on older items, ensuring that there’s always a reason to stop by the SPCA Rummage Store and support the SPCA!

First Annual Critter Lift On Saturday, October 12, 2019, the SPCA Rummage Store held its First Annual Critter Lift & Rummage Store Extravaganza. Fresh merchandise was set out, DJ Mighty Matt provided music, Joe Thomas of WCHV-AM was broadcasting live and adoptable dogs were on-site. You may have seen people, including local celebrities, riding a scissor lift 20 feet in the air. It was a fantastic day for people to support the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. Every purchase made at the SPCA Rummage Store goes to care for the homeless animals at the SPCA. And on that day, $15,295 was generated through purchases at the store! It was the most revenue generated in a single day in the history of the SPCA Rummage Store.  Additionally, visitors filled two box vans full of donations to the shelter, such as cat food, bleach and dog treats. Want to support the SPCA and find great deals on home goods and clothing? The SPCA Rummage Store is located at 364 Hillsdale Drive, Charlottesville, Virginia.


Volunteers & Fosters

Featured here are just a few of the incredibly dedicated volunteers who are an integral part of the SPCA family. Our volunteers assist with everything, including dog walking, socializing cats, greeting visitors, fundraising, assisting at adoption events and cleaning.






Hundreds of animals receive a second chance thanks to the love and compassion of our many foster families. Fosters offer animals nurturing and feeding when very young, socialization, training, a break from the shelter and time to recover and heal after surgery.



Diamond Diamond needed a home. She had a heart murmur that required surgery, and she needed a cozy place where she could recover. Chris and Gretchen needed another pet. Chris was transitioning from active military service to retirement and wanted another dog to care for as he adjusted to civilian life.  Colby needed a dog friend. A playful German Shepherd mix, he wanted another puppy around the house. So when Chris, an SPCA volunteer, took Diamond in as a “temporary foster,” he knew there really wouldn’t be anything temporary about this arrangement. Diamond was home for good.  Since then, Diamond has been busy making mischief. She’s recovered from surgery, taught Colby how to counter surf and learned how to dig up socks. Diamond and Colby are an energetic duo, but the two dogs also like to relax together. They cuddle up for naps and sunbathe in the backyard. Plus, this adoption has been great for Chris too. He’s now a big advocate for the SPCA’s free adoptions for veterans program because he wants other veterans to experience the joy and comfort that Diamond has brought into his life. 


Meet Our Staff The SPCA’s talented and diverse group of nearly 70 employees all share the same passion, dedication and commitment to helping the thousands of animals who walk through our doors each year. With over 30 different positions, the staff members work tirelessly as part of a team, all with the shared goal of improving the lives of animals. Jobs range from caring for each animal’s needs and finding them each a loving home to working at the SPCA Rummage Store to organizing fundraisers that support the many lifesaving programs at the SPCA. Each person plays such an important role in serving our community’s pets and our organization’s mission. Working with animals is a dream job, but animal welfare is also a very challenging and emotional industry. Staff work long days, the work is hard and dirty, and tears of joy and sadness are shed, but performing lifesaving work is just one of the numerous rewarding aspects. Healing animals’ wounds, both physically and emotionally, and seeing them run into the arms of their new adopters make us want to work that much harder. 23

Cost of Care




Captain Leah and Nina are patient people. They came into the SPCA looking for a senior cat who had been at the shelter for a while. They wanted to bring home a cat who really needed somewhere to call home, but they didn’t want to rush their decision. They spent four hours at the SPCA, meeting a few different cats, talking with our adoption counselors and mulling over their options. They knew that pet adoption is a big commitment, and they wanted to be sure to pick the right cat for them.

Captain, on the other hand, is not a very patient cat. He always knows what he wants, and he isn’t afraid to tell you about it. A staff and volunteer favorite, this orange tabby with a curly ear was known around the shelter for his impressive vocal range. Whether he was looking for a snack, a cuddle or some playtime, Captain always let you know with a big meow. Captain’s assertiveness caught Leah and Nina’s attention, and they finally decided that he was the cat for them. Leah reports that they definitely made the right choice. Not only is Captain affectionate with his humans, but he also loves the company of their Chihuahua, Jack Jack. After a year and a day at the shelter, Captain finally has what he impatiently waited for: a loving family.


Vet Save Stories King

Condition: King was brought to the SPCA by an animal control officer after a concerned citizen reported a wounded dog wandering loose in her neighborhood. Vet Cost: $3,220

Treatment: Due to the number and severity of his wounds, King was sedated for wound care shortly after arriving at the SPCA. The veterinarian catalogued several wounds at various stages of healing. The worst of King’s wounds was infected and exposed several inches of bone in his rear leg. King’s wounds were cleaned and bandaged, and he received antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. After a month of daily bandage changes and monitoring in Dog Critical Care, King recovered from his injuries. Today: Although King still walks with a limp, it doesn’t hinder his enjoyment of life, especially now that he has found a family to shower with affection.


Vet Cost: $1,312


Condition: Serena has always been friendly, even when she arrived at the SPCA with severe wounds as a medical transfer from Louisa County Animal Shelter.

Treatment: A Good Samaritan found Serena and brought her to VETSS for emergency treatment for an extensive degloving injury to her right rear leg. Serena arrived at the SPCA the next day, bandaged and in need of further treatment. Because of the severity of the wound, the SPCA veterinarian determined that amputation was the best option for Serena to recover without lifelong pain. The amputation was performed successfully at the SPCA clinic. Today: Serena was a staff favorite during her time at the SPCA for her gentleness and playful attitude. Luckily, she didn’t have long to wait before she found a forever home where they love her just as much as we do!

Vet Cost: $5,154


Condition: Pompi stood out from his littermates for his inability to keep food down. A vet exam at the SPCA clinic suggested that Pompi suffered from megaesophagus, which kept him from swallowing his food properly. Treatment: Pompi had to be hand-fed in an upright position by his foster parents for several weeks until he was big enough to undergo corrective surgery. Radiographs and barium studies performed at the SPCA clinic revealed an esophageal stricture. Thanks to generous donations, Pompi was sent to Virginia Veterinary Specialists for surgical correction of this congenital condition. Today: Pompi was adopted by his fosters, who had developed a close bond with him.

Moon Drop

Vet Cost: $3,205

Condition: Moon Drop came to the shelter as a stray kitten with a feisty personality, but he seemed to be prone to respiratory infections.

Cost: $450

Treatment: Due to his repeated illnesses, he received a nasal flush at the same time as his neuter surgery. During the procedure, the vet discovered that Moon Drop had a fleshy polyp in his right ear as well as a hole in his soft palate. The veterinarians performed a ventral bulla osteotomy to remove the inflamed tissue in Moon Drop’s ear and closed the defect in his soft palate. Moon Drop recovered from surgery in foster, where he regained his balance and his mojo. Today: Moon Drop was adopted by a young couple who love him and don’t mind his slight lean to the right.


Condition: A shy, dignified, older gentleman, Grizzly arrived at the SPCA with dental disease so advanced that an abscess had formed in the skin on the right side of his face and had caused him to stop eating. Treatment: Grizzly was sedated and received a full dental exam and teeth cleaning. He received intravenous antibiotics to treat his infection, and after a few days of treatment, the diseased tissue in his cheek was removed. After Grizzly had fully recovered, the diseased teeth that had caused his condition were also removed.

Vet Cost: $7,740

Today: Although Grizzly suffered a few setbacks due to shelter stress, he discovered a feline friend, Chimpanzee, and they were adopted together. 28


human and doggie entertainment, canine competitions, treats for humans and pups and a pack of animal-friendly sponsors. The Sixth Annual bow-WOW-walk generated over $92,000 to benefit the animals at the SPCA! Team Natural Pet Essentials led the pack, with over $10,000 raised. The K-9 2.5K was a huge success, thanks to our supportive community!


BOW-WOW-WALK On April 6, 2019, more than 500 walkers with their adorable dogs promenaded on the historic downtown mall of Charlottesville to support the SPCA. Participants enjoyed


The 2019 Critter Ball, held on September 19, 2019, at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, was the most successful to date for the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, raising over $390,000 in net proceeds to benefit the animals at the shelter! Party guests mingled with adoptable dogs and toured the Compassionate Care-A-Van during cocktail hour. After a delicious dinner, the incredible live auction featured exciting packages and key initiatives, including our Rescue Fund and Spay/Neuter Appeals. To top off the night, guests grooved to Motown performers Kustom Made, and a $3,500 gift card to Schwarzschild Keller & George Jewelers was raffled to a lucky winner!



Gus Gus How do you make Gus Gus happy? Pop him in the car for a ride around the neighborhood, let him romp around the dog park or give him something good to sniff. For Gus Gus, life with his adopters, Derrick and Victoria, is full of these fun adventures. While this black Labrador retriever is living the good life now, as a younger pup, Gus Gus struggled with a host of veterinary issues. In July 2018, he arrived at the SPCA as a stray in poor condition. He was too skinny, he suffered from severe fur loss and he had an ulcerated cornea. Luckily, our clinic staff was able to provide Gus Gus with all the care he needed. They treated his

fungal skin infection and removed one of his eyes. After enjoying some time in a foster home and a staff member’s office, Gus Gus finally found his forever home. Derrick and Victoria felt an immediate connection with Gus Gus and knew they had to adopt him. Now Gus Gus loves life as a “spoiled only child” and relishes all of his parents’ love and attention. 32

FAQs Is the SPCA affiliated with any national animal welfare organizations? Like most local animal shelters, the SPCA receives no ongoing funding from the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States. If you want to help the animals in your community, give to your local community shelter or animal welfare group. What is the SPCA’s policy when accepting pets? Our doors are wide open to dogs and cats from Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville, regardless of age or health.

The SPCA is a no kill organization. What does that mean? We are committed to saving all healthy and treatable animals in our care, regardless of how long they’ve been with us. We are a progressive, solution-oriented animal welfare organization dedicated to saving lives. What is the SPCA’s annual live release rate? We collect and report our shelter statistics using a nationally recognized data matrix called the Asilomar Accords. We track and compare our progress through our annual live release rate, which is the data of live outcomes for all cats and dogs that leave our care. In 2019, we were proud to achieve a live release rate of 97%. Is the SPCA a pound? The SPCA is defined by VA Code as a “private animal shelter” whose purpose is finding permanent adoptive homes for animals. We also serve as the contracted “public animal shelter” for Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville to impound or shelter seized, stray, abandoned, unwanted or surrendered animals. We are under contract and receive funding to serve as the city and county pound.







6M 4M

18% 8%




3% Investment Income.... $136,554 Bequests.... $301,987 Grant Income.... $377,541 Rummage Store.... $739,620 Products & Services.... $835,306 City & County.... $876,842 Donations/Public Support.... $1,475,899

100.00% Total Revenue.... $4,743,749

















0 -2M


3% 6% 8% 16% 18% 18% 31%


-4M -6M

2015 Expenses: $3,349,987 2016 Expenses: $3,307,095 2017 Expenses: $3,457,844 2018 Expenses: $3,808,986 2019 Revenue: $4,743,749 2019 Expenses: $4,467,301


Philanthropy In 2019, 3,754 generous donors supported our animals. The SPCA relies on donations to purchase much-needed equipment, hire top-notch staff, and provide crucial programs and services to the community. None of the work we do would be possible without the various forms of giving we receive. Ways you can give include donating to our Rummage Store, making a monthly recurring gift, giving in memory/honor of a pet or person, or even just offering a general contribution. You can also sponsor a pet, adopt a kennel, or purchase one of our memorial bricks. Whichever way you have offered support in the past or choose to contribute in the future, we thank you and value your gift, as do the many animals helped every day at the SPCA.

Legacy Giving One of the most crucial gifts we receive is a legacy gift — a planned gift that costs donors nothing now but will provide essential support to the SPCA and its programs for years to come. In 2019, legacy gifts made up 6% of our total donations and were vital to our operations, enabling the highest standard of care for thousands of animals in need. There are many ways you can ensure your legacy at the SPCA. You can choose to name us in your will or to bequeath to us a portion of your estate. You can give in the form of stocks, bonds, or property, or you can arrange a gift annuity, a trust, or the transfer of unneeded life insurance. Please contact us today to learn more about these forms of giving. For further information about making a planned gift, please contact us at development@caspca.org or (434) 964-3320.


Thank you for your support! Estates & Bequests Estate of Joan Barry Estate of Shannon Douglass Lientz III Estate of Franklin H. Mollineaux Estate of April Montgomery Estate of Eleanor G. Voldrich

$25,000 & Up Tessa G. Ader Anonymous August Heid Trust Vicky Castegren Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign Maddie's Fund Beth Marcus Marcus Mutts Thomas C. & Mary Ann Hays Family Charitable Trust Virginia National Bank

$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Virginia & Ronnie Bayes BMW of Charlottesville/Crown Automotive Parke & Coran Capshaw Mary & Michael Chinn Jennifer & Brian Corbey Millie Grace D. Riggs Fund Connie & Jason Kapp Wanda & Anil Kochhar Elizabeth & Gregory Morris Shelley & George Payne Perry Foundation, Inc. R.K. Mellon Family Foundation Red Light Management Christine & Charles Schreck Margaret Stubbs Carol Ann Tomlinson Susan D. Wells Sargeant Anne & Tom Wild

The William Dean Charitable Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee.

$5,000- $9,999 Animal Wellness Center Afton Stables Anonymous Janet & Gene Bolla Botwinick-Wolfensohn Foundation Breath of Hope Fund Faye M. Brown Gina Carroll Crutchfield Scheline & William Crutchfield Darrell & King Investment Counsel Delta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Whit Douglas Kathryn Michelle & Hans Foss Frank Hardy Robert & Molly Hardie Wayne & Linda Hitchings Melissa Jumper & Tim Newschwander Sarah & Joe Krenn Laura J. Niles Foundation George W. Logan Robin L. Munn Oakwood Foundation Timothy & Janie Ober Earl D. & Marian N. Olson Fund Prewitt & Valerie Semmes Foundation Josh & Emily Rector S. L. Williamson Company, Inc. Sara Graney Schroeder & Fred Schroeder Sotheby's International Realty Sterba Family Fund The Szwedo Family Charitable Fund The Whitney & Anne Stone Foundation Birgit Winther

$1,000- $4,999 ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers Graham Adelman Albemarle Veterinary Health Care Center Kevin Allen Alpha Chi Phi AmazonSmile Org Central Andrew & Kelli Block Family Fund Dr. & Mrs. John F. Angle The Anna & Kirven Brantley Charitable Fund Anonymous Arnold F. Baggins Foundation Robert & Elizabeth Aronson Astrid Norma J. Bailey Rhea & John Baldino Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band Bank of America Charitable Foundation Becky Barlow Carol Bauer JoAnn Bauer Michael & Rachel Bauer Benevity Community Impact Fund Ben & Helga Bennett Carolyn & Martin Betts Carmen & Alan Bewley Nelson E. & Mary S. Bickers Richard Billmire Bissell Pet Foundation BJ's Restaurants, Inc. Steven Blaine Bernard T. Bress Amanda & Mark Brown Michael & Julie Brown Alan Bryant Bushman Dreyfus Architects PC Edith Clay Camp The Charles Fund, Inc. Chevron Matching Employee Funds Julie Coiner Community Endowment Fund

Lori Connolly Cynthia & William Cooke County of Albemarle Crossroads Animal Hospital Jan & Michael Cubbage Cynthia Tremblay Foundation, Inc. Reza & Katie Daugherty Davenport & Company, LLC Dorothea D. Nelson Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Tom Eilerson & Anne Bugarin Ellie Ellison Anne Marie Farrar Jeffrey B. Ferrill Christine Fleckles & Edwin Rushia Flossie Scott Forman Mary M. Frank Carole & Keith Frazee frontstream Tom & Marilynn Gale Brian J. Gallagher Tammy & Darren Giacalone Robert & Anne Gossweiler Great Eastern Management Company Marilyn Greene & Joseph Junod Bruce & Jenny Greyson Angie Gunter Elaine M. Hadden Andrew & Patricia Haines Susan K. Hall Hantzmon Wiebel, LLP Virginia Hayes Peter & Pattie Hellmann Chris Hendricks The Henry L. & Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation, Inc. A. Cherie & L. Peyton Humphrey Elizabeth Hyatt Danielle Ivanova Jane Shields Fund Jim Snead Ford Elizabeth Johnston Jonathan Kauffmann Lori M. Kaufman

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Edgar & Mary Keyton Bonnie Kidd Ruth & Robert Kidney Elise Kiewra Carolyn Kilday Suzanne Kim  Robert Kimball & Shirley Mantalos Bill King  John King Krista King Nate & Ariel Kinsey Vernon & Mary Kirby Emily Kirk Debra & Kim Kirschnick Brooke Kirstin  Roy Kiser Michelle Kisliuk  Gail Leftwich Kitch Anita & Kenneth Kite Vicdan Kittelson The Kittlesen/Edelen Family Willow Kittlesen Emma Klein  Lorraine Gill Klein Tom Klem  Jeannine Thomas Klimt  Lindsey & Steve Knick Holly Knight  Kathleen Knight Lindsey Knight  Ryne Knight Shannon Knight Jody Knowles  Marion Kober Eli Kocotas Bob Koeze Leslie & David Kohn Katarzyna Kojder Susanna Kondracki  Tim & Kim Konold Ninai Koplan Sandra C. Korfanty Amanda Korman & Brian Simalchik Eileen Kortas Mehmet Koseoglu Travis Koshko & Jess Wenger Harry Kousourou  Eileen Kowalski Kimm Kozera  Mary Kay Kozuch

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Constance Matheson Jane Matthews Karmen Matusek Great Matzner-Gore Hunter & Brenda Maupin Richard & Cathy Maupin Vernon Maupin Brenda Mawyer Edwin & Virginia Mawyer Margaret Mayer Nancy & Gerry Mayer Constance A. Mays Marie & Donald Mays Nancy Mays Melissa McBride Jan & Larry McCarthy Kay McCarty Sue Ann McCarty John & Tammi McCauley Stuart McClintic Brian McCloskey  Jay & Jennifer McConnell Michelle McCormick Ian, Rachel & Felicity McCready-Flora Cathryn McCue John McCullough John McDaid  Ann McDaniel Madie & Michael McDonald Diane McDonaldson  Sharon McElroy  The McEwen Family Gary & Carolyn McGee Barbara & William McGill Nicole McGinn Anne McGinnis  Jill McGlaughlin  Tess McGough  Sue McGraw  Avis McGuiggan Kristen Crowley McKeever  Mariah McKenney Susan McLaughlin  Peter K. McLean & Carol Ann Pala Mary Ann B. McMahon Sheila McMillen Thomas & Lisa McMurdo Owen & Griffin McMurray Madison McNabb Carrie & Robert McNamara James McNamara Deborah & Patrick McPhillips

Jill McQuay Deborah McWethy  Amy Meade David M. Mehringer Andrew Melchers Robin Mellen  Sophia Menard Lynette & Izzy Menchero Lynette, Izzy, & Sumner Menchero Judith Mendoza Suzanne Button Meneses  Marsha & Dennis Mennerich Joe Mercadante Mere's Dog Care Rita Merk Kyle Michael  Kathleen Michel Sherena Michie Georgia Mickey  Renee Middlesworth  Rick & Chita Middleton Jonathan Migoni  Ina & John Mikkelsen Ariana Miklowitz  Jenny Mikulski  Paul Mikulski  Janet Miles Donna Millar  Emily Privette Miller & Matt Miller Robert & Kari Miller Susan Miller Vicki & Brian Miller Maggie Millner  Janice Mills Molly Mills Patsy Minahan Clara Mincer Carol H. Minetree Helen & Henry Minich Charlotte Minor Mistou & Marky Amy Mitchell Chelsea Mitchell & Jeremiah Santana Stephanie Mitchell Marie Mitchem David & Daisy Moga Elizabeth & Alex Molina Beth & Jeffrey Monaco Patricia Monroe Justine Montgomery 


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Courtney Orebaugh Eileen Orsini Mary Orsini Martha Orton Anna Osborne Kiki Osbourne  Valerie Oswald Thomas Otis  Richard Ott & Carla Narrett Sue & Jimmy Overton Emily Bonham Owen Jonathan Owens  Jason Owney Kim Ows  Katherine Owsiany Laura Owsiany  Anne Marie & Chuck Pace Carlene Pace  Elma Pace Martha & William Pace Melanie K. Pace Melanie Monteclaro Pace  Matthew Pack  Amanda Padgett Arlene & Nick Page Barbara Page Mary Page Audrey Pagnotta  Betty B. Paine Jaruchan Palakawongs  Taylor Palkovics Nell Pallotta Pantops Pet Salon Ryan Panzarella Manuela Parada Kim Robyak Park Katherine Parker Kristi Parkhurst Nicole Parra Sarah Parramore Carol Parsons Laura Parsons  Kitty Party-Ranger  Yogita Patel Kendrick & Kellen Patino Betsy E. Patrick June Patry  Tatyanna Patten  Barbara & Charles Patterson Jean & David Patteson Anne Patton Donna Patton

Justin Paulson Robert Paviour Trevor Pavitt Annie Payne Susie C. Payne Thomas Payne Lester Pearlstein & Ronna Gray K.K. & Larry Pearson Mona Pearson  Lindsay Peer Dan Pejril  Dina Pekkere Linda Pelham  Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Donna Perkins  Doriane Perkins Elizabeth Perl Janie Perrone  April Persaud  Pamela Persists  Emily Peterson  Jo Peterson  Robert Petrey Kristina Petronyte  PetSmart Alison Petty Angela Petulla  Marita Peus Jim Peyton  Kay Pfaltz Susan Ordway Pfaltz Donna & Phillip Pfeifer Caitlin Phillips Jennifer Phillips Mary L. Phillips Tina Phillips  Jacquie Pickering & Susan Overstreet Peggy & Craig Pickering Barbara Pierson Travis Pietila  Rebecca Pilipowskyj Ryan Pilz  Dennis Pinner  Brenda Piotrowski  Dominic Pisano  Pat & Baxter Pitts Lisa & Steve Placa Playhouse Audio Samantha Pleasant  Joann M. Plencner Michelle Plum Levingston W. Plumb, Jr

Rebecca Poland Diane Polledri Thomas & Catherine Polmateer Matthew Ponsot Jonathan Pool Katharine Popp Veronica Porterfield Shelley Post Beth Powell  Emily & Enos Powell Emily Powell Jane Powell Jennifer Powell Karen & Michael Powell Kendra Powell  Peggy Powell  Ruth Powell & Sonny Mincarelli Ike Presson Kara Presson Sherry Prestwich Danna Primm  John Proalx Prof Trent, Queenie, Lucy & Tank Dennis R. Proffitt George & Tolly Prokopic Helga Prosser Kathryn Puerini Lorelei Pulliam Pumpkin Grey Putnam Travis Pyle Karin Quandt  Sheila Queen  Sigrid Queman Amy Quick Richard Rabbett  Katherine Rabe & Stephen Hutchinson Brad Rader Brian Rae David Ragland Pradeep R. Rajagopalan & Mrs. Emily Umberger Alexander Ramey Dr. Kenneth & Carol Rasmussen Gus Rathe Jeff Ratliff & Margot EltonRatliff Brianne Ray 

Thank you for your support! Meredith Ray Sandra Read Charlee Redick Virginia Reese Kelly Reeves Tammie Reid Bill & Helen Reifenberger Dawn Reilly Jody Reilly Deb Reiner  Carey Reinicke Kelly Remington  Judith Rendich Erika Renee  Abbey Ressler Debra Ressler Edwin & Dale Reynolds Mayra Reynolds  Tori Rhodes  Stacy Ricco  Debra Rice Susan Rice Don Rich Drew Richard Lee & Edie Richards Russell Richards Virginia H. Richards Amie Richardson Emily Richardson Deborah & Dean Riddick Gib & Melissa Rigg Pamela Riggs Kathleen Riley Amy Rille  Harlow Rioux-Monroe  Claudia Rival Emily S. Rixey Maria Antonia Calheiros Rizoli  Jean & Robert Roane Susan Roark Steve Robb  Rose Roberson Mandi Roberts Marion E. Roberts Sadie Lynn Roberts  Stuart & Brenda Roberts Susie Roberts Linda Robertson  Benjamin Scott Robey Kelly Robey Jess Robic  Amy M. & Daniel S. Robins Andrew Robinson

Deborah Robinson Ion Robinson, Ingrid & Ezra Flaherty, Sydney & Jude Goldstein Kirby Robinson Oxana Robinson Laura Rochford Carole Rock Elizabeth Rodriguez Kaylah Rodriguez  Briarley C. Rogers Cynthia Rogers Katherine Rogers Leanne Rogers Robert Rogers  Rob Roides  Michele & Joseph Roscelli Paul Rosen Rosewood Village Hollymead Assisted Living, LLC Hailey Ross Jeannette L. Ross Parker Ross  Ann M. Rossi Elliot Rothman Marilyn & Harold Rothstein Martha T. Rothwell Deborah & David Rowe Jane Bloodworth Rowe Lauren Rowley  The Roysters Sydney Rubin Elise Rubinstein  Ruby the One Eyed Blind Beagle John B. Rudder Joan E. Rudel Allie Rudolph Kay S. Ruffner Kimberly Rush Judith Rushia Holden Russell  Nick Russell  Christopher Russo Wayne D. Ryan Virginia Rybolt Michelle Ryder-Grebel Gail Saady  Maritza Saavedra Sachs Family Nancy J. Sage Margaret Salinas Susan Salko

Karen L. Salmonson Lauren Salsbury Samber Lara M. Samuels Sunny Sanchez Melissa Sanders Irene Sandridge Santana  Colleen Hoover Santiago  Nate Sarbin  Annie & Paul Sartori Benedict Sass Scott Saternye Michelle Satterly  Joshua Saum Carl & Katheryn Saunders Tara Saunders John & M. Geraldine Savory Samantha Chetosky Say  Tina Saylor  Katherine Scales Carrie E. Schaffer C.R. Scherzinger Jacqueline Schilz Tessy Schlemmer Michelle Schlesinger Yvette Schmalz-Riedt  Ernest Schmitt Barbara Schrader Heidi Schreckenbach Ruth Schrecongost Barbara Schumacher Richard F. Schupp Kristina Schwartz Kyle Schwartz Susan Martha Schwartz Susan Schweitz Katie Scott  Lisbeth & James Scott Heather Scozzarella Lauren Sedlak Emily Selinger Jeannie Sellick Gram Sellman Roberta H. Senechal Sara Senn Renee M. Severin Sara L. Sgarlat Sara Sgarlat & M. Leonard Baker Shapiro Ellie Sharp  Gillian Shasby Laura Shavis

Dale Shaw Thomas Shaw James Shea & Brenda Lambert Kelley Shellito Laurie Sheppard Kathleen Sheridan Eric Sherry Rosemary Sheuchenko Martha Shick Vaden & Ginny Shields Chelsea Shifflett Crystal Shifflett Daniel Shifflett Jr., Ed & Lynda Shifflett Brenda & Eddie Shiflett Kimberly Shigeoka Beth Shimman Mike Shinault Carmelita Shinn  Connie Shoffner Shirley Shotwell Anita Showers Laramie Shreve Dorothy Shultz Karl Shuve Polly L. Sibert Paul Siegmund  Martha Lee Sikes Robin & John Silke Debbby & Tommy Sillett Rachel Silski Marcia A. Silvermetz Cynthia Simko Barbara & Charles Simmons Chelsea & Nick Simon Roland H. Simon Julie Simoni Jessica Simons Angel Sims  Lucille Oliver Sims Shobhit Singla Diana Skelton Kathryn Skinner Owen Skriloff Kimberly & Josh Skroupa Marta Skrybailo Angela Skubon  Rebecca Slater Allison Slawson Elisabeth Sloan Janet Smalley  Russell Smart

Angela Smith Ann J. Smith Bonnie M. Smith Carolyn A. Smith Carter Smith Doug Smith Eunice B. Smith Ian Smith  Jeanne Smith Julia Smith  Julie Smith  Kathleen M. Smith Lauren Smith Matthew Smith Rodney Smith Shelley Smith Stacey Smith Stacy Smith Tara Smith Thomas Smith William Smith William B. Smith Linda Smith-Hancharick Megan Smith-Watson & James Watson Rose Snead Jackie Snelson  Margaret Snoddy Chelsi Snow Sondra & Willard Snow Bethany Snyder  Johnesa Snyder Debbie Sobel Tramechiel Somers  Anne Carter Somerville Judith Sommer Sorab, Star & Alex Tim Sorber  Sarah Souder Steve Sowka  Kelly Spada  Megan Spalding Marian & Donald Spano Danielle Sparks Elizabeth Spaulding  Vivienne Spauls Karen Spear  Candace Spence  Carolyn, Mark, & Paul Spencer Susanna Spencer & Bob Gausman Speno  Robyn Spicer 


Thank you for your support! Mildred Spicer Beth Spindler Amy Spokas Alisa Sposato Jen Springer  Jennifer Springer Melinda & Michael Sprinkel Betty Jean Sprouse Virginia & Sandy Sprouse Kathryn St. Peter Janet Stack Stacy Stacks Michael Stanford Sue Starrett  Statuta Family Rebecca Steele & Clarence Fisher Beth Stefanik  Rachel Stegeman Joann Steiff Kayleigh Steigman Christine Stephens Tammy Stern Brenda C. Stevens Mark Stevens  Tom Stevens  Daniel & Christine Helmlinger Stewart Lisa & Tripp Stewart Neil M. Stewart Blaine Stockton John Stoll Kim Stone Paula & George Stone Kimberly Stout  Lori Stover Sara Stowell  Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Strange Simone Stratton Molly Strauchler Brenda & Ronald Strawley Sarah Strentz Adrienne Stronge  Randy Stuhltrager  Patricia Stulting Marian C. Styles Chun Su Nora Suddarth Dorothy Sullenberger Amy & Patrick Sullivan Heather Sullivan Gary Summers Jennifer Suriano Justina Sutphin


Amy Sutton Dinah Sutton Michael Svetz Mark Swain Susan & William Swaine Erin Swansiger Margie Swanson  April Sweeney  Kara Sweeney  Mary Sweeney  Shelley Sweeney Nell & Glenn Sweet Margaret Swensen Tyler Swift Carol Szabo  Kristin & Joseph Szakos Abigail Tackett Erin K. Taffe Winston Taguba-Williams Rosalie & Jules Tamo Joan & David Tanner Linda Tanner  Dan Tappan  Polly Tarbell Linda Tate Patrick & Mary Tatum Britton Taubenfeld  Nick Taucher Charles H. Taylor Cherie Taylor  David Taylor Ella & Joseph Taylor Genene Taylor  Kay M. Taylor Rosey & Steve Taylor Samantha Taylor Sandra K. Taylor Susan Taylor Cathy & Joe Teague Christina Teague Team Patrouch Emma Teitgen  Debbie & Gregory Telep Sam Telfer Sydney Templin-Guerra  Linda J. Terry Dr. & Mrs. Paul Tesoriere Cheeba Tessa  Jen Teter  Janet Tevendale  Shawn Tevendale  Nina Thabet Debbie Thacker Margery Thacker

Steve & Nell Tharp Tom & Esther Thielen & Family Amy & John Thomas Barbara Anderson Thomas Dawn Thomas Emily Thomas Marjorie Thomas Michael & Paulette Thomas Pat Thomas Shannon Thomas Gisela Thomlinson Barbara Thompson Carol Lynn Maxwell Thompson Corinne Thompson  Marshall & Virginia Thompson Michelle Thompson Carrie Throckmorton TIAA Charitable Virginia Tibbs Jennifer Tierney  Claire E. Tiffany Mary Tillson  Bea Timberlake Becky Timothy ting Cassidy Tinnell Jackie Tirrell Alex Tiscornia  Ruth & Betty Titterington Barbara Tobey Ellen Tobias Theresa Tocco Alex Todd Frances Todd Tomlin Family Charitable Fund Melanie Tomlin Samuel & Judith Tomlin Mollie Toombs  Amy Torbert  Rick Torbert Thomas Torrance Susan Towe Nancy C. Townsend Lindsey Trail Christine Traver  Gary R. Treadway Bill Troetel  Annie & Thomas Tromey The Tromeys Lawrence & Mary Tropea

Darlene Troyer Katherine Tubridy Eric Tucker Sandra & Terry Tucker Diana Tull Betty W. Tulloh Michele Turner Emily Tuzson Mia Tyree Patricia Uhlig  Uncle Dave & Jack The United Methodist Church United Way of Greater Philadelphia & NJ Yuri V. Urbanovich Kyle & Anne Utz Stephanie Utz UVA School of Engineering & Applied Science Kelsey Valentine Patricia & Douglas Valentine Michael van den Bossche Linda Van Der Linde  Lynda Van Der Sommen Bill Van Doren & Laura Sutherland Adam Van Wagner Faye Vander Veer Pamela & Keith VanDerbeek Santana VanDyke Monique Vanlandingham Rose Vayo Joan Veglia Becca Velasquez Regina Verde George Verghese & Kristen Savola Vickie Vess Andrea & Charles Vest Theresa Vial  Betsy Viar  Scott Viemeister  Adam Villio  Sajid Vohra  Volentine Monica Vontobel Christine Vore Taylor Vukich  Leisa Wade  Wade Felice Wagner  Ashley Walker

Joyce R. Walker Lily Walker Lisa Walker Martha & J. Gregory Wall Anne Wallace Cynthia Wallace William P. Wallace Karin Walser Dana Walsh Sylvia & Thomas Walton George & Martha Ward, Jr. Louise & Charles Ward William Ward Ginny Wardell Amy Ware  Callisto Warner Patty Warren Mark & Carol Wasserman Nick Waters & Jane Cornelius Marcella Watson Toni & Greg Watson Liza Wayland Rachel Weaver  Cathy Webb Jela Webb  Katherine Webb Mahlon Webb Susan Webb Diane & Donald Webster Rebekah Webster John Wegner Robin Weil Neva & David Weisman Sheila Weiss Kathryn Welker Rose Wellman  Linda & Frank Wells Linda J. Wells Jon Welsh Noreen Wendt  Brian & Jeanine Werner Maria Wernstrom Gary R. Westmoreland Joni Wethan Gisele Weyenberg Katie Whalen Melanie Whall Wheeler  Kimberly E. Wheeler Karen & John Wherry Cassandra Whetstone Christopher & Sara Whiffen Darlene White

Thank you for your support! Judith L. White Mearlene White Tonya White Christopher Whitehead Shiloh Whitehead Beth Whitehouse Wyatt Whitley Mark Wick Marie Wilkerson Medina Wilkerson Marcia Wilkes  Wenche L. Wilkins Joanna Wilkinson  Leslie Wilkinson David Miles Willams Dr. Denise Williams & Mr. Christopher Yates Fred Willard Jr. Paulette Willard Elizabeth K. Williams J. Page & Peggy Williams Jennifer Williams Maria K. Williams Mary Williams Molly Williams George T. & Patricia J. Williamson Susan & John Williamson Elizabeth Willingham  Paul Willis Lloyd & Margaret Willis WillowTree Apps Alex Wilson Amy Wilson Carole Wilson  Dan & Patti Wilson Harrison Wilson  Laura Wilson  Skyler Wimer Regenia & Shelton Wine Charles M. Winkler Mary Woodruff Winkler  Brenda Wirth  Stephanie M. Withey Scott Witt Katie Wolf Bebe Wolfe & Ellie Neal Brendan Wolfe  Sandra Wolfe Viannette Wolfe-Ludwig Amanda Wood Emily Wood Nancy Wood

Sid Wood Tom Wood  Jane Woods Bianca Woodson Joyce L. Woodson Carolyn Wooten  Suzanne S. Word Martha Workman Lauren Worth  Emily Woznak Ellen Wray Brandy Wright  Deena Wright  Don & Joice Wright Lori Wright  Sadie G. Wright Tim Wright  Karen E. Yaeger Dan & Betsy Yancey Kaity Yang  Teresa Yelton Denise & Stephen Yetzer Clare Yordy  Helen Young  Lauren Young  Melissa Young  Mike Young  Seymour Young  YourBodyBalanced Mary Yowell  Michie Z. Carol Zancho Matthew Zaremsky & Sam Ley Laura Zaverdinos  Rebecca Zdepski  Hadley Zeavin Shanna & Nik Zeigler Alexandra Zell  Zeller-McEwen Robin Zemmel Alison Zetterquist  Katherine Zimmerman Linda & David Zuby Karen Zundel  Jamie Zwoyer

In Kind Aaron Watson Photography ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers

Kimberly Ahearn Airport Animal Clinic Albemarle Dental Associates Kristin Albert Julia & Niko Alcid Diana Aldredge Chad Aldridge Lezli & Bennett Alford John & Raji Allan Stephen Allen The Alley Light Alton Lane Angela Amburn Amy Yang Photography Alexander Amigani Mary J. Amos Anderson Family Ted Anderson Andreanna Angelo Jewelry Anonymous Constance Arness Jenn & Ty Austin Autumn Trails Vet Center axr napa valley estate winery Harvel Ayers Colleen Baber Wanda Baddley Barbara Baditoi Denis A. Bailey Sharon Baiocco Elizabeth Baker Marge Barber Cheryl Barbour Susan Barnard Mary Ann Barnes Lorie & David Barrett JoAnn Bauer Kimberley Bauman & Paul Goossens Dolores G. Bedell Ross Beed Earl & Yvonne Behm Sue Belew Steven Bell Kellie Benner William Berman Dennis Berner Carolyn Berry Colleen Betker Rachana Bhave

Brittany Bills Megan Birckhead & Teledyne Lecroy Sharon & Scott Bishop Black Horse Inn Lonny Blackburn Genevieve & David Blair Judy D. Blair & William W. Cameron Heather Blanch Catherine Bolton Tim & Rachel Bovill David & Barbara Boyd Anne Boyer Stephanie & Erik Boynton Lewis Bragg & Sharon Showalter Rick Brannon Mariah Brant Steve Bravar Sheila Breeden Linda Breslau Brian Craddock Art Nancy & Carl Briggs Joyce Brocher Diana Brown Faye M. Brown Heidi Brown Joyce Brown & Christopher Pax Michael Brown Sandra Broyles Catherine Bruse Kathryn & Robert Brust Charlotte & Vern Buchanan Warren Buford Donna Bull Elaine Bunch Pamela J. Burke Roland & Eleanor Burke Michelle Burkett Carrie Burns Laura & Bert Butler Eleanor Butner C&D Concierge Services C&O Catering Deniese Campbell Melba Campbell Betty Sue Camper Carrie L. Cannady Peggy & Theodore Caplow John & Marla Capper Caromont Farm

Libby Carpenter Carriage House at Walnut Lawn Lisa Carson Adam Carter Janice & Shelton Cartwright Debra Cash The Castegren Familiy Emily Cathcart The Catnip Project Kelly L. Chamberlain Amanda Chang Lori Chapman Eric Charles Karla Charllet Charlotte Motor Speedway Jack W. Chen chewy.com Jenni Childress Ed & Suzanne Chitwood Jovalynn Christian Heather & Lance Clark Susan Clarke Stephanie Clayton Ada M. Cobbs Jason Cohen Sandra B. Cohen Sandra G. Cohen Patricia Collier M. Allison Colony Caroline Colvin Ronald & Marilyn Comfort Timothy & Corinne Conlon Cody & JaciRae Cook Roger & Carol Cornell Diane Cotten Karen Cox Becky & Jim Craig Amanda Crombie Kay Cross Sonia Cruz Kelly Cutlip Catherine & Domenico D'Auria Sandra & Alfonso Damico Angela Daniel Jessica Daves Beverly & George Davis Brandy Davis Jonathan Davis Kaden & Kollin Davis Laurel Davis Michael & Elizabeth Davis


Thank you for your support! Richard & Lizabeth Davis Shelia Davis Steven De Jong Maddy & John Deal Robin DeLanoy Brian DelVecchio Christa Dereemer Kimberly deRonde Patricia Dettor Devils Backbone Brewing Co. Carolyn Diggs Mary DiGiulian Meredith Dixon John & Kathleen Dobbins Rachel Dolan Patty Dombrowe Craig Dommer Amy Doss Katherine & Richard Douglas Lisa Downer Jimmy W. Downing, DPM Diana Drake Mary Dreelin Karen & Mike Duby Joe Henry & Veronica Dumas Celeste Duncan John & Lauren Duncan Shelley Duncan Sally Dunn W. Scott Dunn Skye Durrer Anita Eastburn Courtney & Amy Eastlack Jenna Easton Dan Eggleston Eichler Leslie Eiden Judith Curry El Judith & Michael Ely Courtney Erickson Mike Erickson Jason Espie The Estate at Yountville Ashley Evans John Borden Evans Charlene Exline Lauren & Christopher Ezzyk Vada & Joe Fallica Cynthia Fard Azadeh Fardin


Jim Faulconen Jonathan Faulconer Donald & Katherine Fender Jo Ann & Wayne Ferguson Babette & Greb Fernandez Betsy Ferronato Donna Fewell Libbi Finelsen Caitlin Fitzmaurice Doris & Ed Floyd Erika Ford Kathryn Michelle & Hans Foss Jim & Janis Foster Eric Fox Beth Fraser Freestyle Joan & Donald Fry John & Amy Gaertner Karen Gaffney Gagliano Tom & Marilynn Gale Naomi Garcia M. M. Gardiner Anthony Gardner Jane Gargett Bruce Gatling-Austin Gaylord Lauren Gearhart Gearharts Fine Chocolates Quayne Gennaro Nancy Giannini Donna Giansanti Beverly & Donald Gibson Lori Gibson Amos Gilkey Sandy Glennie Holly Goforth Robin Goldstein Stephanie Good Michelle Goodrich Greg Goodson Gay Goodwin Lynn Govoruhk Grace Estate Winery Marie Elena & Michaux Grant Sherry D. Graves Ann Gray Gray Dog Pet Photography Evren Gray Jeff Gray Jeff & Donna Gray

Melanie Gray Gregory Britt Design Allen Groves Annica Grubb Stephanie Guerlain Christian & Rebecca Hall Tracy & David Halstead Gerald Hamilton Matiner Hancock Dennis Hanley Pamela Hans Ron & Margaret Hanson George & Rosalie Havenner Hugh & Debbie Hawkins Richard Heescher Rosemary Heflin Gail Heim Ken Heise Marina M. Heiss Laura Hendrickson Simon Henry Philip Heyworth Darlene Hilton Deanna Himelright Sharon Hiner Maureen Hirts James Hobbs John Hobby Mary Hobson Alice Hodges Shannon Hofer Holiday Inn Karen Minelli Holler Connie Horan Neil Horner Cathy Horton Sharon Houff Richard & Susan HowardSmith Andrea Hubbell Betty & Fred Hudson Stephanie Hunter Barbara Hutchinson Hyperion Stud, LLC Naomi IharaIkor Ikor Joanna Infantino Matt & Andrea Jacobs James River Animal Hospital Elizabeth Jamol Cyndi Jara-Almonte Sutton Jaskot Jefferson Surgery Center

Anne Jenkins & Brandon Carter Deb Jewell Carlotta Johnson Cynthia & Michael Johnson Dreama Johnson Mike & Cyndi Johnson Mike Johnson Richard Johnson Charlie Jones Dwayne Jones Michelle Judge & Tana Mardian Lucia Kaestner Janet B. Kaltenbach Eric & Harriet Kaplan Saul Kaplan Doug & Anne Karczewski Christine & Paul Karweik Ritsuka Kato Gretchen & Jonathan M. Kaufman Carole Keathley Nicole Keefe Lisa E Keelen James Kegley Zach Keifer Elizabeth Kelly Robert & Heather Kelly Lorraine Kendrick Bobby Kennedy John & Kim Kennedy Lauren Keogh Keswick Golf Club Keswick Vineyards Brooke Kilfoil Cecilia J. Kimata Mary Kirby Cathy Kissam M. Klein Ryne Knight Audrey L Kocher Deborah & Robert Kozura Donna Krapf Edward & Donna Kriebel S. Krueger Timothy Kunkel Gillian Kyles William & Laura Laffond Mr. & Mrs. Tony Laquintano Carly LaRoche Anthony & Daphne Lascano

Marie Lattin-Souder The Laurie Holladay Shop Mary Ellen & Jon Leachtenauer Soyeon Lee & Max Prokopy Judith Lemoine Maryann Lincoln John Lindner Gloria Lintun Jorg Lippuner & Lisa Cetroni Lisa Ronan Little Gayle & Bryan Lovetere Elizabeth Lowe Tricia Lucas John Lynch Judy Lynch Cheryl Lynn Michael & Emily Lyster Bruce MacCall Gregory MacDonald Kelsey MacPherson Dar Malecki Alice Malone Josh Malone Annabelle Mangan Richard Mangione Beth Marcus Jennifer Markee Margaret Marsh Tim Marsh Tracy Marshall Sabina Martin James & Kristin Matteo Joy Matthews Kitt Mattingly Nancy Maune Sara McCann Thomas McCormick Cathryn McCue Theresa & Mark McCullough Crystal McGee Nicole McGinn Sheila McMillen William Meffert Walter F. Megonigal, III Melinda Merck Animal Health Theresa Metz Tracy Carolyn Michael Ina & John Mikkelsen

Thank you for your support! Carly Miller Miriam Miller Jeffrey J. Minton Chelsea Mitchell & Jeremiah Santana Madeleine Mitchell Wanda Moctezuma Carl D. Moje Andrew Molesy Molly Michie Preschool Percy & Anne Montague, IV Monticello Wine Tour & Coach Co. Cindy Moore William & Sylvie Moore Lisa & Donald Morin Breonia Morman Jen & Keith Morris John & Margie Morse Emily Moses Ryan Moshell Rebeca Moya Shannon & David Mrazik Eleanor Mullen Jill Mulligan Peggy & Larry Mundy Jeanne Murphy Nancy Murphy Barbara Musarra Holly Mushinsky Allan Nathanson & Jeanine Braithwaite Natural Pet Essentials Peggy Nedrow Kirsten Newcomb Bobby & Karen Nolan Rosemary Nothwanger Oak Hill Sports Medicine & Equine Rehabilitation Mary Elizabeth Oberle Alice & Brian O'Connor Jeanne O'Donoghue Laura O'Meara Belinda G. Overstreet Suzanne & Conan Owen Chris & Gary Owens Patricia Owens P. J. A. Ronald & Maryann Padley Alexa Painter Carl Pales David A. Paley Laurie Pallini Jennifer Park

Dr. & Mrs. James W. Patterson Anne Patton Dan Payne David Pedrick Donna W. Perkins Ann Peters Jan Peterson John Peterson Christy & Rod Phillips Maria Phillips Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards Linda & Michael Pitt Tabitha Plecker Rebecca Polan Mary Pontillo Taryn Poole Linda Porzio Bill Pratt Sherry Prestwich Scott Proctor Christopher Puccio The Gilges Estate John Rabasa & Margaret Gilges M. K. Rady Nancy Rae Osama Rae Ragged Branch Distillery Roger Rainville Clare & Robert Rannigan Kari & Steve Rappaport Dr. Kenneth & Carol Rasmussen Anita Ratliff Kathryn Rawley & Katybeth Eller Darlene Rea Tim Redden Pat Reed Jim Reese Kelly Reeves Dina & Terance J. Rephann Harriet Resio Kirsten Rhodes Don Rich Geneva Richardson Julie Richardson Deborah & Dean Riddick Marie Riggins Anne Rindge James & Natalie Rinker Rivanna Cryotherapy

Shelley Robbins Barbara Roberts Elizabeth Roberts Milo Robinson Jonathan Rodenbaugh Jane Rodgers Lesley & Neal Rogers Mr. Roosevelt Herbert Ross Elizabeth Rothenberg Nora Rubin Jane S. Rund S. L. Williamson Company, Inc. Maritza Saavedra Sami Saliba Sarah & Annabelle (formerly Lily) Crain Saunders Diana & Terry Saunders Angela & Robert Sawyer Cata Sawyer Frederick Schaefer Sara Schaefer Carrie E. Schaffer Paula Schenck Rose & Michael Schindler Karen M. Schmidt Cynthia Schroeder Mike Schulman Schwarzschild Keller & George Jewelers Sean & Lucia Michael Semanik Linda Severy-McMahon Mia Sharel Abby Shell David Shelly Michael & Cynthia Shepard Vaden & Ginny Shields Elizabeth Shoch Shrader Leather Sallie & A. Ward Sims Martha Sites Kathryn Skinner Keith Skinner Elizabeth B. Smiley, PhD Carolyn A. Smith Danielle Smith Garrett Smith Michelle Smith Sonny's Tree Service Tracy Soto Paula Soukup Brian Sousa

Vivienne Spauls Jonathan & Mary Louise Spear Kelli Speasmaker David Speedie Stuart Speth Mildred Spicer Beth Spindler Stasko Joy & David Steel Caitlin Stephens Loretta Stephens Therisa Steven Anne Stevens William Stevens Maria Stolz Rylee Strider Michael & Stacy S. Strobach Andrew Struchen Bill Sugg Michael Sullivan & Karin Wittenborg Sunbelt Rentals P. Kevin Sushka & Anna Hammarskjold Rae Swain & Steven Page Kimberly Swartz Melanie Swisher T&N Printing Target Corporation Sheila Tate Caroline Taylor Susan Taylor Tamara Teele Monika Thielen Greg Thies Jay Thomas Josh Thomas Rachel Thomas Steven Thomasen Mary Ann Thompson Polly & Tom Thompson Barbara Thorsen Erykah Tibbs Lynne & Thomas Tillack Vishal & Aashni Tiwari & Shilpi Bajpai Stephen Tobias Todd Tim Traaseth Sarah Treger Tropical Smoothie Cafe Cathy Tuberson Ginny & William Tunis

Chris Turner Pat Uhlig University of Virginia University Tire & Auto Centers Beth Valorz Linda Van Petten Elisabeth Veasez Carol Verrier Donna & Dick Vinal Virginia Bankers School of Bank Management Class of 2019 Virginia Discovery Museum Virginia Film Festival Virginia National Bank Kim Volker Derrick Waller Sean Walsh Mary Ellen Waltz Robin Warner Helen Warren Melissa & Kenneth Warren Susan Washko Sally Watson Dominique A. Watt Liza Wayland Chase Weaverling Carolyn Wellford Mike Welsh Anne Wendling Sariah Werner Deborah Wescoat Kathy & Mike Wesson Emily Whitmore Bernard Whitsett Kim & Chris Whitten Janet Wiley Chase Williams Alison & Craig Wilson Diana Wilson Juanita Wilson Mary Jo Wilson Wine & Design Deana Winslow April Witt Anne Wolf Rebecca & Brent Wolfe Charlotte Worrell Julia Worrey Mary Wright Teresa Yelton Martin Younker Cheri S. Zavada Zoom Indoor Cycling


Board of Directors Blair Williamson Chair Tom Fitch Vice Chair

Jenn Corbey Secretary Gina Bayes Treasurer Kay Cross Erin Davis, DVM Mike Derdeyn Angie Gunter Connie Kapp Measi Kober Sarah Krenn Beth Marcus Elizabeth Morris Phil Shiflett Frank Squillace



Thank you, Pawtner. Virginia National Bank’s ongoing support as a SPCA Pawtner has enabled us to expand our reach in the community by funding key programs. Through the Pawtner Program, businesses and organizations support the lifesaving work at the SPCA while being recognized as key leaders in our community. Pawtners receive special recognition throughout the year on our website, in our newsletters and in signage at our facility, reaching thousands every year.

Contact us today to find out more about how your business or organization can increase its visibility while helping thousands of animals in need throughout our community. Photography by: Miette Michie Jenn Skipper Aaron Watson


The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA Physical address: 3355 Berkmar Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22901 Mailing address: P.O. BOX 7047, Charlottesville, VA 22906 434-973-5959 www.caspca.org

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Profile for Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA

The Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Impact Report of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA  

The Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Impact Report of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA