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Friday 6 March 2020

Farm gates open for public

Reconnecting with our food and land: Wayne and Tyler Langford opened their farm to the public on Sunday morning. Photo: Jo Richards. JO RICHARDS

Last Sunday morning, Wayne and Tyler Langford opened up their Kotinga farm and treated visitors to an insight of their life on the land. Their “Open Farm Day” was one of dozens held across the country as farmers nationwide opened their gates and invited the public to see how New Zealand’s food is grown. The Langford’s Go Ahead Farm at 562 Long Plain Road consists of 93 hectares of predominantly flat fertile ground and is named after the creek that runs through it. By pure happenstance, the name also reflects the owners’ progressive approach to dairy farming; for the past couple of years, Wayne and Tyler have been experimenting with sustainable practices through an initiative called Farming 2030. On Sunday morning, Wayne and Tyler and their three boys – Lewis (13), Gordie (12) and Alfie (10) – are there to meet and greet the nine visitors as they arrive. One regular visitor is already on site; the Fonterra tanker has turned up to collect the day’s production, and so the tour starts at the end of the farming process, with a demonstration of how milk is pumped from the dairy shed vat into the belly of the road tanker. As driver Frank Drake connects the hose and presses a few buttons,

he explains the high-tech systems that direct the tankers to farms and monitor the transfer. “There is a computer system in the cab which sends information from Hamilton.” Wayne says that his smartphone is also connected to the system. “I have an app that tells me when the tanker is going to come.” After a few minutes pumping, the screen on the side of the tanker shows that 1079 litres of milk at 5.4ºC has been loaded and the product has passed its first quality hurdle. It has also been automatically registered as Go Ahead Farm’s product thanks to a sensor in the vat’s outlet. More detailed testing is carried out by Fonterra’s Palmerston North laboratory, and it’s a slick operation, says Wayne. “If I get a pick-up at 2am, I get the results by 2pm.” Occasionally the lab flags up a problem, such as antibiotic contamination. In such cases, Wayne explains that the whole batch – around 50 tonnes – is rejected and the bill sent to the farmer responsible. “It would be about $30,000. They can trace every litre.” As Frank jumps into the cab and heads off with his load, and the group disinfect their boots as a precaution against M.Bovis, Wayne and Tyler begin the tour of the farm, starting with the milking shed, where their 230 cows are milked once a day. The 28-per-side milking

facility is literally “run” by Wayne during a hectic two-and-a-half-hours. “It’s a lot for one person; I do about five to six kilometres every morning up and down the herringbone.” Responding to a question about feed, Tyler explains that they aim to keep things simple. “We have baleage – lucerne and grass to get through summer – and buy in a little bit of hay for winter. It’s an old-school system.” The prolonged dry spell has increased the need for feed and, despite the recent rain which has greened up the paddocks, Wayne says there’s still a long way to go. “We dried out really fast this summer. The soil hasn’t fully recovered from last summer.” Moving on to the effluent pond, the group listen to Wayne talk about the key role it plays in water treatment and in nutrient management. “We use 15,000 litres of water a day in milking and recycle it. We have 6090 days storage here.” The resultant slurry is pumped from large storage tanks through re-locatable irrigator pods and onto the paddocks. Tyler adds that the effluent represents an important part of their annual nutrient budget, which is audited by AsureQuality on behalf of MPI. “It’s very strict.” Continued on page 2

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Community whanau


Dam fall-out continues JO RICHARDS

As the dust settles following the recent revelation that Waimea Dam construction costs have leapt by $25m to an estimated $129.4m, questions are being asked about where the extra money will come from and about the need for an independent inquiry into the project. Tasman District Council (TDC) and Waimea Irrigators Limited (WIL), who formed joint venture Waimea Water Limited (WWL) to manage the build, have both re-stated their commitment to the project. But the big cost blow-out has seen one high-profile supporter join long-term opponents in asking for some explanation. Responding to an inquiry from The GB Weekly, Government Minister Shane Jones said he was looking for answers. “I have asked for a report on the cost overrun issue and there are legitimate questions to be asked about how it occurred.” He was less forthcoming regarding the possibility an inquiry into the council’s conduct – something anti-dammers say is now needed. “I am unable to comment on any potential investigation of TDC’s handling of the project.” In a press release issued on Tuesday, dam opponents Water Information Network (WIN) expressed its “concern at the huge increase in the estimate for the construction of the Waimea Dam”. It also urged the Government to step in and resolve the worsening situation. “We have no confidence in Tasman District Council to protect the ratepayers’ interests and we call on the Crown to intervene.” Government Minister and MP for Tasman and West Coast Damien O’Connor told The GB Weekly that, while he was “clearly disappointed” with the latest hike in costs, the dam remained the most cost-effective long-term solution to the District’s water supply problems, and warned against cutting corners during its construction. “The engineering requirements can’t be compromised for cost.” He said the most immediate task was to sort out the funding issue. “Who’s going to pay what from here? The mayor and council need to work through what this means for irrigators and ratepayers and other investors.” O n e p o s s i b i l i t y i s t h a t Ce n t ra l Government, who have already provided support with a loan from Crown Irrigation Investments Limited, plus a Freshwater Improvement Fund grant, contribute further via the Provincial Growth Fund... Continued on page 2

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Dam fall-out continues Continued from page 1

Big Brother Big Sister roll-out RONNIE SHORT

– an option that Minister Shane Jones did not rule out. “I cannot give a response either way on whether the Provincial Growth Fund may be used to meet some of the costs but I will happily take it to my Cabinet colleagues for consideration.” As for the irrigators, who stand to gain significantly from the Waimea Dam, under the agreed funding formula they have no legal liability for cost overruns above $3m. Consequently, there is no compulsion or incentive for WIL shareholders to cough up any of the $23.5m balance. Speaking to The GB Weekly, WIL chair Murray King said, “It’s too early to tell”, but he indicated that WIL shareholders would be reticent to contribute beyond their agreed cap. “Many are tapped right out anyway. [You] Need to remember irrigators are paying for their fair share of the project relative to stored water. The balance being for urban and environmental, which is often forgotten.” He acknowledged that TDC would need to call on ratepayers, but hoped that his shareholders wouldn’t be unduly disadvantaged. “Council has the ultimate power to rate, but we’d be disappointed if they targeted irrigators.” For the district’s ratepayers any rates rise is a concern, but a bad situation may get worse, according to WIN. “We believe that further substantial increases are inevitable.”

Pakawau Beach Park

At the February Community Whanau meeting, three representatives from the Nelson Big Brother Big Sister Programme addressed the attendees. Programme Director, Chelsea Routhan, explained they have always had Golden Bay on their radar, “We rely on funding from the community and have received amazing support. We have been committed to moving over here to build the programme. We’ve heard the community would love the service.” Adult mentors are needed to initiate the programme. The initial aim is to recruit five who will each be matched with a young person aged six-12 years. The role requires the mentor to spend one-four hours per week with the young person, for a period of at least 12-18 months. Resource packs are provided with ideas for activities such as walks, flying a kite, and board or card games. School visits are also an option, with the child allowed out of class for an hour to meet with their mentor on school grounds. Golden Bay High School has run a mentoring programme for “a couple of years”, in which a teenager acts as a Big Buddy to a primary-school child. It is hoped that the programme will be extended to Collingwood Area School. Chelsea says, “Every minute a child can have with a mentor is valuable,” and pointed to a Canadian study which revealed that boys are two times less likely to cheat, lie and steal than those without a mentor in their lives. She said that both parties often enjoy the interaction. “It’s just great having feedback from our mentors and children about how they look forward to their weekly meet-ups.” Every volunteer mentor is provided with training, undergoes a police check and must provide three references. When matches are made, mentors meet the young person and their whanau together with Maree Bower, who is the mentoring co-ordinator. She provides support and guidance throughout the process, including regular phone calls and monthly visits. “We look after our mentors like they are gold-plated,” says Maree.. explaining that any problems are handed on to her and Chelsea, so the mentor can continue with their important role. The Nelson-Tasman area currently has 205 matches in the Big Brother Big Sister programme, which makes it the largest in New Zealand. Almost 100 per cent of mentors renew their commitment every year and say they love it and would recommend it to a friend. “We’re so passionate about it and we see a difference every day,” said Chelsea. “To become a mentor is hugely rewarding. I absolutely love my time with my tamariki, it’s such a good feeling.”

Maree Brewer, Chelsea Routhan, Ross Newman (chairman) from the Nelson Big Brother Big Sister Programme. Photo: Ronnie Short.

Anyone interested in becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister should contact Chelsea by phone on 03 545 9864, or email at: nelson@bigbrothersbigsisters.org.nz After Chelsea’s presentation, Nelson Hearing Association fieldworker, Morfydd Barker, spoke about the monthly service they offer at the community health centre. Their focus is on providing hearing aid supplies, maintenance, adjustment and ear checks. They can be contacted by phone on 525 7465 or email at: bandmbarker@farmside.co.nz Community Whanau meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Community Centre, 12-1pm.

Farm gates open for public

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“Local staff with local knowledge” 2

Fonterra driver Frank Drake monitors the milk flow pointing out the volume transferred from the dairy shed vat. Photo: Jo Richards.

From left: Young potential farmers April, Mitchell and Alfie in the tractor cab. Photo: Jo Richards.

Continued from page 1 As the group continues past a paddock full of lucerne, Wayne describes the main benefit of planting the leguminous perennial. “We have no irrigation on the farm. We use it because it has a deep taproot, so it keeps going through the dry.” The tour then reaches the end of the track where the primary producers – the cows – are peacefully grazing. The herd are a mixture of Jerseys and Friesians, but this will gradually change, says Wayne. “When we bought the farm five years ago, we inherited the Friesians, but we are going to move to Jerseys as they are better suited to once-a-day milking and are lighter on the soil.” The visiting group includes representatives from three

generations - from primary school students to superannuants. Jenny Jackson who has come along with husband Jason and daughter April (8) is pleased she has made the effort. “It’s nice to be surrounded by cows. It’s good to find out more about what happens.” Shortly after noon, the visitors climb into their cars and head out through the farm gates. For this small group, The Open Farms Day mission of “reconnecting Kiwis with our food and land” appears to have been accomplished, but Wayne says this is just the beginning of a conversation between farmers and the communities they feed. “The idea is to build it up so that people can do multiple farm visits in one day.” For more information on Open Farms, go to: https://www. openfarms.co.nz/ THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 6 MARCH 2020

Whakaaro: Dam too big for TDC to handle DR ROLAND TODER AND TONY LAWTON

When the Waimea Dam was first mooted in 2006 it was estimated to cost $20m. By 2019 costs had reached $104m, and now, just a few months into construction, Tasman District Council’s estimate has jumped to $129m. There is no reason to believe this is the end of the increases, with an independent assessment indicating costs will reach $200m. Minister Shane Jones and Nelson MP Nick Smith are calling for a review, and perhaps the heads of staff responsible for consistently underestimating the project’s costs. However, Tasman mayor Tim King says the council will not withdraw from the project irrespective of the eventual cost. In the first of a two-part opinion-piece, we look at the factors that have led to Tasman ratepayers facing significant future rate increases to pay for the dam’s escalating cost. In part two, we will look at a possible solution. Nation-wide “water-crisis” Along with the rest of New Zealand, the Tasman region has experienced significant population growth. But investment in council’s storm/waste/drinking water (the “three-waters”) infrastructure has not kept pace. TDC, like many NZ councils, now face a perfect storm: new water-services requirements to meet expected population growth, upgrades to existing water infrastructure to meet obsolescence, and increased water health standards coming from the Government’s newly created national water regulator, established in the wake of Hawkes Bay’s E. coli water contamination. In our larger cities, amalgamated bodies have been set up to meet these requirements, eg Water Care Auckland. Our provincial councils have not amalgamated their water services; like TDC, they are predominately small rural-based outfits lacking the staff expertise and financial capacity to safely handle the required infrastructure projects. They rely on consultants for advice, but do not have the staff experience, nor governance skills amongst councillors, to adequately assess the advice received. This situation has central Government very worried – the Waimea Dam debacle being an example of just what they are afraid would happen. How did TDC get it so wrong? Although NZ’s councils have a higher degree of financial autonomy than in most OECD countries, they are subject to a number of “checks and balances” built into the Local Government Act (LGA). TDC, however, in its approach to solving its future water requirements, coupled future urban water supply with a large-scale irrigation project whilst ignoring many of these controls designed to protect ratepayers. Firstly, the LGA requires councils to separate the governance role (mayor and councillors) from the executive role (CEO and senior council managers), with each group acting as a check on the other. But in small provincial councils this separation is

often blurred. TDC’s CEO Review Committee consisted of two dam proponents, both from agricultural backgrounds (typical of rural-based councils): then-Mayor Richard Kempthorne and his deputy Tim King, along with novice councillor, Sue Brown, another dam supporter, also with a farming background. No wonder senior TDC staff soon became dam “fan-boys” (technically called an “outcome bias”). However, staff are obliged to provide councillors with independent, balanced information to enable informed and impartial decision-making, including costing of financial and implementation risks. They failed to do so, and must now take responsibility by offering their resignations. Another overlooked check-and-balance is the requirement for “public consultation that is open-minded and without predrawn conclusions”. The dam saw a (local) record number of public submissions, many highly informed. However, TDC’s reaction was to defend their pre-determined position against alternative or critical information. TDC even ignored their own safe-guard Significance and Engagement policy, which would have seen the decision put to a public vote. TDC’s industry body, LGNZ, also provide guidelines for councils to manage risk and guard against such under-costing of projects. If TDC had followed these guidelines it may well have highlighted many of these costs now being uncovered. Perhaps all this “woe” (as Jones puts it) could have been avoided if independent “fit-for-purpose” consultants had been utilised. However, the consultants on the dam have existing business relationships with TDC, hardly the ideal basis for “independent advice”. TDC’s information to councillors became further compromised when the irrigators were allowed roles in feeding information to councillors, including attending “closed” council workshops, and not surprisingly resulting in a funding model allocating the majority of the project risks and costs to TDC ratepayers. Central Government’s role TDC aren’t solely to blame. Crown Irrigation Investment Ltd (CIIL), the Government entity responsible for advising on, and funding, NZ’s irrigation infrastructure, first promoted the dam to councillors, then required a ratepayers’ guarantee to lend to the project. Presumably the risks were considered too high for taxpayers (but not for ratepayers). CIIL lent money to the dam without following NZ Treasury mandates designed to safeguard investments of public funds, a process that may well have identified and costed many of the risks TDC are now facing. Government’s complicity did not stop there. Councillors faced significant political pressure, including from Jones and Smith, to commit to the dam. The only political party opposing the dam were the Greens. Last Man Standing Ratepayers have, unfortunately, been left, in the words of one councillor, “as the last man standing”, for all future cost increases.

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PEST TRAPPING January 2020

Countdown to Tinbum Triathlon

The Tinbum is this Saturday, 7 March, and the committee is looking forward to seeing entries from young and old. Danny Walker is again dangling the gold for our GBHS youth; such an amazing way to recognise our young sportspeople. Neil Baker’s wooden head trophies are up for grabs for the oldest and most enduring of our sportspeople, and our treasured Tinbum trophies are lined up gleaming awaiting this season’s winners. Thanks to all our sponsors and support people setting the event up. To confirm success we just need a great number of entries, the weather to hold and smiles all round. Check our Facebook page for any cancellation notices if weather looks dodgy. So come along, bring your swim suit, bike (helmet and shoes) and running shoes and get out there. The next event is not until 2022 so just do it! Marian Milne

Underselling Takaka

Mid-morning Saturday, I was at the Golden Bay Visitor Centre, when the usual two minivans of tourists pulled up. The helpful driver of one of the vans got out and proceeded to retrieve the luggage for his passengers. He then proclaimed in a loud voice, that carried to the other group of travellers and the many persons already in the busy car park, “There isn’t much to Takaka, there’s a small market on Saturdays.” I am not quite sure how he ended this announcement, but the first part is a quote, and he did at least mention the market. February 2020 Number of properties involved 492 I literally stopped mid whistle for several seconds Banana passion vines - fruiting 177,925 contemplation, which is not usually like me before I speak Banana passion vines - seedlings 210,590 my mind; I surprised myself that the gentleman didn’t get my Old Man’s Beard 48,260 immediate thoughts on the matter. Other vines 29,830 I cannot believe that this person, who runs and possibly All pest vines totals 466,605 owns this tourist van service, lacks the “gift-of-the-gab” in a Monthly totals change 6,152 hospitality fashion, and doesn’t share some positive input with his clientele. At the very least, point out that they are directly in front of a very impressive (as I heard said from a happy tourist inside, on the very same day) facility that can provide all the information that he so sadly can’t be bothered to do himself. How often does he say this? Every week? Every day? Twice a Scaffold Solutions day? How many destinations does he grade so favourably? Maybe he should wake up and smell the coffee – that is Edge Protection available in a wide choice from a multitude of venues only Site Fencing minutes away. David Bell Stoats this month Stoats YTD Rats this month Rats YTD

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British justice a joke

The mainstream media such as The Guardian are giving a distorted version of events in the Belmarsh Prison court extradition hearing for Julian Assange. There is first-hand testimony from Craig Murray, days one, two, three and four, Google “Craig Murray Assange in Court”. Jonathan Hearn

Must-see movie

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Every now and then a film is shown at the Village Theatre that draws your attention. The Extraordinary is one such film - looking at a subject that touches many people’s lives but is not often brought out into the open. This fascinating film, made with grace and humour, portrays the work of two organisations that provide care for people with mental health issues, particularly autism. Based on a true story, it shows how two people, against all the odds, can change the lives of many. Bruno, a middle-aged Jew, specialises in providing 24hour care for autistic youth rejected by society and let down by Government-run institutions. Malik, a Muslim, trains up youngsters from underprivileged areas to be mental-health carers. Despite their religious differences, Bruno and Malik are friends and support each other closely, particularly when the Government threatens closure because Bruno doesn’t have proper certification. The irony is that Bruno is able to reintegrate people into society far better than the “rules-regulated” state institutions and provide care to many who have fallen through the cracks in the system. Although viewers are occasionally given an insight into how the world looks to an autistic person (some actors are autistic), the film is made with a light touch, is a pleasure to watch and has a genuine life affirming quality. Five per cent of the film’s profit will go to support the two organisations. Be sure to see it if you can. David Benson

Avoiding World War V

The press and radio news items currently talk about safe havens for protection from the coronavirus in New Zealand. They suggest top of the North Island and Waiheke Island.

Golden Bay, with a one-way entrance and exit, would surely be a favourite place as a haven. Reg Turner

Bringing council to heel

The issue of accountability (or the lack of it) for the Waimea Dam fiasco was rightly raised in last week’s issue (GBW 28/2). Incredibly, five of the nine councillors who voted for it were re-elected last October: Councillors King, Maling, Tuffnell, Bryant and Ogilvie. It will be nearly three years until they can be tossed out on their backsides, but go they must and we must make sure of it. Dr Roland Toder and Tony Lawton ask, “When will staff responsible for the misleading cost estimates take responsibility?” (GBW letters 28/2). The answer is, as quickly as we can arrange it. The buck stops with TDC CEO Janine Dowding, and her head must roll. When presented, in the course of the Save Our Springs campaign, with evidence of the incompetence and misinformation of her staff, and asked to investigate, she responded with persiflage in their defence instead of promptly applying the appropriate scrutiny. These staff seem routinely to mislead and manipulate councillors, who offer only silence when asked for their opinions. We are on the brink of yet another catastrophic decision in respect of Te Waikoropupū Springs if things don’t change and change fast. TDC must be brought to heel. What is needed is an organisation that protects its ratepayers from financial abuse, ensures it operates within the law and follows proper process, and which has the strength and depth to determine election results across the entire Tasman District. Who amongst us is ready to form it? Steve Penny

Dam management up the creek

Here is a statement made to the Waimea Water Augmentation Committee, 19 July 2012, by Mr de Haan (engineer from Opus): “When starting a dam it is vitally important to have a good idea of the structure of rock, it is most important to have it certain.” Tim King was present at that meeting. Waimea Water Limited (WWL) has just tabled an unlikely excuse for taking 10 months to test the critical component of the dam design (the rock infill) for suitability. This sounds alarm bells. WWL have also failed over the past 10 months to present councillors with up-to-date, relevant and meaningful information on costs and progress. It is time for councillors to question the ability of the people managing this contract, and their own ability in respect to their governance role. This is a complex high risk project and unless some major changes are made to the management and communication within it – the worse things will get, in my opinion. $200m does not look implausible. I think it appropriate to obtain an independent legal opinion in respect of the penalties Waimea Irrigators Limited could claim if the project was halted and also an independent, full access, review of the project by an experienced professional such as Scott Cahill, an American world-renowned expert on dam safety. WWL’s CEO needs to have enough proven experience in managing dam construction and the ability to manage the critical elements of the scheme in a way that minimises cost. Has the current CEO got these skills? In addition, TDC does not have the ability to provide oversight as major shareholder and that poses a huge problem. Louise Coleman

Who pays dam exit fee?

Apparently a large fee was negotiated by our previous democracy-denying council in regards to an eventual dumping of the dam project. It should be considered as a sensible alternative to watching the budget blow out again and again and probably again, and even then it could fail in a concerning number of other ways with unthinkable liability implications for all ratepayers. The payment of this exit fee should be paid by those responsible for failing to conduct a proper feasibility study and those who prevented a dam referendum and those who ignored the 85 per cent-plus of submitters who opposed the wildly flawed funding model. Victoria Davis

Cycleway success

Bravo TDC for getting the cycleway created between Takaka and Pohara. We visit from Blenheim this time every year, and I have always thought it was remiss that there was no cycle track, seeing as the road is so narrow with no room for cyclists, and watching them trepidaciously going along. It must be a real

Listen for The GB Weekly’s latest content on Fresh Start, Friday & Monday mornings from 7am THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 6 MARCH 2020

LE T TERS relief to the school children too, (and their parents) to be able to safely cycle to and from school. I love the bridges, and there must have been a lot of “filling” along the sides of some parts of the road out towards Pohara. A biggish job, well done. Yes, as per Lesley Bray’s letter (GBW 28/2), tarsealing it all now will be the icing on the cake, and a cycle hire place at Pohara the sparkly sprinkles. Laurel Rockliff

Explaining the ecovillage

We would like to set the record straight: some members of our community believe that we are funding this ecovillage development ourselves. We are not. We are committed to putting our time and energy into creating something environmentally conscious that reduces our local housing challenges and enhances Golden Bay. Myself and my husband, Graeme, are directors of Mohua Ventures Ltd which will be the landholding company once property settlement goes through at the end of September. Our investors have raised the deposit and we are looking to raise more investment for the first round before settlement date. To address Piers’ concerns (GBW letters 28/2): This land has been zoned residential for many years; we have no intention of covering it in concrete and there will be a large amount of food growing space. One correction to the article (GBW 21/2): Affordable housing is definitely something we want to provide, however it is a complex process to achieve. We are exploring a variety of models to make a portion of this development affordable. We are right at the beginning of this very long process with a great deal of data collection, processing and planning ahead - we intend to take our time to get it right. After September, before we apply for resource consent, we will hold a community consultation evening. In the meantime if you have any questions, want to join our mailing list, are interested in offering community mortgages or rent-to-buy options to make housing more accessible to people, or want to invest money, time or energy to make this development happen then please get in touch. Email: hello@ tinylifestyle.co.nz Liv Scott

Feed for the food bank

With the season of abundance upon us it’s a good time to remember not everyone has food aplenty. Some are struggling, so if your kitchen has been whipping up a storm producing jars of sauce, chutneys or jams, here’s a thought...just now the shelves of the Mohua Social Services food bank are short of food. They are very low on many fresh and non-perishable items. If you are able to help by donating any of these (or a jar or two from your larder) it would be appreciated. How? Either through the FreshChoice Food Bank bin or at the MSS office in the Community Centre hall. The entrance off Commercial Street is well signposted. Know that what you are doing makes a difference to others. Thank you in advance. Mohua Social Services


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Speed Limits Bylaw 2016 Review Consultation

Following on from the construction of the new cycleway between Takaka and Pōhara, the Council has decided to make a small extension to the cycleway, to create a better connection to the beach. The new section of path will run between the corner of Selwyn Street and Abel Tasman Drive and Tennyson Street, to connect with an existing path.

In November 2019 we consulted on a Speed Limit Review, submissions identified that a different speed than what we had proposed was wanted for three roads. Legally, we are not able to set a speed limit significantly different to what was proposed in the consultation, so those roads were withdrawn from that process and we are now asking for feedback on the newly proposed speed limits.

Work will start next week and should take three days to complete. One traffic lane will need to be closed and manual stop-go and traffic lights will be used to direct traffic.

Check current water restrictions Head to our website for details of any current water restrictions – tasman.govt.nz/link/water-restrictions.

ROAD CLOSURES Proposed road closure Applicant: Golden Bay RSA Event: ANZAC Day Parade Location: Commercial Street, Takaka (SH6), between Junction Street (adjacent to GB Pharmacy) and Pioneer Park Date and time: Saturday 25 April 2020, 8.30 am – 10.30 am Objections close: Wednesday 25 March 2020


• Gibbs Valley Road – current limit is 100kmph, proposed to change to 60kmph • Hoddy Road – current limit is 100kmph, proposed to change to 40kmph • Wharariki Road (Freeman Access to western end) – current limit is 100kmph, proposed to change to 60kmph We are also proposing to extend an existing 50km/h speed limit on Abel Tasman Drive in Pōhara by 25m to tie in better with the new shared path location and increased activity by the café. Get all the details at your nearest Council office or library or on the website, tasman.govt.nz/feedback. Submissions are invited until 4.00 pm on Monday 30 March 2020.

COUNCIL MEETINGS Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will be held at Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond. Golden Bay Community Board Tuesday 10 March, 9.30 am. Collingwood Fire Station, Elizabeth Street, Collingwood. Public forum Joint Committee Tuesday 10 March, 1.30 pm. Public forum Regulatory Committee Thursday 12 March, 1.00 pm. Murchison Sports, Recreation and Cultural Centre, 82 Waller Street, Murchison. Public forum Nelson Tasman Regional Landfill Business Unit Friday 13 March, 9.30 am. Nelson City Council, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson. Public forum. Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit Friday 13 March, 1.30 pm. Nelson City Council, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson. Public forum Kingsland Forest Hearings Monday 16 March, 9.30 am. No public forum Motueka Community Board Tuesday 17 March, 4.00 pm. Motueka Service Centre, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka. Public forum


18711 HotHouse Creative

Takaka to Pōhara Cycleway connection – new section of path

6 MARCH 2020


NEWS IN BRIEF Ice Breaker: Competition winner

Logan Ricketts (10) gets stuck into his prize - a copy of Ice Breaker: An Antarctic Adventure - a new publication illustrated by one of our own - Alistair Hughes. Photo: Charlotte Richards.

Helping Hands 525 6226

Te Whare Mahana Supported Employment Lawnmowing • Line Trimming • Garden Maintenance Riparian Planting • Scrub-Cutting • Gutter Cleaning Recycling • Pothole Repair • Waterblasting Window Cleaning • House Moves How Can We Help?


& A S S O C I AT E S

Specialised Accounting Unbeatable Professional Qualifications Experience & Service

03 525 9919 julie@warnassociates.co.nz 23 MOTUPIPI ST TAKAKA 7110, GOLDEN BAY



Motupipi “enviro-school” in action ANITA PETERS

Motupipi School’s year began with a mercy dash to Wainui Bay sandspit where over the past few years they have been planting trees in partnership with Project Janszoon. News that many trees were in danger of dying from dehydration prompted emergency action. A trailer-load of plastic bottles from the Recycle Centre were filled with water and passed by chain-gang to a ute, along with a farmloaned water drum. A team of 63 dedicated kids and around 20 adults then set off to Wainui to save their plants. They lugged water to the spit in their backpacks, seniors returning for refills, with Project Janszoon education officer Brooke Turner helping direct proceedings. But it was not all work; apart from renewing tree and plant k nowledge, a lunchtime swim at high tide amidst floating logs was a welcome reward. Bev Purdie, local iwi education officer, explained the significance of Abel Tasman Park’s carved Waihoroua entranceway, relating the story of Ngararahuarau, the taniwha of Wainui Bay. Fortuitously, just two days later, the mercy watering was backed up by the first rain in many weeks. Conservation has long been a focus for this enviroschool. Motupipi’s four new Year 6 Abel Tasman Youth Ambassadors (ATYA) then attended their first retreat with older ambassadors from Golden Bay High, Motueka High, Ngatimoti and Lower M o u t e r e S c h o o l s. T h e y travelled with sponsors Abel Tasman Sea Shuttles to the Bark Bay kaka aviary, walked from there to Anchorage, went bird-watching at dawn and, during camp, discussed

Motupipi School ATYA students, far left, Layla Griffith; 4th in line, Frankie Whiting; 7th in line, Ashton Stevenson; far right, Kian Lamason; with teacher Judy Cullen at back. Photo: Supplied.

conservation strategies and goal setting. T h e s e fo u r M o t u p i p i students, chosen for their leadership skills and other attributes, will contribute to their school’s 2020 goal of educating people about care of the park and bringing back the birdsong. The school will also host a hui at Wainui spit where ATYA children will speak to their peers about the Wainui site’s special qualities. “DOC is putting in their voice, and they’ve got experts in all sorts of areas, but these children will be living in the park of the future,” said teacher Judy Cullen. “Every time we go there, these four get information to a deeper level of understanding; they lead the other children. Often children come up with solutions that adults think aren’t possible. They have fresh thinking; they look with fresh eyes.” In the meantime, new principal Lisa Malones, now firmly at the helm with a full year’s schedule ahead, says

Motupipi School’s new principal Lisa Malones and Oakie saving trees together. Photo: Supplied.

the school has already surpassed all her expectations. “I’ve never had a school where every single staff member is just so passionate, about the kids, about the programme, and supportive of one another,” she says. “It’s an absolute joy. And the community for me has been an incredible bonus to the job. I’m in heaven. “


from 450 to 30,000 Litre


in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, and from a range of suppliers. come see the team for price and advice

Servicing the Bay from the Bay

11-13 Buxton Lane - Takaka (03) 525 9482 www.pipeworx.co.nz 027 432 0873 shop@pipeworx.co.nz


Contact Nyle 03 525 7115 or concrete@sollys.co.nz 6


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Forest & woodlot harvesting Hauler & ground-based bush-rigged excavator Locally-owned operation with local crew

Ph 027 455 9895


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Review: Mr Jones

Screening Schedule Fri



Frida: Viva La Vida encore (Final)

Sun 15


Met Opera: Akhnaten (G) $34/29


Birds of Prey (R16)


Emma (PG)



1917 (R13) (Final)


Mr Jones (M) NZIFF


Mr Jones (M) NZIFF

Mon 16 8.00

The Professor and the Madman (M)

Sun 8 5.00

Pangaea - Music Concert - Album Release Tour Tickets @ undertheradar.co.nz Door sales $20

Tue 17


The Legend of Baron To’a (R13)

Wed 18


For Sama (R16) NZIFF


La Belle Époque (M) NZIFF

Mon 9


The Extraordinary (M)



Mr Jones is not a film title which promises astonishing heroism in the face of overwhelming odds, and neither does our main character, a lanky, bespectacled young Welshman. However, this factual account shows how an unassuming reporter found the courage to defy the governments of two hostile countries to expose a terrible truth to the world. In 1933, Gareth Jones became one of the first foreign journalists to accompany Hitler in Germany, and cover the ascension of the Nazi Party. This close encounter with a monster unfortunately sets the course for the rest of his life, as Jones becomes obsessed with discovering the truth about Stalin’s apparent “economic miracle”. While the rest of the world hunches against the hardships of the great depression and dread of another world war, the USSR appears to be undergoing massive economic expansion. Reports from Russia proclaim that Stalin has created national prosperity and happiness, leading many in the then struggling West to wonder if communism might be the answer after all. Jones’s mother had worked as a tutor to a Welsh industrialist in the then prosperous Ukraine, and he had grown up hearing about the fertility of the region. Against all advice, he finally levers his high journalistic profile (and fluency in Russian) to gain permission to travel to Russia and interview Stalin. With stern warnings from Lloyd George himself not to exacerbate the delicate political situation, Jones finds himself in Moscow in the “care” of the New York Times correspondent Walter Durante, played to creepy perfection by Peter Sarsgaard. Refusing to be seduced at one of Durante’s infamously hedonistic parties, he leaves only further convinced that a massive cover up is in operation. Finally duping a Soviet official into taking him to the Ukraine to experience the overwhelming industrial and agricultural success for himself, Jones manages to evade his minder and secretly abandons the train to recklessly investigate for himself. What follows will certainly never be used by the Russian tourist board, and is a descent into a winter horror-land of deprivation and unimaginable misery. Jones has stumbled completely unprepared into the “Holodomor”, an enforced famine which led to the deaths of millions of Ukrainians. Detailing any more of Jones’s horrifying experience would do the film an injustice, because the numbing depiction of his plight and eventual “escape” really needs to be seen. He is eventually returned to Britain with extremely threatening conditions in place. Jones is coerced to keep quiet about the truth and even forced to perpetuate the great Soviet deception, not only by the Russians but his own diplomatically paralysed government. Surprisingly, it is back in his own “safe” country that the disgraced and vilified Gareth Jones needs his courage and integrity the most. And when an incredible opportunity to tell the world about his discovery presents itself, he must literally risk everything for the sake of the truth. Polish director Agnieszka Holland deserves her accolades for not only highlighting an unknown hero in Gareth Jones, but bringing attention to a historical atrocity which few in the west know anything about. She also exposes some of the truth about a Pulitzer-winning editor who wrought incredible damage by succumbing to the corruption which Jones managed to resist. The term “journalist” has become somewhat tarnished in this modern age, too often associated with peddling scandal and misinformation. Mr Jones is a timely reminder that reporting should be quite the opposite, pursuing and presenting the truth for the ultimate betterment of society. Gareth Jones is a rare and neglected hero, finally receiving the recognition owed to him. This film may not an easy watch, but it is also a rather unforgettable one. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 6 MARCH 2020

Tue 10 8.00

The Biggest Little Farm (G) NZIFF (Final)

Wed 11


Mr Jones (M) NZIFF


Birds of Prey (R16) (Final)

Thu 12 2.00 Matinee: The Extraordinary (M) (Final)


For Sama (R16) NZIFF



Sonic the Hedgehog (PG)


The Legend of Baron To’a (R13)


Sat 14 2.00

Matinee: La Belle Époque (M) NZIFF


The Best of Boxwood Music Concert $25/15 Tickets from Pohutukawa Gallery. boxwood.org/new-zealand


Monk Party - Music Concert Tickets @ monkparty.com Door sales $20

Thu 19


Matinee: Mr Jones (M) NZIFF


The Lighthouse (R16)



Emma (PG)


La Belle Époque (M) NZIFF (Final)



Sonic the Hedgehog (PG)


The Legend of Baron To’a (R13)

20 21

Sun 22 1.00

NT Live: The Lehman Trilogy (M) $25/20

Mr Jones (M) NZIFF (Final)


8.00 The Professor and the Madman (M) NZIFF = New Zealand International Film Festival Adults (16 and over) Seniors (65+), Students Concession - Members Children (4-15)

$15 $13 $11 $9

Movie Descriptions EMMA (PG) UK 2h05 Comedy, Drama, Romance J a n e A u s t e n ’s c l a s s i c romantic novel on the perils of misconstrued romance, adapted for the screen by NZ author and Man Bookerwinner, Eleanor Catton (The Luminaries). LA BELLE ÉPOQUE (M) France 1h50 Comedy, Drama, Subtitles A crotchety 60-something Victor, is offered an escape from his life: a high-end reenactment troupe lets their clients “travel” to an era of their choice, in this case, 40 years earlier when he met his wife.

FOR SAMA (R16) SYRIA, UK 1h40 Documentary, War Cannes award-winning documentar y shot over five years that tells the story of a young woman’s journey through love, war and motherhood in Aleppo, Syria. MR JONES (M) Poland, UK, Ukraine 2h21 Drama, Thriller Fr o m O s c a r - n o m i n a t e d director Agnieszka Holland about the journalist who broke the news to the western media of the famine in the Soviet Union in the early ‘30s. Nominated; top prize at Berlin. True Story

NT LIVE: THE LEHMAN TRILOGY (M) UK 3h43 Oscar-winner Sam Mendes directs this five-time Oliver Award-nominated play. In 1844 a young man from Bavaria stands on a New York dockside. He is joined by his two brothers and an American epic begins. Recorded Live Performance

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (PG) USA, Japan 1h39 Adventure Jim Carrey stars in this live-action adventure based on the popular Sega video game franchise. A small-town South Dakota cop teams up with Sonic the Hedgehog to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr Robotnik.

THE LEGEND OF BARON TO’A (R13) NZ 1h45 Comedy, Action In this Kiwi, South Auckland state house cul-de-sac comedy, a Tongan entrepreneur returns to his old neighbourhood and inadvertently causes the theft of his late father’s valued pro wrestling title belt.

THE LIGHTHOUSE (R16) USA, Canada 1h50 Horror, Drama Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are t wo New England lighthouse keepers who slowly descend into madness in this psychological thriller from Robert Eggers Drama, True Story (The Witch).

THE EXTRAORDINARY (M) France 1h54 Comedy, Subtitles The latest film by the makers of hit comedy The Intouchables. Two friends from different faiths found a pair of charitable organisations for children with autism in this uplifting true story.

THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN (M) IRELAND 2h04 Oscar winners Mel Gibson and Sean Penn lead this true story about how a professor and a convicted murderer created the Oxford English Dictionary.

32 Commercial Street, Takaka ꟾ www.villagetheatre.org.nz ꟾ For bookings phone 525 8453


Aorere Flower Show

GOLDEN BAY’S NEWS IN BRIEF Country Music Festival

Naked Bike Ride

Come on down to the River Inn this weekend.

Get naked, get on your bike, and pedal.


Getting to know your onions: The Aorere Flower Show featured an impressive harvest of fruit and veges. Photo: Jo Richards. JO RICHARDS

A steady stream of anthophiles poured into the Aorere Autumn Flower Show at Pakawau Memorial Hall last Saturday afternoon. While the main attraction - the dazzling display of dahlias, assorted stems and decorative arrangements – drew the crowds, the show was not just about beautiful blooms; it also featured an impressive harvest of fruit and vegetables – from humble spuds to vibrant peppers and from bitter lemons to sweet peaches. The quality and variety of the produce on show belied the long dry conditions under which they were nurtured, said show president Lois Benjamin. “I’m quite surprised how good the veges are; people have obviously worked hard.” For Lois to be surprised by anything on display is a surprise in itself; she has been responsible for well over 100 shows. “I started in 1962 and have done two shows a year,” said the veteran organiser before adding, “But I have a good team of Pakawau ladies who help”. Across the decades, Lois has presided over a traditional rural event that is simultaneously the same every time and yet somehow always different. Subtle variations in the sights, smells and general mood of the show are caused by a number of factors, such as the growing-season weather, the whims of horticultural fashion, the number and type of entries, and the mix of visitors. This year, there was a particularly sociable atmosphere created by friends and neighbours meeting up and chatting across the display tables or over a cup of tea. Also on show in the hall were the tasty fruits of kitchen labours – a sumptuous selection of jams, marmalades, pickles and relishes, plus a table full of cakes, muffins and scones. Evidence of other crafts included a variety of handknitted articles and a wall-mounted display of around 100 photographs. And, with boxes stuffed full of bargains books, no-one needed to go home empty handed. Lois always ensures that the proceeds from the show are shared with the community. On this occasion, any surplus funds will be donated to Collingwood Area School to help stage an upcoming show of its own.

Country music will again ring out at the River Inn this weekend when they host Golden Bay’s annual country music festival. Starting on Friday night with a jam session, the music continues into Saturday with walk-ups and guests from 11am5pm. On Saturday night there will be a jam session with guest appearances and Sunday sees more guests performing, with walk-ups too, from 11am-2.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come along, join in, and enjoy the talents of musicians and singers from all over New Zealand. Entry is $5 per day, evenings are free, and camping sites plus campervan parks are available for a small fee. Any queries please phone Karen 027 782 7494. River Inn, Waitapu Wharf Road, Friday to Sunday.


Tomorrow at 2pm, intrepid cyclists will set off from Autumn Farm (37 Central Takaka Road) on this year’s World Naked Bike Ride in Golden Bay. The route will take cyclists around Glenview Road, before joining up with the new cycleway at the butcher’s shop corner in Motupipi. Along the way there will be a stop at Terry Knight’s Kiwi Distillery before continuing on to Kotare Sands at Pohara where spot prizes will be awarded for oldest rider, youngest rider, best bodyart, and more. One aim of the World Naked Bike Ride is to encourage more cycling, less vehicles, where possible. “The new Pohara to Takaka cycleway is a great incentive to get more cyclists out there and we’re looking forward to using it for the very first time this year,” says bike ride organiser Bryan Badger. Everyone is very welcome to join in. Meet at Autumn Farm from 1pm for bodypainting before setting off at 2pm.

Schools in ki-o-rahi tournament

Tapawera on attack, while GBHS hold their defence during a match at Golden Bay High School. Photo:

Jeanine Taylor.


Fun, experienced local guides Safe horses for all riding abilities


Last Thursday, Golden Bay High School’s playing fields were transformed into a ki-o-rahi venue. ki-o-rahi is a traditional Māori game. According to the Māori Dictionary it is “a traditional ball game played with a small round flax ball called a kī. Two teams of seven players, kaioma and taniwha, play on a circular field divided into zones, and score points by touching the pou (boundary markers) and hitting a central tupu, or target”. It’s a fast-paced game incorporating skills similar to rugby union, netball and touch. The flax ball is now substituted for a small round ball. The tournament consisted of five schools from the Tasman Region: Garin College, Tapawera Area School, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Tuia te Matangi, Collingwood Area School (CAS) and Golden Bay High School (GBHS). Orignally Nelson College,

Nelson College for Girls and Waimea College were included in the draw, however they pulled out the day before tournament. Event organiser Cherie Chamberlain remained unfazed and simply altered the draw accordingly. Finding the silver lining Cherie said, “They were missed, but it gave the smaller schools the opportunity to play each other. Talking to some students and parents, they had a great day watching and playing and just having lots of fun.” The Education Key Competencies of “participating and contributing and relating to others” were well and truly on display throughout the tournament. The results were in this order: Garin, GBHS Tahi, Tapawera, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Tuia te Matangi, team Te Tahi Nuku, GBHS Rua and CAS 2. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 6 MARCH 2020

CLASSIFIEDS SPORTS RESULTS / Hua tākaro GOLF 25 February. 1st LGU - Nett: C Crocker 69. Putts: C Gilbert 29. Closest to pins: 3/12 S Meredith, 9/18 C Crocker. 26 February. Stableford: J Garner 43, M Dixon 41, Brian Miller 38. Closest to pins: 3/12 W Collie, 4/13 S Collier, 8/17 & 9/18 N Moore. Twos: W Collie, N Moore, H Hills, P Milne, M Dixon. Best gross: W Collie 71. 29 February. President’s Cup R3 Stableford: R Ancell 43, R Westrupp 38, G Bradley 38. Closest to pins: 3/12 R Miller, 4/13 L Trent, 8/17 R Ancell, 9/18 R Davis. Twos: N Moore, R Miller, R Ancell. Two 7/16: R Bodger. Happy wanderer: S Collier. Best gross: R Ancell 68. BRIDGE 26 February. Bainham Pairs: NS: J Edmondson/S Van Wijngaarden 61.31%, K Vanderstruys/David Sarll 57.44%, J Morgan/C Christiansen 54.76%; EW: J Harper/A Hunt 60.58%, M McKellar/C Furness 59.52%, P Wilson/R McDonald 53.70%. H/cap NS: J Morgan/C Christiansen 66.58%, J Edmondson/S Van Wijngaarden 66.51%, K Vanderstruys/David Sarll 65.94%; EW: J Harper/A Hunt 70.18%, M McKellar/C Furness 65.48%, P Wilson/R McDonald 62.88%. 28 February. Friday Individual Howell: P Wilson/E Bradshaw 64%, C Mead/A Hunt 55%, S Van Wijngaarden/B Wilson 55%. H/cap: P Wilson/E Bradshaw 72.01%, C Mead/A Hunt 63.20%, S Van Wijngaarden/B Wilson 62.70%.

SPORT / Hākinakina

AGM NOTICES GOLDEN Bay Orchestra Society Inc AGM, 17 March, 7pm at the Music Room GBHS. All welcome. SENIORNET AGM, Tuesday 10 March, 1pm, St John’s Rooms at the Rec Centre. The AGM will follow a shared lunch at noon. New members welcome.

RECENT AGM / Hui ā tau - Nō nā tata nei ORGANISATIONS may have their committee members’ names printed in this column for free only if emailed to admin@ gbweekly.co.nz

PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui TABLE Tennis Club meets every Tuesday, Kotinga Hall from 7pm. All welcome. GOLDEN Bay Community Board meeting, Tuesday 10 March, at Collingwood fire station. Meeting starts at 9.30am with public forum. CAFÉ to lease: On Commercial Street, Takaka. Good position with loads of potential. Pavement café seating options and car parking. Available now. Details on request. Txt 020 4111 2626 with your phone number and email. ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop we can help. Meeting Thursdays 7pm, Catholic Church Hall. Ph 0800 229 6757.


Junior Rugby Registration In conjunction with TRU Mako Ripper Tuesday 10th March 2020 at GB Rec Centre from 4pm

Subs are $25.00 or $40.00 per family

New, past, boy and girl players are encouraged to come along, sausage sizzle for players Please contact takakarfc@gmail.com for more details

COMMUNITY Law Service (Simon Jones): Free and confidential legal help, information, options available in Golden Bay every Wednesday. Appointments, phone Heartland Services 525 6151. Nelson Office 0800 246 146. FRESH FM needs your help. Are you willing to host a fundraising event to support local radio? Or help run one? We’re a Charitable Trust – a $30 donation on our website freshfm.net is tax deductible. Email Maureen: takaka@freshfm.net or ph 525 8779, 027 335 1395. GB Animal Welfare Society Inc (ex-SPCA). Ph Carol Wells 525 9494, 8am-5pm weekdays. PARADISE Entertainment, Takaka and Collingwood On the Spot store are The GB Weekly’s agents. Or email us: admin@ gbweekly.co.nz. Office hours are Mon-Wed, 9am-5pm.

“I wish I had started Bridge a long time

Golden Bay Football – Can you help? As with most community organisations we run on the generosity of volunteers. And since 1967, when it all started, there have been heaps who’ve stepped up and kept football on the menu here for more than half a century. With over a dozen years’ service between them, our secretary and treasurer are looking to pass the baton and the club is searching for who might be next? It’s vital we secure help this season to keep the club viable. Amongst the busy-ness of it all, could you spare 2 hours a month for committee meetings and a bit more besides? Please give it some thought and even with an inkling, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Marian Milne ph 525 7410.


Come along to our Bridge Lessons for beginners commencing Monday 23rd March and continuing for 10 weeks each Monday from 7pm to 9pm.

In an emergency, nothing is going to change… 1. Any time you have a “life threatening” emergency… ring 111; 2. during opening hours, if you have an emergency, you can come to the medical centre; 3. If unsure, phone us on 03 525 0060 for assistance. If your need isn’t urgent, for example - can wait for another day, phone us and ask for a “routine appointment”. WHAT IS NEW… from Tuesday 17 March 2020,if you think you need to see us urgently on the day, please phone us first thing in the morning, for a ‘Triage call back’ from one of our medical team. A doctor, nurse practitioner or nurse will call you back (usually within 30-45 minutes) and ask you some questions. We might be able to give you all the help you need to save you from coming into the health centre, for example a prescription or advice. If we do need to look you over, we will give you an appointment to come in. This new service is designed to: 1. avoid unnecessary travel; 2. help improve waiting times and 3. ensure you and your whanau get to see the right person at the right time. Also, are you registered on ‘My Indici’ yet? You can make your own appointments, view your test results, request repeat prescriptions and email your doctor very easily, at a time that is convenient for you, using the “My Indici” Portal. Ring one of our friendly receptionists and they will help you get set up. Phone 03 525 0060 and ask to register on ‘My Indici.’



Contact Ann Blackie 027 410 0699 or email ann.blackie02@gmail.com to register. New members always welcome! Golden Bay Contract Bridge Club



We are working hard to improve our health services, in order to meet your needs, so we want to let you know about some changes coming up to our urgent care service.

Don’t make the same mistake!!

Rec Centre, Park Avenue, Takaka

WE wish to thank all the wonderful people in Golden Bay who have sent their love and support our way as Gav slowly mends in Christchurch hospital. We also wish to acknowledge our marvelous first responder teams: the Takaka and Upper Takaka fire brigades, the Golden Bay ambulance service, the police and the rescue helicopter who so willingly and expertly helped us in our time of need. Also special thanks to Callum McKay and the other motorists who helped us. We are very touched by all the help and good wishes we have received and are constantly reminded how lucky we are to live in this great community of ours. It is now seven weeks since our accident and since then Gav has been confined to his bed and more recently been able to be transferred to a fancy recliner chair which he can escape outside in. Gav is now on the verge of being able to start mobilizing again and if all goes well we hope he will be transferred to Nelson hospital and from there home. That day can not come soon enough. Our love to all, take care, be safe. Gav and Jane Petterson.

Update – February 2020

Providing Transport, Construction and Earthmoving services since 1928

EARTHMOVING & CONTRACTING: House sites, driveways Culvert installations Drainage Land development Farm maintenance

Ph Tony 027 354 0500 or 525 9843


Jon Tidswell or David Earle will be in attendance at the offices of Warn & Associates

23 Motupipi Street, Takaka

General Freight Storage Bulk Cartage Livestock


For appointments please phone

0800 GLASGOW (0800 452 746)

Stock Feed Fertilisers Spreading: Spreadmark certified with GPS mapping Aggregates Compost, bark, landscape gravels, pea straw

Main office: 43 Halifax St, Nelson

Phone 525 9843 9

TRADES AND SERVICES / Mahi a ratonga ACCOUNTANT. Long-standing market leader with unbeatable professional qualifications and experience. Warn & Associates, ph 525 9919.

SUMMER pruning. Soil testing. Permaculture design. Organic gardening advice/mentoring. Edible landscaping. Sol Morgan, GroWise Consultancy, ph 027 514 9112.

ACCOUNTANT and tax advisor. All Inland Revenue returns filed for big and small businesses and individuals. Self-employed and rental property reports prepared. Day and evening appointments available. Ph Susan Ayton Shaw 929 7507 or email taxayton@gmail.com

TAKAKA Self Storage, Commercial Street. Have containers (new) available. Excellent security, cameras etc. Ph 525 6181.

ALL YOUR GARDEN NEEDS, ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available.




Rose Slow P 035259213

TREE removal, confined area felling, chipping, chipper hire. Fully insured. Ph 525 7597, 027 212 4020. WINDOW cleaning. Ph Willem 022 134 1726.

ARBORIST. Certified. The Tree Doctor, all aspects of tree care. Free quotes. Ph Chris 021 0264 7942. ARBORIST, qualified, ph Jack Stevens 021 211 5580. CARS, 4WD, caravans removed. Will buy some models. Ph 020 4167 1519.

CARS wanted. Will pick up for free (some conditions apply). Motueka Auto Parts. Ph 03 528 9576.

CHIMNEY cleaning, handyman, Dennis Sage ph 027 873 0726.

Our next visit to Golden Bay is Wednesday 11 March

CHIMNEY sweep. Puponga-Takaka Hill. Free quote or query. Ph Steve 021 0810 1146. COMPUTER and smartphone sales, repairs and solutions. Supporting all Windows and Apple products. Conveniently located at 65 Commercial Street or available by appointment on 027 831 4156. COMPUTER services. GBTech, experienced technical support for Golden Bay since 2012. Ph Warwick 027 814 2222. DRESSMAKING, design and alterations. Ph Margy Meys 027 385 5450. ELECTRICIAN. For all your electrical needs please contact Chris from I electrical. Free quotes given. Ph 021 0852 4453. ELECTRICIANS. Fuse Electrical Golden Bay. Ready to solve all your electrical needs. Ph Thomas 525 9300, 027 788 8500.

ELECTRONICS repairs: Cell phones, computers, radios, TVs, HiFi and more! Ph 027 246 2432. FREEVIEW satellite TV. Ph 027 246 2432.

ANNA LOACH Manager & Funeral Director

GARDENING services. Ph Carlos 027 751 9730.

JAMIE HARVEY Assistant Manager & Funeral Director


Funeral packages from $2250 with no additional mileage fees


Phone 03 539 0066 to discuss www.simplicity.co.nz

GIBSTOPPING /coving (NCPB qualified). Local friendly service. Ph Rob McDonald Plastering, 027 712 2552. GOLDEN BAY DIGGER HIRE 1.7 tonne. Ph 027 713 0684. F LO O R I N G TO S U I T YO U R ST Y L E

GOLDEN BAY ROOFING. Re-roof, repairs, maintenance. goldenbayroofing@yahoo.com, ph 027 395 0037.


GOLDEN Bay Storage, Takaka. Dry, safe, secure, alarmed, insurance approved. Furniture trailer available. Ph Rob and Marg 525 9698, 027 222 5499, goldenbaystorage@gmail.com

Tarkett Traffic 250 Warm Oak Soft Brown

GREEN Grass Accounting. MYOB Partner and Xero Certified. Local accountant providing business and personal accounting services. Ph Robert 029 775 6459 or email robert@ greengrassaccounting.co.nz. GREENREAPER. Property maintenance, landscape and garden designs. Ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available.


HEAT pump installation, sales and servicing. Ph Dave McKay 027 404 4740, 525 8538. LAWNMOWING. Pakawau, Bainham, Takaka to Wainui. Ph N Shaw 525 7597, 027 212 4020. niallshaw_6@hotmail.com

23 Old Wharf Road, Motueka

P: 03 528 7530

E: motueka@flooringxtra.co.nz


NGANGA picture framing, Collingwood, enquiries ph 021 107 6312, 524 8660. Expert framing by a professional artist. ORANGE Rentals have rental cars, trailers and a furniture trailer available for hire. Ph 027 337 7147. PAINTING. Quality, efficient service, available now. Ph Luca Borrelli 022 086 1842. PENINSULA Plasterers for all your interior plastering needs. No job too small. Quality assured. 20+ years’ experience. For a free quote ph Craig 027 472 4376.

Call now for your FREE in-home style consultation, measure and quote




PORTABLE BANDSAW MILLING. Ph Tim 524 8997, 027 714 4232.


35% OFF

SEPTIC TANKS EMPTIED. Ph Chris 525 9153. SEWING SERVICE, NEEDLES, THREADS, WOOL, BEADS. Stitch ‘n Sew ph 525 8177. STONEMASON. Now available in the Bay. Very experienced. Paving to veneer work, Oamaru stone to schist, all types. Ph Dave 021 247 7121. “Rock on.” STORAGE /container hire. Your place (anywhere) or mine (Takaka). Ph Cheryl at Orange Mechanical Ltd 525 9991. 10


FREE in-home style consultation, measure and quote Peter Marshall, style consultant, 027 556 4012 0800 808 300 russellscurtains.co.nz *

Refer to our website for full Terms & Conditions,2016.


HEALTH & WELLBEING / Hauora ACUPUNCTURE: Lynne Cooper providing private and ACC injury treatments. 54 Commercial Street. Ph/txt 027 221 0045.

Golden Bay Dental Centre

ANEL BAKER Physiotherapy at 22 Meihana Street, Takaka. Ph/txt for an appointment 021 053 4337. AROHA Health Spa. Massage, advanced clinical massage, myofascial release, hot stone and relaxation, infrared sauna, spa bath, facials, holistic health and more. Open TuesdaySunday from 9.30am, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara. Ph 525 8870. BOWEN therapy, gentle bodywork, aims to help the body repair itself. Beneficial to shoulder/back/neck problems and more. Discounted price $80 includes two sessions a week apart. Bookings/enquiries ph Jen 027 321 5913. CAROLYN Simon Craniosacral therapist, naturopath, medical herbalist. Personalised flower essences. Ph 525 8544, text 027 483 5865. COMPLETE Healthcare with NIS by Neurolink, using neuroscience principles to achieve optimum health. 2019 Masters series. Practitioner Anne Michell. Ph 525 8733 or 027 751 7970. HAIR REVOLUTION. Excellence in hairdressing, waxing and facials. Feel beautiful. Ph 525 9898. IRIDOLOGY readings, herbal medicine, Reflexology, Reiki. Lisa Williams, ph 525 6150, txt 027 451 9797, www. goldenbayiridology.com KINESIOLOGY. For an appointment please ph/txt Mark Bonar 027 588 2462.

OUR SERVICES AVAILABLE Routine check up and scaling(cleaning)

Invisalign (removable braces)

Dental fillings


Root canal treatment


Crown, veneers, bridges

Mouth Guard/Night Guard

Same-day crown (CEREC)

Same day appointments for emergencies/ACC


WINZ Quotes

Teeth whitening

Please call us to make an appointment with either Dr Grace Lee or Dr Todd Verner on 03 525 8340


ACC Registered


22 Meihana Street, Takaka www.takakachiropractic.com

Tuesdays & Fridays

LOLLY Dadley-Moore, Craniosacral Therapist. Ph 027 338 9504, lollydadleymoore@gmail.com MASSAGE AND REIKI. Emma Sutherland (Ameliorate). First one-hour treatment - $35 for GB locals. www.ameliorate.nz. Ph 027 487 2639.

Selena Serra

MASSAGE: Bowen, zero balancing, Kinesiology, $50 treatments! Ph Thomas 022 160 9101.

Counselling and Mentoring For Youth and Adults

MASSAGE and trigger point therapy for chronic muscular pain, dysfunction, sports performance. Specialising in unresolved muscular pain. 20 years’ experience. Ph Paul 027 772 7334, 54 Commercial Street.

Providing Golden Bay with: Professional, Diagnostic, Clinical Physio & Massage Therapy services ACC registered Provider

027 732 4476

Phone - 027 416 6815 Email - selena@gbwct.org.nz

ORTHOBIONOMY®. Positional release technique will help body balance and self-correct. Ph Susan 525 9795.

• • • • • •

Sports & Accident injuries Complex musculoskeletal conditions Clinical reviews / Second opinions Orthopaedic / Post-operative rehabilitation Postural / Biomechanical correction programmes Clinical Massage Therapy

No GP referral required Ask us about our no-cost initial Physio assessment

Call 0800 749 739 for info or an appointment today

REFLEXOLOGY: Relaxing and balancing. For an appointment ph/txt Ariane Wyler 021 02 607 607. SIMON Jones: Counselling, mediation, coaching. 28 years’ experience. Member NZAC. Ph 525 8542.

Naturopath & Nutritionist Member of NMHNZ


021 904 066


Private clinic with Registered Nurse every Friday at Removal Golden Bay Community Health

03 525 8327

or book online: www.earhealth.co.nz

of wax by micro-suction

Takaka: 22 Meihana St. Ph 021 106 8461. Dr Rowan G Miller, Chiropractor BSc, BSc (Chiro), MNZCA. ACC Registered

Readings with Master Reader Nate

021 158 2357

Healing with Grace

Reiki Master: healer & teacher

Chiropractor Inga Schmidt

Collingwood Health Centre Physiotherapist: Anel Baker Mondays, and Thursday mornings Phone: 021 0534 337

MSc (Chiro), DC, MNZCA

021 180 7789

Golden Bay Health Centre, 12 Motupipi St

www.healthfocus.co.nz ACC registered

Grace Shields 021346642 ♥ 5258106 BTSM, RMT MNZ

Gift Vouchers Available

NEUROLINX. Masters Proficiency Certified. For all health challenges and well-being. Back pain, learning difficulties, low energy, virus.


Healing with Grace &

021 346642 ♥ 525 8106 THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 6 MARCH 2020


LOST AND FOUND / Ngaronga/Kitenga

FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko GOLDEN Bay Glass. In Collingwood every Thursday. Ph 525 7274.


BROTHER Innobella ink cartridges, unused colour pack and two black, LC38 range, $30 the lot. Txt or ph 021 222 7022.

(this season’s)

FIREWOOD: Douglas fir, pine, beech and gum. Delivering now. Also kindling. Ph Bay Firewood 027 769 6348.

Phone: 525 8806 or 027 525 8006

BUILDING or renovating? AES Wastewater Treatment system: No power, 20-year warranty, supplying NZ from Golden Bay. www.et.nz, ph 525 9020.

GOLDEN Bay Motorcycles. Suzuki GL500 twin, 2007, excellent order, 14,173 miles, 22,809 km, pack, frame, security cable, tool kit. Bike has not been ridden in rain. Owned by two elderly bikers. Always garaged. Great commuter bike. $3,400. Ph 027 525 9398, 21 Commercial Street, Takaka. CONTAINERS, 40-foot, two. Ph 027 244 9019. HOT water cylinder, 180l, $100. Ph 021 070 8252. ROYAL Enfield 350 Classic, 2017, only 3436km, fully services, $4700. Ph 027 525 8840. Can be viewed at Golden Bay Motorcycles. Current reg and WOF. DRY firewood. Old blackwood, 1.8m3, $250 delivered negotiable. Ph 027 472 8578.

FOUND. Parka, on Sunday 1 March on track to Knuckle Hill. Ph Tish 525 8707.

PROPERTY AVAILABLE / Rawa watea TWO -bedroom self-contained unit available for rent in Clifton, $300/week, includes power and WiFi. No pets. For viewing ph Wally 525 8484, 021 269 3307.

SLASH your electricity bill. Install a grid-connect PV system. Professional design and install. Ph Paul Stocker, Azimuth Renewables, 525 6019.

FIREWOOD SECONDS. Load your own, $20 per car trailer. This Saturday, 8am-12pm, Bay Firewood, 315 Takaka-Collingwood Highway. Ph 027 769 6348.

FOUND. Metal handle, looks like off boat winch. Pohara area. Ph 027 227 0673.


COTTAGE to rent near GB Community Health in bush setting. Private and self-contained. Suit single person, sorry no pets. Six-month contract with possible long-term. Ph 027 678 5089.

OFF Sale

FOR sale: Four-bedroom, two-bathroom house. Close to schools. Trade Me listing #2548829369. Ph Miki 027 825 1531.

New season icebreaker clothing has just

For All Your Property Management & Rental Requirements

arrived with some awesome new designs & colours! From socks to jackets, everything is included!!

Come check it out!

Shona Martin, Property Manager P 0800 4 shona (74662) M 021 217 8959 E shona@shonasrentals.co.nz

For All Mana Rental

Stocked items only, Sales ends 5pm Friday 13th March 2020

Short, Long Term & Holid We offer a full range of services fro assessing tenants to full management of all t


DELICIOUS beef calves, ready May. $6.50/kg cwt. Ph 525 7410.

Property Maintenance & A NEW TO THE MARKET We offer total house cleaning, water b and more


$12.00 OFF! Apple, pear, peach, plum and quince trees with this voucher

Experience Our Hands Approach & Call Us To

Fine Landscape Paintings - Reproduction Giclee Prints Studio Gallery of Peter Geen

Shona Martin | Propert

P 0800 4 shona (74662)| M

E shona@shonasrent


Valid till 31st March 2020 or while stocks last

Phone 525 9868

76 Boyle Street (Golf Course Rd) Clifton, Takaka. Ph 525 7007. Open 10am-5pm. www.earthseagallery.com

We’re your local Come instore and see us for deals on Woodsman and Metro Fireplaces

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm

SITUATIONS VACANT / Tūranga wātea FULL -time café employment available 5km from Takaka at Anatoki Salmon Fishing & Café. A year round, stable job, with further work opportunities for high performers. New team member has to perform a variety of duties in the Anatoki Salmon kitchen/café counter to ensure an excellent customer experience. If you love to work in hospitality, please apply to start in April. Email catch@anatokisalmon.co.nz for more information or apply and include your CV. FARM manager for dairy farms, 10 minutes’ from town. House provided. Ph Pam Balck 027 494 3859. MARIPOSA are looking for a dynamic senior retail sales person. This is a permanent full-time position which will include Saturdays. So if you have a passion for fashion, an eye for detail, are highly organised and enjoy providing exceptional customer service, we would love to hear from you. Please phone 0800 132 500, email kerryn@mariposaclothing.co.nz or drop into one of our stores for an application form.

Golden Bay Community Heath

We are looking for a suitably qualified candidate in the following PARTTIME (0.4FTE) position:

Gardener/Handyperson Weekly Friday & Saturday market, or order online



GB Weekly website www.gbweekly.co.nz 12

If you have a good work ethic, like working with people and have experience in gardening and general building and equipment maintenance, we welcome your application. (Closes Monday 16th March 10am) If any of the above sounds like you, please give us a call or send your CV and application to hr@nbph.org.nz or NBPH, PO Box 1776 Nelson 7040. Job description and application forms are available on http:// nbph.org.nz/careers/ For more information, please contact Anja van Holten - 03 5250108.

This 3.9ha (nearly 10 acres) lifestyler is less than ten minutes' drive from Takaka and offers not ONE but TWO dwellings and some interesting facets of income-producing potential as part of the big picture. Immaculately presented inside and out, there is so much to see here - give me a call to see how this could work for you, your extended family or even a good friend with whom you may wish to realise that co-operative vision. No open homes, call me to view. www.goldenbayproperty.com Ref: GB3768 Agent: Paul McConnon ph 0275 042 872 GOLDEN BAY FIRST NATIONAL

Licensed Agents REAA 2008. 50 Commercial Street, Takaka


12 Haile Lane, Pōhara Located in a popular area for those seeking community, within a short distance to Pōhara Beach, this 3 bedroom/2 bathroom modern home is really charming & offers so many features to keep the whole family happy! Call me to view – you will instantly feel that you're on holiday – perfect for those out-of-towners or permanents looking for an escape to paradise but still wanting some of the trappings of town nearby. $629,000. www.goldenbayproperty.com Ref: GB3771 Agent: Paul McConnon ph 0275 042 872 GOLDEN BAY FIRST NATIONAL

Licensed Agents REAA 2008. 50 Commercial Street, Takaka


New Listing/Open Home

New Listing

25 Tata Heights, Takaka

7ha Parapara Valley Road, Collingwood

TATA TEMPTATION The only beach house for sale at Tata!!!! Will not be sold prior to the set date - to allow time for you to view. People love the vibe of this tidy easy care home, it's a credit to my clients that they have created a tranquil oasis. Offered furnished if that suits you, or unfurnished if you prefer, but seriously for sale and going, going, ....... whoops did you miss out?

THE HEART OF GOLDEN BAY! Truly a unique property, not only for it's heart shape, but also for its established bush and ease of access. The perfect spot to base a retreat with Parapara Inlet for water sports, Milnthorpe Park for walking and it's proximity to Parapara's sandy beach. Golden Bay is a desirable area, with a limited property market, so call me before it's too late.

Set Date of Sale: Closes 1:00 pm 24th March 2020 Viewing: 12:00 - 12:30 pm Sunday 8th March www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz/GBA20966

Tender: Closes 1:00 pm 19th March 2020 Viewing: Meet Billy onsite Sunday 2pm Sharp! www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz/GBA20968

One Agent, One Team, One Result

Testimonials Billy was enthusiastic about my purchase and gave a personal touch to the sale. She and the other agents were very helpful in guiding me through the buying process, answering my questions and giving me time.


Purchaser January 2020



Professional Proactive. Very knowledgeable. Good communication. Great coordination. Good team.

SO Your's next??

Vendor February 2020

One Agent, One Team, One Result

Level 1, 11 Buxton Lane, Takaka | Office 03 525 7219 | 027 608 5606 | www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz | Billy Kerrisk

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

PROPERTY WANTED / Rawa hiahia PROPERTY or land (maximum 6ha) within 25 minutes of Takaka. Private, sunny, distant views. dth@slingshot.co.nz SINGLE, mature male looking for permanent accommodation. Have references. Ph 020 4120 0710.

Please ph Kim 027 408 6204. PADDOCK to lease, to live on in self-contained caravan. Responsible full-time worker with two horses. Ph 021 0824 0530.

WANTED to rent, two- to three-bedroom home close to town.

HELP! We are the Jones’s, a family of four who are looking

for a home to rent. A place for our two homeschooled boys to roam and be free. A garden to grow food in. Two-three bedrooms plus shed. We are good people who can be trusted and depended on. If you know of, or can foresee, a home for our family, please do get in touch. Ph 027 946 9868.

EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē ANATOKI SALMON. Land your own lunch or order from the menu. Open 7 days, 9am-4.30pm. Ph 525 7251. ARCHWAY CAFÉ, open for the season. Closed Tuesdays. Located beside the car park at Wharariki Beach. BRIGAND CAFÉ. Open 7 days from 11am. Providers of great food and live entertainment. 90 Commercial Street, Takaka. Ph 525 9636. COLLINGWOOD TAVERN. Open 7 days, 9.30am till late. Takeaways, bottle store, bar and bistro. Ph 524 8160.

Tuesday-Sunday from 9.30am, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara.

Wednesday. Ph 524 8457.

MAD CAFÉ & RESTAURANT, Collingwood. Open 8am-3pm, 5-8pm dinner. Tuesday nights: Fish ‘n chips, burgers, nachos, pizzas. Wednesday-Sunday: full menu. Bookings ph 524 8660.

RATANUI LODGE. Elegant dining and premium NZ gin and tapas bar in Pohara. Open daily, 5pm-8pm. Set three-course menu changes daily - reservations essential by 12pm. www. ratanuilodge.com/menu. New tapas and gin menu in lounge or outside patio. Ph 525 7998.

NUGGET CAFÉ, Mangarakau, Westhaven. Open Friday-Sunday, 11am to 4.30pm. Ph 524 8051.

OLD SCHOOL CAFÉ, Pakawau. Open 4pm-late, Thursday, Friday. 11am-late, Saturday, Sunday. Closed Monday, Tuesday,

COURTHOUSE CAFÉ, Collingwood. Open 8am-4pm. Pizzas Saturday nights, 5-8pm. Ph 524 8194. Closed 7/8 March. CURRY LEAF. Open 7 days, 11.30am til late. Chef-made food, takeaway prices. Ph 525 8481. Phone orders welcome. DANGEROUS KITCHEN. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days from 9am till 8.30pm. For bookings and takeaways ph 525 8686. DE-LISH DELICATESSEN. Sumptuous, delicious food. Lunches, catering, coffee, chocolate, cheeses and epicure items. Eat-in or take out. Downtown Takaka. Ph 525 7111. GARDEN SANCTUARY CAFÉ at Aroha Health Spa. Organic coffee, herbal teas, fresh juices, light meals and treats. Open

Wholemeal Café Open Sat-Thurs 7.30-3.30 Fridays 7.30-8.30 Friday nights: Eat-in or take away. Ph 525 9426 THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 6 MARCH 2020

‘the good people place’

coffee, lunch, beers, burgers, dinner, wine, fire, beers, lunch, beers, burgers 11am - late - 7 days a week - All meals available takeaway -

Gourmet wild food, Open fire, Good beer, Good people

Gourmet food & burgers, Open fire, Good beer, Good people. www.rootsbar.co.nz

Ph: 525 9592



NOW OPEN FROM 5pm Amazing food, wines, beers, and service

Collingwood Hills. Ph 524 8692

ROOTS BAR. Open 7 days, 11am-late. Gourmet wild burgers, open fire, good beer, good people. Ph 525 9592. STRAYBURGER: Burgers, salads, meals, shakes and more. Open 11am till late, Wednesday to Sunday, at The Telegraph Hotel. TAKAKA INFUSION, teahouse and bakery. Quality breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, European-style breads, espresso coffees, pastries and cakes. 30 Commercial St. Ph 525 7294. THE MUSSEL INN. Open 7 days, 11am til late.

TOTALLY ROASTED, Pohara, open 7 days for delicious counter food and cakes. Gluten-free options and daily menu available.Ph 525 9396. TOTOS CAFÉ PIZZERIA: Open 6 days from 10am to 6pm, weather permitting. Closed Fridays. Google or Facebook for updates. Ph 039 707 934, Totaranui hill.



restaurant café & bar

Open 7 days from 11am 90 Commercial St

bookings preferred (03)

525 9636 13

EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē

LEARNING / Akonga / Huarahi ako/mahi SPANISH. Ph 021 211 1339, spanish.in.goldenbay@gmail.com

The Courthouse Café

BRIDGE lessons. Start Monday 23 March at Rec Centre, 7pm. No obligation evening to see if it’s for you. Ph Ann 027 410 0699 or Simon 027 524 8710 for more details.


TABLE Tennis Club meets every Tuesday, Kotinga Hall from 7pm. All welcome.




Sat 7 and Sun 8 March

Youth Education & Training Initiative




Friday nights 4 to 8pm Takeaways available too. Ph 525 9396.

CHURCH SERVICES ON SUNDAYS SACRED Heart Catholic faith community Takaka celebrate Mass on Sundays at 5pm, behind the historic church building in the former Catholic Hall. A warm welcome to all.

Study Allowance may be available for over 18s

CHRISTIAN Church of Golden Bay. Wednesday night service, 7pm, Senior Citizens’ Hall. Senior Pastor Phil Baker ph 525 8396. GOLDEN Bay Anglican Church warmly invites you to join them each Sunday, 10am at Takaka and 4.45pm at Collingwood.

The Golden Bay Workcentre Trust is now taking enrolments for young people aged 16-19 years to study towards:

ST Andrews Presbyterian Church invites you to join with us for morning worship at 10am. Rev Dr Don Fergus. Sermon: “Run for your life. Head for Egypt” “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep” Jesus (John 10:11)

MOHUA EATERY & BAR The PENGUIN has waddled off and the has flown JOSEPH in! WILL MOHUA BE SHOWCASING PARKER RETURNING TO9PM THE RING All Day menu 11ON Afrom BIG5:30PM 86” TVonwards Table service BIG 86” TV for Rugby & Sporting Events

6 FIGHTS IN TOTAL Venue & Catering options (PARKER hire IS THE UNDER CARD) Great selection of beer on Highlighted fights tap PARKERCocktails V WINTERS MIKEY GARCIA V Options JESSIE VARGAS Takeaway Courtesy Coach ST Available

SUNDAY 1 MARCH Ph: 03 525 7057 2PM ONWARDS 822 Abel Tasman Drive



Sans Souci Inn

Open for evening meals (2019/20 season) Menu 2019/20 (bookings essential) Mon Anatoki Salmon with a ginger miso dressing and a basmati and quinoa mix. Beetroot kimchi and a crunchy salad with orange and mint $37.00 Tue Lamb fillets with chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables and a salsa verde. Nutty quinoa and mesclun salad $37.00 Wed Roasted Beef Rump with chimmichurri drizzle (Mexican herb dressing). Spicy potato and kumara crush. Avocado cream and a mixed salad with a sun-dried tomato dressing $37.00 Thu Malaysian fish baked in a rendang marinade with cashew coconut sauce. Cardamom jasmine rice, fruity salsa and a summer salad $35.00 Fri Venison Fillet with boysenberries and a parsnip and potato gratin. Salad of mesclun, apples, fennel and orange pickle with hazelnut dressing $38.00 Sat Lamb Fillets with Chraimeh (an Eastern spiced tomato sauce). Creamy pumpkin/kumara with dukkha sprinkle and a nutty couscous salad with whipped feta $38.00 Sun Slow-cooked Beef Fillet topped with mixed mushrooms and parmesan crisp. Roasted root vegetables. Mesclun salad with beetroot, blue cheese and walnut dressing $38.00 All meals include a bread and olive oil starter. Vegetarian and gluten-free options on request. Half portions for children available. A choice of freshly-made desserts is available every night.



Sunday Service 10am Includes Kids Program

All Welcome ☺

Pastor: Rodney Watson 027 511 4266 Includes Kids program 93 Commercial St, Takaka. www.godunlimited.org Ph: 5259 265

Kahurangi Christian Church Celebration Sunday : 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays each month, 10:30am at Anglican Hall, Haven Rd, Collingwood. Ph Robin & Lauren Swafford 524 8498. Community Connection: 2nd & 4th Sundays in various formats & localities. Ph Rowan Miller 021 106 8461.

   

Literacy and Numeracy NCEA Level 1 NCEA Level 2 National Certificate in Computing Level 2 For further details on course content please contact Cait or Mary Ann at the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust

Phone 03 525 8099 or e-mail cait@gbwct.org.nz or finance@gbwct.org.nz Please talk to us if you have other educational needs at Level 1 or 2. We may be able to help Come on in out of the educational cold…


FRIDAY 6 MARCH WORLD DAY OF PRAYER SERVICE, 2.30pm (not 2pm). Anglican Church. All welcome.

BADMINTON, GBHS gym, 7-9pm. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007 or 027 525 7007.


SATURDAY 7 MARCH PUBLIC TALK–“HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR MIND” with Geshe Tharchin. The Sandcastle, 32 Haile Lane, Pohara, 10am-11.30am. By donation. All warmly welcome. See last week’s display ad for more info.


COSTUME HIRE. Playhouse, Park Avenue, 7-8.30pm. After hours ph Joan 525 8338 or Diane 525 8097, evenings. ONEKAKA PLAYGROUP, all welcome, Wednesdays 10am12.30pm, Onekaka Hall.


QIGONG (chi-kung), 3pm, Puramahoi Hall. Ph 027 525 7426.

TUESDAY 10 MARCH SENIORNET AGM, 1pm, St John’s Rooms at the Rec Centre. The AGM will follow a shared lunch at noon. New members welcome. G O L D E N BAY CO M M U N I T Y B OA R D M E E T I N G at Collingwood fire station. 9.30am start with Public Forum.

SENIOR CITIZENS MEETING, 2pm. Speaker: John from Tui Community, on their productivity. All welcome. DAYTIME BADMINTON, Rec Park Centre, 9-11am. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007 or 027 525 7007.

LATER EVENTS MOTUPIPI INDOOR BOWLS OPENING DAY, Tuesday 17 March. information from 525 9491 or 525 9208.

UPCOMING GIGS & EVENTS... Friday 13th March

paper theives

PSYCHEDELY/SOUL DUO Saturday14th March


TAKAKAS GOT TALENT! The Best Night of Your Life.


Saturday 21St March

Friday 6 March: Laura-Mae (Wellington) 5pm-8pm


Friday 13 March: Elisha Hobbs (Nelson) 5pm-8pm

lee scratch perry tribute 2PM - LATE - FREE ENTRY

Saturday 28th March


Sat 7 March: Kaylee Burnett (Nelson) 4pm-7pm Saturday 14 March: Elisha Hobbs 4pm-7pm Sat 21 March: Francis E Maxino (Tasman) 4pm-7pm Come and support live music in Pohara


Dinner is served at 7pm. Bookings essential until 4pm. We are fully licensed.

OLD SCHOOL PSEUDOPUNK UNDERGROUND LEGENDS FROM CZECH! $25 DOOR SALES ONLY. Gourmet food & burgers, Open fire, Good beer, Good people

11 Richmond Road, Pohara, ph 525 8663 www.sanssouciinn.co.nz

www.rootsbar.co.nz THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 6 MARCH 2020


MAD Café & Restaurant Collingwood

The Best Of Boxwood

TOMORROW! NBS Takaka Tinbum Triathlon SATURDAY 7th MARCH 2020

KORIMAKO Saturday 7 March at 7pm

The TheBest BestOf Of Boxwood Boxwood

Pohara Beach Top 10 Holiday Park

Bookings and enquiries ph 021 107 6312 or 524 8660

300m Swim in chest-deep water, 7km Mountain-bike ride, 5km Run. Categories: Individual: U14, U18, U40, U50, O50 (Male & Female) Team: U14, U18, Open and Veteran O50 (M/F/Mixed) Team Challenges: Business, Family, Fastest Overall

Coming events at

CatherineCatherine McEvoy, Chris Rob Zielinski, Rennie Pearson Full details at: www.goldenbaytinbum.blogspot.co.nz McEvoy, ChrisNorman, Norman, Rob Zielinski, Rennie Pearson Catherine McEvoy, Chris Norman, Rob Zielinski, Rennie Pearson World re-known performers of the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland Scotland and Maritimeand Canada or follow us on Facebook Golden Bay Tinbum TriathlonWorld re-known performers of the traditional Ireland, Maritime C World re-known performers of the traditionalmusic music ofof Ireland, Scotland and Maritime Canada

The Mussel Inn

Saturday March 14th, 7.30pm, The Village Theatre

March 7.30pm, The Village TheatreTheatr SaturdaySaturday March 14th,14th, 7.30pm, The Village $25 standard / $15 students, pre-sale tickets at Pohutakawa Gallery

Mon 9th to Friday 13th MUSSEL INN HOP HARVEST – from 9.30am. Sustenance provided. All welcome.

$25 standard / $15 students, pre-sale tickets at Pohutakawa Gallery

$25 standard / $15 students, pre-sale tickets at Pohutakawa Gallery

The River Inn Takaka hosts its annual

Mon 9th FIONA PEARS and CONNOR HARTLEYHALL. Excellent Gypsy jazz. Tickets $25 at eventfinda


Thur 12th ANDREW WHITE - making more beautiful trouble, climbing stars on a sand dragon! $10

Musicians and singers from all over NZ

Sat 14th MARCHFEST - Nelson beer festival – release of the Mussel Inn STUNNED POSSUM bush beer

Entry only $5 per day, evenings free. All welcome for a great weekend of country music.

Friday night: Jam Session Saturday: Walk-ups and guests, 11am-5pm Saturday Night: Jam session and guests Sunday: Walk-ups and guests, 11am-2.30pm

Sun 15th NATHAN HAINES, JONATHAN CRAYFORD and MANJIT SINGH. Tickets $50 at eventfinda; $60 on the door Tues 17th SHADES OF SHAKTI - JUSTIN FIREFLY and the SHAKTI ENSEMBLE. Tickets $20 at eventfinda; $30 on the door

Plenty of campervan and camping sites available at a small charge.

Thur 19th LIVE POETS - 7.30pm. All welcome.

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE Karen 027 782 7494


Programmes to listen out for Saturday in the Country - Brother and sister Terry and Diane Langford have hosted ‘Saturday in the Country’ since 2000. It airs every Saturday from 12 noon - 2.00 with a replay Thursday morning at 4:00. Kindly supported by Kotare Sands Motels. Majesty of Darkness- A selection of the finest Heavy Metal, presented by His Majesty of Darkness, Fortnightly Friday night at 8:00, replaying the following Wednesday morning at 1:00

Golden Bay Easter Fair

Kids Mix With Kath Bee – Music, stories, fun facts, strange noises and MORE! Live and off-thecuff, Kath Bee has surprises in store for everyone (even herself!) Kath can’t always physically BEE in the studio, ‘cos she’s buzzing around the country singing to kids, but there’s always plenty to keep your kids happy in every single episode! Kids Mix with Kath Bee airs Saturday and Sunday mornings 7-8. Kindly supported by Pics Peanut Butter.

Rec Park Centre, Golden Bay 12 April 2020 10am - 3pm For more information, or to book a stall, contact Laura on 027 525 9233 or visit www.recparkcentre.co.nz/events/golden-bay-easter-fair

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Valid from Friday 6 until Tuesday 10 March Friday: Easterlies, although seabreezes for a time. Fine and mild. Saturday: Northeasterlies developing. Fine, mild weather continuing. Sunday: Northerlies. Fine and warm although cloud increasing later. Monday: Northerlies dying away and westerlies developing. Some rain at first, then a few showers. Tuesday: Southerlies prevailing. Cloudy periods, showers developing from afternoon. Sollys Contractors are proud sponsors of this weather forecast. Enquiries phone: 03 525 9843 Disclaimer: This forecast is a personal interpretation complied from public information provided by NZ Metservice and other public sources. It is a local forecast and no liability is implied or accepted.


M E T R E S am 3 5



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50 Commercial Street, Takaka Golden Bay First National Licensed REAA 2008 - MREINZ






Searching for a lifestyle with peace & tranquillity? Look no further! Renovated 2 bd/2bth, 2 storey home, modern galley kitchen with views of Parapara Inlet. Set on 4ha of land adjoining Kahurangi National Park. Grazing, raised veggie beds & fruit trees. Come to my Open Home. Ref: GB3774 Price: $830,000 Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840

1.5 hours from Takaka, this 192.63ha property is a rare find. The drive out is beautiful West Coast scenery. Next to the Anatori River, 2 powered building sites & a 2-bay shed. Genuine enquiries only. Ref: GB3772



Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577 James Mackay 027 359 0892

OPEN HOME Sunday 2.30 - 3.30pm







This large 4 bdrm villa has all the charm you would expect from a 1920s family home. Beautiful grounds, est. trees & gardens with 2529m2 for the kids to kick a ball around. Privately set back from the road. Ref: GB3764

This very tidy 3 bdrm home built in 2010 on an easycare 737m2. plenty of storage, dble gge, & sep. workshop, logfire & dble glazing for winter warmth. Gas for water heating & cooking. Est. tidy gardens. 5mins to Póhara Beach. Call me Ref: GB3761


Paul McConnon 0275 042 872


James Mackay 027 359 0892

OPEN HOME Saturday 3.00 - 3.30pm






This Upper Takaka 1950s 2+bdrm family home has open plan kitchen/ dining, free standing log burner with wet back & a large sep. lounge/family room with its own fire place. Relax on the large timber deck nestled on a big 1145 m2 section. Ref: GB3763

This 7ha lifestyle property has potential for a new owner! The property produces quality fruit from its hundreds of trees: avocados, citrus & nut trees. Includes a 3bdrm dwelling + several other accommo. options. Call me for further info. Ref: GB3760


Paul McConnon 0275 042 872

$1.3m+GST (if any)

James Mackay 027 359 0892



598 TAK-COLLINGWOOD HWY This 4ha property at Puramahoi with a large 2 storey 5 bdrm, Summerhill Stone home & park-like grounds, has great earning potential from B&B & orchard. A 3-bay shed for orchard equip. & vehicles, sheep shearing, & fenced paddocks. Ref: GB3741


Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840

James Mackay 027 359 0892

Built in 1916, this lovely villa has been lovingly cared for by the same family for the last 72 years. With a very private backyard - just perfect for your family - close to schools & town. Make your own family memories here. Call me to view. Ref: GB3766

Price: 1.8m+GST (if any)


Price By Negotiation




Price By Negotiation


The Owners have created this amazing restaurant & accomm. business & are now keen to view all reasonable offers. A syndicate option? Retain the business or create your family holiday sanctuary? Call Annie for further information. Ref: GBC3590

The ’Take Note” Building (not business) is a large retail space of 1000m2+ set on 4 titles with secure long term retail & hospitality tenants. LIM, Reg Val., lease details are avail. to interested parties. Ref: GBC3758



What? Where? When? Call me for more details!

This exquisite 4ha beach front property has SOLD! The Purchasers & Vendors are equally excited with their new ventures. Listed & Sold by Annie!! Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com

Paul McConnon Salesperson 0275 042 872

Annie Telford Salesperson 0272 491 408

$1.6m+GST (if any)

Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840

Annie Telford 027 249 1408

Sharon McConnon Sales Manager 0275 258 255

Ph: (03) 525 8800

Sarah-Jane Brown Salesperson 0274 222 577

Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577 or sarah@goldenbayproperty.com

James Mackay Principal / AREINZ / B.Com

027 359 0892

Belinda J Barnes Agent / AREINZ 021 236 2840

www.goldenbayproperty.com 16


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The Golden Bay Weekly - 6 March 2020  

The Golden Bay Weekly - 6 March 2020  

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