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Friday 14 February 2020

Riding the road for mental health

Community Board JO RICHARDS

Getting ready for the big ride: Golden Bay fundraisers Jo-Anna (left) and Sandy McKay. Photo: Supplied. RONNIE SHORT

Cousins Jo-Anna and Sandy McKay are cycling the South Island to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation and Golden Bay’s Te Whare Mahana. Motivated by their own personal journeys of loss and the ensuing challenges to maintain mental health, they have instigated a Give A Little page (see details at end of article). The bike tour idea came about when JoAnna was inspired by a friend undertaking the Te Awaroa trail. Jo-Anna decided to do a tour of the South Island and fundraise for mental health. Having lost her son Jack to suicide in 2018, she finds it healing to mark special occasions in a meaningful way. Hence the day she leaves from Farewell Spit, 6 March, is Jack’s birthday. She asked Sandy, who is a Coast-to-Coast achiever, to join her. She has also suffered the loss of a child, to cot death. Sandy attends Bay Fitness in Rockville, run by her daughter, Renee Riley. Jo-Anna particularly enjoys the

water aerobics run by Bay Fitness, and says the classes have really helped their fitness levels. They agree there are two factors important in “keeping on top of things”. One is exercise, the other is supportive people. Jo-Anna has always been into tramping, “My spirit is most free in the bush,” she said. She walks the beach with her husband and their dog, enjoys swimming and riding her e-bike. The plan is to set off each day at first light, to avoid the most trying factor – the wind. Their route will take them through the Buller, to the West Coast, to Wanaka, then Queenstown. From there the intention is to reach Bluff on 15 March where, as Jo-Anna said, “We need to turn and burn.” She has to return to her job at Golden Bay Community Health and Sandy to her supervisor’s position at Kakariki Kids Early Childhood Centre. Their first day will be the longest. From Farewell Spit to Murchison is 228 kilometres. Jo-Anna will bike from Farewell Spit to Takaka, with family and friends doing legs in between,

and Sandy will start her leg at Kohatu. Supporters include Jo-Anna’s son Sam, who will be joining them at intervals throughout the journey. They have the use of a campervan, kindly sponsored by Roxanne, Sandy’s sister, who will also join a segment of the tour. Special mention goes to Ross Keeley, of Rev Bikes, Richmond, who has generously donated a 70s vintage-style e-bike valued at $4000, for which raffle tickets are being sold. Local Golden Bay businesses have also been supportive. “Mental health touches everyone,” said Jo-Anna, “and everyone has been hugely supportive and generous.” To make a donation, go to: givealittle.co.nz/cause/two-mothers-bikingthe-south-island. For 24/7 on-call emergency response and support for mental health issues, contact Te Whare Mahana, Community Mental Health Service on 525 7647.

Golden Bay Community Board’s first meeting of the new year began where the final meeting of the old one had left off – talking about freedom camping. Other topics raised in public forum included dogs on Tata Beach, civil defence, affordable housing, the Rec Centre playground and making the pavements of Takaka motability scooter friendly. Presentations were made by about a new cycleway between Takaka and Paines Ford, and on the importance of emergency planning. Jill Pearson opened contributions to public forum by pointing out that under the Freedom Camping Act, it was entirely legal to prohibit the activity in Golden Bay. “Council don’t have to provide anything at all…We are not morally obliged to offer free camping.” She proposed that, failing a total ban, a “single paddock” with minimal facilities and located away from all water bodies could be provided. She recognised that taking a hard line with freedom campers would initially increase compliance costs but said it would be worth the effort “to enhance the quality of life” in the Bay. She closed with a request. “I ask the community board to use its influence to prohibit freedom camping in Golden Bay.” Cynthia McConville spoke on behalf of Ron Eckman. Referring to photographs showing litter and toilet waste at the Waitapu Bridge site, Cynthia said the photos spoke for themselves. “Freedom camping is out of control.” And she called on council to take urgent action. “Close the Waitapu site immediately.” Cynthia delivered a similar message on behalf of Forest and Bird. Showing the meeting various items of litter which she had recently retrieved from the Waitapu Bridge site, Cynthia explained that in the event of a flood, all the discarded refuse would be washed into the river and marine environment. She said she had collected a similar haul of garbage from the Taupata Stream site and urged council to re-think their approach to site designation. “This is a strong message to TDC that freedom camping sites should be well away from rivers, streams and the coast.” Later in the meeting, board member Dave Gowland kicked off a lengthy discussion with his proposal to completely prohibit freedom camping in the Bay. “There are too many freedom campers. I don’t see an alternative other than a ban. We should be strong; we want a total ban.” Continued on page 3

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New licensee for Ear Health clinic RONNIE SHORT

Lesley Pawley is the new licensee for Ear Health Takaka, which is open on Fridays at Golden Bay’s Community Health Centre. She and her family moved to Golden Bay in 2010 and Lesley has worked at GBHC as a registered nurse since. In August 2019, she took over from the previous Ear Health licensee, Debbie Dalzell, who travelled from Blenheim fortnightly. There are 16 licensees operating throughout New Zealand. Lesley’s is the smallest territory in the country, but she still finds herself busy. Most of her work involves the removal of wax from the ear canal, but education is key to her work. For example, reminding people that cotton buds can pack the wax against the wall of the ear canal, even as far down as the ear drum, and can cause hearing difficulties or a dull ache down into the jaw. She also teaches what can be done to prevent earache during flights, and suggests exercises for helping with Eustachian tube dysfunction. Referrals come to her via GPs and audiologists. Some audiologists prefer their clients to have an ear canal cleanse before a hearing test. Lesley also accepts self-referrals. There is a lot on offer regarding ear health in Golden Bay. A first step is a free service called Life Unlimited, who offer free assessments from the Heartlands office on a regular basis. Bay Audiology is another service that comes to the Healing Centre in Motupipi Street to conduct hearing tests. A hearing-aid cleaning service also visits, for which people can phone Sharon at the health centre to find out dates and costs. Through her work at GBHC, Lesley already knows many of her new ear health clients and is enjoying her new role. “It’s a very satisfying job because I’m increasing people’s quality of life,” she explained. “People come in feeling quite debilitated not being able to hear properly, and leave being able to hear the birds sing.” The Ear Health contact phone number no longer goes through to a call centre. Lesley answers the phone herself or calls people back if she is busy. Phone 525 8327 or book online: www.earhealth.co.nz

Lesley Pawley: New licensee for Ear Health Takaka. Photo: Ronnie Short.


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Community Board continued Continued from page 1 Fellow board member Averill Grant supported Dave’s proposal referring to the “sheer overwhelming numbers” of freedom campers and what she believed was poor compliance and enforcement. “We are paying ambassadors but they are not issuing tickets.” Councillor Celia Butler called for an emergency closure of the Waitapu Bridge site. “We are in a crisis at the moment with freedom camping in the Bay.” She explained that the impacts of the activity weren’t limited to the environmental damage but also had serious social dimension through effects on the local community plus the drug and alcohol-fuelled aggressive behaviour of some campers. Councillor Chris Hill stressed the need for speed in addressing the issue. “The review of the [freedom camping] Bylaw should be brought forward.” Dave formally proposed his motion “That the Golden Bay Community Board recommends to council that freedom camping is banned in Golden Bay”. It was defeated, but an amended version which added “...in all areas except for the Motupipi Street carpark”, was carried. The discussion continued with board member Grant Knowles also proposing that the Waitapu site was closed as soon as possible which he said could be best achieved with an urgent review of the Bylaw. After several additional contributions, the following motion was proposed: “That the Golden Bay Community Board strongly urges that the Freedom Camping Bylaw review is brought forward to address negative social and environmental impacts on Golden Bay. The recommendation comes from strong community concerns.” The motion was carried unanimously. Returning to public forum, Ann Lewis made a plea for Takaka’s pavements to be made safe and easily navigable for motability scooters, especially at corners. “A mobility scooter needs to cross at right-angles.” She highlighted good and bad examples. “Lake Crescent is ideal; Hiawatha Lane at motel corner is appalling…” Ann’s concerns were acknowledged with a commitment to raise a service request to the council’s engineers. Lisa Savage has long been campaigning to make Tata Beach more dog friendly. Referring to an amendment made to the 2004 Bylaw, Lisa pointed out that no reasons were given for the resulting prohibition of dogs from the beach for six months of the year. She proposed a further amendment to the Bylaw which would include a prohibition on dogs on the beach only between 5-9am and possibly a ban during January. Sara Chapman distributed the latest Fire and Emergency New Zealand brochures and said that the fire danger rating in Golden Bay was currently extreme. “The greatest risk is scrub – manuka, kanuka, gorse. There is a total fire ban - the signs were installed at the beginning of February.” Sara displayed an information sheet about managing fire risks which had been distributed to local businesses around seven years ago. She proposed that the community board provided an update, which community board chair Abbie Langford agreed to complete before bringing to the next meeting for feedback. Sara moved on to make a separate statement about the Rec Centre playground, which, she explained, had secured all the necessary funding and should be completed “before Easter”.


Joe Kennedy from NT Emergency Management. Photo: Jo Richards.

There was more good news, this time concerning the prospect of affordable housing in Takaka township. Architect and social entrepreneur Simone Kidner informed the meeting that Tiny Lifestyle had offered to purchase 14.5 hectares of residential-zoned land located at the corner of Meihana Street and Rototai Road and would be looking to develop a healthy community of affordable and eco-friendly homes. Continuing with the positive revelations, WSP engineer Peter Kortegast revealed that his company was in the preliminary stages of designing a cycleway, on behalf of NZTA, that would run from Takaka to Paines Ford. “We want a path sealed all the way to the medical centre [GBCH].” NZTA are seeking feedback on the project, which is estimated to cost around $600,000. Joe Kennedy, Manager Nelson Tasman Emergency Management, along with colleague Kathy Solly, provided an update on Golden Bay Civil Defence. Joe said his team operated from a hub in Richmond but met with local controller Sara Chapman at least twice a year. He stressed the importance of building a community framework which focussed on meaningful engagement and enabled local communities to create their own action plans. “We support community planning so they can build resilience themselves – for the community by the community.” One of the key challenges, Joe said, was to ensure that communities maintained a consistent level of interest in preparing for a range of emergencies. One of those emergencies is referred to as “AF8” – a scenario of the impacts of a magnitude 8 earthquake caused by a rupture in the Alpine Fault. “It’s a worst case scenario,” said Joe, who explained that a series of meetings on the subject were scheduled for Golden Bay in early May. “They will be advertised shortly.” Following some discussion about the Bay’s preparedness, Joe said shortage of personnel was a problem that needed to be addressed. “Without Sara we have a bit of a gap, so we need to find additional local controllers; the more the merrier.” Amongst the other subjects discussed, Grant Knowles raised the issue of security provision and charging points for the growing number of electric bikes, and Dave Gowland drew attention to the hazards of an old landfill at Port Puponga which TDC environment and planning manager Dennis Bush-King said was currently being assessed. The next Golden Bay Community Board meeting starts at 9.30am on Tuesday 10 March at Collingwood Fire Station.

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Local Board likely to be scuppered by council


5 February: Police executed a search warrant at a local address and arrested an 18-year-old local male. He was charged with two counts of burglary and cannabis offences. 6 February: A 34-year-old visitor was arrested at Waitapu Bridge freedom camping area for being heavily intoxicated. He was held in custody overnight in Nelson to sober up. 8 February: A 17-year-old local male was issued a number of fines relating to driving outside the conditions of his licence following a minor vehicle crash on a one-way bridge. 9 February: A 20-year-old local male was issued a pre-charge warning by police for threatening behaviour following an incident in Motupipi Street the day before. 9 February: A burglary to a property in Ligar Bay was reported; the stolen goods have since been returned and Police are in the process of warning the young boys responsible with the assistance of their parents. 6-10 February: A car parked at Boulder Lake carpark was broken into and a fishing rod and other items stolen. An attempt to steal fuel had also been made. Not a nice return from a tramp in the mountains. 9-12 February: A farmer’s fuel tank in Rockville has had fuel stolen three times over this period in the middle of the night. Police are following up on some leads. It seems we may have an active burglar in the area. Expect to see us patrolling more regularly out that way. Please take steps to safeguard your property and report anything suspicious. Descriptions, car registrations or even photos/videos of what you see is always really helpful. 10 February: A 28-year-old tourist was warned for careless driving when she failed to successfully navigate Eureka Bend and ploughed into the side of the hill. Inexperience and speed was a factor. 10 February: Police came to the rescue of a local female who had crashed off the side of Rameka Creek Road quite spectacularly. She was issued a formal warning for careless driving. 11 February: Two school students were issued infringement notices for cycling without a helmet. They will get off the fines if they provide proof of purchase of a new helmet. Parents, please ensure your children are wearing safety helmets when cycling anywhere. A big thank you to the member of the public who dropped us off a rechargeable fan for our patrol vehicle that I reported on a couple of weeks ago. Very cool!

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The announcement from the Local Government Commission (LGC) regarding the “process for investigating Golden Bay local board application” is disturbing. It states that the commission’s decision will follow “consultation with Tasman District Council and local iwi.” Whilst I have no idea how the nine local iwi will respond, it has already been made very clear that the TDC will fight tooth and nail to prevent Golden Bay from having a local board. The LGC acknowledges that it has no control over how much TDC will charge Golden Bay for a local board. Well let me guess, the TDC will ensure that a local board will be made to look prohibitively expensive. A Golden Bay local board would provide us with an opportunity for greater autonomy and more control over our long-term destiny. It would, to my mind, be a step in the right direction for our unique rural community. If managed correctly, a local board could be a cost saving as all non-regulatory and some regulatory issues could be decided by locals, for locals. The expense should be covered by resultant cost savings in Richmond, as their work burden will be reduced. However, it will be TDC that determines the price tag. This is a joke. Let us bear in mind that the TDC refuses to even tell us where they spend our money, we are only provided with a schedule of what types of activities they spend our money on. This is a sad form of democracy. Bruce Collings

From one concerned citizen to another

Antony Dillon, (GBW 7/2) you will be pleased to know that materials for the signs you saw at Rangihaeata were supplied by DOC. These temporary signs were replaced by DOC as soon as new signage was delivered to their Takaka office. Thank you, DOC. Antony is clearly a concerned citizen in matters relating to the environment and he asks good questions. He will be delighted to hear that we have an ongoing project on our property establishing native plants and trees to provide increased habitat for a diverse range of wildlife. Our grounds are already home to skinks, a wide variety of insect life and many species of birds. Antony, you are more than welcome to contact me. There is a group discussing the formation of a community nursery with the objective of growing trees for habitat restoration. You may wish to become involved. Cynthia McConville

Power to the pen

What a heinous crime Cynthia, to ask that humans consider use of the environment carefully for other more vulnerable species than ourselves. I want to witness these birds for all time. All power to your felt-tip pen and plastic notices, Cynthia. I thank you. Heather Wallace

Double-checking at the checkout

How nice to hear Letitia Alach (GBW 7/2) is completely satisfied with her shopping at FreshChoice Takaka. I think the quality of goods excellent and the staff pleasant and helpful as well. Letitia, I didn’t read anywhere in Joe Sowerby’s letter that she was unhappy with these things. I understood her concerns to be around price ticketing discrepancies. I have also, like Joe Sowerby, found items on special to be a different price at checkout from the advertised prices. I have also made staff aware at the time and been refunded the difference. Mistakes happen, but they do need to be remedied promptly and this hasn’t always been the case. So it was good


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to read FreshChoice management took Joe Sowerby’s concerns seriously and conducted a double-check. Tania Carey

Don’t roll-over for 5G roll-out

Concerns regarding 5G roll-out by central government this month, in multiple cities, are increased, as a leading narrative from local councils suggests a can-do-nothing attitude to halting 5G. Consumers are increasingly coerced into an overreliance on wireless electronic devices. Independent research, freed from corporate censorship, highlights negative health impacts upon humans and insects. Consequences include alterations in mood, cognitive function and loss of a sense of direction. In addition, installation of 5G requires extensive cutting of trees and the placement of antennae every 250 metres. There is not enough known about 5G, as a pervasive electronic presence. Historically, 5G has been used militarily, to control enemy combatants and refine surveillance. The corporate hope for a fourth industrial revolution utilising 5G provides no alternative. New Zealand’s central government denies contradictory evidence about 5G; elected representatives fail to acknowledge a growing body of research related to 5G’s negative health impact. Citizen concerns must therefore become louder. The 5G corporate plan calls for planetary saturation by satellite. Where does our love for things stop? When is enough enough? Concerned consumers must stop providing financial support to telecom industries advocating 5G; this same industry has redefined ear as a limb, so as to minimise the truth about held-close-to-body electronics. Further dialogue has been mocked; our central government is failing to protect citizens from the questionable technologies of 5G. Has New Zealand become a pilot study, a test case? https://ehtrust.org/scientists-and-doctors-demandmoratorium-on-5g-warning-of-health-effects/ Sunshine Appleby, RN

Cycleway not suitable for all

Thanks for the new Pohara-Takaka cycleway. It will be very beneficial for the leisure rider, children and for bikes with biggish tyres. For the rest of us, not so much. For commuters, those on e-bikes or road bikes with thin tyres, it is unsafe to travel fast on the gravel so some of us will need to keep biking on the road. It is important to accept us as road users who have rights too and most locals really have it sussed. Keeping the legal 1.5m distance when passing can save cyclists’ lives. Tooting and yelling abuse at us because we don’t use the new lane is not helpful. Please be kind and tolerant, the road is not a war zone. We can do better I hope. Astrid Gluth

Words and pictures capture Golden Bay life

Over the last two week’s editions of our GB Weekly the writers were able to brilliantly encapsulate in words and pictures the wide-ranging events that constitute what we proudly call our home, Golden Bay. From the Titanic Cardboard Boat Race to an amazing man walking for mental health, to beach tangos, computer techies, and African drumming, to tattoo artists as well as sheep dog trials. Then onto the very important story about potentially having an independent local board, to an amazing fish competition, opening a new cycleway, a local filmmaker, and old thumpers to motocross jumpers. Well done to the talented and dedicated staff of The GB Weekly. Bruce Dooley

LETTERS NOT PRINTED THIS WEEK All submitted letters were printed this week. The GB Weekly welcomes letters to the editor. Please email your letter to us at admin@gbweekly.co.nz. Include the writer’s full name, home address and daytime phone number. Letters will be printed over the name of the writer; names are withheld only when compelling reasons can be established. Letters should not exceed 250 words. Letters that are too long might not be considered. All correspondence is at the discretion of the manager, who reserves the right to decline, edit, or abridge letters without explanation. The views expressed are those of the correspondents and are not necessarily endorsed or shared by The GB Weekly.

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Visitor Centre hooks up to solar NEIL WILSON

The Golden Bay Visitor Centre has started reaping the benefit of its new photovoltaic (PV) panels. The 10 panels and their attached microinverters were installed and commissioned by locals Paul Stocker of Azimuth Renewables and Rainer Huebler of Huebler Electrical. The panels will have an immediate effect on the power bills at the information centre and the comfort of the people who use it. Golden Bay Promotion Association (GBPA) received a grant of $5000 from the Golden Bay Community Trust in its last round of community funding in October 2019. The cost of the project was about $8400, so the promotions group chipped in the rest of the money from its own funds. GBPA committee member Marg Braggins says that the panels are going to make a difference to the experience of visitors and staff members at the visitor centre. “Thanks to the grant from the Golden Bay Community Trust, we’ve been able to make this major improvement to the visitor centre….People are going to like the fact that we can run the heat pumps to keep the centre at a pleasant temperature all year round.” Paul Stocker says that the Visitor Centre is an ideal place for an array of PV panels. “They do their business during the hours of daylight, and the savings they make will be a great help. It’s great that the visitor centre is seen to be doing the sensible thing about energy.” Paul and Rainer have collaborated on about 70 grid- Paul Stocker and Rainer Huebler at the the final pre-commission connected PV systems in the Top of the South. Paul has installed testing of the GB Promotion Association’s 10 new solar panels at another 50 off-grid systems. the Visitor Centre. Photo: Neil Wilson.



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“Transition” exhibition at Art Vault

Council limits access on rural roads


Tasman District Council will be limiting access for the general public on several rural roads from today. Residents and authorised people only will have access. Based on recommendations from Fire and Emergency, due to extreme fire risk and in accordance with Section 52 of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017, access to the following roads is restricted to residents, workers and authorised personnel only as of 12 noon today, Friday 14 February, until further notice: • Milnthorpe Quay • Canaan Road These roads are considered high risk should fire break out, as they are one way in and out and are home to a number of residents. Limiting access is aimed at reducing the risk of a fire starting in these areas. This step has been taken with protecting public safety as our top priority. If residents are concerned about unauthorised activity on these roads once the restrictions are in place, they should contact Police in the first instance.


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“It’s a constantly changing thing, every day is different,” says Erhard Wingels of his installation in the old bank vault at Art Vault. Photo: Anita Peters.


The meaning of transition is described as “a movement, development or evolution from one form, stage or style to another”. This is exactly what Erhard Wingels new experiential installation in Art Vault is all about. It begins with a set of colourful photographs of the everchanging reflective landscape of buildings in Chicago, a city famous for contemporary steel structures and glass facades. “I love architecture,” says Erhard. “This was my playground. In these pictures you will see the contrast between the industrial part of the city and the organic shapes that suddenly turn up in the glass.” Erhard took over 300 photographs in two hours, the images constantly changing through his own movement. He later transferred the photographic images onto a three-

Reader competition: Win a copy of Ice Breaker! An Epic Antarctic Adventure Ice Breaker! An Epic Antarctic Adventure is a new book by award winning children’s author Maria Gill, and illustrated by GB Weekly cartoonist, Alistair Hughes. It tells the true story of how the exceptional skills of New Zealander Captain Frank Worsley and the legendary leadership of Sir Ernest Shackleton saved the lives of the 1914 Antarctic expedition, when their ship became trapped and crushed in sea ice. Stranded with no hope of rescue, they must find a way to guide the crew across icebergs and through a wild and dangerous sea in a desperate fight for survival. Combining Maria’s extensive research and action-packed writing with Alistair’s stunning watercolour illustrations, this captivating hardback book brings the epic polar adventure to life. The GB Weekly has a copy to give away to the first person (aged 12 and under) who can correctly answer the following question:

Name the ship which Ernest Shackleton and Frank Worsley voyaged onboard to Antarctica: a) Endeavour b) Endurance c) Enterprise



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dimensional set of hanging Perspex panels that not only reflect light and colour but also reflect and project shadows onto each other through transparency and overlay, constantly changing with the viewer’s movement. “So, you double the process and it becomes even more confusing and interesting,” he explains. With light beaming through the panels more images are projected outwards, encompassing the whole space: floor, walls, ceiling and everything within. “It’s a constantly changing thing. Every day is different - the light, the angle of the sun; so, every time you go and have a look, it’s different again.” Transition, an exhibition by Erhard Wingels is at Art Vault, Commercial Street, Takaka, from 10am-4pm every day until the end of February.



Email your answer to: admin@gbweekly.co.nz by 5pm on Monday 24 February. The winner will be announced in the 28 February edition of The GB Weekly.

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Sam Mendes’ singular take on World War 1 is exactly that: a 119-minute, seemingly continuous shot following the desperate mission of two young lance corporals. The camera follows, circles and sometimes leads Tom Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Will Schofield (George MacKay) through the trenches and across the battlefields of the Western Front, as they carry an urgent message that could save the lives of thousands of men. The absence of scene cuts is initially mildly distracting, but then quickly comes into its own as the story progressively ratchets the tension to almost unbearable degrees. The camera work and direction is so immersive that you might find yourself still on high alert when you leave the cinema, liable to dive for cover at a sudden noise. 1917 opens with Blake and Schofield receiving orders to carry a command across no-man’s land to another battalion, commanding the halt of their planned major advance. The strategically withdrawing German army has laid a fatal trap, and severed telephone lines so there is no other way to warn the oblivious British front line. Blake has been picked for his map-reading skills, and the fact that his brother is among those in imminent danger. Even getting out of their own trenches is difficult enough as the two must push against the tide of fellow soldiers, finally emerging in blind faith that the Germans really have pulled out. Reaching the abandoned German trenches is the true beginning of Blake and Schofield’s ordeal, as they discover that the enemy has left a surprise behind for them. 1917 is a unique cinema experience. There are familiar names in the cast, but their performances are not showcased — the continuous-shot technique means that no close-ups are lavished upon anyone, regardless the size of the actor’s dressing room. Our two leads are fresh-faced, relatively unknown actors, and this makes them far more easy to identify with. They embody all the virtues and flaws of boy soldiers who are already eroded by a lifetime’s worth of traumatic experiences. Their mission unfolds in entirely unexpected ways, because we aren’t given the luxury of a better vantage point than they have, or access to extra information via scenes they aren’t in. In some ways the normal language of cinema is subverted, and it is both refreshing and claustrophobic. The sudden detonation of a trip-wired bomb literally had me jump out of my seat in fright because I had been utterly absorbed by the same distractions as the main characters. The dialogue is sparse, although Blake’s propensity to chatter when nervous or try to lighten a situation with banter also seems very true to life. It’s also a relief to see that Mendes has not taken the expected route of electronically grading all the colour out of the film image, and hasn’t been afraid to show bursts of vividness amidst the muddy drabness. In one sequence, a night bombardment transforms a dark, ruined village into a flashing, strobing vision of a fiery hell. The final scenes carry extra emotional weight because you have been made to feel part of the entire journey. A terrifying last-minute dash to deliver the crucial orders is probably the single most heroic act I’ve seen on film — bringing a lump to the throat to even recall it. Sam Mendes also co-wrote the screenplay based on stories told to him by his grandfather, who was a messenger for the British on the Western Front. It is no surprise that 1917 has already been showered with award nominations. Time magazine describes it perfectly as “a propulsive, at times headlong journey that travels like a lit fuse.” The only disappointing thing about 1917 is the strong possibility that, as early as mid-February, I might have already seen the best film of the year. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2020

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (G)

Sat 22 5.00

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (G) (Final) Birds of Prey (R16)


Cats (G)

Sat 15


Dolittle (PG)


The Peanut Butter Falcon (M)

Sun 23 1.00

Met Opera: Madama Butterfly (PG)

Sun 16


Little Women (G)


Frida: Viva La Vida


Sorry We Missed You (M) (NZIFF) (Final)


1917 (R13)

Mon 24


Cats (G)

Mon 17

‘Adventure Cycling Night’

Tue 25


1917 (R13)

Tickets: $17 from Mariposa or cash door sales

Wed 26


The Extraordinary (M)

Tue 18 6.00

‘Waka Te Hono Ki Aotearoa - connecting Dutch and Māori Cultures’ Free Event - bookings essential. Bookings at: eventbrite.co.nz, search ‘Takaka’


The Biggest Little Farm (G)

Thu 27


Matinee: La Belle Époque (M)


Frida: Viva La Vida

Fri 28


Dolittle (PG)


Birds of Prey (R16)

Wed 19


The Peanut Butter Falcon (M)

Sat 29


The Biggest Little Farm (G)


Little Women (G)


La Belle Époque (M)

Thu 20


Matinee: 1917 (R13)

Sun 1


1917 (R13)


The Extraordinary (M)



The Peanut Butter Falcon (M) (Final)

Fri 21


Little Women (G) (Final)


Dolittle (PG)


NZIFF = New Zealand International Film Festival Adults (16 and over) Seniors (65+), Students Concession - Members Children (4-15)

$15 $13 $11 $9

Movie Descriptions A SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE: FARMAGEDDON (G) UK 1h27 When an alien crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun the Sheep sets off on a mission to shepherd the intergalactic visitor home before an evil Adventure, group can capture her and Comedy, Animation bring about Farmageddon!

BIRDS OF PREY (R16) USA 1h49 Action, Blockbuster Margot Robbie reprises her iconic Suicide Squad role in this DC Extended Universe actioner. After parting ways with The Joker, Harley Quinn teams up with Black Canary and Huntress to rescue a little girl from Black Mask.

CATS (G) USA, UK 1h50 Drama, Musical Andrew Lloyd Webber’s feline musical blockbuster is brought to the screen. Featuring an allstar cast, including Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, James Corden, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson.

DOLITTLE (G) USA 1h46 Comedy, Family, Fantasy Robert Downey Jr. is the physician with a knack for talking to animals in this star-studded live action reimagining of the classic character. Also stars Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen.

LITTLE WOMEN (G) USA 2h15 Drama, Romance Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, and Eliza Scanlen are four sisters who come of age in the aftermath of the Civil War in this much loved classic tale beautifully reimagined by Greta Gerwig. LA BELLE ÉPOQUE (M) France 1h50 Comedy, Drama, Subtitles A crotchety 60-something Victor, is offered an escape from his life: a high-end reenactment troupe lets their clients “travel” to an era of their choice, in this case, 40 years earlier when he met his wife. THE EXTRAORDINARY (M) France 1h54 Comedy, Subtitles The latest film by the makers of hit comedy The Intouchables. Two friends from different faiths found a pair of charitable organisations for children with autism in this uplifting true story.

FRIDA: VIVA LA VIDA Italy 1h30 Documentary, Art Showcases beloved Mexican P a i n t e r F r i d a K a h l o ’s masterpieces in some of the Mexico’s most extraordinary museums, and takes a deep dive into her life and art of opposites and dualism. THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM (G) USA Ih32 Documentary Festival circuit hit documentary that follows filmmaker John Chester, his wife and their dog as they chase their dream to set up a sustainable farm - with zero experience. THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON (M) USA 1h36 Comedy, Drama Zak is a Down syndrome person who runs away from his nursing home to chase his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Along the way, he unexpectedly befriends Tyler, also on the run.

32 Commercial Street, Takaka ꟾ www.villagetheatre.org.nz ꟾ For bookings phone 525 8453



Battery Town: charging ahead

Intercultural partnership celebrated


Takaka is hosting a celebration of a special intercultural partnership next week. The free event, hosted by the Netherlands Embassy at the Village Theatre, marks the 10th anniversary of the gifting of the waka taua (war canoe) Te Hono ki Aotearoa (The Link to New Zealand) on permanent loan to the Dutch Ethnology Museum in Leiden. The waka taua was built by the late Sir Tā Hekenukumai “Hector” Busby who saw the exchange as part of a deeper cultural partnership, and the focus of the celebration is a screening of Jan Bieringa’s documentary about the project. Following the screening, Netherlands Ambassador to New Zealand Mira Woldberg will introduce a panel discussion on the theme: “10th anniversary of the Waka Te Hono ki Aotearoa, connecting people and navigating a future course”. Panellists include a Dutch waka rower, a representative of Toi Māori Aotearoa, plus representatives from Manawhenua ki Mohua and/or Onetahua Waka Ama group. The evening will conclude with complimentary drinks and nibbles. “Waka Te Hono Ki Aotearoa: connecting Dutch and Māori cultures” is at the Village Theatre, Takaka, on Tuesday 18 February, 5.45pm for a 6pm start. Tickets are free, but limited to two per person and registration is required, via Eventbrite, at: https:// w w w. e ve n t b r i te. co. n z / e / t a k a k a -w a k a - te - h o n o ki-aotearoa-connecting-dutch-and-maori-culturestickets-91557317401

Tinbum Triathlon coming soon

Auto electrician Steve Prince, left, with Nelson Branch Manager of Battery Town Serge Gavrilov. Photo: Anita Peters. ANITA PETERS

Auto electrician Steve Prince has returned to his greatgrandparents’ stomping ground, and says he loves Golden Bay. He learned his auto electrical skills the old way, though now he has become a specialist in eco-friendly technology and has also teamed up with a supplier of top-end batteries. “I’ve been 42 years in the motor trade, self-employed for 20 years, so I know a fair bit about batteries,” said Steve. “I started my apprenticeship in 1978 in Greymouth, and part of the training was pulling apart and repairing batteries – when you could repair them. You can’t now; they’re sealed. They used to be made with a hard black rubber case with pitch on top. You would melt the pitch out, drill the lead links off and pull each cell out to repair them, replace a dud cell or broken battery case. But those days are gone.” Serge Gavrilov, Nelson branch manager for Harbour City Batteries and Battery Town, which is the nationwide network of specialised auto electricians, says Steve is one of the most experienced auto electricians he’s ever met. “He’s definitely the ‘go-to’ person in Takaka and the wider

Golden Bay. Not only does he supply quality batteries but he also diagnoses and repairs starting and charging problems with the vehicle as well.” Serge supplies Steve with a wide range of batteries, from the long-lasting Endurant to German-made Original Equipment Varta batteries, used by Fonterra for their reliability in European trucks. He also supplies starter motors and alternators. He says he is 200 per cent behind Steve’s business and has offered to sponsor community fundraising initiatives to prove it. But most applicable to changing times, Steve sells ecofriendly batteries with “start/stop” technology where the engine cuts off to save fuel, as well as deep-cycle solar batteries for remote locations. He can also help with the changeover from old systems to new. He clearly enjoys his work, but in his free time, classic vehicles are Steve’s absolute passion. “I just replaced an Endurant battery in a white mustang owned by a local woman,” he grinned proudly. “It was 17 years old.” Steve Prince Auto Electrical Ltd. Phone 027 616 5211. MOTUEKA


Swimmers, runners and bike-riders inspired by the recent Coast-to-Coast race, can get a taste of multisports competition in Golden Bay’s own mini-triathlon. Next month’s Tinbum is the perfect opportunity for individuals and teams to try out triathlon, according to organising committee member Marian Milne. “It’s a funfilled community event for all.” The Tinbum course consists of three sectors; a 300m swim in chest-deep water, a 7km mountain bike ride and a 5km run. And, while individual entrants can swim, cycle and run the whole course, teams of friends, family and work colleagues can divvy up the race according to their particular strengths and preferences. Marian says the range of entry categories means age, gender and fitness level are no barrier in the competition for prizes. “We look forward to loads of entries, young and old.” Irrespective of who picks up the prizes on the day, the Bay’s young sportsmen and women are sure to come out winners, as funds raised by the event will go into the Mohua Community Chest for the benefit of local sporting youth. The race, now in its 15th year, relies on community support and Marian says, although sponsors have been very generous, a few more volunteers are required. “We still need help on the day for marshalls and timekeepers.” The 2020 Tinbum Triathlon is on Saturday 7 March. Registrations: 7.50-9am at Pohara Beach Top 10 Holiday Park. Race starts at 9.30am with prize-giving at 11.45am. Entry fees: Individual adult $20, junior $15, teams $45. To offer help, sponsorship and/or prizes, contact Debbie Jones on 027 751 1060. For more information, visit: www.goldenbaytinbum. blogspot.co.nz or Facebook: Golden Bay Tinbum Triathlon. 8

FLOORING TO SUIT YOUR STYLE flooringxtra.co.nz | 23 Old Wharf Road, Motueka P: 03 528 7530 | motueka@flooringxtra.co.nz

Now operating in Golden Bay

For all your silage and maize requirements

Specialising in: * mowing * raking * tedding

* round baling * square baling * cartage

Call/text Tristan 027 515 5204

 Mowing  Raking  Chopping  Cartage  Stacking

Jake Garrett 027 787 6007

Tristan Strange 027 515 5204

“Local staff with local knowledge” THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2020

Strayburger booming at new home Valentine’s Day PERSONAL NOTICES MANGALA, “I am bewildered by the magnificence of your beauty and want to see you with a hundred eyes.” Colin. J. Roses are red, violets are blue, if you live to be a hundred, I’ll still be in love with you. xx Wackers: You mended my heart; you gave me yours; I give you mine.




Phone 525 9868

Strayburger owners, Gerry Hanley and Alarna Hill, are delighted with their move to the Telegraph Hotel. Photo: SHELLEY GRELL

Thinking of hand-pressed American-style burger patties served with special sauces and pickles is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Knowing that the chef finds perfecting American-style low-and-slow barbecue in her spare time “therapeutic” is just asking for a stampede. Business has been booming since Strayburger moved from The Green to their new permanent premises at the Telegraph Hotel last November. Owners Alarna Hill and Gerard Hanley said the Christmas period was “absolute madness”, with heaps of tourists and families queuing for burgers, shakes, and nostalgic soft serves made with real cream. “Moving into the Telegraph gave us the opportunity to do more than just burgers. It just seemed the perfect fit and a great opportunity to expand our menu. We love working alongside Ben Osmond and Jean Bruning and we’re excited for the future with them - moving forward and building what we’re doing here together,” said Alarna. The restaurant now offers a full dining menu and pub meals with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. Outside work,

Shelley Grell.

American barbecue food is a huge hobby for Alarna and Gerry, and they hope to incorporate more of this style to their menu. “We’re also looking at bottling our Stray sauce because people really love it and always ask us what it is,” she said. Alarna was born in Golden Bay and has family here, so when she became pregnant with their second child, they knew Golden Bay would be the best place to raise their kids. “We were operating in Christchurch before we moved. We were both working full time and decided, in March 2018, to do pop-ups in our caravan in Lyttelton, and at craft breweries and events. “Everyone thought we were crazy to set up a burger joint as the market was saturated. But we wanted to do something different to what everyone else was doing and the only ones offering American-style burgers were the fast food giants. “We came up with the name Strayburger as one of the definitions of stray is to deviate from the main group.” “One thing we liked in the caravan was having the same face serving our regular customers. We really appreciate our staff and we’d love to employ more locals year-round. It’s worked out really well, and we’re happy that we’ve been so welcomed by the community,” said Alarna.

Valentine's Day Special Complimentary wine or beer on arrival OR a complimentary sweet treat after your meal Must be dining in and bring this ad in with you to redeem the offer. One per customer please.


Ph 03-525-7678 800 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara

MAD Café & Restaurant Collingwood TONIGHT celebrating a Romantic Valentine’s Evening in a Magical Atmosphere for Dining with FRANCIS MAXINO from 7pm Bookings and enquiries ph 021 107 6312 or 524 8660

NEW PREMISES: 33 King Edward Street Opposite Motueka Farm Machinery


Pakawau Hall, Takaka Wednesday February the 19th

Equipment Specialist For all Mowers, Chainsaws, Trimmers, and Blowers Sales and Service Ph Kerry 0272 242 085 │ 03 528 0233 Kerry@lifestylecentre.nz

Standard course: Start time: 8.30-4.30pm approx. Standard Renewal: Start time 8.30 -11.30am approx. Basic course: Start time 8.30 -2pm approx.



restaurant café & bar

Open 7 days from 11am 90 Commercial St

Book your romantic night for

In the Bay weekly - FREE pick up and delivery

bookings preferred (03)

525 9636

Valentine’s Day Special Set Menu 2 courses - main either dessert or entrée

Great deals on overseas travel. Flights, Package Holidays, Hotels, Adventure Tours, Cruises, Car Hire, Visas & Travel Insurance.

Dawn Beresford Simplytravel Takaka


03 525 6011

www.simplytravel.net.nz THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2020

For more details CONTACT SHANE HARRIS Registered Connexis, Competenz and Growsafe Trainer & Assessor Registered Worksafe Compliance Certifier Ph. 03 544 4062 or 027 457 4775 info@harristraining.co.nz www.harristraining.co.nz

COURTHOUSE CAFÉ COLLINGWOOD Valentine's Day Pizza Night Special Friday 14 February SPECIAL DEAL: "The Heat" Valentine's pizza to share with your loved one, dessert and a glass of bubbles, for only $50. Usual pizzas available too


CLASSIFIEDS SPORTS RESULTS / Hua tākaro GOLF 4February.Foursome-Stableford:MDobbie&CGilbert45.Closesttopins:3/12 CGilbert,9/18MDobbie.5February.Stableford:PMilne46,MFisher42,MDixon 41.Closesttopins:3/12RGrimms,4/13MDixon,8/17GBradley,9/18RTait.Twos: RGrimms,DJerram,RTait,RDyce.WCollie.Bestgross:WCollie71.8February. CaptainsTrophyR2(Par):RHeuvel+7,WCollie+5,PHay+3.Closesttopins:3/12W Collie,4/13PHay,8/17JGarner,9/18AGourdie.Twos:RDyce,WCollie,JCampion,R Bodger,AGourdie,PHay,GLittle.Happywanderer:RBodger.Bestgross:WCollie68. BRIDGE 5February.ChampionshipPairs.NSOpen:JohnPemberton/AnnBlackie61.11%, SimonLangford/MalcolmMcKellar58.8%,JeanWedderburn/DavidSarll58.1%;EW Open:PamWilson/BillWilson56.94%,SuzanVanWijngaarden/JudeEdmondson 53.94%,JunetteMcIntyre/LizPartridge52.08%.NSH/cap:JohnPemberton/Ann Blackie66.09%,JeanWedderburn/DavidSarll65.70%,SimonLangford/Malcolm McKellar61.40%;EWH/cap:PamWilson/BillWilson64.12%,DianneMcDonald/Jan Morgan 63.86%, Karilyn Cavaye/Paul Taylor 62.95%. WOODCHOPPING TheGoldenBayAxemensClubhadalargesquadatthetwo-dayNelsonCreekchop intheGreyValleylastweekend.ItconsistedofBrianandTobyGodsiff,SteveWinter, RachaelandLouiseNalderandDaveandSerenaGowland.TheGBAxemenwerequite successfulondayoneintheopenmen’schoppingcompetitionwithBrianwinninga standingandcoming2ndinthebigunderhand,Davewinningastanding,andSteve coming2ndinthesmallunderhand.Daytwowasnotasgoodwiththeonlyplacing beingDavefinishing4thinastanding,althoughGoldenBayhadatleastoneaxemen makingeveryfinal.Thewomen’scompetitionwasdecidedonpointsoveranumber ofunderhandraceswiththeGBwomenbattlinghardondayonebutfinishingout oftheplacings.Day2,however,wasadifferentstorywithLouisefinishing1stequal. ThesawingwasalsosuccessfulwithStevecombiningwithLouisetofinish2ndon dayoneand4thondaytwointheJackandJill.StevealsocombinedwithBrianto finish 4th in the double saw on day one.

SPORT / Hākinakina

PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui

ACCOUNTANT. Long-standing market leader with unbeatable professional qualifications and experience. Warn & Associates, ph 525 9919. ACCOUNTANT and tax advisor. All Inland Revenue returns filed for big and small businesses and individuals. Self-employed and rental property reports prepared. Day and evening appointments available. Ph Susan Ayton Shaw 929 7507 or email taxayton@gmail.com

The Whittaker Trust Funding Applications – February 2020 (applications close Friday 28 February 2020) Applications are invited from local organisations seeking financial assistance to improve the quality of life for the sick or elderly members of the Golden Bay community. Application forms are available from: The Whittaker Trust secretary, Jaine Lindsay, email: r-j.lindsay@xtra.co.nz Completed applications must be submitted no later than

5pm, Friday 28 February

either to: PO Box 348, Takaka 7142 or to: r-j.lindsay@xtra.co.nz

Golden Bay Assn Football Club Welcomes all travelling players 8 years-adult

Golden Bay Dental Centre

Saturday 15 Feb 10.30am-12pm at Rec Park

We are pleased to announce a new additional dentist, Dr Todd Verner, from Motueka, joining our team here at Golden Bay Dental Centre.

Registration day

Online registrations at https://goldenbayfootball.weebly.com/ Or via facebook Golden Bay Football Club


Dr Todd Verner will begin his practice with us alongside Dr Grace Lee from Monday 2 March.

GOLDEN Bay Netball AGM, followed by general meeting, Tuesday 18 February, 7.30pm, Rec Park. COLLINGWOOD RSA AGM to be held Tuesday 18 February, 7pm at the Collingwood Fire Station. All welcome. U3A AGM, Friday 21 February 2020, 10.30am, Senior Citizens’ Hall. New members welcome.

RECENT AGM / Hui ā tau - Nō nā tata nei MOHUA (Golden Bay) Blue Penguin Trust. Chair, Cynthia McConville. Trustees: Chris Bennett, Heather Wallace, John Weeber. goldenbaypenguins@gmail.com

PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui CAFÉ to lease: On Commercial Street, Takaka. Good position with loads of potential. Pavement café seating options and car parking. Available now. Details on request. Txt 020 4111 2626 with your phone number and email.

Takaka Dog Trials “the best trial in the top of the south” (quote Canterbury competitor) Thanks to our longtime sponsors: Sollys, PGG/Wrightson, FMG Insurance and longtime supporters: NBS, Ravensdown, Segard Masurel, Rural Service Centre, Waitapu Engineering and thanks to Taylor Preston, Hammer Hardware, Tractor Repairs & Spares, Taimate Angus, Brian Thompson, and further thanks to the team of helpers and to GB Weekly for publicity. Let’s do it all again next year!

CURIOUS about Quakers? Come and check us out. Ph Jude 524 8291. <www.quaker.org.nz>

AL-ANON family groups. Strength and hope for friends and families of problem drinkers. Weekly meetings. Ph 0508 425 2666, www.al-anon.org.nz ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop we can help. Meeting Thursdays 7pm, Catholic Church Hall. Ph 0800 229 6757. GB Animal Welfare Society Inc (ex-SPCA). Ph Carol Wells 525 9494, 8am-5pm weekdays.

ALL welcome to a community sausage sizzle on the Village Green, Tuesday 18 February between 12pm and 1pm. Come meet some of the team at Mohua Social Services and have some free kai.

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE POHARA BOAT CLUB FISHING COMPETITION PB Marine Services, ITM, Ray White, Chris & Judy Ray, The River Inn, Golden Bay Rubbish Collection, Golden Bay Motorcycles, Sue’s Shop, Daan Dehn, Herb McBride Fishing Ltd, Mobile Mechanical, Orange Mechanical, PGG Wrightson, Pohara General Store, ACDC Heating & Cooling, Anatoki Salmon Farm, Super Liquor, Big Blue Dive & Fish, Collingwood Tavern, Dancing Sands Distillery, Golden Bay Pharmacy, Liquorland, Monza, Pakawau Beach Camp, Takaka Contracting Ltd, Weka Workshop, Pipeworx, Strayburger, Tradezone, NBS, Kotare Sands, Hair Revolution, Golden Bay Hire, First National, Cleaners Wholesale, Amy & Kim’s Catering & Contracting Ltd, Bidfood, Earth Gems Flowers & Garden, Totally Roasted, The Brigand, Takaka Tyres & Mechanical, NPD Takaka Fuels & Fishing, The Quiet Revolution Cycle Shop, Marlborough-Nelson Marine Radio, Hammer Hardware, Laser Electrical, Goodness 2 Go, Golden Bay Blokarts, El Gecko, Bay Takeaway, Nikki & Cherie Hansen, The Curry Leaf, Golden Bay Fencing, Lifestyle Centre Motueka. And also a big thank you to all the wonderful people who helped out during the weekend.


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ALL your garden needs, ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available. ARBORIST. Certified. The Tree Doctor, all aspects of tree care. Free quotes. Ph Chris 021 0264 7942. ARBORIST, qualified, ph Jack Stevens 021 211 5580. ARCHITECTURAL design, residential building. Ph Peter Fersterer 525 8132. CARS, 4WD, caravans removed. Will buy some models. Ph 020 4167 1519. CARS wanted. Will pick up for free (some conditions apply). Motueka Auto Parts. Ph 03 528 9576. CHIMNEY cleaning, handyman, Dennis Sage ph 027 873 0726. COMPUTER and smartphone sales, repairs and solutions. Supporting all Windows and Apple products. Conveniently located at 65 Commercial Street or available by appointment on 027 831 4156. COMPUTER services. GBTech, experienced technical support for Golden Bay since 2012. Ph Warwick 027 814 2222. CURTAINS: Blockout, sheer, triple woven, floral, linen, come in and choose a fabric and a liner and we will make up for you in a contemporary floor-to-ceiling design and install on a quality curtain track. Imagine designs, next to GB Glass or ph Tracey for a free measure and quote, 027 440 0071. ELECTRICIAN. For all your electrical needs please contact Chris from I electrical. Free quotes given. Ph 021 0852 4453. ELECTRONICS repairs: Cell phones, computers, radios, TVs, HiFi and more! Ph 027 246 2432. ELECTRICIANS. Fuse Electrical Golden Bay. Ready to solve all your electrical needs. Ph Thomas 525 9300, 027 788 8500. FREEVIEW satellite TV. Ph 027 246 2432. GARDENING services. Ph Carlos 027 751 9730. GB CHIMNEY SWEEPING, SPIDER AND FLY SPRAYING Ph 524 8795 or 027 434 5405 GIBSTOPPING /coving (NCPB qualified). Local friendly service. Ph Rob McDonald Plastering, 027 712 2552. GOLDEN BAY DIGGER HIRE 1.7 tonne. Ph 027 713 0684

GOLDEN BAY ROOFING. Re-roof, repairs, maintenance. goldenbayroofing@yahoo.com, ph 027 395 0037. GOLDEN Bay Storage, Takaka. Dry, safe, secure, alarmed, insurance approved. Furniture trailer available. Ph Rob and Marg 525 9698, 027 222 5499, goldenbaystorage@gmail.com GREEN Grass Accounting. MYOB Partner and Xero Certified. Local accountant providing business and personal accounting services. Ph Robert 029 775 6459 or email robert@ greengrassaccounting.co.nz. GREENREAPER. Property maintenance, landscape and garden designs. Ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available.

HEAT pump installation, sales and servicing. Ph Dave McKay 027 404 4740, 525 8538. HELPING HANDS ph 525 6226. Te Whare Mahana Supported Employment. Lawnmowing, line trimming, garden maintenance, riparian planting, scrub-cutting, gutter cleaning, recycling, pothole repair, waterblasting, window cleaning, house moves. How can we help? LAWNMOWING. Pakawau, Bainham, Takaka to Wainui. Ph N Shaw 525 7597, 027 212 4020. niallshaw_6@hotmail.com LEADLIGHT repair and design. Ph 027 312 3599. NGANGA PICTURE FRAMING, Collingwood, enquiries ph 021 107 6312, 524 8660. Expert framing by a professional artist. ORANGE Rentals have rental cars, trailers and a furniture trailer available for hire. Ph 027 337 7147. PAINTING. Quality, efficient service, available now. Ph Luca Borrelli 022 086 1842. PATONS ROCK STORAGE. Modern, insurance-approved, alarmed. Self-locking various sized units, some 24/7. Owner lives on premises. Ph Gavin 525 9956. PENINSULA Plasterers for all your interior plastering needs. No job too small. Quality assured. 20+ years’ experience. For a free quote ph Craig 027 472 4376. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2020

TRADES AND SERVICES / Mahi a ratonga PET care and animal grooming. Ph Kirsty 027 312 3599. PORTABLE BANDSAW MILLING. Ph Tim 524 8997, 027 714 4232.

SEWING SERVICE, NEEDLES, THREADS, WOOL, BEADS. Stitch ‘n Sew ph 525 8177. STORAGE /container hire. Your place (anywhere) or mine (Takaka). Ph Cheryl at Orange Mechanical Ltd 525 9991. SUMMER pruning. Soil testing. Permaculture design. Organic gardening advice/mentoring. Edible landscaping. Sol Morgan, GroWise Consultancy, ph 027 514 9112. TAKAKA Self Storage, Commercial Street. Have containers (new) available. Excellent security, cameras etc. Ph 525 6181.

TRACKS, quality steel, 10 colours, various length brackets, can include bends. Ph Tracey at Imagine designs for all your blinds, tracks, curtains, sheers and more, 027 440 0071. Showroom next to GB Glass. TREE removal, confined area felling, chipping, chipper hire. Fully insured. Ph 525 7597, 027 212 4020.

WATER TANKS CLEANED. Ph Chris 525 9153. WINDOW cleaning. Ph Willem 022 134 1726.


& A S S O C I AT E S

Specialised Accounting Unbeatable Professional Qualifications Experience & Service

03 525 9919 julie@warnassociates.co.nz 23 MOTUPIPI ST TAKAKA 7110, GOLDEN BAY


Freeview® TV, Satellite dish installs and repairs, Internet networking fixes, energy efficiency consults. Everything electrical.


Ph/txt David 0274 333 459

Inga Schmidt

MSc (Chiro), DC, MNZCA

ANNIE Turner, therapeutic massage. Ph 027 454 6706.

021 180 7789

AROHA Health Spa. Massage, advanced clinical massage, myofascial release, hot stone and relaxation, infrared sauna, spa bath, facials, holistic health and more. Open every day from 9.30am, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara. Ph 525 8870.

Golden Bay Health Centre, 12 Motupipi St

www.healthfocus.co.nz ACC registered

CAROLYN Simon Craniosacral therapist, naturopath, medical herbalist. Personalised flower essences. Ph 525 8544, text 027 483 5865. COMPLETE Healthcare with NIS by Neurolink, using neuroscience principles to achieve optimum health. 2019 Masters series. Practitioner Anne Michell. Ph 525 8733 or 027 751 7970.

Grant Watson

Manipulative Physiotherapist

Collingwood Health Centre at Collingwood Area School

Mondays, and Thursday mornings Ph: 027 370 6472 Email: wattie18@outlook.com

FOOT care. Chiropodist, to ease aches, pains, corns and structural issues. Ph/txt 020 4088 1557. HAIR REVOLUTION. Excellence in hairdressing, waxing and facials. Feel beautiful. Ph 525 9898. IRIDOLOGY readings, herbal medicine, Reflexology, Reiki. Lisa Williams, ph 525 6150, txt 027 451 9797, www. goldenbayiridology.com

Private clinic with Registered Nurse every Friday at Removal Golden Bay Community Health

03 525 8327

or book online: www.earhealth.co.nz

of wax by micro-suction

LOLLY Dadley-Moore, Craniosacral Therapist. Ph 027 338 9504, lollydadleymoore@gmail.com MASSAGE AND REIKI. Emma Sutherland (Ameliorate). First one-hour treatment - $35 for GB locals. www.ameliorate.nz. Ph 027 487 2639. MASSAGE: Bowen, zero balancing, Kinesiology, $50 treatments! Ph Thomas 022 160 9101. MASSAGE and trigger point therapy for chronic muscular pain, dysfunction, sports performance. Specialising in unresolved muscular pain. 20 years’ experience. Ph Paul 027 772 7334, 54 Commercial Street. ORTHOBIONOMY®. Positional release technique will help body balance and self-correct. Ph Susan 525 9795.



ACUPUNCTURE: Lynne Cooper providing private and ACC injury treatments. 54 Commercial Street. Ph/txt 027 221 0045.

REFLEXOLOGY: Relaxing and balancing. For an appointment ph/txt Ariane Wyler 021 02 607 607. SIMON Jones: Counselling, mediation, coaching. 28 years’ experience. Member NZAC. Ph 525 8542.

NEUROLINX. Masters Proficiency Certified. For all health challenges and well-being. Insomnia, digestion, headaches, back pain.

Providing Golden Bay with: Professional, Diagnostic, Clinical Physio & Massage Therapy services ACC registered Provider • • • • • •

Sports & Accident injuries Complex musculoskeletal conditions Clinical reviews / Second opinions Orthopaedic / Post-operative rehabilitation Postural / Biomechanical correction programmes Clinical Massage Therapy

No GP referral required Ask us about our no-cost initial Physio assessment

Call 0800 749 739 for info or an appointment today


Healing with Grace LOCAL AND RELIABLE


EXTERIOR CLEANING  ROPE ACCESS - no scaffolding required for roof washing  SOFT WASH building process - no damaging high pressure  GUTTER cleaning, SURFACE cleaning and WATERBLASTING  DECK cleaning and restoration SOME JOBS RECENTLY COMPLETED: Hammer Hardware, Wholemeal Cafe, Penguin Cafe, HealthPost and lots of locals’ homes.

Anxiety  Depression  Allergies  Menopausal symptoms  Digestive complaints  Autoimmune conditions  Infections


Grace Shields 021346642 ♥ 5258106 BTSM, RMT MNZ

Gift Vouchers Available

Ph 027 220 4799 │ www.gpsnelson.nz

Healing with Grace &

021 346642 ♥ 525 8106


ACC Registered

22 Meihana Street, Takaka www.takakachiropractic.com



027 732 4476 Tuesdays & Fridays



. . . . Elite property selection, Golden Bay EN E OPOM H

Boundary lines indicative only

10 Parapara Esplanade, Parapara

5 Ruataniwha Drive, Collingwood

FINAL REMINDER - This Saturdays Open Home is your last chance to view before the TENDER CLOSES at 4pm, next Thursday, February 20th. Come and view this spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom family home this Saturday. The views are spectacular. Open Home - Saturday at 2.30pm MPU3882

35 Hambrook Road, Takaka

Look at the space at the back of the elevated, flat, easycare section! There’s plenty of room for kids, dogs or magnificent garden. This fabulous low maintenance 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom family home is just waiting for someone to make it their own. $585,000 MPU3863

Here at this incredible property you will find ample space for the trampoline, jungle gym, pool and even room for the pony! The beautiful, renovated 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is private and peaceful with double living and stunning mature gardens. $895,000 (+GST if any). MPU3847

• Sian Potts • Phone 027 296 8345 • sian@harcourtstasman.co.nz • Property Sales (Nelson) & Real Estate Ltd • Licensed Agent REAA 2008

WANTED / Hiahia

FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko


LAND to lease, 4-50ha, anything considered. For low intensity grazing by father/son duo. Ph Gordie or Wayne 027 525 7377.

SINGLE, mature male looking for permanent accommodation. Have references. Ph 020 4120 0710.

FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko


PERMANENT part-time position available at DeLish for someone with cooking and barista skills and experience. 15 to 20 hours per week. Call in or txt 027 425 8780.

TWO -bedroom self-contained unit is available for rent in Clifton, $300/week. Includes power and WiFi. No pets. For viewing, ph Wally 525 8484, 021 269 3307. CLIFTON, 50-acre organic farm. Bush, sea views, pasture, rivers. Ph/txt 020 4088 1557. THE Golden Bay Housing Trust has a vacancy at one of our three-bedroom houses. We invite expressions of interest from working families with children looking for long-term (five years fixed) rental accommodation in a quality environment. Information on eligibility criteria and application forms can be obtained from: Heartlands Services, 65B Commercial Street, Takaka (Work and Income building) or the Golden Bay Workcentre Trust, 84 Commercial Street, Takaka. All completed application forms to be returned to Heartlands Services no later than Friday 28 February 2020. All applications meeting the eligibility criteria will be considered by the Trust Board. Please direct any enquiries to Alli Gardener Secretary, Golden Bay Housing Trust ph 525 8099 during working hours or email alli@gbwct.org.nz

Property General/Horticulture Worker


WINDOW repairs. At home or work. Ph Golden Bay Glass 525 7274. 96 Commercial Street.

BLINDS, blinds, blinds: UV and heat protection, roller, duette, venetian and more, ph Imagine designs for a free quote, 027 440 0071, or view our showroom 96b Commercial St, Takaka. BIG GARAGE SALE. This Saturday from 12pm-3pm and Sunday from 9am-12pm, 20 Onekaka Ironworks Road. Lots of items! Furniture, shelving, clothes, sports gear including climbing, ski gear and more; garden tools, outdoor furniture, pots, building equipment, paint, firewood and long branches, folding bike, plus many more household items. Ph 021 161 6698. HOLIDAY timeshare week for sale. Affordable annual week, quality resort sleeps six. 1/52 stratum title. Txt 027 525 9922. WATER tanks, one 900 litres, $450; one 500 litres, $250. Sime pipe and fittings included. Ph 525 7499 evenings after 6pm. TANK, 2000-litre with ball cock, used for drinking water only, $400 (half new price). Ph Graham Phillips 027 489 7074, 226 Rangihaeata Road. CARAVAN, 2018 Bailey Unicorn 4 Vigo. Four-berth, excellent as-new condition, large list of extras. Certified self-contained. $58,500 ono. Ph Simon 021 158 5797. CONTAINERS, two 20-foot shipping containers, A1 condition. $5000 each. Ph Simon 021 158 5797./ FIREWOOD: Douglas fir, pine, beech and gum. Delivering now. Also kindling. Ph Bay Firewood 027 769 6348. SLASH your electricity bill. Install a grid-connect PV system. Professional design and install. Ph Paul Stocker, Azimuth Renewables, 525 6019.

SHEERS, curtains, blinds, cushions, fabrics, liners, curtain tapes, hooks. Imagine designs next to GB Glass. BEDFORD housebus, $17,000, view at Sandcastle, Pohara. Txt 022 631 2451. GOLDEN Bay Motorcycles. Suzuki GL500 twin, 2007, excellent order, 14,173 miles, 22,809 km, pack, frame, security cable, tool kit. Bike has not been ridden in rain. Owned by two elderly bikers. Always garaged. Great commuter bike. $3,400. Ph 027 525 9398, 21 Commercial Street, Takaka. MINI Countryman, 2016, NZ new, two NZ owners. 25,000km, very good condition. Owner lives overseas, must sell. $25,000 ono. Ph 027 608 9341. FIREWOOD SECONDS. Load your own, $20 per car trailer. Saturdays 8 and 15 February, 8am-12pm, Bay Firewood, 315 Takaka-Collingwood Highway. Ph 027 769 6348. SHOWER, corner, double sliding doors, round, 820x820, in white trim. Still unopened in original packaging. $380. Can deliver locally. Txt 027 852 6426.

Maize Silage for sale Available in March Phone Jake 027 787 6007



SITUATIONS VACANT / Tūranga wātea CAFÉ assistant/barista, casual position, Wainui café. Ph Renee 525 8311.

We are seeking an Experienced Property General/ Horticulture Worker, based at our Puramahoi Property in Golden Bay. This is a Fixed-Term Position, 30-40hrs/week Property Worker (may lead to full-timeGeneral/Horticulture employment) Caberfeidh Station, Kurow, South Canterbury Property General/Horticulture Worker You willseeking needantoExperienced be capable of working unsupervised and based at We are Property General/Horticulture Worker, Caberfeidh Station, Kurow,isSouth Canterbury our Puramahoi Property GoldenProperty Bay. This a Fixed-Term Position, 30also with staff asinrequired. Weother are seeking an Experienced General/Horticulture Worker, based at


40hrs/week lead to full-time employment) our (may Puramahoi Property in Golden Bay. This is a Fixed-Term Position, 30-

We are 40hrs/week looking for self-motivated person who can do the (mayalead full-time unsupervised employment) You will need to be capable oftoworking and also with other staff as following: required.You will need to be capable of working unsupervised and also with other staff as required.

• gardening/orchard maintenance We General are looking for a self-motivated person who We are looking for a self-motivated person who can Lawn do the following: • weeding, weed eating canmowing, do the following: General gardening/orchard maintenance • General gardening/orchard maintenance • • Planting, irrigation Lawn•pool mowing, weeding, weedplus eating Lawnmaintenance, mowing, weeding, weed eating • • Basic more • Planting, irrigation • Planting, irrigation

Lone Star Farms provides a safe workplace Basic pool maintenance, plus more • Basic•pool maintenance, plus more & the successful applicant will be Lone Star Farms provides a safe workplace & the required to pass a drug & alcohol test Lone Starsuccessful Farms provides safe thea drug applicantawill beworkplace required to & pass successful applicant will betorequired to pass a drug alcohol test prior being appointed. prior to&being appointed. & alcohol test prior to being appointed.

For information more information please please contact Jan For more contact (Farm Manager) on 0274 For moreChampion information please contact Jan 566 4008. Jan Champion (Farm Manager) Champion (Farm Manager) on 0274 566 4008. Applications close Friday, 21 February 2020 on 0274 566 4008.



Applications close Friday, 21 February 2020

Applications close Friday, 21 February

Super Liquor Golden Bay are looking for an awesome person to join our team. • Part time, 20 - 30 hours per week • Will need to have or obtain a Duty Manager’s Licence & LCQ • Available days, evenings & weekends • Confident to work solo shifts • Be physically fit and healthy • Have excellent communication and organisational skills • Have an outgoing and pleasant personality • Have a strong work ethic and be able to work well under pressure. If this is you please email your CV to sl.goldenbay@gmail.com

This 3.9ha (nearly 10 acres) lifestyler is less than ten minutes' drive from Takaka and offers not ONE but TWO dwellings and some interesting facets of income-producing potential as part of the big picture. Immaculately presented inside and out, there is so much to see here - give me a call to see how this could work for you, your extended family or even a good friend with whom you may wish to realise that co-operative vision. No open homes, call me to view. www.goldenbayproperty.com Ref: GB3768 Agent: Paul McConnon ph 0275 042 872 GOLDEN BAY FIRST NATIONAL

Licensed Agents REAA 2008. 50 Commercial Street, Takaka

For All Your Property Management & Rental Requirements Shona Martin, Property Manager P 0800 4 shona (74662) M 021 217 8959 E shona@shonasrentals.co.nz

For All Mana Rental

THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY Short, Long2020 Term & Holid

We offer a full range of services fro assessing tenants to full management of all t

Final Viewing

60 Tangmere Road, Takaka

Tender closing Tuesday

7 Bay View Terrace, Patons Rock

AS NEW HOME ON TIDY 9 HA PROPERTY Situated close to Takaka and the lovely beaches the bay is renowned for, this fertile acreage is your chance for peace and privacy in beautiful Golden Bay. Lockwood are renowned for their durable high performance homes that will stand the test of time. Note: moving to a modern home with this much land is rarely possible here this 5 year old home presents as new, so don't let this chance slip by! View our Virtual Tour online! TENDER: Closes 1:00 pm 27th Feb Will not be sold prior Viewing: Saturday 15th Feb 1:00 - 1:30 pm www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz/GBA20874

TENDER: Closes 1:00 pm 18th Feb Will not be sold prior Viewing: By appointment with agent www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz/GBA20954

5 Bay View Terrace, Patons Rock

ELEVATED HOME AWAY FROM HOME This has been a family home for over 50 years, and now, for the first time, we are offering the property for sale. This three bedroom home sits on a good sized 822m2 section, and is only approx 120m from Patons Rock Beach. You might keep this as your classic Kiwi Bach or renovate to suit your family's needs, either way it will be your home away from home at Patons Rock beach. TENDER: Closes 1:00 pm 18th Feb Will not be sold prior Viewing: By appointment with agent www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz/GBA20882

THE "FAMILY CAMP" AT PATONS ROCK Think you can't afford to buy at Patons Rock - think again! Here is a fantastic opportunity to secure your summer Camp - with amenities! This garage conversion offers a bedroom, living and ablutions and it's only a short stroll down the hill to the beach! Chances like this do not come up often. The property will be sold by Tender.

Tender closing Tuesday

One Agent, One Team, One Result


20 LD in


582 Takaka-Collingwood Highway

426 Abel Tasman Drive

Level 1, 11 Buxton Lane, Takaka | Office 03 525 7219 | 027 608 5606 | www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz | Billy Kerrisk

880 Collingwood-Bainham Road

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē ANATOKI SALMON. Land your own lunch or order from the menu. Open 7 days, 9am-4.30pm. Ph 525 7251. ARCHWAY CAFÉ, open for the season. Closed Tuesdays. Located beside the car park at Wharariki Beach. BRIGAND CAFÉ. Open 7 days from 11am. Providers of great food and live entertainment. 90 Commercial Street, Takaka. Ph 525 9636. COLLINGWOOD TAVERN. Open 7 days, 9.30am till late. Takeaways, bottle store, bar and bistro. Ph 524 8160. COURTHOUSE CAFÉ, Collingwood. Open 8am-4pm. Pizzas Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights, 5-8pm. Ph 524 8194. CURRY LEAF. Open 7 days, 11.30am til late. Chef-made food, takeaway prices. Ph 525 8481. Phone orders welcome. DANGEROUS KITCHEN. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days from 9am till 8.30pm. For bookings and takeaways ph 525 8686. DE-LISH DELICATESSEN. Sumptuous, delicious food. Lunches, catering, coffee, chocolate, cheeses and epicure items. Eat-in or take out. Downtown Takaka. Ph 525 7111. GARDEN SANCTUARY CAFÉ at Aroha Health Spa. Organic coffee, herbal teas, fresh juices, light meals and treats. Open every day from 9.30am, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara. MAD CAFÉ & RESTAURANT, Collingwood. Open TuesdaySunday, 8am-3pm, then 5-8pm for dinner. Closed Monday. Bookings ph 524 8660. NUGGET CAFÉ, Mangarakau, Westhaven. Open Friday-Sunday, 11am to 4.30pm. Ph 524 8051. OLD SCHOOL CAFÉ, Pakawau. Open 4pm-late, Thursday, Friday. 11am-late, Saturday, Sunday. Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Ph 524 8457. PALMVILLE CAFÉ, Wainui Bay. “The hidden gem.” Entry off Wainui Falls car park. Visit Facebook and Instagram. Open 7 days, 10am-5pm. Ph 525 8311. RATANUI LODGE. Elegant dining and premium NZ gin and tapas bar in Pohara. Open daily, 5pm-8pm. Set three-course menu changes daily - reservations essential by 12pm. www. ratanuilodge.com/menu. New tapas and gin menu in lounge or outside patio. Ph 525 7998. ROOTS BAR. Open 7 days, 11am-late. Gourmet wild burgers, open fire, good beer, good people. Ph 525 9592. STRAYBURGER: Burgers, salads, meals, shakes and more. Open 11am till late, Wednesday to Sunday, at The Telegraph Hotel. TAKAKA INFUSION, teahouse and bakery. Quality breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, European-style breads, espresso coffees, pastries and cakes. 30 Commercial St. Ph 525 7294. THE MUSSEL INN. Open 7 days, 11am til late. TOTALLY ROASTED, wood-fired pizzas are back. Dine in or takeaway, Thursdays and Fridays from 4 till 8pm. Takeaway coffee container open for coffees and muffins from 7am. Ph 525 9396. TOTOS CAFÉ PIZZERIA: Open 6 days from 10.30am to 6pm, closed Fridays. Google or Facebook for updates, Totaranui hill, ph 039 707 934. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2020

Sans Souci Inn

Open for evening meals (2019/20 season) Menu 2019/20 (bookings essential)

OPEN 7 DAYS FROM 10am Breakfast, Bar Snacks, Lunch, Pizzas and Dinner from 5.30pm LIVE MUSIC this Friday & Saturday from 5.30pm SPRIG & FERN TAP TAKE OVER for February Come & meet the brewer (Tracy Banner) on Friday 14 February from 5pm

See you all soon, Steven, Steve and all the staff

Mon Anatoki Salmon with a ginger miso dressing and a basmati and quinoa mix. Beetroot kimchi and a crunchy salad with orange and mint $37.00 Tue Lamb fillets with chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables and a salsa verde. Nutty quinoa and mesclun salad $37.00 Wed Roasted Beef Rump with chimmichurri drizzle (Mexican herb dressing). Spicy potato and kumara crush. Avocado cream and a mixed salad with a sun-dried tomato dressing $37.00 Thu Malaysian fish baked in a rendang marinade with cashew coconut sauce. Cardamom jasmine rice, fruity salsa and a summer salad $35.00 Fri Venison Fillet with boysenberries and a parsnip and potato gratin. Salad of mesclun, apples, fennel and orange pickle with hazelnut dressing $38.00 Sat Lamb Fillets with Chraimeh (an Eastern spiced tomato sauce). Creamy pumpkin/kumara with dukkha sprinkle and a nutty couscous salad with whipped feta $38.00 Sun Slow-cooked Beef Fillet topped with mixed mushrooms and parmesan crisp. Roasted root vegetables. Mesclun salad with beetroot, blue cheese and walnut dressing $38.00 All meals include a bread and olive oil starter. Vegetarian and gluten-free options on request. Half portions for children available. A choice of freshly-made desserts is available every night.

‘the good people place’

coffee, lunch, beers, burgers, dinner, wine, fire, beers, lunch, beers, burgers 11am - late - 7 days a week - All meals available takeaway -

Gourmet wild food, Open fire, Good beer, Good people

Gourmet food & burgers, Open fire, Good beer, Good people. www.rootsbar.co.nz

Ph: 525 9592


Dinner is served at 7pm. Bookings essential until 4pm. We are fully licensed.

11 Richmond Road, Pohara, ph 525 8663 www.sanssouciinn.co.nz


NOW OPEN FROM 5pm Amazing food, wines, beers, and service

Collingwood Hills. Ph 524 8692




PHONE @ 5259396 LIMITED ROASTED 734TOTALLY ABLE TASMAN DRIVE POHARA TOTALLY ROASTED 734 ABLE TASMAN 7183DRIVE POHARA Pohara 7183 PHONE @ 5259396 PHONE @ 5259396 Thursday & Friday nights 4 to

Takeaways available too. Ph 525 9396.


Wholemeal Café Open Sat-Thurs 7.30-3.30 Fridays 7.30-8.30 Friday nights: Eat-in or take away. Ph 525 9426 13

CHURCH SERVICES ON SUNDAYS SACRED Heart Catholic faith community Takaka celebrate Mass on Sundays at 5pm, behind the historic church building in the former Catholic Hall. A warm welcome to all. CHRISTIAN Church of Golden Bay. Wednesday night service, 7pm, Senior Citizens’ Hall. Senior Pastor Phil Baker ph 525 8396. GOLDEN Bay Anglican Church warmly invites you to join them each Sunday, 10am at Takaka and 4.45pm at Collingwood. ST Andrews Presbyterian Church invites you to join with us for morning worship at 10am. Rev Dr Don Fergus. Sermon: “Where are you hiding?”


SUSTAINABLE GB HUI, 15-16 February at Sustainable Living Centre (Community Gardens), 10am till 5pm each day. Schedule of events is on page 9 of this issue.

SUNDAY 16 FEBRUARY QIGONG (chi-kung), 3pm, Puramahoi Hall. Ph 027 525 7426.

COMMUNITY SAUSAGE SIZZLE. All welcome to a community sausage sizzle on the Village Green between 12pm and 1pm. Come meet some of the team at Mohua Social Services and have some free kai.

WEDNESDAY 19 FEBRUARY Bring:- A seat or rug, a hat, a picnic lunch

16th Feb @ 46 Solly Rd

- No Holy Cows


- Just the milk of human kindness



John 14:16

All Welcome ☺

Sunday Service 10 am Includes Kids Program

Pastor: Rodney Watson 027 511 4266

COSTUME HIRE. Playhouse, Park Avenue, 7-8.30pm. After hours ph Joan 525 8338 or Diane 525 8097, evenings. ONEKAKA PLAYGROUP, all welcome, Wednesdays 10am12.30pm, Onekaka Hall.

THURSDAY 20 FEBRUARY MEN’S SUPPORT GROUP. Meets every Thursday, 6pm, Workcentre, 84 Commercial Street.

LATER EVENTS “I am the way the truth And the life” Jesus

The Mussel Inn



This Sunday

Coming events at

VALENTINE’S DAY - treat your loved one - see page 9.

SELF-ESTEEM COURSE, 29 February-1 March. Contact Clare Vivian-Neal clare193a@gmail.com AORERE FLOWER SHOW, will be held at Pakawau Hall on 29 February. Schedules at BP Takaka, Earth Gems, Collingwood Store, NV Miller. Sale table, books, afternoon tea. Ph 524 8359 or 524 8308.

Sat 15th SEAMOUSE - here to daze, confuse, and summon your inner animal. 9pm, $10 Sat 15th / Sun 16th ROBYN REYNOLDS pop-up clothing stall Wed 19th JACQUIE BRISTOW – top country artist. 8.30pm, tickets $20+booking fee on eventfinda Thur 20th LIVE POETS, 7.30pm, all welcome Sat 22nd SIKA – didgeridoo dynamica, $10 Tues 25th THE SCHIZOPHONICS – high energy wild guitar from the US. Tickets $22 undertheradar Sat 29th MUNDI – cool world music, $10 MARCH Mon 2nd GOOD HABITS, $15 Thur 5th FLAMING MUDCATS, $10 Mon 9th to Friday 13th MUSSEL INN HOP HARVEST - all welcome (camping available) Mon 9th FIONA PEARS and CONNOR HARTLEYHALL – violin and guitar, $25 (tickets) Thur 12th ANDREW WHITE, $10 Sat 14

MARCHFEST - Nelson beer festival – release of the STUNNED POSSUM

Sun 15th NATHAN HAINES, JONATHAN CRAYFORD and MANJIT SINGH, $50 pre-sales (tickets); $60 on the door Tues 17th SHADES OF SHAKTI - JUSTIN FIREFLY and the SHAKTI ENSEMBLE, $15 early bird; $20 (tickets); $30 on the door

93 Commercial St, Takaka. www.godunlimited.org Ph: 525 9265 Includes Kids program

GALLERIES / Whakakitenga

"Looking Through Glass" An exhibition of mixed media works by

BEATRICE BOURHIS at Wairua Rata Gallery 14 Haile Lane Pohara On till the 17th Feb


Fine Landscape Paintings - Reproduction Giclee Prints Studio Gallery of Peter Geen


Programmes to listen out for Jun’s Encounters - Join Jun Lü where she explores ideas of a fulfilled life and of meaningful work. The show is about gaining wisdom from ordinary people. Jun invites friends, experts and people of different backgrounds she encounters to join her in conversations about matters of everyday life. Each episode will highlight a new perspective and insight about living a good life. Airs fortnightly on Fridays at 10 and replaying Sunday evening at 18.00 only on Fresh FM.

76 Boyle Street (Golf Course Rd) Clifton, Takaka. Ph 525 7007. Open 10am-5pm. www.earthseagallery.com

SCREENING FRIDAY 6 MARCH 7pm at Playhouse Theatre, Park Ave, Takaka

Tickets available online only at: www.fan-force.com/ screenings/unplanned-playhouse-theatre-takaka/ View the movie trailer here also.

Unplanned is the dramatic true story of one woman’s journey of transformation. All Abby Johnson ever wanted to do was help women. As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in America, she believed in a woman's right to choose. Until the day she saw something that changed everything... NOTE: RATED M - RECOMMENDED FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE. For this movie to screen a minimum of 50 tickets must be sold by 25 February. In the case of a non-showing due to insufficient sales ticket holders will be reimbursed. 14

Nick Minute - A short comment from sitting MP for Nelson, the Honourable Nick Smith. Nick Minute airs Wednesday morning at 9.40 and replays Saturday morning at 10:10 Trinket Box – Maria Baigent presents an hour of Musical Trinkets, written, sung and performed by Women. Every 2nd Monday at noon, replaying the following Sunday at 4pm. Now also airing on Radio Southland, Monday night at 10.00

www.freshfm.net THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2020

Power of Self-Esteem Course

rada r un der th e . pr es en ts ..

Learn to deal with self-critical patterns of thinking Make positive and lasting change

Earles Academy Ving Chun Kuen (Est. 1972) Founder Master Kevin Earle presents Wing Chun: a public session

eg o fr om Sa n Di gy mn as ti cs

ul Ro ck an d so

IT ? ? ? C A N YOU D I G

18-19th April 11am

@ Takaka Masonic Community Hall

29th Feb – 1 March in Golden Bay with Clare Vivian-Neal

(next to Roots Bar)

th e

Costs $30, lasts 60-90mins, booking essential

Contact: Clare clare193a@gmail.com

All bookings phone James Abbott 021 889 084

NBS Takaka

Tinbum Triathlon SATURDAY 7th MARCH 2020


Pohara Beach Top 10 Holiday Park 300m Swim in chest-deep water, 7km Mountain-bike ride, 5km Run. Categories: Individual: U14, U18, U40, U50, O50 (Male & Female) Team: U14, U18, Open and Veteran O50 (M/F/Mixed) Team Challenges: Business, Family, Fastest Overall

2 5th F e b s e u T n n tickets from M u ss e l I

Full details at: www.goldenbaytinbum.blogspot.co.nz or follow us on Facebook Golden Bay Tinbum Triathlon

Saturday 22nd February 10am Rec Park Centre

under the radar

Golden Bay Easter Fair

Register online www.recparkcentre.co.nz $5, under 5's free Registration on the Day $7 Registration from 9 on the Day A big thanks to:

Rec Park Centre, Golden Bay 12 April 2020 10am - 3pm

Perfect for couples, a playground for families and a paradise for hikers!

For more information, or to book a stall, contact Laura on 027 525 9233 or visit www.recparkcentre.co.nz/events/golden-bay-easter-fair

1000 acres of private West Coast to explore 7 unique beaches along 3km of coastline

Pakawau Beach Park

03 524 8711 info@tehapu.co.nz www.tehapu.co.nz

UPCOMING GIGS & EVENTS... Friday 14th February


The Golden Wonder // Phunk Knuckle

Cabins + powered and non-powered camping - ph 524 8308

Camp Shop 8am to 8pm

Saturday 15th February

Newspapers ● Ice ● Bread ● Milk ● Ice-creams....etc

Adam grok



Friday 21st February

psycho unicorn world tour


Saturday 22nd February

hip hop #4

SOULFIRE + CREW Saturday 29th February



Gourmet food & burgers, Open fire, Good beer, Good people

Weekly Friday & Saturday market, or order online





Golden Bay weather forecast


Proudly sponsors Golden Bay Tide Watch

2 Commercial Street, Takaka ꟾ Ph 525 7305

Valid from Friday 14 until Tuesday 18 February Friday: Southeasterlies freshening northwest of Collingwood, lighter elsewhere. A few showers about the ranges in the afternoon otherwise dry.

M E T R E S am 3 5

Saturday: Easterlies easing and seabreezes for a time. Mainly fine and mild.


Sunday: Northerlies developing. Cloud generally increasing and some rain likely later.


Monday: Strong mild northerlies with rain for a time. Rain and wind easing later. Tuesday: Northerlies, warm and humid with some showers, may become heavier later.

Saturday Feb 15


9 noon 3


Feb 16

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Feb 18


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Feb 19


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Feb 20


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Feb 21

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm

1 0 H L

2:59am 9:03am

3:25pm 9:42pm



3:48am 4:23pm 9:58am 10:39pm

H 4:47am 5:32pm L 11:09am 11:45pm

Rise 6:52 am Set 8:32 pm

Rise 6:53 am Set 8:31 pm

Rise 6:54 am Set 8:30 pm

H 6:04am L 12:36pm



7:34am 1:02am

8:03pm 1:53pm


8:47am 2:17am

9:05pm 2:54pm


9:39am 3:20am

9:57pm 3:42pm

Rise 6:56 am Set 8:28 pm

Rise 6:57 am Set 8:27 pm

Rise 6:58 am Set 8:26 pm

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Enquiries phone: 03 525 9843


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50 Commercial Street, Takaka Golden Bay First National Licensed REAA 2008 - MREINZ



Ph: (03) 525 8800


This much loved 3 bdrm family home has been lovingly cared for in its lifetime and has served its family well. Close to town and schools, making it an attractive family purchase. A must view - don’t delay!! Ref: GB3766


Offers Over $385,000

James Mackay 027 359 0892


Turn into Selwyn Street and get that feeling that you’re on holiday every day! Enjoy daily beach walks, a swim in the sea, perhaps a round of golf or a paddle out in the kayak. What a location, what an opportunity. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms all ready to call yours.


Want to wake up to a spectacular view every morning? Privately & peacefully located on an elevated, yet unexposed setting, this 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm home on two levels is a piece of paradise, with sparkling blue water & mountain views, also spectacular sunsets. A vista that needs to be seen. Viewings by appointment only. Call me to view. Ref: GB3767

Ref: GB3769


Photo not taken from property

Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com




Well, here’s the one you’ve been waiting for - this 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm home enjoys expansive Bay views, is beautifully presented & offers quality fixtures & fittings. The 2118m2 section offers space for gardens. Call me for further info. Ref: GB3770

This very tidy 3 bdrm home built in 2010 on an easycare 737m2. Est. tidy gardens. Plenty of storage, dble gge & sep. workshop. Logfire & dble glazing for winter warmth. Gas for water heating & cooking. 5mins to Póhara Beach. Ref: GB3761

Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577

James Mackay 027 359 0892

Deadline Sale: 28/2/29 (NSP)

THE NEXT PROJECT IS CALLING - IT’S TIME TO GO! 2 HALL JONES ST, WHARARIKI Near new (2018) 4 bdrm home with all the features you’d expect and want in a modern build (and more!) 4.75ha, well fenced and includes a 3 bay implement shed. A wonderful rural lifestyle at an amazing top of the south location. Ref: GB3731

Price: NOW $729,000

Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840

Price: NOW $585,000



41 TAKAKA VALLEY HIGHWAY $320,000 If you don’t mind being a little out of town, here’s a great starter option. Very solid and roomy, this 1950’s home has 2+ bdrms with open plan living. 1145m2 section. Paul McConnon 0275 042 872 Ref: GB3763

8 HAILE LANE, PÓHARA NOW $580,000 A sizeable property tucked away in haile Lane & a few only minutes walk to the Beach. 3 bedrm, 2 bthrm, dbl gge, a very comfortable permanent or holiday home. Annie Telford 027 249 1408 Ref: GB3765




Large 4 bdrm villa with all the character & charm you’d expect in a home of this era. 2529m2 section with no close neighbours and privately set back from the road. A great place to grow your family and make some forever memories. Ref: GBR3764

4.9ha property, private and featuring stunning views across to Farewell Spit and beyond. A lease of the land provides an income and the property is very private from the road. Spacious home plus a 2 bdrm cottage for the ‘extras’! Call me Ref: GB3679 for further information.

Price: $565,000

Price: $930,000+GST (if any)

Paul McConnon 0275 042 872

Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840





Centrally located and iconic to the Bay, this property is deceptively spacious and offers 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, licensed for 28 people. Sep. owners accommodation. YHA approved. Call me for full details Ref: GBC3733

With a secure tenancy, full chattels and an excellent local client base, this little café has been operating successfully for 9 years. Currently 6 days per week, catering Asian & Kiwi cuisine. Call me for further details. Ref: GBC3755

Price: $680,000+GST (if any)

Price: $110,000+GST (if any)

Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840 Sharon McConnon Sales Manager 0275 258 255


James Mackay 0273 590498

Paul McConnon Salesperson 0275 042 872

Annie Telford Salesperson 0272 491 408

Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840 Sarah-Jane Brown Salesperson 0274 222 577

James Mackay Principal / AREINZ / B.Com

027 359 0892

Belinda J Barnes Agent / AREINZ 021 236 2840

www.goldenbayproperty.com 16


Profile for Charlotte Richards

The Golden Bay Weekly - 14 February 2020  

The Golden Bay Weekly - 14 February 2020  

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