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Friday 11 February 2022

Bay battles floods and slips

A slip blocks the road between Tata beach and Wainui last week following torrential rainfall Photo: Jilly Burrell. JO RICHARDS

The belt of heavy rain, which swept across Golden Bay last week, caused significant damage to roads and walking tracks. Intense downpours during Thursday and Friday resulted in some localised flooding, several slips, and washed out a number of the Bay’s gravel roads. However, the clean-up began soon after and it wasn’t long before all roads were at least partially reinstated. The deluge did not come as a surprise; it was well signalled with early weather warnings issued by MetService, Tasman District Council (TDC) and Emergency Management Golden Bay (EMGB). What wasn’t predicted was how the rainfall would be distributed. “The early focus was on the Aorere and Anatoki catchments and four-metre high tides,” explains local controller for EMGB Sara Chapman. “On Friday evening, the sustained rainfall along the coastal ranges shifted local attention to the Eastern Bays, from Pōhara to Wainui.”

GOLDEN BAY RAINFALL TOTALS Wednesday 2 February to Sunday 6 February

Puponga Kaihoka Te Hapu Mangarakau Ligar/Tata Paines Ford Onekaka Glenview Rd Bainham Hamama Rototai Pohara (Tues-Fri) Puramahoi

104mm 145mm 205mm 350mm 363mm 369mm 383mm 386mm 405mm 409mm 410mm 422mm 542mm

The flow rate of the Bay’s main rivers reflected the rainfall intensity in their respective catchments. From graphs displayed on TDC’s website, the flow rates of the Aorere, Anatoki and Tākaka rivers all showed a double peak – one around midday Thursday and a

much greater one on Friday night. In all cases, Friday’s maximum flows were well below the all-time highs recorded over a decade ago (see table on page 3). On Friday night, the Tākaka Volunteer Fire Brigade was called out to two Pōhara properties to assist residents threatened with inundation from the wetland area behind their homes. Out on the highways, overnight surface flooding occurred at numerous locations, including McShane Road, Tōtaranui Road, Wainui Hill, Birds Road, SH60 at Ōnekakā, and on the Collingwood-Puponga Main Road at Ferntown. Of these, the metalled roads incurred the most damage. “The gravel roads at Big Hill, Cook Road, Wainui and Tōtaranui were all scoured and compromised by the flow from the hills,” said Sara, who reported that the affected sections were quickly reopened to traffic. “Fulton Hogan and Sollys worked all weekend to... Continued on page 3


Golden Bay has registered its first Omicron infections. Although not officially confirmed by the health authorities, it is believed that there are currently at least three positive cases of Covid-19 in the Bay, all members of the same family. Tāk ak a’s Wholemeal Café, which appeared on the Ministry of Health’s register of locations of interest last Thursday, was at the time of going to press, the only Golden Bay venue listed on the Ministry’s website. Anyone who was present at the café on Saturday 29 January between 7.30- 8.30am, is asked to follow Ministry of Health advice: “Self-monitor for Covid-19 symptoms for 10 days after you were exposed. If symptoms develop, get a test and stay at home until you get a negative test result.” The lack of further locations in the Bay may seem surprising but the MoH provides the following explanation: “Not all exposure events will become locations of interest if health officials can identify everyone who may have been exposed. These are considered private exposure events and those potentially exposed will be contacted by the health authorities.” Regular updates on locations of Interest are posted by MoH at: Protection against Covid-19 Along with advice for anyone aged five and above to get vaccinated, Nelson Marlborough Health chief executive Lexie O’Shea encouraged those eligible to get their booster shots. “Boosters lower your chances of getting very sick and being hospitalised. If you are over 18 and your booster is due, please get it now.” Other established protocols are also encouraged especially the wearing of a well-fitting, effective face mask in order to reduce the risk of transmission of infected respiratory particles, and therefore slow the spread of the virus. Testing NMH urges anyone with symptoms to get tested. GBCH carried out 107 tests during the period 24 January to 8 February, and provides the following advice: “If you are unwell with Covid-like symptoms or have an urgent concern, call us and we will arrange a ‘Triage call back’ and assessment with one of our doctors or nurses. If required, you will be booked for a Covid test and asked to come in to the medical centre.” Information and advice on preparing for Covid is available at: https://covid19.govt. nz/prepare-and-stay-safe/be-preparedfor-covid-19/

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Inside: Community Board Down to Earth Rural Views Movie review Arts Council THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2022

Omicron cases in Bay

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Bay battles floods and slips

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Clean-up operation: Contractors get to work clearing the silt from McShane Road, Wainui. Photo: Georgia Robertson-Bates.

Continued from page 1 ...restore vehicle access, with some stretches single lane.” Driver for Abel Tasman Guides Sage Forest drives to Tōtaranui every day and said that, although the road was badly affected, it was passable following some speedy remedial work. “It’s amazing that Fulton Hogan cleared it well enough in a day. There are some scary sections; I’m an excellent driver but as an earthquake-experiencer I drive only with faith the earth stays where it is for the moment I cross it.” She also provides a service to and from Wainui carpark. “At 8.30am on Sunday morning I planned to drive five clients to Wainui to start their walk to Tōtaranui but found the culvert/ ford on McShane Road was the same height as the road, full of sand.” Sage said that she was advised not to drive over the sand, but it wasn’t a problem for her trampers. “My five keen passengers were happy enough to add the extra 2.5km to their walk to Tōtaranui.” Georgia Robertson-Bates, who lives on McShane Road at Wainui, said “a lot of work” would be required to remove the silt deposited by the floodwaters. That work began in earnest on Monday. “…Thankfully today we have two diggers and their amazing drivers working here and making good progress,” said Georgia. At the other end of the Bay, Mangarakau resident Malcolm Smith said there was relatively minor damage to the road but there were some local effects. “Paynes Farm at Paturau has fence and yard damage, and the Anatori is a bit of a mess.” Dave Winterburn, the manager of the Department of Conservation’s (DOC) Golden Bay operation advised that the track to Wainui Falls had been closed on Sunday after it was discovered that a short section had been washed away. He is confident that it would soon be reinstated.

“We will be looking at repairing it later this week depending on weather, etc. Other than that the track survived well.” The Heaphy Track remained closed on Wednesday while DOC continued its evaluation. “We still have yet to do assessment of all the track for damage,” says Dave. “But I can confirm there have been slips and a bridge lost on the West Coast side.” The heavy rain also raised concerns about contaminated surface water, with TDC advising people to avoid contact with flood waters and refrain from taking fish or shellfish from the Tākaka River or adjacent estuary. The council’s waters and wastes manager Mike Schruer explained that Friday night’s rainfall had inundated Golden Bay’s wastewater system and some treated wastewater may have flowed onto adjacent land and into the Tākaka River. While the drought-ending washout irrigated paddocks and refilled tanks, Sara believes the Bay now has enough water for the time being. “We needed the rain, but now we would like to bring back the last of summer.” Table showing Golden Bay river flows. (Source: TDC data)

River location

(flow rate in m3/sec)

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Tākaka - Kotinga




Anatoki - Happy Sams




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Data from Ministry of Health. Last updated 1 February 2022 * Window Cleaning * Water Blasting * Roof-Building Washing * Gutter Inspection/Cleaning * Lawns/Grounds Maintenance * Drone Inspection/Surveys

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Recycling news wrappers

Do you get the Nelson Mail delivered? Do you have an accumulation of the soft plastic “coats” that contain the paper? Gather them up and deliver them to the Nelson Mail office next time you are over there. I intended to drop my bagful, reminding them that as strong supporters of The Forever Project, they needed to recycle this “by-product”. The reminder was unnecessary; they have a recycling bin in the lobby. Sorry, I didn’t ask if they collect all soft plastic bags or only their bags. Beth McCarthy

The dearth of healthy discourse

I read with disappointment Mel Ryder’s plea for everyone to don masks at the supermarket (GBW 4/2). To me this is a tragic demonstration of how stifling (rather than encouraging) the free exchange of ideas has led to social division and bitter feuds characterised by righteousness, arrogance and ignorance. The letter begins by denigrating those unconvinced that the virus poses a significant threat or that the Pfizer treatment is effective or safe. It continues to suggest that to not get vaccinated is conceited and to not wear a mask is selfish. Countless studies emerging around the world within the scientific and medical communities attest to how broad the spectrum of thought is on vaccine efficacy and safety, what appropriate treatment protocols might be, and the impacts of lockdowns, vaccine passports and mask wearing. The dearth

of opportunities for healthy discourse on any of these subjects has resulted in our once open-minded, free-thinking society becoming disturbingly divided into two opposing groups, each clinging to the security of their own increasingly distinct ideologies and each becoming more and more determined to discount the other. With regard to mask wearing: one train of thought is that to not wear a mask is selfish, another is that it is selfish to expect someone else to wear a mask. There are ideological and scientific arguments to support each. The choice made by any individual may be more considered and considerate than it appears. Please let’s be courageous enough to discuss our differences. Mark Shelly

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Heaviest fall




10mm on the 25th




11mm on the 25th




13mm on the 25th

Glenview Rd 19mm


18mm on the 25th

Kaihoka 19.4mm 5 14.5mm on the 25th Driest January since 2015 when 13.7mm was recorded Before that, January 2009 recorded 19.9mm Paines Ford



18mm on the 25th

Onekaka 24mm 3 19mm on the 26th Just under 17 per cent of average Lowest monthly rainfall was 3mm recorded in April 2005 Puramahoi



15mm on the 25th

Te Hapu



27mm on the 25th




27mm on the 25th




28mm on the 26th

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GB Community Board - February




Rose Slow P 035259213

Following the holiday hiatus, Golden Bay Community Board reconvened – via Zoom only – for its monthly meeting on Tuesday morning. This was in accordance with Tasman District Council’s recent decision that all council, community board, and committee meetings, including submission hearings, will take place virtually for the foreseeable future.

Public Forum

The year got off to a quiet start with only one person contributing to public forum. Cynthia McConville, speaking on behalf of Forest and Bird Golden Bay branch, argued for tighter controls on motorised vehicle access to key shorebird sites dotted along the coastline. Illustrating her point by referring to seven “important” locations – from Motupipi to Taupata – Cynthia asked the board to support new rules that would restrict beach access for quad bikes, cars and motorcycles. “Most of the traffic is joy-riding, not essential,” said Cynthia. She proposed two alternative measures: “Either an addition to the rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan, or introduce a bylaw,” adding that the former was “far easier”. Later in the meeting, GBCB chair Abbie Langford suggested that the topic would be added to the agenda for discussion at next month’s community board meeting.

Tree removal

TDC’s horticultural officer Lynne Hall was seeking a resolution in support of her report concerning the removal of trees in Golden Bay. The report identifies three large conifers at the rear of Collingwood cemetery plus two from the road reserve adjacent to Pōhara Beach Top 10 Holiday Park. In addition, it asks for a mandate allowing “the removal of dead, dying and dangerous trees as and when required”. The board agreed to support the report’s proposals in full.

Chair’s Report

Abbie steered the board at a fairly rapid pace though a number of items in the Chair’s Report. GB Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy: “The board are keen to support this,” said Abbie. “So I propose a Zoom workshop.” The date was set for Tuesday 15 February at 4.30pm. Festive decorations Abbie explained that she had not yet received the designs and costs for next summer’s festive decorations so a “range of options” would be discussed at next month’s board meeting. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Some feedback on the document that will define the relationship between TDC and GBCB had been received, said Abbie. “We’ve had responses from TDC and it is currently being reviewed by Penny at the Local Government Commission. Once we have received their feedback, I will update it and present it to the board for approval.” Holiday rubbish The next few minutes was all “trash” talk. Deputy board chair Grant Knowles raised the issue of Tākaka’s rubbish bins overflowing during the peak holiday period. Sharing a photo of a visitor standing next to a pair of receptacles at the Village Green, he said the woman was “disgusted by it”. Grant stressed that the problem was not all due to takeaway food packaging. He believes the problem stems from TDC’s contractual arrangements which specify only two rubbish collections per day rather than the four required over peak season. Abbie said that some take-away outlets were considering the use of wheelie bins, which she suggested might alleviate the issue. Board member Averill Grant widened the discussion to include areas beyond Tākaka. “I have never seen so much rubbish at the side of the roads.” This, she said, was the result of facilities not keeping up with the growth in visitor numbers. Winding up the discussion, Abbie agreed to add the topic to next month’s agenda. GBCB attendance Board members present expressed their concern that neither of Golden Bay’s ward councillors attended this month’s meeting. “It’s happening quite a lot,” said Averill. “Previous councillors used to treat community board as a priority.” TDC environment and planning manager Dennis Bush-King explained that the non-attendance arose from clashes between

Overflowing rubbish bins at the Village Green. Photo: Supplied.

community board meetings and other council business, particularly the Nelson-Tasman liaisons. GBCB member Dave Gowland said the board should ask TDC management to ensure councillors were free to attend. “We need to express strongly about this going on; they should be able to avoid a clash.” Abbie undertook to write to TDC’s CEO Janine Dowding requesting that councillor attendance at GBCB was given priority.

Financial Summary

The Financial Summary Report was formally accepted.


Bulk fuel delivery you can depend on Bulk fuel

Bulk fuel delivery Bulk fuel delivery you can delivery Bulk fuel you can on Bulk fuel depend you can depend onon deliverydeliverydepend you canyou can Golden Bay bulk fuel on second to none dependdepend on supply,

Following a brief review of the Action Sheet, the board discussed received correspondence. The majority of the remaining time was spent discussing Karen Campbell’s email in which she questioned the implementation of the Covid-19 Traffic Light System, pointing out that councils are allowed to exercise some discretion in the application of the Government’s policy. Averill bemoaned the fact that the community board did not have a say in TDC’s Covid management policy. “I’d like to see people being able to go back to the library,” said Averill. Dave agreed and added, “I’d like to see the Traffic Light System squashed here.” Grant and Abbie supported the status quo, while Dennis explained the reason for the library mandate. “This was a management decision based on the health and safety of staff.” It was agreed that the board would submit a formal request to TDC management for GBCB’s involvement in any such decisions that affected the Golden Bay community. Other items of correspondence covered a range of issues including the possible sealing of Excellent Street, Collingwood; improved bathing safety signage at Milnthorpe bridge; and the carry-over of a $200 underspend by the Boys’ and Girls’ Agricultural Show. The meeting ended as it began with Dennis reciting a short karakia. The next meeting of GBCB is on Tuesday 8 March at 9.30am.


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Growing flowers is a family affair for the van Lier family in Waitapu, Golden Bay. Father Wally van Lier started working with flowers in his parents’ Auckland cut rose nursery, van Lier Nurseries. After 74 years, that business is growing stronger than ever (https://www. In 1991, Wally and wife Amanda set up their cut flower business, Tierra del Nurseries, in Waitapu Road. Like her father, Annelise spent her childhood amongst flowers. Last year Annelise, while pregnant with son Odin, started contemplating business plans. “I’ve always had an interest in flowers, and the idea of taking over the flower business really caught my interest”. So with support from her parents, she took up the challenge. Annelise has a flair for aesthetics, so the flower shed where the processing takes place got a big makeover. It now feels more like a florists. “It’s the base of operations and where some customers come to now, so I wanted to make it nice to work in,” explains Annelise. In the process, the new business name, Flower Shed, was born. There are three large tunnelhouses growing around 20 different types of flowers, and in some cases several varieties of each. Annelise kept growing most of what Wally had, but also got inspiration and advice through research online and the van Lier clan up north. The varieties include a combination of annuals and perennials: ageratum, alstroemeria, amaranthus, calla lilies, carnations, caspia, dahlias, delphiniums, echinops, gypsophila, hydrangeas, larkspur, Iimonium, matricaria, sea holly, solidago, statice, strawflowers, sunflowers, and sweet peas. Seed and bulbs are sourced from around New Zealand, and Wally helps to sow and tend them until they are ready for transplanting into newly prepared beds. Annelise has lots of fun discovering new trends overseas and growing them for people here, and says there are fashions for flowers, “with some old flowers on a comeback”. Historically, gate sales and some local orders were the norm. Nowadays, social media like Facebook and Instagram get the word out far and wide. “I’m now supplying orders nationwide, mainly cut flowers, and over the hill to florists,” said Annelise. Early this year she plans to be supplying wholesalers too. “I really love creating flower bouquets for people’s special events like weddings”. Many perennial shrubs and trees around her parents’ property add that special touch to bouquets she

crafts. Other ideas being developed are dry arrangement pieces for wedding installations. These can use flowers with damaged stalks. Drying certain flower petals as a natural confetti option for wedding clients is another service, and something daughter Layla is taking on. In keeping with the family tradition, it does seem that Layla too has caught the flower bug, helping mum and Opa out where she can. Careful planning is necessary to time plantings so flowers are ready for certain key dates like Christmas, Valentine’s Day (February), and Mother’s Day (May). Regular rotation of flower crops ensures healthy soil and plants. Bed preparation starts with removing the old crop, then adding horse manure and homemade compost (made from crop residues and manure). Wally takes care of adding necessary minerals and any spraying needed. The main issues are mites in carnations and rust on the leaves of some flowers. Once seedlings are big enough, they are planted at the correct spacing, depending on variety. Watering is an important daily job, using drip line irrigation. A not-too-distant plan is to upgrading to an automated irrigation system. Weeding with a hoe to reduce crop competition is another constant task. Other key tasks are support-tying to prevent flower stalks from falling over and getting damaged, and ensuring there is walking space down the paths. In autumn, older perennials are lifted and divided (roots, bulbs or corms), then stored. Once a new bed is prepped, some are replanted. This is the case with calla lilies this year, along with dahlias and alstroemeria. At this stage, Annelise reconfigures the colour range and replants what she believes is more suitable. So far things are going well, with positive feedback from florists and other appreciative clients. Wally says people are loving it. “I’m so proud and blown away how Annelise has gone about taking on and developing the business.” And Annelise is very grateful of her parents’ support. “I couldn’t do it without them. I am really happy to be able to continue the business, especially after how much they have invested in it. “I just love the whole process, from visioning a new flower, getting the seed, planting and waiting for the flowers to come, then selling them and getting feedback. “Got more in the pipeline too. I am a tad flower crazy,” she smiles. If flowers are what you need, then go to the Flower Shed or contact Annelise via her Facebook page and/or through Instagram. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2022

Bay battles floods and slips Trees and power lines don’t mix Trees and vegetation can cause power cuts. That’s why it is important to manage them so that they don’t grow too close to power lines.

Our vegetation team surveys the network regularly, checking for trees and other vegetation that is a risk to the power lines. Totaranui Road: “It is very damaged in places, deep washouts,” said driver for Abel Tasman Guides Sage Forest. Photo: Sage Forest.

Before you plant anything near power lines, consider how big it will grow. We send ‘cut and trim’ (CT) notices to property owners where we find any trees growing too close to our power lines. We are required to do this by law under the Electricity (Hazard from Trees) Regulations. If you receive a CT notice you can choose to have the trees trimmed or felled. The Regulations state that each tree is entitled to one free trim. We keep a database of each surveyed site so if you are eligible for a free trim, our tree contractor will cut the tree back to a safe distance from the lines. You are then responsible for keeping the tree trimmed in the future so that it doesn’t grow too close again. Trees notified to you in a CT notice must only be cut by a network certified arborist. They have specific training and the necessary insulated tools to safely cut trees close to power lines. Our vegetation surveyors also look for trees that are a high risk to the power lines – these include trees that are diseased, or have damaged trunks/ broken branches that could fall onto the power lines. Owners of these trees will be contacted by our surveyors to discuss their options.

Trampers on McShane Road, Wainui. Photo: Sage Forest.

Surveying damage on the Wainui Falls Track. Photo: DOC.

Surveying our power lines and working with tree owners in this way has dramatically reduced the number of power outages caused by trees. We appreciate the effort that tree owners are making to keep their trees clear of the power lines, your neighbours will too! If you have any questions please contact our vegetation team on 0800 508 098 or email

owned pleh ot erehConsumer er’eW z n .o c . n a m s aTk r ow t e .w w w

Response 0800 508 100 001 805 0080 enoh24hr P • esFault nopse R tluaF rh•4Phone 2 Email z n .o c . n a m s a t k r o w t e n @ of n i tus a sat u iamE n a m s a t k r ow t e n @

Floodwater flows along McShane Road, Wainui. Photo: Georgia Robertson-Bates. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2022

reFind ttiwTus noon suTwitter dniF




RURAL VIEWS: Drenches and parasite resistance

Healthy parasite-free lambs in a pen. Photo: Joyce Wyllie. JOYCE WYLLIE

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A regular summer and autumn farm job is drenching young stock. The common saying, “If you keep doing the same thing then you will get the same result,” is not true when talking about drench. When you first use a drench product, it is initially very effective, with high kill rate on internal parasites. But if you keep using that same product over and over, season after season, resistance eventually develops. That drench no longer effectively eradicates worms living in the guts of your stock. Adult worms live on the lining of the fourth stomach and intestines. They meet up in the warm watery contents and mate. Some species lay hundreds every day. Eggs move down the gut in digestive material, along the rectum and out among the faeces. In the poo piles they develop into larvae, which wriggle out into the grass. The grazing animal unsuspectingly chomps infective larvae with breakfast, lunch and tea. Somehow these baby parasites survive the large acidic vats of the first, second and third stomachs, then mature to adults in the lumen and lining where the parent parasites were. The cycle begins again, taking about three weeks, with thousands of worms developing and larvae polluting the paddocks. Larvae like moisture, so they hide low in the pasture in dry conditions. After rain, mass migration up damp stalks creates a spike in parasite populations inside young stock. Active immune response and damage caused by irritation means protein leaks into the animal’s gut. This causes scouring, loss of appetite, and inefficient digestion. Lambs and calves don’t thrive with worm burdens. This is why drench is used, but recommendations for wise use have changed with time, experience and research. The “rules” used to be to drench every single animal in a mob. The advice was to alternate drenches between seasons over a three-year cycle of the three “drench families”: white drench, a levamisole type and Ivermectin. It sounded reasonable, but a problem emerged. All worms susceptible to the product died, but the resistant ones did not. Consequently, all the eggs delivered onto the pasture and which developed into larvae were a drench-resistant strain thousands of larvae on the ground, with the percentage of resistant ones slowly increasing. This increased the chances of mating between two resistant adult worms, and increased the output of resistant generations. Sometimes only one of the drench families is affected, but more than one can slowly

lose its effectiveness. Andrew Dowling spoke to a group of vets and farmers in Kaihoka to discuss parasites, problems and possible solutions. Information is valuable, so best practice is to find out what the situation is on the farm. A Faecal Egg Count Resistance Test (FECRT) is required. We got Andrew, a “Wormwise “facilitator, to sample our lambs, count parasite eggs and cultivate larvae to identify worm species. This is important, because just one of the three common species may be resistant. It’s handy to remember the three: Haemonchus, Telodorsagia and Trichostrongylus. When I trained as a vet as first three letters spelt HOT (O for Ostertagia), but it’s now HTT, as Ostertagia has been renamed. Andrew’s report stated: “There are some drench-resistant worms present, which need managing, but it is not a disaster.” There is no “rule book”, but our aim is to reduce the number of drenches and so reduce the risk of increasing the resistance problem. Selling lambs early is one good option. Grazing undrenched ewes or cattle behind lambs mops up larvae, “cleans” paddocks, and the lambs pick up fewer parasites. Mobs here at Kaihoka usually rotate around a block, so this will be new. These strategies will help, and so will creating refugia. These are larvae that have not been exposed to the drench. Instead of treating every animal, some lambs are left, or ewes run in with the lamb mob. This clever ploy increases larvae numbers still susceptible to the drench. This then decreases the chance of two resistant worms mating, and slows the build-up of resistant populations. Drench will still be used, and triples are now available with all three drench families in one dose. New drench types have been developed, and using one of these during the season is recommended. Basic actions vital for good results: thoroughly shaking the drench in the container; weighing lambs to get accurate dosage; and carefully measuring the drench gun to give the correct amount. Another area of progress involves breeders selecting genetics for worm resilience. Introducing these rams to the flock will contribute to lowering parasite burden and reducing drench use. If you have read this far, well done. You have just made it through the potted version of Andrew’s presentation. It’s complex, technical stuff and each farm is different. Summer and autumn will always be worm season, and there will always be something to learn to improve our management, and achieve better results.

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SUPPLIER OF: Stock Feed Fertilisers Spreading: Spreadmark certified with GPS mapping Aggregates Compost, garden bark, landscape gravels Pea straw

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w and /sne rate tissu es befo If someone in your household gets COVID-19, your whole household re putting inwill need to isolate spread of germ washing hands to redu ezing main rubb ce the s. ish bags) until everyone has fully recovered (3 days symptom-free).  Could ventilation be improve windows will Omicron spreads fast - everyone in the house may catch the virus. help to get rid d? Even opening of the virus. Ways to fee So be ready, make a plan and have a kōrero. l better if you 're māuiui unw For tiredness ell , fever, ache s and pains: WHAT YOU NEED TO PLAN FOR • Get For coughs, sore plenty of throats or bloc body recover sleep and rest to help your ked noses, try: Getting food and supplies — organise with friends, whānau or neighbours to do contactless • Hot lemo n and honey • Stay hydr or kawakaw drop offs. ated by drin a tea • Saltwater king plenty of gargling fluid • toicati work and/or study from home. s Take med  Mahi work and/or kura school(s) — prepare • Chest vapo on like paraceto ibuprofen ur rubs or arrangements?  What happens with children, other dependants, or shared custodymol • Nose and throat treatme  If you require care services — decide if you need to isolate together. nts, like spra • Cough syru ys p or soothing  How will you try and minimse the spread to household members who are not unwell? lozenges Looking aft er your me  Find activities to help pass the time. ntal wellbe • Try to be ing kind and gent KNOW AND SHARE YOU PLANS le with each and downs other as isola ting together • Ackninowle for some wee thedge household, including kids, knows what will happen  Kōrero together — ensure everyone ks may have its ups get challeng your feelings — becoming when you need to isolate. ing anxious or stre ssed is a norm • Try and stick helping you (or who you are supporting). al response  Share plans with those supporting to routines whe when times re possible • Put a limit on any time IN CASE OF EMERGENCY online and get • If you star some fresh air t to feel over whelmed orhome. • Most of us can recover safely at you need advice or your symptoms worsen, call your text onIf 1737 , spea k with a train ed counsello doctor, health provider or Healthline 0800 358 5453. • For moron r any time, day e advi Cov or night -free • If you are having trouble breathing, call 111 imce: mediatid19 ely. call tal-wellbeing • Have personal information ready, including: Con tac full names, birth dates/ages, NHI numbers, medical conditions and prescriptions, GPs/health ts for sup port service providers and other emergency details • COVcontact s ID-19 Healthlin e: 0800 358 5453 • Prepare instructions for pets, plants paying bills, just in case you need to away from • Hea lthlinor • recover Mental heal e: 080 th support: home. other health 0 611 116 (for advice on call or text 1737 matters) • Alcohol Drug Helpline: 080 • PlunketL 0 787 797 ine: 080 STAY CONNECTED • Work and advice regardin 0 933 922 (for heal Income: 080 th g 0 559 009 bab ies or children) • Rural Sup We are all in this together, and we will get through together. • Fam port Trust: 080 ily Services: 0800 211 211 0 787 254 • Busi • Stay connected — arrange regular catch-ups with your whānau, friends and community. you ness suppIfort: and South Islan North Island 0800 are isolating, make sure these are online or by phone. 500 362 d 0800 505 096 For • Support your friends, whānau andrma workmates to make their plans to get ready. more info tion, head to: • Find out what your community is doing — is there a group meals to freeze, sharing planning tips, or just staying in the know?




Get the latest information about Council services and facilities under the Covid-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system) on our website,

Walking and Cycling webinars Zoom ahead Our draft Walking and Cycling Strategy aims to improve key issues in every town across Tasman District, and we want you to talk to us about it. It focuses on safety, accessibility, liveability, climate change and traffic congestion. The strategy suggests changes to parking, alterations to speed limits, the installation of cycle lanes and paths, and the development of slow speed neighbourhoods. Find out more on our website or pick up a copy of the draft strategy from your nearest service centre or library then check out one of our online Zoom webinars before you make a submission. Zoom webinars: • Thursday 24 February, 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm • Thursday 24 February, 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Road through Saxton named after former Richmond, Tasman and Nelson mayor

$100,000 for Covid affected community groups in Tasman

The previously unnamed road through the Saxton Field Complex has been officially named Kerry Marshall Drive in honour of former Mayor Kerry Marshall. An unveiling ceremony was held on Thursday 3 February 2022 to mark the occasion.

We’ve created a new way to assist local groups who have been financially impacted by Covid-19, thanks to a surplus in our Community Grants Fund.

Having served as Mayor of Richmond for three years, Tasman for nine years and Nelson for three years, the road will serve as a fitting way to recognise Kerry’s many years of service to the region. The proposal to name the road came from Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese, Tasman Mayor Tim King and former Nelson MP Nick Smith in July 2020. Family and friends of Kerry were joined by Nelson Deputy Mayor Judene Edgar, Tasman Mayor Tim King, Nelson MP Rachel Boyack, Nick Smith, and members of the Nelson and Tasman councils to remember Kerry’s many contributions to the region and country. Tim said “We welcome the gesture as an appropriate memorial. A road linking the two districts reflects Kerry’s time at the helm of both Councils and the joined-up development that occurred during his tenure in both offices.” Judene said Saxton Field was the perfect location to recognise Kerry, as much of his work benefitted both Nelson and Tasman, and beyond.

We are seeking feedback until 7 March 2022. Find more information and have your say at

“Kerry’s was a life of community and public service. We have all benefitted from his tireless work, especially for the arts, sport and conservation, as well as his leadership of our communities.”

Does your pool measure up?

Alongside his time as Mayor for Richmond, Tasman and Nelson, Kerry was also involved in civic life on a national scale.

The Government requires all swimming pools in the country to meet certain criteria and to be registered with their local council. To help Tasman residents ensure they meet the requirements, we’re offering a six-month amnesty for people to contact us and register their pool so we can check that it complies. We have hundreds of pools on our register but also know there are many more out there that aren’t on the books. The pool rules are covered under the Building Act and all swimming pools in New Zealand which are 400mm or deeper must have a barrier restricting access to children under five years old.

He served as President of Local Government NZ, Chair of the NZ Conservation Authority, Chair of the New Zealand Visitor Information Network, member of the New Zealand Geographic Board, trustee of the Cawthron Institute of Science and Technology, Chair of the New Zealand World of Wearable Art Development Trust and Chair of the Tasman Environmental Trust. Kerry spent the last years of his life at Ernest Rutherford Retirement Village, enjoying walks through the Saxton grounds before his passing in March 2020.

Under the same Act, councils are required to inspect all pools in their area to ensure the rules are followed.

She says the Council was in the fortunate position of having a surplus in the grants fund that can be used to directly assist community organisations in Tasman who have suffered a monetary loss due to Covid-19. "Funding is also available for groups who assist vulnerable people and have needed to increase their service because of Covid-19." Applicants must be not for profit, charity or voluntary organisations who work across our District. Lani says it is intended that grants will assist in covering the costs of things like salaries, wages, and volunteer expenses. “Costs that are essential to service delivery, administration and office expenses can also be covered, as well as accommodation expenses, including rent, leases, maintenance, insurances and utilities.” Requests for assistance will need to be made via the official application form on our website and are open year-round. A typical allocation for each group is expected to be around $5,000. Applications are now open. Full details about criteria and eligibility can be found on our website,


COUNCIL HUI Under Covid-19 restrictions, meetings will take place via Zoom video conferencing. Public forum presenters are required to present via Zoom. Visit for details and the Zoom link. Joint Shareholders Committee Tuesday 15 February, 2.00 pm. No public forum

If you’ve bought a new pool recently, check the packaging because it will also offer guidelines about meeting the government rules.

Motueka Community Board Tuesday 15 February, 4.00 pm

But if you’re not sure whether your pool needs to be registered or where it sits under the legislation please give our Pool Compliance Team a call, they’re happy to answer any queries – 03 543 8400.

Operations Committee Thursday 17 February, 9.30 am Commercial Committee Tuesday 22 February, 9.30 am. No public forum

Alternatively, go to our website and work through our pool checklist and register it with us.

Full Council Thursday 24 February, 9.30 am


Colleen Marshall with children Leighton and Emma. 10

Community Partnerships Coordinator Lani Evans says the pandemic has affected us all in many ways. Individuals, businesses and community groups alike have all felt its impact.

22022 HotHouse Creative

Covid restrictions in Tasman

11 FE BRUARY 2022



Not only is the historical importance of food highlighted in this gorgeous and witty French tale of the first restaurant, but also the value of eating before seeing this film. Your stomach will otherwise rumble noisily throughout the procession of exquisite dishes, expertly prepared and paraded before your eyes. Set in the final years before the storming of the Bastille, the historical accuracy of the story might be somewhat confected, but the basic ingredients are in place. Resembling British actor Michael Sheen crossed with a glowering grizzly bear, Manceron (Grégory Gadebois) is a master chef who has worked his way from humble beginnings into the service of self-proclaimed gourmand, the Duc de Chamfort (Benjamin Lavernhe). In this time of widespread poverty, where vast wealth and privilege belonged only to a titled and pampered few, the reputation of a house depended upon the quality of the meals its kitchens could produce. But when an improvisation of Manceron’s only earns ignorant ridicule from the Duc’s gaggle of powdered-wigged dinner guests, Manceron resigns his post rather than agree to apologise. Leaving with his idealistic but impractical son, Benjamin, he retreats to a run-down provincial inn, renouncing his former life as a gourmet chef to content himself with serving vegetable soup to the occasional traveller. However, when a mysterious woman known only as Louise (Isabelle Carré) arrives to beg Manceron to train her as his apprentice, he is gradually winkled out of his self-imposed exile and rediscovers his gastronomic passion. Louise is surmised to have been a former courtesan (career opportunities for women were hardly plentiful in these times), and she introduces Manceron to parallels between her presumed trade and his. She schools him in the art of creating inviting surroundings and displaying just enough of his wares to entice customers inside, while nascent social reformer Benjamin encourages his father to make fine dining available to all classes of people. He even proposes a list of available dishes complete with varying prices, so that customers can order according to their tastes and means. As the three of them combine their talents, we see the prototype of the very first restaurant coalesce before our eyes. However, Manceron’s past association with the Duc cannot be shaken off so easily, and Louise turns out to have a previous life that is far more complex and tragic than anyone could have

The next screening of Delicious at The Village Theatre is today, 11 February, at 8pm.

suspected. Change is in the air, not only for the lives of our main characters, but French society as a whole. Although labelled a comedy, this delectable film is more accurately a historical drama, but laced with wit and charm that balance the appalling societal imbalance about to lose its hold over the country. The chemistry between our three leads is a sheer delight to watch, even when their fortunes fall to their lowest ebb before the story’s glorious conclusion. Benjamin Lavernhe’s portrayal of the Duc is so utterly loathsome that his supposed final appointment in Paris seems entirely justified for such a person. Entirely convinced of the aristocracy’s exclusive right to enjoy fine food while the peasantry around them starves, he seems to have every possible advantage over his former employee. But a comeuppance of a far more personal nature might have been patiently cooked up in Manceron’s kitchen, and the result truly earns this film its title. An audience might be deprived of tasting the exquisite fare, but the photography goes a very long way to compensating for this. In colour and composition, scenes often resemble studies by the fine masters. When the camera pauses to linger on a table laden with food, or a quiet scene of diners seated together, the image becomes a still life worthy of a European art gallery. And it is clear that this is exactly what the director Éric Besnard has intended. Feast your eyes. Delicious is a booking well worth making.

Arts Council eyes “exciting future” ROSA VOLZ

The incoming chair of the Golden Bay Community Arts Council (GBCAC), Anna Dean, is prepared for the challenges of 2022, and “ready to galvanise the role [of the council] within the community”. Anna brings with her connections and decades of experience in the arts sector, working with national and international artists. The GBCAC was established to serve and celebrate local artists. Funded by central government via Creative NZ, the voluntary council organises a variety of annual events and opportunities designed to expand arts participation and recognition of the value of all creative ventures. The key events in the Bay calendar are the iconic Bay Art exhibition and competition, now in its 35th year, the Matariki Light Festival and Sand Sculpture competition. Over the years there have been other events such WordFest (the spring arts festival) and support of Arts on Tour. The council also supports an artist’s residency programme, which to date has seen artists hosted on Farewell Spit and in the Cobb Valley. The council celebrates the outgoing chair, Deborah Rhodes, and wishes to thank Tania Marsden, the outgoing arts worker. Both have just completed a three-year term. Says Tania: “It feels like right timing – we both feel it’s time for fresh energy,” A highlight for Tania was the 2021 Matariki Light Festival – centred around the community celebration of Māori New Year. “It was the event that for me brought our community together in the most heartwarming way, and I so appreciated the dedication of my family of helpers, the contributing artists, and the support from Manawhenua ki Mohua.” Tania’s hope for the council is that “the community really supports and appreciates them. I wish them well in working together, navigating challenges. To me, art is a window into the diverse perspectives within the creative spirit of humanity. I see this time as a great opportunity to collaborate and get creative around how to keep strengthening community through inclusive events, such as broadening to online platforms or the use of spread-out geography.” THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2022

Book tickets online at, lobby ticketing as normal Fri 11 5.00 Belle (PG) (English Dubbed) (Final) 8.00 Delicious (M) (Subtitles) Sat 12 2.00 Clifford the Big Red Dog (PG) 5.00 West Side Story (M) Encore 8.00 Licorice Pizza (M) Fri 18 4.30 Licorice Pizza (M) 8.00 King Richard (M) Sat 19 2.00 Clifford the Big Red Dog (PG) (Final) 5.00 Delicious (M) (Subtitles) (Final) 8.00 West Side Story (M) (Encore and Final)


PHONE 525 9419


& A S S O C I AT E S

Specialised Accounting Unbeatable Professional Qualifications Experience & Service

03 525 9919 23 MOTUPIPI ST TAKAKA 7110, GOLDEN BAY

Scaffold Solutions Edge Protection Site Fencing

Golden Bay Scaffold Ltd 027 569 6483 Outgoing community arts worker Tania Marsden. Photo: Supplied.

Moving forward, Anna is opting for “an evidenced-based approach” as to what will best serve the people of the Bay. “We will be undertaking market research on the needs of our constituents; the Bay community, the artist community, and the visitor community. I do not have any set ideas on how to do things. Covid has disrupted many plans, and now is a good time to rest and reflect on what has worked well in the past while looking toward an exciting future.”



Forest & woodlot harvesting Hauler & ground-based bush-rigged excavator Locally-owned operation with local crew

Ph 027 455 9895


Scholarship “absolutely deserved”



New carpet for library


The Collingwood Memorial Library has recently benefited from a minor makeover – a brand new carpet. The funds for the carpet were kindly donated by the Collingwood Memorial Hall Committee. Collingwood’s little library has been operating independently for many years and is seen as a great asset to the local community.

Mundi Trio at the Mussel Inn

Eighteen-year-old Golden Bay High School NCEA Level 3 graduate Manu Bourgeois is one of three students heading to the University of Canterbury this month with the financial support of the Sir Wallace Rowling Scholarship. Network Tasman Charitable Trust established the scholarship in memory of the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, who was also a Network Tasman Trust Chairman and Director of Tasman Energy. Golden Bay High School principal Linda Tame said, as joint winner of the school’s Charlton Plate for Citizenship, and the Principal’s Cup for Outstanding Leadership, Manu absolutely deserved to be recognised. “In my 20 years as principal, he is one of the top leaders I’ve seen, a truly remarkable young man. He’s got a real knack for knowing the difference between right and wrong; he’s provided positive guidance to younger students when it comes to decision making.” Linda said she nominated Manu because he had made a well-rounded contribution to the school community, which gave him a stronger chance of winning the scholarship, which aims to recognise students who not only do well academically but also demonstrate they are good citizens. She said Manu also excelled in several sports and that his fellow students admired him. “There was no ball last year because of Covid-19, so the Level 3 students had an end-of year dinner at the Wholemeal Café. One of the students stood up and publicly thanked Manu for his contribution to the school community, to rousing applause.” Manu grew up in Golden Bay after being born in Auckland, not long after Manu’s French father and British mother immigrated to New Zealand after they met in French Polynesia. The family moved to Golden Bay when he was a baby and he has enjoyed living here, although life hasn’t always been easy. “When Mum died a few years ago, it felt like a huge piece was missing from the puzzle. My life didn’t feel complete without her. I haven’t always been successful at school. I had to put in countless hours of work to make it to where I am today. Mum taught me so much and provided me with a lot of guidance. I know that she wanted me to keep going, be happy, and do things I love. This knowledge has fuelled and motivated me to continue studying and aim for greater heights.” Manu is looking forward to being as actively involved in student activities at university as he has been at high school. “I’m looking at joining a number of university clubs and want

Prepare to be transported! Mundi Trio comprises Brazilian percussionist Ricardo Stuani, guitarist Chris Dabinett and flautist, vocalist, and composer Tamara Smith. Mundi’s music exudes joy and passion - taking you on a journey filled with global colours, grooves and influences. They have performed at numerous festivals and the trio members were chosen to perform an original item on the banks of Avon/Ōtākaro River with Yo-Yo Ma and Marlon Williams as part of Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project. Tamara grew up in rural North Canterbury and trained in classical flute before training in jazz. Chris graduated from Wellington Massey University in Jazz Studies. Ricardo is a percussionist, with a Bachelor in Percussion and a Masters in Music from the University of Sao Paulo. Saturday 19 February, 8.30pm at The Mussel Inn, $15 door sales. The show is seated and reservations recommended.

Winner The winner of the January crossword competition (266) is Graham Rogers.

The winner of Suzanne Clark’s new book is Jean Wedderburn

Please call in to Take Note to collect your prize.

SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 1. Scampers 6. Pumps 10. Liberia 11. Arousal 12. Annuls 13. Improper 15. Site 16. Bewildered 20. Point blank 21. Chic 23. Swindler 25. Opened 27. Actions 28. Auction 29. Terns 30. Liaising DOWN: 2. Cabinet minister 3. Murals 4. Eras 5. Spasm 6. Protrude 7. Misapprehension 8. Solar 9. Clears up 14. Peal 17. Ions 18. Decadent 19. Studious 22. Spices 23. Shaft 24. Easel 26. Data

Congratulations, we’ll be in touch.


No. 575

3 2 5


Previous solution - Medium


6 8 7


4 3

8 2


9 8

1 6

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7 8 9 5 6 3 2 4 1

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No. 575


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7 1 6

9 3 1 4 5 6 2 7 8


How to beat Str8ts – Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. But... rows and columns are divided by black squares into compartments. These need to be filled in with numbers that complete a ‘straight’. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4,2,3,5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight. Glance at the solution to The solutions will be published here in the next issue. see how ‘straights’ are formed.

1 8 2 5 7

Previous solution - Very Hard


3 9 7

9 2 5


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to play badminton, basketball and compete in long distance running. I’ve got four friends from the Bay who are also going to study engineering at UC but I’m also excited about meeting new people.” Linda said the Sir Wallace Rowling Scholarship scholarship provided a significant opportunity for students in the Bay. “It can be terribly expensive for our students who are going away to tertiary studies. Anything we can do to help, we do.” “There are quite a lot of expenses and hidden costs,” says Manu, who will be living on campus this year and says he will use the scholarship to help pay for his accommodation.

Hókioi: Giant of the Sky



Manu Bourgeois is heading to Christchurch this month to study at the University of Canterbury. Photo: Submitted.

5 4 8 2 7 3 1 6 9

7 6 2 9 1 8 3 4 5

3 5 7 6 4 1 8 9 2

4 8 9 3 2 7 5 1 6

2 1 6 5 8 9 4 3 7

1 7 3 8 9 5 6 2 4

6 2 5 7 3 4 9 8 1

8 9 4 1 6 2 7 5 3

To complete Sudoku, fill the board by entering numbers 1 to 9 such that each row, column and 3x3 box contains every number uniquely. For many strategies, hints and tips, visit If you like Str8ts check out our books, iPhone/iPad Apps and much more on our store.



PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui

BRIDGE 2 February. Golden Bay Social . Switched Mitchell: C Christiansen/J Harper 58.33%; C Webster/R McDonald 58.33%; T Packard/P Wood 50%. H/cap: C Webster/R McDonald 58.83%; C Christiansen/J Harper 57.08%; R Berry/ P O’Connor 55.24%.

LEARNING / Akonga / Huarahi ako/mahi

English Tutor English Tutor Available for private tuition English Tutor

CURIOUS about Quakers? Come and check us out. Ph Jude 524 8291. <>

ALCOHOLICS Anonymous, open meeting, all welcome. Thursdays 7pm, 94 Commercial Street. Hall behind the Catholic Church. Ph 0800 229 6757. TOTOS Café & Pizzeria: only open for private functions, all welcomed. Totaranui hill, ph 021 187 1849, totoscafegallery@

English TutorTutor English Tutor English English Tutor

Funding Applications – February 2022 (applications close Friday 25 Feb 2022) Applications are invited from local organisations seeking financial assistance to improve the quality of life for the sick or elderly members of the Golden Bay community. Application forms are available from: The Whittaker Trust secretary, Jaine Lindsay, email:

Available for private Bay tuition in Golden Available for private in Classes/Small Golden Baytuition Available for private tuition 1:1 groupstuition in Golden Bay Available for tuition for private Available forprivate private tuition 1:1 Classes/Small groups in Available Golden Bay

1:1 Classes/Small groups inare inBay Golden Bay Classes individualised to suit student inGolden Golden Bay 1:1 Classes/Small groups needs. Help is available with: Classes areClasses/Small individualised to suit student groups 1:1 groups 1:1 Classes/Small Classes areClasses/Small individualised to suitgroups student This is an update of how Mohua Social Services 1:1 needs. Help available with: Classes areisis individualised to suit student needs. available with: • Help NCEA Levels 1, 2, 3 and Scholarship Classes are individualised to suit student Classes arewith: individualised to suit student will be operating as an essential service while needs. Help is available Classes are is individualised to suit student NCEA Levels 1,1,2, and • Preparing for Help available with: needs. isScholarship available with: NCEA Levels 2,3Help 3Internals/Externals and Scholarship Roisin Warner•• •needs. needs. Help is available with: we are at Red in the Covid traffic light system: •Preparing NCEA Levels 1,Entrance 2, 3 and Scholarship for Internals/Externals •NCEA University & Degree-level Preparing for Internals/Externals Levels 2, 3 Levels and Scholarship Roisin Warner •for1, NCEA 1, 2, 3 and Scholarship Roisin Warner • •••University M.A.C.A.N.T.A.B. Preparing Internals/Externals • NCEA Levels 1, 2, 3 and Scholarship Entrance && Degree-level •Preparing Creative Degree-level Roisin Warner •• University forWriting Internals/Externals •Entrance Preparing for Internals/Externals • We have moved to a 2-team system to reduce risk of having M.A.C.A.N.T.A.B. M.A.C.A.N.T.A.B. •Creative University Entrance & Degree-level Roisin Warner • Creative Preparing for Internals/Externals Roisin Warner • Writing • Essay Writing/Academic Writing • Writing Roisin Warner MA in English • University Entrance & Degree-level M.A.C.A.N.T.A.B. • University Entrance & Degree-level to shut MSS if anyone is sick or a close contact MA inMA English in English • • Creative Writing University Entrance & Degree-level M.A.C.A.N.T.A.B. M.A.C.A.N.T.A.B. MAyears’ in English 10+ Teaching Experience • ••Essay Essay Writing/Academic Writing •Creative English as a Foreign Language 10+ years’ Teaching Experience Writing/Academic Writing Writing • We will shut on Wednesdays, but the phones will be • Creative Writing M.A.C.A.N.T.A.B. MA in English 10+ years’ Teaching • • Essay Writing/Academic Writing MAExperience in English 10+ years’ Current Teacher Registration Creative Writing Current Teacher Registration English asa a•Foreign Foreign Language MAyears’ in English • ••English Language 10+ Teaching Experience Essayas Writing/Academic Writing Current Teacher Registration checked, ph 03 525 9728 10+ years’ Teaching Experience Essay Writing/Academic Writing Teaching Experience • • English as a Foreign Language 10+ years’ Teaching Experience Essay Writing/Academic Writing Current Teacher Registration Current Teacher Registration • English as•a Foreign EnglishLanguage as a Foreign Language • In theory it is business as usual, open from 9am-3pm Current Teacher Registration • English as a Foreign Language I





The Whittaker Trust

Completed applications must be submitted no later than

5pm, Friday 25 February

either to: 457 Hamama Road, RD 1, Takaka 7183 or to:



Current Teacher Registration

We will be available thby phone, Zoom, etc as much as We• will be shut from 20 December until 13th January.


PERSONAL NOTICES / Pānui ake WE would like to the give the warmest heartfelt thank you to the local businesses who came together to put the most thoughtful and generous basket of goods together for us. Words can’t describe how much it means to us - it is a ray of sunshine during a very dark time. We feel so blessed to live in such a supportive, caring and loving community. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Sam and Georgia.

PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui

We’re your local

possible and face-to-face will be in a big space following

For more information, contact: Covid protocols For more information, contact: ForText: more information, contact: We wish everybody a safe and happy festive period. Or 021 203 5017 information, For more information, contact: For more contact:• We will not exclude unmasked or unvaccinated people Or Text: 021 203 5017 Or Text: 021 203 5017 For more information, contact: Or Text: 021 Or 203Text: 5017021 203 5017 Or Text: 021 203 5017 Many thanks • The Food Bank is well stocked thanks to the wonderful

• Community Centre room bookings are being kept to a minimum and the same with the Cobb Houses • Please leave a message on the phone if no one answers, as there are less staff and they will be very busy

Before we know it it’ll be fire season again, so get in early and come instore and see us for your fire needs

Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help you or the community in any way. Thanks for your understanding and continued support and all the best navigating these tricky times. Mauri ora, Premal and the MSS team

We sell Metro, Woodsman and Masport fireplaces

AL-ANON: Are you affected by someone else’s drinking? Weekly meetings, 1.30pm Monday at the Catholic Hall. All welcome. Ph 0508 425 2666. EXPERIENCE France by E-bike! Dust off your airline credits, get your Covid-19 insurance cover and join our guided tour 8-27 June 2022 (19 nights). 14 cycle days on La Vélo Francette trail. We will be shut from 20th December until 13th January. Visit Bayeux, Caen, Saumur and La Rochelle. NZ$6580 twin share/person. Ph/text Wander Tours: 021 155 3672. We wish everybody a safe and happy festive period. GB Animal Welfare Society Inc (ex-SPCA). Ph Carol Wells Many thanks 525 9494, 8am-5pm weekdays. WE’VE MOVED IN 2022! PATTISONS SWIMMING LESSONS: 19 and 20 February. Excellent swimming tuition for five years and up at the heated Rockville Pool. Four lessons for $47. Ph Jordy 03 548 0932.

Now at: 283 High Street, Motueka

YOUR LOCAL Equipment Specialist For all Mowers, Chainsaws, Trimmers, and Blowers Sales and Service Ph Kerry 0272 242 085 │ 03 528 0233


In the Bay weekly - FREE pick up and delivery

Ph 525 7265 │ 7 Commercial Street, Takaka

Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm Saturday 9am-1pm

0800 MAUREEN Call anytime or

Maureen Pugh National List MP

Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by M Pugh, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.




TRADES AND SERVICES / Mahi a ratonga Abel Tasman Accounting Limited Xero Certified, Public Practice CA. Taxation services and general business support for clients of all shapes and sizes. Available evenings and weekends. Ph Bronwyn 027 268 4010, ACCOUNTANT and tax advisor. All Inland Revenue returns filed for big and small businesses and individuals. Self-employed and rental property reports prepared. Day and evening appointments available. Ph Susan Ayton Shaw 929 7507 or email ACCOUNTANT. Long-standing market leader with unbeatable professional qualifications and experience. Warn & Associates, ph 525 9919.

APPLIANCE and whiteware repair. 12+ years’ experience servicing all brands. Ph Luke 022 602 8118. ARBORIST, qualified, ph Jack Stevens 021 211 5580.

ARCHITECTURAL design, residential housing. Ph Peter Fersterer 525 8132. CARS wanted. Will pick up for free (some conditions apply). Motueka Auto Parts. Ph 03 528 9576.

CHIMNEY cleaning, handyman, Dennis Sage ph 027 873 0726. Computer/Smartphone Sales and Repairs. Supporting all Windows and Apple products. Conveniently located on Commercial Street or available by appointment ph 03 525 8371. CONCRETE water tank repair specialist. Ph Paul 021 101 2869. ELECTRICIANS. Fuse Electrical Golden Bay. Ready to solve all your electrical needs. Ph Thomas 525 9300, 027 788 8500.

PORTABLE BANDSAW MILLING. Ph Tim 524 8997, 027 714 4232.

ANEL BAKER Physiotherapy at 22 Meihana Street, Tākaka. Ph/txt for an appointment 021 053 4337.

PRUNING, garden/property design, edible landscaping, soil testing, garden mentoring. Sol Morgan, GroWise Consultancy, ph 027 514 9112.

AROHA Health Spa. Massage: deep tissue, relaxation and clinical; structural bodywork, myofascial release, infrared sauna, spa bath, facials, holistic health and more. Open from 9.30am onwards. Closed Monday and Tuesday. 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pōhara. Ph 525 8870.

RURAL NEW BUILD? FAILING SEPTIC SYSTEM? Wastewater Design, Onekaka-based services. AES system specialists - no ongoing costs, 20-year guarantee. Ph Kris 524 8222. SEPTIC TANKS EMPTIED. Ph Chris 027 444 5334 or John 027 647 4913. SEWING SERVICE, NEEDLES, THREADS, WOOL, BEADS. Stitch ‘n Sew ph 525 8177. STORAGE /container hire. Your place (anywhere) or mine (Tākaka). Ph Cheryl at Orange Mechanical Ltd 525 9991.

SURVEYING: topographical survey, construction and building set out, boundary location. Ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. TĀKAKA Garden Services, for all your lawn and garden needs. Ph 027 525 8006 or 525 8806.

AYURVEDIC HEALTH CONSULTATION and herbal dispensary at Floraveda Apothecary. Contact Alida Roussain, Ayurvedic Practitioner, ph 027 585 2947, Dr Bruce Dooley, MD. Private GP consulting. 10-minute Covid Rapid Antigen test - now booking. Appointments ph 525 7125 or enquire: 14 Junction Street (side door)

HEARING. The next Nelson Hearing Association Hearing Aid Clinic will take place on Thursday 17 February from 1pm at GBCH. We can clean and dry your aids, provide spare parts, check for ear wax and give advice. Home visits are also possible. Consultations are $10, but are free to members. For appointment with M ph 525 7465.

TILER. Wayne Robinson Tiling. Tiling new bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Ph 027 576 1620. WINDOW cleaning. Ph Willem 022 134 1726.

WINDOW cleaning,, ph 027 690 0769.

Providing Golden Bay with: Professional, Diagnostic, Clinical Physio & Massage Therapy services ACC registered Provider

ELECTRONICS repairs: Cell phones, computers, radios, TVs, HiFi and more! Ph 027 246 2432. ELEMENTAL Design and Build: New builds, renos, refits, alterations. Environmentally-conscious builders specialising in natural builds., ph 022 087 6396, EWOF, electrical caravan repairs. Ph Tony 027 378 4580. Sun Electrical Ltd.

• New Builds

FREEVIEW satellite TV. Ph 027 246 2432.

• Joinery Installs

FUNERAL directors, Matuku Funerals. Cremation, regular and eco-burials. Professional, caring and budget conscious with exceptional customer service. Proud member of the FDANZ. Laura and Mark Manson, East Tākaka, ph 525 7399, 027 777 4738, 027 525 7399. GARDENING, hand tools only, Eastern part of Bay. Ph Nina 022 455 0957.

• Renovations

Mohua Construction Ltd

• • • • • •

Sports & Accident injuries Complex musculoskeletal conditions Clinical reviews / Second opinions Orthopaedic / Post-operative rehabilitation Postural / Biomechanical correction programmes Clinical Massage Therapy

No GP referral required Ask us about our no-cost initial Physio assessment

Call Chris Overmeer 021 056 0092

Call 0800 749 739 for info or an appointment today


GB CHIMNEY SWEEPING, SPIDER AND FLY SPRAYING Ph 524 8795 or 027 434 5405 GOLDEN BAY DIGGER HIRE 1.7 tonne. Ph 027 713 0684.

GOLDEN Bay Roofing, all roofing services. Ph 027 395 0037, email: GOLDEN Bay Storage, Tākaka. Dry, safe, secure, alarmed, insurance approved. Furniture trailer available. Ph Marg 027 222 5499,

Green Grass Accounting - Chartered Accountant. MYOB Partner and Xero Certified. Local accountant providing business and personal accounting services. Ph Robert 029 775 6459 or email HEAT pump installation, sales and servicing. Ph Dave McKay 027 404 4740, 525 8538. KRW Contracting. Tiling, Ardex licensed waterproofing applicator, blocklaying and bricklaying. Ph Ken 021 307 019. No job too big, no job too small. LAWNMOWING. Pakawau, Bainham, Tākaka to Wainui. Ph N Shaw 525 7597, 027 212 4020. LAWNMOWING,, ph 027 690 0769. ORANGE Rentals have rental cars, trailers and a furniture trailer available for hire. Ph 027 337 7147. ORTIZ ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO. Residential, renovations, light commercial. Ph 021 211 1339 or email

     

Retro fitting Balustrades Window Reputty Mirrors Fly Screens Shower Screens

Ph: 0274109105 E:

Create life-changing new directions

Open up your full potential through a detailed energy reading with Master Reader Nate

021 158 2357

Reiki Master & Pranic healer Daniel Bruning - Diggs

027 307 8774

Specialising in residential earthworks and more Give Diggs a call to see how he can help dig your dream


PAINTER available, call Borrelli Painting for a free quote. All interior/exterior jobs. Ph Luca 022 086 1842. PAINTING and interior, exterior plastering. Licensed qualified local tradesman. Ph CM Coatings 027 222 0507. PENINSULA Plasterers for all your interior plastering needs. No job too small. Quality assured. 20+ years’ experience. For a free quote ph Craig 027 472 4376. 14

Interior ∙ Exterior ∙ Residential ∙ Commerical Ph 022 086 1842 for a free quote THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2022


Healing with Grace &

021 346642 ♥ 525 8106

Removal of ear wa Weekly Private Clinics x by micro-suction 03 525 8327 or book online:


Collingwood Health Centre Physiotherapist: Anel Baker Mondays, and Thursday mornings

Phone: 021 0534 337


100 Rocklands Road, Clifton

PRICE: Enquiries Over $2,500,000 | VIEW: Find your bliss surrounded by nature’s beauty and bounty. Gather friends and family around the fire pit for celebrations or star-gaze from the dual fire baths! A unique home full of artisan flair with multiple studio and workshop spaces to let creativity flow. Harness the microclimate, sun and organically

tended soils and enjoy the harvest from the established food forest and gardens. The bespoke kitchen is a dream to cook in! Perhaps you will serve dinner on the deck with mesmerizing mountain and sea views or take a picnic to the romantic grassy knoll for a spectacular sunset.

KYLIE JONES +64 21 152 8195



Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.


FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko


GARAGE sale. Saturday 12 February, 9am-12pm, Bishop Road, Parapara. Moving, everything must go. FIREWOOD. Delivering now. Douglas fir, beech, gum and Lawson cypress. Ph Bay Firewood 027 769 6348. GRAZING available for dairy replacement heifers from 1 April 2022. Space available for 60-odd animals at Collingwood. Txt or ph 027 362 9487. SPLASHBACKS and shower glass. Custom made by Golden Bay Glass, 96 Commercial Street. Ph 525 7274.

HEIFER grazing available from April, up to 40 head. Ph Saramah 021 114 0358. GOOD lawnmowing business. Ph 027 212 4020 for details.

TWM Administrator

PPT 24 hrs / week

SITUATIONS VACANT / Tūranga wātea MOTEL MANAGER. Our client requires a hands on manager for a Takaka motel, ideally a person who likes cleaning and laundry. Applicants should be highly computer literate, have good admin skills, have people skills for a front person, possess business acumen, be able to work unsupervised seven days a week and manage staff. We envisage the position to be under a management contract and preferably applicants should be GST registered. A two-bedroom house is provided at a reduced rental, probably not suitable for children. The position may suit an active semi-retired couple or person whom has a small home-based business as an add-on. Apply with a CV to: Halstead Business Services Limited t/a Taxlink Accountants, Nelson Email: Phone 027 601 5347

Helping Hands Coordinator

- Permanent Part-time (Mon-Fri, 8am-1pm) -

We are looking for a friendly, motivated and hands-on person to support our EVS Manager with coordinating a range of activities for our supported employment programme. The successful candidate will have exceptional interpersonal and time management skills. We would love to hear from you if you have: • Organisation and leadership experience • Strong communication skills with the ability to build relationships and work within a team • A proactive and positive approach to Health & Safety • Full clean driver’s license • Computer literacy would be an advantage Consent for Police Vetting and the Covid-19 Vaccination are required.

Friday 18th

Applications close 5pm, February For a detailed job description & application form, please e-mail, or go to



Te Whare Mahana Trust (TWM) is an independent, NonGovernment Organisation (NGO) based in Takaka. We are looking for a friendly and motivated person to support TWM staff across multiple areas. The successful candidate will have exceptional interpersonal and time management skills. We would love to hear from you if you have: • Extensive experience in administration • Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite • Strong communication skills with the ability to build relationships and work within a team • Attention to detail and good organisational skills • A proactive and positive approach Consent for Police Vetting and the Covid-19 Vaccination are required.

Applications close 5pm, Friday 18th Feb 2022 For a job description and application form, please e-mail, or go to

Golden Bay Community Health is a Rural Integrated Health Centre consisting of a medical centre, urgent care, Allied Health, community nursing, Well-Child, maternity, in-patients and aged residential care. We are currently looking to recruit an experienced Allied Health Assistant to join the Allied Health Team. This position will support both the physiotherapist and occupational therapist and be an integral part of our multidisciplinary team. We are looking for an energetic person who can provide support to the teams and provide this valued service to our residents, patients and wider community. For further information please contact nz and complete an online application via our website at Applications close 18 February 2022.

Current Clinical Vacancies

We accept applications throughout the year!

Looking to make a difference in your community?

Cleaner (casual) Golden Bay Community Health is an integrated health facility that includes a wide range of primary, secondary and community care with 24 aged residential beds, 5 acute beds, maternity, general practice, urgent care, rural nursing and Allied Health. If you have a good work ethic and have experience as a cleaner we would love to hear from you. For a job description & application form go to: For more information, please contact Carol Robinson, Support Services Leader on 03 525 0108. Applications close 21 February 2022 at 5pm. Please note to apply for this position you must: 1. Be eligible to work in NZ 2. Receive a satisfactory police check 3. Be full vaccinated for Covid-19 as per the Health Order

Are you interested in joining our experienced and growing team? We are seeking open-minded & flexible individuals with/without therapeutic training or experience for parttime, casual, evening and weekend shift-work. We will invest in training for the right candidates: ➢ Reg. Nurse(s) - hours negotiable ➢ Reg. Health Professional - casual ➢ Coach and Support Workers - PPT & casual Please check out our webpage for all available vacancies, detailed job descriptions and our TWM application forms. If you are an enthusiastic and positive person, then one of these roles could be YOURS!

Application close: OPEN until filled!

Consent for Police Vetting & the Covid19 Vaccination are required. TWM National DBT Service – 163 Commercial Street TWM Community Mental Health Service – 34 Motupipi Street TWM Employment Service – 84 Commercial Street


574 Rameka Creek Road East Takaka | Offers over $785,000 inc GST All viewings are with the agent and by PRIOR appointment.

TESTIMONIALS BIRDSEYE VIEWS OF GOLDEN BAY - Located approx 20 min drive from Takaka this 9.331 ha vacant block sits at an elevation of 500m above the bay. The access is great, mostly on council maintained road, and there is a geotech report for the BLA. Gently sloping grassland surrounds the BLA and covers approx 1.5 of the property, below this the land is steep and was planted out about 20 years ago in exotic trees, spruce, douglas fir, edible chestnuts and more. There is a dreamlike quality here, total seclusion, tranquillity, and a birds-eye view of the fertile Takaka Valley, the iconic mountains of Kahurangi National Park, and out over beautiful Golden Bay.

425 Pakawau Bush Road | Deadline Sale: Closes 17th February unless sold prior Billy Kerrisk 0276085606

Sam Goffriller 0273014209

"It's been a pleasure working with Billy who is genuinely invested in getting the best outcome for her clients from the beginning and throughout the selling process" -Vendor

"Sam is so lovely and easy to get along with, very professional and knows his stuff! I've dealt with a few estate agents in my time and my experience with him is by far the best I've had" -Purchaser

We have a


THE GREAT ESCAPE - This 13 hectare slice of paradise is only fifteen minutes North of Collingwood and forty minutes from Takaka Township; close enough to town for convenience but far enough out to provide you with the peace and privacy you crave. Start planning your great escape today! Accessed off the sealed road, this North facing land is zoned Rural 2, As you can see from our drone footage, and exhibits native forest in various stages of regeneration. In the gully alongside the fresh water creek, rimu and kahikatea tower above you and bird life is thriving! I wish I had had more time to explore! Give Billy a call for viewing times.

Customer Satisfaction Rating. One of the highest in the Ray White Group.

Level 1, 11 Buxton Lane, Takaka | 03 525 7219 | 027 608 5606 | | Billy Kerrisk Licensed Agent REAA 2008 EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē

Helping Hands 525 6226


Te Whare Mahana Supported Employment Lawnmowing • Line Trimming • Garden Maintenance Riparian Planting • Scrub-Cutting • Gutter Cleaning Recycling • Pothole Repair • Waterblasting Window Cleaning • House Moves How Can We Help?

PROPERTY WANTED / Rawa hiahia MATURE single male looking for permanent accommodation. Have references. Ph 020 4120 0710. RENTAL, short term, for elderly male and carer awaiting property purchase. From 14 March onwards. Ph 022 108 8606, email

PROPERTY AVAILABLE / Rawa watea LIFESTYLE block. Bare land, some grazing. 10.5ha Bainham. $395,000 ono. Ph 027 524 8710 for details.

prices. Order online or ph 525 8481.

of rentals are not rent ready

DANGEROUS KITCHEN, open for takeaways, 9am-8pm, Tuesday-Saturday. Come and see us. Order online or phone us 525 8686.

What are you waiting for?

DE-LISH DELICATESSEN. Sumptuous, delicious food. Lunches, catering, coffee, chocolate, cheeses and epicure items. Weekdays from 6.30am. Ph 525 7111.

Is your property?


EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē ANATOKI SALMON fishing and café. Catch your own lunch or order from the menu. Open every day from 9am-5pm. www.

COURTHOUSE CAFÉ, Collingwood. Open Wednesday-Sunday, 8am-3pm. Saturday nights are pizza nights, 5-7pm dine-in or takeaway. Ph 524 8194. CURRY LEAF. Open 7 days, 12-8pm. Chef-made food, takeaway

WHOLEMEAL CAFÉ, open 7 days for dine-in meals and takeaways, 7.30am-3pm.

90 Commercial Street,







( V) $ 1 6





AVO $3



Churro-Bro -HOUSE




dada is a state of mind

AnI FeSt O





da da

desse rt









03 525 6111


DINNER + DRINKS FROM 4PM Bookings are recommended



da da




Poke Bowls





take away menu




d d

Dada Manifesto



90 Commercial Street, Takaka I 03 525 6111

For more information see Trade Me Property ID# HMU280 or phone 021 259 3293.

THE MUSSEL INN. Open 7 days from 11am.

COLLINGWOOD TAVERN. 11am-7pm, Sunday-Thursday; 11am-late, Friday and Saturday. Live music - check out our Facebook page for details.

Dada Manifesto

Land for deadline sale, 31 January. One of the last undeveloped bush blocks in Kotinga. 15.7ha (38.8 acres) of hillside seven minutes’ from town. Situated above the Anatoki River with views of Golden Bay out to the sea.

O’SHA, open Tuesday-Sunday, lunch 11.30am-2.30pm and dinner 5-8.30pm. Ph 525 6117.

818 Abel Tasman Drive 525 7998




CHURCH SERVICES ON SUNDAYS GOLDEN Bay Anglican Church warmly invites you to join them each Sunday, 10am at Takaka and 5pm at Collingwood. SACRED Heart Catholic faith community celebrates Mass at 5pm each Sunday. Due to Covid-19 restrictions numbers are limited to 50 attendees. Masks and sign in please.

UPCOMING EVENTS / Mea pakiri haere GB WEEKLY DEADLINE: noon on Tuesdays.

WEDNESDAY 16 FEBRUARY COSTUME HIRE. Playhouse, Park Avenue, 7-8.30pm. After hours ph Diane 525 8097, evenings.


Sunday Service at 10am Pastor: Rodney Watson 0275114266 93 Commercial St, Takaka Ph: 5259 265

God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to Him for protection. Psalm 18:30

Kahurangi Christian Church Sunday 10:30am Vax Pass Group: 76 Bishop Road, Parapara Contact Robin Swafford 022 604 9678 Non Vax Pass Group: Onekaka Hall Contact Rowan Miller 021 106 8461

GALLERIES / Whakakitenga


Fine Landscape Paintings - Reproduction Giclee Prints Studio Gallery of Peter Geen

The essence of good vision

OUR NEXT VISIT TO TAKAKA IS TUESDAY 15 FEBRUARY Ph 525 9702 for appointments


Neil Esposito

BSc Dip Opt

Your eyes are special - Let us look after them -

At the Flicks

A weekly chat about what’s happening at State Cinemas in Nelson. Join Ash, James and Matt as they discuss new releases, special features, red carpet specials and events at your local independent cinema complex. Airs Thursday afternoon at 1.30 and replays Saturday morning at 10.00.

Drive Alive and

LIVING LIGHT CANDLES 85 Tukurua Road I Open every day 10am – 4:30pm


TUESDAY 15 FEBRUARY BADMINTON, REC PARK CENTRE, 7-9pm. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007.


DAYTIME BADMINTON, Rec Park Centre, 9-11am. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007.

Don’t forget

VALENTINE’S DAY - Order now - We deliver!

Ph 525 9868 or 027 306 9508

Free Tennis Event

WOMEN & GIRLS ONLY NIGHT THURSDAY, FEB 17th 5.30-7.30 pm, Park Ave Professional coaching All ages & levels are welcome!


Programmes to listen out for:



For enquiries email: .

76 Boyle Street (Golf Course Rd) Clifton, Takaka. Ph 525 7007. Open most days 10am-5pm.

ŌNEKAKĀ PLAYGROUP, all welcome, Wednesdays 10am12.30pm, Onekaka Hall.

Stephen Tanner hosts Drive Alive, helping you to drive better, safer, more alive, whatever you drive. Airs Wednesday evenings at 8.00 with a new episode every 2 weeks. Drive Alive is brought to you by NPD.

Paradise Delay

Look forward to the midweek breakdown on Paradise Delay, where Ben Robinson explores the world of Electronic Music. Airs Wednesdays at 11pm with new content every 2 weeks.

AT SandCastle Lodge - Pohara, Golden Bay with Geshe Jampa Tharchin "Facing challenging times from a Buddhist perspective" Using challenges to create stability and peace of mind.

Saturday 19th February 3pm - 4.30pm

"How to change your Mind"

Transforming the mind using the "Four thoughts that turn the mind"

Saturday 19th March 3pm - 4.30pm

Have you ever considered making your own radio programme?

Fresh FM is About local, By locals and For locals. You will receive training and the opportunity to have fun and spread your message. Check our website @ for contact details and get in touch. w w w. f r e s h f m . FreshFM.NZ

Chandrakirti Meditation Centre 289 Sunrise Valley Road Upper Moutere Nelson 7173 03 543 2021






ter now!

Make someone’s summer holiday - book a trek today!

Nelson Tasman

Ph (03) 5248031

Let's do something remarkable together!

10.30am - 10.30pm 12hr Sat 12th March 2022

A&P Showgrounds, Richmond


The Mussel Inn Coming Up...

Just 3 shows for the next month – all this week! Mon 14th HERA, $15 - back from Iceland with her new album. Plus The Moses and Emma Dilemma. Valentine’s Day special show - come for dinner! Sat 19th MUNDI, $15 - excellent world music Sun 20th D I A B L O S C A R A V A N , $25 online presales/$30 door – 3 guitar greats: Doc Sanchez, Jimi Kara, Luke Flanders All seated shows, reservations recommended.

We look forward to seeing you at the Saturday market and on our home deliveries around Golden Bay, Tasman and Nelson.



Golden Bay weather forecast Valid from Friday 11 until Tuesday 15 February Friday: Light winds, tending southeast. Rain at times, heavier during the afternoon. Saturday: Southeasterlies, freshening near Farewell. Occasional rain, more persistent in the afternoon. Sunday: Southerlies, fresh near Farewell. Rain most of the day, but becoming scattered later. Monday: Southerlies, gradually easing. Patches of rain at first then clearing during the afternoon. Tuesday: Light winds with sea breezes by midday. Mainly fine and warm in the afternoon.

2 Commercial Street, Takaka ꟾ Ph 525 7305 M E T R E S am 3 5

Feb 12


9 noon 3


Feb 13

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Feb 14


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Feb 15


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Feb 16


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Feb 17


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Feb 18

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm

4 3 2 1 0 H L

8:04am 1:01am

7:56pm 2:05pm


9:07am 2:19am

8:57pm 2:59pm


9:52am 3:21am


9:47pm 3:43pm

H 10:29am 10:31pm L 4:08am 4:22pm

H 11:02am 11:11pm L 4:47am 4:59pm

H 11:34am 11:48pm L 5:21am 5:34pm

H 12:06pm L 5:54am



Enquiries phone: 03 525 9843


GOLDEN BAY TIDE WATCH - TARAKOHE Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Sollys Contractors are proud sponsors of this weather forecast. Disclaimer: This forecast is a personal interpretation complied from public information provided by NZ Metservice and other public sources. It is a local forecast and no liability is implied or accepted.


Proudly sponsors Golden Bay Tide Watch


Rise 6:49 am Set 8:36 pm

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9:55 am 10:20 pm



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2:28 am 2:51 pm


50 Commercial Street, Takaka Golden Bay First National Licensed REAA 2008 - MREINZ


Ph: (03) 525 8800


OPEN HOME Sunday 2.00 - 3.00pm

30 RANGIHAEATA ROAD, RANGIHAEATA Deadline Sale: 12pm 02/03/2022 (NSP)

Surrounded by nature, with bird life galore, this property is very peaceful & private. The home is light & spacious, yet made cosy with the timber features throughout. A modern décor & yet a rustic vibe, with a lovely outlook across the gardens. Situated down a right of way, the property of 1.3ha consists mostly of tree covered land with some grassed areas & room for veggie beds, a chicken run, a glasshouse & dble garage with a workshop & studio complete the outdoor features, ….oh & a private outdoor bath! Call me for a private viewing or pop into my Open Home, you definitely won’t be disappointed at what you find here! Ref: GB3877

Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840 or




Deadline Sale: 12pm 21/02/22 (NSP)

Yes, this type of property does exist! Just a short walk from Collingwood township, this beautifully presented property has so much to offer. The main house is modern with 2 bedrooms, a large lounge, 2 bathrooms & quality chattels throughout. The deck, covered by a pergola, gives stunning views to the estuary & mountain range beyond, across immaculate gardens. The 2nd very tidy cottage has 2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom & the views across the gardens give you privacy. Great for the extended whanau or even as a rental….. Viewing is strictly by appointment, so give me a call. Ref: GB3875

James Mackay 027 359 0892 or



OPEN HOME Sunday 1.00 - 1.30pm


DEADLINE SALE: 12pm 02.03.22 (USP)

Charming and plentiful – this rural retreat is hot property! 2,000m2 fully fenced section – with mountain & farmland views. Two storey home with 4 generous sized bedrooms & 2 bathrooms Fire with wetback & heat pump to keep your cosy! Endless potential ready for your personal touch. Call us now for more information. Ref: GB3867 Paul McConnon 0275 042 872 or Jana McConnon 021 245 2197 Sharon MCCONNON Sales Manager 0275 258 255


Paul MCCONNON Salesperson 0275 042 872

James MACKAY Principal/AREINZ B.Com 027 359 0892

1245 TAKAKA VALLEY HIGHWAY, TAKAKA Deadline Sale: 12pm 23/02/22 (NSP)

Take a cue from nature & realise your dream of an idyllic life out country. This 22ha, features all the elements for an amazing, private, rural lifestyle. A modern, well maintained 3-bdrm spacious home, plenty of storage & sheds, fenced paddocks for grazing, cropping, or leasing. Only a 10minute drive to Takaka Township. Call us to arrange a private viewing of this very private property! Ref: GB3876 Paul McConnon 0275 042 872 or Jana McConnon 021 245 2197 Belinda J BARNES Agent/AREINZ 021 236 2840

Jana MCCONNON Salesperson 021 245 2197

Cherie BYRNE Admin/ Reception 03 525 8800


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