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Friday 18 September 2020

Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori

Takaka Primary School’s bi-lingual classes perform a waiata on the Village Green as part of Māori Language Week activities. Photo: Ronnie Short. RONNIE SHORT

Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori (The Māori Language Moment) was hosted by Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week) and Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (The Māori Language Commission). The idea was to invite New Zealanders to join in celebrating te reo Māori by singing or playing a waiata (song) or speaking te reo at midday on Monday. The aim was for one million people to sign up and partake in the event at their workplaces, at home, or wherever they happened to be at noon. Takaka Primary School kaiako (teachers) organised a hikoi (walk) from the school to Takaka’s Village Green. Wearing bright fluoro vests they made a very colourful, springcoordinated parade along Commercial Street, accompanied by teachers and whanau. As they approached the Village Green, a group from Manawhenua ki Mohua welcomed the group with a waiata. Kaiako Helen Young, I have genuine purchasers looking for the following: Bare land easy to build on, small home in quiet location. If you are thinking of selling let me help, give me a call to discuss your options.

Trudi Fersterer and leader Jocelynne Bacci gathered the children into a semi-circle ready to perform. Helen greeted all those present with an explanation of the purpose of the te wā “moment” as an opportunity to embrace te reo Māori. She finished the short mihi (speech) by saying, “Just turn to your buddy next to you and say ‘kia ora’” – which all participants happily did. Pandemonium broke out as the tamariki (children) “kia ora-ed” skipped, leapt, and bounced their way around several buddies, much to the amusement of onlookers. The children then sang a number of waiata, complete with actions, accompanied by kaiako Maria Hambrook on guitar. Much of the gathered audience joined in the singing, applauding the performers after each song. Finally, Helen thanked the whanau, parents and all in attendance, “For coming to awhi (support) the tamariki.”

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All the children are part of the Takaka Primar y S chool ’s Pua Waitanga ( The Blossoming) programme. There are two bilingual classes: Whanau Rata, which is run by Trudi and Helen, assisted by Makere Aroha; and Whanau Kanuka, run by Maria and Jocelynne. Posters were created by the children with the phrase, “Kei te pehea koe?” (How are you) and their own responses in te reo, which Helen will post around town. George Zeewoldt proudly stated his own response: “Kei te harikoa ahau” (very happy). Indii Bruning explained the purpose of the poster was, “For people to do Māori”, and Tarn Cottle added, “To talk to other people in Māori.” According to the Facebook page for Te Wa Tuku Reo Māori, over one million people signed up to join the celebration of this year’s Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, which comes to a close on Rātapu 20 Mahuru (Sunday 20 September).

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Inside: BioStrategy workshop Election profiles Burnt Section GB Football THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 18 SEPTEMBER 2020

GB Community Board JO RICHARDS

Tuesday’s community board meeting had been pushed back a week to accommodate the local board hearing, and relocated to the Rec Centre to allow for social distancing. Other than the change of time and place, it was a fairly routine affair, which included public forum, plus a couple of presentations. Public forum Graham Rogers from Waitino Place in Pohara opened public forum with a familiar complaint about lack of progress with the township’s flood mitigation scheme. “It’s been five years… We can’t continue to hope that what we have now will be okay for the future.” H e ex p re s s e d h i s co n ce r n t h at development of re-zoned land above Pohara would exacerbate existing stormwater issues, and asked the community board to support his plea to council that “all downstream, engineering works should be completed before anything is done upstream”. During the discussion that followed there was clearly a good deal of sympathy for Graham’s suggestion and the board subsequently drafted the following request to council: “The Board is aware there are a number of issues that require resolution but strongly advise no more earthworks for the Richmond Road subdivision are undertaken until all of the flood mitigation work at Pohara is completed, noting that the culverts under Abel Tasman Drive and Boyle Street are the most urgent.” Representing Grey Power, M ike Delceg advised the board that the meetthe-candidates sessions in Takaka and Collingwood would now take place on Sunday 4 October. Mike then spoke about a proposed pedestrian refuge on Motupipi Street, and suggested that council, community board and Grey Power work together on the project which is due to be implemented sometime over the next two years. The board agreed this was a good idea. Lis Pedersen from Golden Bay Animal Welfare raised the subject of feral cats and explained that the organisation was in the process of applying for funding to cover de-sexing and rehabilitation costs and was seeking a letter of support from the community board. Later in the meeting, the board agreed to clarify whether vaccination against toxoplasmosis was included in the treatment before issuing a letter of support. Continued on page 2

Onetahua Waka Ama Club Race day at Parapara Saturday 19 Sept 9am to 12 noon

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Senior constable Grant Healy from Motueka addresses the community board about CCTV surveillance in Takaka. Photo: Jo Richards.

Continued from page 1 The escalating council debt was worrying Beth McCarthy, and she began with a plea to TDC. “Please do not accept the $20m loan to upgrade Port Tarakohe.” She pointed out the prospect of a further cost blow-out for the Waimea Dam and suggested council seek the funding from central Government instead of the ratepayer. “Council needs to provide services with an affordable rates regime.” Public forum regular Reg Turner Zoomed in from Bainham to suggest that TDC hold a full council meeting in Golden Bay. Board chair Abbie Langford thought this was entirely possible. “Tim King [Tasman mayor] has said he is happy to do this.” She agreed to extend a formal invitation to the full council. Sheryl Nalder asked the board for a letter of support for a funding application to finance the cost of the earthquakestrengthening work required to make the Catholic Sacred Heart Church seismic compliant. The board agreed to support this request. Referring to an issue highlighted at last week’s local board hearing, Jill Pearson argued that, even if the status quo remains, there is no reason why the lack of local planning should continue. “If we don’t get a local board, the community board could still plan.”The board subsequently agreed that there was no reason why it couldn’t work with TDC on planning. Jill also suggested that the board should consider more public consultation on a range of issues, but the board’s view was that they were elected to make decisions. She continued by mentioning noise from sight-seeing aircraft and mussel boats suggesting that tighter noise restrictions should apply to new craft. Kotinga resident Bill Wallis provided a short history of the ongoing Anatoki Track Road maintenance saga. After almost 20 years, there is some sign that progress might be made, but Bill said that TDC were still insisting that residents come up with a plan and indicate what they are prepared to pay. “We’d really like some help out there. It’s really bad right now.” During the ensuing discussion, the board expressed its qualified support for Bill’s cause, but agreed to request a full report on the issue before considering a formal resolution. Cycling safety Avid road cyclist Alan Blackie addressed the meeting in a personal capacity. “I’m not representing any group.” While acknowledging the contribution of the Bay’s new cycleways to road safety, he pointed out that it is far from ideal for road cyclists on “skinny tyres” and moving at speed. “Even

if it was sealed, it’s not suitable due to the speed differential.” Consequently, he explained, most road cyclists kept to the tar seal, but this presented a series of hazards including sharp edge-breaks, holes in the seal, loose aggregate, deep roadside drains and large manhole covers. His request was to help make the roads more cycle-friendly. “I’d like to see subtle changes in routine maintenance to make the roads safer for everyone.” Takaka CBD CCTV Police sergeant Jono Davies from Takaka and senior constable Grant Healy from Motueka station spoke about the proposed installation of CCTV cameras in Takaka CBD. Grant explained how the use of security cameras has, over the past 20 years, dramatically reduced criminal activity in Motueka High Street. “In 2000… there were 18 shop windows broken… 20 years later, only a few have been broken over the past few years.” He stressed the importance of thorough planning. “Work out where you need these cameras. What are you trying to stop? It’s not as easy as it sounds.” There was some discussion around public concern about privacy issues. Grant said that appropriate signage would need to be installed and assured the board live feed is not monitored. “We only look at [recorded] footage if a crime is committed.” Questions of funding and ownership of equipment as well as ownership of data are yet to be finalised, but it is likely that local businesses will contribute to purchase and installation costs, while Takaka Police will own the equipment and footage. TDC will be asked to contribute to the ongoing expenses. The board discussed the possibility and form of public consultation on the proposal and will decide shortly on how to proceed. The next meeting of the Community Board is on Tuesday 13 October at Golden Bay Service Centre, starting at 9.30am.

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Wanted: A bio-strategy with teeth

THE 2020 YARIS Hello Golden Bay

Debs Martin of Forest and Bird shares some thoughts at Monday night’s BioStrategy meeting in Takaka. Photo: Alistair Hughes. ALISTAIR HUGHES

The Golden Bay Community Centre hosted the first of Tasman’s BioStrategy workshops on Monday evening. Run by Peter Lawless of Phoenix Facilitation, an outspoken gathering of invested local people had plenty to offer in developing a strategy to safeguard this region’s unique biodiversity. Peter explained that under the Resource Management Act, Tasman District Council is in the process of reviewing its policies regarding land, air and sea usage. Commissioning the Tasman BioStrategy is the council’s response to this, and in conjunction with iwi they have developed a working group to gather input from local communities. Although a council-led strategy, the intention is to integrate with other agencies, conservation groups, the wider community and the conservation volunteers network. Attendees represented a wide range of concerned groups including Project De-Vine, and Forest and Bird. Present also was councillor Celia Butler, who is chair of the BioStrategy Governance Group, and Hans Stoffregen from the Department of Conservation, who was able to offer clarification on some existing policies. Peter opened with a brief audio visual presentation explaining the aims and proposed methods of the BioStrategy. During this he took the opportunity to emphasise the incredible biodiversity of our region, at the top of a global ranking of unique plant and animal life in a single area. This was soberingly balanced by a brief description of the increasingly

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sediment smothered seabeds of Tasman and Golden Bay, the lasting consequences of last year’s Nelson fires, and the environmental pressures our native forests are currently suffering from predators, invasive plants and industry. The floor was then opened up for discussion, which began with an encouraging overview of progress from Project De-Vine coordinator Chris Rowse. Marine-related issues were addressed, and although the increase in mussel farming was an unanimous concern, the effect of land-based industries such as forestry and horticulture on the aquatic ecosystem was also raised. Golden Bay’s cave and karst system, actually the largest in the country, was touched upon next, before land and forest management was addressed at length. Debs Martin of Forest and Bird, and several others made the point that a 10-year process, (as was the case with the Tasman Regional Pest Management Plan begun last year), may be too long to make a difference for some of our endangered species and habitats. It was agreed that time is of the essence, and the consensus reached at the meeting was the urgent need for an implemented strategy with “guts and teeth”. The second of the two workshops is on Thursday 24 September, from 7-9pm at the Collingwood Fire Station. For those who are unable to attend but who still want to contribute, input can also be submitted online at: tasman.biostrategy@tasman.govt.nz

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• NEW digital art category in Bay Art • ENTRY FORMS for Bay Art available now on facebook, the library, MONZA Gallery, Art Vault Takaka, arts council office and Collingwood General Store. ENTRIES ACCEPTED ON: Thursday 15 Oct, from 1.30pm GRAND OPENING: Saturday 17 Oct - 4.30pm EXHIBITION: 18-26 October

Call for council to cut its cloth

My first lesson in economics, given by my teacher, was the statement: ”Economics is simply ends and means, with alternative uses“. Take the situation of Robinson Crusoe on a desert island. He has two challenges. He is cold, and surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. His means are a limited pile of wood. His ends are keeping warm, and safe from the wolves. His alternative choices are, building a fence around him to keep the wolves out, or build a large fire that will keep him warm, and scare off the wolves. His choices are building a large fence and a small fire, or a small fence and a large fire. He is now warm and safe. Take our TDC with hundreds of ends in the Long Term Plan including wages for a large staff, and all the stuff of local government regulations. The only means to pay for all this comes from you and me, through rates. Our money is limited. With current Covid-19 issues, businesses failing, job losses, incomes falling, how can we afford supporting our council? Who now pays the costs of funding its ends? TDC borrows it. We are now borrowing from the future of our grandchildren. This applies to the whole nation as “we live now, pay later “ for the debt of Covid-19. TDC must start cutting its coat according to its cloth. Stop, change gear, reduce rates. Stick to core business for the next five years. Economise! Reg Turner

Wise words on world matters

I thought it would be a good idea to ask the older generation about world matters. I would have loved to talk to Mark Twain but he died in 1910. But all of a sudden two of his quotes of popped up on my computer screen and I said: “Thank you Mark Twain“. “It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.” “Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Rolf Kleine

Seabed smothered by forestry sediment

Klaus Thoma last week (GBW letters 11/9) highlighted an aspect of land use practices that are very distant from so called “sustainable” with accelerated soil erosion in wintering cow paddocks. These farming practices however pale into insignificance when compared to the manner forestry clear felling is conducted on hillside slopes. Check the great example below the Takaka Hill Road above the Riuwaka River. Consider this: The Motueka River catchment is 2076km2 and 25 per cent is in exotic forestry, say 500km2. On a tree rotation of 27 years, 18.5km2 of land is being disturbed by roading, skid sites, hauler and skidder tracks, stumping, whole hillsides torn up with almost no attempt at minimising surface damage and even less to sediment control, each year. That is a minimum of 1850 hectares each year in a disturbed state for a number of future years to bleed soil, organic matter and sediment into just the Motueka River. This level of destruction may well equate to a force-eight earthquake disturbance every year in its effect on land disturbance. Aquatic life is struggling under this incredible rate of forestry-derived sedimentation settling into the estuaries but the majority into Tasman and to a lesser extent Golden Bay. Ask a Cawthron marine scientist for a reason for the demise of the scallop and oyster beds - smothering of the seafloor with sedimentation. Forestry practices are long overdue for a severe application of RMA restraint similar to every other non-forestry activity. And now we are to enjoy another billion of the same activity. Dick Lamb

the Village Green and about 30 people engaged in respectful dialogue on a variety of topics. The high stakes of the Covid public health response and an imminent national election are compounded by so much conflicting information available online, where even scientific research can be either poorly conducted or biased, or both, it can be hard to know what to believe and I find it helps greatly to share our different perspectives and knowledge with each other, bringing well-rounded understanding of the important issues at stake. As importantly it brings us together as individuals of our community in authentic relationship with each other, and in these times of self-preservation, social distancing and the judgements that can arise from people’s different chosen ways to navigate the current situation, that is a breath of fresh air. For we have far more in common with each other than we have apart, and if we embrace the diversity of its members, our community has the potential to be resilient going into the future. We will continue to host these conversations regularly. Please come and join us. Bring your open minds, questions you may have and what you’d like to discuss. The next one will be at 10.30am on Friday 25 September on the Village Green. Roger Dunkley, GB Awareness Group

Penguin boxes a boon

Recently we visited Tarakohe and were thrilled to see the nesting boxes on the peninsula for the penguins. We would just like to congratulate the kind community for providing a safe haven for those precious birds. Thanks for the privilege of allowing us to see what can be done with enthusiasm. Chris Anderson

Holy underpants!

My own in-depth research of almost 50 years, shows this Christian sponsored anti-marijuana advertisement has more holes than my underpants. It is no surprise humanity is losing faith in religious beliefs, integrity and wisdom. God is love, presumably love is truth. Love and peace, BJ White

Referendum arguments

Will the referendums be dependent on the lobbyists with the deepest pockets? Does The GB Weekly intend to include articles for these important decisions or would that only be if someone can pay for a full-page advertisement? Sian Jones We are planning to publish articles on the referendum topics in order to present a clear and balanced representation of the arguments. Advertising has always played a role in political campaigning and by definition will aim to promote a particular message. And, we do offer a wide range of advertising options, apart from a full page. -Ed

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The GB Weekly welcomes letters to the editor. Please email your letter to us at admin@gbweekly.co.nz by 12pm Tuesday. Include the writer’s full name, home address and daytime phone number. Letters will be printed over the name of the writer; names are withheld only when compelling reasons can be established. Letters must not exceed 250 words. Letters that are too long will not be considered. All correspondence is at the discretion of the manager, who reserves the right to decline, edit, or abridge letters without explanation or further discussion. The views expressed are those of the correspondents and are not necessarily endorsed or shared by The GB Weekly.

Opportunity to learn jazz and klezmer

We welcome you to join us at the Dangerous Kitchen for an evening of live music inspired by jazz and klezmer. First we will play a set during dinner as a trio version of altered mode (double bass, piano, drums). Then from 8pm we would like to offer an opportunity for musicians to join us for a 30- to 45-minute structured improvised jam based on a selection of the jazz, klezmer and gypsy tunes that we play. If you are interested in learning about modal improvising and would be keen to try it out with us for a tune or two, you can send us an email <altered-mode@protonmail.com> to find out more. Music starts at 6pm, Friday 25 September. Free admission. We look forward to seeing you there. Jules Harper

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Māori Language Week: Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Maritime event The Harbourmaster has granted authorisation for the following event. It may affect public use of the maritime area for a certain period of time.

This week is Māori Language Week and there are some simple things we can all do to help everyone enjoy and appreciate te reo Māori.

The Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund applications are now invited until 31 October. The Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund offers help with travel costs for rural sports clubs and rural school teams. The fund is to help young people aged from 5 to 19 to participate in local sports competitions. Sport NZ fully funds the Rural Travel Fund, which Council administers locally on their behalf. The next funding round closes on 31 October 2020. Head to tasman.govt.nz/link/grants to check out the funding guidelines and complete and application form.

Speed limit changes Following the public consultation that was carried out earlier this year, this speed limit change will come into effect on Monday 21 September. • Wharariki Road – reduced to 60km/h from its intersection with Freeman Access to its end.

Event activity: Waka Ama Racing. Uplifting of 5 knot speed rule applies.

• Learn to correctly pronounce Māori words – especially colleagues with Māori names or the name of the city/town you live in!

Date and location: 19 September 2020, Parapara Inlet

• Watch Māori TV or listen to Māori radio stations to familiarise yourself with the sound of te reo. • Make te reo Māori visible in your workplace. Look at signage at work that could benefit from being translated into te reo Māori. Refer to tetaurawhiri.govt.nz for resources to support you. • Encourage all kaimahi (workers) in your office to incorporate te reo Māori words into their everyday mahi (work) e.g. “Great hui (meeting) today.” “What’s the kaupapa (topic) for our meeting?” or “Where’s the miraka (milk)?” • Download the Māori dictionary app and have te reo with you on the go at maoridictionary.co.nz. Kia kaha e te whānau. Mauri Ora!

More information about the Harbourmaster’s directions for events is available at tasman.govt.nz/link/maritime-events.

Keeping on top on Covid-19 For the current Alert Level restrictions, visit the central government website, covid19.govt.nz. If Council services have to be altered in response to changing Alert Level restrictions, you’ll get the latest information on our website – tasman.govt.nz, our Facebook page and the Antenno app or you can give us a call on 543 8400.

COUNCIL HUI For a full list of Council meetings see tasman.govt.nz/link/meetings-calendar.

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This month the Waitapu estuary played host to a rare and exciting visitor, the critically endangered, far eastern curlew. This migrant species is classified endangered by the IUCN - the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Based in Switzerland, the IUCN is the global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures that are needed to safeguard it. The far eastern curlew is an enormous wader with a very long heavily decurved bill. Native to New Zealand, this long-distance migrant breeds in marshy, boggy habitat in eastern Mongolia, north east China and eastern Siberia. It is our largest wader and has the longest bill of any wader. The enormous curved bill is around 20 centimetres in length, approximately half the height of the bird. This allows it to probe deeply into the mud to catch worms or forage for crabs and small molluscs. The head and neck are streaked dark brown with thin white eye rings and whitish throat. The upperparts are brown with pale olive-brown edging while the underparts are dark brownish-buff. Sightings of the far eastern curlew can be recorded on the eBird app for smartphones. As far as I know this is the first time this distinctive globally endangered bird has been observed in the Waitapu estuary. It is a notable visit by a striking and increasingly rare species that once seen is not easily forgotten.


Kia ora Mohua whanau, 24 August: A smart watch has been handed in to Police, having been found at the show grounds. It was a rugby practice night and we are wondering if someone is missing it? 3 September: A vehicle had its wheels stolen overnight whilst parked on Glenview Road. 4 September: An eight-year-old got separated from his parents at Bark Bay for over two hours. Local LandSAR put on standby to assist but the boy was located prior to their arrival. 4 September: A 17-year-old local female was referred to youth aid after being pulled over at a checkpoint and blowing over the alcohol limit. She was also carrying passengers outside her limited licence restrictions. 5 September: Another 17-year-old local female also referred to youth aid for failing to stop for police after turning around in front of a police alcohol checkpoint. She was sober! 5 September: A party was held at Pohara Hall overnight. Police worked with organisers to ensure the numbers stayed below 100. Six people were dealt with for breaching their graduated licence restrictions en route or leaving the party and a 25-year-old Nelson male was issued a $200 fine and 50 demerits for blowing over the legal alcohol limit. A visitor to Golden Bay who also attended this party wearing a Winnie the Pooh onesie is wanted for arrest for assault after deliberately sneezing on a landowner who found a group of them on his land and asked them to leave. This sort of behaviour in the new Covid environment is taken seriously and will earn you

a trip to Nelson and most likely a hefty fine. 6 September: A good citizen dropped off a found wallet stuffed with cash which Police were able to reunite with its very relieved foreign owner when he finished the Heaphy Track. He will always remember NZ for all the right reasons. 9 September: Your local Police joined their bosses from Nelson at Onetahua Marae for a powhiri welcoming the newest additions to our team, Rob and Dean. It was a special day and we had the pleasure of presenting Kuia Laurelee Duff with a hei matau, taonga, in recognition of her ongoing support to Takaka Police. Laurelee has sat on all the interview panels for Takaka staff for many years. A 17-year-old local male has been issued a $600 fine for driving in a manner causing damage and annoyance after he did burnouts on the grass at Rototai Reserve. I have told him to share the fine with the passengers of his car who were all egging him on. Police are now investigating a similar occurrence at Clifton Cemetery where the grass was ripped up overnight on 5 September. Please obtain vehicle registrations and descriptions or even a photo if you witness such incidents and Police will follow up. Seven speeding fines and a number of warnings were issued in not more than an hour in the temporary speed zone by the roadworks on Takaka Valley Highway between town and the hospital. Please respect the workersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; safety and abide by the temporary limits. Police have become aware of a number of instances of possible drink spiking. Please keep yourself and your friends safe. If you see something suspicious, report it to bar staff or Police. 12 September: Police were called to a car crash at Wainui and ended up making two arrests. A 22-year-old Nelson female was arrested for breach of bail and held in custody to appear on 14 September and a 23-year-old Nelson male was charged with driving whilst forbidden. Both were warned for smoking cannabis. Rubbish is repeatedly being dumped overnight inside the public toilets at Memorial Gardens by some special individual. Damage is also a regular occurrence here. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for things like this we need CCTV. And in the spirit of Tongan Language Week (last week) FE`OFO`OFANI.



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Election 2020: Candidates for West Coast Tasman The 2020 General Election is being held on Saturday 17 October, along with the End of Life Enrol, check Choice and cannabis referenda. or update. In our West Coast Tasman constituency there are Do it online nine parliamentary candidates standing for election. The GB Weekly asked each candidate to submit a 250-word profile and a photograph for this special feature, and we publish their individual contributions below. Making sure you have your say Anyone who wants to vote must be enrolled. They must also be 18 years or older, a New Zealand at some time. As the country is likely to be at Alert Level 2 citizen or permanent resident, and have lived in New Zealand continuously for 12 months or more throughout the election period, there are processes

in place to protect the public while they vote. Voting in New Zealand starts on Saturday 3 October, two days earlier than usual, and there will be more voting locations in order to reduce queues. Voters are encouraged to vote locally and bring their own pen if possible. Hand sanitiser will be available at voting places, and there will be space for physical distancing. For those who need to stay home, there are other ways of voting, including by post. Voting closes at 7pm on election day, Saturday 17 October. To enrol, or update personal details, go to: https:// vote.nz/enrolling/enrol-or-update/enrol-or-updateonline/

Cory Aitken, Independent Hi, I’m Cory Aitken, a 30 year old Reefton museum curator, running as an Independent Candidate. The need for adequate Mental Health support has never been higher, especially in rural areas. I would like to see a mental health practitioner available for free consultations at every clinic in NZ, similar to what’s been successfully trialled at Motueka. We have rough times ahead, and we must do what we can to help those struggling. I believe people have a right to live in warm, dry homes, and I propose to greatly increase the Insulation Subsidy. In the last three years Home Insulation Subsidy was provided to 255 homes in the Tasman District at a cost of roughly $400,000. These are numbers we should be aiming for yearly to make any dent in the issue of cold damp housing in NZ. I also propose new public works projects to create more jobs, including widening the Motueka River Bridge, and ensuring funding for new rural cycle and pathways. We should also invest in our State Owned Assets to encourage domestic travel, with new Passenger Rail Services where practical, and cheaper fares on Scenic rail and the Interislander Ferries. We have an uncertain future ahead, and I believe it is the Governments responsibility to provide readily available support to people in need.

Karl Barkley, New Conservative My name is Karl Barkley and I am standing as a candidate for the New Conservative party. I was involved with saving the A&P Show Grounds Grandstand and I’m in full support of the Bay becoming a stand-alone council once again. I believe the main burning issue for the Tasman Region is the Lee Valley Waimea Plains dam, which appears to have many major design faults which are leading to ever increasing budget blow-outs and cost overruns. The project could become an increasing burden on local ratepayers from across the whole of the Tasman District, with very little benefit to anyone as far as having a constant reticulated fresh water supply is concerned. It appears that the dam is being setup to maintain the level of the downstream rivers so that a few Plains irrigators can continue to draw their allocated water take at the Expense of all ratepayers and central Government. I would sooner the Project was stopped now and the potential option of was looked at drawing water from Nelson Lakes was looked at. This would give huge water flows - all downhill - requiring next to no pumping to the whole of the Waimea Plain and Nelson/Richmond, plus all other towns for fresh water and crop irrigation for the next 1000 years or more.

Jack Collin, Social Credit I am the candidate for Social Credit in the election for West Coast / Tasman. I became involved with Social Credit in 1968 and have been a party member from that time. Social Credit has promoted a financial system using our own Reserve Bank to be the source of the credit to replace the borrowing that Governments have done for many years. Before the arrival of Covid-19 the country owed 80 billion dollars overseas, having to pay approximately $5 billion a year in interest from taxpayer’s money collected, leaving a shortage of funds which should be spent on health services, solving the housing crisis, reducing the numbers living in poverty, or a multitude of other possibilities. The Social Credit Party has survived while many others have gone out of existence. I was brought up in the Hutt Valley and went to Victoria University studying a B.Com. For 30 years I worked as a company accountant for various companies, then spent 20 years working as a wholesale company sales representative travelling the South Island calling on all sports shops. I am now retired and living in Westport. I have spent 50 years as a volunteer rowing coach being a life member of four rowing clubs having taught many successful rowers. I am also a member of the Westport Rotary Club.

Jackie Farrelly, NZ First I am in my mid 50’s from Nelson Creek on the West Coast, although we spent several years in Golden Bay, first in Ferntown and then East Takaka. I am married with five adult children, we have also fostered children. I previously ran a retail and training business in Greymouth for 15 years and am now a rural postie/courier, with a great boss who allows flexibility for me to campaign. My spare time is taken up with voluntary activities, which I think is really important to maintain a healthy community. Some of which are on the local Catholic Parish Council, in an advocacy/mediation role for people dealing with issues with council, Work and Income or for the elderly and marshalling/scorekeeping at Moto X. Community is something I feel very strongly about, believing in the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a “village” to look after our elderly and vulnerable and protect and help each other. And rural communities such as ourselves understand this and should be more autonomous, locals looking after locals, including our support networks. The decline of our regions, which are the backbone and life blood of our country, has been of great concern to me and is one of the reasons I am running as a New Zealand First candidate as I believe the main way forward, to restore healthy and vibrant communities as well as the country, is via the productivity of the regions. 8


Election 2020: Candidates for West Coast Tasman William Gardner, ACT My name is William Gardner and I’m standing for ACT because it’s the only party that supports innovation to solve environmental problems, rather than through more regulations. I grew up and worked on a Canterbury farm where I bred Angus cattle and Corriedale sheep. I competed at the world cup events in 1969 at bobsled and skiing in 1972. In the late 1970s I went gold mining on the West Coast, downstream then in partnership with Afton and Bill Blackladder. I featured with them on the 60 Minutes TV show in March 2000, on problems around safe access to Crown land administered by DOC. I believe that a healthy resources industry is vital to generate wealth for our economic future. I am passionate about the environment, having restored my own previously mined land. If elected, my top priority would be supporting ACT to lower the debt that this government has piled on future generations. We would balance the books, stop wasteful spending and let New Zealanders keep more of what they earn. I would support a mining industry on the West Coast that in the 1980s had 150 small gold screening plants. By March 2009 that figure had fallen to 59 combined coal and gold operational mining ventures due to Government and DOC harsh anti-mining mentality. It is absurd that a Government department is concentrating on decimating an industry, considering the present state of the New Zealand economy and record world gold price.

Luke King, Outdoors Party My name is Luke King and I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Nelson then spent several years living overseas in Australia, Dubai, and Sri Lanka. I have made mistakes, faced down mental health, lived a very full and interesting life and in the process, always stood up for myself and others. My goal is to represent you, the people of our electorate to make a positive difference in our lives. I am standing as a candidate for the Outdoors Party who are 100 per cent dedicated to this country, our country, your country! We will make a difference for our people, our wildlife and our environment. If you have a problem and you just can’t get anywhere with it, I will use all my abilities as MP to investigate, access the government library and apply pressure where I can. As your elected government representative there are some top-priority values I will uphold. Transparency, raw honesty, community value, reliability, and, above all, your democracy. By electing me as your representative, our party seats in government will provide weight to ban 1080 and end the West Coast council ownership of the poison factory that supplies the toxins to slaughter millions of creatures in our Kiwi Back Yard. I will voice our opposition to the selling and auctioning off of our New Zealand rivers, water, and mountains to international corporations. I will also advocate for more finance for better health services primarily for backing the need for mental health awareness and help.

Damien O’Connor, Labour I have spent the vast majority of my life in the West Coast -Tasman electorate. I was brought up on a dairy farm near Westport and I am now based in Upper Moutere. I consider myself privileged to have been able to live in what I consider to be the best parts of New Zealand, with access to nature on our doorstep. I have had numerous roles in farming and have owned and operated an adventure tourism business. I have never lost my passion for these industries and other primary sectors that will drive the future prosperity of our electorate. I believe that every New Zealander, including West Coast and Tasman residents, deserves the opportunity to realise their full potential through a sound education system, good health care and a community that is supportive of new and innovative solutions to the challenges that we face. Together we can keep moving towards better-paid, sustainable jobs that promote industry growth and a more prosperous future for all people in our region.

Maureen Pugh, National When I entered Parliament in 2016 I was committed to helping West Coast-Tasman, and all other smaller communities, to realise their full potential. This remains my priority. I am a strong advocate for issues which are at the heart of regional New Zealand. I raised my children outside of Kumara on the West Coast in a remote part of Westland. I understand the challenges isolated communities face and want to ensure they are never forgotten by the decision-makers in Wellington. Rural New Zealand is the powerhouse of this country and it’s important to me we have policies that grow our economy and create jobs while responsibly managing our environment. The response to Covid-19 has left Kiwis with a lot of uncertainty about what the future looks like to them, but not about the debt levels we will face for at least 30 years. We need good economic managers at the helm to make sure the fiscal legacy we leave our children and grandchildren doesn’t impact their future. Through careful spending, on projects that will deliver jobs to our communities and stimulate growth in our economy we can reduce our debt. National has a long term plan to allow Kiwis to get on with the job of re-building our economy, making sure bureaucracy gets out of their way so they can thrive. I have always tackled issues head on and have a solid background of delivery. You can be assured of a strong advocate for your community when choosing me for your electorate representative in the 2020 election.

Steve Richards, Green Party I was born in Nelson and was lucky enough to enjoy my childhood in the 1960s on a farm in the Maruia Valley. Since 1991, my wife Judy, our children – and now our grandchildren – and I have called Tasman village our home. Together we created the Jester House café, a business built on values of positive community and environmental impact. I’m standing as Green Party representative for Tasman/West Coast because I want a future for Aotearoa where equality and justice are commonplace. Where we all have access to warm safe homes and where our children, and theirs, are well fed and healthy. Where we can play in rivers that are drinkable and hear bird song in the bush. I understand the urgency to decarbonise our economy to lessen the effects of climate change and I believe that strong communities, food security and clean energy are all vital aspects of a Green Transformation. In the last three years, the Green Party has had major wins with the Zero Carbon Bill and the banning of both offshore oil/gas exploration and plastic bags. There’s also been a huge addition to Kahurangi National Park and the growth of the Billion Trees Project nationwide. I support these extraordinary achievements and am determined to ensure we continue to make positive change as what we do now creates our future. I want to look ahead but act now and I urge you to do the same with your party vote Green.



Football: Narrow defeats for Bay’s

GB Falcons’ Abbie McConnon shows some neat footwork in the close tie against Mapua Cougars. JO RICHARDS

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Saturday afternoon football at the Rec Park saw senior teams from both men and women in action. The Golden Bay Falcons were up against Mapua Cougars in a top-of-the-table clash. Before kick-off, the away side were heading the Senior Women’s Second Division and, by the final whistle, had extended their lead with a narrow 1-0 win. It was a fast-paced game which turned on the finest of margins; the home side had a goal ruled out following a very tight offside call, and both sets of players created some good chances. After the match, Golden Bay keeper Stella Bacci-Rowe was named Player of the Day, but coach Dave Lewis was full of praise for the whole squad. “Everyone played well. You were unlucky”. Despite the loss, the Falcons have a game in hand over their closet rivals, and meet them again next month, in a cup final match. Shortly before the end of the Falcons’ game, the Men’s Third Division fixture got underway with Golden Bay hosting quality opponents Nelson Suburbs FC Miki’s Mob. The visitors were sitting in second spot in the league, a few places above the home side, and it’s easy to see why; The Mob moved the ball quickly, switching flanks and exploiting the full width of the pitch. The last time these two teams met, the Suburbs side came away 5-0 winners and the home side were determined to prevent a repeat of the scoreline. And they achieved it,

Photo: Jo Richards.

through resolute defending and plain hard graft, keeping the visitors out for three-quarters of the game, until a 50:50 ball was toe-poked past Golden Bay’s acrobatic keeper Anju Ejima. It wasn’t all one-way traffic; As Golden Bay chased the game, they created several decent chances, but in the end the single goal was enough to give the away side all three points. Speaking after the game, Anju said the team’s final home match of the season had been one of their best. “It was a good game; the energy of the players was awesome. We have no complaints.”

GB Football Club

Home Fixtures Saturday 19 September 10:00 10:30 10:30 11:00 13:00 13:00

Golden Bay 10th Grade 2 vs Mapua Rangers 10th 2 GB Panthers vs The Car Company Richmond Brockies Takaka Takahe vs FC Nelson Rockets Golden Bay 10th Grade 1 vs Mapua Rangers 10th 1 Golden Bay AFC 2nd Div vs ITM Motueka 1st XI Golden Bay Falcons vs Sprig & Fern Tahuna Matata

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Player of the Day: GB keeper Stella Bacci-Rowe. Photo: Jo Richards.



senior teams in close encounters

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Golden Bay keeper Anju Ejima makes a grab for the ball during a frantic goalmouth scramble. Photo: Jo Richards.

Golden Bay’s Chris Overmeer competes for a 50:50 ball against one of Nelson Suburbs Miki’s Mob. Photo: Jo Richards.

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Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori

GOLDEN BAY’S NEWS IN BRIEF Let’s talk about cannabis using medicinal cannabis for a serious health condition, to being named to the government’s trusted expert advice panel, the Medicinal Cannabis Advisory Group, in 2019. Now Reider is a trustee of Make It Legal NZ, the grassroots national campaign for the referendum. The transition from the medicinal campaign to wider cannabis law reform has been a natural path. “Most medicinal users are really keen for the referendum to pass,” Redwood says. “There are a variety of reasons to consider voting yes in the referendum, from better medicinal access to public safety in general.”

New bridge at Bridger’s Hollow Redwood Reider will be the main speaker at next week’s public discussion. Photo: Submitted. SUBMITTED

2020 is a big year for cannabis in New Zealand. In April, while most of us were focused on other events, the new medicinal cannabis law finally came into effect. And in the two weeks leading up to 17 October, the nation will vote on whether to legalise cannabis for all adults. Next Wednesday, 23 September at 7pm, a public meeting for the Golden Bay community to learn more about all of these developments will take place at the Community Centre. The evening has multiple objectives: to inform people about legal medicinal cannabis access; and to provide more insight into the specifics of the cannabis referendum. There will be sharing of international research that suggests likely outcomes if the referendum passes, as well as space for questions. The event’s main speaker will be Rebecca “Redwood” The first riders, Mandy Smith and Nushka Lange, go over the Reider, who has worked deeply on this issue for several years new cycle/walkway bridge at Bridger’s Hollow on Friday 11 — from experiencing a police raid at home in 2015 while September. Photo: Submitted.

George Zeewoldt, Indii Bruning and Tarn Cottle showing off their posters. Photo: Ronnie Short.


Florence Gaddes, Kahu Lynch, George Zeewoldt and Sam Hanes demonstrate their skills supported by Maria Hambrook on guitar. Photo: Ronnie Short.

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Hamama’s historic “Burnt Section”

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YOUR LOCAL Equipment Specialist For all Mowers, Chainsaws, Trimmers, and Blowers Sales and Service Ph Kerry 0272 242 085 │ 03 528 0233 Kerry@lifestylecentre.nz Stone boundary walls, reminiscent of those in Ireland, bound much of the Savage farmland in Hamama. Photo: Anita Peters.

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Coming into Golden Bay through Hamama, there is a curious roadside sign recently installed by the Heritage Society announcing “The Burnt Section”. Today, Hamama is green farmland and occasional stands of native bush, but the sign refers to history dating back to well before pre-European occupation. Early settlers to the area arrived to find evidence of a massive fire across the landscape, leaving around 200 cleared acres scattered with burnt stumps, boulders and bracken fern. The cause of the fire is still a mystery; suggestions include lightning strike or a consequence of Māori occupation of the Takaka Riverbank due to its rich food source. The area inland, however, thought to have once been thick forest, had been razed and was almost barren apart from four untouched stands of native bush totaling around 20 hectares. In the 1890s, Walter and Jane Petterson took over the surrounding farmland and the homestead known as “The Laurels” further along the old West Road, now a remnant of the Takaka Valley Highway. Their sons Hugh and Gavin Petterson inherited the farm, divided between them on each side of the West Road, and both included areas of what had, even then, always been referred to as “The Burnt Section”. But it was made crystal clear by Grandmother Jane that “under the fear of God” they were not to touch any of the remaining bush. “She said that it was a treasure,” said another grandson, Alan Swafford. The burnt areas, still in bracken and fern and virtually unchanged from early times, would not grow good grass due to the boulder-filled ground, and had virtually no stock water until the development of the Hamama water scheme in the 1950s. Also during the 1950s, other big changes arrived for farming: soil testing, improved grass seed and the arrival of the affordable Fordson Major tractor, which replaced the horsedrawn plough. Local engineer Mick Cooper custom-built a large plough for Gavin that could handle boulders, enabling them to be buried deep enough for the ground to be fertilised, rolled flat and sowed in grass. In the 1960s, Gavin added to his farm block the remaining area of burnt section, purchased from Phil Winter, then the Jones block in the 1970s. The latter supported an airstrip due to the flatness of the land. With the Fordson tractor and a new single-furrow plough Gavin had bought from England, he was able to bury all the blackberry and dig out the stumps, which he blew up. The land gradually began to improve and grow grass. “It was one furrow at a time,” said his son Gavin (junior), who took over the farm in the 1970s when it was already in grass. “It went deep, about 18 inches. It’s unbelievable land, like a riverbed, difficult country to farm. It has its advantages because the stones tend to heat the soil up in the spring and autumn, but as soon as the rain stops, a month later you’ve got a desert. The new machinery and drills and the technology now allow you to work the surface, and with fertiliser and new techniques it can grow grass really well.” The general Hamama area from the Catholic Cemetery upwards is a large flat plain, covered in boulders, where the river changed course over many thousands of years. It left what is known as the “Waingaro boulder fan”, an even-graded, low-angle fan caused by pre-glacial conditions. Many farmers THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 18 SEPTEMBER 2020

Gavin Petterson (junior) at the site of the burnt section with one of the four native stands in the background. Photo: Anita Peters.



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Phone 525 9843 Gavin Patterson with the single furrow plough that was responsible for the breakthrough in ploughing the boulder filled ground of the burnt section. Photo: Anita Peters.

across this plain have used these boulders in a variety of ways, none more spectacularly than Irishmen Bernie Woods and Mike Savage, who emulated the typical boundaries of their homeland with impressive rock walls across their farms. This whole plain is an environment unique to Golden Bay, not only geologically but in the adaptations by its inhabitants.

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CLASSIFIEDS SPORTS RESULTS / Hua tākaro GOLF 8 September. 7th LGU (nett): B Win 74, M Solly 75. Closest to pins: 3/12, C Le Comte, 9/18 B Miller. 9 September. Stableford: R Westrupp 38, Roger Tait 38, M Dixon 37. Closest to pins: 3/12 and 8/17 L Trent, 4/13 J Solly, 9/18 J Garner. Twos: L Trent. Best gross: R Dyce 81. 12 September. Tui Cup: R Davis bt R Heuvel 4/2, R Dyce bt B Win 1 up, L Davidson bt W Collie 2 up. Bisque bogey: J Solly +6, Sue Bensemann +5, G Little +4. Closest to pins: 3/12 W Collie, 4/13 G Little, 8/17 R Dyce, 9/18 L Davidson. Twos: R Davis (x3), L Davidson, W Collie. Happy wanderer: J Bensemann. Best gross: Steve Bensemann 86. HOCKEY Life was good on the Saturday sports field. The sun was shining and kids were playing their hearts out left, right and centre. The juniors sticked it all off and went to war with smiles on their faces. Some sharp shooting from one of the zombie donkeys led their team to victory. Player of the day: Jesse Whittaker. The seniors had a full on face-off. Zara was confused as to what sport she was playing a number of times. Better get that one right before Nelson. Man of the match: Angus Tennent Brown. It’s the last day of the club season tomorrow. Hopefully see you all there. BBQ and prizegiving from 12-ish.

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AGM NOTICES FOREST and Bird AGM and marine talk 23 September cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

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Gayle & Roger, Ken & Yoshino, Sharon & Pete would like to let mum’s friends and family know there will be a memorial service for her Wednesday 23rd September, 11am at Collingwood Memorial Hall.

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Green Grass Accounting - Chartered Accountant. MYOB Partner and Xero Certified. Local accountant providing business and personal accounting services. Ph Robert 029 775 6459 or email robert@greengrassaccounting.co.nz. GREENREAPER. Property maintenance, landscape and garden designs. Ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available. HEAT pump installation, sales and servicing. Ph Dave McKay 027 404 4740, 525 8538. LAWNMOWING. Pakawau, Bainham, Takaka to Wainui. Ph N Shaw 525 7597, 027 212 4020. niallshaw_6@hotmail.com

LAWNMOWING, www.goldenbaypropertyservices.co.nz, ph 027 690 0769. NGANGA picture framing, Collingwood, enquiries ph 021 107 6312, 524 8660. Expert framing by a professional artist. ORANGE Rentals have rental cars, trailers and a furniture trailer available for hire. Ph 027 337 7147. PAINTING and interior, exterior plastering. Licensed qualified local tradesman. Ph CM Coatings 027 222 0507. PAINTER AVAILABLE NOW. Quality and efficient service, 30 years’ experience. Ph Luca 022 086 1842. PENINSULA Plasterers for all your interior plastering needs. No job too small. Quality assured. 20+ years’ experience. For a free quote ph Craig 027 472 4376. PORTABLE BANDSAW MILLING. Ph Tim 524 8997, 027 714 4232.

SEPTIC TANKS EMPTIED. Ph Chris 027 444 5334 or John 027 647 4913. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 18 SEPTEMBER 2020


TRADES AND SERVICES / Mahi a ratonga SEWING SERVICE, NEEDLES, THREADS, WOOL, BEADS. Stitch ‘n Sew ph 525 8177. SHEERS, linen, textured, patterned, filter the sun this summer with a floor-to-ceiling billowing sheer on a double track. Ph Tracey at Imagine designs 027 440 0071. STORAGE /container hire. Your place (anywhere) or mine (Takaka). Ph Cheryl at Orange Mechanical Ltd 525 9991.

SURVEYING: topographical survey, construction and building set out, boundary location. Ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. TAKAKA Self Storage, Commercial Street. Units and containers. Secure yard with cameras. Ph 525 6181.

massage | RELAXATION & THERAPEUTIC HEALTH & WELLBEING / Hauora ANEL BAKER Physiotherapy at 22 Meihana Street, Takaka. Ph/txt for an appointment 021 053 4337.

TREE removal, confined area felling, chipping, chipper hire. AROHA Health Spa. Massage, advanced clinical massage, myofascial release, hot stone and relaxation, infrared sauna, spa Fully insured. Ph 525 7597, 027 212 4020. bath, facials, holistic health and more. Open Thursday-Sunday WINDOW cleaning. Ph Willem 022 134 1726. from 9.30am, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara. Ph 525 8870. WINDOW cleaning, www.goldenbaypropertyservices.co.nz, CAROLYN Simon, Craniosacral therapist, naturopath, ph 027 690 0769. medical herbalist. For appointments or flower essences text 027 483 5865, ph 525 8544.

Need a new PRICKLE in your life? BABY CACTI - great range - just arrived! Ph 525 9868 or 027 928 3314 earthgemstakaka@gmail.com

Helping Hands 525 6226

Te Whare Mahana Supported Employment Lawnmowing • Line Trimming • Garden Maintenance Riparian Planting • Scrub-Cutting • Gutter Cleaning Recycling • Pothole Repair • Waterblasting Window Cleaning • House Moves How Can We Help?


50% OFF

Valid to Golden Bay residents for your first 1 hour booking (normally $70 now $35) Emma Sutherland ND Naturopath/Massage Therapist/Reiki Master P 027 487 2639 Email: emma@ameliorate.nz


COMPLETE Healthcare with NIS by Neurolink, using neuroscience principles to achieve optimum health. 2019 Masters series. Practitioner Anne Michell. Ph 525 8733 or 027 751 7970.

ERICA van Sint Annaland Physiotherapy, Golden Bay Community Health. ACC and private visits. Ph 027 776 6111. IRIDOLOGY analysis, Herbalist, Reflexology, Reiki Master, Rongoā herbal medicine. Lisa Williams, ph 525 6150, txt 027 451 9797, www.goldenbayiridology.com JAPANESE MASSAGE FOR WOMEN: Deep tissue, aromatherapy massage, in Collingwood, 24 years’ of experience, therapist school teacher. Discounted first treatment, 40 per cent off = $80 (normally $130) for two hours. Gift vouchers available. Please txt Minnie for booking 027 820 1008. MASSAGE: $50/hour. Ph Thomas 022 160 9101. MASSAGE and trigger point therapy for chronic muscular pain, dysfunction, sports performance. Specialising in unresolved muscular pain. 20 years’ experience. Ph Paul 027 772 7334, 54 Commercial Street.

REFLEXOLOGY - relax and regenerate. For appointments please contact Ariane Wyler ph/txt 021 0260 7607, happyfeetflex@gmail.com

Healing with Grace Grant Watson

Manipulative Physiotherapist

Collingwood Health Centre at Collingwood Area School

Mondays, and Thursday mornings Ph: 027 370 6472 Email: wattie18@outlook.com


Inga Schmidt Grace Shields 021346642 ♥ 5258106 MSc (Chiro), DC,Available MNZCA Gift Vouchers


021 180 7789

Golden Bay Health Centre, 12 Motupipi St

www.healthfocus.co.nz ACC registered

SIMON Jones: Counselling, mediation, coaching. 28 years’ experience. Member NZAC. Ph 525 8542. YOUTH and adult counselling. Ph 027 416 6815, email selena@ gbwct.org.nz

Will buy certain models and pick up anything free or can be dropped off in Collingwood opposite the dump.

Healing with Grace &

021 346642 ♥ 525 8106

Parts, tyres, batteries for sale. Support local.

Ph 020 41671519

Come and talk to us. We are located in Nelson and available for appointments in Golden Bay.

03 546 7786 Providing Golden Bay with: Professional, Diagnostic, Clinical Physio & Massage Therapy services ACC registered Provider

Dr Carsten Hallwass Licensed Immigration Adviser (Number 200900212)


TUMEKE LOGGING WAYNE SOLLY Forest & woodlot harvesting Hauler & ground-based bush-rigged excavator Locally-owned operation with local crew

Ph 027 455 9895 THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 18 SEPTEMBER 2020

• • • • • •

Sports & Accident injuries Complex musculoskeletal conditions Clinical reviews / Second opinions Orthopaedic / Post-operative rehabilitation Postural / Biomechanical correction programmes Clinical Massage Therapy

No GP referral required Ask us about our no-cost initial Physio assessment

Call 0800 749 739 for info or an appointment today 15

FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko

EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē

ALL SECOND-HAND GOODS MUST GO! Firewood seconds from $40/trailer load. Saturday, 9am12pm at Bay Firewood, 315 Takaka-Collingwood Highway. SPLASHBACKS and shower glass. Custom made by Golden Bay Glass, 96 Commercial St. Ph 525 7274.

STEEL platform, 1.900m x 1.200m x .600m. Old couch settee and rocking chair. Ph 525 9664. TREE Tops Firewood, 60 per cent dry, 1.8m3 from $160, delivered. Old man pine and Tasmanian blackwood. Ph Chris 027 472 8578. FIREWOOD: Douglas fir, beech and gum. Delivering now. Also kindling. Ph Bay Firewood 027 769 6348.

BUILDING or renovating? AES Wastewater Treatment system: No power, 20-year warranty, supplying NZ from Golden Bay. www.et.nz, ph 525 9020. CURTAIN tracks, available in ten colours and with various bracket options, suitable for every situation, can even include bends, no more nasty joins or limp brackets. Call into Imagine designs or call 027 4400071 for a free measure and quote. RAMCO 5m alloy runabout, 60hp Mercury, $7000. Ph 027 333 5234.

ROLLED arm sofa, $50; oak side table, $30; Bose head unit, $40; gas camping fridge, $50 and cookers, $10; various boating and fishing gear. Ph 021 176 2396. DRUM kit, $200. Ph 027 544 6047 in the evenings for more details.

SLASH your electricity bill. Install a grid-connect PV system. Professional design and install. Ph Paul Stocker, Azimuth Renewables, 525 6019.


ROTARY mower. Lawnmaster alloy, excellent condition, powerful motor, $75. Ph 022 100 6219.

Dancing Sands Distillery

EMPLOYMENT WANTED / Hiahia mahi DRIVER available, spotless P-class license. Ph Sage 525 7698.


premium spirits right here in Takaka which are sold across New Zealand and around the world. We are looking for part time retail assistants for our Cellar Door. We offer flexible part time hours (10-20hr/wk), including weekdays and Saturdays. Fixed Term for 6 months with possibility of ongoing employment

and help with Production tasks when time allows. You'll be friendly, enthusiastic, keen to learn and work as part of our

REQUIRE PROCESSING STAFF FOR CONTRACT WORK Westhaven operates an Export Shellfish Packhouse at Pakawau, Golden Bay.

MAD CAFE & RESTAURANT is open until next lockup. Thursday-Sunday, 4-8pm and 11am-2pm Saturday and Sunday. Coffee 24/7 when about. THE MUSSEL INN. Open 7 days, 11am til late.

TOTALLY ROASTED, Pohara. Winter hours 9am-3pm, Thursday to Monday. Closed Tuesday, Wednesday. TOTOS CAFÉ & PIZZERIA: Open Sundays weather permitting, 10am-4pm, ph 039 707 934, Totaranui hill. WHOLEMEAL CAFÉ, open for dine-in meals and takeaways 7.30am-3pm, Monday to Friday and 8am-3pm Saturday and Sunday.

Cellar Door Retail Assistant We are New Zealand's most awarded Distillery, crafting

You will run our Cellar Door tastings and tours of the Distillery,

Marketing Ltd

GARDEN SANCTUARY CAFÉ at Aroha Health Spa. Organic coffee, herbal teas, fresh juices, light meals and treats. Open Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am-1.30pm, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara.

team. Managers Certificate or experience of working in a licensed premise preferred but not essential.

To apply email your CV to info@dancingsands.com Applications close 9th October


Last one for 2020!

Friday 25 September Live Music  Warm bohemian atmosphere BOOKINGS ONLY: In cafe, via phone 03 525 9426 or email wholemealcafe@gmail.com

Part-time shellfish factory contractors must be: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Clean and tidy Drug free (be able to pass a drug test) Must have a mature work ethic to work with the other staff Able to follow instructions Must have an IRD number

Ph: 03 524 8006 or Alister McDonald 027 432 5476 Email CV alister@nzcockle.co.nz

General Manager ‘a life worth living’ Te Whare Mahana is an independent charitable Trust that provides a range of community based mental health services as well as NZ only residential Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. It is a unique organisation based in Golden Bay renowned for its strong and supportive community as well as its stunning location between the Abel Tasman and Kahurangi National Parks. The General Manager is responsible to the Trust Board for the overall management and leadership of the organisation – it is the senior executive role responsible for over 40 staff with a budget of over $2million. It is a non-clinical role. The ideal candidate will have: • A business, management or clinical qualification; • Significant experience in all aspects of organisation management – planning, finance, personnel, governance, quality, risk, audit and contracting amongst others; • A knowledge of, and commitment to, the Treaty of Waitangi; • …. (more information see www.twm.org.nz/careers) The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary and lead a passionate and competent team committed to helping people lead ‘a life worth living’. You will also have the fantastic lifestyle of living in Golden Bay. If this is you, we would like to hear from you. For Job Description, detailed Person Specification and TWM Application Form please visit www.twm.org.nz/careers, call Phone 03 525 9624 or email twm@twm.org.nz We are looking forward to receiving your full application (cover letter, CV & TWM Application Form) at: Te Whare Mahana Trust 163 Commercial Street, Takaka 7110 or email to twm@twm.org.nz

Applications close Tuesday, 6 th October 16

Country Store Assistant The Rural Service Centre is a local, farmer owned cooperative which consists of a Country Store and Veterinary Clinic based in Takaka, Golden Bay. Our primary focus is on providing our members and customers with a comprehensive range of products and services. We are an independent local business that has a strong focus on supporting the local Golden Bay community. We are looking for a new member of staff to join our family. This opportunity does not come along often.

TONIGHT Live music for dinner with LAURA-MAE Beautiful covers and originals from 6-8pm

Ph 525 8686 for bookings and takeaways

This is a part time role covering approximately 16 hours a week and may include some Saturday morning work over the busier season. You must be a people person who is familiar with point of sale and comfortable and confident serving customers in person and over the phone. It would be advantageous if you have gardening / farming knowledge but is not a precursor to filling this position. The person for this role must be fit and healthy as there will be some lifting involved as well as being on your feet for most of the day. This will be a very diverse role that would suit a practical hands-on person who is willing to get their hands dirty. We offer a competitive salary, employees discount and a great working environment with a supportive and fun team culture. Applicants for this position must have NZ residency or hold a valid NZ work visa. We are looking for someone to come on board as soon as possible. Sounds like you? Apply now with your CV and a covering letter telling us why you’d be perfect to join our team. Please send applications to Andrew Simpson, Country Store Manager store.manager@rsc.co.nz

Elegant dining in Pohara 818 Abel Tasman Dr

This Week’s Menu EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē ANATOKI SALMON fishing and café. Catch your own lunch or order from the menu. Open every day from 10am. www. anatokisalmon.co.nz COLLINGWOOD TAVERN. 11am-7pm, Sunday-Thursday; 11am-late, Friday and Saturday.

COURTHOUSE CAFÉ, Collingwood. Open 7 days, 8.30am2pm. Pizzas on Friday nights. Ph 524 8194. CURRY LEAF. Open 7 days, 12-8pm. Chef-made food, takeaway prices. Order online thecurryleaf.co.nz or ph 525 8481. DANGEROUS KITCHEN. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, TuesdaySaturday from 9am till 8pm, closed Sunday, Monday. For bookings and takeaways ph 525 8686. DE-LISH DELICATESSEN. Sumptuous, delicious food. Lunches, catering, coffee, chocolate, cheeses and epicure items. Weekdays from 6.30am. Ph 525 7111.

18/9 Fri: Duck breast with sesame-ginger glaze 19/9 Sat: Angus beef fillet with mushroom sauce 20/9 Sun: Lamb rack with rosemary jus All mains served with fresh local vegetables Vegetarian alternative available by prior arrangement 3 course set dinner menu: Starter, Main, Dessert: $70 Dining reservations essential by 12pm on the day Seating from 6pm to 8pm Fri-Sun Cocktail Lounge open for drinks & tapas from 5pm


525 7998

Premium Gin and Tapas Lounge open Friday through Sunday from 5pm


814 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara

In celebration of all the new cycleways in Golden Bay

We are giving away an E-Bike

New Listing/Open Home For Sale: Open Home:

TENDER: Closes 4pm, Thurs 15th October 2020 - Will NOT be sold prior Sunday 20th September 1:00-1:30pm PEACOCK COTTAGE POHARA - It's hard to imagine now, but back before leisure and pleasure were in our vocabulary, Pohara was just another coastal farm and this was the shepherd's cottage!Situated just across the road from the campground, the sea can be heard but not seen from this sheltered 900sqm section. That takes nothing away from the place, I assure you.

Billy Kerrisk Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)

Everyone who lists and sells with Ray White Golden Bay before 1st December 2020 will be in the draw.

18 Rototai Road, Takaka

19 McShane Road, Wainui

New Listing/Open Home

1284 Aorere Valley Road, Bainham

Now Priced

For Sale: TENDER: Closes 1pm, Thurs 8th October 2020 - Will NOT be sold prior Sunday 20th September 11:00-11:30am Open Home: WAINUI ANCIENT AND MODERN - A precious stand of ancient podocarps stand guard over this spacious five bedroom farmhouse where the recent arrival of wireless broadband expands the options for working and playing in this stunning Golden Bay location.  The best way to view, is in person, this Sunday, but we do have a Virtual Tour upon request

For Sale

For Sale: $498,000 Open Home: Call to make an appointment NO NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOURS! - Surrounded by paddocks, this classic 1960's home is complimented with a 1513m² section, almost double the standard size for Takaka and great for free ranging your kids, chickens and dogs. Virtual tour & LIM available.

For Sale: $250,000 Viewing: Call to make an appointment EXTRA SPECIAL WILDERNESS PACKAGE - This 2ha property offers the full wilderness package and you get the wee cabin and caravan too! This Freehold Title is fenced and holds a Freehold share in the 15ha of common land next to the Kahurangi National Park.

Level 1, 11 Buxton Lane, Takaka | Facebook @RaywhiteGoldenbay | 03 525 7219 I 027 608 5606 | www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz | Billy Kerrisk Licensed Agent REAA 2008 PROPERTY WANTED / Rawa hiahia WANTING to buy: small home/cottage, one-two bedrooms, private, sunny, elevated, bush and garden surroundings. Ready to purchase. Contact heathertwinsmith@gmail.com or ph 021 792 256.

PROPERTY AVAILABLE / Rawa watea FOR sale: Large property of 962sqm with a 190sqm house. Situated within walking distance of Takaka schools and shops, this recently renovated house is ideal for a large family. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, study room, kitchen, large sunny living room and a big garage. $480,000 negotiable. To arrange a viewing or for further information ph Miki 027 825 1531.

Whakamaru | 159m2 | 3BRM | 2 BTH Kitset Pricing from: Affordable Quality - Easy Build


FOR rent: Beautiful sunny four-bedroom house. Looking for a single lady to share with one other (lady) on Commercial Street. Please phone Rodney 525 9265 for inquiries. References please.

Check out our range of over 50 cost effective plans to suit every budget. You won’t believe the quality you get with a Latitude home.


Contact your local Latitude Homes builder today:

021 0890 1830 | 0800 776 777 michael@latitudehomes.co.nz

*Prices are subject to change. See full pricing terms and conditions on our website.


GOLDEN Bay Anglican Church warmly invites you to join them each Sunday, 10am at Takaka and 4.45pm at Collingwood. ST Andrews Presbyterian Church invites you to join with us for morning worship at 10am. Rev Dr Don Fergus. Visit of Isaac and Rebekah Soper, missionaries-to-be to South Sudan Sermon: “Here it is again: the great reversal.”

Kahurangi Christian Church Ray White Golden Bay Property Management Hey landlords! Are you ready for the first Healthy Homes deadline in Dec 2020? Have you seen the new RTA Amendments Act coming Feb 2021? Do you want some free advice, support or information to help you prepare? Our resources and support can help protect both you and your asset - leaving you more time to just enjoy life.

Celebration Sunday: 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays each month,


Community Connection: 2nd & 4th Sundays in various formats & localities. Ph Rowan Miller 021 106 8461.

flooringxtra.co.nz | 23 Old Wharf Road, Motueka P: 03 528 7530 | motueka@flooringxtra.co.nz

Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God John 3:3

LEARNING / Akonga / Huarahi ako/mahi

Call our NZQA qualified Property Manager today!

DOG training class, Sundays, noon, Clifton reserve. Txt 020 4088 1557.

Jenna Bowden - 027 525 7229 - jenna.bowden@raywhite.com

PIANO lessons. Txt 020 4088 1557.


10:30am at Anglican Hall, Haven Rd, Collingwood. Ph Robin & Lauren Swafford 524 8498.

Sunday Service 10am All Welcome ☺

Pastor: Rodney Watson 0275 114 266 93 Commercial St, Takaka. www.godunlimited.org

Ph: 525 9265


UPCOMING EVENTS / Mea pakiri haere SATURDAY 19 SEPTEMBER PUBLIC TALK: “THE NEW NORMAL IS GREAT COMPASSION” with Geshe Tharchin. 10.30am-12 midday, The Sandcastle, 32 Haile Lane, Pohara. By donation. All warmly welcome. See last week’s display ad for more information. MOTUPIPI HALL SOUP AND DESSERT LUNCHEON, $12pp, 12pm midday. TAKAKA BOWLING CLUB, Hiawatha Lane, opening day. Members meeting 1pm, bowls 1.30pm. Followed by presentations postponed by Covid, and tea. New members, guests welcome.

SUNDAY 20 SEPTEMBER DOG TRAINING CLASS, Sundays, noon, Clifton reserve. Txt 020 4088 1557.



BADMINTON, GBHS gym, 7-9pm. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007. COMMUNITY AND WHANAU MONTHLY MEETING. 12–1pm, Community Centre. Speaker: Tracey Dawson from Hearing Nelson will be coming to talk to us about hearing loss. Bring your lunch (tea and coffee provided) and any community notices, events or issues to share. Everyone welcome. See you there. GB WEEKLY DEADLINE: noon on Tuesdays.

WEDNESDAY 23 SEPTEMBER ONEKAKA PLAYGROUP, all welcome, Wednesdays 10am12.30pm, Onekaka Hall.

LET’S TALK CANNABIS, 7pm, GB Community Centre. Public talk on medicinal cannabis and the upcoming cannabis referendum. COSTUME HIRE open by appointment only until further notice. Bookings: contact Linda Sharpe or Diane Langford, 525 8097. Returns may still be made to Joan Fishley in Edinburgh Street.

THURSDAY 24 SEPTEMBER DAYTIME BADMINTON, Rec Park Centre, 10am. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007, 027 525 7007.

FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER COMMUNITY CONVERSATION, on the Village Green, 10.30am-12.30pm. Bring your open minds and kind hearts. All warmly welcome.


Flea Market Day @ Pakawau Hall Tables supplied, car boot sales welcome too - all $5 10am-1pm

Our next visit to Golden Bay is Wednesday 23 September

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October Book your table NOW Ph 027/03-5248202


The Mussel Inn

Saturday 19th September

Coming Up...

alanjahjah en de eggerlings $5


WARP // LAMBI KITTY Saturday 3rd October


Saturday 10th October STATE OF EUPHORIA


Wed 23rd FROM SCRATCH - percussion ensemble. Limited tickets online Thur 24th QUIZ - all welcome, 7.30pm

OCTOBER Sat 3rd LEMONGRASS Wed 7th JENNY MITCHELL - tickets online Thur 8th QUIZ - all welcome, 7.30pm Sat 10th SWAMPTHING Tues 13th THE BETHS - tickets online Thur 15th The JORDAN LUCK BAND - tickets online Sat 17th VOTE!!!

Gourmet food & burgers, Open fire, Good beer, Good people

www.rootsbar.co.nz .


Programmes to listen out for Paakiwaha - An exciting weekly two-hour current affairs program hosted by Dale Husband and featuring topical national kaupapa from a Māori perspective. Since it began in 2002, Paakiwaha has made a key contribution to Waatea’s vision of providing a Māori current affairs format in English, a forum that provides a uniquely Māori perspective on issues affecting primarily Māori, but ultimately all New Zealanders. The aim has always been to provide opportunities for listeners to have a better understanding of kaupapa that may not get fair treatment on mainstream media, while allowing Māori and non-Māori to engage in critical debates on those issues. Thursday mornings 10-12 and replays Sunday night from 10.00 Yumi Talem - ‘Yumi Talem’ or ‘Our Voice’ features Vanuatu’s cultures, current affairs, and the Christian principles Vanuatu is founded on. Every 2nd Sunday at 6pm then the following Thursday at 3am Viva LatinoAmerica! - Luz Zuniga and Jessica Diaz present an hour of Latin American culture, music, current affairs and interviews in Spanish. Every second Thursday at 7pm, repeating following Monday at 1am

www.freshfm.net 18


Fri Sat Sun

Mon Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Free screening

18 4.30 Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always (M) 7.30 Savage (R16) 19 4.30 23 Walks (M) (Final) 7.30 Tenet (M) 20 1.00 NT Live: Present Laughter (PG) $25/20/15*(*Student Special) 4.30 Britt-Marie Was Here (M) (Final) 7.30 Savage (R16) 21 7.30 My Year of Living Mindfully - Sponsored by Mariposa. Free event: Tickets at Dragonfly or Soul Donations at the door go to Te Whare Mahana 23 7.30 Tenet (M) 24 1.30 Matinee: Return to Ghandi Road 7.30 Savage (R16) 25 4.30 Four Kids and It (PG) 7.30 Tenet (M) 26 4.30 The Secret Garden (2020) (PG) 7.30 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (PG) 27 5.00 Return to Ghandi Road 8.00 Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always (M)

21st September

For healthy, thriving nature.

Party Vote Green.

7.30pm Village Theatre

- Major water reforms.

Tickets available from Dragonfly & Soul

- Huge boost to DOC funding.

Koha on the night will be gifted to the Te Whare Mahana Trust

- Banned plastic bags.

Sponsored By

Bookings phone 525 8453 Film information may be found at www.villagetheatre.org.nz

Authorised by Gwen Shaw, Level 1, 17 Garrett St, Wellington


Golden Bay weather forecast Friday: Southwesterlies soon prevailing. Rain, clearing during the morning to mainly fine weather.

2 Commercial Street, Takaka ꟾ Ph 525 7305

Saturday: Southwesterlies, fresh at first west of Collingwood. Fine and cloudy periods. Sunday: Light winds. Some cloudy areas at first, then fine and briefly mild. Monday: Light winds, tending northerly later. Mainly fine and mild for a time. Tuesday: Northerlies freshening. Fine although some cloud developing later.

M E T R E S am 3 5

Sep 19


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Sep 21


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Sep 22


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Sep 23


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Sep 24


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Sep 25

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm

3 2 1 0 H 12:22pm L 6:10am


H 10:57am 11:15pm L 4:42am 5:02pm

H 11:40am 11:58pm L 5:25am 5:43pm

Rise 6:23 am Set 6:22 pm

Rise 6:21 am Set 6:23 pm

Rise 6:20 am Set 6:24 pm

Rise 6:18 am Set 6:25 pm

Rise 6:16 am Set 6:26 pm

Rise 6:14 am Set 6:27 pm

Rise 6:13 am Set 6:28 pm

Rise 7:35 am Set 8:24 pm

Rise 8:06 am Set 9:40 pm

Rise 8:38 am Set 10:55 pm

Rise 9:15 am

Set 12:10 am Rise 9:57 am

Set 1:19 am Rise 10:45 am

Set 2:21 am Rise 11:39 am

Best at

Best at


H 12:42am L 6:56am

1:06pm 7:09pm


1:31am 7:44am

1:53pm 8:02pm


2:28am 8:39am

2:47pm 9:10pm


3:36am 4:00pm 9:44am 10:43pm


Enquiries phone: 03 525 9843


9 noon 3

Sep 20


Sollys Contractors are proud sponsors of this weather forecast. Disclaimer: This forecast is a personal interpretation complied from public information provided by NZ Metservice and other public sources. It is a local forecast and no liability is implied or accepted.

GOLDEN BAY TIDE WATCH - TARAKOHE Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Saturday 6

Act now


Proudly sponsors Golden Bay Tide Watch

Valid from Friday 18 until Tuesday 22 September

d. Think ahea .


1:27 am 1:53 pm



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7:00 am 7:28 pm


50 Commercial Street, Takaka Golden Bay First National Licensed REAA 2008 - MREINZ



Ph: (03) 525 8800


OPEN HOME Saturday 1.00 - 2.00pm

OPEN HOME Sunday 1.00 - 2.00pm



This very appealing 2 bdrm home on the outskirts of town, with brick cladding & alum. joinery, is 60m2, low maintenance & makes for an ideal first home, or smaller home for your later years, close to town, schools & shops. No wasted space with bdrms off the open plan living room, & sep. laundry & bathroom. The morning sun streams into the kitchen & the N/W living area & deck receives a good dose of all day sun. Ref: GB3796

Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com




Offers Over $660,000

Warm and sunny, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1+ garage/workshop space set on 903m 2 Elevated with views out to Rototai Estuary and the western ranges Open plan, bright and sunny living, dining and kitchen Large deck for entertaining, accessed from all rooms Heat pump and log fire to keep you cosy in winter Ref: GB3797



Thoughtfully designed, this stylish, low maintenance, modern family home offers coastal living at its best & features: a sleek entertainer’s kitchen, large open-plan lounge & dining area, 3 large bdrms, with master ensuite & walk-in-robe, double internal car garaging, north facing = maximum sunshine, outdoor patio & BBQ area, low maintenance plantings.



OFFERS OVER $740,000

Refurbished home - modern & feels like new, set on 1ha land, largely manuka covered 4 bdrms, or 3 bdrms & office, N-facing & spacious living, bthrm & dble garage Decks provide abundant sun & lovely garden outlook, seaview from high point Immaculate inside & out, ideal family home, <5 mins. drive to the beach Plenty of parking, chook house, couple of sheds Ref: GB3795

Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com



• 7ha lifestyle loaded with potential • Avocado, citrus, nuts & more • Run as an organic orchard • 3bd house, sleepout, plus! plus! • See the potential to appreciate the options at this property! Ref: GB3760 $1.3m+GST (if any) James Mackay 027 359 0892


• 192.63ha in a unique setting • 2 powered building sites • 2-bay shed • 1.5hrs to Takaka • Viewing by appointment only Ref: GB3772 $2m James Mackay 027 359 0892 or Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577

Sharon McConnon Sales Manager 0275 258 255


Paul McConnon Salesperson 0275 042 872

Annie Telford Salesperson 0272 491 408

OPEN TO VIEW Saturday 2.00 - 3.00pm

1683 CWD-BAINHAM MAIN RD, BAINHAM Deadline Sale: 2pm Friday 02.10.20 (NSP) • • 41 hectares of grazing for dairy & beef , also maize & honey production opportunities • • A large, 5 bdrm, modern farm house, open-plan, spacious living, master with ensuite • • Stunning rural views across to the mountain ranges • • Near to the famous Langford’s Store, Heaphy Track & Kahurangi National Park Ref: GBR3729

Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577 or James Mackay 027 359 0892 Sarah-Jane Brown Salesperson 0274 222 577

James Mackay Principal / AREINZ / B.Com

027 359 0892

Belinda J Barnes Agent / AREINZ 021 236 2840


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Golden Bay Weekly - 18 September 2020  

Golden Bay Weekly - 18 September 2020  

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