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Friday 24 July 2020

Richie’s top spot earns its name

Richie poses with his touch rugby team mates from Takaka Primary and Golden Bay High School. Photo: Alistair Hughes. ALISTAIR HUGHES

Golden Bay may be held up as one of the most beautiful regions in New Zealand, but having successfully lured All Black legend Richie McCaw to visit on Monday, the challenge was now on to prove it. Richie was visiting as part of a collaboration between T V3’s The Project NZ current events show, and Westpac, to promote domestic destinations and local businesses. The competition was named “Richie’s Top Spot”, and required entrants to submit a 30-second video highlighting their own region’s attractions. Alex Richard, guide at Golden Bay Kayaks, put together the wild card entry which won the vote, entitling her to a $3000 prize and a visit from Richie himself. Her video stars nine-year-old Kye Bateup, son of Golden Bay Kayaks owners Lisa Savage and Tony Bateup. Alex explains: “I thought it would be really cool if Kye performed a mihi in the background. So I held up a piece of paper with all the words written on it, we had a practice run and then he got it. I said my entry was about supporting the Bay, and they told me we’d won.”

Richie and his crew enjoyed magnificent early morning views as they were flown in by Mit Brereton of Adventure Flights Golden Bay. “A pretty awesome day at work,” said Mit. “I had the privilege of flying Richie McCaw to Golden Bay and I’m stoked to have done my little bit.” The day fittingly began at Golden Bay Kayaks, where Richie met Kye and Alex, then enjoyed some morning tea prepared by Jill Foxwell at De-Lish Delicatessen. Blue penguins nesting underneath Lisa and Tony’s deck serenaded the visitors before excited students from Takaka Primary and Golden Bay High School arrived to take on the former All Black in a game of beach touch Rugby. This brief but energetic match no doubt helped make this the best “first day back at school” which the young sports people had ever experienced. Richie admitted to have been given “a good work out” as he posed for photographs with excited children and parents alike, afterwards. Richie, Kye and Alex then commandeered a couple of kayaks and headed off across the still waters of Tata bay, heading around the corner towards Wainui.

Todd Johnstone from Westpac New Zealand gave a little more detail about “Richie’s Top Spot”. “We just wanted to encourage kiwis to get out and help small businesses and see the country. Richie has been an ambassador with us for years, so we partnered with The Project NZ to ask people to promote their towns and attractions. We had about 120 entries from around the country, and Alex won the vote — so here we are.” Lisa admitted that the day had involved a lot of organisation, and shared a quiet laugh when recalling how the Auckland crew had asked which terminal they should go to at Takaka airport. After making landfall, Richie, Kye, Alex and companions enjoyed some well-needed sustenance at nearby Totos Café and Pizzeria, courtesy of owners Crian Cahusac and Carole Fournier. Next up was another change of transport, which saw Kye and Richie mountain biking down the Rameka historic trail. Fishing at the Anatoki Salmon Farm followed, by which time the range of attractions on offer had made a real impression. Continued on page 6

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Public consultation on the option for a Golden Bay Local Board got underway in earnest last week, with well-attended meetings in Takaka and Collingwood. Over the two events, a combined total of around 140 members of the public listened to staff and commissioners from the Local Government Commission (LGC) – the body responsible for the managing the process – answer questions from the floor. The Commission’s team of five included CEO Penny Langley and lead adviser Gavin Beattie, plus the three commissioners who will decide on whether a local board is established, and if so, what it will look like and what it will be able to do. Each of the high-powered trio – chair Brendan Duffy, Janie Annear and Sue Piper – comes with an impressive track-record of around 25 years in senior roles in local government, and they have a combined 16 years’ experience with the Commission. Both meetings followed the same format. Brendan introduced his fellow commissioners, stressing that they were “open-minded and completely independent”, before Gavin provided a brief overview of the consultation document to “highlight key issues and to set the scene”. The remainder of each twohour meeting was taken up with a lengthy questions-and-answers session. First on Gavin’s list of key issues was the essential difference between a community board and a local board. “A community board relies on goodwill between parties [the board and council],” said Gavin, pointing out that council can revoke delegations at any time, in contrast to a local board, where, “Once allocations are set, they can only be changed if both parties agree.” These allocations, he explained, will determine how the local board’s governance role will be split between the three levels of influence, “…Decisionmaking, advocacy and collaboration.” He moved on to discuss the issue of costs versus benefits. “One advantage [of a local board] is achieving better local decision-making, but at what cost?” The Commission has suggested an increase of $75pa in the annual targeted rate to cover the additional $240,000 annual cost, including overheads, of employing one full-time equivalent support person. This individual, Gavin explained, would be a council employee and report directly to the CEO. Continued on page 2

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Local board debate

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Local board debate - in Takaka and Collingwood

Main picture: LGC lead adviser Gavin Beattie addresses the meeting in Collingwood. Inset: Chair of commissioners Brendan Duffy speaking at the Takaka meeting. Photos: Jo Richards.

Continued from page 1 A local board: What is it and what can it do? The widely quoted benefits of a local board include a higher degree of community self-determination, better local decisionmaking and enhanced authority. Tony Lawton, secretary of the Golden Bay Local Board Working Group, described a local board as a “very different beast” compared to a community board. “A local board is based on contracts - a three-year plan, annual agreement, funding statement, and appeal process. It’s a business partnership between two equals rather than a trust-based master-subservient relationship. The fundamental principle is subsidiarity which will lead to better decisions, and a local board is the only way we can do this.” There was a good deal of discussion about the current hierarchical relationship. Brendan said, “it’s about confidence and trust”, but it’s no secret that both these qualities have been lacking in the relationship in recent years. In 2007, during the representation review, Tasman District Council (TDC) proposed abolishing the Golden Bay Community Board but the LGC ruled against it. At the Collingwood meeting, past Golden Bay Community Board chair Carolyn McLellan said this happened during her tenure. “TDC voted against the community board – that was an unpleasant fight to keep it.” In 2007, the LGC also recommended that TDC delegate more responsibility to the community board, stating: “…the extent of its present delegated decision-making responsibilities are insufficient”. However council did not respond to any meaningful extent. Even if it had a sudden change of heart, this would be a poor substitute for local board delegations, said Averill Grant at the Takaka meeting. “Yes, TDC can give delegations, but can revoke them at any time…TDC has no respect for community board. There is no surety.” One of the key decisions that the LGC will take is what responsibilities will be delegated to a local board, and this is likely to be influenced by TDC’s input. Last week, council held a workshop to formulate its submission, which was due to be published in the CEO’s report this week. At the time of going to press this report was still unavailable. However, in her letter of June 10 2019 to the Commission’s CEO Donald Riezebos, TDC CEO Janine Dowding argued that responsibility for the council’s commercial portfolio, including campgrounds, Port Tarakohe and Takaka Aerodrome should remain with council and not be delegated to a local board. One of the options described in the Commission’s consultation document is to establish local boards in other Tasman wards, which could have benefits for the whole district

and ensure a consistent governance model. Tukurua resident and ex-councillor Andy Clark pointed out at the Collingwood meeting that, against local advice, it was the Commission who set up community boards for only for Motueka and Golden Bay wards when they established TDC, and he believes this was a mistake. “This mixed approach clearly hasn’t worked”. Despite interest from both Richmond and Motueka communities in establishing local boards, it’s unlikely that TDC would support them for all wards. In her letter of June 10 2019, Ms Dowding argued: “Should the Commission decide on a local board, Tasman District Council’s least preferred option is five local boards across the District”. Brendan urged all parties to look beyond short-term issues to the long-term benefits of establishing a local board, and gradually build confidence and trust. “While the structure provides the potential, we will not see transformational change overnight. The first three years things were not so good between locals boards and Auckland Council, but there has been a significant improvement over time. You can’t expect a local authority to embrace such change overnight.” Speaking by phone to The GB Weekly shortly after the meetings, chair of Waiheke Local Board Cath Handley said it was likely that “people centrally who haven’t got an open mind” would try to hold on to power, but her experience had shown that it was possible to come from “a very negative place to a positive one”. The Waiheke Island community has many similarities to Golden Bay in that it is a small, isolated, discrete community. A local board: What will it cost? While the Commission can prescribe delegations, Brendan explained that it can only make suggestions to council about the nature of the support structure and how the costs are apportioned. “A decision on rates can only be made by council. The Commission can only advise what is appropriate.” Unsurprisingly, the issue of support costs, and a board’s funding through a proposed targeted rate, was the subject of numerous questions and comments. Several queried why the delegation of decision-making to Golden Bay wouldn’t produce cost savings in Richmond, but in the view of the commissioners and both Golden Bay ward councillors, this was not the case. “There are no tangible savings as a consequence of a local board taking over responsibilities,” said Brendan. At the Collingwood meeting, Jill Pearson asked, “Is it appropriate to ask to have a districtwide cost and spread the cost?”

Brendan replied that it was, but again explained this was a decision for council. If a structure of five local boards across the district was established it would make a strong argument in favour of funding from general rates. This is how Auckland’s 21 local boards are funded - with no targeted rate charge. At one point during the Takaka meeting Brendan set a few alarm bells ringing when he suggested that, theoretically, the Commission could implement a local board in Golden Bay irrespective of the resulting increase in targeted rate, but this is unlikely to happen in practice, explained Tony Lawton after the meeting. “In reality, the LGC will only implement something they see as workable.” The cost to ratepayers will depend entirely on how TDC defines the level of support and how the costs are funded. This should become clearer with the publication of this week’s CEO’s report. Many people questioned the timeline of the LGC process, which requires public submissions to be made before the council discloses any increase in the targeted rate. At the Takaka meeting, Motupipi resident Simon Philp likened this to “building a house without first getting a quote – no one here would do that”. Tony Lawton reiterated the need to consider the long-term benefits. “If the community genuinely want greater local decision-making, they need to choose which approach they think is the best option to deliver an efficient and effective local government service for their ever-increasing rates bill for the next 20-plus years”. The importance of making submissions Brendan said the commission would make its decision based on the feedback from the community and other stakeholders and stressed that consideration would be given to the strength of the arguments put forward. “It’s about quality of submissions, not quantity.” Fellow commissioner Sue Piper concurred. “The submission process is very important. It will influence the decision.” Brendan closed both meetings with a similar message, thanking the community for its hospitality and for the “amazing” level of engagement, which he considered to be “hugely respectful”. How to send a submission: Email: submissions@lgc.govt.nz Web: www.lgc.govt.nz Post: Local Government Commission, PO Box 5362, Wellington 6140. Submissions close on Friday 14 August.



Water.eARThpower exhibition



• New linen clothing • Cushions • Leather bags & wallets *sale ends Saturday 1 August

M - F: 10am-5pm, S: 10am-1-ish 44 Commercial Street P: 525 9990 F: pohutukawa gallery takaka

Cobb residency artists celebrating the spring equinox in September last year have finally announced new dates for their postponed exhibition. From left, back row: Lisa van der Meer, Melissa Davidson, Anita Peters, Bronwynn Billens, Kate Burness, Pauline Watts. Front row: Michael Potter, Toy Murchie, Lois Morgan, Absent: Philly Hall. Photo: Michael Potter. ANITA PETERS

With the Cobb residency Easter exhibition “water.eARTh. power” thwarted by lockdown, the 10 artists involved have been forced to find an alternative date to show their work from their Cobb experience in September 2019. The next best date would have been Labour Weekend, but the annual BayArt competition has a standing booking at the Golden Bay High School hall. So there was a call for some creative thinking. Now the change of venue and date have been decided, it’s back on track for the artists to present an array of work after more than a year’s delay. The two-week exhibition is due to open from 22 to 31 January 2021, at the Pohara Hall. This event is likely to be an absolute highlight this summer in the Bay. But even more of a coup, to temper the disappointment of time dragging on, is a successful proposal by the group to hold an added exhibition at the re-located Refinery ArtSpace in Nelson, scheduled for June 2021. Previously booked exhibitions deferred by Covid-19 have meant the Arts Council Nelson Executive Board have been able to consider the group’s application favourably.

The 10 artists, seven from Golden Bay and three from Nelson, have been working in a variety of media and disciplines to reflect on the Cobb experience, and will be bringing some bold ideas to the mix. They include Cobb-sourced sculptural works, intimate pinhole camera images, and a variety of drawings, paintings, ceramics, weaving, printing and photography. This is a “definite” to mark on the New Year calendar. A trip with family and friends to see some discerning work from our region will also validate the long wait of a dedicated group of artists celebrating one of Golden Bay’s lesser known jewels. The Cobb Valley, along with the intriguing Trustpower buildings, lake and dam offer a fascinating mix of nature and industry in this pocket of Kahurangi National Park. K e e p u p d ate d by c h e c k i n g t h e we b s i te w w w. waterearthpower.art First Cobb exhibition, Pohara Hall, 22 Jan – 1 Feb, 2021. Second Cobb exhibition, The Refinery, Nelson, June 2021. MOTUEKA

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LE T TERS Fear of saying the wrong thing on race

“I suspect that many well-meaning Pakeha are quiet on this subject out of fear of saying the wrong thing.” That is probably true. Who, for instance, would dare to suggest that it is unhelpful and divisive to import the rhetoric of American racial discord into our country? No doubt there are individuals whose outlook needs to be improved but we should not fail to acknowledge the huge strides towards racial harmony that our nation has made in recent decades. Robert Kennedy

Survey on marine farming impacts

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We are a group of Golden Bay residents with concerns about the social and environmental impacts of the marine farming industry in the Bay. It is important for us to determine the range of effects on our community, so we would like to question residents and visitors. To maximise feedback, it would be great to have a resident who would survey each small GB community. If you are willing to help by surveying your immediate locale, using a provided questionnaire, please email us at marinefarmingimpacts@ gmail.com. The data will be collated by our group and the results published in The GB Weekly. Gaylene Wilkinson on behalf of Marine Farming Impacts Group

Rubber-stamping donations

We have a lot of very worthy charities in Golden Bay, many of whom have registered as such, thus enabling contributors to claim back from the Inland Revenue Department one third of the amount of their contribution. This enables contributors to correspondingly increase the amount they might give, knowing that they can get a refund. However each receipt must have the complete name of the charity, their allotted charities number and their IRD number to enable the claim. Charities, please invest in a rubber stamp for your receipts (cost less than $30) and pre-stamp them, as I found that the worthy cause I contributed to outside FreshChoice supermarket last year made it impossible for me to claim failing as it did on all those counts, though I did chase up what I could. This means my contribution to that cause this year will be correspondingly less. Karen Brookes

CCTV cameras in Takaka




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Judging by the recent letters published in The GB Weekly (26/6, 3/7) it appears some members of the public are oblivious to the acts of vandalism, theft and misconduct in the Takaka township area and are similarly oblivious to the many years of public discussions between the Golden Bay Community Board, Tasman District Council, Golden Bay RSA, Takaka Police and business owners trying to mitigate or eliminate this damage. On behalf of the Golden Bay RSA I can report many incidents that occurred at our Memorial Park since its opening in late 2015: • Cans, bottles, condoms and litter left lying around the park (usually cleaned up by Nelmac contractors before the shops open) • A discreetly placed 240V locked power outlet regularly “jemmied” open and/or the padlock removed by freedom campers to enable charging of their remote devices • Freedom campers washing dishes and/or themselves in the Memorial fountain – very disrespectful to our fallen soldiers • Memorial pillar lights twisted or bent out of shape and, on two occasions, the lights completely ripped out. The waharoa, commemorative plaques, memorial pillars and large pounamu have much spiritual significance and must be protected. Installation of surveillance equipment will help deter offenders and, if necessary, footage obtained used to help identify and apprehend offenders. Anyone visiting the park with good intent has nothing to fear – big brother is not looking for you. Noel Baigent, Golden Bay RSA president

that he is so upset that a little spray of white paint so elegantly subverted his sign? He argues that an artwork promoting peace should be immune from similar treatment, presumably because questioning pacifism is a thought-crime. He also overstretches a point by describing this illiterate sign as an artwork (“complicity” not “compliance” surely); it is merely provocative political propaganda imposing on public space without public permission. I believe the Art Vault is abusing its privileged position as an art establishment to get away with this. How would it be if we all erected huge hectoring hoardings outside our houses? We’ve all got the message now thanks; it’s time to take it down. Steve Penny

Sarcoma Awareness Month

July is worldwide Sarcoma Awareness Month. Sarcoma is a rare form of cancer still considered to be the forgotten cancer. Unfortunately, because of this, it is often not detected early. It can occur in people of all ages, from young children to adults. Be alert to any deep lump or bump anywhere in your body whether or not it hurts. If you feel something is wrong don’t stop asking questions. If concerned, seek medical attention. For me, it was a visit to Molemap specialist Jenny Wong who asked, “Would I like her to make an appointment to visit the radiology department”? That appointment was made for the next working day. Awareness and education can help save lives. Jenny Haldane

Local board submissions important

Each response (submission) to the current proposal from the Local Government Commission (not TDC) to change from the present TDC community board to a TDC local board is important as it is only submissions that will determine this permanent legal decision. Some people want this change and their reasons have been previously publicised. The outcomes are harder to weigh up against the cost. There would almost certainly be an extra targeted rate of at least $75pa likely increasing over time. The local board would have to make a strategic plan and budget agreed with TDC for the things they would have control over, ie parks and reserves and playgrounds etc. which would tie it into bureaucratic processes more that the community board, which is more flexible and able to take on delegations depending on its initiative and the will of council. A local board would be more at a governance level but actual direct control would be limited. Golden Bay would have a local council officer again, employed by the Council and paid for by the new rate. There may possibly be only one TDC councillor in the Golden Bay ward. In the end, good working relationships are needed to make either type of board work for us. It is highly important to submit especially if the extra $75 rate would cause hardship. Celia Butler See page 2 for details of how to make a submission - Ed.

Local board submissions to the LGC

YES, the LGC decides if we have a local board, partly based on our submissions, there is no vote; YES, the targeted rate increase is determined by TDC and may be significantly higher than in the LGC proposal ($75pa per household). We expect some clarification from TDC next week. YES, the final targeted rate will not be known until after submissions close (14 August) and perhaps after the LGC’s final decision; this process was adopted after we made the application in 2018, and we are checking with Ministry for Local Government that this process is really Government policy. Golden rule for submissions: The more people submitting, and the more detailed your submissions, the more the LGC will understand what we collectively want for our community’s governance, how much we can afford to pay for the benefits, and the more likely people get what they collectively want. If you didn’t get the LGC’s proposal document in your mailbox please pick up a copy at the library or TDC Takaka office, or go online. You don’t need their proposal document to submit – contact the LGC. Getting the message If anyone has questions contact us www.gblocalboard.co.nz Well done Bridget Coakley for having the guts to write a letter thanking the artist who blanked out the word “white” or LGC www.lgc.govt.nz. We’re happy to come to any meetings. Tony Lawton from the “White silence is compliance” sign outside the Takaka Art Vault (GBW 17/7). It is a very brave thing these days to risk Points to ponder on a local board the wrath of the thought police, who ruthlessly press their Appropriate decision-making is one of the principles in the knees on the necks of anyone who dares dissent from their Green Party Charter. It means that to implement ecological “progressive” and “woke” agendas. I agree we all should speak wisdom and social responsibility, decisions should be made out against racism, however this polarising black and white directly at the appropriate level by those affected. sign seems deliberately designed to incite racial division and For years Golden Bay residents have not been allowed resentment by singling out white people for blame and shame; to make decisions which affect them. Yes, there are some how would Chinese people like it if the sign said “yellow”? decisions which for legal or other reasons cannot be delegated “Art should disturb the comfortable”, said subversive spray- down by TDC. But there are many other decisions which could paint artist Banksy, quoted by Grant Knowles, so isn’t it ironic and should be handed down. Previous councils were deaf to

Listen for The GB Weekly’s latest content on Fresh Start, Friday & Monday mornings from 7am THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 24 JULY 2020

LE T TERS requests for more autonomy, and that’s why there’s a proposal before the Local Government Commission to create a local board in the Bay. The meetings last week gave residents the opportunity to quiz the three commissioners. But their answers raised a few more questions and concerns for me. If all possible delegations were given to Golden Bay for us to make the decisions, would we need a local board instead of a community board? If we had a local board, would that affect our representation on the district council? At the next Representation Review would we be told that since we had a local board, we could only have one councillor on TDC? Bad idea. Would there be enough people prepared to stand for a board with many more responsibilities – including preparing a three-year and an annual plan, and monitoring implementation – for not a lot more remuneration than at present? Point to ponder when making your submission, due in by 14 August. Liz Thomas

Local board submission not a numbers game

Those of us who attended the address by the Local Government Commission on Friday 17 July were none the wiser. As for the pamphlet drop, it is classic bureaucratic propaganda. This issue is not a numbers game, but one of submissions for and against. It will be the solidity and simplicity of reasons for a local board, against reasons for not having one. It appears those against are based on cost, and duplication of staff. I still do not understand why the other community boards are involved, just because the LGC decrees it. What cost is freedom and autonomy, when the destiny of our Golden Bay is taken out of the hands of TDC? The submission form gives us three options. The only one we should tick, is the top of the list. As for your reason, the following wording is recommended to be on all submissions. It is brief, clear, simple, and the truth: ‘’A local board for Golden Bay will enable democratic decision-making by, and on behalf of, all residents and ratepayers residing in Golden Bay’s geographic boundaries. A local board has more decision-making power than a community board. ‘’ Please, all who read this letter, make a submission “for a local

board’.’ We lost our voice over the Waimea Dam. Let’s not lose this only chance for at least a decade. Give our descendents a future for power and control over Golden Bay. Reg Turner

Dead ducks

The killing of mallard ducks in an Auckland suburb highlights again the need for stricter controls on dangerous substances to protect our environment and our non-human whanau. Alpha Chloralose, found in their gut, is a narcotic the agrichemical industry sells (in their words) to “control nuisance” birds. Although its illegal to use “contrary to label” with serious fines, Fish and Game says there is nothing to stop it “being thrown about anywhere with people using it however they wish”. (Radio NZ, 13/7) With no point of sale registration there is little ability to investigate these cruel crimes. Many deadly toxins used to kill unwanted animals are available for public use. Anyone can buy any number of poisons over the counter. No licence is required, there is no effective control or enforcement. Bird recovery centres including Patsy Garrett’s (GBW, 12/6) attest to poisons killing a variety of birds; wild, domestic, introduced and native. People discriminate, poison doesn’t. Poisoning is cruel and leads to a perpetual, vicious cycle of killing throughout the food chain. Toxins used to kill should at very least require a licence and point-of-sale registration with consequences for improper use. Many interests, and legal interpretations that involve more than one piece of law, prevent animals being protected from people who should not have the right to kill them cruelly. History shows however that laws do evolve slowly with repeated challenges to accepted norms. Linda O’Connor

Penguin nesting sites “devastated”

On Monday I went down to inspect the removal of coastal vegetation from the Rangihaeata shoreline between the bottom of Fraser Road and the Onahau Spit. The sight that greeted me was devastating. It is inevitable that the four penguin families who have called this section of the beach home for many years will lose their

nesting sites. Live trees that have been cut to the base will die off, their root base will collapse onto the sand burrows that have been so carefully dug out beneath them. The potential for penguins and their chicks to be buried alive is now there. I understand the vehicle number plates of the people who did this have been handed over to police and I do hope prosecution will follow. Cynthia McConville Chair, Mohua Blue Penguin Trust

Festival of Light and Fire - a special event

It was a peaceful, charming, beautiful and special event. Families stepped onto the beach with their bright lanterns swinging in the dark. Magic fairy dust was thrown by children into the fire to make their new-year wishes come true. People talked, sang, admired the creativity on show and gazed at the starry starry night. Thank you to our arts worker Tania Marsden who organised this celebration at Pohara Beach. And thank you to The GB Weekly for its coverage with spectacular photos by Paige Lynette Photography. Marg Braggins on behalf of Golden Bay Community Arts Council

CORRECTION The GB Weekly apologises for the omission of the following information from the Wahine Exhibition article (17/7): The kaikaranga organised for the opening were Makere Chapman for Manawhenua ki Mohua and Joy Shorrock for the manuhiri. Anne Harvey also responded spontaneously. Eric Lander delivered the whaikorero and karakia.

NOTE ON LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The GB Weekly welcomes letters to the editor. Please email your letter to us at admin@gbweekly.co.nz by 12pm Tuesday. Include the writer’s full name, home address and daytime phone number. Letters will be printed over the name of the writer; names are withheld only when compelling reasons can be established. Letters should not exceed 250 words. Letters that are too long might not be considered. All correspondence is at the discretion of the manager, who reserves the right to decline, edit, or abridge letters without explanation or further discussion. The views expressed are those of the correspondents and are not necessarily endorsed or shared by The GB Weekly.

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An Arvida Living Well Community. 5

Richie’s top spot earns its name

Photos: Alistair Hughes

Continued from page 1 “I’ve been to Golden Bay a couple of times before,” said Richie, “ but this has been great. Kayaking, mountain-biking, fishing, it’s amazing just how many different things there are to do here.” Dan van der Eijk, manager at Anatoki Salmon Farm, feels the visit has very positive benefits for Golden Bay. “It’s a really good promotion, especially in these times, when everyone is focusing on domestic tourism.” While smoking Richie and Kye’s catches, Dan admitted there had been some rivalry going on. “Richie got the first fish, but Kye’s was slightly bigger — so Richie has to pay for lunch.” The day which robbed the over-excited Kye of almost five nights’ sleep was drawing to an end, and an enthusiastic crowd waved Richie off at the airport as he headed home. Producer Damien Daniel was delighted with the day. “It’s been great. I knew I couldn’t ‘plan it to death’ and would just have to see how things turned out, to some extent. But everyone has been amazing, and it’s gone even better than I expected.” Alex’s winning video can be seen here: https://www.threenow.co.nz/tv/the-project/home/win/ richies-top-spot/finalist-golden-bay.html

Richie moves in for an interception during the beach touch rugby game with Golden Bay students.

Kye and Richie compare the size of their catches at Anatoki Salmon.

Kye and Richie set off for a paddle to the Wainui Inlet.


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4 5 5 6 7 3 6 5 1 5 6 7 2 4 3 4 9 2 1 3 8 1 2 4 7 8 3 2

No. 497


6 6

Previous solution - Medium

1 9 7 4 2 3 8 5 6



8 3 1

1 7 5 6 4 2 9 5 9 5 8 6 4 3 5 1 6 7 8 1

How to beat Str8ts – Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. But... rows and columns are divided by black squares into compartments. These need to be filled in with numbers that complete a ‘straight’. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4,2,3,5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight. Glance at the solution to The solutions will be published here in the next issue. see how ‘straights’ are formed.

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6 5 2 8 9 1 4 3 7

3 8 4 6 5 7 2 1 9

2 7 3 9 4 8 5 6 1

5 1 8 2 7 6 3 9 4

4 6 9 3 1 5 7 8 2

8 4 6 1 3 2 9 7 5

7 2 1 5 8 9 6 4 3

9 3 5 7 6 4 1 2 8

To complete Sudoku, fill the board by entering numbers 1 to 9 such that each row, column and 3x3 box contains every number uniquely. For many strategies, hints and tips, visit www.sudokuwiki.org If you like Str8ts check out our books, iPhone/iPad Apps and much more on our store.


“We’ve Got This” marketing drive

Delicatessen Co Ltd

Creators, Merchants & Caterers of Fine Foods & Artisan Products


Nelson Tasman has kicked off its campaign to boost economic recovery in the region. The fightback against the impacts of the coronavirus crisis is starting with a social media driven marketing campaign “We’ve got this!” which is aimed at supporting local businesses and promoting the region. The short, snappy slogan will be used to create a sense of confidence among locals that the region is in good hands and the economy is improving. But it will also be used to showcase the region’s attractions, including stunning natural landscapes, a vibrant arts scene, successful sports teams, world-class restaurants, innovative businesses, and artisan producers. Although the initiative is led by Project Kōkiri – a collaboration between Nelson-Tasman’s two councils and a number of regional agencies – its success depends on locals getting involved by sharing the best of what the region has to offer. Residents, schools, businesses, community groups, social influencers, media outlets and expats are all urged to film or photograph their favourite places, businesses and products from the region and share them on social media with the hashtag #nelsontasman or the tag @NelsonTasmanNZ. Or they can send in their submissions via email to wevegotthis@ nelsontasman.nz. “Community input will be crucial,” says project lead and CEO of Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce, Ali Boswijk. “We’re stronger together and while it might seem like there’s not much you can do to help at a difficult time like this, every post on social media and every poster that’s put up in a shop window


Pic’s Peanut Butter is one of the region’s stars. Photo: Supplied.

will play a role in speeding up our recovery.” To help in the “viral” promotion, a range of ready-to-print posters and animated GIFs for use on various social media channels are available via the website wevegotthis.nz. The best efforts will be posted on the campaign website and shared via Nelson Tasman’s social media channels, and all entries will go into a draw to win daily prizes.

Kitchen chaos at the Mussel Inn FILTER REPLACEMENT

WATER TREATMENT your local supplier

as your local Davey Master Dealer, we stock a range of treatment solutions - whole house|UV|under-bench - course screen|fine cartridge - softener|neutralizer come see the team

Some of the children who filled the Mussel Inn enjoying the act. RONNIE SHORT

Last Thursday an Arts on Tour pair of actors from Rollicking Entertainment company, delivered a fabulously funny fiasco of slapstick comedy, physical theatre and magic at the Mussel

Actors Spray (red) and Wipe (blue) up to mischief and mayhem.

11-13 Buxton Lane - Takaka (03) 525 9482 www.pipeworx.co.nz 027 432 0873 shop@pipeworx.co.nz

Inn. A full house of delighted children and adults laughed their way through the show, helping sensible Spray and ridiculously naughty Wipe bake a cake. Photos: Ronnie Short.



Providing Transport, Construction and Earthmoving services since 1928

EARTHMOVING & CONTRACTING: House sites, driveways Culvert installations Drainage Land development Farm maintenance

Ph 525 9843

FOR ALL YOUR CARTAGE NEEDS: General Freight Storage Bulk Cartage Livestock

Phone 525 9843

SUPPLIER OF: Stock Feed Fertilisers Spreading: Spreadmark certified with GPS mapping Aggregates Compost, garden bark, landscape gravels Pea straw

Phone 525 9843 THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 24 JULY 2020



Supporting Golden Bay businesses Networking, Backups, CCTV, Point of Sale, Antivirus, Email

support@zentec.co.nz www.zentec.co.nz Need business solutions? 65 Commercial St We can help with that. 03 525 8371

Computing Solutions

Ph:0273950037 0273950037 Ph: goldenbayroofing@yahoo.com goldenbayroofing@yahoo.com www.goldenbayroofing.co.nz www.goldenbayroofing.co.nz




Forest & woodlot harvesting Hauler & ground-based bush-rigged excavator Locally-owned operation with local crew

Ph 027 455 9895

Scaffold Solutions Edge Protection Site Fencing

Golden Bay Scaffold Ltd 027 569 6483

Fundraiser to help fight cancer JEANINE TAYLOR

Last year, The GB Weekly published an article about a brave woman, Babs RobertsBorchers, who was diagnosed with stage 4 oesophageal cancer that had spread to her liver, and a CT scan showed traces in her lungs. Babs had numerous rounds of chemotherapy, which had to cease due to an adverse reaction. The oncologist gave Babs the option of trying a drug called Herceptin, which is used in the treatment of breast cancer. They decided to trial the drug, and Babs’ cancer responded to it; however, Herceptin was not funded by PHARMAC for her type of cancer. This meant that Babs and her family had to meet the cost of $70,000 for the treatment. A fundraiser last year assisted Babs with some of the costs. Since this time Babs has had brain surgery to remove two cysts. This has affected her mobility and it was thought that she wouldn’t walk again. But you can’t keep a good woman down, and with much determination, she is up and about with the support of a stick and a walker. Her husband Mark, who has a scientific background, has been studying some alternative medicines that might work alongside Bab’s current medical treatments. The use of high- dosage infusions of vitamin C has

Babs Roberts-Borchers and husband Mark. Photo: Jeanine Taylor.

shown promising results, and so Babs has decided to undergo these infusions in Mapua under Doctor Tim Ewer, who practises integrative medicine at the Mapua Health Centre. So far, the results have been promising, but unfortunately, the cost of her medical and alternative treatments are not funded through the public health system and will be ongoing. To meet these costs another big fundraising push is underway. Babs and Mark, with the kindness of Christie McLeod-Muir, who has been instrumental in organising prizes, will run a big raffle fundraiser outside FreshChoice on Friday 31 July and on Saturday 1 August. Several businesses have shown their support in donating some fabulous prizes: Grant Muir Jeweller, The Wholemeal Café, Earth Gems Flowers and Garden, Wetland View Park accommodation, and local artist Meredith Thorpe has donated a painting.

Babs will need help with manning the stall on both days and so would love some volunteers to help her out. The stall will run from 10am-6pm each day. If you can give up some time, please give Babs a call on 021 240 7365 or email her at babs.roberts1@gmail.com Her next treatments in Mapua are in September (all month) and some overnight accommodation, free or reduced, would be appreciated, maybe even for one or two nights each week to ease the burden. If you know someone who may have some accommodation available, or if would like to contribute some money towards this, please go to: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/so-muchto-live-for Babs has been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to her throughout her ongoing battle with cancer and says “Golden Bay is a lovely place to live and I feel so supported by the people here.”

Firefighters prepare for Sky Tower RONNIE SHORT

Pakawau Beach Park Cabins + powered and non-powered camping - ph 524 8308 Camp Shop 8am to 6pm Newspapers ● Ice ● Bread ● Milk ● Ice-creams....etc


NEW PREMISES: 33 King Edward Street Opposite Motueka Farm Machinery

YOUR LOCAL Equipment Specialist For all Mowers, Chainsaws, Trimmers, and Blowers Sales and Service Ph Kerry 0272 242 085 │ 03 528 0233 Kerry@lifestylecentre.nz

In the Bay weekly - FREE pick up and delivery 8

Four members of Takaka’s Volunteer Fire Brigade have entered a team into this year’s Sky Tower Stair Challenge in Auckland on 21 November. T h i s a n n u a l e ve n t i s a fundraiser for Leukemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC). There are 51 flights of stairs in the Sky Tower, a total of 1103 individual steps. Competitors must wear a complete firefighting kit with full breathing apparatus tanks – a total of 25kg of gear. This year is a first for local firefighters Aaron McKenna, James Mackay and Tim Muntwyler, but not for Stephanie Gray, who entered with her mother in 2019. Stephanie is determined to beat her last year’s time of “just over 15 minutes” by a whole five minutes this year. The male team members’ aim is just to make it to the top. But as Aaron remarked, “I think a time will give an incentive to do it again and knock some time off.” The team began their f i t n e s s t r a i n i n g b e fo r e lockdown, trekking up the Waikoropupū Hydro and climbing the stairs on the

The team: From left, James Mackay, Tim Muntwyler, Stephanie Gray, Aaron McKenna. Photo: Ronnie Short.

outside of Fonterra’s dry tower stack wearing full firefighting gear. Ten climbs of the latter equals the 1103 steps of the Sky Tower. Twice a week the team completes the hydro or stairs, and they will include a mix of different weighted workouts for leg strengthening. Stephanie works with a personal trainer and says leg fitness is the most important thing. Aaron and James both play squash but say it’s “completely different”. Their goal is to raise at least $1000 each for the LBC. Each will pay their own travel to Auckland plus accommodation for the

weekend. Local businesses have contributed to a raffle, which is viewable at ITM and tickets are just $5. Teams are scored on the amount of money they raise, which is then divided by the number of people per team. Nearly $5 million dollars has been raised over the last four years from this fundraiser, every cent of which goes out to support the seven Kiwis every day who are diagnosed with a blood disorder. To make a donation go to https:// firefightersclimb.org.nz/ click DONATE and search Takaka under Teams. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 24 JULY 2020

Creating Balance in Golden Bay JO RICHARDS

Two dedicated yoga educators who recently returned to Golden Bay are offering a path to holistic wellness through their new initiative Creating Balance NZ. “It’s an authentic platform of yoga education for self-development, health, innovation and wellbeing,” says Priyadhara, who with partner Atmabhava has been working towards realising the concept for years. With 20 years of full immersion into the yogic tradition and experience in outdoor adventure and sustainable living, the couple have a top set of teaching credentials. Their community outreach has involved work with individuals of all ages, walks of life and cultures, including refugee youth, prisoners, mental health clients and professionals, as well as corporates, senior citizens, family and friends, and the wider community. In their view, the causes of imbalance in body, mind and lifestyle are multi-faceted and linked to the pressures of the modern world and the choices people make. It manifests in a range of physical and mental symptoms, including stress, anxiety, depression and loss of purpose, as well as digestive, cardiovascular and neuroendocrine disorders, weak immunity, and respiratory ailments. Through yoga, they aim to support individuals in their efforts to restore personal equilibrium, peace and resilience. “We do this by translating yogic wisdom and scientific research into a wide and integrated practice of accessible, modernday applications, as well as health, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that optimise a well-rounded shift towards balance, vitality, expansion of awareness and realignment of body, mind and spirit.” To get the ball rolling, the couple are offering two eight-week courses, focusing on Physical Postures, Breath, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra – which Atmabhava says, “is a unique way to relax in the true sense at a physical, emotional and mental

Takaka Hill: NZTA engagement JO RICHARDS

Creating balance: Priyadhara and Atmabhava. Photo: Supplied.

level while also developing the ability to witness and relate to oneself positively.” Priyadhara and Atmabhava are also offering one-to-one private tuition options on request. They can’t wait to get started, says Priyadhara. “We look forward to exploring empowering practices with the community in a light-hearted and sincere spirit.” Quiet Mind - Meditation with Priyadhara: 4 Aug-22 Sept, Tuesdays 5.45-7pm at Tukurua Collective, 85 Tukurua Rd. Stretch and Relax with Atmabhava: 6 Aug-24 Sept, Thursdays 5.45-7pm, Senior Citizens’ Hall, Takaka. Eight-week course pass, $80; casual, $12 per session – course registration necessary. Fo r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a n d / o r t o b o o k , e m a i l creatingbalancenz@gmail.com, phone 020 414 515 16 or visit Creating Balance NZ on Facebook.


What do you love about being in Golden Bay? For me, it’s being in a small interconnected community with the vastness of nature close at hand. It’s different for each of us, of course. The tranquility and space offered by the Bay with its ever-changing moods is incredible. And things are changing. The growth of marine farming has changed my relationship with being near the sea. Swathes of floats and ropes, boats droning through the early hours with lights blaring. Waste washing ashore. More micro-plastics. More trucks on narrow roads. Where does it end? Well, there is possibly no short answer to this… however, what takes place out in the Bay concerns us all. The mussel farms are set to expand and it’s important to get this right. It’s important for council and industry to work with the community to find solutions. Using an Ecosystems Based Management (EBM) approach makes sense. This approach can be defined as “an inclusive and holistic way to manage competing uses for the marine environments we value”. Does this sound balanced? We need balance – we need the yin and the yang. This is where the seven principles of EBM come in. 1. Human activities – we are part of the ecosystem and have multiple uses and values for the marine environment. 2. Collaborative decision-making and participation in


decision making. 3. Knowledge-based – combining science, local knowledge and values and mātauranga Māori principles. 4. Sustainability – protecting marine environments for future generations. 5. Adapts – adapting, flexibility, acknowledging uncertainty and promoting appropriate monitoring. 6. Tailored – site specific, accounting for complexity, managing cumulative and multiple stressors. 7. Co-governance - honouring the Treaty of Waitangi and traditional values using government structures. Not quite the yin and the yang you expected? Well, much can come from a multilayered approach. Marine farming development brings a variety of complex social and environmental conflicts to solve. We, the community need to gather. We need to co-decide what’s best for us here in Golden Bay. We need to plan our path forward mindfully and collectively. Participation brings community empowerment and encourages shared guardianship of what we treasure most. To take part in this movement, those using Facebook can go to Marine Farming Impacts NZ. Look for and click on the “Survey” tab. Like the page and stay connected on further developments. Survey results will be used to gain insights into the extent of the impacts and inform further actions within the community.

Golden Bay residents will be able to have face-to-face discussions with New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and its contractor about progress with the repairs to Takaka Hill road. Representatives of NZTA and Beca are planning to attend Saturday’s Village Market on 1 August where they will provide a project update and answer questions about the state of a crucial section of SH60. The community engagement exercise will be similar to last August’s event, which was generally well received. A spokesperson for NZTA said the agency recognised the urgent need to finish the repairs. “SH60 Takaka Hill is an important road and a lifeline for the Golden Bay community, and it’s particularly pertinent that we meet and talk to locals in person and provide them with an update, and cover any project concerns they may have.” For most locals the overriding concern is the time taken to fully reinstate the road; for private motorists it is an irritating inconvenience, but for commercial operators, such as haulage companies, traffic-light delays have proved extremely costly to their businesses. The project completion date, originally scheduled for winter 2020, has been pushed out to the end of April 2021 – over three years after ex-tropical cyclone Gita took out large sections of the carriageway. Of the specific criticisms levelled at NZTA and its contractors is the fact that it took 12 months to clear up 10 minor sites, and there was no activity during Covid lockdown. These, along with other issues, will be addressed by agency and contractor representatives at the Village Market. The NZTA spokesperson said they were looking to make significant progress over the next few weeks and months. “We are currently working to get site 13 completed and two lanes open, meaning the traffic lights can go, and we will explore all opportunities to bring completion date forward.” NZTA community engagement event: Takaka Village Market, Saturday 1 August, 9am-1.30pm.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters launch


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson-Tasman (BBBSNT) officially launches its Golden Bay programme next week at Takaka’s Rec Park Centre. The organisation aims to make a big difference to the lives of children and young people, creating lasting bonds and opportunities through mentoring, which in turn produce a range of positive outcomes for the whole community. “We are thrilled to bring the programme to Golden Bay, and walk alongside the other services currently operating in the community,” says BBBSNT programme director Chelsea Routhan. “We will talk about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson-Tasman, and provide an opportunity to network. For anyone considering being a BBBS mentor, Chelsea says its fun, rewarding and not in any way onerous. “You don’t need to change your life to change theirs, and the only skill you need is being you. These young people just need somebody to show up, show they care and be a consistent, positive influence in their lives.” BBBSNT Golden Bay launches on Tuesday 28 July at the Rec Park Centre from 6pm, with all welcome. Nibbles provided, cash bar open.

Wellywood bus in Collingwood


I recently came across a Wellington trolley bus parked at the end of Orion Street in Collingwood. Perhaps Wellington Transport could issue their drivers with road maps? THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 24 JULY 2020


CLASSIFIEDS SPORTS RESULTS / Hua tākaro GOLF 14 July. 2nd Daisy (Par): C Crocker +1, B Win -3. Closest to pins: 3/12 B Win, 9/18 M Solly. 15 July. Stableford: C Reynish 37, R Dyce 35, R Miller 35. Closest to pins: 3/12 and 9/18 R Dyce, 4/13 J Bensemann, 8/17 W Collie. Twos: R Dyce 2. Best gross: W Collie 74. 18 July. Club Champs R1: R Ancell bt R Dyce 1up, W Collie bt A Gourdie 3/2, J Riordan bt R Davis 2up, J Garner bt B Win 4/3, J Bensemann bt R Westrupp 4/3, R Miller bt J Solly 5/3, G Bradley bt R Heuvel 3/1, S Bensemann bt L Davidson 4/3. Best of the rest, nett: P Solly 72, G Little 73, N Moore 73. Closest to pins: 3/12 and 4/13 W Collie, 8/17 J Riordan, 9/18 R Westrupp. Twos: N Moore, G Little, B Win, W Collie, S Bensemann. Happy wanderer: M Dixon. BRIDGE 15 July. Tukurua Pairs: N/S: J Harper/H Curtis 57.19%, E Bradshaw/T Packard 56.93%, S Van Wijngaarden/A Blackie 50.42%. E/W: C Mead/A Hunt 56.13%, J Cooper/B Burdett 53.63%, L Scurr/P Nelson 52.63%. H/cap: N/S: J Harper/H Curtis 62.09%, E Bradshaw/T Packard 59.23%, S Van Wijngaarden/A Blackie 56.60%. E/W: L Scurr/P Nelson 64.51%, C Mead/A Hunt 63.22%, Ali Gray/Annie Telford 60.69%.

SPORT / Hākinakin

AGM NOTICES TAKAKA Drama Society AGM, 26 July, 2pm, The Playhouse, park Avenue. All welcome.

every Wednesday. Appointments, phone Heartland Services 525 6151. Nelson Office 0800 246 146.

GOLDEN Bay Mountain Bike Club AGM, Tuesday 4 August, 7.30pm, GB Rec Centre. Cake provided.

FRESH FM needs your help. Are you willing to host a fundraising event to support local radio? Or help run one? We’re a Charitable Trust – a $30 donation on our website freshfm.net is tax deductible. Email Maureen: takaka@freshfm.net or ph 525 8779, 027 335 1395.

POHARA Bowling Club AGM, Sunday 9 August, 10.30am at clubrooms. All members and new members welcome. MOTUPIPI Hall Inc AGM, Wednesday 12 August, 7.30pm, Motupipi School staffroom.

SENIORNET needs someone familiar with iPads and iPhones to help answer questions in a small group session once a month (Aug-Nov 2020). Enquiries to Karen ph 525 8874. GB Animal Welfare Society Inc (ex-SPCA). Ph Carol Wells 525 9494, 8am-5pm weekdays.

SENIORNET Smart TV workshop. 10am, Thursday 6 August at the Rec Centre. New members welcome. Enquiries to Karen ph 525 8874. TAKAKA Drama Society raffle winners: Firewood, John Ward-Holmes; meat pack, Colleen Harwood. Many thanks to everyone who supported us.

10:00 10:15 11:15 15:00

COMMUNITY Law Service (Simon Jones): Free and confidential legal help, information, options available in Golden Bay

G o l d e n B ay M M A (VVCK & BQC) training

Fri Sat 2-4pm @ Takaka Masonic Community Hall (next to Roots Bar) Deescalation expert. Knowing your rights, saving lives. James Abbott ex RNZN (SLT)

GB WEEKLY deadline: 12pm Tuesday.

PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui

GB Football Club Home Fixtures Saturday 25 July GB Panthers vs Mapua Magic GB 10th Grade 1 vs Motueka AFC Stingers GB Gladiators vs FC Nelson Pumas GB AFC Mens Div 3 vs Sprig & Fern Tahuna 2nd XI

PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui

ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop we can help. Meeting Thursdays 7pm, Catholic Church Hall. Ph 0800 229 6757.

FREE DE-SEXING OF FOUR FEMALE CATS If you have a female cat you would like de-sexed, and you hold a Community Services card, please contact Carol Wells, GB Animal Welfare, on 525 9494. We have funding available for four operations in August.


Programmes to listen out for The Final Curtain– In this programme we break the taboo around talking about death and hear first-hand from New Zealanders about their experiences, and their perspectives. Monday morning at 11.30 The Documentary: From the BBC World Service, The Documentary investigates global developments, issues and affairs. Wednesday afternoons at 2.00. Healthy Options - Sally Rees from Natural Nosh offers simple solutions for a healthier lifestyle incorporating a raw food diet. Every 2nd Saturday morning at 11am with a replay the following Thursday morning at 6:40. Retro Show - Darren Lapwood compiles and hosts this specialty music show, featuring iconic tracks from the 80s, the 90s and now! Every second Sunday night at 9:00 (new time and day) and repeating the following Wednesday night at 11:00.



2 4 J U LY 2 0 2 0

Golden Bay Local Board consultation underway

Dog Control Bylaw changes

The Local Government Commission has released its consultation document on the application to establish a local board in Golden Bay and its financial implications for the whole district.

Tasman District Council are consulting on a proposal that has been put forward to make two amendments to the Dog Control Bylaw in Golden Bay.


• Allowing dogs under leash control to come back into Commercial Street, Takaka at all times; and

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will be held at Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond.

The Commission now has to identify the level of support and opposition to any proposed changes in the area. In order to do this, they have prepared a document showing what a Golden Bay local board might look like, what it might do and what it might cost.

New President for the PRCA Laurie Jarrett has stood down as president of the Pakawau Community Residents Association. Colonel Nigel Lloyd OBE, a resident of Pakawau village, will take over as president, while Laurie will remain involved with subcommittee focused on erosion issues.

Copies of the consultation document have been distributed to homes throughout the wider Tasman District due to the potential financial impact on all ratepayers and the opportunity for all Tasman residents to comment on or provide an alternative to the proposal.

• Allowing dogs back onto Tata Beach all year round except from sunset until 8.30 am every day.

The Council will be considering its submission to the proposal over the next couple of weeks. Read the Local Government Commission document on their website, lgc.govt.nz.

Please note that submissions must be received by Tasman District Council by 4.30 pm on Wednesday 19 August 2020.

Full Council Thursday 30 July, 9.30 am. Public forum.

You can see the full proposal on the website, tasman.govt.nz, at the Takaka Council Service Centre or library.

Operations Committee Thursday 6 August, 9.30 am. Public forum.

Submissions are invited until Friday 14 August 2020.

They can be:

This consultation is an opportunity for the Council to consider your views before the decisions are made. There will be no right to appeal once the decisions have been made.

Regulatory Committee Thursday 23 July, 9.30 am. Public forum. Community Awards Subcommittee Thursday 23 July, 2.00 pm. No public forum.


• Posted to Dog Control Bylaw Consultation GB, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050 • Delivered to any Council office • Emailed to info@tasman.govt.nz



19336 HotHouse Creative

• Made online at tasman.govt.nz


TRADES AND SERVICES / Mahi a ratonga Abel Tasman Accounting Limited Xero Certified, Public Practice CA. Taxation services and general business support for clients of all shapes and sizes. Available evenings and weekends. Ph Bronwyn 027 268 4010, bronwyn@abeltasmanaccounting.co.nz ACCOUNTANT and tax advisor. All Inland Revenue returns filed for big and small businesses and individuals. Self-employed and rental property reports prepared. Day and evening appointments available. Ph Susan Ayton Shaw 929 7507 or email taxayton@gmail.com ACCOUNTANT. Long-standing market leader with unbeatable professional qualifications and experience. Warn & Associates, ph 525 9919.

AFFORDABLE Carpenty Services. Ph Rick 027 919 1326. ALL your garden needs, ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available. ARBORIST, qualified, ph Jack Stevens 021 211 5580.

ARCHITECTURAL design, residential housing. Ph Peter Fersterer 525 8132. BLINDS, blinds, blinds, ph Tracey at Imagine designs for a free measure and quote 027 440 0071. From Duettes, blockout or translucent roller blinds or wooden blinds there is something for every window. CARS, caravans? Will buy certain models and pick up anything free or can drop off Collingwood opposite dump. Parts, tyres, batteries for sale. Support local. Ph 020 4167 1519. CARS wanted. Will pick up for free (some conditions apply). Motueka Auto Parts. Ph 03 528 9576.

CHIMNEY cleaning, handyman, Dennis Sage ph 027 873 0726. CHIMNEY sweep. Puponga-Takaka Hill. Free quote or query. Ph Steve 021 0810 1146. COMPUTER and smartphone sales, repairs and solutions. Supporting all Windows and Apple products. Conveniently located at 65 Commercial Street or available by appointment on 027 831 4156.

Get in touch about the Healthy Home Standards Jenna Bowden Property Manager Jenna.bowden@raywhite.com 027 525 7229

COMPUTER services. GBTech, experienced technical support for Golden Bay since 2012. Ph Warwick 027 814 2222. ELECTRICIANS. Fuse Electrical Golden Bay. Ready to solve all your electrical needs. Ph Thomas 525 9300, 027 788 8500.

ELECTRONICS repairs: Cell phones, computers, radios, TVs, HiFi and more! Ph 027 246 2432. FREEVIEW satellite TV. Ph 027 246 2432. GARDEN advice, design and development, soil testing, fruit pruning, orchard work. Sol Morgan, GroWise Consultancy, ph 027 514 9112. GARDENING services. Ph Carlos 027 751 9730. GB CHIMNEY SWEEPING, SPIDER AND FLY SPRAYING Ph 524 8795 or 027 434 5405 GOLDEN BAY DIGGER HIRE 1.7 tonne. Ph 027 713 0684. GOLDEN Bay Storage, Takaka. Dry, safe, secure, alarmed, insurance approved. Furniture trailer available. Ph Rob and Marg 525 9698, 027 222 5499, goldenbaystorage@gmail.com

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TAKAKA Self Storage, Commercial Street. Units and containers. Secure yard with cameras. Ph 525 6181. TREE removal, confined area felling, chipping, chipper hire. Fully insured. Ph 525 7597, 027 212 4020. WINDOW cleaning. Ph Willem 022 134 1726. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 24 JULY 2020



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SUMMER PERFUME! Luscious LILIES, for colour, fragrance and display. GENUINE XMAS LILIES - HUGE BULBS!

Monday-Saturday 9-5

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PHONE 525 9419

Small Hedges and Large Shelterbelt Trimming Peter Collins phone: 027 513 5588 or 0800 891 634 www.tasmanbaycontracting.co.nz tasmanbaycontracting@gmail.com

HEALTH & WELLBEING / Hauora ANEL BAKER Physiotherapy at 22 Meihana Street, Takaka. Ph/txt for an appointment 021 053 4337. AROHA Health Spa. Massage, advanced clinical massage, myofascial release, hot stone and relaxation, infrared sauna, spa bath, facials, holistic health and more. Open Thursday-Sunday from 9.30am, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara. Ph 525 8870.

Call Arendie on 524 8551

Tasman St, Collingwood!


& A S S O C I AT E S

Specialised Accounting Unbeatable Professional Qualifications Experience & Service

03 525 9919 julie@warnassociates.co.nz 23 MOTUPIPI ST TAKAKA 7110, GOLDEN BAY




Servicing the Bay from the Bay

CAROLYN Simon, Craniosacral therapist, naturopath, medical herbalist. For appointments or flower essences text 027 483 5865, ph 525 8544. COMPLETE Healthcare with NIS by Neurolink, using neuroscience principles to achieve optimum health. 2019 Masters series. Practitioner Anne Michell. Ph 525 8733 or 027 751 7970.

Healing with Grace

ERICA van Sint Annaland Physiotherapy, Golden Bay Community Health. ACC and private visits. Ph 027 776 6111. MASSAGE AND REIKI. Emma Sutherland (Ameliorate). First one-hour treatment - $35 for GB locals. www.ameliorate.nz. Ph 027 487 2639. MASSAGE and trigger point therapy for chronic muscular pain, dysfunction, sports performance. Specialising in unresolved muscular pain. 20 years’ experience. Ph Paul 027 772 7334, 54 Commercial Street.

REFLEXOLOGY - relax - recuperate - rejuvenate - refresh. Grace Reflexology Shields 021346642 5258106 Integrated treatments with♥Ariane Wyler. For bookingsBTSM, pleaseRMT txt/ph 021 0260 7607 or email happyfeetflex@ MNZ Gift Vouchers Available gmail.com SIMON Jones: Counselling, mediation, coaching. 28 years’ experience. Member NZAC. Ph 525 8542. YOUTH and adult counselling. Ph 027 416 6815, email selena@ gbwct.org.nz

Healing with Grace &

021 346642 ♥ 525 8106


Providing Golden Bay with: Professional, Diagnostic, Clinical Physio & Massage Therapy services ACC registered Provider

Inga Schmidt

MSc (Chiro), DC, MNZCA

021 180 7789

Golden Bay Health Centre, 12 Motupipi St

www.healthfocus.co.nz ACC registered

Grant Watson

Manipulative Physiotherapist Collingwood Health Centre at Collingwood Area School

Please phone 03 525 7115 12

Mondays, and Thursday mornings Ph: 027 370 6472 Email: wattie18@outlook.com

• • • • • •

Sports & Accident injuries Complex musculoskeletal conditions Clinical reviews / Second opinions Orthopaedic / Post-operative rehabilitation Postural / Biomechanical correction programmes Clinical Massage Therapy

No GP referral required Ask us about our no-cost initial Physio assessment

Call 0800 749 739 for info or an appointment today THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 24 JULY 2020

FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko GARAGE sale. Quality queen bedroom suite, lounge suite, Westinghouse fridge/freezer, 42” Panasonic TV on swivel cabinet with VCR, DVD, plus other household items. Saturday, ongoing from 9am, 193A Commercial Street. Ph 022 078 5101.


GARAGE sale. This Saturday, 25 July, 9am (no earlier) to midday. 32 Carlyle Street, Clifton, Takaka. All sorts of goodies, from household items and furniture, fridge, electric oven, with a gas hob, clothing, outdoor gear, a bike etc.


GARAGE sale. Saturday 25 July, 53 Takaka Valley Highway, 10.30am.

Established client base of more than 50 clients. Full training and after-sale support given. Price by negotiation. Optional to purchase: Ride-on mower, trailer, truck.

COMBINED garage sale. Saturday 25 July, wet or fine, Beach Road, Collingwood, signs out, gate opens 8am. Large range of goods: household items, antique and collectibles in glass and china, clean bedding, books including NF Top of The South, lawn mowers, miscellaneous items. Cash only, no holds.

Phone 027 859 6847

FIREWOOD: Douglas fir, pine, beech and gum. Delivering now. Also kindling. Ph Bay Firewood 027 769 6348. YUNKA Wedj, hole in firebox, offers. Double oak bedheads and rails. Ph 027 474 1696. NATIVE plant nursery (TLC), native trees and grasses available. Ph 525 6183. PRINTERS, 3: Brother HL-2140, black and white laser, trusty, economical, $15. Brother MFC-J825DW, multifunction inkjet, WiFi, $20. Canon Pixma iP7260, quality inkjet, WiFi, hardly used, $40. Ph Penny for more info, 524 8112. CAT and dog doors. Installed for you by Golden Bay Glass. 96 Commercial St. Ph 525 7274.


FOR sale: Large property of 962sqm with a 190sqm house. SLASH your electricity bill. Install a grid-connect PV system. Situated within walking distance of Takaka schools and shops, Professional design and install. Ph Paul Stocker, Azimuth this recently renovated house is ideal for a large family. It has Renewables, 525 6019. four bedrooms, two bathrooms, study room, kitchen, large FIREWOOD SECONDS. Load your own, from $40 per average-sized trailer load. SECONDHAND GOODS MUST GO. This Saturday, 8am-12pm, Bay Firewood, 315 Takaka-Collingwood Highway. Ph 027 769 6348.

sunny living room and a big garage. $480,000 negotiable. To arrange a viewing or for further information ph Miki 027 825 1531.

BUILDING or renovating? AES Wastewater Treatment system: No power, 20-year warranty, supplying NZ from Golden Bay. www.et.nz, ph 525 9020.

FABRIC at discounted prices, various lengths and widths, call in and view our sales stand fabrics with quality fabrics from $25/metre. Start transforming your space today with floor -to-ceiling lined curtains along with a quality track. Call into Imagine designs, next to GB Glass.

WANTED / Hiahia

Whakamaru | 159m2 | 3BRM | 2 BTH Kitset Pricing from: Affordable Quality - Easy Build


DISHWASHER in working condition. Older model with good history considered. Ph Stu 027 672 1648.

Check out our range of over 50 cost effective plans to suit every budget. You won’t believe the quality you get with a Latitude home.


Contact your local Latitude Homes builder today:

021 0890 1830 | 0800 776 777 michael@latitudehomes.co.nz

*Prices are subject to change. See full pricing terms and conditions on our website.

LOST AND FOUND / Ngaronga/Kitenga LOST. One-eyed Calico-coloured much loved moggie by the name of Whiskey. Moved house from One Spec Rd to Flat 2/179 Commercial St. 14 years old and very lonely as owner is away at present. Please contact Owen with any information, ph 027 765 3477.


FOUND. Leather saddlebag from motorcycle, on roadside. Ph Simon 027 262 9991.

A View to Beat Them All


The first and last rays of sunlight, moonrises, flowing tides, and soaring birds... you’ll be captivated by the sublime views in all directions from this award winning hilltop home at the foot of Farewell Spit. Incorporating premium materials and workmanship, the emphasis is on quality, strength, durability and low maintenance in this customised design. This is a turn-key package, being offered fully furnished. All you have to do is arrive and relax.

FOR SALE: $795,000 VIEW: nzsothebysrealty.com/NEL00426 KYLIE JONES: +64 3 539 0216 kylie.jones@nzsir.com

Lost since mid May, from Hiawatha Lane in town (but could be anywhere, we just don’t know. Large neutered male fluffy cat. We miss him desperately.

Reward offered. Please ph 027 588 6196.

Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ. Boundary line indicative only.

ADVERTISE WITH THE GB WEEKLY Classified adverts are just 55c per word

DEADLINE: 12pm Tuesdays. Email: admin@gbweekly.co.nz THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 24 JULY 2020



UPCOMING EVENTS / Mea pakiri haere WEDNESDAY 29 JULY COSTUME HIRE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Ph Linda 525 8487 or Diane 525 8097(evenings). ONEKAKA PLAYGROUP, all welcome, Wednesdays 10am12.30pm, Onekaka Hall.


EXCAVATOR / DUMPER OPERATOR The Golden Bay Dolomite Team requires the services of a competent Excavator and Dumper operator at our Mt Burnett Collingwood site. The successful applicant will preferably have large excavator and quarry experience. The position involves excavating rock from both our lime and dolomite quarries, loading and carting rock from quarry to the plant and assisting with drilling and blasting at both quarries. This is an exciting position for a self motivated and organised heavy machine operator who is able to organise their own work and worksite, and manage it in a safe and efficient manner. This is a Golden Bay based full time position and we would expect applicants to have the Licences and Endorsements for Heavy Machinery Operation. Opportunities for further training and advancement as a Quarryman are available. In return for your services we are offering a competitive hourly rate, with excellent working conditions. Apply to: Wynne Adrian Systems Manager E mail hr@sollys.co.nz www.goldenbaydolomite.co.nz

PO Box 162 Takaka Ph 03-5259843

EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē ANATOKI SALMON fishing and café. Catch your own lunch or order from the menu. Open every day from 10am. www. anatokisalmon.co.nz COLLINGWOOD TAVERN. 11am-7pm, Sunday-Thursday; 11am-late, Friday and Saturday.

COURTHOUSE CAFÉ, Collingwood. Open 7 days, 8.30am2pm. Pizzas and curries Fridays, 4.30-7pm, takeaway only. Ph 524 8194. CURRY LEAF. Open 7 days, 12-8pm. Chef-made food, takeaway prices. Order online thecurryleaf.co.nz or ph 525 8481. DANGEROUS KITCHEN. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, TuesdaySaturday from 9am till 8pm, closed Sunday, Monday. For bookings and takeaways ph 525 8686.

CONTRACTING MANAGER / Civil Sollys Contractors are seeking an Experienced Manager or a person with strong Civil Engineering Industry skills to oversee the Sollys Contracting Team of 15 staff. As Contracting Manager you will be required to be based in Golden Bay and have strengths in operational management, staff management, planning and organisational abilities.

A focus on H&S and Compliance together with the ability to build relationships with clients, consultants and other divisions within the Sollys Group will bring success to the position. A competitive remuneration package is offered, the level of which will be determined by the experience of the successful applicant. Please supply a CV and references with your application. Apply to: Wynne Adrian Systems Manager E mail hr@sollys.co.nz

PO Box 162 Takaka 7142 Ph 03 525 9843

SACRED Heart Catholic Church. An invitation to the celebration of Holy Mass, 4pm, Sundays, behind the historic church building in the former Catholic Hall. A warm welcome to all. GOLDEN Bay Anglican Church warmly invites you to join them each Sunday, 10am at Takaka and 4.45pm at Collingwood. ST Andrews Presbyterian Church invites you to join with us for morning worship at 10am. Rev Dr Don Fergus. Sermon: “Are you starting to get a handle on all this?”

Celebration Sunday: 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays each month,

MAD CAFE & RESTAURANT, Collingwood, closed for remodelling work until 6 August.

formats & localities. Ph Rowan Miller 021 106 8461.

10:30am at Anglican Hall, Haven Rd, Collingwood. Ph Robin & Lauren Swafford 524 8498.

Community Connection: 2nd & 4th Sundays in various

OLD SCHOOL CAFÉ, Pakawau. Open 4pm-late, Thursday, Friday. 11am-late, Saturday, Sunday. Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Ph 524 8457.

WHOLEMEAL CAFÉ, open for dine-in meals and takeaways 7.30am-3pm, Monday to Friday and 8am-3pm Saturday and Sunday.

UPCOMING GIGS & EVENTS... Saturday 25th July



subdiVSion audio presents WARP// MR.// BONES

Saturday 8th August



GARDEN SANCTUARY CAFÉ at Aroha Health Spa. Organic coffee, herbal teas, fresh juices, light meals and treats. Open Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am-1.30pm, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara.

TOTOS CAFÉ & PIZZERIA: Open Sundays weather permitting, 10am-4pm, ph 039 707 934, Totaranui hill.

MOTUPIPI HALL SOUP LUNCHEON and Mini Book Fair. Saturday 1 August, 10am - 2pm. Lunch 12pm, $12pp. Shopping bag of books, $5. Baking, produce, raffle


Kahurangi Christian Church

TOTALLY ROASTED, Pohara. Usual hours 9am-3pm, Thursday to Monday. Closed Tuesday, Wednesday. Closed from 4 August until 12 August.


The ability to sell our services to customers, scope and cost work will also be a significant part of this position.

DE-LISH DELICATESSEN. Sumptuous, delicious food. Lunches, catering, coffee, chocolate, cheeses and epicure items. Open from 6.30am. Ph 525 7111.

THE MUSSEL INN. Open 7 days, 11am til late.

DAYTIME BADMINTON, Rec Park Centre, 10am. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007, 027 525 7007.

“Oh, Magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together”

Psalm 34:3 Sunday Service 10 am Includes Kids Program During term All Welcome ☺ Pastor: Rodney Watson 0275 114 266 93 Commercial St, Takaka. www.godunlimited.org Ph: 5259 265 Includes Kids program

Saturday 15th August

man from atlanta

+ PACHINKO (LIVE) $5 PROCEEDS TO GB COMMUNITY FOOD BANK Gourmet food & burgers, Open fire, Good beer, Good people


Upper Takaka Country Club

Pig Hunt 2020 Sat 1st & Sun 2nd August Entries in by Friday 31 July to PGG Wrightson Store or UTCC by 5pm $30 for team of two; $20 single; kids’ entry free

Weigh-in 3pm at UTCC Hunting for: Biggest boar, Largest tusks, Heaviest sow, Heaviest Stag Kids: Most goats, Hares, Opossum, longest goat horn


The Mussel Inn

LAURA-MAE PERFORMING at Kotare Sands, 4.30pm-7pm.

Coming Up...

SATURDAY 25 JULY LAURA-MAE PERFORMING at Kotare Sands, 4.30pm-7pm.

TUESDAY 28 JULY BADMINTON, GBHS gym, 7-9pm. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007. GB WEEKLY DEADLINE: noon on Tuesdays. Late fees apply until 4pm Tuesdays. Paradise Entertainment and Collingwood On the Spot store are our agents.


Thur 30th QUIZ - all welcome, 7.30pm AUGUST Thur 13th QUIZ - all welcome, 7.30pm Thur 20th POEMS SONGS AND STORIES - open mic. 7.30pm, all welcome, koha entry Thurs 27th QUIZ - all welcome, 7.30pm


Golden Bay Community & Whān nau Monthly Meeting

Time: 12.00pm -1.00pm Date: 28th July 2020 Place: Community Centre Linda Glew is coming to talk about Brave Hearts. A group to support families with loved ones in the grip of substance use and addictions.

Monos (R13) Sundance World Cinema winner White Riot Doco, Music, Anti-racism 1970’s UK Master Cheng (PG) Comedy, Drama, Finland A Bump Along the Way (M) Comedy, Drama Met Opera: Porgy and Bess (M) $34/29 Blue Moon (M) NZIFF (2018) Cannes 2020 Honeyland Macedonia, Turkey, Documentary ***Village Theatre AGM: *All Welcome* Meeting starts at 7pm - Followed by a film White Riot Documentary, Music, 1970s UK Matinee: A Bump Along the Way (M) Master Cheng (PG) (Final) Honeyland (Final) Female Beekeeper, Sublime A Bump Along the Way (M) Irish Comedy White Riot (Final) RAR Rock against Racism Monos (R13) (Final) Colombian Drama Water Lilies of Monet (Final) Documentary, Art Blue Moon (M) (Final) NZIFF Thriller, Motueka


24 4.30 7.30 Sat 25 4.30 7.30 Sun 26 1.00 4.30 7.30 Tue 28 6.30

Bring your lunch, (tea & coffee is provided) and any community notices, events or issues to share Everyone Welcome

Wed 29 7.30 Thu 30 1.30 7.30 Fri 31 4.30 7.30 Sat 1 4.30 7.30 Sun 2 4.30 7.30


Bookings phone 525 8453 Film information may be found at www.villagetheatre.org.nz


9am – 12 noon Saturday 1st August COME ON UP – PLAY OR WATCH

WINDLES HOCKEY GROUND (Next to the football fields) Hockey – We do it with sticks

Wednesday 5 August, 7.30pm at The Playhouse Theatre.

Tickets: $25 from Pohutukawa Gallery


Golden Bay weather forecast

2 Commercial Street, Takaka ꟾ Ph 525 7305

Valid from Friday 24 July until Tuesday 28 July Friday: Southwesterlies, gradually easing. Showers over Kahurangi with snow above 700 metres. Fine and cloudy periods elsewhere. Saturday: Southwesterlies near Farewell, elsewhere light winds. Fine with early frosts in sheltered areas. Sunday: Light winds. Fine weather. Early frosts, severe in some inland areas. Monday: Light winds. Fine weather continuing. Frosty at first. Tuesday: Northerlies gradually developing with a few cloudy areas, otherwise fine weather. Sollys Contractors are proud sponsors of this weather forecast. Enquiries phone: 03 525 9843 Disclaimer: This forecast is a personal interpretation complied from public information provided by NZ Metservice and other public sources. It is a local forecast and no liability is implied or accepted.



Proudly sponsors Golden Bay Tide Watch

M E T R E S am 3 5

Saturday Jul 25


9 noon 3


in store now

GOLDEN BAY TIDE WATCH - TARAKOHE Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Jul 26

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H 4:21am 4:51pm L 10:38am 11:15pm

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H 6:41am 7:22pm L 12:30am 12:54pm

SUN AND MOON Rise 7:42 am Set 5:29 pm

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50 Commercial Street, Takaka Golden Bay First National Licensed REAA 2008 - MREINZ


Ph: (03) 525 8800


• A solid 4 bedroom / 1 bathroom home just off Commercial Street - Town & Schools just a quick walk away • Recent refurbishment has modernised this family home • Including a large deck off the main living area - great entertaining space • 809sqm to kick a ball around, with room for your vegie & flower gardens & perhaps a few fruit trees • Just across the road from the Takaka Playcentre & Lake Killarney Ref: GB3787 $525,000 James Mackay 027 359 0892 or james@goldenbayproperty.com

OPEN HOME Saturday 12.30- 1.00pm



656 EAST TAKAKA ROAD • x2 spacious homes including • 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms • Orchards & grazing on 3.9ha • Lots of parking & shed space • Own creek & lovely gardens Ref: GB3768 $1.175m Paul McConnon 0275 042 872 or paul@goldenbayproperty.com



• 3 bdrms, 1 bthrm • Polished rimu flooring throughout • Large shed space • Approx. 5 minutes to Town • 1220m2 = Lots of room to play! Ref: GB3785 O/O $469,000 Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577 or sarah@goldenbayproperty.com




• Self sufficiency at its best on 13.8ha • Award winning home in 2009 • 2 bed, 1 bath, 2 offices • Plus internal self-contained flat • Now price reduced Ref: GB3740 NOW $1.25m Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840 or belinda@goldenbayproperty.com

• The ‘Take Note’ Building • 1000m2+ retail space • Spread over 4 titles • Secure, long term tenants • All reports avail. Ref: GBC3758 $1.6m Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840 or belinda@goldenbayproperty.com





• Rural 2529m2 • 4 bedroom character villa • Sunny position & private setting • Plenty of space for the kids • Less than 10mins to Town Ref: GB3764 $565,000 Paul McConnon 0275 042 872 or paul@goldenbayproperty.com

• 192.63ha of unique west coast • 2 powered building sites • 2 bay-shed • Flat & elevated areas • Weather dependent viewing Ref: GB3772 $2m Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577 or sarah@goldenbayproperty.com


• Stunning property & family home with 4 bdrms, 2 bthrms • 7.3ha of park-like grounds with an abundance of fruit & nut trees, natives & bird-song • Including a 2 storey, self-contained studio complex with multi-use potential • Sublime views from mountains to sea, Collingwood to Farewell • A ‘Pacifica Paradise’ micro-climate Ref: GB3780 $2.395m Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com


Buyer demand was extremely high, with this property receiving an unprecedented number of multiple offers within the space of 8 days. A multiple offer scenario equals the very best outcome in this fast moving market.

Another Top Team Effort!!

Sharon McConnon Sales Manager 0275 258 255

Paul McConnon Salesperson 0275 042 872

Annie Telford Salesperson 0272 491 408

Remember to Call us “First” for your FREE appraisal If you are planning a new direction in the coming weeks and choose to exclusively list and sell your property with First National Golden Bay - from now through to the end of September, not only will you receive an advertising package tailored to suit YOUR needs for YOUR property - when you sell, we will gift you $500 of vouchers from local businesses of YOUR choice! We’d love to help and we welcome your call anytime. - The First National Team Living Local - Shopping Local & Supporting Our Community!

Sarah-Jane Brown Salesperson 0274 222 577

James Mackay Principal / AREINZ / B.Com

027 359 0892

Belinda J Barnes Agent / AREINZ 021 236 2840

www.goldenbayproperty.com 16


Profile for Charlotte Richards

Golden Bay Weekly - 24 July 2020  

Golden Bay Weekly - 24 July 2020  

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