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Friday 3 July 2020

Rugby returns to Collingwood

Crouch, touch, pause, engage: Nelson in the blue jerseys go head to head with Collingwood’s black and gold. Photo: Jo Richards. JO RICHARDS

Collingwood Rugby Club finally started its 2020 campaign last weekend - around three months late. The lengthy postponement, a result of the Covid lockdown, had heightened the anticipation of players and spectators for Saturday’s Division 2 clash with old rivals Nelson. Those who came to Collingwood’s home ground were not disappointed as they enjoyed an intense, noisy, and at times, spirited affair. Collingwood back Liam Miller had the honour of kicking off – and was straight into the action along with both sets of players who were soon going full tilt at each other. In the early exchanges, Nelson appeared to have the edge in the scrum, but the home side were more effective in the lineout. The blue jerseys of Nelson were quick to pile on the pressure, but the Black and Gold held firm before turning defence into attack with a penetrating move involving Miller and Ryan McKay which yielded the first try of the game for Steve Strange aka “Captain Stiffy”. Miller

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sent the conversion through the sticks giving his side a 7-0 lead with around 15 minutes on the clock. For the remainder of the first half, Collingwood endured long periods without the ball, but although Nelson kept pushing and probing, they were unable to break through a resolute home defence and headed to the sheds looking somewhat frustrated. As the match got underway for the second half, the visitors were clearly fired up, showing a renewed intensity, and upping the volume and frequency of their “Go to war” battle cry. But it was proving to be all noise as Collingwood snuffed out wave after wave of attacks. After soaking up the pressure for several minutes, McKay relieved it in the best possible way by driving forward and passing the ball out to his skipper who took it over the try line. Miller duly converted and left the visitors staring at a 14-point deficit. A few minutes later things got worse for the Blues when Collingwood registered a further five-pointer. Soon afterwards, Nelson’s

frustration, which had been slowly simmering, boiled over into a minor scuffle but it ended almost as soon as it had begun, and both teams went back to fighting for the ball. The incident seemed to energise the visitors who mounted a prolonged and desperate attack, pushing for a score, recycling the ball and making slow but steady progress. But as the Nelson forwards closed in on the try line, Collingwood threw everything in their way in an impressive display of last-ditch defending. When the home side were awarded a penalty for an infringement, the body language and faces of the opposition told the story; they could sense defeat; their energy was spent, and their fighting spirit all but crushed. After Collingwood cleared the danger with a kick to touch, opposition cries of “Go to war” were half-hearted at best; now the downcast army in blue looked like they just wanted to go home. But there was plenty of rugby left to play, and in the final few minutes of the match,... Continued on page 9

Local Board consultation JO RICHARDS

The long-awaited public consultation on the option for a Golden Bay local board begins next week. If established, a local board would replace the existing community board. Prior to the coronavirus crisis, the Local Government Commission (LGC) planned to begin its consultation process in April, with completion of submissions and hearings expected by June, and a final decision made by September. The Commission has now incorporated its amended timetable into a revised investigation process document, and is due to publish an official consultation document on its website on Monday 6 July. On the same day, copies of the consultation document will be delivered to mailboxes across the Tasman District. The consultation period runs from Monday 6 July until Friday 14 August and will include public meetings to be held in Takaka and Collingwood on 16 and 17 July. After the Commission has discharged its subsequent obligations under Schedule 3 of the Local Government Act 2002, a final decision can be expected later in the year. It’s already been a lengthy process; in 2018, based on a petition by 700 locals, the Golden Bay Local Board Working Group (GBLBWG) applied to the LGC to investigate replacing the community board with a local board. The community board currently makes recommendations on local issues, but all decisions are made regionally by Tasman District Council. A local board, however, would allow all non-regulatory, and some regulatory local issues, to be decided by locals elected from the Golden Bay community. Last year, the LGC deemed GBLBWG’s application warranted investigation, and subsequently specified how it would carry it out in its investigation process document. The soon-to-be-released consultation document will outline the option of a Golden Bay local board in some detail, setting out what a local board is compared to a community board, what it could do, and the likely cost implications. The consultation is part of the LGC’s commitment to ensure the community is actively involved through submissions and hearings, as well as providing the opportunity for other key stakeholders from the district, including council and iwi, to have an input. For further information, visit: www. gblocalboard.co.nz or www.lgc.govt.nz.


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Destination Collingwood


Book review


Art project

Rugby photos

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Group exploring “science stuff” Looking your Network Tasman Looking after after your service line service increases discounts Staying line safe with to consumers buried power cables around your home Network Tasman’s consumers will The ‘service line’ is the power line that runs The line’ is the power line runs from‘service your property boundary intothat your from your property boundary into your house. Service lines are usually owned by the house. Service lines owned by the property owner, notare theusually electricity network. property owner, not the electricity network.

receive a larger than usual discount Many of us know that Contractors have to Your Service Line credit July power bill. look outon fortheir buried power Your Service Line cables when they are doing roadworks. But did you know that there might be power cables buried around your house as well

Many houses built since the 1980s have underground power supplies. This means there may be an underground power cable (your service line) connecting your house to the network cables that Maintaining your run under the strip of land between your house and Maintaining service line your the road.line service

Service lines may be overhead or underground. Service may be overhead or underground. In somelines cases, particularly on rural properties, In some cases, on rural the service lineparticularly may be attached toproperties, one or more the service line may be attached to one or more privately-owned poles. privately-owned poles. It is a good idea to check your service line (and poles, It you is a good idea tohas check your service line poles, if have them) from time-to-time because lack of Network Tasman announced that it is(and bringing if you have from time-to-time because lack of maintenance canof lead a loss of supply or a safety forward thethem) first theto two discounts it pays maintenance can lead to a loss of supply or aof safety hazard. If you are year concerned about the your consumers each from October tostate July. In hazard. line, If you area concerned aboutorthe of your service call lines contractor an state electrician to addition wecall willaalso theordiscount payable service line, linesincrease contractor an electrician to get advice. to alladvice. consumers this July to return the previously get It is important to make sure that your service line is advised 4% line increase. It is important makecan sure thatthe your service is clear of trees astothese bring line downline during clear ofvery treesaware as these can without bring the line down We are ofyou the impact COVID-19 isduring bad weather, leaving power. They can bad weather, leaving you without power. They can also pose safety hazard, for example ifand children having onathe Nelson Tasman region recognise also all pose safety hazard, for example children come into contact with the lines whenifclimbing that of aour consumers are affected by the Property line come Ifinto withtrees the lines when climbing trees. youcontact think your are getting close to pandemic. We areyour pleased to begetting able totoo increase trees. If you think trees are too close your service line, get the right advice and help to to and forward our payment during yourbring service line, get thediscount right advice and help to trim them back: Your underground service line Network cable this challenging time. trim them back: Option 1: Contact an electricity network-trained We had decided, before the COVID-19 pandemic, Option 1: anofelectricity network-trained arborist to Contact take care the work safely. There is a list arborist to take carearborists of the work safely. a list of network trained on to increase our lines charges byour 4%website. toThere reflectis an of network trained arborists on website. Visit: www.networktasman.co.nz/trees-power-lines Buried cables can present a serious and potentially increase in our costs. Given theour difficult economic Visit: www.networktasman.co.nz/trees-power-lines fatal hazard if you damage them. You should always conditions, we think we better positioned to Option 2: The power canare be disconnected check for buried cables before digging and service, before Option 2: The power can be disconnected temporarily safety absorb theseusing coststhe than ourdisconnection consumers. temporarily theposts safety driving stakes, ordisconnection warratahs intoservice, the to allowing youusing orfence your contractor (e.g. a gardener) Accordingly, we havecontractor decided to return allowing you or your (e.g. a gardener) to do the work safely. ground on your property or in the strip ofthis landprice increase to our consumers. Bringing forward and do the work safely. Visit: www.networktasman.co.nz/keep-yourself-safe between your property and the road. 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If there are cables near where you are make planning fences, plant treesservice or drive warratahs, sureto you know your line is before you start. If work, you should have abe cable carried out. know where yourget service line islocate before you out start. If are indiscount doubt, a cable locate carried first. Ayou second will paid to consumers you are inTasman doubt, get alocation cablecable locate carried out first.on Network approved location services Information on cable services is provided connected to the Network Tasman network in April Information cable location services is provided on our website. on are available next year. from these contractors: our website. If are not sureServices about whether a powerline on8071 zyouDELTA Utility Phone 03 543 Further onwhether discounts If youproperty areinformation not sure about a powerline on a your is a service line or not, or if you have z Power Trace Phone 03 545 8300 your property ishow a service line or around not, or ifyour you have a question about to stay safe service More information about our discount is available question about how safe around your service line, you can email ustoatstay info@networktasman.co.nz on website: www.networktasman.co.nz/ Weour are here to back help line, you canget email usto atyou. info@networktasman.co.nz and we will consumer-discounts and we will get back to you. Get in touch with us at info@networktasman.co.nz if

you have to dig near where a cable has been found the average consumer and we canFor discuss how residential to complete the job safely.

From left: Ari, Freya, Sophia, Isaac, Lucas, Cora and Levi. Deva and Isa were absent. Photo: Ronnie Short. RONNIE SHORT

Every Monday, a group of nine children ranging from eight to 13 years old meets at Lisa Bodley’s home in Parapara to undertake educational science projects. Science Club began early this year, inspired by Lisa’s son, Ari, who is interested in “science stuff”. From online research Lisa discovered EPro 8 Challenge, which is an interschool science and technology competition. Together the homeschool parents contributed towards the purchase of an EPro Kit which contains over 450 parts, access to online classroom resources, tutorials and online electronics. Lisa explained that she has adapted the programme. “It’s really set up for schools. I use the programme as a guide, but I prefer to follow the children’s place and interest and give them opportunities to struggle through challenges together.” This, she says, has made for a far more harmonious, co-operative approach among the children. The group may attend the competition in September, but Lisa values the process itself rather than its competitive possibilities. At a cost of $690, the kit is akin to a giant Lego set, with 60 lengths of aluminium, wheels, pulleys, axles, large and small gears, tools, joiners, rope, bolts, wing nuts and reels. The children love the challenges Lisa sets them and eagerly set to


work in their assigned groups. Last Monday, Ari, Isaac, Sophia and Freya were assigned the task of building a house for the Bodley’s four-month old Labrador pup. It had to be the right size, include a roof, and a “dog flap” door. The older children, Lucas, Cora and Levi, were challenged to build a fire engine, complete with an “up and down” moveable ladder. Asked what they like about their Science Club, the children responded: “I love how you can be creative.” (Ari) “Because it’s easy to build.” (Levi) “You can be creative and make lots of amazing things.” (Freya) “Because we all get together and do stuff.” (Sophia) “I like that it’s creative - and the EPro 8 Challenge.” (Isaac) “I enjoy working in teams and collaborating with other people.” (Lucas) “I like coming to Science Club to hang out with my friends………. And do EPro 8.” (Cora) “They are all very motivated kids,” says Lisa. “As it’s evolving they are taking ownership of how the session flows, and with that, becoming even more focused.”


Servicing the Bay from the Bay

Phone Network Tasman faults immediately on 0800 508 100 if you accidentally hit an underground July Aprilappears to be no damage. April cable, even if there October 2020 2021 z n .o c . n a m s2019 aTk r ow t e Nwww.NetworkTasman.co.nz .w2020 ww For more safety tips visit our website and download www.NetworkTasman.co.nz z0n8.o . nnao m aT•k reos1Fault w NDiscount w Response 0800 508 1002 0ce hs24hr P ntoep s.we Rwtlua F rh•Discount 4Phone 2 Discount 1 Discount 2 of our Keep Yourself Fault Response Phone 0800 508$86 100 $79 0a8m 0sean ha24hr Pcopy e@ sEmail n R aFE rh•4Safe 2 brochure .n t kor o w t•e n oo f npi stus ae sat utllinfo@networktasman.co.nz iu am $86 $94 (Forecast) Email . n a m s a t k r owww.networktasman.co.nz/keep-yourself-safe wten@ o f n i tus a sat u linfo@networktasman.co.nz iamE

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Destination Collingwood launched

Sans Souci Restaurant closed

After 26 years in business Sans Souci Restaurant has closed its doors. It’s been an abrupt closure just before lockdown and we have decided not to reopen. It’s time for us to enjoy more leisure time and explore our fantastic Golden Bay backyard. It’s been an awesome journey that would not have been possible without our wonderful staff and the support of the Golden Bay community. It’s been a great lifestyle with a nice working environment and we are especially grateful to our excellent, dedicated and hard working staff. A heartfelt thank you goes to all our wonderful loyal customers who have put up with our unusual set-up and way of doing things and have supported us over so many years. We could not have wished for a better clientele. You are amazing! The highlight of running Sans Souci has been the lovely people we met along the way. We are looking forward to seeing you around! Collingwood businesses are banding together to promote the western side of Golden Bay. Photo: Jo Richards. RONNIE SHORT

Collingwood businesses are banding together to promote the west side of Golden Bay and all it has to offer. It is an idea that’s been around for some time, but business owners have been galvanised into action by the closure of the international tourism market. Representative Anton Donaldson said: “Collingwood’s got so much to offer and it would be good to see it as a destination rather than a drive-through. We need to be pushing this as a place to come, to experience and explore.” He says there is so much to be found west of Takaka, and points out that visitors can spend days exploring everything from fishing, to caving, hiking, swimming and so much more. From Bainham to the start of the Heaphy Track, Salisbury River, Kaituna bushwalks and tracks, through Rockville’s Devil’s Boots, the Aorere Goldfields and Ballroom caves. Further west options include Pakawau, Puponga, Kaihoka Lakes, Mangarakau, Paturau, Anatori and Kahurangi, each providing a multitude of experiences. By canvassing local tourists, Anton has learned that visitors are often amazed at how much more there is to see in and beyond Collingwood. Popular spots include Wharariki Beach, (which has a mention in the Lonely Planet’s guide to the Top 100 places to visit) and the famous Farewell Spit. The west coast also offers stunning sunsets, and the shores, rivers, wetlands and estuaries are rich with birdlife such as spoonbills, bitterns, herons, godwits, shags, black-billed gulls and more. Kaihoka


Lakes, perfect for picnicking and kayaking, are another lesser known attraction. Anton says the active outdoor pursuits on offer include—but are not limited to—caving, tramping, surfing, fishing, boating, mountain-biking, kayaking and kitesurfing. Then for history buffs, the area’s past is retold at the Rockville museum, Langford Store and Collingwood’s own museum. Artists and artisans offer galleries to visit and treasures to buy throughout the region, which is interlaced with cafés. Collingwood township itself offers all of the above, plus a selection of licensed eateries and a variety of accommodation options. Iconic Kiwi campgrounds offer an experience for campers, motor-homers or cabin-dwellers at Tukurua, Collingwood and Pakawau. And there are motels, backpackers and AirBnBs. New businesses are welcome to join the promotion and become part of Destination Collingwood. “There is a lot of motivation behind it,” says Anton. “We are recruiting. We want new members, especially those with diverse and different things on offer.” Unable to say too much at this time, Anton alluded to the prospect of new businesses “that are going to pop up” using this new initiative as a springboard. Quoting the old 1980s NZ Tourism advertisement on television, Anton reminds New Zealanders: “Don’t leave town till you’ve seen the country.” Find Destination Collingwood on Facebook and Instagram.

Vera and Reto

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POLICE REPORT Re-thinking fences

Kia ora whanau, I want to hopefully allay anyone’s fears around the proposed installation of CCTV cameras in the Takaka township. It is no secret, we are hoping to have approximately 20 cameras installed at various significant locations around the town, including inside and outside the Police Station. Other sites we would like to have covered are: The Rec Centre, top town carpark, freedom camping carpark behind the Wholemeal, ANZAC memorial area, the playground and skate park. Sensible areas covering valuable community assets and areas where people congregate. Off the top of my head I can think of over 18 CCTV cameras already operating on the outside of various commercial buildings around the CBD. Whilst this is great, for police to access the images, we have to go to each site, sit in their offices and navigate their various methods of recording. This is hugely time consuming and evidentially limited. CCTV cameras are a proven crime prevention tool. Motueka saw their High Street disorder and wilful damage reduce to almost zero after installing cameras about 10 years ago. Whilst we love our Golden Bay bubble – it is not immune, and frankly, quite vulnerable to criminal activity. We are one of the last towns to take this sensible step. The cameras’ images (which do not have face recognition software – I thought that was just in the movies!) will be beamed securely back to the Takaka Police Station where they will be accessible and held for a few months before being recorded over. If you have reservations, think of it like airbags in a car, or road barriers – they are installed for your safety and wellbeing, without your explicit consent or knowledge, and you will hopefully never need them….but if you do, you will be chuffed they were there. • 15 June: A 48-year-old Nelson female was issued a warning for careless driving following a single car, serious crash on SH60 near Collingwood. She and her passenger were saved serious injury by the car’s airbags. • 24 June: A 42-year-old local female was arrested and charged with driving dangerously, resisting police, assault, and escaping custody when she ran off wearing Dean’s handcuffs. She appears in the Nelson District Court on 16 July. • 26 June: A 30-year-old local male was arrested for drink driving. Because of his high reading his licence was immediately suspended for 28 days and he has been summoned to appear in the Nelson District Court on 23 July. • A Samsung cellphone with a blue plastic protection case has been handed in as found property. It might belong to a Cody Smith, if anyone knows anyone by that name. • We are getting an increasing number of complaints relating to poaching. Get permission/permits before you get found hunting unlawfully on private or public land. We will take your licence and your firearms if we catch you. • A number of youths have been seen accessing GBHS grounds in the middle of the night. This is not OK. A few cameras would probably put a stop to that silliness as well. • A 16-year-old has had his multi-tool knife confiscated after taking it to the skate park and showing it to other youths.

As someone who walks regularly around my neighbourhood of Takaka, over the last four or five years I’ve noticed high fences becoming a trend, rather than the exception, especially in the last couple of years. This is a matter of personal choice but while this may give privacy to the property owners it also gives privacy to those who might access property for the wrong reasons. This trend contrasts strongly with the attitude of Australian David Engwicht who was employed by Nelson City Council to assist Nelsonians to renovate the toilet block in the Buxton carpark which is now much more attractive and creatively decorative. Google him. Back home in his suburb he has taken down the fence at the front of his property, put in plantings, winding paths, and seats in the shade to encourage others to come through to enjoy the space. This is the family that in the past made a point of setting up the table for the evening meal by the boundary so that they would get to chat while dining and get to know neighbours and the passersby. He’s a great believer in making neighbourhoods welcoming rather than adding just another brick in the wall. We won’t all have his attitude but I do hope we don’t become too estranged rather than friendlier as a result of all the recent carpentry. Karen Brookes

Takaka in Winter

Stomachs sprawled and covered in mud, Takaka cows, idly chewing their cud. Pukekos picking their way through the bog; Exuberant barks from a free-ranging dog prancing through puddles, muddy spray flying, startling the sheep; seabirds sent crying into the grey misty haze of the Bay, while another dark squall blows over this way. Robin Keown

Council underspend not a success

TDC is to repay nearly $28,000 in unspent freedom camping funds to the NZ Government (GBW 26/6). Despite a reduction in complaints and infringement, over a quarter of its total expenditure was spent on enforcement and compliance in Golden Bay alone (50 per cent more than was spent in the whole of the rest of the district). Amazingly, council views its spending as a success. If its mission is to harass responsible freedom campers while failing to cater for their needs, then success is the word. Without much-needed change we can expect more reports of toilet waste being found around Waitapu Bridge in future, thanks to TDC giving its money back rather than using it to provide more toilets and water. Our unfortunate visitors will continue to share a single spartan long-drop in overcrowded conditions next to a dangerous river, whilst being kept awake half the night by inconsiderate drummers sat around illegal fires, and once finally asleep then re-awoken by the thunder of trucks and the sound of spiteful horns. Meanwhile, the TDC enforcement officers (who could be relieving their plight) sleep soundly in their beds, dreaming of another day moving people on from the wide empty spaces and unused toilet blocks of its reserves at excessive ratepayer expense. Our community remains restricted from access to river recreation. In the bigger picture, as the coronavirus clouds darken our economic climate, more and more New Zealanders (just like Rosie in the movie) will soon be asking “Where will my family sleep tonight?”. Steve Penny

Consultation essential on CCTV

In reply to Bruce Dooley (Letters, GBW 26/6), the subject of security cameras in Takaka resurfaced on the community board agenda at the last meeting quite independently of TDC, which to my knowledge has made no moves on security cameras in Takaka. I understand the previous board received concerns from local businesses about security. The current board has not so far been presented with any information to justify security cameras. So far as I am concerned, public debate and consultation on any proposal that might be put forward is essential. Celia Butler, TDC councillor

Local Board update

The Local Government Commission (LGC) have released an updated timetable for investigating our application for a Golden Bay Local Board (see advertisement on page 14 of this issue). The Golden Bay community now has a clear path for engagement with the LGC on upgrading our community board to a local board. It’s time to refresh yourself on the

issues. Please read the commission’s consultation document on how a GB local board could work (in your letterbox next Wednesday or available from www.lgc.govt.nz or our website from Monday) as well as other documents on our website, participate in the public meetings (16/17 July), and make an informed submission on the form of local government you see as the most appropriate for our community by 14 August. Documents available at www.gblocalboard.co.nz 1. LGC’s “GB Local Board Proposal” (how a local board could work for Golden Bay) available Monday 6 July; 2. GB Local Board Application (our application to the LGC); 3. Investigation Process (how the LGC will carry out their investigation); 4. LGC’s Position Paper (what a local board is, how it differs from a community board); 5. Local Board v Community Board (our summary of the key differences); 6. The Case for a GB Local Board (our reasons for promoting a local board); 7. Local Board Governance Costs (our submission on the key issue of Local Board governance costs); 8. TDC’s Response to the Application (including our further comments on each issue); 9. Independent Research Into the GB/TDC Relationship; 10. Case Study: Great Barrier Island Local Board. Golden Bay Local Board Working Group

Grow your own - and sell it

I would like to extend an invitation to all under-20-year-olds of Golden Bay to sell freshly grown Golden Bay produce at the village market. This is to encourage more local produce while getting young people involved in our community to secure food resilience. Any fruit and veges can be sold as long as it is grown by you or your family. I am offering half-price stall fees. Contact me to book a site or if you have any questions, 027 256 0566. Grant Knowles

Justice and Julian Assange

A recent, rejected complaint, to Radio NZ has been upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority. However, in the court’s ruling no requirement was made on RNZ to rectify its defamatory broadcast in which Julian Assange was in effect branded as a rapist. I find it beyond belief that our national broadcaster can defame a person in the worst possible way and not wish to accept its mistake and make amends. Letters to both the Minister for Broadcasting and the Green Party spokesperson, have so far fallen on deaf ears. There remains two weeks left to appeal the decision to the High Court. Please contact me, ph 027 891 7728, or do your own investigation at BSA, if you wish to see this process progress. Jonathan Hearn

Plastic Free July

This month is another opportunity to bring focus to and monitor how much single use plastic [especially] features in our lives One effective way to do this is to save every piece of single use and non-recyclable plastic we generate during July and see how much we accumulate. Even if we don’t feel like making an effort to reduce our generation of this long-lasting and destructive pollutant, at least it raises awareness of how much we are responsible for. To be more proactive about this issue, we can write to producers of plastic packaged products, using the contact details on the package. So many products that were previously packaged in glass, cardboard, and paper now sport plastic packaging. Plastic is so cheap, light and freshness preserving, but disastrous in other ways. Alternative materials have their own environmental footprint, but we can so much better manage their negative impacts. Hess Williams

NOTE ON LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The GB Weekly welcomes letters to the editor. Please email your letter to us at admin@gbweekly.co.nz by 12pm Tuesday. Include the writer’s full name, home address and daytime phone number. Letters will be printed over the name of the writer; names are withheld only when compelling reasons can be established. Letters should not exceed 250 words. Letters that are too long might not be considered. All correspondence is at the discretion of the manager, who reserves the right to decline, edit, or abridge letters without explanation. The views expressed are those of the correspondents and are not necessarily endorsed or shared by The GB Weekly.

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Know your fishing rules

Challenger Area Kahurangi – Blue cod rules Effective from 1 July 2020 These rules help protect our precious marine resources – for you, other fishers, and future generations.

Challenger Area Kahurangi •

Must be landed whole or gutted only. Do not cut through the throat.

Blue cod cannot be filleted at sea unless you eat them immediately. Any blue cod eaten form part of your daily limit.

You can possess up to 20 blue cod in the Challenger Area Kahurangi if you can prove that no more than 10 blue cod were taken on any one day from the Challenger Area Kahurangi.

How to measure your finfish Measure from the tip of the nose to the end of the middle ray of ‘V’ in the tail.

Challenger Area Kahurangi (Farewell Spit Lighthouse to Heaphy River Key

Challenger East Boundary Kahurangi Area

Minimum size: 33cm Bag limit: 10 per fisher per day Check the rules using our FREE services: • Download our NZ Fishing Rules app by texting the word ‘app’ to 9889. The app works even when you have no coverage.

Thanks for fishing sustainably

• Text the name of the species you are fishing for (e.g. rock lobster) to 9889 and receive legal size and bag limit via return text. • Visit fisheries.govt.nz/rules or pop into your local office.

Fishing rules and restrictions change regularly and are different for each area – please check every time before you fish. It is illegal to sell or trade your catch. Call 0800 4 POACHER to report illegal fishing.



BOOK REVIEW: Sweet Sorrow

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David Nicholls, the best-selling author of One Day and Us, is also an award-winning screenwriter whose work includes adaptions of Great Expectations and Far from the Madding Crowd. He’s clearly not lost his touch; Sweet Sorrow, his latest novel, will absorb you from its first page to the very last. Charlie Lewis is a 16-year-old boy, about to leave school with little hope of worthwhile qualifications and no idea of a future career. His family life is chaotic. He lives with his father, a one-time musician and failed businessman, now out of work and depressed, for whom he feels a kind of resentful responsibility. His mother has taken his younger sister to live with her new partner and his children. Charlie feels aimless and abandoned. His life at school, however, with a group of friends, is lively, and reflects the typical teenage mix of inexperience, adopted worldliness and contempt for authority. The disco celebrating the end of their years at school is described with humour and insight and will certainly stir recognition in readers. The turning point in Charlie’s life comes when he meets Fran Fisher, a girl from the sixth form of a local independent school, a year or so older than him and somewhat “out of his league”. Through her he becomes involved with a project to put on a performance of Romeo and Juliet with a cast of local teenagers. Initially he is inclined to scoff at what he sees as a pretentious, “arty” business, involving young people who are more sophisticated and privileged than his own contemporaries at his comprehensive school. However, in spite of his mistrust of those who represent to him a kind of elite, he finds himself drawn into their company through his desire to get closer to Fran, with whom he rapidly falls in love. Now the stage is set for the realisation of the book’s sub-title: “One life-changing summer of love.” The theatre company, “Full Fathom Five”, is run by dedicated leaders Alina and Ivor who insist on total commitment from their young cast. Charlie finds himself selected for the part of Benvolio, Romeo’s friend. The bonus is that Fran offers to rehearse personally with him. Despite his earlier reluctance he finds himself beginning to enjoy the experience and to warm towards the other members of the cast. However, he keeps his growing involvement with the theatre group a secret from his schoolfriends because he knows they would be merciless in their derision of the whole enterprise. The theatre company members are vividly described with sympathy and humour, and we realised how important the whole enterprise is in building their confidence and giving them something worthwhile to work towards. Set alongside Charlie’s growing love for Fran is the story of his fractured family life and confused loyalties. The pain involved in dealing with the emotional demands of his separated parents and the gradual estrangement from his sister sometimes threatens to overwhelm him. Sweet Sorrow is a story about growing up, of the depth of feeling experienced as a teenager - intense joy, despair, changing relationships - told with humour and, above all, true sympathy. It is also ultimately a story of the strength of friendship and love, and the unlooked-for ways in which life can bring happiness. 6

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Help create “Connection” art work RONNIE SHORT

A collaborative Community Art Project, spearheaded by Margy Meys and supported by Community Mental Health (CMH), is inviting the community to participate in creating an art installation. Connection will celebrate Golden Bay’s community connectivity and wellbeing, and every member of the Golden Bay community is invited to submit their own creative piece. Margy is employed by Mohua Social Services and CMH as facilitator of the Youth Sewing Project and the Creative Space Group. The idea for the project was born during lockdown, when she was working with her groups on a Zoom platform to provide support and creative inspiration. Word quickly spread and others wanted to be involved. Believing creativity is paramount to wellbeing and good mental health, Margy is passionate about creating space for people to become absorbed in something other than their personal worries. “It incites the imagination and calms the spirit,” says Margy. “It doesn’t have to be a piece of art; it could be making a nice meal or baking a cake. The act of creating something is good for our neurological pathways. If we can get lost in that process,” Margy notes, “when we get to that space, we are calm, focused and fully present.” Submissions are to be the same size and shape as a CD, using materials that are neither too delicate nor too heavy, sharp or awkward. Materials such as fabric, paper, cardboard and plastic are all accepted.

A messy magic adventure

The beginnings of the wall hanging featuring artworks submitted by members of Margy Meys’ groups. Photo: Ronnie Short.

The finished artworks will be collated into a larger piece and attached to fabric to form an eclectic collage. The finished wall hanging will be exhibited at this year’s Bay Art event in October and will then hang on the wall of the community centre. Up to three entries are allowed per person. The deadline is 3pm on Tuesday 15 September. Further information and entry forms are available from Margy mmeys@twm.org.nz


In 2018, based on a petition by 700 locals, we applied to the Local Government Commission to replace our community board, which makes recommendations on local Golden Bay issues but with all decisions made regionally by TDC, with a local board, where all non-regulatory and some regulatory local issues are decided by locals elected from our community, ie the community actually affected by the decision. We believe community-level democracy can significantly improve our community’s wellbeing. Using freedom camping - a topical example, we illustrate why. Last week TDC staff announced council will give back part of the Government grant to mitigate the impacts of freedom camping (GBW 26/6), claiming there are “no major issues” (Nelson Mail 22/6). Yet the Golden Bay Community Board, representing widespread local opinion, recommended that our main freedom camping sites (Waitapu bridge and Taupata) be closed due to significant and unmitigated environmental and cultural issues. TDC declined the board’s request but, even though unused grant funds were available, have made little progress in providing the amenities required to mitigate the environmental impacts, nor in identifying more appropriate locations. A conundrum or simply a council applying regional policy without regard to its diverse communities? Facts and experience indicate the latter. TDC’s “remote” decision-making over our community’s local issues and unique requirements means that our community is not effectively represented by our locally-elected community board. A community board’s legislative purpose is to provide community-level democracy (at least in a limited fashion compared to a local board), and it is a “service” for which TDC ensure we bear the costs via a targeted rate. However, it is completely dependent on council’s discretionary delegations – which haven’t happened over the last 20 years. Golden Bay is the community in the Tasman district most affected by freedom camping, however, as for all Council policy, TDC’s freedom camping policy is set regionally


by councillors in Richmond, with operational decisions made by TDC’s Richmond staff. You do not have to be a political scientist to appreciate that this approach to local government policy is unlikely to deliver optimal outcomes for our remote, unique community. Under a Golden Bay Local Board, locally elected people would have sole responsibility for setting local government policy over many local issues, which TDC staff are obliged to implement. Decisions over how to spend a government grant to mitigate the costs of freedom camping in Golden Bay would be made by the board. The board would have the responsibility (and capability) to assess the local issues and derive a plan that delivers the optimal solution for our community’s long-term wellbeing. A plan the board can agree with the community, allocate council funds to, instruct TDC staff to implement and monitor their progress; a plan for which they are accountable to the Golden Bay community; a plan they and their community will live with. TDCs approach to freedom camping is symptomatic of many council decisions made regarding local Golden Bay issues that fail to respect our community’s unique cultural, environmental, economic and social characteristics. Over the 20 years of decision-making under the TDC plus community board model of local government the cumulative negative impact of this approach on our community’s wellbeing is certainly non-trivial. Over the next 20 years we will face significant challenges such as high volume/low value tourism, affordable housing, water quality, climate change/sea-level rise and achieving sustainable growth, whilst seeking to maintain the Bay’s special culture and environment. These challenges will require local government capability that only a functioning community-level democracy can deliver; not one that struggles to incorporate community-specific factors under a regional approach. Under New Zealand legislation, a local board is our community’s best option to do this. www.gblocalboard.co.nz


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When magic is accidentally let loose in the kitchen, everything is turned topsy-turvy. Now, the audience must help sensible Spray and naughty Wipe bake a very special cake before it’s too late, as their kitchen gets messier and messier! Circus, slapstick and magic combine in this wild and wonderful adventure. Suitable for ages three and up (and their grown-ups), with Q and A or workshop available after each performance. Your little ones are invited to join us on a story filled with joy, laughter and the messiest juggling you’ve ever seen. Don’t worry - no matter how messy we get, all Ministry of Health guidelines will be followed. “Riveting, delightful, exciting and highly amusing” Theatreview “Gleeful physical comedy… The entire audience appears to be having a ball” – Stuff Thursday 16 July, 2.30pm at the Mussel Inn. $5 for children; $10 for adults. Book through Eventfinda.

Weird fish encounter


Collingwood Area School students had a close encounter of a weird kind on Pakawau beach last week. Breaking their bus journey to school, driver Bill Climo pulled over to allow all passengers to jump out and examine a strange looking creature – most probably a common sunfish - that had washed up on the sand. The species is the heaviest bony fish alive today, weighing around one tonne on average, but the biggest example ever caught weighed over two tonnes. The specimen discovered on Pakawau beach, while relatively small, was still an impressive sight.


11-13 Buxton Lane - Takaka (03) 525 9482 www.pipeworx.co.nz 027 432 0873 shop@pipeworx.co.nz THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 JULY 2020


PHONE 525 9419 7

Matariki beach bonfire celebration



Stream Care subsidy


Do you have riparian margins to plant? Project Mohua are excited to have received funding from the Cobb Mitigation Fund and Fonterra’s Sustainable Catchment Fund to revive the Stream Care initiative that has been run in the Bay under various models since 2005. Stream Care’s goal is to help towards creating healthy streams and eco-corridors throughout Golden Bay by providing landowners with access to subsidised native riparian plants. If you have riparian areas with an average five-metre fenced set-back and are keen to order 1000+ plants (smaller orders will be considered on a case-by-case basis) we would love to hear from you. Landowners will be responsible for preparing the planting site, planting and maintenance. Support will be provided through provision of best-practice guidelines and an initial site visit. Timing is quite tight for applications (by 17 July) as plants need to be pre-ordered so they can be grown and available for planting in 2021. Please contact Anna Reynolds, Project Mohua Coordinator at projectmohua@tet.org.nz for further information and an application form.

Golden Bay will celebrate Matariki 2020 with a beach bonfire, lanterns and a sing-song. It’s not what was originally envisaged by Golden Bay Arts Council, but plans to re-run last year’s spectacular Matariki Light Festival were cancelled when rules regarding public gatherings were still unclear. Despite the obvious disappointment, arts worker Tania Marsden is determined to keep the flame alive. “Last year we had ver y hear twarming feedback from our community - we all want to keep lighting up our town every winter.” And she says next Friday ’s celebration on Pohara beach is a great opportunity to strengthen the community through the arts. “We are, more than ever now, aware of this need for connection in our community. We still wanted to bring people together in an environment with lots of space.” She says the event will be relatively low key compared t o l a s t y e a r ’s d a z z l i n g extravaganza. “We’ll have a big bonfire near to the band rotunda end of the beach, a lantern walk, and singing around the fire. We’d like people to dress up, light up

Arts worker Tania Marsden leads last year’s Matariki Light Festival parade. File photo.

their bikes and ride them, bring their wishes for the year ahead and their lanterns. “There are a few ground rules, though. “All children must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their safety and wellbeing. It is a family friendly, no alcohol event.” For those who want to get into the Matariki spirit before the event, Tania says there is plenty to choose from. “We also have some workshops coming up at our community art building at 24 Commercial Street, thanks to support from Creative Communities Tasman. Bookings are essential – anyone interested should just email me.” The Matariki celebration is at Pohara beach on Friday 10 July (if raining or very windy postponed to Saturday 11 or Sunday 12 July) starting at 6pm.

Workshop details: Friday 3 July: Large lanterns for parade (youth/adult) Friday 3 July: Flouro painting after sunset (all ages) - paint a rock or be part of our community art project for next year’s glowzone. Monday 6 July: Make a lantern (all ages, kids accompanied by adult). Wednesday 8 July: Create a pair of fairy wings with lights (youth/adult). Thursday 9 July: Fun with foliage: Make an arrangement with tiny lights to hang in a basket (youth/adult). To book workshops please email Tania at: gbartsnz@gmail.com For further information, visit: https://www. facebook.com/events/598703507589787/

From July 1, plastic recycling is changing in Tasman… WHAT CAN GO IN


Plastics 1, 2 and 5, paper, cardboard and cans only

Look for numbers on the bottom of plastic containers


Clean plastic containers, lids off (No’s 1, 2, 5)


Plastics 3, 4, 6 and 7, liquids, rubbish, polystyrene, plastic bags, garden waste, food waste, disposable nappies, hot ashes, oven ware, electrical goods, engine oil bottles, automotive parts, paint and chemicals, bubble wrap, ceramics, crockery and porcelain, lids, toothpaste tubes.


Clean tins and cans

Clean, flat paper and cardboard

Put your bin out by 7.00   am on your fortnightly collection day, as close to the kerb as possible.

For more information visit tasman.govt.nz.










What goes in your blue crate? Glass. Only recycle empty, unbroken glass bottles and jars. Glass will not be collected if over the rim of the crate. Contact the Council for a second bin if you need one.


Rugby returns to Collingwood

Photos: Jo Richards.

Collingwood Tavern Proud to support our rugby team

The Courthouse Café Collingwood

Collingwood hooker Tyler Jones charges ahead for the home side.

Continued from page 1 ...Collingwood showed no mercy and chalked up two further tries, to take the final score to 31-0. It’s early days, but the refreshed and augmented Collingwood squad has the potential to go far in this season’s Nelson Bays competition. The young players who have returned from OEs cut short, combined with a trio from Takaka, plus the club’s stalwarts, make up an impressive squad of 28. Speaking immediately after the game, Collingwood coach Graeme Miller summarised his team’s performance. “We were

rusty in patches and survived without the ball for long phases in the first half, but we got possession and scored some good tries. Towards the end we wore them down.” Graeme is clearly happy that the season is underway. “It feels good to be starting.” But he says supporters won’t see action on the home ground for a few weeks. “Our next home game isn’t until the end of July - we asked for home games in August to suit the farmers.” Collingwood’s next game is against Waimea Old Boys at Jubilee Park, Richmond. Kick-off tomorrow at 1.15pm.


Proud to Support Collingwood Rugby LUBRICANTS

0800 99 99 89 • www.southfuels.co.nz

Early breakthrough: Collingwood score the first of their five tries.

Golden Bay’s Sports & Exercise Physio

1 Tasman Street Collingwood 7073

Game-Day Services for Collingwood Senior B Proud Sponsors of Collingwood Rugby Club

Go Black & Gold for 2020 THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 JULY 2020

Farewell Spit Tours 0800 808 257 enquiries@farewellspit.co.nz

І www.farewellspit.co.nz

+64 3 524 8499 stay@collingwoodpark.co.nz www.collingwoodpark.co.nz 9

Old School Cafe Pakawau

Collingwood give Nelson visitors

Congrats to Collingwood on their win last weekend



Fuel 24/7

Haven Road, Collingwood

BLACK AND GOLD ALL THE WAY Nelson’s frustration boils over into a mini scuffle, which ends almost as soon as it begins.

AORERE ENGINEERING Rockville John - 027 406 2874

Collingwood snuff out a Nelson attack

Brett McKay ready to release the ball.

One-on-one: Ryan McKay runs at a Nelson defender.

Collingwood push forward with Ryan McKay.

PROUD TO SUPPORT COLLINGWOOD RUGBY Need building work done? Big job? Small job? - No prob! Fully qualified Bay based Top quality Good rates Great service

Phone Fraser Brown: 022 047 1663

Music Art Dance

MAD Café Restaurant Where only the best will do Open: Thursday-Sunday 11-2 and 4-8

Wishing Collingwood all the best for the season 10

Song of the Tui Lodge wishes Collingwood Rugby all the best for the season

Call Arendie on 524 8551 Email: relax@songofthetui.co.nz Phone 524 8717 Mackay Pass Road, Collingwood

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The Station House Motel

the blues: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

www.accommodationcollingwood.co.nz Phone 524 8464

7 Elizabeth Street, Collingwood

Proud to support Collingwood Rugby

ColC lionlg wgowoodod lin Collingwood

Your local store that supplies your daily Your local store that supplies allall your daily Your local store that supplies all your daily requirements is proud support our local requirements isisproud to support our local requirements proud to to support our local rugby team. rugby team. rugby team. Wishing them all best the season Wishing them thethe best for the season Wishing them allallthe best forfor the season ahead. ahead. ahead. Collingwood General Store, 12 Tasman Street, Collingwood. Ph 03 5248221 Collingwood General Store, 12 Tasman Street, Collingwood. Ph 03 5248221

Collingwood General Store, 12 Tasman Street, Collingwood. Ph 03 5248221

1. As Nelson forwards close in on the try line, the Collingwood defence throws everything in their way.

Hosts Brent and Barbara Bright wish Collingwood a very successful season pioneermotelscollingwood.com

Shop online at www.freshchoice.co.nz

2. When their attack breaks down, Nelson players sense that the game is up.

Collingwood Holiday Park

Right on the water

Ph 524 8149

3. A few minutes later, Liam Miller celebrates another try for the Black and Gold.

Ph: 0273950037 goldenbayroofing@yahoo.com Ph: 0273950037 goldenbayroofing@yahoo.com www.goldenbayroofing.co.nz www.goldenbayroofing.co.nz

Maureen Pugh

National List MP based in West Coast - Tasman Wishing Collingwood RFC players and supporters a great season. 0800 MAUREEN (628 7336) maureen.pughmp@parliament.govt.nz


Proud to support Collingwood rugby THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 JULY 2020


Authorised by M Pugh MP, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.



Call to protect Bay’s dark skies


Providing Transport, Construction and Earthmoving services since 1928

EARTHMOVING & CONTRACTING: House sites, driveways Culvert installations Drainage Land development Farm maintenance

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Golden Bay’s dark night sky is under threat from artificial lighting. Photo: Kane Hartill. ALISTAIR HUGHES

Golden Bay offers much in the way of natural beauty and attracts tourism from all over the world. But local amateur astronomer Paul Taylor believes that visitors might be missing out on one of our most spectacular sights — after the sun has gone down. “Astrotourism can attract travelers to New Zealand in order to see the night sky in a way that they normally can’t,” says Paul. “Eighty per cent of the world’s population now lives under light-polluted skies, and half of the world’s children grow up without ever seeing the Milky Way. In contrast, much of the Tasman District still offers night skies clear of artificial light.” Paul and Golden Bay’s University of the Third Age (U3A) astronomy group believe our spectacular night sky, with its wealth of notable objects making it the envy of Northern Hemisphere stargazers, is a resource well worth protecting. He recently oversaw the implementation of a dark sky programme in a rural community near Seattle, in the United States, and believes the same can be done here. “A lot of this is education, making the council and the community aware of lighting alternatives that can achieve both what is needed as well as maintain a dark sky.” Shielded lighting is an obvious example, ensuring that street lamps and domestic outdoor light sources shine downwards where the illumination is required, and not up into the sky to

wash out our view of the stars. A less understood factor is the spectrum of the LED bulbs used. “The blue-white spectrum of light imitates daylight,” Paul explains, “and unfortunately that’s what the replacement streetlight bulbs bought for this area are, because the TDC weren’t aware. You really want to be more in the warm-white/ yellowish spectrum which doesn’t reflect upwards to interrupt the night sky nearly as much.” Additionally, the American Medical Association has found that human sleep patterns, and the natural rhythms of wildlife, are significantly disrupted by daylight-imitating blue-toned LED illumination. “So we need people thinking about it as an overall goal. When they buy their own outdoor lighting, they can try to do it in a way that protects the night sky at the same time.” In New Zealand, Great Barrier Island, Tekapo and Stewart Island are recognised dark skies sanctuaries. Paul and the U3A astronomy group believe that Waikoropupū Springs could join that valued list. “It is a logical location and is currently completely dark. A beautiful area for star photography, and we could set an ordinance to prevent installation of bright up-facing lights to protect it. In Golden Bay the night sky is just phenomenal, and we want people to really enjoy that.”

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No. 495



Previous solution - Medium

2 4 6 3 5

7 8 8 6 9 7 9 6 5 1 8 7 2 4 6 8 7 4 3 5 9 6 8 5 3 2 4 8 7 6 5 3

8 4


5 1

2 5


8 6

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7 9 4

3 1 5 4 2

4 5 7 8 2 3 4 1 3

2 3 3 4

5 6 7 4

No. 495



6 7 9 1 2

1 4 1


4 8

9 3

How to beat Str8ts – Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. But... rows and columns are divided by black squares into compartments. These need to be filled in with numbers that complete a ‘straight’. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4,2,3,5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight. Glance at the solution to The solutions will be published here in the next issue. see how ‘straights’ are formed.



4 3 5 8 9 1 6 2 7

6 5 3 9


Previous solution - Very Hard

1 6 9





8 9


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1 6 9 7 2 3 8 5 4

9 5 2 6 3 7 1 4 8

3 1 6 4 8 9 2 7 5

7 4 8 2 1 5 3 9 6

6 9 4 1 5 8 7 3 2

5 7 3 9 6 2 4 8 1

8 2 1 3 7 4 5 6 9

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Aorere (Kahurangi National Park) Predator Control Operation for Iconic Species Protection. Aorere (Kahurangi National Park) Predator Control Operation for Iconic Species Protection.

To protect species such as native land snails (Powelliphanta), whio and kiwi in north-west Kahurangi National Park, the Department of Conservation (DOC), intends to carry out predator control over approximately 50,000 hectares of public conservation land. Vector Free Marlborough Limited (VFML) has been engaged by DOC to manage this operation. To protect species such as native land snails (Powelliphanta), whio and kiwi in north-west Kahurangi National Park, the Department of Conservation (DOC), intends to carry out predator control over approximately 50,000 hectares of public conservation land. Vector Free Marlborough Limited (VFML) has been engaged by DOC to manage this operation. Description of the area Description the area The treatmentofarea comprises approximately 50,000 hectares of Kahurangi National Park and North-west Nelson Forest Park between the coast at Kahurangi Point/Big Bay and the inclusion of most of the Aorere River in the east. The southern boundary is at the Domett Range. A section of the Heaphy Track between Brown Hut and approximately 3 km west of James Mackay Hut is The treatment area comprises approximately 50,000 hectares of Kahurangi National Park and North-west Nelson Forest Park between the coast at Kahurangi Point/Big Bay and the inclusion of included. most of the Aorere River in the east. The southern boundary is at the Domett Range. A section of the Heaphy Track between Brown Hut and approximately 3 km west of James Mackay Hut is included. This area holds seven species of Nationally Endangered Powelliphanta landsnails, and is a stronghold for great spotted kiwi/roroa. Also present are whio/blue duck, kea and kaka. A small population of translocated takahē are present, mostly in the Gouland Downs area. This area holds seven species of Nationally Endangered Powelliphanta landsnails, and is a stronghold for great spotted kiwi/roroa. Also present are whio/blue duck, kea and kaka. A small population of doing translocated takahē are present, mostly in the Gouland Downs area. Why we are predator control. Why we seeding are doing predator control. A heavy (mast) occurred in north-west Nelson region during 2019. This natural event, that should benefit native species, instead caused predators such as rodents and stoats to increase dramatically in numbers. A heavy seeding (mast) occurred in north-west Nelson region during 2019. This natural event, that should benefit native species, instead caused predators such as rodents and stoats to increase dramatically in operation numbers. over 300,000 hectares of Kahurangi National Park was planned for 2019/20 to control these predators but the Aorere portion of that operation needed to be A large predator control postponed until 2020. A large predator control operation over 300,000 hectares of Kahurangi National Park was planned for 2019/20 to control these predators but the Aorere portion of that operation needed to be postponed until 2020. Predator control in the Aorere treatment area from mid-2020 will reduce the high stoat numbers caused by heavy seed-fall during 2019, and provide protection for species such as kea, whio and kiwi during the 2020/21 nesting period. Predator control in the Aorere treatment area from mid-2020 will reduce the high stoat numbers caused by heavy seed-fall during 2019, and provide protection for species such as kea, whio and kiwi duringcontrol the 2020/21 Predator worksnesting period. Predator controlout works DOC has carried similar mast response operations in Kahurangi National Park in 2014 and 2016. Monitoring of kea and whio showed significant increases in the nesting success of both species following 1080 control. There are similar results from elsewhere for kaka, robin, rifleman and for other species also within the Aorere treatment area. DOC has carried out similar mast response operations in Kahurangi National Park in 2014 and 2016. Monitoring of kea and whio showed significant increases in the nesting success of both species following 1080 control. There are similar results from elsewhere for kaka, robin, rifleman and for other species also within the Aorere treatment area. Method of predator control Methodofof predator control DOC worked closely with its Treaty Partners on desired outcomes and consulted with stakeholders and the community. Ahead the 2019 operation Aheadany of the DOCVector worked closely with its Treaty Partners on desired outcomes and consulted with and the community. From time2019 afteroperation 20 July 2020 Free Marlborough Ltd will apply baits containing biodegradable 1080 to thestakeholders treatment area. From any time after 20 July Vector Ltd willto apply baits operation. containing This biodegradable 1080 to the treatment area. A pre-feed of non-toxic baits2020 will occur noFree less Marlborough than five days prior the 1080 operation will entice the rodents to eat the pellets. A pre-feed baits is willweather occur no less than and five the days prior to theextend 1080 operation. This operation will entice the rodents to eat the pellets. Each phaseofofnon-toxic the operation dependant project may over several months. Eachtoxic phase of the weather dependant the approximately project may extend over several The baits are operation in the formisof a cylindrical cerealand pellet, two centimetres in months. diameter, with each bait containing 0.15% of Sodium fluoroacetate (1080). Toxic baits are dyed green to deter birds and contain a cinnamon lure to attract rodents. The toxic baits are in the form of a cylindrical cereal pellet, approximately two centimetres in diameter, with each bait containing 0.15% of Sodium fluoroacetate (1080). Toxic baits are dyed green to deter birdsbaits and are contain a cinnamon lure to attract rodents. Non-toxic pre-feed in the form of a cylindrical cereal pellet, approximately two centimetres in diameter and sandy coloured (not-dyed). Prefeed contains a cinnamon lure to attract rodents. Non-toxic pre-feed baits are in the form of a cylindrical cereal pellet, approximately two centimetres in diameter and sandy coloured (not-dyed). Prefeed contains a cinnamon lure to attract rodents. The aerial operation uses calibrated buckets and GIS mapping technology to ensure bait drops in the designated area. aerial operation uses calibrated buckets and GISanimals. mappingAlways technology to ensure bait drops in the designated area. The pesticide is poisonous to humans and domestic remember: The •pesticide is poisonous to humans DO NOT touch or eat the baitand domestic animals. Always remember: •

DO NOT CHILDREN touch or eatat the WATCH allbait times

WATCH all times DO NOT CHILDREN EAT animalsatfrom this area or from within the “buffer zone” outside the treatment area boundary.

Toxic baits andanimals carcasses to DOGS DO NOT EAT fromare thisDEADLY area or from within the “buffer zone” outside the treatment area boundary.

Bulk fuel delivery you can depend o

• Toxic will baits carcasses are DEADLY to DOGS Warning signs beand erected at all main public entry points and at public facilities within the area. Warning signs indicate that pesticide residues may still remain in baits and carcasses, possibly for more than six months. Observe the precautions whenever you see toxin warning signs present. Warning signs will be erected at all main public entry points and at public facilities within the area. Warning signs indicate that pesticide residues may still remain in baits and carcasses, possibly for walking more than six months. Observe precautions whenever warning signs present. All tracks in the area will bethe closed immediately beforeyou thesee starttoxin of the 1080 operation until inspected and cleared of most baits. Tracks will not be closed for the prefeed operation and advisory signs will be erected immediately before the start. Observe the precautions on these advisory signs. All walking tracks in the area will be closed immediately before the start of the 1080 operation until inspected and cleared of most baits. Tracks will not be closed for the prefeed operation and advisory signs will be erected immediately before the start. Observe the precautions on these advisory signs. If you suspect poisoning Always contact:poisoning Your local doctor or local hospital or the National Poisons Centre: 0800 764 766 (urgent calls) or 03 479 7248, or dial 111. If you suspect

Bulk fuel delivery you can depend on

Always contact: Your local doctor or local hospital or the National Poisons Centre: 0800 764 766 (urgent calls) or 03 479 7248, or dial 111. For further information, contact the Aorere Operation Controller: For further contact the Aorere Operation Controller: Vector Freeinformation, Marlborough Limited PO Box 5171, Springlands, Blenheim 7241 Vector Free Marlborough Limited Free phone: 548 008 Blenheim 7241 PO Box 5171,0508 Springlands, Email: communications@vectorfree.co.nz Free phone: 0508 548 008

Bulk fuel Bulk fuel delivery Bulk fuel delivery you can delivery youdepend can on you can on depend depend on

Email: communications@vectorfree.co.nz A detailed map of the application area may be viewed at the DOC Takaka Office and Westport Office and also at the Vector Free Marlborough Limited website: A detailed map of the application area may be viewed at the DOC Takaka Office and Westport Office and also at the Vector Free Marlborough Limited website: http://www.vectorfree.co.nz/current-aerial-operations.html http://www.vectorfree.co.nz/current-aerial-operations.html Visit also: www.doc.govt.nz/tiakina-nga-manu Visit also: www.doc.govt.nz/tiakina-nga-manu

Golden Bay bulk fuel supply, second to none

Bulk fuel delivery you can depend on THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 JULY 2020


CLASSIFIEDS SPORTS RESULTS / Hua tākaro GOLF 23 June. 3rd LGU/1st Woods: C Hill, nett 69/stb 39; C Crocker, nett 74/Stb35. Closest to pins: 3/12 C Hill, 9/18 R Lash. 24 June. Stableford: R Heuvel 35, M Dixon 35, R Dyce 34. Closest to pins: 3/12 M Fisher, 8/17 W Collie, 9/18 M Dixon. Twos: R Dyce, L Trent. Best Gross: W Collie 75. 27 June. Stroke Play R3 (Nett): J Riordan 68, R Dyce 72, N Moore 74. Closest to pins: 3/12 R Dyce, 4/13 and 8/17 W Collie, 9/18 R Davis. Twos: R Dyce, W Collie, J Riordan. Happy wanderer: G Bradley. Best gross: J Riordan 74. HOCKEY Friday night turf fight. Adventure Race vs Outcasts 5-0. Motupipi vs Knights of Neep 4-2. Player of the day: Jack Haldane. We all feel stronger with you behind us bud. The juniors made everyone smile with their skills. In the end, the chilli beans were thwarted by the thundersticks 3-1. Man of the match: Jesse Whittaker. The seniors went to war in the mud. Maybe the rain addled brains, but somehow I was playing in a rugby game. Man of the (hockey) match: Jack Stevens. You’re a force mate.

SPORT / Hākinakina

PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui 525 9494, 8am-5pm weekdays.

KOKALITO would like to thank our customers and friends for their strong support during the past months. As our fields are now in winter mode we are doing the same and will have a break from our stall on the Green for a while. We will continue taking orders and pack boxes with our winter range of veggies as long as we have produce. Expressions of interest to 021 119 3579. AL-ANON: Are you affected by someone else’s drinking? Weekly meetings, 1.30pm Monday at the Catholic Hall. All welcome. Ph 0508 425 2666. TAKAKA Citizen’ Band raffle. Firewood, Ray Templeton; meat tray, Jill Mead. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support. SENIORNET “Where is it, and how do I get there?” An introductory workshop on Google Maps, Google Earth and Top of the South Maps. 10am-12pm, Monday 6 July, St John

Rooms, Rec Centre. Enquiries to Karen ph 525 8874. New members welcome. ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop we can help. Meeting Thursdays 7pm, Catholic Church Hall. Ph 0800 229 6757. FRESH FM needs your help. Are you willing to host a fundraising event to support local radio? Or help run one? We’re a Charitable Trust – a $30 donation on our website freshfm.net is tax deductible. Email Maureen: takaka@freshfm.net or ph 525 8779, 027 335 1395. PARADISE Entertainment, Takaka and Collingwood On the Spot store are The GB Weekly’s agents. Or email us: admin@ gbweekly.co.nz. Office hours are Mon-Wed, 9am-5pm.

Golden Bay Dental Centre We will be closed Saturday 4 July to Monday 20 July. Please phone GB Community Health 525 0060 in an emergency.

Amendment to timetable for investigating Golden Bay local board application The Local Government Commission has previously released a document outlining the process it intended undertaking for the investigation into the application it had received for establishment of a Golden Bay local board. If adopted, the local board would replace the existing Golden Bay Community Board. The investigation process document included a timetable for public consultation and the subsequent steps the Commission must take, under Schedule 3 of the Local Government Act 2002, in making its decision on whether or not to proceed to a reorganisation plan. Because of the Covid-19 emergency, including lockdown period, the Commission was not able to carry out its planned consultation in the period identified. Accordingly, the Commission has amended its process document for the consultation period to run from Monday, 6 July 2020 until Friday, 14 August 2020. Copies of the Golden Bay local board investigation process document are available on the Commission’s website at www.lgc.govt.nz. In addition, the Commission’s consultation document will be available on its website from Monday, 6 July 2020 and will be delivered to mailboxes across Tasman District. Further information on the investigation process can be obtained from the Commission by: Phone: (04) 460 2228 Email: info@lgc.govt.nz Post: PO Box 5362, Wellington 6145 The relevant legislation can be accessed via the New Zealand government website www.legislation.govt.nz/browse.aspx It is likely that access to the online legislation may also be obtained through assistance from staff at local public libraries.

GB Football Club Home Fixtures Saturday 4 July 10am Golden Bay Panthers vs Mapua Rangers 11.15am Golden Bay Gladiators vs FC Nelson Panthers 1pm

Golden Bay Men 2nd Div vs FC Nelson Reserves


Golden Bay Men 3rd Div vs Richmond Thistle

All matches played at Takaka Rec Ground

AGM NOTICES TOY Library AGM, 21 July, 7pm at the Brigand. We desperately need more committee members otherwise the Toy Library will close. Message us through Facebook or email goldenbaytoylibrary@gmail.com GOLDEN Bay Community Service Vehicle Trust (aka The Wrinklies Express) next AGM will be held at the Takaka Bowling Club at 10am on Wednesday 15 July. All welcome. GOLDEN Bay Genealogy Group AGM, Sunday 19 July, 11am, St John Rooms, Recreation Park. Guest speaker: Chris Petyt. All welcome. GOLDEN Bay Animal Welfare Society wish to advise that our AGM will be held Tueday 14 July from 12 noon to 1pm in the Anglican Hall, behind the church on Commercial St. Existing and new members warmly welcomed.

Penny Langley Chief Executive Officer

Guest speakers will be: Linzi Birmingham (Golden Bay Integrated Health) on the telehealth initiative post Covid etc. Senior Constable Dean Schroder (Takaka Police) on modern policing & how best the community can work with Police. Laurie Jarrett, President

RECENT AGM / Hui ā tau - Nō nā tata nei ORGANISATIONS may have their committee members’ names printed in this column for free only if emailed to admin@ gbweekly.co.nz

PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui GOLDEN Bay Community Board Meeting, Tuesday14 July at Tasman District Council Golden Bay Service Centre in Takaka. Meeting starts at 9.30am with public forum. ONETAHUA Marae, notice of a Special General Meeting to adopt the new constitution. Sunday 26 July at Onetahua Marae, 1pm. GB Animal Welfare Society Inc (ex-SPCA). Ph Carol Wells 14

Established client base of more than 50 clients. Full training and after-sale support given. Price by negotiation. Optional to purchase: Ride-on mower, trailer, truck. Phone 027 859 6847

Pakawau Beach Park

Cabins + powered and non-powered camping Phone 524 8308 Camp Shop 8am to 6pm

Newspapers ● Ice ● Bread ● Milk ● Ice-creams....etc


NEW PHONE NUMBER: 027 525 8679 EMAIL: admin@gbweekly.co.nz OFFICE HOURS: : Monday-Wednesday 9am-5pm


Pakawau Community Residents Association Inc The AGM of the above society will be held in the Pakawau Hall on Saturday the 11th of July 2020 at 2:00pm with tea and bickies to follow.


Programmes to listen out for

Spiritual Conversations with Callah and the Ancients - With Spiritual Writer and Channel Kim and Scribe for Spirit, Seer, Artist and Celestial Empathic Healer Aimee. Facilitated by Dallas Beckett every Saturday afternoon at 2pm, replaying Monday at 5am. Come join us to experience spirituality in new and thought provoking ways. Jun’s Encounters Join Jun Lü where she explores ideas of a fulfilled life and of meaningful work. The show is about gaining wisdom from ordinary people. Jun invites friends, experts and people of different backgrounds she encounters to join her in conversations about matters of everyday life. Each episode highlights a new perspective and insight about living a good life. Fortnightly on Fridays at 10am, replaying Sundays at 6pm. Sound Selector hosted by Peter Bywater. Linking music genres, from Ska to Punk, Dub Step to Reggae, from 70s to today. Fortnightly, Thursday night 8-10, repeated Tuesday noon-2pm.


ARTICLE IDEA OR REQUEST We welcome your suggestions. Please contact us. SUBMISSION OF A WHAKAARO We welcome readers to submit a whakaaro. Please contact us with your idea first. USUAL DEADLINE FOR ALL SUBMITTED ITEMS 9am Tuesday. USUAL DEADLINE FOR ALL ADVERTISING/LETTERS Noon Tuesday. LATE SURCHARGE: Until 4pm on Tuesday: classified ads $5; display ads 10% surcharge (min $5). AGENTS: Paradise Entertainment, 71 Commercial Street, Takaka or Collingwood On the Spot store, Tasman Street. ADVERTISING COSTS: Classifieds: 55c/word. Display ads: contact us for details or see the website. The editor reserves the right to make final decisions on layout of submitted ads. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information in this publication, The GB Weekly does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions or for any consequences arising from reliance on information published. The content of submitted material is not necessarily endorsed by the owners. Copies can be bought and we have a subscription service.

www.gbweekly.co.nz THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 JULY 2020

TRADES AND SERVICES / Mahi a ratonga Abel Tasman Accounting Limited Xero Certified, Public Practice CA. Taxation services and general business support for clients of all shapes and sizes. Available evenings and weekends. Ph Bronwyn 027 268 4010, bronwyn@abeltasmanaccounting.co.nz ACCOUNTANT and tax advisor. All Inland Revenue returns filed for big and small businesses and individuals. Self-employed and rental property reports prepared. Day and evening appointments available. Ph Susan Ayton Shaw 929 7507 or email taxayton@gmail.com ACCOUNTANT. Long-standing market leader with unbeatable professional qualifications and experience. Warn & Associates, ph 525 9919. AFFORDABLE Carpenty Services. Ph Rick 027 919 1326. ALL your garden needs, ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available. ARBORIST. Certified. The Tree Doctor, all aspects of tree care. Free quotes. Ph Chris 021 0264 7942. ARBORIST, qualified, ph Jack Stevens 021 211 5580. ARCHITECTURAL design, residential housing. Ph Peter Fersterer 525 8132. BLINDS, blinds, blinds, ph Tracey at Imagine designs for a free measure and quote 027 440 0071. From Duettes, blockout or translucent roller blinds or wooden blinds there is something for every window. CARS, caravans? Will buy certain models and pick up anything free or can drop off Collingwood opposite dump. Parts, tyres, batteries for sale. Support local. Ph 020 4167 1519. CARS wanted. Will pick up for free (some conditions apply). Motueka Auto Parts. Ph 03 528 9576. CHIMNEY cleaning, handyman, Dennis Sage ph 027 873 0726. COMPUTER and smartphone sales, repairs and solutions. Supporting all Windows and Apple products. Conveniently located at 65 Commercial Street or available by appointment on 027 831 4156. COMPUTER services. GBTech, experienced technical support for Golden Bay since 2012. Ph Warwick 027 814 2222. ELECTRICIANS. Fuse Electrical Golden Bay. Ready to solve all your electrical needs. Ph Thomas 525 9300, 027 788 8500. ELECTRONICS repairs: Cell phones, computers, radios, TVs, HiFi and more! Ph 027 246 2432. FREEVIEW satellite TV. Ph 027 246 2432. GARDEN advice, design and development, soil testing, fruit pruning, orchard work. Sol Morgan, GroWise Consultancy, ph 027 514 9112. GARDENING services: Fruit-tree pruning, weeding, lawnmowing, weed-trimming, general garden tidy up. Ph Carlos 027 751 9730.

CHIMNEY sweep. Puponga-Takaka Hill. Free quote or query. Ph Steve 021 0810 1146. GB CHIMNEY SWEEPING, SPIDER AND FLY SPRAYING Ph 524 8795 or 027 434 5405 GOLDEN BAY DIGGER HIRE 1.7 tonne. Ph 027 713 0684. GOLDEN Bay Storage, Takaka. Dry, safe, secure, alarmed, insurance approved. Furniture trailer available. Ph Rob and Marg 525 9698, 027 222 5499, goldenbaystorage@gmail.com

Green Grass Accounting - Chartered Accountant. MYOB Partner and Xero Certified. Local accountant providing business and personal accounting services. Ph Robert 029 775 6459 or email robert@greengrassaccounting.co.nz.

PORTABLE BANDSAW MILLING. Ph Tim 524 8997, 027 714 4232.

SEWING SERVICE, NEEDLES, THREADS, WOOL, BEADS. Stitch ‘n Sew ph 525 8177. STORAGE /container hire. Your place (anywhere) or mine (Takaka). Ph Cheryl at Orange Mechanical Ltd 525 9991. TAKAKA Self Storage, Commercial Street. Units and containers. Secure yard with cameras. Ph 525 6181.

TREE removal, confined area felling, chipping, chipper hire. Fully insured. Ph 525 7597, 027 212 4020.

U N D E R Cu t L a w n s . L a w n m o w i n g a n d g e n e r a l garden maintenance. ph Simon 021 107 3484 or email undercutlawns2020@gmail.com WATER TANKS CLEANED. Ph Chris 027 444 5334. WINDOW cleaning. Ph Willem 022 134 1726.

FOR THE BEST DEALS ON WHEELS Ph 03 525 8233 | 19 Motupipi St, Takaka


& A S S O C I AT E S

Specialised Accounting Unbeatable Professional Qualifications Experience & Service

03 525 9919 julie@warnassociates.co.nz 23 MOTUPIPI ST TAKAKA 7110, GOLDEN BAY


GREENREAPER. Property maintenance, landscape and garden designs. Ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available. HEAT pump installation, sales and servicing. Ph Dave McKay 027 404 4740, 525 8538. HELPING HANDS ph 525 6226. Te Whare Mahana Supported Employment. Lawnmowing, line trimming, garden maintenance, riparian planting, scrub-cutting, gutter cleaning, recycling, pothole repair, waterblasting, window cleaning, house moves. How can we help?

Perfect for couples, a playground for families and a paradise for hikers!

LAWNMOWING. Pakawau, Bainham, Takaka to Wainui. Ph N Shaw 525 7597, 027 212 4020. niallshaw_6@hotmail.com

ORANGE Rentals have rental cars, trailers and a furniture trailer available for hire. Ph 027 337 7147.

1000 acres of private West Coast to explore

PAINTING and interior, exterior plastering. Licensed qualified local tradesman. Ph CM Coatings 027 222 0507.

7 unique beaches along 3km of coastline

PAINTING. Quality, efficient service, available now. Ph Luca Borrelli 022 086 1842.

PENINSULA Plasterers for all your interior plastering needs. No job too small. Quality assured. 20+ years’ experience. For a free quote ph Craig 027 472 4376. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 JULY 2020

03 524 8711 info@tehapu.co.nz www.tehapu.co.nz



Forest & woodlot harvesting Hauler & ground-based bush-rigged excavator Locally-owned operation with local crew

Ph 027 455 9895


HEALTH & WELLBEING / Hauora ACUPUNCTURE: Lynne Cooper providing private and ACC injury treatments. 54 Commercial Street. lynnecooper@y7mail. com, ph/txt 027 221 0045. AROHA Health Spa. Massage, advanced clinical massage, myofascial release, hot stone and relaxation, infrared sauna, spa bath, facials, holistic health and more. Open Thursday-Sunday from 9.30am, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara. Ph 525 8870.

FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko

Grant Watson

Manipulative Physiotherapist

Renewables, 525 6019.

TOYOTA Platz, very reliable, 180,000km. Txt 020 4088 1557.

Collingwood Health Centre at Collingwood Area School

LARGE house lot interior-exterior rimu doors, rimu windows. Ph 524 8310.

Ph: 027 370 6472 Email: wattie18@outlook.com

BERETTA 3901 semi-auto shotgun, near new with three chokes, $1400. Ph 021 813 641.

Mondays, and Thursday mornings

CAROLYN Simon, Craniosacral therapist, naturopath, medical herbalist. For appointments or flower essences text 027 483 5865, ph 525 8544. COMPLETE Healthcare with NIS by Neurolink, using neuroscience principles to achieve optimum health. 2019 Masters series. Practitioner Anne Michell. Ph 525 8733 or 027 751 7970. KINESIOLOGIA. Para ta? Para el estres fisco y mental. Para una cita ph/txt Marquitos 027 588 2462.

MASSAGE AND REIKI. Emma Sutherland (Ameliorate). First one-hour treatment - $35 for GB locals. www.ameliorate.nz. Ph 027 487 2639. MASSAGE and trigger point therapy for chronic muscular pain, dysfunction, sports performance. Specialising in unresolved muscular pain. 20 years’ experience. Ph Paul 027 772 7334, 54 Commercial Street.

REFLEXOLOGY - relax - recuperate - rejuvenate - refresh. Integrated Reflexology treatments with Ariane Wyler. For bookings please txt/ph 021 0260 7607 or email happyfeetflex@ gmail.com SIMON Jones: Counselling, mediation, coaching. 28 years’ experience. Member NZAC. Ph 525 8542. YOUTH and adult counselling. Ph 027 416 6815, email selena@ gbwct.org.nz

H ealing with Grace Providing Golden Bay with:

Professional, Diagnostic, Clinical Physio & Massage Therapy services ACC registered Provider

• Sports & Accident injuries • Complex musculoskeletal conditions • Clinical reviews / Second opinions • Orthopaedic / Post-operative rehabilitation • Postural / Biomechanical correction programmes Therapy G• raClinical ce ShMassage ields 021346642 ♥ 5258106 BTSM, RMT Gift required Vouchers Available NoMNZ GP referral

Ask us about our no-cost initial Physio assessment

We’re your local All your gardening needs, and seed potatoes in store now.

OPENING HOURS: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm

Call 0800 749 739 for info or an appointment today

Healing with Grace &

021 346642 ♥ 525 8106

Farm Machinery Reduction Sale on behalf of JR & SE Nalder, Motupipi

Friday 10 July at 12pm WE WILL OFFER:

Chiropractor Inga Schmidt

MSc (Chiro), DC, MNZCA

021 180 7789

Golden Bay Health Centre, 12 Motupipi St

www.healthfocus.co.nz ACC registered

FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko FABRIC at discounted prices, various lengths and widths, call in and view our sales stand fabrics with quality fabrics from $25/metre. Start transforming your space today with floor -to-ceiling lined curtains along with a quality track. Call into Imagine designs, next to GB Glass. FIREWOOD SECONDS. Load your own, from $40 per average-sized trailer load. SECONDHAND GOODS MUST GO. This Saturday, 8am-12pm, Bay Firewood, 315 Takaka-Collingwood Highway. Ph 027 769 6348. SAFETY glass. Residential or commercial. See Golden Bay Glass. 96 Commercial St. Ph 525 7274.

FIREWOOD: Douglas fir, beech and gum. Delivering now. Also kindling. Ph Bay Firewood 027 769 6348. SLASH your electricity bill. Install a grid-connect PV system. Professional design and install. Ph Paul Stocker, Azimuth 16

Massey Ferguson 135 tractor (1975) with front-end loader, forks and concrete weight; 1961 Bedford truck (tipper and steel deck), Maxim mower, Howard rotary hoe, 3pt linkage discs, Cambridge roller, Giltrap silage wagon, Honda 4-wheeler motorbike, Suzuki 4-wheeler motorbike, bike sprayer on wheels, bike sprayer for front of motorbike, silage forks, front-end loader yard scraper, Smith calf trailer and crate, Rover ride-on lawnmower, K-Line shifter, 200-litre diesel tank on stand, 2000-litre steel tank, 3500-litre stainless milk vat and lids, 8 concrete feed bins, concrete water troughs, 2 PK feed troughs on wheels, rear-end tractor ditcher, 2000-litre concrete trough mould, fibreglass water trough, hot-water cylinder (plug in), 2 plastic calf shelters, 1 covered iron calf shelter, calf meal feeder on wheels, calf milk warmer, calf milk pump, calf hay and meal feeders on sledges, calf meal feeders, 12-teat calf feeder, 10-teat calf feeder, calf drinking troughs, 2 plastic test buckets, 3 x 2-litre calf feeders, head crush, concrete culvert pipes, skilsaw, water pump, 6m x 250mm plastic drain pipe, lengths of railway iron, fence posts, Y posts, Hayes strainers, insulators, pipe gates, wooden gates, electric fence standards, electric fence reels, portable electric fence units, HT fence wire, alkathene water pipe (various sizes and lengths), pipe fittings, lime flour, drench, drench guns, second-hand iron, timber - pine and native, 200-litre plastic drums, electric motors, old cream cans, weedeater, assorted farm tools, wood lathe, Tanner saw bench, chainsaw sharpener, Honda motor, dog kennel, old concrete posts, spray boom, 20kg bag Zincmax, barbed wire, cast iron bath, bag of netting for covering grapes, BBQs, 24-set 100mm milk line with Airline pulsators plus fittings, water cooler, bike helmets, safety jackets, bolts, screws, grease gun, socket set, washdown hose, fuel cans, old hay elevator (parts), old spray tank (parts), bike spreader (parts), fertiliser spreader (parts), plus numerous other farm sundries. OUTSIDE ENTRIES: 2 stainless steel test buckets (near new)

Further outside entries still accepted All enquiries: Craig Taylor 0274 357 437 or your local PGW Livestock Representative PGG Wrightson Ltd - Auctioneers Takaka/Nelson THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 JULY 2020

Beach Road, Collingwood

Why sell with us? If you are aiming for the best outcome, just sticking up a sign and naming your price is likely to leave you short changed!

New Listing For Sale: $270,000 Call to view Open Home: BEACHFRONT BUSH BLOCK - Vacant land has become increasingly scarse in the Bay, so when the opportunity arises to purchase almost a hectare bushblock that rises 70 metres up from the beachfront, it's time to take action! Dense vegetation cloaks the land which is completely undeveloped apart from the legally formed right of way which passes through the property and gives access to it and to several other secluded homes along the coast.

25 Tata Heights, Tata




on er C

60 Tangmere Road, Rototai




on er C

• We have a vast pool of registered buyers eager to compete for a home in Golden Bay. • The skill base of my team adds diversity to the service we provide. • I spend between a month and two years advising and supporting my clients prior to them being ready for the market. • Due to the size of the Ray White network, we have access to excellent resources to support our clients. • We use the latest technology to showcase properties. • We have access to over seven different marketing platforms providing National and International reach. • Most marketing costs are covered by commission. • My marketing strategy is simple, I will never undersell you’re property! • I have successfully negotiated the sale of 355 properties, and lived in the Bay for 30 years. Give me a call to find our how our expertise can help you achieve the best result possible when selling your home.

Billy Kerrisk Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)

Billy Kerrisk Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)

Level 1, 11 Buxton Lane, Takaka | Facebook @RaywhiteGoldenbay | 03 525 7219 I 027 608 5606 | www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz | Billy Kerrisk Licensed Agent REAA 2008 FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko


PROPERTY AVAILABLE / Rawa watea HOUSE to rent, three-four bedrooms, two bathrooms, with log burner and fully insulated. Available immediately, Paines Ford area. Ph 027 625 7154.

ROOM for rent, on Commercial Street. $180/week. Please ph Rodney for more informatio, 027 511 4266.

GARLIC and SHALLOTS Plant now for Summer harvest! Ph 027 928 3314 earthgemstakaka@gmail.com

Whakamaru | 159m2 | 3BRM | 2 BTH Kitset Pricing from: Affordable Quality - Easy Build


Check out our range of over 50 cost effective plans to suit every budget. You won’t believe the quality you get with a Latitude home.


Contact your local Latitude Homes builder today:

021 0890 1830 | 0800 776 777 michael@latitudehomes.co.nz

*Prices are subject to change. See full pricing terms and conditions on our website.

F LO O R I N G TO S U I T YO U R ST Y L E SHEET VINYL Tarkett Traffic 250 Warm Oak Soft Brown

PROPERTY AVAILABLE / Rawa watea LAND for sale. Bird’s valley retreat, 27ha, bush and pasture with own water supply, mountain and sea views. Txt 020 4088 2557. FOR sale: Large property of 962sqm with a 190sqm house. Situated within walking distance of Takaka schools and shops, this recently renovated house is ideal for a large family. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, study room, kitchen, large sunny living room and a big garage. $480,000 negotiable. To arrange a viewing or for further information ph Miki 027 825 1531. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 JULY 2020


23 Old Wharf Road, Motueka

P: 03 528 7530

E: motueka@flooringxtra.co.nz




EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē

FOOTBALL referees, paid position. Golden Bay Football requires referees for home games this season. Expressions of interest please contact Pete at peetlies@hotmail.com, ph 525 9928.

prices. Order online thecurryleaf.co.nz or ph 525 8481.

HOUSE cleaning position available close to Takaka. Ph 525 9802.

DE-LISH DELICATESSEN. Sumptuous, delicious food. Lunches, catering, coffee, chocolate, cheeses and epicure items. Open from 6.30am. Ph 525 7111.

OFFICE ADMINISTRATION MAGICIAN REQUIRED Driven, willing to take on challenges and work independently? Confident working with computers with a range of software? Able to learn a procedure, follow it through and pay attention to detail? Ensure a high level of teamwork and confidentiality? Be willing to be responsive and show flexibility to demands in the office? I am not looking for a person with experience (but don’t let that stop you) so I am open to giving someone an opportunity as training will be provided. I need someone with the ability to learn new skills, willing to do things a certain way and show they can work in a professional but family focused environment. This position is in a small but growing accounting practice based a couple of minutes drive out of Takaka. I am offering starting hours of 10 hours a week with the potential to grow the hours by negotiation over the coming year, very flexible working hours (we can cope with school holidays!) and support to learn new skills. If this sounds like you, please send a letter and your CV to robert@greengrassaccounting.co.nz

DANGEROUS KITCHEN. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, TuesdaySunday from 9am till 8pm, closed Monday. For bookings and takeaways ph 525 8686.

GARDEN SANCTUARY CAFÉ at Aroha Health Spa. Organic coffee, herbal teas, fresh juices, light meals and treats. Open Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am-1.30pm, 792 Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara.

MAD CAFE & RESTAURANT, Collingwood. Where only the best will do. Open Thursday to Sunday, 11am-2pm and 4pm8pm.

Lorem ipsum ‘the good people place’

OPEN FOR DININGfor THURSlunch: 14th ... now open

12pm - late 7 days a week.



Gourmet wild food, Open fire, Good beer, Good people


Ph: 525 9592



OLD SCHOOL CAFÉ, Pakawau. Open 4pm-late, Thursday, Friday. 11am-late, Saturday, Sunday. Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Ph 524 8457. THE MUSSEL INN. Open 7 days, 11am til late.

TOTALLY ROASTED, Pohara. Winter hours 9am-3pm, Thursday to Monday. Closed Tuesday, Wednesday. Friday night woodfired pizzas from 4-7pm. TOTOS CAFÉ & PIZZERIA: Open Sundays weather permitting, 10am-4pm, ph 039 707 934, Totaranui hill. WHOLEMEAL CAFÉ, open for dine-in meals and takeaways 7.30am-3pm, Monday to Friday and 8am-3pm Saturday and Sunday.

LEARNING / Akonga / Huarahi ako/mahi PIANO lessons and prep for examinations, any style or level. Txt 020 4088 1557.

UPCOMING EVENTS / Mea pakiri haere



FRIDAY 3 JULY NBS is a Building Society, owned by and committed to the people who bank with us. At NBS, we strive towards a vision to remain a standalone mutual entity that is trusted, preferred and respected by clients and communities.

Friday 3 July

LAURA-MAE – PERFORMING AT KOTARE SANDS, Friday and Saturday, 4.30-7.30pm.


Live Music BOOKINGS ONLY: In cafe, via phone 03 525 9426

or email wholemealcafe@gmail.com

THE MARKET IS BACK! See ad next page.


UPCOMING EVENTS / Mea pakiri haere

BADMINTON, GBHS gym, 7-9pm. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007. GB WEEKLY DEADLINE: noon on Tuesdays. Late fees apply until 4pm Tuesdays. Paradise Entertainment and Collingwood On the Spot store are our agents.

WEDNESDAY 8 JULY NBS is looking to appoint a full time Client Services team member in Takaka. As first point of contact, you are efficiently meeting our clients’ transactional requirements and identify proactive solutions to meet their broader banking needs.

Client Services - Takaka (Full Time)

We are seeking someone who has a positive attitude, displays excellence in client care and has the ability to function well under pressure. The successful applicant will be required to demonstrate:

KOKALITO WEDNESDAY STALL on the Village Green is having a break for a while. See Public Notices.


THURSDAY 9 JULY DAYTIME BADMINTON, Rec Park Centre, 10am. All welcome. Ph Kerry 525 7007, 027 525 7007.

Takaka Library

Holiday Programme July 2020

• Accuracy and attention to detail

LIVE JAZZ FOR DINNER with Jochen and Cass


Applications close 13 July 2020. NBS is not a registered bank.

EATING OUT / Kai wahi kē ANATOKI SALMON fishing and café. Catch your own lunch or order from the menu. Open every day from 10am. www. anatokisalmon.co.nz COLLINGWOOD Tavern. 11am-7pm, Sunday-Thursday; 11amlate, Friday and Saturday.

Motupipi Hall, $25pp.

ONEKAKA PLAYGROUP, all welcome, Wednesdays 10am12.30pm, Onekaka Hall.

• The ability to communicate effectively at all levels

If you believe you possess the above qualities and would relish the challenge of working for NBS, please email your CV to dean@nbs.co.nz or phone 03 525 6201 for further details.

Saturday 4 July, 12pm Cold meats, vegetables, assortment of desserts, lots of Xmas cheer. Produce, raffle $2.

COSTUME HIRE. Playhouse, Park Avenue, 7-8.30pm. After hours ph Joan 525 8338 or Diane 525 8097, evenings.

• A history of proactive client service

• Effective participation in a team environment


Ph 525 8686 for bookings and takeaways

Tue 7 July : Takaka Pop-Up Storytime 10.30am – 11.30am Includes a fun craft activity Ages 4 – 9, free. Everybody welcome!

Tue 14 July : Waffles and Books for Teens 12 – 15 years

11am – 12.30pm, Let’s cook up a waffle storm, chat about books, movies, games. Bring your favourite topping. Please book, cost $3.00

Throughout the holidays we offer these free activities: ❖ Take and Make: Collect a craft kit, ages 3 – 10 ❖ Matariki Star Scavenger Hunt: find nine hidden stars around the library and enter the prize draw ❖ Matariki: Collect a Matariki activity booklet

COURTHOUSE CAFÉ, Collingwood. Open 7 days, 8.30am2pm. Pizzas and curries Fridays, 4.30-7pm, takeaway only. Ph 524 8194. CURRY LEAF. Open 7 days, 12-8pm. Chef-made food, takeaway 18


RETURNS THIS SATURDAY 4 JULY All our favourite stalls and some new ones Veges, Bread, Meat, Cheese, Oils, clothes, soap, pizza, woodwork, crystals and more... Special guest performers Ron & Lindy Valenti and storyteller Roger Sanders.

The Mussel Inn Coming Up...

Sat 4th Coppermine Junction - bluegrass, $5 Sat 11th Gypsy Pickers - goodtime Golden Bay music, $5 Thur 16th Kitchen Chaos - A fun family show, 2.30pm. Tickets on Eventfinda $5 kids/$10 adults Thur 16th Quiz - all welcome, 7.30pm www.musselinn.co.nz

9AM – 1PM


Winter rates $15 per stall *NEW* Under 20yr olds local produce stall $5

Saturday 4th July




Saturday 11th July

o & the mo



Saturday 25th July


SACRED Heart Catholic Church. An invitation to the celebration of Holy Mass, 4pm, Sundays, behind the historic church building in the former Catholic Hall. A warm welcome to all.

Saturday 8th August

GOLDEN Bay Anglican Church warmly invites you to join them each Sunday, 10am at Takaka and 4.45pm at Collingwood.



ST Andrews Presbyterian Church invites you to join with us for Holy Communion at 10am. Rev Dr Don Fergus. Sermon: “Learning the unforced rhythms of grace.”

Gourmet food & burgers, Open fire, Good beer, Good people

www.rootsbar.co.nz Fri

4.30 7.30 Sat 4 1.30 4.30 7.30 Sun 5 4.30 7.30 Tue 7 1.30 Wed 8 1.30 7.30 Thu 9 1.30 7.30 Fri 10 4.30 7.30 Sat 11 1.30 4.30 7.30 Sun 12 1.00 4.30 7.30

Jon Tidswell or David Earle will be in attendance at the offices of Warn & Associates

23 Motupipi Street, Takaka For appointments please phone

0800 GLASGOW (0800 452 746)

Monday: Westerlies near Farewell, lighter winds elsewhere. Fine and cloudy intervals. Tuesday: Northerlies developing. Cloud thickening. Rain developing over Kahurangi and elsewhere later. Sollys Contractors are proud sponsors of this weather forecast. Enquiries phone: 03 525 9843 Disclaimer: This forecast is a personal interpretation complied from public information provided by NZ Metservice and other public sources. It is a local forecast and no liability is implied or accepted.


“Oh, Magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together”

Psalm 34:3 Sunday Service 10 am Includes Kids Program During term All Welcome ☺ Pastor: Rodney Watson 0275 114 266 93 Commercial St, Takaka. www.godunlimited.org Ph: 5259 265 Includes Kids program



Proudly sponsors Golden Bay Tide Watch

2 Commercial Street, Takaka ꟾ Ph 525 7305

Valid from Friday 3 July until Tuesday 7 July

Sunday: Northerlies with rain most of the day then wind and rain easing to a few showers.

Sunday 5 July, 10:30am Sunday School Hall, Haven Road, Collingwood For more info contact Rowan Miller 021 106 8461 or Robin & Lauren Swafford 524 8498 Email: kahurangichurch@gmail.com Facebook: Kahurangi Christian Church

Bookings phone 525 8453

Golden Bay weather forecast

Saturday: Northerlies freshening. Cloud and some showers west and northwest of Parapara later.

Celebration Service & AGM

Film information may be found at www.villagetheatre.org.nz

Main office: 43 Halifax St, Nelson

Friday: Light winds and fine with frosts at first. Northerlies developing and cloud increasing later.

Kahurangi Christian Church

Trolls World Tour (G) Roll with the Rockn Trolls! Jumanji: The Next Level (PG)Znouzectnost Game Onnnn! Trolls World Tour (G) Animated Tromedy Love Sarah (M) Baking = Happiness Beats (R16) (Final) 90s’ Scottish EDM Rebellion Klimt & Schiele: Eros and Psyche (Final) The Invisible Man (R16) (Final) But where is he? Trolls World Tour (G) Rock ‘N’ tRoll Trolls World Tour (G) Bring the Noize! Les Misérable (2019) (R13) (NZIFF) Thriller Matinee: Love Sarah (M) Celia Imrie Bait (M) Mark Jenkin’s BAFTA winning Drama The Assistant (M) Stars Julia Garner Love Sarah (M) (Final) Feel Good Drama Trolls World Tour (G) School Hol’s Trolls Rosie (PG) (Final) Irish Social Drama - 5 ***** Jumanji: The Next Level (PG) The Gangs Back! NT Live: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Les Misérable (2019) (R13) Cannes Jury Winner The Assistant (M) (Final) Subtle Thriller


M E T R E S am 3 5

Saturday Jul 4


9 noon 3


in store now

GOLDEN BAY TIDE WATCH - TARAKOHE Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Jul 5

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Jul 6


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Jul 7


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Jul 8


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Jul 9


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Jul 10

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm

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50 Commercial Street, Takaka Golden Bay First National Licensed REAA 2008 - MREINZ

info@goldenbayproperty.com FABULOUS FAMILY HOME - CLOSE TO TOWN



OPEN HOME Sunday 1.00 - 1.30pm

• 3 beds, 2 baths, 2 living, office • Space! - inside, & outside ... • 2500sqm established section • 3-Bay garage with power • Rural/mountain view Ref: GB3782 $649,000 Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com


Ph: (03) 525 8800


• 2 bed/2bath, spacious living • Lined, 3-bay garage/workshop • Elevated 7984m2 land • Stunning inlet & coastal views • Comfortable home a the beach Ref: GB3784 O/O $700,000 Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com

OPEN HOME Sunday 11.30 - 12.00pm




• Self sufficiency at its best on 13.8ha • Award winning home in 2009 • 2 bed, 1 bath, 2 offices • Plus internal self-contained flat • Now with price reduced Ref: GB3740 $1.250m Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840 or belinda@goldenbayproperty.com

• Café & bar lease, quality chattels • Refurbished & ready to go! • Indoor & outdoor dining: 178m2 • Plenty of parking: 1048m2 land • Roll up your sleeves & get stuck in to this golden opportunity! Ref: GBC3781 $63,000pa+GST (if any)+OpEx James Mackay 027 359 0892 james@goldenbayproperty.com





• 192.63ha of unique west coast • 2 powered building sites • 2 bay-shed • Flat & elevated areas • Weather dependent viewing Ref: GB3772 $2m Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577 or sarah@goldenbayproperty.com

• Rural living on 4.9ha • Two storey brick & cedar home • 5bd, 3 bth, 2gge, 2 living areas • Sep. 2 bd cottage • Well fenced paddocks Ref: GB3679 $930,000+GST (if any) Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840 or belinda@goldenbayproperty.com




656 EAST TAKAKA ROAD • x2 spacious homes including • 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms • Orchards & grazing on 3.9ha • Lots of parking & shed space • Own creek & lovely gardens Ref: GB3768 $1.175m Paul McConnon 0275 042 872 or paul@goldenbayproperty.com

• 3457 m2 plus • VIEWS plus • CREATIVE THINKING plus • BUILDER = HOME/BACH Ref: GB3718 $255,000 Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577 or sarah@goldenbayproperty.com





• Rural 2529m2 • 4 bedroom character villa • Sunny position & private setting • Plenty of space for the kids • Less than 10mins to Town Ref: GB3764 $565,000 Paul McConnon 0275 042 872 or paul@goldenbayproperty.com

• 7ha lifestyle loaded with potential • Avocado, citrus, nuts & more • Run as an organic orchard • 3bd house, sleepout, plus! • Suit syndicate or family group Ref: GB3760 $1.3m+GST (if any) James Mackay 027 359 0892 james@goldenbayproperty.com

Call us “First” for your FREE appraisal

Exclusively list & sell your property with FIRST NATIONAL GOLDEN BAY from now through to the end of September & not only will you receive an advertising package tailored to suit your needs for your property - when you sell, we will gift you $500 of vouchers from local businesses of your choice!

- The First National Team Living Local, Shopping Local & Supporting our Community!

Sharon McConnon Sales Manager 0275 258 255

Paul McConnon Salesperson 0275 042 872

Annie Telford Salesperson 0272 491 408

Sarah-Jane Brown Salesperson 0274 222 577

James Mackay Principal / AREINZ / B.Com

027 359 0892

Belinda J Barnes Agent / AREINZ 021 236 2840

www.goldenbayproperty.com 20


Profile for Charlotte Richards

Golden Bay Weelky - 3 July 2020  

Golden Bay Weelky - 3 July 2020  

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