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Friday 3 April 2020

Staying safe in Bay lockdown

Splendid isolation: A walker observes physical distancing on the beach at Puponga earlier this week. Photo: Jo Richards. JO RICHARDS

With the news that Golden Bay has its first confirmed case of Covid-19 – a woman who recently returned from overseas – the reality of the global pandemic is hitting home. The Bay, for all its geographic isolation, is clearly not immune to the spread of the disease and this latest development underlines the importance of the Government’s message about remaining in lockdown. Golden Bay’s case, like all those nationwide, is subject to the Ministry of Health’s strict procedure. This begins with notification to a medical officer of health in the Nelson Marlborough Public Health Service (NMPHS) before the infected individual is interviewed to determine risk factors, including travel. Once this is done, NMPHS and the national close contact tracing service, undertake contact tracing to reach close contacts – the people most at risk – as they determine necessary. Every case is monitored by NMPHS until a medical officer of health has determined that it is safe for the person to come out of isolation. General Manager Golden Bay Community Health Linzi Birmingham, says it’s essential that those infected are treated with compassion.

“It’s very important that people with Covid are not harassed and are supported. Also, so that people with symptoms do not then hesitate to get help, for fear of a negative reaction, community speculation etc.” The Bay has been preparing for this moment for several weeks. Additional special facilities have been added to Golden Bay Community Health including a CommunityBased Assessment Centre (CBAC) for infection

“It’s very important that people with COVID are not harassed and are supported.” Linzi Birmingham testing, as well as a temporary isolation room. Linzi says that the CBAC is currently open for one hour a day. “The CBAC is staffed with a doctor and a nurse. We ask people to phone the clinic first before coming in however, so they can be triaged - also called ‘screening’ by a doctor. During this process the doctor will assess if someone needs to be tested at a CBAC.” Regarding the other new facility, Linzi says:

“We have not had to use the isolation room yet, but it is stocked and prepared and ready for use if required.” As there are currently no ventilators or intensive care units in Golden Bay, any seriously ill Covid-19 patients will be transferred to Nelson Hospital after being stabilised. GBCH has taken measures to reduce the risk of spreading infection, including locking the front doors, closing the rest home to visitors and rolling out its new online patient portal My Indici (see article on page 4). A further mitigation measure is the administering of seasonal flu jabs – a programme that has been interrupted by a temporary shortage of vaccine – but not before some of the most vulnerable residents had received it. “We have made a good start on it by vaccinating some people in the priority groups – people most at risk if they were to contract influenza,” explains Linzi. “These include people aged 65 years and older, pregnant women, people with chronic health conditions and young children with respiratory illness.” She said the health centre would soon be offering drive-through carpark-based clinics... Continued on page 3

Coordination Group JEANINE TAYLOR

On Tuesday, the team of professionals who make up the Community Coordination Group (CCG), met for the second time using the online platform of Zoom. Their goal: To achieve coordinated efforts for the vulnerable and to share, coordinate and channel information about volunteer networks. Chairperson Tony Keatley, from Te Whare Mahana Trust, asked each service representative for an update on their current situation. Golden Bay Community Health General Manager Linzi Birmingham, said their services are looking completely different. “We are segregating our aged care facility, making it totally separate.” The elderly are one of their high priorities. The medical centre is running from a virtual platform with telephone and online appointments. Designated staff are running the Covid-19 testing service between 10 and 11am each day. People are encouraged to ring and be triaged and then assigned the services which they need. There are no weekend drop-in clinics, these are now managed by the after-hours service, who will contact a GP if an appointment is needed. There is currently a supply shortage of flu vaccinations and GBCH will be in touch when they become available, around mid-April. Keeping appropriate social distancing should also help to stem the spreading of the flu. Tasman District Council’s representatives spoke of the freedom camping issue, regarding Covid-19. Their aim is to educate and then move freedom campers to the designated area within the Pohara Top 10 Holiday Park. Mental health services for our youth and community are still being provided through our mental health professionals. The child health nurse said that their contact is very limited. The service will continue to check up on new babies up to three months of age and to stay in touch with vulnerable families. Civil Defence are looking at developing a traffic-light type system for the elderly and vulnerable to display in their windows, letting people know if they are okay or need help. More information will be launched on this soon. Women’s Refuge are working closely with Mohua Social Services to respond to reports of family harm. Continued on page 4


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FreshChoice plans online shopping REBECCA HAYTER

FreshChoice Takaka and its customers are settling into the new normal, but for anyone who hasn’t been to the supermarket since lockdown came into effect on Thursday 26 March will notice some big differences. Owner-operator Mike Reynish says the emphasis is on everyone, customers and staff, maintaining the two-metre separation at all times. That means every alternate checkout is closed and customers may be asked to queue outside the supermarket to limit the number inside at any one time. There are lines on the floor to keep people at their safe distances. “We would rather have people outside breathing fresh air, than inside breathing or coughing over each other and our staff in confined areas,” he says. “We have to look after our staff and keep them and their families safe as much as they do. Without our staff, we can’t open.” Mike says FreshChoice is trying to reserve the 8am to 9am slot each day for elderly and more vulnerable people so they can shop without queueing and avoid close contact with others. If other customers are queueing at the same time, the elder people would be given priority, as they are more vulnerable to Covid-19. Staff have the option of wearing protective gear such as masks and gloves and are cleaning checkouts between customers. Trolleys are also regularly cleaned with sanitiser. When The GB Weekly phoned, Mike expected to have perspex screens erected between the customer and checkout staff within 24 hours. These protocols have been set up by FreshChoice head office. Mike says the system is working well, and the number of customers has become a fairly steady trickle with no more panic buying. He says customers have got into their routine now, with some people shopping every day as they usually do, but most people coming less often and doing bigger shops, which can slow the flow of customer traffic at the checkouts. “Everyone has been pretty good with it,” he says. Customers are encouraged to pack their own groceries so


We have had some delays in getting the online ordering (click and collect) off the ground and I apologise to the people I have told it would be up and running. We are ready to go at store level but there are some delays with the payments process. Once it’s up and running go to www.freshchoice.co.nz and follow the links which will lead you to our store’s online platform. You will have to set up an account. Once you have picked your items you can choose to pick up or have delivered.

that checkout staff and customers can maintain two-metres of separation. If people bring their own bags, it’s especially important to wash them between uses. FreshChoice was set to introduce online shopping in late June but is rolling it out early to around 30 stores to help customers during lockdown. Mike hoped it would be operating for FreshChoice Takaka by now but there have been some delays. Once online shopping is available, customers will access it on the FreshChoice website. There will be an initial set-up process, but it’s fairly simple, Mike says. Customers can either “click and collect” in which they pick up and pay for their online order at the FreshChoice checkout in person, or they can use the delivery service. With panic buying no longer a problem the shelves are mostly back to normal, apart from some items such as pasta, rice, flour and sugar. “All the tinned stuff has come right. It’s back on track. Soaps and sanitisers and some cleaning stuff is still hard to get, but it’s starting to dribble back in,” says Mike. Store hours are also easing into winter times. FreshChoice has already cut back closing time to 7pm and will move to 6pm when daylight saving ends this weekend. Over Easter weekend, the store will be closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Staying safe in Bay lockdown Continued from page 1 ...to safely deliver flu vaccinations to priority at-risk groups before being made more widely available. “We have used our current vaccine stock but have been notified that more will arrive in early to mid-April. When they arrive, we will continue vaccinating the priority groups using ‘drive-through’ clinics. From that point, vaccination will be available to people outside of the priority groups for a fee from their GP.” With the Covid-19 situation constantly evolving, Linzi points to GBCH social media bulletins as an up-to-date source of basic information. “We are keeping our community updated via Facebook, so please follow us if you don’t already.” And she urges people to remain calm and understand. “Please be patient and kind to healthcare workers, including reception staff, during this challenging time.”

Linzi says the Bay’s health workers are doing everything in their power to keep the community safe. “Our staff are doing an amazing job here. Some things – such as the availability of the flu vaccine – are not within their control, so thanks for your understanding.” The GBCH general manager is one of the leaders on the Community Coordination Committee and sees first-hand the efforts being made by the group. “I am just so impressed with the community spirit and how everyone is working together, it’s very humbling.” For more information on regional Covid-19 health, NMH daily updates are posted on its website: https://www.nmdhb. govt.nz/quicklinks/about-us/emergency-management-andplanning/covid-19/

If you don’t have a computer or smart device to do the order please ph 525 9383 and a staff member will be able to help you. This is predicted to be very popular and it’s all new to us so please be patient while we adjust. We will also try to preference customers who are high risk and cannot come into the supermarket. Tips: • When selecting a product you can select if you would like a substitute if that item is unavailable. • For fresh products such as produce and meat you can leave a note to say how many you would like. Eg, you might want 6 apples but don’t know how much 6 apples weigh or how many pieces of meat you want in the pack.


We will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Our staff need a much deserved break and to spend time with their families. For this to work customers need to plan ahead a little bit. Please don’t all come in on Thursday and Saturday panic buying because the supermarket is closed for a day. We are limited on the number of checkouts we can open to maintain safe distancing between everyone. So only buy what you need so we can speed up the transactions and push customers through faster. If we get overwhelmed with customers, we will close the doors and you will be lining up to get in.


There are 2 main ways of the virus being transmitted in a supermarket setting. 1. 2.

Direct contact with someone’s bodily fluids from a sneeze, cough or speaking. Contact with a surface contaminated with the virus.

We can eliminate the first method by doing 2 key things. Maintaining social distancing of 2m. The virus is transmitted via droplets and droplets from a sneeze or cough will only travel less than 1m. Obviously, in aisles we get within that 2m radius but as long as we don’t hang around in that zone we will be safe. The other thing which is very important: If you are coughing, sneezing or have a runny nose stay away from the supermarket under all circumstances. Contaminated surfaces is the major way the virus is transmitted from one person to another. This happens by touching a contaminated surface then touching your mouth, nose or eyes. To combat this we need to: • Wash/sanitise hands before going into the supermarket and again once leaving the supermarket. Have hand sanitiser in your car if possible. • Only touch what you intend to purchase. Don’t touch rails, shelves etc • We sanitise trolley handles between each customer. • Wash your reusable bags after your grocery shop. Everything you touch between washing your hands before entering the supermarket and finishing your shop will end up on you bags as they are the last thing you touch. • Don’t touch your face.


If gloves and masks are not used correctly, they will become a hazard. Masks will protect you if someone coughs or sneezes in your face, this isn’t an issue if you maintain social distancing. If you touch your mask you have transferred everything you have touched onto your mask, then every time you touch your mask you transfer that back onto your clean hands. Wash your hands before and after touching your mask or you are better off not to wear one. Although gloves stop you contaminating your hands, they still transmit everything you touch on to the next thing. Gloves must be changed regularly to be effective. Otherwise washing and sanitising hands regularly is far more effective. PPE is great in the health sector because they are in close contact with patients and the PPE is discarded straight after treating that patient. Its not so effective in a supermarket setting. An example: Someone sneezes in their car and they have gloves on, everything they touch then is contaminated. The next customer then touches the same place, now their gloves are contaminated from that sneeze and everything they touch becomes contaminated. They also realign their mask, so now those droplets from the sneeze in someone else’s car is on their face mask. This shows how efficiently the virus can spread if we are complacent with our hygiene. Cartoon: Alistair Hughes



NEWS IN BRIEF Lockdown letter from abroad JO RICHARDS

Karen and Craig Bishop-Everett are currently under lockdown in Fiji. Photo: Supplied.

As the global lockdown tightens its grip, a number of Golden Bay people who are working, travelling or studying overseas, are holed up in a location far from home. The GB Weekly has contacted some of the Kiwi expatriates who, over the next few weeks, will be sharing their experience of self-isolation abroad. Last year, Karen and Craig Bishop-Everett, former owners of On The Spot, Collingwood, sold up and sailed away on a Pacific adventure. Earlier this week, The GB Weekly caught up with the couple and Karen sent the following report: We are on our boat at Vuda Point Marina, Fiji, which is in the greater Lautoka area currently under 14-day lockdown which, all going well, finishes on Friday. As long as there are no new Covid-19 cases in this time and people “behave”, the lockdown is expected to lift then. However, from tonight there is a nationwide curfew 10pm-5am until further notice, as well as no passenger movement between any Fiji islands (only freight), which means even after the lockdown is over, we cannot sail to any other island in Fiji. We are impressed with Prime Minister Bainimarama’s stance - as we are with Jacinda Ardern’s for New Zealand - which is pretty hardline, as it needs to be, to overcome cultural behaviours (particularly sharing of kava bowls) that could lead to transmission of Covid-19 and thence the overwhelming of Fiji’s health resources. Transgressors are being dealt with swiftly in court, and so are people who have spread false and malicious information regarding Covid-19 and/or its first Fiji case. For us personally, our plans to sail to Vanuatu, The Solomons and PNG, and on to Japan from May are on hold indefinitely. A sailing friend who was to join us as crew got as far as Australia and has had to stop there, with the hope she might join us later. We have every expectation that this won’t be over by Easter (Trumpie, you’re dreaming, mate!) and if borders are still closed in November, when this region’s next cyclone season begins, we will be here in Fiji at least until May next year. In the meantime, we are continuing getting our boat ready for international sailing and are glad to be in a safe place where the people - marina staff and fellow boaties are awesome and we have access to necessities. There are 38 people on their boats in the marina, including two families with kids. Everyone is helping each other where they can which boaties tend to do anyway, I find - and generally just keeping calm and getting on with it.

TG COURIERS Nelson-G Bay-Nelson every day but Sunday Efficient, friendly service. Here early morning, gone before lunchtime,

Call Tony on 027 299 9288


A community within a community REBECCA HAYTER

As headlined in last week’s GB Weekly, around 20 community leaders have set up the Community Coordination Group (CCG) to coordinate volunteers effor ts to suppor t the elderly and vulnerable through Covid-19. The initiative is led by General Manager Te Whare Mahana Trust Tony Keatley and supported by representatives from GB Community Board, TDC, GB Community Health, FreshChoice, Mohua Social Services, WINZ, GB schools, DOC, Civil Defence, Police and GB Pharmacy. CCG says that “natural” support structures exist in many small communities around Golden Bay and are going to be crucial in navigating a safe course through lockdown. Residents of Patons Rock are just one example and started setting up their system about two weeks b e fo re l o c k d ow n wa s announced. The first step was to send a “Neighbourhood

Patons Rock: The residents are setting up their own support network. Photo: Nicola Wells.

Watch” email and a flyer by letterbox drop inviting people to register, to make sure the elderly and people who were in self-isolation could be supported, for example having groceries and medications collected for them if necessary. Rebecca Hayter says the network also has an e-newsletter which aims to share practical advice and be realistic about the threat of Covid-19, and help people support each other, but not spread bad news stories. “It’s basically an extension of our naturally supportive network that exists here anyway, as it does in

small communities throughout Golden Bay,” she says. She circulated a survey via Survey Monkey to ascertain people’s concern levels, how much help was needed and what was available. There is also an informal phone tree in place to check in for a chat with the elderly. One challenge is the system being based mainly on email contact, which some of the elders don’t use, so it’s important to have a list of who’s on email and who needs regular phone calls or other assistance.

New patient portal for GBCH

A screenshot of the My Indici Patient Portal dashboard showing the login page. JO RICHARDS

In response to the developing Covid-19 situation, Golden Bay Community Health (GBCH) is rolling its new online gateway for patients. It replaces the Manage My Health system. “The My Indici Patient Portal is a really effective means to communicate with us and gives you more tools to access your health information,” said a spokesperson from GBCH. “The benefits include being able to email your doctor directly, have a video appointment with them using a smart phone or home laptop, view your results, order repeat prescriptions and make appointments etc.”

GBCH are registering all enrolled patients on to the new portal, but those who wish to can opt out. All family members opting in will require their own personal email address. “If you share an email with other members of your family, you will need to provide a different email for each member of your family over 16 years age,” said the spokesperson. Enrolled patients will receive three separate emails; the first contains general information about the scheme; the second provides a temporary password; and the third gives login details and the instructions required for registration. The registration process is simple and takes around two minutes.

Community Coordination Group Continued from page 1 MSS are compiling a bank of volunteers to step in when needed. They are still operating the foodbank and coordinating services and support for those in need. All of these services provide the next level of support, and acknowledgment was given for the great job community is already doing with looking out for each other and supporting people emotionally and in practical ways. Caring for our neighbours has taken on a whole new meaning.

MSS appreciate the ongoing donations from our community towards the foodbank. There is a bin at FreshChoice and the foodbank is open four days per week (closed Wednesday) from 10am-12noon. If you are able to contribute funds towards the foodbank or to help the MSS respond to the specific needs arising from Covid-19, here are the details you’ll need: Mohua Social Services Charitable Trust, bank account: 38-9018-062664300. In the reference state either Foodbank or Covid19 and your name. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 APRIL 2020

keep you and others safe…



3 APRIL 2020

All the information below was correct as the time of printing, but things are changing quickly at the moment. For the most up-to-date information you can visit our website, tasman.govt.nz. If you have questions, or an urgent need for food or essential supplies call us on 03 543 8400 and we’ll put you in touch with assistance. Remember, we can do this together – be kind, stay at home, stay in your bubble and save lives.

nny nose

on’t enter

Changes to Council Services Tasman District Council is committed to providing the essential services – water, wastewater and rubbish collection – throughout the lockdown period. However, based on government advice, there have been some changes and some non-essential services are suspended. Here’s what you need to know. All Council offices are closed but we are always available by phone on 03 543 8400.

The single best source for the latest information on COVID-19 and the Alert Level Four restrictions is the all of government website –

more information on safe, visit Covid19.govt.nz Let’s all do our bit!

Mayor Tim King reminds all residents to take the lockdown restrictions seriously. “Many Council staff are still working to provide our essentials services. So are all those in our supermarkets, service stations, dairies, hospitals and pharmacies. Our farmers, food producers and related services are providing the most fundamental service of all – all of these people deserve our gratitude. “We show our respect for their efforts when we respect the rules. Please, let’s all take the situation seriously and follow the instructions. Together, we can achieve a successful lockdown outcome.”

Rates payments We understand many people are under huge financial pressure at the moment and we’ve had queries from some who are worried about their ability to pay their rates. We ask anyone with concerns to contact us on 03 543 8400 or email rates@tasman.govt.nz, as we can offer a number of flexible payment options that may help them through this difficult time.

Recreational boat ramps closed Following the Government directive that recreational boating in not permitted under the Lever Four restrictions, Tasman District Council has now closed all recreational boat ramps around the district. This is to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to those who would have to respond to calls for assistance from recreational boaties who get into trouble. We all need to stay home, stay in our bubble and save lives.

Te Waikoropupū Water Conservation Order Given the current situation, the Environment Court has extended the time period for submissions on the Te Waikoropupū Water Conservation Order until 1 May 2020.

Check current water restrictions Head to our website for details of any current water restrictions – tasman.govt.nz/link/water-restrictions.


All playgrounds and community recreation centres, including the Richmond Aquatic Centre are closed. All mountain bike parks and tracks in the district, with the exception of Tasman’s Great Taste Trail are closed. The closures are to reduce the risk of rider injuries placing an extra burden on the health system and emergency services as well as eliminating areas where people typically congregate.

Enjoy Mudcakes and Roses online The latest edition of our magazine for older residents, Mudcakes and Roses, is now available on the council website, tasman.govt.nz. It won’t be distributed in the usual way due to the risks related to COVID-19 but make sure you check it out online. The April edition is a great read with all the information you need to know plus plenty of feel-good stories too.

Reduce the smoke haze – clean burning tips

All non-essential infrastructure projects have been suspended but essential maintenance and emergency work continues as needed.

As we head towards winter, we ask you to keep your fire burning cleanly and limit your contribution to air pollution – dry wood and a good flow of air are all you need.

All designated freedom camping areas in Tasman District have been closed. Campgrounds at Pōhara, Motueka, Kaiteriteri and Tahunanui will accept campers into designated areas within their facility. Freedom campers are being directed to them.

Domestic fires are a major contributor to winter air pollution. Luckily, all wood burners can be operated in a way that reduces the amount of smoke they produce.

Rubbish and recycling will continue to be collected, and on the same collection days and times as normal. Please make sure that all tissues or sanitary products are bagged before you place them in your rubbish bag or bin. This reduces the risk of infection for the collections staff who are providing this essential service. Glass will continue to be collected and dispatched for recycling in Auckland. Other recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, plastics and tins) will now go into landfill until the lock down is over. This is because we have closed the recycling sorting facility, to protect the staff from COVID-19. PLEASE NOTE: Any recycling bins contaminated with rubbish will not be collected. If possible and safe to do so, you have the option of storing your clean recycling materials at home for when the sorting facilities reopen. Make sure that you keep it clean and dry. All five Tasman District Resource Recovery Centres are now closed to the public.

• Use dry, untreated firewood • Keep a good flow of air going Once your fire is burning brightly, head outside to check the smoke coming out the chimney. A thin wisp of lightcoloured smoke is what you’re aiming for. Please don’t be tempted to bank up your fire and then turn the air flow down, as this is one of the biggest contributors to smoke haze overnight. When you choose a Good Wood supplier, you’re opting for a trusted source of dry firewood that will burn well, helping to keep your home warmer and our air cleaner. For more top burning tips and a list of good wood suppliers, head to tasman.govt.nz/link/good-wood


If you live in a rural area where there is no kerbside rubbish collection, we ask you to purchase pre-paid Council rubbish bags (available at supermarkets) and place them on the nearest collection route on the normal collection day. If absolutely necessary you can drop pre-paid Council bags at the Richmond, Māriri or Takaka Resource Recovery Centres where drop off bins will be available. Using State of Emergency powers, Civil Defence Emergency Management has placed a total ban on lighting any outdoor fires for the duration of the emergency. This is to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to those who have to respond to fire related emergencies. Police will be monitoring this to ensure everyone abides by the ban. Processing of resource and building consents continues but inspections and face-to-face meetings cannot happen at this time. You are welcome to contact us via email – info@tasman.govt.nz and make appointments to discuss matters over the phone.

STAY UP TO DATE TASMAN.GOVT.NZ 18832 HotHouse Creative

COVID-19 information source

All libraries are closed. Books can’t be returned at the moment so issues will be extended. Disregard any automated notices you get about overdue books or fines, these won’t be accruing while the libraries are closed. Members can still access lots of resources online and now digital-only library membership is available to Tasman residents who haven’t yet joined up. It will give you immediate access to the resources in our e-library. To register, visit the membership page on the library website.



FROM THE EDITOR Lockdown? No worries!

Community newspapers Last Friday, the Government announced that non-daily newspapers were deemed non-essential services and should cease publication immediately. From that moment, until the Government reversed its decision on Wednesday, we were working with David Mackenzie, president of the Community Newspapers Association, to argue a case for community newspapers everywhere. The Government now accepts that non-daily newspapers are an essential service where their primary focus is communities that are hard to reach due to physical location or limited access to digital connectivity - like Golden Bay! So, we are still in business, and what’s more, we can deliver using our regular network of Rural Delivery agents. For those in Takaka town, Anita Hutchinson will drop the papers into your mailboxes (our team of paperboys will be safely at home). We would like to assure you that, thanks to automated printing, palletting and strapping, the only time your paper is at risk of being touched by human hands is when it is finally placed into your mailbox. Expert opinion is that there is very little risk of infection transfer on porous surfaces like newsprint. We would also like to stress that we are strictly complying with Government guidelines for media companies, which include working from home and remaining in our respective bubbles. The world may be in turmoil, but we are doing our very best to ensure that you continue to receive your GB Weekly, even if that means putting it together on the kitchen table!

I should have known not to worry. My biggest fear, over and above the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, was that The GB Weekly would be in lockdown too. I cheered out loud when I found it in my letterbox. I cheered even louder reading your pledge to continue to keep us informed. And as usual, the pages were full of useful and interesting content, Thank you Jo, Charlotte and Nicola. Also, thank you to the members of the Community Coordination Group and every one of you out there taking responsibility for your personal lockdowns. Keep smiling. Better still, laugh, loud and often. Beth McCarthy ps. Adrian, your idea to sell fissolait worked on me (GBW Letters 27/3). I think it might be laughing gas.

Fissolait, sell fissolait - it’s the way that you say it

Difficult to interpret as derived from how pure “Nu Zillin” is spoke. Suggest seclusion to meditate on the matter. Dallas Wilson

Exercising caution

What beautiful walking weather we have had during lockdown. Here at Pohara plenty of people are exercising and follow protocol. But there’s always an exception isn’t there. Our experience was a man on a mountain e-bike on the shared path near the band rotunda, bearing down at speed. I heard him coming, he rang his bell, but didn’t slow down. I alerted my partner, who almost tripped over the barrier to the roadway. He flew past and our blue words followed. A verbal interaction took place; he was unapologetic. This is dangerous behaviour at any time on such a narrow part of the shared path but under current circumstances the responsibility was on him to maintain distancing protocol. There is minimal road traffic at the moment and every other person on a bike was on the roadway. Rosemary Callaghan

The cost of World War “V”

Nicola Wells at The GB Weekly’s temporary HQ. Photo: Nicola Wells.

Spread the free lockdown love I guess we are all feeling a bit disconnected and disorientated, so why not share a short message of hope, inspiration and love using our free classified section Lockdown Love? Messages must be from individuals, not organisations, and are limited to a maximum of 30 words. Send your text to: admin@gbweekly.co.nz by 12pm Monday.

Splendid isolation If you’d like to share your experience of self-isolation, please send us a photo and a brief description of how you are spending your days. Contact details above.

Tui Trust chairperson and co-chair meet in current times. 6

It was not so long ago that the residents and ratepayers of Tasman District were given the shock news that the Waimea Dam cost overruns were $25m. Now, with Covid-19 lockdown, I gather work on the dam has ceased. Only essential building work is allowed to continue during the current lockdown period. This must indicate the dam construction is not considered essential to the economic well-being or safety and health of our community. We accept that this virus was not expected or taken into account on more added construction costs. How long will this last? How many millions will this add to our liability? At what point do we call it quits? This virus will put the future generation in debt nationally. At this point in time we have no way of knowing how this debt will grow. During WW2 the Marshall Plan, initiated in 1948, bailed out Britain and Europe to allow their economies to return to normal. The final payment was made in 2000. That was 52 years. What plan do we have to cover the billions of dollars this epidemic will cost? Reg Turner

Sharing and protecting nature

The times call urgently for land guardianship, not ownership. We’re next to a small wetland that was reshaped to accommodate the subdivision. Our eight-year-old said it right with, “No man should own a wetland, otherwise it’s at risk to his poor decisions...” If a child can get this in its simplicity, shouldn’t the adults be able to see with the same clarity? How about “the Blue Lake”, a natural phenomenon which appears to be hoarded in private ownership and up for sale. “Private Property”, “No Trespassing”. Home to many spectacular trees, which should be ringing out with the sounds of children’s laughter as limbs stretch to meet in friendship. Land that could feed many, lining the pockets of only one? Fruit trees are standing laden and fenced off, while people panic towards the supermarkets in fear of “not enough”. Owners of trees, whose ground is rich in rotting fruit, saying “take some from the ground”, while still more falls. A guardian helps all to grow who are within their domain while an owner seeks to grow only the wealth in their pockets. As our world shifts, we pray it moves away from this paradigm of greed and towards land being cared for by those with strength of character and dedication to community, who are of service to it, not expectant of it to be of service to them. Let’s work with Her now, so She doesn’t have to fight us to regain the balance necessary. Rosy Orchard

Challenge to landlords - have a conversation

Our tenant has relied on several low-paying part-time jobs which have all stopped due to the shutdown. She is one of many people in New Zealand who rely on seasonal or casual or occasional incomes. Now she is faced with worrying about how she is going to pay for her rent, food, power, car registration and phone. After a chat with her we told her not to pay the next four weeks’ rent. And she will not need to pay us back. Why? Because we want to keep her as a tenant. Because we don’t need the income. Because we don’t want to be the landlords of a property where the tenant is fearful about paying her rent in the current circumstances. Because it was the right thing to do. Because it would have been on our conscience. Are you the landlord of a commercial or residential property? Can you help your tenant in some way? Do you want to keep your tenant beyond the existing term? Do you need all of the income? What do they really need to hear from you? We have requested our names be withdrawn from this letter because we’re not seeking personal attention. Our intention is to nudge landlords and tenants into having a conversation. Names withheld

Lockdown rules for Sustainable Living Centre

This is to clarify the current situation at the GB Sustainable Living Centre: • There are two family units self-isolating on the property. They will be here for the duration of the lockdown. Please respect that. • We permit private allotment holders to come and garden on their own or in their family unit. They are required to follow the standard procedures of isolation and hygiene. • Our stall is closed until further notice. We are speaking with Mohua Social Services (MSS) about our surplus produce (mostly apples). They informed us that they have plenty but if you need apples go get them from the food bank at MSS and we can supply more. • We discourage casual visitors to the gardens. Nina Sobhani, co-ordinator Sustainable Living Centre

An apology

I’m concerned that what I wrote last week (GBW Letters 27/3) may have been misunderstood and upset some people. It is common practice for letters to be read by the editor and titled after that, and it’s likely that the editor wasn’t the only one who thought I was suggesting that Covid-19 was a 5G conspiracy theory. I was not. The essence of what I wrote is that Covid-19 appears to be prevalent in areas where 5G is already in use, and given what we understand about immunity being undermined by ongoing or regularly repeated EMF exposure, it may have exacerbated the impact of the outbreak. I shared that, during lockdowns in some American states, 5G is being implemented in schools and commented that politicians can, and do, take advantage of situations like this. We need to get through this by looking after ourselves and supporting each other as best we can, and I am sorry if I have caused anyone undue upset at this challenging time. Iona Jelf

LETTERS NOT PRINTED THIS WEEK All submitted letters were printed this week. The GB Weekly welcomes letters to the editor. Please email your letter to us at admin@gbweekly.co.nz. Include the writer’s full name, home address and daytime phone number. Letters will be printed over the name of the writer; names are withheld only when compelling reasons can be established. Letters should not exceed 250 words. Letters that are too long might not be considered. All correspondence is at the discretion of the manager, who reserves the right to decline, edit, or abridge letters without explanation. The views expressed are those of the correspondents and are not necessarily endorsed or shared by The GB Weekly.

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Keeping fit at home with Renee



It’s been a very crazy week for us all. Closing the doors to the gym was very emotional, as I’m sure all closures were for so many other business owners and workers. Connection itself is one of the key ways for us to decrease our health risks and is one of the values for Bay Fitness. Luckily we are blessed to live in a time where a connection is only a click away. I’ve spent the last week adapting, taking the gym online and readjusting to having the kids at home. I wanted to share with you my tips for keeping up strength, mobility and fitness, which in turn will help increase your immunity and mental health during this time. On a side note though, I believe this is a unique opportunity to create change in your life. To kick old negative habits, or create new, healthier, more positive ones to take back into our lives when the dust settles. What positive changes can you make? My view is that we need to prac tise moving our body more in general, not only doing “exercise” for our recommended 30 minutes a day. Use all the different fundamental movements: push, pull, lunge, squat, twist, moving in all different angles

When Juicy is in lockdown we have to improvise: Takaka Police under tow after Barbara’s mobility scooter broke down.

Renee Riley, owner of Bay Fitness, shows how it’s done. Photo: Supplied.

and speeds, with varying resistance. This ensures all muscles, joints, connective tissue, fluid and organs are active, staying strong, and mobile. So, what can you do from home? What can’t you? Ditch the cleaning equipment and clean the floor on your hands and knees - even in a bear crawl position (my members know this move very well). Use wax on-wax off movements on those cars, windows and walls. Mow the lawns without the ride-on. Also... Play: Copy your children (or grandies). Lift them, balance them, wrestle with them, jump on the trampoline, race them. You can also do these things without children! Get outside: Set up an obstacle course or do some gardening. Get your fresh air and vitamin D.

Challenge yourself not to use furniture: sit on the ground in a different way, make a standing desk and move differently every 20 minutes while you’re on there. Take the long way to put out the washing. Now: Exercise. There’s no excuse for not getting this in as well now. There are so many ways to follow instructors online, most for free. Use a REPS registered trainer to ensure you’re getting quality instruction. Try something new even, and mix it up each day. Strength, mobility, yoga, Pilates, dance, high intensity, low intensity. You can use things around the house as resistance - cans, filled bottles, a chair, balls, a bag of flour, old tyres. I just want to reiterate that it’s important to keep moving more than ever at this time to support your immune system and mental health by reducing stress. Stay safe.

Wayne’s world turned upside down RONNIE SHORT

Wayne Green, the owner of The Wholemeal Café, is in lockdown seclusion at Ligar Bay with his daughter Aydee and her dog. “I’m staying stuck-not-so-badly at the beach,” he says, “I go out and collect pipi just for the hell of it……and take the dog for a walk.” He also practices yoga and meditation, and has discovered a Facebook page called “Rate My Plate” where people can post a photo of a meal they make each day. “It gives you an incentive to make something that looks and tastes nice,” says Wayne. No longer driving into town daily to check on the café feels strange, but there are still chores to be undertaken there. Aydee is checking on things there daily, packaging the Wholemeal Fair Trade coffee for the supermarket and dealing with the perishable food items. Then there are the plants throughout the café that need watering and bills that need to be paid. Food was something that needed immediate consideration, and the staff took away that which needed using most quickly. Whatever could be frozen down was dealt with next. The Wholemeal Café feeds around 450 people daily with a mix of counter food and made-to-order. “That’s a lot of perishable food to deal with in the short time before lockdown,” says Wayne. His investment in 10 tonnes of green coffee beans (which don’t go “off”) may be Wayne’s “saving grace”, as he says. “It’s sitting there, all paid for. It’ll be the one thing I can move. There is only one outlet at the moment, which is the supermarket.” Wayne can’t sell his coffee online as he believes couriers are unable to deliver it. The enormity of the lockdown has hit in a number of ways for The Wholemeal Café staff, but also the regulars, for whom it is a daily social connection. “It’s a huge part of their day, their social life. We have to think about what it’s going to be like when we do open up again. People do need that meeting place, but it’s going to be a whole new thing.” Laurelee Duff is a regular and part of a group known as THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 APRIL 2020

Wayne’s World: Wayne Green........ Photo: Supplied.

the Knitwits who meet, she quipped, “eight days a week”. She says: “Man, I miss my coffee. It’s not only the coffees I miss, but the company – Wayne and his staff – giving people hugs… Everyone knows I’m a big, BIG hugger and it’s not only my Knitwitter friends, it’s my family.” Laurelee says she is now giving out “virtual hugs and big hongis” to everyone. Every Thursday, a group of about 10 men meets at the round table upstairs, and have been dubbed “The Mafia” by Wholemeal staff. Tony Cunningham and John Weston are two of the members and they both agree they “just put the world to rights”. John added, “No one listens, so we’ve got to go back the following week and start again.” Robin Manson started the group 16 years ago, inspired by a story about a group of seven men in Italy who met for daily coffee. Since Covid-19 hit, that group of men have agreed to disband until safer times, before things were, “Taken out of our hands. We’ll all miss it,” says Robin, “Because for many of us it’s the highlight of our week.” Wayne believes if there’s one thing that comes out of this lockdown-downturn it is that people will really need to support the local economy.

I want to thank everybody for their overall compliance during this lockdown period. • NZ Police’s focus remains on maintaining public safety, security and public order. • Disappointingly, there are still a few who aren’t taking this seriously enough and putting themselves and others in danger by not respecting the Level 4 Alert lockdown requirements. • Sadly, NZ has had it’s first Covid-19 fatality. There will be many more. Don’t contribute and prolong this State of National Emergency by not remaining in your “bubble” and not staying at home. • We have increased our patrolling and are currently attempting to educate and encourage compliance with the self isolation requirements. At some stage we will be required to take more of a strict enforcement approach. • My comments from last week continue to be relevant: Be kind to each other. Stay in touch by phone or email. Keep your social distancing. Stay active. Try not to worry about things outside your control. Follow the Government’s advice. • We have seen the predictable spike in family harm cases as people struggle with the stresses of these extraordinary times. I ask you to work hard at de-escalating stressful situations as they come up. If necessary, take a couple of deep breaths and go for a walk. • Police stations’ public counters are now closed to walkins in an effort to stem the spread of the virus and to keep us frontline staff safer. Rest assured that we are still working! Remember your options for reporting crime, either phone 105 or online at 105.police.govt.nz • If it is an emergency and happening now, phone 111. • For information on what you can and can’t do during these four or more weeks of Level 4 isolation go to www.covid19.govt.nz • A reminder to everyone that all school grounds are closed and must not be entered. • As of 31 March 2020 a total fire ban is in force, primarily in an effort to limit the number of callouts our volunteer firefighters are likely to have to attend (thereby bursting their bubbles). • There have been a couple of thefts, a number of young drivers doing burnouts, and reports of a number of youth sneaking out in the middle of the night to meet up. You know who you are. Please stop. • Parents have a role to play here too – perhaps padlock the bikes up at night, introduce no devices after bedtime, invite me to come and look after the devices for a period of time if your hiding places aren’t working. • We will be back to a full complement of four officers on 13 April. Thank you for all the community support we have received over the last 15 months whilst low on numbers. Unfortunately for some it will mean these police reports will get longer! Stay safe whanau.

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Riding Club enjoy horsing around

Penguins are coming ashore

Little blue penguins are coming ashore. Photo: Craig McKenzie. SUBMITTED

The Mohua Blue Penguin Trust has reports from residents at Pakawau, Parapara and Onekaka, as well as the Pohara Boat Club at Port Tarakohe, that our little blue penguins (korora) are coming ashore. Little blues have been heard calling and penguin tracks have been seen on our beaches. Please keep our penguins safe by having your dog restrained or inside the house at night if you live near the beach. Dog owners can help by putting their dogs on a leash before they get to the beach and keeping their dogs away from the shoreline where the penguins nest. If you are travelling between Pohara and Ligar Bay at night drive slowly and watch out for penguins crossing the road to their nesting sites. Let’s work together for a successful breeding season this winter.

L• choco • loco

Sweet treats still available online delivery or collection


Flying manes hid laughing faces as children urged their ponies faster in the barrel race at Patons Rock beach on the morning of 15 March. It was the annual Golden Valley’s Riding Club gymkhana held below the high-tide line and well attended by young equestrians in the Bay on their own or borrowed mounts. Parents and riding club members worked hard together to create fun games; bending races, barrel races, control challenge, gallop and lead, and much more. Brilliant ribbons were proudly displayed on the necks of the ponies at the prize-giving. Photo: Submitted.

A CRAFTY IDEA Autumn leaves Take a walk through the garden and collect some autumn leaves. Do a drawing or painting of them, or make collage or rubbing of either a group of leaves or one leaf, paying attention to the shape, colour and lines of the veins. Try making an animal shape like this one.

PUZZLES To complete Sudoku, fill the board by entering numbers 1 to 9 such that each row, column and 3x3 box contains every number uniquely. For many strategies, hints and tips, visit www.sudokuwiki.org. If you like Sudoku you’ll really like “Str8ts.” How to beat Str8ts - Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. But...rows and columns are divided by black squares into compartments. These need to be filled in with numbers that complete a ‘straight’. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4, 2, 3, 5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight. You can find help and strategies at www.str8ts.com





Local artists draw on lockdown ANITA PETERS

In Golden Bay, the mass lockdown is also affecting the arts community. Trading artists will not only lose sales in the short term but also lose opportunities for sales further down the track, saying that when the economy begins to recover there will be less disposable income for art purchases. Meantime, with current and forthcoming exhibitions and galleries closed, many initially stunned into inaction are now benefiting from less outside intrusion to explore different directions and build up stock. “There are the immediate effects of time now to concentrate on work that was in progress,” says local painter Robin Slow. “It’s a good time to review and reflect.” Several artists involved in the postponed Cobb residency exhibition were relieved to have the extra time to finish work. A “virtual exhibition” taster can meanwhile be viewed on www. waterearthpower.art. Before lockdown, there was some urgency to stock up supplies and materials. Robin ordered canvas and paint supplies two weeks ago, but there will be ongoing difficulties with framing and deliveries, and he has just run out of inkjet printing ink, which is “annoying, but not the end of the world”. Jeweller Nic Wooding from MONZA Gallery also ordered more silver than usual before the stocks crashed two weeks ago, so has plenty to go on with. Painter Sarah Thomas is using the pandemic as a starting point for new artworks and may need to use an innovative approach to materials if her usual supplies run out. The postponement of the Go Wild with Weaving event and exhibition in April was a huge disappointment to participants and tutors, associated accommodation and food providers, but they are looking forward to the event going ahead in April next year. Fifty per cent of participants have chosen to roll over

Sycamore and pine pulling

Some of the volunteers at the Motupipi sandspit with a large pile of removed sycamore seedlings on the left. Photo: Submitted. Self Isolation, part of a series of works by painter Sarah Thomas in response to the pandemic. Photo: Supplied.

their fees until then. Museums Aoteraroa has asked for the Golden Bay Museum to be closed and for staff to remain at home. Their winter exhibition and collection care work has halted, but archivist Sally Gaffney will continue researching and developing text for the permanent industries display. Despite everything, there is a general air of acceptance within the arts community. “Most of us arty types are introverts,” says Nic Wooding. “We make hay while the sun shines and wait for the next payment/sale patiently. I can still do commissions. I’m not freaking out…yet.”

Spa launches annual membership ANITA PETERS

While currently closed, Aroha Health Spa is planning to launch an exclusive offer as a way of thanking loyal clients for support over the past few years. The introduction of an annual membership will include not only discounted treatments and packaged deals across the year but also 30 - 50% discounts on health products and supplements. For the first two months the annual introductory offer will cost $195, thereafter $240. Every month for 12 months there will be a different package, or two packages to choose from. Members will also benefit from a “two for one” deal, which allows them to book in for a treatment, such as a foot massage or spa normally priced at $50, and bring a friend for free. Many products from reputable brands, including essential oils, homeobotanicals and a full range of skin care products can be purchased at or ordered from the spa. Aroha has a gentle way to encourage those more reticent about health spas to learn about them. The spa offers loyalty coffee cards at the Garden Sanctuary café. By introducing a new person to the spa, members will receive a special gift or treatment. On certain Members Only days, both the spa and café will be closed to the general public to offer greater privacy and relaxation, with use of the spa pool and sauna. Aroha Health Spa is primarily a health centre intent on helping people improve and maintain their health. It provides unique treatments not available elsewhere in Golden Bay, such as colon hydrotherapy, structural integration bodywork and mind/body energy medicine. Last year, owner Berdina Brinkman, a health therapist for over 20 years, launched the Universal School for Health and Awareness (USHA), which now has its first group of students reaching the end of their first module for level one. The latest innovative product has been the creation of “Drawing on Inner Wisdom” cards. Berdina has collaborated with artist Indigo Wise to produce a 50-card set and booklet for inspiration, guidance and healing to maintain a spiritual balance. The artwork produced by Indigo is from a collection produced over the past eight years, with words of wisdom by Berdina. The cards are available at Aroha Health Spa, Stone Arrow Gallery and Pohutukawa Gallery. The focus at Aroha Health Spa has always been about wellbeing and nourishment. “Hopefully in four weeks we will be open again and people can really benefit from our treatments and stress relief immediately,” says Berdina. “In times of difficulty and stress it Berdina Brinkman, owner of Aroha Health Spa says the membership is of great importance that we support each other and our offer will allow more people to take advantage of the benefits of the community as much as we can. Health is our greatest wealth.” health spa. “Health is our greatest wealth,” she says. Photo: Supplied. For more information visit: www.arohahealthspa.co.nz THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 APRIL 2020



Project De-Vine Environmental Trust in conjunction with Project Mohua held a working bee on Motupipi sandspit on Sunday 22 March. This was different to our usual working bees to kill pest vines. The focus was on invasive trees, sycamore and pines, which spread quickly and are beginning to take over the sandspit. It is one of the few areas of mobile sand dunes in the Golden Bay area outside of Farewell Spit and is dependent upon being able to ebb and flow with the storms and times of peaceful weather. The sandspit was extensively rehabilitated in the past but was unfortunately devastated by fire which set back the restoration and allowed the invasion of weeds. Eleven volunteers turned up to help, with just under 4000 sycamores either pulled up or cut down and their stumps pasted with gel, over 50 wilding pines dispatched. At the same time about 80 hawthorn seedlings were pulled up and the mature culprit identified for drilling later. Only two banana passion vine seedlings were found and dealt with. The enthusiastic team managed a knockdown of the roughly the first 400 metres of the sandspit. This is the area where the native trees, who survived the fire years ago, are providing semi-shade and the seedlings are at their thickest and thriving. One wool sack of rubbish from an abandoned camp site and other litter was picked up and taken away. An update was given of the willow removal and replanting with native trees scheme along the Motupipi River and its tributaries. This clean-up of pest species on the Motupipi sandspit is part of the scheme and is funded by Tasman Environmental Trust, Lotteries and others. A big thank you to all who attended and those who contribute to the work around the Motupipi River. For more information contact us: email: admin@pdvet. org.nz or phone or text us: 03 929 7518.


& Young@Art ENTRIES ACCEPTED ON: Thursday 15 Oct, from 1.30pm GRAND OPENING: Saturday 17 Oct - 4.30pm EXHIBITION: 18-26 October



Choco Loco chocs scoop awards

Hold off lighting outdoor fires SUBMITTED

“I know we all want to get odd jobs done and clean up while we have more time at home but please do not burn unnecessary fires such as household rubbish or garden waste. Hold off applying for a permit for an outdoor fire until the lockdown is over,” says Steve Turek, Fire and Emergency National Manager Community Readiness and Recovery. “We are asking for your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times in our country and asking that you do not light any outdoor fires unless they are absolutely necessary,” Steve Turek says. “If you currently have a permit, or are planning to use fire for activities such as stubble burn-offs, please carefully review the conditions before lighting any fires.” “Fire and Emergency NZ is receiving lots of phone calls from people wanting fire permits. While we are under COVID-19 Alert Level 4 restrictions we are unable to visit sites to review permit applications.” Fire and Emergency are still processing and granting permits if the risk is low. “Lighting fires is likely to generate a 111 call from the public whether they are out of control or not. Call in prior to lighting any permitted burns so that we can limit the amount of “smoke chasing” that our brigades are doing. “Consider alternatives to burning. But if you must light that fire in the open, go to www.checkitsalright.nz to check if you are allowed to have an open fire in your district and if you need a permit for it. Steve says New Zealanders can be confident that Fire and Emergency is well-prepared and ready to respond to emergencies as usual during the self- isolation period. “Help us by doing your bit to minimise the risk of fire, and the number of avoidable call outs for our first responders.


Are you running out of things to read because our libraries are closed? Any library member can access thousands of e-books and e-audiobooks for free via the Tasman District Libraries website. You can use a PC or laptop, or a tablet or mobile phone. You can download them to your device or access them via an app. The apps are available from The App Store or Google Play. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Go to www.tasmanlibraries.govt.nz Click on e-library Click on e-audio and e-books There are three options for you to choose from, they all have different books – Libby provided by Overdrive; BorrowBox provided by Bolinda; and Wheelers e-platform.

5. Click on “Read More” under each option for more information and instructions. 6. You can search for titles within each option, or just browse through the suggestions offered. 7. You can also search for titles via the online library catalogue. You can limit your results to just electronic items by using the “Limit Search Results” options on the left side of the screen. You then click “Download” to access the book. 8. Once you have found a title you want to borrow, using either method, you will need to login. 9. You do this with your library card number (starts with U on the back of your card) and your PIN number (usually the last 4 digits of your card number). 10. The books will automatically disappear from your device once the issue period has expired, or you can delete them when you’ve finished. I hope you enjoy discovering this whole new way of reading and listening. 10

The two chocolatiers: Kathy and Gay of Choco Loco. Photo: Supplied. JO RICHARDS

Golden Bay chocolatiers Choco Loco have taken a big bite out of the biennial New Zealand Chocolate Awards held recently. Co-owners Kathy Craw and Gay Hamilton won two gold medals and one silver for their innovative chocolates, and say they have been “on cloud nine all weekend”. The Takaka-based confectioners entered four of their creations in the “Filled Chocolates – Truffles and Bonbons” section and scooped prizes with three of them. “It’s better than we ever dreamed of,” says Kathy. The medal-winning selection includes the old favourite Lime Zinger, along with newcomers Tiddly Pom and Gin Fling. Another recent creation, Mojo, was the only one to miss out on a podium place. Kathy believes their recipe for success is based on the combination of locally sourced ingredients such as limes, tangelos and liquor, and the collective creative juices of the team, namely herself, Gay, Cindy Smith and Sarah Thomas. “We’re inspired by what people are doing locally.” This mix of talents and tastes produced three new chocolates over an intense period of 10 days in the lead-up to the awards. “We were flying,” says Kathy, who explains that gin, vodka and rum from Takaka’s Dancing Sands Distillery were blended with kaffir lime, tangelo, pomegranate molasses and juniper berries to create the medal entries. Kathy says the judges made some glowing comments about their hand-crafted chocs, referring to Lime Zinger as “a surprising little chocolate”, and enjoying the “taste journey” provided by Tiddly Pom. The assessment of Mojo as “too bold” doesn’t bother Kathy. “We take that as a compliment.” With the lockdown in place, it’s hardly “chocs away” for Choco Loco. Despite the business being grounded by Government restrictions, discerning palettes can still get a taste of the good stuff - while stocks last. “We boxed up all our chocolates in gift

Medal-winning treats: From top, Tiddly Pom, Lime Zinger, Gin Fling. Photos: Supplied.

boxes before the shutdown. We are selling them online and can post them out,” says Kathy. For some key workers, Choco Loco is dispensing just what the doctor ordered. “We donated all our Easter eggs to hospital staff.” Any remaining loose chocolates will be going to a good home and a very appreciative consumer, says Kathy. “We’re eating the stock that we didn’t pack.” Choco Loco limited stocks available online at: https:// chocoloco.co.nz/

WHAKAARO: Water Conservation Order STEVE PENNY

The recommendation by the Special Tribunal of a draft Water Conservation Order that protects both Te Waikoropupū and the aquifer system that feeds it was fantastic news. However, although there is a great deal to be happy about, all is not well. Firstly, Schedule 5 is missing, which protects against toxicants such as heavy metals, and which would have protected the aquifer organisms that clean the spring waters from arsenic poisoning from a prospective gold mine at Sam’s Creek. The other main area of concern is section 7e, which permits farmers an increase of 41 per cent in irrigation from the current level of 544l/s [litres per second] to 766l/s, but only if there is no increase in the level of nitrate-N for three consecutive years. This 766 figure is calculated from a standard recommended allocation for normal waterways. However, Te Waikoropupū is not normal, it is unusual and unique, and so this figure is not appropriate. 766l/s is the figure that TDC have been pushing for throughout the FLAG process, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this figure gives the farmers all the water they have been asking for, plus room for future requests. The question is how much do they really need? Irrigation is currently used to force unnatural growth with artificial fertilisers, but other pioneering farmers have shown that there are better ways to farm (in particular Regenerative Agriculture) that are more water-efficient and future-proof, plus if intensive farmers really need more water then why are they wasting it by irrigating throughout the day under the blazing sun?

Another huge concern is there is no specified target level for nitrate-N that must be met in order to qualify for the 766l/s. It appears that if nitrate-N remained at its current damaging level of 0.52mg/l or an even higher one for three years then the farmers would qualify for the increase. Surely there should be a target set at a level that requires the farmers to demonstrate they have cleaned up their act before being allowed more water, which could otherwise be used to increase intensive dairy farming, resulting in unknown increased pollution. We must bear in mind that it takes an average of eight years for water to travel through the aquifer from the farms to the Springs, so we are only just beginning to see the effects of increased intensification. Clearly it is very hard to set an appropriate qualifying target level at this stage. Another important factor to consider is that Manawhenua Ki Mohua (the guardians of the Springs) made it clear in their Matauranga report to TDC of June 2019 (as part of the FLAG process) that they do not approve of any increase, which means I believe that it could be illegal according the Treaty of Waitangi. Allocating more water is the opposite of a precautionary approach and also contradicts the purpose of the WCO, which is to conserve rather than increase allocations. For the above reasons I do not approve of section 7e, and I would like it to be removed. A far more sensible idea, I think, would be for the WCO to reaffirm the current interim limit of 500l/s that was set when TDC was created, or if that’s not permissible then to set a limit at the current allocation of 544l/s, at least until pollution levels have stabilised and we understand everything better. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 APRIL 2020

Young Alfie’s a whizz in the kitchen



Alfie Hewison, at only eight years of age, is inspiring kids to do their own cooking, especially now when they have time at home to learn. Already skilled in the kitchen, Alfie can now be viewed on YouTube whipping up some of his favourite recipes, which include homemade pasta, pizza and various sweet treats. After he made a video to show his teachers what he had been up to during the shutdown, sharing with them on his online learning journal app Seesaw, Alfie’s mum Holly decided his videos were worth posting to friends and family online. Since then, in his special chef uniform gifted to him for Christmas by his Mum and Dad, Alfie has become a star cook. Having started cooking with his mum when he was “about five”, his repertoire of recipes has now grown to the point that he is confident enough to cook meals for his large family of six, with just a little help. He believes other kids should get into it too. “It’s really fun,” he says. “I really love cooking with my Mum.” Alfie is not just a whizz in the kitchen but is also a natural on screen, demonstrating every stage of the recipe with confidence. He also loves science, playing tag and his favourite board games, Thunderbirds Monopoly and chess. Watch Alfie’s demonstrations on YouTube: www.tinyurl. com/alfiejai

Having a Saturday morning, in-bed read of our information-packed community paper. Thank you GB Weekly. - Chris Watson.

Alfie’s Hokey Pokey

5 tablespoons of white sugar 2 tablespoons of golden syrup 1 teaspoon of baking soda

Method First grease a dish with butter. Then put sugar and golden syrup into a heavy-based saucepan. Heat gently and stir until the sugar dissolves. Slowly increase the heat and boil for at least two minutes, stirring occasionally to stop it burning. Remove from heat.

Alfie Hewison, a boy with a passion. Photo: Supplied.

Add baking soda and mix it all together in the pot until it goes all frothy. Quickly pour the mixture into the greased tin before it sets. When cold, break into pieces. Yum yum!

Home viewing: What to watch ALISTAIR HUGHES

The international film industry has temporarily jammed in the projector. Major studios are either closing down multi-million dollar productions or drastically delaying the release of justcompleted epics. Film-makers great and small everywhere have been left with no choice but to sadly replace their lens caps, and no amount of superheroes, giant monsters or even Taika Waititi can turn this sad situation around. Not just yet, anyway. No doubt many will be missing Takaka’s own “palace of dreams”, the Village Theatre, and until its doors can safely open once more we have no choice but to find our screen entertainment from the safe bubbles of our homes. The GB Weekly might not be able to review local cinema releases for a while, but we’d like to recommend some quality films and series you can access on paid streaming services, hopefully helping to make isolation a little more enjoyable over the next few weeks. Entertaining homebound younger viewers will be a priority for many, and fortunately Netflix offers a great range which you’ll probably find yourself staying for, too. Matilda (1996) is an engaging adaptation of Roald Dahl’s story about a neglected young girl who develops unexpected powers to wreak mischief on her oppressors. Danny DeVito’s direction and Roald Dahl’s deliciously wicked imagination mean that this film has now found an adoring new audience through streaming. Maybe more challenging, but ultimately more nutritional, are the beautiful animated films from Japan’s Studio Ghibli, also available on Netflix. Older kids will be entranced by Princess Mononoke (1997). Steeped in Japanese mythology, this global hit is perfectly dubbed by a brilliant cast that includes Claire Danes, Billy Bob Thornton and Minnie Driver. For something more easily digestible, perennial favourite The Goonies, co-written by Steven Spielberg in 1985, is always good wholesome fun. The concept of family viewing happily seems to be making a comeback, and Lost in Space has something for everyone. Netflix has updated the ‘60s camp sci-fi classic as a gripping and visually impressive adventure series where the “space family Robinson” are forced to rely on one another to survive (with help from a certain robot, of course). Returning very much to earth, The Crown dramatises the reign of Elizabeth II through the last half of the 20th century. Not only is it fascinating to revisit these dimly remembered events (John Lithgow’s superb performance as Winston Churchill almost steals the first season), but it succeeds brilliantly in humanising the royal family. Like me, you might leave this THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 APRIL 2020

Graham Rogers’ father Reece Rogers, aged 104, in lockdown in his own home in Auckland. He survived the years of the Spanish Flu epidemic in New Zealand from the ages of two to five years, and fills his days by reading avidly, doing the cryptic crossword, playing scrabble or pool with his carer and gazing out across his garden to a 300-year-old Pohutukawa tree at the end of his lawn. In this photo, he is going though his book of “Quotable Quotes”. “He phoned to let us know that his quote of the day was: ‘Que Sera Sera,’ very topical and insightful even for one of his wise years,” says Graham.

series with a slightly different attitude towards the monarchy. The good news is that season 4, featuring Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher and Emma Corin as Princess Diana, only just managed to complete filming before the coronavirus lockdown, and will screen on Netflix later this year. During this time, feel-good viewing is required. An Apple TV (formerly iTunes) account will give access to an enormous library of films for purchase or hire. For a mere $5.99 you can lose yourself in the quirky travails of the Italian-American Castorini family from the 1987 romantic comedy Moonstruck. The same spirit and zest for life which recently saw housebound Italians singing from their windows infuses this wonderful film. Cher and Nicolas Cage have never been so good, and the soundtrack will have you humming Dean Martin or La Boheme, or possibly both, long afterwards. Despite the misadventures which almost pull the Castorinis apart, in the end love and a strong sense of family reunite them more strongly than ever. And that’s surely a very welcome message just at the moment. Free-to-air viewing suggestions will feature in coming columns.

One of the things we have been doing at Kaihoka in first week of lockdown is making this sign. It is in response to the surprising number of cars driving on our dead-end road, and adisappointing amount of requests to cross the farm. This emergency has demanded we all stay at home for four weeks. Please can we all do just that. Stay at your home, don’t visit ours. - Joyce Wyllie. 11

BUSINESS NOTICES/ESSENTIAL SERVICES BANKS BNZ CLOSED Go to website for details Kiwibank CLOSED Ph 0800 113 355 NBS OPEN Thursdays 10am - 2pm See ad next page GARAGES/FUEL BP Takaka Self-service 24/7 Takaka Fuels & Fishing Self-service 24/7 Miller’s Garage Collingwood Self-service 24/7 Pakawau Store Open 7 days, 9am-5pm HEALTH COVID-19 Healthline 0800 358 5453 GB Community Health Ph 525 0060 GB Dental Emergency on-call Ph 525 8340 Golden Bay Pharmacy Ph 525 9490 Open Mon-Fri, closed for lunch 1-1.30pm. Email takakapharmacy@gmail.com RSC Vet Clinic Emergency on-call Ph 525 8011

Golden Bay Essential Telephone Numbers Useful Web sites: www.Covid19.govt.nz www.Health.govt.nz Golden Bay Community Health...............................03 525 0060 Golden Bay Community Mental Health...............03 525 7647 Free phone...........................................................0800 525 7647 Life Line...........................................................................0800 543 354 Mohua Social Services.................................................03 525 9728 They are taking names and details of people who need help, and people offering to help. Please get in touch with them. Free counsellor support help line ring or txt...................1737 Police....................................................................................................111 or (non-emergency line)...........................................................105 Women’s Refuge........................................................0800 163 344 Work and Income.......................................................0800 559 009 Youth Line.....................................................................0800 376 633

027 525 7229 or jenna.bowden@raywhite.com

7 days, 8am- 4.30pm 7 days, 8am-7pm, from 5 April 8am-6pm (Senior Citizens 8am-9am) Open 7 days, 9am-5pm Open 8am-4pm weekdays, 9am-4pm weekends Ph 525 9591 for delivery advice Open 7 days, 8am-6pm CLOSED

SERVICES Tasman District Council Police Reporting lockdown breaches

Service centres CLOSED Ph 525 0020 Ph 105 or online 105.police.govt.nz Emergency ph 111 www.police.govt.nz/105support

Mohua Social Services

Please ph 525 9728 Available Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-12pm

We're working remotely until everything is okay...

CORONAVIRUS Health Information Line..0800 358 5453

For information on the urgent changes to the Residential Tenancy Act please contact Jenna Bowden for up to date information on:

SUPPLIES Collingwood On The Spot FreshChoice Pakawau Store Pohara Store Sue’s Shop Top Shop

But we are still just a phone call or email away

Billy Kerrisk Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)

Sales:027 608 5606 - billy.kerrisk@raywhite.com Property Management:027 525 7229 - jenna.bowden@raywhite.com

Level 1, 11 Buxton Lane, Takaka | Office 03 525 7219 | 027 608 5606 | www.rwgoldenbay.co.nz | Billy Kerrisk

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Billy Kerrisk Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

THANK YOU, GB WEEKLY It’s times like this that remind us how important it is to have things that help bind us as a community, and, for us, The Golden Bay Weekly is certainly one of them. We appreciate that, while many small-community papers focus exclusively on brief, feel-good stories, The GB Weekly also provides in-depth and well-researched stories about issues that affect us locally. For example, the recent sequence of stories about developments with the Waimea Dam have been particularly informative. Thanks, too, for attempting to maintain the free GB Weekly through this period of isolation, despite the reduction in advertising revenue that you will experience. We’ll all get through this together, and we look forward to many more years of support from our local paper. Some of the many appreciative members of the Golden Bay community

www.gbweekly.co.nz 12




Francis the team would like to AsRosemary, the COVID-19 Level and 4 restriction is now in place please that have supported over the bethank awareallofthose our change of hours. We areusclassed as an last 5 months, have made feel very essential service we so we willbeen be able to to remain open to welcome. assist everyone with their grocery needs.

is an

Co llingwood As daylight saving comes to an end for 2020,



Our current hours are like to Rosemary, Francis and teamtime would we will be adjusting ourthe closing to suit. 8am 4.30pm Monday to Sunday th thank all Monday those that supported us over the As from thehave 6 April our hours will be last 5 months, we have made to feel very Monday – Sunday 8ambeen – 6pm welcome. These hours will continue unless the regulations change orAs wedaylight find ourselves doan so.end If we to drop savingunable comestoto forneed 2020, the opening hours any further we will try to inform you all. we will beGeneral adjusting closing time to Phsuit. Collingwood Store, 12 our Tasman Street, Collingwood. 03 5248221 th April our hours will be As from Monday the 6 We would like to wish everyone the best and ask that Monday – Sunday 8am – to 6pm you all be patient and adhere any guidelines the health

There is a nationwide delay in receiving the Flu Vaccines. We are hoping we will get a delivery early/mid-April and we will then organise further drive-through clinics. We will keep you informed of any updates as we get them.

and is available to empty septic tanks and unblock sewer pipes or help with any issues you have. If you are experiencing problems we can help you.


PORTALOOS are available for self-isolation.

To protect our community and minimise unnecessary travel during these times we are cancelling our walkin weekend clinics. Instead, please ring our afterhours number on 03 525 0060 and a trained nurse will triage you and book you for an initial phone consult with the on-call GP or NP as required. In a medical emergency dial 111 as previously.

department is recommending.

All the best from Rosemary and the team.

Collingwood General Store, 12 Tasman Street, Collingwood. Ph 03 5248221


Ph Chris....027 444 5334 Ph John....027 647 4913 p.s PLEASE don’t put wet wipes down the toilet into the septic system


Important notice to members

A COVID-19 testing station has been established outside GBCH. We are running a testing clinic weekday mornings between 10-11am. Please ring in advance 03 525 0060 so you are able to be triaged for testing as needed prior to this time.

We regret to advise that due to the Covid-19 virus situation in our region and on direction from the health authorities, we are unable to transport our member passengers to their appointments in the usual manner until the current lock-down is lifted. Some member exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis.

Pipeworx would like to reassure all Golden Bay locals and whanau that you have our complete support in whatever Pipeworx will beassist closed for the duration of the capacity we can you. Level 4 COVID-19 alert, as per Government We are fortunate to be well stocked, and have supply recommendations. options available to help keep the wheels on. We will still be available in limited capacity Water pumps, services purification, and urgent wastewater for essential tofiltration, support our solutions are especially important at times like this. community. The shop is unattended so we ask you to Please get in contact as below: contact us via email: shop@pipeworx.co.nz John 0873 Text – or027 call 432 027 432 0873 Email – shop@pipeworx.co.nz Or ring our landline 03 525 9482. Or check our Facebook page for updates: We wish you all the very best outcome over this www.facebook.com/pipeworxtakaka/ challenging time.

GBCH Management Team

Members should contact their health provider to make alternative arrangements. If we all comply with the health authorities’ directions and advice then hopefully this situation will pass quickly and we can get back to our normal service. Thank you for your support.

Golden Bay Community Services Vehicle Trust (AKA The Wrinklies Express)

Mohua Social Services Manaaki Tangata

Kahurangi Christian Church We are not meeting together in groups meantime but the church is alive. If you have any connection, prayer or practical needs that we might be able to help with, let us know. Facebook: KahurangiChristianChurch Email kahurangichurch@gmail.com Ph: Robin Swafford 022 604 9678 Lauren Swafford 027 629 8111 Beate Franke 021 177 4859 Rowan and Drea Miller 021 106 8461 Maureen Harte 524 8434 Peter Fersterer 525 8132

Stay safe

Supporting People This is an update to reassure the community about how we will be continuing to offer our services.


Things are operating differently, but we have a plan of how we can still remain available to people who need us.

Fresh FM is part of the group of essential services and as such will continue to broadcast during this COVID-19 situation.

Our office will be staffed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10am and 12pm for Food Parcels and limited personal contact In order to keep everyone safe we would encourage phone contact whenever possible please. Our phones will be checked regularly all week, feel free to leave a message if we can offer assistance. We are not a crisis service, but will respond as quickly as we are able. Phone 525 9728. Thank you for the wonderful food donations coming from the community and our local hospitality industry to our Food Bank. The offers of help are also amazing. We can do this together, please keep an eye on your neighbours and know that we can be contacted if needed. THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 APRIL 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE as at 25th March 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE COVID-19 UPDATE as at 25 March 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE We are here for you. th

as at 25th March 2020

as at 25 March 2020 We COVID-19 are hereUPDATE for you. th

We are here for you. We are here for you. We are here for you.

th as at 25during March 2020 We are offering access to branches the Alert Level 4 period, however services will be limited to the following:

There will be a number of programmes that may not air during the Level 4 lockdown period, however..... Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/FreshFM.NZ/

We are offering access We are offering accesstotobranches branchesduring duringthe theAlert AlertLevel Level44period, period,however however

• services Cash will withdrawals for customers without access to an NBS debit card bebe limited to following: services limited tothe following: We will are offering access tothe branches during the Alert Level 4 period, however and ATM’s services will be limited to the following:

We will update you with “pop up“ programmes as they are made by our volunteer programme makers who are able to create content from their homes. Go to www.freshfm.net and check out the varied programmes you can also listen to as podcasts.

• Card for PINbusinesses and activation services Banking that are without still operating and qualify as Card withdrawals PIN and activation services •• Cash for customers access to an NBS debit card

and ATM’s

services will be limited to the following: Card PIN and activation services

Banking for businesses that are still operating and qualify as

• Banking for for businesses stilloperating operating and qualify • and Banking businessesthat that are are still and qualify as as . ATM’s ‘essential’ . . and ‘essential’ ‘essential’ • Card PIN . activation services ‘essential’ Banking for businesses that are still operating and qualify as ‘essential’.

Please keep yourselves and your families safe and tune in to your local Community Radio Station Fresh FM.


and ATM’s •are Cash customers without access to an NBS debit card and ATM’s Card PIN andwithdrawals activation services We offering access to for branches during the Alert Level 4 period, however

We would like to thank our communities for staying at home and helping to stop the spread of this virus.

Fresh FM is a community access radio station, broadcasting across the top of New Zealand’s South Island on 99.4 FM, 95.4 FM and 88.4FM, from studios in Nelson, Motueka and Takaka.

• • Cash withdrawals Cash withdrawalsfor forcustomers customerswithout withoutaccess accessto toan anNBS NBSdebit debitcard card

Branches will be closed from Thursday, 26th March,

Branches will be Thursday, 26th Branches will beclosed closedfrom from Thursday, 26thMarch, March, Branches will be from Thursday, but willclosed open once a week as follows: 26th March, but will open once aaweek week asas follows: but will open once aApril) as follows: but will open once week follows: Thursdays (starting 2nd from 10am – 2pm Branches will be closed from Thursday, 26th March, Thursdays (starting 2ndApril) from 10am 2pm Thursdays (starting 10am ––2pm but will open2nd once aApril) weekfrom as follows: Thursdays (starting 2nd April) from 10am – 2pm Thursdays (starting 2nd April) from 10am – 2pm

Staff are working from home and Staff are working from home and Staff are working from home and available to respond to your needs. Staff are working from home and Staff are working from home and available to respond toyour your needs. available to to your needs. available torespond needs. Dean Lund P:respond 03 525 6201 E:to dean@nbs.co.nz

available to respond to your needs. Dean Lund P: 03 525 6201 E: dean@nbs.co.nz Marlla Heuvel P: 03 525 6203 E: marlla@nbs.co.nz

Dean Lund 525ST. 6201 dean@nbs.co.nz NBS TAKAKA. 41 COMMERCIAL P: 03 E: 525 6200 E: takaka@nbs.co.nz Dean Lund P: P: 0303525 6201 E: dean@nbs.co.nz

Marlla HeuvelP:P:03 03 525 525 6203 Marlla Heuvel 6203E:E:marlla@nbs.co.nz marlla@nbs.co.nz

Marlla Heuvel 03 525ST.6203 E:6200 marlla@nbs.co.nz NBS TAKAKA. 41 COMMERCIAL P: 03 525E: E: takaka@nbs.co.nz Dean Lund P:P:03 525 6201 dean@nbs.co.nz Marlla Heuvel P: 03 525 6203 E: marlla@nbs.co.nz

NBSBuilding TAKAKA. COMMERCIALST. ST. 03 525 6200E:E:takaka@nbs.co.nz takaka@nbs.co.nz NBS 4141 P:P:101 03 525 6200 NelsonTAKAKA. Society |COMMERCIAL PO Box 62, Nelson 7040 | 0800 700 | www.nbs.co.nz | NBS is not a registered bank

Building Society | PO Box 62, Nelson 7040 | 0800 101 700 | www.nbs.co.nz | NBS is not a registered bank NBSNelson TAKAKA. 41 COMMERCIAL ST. P: 03 525 6200 E: takaka@nbs.co.nz

Nelson Building Society | PO Box 62, Nelson 7040 | 0800 101 700 | www.nbs.co.nz | NBS is not a registered bank Nelson Building Society | PO Box 62, Nelson 7040 | 0800 101 700 | www.nbs.co.nz | NBS is not a registered bank


Nelson Building Society | PO Box 62, Nelson 7040 | 0800 101 700 | www.nbs.co.nz | NBS is not a registered ban

CLASSIFIEDS This week, we have published all advertisements that would normally run, unless we had specific instructions not to. It was very difficult to contact all advertisers, and we realise that some trades are allowed to work in an emergency capacity, so decided to print the ads as usual. Please email us at admin@gbweekly.co.nz to let us know if your ad should continue or be put on hold. We offer a full credit for any ads printed this week that were not required. Please let us know what you’d like to do.

TRADES AND SERVICES / Mahi a ratonga ACCOUNTANT. Long-standing market leader with unbeatable professional qualifications and experience. Warn & Associates, ph 525 9919.

Chris from I electrical. Free quotes given. Ph 021 0852 4453. ELECTRICIANS. Fuse Electrical Golden Bay. Ready to solve all your electrical needs. Ph Thomas 525 9300, 027 788 8500.

ACCOUNTANT and tax advisor. All Inland Revenue returns filed for big and small businesses and individuals. Self-employed and rental property reports prepared. Day and evening appointments available. Ph Susan Ayton Shaw 929 7507 or email taxayton@gmail.com

ELECTRONICS repairs: Cell phones, computers, radios, TVs, HiFi and more! Ph 027 246 2432.

ALL your garden needs, ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available. ARBORIST. Certified. The Tree Doctor, all aspects of tree care. Free quotes. Ph Chris 021 0264 7942. ARBORIST, qualified, ph Jack Stevens 021 211 5580.

BLINDS, blinds, blinds: blockout, sunscreen, venetian, duette, roman, vertical. Ph Tracey at Imagine designs 027 440 0071 for free professional advice and quotes. CARS, 4WD, caravans removed. Will buy some models. Ph 020 4167 1519.

CARS wanted. Will pick up for free (some conditions apply). Motueka Auto Parts. Ph 03 528 9576.

CHIMNEY cleaning, handyman, Dennis Sage ph 027 873 0726. CHIMNEY sweep. Puponga-Takaka Hill. Free quote or query. Ph Steve 021 0810 1146. COMPUTER and smartphone sales, repairs and solutions. Supporting all Windows and Apple products. Conveniently located at 65 Commercial Street or available by appointment on 027 831 4156. COMPUTER services. GBTech, experienced technical support for Golden Bay since 2012. Ph Warwick 027 814 2222. ELECTRICIAN. For all your electrical needs please contact

FREEVIEW satellite TV. Ph 027 246 2432. GARDEN advice, design and development, soil testing, fruit pruning, orchard work. Sol Morgan, GroWise Consultancy, ph 027 514 9112. GARDENING services. Ph Carlos 027 751 9730. GB CHIMNEY SWEEPING, SPIDER AND FLY SPRAYING Ph 524 8795 or 027 434 5405 GIBSTOPPING /coving (NCPB qualified). Local friendly service. Ph Rob McDonald Plastering, 027 712 2552. GOLDEN BAY DIGGER HIRE 1.7 tonne. Ph 027 713 0684.

GOLDEN BAY ROOFING. Re-roof, repairs, maintenance. goldenbayroofing@yahoo.com, ph 027 395 0037. GOLDEN Bay Storage, Takaka. Dry, safe, secure, alarmed, insurance approved. Furniture trailer available. Ph Rob and Marg 525 9698, 027 222 5499, goldenbaystorage@gmail. com

GREEN GRASS ACCOUNTING - BUSINESS AS USUAL. MYOB Partner and Xero Certified. Local accountant providing business and personal accounting services. Ph Robert 029 775 6459 or email robert@greengrassaccounting.co.nz. It’s business as usual, best hours to phone or email are 9am-1pm.



GREENREAPER. Property maintenance, landscape and garden designs. Ph Alexis 021 0239 1364. References available. HEAT pump installation, sales and servicing. Ph Dave McKay 027 404 4740, 525 8538. LAWNMOWING. Pakawau, Bainham, Takaka to Wainui. Ph N Shaw 525 7597, 027 212 4020. niallshaw_6@hotmail.com

ORANGE Rentals have rental cars, trailers and a furniture trailer available for hire. Ph 027 337 7147. PAINTER. Experienced, friendly and reliable. Ph Rob Perry 525 6001. PAINTING. Quality, efficient service, available now. Ph Luca Borrelli 022 086 1842.

PENINSULA Plasterers for all your interior plastering needs. No job too small. Quality assured. 20+ years’ experience. For a free quote ph Craig 027 472 4376. PORTABLE BANDSAW MILLING. Ph Tim 524 8997, 027 714 4232. RESOURCE consent consultant. Ph Mark 0278 711 050.

SEPTIC TANKS EMPTIED. Ph Chris 027 444 5334 or John 027 647 4913. SEWING SUPPLIES, NEEDLES, THREADS, WOOL, BEADS. Stitch ‘n Sew ph 525 8177. STORAGE /container hire. Your place (anywhere) or mine (Takaka). Ph Cheryl at Orange Mechanical Ltd 525 9991. TAKAKA Self Storage, Commercial Street. Have containers (new) available. Excellent security, cameras etc. Ph 525 6181. TREE removal, confined area felling, chipping, chipper hire. Fully insured. Ph 525 7597, 027 212 4020.

& A S S O C I AT E S

Specialised Accounting


PHONE 525 9419

Unbeatable Professional Qualifications Experience & Service

03 525 9919 julie@warnassociates.co.nz 23 MOTUPIPI ST TAKAKA 7110, GOLDEN BAY

www.warnassociates.co.nz Scaffold Solutions Edge Protection Site Fencing

Golden Bay Scaffold Ltd 027 525 6969



Providing Transport, Construction and Earthmoving services since 1928

EARTHMOVING & CONTRACTING: House sites, driveways Culvert installations Drainage Land development Farm maintenance



Forest & woodlot harvesting Hauler & ground-based bush-rigged excavator Locally-owned operation with local crew

Ph 027 455 9895

Ph Tony 027 354 0500 or 525 9843

FOR ALL YOUR CARTAGE NEEDS: General Freight Storage Bulk Cartage Livestock

SUPPLIER OF: Stock Feed Fertilisers Spreading: Spreadmark certified with GPS mapping Aggregates Compost, bark, landscape gravels, pea straw

Phone 525 9843 14



PUBLIC NOTICES / Pānui a whānui ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. If you want to drink that’s your business. If you want to stop we can help. Meetings currently on hold. Ph 0800 229 6757 for assistance.

ANEL BAKER Physiotherapy at 22 Meihana Street, Takaka. Ph/txt 021 053 4337.

SIMON Jones: Counselling, mediation, coaching. 28 years’ JACK Slayer Stevens is officially Sollys king of kings. Well done experience. Member NZAC. Ph 525 8542. Jack, we bow to your superior fishing skills. T U D O R Burchill/Tak ak a Physiotherapy. Telephone GOLDEN Bay Grey Power renewals can renew by using consultations available, ph 021 207 6256. electronic banking making payment to our bank account YOUTH and adults, counselling and mentoring. Selena Serra 38-9004-0578046-00. Surname as reference and membership ph 027 416 6816 or selena@gbwct.org.nz number on your old card. New members use the membership enrolment form on the Grey Power NZ website. Roy Reid, ph 525 9242.


Readings with Master Reader Nate

COMMUNITY Law Service (Simon Jones): Free and confidential legal help, information, options. Available online and by phone while under Level 4 Alert. Phone Nelson Office 0800 246 146.

Inga Schmidt

MSc (Chiro), DC, MNZCA

021 180 7789

021 158 2357

Reiki Master: healer & teacher

FRESH FM needs your help. We’re a Charitable Trust – a $30 donation on our website freshfm.net is tax deductible. Email Maureen: takaka@freshfm.net or ph 525 8779, 027 335 1395.

Please call if you need any online help Stay well www.healthfocus.co.nz

FOR SALE / Hei hokohoko DRY stock grazing available. 60-80 head. Lower Bainham area. Ph 027 221 3314, evenings.

GB Animal Welfare Society Inc (ex-SPCA). FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY, ph Carol Wells 525 9494. Cattery is closed while under Alert Level 4.

BEEF shorthorn bull and heifer weaner calves, lovely roan, red, white colours, plus some surplus in-calf cows, all very quiet, BVD/Bovis-free. Takaka. Ph Bill 021 556 806.

GB WEEKLY. We are working from home and can be contacted by email, as usual: admin@gbweekly.co.nz. Our Takaka agency is closed so if you have an ad to place and you’re unable to email us please phone 027 525 8679. Office hours are MondayWednesday, 9am-5pm with deadline Tuesdays at 12 noon. Our Collingwood agency, On the Spot store, remains open. Go to: www.gbweekly.co.nz to read the paper online and for advertising details and prices. Thank you for your support.

Still providing Golden Bay with: Professional, Diagnostic & Clinical Physio during the level 4 lockdown.

QUALITY curtain tracks in ten colours, curtain tapes, track glides, buchram, hooks, liners, curtain fabrics, sheers, voiles. Ph Imagine designs 027 440 0071. TURBO air still, $350. 200lb Cambara 14-in-1 exercise machine, $400 ono. Downsizing. Ph/txt 020 4120 0710. SPLASHBACKS and shower glass. Custom made by Golden Bay Glass, 96 Commercial St. Ph 525 7274.

ACC registered & experienced telehealth (virtual) provider. ACC funded & private appointments for; • • • •

FIREWOOD: Douglas fir, pine, beech and gum. Also kindling. Ph Bay Firewood 027 769 6348.

Sports & Accident injuries Complex musculoskeletal conditions Clinical reviews / Second opinions Orthopaedic / Post-operative rehabilitation

SLASH your electricity bill. Install a grid-connect PV system. Professional design and install. Ph Paul Stocker, Azimuth Renewables, 525 6019.


An initial, no cost, telehealth appointment (10mins) is required to assess suitability for this service. Other assessment options available if required/appropriate.

BUILDING or renovating? AES Wastewater Treatment system: No power, 20-year warranty, supplying NZ from Golden Bay. www.et.nz, ph 525 9020.

for Easter edition

No GP referral required

HEIFER grazing available, Takaka area. Ph 525 8764.



Due to Good Friday, The GB Weekly Easter edition will be delivered on Thursday 9 April

Call 0800 749 739 for info or an appointment today.

60-80 head. Lower Bainham area. Ph 027 221 3314

Because of this there will be an early deadline:

MONDAY 6 APRIL at 12pm

UPCOMING EVENTS / Mea pakiri haere MONDAY 6 APRIL GB WEEKLY EARLY DEADLINE: noon today. The paper will be delivered on Thursday due to Easter. Please email us: admin@ gbweekly.co.nz or phone 027 525 8679.

It is very important that you have any ads, letters, photos, or submitted items to us by 12pm on the Monday as we will not be able to accept any late submissions due to print deadlines

WEDNESDAY 8 APRIL COSTUME HIRE IS CLOSED until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please hold on to your items, DO NOT return anything to Joan Fishley. Bonds will be repaid at a later date.


LEARNING / Akonga / Huarahi ako/mahi

GOLDEN BAY SENIOR CITIZENS meetings are cancelled until further notice.

SPANISH. Ph 021 211 1339, spanish.in.goldenbay@gmail.com


Golden Bay weather forecast

Proudly sponsors Golden Bay Tide Watch

2 Commercial Street, Takaka ꟾ Ph 525 7305

Valid from Friday 3 April until Tuesday 7 April Friday: Easterlies prevailing. Fine and cloudy periods. Briefly mild for a time. Saturday: Easterlies. Some cloud otherwise fine and mild in the afternoon. Sunday: Northerlies developing. Mainly fine and mild although cloud increasing later. Monday: Northerlies. Cloudy and mild. A few patches of drizzly rain about later. Tuesday: Northerlies with a period of rain, easing later as winds change cooler southwest.

M E T R E S am 3 5

Saturday Apr 4



9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Apr 6


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Apr 7


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Apr 8


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Apr 9


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Apr 10

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm

3 2 1 0 H 7:29am L 12:40am

7:43pm 1:42pm


7:35am 2:03am

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50 Commercial Street, Takaka Golden Bay First National Licensed REAA 2008 - MREINZ


50 Commercial Street, Takaka

RURAL VIEWS ON YOUR RADAR? Licensed REAA 2008 - MREINZ Golden Bay First National info@goldenbayproperty.com 246Ph: 525ROAD 8800 EAST(03) TAKAKA


Ph: (03) 525 8800

Privacy & great views! The home has large open plan living area & a RURAL VIEWS ON YOURaspacious RADAR? master bdrm. A sep. sleepout gives extraROAD workshop/hobby COMMUNITY NOTICES 246 EAST TAKAKA space. The 3450m has a 2 Privacy & great views! Thesection home has selection of fruit trees, a a large open plan living area & 2-bay a shed & ample Daylight Saving spacious masterparking. bdrm. Ref: A GB3779 sep. Deadline: 2pm 03.04.20 gives extra workshop/hobby Daylight Saving ends this Sunday - your phones will change automatically but othersleepout time keeping devices will need(NSP) Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 space. The 3450m section has577 a to GO BACK one hour before you head to bed Saturday night. 2 selection of fruit trees, a 2-bay Essential Services Workers shed & ample parking. Ref: GB3779

Deadline: 2pm (NSP) Huge gratitude to all those essential service workers who are stillTAKIN’ out thereIT onEASY! the front line. You guys03.04.20 are the back bones of our community - thank you to you all. This includes of course FENZ (Fire Sarah-Jane and Emergency BrownNew 0274Zealand), 222 577 WATINO PLACE, PÓHARA Police, St John and LandSAR, and all associated services out there keeping us safe. 3A Your job is more difficult than Beautifully presented, this home is ever - thank you for being there for us. To the FreshChoice & GB Pharmacy staff - hugs to you all.


ready for a new owner. 4 bdrms, ensuited master, spacious open plan We’re not there Want to wake up to this vista in the morning? Architecturally, refurbished holiday “state WATINO PÓHARA ThisPLACE, property can may preferably A note re Sthome John&Supporter Scheme Renewals: Please note that some processing3A ofliving. your supporter scheme and we might be sleeps spending a bitormore of the art” tree-house +2 yurts, up to 18 family friends. An opp. for good rental income? Beautifully presented, home come furnished!this There areislimbe delayed, especially if you have paid by cheque. If you are able to pay online please do fully so. However please be Hottime tubs, pizza oven & deck to the beach esplanade make this a perfect place for entertaining. ready for a new owner. 4 bdrms, ited viewing times due to holiday assured that should you need our services and your supporter scheme has expired, you are covered. Any queries here  12 PENINSULA BEACH Sale: 2pm 15/04/20 (USP) ensuited master, openGB3777 plan Magical evenings &ROAD, gloriousTATA sunsets. 4+bds, 2 bths, 1Deadline gge, 1 living. Call me for more either please contact Belinda Barnes (here in the Bay) on 021 236 2840 or Sarah Carpinter at nelsonbays. rentals(Nelson) so call spacious me. Ref: Want to wake up to this isvista the morning? Architecturally, refurbished holiday home & “state living. This property preferably information - this really Tatainmagic! Ref: GB3778 admin@stjohn.org.nz Deadline: 2pm can 02.04.20 (USP) of the art” tree-house +2 yurts, sleeps up to 18 family or friends. An opp. for good rental income? come fully furnished! There Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 are 222 lim577 Hot tubs, pizza oven & deck to the beach esplanade make this a perfect place for entertaining. ited viewing times due to holiday Magical evenings & glorious sunsets. 4+bds, 2 bths, 1 gge, 1 living. Call me for more rentals so call me. Ref: GB3777 COVID-19 INFORMATION FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS information - this really is Tata magic! Ref: GB3778 PÓHARA VALLEY LIFESTYLER Deadline: 2pm 02.04.20 (USP) DEFINITELY HEADING THE GOOD LIFE! Annie Telford 027 249 1408 or annie@goldenbayproperty.com Sarah-Jane Brown 0274 222 577


Deadline Sale: (USP)Scheme St 2pm John15/04/20 Supporter



New Zealand is in the middle of a unique situation, and it is likely to be stressfulJust for aallshort parties in athis walk involved to the beach, PÓHARA VALLEY LIFESTYLER when you’re communicating about a transaction. LIFE!transaction. Be kind, and consider the needs of others 3550m with a very tidy & 2 property,

private home, 2bd/2bth & mezzanine,

Sellers who are still marketing 41 sunny PÓHARA deck,VLY sep. RD dble garage/work Justshop, a short walk the beach, If you don’t yet have an offer to buy your property, talk to your agent about how you might market property gardensto&your stream, is this a perfect property, with a very tidy & 2 during this time. While New Zealand is at alert Level 4, you won’t be able to hold3550m open homes or have potential find. Room to grow! No Open Homes private home, 2bd/2bth & mezzanine, buyers visit your property. You could explore other options, like virtual open homes. so call me to view. Ref: GB3735 sunnyagent. deck, sep. dble garage/work If you don’t want to continue marketing your property at the moment, talk to your You might agree to Price: $619,995 shop, gardens & stream, is a perfect withdraw your property from the market or put your marketing campaign on hold. James Mackay 027 359 0892 find. Room to grow! No Open Homes but we’re still near and from you, we’d so call me to view. Ref: GB3735 Sellers who have a conditional offer love to hear!! Even though we can’t Price: $619,995 “ANNIE’S NIRVANA While New Zealand is at alert level 4, it’s likely your buyer won’t be able BACKPACKERS” to access the services they need to conduct our business in the traditional James 027 359 0892 fulfil their conditions. For example, local Councils may not be able to provide a LIM, Mackay and building inspectors sense, we can still have a chat and 25 MOTUPIPI ST, TAKAKA will not be able to visit the property to inspect it. and iconic provide you with information as you Some law firms and agents may still be working remotely, NIRVANA but it’s likelyBACKPACKERS” there will Centrally be delayslocated in service. Talk toto the “ANNIE’S Bay, this property is deceptively need it. your lawyer or conveyancer and your agent about whether you and the buyer want to extend the conditional spa136 TANGMERE ROAD, ROTOTAI Price: $1.3m+GST (if any) and offers 8 bedrooms, 4 bathperiod until the alert level is lowered. 25 cious MOTUPIPI ST, TAKAKA This 7ha lifestyle property is loaded with potential for a new owner! Currently run as an organic rooms, 2 kitchens, licensed for 28 Centrally located and iconic to the orchard, the property produces quality fruit from its hundreds of trees,Sellers includingwho avocados, citrus people. Sep. owners accommodation. have an unconditional offer Bay, this property is deceptively spaYHA approved. Call me for 4full details &136 nutTANGMERE trees, just to name a few. Then there is the 3 bdrm house, a studio/sleepout plus accomROAD, ROTOTAI Price: $1.3m+GST (if any) for settlement to go ahead because all banks and many It may still be possible lawyers and8 conveyancers cious and offers bedrooms, bathRef: GBC3733 modation attached to the large packhouse. Room for the extended family or syndicate are still working, although it’s likely there will be delays in service. Be aware that the buyer’s situation may be This 7ha lifestyle property is loaded with potential for a new owner! Currently run as an organic rooms, 2 kitchens, licensed for 28 Price: (ifonany) group? for further information. Ref: GB3760 At alert citrus level 4, moving companies will not be available. If the buyer’s purchase was conditional orchard,Call the me property produces quality fruit from its hundreds of trees, uncertain. including avocados, people. Sep. $680,000+GST owners accommodation. Belinda J Barnes 021 236 2840 selling their own house, they may not be able to settle on their own transaction if they can’t physically move James Mackay 027a359 or james@goldenbayproperty.com YHA approved. Call me for full details & nut trees, just to name few. 0892 Then there is the 3 bdrm house, a studio/sleepout plus accomout of their house. Ref: GBC3733 modation attached to the large packhouse. Room for the extended family or syndicate Talk to your lawyer or conveyancer about the best approach for your transaction. One option is for you and the Price: $680,000+GST (if any) group? Call me for further information. Ref: GB3760 COASTAL LIVING CALL HAMAMA HOME buyer to agree to defer settlement for a few weeks. If youRURAL have bought anotherBelinda house,Jit’s likely 021 you’ll Barnes 236need 2840to James Mackay 027 359 0892 or james@goldenbayproperty.com have the same discussion about deferring settlement on your new house. 1737 COLLINGWOOD188 HAMAMA RD, HAMAMA We recommend pre-settlement inspections are delayed until the alert level is reduced. This large 4 bdrm villa has all the PUPONGA MAIN ROAD




4.9ha property, private and featuring you would expect from a Buyers who have a conditional offer stunning views across to Farewell Spit 1920s family home. Beautiful 1737 COLLINGWOOD188 HAMAMA RD, has HAMAMA Ifest. a seller accepted a conditional offer from you, it is likely you won’t be able toand fulfil your Aconditions beyond. lease of theduring land provides grounds, trees & gardens with This largethe 4 bdrm villa has all the PUPONGA MAIN ROAD lockdown. At alert level 4, non-essential services are closed. This includes, for example, building inspectors. an income and the property is very pri2529m for the kids to kick a ball 4.9ha property, private and featuring charm 2you would expect from a vate from the road. Spacious home plus Talk to home. the estate agent and your lawyer or conveyancer about the optionsstunning available. and viewsSome acrosslawyers to Farewell Spit around. family Privately set real back from the 1920s Beautiful a 2 bdrm cottage for the ‘extras’! Call me conveyancers may still be working remotely, although it’s likely there will be delays in service. You and the seller and beyond. A lease of the land provides road. Call me to view. Ref GB3764 grounds, est. trees & gardens with for further information. Ref: GB3679 an income and the property is very primay agree to extend the period for you to fulfil your conditions until after the lockdown period. Price:2 for $565,000 2529m the kids to kick a ball $930,000+GST (if any) vatePrice: from the road. Spacious home plus around. Privately back from Paul McConnon 0275 042 872antheunconditional offer Buyersset who have J Barnes 021 236Call 2840 a 2 Belinda bdrm cottage for the ‘extras’! me road. Call me to view. Ref GB3764 for further information. Ref: GB3679


If you have fulfilled your conditions and are waiting for settlement day, it’s possible settlement could still go


$930,000+GST any)PLC This will depend on your situation. Some lawyers and arePrice: still working, if it’s (if simply a 41 TAK VLY HWY Paul McConnon 57ahead. UP. TUKURUA 12conveyancers HAILE LANE 26 so KOHIKIKO 0275 042 872 RD 16 SANDRIDGE TCE

Barnes 021will 236not 2840be case of paying the money, settlement could possibly go ahead. Be aware that Belinda movingJcompanies available while New Zealand is at alert level 4. The TeamLANE at Golden Bay First National 8 HAILE 41 TAK VLY HWY are 57 IfUP. RDown16 SANDRIDGE TCE into your 12new HAILE LANE 26 about KOHIKIKO PLC youTUKURUA have sold your home to be able to move home, talk to your lawyer your options. here to assist through these unprecedented One option is to ask the seller if you can delay settlement until the alert level is lowered, and likewise ask the person who is buying your house to delay settlement. times, if we can help all, please give one of

the team a call. Stay safe Golden Bay!


Listed & Sold by Annie Telford

Listed & Sold by Paul McConnon

Listed & Sold by Annie Telford Sharon McConnon

Listed & Sold by Paul McConnon Paul McConnon

Sales Manager 0275 258 255

Sharon McConnon Sales Manager 0275 258 255 16

Salesperson 0275 042 872

Paul McConnon Salesperson 0275 042 872

Listed & Sold by Annie Telford

Listed & Sold by Annie Telford Annie Telford

Salesperson 0272 491 408

Annie Telford

Listed & Sold by Sarah-Jane Brown

Listed & Sold by Sarah-JaneSarah-Jane Brown Brown Salesperson 0274 222 577 Sarah-Jane Brown

Salesperson Salesperson www.goldenbayproperty.com 0272 491 408

0274 222 577


Listed & Sold by James Mackay

Listed & Sold by Paul McConnon

Listed & Sold by James Mackay Paul McConnon Principal / AREINZ / B.Com

027 359 0892 James Mackay Principal / AREINZ / B.Com

027 359 0892

Listed & Sold by James Mackay Belinda J Barnes Agent / AREINZ 021 236 2840

Belinda J Barnes Agent / AREINZ 021 236 2840 THE GB WEEKLY, FRIDAY 3 APRIL 2020

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The Golden Bay Weekly - 3 April 2020  

The Golden Bay Weekly - 3 April 2020