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Dear Grady, I’ve prepared a proposal for you to please share with Keffer Hyundai as discussed. The concept is simple: Charlotte Prowler Magazine ESPN Charlotte Go! See! Do! Events are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. We have just added Sprint, DiSH Network, Harrah’s Casino and many other major brands to our exhibit partners—and we have more to announce in coming days. We will exhibit at over 80 festivals, trade shows, sporting events and gatherings this year including Charlotte’s largest and most-anticipated events. This is no ordinary proposal—Keffer Hyundai will be the center of attention in Charlotte, NC as Hollywood lands in Charlotte and TV, Radio, Print and all media will be focused on the epicentre of excitement the weekend of March 21st—The Mad Monster Party! One of the MOST EXCITING events of the year—one that is fast-becoming a crown jewel event is the Mad Monster Party—held March 21-23 at the University Hilton and University Place. The event has been recognized by the city of Charlotte as a signature event and will only grow each year. The Mad Monster Party currently draws incredible crowds in Hollywood, New Orleans and Phoenix, with more cities to be announced this spring. Charlotte Prowler Magazine has produced memorable editions for each event in Charlotte including exclusive interviews past and present with huge Hollywood stars from films such as Godzilla, Lethal Weapon, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Lost Boys, Nightmare on Elm Street, Jaws, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, ET and The Devil’s Rejects plus TV shows such as American Horror Story, The Twilight Zone, The Dukes of Hazzard, Happy Days, WWF Wrestling, and of course, Star Trek. This year the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte has some one-of-a-kind storylines: William Shatner celebrating his birthday and LIVE feeds showing the Mad Monster Party audience sing Happy Birthday as we present him with his birthday cake, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett entertaining live, plus live music throughout the event including a Runaways concert and a monstrous grudge meeting of Rowdy Roddy Piper vs huge Hulk Hogan. Can it get any bigger? Let me know thoughts on this Top Auto Sponsorship proposal as soon as you can. I would be happy to come out to Keffer Hyundai and meet with the owners/staff and discuss details and plan for this great event. Best, Randy Stimpson Publisher/Editor/Creative Director Mad Monster Party Official Sponsorship Team Direct: 704-352-4280 PS: This year the event will also become a monthly event, with legendary actors and directors Skyping in for movie screenings monthly at Studio Movie Grill at The Epicentre—legions of fans will attend. Additional sponsorship opportunities will be available at these events.

2520 Sardis Road North, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28227 R ST I M P SO N @ ST I M P SO N C R E AT I V E . CO M



CHARLOTTE PROWLER MAGAZINE ESPN CHARLOTTE AND GO! SEE! DO! EVENTS p re s e n t a M a j o r C h a r l o t t e E v e n t & C a m p a i g n p r o p o s a l f o r —

KEFFER HYUNDAI GSD EVENTS/ESPN/PROWLER MAGAZINE TO PROVIDE: 1) Advertisement in Charlotte PROWLER Magazine MARCH EDITION—Back Cover —Full Page, Full Color Value: $1,990 1 Issues x $1,990 = $1,990 2) Advertisement in MAD MONSTER PARTY Program Onsite at 3 Day/Night Event—Inside Front Cover

Charlotte’s LARGEST ANNUAL Celebrity Event —Full Page, Full Color

Value: $1,610 1 Issues x $1,610 =


3) Advertisement in ON THE PROWL eNews Weekly to 366K+ LEADING UP TO MAD MONSTER PARTY Exhibition —Full Page, Full Color Value: $390 3 Issues x $390 = $1,170 4) Official Event Sponsorship—TOP SPONSOR STATUS AND THE FOLLOWING ITEMS (plus add’l social media, PR) —Includes: Promotional Items in Mad Monster “Swag Bags” for Celebrities and VIPs Presence in Mad Monster Program Three Day Presence at Mad Monster Event with Cars in Key Locations —at Hilton Entrance —at Mad Monster Celebrity Guest Entrance —at Mad Monster Lakeside Displays Logo on All Printed Materials such as Mad Monster Shutter Booth and Printed Photos —These images will be shared on social media hundreds of thousands of times Two Tables at the Event for Exhibition Inside Logo on Main Stage where Celebrity Panels will have Q & A Sessions Vendor Room PA Announcements throughout the Event Special Vehicle Space Accomodations for Showcasing Vehicles (power, etc as needed) Name Announced on Radio Ads Logo on Billboard Logo in all R.I.P. (Mad Monster V.I.P.) Areas with Private Table Main Stage Announcements One Complimentary Hotel Room Friday and Saturday Night 2 VIP all-access passes including front of line privileges, admission to celebrity poolside lounge and backstage areas) Value: $5,000 $5,000 5) Advertisement On ESPN Inclusion on 40+ weekly radio spots for Prowler Tickets/Mad Monster three weeks prior to The Mad Monster Party Weekly Value: $940 3 Weeks x $940 = $2,820 Package Value: Keffer Hyundai Rate:

$12,590 (discount $5,020)




Deposit to create materials and provide media moving forward from agreement date. 2/24/2014

2) Installment One


Installment to provide media moving towards show date. 3/5/2014

3) Event Final Installment


Installment to provide media moving towards show date. 3/17/2014

HYUNDAI would have right of first refusal for this package in 2015 with no increase. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Agreed for Keffer Hyundai Date _________________________________________________________________________________________ Agreed for Go! See! Do! Events/Charlotte Prowler Magazine/Mad Monster Party Charlotte Date:

When it  comes  to  pop-­‐culture  and  entertainment,  horror  rules.  And  it  always  has.  In  the  30’s,   Universal   Studios   was   on   the   brink   of   closing   its’   doors   until   their   iconic   stable   of   monsters   rose   up   to   save   them.   From   the   biggest   money-­‐making   films   like   Frankenstein   to   contemporary   franchises   like   Friday   the   13th,   SAW   and   Paranormal   Activity,   to   the   most   popular   video   games   like   Resident   Evil,   BioShock,  and  of  course,  TV  series  like  the  Walking  Dead  and  American  Horror  Story,  the  horror  genre   transcends  niche  markets  to  consume  the  wholesale  imagination  of  the  population  at  large.  So,  while   the   idea   of   horror   fandom   may   conjure   images   of   other   hobbies   like   coin   collecting   or   sports   enthusiasm,  the  genre  actual  transcends  borders  to  spill  across  demographics  of  age  and  interests.   Mad   Monster   is   the   fasted   growing   horror   entertainment   company   today.   We   publish   Mad   Monster   interactive   paper   magazine,   host   multiple   Mad   Monster   Party   conventions   nationally   and   present   monthly   horror   events   and   screenings   at   venues   like   the   world   famous   Chinese   Theater   in   Hollywood.   Mad   Monster   balances   retro-­‐nostalgia   with   innovative,   cutting   edge   presentation.   Our   celebrity   contributors   and   collaborators   include   Kirk   Hammett   of   Metallica   and   Ogre   from   Skinny   Puppy.  Mad  Monster  offers  perspective  from  all  aspects  of  horror  culture,  inside  and  out,  making  it  the   “horror   entertainer’s   horror   entertainment”!   As   creatives   ourselves,   coming   from   the   film   industry,   we  celebrate  history,  but  don’t  live  in  the  past.  We  showcase  not  only  what  our  celebrity  guests  have   done   so   far,   but   what   they   are   capable   of   doing   providing   them   with   a   platform   to   perform   and   promote  their  lesser  known  talents  and  causes.   Mad  Monster  also  supports  and  works  with  many  charities  including  Scares  That  Care,  Honor   One,   The   Rutger   Haur   Startfish   Association,   The   Linda   Blair   WoodHeart   Foundation,   American   Red   Cross  and  Celebrity  Charity  Wishes,  to  name  a  few.                            Contributing   factors   to   our   success   in   rapid   growth   is   branding   and   understanding   our   target                                     demographics.  We  have  a  unique  aesthetic  that  is  instantly  recognizable  to  our  fans  and  know  how  to   most  effectively  market  to  them.  We  apply  that  insight  to  our  sponsors  and  advertisers.  We  provide  in-­‐ house   ad   development   to   best   convey   a   company’s   message   while   remaining   consistent   to   our   fans.   Major  corporations  are  recognizing  the  values  of  incorporating  horror  and  sci-­‐fi  iconography  and  not  

just for  their  October  campaigns.  From  the  use  of  Zombies  to  sell  insurance  to  Darth  Vader  to  sell  a  car,                                           trick   is   understanding   both   the   brands’   message   and   consumer’s   appreciation   of   the   horror   genre                                    

                                               (what  makes  the  campaign  “work”).    We  excel  at  that  too.  

                                                         Coming  Soon    -­‐  Mad  Monster  Radio…!  

Hollywood Lands in Charlotte! What is a “Mad Monster Party”? The Mad Monster Party is one of the major Horror entertainment conventions in the country. Some of the very biggest organized social events in the world are “genre” conventions. In this case, the genre refers to the subjects of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror movies, art and literature - a multi-billion dollar industry that is not only the most popular in international entertainment but also inspires creativity in kids, brings a value to vendors of product, consumers and collectors and transcends the boundaries of other hobbies to include, not only fans of the medium, but the very biggest movers and shakers who create media and lead cultural trends. It’s true that many “household names” consider themselves “horror fans” and attribute the horror genre with inspiring them to pursue their careers in the biz, among them, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, Tom Hanks, Guillermo Del Toro, Billy Bob Thornton, James Cameron, Penn & Teller, rock bands Kiss, Metallica, Alice Cooper and countless other superstars are proud members of sci-fi and horror fandom.

What exactly is a Horror Convention? A Horror convention or “Con” is. like a trade show for the horror entertainment industry. Fans flock to these conventions to meet movie stars, talk with fellow fans, participate in Q&A panels and to buy products from vendors and autographs from celebrities in attendance. More than just focusing on horror, these events pay respect to the craft, imagination and fun of the movies. Horror conventions come in many shapes and sizes.The Mad Monster Party anticipates between 7,000 to 10,000 attendees for 2014 and we expect attendance to grow significantly over the next couple of years. ComicCon in San Diego, California boasts 120,000 attendees through their doors in a single day and Comiket in Japan reports 600,000 guests attend their shows! And one can never overlook the purchasing power of a demographic spanning the ages of 12-60 and steeped in a “collecting culture” of buying. The peaks and valleys of economy do little to influence a completist who purchases everything connected to their passion or an eager fan spending their dollars with contributors to and sponsors of the genre.

Mad Monster 2014! The Mad Monster Party Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention makes its’ THIRD annual terrifyingly triumphant return to the Scream City…Charlotte, North Carolina… on March 21st-23rd, 2014 at Hilton Charlotte University Place. The third time is indeed the charm as this year the Mad Monster Party is excited to present the biggest star in this or any other universe…Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk…WILLIAM SHATNER! The legendary Shatner will be joining the Mad Monster Party for autographs on Friday and Saturday and will participate in a special Twilight Zone tribute panel on Saturday with Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling’s daughter Anne Serling. There will also be many more celebrity guests including Corey Feldman (Goonies, Stand By Me, Lost Boys), Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog, Swamp Thing, Carnivale), Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan (WWE Wrestling Legends), Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses, Devil's Rejects, Spider Baby), Richard Kiel (“Jaws” from the James Bond franchise) Henry Winkler (Scream, Fonzie) and many, many more! As always, there will be unique vendors selling all sorts macabre monster memorabilia from movies to T-shirts and everything in between and special events like our Costume Contest and Miss Mad Monster pageant (each with a $500 cash grand prize)! New to the event will be a Fright Festival utilizing the entire Lake Area around the Shoppes at University creating an incomparable weekend of MONSTEROUS family fun by day and gruesomely grownup frights by night! Hilton Charlotte University Place 8629 JM Keynes Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina

2013 Panel / Q & A

How does Mad Monster Party benefit MY business? The Mad Monster Party is a horror convention with a difference. While other national shows install a generic event in a random city, Mad Monster is building their show from the inside out. We’ve identified Charlotte as a city with no other horror convention presence and a large community of friendly fans eager for this event to happen. With the support and collaboration of local Charlotte organizations (like “Visit Charlotte� tourism board) and businesses (Haunted Mill, Halloween Express, Morris Costumes, The Comedy Zone, etc), Mad Monster Party is committed to partnering with the Charlotte community to provide a unique convention that is fresh, family-friendly, theatrical, and innovative and one that will offer visiting fans from across the nation a destination for years to come. The Mad Monster Party can accommodate up to 10,000 attendees for 2013. We project our attendees to be 30% tourist and 70% local. Based at the Blake Hotel, visiting guests will come and stay for a long weekend, enjoy the events and panels planned, shop in our huge dealer room, meet local business owners and explore the city of Charlotte. Local guests will enjoy all of these events, get a taste of Hollywood excitement and experience our Charlotte sponsors and their services in person. The creative team at Mad Monster can relate or theme ANY business to our show. Any auto dealership can sponsor and appear side-by-side with the famous screen-used cars from movies like (Back to the Future / Ghostbusters) on display. A pest exterminator can be a sponsor of our Creepy Critters bug display. We also have designed creative games and services like treasure maps and text clubbing and phone apps to drive our attendees to our sponsors. The potential for visibility, publicity and fun are endless. We will also be conducting national and local print, TV and radio advertising for the show.

So, how can I participate in this Mad Monster Party? Just have a look at the variety of sponsor packages below. All designed to give you the biggest possible BOO for your buck! The folks at Mad Monster understand branding and promotion and look forward to putting all of their energies into making your company, product and services stand out to our thousands of attendees. At Mad Monster, we do business by relationship and are committed to a mutually beneficial relationship with you that will grow and prosper just as the Mad Monster Party convention expands!

Sponsorship Opportunities: Silver Package - $500.00 / $750.00 Any promotional items will be featured in Mad Monster’s “Swag Bag” (free give-away material for attendees, i.e. logo key chains, magnets and other branded novelties) Presence in any Mad Monster show Programs (Schedule of events and venue map) One day at event - $500.00 Three day at event - $750.00 Gold Package - $1000.00 Everything in Silver Package All weekend at event Name/Logo Placement on all banners for backdrop / entrance / website Social Media recognition 5 Mad Monster Radio Ads – Launches March 2014 Platinum Package - $3000.00 Everything in Silver and Gold Package Name / Logo on all printed material related to event, such as shutter booth, and/or printed photos taken at event entrance. 2 tables at event Name / Logo on “main” stage – (Celebrity panels, Q & A sessions, contest) Vendor room PA announcements Special space accommodations (showcasing products and services, i.e. vehicles, demos, etc.) Diamond Package - $5,000.00 Everything in Silver, Gold and Platinum Package Name of business announced on radio ads / placement on billboard Name / Logo in all RIP areas with private table 1 or 2 tables in General Admission area Provide 2 people to walk event giving out “item of your choice” as well as collecting emails for a chance to when 2 RIP tickets for Sunday. A locked price for next year sponsorships Main Stage announcements / logo placement (TBD) One complimentary hotel room – Fri and Sat night 2 VIP all-access passes (including front-of-line privileges, admission to celebrity lounge and backstage areas) **For Additional $2,000.00 to ANY package** Included in ALL media ads for The Haunted Mill during the Fall 2014 ($30,000 value reaching over 1.5 million people in a 30 day campaign. Including logo on all media and product placement)

CHARLOTTE PROWLER MAGAZINE IS PROUD TO BE A MEDIA PARTNER OF MAD MONSTER Each year we look forward to interviewing many of the celebrity guests and producing a one-of-a-kind SPECIAL EVENT EDITION program. The program is printed in the full run of Charlotte Prowler Magazine reaching 410,000 readers and is over run as a special edition which is distributed free to guests of the Mad Monster Party—an event collector’s item for the voracious fans of Mad Monster. Are you in?

Coverage from 2013 Mad Monster Party



Full Page

FULL PAGE Prowler Mad Monster Program 2014: 1) Full Page, Full Color in Charlotte Prowler Magazine PRINT Edition 2) Full Page, Full Color in Charlotte Prowler Magazine DIGITAL Edition 3) Radio Mentions of Your Ad in Prowler Magazine MMP Commercials —Multiple Radio Stations 4) Full Page, Full Color Ad in “On The Prowl” Digital eNews Weekly, 4x AD APPEARS IN Prowler Magazine AND MAD MONSTER PARTY PROGRAM by Prowler Magazine


B Half Page


C Quarter Page

$2,290 x 1 Month Included $600 x 1 Schedule $300 x 4 Weeks Total Value:

New Advertiser Rate:

1/2 PAGE Prowler Mad Monster Program 2014: 1) Half Page, Full Color in Charlotte Prowler Magazine PRINT Edition 2) Half Page, Full Color in Charlotte Prowler Magazine DIGITAL Edition 3) Radio Mentions of Your Ad in Prowler Magazine MMP Commercials —Multiple Radio Stations 4) Full Page, Full Color Ad in “On The Prowl” Digital eNews Weekly, 1x AD APPEARS IN Prowler Magazine AND MAD MONSTER PARTY PROGRAM by Prowler Magazine


$1,290 Value: $1,290 x 1 Month Included $600 x 1 Schedule $300 x 1 Week

Total Value:


New Advertiser Rate:


1/4 PAGE Prowler Mad Monster Program 2014:

1) Quarter Page, Full Color in Charlotte Prowler Magazine PRINT Edition 2) Full Page, Full Color in Charlotte Prowler Magazine DIGITAL Edition 3) Quarter Page, Full Color Ad in “On The Prowl” Digital eNews Weekly, 1x

Value: $590 x 1 Month Included $90 x 1 Week

Total Value: AD APPEARS IN Prowler Magazine AND MAD MONSTER PARTY PROGRAM by Prowler Magazine


New Advertiser Rate:



Combine with Event Sponsorship AND SAVE UP TO 20%! Ask how!

Keffer Hyundai invites you to Hollywood in Charlotte!  
Keffer Hyundai invites you to Hollywood in Charlotte!  

The Mad Monster Party is sweeping the country with huge fan fests in Hollywood, New Orleans, Phoenix and an incredible 3rd year show coming...