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Where to warm up to in Charlotte

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The trick to staying on top of your beauty game


12 Months to a Happier Healthier Life 3 Days in Wilmington Life in Color

Dreamy Destinations A trip to Iceland

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49 | THE NEW AND THE NEXT IN BEAUTY The Trick to staying on top of your beauty game by Allie Withers

53 | POWERING INTO THE FUTURE The Hottest workout in Charlotte by Sarah Pryor


Where to warm up to in Charlotte by Sarah Pryor


A Natural Wonder

68 | MUDDY RIVER DISTILLERY The Best Rum in Town by Elizabeth Sherry

72 | HOW TO BRING MORE LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE by Jessica McGregor Johnson

January/February 2017

Departments 4 | LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 8 | HEALTH 12 Months to a Healthier Happier Life by Farrah Nazer

10 | TRAVEL 3 Days in Wilmington by Allie Withers

14 | CLICK 16 | FEAST O-ku by Allie Withers

18 | SOCIETY SIGHTINGS Barefoot Gala Verse and Vino Eleventy Pop-up-shop Healing Hands of Joy Anne Neilson + Ron Hall Good Friends Luncheon Trunk Show Charlotte Seen Ball

photos by PPT Photography

83 | Q & A WITH BETH GUNTER Hair and Make-up Artist

35 | STYLE

Life In Color


The Magical Combination of Coaching and Horses by Jessica McGregor Johnson


By Manish Kumar Arora

ABOUT THE COVER Photo by Southern Elite / Ray Dunbar Hair by Beth Gunter. Make up by Natalie Gladden. Model: Victoria Vesce from Directions USA. Dress from House of Landor. Styling and logistics by Rita Miles | January/February 2017


letter from the editor


Happy 2017 e have so many exciting plans for 2017 and we have been off to an amazing start. So we are skipping that old cliche “A New Year a New You” and taking the January/February issue into a fresh, bright new beginning.

We have started with the addition of an equestrian department in our magazine. Who

doesn’t love horse decor, and the immediate glamour that horse inspired fashion provides. Along with it being a wonderful spectator sport and our relationship with this majestic animal, this month we show you an inspiring retreat on the island of Mustique . In keeping with new beginnings we share The New and The Next in Beauty – the trick to staying on top of your beauty game and Powering Into The Future – the hottest workout in Charlotte with Liz Hilliard’s new book Be Powerful. Ink n Ivy made an exceptional backdrop to our fashion shoot Life In Color. The stunning one of a kind dresses are all from House of Landor in Raleigh, which has the most fabulous vintage clothing. It’s safe to say, they are our new obsession. We wish all our CG readers a happy, prosperous and healthy 2017. Cheers! Colleen Richmond Founder & Editor


January/February 2017 |

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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Sarah Pryor Farrah Nazer Allie Withers Elizabeth Sherry Jessica McGregor Johnson

PHOTOGRAPHERS Jeff Palmer Ray Dunbar Don Duncan

For advertising information, contact: Colleen Richmond at 203-561-5086 Letters to the editorial staff: @Charlottegirlmagazine Charlotte Girl Magazine P.O. Box 79322 Charlotte, NC 28271 6

January/February 2017 |

health Happy Healthy in months!


by Farrah Nazer


aking small changes rather than


overhauling your lifestyle all at once


can be easy by following these steps

on this 12 month guide. These changes are meant to work together with each other, hold onto those from previous month and add each month's new habit to your daily routine.

Jump Start the New Year... ✦

January MAKE SPACE FOR POSITIVE MINDSET The average person has an estimate 70,000 thoughts a day! Take a moment to think about the thoughts that run through your mind. Are they positive and uplifting? "Today is going to be an amazing day!" Or negative and self-defeating? "I don't have the energy to get through today."Let go of negative talk, limiting beliefs, comparing yourself to others, resisting change, and the need to be always right.


January/February 2017 |

Sleep is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Science has proven again and again how lack of sleep increases disease risk including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and obstructive sleep apnea. A goodnight sleep helps in longevity of life and over all benefits include managing your appetite, strengthening the immune system, a good sharp memory, creative thinking, and good skin.

March KEEP A FOOD DIARY Keeping a food diary can assist you in tracking your meals. This is the best way to count your calories and make conscious decisions around your food intake. Apps like MyFitnessPal are a great way to keep track of each meal.

April GO SUGARLESS Say no to sugar! Fruits are good but anything packaged like bars, candies, chocolates are a no go this month. High concentrations of packaged sugary foods like flavored waters, cereals, bars, are linked to increase in risk of heart disease.





Programs help with keeping you committed and holding

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water can do wonders for

you accountable. When you join a new program, you most

your body. It's not only a great way to detox but you lose

likely will stick to it. It takes a few weeks for a body to get

weight. It helps to get your juices flowing, burning calo-

use to a new excise program. You want to feel soreness

ries all day long.


and as soon as you stop feeling it, it's time to change it up.




Whether it's joining a painting or running club, get out

Processed foods like cereals, packaged snacks, salts,

of your comfort zone. Hobbies or learning a new skill can

chemicals, trans fats, and high fructose corn syrup leads

really bring out the creative child in us which helps with

to diseases that cause obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascu-

good feeling hormones. And, we are more focused on the

lar issues. Avoid these by eliminating them completely

positives in our life.

and add more whole foods to detox your body.




Traveling solo can assist you in understanding yourself

Meditation while breathing have amazing benefits like hap-

your did not know. The experience of traveling solo to a

pier mood, deeper sleep, less anxiety, healthier heart, and

different country or city can be exciting yet a bit tense at

better air intake. Many scientific researches have found

times. How you handle it and make it through will give

meditation while breathing can add tremendous value to

you confidence and can show you the strength you did not

your over all health and feeling in control of your life.

know you had.

from an unusual angle. You will see the side of you that




WALK 10,000 STEPS PER DAY Walking 10,000 steps a day is equal to 5 miles a day. Ac-

Giving thanks is more than just a polite move; it can

cording to Katy Bowman, a scientist and author said, "

transform your mood, outlook, and health too. Count

Walking is a superfood. It's the defining movement of a hu-

your blessings and write down daily what you are thank-

man." Another study found that walking daily can reduce

ful for. There is always something to be thankful for. What

risk of heart disease in men. Walking more will help you

you focus on grows, so when you give thanks for the good

stay fit and reduce the risk of weight gain and diabetes.

you have, you will bring in more of it.

...with the New You! | January/February 2017



3 Days in Wilmington The Beach in the Wintertime


photo via Keyword Images

by Allie Withers

Ask me the most underrated get-

ble downtown and unique Wrightsville beach make this

away and I’ll tell you the beach in the

a wonderful place to visit whether you’re trying to spend

wintertime. While Wilmington might

some one on one time with your significant other or look-

be everyone’s first thought for a June

ing for a place to take the kids for the weekend. Consider

vacation, most do not even consider

this your guide to all things Wilmington: where to stay,

it an option when planning a post-holiday getaway. For those that do give it a shot, it will never disappoint. Not convinced? Consider this: a cozy cup of coffee during a

what to do, where to eat, and what to pack!


morning walk on the beach, time to enjoy all the offerings

On the beach, of course! Many Wrightsville Beach hous-

of the city without feeling guilty you aren’t spending time

es go up for rent during the winter months and consider-

on the beach, and an evening cocktail by the fire watching

ing this is “slow season” you’ll most likely be able to find

ships dock in the bay.

incredible deals on amazing homes. Try Air BnB for your

Wilmington lives just 200 miles down the road making

weekend stay or book an oceanside hotel easily online.

it plausible for a weekend hiatus spent exploring the city

If you’re looking for an “all in one place” experience

rather than stressing about getting there and back. A hum-

book downtown. From most hotels, you’ll be able to walk


January/February 2017 |

Wilmington’s battleship is just waiting for you to experience the history of World War II first hand. Pack up the kids and enjoy a day learning about the boat, the crew, and the story that is the USS North Carolina. Looking for a unique way to tour the city? Try one of Taste Carolina ’s Wilmington Food Tours. Whether you’re looking to experience first hand a cooking class with one of Wilmington’s top chefs or simply learn about the history of downtown Wilmington, Taste Carolina offers three different Wilmington tours catered to your individual preferences.

photo via @Figure8Island Instagram

to restaurants, enjoy the riverwalk, and experience local life within a couple of blocks. The beach is only a short drive away. photo via

Looking for more isolation, rest, and relaxation? Figure 8 Island boasts a private stay on their 8 mile island just about a 15 minute drive outside Wrightsville. It is still close enough to enjoy the Wilmington life but gives you the remote relaxation through a more pri-

It wouldn’t be a trip to

vate experience on a person-

Wilmington without a lap

al island. The beach is rarely


ever busy, even during the

treats you right, enjoy all

yourself fighting for a spot

the glory of a beach town

in the sand. best of both worlds, try


Beach loop . If the weather

summer, so you’ll never find

If you’re looking for the


on one of the most famous photo via

booking at one of Mayfaire ’s many hotels. A quick drive from both Wrightsville Beach and downtown, you’ll find plenty of options for dinner and shopping and a movie theatre for the kids just a couple of steps away.


Remember that morning walk on the beach I mentioned earlier? It should be no surprise this is Charlotte Girl’s first suggestion. Grab a cup of coffee, bundle up, and enjoy the desolate beauty of the beach on a winter morning.

routes on the NC coast. At just two and a half miles you’ll get a glance at local restaurants, beautiful beach houses and Wrightsville’s own city park. Just like the beach in winter itself, shopping in Wilmington is also underrated. Experience the gems of Island Passage & Monkee’s at Lumina Station. Go for classic beachwear at Redix. Find quintessential home pieces at locally owned The Fisherman’s Wife. Make it a one stop shop for everything at Mayfaire. Even head downtown for boutiquey shops along the water. Strolling Wilmington shops is a must while in town. | January/February 2017


photo via Front Street Brewery Facebook


Start off with breakfast at Sweet N Savory or Causeway Cafe . Both are easily located by the Wrightsville Beach bridge and are home to some of the best breakfast menus in North Carolina. Sweet N Savory wakes up and starts baking before you even have the chance to say biscuits. Every baked good is homemade 100% in house and you can tell it from the minute you smell it. Try Causeway if you’re looking for a good ‘ol southern breakfast at the beach.

photo via Catch Facebook

During lunch, head downtown to Front Street Brewery. The food tastes just as great as the beer! Try their

Bluewater or Bridge Tender . The views of the sound at

amazingly decadent nachos or mouth-watering brisket

these joints are just as good as their menus. After you tire

sandwich. Front Street also offers brewery tours and tast-

of seafood, Wilmington has plenty of other options as well

ings each day at 3:15 and 4:15 for the beer lovers out there.

including Indochine (the most amazing interior decorat-

Favor burgers over brews? Try Poe’s Tavern that just

ing I’ve ever witnessed in a restaurant) and K38 Baja Grill

opened in Wilmington. After taking the Charleston/Shem

(margaritas and fajitas have never tasted so good). Oste-

Creek beach by a storm, they finally expanded their burger

ria Cicchetti is absolutely fantastic if you’re craving Ital-

joint and NC was lucky enough to welcome it to Wrights-

ian food on a cold beach night as well. While Wilmington

ville Beach. Two words for you: Shoestring. Fries.

patiently waits for summer to come, take advantage of the

Where to dine for dinner is going to be your hardest de-

calmness of the sea during the colder months. Low stress,

cision of the weekend. For out of this world seafood with

high beauty is just a three and a half hour drive down the

a rotating menu dictated by what fish arrived that morn-

way. Whether you choose to make it a learning weekend,

ing, try Catch . An unassuming exterior with a Top Chef

embrace the food, or simply sit back, relax and listen to the

contestant cook the food is absolutely to die for. Other

waves it would be hard to not enjoy yourself any time of

great seafood can be found closer to Wrightsville Beach at

the year in such a unique town.


January/February 2017 |


You’ve probably noticed the most comfortable trend recently is a good pair of sneakers. Packing the perfect pair like these Sam Edelman slip ons or these Tory Burch High Top’s would be a great way to style a casual weekend outfit for your winter beach adventure. Pair them with skinnies & a sweater and you’re on your way to the perfect combination of cool and casual for the coast. January and February by the water can be breezy and cold. Don’t forget to pack a chunky cardigan for layering! The unique details and colors of this winter’s cardies are all over so expect it to be hard to pick just one! Try this Cocoon Sweater from local boutique KK Bloom with a long sleeve top, destructed denim and killer necklace or opt for a newer version, the Coatigan, like this one from MINKPINK if you’re feeling trendy. Another weekend essential is this year’s destructed denim movement. Whether you choose a unique release hem, updated details, or are feeling the military trend , the beach is the perfect place to sport it. Walk the boardwalk and stay warm and fashionable paired with a simple tee, booties, and statement scarf. Beach doesn't have to mean boring when you’re not in a bathing suit.

Finally, it wouldn't be a beach

For a more edgy look try these Dior

trip without the perfect pair of

So Real Gunmetal glasses. Not want-

sunnies. Liz Adams of Sequins &

ing to break the bank after a holiday?

Stripes is constantly rocking the

Local boutique Boem carries Quay

best Karen Walker Harvest sun-

sunglasses that give you a high class

glasses that have us obsessing.

feel without burning a hole in your pocket. | January/February 2017



1. Charlotte - constant growth


2. Charlotte buildings reach for the sky 3. Reections in Charlotte 4. The old and new meet in Charlotte


Are you a local photographer? Please submit your beautiful Charlotte and area photos to


January/February 2017 |


Don Duncan is the owner of Don Porter



in fashion and lifestyle photography for advertising campaigns and editorial publications. Don Porter Photography is headquartered in the Charlotte area but operates around the globe, with recent sessions in Chicago, Los Angeles and Milan. Don



runs a

Halcon studio



phy business specializing in family portraits and high school seniors.

4 | January/February 2017


feast Asian and Southern unite to create one of the chicest restaurants in Charlotte. By Allie Withers

Charleston - yes. But Charlotte? For those of you who missed it, we have transitioned into a trendy food mecca. O-Ku is owned by restaurant group The Indigo Road, famous for their Oak Steakhouse in Charleston (also coming to Charlotte in 2017). What’s in a name? Oak was simply translated into Japanese and voila -O-Ku an upscale sushi destination now in three total locations:


Photos via O-ku Facebook

Charleston, Atlanta and now, Charlotte.

hink of it as that place you go and instant-

Let’s start with the drinks. O-Ku’s impressive cock-

ly feel so much cooler. From the second

tail list is enticing to say the least. From the Jasmanian

you walk in, O-Ku greets you with unique

Devil (Habanero Infused Bacardi, passion fruit, and mint

decor, moody ambiance, and chic ele-

lime) to an Asian twist on a Margarita, the Osaka-Rita,

gance. It’s more than a sushi restaurant -

the drinks taste just as good as they look. Fancy cocktail +

it’s a hangout perfect for grabbing drinks

trendy ambiance = perfect dinner. Not feeling the liquor?

with the girls just the same as it is entertaining the family

O-Ku also offers a wide range of local beers, wines by the

when they are in town. I didn’t know places like this exist-

glass and bottle, and an extensive list of sake. Try the De-

ed in Charlotte.

watsuru Sakura Emaki Rose sake with O-Ku’s Spider Roll.


January/February 2017 |

While I was enjoying my Spider Roll, I smelled something that made my taste buds crave for more. The table next to us had ordered the Lobster & Wild Mushroom special cooked right in front of them on a unique, mini stone skillet. I couldn’t help but let my mouth water at the lobster preparing right in front of our eyes. The couple enjoyed their meal straight off the skillet which added a unique appeal to the dish reflective of the restaurant itself. O-Ku is still a new neighbor to Charlotte and the service showed. While I had made a reservation a week in advance, we still ended up waiting for a table on a Monday night. After being seated, the service was more of

The sweet bubbles of the sake pair nicely with crispy crab and shrimp picks. Speaking of my “go-to” Spider Roll, O-Ku’s was perfection. The tempura of the soft shell crab




point combined with the bold salmon flavor and fresh, green avocado. To be honest, the roll didn’t even need soy sauce or wasabi to flavor it up which is something that is hard to find in most sushi specialty restaurants. As for my friend, she asked for the most colorful and popular dish which resulted in the beautifully plated Mermaid Roll. The sushi is uniquely presented on driftwood which pairs subtly, but nicely, with the seascape decor of the restaurant. Unique, functional, and beautiful - just like the food.

an “in and out” style than that of a “sit and enjoy yourself” affair. I don't know if it is the fact that I am a stickler for service or if it was the newness of the staff but needless to say, if O-Ku were to focus on their staff as much as it does their food, they will hit a homerun in the Charlotte scene. If there is one thing you get out of this review, it’s that O-Ku is a place to go to be somebody. It’s the equivalent of that dress you wear when you want everyone to know you’ve arrived. What are you waiting for?

Treat yo’self. 2000 South Boulevard, Suite 510 Charlotte, NC 28203 | January/February 2017


society sightings The Barefoot Gala


his years 5th Annual Samaritan’s Feet International Barefoot Gala was held at the Le Meridien Hotel here in Charlotte. The black tie event was an evening to Kick off you shoes, enjoy fabulous food, dance and mingle, and make a lasting difference in a child’s life. The organization shares a message of hope and love through washing

the feet of impoverished children around the world and adorning them with new shoes.




4 January/February 2017 |

Photos by Jeff Palmer, PPT














1. No Shoes, No Problem 2. Gary , Cathy, and Jaydon Reavis 3. Kick off your shoes 4. Fabulous food 5. Catherine Cole, Emily Duval 6. Debra Rotella, Holly and Douglas Reed 7. Dillon Hahn, Elizabeth Coggins, Ruthy Woodall 8. Evan and Missy Knox

9. Franchesca and Gina Bonfiglio, Marie Muller 10. Frank and Rachel Verdi 11. Harold Doctor, Kevin Morgan 12. Manny and Wale Ohonme, Phillip and Gladys Nelson 13. Yemi Ohonme, Lisa Wells, Dele Ohonme, Katie Vanderhoord 14. Lauren Woodall, Katie Shepherd, Kaitlyn Westmoreland 15. Lynette Jones, Matthew Miller 16. Trace Dodson, Madison Smith, Clarissa Cappadona | January/February 2017


society sightings Verse & Vino


erse & Vino is a signature event hosted by The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. This event brings nationally recognized authors to Charlotte every year to celebrate lifelong literacy and increase awareness and support for the library. Guests share an evening of conversation, cuisine, book signing and ďŹ ne wine. The event hosts

over 1,000 guests to support the Library’s mission : to create a community of readers and empower individuals with free access to information and the universe of ideas.




4 January/February 2017 |

Photos by Jeff Palmer, PPT














1.Verse & Vino signature wine 2. Alicia Bowers, Sarah Whitmire, Kelli Dunn 3. Book Signing 4. Fabulous wine 5. Allen Davis, Nikki Keith 6. Amy Hockett, Lauri Andreozzi, Selena Giovannelli 7. Kim Butler, Conctance Finch 8. Brian and Morgan Cromwell, Charles Bowman

9. Jamie Jolly, Elizabeth Sterling 10. Rosa Dest, Laura Pearson, Janet Trusty 11. Amy Richard, Stephanie Nance 12. Rumaan Alam 13. Carolyn Jackson, Rick Clauss 14. Walker Doermann, Chandler Martin, Sheena Patel 15. Judy Lekoski, Brandon Lunsford 16. Felice james, Jennifer Lane | January/February 2017


society sightings Taylor Richards & Conger ELEVENTY POP UP SHOP GRAND OPENING EVENT


fabulous evening filled with beautiful sportswear for men and women, live models in ELEVENTY clothing, hors d’oeuvres and beverages. Geoff Schneiderman and Erica Singer of Eleventy presented their Fall Collection of jackets, outerwear, knits, dresses, sport shirts and vests for the Grand Opening Event of the Eleventy PopUp-

Shop. This unique concept shop is housed within the TRC sportswear area and features this season’s entire Eleventy collection. It is a must see to appreciate and feel the fine fabrics and fit.




4 January/February 2017 |

Photos by Jeff Palmer, PPT














1. Chris Marelli 2. Eleventy Pop Up event 3. Eleventy clothing 4. Lindsay Boheler 5. Taylor Richars & Conger 6. Amanda Rudnik, Phillip Smyre 7. Doug Smith, Justin Nieves 8. Glenn Taylor

9. Jasmine Harward 10. Sonja Barnes, James Britt, Maureen Royale 11. Rolando and Suzetta Calzata 12. Karen Taylor, Nicole Shook, Katie Milam 13. Maureen Royale, Martha Jones 14. Tammy and John Griffith 15. George Hodge 16. Sonja Barnes, Singer Matthews, Maureen Royale | January/February 2017


society sightings Goods Friends Luncheon


atherine Browning, Alice Folger, Sally Saussy, and Patty Norman, assembled a group of women that would become known as Good Friends, an organization whose goal is to raise funds for those who need help but who have exhausted all other resources. This year they celebrated their 30th Anniversary with

the Good Friends Luncheon, held at the Charlotte Convention Center. One hundred percent of the funds raised at the luncheon go directly to helping the community. The donations collected at the luncheon sponsor an entire year of giving to the disadvantaged in the Charlotte area. In December a record crowd of over 1,500 women raised over $511,434 in just one hour! This was the highest amount in over30 years!




4 January/February 2017 |

Photos by Jeff Palmer, PPT














1. Charlotte Convention Center 2. Gary , Cathy, and Jaydon Reavis 3. Good Friends Luncheon 4. Alicia Morris, Helen King 5. A record crowd 6. Alyssa Levine, Nicole Sodoma, Amanda Cannavo 7. Camilla Turner, Liz Cathy 8. Nancy Stroud, Shirley McCoy

9. Kathy Collins Kim Bratton, Frank Dowd, Dottie Leatherwood 10. Chrystal Joy, Shay Merritt, Robbie Howell 11. Prudy Kornegay, Audra Tyree 12. Toya Allen, Whitney Wertz, Gretchen Nelly 13. Carrie Cook, Mary Ware 14. Myrna Medina, Jan Cook, Cathy Martin 15. Cynthia Yeager, Tamara Jordan 16. Velva Woollen, Kathleen Duncan, Judy OLeary | January/February 2017


society sightings Healing Hands of Joy at Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery


eason of Joy” exhibition at Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery featured inspiring works from the gallery artists especially created for this special exhibition. 20% of the gallery’s sales from the show went to benefit Healing Hands of Joy.

Healing Hands of Joy trains fistula survivors as Ambassadors in Zimbabwe. They empower these women with confi-

dence, knowledge and the resources to go back into their communities to help prevent injuries due to childbirth. Artists for this exhibition were given photographs of fistula survivors and the Ethiopian landscape to inspire their creative process and give them a subject matter to translate in their beauty. The outcome was prepossessing.



3 January/February 2017 |

Photos by Jeff Palmer, PPT




1. Senait Tarekekgn, Rebecca Walsh 2. Ann Neilson, Jeanne Ebert 3. Clark Neilson, Debbie and Greg Gorelick 4. Ashley Bowman, Devin Jaros 5. Arie Millner, Mia Frandsen






6. Julie Campbell, Scott Ball 7. Terry Hart, Susan Rankin 8. Sandy Scott, Susan Langer 9. Kim Gibbs, Cynthia Schaffner, Marcie Coker, Cynthia Ayers 10. John Ayers, Adrian Redmond | January/February 2017


society sightings Angels: The Collector’s Edition Book Signing


luncheon was held at The Charlotte Country Club to celebrate Anne Neilson’s newest beautiful coffee table book, Angels: The Collector’s Edition. The Collector’s Edition includes the largest collection of stories and fine art images to date. This book contains

the most beloved content from Angels In Our Midst PLUS an additional 154 pages that are filled with stories and art. Special Guest and luncheon speaker, Ron Hall shared moving stories from his NY Times best selling book Same Kind of Difference As Me. The book has been made into a major motion picture. We are looking forward to this movie release in 2017, with the stars Renee Zellweger, Greg Kinnear, Jon Voight, Djimon Hounsou and Olivia Holt. Ron wrote and produced the movie. Ron is an advocate for the homeless and The Collector’s Edition is dedicated to organizations across the country committed to fighting the effects of homelessness.




4 January/February 2017 |

Photos by Jeff Palmer, PPT














1. Angels: The Collector’s Edition. 2. Collection of stories and ďŹ ne art images 3. Anne Neilson, Ron Hall 4. Giving back is Sweet 5. Anne Neilson signing books 6. Paulette Cohen, Joy Lamb, Nell Bryant 7. Amy Spratt, Jenny Balch, Carol Gamble 8. Cindy Grantham, Christine Wade, Courtney Purviance

9. Chris Williamson, Alice Lavender 10. Beth Hall, Ashley Jeffcoat, Chris Totty, Jeff Jeffcoat 11. Theresa Florian, Missy Abin-Nader, Miriam Cron 12. Dee Reid, Teri Spears, Elizabeth and Matthew Brown 13. Kristin Everidge 14. Ron Hall signing books 15. Anne Cochran, Kelley Vieregg 16. Jessica Hood, Anne Sorrells, Carrie Woodard, Lisa Long | January/February 2017


society sightings House of Landor Trunk Show


un Pictures from the House of Landor Vintage clothing trunk sale. Hosted by the Queen City Style at the beautiful home of Pam Stowe. Guest vendors included Hallie Eban of Piet Jac Designs and Laryn Adams of ChezElle.




4 January/February 2017 |

Photos by Jeff Palmer, PPT














1. Hallie Aban jewelry 2.Vintage jewelry 3. Vintage jewelry 4. Vintage clothing 5. Looking for just the right piece 6. Vintage jewelry 7. Vintage clothing 8. Hallie Aban jewelry

9. Becky Hannum, Suzanne Fetcher 10. Meghan Abernathy, Stacy Cordes 11. Vintage clothing 12. Leanne Marshall, Lan Diep 13. Ann Tarwater, Marybeth Paulson 14. Katie Small, Lauren Adams, Leanne Marshall 15. Vintage jewelry 16. Stacy Robinson, Pam Stowe | January/February 2017


society sightings Charlotte Seen Ball


he Seen Ball was a Holiday Ball hosted by Charlotte Seen. The evenings aair was held at the Charlotte City Club. A sit down dinner was served while the evening performances consisted of : Megan Miller from Opera Carolina singing Ave Maria, Dance Productions, The Remix: Shohn Petty, Lori Long, Sabrina Perrell and Tracy

Faggart. Sugar Plum Ballet Fairies: Jenna Petty, Taylor Tarquin, Savanna Mayes, Alexei Alcombright, Sydney Magnum, Zoe Rabon. Soloist Professional Ballerina: Emily Green. Dance Center USA: Dmitriy Solomakha and Gabriela Sevillano Solomakha. Vocalist: Daniel De Solis. The Evening was topped o with dancing and dessert.




4 January/February 2017 |

Photos by Jeff Palmer, PPT














1. Altered State gift bags 2. Joe Cannamela, Juliana and Fernando Ramirez 3. Emanuel Diaz, Irma Frockt, Rita Miles 4. Megan Miller 5. Amanda Hollingsworth, Ellen Alvarado 6. Dr. Vincent Voci, Sandra Voci 7. Kayla Sandoval, Elizabeth Nagari, Jacqueline Brunton, Sandra Voci 8. Rob Mc Dowell, Marvin Frockt

9. Rita Miles, Berhan Nebioglu 10. Marie Royale, George Hodge 11. Michael and Susan Johnson 12. Jessica Rivet, Morgan Spangler 13. Sandra and David Webber 14. Zaidoon Al-Zubaidy 15. Tina Geisler, Ken Davies 16. Shayla Calloway, Cikora Udeagbala | January/February 2017



Life in Color

Styling and Logistics by Rita Miles | Photography by Southern Elite - Ray Dunbar Make up by Natalie Gladden | Hair by Beth Gunter Location : Ink n Ivy Charlotte | Clothes: House of Landor Models from Directions USA Model & Artist Management: Victoria Vesce, Cheyenne Jennings, McKenzie Walden | January/February 2017



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January/February 2017 | | January/February 2017



January/February 2017 | | January/February 2017



January/February 2017 | | January/February 2017


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January/February 2017 |

the New and the Next in Beauty



by Allie Withers

With cool temperatures that have you focused on staying warm, it is easy to get stuck in a beauty rut this time of the year. The glam of the holiday parties has passed and your T-Zone has started to beg for even more moisturizer after a chilly, windy morning run. The trick to staying on top of your beauty game is to switch it up. I know you’re probably thinking, “duh” but how many of you actually do it? The glory of makeup and

beauty products is that most retailers allow you to try before you buy - no shame attached. It’s like giving those stilettos you’ve been eyeing a night out for a comfort run before committing to the big purchase. What more could we fashionistas ask for?

If you enjoy cleansing, you're going to love toning. Trust me when I say that there is so much excitement coming to this beauty category this spring. Start with a unique cleanser to remove the dirt and grime that accumulates throughout the day. Once the skin is cleansed, use a toner(a water based product) to replenish the skin of the good nutrients the photo via

cleanser removed. After just a week, the glow will have returned to any wintery, dull skin. For extra ease, try Anthony Astringent Toner Pads to “eliminate impurities, tighten pores, and control shine.” | January/February 2017


If you like simplicity, you’re going to love no makeup makeup - think Alicia Key’s flawless complexion on this past season of the voice. Instead of your typical foundation base, try a killer BB cream instead like Tarte’s addicting BB Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer. Top your “base coat” with a cream blush instead of a powder for a more natural look. Finally, focus on the eyes with a quick eyebrow groom and one sweep of mascara. Estee Lauder’s newest brow product, the Brow Multi-Tasker, is perfection with three functions in one. For mascara, I recommend Chanel’s Le Volume Mascara for a simple, yet impactful boost. photo via

If you hopped on the ombre lip trend this past fall, you’re going to love two tone lips. Makeup artist Sammy Mourabit nailed it when he experimented with this up and coming trend. It’s what I like to call an “achievable statement” because you don't have to be super committed or experiment with crazy colors to nail it. Choose two similar lipsticks within the same tonal family (my favorite: classic red on bottom and a hot pink on the top) for best results. Far enough away, your lips will just look like a statement but up close, they appear fun, flirty and fashionable. photo via

Tone it down with neutral mattes for a cooler work look.

If you rely on a good primer, you’re going to love finishing sprays. I’m sure you’ve heard friends raving over Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray. Because of this, every beauty brand on the market is hopping after the same trend, we benefit with the best of the best products simply trying to win us all over. Some new ones to try? We recommend MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix or NYX’s Matte Makeup Setting Spray.


January/February 2017 |

photo via

on the finishing spray bandwagon. When big beauty brands all go

If you love a good clay mask, you’re going to love sheet masks. I don’t know if you’ve seen the famous viral shot of Victoria Beckham basking in her Estee Lauder ANR Mask glory but it is mask changing. The intriguing effect of a concentrated formula in a sheet is just plain innovative. From my experience working in a beauty buying office, I recommend saving sheet masks for those nights you really need a 180 degree skin turn around. Besides Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Recovery mask for ultimate moisture, give Origin’s Plantscriptio Youth-Renewing Sheet Mask a shot for devitalized skin or Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask for a more clear, healthier complexion.

photo via @victoriabeckham on Instagram

If you’re into contouring, try draping. The statement lip and eye have come and gone - make way for statement blush. Draping involves sculpting along your cheekbones with to lift, sculpt and ultimately perfect the cheeks. The trick is to use two shades of blush when draping and blend them together for the ultimate pop. Apply the lighter shade above the apples of your cheeks and the darker below then, you guessed it, blend. Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Brick is perfect for draping - try it with their award winning Blush Brush. Whether you choose to stay neutral with a no makeup makeup look or try a pop of color with draping, we hope these up and coming trends have you inspired in this drab weather. photo via

Stay fabulous,

Charlotte Girls! | January/February 2017


Photos by Wanda Koch 52

January/February 2017 |

POWERING into the future Hilliard Studio Method’s fitness gurus launch book, interactive site


By Sarah Pryor illiard Studio Method is the hottest

health,” Hilliard said. That’s why in a addition to workout

workout scene in Charlotte, and for

videos, the website features components on healthy eat-

good reason. Creator and owner Liz

ing, emotional well-being and en-joying life.

Hilliard’s core-centric combination of

Hilliard believes finding your strength is about more

resistance training with weights, barre

than just muscle tone. Her book “Be Powerful: Find your

and Pilates is unlike any class you’ve

strength at any age,” which has been flying off the shelves

taken before. But don’t be intimidated — people of any age

since its release late last year, encourages readers to find

or fitness level can walk into the studio at 516 Fenton Place

their mental and physical “edge” regardless of their stage

and join right in. Liz, her daughter Clary Hilliard Gray or

of life.

one of their instructors will help you find a modification and a pace that works for you. It stands to reason that HSM would expand from its spaces in Myers Park and Davidson, but the ladies weren’t satisfied with just opening another physical location. They wanted to bring the method to anyone, anywhere in the world. That’s why they launched a new, interactive website where people can purchase a membership and use videos to customize their workouts based on time, fitness level, body part and more. It’s a great option for people who don’t live in the area, moms who like to try to sneak in a workout while the kids are napping and everyone else who likes to have flexibility in their fitness plan. With consistency, Liz and Clary say HSM can change clients’ bodies and minds. “At end end of the day, it’s about results. And how you look is just part of it — our emphasis is on whole body | January/February 2017


Filled with advice on healthy eating, tips for exercises

looked so amazing on Gray’s special day. Hilliard started

to do at home and affirmations that will help readers tap

teaching the method to small but quickly-growing groups

into their inner power source, “Be Powerful” also chroni-

of people first in her home, then a ballet studio and eventu-

cles Hilliard’s journey from childhood, through trials and

ally her current space. Gray loved the creativity and energy

tribulations, all the way to the helm of a growing fitness

she and her mother shared while creating the method so


much, she decided to step off the corporate ladder to join

Hilliard and Gray didn’t always plan to become fitness gurus. It happened organically.

Hilliard in crafting workout routines that would change clients’ lives for the better.

In 2007, Gray was working on toning her body for her

“Be powerful” is written on the wall of HSM’s studio in

upcoming wedding when she realized she wasn’t getting

big, bold letters. It’s Hilliard’s mantra, which she works to

the results she wanted from her seven-day workout plan

pass on to her clients at every turn.

that included hour-long runs, yoga and more. She went to

“No matter where you are in life, it’s important to un-

“At the end of the day, it’s about results. And how you look is just part of it — our emphasis is on whole body health.” the expert — her mom — to find a better solution. Hilliard,

derstand your own strength,” Hilliard says in her book.

an accomplished Pilates instructor who herself had hit an

“And the more you feel supported, the more strength and

exercise plateau, immediately began researching the new-

support you have to give. The empowerment of women

est, safest, most effective ways to see results quickly.

supporting women can’t be understated. It’s important at

The ladies found that by combining the best parts of popular methods like Pilates and barre with weights,

every stage in life, and it’s our goal to give that power to clients every time they walk in our door.”

bands and other low-impact movement, they not only could change their bodies, they could also banish the boredom that comes with repeating the same workout class over and over. “You’ll never do the same workout twice,” Gray said of both the in-studio classes and the new online videos. “We keep the body guessing and working hard.” After the wedding, Hilliard’s personal training clients wanted to know the secret to how she and her daughter


January/February 2017 |

HIlliard Studio Method® 516 Fenton Place Charlotte, North Carolina 28207 | January/February 2017


Warm & Cozy By Sarah Pryor

What better way to escape winter’s icy chill than by sneaking into a cozy bar or restaurant to sip a warm drink by the fire? Fortunately the Queen City is home to dozens of places that have a fire feature. Here are a few of our favorites.

Dogwood Southern Table & Bar 4905 Ashley Park Lane

Not one but TWO fireplaces make this rustic Southpark restaurant the perfect place to take refuge from the cold. Offering a large list of varied entrees as well as small plates perfect for sharing, Dogwood is a great spot for date night or group outings. The menu changes frequently and includes unique fare like sorghum-sesame glazed pork belly with peach chutney and spaghetti squash. General Manager Tim Buchanan (also the GM at Dressler’s Restaurant) told us the bar serves happy hour from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, when you can get $1 oysters and $5 grass-fed burgers. If you’re in more of a sipping mood, try the best-selling Legends of the Fall cocktail: rye whiskey, spiced simple syrup, house bitters and orange zest all in a Ceylon cinnamon bark smoked glass.

Stone Mountain Grill 15719 Brixham Hill Ave.

This mountain-lodge style eatery in Ballantyne has a unique fireplace on a patio that can be closed in when the weather cools down. Hoping to catch the big game? The patio also has several wide-screen TVs, making it a perfect spot to snack and cheer on your team. If you’d rather be fully indoors (there’s another fireplace inside), sit by the bar and grab an appetizer like firecracker shrimp or fresh fried asparagus spears. All the flavors on the menu are inspired by the great outdoors. Red meat lovers will enjoy the steak fajita tacos, and if you’re in the mood for lighter fare, check out the roasted pear and chicken salad.

The Workman’s Friend 1531 Central Ave.

It’s no secret that The Workman’s Friend has a garden that’s good for warmer weather, but don’t forsake this Irish Pub in Plaza Midwood just because the temperatures are dropping. Snuggle in next to the fireplace to try some traditional Irish fare like shepherd’s pie and the much raved-about fish and chips. If that’s not your thing, the menu has lots of other unique options like sweet potato gnocchi and a selection of charcuterie. This place has a great selection of brews — Irish, domestic and local — as well as a list of unique cocktails like ‘The Workman’s Friend’: Jameson, vanilla bean, ginger root cane syrup and fresh orange juice.

The Fig Tree Restaurant 1601 E. 7th St.

There’s nothing more romantic than having a drink by the fireplace inside an actual house, but if your place doesn’t have the space for a chimney, this restaurant inside a 1913 Craftsman-style bungalow in Elizabeth is the next best thing. Named for the trees on the grounds, The Fig Tree Restaurant feels cozy yet upscale and is impeccably historically preserved. It’s menu of high-end fare like foie gras, elk chops and chèvre cheesecake with pear gelee make it the perfect date night spot. But its impressive wine list and French press coffees will appeal to even those who find themselves date-less this winter. Warm up by one of the multiple fireplaces with one of The Fig Tree’s specialty coffee cocktails like the Caribbean cafe: cappuccino with spiced rum and butterscotch schnapps. | January/February 2017





843.709.5979 | WWW.ONYX-INTERIORS.COM | SUMMER@ONYX-INTERIORS.COM January/February 2017 |

Iceland F

a natural wonder photos by

or those of you who sometimes feel overwhelmed about where to go on your next vacation, there is a country that is full of eye-opening natural wonder. Iceland is filled with beautiful nature, wonderful food, and inspiring art. It has become a mecca for photographers looking to capture all of its mystical power and raw natural northern beauty.

Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts. A place where ice and fire co-exist. Where dark winters

are offset by the summer’s midnight sun. A country where insular existence has spurred a rich and vibrant culture. Iceland is not a destination. It is an adventure. For anyone interested in natural land-scapes, filled with raw power, Iceland is an absolute must. Not to mention a dip in the healing, anti-aging Blue Lagoon hot springs. Soaking up the powers of this natural wonder. (BTW: often the official airline of Iceland, Icelandicair will allow free stopovers up to seven days at no extra cost on your way to and from Europe.) Clearing up that weather myth. Even though Iceland may be at the top of the world, winter temperatures are often warmer than Paris, London and New York.

Iceland is a dazzling country. | January/February 2017


Some of the oating icebergs from the Glacier Lagoon called Jokulsarlon on the Eastern coast of the country. Visitors can take boat rides in the Glacier lagoon to see these massive to small icebergs going to sea. (notice the small bird to understand the scale of these icebergs)

Gulfoss - the largest falls in iceland


January/February 2017 |


One of the many churches in

Iceland. This Church is called Hvalsneskirkja at Reykjanesskagi. Each town in Iceland will have a church for its residents.

One of the typical styles of


Icelandic homes, this blue house is near the coast outside of Keavik. | January/February 2017



January/February 2017 |

The Blue Lagoon! A must stop for any visitor to Iceland. This Thermal bath is a place to relax and enjoy the sensation from this resort. Icelanders embrace bathing in hot springs and swimming pools with passion. | January/February 2017


This waterfall, Godafoss in


Bardarda is one by the side of the road. As you explore this island the size of Kentucky you will see countless beautiful falls!

Looking up the street in the City Center (downtown) Reykjavik in the distance the Icelandic Church


of Christ.


January/February 2017 | | January/February 2017


RUM Away with Me by Elizabeth Sheehy


January/February 2017 |


ore often than not the images as-

The time and effort put in to each bottle is apparent the

sociated with drinking rum include

first time you take a sip. Caroline explained to me a little

white sand beaches, clear turquoise

bit about what sets rum apart from other spirits. “Rum

water and some sort of fruit contain-

has to be made from sugar cane products, liquors catego-

er. However, nestled on the banks

rized by what it's made from. Like brandy has to be made

of the Catawba River about a twenty-minute drive from

from fruit, bourbon and whiskey has to be a certain per-

central Charlotte, the Muddy River Distillery seeks to go

centage of corn and then you can use other grains. Rum

against the stereotypical tropical imagery. The owners,

has to be sugar cane. You can use cane juice or cane syrup

Robbie and Caroline Delaney explained that when choos-

or different types of molasses, different grades.”

ing how to market their product they decided to stay away

In addition to base ingredients, what goes into making a

from the typical images of palm trees and pirates. That be-

bottle of Muddy River’s small batch rum is a little different

ing said, as the first rum distillery in North Carolina, Mud-

than at larger companies.

dy River is anything but typical. What started out as a hobby out of the Delaneys’ kitchen over five years ago has now transformed into a full time job. That’s when, Caroline explains, they realized “Oh hey, you don't have to be a millionaire to start a distillery.” But that didn’t mean there wasn’t a learning curve. She continues “I knew nothing about this and the chemistry behind it really, and it was self-taught, just learning as we go, reading about it, watching stuff on YouTube and taste testing.” But the size of the company is not the only thing that sets Muddy River apart from other North Carolina distilleries.

“Well, it all starts with fermentation, you want to have a nice clean product. Then, the distillation, we run it long and slow. We don’t want to just push it through, we can have it pumping out, rum pumping out like a garden hose.”

Finally, when asked what her favorite rum drink was Caroline responds with the same adventurous attitude that led the Delaney’s to starting their own distillery. “I love going to different bars and seeing what the mixologist can make.” At home however she likes to stick to simple drinks. “I usually do the coconut rum and club soda and a lime. It's amazing. You're still getting that nice coconut flavor but it's bubbly and refreshing. It's not super sweet.”

“A lot of rums add sugar and stuff afterwards to make it sweet but our silver rum is just-- we take it from the still and add water to proof it down and Queen Charlotte as well, there's no sugar, coloring or flavoring, anything to it.” North Carolina is most often associated with whiskey and moonshine. One

It’s this mix of willing



coupled with the respect for a simple, quality product that characterizes a bottle of Muddy River rum.

of the struggles that Muddy River faces is how to get this state full of bourbon drinkers turned on to the sweeter spirit. They explain that once they are here visitors are often surprised at how flavorful their product is without that cloying sweetness that is often associated with lower quality rums, the tough part is just getting people to have that first taste. “I would definitely say give it a try. We get a lot, "I had this one bad experience in college." Well, what rums have you ever had? The most two are like Bacardi and Captain Morgan, those are two huge companies that are just pumping it out. You try a craft rum, usually we make it small batch, we're more hands on. We taste everything that goes into the bottle. We know we're the smaller guys who are going to be a little higher priced so we have to make a better product.”


January/February 2017 |

You can find Muddy River Distillery Products in ABC Stores in North and South Carolina and at the Muddy River Distillery in Belmont, NC. | January/February 2017


How to bring


L♥VE into your

LIFE by Jessica McGregor Johnson


o often I hear the question – how can I have

“Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”

more love in my life? Love is something we

was written by Anne Herbert on a placemat in 1982 and

all want and because of our fairy tales we

became known all over the world. This is one powerful

grow thinking that it is something to be got,

way of giving love. Set an intention to look for ways where

something to be found, something that some-

you can practice random kindness, where you can give –

one else has to give us. Not true. Love is the secret sensa-

even if it is only to give a smile to a homeless person on

tion of the Soul. Love is who we are. No one can give us

the street. When we give love we tap into the inner love in

love – it is already within us. But someone can be a great

ourselves and we instantly feel love too. That love radiates

mirror to show us that love is already within. And when

out from us and multiplies.

that happens we can share that great love that is who we are with another.

And what’s all this to do with finding that one to share love with? Love is a vibration within us and when we are

When I work with anyone who wants to create a rela-

attracted to someone it is because we share a similar vi-

tionship in their life, to have love, I always start with them.

bration – if you feel desperate for love your vibration is

I say that until you can love yourself love cannot be present in your life. Loving yourself is that first step. That does not mean “wow look at me how great I am’ but being loving towards yourself. How often do you beat yourself up, give yourself a hard time and put yourself last? Would you treat some one you love like that? Probably not. To attract love into your life you need to be that love, because like attracts like. So start with loving yourself, treating yourself how you’d treat the one you love. Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself any mistakes, celebrate with yourself any wins. Treat yourself to little luxuries. Nurture yourself. Another way you love yourself is to listen to your body, what does it need, rest, fun, relaxation, exercise? Love yourself in every way. There is a saying - give what you most want to receive. It is the law of reciprocation – what

not going to attract love – but more desperation. When

you give out must come back. So if you want more love –

you focus on feeling love every day – love for yourself and

what can you do? Give more love. Once you have begun to

giving love to the world then you not only are you putting

give more love to yourself take a look around - where can

love out in the world but you also turn on the green light.

you give more love? Maybe it is within your work – how can

There is nothing more attractive than someone who is so

you be more loving with those around you? Or with your

happy with life, who loves life, who radiates love.

family – what can you let go of and see them for just who they are and love them any way? Where can you give love?

Be that beacon and watch how that love gets mirrored in another’s eyes! | January/February 2017






40 X 40

WE’ VE moved FROM SouthEnd TO SouthPark 5 32 GOVERNOR MORR ISON S TREE T‚ SUITE C-11 0 | CHARLOT TE ‚ NC 282 11 |


January/February 2017 |


Magical Coaching HORSES Combination of and

by Jessica McGregor Johnson


or anyone who has spent time with horses

stress in your life, or heal something from the past so you

they will know just how wise and loving

can move on and create anew. Or you may need to heal an

these gentle giants are. They are the most

issue that you are currently dealing with or heal the frus-

wonderful mirrors for whatever is going

tration you feel about life. Or it could be that your healing

on in life. Put together horses and per-

is just about getting clear on what’s next in life. This re-

sonal coaching and you have a magical combination. Horses are powerful authentic beings and on the Heal-

treat is to bring you back to yourself, to nurture you and to reconnect with life and that in itself is a healing.

ing with Horses retreat we use them as a wonderful coach-

But it’s not all work and no play. There will be plenty

ing tool to reflect back insights into our current reality.

of fun playtime to take the both horses and yourself for a

They provide unbiased feedback that we simply can’t ig-

swim at the beach and to spend time in the beautiful gar-

nore. And through them, we learn to reconnect to our-

dens of the villa just relaxing and having that all-import-

selves again.

ant quiet time. You’ll have plenty of time to sit by the pool

This 6-day retreat on the most beautiful, luxurious is-

and our wonderful in-house chef will make sure you are

land of Mustique in the Caribbean combines coaching with

nurtured with delicious food the whole time you are there.

the most beautiful horses you’ll ever meet. You’ll not only get a chance to have coaching on horseback as we ride on the trails and beaches (nothing like that rhythmical feeling for relaxing the mind and getting insights) but you’ll have group coaching sessions with them too. They will act as one of your guides and through them you are going to gain insight into your current behavior, what’s stopping you and how to move beyond it. In addition to the coaching sessions with the horses, you’ll have individual coaching so you’ll have time to ad-

If you’d like to join us the next retreat is on 3rd – 10th June 2017. For more details you can go to Or call Jessica on +44 203 239 6155 or email her at

dress any private issues that are on your mind. Healing

We can then arrange a time to have a chat about the

comes in many forms. You may need to heal from the

retreat and you can ask all the questions you have.


January/February 2017 |

Jessica McGregor Johnson is an international Life

Jessica runs retreats – both her Healing with Horses re-

Guide, Mentor and Coach. She is the author of The Right

treat and individual retreats in Spain. She runs her Heal-

T-Shirt, Write Your Own Rules and Live the Life You

ing with Horses retreat with Liz Saint. Liz is an Equine

Want and Remembering Perfection – Everyday Inspira-

Specialist and Life Coach. She has worked with horses for

tion for Living Your Spiritually.

over 35 years and trained as a Life Coach and decided to

Jessica helps people who are experiencing their own

combine her skills to incorporate horses into her coaching

personal Wake Up Call. Most are very successful in their

work. To that end she qualified as an EAGALA (Equine

chosen careers, but even with all the success they feel pret-

Assisted Growth and Learning) Equine Specialist. She

ty miserable with where their life is. They are at a cross-

and Jessica now combine their skills to offer the Healing

roads and know that there must be more meaning in life

with Horses retreat.

than they currently feel.

Working with her they discover


anew, identify their true passions, and how live



it be in their work or personal life. | January/February 2017


electric Licensed - Master - Electrician

Over 30 Years Experience Specializing in your residential needs Rob McDowell 704.607.6705 78

January/February 2017 |

ZODiAC Manish’s Zodiac Signs Predictions for



( 20 January – 18 February )

( 19 February – 20 March )

January is going to offer up a slightly mixed bag of successes as certain challenges are thrown in your path. You may find you have calculated certain financial estimates incorrectly and now you are going to have to reassess the resources at your disposal. If you are involved in a relationship then it could be time to reassess where you are and what you want because this person is sure to make you question the status quo. If you are single then you could be about to embark upon the greatest experience of your life. Favourable Dates : Jan 3, 9, 12, 18, 21 & 27. Favourable Colors : Yellow & Brown

The time has come to relinquish control of situations and people in your life. You can no longer cling to old doctrines of ownership On the work front, certain changes to personnel and procedures could lead to your role being more complicated going forward and you should not be afraid to speak out if you have a grievance. You need to be less assertive than usual, it’s possible you could hold in too much frustration and let it build up into so much tension that you become overly anxious and mentally stressed out. Favourable Dates : Jan 1, 5, 10, 14, 23, 28 & 30. Favourable Colors : Yellow & White. | January/February 2017







( 21 March – 19 April )

( 21 May – 20 June)

You are going to embark upon an exciting new business deal this month, as plans sketched out earlier finally become a reality. If in job, you are finding that changing the direction of your career is a difficult and indeed draining process and you may very well have to set yourself a deadline before you reconsider your current course of action. On the romance front a long-term relationship is feeling a little tired and you may want to consider spicing up your love life or risk losing what was once very important to you. Favourable Dates : Jan 2, 9, 11, 18, 20 & 29. Favourable Colors : White & Yellow

You wrestle with many doubts over your own abilities, present in no small part because of certain setbacks you have suffered, both professionally and emotionally. You can prove difficult company to keep, especially when your infamous moody side comes to the fore. This month someone in your close circle is going to challenge you and the outcome of this confrontation will prove decisive. You should consider carefully where your own actions are likely to lead. Take time to be still, listen to that inner wisdom, and see if you can’t make some long-term decisions. Favourable Dates : Jan 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 & 28. Favourable Colors : Purple & Blue



Signs Predictions for

MBER 2016 ( 21 June – 22 July )

( 20 April – 20 May )


November 2016

Money and travel are two key features of your life this month and both offer favorable outcomes that will continue to bring rewards well. The principal reason for your success will be down to co-ordination and you can take great satisfaction that everything will work out as you had intended. Taking the initiative is something you are good at, so don’t be afraid to exert your influence where required. On the relationship front, a barren spell is starting to knock your confidence; however, you don’t need to get down about this. Favourable Dates : Jan 5, 8, 14, 17, 23 & 26. Favourable Colors : Red & Blue

You are feeling overwhelmed and need some rest. Your senses are on high alert, but don’t let yourself become too overburdened by life. You will find yourselves dealing with a sickness or a stressful situation that has you feeling worn down and possibly at a loss for sleep. If you are a little bit under the weather, consider putting off a few of the daily duties you have on your extensive ‘to do’ list. Your intuition maybe be talking to you, sending out messages to clarify a confusing situation currently present in your love life.



January/February 2017 |

Favourable Dates : Jan 3, 10, 11, 19, 24 & 28. Favourable Colors : Yellow & Blue

November 2016




( 23 July – 22 August )

( 23 September – 22 October )

You are at a point this month where you are looking back and taking stock of all the good things in your life. Through hard work and effort you have created something to be truly proud of. Yet there is someone around you who likes to squash that happy feeling with a not-so-positive denial of your efforts. Trust your support and go with cooperation, collaboration, the sharing of tasks and accepting support whenever possible. Someone of elegance and sophistication is about to make an entrance into your social circle and change things for you in dramatic fashion. Favourable Dates : Jan 2, 7, 11, 16, 20 & 25. Favourable Colors : Black & Blue

Sound business sense will see you go far this month. You will be excited by the opportunities that are on show for you. These opportunities have opened many doors and the potential for expansion and financial rewards remains significant. You have more wisdom than you think and can solve most of your problems with the knowledge you’ve gained over these last few months On the relationship front, you need to temper your desires after your association with a work colleague develops into something more serious.



( 23 August – 22 September )

( 23 October – 21 November )

Intuitive abilities will be in good form, and you would be wise to take a few moments to listen to warnings and advice from your ‘inner pool’ of wisdom and hope. Whether it is the development of psychic abilities, or nudges from your spirit guides, you are well protected and surrounded by the invisible realm. Good news in the form of financial abundance and success in work and family life would be there. Things have turned around and life looks to be on the bloom. You have done things the right way, and will see positive results. Favourable Dates : Jan 5, 9, 14, 18, 23 & 27. Favourable Colors : Red & Brown.

You will have to take a look inside yourself and assess thing clearly. You can no longer win by dishonest means. The time has come to relinquish control of situations and people in your life. You can no longer cling to old doctrines of ownership. You have been holding so tight and trying to manipulate the situation to your advantage and it’s just not going to work anymore. If you are chained to unhealthy habits, eating, relationships, or the usual alcohol and drugs, please know that things will not change until you change. Favourable Dates : Jan 2, 4, 11, 13, 22 & 24. Favourable Colors : Orange & Blue.

Favourable Dates : Jan 1, 3, 10, 12, 21 & 22. Favourable Colors : White & Yellow. | January/February 2017



ZODiAC ZODiAC Sagittarius


( 22 November -21 December )

( 22 December – 19 January )

You have more wisdom than you think and can solve most of your problems with the knowledge you’ve gained over these last few months. An opportunity for justice is coming, although a dominant male in your life may try to block and twist evidence to his liking. You have got yourself involved with some ‘slippery’ fellows and justice might be an expensive exercise. It’s important to not take everyone at face value this month. If you are feeling low and need to confide in a friend, it might be important not to divulge too much of your information.

Financially, things are set to improve as you enter new year because of your own efforts to tighten the purse strings and moderate your outgoings. An existing business needs new ideas and you would do well to investigate unorthodox solutions as a means of getting an operation back on track. You seem determined in finding a more positive mindset to deal with life. This month is a good time to find balance and enjoyment; to rest and re-energize. In love matters, something amazing is waiting for you, but you must believe in your inner strength to move on. Favourable Dates : Jan 3, 5, 12, 14, 21 & 23. Favourable Colors : Red & White.

Favourable Dates : Jan 3, 9, 12, 18, 21 & 27. Favourable Colors : Brown & Blue.


November 2016

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Q&A with Hair and Make-up Artist

Q Why did you choose this profession? have always loved making people feel good about A Ithemselves. There is nothing better than finishing their look and they leave the salon ecstatic about their appearance. Confidence can do so much for people. It’s not just about making them look good. It’s about what they feel as a result.

Q What are the biggest challenges hair and make-up artists have to face?

day in age… Pinterest! Because of sites like PinA This terest sometimes clients can have unrealistic expecta-

Beth Gunter

moisturized skin. When your skin is well taken care of it provides the perfect canvas. If a customer asks for a style that you are sure would Q not suit them, how do you convince the customer to go otherwise? my regular clients it doesn’t take convincing. A With They trust me. If it’s a new client that’s unsure, I just make sure and have a thorough consultation. I ask a TON of questions, and really listen to the clients answers, to be sure we are on the same page. For example, if the client says they don’t like red, I will ask what do you consider red? Often times it’s just any warm

tions. As stylists we need to up our game in communi-

tone and other times it is an actual red that they don’t

cation so that the guest can have a better understanding

like. You have to understand their language and where

of what can or possibly can not be done with their hair.

they are coming from. Body language says a lot too.

This is also true in pricing large projects such as go-

If you notice someone is squirming in the chair a lot

ing from dark to light or corrective color. As stylists

don’t proceed yet. That can mean they aren’t clear or

we need to get better at having up front conversations

comfortable with what you are moving forward with.

about pricing and giving our clients options that can

In that case you want to go back over everything and

work with their budget.

be sure they are comfortable with the process. I have

As a make-up artist I would say the lack of skin care

found this especially true when I am doing a color cor-

knowledge on the clients part. I can’t emphasize

rection on a new client.

enough how important it is to have well balanced and | January/February 2017


Q What are some of the events you have covered? A I have worked multiple hair shows for Keune Haircos-

metics, multiple look and learn classes and hands on classes in which I train experienced licensed stylists, multiple fashion shows where I prep the models for different designers. I am currently on the books to work Knoxville FW, Charlotte FW, LA FW, and New York Fashion Week next year. Also I recently took on hair and make-up for different photoshoots featured in magazines.

Q Tell me about your experience as a Hair artist?


took cosmetology in high

school so I could have my license by 18 years old. For the first couple years of being licensed I found the top stylists in the area and trained under them. I did this so I could learn to customize everything. That’s my biggest thing. I like to make sure all my clients have what they want and need. I don’t like complacency and I’m like a sponge. I LOVE to learn and grow my knowledge so I have more to offer. That’s how I became an educator. I have a passion for sharing knowledge and helping others grow.

Q Do you design Hair and makeup for special events? A All the time. I love it! To get to use my creativity to the fullest is such a great feeling. It’s so rewarding!


January/February 2017 |

Q What is the difference between doing hair and makeup for a TV shoot or photo shoot and for a live appearance party?

A With TV, you want to stay away from shimmery or shiny make up. TV and photoshoots you have to stay close by for touch ups because you don’t want their skin getting oily and getting a shiny forehead. With a live appearance you can use shimmer but be sure you set the make up when it’s completed because you don’t want it settling into the creases of the skin.

Q How do you determine a client’s undertone before you A Their face shape and certain facial features that should decide what hair color technique to use?

be accentuated. For example, if they have really beau-

A That depends on their natural color level and how fine

tiful eyes you want to be sure and cut the front so that

or coarse their hair is. For example, my hair is about

is what they do on a day to day basis. If they want tons

a level 6, but it’s very fine so you won’t see any red

of layers but they are a stay at home mom with little

undertones when lifting, but a level 6 on coarse hair

ones and want the option of pulling their hair back

would definitely have red undertones. From there you

then this can change up the style quite a bit. In that

choose what you want in your formula to counteract

case you have to find that perfect balance so they love

those undertones and create the look you want.

it when they style it too.

it draws more attention to the eyes. Another big factor

Q How would you decide what haircut and style looks Q What are you most known for behind the chair? best on a client? A Customizing, especially with color. My favorite is when I have a new client that needs color correction because it challenges me a little.

Q What was it like working Charlotte fashion week this year?

A It was amazing in every way! Amazingly perfect and

chaotic. Haha I worked with 9 designers and 3 boutiques. I had 18 stylists and make-up artists scheduled to assist. The first night I only had 6 people. The second and third days it was just me and 1 assistant! The riots downtown scared off all my help. We did over 150 models hair and make-up! It was INSANE. They all looked fabulous though. I would never let someone walk without looking 100% complete and clearance from the designer first.

Q What are some of the trends we will see for the holidays this year?

A That depends on age but what I think we will see the

most is that Hollywood glamour. Wavy elegant hair and natural make-up with subtle hints of color.

Q How can someone contact you for an appointment? For appointments you can reach me at

980.521.2131 | January/February 2017


Charlotte Seen 2017 Calendar

February 22, 2017 - Model Casting (Females, Males, Children) Paul Mitchell School

Charlotte, 1516 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204, TIME 1pm to 3 pm - Pre Register on

line at, under get involved button, then model application, then

submit - Female and Male MODELS in all black attire, Children in their own style attire.

March 11, 2017

April 1, 2017

April 1, 2017

May 21, 2017

Mommy, My Doll and Me, Embassy Suites Uptown

June 24, 2017

The Summer Seen, Embassy Suites Uptown

July 8, 2017

All Access Party (themed MAD HATTER) Embassy Suites Uptown

Sept. 19-23, 2017

Charlotte Fashion Week, Embassy Suites Uptown

December, 2017

The Seen Ball, Charlotte City Club

Haute Dogs in the City, Location TBA

Balloons & Bubbly, Embassy Suites Uptown Passport for Fashion, Embassy Suites Uptown

1212 Pecan Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205 (704) 333-9197 •



January/February 2017 |

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