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29 October - 4 November


A Lyes and Jones Exhibition


yes & Jones is a specialist dealer in contemporary art. We work with passionate artists who have developed their own style and identity, bringing them to a sophisticated audience who seek quality, originality and inspiration. It is our defining belief that collecting art is a long-term lifestyle passion, facilitating an involvement with innovation and creativity.

his autumn, established exhibitor Lyes & Jones will bring to London their latest exhibition, which promises to thrill and push the boundaries to delight visitors. Go Hard or Go Home will be an innovative show featuring exclusive previews of some of the art world’s most acclaimed street artists. From 29th October – 4th November, never seen before works from Pure Evil, Sickboy, Sweet Toof and many more will be showcased in the creative hub of The Rag Factory just off Brick Lane. Lyes & Jones’ ethos is working with credible artists who have developed their own style and identity, bringing them to a sophisticated audience who seek quality, originality and inspiration. The exhibition is designed not just for art collectors and investors, but also for art enthusiasts who would like to take a piece of this bold and dynamic movement home with them. Go Hard or Go Home, epitomizes the work that a street artist must achieve in a very limited time scale. Often self taught and with a healthy disregard for the ‘rules’, today’s most influential and exciting artists haven’t tread the traditional gallery path to success. Instead they come from a host of seemingly diverse and unorthodox backgrounds; Street Art, Graffiti, Rave, Skateboarding, Film and Fashion. These forms of art have undoubtedly played a huge part in modernising the current art scene and culture. Unlike traditional art, it does not rely on reviews and instead is very much a social art movement, relying heavily on the internet and social media to create and maintain a buzz around the artist. In his first collaboration with Lyes & Jones, curator Jono Patrick Boyle from Bristol, will guide visitors through the exhibition infusing them with all the authenticity and excitement surrounding urban art and the streets of Bristol that inspire so many artists. An established artist himself, Jono or Motorboy as he is know to his peers, has an innate understanding of what it is to be a street artist and what it entails to allow him a successful career working in the self-defined post-street art landscape. As a curator and artist, Jono regularly exhibits and is collected around the world, has been included in art auctions. He has work in public collections, including both of Bristol’s city museums and has had work (as Motorboy) in Street Art books on both Bristol and Berlin.



he exhibition will showcase the work of over 15 established and emerging artists. Some of the most established names include Pure Evil, Sweet Tooth and Sick Boy whose art is instantly recognizable as well as many more. Further to a number of the renowned more well known pieces, there will also be a number of new and exclusive pieces on offer for the exhibition. A descendent of Sir Thomas More who wrote the controversial book Utopia in 1516, Pure Evil’s work unequivocally explores the darker side of the wreckage of Utopian dreams as well as the myth of the Apocalypse, a belief in the lifechanging event that brings history with all its conflicts to an end. After 10 years in California where he first discovered street art, Pure Evil plotted and started producing dark new prints and artwork in a tiny shed in the Black Mountains of Wales. He moved back to London, debuted his first Pure Evil Solo Show. He has since become an established street artist, not only opening his eponymous Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch in 2007, but he has also exhibited worldwide. A number of other leading artists will also feature, including Mambo, who grew up in Latin America and it was at the tender age of 15 that he became interested in art. The son of a writer and diplomat, Mambo speaks of how he was able to converse with people from both the ghettos to the richer areas and it was from this experience, that he has striven to develop a language for all, one that he states “a whole lifetime won’t suffice to produce them all my ideas”. A language that he has successfully achieved through the interplay of lines and spontaneous designs, thus creating an expressive graphic universe, full of underlying meanings, combining observation, ambiguity and humour but the core theme is always humanity. The artists being exhibited may indeed be disparate and unorthodox but it is this that injects a vitality and up to the minute cultural resonance into the work that is undeniably contagious, and explains why this is some of the most exciting, most essential and most desired work being produced anywhere in the world today. The stylish backdrop of The Rag Factory will be the perfect blank canvas to create an illuminating exhibition right from the home of the Capital’s urban art scene, East London. Guests will be guided through a tour of the leading artists gaining a real understanding and appreciation of the messages they are conveying as well as the intensity and fast pace nature of their art – Go Hard or Go Home.

Pure Evil mambo Cept j patrick boyle sweet tooth harry simmons tim head coby walsh a.ce beejoir Nicci Van P


Prue Evil


To understand Pure Evil the first thing you need to know is that he is a descendant of Sir Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor who wrote the controversial work ‘UTOPIA’ and was later beheaded by King Henry VIII. With this heritage it is only natural that Pure Evil should explore the darker side of the wreckage of Utopian dreams and the myth of the Apocalypse. In 1990 Pure Evil left the ruins of Thatcher’s Britain for a new life in California and became an influential streetwear designer. After 10 years in the USA and influenced heavily by West Coast Graffiti artists like Twist and Reminisce he returned to London, picked up


a spray can and started painting everywhere. He then fell in with the people behind Banksy’s Santas Ghetto & Pictures On Walls and started producing dark new prints and artwork, and literally hasn’t looked back since (even finding time to open his Pure Evil Gallery in a Dickensian old shop and basement in Shoreditch). The last 5 years have seen Pure Evil rise to considerable fame, exhibiting worldwide in China, Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, USA and all over Europe, as well as producing exhibitions with some of the most exciting emerging and established artists internationally. His work is hugely sought after, regularly seen at auctions and truly is a fitting testament to his illustrious ancestry.










he creator of graphic universes, all encompassing mind maps and pathways. Mambo’s signature style is indicative of his cultural backgrounds and influences, Paris, South America and now Los Angeles. His pieces are bold, vibrant and possess a freedom of movement, whilst displaying abstracted cultural references and imagery appropriated from a myriad of geographical places and times. Born to a Chilean father and Hungarian mother the expressive nature of his works have won him contracts with Prada, Vans and Samsung. His work sits as perfectly on the streets of


his native Paris as it does as part of various illustrious public collections. Mambo has exhibited in galleries and museums around the globe, such as Centre Pompidou, Biennale Arts Le Havre, Sao Paulo’s Biennale, Speerstra Gallery in Geneva, Watanabe Gallery in Osaka, Helmet Gallery in Munich, Kinsey Desforges Gallery in Los Angeles, Texan French Alliance in Houston, to name a few. He is part of collections such as Centre Pompidou, Agnes B, Duran Ruel, Rose Bialek, Speerstra and Thierry Froger. He also collaborated in creative projects with Prada, Canal Plus, Samsung and Vans.

‘Tequila Sunrise’ Acrylic on Canvas 150x120cm


‘Courtoisie’ Acrylic on Paper 76cmx30cm


‘What?’ Acrylic on Paper 76x30cm


‘5B Flavour’ Acrylic on Paper 76x30cm £1500


‘54’ Acrylic on Paper 76x30cm £1500




ept started painting graffiti in 1986 aged 14, and quickly became known for his prolific style, use of colours and scale of work. Over the past 20 years he has transformed the visual landscape of London, with his unique mix of letterforms and appropriated pop art, across walls and shop fronts. One of the first artists to take his work to the streets of Shoreditch, Cept continues to pioneer and has become a true legend of the UK graffiti scene. In 2007 Cept graduated from St. Martins school of art with an MA in fine art. Now working from his studio in London he continues to exhibit regularly, both in galleries and on the street, specialising in large scale murals and creating immersive multimedia installations. His most recent exhibition at Known Gallery, Los Angeles, saw his all his work sell in the first week of opening, and features in many private collections world wide.

I Love Hackney

‘Until the end of time’, Acrylic and varnish on wood 150cm x 170cm £4,500


‘Until the end of time’, Acrylic and varnish on wood, 150cm x 170cm £4,500

Waiting for title Acrylic and resin on canvas, 70cm x 100cm £3,000

Waiting for title Acrylic and resin on canvas, 70cm x 100cm £3,000




J Patrick Boyle


J Patrick Boyle is a UK-based artist who works across a variety of media. Taking a twenty-first century cutand-paste collage approach that fuses subcultural imagery, found media cuttings and text to create wry, revealing observations on modern culture. He gives us a cut-up of the punk fanzine aesthetic of our recent, and frequently forgotten memories of self and makes it relevant to all. Social media is stolen and presented without context as if it were words of philosophical significance for the viewer to mine its meaning. Popular song lyrics, those punctuation points of our own lives, are re-contextualised with found imagery from the internet, old rave flyers and


the recovered paper detritus of our streets. But there is no political didactism, no challenge to the viewer of their way of seeing the world, no sense of embedded anger or bitterness. He creates a celebration of the things that were important to us once, and without wagging a disapproving finger he makes us question just how much ephemera has filled our lives and how insignificant and unimportant most of it was (and will be). As a curator and artist he regularly exhibits and is collected around the world, has been included in art auctions. He has work in public collections, including both of Bristol’s city museums and has had work (as Motorboy) in Street Art books on both Bristol and Berlin.

Go Hard Or Go Home Lightbox, perspex and cut vinyl 97 x 27 x 17cm Edition of 7 and 2A/Ps Signed and numbered on verso £1,200

Har de r ! F a s t e r ! L o u d e r ! Lightbox, perspex and cut vinyl 97 x 27 x 17cm Edition of 7 and 2A/Ps Signed and numbered on verso £1,200

Leisure Isn’t Working Lightbox, perspex and cut vinyl. 97 x 27 x 17cm. Edition of 7 and 2A/Ps. Signed and numbered on verso £1,200


You Might Stop The Party But You Can’t Stop The Future (Confusion Mix) Screenprint & stickers on dayglo card 59 x 47cm Signed and framed £450.00

Make Some Fuckin’ Noise (Leeds Warehouse Mix) Screenprint, oilstick & collage on paper 57 x 46cm Signed and framed £650.00

My Sound Which Is A Champion Sound… Hear Dis Screenprint, oilstick & collage on paper 57 x 46cm Signed and framed £650.00



Sweet Toof


agging since 13 and trained at the Royal Academy, Sweet Toof has been a unique force in the Street Art scene for longer than it’s actually been a scene. Founding member of the unpredictable, outrageous and London’s most prolific Burning Candy crew, an ever evolving group of artists responsible for some of the most incomprehensible and exciting throw-ups in the UK. His trademark Teeth & Gums are literally everywhere across the capital (despite the Olympic clean up team trying their best to eradicate them!) and are instantly identifiable. As a serious player on the


contemporary art scene his work and reputation is of one of the forefathers of the UK movement. Sweet Toof is a true legend who manages to hit the streets like no other and still finds the time to produce immense draw-dropping canvas’ in his favoured oils, that uniquely fuse all the traditions of oil painting and the techniques of graffiti with no loss of either grandeur or of the street’s ‘rawness’. Hugely respected by his peers, he has painted streets across the globe alongside anybody who is anybody and regularly shows work with some of the most respected galleries out there.

‘The Client’ Oil/Glitter on Canvas, 20x30 £2250


‘Herring Bone’ Oil/Glitter on Canvas, 20x30 £2250


‘Emerald Duke’ Oil/Glitter on Canvas, 20 x 30 £2250


Harry Simmons


n paper Harry Simmond’s practice sits within the conventional genre of studio portraiture but in practice his unique and nonconformist approach ensures the results are anything but conventional. His paintings, raw and uncontained keep the viewer in the unknown. His technique is loose and suggestive of his subject matter, working predominantly in black and white his imagery sits in an illusory and unreal space, and true of all great painters, it takes years of viewing his work to fully reveal their intended depth. He currently works from his studio in Bristol, and has exhibited both nationally and internationally as well as being shortlisted in various awards including The Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize and The Celeste Art Prize.

‘Head of Jon’ 30 x 28cm. Acrylic and ink on board. £2,000


‘Head of Peter 1’ Ink and acrylic on paper. 62x50 cm. £3,000


‘Head of Peter 2’ Ink and acrylic on paper. 59.5x51 cm. £3,000


‘Head of Mike 2’. 89.5 x 70 cm approx. Ink and Acrylic on Paper. £4,000


Tim Head


orn in 1980, Tim Head works across all mediums; from film, illustration and collage to photography and abstract paintings. He has had solo exhibitions in London (Pure Evil Gallery), Melbourne, Madrid and Hamburg with recent worldwide group shows including NEW YORK, Sydney, Barcelona. His latest arts publication, ‘Maximum Respect’ has been featured in VICE and Dazed and Confused and his work has been commissioned by Tate modern, ACE hotel and Lee Jeans to name but a few. He also designs for Tokyo clothing label AFOUR. His second London solo show is scheduled for February 2014 and in 2013 he is part of a three man show, over Frieze in October.

‘Saint Twigs’ Paper Collage 12cm x 17cm £60 ‘Girl XXX’ A3, Paper Collage £200



‘Babe Kaliedoscope’ A4, Paper Collage £110


‘Girl Blue’ A3, Paper Collage £200


‘Girl Red’ A3, Paper Collage £200


‘Groupie,’ Paper Collage, A3 Paper £200


‘Storm’ Paper Collage, A3 £200


‘Moon Girl’ Paper Collage, A3 £200


Coby Walsh


oby Walsh is an illustrator based in London. After graduating in 2008, Coby lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan, which fuelled her obsession with cartoons, characters and typography. Coby’s illustrative work is composed of pen and ink drawings; mini-worlds filled with recurring characters, and design motifs that are a nod to her ongoing fascination with 1930s & 1990s cartoons, B-movies, sports mascots, and hand-drawn typography.


Coby also regularly creates limited edition zines, as a way to experiment with different techniques and new characters. Her drawings have been on display in various exhibitions in the UK since 2005, and she has had her artwork and zines sold in shops in London and Tokyo. Coby’s first zine (She Bop, 2006) is now in the collection at The Women’s Library at LSE, and she has been featured on It’s Nice That, Mint Magazine, and a number of online blogs.

‘1961 PARIS MATCH - 1’ Acrylic and ink on vintage paper £190

‘1961 PARIS MATCH - 4’ Acrylic and ink on vintage paper £180


‘1961 PARIS MATCH - 2’ Acrylic and ink on vintage paper £140


‘Tickle’ Acrylic, ink and varnish on reclaimed wood £400


‘1961 PARIS MATCH - 3’ Acrylic and ink on vintage paper £140




nother legend and forerunner in the contemporary UK graffiti scene, Sickboy’s celebrated and illustrious ‘Temples’ can be considered one of the largest bodies of street works in the UK. His work, intentionally nonsensical and confusing, depicts alternative realities and landscapes full of humour and the bizarre. Each piece, whether a quickly produced throw up or a hardgrafted canvas is an uncontained sprawling of anarchy, overload, vibrancy and unknown narratives.

He is regularly invited to paint across the globe and has a huge exhibition history nationally and internationally, recently selling out shows in LA, London and further afield and has been referred to as one of the movements most notable artists and was featured in: Banksy’s ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ film, the Independent, ID magazine and The Financial Times.




.ce is a London based artist. He has been a key figure in the UK street art scene for over 10 years. In that time his instantly recognisable wheat-pasted images have featured prominently across the urban landscape. Drawing inspiration in part from Dada collage and classic pop art, to his time as a skateboarder and the bold graphics he encountered during this time, his work is a raw presentation of nostalgic imagery

intuitively selected, blended and remixed with contemporary fragments, resulting in ambiguities and incongruities that reflect the absurdities of popular culture and a consumer driven society. His art has been exhibited in galleries across the world including London, Chicago and New York and his growing popularity has seen the value of his art continue to increase, with works reaching record prices at recent auctions in Paris.

‘Pharao Dog’. 2013. Acrylic and spray paint on board with varnish. Framed. Aprox 68 x 58cm. ÂŁ1,100*



‘Hitch Cream’ Acrylic on canvas with varnish. Framed. Aprox 77 x 67cm. £1,250

‘Hitch Gold’. 2013. Acrylic on canvas with varnish. Framed. Aprox 77 x 66.5cm. £1,250


‘1988 on Wood’ Acrylic on wood with varnish. Framed. Aprox 94 x 67cm. £1,550


‘Big Duck’ Acrylic on wood with varnish. 122 x 160cm. £2,950


‘Bunny Roma’. Acrylic on wood with varnish. 73 x 97cm. £1,850

‘Boy Girl’ Acrylic and household paint on cardboard. Framed. 88 x 66.5cm. £1,200


‘Chanel Cowboys’ Acrylic on found wood panel with varnish. Framed. 84.5 x 58.5cm. £1,050


‘Double Clown’ Acrylic on canvas with varnish. 92 x 92cm. £1,650

‘Rainflower Yellow’ Acrylic and spray paint on wood with varnish. Framed. 107.5 x 87cm. £1,700


Beejoir Based between two distinctively different cultures, Thailand and the UK, Beejoir draws on these differences to create powerful and distinctive work that references popular culture, the ‘super-brand’ and current global issues. He shot to fame in 2007 and has been selling out ever since, originally concentrating on paintings, prints and stencils to convey his messages he has


recently been setting the world on fire with his humorous yet incisive sculpture work. Maverick father of the outrageously popular LV child and more recently ‘A Pill a Day’ (which sold out in record time) he has sold to hip hop artists, alphabet list celebrities, Royal family members and regularly has had sell out shows in cities around the world.

‘Money Trap’ (edition of 6) in antique domes, £1500 each


Nicci Van P


or Nicci van P, a line cut by blade is unquestionable, one can see it, touch it. ‌look at it and look through it. Scattered amongst her works are everyday symbols that evoke for the artist, a sense of romanticism and mystery and utilising a scalpel as much (if not more than) a brush, her work is vital,


new and exciting. A 21st century William Morris who’s work is also as timeless and effortlessly links inspiration from geometric forms and the intricate visual details of nature. Originally from South Africa, Nicci Van P is now based in Bristol and is a member of the artists cooperative Blaze.

‘Girl’ Hand-cut paper & salvaged wood, 53 x 72cm £800


‘Wolf’ Hand-cut paper & salvaged wood, 37.5 x 91.5cm £800



Antonia Bowen - Jones Creative Director - Antonia has been involved in the arts world her whole life; having attended the John Hall course in Venice, read History of Art at Bristol University, and gained a Masters in Fine Art at the University of the West of England. She worked for Ackermann & Johnson and James Hyman Galleries in London before cocurating the vast Kulla Dhoka Exhibition at The Royal Over-Seas League in St James’. She has since moved to Bristol and set up her own gallery cafÊ, The Arts House, where she showcases local emerging talent. Antonia uses her extensive knowledge of the British contemporary art movement to source for Lyes & Jones the most exciting and original artists.

Tim Lyes Sales Director - Tim has a Master of Arts (Hons) from the University of Edinburgh. He is an international commodity trader and a keen collector of contemporary British art. Tim was introduced to Antonia by a London art correspondent in 2005 and, having struck a strong friendship around their mutual love for contemporary art, partnered with her in 2012 to create Lyes & Jones.




Lyes and Jones Exhibition