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FIVEFOLD Dr. Bernie Wade

The Unified Army Dr. Robert Straube


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premise that the Charismata has ended there is misdirection and confusion. All of this is contrary to the mandate of Jesus Christ that He transferred to His apostles to whom He gave oversight of the Church. This is no authority given in Scripture to make such a radical change to the plan of God, but modern organizations have taken the objective to explain away the plan of God for His people.

By Bernie L. Wade, Thd.

If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: (Rev. 22:19-20) And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, an out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

According to one American denomination, “With the restoration of the miraculous gifts to the Church has also come the question of whether God is restoring the fivefold ministry of Ephesians 4:11: “It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers.” Bible scholars differ on whether the gifts of pastor and teacher are separate in Ephesians 4 (yielding a total of five), or whether a better translation might be “. . . and some to be pastor-teachers” (yielding a total of four). Greek grammar would seem to dictate four, but the New Testament often discusses pastoral and teaching roles separately. However, the best designation for ministry is neither fivefold nor fourfold but manifold. Ephesians 4:12 gives to all saints the work of ministry, while 1 Corinthians 12:28–30 and Romans 12:6–8 provide aspects of ministry beyond the designations in Ephesians 4:11,12. Relatively few questions are raised

“Modern Christianity has convinced itself that Jesus provided two distinct gospels and two distinct faiths — one for the first century church and one for those who followed after. The first was miraculously empowered; the second was not. The first had the baptismal gift of the Holy Spirit; the second was merely given a book telling what the Holy Spirit had achieved in the past.”1 This approach to the New Testament gives the modern apologists license to make any change that they want to the doctrine of the New Testament Church. Under this premise grievous wolves have come into the Church teaching a variety of man-made and hell inspired ideas. Even among those who believe the New Testament and understand that there is no Scriptural basis for the 1



about the validity of contemporary evangelists, pastors, and teachers.2 So, the position of this denomination is that there is no challenge to Pastors, teachers and evangelists, but they are not sure about Apostles and Prophets. There is also a definite that God has restored the miraculous gifts but he might have decided to hold back on fivefold ministry. Is there really a doubt that the fivefold ministry was given by God to His body? Did the New Testament Church hold this position? This is the exact problem dealt with by Apostle Paul is addressing those who did not believe.

denomination has the authority to rewrite the Word of God. Let God be true and all men be liars. These organizations take the place of God when they attempt to decide how and to what extent God Spirit is permitted to operate or to claim part is operational and part was only for those in the -past. Thankfully, God did not appoint a committee of preachers to decide how His body would function.

For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.3

For more on the subject of Fivefold read The Next Wave - Restoration of the Charismata by Dr. Bernie L. Wade ave_-_restoration_of_the_charismata

Dr. Bernie Wade is the President of the International Circle of Faith (ICOF) A Global body of believers served by more than 50,000 ministers representing more than 25 million constituents. This is considered the largest Apostolic body of believers in the history of the world. Organizations are the work of men. While the concept of being organized and having direction and purpose is certainly good and by not in and of itself contrary to the Word of God. However, organizations or denominations often fail to realize that they are merely a vehicle that God is using. No organization or 2

ŠGeneral Council of the Assemblies of God 1445 North Booneville Avenue Springfield, Missouri 65802-1894 _apostles_prophets.pdf 3 Romans 11:29.


ICOF members have united over 50,000 ministers representing more than 25 Million constituents, several hundred colleges, universities and other Christian schools, orphanages & feeding programs, humanitarian aid organizations, chaplains and other charities.


Bill Gates and the new Malthusians

Bill Gates' ‘Soft Eugenics’ Last month we published a report on the Gates Foundation, focusing on how it has been promoting a type of ‘soft eugenics’ under the pretence of ‘family planning.’ More has since come to light. Read about these newstyled 'kings of the earth' here: p=4179

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first eugenics conference, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put on a family planning conference in London last month, co-hosted by the UK Department for International Development, with a bunch of proabortion and population control fanatics from Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International, and the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA). What is driving Bill and Melinda Gates to stop people having children? Why is abortion now part of UK foreign aid policy? We investigate here

Yours in the mighty name of Jesus, Stephen Green - Christian Voice p=4011 Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.



to stay away from idols! Were these Bible heroes "false alarmists?"

Fatal Progress! by Bishop Samuel Smith

Frank Bartleman, contemporary of William Seymour and converted newspaper writer, whom God chose to become the recorder of the famed Azusa Street Revival, predicted an end-time church that would be swayed by a "Christ-less Pentecost." Can we discount Bartleman's prophetic warning?

Jesus said: ". . . Take heed that no man deceive you . . . For there shall arise false Christ's, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" (Matthew 24:4, 24). If we indeed believe that our Lord provided sufficient warning to be informed relative to the "end-time," certainly the spirit of "deceit" cannot be ignored!

After the advocates of advancement and critics of caution have had their say; after the tug of war between conservatives and liberals has played out; both the despisers of compassion and the unifiers at any cost, have one thing in common, they have drunk from the common cup of religious poison.

Paul warned: "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering unto him . . . Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there be a falling away first. . . " (II Thessalonians 2:1-3). I ask a sincere question, was Paul beside himself with endtime paranoia? I am convinced, after years of experience, observing the present state of the Apostolic Church, against the backdrop of the signs of the time, that the end-time battle will be won or lost upon the basis of one's successful struggle with the "spirit of deception!"

Christian compassion is not compromise nor is mindless unification, progress! We must ask these questions: "When did Satan change his grand design, and when did the Harlot Church and her daughters get saved?" We are amply warned of an end-time Harlot Church, where doctrine is polluted by an unholy affair with the world; a system drunk on the blood of the saints, totally adrift, indulging in the pleasures of the flesh; so worldly and so un-heavenly, it is called "The synagogue of Satan." That despicable monster whom the Bible calls the "Great Whore," and powerful preachers, from Luther, Spurgeon, and countless others, even our dear Apostolic forefathers, granted no quarter. That Mother of Harlots draws little notice from

Amos proclaimed, "Prepare to meet thy God!" Daniel warned of the flattery spoken by, and the marvelous words of, the Prince of Darkness, whose spirit would pervade the last days. Peter predicted, "Scoffers shall arise in the last days." John identified Jesus as the true God, and admonished us 8

most today, nor do the daughters she has birthed, except that too often, too many try to craft their claims to success in her's and their scarlet images.

with non-Apostolic Pentecostals; the numbers would be even greater if we continued further and merged with all neoconservative/fundamentalists? The fact remains the strength of numbers would really be significant if we unified with mainline Protestantism. The numbers would really be staggering if we continued further and rejoined worldwide Christian Orthodoxy. And really, couldn't we make an awesome statement in the face of the perils of Islam, heathenism, atheism, cultism, and possibly reemerging communism, if we returned to that part of Rome that is charismatic? But wait a minute, I've heard that before! It is the echo in my memory, ringing forth from the pages of Holy Writ, screamed forth from the lips of Paul, "Come out from among them, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you" (II Corinthians 6:17).

When a well-known Pentecostal preacher declares that the Pope's message on universal brotherhood was one of the best sermons he has ever heard . . . Beware! When the leading full-gospel magazine in the entire world speaks favorably of Charismatic and Catholic union . . . Beware! Call me an "alarmist," I rest my case upon the pages of end-time prophecy! In my lifetime I have been challenged by my mentors, Holy men of God, to pursue Bible Revival! In light of the Holy Scriptures and influenced by those anointed pathfinders who have articulated the vision, our Apostolic heritage diligently pursued the Promise; doctrinal integrity and worldwide Bible Revival! Why now, among so many, the "drag and the drift?" Must the flame flicker and die out? Are we doomed by either extreme; hostility to evangelism; or, an ambitious quest to free ourselves from the last vestiges of classical "Pentecostalism" to the point of abandoning Sacred Landmarks and Holy Revelation?

Our forefathers in the "faith", from Charles Parham at Topeka, until recently, warned us of the perils of Mystery Babylon/Roman Catholicism and the Charles F. Parham magnetic pull of her wayward, gifted, and ever so lovely daughters. In the "1960's" my heart pounded, when at a sweltering, hot, July Texas camp meeting, with real sawdust, my young preacher's soul was warned: "While the church-world prepares to return to Mother Rome, we Apostolics are preparing to go home to Father, the Mighty God in Christ." Read Isaiah 9:6. Paul's warning to the Galatians is more than applicable to our time: "O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth" (Galatians 3:1).

In the Quest for big-time "interdenominational" Pentecostal unity, we can never "trade off" the Revelation of the Mighty God in Christ; the power in His name; the masterpiece called the "Acts of the Apostles"; and the role of water baptism in the new birth. I propose this question for those who feel it meritorious to forfeit doctrinal integrity for strength in numbers: why stop with unifying 9

Our faithful watchmen on the wall, a generation ago, predicted the inevitable effects of ecumenicalism upon the Church, they recognized the "puppeteer" and his "puppets;" but very few words are spoken today about this fatal threat! Why? Because the extremes are shouting so loud in both ears, right and left, conservative and liberal; must we make a choice to either split hairs and fight "straw-men" or trash our holy heritage?

end come" (Matthew 24:14). If the commonly accepted version of the "gospel" that so many Apostolics are now rushing to embrace were the real "gospel," then Jesus would have returned by now! That version of the gospel (which Paul called another gospel) has been bounced around the world by monks, conquistadors, denominal missionaries for centuries, (and of late, famed televangelists), to every continent and islands of the seas.

When I hear of Charismatic-Catholics who speak with tongues, and claim that the spiritual gifts make the sacraments of the Church of Rome more dear, and mother Mary more real to their lives, I am troubled! When I hear, ministers, widely accepted in some Apostolic circles, boast that he has Catholics in his church, who still pray to Mary, but that does not bother him; . . . I am bothered!

I affirm that the Gospel unveils the revelation of the Mighty God in Christ, in the Old Testament concealed, in the New Testament revealed! At Sinai, the revelation demanded a sacrifice; at Calvary, the sacrifice demanded a revelation . . . Jesus is God! I affirm that infallible scripture declares, and the Gospel propounds, the power in the blood, the power in the name, and the name sovereign in all instances, not the least of which, in water baptism by immersion. As the old songwriter chorused, "All Hail the Power in Jesus name!"

Are we trading our birthright for a "morsel?" Why the rush for numbers, acclaim, fame, riches, leisure and luxury? Every item I mentioned in the preceding sentence is an enemy too real, soul saving "Revival." The fans of the beer-swilling "Christian" athlete, the world-loving Charismatic Hollywood star, to the tonguetalking country-western singer, sit comfortably in many of our churches today! Our claim to fame is not who attends our churches, but who died for our Church! Jesus said, ". . . this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the

I affirm that the Gospel brings access to whosoever will, by virtue of obedience, and sins remitted, to the Holy of Holies; there they are filled with the promise of God, the Holy Ghost with Bible evidence of speaking with new tongues and power following, to live a life holy and separated, from an unholy and hell-bound world! I affirm that this Gospel is the only means for one being


prepared when Jesus returns in a moment, with the shout of the archangel!

Jesus, with equal fervor to their initial Holy Spirit infilling!

Divine order, as inscribed by the pattern of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, Exodus 25-40, decrees that adherence to this "Gospel" is the only means to live a holy life, avoid "Hell", and be "Heaven" prepared. Acts 2:38, preached by the "man with the keys," contains the essential command, "Repent," the correct formula for water baptism, the power in the name, cleansing by the blood and the promised Holy Ghost infilling: "If this gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost" (II Corinthians 4:3).

I have personally talked with the elders of the large True Jesus Church of China, claiming 5 million baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost speaking with tongues. They have told me how a Chinese Presbyterian pastor in 1917, seeking more of God, fasted for 39 days, (stopping 1 day short of Christ's length of fast, feeling unworthy to be compared with Him), was commanded by God to baptize himself in the name of the "Lord Jesus Christ," thus beginning one of the most glorious chapters of the 20th Century Church, a story I cannot even begin to describe in this limited space.

How can American Apostolics so easily discount the Revelation, and trade off such beautiful truths for apparent progress, when for centuries and even now, there are multiplicities who have paid, and are still paying a great price for this Truth? I know first-hand the account of the Apostolic revelation in India, their struggle with Hindus, Muslims, denominationalism, and non-Apostolic Pentecostals, to attain and maintain the Truth!

I cannot ignore how God used a young Mexican housekeeper, returning to her native country from Los Angeles to carry this "Gospel" to a land then ravished by revolution and Mary-worship, to sow the seed of another 20th Century Apostolic Revival. During my many trips to the Philippines, I have rejoiced at the accounts of the persistent moves of the Holy Ghost to break through the spiritual darkness of that distant Asian land and reveal this Gospel! In World War II, a dying American soldier gave his Bible to a Catholic Filipino and prophesied that the truth therein would truly liberate him, his family, and country. Since then, countless men and women of the Philippines have selflessly given themselves to preach this Truth. Today

I have joyfully reviewed the first English version of the history of the Apostolic Church in Russia; how that early in the 20th Century, Spirit-filled Russians, hungered for more truth and God revealed it to them. From that point, at great risk and peril, they treasured the Revelation of the Mighty God in Christ, and water baptism in the name of


hundreds of thousands are born-again the Bible way! In Manila, a former Trinitarian preacher so moved by God to dedicate his life to prayer and fasting, that this Truth was revealed to him; he has since preached to 25 to 40 thousand in service each Sunday, and two hours daily upon national television, reaching well over a million souls each week.

40 Soldiers for Jesus Christ Even though few today in American sacrifice much at all for their faith in Christ, there are stories in history that tell us amazing accounts of those who have suffered because of their faith. One such story took place in 328 A.D.. in a city high in the icy mountains of Armenia.

In Korea, denominational Christians are being baptized in Jesus' name and speaking with new tongues, rising at 4 A.M. daily to pray for God to save their nation. I could continue with a factual parade of worldwide examples of Bible Truth revealed and total commitment to the clearly defined Gospel; but I will stop and ponder the incredible. And we American Apostolics would retreat?

It was a bitterly cold winter and in the middle of that winter an order came from the Roman emperor that every man, woman, and child under the rule of his empire must bow down to him as a god. Now there was a powerful force of Roman soldiers in that Armenian city known as the “Thundering Legion”, and their reputation as a powerful military force was known through all the Roman Empire. But the emperor was not satisfied with their military service - he wanted each soldier to bow down to him.

While multitudes are rushing to the Revelation, hungry and thirsty for more Truth, can we bear the thought that any of us will pass them, heading the other way? . . . "I want nothing to do with Fatal Progress!"

When the time came for each soldier to bow down, 40 could not. They were faithful soldiers, but more importantly, they were Christians - they could not obey the emperor's order to make him their god. They said, “We can only worship the one true God.”

Bishop is the General Chairman of the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship [AWCF]

Well, when the word of these 40 Christian soldiers refusing to bow down and worship him was received by the emperor, his command back was simple, “Bow down to me, reject your Christian God, or die”. But the 40 Christian Roman soldiers did not bow 12

down - so the decision was made that they would die. But how should they die? Should they be fed to the hungry lions? Should they be burned at the stake? These were both terrible ways to die, but an even more cruel death was prescribed - they were to be frozen to death in the bitter cold winter.

Then, amazingly, something happened that they could not believe - one of the Roman soldiers sitting by the fire, having watched the bravery and courage and faith on these dying Christians, he stood before the general and uttered these words, “I will take that man's place - I will be a Christian.” As the general watched in amazement, this Roman soldier removed his clothing and walked onto the icy lake to join the 39.

So they took the 40 soldiers to a frozen lake in the middle of a terrible storm. They stripped them of all their clothing and left them to freeze to death. But the general didn't want to lose these 40 good soldiers. He said, “Simply bow down to the emperor and save your life?” But they did not. The soldiers taunted and laughed at them – “soon you'll be back; you will bow down”. But the laughing stopped when these 40 Christians bravely walked barefoot across the icy freezing lake.

Well the Roman soldiers sat by that fire all night long and the last thing they said they could remember hearing through the howl of that terrible freezing winter storm was the now 40 Christian men shouting, “Here die 40 men for Christ”. In the morning, sadly, there were 40 frozen bodies; men who have sacrificed for their faith and belief in Christ.

Well, through the night the soldiers lit a fire and cooked food to tempt the Christians to give up. But the Christians prayed to God to make them brave, and they began to shout, “Here die 40 men for Christ”.

A full 350 years later, in the chapel in the forum of Rome, was dedicated to these 40 soldiers a plaque, a simple plaque which still hangs there today, with these powerful words engraved on it, “Here die 40 men for Christ”.

The freezing bitter cold night went on until finally, the cold was too much for one of the men. He staggered back to the fire and agreed to denounce his God and to bow down to the emperor. But the remaining 39 Christians would not give in, even though they were literally freezing to death.


wishing to have a business as well as being supported by an educated local staff that are also able to communicate with the world and be respected for their positions and concerns for their nations and families and friends. This means working within their countries, spreading goodwill to the rest of the world while enhancing the well-being of all they contact.

International Circle of Faith Business & Development There is a need for all people of this world to be as self-sufficient as possible and it is toward this goal that ICOF is headed through use of its “Development Division”.

International Circle of Faith Global Union is committed to helping our members and partners. Realizing that most churches and ministries need additional resources to accomplish their mission and at the same time lack the wherewithal to have their own development team, ICOF has committed, time, talent and resources to assist in the area of general development. This commitment includes but is not limited to:

One of the major difficulties facing individual and governmental development is that, even though all people are created equal, our societal set-up’s have been already shaped by our predecessors and “change” becomes the challenge to many. For ICOF to bring direction to all, a start must be made to bring all to belief in Jesus Christ and what He foresaw as future needs of societies, including enrichment of each other in all things. This enrichment can take on many forms and ICOF has taken a gigantic step to meet the challenge through its “Development Division”.

A. Developing qualified and sustainable business proposals B. Attracting qualified investors to these projects. C. Advice and direction for churches and ministries. D. Unique and innovative solutions for missions and missionaries. John Rogers, PhD serves as Sr. VP of Development with ICOF Global

This Development Division includes support to assist in establishing new businesses of all kinds throughout the world that must be keyed to local environments, products, skills and business acumen. This in turn means improving local education of all those 14

As we approached our publication deadline Dr. Teddy Dones launched an amazing new network! Fivefold Connection. Dr. Dones is an alumnus of International Circle of Faith Colleges, Seminaries and Universities (ICOF CSU). Looking at the success of social media, he has had a burden to create a place where those who enjoy social media can interact without the rudiments of the world dominating the conversation. Dr. Dones and his wife Janet are the leaders of Messengers of Fire a powerful ministry located in the Ohio valley (USA) but doing ministry all over the world. Join Fivefold Connection for FREE!



By Dr. Robert Straube


In every place where there was a group of disciples, Paul and Barnabas appointed elders (Acts 14:22,23). This was all that was needed to make a group of disciples into a Church. Nothing more was needed. So in the New Testament, a Church was a group of believers in a particular place, who were overseen by elders.

By Dr. Robert Straube

Editor's Note: Dr. Robert Straube Assistant to the Presiding Bishop for International Circle of Faith (ICOF) has given us a modern day method for implementation of the model used by the New Testament Church. Here are excerpts. This document is available online through the ICOF E-LIBRARY.

Key issues for many modern churches are the quality of worship and preaching. However, there is no command in the scriptures that Christians should meet for worship each week. Communal worship is good, but it should not be our first priority. (Our whole lives should be an act of worship).

------------------------------------------------A church is a group of people in fellowship with each other. It should be a network of relationships. BEING CHURCH

In previous centuries, when very few people could read, regular teaching was very important. In the modern world, abundant access to tapes, videos, television and the internet makes regular access to preaching a much less important priority. The scripture that should determine the priorities for church leaders is Jesus' command:

Where we Live Elders The foundational relationships are those between the elders. Elders are an essential part of the church. This diagram shows five elders. A body will have at least four or five elders. The lines represent the strong relationships they have with each other. They will be totally committed to each other, so they will be willing to accept encouragement and correction from each other.

“A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. All men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.� John 13:34, 35


1. Elders are responsible for ensuring that every Christian in their care grows to maturity and develops their own ministry. Every member should be following Jesus in their calling in the world.

The problem with this command is that this type of love does not come naturally. The normal workings of human nature tend to push people apart. Christians have to be taught to love one another. Participating in worship will not make us love one another (loving one another may improve our worship).

2. Elders are responsible for building relationships between the Christians in their Church.

Listening to good sermons will not make us love one another. Christians will generally need to be taught to love each other. Given Jesus command, the first priority of elders should be to teach their people to love each other.

Relationships Each elder will have strong relationships with the people that they are discipling or overseeing.

In Heb 10:25, we are told to keep on meeting together, but the reason for meeting is not for worship. It is to "spur one another on towards love and good deeds" and to "encourage one another". These things should take priority over worship, when the church meets together.

Here is one of the elders. He has strong apostolic gifts (P). Many of the people he is discipling also have apostolic gifts. This elder has a strong relationship with about a dozen Christians. The large circles represent Christians who are more mature. They just need oversight. The smaller circles represent new Christians who need more discipling. The lines representing the relationships are all the same thickness, reflecting equal strength. The elder will spend more time with the newer Christian to

Jesus spent a large part of his ministry discipling the twelve and teaching them to love each other. A perusal of the last couple of chapters of each of Paul's letters shows that he put considerable energy into building relationships between people in the churches (Phil 4:2). He does not just teach theology, he also teaches the believers how to relate to each other. Building relationships should be a priority for elders. Therefore elders have two key priorities:


strong on discipling new Christians. He will not be able to care for as many people as someone with apostle or pastoral gifts. However, he will still establish a strong relationship with each Christian under his oversight. He will also build the relationships between them.

achieve the same strength of relationship as with those he knows better. The elder will also work to establish relationships between the Christians receiving oversight. He will focus on ensuring that each Christian is part of a Pair. Every believer should be in a relationship with one or two other Christians who can provide the following: • A warning when taking the wrong path (Col 3:16) • A challenge to besetting sin (James 5:16) • Support when standing against demonic attack (1 Thes 5:11) • Encouragement in ministry (Heb 3:18) • Comfort when things go wrong. (1 Thes 4:18)

This elder is an evangelist (V). He tends to have a lot of new Christians around him. He is also training some more mature Christians who are keen on evangelism. This elder also builds strong relationships with and between the Christians he is accountable for. Here are two more elders with strong teaching/pastoral gifts. Continue reading this tremendous teaching by Dr. Robert Straube. This Church Model is a revolution that will lead us into this next wave of the Holy Spirit. Take time to read the rest of this online:

This is what the relationships look like when they are all put together. Here is another elder. He is more prophetic (R) in his style and gifting. He will draw Christians who also tend to be prophetic. He will not be so




The Unified Army

sole motivation will be the love of Christ.

By Dr Robert Straube When this Army is ready God will drop the bomb on the World. It will be an economic depression on a scale that we have not seen before. It will make the depression of the 1930's look mild. God will shake the nation. It will have two effects. Firstly - it will shatter the church. The church has become a peacetime army unaware that an intense battle is raging. The people have been blinded by wealth and have become so satiated that they have sunk into apathy. They have taken a worldly attitude into the church and run it like a business, paying their fees and letting the minister do the work. They have become so worldly that they no longer provide a witness to the world. Under economic depression these people will be totally shattered. They found their security in wealth and now they will have none. They found their happiness in material goods and now they will have none. They run the church with money so it will grind to a halt. It will be a judgment on the church. The world forces will also be shattered. Satan has used the lure of money and material wealth to hold the people outside the church captive and the crash will mean that his hold is broken. Thus, we will have a situation where the church is ready for renewal and the nation is ready for revival.

The following was written by Dr. Straube in 19972004 as a prophetic word to the church:

We are nearing a time of great spiritual battle. At present God is preparing a Unified Army, which can fight and win under tough conditions with few resources. Then He will drop a bomb, which will almost destroy the enemy army and will shatter the conventional forces in God's army. He will then send in the Unified Army which because of its training has been unharmed by the bomb. It will defeat the shattered enemy army. It will treat the injured, and reorganize, re-equip and rejuvenate the shattered forces of God's conventional army. The result will be a mighty victory for God. The Unified Army is a small group in the church, which God is calling, into strict discipleship. They will reject the things of the world and live solely on what God provides. Their joy in poverty will be a witness to the world. They will be mighty warriors in prayer. They will experience the power of God, being able to minister to all people in all situations. Their 22

At this point God will send in His Unified Army. Because it's members have learned to live without the things of the world they will not be touched by the depression. They will minister to the church and preach to the nation. The people of the church will be shattered out of their complacency. They will see that their old lives lacked meaning and purpose. They will be looking desperately for something else which is meaningful and fulfilling and the lifestyle of God's special forces will be an attractive alternative. There will be a great renewal in the church, as people repent and turn back to God. Many will be ministered to and discover a wonderful new life in the Spirit through Christ. Thus God's glory will return to the church. At the same time the Unified Army will go throughout the nation preaching the gospel. The people will be looking for a new meaning to life and will be ready to receive the gospel. Thus as a result of a great move of the Spirit many people will be added to the church.

These events will come when people are not expecting them. At the moment everyone is talking about depression. But things will improve, giving people a new hope, then just when the trouble appears to be past the crash will come. These events will be a judgment on both the church and the nation, and when God judges He always warns first. And before the crash can come, God must warn the church and the nation.

Although these events are a little way off, they are inevitable. At present God is calling up His Unified Army, but He is only calling for volunteers. Thus it is a time of decision. If we join it will be costly but it will save much heartbreak later. If we choose to join we must become WARRIORS OF GOD. We must become POWERFUL IN PRAYER. We must learn to MOVE IN THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, we must lay aside all the things of the world which would encumber us. We must learn to live solely for the LOVE OF GOD. It will be costly, but Oh.. how great is the prize...

The depression will not come for a short while. There are a number of reasons for this:

A Nation brought back to God..!

God has only just begun to prepare His Unified Army. They still have a lot of training to do.

December 1997


The Ambush

As he rode into the city the ambassador passed a statue of the good king. Children were using it for target practice. Its face was almost smashed to pieces. The decrees of the king had been published on a notice board, but they were covered with so much graffiti that they were unreadable.

An ambassador was traveling to a neighboring kingdom with a gift and a message of greeting for the king. However, he was not what he appeared to be. He had really been sent to spy out the land by another king, a cunning evil man, who was planning to invade the kingdom that was ruled by a good king. (The good king is Jesus and the evil king is the devil.)

When the ambassador came to the barracks around the palace he discovered that all the soldiers were drunk or asleep. The officers were all squabbling among themselves about who should lead. There was no authority because each one was looking for a place of authority for himself, but no one was willing to submit to authority. They were so busy jockeying for power they were totally unaware of what was happening in the kingdom.

When the ambassador came to what had been the border, he was surprised to find that it was no longer there. He travelled many miles further down the road before he came to the border post. Those who were guarding the border had retreated far back into the kingdom. As the ambassador travelled through the kingdom on the road to the king’s palace, he was amazed by what he saw. The crops had been neglected and were choked by weeds. No one had bothered to harvest the grain which was ripe and it had fallen to the ground and been eaten by the birds. In the villages, the people were sick and starving. In the streets men were fighting and killing each other. Everyone was a law unto himself.

The ambassador was able to walk right into the palace without being challenged. When he entered the throne room the king was surrounded by courtiers. They were all singing a song in praise of the king. When the singing stopped, a courtier cried out in a loud voice, "We praise you O King, because you are seated on the throne!" Another courtier cried out, "We praise you O King, because your kingdom extends as far as the eye can see!" At this all the courtiers gave a mighty shout and they all clapped and cheered their king.

In parts of the kingdom, wicked rulers had seized control. They dominated the people who lived in their "turf", making their life a misery.


The ambassador listened, thought of what he had seen, and smiled...

understood the times in which they were living were preparing for battle. They had formed into strong Unified units that were ready for warfare. Each member had a task and was equipped and ready to do it. They had learnt to move in unity, because they knew each other and had come to trust each other. The units were flexible, so that if one member was to fall, another could step into his place. By learning to share, these people had been able, even in a time of poverty, to devote many of their resources to preparation for battle. These men and women, who were ordinary citizens during the day, had prepared quietly and now were committed, trained, equipped and ready for battle.

A king sitting on a throne cannot establish a kingdom. He needs servants who will do his bidding, and soldiers who will obey his commands. As he headed back to his home, the ambassador noticed that scattered around the kingdom were about forty powerful men. They were like giants, standing head and shoulders above everyone else. They were loyal to their King and were trying to get things going for him. However, they were ineffective because each one was working independently of the others. They acted as protectors for the people who lived around them, but passed on the same independent attitude. The people felt secure having these strong men to protect them. When the ambassador saw these powerful men, he smiled again, because he noticed how vulnerable they were. They were easy targets, because they were standing alone.

In a number of places throughout the kingdom, similar groups had formed spontaneously and independently. They were unknown and insignificant people, but the strength which came from their dedication to the king and commitment to each other, made them the key to the king’s victory. The ambassador had not noticed them, but these Unified units would be the stumbling block on which the enemy king would fall. They went unnoticed, but they were at the cutting edge of the kings’ work. (February 1999)

When I received this vision I was troubled because there seemed to be no hope. Then the Lord showed me that something else has happening in the kingdom; something which the ambassador had not noticed because he had looked in the wrong places.


In isolated and insignificant parts of the kingdom, men and women who 25

The ambassador returned to his kingdom and spoke to his king. He told him that the kingdom that he had visited was very vulnerable. It would be the perfect time to attack the good king.

the large army marching by. When they saw the size of the army, they panicked and ran away. As this great evil army marched into the kingdom people everywhere were paralyzed with fear. The soldiers of the army were wicked ruthless men, who destroyed everything that they touched. They cut a swath of destruction across it. It was frightening to watch. The people were so confused they didn’t know whether to run away or to surrender and welcome the enemy.

Up until that time he had only made minor skirmishes into the kingdom. These had mostly been made under the cover of darkness. The King now decided to make a full frontal attack. He amassed his entire army, and marched down the road towards the good king’s palace.

Then suddenly I saw a stirring. All over the kingdom soldiers came out of their homes and work places. They joined together into Unified units fully equipped, trained and ready for action.

Before the army got to the border, the bad King initiated his secret weapon to deal with the giants who protected the people. Many weeks earlier, he had infiltrated skilled bowmen in to the good King’s kingdom, one to track each of the powerful men, but remain in hiding. When the bad King gave the signal, each of the bowmen attacked one of the unsuspecting, powerful men they had been tracking. Before they realized what had happened each of the powerful men was dead or severely wounded, brought down in a shower of enemy arrows. When the people realized that the men whom they looked to for protection had been blown away, they were filled with dread and began to tremble.

One Unified team moved quickly to a bridge over a large river the enemy army had to cross before it could reach the king’s palace. They set explosives and blew it up. When the enemy army arrived they came to the river but there was no way to cross. Another Unified unit moved quickly to set up an ambush in a narrow gorge that the enemy army had just passed through. Their way of retreat was cut off. Other units attacked the enemy army at points where it was vulnerable. They would move in to inflict damage and then swiftly withdraw to safety. Other units set up large artillery on the hills nearby and began to lob shells into the trapped

About the same time, the enemy’s army arrived at the border post. The border guards were asleep, but were eventually woken up by the sound of 26

army. Soon panic began to spread through the army.

A number of the Unified units immediately moved over the border into the evil king’s kingdom. He had been so confident that he had left few soldiers behind to defend his kingdom. The Unified units were able to take control of all the strategic positions in the kingdom. Two of the Unified units went straight to the bad king’s castle. Within a few hours, they had captured the remaining guards and raised the good king’s flag over the castle tower.

Some of the Unified units moved towards the king’s palace and took up defensive positions. One team went into the palace. The palace guards were still squabbling among themselves. In the palace, the courtiers were still singing the praises of the king. "Your kingdom extends as far as the eye can see". They seemed to be totally oblivious to the danger to the king, or that their kingdom was under threat. The members of the Unified unit warned the king of what was happening. When the courtiers heard what was happening they began to tremble with fear. The palace guards, who were watching, looked like they wanted to run away.

Back in the other kingdom, the bad army was trapped on the road. It couldn’t move forward and it couldn’t move back. The evil king sent out numerous patrols to find a way out, but each one was quickly captured and never returned. Eventually the whole army was in panic and began to run away. Once they moved off the road and into the countryside, the Unified units had a tremendous advantage. They knew the lay of the land like the back of their hands; the enemy soldiers were lost. Many were killed or captured. A few escaped back to their own land.

The king recognized that the Unified unit understood what was happening and were ready for action. He gave them authority over the palace guard. They quickly reorganized the soldiers, establishing order and authority. They moved to get the defense of the palace secure. Some of the Unified units went into the towns and villages, where they gathered the people and taught them the decrees of their king. Many of the people did not even know who their king was. The Unified's also organized the people into groups and established order in the land. The people started to work in unity and began to harvest the crops together.

The king managed to escape with a few of his soldiers. He got back to his own land, but he couldn’t get back to his castle. He fled into the mountains at the very back of his kingdom. He hid there for many years. He would occasionally go out and make an attack, but he was almost totally


a totally co-ordinated way. It was amazing. The Lord showed me why. Many years earlier, the good king had written a manual for the defense of the kingdom. He had foreseen what would happen and he had prepared a plan for the defense of his kingdom and for conquering the enemy’s kingdom. The Unified units had studied this manual as part of their training. This was why they knew exactly what to do. They had trained and prepared for this battle. I was also amazed at the speed and power of the Unified's. Again, the Lord showed me why. Each Unified unit had a good supply of special water. At first I thought there jars were labeled H2O. When I looked closer, I realized that the water was called HS. This gave them super ordinary strength. It enabled them to move incredibly fast and with great power.

powerless. I do not know what happened to the ambassador. He probably survived but he would not have been very popular. The good king was able to recover all the territory that was first lost. He was able to extend his authority over most of the enemy king’s territory. He was also able to establish order in his own kingdom.

The members of these Unified units were unknown and insignificant people. Yet they were to become the key players in a great victory for their King. This victory meant that their King and his Kingdom was unmatched for many, many years, and forever and ever.....

May 2002 .................................................... I was amazed at how effective the Unified units were. They all seemed to know exactly what to do; yet no one was in control. They operated in

July 2004


in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth according to the effectual working in the measure of every part maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love. (Ephesians 4:11-17) Apostolic Reformation

Fivefold Roundtable Responsibility Throughout history there have been waves of the Holy Spirit that resulted in attempts at restoration or reformation of the Church to return it to the original doctrine of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. Movements of Apostolic Reformation have happened repeatedly since the time of John Wycliffe. In the last Century there was an Apostolic reformation that birthed the Apostolic Faith movement and subsequent Pentecostal Movement. It is our expectation that we are on the verge of another similar wave of the Spirit. We refer to this as The Next Wave.

The fivefold ministry was given by Jesus Christ to his Bride fivefold ministry was given by Jesus Christ to his Bride (Royal Priesthood) the Church. The fivefold ministry was given as servants Priesthood) the Church. The fivefold ministry was given as servants to the Bride. The fivefold roundtable consists of pastors, teachers, evangelists, apostles, and prophets. The assignment of the fivefold is:  For the perfecting of the saints  For the work of the ministry  For the edifying of the body of Christ:

The Next Wave The goal of the fivefold ministry is to serve the Body of Christ:

The Next Wave will move away from the traditions of men and focus on the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of the New Testament church and the

 Till we all come in the unity of the faith and faith and  The knowledge of the Son of God  Unto a perfect man  Unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; But speaking the truth 29

Apostles of Jesus Christ. The next wave has little interest in superficial events and pseudo "outpourings‟ opting for a real and sustaining manifestation of the power of God. Royal Priesthood For the Royal Priesthood (or the Body of Christ) to come to maturity it will take a fully functional fivefold ministry. To this end we have committed to ICOF FIVEFOLD ROUNDTABLES. It is our mission to form one of these in each country in the world. To these we are connecting legitimate fivefold ministers.

Facing some tough economic times? Would you like to help others prepare their family for disasters? Could you use some extra income? If you answered Yes to any of these questions you should consider becoming a C.O.R.N. Disaster Preparation Consultant (DPC). A DPC is:

Unified Army Moving forward we expect to use this unified effort to prepare a unified army as a catalyst for the greatest wave of the Holy Spirit. Welcome. For more information or to join hands and hearts with the fivefold roundtable in your area contact:

 Is a passionate and caring person with the vision, mission and values of C.O.R.N.  Has a burning desire to reach out and assist families to be prepared for any emergency situation.  Exemplifies eagerness, and inspires to expand all families' knowledge of disaster preparedness, providing peace of mind in the midst of calamity.  Has a great conviction for promoting the C. O. R. N. philosophy and message through helping others. Thus, DPC’s have the opportunity to create additional income for themselves and security for their families.  Training is provided

 Lea Bates - Phone: 404.863.7947 Or Bishop Derrick Day at or call the ICOF International offices at 502.410.(4263)

To become a DPC visit the Cities of Refuge Network (C.O.R.N) website:

Or email: 30


The very act of bringing a cruise ship to Haiti is a large part of our mission. As one of the only nations in the Caribbean without a tourism industry, our assistance and efforts will show the world that Haiti is “tourism ready” and be the first step in breathing new life into their economy. Ours ship will be the first to dock in Haiti in more than a quarter century!

It is with tremendous excitement that we offer the 5th Cruise with a Cause missions cruise—this time to Port au Prince, Haiti! You’ll join together in a common cause with fellow believers to reach others in need, help a hurting nation and change your eternal perspective in the process. We have seen countless times as families from different social, racial and economic backgrounds unite to become the family of God in spreading love and sharing the gospel with those in need. This is unlike any other experience cruise or mission available!

During our cruise to Haiti you’ll have days to rest, along with all the famous food and fun from a Carnival cruise ship experience. You’ll hear from our diverse lineup of Christian speakers, artists and leaders. There will be more than 80 concerts and conferences! Adults, singles, students, children, men, women, and couples will all be encouraged by the worship, teaching and missions training available onboard the ship.

Haiti is a nation full of need and filled with opportunities. They sit at a turning point both spiritually and economically. Our mission isn’t to offer handouts, but a loving hand up—and their government has given us very special sanctions and protection, allowing us to go places and help in ways unavailable to other mission efforts in Haiti. Teams of volunteer missionaries will visit schools and orphanages; do construction and renewal projects to rebuild areas devastated by the earthquake; provide aid in medical clinics and deliver medical supplies; visit with locals in the streets and tent cities; and help us host an evening evangelism outreach festival for almost 100,000 locals. We’ll share the Gospel to everyone we meet all along the way!

Please consider joining your favorite Christian personalities and over 3,000 other Believers this June 1-6, 2013 for the largest foreign mission ever! We’ll be serving shoulder to shoulder to help lives and save souls. It’s an experience you’ll remember the rest of your life!

Matthew Dunnaway


Someone must help the people that cannot help themselves.” An excerpt from “Pimp, Pastor, Pulpit and Prostitute”: Some of our leaders try to put the Lord’s name in things that He had nothing to do with, when we should just come clean and tell the truth. This is what I am trying to show you: that some of the smoothest pimps are in the churches’ pulpits today and that’s why our church is upside down. We have been pimped out like prostitutes and do not even know it.

“Pimp, Pastor, Pulpit and Prostitute” Author takes critical look at current state of church leadership Bishop Woodrow H. Dawkins Jr. compares pastors to pimps in

new book

GREENSBORO, N.C. – “The people are being bamboozled by the pimp in the pulpit,” believes author Bishop Woodrow H. Dawkins Jr. In his new book “Pimp, Pastor, Pulpit and Prostitute: The naked truth” (published by Trafford Publishing) Dawkins shares his belief of how some church leaders have mislead and misused their members.

“The preacher that’s going bad is like the pimp in the street. He/she will turn the people of God into prostitutes in the churches.”

About the Author Bishop Woodrow H. Dawkins Jr. is a native of Gaffney, S.C. He has traveled the country and preached the Gospel for the past 30 years. He founded Jesus Way of Deliverance of Apostolic Faith Inc. in Greensboro, N.C., in 1997. In 2004, the church uprooted and

“Some of these things are going on now,” Dawkins explains. “Someone needs to speak out and I am one of them, but we need more people to take a stand against this type of pimping that is going on. 33

replanted in Simsboro, La., where he pastored for six years. Dawkins is the founder of the first public housing community watch program in Greensboro, and is affiliated with numerous programs that reach the inner city and restore hope to hurting people. Dawkins’s anointed purpose is exemplified in his work for the Lord: doing the Great Commission.

International Circle of Faith Colleges, Seminaries and Universities is available to serve your Christian education needs. ICOF CSU is a network of Christian Education professionals, bible colleges, Christian seminaries, Christian universities, and other Christian education institutions. for more information visit us online. or

The Next Wave Magazine has now become a daily news source, The Next Wave Magazine Online. Every day you can read both a morning an and evening edition of the The Next Wave.

Updated ICOF Membership Cards are now available. ICOF Members write to to receive yours. 34

their world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Help us and be a part of our efforts in doing our part to improve our ever increasing poverty rate, degeneration of values and overall quality of Life; by focusing on the needs and solutions for all these areas including the neglect of our Nation's children. We are purposed to impact the preservation and restoration of the family. We hold that the Church was patterned after the family.

Christian Greetings, We welcome you to the International Circle of Faith Global Missions Department. Our missions department exists to aid our network of established ministries and churches in a holistically approach of restoration of body soul & spirit; to extend the church beyond the traditional parameters of the edifice complex.

We are a mission’s resource network; partnering with churches, organizations, agencies and nonprofits and faith based communities to achieve our mission to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every man woman and child.

We are dedicated to community and family development by helping meet the needs of the citizens and communities we are called to serve. We must focus on the needs of an ever growing population in our communities, cities and Nation. Every day, individuals and families who are at risk of homelessness, hunger and other life crises in our communities go unnoticed by society at large. We are the body of Christ and it is our mandate to help those who need our help the most?

Africa Our past and present missions include: Drilling water wells, free medical services and in current development of Agriculture &Housing.


ICOF Missions focus: 1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ 2. Humanitarian 3. Business and Economic development

In partnership with ICOF CSU we have started the Patrick Song Academy English School, to help young Indian children to speak English, so they can function in elementary and secondary education.

We believe that by assisting those in need– physically, mentally, and spiritually – and helping them to reach their full potential, our communities become stronger, and the lives of each member become ready to empower

ICOF Medical missions in conjunction with Project Eye Openers, reaches the

poorest, most vulnerable patients, who 35

Senior Citizens

may not be aware about eye care and free medical camps services. While Project Eye Openers current outreach teams provide free medical services and eye examinations to approximately 400 plus patients in each Village per Medical Camp outing, their ultimate goal is to eliminate obstacles by providing pre-screenings through our Mobile Medical Camps.

ICOF Home Missions offers personal interactions for the elderly. Providing a much-needed ministry for older people to receive care and human concern. With the baby boomer generation fast approaching their senior years, a swelling tide of concern for the many that will need support and assistance is evident by the many senior citizen charity groups that continue to organize throughout the country. ICOF Home Missions division offers opportunities for any person to donate time and important resources to this growing challenge.

Pakistan Evangelism: We have a program called “Project Logos “The program consists of sending bibles to Pakistan translated into their native language.

Holistic Family Restoration. A long term priority is to under-served communities. The goal is to lead individuals and families in need towards a better life, improved happiness and inner peace in addition to rebuilding their material lives or improving their living and an educational condition with the power of the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ ….body, soul & Spirit.

Medical Missions: Through ICOF Medical Missions “Physicians with a cause” provide free medical camps and sharing of the gospel, throughout remote villages in Pakistan.

USA We also are focused on Church Home Missions in the USA. Through Community Enhancement that acts as a safety net for individuals and families in need, ICOF Global Missions works to strengthen and enhance communities by working with varies other agencies, churches, non profits within the Faith Based communities already in existence. We are committed to our Senior citizens community including information and referral, food distribution and collaborations with the faith community.

A hundred years from now it will not matter how much money you have, what kind of car you drive or what kind of House you live in, but the world will be a better place because you made a difference in the lives of others”.

Dr. Barney Phillips ICOF VP of Missions


FUNERAL SERVICE FOR A DOG Submitted by Michael Otobong: Church member: Pastor my dog is dead can you do a burial service? Pastor: We don't do service for animals. Church Member: Please Pastor did you know any church that can accept N20m donation for my dog burial service? Pastor: Wow! why you don't you tell me the dog was a Christian?

Speaking of travels, I heard that when Marco Polo first opened the trade routes to China, he was quite impressed with their rockets. Now, these weren't quite the fireworks we now know, but they did shoot into the air, explode and make some pretty patterns. Strangely, no matter where he went, there were people who made fireworks, but he had trouble finding someone to demonstrate them for him. "Not here!" they said. ...very confusing. Until ol' Marc came upon an ancient military fortification at the community of Chu'Lai. Here, fireworks were launched every night, and Marc was very impressed!

Dear Pastor, I know God loves everybody but He never met my sister. Yours sincerely, Arnold. Age 8, Nashville. Dear Pastor, My father should be a minister. Every day he gives us a sermon about something. Robert, Age 11, Anderson. Dear Pastor, I'm sorry I can't leave more money in the plate, but my father didn't give me a raise in my allowance. Could you have a sermon about a raise in my allowance? Love, Patty. Age 10, New Haven Dear Pastor, My mother is very religious. She goes to play bingo at church every week even if she has a cold. Yours truly, Annette. Age 9, Albany

But still he wondered, "Why here?" At the end of every week, people came from great distances, bringing their own fireworks to launch. So Marco Polo asked his guide why everyone came here to launch their fireworks. Marc's guide replied: "Why honored Sir, ... We always set off fireworks on the Forts of Chu'Lai"


Cameroon Dear Bishop Wade,

In an effort to share the work that ICOF members around the world are doing for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ we share this overview from our members, friends and partners:

(L to R) Dr. Victor Balinga Sunday - Bishop of Limbe Bishop Ngwa David - ICOF Secretary General for Africa, Bishop Tembi Alfred Tembi Bishop of Cameroon, Dr Ndoudoumou Jean Jaques Director General of Contract and Public Markets at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon.

AFRICA Dr. Wade,

It happened again in the city of Yaounde today July 28th. ICOF reached the Presidency through an illustrious son of Cameroon the president of the World wide church of God who was awarded the prestigious Ph. D in Divine Laws from ICOF CSU.

Praise the Lord Jesus! The Lord is steadily uniting the Fivefold here in Africa. My present concern is agreeing on a specific date and time for our ICOF African Fivefold Meetings. For now, one of our major difficulty is internet connection - especially now with the very heavy rains (we had rain fall here in Buea, non-stop for 4 good days, until today that we have seen some sunshine!), thus causing Skype to become fairly ineffective.

This is an extension of the 4th Convocation which held in Buea on the 23rd of last month. His candidature was postponed for obvious reason. We had to do a thorough investigation of his personality for integrity before any such award. We found him worthy and the award was done today in the presence of the Secretary General for ICOF Africa Dr David Ngwa.

Well, the future is very promising! International Business is helping to bring into Africa modern and quality communication gadgets - Mobiles, Ipods, etc. I see the Lord also blessing His people! It is well! Please, have a blessed day! Love you all! Dr. Ngwa Secretary General ICOF Africa 38



hello administration président de l'Afrique ICOF

To: Bishop Bernie Wade ICOF President, USA

en ma qualité de coordination principal de l'icof-Congo D R C pour bien s'organiser dans l'unité, l'amour et surtout dans la transparence . j'ai voulu vous informer que mon administration c'est -a-dire staff national d'exécution invite nos membres leaders , les chef des antennes de icof dans tout les quartes coins du Congo , puisse me rejoindre d'ici mi-janvier 2013 pour que nous puissions reconstruire icof CONGO-R D C , lors de mon mandat manuel de 2012 à 2014. espérons vous lire bientôt

Dear Bishop Wade: Greetings from the Philippines. Bishop the work here in the Philippines is increasing by God’s grace and ICOF Philippines is still in the process of forming, praying for the right timing to take off. I am writing you about the flood I told you many times that needs our attention. The flood was so strong that it affected 2.8 million people during the strong flood last August 4-8 in Metro Manila. Thousands of people are still in the process of recovery now.

NATIONAL OFFICE ICOF -CONGO I proposed for a budget of $1,200 to help few families that were affected . It is a very small amount compared to the great need but ICOF will start in a small help then the pastors will know us and it is easy for them to join us when we gather them someday. But if ICOF USA can raise more than I suggested the better. Since $1,200 is very small amount, this is what I plan for the help:


NEPAL Dear Brother, Greetings,

1. Target 5 to 10 families to meet their immediate needs 2. The families should be ripe for follow up for bible studies and friends of the nearby pastors 3. We will buy medicines, grocery itemsrice, can goods, soap, noodles, 4. Part of the money will be use to help children for their schooling- fare, notebook and paper

How are u and The Family? It Was Nice Talking to you this Morning. As you know I have sent u the Invitation this program will be of 2 days. So If anybody another wants to come u can bring them. And Please Inform Me Too. This Program Will Be Held In Hetauda, Makwanpur. It Is Very Expensive Program so please pray that God Arranges Money And Every other Stuffs. Thank You God Bless You Rev. Matthew Suroya

The Lord will bless our humble beginning in the Philippines. Hello to all ICOF USA directors, bishops, pastors, supporters and partners. In the Lord’s vineyard, Bishop Bing Gadian - ICOF Philippines 39

FLOOD RELIEF - PAKISTAN Respected Sir, Greeting in Jesus name. I want to humble request to ICOF for all Nations ICOF internationally , all leaders, pastors, Bishops , Apostle and ICOF Members. You have Watched in News that in Pakistan four provinces has been effected, people are living on road without food, living due to discrimination Christians are not help by the any NGOs or Govt. So I request to our Head office ICOF please release this news on Next wave and personally request to all members of ICOF support us in Pakistan in this crisis time the affected people needs

PAKISTAN Dear brothers and sisters

More than 7000 Fanatics has entered into the Church compound in Mardan. They were carrying petrol, right after entering in the premises they started beating the Christians. After words they burn St. Paul’s Lutheran church, St. Paul’s school building, they have burn the house of Principal of St. Paul High School as well as the houses of Pastors in the same compound. In Him

1.Food 2.Medicines 3.Tents 4.Cloths. 5.Clean Water articles, pots, plates, spoons, etc. 7.blanket. We want to reach these Christian people . Bishop Dilshad Bhatti - ICOF Pakistan

INDIA Dear in Christ, ICOF Greetings

Bishop Yaqub Paul, Lahore Pakistan

• we had fasting prayers in our Church INKOLLU, A.P. INDIA • God has anointed with His Holy Spirit • we prayed for each one in the circle and for all • And in the circle we prayed for the world • God have used me with anointing like a sharing word of God, healing sick and getting gifts of Holy Spirit. • Glory to God for it. Your brother in Christ Pastor DANIYELU = Hyderabad


GOD MEANT IT for GOOD! -David Wilkerson In Pharaoh's court stood Jacob - an old man of 130 years of age - and Joseph, his lost son, rushed to embrace him. As it turned out, Joseph was second in command over all of Egypt. Everywhere Jacob went with his son - in the palace, through the streets in his chariot people bowed to Joseph in respect and awe (see Genesis 46 and 47). When Pharaoh asked Jacob how old he was, he answered, "The days of the years of my pilgrimage are an hundred and thirty years: few and evil have the days of the years of my life been" (Genesis 47:9). The Hebrew reads, "Few and sorrowful have my days been." In short: "I've seen a lot of suffering."

WARNING - BILL JOHNSON and BETHEL CHURCH by Andrew Strom I am really hoping to make this the last of this type of article for awhile. Some people think I "love" putting out this stuff. But I honestly wish it would all go away, so we could get on with the 'real' work of building the kingdom. However, Bill Johnson is doing such damage to the Body of Christ around the world that I simply cannot stay silent. In New Zealand (where I am currently) he holds a huge Conference once a year called "Manifest Presence". This is almost certainly the biggest and most influential Christian conference in the whole country. And likewise in other nations, such as UK, Australia, Singapore, and many others. His influence is enormous.

Yet, was it worth it? Yes, absolutely! Jacob and his family had been delivered from the famine. All seventy members of his clan were now safe from harm, planted in the richest farmland in Egypt. Jacob's son was on the throne and they had all the food they could eat. Jacob - a man with a contrite heart - could look *back and say, "When my brother Esau threatened me, it seemed my life was over but God brought me out. My Lord was there the whole time. When Laban tried to destroy me, God blessed and delivered me. Furthermore, the Lord delivered my wife, Rachel, and my family from the perils of idolatry.

Bill Johnson is a very charming man. He also emphasizes a number of things that I heartily agree with - such as street evangelism using the gifts of the Spirit, prophecy and healing on the streets, etc. But the problem is that he endorses and promotes an "anointing" exactly identical to the one that Todd Bentley promotes. The "drunken glory", fire-tunnel, laughing, jerking, gold-dust, "Angel-mania"-type anointing that has done such damage to the Charismatic movement around the world and in many cases reduced it to a shocking travesty of what it once was. What would

"I was victorious over all my enemies. None of them ever rose up to challenge me. I lived to see my seed multiply and prosper - the beginnings of a great nation. I lived to walk in the midst of my grandchildren, even my greatgreat-grandchildren. And now my sons will be the patriarchs of Israel, leaders over their own tribes. Not a word God told me in the beginning has ever failed. My Lord has kept His every word to me." And, beloved, so will He be with us today! 41

Derek Prince or Keith Green think of the things these men are into - spiritual drunkenness, "portals", 'visualization', spirit-travel, fire-tunnels, angel-orbs and the like? (Found all the way through the New Age movement, but not in the Bible). Bill Johnson was one of the biggest supporters of the Lakeland revival led by Todd Bentley. And even after the fiasco that it became, he publicly endorsed Todd Bentley's ministry again in 2011. But Bill does it all with such "down-to-earth" charm and wise-sounding words - "how could this be deception?" That is what makes him so dangerous.

I guess we are now beginning to get a sense of the strange spiritual world that these people inhabit. Another blog post that Beni wrote about 'WAKING UP ANGELS' in March 2009 was also very revealing: "In the last couple of months, I personally have become more aware of the angelic activity in this realm. One of those times was when we were on a prayer trip to Arizona... One morning as we were driving up over Tehachapi Pass and coming down into the Mojave Desert, I began to feel angels. The closer we got, the stronger the impression felt. I could see them everywhere! I announced this to the group and said, "We have got to stop! We have to stop somewhere..." As we drove around a corner Isaid, "I think that we are going to wake up some angels here..."

His wife Beni is co-pastor with Bill of Bethel church in Redding, California. And interestingly she is even more open about the bizarre things that they are into. She even puts it in writing on the Internet, for all the world to see. For example, in her "Life and Wellness" blog on July 6 this year, here is what she wrote in an entry called 'Love Shack Time': "I was talking with Ray Hughes the other day and was telling him about using a 528 HZ tuning fork as a prophetic act. Someone told me that this tuning fork is called the tuning fork of LOVE..." (Please note that crystals and tuning forks are used in NEW AGE therapy - and have nothing to do with Christianity in any way).

"We knew we were to turn around, get out of the RV and wake up the angels. I wish I could convey to you the energy and the quickness of how God was working. We jumped out of the RV, I blew the shofar and rang the bell, and we yelled "WAKEY WAKEY." We got back into the RV and drove off. As we drove off, hilarious laughter broke out! We were stunned at the speed at which this all took place and were spinning from the adventure and the angelic activity. What in the world had just happened?! Heaven collided with earth. Woo hoo!!

Beni continued: "Recently I got up to speak at a meeting and walked up to the song "Love Shack" by the B52's. I was calling people to more love. It was so fun."

"Since that time, there has been a stirring in 42

me to awaken the angels for use in this Kingdom reign that is upon us here on earth. I have shared these two stories in other places and have done a prophetic act of waking up the angels: having everybody cry out, "WAKEY WAKEY!" I know it is strange but it is very effective... One of our gals who enjoys God's angels... gets pretty wacked when they are around..."

seem almost "funny" if it wasn't so 'New Age' serious. One young lady named Johanna who had been a student for many months at Bill Johnson's 'Bethel' school wrote to me the following: "In August 2008 I moved to Redding, California to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). I graduated in May 2009. Almost right away I began to question the bizarre behavior that is so normal there.

The reference that Beni makes here to "Heaven colliding with earth" is of course directly tied to Bill Johnson's most famous teaching on "When Heaven Invades Earth". Clearly, this is the kind of thing they mean when they use that phrase. So if we get with their program so-to-speak, we too can go around "waking up angels" and getting "pretty wacked" when these 'angels' are around.

"At Bethel, there are many sayings that are tossed around daily. "God only has nice things to say," "There´s no high like the Most High." There would be all kinds of distracting behavior (random shouting, laughing, etc.) during school sessions and church services. When any guest speaker came to school, students would flock to the front to get as close to the speaker as possible. We were taught that any anointing we wanted could be received by simply "claiming it" for ourselves. Students would rush the stage and the front of the sanctuary so the speakers could lay hands on them.

I guess the obvious question is whether they are "serious" about all this. Sadly, the answer is "Yes." When you get so completely deceived that you think "drunken glory" and 'tuning forks' and getting "wacked" are normal Christian behavior, you are open to anything. Tragically, if we look at all that these people have said and done now for years and years, we have to conclude that one of Christendom's biggest leaders (Bill Johnson) inhabits the most bizarre quasi-spiritual universe that you can imagine. And he is spreading this deceived foolishness in the Body of Christ on a mass scale. It might

"Among the guest speakers were Bob Jones, Heidi Baker, Georgian and Winnie Banov, Randy Clark, John and Carol Arnott... We also had regular sessions with Bill Johnson, Beni Johnson, and other Bethel pastors. The drunken behavior and 43

questionable teachings from some, if not all, of these speakers was shocking at times. I can safely say that I never heard the word "repentance" once in any teaching.

face" of this invasion. Please, friends, steer well clear.

I would always hear people talking about their encounters with angels and how they visited heaven. One young woman I knew said she could see angels everywhere, she talked to them all the time, and she would help her friends to do the same. God becomes like Santa Claus. Without the preaching of the true gospel, the fear of the

Lord is lost." ANDREW AGAIN: As you can see from all these reports, the ministry of Bill Johnson is highly suspect. Sadly, because the deception is not as "obvious" as Todd Bentley, people are charmed into thinking he's "fine". Charismatic leaders around the world flock to his meetings and openly endorse his teachings. For this reason I believe he is far more dangerous than Todd Bentley ever was. The Bible says that in the last days will come false teachers and "lying signs and wonders" to deceive if possible the "very elect." And what do we see today? New Age practices and spirits are flooding the church. And it is men like Bill Johnson that have become the "acceptable 44

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