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International Circle of Faith (ICOF) P.O. Box 72 Sulphur, KY 40070

Phone: 502.410.4263 Bernie L. Wade, PhD.

President/Presiding Bishop

My dear friends, compatriots in the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

Robert Straube, PhD.

Asst. Presiding Bishop Daniel Joseph Ubonabasi, PhD

African Fivefold Roundtable David Ngwa, PhD

Secretary General Africa Derrick Day, PhD

ICOF North America Apostle Bobby Sutton

Vice President Missions Dr. Ted & Janet Dones

Apostolic Revivalists Marcus Benson, Thd.

ICOF Europe

Peter Mitchell, Thd. Apostle Torboe

ICOF Oceana

Tembi A. Tembi, Thd.

ICOF Cameroon

John Rogers, PhD.

Sr. VP of Development William Ouma, Thd.

ICOF E. Africa

Bishop R. R. Iwatt

ICOF Nigeria

Bishop Asher Peri Bishop Glory Dhas

ICOF India

Joseph Freeson, Thd.

ICOF Ghana

Herbert Gadian

ICOF Philippines Anibal Guevara


David Tait

Today we give first honor to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ! It is an honor to address all of you! I had hoped to be with you in person but God has provided us this means to communicate. I give honor to my dear friends Dr. David Ngwa and Dr. Tembi Alfred Tembi. I love these honorable men of God and salute them for all they are doing to reach the lost and bring unity to the Body of Christ. My friends, this is our day! We have come to this point as sons but now is the time when we must go forward as fathers. We must free ourselves from a mentality of “what is in it for me� and focus on completing the mission that we were given by Jesus Christ to take this Gospel of the Kingdom to every tribe, every kingdom, every man woman and child. We must, by any means necessary, reach this generation with the hope that only come through faith in Jesus Christ. I am fully persuaded that we are blessed to live in the most wonderful of times. We live in a world where advances in technology make it easier than ever to reach more people, more effectively and more economically! I think our forefathers dreamed of the opportunities that we have! We must not fail! We will not fail! We will offer no excuses; we will make an impact on a dying world and leave the Church of Jesus Christ in a better state than where it was when we came. Today, I challenge all of you who are the Called of Jesus Christ to put aside whatever petty difference you have and stand together as never before. Unite for the single cause and purpose of furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It does not matter who gets the credit! We must All work together to accomplish His will, His way and let His name be EXALTED!

ICOF New Zealand Saleem Inayat

Fivefold Roundtable Pakistan Kanwal Sohail

Secretary General-Pakistan Dilshad Bhatti ICOF Pakistan Riaz Sadiq

ICOF Canada

In Jesus name!

Bishop Bernie L. Wade Presiding Bishop International Circle of Faith (ICOF)

ICOF address for the 2014 ICOF Cameroon conference  


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