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METER TIMES METER TEST SYNTAR 530 ( WENGE ) 15.02.2014 AUDIO MAGAZINE 03/2014 TEXT: ALEXANDROS MITROPOULUS ( AUDIO – EDITOR ) Chario, a traditional italian manufactory associated with very expensive, clean and often made of solid wood speakers. An evergreen represents the Syntar series, which has been around for over 20 years, are at least in the Italian program. The petite acting, tangy-edged Syntar 530 costs around € 1,600.00 and is located at the top entry level. The delightful real wood veneer (here: Wenge) was processed perfectly. A version with rounded solid wood edges, called Syntar 530R, also exist, these costs, because of the multi-part complex construction, proud € 2,300.00. Taking it even the construction of the cheaper 530 series – ie without "R" - has a sly behind the ears. While other manufacturers mill the inner edges of their body panels with a 45 ° miter, Chario goes a much more complex way. The cutting angle here is 90 ° - with a small milled stage the Italians glue the individual parts thus no joints together. They do not use a banal wood glue but a special adhesive that has vibration absorbing properties - of course with the aim of better acoustically decouple the housing parts. SO STABLE: In the bottom of the housing, the Italians built next to the woofer also a reflex port. The distance between the housing and the foot was calculated exactly and takes effect on the sound.

The chario Syntar 530 works as genuine three-way speaker. Frequencies up to 300 hertz converts a, in the bottom of the speaker built-in, downfiring woofer. His 16cm membrane of plastic polymer is designed for most strokes and works thanks to a attached base of the housing t a defined exit opening. Then a midrange with the same technical characteristics is used, but leaves the field at low 1.4 kHz the tweeter. In teeter Chrio uses a vapor-coated with aluminum 27mm dome tweeter made of silk. The aluminum treatment stiffens the surface, which should keep control at high levels. The cast in the mounting plate wave guide controls the omnidirectional behavior of the tweeter.

SO ITALIAN: In addition to the cabinets Chario also developed the chassis inhouse in Italy. So also the prone built-in 16cm woofer that uses the ground as level-giving reflection surface. Very good to see in the photos: the fine-pored wood veneer of 530.

AND THEN THERE WAS ROCK Whether it was the tweeter treatment ? The entire treble range was characterized by high resolution and sound overall very balanced : Details of Brass at Hiroshi Fukumuras "Captain Caribe " ( " Hunt up wind " ) transformed the Italian speaker sovereign, rangy and very dynamic. Prerequisite for this , however, was that you can not as usual advised the speakers directly to the listener , but rather a parallel setup was perfect. In the AUDIO listening room worked a minimum angulation best - so the chario preserved its character of a sympathetic fine spirit. During the tweeter so with correct installation had quite very commendable clarity , had the presence area - similar to the Boston M 250 - tend to be warmer than the Monitor Audio Silver 6 or the ELAC FS 197. Therefore guaranteed that singing was not nervous and annoying, probably the biggest forte of such a tuning. In fact : In Led Zeppelin's " Black Dog " Robert Plant's voice appeared on stage minimally to stand further back - as if he was uncharacteristically suffer from stage fright. But that did nothing at all - on the contrary : It is precisely this warmer sound all the testers liked a lot, it was perfect for such epochal rock classics from the 70s and 80s. Here the chario showed their true charm : The beauty rocked the house! With an appropriate choice of songs, the charming Italian laid down the noble evening dress, pulled on the old leather jacket and torned, tattered jeans - performed fantatsic an made just a very good mood! She did not go as a clumsy heavy-metal-boor in head-banging-style to the point, but always maintained a dignified, classy, noble Pink Floyd-esque performance. The reason: her punchy and deep bass had the Chario always under control and never tried to get through mere showmanship to the goal. The result: an absolutely harmonious overall impression.

AUDIOGRAM + powerful and precise bass, balanced performance - Vocals are sometimes reluctant AUDIO



MEASURING LABORATORY Axial measured (red) can be seen in the frequency response curve (Fig 1) a highfrequency increase with increasing frequency, a good-natured side drop down (blue). In both cases, however, there is a broad band sink between 1kHz and 5kHz. Already at 95dB arrises maginal THD, but increases significantly at 100dB. A peak occurs exactly at 300Hz - the transition frequency between the woofer and midrange. AK = 70.

Chario syntar 530 audio magazine 03 2014 ( february 2014 )