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Volume 94, Issue 4 | September 19, 2012


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24-Hour Library on the Horizon UNH Remembers 9/11



–––––––––––––––––––––––––– Overlooking the Maxcy quad is the Marvin K. Peterson Library, the library of the University of New Haven. Named

the Peterson Library among the places on campus has always been the hours. Students, faculty and staff could utilize the library and its many services before the earliest classes of the day started and long after the latest classes ended.

a computer, printer or quiet area to study in may need those services after midnight or earlier than available on the weekends. The idea of keeping the library open 24 hours a day began as early as 2009, and in the fall of 2010, the Academics Commit-


–––––––––––––––––––––––––– Every year since the nation was changed forever on Sept. 11, 2001, UNH has held a re-

many of his fellow students have been motivated by them as well. UNH ROTC Cadets John Harness, Paul Emmi, Victoria Rossi and Michael Heddy led a Presentation of the Colors, and then USGA Vice President Chris


after a former president of the university, the library not only serves as an ideal place to study or do homework, but its extensive database collection has just about any book or reference item one may need for class. Students can enjoy a beautiful view of the Maxcy quad from the library café as well as receive free tutoring services from the Center for Learning Resources (CLR) located on the bottom floor. A distinguishing feature of

Currently, the library is open an incredible 109 hours a week for use by members of the university community. The Peterson Library’s current fall 2012 hours are Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.(midnight), Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight). Even so, there has been popular demand for expanding the library’s hours for a number of years now. Many students who may not have regular access to

membrance ceremony to honor not only the lives lost on that PHOT O PROVIDED BY UNH day, but also those left behind. This year’s ceremony was tee of the Undergraduate Stuheld at on the morning of the andent Government Association niversary in front of the Marvin (USGA) held a petition for the K. Peterson Library. Students, idea. While the petition received faculty and staff (some dressed a lot of support from students, in the uniforms of the Armed the Peterson Library lacked the Services), various fire or emerfunding to go ahead with the gency medical services (some idea, so it had to be put aside. in business clothes and some In the fall 2011 and spring just coming from class), were 2012 semesters, the idea of a presented with an American flag 24-hour library was tested for upon arrival. finals week. From Wednesday, Undergraduate Student GovDec. 14, 2011, to Tuesday, Dec. ernment Association President 20, 2011, and then again from Patrick Kelland opened with reSee LIBRARYpage 4 marks about how the tragedies of 11 years ago have since affected some of his experiences at UNH, and how he suspected

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Rate My Professor Rankings Released

Is there a lot of homework?” and strategizing to arrange the –––––––––––––––––––––––––– best schedule. Some of the student-generated When choosing next semester reviews may be exaggerations classes, some college students or irrelevant about how “hot” select their classes based on the the teacher is, but overall, they By SAMANTHA MATHEWSON STAFF WRITER/COPY EDITOR

are usually reliable ballparks of whether you can expect a lot of laughs or a lot of homework in class. In students’ attempts to endeavor on a victorious and successful college path, some seek the easiest ways out, so they need the scoop on the classes they are about to enroll in. has been the answer to current college students’ curiosity, See RANKINGS page 7

See REMEMBERS page 5

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McMahon Meet and Greet at Branford HQ Highlights Jobs Plan mingled with other local residents inside and outside the lo–––––––––––––––––––––––––– cation. Upon McMahon’s arrival, Linda McMahon, the Repub- however, elbow room within By LIANA TEIXEIRA ASSISTANT EDITOR


time of the class, and some students base it off what professors will be teaching the course. has always been a resource in aiding students in their decisions and providing a rough idea of what they are in for, based on previous student’s rankings and comments. Around campus, one frequently hears students asking each other, “Have you had this professor? What are they like?

Drobinske led the Pledge of Allegiance. “Every year since then, we’ve come together as a community to mark this day,” said Campus Minister Martin O’Connor. In 2001, students, staff and faculty made their way to the Bixler/ Botwinik Quad at dusk to hold a candlelight vigil. “This campus…was in shock.” The events of each year’s ceremony are at the discretion of the USGA president to plan. The Sergeant at Arms of UNH’s Psi Omega chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association, Connor Johnson, stood to give comments on law enforcement. He spoke of those who “responded to the call” on

lican candidate for the United States Senate, spoke to supporters on Wednesday, Sept. 12, at the grand opening of her newest campaign headquarters in Branford, Conn. Guests in attendance ranged from young children to elderly citizens, as well as campaign volunteers and interns. Prior to McMahon’s arrival, attendees helped themselves to a wide selection of refreshments as they

ping “out-of-control” government spending and borrowing, providing the unemployed with the proper training and skills needed to fill available jobs, and moving toward developing alternative American energy resources. McMahon proposes to cut the middle class tax rate from 25 percent to 15 percent, which would subsequently lead to the elimination of the capital gains tax for the middle class as well. “It’s really important what we’re doing. We’re getting our message out; we’re talking about my six-point job plan, and it’s really resonating with PHOTO BY LIANA TEIXIERA folks,” she said. McMahon continued the building became noticeably to highlight the remaining elescarce as guests formed a tight ments of her plan, most notably semi-circle around McMahon, the creation of jobs in both Conwho publically addressed the necticut and the nation. group. “I am a proven job creator,” The speech focused mainly on she said. “I built a business from her six-point jobs plan to revive the ground up. I’ve had successthe economy and put Americans es and failures along the way. I back to work. These points in- get what it’s like when I talk to clude passing a middle-class tax people around our state about cut, eliminating over-regulation See MCMAHON page 5 to improve job creation, stop-

September 19, 2012

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USGA President’s Corner

Dear Students,

As the first month of school comes to a close, I trust you all have had a great time thus far. Many of you have found your fit here in the University of New Haven community and are continuing to grow with the rest of your class. Your experience here is fluid and don’t be afraid of taking chances and trying out new things. The people you associate yourself with will help develop you into who you truly are. Over the next week before September is truly behind us, I encourage you to go to a program put on by a Resident Assistant that you don’t know very well and knock on someone’s door in your hall who you haven’t met. Continue to make and build relationships with your peers. Keep exploring; there are many things for you out there. Patrick Kelland

This week’s USGA Meeting will be held Friday, September 21st at 2PM in Dodds Theater

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September 19, 2012

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by Melanie Stone Is there trouble in paradise? Do you have love or relationship questions? Ask Melanie! Submit “Ask Melanie” requests to, our Facebook page or Twitter.

Dear Melanie,

So I like this guy a lot but he’s cheating on his girlfriend with me. I keep telling myself that when he leaves her (he says he will) he won’t do the same to me. My friends think otherwise, and I am in a tough spot because I know what were doing is wrong and I would not want it to happen to me, but I really like him. Help me? -Sticky Spot Dear Sticky Spot, No one ever wants to hear that the person they are head over heels for is probably using them. I am not going to sit here and tell you that what you are doing is wrong and that he will never leave his girlfriend. All men are different, and the honest truth is that he could really be content with you, and just planning on how to get out of his current relationship. The problem with all of this, however, is that most of the time guys have one thing on their mind. If he has a girlfriend somewhere else, and you here, then he sort of gets the best of both worlds. Why would someone ever give that up if they could have their cake and eat it, too? It is time to give an ultimatum. This is when you will be able to see if his feelings are real, or if he’s just another tool bag of the earth. My advice to you would be to give him two choices; either break up with his girlfriend and be with you, or stop stringing you along. I do not care how great this guy is, you do not deserve to have your heart strung along in hopes that he will one day be yours. I cannot imagine it feels good to be hanging out with him, when he gets a call from his girlfriend and he leaves the room to talk to her, or tells you to be quiet so she doesn’t know where he is.

HONORS STUDENT COUNCIL Honors Student Council is an organization on campus that allows Honors students to interact with one another outside of the classroom. The mission of the Honors Student Council is to actively engage members and the entire UNH and greater New Haven community through campus activities and community service. We act as liaisons to the Honors Program administration and the Honors students, by providing a place where students can display their opinions and concerns about the Honors Program and UNH in general. We provide Honors Students with a comfortable atmosphere apart from their intense workloads. In the past, we have put our annual International Food Festival in the spring semester. Students will have the opportunity to experience diverse foods, cultures, and music. We also hold a week-long Green week event series during which students can make their own necklaces and lanyards, edible dirt cups, and sand art. We also raise money for certain organizations such as Art from the Heart by selling Christmas and Valentine's Day candy-grams. Within the next few months, we will be going Haunted Zip lining and rock climbing. We are also planning a trip to New York City to see a play. Students can contact us by e-mail at: Honors students can get involved in the HSC by easily attending our meetings. We hold meetings the first and third Tuesdays of every month. Students can request to join the group on Charger Connection or just e-mail our account. Honors students can also find out about our events through the Honors Program event calendar. We would love to see new faces and hear new opinions. We are a fun club that likes to release the stresses of academic life through fun activities.

If you are meant to be with this guy, then it will happen in time. It does not need to happen right now, and you do not need to be the reason he breaks up with his girlfriend, because you could forever feel guilty about that. If anything, you will be the reason he has opened his eyes and realized that he was not happy, and then in time maybe you guys can see what is really there. Give yourself some time from the situation. You need a moment or two to clear your head, to get a good handle on everything and look at it from an outside perspective. My main piece of advice goes as follows…tell him you are giving him one week (a time limit always makes a guy act quicker) to figure out what he wants to do. After that, if he is still with his girlfriend then you guys can no longer be anything. But if they break up, then you will be there to help him through anything he needs, and you guys can finally see if anything is between you two. I hope this helps. Honestly, it is a sticky spot but most girls (and guys) would be lying if they said they were never in a position like this before. We all have liked something we can’t have (it all goes back to the thrill of the chase). If things are meant to be they will work themselves out, but you should never feel so uneasy about being in a situation like this. When someone is the one for you, you should have butterflies and your heart should skip a beat every time you see them… and not because you’re worried their girlfriend will find out.

SCOPE It Out! SCOPE has more events planned for you this week.

by Jess Ribas

Monday, Sept. 17, SCOPE invited Michael Clark to speak in the Alumni Lounge at 7 p.m. Michael Clark is currently a professor here at the University of New Haven and is a former FBI agent. He will be having a lecture on terrorism and everyone is invited to listen. Tuesday, Sept. 18, SCOPE will be showing the new film Snow White and The Huntsman in Bartels Dining Hall at 9 p.m. This was a big hit in the theaters and will be just as popular here on campus, so come out to see it! Friday, Sept. 21, SCOPE is hosting the game show Double Dare in the Bixler/Botwinik Quad at 1 p.m.. Teams have been previously registered to compete for prizes such as the iPad 2 for each member on the first place team. Everyone should come out and watch people get slimed. Friday, Sept. 21, SCOPE will be having another showing of Snow White and The Huntsman in Bartels Dining Hall at 9 p.m. Fresh popcorn will be provided. Saturday, Sept. 22, SCOPE is hosting Inflatable Fun Fest in the Bixler/Botwinik Quad at 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. as a part of Family Day. The Inflatibles include Bungee Challenge, Sports Arena Speed Pitch, Bungee Extreme, Backyard Obstacle Course, Castle Moon Bounce and Pedestal Joust. We hope to see everyone there. Come with a friend so they can enjoy SCOPE events, too.

From immediate to Preventive, care that’s more Patient-Focused. From immediate medical treatment to complete preventive care, collin c. Watson, md offers years of experience and a patientfocused approach to medicine. since this is both a primary care practice and walk-in center, your co-pay is billed as a doctor’s visit. our convenient location provides access to a full range of services including blood draw, ultrasound, bone density tests, x-ray and mammograms all in one place.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

as part of northeast medical Group, we utilize epic, a state-of-the-art, fully integrated electronic medical record system. With epic you will have access to your medical records electronically through mychart®. additionally, our northeast medical Group practitoners have the skill and resources of Yale new haven health system. this means that three leading hospitals – Bridgeport, Greenwich and Yalenew haven – along with an entire network of top specialists are there for all of your medical needs.

We accept most insurance plans and welcome new patients. Call for an appointment – or just walk in. 203.479.3600

collin c. Watson, md Board certified in internal medicine

alexandra usdavin, aPrn

500 Elm Street West Haven, CT 06516 YNHH-1168 DrWatson5.75x10.625.indd 1

8/17/12 11:54 AM

September 19, 2012

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Charger News | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397) | By ANA ABRAHAM

Arts@UNH Hosts Two Successful Writers



Arts@UNH is a program that showcases talented students and faculty, as well as professionals from the local community and around the world, all with much to teach about the arts that they love. On Thursday, Sept. 13, in the UNH Bookstore, Professor Dowd of the English Department introduced two such artists to an audience of students, faculty and staff. The two

women, Latha Viswanathan and Cynthia ArrieuKing, read some of their own work and took time to answer a variety of questions. Viswanathan is an Indian-born writer who has lived and worked all over the world, but currently lives and teaches in Houston. She treated the audience to a reading of her short story “Cool Wedding,” which she read entirely in an Indian accent. When asked about what inspires her work, she answered “other writers…

and bad writers.” She then expanded on that comment, and added that she came relatively late to writing, starting as an adult after seeing

“Flow With it Friday”



Many people know how poetry affects the writer—emotions pouring out, heart pounding, mind overwhelmed. However, most do not realize how frequently people can relate and be affected just as greatly when the words are spoken. On Friday Sept. 14, “Flow With It Friday” displayed just that, beautifully. After Robert Durant’s powerful performance at the New Student Talent Show, I was curious to investigate what other students at UNH had to show. Casey King acted as the host of the small but powerful event. She is Vice President of the W.R.I.T.E. Poetry Club and had the audience going with her one-liners and DJ skills between acts. She also performed four poems, including “Don’t

Let Them Tell You Poetry Is For the Birds” and “I Am a Work In Progress.” W.R.I.T.E. President Crystal Robinson also wowed with a poem about fighting her demons. Felicia, a Southern Connecticut State University representative, shared personal poems about overcoming depression and uplifted everyone in attendance. Other acts included a spin-off of “The Telltale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe, and poems about almost everything: love, anger, suicide, respect and everything in between. There were two acts of meaningful poetry that really stood out from the others. DJ shared songs that he wrote with his cousin in 1995 and in 2010, a confession and a religious song. While wildly different from each other, both got the crowd clapping and swaying throughout. Stephen Shepherd also stood out with his “Ode to Silence”

joke and his “Snake” poem. The poem was told to a snake and complained about its activities while giving it a regal personality. Overall, it was quite intricate. He also then showed a special talent that most people do not even know exists. His throat acted as a guitar making all the proper notes on key while he played the air guitar. Everyone was impressed. For those who attended, “Flow With It Friday” was an emotional and impacting night. Everybody involved had the opportunity to express their feelings without judgment. Each act was followed with words of praise and a close-knit family feeling. I recommend everyone try to look out for the next event. One will be held each month until the end of the semester and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

farmers markets statewide that are conducted daily. Connecticut’s Certified Farmers’ Markets are committed to selling only

on West Haven’s green, located at the corner of Campbell Avenue and Main Street on Thursday afternoons from 12 p.m.

West Haven Hosts Annual Farmers’ Market



Connecticut farmers encourage locals to buy nativegrown fruits and vegetables at the West Haven Green’s annual farmers market. “Send more people… the prices are unbeatable,” says Maryanne Barrelli, a farmers’ market vendor. The Farmers’ Market is a nationwide movement, created to encourage and support local farmers. Connecticut currently hosts over 100

than has written a book of short stories called Lingering Tide. Cynthia Arrieu-King took a different approach to her presentation altogether. She read several selections of her poetry interjected with bits of prose. While Viswanathan’s story was lighthearted, ArrieuKing’s selections were of a darker tone. When asked about her PHOTO BY LIANA TEIXIERA style of writing, she spoke enough in her travels to give her what she felt was about how she considered enough “richness” and her writing as being about “pain” that she could com- difference, not about race. fortably write. Viswana- In response to a question

about her influences, she answered that everything inspires her, that “ideas are really sticky and things collect to them.” Arrieu-King is an assistant professor of creative writing at Stockton College and has written a book titled People are Tiny in Paintings of China. The next Arts@UNH event will be a poetry reading by Phil Memmer and M. Scott Douglass on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 6:30 p.m. in the UNH Bookstore.

UNH Participates in National Tell A Police Officer “Thank You” Day


University of New Haven students in the American Criminal Justice As-

enforcement officer per table to engage in motivating conversations about careers in the near future. Many times, law enforcement goes unnoticed for their commitment,

The ACJA appreciated West Haven’s Mayor Picard for stopping by and showing his appreciation as well. They would also like to acknowledge the many local business that

sociation: Psi Omega chapter held their 1st Annual Police Appreciation Luncheon in response to a Facebook group Whole Truth Project’s event “National Tell a Police Officer ‘Thank You’ Day”. The event was held on Saturday, Sept. 15, on campus and included UNH’s own University of New Haven Police Department, West Haven Police Department, and even Amtrak Police. The purpose of this luncheon was to invite local law enforcement that assist the UNH students frequently in ensuring their safety when travelling to and from their destinations. Students were seated at tables with one law

dedication and service to the community, and the criminal justice students at UNH thought it was time to show their appreciation. Lunch was donated by local businesses to show their support and give thanks to law enforcement as well. Ryan Irons, the UNH Team Leader for this event, said, “We wanted to thank the police officers on behalf of the cities and towns, but more specifically the students because the relationship between young adults and police officers sometimes creates misunderstandings, and this was a great way to show them our appreciation.”


“This is something that the students wanted and this is what they asked for,” adds Hanko Dobi, University Librarian. “Here in the library, we try to serve the students and the administration wants to give students a positive experience as well”. Beginning right after fall break on Wednesday, Oct. 10, the library will open at 7 a.m. and continue to be open on a 24/7 basis for the remainder of the fall semester, with the exception of Thanksgiving break. Due to library staff leaving at the end of the day, many library services will

still be unavailable after midnight. Still, students, faculty and staff can use the computers, printers and copiers all hours of the day. Furthermore, security will be present in the library after hours, and entry will require a valid UNH ID. A 24-hour library has been an idea long in the making and its establishment is another testament to the growth of the university and the dedication of its staff to continue to serve the increasing student body. “There are plans to continue these hours in the spring,” concludes Dobi.



donated food to make this event successful; P&M, and Nica’s in New Haven; Roly Poly in Orange; Corso’s Deli, and Subway in West Haven. The Psi Omega Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association (ACJA), covers a broad range of interests in the criminal justice field Their goal is to improve criminal justice through educational activities, promote professional, academic and public awareness of criminal justice issues, and promote high standards of ethical conduct, professional training and higher education within the criminal justice field.

24-Hour Library on the Horizon

con’t from page 1

Connecticut-grown farm harvests. Most markets also participate in supplemental food programs and will accept vouchers and payments from WIC or EBT. West Haven’s farmers’ market takes place

Monday, April 30, 2012, to Wednesday, May 9, 2012, the Peterson Library remained open for university students, faculty and staff on a 24-hour basis, although services such as borrowing books and reserving group study rooms were unavailable past regular hours. The popularity of the PHOTO BY LESHA DALEY library after hours was apparent during these two until 6 p.m., and on Satur- weeks and now, thanks day from 10 a.m. until 2 to an increase in funding, p.m. Although one of the the Marvin K. Peterson smaller farmers’ markets Library will soon be in the state, West Haven open 24 hours a day and carries a large variety seven days a week for the See MARKET page 6 semester!

September 19, 2012

Magma Balloons Under the Island of Santorini better, because it has been recently prone to bubbles of volcanic explosion underneath its earth. Santorini was built out of a volcanic eruption about 3,600 years ago, in approximately 1620 BC, obliterating the ancient Minoan civilization that once called this island home. (This is also how the legends of the “Lost City of Atlantis”

arose). Santorini is known for its volcanic explo-

sions, which happen about every 20,000 years. The volcano under Santorini has been relatively silent in the past 25 years, but now it is seemingly

of magma underneath the island has been at a steady increase, and is now said to be the size of 15 Olympic stadiums.

students. Responsibility: Members of Greek life are reminded to be conscious of how their words, actions, and inactions affect those in the UNH community. Respect: The university has a No Hazing policy that is mandatory for all Greek organizations to

con’t from page 1

September 15, 2012 marks the end of Fall Recruitment for the University of New Haven. Rush week has come to a close and UNH Greek life is continuing to grow.

individual members who chanted and cheered for their brothers and sisters. Potential new members got a glimpse of what sisterhood and brotherhood mean to each Greek chapter. Tori Persico of Delta Phi Epsilon, had the opportunity to participate in her

The organizations and potential new members met in the Bixler/Botwinik Quad at 8:45 p.m. each night from Sept. 10 to Sept. 15 to hear what events the sororities and fraternities were offering. Activities included Vegas and decade-themed nights, bowling, arts and crafts, lawn games and more, all of which gave potential new members a deeper look into their chosen organization’s core values. Sororities that participated include Phi Sigma Sigma, Omega Phi Beta, Lambda Psi Delta, Hermandad Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc., Chi Kappa Rho, Sigma Lambda Gamma, and Delta Phi Epsilon. Fraternities include Sigma Lambda Beta, Delta Chi, Sigma Chi, Kappa Gamma Rho, Lambda Alpha Upsilon, Sigma Alpha Upsilon, and Phi Beta Sigma. Go Greek Week had a theme of unity which carried through to this past week, but in a different light. Unity was shown by each organization’s

first Rush week as a sister. “Being a sisterhood that does so much, it’s really nice that we could all come together to make time for one another as well as potential new members,” said Tori. “Having the opportunity to get to know the girls that rushed for us and getting to know my sisters even better solidified the reason why I joined my sisterhood.” Tori is one of the many members who got to be part of this experience. Greek life strives to uphold its own core values while promoting the values of UNH. The university has introduced the Charger Compact that promotes six standards to its students: excellence, responsibility, respect, understanding, integrity and service. These standards are shown in all aspects of the Greek community. Excellence: All organizations require their members to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Academics come first for sisters and brothers in Greek life who strive to become better



Santorini is known as a prized gem of the Grecian islands, a tiny alcove surrounded by water and loved by residents and tourists alike. The multicolored limestone houses are built onto a cliff overlooking the sea with spectacular views of the sunset; Santorini retains the Cycladic architecture of its past. Unfortunately this is where the article’s positivity ceases; if you are now thinking of visiting Santorini, the sooner the


Rush Week: Fall Recruitment 2012




becoming more active. In the past year, the amount


follow. New members are required to attend No Hazing workshops. Each organization is also expected to respect one another in order to maintain Greek unity. Understanding: All Greek organizations on campus include members from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Integrity: Members of Greek life are given letters upon becoming brothers and sisters of their organization. With these letters come the responsibilities of representing their organization both academically and personally. Service: All 14 Greek chapters have designated philanthropies for which they raise funds. Chapters also organize service projects that are promoted to all students encouraging them to get involved. Greek life on campus is growing and improving each semester. The university will hold its second Rush week February 2013 for students who are interested.

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Because of this large growth spurt, the island has recently risen up 5.5 inches. Tourists have been feeling small rumbles on the surface, and an occasional clinking of their wine glasses as the volcano pulsed beneath them. Earlier this year, seismic GPS sensors measured activity, hinting that there may be an eruption soon. Although they do not think an eruption the size of the one 3,600 years earlier will be in store for the island, researchers have been actively keeping an eye on the volcano. Volcanologist David Pyle is not worried

though, saying that this is typical of such a volcano. “They'll often have these little restless patches, because there is molten rock moving around at depth,” he says, assured that this kind of situation is fairly commonplace. Nevertheless, if you have ever desired to visit Santorini, now is your time to do so, as its future is fairly unpredictable. Just as one is never sure how much air a balloon will take before it pops, the volcano can only handle a certain amount of pressure before it bursts upwards.

get our folks back to work, so that these folks who are graduating from college have jobs and have a place to work so they can repay their student loans, so they can start their lives.” McMahon has been travelling across Connecticut this past year, and the one thing she found was manufacturing companies with job openings, but no skilled workforce to fill those openings. “I really do think that we are not addressing the right kind of training and curriculum at our vocational schools and our technical schools to fill these jobs. And so I think that we can’t lose sight of the fact that a skilled labor force really grows the economy, and they’re really good-paying jobs you can support your family with…that’s what I hope to see.” With the opening of the Branford headquarters, McMahon hopes to reach voters from both ends of the political spectrum. “We try to really pick out good strategic locations all over the state and in each district, so Branford is very important for us. We have a good base here to have good volunteers,” she said. One such volunteer is Toni Cietanno of East Haven, who considers herself a “super volunteer.” As a volunteer, she has worked at the North Haven, Farm-

ington and East Lyme headquarters, among others. Cietanno has made thousands of phone calls and knocked on doors in support of the McMahon for Senate. “It’s very, very exciting,” she said. Carol Teodosio, the recording secretary for the Hamden Republican Town Committee, has been volunteering for McMahon since her first race for the Senate back in 2010. “I support everything Linda does,” Teodosio said. “She’s a strong woman.” Hundreds of volunteers assist with the operations of McMahons Senate campaign. According to McMahon, her team has already knocked on over 400,000 doors, reaching out to Connecticut residents. “That’s an unbelievable effort,” she said. It is no stretch to say that politicians often make promises during campaigns which may not always be fulfilled once elected to office. This is a logical and realistic aspect of any election. McMahon openly acknowledged this reality at the Wednesday meet-and-greet, stating that she could obviously not guarantee success on each and every issue presented in her plan. “But I will guarantee you 110 percent effort,” she concluded.

McMahon Meet and Greet at Branford HQ Highlights Jobs Plan

losing their home or losing their job.” Her jobs plan would also include a tax reduction on businesses and entrepreneurs, and the elimination of corporate tax credits. By teaching the necessary job skills to the American workforce, McMahon anticipates an accelerated employment rate in the country. McMahon did not hesitate in comparing the sixpoint plan to the ideas of Democrat Chris Murphy, her opponent in the upcoming November election. “My opponent, Congressman Murphy says that his plan is a work in progress. Well, I think the folks in Connecticut want action,” McMahon said. If elected, McMahon’s plan also calls for an increase in the tax deductions on student loans. While it is unclear how soon that topic would reach the legislative agenda, McMahon sat down with The Charger Bulletin to discuss the impact that her proposed plan would have on college students seeking jobs after graduation. “I really would hope that every young person who would like to go to college, and could be successful coming out of college, has an opportunity to go,” she said. She continued, “The first and foremost thing we have to go to do is to

con’t from page 1

UNH Remembers 9/11

that fateful day, and the families of the law enforcement personnel, as well as all families who lost so much and are still suffering. Fire Science Club President Adam Torrant gave his comments on fire service. He said that 343 members of the New York Fire Department died that day, but in the aftermath, “the nation as a whole grew strong in the face of tragedy.” EMS Club President Scott McGuire spoke of the first responders who served in the damage caused by the attacks, and asked that they not be forgotten. He challenged

those in attendance to go and look up one person who made the ultimate sacrifice and to learn from them. Last to speak was Student Coordinator of Veteran Services Brian Smith. Although the theme of all the speeches was to always remember the victims of 9/11, especially those in uniform and their families, Brian Smith’s was a little more personal. “Never forget me,” he asked of the audience. “Never forget my peers… the veterans here at UNH.” He spoke of all the Americans who went to recruitment centers after the attacks and also of those who continue to serve the

cause of freedom. After a closing prayer by Martin O’Connor, the presenters placed bouquets of flowers under the halfmast American flag behind the podium. The audience then moved to the 9/11 Memorial Tree between Botwinik Hall and the Bartels Student Activities Center. Everyone placed the American flags they had been presented with earlier in the ground around the tree, surrounding a plaque emblazoned with the words “Lest We Forget.”

September 19, 2012

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Current Issues Discussion Amtrak High-Speed Rail Could Bypass CT Shoreline Under Tackles Terrorism



The Current Issues Discussion series is in its second year at UNH, and the first event of the 20122013 academic year occurred on Thursday, Sept. 13. The topic of discussion was one made even more immediate by the recent attacks on American ambassadors overseas: is global terrorism coming to the United States? Dr. Woodworth of the History Department introduced the three speakers for the discussion. Professor Stoffer of National Security in the Criminal Justice Department, Dr. Markovic of the Criminal Justice Department and Dr. Carr of the Psychology Department all gave their unique perspectives based on their experiences and research. Professor Stoffer said that the recent attack on the United States Embassy in Libya was a targeted attack on sovereign U.S. soil, and in response to the question of whether terrorism had come to the U.S, he said, “it’s here.” He said that the country as a whole, and the intelligence community specifically, have been very vigilant since attacks of 9/11, and that vigilance has paid off. Dr. Markovic has a Ph.

D. in criminal justice with a research focus in suicide bombings, and she works closely with the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups on campus. She spoke about a few different groups that are currently operating in the United States. Some groups operate mostly through vandalism and property theft, such as the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. Others, such as the Sovereign Citizens, are much more violent, sometimes killing law enforcement officers in the line of duty. Both Professor Stoffer and Dr. Markovic agree that the U.S will be very vulnerable in the future in the area of cyber terrorism. Cyber attacks, they said, can affect everything from power grids to the nation’s water supplies. When asked by Dr. Woodworth what the future of counterterrorism would look like, both agreed that cyber terrorism would be huge. Dr. Carr spoke to the psychology of the “lone wolf,” speaking from his experience as a clinical psychologist. He said that many of the perpetrators of acts of mass violence have slipped through the cracks of the mental health system. He said that even though communication between the

various systems of law enforcement and mental heath has improved, there is much work to be done still. Junior RJay Irons asked an important question of the three facilitators: how are universities handling potential threats? Each professor had a different view. Professor Stoffer said that those applying for student visas must be carefully vetted. Dr. Markovic said that the system of handling threats is actually getting better. Dr. Carr said that in the reviews that followed the tragedy at Virginia Tech in 2007, where a student opened fire and killed 32 people, the clarity of communications within the mental health system, while frustrating, is being improved to find and help the “lone wolf” types. The Current Issues Discussions take place in the Faculty Dining Room in Bartels Campus Center. This discussion was given to a room full of students, faculty and staff and was also attended by UNH President Steven Kaplan and Dean of Students Rebecca Johnson.

New Plan

Planning has recently begun regarding Amtrak’s new high-speed rail, proposed to extend from

build and would bypass nearly all of the existing Amtrak/Metro-North line. A separate plan, developed and endorsed by the University of Pennsylvania’s high-speed rail studio proposed a plan

Washington D.C., through Philadelphia, Manhattan, Hartford, and Boston. The Connecticut section would include stops in Danbury, Waterbury and Hartford, bypassing major shoreline cities such as Stamford and New Haven and leaving many commuters displeased. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has just entered the early planning stage for Amtrak’s heavily-traveled 457-mile Northeast Corridor in a document titled, “NEC Future: A Rail Investment Plan for the Northeast Corridor.” Amtrak’s 30- year “NextGen High-Speed Rail Alignment” will cost a proposed $151 billion to

costing approximately $100 billion to build a new rail line that would head from Manhattan to Long Island, then through an 18-mile tunnel beneath the Long Island Sound to reach a Milford stop before continuing on to New Haven, Meriden and Hartford. This plan, along with the first, does not provide a Stamford stop, a critical point on the New Haven line. New Haven residents and representatives are outraged by the proposed plan and have been urging citizens to contact local and federal legislators in order to demonstrate the importance a New Haven stop serves to riders and commuters, alike. “I think that we need to be included. We’re a




major city in this state and for it to circumvent New Haven just doesn’t make sense,” said Anthony Rescigno, president of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce. “This is an economic development issue. This will impact us from an economic development point of view.” Chairman of New Haven’s Economic Development Commission, David Silverstone, agreed with Rescigno’s sentiments. “I think you have to remember that rail service to New Haven is critical,” Silverstone said. “If we don’t have high-quality, high-speed rail service, that’s a real problem for the region. The airport… clearly doesn’t provide the kind of service that we need. Therefore we’re relying on high-quality, high-speed rail service.” A major issue with Connecticut’s existing stretch of shoreline Amtrak line is that it covers a winding pathway littered with aging bridges that already prevent Amtrak’s fastest train, the Acela, from reaching top speeds in Connecticut. Ultimately, the decision is up to the FRA, which is the funding body for all rail transportation service. They are currently in the early planning stages, which will take up to 38 months to complete.

Two UNH Members Receive Artistic Fellowships



Two artists from the University of New Haven community were awarded artist fellowships from the Connecticut Department of Office of Economic and Community Development’s Office of the Arts. Joseph Smolinski and Noel Sardalla were recognized by the University of New Haven after they received two of the 46 FY12 fellowships in support of their continual artistic development and creation of new work. There were grants given in the amounts of $2,500 and $5,000 for the categories of Craft, New Media, Painting, Photography,

Sculpture/Installations and Works on Paper. Both Smolinski and Sardalla received $2,500 awards. Smolinski received his fellowship for his Works on Paper, and Sardalla received his award for his work with Sculpture/Installation. Smolinski is a UNH lecturer in the Art and Design Department and said, “I am interested in exploring the intersection of nature and technology. Many of my works question human impact on the environment and envision the future of the natural world with a dark sense of humor.” Sardalla is a university student majoring in art and is an administrative assistant in the Communications and Public Affairs

Office. “My goal is to make the arts relevant to non-artists by making people understand that creativity and expressive literacy can have profound and beneficial effects in other fields such as engineering and medicine,” he said. There were many other New Haven and surrounding community members that received fellowship awards in recognition of their artistic talents and efforts. There were a total of 331 applicants that were reviewed by a panel of experts in their respective fields. It was a highly competitive process and great accomplishment for Smolinski and Sardalla to come out on top!

and was a founding father of the West Haven Business Association. As the president of the association, Inzero encouraged several programs, including the opening of West Haven’s farmers’ market in 2000. The local market is seasonal and runs from the months of July through October; this is the 11th

year that it has been held on the green. West Haven’s farmers’ market is currently WIC certified and welcomes WIC vouchers. “This is the freshest stuff you can get in Connecticut,” says Jose Guadulupe, Smith’s Acres employee and market vendor.

West Haven Hosts Annual Farmers’ Market

con’t from page 4

of fruits and vegetables including apples, pears, plums, corn, cabbage and squash, just to name a few. The West Haven farmers’ market was dedicated to a local, Tony Inzero, who died last July at the age of 59. Inzero was very involved in the downtown community

September 19, 2012

Apple’s iPhone 5: It’s Just the Beginning



Apple’s new iPhone 5 was revealed Wednesday, Sept. 12. As one can imagine, this has been the talk around the world. Almost

everyone has an iPhone these days, thus everyone is dying to get his or her hands on this newly launched product. The iPhone 5 will feature a larger 4-inch display, 4G LTE connectivity and a redesigned case that is taller and thinner than the current model. According to Apple analysts, the iPhone 5 will be the company’s biggest iPhone launch ever. Topeka Capital Market’s analyst Brian White has called the iPhone 5 the

“biggest upgrade in consumer electronics history.” According to White, “investors should strap in for a crazy ride because Apple’s iPhone event on Wednesday is just the beginning.” White states, “The iPhone 4S sold over 4

and 5.5 million units later this month. He notes that economic fourth-quarter sales could easily double that estimate. Besides the new iPhone, rumors say that Apple is creating new Macs and a totally new iPod lineup. Larger up-


million units in the first three days, and assuming supply chain constraints aren’t a major issue and the seven country rollout ensues, we believe at least 5 million to 5.5 million iPhone 5’s can be sold in the same time frame. With similar caveats, we believe Apple could sell 10 million to 12 million iPhone 5 units in 4QFY12, making our iPhone projects look conservative.” White sees Apple selling between 5 million

dates later this year consist of the new iPad mini, and possibly an updated full size iPad as well. White says that plenty more products are coming from the Cupertino, California-based company in 2012. Then, in 2013 White says a new Applebranded HDTV may finally launch as well.

Rate My Professor Rankings Released con’t from page 1

and is now the answer for prospective students as they search for “their school.” There are many factors that go into choosing a school, but it all comes down to money. However, some of the newly-released rankings on have brought some less expensive, top-ranking alternatives into the spot light. The University of New

Haven was ranked number eight on the list of alternatives. While it may not be better than Yale or Harvard, there is a general consensus that students are happy with their professors. Ivy Watts said, “Not only was my English professor last semester helpful, she related to me on a personal level, boosting my confidence and encouraging my dedicated work ethic.”

With over 7,500 schools on, the University of New Haven is honored to be a top choice by over 1,200 students who made UNH their new home this past fall.


to create an environment unique to New Haven and its large college community. One exclusive feature Journalists, locals, of the restaurant includes chiefs, employees, fam- the reclaimed wood used ily and friends filled Elm for wall frames, which was STAFF WRITER


City’s newest restaurant, the Shake Shack, wall-towall on Wednesday evening in honor of the restaurant’s housewarming celebration. Connecticut’s newest Shake Shack sits on Chapel Street, between College and Temple Streets, and is directly across from the New Haven green. The glass store front, a 19-foot high wall made entirely out of glass, was created precisely to welcome New Haven inside the shack. “We want to bring the outside in,” said Greg Waters, Shake Shack’s Marketing and Communications Manager. Upon entering, guests were greeted with several delicious Shake Shack items including frozen custard, shakes, hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, wine and beer. Food was prepared fresh and served throughout the event. The latest addition to the Shake Shack chain was designed specifically



Of course you do, and we want to help. The Connecticut General Assembly is accepting applications for the Legislative Internship Program. During your internship you will: Be a part of State Government Gain invaluable experience Develop the skills that employers are looking for Earn college credit, learn first-hand, and build relationships to give you an edge in the job market

If you are motivated and willing to take on a challenging yet rewarding experience then we encourage you to apply for this opportunity.

Applications are Due November 1

For more information go to or contact Steve Marcelynas at Follow the Connecticut Legislative Internship Program on Facebook

Shake Shack: Elm City’s Newest Eatery

taken from the Yale Bowl. Another feature unique to this location is the flavors of concretes that are only available in the Elm City location. These flavors include Boola Boola Blue, Skull and Cones, and the Elm City Coffee Break. Lastly, the Handsome Dan hotdog was named after Yales’ bulldog mascot. “New Haven has everything we look for when opening a new Shake Shack. It’s a culturally diverse, food-loving city that also happens to have a fun, storied history with the hamburger,” said Randy Garutti, Shake Shack CEO. The Shake Shack chain prides itself in being different from other fast food joints by creating their hotdogs and hamburgers from 100 percent natural beef. None of the shack’s food includes any hormones or antibiotics. Burgers are ground daily on location and are made with a natural trademarked blend.

The French fries are free of trans fat and have about 25 percent less fat than the standard fast food fry. Shake Shack also believes in the importance of being kind to the economy,


and models this by using energy efficient kitchen equipment. One hundred percent of their electrical usage is offset through Renewal Energy Certificates and five percent of sales from the Elm City Coffee Break concrete support Solar Youth, a non-profit organization that empowers youth thorough environmental exploration, leadership and community service. Originally opened as a hotdog stand at New York’s Madison Square Park in 2004, the Shake Shack has since grown to 17 locations worldwide including locations in the Middle East and Kuwait. Shake Shack is located on 986 Chapel St. in New Haven, and is opened from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

What YOU Need to Know About Financial Aid

Need a job after Graduation? • • • •

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Scan to go to our website

We’re back! The Financial Aid Office’s Federal Work Study student workers, also known as “The Feds”, are back and ready to start the new school year off on the right foot. Who are “The Feds” you might ask yourself? We are Federal Work Study students whose job is to reach out to students to answer their most pressing questions about financial aid and to keep everyone updated on important financial aid information, especially deadlines. Shannon Tilly, Marissa Lewis, Erika Williams and David Dejean are the “Feds” for the 2012-13 academic year. Shannon will be writing articles for the newspaper, along with making sure that important announcements are heard on the radio

station. Marissa will be working on creating the posters that will be hung in the different buildings on campus, along with the table top flyers in offices around campus. Erika is in charge of updating the Financial Aid Facebook Group. Students can find us on Facebook by searching University of New HavenFinancial Aid Office or going to www.facebook. com/UNHFinancialAid. David will be working on revamping the outside scholarship search program to make it available online! Keep your eyes open for information on this in the future! Students should keep an eye out for posters that will be hung around campus with important information about financial aid. For example the Financial Aid Office will be putting up posters to remind UNH students of how important

it is to file their FAFSA “on time” for the 20132014 academic year. Reminders will also be sent out via e-mail, so it is very important that students regularly check their UNH e-mail. All financial aid communication will be sent to YOUR UNH e-mail, so feel free to forward the information to your parents! If anyone has any questions regarding financial aid, our office is located in Maxcy Hall, Room 118B, so stop by and we will be happy to help you! You can also e-mail us at regarding information you see in the newspaper, hear on the radio, see on posters or flyers around campus, or read on Facebook. Please note this e-mail address is monitored by students and personal information should not be sent there.

September 19, 2012

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Opinion & Editorials | | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397)



UNH recently announced that according to a recent survey by, we have been ranked among the Top 25 universities nationally. While I understand that any positive press is well, positive press, UNH should not be subscribing to the ebb and flow of college ranking websites and publications. With the exception to, we are featured closer to the bottom according to sources like US News, Forbes Magazine, and College Prowler amongst others. However, can we re-



This past week marked the 11th anniversary of 9/11, a tragic day in our nation’s history. The United States fell victim to a series of terrorist attacks, spanning all the way from the Pentagon to the World Trade Centers, to a field in Pennsylvania. While we haven’t been majorly attacked on American soil in just over a decade, however, it is naïve to think that we, as Americans, cannot be targeted. There are hundreds of U.S. embassies around the globe, even in countries whose governments remain unstable. On Sept. 12, 2012, the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked, killing four Americans,

The Flawed System of College Rankings: Why are we Giving in? ally consider RateMyPro- sentially “rate” their an appropriate fessors on clarity, helpfulness, easiness, and even features a little cayenne pepper graphic next to the professors students have deemed attractive. This website is essentially used and studied like the Bible while students are registering for classes, so it makes sense that our institusource for data? For those tion would be proud of the who are unfamiliar with positive feedback they are this website, RateMyPro- receiving. fessor allows anyone to Regardless, RateMycreate an account and es- is not a

real ranking website!!! There is no formula, it is just lazy students criticizing the professors who ask them to learn and praising the professors who never show up to class. Here are a few gems featured on the website written by my esteemed peers about the professors who have the greatest impact on my learning experience: “Try to get her for the 8AM, she’s 15mins late every class due to her train,” “Class gets extremely boring so sit in the back, sign in, and bring some type of electronic to entertain you,” and my personal favorite: “Yes, he does look like Harry Potter. But overall, no problems in his class.”

College ranking systems are extremely flawed, reporting statistics that do not accurately account for a true college experience, allowing for a system for “top-tier schools” to maintain their reputations, and encouraging an increased priced for higher education. If I had given into these sources while considering attending UNH, I would have never made the 3,000 mile move. A college as modern and diverse as UNH should not be subscribing to these statistics. College ranking systems do not account for research possibilities, athletics, community interaction, and extracurricular activities—the hallmark of our experimental educa-

tion system. Although, US News does give a shout out to the Charger Bulletin as a mecca for “extracurricular fun!” Bottom line: attending a university is a choice that should be based on personal fit. UNH is the perfect school for me because of the immense dedication of our faculty and staff, excellent resources like the CLR and Career Development Center that cannot compare to any other institution, and my amazing peers who make UNH the place I want to attend every single day, regardless if some outsider deemed us #1 or #1,000.

than that. Sure, we can come up with a million different reasons as to why the U.S. has become the target practice for terrorist groups…but honestly, none of them make sense to me. We can even outline the steps terrorists take to ensure that fear is instilled in our minds, that we become outraged at our government for both their actions and intional definition for “ter- actions. It is important we rorism.” Maybe that has understand these factors, become part of the prob- because it will assist us lem—we cannot define in anticipating their next what we want to stop. But moves. But you see, that quesno, it goes much deeper

tion—why?—is still nagging at me. Call me optimistic, but I think the world is capable of peace. There is no need for terrorism or fighting among groups. Many years ago, the U.S. was nicknamed the “melting pot” because of all the cultures, and religious and political beliefs people carried with them as they entered this country. It took a while, but the U.S. has become a decently tolerant place. Of course, I am not saying we’re perfect, but I know I’ve grown to be a pretty accepting person. Is it so hard for the rest of the world to do the same, without using violence to prove a social or political point? I truly wish the answer to that question wasn’t “yes,” but sadly, it is.

Terrorists hold their own political beliefs and ideas about how their communities, countries, or the world should be run. Many of these groups turn to violence to address these injustices, but targeting innocent civilians should never be the means to an end. What happened at the U.S. consulate in Libya was indeed a tragedy, and incidents like these only raise more questions as to why everyone just refuses to get along. In the end, I don’t think I will ever live to see a world without terrorism— and let me tell you, that’s a very disappointing thing to realize. Maybe in the future, problems can be solved in peaceful ways, but until then, I guess all there’s left to do is hope.

The Sad Truth about Terrorism

including U.S. diplomat Chris Stevens. I cannot imagine what his family and close friends must be going through right now. There comes a time where even the best of words cannot lighten a truly dismal situation. But moments like these tend to make me reflect on the current relations the U.S. has in foreign affairs, particularly terrorism. I walked into my terrorism class last week, waiting for the professor to arrive. I knew, before she even said it, that we weren’t going to be following the syllabus that day. The U.S. had been attacked by a terrorist organization, no question about it. Throughout the entire lesson, however, one question stuck in the back of my mind, the question I’m

sure has been on everyone’s mind since that fateful day 11 years ago: why? There is no interna-

“No family should have to set aside a college acceptance letter because they don’t have the money,” said President Barack Obama. President Obama has been working hard to get young students into college and college students out of debt and stress. Yes, the economy has been bad, but that doesn’t mean that we college students have to pay for it. This past spring, students and many graduated students rallied together to protest the lack of jobs and are in debt with loans to pay. Some of them were people who graduated a few months prior and can’t find employment, especially in their field. If that’s my future, then sign me up for the next one. Let’s face the facts: we are all paying a lot of money for good, great and amazing education. If we can’t find jobs, then what’s the point of it? No me gusta. It is a tough and competitive world out there,

but I expect to find and get a good job in the field that I studied, and get paid well so I can take care of my loans. Do you think we want to be in debt? No we don’t, but the government thinks otherwise. Therefore, some of us take private loans out because of lack in federal aid, which causes the interests rates to go up. This is why I’m stressed. Money and the government are two things that should not go together, just like my emotional distress and moi. They are not a good combination. If the government keeps slacking on giving students support, then forget about the economic crisis, they’ll have World War III in their hands. College students want to be able to find jobs. College students want to be able to pay off their loans. College students want to be able to know if all their hard work and dedication was worth something, and not for nothing.

I Have So Many Emotions U.S. Gay Couple Sues, Dis-




I laugh. I cry. I hurt. I have feelings, believe it or not people. I have so many emotions right now, it’s not a joke. No, it’s not my period talking, it’s just life. Not just any life, a college student’s life. I don’t think we ever felt the stress more than we do now, especially with the f-word. You know “the f-word.” If you don’t know, that’s okay, because that means you don’t suffer like most college students do—and that is Federal Student Loans. Oh yes! I said those words. Scary isn’t it? It scared me, too. Millions of young college students take out loans to pay for college. Most of them take out federal loans, because they have a less interest rates than any other types of loans. However, the problem is that there isn’t enough money for everyone, or they just don’t get enough aid.

crimination’s in the Market



In Massachusetts, where the Pilgrims flourished, discrimination rears its ugly head yet again. Married gay couple, James Fairbanks and Alain Beret sued a Roman Catholic diocese for refusing to sell them a mansion because church officials were concerned that the couple would “host gay weddings,” reports the Associated Press. Fairbanks, 59, and Beret, 57, filed their suit in Worcester Superior Court declaring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation violating state law. The couple alleges that they were amidst negotiations to purchase Oakhurst, a former youth ministry and Catholic retreat center in Northbridge and restore it for living space, and to host special

events. But the negotiations suddenly ended in June, and the couple received only an e-mail depicting obscure reasons for the back out. Diocesan Chancellor Thomas Sullivan states that the Church ended negotiations due to concerns about the couple’s ability to pay. However, the couple’s attorney, Sergio Carvajal, said that it is “obvious his clients were discriminated against because they're gay.” Oakhurst was initially listed at $1.45 million. Carvajal said the diocese “accepted the couple’s offer to buy it at $1 million.” Further inspection sighted repairs were needed, so the offer went to $550,000. The negotiations soon ended. The e-mail Sullivan sent to his real estate agent is being used as evidence of the church’s discrimination. Sullivan wrote, "Because of the potential-

ity of gay marriages there, something you shared with us yesterday, we aren't interested in going forward with these buyers. I think they're shaky anyway. So just tell them that we will not accept their revised plan and the Diocese is making new plans for the property. You find the language." Carvajal insists that there was never a financing problem and firmly believes the diocese knew his clients were gay. Sullivan claims his e-mail was taken out of context. The lawsuit is still underway.

September 19, 2012

Fun, Games, & More

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Crossword Clues

Across 1 Close-up lens 6 Jazz jobs 10 Con game 14 The American dream, e.g. 15 Colosseo city 16 “__, Can You Hear Me?”: song from “Yentl” 17 Road hog 20 Pvt. driller 21 Drips in the ER 22 Arm-twisting 23 Ritzy apartment feature 26 __ mater 27 Hog heaven 32 Frank topper 34 Diddly, in Durango 35 Nietzsche’s “never” 36 Bush’s undergraduate classmates 37 Truth-in-advertising agcy. 38 Disconcert 39 Candy with collectible dispensers 40 Flying start? 42 I-beam, e.g. 44 Hog wild 47 River in central Germany 48 Diamond-patterned structure, as a trellis

51 Black suit 54 Hither’s partner 55 Beach shade 56 Whole hog 60 GI’s supply 61 Mindless learning 62 Shrink in increments 63 It’s history 64 Rephrase, say 65 South-of-the-border sir

Down 1 Center 2 “A watched pot never boils” is one 3 Bring under a single control 4 Dusting aid 5 __ Miss 6 Kowtow 7 Chits in the pot 8 Baseball VIPs 9 Got ready to ride 10 Slinky shape 11 Auel’s “The Clan of the __ Bear” 12 King Kong’s kin 13 Viking’s landing place 18 Big name in copiers 19 Cuban dance 24 Baseball scoring stats 25 Shrek’s sidekick Donkey, e.g.

26 Run __: postpone the bar bill 28 Take out of the carton 29 Also 30 Fitting description? 31 Nostradamus, for one 32 Auto taken back, briefly 33 Topog. map stat 37 Uncle Remus appellation 38 Stew 40 First Mayflower passenger to set foot on Plymouth Rock, so it’s said 41 Neighborhood improvement target 42 Beanstalk threat 43 Hairy TV cousin 45 Sizzling 46 Room for a broom 49 “No prob!” 50 Sign up to compete 51 Trade 52 Arizona tribe 53 Bread machines, for short? 54 Hairy Himalayan legend 57 Valance holder 58 Legal thing 59 “__ you serious?” (c)2012 TRIBUNE ME-

Last week’s answers!

Last week’s answers!

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September 19, 2012

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Charger Chat “He’s not your boyfriend, he’s your cousin, so stop hitting him like that!” -

Overheard by children on campus tour


September 19, 2012

by Isaak Kifle

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Charger Battery



The leaves are changing and fall (the season, not the semester which Not a huge fan of having to miss events your own club is putting on already started) is on the horizon! because of class. Beat the Blues week was an incredible success! Thanks to all the ofFreshman and Junior class officer elections have concluded, but there fices and clubs on campus that held events last week. are still vacant seats. Come on people, I know this isn’t the most popular leadership position on campus, but it’d be nice to see some more class pride out there!

The Battery Charge

I hope everyone took something out of Beat the Blues Week. No, I don’t mean the cookies, milk and other freebies. I mean the fact that there are ways to deal with stress and depression, and you don’t have to do it alone! Find a friend, family member, RA, peer mentor or someone else you trust to confide in and ask for help. There are a multitude of services both on and off-campus that can help as well. You could mean the world to someone and not even know it. You matter, and make sure you remember that!

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This Day in UNH History

By Ana Abraham

September 11, 2001. On this tragic day in American history, the University of New Haven rallied together as a community and as a family. Students and faculty gathered in the Bixler/Botwinick quad after dark to hold a candlelight vigil to honor and mourn the victims of the attacks on our country as well as their families. Every year since, on the anniversary of 9/11, the university has held a vigil.

September 15, 1971. The centerfold piece of UNH’s The News boasted of a brand new g ymnasium being used by students for the first time. The g ym up at North Campus had recently been completed and was being broken in by the Charger basketball team. Also featured at North Campus, the article stated, was a court for “handball fanatics” and a weight room, among numerous other activity rooms.

September 16, 1974 The new library at UNH, later dedicated the Marvin K. Peterson Library, was opened to students, faculty and staff for the first time. It cost $1.7 million to build.

September 19, 2012

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D’Antonio’s Golden Goal Leads Chargers to 1-0 Victory A CHARGER ATHLETICS PRESS RELEASE


WEST HAVEN, Conn. – A 106th-minute goal by Joseph D’Antonio (Oceanside, N.Y./Oceanside ) provided all of the offense as the University of New Haven men’s soccer team downed visiting Stonehill, 1-0, in the Chargers’ Northeast-10 Conference opener. Anastasios Petridis (Norwalk, Conn./ Brien McMahon ) made four saves to lock up New Haven’s third consecutive shutout victory. With the win, the Chargers move to 3-1-0 overall and 1-0-0 in Northeast-10 play. The Skyhawks fall to

1-3-1 on the season with an 0-2-0 conference tally. D’Antonio’s marker came at 105:01, less than five minutes before the match would have been declared a draw. The senior took advantage of a Stonehill misplay of a 50/50 ball deep in the Chargers’ offensive end. D’Antonio took a touch with his left foot to bring the ball into the box then drove it with his right into the top right corner of the net to send New Haven to vic-

tory. The biggest of Petri-

dis’ four saves came in the first period of extra time. The reigning Northeast-10 Goalkeeper of the Week made a leaping effort and

No. 7/10 Football Wins Third Straight, 44-10 Over Pace

stormed into the backfield and blocked the first punt ––––––––––––––––––––– of his career at UNH. The stop gave UNH great field possession at Pace’s 27PLEASANTVILLE, yard line. Two plays later, N.Y. - The University UNH got down to the Setof New Haven football


team, nationally ranked No. 7/10 defeated Pace University 44-10 Saturday afternoon at Pace Field. With the win the Chargers improved to 3-0 overall and 2-0 in the Northeast-10 Conference, while the Setters dropped to 0-3 overall and 0-2 in conference play. Pace scored a field goal on the first possession of the game, but the Chargers answered with 44-straight points, including 23 in the second quarter to lead UNH to victory on Saturday. The Chargers ran for 279 yards on 40 attempts and held Pace to 22 yards rushing on 29 carries in the win. After the Setters went 74-yards on 17 plays over the first 7:44 of the game, New Haven marched 54-yards on six plays to its first touchdown of the afternoon. Mike DeCaro (Weston, Fla./Cypress Bay ) rumbled 34 yards on the sixth play of the drive to score his third touchdown of the season. On the Setters next possession, New Haven forced Pace to punt after earning one first down. The Chargers’ Karlos Locke (Owings Mills, Md./Pikesville / Bridgton Academy)

ters’ 19-yard line and time ran out in the first quarter. Two plays into the second quarter, the Chargers went for a first down on fourth-and-three and came up one yard short. Pace took over possession, but the Charger defense held strong and forced a three-and-out. Another four offensive plays for the Chargers came before Ronnie Nelson (Stuart, Fla./South Fork ) hit Demetrius WashingtonEllison (Rahway, N.J./ Rahway / Univ. of Maine) deep across the middle for a 55-yard touchdown strike with 11:15 left in the first half. With a Chris Scifo (Coral Springs, Fla./ St. Thomas Aquinas / Central Connecticut State University) extra point, the Chargers led 14-3. Scifo’s ensuing kickoff was returned to Pace’s 13-yard line and UNH’s defense quickly forced another Setters punt. Locke came off the edge again and blocked his second punt of the game. The ball was blocked out of the back of the endzone and the Chargers earned two points off the safety. DeCaro returned the Setters’ free kick 28-yards and gave the Chargers

possession at the Pace 48-yard line. DeCaro and Nelson carried UNH through the entire next drive. The two connected on a 17-yard touchdown pass and run to cap the

drive and give the Chargers a 23-3 lead with 6:44 left in the first half. Pace took their next drive 31 yards on 10 plays to the Chargers’ 40-yard line, but the UNH defense held strong on fourth down and once again forced a turnover on downs. New Haven’s next drive began at its own 43yard line and it converted on a third-and-two to keep the drive alive. After a Pace timeout, Nelson connected with WashingtonEllison for the second deep ball of the game. The 26-yard touchdown pass and catch gave New Haven a 30-3 lead with 13-seconds left in the first half. Time ran out in the first half and the Chargers maintained a 27-point lead. On the first possession of the second half, New Haven took over at its own 25-yard line. Fivestraight rushing plays and Victor Jones (Paterson, N.J./Passaic County Tech) rolled across the goal line for the Chargers. Scifo’s extra point and the Chargers’ led 37-3 just under three minutes into the second half. Scifo pinned See FOOTBALL page 13

punched out a header by New Haven last ceded a the Skyhawks’ RJ Aprile goal in the season opener on Aug. 30, a span of 321:02. Netminder Adam Colella made eight stops for Stonehill. New Haven outshot the visitors, 21-7, and attempted nine corner kicks to the Skyhawks’ two. The Chargers are back in action on that was bound for the top Saturday, Sept. 15 as corner of the net. Northeast-10 play continPetridis has been in ues at Merrimack. After goal for all but 5:45 of the a “Local Derby” at crossChargers’ trio of shutouts. town rival Southern Con-

necticut State on Sept. 18, New Haven returns to Kayo Field to host Massachusetts Lowell on Friday, Sept. 21. That contest with the River Hawks will be broadcast live in high definition and available on most mobile devices on beginning at 4 p.m. New Haven has posted three-straight shutouts for the first time since the 1997 season. The Chargers held Veterans’ Recognition Day at Kayo Field. Members of the University’s Veterans Club and ROTC programs were recognized prior to the match and at halftime.

Bentley on top, 1-0. The Chargers respond––––––––––––––––––––– ed less than two minutes later, when Pacapelli WEST HAVEN, Conn. drove a free kick from 25 – An 88th-minute goal by yards out into the back of Monica Yanez (West Ha- the net to knot the match at ven, Conn./West Haven) 1-1. Pacapelli’s unassisted

end. Marisa Garcia (Babylon, N.Y./West Babylon) and Bentley goalkeeper Christiana Hynds both challenged the bouncing ball, which Garcia redirected over Hynds and to the foot for Yanez, who

Late Goal Leads Chargers to 3-3 Draw Against Bentley



was the dramatic equalizer as the University of New Haven women’s soccer team battled visiting Bentley to a 3-3 draw on Saturday afternoon at Kayo Field. Nicole Pacapelli (West Haven, Conn./West Haven / Stonehill College) and Lucy Francisco (Lawrence, Mass./Lawrence) also scored for the Chargers. After the deadlock, New Haven stands at 4-11 overall and 1-1-1 in the Northeast-10. The Falcons remain unbeaten at 3-0-2 on the season with a 1-0-2 conference tally. Yanez’s goal was her Northeast-10-best seventh marker of the 2012 campaign. The junior, who also added an assist, has scored a goal in each of the Chargers’ first six matches. For the second straight match, New Haven found itself in an early hole when Jenna Skagerlind netted her first goal of the season less than five minutes into the contest. Working outside the box, Skagerlind lofted a shot over the outstretched arms of Chargers’ goalkeeper Moriah Saidel (Camillus, N.Y./West Genesee) to put

marker was her third of the season and her sixth in 23 career matches as a Charger. New Haven would pull into the lead in the final 10 minutes of the opening period. Yanez controlled the ball in the box and passed it back to Francisco, who wound up with her right foot and drove the orb into the top right corner to give the Chargers a 2-1 advantage in the 37th minute. With her 18th career goal, Francisco claimed sole possession of 10th place on the Chargers’ alltime points list. The senior from Lawrence, Mass. is also 10th all-time in goals scored at New Haven and shares 11th place on the career assists ledger with 12. Skagerlind struck again just over eight minutes into the second half, tying the match at 2-2 with her second goal of the match and the season. The Falcons would later claim the lead in the 73rd minute on Elena Ochsenreither’s first marker of 2012. The 3-2 score was on its way to being the final tally before the ball got loose in the Chargers’ offensive

deposited it in the vacated cage to tie match at 3-3 with just 2:52 to play in regulation. Yanez’s seventh goal of the fall was also her 12th as a Charger. Her three-point afternoon runs her career total to 31 in 41 matches at New Haven. Garcia has doled out four assists in four matches played this season. The Chargers were the aggressors in the extra time, but Hynds made a save on a Yanez breakaway in each of the two overtime periods to preserve the 3-3 draw. Saidel helmed the New Haven goal for the first 77:51, stopping five shots. Natasha Purchla (Oakdale, N.Y./Connetquot) made her collegiate debut over the final 32:09 of the match and did not face a shot on target. Hynds went the distance and made eight saves for Bentley. New Haven will play its next two matches away from the Nutmeg State at conference opponents Le Moyne on Sept. 18 and Stonehill on Sept. 22.

September 19, 2012

Chargers Open Home Slate with Sweep of NYIT



WEST HAVEN, Conn. – The University of New Haven women’s volleyball team took the court at Charger Gymnasium for the first time in 2012, sweeping the New York Institute of Technology on Wednesday evening by set scores of 25-21, 25-19 and 25-23. New Haven improves to 4-1 on the season, while the Bears drop to 4-1. NYIT had defeated Northeast-10 squads Southern New Hampshire and Pace in addition to victories over Caldwell and Post earlier this fall. Keidy Candelaria (Vega Baja, Puerto Rico/Bayamon Military Academy) led all players with 13 kills. Kristy Atufunwa (Denver, Colo./Denver East) added eight finishers and fellow middle hitter Amber Cannady (Yonkers, N.Y./Charles E. Gorton) had seven on 15 errorless swings to record a .467 hitting percentage. Kristen Lee (Colorado Springs, Colo./Liberty) slammed home four kills, while Kea-Marie Olaso (Kailua, Hawai’i/Le Jardin Academy) and Margo Meteyer (Madison, Wisc./ Madison West) each had one. As a team, the Chargers hit .245 (39-5-98) for the match. Kaulana Ane (Paia, Hawaii/Kamehameha) ran the offense and dished out a match-high 31 assists in addition to five kills of her own Ane also landed three of New Haven’s five service aces, with Olaso accounting for the other two. Defensively, Bai Zhang (China/Shan Dong Zi Bo No. 10 / China Shan

Dong Normal University) helmed the back row with nine digs. Olaso added eight from the libero spot,

the set, as the Chargers won the next for rallies to take a 14-11 lead. NYIT would not score consecu-

Lee tallied six and Candelaria and Ane chipped in with five digs apiece. At the net, Candelaria and Atufunwa each had a hand in two of the Chargers’ three blocks. NYIT was led by 12 kills from Savannah Donarski and an 11-kill, eight-dig performance from Shelby Cable. Marija Jovanovic and Damla Albayrak shared setting duties and dished out 18 and 14 helpers, respectively. Libero Tugce Sirdas contributed a teambest 13 digs. The Bears hit .114 (35-23-105) as a unit. The Chargers raced out to a 5-1 lead in set one and would keep NYIT at arm’s length for the remainder of the frame. The Bears briefly trimmed the margin to one point at 9-8, but New Haven responded with three straight points to reopen a four-point advantage. Another threepoint run, followed by a 2-0 spurt capped by an Olaso ace extended the lead to 22-16. The clubs traded points for the remainder of the set which allowed the Chargers to coast to a 25-21 victory. The second set raced out to a 10-10 deadlock, which NYIT broke with a Katarina Sretenovic kill. That would ultimately be the Bears’ final lead of

tive points for the remainder of the frame, as New Haven pulled away for a 25-19 win to take a 2-0 lead in the match. An early four-point lead for the Chargers in the third set held up to a score of 15-11 and an NYIT timeout. The Chargers notched the first point out of the stoppage, but the Bears then put together an 8-2 stretch to knot the match at 18-18. The two squads alternated points up to a 23-23 stalemate before a Jovanovic hitting error and Lee’s fourth kill of the match ended the contest with a 25-23 Charger victory to complete the sweep. After New Haven led wire-to-wire in set one, the final two frames had a combined 12 ties and eight lead changes. After a week off from competition, New Haven returns to the court next Thursday, Sept. 20 for a match against visiting Bridgeport. First serve from Charger Gymnasium is set for 7 p.m. with all of the action broadcast live in high definition and available on most mobile devices on

Chargers Stifled at Merrimack, 1-0



NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. – The University of

Northeast-10 Goalkeeper of the Week, turned in another strong performance with six saves and just one goal allowed. However, the Chargers’

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for the Chargers – the first time that the Blue and Gold registered threeconsecutive clean sheets since 1997. New Haven was out-


New Haven men’s soccer team was unable to find the back of the net for the first time this season, falling at Northeast-10 opponent Merrimack on Saturday by a score of 1-0. With the loss, the Chargers fall to 3-2-0 on the season with a 1-1-0 record in Northeast-10 Conference play. Merrimack improves to 3-2-1 overall and 1-2-0 in conference action. Anastasios Petridis (Norwalk, Conn./Brien McMahon ), the reigning

senior goalkeeper was outdueled by the Warriors’ Jose Silva, who stopped all seven shots he faced to record the shutout. The lone goal of the contest came in the 24th minute, when Franklin Lemus Pena took a feed from Nelson Santos and deposited it in the cage for his second marker of the fall. The Merrimack goal snapped a 344:41 scoreless streak posted by the New Haven defense. The stretch included threestraight shutout victories

shot, 17-11. The Chargers are back in action on Tuesday, Sept. 18 for a “Local Derby” at crosstown rival Southern Connecticut State at 7 p.m. New Haven returns to Kayo Field to host Massachusetts Lowell on Friday, Sept. 21. That contest with the River Hawks will be broadcast live in high definition and available on most mobile devices on beginning at 4 p.m.

two-yard touchdown carry the Setters deep with up the middle to give New a 55-yard kickoff and Haven a 44-3 lead with Pace took over at its own 6:34 left in the fourth. 18-yard line. The Setters The Setters then mountmounted a drive, going ed their one and only 45 yards on 15 plays to touchdown drive of the New Haven’s 30-yard game. Starting from their line. On fourth-and-ten, own 25-yard line, the SetAlex Dyer (Westbrook, ters took the ball 75-yards Conn./Westbrook) regon 12 plays for their only istered a sack and once touchdown of the game. again the Setters turned Jashon Dawson concluded the ball over on downs. the drive with a two-yard The teams then extouchdown rush at the changed punts before the 1:22 mark. New Haven’s Chargers took over at final drive was highlightthe Setters’ 46-yard line ed by three carries from with 1:05 left in the third Justen Wilson (Hamden, quarter. New Haven’s Conn./Hyde Leadership). drive went three minutes The Hamden, Conn. into the fourth quarter native rumbled for a and eventually fell short 44-yards on three carries at the Pace one-yard line to conclude the game. when UNH coughed the As a team, the Chargers ball up and Pace recovthrew just one pass the ered with 11:41 left in the entire second half and game. The Setters were amassed 440 yards of total again forced to punt, offense. With 279 rushafter going three and out. ing yards, the Chargers The Chargers next drive averaged seven yards started at the Setters’ per carry. DeCaro led own 24-yard line after a the attack with 93 yards short punt. Trevor Officer and one touchdown on (Monroe, N.Y./Monroeeight carries. The senior Woodbury) combined also caught one 17-yards with Brice DeRosa (Hun- touchdown pass and tington Station, N.Y./ returned three kickoffs for Walt Whitman / Iona 54 yards. Three other runCollege) for a five-play, ning backs, Jones, Wilson 24-yard drive. DeRosa and Brian Alston (Robcapped the drive with a binsville, N.J./Robbins-

ville) each chipped with with more than 40 yards each. Washington-Ellison highlighted the receiving corps with three catches for 89 yards and two touchdowns. Nelson went 8-for-10 with three touchdowns and 152 yards under center for UNH. Defensively, Kendrick Butler (Fort Lauderdale, Fla./Dillard / ASA College) and Ahmet Baki Basci (Fair Lawn, N.J./ Fair Lawn) each recorded six total tackles. Basci added two tackles-forloss, two quarterback hurries and one sack. Seven other Chargers also recorded at least four tackles in the game. Locke led the Chargers’ special teams with two blocks, while Carlos Lozada (New London, Conn./New London) chipped in with great special teams defense as well and four total tackles. New Haven returns to action on Saturday, September 22 when Saint Anselm travels to West Haven, Conn. Game time is set for 1 p.m. at DellaCamera Stadium. Stay posted to www. for complete coverage throughout the week.

No. 7/10 Football Wins Third Straight, 44-10 Over Pace

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September 19, 2012

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I Found Nemo—Again! Nemo is swept away from his family and friends, and ––––––––––––––––––––– taken as a pet by an undersea diver. Devastated by Nemo’s “When life gets you capture, Marlin must find down, do you wanna know his way to Sydney, Auswhat you’ve gotta do? Just tralia, in order to save By KAELA MASON STAFF WRITER

keep swimming!” And that’s exactly what Nemo has done. Nine years after the release of the movie, Nemo is still swimming, and looking better than ever. On Sept. 14, following suit of movies, Disney Pixar re-released their blockbuster hit, Finding Nemo, in 3D. In this undersea adventure, Nemo is trying to break free from his father, Marlin. After the tragic death of Nemo’s mother, his father has become overbearing and restricting in order to shield Nemo from the unknown ocean world. In his attempt to break away from his father’s protective grasp,

providing comic relief for the audience. After being captured by the undersea diver, Nemo is placed in a fish tank in a local dentist office. His mission is to figure out how to get out of the tank and back into the ocean before he is given to the dentist’s niece, Darla, who is known to be a fish killer. In the tank, Nemo becomes friends with the other fish who have been captured from the ocean. With the help of his new friends, Nemo makes AP PHOTO his son. On his way his way back to the there, he encounters many ocean, and is reconnected sea creatures that help him with his father. along his journey. With an all-star cast Upon chasing the boat including Albert Brooks that has his son, Marlin (Taxi Driver, Drive), collides with a regal blue Emmy Award winner Eltang fish named Dory, who len DeGeneres (The Ellen suffers from severe short- DeGeneres Show), Wilterm memory loss. Much lem Dafoe (the Spiderman to Marlin’s dismay, Dory franchise), Emmy Award tags along on his trip to winner Allison Janey (The Sydney, and causes them West Wing, Juno), and to get into quite a few Academy Award winner sticky situations, includ- Geoffrey Rush (Shine, the ing encounters with three Pirates of the Caribbean sharks, a mine field and a franchise), this movie is dangerous anglerfish. good for audiences of all Despite Dory’s forget- ages, and the 3D makes it fulness, she manages to even better than the first help Marlin get to the East time. Australian current that I give this movie 4 out takes them to the Sydney of 5 starfish! harbor, and all the while

Norm of the Dead



Keeping with the theme of horror around the beginning of the school year, ParaNorman is Laika Studio’s most recent motion film, the previous being

Coraline. The film centers on Norman, a boy who is able to see ghosts of people past. However, everyone in his town thinks that he is crazy and ostracizes him, except for a fellow outcast named Neil who is picked on for a collection of reasons including his massive girth. Norman is voiced by Kodi Smit-Mcphee, known for his roles in Hugo, Let Me In, and The Road. He delivers a stellar performance as he is able to range from vulnerable to courageous as he

learns to not only try to get peopleto accept him, but also tries to learn to accept himself. Other cast members include Anna Kendrick (Up In the Air, Twilight) as Norman’s hormone-raging teenage sister, Jeff Garlin

(WALLE, Toy Story 3) as Norman’s sympathizing father, and Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone, Goodwill Hunting) as a local jock whose IQ has fewer points than the Red Sox in the 2012 season. Together, these characters, along with many other colorful characters, make up Norman’s community As Norman is trying to come to terms with his place in society, he also stumbles upon a myth of his town. Many years ago during the Puritan Witch Trials, a witch in Norman’s town was sentenced

to hang. Before she was killed though, she placed a curse on her accuser. As the anniversary of her death is approaching, Norman begins to notice the dead that he’s communicating to are becoming more restless than usual. He soon finds that the witch’s curse is a real event, and he is now the only one who can find out the events that led to the witch’s death and try to stop it before she can torment AP PHOTO his home. Beautifully directed in stop motion animation, ParaNorman stands tall because of its charm and innocence. While it is disguised as a zombie movie, it’s more a coming-of-age story. While the movie drags at certain times, it’s not enough to truly dampen this charming, heartstringpulling story of a boy learning to find his way in a world that doesn’t understand him.


Cinema Evil: Pollution



“At last,” the lead character Alice narrates, “we thought we had survived the horror.” But no, I barely survived the horror that is this movie. Resident Evil: Retribution is the 5th entry in the Resident Evil film franchise. As someone who is only familiar with the games, I wasn’t sure what to expect going in. What I got was regret and disappointment in myself. The film centers on Alice, a shoot-firstask-questions-never lady played by Milla Jovovich, who’s thrust into trying to escape an underwater holding facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation (the corporation behind a zombie outbreak that now plagues the world). Jovovich looks asleep the entire time she’s on the screen, as she delivers all five lines that the script requires her to speak. To escape, she must form an alliance with her former adversaries. But, surprise! Escape isn’t all that easy as she and a small strike team fight their way out of

this aquatic penitentiary. That’s the entire plot: her escaping prison. What took Loki a grand total of 10 minutes in The Avengers takes Alice 95 minutes. While that seems like a short runtime, the movie feels more like a three-hour ordeal. While the acting is atrocious (I’m convinced Keanu Reeves has never acted as bad as the collection of actors in this movie), the real issue of this forgettable movie lies in the script and the directing. The plot of this movie is only about escaping a holding facility, no more. There may be a grand total of 100 words spoken in this movie, but that could be an exaggeration: I’m sure I’m rounding up. On top of that, for a movie that is made for action spectacle, the action sequences are bland, boring and forgettable as the director Paul W. S. Anderson overuses slow motion shots, possibly to simply increase the run time of this travesty. It also feels like the director watched nothing but Christopher Nolan films before making this movie. While doing so

with your time is an activity I highly support, Anderson has ripped off many of Nolan’s movies, from shots that seem right out of the Dark Knight to certain parts of the soundtrack that sound like a deaf person trying to recreate the Inception score. While I didn’t see the movie in 3D, I can’t imagine it would redeem this movie in any way. There seem to be specifically made scenes to utilize the technology, but I don’t understand what’s appealing about a slow motion bullet travelling at your spectacle-donned eyes. This movie is boring, it’s certainly not scary, and at the end of the day it’s a loud mess that’s more forgettable than, well, I forget. As my friend Eric so eloquently said after the movie finally ended, “I feel less intelligent after watching that movie.”

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September 19, 2012

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Bryan, Perry Bring Spunk to CMA Fest TV Special



NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Country stars Luke Bryan and The Band Perry’s Kimberly Perry are ready to see a week’s worth of hard work pay off when “CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock” airs Monday on ABC. They are co-hosts for the three-hour TV special, which highlights the biggest performances and



Rap is a very distinct genre of music. Most rappers have their own style that leaves them extremely distinguishable from the rest. Kyle Woodworth, a sophomore in music industry exemplifies exactly what a true rapper should be. This past spring, Woodworth released his first solo mix tape, Livin on the Flow. This mix tape really demonstrates the kind of artist Woodworth is aspiring to be. His lyrics are quick-witted and inspiring, making every song a contagious example of what rap should be. My personal favorite track is “Save the World Tonight,” produced by Pholla. To me, the lyrics of this track are so raw, and they truly express Woodworth’s inner feelings about music. Unlike most rap songs today, this one is full of passion, and you

behind-the-scenes moments of CMA Fest. It was filmed June 7-10 in Nashville, Tenn. “There are so many amazing live performances, but also one of my favorite parts were the interviews Luke and I got to do,” said Perry in a recent interview. “It’s a peek backstage and into the personalities of some of your favorite artists, some of our favorite artists.” Perry said her band mate brothers, Reid and Neil Perry, helped her prepare

for interviews with unpredictable stars. “I did one with Blake Shelton. You never know where that guy is going to go. So Reid pretended to be the non-talkative Blake Shelton, and then we had the Blake Shelton who took us on a goose chase,” she said. “It was fun.” The co-hosts got to know each other last year as openers on Tim McGraw’s “Emotional Traffic” tour. Asked how they would describe each other as hosts, Perry didn’t

hesitate. “Luke has never met a stranger. This is Mr. Personality in tight jeans and a shirt,” she said. Bryan said Perry is never in a bad mood: “She’s always so bubbly and fun.” “Aww, you’re never on the tour bus (with me),” joked Perry, with a playful swat to his shoulder. Fans won’t likely see Bryan’s most memorable hosting moment of the week. It happened backstage when the outfit he

Livin’ on the Flow

can really feel what his music means to him just by listening. It is a very large accomplishment when someone can listen to a track by any artist (especially a rapper), and feel as though they are having a deep conversation with them. Woodworth writes all of his songs in such a personal way that any listener can really connect to what he has to say. This whole mix tape seems to be focused on the idea of Woodworth showing his audience what music means to him, and how grateful he is to be where he is with his career right now. “I Want Mine,” is a track that literally says, “I’m doing this for me, for my family, for my friends.” This shows that Woodworth is not like most artists who currently are striving for radio play and hits, whether they are connected to what they sing or not. It is very obvious that Woodworth is a different

to thank the one person who has been there for him from the start. It shows just how humble he is an artist, PHOTO PROVIDED BY KYLE WOODWORTH and how has been out of the eye caring he is as a human of the industry for a long being. time. He is the kind of artIf you have not heard ist who performs from the this mix tape yet, I advise bottom of his heart, and you go listen as soon as this is so evident in just possible. I can promise one listen of this mix tape. you that once you play it “Thanks Mom,” is one once, you’ll continue hitof my favorite tracks feating repeat. tured on this mix tape. It He is currently workis really refreshing to hear ing on his new EP, which a track fully dedicated to a has a “new sound,” and mother. The words of this should be released in the song sound as though they next month. are straight out of a letter to his mom, and it’s beautiful that he took the time

had to change back into got locked in his dressing room. “You had to keep your wardrobe consistent the whole week,” he said. “So we’re beating on the door, and Two Foot Fred comes by in his little Hoveround. He clears us back and gets about a 10 foot head start and rams his Hoveround into my dressing room door. The door didn’t give. Fred goes flying over the handlebars...He needed an airbag on that thing.” Fred was OK, but Bryan

said his side still hurts from laughing so hard. The CMA Fest TV special will feature performances from some of country music’s biggest stars, including Bryan, The Band Perry, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Martina McBride, Scotty McCreery, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban.

kind of artist, the kind that

Top 10 Movies This Week from

37% The Possession 65% Lawless 65% The Expendables 2 18% The Words 87% ParaNorman 55% The Bourne Legacy 40% The Odd Life of Timothy 67% The Campaign 30% 2016: Obama’s America 87% The Dark Knight Rises

$9.3M $6.0M $5.0M $4.8M $4.2M $4.0M $3.7M $3.4M $3.3M $3.2M

In Theaters: The Master

A striking portrait of drifters and seekers in postWorld War II America, Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master unfolds the journey of a Naval veteran (Joaquin Phoenix) who arrives home from war unsettled and uncertain of his future - until he is tantalized by The Cause and its charismatic leader (Philip Seymour Hoffman)

Top Pop Singles 1. Whistle, Flo Rida, Atlantic 2. We Are Never Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift, Big Machine Records

Neapolitan Cupcakes: Serving Size 18-24 by Emily McGinty Directions:

1. Crush up Oreos into crumbs. A blender or food processor is great for this. 2. Add cream cheese to Oreo crumbs and mix thoroughly. 3. Make one-inch balls with Oreo mixture and place them in the center of each cupcake compartment. Refrigerate for 5 minutes. Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 35 minutes Ingredients: (Oreo Center): -one package of Oreos -8 oz. of cream cheese (Cake): -Duncan Hines strawberry cake mix -3 eggs -1/3 cup oil -1 and 1/3 cup water (Frosting): Any kind you like Tools: -Cupcake Papers -Two Bowls


Prepare box cake mix.

5. Pour mix on top of the Oreo ball making sure the Oreo is not visible. 6. Bake according to the directions on the box. 7.

3. One More Night, Maroon 5, A&M Octone 4. Lights, Ellie Goulding, Interscope Records 5. Some Nights, Fun., Fueled by Ramen 6. Everybody Talks, Neon Trees, 7. Wide Awake, Katy Perry, Capitol 8. Good Time, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Universal Republic 9. As Long as You Love Me, Justin Bieber, featuring Big Sean, Island Records 10. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen, School Boy/Interscope Records (C) 2012 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.

Cool cupcakes and frost.

This is an easy take on Neapolitan. It’s great for the winter because you get the taste of ice cream without getting colder than you already are. It’s also great to see the look on someone’s face when they bite into a strawberry cupcake and realize there are Oreos inside.

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University of New Haven



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of UNH students said that the campus is concerned about prevention of drug and alcohol use. Source: 2012 UNH CORE Alcohol Survey

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September 19, 2012  

Volume 94, Issue 4