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Volume 94, Issue 2 | September 5, 2012


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Chargers Open 2012 with 45-18 Nothing Sane about Mary Jane Victory over Merrimack By ELISSA SANCI

The game opened slowly for –––––––––––––––––––––––––– the Chargers, who were forced to punt on their first possession. Merrimack took advantage of A CHARGER ATHLETICS PRESS RELEASE

WEST HAVEN, Conn. - Senior wide receiver Jason Thompson (Indiantown, Fla./ South Fork) grabbed six catches for 104 yards and two touchdowns to lead the No. 13/16 University of New Haven football team to a 45-18 victory over Merrimack Saturday afternoon at Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium. In front of a standing-room only crowd of 3,508, the Chargers improved their season-opening record to 4-0 in as many years.

/ Univ. of Louisville) was sacked and brought up a long third-and-17 for UNH. Chris Ruffin (New York, N.Y./Phil-


the opportunity and immediately got on the scoreboard. The Warriors took the ball 75 yards on 21 plays over the course of 6:25 and scored the opening points of the 2012 season. A five yard pass from Joe Clancy to Jere Brown capped the drive and despite missed the extra point off the left upright, Merrimack took a 6-0 lead. On their second play of the ensuing drive, Ryan Osiecki (Seymour, Conn./Seymour

lip Randolph) caught a short pass for a seven yard gain and the Chargers were forced into a three-and-out on their second possession of the first quarter. The Warriors next drive was also stalled by the UNH defense and the Warriors were forced to punt. A 32-yard punt rolled out of bounce and UNH earned its third possession of the opening quarter. See VICTORY page 12

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UNH’s Fall Fest 2012

the football team said, “It’s crazy time went by so fast, and –––––––––––––––––––––––––– I remember being a freshman when coach said you’ll blink On Friday Aug. 31, 2012, and it will all be over, and that’s Chargers marched to North campus for Fall Fest to celebrate with music, food, and games. Music was provided by SCOPE, and the MC for the night was Ahjahta McDuffie, who introduced all the sports teams. Football, men’s and PHOTO BY SAMANTHA MATHEWSON women’s cross country and track and field, soccer, basketball, basereally true.” ball and softball, volleyball, This was Chalifoux’s last time tennis, and lacrosse were being introduced to his peers wished good luck in their upat Fall Fest, and even though coming seasons. he cannot believe the past four J.D. Chalifoux, a senior on By SAMANTHA MATHEWSON STAFF WRITER

See FALL FEST page 4


–––––––––––––––––––––––––– Marijuana use in the nation is on the rise: 17.4 million Americans were recorded using marijuana in 2010, up from 14.4 million users in 2007. What is more shocking is that the rise in numbers is all thanks to college-aged users. According to a study held by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations, the percentage of college students who smoke jumped from 19.5 percent to 21.5 percent in only two years. Every day, the number of college students engaging in marijuana consumption grows. The problem with this? Marijuana, otherwise known as pot or weed, affects all aspects of a person’s life. Substance abuse leads to problems with schoolwork and health, and could eventually lead to changes in personality and an increase in risky, out-ofcharacter behavior. The main “ingredient” in marijuana is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). When weed is smoked, THC activates the receptors in the brain, which trigger the drug’s effect; mainly releasing dopamine into the system, which causes the “relaxing” side effect of marijuana. Other side effects include uneasiness, anxiety and restlessness, coupled with paranoia and forgetfulness. One of the most common side effects of marijuana is memory

loss. Students throughout the UNH campus, for example, have reported noticing slight memory problems. One student, who wished to remain anonymous, noted that after years of marijuana use, the drug “messed up [his] memory a little bit.” Students who smoke pot are less likely to spend time studying and concentrating on classes, and have been found to have difficulty concentrating, recalling facts and making good decisions. The numbers are rising; there is no doubt about that. But why do so many students use marijuana if they are aware of the side effects and know that it is illegal? “It’s relaxing,” a number of students replied with. “Classes are stressful, and weed helps me relax.” Most students at UNH see no problem with marijuana usage. “It’s just a way to have fun.” However, here at the University of New Haven, marijuana abuse is not a serious problem. “Considering the amount of students here on campus, the ratio of kids caught smoking is surprisingly low,” Officer Crawford said. However, if you are caught, the stakes are high. Students who get caught smoking are referred to the Dean’s office. Students caught selling or growing the weed? You will be expelled, arrested and will have to go to court.

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Neil Armstrong: The Death of an American Hero

to see an American safely to the moon by the end of the decade, –––––––––––––––––––––––––– thus adding new pressure to the “Space Race” against the former As recently as 50 years ago, Soviet Union during the Cold War. Even after JFK’s assassination, his ambitious goal was realized on July 20, 1969. The commander of NASA’s ship Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, became the first person to set foot on the moon. And, on Aug. 25, 2012, Neil Armstrong passed away in CincinAP PHOTO the idea of putting a man on the nati. moon was viewed as—no pun “As long as there are history intended—an astronomical im- books,” NASA Administrator possibility. Charles Bolden said, “Neil ArmIn mid-1961, President John strong will be included in them.” F. Kennedy announced a goal Armstrong is considered a By ANA ABRAHAM STAFF WRITER

legend of space exploration and an American hero. He was only 38 years old when the entire world watched him change history by taking the first steps outside of a spacecraft. On July 20, 1969, Armstrong and fellow astronauts ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins landed on the moon after four days and 250,000 miles of space travel. Armstrong and Aldrin spent over two hours on the surface of the moon, during which they placed an American flag and collected samples for analysis back on Earth. None of the three men returned to space after the Apollo 11 mission. The USSR never did put a man on the moon. There have only been 12 people to set foot on the moon, all of them Americans from six separate Apollo missions between 1969 and 1972. There have been 23 unmanned landings in the years since. In 2005, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) told National Geographic that they would like to return humans to the moon by 2018. Neil Armstrong, the first See ARMSTRONG page 4

September 5, 2012

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USGA President’s Corner

Dear Students,

Over the past week, the USGA has been very busy participating in many of the Welcome Week events that have been held on campus. The USGA E-Board has been volunteering their time to give the student body a welcome return to UNH. On the night of move-in day, Thursday, Aug. 23, the USGA sponsored an Ice Cream Social event to greet the freshman to campus. The USGA volunteers passed out over 1,000 ice cream barOn Sunday, Aug. 26, the USGA sponsored a Student Involvement Fair that showcased close to 100 Recognized Student Organizations and opportunities with a number of campus offices. It was a great event and many students had the chance to find their fit in a variety of organizations, resulting in a great increase of membership in several of our organizations. I was proud to see so many new UNH students come out with the drive to get involved in the rich experiences the campus has to offer. With a great deal of help from our men’s and women’s athletic teams, recognized student organizations, Greeks, and other student leaders, the USGA hosted a pizza social in the quad on Wednesday, Aug. 29, to serve as a follow-up to the Student Involvement Fair as well as giving the student body a chance to meet the students who help lead our campus. This event is one of the first of its kind, and the USGA looks forward to working with these groups in the future to emphasize our Charger pride. The first USGA Meeting was this past Friday. I hope you were able to attend, and if not I encourage you to attend a meeting in the near future to help you get more active on campus. At our meeting, candidates for the Budget Committee, Senator and Executive Assistant were put up for approval in front of your legislature.

For the rest of the semester, meetings will be Fridays at 2 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge.

I hope you are settling in well to your classes and are looking forward to upcoming events on campus.

As always, feel free to e-mail me, stop into my office hours, or post a concern on Charger Connection if you have anything you feel should be brought to my attention. Thank you and have a great week,

USGA Meetings are held Fridays at 2PM in the Alumni Lounge. See you there!

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September 5, 2012

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by Melanie Stone Is there trouble in paradise? Do you have love or relationship questions? Ask Melanie! Submit “Ask Melanie” requests to, our Facebook page or Twitter. “Distance Makes the Heart Grow Needier” Dear Melanie, my boyfriend and I have been together for a year, and now that I am away at school he will not stop calling me and is texting me constantly. He has become very controlling and I do not know if I should break up with him or stay because we have been through so much together. Please help. 
 - Anonymous Dear Anonymous, Situations like this are never black and white. I understand how hard it is to think of your life without someone once you have been together for so long. I am guessing that this is your freshman year at college, and that you and your boyfriend started dating in the beginning of your senior year. Your senior year of high school is always the most amazing time. There are parties every weekend, hardly any work, proms and senior trips. Of course senior year is amazing, and to go from being together all the time to hardly seeing each other can be a tough adjustment. The best thing to do in situations such as these is to obviously talk to one another. You need to lay down some ground rules with your boyfriend and let him know that the tighter he holds on, the more you’ll want to leave. It is hard to say that you should just end things and see what other options are out there for you, because I get the fact that when you go through that much with someone it is hard to just cut them out of your life. At the same time, if he being this needy is putting so much stress on you that you find your school work is being affected, or you are having less of a social life, then I would say this may not be the healthiest relationship for you to stay in. If you have already spoken to him, and the constant contact is still stronger than ever, I would say it is time for a break. With a break, at least the two of you could have time to think without having to run things by one another.

by Kerri Zbodula

Alex Chapman of 88.7FM WNHU One may ask, what is 88.7FM WNHU? Well, WNHU is the non-commercial radio station that is licensed to West Haven, Conn. It is student-run and owned by the University of New Haven. Broadcasting live 24/7 from the basement of Maxcy Hall, there are two options for where one could start their show. New students usually start their show on “Charger Radio.” Charger Radio is a radio online stream that can be accessed from all over the world. Anyone could have a show on Charger Radio, without having to take any test. Once students get more experienced with radio, one usually wants to move up to the live stream 88.7FM WNHU. To be on WNHU, you must pass a test that you can take multiple times. 88.7FM’s broadcast range reaches practically all of southern Connecticut, as well as northern Connecticut and some parts of Long Island. Charger Radio is where I personally had my first show. Second semester of my freshman year, my friend Joe Brown and I started our one-hour weekly radio show. It was called the “Joe and Zbo Show.” We would play music, talk in between songs, have interviews, give shout-outs and take song requests. It was such a great experience, and so much fun to look forward to each week. Going into sophomore year, I still wanted to continue our show. Unfortunately, Joe became too busy this semester for our show, but I had too much fun to end the show all together. So I decided that someone must take his place. Student Alex Chapman, who is also a sophomore, wanted to join me right away. We are now in the process of beginning our show for this year. Alex Chapman is a music industry major at the University of New Haven. Coming from Yonkers, N.Y., He is a great drummer and has been playing for 12 years. He is looking to start a band at UNH. If there are any bassists or keyboardists looking to play in an experienced funk/jazz fusion band, find Alex on Facebook and contact him right away! His previous band, States Away, played many main-stage events in the past and was only halted due to college. They opened for acts like Lupe Fiasco, Girl Talk, 40 Oz to Freedom, and many more. You can download their album for free at Check it out!

If not, I would say bring up the issue with him as soon as possible. Let him know that this is slowly driving you away (or insane), however you want to word it, and that you really need to put up some boundaries in order for this long distance relationship to work. With long distance, it is all about trust, and chances are if he is calling every five minutes there needs to be a bit more of that in your relationship. Give him a copy of your schedule and let him know the times you are free. Set aside a Skype date once every other week or so, and let the distance make you two miss each other. Sometimes missing someone is all you need to realize that they’re the one for you. When you finally do see each other again, it will make it all that much sweeter.


From immediate to Preventive, care that’s more Patient-Focused.

by Jess Ribas

School may have just begun, but SCOPE is still ready to keep you entertained. SCOPE Preview Week will be back this year, filled with some of everyone’s favorite events along with new additions to change things up. SCOPE has events that will help you adjust to campus life and enjoy your free time from classes. On Sunday, Sept. 2, SCOPE, along with the Office of Student Activities will be holding a Drive-In Movie showing of The Avengers. The Drive-In Movie will be located in the Bixler/Botwinik Quad at 9 p.m. Popcorn will be available. There will be a free raffle for Avengers movie posters. Monday, Sept. 3, SCOPE will be holding its first Beanhouse of the year. The September Beanhouse will be held in the Bartels Programming Space at 8 p.m. If you don’t already know, Beanhouse is an open mic night where performers can choose to do any act they wish. Tuesday, Sept. 4, SCOPE will have Laser Scribe Pens, Wire Sculptures, and Make Your Street Signs from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Bartels Programming Space. Thursday, Sept. 6, SCOPE will have Comedian Dillon Garcia perform at 8 p.m. in Dodds Theater. Dillon Garcia is a 21-year-old stand-up comedian that is sure to make everyone laugh. Friday, Sept. 7, SCOPE will continue the showing of The Avengers movie at 9 p.m. in Bartels Dining Hall. Saturday, Sept. 8, SCOPE will have Stuff-A-Bear from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Bartels Programming Space. Make sure to come before supplies run out. We hope to see everyone there. Come with a friend so they can enjoy SCOPE events, too.

From immediate medical treatment to complete preventive care, collin c. Watson, md offers years of experience and a patientfocused approach to medicine. since this is both a primary care practice and walk-in center, your co-pay is billed as a doctor’s visit. our convenient location provides access to a full range of services including blood draw, ultrasound, bone density tests, x-ray and mammograms all in one place.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

as part of northeast medical Group, we utilize epic, a state-of-the-art, fully integrated electronic medical record system. With epic you will have access to your medical records electronically through mychart®. additionally, our northeast medical Group practitoners have the skill and resources of Yale new haven health system. this means that three leading hospitals – Bridgeport, Greenwich and Yalenew haven – along with an entire network of top specialists are there for all of your medical needs.

We accept most insurance plans and welcome new patients. Call for an appointment – or just walk in. 203.479.3600

collin c. Watson, md Board certified in internal medicine

alexandra usdavin, aPrn

500 Elm Street West Haven, CT 06516 YNHH-1168 DrWatson5.75x10.625.indd 1

8/17/12 11:54 AM

September 5, 2012

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Charger News | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397) | By JESSICA SATTLER

Students Enjoy Crafty Experience

gramming Space to create their very own works of sand art. Students were given beautiful plastic jars to encase their sandart and used bright yellow funnels to transport their sand into their jars. This avoided a giant mess on the floor. Some clever students decided to show their Charger pride, while others just got creative with the array of colors avail-

able to them such as yellow, blue, brown, white, pink, purple, and green. Friends posed for pictures, laughing and smiling, and were able to have it posted on a magnet for a nice keepsake. Freshman Freddy Perez said, “It’s cool that they can use something small to get students involved.” Senior Krystal Sheehan agreed saying, “This is easily the greatest event

able bouncy bounce obstacle course that you could race an opponent through, or you could attempt to dunk various ORL leaders into a dunk tank. Another participant in the dunk tank was USGA President Patrick Kelland, and students waited anxiously for someone to hit the bulls-eye and send him plummeting into the water below. Kelland volunteered to participate in the dunk tank, and said “I enjoyed being in the dunk tank, but the suspense was painful as I heard the ball hit but not actually trigger the release, and it was entertaining to see how many people wanted to

dunk myself and the other orientation leaders.” A BBQ-style dinner was served for the students and water bottles encouraging smart Charger choices to live above the influence were given out. Charlie the Charger was boosting the school spirit as he walked around taking pictures with students, and tryouts for the next Charlie were being held. The UNH Dance team preformed a routine and the UNH Cheerleaders introduced an original cheer to pump up the Charger’s blue and gold pride.

reported missing. He was reported missing at 1 p.m. ––––––––––––––––––––– Students had two minutes to ask them questions One of the events for about where they were. Welcome Week 2012 was The OLs said they were “Where’s Charlie?” which in class, meetings, and on was held on Wednesday, all-day Q & A duty. Aug. 29. In between the twoCharlie the Charger minute rounds, extra had last been seen that clues were given, such as afternoon at Kayo Field President Kaplan’s phone preparing for the soccer call to the suspect who game against Molloy Col- left a ransom note with his lege the next day between phone number demanding noon and 1:30 p.m. the ten thousand dining Could the students who dollars the university took attended figure out which from him. of the Orientation LeadThere were also student ers kidnapped our beloved eyewitness accounts. For mascot? the final round, attending During the event, the students went to the table OLs went around to the where the person they different tables and told thought did it for a final the students where they interrogation. were when Charlie was They were running

around to multiple tables. Eventually it was time for the final verdict. The OLs gathered at the front of the Alumni Lounge to reveal the culprit. When the crowd asked the OLs who they thought did it, they all pointed to OL Paul Raffile. They then went down the line of orientation leaders, one by one, and the students cheered for who they were going to blame. In the end it was OL John Foti. Returning to their dorms, many students were chattering about how they had a great time and how much they enjoyed it. There was even a proposal to do the same kind of event to find Henry C. Lee.



On Wednesday, Aug.29, the Bartels Campus Center played host to the sand art and photo magnet Welcome Week activity which brought excitement to many incoming freshmen. Starting at 5 p.m. and ending at 9 p.m., students gathered around tables in the expansive Bartels Pro-

UNH’S Fall Fest 2012

con’t from page 1

years flew by, he could not be happier spending his last moments on the field with anyone other than the group of guys on the team that have really grown to feel like his own brothers. Along with the athletic festivities, students could decorate their own foam fingers, megaphones, or tie-dye T-shirts sponsored by Chi Kappa Rho. Big Blue Wrecking Crew hard hats were given away to freshmen and transfer students, and extra SOAR welcome week T-shirts were available on a first-come, firstserve basis. There was also an inflat-

Where’s Charlie?


Neil Armstrong: The Death of an American Hero

con’t from page 1

member of an extremely exclusive group of legends, passed away at 82 years old due to “complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures,” according to his family. He was a Korean War veteran and also a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest non-military award offered in the U.S, for his role in the Apollo 11 mission. Despite being hailed as a national hero, Armstrong was, by all accounts, a humble and modest man who preferred teaching and spending

time with his family to interviews and fame. Most are familiar with Armstrong’s famous quote uttered while walking on the surface of the moon, “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.” Many media outlets and bloggers are calling his death “one giant loss for mankind.” Both President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney agree with this claim. President Obama ordered all flags in the nation to be at halfmast Friday, Aug. 31, for

Armstrong’s funeral. In a press release, he also summed up the view of pretty much every news story and social network post in the nation by stating that Armstrong was one of “the greatest American heroes…of all time.” Kevin Michael Connolly, author of Double Take, the selection used as the 2012 Common Read at UNH, makes it clear in his memoir that obstacles don’t have to define you. Connolly, who was born without legs, spoke to the Class of 2016 as part of

I have ever been to in my life. I feel so honored to be a UNH student and have these opportunites available to me. Go Chargers!” Many students showed up to the event, in all sorts of numbers, excited to be provided with the supplies to create unique pieces of art to liven up their living spaces with. Jared Ensling was among the students who enjoyed the event.

“What a great opportunity to bond with friends and participate in fun, free activities,” he said. Junior Liana Teixeira who attended a similar event last year had only positive things to say. “Last year I was able to make the most exquisite sand art creation to adorn my bedroom. Guess what? It’s still there. Now that’s quality!” She continued, “A great

feature of the event was that you could stop by in between classes and create a beautiful piece of artwork without being late to class! Thanks UNH!” The positive student feedback made the Welcome Week event a big success.


not returned to pre-recession level, consumers are not going to take this news well. There has already been a 13 percent increase in gasoline prices, and the next item to rise is going to be food prices. Despite the fact that these increases will not affect total inflation levels, fuel and food prices account for approximately 24 percent of the consumer-price index, according to the Labor Department. This is because unlike other products that the consumer buys less frequently, citizens make regular stops at the grocery store and gas stations. “Even though it may not have a big impact on headline inflation, it can affect inflationary expectations,” Feroli said. In addition, The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index fell for the sixth straight week on Aug. 19, which shows that Americans have a negative outlook when it comes to their finances. “Consumers don’t have a lot of cushion,” said Omair Sharif, a U.S. economist at RBS Securities Inc. in Stamford, Conn. Unemployment and weak job growth have left little prospect for higher wages, which will likely “stagnate,” he said. While it is clear that harder times are ahead when it comes to trips to

the grocery store, it is going to take awhile until the prices actually show up at the checkout. The agricultural commodities increases will not show up for a while because food companies buy raw materials months in advance. The increased food prices will be an extra expenditure for a while, but economists believe that not everything is going to be bad. “Rising food prices are obviously something to keep an eye on, but they’re not likely to change the outlook on inflation or on growth,” said Kevin Cummins, an economist at UBS Securities LLC in Stamford, Conn. “The direct impact from higher food prices will be marginal.” It is clear that economic times are hitting Americans hard, and any additional spending is added stress when it comes to making a budget. According to Feroli, the impact on inflation will subside in the second half of next year unless there is another drought. “I wouldn’t expect food inflation to persist.” One hopes that the higher food prices will not be too much of a burden to American citizens and that next year there will be more rain to prevent another drought like this from occurring.

Drought-Driven Food Costs May Damp Consumer Sentiment



Due to the severe drought that has affected the Midwest, food costs are expected to rise for the next nine months. The drought, which is the worst in decades, has already destroyed more than half of the United States’ corn crop. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has already declared 1,600 counties in 32 states as natural disaster areas, after the drought has affected millions of acres of pastures and croplands. According to the World Bank, global food prices have already jumped 10 percent from June to July, and the price of corn and wheat has already risen by 25 percent. While the drought is not only dire for the farmers, increased prices on corn, wheat and soybeans also mean that the budgets of American citizens will be pushed to their limits. While the World Bank does not believe that people will riot as they did in 2008 when food prices spiked, it does not mean that citizens will not be struggling. According to Michael Feroli, chief U.S. economist at JP Morgan Chase & Co., disposable incomes may be trimmed by 0.3 percent. Since the consumer sentiment has still

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September 5, 2012

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Bill Nye Throws Down the Gauntlet on Creationism



Scientific findings prove that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old. The longheld account of the church is that God created the Earth in six days, no more than several thousand years ago at the absolute most. This view is known as creationism. Charles Darwin complicated the debate over the origins of the planet and life on it in 1859, with the publication of 20 years of his work, research and conclusions

in a text titled On the Origin of Species. This particular text has since become a scientific standard. Recently, a new player has joined the debate in a major way. Millions of American children are familiar with Bill Nye, whose show Bill Nye the Science Guy ran in the 1990s and was a very popular teaching aid in schools around the country. Nye recently spoke out in a video for Big Think Edge, an online learning platform, about how creationism is not something

that is appropriate for children to learn. “The idea of deep time of billions of years explains so much of the world around us,” Nye stated. “If you try to ignore that, your worldview becomes crazy, untenable, itself inconsistent.” He is commenting on the viewpoint of a group of creationists, the Young Earth Creationists, who interpret the Book of Genesis as literally as possible, tracing genealogy to come up with Earth’s age at no more than ten thousand years. A national poll, called

Romney Reveals Energy Policy, Doesn’t Mention Climate Change Once


––––––––––––––––––––– With the 2012 elections a little over two months away, the presidential candidates are putting their campaigns into over-drive. Republican hopeful Mitt Romney was no

exception this week, as he unveiled his vision for his American energy policy during a campaign stop in Hobbs, N.M. This speech and policy paper released on Wednesday is one of the first concrete details that Romney has provided for what he plans to do for our country, if he wins in November. Romney’s plan is based on the premise of North American Energy Independence by 2020. "I have a vision for an America that is an energy superpower, rapidly increasing our own production and partnering with our allies Canada and Mexico to achieve energy independence on this continent," said Romney in his speech. "We're not going to have to buy oil from the Middle East, Venezuela, or any other place we don't want to." To achieve this, he plans on giving states broader control over the development of energy, and Romney even calls for increased ties with our bordering nations, Canada and Mexico. Mitt Romney hopes that we can construct

cross-border pipelines, and believes that areas off the coast of Virginia and the Carolinas (which were previous protected), would also be opened up for oil and gas exploration. He claims that his energy plan will create in excess of 3 million jobs and generate one trillion

ney’s plan will continue to keep our country in the 19th century, and believe that no one should have to choose between a good job and a clean bill of health. In addition, the League of Conservative Voters National Press Security Jeff Gohringer stated, “We continue to be surprised


dollars in revenue for the state and federal governments. However, despite the fact that Romney has finally given voters an idea about some of his policies, some people do not believe that this is a good thing for him. The Sierra Club actually believes that Mitt Romney’s energy plan is a huge step backwards for the country. This is in light of an analysis done by The League of Conservative Voters that found that the 21-page plan mentioned oil 154 times, while only mentioning wind energy 10 times. Five out of the 10 times that he actually bothered to discuss wind energy were all negative things that could be said. When asked about Mitt Romney’s plan, the Sierra Club said, “Mitt Romney has devised an energy insecurity plan that would make us even more dependent upon oil, coal, and gas companies while ignoring climate disruption, economic growth, and the health and wellbeing of the American people." They believe that Rom-

by Romney’s outright hostility to clean technologies like wind and solar. Under his plan, clean energy's loss would be Big Oil's gain.” It is clear that both the LCV and the Sierra Club both disagree with Romney’s energy plan and his overall view of what our nation should become. In reality however, it all comes down to what the citizens of this country want. Data shows that nine in 10 Americans believe that our current energy situation is serious, and five in 10 believe that we will face an energy crisis within the next five years. If voters pay attention to the policies that are being released by our presidential candidates, then they can actually make an informed decision when November finally comes. If they do not, American citizens may be stuck with an energy policy that will force them into the very energy crisis that they are so afraid of.

the Gallup Poll, has been tracking Americans’ views on this particular subject for the past 30 years. Much to Nye’s chagrin, nearly half of Americans subscribe to views of creationism. Between 40 percent and 47 percent of those surveyed over the years have consistently said that they believed God created modern humans within the last ten thousand years. Thirty-two percent believe in some form of religiously-led evolution, and only 15 percent believe in atheistic, or Darwinistic, evolution.

Responses to Nye’s video have brought out some interesting viewpoints. The video went viral quickly; Bill Nye is a very well-respected and well-liked figure, especially among those who watched his program as children. Many commenters in the online debates have adopted the viewpoint that there can be a compromise between the two positions. Science and faith have historically been in two different camps, but some believe that all the answers, and the truth about

the history of the Earth and of humanity, may actually lie somewhere in the middle of the two. Bill Nye the Science Guy is not so optimistic. He says to adults, “If you want to deny evolution and live in your world, that’s completely inconsistent with the world we observe, that’s fine. But don’t make your kids do it. Because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need engineers that can build stuff and solve problems.”

being used to smoothly ––––––––––––––––––––– adjoin the sleek sides of certain Samsung phones are not corners that SamApple products have bestowed an ever-present sung owns. Apple, based on their tone on society today. recent victorious lawsuit Starting with a simple against Samsung, has personal computer, the Apple I back in 1976, the found reason to issue a company has grown very request in court that certain Samsung products be much since its beginbanned for sale in the U.S. nings. Apple has a patent It seems as though monopoly on the type of no matter which way corners found on the folone looks at any given lowing Samsung phones: time, there is an iPhone, Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy iPod or iPad, equipped S2 (AT&T), Galaxy S2 with iTunes and the App Skyrocket, Galaxy S2 (TStore, all contained with Mobile), Galaxy S2 Epic their patented beveled 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, corners, snug in the hands of users of all ages. Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail. But among the sea of The lawsuit preceding bitten mackintosh Apple Apple’s appeal to rid the logos are the Androids, market of these phones equipped with the total Google package and bev- cost Samsung $1.05 bileled corners of their own. lion in a nine-juror ruling. This punishment is But are they truly their based on damages due to own beveled corners? patent infringement over The folks at Apple the time of sale of these would tell you that those Samsung devices. While a carefully crafted corners temporary ban was placed

early on in the lawsuit regarding a Samsung tablet device, that device was not found in violation of the patents held by Apple Inc., and therefore Samsung is fighting to get that product back on the market as well as prevent even more products being taken off the shelves of mobile carriers across the country. Both companies, according to the judge’s ruling, have the opportunity to submit written arguments regarding Apple’s request to eradicate the eight Samsung phones found at fault. In the submission already presented by Samsung, the company makes it clear that they will “take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of (its) products in the U.S. market.” Apple Inc. has yet to submit their rebuttal.

Alps of northern Italy, scientists examined, give or take 70,000 droplets of amber. This extensive search returned few, but great, results. They found two mites from the Triassic Era, which means that these ‘grandpa bugs’ age in at an outstanding 230 million years old! Their age poses great significance because about 252 million years ago, mass extinction occurred that lead to the extinction of about 57 percent of insect families. These small creatures can help scientists come up with new theories of one of the most debated topics in history: evolution. Even though the mites are extremely old, they are not much different from bugs today.

According to researcher, David Grimaldi, “You would think that by going back to the Triassic you’d find a transitional form of gall mite, but no, even 230 million years ago, all of the distinguishing features of this family were there — a long, segmented body; only two pairs of legs instead of the usual four found in mites; unique feather claws.” However, scientists are extremely hopeful that they will be able to find even more amber fossilized insects across northern Europe that will eventually lead to even bigger breakthroughs in insect and plant evolution.

Cutting Corners: Battle of the Smartphones


230 Million-Year-Old Mite Found in Amber


––––––––––––––––––––– Amber, besides being a popular name for girls, is a special type of fossilized tree resin which has many uses. Since the Neolithic era, it has been used to make beautiful jewelry, ornamental items and even perfumes. However, one of its most important uses is to help us learn about the evolution of insects and other small animals. Since amber comes from the extinct sticky substance of trees, many leaves and insects become entrapped and, most importantly, fossilized in pieces of amber. Recently, scientists have made an outstanding discovery thanks to amber. In the Dolomite

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September 5, 2012

Amish Hate Crime Trial Begins in Ohio



Samuel Mullet Sr. is an Amish man living in rural Eastern Ohio. He lives on an 800-acre compound where he is considered a religious leader. He, along with 15 of his followers (some of whom are his children and most of whom are somehow related to him) stand accused of hate crimes in connection to 2011 attacks on other Amish people. In the words of Prosecutor Bridget Brennan, in the Amish faith, “A man’s beard and a woman’s hair are sacred religious symbols…symbols of righteousness, religious symbols that God is present in their lives.” Mullet and his followers allegedly forcibly cut the beards and hair of several members of their sect. One such instance was photographed and released by the prosecution. Defense counsel for Mullet is not denying that the photograph shows his client cutting the hair of Raymond Hershberger, an Amish elder, but instead

insists the circumstances were not those that constitute a hate crime. Attorney Dean Carro said the reason for the actions of the 16 individuals was “compassion”. Congress has defined a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.” Since the hair cutting attacks are being seen as attacks on religious practice—one accused man allegedly said to victims Barbara and Marty Miller, “God is not with you,”— they are being prosecuted under the Matthew Shepard-James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Much controversy has surrounded the question of how Mullet and his followers chose their victims. Reports indicate that the victims are mostly men and women who had helped others leave Mullet’s sect in the past, or those who Mullet and his followers believe live in a religiously impure way. The sect calls itself the

Bergholz Clan, named for the town where their compound is. The FBI, in an affidavit, alleges that Samuel Mullet imposed very strict punishments on anyone in his community who disobeyed his wishes. He supposedly forced men to sleep in a chicken coop on his property, sometimes for several days at a time, and also had sexual relations with some of his married female followers to “counsel” them and “cleanse them of the devil”. He has stated, on more than one occasion, that he is not running a cult. In addition to the charges relating to hate crimes, members of the sect will also face charges of kidnapping, conspiracy and obstruction. Some could face 20 years to life in prison if convicted. In response to the allegations, Mullet stated, “Beard-cutting is a crime, is it?” The trial began in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, Aug. 27, with jury selection.

Summer Construction Adds Parking, Labs, Classroom Space



Over the summer, the University launched or completed a variety of building projects around

pleted in early September, has been re-engineered to add additional spaces and improve drainage and accessibility. The lower level of South Campus Hall has been renovated to add additional faculty and

dows matching the original Maxcy design. This restoration will create spaces with glass on three sides facing the residential campus and will be used for offices, classrooms and other academic and

Common Read Author Inspires Students to Find Happiness strated, he told the students, that “people act ––––––––––––––––––––– the same all around the world.” Convocation during OpenFor many of the firsting Weekend. Though year students, the memoir By DONOVAN LINDER


Connolly is by definition handicapped, he does not consider himself to be. “You are only disabled if you are incapable of overcoming the challenges presented in any given situation,” said Connolly, who also led discussions with faculty members and student leaders. Upon graduating from college, Connolly traveled to 19 countries with the aid of a skateboard, taking more than 30,000 photographs of people’s reactions to seeing him. His “Rolling Expedition” has been featured at the Smithsonian Institute and Kennedy Center, and his story was featured on ABC’s “20/20” and National Public Radio. Many people would be caught staring at him or would assume that Connolly was a war veteran. His experiences demon-

was more than a piece of writing; it was an inspiration. “I read the book more as a work of art and took a different take on everything,” said Tom Stringer ’16, a music and sound recording major from Yorktown Heights, N.Y. Several students conceded that at first they were not thrilled about having a summer reading assignment. “When I originally got the book, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it,” said Pierce Johnston ’16, a music and sound recording major from Beacon, N.Y. “But after reading the first five or six pages, I loved it.” Connolly’s determination and willingness to take on a challenge resonated with first-year students Amanda Heath and Nicolas Weilmann. Heath, who suffered from Lyme disease, said, “I had ad-

only Spanish. “There were times when I would come home from kindergarten crying because I couldn’t talk with anybody in school,” Weilmann said. “I was different from the other students, but I found my happiness.” Connolly, who won a silver medal at the 2006 Winter X Games, will soon start working on a series for the Travel Channel that will bring him to rural areas of developing nations to see “cool” prosthetic inventions. “You are going to meet people who are going to challenge your assumptions and maybe even excite your curiosity,” Connolly told the students. “Never be afraid to do a double-take when it comes to your own opinions, fears, or curiosities over the next four years.”

Wildfire Prompts Evacuations in Southern –––––––––––––––––––––

staff offices. Jazzman’s Café was remodeled and expanded to improve access and reduce wait time. The hot water system in Sheffield Hall has been upgraded and a new elevator installed. Charger Gymnasium has added office space and a new fire detection and alarm system that will allow more versatile use of the gym for large events. Dodds Theatre has been upgraded with new seating and “smart technology” to expand the facility’s use as a large capacity lecture space. A new project at Maxcy Hall will soon begin to restore the areas known as the “porches” on the west side of the building. This project will replace the yellow plywood “boxes” with architectural win-

versity to deal with and I broke through my own struggles.” Weilmann faced his own challenges coming to the United States as a child and being able to speak



campus to enhance the experience of students, faculty and staff. The University razed a number of properties adjacent to the southwest corner of campus along Ruden Street, Ruden Place and Isadore Street to clear space for a new 350-bed residence hall. Plans are to break ground on the new residence hall this spring. Charger Plaza (located across from Bethel Hall on Campbell Avenue) has been expanded to include four new research labs for science faculty, office space and smart classrooms space. An additional 140 parking spaces have been added behind Charger Plaza. South Campus Hall has been painted. In addition, the parking area, which is expected to be com-

Page 6

GLENDORA, Calif. (AP) — A wildfire that broke out in the Angeles National Forest on Sunday forced the evacuation of thousands of visitors and sent a huge cloud of UNH TODAY PHOTO smoke that could be seen student support space. The from throughout the Los Angeles basin. project is scheduled to The fire broke out near a start in late September and is expected to be complet- campground around 2:30 p.m. and quickly grew to ed by the end of year. 3,600 acres, or about 5 ½ Hazelnut Café is unsquare miles. dergoing a renovation It forced the evacuation to enhance space for the of campgrounds that typihospitality programs. cally attract up to 12,000 Echlin Hall now has a new 50-student classroom, visitors on Labor Day constructed by combining holiday weekend, as well as rehabilitation centers rooms 208 and 210. and the private commuAdditionally, UNH’s nity of Camp Williams first international campus in Tuscany, Italy, officially Resort above the city of Glendora, forest spokesopens this fall. woman L’Tanga Watson said. “We got most folks out along the recreational area,” Watson said. The forest is heavily used by Southern Californians because of its proximity to populated areas. Fire officials said that while the camp-

CA Forest grounds were not in the line of the fire, they had to be emptied so that the only road in and out of the San Gabriel Canyon could be open just for fire trucks

touched by the destructive Station Fire in 2009, Watson said. She said the flames, fueled by a combination of dry, hot conditions and the heavy brush,


and other emergency vehicles. The fire was burning thick brush that was not

were marching uphill toward the wilderness.

See WILDFIRE page 8

September 5, 2012

Page 7

France Warns of Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack



PARIS (AP) — Western powers are preparing a tough response in case Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime deploys chemical or biological weapons in its civil war, France’s foreign minister said Monday. Syria’s leadership has said the country, which is believed to have nerve agents as well as mustard gas and Scud missiles capable of delivering them, could use chemical or biological weapons if it were attacked from outside. President Barack Obama has called it a “red line” for the U.S. if Assad’s regime were to use such lethal weapons, and France has been ratcheting up its language on the issue. If Syria uses such weapons, “our response ... would be massive and blistering,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on RMC radio Monday. He said Western countries are monitoring the movement of the weapons in Syria to be ready to

“step in” immediately. Fabius said “we are discussing this notably with our American and English partners.” Fabius added that Russia and China are “of the same position,” but did not elaborate. Fabius acknowledged frustration at their continuing support for Assad. The foreign ministries of both China and Russia declined immediate comment on Monday. Since the start of the Syrian conflict, Beijing has been consistent in its stance that it should be settled through negotiations and not by outside forces. Moscow is Syria’s chief ally, and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told the AP in a recent interview that Russia has the Syrian government’s assurances that chemical weapons will not be used. Gatilov said Russia will “work toward the goal of preventing such things from happening.” China and Russia have repeatedly used their veto powers in the U.N. Security Council to block U.S.- and Arab-backed action that could have led to sanctions against Assad’s regime.

Syria’s opposition has urged outside military help against Assad’s armed forces. “I am going to be very clear, we are requesting military intervention in order to protect Syrian civilians who have been constantly murdered over the last year and a half,” the head of the Syrian National Council, Abdelbaset Sieda, said in Madrid on Monday. “The European Union should take the initiative and pressure Russia ... so we can lay down some protected areas for refugees,” Sieda said after meeting Spain’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo. Margallo said Spain would continue to press for a united EU approach to Syria and urged Syrian opposition groups to overcome their divisions and join together against the Assad regime. The new U.N. envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, acknowledged Monday that brokering an end to the civil war is a “very, very difficult task.”

The Race for the Latino Vote is On

Velazquez of New York, Last week, the Repub- actress Eva Longoria and ––––––––––––––––––––– lican National Conven- more. tion (RNC) was the epic Now, both candidates political event for all Re- will go one-on-one with publicans. Prominent po- the biggest award-winning Move over Telemundo, litical figures appeared on journalists in Latin Ameribecause Univision got this the behalf of Romney, to ca, Jorge Ramos and Main its back pocket. get Americans to under- ria Elena Salinas. The foThe number one Hispanic broadcast network, Univision, has earned the rights to host a presidential forum between Republican Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. The two will go AP PHOTO head to head in “Meet the Candidate” stand that America needs for their chance to win the a change and voting for rum will discuss the issues 21 million Latino voters. Romney is the way to go. that the Latin communities It is a crucial part for Puerto Rican Governor face and what they can do both of their campaigns Luis Fortuno and his wife to help. Most importantly, because over the years, made appearances and they will discuss the future more and more Latin im- speeches at the RNC, in and the education of Hismigrants have been com- hopes to get Latino voters panics. ing to the states and set- to vote for Romney. Not The network will also tling down roots. only them, but also for- open this forum through Therefore, there are mer Florida Governor Jeb the social-networking site many Latin families who Bush was in the frontline, Facebook, hoping to atbelieve strongly about as well as Romney’s Span- tract more of the young immigration and how the ish-speaking son, Craig. generation at http://www. government can grant However, Obama has opportunities in the several Latin-prominent noticias. states. figures for the DemocratNo airdate has been It is no coincidence that ic National Convention given yet, but Univision this presidential forum (DNC). Julian Castro, the News President Isaac Lee is happening around the San Antonio mayor, will said that he is ecstatic to Hispanic Heritage month. be the first Latin speaker host this event and deliver Each candidate must prove at the event. Others in- the news to the Latin comto the Latino community clude Congressman Char- munities. that they are worth their lie Gonzalez of Texas, vote, because they can Congresswoman Nydia help their community.


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In Defense of Ann Romney and All Stay-At-Home Moms of her husband, she would absolutely have my vote. ––––––––––––––––––––– However, she may have to settle for being the savI’m a registered Inde- ing grace of his presidenpendent, but for my entire tial campaign. During her life I’ve been leaning Democrat at a 179 degree angle. In my youthful naivety, I’ve wanted to believe that there are Americans out there who care for one another. I believe in human rights, equality across race, gender, and sexual orientation and I’m still too young to really care all that much about taxes. Or as my dad has reminded me, “I’m not a Republican because I haven’t speech at the Republican grown up yet.” National Convention, Ann Regardless of all this, came off as trustworthy, if Ann Romney were run- warm, sincere--all the ning for president instead things her husband cannot By ELIZABETH FIELD EDITOR-IN-CHIEF



The Republican National Convention came to a close last Thursday night, but if anyone watching the event remembers one thing from the convention, it won’t be Mitt Romney’s speech accepting the nomination for president, but rather the long and somewhat unconventional ramblings of Clint Eastwood. When I tuned in to watch, I made an immediate double take. Clint Eastwood at the RNC? But hey, I was intrigued. There’s a level of respect attached to the award-winning actor, director and producer. So I figured I’d watch. And then…I saw the chair. Remember in those old Vaudeville shows, when long shepherd’s hooks would pop out from behind the curtains and yank off the performers who weren’t doing so hot? Well, let’s just say they definitely should have used one on Clint Eastwood.

seem to stir up. Focusing on his charitable drives, empathy and his dedication to his faith, Ann was able to show that Mitt is actually a human and not an emotionless robot invented by the heads of the GOP (somewhat— the vote’s still out). Many have expressed concern over both Romney’s being unaware of the economic plight of the average American family. One comment that absolutely disgusts me has been commentators and reporters arguing that Ann Romney “hasn’t worked a day in her life” being a stay at home mother to five. It was especially discouraging to hear renowned writer Elizabeth

Wurtzel blaming stay at home mothers for the failure of feminism and saying “being a mother isn’t a real job—and the men who run the world know it.” –makes assumption— Feminism is having the choice to do whatever you want with your life. And guess what? Women like Elizabeth Wurtzel telling me what to do with my life is no different than my husband telling me what to do. I don’t think I even need to comment on motherhood “not being a real job” but whatever, I’m all riled up anyway. For the last few decades, feminist scholars have been studying the economic value of unpaid labor. Do maids, daycare personnel, and chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Emeril not hold real jobs?

I spent the last year of college working as a nanny for two hours every morning. I got paid and trust me, I deserved it. My own mother is a stay-at-home mom who was able to raise three absolute brats into somewhat respectable human beings along with holding the positions of taxi driver, PTA Mom, soccer team mom, tutor, personal chef and 24/7 caretaker. I’m sure that if an opportunity arose for her to take a full-time 40-hour per week job in the middle of the night while cleaning up my vomit, she would have jumped right on that train. For many families, the cost of monthly daycare, cleaning bills and food equal or are close to one partner’s wages, so why would they go to work

when they could be there every step of the way for their child? If the opportunity arises for me, when I become a parent, to stay at home with my children while remaining fiscally stable, I will and I absolutely reserve my right to do so without the criticism of my sex. Also let’s not forget about all of the stay-athome dads around the world. Are they betraying their sex and masculinity by not being flannel-wearing timber loggers or are they just doing what will most benefit their family?

thing we needed was an ad-libbed act taking the attention away from the stuff that really mattered that night. It reminded me of that Taylor Swift/Kanye West incident at the 2009 VMAs.

frey and Vice President Joe Biden. Each time Eastwood lost his train of thought, he covered up his stuttering by pretending the “invisible Obama” said another nasty comment, making it really hard to tell what points he was actually trying to make. I feel that everyone will only remember Eastwood’s butchered attempt at comic relief. Even when Eastwood did manage to poke holes in the Obama administration’s policies during the past four years, he seemed to accidentally point the finger at Republicans as well. When mentioning the war in Afghanistan, Eastwood argued that the U.S. did not consider the fact that Russians were unsuc-

cessful in Afghanistan for ten years. If history serves me correctly, I believe we entered war with Afghanistan during the Bush administration, not Obama’s. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow probably summed up my reaction perfectly: “That was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen at a political convention in my entire life.” And as we all have probably seen by now, a new Twitter craze has exploded with photos of people “Eastwooding.” That is, angrily pointing to empty chairs. The president even caught on and posted a photo of the back of the presidential chair with the caption, “This seat’s taken.” Maybe I am being a little harsh about this whole thing. I mean, it is a presidential race after all; there’s supposed to be an exchange of finger-pointing and blame. However, Eastwood’s display took it a little too far. And honestly, it was

just weird. I give credit to Romney, though. Once he got up on stage, he had his poker face on and totally played it off. If he had any disapproval about Eastwood’s stunt, it was obviously not reflected in his address. Now that the RNC is over, I’m pretty excited to see how the Democratic National Convention plays out. Who knows? Maybe Obama will put an empty chair on stage imitating Eastwood. Or maybe he won’t mention the incident at all. Either way, the 2012 presidential race has gotten off to an interesting start. I consider myself moderate, but I admit being a personal Obama fan. That being said, I don’t think there is an obvious winner like there was in previous elections. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone voted for the chair.

“Invisible Obama” Has My Vote

For those who are unaware of what went down on Thursday night, Eastwood (in a supposed lastminute request) asked that an empty chair be placed next to the podium whilst making his speech. He then proceeded to talk to the chair throughout the speech, referring to it as President Barack Obama. The “invisible Obama” would then respond in a voice that apparently only a telepathically-superior Eastwood could hear. Many of the comments suggested that “Obama” was making profane remarks toward Romney. Okay, let’s get real for a second. Am I the only one who viewed this as completely bizarre? Not only were the comments disrespectful toward Obama, but they showed a real lack of maturity on Eastwood’s part. (He was talking to a CHAIR!!). We all know Obama and Romney disagree on many levels, but the last

Frankly, I believe Romney deserved his time to shine in the spotlight. For almost 12 full minutes, Eastwood awkwardly entertained the sea of Republicans and Romney supporters, making additional wise cracks at Oprah Win-

Wildfires Prompt Evacuations in Southern CA Forest

con’t from page 6

About 300 firefighters, aided by four waterdropping helicopters and nine air tankers, were able to contain 5 percent of the blaze. Fire officials also activated the use of a DC10 capable of dropping thousands of gallons of retardant. The cause of the fire was under investigation. The Station Fire, which

killed two firefighters, destroyed 89 homes and blackened 250 square miles of forest land, was the largest in Los Angeles County history. In Northern California, a fire that’s been burning since Aug. 18 in a rugged area of Mendocino County has destroyed seven homes and nine outbuildings, fire officials said Sunday.

Fire spokeswoman Kate Kramer says the increase in the number structures burned in the North Pass fire comes as crews found more destroyed buildings in the remote area over the weekend. The fire, which has scorched nearly 64 square miles, is 58 per cent contained.

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September 5, 2012

Fun, Games, & More

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Crossword Clues

Across 1 They’re dirty pool 11 WNBA positions 15 Muse of sacred music 16 Brest milk 17 Does a bit of informal polling 18 Paquin of “True Blood” 19 Note 20 Puzzle (out) 21 Model born Lesley Hornby 23 Equinox mo. 24 Accepted 25 “GoodFellas” Oscar winner 28 Reckon, in the boonies 30 OR abbr. 32 One who’s done stretches? 33 Texas Rangers CEO 35 Leap on blades 36 Story writer/poet Grace who studied with Auden 37 Classic Leontyne Price role 38 Honey Ryder and Xenia Onatopp, e.g. 40 Out of line 41 Inseparable 42 Some rectangular bars 43 Feinting spells? 44 Ore.’s highest point

46 Broker’s advice 47 Any regular on “The View” 48 Numbers for closers 50 Cone head? 53 __ Bacon: “East of Eden” character 54 Got at 57 Structure on piles 58 “When pigs fly!” 59 More than asked 60 Safari sights

Down 1 They’re no. experts 2 It may wind up around the house 3 Paul’s “The Prize” costar 4 Bard’s interjections 5 Introduce by degrees 6 Stack sweetener 7 GP gps. 8 Weight 9 Can across the pond 10 “I’m afraid the news is not good ...” 11 One may be filed 12 It merged with Zanzibar in 1964 13 Gangbuster’s target 14 Inn time 22 Singer of complex

songs 23 Baste 24 Phrase of emphasis 25 R&B singer Bryson 26 Dow 30 company 27 When, in Act Two of “Macbeth,” the Porter knocks at the gate 28 Caught 29 Taquer’a meat 31 Irritates, with “at” 34 Far from mellifluous 36 At the helm of 39 Nursery sounds 40 Like much business? 45 Put away 46 Wedding announcement 47 Stupefyin’ Jones creator 48 First-year Spanish verb 49 Mexican waterways 50 Persian for “place of ” 51 One needing social work? 52 Confucius’s “Book of __” 55 Bergen’s home: Abbr. 56 Org. working on bridges

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September 5, 2012

Last weeks’s answers

Page 10

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Charger Chat “Now that’s quality!” -

Liana Teixeira


September 5, 2012

by Isaak Kifle

Page 11

Charger Battery



After being on campus over the summer when no one was here, it’s so Buying books for the semester… there goes a nice little chunk of my wonderful seeing all the old and new faces running around every day! summer income. There are so many events and programs going on around campus, it’s Yes, I know there’s a hurricane that happens to share my name, I’ve like they’re trying to keep us from ever setting foot off campus! heard that at least a dozen times. And no, we’re not related!

The Battery Charge

Welcome Week may be over, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things going on around campus! We had a football game this past Saturday, and this week is Go Greek Week, just to name a couple of things. Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities by actually going to events!

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This Day in UNH History

By Ana Abraham

September 3, 2011. The UNH football team won the first game of the 2011 season! With a packed house of 3,500 people at the DellaCamera Stadium up at North Campus cheering them on, the Chargers beat West Chester 35-32.

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September 5, 2012

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Sports | | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397) A CHARGER ATHLETICS PRESS RELEASE

Chargers Storm Past Holy Family, 3-0


WEST HAVEN, Conn. – The University of New Haven men’s soccer team buried three second-half goals to down visiting Holy Family, 3-0, on Sunday afternoon at Kayo Field. Gui Dos Santos (Curitiba, Brazil/Bethel (Conn.)) and Andres Torres (Norwalk, Conn./Norwalk / Adelphi University) each posted a goal and an assist for the Chargers. The victory improves New Haven to 1-1-0 and is the first for Roy Fink as head coach of the Chargers. Holy Family, which was selected to finish

fifth and received a firstIt took just over five place vote in the CACC minutes for the Chargers to Preseason Coaches’ Poll, falls to 1-1-0. Joseph D’Antonio (Oceanside, N.Y./Oceanside ), who has scored four goals in each of the previous two seasons for New Haven, started the scoring in the 69th minute. D’Antonio received a long pass from Oskar Sewerin (Stockholm, Sweden/Östra Reals Gymnasium) and took two touches before finishing in the top left corner of the net past the dive of Tigers’ keeper Kelly find the net again. A 50/50 Diaz. ball settled at the feet of

Chargers Open 2012 with 45-18 Victory over Merrimack

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Over the next four minutes, the Chargers marched 89 yards on eight plays to even the score at 6-6. The drive spanned two minutes into the second quarter and included two catches by Josh Smart (Hamden, Conn./Hamden ). Thompson tied the score at six with a 15-yard strike from Osiecki. A Chris Scifo (Coral Springs, Fla./St. Thomas Aquinas / Central Connecticut State University) extra point followed and gave the Chargers' the lead for good. Merrimack's next drive began at the 12:58 mark of the second half at its own 15-yard line. The Warriors successfully made their way into Charger territory when an 11-yard carry by Quinn McDonough ended with a fumble. Starting the drive at the 10:49 mark, New Haven again marched all the way down the field in just under six minutes. Thompson and Osiecki once again connected for a 54-yard strike to give the Chargers' first-andgoal from Merrimack's three-yard line. After the Warrior defense stopped UNH on two plays, Mike DeCaro (Weston, Fla./Cypress Bay ) broke across the endline and gave the Chargers a 13-7 lead. Scifo again connected on the PAT and UNH took a 14-6 lead. Merrimack began their ensuing drive at its own 10-yard line and after advancing it to the 36, Tom Herd (Sparta, N.J./ Sparta ) made the play of the afternoon. The senior defensive end tipped a Merrimack pass into the air, intercepted the ball and returned it 27 yards for New Haven's third touchdown of the quarter. Scifo gave UNH a 21-6 lead with an extra point through the uprights. The Warriors gained possession again at their

own 25-yard line after Scifo's kickoff sailed to the back of the endzone. Merrimack took the ball to New Haven's 45-yard line, but the drive stalled when Herd gave back-toback pressure on Merrimack's quarterback. The Sparta, N.J. native sacked Luke Bakanowsky for a loss of four yards and force Merrimack into a fourth and nine. Merrimack would punt away the ball to New Haven's 26-yard line, where UNH began its next drive of the quarter with 1:45 left in the half. Osiecki completed one pass to Chris Ruffin (New York, N.Y./Phillip Randolph), but then was intercepted by Ervin Johnson who took the ball 30 yards for a Merrimack touchdown. The Warriors' extra point was then blocked by Raheem Stanley (Hartford, Conn./ Weaver ) and the Chargers held on to a nine-point, 21-12, lead. New Haven wasn't finished scoring the second quarter, despite having just over one minute left on the clock. The Chargers went 29 yards in eight plays to the Merrimack 28-yard line before Scifo connected on his first field goal of the season from 45-yards out. With a 24-12 lead, New Haven kicked the ball off to the Warriors and time expired on the first half. Merrimack opened the second half with the ball and put together a very productive drive. Quarterback Joe Clancy connected with Isaiah Voegeli for a 37-yard strike and a UNH penalty pushed the ball inside the red zone for Merrimack. The Warriors earned a first down at the 16-yard line and four plays later the Charger defense came up with another big stand, forcing a turnover on downs. The Chargers once again capitalized, marking 92 yards on 12 plays to take a

31-12 lead. The Chargers drive took up over six minutes of the third quarter and was highlighted by nine rushing plays, including the two-yard touchdown rush by DeCaro with six-minutes left in the third. Merrimack earned one first down on its next drive, but was forced to punt after three incomplete passes from its own 35-yard line. The potent Charger offense took just two plays to earn its next touchdown. Osiecki connected with Demetrius Washington-Ellison (Rahway, N.J./Rahway / Univ. of Maine) on a 45yard pass and catch, bring the ball to the Merrimack 3-yard line. Quarterback Ronnie Nelson (Stuart, Fla./South Fork ) finished it off with a threeyard quarterback keeper. Scifo's point after gave New Haven a 26-point lead, 38-12 with 3:41 left in the third. The final drive of the third quarter belonged to the Warriors. Merrimack added six more points with an 11-play, 61-yard drive which was capped by a seven-yard rush by Zach Ingalls. Both teams then exchanged punts before New Haven took the ball with 12:11 left in the game. Seven plays later, Osiecki and Thompson connected from 15-yard out on their second touchdown of the day. Scifo completed his sixth extra point of the game and gave the Chargers a final score of 45-18. Merrimack's final possession of the game brought it down to New Haven's 2-yard line, but on fourth-and-one, Bernard Risco (Philadelphia, Pa./James Hillhouse) intercepted Clancy in the endzone and sealed the 27-point victory for UNH. See for more details

Joel Rodriguez (Wallingford, Conn./Mark T. Shee-

han ), who sent a sphere over midfield to Dos San-

tos. Dos Santos took a clear path into the box and found a streaking To r r e s , who buried his first career goal to run the score to 2-0. New Haven shut the door on the Tigers in the 82nd minute as Torres repaid the favor to Dos Santos, connecting with the junior

forward on the Chargers’ third goal. Torres delivered a ball to the wing, where Dos Santos then floated a shot just over the outstretched arms of Diaz for his second goal in as many matches in 2012. Anastasios Petridis (Norwalk, Conn./Brien McMahon ) locked down the first 84:15 in goal, saving all four shots he faced to earn his first victory between the posts. James Pyatsky (Stewart Manor, N.Y./Garden City) made his collegiate debut over the last 5:45 of the combined clean sheet. The goal by D’Antoino was the 10th of his career, while Torres netted

The ball sailed passed the dive of Anastasios Petridis (Norwalk, Conn./Brien McMahon ) and into the far corner of the net to give Molloy a 1-0 lead. The cushion held into the half, and the Lions then extended their edge with a goal in the 54th minute. Tom Garcia caused a turnover in the Charger backfield and crossed the ball to Jovani Ramos, who

in the final minute. A leftfooted strike by Clancy Purcell (Shelton, Conn./ Taft / University of Connecticut) was corralled by Lions’ keeper Michael Hunter with 45 seconds to play and, after a battle by Dave Ljungquist (Oxford, Conn./Seymour) down low, the Chargers earned a corner kick with only three ticks on the clock. Purcell launched the corner on

redirected it home to push the advantage to 2-0.

target and it found Austin Coleman (North Haven, Conn./Hamden Hall Country Day ) in front, whose header was hauled in by Hunter as the final horn sounded. Hunter finished win five saves to earn the win in net. Petridis corralled a pair of Molloy offerings in the losing effort. New Haven returns to the pitch at Kayo Field on Sunday, Sept. 2 for a 1 p.m. outing against Holy Family. The contest will be broadcast live in high definition and available on most mobile devices on

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Molloy Clips Chargers, Nabs 2-1 Decision



WEST HAVEN, Conn. – A goal by Gui Dos Santos (Curitiba, Brazil/Bethel (Conn.)) in the 70th minute and a late flurry of offense by the University of New Haven men’s soccer team were not enough as the Chargers fell to visiting Molloy in their season

opener, 2-1, on Thursday afternoon at Kayo Field. New Haven (0-1-0) was the aggressor for much of the contest with 19 shots to the Lions’ (10-0) seven. The Chargers uncorked six attempts on goal – including five in the second half – compared to four tries on target by the visitors. However, it was the Lions who notched the first two tallies of the contest. Tyler De La Torre started the scoring in the 26th minute, receiving a long ball and taking several touches before letting rip from 20-yards out.

New Haven struck back in the 70th minute. A 50/50 ball found the foot of Dos Santos, who worked his way into the box and buried a strike to trim the margin to 2-1. The goal was the eighth of Dos Santos’ Charger career. With the momentum swung in their direction, the Chargers maintained their offensive pressure over the final 20 minutes. A number of good looks sailed just high or wide, and New Haven’s aggressiveness nearly paid off

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September 5, 2012

New Haven Claims 5-1 Triumph at Dominican

ORANGEBURG, N.Y. – Three goals in a span of under eight minutes late in the first half set the tone for a dominant

point performance by a New Haven student-athlete since Jordan LipnerRiza notched five points and Emily Buckley-Matera ’12 had seven against Post on Sept. 5, 2010. New Haven controlled the action from the open-

at goalkeeper for New Haven to notch the win. Veronica Iozzi patrolled the net for Dominican and made 10 saves. Yanez, a NEWISA Division II Second Team All-New England and Third Team All-North-

performance as the New Haven women’s soccer team knocked off host Dominican, 5-1, in Friday afternoon’s season opener. Nicole Pacapelli (West Haven, Conn./West Haven/Stonehill College) tallied two goals and an assist in the victory. In an all-Charger battle on the DC Athletic Field in Orangeburg, N.Y., the UNH Chargers held a 20-6 advantage in shots and a 15-1 edge in shots on goal over the host Dominican Chargers. New Haven also attempted five corner kicks compared to just two for the home team. Pacapelli’s two-goal outing was the second such game of her career. The junior netted a pair in her first match in a Charger uniform during last season’s opener – also a victory over Dominican. Her first career assist rounds out the first five-

ing whistle, firing five shots over the first 30 minutes. Monica Yanez (West Haven, Conn./West Haven) started the scoring in the 33rd minute with an unassisted tally, and Alexa Seidenfeld (West Orange, N.J./West Orange) followed with a marker in the 36th minute assisted by Pacapelli. Pacapelli would get on the board herself in the 41st minute to run the score to 3-0. Dominican broke through in the second half on a 74th-minute goal by Olivia Antonopoulos, but UNH would quickly take that marker back on Pacapelli’s second goal just over five minutes later in the 79th minute. Ali Español capped the scoring with an insurance tally in the 84th minute as New Haven cruised to a 5-1 final. Moriah Saidel (Camillus, N.Y./West Genesee) made her collegiate debut

east-10 Conference talent in 2011, registered the sixth goal of her Charger career, while Seidenfeld’s was her second. Pacapelli’s pair increased her career total to five finishers, and Español’s first goal of 2012 was her fourth as a New Haven student-athlete. The Chargers are back on the road on Monday, Sept. 3 for a noon contest at NYIT. The Bears are 0-1-0 after starting their 2012 campaign with a 10-0 loss to reigning National Champion Saint Rose yesterday. Women’s soccer action comes to Kayo Field for the first time this fall on Thursday, Sept. 6 for a 4 p.m. match against Dowling. NewHavenChargers. com will be broadcasting Thursday’s contest live in high definition and on most mobile devices.


''We should be moving into my type of terrain,'' said 2008 champion Contador, who has the fresher legs after sitting out since February because of a doping ban. ''I hope to take advantage of the opportunity. I'm in good shape and I've prepared for this.'' Cummings broke off from the leading group about 2 miles from the finish line in the 107.4-mile leg. The Briton finished in 4 hours, 5 minutes, 2 seconds, while Cameron Meyer of Australia and Juan Antonio Flecha of Spain were 4 seconds behind. German cyclist John Degenkolb, who has four stage wins, was seventh as the peloton crossed 40

seconds back. The 93-mile stage Saturday features five category climbs including a steep finish at the top of Puerto de Ancares. The climbs include Monday's stage, where Rodriguez expects the special category finish at Cuitunigru to be decisive. ''I need to maintain my lead, that's clear. But if I feel good I'll try to attack and gain some seconds,'' Rodriguez said. ''I need to be wary of Alberto, and if I can leave him trailing behind, I will. It would be nice if he had a bad day.''



Cummings Wins 13th Vuelta Stage, Rodriguez Leads


FERROL, Spain (AP) -- Stephen Cummings won the 13th stage of the Spanish Vuelta on Friday, and Joaquin Rodriguez maintained his overall lead. Rodriguez stayed 13 seconds ahead of Alberto Contador and 51 seconds ahead of Tour de France runner-up Christopher Froome of Britain after all three crossed the line with the peloton. Alejandro Valverde of Spain trails by 1:20. Contador will attempt to challenge for the leader's red jersey during the weekend of mountain climbs.

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Pistorious Apologizes for Timing of Complaints


come the opportunity to ––––––––––––––––––––– discuss with the IPC, but I accept that raising these concerns immediately as I LONDON (AP) — Osstepped off the track was car Pistorius apologized wrong,” Pistorius said. Monday for the timing of his complaints about a “That was Alan’s moment and I would like to put on rival’s blades following record the respect I have his defeat in the Parafor him. lympic 200-meter final, “I am a proud Paralymbut insisted that officials pian and believe in the need to change the rules fairness of sport. I am to prevent some runners happy to work with the from getting an unfair IPC, who obviously share advantage. these aims”. The so-called “Blade Pistorius himself spent Runner” was surging to a years fighting to convince third straight 200-meter the sports authorities that gold Sunday night when he was overtaken close to his blades didn’t give the finish by Alan Olivei- him an unfair advantage against able-bodied athra, who is also a double letes, and that he should amputee. Pistorius then criticized be allowed to compete in the Olympics. Oliveira within minutes He finally won his case of the upset, claiming the Brazilian used longer car- in 2008 at the Court of Arbitration for Sport and bon fiber prosthesis than made his Olympic debut should be allowed. a month ago, reaching the Paralympic officials 400 semifinals and the insisted Monday that Oliveira did not break the 4x400 relay final. The blades that Pistorius rules and that the blades uses were approved by had been approved, and athletics’ governing body Pistorius said he should for use in able-bodied have waited before meets, and he has opted launching his outburst. “I would never want to to use the same ones for detract from another ath- the Paralympics. Oliveira lete’s moment of triumph used visibly longer blades on Sunday to clock 21.45 and I want to apologize for the timing of my com- seconds in front of an ments,” the South African 80,000-strong crowd at the Olympic Stadium. said in a statement. “These guys are a But the International lot taller and you can’t Paralympic Committee compete (with the) stride has already agreed to length,” Pistorius said meet with Pistorius to after Sunday’s race. “You discuss his grievances saw how far he came over the formula used to back. We aren’t racing calculate the acceptable a fair race. I gave it my length of blades. best. The IPC (Interna“I do believe that there is an issue here and I wel- tional Paralympic Com-

mittee) have their regulations. The regulations (allow) that athletes can make themselves unbelievably high. “We’ve tried to address the issue with them in the weeks up to this and it’s just been falling on deaf ears.” While Pistorius tried to be more magnanimous later, he still claimed it was “ridiculous” that Oliveira could win after being eight meters adrift at the 100-meter mark. “He’s never run a 21 second-race and I don’t think he’s a 21-second athlete,” Pistorius said. “I’ve never lost a 200-meter race in my career.” Pistorius had the support of compatriot Arnu Fourie, who finished fourth and questioned Oliveira’s lengthened blades “Ask anyone out there — does it look out of proportion?” Fourie said Sunday. “I think 99 percent of people are going to tell you, ‘Yes it does.’” “If they are within the rules you can’t fight the athlete, so you’re going to have to fight the formula and fight the rule if we’re going to do anything about it.” Pistorius will have to take on Oliveira in all of his events at these Paralympics. Next up is the 4x100 relay on Wednesday before Pistorius defends his titles in the 100 on Thursday and 400 on Saturday.

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Chargers Storm Past Holy Family, 3-0 con’t from page 12

his first career marker and Dos Santos scored for the ninth time as a Charger in addition to his second career assist. Rodriguez’s assist was his third, while Sewerin’s helper was his first career point. New Haven doubled up the Tigers in shots – 16-8 – and held a 9-3 advantage in corner kicks. Diaz made three stops while ceding all three goals over the first 85:26

for Holy Family before giving way to Nick Aglira, who did not face a shot on goal in the last 4:34. The Chargers will hit the road for the first time this season on Tuesday, traveling to Old Westbury, N.Y. to meet the New York Institute of Technology. Kickoff against the Bears, who won the CACC Tournament to qualify for the NCAA Tournament last fall, is slated for 4 p.m.

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Action returns to Kayo Field on Tuesday, Sept. 11 for New Haven’s Northeast-10 Conference opener against Stonehill. will broadcast the meeting with the Skyhawks in high definition and available on most mobile devices.

September 5, 2012

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The Expendables is an Action Prince Harry Naked Pics: British Papers Steer Clear Spectacle



What can I really say about a movie that, while watching, made me want to chant “USA” the whole time? This is The Expendables 2, a movie that features almost as much action, muscle and incomprehensible dialogue as an episode of Jersey Shore. A quick disclaimer: anyone who is not a fan of action films, you can stop reading right now because I can tell you this movie is not your cup of tea. Blazing through the screen with more bullets, one-liners and muscles than seems possible, is an all-star cast of Hollywood’s finest action stars: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and a wealth of other recognizable actors gear up for this action movie about a team of misfits trying to stop an evil-doer (a menacing Jean Claude Van Damme) from gaining access to nuclear warheads.

This cast is the equivalent of The Avengers, except instead of a team of superheroes from comic books, these are superheroes from action movies. These actors are over-thetop as they deliver hit-ormiss one-liners, whether it’s Bruce Willis quoting Terminator or Chuck Norris making jokes about his own image that has become an icon of pop culture. But that plays to the movie’s advantage, because if it took itself too seriously, it would be a mess. As someone who did not see the first Expendables, I felt very lost and confused in terms of plot. I’m kidding; of course, this movie has just the thinnest plot possible. Essentially, this movie is aimed at transitioning the audience from one overthe-top action scene to the next. Anyone looking for plot twists or deep meaning in the story, you’ll have to keep searching. This movie exists solely to whet the appetites of action movie fans. The movie is at its best when Stallone and company are

engaged in ridiculous action sequences. Unfortunately, this is where the movie falls short, as there is too much time where these actors are sitting around talking and not enough time seeing them kick ass. We do not like Terry Crews or Jet Li because they deliver performances that move us to tears: we like when they beat up their enemies and put tears in their eyes. To try to take this movie seriously would be a huge downfall: it’s not going to win Oscars for directing or writing, and it certainly won’t for acting. To enjoy this movie, you have to sit back, stare blankly at the screen, and just not think about anything but explosions and guns. If you are looking to see a movie that offers an impressive plot and superb writing, you may want to wait. But if you want to go and watch your favorite actions stars beat up baddies simply for entertainment purposes, look no further than The Expendables 2.

Jay Z Mimics Rocky at Philly Made In America Fest


night of the two-day festi––––––––––––––––––––– val he curated, performing hits like “99 Problems,” ‘’Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” ‘’Big PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Pimpin’” and “Empire Jay-Z’s entrance said it all: He bounced up and down on top of the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, mimicking Rocky before he took the stage in front of nearly 50,000. His song “Made In America” played in the background. Jay-Z, like Rocky Balboa, has a rags-to-riches American dream story, and the 42-year-old State of Mind.” entertainer — who grew The event is the first up in the Brooklyn projof its kind for the entreects and released his debut preneurial Jay-Z, who is album in 1996 — married to superstar shared some of that Beyonce and owns a muthrough songs in his sic management company, 90-minute set Saturday fashion line, nightclub and night at the Budweiser restaurant; he’s Made In America festival. also a co-owner of the He entered from the Brooklyn Nets. back of the stage after “Since you were so running down the steps to good to me, Philly, I’m perform “Public Service going to be good to you Announcement.” That was tonight, Philly,” Jay-Z followed with the night’s yelled. first cameo: a prerecorded Rappers Pusha T and video with Big Sean hit the stage, President Barack Obama. and Kanye West followed, Obama urged the crowd receiving an electrifying to vote this fall. He also roar from the crowd. They said Jay-Z’s story is “what performed a medley of Made In America hits, such as “Mercy,” means” and added that he ‘’Dance” and “Can’t Tell enjoys listening to the rap- Me Nothing.” per’s music on his iPod. Jay-Z also brought out Jay-Z headlined the first his former protégés and ASSOCIATED PRESS

Philadelphians Freeway, Chris and Neff, as well as Memphis Bleek. Common, 2 Chainz and Swizz Beatz also made appearances.


The scene was colorful and energetic, as thousands of music fans shifted from the three stages on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to watch Skrillex, D’Angelo, Passion Pit, Janelle Monae, Calvin Harris and 10 other acts. Sunday’s line-up includes Pearl Jam, Run DMC, Odd Future and Drake, who was in the crowd Saturday night. The festival is being filmed as a documentary and will be directed by Ron Howard. Proceeds from the ticketed event will benefit United Way chapters. Jay-Z closed the night with West, performing the smash hit “...In Paris.” Then fireworks blasted.




LONDON — The prince has no clothes — but British newspapers aren't running the pictures. The country's scandalloving tabloids devoted many pages Thursday to the story of Prince Harry's naked romp in a Las Vegas hotel suite. But all heeded a warning from royal officials that printing the images — already seen by millions on the Internet — would infringe the prince's privacy. So while Ireland's Evening Herald ran the starknaked prince on its front page, British newspapers made do with pictures of holiday Harry in bathing trunks and fedora hat. The Sun tabloid came up with the most creative solution, getting a staff member named Harry and a 21-year-old female intern to recreate the naked pose under the headline "Harry grabs the crown jewels." Bob Satchwell, head of industry group the Society of Editors, said papers were merely complying with editors' voluntary Code of Practice, which declares "it is unacceptable to photograph individuals in private places without their consent." But other media-watchers said a scandal that

erupted a year ago over phone-hacking and other tabloid wrongdoing had tamed Britain's once-rambunctious press. Newspapers were exposed to a trial of public opinion as Judge Brian Leveson's media ethics inquiry heard from celebrities, politicians and crime victims who said their lives had been turned upside down by press intrusion. The scandal has killed one tabloid, the News of the World — shut down by owner Rupert Murdoch after revelations about its illegal eavesdropping — and tarnished the entire British media. With the inquiry considering whether to impose stricter limits on press freedom, many feel the tabloids are staying away from kiss-and-tells and celebrity scoops that they once would have relished. Neil Wallis, a former News of the World executive editor, said fallout from the hacking scandal had left newspapers "terrified of their own shadow." "In this post-Leveson era ... they daren't do things that most of the country, if they saw it in the newspaper, would think 'that's a bit of a laugh,'" Wallis told the BBC. While newspapers including The Sun and the

Daily Mirror proclaimed that the naked photos had been "banned," that is not strictly true. Prince Harry's office confirmed it had contacted industry watchdog the Press Complaints Commission, which in turn advised newspapers not to publish the pictures. Any paper that ran them risks being chastised by the commission, which can demand a newspaper publish an apology, but has no power to issue fines. They could also potentially be open to an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit from the prince. Once, editors might have risked it, arguing that publishing the images was in the public interest because Harry is a public — and publicly funded — figure. Satchwell acknowledged there was a risk Leveson's inquiry could chill press freedom. But he said newspapers were simply behaving responsibly over Harry. "Of course freedom of the press is vitally, vitally important," he said. "But just because you can publish something doesn't mean that you should."

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September 5, 2012

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Red Bull Heir Arrested in Deadly Thai Hit and Run



BANGKOK (AP) — A grandson of the creator of the Red Bull energy drink has been arrested for driving a Ferrari that struck a police officer and dragged his dead body down a Bangkok street in an early-morning hit-andrun, police said Monday. Police took Vorayuth Yoovidhya, 27, for questioning after tracing oil streaks for several blocks

to his family’s gated estate in a wealthy neighborhood of the Thai capital. He was facing charges of causing death by reckless driving and escaping an arrest by police but was released on a 500,000 baht ($15,900) bail. Vorayuth admitted he drove the charcoal gray sports car but said the police officer’s motorcycle abruptly cut in front of his vehicle, said police Maj. Gen. Anuchai Lekbamroong, the lead investigator in the case.

Bangkok’s top police official, Lt. Gen. Comronwit Toopgrajank, said he took charge of the investigation after a lower-ranking policeman initially tried to cover up the crime by turning in a bogus suspect. Comronwit himself led a team of officers to search the compound of late Red Bull founder Chaleo Yoovidhaya, one of Thailand’s wealthiest men before he passed away this year, and confiscated a Ferrari with a badly damaged front bumper

and broken windshield. The victim, Sgt. Maj. Wichean Glanprasert, 47, was killed during a motorcycle patrol before dawn. Thai media reported that the car dragged the officer and his motorcycle for several dozen meters (feet) as it sped through the residential neighborhood. Comronwit said he suspended the police officer who attempted to subvert the investigation. “A policeman is dead. I can’t let this stand. If

I let this case get away, I’d rather quit,” he told reporters. “I don’t care how powerful they are. If I can’t get the actual man in this case, I will resign.” Vorayuth did not speak to the media but the family lawyer said the family will be take responsibility for the damages. The Yoovidhaya family was ranked the 4th richest in Thailand this year by Forbes magazine, with a net worth of $5.4 billion. Red Bull creator Chaleo

Yoovidhaya died in his 80s in March, leaving his heirs a wide range of businesses, including shares in the globally popular energy drink brand, hospitals and real estate. The family also co-owns the sole authorized importer of Ferrari cars in Thailand.

Microwave Cupcakes: Serving Size 5

by Emily McGinty

Directions: 1. In a small microwave safe bowl, add chocolate chips and butter. Microwave for 20 seconds and stir until the mixture is melted. 2. In a separate bowl (cereal bowl is good) add the egg, oil, milk, sugar, and salt and mix until well combined.

Top 12 Movies This Week from

35% 65% 65% 55% 86% 39% 87% 66% 35% 73%

The Possession $17.7M Lawless $9.7M The Expendables 2 $8.8M The Bourne Legacy $7.2M ParaNorman $6.6M The Odd Life of Timothy Green $6.1M The Dark Knight Rises $5.9M The Campaign $5.4M 2016: Obama’s America $5.1M Hope Springs $4.7M

In Theaters: The Words

Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 2 minutes

3. Mix in chocolate mixture and stir again.

Ingredients: -1/4 cup dark chocolate chips -2 tbsp. butter -1 egg -1 tbsp. oil -1/3 cup sugar -1 tbsp. milk -2 tbsp. cocoa powder (unsweetened) -pinch of salt -2 tbsp. flour -1/8 tsp. baking powder -frosting

4. Mix in cocoa powder, flour and baking powder over the egg mixture and stir well until combined.

Tools: -snack size Tupper wear -cupcake papers -two bowls

These cupcakes are made in small 3. batches, so you can make a few at a time. They cook really fast so 4. they are there when you need it. During late-night study sessions, 5. you can take a quick break and have a yummy snack. Enjoy!

David Guetta Featuring Sia, Titanium


Maroon 5 Featuring Wiz Khalifa, Payphone


Flo Rida, Whistle


P!nk, Blow Me (One Last Kiss)


Cher Lloyd, Want U Back

5. Take your small Tupper wear and place cupcake paper in it. Fill the cup up with the mixture about half way. Microwave on high for 1 to 1.5 minutes. Cooking time depends on your microwave. 6. Let the cupcake cool and then frost how desired.

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The layered romantic drama The Words follows young writer Rory Jansen who finally achieves long sought after literary success after publishing the next great American novel. There’s only one catch - he didn’t write it. As the past comes back to haunt him and his literary star continues to rise, Jansen is forced to confront the steep price that must be paid for stealing another man’s work, and for placing ambition and success above life’s most fundamental three words.

Top Pop Singles 1.

Katy Perry, Wide Awake


Ellie Goulding, Lights

Demi Lovato, Give Your Heart a Break Calvin Harris Featuring Ne-Yo, Let’s Go

(c) Billboard

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September 5, 2012  

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