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Volume 94, Issue 3 | September 12, 2012


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Go Greek Week A Success!

Go Greek Week kicked off with the Greek tailgate at –––––––––––––––––––––––––– UNH’s first home football game. Other events included Greek unity was a huge meet the chapter’s night, phitheme during this past week’s lanthropy night, Greek fair in events for the new, two-week the Quad and a service fair. All recruitment program spon14 organizations came together By JENNIFER HARRINGTON


sored by the Inter Fraternity and Sorority Council (IFSC). With help from the Office of Student Activities (OSA) and the Greek Ambassador team, IFSC was able to hold events Monday through Thursday before the UNH chapters start Rush Week.

accomplish a common goal,” said Chris Boyle of Delta Chi. All ambassadors felt unity among the Greek organizations was the biggest outcome of this new program. Ricky Cruz of Lambda Alpha Upsilon said, “Even though we all wear dif-


in what was considered a huge success for the Greek community. The Greek Ambassador team worked with Sue Zarnowski of OSA to oversee the events. “The Greek Ambassador program was a great opportunity that brought Greeks together to

ferent Greek letters we are more alike than different.” Interested in joning Greek life? As Rush begins, get ready for another week filled with more spirit, tons of fun and a lot UNH TODAY PHOTO

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–––––––––––––––––––––––––– On Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012, the first annual LAU Condor Carnival took place in the Quad be-

tween Botwinik and Bixler at the University of New Haven. The fraternity Lambda Alpha Upsilon, Inc., hosted the Condor Carnival from 1p.m. to 5 p.m. Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc., Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc., Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, Chi Kappa Rho Sorority, Sigma Lambda Gamma national Sorority, Inc., the Latin American Student Association, the Black Student Union, the Caribbean Student Association and the Fire Science Club were the organizations that assisted in co-sponsoring the event. A condor is the largest flying bird and from the vulture

species. The condor represents LAU Fraternity, Inc., symbolizing the strength and character of its members and their dedication to the cultural awareness and understanding of the Latino community. The Condor was a


suitable symbol for the exciting carnival LAU hosted. Brayan R. Rivas from LAU and president of the Kappa Chapter was one of the many overseeing the event and said, “It was a hot day, but the Carnival was a success! Everyone had fun and we are looking forward for the blackout edition next month during our convention weekend. Thank you for all the co-sponsors who helped.” Rivas said the carnival was definitely fun to be a part of because it gave him the opportunity to network with other clubs and See CARNIVALpage 5

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UNH, South Korean University Sign Student Exchange Agreement students chosen to attend KNPU this fall. “This will be a com–––––––––––––––––––––––––– pletely unique experience,” Wilder said. “I am more excited Through its comprehensive than worried. It will be chalBy ELIZABETH FIELD EDITOR-IN-CHEIF


experimental education mission, the University of New Haven has offered its students many prospects to enhance their college experience through internships and study abroad opportunities. Over the summer, the university signed an exchange agreement with the Korea National Police University (KNPU), admitting 30 Korean students to study criminal justice at UNH. Ketryk Wilder, a sophomore at UNH was one of only two

lenging and since this is a police academy, I will have to continue to work on my physical and mental strength.” “Korea will be a well-tailored opportunity for me to take the next step in experimental education,” Wilder continued. “It will allow me to face new challenges and obstacles and become the person I want to be.” The Korean National Police University was founded in 1981 See KOREAN page 4

Inverted Structures at the Seton Art Gallery

Art Gallery brought the work of Lourdes Correa-Carlo to campus –––––––––––––––––––––––––– for the exhibit Inverted Structures. Correa-Carlos received The Seton Art Gallery, locat- her M.F.A. from the Yale Unied in Dodds Hall, hosts a num- versity School of Art in New By ISAAK KIFLE

lar piece and one of the several pieces found in the exhibit, is a large inkjet print on wood that stands 8 feet tall and 15.5 feet wide. Other pieces include spray paint on drywall, an untitled model of a rooftop, and an inkjet print of a window, set in the gallery next to an actual window. The exhibit opened with a reception that was held Thursday, Sept. 6 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Students, faculty, staff and members of the community had the opportunity to hear some remarks from Lourder Correa-Carlo, introduced by Laura Marsh, the new UNH TODAY PHOTO director of the Seton Art ber of exhibitions every year that Haven, Conn., and Gallery. may feature the work of students her B.F.A. from Escuela de Artes The exhibit will be on display and faculty, as well as emerging Plasticas in San Juan, Puerto until Thursday, Sept. 27. Galartists outside of the university Rico. She recently returned to lery hours are Monday through community. Connecticut from the Core Resi- Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Through a variety of solo ex- dency Program at the Museum and Friday through Saturday hibitions, group shows and pub- of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas. from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Many of lic projects, the gallery strives to A large portion of Cor- the works in Inverted Structures “reflect the University’s strate- rea-Carlo’s work includes pho- are not easy to explain on paper, gic plan of encouraging diversi- tographing architecture. She be- so be sure to stop by the gallery ty and promoting interdisciplin- gan this in 2009 with her main before the end of the month. ary practices”. work, “The Inverted Structure”, For its first exhibition of the which the exhibit as a whole fall 2012 semester, the Seton acquired its title from. The tituCOPY EDITOR/STAFF WRITER

September 12, 2012

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USGA President’s Corner

Dear Students,

I hope you all are enjoying your third full week here at the University of New Haven. It is hard to believe that just three weeks ago you were moving into your college placement for the year. For some of you, this is your first time in a collegiate setting. For those of you returning this year, I’m sure the memories continue to be made. Time certainly does fly here although it feels as though we’ve been back for months already. Keep that in mind, time is certainly of the essence. Be sure to use your time wisely here. Sooner than later you will be entering your final year and you will look back at the years you’ve spent at the University of New Haven. Work hard but also make sure you have time to have fun and experience life. Keep up the good work as midterms are right around the corner. As always, feel free to stop in and let me know if you have any questions. Patrick Kelland

Corrections: September 5, 2012 Editors are people too! Even we make mistakes. -The article titled “Romney Reveals Energy Policy, Doesn’t Mention Climate Change Once” was written by Sara J. Dufort. In the print version, it was mistakenly credited to another staff writer. It is correctly credited to Dufort on the Charger Bulletin website. Spot a mistake in this week’s issue? Email us at to let us know!

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September 12, 2012

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by Melanie Stone Is there trouble in paradise? Do you have love or relationship questions? Ask Melanie! Submit “Ask Melanie” requests to, our Facebook page or Twitter.

Dear Melanie, So, I have been good friends with this guy for a while, and lately we have been getting really close. He used to like me a while back, but I did not have the same feelings, so I told him we were better as friends. Well, now all of that has changed and I have fallen head over heels for him. The only problem is— he has a girlfriend. What should I do? -Anonymous Dear Anonymous, This is a sticky situation, and one that you must deal with very carefully if you want the friendship to last. I have this theory that was told to me once. I was told that no matter how hard you try, heterosexual men and women can never be “just friends,” without feelings developing at some point.

I never believed what I heard, but when I look back at all of my past friendships with guys, I see that at least one of us had always developed feelings at some point. That being said, it is not always a bad thing to start a relationship with someone you have been friends with for a while. You know a lot about each other, and therefore it makes it easier to have a strong, and trusting relationship. Your current situation right now, however, is a bit different. If you feel like he may have feelings for you as well, then it comes down to the fact that you could be the reason a perfectly fine relationship ends between him and his girlfriend. On the other hand, if you think he does not have the same feelings at all, then your friendship could get extremely weird, and you do not want that either. That all being said, I am a firm believer in saying what is on your mind because you never know what you may regret not saying later down the line. It is never easy to say what is on your mind, especially when it is a matter of the heart, but you never know what could happen if you do not say how you feel. You never want to spend your whole life (okay maybe not your whole life, because eventually you’d move on, but even a couple months) wondering “what if?”

by Elizabeth Field

ELM CITY REVIEW The Elm City Review is an organization at the Unviersity of New Haven, under the English Department, whose goal is to spread the importance of literature and other creative works throughout the UNH campus. We accomplish this goal by publishing a magazine that is filled with music, art, photography, drawings, poems and short stories that are submitted by the students from the University of New Haven. We try to keep busy around the UNH campus in many ways. Each of these events not only promotes The Elm City Review but they help the students in all ideals that The Elm City Review represents. Examples of events include: workshops, game nights, writing events, movie nights and much more! We also co-sponsor events with the English department, most notably, the Arts @ Night series, which brings poets, authors and other literary figures to campus for readings and presentations. During our meetings, we also encourage members to bring their favorite pieces of poetry or photography to share with the group. The Elm City Review produces a fall and spring literary magazine every school year. This magazine is edited, organized, and selected by the members of the Elm City review. All of the members have a hand in the process of making the magazine. This includes the reading of submissions, editing, distributing the magazine to the UNH students, and, of course, having fun! Members of the Elm City review will also help in the distribution, advertisement and publicity of the literary magazine. This is the most rewarding and critical part of the club. Everyone is involved and has a part of the process until the end! If you want to join the Elm City Review or are interested in submitting for the fall magazine, please contact for more information.

My advice to you would be to take that leap of faith and let him know how you feel. I’m not sure what his current relationship with his girlfriend is like, but chances are, if you are really best friends, you two will at least be able to talk everything out and come to some sort of consensus. I’m sure that your taste in guys (and friends) is above average, and that he will not be the type to be a jerk about it. So really, in the end you have nothing to lose. If he lets this become a bigger issue than it needs to be, then he is the one losing something great. So go on and let him know how you feel!


by Jess Ribas

SCOPE Preview Week was definitely a success! Many students came out for their favorite events along with even more new faces. The rest of the semester is set to include some amazing new and old events to keep students busy and having fun. On Sunday, Sept. 2, SCOPE along with their co-sponsor Student Activities held a Drive-In Movie showing of The Avengers. The quad was packed with students ready to enjoy the film and possibly win the great giveaways. Monday, Sept. 3, SCOPE held the first Beanhouse of the semester. The crowd packed the Bartels Programming Space while everyone enjoyed the great new acts that performed. Tuesday, Sept. 4, SCOPE brought Laser Scribe Pens, Wire Sculptures and Make Your Own Street Sign to the Bartels Programming Space. There was a constant flow of students coming to create their own custom novelties. Many students were surprised at the talent of the wire sculptor. Thursday, Sept. 6, SCOPE had comedian Dillon Garcia perform in Dodds Theater. Students filled the theater and laughed with this young comedian that surely surprised everyone on how amazingly funny he was. Friday, Sept. 7, SCOPE had another showing of The Avengers. Students who attended hoped to win the Avengers poster giveaway and to enjoy the buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks provided. Saturday, Sept. 8, SCOPE brought Stuff-A-Bear, which was an immediate hit with everyone! All 250 bears were made within three hours! Everyone enjoyed making their own new friends. SCOPE has even more events planned for this week. On Tuesday, Sept. 11, SCOPE will be showing the film Madagascar 3 at 9 p.m. in Bartels Dining Hall. On Wednesday, Sept. 12, SCOPE will have sign-ups for the Big-E trip at 9 p.m. on Charger Connection. There are limited seats, so submissions must be sent as soon as possible, but no earlier than 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 14, SCOPE will have another showing of the film Madagascar 3 at 9 p.m. in Bartels Dining Hall. Don’t miss out on this hilarious DreamWorks picture. Saturday, Sept. 15, SCOPE will be going to the Big-E with students who signed up Wednesday night. The bus leaves at 2 p.m. in front of Maxcy Hall. Students are to meet in front of Maxcy at 1:35 p.m.

From immediate to Preventive, care that’s more Patient-Focused. From immediate medical treatment to complete preventive care, collin c. Watson, md offers years of experience and a patientfocused approach to medicine. since this is both a primary care practice and walk-in center, your co-pay is billed as a doctor’s visit. our convenient location provides access to a full range of services including blood draw, ultrasound, bone density tests, x-ray and mammograms all in one place.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

as part of northeast medical Group, we utilize epic, a state-of-the-art, fully integrated electronic medical record system. With epic you will have access to your medical records electronically through mychart®. additionally, our northeast medical Group practitoners have the skill and resources of Yale new haven health system. this means that three leading hospitals – Bridgeport, Greenwich and Yalenew haven – along with an entire network of top specialists are there for all of your medical needs.

We accept most insurance plans and welcome new patients. Call for an appointment – or just walk in. 203.479.3600

collin c. Watson, md Board certified in internal medicine

alexandra usdavin, aPrn

500 Elm Street West Haven, CT 06516 YNHH-1168 DrWatson5.75x10.625.indd 1

8/17/12 11:54 AM

September 12, 2012

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SCOPE Presents a Customized Art Program



Let’s be honest, the average college student is quite lacking in the money department, and college supplies are quite expensive, never mind dorm decorations. Extra money can be spent on apparel from the bookstore (to bump up that school spirit during football season), or

Costco-size packages of food. So, room designing is probably the last thing to think about. This past Tuesday, Sept. 4, SCOPE (the Student Committee of Programing Events) held a free event in Bartels Programming Space where students could make their own laser-inscribed pens, wire sculptures or customized street signs. There were a variety

of sign combinations to choose from: a long horizontal type came in blue, green, red and orange, with the words “Blvd.,” “Ave.,” “Way” and “Lane” written in the top right hand corner. Other words could then be added, to make a sign such as “Swag Ave.” (yes, out of all things, there was a Swag Ave. sign). Other signs said “Parking for _______ only, all others will be towed

Liberals and Conservatives: Different Neurology



There has always been a serious polarization among Americans on the two ends of the political spectrum. Whether the issue being debated is marriage equality, health care, tax reforms or literally thousands of other issues, liberals and conservatives will generally have a different viewpoint. Recent research has suggested why people tend to lean to one side rather than the other. The answer may lie, at least in part, in neurology., a nonprofit site, recently compiled research from thirteen separate, peer-reviewed studies. The findings indicate a large divide in thought processes of liberals and conservatives, even on issues that seem to be unrelated to politics.

For example, Erik G. Helzer and David A. Pizarro conducted a study about cleanliness. The finding was that “Conservatives have stronger motivations…to preserve purity and cleanliness.” This finding was then interpreted to mean that cleanliness and the commitment to purity can be metaphors for certain moral judgments. In some cases, the findings were a bit less abstract. A study by Ryota Kanai, Tom Feilden, Colin Firth and Geraint Rees analyzed “a large sample of young adults” identifying with each political party. They found, via MRI, that “greater liberalism” was associated (at least in their study) with a larger anterior cingulate cortex. This is associated, they claim, with a greater tolerance to uncertainty. Those individuals identifying as

conservatives had, largely, an “increased volume of the right amygdale.” This has been scientifically linked with a great sensitivity to fear. Of course, neurology does not guarantee that a person will be committed to either liberalism or conservatism. This may be evidenced by those who change political parties after many years, or those who form no opinion whatsoever on politics. Several universities, such as NYU and UCLA, have conducted studies in the past to try to answer the question of why the two major political groups are often so far apart. It is likely that more universities will do so in the future, but it also seems likely that as long as there are issues debated in the United States, there will be heavy polarization between the major parties.

A Message from ORL


––––––––––––––––––––– Welcome Students! Whether you’re a first year student or a returning student, the Office of Residential Life would like to welcome all students and residents to the University of New Haven. The Office of Residential Life strives to provide its resident students with a safe and interactive living environment where personal development and academic success is stressed throughout our residence halls. We offer a variety of services ranging from employment to fixing some ID card problems. If you are experiencing difficulties with gaining access to your residence hall, stop by the office and we can figure it out. We provide housing opportunities for our students both on and off campus. Our sign-in assistant position is currently open for all work study students

who wish to apply. Stop by the office located in Bixler Hall during business hours for an application. We also offer positions that are available to

can find more information about these programs through advertisements within the residence halls as well as via our sociamedia sites. Follow us on

all students. The Resident Assistant and Academic Peer Mentor positions not only provide students with employment opportunities but offer an enriching lifelong experience of professionalism, responsibility, character and work ethic. Look out for information about openings for the RA and APM positions. In addition to employment, the Office of Residential Life sponsors numerous amounts of programs both inside and outside of the residence halls. The purpose of these programs is to provide an educational and fun outlet for our resident students and to build a sense of community throughout the UNH campus. You

Photo by UNH

Twitter at UNHResLife and like the Office of Residential Life’s Facebook page for more information about our office, services we provide and upcoming campus events. Be sure to stop by the office on Monday, Sept. 17, 2012, at 4 p.m. for our monthly Open House. There will be free giveaways and more information about our office given. For all residents who have not received their free UPass for CT Transit, stop by the office in Bixler to get on. Again, we would like to welcome you all and we wish all of our students a successful semester.

away,” to which some students inserted their nationality, such as French or Peruvian. Still, other signs said “‘_______’s Room,” or the classic “Caution! No _______ allowed!” to which the word “parents” was a common insert. In the wire sculpting section, the artist would bend different sized pieces of wire to spell out names and create image-like flowers, the peace sign, or

even laptops (some people are just that attached to their technology), into one modern-looking piece of art. The pen-engraving stand was both functional (who doesn’t want a free pen?) and artistic, as anything you wanted could be etched onto the pen—up to 24 characters, that is. A great plethora of fonts was available: a grand total of five (sarcasm intended).

Well, probably just four because Times New Roman is just too typical. If you are going to write something on a pen, you might as well do it in Comic Sans. After all, where else would that highly disliked type be acceptable? If you missed this, make sure you check out Charger Connection for other events with freebies!


the internship, which is the internship itself, is that you are placed into two assignments. You can either volunteer for the RNC committee, where you assigned to the committee of arrangements, or the television media, and even the print media. CB: Who did you meet or get the chance to talk to? SQ: I had a lot of brief moments. I talked to CNN producers. I met, or shook hands with, Mark Preston, CNN Political Director. It’s a political convention, so constantly running into the members of the media, politicians and congressman. I had a lovely conversation with a journalist who worked for CNN. He was informative and had a lot to say about the media. I sat in on a group discussion with Mickey Edwards, former congressman. He had a lot to say about the political process and where the Republican Party is at ideologically, where it was then, where it is now and how he feels about it. I got to meet a lot of great people who taught me a lot. CB: Which figure did you find most interesting about the RNC? SQ: I found Marco Rubio interesting. I feel like that he’s one the best examples of the party trying to gain a more diverse side. While I don’t agree with his political opinion, he was one the most dynamic speakers that was at the RNC. I think Susan Martinez was interesting

as well. Also, a lot of candidates of color speaking there had great things to say about the party and had an affected pitch to obtain Latino and African-American voters. CB: So, I just need to ask about Clint Eastwood. What was going through your head? SQ: [Laughs.] The Clint Eastwood thing was something. I think Rachel Maddow’s reaction to the speech was my reaction. All the people from both parties, and me looked at each other and were like, “What the hell is going on?” It was weird. It was bizarre. It feeds into every negative stereotype of the Republican Party. It was bizarre. I don’t know what to make of that. All I can say is that if you are a member of the party faithful, then that was your thing. But I don’t think it did anything positive for the party and it took away a lot for Mitt Romney’s message. I thought it was strange. CB: What aspect of the Republican Party did you find very interesting? SQ: I found interesting the young Republicans. If they’re anything like the people I met in Tampa, then the party still has a future. There’s been a lot of talk in the media that the Republican Party is going to become extinct because of demographics issues, and that may be true, but young republicans are

UNH and KPNU have shared a close bond prior to this exchange agreement, hosting the Asian Association of Police Studies (AAPS) conferences—KNPU in 2010 and UNH in 2011. The exchange agreement was signed by President Kaplan and KNPU president and chief superintendent general Cheon-Ho Suh on the West Haven Campus on July 30, 2012. “We are delighted to expand our association with KNPU as there is much

expertise and research to be shared,” said UNH President Steven H. Kaplan. “Our students learn a great deal from foreign students who come to UNH and have much to learn from studying abroad.”

UNH Student Q&A on the Republican National Convention



Dramatic, thrilling, suspenseful and Clint Eastwood are a few of the things that could be said about this year’s Republican National Convention (RNC). The convention was hosted in Tampa, Fla., and it was a party. Tampa welcomed politicians, press, Republican citizens and a UNH student. Simone Quartey, a junior and a political science major, interned with CNN this past summer and was given the opportunity to go to the convention. Now, the Charger Bulletin has an exclusive interview with Quartey and her experience at the RNC. Charger Bulletin: How did you hear about the internship? Simone Quartey: The internship was advertised throughout campus. You had to write an essay for the application process and a resume. So, you just hope and get it. CB: What did you do in your internship? SQ: You go on trips, go to academic seminars, listen to some guest speakers and get assignments. But basically just learning about the mechanics of presidential conventions, such as how they work and how they came about. I actually had to write a paper on why presidential conventions were relevant to the current political process. The second point of

See Q&A page 5

UNH, South Korean University Sign Student Exchange Agreement

con’t from page 1

and admits 120 South Korean students each year between the age of 17 to 20 who are high school graduates and have proven scholastic abilities. KPNU requires students to successfully complete a four-year course of study in order to graduate. Beginning its study abroad program in 1984, KPNU now sends students to police organizations in many countries, such as West Germany, France, Spain, Japan and the United States.

September 12, 2012

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President Kaplan Addresses Graduation 2013 Concerns



It’s only September, however graduation seems to be on the mind of every member of the class of 2013. At the Sept. 7th meeting of the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA), UNH President Steven H. Kaplan addressed the body of students regarding possible scenarios for the 2013 graduation ceremony to get a clear

picture of the student’s opinions. President Kaplan offered three proposals for discussion. The first option for the 2013 graduation was to continue to hold the ceremony at Wallingford’s Oakdale Theatre and reduce the allotted tickets to students from six to five. In 2012, students were offered 6 arena tickets and 1 live feed ticket located in the lobby, however, UNH staff have decided to forgo the latter option

simply because no one actually attended the live feed showing. Increasing class sizes and retention rates have made the 2013 class UNH’s largest yet, making it impossible to accommodate each students request for six or more tickets. However, if the first option is chosen, students will have the option of signing up for a waitlist for extra tickets. In past years, many students only required two or three tickets, and as these become

School of Business, to the Associated Press. “Anything that happens in Europe has implications for the U.S. in general,” said Erasmus Kersting, an economics professor at Villanova University School of Business. George Haley, a professor of marketing and international business and director of the Center for International Industry Competitiveness at the

Greece received a bailout from the European Union. The country would need to adopt austerity measures in return for the aid; however, Greek leaders have asked for more time to implement these reforms while still accepting additional aid. Some fear that Greece may abandon the euro completely. “The fear is that if Greece left, other countries that are bigger might

Euro’s Collapse Could Bring Crisis for American Economy


––––––––––––––––––––– For about 13 years, millions of Europeans in 23 countries have shared a common currency—the euro. Since the euro launched in January 1999, 17 of the 27 members of the European Union (EU) have adopted it as their official currency. Recently, however,

some experts suggest that the euro is weakening to the point of collapse. Good news for Americans: those visiting the continent can get more for their money. The U.S dollar is strengthened by the weakened euro. Unfortunately, this also means that Europe gets the short end of the stick. However, the U.S. is not necessarily out of harm’s way. The euro’s failure would obviously cause currencies to revert to their original values, according to country. But the hassle of swapping American dollars for multiple European currencies is only the beginning. Experts believe that reverting back to individual national currencies would hurt American business and the economy. “If the euro collapsed, a country like Spain would leave the eurozone and go back to its own currency. And that would be chaos,” said Chris Telmer, associate professor of financial economics at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper


University of New Haven, also weighed in on the issue. “U.S. companies doing business there would take real losses,” he said. “The growth in U.S. manufacturing would slow down, and it’s been the most consistently performing section of the U.S. economy for the last three years.” Additionally, U.S. banks and corporations have large operations in Europe. For example, Westinghouse Electric Co. has approximately 4,000 employees and 25 percent of its $5.2 billion in revenue last year came directly from Europe. However, spokesman Vaughn Gilbert reassured that the company is “not dependent on the strength of any single currency.” “A severe decline in economic activity (in Europe) will be noticeable in the revenue and profits of U.S. companies and banks,” Kersting said. Of course, the situation would be less worrisome if European countries were not defaulting on their debts or asking to be bailed out. Just last year,

leave, such as Portugal and Spain,” Kersting said. In fact, the EU bailed out Spanish banks earlier this year. Telmer says if Spain’s banks get any worse, the government may revert back to pesetas and value them relatively low to other currencies. If the euro failed, Gerald Hanweck Sr., professor of finance at George Mason University, says “U.S. companies would want contracts restructured in U.S. dollars, and that would hamper trade substantially because these countries would not have access to enough U.S. dollars.” Individual national currencies would have to be reintroduced to the economy, and exchange rates and business contracts would all have to be reset. However, Hanweck believes it is unlikely that Europe will abandon the euro. These occurrences tend to lean toward a recession period in Europe. According to data from European Union’s statistics agency (Eurostat), the

available, they will be made available to those on the waitlist. The second proposal President Kaplan offered was to break up the undergraduate ceremony into two sessions, similarly to the way undergraduate and graduate ceremonies were held last year. The College of Arts and Sciences and the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences would have an earlier ceremony while the College of Business

and the Tagliatela College of Engineering would be held with the graduate school’s ceremony. While this would increase the ticket size allotted to each student from five to six, students in attendance at Friday’s USGA meeting expressed concern over not being able to graduate alongside all of their friends and peers. The last, and most unpopular, proposal was to change venues from the Oakdale Theatre to a

larger, although less desirable venue in Bridgeport, Conn. Overall, students were pleased to have their concerns regarding graduation addressed so soon in the academic year, and there was a general consensus to graduate wholly as a student body at the Oakdale Theatre this coming year.

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low Americans around your age that you may not learn. A lot became friends with people from different backgrounds, views, religion and etc. But I would most definitely recommend this trip to communication majors. Students, who have an interest in journalism, would have a more hands on experience than any other internship. CB: What was the best part of the RNC and what did you get out of it? SQ: I got the most unfiltered access to the convention itself. I got to be there when tension rose between politicians. I got to be there when they made their speeches. I was also there when the media formed an opinion, spin or angle on the story to cloud voters’ votes. So, I was glad that I was there for myself to form an opinion

without being influenced by the media. CB: So, how was the overall experience? SQ: To sum it up in one word, it was educational. It was educational in the sense that I’m a registered Democrat and I got to be around people who share different political views than me, and ideological opposite me. Also, it was educational because I got a better understanding of how much work, and I learned more about myself as a person. I got a oncein-a-lifetime experience interning for a respectable institution, CNN. I learned the in’s and out’s, and how the business works, especially how the political candidates coverage works. So, educational is the best way to describe it.

ous colors of paint while they spun around, giving the glasses a splatter paint effect when they were done. The carnival also featured a dunk tank where Tori Ford from IFSC, Nani Omega from Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Christiana from Lambda Psi Delta Sorority, Inc., Arnold from the Black Student Union, Kristen from Chi Kappa Rho sorority and LAU brothers took the plunge and risked getting dunked. “The dunk tank was definitely the funniest part of the carnival, there is nothing like seeing people you know getting

dunked,” Rivas said. The Fire Science Club was making hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hotdogs for those who were hungry after all the exciting activities, and refreshments were available. There was also the traditional crowdpleaser—cotton candy— which is always the highlight of any carnival. There were red and black LAU Condor Carnival T-shirts given out, and there was a raffle for various gift cards to Burger King, Subway, Wendy’s, Red Robin, IHOP and Domino’s Pizza, and the grand prize of a 32 inch plasma TV.

UNH Student Q&A on the Republican National Convention

smart. While they’re obviously very conservative and hold very strong principles, they acknowledge the people in their party, and if they are the future of the party, then the party has a good chance. They are a lot smarter about the issues and where the country is than their political elders. So, the greatest thing I learned and found interesting was the group of young republicans. CB: Would you recommend this opportunity to anyone? SQ: I would recommend it to students. I would probably recommend that if you’re a Democrat, then go to the RNC and if you’re a Republican, then go to the Democratic National Convention (DNC), because you will learn something about your fel-

First Annual LAU Condor Carnival

con’t from page 1

make new friendships. Music filled the Quad and drew students in to take part in all the fun. There was an inflatable Tiki rock wall, an inflatable Wrecking Ball ring where four students were able to battle each other in an attempt to knock their opponent down with a swaying “wrecking ball”, and an inflatable indoor, alien-themed laser tag arena. Guests also had the opportunity to make spin art “stunner shades.” They had the choice of red, green, purple, blue or pink glasses and could decorate them with vari-

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September 12, 2012

Class Trades Textbooks for iPads




Twenty first-year honors students who filed into Pauline Schwartz’s general chemistry class last week got quite a surprise when the University gave iPads to each of them. The students, mostly forensic science and engineering students, found that their textbook, class assignments and class participation grades will all come from the device. They get to keep the iPads provided they finish the second half of the course next semester and continue on to graduate from UNH. Schwartz, professor of chemistry, came up with the concept because “these kids are using mobile devices and smartphones for everything, and we have to, too.” And even though it represented more work for her initially, she feels it is worth the effort. “I think this will make it

easier for me to teach and easier for them to learn,” she says. Schwartz, who spent the summer preparing to use the iPad in her class, notes the device allows her to project the same slides with or without annotations that the students see. If she is not sure if they have understood a concept, she can quiz them right there – the students answer the multiple choice questions right on their iPads and she gets information immediately about the number of right and wrong answers entered. If too many get the answer wrong, she knows she must retrace her steps; if the students understand the concept, she can continue moving forward. The device also warns her if a student begins checking email or surfing the web. The program also helps her keep track of students who participate in the class. “With the iPad, you can do so much. I think it is a great way to teach; it

pushes the curve a little more,” she says. The iPads were paid for by the honors program, which is also seeking funding so it can supply students in other classes with the device, says Matthew Wranovix, a lecturer in history and director of the honors program. Wranovix, Lynne Resnick, administrative coordinator of the honors program, James McCoy, vice president for enrollment management, Christie Boronico, associate vice president of retention, and Alan MacDougall, director of academic computing, all played roles in making the iPad giveaway happen. The Honors Program, which has grown rapidly over the last four years, offers 16 courses to 302 students. About 50 students in the Class of 2016 joined the program this year.

ment Dickey-Wicker. The 1996 Dickey-Wicker amendment states that research “in which human embryos are created, destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death” may not be funded by use of federal taxpayers’ money. Furthermore, the Dickey-Wicker Amendment defines a human

Wicker Amendment, however, is not their only argument. The plaintiffs also state that allowing for government funding to be doled to projects that do, at some point, create or destroy ESCs creates a greater pool of possible recipients of federal monies and therefore increases competition, likely lessening the amount of funding doled out to their research projects that carefully follow the laws as Dickey-Wicker spells them out. In an interview with the two proponents of the lawsuit conducted by Drug Discovery News shortly after the lawsuit was filed, it becomes evident AP PHOTOthat each of their companies has found legal alternatives through adult stem cell research and traditional studies of diseases and ailments. Despite having a multifaceted case, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia threw away the case because of lack of evidence. After two years, the case was denied further consideration because of interpretations of the DickeyWicker Amendment being upheld. The ambiguity of the amendment allows for such interpretation, thus dismissing this case and upholding President Obama’s ability to lift the ban of use of taxpayers’ monies toward ESC research.

Stem Cell Research Funding Upheld



The court system in the United States of America is meant to keep both laws and challenges made regarding laws in check. That is exactly what was done regarding embryonic stem cell (ESC) research. Complaints filed in a

lower court decidedly had no standing in the federal appeals court circuit of the District of Columbia. Upon President Barack Obama’s lift in 2009 of former President Bush’s ban on federal funding for ESC research in place after 2001, a federal lawsuit was filed in 2010. The lawsuit that was ruled upon in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals began in the District of Columbia’s lower court system. The lawsuit, filed by Theresa Deisher of AVM Biotechnology and Dr. James Sherley of the Boston Biomedical Research Institute, argued that the use of federal funding for projects regarding embryonic stem cells is against the law based on the ruling in the 1996 amend-

embryo as “any organism, not protected as a human subject…that is derived by fertilization, parthenogenesis, cloning, or any other means from one or more human gametes or human diploid cells.” This amendment has been interpreted to mean that pieces of research can be funded as long as those pieces are not the actual creation or destruction of the ESCs. This, however, is what the plaintiffs’ main argument combats. They are not alone in this feat. Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth agreed that Dickey-Wicker “unambiguously prohibits the use of federal funds for all research in which a human embryo is destroyed.” The 1996 Dickey-

Page 6

Sun Erupts with a Light BulbShaped Solar Storm Used to counter dim lighting situations, the

capturing images of the Sun for years, but nothing ever quite like this. NASA scientists proudly called this eureka moment a “Coronal Mass

average light bulb seems like a pretty self-explanatory invention—until it comes from the sun, that is. On Aug. 20, the SOHO (Solar and Heliophelic Observatory) spacecraft captured a glowing eruption, distinctly shaped like a light bulb, from the star at the center of our solar system. This spacecraft was launched in December of 1995, about 930,000 miles away from the Earth, and snaps images of the Sun’s outer layer (the corona) by creating a fake eclipse within the instrument. SOHO has been

Ejection”, or CME for short. These storms are not too infrequent, but a good amount of time has passed since one held the distinct shape of a light bulb. Scientists also believe this peak in solar activity to be similar to the happenings in 2002, and that the increase in storms is associated with the switching of the Sun’s solar poles, which happens about every decade. In a nutshell, this storm is a cloud comprised of plasma and charged particles, and is millions of times more potent than a volcano. When pointed



towards the Earth, these storms have the possibility of causing solar radiation storms, and even disrupting technology and power grids. In fact, many speculators of upcoming Dec. 21, 2012, events believe that this is what is going to happen on that day— a massive solar eruption that will end up knocking out power and potentially all electronic devices on Earth. Renowned psychic AP PHOTO Jim Karol who performed at the University of New Haven on Thursday, Aug. 30, seemed to hold similar views regarding the state of the Sun and its condition. He believes that there will be an increase in solar storms, leading to possible technological problems on Earth. All anyone can really do is wait and see what the Sun has in store for the future, and hope that its storms have ceased for now.

President Obama: Beer Connoisseur

fected over the past year: White House Honey Ale ––––––––––––––––––––– and White House Honey Porter. According to Kass, the First Lady Michelle honey does not sweeten Obama tends to the firstever beehive on the White the beer, but causes it to By ANA ABRAHAM STAFF WRITER

House’s South Lawn, and White House chef Sam Kass recently released where some of the honey is going. President Obama is a novice beer maker, and honey is the secret ingredient in his brews. In a blog post titled “Ale to the Chief,” Kass responded to requests from thousands of curious petitioners to the White House’s website. He released the recipes for two different beers that the White House has per-

smell “rich.” The two recipes were released on Saturday, Sept. 1, with the 2012 Presidential election just a few months away. President Obama is not the first commander-inchief to brew his own beer, but he is the first to do so in a few hundred years. As far as records can tell, he is the first U.S. president to brew in the actual White House. George Washington,

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson shared a passion for brewing beer, but evidence indicates they did so in their personal estates. Along with the two recipes, Kass posted a four and a half minute video on the process of brewing the presidential beer. He also commented on his surprise that the two beers ended up being such hits, “since none of us had ever brewed beer before.” With the election so close, critics AP PHOTO are viewing this blog release as a well-timed shot at Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Romney’s Mormon beliefs prevent him from consuming alcohol. They say President Obama is trying to appear as more of a common person than his opponent. President Obama, according to Kass, was simply inspired by the thousands of men and women across the country that brew their own beer.

September 12, 2012

Up to 10,000 Yosemite Visitors at Risk of Mouse-Borne Virus



In Fresno, Calif., up to 10,000 guests who stayed in certain log cabins may have been exposed to a

estimate that up to 7,000 more visitors might have been exposed. The park is receiving 1,000 phone calls a day from frightened visitors. The park company Delaware North Co. sent letters and e-mails

deadly mouse-born hantavirus at Yosemite National Park. So far, six people have been infected, and two of them have died. The illness begins with flu-like symptoms that can take up to six weeks to incubate before severe respiratory and organ failure. There is no cure for the virus, and anyone suffering from these symptoms must be hospitalized. These park cabins hold up to four people. Park spokesman Scott Gediman said Friday that this can

to roughly 3,000 people whom had reserved these specific cabins between June and August, warning them that they may have been exposed. More than 36 percent of people who contract this rare illness will die from it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there had been about 600 cases of Hantavirus in the U.S. from 1993 to 2011, and one third of them were fatal. Dr. Manny Alvarez was asked, “What makes this

con’t from page 5

begun. Eurostat shows that growth in Germany’s economy, Europe’s largest, slowed to 0.3 percent last quarter, while France’s economy has remained at zero growth for three straight quarters. As of now, the ball is in Germany’s court. In early September, a German high court will rule whether the country’s constitution allows them to participate

virus such a dangerous virus?” Alvarez replies, “It makes it dangerous because there is no treatment. If you get a severe pulmonary infection, there’s really no treatment for it. You end up with almost a terminal case of a flu, where you really have no oxygen going into your lungs, your heart AP PHOTO fails, and then you die.” What makes this story such a huge deal is that the virus was concentrated where there was a huge exposure to people. Park officials had disinfected all 400 of the Curry Village cabins when the outbreak was first detected earlier this month. When the outbreak was narrowed to 91 insulated cabins, the California Department of Public Health ordered them to shut down.

Euro’s Collapse Could Bring Crisis for American Economy

economic output of the 17 EU nations using the euro fell by 0.2 percent in a three-month period ending June 30. They posted zero growth in the previous quarter ending on March 30. This evidence strongly hints toward a recession. In Italy and Spain (Europe’s third and fourth largest economies), recession has already

in EU bailouts. “There’s a willingness in the strongest economy—Germany—to keep (the EU) together,” Hanweck said, “but I’m not sure they can fix this with monetary policy and bailing out banks and the various countries.”

Need a job after Graduation?

Of course you do, and we want to help. The Connecticut General Assembly is accepting applications for the Legislative Internship Program. During your internship you will: • • • •

Be a part of State Government Gain invaluable experience Develop the skills that employers are looking for Earn college credit, learn first-hand, and build relationships to give you an edge in the job market

If you are motivated and willing to take on a challenging yet rewarding experience then we encourage you to apply for this opportunity.

Applications are Due November 1

For more information go to or contact Steve Marcelynas at Follow the Connecticut Legislative Internship Program on Facebook

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UNH Offers New Innovative Economics Major


UNH will begin offering a bachelor’s degree in economics within the Col-

derstanding the complexities of the modern world. Our program will provide students with training in scientific methods as the foundation for approaching the understanding of

lege of Business this fall. “The program is innovative because it will stress both the economics of sustainability and entrepreneurial leadership,” said Armando Rodriguez, associate dean of the College of Business. “Having the program based in the College of Business is ideal because it conveys the benefits associated with the interdisciplinary nature of the social sciences and the traditional business disciplines.” The program will prepare graduates for careers in government service and at non-governmental organizations, as well as in banking, finance and health care. In addition, the degree will prepare students for graduate and professional programs such as law. “One of the most important aspects of this major is that it teaches students to solve problems in a systemic and holistic manner,” said Rodriguez. “Economics is more than just the study of the monetary forces that have formed our society; it is an essential tool for un-

risk and uncertainty in human, social and natural systems.” Students in the program will be able to select a concentration in behavioral economics, sustainability or general economics. “Conceptually, the common theme of this program is the myriad issues that emerge as a result of the significant and growing concerns with the unintended social, environmental and economic consequences of rapid population growth, economic growth and consumption of natural resources, both in the United States and around the world,” Rodriguez said. “The program will be excellent preparation for careers in a number of areas.” The program will prepare students to analyze the costs of a company being green and will emphasize creative business thinking. The sustainability concentration within the program will focus on how societies can address future resource scarcities and serve as a platform for a discussion on the economic solutions to


in session, management anticipates a larger crowd and will be advertising other happenings at the venue. Tucked away in a small plaza on Blake Street, along with a thrift store and pizza place, the café is a hidden gem for college students and locals to meet or just a place to relax and escape from the typical college party scene. It is opened to students every night of the week until midnight or later. The space’s walls are fully decorated with artwork from a variety of local artists. The paintings are used not only for the café’s décor but are also for sale to the public. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with dim lighting,



the problems of climate change, scarcity of water and energy, growing populations, and biodiversity and the loss of ecosystems. “Corporations and businesses today want people


who can think creatively and approach problems from many angles,” said Rodriguez, a former U.S Federal Trade Commission economist. “It is important for students to develop the skills that prepare them to do just that. Our new economics major will emphasize creative thinking, entrepreneurial leadership and long-term values. Students will acquire all of the tools they need to succeed and provide social and economic value to their endeavors.” Economics is the most popular major of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, as well as many famous politicians and celebrities including Ted Turner (CNN), Meg Whitman (eBay, Hewlett Packard), Donald Trump, and former U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford, among others. Additionally, the University is offering several new programs including a master’s program in emergency management and an online master’s degree in criminal justice.

Megabites Cafe: The Hidden Gem of New Haven



Open Mic Night at MegaBites Café in New Haven is a great outlet for local talent. Artists have the opportunity to share their gift through music, spoken word, comedy and poetry. The event is recurring every Wednesday night and usually begins around 10 p.m. Creative minds from all the local New Haven colleges are welcome and encouraged to participate. Initially opened as an internet café, MegaBites Café is now a platform for many local events, including Open Mic Night. Now that the summer is almost over and school is back

comfortable seating and a large flat screen television. The café, which will be opened a year in October, was initially a daytime spot but has now turned into an evening retreat. Although there are a limited amount of public computers for use, students are welcome to bring their laptops to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi service. A variety of coffee shop drinks are offered as well as beer and wine. Guests also have a variety of baked pastries to choose from. Students can save 15 percent off of their purchase with a valid college ID.

September 12, 2012

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A Brief Thought on Party Conventions and the Failed Two-Party System



As much critical analysis there has been throughout the centuries, I think it can be generally agreed that it’s hard to find fault with George Washington. Our long revered, first president is the hallmark of American values. American folklore teaches young minds to be honest by using Washington as a role model after he told his mother about that darned cherry tree (also, brush your teeth! Remember those wooden teeth?). He infamously refused the title of “Your Highness,” instead settling for the more democratic “President of the United

States,” and then set the although today seemingly precedent of an eight-year forgotten, in his farewell address to Congress, Washington warned the American people of the dangers of political factions. In the Constitution of the United States, which outlines the basic government processes, there is no term instead of ruling for mention of political parlife. ties or factions. At that And, just as famous, time, “Us against them”

meant us modest colonists against the oppressive, taxing King George III! It didn’t mean citizen against citizen. It didn’t mean filibustering any bill the other party would like to pass. It didn’t mean holding up ANYTHING from happening in Congress so your party could show its strength. I know everyone is sick and tired of the way our government is (not) functioning, but have we all maybe considered the option that the two party system and electoral ballot’s time has past? What each party represents is so far removed from the modern, moderate citizen that I know my voice is not being heard. What about

yours? Both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions just wrapped up and I am more confused than ever. All that I heard at the RNC was “Well, I bet the Democrats won’t tell you this!” and some weird chair harassing. The DNC followed up with “Well, the Republicans are liars!” What should, idealistically, be where delegates debate and choose a candidate for election has turned into a parade of celebrities with limited political knowledge and no experience giving their endorsement (and hefty donation) in return for publicity, while our current and future leaders chide and berate each other like

a school yard bully. Now, George Washington was actually more concerned with another faction (or country) with more power being able to take over the volatile and split American government or the United States, un-uniting itself into smaller countries. What he didn’t foresee was his own people turning on one another to extract immature revenge. And although we are still relatively free, are we still one nation?

Non Life-Threatening Things to do in West Haven By LIANA TEIXEIRA ASSISTANT EDITOR


By now, most of you have probably heard notso-great things about the city in which the University of New Haven resides. A few standard comments I’ve heard in the past few years have been pretty negative for the most part. “West Haven? More like Waste Haven,” “There’s nothing to do here,” “The beaches are gross,” and— the inevitably obvious comment—“Wait, UNH isn’t in New Haven?” I know not being in walking distance from New Haven can seem a bit unfortunate at times, but these little remarks about how terrible West Haven is really breaks my heart. I moved from New Haven to West Haven when I was in fourth grade, and I have been in West Haven schools my entire life. I am proud to call myself a Westie and live in “Connecticut’s Friendliest City.” For me, this is a place I call home. I’m sure if I went to any of your hometowns and called it nasty names, you would

defend it until you were red in the face. So, hopefully you get where I’m coming from. Another issue that people have mentioned involves safety. Apparently, some believe West Haven is prone to extreme violence and crime after sunset, and that they should stay on campus during this time to avoid getting mugged or killed. This claim gets an A+ for exaggeration, but fails when it comes to giving an accurate portrayal of West Haven. Yes, we have crime and occasional violence, but what town doesn’t? Last time I checked, each city or town has at least a police department, meaning that crime exists everywhere. Newsflash, there’s even crime on campuses— that’s why we have campus police to keep us safe. No one should feel scared about walking around West Haven at night. Obviously, there are places you would not want to explore alone, such as dark alleys or woods, but that falls under common sense. If you find yourself bored on a lazy, Sunday

afternoon and don’t feel like catching the shuttle to downtown New Haven, do not forget that there are actual FUN things to do in West Haven with no immediate risk to your health and/or safety (amazing, right?).

sunrise or sunset. Speaking of Bradley Point, did you know you can walk out to Bradley Rock at low tide? Trust me when I say it’s an amazing view. Just remember to wear shoes, because the route is littered with shells.

Firstly, there are the beaches. Yes, we face Long Island Sound, and yes, the breakwall tends to send large amounts of seaweed and other icky things to the shoreline, but if swimming in the water makes you want to gag, there are plenty of other activities to do at the beach. Near Bradley Point Park, there are volleyball posts available for outdoor games. Walking the stretch of boardwalk is also a beautiful sight at

You could also hang out in Old Grove Park or walk a little farther and grab a bite at Stowe’s Seafood. The soccer fields on Kelsey Avenue are also a great place to play sports. I can personally attest to it being the ideal location for ultimate Frisbee games. Less than 100 feet away is Painter Park. If you want to channel your inner child, or just get away from the hustle and bustle of UNH, Painter Park is the place to

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go. Although it is near a somewhat busy road, the nearby woods transform this location into a relaxing sanctuary. When the winter months begin, the Edward L. Bennett Ice Skating Rink at West Haven High School offers public skating days. Woodlawn duckpin bowling on Platt Avenue is also a crowdpleaser. For all you history buffs, check out the Savin Rock Museum, the Veterans Memorial, or tour the Ward-Heitmann house, the oldest structure in West Haven. If you have never explored the length of Campbell Avenue, I strongly suggest you do; there are various specialty shops and historic restaurants. One of the best hidden gems of West Haven is B & B Flower Farm on Jones Hill Road. They have horse stables, as well as fall vegetables and fruits for purchase. A small store is adjacent to the farm, where you can buy handmade crafts and knick knacks. Oh, and did I mention they have an ice cream shop, too? There are definitely

some I am missing in this list, but I think I’ve rambled enough to the point where I sound like a tourist brochure. So, I’ll leave you with this: Though a majority of UNH students come from different states and countries, remember that West Haven is your home for four years. Think of it like you would a group of classmates. Imagine that you could have every class with the same group of people for four years and never speak to any of them. You would graduate without knowing who they are, their stories, the lifelong friendships you could have formed. You’d always wonder what you missed along the way. All I can really say at this point is to give West Haven a chance. In the end, there will undoubtedly be something we dislike about the location of our college. Some prefer more close-by entertainment, while others would settle for a quiet, rural setting with minimal traffic. We just need to make the most of it.

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September 12, 2012

Fun, Games, & More

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Crossword Clues

Across 1 Sound from a tree 6 Range between soprano and tenor 10 Cpls.’ underlings 14 Flamboyant evangelist __ Semple McPherson 15 Boston Bruins or Chicago Bears, e.g. 16 Inter __: among others 17 Baseball’s Nolan and actress Meg 18 Bath towel word 19 Natasha’s no 20 *Resolve once and for all 22 Many an October baby, astrologically 23 A __ alfa 24 Nairobi native 25 Satirical Mort 28 Arrive after a tough trip 31 Schoolroom group 33 Travelers’ lodgings 34 Hypotheticals 37 PC key 38 *Savings for later in life 41 Miracle-__: garden brand 42 B’way setting 43 Slender woodwind 44 Reacted to fireworks 46 The Beatles’ George

50 Salt Lake City college team, aptly 51 “Happy I can oblige” 53 Cop’s route 55 Lassos 56 Lyric in a Porter song that ends “Let’s fall in love,” and a hint to the starts of the starred answers (and 1-Across) 61 “__ well that ends ...” 62 Rani’s garment 63 Cease-fire 64 Coagulate, as blood 65 Treater’s words 66 Levels, as a building 67 Italian noble family 68 Fava or lima 69 Illegally off-base GIs

Down 1 Poet Sandburg 2 Breezy greeting 3 “__ be wrong, but ...” 4 Avis offerings 5 Cuban cash 6 Zeus’ daughter 7 Popular jeans 8 Small fruit pie 9 Mantric syllables 10 Italian sandwich 11 *Like unreliable shortterm businesses

12 Olds Cutlass model 13 The devil 21 Canyon edge 22 “Come on, we’re late” 24 Goal in checkers 25 Read, as a bar code 26 Treaty partner 27 *Do some scheming 29 Flying toys 30 U-turn from WSW 32 Stable sounds 35 Available for a date 36 Puts in a lawn the fast way 39 River of Spain 40 “... or __ thought” 45 Beat in a Western showdown 47 “__ Fideles”: carol 48 Conan of “Conan” 49 Simpsons neighbor Flanders 51 Pre-meal blessing 52 Lounges around 54 Stars, in Latin 56 Undoing 57 Cookbook writer Rombauer 58 Greek liqueur 59 Its cap. is Reykjavik 60 Tracy’s Trueheart 62 Cry out loud

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September 12, 2012

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September 12, 2012

by Isaak Kifle

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Charger Battery



With the semester really getting into gear, remember that there are ofThe past week has just been one of those weeks every professor befices around campus here to help you. gins to pile on the work. Time to break out the planners! What’s this I hear about a 24-hour library!? Check out next week’s I know this is college and everything, but getting into fights and going paper! downtown every weekend until you forget your name does not have to be a part of your experience!

The Battery Charge

Now that the semester is in full swing and introductions to your classes are out of the way, the workload is probably starting to hit around now. Don’t be afraid to start visiting some of the offices on campus if you feel like you need some help! Just to name a couple, there’s the CLR in the library, which offers free tutoring, and the Office of Academic Services in Maxcy holds different workshops (including time management, which is really important).

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This Day in UNH History

By Ana Abraham

September 8, 1987 -UNH held a ceremony to honor two important men who had helped shape its history. -The renaming of the Engineering building to Buckman Hall honored Jacob Finley Buckman, a New Haven area philanthropist, industrialist and civic leader. The renaming was made possible by support and generosity of his widow, Mrs. Clarice L. Buckman. -The second man honored was Ellis C. Maxcy, UNH’s first director and the only person in its history to have been an instructor, director, member and chairman of the Board of Governors. Maxcy Hall was dedicated in his honor on this day.

Early September, 2004 -The dining facilities at New Hall (now Bergami Hall) were opened for student use. Pandini’s and the former

Skyranch Grill were immediate hits with students new and returning.

September 12, 2012

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On Saturday, Sept. 8, the men’s and women’s cross country teams competed in Manchester, Conn., at the Trinity College Bantam Invitational in Wickham Park. The men’s team ran a 5K race. Freshman Sean Grady led the team with an 11th place finish and a time of 17:18. Senior Arnold Lane was the second Charger to finish. Lane finished in 43rd place with a time of 19:01. Senior Marvin Azor, freshman Andrew Cunningham, and Ryan Parris followed behind Lane, all finishing in

Trinity Cross Country Invitational

the top 50. Azor 17:56. Sophfinished 45th omore Daniwith a time of elle Sorren19:08, Cunningtino followed ham 46th with behind Cortez a time of 19:13, in 28th place and Parris 49th with a time with a time of of 19:03. Se19:23. nior Tania Freshman Bernardino Chad Messam was the fourth placed 51st, with Charger to a time of 19:29, finish is 33rd freshman Devin place with a Rose, placed time of 19:22. 58th with a time Senior Bridgof 20:07. Freshet Faria and man Garret Dasophomore vis finished with Samantha a time of 21:38, Mathewson, and freshman Jawere next to PHOTO BY SAMANTHA MATHEWSON eighth out of 12 teams with son Fisher finished with a cross the fin194 points, only 51 points Cortez led the women’s time of 22:26. ish and score for the team team in the 4K race with behind seventh place. Overall, the men scored in 39th and 41st place, reSophomore Alejandra 13th place and a time of

spectively. Faria ran a time of 20:02, and Mathewson with a time of 20:16. Sophomore Brianna Barron finished 46th with a time of 22:25. Sophomore Leilani Kortman finished 49th with a time of 25:49, and freshman Danielle Cuervo finished with a time of 27:53. The women finished seventh out of eight teams with 154 points, right behind the hosts of the meet, Trinity College. The Chargers race again in two weeks on Saturday, Sept. 22, at the Father Victor F. Leeber, S.J. Invitational hosted by Fairfield University.

tween the posts are the most by a New Haven ––––––––––––––––––––– keeper since Kim Taylor (Patchogue, N.Y./ WEST HAVEN, Conn. Patchogue-Medford ) ’12 – Moriah Saidel made 11 turned away 14 Adelphi saves, and Monica Yanez offerings on Oct. 27, 2010. (West Haven, Conn./West The clean sheet was the

Szyarto took a pass on the wing from Lucy Francisco (Lawrence, Mass./Lawrence ) and lofted a shot that sailed over Guglielmo, banked off of the far post and found the back of the net to extend the mar-

second straight for Saidel and the Chargers, who blanked NYIT on Monday. Yanez’s goal came in the 27th minute, as she took a feed from Marisa Garcia (Babylon, N.Y./ West Babylon) and beat Dowling goalkeeper Melissa Guglielmo to put New Haven on top, 1-0. Yanez has scored in each of the Chargers’ three matches thus far in 2012. The junior now has eight career markers and 22 total points. The assist was the first career point for Garcia, who made her collegiate debut in the match. Another Charger got on the board for this first time in the 65th minute when

gin to 2-0. Szyarto’s first career goal came courtesy of Francisco’s 11th assist and 45th point as a Charger. The senior’s next point will move her into the alltime top 10 in New Haven history. Three more saves from Saidel over the last 16 minutes preserved the shutout and the New Haven victory over the nationallyranked Golden Lions. The Chargers were outshot 15-10 but held a 7-1 advantage in corner kicks – all of which came in the second half. For more details, visit www.newhavenchargers. com.

Chargers Power Past Wayland Baptist, 3-1

ble for the Chargers came from the setter spot, where ––––––––––––––––––––– Kaulana Ane doled out 50 assists in addition to 14 PUEBLO, Colo. – After digs. Ane added six kills of her own and landed a being edged in set one, a service ace. Candelaria strong second frame allhad three of New Haven’s around and an explosive five aces, with the other set-three showing from winner coming from Bai Kristen Lee (Colorado Zhang. Springs, Colo./Liberty) Olaso led the defensive led the University of New effort with a match-high Haven women’s volleyball team to a 3-1 victory 28 of the Chargers’ 85 digs, while Cannady had over Wayland Baptist on a hand in three of New Saturday morning at the Haven’s five blocks. ThunderWolves Classic Wayland Baptist was hosted by Colorado Stateled by its setter, Natasha Pueblo. Giacomazzi, who reWith the victory, the Chargers remain unbeaten corded a double-double at 3-0. New Haven swept of her own with 40 assists and a team-best 24 digs. Missouri Southern State Shahala Hawkins had 17 and Cameron yesterday kills for the Pioneers, who to open the tournament and the 2012 season. The hit .122 (45-25-164) as a group. Pioneers from Wayland The Pioneers rallied to Baptist fall to 1-7. New claim the first set, erasing Haven took the match by set scores of 27-29, 25-14, two separate five-point deficits to edge New 25-23 and 26-24. Haven, 29-27, and take Lee was one of three the early advantage. The Chargers to record a Chargers came out firing double-double, notching a pair of personal bests in the second frame, as two Candelaria aces and a her young career with a pair of kills by Atufunwa match-high 18 kills and fueled a quick 8-2 run to 18 digs. Eleven of the begin the set. New Hafreshman’s kills came in ven never looked back, the pivotal third set, including the Chargers’ last extending the margin as wide as 11 points en route seven finishers en route to evening the match with to erasing a 19-14 deficit in the frame. Lee hit .386, a 25-14 win. The two clubs traded committing just one hitpoints to open set three ting error on 44 swings. Keidy Candelaria (Vega before Wayland reeled off five of seven winners Baja, Puerto Rico/Bayamon Military Academy) to take a 7-5 advantage. The Chargers bounced turned in her secondback with three straight – straight double-double with 12 kills and 13 digs. guided by kills from Lee and Meteyer – to take an Kristy Atufunwa (Den8-7 lead. The set returned ver, Colo./Denver East) to a back-and-forth affair also pounded a dozen at that point, as neither kills. Amber Cannady team would take a lead (Yonkers, N.Y./Charles larger than two points up E. Gorton) added nine, Margo Meteyer (Madison, to a 14-12 New Haven Wisc./Madison West) had cushion. At that juncture, five and Kea-Marie Olaso the Pioneers went on a (Kailua, Hawai'i/Le Jardin 5-0 run – all without the benefit of a kill – to take Academy) added one a 17-14 edge and induce a from the back row. The Chargers hit .168 (63-32- Charger timeout. The spurt extended to 184) in the match. 7-0 out of the stoppage, The third double-dou-


staking Wayland with a 19-14 cushion. A hitting error by the Pioneers ended the run, and the Blue and Gold capitalized on the momentum swing. Lee hammered kills on backto-back rallies and another Wayland miscue trimmed the deficit to one point and forced the Pioneers to take their first timeout. Wayland was the first team to 20 points, scoring first after the timeout to grab a 20-18 lead. Lee took over again at that point, with three kills during a 4-0 stretch that brought the Chargers all the way back and into the lead at 22-20. After a Pioneers’ point, Ane continued to find the hot hand as two more kills from Lee brought the contest to set point at 24-22. Wayland fought off the first set-point opportunity before a ball-handling error by Giacomazzi gave the frame to the Chargers, 25-23. One set away from victory, New Haven took an early 5-4 lead and held the Pioneers at an arm’s length for the majority of the frame. The Chargers never put together an extended run, but the Chargers would not allow consecutive points for Wayland through the set’s first 30 rallies en route to opening a 17-13 advantage. At that point, the Pioneers pieced together a 5-2 stretch to climb within a point, 19-18, before consecutive kills by Atufunwa, Cannady and Lee grew the margin back to four points at 22-18. The tenacious Wayland club again crawled back and eventually pulled even at 24-24 before back-to-back kills by Candelaria and Atufunwa capped the 2624 win for the Chargers to give New Haven a 3-1 triumph. See for more details

Chargers Stop No. 23 Dowling, 2-0, in Home Opener


Haven) and Taylor Szyarto (Howell, N.J./Howell) each scored to lead the University of New Haven women’s soccer team to a 2-0 victory over No. 23 Dowling on Thursday afternoon at Kayo Field. With the win, the Chargers remain perfect at 3-00 and knock off a ranked opponent for the first time since tripping up No. 9 Dowling, 3-2, during the 2007 campaign. The Golden Lions, who are the defending East Coast Conference Champions and a 2011 NCAA Tournament participant, drop to 2-1-0 after their first loss of the fall. Saidel’s 11 stops be-

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September 12, 2012

Montana State-Billings Holds Off Chargers in Tournament Finale

but another set point was again fought off by the Yellowjackets, who reeled off the last three points to take a 28-26 decision. Montana State-Billings carried their momentum into the second set, winning the first five rallies

PUEBLO, Colo. – After opening the weekend with three consecutive victories, the University of New Haven women’s

(Denver, Colo./Denver East) sent home six finishers. Kaulana Ane (Paia, Hawaii/Kamehameha) doled out 22 assists from the setter position. The Charger offense hit .077 (27-18-117) in the match.

volleyball team fell to Montana State-Billings in the Chargers’ finale at the ThunderWolves Classic hosted by Colorado StatePueblo. The Chargers leave the Rocky Mountain State with a record of 3-1, while MSU Billings improves to 2-5. The Yellowjackets took the match by set scores of 28-26, 25-17 and 25-17. Amber Cannady (Yonkers, N.Y./Charles E. Gorton) led New Haven with eight kills. The junior also got a piece of three of the Chargers’ four blocks. Keidy Candelaria (Vega Baja, Puerto Rico/Bayamon Military Academy) added seven kills to go along with a team-high 10 digs, and Kristy Atufunwa

Montana State-Billings was led by Monica Grimsrud, who compiled a match-high 17 kills. Kyndal Williams distributed 43 assists for the Yellowjackets and Erin Compton had 17 digs. Montana State-Billings hit .322 (54-17-115) on the day. The first set was the closest, as New Haven built up an early fourpoint lead that held to a score of 16-12. The Yellowjackets would fight back to tie the score at 2020. The Chargers battled to reach set point, leading 24-22, but Montana State-Billings responded with three-consecutive tallies to earn a set-point opportunity of the own at 25-24. An Atufunwa kill extended the match,

and never looking back en route to a 25-17 lead. Down 2-0, New Haven would not go quietly. The third set consisted of five ties and a pair of lead changes, but a five-point surge by the Yellowjackets broke a 13-13 tie and gave them an advantage that they would not relinquish en route to a 25-17 win. New Haven opens its home schedule on Wednesday, Sept. 12 against the New York Institute of Technology at 7 p.m. The action from Charger Gymnasium will be broadcast live in high definition and available on most mobile devices on


first flag football league in fourth grade, where all but four players were male. When she was a freshman in high school, she became the quarterback of the all-girls flag football team, and was easily the best player on the team. According to her coach, Doug Gatewood, in a quote acquired by People magazine, “She can pretty much wing a girls’ football wherever she wants to put it.” After Gatewood saw her capabilities, he allowed DiMeglio to practice with his football team. She quickly grew accustomed to differences between flag football and high school football and Gatewood put her on the team, seeing all of the advantages of having someone

with an arm like hers on the field. Through all of this, Erin DiMeglio has been extremely humble, according to her parents. “She’s got a pretty good grasp of it. She’s concerned about the attention on her, when she wants the attention on her whole team,” says Kathleen DiMeglio (quoted by ABC Action News). The enormity of this milestone is not lost. Women have come so far in the past 20 or so years in regards to football. Fifteen years ago, women playing football amongst men was unheard of. Since then, over 500 girls have played in Florida alone, and Erin DiMeglio is the first to become a quarterback.




Florida’s First Female Quarterback



Erin DiMeglio is unlike any girl in Florida. When she’s not at home doing chores, at school in class or babysitting, she is playing football as the only female quarterback on an all-male football team in Florida. Although she is only the third-string quarterback for South Plantation High School, Erin DiMeglio is now the first female to ever play for a Florida high school football team in history. DiMeglio is only 17, a high school senior, but she has already attracted as much attention as any star athlete would hope to gain. DiMeglio joined her

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No. 12/13 Chargers Hold On to 24-21 Victory at St. Augustine’s

55 yards for a game-tying touchdown. Nelson led ––––––––––––––––––––– the way with 15 rushing yards and a pair of passes DURHAM, N.C. - The for 23 yards. The drive nationally ranked No. was capped by a five-yard 12/13 University of New touchdown pass and catch Haven football team from Nelson to Kameel defeated Saint AugusLashley (Boston, Mass./ tine’s University 24-21 Boston Comm. LeaderSaturday night at the ship Academy) with 12:58 Durham County Stadium. left in the second quarter. The Chargers were led by The teams exchanged quarterback Ronnie Nel- turnovers and punts until son (Stuart, Fla./South the Chargers took possesFork ) with 150 passsion of the ball with 4:11 ing yards and three total left in the first half. New touchdowns. With the Haven took the ball 49 win, UNH improved to yards to the Saint Au2-0 on the season, while gustine’s three-yard line. the Falcons dropped to With .02 seconds left in 1-1 overall. the first half, Chris Scifo A rain-soaked forecast (Coral Springs, Fla./St. held true Saturday night Thomas Aquinas / Central as warm-up periods were Connecticut State Univerinterrupted by a fast sity) stepped onto the field moving thunderstorm and split the uprights to which rolled through give UNH its first lead of Durham. The Chargers the game as time expired opened the game on on the first half. offense, but an early With the first possesthrow by Ryan Osiecki sion of the second half, (Seymour, Conn./SeySaint Augustine’s lost two mour / Univ. of Louisyards on three plays and ville) was intercepted were forced into a puntby the Falcons and Saint ing situation. With 12:38 Augustine’s gain early left in the third quarter, possession at the UNH the Chargers began their 37-yard line. The Charfirst drive of the second gers’ defense held strong, half. Over the next four allowing just six yards minutes, New Haven went and a three-and-out by 61-yards on six plays and the Falcons. increased its lead to 10 Pinned deep inside with a 23-yard touchdown their own territory, the pass from Nelson to Jason Chargers were forced Thompson (Indiantown, to punt on back-to-back Fla./South Fork ). The possessions and the Falcons then took over Falcons would mount with 8:29 left in the third the game’s first scorquarter, trailing 17-7. ing drive. From its Saint Augustine’s own 37-yard line, Saint answered with a 12-play, Augustine’s took a drive 75-yard, touchdown drive 63-yard on 10 plays and that took up 6:30 of the scored off a nine-yard third quarter. A five-yard pass from Teddy Batouchdown run by Roder cote to Brian Richards Davenport cut the Charwith 1:51 left in the gers’ lead back to just first quarter. Demethree points with just trius Washington-Ellison under two minutes left (Rahway, N.J./Rahway / in the third quarter. New Univ. of Maine) fumbled Haven held possession the ensuing kickoff reinto the fourth quarter. turn for New Haven and The five-minute drive, the Falcons recovered at which started at the New the UNH 19-yard line. Haven seven-yard line, The Charger defense would eventually come once again played tough to a conclusion at the with the ball inside their SAU 48-yard line. Anown territory and forced other Anthony Greenfield the Falcons into fourth(Bloomfield, N.J./Paramus and-24 as time expired Catholic / Wagner) punt in the first quarter. The from the Chargers and the Falcons eventually turned Falcons started from their the ball over on downs own 10-yard line. and New Haven took The clock had 11:51 over at its own 45-yard left in the fourth quarter line. and the Falcons begin On the first play of the another drive from its second quarter, Saint own 10-yard line. Three Augustine’s was called plays later, on third-andfor a roughing the passer six, Tom Herd (Sparta, penalty to move the ball N.J./Sparta ) recovered a inside SAU territory. fumble by Bacote at the Before the next play, SAU 13-yard line to give thunder and lightning ap- New Haven the ball inside proached the stadium and Falcon territory once the game was halted for again. The teams then 30 minutes. New Haven exchanged personal foul used the down time to penalties and UNH found regroup and rallied with itself in a first-and-goal a six-play drive going from inside the five-yard


line. Nelson added to his day with a drive-capping five-yard touchdown rush with 9:50 left in the fourth quarter. A Chris Scifo (Coral Springs, Fla./St. Thomas Aquinas / Central Connecticut State University) extra point and the Chargers led by 10 once again, 24-14. In the closing minutes, Saint Augustine’s closed the gap back within three points by scoring off a turnover at the 3:53 mark of the fourth quarter. New Haven took over with just under four minutes remaining in the second half and chewed up over two and a half minutes during the final stretch. With 1:28 left on the clock, Greenfield pinned the Falcons inside the 10-yard line. Saint Augustine’s went across the middle of the field on third down and time was expiring for the Falcons as they rushed in a fourth-down play. An incompletion on fourth down sealed the victory for the Chargers, who came back onto the field for one last offensive play. The Charger defense played very well, allowing just 207 total yards, including just 13 rushing yards in the win. UNH forced three turnovers and held the Falcons to 0-for-3 on fourth down conversions. Junior Matthew Fallico (Syracuse, N.Y./Fayetteville Manlius / Hudson Valley) paced the Chargers’ defense with eight total tackles, four tackles-for-loss and one interception. Richard Long (New Rochelle, N.Y./New Rochelle / Iona College) added seven total tackles and two tackles for loss. Offensively, Nelson added nine yards and one touchdown on 11 carries, while Thompson caught five balls for 72 yards and one touchdown. Washington-Ellison added fourth catches for 55 yards in the win, while Victor Jones (Paterson, N.J./Passaic County Tech) led the team with 31 rushing yards off eight carries. New Haven returns to action on Saturday, September 15 at Pace University. Game time in Pleasantville, N.Y. is set for 1 p.m. For complete coverage leading up to the game, stay posted to throughout the week.

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September 12, 2012

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Lawless Prohibits Authority The Man, The Voice and the Legacy

of just Bane in the 1930s. You cannot say enough ––––––––––––––––––––– about his performance. Hardy absolutely steals the show as the best character. This gripping, basedForrest was the only on-a-true-story movie has man from his battalion to one major factor going in survive World War I, so he By JOE BROWN STAFF WRITER

its favor—big-name actors who can actually act. Lawless stars Shia Lebeouf (Transformers) as Jack Bondurant, the typical little brother who will do anything to impress and earn the respect of his big brother, Forrest Bondurant. Jack is a naïve young man, who wants nothing more than to get into the underground moonshine business. Forrest is played by new media starlet, Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises). Hardy does a great job of portraying the moonshine kingpin of prohibition-era Franklin County, instead

has a reputation as the man who cannot die. While watching the events unfold throughout the movie, you start to believe the legend. Hardy does a great job of making you love him as much as you are scared of him. Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain (The Help) plays a sultry redhead who comes to Franklin County to escape the hard-knock life she’s living in Chicago. Maggie Beauford is a one-dimensional character, but Chastain still gives a brilliant performance.

The Bondurant’s moonshine business meets an unmatched force in Chicago Deputy Charlie Rakes—Guy Pearce— who always gets the job done. Although Pearce has the look of a no-nonsense Chicago cityslicker, his execution is not as great. Guy Pearce is an English actor, and the accent he makes for Rakes is not fluent or consistent. Pearce’s accent is the only major problem with this movie. AP PHOTO Director John Hillcoat (The Road) makes the audience feel for the outlaws and absolutely distain every corrupt lawman that tries to stop the invincible man, Forrest Bondurant. The story is compelling enough where you are drawn in because you build a connection with the characters and genuinely feel/root for them. Overall, Lawless is definitely a good movie with an interesting take on the true events of the Bondurant brothers of Franklin County. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

The Party is over for MTV’s Jersey Shore



Everyone from politicians to Italian-American organizations to my suite mates rejoice in happiness that the disaster called Jersey Shore is finally coming to an end. However, this is a sad event for MTV. After all, they may be forced to play music on their music television station instead of showing self-pronounced guidos spend extravagant amounts of money on hotels, bling and overall swag. No matter how you are feeling about the fantastic and muchneeded ending, let us reflect on the history of this terrorizing show. Jersey Shore first premiered in December 2009 as an outlet for Americans to chuckle at eight housemates living on a “reality” show and causing shenanigans. By the fourth season, the show had gained 8.8 million viewers, more than any other show on MTV has ever had. By season five, Jersey Shore returned to season one ratings as the average viewers had a revelation: they could be so much better than these char-

acters instead of watching them terrorize other countries. Before ratings dropped any lower and costs increased, the show had to be stopped. At first glance, things seem to be looking up as these beasts make some changes to their lives.

up for another season. Hopefully, the spinoff will fail as miserably as the original. For those who want to see even more idiocy, there will be a marathon on Sept. 6 at 10 a.m., followed by a “Gym, Tanning, Look Back” reflec-


“The Situation” is living with a sober coach and Snooki is now mom to a baby boy. Do not turn on the television just yet; there is more to come from these guidettes. Did you really think that Snooki’s child was born to be off of television? Surely he will be shown in a leopard onesie and gold chains. For those purposes, Snooki & JWOWW was just picked

tion episode at 5 p.m. This makes sense because everyone has grown so much since the start of the show. The sixth and final season of the Jersey Shore starts on Oct. 4. Until then, be grateful that your roommates are not as horrifying as the ones on the show, and if you are looking for swag, there is always Justin Beiber.


wanting to work as an ––––––––––––––––––––– actor. In 1990, Duncan sought to make that dream a reality as he moved out to Los On Sept. 3, 2012, one Angeles in hopes of findof Hollywood’s most ing someone that would beloved stars, Michael hire him. He started off Clarke Duncan, passed with roles that simply away at the age of 54. Duncan, who had suffered required his massive size and baritone voice. Mifrom cardiac arrest in July, never fully recovered chael Bay’s Armageddon and died in the Los Ange- was his first major role in which he played Bear, an les Hospital he had been eccentric oil rig driller. in since July 13th of this After his work as a year. tough guy, Duncan would Hulking at 6 feet, 5 move on to his most infainches, Duncan came to be known more as a gentle mous role in Green Mile, giant than as a Hollywood in which he played John tough guy. When thinking Coffey, a man wrongfully accused of raping and of Michael Clarke Dunmurdering two white girls can, three things come to mind: a towering figure, a in Louisiana. In prison, he voice deeper than a gorilla forms a friendship with Tom Hanks’ character, playing the tuba, and a a prison security guard. smile more contagious than the bubonic plague in The role would ultimately garner Duncan a Best 14th century Europe. Supporting Actor nominaGrowing up, he constantly talked about being tion at the Oscars, where he lost to Michael Caine in movies. In his 20s, he for his role in The Cider worked by day as a ditch House Rules. digger, and at night put In recent years, his his intimidating stature more famous roles have to use as a bouncer at been Attar in Planet of clubs. During press for the Apes, Manute in Sin the Green Mile, arguably City, Lucius Washington Duncan’s best perforin Talladega Nights: The mance, he says that his Ballad of Ricky Bobby, friends at his ditch digand Kilowog in Green ging job nicknamed him Lantern. In addition, he “Hollywood” because of how much he talked about has done a large amount


of voice acting in animated specials, including The Proud Family, Family Guy, Kung Fu Panda, Jimmy Neutron, and Teen Titan. Duncan has also done voice work in video games, including Saints Row and God of War II. Michael Clarke Duncan was a phenomenal actor, one who will be sorely missed from Hollywood. When hearing about his death, I immediately thought of one of his scenes in Talladega Nights, and so I close with it— Lucius Washington: “You’re not gonna live forever.” Ricky Bobby: “No one lives forever, no one. But with advances in modern science and my high level income, it’s not crazy to think I can live to be 245, maybe 300. Heck, I just read in the newspaper that they put a pig heart in some guy from Russia. Do you know what that means?” Lucius Washington: “No, I don’t know what that means. I guess longer life.” Ricky Bobby: “No, he didn’t live. It’s just exciting that we’re trying things like that.”

University of New Haven







DiD you know that…




of UNH students said that the campus is concerned about prevention of drug and alcohol use. Source: 2012 UNH CORE Alcohol Survey

September 12, 2012 By KAELA MASON STAFF WRITER


The Possession begins as your typical horror/ thriller movie: it opens with a horrific scene where the audience is introduced to the supernatural aspect of the movie. Cut to a new, unsuspecting family going through personal problems–in this case, a nasty a divorce– soon to become victims of a nasty spirit.

The Possession

The movie is said to be based on a true story. A purchase at a garage sale brings young Emily to a cursed box that begins taking over her life, and destroys those around her. The box is believed to hold a dybbuk, a spirit stemming from Jewish folklore. The dybbuk is on a search for the one thing it does not have: life. The Dybbuk posesses the young child, causing Emily to scream vile phrases and profanities.

Meanwhile, moths swarm her and she stabs her dad

chorus and a beautiful guitar backing, Gonzalez really shows off of her skills as a talented lyricist. The music video that she released on Aug. 14, 2012, for this song really gives you a deeper look at the girl behind the artist. Automatically, you can see that Gonzalez is a genuine girl who loves sharing her gift with the world. It is hard to write so many originals that are relatable to whom ever listens. She has clearly made the distinction between an amateur songwriter and an artist. Another song that really exemplifies Gonzalez’s songwriting skills is “When I,” which is track number five on her EP. This song has an amazing story line to it, and perfectly harmonized backing vocals make it very enjoyable to listen to. After listening to this EP, you find yourself having the songs stuck in your head, which is the telltale sign of a great

songwriter. Whenever you speak to Gonzalez about her music, or any music in general, it is easy to see

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy,


violently with a kitchen utensil.

Old Soul New Voice: Cata Gonzalez EP



The great part about going to a school with such a solid music industry program is being able to network with so many peers who are artists themselves. There are so many eclectic styles around our university’s campus, but one of my personal favorite performers has to be Cata Gonzalez. This past summer, Gonzalez released her selfwritten EP titled Old Soul New Voice, which features many of her original tracks and also a mash-up of some of the most popular songs of the year. Gonzalez’s featured single off of the EP is titled “Proof,” and is probably my favorite track off of the album. There is a certain quality to her voice in this song that really highlights the type of artists she is portraying. Beyond the fact that the song has a contagious

Page 15 P.S. I Love You) and Emmy Award winner Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer), two parents must put aside their differences and come together to save their child from an enfolding demon in a race against time. Morgan gives a very solid preformance as the tortured and divorced Clyde. Sedgwick wonderfully portrays a caring and concerned mother. For those of you who enjoyed watching mov-

ies such as The Exorcist franchise or movies like The Ring, I would highly recommend going to see this film. However, if watching a little girl being swarmed by thousands of moths isn’t your idea of splendid entertainment, perhaps you might consider skipping this one. and going to see The Expendables 2.

way to get involved with the industry. That sort of life change all for the sake of her music shows

Top 10 Movies This Week from

38% 65% 65% 56% 86% 40% 87% 66% 30% 74% PHOTO PROVIDED BY CATALINA GIONZALEZ

how passionate she is. You can clearly tell that music has always been a part of her life, and that she cannot see herself doing anything else. Gonzalez moved to the United States on her own after high school to attend the University of New Haven because she knew that there would be no other

courage, determination and, most importantly, character. Everyone should do themselves a favor and download her EP, Old Soul New Voice, today; I can promise you will not regret it. http://catalinagonzalez.

The Possession Lawless The Expendables 2 The Bourne Legacy ParaNorman The Odd Life of Timothy Green The Dark Knight Rises The Campaign 2016: Obama’s America Hope Springs

$17.7M $10.0M $9.0M $7.2M $6.6M $6.3M $6.1M $5.7M $5.6M $4.7M

In Theaters: The Inbetweeners

Four geeky high school friends set out on a wild sun and booze-filled vacation in The Inbetweeners Movie, the hilarious British breakout hit finally reaching American shores. Packed with outrageous sexual shenanigans, out-of-control party antics and cheekily rude humor in the tradition of American Pie, the film follows a quartet of sex-obsessed nerds to a notorious Mediterranean hotspot as they try to break their lifelong losing streak with the ladies.

Top Pop Singles 1. We Are Never Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift, Big Machine Records

Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes: Serving Size 6

by Emily McGinty

Directions: 1. Melt margarine and mix in with graham cracker crumbs and sugar. Scoop into the cupcake holders and bake at 325 degrees for 5 minutes. 2. In a separate bowl, mix cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and egg. Make the batter as smooth as possible. Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Ingredients: (Crust) -1/3 cup graham cracker crumbs -1 tbsp. sugar -1 tbsp. margarine (Cheesecake filling) -8oz cream cheese -1/4 cup sugar -1/2 tsp. vanilla -1 egg Tools: -cupcake papers -two bowls

3. Scoop on top of the crust. Fill the cups up to the top, the cheesecake does not rise much. 4. Bake at 325 degrees for 25 minutes. Allow to completely cool. Refrigerate if you want to speed up the process.

2. Whistle, Flo Rida, Atlantic 3. Lights, Ellie Goulding, Interscope Records 4. One More Night, Maroon 5, A&M Octone 5. Some Nights, Fun., Fueled by Ramen 6. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen, School Boy/Interscope Records 7. Wide Awake, Katy Perry, Capitol 8. Payphone, Maroon 5, featuring Wiz Khalifa, A&M/Octone Records 9. Good Time, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, Universal Republic 10. As Long as You Love Me, Justin Bieber, featuring Big Sean, Island Records

5. Feel free to add any fruit topping right before serving. Making a regular-sized cheesecake is extremely difficult. You need to have a spring form pan and know how to cook exactly. Also, when cooking cheesecake, the cake sometimes cracks and makes for an unsightly desert.

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September 12, 2012  

Charger Bulletin Volume 94, Issue 3

September 12, 2012  

Charger Bulletin Volume 94, Issue 3