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Volume 86, Issue 5

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

INTERNATIONAL COFFEE HOUR The first Coffee Hour honors Chinese traditions.

The student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938 GOOD LUCK CHUCK Find out if the new Dane Cook comedy is worth seeing.

CW Premieres Fall Wednesday Lineup By CELINA NATOLA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


The ninth cycle of the – Page 8 popular show America’s Next Top Model premiered on the CW last Wednesday. Unlike previous cycles, the premiere episode was only an hour, which was probably the CW’s attempt to grasp a large audience for the series premiere of Gossip Girl, the most anticipated teen drama of the fall. The combination of KAYO FIELD OPENS these two shows this fall could mean great success The women’s soccer team opens or great failure for the CW the new turf field with a win over network. Georgian Court University. Casting for ANTM was held on a cruise ship this – Page 10 year, narrowing down the UNH LAW SCHOOL

finalists in style. Thirteen girls were chosen after a beach photo shoot. The final models this cycle certainly do not follow the pattern of those in the past. This cycle, quirky, odd-looking girls just may reach the top. Victoria, a Yale University student, Heather, a socially inept Indiana native, and Jenah, from Farmington, CT, all have unusual looks that just could impress Tyra Banks throughout the competition. This cycle also features the first “real-size” model, Sarah from Western Massachusetts. She is too big to be a standard-sized model, but the judges agree that she is not big enough to be considered plus size.

Conflict is already in motion among the cast, most of which is caused by Ebony, who already feels comfortable criticizing every other girl. Personalities are sure to clash between the overconfident, diva AN AP/ JENNIFER GRAYLOCK PHOTO women includ- Tyra Banks, host of America’s Next Top Model.. ing Bianca, from Queens, N.Y., and Lisa, the tended the camp, she will exotic dancer from New be judged more critically Jersey. than the other girls. Tyra Banks already has Other contestants inher eye on Saleisha, a for- clude Mila, the Europeanmer camper from Banks’ looking college graduate “T-Zone” camp. Banks adSee CW page 8 mits that since Saleisha at-

Meet the Fall Election Candidates

musical, Grease. “Outside of school, ––––––––––––––––––––– I have been actively inElections have arrived. volved in my community – Page 4 This semester, class offi- by joining my local fire cers for the freshman class department (becoming the and the junior class have head of our Water Rescue to be elected. Get to know Team), as well as various INDEX community activities over this year’s candidates: Tyler Salovin- Class of the years. I like to get involved in my community, 2011 Arts & Entertainment “The average student and now that the University Page 8 doesn’t usually like to get of New Haven has become Bulletin Board involved with their school, my new home, I want to be Page 15 let alone with other stu- just as involved as I was dents outside of their own back in Rock Hill, N.Y. Editorials “Currently, I have bePage 6 cliques. I consider myself to be a person who is able come the Scuba Club’s Fun & Games to communicate and work USGA Representative bePage 12 well with anyone. This cause it seemed like a great National/World News trait has allowed me to be way to meet new people Page 3 a productive member of and be involved with my any group or organization. fellow students. I want to New Haven News Page 4 During high school, I was help make the next four the Stage Manager for two years the best of my life. Sports years, and participated in a I want to “bring” all of Page 10 variety of activities rang- my classmates together ing from debate to track to and make sure everyone’s performing in the school’s needs are met, and I want

UNH researches the possibility of instating a law school.

– Page 4


to be the person that anyone can come to if they have a problem. But not only be the person that people come to with their problems, but also the person that works to solve those problems. “I don’t want to be that college student who just spends all their time in their dorm room; I want to be engaged in what goes in my school/home. I can’t think of any better way to do this than to become a representative for my class.” Saahil Bangera- Class of 2011 “My name is Saahil Bangera and I am an undergraduate student at the University of New Haven. I was born in Mumbai, India, but I have been living in Dubai for the last ten years where I completed my high school education. I was the Vice Captain of my house in grade 11 and then

I got elected as the Captain in grade 12. Also, I just got elected as the treasurer for Botwinik Hall. My goal in life is to do my masters in aeronautical engineering and get into the field of aeronautics. My goals for this year are to get good grades and get myself involved in different activities.” Ankit Sharma- Class of 2011 “My name is Ankit Sharma and I’m currently a freshman at the University of New Haven. I’m from India, where my father is a serving Army officer and my mother is a teacher. Throughout my childhood, I have seen my father serving other people. I’m impressed by him and have tried to emulate all of See ELECTIONS page 5

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Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

Thursday, September 27

Wednesday, September 26  Men’s Soccer vs. Mercy College

 Women’s Tennis vs. Adelphi University

 Government and Business: Creating a Positive Economic Environment

 Halo Release Showcase

North Campus, 4pm

North Campus, 3:30pm

Alumni Lounge, 7-11pm

Friday, September 28  Movie: Hairspray Alumni Lounge, 7pm

 BSU Official Welcome Back Party German Club, 9pm- 1am

Student Enrichment Center, Maxcy 124

Saturday, September 29  

Trip to NY Fire Department Women’s Soccer vs. Georgian Court University

Sunday, September 30  Movie: Hairspray Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Monday, October 1 

Nothing scheduled to date

Tuesday, October 2 

Nothing scheduled to date

North Campus, 2pm

Rush Week Photos by Dan Osipovitch, Staff Photographer

By Dan Osipovitch A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH



Have you noticed something a little different at old cafe? We suddenly now have colored plates! The new red and blue plates accent dinner quite well. It may seem a little odd, but I think it’s quite an interesting idea. In fact, I slightly remember a study done where eating on a blue plate makes you eat slower while red faster—so if you want to try to lose some weight, try the blue plate!

The weekend food situation really is not good. If you’re an early riser, or need to get up early for work or such, there is no food on campus until 11 a.m. I know not every college kid wakes up in the afternoon on weekends, and it’s really not fair that there is no food available until so late, especially for freshman who may not have the ability to have breakfast in their room. There should be some sort of continental breakfast offered before brunch actually starts.

The bands for the fall concert have been announced! I think it’s great that we are able to fit in another concert! Thus, no one can complain this year about not having an act that’s this or that; two concerts means lots of diverse music genres. I better hear no one complaining about the acts for the fall concert because it’s a privilege that we even get two concerts!

Construction on campus is always annoying. Last year it was the Rec. Center, this year it’s renovation behind Winchester. There seems to be no more quiet time on campus as there’s more and more construction. And obviously, 7a.m. is the best time to start the daily work with jackhammers and heavy equipment.

National/World News The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

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Numbers in Democratic Party News Expected to Increase Briefs




WASHINGTON – Independents are leaning more towards the Democratic party than in prior years. Auto parts store worker Michael Brooks, from St. Charles, Mo., says he felt abandoned by the Republican party and is now an independent. "For some reason or other, they didn't seem to be for the masses anymore," said Brooks. Thinking the Republican was “more middle of the road, for the people,” he voted for George W. Bush in 2000. “I was incorrect.” From Washington to Maine and Florida to Michigan, independent voters are tilting toward Democrats in

their opposition to the war, their frustration and displeasure with President Bush, and their overall feeling that America is moving towards the wrong direction. This tilt towards the Democratic party, according to Associated Press-Ipsos polls, could be indicative that Democrats may easily gain the votes in the crucial presidential primaries coming up in New Hampshire. The amount of registered voters not enrolled in a party in New Hampshire has risen to an outstanding 44%. This creates the expectation that numbers for presidential candidate Barack Obama, D-Ill., will boost, while leaving the GOP race more in the hands of the con-

servative voters. GOP pollster Neil Newhouse warns Republicans that “this is a serious problem. We didn’t get where we are among independents overnight. The data does suggest that it's going to take us some time to earn those votes back. There is no quick fix." Independent voters are hard to track, however. While some do not follow politics even remotely, others contend that neither party is good at running the government. Although substantial in number, they are also less likely to vote than those registered with a party. 44% of those surveyed in AP-Ipsos this summer initially stated that they had no major party affili-

ation. Most said they generally backed the Democratic party, however, leaving 17% as true independents. Although this may be considered great news for Democratic leaders, this is still more than enough to tilt the balance in the upcoming presidential race. Of the independents surveyed, only about 30% approved of the job Bush is doing overall. About 25% backed his Iraq policy. These numbers are closer to the meager support Bush receives from the Democrats compared to the backing that Republicans generally give him. According to GOP pollster John McLaughlin, “independents are a lot more fluid and volatile than people think.”

Zack’s Wacky Stack of News Your place to find the oddest stories in mainstream news. By Zack Rosen Man who loves Mexi- – Eric Perkins an- may depend on how pollution. can meals wins Mex- nounced this past Fri- hard Chambers pushLocal politicians ican food contest in day that he filed a re- es the issue. Although who met the film's Maine sponse to the lawsuit not asking that the no- producers this past SOUTH PORTLAND, from Nebraska State tice be served to God, Thursday expressed Maine – A man known Senator Ernie Cham- Chambers says in his displeasure at the as “Eater X” ate 10.75 bers. “It’s kind of a lawsuit that if he re- inconvenience and burritos in 12 minutes turn on ‘What would ceives no judgment "traffic chaos" which this past Saturday to Jesus do? I thought to in the case then he Batman might cause win the world burrito- myself, ‘what would wants a hearing, “if during the nine-day eating championship. God say?’” the court deems such shooting of the upTim Janus, of New Responding to a hearing not to be a coming film. York City, said he pre- Chambers’ contention futile act." One politician pared by simply eat- that God made terrorChambers says warned residents in ing candy for a day. ist threats and caused he’s trying to make the normally loud city After winning his “widespread death, the point that anybody to "prepare earplugs" victory Janus proudly destruction and ter- can sue anybody. due to the expected announced, “I love rorization,” Perkins Holy Batman, law- use of helicopters for Mexican food.” late night scenes. wrote that God “con- suit! He probably didn’t tends that any harm HONG KONG – BatThe new Batman Sunday morning. or injury suffered is a man’s expected arriv- film will be directed Other contestants direct and proximate al in Hong Kong this by Christopher Nolan included Jason “Crazy result of mankind ig- November for filming and Christian Bale, Legs” Conti and Tim noring obvious warn- of the latest sequel has Heath Ledger and “Gravy” Brown. ings." irked local politicians Michael Caine. FilmHoly lawsuit, BatRegardless of who say the masked ing is also expected to man! whether the issue goes man could disrupt take place in Chicago LINCOLN, Neb. before a judge or not traffic and cause noise and London.

By Associated Press Writers

Rescuers find Boy Scout troop lost overnight in North Carolina mountains WAYNESVILLE, N.C. – Eight Boy Scouts who got lost while camping in the North Carolina mountains turned up Monday as searchers scoured the heavily wooded area, officials said. "They're fine," said Donna Johnston of the Boy Scouts' Occoneechee Council in Raleigh. "They're out of the woods." Johnston said the boys and their three leaders had gotten off a trail and decided to set up camp for another night. They waited until daylight rather than trying to walk out in the dark. 2 years after Hurricane Rita, one Louisiana town seems to recover in slow motion CAMERON, La. – This Louisiana town may have dried out and cleaned up since getting flattened by Hurricane Rita, but its recovery is moving in slow motion: Nearly everyone still lives in temporary housing. The post office operates out of a trailer. The town's only bank works out of a trailer. Darlene Dyson sells shrimp from a trailer, then picks up her 7-year-old son and brings him to their home — a trailer. "It's not like it was before the storm, that's for sure," Dyson said. Rita struck two years ago on Monday as a Category 3 storm whose 120-mph winds and 9-foot storm surge ruined every structure in the southwestern Louisiana towns of Johnson Bayou and Holly Beach. It brought similar destruction to southeastern Texas, where about 100 people died. Massachusetts woman fined for voting in Connecticut GROTON, Conn. – State election officials have fined a Massachusetts woman $4,000 for voting in Connecticut with an absentee ballot that tied a primary race in Groton, forcing the race to be decided by a coin toss. The state Elections Enforcement Commission fined Alicia Primer, of Weston, Mass., who has a home in Groton and had been registered to vote in both states, officials said. Primer was fined for causing last year's tie between Elissa Wright and Rita Schmidt in the Democratic primary for state representative from the 41st District. Former Democratic Registrar of Voters Allen Palmer filed the complaint months after the August 2006 election after he discovered the person who cast the tie vote, Primer, should not have been allowed to vote. This summer Primer told an elections enforcement official and The Day of New London that she thought she could vote in Groton because she owned property there.

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New Haven News

The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

UNH Studies Law School Feasibility By JULIE WINKEL


––––––––––––––––– WEST HAVEN— The University of New Haven will embark on a feasibility study to create a law school. President Steven H. Kaplan notes the decision comes after a year of investigation, in which the university met with and studied several law schools, including two that are in their infancy. UNH compiled its vision for a law school, which was reviewed by and received high marks from deans of law schools across the country, including Drexel University in Pennsylvania and Elon University in North Carolina. The university received unanimous permission from its Executive Committee of the Board of Governors to pursue the study. Kaplan expects to receive final approval for the initiative at the Board of Governors’ meeting on Thursday, Sept. 27.

“The University of New Haven has good reason to pursue the creation of a law school,” Kaplan said. “The experts with whom we shared our vision agreed that it was certainly appropriate for a university with such strong criminal justice and forensic science programs to consider this. Also, one of the university’s four strategic directions calls for UNH to strengthen its arts and sciences programs. Creating a law school would certainly fit that goal.” Each year, approximately 40 UNH students go on to law school following graduation. “We want to offer those students a superb option by considering the creation of a University of New Haven law school,” Kaplan said. “This effort would join with a number of other initiatives that we are aggressively pursuing in our effort to become one of the strongest comprehensive universities in the Northeast.”

First Beanhouse of the Year



WEST HAVEN— The amount of talent in one room last Wednesday night was amazing. Yes, I’m talking about the first Beanhouse of the semester. For those of you who do not know, Beanhouse is an open mic night for any mu-

sician or artist that would like to perform for the campus. The show began a little past nine, on Sept. 19, with free hot cocoa, coffee, and cookies. The night held a theme of acoustic guitarists, although one man turned the tables by performing See MIC page 5

International Coffee Hour Embraces Chinese Legends



WEST HAVEN—The first International Coffee Hour of the 20072008 school year kicked off Thursday, Sept. 20 in the Alumni Lounge. Students, faculty, and staff gathered under colorful decorations to eat, drink, and learn about Chinese moon cakes and the festivals that accompany them. Every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar (Sept. 25 this year), Chinese people get together to celebrate the Harvest Full Moon and traditional Chinese legends. According to legend Chang Er, a young woman, ventured to the moon and lived the rest of her life there, dancing and playing amongst the stars and


Traditional Chinese moon cakes are served at the first International Coffee Hour on Thursday, Sept. 20.

caverns. To this day, she still dwells on the moon and looks down upon the people of China. Next to the Chinese New Year, the Moon Cake Festival is one of the most important holidays celebrated in China. Chinese families come together to eat moon cakes, pastries made from lotus

paste and salted duck eggs, and to honor Chang Er and other important figures. They also sing moon poems and drink Chinese tea. International Coffee Hour is not only considered a place to learn about the cultures of a specific country. It is also a time to meet and learn from

University College, a new college on campus that specifies in working with international students, study abroad opportunities, and adult education. Students should look out for e-mails for the next Coffee Hour, held on Thursdays in the Alumni Lounge.

Constitution Day at UNH Photos by Dan Osipovitch, Staff Photographer

Students Shine at Open Mic Night

con’t from page 4

intense poetry about abortion. The first act used some variation by adding an electric guitar to accompany the acoustic. Other acts included many self-written songs, a cover of The Best Metal Band out of Denton by The Mountain Goats, improvisation, and even

a first time performer, Jake. Before his performance, Jake appeared very nervous and self-conscious. Well, he had nothing to worry about because he definitely brought everything he had to the table. With amazing tone and range, he performed two selfwritten songs and

was called back for an encore to perform once more. The songs he performed were “Dreaming Awake,” “Crush,” and a song that was in the works. Great job Jake! I was extremely impressed with the performers, and the refreshments weren’t half bad either.

accident-prone and absentminded father. She described her father as “a person that gets distracted by shiny objects” often prompting him to walk off in a store. “It would get to the point where my mother would have to write ‘kids’ on the shopping list…milk, eggs…bread….THE KIDS...please bring them back.” Alex McHale was raised in Orange, CT

with her Irish family. McHale explained her grandmother’s resolve of every problem citing “drink some whiskey.” Pop culture references ranged from horror movies, to an embarrassing run-in with John Mayer. McHale stated, “John Mayer had said he had never met a female comedian before.” The situation

class officer because I feel like I can make a difference in the school. I know that it is a lot of work, but I am willing to do it for the good of the class. I have been Vice President for three years in high school and ran many committees for school activities such as dances, Valentine’s Day activities, Halloween activities, and many more. While I was a class officer, I kept the students involved so they knew that we were getting things done that they wanted to get done. I know what it is like to be on the end that doesn’t know what is going on and I didn’t like it, so that is why I became a class officer

in the first place.” Melissa Potvin- Class of 2009 “My name is Melissa Potvin, and I am a junior studying Forensic Science. During my senior year of high school, I was the Vice President of the National Honor Society and the President of my school’s Skills USA Opening and Closing Ceremonies team, which won two silver medals at the state competition. I was also a member of Women in Technology for two years, and had the opportunity to present my work at a conference in Las Vegas. I graduated fifth in my class of almost three hundred and fifty students.

Comedian Delivers



WEST HAVEN— Students filled half of Dodd’s Auditorium Tuesday night, Sept. 18, to watch comedian Alex McHale perform. The comedian delivered a set of humorous anecdotes ranging from her family and pop culture run-ins. Much of the material revolved around her colorful Irish family, like her

con’t from page 1

his astonishing qualities. My goal in life is to impede crime from flourishing and strive to help others in need. “I have been a class president before and I am acquainted with the stupendous hard work it takes and therefore, I would love to be a president again. As President, I would endeavor to take the University of New Haven to new heights. I would lend an able shoulder for its further development, spread the word of brotherhood on the university campus and try my best to help everybody.” Kyle Bulger- Class of 2011 “I want to be a

See MCHALE page 11

USGA President’s Corner Turf Field is Finally Open As I sit here writing this week’s article, I am looking out my fourth floor window in Winchester at the new turf field. In fact, this past Saturday marked the official opening of the Kayo field with its first women’s soccer game. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the game. However, while I was giving a tour to a prospective student and their family we took a walk up to the field while the game was going on. I was shocked to see how many people actually turned out to watch the game, and just proves that many students are interested in sports here at UNH but just didn’t want to bear the long walk up to North Campus. I also heard that they did in fact win the game, so congratulations to them. Maybe the field will bring about a great sea-

son for all the sports teams. I believe the administration did a wonderful thing by placing the field down on main campus and it will show in the next series of games which will be played there by the amount of students who will turn out to support the Chargers. The field also gives students another “green” area to run around and play on. Now with the majority of the quad roped off due to reseeding, the new field couldn’t have opened

“As a junior at the university, I have continues my involvement in clubs and organizations. I am currently the Executive Assistant for the Class of 2009 and a founding member of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. I am also the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the sorority. “If I am elected President, my main goal is to assist my class in planning an amazing Senior Week. Aside from Senior Week, I would like class officers to have a more active role on campus. Most people aren’t aware that the class officers are the people planning and organizing the Snow-

ball. Most people have no idea what the class officers are even here for. One of my goals is to change that. If elected, I will be sure to make myself open and available to all member of the Class of 2009 for questions, ideas, and concerns.” Alex Broder- Class of 2009 “My name is Alex Broder and I am a current junior here at he University of New Haven majoring in Fire Science Administration and Fire/ Arson Investigation. I am currently a second year Resident Assistant in Bethel Hall and have used this position to make myself who I am, while bettering the resident’s

Louis Eswood III USGA President

Elections Around the Corner

The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

at a much better time. Almost every night since the field opened I have seen students enjoying themselves playing football, soccer, and catch. I personally went running on it last week with my roommate and highly recommend that every student go and check it out for themselves. This Saturday, we all received more exciting news regarding sports and that was UNH’s acceptance into the Northeast-10 conference. With that, UNH will be bringing back our football program and many students are glad to hear it. I just hope that as a junior I will get to see some of it before I graduate. As always don’t be afraid to utilize www. to voice your complaints or ideas by posting a concern.

lives and community of Bethel Hall and the university as a whole. I am also involved in many committees for the Office of Residential Life, along with the UNH Fire Science Club. For the Fire Science Club, I have served as the representative to USGA and also many other committees including Merchandise. “I am interested in holding the position of Treasurer for the Class of 2009 currently having the experience to have a budget of my own while working for the Office of Residential Life. In addition to working for this See BIOS page 15

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The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

Friendship 101 What classifies a friend? Is it someone you talk to on a regular basis? Is it someone you confide in when you need advice? Or is it someone you merely know? People often determine the characteristics of a friend as they see fit. Somewhere during life, we tend to loosen our definition of friends. In high school, friendship circles are usually determined by unbreakable and unavoidable social classes. While you might have acquaintances that have grown out of childhood friendships, you probably spend most of your time with the same group of friends. In college, you have more opportunities than ever to have a vast amount of different classes of friends: friends in your classes, friends

in your major, friends you made freshman year, roommates, friends in clubs you are involved in, etc. After college, the chances to go out with friends or meet new people grow increasingly smaller. As friends get married, they have more and more married

Why do I pay all of this money to feel unsafe on my own campus? This is a question that plagues my thoughts more often than I care for. Do not misunderstand me, I love this university. However as I’m entering my third year of college here, I feel more frightened than safe while walking across campus. I have classes and clubs that meet at night which leaves me walking back to my dorm in darkness. Now, I do not feel it is right that I have to constantly worry about the residents of West Haven coming onto campus and bothering me as well as other stu-

dents. Especially for women, we are vulnerable of being terrorized by townies while trying to get from Point A to Point B. A week ago, a car full of men not affiliated with the school were trying to talk to students as they were parked outside of Winchester. As much as I love this campus, I feel that the school officials are not doing enough to keep us safe. I know what some of you are thinking, why don’t I just call campus police to escort me back to my dorm? Well to be honest, by the time campus police would come to where I am,

Celina Natola Editor-in-Chief friends. As friends have children, they have more and more friends that also have children. American adults become so engulfed in their professional lives that they tend to lose their per-

sonal ones, including friends. The timeline of friendship is one of the most complex concepts in our personal lives’ right there next to romantic relationships. So why don’t we pay more attention to it? I have always accepted more acquaintances than friends. It takes a lot for someone to qualify as a friend under the restrictions I tend to set. I am much more comfortable with acquaintances: the people you know and talk to, but don’t have a concrete commitment to. As much as I embrace this loose idea of friendship, I worry about how my friendships are going to age as I do. Who knows where I am going to end up after school. On top of that, where are my friends going See WHERE page 15

Are We Safe?

something could have already happened to me. But that issue is for a different editorial. Personally, I do not think this campus should be so wide open. Anyone can step onto this campus. I do not see the local residents paying tuition to be here. So they should not be here. Having so many wide open entrances is scary. I am not trying to cause a problem. However, this university needs to wake up and start changing things like this around here or they are going to have a very serious problem on their hands. -Anonymous

Is There a Limit to the First Amendment?

The Recorder, the student newspaper of Central Connecticut State University, released an opinion article last March entitled, “Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It.” Written by Opinion Editor John Petroski, the article claimed that rape has been a positive influence on Western civilization, and that it benefits “ugly women.” Petroski later announced that the article was meant to be a satire. Although he was removed from his editor position, Petroski remained on the staff as a writer. Then, a comic named “Polydongs”

was published on Sept. 12 involving a 14-year-old Latino girl tied up in a closet after being urinated on. Understandably, these two (and many other) articles and comics of The Re-

I was a bit disappointed with Dan Osipovitch’s blurb in last week’s Charger Battery about Sandella’s. While I do agree that Sandella’s not having all the necessary supplies to make basic menu items is frustrating, I do think Mr. Osipovitch was too quick to criticize the workers for bickering. I in no way condone this type of behavior in front of customers, but I try to treat each situation with empathy and try to put myself in their shoes. First of all, has anyone noticed that it’s like 100 degrees in there?! Next, to reduce heat, they don’t turn the lights on. So it’s sweltering hot and really hard to see what you’re doing. Also, every single student who walks into the room has to dramatically cry “oh my god it’s SOOOOO

HOT IN HERE.” And with the supplies, the staff tells their manager that they need X, Y and Z and they don’t get it, so they feel like they are being ignored. I can’t think of anything more frustrating than not having the materials needed to do one’s job the right way. These things don’t sound like such a big deal to you and I, because we’re only in there for about 20 minutes—but try working an eighthour shift with those variables. I’ve worked in a few restaurants. I know that the kitchen is generally the hottest place to work. However, the kitchens I’ve worked in have equipment that throws off a heck of a lot more heat (ie: grills, broilers, dishwashing equipment, ovens, etc.) than the conveyer pizza thing.

Zack Rosen Assistant Editor

corder drew much publicity towards editor Mark Rowan and the president of CCSU, Jack Miller. Comments have been pouring in to The Recorder. One anonymous student wrote, “Someone should strip your white boy ass down and drag you around campus naked so we can mock your teenyweeny polydong.” A professor at the university, Dr. Perdue, wrote, “You have gone too far! You are mean spirited, disruptive, and grandiose. It will come back to get See FREEDOM page 15

Charger Battery Response

Yet, Sandella’s is just as hot, maybe hotter, than other kitchens I’ve been in. The difference is, Sandella’s has NO ventilation system, (and in the state of Rhode Island (where I’m from) that’s against the law, apparently not in CT, though). There is nothing blowing cold air in, and sucking the hot air out which is the reason it’s so stifling hot in there. I think having to work under these conditions, I would become easily flustered and I would probably bicker with my coworkers too; it’s only human. So instead of complaining about how shocked and appalled we are at this very average human behavior (bickering) we should complain about the conditions that the staff has to work in which I consider to be inhumane. -Jessie Grimmitt

Steps for Success By Sijith Salim -

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said Recently I was reading a book called Unstoppable by Cynthia Kersey. It is a compilation of short stories about 45 people who went ahead to achieve their life passions despite the difficulties they had to face. One of the biggest characteristics they showcased was that they were people who spoke by actions and not by words. They got a spark in their brain to go ahead with something they liked to pursue, and they didn’t wait for anyone to give them a kick start. They didn’t brag to others about what they were going to do. They believed that results count by the perfection of the action performed and not by the beauty of the words said. Take any person you

think of as successful. You can see that they all have this important habit in common: they prefer to a do a good job instead of just talking about it. I see a reflection of this habit in almost all of the great people I have read about. I am sure that my readers would concur with me. Just think for a moment. How many of us have a habit of saying “I will do that,” “I will do this,” but later end up doing nothing. We all have lots of ideas and dreams. But how many of them are turned into reality? Ideas come and go, but we just remain the same. One idea or one million ideas that never ship are worth $0. We also like to exaggerate. When we explain something we are doing, we say

it as if we are doing a When we crave more very great job and end praise, we try to tell up saying “I am do- everyone that we will ing this,” “I am doing be doing such and that,” “I have com- such a thing, but since pleted that,” “I have we don’t have the completed this,” and enough motivation to the list goes on, but make it happen, those the truth is that we words are never conmight not verted to even have actions. started the ( 2 ) task. ProcrasThere tination are many and Lareasons ziness: why our Someactions times, and words we really d o n ’ t want to match do things, Sijith Salim each othbut we er. Here are a few of tend to put them off. them: In the morning, we (1) Loving praise: decide to do it in the We always like some- afternoon. In the afone praising us. If ternoon, we decide to someone says some- do it in the evening. thing nice about us, And in the evening, we tend to feel very we have enough other happy. This is a fact work that we decide that can’t be denied. to do it the next day.

The next day never usually comes. Why wait for tomorrow when you can do it today? (3) Weak passion: We might want to do many things, but the passion in us is not so strong enough to make it happen. When we speak about it, we are very passionate. But we lost that passion when it comes time to make it happen. (4) Saying YES when you should be saying NO: We might have enough things in our plate and we know that we don’t have time to do more. But when we get a help request, or request for volunteering for something, we say yes. This adds to the pile of tasks we have to complete and we end up unable to

honor our other commitments. There are many inventors who have achieved almost “impossible” inventions. Look at CEOs of big companies or business executives travelling around the world in the pursuit of expanding their businesses. All these people decided to speak by actions and not by words. In a world where words are thrown around haphazardly, it seems much more sensible that we all put our energy into actions, rather than promises. Real innovators don’t just talk about doing things but go out and do them. They know that small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

Celina’s Salacious Celebrity Gossip Britney has a week to remember If you are going to drive a car, you should probably have a license. Well, apparently, no one told our friend Britney Spears. Good ol’ Brit was charged with a hit and run and driving without a valid license after she crashed into

The cast of Sex and the City.

another car in a parking lot in August. Her arraignment has been scheduled for Oct. 10. According to TMZ, the charges could land Spears in jail. Due to this scandal, and probably many other things, Spears’ management team dropped her. She has also had to submit to


The latest in celebrity news and gossip By Celina Natola

random drug testing because her beloved bodyguard testified that she used drugs around her children and he often “feared for their lives.” Since the VMA fiasco, I can’t imagine Brit has many devoted fans left. Now her management has left her, and we still have yet to know if she will have full custody of her two sons. At the rate she is going, she is going to find herself all alone in her misery. It looks like no one is going to be visiting her in jail. Too bad. Sex and the City starts filming Finally, the cast of Sex and the City has

The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

gathered in New York City to begin filming the highly-anticipated film version. Apparently, the story finds Big and Carrie house-hunting several years after they reunited in Paris. Sources have confirmed that all of the love interests will be back, including Samantha’s Smith (Jason Lewis), Charlotte’s Harry (Evan Handler), and Miranda’s Steve (David Eigenberg). Jennifer Hudson is also set to join the cast as Carrie’s assistant. I am beyond excited for this movie! I’m a little disappointed that it has taken the cast so long to settle their

differences and film the movie. However, now that I think about it, I am happy that it has been a few years since the show ended. This way, the writers should have plenty of options for interesting storylines. Clooney hospitalized George Clooney and girlfriend, Sarah Larson, were hospitalized after a motorcycle accident on Friday, Sept. 21. Clooney has a hairline fracture of a rib, while Larson ended up with a broken foot. The cause of the accident is still officially unknown. According to Weehawken Police Sergeant Sean Kelly,

the accident occurred between Clooney and a Mazda. Debate continues in regards to who really caused the accident. Clooney claims the Mazda signaled a left turn, and as he went to pass him on the right, the car turned right. However, the Mazda driver claims Clooney was irresponsibly passing numerous cars at fast speeds. While this accident could cause a big legal battle for Clooney, for now let’s just hope he gets some rests and is back to normal as soon as possible. I can’t imagine a Clooneyless silver screen. Page 7

Page 8

Arts & Entertainment The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

Russian Mafia Brought to the Silver Screen

an in critical condiSTAFF WRITER tion. The woman dies ––––––––––––––––– as she gives birth to a Eastern Promises child leaving the baby draws comparisons to and her diary as the the Godfather because only remnants as to of subject matter like who she is. The diary family values and the leads Anna to a Rusintense business of sian restaurant owner life in the mafia. It who instantly takes stars Naomi Watts and an interest to the situViggo Mortensen as ation. Shortly after, two residents of Lon- Anna begins to realdon whose lives cross ize she is involved in paths and uncover se- something dangerous. crets. The movie aims However, her instincts to prove that blood and her morals force is thicker than water, her to investigate the and life as a mobster more-than-suspicious is exactly what it is details pertaining to claimed to be: cruel, the life of the pregruthless, and unpre- nant woman, despite the risks involved. dictable. The film portrays The story follows a midwife named Anna life in such a realis(Watts) who encoun- tic way viewers will ters a pregnant wom- leave in awe. It is a By JOSEPH CHAPMAN

rare thing in film to see violence used so tactfully and tastefully as it is in this movie. While some scenes are graphic and disturbing, the film manages to never get carried away and overly gruesome. That is a big credit to director David Cronenberg. Also, despite the brutish violence, not a single gun shot is fired. Instead, knives and razors are the weapons of choice for the Russian mobsters. It is not an easy task to powerfully convey violence without using loud explosions and rapid gunfire. Another strong See MOBSTER page 11

Wednesdays on The CW con’t from page 1

from Boston, Kimberly from Florida, the classic-looking Chantal, the spunky bikini-waxer Janet, and Ambreal, the confident college student from Dallas. While ANTM’s success is undeniable, the CW’s new series, Gossip Girl, has yet to prove its potential. After months of excessive advertising, the anticipated drama series premiered after ANTM on Wednesday, Sept. 19. The series tells the story of the Manhattan elite: rich, private-school kids that get into trouble on a daily basis. The narrator, Gossip Girl, reports local gossip on her website for all to see. Her main focus in the premiere episode is Serena van der Woodsen, who has just unexpectedly returned from boarding school. Conflict is apparent between Serena and her best friend, Blair, the meanest, yet probably most insecure, girl in town. Blair’s boyfriend, Nate, is uncomfortable with Serena’s return. Back story is revealed towards the end of the show, when we find out that Nate and Serena hooked up

on a bar stool. Serena ran away to boarding school, afraid of ruining her friendship with Blair. Nate ends up telling Blair, creating the potential for numerous episodes of drama regarding that issue alone. Of course, Nate’s best friend, Chuck, wants to take advantage of Serena’s rendezvous with Nate, thus molesting her in the kitchen of The Plaza Hotel. Loner Dan Humphrey bumps into Serena as she is running away from Chuck and picks up her cell phone. A friendship begins to blossom between the two characters, which seems made in heaven: the now-outcast former “It” girl and the closet cool guy that is ignored by everyone. The show promises to be interesting at the least; how could a world of spoiled rich kids with designer clothes and bad attitudes not be? However, the chances that the series can find enough storylines to fill up seasons and seasons is reasonably doubtful. Since The OC, One Tree Hill, The Gilmore Girls, and Laguna Beach, creating a teen drama

that hasn’t been seen before is going to be difficult. The writers have already used up the sex plotline, which will only be able to be used a few more times before it grows dull. True, the series was adapted from a very popular book series. However, the plot in a book can be dragged on much longer than in a television show. It will be interesting to see if the show will become more popular than the book or if it will continue to hide in the book’s shadow. One thing is certain, the CW is relying on Gossip Girl to bring in a substantial audience this fall. With the loss of its most popular series, like The Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and 7th Heaven, the network will be strapped to find a devoted audience. These snobby New Yorkers have a lot of pressure riding on them. The question is whether the show will break under the pressure or thrive from it. With America’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl combined, Wednesday nights on the CW will certainly be interesting and exciting. Be sure to stay tuned!

but original enough to pack in a ton of laughs: Charlie Logan (Cook) is hexed when he refuses to kiss a goth girl during a preteen game of Spin the Bottle. Charlie becomes an adult and realizes that he is the lucky charm for every girl he is with; after they break up with

him, they meet their true love. Charlie discovers the gift within his curse thanks to his breast-obsessed, plastic surgeon best friend Stu, played by Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury). Charlie uses women for sex in order to “help” them

Cook Shines in Chuck



The most anticipated comedy of the fall is finally here. Dane Cook’s latest, Good Luck Chuck, is a comedy close to the standard set by Wedding Crashers in 2005. The plot is simple enough to follow

See COMEDY page 11

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The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

Page 10


The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

UNH Invited to Join North- Bills’ Everett Continues to Improve east-10 Conference



WEST HAVEN—The University of New Haven confirmed Saturday, Sept. 22 that the school has accepted an invitation to join the prestigious Northeast-10 Conference and will reinstate the Charger Football program. President Steven Kaplan made the announcement internally at a prearranged meeting of faculty and staff, and followed up with an e-mail to the university community.

"After three years and long hours of hard work by several individuals at the university, in particular, Director of Athletics Debbie Chin, I am thrilled to announce that the presidents of the Northeast-10 Conference have extended an invitation to the University of New Haven to join the Northeast-10," Kaplan wrote. "Many of you already realize that this is a huge move forward for us in a number of ways. Membership in the

Northeast-10 enhances our athletic potential. It raises our academic profile, and it marks us as a university that is aggressively moving forward. We will be joining American International, Assumption, Bentley, Bryant, Franklin Pierce, Le Moyne, Merrimack, Pace, St. Anselm, Saint Michael's, Saint Rose, Southern Connecticut State, Southern New Hampshire, Stonehill, University of MassachusettsLowell ... schools with which we share a closer profile.

"We will become a full member of the conference in the fall of 2009. To do so, we are required to reinstate our football program. Until we transition to the NE-10, we will remain a member of the East Coast Conference." Full details regarding the conference realignment are expected to be released by the Northeast-10 Conference in the coming weeks, and UNH and the Department of Athletics will issue a formal statement at that time.


WEST HAVEN— Four different players scored goals for the University of New Haven women's soccer team on Saturday, Sept. 22 as the Chargers blanked Georgian Court University, 4-0, in the first-ever game played at the new artificial turf Kayo Field on the UNH main campus. UNH scored three times in the second half to put the game out of reach in front of a season-best crowd at Kayo Field. The facility, which has long been a practice field for the Charger football, soccer and lacrosse programs, was given a $1.3 million artificial turf overhaul this summer and will now serve as the permanent game field for soccer and lacrosse. The field is located in



jury catastrophic, but just weeks after enduring the injury, Everett shows signs of great improvement that no one thought would be possible. Buffalo Bills medical doctor John Marzo released a statement Monday, Sept. 17 updating the status of Everett. Marzo said, "Kevin Everett remains medically stable in the intensive care unit, and continues to make daily improvement in his neurological status." Marzo also added, "When examined Sunday evening by orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cappuccino, Kevin demonstrated increased strength in the muscles of his legs. In addition, he was able to show some movement in both hands. Supportive care continues for vital body systems while Everett begins to focus on his neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation." Everett was able to regain movement in both his hands and legs just days after the horrific injury.

After suffering a serious injury during week one of the NFL season, Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett shows great signs of improvement. Everett was injured on a kickoff during the first week of the season when the Bills took on the Denver Broncos. As soon as Everett made a hit on kick returner Domenik Hixon, Everett immediately collapsed to the turf and did not move. Buffalo Bills trainers attended to Everett right away and Everett was taken off the field on a stretcher. He was rushed to the hospital and given imfreshman Michelle mediate surgery that Loya did not pull up took four hours to reon her long run, and pair the damage to his instead tapped the ball spine. During the surjust between the legs gery, doctors inserted of the goalkeeper as a cage and a plate she bent down to pick that is held in by four up the ball. GCU de- screws. Doctors also fenders were unable inserted two small to get across in time to rods that are held in clear away the slow- place by another four rolling goal, which screws. After surgery, it was gave UNH their final believed that Everett’s margin of victory. Senior Caitlin chances of walking Witucki started her again were very slim. first game in goal Doctors called the infor the Chargers and picked up the shutout after being added to the roster less than 24 hours earlier. Like sports?

Women’s Soccer Opens Improved Kayo Field



the heart of the UNH a pass from freshman main campus, behind Holly Dawson, firing the school's newest the ball from the left residence hall. side of the box. MoyNew Haven im- lan then assisted on proved to 5-2-2 over- a goal by Kelli Veras all with the victory less than six minutes while pushing GCU later, using a crossing back under .500 at 5-6 pass to the right side overall. to put Veras one-onSenior Amy Des- one with the GCU marais connected on keeper. a beauty of a goal at UNH capped off 30:08 in the first half the game with a good to put her name into hustle goal at 78:57. the record books with Dawson passed the the first-ever goal on ball forward to the the new field. Selina right flank, and the Moylan crossed a pass Georgian Court keepfrom the left to the er came out to chalmiddle of the box and lenge the ball and Desmarais came lung- pick it up. But UNH ing down the middle to put the ball into the back of the net. Moylan put home her fifth goal of the season at 63:24 in the secA CARLY YAMAUCHI PHOTO ond half off The women’s soccer team plays on Kayo Field Saturday, Sept. 22.

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A&E Continued

The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

Page 11

McHale Gets Laughs from Family con’t from page 5

concluded with Mayer accidentally assuming McHale was pregnant. “He was really embarrassed” begging McHale not to publicly announce the

situation “so of course I told it to everyone.” McHale has participated on television shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and commentary on Vh1 show Best Week

Ever, and her own special on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. The audience was generally responsive to McHale’s material and interaction occurred between

The Life of a Mobster

the end of the story. Ads also focus on the relationship between Charlie and Cam, which really does not even become serious until halfway through the film. The main focus of the entire movie is sex. From the twisted explanation of the relationship bases by Stu in the opening party scene to the amount of breasts shown throughout the film provide some laughs but also take the story away from the love story that the movie was advertised to be about. As long as you are not easily offended

students themselves, however, some jokes fell flat and were left con’t from page 8 on deaf ears. point of the film is the acting. With a cast comprised of some of the most underrated actors active today, the realism conveyed on screen will engage the viewers immediately. Viggo Mortensen is cold, calculating, yet enchantingly charming. Naomi Watts delivers a solid performance, and supporting actors Vincent Cassel and Armin Mueller-Stahl give the film a dark and intense edge. The performances are so convincing, even the bad guys are sympathetic at some points despite their heinous actions. If there is a weak part of the movie it is its pacing. The film Dane Cook and Jessica Alba star in Good Luck Chuck. starts slow, and it nevby promiscuous sex Chuck is the comedy and, at times, raun- to see this fall. chy jokes, Good Luck

ring finger. For all of you who don’t know or don’t understand, I’m here to explain where this mystical symbol came from and its hold on musical culture. This symbol’s original name is the “Malocchio,” but people would later dub it as “the Devil’s Horns,” or simply just “the Horns.” The Horns made their debut thanks to metal front man Ronnie James Dio (originally Ronald James Pavadona). At the time, Ronnie James was the replacement singer for Black Sabbath, after Ozzy Osbourne broke away to pursue a solo career. During his time with Black Sab-

bath, he not only created great music with a fantastic band, but also brought with him a symbol that would become synonymous with the metal genre for decades to come. Ronnie’s primary influence for using The Horns was his grandmother. She was a superstitious Italian woman who believed heavily in omens, good and bad luck, Catholicism, and religious symbols. His grandmother used to make this gesture to ward off the “evil eye,” which was common among many superstitious Southern Italians. She also used the Malocchio symbol to give the “evil eye,” or to wish bad luck

Chuck: Comedy Classic

con’t from page 8

find their husbandsto-be. That is, until he meets Cam (Jessica Alba), a penguin fanatic that works at a penguin exhibit in an aquarium with her stoner brother. Charlie falls in love with Cam and will do anything he can to break the curse and keep her with him. The advertisements for the film, while hilarious, fail to really tell the story of Chuck. True, Cam is unbelievably unlucky and clumsy. However, those characteristics are barely a factor in the movie and actually seem to fade away by

The Origins of the Historic Devil Horns



Imagine you’re at your first metal concert and the guitarist just finished playing a face-melting solo and you notice that everyone proceeds to throw their hands with an odd-looking hand gesture. Your first thought might be “Hey that looks like the ‘I love you’ gesture in sign language.” Here is where you’d be dead wrong. The difference is the “I love you” symbol has the thumb outstretched and away from the hand with the index and pinky finger extended away from the hand. Instead the thumb is placed just over the middle and

upon someone. People may become angry with me and say that Ronnie James didn’t start The Horns. Some other examples of people showing The Horns was on the Beatles album, Yellow Submarine. On this album cover, one of the members can be seen throwing up the horns. Another example is the Love Gun album by KISS. Gene Simmons can be seen with his arm stretched off to the side with the classic two-finger metal salute. The only thing I have to say to this is, yes I do agree that it is possible these musicians came up with the symbol before Ronnie James. However, Ron-

nie James was the one who popularized this symbol. He’s the one that used it in all his videos and concerts. He was the one who lived by this symbol. If it wasn’t for Ronnie, people would look at the above albums and say, “What’s that he’s doing with his hand?” Now that you understand where this wonderful symbol came from, I hope the next metal concert you attend you’ll remember the number of decades this gesture has been roaming around. Now get out there and throw up The Horns with pride!

er picks up to a pace it rightfully should. While clocked in at exactly 100 minutes, the movie feels like it is at least two hours long. This is not to say that movie is too long, just that it feels longer than it actually is. Overall, Eastern Promises is an aboveaverage movie that can excite and depress a viewer at the same time. The violence is intense and realistic, yet it is used in an artistic and powerful way. The acting is stunning and worth the price of admission. While this movie is not on the same level as the classic it is reminiscent of, it is a strong and moving film.

The Results Are In... Forget Paris 56% Jordan Moser 27% Safe From the Storm 16% Mornalir 1%

Forget Paris will be performing at College Night on Oct. 4

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The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

Want to know what’s going on today? Add UNHActivities to your AIM friend list. Activities are listed every day in its away message!

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Charger Bulletin Board The Charger Bulletin | September 26, 2007

Class Elections Candidate Bios con’t from page 5

office, I also had the opportunity to work with the Hall Councils of both Botwinik and Bethel Halls to plan and budget many events and programs to make the year unforgettable. I am ready to take on this position as the Class of 2009’s Treasurer and work beside the rest of the class officers and plan the events such as

Snowball and Senior Week. I plan to make these events some of the most memorable time, so we can leave the university and look back and not have any regrets. If elected, I hope to serve you to the best of my ability. In addition, if elected, please feel free to speak to me about anything and suggest any other events or fundraising

ideas you may have to make the university a better place. As a class, let’s leave this university in 2009 and leave our mark as one of the best.” Get to know these candidates better at upcoming election events. Meet the Candidates Night for freshmen candidates and voters will be on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9 p.m. in Bethel

happen to the friendships I will have valued for the past four years? I wouldn’t worry about this scenario if the adults in my life had more active friendships. My mom went to Hamilton College in upstate New York. I know for a fact that she rarely ever even speaks to the friends she made there. The only friends she really keeps in touch with are the parents of my brothers’ friends. However, she often does not have time to

see them. My stepfather has a collection of childhood friends he still sees on a regular basis, but that is because none of them have left the general area they grew up in. I don’t personally know my godparents because my parents have failed to keep in touch with them. If we lose touch with all of these people throughout our lives, who are we expected to talk to when we get older? Coworkers? Neighbors? As college ends, we think about how our

The Charger Bulletin The student newspaper of the University of New Haven

Hall, 9:30 p.m. in Botwinik Hall, and 10 300 Boston Post Road p.m. in Bixler Hall. West Haven, CT 06516 Online voting will be Phone (203) 932-7182 open from Tuesday, Fax (203) 931-6056 Oct. 2 through day, Oct. 4. Students will receive e-mails ——————STAFF—————— explaining the voting process. The new offi- Editor-in-Chief Celina Natola cers will be presented Assistant Editor Zack Rosen at the USGA meeting on Friday, Oct. 5. Staff Writers Mario Abate, Jessica Balaban, Chris Balanca, Lisa Barker, Mia Becker, Heather Brown, Sarah Buchman, Jonathan Cascio, Joseph Chapman, Sara Collins, Erin Ennis, Timothy Fasano, Aimee Ferrebee, Ryan Flanagan, Sara McGuire, Nikki Nadeau, Dan Osipovitch, Dave Padula, Sijith Salim, Jessica Wassil lives are going to Staff Photographers Keri Comeroski, John change. Why is it that Kritzman, Dan Osipovitch, Heather Brown we never really focus Staff Sports Writer John Oko on how our friendships will? I’m not going to go ————ADVERTISING———— to my room and sulk about how doomed my The Charger Bulletin accepts advertising from friendships are. How- outside sources. Ad rate sheets are available upon ever, I can’t help but request by calling (203) 932-7182 or via email at think about how they Advertisements are going to change, must be either submitted on disk by mail, fax or in and how some already person, or preferably sent via email. All advertisehave. Why is it that in ments must be received by noon on the Thursday prian age where every or to scheduled printing. Due to school sanctions, The Charger Bulletin is unable to accept advertisements corner of the world is from establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. connected by technol- The Charger Bulletin reserves the right to refuse any ogy, friendships can advertisements. Advertisements within The Charger be so affected by dis- Bulletin are insterted by outside sources identified in tance? the advertisements themselves and not by the Uni-

Where Does All the Friendship Go? con’t from page 6

to go? The beauty of college is also its unkindness. People from all different geographical locations come together and separate into common fields, allowing people to find other people that are interested in the same things as them. However, once college ends, those geographical locations build potentially indestructible barriers between friends. After graduation, when I head back toward Boston, what will

versity of New Haven. Advertising material printed herein is solely for informational purposes.

Freedom of Scandalous Press con’t from page 6

you. I am going to hire a lawyer and sue you for discrimination and hostile workplace. If you are 21 or younger, your family is libel (sic) too. Get mom and dad to start shopping for an attorney.” However, some comments are in support of editor Mark Rowan and The Recorder. One student wrote, “Had the character in last week’s comic been an 18-yearold British gentleman named ‘Chadwick,’ none of you would be complaining. The problem here is not

that The Recorder is insensitive. Rather, it is that certain groups on campus erroneously believe they are entitled to immunity from being the butt of a joke. That’s not how equality works.” Coincidentally, John Petroski wrote that comment. The First Amendment states that our freedom of speech is not to be abridged. But does the author and artist of these controversial subjects have the right to create them, and does the editor of a college newspaper have the right to

print them? I am beyond appalled by both of these incidents, but yet my answer without hesitation is “yes.” Just because someone has the legal right to do something doesn’t mean that they have the moral right. The problem lies in determining where one person’s freedom of speech affects another person’s freedom of living peacefully. In no way am I defending the controversial subjects recently printed in The Recorder; in fact, I’d recommend action by the editor about future

—LETTERS TO THE EDITOR— articles or comics that will obviously offend many people – especially in a university campus setting. I do, however, defend the legal right to speak and publish one’s feelings and beliefs. If I didn’t, I’d be hypocritical for writing weekly editorials for The Charger Bulletin, and hypocritical for welcoming and listening to comments from both sides of an argument. But we all have to remember that there are just as many legal rights in America as there are moral wrongs.

The Charger Bulletin welcomes letters to the editor. Letters can be sent via email to ChargerBulletin@, dopped off at the Charger Office or left in our USGA box. All letters must include the writer’s full name and phone number for verification and can be withheld upon request. The opinions expressed in letters to the editors, poems, columns or other submissions are not necessarily those of The Charger Bulletin staff. The Charger Bulletin has the right to refuse to print any letter or submission. Final decisions are made by the editors.

———OPPORTUNITIES——— Students are strongly encouraged to write for The Charger Bulletin. Visit us on the third floor of Bartels Hall for more info.

—————MEETINGS————— Mondays at 2:00pm in Meeting Rooms A & B or in the Bulletin Office in Bartels Hall.

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