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Charger Bulletin The official student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938. Volume 95, Issue 1 | September 4, 2013 | West Haven, CT

From Union Station to West Haven Station


OIT Launches Network Security Changes


Among the many changes the University has made around campus, a group of students are taking matters into their own hands to create a new Acapella group.

SEE PAGE 4 Psi Omega is the first group to receive the Spirit Awards Trophy for two consecutive years. At the 2013 national conference they won second place in the group talent showcase.





SPORTS UNH head men’s basketball coach,Ted Hotaling has announced the hiring of Mark Palmieri as an assistant coach and basketball analytics coordinator for the 2013-14 season.


OPINION It might be hard to establish a routine during the first week at school, but Elissa Sanci explains why taking time for herself at the gym is necessary, and better to go alone. SEE PAGE 6

In an email sent out to the University of New Haven’s student body Aug. 21, Ronald Quagliani, the Associate Vice President of Public Safety and Administrative Services, announced that the university would no longer provide a free shuttle service to Union Station. In its place, a courtesy van will now take students to the West Haven Station. Students are less than thrilled about this change. “The West Haven station doesn’t meet the needs of all or even a majority of students,” sophomore Sarah Boucher said. Union Station provided students with many different means of

transportation; besides access to Metro-North, students also had access to Greyhound and Peter Pan buses, along with other train services. The West Haven Station only provides access to the MetroNorth and Shoreline East trains. Many students are questioning why this change was made. “Why fix something that isn’t broken?” sophomore Trip Cahouet said. “The University of New Haven has committed its support to utilize the services of our hometown train station,” Quagliani said when asked about why the switch between stations was made. “The decision to change the shuttle service was made once the West Haven Station was approved for construction.” Quagliani explained that there are options available to students who need access to Amtrak,

charter bus services or Shoreline East during the time it does not stop in West Haven. Students have three options, two at no cost to the student. Students can take the UNH Train Station shuttle to the West Haven Train Station and take the eastbound Metro-North Train to Union Station. Quagliani also mentioned that the university is working with the State of Connecticut to allow UNH students to travel between the West Haven train station and the Union Station at no cost. Another option students have at no cost is to use the free UPass and use CT Transit to plan and execute their trip accordingly. Lastly, students have the option of contacting Metro Taxi or another taxi service for a direct trip to Union Station; this, however, is at the expense of See UNION page 3

Condor Carnival Kicks off Labor Day Weekend

ENTERTAINMENT Robin’s “Thicke” Controversy is over more than just his performance at the VMA’s, read about a review of his album titled Blurred Lines. SEE PAGE 15 If you missed any of the popular movies that came out recently, you can get a 2013 Movie Recap.




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gee Trampoline and “Bootcamp” obstacle course were new features this year. Free t-shirts were also –––––––––––––––––––––––––– handed out, but disappeared fairly quickly as the carnival got into swing. LAU brought back last year’s This year, Welcome Week cerpopular attractions too, among tainly had no shortage of events them inflatables like the Wrecking to entertain the University of New Ball, a rock climbing wall, dunk Haven student body. The Office of tank, sno cones, cotton candy, and Student Activities, with help from an all you can eat barbecue. Fire the Orientation Leaders and variScience students helped with grillous Recognized Student Organiza- ing burgers and hotdogs, while DJ tions, sponsored many events to Prestige played his mixes throughget the freshmen students excited out the day. The DJ, a friend of the for college. The Condor Carnival brothers in LAU, UNH student and this past Saturday, September 31st, former DJ of the carnival really got sponsored by Lambda Alpha Upsi- the crowd moving. The Elite Step lon in the Quad was one of them. team also performed in the center This year was the fraternity’s of the Quad, and drew a crowd third time holding the carnival, with their high energy and rhythand the turnout of students was mic dancing. much greater than in prior years. Sophomore Christian Tabares, a Among all the booths and rides, brother of LAU, mentioned how the smoothie table, make-your-own his fraternity really reached out street signs, inscribed dog tags, to other Greek organizations for henna tattoos, photo booth, Bunhelp with this big event. Many of STAFF WRITER POPRE1@UNH.NEWHAVEN.EDU

the culturally based fraternities and sororities were cosponsors, “We wanted to reach out to these populations,” Christian said. It was a way to promote unity among different Greeks on campus. Christian also mentioned his favorite additions to the carnival: the makeyour-own signs, and smoothie stand. Speaking of smoothies, activity at that stand didn’t run too smoothly at the start of the carnival. The line easily started to be the longest one, (no surprise on such a hot day), and the guy in charge of making smoothies didn’t know how to get the right consistency, or how to use the blender. Another brother of the LAU, Daquan Mervin, talked about how much the carnival improved since its first year, when only basic things were purchased. If the brothers saw a poor turnout with an activity in the previous year, they replaced it for this year’s See CONDOR page 5


–––––––––––––––––––––––––– This summer, the Office of Information Technology officially launched a new security initiative to better safeguard student data on campus. The Network Access Control, an appliance made by a company called Impulse Point, uses Safe Connect software to protect computers and other devices on the University of New Haven network from viruses and spyware, while also ensuring a safer environment for web surfing. These changes were a long time coming—10 years, according to Director of Networking/Systems Operations Greg Bartholomew. “We’re one of the last schools that I know of to put one in,” he said. Most schools have some sort of network access system which requires every device to be registered, Bartholomew added, but UNH was one of the few that left theirs wide open. The change requires students to register each of their devices on the “UNH Student” network to receive internet access. They must also install the Safe Connect software, which allows the computer to be tested for antivirus software. “It does not give us any access to the computer or any control over the computer,” said Bartholomew. However, it does mean that some type of antivirus software is required on all devices using the network. “We [IT department] have been making plans and strategies to best secure the network, which is for everyone’s benefit. We have to protect our data, and we also have to protect our users…” Bartholomew said. “We recognize that there’s going to be some frustration with it and we really appreciate their understanding. The majority of kids have been very cooperative.” Without the network security, there was no way of knowing if non-students found out the student password and were using it somewhere near campus. Only people with a legitimate account can now access the UNH network. “It’s to everyone’s benefit to know that everyone else on the network is secured and patched and has antivirus protection,” Bartholomew said. By ensuring that computers contain up-to-date antivirus protection, the OIT also looks to reduce the likelihood of viruses. With the single biggest task of the student support office being the cleaning of viruses and spyware, scanning for virus protection is planned to decrease the number of cases associated with these issues. However, the requirement of antivirus software led to some frustration among Mac users on campus. The OIT even debated for a long time on whether they wanted people with Macs to be required to purchase antivirus. At the end of the day, the decision was made for everyone to acquire antivirus protection. “There’s a myth that Macs can’t get viruses, but the reality is that virus writers have not been focusing on them,” said Bartholomew, See NETWORK page 3

September 4, 2013

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A Farewell to Dr. Boronico




members not only have two experiences in their academic program but also perform in the top 20% of their class); and to have played a small part in supporting UNH’s work to become a veteran friendly campus (We’ve Got Your 6!) I am grateful for having had the opportunity to share these experiences with you and I am hopeful that my work at UNH may have had a positive influence on the people, processes and programs I’ve left behind. As I move forward in my new role as Vice President for Enrollment Management/ Dean of Students at St. Vincent’s College, the University of New Haven will forever hold a place in my heart. This is not a GoodBye; but rather…See you around! Go Chargers!” Boronico also led two United Way campaigns, setting new UNH records in fundraising for this event, and established our Day of Caring participation. She was recognized with a Faculty Excellence Award for Administrative Support in 2009 and given the Experiential Education MVP award in 2011. Over the last few years she has worked in Enrollment Management to identify issues impacting retention and graduation and most recently has contributed to our efforts to become a veteran friendly campus.


The University of New Haven community said farewell to their Associate Vice President for Retention, Dr. Christie Boronico. A reception was held in Dr. Boronico’s honor when she left UNH to assume the role of Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Student Affairs at St Vincent’s College in Bridgeport. The farewell reception was held July 18 at 3:00 until 4:30 p.m., in Room 124 of Maxcy Hall. Efforts were made to show appreciation for all she has done in her eight years at the University. Her last day at the university was July 19. Dr. Christie Boronico came to UNH from Rutgers University in the fall of 2005 with many years of experience in higher education. She began her work in the Career Services area and soon came to know the people of UNH through her work with Strategic Plan development. In 2006 she accepted the challenge of developing UNH’s Experiential Education agenda and over the next four years she worked with faculty, staff, students, and community partners to build UNH’s reputation nationally as a leader in experiential education. “Those who worked closely with her remember that the details of defining and planning strategies for building the experiential ed-

ucation platforms included pins, balloons, photos, celebrations, and recognition of excellence,” said Linda Morris on Boronico’s behalf. In 2010 she moved to the Enrollment Management Division to explore the student experience as it relates to retention and student success. In the last three years she has helped to define the First Year Experience, and worked with special populations such as Veteran students to inspire campus wide conversations on their transitional needs creating programs and processes recognized as best practice within and outside the institution. “We will miss her creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, and her willingness to take on any new project assigned,” said Morris. In recognition of her departure, Dr. Boronico stated, “Dear Friends, this is not a farewell note, but rather a reflection on the wonderful memories I’ve gathered during my time working within the UNH community. UNH is a community of faculty, administration, staff and alumni who are dedicated to ensuring that our students grow to their potential through academics, experiences, and leadership. Some of my greatest satisfactions have come from working with UNH faculty completing the NSEE Experiential Education Academy, (more than any other institution in the US); and UNH students inducted into the Society for Experiential Education (SEE

ACJA Brings Home the Spirit Award...Again!


––––––––––––––––––––– Psi Omega is the first group to receive the Spirit Awards Trophy for two consecutive years! The 2013 national conference, with a theme of Terrorism: Domestic and Abroad, took place over one week in April at the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge, which included written exams in Corrections, Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice, LAE Knowledge, and Police Management; and with competitions in Physical Agility, Crime Scene Investigations, and Firearms. Psi Omega also attended two different presentations during the conference that included topics on Terrorism and Linguistics presented by a retired FBI Agent. After a week of competing against chapters from all over the country, Psi Omega was awarded with eight trophies

including the Spirit Award for having the most spirit and being the most enthused group in attendance. It shall be noted that we are the first group to receive this trophy two consecutive years! We were also awarded second place in the group talent showcase, where we performed a blend of line dances ending with Charlie the Charger performing the YouTube sensation, “Harlem Shake”. We would like to thank the Bartel’s family, Jim McCoy (Vice President for Enrollment Management), and Dean Mario Gaboury (Dean of the Henry C Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences) for their continuous support and making our attendance at the conference possible. We look forward to attending the upcoming Regional Conference being held in Newark, DE in midOctober! Finally, we’d like to congratulate the following com-

petitors and our chapter on winning these trophies after the hard work and dedication put into the conference: Criminal Law (written test) – Maegan Moran (1st place – Lower Division) Crime Scene Investigations (hands on competition) – Kelly Holloran, Brandi Rios, Thomas Yarosis (1st place – Lower Division) Juvenile Justice (written test) – Alexis Steere (2nd place – Upper Division) LAE Knowledge (written test) – Maegan Moran (2nd place – Lower Division), Kyle Richards (1st place – Upper Division), Erin Wiswell (2nd place – Upper Division) Police Management and Operations (written test) – Kristen O’Keeffe (2nd place - Upper Division) Group Talent (2nd Place) Spirit Award

they knew their sons were in the right place together. The friends were among the 1,200 members of the Class of 2017 who took part in Opening Day activities on Thursday. Though the skies opened and a wild thunderstorm rolled through campus in the late morning, the mood was upbeat. A special WNHU broadcast spilled out into the quad. Students in bright red Welcome Wagon t-shirts efficiently packed moving carts, while staff in yellow tshirts helped direct families wherever they needed to go. Jessica Jarkowsky ’14, a Soundview RA, passed out fortune cookies to students as they waited to check in. Fred Cheney III and his family were in line with a full cart and some bags. Cheney was moving into the Fire Science Living Learning Community. “I’m a little anxious,” he said, “but mostly excited.” Katia Bagwell, a criminal justice major from Hamden, said she’d been waiting to get to UNH “since I can

remember. I’m not nervous at all.” Like Cheney, she’ll be part of a Living Learning Community, in criminal justice. As she waited to get to her room, Gabby DeLeo said she had much to look forward to: meeting her roommate, majoring in communications and playing softball. “I’m really excited about all the opportunities,” she said. For her parents, it was bittersweet. On the way up to UNH from Philadelphia that morning, Gabby slept. Her dad, Ed, drove, and her mom, Sheila, received text after text wishing them all luck. Ed DeLeo said Gabby is their youngest and only daughter, recruited to play softball rather far from home. Her four older brothers had all stayed local for college. “It’s a great opportunity for her,” Sheila DeLeo said. “But she’s my best friend. On the way up, my eyes were filling up. They’re filling up now.”

College Journey Begins on Move-in Day for First-Year Students




Back in middle school, Richard Carter Jr., Kevin Morel and Yurka Natsagdorj made a pact: they would attend the same Manhattan high school. In high school, they took

it a step further and decided they wanted to attend the same college. And the school that drew each of them in from the start was UNH. “It was a very hospitable environment,” Carter said as he moved his things into the residence hall the friends will share. “I felt at home here when I came on my

enhanced visit.” Morel and Natsagdorj will major in business, and Carter in accounting. Having a pair of best friends to start the college journey “is essential,” Carter said. “I understand the rarity of this.” The key to their longstanding friendship? “Trust,” said Morel.


It was crowded and hot but merry in their room, as all of their parents and even Richard’s godfather were on hand to help unpack and see them off. “I’ve been a complete wreck between orientation and today,” said Marie Carter, Richard’s mom. But on move-in day, she said a sense of calm set in. All of the parents said

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September 4, 2013

From Union Station to West Haven Station students on campus who rely on Union Station, Irons expressed through his letter. “I think the school is being negligent to the student needs by suspending shuttles to the New Haven station,” Boucher added. Quagliani did mention, however, that the university might provide direct service to Union Station during peak times when many students will be leaving for breaks. “We anticipate offering direct shuttle service to Union Station for times, such as Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break,” he said.

Amidst Quagliani’s alternatives, Irons said, “I hope that you can take the time to reevaluate the services offered at the West Haven train station and realize that the Union Station in New Haven is a much better option seeing that there are multiple modes of transportation students can use, especially with a strained budget being a college student. Please consider changing the train station courtesy van/shuttle service back to Union Station so that students are provided cost-effective options.”

recalling a 2012 Macintosh virus that affected 600,000 people. Students who do not have antivirus can purchase the software by clicking the “Purchase and Download Software” button under the Technology tab on insideUNH. Trend Micro is offered for PCs, Indigo for Mac, and the third software called Sophos, will soon be available for both PCs and Macs. However, students can choose to purchase any type of antivirus they choose. Don’t have the money to purchase antivirus? AVG is a free and trusted source in antivirus software. (http:// Safe Connect also allows OIT to more efficiently track who is performing illegal downloads, because

there is now a record of who owns specific devices. Bartholomew said this would enable OIT to directly address the problem with the appropriate people. Limits on peer-to-peer (P2P) sites like Limewire and Gnutella are an additional priority. Safe Connect can detect in the server when a P2P site is accessed. If students have a P2P program running, a notice will pop up on the screen saying the program must be shut down in order to use the internet. There remains, however, flexibility. Starting in September, P2P websites may be accessed for a limited period of time, which allows someone who is using the site legitimately to do so. This is rare, according to Bartholomew. “Most schools that I know of block peer to peer com-

pletely…” he said. “We’re just trying to be as fair as we can.” How to Register— Students are able to join the “UNH Student” network with their network ID and password; computers, phones, iPads, etc. can be accessed through this network. Guests to the university can also use internet, but must register on the “Guest” network instead. Non-computing devices (i.e. Blu-ray, Apple TV, Wii) must join the “Devices” network. For more information and specific steps on how to register devices, visit or contact student support at or call (203) 932-8324.


energy source is not sustain-

This fall, the University of New Haven is launching its first-ever common course, “Sustainability and Ideas for the Future.” The course, created around a shared intellectual experience, reflects a growing trend in colleges and universities nationwide, but UNH’s cluster approach is rare, according to the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU). First-year experiences and seminars, often shaped around navigating university life and developing collegelevel critical thinking skills, have become common at colleges around the country. They play an important role in preparing students for college life. According to a study published by the AACU, common courses or shared intellectual experiences on college campuses have grown considerably in the last decade, and they help foster student success and persistence. Yet while most common courses at colleges focus on succeeding in college, the UNH course will focus – from the very first week of college -- on sustainability as it pertains to the environment. The students in the course and 19 tenured faculty members teaching it will explore questions such as: Can we meet the challenge of feeding nine billion people? Is the city sustainable? If our

time, what new ideas can we come up with? The approach is catching on around the country. Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and Texas State University have similar programs, and the University of Indianapolis is developing a shared intellectual experience that will culminate in a capstone project. Todd Jokl, UNH’s director of the common course and associate professor of art and design, noted that having a common course or intellectual experience with this kind of cluster approach and wide-ranging faculty support is unusual. He said it speaks volumes about how UNH wants to ensure students have valuable interactions with the full-time faculty and an outstanding academic experience from their first day of college. Terrel Rhodes, vice president for the Office of Quality, Curriculum and Assessment at the AACU, said courses like UNH’s are a promising concept and decidedly less common than first-year experience seminars. The UNH course came about after UNH President Steven H. Kaplan challenged the faculty to think about how they could create a common educational experience at UNH. College of Arts and Sciences Dean Lourdes Alvarez initiated a campus-wide faculty task force to propose creative approaches to the president’s

challenge and shape the course. “We have a tremendous opportunity here at UNH to do very exciting things with strong support from the administration,” said Alvarez. “These are some of the pressing questions of our time, and in this course our students and faculty will have the chance to explore them together.” Charlie Boynton, an associate professor of finance, said the course will likely have farreaching effects. “My primary hope for the course is to spur critical thinking for the first-year students,” he said. “If we are successful here there is a natural multiplier effect and students will be more likely to be successful in their subsequent classes and careers.” Students in the course will choose from three sections or clusters: the Future of the American City, the Future of Energy or the Future of Food. Each cluster will deal with interdisciplinary issues by having professors from different disciplines focus on common sustainability problems. “The energy section for example combines an historian, an engineer, a biologist, a STEM educator (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and a political scientist-national security specialist,” said Edmund Todd, associate professor of history.

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the student. In a letter addressed to Quagliani, senior Ryan Irons addressed his concern about the change between stations. “The recent change from Union Station to West Haven Metro-North Station hinders the transportation modes for many students.” Union Station is approximately 2.2 miles away from campus, while the West Haven Station is 2.3 miles away. The 0.1 mile difference between the two stations, and the fact that both stations are seven minutes from campus, frustrate the

OIT Launches Network Security Changes

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UNH Offers Rare Approach to Trendy Common Course ––––––––––––––––––––– able after a certain point in

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Letters from Rebecca Johnson, Dean of Students



Dear Returning Students: Welcome to the start of the 2013-14 academic year! We are excited about your return to campus and the addition of over 1435 new undergraduate students to the UNH community. I encourage you to make an effort to welcome the new students; connect with friends, faculty and staff and take advantage of the many resources and opportunities UNH has to offer. Please plan to participate in the Welcome Week events which are open to all students. The Welcome Week schedule can be found at: Sophomores Sophomore year is a time when you have a number of choices to make as you reconnect with friends, faculty and staff at UNH. Some of you may have feelings of indecision, being lost or depressed. These feelings are experienced by many students at some time during their sophomore year so know that you are not alone. If you are feeling a lack of motivation, uncertainty about being in college or continuing with your major or career choice coupled with a lack of energy, motivation and difficulty sleeping, it is important to seek assistance from a Residential Life staff member, your advisor, Counseling and Psychological Services or a University faculty or staff member. I encourage you to get involved in a club or organization if you didn’t do so your freshman year; meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan and career goals; find a mentor on campus; start planning for an internship or study abroad experience; and register with Charger Career Link (, your free online career management system to view internships/ jobs, post your resume, and explore careers! To assist you, we have developed a Sophomore Experience website which

can be found at: http://www. This site will link you to the resources that are designed to support your success this year. Keep an eye out for the sophomore programs which will be offered by your class officers, the Office of Student Activities and University departments. Juniors You are already half way through your college experience and are probably wondering how the last two years went by so quickly. Your junior year is a time to consolidate all of your experiences to date. Some of you have made plans to study abroad next semester, others will take on leadership positions and serve as mentors to freshmen and sophomores, focus on internships, co-ops or off campus jobs which enhance your learning experience and prepare you for your career. A visit to the Career Development Center,, is a must for all juniors. Be sure to register with Charger Career Link (, your free online career management system to view internships/ jobs, post your resume, and explore careers! As a junior, you will be challenged to balance a more demanding course load along with your co-curricular activities. Please be sure to take advantage of the resources offered by the Career Development Center, Center for Learning Resources, Counseling and Psychological Services, and your academic advisor. Seniors As a senior, you are beginning to prepare to leave the University and this year will be filled with “last times” as you move toward graduation and membership in the UNH Alumni Association (http:// Your courses will be even more demanding, many of you will have an internship requirement to fulfill, and you will finalize your resume and begin the job search or apply to graduate school. Be sure to visit the Career Development Center; register with Charger Career Link (www.unhcareercenter.

com), your free online career management system to view internships/jobs, post your resume, and explore careers; and, check with the Office of Student Activities on the content of your co-curricular transcript ( which will validate your out of class learning experiences at UNH. As leaders in the residence halls, student government, athletics, clubs and organizations and in the classroom you will serve as a mentor to other students. Senior year is a time to bring closure to your college experience and reflect on all that you have learned both academically and personally. You no doubt have noticed a number of changes on campus since you left in May to include the construction of North Hall, new stairs in Maxcy Hall, the beginning of construction on the new residence hall, parking lot renovations and a number of improvements in the residence halls. For information on parking permits, shuttles and the UPass program please go to: student-life/3950/. In closing, I encourage you to model the UNH community values which form the Charger Compact. As a member of the UNH community: I will strive for academic excellence. I will assume responsibility for my words, actions and inaction. I will respect the dignity, rights and property of all persons. I will strive to appreciate, respect and learn from others whose experiences and opinions are different from mine. I will conduct my academic and personal life with integrity. I will strive to contribute positively to the campus, local and global communities. Best wishes for a successful year. The Dean of Students Office is always available to assist you with any question or concern you may have. We are glad you are back!

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September 4, 2013

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Aca-scuse Me? CCTIP 5K Run




It appears in the last decade the music world has seen one of the largest style crazes sweep the charts. “Stripped down” acoustics fill the campus air and people are coming together to jam out with nothing but their vocal chords. Acapella, the musical style known for being done with only vocals, has hit the big screen, in a big way, with the success of Glee and the hit movie Pitch Perfect. Now it’s even making its way onto our campus. “It’s like every time my friends and I have a movie night someone brings up Pitch Perfect to watch,” said sophomore Paul Taylor. Taylor, who has been an avid musician both instrumentally and vocally since middle school, is in the process of forming a new acapella group on campus called Fully Charged. He hopes this will bring some excitement and positive energy to the University of New Haven’s community. “I think there’s some-

thing about people coming together with nothing but voices that just attracts people,” he explained while discussing his thoughts on the popularity of acapella in our society. He has been inspired by this music style over the years when watching the show The Sing Off and talented groups like On the Rocks, who know how to have fun and get the crowd going. When asked who he thought would be his perfect duet partner and song choice, Paul chose former On the Rocks member Peter Hollins, and said he would love to perform Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason,” a solid choice if I do say so myself! While there is a class on campus that performs traditional acapella music, called Harmonies, Fully Charged is going to bring a very different flavor of the genre to the student body. A standard group like Harmonies usually stands in an arch or semicircle and performs with the soloist standing in the center. Paul explained that he envisions his group will be a performance show choir of 20 or 25 people,


more like what has been seen on shows like Glee and Pitch Perfect. There will be costumes, choreography and a whole lot of fun you will not want to miss out on! Musically, they will focus on a wide variety of contemporary favorites as well as some mashups composed by students. Andrew Cunningham will be arranging the music, Jasmine Crowell and Monica Kowalski will be choreographing performance numbers and Paul will lead the group. Auditions are set to take place sometime before fall break, though dates and times have yet to be determined. If you are interested please check out UNHFullyCharged for updates and mote information. The group is also looking for a public relations team if anyone is interested in helping them spread the word of this wonderful group! I’m sure you’ll be hearing them soon. I wish Paul and Fully Charged the best of luck and can’t wait to be there for their first performance!

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UNH Tweets of the Week

The University of New Having has seen many changes and growth in many aspects around campus. One way to promote growth around campus is to get involved and be a part of spreading the word of expansion through the grape vine. Avery Appleton, the Vice President of a new campus organization called the Coalition to Combat Trafficking in Persons (CCTIP), along with his organization is fundraising a 5K race coming up on October 5th. Their group is partnered with an NGO called Global Sentry Group and 50% of all the proceeds from the run will go to them.

CCTIP was recently established by Dr. Timothy Palmbach last spring. The purpose of this organization is to promote awareness, provide education, and raise funds to directly support efforts to combat the issue of human trafficking worldwide. Members facilitate investigative and operational efforts of the Non-Governmental Organization known as “Global Sentry Group” in its mission to dismantle the networks of the modern human slave trade. In other words, students are offered the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with a legitimate organization in a variety of fields depending on the students’ field and interest. “Our work as a group is split pretty evenly between this hands on work and fundraising activities. Half


says it helps students posi-




of all our generated money goes directly to fund missions organized by Global Sentry Group. We have confirmation from the organization’s founder and president, Jeff Blom, that the money is to be used for field operations, not administrative purposes. This way, individuals who contribute monetarily can be sure that they are having a direct impact in the fight against human trafficking,” said Appleton. More information regarding the target nations where missions are scheduled to take place, as well as more information to educate participants on the definition, extent, and potential remedies for trafficking will be announced. Support the cause by signing up to attend the run!

Studying Math Keeps Mind Nimble - and Can Lead to Employment

Math is very much in the news of the moment, Braddy market. added. “Take the current “Perhaps the most valued news stories on the National skill math minors take with Security Agency program to them into the job market is use data-mining techniques their thinking,” he said. “You on phone logs, not the conwill learn to think differtent of the calls, but the to ently. The ability to reason and from numbers, locations well and to think clearly will and duration of the call,” always be respected.” she said. “Or the mining of UNH is seeing an uptick personal data to tailor search of interest in minoring in results to an individual. mathematics among STEM Good or bad, these tech(Science Technology, Enginiques are becoming more neering and Math) students. sophisticated and are here to Criminal justice majors, stay.” business majors and liberal Next spring, UNH plans arts and sciences majors— to offer math minors and whether English, psycholmajors an opportunity to ogy, fine arts or hospitality— take a new course in discrete who have an affinity and mathematics, the study of aptitude for math can also mathematical structures that benefit from minoring in it, are fundamentally discrete Kolibal said. rather than continuous. Kolibal said math is also Math minors can take that simply part of the landcourse along with Calculus scape in engineering and II and III, Linear Algebra technology-related fields. and nine credits of upperThe piece cited level mathematics courses a 2012 Millennial Branding that complement their major survey that said competition area of interest. for new science, technology, Liberal arts majors, fine engineering and math talent arts, theater arts, commuis steep, according to emnications or fields of study ployers, with graduates often with creativity at their center fielding multiple job offers. can also benefit from a math “The world is quantitaminor. While that might tive and cannot be described sound counterintuitive to without using quantitative those not in the field, math concepts like size, distance enhances creative thinking, and location. Whether it’s Kolibal said. dealing with questions of “To be creative you must be personal finance or dosage of productive,” he said. “There medications, math is reis a mechanism in math for quired,” said Linda Braddy, achieving productivity – deputy executive director of crystallizing ideas down to the Mathematical Associatheir essence.” tion of America. “There is also the growing importance of managing and interpreting data and what that means to us as citizens and as employees.”

––––––––––––––––––––– tion themselves in the job

WEST HAVEN, CONN. --- Studying math stretches a mind, builds discipline and creates out-of-the-box thinkers. For students worried about getting a job after graduation in a challenging market, math is a ticket to employment in some of the highest paying jobs available. That is why University of New Haven Mathematics Department Chair Joseph Kolibal recommends students, even those studying liberal arts or fields seemingly unrelated to math, minor in math. “Math distinguishes you in a competitive job market,” he said. “It shows that you have an analytical mind, that you took extremely challenging courses.” A study cited at in 2012 noted many of the highest paying jobs with anticipated job growth through 2020 are math related. That echoed a 2009 study noting that the top 15 highest paying jobs for college graduates— whether in engineering, health care, finance, computer science or the sciences—all required strong math skills. Top jobs for math majors or minors include actuaries, with an estimated median annual salary of $87,650, operations research analysts, cryptologists, statisticians, health data analysts, financial analysts and high school math teachers. But whether math is the major or the minor, Kolibal

September 4, 2013

Livewell’s Latest

Nashville in the Summer


carnival. Last year, laser tag didn’t fair too well, so that was taken away. Overall though, the carnival expanded to include so many more activities, food, crafts, and adrenaline-building rides. Daquan mentioned how the bootcamp obstacle course and dog-tag making were purchased with a military theme in mind. Enrique Cruz, president of LAU, thought the dunk tank and street signs would draw the most people in, and next year wants to try and have a ziplining station.



This Summer I spent my time in Nashville, Tennessee working for Sony ATV Music and the BIG 98 Country radio station, and I have to say that living in Nashville was the most amazing experience of my life. I was able to spend time in a city where I had something in common with everyone around me; a passion for music. I had never been a huge country music fan, but after working for a few country radio stations in college, I grew to really love it, and I knew that I would be immersed in it when I arrived in Tennessee. There is a different sense of emotion in country music that can appeal to just about anyone who listens, and it doesn’t matter their age or gender, which is something I love. During my time at Sony I learned a lot about songwriters as opposed to artists. I was also able to see that a lot of really amazing music written throughout the years would never be heard because it didn’t fit into a certain album or time period. That really made me upset as a true music lover because some of the songs that I have fallen in love with this summer were better than most songs on the radio today and would never be heard outside of Sony. It was great to simultaneously be working at a country radio station because I was able to follow the path of the songs that Sony songwriters wrote in May and hit the radio in August, becoming a huge hit. I learned about a lot of new country artists that I think ya’ll,

Condor Carnival Kicks off Labor Day Weekend

con’t from page 1


that’s the Tennessee in me, should definitely check out. If you haven’t heard of Brett Eldridge yet, it’s time you take a listen. He has songs all over iTunes now and his music is so real. He is the kind of country without the twang that I favorite most. His song, “Mean to Me,” is definitely my favorite on his new album. However, not the most popular, so you may have to do some digging to find it. If you are in love, or ever have been, this song is bound to touch you in some way. Joel Crouse is also an up and coming artist who is currently on tour with Taylor Swift. Instead of listening to his new music, I would suggest looking up his older covers on YouTube and chances are you will fall in love faster than you did when Luke Bryan first came out. Lastly, my favorite song of the summer comes from a duo that is strictly Nashville based. Striking Matches is a

duo that writes most of the songs Scarlet and Gunner from ABC’s hit show Nashville. Their original, “When the Right One Comes Along,” is the best-written, heart-felt song I have heard in a long time. Remember, I always love feedback from my articles, so if you listened to any of these suggestions, or have any opinions I’d love to hear from you at my school email address or through social media! It always helps to know if the things I suggest are received well or not so I can know what to change or keep the same when writing my articles! I cannot wait to start conducting artist interviews this year and I have so many show reviews lined up for ya’ll. Be sure to always check the bulletin boards on the first floor of Dodds for the latest shows that will be happening at The Space or Toad’s so that you can attend and read my feedback the following week to see whether or not you agree.

Right now my focus will be on outreach for residential students with anything that I can advocate for students such as if they are struggling academically, or with financial aid issues, or have mental health issues, as a bridge between the offices and services across campus. Any residential student who may be struggling knows that they can come here and have someone that would be willing to advocate for their needs on campus. Was this a new position that was created for the campus? Sort of, I’m doing everything that I was doing in my old position, but now it’s streamlined. I am still working with students in the residential setting and overseeing programming. The change is, now instead of being a handson doer, I am now in the position of supervising the Area Coordinators, coming up with goals for the future and developing a strategic plan. My goal is to be more of a one-to-one with students, figuring out what we can do in residential life so that there is something in place next year to give students a resource in order to deal

with the issues and trends that we see. It’s great that the campus is becoming so well connected between organizations, offices, and administration so students can get help. It’s essential. If there is at least one person that you know, even if it’s just a random question, it’s easier. Some students feel uncomfortable entering an office and bothering someone, but now I’m saying that’s my job. Come bother me, ask me questions. It could be something I have no idea about, but I can ensure students that I will find out that information. You don’t have to sit in your room and be unhappy. You can send an email or enter our office and feel like you’re not interrupting. Other than student advocacy, what are your plans for educational partnerships? Educational partnerships are the programs and initiatives we develop with outreach to faculty. I am taking on a bigger position with LLC’s and how we can move the program forward. I look at what other campuses are doing, what other LLC’s we

Page 5

Rebecca Podszus is one student who was intrigued by the carnival’s new features. She is a senior and says she usually doesn’t go to “these things,” but the street signs were what got her to come. “I really wanted to make one,” she says, and her friend agreed. Even though the printer broke a couple of times throughout the carnival, students definitely flocked to this stand. “Its great to see everybody come out and enjoy it,” says Cruz. This year’s Condor Carnival had so many activities to participate in. Although

some lines were excruciatingly long, it was great to see such a huge turnout of students. Keep an open mind for the Condor Carnival and what it entails for the future. We’ll just have to wait and see if the ziplining gets incorporated next year; fingers crossed.

UNH Only University in Connecticut to Offer Scholarships to Competitors in Miss Connecticut, Miss Connecticut Teen, Miss America’s Teen Pageants



WEST HAVEN, CONN. – The University of New Haven is the only university in the state that this year will offer scholarships to winners of the Miss Connecticut, Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen program and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. In addition the university sponsors its own pageant, Miss University of New Haven. “These women have demonstrated incredible overall talent and ability and devote a tremendous amount of time to helping the community,” said Ashley Abate, a

UNH admissions counselor. “We are pleased to honor their commitment and accomplishments and look forward to having them as part of the UNH community.” The winner of Miss Connecticut, Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen will receive a $5,000 UNH undergraduate scholarship in addition to any merit-based aid and financial aid they may be eligible for, said Abate. UNH is the only university in the state to provide the scholarship at the teen level. The Miss Connecticut Pageant is an official preliminary contest to the Miss America Pageant, the na-

tion’s leading achievement program and the world’s largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women. Participation in the Connecticut program provides young women with the opportunity to promote a platform of community service, share their talents, intelligence, and positive values while serving as role models in their communities. The outstanding teen program serves girls aged 13 to 17, while the Miss Connecticut Pageant serves young women aged 17-24. Winners within the Miss UNH pageant go on to the Miss Connecticut pageant.

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More Students, More Help




Residential Life on campus has been growing rapidly as the university opens its doors to increasing numbers of students each fall semester. With more students, comes more responsibility to provide services and counseling in residence halls; creating a comfortable atmosphere for firstyear students as well as those returning to live in upperclassmen housing. Rebecca Kitchell, former Associate Director of Residential Education, was recently promoted to Director of Residential Student Advocacy and Educational Partnerships. In her new position she is focusing on first-year student programming, oneon-ones, and collaborations with various campus offices. “Bother me,” said Kitchell. She has a lot of goals for her first year and looks forward to building a bridge between campus resources. What does your new position entail that differs from Associate Director of Residential Education?

can expand to, and how to get faculty engaged in the residence halls. What positions in Residential Life do you oversee? I’m supervised by the Associate Dean of Residential Life, Nicole McGrath. I directly oversee the two Area Coordinators and the LLC Coordinator. Under them are the Graduate Residential Directors and Resident Assistants. How long have you worked at the University of New Haven? Ten years on Sept. 3. I initially applied for the Director of Student of Activities coming from Dean College in Franklin, Ma. They had already filled that, but asked me to apply for a Residential Life position that was open. Originally I said no, but after visiting the campus, I loved it. Ten years later there is no way I would trade it for the world. I love the relationships I get to build with students. I love getting to use my counseling background and watch a community build. I tell students, “If you stick to it, you love what you do and you are passionate about it, it will pay off.” What are your goals

for this year? One of our goals is to roll out a program in the residence halls that will take place over the next few months as a traveling road show. We will invite other departments on campus to host educational programs for students. We have reached out to the First Year Success Center, Academic Services, Violence and Intervention Office, as well as the Library and Financial Aid office. We have a new intern in our department and I am working with her to develop these programs. We’re also looking to develop student groups on campus based upon student trends on campus, i.e. homesickness group, women’s health through partnering with the new mediation office or Health Services. Do you have any plans for the new residence hall? We are very much still in the planning stages. Our goal is to utilize that space for students as a premier space for LLC’s. The building is going to include a residence area, offices and classrooms. I’m looking forward to having faculty come into residence halls and

bridge the gap to show that learning takes place in the residence halls just as much as it does in the classroom. This is where these new ideas and the bridge will be built. If you could say anything to students, what would you want them to know? I hate to think students just leave. That they never told anyone they were unhappy and I never had the opportunity to help. You have to be a good advocate for yourself. There are people here that want to help you; there are people here that care, and that is what makes UNH a good place to work, and a good place to go to school. It’s our main goal to help you be the best student, and the best person, you can be. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to make sure that your experience is a good one. Rebecca Kitchell is an essential resource for on-campus residential students. She is ready to take on the new school year in her new position serving as an advocate for students. Stop in the Residential Office, located in Bixler Hall, to say hello to her and the rest of the Res. Life staff.

September 4, 2013

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Why Going to the Gym by Yourself is Actually Really Great




Two years ago, the worst thing I could have ever done was workout by myself. I was scared to make a fool of myself in front of people I didn’t know and I lacked motivation. I would rely on others to get my workout in, and if none of my friends were available, I wouldn’t workout that day. Note: this was a time in my life where I was completely out of shape and had absolutely no self-confidence or love for myself. So, although this is an article all about why going to the gym alone is so much preferable, I do have to give props to my friends, who are the reason I started caring about my body and doing something to improve it in the first place. Without them, I’d still be the couch potato I once was. Now, I’m in better shape, and much happier with my body and myself. I appreciate the body I have, and I know now that I can only improve myself further. With this new self-confidence came a love for the gym, and a love for frequenting the gym alone. So, without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons

why going to the gym alone is actually really great. 1. Not having to teach someone how to “use” the gym. There’s nothing I hate more than going to the gym with a friend, especially if sed friend has never been to the gym before. When your friend is new to the gym, he or she will leech onto you; sucking the life and enthusiasm right out of you, leaving you ready to leave before you can even lay a finger on one of those shiny machines. This friend will not know how to hold a weight, what part of the body a squat is meant to define, nor will this friend know that the wipes at the gym are for the equipment, not your face. Dragging this friend around just means you won’t get the full workout you wanted to get in. 2. More time to think. Most of my very important life decisions are made in the shower. The rest of them are made at the gym. There’s nothing better than really getting in touch with yourself while running on the treadmill or around the track. You learn a lot about yourself when you really push beyond your limits. 3. You really concentrate on what you’re doing. When you’re by

yourself, you can fully dedicate all your attention to working out to the fullest, and doing it correctly. You can push yourself harder when you aren’t having a conversation about what Bartels was serving for dinner, and you’ll get more done when you don’t have someone with you to talk about your day. 4. You can listen to your music without interruption. Most people, including myself, listen to music while they work out. It helps the person who’s working out really center in on what they’re doing, and there’s nothing more disruptive to your workout than having to pause to listen to another person talk, especially while you’re in your workout zone. No one wants to stop the mini jam session they’re having to Robin Thicke to answer your question about the wipes in the corner. No one. 5. No judgment. It’s as simple as that. When you’re by yourself you answer to no one. No one will make you run faster than you can, or do a specific exercise that you already know doesn’t work for you. You’re able to ride your own wave, and do what works for you.

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50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech




Fifty years ago this week, Martin Luther King Jr. led the March on Washington to deliver his “I Have a Dream Speech” in order to shed light on the political and social challenges African Americans were facing at that time. While it may be seen as though we are moving closer towards King’s dream with our first African American President leading our country through this anniversary, I truly believe that when the layers of every American are peeled away, we are moving farther from his dream and distorting the meaning of true racial equality. While both the events that occurred 50 years ago and the commemoration of those events are of importance today, what they represent is lost in the limelight. Racism is still a political issue today, and may forever remain a struggle. Racism goes hand-inhand with stereotyping, and still too often, the moment people open their eyes and

look around them, they make the cruel assumptions King was fighting against. I think King would say that he does not see the progress he envisioned and even died for. While he is honored for his efforts in many ways, remembering him has become more of the focus than actually following through with the efforts he spoke about. For example, nearly every town in America has a Martin Luther King street or boulevard named after him and those are the areas that are most dangerous, impoverished, and crime-ridden. “Birds of a feather flock together,” and Americans segregate themselves. While there are still not separate bathrooms, water fountains, or designated seating on public transportation, we pick our friends. There has been some progress, and socially we have become more mixed than strictly black or white, however, I believe that as a whole, we are still as selfish and single minded as we were 50 years ago. The lingering reminisce of inequality is still present in today’s workforce, crime and violence statistics, and

even poverty. There are laws to prevent these stereotypes from being the driving force behind actions, and they may be subdued or not as prominent, but they are still present. There are always two sides of a story, but the truth is equality should only have one. It should be simply defined and enforced, but as far as progress goes towards that, it’s slow. You can’t control the racism in everyone, but you can control it in yourself. If every American took efforts towards working on themselves and taking to heart what King dreamt, then maybe cohesive efforts could be made to propel us forward toward his dream of change and freedom. Right now, on the surface men are created equal, however if you want to get technical, many of those equal men have a lot of racism running through their veins. I not only question what he would say now, but I question one thing that I think many other American’s do; what would society be like today if King was still here to fight for his dream?

September 4, 2013

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Rain is for Luck




I’ll start off first by giving a big welcome back for all returning UNH students, and an even bigger welcome to the incoming class of 2017! It’s hard to believe almost four years ago I was in your exact shoes, unsure about

the college world and how it would treat me. It’s also hard to believe I graduated high school when all of you were still freshman (okay, now I feel old). Seeing all the new faces on campus is a bit nostalgic, and makes me remember my first day all the way back in 2010. It was pouring rain… not the ideal condition for a girl with frizzy hair and no umbrella. And sitting under that big white tent in the quad? Let’s just say I picked the wrong day to wear flip flops. On top of everything,

I was a commuter student, meaning when everyone left for their floor meetings in warm, dry residence halls, me and my fellow commuter minions ran for cover under anything we could find, finally accepting the mercy of a Bixler RA who let us chill in the lobby (whoever you were, you rocked). Reflecting back on that day now makes me realize how lucky I was. This less

than ideal experience made me want to try harder, it made me want to reach out and create the college memories I longed for. Getting involved with the various organizations on campus is one of the best decisions you could make as an incoming student. You’ll find other students who share similar interests, make friends, and maybe even rise to a leadership role. If there’s anything you do this year, take advantage of the services and opportuni-

ties offered by UNH: join the student government and speak your mind, get your resume looked over at the Career Development Center, take a Zumba class, join REC Sports or other student organizations, study abroad or simply attend events. UNH maintains its status as a leader in experiential education by offering countless avenues for getting valuable work experience in your field of study. Maybe even consider writing for The Charger Bulletin *wink wink, nudge nudge.* We accept students of any and all majors on our staff, no professional writing experience needed. It’s a great way of reaching your peers, meeting new people, and gaining experience in the field of journalism. If you told me freshman year that I would be sitting as Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper, I’d probably think you were crazy. But that first day standing in the pouring rain did teach me something—that everything won’t turn out the way we expect. That the road that leads you to where you want to be isn’t always the straightest or the easiest. Life won’t be perfect, but you should also never let that “rainy first day of school” determine your entire future. Make the most of it and charge on! Thank you for picking up the first issue of The Charger Bulletin for the year, and for your continued support of the official student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938.

In Time



––––––––––––––––––––– Well it’s that time of year again where all of us arrive back on campus and the new comers embark on their first, and maybe most exciting or scariest, adventure to date. One thing we all have in common, regardless of what year we are, is we all realize summer is over. The funny thing about life is the amount of time we have. I don’t know if any of you have seen In Time, staring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, but it features this interesting concept where time is their form of currency instead of the paper we give value to today. To citizens in this world a simple second can make the difference of a lifetime, where in ours a penny has little to no value anymore. So what would you do for an extra second? Whether it is on the beach down south during the vacation you took this summer or in your comfy bed, in your own room at home, I can image when you woke up for your first class of the semester you will be wishing you could close your eyes and rewind to that point in time. There are a lot of things that can happen in a single minute, but the bottom line is that time can not be

stored, or saved for later, made up, rewound, fast forward or even paused. Like money, we can’t just add more hours to the day, or the value of it would be lost. There are only 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, 52 weeks, 12 months or 365 days in a year, no matter how you look at it. The only thing we can do

at UNH, take a couple extra minutes to look over your test or homework before you hand it in, meet new people and enjoy time spent with them, get involved around campus, and instead of sleeping the day away, go on an adventure in this new found place we all call home for nine months of the year. Even though you are in a

is live in the moment, enjoy it, and make the most of it. Ask yourself what is worth more, time or money? Basically, it all comes down to how you spend it, so take advantage of every second for all its worth, because while we don’t exchange minuets for a cup of coffee, we sometimes waste seconds regretting something that has already happened and can’t be changed. Enjoy the time you have

rush to reach the ultimate goal and get out of here with a diploma in your hand, you will never get these years back. We can’t live in a single moment forever, nor can we speed up to graduation, which may seem like a really far destination, but with patience time will fly, and before you know it summer will be back again and you will be wishing it was today instead.

The Charger Bulletin

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September 4, 2013

Fun, Games, & More

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Crossword Clues

Crossword Clues Across 1 Last of three Catherines 5 Plot 10 Pathfinder org. 14 Natural balm 15 Last of the Oldsmobiles 16 Old Persian poet 17 Folio part 18 Word of thanks 19 Corn detritus 20 Approval from a C‡diz resident? 23 High-and-mighty 24 Cambridge business school 25 Pair of barbershop groups 27 Admission req. for 24-Across 29 Approval from Louis XIV? 33 Code on some NYCbound luggage tags 36 Cambridge Conservative 37 Jack’s UN ambassador 38 Markers 39 They’re sometimes special 40 Approval from a shocked Scot? 42 “Fake is as old as the __ tree”: Welles 43 It has some smart Alecs 44 “Full House” co-star

47 Place to get bogged down 50 Approval from a sushi chef at the lunch counter? 55 Rough talk 56 Indira’s son 57 50-and-up group 58 Concerning 59 Encourage none too gently 60 Nursery rhyme tub assembly, e.g. 61 Sharpen 62 Rutabaga, for one 63 Squeezed (out)

Down 1 Chiromancer’s reading material 2 Like the northern Lesser Antilles, vis-ˆ-vis the Windward Islands 3 Sporty two-seaters 4 Sugar plant 5 Carved sardonyx 6 Bright-eyed 7 Smoothie ingredient 8 Conquistador’s chest 9 Tender cut 10 Margarita choice 11 __ acid 12 It might be caliente 13 “Catch-22” actor 21 “Africa” band 22 Morales in movies 25 Name of four Holy Ro-

man emperors 26 Rough waters 27 Source of milk for chvre 28 Sierra Club’s first president 30 Third-oldest U.S. university 31 Yemen’s chief port 32 Corp.-partnership hybrid 33 One garnering lots of interest 34 Chaps 35 Cruising 38 Support for a Salchow 40 Ron Howard send-up of reality shows 41 Apple on a desk 42 Sniggling gear 44 Frozen margarita insert 45 Teeming (with) 46 Chansons de __: medieval French poems 47 Dead end, workwise 48 Drab color 49 Rootless sort 51 Aforetime 52 Mount Ka’ala is its highest peak 53 R&B singer India.__ 54 Touch or shuffle (c)2013 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.

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September 4, 2013

by Patricia Oprea

Page 9

Charger Battery



Being reunited with friends after three months of summer break; especially if The pool at Forest Hills is closed, even though the weather is still perfect for a some of them live in different states and you can’t visit each other. Isn’t it weird swim…and the water wasn’t even green this semester! how in college you actually look forward to the school year? The abundance of activities and free food during Welcome Week (the events may be catered towards freshman, but who doesn’t want to see a comedian or eat dessert for free?)

Getting accustomed with Sodexo dining after three months of mom’s home cooking. There might be a buffet of options, but nothing is as good as mom’s.

The Battery Charge After Welcome Week there are many more ways to stay involved; sign up for clubs or Rec Sports, rush for a fraternity or sorority, and attend on and off campus events…you never know there may be free food there as well.

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September 4, 2013

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USGA President’s Corner

Hello Chargers,

Welcome to the University of New Haven! My name is Zani Imetovski and I am your Undergraduate Student Government President. Every Undergraduate Student is a member of the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) and is welcomed to come to our meetings on Friday in the Alumni Lounge (located in Bartel’s Hall) at 12:00 p.m. This year is poised to be an exciting time at the University of New Haven and in the USGA. We are all benefiting from the continued growth of student run organizations on campus that are part of USGA. These organizations have been planning larger and even more successful events on campus and the success can be contributed to the dedicated and involved students who have set out to improve the campus community. I encourage everyone on campus to get involved and make an impact on our campus. Go out and find the organizations and clubs that appeal to your passion and interests. I wish everyone good luck in the upcoming semester and hope to see all of you around. Sincerely, Zani Imetovski

USGA Meetings are Fridays at 12PM in the Alumni Lounge. Bring your friends!

Freshman Class Letter from Dean Johnson Dear Members of the Class of 2017: Welcome! You have arrived and are officially a college student. The past year of applying to colleges, worrying about getting in, the happiness you experienced when your acceptance letter came, your high school graduation and saying goodbye to family and friends as you prepared to come to UNH is behind you. You are about to start a wonderful new adventure, a new beginning. During the next four years, you will be challenged academically and personally. As you encounter challenges, I hope that you will utilize the many University resources which are available to you. The following are some success strategies to insure you have a good year: Put academics first. College is different than high school and you are here because you want to be. Work hard, manage your time well, go to class, meet deadlines, utilize campus resources, and seek help when you need it. Get to know your professors and meet with your academic advisor on a regular basis. Your learning will depend on the interest, motivation and discipline you bring to the classroom and your studies. Challenge yourself, explore possibilities, meet new people, discover, and venture outside the UNH campus into the greater New Haven community. Be persistent and don’t give up. Be open to students with different lifestyles and values from your own but also be true to your own values and beliefs. Make good choices and be a community member who treats others the way you wish to be treated. Be sure you understand University policies and the Code of Conduct found online in the Student Handbook. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise. Get involved. Join a club or organization; participate in the many activities, events, sports contests, community service opportunities, speakers and programs offered. Become a contributor to your campus community and actively participate in your college experience. Your first few days at UNH may seem like a whirlwind - meeting new people, adjusting to a new routine, finding your way around campus. You may also feel lonely, homesick, and wonder if you will make new friends and fit in. These are very normal feelings which others around you will also be experiencing. Adjusting means learning how to deal with a multitude of issues and your Resident Assistant, Academic Peer Mentor, Academic Advisor, First Year Mentor, the First Year Success Center, faculty and staff are all here to assist you as you make the transition to the University. I encourage you to stop in to see me if you have a question or concern and look forward to getting to know you over the next four years. Best wishes for much success and a wonderful college experience filled with learning and fun as you prepare for your future. Sincerely,

Rebecca Johnson Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students




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Mark Palmieri ‘13 Returns to New Haven as Assistant Coach



WEST HAVEN, Conn. – University of New Haven head men’s basketball coach Ted Hotaling has announced the hiring of Mark Palmieri

‘13 as an assistant coach and basketball analytics coordinator for the upcoming 2013-14 season. Palmieri was a co-captain of the Chargers last winter. “We are excited to have Mark join our coaching staff,” said Hotaling. “He was instrumental in the suc-

cess of the men’s basketball program as a student-athlete and will undoubtedly provide the same leadership, passion and intelligence in his role as an assistant coach.”
 In addition to on-court instruction at practices and on game day, Palmieri will



SOUTH EASTON, Mass The No. 12 University of New Haven football team has been selected to finish second in the Northeast-10 Football Coaches’ Preseason Poll, which was released today [August 29] by the conference office. The nationally ranked Chargers received three of 10 firstplace votes. Complete poll at
The three-time defending Northeast-10

Champion, New Haven garnered 73 total points on the preseason ledger. American International was tabbed as the favorite by the conference’s 10 head coaches, collecting five first-place tallies to edge the Chargers with 75 total points. Bentley nabbed 61 points, LIU Post had 60 – including the two remaining first-place votes – and Merrimack rounds out the top half of the poll with 44 points. Southern Connecticut, Stonehill, Assumption, Saint Anselm and Pace round out the preseason poll. Last fall, the Chargers

defeated American International to win the inaugural Northeast-10 Championship Game. New Haven finished the season at 10-1 with its second-consecutive trip to the NCAA postseason. The Chargers begin the 2013 season on Sept. 7 at West Chester. Action comes to DellaCamera Stadium for the first time on Sept. 14 for the home and conference opener against visiting Pace.

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from game film and standard box scores. A 2013 graduate of the University with a degree in the Management of Sports Industries, Palmieri appeared in 52 games in his career with the Chargers, including 26 as a senior co-captain. He was a Dean’s

List student and a member of the Northeast-10 Commissioner’s Honor Roll in each of his undergraduate semesters.

 TRANSACTIONS: Mark Palmieri named Assistant Coach/Basketball Analytics Coordinator at the University of New Haven.

a return specialist in 2012. As a tailback, he accounted for a team-high 616 rushing yards with seven touchdowns on the ground in addition to hauling in 22 passes for 224 yards and three scores. He also averaged 27.3 yards per kick return last fall, punctuated by a program-record 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the Northeast-10 Championship Game against American International. Also a Second Team All-Super Region One honoree from Don Hansen Football Gazette, DeCaro tops a list of three North-

east-10 student-athletes in the rankings. He slots ahead of 53rd-ranked Assumption tight end Scott Simonson and 57th-ranked Merrimack quarterback Joe Clancy. Ranked No. 12 in the American Football Coaches Association Preseason Division II Coaches’ Poll, the three-time defending Northeast-10 Conference Champion Chargers begin the 2013 season on Sept. 7 at West Chester. Action comes to DellaCamera Stadium for the first time on Sept. 14 for the home and conference opener against visiting Pace.

Mike DeCaro Heads NE-10 Student-Athletes on D2Football. com Top 100


Chargers Ranked Second in NE-10 Preseason Poll


assume recruiting and scouting responsibilities in his first year on the sidelines. As coordinator of the Chargers’ basketball analytics program, his duties include continuing the men’s basketball team’s commitment to compiling and interpreting advanced statistical metrics



Mike DeCaro (Weston, Fla./Cypress Bay) of the University of New Haven football team has been slotted at 52nd on the ranking of the Top 100 Division II Players for the upcoming 2013 season. DeCaro is the top-rated Northeast-10 student-athlete on the national list. Categorized as “All-Purpose” by, DeCaro was a First Team All-Northeast-10 performer as both a running back and

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This Week in UNH Sports

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On Saturday, Sept. 21, one of New Haven Chargers’ finest will get an honor of a lifetime. SUNY Cortland has announced they will be adding six new members to its C-Club Hall of Fame, one which includes University of New Haven’s Senior Associate Director of Athletics Sue Zawacki. A 1974 graduate of Cortland, Zawacki was a foursport athlete and received a bachelor’s degree in physical education. Zawacki played basketball for four years, softball for three years and both field hockey and golf for two years. She batted .375 during her senior year, leading Cortland’s softball team to a second place finish at the New York State Championships. Along with being a standout athlete, the Peekskill, N.Y. native served four years on the Cortland’s Women’s Athletic Association (WAA). While with the WAA, she was secretary and publicity manager as a sophomore and on the executive council as a senior. Zawacki was also a member of the Officiating Club and the Theta Phi Alpha sorority from 19711974. From 1974-1977 Zawacki taught and coached at Academy High School in Erie, Pa. and later earned her master’s degree from Ithaca College in 1978. Later that year, she began her intercollegiate athletic career as Associate Director of Intramurals and Instructor in Physical Education at Hamilton College. She would go on to coach Hamilton’s first women’s basketball team, recording 29 victories, and lead the team to state playoffs in just

its second season of competition. From there Zawacki became the Senior Woman Administrator, Director of Physical Education and Associate Professor of Physical Education at Amherst College from 1980 to 1993. For 13 years she directed the women’s basketball and field hockey programs. In 1993, Zawacki moved to the University of Chicago as was the Assistant Director of Athletics and Assistant Department Chairperson for seven years. During that time, she was instrumental in the development of the women’s basketball program, which would go onto win 93 games in seven seasons and appear in its first ever NCAA Tournament berth in 1995. During her career, Zawacki has served as a national chairperson for the NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball Committee and chairperson for the Frances Pomeroy Naismith National Award Committee. She is currently a member of the NCAA Division II Championship Committee and NCAA Regional committees for softball and volleyball. Zawacki began her tenure at the University of New Haven in 2000 and serves on the senior management team for developing departmental policy, as well as overseeing head coaches for a number of the Chargers’ intercollegiate sports and the Sports Medicine Department. She coordinates the department’s internal operations and projects, and oversees marketing and promotion of the department. She also serves on various universitywide committees, including a two-year term as the Chair of the Administrative Staff Council, with accompany-

ing membership on the President’s Council from 2004-06. She served on the University Affirmative Action Committee in 2005. Overall, Zawacki has won 288 games in 22 seasons as a women’s basketball coach, with a .559 winning percentage and has over 30 years of experience as both a coach and administrator in collegiate athletics. Zawacki will join 1997 Cortland C-Club Hall of Fame inductee and UNH Associate Vice President, Director of Athletics and Recreation, Deborah Chin. Other members being inducted include: Warren “Red” Kilmer ‘56, Tim Sullivan ‘65, Heather Brendel Evans ‘81, Julie Gentner Murphy ‘03, and honorary inductee Mike Partigianoni. The six new members will be inducted into the SUNY Cortland C-Club Hall of Fame during its 45th annual banquet and ceremonies on Saturday, Sept. 21, in the College’s Corey Union. In addition to Saturday night’s official ceremony, the inductees will be introduced at halftime of the CortlandWilliam Paterson football game earlier that afternoon. Established in 1969, the C-Club Hall of Fame recognizes Cortland alumni who competed as athletes at the College and who since have distinguished themselves in their professions and within their communities. Honorary members are recognized for their long and significant contributions to SUNY Cortland athletics. New C-Club members have been added annually and this year’s ceremony will bring the Hall of Fame roster to 230 alumni and 27 honorary members.

UNH Using Advanced Head Impact Sensors to Improve Player Safety




WEST HAVEN, CONN. As part of a national effort to better understand the effect of concussions on athletes, the University of New Haven this fall will become the first college in the nation to use the most advanced high-tech impact sensors to document head trauma to its student-athletes. The sensors, called Smart Impact Monitors, will be used on UNH’s football and men’s and women’s soccer teams. They are designed to detect and record head impact in real time and to prevent the cumulative effects of repeated head trauma by providing trainers and coaches with information that can improve athletes’ training and help them make decisions about limiting a player’s time on the field. Head trauma in football and soccer has been a growing concern among athletes and their parents nationwide at all levels of sport since it came to light that several National Football League players suffered debilitating injuries linked to repeated concussions. “Studies show we do a poor job of recognizing concussions,” said Chris Nowinski, founding executive director of the nonprofit Sports Legacy Institute. “We are excited about the ability of head sensors to help identify potential concussions and get injured athletes off the field, as well as monitor subconcussive exposure through a Hit CountTM.” The Sports Legacy Institute is a nonprofit organiza-

tion dedicated to solving the sports concussion crisis. Nowinski, a former Harvard football player and WWE wrestler who was forced to retire in 2003 after suffering a series of concussions, also serves as a co-director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy (CSTE) at Boston University School of Medicine. “The University of New Haven has a strong commitment to player safety,” President Steven H. Kaplan said. “We are privileged to use these sensors; our student-athletes will benefit tremendously from them.” The lightweight Triax sensor, worn at the base of the skull on a headband for soccer players or on a skull cap under a helmet by football players, is one of the first sensors on the market that measure impact in real time and, at a cost of $99 per player, are less expensive than others on the market that cost between $149 and $1,500 per player. Other sensors on the market include those attached to helmets worn by football players, but they are not appropriate for sports like soccer, where no helmet is worn. The device, made by Triax Technologies Corp. of Norwalk, Conn., has the capability to measure the force of the impact in real time, alert a trainer or coach, and store the information from each scrimmage, practice or game so the cumulative effect of the impacts to the head can be evaluated. In addition, the software can isolate impacts sustained during contact drills in practice using its proprietary T.E.S.T. ™ protocol, and this information can be used to improve

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the technique of athletes to help reduce the potential of a head or neck injury. “Protecting our studentathletes is always at the forefront of our minds,” said Deborah Chin, associate vice president for athletics and recreation. “Not only does the UNH-Triax partnership provide an opportunity for the Chargers to stay ahead of the curve, but it also puts UNH on the cutting edge of technology.” The sensors are the only ones available that work both for non-helmeted sports like soccer, and for helmeted sports. “The Smart Impact Monitor is the most robust impact monitor on the market,” said Dale Hollingsworth, president and founder of Triax. “The University of New Haven’s commitment to the safety and future well-being of their student athletes is something all university administrators should be concerned about,” he said. In recent years, scrutiny and litigation against the National Football League have raised concerns on the part of players and their family members about concussions. New research done by the Cleveland Clinic has found that even when players don’t suffer a concussion, repeated impacts to the head may cause brain damage. Concern about head injuries has led to a decline in interest in youth and high school football. There are about 68,000 men playing college football in the U.S. and about 1,700 players in the National Football League.

September 4, 2013

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DC Cinematic Universe Destined to Fail?




2013 Movie Recap




It seems the summer movie season is coming to a close. Why not take a brief look back at the best of summer of 2013: Iron Man 3: One of the most audience dividing movies I have ever seen. A controversial plot twist sends comic book fans in outrage while the rest of us were able to enjoy a darker, more mature Iron Man film. This is definitely a great start to Marvel Phase 2. Star Trek Into Darkness: My favorite move of the entire year. This film is a complete thrill ride from start to finish that keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat. Like Iron Man, it really splits the fans of the source material due to a slightly different re-enactment of a famous scene from Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn. As long as you don’t get stuck in things from before you were born, you will

have a fantastic time. Man of Steel: What is it with 2013 movies dividing its fan base 50/50? Man of Steel serves to be the biggest offender to its die-hard fan base this year. It was a hit or miss with most of the general movie-going audience essentially due to a more Dark Knight tone rather than the “Big Blue Boy Scout” that we are used to seeing. This contains a climax more destructive than Transformers 3, I am being totally serious. I enjoyed it so definitely check it out. Fast and Furious 6: Like cars? So do I. The latest Fast and Furious is just a straight up fun time that continues to increase the awesomeness of the franchise. It’s self-aware and isn’t trying to be anything more than a popcornflick, but it does a fantastic job at it. Pacific Rim: The most underappreciated movie of the year. It’s Giant Robots vs. Inter-dimensional Dinosaurs. Excuse for a moment, that it is clearly an adult version of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. This is Transform-

ers - if the creators actually cared. Pacific Rim is easily my favorite film of the summer besides Star Trek. Monsters University: Not as good as the original that we all know and love, but it’s a charming revisit to some of our favorite characters. It’s a Disney movie, so it’s something we can all appreciate. However, it is nowhere near the caliber of Toy Story, but definitely watch it if you have the chance. The Wolverine: Hugh Jackaman gives us his best in the most physically demanding performance we have ever seen from any X Men film. This film shows incredible depth to the Wolverine character like we’ve never seen before with beautiful hand-to-hand combat any martial artist would appreciate to see. Despicable Me 2: I couldn’t get around seeing it (ironically) but I haven’t heard a bad word about it yet. Get ready for the Minions spin-off film coming soon!

lutely no association to each other, with the exception of a Cornetto’s ice cream wrapper being featured in each film; thus the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. Pegg plays Gary King, who sets to reunite his old drinking pals from high school to remedy the failures of the night they audaciously attempted to hit all 12 pubs in their hometown, Newton Haven, for what they call “the Golden Mile”. 16 years has passed since the original beer crawl of their youth, and unlike the heavy reluctance his now matured adult pals show, King is over exuberant, in a somewhat sad way, about the prospects of round two of the golden mile. Just a

few pubs in, the four other members of the party choose to abandon King early on his quest before the night takes a dramatic change when they discover the reasoning behind the unfamiliarity of their hometown. It’s British, so the writing is witty and full of puns, and I must tip my hat off to the fluently choreographed fight scenes which trademark this trilogy. Whether you’re a fan of the trilogy, or you’re just getting introduced to it, The World’s End is full of witty humor, or not-so-witty humor to some, awesome fight scenes, and above all, ridiculousness.

The World’s End Concludes Flavours Cornetto Trilogy




In the sci-fi comedy, The World’s End, British actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost finish out the three-part series director Edgar Wright established through Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, with the aptly named conclusion, The World’s End. Pegg and Frost, rarely seen in films minus the other, cap off the trilogy in the same ridiculous fashion abundant in the other two films. If you are worried about having to watch the previous two movies in this trilogy (though they are comedic jewels) to follow The World’s End, don’t be. Each film has abso-


If you haven’t heard then here it is in a nutshell: Warner Brothers announced at Comic Con in July that Batman will be a character in the Man of Steel sequel. No title has been given to the movie yet nor any details. Only a few days ago was it announced that Ben Affleck will take on the role of the new Dark Knight. Before going any further, let me just fill you in on some current events. Marvel (owned by Disney), the arch nemesis of DC (Warner Brothers) has dominated all of pop culture and beyond. They released six movies in the course of four years, all of which very well received by critics and fans, one of them having the highest box office opening weekend of all time. During this time DC has put out three films (Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, and Green lantern) with one being a colossal failure. The conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has paralyzed DC from a fighting chance. With the Justice League project cancelled multiple times it seems to show a faint pulse with Man of Steel. But this raises the question, is the DC cinematic universe doomed to fail? I do not have any definite answers but I can give you a few reasons to help you understand Warner Brothers’ critical state. People are looking to hate: Marvel owns pop culture and the movie theatre. This should come as no surprise at all. The Avengers has been so well received it has leaned people’s thinking against DC, and deservingly so. Marvel has earned all bragging rights with creating a universe that balances the importance of each character, while DC has been sitting in the corner playing with Batman. This subconsciously turns people against the arch rival. Lack of Momentum: DC has launched three of their properties to the silver screen in recent years; Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. Green Lantern provided mediocrity on all levels besides Ryan Reynolds’s abs. Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel

have both created a furious backlash among its diehard fans (no time to get into details). Because of this there may not be much optimism pointing towards the future, especially with the controversy surrounding Man of Steel: the first installment of the Justice League universe. Characters: movies are different than cartoons or comics in the sense that it’s easier for the audience to criticize because we tend to apply our own reality into the fictional world. This makes sense because it is in fact shown to us before our own eyes, no imagination required. For those two hours in the theatre, that world exists. Because we tend to apply our own reality, we find characters like Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman a collection of loop holes: they are way too strong. It’s easy for us to be skeptic of the characters who do not utilize their ability to kill their enemy by the simple snap of the finger. Wonder Woman: There is a reason why Wonder Woman has not been featured in a film yet. She is arguably the most difficult character to portray because she is quit dated. In the World of 2013 the Lasso of Truth doesn’t pose much of a threat. Neither does the woman’s suffrage symbolism from the 50’s. Plus, it’s hard to find a woman intimidating while simultaneously being shown off as a sex symbol. Even excuse the fact she is a comic book character, audiences don’t really tend to care about female lead action stars. Probably the most successful in recent years is the Underworld series. Know who I’m talking about? No? Exactly my point. Wonder Woman is a little too tricky to stick into today’s interpretation of super heroes. Too Soon for Batman: Here’s why we have a new Batman: Christopher Nolan did not want his Batman to extend beyond his films. Because of this Ben Affleck was awarded the mantle. He is by no means the problem. He is a phenomenal actor who has proven in The Town and Argo that he has the ability to properly play the role. Here’s the problem: in order for Batman to exist in this new world he needs to be fantasized and taken

out of reality bit. He needs to be given some imaginative gadgets and abilities. This may upset the majority because we are too attached to the stone-cold reality of Christian Bale’s batman. The only way for this change to succeed is if people realize that the realistic Batman is essentially worthless to Superman. The sooner we realize this the sooner we can accept the change. Tone: This is the key element found in each of these reasons said before. To sum it up completely, each character requires too diverse of a tone to be seen with the other. The best example is Wonder Woman and Batman. Wonder Woman is bright, cheerful, flamboyant and admirable. Batman is tortured, colorless, and intense. Start to see the problem? Some of these characters will have to make more sacrifices than others in order to exist together. It is obvious this tone will be darker and more sinister than the Avengers. I fear this will infuriate people who already identify with these characters. Out of Time: Marvel made use of their time. DC did not. It’s as simple as that. True, the Dark Knight Trilogy served as an unstoppable force, but it was the only arsenal loaded. Once fired, the cannon was empty. DC has no time to establish individual films leading to a crossover like the Avengers. They need to pump out a Justice League quickly, which is why it seems they will start with the Man of Steel film and add to it (ex. Superman Vs. Batman). The release date for the JL movie is 2016, all I can say is do NOT expect the pacing to be like the Avengers. I do not mean to sound pessimistic about the operation, but it is the truth that so many items are favoring against it. I am being optimistic about the Batman casting and am looking forward to what is yet to come. The most important thing for everyone to keep in mind: this is NOT and will NOT be done the same way the Avengers is. DO NOT have expectations, just take what’s being given. I do not know what kind of ride we are in for, and I’m not sure Warner Brothers knows either.

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Scope it Out! Ask Melanie Here are this week’s events for SCOPE preview week!

Is there trouble in paradise? Do you have love or relationship questions? Ask Melanie! Submit “Ask Melanie” requests to, our Facebook page or Twitter.

Dear Melanie, Tuesday Sept 3rd: My boyfriend cheated on me last year and now that - September Beanhouse, 8:00pm-10:00pm in we’re back in school I really want to try and be friends Bartels Programming Space. again. What should I do? - Man of Steel - 9:00pm Bartels Dining Room - Cabaret Tryouts, 8:00pm-10:00pm in Dodds Dear Anonymous, Theater Wednesday Sept 4th: - Persona Cards, 3:00pm-7:00pm in Bartels Programming Space. - Six Flags Trip Sign Ups, 9:00pm on Charger Connection

This is definitely a tough call. Being cheated on by someone you love is very difficult and sometimes the hurt from that takes a long time to go away, even if you think it already has. If this boy did not have enough respect for you and went behind your back with someone else, then I don’t think he deserves you as a friend.

Thursday Sept 5th: I am a very strong advocate against cheating and I be - Comedian Michael Dean Ester, 9:00pm- lieve that if someone is not truly happy in their relationship 10:00pm in Dodds Theater they owe it to themselves, and their significant other, to get out of it as soon as possible before any temptation arises. Friday Sept 6th: I do believe however, that you are being the bigger person in - Tiki Bar 5:00pm-9:00pm in Bartels Program this situation and for that I seriously commend you. If you ming Space truly believe that your feelings have dissipated so much that - Man of Steel - 9:00pm in Buckman 120 you are okay with seeing him and not feeling any “pang” from what happened, then I say go for it! Not only will it show him that you’ve completely moved on, but it will also allow everyone else to see what a good person you are and what a huge mistake he made by letting you go (that’s assuming they don’t already know that). This is one of those situations where you really have to follow your mind over your heart. As a girl I know the emotion of feeling like you don’t have closure with a relationship. Sometimes in the midst of trying to achieve that, we see their name come up on our phone, or talk about meeting up, and all of a sudden we’re getting excited about talking to or seeing someone that ultimately hurt us in the past. As long as you make sure that things feel strictly platonic for you that is all that matters and I believe that if he doesn’t know it already, he will see what an amazing thing he let go of, so be prepared to stand your ground if he wants to rekindle what you once had. Good luck and stay strong, girl! There’s one real love out there for everyone and real love doesn’t come with heartbreak or confusion. Real love is about smiling when there’s no reason to simply because when you’re with that person you feel at home. Don’t settle until you find that, because you will.

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Jason Castro: Even Better in Person

Robin’s “Thicke” Controversy




Robin Thicke is best known for his “Blurred Lines” single. The track, featuring T.I. and Pharrell, is catchy and fun. He blends an older feel with new effects for a serenade like Justin Timberlake’s. When I saw the music video for the song, I was not at all impressed. It is sad that naked women prancing around guys is become the social norm. However, I let him have his three minutes of ridiculousness and resumed liking the music. That was until the monumental performance last week at the Video Music Awards. His dance with Miley Cyrus was just outright insane. After all, he is a thir-


ty-six year old married man and she is a barely dressed twenty year old. Save it for the strip club. I decided to check out his album released at the end of July to finally settled the debate: talented star or overrated playboy? The album, titled Blurred Lines,”starts off with the famous, and only, hit he has right now. The cover depicts three Robin Thickes, which is what I seem to be listening to in “Take It Easy on Me.” He sounds like all the Backstreet Boys at once, not necessarily in a good way. Both “Ooo La La” and “Ain’t No Hat 4 That” are not exactly winners either. Just their titles are enough to make a writer go crazy. The tunes are lyrically repetitive and completely overdone. “Does it feel good? Does it feel good? Does it feel

real good?” are literally the lyrics of “Feel Good.” No, Robin Thicke, my ears no longer feel good. After listening to some more lyrics, which would probably end in slaps from the female population, “For the Rest of My Life” seemed to be a little more promising. However, it was a little too high pitched for my liking. For the sake of not repeating myself as much as Thicke does, let me sum up the entire album as more than a bit of a disappointment. While I vow to continue dancing and singing to “Blurred Lines” each and every time it comes on in the car, the rest of the album just is not worth the money. My suggestion? Check out Max Schneider’s cover of “Blurred Lines” on YouTube or ITunes. Your eyes and ears will thank you.

Next there’s the foam finger, which riled up the crowd and topped off the worst performance of the night. To conclude this controversial performance, many who watched behind the scenes and backstage, or on mtv. com saw that no artists or crew members were entertained by this performance. The most priceless face expressions were from the Smith family, as Will, Willow, and Jaden Smith were stunned at the antics on stage. Note that Willow is only 12 and Jaden is 15. Other stars that were not there took to twitter to share their opinions. Many called it trash TV, while others called the performance “trying too hard to shed the Disney image.” Brooke Shields tweeted that her performance was a bit desperate and Kelly Clarkson followed up saying there were “pitchy strippers.” Despite that ill performance, there were many great ones such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” featuring Jennifer Hudson. They were the night’s biggest winner. Their first award was Best Social Message in a Song for “Some Love,” in which both Lady Gaga and Will Smith, seating a row behind, gave them a standing ovation. After only being signed to an independent record company, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis proved that no one can hold them down. Also singing their hearts out was new proud daddy, Kanye West with “Blood on the Leaves,” and Bruno Mars, who won big as well for Best Male Music Video and sang his newest hit “Gorilla.” Other artists who won were One Direction for Best Song of the Summer, which led to Taylor Swift diss-

ing them to Selena Gomez. Gomez, who was a nominee herself, won for Best Pop Music Video. Her other half, Taylor Swift won for Best Female Music Video. Upon receiving her award she personally thanked Harry Styles in her speech, indirectly, for helping her to write the song, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Finally, the second hottest topic of the night was about the most awaited performance from Justin Timberlake. He was the show’s guest of honor since he was getting awarded with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. Not only did he show to the world that he still has got it going on after two decades of being in the entertainment business, but was able to bring back his N’Sync band mates for just a two minute stint within the 20 minute heart stomping show. In those two minutes alone, many people in the audience went crazy, including Lady Gaga, the Smith family, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Rhianna, and many more. Along with “Bye, Bye, Bye,” Timberlake performed many of his greatest hits such as, “Cry Me a River,” “SexyBack,” “My Love,” “Take Back the Night,” and many more until it ended with his latest song “Mirrors.” Timberlake also proved why so many fans adore him. While accepting his award by Jimmy Fallon, not only did he thank his parents, but also his N’Sync band mates. Later that night he also won Best Video of the Year and dedicated the award to his grandparents. The show concluded with Katy Perry’s “Roar” on the Brooklyn Bridge. Thousands of people watched as she executed her most intense performance yet.

MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013 Recap




On August 25, the city of Brooklyn didn’t do much sleeping as it hosted the 30th annual Video Music Awards at Barclays Center. The show ended on a high note with the largest rating so far in MTV history with 10.1 million viewers tuning in. After so many tuned in to watch the show, they were left talking about it. The show started off with the return of Lady Gaga, opening the show once again. She performed her latest hit “Applause.” Her VMA performance marks the first show she has done since getting hip surgery a few months ago. Even though it wasn’t her best performance, she still proved that she can shake her hips and look amazing after the surgery. However, that wasn’t what many viewers were gossiping about it. One of the two things that audiences were talking about was Miley Cyrus’ controversial performance on stage with Robin Thicke. The former Hannah Montana star went all out for her latest single “We Can’t Stop” with twerking and giant teddy bears. Yes, giant teddy bears. Her dancers were dressed up as teddy bears and roaming around the stage as she wore a teddy bear patterned leotard. If that’s not bad enough, then maybe her being off key at times is. Just when the audience thinks it’s over, they get a surprise. Robin Thicke arrived on stage performing “Blurred Lines,” while Miley stayed on stage grinding and twerking with him. At this point she had stripped out of her clothes into a nude bikini outfit.

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I have never been nervous about conducting an interview before, but as the cliché goes: there is a first time for everything. Jason Castro’s greatest influences are some great musicians: Coldplay, Switchfoot, and Tom Petty. Even with some big shoes to fill, he definitely wasn’t panicking as the crowd cheered for him to come out. He ran through forty minutes of warm-ups, which gave him time to settle down and clear his mind. Everything is very mellow about his persona, which made even his longestrunning fans feel instantly at home in his presence. Jason Castro started his show off strong with some hits off of his new album, Only a Mountain. I have to say that his live performance was even better than the soundtrack recordings. He opened with “Good Love,” “Only a Mountain,” and “If It’s Love.” When I asked the inspiration for the latter, one of my favorites, Castro explained, “Being a musician, there are late nights and early drives. I had only been home for a few days and had to leave again. My wife and I were fighting about nothing. You’re fighting because you want to be together. Why waste time fighting? Love is really worth the fight.” The next segment of the concert included hits off of Castro’s 2010 self-titled album. The most famous, “Let’s Just Fall in Love

Again,” was a number one hit in the Philippines, Singapore, and Norway. He joked that unfortunately it was not number one in the U.S. This self-depreciating humor is what makes Castro so adorable and personable. He also played the tracks “Love Uncompromised” and “That’s what I’m here for.” The crowd absolutely loved them. Listening to Castro play is like hanging out with musically inclined friends. Returning to the new album, Castro wowed the crowd with “Rise to You,” before performing what he calls his most meaningful song to date. He explained to me that “Enough” is about “[his one year old] daughter, the most meaningful of all things in life.” Perhaps the best part of the entire concert, although it is hard to pinpoint just one, was the closing song. Had my interview been before the show, I was going to specifically ask him to sing “Hallelujah,” as he had on American Idol starting out. Luckily, I did not need to and he agreed with me that the song “felt particularly good tonight.” After the concert, I jumped on the opportunity to ask Castro a couple more questions. The first one I couldn’t resist. “Where did the dreadlocks come from?” As a senior in high school, Jason wanted to do something crazy. After narrowing down his options to shave his head or have dreadlocks, the dreadlocks won and he has had them ever since. I had noticed that his


music was getting much less lovey and much more religious. I asked him if this was a conscious switch, and he replied, “Definitely. The baby album was mainstream so it was purposely love songs. As we released the album, we got interest from Christian stores. I might as well go to Christian radio and embrace that side too. It makes my music more wellrounded.” I also asked how long it takes to write a masterpiece like “If It’s Love?” Castro said, “If I’m by myself, a lot longer. I love co-writing, because you have two minds… a lot of times the person I’m writing with comes from different life experiences, and it makes the process a lot quicker.” One thing Castro wants people to know is, “The next time I’m in their town, you can go to for that. The biggest challenge to musicians is how do you let people know? I wish everyone would know.” So what is next for Castro? Unfortunately, he is not writing anything at the moment. On the road, he likes to just enjoy the experience. But do not fear, you can catch him in his first acting stunt as a surf shop owner in “The Perfect Summer,” which premiered in July on the GNC network.

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September 4, 2013  
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