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Students Honor Those Lost on 9/11

Friend Zone





ering message to share with the audience. Sophomore Justin Farrar of the Military Veterans of UNH recalled the day he saw the second plane hit the towers in New York. When asked by others why he wears a U.S. military uniform, Farrar only has one answer: “We wear the uniform so that our brothers and sisters do not have to, we wear the uniform so that our fellow Americans may enjoy freedoms that they are to inherit, we wear the uniform so you may continue in your valiant pursuit of happiness.” Senior Ryan “Rjay” Irons remembered being a young child of only nine years, and learning about the attacks on television. The events of that day made Irons realize what he wanted to grow up to be. “I realized that I wanted to fight crime, and stop those bad guys from hurting us good guys. 9/11

changed the way our country operates, the way we secure our borders, airports, transportation systems, but it also awoke the government and law enforcement agencies who previously did not communicate. 9/11 strengthened our security forces more than anyone could imagine,” he said. Imetovski paid tribute to the everyday citizens who rose to the occasionon 9/11. From the firefighters who charged into the burning buildings to the courageous Flight 93 passengers who charged the cockpit to divert another disaster, Imetovski asked everyone to remember the true heroes of that infamous day. “The true test of any great nation is how we rally together, despite adversity, and despite the situation that challenges us. We are Americans who, through unity and human empathy, continue to

complicated financing package, the financing wasn’t in place and details were still being worked out. This did not add to the total cost, and it actually allowed UNH to take the time and refine the design to make sure everything was done the proper way. Louis Annino, Associate Vice President for Facilities, stated in an email last week sent out the UNH community, that, when completed, the 140,000 square foot New Student Housing Project will provide 370 new on-campus housing opportunities, activity space, food

services and parking. Currently the construction zone has blocked off many student parking spots, but as part of the construction project, Thomas R. Harry, Executive Director of Program Management, said there will be 175 more parking spots as well. The current parking spots that are blocked off, will be reopened for use at the appropriate time following the progress made on the project, and in addition to the new parking spots that will be made,

What does it mean to be a friend and when are two people more? At what point does it become a relationship? And how do you go about making it more or keeping it where it is? These were some of the questions brought up on Wednesday night as students assembled to debate all of the things friends are and aren’t. Students piled in at the Moulton Lounge to make themselves sundaes to cool themselves down as the debate over these questions got fired up before the event even started. A set of rules was laid down; raise your hand and don’t mention names. Like that, Friend Zone began. A person in the audience said what the rest of the crowd was thinking; that the night would be nothing more than a battle of the sexes. As the event wore on, members of the Black Student Union tried to keep it civil in a room filled with men and women ready to speak up or forever hold their peace. However, the sexes weren’t really battling. Lines were being drawn but gender had nothing to do with it. The conversation grew from simple answers to things most of the audience could agree on, such as what a friendship is or even the problem with putting a title to a relationship. Then it grew as people shouted out different answers to questions. The crowd was a mixture of laughs and scrutiny, agreement and opposition. People were sharing stories that people could relate to and asked questions that the crowd wanted to know the answers to. Everyone shared what he or she wanted in a relationship as well as in a friendship. They vocalized their opinions on gender differences, and despite the contrary belief, the men were able to take sides with the women at some points, and the women were able to back up the men at other points. Some of the questions that were asked during the student discussion included, “What are the lines crossed that make someone think they are more than friends?” The response from the audience was, “When they keep calling you, you’re not responding, and they keep texting you and they’re not taking the hint.” Another student in the audience answered, “When you go somewhere with somebody and they bring you back. Usually, at UNH, when you go somewhere with somebody, you find other people for the way back.” “Is it worth it to risk a friendship on a relationship that might not work?” A female student replied saying that usually she gets in relationships with people she can be friends with; “If I can’t talk to you, why would I want to sleep with you? You need to be able to communicate with them on a more mature level if it is going to become a relationship.” Another student brought the question, “Do you get upset when you’re not the only friend?” to the table. “If you’re just a friend, stay in your lane,” was the audience’s response. Whether or not that was the answer they wanted to hear, “Friendship is not a relationship.” People were up on their feet, laughing and clapping, there was no way to keep them silent, no matter how hard the BSU members

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Danielle Givens, ’10 UNH graduate, began her volunteer service in the Philippines as a new member of the Peace Corps.

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OPINION John and Leona Gehring donated to the Henry C. Lee Institute, and in recognition for their large donation the building will be renamed after them. Read how Katerina Sperl feels about this change. SEE PAGE 6 After celebrating the anniversary of September 11, read about how Elissa Sanci commemorates our country for joining together in these times of disaster. SEE PAGE 6

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As thousands of people gathered across the country to mourn the loss of the 2,996 victims of the September 11 attacks, the University of New Haven held a special remembrance ceremony to pay respect to those who had passed. The Allingtown Fire Department was present, as well as a few guests who had served in the military. UNH’s own ROTC members were present to assist with the ceremony and procession. President Kaplan, Mayor John Picard, and the Undergraduate Student Government Association President Zani Imetovski were there to share remarks and reflect on this tragedy with the student body. Each one of them had an empow-




Amongst all the changes happening around the University of New Haven campus, the construction of the new residence building has entered its Blasting Phase. Construction on the building was expected to originally start at the end of the spring semester 2013, however due to the university’s

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September 18, 2013

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WEST HAVEN, CONN. --- With 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day for the next 15 years, finding innovative ways for people to “age in place” is fast becoming a priority for the interior design world, said Christy Somerville, University of New Haven assistant professor of art and design. Somerville said it is never too early for people to design sustainable, universal living spaces that provide the kind of safety and comfort needed as people age. Nor is it too early for UNH’s interior design students to begin thinking about it. So she recently restructured a junior-level design course to include the study of universal design and aging in place. The redesign of the course couldn’t be timelier. In 2012, the Connecticut state legislature convened the Task Force to Study Aging in Place, and the group made a host of recommendations including a study of state and municipal-level zoning regulations that govern the building of new accessible units, remodeling of existing units including in-law type apartments, home modifications and home sharing. An AARP national survey found

that 89 percent of those surveyed wanted to remain in their own homes as they enter their 60s, 70s and beyond. “It’s a fast-growing social issue,” Somerville said. In the course, students experience what it is like to use wheelchairs around campus. They try the portable lift for getting in and out of bed. They visit retirement communities and an Alzheimer’s unit to see what the residents’ housing needs are. “Using a manual wheelchair on the ramp into the Student Center or maneuvering in and out of an accessible toilet stall is more challenging than they thought,” Somerville said. “It is always an eye opener not only using the equipment but how people respond to the people using it, usually in a helpful manner but sometimes not.” For a semester-long project, students redesign an existing home for a client. Last year, one team used the three-story house that they were renting in West Haven to create a model transitional living space for veterans. The other teams designed for a multigenerational family, an in-law apartment, and for a family with a child with Multiple Sclerosis. Somerville, who is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist from the National As-

sociation of Home Builders, teaches students about the technologies involved in “smart homes” and the impact of design changes small and large including: - Nontraditional kitchen and bathroom appliances and fixtures such as sinks that can be manually or automatically raised and lowered to various sitting and standing heights. (“You do not have to be in a wheelchair to appreciate having a place to sit while prepping food over a sink,” Somerville said.) - Pull-out-drawer refrigerators and freezers, which reduce bending and reaching. - Specialized cabinetry to improve accessibility - Bathtubs with a motorized side panel that raises and lowers to allow easier access. - Use of electronics to monitor the needs of loved ones. “Addressing the topic of aging and eventual mortality is not something our American society talks about with ease,” she said, which is why she introduces the subject to her students, so this next generation of interior designers is more comfortable bringing up universal design to people at all stages of life.

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UNH Design Students Create Environments Enabling People to Age in Place

Sophomore Named EPA Fellow, Gets $50,000 in Support




Jessica Zielinski, a sophomore from Madison, Conn., has been awarded an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Greater Research Opportunities Fellowship. An honors student majoring in sustainability studies, she is one of only 40 students from across the United States who will participate in the program. The two-year fellowship is highly competitive and provides tuition support, a monthly stipend, equipment, travel funds and a paid internship during the summer at an EPA facility. The fellowship is worth $50,000. “This award recognizes the outstanding work Ms. Zielinski did during her freshman year,” said Ron Harichandran, dean of the Tagliatela College of Engineering. “She has demonstrated that she is able to compete on a national level, and we are very proud of her.” “I am grateful for the

opportunity and excited to work with UNH and the EPA on this research in the coming years,” she said. “I think the research I will be involved in during this fellowship will be valuable both as a learning opportunity and as a chance to benefit communities and their environments, both built and natural.” Zielinski also worked on a donor-supported summer undergraduate research fellowship over the summer at UNH. She is studying how the campus community generates and disposes of waste. The waste includes non-recyclable trash as well as recyclables and items that could be reused or donated, especially at the end of the semester when people move out, she said. Her faculty mentor for the project is Amy Thompson, an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial, System and Multidisciplinary Engineering who also helped her apply for the EPA fellowship. “By the end of the project, my goal is to launch some projects that will involve other students, staff and

faculty in a waste awareness and minimization campaign on campus,” said Zielinski. On move-in day, she coordinated a team of 10 students to help incoming students recycle corrugated cardboard. She is working with the University’s facilities department to enhance and improve this project next year. “Jessica found a way to identify a problem, make a plan and engage other students to help solve the problem on campus, which was a great result of her summer research project,” said Thompson. Zielinski is a member of the UNH Green Team and is a member of the Undergraduate Student Government Association’s sustainability committee. She is an intern with the United Illuminating Clean Energy Communities, which gathers utility data in order to inform local municipalities about energy usage. After graduation, Zielinski hopes to work in urban planning.

Beat the Blues Week 2013



According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suicide is the third leading cause of death among people ages 15-24 and the accounts for 20% of all deaths for people in that age group. In a 2011 survey conducted by the CDC, 15.18% of students surveyed reported that they had considered suicide, while 7.8% of students in the same survey had reported actually attempting suicide. National Suicide Awareness Day this year is September 10, 2013 and National Suicide Awareness Week is September 8-13, 2013. In recognition of this, The University of New Haven celebrates Beat the Blues Week during Suicide Awareness Week, with various events taking place from September 9 to September 13, sponsored by the Office of Student Activities, Office of Residential Life and the Psychology Club. On Monday, September 9, an informational table was held in the Bartels Campus

Center, where students had the opportunity to take a pledge to promote suicide awareness. On Tuesday, September 10, the Beckerman Recreation Center held several Group X classes, including spinning, body weight boot camp, yoga, ballet and Zumba. On Wednesday, September 11, chocolate covered pretzels & hot cocoa were available for students, and the Office of Residential Life held an additional informational table as well as giveaways in the Bartels Programming Space. On Thursday, September 12, the Office of Residential Life gave out milk, cookies and tips on managing stress. On Friday, September 13, the Office of Student Activities hosted a late-night trip to Milford Title Boxing, where students were given a few free rounds of boxing. “It’s extremely important to create awareness about suicide prevention, especially at the beginning of the year when many students are going through transitions,” said Kirsten Ellison, Coordinator of Student Activities. “We try to provide a variety of programs that students can enjoy without being overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t


want free cookies in the quad or learn how to box!” Lastly, the Psychology Club hosted an event in the Bixler/Botwinik Quad on Friday, September 13. Anyone who came by could write a message on a yellow balloon that was tied to the Bartels patio for the day. Yellow is the color of suicide awareness. Messages ranged from general

words of encouragement and education, to more personal messages to those lost to suicide. Kristin Digiovanna, president of the Psychology Club, notes, “It is very important that the UNH community is aware of suicide and how many people it affects each year.” Elicia Young, the sergeant-at-arms of the club added, “The more people that are aware,

the more lives that can be saved.” Regarding Beat the Blues Week overall, Greg Overend, Director of Student Activities, said that, “The awareness being raised by these organizations and offices is wonderful and we need to do more programs like this.” Erica Weiglhofer, a Graduate Assistant in Student Activi-

ties, adds that, “Suicide is one of those things that we’ll never fully understand and we’ll never have all the answers, but any amount of education and awareness helps.”

September 18, 2013

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Friend Zone

at the event attempted it. They had found people who could really understand and relate with them on what it was that they’ve been feeling. The discussion even remained positive when different people disagreed with each other; it was just a good debate and not a grudge to hold on to. So what is it that had them excited enough to jump to their feet in the midst of people they didn’t know, commenting on things that they knew would start arguments, and high fiving each other about little truths. Well, it became real. People

felt like they were actually getting answers; like they were getting some perspective from both females and males. The audience was accepting of the truth, and they were saying “finally,” in relief, even for results they didn’t want. They left still talking and, most importantly, still friends. Although the debate was fun, what everyone enjoyed the most was what they learned. How is it that you approach all of the situations mentioned above? Well, like they all pointed out there are a variety of ways. Sometimes it may seem like it varies based on

gender but really it depends on who you are and your relationship. Some good advice was, “don’t try to alter your relationship to fit a typical role,” and “try to be as honest as possible about what you want.” All of this forms together two key things; having honesty and respect for each other. So if you’re in the friend zone and don’t want to be, be honest and respect what the other person wants. If you want a different approach, well next time there’s a Friend Zone event, you may learn another way.

too different than perforation used in paper to tear in a straight line. These drilled holes are then packed with carefully sized ‘charges’ calculated to release the right amount of energy to crack the rock between the drill holes. Where drill holes are in close proximity to each other, smaller charges are needed to fracture the rock. Monday there was only one blast event. It was used as a test to ensure that the equipment operates correctly and safely. Blasting progressed to site excavation Tuesday, September 10. “After the blasting phase,” Harry explained, “workers will begin excavating the site in preparation for concrete foundations. When the forming and pouring of concrete foundations is complete, the building superstructure will be erected.” “Essentially this is an easier process and higher quality, also safer, since the structure is made away from

the campus and brought to the construction site. Eventually students will begin to see the structure grow,” said Annino. Annino added that the next milestone for the building is for it to be weathered tight. This will help the construction process so that workers can continue to work on the inside of the building during the winter. Scheduling and safety protocols are followed each day to ensure that students are safe and the procedures are being done appropriately. The area is fenced off with identifying signs. The area is secured and only authorized personnel are allowed within the fenced area. “Shortly, there will be a project website so the UNH community can monitor the progress of the project, and we are working towards completing the project for the 2014 fall semester,” said Harry.

tragedy like this never happens again. “Our nation is in a fragile state right now, we can remain strong as long as we stick together, but we can’t do it alone. Each one of us needs to do our part as individuals, students, and members of this community, in order to ensure the safety of one another.” After some closing remarks, the ceremony pro-

cessed to Maxcy Quad; those who attended were invited to place a flag in the ground to honor victims of the September 11 tragedy. A moment of silence and quiet prayer was also observed at that time.

making sure that important announcements are heard on the radio station. Marissa will be working on creating the posters that will be hung in the different buildings on campus, along with the table top flyers in offices around campus. Erika is in charge of updating the Financial Aid Facebook Group. Students can find us on Facebook by searching University of New Haven-Financial Aid Office or going to www.facebook. com/UNHFinancialAid. David will be working on revamping the outside scholarship search program to make it available online! Keep your eyes open for information on this in the future! Students should keep an eye out for posters that will be hung around campus with important information about financial aid. For example, the Financial Aid Office will be putting up posters

to remind UNH students of how important it is to file their FAFSA “on time” for the 2014-2015 academic year. Reminders will also be sent out via e-mail, so it is very important that students regularly check their UNH e-mail. All financial aid communication will be sent to your UNH e-mail, so feel free to forward the information to your parents! If anyone has any questions regarding financial aid, our office is located in Maxcy Hall, Room 118B, so stop by and we will be happy to help you! You can also e-mail us at regarding information you see in the newspaper, hear on the radio, see on posters or flyers around campus, or read on Facebook. Please note this e-mail address is monitored by students and personal information should not be sent there.

Blast Off

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Annino said that a new exit will be created. “This past week heavy construction equipment began excavating the site in preparation for the forming and pouring of the foundations. This activity will continue over the next month with the goal of erecting and enclosing the building by December. As part of the site preparation, there are areas where rock and ledge will need to be removed. This will require a certain amount of drilling and blasting,” said Annino in his email. The blasting began Monday, September 9. Annino also explained in his email that drilling and blasting technique being employed for the project is a safe and commonly used technique for fracturing rock into smaller pieces, which can then be either reused on the site or trucked away. Holes are drilled in the rock to create a ‘perforation’ not

Students Honor Those Lost on 9/11

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persevere through moments when all may seem lost, and in these times we havealways recall the efforts of the noblest,” he said. West Haven Mayor, John Picard spoke of the importance of sticking together as a nation and supporting one another during times of tragedy. He talked about everyday things all Americans can do to ensure another

What YOU Need to Know About Financial Aid By THE FEDS


We’re back! The Financial Aid Office’s Federal Work Study student workers, also known as “The Feds”, are back and ready to start the new school year off on the right foot. Who are “The Feds” you might ask yourself? We are Federal Work Study students whose job is to reach out to students to answer their most pressing questions about financial aid and to keep everyone updated on important financial aid information, especially deadlines. Shannon Tilly, Marissa Lewis, Erika Williams and David Dejean are the “Feds” for the 2013-14 academic year. Shannon will be writing articles for the newspaper, along with

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McCune Trust Helps Fund UNH’s Display of Forensic Science History



WEST HAVEN, Conn. --- The John R. McCune Charitable Trust has awarded a $75,000 grant to the University of New Haven to help support the expansion of the exhibits in the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science. The new exhibits will depict the history and importance of forensic science including DNA testing and technology and other noteworthy developments and actual case studies that illustrate the difference between fictional and realistic crime scenes. The institute currently features exhibits that depict some of the disciplines in forensic science and that chronicle cases worked on by Dr. Henry C. Lee, who is a chaired professor at the university and a world renowned forensic scientist . UNH’s Henry C. Lee Col-

lege of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences is named in his honor, as is the institute that he founded. Lee has consulted on more than 8,000 criminal cases in 46 countries, including the O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony trials and the JonBenét Ramsey murder investigation. The new exhibits will form a “Tunnel of History” along the corridors of the institute. The display will include interactive touchscreen stations that allow a visitor to learn more about UNH, the significant advances in the field of forensic science and the history of the institute. “The ‘Tunnel of History’ project is an important addition to the exhibits already featured in the Lee Institute of Forensic Science,” said President Steven Kaplan. “It will allow our students and the many visitors who come to the institute each year to see a breadth and depth of information about forensics in a format that takes advantage of the latest

technology.” The contribution from the McCune Foundation will fund software and hardware upgrades and support necessary improvements to integrate the new technology programs into the current operating system of the institute’s learning center. The institute was created more than 20 years ago by Lee, the State of Connecticut’s chief criminalist from 1979 to 2000. In 2010, the institute was relocated to a new $11.5 million facility that features state-of-the-art technology designed to help experts examine cold cases, provide training in crime scene investigation and offer real-time consultation to law enforcement professionals. The institute’s learning center has attracted more than 10,000 UNH students, families, law enforcement professionals, judges, attorneys, middle and high school teachers and students. It is also open to the public.

Seton Gallery, working for one month to customize the space for the large-scale project. The artists have invited two local collaborators, Lisa Amadeo and Nicki Chavoya, to develop and project video content. Artist Gary Velush will customize an auditory piece in the exhibit as well. “This interdisciplinary exhibition will produce a variety of sensory experiences,” Marsh said. “The exhibit aims to challenge the traditional views of exhibition space.” Galvin is the gallery manager and visual arts coordinator at Artspace New Haven. He attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he earned a B.F.A. in painting with studies in furniture/industrial design, and the University of Hartford, where he received an M.F.A. in painting and sculpture. His work has been exhibited New York, Connecticut, Colorado and Georgia. Skar’s work explores the atmosphere, environments

and ecologies that modern society has created. His work often relates to the threshold between the natural and urban worlds. Skar earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the College of Design at the University of Minnesota. After receiving his Master of Architecture degree from the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, he moved to New Haven to complete a year as an AmeriCorp VISTA volunteer. He works at Gregg Wies & Gardner Architects. The Seton Art Gallery in open Monday through Wednesday, noon – 6 p.m.; Thursday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.; and Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. For more information, contact Laura Marsh, director of the Seton Gallery, at

New Haven Artists Explore ‘Constructed Ecology’ at Seton Gallery



WEST HAVEN, CONN. – New Haven artists Michael Galvin and Kyle Skar will be featured at the University of New Haven’s Seton Art Gallery Sept. 12 – 26. The Seton Art Gallery is located in Dodds Hall on UNH’s Main Campus, 300 Boston Post Road, West Haven. The exhibit is free and open to the public. The exhibit, called “Constructed Ecology,” blurs the lines of the natural and engineered. “The installation encourages one to challenge their perception of curated and regulated spaces from that of nature and the wilderness,” said Laura Marsh, director of the Seton Gallery. The interdisciplinary project combines architecture, sculpture, digital media, and natural forms. Galvin and Skar will be artists-in-residence at the

September 18, 2013

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September 18, 2013

UNH Alumna Begins Peace Corps Volunteer Service in the Philippines

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Danielle Givens ’10 is 8,500 miles from Connecticut, settling into the Philippines, the place she will call home for the next 27 months as a Peace Corps volunteer. Givens has wanted to be part of the organization ever since James Monahan, her professor in criminal justice research, spoke about the Peace Corps in class one day. “I started researching it that night,” she said. “His constant encouragement to do something ‘outside myself’ helped me feel like I was making the right decision, even years later.” Monahan, who screened applicants to the Peace Corps as a graduate student, said Givens was “a joy to have in class,” and he knows the Peace Corps experience will stretch her in innumerable positive ways, as it has others. “I ‘m very happy she has joined the Peace Corps,” he said. “The Philippines is a marvelous country. She will return a Renaissance woman.” For the first three months, Givens is living with a host family in Manila. She spends four hours each day learning Tagalog, the official language. Givens took courses in Russian at UNH, studied Latin and Spanish in high school and taught herself Korean, so she isn’t

worried. “I like to think my brain is a sponge, which may make Tagalog easier to practice and use in real life,” said Givens, who majored in criminal justice at UNH and received her master’s degree in social work last spring from Southern Connecticut State University. After three months of getting culturally acclimated, Givens will be sworn in as a member of the Peace Corps. As a youth and community development volunteer, she has many options. She may work with at-risk youth or with victims of human trafficking. Or she may volunteer at an orphanage, a mental health facility or a community center. “I am most looking forward to learning about my community, what they are struggling with and how they’ve risen above their circumstances,” she said. “I hope to collaborate on camps, projects and ideas with volunteers from all sectors of the Peace Corps.” Elizabeth Chamberlain, public affairs specialist for the Peace Corps Northeast Regional Office in New York, said volunteers are assigned to one program and often develop a secondary project once they see the community’s needs. “Our volunteers live in the community; they speak the language and become a local person,” she said. “They gain insight into what the community really needs and they begin to

work on that.”

or more to travel home and on those delivery persons who drop off pizzas that are lukewarm at best. Their tests indicated a pizza just out of an oven is typically 167 degrees Fahrenheit. They found studies that showed that people tend to like pizza served at about 122 degrees. After design work and a great deal of testing (and tasting), the engineering students created a pizza box fashioned from wood that the cardboard version can slide right into. Grad student Ali Abdulkareem Al Nemer is pictured with the heat transfer prototype. Inside the wooden box are compartments that hold phase change materials (PCMs). They change from solid to liquid at a constant temperature and store thermal energy when

heated. They release heat and change phase back to solid when cooled. The temperature difference between the pizza and the surrounding PCMs is small, so the pizza does not lose heat and maintains its temperature. RGEES, LLC, a company based in Asheville, NC, donated PCMs to promote experiential education. The students heated the PCMs to different temperatures and placed them in plastic bottles. In one experiment, the bottles were inserted into the wooden box at 127 F and 136 F (phase change temperature) and that kept the pizza at optimal temperature. Two hours later, the pizza was 115 F, still hot, Gorthala said. Six hours later, the pizza was still quite warm. Gorthala guaranteed an A for the project if the pizza

Givens said she would like to do staff training around mental health sensitivity, stigma and trauma. She is one of 136 Connecticut residents serving in the Peace Corps. The challenge, Givens said, will be to remain patient and flexible. “American culture ingrains the idea of `now, now, now – work, work, work’ into your very bones,” she said. “It’s often hard to remember to take a break, breathe and go with the flow. Things don’t always work out as planned, and being able to adapt is an essential characteristic of a Peace Corps volunteer. Learning to be patient and accept things for what they are will be a big life-changing experience for me.” In early July, as she was preparing to leave, Givens said she was wistful about the thousands of miles and many months that will separate her from good friends and family. But she plans to use social media to keep in touch and will post regularly on her blog. She hopes to write a book when she returns. “I have been planning my Peace Corps adventure for quite a while now,” she said. “And it’s finally coming true.”

-Being a notetaker for Campus Access Services comes with many advantages such as community service hours, it looks great on a resume, and there is also the possibility of priority registration. -Many organizations on campus require community service hours from their members, and this a great way to get those hours while helping out another student. The certification process is quite simple and can be done either in the CAS office or at home.

For more information, stop in to see us or feel free to call (203)932-7332.

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UNH Engineering Students Build a Better Delivery Box for a Piping Hot Pizza



WEST HAVEN, CONN. --- A team of UNH engineering students has tackled an age-old quandary: how to get a pizza home piping hot even during cold winter days. Ravi Gorthala, associate professor of mechanical engineering, asked students in his “Heat Transfer” class to take a real-world problem and solve it, and one team of students set out to solve a problem that has vexed pizza lovers everywhere. While some pizza delivery personnel have insulated, thermal pizza bags, sometimes heated by electrical heating elements, the UNH students focused on those who pick up their pies and still have 15 or 20 minutes

brought to the final class presentation in the prototype box was piping hot in 40-degree weather. The pizza was devoured and the students’ project received an A. For now, the box remains in the prototype phase. But Gorthala said engineers often work from existing designs and take the designs to a new level or to commercial viability. Gorthala added that perhaps some of the students taking the course in the fall will build upon the pizza box design and, one day, seek a patent and spin off a company.


September 18, 2013

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It’s Time We Rise Up This Is Not Okay




In the wake of the Trayvon Martin case it is obvious that race is still an issue in the minds of many. I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and have been surrounded by many different races, cultures and ethnicities. However, I never looked at my classmates and said there are 15 black students, 8 Hispanic, 4 Chinese and 10 white. I just thought “whoa” this is a huge class. I grew up not looking at race because I was taught from a young age that we are all people no matter our gender, orientation or race. I can appreciate that some individuals did not grow up in such diverse cities and that coming to UNH, a school that boasts about their diversity, is a culture shock. However, after attending the school for a month or so, most people stop noticing if there were a large number of any specific groups of people in their class. I have grown to believe that when you point some-

thing out it becomes noticeable. For example the term “like,” if someone points out that Sally says “like” every few words you begin to notice it. The same goes for differences, if a friend says look how many women are working in Sears, you begin to notice it more. So when I logged into Banner recently and was asked to “update” my ethnicity/race I was completely taken aback. My first issue was the term update, what does that even mean? People update their Facebook status not their ethnicity. So the conclusion I came to is that the school is trying to verify the ethnicity/ race of students. But why? Now the term ethnicity is defined as being the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition. The choices on Banner were Hispanic or Latino and Not Hispanic or Latino. Really? That doesn’t even make sense, I belong to a social group that has common national traditions and it’s called American, how come that’s not an option? The term race refers to the physical appearance of an individual. I may be white, but that says nothing about

who I am, so why is it a necessary question? I know that this is the traditional way of asking these questions but in this day and age there is not point to them anymore. Now I am not a sociologist, an anthropologist or even a psychologist, but I think that an American goal is to give people equal rights. So if this is the goal, why are we stereotyping and keeping track of information that tells us nothing about the actual person? Personally I think that a person’s character and intelligence is more important than what they look like or what group they associate with. So I am standing up to simply say, “I’m not going to tell you what I look like or where I pledge my allegiance because this is a school where I come to learn and neither of those impact the way I learn. If you don’t believe me I encourage you to go read Brown v. Board of Education; everyone gets the same education no matter what they look like.




Let me preface this rant by thanking John and Leona Gehring for their large donation to the Henry C. Lee Institute. As a student in that college, I can say that we really do appreciate it. That being said, please enjoy the next three years that it is named after you. After that time, the name will probably change due to another donation. That is the harsh reality. There are several reasons why I have a problem with this name change. First and foremost, this is the third name change we have had in 2013. The first, Bergami Hall, which has always been highly opposed. While New Hall would not be a fitting name for an old hall, students still did not like the change one bit. Now, we are being hit with Chick Hall and Gehring Hall all at once.

It only takes a peek at Facebook to see that students are highly dissatisfied. Will we be renaming buildings every time we receive money? The second reason is that I truly believe that Henry C. Lee deserves the building. Not only did he create the program and the school, he created forensic science. He was the man who advanced it to what it is today. While the magnitude of the donation from the Gehrings cannot be ignored, Dr. Lee brings the school over ten times that money every year. How? Half the students here are forensic science and criminal justice majors. We are brought to this school by the prestige that Dr. Lee has created. My next reason, while perhaps not the nicest, is honest. The students of the school know Henry C. Lee. We have heard him speak, joked with him, and been inspired by him. Plenty of us are even his friends with him

online, and cheer when we see he has liked a picture we have together. (No shame.) We know him. That is what makes his institute feel like home. My last reason is that the name of the building draws students to the University of New Haven. I am both a forensic science and biology major. I love both departments, groups of teachers, and subjects equally. However, I did not walk into any of the laboratories and think that whoever donated to them had created somewhere special for me to learn biology. Whenever you walk into the Henry C Lee Institute, you cannot ignore Dr. Lee’s successes everywhere. You feel part of an entire community smaller than the University as whole. While I do appreciate the Gehring’s gift, the institute will always be the Henry C. Lee Institute to most of us here. That’s what makes it home.

livid. We protest in the cities closest to our campuses. We start Facebook pages and Twitter handles to support our cause and raise money. We make sure our voices are heard and we make sure that the world knows that what is happening to us is unacceptable. We get mad, we get angry and we want answers; we want to know what we did to deserve this. Incidents like the attack of the World Trade Center and the Boston bombings become a real eye opener. It pulls on our heartstrings, and makes us ask why something like this is happening here, in America; the country that people emigrate to for a better life. These moments solidify the fact that we aren’t safe and that, yes, it can happen here and it can happen anywhere. Twelve years ago, planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City, and since that day, life got a lot harder. We realized we weren’t safe when nearly 3,000 people died, and we’re reminded frequently that that

safety isn’t coming back. We’re reminded every time we have to board a plane, hands sweaty, as TSA pats us down. We’re reminded each time we hear the word “terrorist” or “bomb,” and feel that shiver of fear. We’re reminded every time we watch the news and hear reports on war in the Middle East. We’re reminded every day in the littlest of ways. When disaster strikes, when that bubble of safety is popped, we pull together in a remarkable way. Communities come together and our differences are set aside. We become understanding, hardworking and friendly. Our innocence was taken twelve years ago, but we fight to get it back, to prove that we can overcome anything. We work together to do anything we can to help; we work to protect our country, because we are a country that can’t be held down.

When Disaster Strikes




We live in a bubble; we are young and nothing can hurt us. We walk from class to class, we eat lunch in our cafeteria, we complain about the food. We laugh at each other’s jokes, we cry over our broken hearts, we smile when our hard work pays off and our chests swell when we’ve done something to be proud of. We live in a country where nothing can go wrong and where nothing bad can happen. We watch the news, we see the bombings and shootings and warfare in other countries and we shrug our shoulders. Sure, it’s sad, but what can we do about it? All we can do is pray for those countries, show our remorse and be thankful that we live in a place where incidents like that are few and far between. But when something does happen to us, we become

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September 18, 2013

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In Defense of Diver- National Play-Doh Day sity and Miss America By SAMANTHA MATHEWSON





Like many, I found myself anxiously watching Miss America 2014 last Sunday night. Although I kept my fingers crossed for Miss Connecticut, I’m happy to see that the talented Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, won the coveted title and crown, becoming the first Indian Miss America. I’ve never been in a pageant, but I can appreciate the message each woman standing on stage wants to portray to the world: confidence, courage, inner beauty and diversity. What made Miss New York stand out was her positive attitude and appreciation for her Indian heritage. She even performed a Bollywood dance piece for her talent, staying true to her roots while also looking drop-dead gorgeous. Miss America represents self-determination, and it empowers young women to achieve their goals. These women are true warriors; they are scholarship recipients who go on to raise thousands of dollars for charities throughout the country, and Davaluri will not disappoint. However, social media has been less kind. After Davuluri’s crowning, Twitter and other sites exploded with negative remarks, saying she was either a terrorist or wasn’t “American-looking”

enough to be Miss America. Some even had the gall to compare her win to the 9/11 attacks and al-Qaeda. One tweet read, “First a president from God knows where, Africa now a miss America lady that I can’t say or spell her name…Terrorist.” The ability to classify someone simply based on their name is shameful. Very few can say or spell my last name correctly the first time, does that make me a terrorist too? Davuluri deserves credit for dealing with these hateful remarks with such composure. According to news reports and interviews, she’s brushing them off (you go girl! Rise above the ignorance). And clearly, none of these Tweeters decided to do their homework (or even consult a map) before linking India to al-Qaeda. In a nutshell, the militant group was founded in Pakistan, with other cells being linked to Afghanistan. India didn’t fly jetliners into the Twin Towers, so comparing Davuluri’s heritage to one of the most devastating moments in American history is simply disrespectful. Race has been a hot topic in this country since the days of slavery hundreds of years ago, which prompted a Civil War in the mid-1800s and Civil Rights activism in the 1960s. Discrimination has not only been aimed at African-Americans, but also at Chinese and Japanese-

Americans, Jewish-Americans and those of Middle Eastern descent in more recent years. The country that prides itself on being a melting pot of cultures takes a step back each time a racist slur is spoken, each time someone is persecuted for their beliefs, and each time an individual is judged by the color of their skin or ethnicity. This country was built upon freedom and equality, yet people label others solely on their appearance. The fact that this year’s Miss America wasn’t the “cookie-cutter” image of an American girl or Barbie doll caused an uproar, and it is moments like these that bring out the true nature of the hate simmering within the nation. Although it hurts to admit it, Americans have a long way to go before they’re able to live up to the tolerant nation they falsely pride themselves on being. It isn’t fair that a beautiful, intelligent person like Nina Davaluri, and others like her, still have to deal with the ignorance of others. For the social media haters who write that Miss America should be for “Muricans,” firstly learn how to spell, and secondly realize that rude, racist comments will get you nowhere.

––––––––––––––––––––– I spent the majority of my childhood playing with three different toys; Legos, Barbies, and Play-Doh. Monday, Sept. 16, was national Play-Doh day, and how did I spend it? Appreciating the colorful modeling compound that made my childhood amazing. There were so many different colors of Play-Doh, and so many fun ways to shape and mold it; it was a reusable, multifunctional toy; you can even consider it a child’s version of a stress ball, which is probably why kids are so stress-free, instead of the hard foam rubber in an actual adult’s stress ball, they have fun moldable clay to relieve their frustration. One of the only downsides to Play-Doh was that once you mixed the colors, they were irreversibly morphed into a new, less desirable, color. However, this only made it more exciting when my mom or dad came home with a new box of Play-Doh colors. There were the basic primary colors; red, yellow, and blue. Then your secondary colors; purple, orange, and green, that were essential, because while art class taught you that when you mix yellow and blue you get green, this is not true for Play-Doh. And, most importantly, the exciting neon colors. Another downside, for my

parents, was that it dried up and went bad. If the top was so much as cracked open for more than 24 hours, it would harden into a brick that was totally unusable. As a child, this is scaring, and since we weren’t exactly as responsible back then, this happened frequently, which meant my parents had to buy even more new containers of Play-Doh. I can remember all the different accessories I had for my Play-Doh. I had the hair dressers salon, which allowed me to style plastic dolls spaghetti string hair that what was made by pushing a chuck of Play-Doh through a strainer tool. I had different shape stencils and The Fun Factory that made various cutouts. I had the dentist accessory, even though I hate the dentist’s office, and I even had a McDonald’s restaurant accessory, where you could make foods such as a hamburger and fries. Aside from all these cool accessories, Play-Doh is entertaining in itself. You can just mush and morph in your hands, roll it in a ball or flatten it like a pancake. I think my favorite thing to do was just make different animals and shapes out of the Doh without any accessories at all; sorry mom and dad, I now realize the accessories cost more than the Play-Doh its self. Play-Doh has one of the most distinct smells. I can’t say I like, or dislike, the smell, but it is unique and reminds me of my childhood. Some things have

triggered the association to Play-Doh, but I am not sure it does any more than that; remind me of it, because nothing is exactly equivalent. I think that the reason the smell lingers so fresh in my mind, is because as a child Play-Doh so easily, and frequently, got under my nails, so the smell would follow me around, reminding me that I had played with Play-Doh since my last bubble bath. For some brief history, Play-Doh is composed of flour, water, salt, boric acid, and mineral oil. It was first manufactured in Cincinnati, OH, U.S., as wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s. When a classroom of children began using the wallpaper cleaner as a modeling compound, the product was reworked and marketed to Cincinnati schools in the mid-1950s. Play-Doh was demonstrated at an educational convention in 1956 and department stores started selling it. Since its launch on the toy market in the mid-1950s, Play-Doh has generated a considerable amount of accessory merchandise. The Toy Industry Association named Play-Doh in its Century of Toys List. Although I have not played with Play-Doh recently, in attempts to rediscover my childhood, I will be sure to pick up a pack the next time I go to a toy store, maybe even a pack for my parents.

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September 18, 2013

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Crossword Clues

Crossword Clues Across 1 Soccer officials 5 “You __ dead!”: “I’m telling mom!” 10 Location 14 Berry in healthy smoothies 15 “No way!” 16 Jazz classic “Take __ Train” 17 Lost color in one’s cheeks 19 Greasy spoon grub 20 Hit hard 21 Like blue hair 22 “Faust” dramatist 24 Fred’s dancing sister 26 Bartender’s twist 28 Beer to drink on Cinco de Mayo 30 Four quarters 31 Tax agcy. 32 Archaic “once” 33 Talk show pioneer Jack 36 Residential bldg. units 38 Stack of unsolicited manuscripts 41 Bush secretary of labor Elaine 43 Madeline of “Blazing Saddles” 44 Emails the wrong person, say 48 U.S./Canada’s __ Canals

49 Sunrise direction, in Kšln 51 Buyer’s “beware” 53 Tribal carving 57 Go 58 City on the Rio Grande 59 Feed the kitty 61 “Cool” monetary amt. 62 Even-handed 63 It may be filled with a garden hose 66 Helsinki resident 67 Actress Burstyn 68 Hip-swiveling dance 69 Vexes 70 Extremely poor 71 Ruin Bond’s martini

Down 1 Daily grind 2 Besides Chile, the only South American country that doesn’t border Brazil 3 __ market 4 Break a Commandment 5 “Toy Story” boy 6 Fend off 7 Dance around 8 Somme salt 9 Where Nike headquarters is 10 Considerable, as discounts 11 Terse critical appraisal 12 Ties to a post, as a horse 13 Art gallery props

18 Delightful spot 23 “Paper Moon” Oscar winner Tatum 25 Many, informally 27 Change from vampire to bat, say 29 Kwik-E-Mart owner on “The Simpsons” 34 Extend an invitation for 35 “I knew it!” 37 Thorn in one’s side 39 Appears strikingly on the horizon 40 Co. letterhead abbr. 41 Welcome summer forecast 42 Noticeable lipstick color 45 Come down hard on 46 Filled pasta 47 Top-notch 48 Golden Slam winner Graf 50 Said 52 Away from the wind 54 Takes home 55 Punch bowl spoon 56 Over and done 60 Hard to see 64 French landmass 65 Acidity nos. (c)2013 TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY, INC.

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Last week’s answers!

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September 18, 2013

by Patricia Oprea

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Charger Battery Negatives


The beloved Henry C. Lee building is being renamed to Joan and Leona GehThe new UNH Meditation and Spirituality Center opened this week! The center’s hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, and facilitated mediation sessions begin ring Hall… are those individuals really more relevant to the study of Forensic September 19, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. It is conveniently located in the bottom Science than Henry C. Lee? And they think handing out free gifts at the dedication floor of Ruden apartment number 15. Sign-ups for campus card access to the cen- ceremony will make it all better… you can just go to SCOPE events for those. ter are located in the Dean of Students’ Office. UNH’s football team had their first home opener this past weekend, Saturday September 14. Our team whopped Pace University 65 to zero…. now that’s embarrassing. I hope this streak will continue; go Chargers!!!

Both the Dattco apartment shuttle and Forest Hills shuttles have been less than punctual lately. I was waiting for the shuttle one evening, and the driver was taking a break on the side of the road. I showed him the schedule, yet he still insisted that this was his break time. I think it’s time to invest in a bicycle, or a razor scooter.

The Battery Charge

What is up with all our buildings being renamed? From New Hall last year, to now Soundview, the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, and Health Services. (Good thing these three buildings this year don’t have names starting with the letter B; I’m glad the university realized that there are 25 other letters of the alphabet).

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September 18, 2013

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USGA President’s Corner

Hello Chargers, Let me first thank everyone who attended the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony. At the ceremony, our campus community showed our continued dedication to public service and to never forgetting those we lost on that tragic day. On a different note, I ask everyone to please make an effort to keep our campus clean and to throw away any trash in the trash cans. This is our campus and it is up to us to keep it as nice as it is. As a reminder, Undergraduate Student Government Association meetings are on Fridays at 12 p.m. in Alumni Lounge. Come as you are and get involved! Sincerely, Zani Imetovski USGA President

USGA Treasurer’s Tip of the Week “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw Continuing off of last week’s tip of communication within an organization, communication between organizations is also key. If your organization is co-sponsoring an event or initiative with someone else, make sure someone in your organization is designated as a liaison or is otherwise keeping frequent contact with the co-sponsors. If there is any confusion about who is doing what for an event, get that cleared up ASAP.

USGA Meetings are Fridays at 12PM in the Alumni Lounge. Bring your friends!




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Chargers Blank Pace, 65-0, in 2013 Home Opener



––––––––––––––––––––– The University of New Haven football team began the defense of its three-straight Northeast-10 Championships with a 65-0 shutout of visiting Pace on Saturday afternoon at Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium.

Mike DeCaro (Weston, Fla./ Cypress Bay ) racked up 154 all-purpose yards with three touchdowns and Ronnie Nelson (Stuart, Fla./South Fork ) threw for four scores before a home crowd of 3,020. With the win, the Chargers improve to 1-1 and begin the NE-10 slate at 1-0 for the third-consecutive fall. New Haven has also won its

home opener for the fourthstraight campaign. Pace drops to 0-2 overall and 0-1 in the conference with the loss. DeCaro’s 154 all-purpose yards, all garnered in the first half, came courtesy of 102 receiving yards out of the backfield with two scores and 52 yards on the ground with a two-yard scamper to paydirt. Nelson

also only played prior to the intermission, connecting with DeCaro on touchdown passes of 50 and 51 yards as well as a 62-yard hookup with Courtney Moshood (Miami, Fla./Miami Palmetto) and a 15-yard strike to Nick Music (West Milford, N.J./West Milford ). Nelson added 10 rushing yards to his 10-for-17 day for 234 yards through the

air. Trevor Officer (Monroe, N.Y./Monroe-Woodbury) colleted 50 yards on seven careers with a touchdown and Anthony Tillman (Piscataway, N.J./Piscataway) ran for 10 yards on five carries. Joey Bradley (Issaquah, Wash./Issaquah / University of North Dakota) took the reins under center in the second half. He went 3-for-5 for 50 yards and two touch-

downs. The junior transfer from the University of North Dakota had a 30-yard touchdown pass to Michael Flacco (Audobon, N.J./Gateway Regional / The Community College of Baltimore County - Catonsville) and a 15-yard pitch-and-catch to Rishawn Harris (Springfield, Mass./Putnam Vocational Technical Academy). Earlier in the game, Flacco caught a 19-yard touchdown pass from Anthony Greenfield (Bloomfield, N.J./Paramus Catholic / Wagner) on a fake field goal. He finished with four grabs for 68 yards. As an offensive unit, New Haven outgained the Setters, 425-228. On the defensive side of the ball, Carlos Lozada (New London, Conn./New London) had two secondhalf interceptions, while Rodney Lanham (Bridgeport, Conn./Bridge Academy) added a late pick of his own. Sean Berglund (Wolcott, Conn./Wolcott) led the effort up-front with three sacks, a forced fumble and four total tackles-for-loss. Chad Woodfine (Springfield, Mass./Chicopee / Suffield Academy) and Kervin Edouard (Somerville, Mass./ Somerville ) each had a sack as well, and Edouard also forced the fumble that led to New Haven’s first touchdown. Berglund, DJ Brown (Washington Township, N.J./Washington Township), See CHARGERS page 12

Chargers Shutout Saint Anselm, 2-0, to Begin NE-10 Slate




Women’s Tennis Opens Season with Sweep at Franklin Pierce


––––––––––––––––––––– RINDGE, N.H. – The University of New Haven women’s tennis team began its 2013-14 season with a 9-0 shutout at Northeast-10 foe Franklin Pierce on Saturday afternoon. The Chargers’ victory over the Ravens marks their first season-opening win since 2009-10. As a team, the Chargers defeated each of their singles opponents in straight sets. At No. 1 singles, Eva Rybka (Berlin, Conn./ Berlin) defeated Natasha

McCarthy 6-2, 6-2 which was followed by a 6-1, 6-2 victory for junior Lindsey Conley (Glastonbury, Conn./ Glastonbury ) at the No. 2 position. The two also teamed up for an 8-4 triumph at No. 1 doubles. At the No. 3 and No. 4 positions for the Chargers, sophomores Alexandra Sharshakov (Reisterstown, Md./Garrison Forest) and Samantha Nigri (Carmel, N.Y./Carmel) both recorded 6-0, 6-0 triumphs and followed with an 8-0 shutout at No. 2 doubles. Martha Petzoldt (Westfield, Vt./North Country Union) tallied a 6-3, 6-3 win at the No. 5 position, while Nan Sirihora-

chai (Plainsboro, N.J./West Windsor-Plainsboro North) slated a 6-2, 6-0 decision at the No. 6 position for the Chargers. The Chargers rounded out the match with an 8-4 victory by Christina Santos (Wolcott, Conn./Wolcott) and Jessica MacPhee at No. 3 doubles. New Haven returns to action on Saturday, Sept. 27 in the 2013-14 home opener against Dowling. The match will take place at Amity Regional High School in Woodbridge, Conn. at 3 p.m.

The University of New Haven women’s soccer team remained unbeaten with a 2-0 blanking of Saint Anselm this afternoon on Kayo Field. Amber Simms (Southport, England/Southport) and Marisa Garcia (Babylon, N.Y./West Babylon) each scored an unassisted goal in the Chargers’ Northeast-10 opener. New Haven improves to 3-0-1 on the season and 1-0 in NE-10 action. The visiting Hawks drop to 1-2-1 overall with an 0-1 conference tally. Natasha Purchla (Oakdale, N.Y./Connetquot) turned away all four shots that she faced to preserve her first solo shutout of the fall. Simms’ goal came just 3:34 into the match and stood up as the game-winner. Garcia crossed a ball from the right side that got past intended target Monica Yanez (West Haven, Conn./ West Haven). Simms came up empty on her first attempt but buried the second chance past Saint Anselm goal keeper Gabriella Primera to give New Haven a quick 1-0 advantage. The junior forward has scored three goals


through four matches this season and 11 in her Charger career. The insurance tally from Garcia came in the 58th minute. Taylor Szyarto (Howell, N.J./Howell) crossed a ball into the box with Yanez and Garcia in striking distance. New Hawks’ goalie Cassie Quattropani attempted to punch the ball out of harm’s way, but the orb caromed to the foot of Garcia, who sent it into the vacated net to extend the margin to 2-0. The goal was Garcia’s first of the season and fourth of her career. Aided by a strong effort by a back line consisting of Szyarto, Amanda Hathaway (Stillwater, N.Y./Stillwater), Miranda Smith (Magnolia, Del./Camden) and Carlie Schecht (West Islip, N.Y./

West Islip), Purchla’s shutout was her fourth-career solo clean sheet. The most spectacular of her four saves was the final stop – a diving effort to turn away Saint Anselm’s Siobhan Flaherty in the 87th minute. The Chargers outshot the visitors, 17-15, and held a 3-2 edge on corner kicks. Primera made four saves for the Hawks in the first half and Quattropani registered six saves after the intermission. Northeast-10 action resumes on Wednesday, Sept. 18 when Assumption visits Kayo Field for a 4 p.m. contest that will be broadcast live in high definition free of charge on

September 18, 2013

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This Week in UNH Sports



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Taylor’s NFL Picks

Who will come out on top this season? By TAYLOR HAUCK


––––––––––––––––––––– (Winning picks in BOLD)

Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles -The Eagles suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Chargers on Sunday. They need to step up their defense to help complement their high-powered offense. The Chiefs have been impressive thus far starting 2-0, but the Eagles should improve their defense enough to stop the Chiefs. San Diego Chargers @ Tennessee Titans -San Diego is coming off a bounce-back win over the Eagles. They have been good offensively this season and look for their second consecutive win. Tennessee has started out well, but isn’t expected to compete in the AFC. Expect this game to be close, with the Chargers prevailing in the end. Cleveland Browns @

Minnesota Vikings -The Vikings almost pulled off the upset over the Bears. They will try to use that momentum to roll over a weak Browns team. Adrian Peterson needs to step up his running game if the Vikings want to compete for a playoff berth this season. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New England Patriots -Both teams have struggled offensively to start the season. Tom Brady has the experience to fight through the adversity and keep winning. The Buccaneers are still in need of a good quarterback that can help them win. Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens -Neither of these teams have impressed in the first two weeks of the season. The Ravens are not playing like defending Super Bowl Champions, only beating the Browns by eight points. Houston looks to get a lead and keep the lead instead of playing from behind. Expect a close contest.

St. Louis Rams @ Dallas Cowboys -The Cowboys will bounce back after a close loss to the Chiefs. Expect the Rams to be in the game throughout. Dallas coaches are on the hot seat this year and need wins. Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints -The Saints are keeping games interesting. They have won both their games in the final minutes of play. Meanwhile, the cardinals pulled off an upset of the Lions, who had high expectations coming into the season. The Saints will win handily at the Superdome. Detroit Lions @ Washington Redskins -RG3 has been horrendous to start the season. If he doesn’t improve, the Redskins are in for a long season. Some say this is must win game for the Redskins. Look for Matthew Stafford to help the Lions bounce back, after losing to the Cardinals, and take a win from the Redskins.

Green Bay Packers @ Cincinnati Bengals -Aaron Rodgers threw for 480 yards on Sunday. If he continues with his superb passing, the Packers should have no problem beating the Bengals. The Bengals are a good team and are looking for their third straight playoff berth. New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers -The Giants need to improve their defense if they want to compete in the NFC. They have allowed 77 points in their first two games. Eli Manning is playing well and putting up points for the Giants. Carolina is off to a rocky start and can’t get anything going with Cam Newton at quarterback. Expect a close game, with the Giants winning late. Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins -Miami is a two-point favorite over the Falcons. The Falcons have struggled to start the season, while the Dolphins have been more than impressive. Expect

a back and forth battle throughout the game. Indianapolis Colts @ San Francisco 49ers -The 49ers were embarrassed on Sunday Night Football by the Seahawks. They need to look at film and work on all aspects of their game. They are an experienced group and should be able to rebound. The Colts have been shaky on offense and need Andrew Luck to play better in order to win. The 49ers should win by more than ten points. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks -The Seahawks looked like the Seahawk team everyone was expecting this year on Sunday Night Football. They executed on both sides of the ball and walked away with the division lead. They should roll over the Jaguars. Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets -Buffalo has been surprise team with rookie quarterback EJ Manuel. They battled the Patriots and then beat the Panthers late in the

game. They hope to ride that momentum to a win over the sub-par Jets. Geno Smith needs to limit his mistakes if he wants to lead the Jets to victory. Chicago Bears @ Pittsburgh Steelers -The Steelers are not the same Steeler team that everyone is use to seeing. They have a lot of holes to fill, both offensively and defensively. Meanwhile, the Bears are off to a 2-0 start and hope to make it 3-0 against the Steelers. Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos -Oakland is playing good football, however they haven’t played anyone overpowering. Denver is that team that will overpower them. Peyton Manning and his receiving core cannot be stopped. They lead the league with points scored this season. Add their running back, Knowshon Moreno, to the mix and they are unstoppable.

score to 7-0. The Chargers defense forced a three-and-out on the ensuing Pace possession, and the offense took over at the Pace 39-yard-line. The drive appeared to have stalled at the 19 as the fieldgoal unit trotted onto the field on 4th-and-4. However, holder William Clements (Pennsauken, N.J./Bishop Eustace) received the snap and flipped it over his head to Greenfield, who lobbed a pass into the corner of the end zone. Flacco elevated and came down with the jump ball for the first touchdown of both his and Greenfield’s collegiate careers. After empty trips each way, the Setters took over but were soon forced to punt again. The snap went over the head of punter Reza Zouroufie and was recovered by Drew Ortone (Grafton, Mass./St. John’s). The linebacker moved the ball to the Pace one-yard-line, but he was stripped and the Setters recovered to earn a new set of downs pinned back at their one-yard line. After a false start moved Pace to the half-yard line, a quarterback sneak by Washington was stuffed for a loss by Brent MacLeod (Winchester, Mass./Winchester) for a safety that extended the Chargers’ lead of 16-0. The free kick put New Haven back in good field

position at midfield and the Chargers needed just one play to capitalize as DeCaro got behind the secondary and caught a long pass from Nelson in stride to coast into the end zone untouched to give UNH a 23-0 advantage in the final minute of the first quarter. The Setters responded with their first extended drive of the game as they marched into New Haven territory for the first time. The early deficit forced Pace to go for it on 4th-and-14 at the Chargers’ 33-yard-line, and Washington was flushed out of the pocket and sacked by Berglund to turn possession back to the Chargers. Once again, New Haven scored on its first play of the drive as Moshood outran everybody and reeled in a perfect pass from Nelson for a 62-yard score. The first touchdown of Moshood’s career extended the commanding lead to 30-0. The Setters managed two first downs before their next drive stalled, as New Haven took over on downs at the visitors’ 39-yard line. DeCaro gained 35 yards on the ground to lead a drive that also featured an 11-yard pass to Brandon Ruberti (Madison, Conn./Daniel Hand ). The final action of the eight-play march was a 15-yard pass from Nelson to Music on a slant for the

score. After another three-andout by Pace, the Chargers capped the first-half scoring with another quick strike. DeCaro rushed for seven yards and, after an incompletion, caught a screen pass and outran five defenders, aided by a key block by Ruberti, for his third touchdown of the half. The defense came up with another stop, this time stifling Pace in the red zone as Jacob Weaver (Wilmington, Del./Archmere Academy) broke up a fourth-down pass attempt. New Haven regained possession and took a knee to head to the locker room with a 44-0 lead. A 61-yard kickoff return by Kyle Johnson gave the Setters their best starting field position of the day to open the third quarter at the New Haven 21-yard line. Pace reached the 13-yard line before Edouard and Berglund teamed up for a third-down sack and Weaver stopped a scrambling Washington on fourth down to end the scoring threat. Though New Haven went three-and-out on its next possession, Greenfield skied a 58-yard punt and the Chargers soon regained control with good field position as Lozada made his first interception of the day at the Pace 30-yard line. The first play of the ensuing drive

saw Bradley connect with Flacco for his second touchdown reception of the day. The next Pace drive ended with another Lozada pick. This time, the junior ran it back 41 yards to the Pace 15-yard line. On offense, Bradley ran for six yards on first down before the second of back-to-back rushes by Officer found paydirt to extend the margin to 58-0 with just over five minutes remaining in the third quarter. A touchdown strike from Bradley to Harris on the first drive of the fourth quarter capped the scoring at 65-0, as the Chargers continued to run out the clock on offense and looked to preserve the shutout on defense. The biggest threat to the clean sheet for the defense came in the final quarter when Pace fought to a firstand-goal from the six-yard line. Jashon Dawson carried on first down and brought the ball to the three followed by a one-yard surge from Wallace on second down. Christian Bish (Bridgeport, Conn./Bridgeport Central) then broke through the line on third down and stopped Washington for a one-yard loss to set up fourth-andgoal from the three. DJ Brown led a huge defensive push on fourth down as Wallace backtracked his way to a 12-yard loss to end the

scoring threat. Lanham’s interception came to end the final drive in the closing seconds and the Chargers took to field in victory formation to run out the final ticks of a 65-0 triumph. The 65-0 margin is the Chargers’ first shutout since a 45-0 blanking of Saint Anselm on Sept. 22, 2012. New Haven also registered 65 points in a game last fall, topping visiting Assumption, 65-7, on Oct. 6, 2012. The Chargers last scored more than 65 points on Oct. 18, 2012 – a 69-21 triumph over Massachusetts-Lowell. In today’s game, New Haven fell one point shy of matching the largest margin of victory in program history, which was a 66-0 shutout of Virginia Union during the 1996 season. The Chargers return to action on Friday, Sept. 20 at Saint Anselm. The Hawks are 0-1 on the season and begin their NE-10 schedule this evening at Stonehill. UNH takes to the blue and gold turf at DellaCamera Stadium the following Saturday, Sept. 28, for a 1 p.m. meeting with LIU Post. That game will be broadcast live in high definition free of charge on

Chargers Blank Pace, 65-0, in 2013 Home Opener

con’t from page 11

Andre Lawrence (Hartford, Conn./Hartford Public / Boston College) and Matthew Fallico (Syracuse, N.Y./Fayetteville Manlius / Hudson Valley) shared the team-high of seven tackles. The Chargers racked up 16 tackles-for-loss, including six sacks, to limit the Setters to 25 net yards rushing and 203 through the air. In addition to a touchdown pass on the first throwing attempt of his career, Greenfield went 9-for-9 on extra points and boomed five punts for an average of 49.8 yards per try, including a 64-yarder with no return. Antwan Washington started at quarterback for Pace. He went 16-for-33 for 171 yards and three interceptions in addition to 15 rushing yards. Delaney Wallace had a team-best 21 yards rushing on 16 carries. After the Chargers went three-and-out on their opening possession, Greenfield pinned the Setters at the 16-yard line with a 42yard punt. On the Setters’ first play from scrimmage, Edouard sacked the quarterback and forced a fumble, which was recovered by Berglund at the 10-yard line. The offense promptly cashed in on the turnover as Nelson ran for eight yards on first down and DeCaro picked up the last two to break the plane and run the

September 18, 2013

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The Spectacular Wow!




Who is Ultron?




tion is this: what does this mean for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? For those who don’t know, Wheedon controversially revealed before Comic Con that these two characters will play a prominent and villainous role in the upcoming film. With scarlet witch having extraordinary powers, how will she be deflated by Ultron now being the primary villain? Scarlet witch can have a movie all to herself with her role in shaping the current comic universe. Of course they don’t need to go straight from the book, but why use someone with such an incredible potential as a side character? Only time will tell. For more talk about the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s roles, stay tuned for next week issue where I will help you to understand the controversy and confusion of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.


Don’t we all want Christmas in July? Believe it or not it exists; it’s called Comic Con San Diego. Aside from the Superman/Batman announcement, marvel had their own cards to play. Among their biggest news includes the title for the next Avengers movie: Age of Ultron. Who is Ultron you ask? Ultron in comics is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) created accidently by Henry Pym AKA Ant-Man. Recently in Marvel Now, a 10-issue story arc concluded, also entitled Age of Ultron. What does this title reveal about the film? Well Thanos, the purple guy in the Avengers postcredit scene will not be the villain. Second this reveals that Ant Man, planned to be a Phase 3 character will make his first appearance in

this movie. Or at least, it did until Joss Wheedon disconfirmed this idea only moments into the panel. So who creates Ultron in the movie? A common theory going around suggests Ultron results from a corrupted J.A.R.V.I.S system taking the physical form of one of Tony Starks many suits built in Iron Man 3. Yes they were all destroyed but there could be more beneath the house still. This would make sense because we seem to be in a story arc of Tony Stark’s arrogance slowly having to realize responsibility and maturity. Having him create the villain will be a huge step in this transformation. The conclusion of Iron Man 3 also opens up this possibility, since it seems he has retired from piloting the suit, but claims he will always be Iron Man. Could he build a suit to function without him that goes mad? The possibilities are endless. My Ques-


Is The Spectacular Now just another high school romance flick riddled with dry clichés? Though the movie trailer somewhat portrays The Spectacular Now as being just that, nothing could be further from the truth about this charming, heart wrenching film. Sutter Keely, played by Miles Teller, is eccentric to most male characters in love movies; he genuinely cares about others while giving off the façade that he’s just a sarcastic, selfish high school senior. However, it is clear that it’s more complex than that as we see an internal conflict within Keely, evident by his constant drinking and lofty approach to his immediate future. Although we are inclined so deeply to want the best for Keely, we almost hate him for getting involved with Amiee Finicky, played by Shalience Woodley, an innocent, sensitive introvert who’s never had a boyfriend before she met him. The movie does not simply ask the audience to accept the separate feelings Finicky and Keely have towards each other based off of cliché assumptions seen in most other films. No, this movie shows, so painstakingly accurate, the process

of how Keely irresponsibly lures Finicky to him. It’s quite clear that Finicky is in love with Keely and all of his self-destructive tendencies. Any person with a sense of empathy feels the heavy gravity of what this really means. The build up, meticulously paced to give us time to relate to these characters, has a climax that seizes your heart, if for a split second, and shoots it with a nail gun. The Spectacular Now isn’t flashy, so if you go in expecting to be dazzled by the showings of an extremely

By Scott Iwaniec Film Editor

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attractive, abb-flexing male lead and a bodacious female counterpart, then you’ll be disappointed. However, this film is able to show characters that actually think and have an emotional status that is even more appealing to the audience. It’s seemingly impossible to not simultaneously both hate and adore this film; and now I’m left with an ardent desire to go and experience it all again.

September 18, 2013

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Scope it Out! Ask Melanie Here are this week’s events for SCOPE preview week!

Is there trouble in paradise? Do you have love or relationship questions? Ask Melanie! Submit “Ask Melanie” requests to, our Facebook page or Twitter.

Dear Melanie,

Tuesday, September 17: -Weekly Movie: The Great Gatsby, 9 p.m. in I dated a guy for nearly a year. We went through so much Buckman 225 together. He broke up with me a few weeks ago completely out of the blue, but says he still wants to be with me? I am Thursday, September 19: totally in love with him, but I don’t know how much longer -Make Your Own Flip Flips, 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. in I can go on feeling confused and hurt. We act like we’re the Bartels Programming Space. together, nothing about us is different from when we dated, he just doesn’t want the label of boyfriend and girlfriend Friday, September 20: and that makes me feel so insecure. I’m not sure whether I -Catch A Dream Make Your Own Dreamcatch should stay with him in this weird in-between phase, or just ers, 6 p.m.-9 p.m., Bartels Programming Space move on. Any advice? -Weekly Movie: The Great Gatsby, 9 p.m. in Buckman 120 -Hopelessly in Love Saturday, September 21: - Trip to the Museum of Natural History, sign Dear “Hopelessly in Love,” up on Charger Connection Wednesday the This is a question I can definitely relate too. I can under18th at 9 p.m.!

stand how confused you must be and I can imagine how much that hurts. You have to think about a few things when a boy suddenly doesn’t want a label anymore (I say boy, because a man is an overstatement for someone that runs from commitment). I am sure all of these questions have gone through your head, “Is there somebody else?” “Did someone make him do this?” “Did I do something wrong?” You may never know the real answer, but one thing I can tell you is you didn’t do anything wrong. If he still wants to be with you, but not be official, that means he can’t be away from you and that’s a good thing believe it or not. If there was someone else, or if he was just sick of you, you’d know it. To me, it seems like there is something a lot deeper going on here. I wish I could turn psychic and tell you exactly what it is. You had said in your question that he broke up with you “completely out of the blue,” if this is the case then something isn’t matching up. He broke up with you with no motive behind it, he still wants to be with you, he loves you, he’s acting like your boyfriend, but he can’t say that’s what he is. See the inconsistency here? If he is easy to talk to, then I say you need to sit down and lay it all out on the table. Tell him how you’re feeling, explain what his tug-of-war with himself is doing to you, try and make him understand that this isn’t normal and that if you love someone you should be able to be with them. I am never one to give ultimatum’s, and I do think that sometimes they make things a bit more complicated than they need to be however, this is a time where I believe one should be implemented. If he loves you, as much as he says he does, then maybe losing you will be the wake-up call he needs. If he has you as his girlfriend now without the title, what will ever make him want to give it to you? You need to let him see that he is driving you away. I am sure you are an amazing person who does not deserve the hurt and confusion you are feeling.

Need Advice? Email us at! Anonymity is guaranteed and a response will be published in the next issue!

September 18, 2013

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Franz Ferdinand Has All the “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” PHOTO OBTAINED VIA FACEBOOK




I will be the first to admit that when Franz Ferdinand hit the scene in 2004 I thought they would be a one hit wonder. “Take Me Out,” was super catchy, and it thrust these Glasgow boys into the spotlight just a little too fast. I was proven wrong almost immediately when their next two albums; You Could Have It So Much Better and Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, found comfortable spots amongst the top of the charts not only in the U.S., but worldwide. Their most recent album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, brings just that; the perfect blend of their quirky indie music that I’ve come to expect and love from them. When asked by press about the album’s concept, lead singer Alex Kapranos explained that the album focuses on, “the idea of the cynic’s search for optimist, and the skeptic’s search

for a manual crop up here and there,” which I thought was very interesting. I like concepts that take some serious time with the music to understand, and once you really sit down with the lyrics, it’s clear to see what amazing work Alex and company did with this one. The album opens strong with the title track, “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action,” in the same style you’ve heard from tracks like, “Take Me Out” and “Do You Want To,” however, this song almost sounds campy compared to their earlier hits. As the album goes on, “Evil Eye,” makes you feel like you’re in a creepy fun house (in a good way!), “Brief Encounters,” sounds like a daydream, and each track does a fantastic job in dropping you into another world. My favorite tracks on the album by far are “Fresh Strawberries” and “Bullet,” which keep the LP going through what is almost always a mid-album slump. “Fresh Strawberries,” feels like a nod to the Beatles with sweet and catchy lyrics,

while “Bullet,” is a faster tempo song that really shows their European roots in indie rock. The whole time you’re entranced by keyboard and chugging bass that keep each and every song going. The one song that concerns me is, “Goodbye Lovers and Friends,” because it almost seems like a farewell. There have been some whisperings in the music world that this could indeed be a foreshadowing of the future, but I really hope that it isn’t! While most think that this will not signal the end of Franz Ferdinand, I think that it is a great closing track and a fitting end to the story the album was telling. With even more European bands with historical names coming to the forefront (go look up the band Bastille) of indie rock, I’m glad these guys paved the way and are still going strong. Go pick up Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions and check out http://www. for more information!

Ariana Grande





Ariana Grande’s vocal strengths are comparative to Mariah Carey’s; the only difference is that I actually like Ariana Grande. Not only does she have great talent, she also knows how to be beautiful without taking off all of her clothes. In a world of naked teens, her biggest scandal was kissing Mac Miller in their music video. Upon opening her new album, Yours Truly, I was surprised that “The Way,” was not the opening track. So many stars put their best known hit first. However, I agree with this decision; “Honeymoon Avenue,” showcases her abilities to hit all the high notes perfectly. While “Baby I,” has a horrible name, it picks up the pace and makes me want to

dance. This is a good thing, because any attempt of singing along would end in a horrible fail on my part. “Right There,” is not exactly something I would listen to. It is a little too hiphop for me, but I do applaud her range of music. She can do hip-hop, pop, and jazzy tracks all on the same album, tied together with absolutely angelic vocals. “Tattooed Heart,” is like something off of an old record, yet I have never heard anything like it. It reminds me that love is unshakable, regardless of money or time past. Some people will just stay with us forever. Of course, this article would not be complete with a review of “The Way.” If you have never heard this song, climb out from under your rock and listen up! While the lyrics are repetitive, I do not mind at all for once. The song is catchy,

danceable, singable, and definitely cut out to be one of the best tracks on pop radio. “Almost Is Never Enough,” is a duet with Nathan Skyes. After some quick googling (I’ll admit a lack of knowledge here), I discovered he is actually a member of The Wanted. The song is decent for the most part, but I like the message. If there had been better communication, there would have been love instead of a breakup. The only Broadway musical I’ve ever seen was Wicked. Ariana Grande’s version of “Popular Song,” with MIKA is an even greater change from the original I saw performed. Much like the rest of the album, I absolutely loved it.

Kishi Bashi and Elizabeth & The Catapult LIVE at The Space



knew that Elizabeth from the opening band would be an amazing artist to find out more about. Her lyrics made her seem so ominous, like she had been through so much, and I wanted to pick her brain as far as her career went. I didn’t think that I would be able to just approach her and start asking questions, but that’s actually what happened. We began talking about her favorite song and why she wrote it and before I knew it we were in the middle of an interview. “My newest album is basically a label break-up album,” said Elizabeth, “my label dropped me because they said, and I quote ‘you don’t write enough happy pop songs,’ so I guess the song that means the most to me is ‘Happy Pop,’ because I literally wrote a song titled with what they wanted, but meaning something completely different.” I found this whole rebel heir she exuded to be so refreshing. She believed in herself as an artist enough to leave a label and still not conform to what they wanted. I asked for her biggest influence both musically and personally, even though most artists answer an artist they sound like and their


I have to say that when I arrived early at The Space last Monday night I wasn’t expecting to hear a fan waiting outside say, “Kishi Bashi is the voice of our generation.” I had obviously listened to his music before the show and done some research, and I really enjoyed what I heard, but I never knew his following was so extensive. The audience age group ranged from eight ear-old girls to forty year-old fathers with everything from Fresh Prince of Bell Air look-alikes, to groups of teen girls with spray tans, in between. I could not wrap my head around the dynamic of the people here to see a performer I knew little about. When I heard him live however, I heard his music come to life. He had a way about him that took the sounds and performance styles of Bon Iver and the Beatle’s and brought them together into one amazingly unique show. Bashi’s most popular song, “Bright Whites,” brought the crowd alive. When the song started the stage was sudden-

ly brought to a whole new extreme. His banjo player (yes, there was a banjo on stage), suddenly flicked a switch where his banjo started flashing different colors as he played. A violinist playing quicker than anyone in a professional orchestra could, create a base line for Bashi’s unique lyrics and I suddenly saw what all of the hype was about. This man was not just a performer, he was a musician that took risks with his music, and it paid off. This song was like if The Lumineers, Bob Marley, and the Zac Brown Band met for dinner and started playing around. It took the highest points of a Pop, Reggae, and Country song, and merged them into one hectic piece of music. Before Kishi Bashi’s amazingly full and chaotic set, a band called Elizabeth and The Catapult played a calm and reflective one that made me fall in love with their music. I was originally supposed to have an interview with Bashi, but due to the large turnout and Meet & Greet line, that was unable to happen. I have never seen fans attack an artist when they finish their set like I did here, and I have been to A LOT of concerts. I didn’t want to leave without an interview though, and I

mom, Elizabeth strayed from the norm with her response, “My biggest influence musically is David Byrne from the Talking Heads. He has such an orchestral approach, like Kishi Bashi, and he’s an amazing songwriter that can still get down with the music,” she said, “Personally though, don’t worry I won’t say my mom, but Woody Allen. He is such a comedian and from New York, like me. He makes such psychological comedies and I consider myself a JewBu (a Jewish Buddhist) so I get a lot from his work.” This quickly turned from an interview, to an enlightening conversation about psychology and music and how they intertwine so much. I went from falling in

love with her music, to looking up to her as an artist so much in just about an hour. She was so true to herself and she had fun on stage, with her best friend Laura singing back-up vocals. You could tell that she called the shots for her career and that is so admirable. My favorite song by far was “Thank You For Nothing,” this was the song she opened up with and the lyrics touched me so much. You could feel the hurt and pain, and it was such a different approach to an angry song. The band stepped off of the stage for this song and it was just Elizabeth and the piano. She says, “Thank you for everything, thank you for nothing my brother, there’s no in

between, never one without the other,” This line in itself can make you question whether you see the glass half full or empty and that is a mind set that can affect everything. Anne Hathaway listened to this song in an earpiece during the scene in Les Miserable where they actually cut off all of her real hair for the on-screen production. I now have a favorite artist and I would say that if you don’t know of her and her music yet, you need to listen as soon as you can. Elizabeth is redefining music in her own way; combining the sounds of Alanis Morissette, Dido and Feist in a unique and indescribable form.

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September 18, 2013  
September 18, 2013