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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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CERN is stirring up controversy as they prepare to test the Large Hadron Collider. See what the big deal is. – Page 3

UNH Remembers 9/11

Seafood? see food! Not from around here? Looking for some good seafood? Tim’s latest restaurant review points you in the right direction.

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Students share a Remembrance Walk to the 9/11 memorial on Thursday, Sept. 11.

Spore just hit stores and it’s pushing the limits of what the mind can imagine. Get the scoop inside.

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Flags surround the 9/11 memorial in the academic quad Thursday, Sept. 11.

LIBRARY SHOWS OFF STUDENT WORK The library kicks off this year with a display of student work. Find out which students have been highlighted.

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Tom Brady Out for the Season A MICHAEL MUSTO PHOTO


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Going into the first Sunday of the 2008 NFL season, the main story was Bret Favre’s first regular season game with the Jets. However by the end of that day the story around the league was that Tom Brady had been seriously injured against the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady, who connected on a pass to Randy Moss, was hit in the left leg by Brandon Pollard, which

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proceeded to send Brady down in pain. Brady was on the ground for several minuets before being helped up and walking off the field and into the locker room. The league’s reigning MVP would not return to the game and by the time the final snap took place, word started spreading around that Brady may be done for the season. With Brady’s torn ACL taking him out for the season the landscape of not only the AFC, the AFC East, but the NFL as well has changed. No longer are

Officers salute the 9/11 memorial in front of Maxcy Hall on Thursday, Sept. 11.

the Patriots the threat they were with Brady leading the helm. Matt Cassel will not nearly be at the level Brady was at. All you have to do is look at the New York Jets who look like they are going to be much improved from last year now with Bret Favre leading the offense. The Jets are a team that has a future Hall of Fame quarterback while the Pats have to rely on Matt Cassel. Lets be honest, Cassel is far from a Tom Brady. As Brady’s injury showed us all, one key player can change the land-

scape of an entire team. Then there are the other top tier teams in the NFL that now seem to have a better chance then the Patriots of having a very successful season. The Colts have to be at the top of the list now as top contender for an AFC championship. While the Colts may have suffered a disappointing loss to the Bears Sunday night, Sept. 7, you have to remember that Peyton Manning did not play a down in the preseason, See INJURY page 1O

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Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Wednesday, September 17  Quad Walk for Constitution day

Thursday, September 18  Men’s Soccer vs. Molloy Turf Field, 4pm

Dodds Theatre, 9pm

 Voter registration/absentee ballots

friday, September 19  Scavenger Hunt Maxcy Quad, 8:30pm

 Movie: Get Smart Alumni Lounge, 7pm

 Women’s Tennis vs. Bentley North Campus, 3pm

In Front of Bartels, 1-6pm

 Women’s Volleyball vs. Le Moyne

 Judge Jon Blue Kaplan 109, 4:15pm

 Beanhouse

North Campus, 7pm

Bartels Lobby, 9pm

Saturday, September 20  Big E Trip  Men’s Soccer vs. Saint Michael’s

Sunday, September 21  Movie: Get Smart Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Turf Field, 1pm

Monday, September 22  An Attitude for Gratitude ORL, 4pm

Tuesday, September 23  Tuesday Trivia

New Hall Gameroom, 7pm

 Milk & Cookies Residential Quad, 9pm

 Women’s Volleyball vs. Saint Rose North Campus, 1pm

SCOPE Weekend Events: September/October

By Dan Osipovitch A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH



Word of mouth-clubs had great turnouts after the new freshman class swamped the campus. Maybe we’ll have a good amount of active freshmen who attend USGA and contribute to our campus by actually participating. Still, I have seen some events that are still under-attended-let’s hope that won’t last.

There have been many blunders with the card readers this yeara credit card is declined, a student ID card isn’t scanning correctlythis really does not help the longline situation on campus. However, it’s always nice when people lend a hand and in these situations lend their own, working cards for use. For those people, thank you!

Rose at the C-Store, err…”The Quick Zone” is awesome. It was a special request to include her in my battery this week. She works hard, makes us feel welcome, and is quite understanding. Don’t you dare walk into the Zone without saying hello to her, and make sure to try to figure out her Mad Gabit’s quite fun!

A million dollars in student activity fees, increased fees due to the Recreation Center, and classes like Ballroom Dancing, which used to be free on this campus, now cost $120 to take-unless you take advantage of the oh-sogenerous discount of $20. Apparently after UNH overcharges us, reduces our financial aid, and steals our money for books, we have a good chunk left over to learn yoga.

Sept. 19th: Scavenger Hunt- Maxcy Quad at 8:30 p.m. Sign up in groups of FIVE in Scope Office by Sept. 18th. Spots are limited. Sept. 20th: Big “E” Trip Sept. 26th: Free Personalized Name Traits and Meanings in Bartels Lobby 6-10 p.m. Sept. 27th: Sylvia Markson Comedian/Ventriloquist in Dodds Theater at 8:30 p.m. Doors open at 8 p.m. Oct. 3rd: Trip to Gotham City Comedy Club to see Dom Ierrra. Seats are limited, sign up in SCOPE office TBD. Oct. 4th: Bamboo Plants

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National/World News

The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Colon Cancer Patients Going News Without Follow-Up Care Briefs



A recent study funded by the American Cancer Society shows that only 40 percent of older colon cancer patients are receiving the post-surgery screenings recommended to ensure that the disease has not returned. The rest of the 4,426 patients in the study

have not gotten all the doctor visits, taken all the blood tests, or gotten a colonoscopy–all of which are advised for the three years following the cancer surgery. Of all the recommended treatments, patients were least likely to take all of the suggested blood tests. Dr. Gregory Cooper, the gastroenterologist in charge of the study, is unsure whether to

place the blame on physicians for not offering the tests, or patients for not taking advantage of them. However, Cooper said it could be the fault of the providers who aren’t specialists and are unfamiliar with the rules. An estimated 149,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with colon cancer by the end of this year. With the dis-

ease becoming more and more prevalent, it is important for everyone to be aware of the risks. The survival rate beyond five years ranges from 90 percent for cancer that hasn’t spread to 10 percent for more aggressive cases. Follow-up care is becoming the patient’s responsibility, and his or her life can often depend on it.

Scientists Seek to Prove Big Bang Theory



It was all over the news last week, but many people shrugged their shoulders and scratched their heads at the mention of the Large Hadron Collider and its first test run at CERN. For those students that are science savvy, the first test run marked an epic breaking point in particle physics research and cosmic theory. The particle accelerator, located at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, is a relatively simple instrument. By launching and spinning a beam of protons in a clockwise direction, and another beam of protons in a counterclockwise direction, CERN plans on colliding the protons in the instrument in an attempt to recreate the Higgs Boson. Unsure about the Higgs Boson? The massive particle, cre-

tiny particles. As the black holes start to fill with particles they would become highly explosive, creating more and more black holes in their path. So is the LHC safe? Does the 50 percent chance of solving a natural mystery versus exploding CERN really benefit the scientific community? Many say “yes.” Many believe that the information that will come from CERN is worth more than the possibility of microscopic chasms. AN AP/ MARTIAL TREZZINI PHOTO If you are still conThe controversial $1.8 billion Large Hadron Collider has been confused, LHC instrusidered the biggest science experiment ever. ated from mass-less large amount of scru- ments are actually material, is the start- tiny from some in the very popular in moding particle from the scientific community. ern fiction. Although very popular Big While yes, it does not completely facBang Theory. By cre- seem like the colli- tual, Dan Brown’s ating the Higgs Boson sion of these particles Angels and Demons, (a particle that does will provide people soon to be a major mocontain mass) from with a great amount tion picture, involves one that does not, sci- of information about LHC technology and entists and particle our scientific creation, the creation of matter physicists alike will there is a slight nega- from nothing. Keep your eyes out have the first substan- tive. What if we do tial proof of the theory not create the Higgs for information about that created our uni- Boson? The result the actual run of the verse and the Earth. would be micro black CERN LHC on Oct. As many may have holes, tiny black holes 21 to see if scientists heard, the Large Had- in the middle of the can actually deterron Collider (LHC earth that would start mine the cause of the for short) is under a to gravitationally grab Big Bang.

By Associated Press Writers Nearly 2,000 brought to safety in Texas after Ike GALVESTON, Texas—As teams persisted in the biggest search and rescue operation in Texas history, a new phase of the disaster wrought by Hurricane Ike was only beginning while thousands of people faced long stays in crowded shelters because their homes were damaged or destroyed. The death toll from Ike rose to 28, but many of those were far to the north of the Gulf Coast as the storm slogged across the nation's midsection, leaving a trail of flooding and destruction. Glass-strewn Houston was placed under a weeklong curfew, and millions of people in the storm's path remained in the dark. Rescuers said they had saved nearly 2,000 people from waterlogged streets and splintered houses by Sunday afternoon. Many had ignored evacuation orders and tried to ride out the storm. Now they were boarding buses for indefinite stays at shelters in San Antonio and Austin. "I have nowhere to go," said Ldyyan Jonjocque, 61, waiting for a bus while holding the leashes of her four Australian shepherd dogs. She said she had to leave two dogs behind in her home. She wept as she told of officers rescuing her in a dump truck. In hard-hit towns like Orange, Bridge City and Galveston, authorities continued their door-to-door search well into the night, hoping to reach an untold number of people still in their homes, many without power or supplies. Many of those who did make it to safety boarded buses without knowing where they were going or when they could return to what might remain of their homes. Shelters across Texas scurried to find enough cots, and some evacuees arrived with little cash and no idea of what the coming days held. Even for those who still have a home to go to, Ike's 110 mph winds and battering waves left thousands in coastal areas without electricity, gas and basic communications — and officials estimated it may not be restored for a month. The hurricane also battered the heart of the U.S. oil industry as Ike destroyed at least 10 production platforms, officials said. Details about the size and production capacity of the destroyed platforms were not immediately available, but the damage was to only a fraction of the 3,800 platforms in the Gulf. It was too soon to know how seriously it would affect oil and gas prices. President Bush made plans to visit the area on Tuesday. He said getting power restored is an extremely high priority and urged power companies to "please recruit out-of-state people to come and help you do this."

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New Haven News The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Student Work Featured in Library Exhibit



WEST HAVEN— Walking into the main doors of the Marvin K. Peterson library many students will notice a frontal display of blueprints and various drawings. These pieces are the first of many interior design exhibits throughout

the library. On the wall, adjacent to the stairway, drawings of floor plans, architectural designs, and books hang brightly. Examples of topics ranging from the structure of architecture, lighting, color, and the business of designing a room, are displayed in this exhibit. Books about fa-

mous architects like Frank Gehry, and Frank Lloyd Wright are visible. The work of UNH students continues into the stairway and onto the second floor of the library. Businesses within the New Haven and Connecticut area were used as structural examples; inspiring the drawings and designs

displayed. This exhibit is the first by UNH students in the Interior Design and Pre-Architecture program and will be open during library hours. More information can be found at http:// library/.

stop there. From the beginning the program offered organized divisions for various sports. As more and more students took interest the divisions expanded. From there the Quest for the Charger Cup was born. At the start of the spring semester a new type of championship was introduced to the participants of the RECSports program. But this was no festive day of events; it was the Quest for the Charger Cup! A team can win a league, but can they reign supreme as the ultimate champions? From its initiation last spring, the Quest has been designed as a year-long competition for points. Points are earned for participation and sportsmanship in the many sports, divisions and leagues of the RECSports program. Any team playing in a RECSports program may enter into the Quest. The more you play the more points you accrue. Teams can even play in different divisions for the same

sport. The competition runs the length of the school year incorporating all four seasons of sports offered by the RECSports program. In the end which ever team has earned the most points proves themselves the ultimate champions of all RECSports. Of course like all contests the Quest for the Charger Cup has rules and regulations. For full details and to see last year’s winners visit the Equipment Issue Desk in the Rec Center. The Quest for the Charger Cup will be going on this year, but that’s not all that is happening with RECSports. New and exciting improvements have already been introduced. For the first time, there are two leagues teams may participate in-as long as there is enough interest. Teams can choose between Semi-Pro (which is for beginners or those playing recreationally) and Pro (for those with more skill and a competitive streak). Also two new divisions have been added to the sports that the

RECSports program offers. The Faculty/ Staff and Grad student division is designed to give that niche their chance at the games. As for the new Residence Hall division, here’s the chance to prove which residence hall is the best! RECSports has hit the ground running with this year’s additions including the introduction of two new sports: fiddle stix and team handball. Season One registration as already come and gone, but if you would still like to participate you can register as a free agent by downloading the application off of www. and submitting the completed application to the Equipment Issue Desk in the Rec Center. Don’t forget to look out for Season Two registration, coming soon. Seasons Three and Four will come in the spring. All the sports and the seasons in which they are offered can be found on the website previously mentioned.

RECSports Provides a Good Time for UNH Community



A Lesson in Etiquette



WEST HAVEN—As soon as the Workplace Etiquette Workshop began, Dodds was ushered with professionalism. The workshop was presented by Kristin Cruz, the Graduate Assistant for Career Services and Kathy Forkin, Career Services Specialist. The workshop acquainted UNH students with the skills required for a position, getting rid of common mistakes, and the UNH rules and regu-

lations for a job. The workshop enabled the students to deal with problems at work such as schedule/time conflicts. The workshop concluded by giving the students certain helpful tips such as correctly and clearly filling out a time sheet, maintaining a clear communication with the supervisor, and maintaining a planner to be on time and dressing to impress. Check out http:// academics/10985/ for a full workshop schedule.

WEST HAVEN— Many people may not know that the RECSports program, offered at the Campus Rec Center, actually has existed longer than the Campus Rec building has been open. The RECSports Program was spearheaded by Morgan Rocheleau, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, in the fall of last year. Though green, the RECSports program was still the first truly organized intramural sports program offered on campus. After a positive start in the fall, the program launched onto the campus scene last spring with the opening of the Beckerman Recreation Center which offered new opportunities for more sports. The opening of the Beckerman Center gave the RECSports program the venue for floor hockey, indoor soccer, racquetball, dodge ball, and more. But the growth of the program didn’t

Adding Green to Our School Colors By KYLE MCLAUGHLIN STAFF WRITER


Every year I hear more and more people regurgitating such phrases as “we need to save the planet” or “global warming is damaging our planet” yet I don’t see nearly enough people taking the initiative to take part in the simple activity known as recycling. Yes, I know almost all people are aware that such an activity exists between media attention, your firstgrade “3Rs” principles, and countless opportunities to actually recycle, but the bottom line is that more people need to start caring about the planet that we so nonchalantly take for granted. Do you want watch the same planet you have grown up on slowly be destroyed? The answer to this

question shouldn’t require thought. So in order to motivate and educate students, I have taken the liberty of listing, with examples, all the types of materials that can be recycled. 1. Plastic Bottles (juices, water, etc.)–I hope this one is obvious. 2. Other plastic containers–shampoo bottles, plastic milk containers, and liquid detergent containers. 3. P a p e r s – t h i s isn’t just limited to newspapers, but also brown paper bags, notebook paper, printer paper, magazines (less than halfinch thick), mail, pamphlets/brochures, cardboard, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, phonebooks, and lastly, milk cartons. 4. M e t a l s – a l u minum, steel, and tin cans, and non-hazardous aerosol cans. 5. G l a s s – f o o d

jars such as jelly and glass drink bottles. Now this seems like a lot of items to be recycled, but if you examine what you consume on a daily basis, especially those of you who live in suites or without meal plans, you’ll see that a lot of the items can easily be recycled. If the aforementioned information has not motivated you, then hopefully these next two facts will. It takes approximately 450 years for a single plastic bottle to decompose and approximately 200 years for a single aluminum can to decompose. So next time you’re about to throw a plastic bottle in the trash rather than the recycling container, just remember that one bottle will still be decomposing long after you, and your kids, are no longer living.

USGA President’s Corner

USGA Meetings are at 1:45 every Tuesday in the Alumni Lounge. All are welcome!

Senate Seats Filling Up Fast

At the start of the academic year the USGA had five open senate seats and was actively seeking qualified candidates. At our Sept. 9 meeting we filled three of those seats. Our Sept. 16 meeting also introduced possible candidates and it is expected that more seats will be filled. The introduction of the three new senators on Sept. 9 was noteworthy because two of the senators are freshman. For those of you who don't know, the university undergraduate enrollment is approximately 3,000 students, half of whom are freshmen. Many current senators were excited to see freshman jumping into the

position, as well as welcoming them to the senate. The idea of freshmen being senators is a relatively new concept for the USGA. The USGA previously had a clause in the constitution that all senators need to maintain a 2.5 GPA to be a senator, which excluded freshman from applying since they did not have an established GPA until their second semester. That requirement has since been removed and we now encourage all interested freshman to apply. Senator applications are always available on www. under the forms page. Interested applicants can visit the site and

Louis Eswood III USGA President fill out the electronic form which gets sent directly to the USGA President. They then need to download the second page and have 30 undergraduate students endorse them. Once both parts of the application are complete, the students are brought before the legislature who votes to accept the candidate. Questions regarding senator applications can be directed to the USGA President at USGAPresident@

Hockey Team Schedule Fall 2008 Season

9/27/08 9pm vs. UMASS-Amherst, Northford Ice Pavillion 10/4/08 7:30pm at Princeton University, Baker Rink 10/10/08 7:30pm vs. Connecticut College, Northford Ice Pavillion 10/17/08 at Rhode Island College, Smithfield Municipal Rink 10/19/08 5:30pm vs. Boston University, Northford Ice Pavillion 10/25/08 vs. Rhode Island College, Northford Ice Pavillion 10/31/08 9pm at Babson College, Babson College 11/1/08 2pm at Wagner College, Cloves Lake War Memorial 11/14/08 9pm vs. Norwich University, Northford Ice Pavillion 11/15/08 7:45pm vs. Norwich University, Northford Ice Pavillion 11/22/08 5pm at Boston University, Walter Brown Arena 12/06/08 7:30pm at Connecticut College, Dayton Arena

Healthy Volunteers Needed

If you are 21-30 we need you for research studying the brain’s reaction to alcohol at the Alcohol Research Center VA Connecticut Healthcare System. Eligible participants will be paid $150 per test day (3 test days) To find out if you are eligible, please call: (203) 932-5711 ext 5688 evenings weekends: (203) 843 7031 All calls are confidential HIC #12310, HSS IP17, IP22 The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

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The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

“Stupid Rich People”- The Bane of America

Know who I don’t like? “Stupid rich people.” Take note that there is a vast difference between “rich people” and “stupid rich people,” however. Translated from Latin, “rich people” is “(n.) a group of wealthy individuals who may enjoy golfing;” “stupid rich people” is “(n.) a group of individuals who have to enjoy golfing.” Notice the two differences in their definitions: for “stupid rich people,” there is the subtraction of “wealthy” and a replacement of “have to” instead of “may.” Basically put, “stupid rich people” don’t necessarily need to be rich. They just need to be stupid. That’s why “stupid” comes first, bozo. Let me explain. John McCain, although I don’t know

him personally, is probably not a “stupid rich people.” Sure, he may be stupid in certain aspects and his seven houses certainly don’t shout out any poor qualities (pun DEFINIITELY intended!), but JMac Daddy is simply “rich people”–and stupid is the icing that comes with the McCake. George W. Bush is a “stupid rich people,” however. He’s rich, his family is oil-hungry (goes alongside with the richness aspect), and anyone who doesn’t recognize him as stupid needs their eyes checked…along with every other part of their body. Also, he sucks at golf–yet plays anyways! That is primo! Just look at the definition: “a group of individuals who HAVE TO enjoy golfing.” He plays golf at times he should

be meeting Point with the is that the Joint Chiefs 90% who of Staff. honestly Ding-ding, deserve we have a their richwinner! ness should T a k e be paynote, I ing higher don’t hate taxes than rich peoothers– ple–90% because Zack Rosen of them Assistant Editor it won’t honestly hurt them. deserve If I made their money. If I hear over $600,000 a year, another person tell I’d be glad to be payme that Bill Gates is ing taxes that were a a bad person because little higher than othhe doesn’t give $1 to er people! Whatever every person in the happened to America world, I think I’ll go so being a country where crazy I may consider those better off can voting for JMac Dad- help those less well dy. HAVE YOU PEO- off? For our generaPLE EVER HEARD tion, I feel that people OF THE BILL AND like George W. Bush MELINDA GATES and his followers are FOUNDATION!? Of the answer. They’ve course not. You’re depressed the nation stupid. Now just make so dramatically that some money, and nobody cares about you’ll be a “stupid anything anymore. rich people.” But don’t worry, kid-

dos. Certain people (coughObamacough) are making this carelessness into something much more: from being thrown out of hospitals to universal healthcare; from helping daddy look better to ending the war in Iraq; from eight years of crap to a future not so crappy. He’s moving the nation, especially the younger voters. And even you can’t deny that, Mr. and/or Mrs. Republican Reader. The people who aren’t helping, however, are the millionaires and billionaires who feel that paying more than ten bucks a week for national taxes is “unfair” and that it is “class warfare.” Have you ever seen these same people donate money to good causes? Neither have I. We all aspire to

have a successful future; we all aspire to gain happiness and make lots of money. Fact is happiness is something that nobody but you has any control over, and few of us will make lots of money. But for those who do, ask yourself: are you going to be a cool, rich person or are you going to be a “stupid rich people?” Don’t choose the latter; instead, if you become one of the few lucky ones, do good things with your money. Buy a Ferrari; go to grad school; but also donate to a good cause. “You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

When I was but a young prospective student, the university Tech Department promoted antivirus software called Panda. It was cheap, about $15 at the time, and offered more protection than competitors like Norton or McAfee. I was enthralled by the product and bought it during Welcome Week of my freshman year. Panda worked very well. It was a little too protective of various settings. I’d have to tell the software it was alright to run this program or that. However, the virus protection was strong and it did a thorough job scanning the inner recesses of

my hard drive. The firewall, on the other hand, was way too strong. It put the entire Internet on a blacklist and asked if it was okay to go to any site. The firewall also had a problem with the wireless network on campus. It saw everyone else as an intruder on the network and would spam my computer with intruder alerts. I ended the aggravation by disabling Panda’s firewall and using the prebuilt one from Windows. The virus scan and removal took care of what Windows allowed through. Since then, my feelings towards Pan-

da have changed. I renewed the subscription every year to get the updated software. This is where the problems began. Installing the new program was like pulling teeth. Sometimes, the old version had to be deleted before the other could take over. Other versions said it would delete the obsolete one for you, which is the case for the Internet Security 2009 software I am currently trying to download. The installation process suddenly stopped. 2009 tells me to restart the computer to continue installation. This message won’t go away,

nor will it do anything else. By this point, you’re probably asking yourself why don’t I just contact Panda and ask for help. I have already contacted Panda and had a whole different set of problems with Tech Support. Only one of the 10 different technicians has actually read and comprehended my e-mails. The others gave me instructions for operating systems or Panda software I don’t have, even though I specifically told them what I do have. Contacting Panda by phone is even worse. It is $19.95 to speak with an opera-

tor. Please have your credit card standing by. I’ve already spent more than that to renew my subscription with a couple more licenses. I’ve also been a customer for four years now. Twenty dollars to talk to a person after going through a computer menu is absolutely ridiculous. Had I known Panda would have given me this much aggravation four years ago, I never would have bought the disc from our Tech Department. My advice to you is to keep whatever service is already on your computer. It’s probably much more compatible with

the university’s network anyway. For those of you who already installed Panda, don’t renew it when the coverage expires. I am currently trying to cancel my own subscription and am looking for a new antivirus software. BitDefender 2009 looks pretty promising, but I only just started looking. Twenty-five dollars to cover everything on your computer except webmail looks very good to a college student. BitDefender was a given a gold medal from TopTenReviews. com for 2008’s antivirus software. -Jonathan Cascio, Staff Writer

Panda Antivirus: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Get Your Voice Heard!

Submit editorials to the Charger Bulletin by e-mailing them to

Restaurant Review: Captain’s Catch By Tim Fasano

We all have been on vacation to the beach: wind in our hair, sounds of the surf crashing up on the shore, and of course, fresh, homemade seafood from a local vendor. If you have been living under a rock, you probably should be informed that we are really, really close to the beach. So we get the sun, the surf, and the fun…but where’s the seafood? It’s closer than you think. The Captain’s Catch in Milford is just a hop, skip, and a Frisbee game away from campus, and

provides fresh seafood and chow that is…well, it’s just fantastic. The restaurant offers a lot for those with a fancy for the sea creatures. With a large menu that compromises fish, scallops, shrimp, clams, and lobster, including fried platters, chowders, and soups. Did I mention they have three types of clam chowder? THREE! I didn’t know that there were three types… it was awesome. Oh, and it’s all delicious. Whether it is fried or baked, the seafood is obviously fresh and

well prepared. Nothing is pulled out of a box or a bucket. Either way, it tastes great and is affordable, which is always important to the ever present poor college student. For those not inclined to eat those with gills, the Captain’s Catch also provides a wide assortment of burgers and dogs for your roasted land mammal pleasure. My personal favorite was the Firehouse burger. Basically it’s your typical burger smothered in hot sauce…your taste buds will never be the

same. As any adventure on the beach, a dessert is a must, preferably a cold one. I’ve never tried frozen custard before, and it was an ordeal that I would recommend to everyone. Captain’s Catch provides multiple unique flavors, like Pina Colada and others, in the assortment styles of sundaes and milkshakes. All in all, the Captain’s Catch in Milford is a great place to relive the summer, even when you know you’re in the dusty halls of academia.

It was a warm day in late May when I decided to visit New York City. I was going to a Yankees game (though I am a Red Sox fan, I wanted to see a game in the old stadium before it was retired) with a co-worker who loved the city and who was excited to show me around. I had only been there once for a community service trip, so after the game we flagged down a cab and began our

venture. My friend took me to Manhattan, which was truly overwhelming and although it was magnificent in its own way, I was not fond of the “hurried” atmosphere. She showed me the Rockefeller Center, which took me by surprise because people were ice-skating outdoors during 70 degree weather. We also walked by St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I had been inside it

on my mission trip and from the outside it looked like a giant castle that sprouted from medieval times into the heart of our nation’s most wellknown city. After a long day, we decided to head back to Grand Central Station to board the train home. “Wait a minute!” my friend exclaimed as we quickly walked among the bright lights of the shopping centers. “We haven’t been to Ground Zero.” We flagged down another taxi cab and away we went. At first I didn’t recognize the place. To be honest, I had never even seen the World Trade Center until 2001 after the disaster immortalized the buildings and placed them on every TV set in the nation. The area that surrounded me as I stepped out of the cab was unfamiliar and strangely different from the rest of New York City. I couldn’t figure out this difference, as it

came merely as a feeling and not a concrete sight, but then I realized it. This area of the city was quiet. People weren’t yelling across the streets to each oth-

Register to Vote and fill out Absentee Ballots Wednesday, Sept. 17th and Thursday, Sept. 18th from 1pm to 6pm in front of Bartels Hall Contact with questions

Returning to the World Trade Center


Officials lead a 9/11 memorial ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 11.

The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

slowly drive off, I wondered how after almost seven years later, this area that was located in one of the busiest places on earth still had not re-


Flags surround the 9/11 memorial at UNH on Thursday, Sept. 11.

er, and cars weren’t battling each other to beat yellow lights. There was hardly any traffic at all, and as I watched our cab

joined normality. To my left was the fire department. We walked alongside it, and I am still haunted by the pictures of

firefighters hanging among the wall. There were several bulletin boards of men posted up, photos sadly bunched together like old friends; their final assembly. They hugged their daughters, embraced their wives, and smiled as though nothing in the world could steal their frowns from them. I thought about the families that they left behind. I thought about the son who had nobody to play catch with, and the daughter who would not have a partner for the father-daughter first grade ball. Then I saw Ground Zero itself. Tall walls and fences hid it from the public, and I had to find an opening to view it. I was taken back by the emptiness inside. Where monstrous buildings once stood, there was now a hole in the ground. I actually had to look downward in some places to See GROUND page 14

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Arts & Entertainment The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Page 8

Show’s Return Makes Explore Creavolution a Big Bang start out with looks very childish and cute. ––––––––––––––––– As your cell collects body parts by eating, Where did we come you can change the feafrom? Where are we tures of the cell. Your going? What is the ganglion, nucleus, or reason for life in the whatever you want to universe? If you’ve call your prehistoric ever asked these ques- brain increases in size tions, then Spore can throughout this stage. give you the answers. Obtaining sentience The new game by allows progress to the Electronic Arts lets Creature Stage. players control a civiThe Creature Stage lization from the very is where your cell beginning. Swim the sheds its primordial primordial seas and genes and grows legs. take your first steps on Explore the world to land. Make friends or discover new body foes with your neigh- parts to incorporate bors as you discover into your creature. See fire. Unify your entire the world, meet interspecies however you esting people, and want. Blast your way kill or befriend them. among the stars to ex- Carnivorous ones will pand your empire. have to resort to makThe highly antici- ing a few species expated game hit stores tinct in order to eat. on Sund a y , Sept. 7. The creaturecreator p r o g r a m came out a f e w months ago, either by free trial from EA G a m e s A screenshot of the new game Spore. or for $10 on the The continent does shelves. If you’re go- not provide any sort of ing to buy the game, alternate food supply do not buy the Crea- for carnivores. Anyture Creator disc. one else can go fruit This feature is built picking. into the full version The Tribal and of the game. The ad- Civilization Stages vantage of the creator are similar in concept. was so players could The object is to make have a head start on your culture the domitheir race. Anything nant one on the planet. that players create is This is done through stored in the Sporepe- tools and technology, dia for all to see. not tooth and claw. Spore starts out like The sky is literally a Saturday morning the limit in the Space cartoon. The single- Stage. Design your celled organism you own spaceship and ex-


neighbor, and their equally nerdy friends. ––––––––––––––––– What can one expect from a show entirely The cat’s alive, about intelligent hulet’s go. That fateful mor and nerd fun? Evline ended last year’s erything. first season of The Big The first season Bang Theory, a popuhad its memorable lar 30-minute comedy moments. The boys on CBS. With its sec(which also include Simon H e l berg as Walowitz and Kunal N a y yar as Rajesh) bought a time m a chine, h a d AN AP/ CLIFF LIPSON PHOTO t h e i r The cast of The Big Bang Theory plays video games during a first season episode. first ond season premiere Big Bang Theory is physics bowl comslated for Monday, a never-miss show petition, learned how Sept. 22, enthusiasts about the life of two to make Rajesh talk must wonder what is genius-level physi- to women with just in store next for the cists, their incredibly See COMEDY page 11 nerds of apartment attractive next-doorBy ERIN ENNIS STAFF WRITER

4B. For those of you who have yet to tune in to The Big Bang Theory, you are truly missing out. With a cast that includes Johnny Galecki as Leonard, Jim Parsons as Sheldon, and Kaley Cuoco as Penny, The

Metallica Returns



To say I was nervous about how the new Metallica CD would turn out would be an understatement! When I pressed play however, all my fears of a bad CD were blown away with the beloved Metallica guitar solos (they’re in every song). Before I knew it I was rocking out in my chair! When buying CD’s my general rule of thumb is to hear at least three songs I like before buying the CD, in this case I had only heard one, “The Day That Never Comes.” With Death Magnetic it made no difference that I had only listened

to one song o f f of the C D b e cause I ended up lovi n g all of them. B y AN AP PHOTO t h e Metallica lead singer James Hetfield leads the group time I again on their new CD, Death Magnetic. had finished listening me. Death Magnetic to the whole CD I had finds a happy medium to listen to it again! between old and new Death Magnetic Metallica. goes back to the sounds For those fans who of Master of Puppets loved the old and the and moves away from new Metallica this the 2003 release of St. CD is for you. Totally Anger. Don’t get me worth the money! wrong, I’m not saying St. Anger was a bad CD, it just didn’t feel like Metallica to

plore the galaxy. This is where the multiplayer aspect of Spore comes into play. The game is played online, so people around the world can interact with you. Even better, there is no monthly subscription. Form alliances with other players or wage epic battles with them. The scenery is fantastical in a World of Warcraft sort of way. Plants and trees may be odd colors. Like your creature, Spore is extremely adaptive. It monitors your in-game decisions and bases your future actions from the past. The instruction manual provides a few tips on how to go in certain social directions. Honestly, the


easiest way to go is militaristic. Pummel your foes before they eliminate you. Force them into submission or wipe them out altogether. How will you spread throughout the galaxy: war or peace? The choice is yours, make it wisely. Get your copy of Spore for your personal computer at stores everywhere. Also keep a look out for console versions, which are rumored to be in the making.

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Community & Advice

The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Advice Corner

Community Service

Q: Even though I’ve only been away from home for a few weeks, I already hate it and feel homesick. I don’t wanna tell any of my buddies cause they’re just gonna make fun of me. Should I go home or should I try to stick it out?

Upcoming Opportunities: Special Olympics Bowling in Hamden- Volunteers Needed! Sundays 10am-12pm, 9/7/2008-11/22/2008. Contact Gene Delaney @ 203-287-1414 for more informaA: I think you should try and stick it out for the semester. Being away tion. from home is a HUGE adjustment and it takes a while to get used to. Try

going home once in a while, it may help! As for your friends, there is no reason to tell them, unless you think they might be able to help with the adjustment. If things don’t get better after a semester, then transferring closer to home may make things easier for you. New Canaan Nature Center’s Fail Fair- Volunteers will A: I think that you should SUCK IT UP. Being away from home is help with games, crafts, and activities. fun. Your buddies would obviously make fun of you because you’re supVarious shifts available from 10:30 am –5:30 pm posed to be having the time of your life, hell, I’m making fun of you right For more information contact ngamerman@newcanaanna- now and I certainly am not one of your buddies. If you are that much of a wuss then leave and go back home to mommy and daddy.

WALK FOR LUPUS NOW- Sunday September 28, 2008 9:30 am: Registration Begins, 11:00 am: Walk Begins

Ongoing Opportunities: New Haven Home Recovery- host a shelter meal, help with a special project like painting or planting flowers at one of the shelters, organize a drive, volunteer at the furniture co-op Girl Scouts- Want to volunteer on a weekly basis or adopt a troop? St. Martin’s School- tutoring opportunities, run various after school activities: anything from sports to arts and crafts, themed projects

For information on any of these opportunities contact Lyndsay @

Need some advice? Send your questions to

W e d n e s d a y , Feast in the Dining out Breach, ChasS e p t e m b e r Hall of Bartels dur- ing Liberty and ing dinner hours. Flags of Our Fa17th: CONSTITUTION DAY! Learn some interesting facts about our Constitution as you walk around campus. The Legal Society Presents: Connecticut Superior Court Judge Jon Blue in Kaplan 109 from 4:15-5:15 p.m. All American

Come to Beanhouse sponsored by SCOPE at 9 p.m. in the programming space of the Bartels Lobby and enjoy a patriotic dessert! Check out the Banned Book Display in the library. MOVIES ON CHANNEL 14: For the month of September check

thers. Times are posted in your residence hall.

Later month:


Stop by the League of Women Voters’ voter education table on Wednesday, September 24th in Bartels lobby from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Soccer Battles to 3-3 Tie with Dowling



WEST HAVEN— The University of New Haven women's soccer team kept its unbeaten streak alive Saturday, Sept. 13 as they battled Dowling College to a 3-3 tie. The Chargers move to 3-2-1 overall, while Dowling now stands at 3-0-2. With just over 12 minutes remaining in game, the Golden Lions broke a 2-2 deadlock on a strike off the foot of Sinead Tucker from 25 yards out. The Dowling lead would not last long as the Chargers repeatedly threatened over the next five minutes before sophomore Emily Buckley-Matura scored the gametying goal with just over seven minutes remaining in regulation. An impressive header attempt by freshman Marta Bertsos off of Ali Espanol's corner kick ricocheted off of the crossbar and Buckley-Matura put home the rebound, her second goal of the day, to send the game to overtime. The teams would exchange multiple scoring chances down in the two overtime


Selina Moylan celebrates her goal before halftime, putting UNH ahead by 1.

periods, but neither was able to find the back of the net. Dowling started the g a m e hot, scoring at the 1:15 mark to take a 1-0 lead. New Haven quickly put out the fire, tying the game one minute and 30 seconds later on Buckley-Matura's boot from five yards out on the right wing. The assist was credited to sophomore forward Holly Dawson. Senior Selina Moylan took matters into her own hands in the 42nd minute, dribbling through two Dowling defenders and beating the keeper for her team-leading eighth goal of the season.

The Chargers took a 2-1 lead into halftime. Dowling locked the game at 2-2 just under six minutes into the second frame as Cassandra Cronin connected from ten yards out, setting up the exciting end of regulation.


Chargers goalkeeper Kim Taylor finished with a game-high nine saves, including a one-on-one game-saving stop on a Dowling breakaway in the first overtime. New Haven returns to action on Wednesday, Sept. 17 when they travel to Southern New Hampshire University for a NE10 conference match. Game time is set for 7:00 p.m.

Brady’s Injury Spells Trouble for New England

gone for the season this may be the best opportunity for America’s team. So do the Patriots still have a chance to make the playoffs? Of course they do. They still have a load of talent to work with. But it is not going to be easy especially w i t h teams like the Bills and Jets on the rise in the AFC East. The Patriots look like a very beatable A BOSTON HERALD/ NANCY LANE PHOTO team. Brady is helped off the field after getting hit in the knee against the Chiefs Sunday, Sept. 7. again they also suf- out of the NFC. In my Kansas City, which fered a bad loss to opinion, the Cowboys has no right to go anythe Panthers in week are the top team in the where this year, alone, but this was a league now that Brady most beat the Patriots team that had a slow is down and out. Yes, on their home field. start last year, and has Tony Romo has been As most fans in New too much talent to not the complete opposite England have realbe a contender for a in the playoffs than ized the last couple championship. You Brady and has not of weeks, it is going have to remember shown anyone that he to be an uphill battle that the Chargers put can win when it really for the Pats this year up a heck of a fight counts. But Romo has and only time will tell against New England all the tools to sooner where that road is goin the AFC title game or later win the big ing to end up. last year when Brady one, and with Brady

con’t from page 1

and one would think that it is just a matter of time before Manning gets back into the flow of things and starts putting up big numbers. You can also look at the Chargers. Yes

was in the lineup. Now that he is done for the season, you have to think that when these two teams hook up on Oct. 12 that the Chargers are going to go in as the favorite. Finally there are the Dallas Cowboys

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Men’s Soccer Held Scoreless by C.W. Post



WEST HAVEN—The University of New Haven men's soccer team fell 0-1 on Kayo Field to C.W. Post Saturday afternoon, Sept. 13. The Chargers fall to 2-3-0 this season, while the Pioneers im-

prove to 2-3-0. The only goal in Saturday's battle of the midfield came at the 54:54. Statistically an own-goal, the goalscoring shot was taken by the Pioneers from just under 20-yards out before it was deflected by a C.W. Post player and it eventually bounced the wrong


direction off a UNH player inside the goal box. The remaining 35 minutes the Chargers would have very few chances around the Pioneers

net with a majority of the game played in the midfield. The best UNH opportunity came at 69:37 when Anthony Romano riffled a shot that was blocked by the Pioneer defense. The Chargers and Pioneers tallied an even 10 shots a piece. UNH goalkeeper

James Hilaire tallied seven saves, four in the second period. The team returns to Kayo Field when they host Molloy College on Thursday, Sept. 18 at 4 p.m.

A&E Continued

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CBS Comedy Returns

con’t from page 8

the right amount of influence, and played nights of epic Halo tournaments. A playful combination of wit, sarcasm, and irony (mostly delivered by Parsons) made each episode hilarious to watch. Oh yeah, and you cannot forget Shrodinger’s cat. The famous thought experiment led to one of the most anticipated, and unusual, season finale’s in comedic history. But what do fans expect of the second season? What can newcomers expect if they had not seen the first season? Well, first, is the

budding relationship between Penny and Leonard. We left them together and quite happy but, as any fan of TV knows, this probably is not for long. Viewers can expect Walowitz to still be full of sexual innuendos and Rajesh to still be completely unable to talk to women. The writers have also made suggestions that new characters may be entering the mist but, like the creators of Heroes, vow to not leave them around long if devoted fans do not enjoy their presence. Oh, and expect the theme song to stay exactly the same. While some shows

pride themselves on changing or tweaking their theme songs every year, expect The Big Bang Theory to always start off with the same charming quip to nature’s own Big Bang. In finality, fans and newbies alike will find the second season of The Big Bang Theory, which debuts Mon. Sept. 22, to be a huge success. The gang, the jokes, the intellect, and all the Green Lantern quips one could ask for will return to CBS as one of the greatest comedies on television. Tune in!

crystallizes. Unfortunately for her, the only fringe expert around has been locked in a

entific method, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, or otherwise lacks scientific

The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Righteous Kill Delivers



The new film starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, Righteous Kill, opened at the box office this weekend amidst large buzz. The film is a basic story about two police officers (Pacino and De Niro) trying to solve a series of murders. These murders are linked, and with the help of officers from another precinct (John Leguizamo and

Donnie Wahlberg), the cops get closer to nabbing the “poetry killer.” As the story progresses, and this isn’t a spoiler because if you’ve seen a preview, you know this…so hush, the foursome realize that a fellow police officer is probably the one who is committing these murders. The movie itself has massive hype, and lives up to most of it. The story is streamlined and easy to understand, and provides the watcher

with a detailed view of how the cops fight the criminals, and fellow officers. From a forensic standpoint (as I am a forensic major) the crime scene tech… well, was nice to look at. Otherwise, the story, along with all the associated twists and turns, made for a fun and entertaining session in the theater. The movie is definitely worth watching, and oh yeah, 50 Cent is in it too…he was super.

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Fringe Combines X-Files With Comedy



FOX’s Tuesday lineup starts with new series Fringe. The 90-minute premiere shocked America in a few ways. J.J. Abrams, who also wrote Lost and Transformers, grabbed the reigns for this psychological whiz-bang. I’ve never seen Lost, but have heard good things about it. Fringe opens up with a terror on an airplane, similar to the pilot of Lost. The plane does not crash, but everyone on board dies of some facemelting compound. FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) heads up the investigation when her partner gets caught in a blast. She becomes immersed with a field of science known as fringe. Dunham has to learn quickly, because her partner is slowing dying as his body

brain waves between two people. This allows for memory transfer between the

The show’s lit- Bishop. eral mad scientist, The first episode Dr. Bishop, randomly was a rollercoaster. It throws in humor. John juggled between the absurdness of people melting on a plane and trying to stop some sort of terrorist group. No one knows if terrorists are even involved in the first place. The mad doctor lists out chemical compounds he will need as he’s watching children’s programs. Since he uses the full name of the compound, viewers may miss the LSD reference. Fringe definitely shows promise. It tried to pack a ton of information in while making the show enjoyable all in one A FOX PHOTO The cast of the new series Fringe investigates the mystery of Fringe Tuesdays on FOX. 90-minute episode. mental institution for status,” according to two people. Noble, who played the This may have proven the last 17 years. BD Horror News. This Fringe has very steward of Gondor in to be too much, but it Fringe, or Pseudo- realm of “science” be- serious undertones. The Lord of the Rings, laid the foundation for science, “is defined lieves in psychic phe- Persons unknown are plays the part well. the rest of the series. Now that Abrams as a body of knowl- nomena and other sci- performing strange He’ll be lucid one moedge, methodology, ence fiction themes as experiments on peo- ment, and then shout has gotten everything belief, or practice that more than just fiction. ple all around the that he wet himself. out of his system, is claimed to be scien- For example, a water world. Some of these Joshua Jackson (Char- Fringe should be a tific or made to appear tank and a concoction experiments involve lie Conway from D3: very good show. Fringe airs Tuesscientific, but does of illegal drugs can be chemical warfare and The Mighty Ducks) is not adhere to the sci- used to synchronize reanimation. the skeptic son of Dr. days at 9:00 p.m.

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Fun & Games The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Campus Police Log- Sept. 8 to Sept. 14, 2008

Monday, 9/8/08 Roommate altercation–New Hall Unauthorized Vehicles–Lot 1 Parking violation– Campbell Ave. Parking violation– Off Campus Parking violation– Ruden Street Apts. Motor Vehicle stop–Isadore & Tile Medical assist– Botwinik Possible Theft–

Bethel Hall Tuesday, 9/9/08 Parking violation– Kaplan Parking violation– Harugari Hall Injury/escort– Gatehouse Parking violation– Harugari Hall Wednesday, 9/10/08 Drug Complaint– Savin Court Motor Vehicle stop–Ruden Medical Assist–

Garfield Minus Garfield

Regency Motor Vehicle stop–Campbell Lost and Found– Rec Center Thursday, 9/11/08 Parking violation– Lot 1 Parking violation– Harugari Hall Wallet Found– Dodds Hall Ticket issued & Tow warning–Boston Post Rd. Parking violation–

Harugari Hall Lost wallet–Bixler M/V stop Friday, 9/12/08 Intoxicated person– Maxcy Hall Intoxicated person– Quad Intoxicated person –Maxcy Hall Parking violation– Forest Hills Intoxicated person– Ruden St. Apts. Parking violation– Ruden St.

Theft–Echlin Hall Loud Noise–New Hall Loud party–Regency Drug Complaint Saturday, 9/6/08 Possession of Alcohol–Forest Hills Intoxicated person– New Hall Parking issue– Ruden Welfare check– Bethel Hall Parking violation–

Ruden M/V Stop–Ruden St. Sunday, 9/7/08 MV Stop–Isador/ tile M/V Stop–Isadore Medical assist– Botwinik Disturbance–Winchester Hall Noise Complaint– Savin Court

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The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2008

Back at Ground Zero

con’t from page 7

see the ground. Construction equipment was everywhere, and I second guessed the images in front of me. Seven years later, and this is what Ground Zero still looks like? Part of me expected to see a memorial or new buildings, and the other part of me didn’t know what to expect. A feeling consumed me as I stood at the fence and looked in. I was frozen with emotions: I was scared, I wanted to cry, I wanted to pray, I wanted to leave, and I wanted to stay. There was a sense of eeriness that emitted from that place, and I suddenly felt like I’d

seen a ghost. Newscasts of Sept. 11, 2001 began replaying over and over in my head, and I didn’t realize it when I was there, but my friend later told me she’d seen me crying. I don’t know how long I stood at Ground Zero, but I remember the long, quiet cab ride back to the train station. I watched the place where the twin towers once stood disappear as we drove away, the image still in my mind today, five months after. I see it in my dreams; I see it in my nightmares. I thank God every day that nobody in my family was in those buildings that day. I

pray for those families who lost someone special to them there, and I thank God for the heroes who gave their lives trying to save people. I believe those people were a beautiful mixture of real life superheroes and angels, and they are role models for our children to look up to, representing true courage and bravery. If you haven’t visited Ground Zero, I strongly urge you do so. It’s an experience that cannot be duplicated by a television newscast or a newspaper article. It’s an experience that will change you forever. -Robert Vine, Staff Writer

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