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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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CAMPUS POLICE LOG Want to know what really happens on campus? Want to see what keeps Campus Police busy? Check out the Campus Police Log for all the info.

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Psychic Wows UNH

Beverly Hills has made a comeback. The CW premiered the spinoff last week. How was it? – Page 8

Gossip Girl Makes Fashionable Return



SHOULD YOU MESS WITH THE ZOHAN? SCOPE movies are here. See what students thought about the first one of the semester.

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APPLE FANS STAY LOYAL Recent problems with Apple products are putting the company at risk to lose loyal customers. How are people reacting to these glitches?

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WEST HAVEN—For those students who have seen him before, it was obvious the minute one entered Dodds auditorium on Saturday, Sept. 6 that Jim Karol was back. If it was not for the highly cluttered stage of movies, trick ropes, magic card decks, and more it was for the new array of playing cards stuck to the Dodds ceiling. With two shows to amaze the University of New Haven audience, courtesy of SCOPE Weekend Programming, one did not know what to expect from the self proclaimed Psychic Madman. Students and SCOPE personnel deserve a large amount of praise for attending the Jim Karol show. It was obvious that his reputation preceded him as plenty of students braved the hurricane winds and rain to attend both the 7:30 and the 9:30 show in Dodds auditorium. Karol, with a sarcastic and witty sense of humor and a sometimes vulgar tongue, started off the show the way he always does; a torn apart card somehow appears inside of a solid cantaloupe. With the audience wowed, he then continued with rope cutting tricks, disappearing cards, and unusual See STUNTS page 4

The cast of the hit drama Gossip Girl retunred to the small screen with its Season 2 premiere on Monday, Sept. 1.


The show returned for its second season, and re––––––––––––––––––––– ceived higher ratings than the show's debut last year. Popular television show The new episode recapped Gossip Girl made its an- on characters Serena, Dan, ticipated return to network Jenny, Blair, Chuck, and television Monday, Sept. Nate's escapades from the 1. past summer and their en-

trance into the new school year. Dan “Lonely Boy” Humphrey was interning for his writing idol, Jenny Humphrey was interning for a famous fashion

events, like the freshman talent show, comedians, hypnotists, and the Rock Band tournament drew crowds but nothing seemed to impress like the drive-in movie. Freshman and upperclassmen alike flooded the quad with chairs, blankets, and a desire to win at the “building permit” giveaway game. Although the drawing did not go off quite as expected (the amount of stickers you had only increased your chances in-

stead of being an exclusive giveaway). Those that won iPod touches seemed extremely excited as the remainder of the crowd waited for the movie to start. Now, if you waited for the drive-in movie to see this year’s first superhero blockbuster hit Iron Man, shame on you. Quite possibly one of the best superhero movies of all time (coming short of The Dark


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Movie Makes a Great End to Labor Day Weekend



WEST HAVEN—Every year at the end of Welcome Week festivities, we welcome Root Beer floats, popcorn buckets, and large blankets into the Bixler and Botwinik quad to enjoy a Labor Day pastime on the University of New Haven campus: the drivein movie. Other Welcome Week

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Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

Wednesday, September 10

Thursday, September 11

Friday, September 12

 Office Etiquette Workshop

 Office Etiquette Workshop

 Tiki Bar

 Women’s Volleyball vs. Post University

 9/11 Remembrance Walk

Dodds Theater, 10am-noon

North Campus Gym, 7pm and 9pm

Dodds Theater, 5pm-6pm

Bartels, 4pm-8pm

New Hall Patio, 8:15am

 Women’s Soccer vs. Post University Turf Field, 4pm

Women’s Volleyball vs. Minnesota State University: Mankato North Campus Gym, 3:30pm

 Movie: Indiana Jones and the Curse of Crystal Skull Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Saturday, September 13  Trip: Six Flags New England  Women’s Volleyball vs. Western Washington University

Sunday, September 14  Movie: Indiana Jones and the Curse of Crystal Skull Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Tuesday, September 16 

Men’s Soccer vs. Southern New Hampshire University Turf Field, 4pm

North Campus Gym, 11am

Women’s Soccer vs. Dowling Turf Field, noon

SCOPE Weekend Events: September

Sept 12th: Free Tiki Bar- Bartels from 4-8 p.m. Movie Trivia (Win $300 in prizes)- 7 p.m.

By Dan Osipovitch A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH



Whoa! What a surprise-the mailroom has finally come out of the stone age. They discovered the newest technology of *dun dun dun* email! Who knew they could use such advanced, scientific processes to formulate a new communication system which notifies people when a package arrives. No more of those stupid “see mailman for package” slips all over the mailroom floor.

Since its opening this semester, Sandella’s has not had a card reader machine and thus students have to wait while the employees, who must have cramped hands, write out the card numbers, student names, and orders. On top of this, it’s still a bazillion degrees in there and has been for years. Someone obviously has no heart.

The school is being a bit proactive with the election, adding on a part to the website with links to major election resources. I’m lik ing the extended hours of all the food places on campus, especially Jazzman’s and the C-store. It’s very good for weekends or late-nights, when you have that craving you just can’t get rid of.

Unlike the positive I wrote, the hours of things on campus aren’t extended enough. Scenario: Let’s get up at 7am for our 8am class. Well, now I’m tired so let’s go get coffee. Oh darn, Ja zzman’s doesn’t open until 8. Well, let’s not waste our time, let’s go print our slides for our 8am class. Oh fiddlesticks! The library doesn’t open until 8:30. Whatever is a student to do? Nothing. We’re SOL.

Sept 13th: Six Flags New England Trip- $10 bus fee. Signup in Scope Office on Sept. 9th 10 p.m. to midnight. Spots are limited. Sept. 19th: Scavenger Hunt- Maxcy Quad at 8:30 p.m. Sign up in groups of FIVE in Scope Office by Sept. 18th. Spots are limited. Sept. 20th: Big “E” Trip- Sign up in Scope Office by Sept. 18th. Spots are limited. Sept. 26th: Free Personalized Name Traits and Meanings in Bartels Lobby 6-10 p.m. Sept. 27th: Sylvia Markson Comedian/Ventriloquist in Dodds Theater at 8:30 p.m. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Want To Join the Charger Bulletin Staff?

Meetings are on Mondays at 11:00am & Tuesdays at 12:30pm in the Charger Bulletin Office in Bartels.

National/World News

The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

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Police Search for L.A. Killer News



LOS ANGELES— Los Angeles police detectives are searching for a killer now linked to at least 11 murders over a 23year time span. The killings have just recently been linked through new DNA and ballistic technology. All of the victims were black women who were either prostitutes or drug users except for one who was a black man. The women were sexually assaulted, shot multiple times, and then

dumped in alleyways or dumpsters. The first known killing was in 1985 and the most recent in January of 2007. Although all of the cases are linked by DNA evidence, police have yet to find a match in FBI or state files. Authorities are considering the possibility that there was such a large gap between attacks because the perpetrator served jail time. They are currently looking through files of about 50,000 current and past inmates for leads. Not all of the inmates have DNA

profiles on file. One of the victims, from 1988, was sexually assaulted and shot, but survived. She gave a description to authorities, but it was too vague to create a composite sketch for distribution. Another theory the authorities have pertaining to the gap between slayings is that the killer traveled out of California. Authorities are also looking for records of similar killings in surrounding states because of this theory. Los Angeles Police Deputy Chief Charlie Beck is confident

perfection, as well: one customer had to return his MacBook Air because it got so hot that images were being burned onto the screen. What makes customers stick with the company? They believe that regardless of recent malfunctions, the products being produced by Apple are still better and more reliable than those of Apple’s competitors. Most consumers are in agreement that Apple’s latest problems are the result of trying to release new items too

quickly, thus forgoing thorough inspection. Before the iPhone 3G, software programmers outside of the company did not have access to Apple products’ inner workings. However, with the release of their new phone, the company has also released information that would enable programmers to write applications for the device and sell them on iTunes. Apple has still maintained a high level of secrecy. Developers must sign strict contracts based on company confidentiality, and their appli-

Cain’s office would be run the same as Bush’s. The slight change? Merely a picture. The image shows McCain’s vice presidential choice, Gov. Sarah Palin, for a brief period stating simply, “We know McCain’s choice, but for the rest of us there is still no change. McCain doesn‘t get it.”

The ad then goes on to make more pointed arguments, “[McCain is] calling this broken economy strong, wants to keep spending 10 billion a month in Iraq, and votes with George Bush 90% of the time.” “So while this (Palin) may be his running mate,” the ad continues, “America knows this (Bush) is John


that the killer will be brought to justice. "We have a lot of evidence, and the connec- By Associated Press Writers tion between so many Jury selection to begin in OJ Simpson robcases of DNA will al- bery case low us to eventually LAS VEGAS—Nearly a year after O.J. Simpsolve this," Beck said. son walked into a casino hotel room intent on Deputy Chief Beck reclaiming some sports memorabilia, lawyers continued by saying in his robbery-kidnapping trial are finally set that "this is the mind to begin picking a jury. of a maniac, but we What figures to be a lengthy jury selection have a tight victim is scheduled to start Monday morning in a Neprofile and power- vada court for the fallen NFL star, actor and ful evidence that has advertising pitchman, and his remaining cotaken us across the defendant, Clarence "C.J" Stewart, a 54-yearcountry. The victims old golfing buddy from North Las Vegas. are the most vulnerBoth men have pleaded not guilty to 12 able in society, and charges stemming from a heated encounter last we know the suspect September with two sports collectibles dealers is involved in prosti- peddling Simpson memorabilia at a Las Vegas tution. Eventually, we hotel-casino. will find him." Suspect arrested hours after Cromwell bank robbery CROMWELL, Conn.—A 22-year-old man who lives in a motel has been charged with cations are often re- robbing a bank in Cromwell. Police have arrested Felix Padilla and jected without reason. The Apple name charged him with robbing the People's Bank has not yet been branch in a Stop & Shop store Sunday aftersoiled. The company’s noon. Padilla lists his address as the Motel 6 in stocks remain high and climbing, as mil- Wethersfield. He's charged with first-degree lions of people contin- robbery and third-degree larceny. Police say Padilla entered the bank about 1 ue to flock to its products. If Apple had not p.m. and demanded money from a teller with a already created a fol- note that indicated he was armed. The robber lowing for itself, the fled on foot with about $1,200. After Cromwell police interviewed witnessglitches the company is now experiencing es and reviewed the bank's surveillance video, may have been detri- Padilla was captured by Cromwell, Wethersmental. Fortunately field and Rocky Hill police just before 8 p.m. for Apple, Mac enthu- Sunday night. siasts are willing to stand by and wait out Security increased at UConn after campus rape the storm. STORRS, Conn.—The search for a suspect continues and security has been increased at the University of Connecticut campus following the sexual assault of a student over the weekend. UConn police say the female student was McCain’s agenda. sexually assaulted and threatened with a weapAnd we can’t afford four more years of the on early Saturday morning in a wooded area near Hilltop Apartments. same.” UConn police have increased patrols in reBoth Obama and his vice presiden- mote areas of campus. They have also issued a tial choice, Sen. Joe crime alert e-mail, notifying the UConn comBiden, called Palin to munity of the situation. The e-mail warns students to be cautious and congratulate her and also released a state- aware of surroundings and advises students to ment involving this walk in well-lit areas, walk in groups and use g r o u n d - b r e a k i n g the shuttle bus system or the Husky Watch eschoice both in youth cort service. No arrests have been made.

Mac Loyalty Holds Tight



Although many users are beginning to find faults with Apple’s new iPhone 3G, the company’s fan base remains dedicated and unmoved. Despite their loyalty, customers can no longer deny their current dissatisfaction. Not only is the iPhone 3G plagued with viruses and vanishing programs, but the phone gets mediocre service at best. Other Apple products are showing signs of im-

Palin Ad Focuses Elsewhere



Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama recently released his newest ad against Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain. It seemed to be all the same offensive for Obama, stating loud and clear that Mc-

See FOCUS page 5

New Haven News The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

Page 4

Jim Karol Awes with Stunts

con’t from page 1

spectacles of illusion. He threw cards onto Dodds ceiling as he does every show, adding two more kings to the growing collection of threes, twos, and aces. Karol also made a point to pull skeptics from the first show out of the audience of the second to show them that he could redo his tricks in less than an hour and still give the same effect. However, all of Karol’s show is not about magic. As a member of the Jackass 2 team, Karol always brings along the Jackass shock chair. This chair, meant to make audience mem-

bers tell the truth or be subject to an intense volt of electricity, is always the most hilarious portion of his show. Audience members jump off the chair in shock and those still in the audience are wondering what exactly can be revealed through it. Karol closed the show with mind reading, an event that still baffles most viewers. He used a boy named Cheeks from New Jersey over an audience member’s cell phone and Angela Funovi from Phenomenon to correctly guess the thoughts and selections of guests brought onstage. Karol also was able to memorize and

recite 20-digit serial numbers off the back of movies distributed at random through the crowd. After three years and four shows, I still do not understand everything that goes into the Jim Karol Psychic Madman show. While the show normally follows the same streamline of events it is rare for audience members, new and returning, to ever quite get the tricks and illusions that take place. Hopefully Jim Karol will remain a usual visitor to the University of New Haven and continue to confuse, intrigue, and mystify students.

Sandler Kicks Off SCOPE Movies

Students Enjoy Drive-In con’t from page 1

Knight just slightly) Iron Man depicts the story of Tony Stark, a weapons designer who learns all too quickly that life is never exactly as it seems. Deceived by his company, his friends, and ultimately his own naivety, Tony Stark fashions himself a suit that can fly and battle the biggest villains of all: humans. The Iron Man story, unlike most superhero stories, is down-toearth and realistic in the sense that the battles between humanity (whether at war or at home) are never ceasing. One can not mention the Iron Man series without mentioning the wonderful cast of actors and actresses. Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, and Gwyneth Paltrow delivered amazing supporting performances as Tony Stark’s closest

confidantes. As many soon realized, Robert Downey Jr. completely stole the show and was one of the best castings as a leading man in Marvel comics history. Iron Man truly was a spectacular pick for the drive-in movie this Labor Day. Students left the Bixler and Botwinik quad re-


freshed and ready for a new week of classes and the start of the fall semester. Although it was not shown, those of us who have seen the real ending of the Iron Man movie know the truth; there is a good chance we will see an Iron Man movie again during a Welcome Week to come.

opening scene. once again ordered to Zohan, starring a fight against Phantom ––––––––––––––––– 90s SNL-studded cast, (the counter terrorist including Adam San- of Palestine) is tired WEST HAVEN— dler (Zohan), Chris of the never-ending Adam Sandler's You Rock, Rob Schneider, violence and creates Don't Mess with the Kevin Nealon, and the illusion of defeat Zohan entertained SNL cartoonist Robert by faking his own UNH students this By ANKIT SHARMA past weekend as the UNH students fear of ghosts and the STAFF WRITER first official SCOPE welcomed the some- diet that didn’t keep ––––––––––––––––– movie event of the times bewildering her in shape. It was a fall semester. The and sometimes sub- funny hour-long show film originally reWEST HAVEN—As tle sense of humor displaying McHale’s leased into theaters soon as Comedian of McHale. She ac- talent, which is built earlier this summer Alexandra McHale quainted the congre- up by her comedic (June 2008) and restepped on the stage gated audience of timing. ceived horrible public at the German Club, mostly freshman and McHale ended the reviews, however, it which she referred to a few upperclassmen show by announcing was an amusing and as a “random barn,” with her Irish family, her website (www. guilty pleasure. was filled with laughs detailing her father’s, I originally saw this and applause. McHale addiction to falling where she gives tips film in theaters, and I performed two shows, on the ground. to college girls on getfound the exaggerated one at 7:30 p.m. and She also touched ting along with their humor and parodied the other at 9:30 p.m. on her hatred toward roommates and havtake on the conflict on Wednesday, Sept. boyfriends who sang ing a blast while they AN AP PHOTO within the Middle Adam Sandler tries his hand as a hair-dressing terrorist in Zohan. 3. to their girlfriends, her are away at school. East refreshing. As Smigel, makes for a death and escapes to Going to an event on campus? irony would have it, I colorful Happy Madi- New York. Upon his was actually in Israel son production. arrival, he is deterWrite about it! a few weeks ago, and The film's plot sur- mined to pursue his enjoyed watching the rounds the character “silky, smooth” dream Join the Charger Bulletin and write about UNH pictures of the sandy Zohan, the greatest Is- of being a successevents. beaches of Tel Aviv raeli soldier that ever Don’t like to write? Become a photographer! appear again in the lived. Zohan, who is See ZOHAN page 5 By MIA BECKER STAFF WRITER

Comedian Cracks Up the German Club

Zohan Finds Humor in Controversy con’t from page 4

ful hair stylist. After being rejected by the Paul Mitchell salon he takes a job in a Middle Eastern neighborhood at a local Palestinian salon. He rises to great success and helps the salon produce enough money to compete with the recently high rent due to the pending arrival of a new corporate mall. As the plans for the mall's debut soon fall through, the investors and his

team work on creating greater tension between the Israeli and Palestinian business owners, plotting a faux terrorist attack on each others' store fronts. As tempers explode and Phantom tracks down the Zohan in New York, Israel and Palestine learn to find “peace in the Middle East” and work together to drive out the corporate mall and its investors. The film also stars

John Turturro, comedian Nick Swardson, veteran actors Lanie Kazan, Shelley Berman, musician Dave Matthews, and a cameo appearance by Mariah Carey. Students left amused by the toilethumor, creative take on a political issue, and possibly a craving and curiosity for Hummus (P.S. Please don't brush your teeth with it).



WEST HAVEN— The Fall 2008 Library Speakers Program provides another great line-up of speakers. The Speakers Program is free and open to the university community and the general public. Each talk is held on the Upper Level of the Marvin K. Peterson library starting at 3:00 p.m. Dr. Leila B. Dutton kicks off the series on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Her talk on the “Types, Frequency, and Effectiveness of Responses to Unwanted Pursuit and Stalking” should be of interest to all students on campus who may be faced with this situation sometime in their lives. It is based on a study which investigated stalking after the break up of romantic relationships. The study participants included female and male college students who were either pursued by a former partner (targets) or who pursued an ex-partner (pursuers). Results

from the study indicate that there are different types of responses from targets of unwanted pursuit. Dr. Dutton will present results indicating which responses from both the target and pursuer perspectives, are most effective in contributing to the cessation of the unwanted pursuit. Dr. Eddie Luzik presents the next program on Tuesday, Oct. 7. His talk on “Biofuels from Common Local Diffuse Source Seed Crops: Biodiesel from Acorns” discusses a solution to a topic of utmost concern to many Americans at this time of rising fuel prices along with the environmental implications of drilling for and using coal, oil and gas for fuel. In this presentation, the chemistry, agricultural and intellectual opportunities for benignly generating biofuel in Connecticut will be discussed through experiments with unrecognized campus seed crops. The conclusion is that a wide fuel portfolio

USGA Meetings are at 1:45 every Tuesday in the Alumni Lounge. All are welcome!

A Great Resource

The USGA operates its own website called ChargerVoice. com. On this website is a feature called Post a Concern. The Post a Concern feature is a way that students can go online and submit concerns or questions that they have about the university. All concerns are sent directly to the USGA executive board or to one of our standing committees. In the past, the Post a Concern feature has been used to push Soopens production op- dexho into installing portunities for Con- air conditioning in necticut as well as the potential to engineer clean efficient engines that use the new fuels. Dr. Stuart Sidle wraps up the fall program on Tuesday, Nov. 11. “Escape from the ‘Bosstrap:’ What to do When you Feel Your Supervisor is Standing in Your Way of a Fulfilling Career” will be of interest to many students as they prepare to enter the workforce and their chosen career paths. Dr. Sidle will discuss the various types of stress inducing supervisor-subordinate dynamics that get in the way of a satisfying and productive work environment. And, he will provide guidance for employees on how they can better understand their relationship with their supervisor and options for con’t from page 3 improving these com- and gender. They also plex relationships. conveyed their belief For further informa- that she will “add a tion, visit the library’s compelling new voice home page at: http:// to this campaign.” Whether this statelibrary or call H. Dobi ment was out of senat (203) 932-7191. timent or protocol is still up for debate

Library Begins Fall Speaker Program


USGA President’s Corner

The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

Sandella’s, ensuring video surveillance is in place at the Wade Street parking lot, and making sure the Charger Gymnasium is properly swept. also hosts a series of other important documents such as the USGA Constitution and other documents. Any university student can go online and download copies of any USGA document. The USGA sponsors the freshman and junior class elections! is your campaign central

Louis Eswood III USGA President with all of the up-todate information for elections, including when and where you can meet the candidates and their platform. Be sure to check out for more information about the USGA.

Obama’s Ad Campaign Keeps Focus on McCain as later that week, Obama spokesmen Bill Burton criticized Palin’s lack of experience calling her, “the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with no foreign policy experience.” While many an-

swers in this election may not be answered until the very end, one can be certain that the criticism of McCain’s policies and his relation to Bush is likely to continue.

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Page 6


The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

The Savin Court Blues

In Defense of the Freshmen: Part Two

With the release of this paper, we are in the midst of our third week of school. It is really sad, as someone who has been here for four years already, to see what this university has come to in its “preparation” for expansion. The worst part is that none of this is new. Before we received a freshman class of over 1,000 students, Sodexho was running low on food and supplies, and people didn’t have faith in the administrative systems that were supposed to be serving us, protecting us, and getting us where we needed to be. While the housing shortage was another unfortunate chapter in UNH past, the remedy has come to another proverbial brick wall. While I have to admit, after get-

ting the boot for being a fifth year student simply because of the immense incoming class was a real burn, the Savin Court Apartments were a very nice last minute option for those of us still looking for affordable off-campus housing. The newly renovated, practically brand new complex is great, and provides a level of comfort for students in a “dorm room” that is unparalleled anywhere else, even the Wintergreen Apartments that we were supposed to get. However, it is now the end of week two since move in at the time of this article’s writing, and the Savin Court Apartments still don’t have internet. After being told that by “the end of the week [move-in week, before labor day] at the latest,” that both

cable and internet would be installed, the Savin Court residents are still not hooked up. This is truly despicable. I would bet that I could have Comcast here faster if I called them myself. What is the hold up? On campus the other day, I saw a Mac-Gray truck on campus. (MacGray is a company that provides smart laundry services to residence halls on campus, for those that don’t know.) Now, I understand laundry services is important, but laundry services can’t get you that important club e-mail, or give you the specific heat of aluminum oxide you need for that formal lab report (at 3 in the morning). Now yes, we could go to the library and have access, and fight

Last week, I started to discuss the plight of the freshmen here at UNH this year. Many scoffed at my defense of these youngling’s so I will repeat myself: I don’t really like them at all. However, I do realize (because I have an unbiased journalistic mind) that they really got shafted by being a part of this “fabulous year of growth.” I ended with housing last week, so I’m going to move on to academics. The reason why I decided to come here four long years ago was because of the class sizes. At the time, the average class size was around 20 and the student/faculty ratio was around 15 to one. That meant no need for teaching as-

sistants. Last year, I got the extreme pleasure (not) of sitting in an 82-student computer class. Identified only by my student ID number and graded based on

I DON’T GIVE A FLYING CRAP ABOUT YOUR PASTOR. I’ll be honest, if you are my friend or family member then I would care. But for the sake of Barack Obama I don’t care what his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, said. It isn’t something that Obama said, and it certainly isn’t something that he agrees with. So unless he was to say something negative, I DON’T FREAKIN’ CARE! Some Jews are concerned about Sarah Palin's membership in a church with a pastor who makes anti-Jewish statements and invites the head of Jews for Jesus–a group which is denounced by the Anti-Defamation League–to speak

from the pulpit, with John McCain’s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, in the pews. A report recently came out saying that Palin hates Jews because of her pastor’s opinion, specifically implying that terrorism was the result of the Jews’ rejection of Jesus as God. Guess what? Sarah Palin has enough faults to make me not like her; if she said negative comments, then it would make a further impact for me. Otherwise, I DON’T FREAKIN’ CARE! The fact of the matter is that religion has no place–and I mean absolutely zero–in politics. It’s a personal part of life, and one that no two people will–or should–ever fully agree on. It’s

the meaning of life to kept, to the churches. some, and a cute fairy This also goes for tale to others; to the those who find it appolitical landscape, it propriate to go to the should be regarded as doors of college dorms, nonexistent. homes, and businessThe war in Iraq is es in an effort to sell something that should Jesus. Not apprecimatter to the American ated, and certainly not people; gun wanted– control, not even aligned by hardwith the core Chrisdebate surtians. So rounding quit it with the Second your doorAmendto-door ment, is knocking. something Now that that should I got that matter; gay random Zack Rosen marriage, Assistant Editor irking out abortion, of my sysand unitem… versal health care are On a unique turn all things that should of events from the matter to the Ameri- norm, the Swedish can public. But the government recently belief of a god or any announced that it will other religious mat- soon become illegal ter should be left, and for schools to teach

religious doctrine as if it were true. While I superficially agreed with this, I will honestly say that I disagree with the specifics. An article from the Associated Press explains that “it will soon become illegal even for private faith schools to teach religious doctrines” as if they were true. Here is a good example of the exact opposite point from my argument: private schools are one of two places, after churches, where religion SHOULD be taught! When religious doctrine enters government, you get whack jobs like the lovely whore Ann Coulter. During the beginning of the war in Iraq, she stated that “we should invade their countries,

See TOCUH page 7

Celina Natola Editor-in-Chief my three-ring binder of assignments, I was nameless and miserable. I also had difficulty communicating with my TA’s because they could not speak English very well.

I Don’t Freakin’ Care

That sort of class is absolutely not what I signed up for. However, since it has been my only one like that, I’m willing to move on. Unfortunately for the freshmen, they will surely see more and more of those classes. Keep in mind that all 1000 freshmen are supposed to be in E105 this semester and E110 next semester. That means students packed into Harugari (which always seems to be 100 degrees) and not as much personal attention. For the students that thrive by developing a personal relationship with their professors, it is going to be that much more difficult to achieve. See POOR page 7

kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war.” Coulter is living proof, as are other nuts such as Pat Robertson that religion has no place in our government; but it does have a place in the lives of many Americans. So unless my politician of choice, or my favorite rock star, or my friends and family make negative comments about religion, I’m not going to take it to heart. You know why? Because I DON’T FREAKIN’ CARE.

Restaurant Review: The Equinox Diner By Tim Fasano

pickle served with the sandwiches, tastes like it was made on the premises, either that or they found a really, really good substitute (I suspect the former). Breakfast foods are fresh, the soups are delicious (with some of the thickest clam chowder I’ve ever seen), and the sandwiches, dinners, and appetizers are fun, delicious, and unique in their own right. But with all this fun atmosphere, great food, and unique ingredients, it has to be expensive, right? Wrong. Sure, if you are going to splurge, it can cost you a bundle,

but you can find yourself a great meal for less than $10 a person. Like most diners, it is open later than most restaurants. But you want great food late at night on Thursday night after going to club, right? Well, you’re in luck. For a limited time, the diner is staying open a little later on Thursday night just so that you can do just that! If it works out, they tell me it might become something they can look in to doing more often. So definitely look in to that, as a late night Equinox run could be a great thing

for anyone…club or not. Either way, that pretty much sums up the Equinox diner: amazing food, great prices, and super atmosphere. It is definitely worth a look… or twelve. Besides, it literally is just down the street. Plus, it is open late, and offers something for everyone. All in all, the Equinox Diner is an eating experience that is first rate, and won’t drain the all too precious non-existent money we students don’t really have.

The Equinox Diner is hard to miss, and is definitely a place you shouldn’t overlook. Located on Boston Post Road at the site of the old Red River Grill (just before the plaza that contains ColdStone), the Equinox is a relatively new addition to the eateries the Post Road has to offer. For those who haven’t been to a true diner, first off…shame on you, the Equinox has the look down pat, with a few modern pieces of flair. When you enter, you are greeted by a vibrant atmosphere of multiple colors as classic

rock is softly playing throughout the restaurant. It automatically puts you at ease, if the massive dessert case doesn’t. There is even a counter in the back, getting big thumbs up from me for diner authenticity. The only criticism I really could have about this place is that the menu is a little confusing the first time you read it, but once you have been there two, three, seventeen times, like me, it grows on you. Breakfast is served all day, and they have dinner specials after four. That brings us to the meat of things: how is

the food…really. It’s awesome. I literally have not had a bad piece of food there since I began going there. The menu offers a large variety of favorites as well as new flavors. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw “fried duck pot stickers.” That’s right, duck. It is that dip into the gourmet that really separates the Equinox from the competition. Oh, and the pot stickers were great too. Everything from the kitchen tastes and feels like it’s homemade, like any diner food should. Everything, down to the

con’t from page 6

arrival times and the number of times it actually gets to our residence halls. The worst part is the late night drivers in unmarked shuttles who don’t speak. That is one of the creepiest things ever when you’re alone on a shuttle at 1:30 in the morning. Then there is the other night driver who, if you are alone

in the shuttle with him, will constantly complain on how he tions he is enduring. this university? doesn’t make enough By MOLLY DUBNOFF STAFF WRITER So I went around So I asked Abreon money and how much ––––––––––––––––– and asked several stu- Scott, a wide receiver the economy sucks. dents how they feel and Political Science I’m sorry, but I don’t As the University about the adjustments major from Silver want to hear his problems, I want to get to of New Haven is in of making a whole Springs, Md., how he my apartment…and the process of making new life. Gabrielle felt about adjusting as an “extreme make- Carpenter, a Market- a freshman and jugcheck my e-mail. -Tim Fasano, Staff over” and taking on ing major from Au- gling activities, sports the largest incoming gusta, N.J., feels that and schoolwork. AbreWriter class of 1,100 stu- coming to this school on, or “A.B.” as most dents, I believe the is one of the best of his peers call him, question on every- changes from home said that, “the biggest one’s mind is: how do and is enjoying meet- obstacle is time manincrease in the num- the freshman like this ing all the new people. agement. Balancing ber of classes offerred, new, developing uni- However, when she practice, study time which means a need versity? was asked about her and social activities is for more classrooms. Well, readers, that classes, she replied the most difficult part, The fact the students is a question I was dy- that the “classes are but I love the freehave to be bussed to ing to ask. Being a res- interesting, however dom of college and classes on Saw Mill ident in Bixler Hall, I difficult to learn and the meeting of new Road is pathetic, in feel right in the center adjust too, but I’m en- people.” my opinion. of every new addition joying it.” So as an adjusting All of this is just that is coming to this With the University freshman, I feel that bound to get worse school, and I love it. of New Haven bring- everyone here is beas the university con- But I wondered, how ing back our Division coming well-adjusted, tinues to grow. That do others feel about II football team, it was while making new is why, yes, I feel bad the changes and ad- almost inevitable to friends and starting for the freshmen at justments they have ask a football player the next chapter in our the moment. Because to make in coming to about the transforma- lives. while it sucks that I have to deal with the growth this year, it’s really only one year. They have another Submit editorials to the Charger Bulletin by efour to deal with it. mailing them to Good luck.

Out of Touch Off Campus

for space on a terminal. But it doesn’t help us if we miss something and need homework assignments on Blackboard after 11 p.m., because the shuttle doesn’t really run that late. As for the shuttles, the schedules have changed four times since we moved in, each time shifting the

A Glimpse at The Freshman Perspective

Poor Little Froshies

con’t from page 6

And let’s think about lab classes. An increase in numbers for science labs will mean a decrease in resources. Last year, television production had 20-something students in it, which is ridiculous to operate with. If there are three cameras, two oncamera positions, and five or six people in the control room that makes only 10 or 11 positions for students. What do the other 10 or more do? When you have to pay a lab fee of over $100, it seems like a waste of money

for me if you spend half of your class time doing nothing. Class size brings me to another point: registering for classes. I feel so bad for the freshmen once November comes around and they can’t get into any of the classes they want (or maybe have) to get into. Competing with 1000 other people over all the good classes is hard enough. Add in the fact that they get last dibs after three other classes and it’s a near impossibility. Increasing class sizes also means an

The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

Get Your Voice Heard!

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Arts & Entertainment The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

Girl Makes Record-Breaking Premiere

con’t from page 1

designer with intentions of getting her own designs out to the public, Blair was spending the summer in Europe with her dad and his partner, and Serena, Nate, and Chuck were vacationing in the Hamptons. The main event of the show was the famous Vitamin Water “White Party” attended by all of the Gossip Girl characters, continuing where the show left off last season; Blair tries to get

even with Chuck for standing her up at the beginning of the summer, Dan, to find closure and end his bouts of writer’s block, arrives to the Hamptons to win Serena back, and Nate is involved in an affair with a rich and married woman. Viewers can only wait to see what kind of trouble the rich teens will get into during this new season. Season 2 of Gossip Girl continues Monday nights at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Liberal View Debuts on WNHU



Last Friday, Sept. 5, the Liberal Lunch Hour debuted on WHNU. This show, hosted by Zack Rosen, Tyler Eppich, and myself, brings another viewpoint to Connecticut’s number one college radio station. Up until now, WNHU (88.7 FM on your radio) has been ruled, politically anyway, by Right for a Reason Radio, hosted by Chris Cerami. The LLH brings a view from the left on various topics, including both national and local politics. Running on Fridays from noon until 2:00 p.m., the Lunch Hour encourages differing opinions, despite the aforementioned liberalism of the show. On its inaugural show, the trio discussed topics that

America’s Favorite Zip Code Makes a Triumphant Return



School bells have started ringing at West Beverly High again. That’s right, the Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off, 90210, has officially hit the air-

waves and has started off strong with its two-hour premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 2. Like the original show, 90210 revolves mostly around the arrival of a family from out-of-town. The Wilson’s have come to Beverly Hills from

Kansas to take care of Harry Wilson’s alcoholic mother, Tabitha. Harry has wife Debbie (Lori Loughlin, Full House), daughter Annie (Shenae Grimes, Degrassi: The Next Generation) and adopted son Dixon (Triston Wilds) in


tow. Of course, Annie and Dixon are upset they’ve been uprooted, but they are also concerned with how their father’s new job as principal of West Beverly High is going to interfere with their lives. The first hour of the premiere introduced us to all the most important snobs. Starting off the episode, Annie runs into Ethan Ward (Dustin Milligan), a guy she hooked up with a few summers back when she was in Beverly Hills visiting her grandmother. Next, she meets her fling’s girlfriend, Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord, Nip/Tuck). See SPIN-OFF page 11

DiFranco Counts Her Red Letter Days With New Album

The hot new cast of 90210 made a great first impression during their debut on Sept. 2.

revolved around the Republican National Convention, including: vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Connecticut Senator By MIA BECKER Joe Lieberman, John STAFF WRITER McCain’s speech, and ––––––––––––––––– Barack Obama. We also had a conversaAnti-Folk singer/ tion over the airwaves songwriter Ani Diwith Right for a Rea- Franco makes her reson’s host, as well as turn with the album received many acco- Red Letter Days; her lades from listeners anticipated return both by phone and since her last studio through the internet. album in 2006. A mix The most prominent of folk, R&B, swing, being a professor who and 70s dance music, said she was stream- DiFranco delivers an ing the show to her upbeat and (Norah class during lecture. Jones-like) soulful The Liberal Lunch group of songs. The Hour is a fun, en- 12-track album is lightening two hours DiFranco's sixteenth on Fridays. Make studio album and alsure to tune your di- lowed her to re-colals to this dynamic laborate with productrio on WNHU, who er Mike Napolitano. knows…you might DiFranco had many learn something. influences while reWNHU can also cording. be accessed on its In an interview new web site at www. with Shock Records, DiFranco explained her feelings toward


Ani DiFranco makes her return to music with Red Letter Days.

the new album: “When I listen to my new record, I hear a very relaxed me, which I think has been absent in a lot of my recorded canon. Now I feel like I’m in a really good place. My partner Mike Napolitano co-

produced this record– my guitar and voice have never sounded better, and that’s because of him. I’ve got this great band and crew,” she said, “And my baby, she teaches me how to just be in my skin, to do less and

be more.” DiFranco and her partner Mike Napolitano welcomed a daughter (Petah) in January 2007, DiFranco continued to comment, “[It's definitely] baby inspired...I don't have uninterrupted hours anymore, so it's probably going to be a more protracted process than usual.” Stand out tracks include “Way Tight,” “Landing Gear,” and “Red Letter Reprise.” Red Letter Days will be released Sept. 30, 2008, on DiFranco's label, Righteous Babe Records. The album release will be supported by a fall tour in the U.S. and Europe. Information regarding DiFranco, and tour dates can be found at

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Community & Advice

Community Service

The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

Advice Corner

Upcoming Opportunities: Q: All of my roommates are heavy drinkers, and I don't want to get Special Olympics Bowling in Hamden- Volunteers Needed! into that stuff. How can I fit in without disregarding my morals? Sundays 10am-12pm, 9/7/2008-11/22/2008. Contact Gene Delaney @ 203-287-1414 for more informaA: You should talk to your roommates about their behavior. Let them tion. know that you don’t do that sort of thing. If it’s bothering you that they are drinking in your room, let them know and see if they can take the WALK FOR LUPUS NOW- Sunday September 28, 2008 party elsewhere. (If they continue, you can talk to an RA about all this.) If 9:30 am: Registration Begins, 11:00 am: Walk Begins it is just a matter of fitting in, there is no reason why you need to pretend New Canaan Nature Center’s Fail Fair- Volunteers will to like to drink. But if you still want to hang out with them, why not have a fun drink that doesn’t have alcohol in it while they’re drinking? help with games, crafts, and activities.

Various shifts available from 10:30 am –5:30 pm For more information contact

Ongoing Opportunities: New Haven Home Recovery- host a shelter meal, help with a special project like painting or planting flowers at one of the shelters, organize a drive, volunteer at the furniture co-op Girl Scouts- Want to volunteer on a weekly basis or adopt a troop? St. Martin’s School- tutoring opportunities, run various after school activities: anything from sports to arts and crafts, themed projects

For information on any of these opportunities contact Lyndsay @

Need some advice? Send your questions to


The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

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Serena Williams Wins U.S. Open




NEW YORK—On the very first point of the match, Serena Williams hit a backhand so hard that her earring flew off. Turns out she was just getting warmed up. Williams kept pounding away, her shots and shouts getting louder with every stroke. And when she finished off Jelena Jankovic 6-4, 7-5 Sunday night for the U.S. Open championship and a ninth Grand Slam title, Williams really went wild. She flung her racket high into the sky, hollering and hopping in a celebration that even she thought might've been over the top. "I'm sorry I got so excited," she told Jankovic when they met at the net. Williams' father, Richard, jumped to his feet after the final point. He didn't seem to expect his daughter to do the same. "I never knew Serena to be very, very

excited. I knew Serena to be very, very mean," he said after it was over. "I describe her as being a combination of a pit bull dog, a young Mike Tyson and an alligator." The fourth-seeded Williams beat sister Venus in the quarterfinals and barreled through this tournament without losing a set. This win did more than earn Serena her third silver trophy at Flushing Meadows-it assured she will return to No. 1 in the rankings for the time since August 2003, the longest gap at the top for a woman. Pretty good for someone whose ranking once plummeted to No. 139. "It's been so long," she said. Given the way Roger Federer has played lately, it seems like it's been a while since he's been on top, too. Federer will try for his first Grand Slam win this season-and fifth straight U.S. Open championshipon Monday against Andy Murray, who

beat No. 1 Rafael Nadal 6-2, 7-6 (5), 4-6, 6-4 Sunday in the completion of a match interrupted by rain. The second-seeded Federer is aiming for his 13th major title, which would put him one shy of Pete Sampras' record. Murray, hoping to become the first British man to win a major tennis title since Fred Perry at the 1936 U.S. Open, is making his first appearance in a Grand Slam final. "He's got loads of experience in these situations, and it's something new for me," Murray said. "I know I'm going to have to play great to have a chance of winning, but I've played well the last couple of weeks." Plus this: Murray is 2-1 lifetime against Federer. Williams calmed down in time for the on-court trophy presentation, and smiled when she received the winner's check for $1.5 million. Still full of personality, Jankovic wondered aloud, "How much did I get?"

Jankovic earned $750,000 for her first showing in a Grand Slam final. This was the 13th straight time that the women's championship at the U.S. Open was decided in straight sets. The second-seeded Jankovic certainly had her chances — up 5-3 in the second set, she led 40-0 with Williams serving. "I felt I had her. I had her, because she was really tired at the end of the second set," Jankovic said. "Who knows what would have happened if I had got into a third set? I probably would have had the upper hand. But who knows?" Jankovic won over fans with more than her determined play and her penchant for doing the splits to reach shots. She's a crowd favorite, often talking to people in the stands and frequently watching herself on the giant video boards high above Arthur Ashe Stadium. At one point, she saw herself on the screen and promptly fixed her hair. "They should turn

it off, because I keep looking," she said. "You see your big face up there and you can't help but look up." Venus Williams got ample air time, too. Sitting in the guest box, she cheered on the sister she teamed up with to win the Olympics doubles title. Serena Williams won her first Grand Slam championship since the 2007 Australian Open, and took over the No. 1 ranking Jankovic held last month for exactly one week. "I feel so young and I feel so energized," Williams said. Williams and Jankovic originally were scheduled to play Saturday night, but rain from Tropical Storm Hanna delayed their match. The sixth-seeded Murray beat Nadal in the first two sets and was down 3-2 in the third when they were postponed Saturday afternoon. Nadal came out strong when they resumed, winning the third set and then going ahead 3-1. But

Murray regained his momentum and nerve, and had Nadal on the run by the end. "He beat me because he was better than me," Nadal said. "When he's playing aggressive, he can beat everybody." Nadal won at Wimbledon, the French Open and the Olympics, but seemed drained by his 84th match of the year. He'd won 19 straight matches in majors, though he'd never reached the final at Flushing Meadows. Murray beat Nadal for the first time in six career matches. Even when the 21-year-old Scotsman slipped toward the danger zone, he felt confident. "I go on the court now without feeling like I have anything to worry about, because I've worked hard and practiced hard and given myself the best opportunity to play well," he said. "All I've got to do is play tennis, which is one of the few things that I'm good at."

ute, the Lions tied the scored at one nearing the end of the second period. With just over three-minutes remaining the Chargers' Emily Buckley-Matura received a pass from Selina Moylan for the game-winning goal. Moylan, who scored the Chargers’ first goal, tallied five shots. Buckley-Matura recorded two shots and the goal, while Holly Dawson was credited with an assist

on the Chargers opening goal. Kim Taylor played all 90-minutes between the posts for the Chargers and blocked five shots. The Chargers heavily out-shot the Lions (20-10) and attempted six corner kicks, compared to the Lions' two corner attempts. The Chargers return to action Thursday, Sept. 11 against Post University.


Rhe-Ann Niles led the Chargers with 12 kills in the match. She only recorded three errors on 19 attempts for an incredible .474 hitting percentage. She added four digs and a block to her stat line. Charisse Cotton recorded seven kills and one dig, while Yael Rosner handed out 23 assists in the win. Katrina Ali led the Chargers' defense with eight digs.

As a team, the Charger tallied a .200 hitting percentage and held Georgian Court to a .022 hitting percentage. The win gives head coach Robin Salters her 399th career win and with two matches tomorrow, in just her 15th season, Salters could grab her 400th career victory.

Women’s Soccer Grabs First Win



LAKEWOOD, N.J.— The University of New Haven women's soccer team defeated the hosting Georgian Court University 2-1 Saturday morning Sept. 6 in their first victory of the season. The Chargers improve to 1-2-0 on the season, while the Lions fall to 1-3-0. After taking a 1-0 lead in the 28th min-

Women’s Volleyball Takes Opener


WALTHAM, Mass.— The University of New Haven women's volleyball team opened their 2008 season with a three-set victory (2624, 25-14, 25-18) over Georgian Court University at the Bentley University Invitational last weekend. The Chargers move to 1-0 on the season, while Georgian Court falls to 2-1.

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A&E Continued

The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

Anticipated Spin-Off Becomes the CW’s Biggest Show

con’t from page 8

Naomi befriends Annie, despite their differences in financial backgrounds, but soon “dumps” her once she gets caught for copying Annie’s book report. Annie’s new friend becomes Naomi’s nemesis, Silver (Jessica Stroup), who is conveniently Kelly Taylor’s sister. Yes, that Kelly, from the original series. Jennie Garth has returned to reprise the role. Now, Kelly has grown up, works as the school

guidance counselor, and has a child. No explanation yet on the kid front, but she seems like the same old Kelly so far. During all of this, Dixon is struggling to fit in with the lacrosse team, which includes pulling a prank on their rival team despite the threat of team suspension from his father. His efforts work, despite getting kicked off the team for the prank, because he wins the trust of all the players.

The rest of the premiere welcomed the drama as viewers learned a little bit more background info and established more relationships between characters. Only time will tell if the show will continue to be a success, but one thing is for sure: the CW has a new hit on its hands. Tune in on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. for more of 90210 and the return of Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh. The cast of Beverly Hills 90210 makes its way back to TV through guest spots on 90210.


Celina’s Salacious Celebrity Gossip- VMA’s Edition The MTV Video Music Awards used to be cool. They paid tribute to music of all genres and artists that deserved recognition. They also used to have the best hosts, performances and presenters. In its twentyfifth year, however, the award show has grown unworthy of much attention. The Host Problem one: Russell Brand. Who is this guy? What makes him influential enough to host the VMA’s? True, he used to be an MTV VJ and he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and now he is apparently a big radio and TV personality in Great Britain. However, he was not funny enough to keep anyone’s attention and his constant remarks about politics were just plain boring. The whole point of the VMA’s is to honor the music industry and entertain. Brand’s political sentiments accomplished neither goal. He also just seemed to make people an-

gry, like when Jordin Sparks yelled at him about his promise ring comments and when he cut off the Twilight cast while they were presenting. Britney Problem two: Britney Spears. MTV made it such a big deal to have her in their promotional ads for the past few months. She was also promoted as “opening” the show, which did not clarify if she was performing or just presenting Russell. Well, it was the latter and it was so not worth the hype. I don’t care if she’s Britney, she’s not a big deal in my book anymore. Her last CD was terrible and I think the best thing for her would be time OUT of the spotlight, not in it. To make matters worse, I swear the show was rigged so she would win Best Female Video and Best Pop Video and Video of the Year for the song “Piece of Me,” which consists of her wiggling in front of

The latest in celebrity news and gossip -By Celina Natola

colorful lights. Come on! I understand that all of the nominees for the first category pretty much sucked anyways (besides Rihanna; I love her). But seriously, that video is absolutely not the best female video or best pop video and it was far from video of the year. I demand a recount. Location This one actually is only half a problem. The awards were held at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles this year, which was good and bad. First of all, in my mind, the VMA’s belong in New York City. MTV is in NYC, so why wouldn’t the show be? Also, I think that especially since it was the twentyfifth anniversary, it should’ve been held at the Radio City Music Hall like it always had been in the golden years of the VMA’s. However, the studio locale made it possible for artists to perform on back lots, which ended up really cool. From the Jonas Broth-

ers hanging on a NYC stoop to Pink blowing up store fronts to T.I. taking a walk around the block, the back lots provided really cool performance settings. The other Mickey Mouse Club kid Christina’s performance was awesome besides the possible lip-synching. She opened up with a techno version of “Genie in a Bottle” and then went into a new song that is going be on her greatest hits CD. It’s a shame that she is often overshadowed by Britney when she is clearly the better artist and person in general. She didn’t need to have a nervous breakdown in order to make a comeback from teen star to adult star. I think she deserves a little more attention and credit. Win from left field Woah, Tokio Hotel won Best New Artist over Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus. Who is Tokio Hotel? All I know is that they are from

Germany. Good for them though for winning this category since it was the only one voted on by fans. Umm a little variety please… Where was rock music at this award show? Best Rock Video as a category and a performance by Kid Rock does not count. The only genres represented were pop and rap, which are seriously the worst genres of music out there right now. Taylor Swift’s presence does not count as a clear representation of country music, by the way. How many minutes left? Commercial breaks are terrible, I know. In a world of TiVo, we can’t stand to sit there and watch 60 second commercials. In an attempt to make this torture easier for us, MTV decided they would provide us with trivia and countdowns until certain appearances and performances. Well thank goodness they informed me that I would be seeing Mi-

chael Phelps in five minutes and the Jonas Brothers in 14. Oh, and I only needed to wait 90 minutes for a certain award and 50 minutes for Kid Rock. Instead of taking my chances and taking a pee break at the wrong moment, I could plan my time accordingly. One more thing… What really brings this show down (and has for a few years) is this disorganization. Demi Moore had no mic once she got on stage. Russell announced the wrong award and then just called one “Best New Thing” because he had no clue. The Pussycat Dolls didn’t know where to go to get their award. And Paris Hilton looked the wrong way when she attempted to present an award. Doing a live show has its potential technical difficulties, but the VMA’s are so poorly put together that there is no comparison to any other live shows. It’s just a shame.

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Fun & Games The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

Campus Police Log- Sept. 1 to Sept. 7, 2008

Monday, 9/1/08 Parking complaint – Simon Place Assist WHPD (evading responsibility) – Off campus Parking violations– Zegmont and Ruden St. Mulch fire – New Hall Fire alarm – Ruden St. Apartments Tuesday, 9/2/08 People stuck in elevator – Bixler Hall Parking violations – Harugari Hall

Damage to vehicle – North Campus Wednesday, 9/3/08 Possible attempted entry – Bixler Hall No talk phone call from emergency phone Assist WHPD M/V accident – Campbell and Terrace Ave. Found wallet – Dodd’s Hall Kitten rescued from well – Kaplan Hall Trespassing (two subjects arrested) –

Garfield Minus Garfield

Bixler Hall Thursday, 9/4/08 Fire Alarm – Botwinik Hall Supervisory alarm – Recreation Center Medical assist – Kaplan Hall Off campus parking complaint Disorderly conduct – Ruden St. Assist WHPD with suspicious person – Off Campus M/V accident (no injuries) – Kaplan parking lot

Friday, 9/5/08 Report property lost at Alchemy Trespassing – Winchester Hall Reported disturbance – Bixler Quad Disturbance on New Haven Shuttle Bus – New Haven PD responded Fire alarm – Buckman Hall Lost parking permit Lost parking permit Medical assist –

Recreation Center Saturday, 9/6/08 Smoke detector going off – Dunham Hall Supervisory fire alarm – Recreation Center Medical assist – Kayo Rodriguez Field Welfare check – Bethel Hall Fire alarm – Botwinik Hall Lost or stolen keys and ID Water leak – Shef-

field Hall Suspicious noise (area checked, nothing found) – Savin Court Sunday, 9/7/08 Unwanted person – Sheffield Hall Medical Assist – 200 Elm Street Medical assist – German Club Disturbance – Botwinik Hall Parking violation – Dunham Hall

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The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

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Charger Bulletin Board

The Charger Bulletin | September 10, 2008

The Charger Bulletin The student newspaper of the University of New Haven 300 Boston Post Road West Haven, CT 06516 Phone (203) 932-7182 Fax (203) 931-6056

——————STAFF—————— Editor-in-Chief Celina Natola Assitant Editor Zack Rosen Staff Writers Mia Becker, Heather Brown, Jonathan Cascio, Kat Cowley, Brittni DeHart, Molly Dubnoff, Erin Ennis, Matthew Ezzo, Timothy Fasano, Chelsea Fowler, John Kritzman, Sara McGuire, Bonnie McLaren, Dan Osipovitch, Melanie Rovinsky, Janette Schairer, Ankit Sharma, Rob Vine Staff Photographer Dan Osipovitch Staff Sports Writer John Oko Staff Gaming Guru Timothy Fasano Staff Copyeditor Kat Wilberding ————ADVERTISING———— The Charger Bulletin accepts advertising from outside sources. Ad rate sheets are available upon request by calling (203) 932-7182 or via email at Advertisements must be either submitted on disk by mail, fax or in person, or preferably sent via email. All advertisements must be received by noon on the Thursday prior to scheduled printing. Due to school sanctions, The Charger Bulletin is unable to accept advertisements from establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. The Charger Bulletin reserves the right to refuse any advertisements. Advertisements within The Charger Bulletin are insterted by outside sources identified in the advertisements themselves and not by the University of New Haven. Advertising material printed herein is solely for informational purposes.

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Sept 10 2008  

trance into the new school year. Dan “Lonely Boy” Humphrey was interning for his writing idol, Jenny Humphrey was intern- ing for a famous f...

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