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Charger Bulletin The official student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938. Volume 94, Issue 7 | October 17, 2012

Jake’s Wayback Burgers Now Accepts Charger Cash By SAMANTHA MATHEWSON COPY EDITOR/STAFF WRITER


CAMPUS UNH to offer Project Management Certificate Program at New London Campus this October. The 30-week, non-credit program is designed for local professionals looking to gain comprehensive training in one of the fastest growing business disciplines. SEE PAGE 4

Jake’s Wayback Burgers franchise located along Boston Post Road in Orange, Conn., is now

close to the school and they try to do a lot with the school, it made sense to accept charger cash. “I want to be available to the community,” said Aaron. Aaron describes the restaurant as an “upscale dining experience, with friendly service.”

milkshake. Aaron explained that they use more ice cream than milk in their shakes to make them that much thicker. My dad had the menu special, Jake’s burger, which had two beef patties, and complimented his meal with a shake also.

SPORTS No. 5/6 UNH Stifles Bentley 17-13. The No. 5/6 Chargers improved to 6-0 overall and 5-0 in the Northeast-10 Conference with the win. SEE PAGE 13 Chargers outlast Bridgeport for 3-2 victory. The University of New Haven women’s volleyball team completed a homeand-home sweep of the regular season series against Bridgeport, besting its in-state rival in a five-set thriller on Thursday evening in Bridgeport’s Hubbell Gym. SEE PAGE 12

LOCAL West Haven drug bust: $3 Million in Marijuana seized by WHPD. Authorities detained 360 pounds of marijuana and tens of thousands of dollars worth of growth equipment in West Haven, Conn. SEE PAGE 5

ENTERTAINMENT According to UNH’s film reviewer-in-residence, Cameron Hines highly recommends Argo and wants everyone to know: “If there’s one thing to take away from Argo, it’s that Canadians are the nicest people in the world.” SEE PAGE 14 In this week’s edition of “Livewell’s Latest”, Shannon Livewell takes on David W. Jacobsen’s haunting compliation, “Not What I Meant.” SEE PAGE 15

OPINION Student and mall security Agent, RJay Irons details the specifics and protocols for handling drunken strangers, vital information for your everyday life. SEE PAGE 8


accepting charger cash. The classy, but upscale burger joint decided to accept charger cash last week, and so far it has been a success for the students that have taken advantage of the convenience of swiping their ID instead of using cash. Aaron, the district manager at Jake’s Wayback Burgers, said that they agreed to accept charger cash over the summer, but it took awhile to get it started. Aaron explained that since his brother, another manager at Jake’s Wayback Burgers, is an alumni of The University of New Haven, several of his employees attend UNH. Since they are located so

The restaurant is a blast from the past, as it takes you back to the traditional diner atmosphere. People give their orders at the counter, and sit down and wait for it to be delivered. It has a great atmosphere and perfectly dated décor. They have the best burgers under the bun. “I would put our burgers up against anyone else’s in the state,” said Aaron, and I would have to agree. I ate there with my dad one time he came to visit, and it was delicious. I had the junior burger, which only had one beef patty, with just ketchup. But what really put the meal over the edge was a thick, delicious, chocolate

The burger and shake of the month is the slider and the caramel apple shake, respectively. However, their menu has more than just burgers. It has chicken, fries, hotdogs and various sandwiches. Whether you are in the mood for a larger meal or a quick snack, you can find anything tasty on their menu. Jake’s Wayback Burgers also has the convenience of ordering online, and they have many other locations in Connecticut, and one location in New York.

Fall 2012 USGA Retreat

What happens when 26 strangers venture to Rhode Island for the weekend? The following day had the group spend an entire day at EDITORS –––––––––––––––––––––––––– Dave & Busters arcade in the Providence Place Mall. There, The annual USGA retreat a scavenger hunt took place kicked off last Friday, Oct. 12, which required participants to 2012 as 26 members of the student body prepared for a weekend of zipling, team building,leadership excercises, and miscellaneous bonding activites. Students first traveled to Empower Zipling Canopy Tours & Zipling in Middletown, CT where they were mentally and physically challenged with various social constructive activities. That evening, students then work together in order to comtraveled on to Providence R.I., plete the assigned tasks. From staying at the centrally-located there, attendees were given free Hilton Hotel. There students time in the arcade and mall, and faculty advisors engaged in along with a generously filled various break out sesssions and game card, allowing everyone red robin discussions, detailing to participate in the fun regardissues concerning the campus less of available monetary and local community and ways funds. to improve upon UNH’s already The weekend also featured plentiful offerings. some unplanned, yet, rewarding By ELIZABETH FIELD AND LIANA TEIXEIRA

experiences including an impromptu movie night, a raucous night of board games, and a group outing to burger shack, Johnny Rockets. Students took away many


valuable ideas and solutions that they are planning to implement in future USGA meetings and within their own separate organizations. Anyone interested in learning more about USGA activities can contact USGA President Patrick Kelland at USGAPresident@

Give Your Dreams Wings



–––––––––––––––––––––––––– Alexis Irvin and Chip Hiden of the Dream Share Project visited UNH on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012, to facilitate a workshop for students to keep track of their dreams. The workshop was held in the Alumni Lounge where they showed their hourlong documentary and had students complete a packet to help them pinpoint their own dreams. Irvin and Hiden took off on a cross country trip after realizing that a “normal” nine- to-five desk job was not what they envisioned in their future. Irvin is a graduate from the University of Maryland and Hiden graduated from Washington College. After tossing their caps into the air at commencement, both started work for local businesses doing what every college graduate is supposed to—work. When they each realized they were not happy at their jobs, they decided to save up for a road trip that would consist of traveling across the United States interviewing people who are actually happy in their lines of work. The Dream Share Project is the product of their five-month road trip. Irvin and Hiden have now been traveling for three semesters across college campuses facilitating the same workshop they shared at UNH. It begins with an hour-long movie that shows where they traveled, who they met, and what they learned about happiness and dreams along the way. Interviews include LaMarque Ward of the Cincinnati Dream Academy, a designer from Project Runway, college students and more. After viewing the movie, workshop attendees completed a packet with the help of Irvin and Hiden. The packet helped students outline their dreams and create and share their own definition of success. Irvin shared her definition of success as getting paid to do what she loves and making an impact. Hiden liked what a student had chosen as their definition to success—to do what you love while sustaining a livelihood. When asked what their advice was for students trying to chase dreams, Alexis said, “plan the work, work the plan.” Chip’s advice was for students to get started somewhere and begin making a list. They have now both realized their own dreams as a result of their trip; Irvin is an aspiring writer and Hiden an entrepreneur. They are working to publish a career guide for millennials that expands on their workshop. Keep your eyes out for their book to be published next August. If you were unable to attend the event you can learn more about the Dream Share Project and get in touch with Alexis and Chip at

October 17, 2012

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USGA President’s Corner

Hello everyone,

Our second week of October is successfully wrapping up, and fall is in the air! Be sure to enjoy this great weather and try to take the chance to travel to some of the surrounding areas where there are many great sight-seeing spots for the changing leaves. Many will argue that New England has some of the best views in the fall season. Midterms are slowly approaching, and it is hard to believe that the fall semester is nearly half over. Where did the time go? Who knows… This past weekend was the USGA Retreat to Providence, where members of the USGA had the chance to collaborate together and discuss ideas to better the USGA and the student body. Sunday was also our annual Midnight Madness event that draws students to North Campus to kick off the basketball season. As the fall season continues to progress, be sure to continue to support our athletic teams at their competitive events. Stop and chat with one of our athletes and ask them how their season is going. A word of advice for any reader of The Charger Bulletin: do your best not to procrastinate. As tempting as it is, you will only end up worse off than you were had you done your work when you needed to. “The road to nowhere is paved by good intentions.” This is a great quote to live by and keeping it in mind can help a great deal, especially as our semesters get busier and busier. Stay on the lookout for publicity for our upcoming Homecoming Game and the Bartels Fellowship Lecture, as these events are traditions that our campus holds as some of our best. That’s all for now, and be on the lookout for next week’s editorial! Best, Patrick Kelland USGA President

There will be a USGA meeting this Friday, October 19 in the Alumni Lounge. EVERYONE IS INVITED!

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October 17, 2012

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by Melanie Stone Is there trouble in paradise? Do you have a love or relationship question? Ask Melanie! Submit “Ask Melanie” requests to, our Facebook page, or through twitter. My anniversary with my girlfriend is coming up soon and I have no idea what to get her. The biggest limitation I have is that I’m completely broke, and let’s face it, I’ve been completely broke our entire relationship, so I’ve used up all the cute, affordable ideas like picnics, scrapbooks, homemade cards, etc. But I want to do something different. This will be our two year anniversary, so I really want to do something special for her so she knows how much I care! HELP. I think there is one thing you have to know about females in relationships; anything that comes from you will make them happy. The biggest thing to a girl is the fact that their boyfriend even remembers their anniversary, let alone tries to make it super special. It seems like you are the kind of guy who tries really hard to show your girlfriend how much she means to you (guys like you are few and far between). The picnics, scrapbooks, and homemade cards are adorable, and honestly could be just as special a million times over. However, I know that you want to do something extra special to let her know you care, while still holding onto the bit of money you have (all college students are broke by the way, so don’t feel bad). There are some perks to living on campus; free food (Bartels... I know... but food is food), and your own room, a dorm... I know... but a room is a room). You can go to the C-store and get just about anything you need (within a reasonable range). Having said all this, I would suggest a scavenger hunt. Leave a letter outside her door that she will get in the morning... make it cute and sappy, but leave a clue in it as to where she should go for the next letter. A bouquet of flowers is fairly cheap at ShopRite; get one of them and leave a flower with each clue so that when she’s done, she’ll have a whole bouquet. Tell her something you love about her in each little clue. You could leave a clue in her class, at the library in one of the cubicles on the third floor, in Jazzman’s on an empty table (be creative, and really make her work for this! It will give you time to work on the second part of the surprise). While she is collecting her hints, you will be getting a dinner together for the two of you in your dorm. You do not have too cook, so don’t stress out! You could make two plates up from Bartels, buy sandwiches from Sandellas, or (if you can cook) get some supplies from the C-store and whip something up! The last clue should lead her to your dorm, where you’ll be waiting with dinner. Now I don’t know about your girlfriend, but I am pretty sure any girl would brag about this to all of their friends for months. It is adorable, it’s romantic, it’s inexpensive and it shows just how much you care. You guys have been together a long time, sometimes it’s good to switch it up a little bit and throw some surprises in the mix. I hope this helps a little bit! Happy two years!

SCOPE It Out! by Jess Ribas

SCOPE is filled with great events almost every day this week!

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, SCOPE is having Airbrush Tote Bags and Pillows in the Programming Space from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Everyone should come and make some while supplies last. Tuesday, Oct.16, SCOPE is also showing the new film Ted in the Henry C. Lee building, room 301 at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 16, SCOPE is also having sign-ups for the Peabody Museum Trip at 9 p.m. on Charger Connection. Wednesday, Oct.17, SCOPE has sign-ups for a Bowling Trip to AMF East Haven at 9 p.m. on Charger Connection. Thursday, Oct. 18, SCOPE, along with Active Minds, Sigma Alpha Iota, Omega Phi Beta and Lamda Psi Delta are hosting “Above The Influence: What’s In Your Cup?” featuring a lecture from Anna David. She will be speaking about her previous addictions to drugs and alcohol. There will be free cup giveaways. Friday, Oct. 19, SCOPE will have another showing of the film Ted in Bartels Dining Hall from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19, SCOPE will be heading to AMF East Haven from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. Students on the trip should meet in front of Maxcy at 9:45 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20, SCOPE will be heading to the Peabody Museum in New Haven. There are multiple exhibits to attend. This week is packed with events and trips for students, so we hope to see you all there!

Organization spotlight Up ‘til Dawn

We raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and one thing that stands out is that the families and patients at St. Jude never pay for anything – treatment, lodging, food, travel, and the list goes on! They are also worldwide, treating patients from all 50 states and from around the world! Another amazing aspect is that the research they do is shared with everyone. Their goal is for there to be a day where they can close their doors because there is a cure. Since they don’t ask the families to pay a dime, they call upon volunteers like us to raise the $1.8 million dollars a day that it costs to run the hospital. This is where Up ‘til Dawn comes in. Thirteen years ago, a group of students came together one night to stay up until dawn and asked for donations on behalf of the hospital; it was in honor of the parents and kids that stay up late dealing with these deadly diseases. We honor this tradition on our campus and will stay up until 6 a.m. fighting the yawn to help St. Jude with their mission at our Finale event on March 9, 2013! St. Jude started because the founder Danny Thomas believed no child should die in the dawn of life, and we share that belief. We started putting on a Benefit Concert last year. We have local acts from our college perform and we charge a cover charge of about $2. All proceeds went to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This year our benefit concert will be in the German Club, Nov. 27, so look out for more information! This year we are also planning a ZOMBIE PROM! The zombie apocalypse is coming to UNH on Oct. 19 in the German Club. We are looking into a cover charge and you will have the opportunity to get zombie-fied! Our “Finale” Event will embody everything Up ‘til Dawn stands for while the campus comes together to FIGHT THE YAWN! This year’s event will actually be an all-night event on March 9 from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. This year’s theme is Nickelodeon and we plan to bring our childhood back in order to help save the childhood of those in St. Jude. “Giving back a childhood, One Letter at a time.” We will transform our rec center into a play center, where we will have inflatables in different rooms and activities all night long. So join us to help save the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We have a lot more events in between, so join us and keep an eye out for us! September is when Chili’s does a give back to St. Jude, so visit Chili’s and color in a pepper to benefit the hospital! If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to email our Up ‘til Dawn account at We have open bi-weekly meetings for those who want to learn more and get involved! We can keep you posted! Or find one of the two Co-Directors: Jason Segal and Nazly Bokhari. We’re always open to speak with anyone about getting involved!

From immediate to Preventive, care that’s more Patient-Focused. From immediate medical treatment to complete preventive care, collin c. Watson, md offers years of experience and a patientfocused approach to medicine. since this is both a primary care practice and walk-in center, your co-pay is billed as a doctor’s visit. our convenient location provides access to a full range of services including blood draw, ultrasound, bone density tests, x-ray and mammograms all in one place.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

as part of northeast medical Group, we utilize epic, a state-of-the-art, fully integrated electronic medical record system. With epic you will have access to your medical records electronically through mychart®. additionally, our northeast medical Group practitoners have the skill and resources of Yale new haven health system. this means that three leading hospitals – Bridgeport, Greenwich and Yalenew haven – along with an entire network of top specialists are there for all of your medical needs.

We accept most insurance plans and welcome new patients. Call for an appointment – or just walk in. 203.479.3600

collin c. Watson, md Board certified in internal medicine

alexandra usdavin, aPrn

500 Elm Street West Haven, CT 06516 YNHH-1168 DrWatson5.75x10.625.indd 1

8/17/12 11:54 AM

October 17, 2012

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New Boathouse Aims to Revitalize New Haven Harbor



In 1843, the first collegiate crew organization in the United States was created by a group of Yale students, and competitive rowing soon became a fundamental part of New Haven’s culture. The George Adee boathouse was built for the varsity Yale crew team in 1911. It was located along the Long Wharf side of New Haven Harbor. It was used until 1923, and members of the 1924 Olympic Gold Medal winning 8-man team practiced out of this boathouse. The

boathouse was sold, renovated and eventually demolished in 2007. Now a blank patch of beachfront lies in its place. On Wednesday, Sept. 10, the city began evaluating construction bids for the new platform of a new boathouse in the harbor. This boathouse with be called the Canal Dock Boathouse, and it aims to reconnect New Haven residents with their once flourishing and bustling waterfront. “We’re such a lucky community to have this kind of a facility,” said

Donna Hall, the proj- and years and years.” have a museum incorpoect manager employed The boathouse will be rating some of the original structures from the George Adee boathouse. In addition, it will have available spaces to kayak, canoe, sail and row. The new boathouse will also be at the disposal of the University of New Haven’s marine science program. UNH’s marine biology students may specialize in areas such as coastal resource management, marine biotechnology, marine pollution, aquaculture, marine organisms and urban estuarine PHOTO BYYALE DAILY NEWS studies. This additional by the city. “We’ve resource will propel stubeen trying to have some a landmark commemorat- dent’s academic research. kind of a destination at ing its history, and welThe $30 million project our waterfront for years coming the future. It will

makes religious rhetoric so powerful? What would a religion of poetry sound like?” This provided the inspiration for her book Tonal Saw. The book she presented, Between Page and Screen, is virtual art, a reality that can only be accessed through the use of a webcam, which picks up on the little hieroglyphs of each coded page.

she currently directs literary and musical events. Her poetry is comprised of her richly haunting voice echoing as words flash by on the screen in different patterns, fonts and sizes, creating a visual that is just as captivating as the meaning of the poems themselves. “Ms. Diggs is a richvoiced wonder whose

From Print to Screen: Authors Display Multimedia Poetry at Honors Event



When one thinks of poetry, thoughts of Shakespeare may come to mind: non-understandable words written using techniques such as ‘iambic pentameter.’ Poetry, however, is a vastly growing field that transcends more than the


traditional pen and paper writing; it has begun incorporating media. On Thursday, Oct. 11, Honors Program students were in for a treat as two guest poets, Amaranth Borsuk and LaTasha Nevada Diggs came to the University of New Haven to share their work and show how poetry is not an ancient art at all. Professors Randall Horton and Todd Jokl took their Honors English course ‘Poetry in Motion’ to this event, which directly focused on what they had been working on these past few months, and maybe even sparked some inspiration for their own pieces. Amaranth Borsuk, both a scholar and poet, joined the University of Washington as a senior lecturer this fall. She started questioning “What

With each turn of the page, words spring alive on screen from stark geometric shapes, revealing text laden with imagery and anagrams. Amaranth focuses on “what is the relationship between digital and handmade?” and revels in the liberating fact that this sort of work might not exist in a few years as computers change. She discussed intriguing forms of poetry that the honors course has explored, such as erasure poetry, which is exemplified in the book A Humument, when existing words are erased from a text to make a new meaning of the poem. LaTasha Diggs is simultaneously a writer, vocalist and sound artist, and incorporates all those talents in her digital form of poetry. With the Black Rock Coalition Orchestra,

West Indian lilt is mesmerizing,” says Jennifer Dunnings of the New York Times. Indeed, LaTasha’s accent adds an interesting tonal quality to her pieces, which have incorporated Japanese, Cherokee, Hawaiian, Spanish and Qeuchua (Incan) language. She questions: “What are the implications of using a language that you are not meant to speak.” Both poets are deeply fond of echoes in language and juxtaposition within their art, and have successfully intertwined poetry with the digital age. Their books might not be really as endangered as they seem; it is a developing technology in itself.

will primarily be funded by the federal government because the interstate construction hindered access to the waterfront and required the original destruction of the George Adee boathouse. Federal stipulations require the city to preserve the historical significance of the Adee boathouse, and the city is eager to cooperate. Construction is scheduled to begin this November.

UNH to Offer Project Management Certificate Program in New London this October



NEW LONDON, Conn. — The University of New Haven will offer a certificate program in project management in New London, Conn., beginning Oct. 11. The program also is regularly offered each spring at UNH’s main campus in West Haven. The 30-week, non-credit program is designed for local professionals looking to gain comprehensive training in project management, one of the fastest growing business disciplines. “Projections are that openings for project managers will continue to grow in the next five years,” said Michelle Mason, executive director of corporate enrollment at UNH. “Jobs are typically highly competitive and well-paying.” In fact, U.S. News & World Report magazine has ranked project management among the top three skills most wanted by employers, along with leadership and business analysis. The UNH program is

a Registered Education Provider by the Project Management Institute, the world’s leading professional organization for project management. The program’s instructors are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) who are also project management consultants. “This in-depth education allows our students to learn concepts and skills needed to be an effective project manager. Our program is recognized throughout the country because it meets the gold standard for project management training,” Mason said. The program will cover management of projects within various industries and varying degrees of complexity. Project managers must deliver projects on time, within budget and to specification for their clients. Topics include project framework, scope and lifecycle, project initiation, team effectiveness, leadership, activity sequencing, risk management, quality management, project monitoring control, negotiation, and managing conflict. Michelle Maitland, an

alumna of the program, recently accepted a new position as a project manager at a Fortune 500 company in Connecticut. “I give exclusive credit to the excellent curriculum and instruction of the UNH Project Management course,” she said Paul Felgate, also a graduate of the Project Management Certificate program, said “the class gave us both the practical and theoretical applications, made it fun and enjoyable and laid out the solid foundation for us to take it a step farther into PMP certification.” Candidates for admission to the program are required to have a minimum of two years of professional experience. No undergraduate degree is required and applicants of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. There are a total of five modules within the program; classes are held once a week for six weeks per session module. For additional information, call 203-932-7387, e-mail or visit www.

Submit your press releases and local news to us!


October 17, 2012

West Haven Drug Bust: $3 Million Worth of Marijuana




Early this month, authorities detained 360 pounds of marijuana and tens of thousands of dollars worth of growth equipment in West Haven, Conn. Police had achieved a search and seizure warrant on Wednesday, Oct. 3, for an apartment located at 737 Third Ave. Arrested for the crime were two Bronx residents named Eliezer Sanchez-Diaz, 44, and Manuel Imbert, 40.

The West Haven Narcotics squad and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency seized the marijuana plants, as well as growth equipment such as lights, fans and humidifiers. Diaz and Imbert are charged with numerous felonies, including operating a drug factory, possession of marijuana, intent to sell and conspiracy. A West Haven resident who lives nearby Second Avenue and North Street said she noticed “at least 15-20 kids with book bags on bikes about every two weeks,” and came to the

conclusion that they were selling drugs. Police spokesman, officer Bret Schneider, said that an investigation is still going on, and that an arrest warrant has been applied for a third suspect. This case also led the DEA to another location, which was out of state, with two arrests made there and 140 more plants confiscated. Police said for now that they would not release any more information, pending an ongoing investigation.

ed for an hour and a half and was moderated by the Chief Foreign Correspondent of ABC News, Martha Raddatz. Raddatz asked questions of the candidates that spanned topics such as the economy and national security, as well as personal character and issues such as abortion. The candidates naturally differed on nearly every topic; an example being when the war in Afghanistan should end, Biden said 2014 and Ryan did not offer a definitive answer. Preliminary CNN polls released shortly after the debate suggested that Ryan won the debate by a very slim margin, 48 percent to Biden’s 44 percent. Preliminary CBS polling, however, suggests that Biden won by a large margin of 19 percent. Although it may not become clear who the winner of the debate is, many are

agreeing that Vice President Biden did better than President Obama’s first debate performance, about which he said, “I had a bad night.” Both candidates had strong presences in the Vice Presidential debate, with Biden laughing and Ryan maintaining a more serious composure. According to preliminary figures released by the Huffington Post, the debate drew approximately 43 million viewers. In 2008, when Biden debated John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin, nearly 70 million people tuned in.

The Vice Presidential Face-Off



With the 2012 presidential election literally just weeks away, the American public faces a very important choice between two very different men. The first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and his GOP challenger Mitt Romney, occurred on Oct. 3 in Denver. The second debate of the election season was between Vice President Joe Biden and Mitt Romney’s running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan. It was on Thursday, Oct. 11, in Danville, K.Y., and the two gentlemen discussed many of the foreign and domestic issues that will come up in the next four years. The first and only Vice Presidential Debate last-

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Senior Administrators Discuss University’s Progress During Campus Address By DAN KALMANSON ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT FOR COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS


At the October 4 campus-wide meeting, President Steve Kaplan and senior administrators updated faculty and staff on a wide range of topics including new campus initiatives, student enrollment, budget issues, facility enhancements and fundraising success. The president kicked off the meeting by welcoming the 133 new faculty and staff who were hired during the last year including Liz Davis, the new dean of the College of Business. He then went on to highlight several new and ongoing University initiatives: • Strategic Plan – the new Strategic Plan, UNH 2020 Vision, has been completed and will be posted online in the near future. The plan’s executive summary is already available online. • University Ventures – UNH is exploring a partnership opportunity with a for-profit educational firm, University Ventures, to offer a number of highdemand engineering programs at several locations around the country. • Allingtown Neighborhood Development Coalition – the president noted that the recent coalition community forum was the most positive meeting with campus neighbors in recent years and that the new coalition banners and awnings in the Allingtown area are having a positive impact. • New Residence Hall Project – design work continues on a proposed new 100,000 square foot, 375bed student campus housing project with start of construction targeted for May 2013. • Engineering Science University Magnet School (ESUMS) – plans are moving forward to relocate ESUMS to an $80 million, 120,000-square-foot facility adjacent to campus on Boston Post Road. • Graduate Campus -- the University’s plans to purchase the former Hubbell Electronics headquarters in nearby Orange

continue to move forward. The 47-acre site features three attached buildings totaling approximately 70,000 square feet that can easily be converted into classrooms, science and computer labs, and faculty offices. The new branch campus would be used to house select graduate and executive education programs. • Tuscany Campus – the new satellite branch campus in Prato, Italy, is off to a great start with approximately 35 students taking classes there this fall. The president expects that number to nearly double during the spring term. • Marine Science Center – the city of New Haven is scheduled to begin construction this winter of the new Boathouse at Canal Dock that will house the Robert Lee and Linda Lee Marine Science Center. Provost David Dauwalder provided an update on faculty salaries, new academic programs, student success and grants. He noted that 69.7 percent of full-time faculty members’ salaries are now at or above individual benchmarks. The University launched two new undergraduate degree programs (economics and human resource management) and four new graduate programs (online criminal justice, EMBA, forensic accounting and 6th-year certificate in instructional technologies and digital media literacy). The provost also noted that undergraduate students showed significant gains in a number of key areas according to the latest National Survey of Student Engagement and that the amount of sponsored research grants increased during the last academic year by more than 20 percent to $3.2 million. In addition, he announced that he is looking to identify and develop a signature curricular experience that will define the UNH undergraduate experience and will differentiate the University from all the other competitors. Dean of Students Becky Johnson noted that her office is going to implement a division-wide program to assess and develop a

plan to support students’ spiritual needs and that the Career Development Center will be increasing its online presence through the use of social media and the virtual career center. In addition, the Office of International Student Services is working to demystify stereotypes by connecting faculty and staff with international students to create a better understanding about teaching, learning and cultural differences. Vice President for Enrollment Management Jim McCoy then released undergraduate student enrollment figures for this fall. The target number for first-year and transfer students was 1,350 and the actual number enrolled totaled 1,323. McCoy noted, however, that the University was successful overall in shaping the entering class, maintaining quality and lowering the discount rate. The University exceeded its annual operating margin target of four percent in FY12, according to Vice President for Finance and Administration George Synodi. In addition, UNH completed the acquisition of Soundview Nursing Facility and New Hall (now Bergami Hall) as well as the remaining parcels necessary for the construction of ESUMS. In the area of fundraising, Vice President for Advancement Rick Tuchman said the University raised a total of $10.5 million last fiscal year – the second year in a row to break the $10 million mark. He also noted that last year national and international media placements featuring the University, its faculty and students increased by 22 percent. Vice President for Human Resources Carol Koziatek announced that the Employee Handbook is now online. In addition, she noted that faculty early retirement plan has been implemented and the University has increased its contributions to the employee pension plan from 8 to 8.5 percent. The HR also office plans to go live with Banner in January.

Restaurant Review

Thali Too

by Kaela Mason and Jenn Harrington

Thali Too (65 Broadway) is located in downtown New Haven, hidden in an alleyway right past the Yale campus bookstore. Upon entering the restaurant, we were introduced to a small taste of Indian culture. The restaurant serves vegetarian cuisine with a college student’s budget in mind. Low lighting made for a warm atmosphere, accented by decorations of the Indian culture. We were seated along the window as soon as we arrived. Service was friendly, but a slow while waiting for the food. We were both new to Indian cuisine, so we started with an order of Masala fries which are your average order of PHOTO COURTESY OF SHOPS AT YALE fries covered in cayenne pepper, served with ketchup dipping sauce. They were definitely spicy, but delicious. Our main orders differed; one of us requesting suggestions from our waiter and another choosing based on description. Kaela’s order (suggested by our waiter): Malai Kofta. This dish contains potato and paneer cheese balls in cardamom sauce and is served with a side of Basmati rice. The sauce was sweet and tasty, much like honey mustard and accented the potato nicely. Brown rice would have been preferred over the white Basmati rice due to personal tastes. Jenn’s order: Tofu Sabji Jafraizie, a tofu stir-fry with fresh cut vegetables. It resembled a tomato stew and was delicious with the Basmati rice. The tofu was not too soggy, which can be hard to find in vegetarian cuisine. Our waiter also brought out pita-style bread that we each dipped into our sauces. The price is very reasonable for college students. The average entrée is around $12. This restaurant is recommended for vegetarians as no dish includes meat. There are also vegan options. It is worthy to note that most dishes include a sauce, so if you aren’t a sauce fan you may not want to choose this as your next dinner location. Overall, the experience was enjoyable and we each stepped out of our comfort zone.

October 17, 2012

Making the Most out of the 2012 Career and Graduate School Expo



On Friday, Oct. 19, undergraduate and graduate students will have the opportunity to interact with representatives from 50 companies and graduate schools as part of the 2012 Career and Graduate School Expo sponsored by the Career Development Center (CDC). The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Beckerman Recreation Center. A list of companies and graduate schools that will be represented on campus is available online. Employers will be recruiting for full-time, part-time and internship opportunities. At a workshop offered last week, Dina Wulinsky, a career advisor in the CDC, offered tips for students to get the most out of attending the Career Fair. She said students should: -Research the employers they would like to meet with -Prepare a résumé - Develop a brief “commercial” or “elevator pitch” to sell yourself - Ask good questions - Dress professionally She also stressed that students should make good eye contact, give a firm handshake and demonstrate confidence, inter-

est and enthusiasm. An important key to success is preparation. “The best way to make a positive and lasting impression is by relating your interests and goals to your research about the employer’s needs,” said Wulinsky. Another key is timely follow-up. “Before leaving an employer, ask how you should best follow up, who the contact person is and the telephone number to call,” she said. “Ask the employer how soon it will be before you hear from the organization or if you should call or write to follow up. Obtaining a business card is also helpful.” As part of the workshop, students were also given tips to develop their personal “commercial” or “elevator pitch” to introduce themselves. Students can mention their major, ask questions they might have about the company or express an interest in open positions. Matt Caporale, executive director of the Career Development Center, emphasized that the challenging job market requires students to take advantage of every chance to interact with potential employers. “Given the tough labor market, students should embrace this opportunity to meet with employers

who are coming to campus with an interest in hiring you,” Caporale said. He also encouraged students to be open to new opportunities. “An on-campus career fair is an ideal place to talk to employers about what they are looking for in candidates and the types of career opportunities they have available,” he said. “It is also an opportunity for you to begin practice selling yourself and talking to employers about you, your options and availability. You may learn about opportunities or companies you never knew existed, and you may find that there is a perfect match between you and that company.” A second workshop to provide students tips about making the most out of attending the Career and Graduate School Expo will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at noon in the conference room in the Bartels Student Activity Center. Additionally, the CDC will host walk-in “Rapid Resume Reviews” from Monday, Oct. 15, through Thursday, Oct. 18, from 2 to 4 p.m. each day.

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It’s October: Information is in the Air!




Ah, October. The days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. Thoughts turn to scary jack-o-lanterns, golden leaves, football games and Information Literacy. Information Literacy! Yes, the month of October, is now National Information Literacy Awareness Month as well as the month in which we celebrate Halloween. On a national level, this is by official proclamation of President Barack Obama. In Connecticut, Governor Dannel P. Molloy has proclaimed October 2012 as Information Literacy Awareness Month. So what does this all mean and why should we care? A person who is information literate has the following characteristics or skills. First, they realize that they need information. No one person knows everything. There is always something new to find out

or learn. Next, an information literate individual realizes that information is available in many different places. There is a huge universe of information outside of Wikipedia and even Google. One gold mine of information often overlooked by students is information published by the United States government. Find this information by looking for websites ending in .gov. Library databases are also a great source of information. Then, the information literate person realizes that information needs to be evaluated for credibility. When reading information from any source, ask yourself why the author made that information available. What was their purpose in writing it? Learning to identify bias is an important skill when evaluating information. Also ask yourself if the credibility of the author can be determined. Also, what is the date of the information and does it matter? Finally, information

must be used ethically and effectively. If copyrighted information is being used for a paper or project, the information must be accurately cited so that credit is given to the copyright holder of the information. Common citation styles include APA and MLA but there are others as well. So, the next time you read anything, perhaps from a book or information you pull off a website, take a moment to think about what you’re looking at. Ask yourself some questions regarding the authority and credibility of the information before you use it. You just might be surprised by the answers. For more information about Information Literacy, especially if you need assistance finding information for papers or projects contact a UNH librarian by phone at (203) 932-7189 or just stop by the library information desk or attend an informative workshop. Find the workshop schedule here: library/Workshops/



Stop waving those arms and whip out your smartphones everyone, because the days of flagging down a cab are long gone. Connecticut’s full-service taxi company, Metro Taxi, recently launched the “Metro Cab App,” a mobile application that lets people book taxis through their iPhones, Androids or tablets. This is a significant leap for the West Haven-based taxi company, which has become Connecticut’s first taxicab service to utilize an on-demand cab service using customized mobile software. The app uses Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking technology. In the middle of a meeting and don’t feel like stepping out to call a cab? Need a ride back to cam-

Metro Taxi App Now Available

pus after a night out in downtown New Haven? Just download the free app and schedule a taxi via text. The company is also introducing web-booking, so individuals may request a cab online. Additionally, repeat customers have the option of using instant voice recognition (IVR) to schedule a cab. Bill Scalzi, Metro Taxi president and CEO, spoke with the Charger Bulletin about the innovative service now being offered by his company. “It’s so convenient,” he said, “especially for students.” When developing the app, Scalzi said he had students in mind, particularly University of New Haven students due to the proximity factor. Since its initial launch a few weeks ago, Scalzi said, many UNH students have been using the app. On weekends, there will now be a sign posted in front of Maxcy

Hall which will include a QR code; the code will allow students to download the app right then and there if desired. “Clearly, the public is eager for new mobile phone applications that cater to fast-paced lives and make services and travel as convenient, modern and hassle-free as possible,” Scalzi said in a press release. “Metro Taxi is keeping Connecticut on the leading edge of technology; availing its residents and the state’s visitors with on-demand taxi service from the quick touch of their smart phones,” said Scalzi. Metro Taxi has made significant leaps and bounds in the past few years when it comes to incorporating new technologies into their cab service. For example, in 2010, Matreo Taxi became the first Connecticut taxicab company to install rear-

Page 7

seat payment technology. work? The Metro Cab App confirmed by the customer Passengers can now make can be used on an iPhone by the touch of an icon, a “point-of-sale” payments (iOS 4.3 or later) and an trip request will immediately be sent to Metro Taxi and the customer will be notified of the taxicab number en route to their pick up location. The taxi booking technology will also offer the customer the option to request a different date and time of pick up, a different address, or any other specific customer request.” PHOTO PROVIDED BY METRO TAXI without having to carry Android. cash. “In the two years They can connect to the Metro Taxi also offers that Metro Taxi has used Internet via data networks “cash-less” cab rides. This rear-seat payment technol- or wireless. includes the University ogy, credit card usage has A press release issued Ride (URide) Safe® card increased more than 500 by Nobile Communica- for college and university percent,” said the release. tions International detailed students. To order a metro Now, Matro Taxi can add the step-by-step process to taxi cab by text message, mobile app to their list of accessing the app: dial (203) 535-9220. After high-tech improvements. “The Metro Taxi logo indicating a pick up adMetro Taxi isn’t the will appear on the face of dress, date and time you only taxi company catch- the user’s phone. One need want transportation, you ing on to the mobile app only tap on the icon and will then receive a sixtrend. This type of technol- the message “locate me” digit fare confirmation. To ogy is being quickly ad- will appear. Using GPS schedule a metro taxi cab opted by highly-populated technology, the Metro Cab online, go to http://www. metropolitan areas such as App will automatically lo-, Dallas, Atlanta, cate the customers and of- cab/ . To schedule a metro Washington, D.C., Balti- fer them a pick up at that taxi cab by instant voice more, Memphis, Los An- location. The user will be recognition (IVR), call geles and San Francisco. prompted via a map-view (203) 777-7777. Now that the people of screen to drop a pin button Connecticut know the mo- to verify their preferred bile app exists, how does it pick up location. Once

October 17, 2012

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Twitter and I are Never Ever Getting Back Together



I, like nearly all of my peers, have a Twitter account. I don’t use it though. But believe me, I try! It’s not that I can’t understand the technology or interface. I just don’t understand the point. I originally created a Twitter account with the purpose to use it as I would any other social media outlet, but it honestly kind of freaked me out. Why weren’t more people following me? Did Chelsea



This is one of those editorials where I will sound like a broken record, guaranteed. However, I cannot encourage the student body enough to get involved around campus. I know, this is the least interesting thing you want to read in an editorial, but hear me out. This past weekend was the annual USGA retreat, which I was fortunate to attend. I had gotten to know a few of the USGA E-board, Senators and other members prior to the retreat, but spending the weekend with 20 strangers was something I was a bit anxious about. The moment we stepped onto that big

just unfollow me because range my six carrot sticks of my 12 tweets chroni- so that I can take the most appetizing photo? A s a whole, we all probably spend more time updating our Fa c e book, Twitter, and Instagram accounts than we do on more important things like pursuing passions that enrich our lives. Peocling my mood swings yesterday? How can I rear- ple have stopped reading

books and now rely on TMZ and gossip magazines for entertainment. We play video games and lead virtual lives through the Sims rather than going out in the backyard to shoot some hoops. For most, more than a few paragraphs of texts have become an odious task to accomplish because we are so focused on diminishing thoughts and concepts into a pretty little package of 140 characters. Just throwing this out there: if you have an active Twitter account, you’re probably posting too much. Do you really want everyone to know the most

intimate details of your life? Really, though, do you think anyone actually cares? In the age of social media, we have all adapted a celebrity ideology and persona where we believe that people are BEGGING for information on our lives. “What would my 80 followers do if I didn’t post a photo of my outfit from last night’s party??” I still have a Twitter, which I check every few days or so. I follow news media outlets, coupon and “freebie” pages, comedians, and of course a few people whose constant updates are a source of

amusement for me. Mostly, I guess I’m worried for the future (about nearly everything. I’m one of those freaks). Look at how our society has changed in just the last 20 years. Examine where our focus as a collective was socially, politically and morally only a few decades ago compared to today. It is up to you to decide whether or not technology has directly contributed to this or not.

yellow school bus, however, I could tell this would be a weekend I would never forget. At Empower in Middletown, Conn., we went ziplining (I know…I still can’t believe I swung through the air with only a cable to support me). Not to mention, the teambuilding activities were also a great opportunity for people to become comfortable with each other. With games like “Giants, Wizards and Elves,” obstacle courses and a scavenger hunt at Dave & Busters in Providence, R.I., the whole experience was an excellent way of getting to know people better. However, what truly made the weekend memorable were the breakout sessions scheduled throughout the day. They addressed vari-

ous topics and issues that of New Haven is all about: directly impacted the stu- getting to know people dent body back at UNH. and building friendships that last a lifetime. I’m sure we’ve all heard the general spiel about “getting involved” on campus, to the point where it becomes borderline obnoxious. But hear me out. It isn’t enough that students get involved with organiAt the end of the trip, I zations, clubs and sports. could see that we had made The important thing to take new and close friendships. away from any organizaThis is what the University tion is the relationships

you build. These people, believe it or not, are the ones you’ll remember when you graduate onto bigger and better things. Making friends is a huge part of the college experience. Sure, many of you have roommates (or, for commuters like myself, friends whose rooms you call a second home), but having other people whom you can rely on and trust is crucial. When I walked into the Office of Student Activities the day after we returned from the retreat, I exchanged more hellos than I had ever done before. And, honestly, that makes my day. With that, I encourage all of you readers and students to get involved on campus. Whether it consists of

sports, volunteering, fundraising, Greek life or any type of group, get to know the people you work with. While you do that, keep in mind that USGA is also one of those organizations that looks out for the student body’s best interests. It is open to every single undergraduate student at UNH. We aren’t scary, and we’re not the monsters that live under the bed. We’re a group of people who want to see the school grow in so many ways. The only way that can be accomplished is by everyone getting involved. Remember, you do have a voice, and there are people willing to hear it.

they can be too intoxicated to handle themselves, begin stumbling, slurring speech, have a glossy look in their eyes, and even not being able to answer simple questions. My first advice when it comes to any situation is to always seek help if you cannot handle the situation on your own. If an individual is intoxicated, stumbling, and can’t answer questions such as, “What’s your name?” “What school do you go to?” “What’s one of your friend’s phone numbers you came out with tonight?” then it’s time to seek help. The second piece of advice I would offer is to never attempt to transport an intoxicated subject (especially a stranger) on your own, when you can clearly tell they are over-intoxicated; blood alcohol content rises and the intoxicated subject can take a turn for the worst when you least expect it. Third, if an individual passes out, call 911 immediately and do not delay time! When an individual passes out, they have had way too much alcohol and their body is reacting. Transporting them in a personal vehicle or taxi cab can be danger-

ous to the individual as they need medical attention immediately. If in a vehicle, including a taxi, pull over, contact 911, give them your location and let them take over. Next, if you are downtown, there are plenty of public safety vehicles driving around, and all you have to do is flag one down. Police, fire, medical, or even the shuttles/courtesy vans driving around, all have contact with local police. Or you can simply use your cell phone and dial 911 to receive help. There have been multiple times where I have had to contact medical assistance because people have been too intoxicated downtown, and I’ve never been questioned as to why I did what I did. It’s only right to make sure people get the necessary medical aid due to their state of mind regardless of their age. Would you rather see someone (even a stranger) get in trouble for being underage? Or, would you rather hear about them die because of your reckless decision of ignoring the situation?

Oh, the People You’ll Meet

In Response to Student Safety




A few weeks ago, an article was written on an incident that involved an intoxicated non-UNH student downtown. While some may not know what to do in this situation, this article will cover some key points to remember when encountering a situation, especially off campus, and one that involves alcohol. First off, a quick public safety background on me; I am from Providence, R.I., and I currently work at the Providence Place Mall as a Public Safety Officer and Dispatcher. I’ve interned with my local police department on Patrol for over three years. I’ve been a volunteer with the Providence Emergency Management Agency for over five years, and I was a Providence Fire Explorer for four years. Two things can happen when encountering an intoxicated party: they can be slightly intoxicated where they can still walk and talk, they’re coherent and not having the potential of causing harm to themselves or others. Or,

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October 17, 2012

Fun, Games, & More

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Crossword Clues

Crossword Clues Across 1 Gum with a jingle that began, “So kiss a little longer” 7 Seconds in the air, to punters 15 Wicked 16 Penance component 17 Poker chips are often seen in them 18 Chocolaty treats 19 Some charity races 20 Second crop of a growing season 21 Reason for a prep course 22 Healthy piece 23 Picky person? 24 Brought down 26 Bangladesh capital 31 Guiding light 33 Longhorn rival 34 Calls at home 36 Etta James classic 37 New Jersey river 38 Exhilarating 39 Folly 40 Threadbare 41 Words spoken after Polonius says, “I hear him coming: let’s withdraw, my lord” 45 Tie up loose ends? 48 Air Force pilot who be-

came a pop star 49 Right to play first, in golf 50 Grace 52 One of Penelope’s 108 in the “Odyssey” 53 Disdainful 54 Chant 55 Diving concern 56 Phoned on a computer, in technospeak

Down 1 Marble works 2 Espionage aid, for short 3 Country that eliminated the United States at the last two World Cups 4 Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” e.g. 5 FDR and Truman, fraternally 6 Bad opening? 7 Could choose 8 Swore 9 Word heard before and after “say” 10 Fed personnel 11 Someone has to pick it up 12 Savings choices, briefly 13 Sorvino of “Mighty Aphrodite” 14 Rose point 20 “__ to the Top”: Keni

Burke song 23 French Revolution figure 25 Having strong low tones, as headphones 26 Column style 27 Highfalutin 28 Co-composer of “Johnny’s Theme” 29 Not dull 30 Married couple? 31 Spread with drinks 32 Cantina cooker 33 Pickup for a pound 34 “Nuts!” 35 Pedro o Pablo 39 Pierced surgically 40 1998 De Niro thriller 42 Leading 43 Cumberland Gap explorer 44 Stumbled 45 Branch 46 Valley where David fought Goliath 47 Bob Seger’s “__ Got Tonight” 48 Low area 49 Object of ogling 51 Speak idly 52 Cheer syllable (c)2012 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.

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October 17, 2012

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Broom Hilda by Russel Myers

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Charger Chat “The entire campus is part of USGA, not just all the representatives in that room each Friday. Your voice matters.” -

Meghan Makowski


October 17, 2012

by Isaak Kifle

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Charger Battery



24-hour library…there’s no way to accurately put my excitement on paper, but I hate sounding like a broken record, but I am not a fan of midterms. Especially I’m going to try anyway in the battery charge. since, unlike finals, everything else doesn’t stop happening and the world continues to move at a million miles an hour! I hope everyone enjoyed Midnight Madness and the breakfast afterward! MidSome otherwise great events are scheduled at really unfortunate times. night breakfast is one of my favorite events ever!

The Battery Charge

The Marvin K. Peterson Library will now be open 24 hours a day and seven days a week from now on. I’ve only been waiting for this to happen for two years or so, and now my dream has become a reality! I hope everyone takes advantage of this incredible gift we’ve been given, because I know I will!

This Day in UNH History

By Ana Abraham

October 13, 1970. According to the The News, “New Haven College is No More.” The Board of Governors voted almost unanimously to change the name of the college and asked for the input of students, faculty, and staff on what the new name should be. University of New Haven, Inc. won 307 to 174 votes total across the categories of voters: students, faculty, staff and board.

credits. This puts you in bad Pace, which means you are also in bad SAP and will not receive any financial aid from the school. If you have withdrawn, failed or did not attend courses you should check the amount of credits earned versus the amount of credits attempted to make sure that you have earned at least 67% of your credits attempted. __Credits earned__ > 67% Credits attempted In addition, students are also required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (cGPA) in accordance with the number of credits attempted. Keep in mind that this is your ATTEMPTED credits, not EARNED credits. In order to maintain good SAP, you must meet the following cGPA requirements:   

if you have attempted 3-27 credits = cGPA of 1.75 or greater if you have attempted 28-57 credits = cGPA of 1.85 or greater if you have attempted 58 or more credits = cGPA of 2.0 or greater

A student's academic progress is reviewed at the end of each spring term. The Financial Aid Office will mail a letter to each student who fails to maintain the minimum academic progress standards detailing their deficiencies and the steps for reinstating their financial aid eligibility. What if you won’t have the necessary cGPA and the right amount of credits by the end of the academic year in May? One thing you can do is enroll in a summer course to bring your grade up and/or earn the credits you need for good SAP. Prior to enrolling in the additional courses you should consult the Registrar’s office to ensure that the end result of taking that course will help you attain your SAP goals. Then you need to inform the Financial Aid Office that you believe you have reinstated your eligibility once your new grade posts. They will check up on all your information, and if you are in good SAP, you will be reconsidered for financial aid. (Note: You should try to reinstate your SAP as soon as possible. The longer you are ineligible the lower your resulting financial aid award might be due to depleted funding.) If you are interested in taking a course outside of the University of New Haven, you must first check with the Registrar’s Office. You should ask them if that the course you take will transfer and appear on your transcript in such a way as to help you achieve good SAP. For example, if you are taking a 3 credit course, make sure that the Registrar’s Office will put it on your transcript as a 3 credit course. However, if your SAP problem revolves around your cumulative GPA, then you must make sure that your course will transfer in as a grade that affects your cGPA or it will not help you reinstate financial aid eligibility. If SAP is something you are concerned about, the first thing you should do is talk to the Financial Aid Office to see what options are available to you. So remember to keep your grades up, complete at least 24 credits by the end of each academic year, and earn at least 67% of the credits attempted, and you will achieve good SAP!

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October 17, 2012

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Sports | | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397) A CHARGER ATHLETICS PRESS RELEASE


BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – The University of New Haven women’s volleyball team completed a home-and-home sweep of the regular season series against Bridgeport, besting its in-state rival in a fiveset thriller on Thursday evening in Bridgeport’s Hubbell Gym. The Chargers took the match by set scores of 25-16, 23-25, 2523, 18-25 and 15-12. With their 11th-consecutive win, the Chargers improve to 14-1. Bridgeport falls to 12-4. New Haven swept the Purple Knights at Charger Gymnasium on Sept. 20. The Nutmeg State foes have met at the NCAA Division II East Region Championship in each of the last three seasons. Keidy Candelaria (Vega Baja, Puerto Rico/ Bayamon Military Academy) led all players with


Chargers Outlast Bridgeport for 3-2 Victory 27 kills and finished off the double-double with 15 digs. Kristen Lee (Colorado Springs, Colo./Liberty) also registered a double-double with 14 kills and 16 digs, while Amber Cannady ( Yo n k e r s , N.Y./Charles E. Gorton) neared the feat with 13 kills and a match-best eight blocks. Kristy Atufunwa (Denver, Colo./ Denver East) posted five kills, and Kaulana Ane (Paia, Hawaii/Kamehameha) added two. Ane was the third Charger with a double-double, running the offense to the tune of 50 assists and adding 11 digs from the back row. As a unit, New Haven hit .191 (61-26-183) in the five-set contest. Defensively, Kea-Marie Olaso (Kailua, Hawai’i/

Le Jardin Academy) led the back row with 22 digs, and Bai Zhang (China/ Shan Dong Zi Bo No. 10 / China Shan Dong Normal

match-high 25 digs. Fernanda Silva distributed 51 digs in the losing effort for Bridgeport. New Haven started

University) contributed with 13. Joining Cannady at the net were Ane and Atufunwa, who each had a hand in four of the Chargers’ 12 blocks. Candelaria accounted for four of New Haven’s seven aces. Ane landed two winners and Lee notched one service ace. Biljana Savic led four Purple Knights in doublefigures with 14 kills and a

the match with authority, running off the first seven points sparked by three kills and a block from Cannady. Bridgeport would break the string at seven, but the Chargers never looked back – leading by as many as 11 points in a 25-16 win. The second set went back-and-forth from the start until a 3-0 spurt put Bridgeport on top, 10-7.

Sanchez and Greene can repeat this performance next week, they can truly send a message to the NFL that they should not be overlooked. Giants 26, 49ers 3 The Giants are coming off a big win against the Browns last week and travel to the west coast to take on the San Francisco 49ers. Last season, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith had his best season. He had only five interceptions last year and a mere one coming into Sunday afternoon’s game. He would exit the game with four on the season, however, as the Giants picked him off three times. Prince Amukamara, making his second career start, looked good again and had one interception. Antrel Rolle had two on the game. The big reason for the success in the pass defense was the pass rush. The Giants totaled six sacks, two coming from Jason Pierre-Paul. On the offensive side of the ball, Bradshaw was very impressive again. Bradshaw rushed for 116 yards and scored a touchdown. The last time the 49ers allowed a rusher to gain over 100 yards was against the Titans and Chris Johnson back in 2009. The Giants played their best game all season, and with the rest of the schedule featuring either division opponents or playoff teams, they need to continue to play at this level to make the postseason. Patriots 23, Seahawks 24 No replacement refs this time for Seattle. A rookie

QB taken in the third round of the NFL draft outdid Brady and the NFL’s number one offense. The biggest issue for the Patriots was their pass defense. They allowed three passing touchdowns and almost 300 passing yards. They did a good job shutting down the running game, but a passing attack as strong as Seattle’s was needed for a run game. Amazingly, nobody on the Seahawks had over three catches. Six players had two or more receptions. You have to be impressed with Russell Wilson’s ability to spread the ball around rather than force it to his favorite target. New England had some trouble on offense too with Brady throwing two interceptions. Patriots fans, don’t look now but the AFC East is in a four-way tie between the Jets, Dolphins, Bills and Patriots, all at 3-3. Next week, the Patriots host the Jets in what could be a very pivotal game in the face for the top of the Division.


Sean’s Weekend Sports Summary



Jets 35, Colts 9 The Jets are home again facing a much easier opponent in the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts, however, should not be overlooked. Despite losing head coach Chuck Pagano, they upset the Green Bay Packers last week. The Jets began with a three and out, and then the Colts drove down the field but had only a field goal to speak for it. The following drive was probably the most impressive drive I’ve seen out of the Jets since week one against the Bills. The Jets were opening running lanes so easily for Greene and Powell, it looked like they were blocking high school students. Luck then threw a pick to Cromartie following the Jets touchdown. The Jets, again behind the running game, ran Shonn Greene for a touchdown. A few mistakes made by the Jets D led to another field goal by the Colts. Another touchdown before the half ended gave the Jets a 21-point second quarter. Neither team would score again until Shonn Greene scored again with less then two minutes left in the third. Greene would score again late in the fourth quarter to end the day with three total touchdowns. The only other time he has done that in his career was last season against the Redskins. With New England coming up next week, the Jets will have to continue this level of play. If

The Purple Knights kept New Haven at arm’s length for the remainder of the set, fighting off a 5-0 run and hanging on for a 2523 win to knot the match at 1-1. In the third set, Bridgeport claimed a quick 7-2 lead. The clubs would trade points over the next stretch of action until a 5-0 run – again fueled by Cannady on the attack and at the net – gave New Haven its first lead at 13-11. The battle went on to a 23-23 score when a Candelaria kill and a service ace by Ane gave the pivotal third frame to New Haven, 2523. Sets two and three each featured seven ties and three lead changes. An 8-0 run was the difference maker in the fourth set as Bridgeport extended the match with a 25-18 win to force a deciding fifth frame. The Chargers made the first run of set five, rattling off four points in a row to gain a 7-3 advantage. The four-point cushion held

up to a 9-5 tally, but the Purple Knights responded by claiming six of the next eight points to deadlock the score at 11-11. A Candelaria kill and a block by Atufunwa and Ashley Dalton (Helena, Mont./Capital / Northern Arizona) broke the tie and gave the Chargers a 13-11 advantage. After a Bridgeport kill, New Haven finished off the marathon encounter with back-to-back Candelaria finishers that won the match for the Chargers with a 15-12 fifth-set decision. In total, the match between in-state rivals featured 22 kills and nine lead changes. Action returns to Charger Gym on Saturday, Oct. 13 as Northeast-10 action resumes with a 1 p.m. visit from Massachusetts Lowell. The match will be available live in high definition and on most mobile devices on

Chargers Sweep Away Massachusetts Lowell Kristy Atufunwa (Denver, Colo./Denver East) added seven kills from the middle, Kristen Lee (Colorado Springs, Colo./ Liberty) put down four and Hayley Wilson (Denver, Colo./Overland) and Ashley Dalton (Helena,

and Candelaria and Margo Meteyer (Madison, Wisc./ ––––––––––––––––––––– Madison West) each had one. WEST HAVEN, Conn. Sierra Brown led Mas– The University of New sachusetts Lowell with Haven women’s volleyeight kills. Olivia Parkins ball team needed just 62 ran the offense and dished minutes to sweep visiting out 26 assists, and Carolyn Eddy helmed the back row with nine digs. The River Hawks gained an early advantage in set one at 6-5, but an attack error followed by a block from Cannady and Dalton put the Chargers on top, 7-6. This marked the last time that Massachusetts Lowell would pull even or in the lead A SAMANTHA MATHEWSON PHOTO in the match. New Massachusetts Lowell in Mont./Capital / Northern Haven led by as many a Northeast-10 matchup Arizona) each recorded as 10 points in set one, on Saturday afternoon. one finisher. built an 11-point margin The Chargers hit .364 The offense was run in set two and ran off the in the match en route through reigning Northfirst four tallies en route to recording their 12theast-10 Setter of the to leading by as many as consecutive win by set Week Kaulana Ane (Paia, nine points in the third scores of 25-15, 25-14 Hawaii/Kamehameha), and final frame. and 25-17. who distributed 37 assists Today’s contest started New Haven improves in addition to three kills of a three-match homestand to 15-1 overall and 7-0 in her own. The sophomore for the Chargers. New Northeast-10 action. The also had a hand in four of Haven hosts NE-10 foe River Hawks dip below New Haven’s seven team Saint Rose on Oct. 16 .500 at 8-9 with a 3-4 blocks. and welcomes perennial conference tally. Behind Candelaria’s 11 region power Dowling to Amber Cannady digs were eight from the Charger Gym on Oct. 19. (Yonkers, N.Y./Charles back row apiece by Ane Both matches begin at 7 E. Gorton) and Keidy and Kea-Marie Olaso p.m. and will be broadcast Candelaria (Vega Baja, (Kailua, Hawai’i/Le Jarlive on NewHavenChargPuerto Rico/Bayamon din Academy). Military Academy) shared The Chargers landed the match high with 13 a season-best 12 aces on kills apiece. Cannady hit the River Hawks. Lee .600 (13-1-20) and added accounted for a personalsix blocks, while Candebest five winners, while laria posted a .476 hitting Olaso added three. Bai percentage (13-3-21) and Zhang (China/Shan Dong rounded out a doubleZi Bo No. 10 / China Shan double with a match-best Dong Normal University) 11 digs. dropped in a pair of aces,



WALTHAM, Mass. - Holding on to a fourpoint lead, the University of New Haven defense sacked Bentley University on fourth down with 1:18 left in the fourth quarter to seal a 17-13 victory Saturday afternoon. The No. 5/6 Chargers improved to 6-0 overall and 5-0 in the Northeast-10 Conference with the win. The Falcons fall to 5-1 overall and 4-1 in conference play. The opening quarter featured a defensive battle with the two top defenses in the Northeast-10 Conference on the field. Bentley was forced to punt in its first two series, while the Chargers threw on interception and had two punts in the first quarter. The Falcons eventually took over at their own 37-yard line with 2:22 left in the first quarter. Three plays later, starting quarterback Dan Guadagnoli coughed up the ball and UNH’s Kendrick Butler recovered at Bentley’s 46yard line. After eating up 1:02 of time to close out the first quarter, the Chargers went 46 yards for a touchdown. The nine-play drive was capped by a 27-yard touchdown pass and catch from Ronnie Nelson (Stuart, Fla./South Fork ) to

No. 5/6 Football Stifles Bentley, 17-13 Jason Thompson (Indiantown, Fla./South Fork ). The Chargers’ defense once again forced Bentley to go three-and-out, giving the offense possession inside Bentley territory

The Falcons next series once again ended in a punt, while New Haven took over at its own 32yard line with 5:41 on the clock. Just one play later, Bentley intercepted a

Falcons into another punting situation on their first possession of the second half. On the ensuing punt, New Haven’s Josh Smart (Hamden, Conn./Hamden ) bobbled the catch and

once again. Victor Jones (Paterson, N.J./Passaic County Tech) and Nelson carried the load on New Haven’s next drive of the first half. The second scoring drive went 42-yards on six plays before Jones broke through the center of the Chargers offensive line with a five-yard touchdown carry. Chris Scifo (Coral Springs, Fla./St. Thomas Aquinas / Central Connecticut State University) split the uprights on the extra point and the Chargers took a 14-0 lead with 7:18 left in the second quarter.

Nelson pass and took over at its own 23-yard line. The Falcons possession ended seven plays later with their sixth punt of the first half, while the Chargers final series of the first half also ended with a punt. Bentley controlled possession as the first half came to a close, but didn’t threaten. On its first series of the second half, New Haven was forced to punt after just three plays. Raheem Stanley (Hartford, Conn./Weaver ) stopped Bentley’s Lorenzo Warren three yards in the backfield and forced the

Bentley recovered at New Haven’s 22 yard line. Five plays later, Alex Dyer (Westbrook, Conn./ Westbrook) ripped the ball out of Guadagnoli’s arm inside the one yard line. Matthew Fallico (Syracuse, N.Y./Fayetteville Manlius / Hudson Valley) recovered the fumble and the Chargers’ defense once again stopped the Falcons from scoring. New Haven’s next drive went just 16 yards and it was forced into a punting situation for the fourth time in the game. New Haven and Bentley again exchanged punt before the

Falcons gained possession at its own 44-yard line with 5:34 left in the third quarter. Bentley then went 56-yards on seven plays to score its first points of the afternoon. Guadagnoli connected with Jeff Hill on two plays during the stretch, including a twoyard touchdown pass and catch. With 1:46 left in the third quarter, the Falcons brought the Chargers lead to seven. New Haven’s next drive went into Bentley’s red zone, but a field goal attempt sailed wide left after a nine-play, 61-yard drive. New Haven took 4:38 off the clock and controlled possession through the change of quarters. The Falcons took over at their own 20-yard line with 12:02 left in the fourth. Bentley then went all 80 yards on 12 plays over the course of 5:10 to score a 10-yard touchdown pass and catch. Guadagnoli’s pass to Bill Kiley brought the score to 14-13 with 6:56 on the clock. Bentley game-tying extra point attempt missed wide left and the Chargers held on to a one-point lead. New Haven answered with a 10-play, 56-yard drive over the course of 5:20. The drive, which included a heavy does of Jones, was capped by a 30-yard field goal by

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Scifo. The Chargers went up by four points, 17-13, with just 1:32 left in the game. Bentley’s final drive began at its own 25-yard line, after a Scifo kickoff was not returned out of the endzone. The Falcons earned five yards on first down and back-toback incompletions forced a crucial fourth-and-five with 1:18 left. After a timeout, New Haven’s pass rush forced Guadagnoli back into the packet where Brent MacLeod (Winchester, Mass./Winchester) brought down the quarterback and sealed the Chargers’ victory. New Haven took the field and went into victory formation for two plays before time expired in the fourth. MacLeod led the Chargers’ defense with three sacks, while Raheem Stanley (Hartford, Conn./ Weaver ) broke through with six tackles, including two tackles-for-loss. Linebackers Mike Gomes (Brockton, Mass./Brockton ) and Fallico combined for 13 total tackles to anchor the Chargers’ defense which allowed only six rushing yards in the game. In total, the Falcons amassed only 199 total yards on 62 plays. For more visit www.

Chargers Notch 2-0 Road Win at Saint Michael’s




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COLCHESTER, Vt. – Joseph D’Antonio (Oceanside, N.Y./Oceanside ) scored less than five minutes in, and Clancy Purcell (Shelton, Conn./ Taft / University of Connecticut) added an insur-

was in the fourth minute. Anthony Stanley was awarded a penalty kick, which hit the crossbar. The rebound was gathered by Ian Rowe, whose second effort was reeled in by Petridis to preserve the scoreless deadlock. D’Antonio’s teamleading seventh goal came just over a minute later at

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ance tally in the closing minutes to guide the University of New Haven men’s soccer to a 2-0 road victory at Saint Michael’s on Saturday. With the win, the Chargers improve to 5-7-1 overall and 2-6-1 in the Northeast-10. The Purple Knights fall to 6-4-3 on the season with a 2-4-3 conference tally. Anastasios Petridis (Norwalk, Conn./Brien McMahon ) turned away all five shots that he faced to record his third and the club’s fourth shutout of the fall. The Purple Knights’ best scoring opportunity

the 4:26 mark. Joel Rodriguez (Wallingford, Conn./Mark T. Sheehan ) sent a long ball over the top of the Saint Michael’s defense, and D’Antonio redirected it past the goalkeeper from 15 yards out to give New Haven an early 1-0 advantage. D’Antonio’s goal was the 16th of his New Haven career. The marker stood up as the third gamewinner of his senior campaign. Fellow senior Rodriguez added his second assist of the fall and the fourth during his time in Blue and Gold.

The Chargers would add to their lead in the 87th minute. Andres Torres (Norwalk, Conn./Norwalk / Adelphi University) sent a through-ball to Purcell on the left side, who ripped it across the net into the bottom right corner to run the margin to 2-0. The goal was the third of Purcell’s 2012 season and two-year Charger career. Torres’ assist runs his total to two helpers and 10 total points in his inaugural season at New Haven. The Chargers were A UNH PHOTO outshot, 17-9, and Saint Michael’s attempted seven corner kicks to New Haven’s two. Logan Kingman made two saves for the Purple Knights. New Haven is back on Kayo Field on Wednesday, Oct. 17 for a 4 p.m. visit from conference opponent Assumption. The match will be broadcast live in high definition and on most mobile devices on NewHavenChargers. com.

October 17, 2012

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Looper Avoids Repeating the Past Alternative Artist: Civil Twilight organizations that need to STAFF WRITER have persons-of-interest ––––––––––––––––––––– killed. Because the government in the future puts tags on the bodies, the With Hollywood rehash- organizations have to send their targets back in time, ing old movie ideas such where hit men (called as unnecessary sequels By CAMERON HINES

made solely for an easy payday, it’s refreshing to see a movie as creative and as original as Looper. The film, which takes place in the dystopian society set in the year 2042, has everything going for it: an interesting premise, strong performances by the leading cast, and Bruce Willis. Joseph Gordon Levitt, who plays the story’s main character Joe, is a hit man, but not in the most conventional sense. Thirty years from his time, time travel has not only been invented, but also been banned by the government. But that doesn’t stop major criminal

Loopers) kill them. One day, Levitt is horrified to realize that they have sent his future self back and now he’s responsible to kill himself. His future self, played by Bruce Willis, plays the character with gusto, muscle and powerful emotion. But Bruce Willis isn’t the star, Levitt is. He looks, sounds and even has all of Bruce Willis’ mannerisms that we’ve grown used to over the years. It’s uncanny how well Levitt pulls it off, and reaffirms just how he’s one of the best current actors right now. As the story unfolds, we become aware that there may be more than one


they need to pretend to be filming a big-budget Hollywood movie (titled Argo) on location, and that the six are part of his crew: he flies down, gives the six their aliases, they get out. Easier said than

reason as to why Joe’s older self has returned. But finding out is part of the joy of watching this film Rian Johnson, whose first project also featured Levitt, titled Brick, wrote and directed the film. Johnson has woven a tight narrative that hits almost every genre of filmmaking, incorporating action, drama, comedy, sci-fi and just a touch of romance. His directing AP PHOTO style, while innovative and interesting at some times, grows a bit overwhelming at other times as he uses certain angles and techniques that take away from several scenes. But that’s not to say it’s poorly directed. Far from it. It’s just that the Johnson shows so much promise that it’s easy to overlook the positive and nitpick the nitty-gritty. At the end of the day, Looper is an inventive, well-acted and gripping film that reaffirms that Hollywood is far from running out of ideas.

Argo: The Greatest Movie Never Made



If there’s one thing to take away from Argo, it’s that Canadians are the nicest people in the

world. Islamic militants during the Iranian Revolution, however, were not so kind. Argo focuses on these events in 1979 that follow six U.S. citizens trapped in Tehran who will be sentenced to death if they are discovered by the Iranians. As it sounds, Argo rockets with intensity that only lets up for comic relief moments to lighten the heavy weight of the material. To get the six out alive, a CIA technical operations specialist, played by director Ben Affleck, must come up with a way to extract them without the Iranians discovering their existence. After shooting down many ideas, he comes to the decision that

done. He soon realizes, with help from John Goodman and Alan Arkin giving truly spectacular performances, that to sell this façade requires really making the film seem authentic. This is where the more lighthearted part of the film shows. But as soon as Affleck touches down in Iran for the extraction, the film instantly changes tone to a truly suspenseful 40 minute sequence. Argo is actor/director Ben Affleck’s third movie, (his previous being Gone Baby Gone and The Town), and this certainly feels the most exhilarating. Affleck directs and edits this film beautifully,

capturing all the tension and emotion possible in each scene. It’s truly spectacular how this film ramps up, and for the rest of the time gets the adrenaline going and your heart beating. In fact, I was still on an adrenaline kick after the movie ended, that’s how suspenseful it is. The performances don’t even feel like acting. You feel like you’re AP PHOTO watching real people, not performances. With a film that had as much promise as this one, it was wonderful to see it not only not fall short of expectations, but also exceed. Affleck proves again that he’s a phenomenal director as he not only recreates this story in stunning dramatic style, but also creates a phrase that anyone who’s seen this film will use the rest of their life (it’s not exactly school-paper appropriate so I’ll save it for you to see the film). If drama, suspense or good movies are something you enjoy, Argo will not only satisfy, but will also surpass your expectations.



––––––––––––––––––––– They just released their sophomore album, “Holy Weather,” and you may have heard their new single “Fire Escape,” now in the Top 30 on alternative radio, in Vampire Diaries and Mob Wives. Civil Twilight is making headlines, including this one. Each album they’ve released thus far holds stories waiting to be heard. Lead vocals, Steven McKellar, is the voice behind the tracks, giving his own take on life through his beautifully written lyrics. Band mate and brother, Andrew, is on guitar with Richard Wouters on drums. Their music has been described as “haunting yet soothing.” This description could not be more perfect. The track “Letters in the Sky” from their first, self-titled album can speak to this. It is so relatable to listeners for it holds a bit of darkness, but still has the ability to bring in light. The lyric, “one day these letters are gonna fall from the sky telling us all to go free” is one of anticipation and hope; these lyrics flood both albums with feeling. If you haven’t had the chance to listen, stop what you are doing and check them out (they are on Spotify!). Civil Twilight has been compared to Coldplay

and Radiohead—two amazing bands. The boys know they hold this power

corded “Holy Weather”. They are all from Cape Town, South Africa and


in music, too. When asked about these comparisons, they felt it was an honor and said they hope that they can hold on to what their fans love about their songs and stay away from falling into the mainstream spell. They hope to branch out creatively and look forward to experimenting with their music. Radiohead, Bob Dylan and the like hit their top five in iPod musts, but when asked what their go-to song of the moment was, Andrew chose Katy Perry and Richard, Taylor Swift. The boys are so down to earth, you would never know you were talking to a group that has had the opportunity to perform at Bonnaroo, open for Florence and the Machine and Smashing Pumpkins, tour with Mutemath, and headline their own shows. The band currently resides in Nashville, Tenn., where they re-

have lived in Los Angeles and North Carolina prior to moving to Nashville. They draw inspiration for their music from the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met. While on tour, they live in a small, green trailer that houses (give or take) eight people at a time. It doesn’t seem to bother them, though! They trek along, stopping in cities and performing, answering interviews and seeing as much of the towns as they can. If you get the chance to see them play live, take it! The music comes alive and the lyrics feel stronger when you get to hear it in person. Civil Twilight is waist deep in their tour with Mutemath. For tour dates and times check out www.civiltwilightband. com/events. After their tour, the boys plan to head back home and visit family and friends.

Chris Capello and The Paper Tugboat



September 29 was a perfect day for all William Beckett fans. But before we discuss his gorgeous hair and that voice of his, let’s get to know Chris Cappello and The Paper Tugboat. Singer/songwriter Chris Cappello is just 17 and full of potential. From New Haven, he started writing music at 14 years old, and his EPs are well worth the ear. His EP titled “I’m Not Afraid of My Own Name,” holds soothing and hypnotizing songs brought on by his charismatic way of storytelling. These songs are perfect for those rainy days when you’re reminiscing and hot chocolate (or tea) is close by. “Kendrick Park,” one of the songs on the EP, is all about that first kiss you have. The lyrics are so alluring that it was on replay the entire night. It’s remembering the moment you felt the world stop that really makes this song appealing. Whether that kiss was awkward and gross or amazing is up to you. Another song, “The Once-Was Man,” is a song

we wish our exes could hear. The good thing about any breakup is the inspiration given. The song mentions who’s to blame, who created the happiness and the burial of “us.” It is sad, but the song is beautiful in saying “screw you.” Cappello is flawlessly able to create great songs that tug at the heartstrings, and help us remember the good times we’ve had. Indie rock has been enhanced. Then there’s The Paper Tugboat. It’s a solo project by singer/songwriter Michiel Consindine, featuring energetic guests that will surprise you. With influences from Randy Newman and Neil Young, he delivers the best quirks music can give. His EP “Demonstration” features collaborations that bring organs, glockenspiels, trumpets, pianos and even snaps to a whole new level. These six songs will give you a whole new perspective on folk rock. The song “Garage Rock,” is a must. Consindine, along with his trumpet-playing companion, sang this song with so much soul, it filled the whole ballroom with such flair. They displayed

a massive, magnetic and marvelous talent of keeping the audience energized and rocking along. Also, check out “Cash Machine.” You will not be disappointed. What happened in the ballroom, will dance into your ears. Overall, these two are going to be big. I called it. Both have charismatic qualities that make their music captivating, catchy and soothing. If you didn’t go on the 29th, don’t fret. You can visit and hear them on These two have upcoming EPs, so be on the lookout. I hope you’ll check out these two.

October 17, 2012

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By Shannon Livewell

David W. Jacobsen – “Not What I Meant” David W. Jacobsen is an independent, solo acoustic, singer/songwriter from Jersey City, New Jersey, who recently released an album of original music. “The album is a collection of songs mostly centered on melodic, acoustic guitar playing with lyrics that range from poetic, to quirky, to sarcastic. A main theme is failing to communicate, and it deals with misunderstandings and their lighthearted or heartbreaking repercussions,” states Jacobsen. After giving, “Not What I Meant,” a listen I was left curious. The songs on this album are very narrative, making the listener feel as though they are being told a story about Jacobsen’s life. The instrumentals to every song are very solid. The entire acoustic feel is very dynamic, with concrete chord progressions. There is an aspect of folk music that adds another level of depth to this album. The song, “Suzanne,” is very quirky, telling the story of how a

girl had to “unexpectedly leave the date,” that she was on. It goes on to say how the male “character,” then continues calling Su-

the women that have once been part of his life. The song “Jacqueline,” exemplifies a certain theme of love lost. One of the lines, “we all regret things in life, that we did not do, my biggest regrets are the words I did not say to you.” This is a line that I feel can really hit home with anyone who listens, because everyone has held in something at some point that they wish they PHOTO PROVIDED BY DAVID JACOBSEN had said. zanne to reschedule their Though most of the songs date. It is a very satirical are sarcastic and witty, this song, which leaves the song is truly a love ballad listener intrigued to hear that is composed of honest what comes next. lyrics and a catchy melo Jacobsen seems dy. to have a trend of nam Jacobsen has been ing original songs after writing and performing

for over 15 years, and his song, “Christmas in Jersey City,” received an honor award in the Great American Song Contest. For more information on David W. Jacobsen visit his website, or listen to some songs from his latest album at http://sonicbids. com/davidwj. One thing is for sure, Jacobsen’s style is definitely unique, and unlike anything you have probably heard before. Listening to his quirky commentary in his songs is not only enjoyable, but also entertaining.


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Top 10 Movies This Week from

21% Taken 2 $49.5M 43% Hotel Transylvania $27.1M 77% Pitch Perfect $14.8M 93% Looper $12.1M 87% Frankenweenie $11.4M 85% End of Watch $4.0M 55% Trouble with the Curve $3.8M 12% House at the End of the Street $3.8M 85% The Master $1.9M 99% Finding Nemo 3D $1.6M

In Theaters: Sinister Sinister is a frightening new thriller from the producer of the Paranormal Activity films and the writer-director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that plunge his family into a nightmarish experience of supernatural horror.

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October 17th, 2012  

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October 17th, 2012  

Volume 94 issue 7