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Volume 90, Issue 6 | October 6, 2010


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Obama Calls for Educational Reform

$93,000 Cancer Drug Adds 4 Months of Survival


So what causes Provenge’s whopping $93,000 price tag? By SARA JANE DUFORT schools in countries that have to make the year even longer, is There are two main reasons. STAFF WRITER the best student achievement. a bit unrealistic. Obama did not There is a new price on life. Firstly, unlike other treatments, –––––––––––––––––––––––––– The President said in his speech state where this money would No, not the cereal…but cancer Provenge is considered the first that, “That month makes a dif- come from, or if it would be out survival. Provenge, a first-ofcancer vaccine and targets the With standardized testing ference. It means that kids are of district pockets. It is hard to its-kind drug treatment was ap- immune system to fight prostate scores falling and the United losing a lot of what they learn say that they will follow suit. proved in April and has shown tumors. This one-time treatment States ranking 21st in the world during the school year during Besides longer days, Obama that it adds four months of combines the proteins found in for science mastery, school dis- the summer.” This problem is also tackled the amount of teachtricts and politicians alike are pushing for education reform and longer school y e a r s . W h i l e some cite the current school year as our educationAN AP PHOTO al downsurvival to male patients suf- prostate cancer cells and the infall, othfering from incurable prostate dividual cells of patients, a very ers argue tumors. The catch? It costs time-consuming task. As a rethat lon$93,000. The rising cost of sult, each cancer patient receives ger years cancer-fighting drugs, however, a unique dose of Provenge befitAN AP PHOTO would be a is unsurprising. According to ting their own personal illness. burden to already struggling dis- severe for poorer students, who the Associated Press, just in the Secondly, this new drug is in extricts. It is unlikely that there will may not have the resources to ers and the progress that they are past ten years, new cancer drug ceptionally short supply. In fact, be radical reform, but it is essen- continue learning on their own. making in the classroom. Since treatments “have been topping it is the first cancer drug to be ratial to know that the success of What President Obama be- he became president, he has ad- $5,000 a month.” Revlimid, tioned since Taxol and Taxotere, the American youth is not short lieves is that the longer school dressed the need to better train designed to treat blood cancer, fifteen years ago. Some hospifrom people’s minds. Lawmak- years, even if by just sixteen and prepare today’s teachers to and Avastin cost approximately tals, including the University of ers, and educators alike, must days, are essential to student’s provide a quality education. He $10,000 a month. Consequently, Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer come to a compromise that will success. The problem with this, reiterated this fact on Monday, only a handful of these result in Center, have held lotteries in orsuit both district budgets and the however, is that the recession while talking about incompetent permanent remission or cures for der to choose the limited recipidrive for an educated society. has hit most educational budgets teachers and the need to “weed cancer while the others prolong ents of Provenge. According to President Obama has put hard, and extending the school them out.” In fact, he boldly statlife for no more than a couple of the Associated Press, Anderson ideas on the table that he be- year would cause a plethora ed that, “We’ve got to be able to years. See CANCER DRUG page 4 lieves will strengthen our fail- of problems for them. This in- identify teachers who are doing ing education system, the most cludes teacher salaries, utilities, well [and] teachers who are not Text message your news tips and comments to important, being longer school and perhaps most important- doing well. We’ve got to give days. Currently, U.S. schools ly, transportation costs. Some them the support and the trainThe Charger Bulletin! across the country average 180 schools have already shortened ing to do well, and, ultimately, 1 (270) UNH-NEWS instructional days a year. This their week to four days to com- if some teachers aren’t doing a 1 (270) 864-6397 is sixteen days less than upper bat this problem. So to ask them See EDUCATION page 5

Visiting Families Treated to Fun Filled Day


–––––––––––––––––––––––––– Each year, as soon as the weather turns just the right temperature to bring out hot cider and beautiful autumn leaves are seen on the trees, the University of New Haven hosts its annual Family Day. Students throughout campus are either

excited about seeing their families for the first time since move in or annoyed about their parents coming up to spend the day because it just hasn’t been long enough. Regardless of what the respective feelings are, Family Day always brings a day of funfilled activities to campus that

always are enjoyed by those in attendance. After all the families signed in and received their continental breakfast, there were activities for all ages and majors, including events such as Family Fun Time and the Mock Crime Scene Tour in Dodds. “It’s the first weekend of October, and I always know what that means. I arrived with highlighter in hand,

determined not to miss a thing,” says Linda Patterson, a veteran UNH mother. “All of us parents get out our itineraries, and we map out which activities we want to experience. It’s a tradition.” Various activities included See FAMILY DAY page 5


UNH Professor Guides Readers Through the Works of Skoryk

ing available in many of the top libraries across the country, –––––––––––––––––––––––––– including MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon. Earlier this year, UNH ProfesWhen readers open the book, sor Dr. Victor Markiw released a they are immediately greeted CD with Jennifer Litwin with the foreword, writ(The Litwin-Markiw ten by the Associate Duo), performing Dean of the School of the works of Franz Fine Arts at the UniverSchubert, Franz Liszt, sity of Connecticut, ProClaude Debussy, Sergei fessor Peter Kaminsky. Rachmaninoff, FernanIn his foreword, Prof. do Obradors, Aaron CoKaminsky explains, pland, and Leonard Ber“The combination of nstein, which received Skoryk’s thoughts on excellent reviews. An his music with Proexcerpt from a review fessor Markiw’s bioby Oles Kuzyszyn sums graphical information, up the experience this historical and stylistic CD offers with the folinsights, and expert analowing sentence: “the lytical readings … produo handles all of these vides an … informative with intelligence and and fascinating view of aplomb, treating us, the the composer ... With listeners, to superb inthe publication of this terpretations of some of splendid study, Profesthe best examples of art sor Markiw has taken an songs spanning the last important step in securtwo centuries.” and continues on to examine ing Myroslav Skoryk’s rightful Considering the results of his complete solo piano works. place in the pantheon of contemhis musical venture with The Additionally, the book contains porary composers.” Litwin-Markiw Duo, it is no sur- interviews with Skoryk, as well Starting with The Litwinprise that his return as the author as expert analytical readings. Markiw Duo and continuof the most significant English Although it was only recently ing with this book, Profeswritings on Myroslav Skoryk is released, it is already becomSee SKORYK page 6 By MATT DI GIOVANNI EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

successful. The book, titled The Life and Solo Piano Works of the Ukrainian Composer Myroslav Skoryk, begins with a biographical and stylistic view of Skoryk,

October 6, 2010

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USGA President’s Corner As mid-terms creep up on all of us UNH students, I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful first six weeks of the semester. There have been a lot of positives to talk about this semester already. Some of the things to highlight are the success of our athletic teams, the overwhelming involvement of our clubs and organizations, and the upcoming second homecoming game. We have a lot of events planned for that week, so look forward to those. For those of you traveling this weekend, drive safe, and enjoy Monday and Tuesday off from classes. If your mid-terms are starting soon, I want to wish everyone the best of luck. Study hard, get some rest, and have some fun. Have a great week, Scott Kazar USGA President

USGA Senator Spotlight Name: Danielle Pallidino Birthday: September 15, 1990 Hometown: Torrington, Connecticut Year: Junior Major: History, Legal Studies, Pre Education Campus Involvement: Delta Epsilon Beta Sorority 073 Treasurer Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society USGA Senator- Athletics Committee Chair

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October 6, 2010

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by Joann Wolwowicz

by Michelle R. Morra

It’s been a while since you guys have been updated on the SCOPE Events. Two weeks in fact. There has been so much going on since the last issue of the paper; so, here’s the low down. Film has played two great movies since we last talked. Two weeks ago, they showed Karate Kid, with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Smith has gotten a lot of talent from his folks and Chan makes a great Mr. Miyagi, because who can forget him. Of course there are bullies, which leads to fighting, which lead to Smith winning the tournament against his bullies. As for last week, Film showed Jonah Hex, the movie based off of the DC Comics comic. There were explosions, fighting, bringing people back to life, love scenes, and just about everything that an old western has. Coming up this week, SCOPE Film is showing Dinner for Schmucks on Tuesday and Friday in Bartels Café, at 9 p.m. SCOPE Weekends has been very busy as well. Two weeks ago, they took students to the Big E on Friday. On Saturday, they had a program called “StuffA-Bear.” The Big E was amazing; it is the biggest fair that set ups in the Northeast, and it has everything from rides, games, shopping centers, animals, circus shows, and every fried food that you can think of – including fried cheesecake. Every student that went came back carrying bags that were fuller than when they had left. On Saturday at “Stuff-A-Bear,” there was stuffing flying everywhere. Students had the option to choose what type of stuffed animal they wanted and each new friend got a t-shirt and a certificate. Bears have never gone so fast, and students went back to their rooms with a new friend. This past week, Weekend planned Roller Skating on Friday and on Saturday for Family Day, they brought back the Mystery Dinner to campus for the parents. Friday night had an 80’s type feel to it, as people roller skated around the floor that was brought into the Alumni Lounge. There was 80’s music playing in the background. People had fun skating around the floor, and there were lots of people falling down. Also, the parents had a grand time participating in the Mystery Dinner, which is always a fantastic show. It was also full of laughs and a good time, with great food. This week, SCOPE Weekends has planned a Craft Night; so, come join us on Friday, October 8 in the Moulton Lounge, from 4:308:30 p.m. Family Day also included the Inflatable Fun Fest, put on by SCOPE Day Programming. Every year, Day Programming brings inflatables to campus, and this year they were joined by caramel and candy apples, apple and pumpkin pie, apple cider, and some great giveaways, which included silly bandz, SCOPE bags, and Charger Bulletin Frisbees. Kids were able to jump around on the inflatables, while parents and students enjoyed great food and got to take pictures to remember the day. Be on the lookout for next week, because Day Programming is also bringing back the Butt Sketch Artist and Adam Pate on October 13 in the Bartels Programming Space from 12:30-4:30 p.m. So, join Day Programming right after the break and get some drawings of yourself done. Now that you are all caught up with all of the SCOPE happenings, we want everyone enjoy themselves on this upcoming and well deserved break!!!

1960 proved to be a year of firsts for the United States presidency. John F. Kennedy became the 35th president, while becoming the youngest man and the first Roman Catholic to hold the office. His presidency is most known for his handling of the mounting Cold War tensions in Cuba, Vietnam, and elsewhere, his renewed drive for public service, federal support for the growing civil rights movement, and his assassination. Even to this day, historians continue to rank him among the best-loved presidents in American history. John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts as the second of nine children to Joseph and Rose Kennedy. Experiencing health problems throughout his childhood and teenage years, later being diagnosed with a rare endocrine disorder called Addison’s disease; Kennedy led a very privileged life, being a member one of Boston’s most prominent Irish Catholic political families. He eventually became a student at Harvard University and later traveled

Health and Fitness The Truth About Stretching

by Melanie Rovinsky

I can still hear the rhythmic counting, from one to 30 that resonated repeatedly from our circle at midfield. I remember the way the blades of grass tickled the backs of my knees as I reached to touch the edge of my cleats. And despite the whistles, cheers, and pre-game commotion clouding my memory, I can vividly hear my coach shouting at us to make every stretch count. As a soccer player for most of my youth and young adulthood, I was constantly being told to stretch. And even now, as a recreational runner, I still feel like I am committing a mortal sin if I begin a workout without at least a few minutes of stretching. However, recent studies are beginning to show that my coaches and I may have been wrong all along. Static stretching, the method employed by most amateur teams and independent exercisers, may be doing your body more harm than good! Static stretching is the traditional way of holding a stretch for 20 to 30 seconds, whereas dynamic stretching involves stretching while moving. A study conducted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, concluded that athletes who performed static stretches before exercise actually received less force from their leg muscles than those athletes who did not stretch at all. The New York Times reported that similar studies also found that static stretching before activity decreased a muscle’s strength up to 30 percent. Although static stretching has not been proven to prevent injuries when done before exercise, physical activity can still be dangerous if commenced before the body is properly warmed up. They key to warming up your body involves raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow. Warm muscles and expanded blood vessels extract oxygen from blood and use stored muscle food more easily. Even more beneficial, warmed up muscles are less apt to rip when stretched. The best way to warm up your muscles is though light aerobic activity, such as jogging. Malachy McHugh, the director of research at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, stresses the importance of dynamic stretching to increase power, flexibility, and range of motion. Unlike static stretching, which only helps you mentally build up tolerance to the discomfort of the stretch, dynamic stretching allows your muscles to prepare for exertion, says McHugh. Is static stretching ever beneficial? Yes, but only when done correctly! According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching after a workout increases flexibility, improves range of motion in your joints, improves circulation, and relieves stress. In addition, they recommend breathing, remaining still (never pulsating or bouncing), and pacing yourself throughout each stretch.

John F. Kennedy in Europe as his father’s secretary after his father was appointed the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1934. Kennedy later joined the U.S. Navy in 1941. Abandoning plans to be a journalist, Kennedy left the Navy by the end of 1944. Less than a year later, he was back in Boston preparing for a run for Congress in 1946. As a moderately conservative Democrat, and backed by his father’s fortune, Kennedy won his party’s nomination handily and carried the mostly working-class Eleventh District by nearly three to one over his Republican opponent in the general election. He entered the 80th Congress in January 1947, at the age of 29, and immediately attracted attention (as well as some criticism from older members of the Washington establishment) for his youthful appearance and relaxed, informal style. Kennedy won reelection to the House of Representatives in 1948 and 1950, and in 1952 ran successfully for the Senate, defeating the popular Republican incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. On September 12, 1953, Kennedy married the beautiful socialite and journalist Jacqueline (Jackie) Lee Bouvier. Two years later, he was forced to undergo a painful operation on his back. Kennedy announced his candidacy for president on January 2, 1960. He defeated a primary challenge from the more liberal Hubert Humphrey and chose the Senate majority leader, Lyndon Johnson of Texas, as his running mate. In the general election, Kennedy faced a difficult battle against his Republican opponent, Richard Nixon, a two-term vice president under the popular Dwight D. Eisenhower. Offering a young, energetic alternative to Nixon and the status quo, Kennedy benefited from his performance in the firstever televised debates, watched by millions of viewers. In November’s election, Kennedy won by a narrow margin–less than 120,000 out of some 70 million votes cast–becoming the youngest man and the first Roman Cath-

olic to be elected president of the United States. During his first year in office, Kennedy oversaw the launch of the Peace Corps, which would send young volunteers to underdeveloped countries all over the world. Otherwise, he was unable to achieve much of his proposed legislation during his lifetime, including two of his biggest priorities: income tax cuts and a civil rights bill. Kennedy was slow to commit himself to the civil rights cause, but was eventually forced into action, sending federal troops to support the desegregation of the University of Mississippi after riots there left two dead and many others injured. The following summer, Kennedy announced his intention to propose a comprehensive civil rights bill and endorsed the massive March on Washington that took place that August. On November 22, 1963, the president and his wife landed in Dallas; he had spoken in San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth the day before. From the airfield, the party then traveled in a motorcade to the Dallas Trade Mart, the site of Kennedy’s next speaking engagement. Shortly after 12:30 p.m., as the motorcade was passing through downtown Dallas, shots rang out; Kennedy was struck twice, in the neck and head, and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital. Tw e n t y - f o u r- y e a rold Lee Harvey Oswald, known to have Communist sympathies, was arrested for the killing but was shot and fatally wounded two days later by local nightclub owner Jack Ruby while being led to jail. Almost immediately, alternative theories of Kennedy’s assassination emerged–including conspiracies run by the KGB, the Mafia and the U.S. military-industrial complex, among others. A presidential commission led by Chief Justice Earl Warren concluded that Oswald had acted alone, but speculation and debate over the assassination has persisted.

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October 6, 2010

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High Noon at UT Austin



It seemed like a normal Tuesday morning at the University of Texas in Austin, but September 28 was anything but a normal day for the students and faculty. Colton J. Tooley, 19, was a sophomore at UT and a Math Major. He was also a resident from South Austin and a strong student with much admiration from his professors. That morning, Tooley ran through campus wearing a dark suit and a ski mask, carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, and he fired six rounds on the sixth floor of the Perry Castaneda Library, one of the busiest undergraduate libraries on campus. No one was harmed in this random shooting rampage, con’t from page 1

because he did not have any intention of harming anyone, just to scare people. “He didn’t really want to hurt anyone…he had many opportunities to fatally hurt someone and he didn’t” says student Lindsi Ramirez. Tooley shot himself fatally after he fired the rounds. The security measures taken by the university were very efficient and effective to keep all the students and faculty out of harm’s way. Minutes after the first gunshot was heard, UTPD sent out a campus wide alert through text message, email, and other campus digital media that was available; the alert informed people that there was a gunman running around campus and that he was in the PCL. They were encouraged to stay where they were and

lock all the windows and doors. Classes were canceled until further notice. In order to perform secondary searches in every building, there were APD

normal schedule was resumed on Wednesday. The timing of the shooting was very coincidental or ironic as some say, because the Texas Senate

SWAT, UTPD, Travis County SO SWAT, DPS SWAT, and EOD explosive dog teams present. After setting up a perimeter around campus, they evacuated the students and faculty. Soon after, though, campus was reopened and

will soon to be in session, and one of the foremost topics of debate is the right for students to carry concealed handguns on campus and into classrooms. The bill failed in 2008 and 2009, but with this fresh new incident on

due to job losses. All three unfortunately suffered relapses once their treatment had ceased. As more layoffs occur, insurance companies seem less willing to cover these expensive cancer drugs, and people are looking to state and federal governments for more assistance. A federal health care law forbids lifetime caps on insurance benefits for plans issued or renewed on or after September 23; however, many continue appealing for additional coverage. One question that has come into focus lately is whether the benefits of such treatments outweigh the cost. Genentech’s Tarceva for pancreatic cancer, for example, prices as $4,000 a month but only averages an additional twelve-day survival rate for patients. For an extra year of life, the American

Cancer Society’s deputy chief medical officer Dr. Len Lichtenfeld estimates the cost at anywhere from $300,000 to $800,000. Survival for patients taking the $93,000 Provenge vaccine averages from four months to one year. Further observation is needed, however, regarding the long-term benefits of Provenge. While it is primarily used to treat patients with later and terminal stages of prostate cancer, doctors agree that testing it with earlier stages is necessary. According to the Associated Press, Prostate specialist Dr. Elizabeth Plimack from the Fox Chase Cancer Center had this to say: “I’ve not had any patient ask for it. They ask about it. Based on the information, they think the cost is tremendous, and they think the benefit is very small.” Patient Bob

Svensson, 80, admits that the only reason he went through with the Provenge treatment was because his insurance paid. “I would not spend that money,” Svensson said, “because the benefit doesn’t seem worth it.” The government is in the midst of deciding whether basic Medicare will cover Provenge for late-stage prostate cancer treatments. If approved, taxpayers will find themselves in a costly predicament. Not only is prostate cancer the most common cancer among men in the United States, but many late-stage patients would be eligible for the $93,000 Provenge treatment. A meeting is scheduled for November 17 to consider Medicare coverage for Provenge.

New Cancer Drug Extends Lives

Cancer Center’s prostate cancer research chief, Dr. Christopher Logothetis stated, “I’m fearful that this will become a drug for people with more resources and less available for people with less resources.” He also advocates the need for a “national investment” through Medicare in order to determine the full potential of Provenge. Indeed, the cost of these life-saving treatments and the recent economic conditions cause big problems for many patients. Some even resort to cancelling treatments because their insurance can no longer afford the payments. The New England Journal of Medicine, for example, reported three patients who stopped taking the $4,500 Gleevec drug designed to keep leukemia and stomach cancers in remission,

Pneumonic Plague Shakes Tibet



As if it weren’t enough that flu season is kicking into high gear, now a sudden pneumonic outbreak is gripping Tibet and sending shockwaves across the world. Five people have already been infected with the disease, with the first case being discovered on September 23. The plague, which occurs when bacteria infects the lungs, is currently being investigated for its cause, though it is speculated to be the bacterium, Yersinia pestis, which is typically found in rats and other small rodents.

In its initial appearance, the plague displays flu like symptoms, including fevers, headaches, weakness, and quickly advancing pneumonia. The disease can kill in as little as twenty-four hours if it remains untreated. Since the recent outbreak, one of the afflicted individuals has died from lung contamination. With the exception of one of the infected people, the survivors are being treated and appear to be in stable condition. Because of the contagious nature of the plague and its easy transfer by way of certain climate and crowding factors, families and friends who have been in close contact with

these survivors are also being quarantined. Though precautions are being taken, Tibet is no stranger to plague outbreak. Authorities enclosed the 10,000-person Qinghai farming community for over a week last year when three out of the nine diseased people died. Currently, health officials are inspecting local residents and those leaving the community for additional traces of the pneumonic plague. In addition, authorities and medical experts are taking measures to educate people about the disease and ways to combat its spread.

everyone’s mind, it will be getting much more support than it did in the past. The bill states that no public university across the state of Texas can prohibit the students and faculty from carrying a concealed handgun if they are licensed to carry one. So far, Utah is the only state in the country that has passed this law. However, should students really have the right to be armed at all times? When midterms or finals are going on, tensions are high and emotions run wild. Should a student with the pressure of college and classes be able to handle a weapon? “It would ironically make me feel less safe. I would not trust myself with a weapon, let alone my peers” said another student, Christina Ulsh. When asked the opinion

of his thoughts on the bill, student Cody McCuiston said “I think that giving college students the right to carry concealed weapons on campus because of a school shooting is counterproductive. I think that would make it easier for situations like the UT shooting to occur.” This bill is not greatly supported within the student body, but it is very supported in the Texas legislation right now. Due to the incredible safety precautions, no one except Tooley himself was hurt, and UT should be commended on their extensive safety measures. This was a very random act and a sad day for Tooley’s family and friends, because the motivation is still unclear and it is still undergoing an investigation.

Austrailians Charged with Civilian Deaths

The day after the attack, the Australian Defence ––––––––––––––––––––– Department issued a statement saying the deaths had In February of 2009, happened as the soldiers three Australian soldiers carried out “clearance opraided a residential com- erations” using guns and pound in the province of hand grenades, and that Uruzgan, where a Taliban the soldiers were simply leader was said to be hid- retaliating after being fired ing. Unfortunately, the sol- at by Taliban insurgents diers did not get the right during the raid. target. Instead, they apparAfter careful considently attacked the wrong eration, Lyn McDale said house and killed ten na- that the charges had been tives. Six died, five of laid against the ex-comwhich were children, and mandoes. Through their four were injured. lawyers, the soldiers comEight months later, the mented saying, "We will ex-commandoes are be- strenuously defend the ing charged with “various charges and we look forservice offenses, including ward to the opportunity manslaughter, dangerous of publicly clearing our conduct, failing to com- reputations, as well as the ply with a lawful general reputation of the Austraorder, and prejudicial con- lian Defence Force." The duct,” according to the military was noted to sayDirector of Military Pros- ing that the trial would ecutions Brigadier, Lyn commence early 2011. McDale.


Eastern NC Begins Cleanup after Downpour Floods By TOM BREEN In Windsor, the sounds eastern North Carolina by associated press

torrential rains and floods from a storm that moved up the East Coast last WINDSOR, N.C. – week. But the scenes of Randy Russell stared at a people surveying damage, knee-deep pool of water cleaning up and gingerly surrounding his restau- making their way through rant, Bunn's Barbecue, as still-flooded roads were reit leaked over makeshift peated all over the region. sand barriers Monday and Julia Jarema, a spokesthrough the front door. woman with the North "I'd hate to leave it," he Carolina Division of said of the restaurant that Emergency Management, dates back to 1938 and said officials expect severnow must be rebuilt. "But al parts of the state's river it tries your spirit when system to remain at flood this happens." stage this week. With more than 200 Damage assessment businesses and homes teams will start going out damaged, Windsor, a town Tuesday. Officials will of about 2,300 on the banks know later in the week of the Cashie River, is one what sort of federal aid the of the places hit hardest in state may be able to get. –––––––––––––––––––––

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of hammering could be heard up and down King Street, the main drag, as people ripped out carpeting and drywall from businesses there. Two bison from a petting zoo wandered through the flooded streets until they were corralled Monday in a fenced-in enclosure downtown while the city decides what to do with them. Gov. Beverly Perdue visited Windsor on Sunday, comparing the damage to that caused by floodwaters from Hurricane Floyd in 1999, whose rainfall totals were surpassed in some places by See CLEANUP page 6

October 6, 2010

Bringing Back the 80’s SCOPE Style



On Friday, October 1, SCOPE put down a roller rink in the Alumni Lounge in Bartels. The event had a real 80’s feel to it, especially with the roller skates, the colorful lights dancing around the ceiling, and, of course, you can’t have a roller rink without top songs from the 80’s. As “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” played on in the background, students laced up their roller skates provided by SCOPE and began getting ready to have some fun. It was a rough start at first, espe-

cially because not everybody there was a roller skating professionals like perhaps our parents probably are. So, of course, students fell. Just trying to stand was a chore, but falling was what made it fun. Students laughed at each other and got a chance to laugh at themselves. After a few falls though, people eventually got the hang of rolling around on the skates, probably well enough to make their parents proud. Even the SCOPE gang joined in on all of the fun. Jen Cross and I laced some roller skates ourselves and got into the fun. We had a blast on the floor that we had worked hard to put

down. SCOPE and friends worked hard with the roller skating company to put down a roller rink floor so that we wouldn’t scratch the Alumni Lounge floor. How cool is that? That took out all of the hassle of going to an actual roller skating rink: no bus, no sign-ups, no waiting in line. That just shows you what SCOPE is really capable of, if they managed to bring the roller rink to you! This is also a great example of the hard work that makes up SCOPE. The hard work paid off, and students had a great time falling, picking themselves up, and just hanging out with friends.

internationally known actress/model and does not need audition for the audience because Mr. Wonder said that she auditioned enough the night previously. Finally, there is Tapioca Puddingworth, who is Mr. Wonder’s current girlfriend and is insanely possessive of him. It is not expected for their relationship to last. The plot thickens when the audience finds out that Mr. Willy Wonder, not only has appeared to have dropped dead, but that his cause of death was actually cyanide poisoning. As new clues and rumors begin to circulate through the room, it becomes obvious that Gary might have an ulterior motive for Mr. Wonder death; his friend, also a producer, wants to take over Mr. Wonder’s production company and has promised Gary a role for his help. However, Tapioca might also have a motive to inflict harm on Mr. Wonder, because one of the rumors going around was that Lee was seen leaving the Motel 7

earlier that morning, the one where Mr. Wonder was staying. This ,of course, caused Tapioca to just lost it. Gary claimed she was emotionally unstable; this newly revealed information must have pushed her over the edge. The dinner was very good too. They served chicken piccata, poppy seed rolls, potato wedges, salad, cookies, and brownies, all of which was very delicious. Gary especially loved the rolls. The table decorations were also very nice, with curled ribbon in the middle and programs and pencils circling the center. This was a very nice event put on, and everyone there enjoyed themselves, especially since the characters were very entertaining. The winner of the mystery received her own game to play at home, another murder mystery game signed by all of the actors. A thank you goes out to everyone who made this fun night possible.

Murder Mystery Dinner



The Murder Mystery Dinner was a very successful and fun event set up for family day, and it was a sold out event with 150 people in attendance. The event was hosted in the Alumni Lounge from 6:00 -7:30 p.m. All of the guests pledged to be deputy detectives to find out who murdered the famous producer, Mr. Willy Wonder. The game was a Chester Hadlyme Mystery and just one of the many plots available. This plot, however, was called “Auditions are Murder” and the famous producer conducting the auditions turned up to be the one murdered. The characters who were auditioning are, of course, the three suspects. There was Gary Glamour, who was a famous star in the 80’s; everyone knows that he will not get his part because of his bad acting. Then, there was Lee Montressore, who is an

con’t from page 1

Education Reform

good job, they’ve got to go.’’ Even when he was just running for president, he took this stand, and is still taking it now. After all, if a teacher is not doing well, what makes you think that the student will learn anything? Sadly, despite President Obama’s stern call to action, it is unlikely that anything will come to fruition because of it. Districts are struggling to keep programs alive, like the arts and after-school activities. If a school were to lengthen the year, the potential for these programs being cut from the budget grows exponentially. Not only would students be outraged, but their chances of getting into college could also decrease. If the one or two clubs that they en-

Page 5

joy were cut, would their grades alone be enough to get them in? The answer to this, would be no, as college applications rates have steadily been rising, making competition fierce. Another issue to look at when districts try to lengthen school years, and fire teachers, is the parents. While they might seem like innocent soccer moms and dads, they have strong opinions that can block any sort of change. This was evident in the West Hartford school district when administrators took away the 2010-2011 February break. It made it so school could get out a week earlier in June, but parents would have none of it. They cited family vacations and time together, and when the 2011-2012 calendars were finalized

students had their February break back again. Parents, just like their children, are slow to accept change, even if it would be beneficial for them. Despite the problems that come with education reform, President Obama’s thoughts are in the right place. It is difficult to see a society that thrives when students are not being properly educated, and that cannot meet the standards of other industrialized nations. When it comes down to it, our countries economic wellbeing is in the balance. High school and college students are the future of tomorrow, and they need the best education so that they can succeed.

ees, Outstanding Campus Leadership, Outstanding Community Service, Outstanding Intramurals, Outstanding Recruitment, Outstanding Scholarship, and Outstanding Website. On September 19, 2010 the brothers of New Haven Delta Chi and their fellow brothers at UCONN got together and did a Juvenile Diabetes Walk for a Cure (JDRF) at UCONN’s home for football, Rentschler Field. The New Haven Chapter alone raised over $300 for this spectacular cause. The New Haven Chapter is also pleased to welcome in nine new associate members into their brotherhood. These fine men in-

clude: Christopher Erath, Abdulatif Alrushaid, Bassam Almokhtar, Jeremey Green, Patrick Roberson, Andrew Murphy, Jordan Greene-Williams, Mohammed Al Dawood, and James Foley. Delta Chi would like you to keep your eyes peeled for big things from this amazing chapter in the future, which range from a family fun packed activity for family day to our annual blood drive, taking place in the German Club on October 27-28. For more fun events, we would encourage you to follow us on twitter at UNHDELTACHI, or look out for updates on our website

Many students and parents enjoyed the various trips to the different areas. The West Haven Apple Festival was a treat in itself. Many of the students, when asked at the end of the day how they thought the day went had many wonderful things to say. “I like that it’s exactly like a carnival, with crafts added in. And the Segway made it so much better,” stated Gabriella Soto, a junior at UNH. Many students feel that it is a day really worth waiting for and enjoying when it finally does arrive. “I love when my mom comes up each year. I look forward to spending time with her and doing things we don’t have time to do with each other while I’m away at school,” said Ash-

ley Lowe, a junior from Staten Island, NY. “I get the one day to see my mom then I don’t need to travel home for another month. It works for both of us.” Once again, Family Day was a success for all of the students and parents. It’s always a great way to kick off fall and see the family again before the next big break in the academic year. Even those students who did not participate in any of the activities still had a chance to see their families for the day, and many chose to go out to dinner. Sometimes, seeing the family, especially when you really miss them and haven’t seen them in awhile, is all someone really needs to get back on track.

New Haven Delta Chi off to a Good Start



The Brothers of the New Haven Delta Chi chapter are very pleased to announce the awards that they have won over the summer and the tremendous amount of work that has been done so far this semester. New Haven had their International Convention held in New Orleans this past August where our New Haven chapter took home a string of awards. Those awards included: Top 3 for the most improved in the presidents cup, Outstanding Alumni Board of Trust-

Hear a story you want to tell us about? Something on campus outrage you? Upset about national sports? Text message your news tips and comments to The Charger Bulletin! 1 (270) UNH-NEWS 1 (270) 864-6397

Family Day At UNH

con’t from page 1

a fall craft corner, where families could take photos in the Photo Booth and keep a strip of the pictures as memories. Another option was to place your family’s picture on a keychain. Dr. Margaret Jablonski, the Vice President of Student Affairs, offered a fireside chat for parents and students, while the mock crime scene tour was going on right across the road. Lunch is always an experience, with lines winding around and up the stairs; but, it is always worth the wait. There was a cupcake decorating activity for the lucky ones before that event ran out, along with caramel apple making and a cooking demo with Sodexo, the company who keeps our UNH com-

munity full everyday. The 5678 Dance Team, the UNH Step Team, and Emanon also had performances throughout the day, gathering audiences every time. It is safe to say that we can be proud of all of our dance groups here on campus. Additionally, there were also sporting events going on all afternoon, beginning with Men’s Soccer vs. Stonehill College, followed by Women’s Lacrosse and Men’s Lacrosse games. A big congratulations should go to the men’s soccer team, conquering Stonehill with a 2-0 win. Keep up the great work guys! The Inflatable Funfest, located in the recreation center, had to be one of the busiest and most amusing activities that was set up

for Family Day. There was a bungee challenge, where two people strapped into bungee harnesses needed to shoot a basketball into a hole. When a player ran up to shoot, they pulled the other person further away. Both the parents and the students loved this activity, and many people chose to do it more than once. The Obstacle Course was also another big contender. Upstairs, participants could even find Irish Step Dancing and Salsa dance lessons. There was always something to do and somewhere to go, with no time left for being bored. The annual Murder Mystery Dinner was held in the Alumni Lounge at 6:00 p.m. Participants left the sold out dinner saying that it was very enter-

taining, just as it has been every other year. Those who did not attend the dinner would attend a basic photography lesson with Patrick Daniele or a glass blowing demo in Buckman. At the demo, they demonstrated how to make icicles and mini glass flowers, which was very interesting to watch. The one thing that the UNH society, parents, and students value greatly is the relationship UNH has with the West Haven community. Off-campus trips to Lyman Orchards for apple picking, tours of Historic West Haven, Captain Bob’s trip to the Thimble Islands, and the West Haven Apple Festival were held to give parents a feel of what kind of area their children go to school in.

October 6, 2010

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Getting Started On Your Research Life and Works of Skoryk Paper con’t from page 1




As the semester gets rolling along, I’m sure many of you are looking ahead to October and dreading the days when your first round of research papers are due. With procrastination in full effect and the due date quickly approaching, the first step to successfully writing a research paper is to select a topic. With a good paper topic, it is easier to find appropriate scholarly articles and resources. However with a poor topic, writing a paper becomes extremely difficult, time-consuming and stressful. The best advice I can give you is to relax. Once you are relaxed, remember that the library is here to help you, and with an abundance of resources available from your home computer, it has never been easier to select a topic and conduct research. The first step to finding a good topic for your paper is to think of something that is really interesting to you. It’s always easier to write a paper on a topic that interests you. Following the news is an easy way to discover new research topics, because

they are the issues that are currently on the minds of many people (i.e: immigration reform, the issue of for-profit-colleges, the BP Oil Spill, etc.). However, be careful that the topic is not too recent. If the topic you select pertains to an event/person/story that occurred within the last few months, there may not be sufficient journal articles and books written on the subject. It is always best to select a topic that occurred or made headlines more than four months ago so professionals in the field have had time to write scholarly work on the topic. If the topics in the news do not spark your interest or if the issues are not relevant to your class, searching through a few of the databases located on the library’s website is another simple way to select an appropriate topic for your paper. The library’s website is accessible from the University’s homepage; just click on the tab titled, “Library” on the top toolbar, and a blue navigation bar will appear on the left side of the library homepage. Select “Databases” and then click on the “Alphabetical Listing and Databases on Preview” tab. You will then be prompted

to login to the computer using your UNH network login. Once you have logged in, there are several databases that will be useful for selecting a paper topic and will provide ample background information to get you started. One of the databases, CQ Researcher, is an excellent place to start, as it presents weekly articles on some of the hottest topics, ranging from reality television to the death penalty. You can even browse by topic, and get the pros and cons on each issue. Another useful database for selecting a topic would be Discovering Collection. Once you enter the database, a list of popular topics is located on the right side of the page. A simple click on the word runs a keyword search for that topic. Located on the main toolbar, a feature called “topic trees” allows the user to select a subject area of interest. Once a subject is chosen, a list of the most popular searches under that particular subject is provided, and again, a simple click on the heading runs a keyword search for that topic. It makes selecting a topic for your paper fast and simple. Other useful databases for getting background infor-

mation include CREDO Reference, Academic OneFile, U.S. History in Context, and JSTOR. Much of the same information from this article is located within LibGuides, which are located on the UNH Library homepage. LibGuides are helpful aids that students can use to research certain topics. To access the LibGuides, once you are on the library homepage, on the left hand side of the page select “Guides,” and this will bring you to the LibGuide homepage. Once inside, on the left side select the link titled “Research Guides,” then choose “Introduction to Research.” If you need help finding additional resources the reference librarians are experts at conducting research, and will take the time to teach you proper search techniques so you can find suitable articles by yourself. For help, please stop by the library’s Information Desk, call the Information Desk at (203) 932-7189, or email us at libraryhelp@newhaven. edu We are willing to help you with all your research needs, so don’t be shy; it’s why we are here.

Mad? Happy? Something else!? Express your opinion! Send your editorials to ChargerBulletin@newhaven. edu

Cleanup Begins in NC con’t from page 4

last week's storm. Perdue encouraged anyone who rebuilds to elevate their buildings. "I got about 17 inches of water this time, and five feet from Floyd," said Russelll Phelps of the Cooper Insurance Agency on King Street. "But you've got to do the same things with 17 inches that you've got to do with five feet: carpets, sheet rock, computers, everything." Relief for the area was expected from the state and federal government and from nonprofit groups like the North Carolina Baptist Men, who planned to have 1,000 volunteers in the region this week, said Windsor Mayor James Hoggard. The storm that hit the East Coast last week dumped rain across the Carolinas and was blamed for causing six traffic deaths in North Carolina. Even though it came after an unusually dry summer,

the drenching rain caused rivers from Pender County in the southeast to Bertie County 150 miles north to overflow their banks. In Windsor, the worst of the rains came Thursday night, just when Hammer Heads Oyster Bar planned to open for the oyster season. The employees managed to get a lot of equipment to safety, including the $30,000 steamer that cooks most of the seafood, but the inside was inundated by floodwater. Co-owner Adam Hughes was cleaning up Monday and hearing from locals who told him pieces of the restaurant's outdoor deck were found three blocks away. Hughes, who owns the restaurant with his brother, is undaunted. "We're going to open back up as soon as we can," he said, stepping in rubber boots through the still-wet interior. "Oyster season's ticking away. We've gotta get going."

sor Markiw consistently shows his love and passion for music. He received his D.M.A. at the University of Connecticut, his M.F.A. at the State University of New York at Purchase, and his B.M. at Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford. He is a full time lecturer in the Department of Music and has taught at UNH since 1995. Classes he has taught include piano, music theory, music history, and he was formally the artistic director

of the series “Concerts for All Ages.” Professor Markiw’s CD, The Litwin-Markiw Duo, is now available at the UNH Bookstore as well as CD Baby, iTunes, Napster, and Amazon. com. The Life and Solo Piano Works of the Ukrainian Composer Myroslav Skoryk is available by order from Barnes & Noble and will soon be available in the UNH Library. In the meantime, inter library loan through the UNH library is an option.

24 Hour Library Hours in Sight



It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve just finished your last class of the week. Maybe you’re eager to get started on that homework assignment due on Monday, knowing that you’ll likely forget all about it once your weekend is in full swing. Or maybe you just want to find a quiet place to study, because your dorm room or suite is being converted into the site of the next big party on campus. In any case, you rush to the Marvin K. Peterson Library with your laptop or textbook and sit down just in time to hear: “Attention: The library will be closing in 15 minutes.” There have always been complaints that the library closes way too early on the weekends. And, even though it’s open until mid-

Career Connections

night on the weekdays, that still leaves out a lot of students who have schedules that permit little time before then. Also, everyone has noticed and complained about the fact that the library doesn’t open until two in the afternoon on Sundays. The point is that many of us are discontent with the library’s current hours. Many students have chosen to live with it, while others have voiced their concerns to To those who have done the latter, you’ve been answered. The Academic Committee, chaired by USGA Senator Kersten Foulds, has introduced a proposal to keep the library open for 24 hours a day, including on the weekends. The director of the library has already expressed delight at the concept after the initial meeting to bring up the idea, and over a See LIBRARY page 7

October 6, 2010

Diner, located at 111 Elm Street in West Haven, to ––––––––––––––––––––– discuss some advertising plans. Little did I know Anyone who read the that I was in for some good paper last year may recall eats. Upon entering the the feature column “Grub diner, I was immediately Gab,” where food reviews transported back to my were written on various hometown in New Jersey local eateries. This is its with the traditional diner return! décor and atmosphere. I One fine Saturday after- was immediately greeted noon, I headed to The Elm by the friendly hostess, By MATT DI GIOVANNI EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


Grub Gab Returns!

Page 7

and was seated. Although not a large establishment, it definitely does not feel overcrowded in the diner. With me at the diner was Samantha Shinn, The Charger Bulletin’s advertising manager, and shortly after we were seated, John Theodoridis, the owner of the diner joined us at our table. He offered some breakfast and, me being a

huge breakfast fan, could not turn that down. I took up John on his recommendation and ordered a feta cheese and spinach omelet with rye toast, and Sam ordered an Italian Combo Omelet, which contained sausage, peppers, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese, with wheat toast. The food was delicious! The eggs were cooked

perfectly and the omelets were huge. The side of home fries was the perfect addition, and they were seasoned and prepared exactly the way I like them: broken into small, medium and large pieces with some of the potatoes almost mashed. Both Sam and I agreed that The Elm Diner’s food was great and, in my opin-

ion, better than many of the other area diners. I give The Elm Diner a 4.5/5! To close, I just want to announce that The Elm Diner is offering a 10% discount off the final check to all UNH students with a student ID, so be sure to stop in and enjoy the food!

can only have one child and will not allow you the freedom to read the Bible, you think they can be our friend?" she asked. "We have to look at our history and realize that if they pretend to be our friend it's because they've got something up their sleeve." O'Donnell's campaign didn't immediately respond to questions about the comments. At the debate, opponent Jan Ting countered that China has the potential to become a more Democratic country and an important ally.

"I think our China policy has to be handled very carefully," Ting said. "We have the capability of making an enemy or a friend out of China." When Ting challenged O'Donnell's claim about having secret information, O'Donnell didn't answer specifically but suggested she had received it

through nonprofit groups she worked with that frequently sent missionaries there. Ting later won the nomination but lost the general election to Democratic Sen. Tom Carper. O'Donnell was a littleknown candidate until she stunned Rep. Mike Castle to win the Republican

nomination last month in her third bid for the Senate. The tea party-backed hopeful faces Democrat Chris Coons in the November general election.

O'Donnell Said China Plotting to Take Over US



WASHINGTON – Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell of Delaware said in a 2006 debate that China was plotting to take over America and claimed to have classified information about the country that she couldn't divulge. O'Donnell's comments came as she and two other Republican candidates debated U.S. policy on China during Delaware's 2006 Senate primary, which

O'Donnell ultimately lost. She said China had a "carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America" and accused one opponent of appeasement for suggesting that the two countries were economically dependent and should find a way to be allies. "That doesn't work," she said. "There's much I want to say. I wish I wasn't privy to some of the classified information that I am privy to." "A country that forces women to have abortions and mandates that you

24 Hour Library Hours in Sight

con’t from page 6

hundred signatures have been collected in support. However, the approval by the heads of the university is still required and, of course, the issue of budgeting needs to be addressed. However, the Academic Committee is committed to trying to get this idea established so that students on campus can have access to the library when-

ever they need it and not during the current hours that sometimes do not fit student schedules. Just take a moment and think of what this could mean for the UNH community. Not only would students have more hours to study and do homework, but the extra hours of operation would also require a larger library staff. This would generate more jobs

for all students to apply for, not just those with federal work-study. It is a very exciting prospect. Keep your eyes peeled for further developments. If you are interested in more information or would like to show your support, contact Kersten Foulds at


Oct. 4: ON THIS DATE in 1931, the comic strip “Dick Tracy” by Chester Gould debuted. In 1957, the Space Age began as the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, into orbit.

Animal Awareness Tip by Maideline Sanchez

Oct. 5: ON THIS DATE in 1947, President Truman delivered the first televised address from the White House. In 1962, the Beatles’ first hit, “Love Me Do,” was released in the United Kingdom. Oct. 6: ON THIS DATE in 1889, Thomas Edison showed his first motion picture. In 1973, the Yom Kippur War began as Syria and Egypt attacked Israel. Oct. 7: ON THIS DATE in 1963, Hurricane Flora killed more than 7,000 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In 1985, Palestinian terrorists seized the Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro, killing an American passenger before surrendering in Egypt. Oct. 8: ON THIS DATE in 1871, the Great Chicago Fire erupted. In 1956, Don Larsen of the New York Yankees pitched the first and only perfect game in World Series history. Oct. 9: ON THIS DATE in 1000, Norse explorer Leif Ericson reputedly landed on a spot in North America that he called “Vinland,” which may have been Newfoundland or somewhere in New England. In 1967, Latin American guerrilla leader Che Guevara was executed after attempting to incite revolution in Bolivia. Oct. 10: ON THIS DATE in 1886, the tuxedo dinner jacket made its American debut at the autumn ball in Tuxedo Park, N.Y. In 1975, Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton for the second time; it was her sixth marriage overall to date. Answer to last week’s question: This week in 1927, “The Jazz Singer” premiered. It was the first Hollywood movie with a soundtrack, though parts of the film were silent. This week’s question: In 1586, Mary Queen of Scots went on trial for conspiracy against which English monarch? (Mark Andrews can be reached via e-mail at (c)2010 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.

Koala The koala is found in the coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia. The color of their thick fur varies in shades of grey to brown, and they are set with large rounded ears and sharp claws to facilitate climbing. Koalas contain five fingers with two opposable thumbs, which provide better gripping ability when climbing trees. The size of a koala depends on the region where they live, the largest being southern males weighing 14kg and northern females weighing 5kg. These animals are generally silent marsupials. However, during mating season, males will give a very loud advertising call, which can be heard from up to a kilometer away. In captivity,

koalas may live for up to 18 years of age. When a female reaches maturity at two to three years of age, she will mate

with a three to four year old male who is also at his maturation stage. A female may produce one young every year, with a gestation period of 35 days. Joeys (a baby koala) are born hairless, blind, and earless. Once born, they crawl into the downward pouch located on the mother’s belly. They attach themselves to one of the two teats and remain in the pouch for another six months until they

fully develop. After their fur, eyes, and ears are fully formed, they explore outside of the pouch and consume the mother’s pap, which are eucalyptus leaves inoculated with microbes that are released from cecum. A joey will remain with its mother for another six months, riding on her back until it is completely weaned off its mothers’ milk. Did You Know? Koalas rarely drink water, because they obtain most of their source from eucalyptus trees. Because they are set with bacteria that can break down toxins from the eucalyptus leaves, they are able to consume them without becoming sick. Other animals, especially humans, can be poisoned when these leaves are ingested.

October 6, 2010

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Opinion & Editorials | | Text us! 270.UNH.NEWS (864.6397) By MATT DI GIOVANNI EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


By now I’m sure you have all heard about Tyler Clementi, the 18-year-old Rutgers University freshman who committed suicide on September 22. For those of you who don’t know the details, Tyler asked his roommate, Dharun Ravi, for the room until midnight. While in his friend, Molly Wei’s room, Ravi accessed his webcam, which revealed Clementi and another man. During this encounter, Ravi tweeted, “Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into Molly’s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with



Beautiful weather we’ve been having lately isn’t it? First it’s hot, muggy, and utterly disgusting. Then it decides that it’s going to pour as if it hasn’t rained in years. Now we’ve fallen into 5060° weather and I need to start wearing my boots and a jacket. Will you make up your mind already! However, I do have to say that on Saturday we had really beautiful weather for Family Day. It finally felt like fall, with a decent

another dude. Yay.” Two days later, Ravi tweeted an invitation to view Clementi via webcam again. The next day, Clementi posted on his Facebook page, “Going to jump off the gw bridge sorry.” I think the most troubling part of this story is the fact that it was entirely avoidable. Had Tyler’s privacy not been violated, he would not have jumped. This brings me to my first point; always think before you act. If Ravi had thought about what he was about to do when

Respect and Tolerance

he broadcast the video would like to believe that feed, and had it crossed he would not have followed through. Another issue that plays a part in this story is the blatant stupidity behind it all. The entire situation was probably a joke to Ravi and Wei until they found out that Tyler had committed suicide. Harassment and bullying has become an issue recently, with the list of dead teens growing every day. Billy Lucas, a 15-year-old Indiana high school student was found dead September 7, a thirteen-year-old Houston student shot himself on September 21, on September 26, his mind that it would re- 13-year-old Seth Walsh sult in Clementi’s death, I hanged himself from a tree

in the backyard of his California home, and, even more recently, 19-year-old Johnson & Wales University student Raymond Chase, hanged himself in his Providence, R.I., dorm room on September 29. Action is obviously needed to prevent the past from repeating itself. Everyone needs to understand that their actions have consequences, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. Either way, everyone should think about what results their actions will have on those around them. Would you want to be responsible for the loss of another life?

Dear Weather, cut it out. Love, Joann

temperature, a nice breeze, Day weekend, something I and the sun finally coming out. After a week of depressing, cloudy skies, it was nice to see a blue, clear day with all of the sunshine we had been missing. I overheard people complaining about how cold it was, but I would rather take a mildly chilly day over a muggy, sticky, rainy one any day of the week. This upcoming weekend is Columbus think everyone is looking

forward to on this campus, considering it’s all people are talking about. I think that it is a greatly needed break for all of us from the massive amounts of school work that somehow has accumulated when we weren’t looking. Next weekend is going to be catch up weekend: catch up on sleep, fun, TV shows, and probably a whole lot of school work. If you are going home, which I expect most of you are because the campus is usually deserted during this recess, have a safe and fun weekend. Enjoy this time off, because the next break

is in fact our Thanksgiving recess. (Anyone as excited about that one as I am?) I would like to point out that it is already October and, pretty soon, November will be just around the corner. I feel as if it already is. These next few weeks will fly by, and we’ll have to do a double take as to where the month actually went. For the past two years here, October has always been the month that I cannot remember. Whether it’s because it’s so busy or because it speeds through its days on the calendar, October is officially known as the month that

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Meet Career Services! Hi! I’m Corrianne Dionne, and I am a junior here at UNH from West Greenwich, Rhode Island. I am working in the Career Services Office, utilizing my creativity skills in designing bulletin boards, writing newsletters, and updating our social media network. I am eager to begin training so that I can help critique resumes and cover letters. I’m from a very small town and enjoy doing anything outdoors. I am a Criminal Justice major, with a concentration in International Justice and Security. I also have a minor in Arabic. My ultimate career goal is to work for a Federal Intelligence Agency. I would like to work as an Intelligence Analyst, a Field Agent, or with Counterterrorism. I have worked in the Experiential Education Office for the past year as an Academic Service-Learning Assistant. I am very involved on campus and love meeting new people. Some of the clubs I am in include American Criminal Justice Association, National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi), and Experiential Education Club. I intend on studying abroad before I graduate in either Italy or in the Middle East. I work at Texas Roadhouse and Giovanni’s in West Haven and Terminal 110 in New Haven. The Career Services Office provides great opportunities for students to prepare themselves for future careers and I’m glad to be part of the team.

DON’T FORGET! This newspaper is recyclable!

does not exist. This year I am trying to hang tight to October and try to enjoy what time I have in it. I plan on enjoying the fall weather, which I am hoping will stick around for awhile. I am looking forward to all of the leaves changing colors and all of the fun fall trips that will be available to the campus. Apple picking and corn maze anyone? Pretty soon it’ll be time for the haunted houses and scary movies. Count me in.

October 6, 2010

Fun, Games, & More

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Crossword Clues

ACROSS 1 Crop pests 8 Leaves empty 15 Before 16 Mesabi Range output 17 Noted resident of Frostbite Falls 19 Pub brew 20 “Fibber __ and Molly” 21 Exploited a vein 22 Bigot 23 Holy sister 24 Shiny fabrics 27 Renew a connection 32 Norway’s patron saint 33 __ eleison (Lord, have mercy) 34 To’s companion 35 No-win situation 38 Our satellite when waning 40 Seller’s $ equivocation 41 “Them” author 43 First-rate 44 Traveling musician 46 Oxidized 48 Poker winnings 49 Desktop graphics

51 Sub finder 54 Quantities of wood 55 __ wiedersehen! 58 Tasty styling foam? 61 McCourt’s “__ Ashes” 62 Silents followers 63 Thingamabobs 64 Makes beloved

DOWN 1 Raisin rum cake 2 Hebrew month 3 ___ Stanley Gardner 4 Part of AT&T 5 Wyatt Earp, e.g. 6 Decrees 7 Irish playwright 8 Disgusting 9 Exist 10 Traveled by shuttle, often 11 Consecrate with oil 12 Tree with dark red wood 13 Irish Gaelic 14 Future plant 18 Irish county 22 Buzzers’ abode 23 Claw

24 __ and Gomorrah 25 Excuse 26 Eagle claw 28 Cupid 29 In the offing 30 Old hag 31 Sharpened 33 Writer Wilhelm 36 Sony rival 37 Shopping spot 39 Large group 42 T.S. __ 45 Disunited 46 Dennis of the NBA 47 Still on the shelf 50 Mediterranean island 51 Great quantity 52 It can’t be! 53 Inoperative, to NASA 54 Actress Peggy 55 One continent 56 Manipulator 57 Actor Parker 59 Young boy 60 Luau guitar, briefly


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October 6, 2010

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Charger Chat “Take life as you find it, but don’t leave it that way.”

with Tyler Salovin

- Unknown


October 6, 2010

by Josh Van Hoesen

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Charger Battery



Thank God they have finally re-done the quad; it What is up with this weather lately? It’s nice, will look really good in the spring when it has all hot, rainy, and sunny all in one week. Make up grown back. your mind Mother Nature. Is a little consistency too much to ask? This goes out to all the nerds and geeks out there. Halo Reach has come out for the Xbox360, As much as I love Family Day, I think its kind of and it’s looking pretty good. ridiculous that students’ families have to pay an extra $25 for each person they are bringing.

The Battery Charge So, I do enjoy Family Day; truly I do (even though my family never comes). There are a lot of interesting things to do; but there is nothing I would pay $25 for to participate in. That’s kind of silly, especially since they are asking me to pay $25 for cup-cake decorating and marshmallow catapults? And so, my final question to all of you is, if I am not willing to pay $25 for something, then why should I expect other people to do so? Aren’t our families paying enough already for us to come here?

Jennie’s Hotties of the Week The Gal

The Guy

by Jennie Roth

Kristen Finocchiaro

Kenny Bragen

Class of 2012

Class of 2012

Kristen is a forensic psychology major with a minor in sociology and is from Marlborough, Connecticut. She is a Resident Assistant in Bethel Hall and a USGA senator, as well as the food committee chairman. Kristen is the Vice President of the Legal Society and a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, as well as their social coordinator. She works at a daycare center in Orange, Connecticut and plans on going to graduate school after her time at UNH.

Kenny is a member of the A-Team, and can be seen giving tours on campus. He is also an active member of RecSports teams. Kenny works for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers hockey team in Bridgeport as an intern. He also enjoys bowling, traveling, and hanging out with his friends. Kenny is from Bayonne, New Jersey and is majoring in Sports Management.

October 6, 2010

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Michigan State Spartans Win Without Head Coach



The No. 24 Michigan State Spartans defeated No. 11 Wisconsin Badgers at Spartan Stadium 34-24 last week without their Head Coach Mark Dantonio, who had suffered a fatal heart attack a week before. Dantonio’s scheduled to return to the press box on September 19 to coach the Spartans didn’t go as planned. The school announced hours before kickoff that he had

been hospitalized again on Thursday because of a blood clot in his leg. Don Treadwell, Michigan State offensive coordinator, took over the duties for Dantonio, who had planned to watch this game on television from the hospital. “I don’t know how much I had, but I think at times some of the assistants had some contact with him,” Treadwell said, according to “He was much involved as he could be absolutely. Michigan State didn’t do anything too tricky on

Saturday, but the Spartans were unafraid to go for it in short-yardage situations, leading 27-24 in the fourth quarter. Michigan State went on a 15-play, 84-yard drive that used up 7:57 and ended with B.J Cunningham’s touchdown catch on the fourth down. “We had that play in since camp, and I’ve wanted to call it three or four times,” said Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins, according to The Spartans converted three third downs on the drive before needing all

four to score near the goal line. “Three third downs and a fourth down,” Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema said, according to ESPN. com. “We thought we had some calls we talked about in the huddle. Then they hit us on the critical fourth one in the end zone that ultimately decided the football game.” Treadwell’s squad had 19 first downs, 444 total yards, 269 passing, 175 rushing, 9-18 on 3rd down conversions using 36:24 of the clock. Kirk Cous-

ins was 20 for 29 with 269 passing yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions. Mark Dell, wide receiver for the Spartans had six receptions, 91 yards receiving, and one touchdown. Bielema’s squad had 15 first downs, 292 total yards, 127 passing, 165 rushing, 3-11 on 3rd downs, and had the ball for 23:36. Scott Tolzien, the Badgers quarterback, was 11 for 25 with 127 yards passing and one touchdown. James White, running back for the Badgers

had 10 carries, 98 yards rushing, and two scores. The Spartans will face off against the Michigan Wolverines. Denard Robinson is putting up a Heisman Trophy season. Robinson was 10 for 16 with 277 yards passing and three scores against the Indian Hoosiers. This is a crucial game for both teams, as these squads are trying to climb the mountain by getting to the BCS National Championship.

efforts on the court this past week. The Chargers finished with a perfect 3-0 record and are off to their best start since 2003. Malmlov, the Northeast-10 Conference Player of the Week for the second consecutive week, recorded 37 kills with just nine errors on 101 total attempts for a .277 hitting percentage in nine sets. She also collected 33 digs, seven assists, five aces and

four total blocks. Malmov posted double-digit kill totals in all three matches, including a week-high 17 against Franklin Pierce on Friday night. Heather Ladao, the Northeast-10 Conference Libero of the Week, was a key component to the Chargers success last week. Ladao tallied a team-high 53 digs in nine sets (5.89 dps), including a week-high 28 digs against

Franklin Pierce. She also added three assists, one ace and had just two reception errors on over 50 attempts. The Chargers return to action on Wednesday, October 6th with a home game against Southern Connecticut State University. First serve is set for 7 p.m. in Chargers Gymnasium.


to 4-4-1 overall and 2-4-1 in the league. The Chargers’ offense flew out of the gates in this one, pressuring the Skyhawks’ backline for the opening 10 minutes of action. Despite the early surge, New Haven was not able to beat Stonehill’s keeper in the first half. The Chargers best chance came with 15 minutes remaining when Steven Gennuso received a through ball at the top of the 18-yard box. Gennuso’s strike sailed just wide of the left post and out for a goal kick. As the whistle sounded for halftime, the score was knotted up at 0-0. After the intermis-

sion, New Haven turned their 7-2 deficit in shots around, garnering four shots by the midway mark in the second half. On the fourth shot, senior Nick Pezzente finally connected for the game’s first tally on a beautifully crafted goal. Gennuso carried the ball down the left side of the field and whipped in a cross to the far post. Joseph D’Antonio collected the ball on the back post, sent it into the middle where Pezzente slammed home the go-ahead goal. With the goal, the momentum of the game turned in New Haven’s favor. 15 minutes later, Gui Dos Santos added an

insurance goal on a feed from Andres Nunez. Dos Santos beat the keeper to the right side for his teamleading fourth goal of the season. The second Chargers’ goal concluded the scoring column for the afternoon, granting UNH a 2-0 triumph. Jonathan Creem was solid in net once again for the Chargers, posting seven saves in the win. Brandon MacFarlane registered one save in the losing effort for the Skyhawks. New Haven returns to action on Wednesday, October 6, when they play host to Le Moyne College. Game time is set for 4 p.m. at Kayo Field.

Lyons fell in the opening set via tie break, but the sophomore rebounded and won the second and final sets for the victory. Lyons and Gabby Fuentes (Arlington, Va., St. / Stephen's & St. Agnes) teamed for another close game in no. 1 doubles, while Daniella Roman and Christina Oiler (Tabernacle, N.J., Senecca) were nearest to earning another point in no. 2 doubles. The Chargers return to action on Wednesday, October 6 when they travel to Bentley University. Match

time is set for 3 p.m. in Waltham, Mass.

5 . K y l i e Wa d d i n g t o n (MER) def. Catherine Celotto (UNH) 6-1, 6-1 6. Siobhan Licudine (MER) def. Amanda Foley (UNH) 6-0, 6-0

in seven. The Skyhawks were then forced to go threeand-out asRobert Hill (Suffield, Conn., Suffield / Dean Junior College) made a big sack on third down. The Chargers regained possession on their own 29-yard line and put another good drive together. Ryan Osiecki (Seymour, Conn., Seymour / Univ. of Louisville)and Jason Thompson (Stuart, Fla., South Fork ) capped an eight-play touchdown drive which took 4-minutes and 28-seconds. Osiecki found Thompson in the back of the endzone on the end of a 28-yard pass. Scifo’s extra point tied the score at 14-14 New Haven’s defense shutdown the Skyhawks once again as the Chargers’ offense continued running on all cylinders for the remainder of the first half. UNH scored another 21 unanswered points in the second quarter. Osiecki completed a touchdown pass to Scott Schultz (Wayne, N.J., Wayne Hills / University of Connecticut), in the game at tight end, with 8:35 left in the first half to give the Chargers a 20-14 lead. Another Chris Scifo extra point gave the Chargers a seven-point lead. The UNH defense allowed two first downs before Akaki Ramishvili (Fair Lawn, N.J., Fair Lawn ) forced a Stonehill fumble inside the Chargers territory. Alex Dyer (Westbrook, Conn., Westbrook) fell on the loose ball and gave the Chargers the ball back with 5:07 left in the half. The Charger offense then took the ball the length of the field before DeCaro capped the drive with a 21-yard burst for a touchdown with 2:45 left

Sara Malmlov and Heather Ladao Land Northeast-10 Conference Honors




WEST HAVEN, Conn. – Senior Sara Malmlov (Lindesberg, Sweden, Sheridan College) and junior Heather Ladao (West Covina, Calif., Rowland ) of the University of New Haven women’s volleyball team have been honored with Northeast-10 Conference laurels for their

Second Half Surge Pushes Men's Soccer Past Stonehill, 2-0




WEST HAVEN, Conn. – Senior Nick Pezzente and freshman Gui Dos Santos each scored a goal on Saturday afternoon, lifting the University of New Haven men’s soccer team over Stonehill College, 2-0, at Kayo Field. Pezzente’s first goal of the season proved to be the difference, propelling the Chargers to their fourth win of the season. With the win, UNH improved to 4-5-1 on the season and 3-5 in Northeast-10 Conference competition. Stonehill dropped

Women's Tennis Defeated by Merrimack




WEST HAVEN, Conn. - The University of New Haven women's tennis team fell 8-1 Sunday afternoon to Merrimack College at Amity High School. With the loss the Chargers fall to 0-4 overall and 0-4 in the Northeast-10 Conference. Lauren Lyons (Sparta, N.J. / Sparta) earned the Chargers only point of the afternoon with a tie-break victory in no. 1 singles.

Results Singles 1. Lauren Lyons (UNH) def. Kara Hole (MER) 6-7 (7-5), 6-3, 10-4 2. Courtney Garvey (MER) def. Gabby Fuentes (UNH) 6-2, 6-4 3. Alyx Barnes (MER) def. Daniella Roman (UNH) 6-1, 6-0 4. Mollie Fitzgerald (MER) def. Christina Oiler (UNH) 6-1, 6-2

Doubles 1.Garvey/Barnes (MER) def. Lyons/Fuentes (UNH) 8-4 2.Hole/Fitzgerald (MER) def. Roman/Oiler (UNH) 8-6 3.Waddington/Katie Veasey (MER) def. Celotto/Foley (UNH) 8-2

Football Hits Stride in 49-28 Victory at Stonehill



EASTON, Mass. - The University of New Haven football team looked impressive Saturdayu afternoon in a 49-28 victory over Stonehill College at W.B. Mason Stadium in Massachusetts. With the win the Chargers improve to 4-1 overall and 2-1 in the Northeast-10 Conference, Stonehill falls to 2-3 overall and 0-3 in conference play. Another stellar performance from the UNH running game pushed the Chargers to another NE10 win. UNH ran for 331 yards, their first 300-yard rushing game in two years and held the Skyhawks to just 78 rushing yards. After going threeand-out on their opening possession, the Charger defense then gave up a Skyhawk touchdowndrive with was capped by a fourth down quarterback keeper for the score. On New Haven’s kickoff return, a mishandled handoff exchange resulted in the Skyhawks recovering at the UNH 13 yardline. One play later the Skyhawks took a 13-0 lead with just over 9-minutes left in the first quarter. The point after gave the Skyhawks a 14-0 lead. New Haven answered with a 75-yard touchdown drive, highlighted by a number of running plays by Mike DeCaro (Weston, Fla., Cypress Bay ). His counterpart,Victor Jones (Paterson, N.J., Passaic County Tech) capped the drive with a 3-yard touchdown run. Chris Scifo (Coral Springs, Fla., St. Thomas Aquinas / Central Connecticut State University) split the uprights and brought the Chargers with-

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The (5-0) Alabama Crimson Tide still remains the No.1 team in the nation. The 2009 junior Heisman Trophy winner, Mark Ingram, smashed through the line of scrimmage with two scores on 12 carries for 47 yards in front of the 101,821 people in attendance. The Tide neutralized the Florida Gators on two field goals with a 31-6 victory at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa Alabama last week, proving that they are the most dominate force in the SEC Conference (2-0) thus far con’t from page 12

in the half. The Skyhawks then mounted a drive from their own 22- yard line. After gaining a pair of first downs, the Skyhawks mishandled a shotgun snap and put the ball on the turf. Schultz recovered the ball and gave the Chargers another chance to score prior to halftime. New Haven’s drive would start on the Stonehill 45-yard line with 1:20 left in the half. UNH strung another five plays together for 45-yards and another seven points. Osiecki connected with Thompson on the touchdown pass for 17-yards in the final seconds. The Chargers were led by Jones and DeCaro in the first half who both recorded over 60-yards in the first half. Osiecki

Gators Chomped by Crimson Tide

and trailing the LSU Tigers by one game in the standings (3-0). 24 points were put in the first half as the Tide made this game an absolute riot from start to finish, as the defense buzzed around the ball by pressuring junior quarterback, John Brantley, into making two costly interceptions in this contest. Brantley was 16 for 31 and had 202 passing yards on the night. “I was very, very pleased the way we played in the first half,” Alabama head Coach Nick Saban said, according to “I thought we played physical, played with toughness, and

played strong. I was really encouraged.” The Crimson Tide is on a 19-game winning streak by outscoring their opponents 638-209, a 429 point advantage. In the first five games, the Tide scored 189 points to their opponents’ 44, a 144 difference in point total. This rivalry has gone on for 37 years; both of these squads haven’t faced each other in the regular season since 2006, but both teams played in the title game seven times. Whoever won the matchup went on to win the BCS National Championship. The Tide won the 2009 SEC Championship game

(32-13). However, the Gators couldn’t avenge their loss as Head Coach Urban Meyer’s club was blown out by a marginal difference of 25 points. Overall, Alabama against the Gators have outscored this 1005-537, a 468 point advantage. They are looking to punish the offensive juggernauts in the SEC with their defense. “We got beat by a very good team,” Meyer said, according to “We just didn’t play very well.” Trey Burton had six rushing touchdowns against Kentucky last week, the most in Florida Gators history, break-

ing Tim Tebows’ record. However, Burton couldn’t execute on a fourth-andgoal play from the 2-yard line, as the Tide’s defense sniffed it out with Nico Johnson picking it off in the red zone. “That was a huge play in the game. It was an aggressive call,” Meyer said. “I do it again,” according to Greg McElroy, Senior Crimson Tide quarterback, was 11 for 17, with 84 yards passing and a completion percentage of 64.7%. He has a quarterback rating of 106.21. McElroy hasn’t lost a start since the eighth grade. The Tide will travel to

the South Carolina Game Cocks and will be lead by Head Coach Steve Spurrier and his running-back Marcus Lattimore, who has 84 carries, 366 rushing yards, and six touchdowns, even though he is only a freshman. The Tide is looking for their six consecutive victory as they continue to play the toughest schedule in the nation. Their goal is to possibly get back to the BCS National Championship. The Crimson Tide had a total of 273 yards, 170 rushing, 103 passing and forced the Gators to turn the ball over four times in this contest.

completed 11 passed for 133 yards and three touchdowns in the first half. Ramishvili led the UNH defense with six total tackles in the first half. The Skyhawks immediate answered with a 94yard kickoff return to open the second half and cut the Chargers lead to 35-21 just 12-seconds into the second half. After going three-andout on their first drive of the second half, New Haven punted the ball inside the Skyhawks 1-yard line. Six plays later, the UNH defense once again gave the offense a short field, forcing a fumble on the Stonehill 26-yard line. Richard Long (New Rochelle, N.Y., New Rochelle / Iona College) recovered the fumble which stopped a 7-play, 25-yard Stonehill drive.

Four plays later, DeCaro crossed into the endzone and put the Chargers up 41-21. Scifo’s point after made it 42-21. The Skyhawks then tried to mount a comeback, but the stiff UNH defense forced a punt after six plays. New Haven then took over on their owe 38-yard line and put together another scoring drive. A long 10-play drive was sealed with a 28-yard touchdown run by Jones with 2:25 remaining in the third quarter. Scifo once again connected on the point after and put the Chargers up 49-21. Stonehill was forced three-and-out on their next drive as the Charger regained possession on their own 40-yard line just before the end of the third quarter. The Chargers, who had subbed in

a number of second string players, went 44-yards on nine plays before coming upon a fourth-and-one. Freshman Anthony Tillman rushed the ball for just under one-yard and the Chargers gave the ball up for just the second time in the second half. The Skyhawks put together their only secondhalf scoring drive with 10:14 left in the fourth quarter. Stonehill took the ball 84-yards on 16-plays for a 3-yard touchdown pass with 3:46 left in the game. Stonehill connected on the point after and moved the score to 49-28. The Charger then took over possession and sealed the game with one first down in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Jones finished the game with 133 yards and two touchdowns on 14 carries,

averaging 9.5 yards per carry. DeCaro added 104 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries, combining for two 100-yard rushers for the first time since the Chargers returned to the field prior to 2009. In all, UNH rushed for 331 yards on 47 carries for an average of 7-yards per carry. Osiecki passed for 144 yards and three touchdowns and ran for another 49 yards on six carries. Freshman Anthony Tillman also saw time in the backfield with 37 yards on eight carries. Thompson finished with 82 yards and two touchdowns on five catches, with DeCaro added 23 receiving yards on two catches. Defensively, Ramishvili led the Chargers with 12 total tackles. He also recorded a forced fumble

and two tackles-for-loss. Chidoziem Ezemma (Pomona, N.Y., Ramapo Senior ) added seven tackles, including one tackle-forloss. Rob Hill also had impressive numbers with a sack, two tackles-forloss and one pass breakup. Along with his first career touchdown catch, Schultz recorded four tackles, three solo stops and one fumble recovery. The Chargers return to action on Saturday, October 9 when they host cross-town rival Southern Connecticut State University in a Northeast-10 Conference showdown at DellaCamera Stadium. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m.

Football Hits Stride in 49-28 Victory at Stonehill

Chargers Too Much for Southern New Hampshire, Improve to 12-1




MANCHESTER, N.H. - The Unviersity of New Haven women’s volleyball team defeated Southern New Hampshire University 3-0 (25-16, 25-17, 2515) Saturday afternoon in Manchester, N.H. With the win the Chargers improve to 12-1 overall and 4-0 in conference play. The Penmen fall to 6-3 overall and 2-2 in the NE-10. The teams played close

Page 13

early in the opening set, but the Chargers prevailed behind solid offense. They scored the final four points of the set and took the early 1-0 lead in the match. In the second set, the Chargers led early and by as many as six points before the Penmen tied the set at 16-16 miday through. UNH went on to score nine of the set’s final 10 points to take the eightpoint win. The final set all belonged to the Chargers as they took a 5-0 lead right

out of the gate. UNH eventually led 10-3 and 21-13 before scoring the final four points of the set once again. Elizabeth Akinbiyi hammered the final kill as the Chargers sealed their fourth NE-10 win of the season. Akinbiyi led the with a .462 hitting percentage off of seven kills and one error on 13 attempts. She also recorded four total blocks and one dig. Sara Malmlov led the team with 10 kills, while adding seven digs and three aces.

Tymika Duncan and Amber Cannady also enjoyed hitting percentages above .400 as the Chargers recorded a .299 hitting percentage as a team. Chelsey Alpough handed out 25 assists, while Heather Ladao led the defense with eight digs. The Chargers return to action on Wednesday, October 6 when they host Southern Connecticut State University at Charger Gymnasium. Match time is set for 7 p.m.

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WEST HAVEN, Conn. – For the second time this season, junior Chris Scifo (Coral Springs, Fla., St. Thomas Aquinas / Central Connecticut State University) of the University of New Haven football team was named the Northeast-10 Conference Special Teams Player of the

Week for his efforts on the gridiron, announced Monday by the league office. Scifo played a large role on Saturday afternoon, accounting for seven points in New Haven’s 49-28 win over Stonehill College. Scifo finished a perfect 7-for-7 in extra point attempts in the victory. He also tallied eight kickoffs for a total of 535 yards and added two punts for 86 yards, including one in-

side the 20 yard line. Scifo is currently ranked second in the conference in points (31), points per game (6.2) and point after kicking percentage (95.1). The Chargers return to action on Saturday, October 9th when they play host to Southern Connecticut State University. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. at Ralph R. DellaCamera Stadium.

October 6, 2010

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Crispy Gamer

Dolby’s Axon Software Move over Teamspeak. Move over Ventrilo. A new, better way to communicate with your friends mid-game is here with the Dolby Axon software. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve been raring to play some “Team Fortress 2” or “CounterStrike,” get a bunch of friends together and be held up by someone having a microphone issue. Lagging sound, echoing, volumes being wildly disproportionate; I’ve dealt with every kind of issue imaginable and I’m certain you have, too, if you have ever played a PC game with a friend. Dolby’s Axon software, however, is a breath of fresh air. Setup was easy; no wizards or complicated configurations. I simply signed up, downloaded the program, plugged in a microphone and I was ready to go. I set up a chat room with my friends - which, by the way, only took about two seconds to do and then, bam, I was ready to play. Testing out this new software, I expected



If you are one of those people who doesn’t believe that Facebook has changed your life then you are either over 50 or a caveman without WiFi. The Social Network is a movie that is very relevant to most viewers who will watch it. Social relevancy is a quality that most movies lack today. The creators of this film brilliantly produced a moving tale

to have to tweak some settings and get familiar with the software. However, Dolby’s Axon system is so intuitive that I immediately felt as though I had been using the program for years. The first thing I noticed when my friend said “hello” via Axon was that the sound quality was crystal. I was not aware that better sound quality was an option when using USB headsets but upon hearing the quality of the sound from this system it is impossible for me to switch back to Teamspeak. It was as though my buddy was standing right next to me in the room. The other aspect I noticed was how sleek the interface is and how quickly the program loaded despite having a litany of features. Dolby must have been highly efficient with their code as the program never lagged, froze or had trouble loading. This is highly important as many

that everyone between the ages of 15 and 25 can be a part of. The one and only Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, creates a website comparing females from his college campus to the college campus’ surrounding his. This is originally an act of spite. One of the first aspects the viewer can relate to is that the formation of Facebook was merely a product of emotional distress between a boy and girl. In this case, the male

computer games put a strain on your computer’s CPU; Axon hardly uses any memory. That was only my first five minutes of exposure to the software. Upon playing around with the tools available to me I was pleased to find that Dolby

computer. Another small feature was the ability to use separate push-to-talk key configurations for different chat windows. Most programs allow you to set one push-to-talk button that automatically activates your microphone

took such care in creating useful subfeatures that should be included in all communication programs. One of the small little bits I loved was that Axon can immediately mute your microphone if you are using other programs. This small element allows me not to be a distraction to my friends if I need to do something else on my

when pressed. Axon, however, allows me to set multiple key bindings so that I could use one key to talk to my friends in game and another to talk with another set of friends, or even my girlfriend. Again, these may be small things, but having a program that simply works is important when you’re already worried about having to make

The Exclusive Network

is a genius computer sci- tentions are good. If he is ence major from Harvard. at odds with Garfield, he is His website achieves un- falling into the whirlpool remarkable levels of suc- of Facebook. This makes cess, encouraging him to you question every move take this website to the and decision Zuckerberg next level. has been making since Before the “next level” day one. Is it all because was taken, we are intro- of jealousy, greed, or “the duced to Eduardo Garfield. right thing to do?” The He is a business major at classic struggle of mixing Harvard as well as Zuck- business with friends is erberg’s “best friend.” very evident in the friendGarfield is used as a refer- ship of Mark and Eduardo. ence point throughout this Soon enough, the next film. If Zuckerberg is on the same business level as KIMBERLY REILLY Garfield, apperently his in- By STAFF WRITER



During the last week of September, funny how time flies, SCOPE’s movie of the week was Jonah Hex. There were some technical difficulties during the Tuesday, September 28 airing that caused a 30 minute delay and a change of rooms, but as a result, the audience got a nice treat: a larger movie screen. Originally a character in a 1972 DC comic, Jonah Hex first stared in

his own self-titled comic in 1977. However, unlike far more well-known DC characters such as Superman, Hex is not your typical shining beacon of purity, instead serving as an early comic book example of an antihero. Rather than the beautiful (and often unrealistically perfect) faces you’d expect, Hex is horribly scarred on one side of his face; the reason is shown in the beginning of the movie, though this, as well as the plot as a whole, differs from the comics. But perhaps what distinguishes him the most

headshots. The basic Axon program is free, but the Surround Pass gives you a ton more features for only $20 a year. If you’re not willing to spend that money up front, Dolby also has a 30-day free trial for the Surround Pass. The coolest feature of the Surround Pass gives you the ability to have surround sound on your headphones and that if the game you are playing supports it, your friends’ voices will come through on your headphones based on where they are positioned in game. However, even if the game you are playing doesn’t support this feature, Dolby has a visual interface that you could use to position your friends and then you’ll get the surround sound effect using their interface. You can even choose which friends you may want to include or exclude out of certain conversation using this interface which is really helpful if your friends

are on separate teams and you don’t want them to hear your strategy. Honestly though, there are a multitude of other features with the Surround Pass but there is simply too much to list here. The other nice thing about the Surround Pass is that if at least one person has the Surround Pass, the rest of the chat room will be able to share the benefits of it. So if there are a bunch of friends you constantly play games with, splitting the cost of one or two passes may be a viable option, making you pay even less than $20 a year, which is already pretty low. Seriously, that’s less than most used games at GameStop. If you use a communication program for PC games stop using that program and try out the Dolby Axon software. You’ll be glad you did. For the latest information about videogames, visit

level is achieved. Zuckerberg, with the help of others, realizes what Facebook really needs to fly. The answer seems to be exclusiveness. He needs to separate Facebook from all of the other social networking sites. Zuckerberg makes Facebook seem like a privilege, but was this really his idea? Without much detailed character analysis in this film, the movie can still

be a classic. Seven years ago, a young kid made a website that has greatly changed our lives. Whether he realized it or not at the time, Mark Zuckerberg helped us be exactly who we wanted to be, whether this portrayal we create for ourselves on Facebook page is true or not. The question is did he make things better or worse in the long run?

an orphanage where owlets are being brainwashed into becoming soldiers, Soren has to make a lifechanging decision that will alter the way owls of their world live on. Soren must now face an army of evil rulers, who inform him of his so called “new family.” Horrified at the thought, Soren knows that it is up to him to take on a mission to escape to the island of Ga’Hoole, in order to save his world. Soren and the other owls are picked to be trained as soldiers and are encouraged to show ultimate strength and heartlessness. However, all object to the act and are sent to be “pickers.” Now, Soren and his followers

must make plans to escape the terrifying kidnappers, but are interrupted by one of the captors and questioned. It is explained to the owls why they are being held hostage against good behavior and are told how all of the owls have been waiting for owls, such as Soren and the others to lead the rest out of the Pure Ones’ layer. The plan is to teach these owls to fly, in order to warn the guardians of Ga’Hoole about what the Pure Ones are doing to these owls. Soren and the other owls are on a mission to find the mysterious home of the legendary Guardians. Remembering the amazing stories and myths


The Legend of the Guardians

Famed Antihero Comes to the Big Screen


By Michael Sontag

from the stereotypical hero is that Jonah Hex isn’t out to help people or obtain glory and honor; he’s out for vengeance. In the movie, Hex, played by Josh Brolin, is a bounty hunter seeking revenge for the murders of his wife and son. The culprits are Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich), a vicious outlaw, and his right-hand man Burke (Michael Fassbender). President Ulysses Grant (Aidan Quinn) and Lieutenant Grass (Will Arnett) inform Hex that Turnbull See ANTIHERO page 15


The Legend of the Guardians, a 3-D fantasy film, is based solely on the book series Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, by Kathryn Lasky. A young, barn owl, named Soren, is captivated by the legendary stories of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, the fearless group of warriors, known for fighting the Pure Ones in a historical battle of saving all of owl kind from being destroyed, and forever protecting their kingdom. After an unfortunate event of being kidnapped by owls of St. Aggie’s,

See GUARDIANS page 15

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October 6, 2010

Page 15

Dave’s Music Report By Dave Iannacone

Does Glee Have A Place In The Music World? There’s little denying the Glee-craze is really a love it or hate it type thing. It’s currently one of the most popular and successful shows on television, and with nomination after nomination, it’s obvious that the critics are behind it too. However, Glee is much more than just a television phenomenon. Known for taking popular songs of both today and yesterday and essentially turning them into show tunes, the show has taken the music world by storm; but the question is does it belong there? Only in its second season, the cast of Glee has taken on songs by everyone from Madonna to Kanye West to Parliament to some of Broadway’s biggest classics, and, for better or worse, completely transformed them into cheesy, over-the-top

numbers. And the public is eating it up. The cast is already second to the Beatles for most number of Billboard Hot 100 appearances by a group, and sixth overall. With it showing no signs of stopping, it would be completely plausible to suggest that by the end of its run, Glee will hold these records. Like it or not (there’s usually little-to-no in between) it’s undeniable that the show is leaving a huge dent on the music industry. On one hand, the artists and songwriters of the original songs are making out like bandits with all of the royalties they’re getting from the songs. On the other, is it selling out? Sure Madonna has nothing to prove and handing over her back catalogue to be “Glee-ified” hardly adds or takes away from her legacy, but the fact that

the cover of Paramore’s “The Only Exception” is currently outselling the original version on iTunes is a little unsettling. It’s really great that some classic songs are being exposed to people who were either too young or not even born when they were popular, but it is a little ridiculous that current songs are being forced to compete with themselves on the charts. Sure, the downloads are very frontloaded, with majority of the singles being bought within the first few days after the airing of an episode, but obviously the impact is still great. Without commenting on the quality of the show itself, it is my opinion that the songs from Glee should be kept completely separate from the songs on top-40 radio. According to chart rules, every download is fair game, and with

the extreme popularity of the show’s music, there’s no keeping them from charting. It just doesn’t make sense that Broadway-style cover songs, as fun and exciting as they may be, are going to break, and possibly hold, records that real artists have accomplished on their own merit. Considering Glee is really nothing more than a fad (regardless of how long it lasts,) the imprint it is already leaving on the music word is almost embarrassing. Yes, there is a great level of entertainment involved, and the covers are fun alternatives to the real songs, but the music industry is supposed to be taken seriously. So like the show if you do, and don’t if you don’t, but I say keep the music on the show.


has an introduction before any lyrics come in, ranging from thirty seconds to even a minute. This can be frustrating for a person who wants to get down to the message that Linkin Park is trying to convey. They may have thought that doing this would heighten anticipation, but instead it just instills frustration. Linkin Park is a talented band, but if that is all people wanted to hear, they could go to their local elementary school concert. People are entranced by Chester Bennington’s voice, and it is hard to have a hit radio song, with such long introductions. The major issue involved with this album is not the introductions, but instead, the change in genre that has taken place. The members of Linkin Park have been known to do side projects, but when they come together, a cer-

tain sound is expected. They tried to deliver this in a few songs, like “The Catalyst,” but as a whole, they were unsuccessful. It seems like they are trying to reinvent themselves, but there was nothing wrong with them in the beginning. If another band had come out with this album, it would have been taken in with less criticism. They have been historically Alternative Rock, but this album came out sounding more like Muse and the “space rock” genre. Yet perhaps the band had realized that the music society is listening to is changing, and they want to adapt so that they will be popular for the next few decades, instead of just the next few years. The changed sound could be the best move they ever made, or it could be the worst. The make or break point is normally during

the first week of sales, and it seems like they may have made the right decision. The album sold 241,000 copies during the first week, and debuted at number one on Billboard Top 200. It is not that the album is terrible; yet, the shift catches the listener off guard. In fact, it is the best album that has been released in recent months. Nevertheless, when a person has certain expectations, and they are not met, there will always be disappointment. If you have never listened to them before, you will be fine, but for those who picked up Minutes to Midnight the day it was released, it will take a little longer to warm up to it. The best advice is to listen to the album all at once, to truly enjoy the experience.

love to a break-up. There were two cd’s that were released on the twenty-first: the regular cd and the deluxe version. The regular cd has 12 songs on it, while the deluxe version has an extra five tracks including, “Last Chance,” “No Curtin Call,” “Never Gonna Leave this BedAcoustic Version,” “Misery- Acoustic Version,” and “If I Ain’t Got You.” If the cd was pre-ordered, then that one came with an additional track: “The Air that I Breathe.” “Misery” was the first released track on June

22, through a music video which gave the first glimpse of the Hands All Over cd. Then, “Give a Little More” released on September 8 through a music video also a few weeks before Hands All Over was released. “Stutter” is the third song on the album and is very upbeat and has great lyrics about being the only girl for a guy that he is crazy about. “Hands All Over” is the seventh track of the album and has a very sexual subject matter, with a very danceable beat to it. “No Curtin Call” is on the

deluxe version of the cd. This song also has very catchy lyrics to it with an awesome beat as well. Overall, the new Maroon 5 cd, Hands All Over is an example of Maroon 5’s style of music with different subject matters and style of songs. If you are interested in buying this cd you can get it on iTunes, at Target, and Wal-Mart. But I would suggest getting the deluxe edition for more of the awesome Maroon 5 songs.

Hex possesses the ability to communicate with the dead, which is the result of a near death experience he had. However, such a skill is more appropriate for gathering information than fighting. Rather, Hex relies on his fighting skills and proficiency with guns to take down his opponents. This encompasses everything from pistols to explosives, gatling guns

and even, in one scene, a crossbow with exploding arrows. What is perhaps even more interesting is the “doomsday device” Quentin Turnbull comes across, though you will have to see the movie to discover what it is. The plot of Jonah Hex mostly follows standard devices. However, the strength of this movie lies in its action scenes, which

are gritty, fast-paced and hard-hitting. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Hex from the comics, itching for a good action flick, or simply want to see thugs shot with exploding arrows, Jonah Hex will leave you on the edge of your seat. Great movie pick SCOPE!

Linkin Park Releases A Thousand Suns



When Linkin Park first hit the music scene in 2000, they quickly rose to the top of the charts. Each album that they have released since has been done similarly, and with the publicity gained at the MTV Video Music Awards, there is no doubt that they will do the same again. Yet, A Thousand Suns is different from anything that the band has recorded, which has some diehard fans up in arms. There is no doubt that the album has potential, but if you are looking for the sound you know and love, you will be sadly mistaken. With fifteen tracks, A Thousand Suns comes in at what you might call a shorter album, unless you count the introductions. Nearly every song

Maroon 5 Has Done It Again



Maroon 5 released their much anticipated cd, Hands All Over, on September 21. This is Maroon 5’s third cd released since the band became established in 2001. Hands All Over was created in Switzerland after the band did their college tour in 2009. The cd has a very easy beat throughout the whole album that makes it easy to dance to, with a mixture of songs that remind people of anything from being in con’t from page 14

Famed Antihero Comes to the Big Screen

had survived a fire that Hex had believed killed him years ago, setting Hex off on his journey. Lastly, he is aided by Lilah (Megan Fox), who serves as the film’s female lead. Jonah Hex mixes supernatural elements with a 1800s western theme. While lacking superstrength, flight, or other popular superpowers,

Top 12 Movies This Week from

97% 48% 56% 95% 86% 16% 26% 86% 49% 15% 23% 87%

The Social Network $22.4M Legend of the Guardians: $10.9M The Owls of Ga’Hoole Wall Street: $10.0M Money Never Sleeps The Town $9.7M Easy A $6.7M You Again $5.7M Case 39 $5.4M Let Me In $5.1M Devil $3.6M Alpha and Omega $2.9M Resident Evil: Afterlife $2.8M Inception $0.9M

Currently in Theatres The Social Network Critics’ Consensus:

Impeccably scripted, beautifully directed, and filled with fine performances, The Social Network is a riveting, ambitious example of modern filmmaking at its finest.

Top Pop Singles 1. Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars, Elektra Records 2. Love the Way You Lie, Eminem, feat. Rihanna, Aftermath 3. Only Girl (In the World), Rihanna, Def Jam 4. Teenage Dream, Katy Perry, Capitol 5. DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love, Usher, feat. Pitbull, La Face 6. Dynamite, Taio Cruz, Mercury 7. I Like It, Enrique Iglesias, feat. Pitbull, 101 DISTRIBUTION 8. Just a Dream, Nelly, Universal 9. Club Can’t Handle Me, Flo Rida, feat. David Guetta, Atlantic 10. Like a G6, Far East Movement, feat. Cataracs & Dev, Cherrytree/Interscope Records (C) 2010 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.

You Again

especially because of its strange accidents and wide ––––––––––––––––––––– variety of characters. Betty White and fellow cast You Again is a new age members did a tremendous comedy about the lives job of doing what they do of woman. It’s an under- best: putting smiles on the standing and sympathetic faces of movie goers. This approach to understanding film was nothing less than the female mind. This hi- funny, clever, well written, larious spin off on real life and very entertaining. I enis one that can be very en- courage all who have not tertaining. Both men and yet seen this film to do so. woman will enjoy this film, By JAMIE KING STAFF WRITER

Legend of the Guardians

too much in too short of a told by his father, Noctus, timeframe and that some and letting loose from the of the “clutter” in the movPure Ones, Soren is on his ie could be stripped away way to save the owl king- to make it more of the doms, and earn himself a “magical” type of movie people were looking for. great deal of honor. The movie has had some However, go out and see mixed reviews since its re- the movie and make your lease, with many viewers own decision about it, behaving trouble following cause if anything, the artthe plot and complain- istry of the animation is ing that the violence was really worth seeing. much too intense to attract children. Viewers said that the filmmakers tried to do con’t from page 14

October 6 2010  

Each year, as soon as the weather turns just the right tem- perature to bring out hot cider and beautiful autumn leaves are seen on the tree...

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