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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Volume 86, Issue 10

The student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938

Halloween Edition Look inside for facts about fall’s best holiday!

Red Sox Sweep the Rockies to Win World Series

their second World Series title in four years Sunday ––––––––––––––––––––– night. Jon Lester, Mike Lowell & Co. left little DENVER— Perched high room for drama with a 4-3 above his rauwin over the cous teamColorado Rockmates, David ies in Game 4. Ortiz sprayed Then again, bottles of bubno NL team bly in every could have direction, dousblocked Boston ing everyone in this October. sight, including This was COHEED SAGA CONTINhimself. hardly a repeat UES Then it was from 2004, when time to deliver a the Red Sox endFind out if the latest Coheed and message. ed their 86-year Cambria CD can stand up against its predecessors. "When you championship AN AP/DAVID ZALUBOWSKI PHOTO wear Red Sox Jonathan Papelbon and Jason Varitek celebrate the win on Sunday, Oct. 28. drought by beat– Page 8 on your shirt," he hollered Overwhelming in every from atop a clubhouse ta- way, the Red Sox swept to See RED SOX page 10


The UNH Men’s Soccer team defeats C.W. Post in its last game of the season.




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WEST HAVEN— Fear ran rampant last week as students at the University of New Haven discovered that some students had been diagnosed with scabies. Paula Cappuccia, Director of Health Services, sent out an informational e-mail to all students explaining the mite on Wednesday, Oct. 24. Unfortunately, before the e-mail was received students all over campus were jumping to conclusions about this common parasite. First of all, scabies is not like head lice. Scabies is microscopic, whereas one can easily see head lice. Also, lice crawl or jump from head to head. Scabies



mate object like furniture, towels, or clothing. Due to these factors, it is important for people to clean. Anything that can fit into a washing machine should be washed in hot water. Scabies cannot be spread by the use of the same washing and drying machines. Anything that cannot be washed in a washing machine should be disinfected, or put in a sealed bag for two weeks. By cutting the mite off from human skin, it cannot survive for more than two weeks. Some objects can be bagged and placed in a freezer. This kills the mite within a few days. The first Jack-oLanterns were made The mattresses on campus are designed to withstand from turnips infections such as this; just

MIDDLESBROUGH, England— was shut down early Tuesday, Oct. 23, by British and Dutch police, closing what is possibly the leading private BitTorrent site for music worldwide. The website, which is based out of a home in the UK, provided some of the biggest leaks in music this year. This action will certainly cripple music sharing drastically on the Internet. Most of the music that managed to make its way to the Internet before a release usually came from an Oink member. The closed nature of the site made it easier to weed out serious members. Donations were also encouraged, not enforced, to help maintain the site. At the time of the closure, the site was host to about 180,000 members. Users were only allowed access to the site by invitation in order to help maintain a closed operation. Once members were admitted, a strict ratio requirement was implemented to help maintain a serious file-sharing environment. Personally, it was quite possibly one of the best sites for music lovers on the Internet. Just about any


See SITE page 8

Scabies Scare at UNH


– Page 8

ble, "you're good at something." There's a new monster, and this one's in Boston, too.

Oink Shut Down By Police

do not jump or crawl. If you walk by someone on campus, their scabies mite will not just jump onto you. Scabies will only be transmitted in two ways. The most common infection is through prolonged skin-to-skin contact. This does not include hand shakes or hugs. This does include sleeping in the same bed. The other way a scabies mite can enter the skin is through an inani-

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Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

Thursday, November 1

Wednesday, October 31  Haunted House Bartels Hall, 6pm

Halloween Paranormal Awareness Week

Friday, November 2

 Soulful Dinner Sign-up

 NSBE Dinner

 International Coffee Hour

 Movie: The Simpsons Movie

 Psychic Readings

 Soulful Dinner Sign-up

Bartels Lobby, 11am-7pm

Dodds Hall Lobby, 3:30pm Alumni Lounge, 6pm

Alumni Lounge, 7pm Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Bartels Lobby, 11am-7pm

 Costume Ball German Club, 8pm

Saturday, November 3 

Comedian: Freddie Ricks Dodds Hall, 7pm

NSBE Blacklight Party

Sunday, November 4  Movie: The Simpsons Movie Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Monday, November 5 

Mechanical Bull German Club, 8pm

German Club, 9pm 

Madden Bowl ‘07

Country Night

Alumni Lounge, 11am- 8:30pm

Halloween was not celebrated in the U.S. until the 19th century!

Students Experiment During National Chemistry Week



By Dan Osipovitch WEST A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH



It’s finally Halloween! Beware All Hallow’s Eve, a night of ghastly goodness. Bah, who am I kidding—it’s a night to go out, have fun, dress up in some kinky fashion, eat candy until you throw up, and have an excuse for it all in the morning. Happy Halloween everyone!

If I hear the word “scabies” one more time, I think I might… well, Zack and Celina might be held liable if I wrote that. But seriously, people. It’s NOT that big of a deal. People act as if it’s the plague or something. It’s just a little tiny mite that causes some itching and that easily goes away. The jokes are starting to get old after hearing the same ones over and over and over and over again. And the rumors— the rumors! “There was this couch and this guy sat on it…then the scabies got to him and ate his skin off.” If you’re going to worry about anything, be worried about the upcoming flu season, which will be harder to deal with than scabies. PUHLEEZE!

This new laundry thing is pretty cool. We now have the ability to check out which washers and dryers are being used before we are disappointed to find a filled laundry room. It saves time a n d e n e r g y. However, they seemed to forget the one building where people have to go outside in the rain, cold, and snow to the measly two washers/ dryers. Yes, I’m talking about Ruden. Please add us!!!!

There is always at least one computer in the Bartels Lobby that is broken! Are working computers too much to ask for?

HAVEN— Each year, the students of the Forensic Science and Chemistry Club (FSCC) showcase experiments and sponsor other fun activities for National Chemistry Week. This year, National Chemistry Week was from Monday, Oct. 22 to Thursday, Oct. 25 with Mole Day on Tuesday. The Forensic Science and Chemistry Club

set up a table in Bartels Lobby to share its love of chemistry with the entire campus. The first day of National Chemistry Week was met with great enthusiasm by the students walking through Bartels Lobby. Passing students were encouraged to make “gak.” Using only Elmer’s Glue, warm water, and a borax solution, interested students created a slimy yet satisfying substance they could play with for days. The experi-

ment showcased how the properties of one substance, in this case the glue, could be altered by the addition of another substance, the borax solution. Even Greg Overend, Director of Student Activities, stopped by to try his hand at a little chemistry. A scavenger hunt was prepared for Mole Day (Tuesday). Students had to start at Bartels and follow clues leading them

See CHEMISTRY page 4

National/World News The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

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Wildfires Unify California



SANTIAGO CANYON, California— Over the past few days, California has been experiencing cooler, more humid weather. This is good news for the victims and firefighters of the California wildfires. While this break is indeed brief, is leaves firefighters “cautiously optimistic,” as Chris Caswell of the Orange County Fire Authority put it. The wildfires have not only had an impact on those residing in the state itself, but

the entire country. One UNH student, Rachel Barton, whose family lives in one of the areas hardest struck, described the situation: “Having gone through the Cedar Fires in 2003, I can say that people in San Diego always come together for each other. It amazes me how people seem to always want to help everyone else. I was reading about a call for donations at Qualcomm Stadium, and then a few hours later there was another notice saying to stop because they had all the donations they needed. It's

a shame that it takes disasters like this to bring people together, but it's also good that people want to help others in need.” The Governor of California feels the same way, and was inspired to comment upon the state’s unity, saying that while the fires were devastating, they were, “a good vehicle, a motivator for everyone to come together.” During his visit to a command post near the location of Orange County’s Santiago Canyon fire, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger explained his state’s

predicament, their coming together, and what aid could be given to the victims. While the bonding the state has exhibited has been incredible, the over 4,000 evacuees, are in a different situation. Currently, 4,403 people are scattered amongst 28 shelters. They are slowly returning to what remains of their homes, as hundreds of evacuees have already flooded back into parts of San Bernardino County. Bruce Heinemann, an evacSee FAMILIES page 14

Zack’s Wacky Stack of News Your place to find the oddest stories from mainstream news. By Zack Rosen Vampires, mum- swallowed 103 small for hanging spoons said in a statement. mies, and Hillary hamburgers in 8 min- from her friend's Somebody put her in W A S H I N G T O N utes Sunday to take nipples, police said the timeout corner… – Once again, Hil- home $10,000. Wednesday. WATERFORD, Conn. lary Rodham Clinton – A 34-year-old womleads in a poll. This an has been charged time, she was top with using the Internet choice when people to try to get revenge were asked which on an old boyfriend by major 2008 presidenbreaking up his marApproximately 82% of tial candidate would riage. Pilar Stofega children and 67% of make the scariest Halhas been charged with adults take part in Halloween costume. second-degree harassAsked about cosment and breach of loween festivities! tume choices, 37 peace and released on percent in an Associ$2,500 bond. ated Press-Ipsos surWaterford police vey this month chose say she created phony New York Sen. ClinJoey Chestnut, 23, Police in West- profiles of the former ton, the front-runner of San Jose, Calif., ern Australia said the boyfriend's current among Democratic surpassed the previ- 31-year old barmaid wife on some adult presidential contend- ous record of 97 Krys- pleaded guilty in the Web sites that includers. Fourteen percent tal burgers — 2 1/2 local magistrate's court ed the wife's home selected former New inches square — held to twice exposing her and work phone numYork Mayor Rudy by Japan's Takeru breasts to patrons at bers and high school Giuliani, who leads Kobayashi, set at last the Premier Hotel in yearbook picture. Republicans in na- year's Krystal Square Pinjarra, south of the Stofega said she tional polls. did to it "to be vindicOff. state capital, Perth. No other candidate Ever crush your cans The woman "is al- tive, knowing that the exceeded 6 percent. with your cans? leged to have also profiles would creHoly cow that’s a lot CANBERRA – An crushed beer cans be- ate marital problems of meat! Australian barmaid tween her breasts dur- between" the victim CHATTANOOGA, has been fined for ing one of the offenc- and her husband, acTenn. – A competitive crushing beer cans be- es," in breach of hotel cording to court docueater who has already tween her bare breasts licensing laws, police ments. triumphed at a famous while an off-duty col- from the Peel district hot dog eating contest league has been fined of Western Australia



By Associated Press Writers

Intense fire at beach house on North Carolina Resort Island kills 7 college students COLUMBIA, South Carolina— A weekend of fun vanished in a storm of fire and smoke that killed seven college friends and left behind a gutted beach house and an emotionally devastated campus. Six of the seven killed in the fire Sunday morning in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., attended the University of South Carolina; the other attended Clemson University. Six other South Carolina students in the house survived. "My heart goes out to everyone involved," South Carolina student Lindsey Riddick, 19, said Sunday evening. "I just can't fathom that at all." Dennis Pruitt, the school's dean of students, said many of the students were friends from the Delta Delta Delta sorority and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. The father of one survivor said several had gone to high school together in Greenville. Officials said the students were staying at a house owned by the parents of one of the students. The fire struck sometime before 7 a.m. and burned completely through the first and second floors, leaving only part of the frame standing. The waterfront home — named "Changing Channels" — was built on stilts, forcing firefighters to climb a ladder onto the house's deck to reach the first living floor. One witness described seeing three students sitting on the ground screaming as the home burned, and another jumping from a window into a waterway. The six survivors were hospitalized and released, Mayor Debbie Smith said. The fire's cause was being investigated. News Corp. and NBC launch online video site 'Hulu' as YouTube alternative LOS ANGELES— NBC and Fox are set to launch an advertising-supported online video site that hosts programming from varied entertainment companies in a bid to seize viewers from YouTube, the broadcasters said. A test version of the site,, went online Monday, with plans to premiere a final version in a few months, company officials said. The site, developed by News Corp. and NBC Universal, a unit of General Electric Co., offers free viewing of full-length films and TV episodes, supported by advertising. It will host programming from the two networks, as well as TV shows and films from Sony Corp. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. "Consumers identify with shows and films," rather than networks, Hulu chief executive Jason Kilar said. "When you aggregate great content together, it makes things easier for the user."

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New Haven News

The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

FSCC Helps Students Students Fear Outbreak of Common Infestation Explore Chemistry

Chemistry Week, the throughout the main FSCC offered stupart of the UNH camdents the chance to pus. When all of the make their own ice clues were found, the cream. Using rock salt pieces of paper could and ice, the students be assembled to make performed a simple a little mole. Everyfreezing point deone who successpression experifully completed the ment that resulted hunt won a prize. in thick and creamy It was great to see ice cream. Students Halloween is bestudents walking were also given the around campus lieved to have origi- option of choosing participating in the between orange, nated in Ireland scavenger hunt. vanilla, mint, and Everyone involved coconut extracts had a blast. to flavor their ice On Wednesday, ers, was used as an at- cream. Yum! Overall, the FSCC Oct. 24, the table tempt to fool students hosted a blind tasting into tasting something was able to put on a session. The setup different. The experi- great event and showwas simple: students ment showcased the case National Chemwere given the op- flavor similarity be- istry Week (and Mole portunity to taste tween simple ingredi- Day) with three great three types of pie and ents and the ability for experiments and a attempt to guess the chemistry, even in the fun scavenger hunt correct flavor. Flavor kitchen, to be promi- for those interested in Chemistry here at votes ranged from ap- nent. On Thursday, the UNH. Make sure to ple to pumpkin, pecan to sugar, and beyond. last day of National come out next year!

con’t from page 2

The FSCC started this experiment to show the unique quality of ingredients and taste. One of the pies, made of only sugar, crème of tartar, and Ritz Crack-

Delta Chi Gives This Holiday Season

WEST HAVEN— These past two weeks have been extremely busy for the Brothers of the New Haven Chapter of Delta Chi. We would like to thank all who came out to donate blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive. It was a great success with record numbers. This past week, the Brothers and Associ-

ate Members had their annual retreat where they built trust and had a great time getting to know each other. During the weekend, we had our Halloween party where costumes ranged from cavemen to Robin Hood. On Sunday, Oct. 28 the Brothers volunteered for the Special Olympics in New Haven at Hill House

High School, assisting in volleyball and many other activities. In the coming month of November, we will be having our annual White Carnation Formal at the Bella Vianca, attending the IFSC Greek Pig Roast at the German Club, helping out at soup kitchens and having a Thanksgiving dinner.

con’t from page 1

make sure you wipe them with disinfectant and wash your bed linens. A student was overheard telling his mother that 86% of students have been diagnosed with having scabies. This is dramatically false. Health Services is aware of 10 positive cases of the infestation, which contains students from different buildings on campus. Of those ten people, a few might not even have scabies and are just getting treated as a precaution. While this may sound absurd, treatment is greatly encouraged. Symptoms of infestation are usually pimple-like rashes that can be found in the webs of feet and hands, elbows, knees, wrists, shoulder blades, breasts and genitalia. Severe itching is common, especially at night. Treatment includes a lotion, which is rubbed on a clean body and kept on for eight hours then washed off in the morning. Going back to your health care provider and checking your progress is just as important as receiving treatment in the first place. The same day that Cappuccia e-mailed

students, an e-mail was also sent from President Kaplan’s office, which mentioned MRSA, bacteria that causes staph infections. While the e-mail never stated that UNH had cases of MRSA, students quickly assumed that the mention of the bacteria meant that it was on campus. Cappuccia confirmed that there have been two cases of MRSA on campus this semester. However, one student was treated in September and is now cured. The other student was treated a few weeks ago and is also cured. A feeling of panic has been connected to MRSA within the past month due to the bacteria’s appearance in the news regarding its connection to deaths on college campuses. Cappuccia explained

mainly the elderly or those with weakened immune systems. Just like scabies, treatment and follow-up care are absolutely important. Similarly, washing your hands and not sharing things (especially beds) will not only protect you from the upcoming flu season, but MRSA and scabies as well. Health Services understands how fearful students are at this point in time. “We want to work with students to put those fears at ease,” said Cappuccia. Students are encouraged to stop by Health Services in the quad-side of Sheffield Hall even if they just think they are at risk for scabies and/or MRSA. “We are here to help and we are true professionals,” said Cappuccia. For more information about scabies and MRSA, visit the C e n Anoka, Minnesota is ters for the self-proclaimed Disease Halloween capital of C o n t r o l and Prethe world vention’s website at www. that MRSA is not a Hopefully, deadly disease. “We the existing cases of don’t know all the scabies will be treated circumstances to and cured in no time. [the deaths related to Until then, stay clean! MRSA],” she said. MRSA affects

Funeral home visiting hours for UNH senior Nathan Crowell, 22, who died Thursday, will take place Thursday, November 1, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the SmithMason Funeral Home, 398 Willett Ave., Riverside, Rhode Island. The funeral service will begin at 7 p.m. For directions, visit or call (401) 433 - 2300.


The Brothers of Delta Chi help at the Special Olympics on Sunday, Oct. 28.

If you would like to contribute thoughts to a memorial for Nathan in The Charger Bulletin, please e-mail us at

Forensic Psychologist Due to Speak at UNH


––––––––––––––––– WEST HAVEN— The Psychology Club is sponsoring a speech by Dr. Katherine Ramsland on Tuesday, Nov. 27. Dr. Ramsland is a well-known forensic psychologist. She has written over 30 books, most recently Inside the Minds of Health Care Serial Killers

and Beating the Devil’s Game. She has worked with famous FBI profilers John Douglas and Gregg McCrary on their books (The Cases that Haunt Us and The Unknown Darkness, respectively). She has also published over 300 articles on forensic psychology and can be seen on Court TV as a guest expert. Dr. Katherine Ramsland will be

speaking at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 27 in Dodd’s Auditorium. Her speech is titled “The Perp, the Profiler, and the Psychologist: How Forensic Psychology Examines the Criminal Mind.” A book signing may also follow the speech. This promises to be an amazing talk and we hope that everyone will come out to learn more about this amazing field of study.

Blue Man Group Trip Offers Unique Experience

an eccentric variety from skit to full-length of unique instruments, song, including origi––––––––––––––––– like air poles, long, nals like "Sing Along" flexible rods that pro- and the climactic "I H A R T F O R D — duce a unique swishy Feel Love," featuring SCOPE hosted a trip noise, and an open pi- the stunning vocal talon Saturday, Oct. 27 ano tipped on its side ents of Adrian Haley. to see the Blue Man whose strings could Cover songs included Group. This being my be pounded with a a montage of eightfirst Blue Man ies tracks played Group expemainly on the rience, I had tubes, and their no idea what own electrifyto expect. But ing rendition of their perfor“Baba O'Reilly” Samhainaphobia is mance at the by The Who. Hartford Civic The set and the fear of Halloween Center delivvisual effects are ered entertainalmost impossiment and exble to describe in citement for their entirety, but newcomers they included lit suits and TV screens and fans alike. mallet. Opening act Mike The show's prem- using video clips and Relm set a fun atmo- ise was based around scrolling dialogue that sphere with his inno- the theme of "How to that broke the fourth vative mix of simulta- Become a Megastar." wall with the audineous audio and video The group explored ence. The show really is turntable mixing. different ways of enThe Blue Man gaging the audience, really something peoGroup was backed by including decorating ple should experience a full band including one man's shirt by for themselves, but three percussionists, spitting paintballs at there is no doubt that it is impossible to not each with a full drum him. kit. The Blue Men At intervals, the have fun. themselves utilized group would transition


USGA President’s Corner USGA Landmarks This past week at USGA we had several important landmark events. First of all, under New Business we voted on officially accepting the members of our Judicial Council. Even though the council has been operating prior to last Friday’s meeting due to a constitutional suspension, they are now official. They have been doing a wonderful job thus far and I am convinced that they will continue to work hard and resolve problems that arise. Keep up the good work guys! We also voted to officially organize our 2007-2008 Budget Committee. The Budget Committee has been non-existent so far this year because of a lack of ap-

Louis Eswood III USGA President plicants and availability issues. Last week the USGA Treasurer, Rich Guisti, and Greg Overend sat down and ironed out a meeting time and they will be meeting this week. This is great news for many clubs and organizations that have been locked out of the miscellaneous account to program events. Currently, the miscellaneous budget has more than $41,000 in it. I’m sure that the

Budget Committee will have several requests for that money this week. This past Friday we also officially filled our 20th senate seat. Congratulations to Kathryn for filling that last seat. However, the senate did not remain full for very long. By the end of the meeting, we were forced to read a letter of resignation from a respected, senior senator, Brian Reader. So if anyone is interested, there is now once again an open senate seat. As always, have a great week and we hope to see you at Friday’s USGA meeting at noon in the Alumni Lounge. Also, don’t forget to utilize

MEISA Goes Pop



WEST HAVEN— After the second cancellation of the ska show last week, MEISA put on its third themed MEISA Monday show of the semester. Following Blues and Metal Night, the theme for the Monday, Oct. 22 show was

Pop Rock. The German Club filled up pretty quickly with people anticipating the headlining band, Medicated Kisses, which was preceded by the two opening bands, Call II Consciousness and Wil Deynes. Call II Consciousness consists of members that attend the University of New Haven.

MEISA members arrived early to help decorate and set up for the show. To go along with the night’s theme, Pop Rocks and soda were handed out as refreshments. Although the turnout wasn’t too great, the bands were very interesting, to say the least. Keep an eye out for upcoming MEISA Monday shows.

Want To Write for The Charger Bulletin? Come to our meetings every Monday at 2pm in the newspaper office on the third floor of Bartels Hall The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

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The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

The Truth About Universal Healthcare

Democratic presidential hopeful Senator John Edwards announced this weekend that prescription drug companies should have to wait up to two years to begin advertising their new products to consumers. Sunday, Oct. 28, Edwards was talking about his plan to regulate a proliferation of misleading drug ads. According to Edwards, “with such aggressive and often misleading drug company marketing, it's too easy for advertising — instead of doctors or proven results — to influence families' health decisions." But how many of those watching the commercials can even afford to take some of this medicine that is being offered? This problem brings me to this week’s irksome topic. Healthcare. Every American deserves free healthcare – especially in a day where medical supplies and doctor appointments cost so damn much. One reason that universal healthcare is such a fragile topic, however, is because it’s a form of socialism. Everybody would have healthcare. However, there are

two things to consider when using the “Communism” excuse for debating against universal healthcare. If there was basic universal healthcare in America, people could still rely on private companies to provide them with addition-

Zack Rosen Assistant Editor al benefits to their healthcare plan. This alone would turn it away from socialism. Secondly, think of the other forms of “socialism” used in America today. If I wanted to send a letter to somebody in California, all I would need to do is put a stamp on it and send it through the United States Postal Service. How frighteningly Communist. The USPS, however socialist in some viewpoints, isn’t forced on anybody and allows for other forms of postal delivery. FedEx, UPS, that company with the yellowy truck … they

are all additional parts to basic postal service, which everybody is able to use. So next time you think that universal healthcare will take us one step closer to the terrible socialist ways of life, consider a personal rule I like to believe in. All or nothing. If your only reason to denounce universal healthcare is because it has socialist tendencies, stop sending mail. Many worry that universal healthcare would put America so far into debt that it would become completely bankrupt. According to the Connecticut Coalition for Universal Health Care, however, the Congressional Budget Office found that it would actually save $100 to $200 billion per year. Britain’s still around and functioning perfectly fine with universal healthcare. And so is Canada. So stop following your party’s leaders on this nonpartisan issue, read up on the information instead of assuming false facts and figures, and quit your bitching and worrying about the United States converting into a socialist nation.

Need your Celina fix? Don’t worry, she will be back next week!

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Despite how life fornia Governor Ar- band,” and “wife” was depicted on TV nold Schwarzenegger from public school some fifty-odd text books (effecyears ago, the tive Jan. 1, 2008), world is not black and also grants stuand white. There dents the choice of is no simple diusing male or fechotomy between The Reese’s Peanut male locker rooms. us and there is Butter Cup is the These laws intend no denying the most popular Hallow- to portray other world we live in sexual lifestyles in een treat today. There is a positive light. no refuting that It comes as a our global comshock that Gov. munity is made up of vetoed bill SB 1437. Schwarzenegger ’s people from all differ- The bill aimed at Republican conserent walks of life; nor eliminating the teach- vative agenda would is there any legitimate ing of material reflect- sanction such a bladisproval of the meld- ing negatively upon tantly liberal and ining of races, ethnicities homosexuality, bisex- tently progressive and religions among uality and transexu- bill. The bill itself us. Our differences ality. Roughly two defies two of conserare distinct, but it is in weeks ago, Monday, vatism’s key comthose differences that Oct. 15, a very similar ponents: tradition we find similarities. bill was put in front of and gradual change. And these common- Schwarzenegger. This Groups like the Capialities must be culti- one was passed. The tol Resource Institute vated and accepted in- new law, SB 777, puts (CRI), whose goal is stead of shunned and into action the eradi- to “educate, advocate, shut out. cation of the words, See EQUALITY page 7 A year ago, Cali- “mom,” “dad,” “hus-

Why Does My Birth Control Cost So Much?

One of the best things about being in college is that you have freedom: freedom over the classes you take, the clothes you wear, and above all your sexual choices and health. This can mean abstaining or being active. A woman used to be able to go into our health services on the day of a woman's clinic and after a quick exam she could get her birth control pills for a small cost. If anyone has tried this recently, they would have come across a huge barrier. While they can still get an exam, they cannot get their birth control pills. This freedom no

longer exists. Last January, a bill was passed by the Connecticut General Assembly. This bill contained an approximately two line statement that said that colleges and universities in Connecticut can no longer get birth control pills at a nominal cost. This is creating a terrible problem for people who have been relying on this service, mainly for those who cannot go through their parents. If a girl cannot, for whatever reason, go through her parents and cannot get birth control pills through school she still has a few options. She can abstain (Hard!),

use only a condom (not as protective as birth control), or go to a local clinic, such as Planned Parenthood. While Planned Parenthood is a great option, it is a far walk from the shuttle stop in New Haven. This bill is affecting the choices women have at the University of New Haven. This must be remedied and there is something we can do about it. We can write to or call Senator Dodd, (his information is available at Health Services) or you can go to Health Services and sign the petition which will go to Senator Dodd so this can be fixed! -Desiree Holian

Steps for Success By Sijith Salim -

Is Suicide an Answer to Life’s Problems? “Dad, you had high hopes for my education. You used to boast to others that I would pass out of school with high scores. But when I saw my exam grade, I couldn’t help but to cry. I failed. I have failed in living up to you expectations. I feel like I have betrayed you. I will be a laughing stock and I can’t handle it. So I have decided to end my life. I really loved you mom. I know you will miss me, but I had to leave.” “I thought nobody cared. My mother was upset all the time. My dad was on my back because of school. My friends deserted me. I thought no one needed me. Everything kept going wrong. I started to fail at work and I didn’t have any other options but to end my

life. But now I regret taking my life.” “I was a girl who had lots of dreams for life: a good family, a loving husband, and happiness. I wanted to be a civil servant, dedicating my life to serving people. When a prestigious university called for an interview, I was so excited. When I was rejected, I lost all hope. I thought I was a failure and didn’t want to continue anymore. I decided to end my life. But now I feel that was the worst decision I could have made.” These are just a few examples of how someone might feel about committing suicide after he or she has already done it. Around midnight last October, Lori, 16, took a handful of pills at her neighbor’s

house. In a southern tion if you tried? A decity a 10-year-old sire to fit in, the need boy wrote 200 times to feel accepted, and on his bedroom wall the constant pressure that he would not to be a good kid and a fight with his brother cool person are espeagain. A short while cially stressful during after, he hung himself teen years. Those who in the same room. In feel socially isolated Sarasota, or unsupFlorida, a ported TV perby peers sonality and/or took a .38 family caliber may turn revolver to suicide and shot to ease herself on their pain. live TV. Problems Suisuch as cide is a t h e s e Sijith Salim way that cause us hundreds of people to question what is rechoose to end their ally good about life. lives, thinking that Sometimes we feel they have chosen the so depressed that we "easy way" out. But decide to end our life. there is an answer! Just imagine. Is this Do you ever find the right approach to a your life so full of problem? Who doesn’t problems that you have problems? couldn't find a soluThere is an answer

con’t from page 6

ers in California will funding to programs “indoctrinate” their that do not support students by supply- different sexual habing them with enough its. Randy Thomasinformation to think son, President of the for themselves with as Campaign for Chillittle bias as possible. dren and Families, Education on different sexual lifestyles at a young age will also reduce nar- Halloween is the sixth row-mindmost profitable holiedness and day in the U.S. greatly water the withering plant of equality. Also, indoctrination told conservative may even apply more website wordnetdaily. fittingly to the lone com, "It's the height teachings of “standard of intolerance to punfamily” life. What ish individuals, orgachoice do people have nizations, businesses, when only one option and churches that is presented? have moral standards Signed alongside on sexual conduct and SB 777 was AB 14, a sexual lifestyles. This bill that prohibits state is another insensitive

to hopelessness, anger, that feeling of not belonging, and depression, which might be causing you to think about killing yourself. You are not alone with these feelings. 40,000 people commit suicide in America every year. There is a solution to every problem. On your way to finding a solution you might experience pain, but when you find the solution you will have a new way to solve problems in the future. Everyone has problems. You can choose to be a part of the problem, or a part of the solution. You can choose to be influenced by the negativity around you. You can reflect that cautiousness and lack of confidence. You

can contribute to that downward spiral with your attitude. In that case, you have chosen to be part of the problem. On the other hand, you can choose to be part of the solution. You can choose an attitude of confidence and optimism. By so doing, you positively influence those around you, contributing to the solution. We need to understand that the life we have is a blessing. You are very important to your family, your friends and to everyone that knows you. They love us very much and are here to help solve any of our problems. Open up to them about your problems and they will surely help you. Don’t let depression lead you to take your life.

liberal-minded bills that intrigues me. It is the stubbornness of the American people that is the true anomaly here. Conservative traditionalists in America are primary contributors to the inflexibility of our arguments and leave the country in neutral when it is time to move. Right now it is time to move, but we are stuck yet again. Our country has an opportunity for equality ahead of it that will never be reached due to disagreements. It is 2007, and if the American people cannot unite now then what hope is there for the future? Must laws be implemented to spark fear and birth change? There are different types of people all

around us. The world is only getting smaller; it is only growing more diverse. Our egalitarian stage has been set, but America cannot find its instruments. -David Padula, Staff Writer

Equality Controversy- Fifty Years Too Late

protect, and defend family-friendly policies in the California state…,” are in great opposition to the new law, claiming it decimates conventional family values. Karen England, Executive Director of CRI, had this to say of the law: "With this decision, Gov. Schwarzenegger has told parents that their values are irrelevant. Many parents will have no choice but to pull their children out of the public schools that have now become sexualized indoctrination centers." Indoctrination is not brainwashing. No student will be strapped down and forced to watch episodes of Will & Grace. Teach-

The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

law that violates people's moral boundaries.” There you have it; encouraging tolerance is “the height of intolerance.” It makes sense, right? According to Thomasson, laws trying to reverse insensitivity targeting those with different sexual perspectives in turn make him the victim. He is the one whose morals are always violated, not the two-father family that faces ridicule and stress. Trudging along the road of equality, groups of conservatives are aiming to crush progress and stomp acceptance in the name of tradition. It is not the word banning, however, nor is it a conservative governor passing

Relax! Celina’s Salacious Celebrity Gossip will be back next Page 7

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Arts & Entertainment The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

Saw 4 Lacks Innovation and Police Shut Down Largest Pirated Overall Horror By JOSEPH CHAPMAN STAFF WRITER


Like the tagline says, “if it’s Halloween, it must be Saw.” Yes, the newest and most popular modern horror movie franchise has released its fourth installment. For those unfamiliar with the series, the Saw films are notorious for containing graphic yet creative violence and thematically representing the importance of appreciating one’s own life. Thus far, the franchise has enjoyed success from the first three films. But can

a fourth one thrill, chill, and disturb fans like its predecessors? And perhaps more importantly, should the producers reconsider there plans of making a fifth and sixth installment? The story picks up shortly after the third movie left off. Jigsaw is dead, but he vows his work will continue. The main character is police detective Rigg (Lyriq Bent) who is on the search to find two of his fellow officers. He discovers one is dead, but the other may still be alive. When his current partner goes missing, Rigg

learns that the time he has to find now two of his colleagues is dwindling. As is typical in a Saw film, all

end, there is rarely a moment where some form of mutilation is not occurring. For example, without giving anything away, the film opens with an The original Halloween in-depth movie cost $320,000 to a u t o p s y make and has made over and ends with a $50 million worldwide m a n ’ s h e a d being crushed by two hell ensues. large blocks of ice. Whether you love Some scenes will it or hate it, Saw 4 make viewers squirm, is graphic. From the See SAW page 11 opening scene to the

The album ranged from acoustic songs to catchy, pop songs to songs with intense and heavy guitar solos. No World for Tomorrow is a continuation of lead guitarist/vocalist Claudio Sanchez’s graphic novel series, The Amory Wars. Each Coheed and Cambria album is designed to tell the story of The Amory Wars. In the graphic novels, the

story revolves around Coheed and Cambria as husband and wife. Sanchez writes himself into the novel portraying himself as a messiah. This latest release actually records the last segment in The Amory Wars saga. If you haven’t picked up No World for Tomorrow, I suggest you do. Just don’t expect it to outdo their previous one.

Music Site

In turn, this can inalbum you wanted crease the fan base was there, and it was of a particular band. easily accessible. As Many people also end an avid member of the up buying the music file sharing communi- provided by bands and ty myself, I see this as artists. The recording an absolute disgrace. industry is crippling Music sharing is not itself with acts such as that big of a prob- these. The artists and lem to artists. Many musicians are not in independent artists any danger from peoare willing to let fans ple downloading mudownload their music sic. Sites like Oink. for free. cd are crucial to the Musicians to- spread of new music day are finding more because of the acceswidespread success sibility to bands that through the Internet. are not mainstream. The ability to listen to If anything, a band anytime, any- was a blessing to new where allows people artists and musicians to enjoy new music. everywhere. con’t from page 1

Coheed and Cambria Harry Potter Reveal Continue Rock Opera Rocks the Popular Series



After the release of Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness in 2005, I didn’t think Coheed and Cambria could make a better album. Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow was released this past Tuesday, Oct. 23. After listening to the album, there is an obvious amount of repetition. Each song sounds similar to songs I have already heard by them. The CD itself is still remarkable, just a tad bit disappointing, and reused to say the least. I did enjoy the variation of genres between each song.


Lead singer Claudio Sanchez performs with Coheed and Cambria.



J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, announced last week that the beloved character of Albus Dumbledore is gay. Asked if Dumbledore ever found true love, Rowling told a packed Carnegie Hall in New York City that he had once loved Gellert Grindelwald, a dark wizard whose terrible deeds were only bested by those of Voldermort himself. The announcement brought about a collective gasp from the crowd of fans, silence, and finally applause. In the series, Grindelwald is mentioned in the very first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, as an infamous dark wizard defeated

by Dumbledore. It wald. Was it lingering is later revealed, in affection for the man Harry Potter and the or fear of exposure as Deathly Hallows, that his once best friend Dumbeldore and Grindelwald were best friend when Wes Craven named they were Freddy Krueger afyoung. ter a kid that bullied Rowlhim in school ing tried to explain that there is indeed evidence of that caused Dumblea romantic relation- dore to hesitate?” Throughout the ship between the two wizards, one famous series, there has been about and the other infa- speculation Fans mous. Rowling said, Dumbledore. “Neither Dumbledore noted that he didn’t nor Grindelwald ever seem to have any relationships seems to have referred close with women and that to this brief boyhood friendship in later life. he had an extremely However, there can be troubled past. While some fans no doubt that Dumbledore delayed, for some are stunned by the anfive years of turmoil, nouncement, others fatalities, and disap- are fully supportive. pearances, his attack See SECRET page 11 upon Gellert Grindel-

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The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

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The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

MLB Hormone Use May Sox Win Second World Lead to Suspensions Series in Four Years player to be linked to the performance enhancing drug scandal that has loomed over baseball. It was reported that Byrd re-

thing that's important con’t from page 1 is I did not try to hide ing St. Louis. Boston ––––––––––––––––– anything. I purchased is a major league bulthings with my credit ly these days, playing Gary Matthews card on my name. in rarefied air before Jr., Paul Byrd, Rick Things came to club- crowds who demand Ankiel along with houses of teams to win. "It doesn't get old," a number of MaI played on and jor League BaseI've taken blood manager Terry Franball players who tests set up by a cona said. Gone are those have been linked team in different pleading, pathetic to Human Growth towns. Everything Hormone use may has been done days when the Red face suspension out in the open. I Sox were practically from commishave actually had begging to win a title. sioner Bud Selig shipments come They've got this down if the reports are to clubhouses and pat now. At this rate, New true. have actually for It was reported a small period of England fans might that Selig has not time stored them get spoiled. Franruled out such in a refrigerator cona's team has bediscipline for in the clubhouses come a perfect counAN AP/ TONY DEJAK PHOTO players even if so I feel like that terpart to coach Bill Paul Byrd may be suspended for HGH use. they did not viomakes things very Belichick's bruisers late the MLB drug ceived $25,000 worth legitimate on my in- on the Patriots. After trailing policy. Even though of HGH between the tentions and things Cleveland 3-1 in the years of 2002 and the MLB did not ban from my end." HGH use until Janu- 2005. Byrd claims that MLB is also prepar- AL championship seary 2005, the fact is HGH was prescribed ing to deal with more ries, the Red Sox won that steroids and HGH to him from a doctor players who used per- seven straight games are still an illegal sub- and that MLB knew formance enhancing and won their seventh stance, which is worth about it. drugs. A report is ex- World Series crown. The wild-card Byrd stated "I have pected to be released punishment. Cleveland Indians never taken anything sometime in Novem- Rockies, who won a remarkable 21 of 22 starting pitcher Paul apart from a prescrip- ber or December. games to get this far, Byrd is the most recent tion. And another were a mere afterthought by the end. Brad Hawpe homered in the seventh inning and Garrett Atkins hit CHARGER PRESS RELEASE 30th minute to help ings. UNH was pre- a two-run shot in the ––––––––––––––––– lift UNH to 6-10-1 viously eliminated eighth that came too overall and 4-4-1 in from postseason con- late. "At the end of the sideration because B R O O K V I L L E , the ECC. It was the Chargers' they lost head-to-head day, you look back on N.Y.— Junior John Nolan had a goal and final match of the sea- tiebreakers with two the game. How did an assist to help power son, lifting them into teams that could also you execute?" Rockies manager Clint the University of New a tie for fourth place finish tied for fourth. Nolan's goal at Hurdle said. "They Haven men's soccer in the league's stand1:48 was a flick executed better than team to a seasonshot from about us all four games." ending 2-1 victory Lester, undergofive yards away. He over East Coast then crossed a ball ing chemotherapy at Conference foe which was headed this time last year for C.W. Post on Suninto the goal from cancer, pitched shutday, Oct. 28. close range by Fer- out ball into the sixth Nolan put home nandez at the 29:43 inning and Jonathan his third goal of the mark in the first Papelbon closed with season just 1:48 half. In a chippy his third save of the into the contest game that saw the Series. and later assisted Lowell won the teams combine for on Jessey FernanMVP award, though dez's seventh goal A CHARGER ATHLETICS PHOTO See SOCCER page 14 Boston had plenty of of the season in the John Nolan led Men’s Soccer to victory. By JOHN OKO


Men’s Soccer Ends Season With Win Over Post

candidates. Especially in a year in which Japanese stars Daisuke Matsuzaka and Hideki Okajima helped put the world in World

tiz raising his hand after a nice scoop at first base, and Lester pumping his fist after a key strikeout. Of the seven postseason series this year, five ended in sweeps. The Rockies' The pumpkin is one last chance of the best sources to avoid it came in the of Vitamin A ninth, when Jamey Carroll flied out to the wall Series. for the second out in "It took all 25 of us the ninth. to get the job done," By the ninth inPapelbon said. "It's ning, only one mysjust phenomenal." tery really remained: Lowell led a team What would happen that hit .333 in the Se- to the ball from the firies with a home run, nal out? double and headfirst Jason Varitek slide to score a run caught the final pitch Sunday. He also won and tucked it in his a ring in 2003 with back pocket as Papelunderdog Florida. bon threw his glove "A little different," high in the air after he said. "I think with striking out pinchthe Marlins no one hitter Seth Smith. The expected us to do this Red Sox spilled out of and I think with the the dugout to party beRed Sox people ex- tween the mound and pect you to win and first. I think both are very When the Red Sox satisfying." won in 2004, it repRookie Jacoby Ells- resented a catharsis bury got it started with for fans all over New a leadoff double and, England. Many had even without big con- wondered whether tributions from slug- they'd live to see a gers Manny Ramirez championship. and Ortiz, Boston was Now, expectations too good. Bobby Ki- are a lot different. Inelty made the most of stead of "Wait till next his first appearance in year," it's "Next year, this Series, connecting too!" for a pinch-hit home They've found a run in the eighth. way to turn the World Coors Field was Series into a matterfilled with Red Sox of-fact affair. Way diffans, many of them ferent than the ALCS, brazenly waving where they overcame brooms they might a 3-0 hole against the have brought from the Yankees in 2004 and Green Monster seats the 3-1 deficit this at Fenway Park. year. The celebrations This win seals the started early, with fact that the Red Sox converted DH Or- have a bright future.

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The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

Dumbledore’s Secret Latest Saw Installment More of the Same Shocks Readers

con’t from page 8

Melissa Anelli, Webmaster for the popular Harry Potter fan site,, believes that “Rowling calling any Harry Potter character gay would make wonderful strides in tolerance toward homosexuality. By dubbing someone so respected, so talented and so kind, as someone who just happens to be also homosexual, she’s reinforcing the idea that a person’s gayness

is not something of munity. which they should be In closing, Rowlashamed.” ing pointed out that Noting the seem- Dumbledore’s love ingly unbelievable was his “great tragfeelings that Dumb- edy.” ledore had for Grindelwald, Rowling said that “falling in love can blind us to some extent.” She also added that Dumbledore was “horribly, terribly let down” by Grindelwald’s actions against the AN AP PHOTO wizarding com- Rowling, author of Harry Potter series.

Colbert Begins Presidential Campaign the day was to be known as "Stephen Colbert" day. Colbert, who is from South Carolina, said the state's children should dress up like him for the day. The Comedy Central

new construction projects in the capital ––––––––––––––––– city, which is trying to bring to its downtown COLUMBIA, S.C.— more high-end housLook out Georgia. ing and high-tech Stephen Colbert businesses that can brought his fanciful partner with the unipresidential campaign versity. Colbert said to the camthe work pus of the means that University scientists of South can live Carolina next to on Sunday, their labs. Oct. 28, " I f telling sevsomething The special effects eral hungoes horriartists on the set of dred signbly wrong, Scream used about 50 waving fans they will gallons of fake blood that he'll be the first take care to mutate," of the rival he said. state to the C o l south. bert, host "I promof "The ise, if elected, I will talk-show host — who Colbert Report," ancrush the state of made "truthiness" a nounced his candidaGeorgia," the 43-year- commonly heard word cy earlier this month, old actor-comedian — also proclaimed the saying he would run said to the cheering dominance of South only in this key pricrowd. Carolina's produce. mary state. He also Columbia Mayor "Our peaches are said he plans to run Bob Coble presented more numerous than as a Democrat and a Colbert with a key to Georgia's," he said. Republican — so he the city, declaring him "They are more juici- could lose twice. South Carolina's "fa- ful." vorite son." He said He also joked about ASSOCIATED PRESS

con’t from page 8

and others may make some viewers leave the theatre. Again, this can be a good or bad thing depending on a viewer’s preference and tolerance for gore. Can Saw 4 be considered a horror film? No. Just like the second and third one, this film’s success does not depend on whether or not it can scare an audience, but rather, if it can make an audience queasy. Only the first film of the series contains elements that intend to scare. Saw 4 rightfully belongs in the subgenre of horror films, the splatter film. In short, anyone going to this movie looking for a fright will be disappointed. The one thing that keeps drawing viewers back to the Saw

movies is the creativ- acters are flat and ity. In a morbid way, unsympathetic. It is many people wait purely a plot-driven in curious anticipa- story with not much tion to see what new subtext to the script. If ways the victims will one is looking for brube killed off. Unfor- tal violence and gore tunately, Saw 4 lacks you may enjoy this. the disturbing inno- But even the creativvation of the previ- ity in which the vicous movies. The kills tims are killed isn’t at are tamed down, and the level of the previsome are reminiscent ous films. The scariest of ones used in the part of this franchise is going to be how terother films. Overall, Saw 4 gives rible parts five and six a viewer more of the are going to be. same, not only from its own franchise but from mode r n horror in general. Saw IV was given the There greenlight before the is no d e p t h third movie in the series was even released to the film. T h e char-

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Fun & Games

The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

Halloween is the third biggest party day of the year

Look for the answers to this week’s puzzles at The Charger Bulletin Online!

90% of a pumpkin is made up of water

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Halloween candy sales average $2 billion a year in the U.S.

The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

Families Return Home as Wildfires Cool

con’t from page 3

uee, recently returned to his ruined home to look for anything that survived the fire. His situation is not unlike many other victims’, and he explains the process of moving-on in a series of questions, “The kind of mood you’re in is, what do you do today? What do you do tomorrow? Just make a list and get it done.” Heinemann goes on to say that, while it makes sense

financially to rebuild the homes, he and his family may never return to live in the area. The wildfires have touched many across the country, but this effect is minimal compared to the thousands who are living through it. Over 500,000 acres have been ravaged by the wildfires, changing thousands of lives. These lives are scattered not only throughout the country, but the world, as

many look towards their home state with worry for their loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Barton describes her predicament, “I don't think most people understand how scary it is to be in that situation. I'm one of the lucky ones, though, because my family and I still have a home to go back to and we didn't lose anything. There are so many people who can't say that.”

for the final ninth of the match to secure the win. Charger goalkeeper James Hilaire made eight saves to pick up the victory. After losing their first four matches of the season, the Chargers played exactly .500 ball for the rest of the year - going 6-6-1 during that 13-match stretch. Included among the highlights was the first goal scored against South-

ern Connecticut State in over 20 years, a 2-1 win over then-No. 23 Bridgeport in ECC play, and a scoreless draw with 7th-ranked and defending national champions Dowling College.

Men’s Soccer Beats Post

con’t from page 10

eight cards - including two red cards - the Chargers were forced to play a man down for the final 50:55. C.W. Post (5-10-2, 3-6-0 ECC) was able to capitalize with exactly 10 minutes remaining on the clock when Dan Carlos found Michael LoManto for a 25-yard goal into the right corner. But UNH held off the Pioneers' attack The Charger Bulletin | October 31, 2007

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COHEED SAGA CONTIN- UES New Haven News Community ble, "you're good at some- thing." There's a new monster, and this one's in Boston, too. Na...

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