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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VAMPIRES RUN AMUCK Can the latest vampire movie stand up against the classics?

The student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938 FLU SHOT SEASON Coughs and sniffles are starting to be heard all around campus. What can you do to keep yourself healthy?

Where to Shop This Halloween



WEST HAVEN— With Halloween quickly approaching, you are probably deciding not only what to dress up as, but also where to buy all of your Halloween supplies. Given that there are so many Halloween stores popping up along Boston Post Road, this dilemma might be more annoying then figurROCKIES CINDERELLA ing out what you're going STORY to be. From witches to vamThe underdog team has good luck pires, to ghosts to adult baon its side as they make it to the World Series. bies, each Halloween store – Page 10 along the way has their – Page 4

DOG CAUSES DEATH THREATS Ellen DeGeneres stirs up trouble as she pleads to animal shelter.

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specialties. This is a guide to help you choose which store is best, from a simple party costume to creating your own haunted dorm. Let's start with the well known Party City, which has stood the test of time in regards to providing a wide variety of costumes and decorations at a reasonable price. This store caters to both men and women and both scary and sexy costumes. They also have one of the largest selections of makeup, latex special effects, and accessories for many costume ideas. Not only is this store great for a wonderful costume selection, but it is also one

of the few stores with Halloween decorations for parties, or just cool dorm room themes. Spooky Town Halloween Shop, across from T.G.I. Friday's, has one of the best costume selections along with many accessories to make your Halloween costume truly authentic. In addition to their wide variety of wigs, latex wounds, and makeup, everything in the store is buy one get one half off! The constant sales, combined with their wide variety of accessories for your costumes make this the best place to go once you know what you're going to be,

and plan on getting a lot of those needed accessories. Halloween Headquarters, next to Jungle Jim's, is mostly accessories and costumes for men. Even though they don't have a selection of plus-size costumes, their Halloween masks are the most detailed I have seen in a store at a very reasonable price. Halloween Headquarters is a seasonal store from Costume Bazaar in New Haven, a year-round costume store with costume rentals which are also available upon request. At the time of visit, the Halloween

19, a prospective directing career. Gone Baby Gone tells the story of private investigator Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) and his involvement in the kidnapping of a young girl, Amanda, from her home in Dorchester, Mass. Kenzie gets help from Detective Remy Bressant (Ed Har-


ists alike sat down to enjoy the film. Almost everyone is familiar with at least one form of Hairspray. Many know that it is a play performed on Broadway. Others are familiar with the 1988 movie version of Hairspray starring Ricki Lake. The story follows the dreams of Tracy Turnblad, a chubby teenage girl living in the sixties aspiring to get on The Corny Collins Show, which features teenagers dancing to hit songs. Tracy longs to dance with heartthrob Link Larkin, but his snobby blonde girlfriend Amber Von Tussle is determined to make sure that doesn’t happen. Amber has the support of her mother, Station Manager,



Everyone wondered if Ben Affleck could really make the transition from actor to director so early in his career. At the ripe age of 35, Affleck has managed to harvest a great acting career, start a family, and with the release of Gone Baby Gone on Friday, Oct.

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Affleck Makes Hairspray Shown Directorial Debut in Bartels


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Morgan Freeman and other actors shine in Gone Baby Gone.



WEST HAVEN— Finally, after weeks of postponing, SCOPE’s Film Committee showed the successful summer musical Hairspray Friday and Sunday, Oct. 19 and Oct. 21. Before showing the film, a hair styling competition got the audience active. Friday, four teams competed to create the best hairstyle they could using the accessories provided. Freshman Shawn Tremblay styled model Chrissy Bulakites’ hair into a nice looking messy bun. The duo won an awesome Hairspray package and gift cards to Target. After the winner was announced, models and styl-

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Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Thursday, October 25

Wednesday, October 24  Men’s Soccer vs. American International College

 K9 Demo

Residential Quad, 5pm

 LASA Fiesta German Club, 8pm

National Chemistry Week

Women’s Soccer vs. C.W. Post North Campus, 1pm

Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt Residential Quad, 8pm

Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Alumni Lounge, 7pm 

Monday, October 29

Sunday, October 28  Movie: Joshua and The Exorcist

Blue Man Group Trip

 Movie: Joshua & The Exorcist Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Kayo Field, 4pm

Saturday, October 27

Friday, October 26

Tuesday, October 30 

Harvest Party

Residential Quad, 8-10pm 

Naughty Bingo German Club, 10pm

Paranormal Awareness Week Healthy Relationship Week


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By Dan Osipovitch A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH



Those new cup dispensers in the old cafe are pretty cool. No longer will the rims of the cups be sitting on the who-knows-how-dirty counter with people touching them after coming from the bathroom without washing their hands. The dispenser is a great and well-appreciated addition.

Blood drives are good and all, but this week all I heard were horrifying rumors about the ineptness of the workers. Now when you give blood, it’s completely necessary to trust the person shoving a needle into your arm. However, after hearing some of the stories that many of us heard, I’m sure it made giving blood less than appealing.

Okay, so now apparently the Sandella’s Brazilian sauce is back. But I’ve heard it’s not really the real sauce. I don’t know what to think of this after being told many times that the sauce wouldn’t be available. However, I’m a big Brazilian sauce advocate so I’m glad they are trying!

Zack and Celina put HOURS of work into the newspaper every week and I find it completely and UTTERLY disrespectful that during open houses and such events the newspapers in Bartels Hall mysteriously disappear. One week the paper wasn’t even out for a day before the newspapers were locked up where no one could get them. This needs to end!

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National/World News The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Oscar Wilde Tops British List News The Importance of Being Earnest written in 1885, earned his newest title by saying “Either those curtains go or I do” on his death bed. He earned 20 percent of the votes, just two percent more than comedian Spike Milligan, who had “I told you I was ill” engraved on his tombstone as his epitaph. Others honored by this poll include Winston Churchill, Noel Coward, and Margaret


highest-ranking woman on the list, earning ––––––––––––––––– the twelfth spot. She By Associated Press Writers once said that “Being LONDON— The fapowerful is like being Van carrying several from Amish commumous playwright Osa lady. If you have to nity crashes on Indiana interstate, killing 5 car Wilde was crowned INDIANAPOLIS – Fifty miles from the tell people you are, Britain’s Greatest Wit Amish community that was home to at least you aren’t.” on Monday, Oct. 15. These people, fa- some of its passengers, the van lay overturned An amazing 3,000 mous for more impor- on the highway with its roof shorn away. Three people were polled tant reasons than their children and two adults were dead and 11 more for the kick-off of the “witty banter” have injured, victims of a highway tragedy that left new UKTV channel forever immortalized many questions unanswered. Dave which is operatPolice said no other vehicles were involved themselves once again ing under the banner Sunday when the southbound van veered out amongst Britain’s “The Home of Witty of control on Interstate 69, entered a grassy Greatest Wit. Banter.” median and overturned, coming to rest in the Wilde, who is best northbound lanes. known for his play It was not clear at first how many people had been riding in the van, as survivors gave Zack’s Wacky Stack of News conflicting counts of 15, 16 or 17 passengers, Indiana State Police Sgt. Rod Russell said. PoYour place to find the oddest stories in mainstream news. lice and other rescuers searched for additional By Zack Rosen No more archery in the latest of several mashita mailed the Mukogawa Women's injured people until it was clear all people in the van were accounted for. Archery Park! similar complaints card in 1943 from University. "It's controlled chaos, is what it is, when you EAU CLAIRE, Wis. from neighbors over Burma, now called Omigosh! His face! have a situation like this," with ejections and – The city's Archery 15 years or more, he Myanmar, a year be- BRISBANE, AustraPark may need a name said. fore Yamashita died at lia – A man was bitten multiple victims, Russell said. At least some of the victims hailed from change. How about "Everybody's been war at age 23, the uni- on the face by a crocoan Amish community in the Fort Wayne area, No-Archery Park? most gracious about versity statement said. dile when he accidenTom Draper was it up to this point, but It said the card tally collided with the Russell said. Authorities were trying to verify surprised recently the person has a legiti- had initially failed to reptile after diving whether some victims came from other Amish when he found a sign mate concern," John- reach Nagano's ad- through a wave at a communities across Indiana. "We do believe that some were Amish," that cited a city or- son said. dress in Nagasaki, and surf beach in northRussell said. dinance prohibiting Draper said he was instead collected eastern Australia, a Amish people generally shun modern conbows and arrows. would like the city to there by an Ameri- newspaper reported veniences but sometimes enlist non-Amish as "Several archers appoint a committee can soldier during the Friday. that I've talked to are of neighbors, archers U.S. occupation after Camper Matt Mar- drivers. Traffic in both directions was stopped as aukind of in disbelief," and city representa- Japan's 1945 defeat. tin, 35, received more thorities used the highway to land medical heDraper said, who tives to review the The American kept than 40 sutures to along with his bow- situation. it at his Arizona home gashes around his left licopters. Northbound lanes of I-69 did not rehunting friends have Old mail for an old until he died 25 years eye and cheek after open until more than four hours after the crash. practiced archery at male ago and was kept by the mishap on Tues- Southbound lanes reopened about two hours the park for more than TOKYO – A postcard his son — who moved day last week off the after the crash. 20 years. that a Japanese soldier to the Hawaiian island remote tropical north- Supreme Court Justice Thomas blames Yale The park is next to mailed from a South- of Maui and then gave east coast, The Cairns affirmative action for his early job probthe Eau Claire River, east Asian battlefront the letter to a Japanese Post newspaper re- lems NEW HAVEN, Conn. – U.S. Supreme Court and the city had devel- during World War II exchange student he ported. oped earthen berms has reached a recipient met through his wife, Martin said he was Justice Clarence Thomas has a 15-cent price and even an archery in Japan 64 years lat- who taught her sew- in waist-deep water tag stuck to his Yale law degree, blaming the tower for deer hunters er, a university whose ing, the statement when he dived through school's affirmative action policies in the 1970s to practice shooting student helped deliver said. a wave and into the for his difficulty finding a job after he graduated. from a platform. it said Saturday. "I never would crocodile. Some of his black classmates say ThomWooded hillsides Shizuo Nagano, an have guessed I could "I thought I was as needs to get over his grudge because Yale helped provide bar- 80-year-old retiree in see (Yamashita) again dead," the construcriers to arrows flying Japan's southwestern this way ... I'm over- tion worker from opened the door to extraordinary opportuniout of the park, but it state of Kochi, re- whelmed," Nagano Newcastle in New ties. Thomas' new autobiography, "My Grandfawasn't enough, Parks ceived the card Friday said as he was handed South Wales state told ther's Son," shows how the second black justice Superintendent Phil — by way of Naga- the postcard by the the newspaper. Johnson said. saki, Arizona and Ha- student, who spent two "It was sort of like on the Supreme Court came to oppose affirmaThe park was closed waii — said a state- years after her return when you hit rocks but tive action after his law school experience. He to archery in Septem- ment from Mukogawa from Maui trying to the rocks had give and was one of about 10 blacks in a class of 160 ber after a neighbor Women's University. find Nagano through movement in them," who had arrived at Yale after the unrest of the 1960s, which culminated in a Black Panther complained of finding Nagano's former the government. The he added. Party trial in New Haven that nearly caused a an arrow in his yard, colleague at a retail student, Yuko Kojima, large-scale riot. Johnson said. It was store, Nobuchika Ya- is now a sophomore at By HEATHER BROWN STAFF WRITER

Thatcher. After being accused of being drunk by Bessie Braddock, Churchill said, “Bessie, you’re ugly. And tomorrow morning I will be sober but you will still be ugly.” Coward earned his place among Britain’s Greatest Wit for commenting that “Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar. Never spread it about like marmalade.” Thatcher was the

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New Haven News

The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Musical Remake Sure to be a Classic

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and former pageant queen, Velma Von Tussle. The entire storyline illustrates that the times are changing, examining the imminent integration of blacks and whites. Tracy’s sidekick and lollipop lover Penny Pingleton falls in love with Seaweed, who frequents the Corny Collins Negro Day and is the son of its host, Motormouth Maybelle. The integrated group of friends attempts to integrate The Corny Collins Show permanently, experiencing resistance the whole way. The new version of Hairspray has a lot to offer. Mainly, the cast provides the upbeat musical with the oomph it needs to become a classic just like the original film. The movie has a large cast of dynamic characters that are successfully rounded out by the well-known actors that play them. The most interesting role is Edna Turnblad, the heavy-

set mother of Tracy, which is played by John Travolta in a 30-pound fat suit. Travolta has done a lot since he sang in the musical Grease, so it feels odd to hear him singing in Hairspray, especially as a woman. However, not only does his performance offer a few giggles, it is a convincing portrayal of a woman that is uncomfortable with her weight. Just opposite Edna is her husband, Wilbur, played by Christopher Walken. Not only does Walken does a great job playing a man that just doesn’t know how to show his wife he loves her, he is also great during his duet with Travolta. Motormouth Maybelle is played by Queen Latifah, who couldn’t be more perfect for the role. In the original version of the movie, Maybelle is played as an older woman. However, the power that Queen Latifah gives the character is exactly what the film needs. Michelle Pfeiffer

rounds out the all-star cast as Velma Von Tussle, the conceited, and at times ignorant, manager that refuses to let Tracy steal her daughter’s thunder. High School Musical star Zac Efron plays hunky Link, who steals not only Tracy’s heart, but the viewer’s heart as well. While his part is not as big as it might seem, Efron presents a lovable character. The only role that probably could’ve been cast better is the role of Penny. While Amanda Bynes does a good job sucking lollipops, she is not as quirky as Penny really should be. Also, when it comes to her singing parts, Bynes tries a little too hard, producing a forced, nearly out-of-key sound. Besides Bynes’ singing, the musical numbers are catchy, lively, and classic. The colorful sets and costumes are bound to catch your eye as well. On the whole, the new Hairspray is bound to be a classic.

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Enter Flu Season it can cause many long-term problems. With the rate of children and adults citing religious reasons to not be vaccinated this year, the flu is expected to affect more people than usual. Why get sick when you can avoid it? The symptoms of the flu are actually very different than those of a common cold. Yes, you get the headaches, body aches, and coughs. But when you have the flu, you can expect a high fever, chills, eye muscle pain, and fatigue. You can expect to be congested and be confined to the dorm for a couple of days. The

worst part is, if someone in your class gets the flu, you have a pretty good chance of getting it too. So what can you do to prevent the flu? On one side, there are the typical healthy hygiene prevention methods. Avoid contact with your eyes, stay home if you become sick, wash your hands, and cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. But the best prevention is a flu vaccination. The flu vaccination gives your body a small dosage of the flu virus so that the immune system is

with people she didn’t know, becoming en––––––––––––––––– dangered by people she did, or being so WEST HAVEN— In disoriented she was lieu of Alcohol Aware- unaware of where she ness week at the Uni- was. Although Fox is versity of New Haven, comedienne and aware college students inspirational speaker are going to drink, she Wendi Fox performed hopes they will make at Dodds Auditorium their actions with rethe night of Thursday, sponsibility. “I'm not telling Oct. 18. Fox, currently on people not to drink. I her Alcohol Insan- just want to make sure ity Tour, has spoken they don't start their to college students career in college and around the country end it in prison,” Fox about the dangers and said, “It just takes one precautions in regards second and you can to drinking. All ac- never go back and counts are based on I have the stories to Fox’s own life experi- prove it!” Fox grew up with ences. Fox’s opening story a family of alcoholplaced Fox waking up ics and her lifestyle on her own front lawn continued on into her after a night of party- adult life until she deing. Other stories in- cided to change her cluded leaving parties direction and find a

passion and purpose. “Nothing good ever happened to me when I was drinking. Excessive drinking will always change the quality of your life or the length of it. It's usually one or the other,” the comedienne explained. The alcohol induced stories (both humorous and tragic) created strong visions to both alcoholic parallels. The set was then continued and closed by sophomore singer/ songwriter/guitarist Jordan Moser who performed three original songs on acoustic guitar. For more information and more quotes from the show, visit



WEST HAVEN— As Halloween grows closer and October seems to drift into November, its time to start thinking about the important things you should do before December. No, not preparing for Thanksgiving or making sure to hit the big sales right after Black Friday. It’s time to get a flu shot, or at least consider your options. Influenza, the medical term for the flu, is considered to be a relatively common illness among the general public, although

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Comedian Brings Laughter and Inspiration to UNH


Show Your Support for Social Justice




“Social justice”, a term coined by Luigi Taparelli in the 1840s, puts forth the idea that every human being— regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, etc.—should be treated fairly and given a “just share of the benefits of society” (http:// wiki/Social_justice). I believe that it is the responsibility of all of us to do what we can to create and maintain a sense of social justice on our campus, in the community, and in society as a whole. This week, members of the Victimology Club did their part by spending time educating students, faculty

and staff about an incident of social injustice taking place in Jena, Louisiana. Last fall, racial tensions between students at Jena’s local high school escalated after three nooses were hung from a tree in response to several African-American students’ decision to sit under what was previously known as the “Whites only” tree. Some members of the community viewed the nooses as a threat to the African-American students and the high school’s principal recommended the expulsion of the three White perpetrators. The principal’s decision was subsequently overruled by the school board and the students were instead given a three-day suspension for what

the superintendent viewed as a harmless, youthful prank. Between the 1880s and World War II, nooses were regularly used to murder African-, Italian-, and Mexican-Americans. During many of these lynchings, the victims were castrated, burned alive and/or mutilated as they literally hung on to the last moments of their lives. As a result of this ugly and hateful history, the noose has become a racially-charged symbol, especially in the South, and its hanging can be viewed as a hate crime in the U.S. Over the course of the following months, tempers flared between those who supported the three suspended students and

cination is suggested for everyone, but particularly for the elderly, health care workers, those exposed to many individuals on a daily basis (like students), and anyone with breathing problems (i.e. asthma). The good news

is you can get your flu shot in the Health Services Office. For $15 (cash or check) you can keep yourself healthy for the approaching holidays and avoid flu season this year. Call extension 7079 to set up an appointment.

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Time to Get Your Flu Shot

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able to build up antibodies against it and effectively fight it off from your body come flu season. It takes about two weeks to be fully active and is known to be 75 percent effective against the flu virus. The vac-

USGA President’s Corner Updates on Campus Here are some of the happenings of USGA in just the past week: Two weeks ago a student brought forward a concern regarding the flag that is in the Maxcy Quad and how it is not properly illuminated. For those of you who do not know, the United States flag is only supposed to be raised from sunrise to sunset unless it is properly illuminated. For a few weeks, the flag flew all through the night and it disappointed students that such disrespect was shown toward our nation. A few students actually took down the flag, folded it, and brought it to Campus Police. I have been in contact with Joe Pardee, the Director of Facilities and he advised me that plans are in place to illuminate the flag. Last year’s senior class actually donated the money to purchase the light under the stipulation that the university would figure out a way to get electricity out there. Understandably, the university would probably have to bury the line, which takes some time, so

also brought some conceptual drawings of the new residence hall that is currently being planned. It will be located in the parking lot behind Bixler Hall. The building will be available for third- and fourth-year students and will inLouis Eswood III clude four-person USGA President apartments with full please be patient. For kitchens. The even now, the flag is sup- more exclusive part posed to be raised and about that is that the building will be aplowered each day. This past week at proximately 75% sinUSGA we had a very gle rooms. So if you special guest come always dreamed of and speak: President having your own room Kaplan. President in college and not beKaplan came to hear coming an RA, this is the concerns of stu- the building for you. dents and to update The building is schedthe students on some uled to open in the fall of the projects that the of 2009. I will try to university is work- get permission to post ing towards. He in- the visuals that Presiformed students that dent Kaplan showed the new Beckerman the USGA on Charger Recreation Center Voice, so check that will only be open to out! As always if you students, faculty, and staff. There will be no see a problem or have additional member- a concern about anyship fee, as it will be thing please do not worked into the price hesitate to shoot me an of tuition. He said as e-mail at USGAPresilong as there are no serious problems it or log onto www. should be opening up around the time and post a concern. we come back from Enjoy the week! Thanksgiving break. President Kaplan

Second Annual Bonfire Held at North Campus Photographs taken by Dan Osipovitch, Staff Photographer

The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

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The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Innovation to Deterioration- Death of MTV More than 20 years ago, a television station was created to provide a home for music in a medium other than radio. Yes, I am talking about MTV, which once stood for Music Television. Now, it might as well stand for Miscellaneous Television, seeing as how there is no continuity or originality in its programming. The most obvious flaw in the station’s current format is the lack of music. From about 2 a.m. to 10 a.m. the station runs music videos. Besides the inconvenient timing, this segment of videos isn’t worth watching because the videos are not good anyways. Just like most mainstream Top 20 format radio stations, only the top artists or rising

I've decided to give President Bush a break this week, so I won't write about him. I've also decided to give Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, and the Westboro Baptist Church a break. Yes, that's right, I'm - DUN DUN DUN - not going to talk about politics and the decline of civilization as we know it this week. No, sir-ee-bob. That's next week. This week, however, I want to talk to you about crimes on campus. There are too many people in this world, this country, and even this campus who will sit down while the world passes them by. And all that I used to really think was, “to each his own.” But there’s some-

stars are aired. If lesser known videos are played, there is now way to know when they will be aired if at all. So unless you’re going to sit in front of the TV from 2 a.m. to

10 a.m. you’re probably not going to see the handful of good videos that exist these days. You are better off searching for each video individually on YouTube. However, there is always Total Request Live. Too bad

the only people requesting are 12 years old and the videos are only played for about 30 seconds each. So if MTV is not going to play videos, they’re going to have some good shows then right? Unfortunately, the answer is no. MTV shows are separated into two categories: reality shows and dating shows. Both are terrible. The only decent reality show the network has right now is The Hills, which is bound to fade within the next season or two. Its mother show, Laguna Beach, has spawned a number of other spinoffs and wannabes, all of which have died within one season. How about this idea: just because one show worked, it doesn’t mean the same prem-

ise will create a successful show if it is relocated further down the beach in Orange County (Newport Harbor) or across the Pacific in Hawaii (Maui Fever). What is especially sad is that MTV birthed the reality concept with The Real World in the early 1990s. Now, after the show has taken place in nearly every major city in this country and some others, its vivacity is dwindling. Plotlines are easily created by well-planned casting, which usually follows a formula: at least one promiscuous wild girl, a gay man, a typical jock guy, a smart girl, and at least one Black or Hispanic person. Variations on this formula can be found in at least the last four seasons of

the show. The fact is that The Real World has lost its fire. What once pioneered the reality genre is now in the shadow of it. Moving on to MTV’s dating shows. Not only are they written (horribly, I might add) but they aren’t relatable at all. Who would actually date anyone on Next? And while Tila Tequila might be pretty in a trashy way, it really doesn’t matter if she likes men or women because whoever she picks is going to be dumped a week after they contract her STD’s anyways. Furthermore, the painfully tragic Ex-Factor is unbearable to watch. Let’s spy on our mates while they go on dates with the ex’s they still have feelings for. Gee, I really hope he

comes back to me! It is obvious that MTV knows just how pathetic its shows are. For the past couple of months, the network has been airing random movies when they have no original programming at night, and marathons of other networks’ shows on the weekends. This past weekend, So You Think You Can Dance? was aired all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Last weekend, two complete cycles of America’s Next Top Model was aired. Personally, I have no complaints in this matter because I would rather watch America’s Next Top Model than 85 reruns of Next. Since it is fall, viewers can easily

thing to be said when things are not going the way you want them to and the only person you complain to is a friend or roommate. Stand up for what you believe in, and make a presence! You’ll be surprised to see others who support and agree with you. College for some is all about studying so that you can go on to medical school; to others, it’s about who can down the most shots in an hour. But for all of us, it’s about strengthening ourselves as individuals and making an impact on the world – at least it should be. And that just can’t be done without standing up for what you think is right. If something happens on this campus

that displeases you, it is your duty as a student to let others know about it. If you’re not particularly vocal, talk to somebody who is willing to do something about it with you so that you are not alone. Bring your issue to The Charger Bulletin office, and I’ll relay your issue to the campus. But do something. I recently received a call from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous telling me about crimes occurring on campus. This individual mentioned the number of students who have been a part of these crimes yet haven’t stepped forward about them, as well as the lack of responsibility provided by Campus Police in response to these

crimes. It is your prerogative to make these crimes, if they actually are happening, known to other students and – more important – the faculty. Bring them to my attention as this brave individual did, and I can guarantee I will look into them. An anonymous phone call won’t solve problems, but proof of the problems and people willing to stand up will. We’ve all seen Forrest Gump – we all know of the protests and rallies that occurred on campuses, street corners, and downtown hotspots. During the height of the Civil Rights Movement rallies and sit-ins were, at some times, an everyday occurrence. Today, people will

still complain about anything from the Iraq War to losing a gift card in the mail – but nobody in our generation vows to do any-

group on campus that you feel is not being run correctly, stand up. If city taxes are unfair, stand up. If you’re working in a place that discriminates its workers, stand up. Whatever the situation, get somebody to stand up with you and protest what is wrong. If it’s an issue on campus, don’t text your friends about it. Instead, make signs and gather all your friends and sit in Bartels. March around Maxcy. Knock on President Kaplan’s door. But don’t hamper your right to protest. If we do that, then our generation will be throwing away hundreds of years of fighting for the right to protest in the first place.

Celina Natola Editor-in-Chief

See ICON page 9

Get Up, Stand Up: Stand Up For Your Rights

Zack Rosen Assistant Editor thing about it. Guess what? The “it doesn’t affect me” card can’t be played anymore at this point in your life. Because what you don’t stand up for WILL affect you. If you’re part of a

Steps for Success By Sijith Salim -

Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy Let us close our eyes for a moment and imagine that you are on your death bed. Time has come to leave this world and you decide to look back at your life. You look at your bank balance and see the millions of dollars you amassed. You feel very happy to have earned such fortune. Before you leave, you want to say a final goodbye to your spouse and find she is not there with you. You want to have a final look at your kids but can’t find them near you. The friends that used to be at your side aren’t there anymore. You weren’t there for them when they needed you, and now they aren’t there for you. In the pursuit

of fortune, we lost something better in life – our friends and family. We pushed them away in our quest for money and happiness. “I want to provide for my family and be successful in my career. But my company doesn’t think I’m serious about advancement unless I get to the office early and work late and on weekends. By the time I get home, I feel exhausted. I have more work to do, and no energy or time to give to my family. But they need me. There are bikes to fix, stories to read, homework assignments to help with, and things to talk about. This is my life, but I want it to change.”

There is a cry They feel their parents within us to maintain are not so educated or a balanced life. Most even worthy of menof life’s pain comes tion in front of others. Among my readfrom the sense that we are succeeding in one ers, there might be role at the expense of someone who doesn’t another or possibly an live with their pareven more important ents. They might have passed role. W e away or might be may be d o i n g separated from great as them for president of another reason. the company, but Unless they have not doing well at all died, we should as a parSijith Salim take the ent, child or spouse. It is really time to bring them sad to say that there back into our lives are many who don’t and give them the love even introduce their and happiness they parents to their friends deserve. It is time to or colleagues because forgive and forget any of some shame or ego. arguments you may

have had. Many of us in the western world are programmed at an early age to keep the different roles in our lives separated. We see our role at work as completely separate from our role at home or in society. In fact, our success as a human being is a summation of each of our life roles. We are students and at present we are busy with our assignments and quizzes. Soon we are going to be busier pursuing the career we chose to follow. We might have set a high career goal and to achieve this we might need to work even harder, making us busier than ever. The more money

and positions we get, the more we want to achieve, and the busier we become in our life. In this pursuit of happiness, we unknowingly lose more important things in life that could have made our life even better. Let us take our life to a better dimension by balancing our roles we are supposed to play. Let us bring our lost loved ones back into our lives and enlighten their life with care and affection. Let us become the best son or daughter, the best spouse, the best parent, and the best citizen. As Steven Covey says, let us prioritize our life to “Live, love, learn and leave a legacy.”

Celina’s Salacious Celebrity Gossip Ellen cries over dog If you haven’t heard by now, it’s about time you did. Last week, Ellen DeGeneres shed some tears on her talk show Ellen over an adopted dog. In September, DeGeneres and her partner Portia de Rossi adopted the dog, Iggy, from a shelter in Pasadena. Unfortunately, Iggy did not get along with DeGeneres’ cats, so she gave the Brussels Griffon mix to her hairdresser’s kids who fell in love with it. The shelter called DeGeneres to check up on Iggy and Ellen told the truth, that she had given the dog away. Apparently, she signed a contract with the shelter saying that if she could not pro-

vide a good home for the dog, she would have to give it back to the shelter. Representatives went to the hairdresser’s house and took Iggy away, breaking the kids’ hearts. On her show, DeGeneres told the epic tale of Iggy’s adventures while sobbing like a little girl. Her tear tactic worked because soon after, fans sent death threats and e-mails galore to this once unfamiliar shelter. Also, other celebrities have come out of the woodwork to either side with DeGeneres or the shelter. If this is the first time you are hearing about this story, you have been living under a rock because it has been

The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

The latest in celebrity news and gossip By Celina Natola

everywhere. If I had to pick a side, it would have to be with DeGeneres. First of all, she has shown some heart, where the shelter people haven’t. I understand that she signed a contract, but a good home is a good home. If Iggy was loved by the hairdresser’s kids, then I don’t see why that would be an unsuitable home. Secondly, DeGeneres handled the situation the smart way. Sympathy cannot be found faster than by crying on national TV, especially when it’s a talk show, which is seen by housewives, which can be a brutal force to be reckoned with. Until Monday, the shelter still had not

given Iggy back to the kids. We will just have to see if an angry mob of mothers and Ellen fans can finally make them change their mind. Tupac’s bodyguard was in F.B.I. Last week Tupac Shakur’s ex-bodyguard claimed that he was an F.B.I. agent at the time of Shakur’s death. The bodyguard, Kevin Hackie, was supposedly hired by Death Row Records to serve as a bodyguard from 1992 until 1996, which is when Shakur died. Hackie revealed the truth at a press conference for the release of the new DVD, Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge? Let’s start off with

the obvious. Do we need yet another documentary about Tupac? It seems like every six months something is released in Tupac’s name, whether it’s a “newly discovered” song he recorded, a documentary, or even a full CD. Secondly, it has been 11 years since Shakur’s death. So why is Hackie talking now? My thoughts are that this “confession” is bogus or he is just talking now to get attention. If he really was an F.B.I. agent, wouldn’t he have been able to help solve Shakur’s case? If he was revealing the truth now to help uncover some details with Shakur’s death, then I have to ask why

didn’t he come forward earlier? And if he doesn’t have any new information, then why did he confess at all? Seriously, what is wrong with people connected with celebrities? We don’t really care about you no matter how close of a relative you are or what you did 10 years ago. Of course, in this case none of this matters anyways because we all know Tupac is still alive.


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Arts & Entertainment The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Affleck Makes Latest Vampire Flick is No a Winner Dracula, But It’s Pretty Good thing to do. It is hard to pinpoint a good guy and a bad guy because every single character acted in the way they thought would provide the most benefit. With this examination of morality, the script is very clever and in-

Raimi and director David Slade released a movie with the intent of reviving the dormant genre. That

people, (those who do not own second homes with more light), start to notice strange occurrences. One man’s

is a group of savage vampires, their month ––––––––––––––––– in the dark becomes a fight for survival. The vampire genre The film’s strength is nearly as and weakness old as film lie in its bruitself. Since tality. There is the very first a line from anvampire movother review ie in 1909, of this movie writers and that sums it directors of all up perfectly: backgrounds “if you’re dehave tried to sensitized to put their own this type of spin on one stuff (you’ve of the most been watching popular folkhorror movAN AP/SONY PICTURES/ KIRSTY GRIFFIN PHOTO lores in world Josh Hartnett and Melissa George look out for vampires in 30 Days of Night. ies your entire history. Howlife) than the ever, it is difficult to film is 30 Days of entire kennel of dogs violence is almost is slaughtered. Anoth- comical. But if you’re argue against one fact: Night. The film stars Josh er man’s head is found not, it’s overwhelmNosferatu (1922) and AN AP/ CHRIS PIZZELLO PHOTO Melissa separated from his ing.” That cannot be Dracula (1931) are Hartnett, Ben Affleck appears at the premiere of Gone Baby Gone. George, and Ben Fos- body and placed on truer. The body count the two best vampire his girlfriend, An- triguing. The acting in the films of all time. As ter. When the north- a pole a la Macbeth. in this movie is high, gie (Michelle Monaghan), talk to people film is great, which de- of late, there has been ernmost town of the When the town sher- and the scenes are in the neighborhood livers the writing to its a dearth of original United States is plum- iff (Hartnett) and the graphic. Also, this and uncover bad par- full potential. Casey material for the once meted into its annual group of remaining movie does not have enting, police corrup- Affleck could not be prominent genre. Last month of darkness, residents discover the See VAMPIRE page 11 better in the main role week, producer Sam the remaining towns- cause of this mayhem tion, and drug ties. The story is heart- of Kenzie. He is powwrenching and pow- erful, personal, and erful to say the least. vibrant. Kenzie’s role By MARIO ABATE pop sound than an player Marco Tapani contributes the heavy The subject matter in the film requires the STAFF WRITER operatic sound, it still Hietala reminds me of feel of which Night––––––––––––––––– causes a sense of most silent emotion: sends a powerful mes- a number of songs off wish is known for and hopelessness that is the kind that has to be sage. Just because she of the Once and Cen- there is no exception Nightwish, the doesn’t sound like her tury Child albums. worsened by a false present but not obvion this album. He still symphonic ending. Just when ous. Affleck seems to Finnish amazes us with his inyou think you know pull this off with the metal band, has hit a credible skill and agilgrand slam with their what happened, the greatest ease. ity. new album Dark PasHarris and Freestory twist in a new Out of everything direction. The mys- man also deliver pow- sion Play. This new else the drummer, tery and suspense erful performances; album marks the start Jukka “Julius” Nevaleads to an unlikely Freeman as the calm of a new era for these lainen, has brought answer that doesn’t yet demanding police metal masters. With around some sick the induction of a new leave the viewer’s chief with a haunted drumbeats that defipast, and Harris as singer, Annette Olzon, nerves settled. nitely complete the The entire film the bad cop that will they have shown fans magnificent sound deals with the ques- do anything it takes around the world that that Nightwish makes tion of morality. What to bring down the bad they can still kick ass. so notorious. Their trademark is wrong and what is guy. In my opinion, this AN AP PHOTO With acting, writ- symphonic sound has Nightwish with former vocalist Tarja Turunen. right is examined in is a flawless album every situation and ing, and great cinema- returned with the key- operatic predecessor, The fantastic key- that will without a no clear line is ever tography combined, board, guitar, and the it doesn’t mean she is board and orchestral doubt withstand the seamlessly going to do the band work from Tuomas test of time. For anydrawn. During the Gone Baby Gone is famous intricate choir and any injustice. long still of the fi- definitely Oscar-worHolopainen has once one who likes metal nal scene, the viewer thy and a great start to string section, which Nightwish has once again fascinated me at and symphonic matewonders what he or Ben Affleck’s career seems to meld almost again outdone itself how his ideas further rial, then this album perfectly with Olzon’s with this album. The accentuate the songs’ is definitely the album she would have done behind the camera. voice. Although her magnificent duets be- messages. and if that would for you. voice has more of a have been the right tween Olzon and bass Emppu Vuorinen

con’t from page 1

ris), who works under Jack Doyle (Morgan Freeman). Doyle is emotionally involved in the kidnapping because his daughter was taken and killed when she was 12 years old. Kenzie and


A Symphonic Metal Masterpiece

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The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

UNH now offers the option of receiving important alerts such as Public Safety announcements, Weather Alerts, and Parking Alerts via text messages direct to your cell phone, PDA, or other wireless device! You can register up to two cell phones and two email addresses. You can sign up or log in at to create or manage your account. Be the first to know about school closings, news and events, parking advisories, and more. Get the information you want where you want it, when you need it. Sign up now!

The End of an Icon con’t from page 6

see how MTV is gasping for air through its new shows. The most prevalent future failures include Pageant Place, Life of Ryan, and Kaya. Just because Tara Conner was the wildest Miss USA this country has seen, it doesn’t mean the new trio of Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe is going to make for a good show. Neither does the idea

of examining the life of skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. So if filming the lives of real people doesn’t work out, MTV can fall back on Kaya, which is the story of a fake teenage rock star. If their team of drama writers is as good as their reality show writing team, the show might just stand a chance. To make matters worse, I’ve seen advertisements for a new

television channel that actually promises to air music at all times. It’s about time another music network was created because MTV obviously isn’t standing up to its title and hasn’t in a long time. I think it’s time for it to move over and let a more worthy network have a chance at success or at least change its name so that it stops fooling us and itself.

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The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Tempesta Leads UNH at Rockies Shock Major ECC Championships League Baseball CHARGER PRESS RELEASE


BRONX, N.Y.— Three Charger student-athletes earned First Team All-Conference awards, led by sophomore Melissa Tempesta's secondplace finish, as the University of New Haven competed at the 2007 East Coast Conference Cross Country Championships at Van Cortlandt Park Sunday, Oct. 21. Tempesta, senior Alissa Von Schmidt and men's senior James Beaubrun all earned First Team AllECC honors, with two other UNH men on the Second Team allleague squad. UNH was the runner-up in the women's team competition, with the Charger men finishing in third place. WOMEN'S RESULTSTempesta was a First Team All-ECC award winner for the second consecutive year with her runner-up finish. She ran 20:11.14 for the 5,000-meter course. Von Schmidt joined

Tempesta on the First Team All-ECC squad, running 20:45.56 to finish fourth overall for the Chargers. The Charger women finished second in the team competition. Adelphi University easily won the team portion of the race behind individual champion Ify Anene, a transfer from C.W. Post who had finished sixth at last year's championship meet. The junior ran a blistering 19:20.20 to outpace Tempesta by over 30 seconds and the rest of the top 10 by, in some cases, over two full minutes. Adelphi placed all seven of its runners in the race's individual top 12 finishers and had nine of the 14 all-conference finishers in all. Ashley Hardy was the Chargers' third scorer with a 17thplace showing, and Kristine Lambracht was 26th overall. Hollie Kennedy closed out the scoring for UNH in 31st place. Freshman Ashleigh Scott was 37th and Carly Yamauchi was 40th, but their scores displaced for the team

competition. MEN'S RESULTSBeaubrun, a senior, captured his second consecutive First Team All-Conference honor with a fifth-place finish. He placed sixth at last year's championship meet. His performance helped UNH finish third in the team competition, behind champion New York Tech and runner-up Adelphi. Beaubrun ran 27:34 on the 8,000-meter course, finishing just four seconds behind New York Tech freshman Frank DeStefano. David Chiapperino was the second scorer for UNH with an 11thplace finish, earning him Second Team AllECC honors, while Pat Leach joined him on the Second Team with a 13th-place showing. Freshman Ryan Freitas placed 18th for the Chargers, and Mark Kichar was 29th overall and the fifth and final scorer for the UNH team. Brandon Fitzgerald followed closely in 30th while Joe Galvin was 54th. Their scores displaced.


versity of New Haven on Sunday, Oct. 21 at Tully Park. UNH (11-5-2, 7-1 ECC) suffered its first loss in league play despite getting the equalizing goal in the 88th minute. Junior All-American Selina Moylan had one scoring chance sail over the crossbar, but her second opportunity paid dividends. On a

breakaway, Moylan slid the ball into the lower left corner of the net to tie the contest at 1-1. Adelphi (9-5, 5-3 ECC) won the match with Popoli's free kick from the top of the 18-yard marker just 31 seconds later. Her shot hit the top right corner of the net, and the Panthers were able to hold off

the Charger attack for the remainder of the game for the victory. Adelphi led the contest by a 1-0 score after Elise Maniquet crossed the ball to Denise Auer, who headed home the goal just 5:42 into the first half. Sunday's loss clouds the ECC playoff picture, putting University of Bridgeport in front - at least



DENVER— At the beginning of the baseball season, no one would have predicted that the Colorado Rockies would be representing the National League in the World Series. The Rockies, who have had a very surprising season, went on a tear and ended up defeating the San Diego Padres in a

one-game playoff to determine who would get in the wild card slot for the National League. The Rockies were successful in that game, scoring the winning run in their last at-bat and proceeded to move on to the playoffs. The Rockies’ unbelievable play continued when they met the Philadelphia Phillies and defeated them three games to none in the National League Division Series. The

Rockies then went on and proceeded to go right through the Arizona Diamondbacks four games to none. The Rockies have yet to lose a playoff game this year and are now looking to continue their dominance in the World Series starting Wednesday, Oct. 24 against the Boston Red Sox. Time will tell if the Rockies can continue this unbelievable story.


First baseman Todd Helton celebrates after making the last out in Game 4 against the Diamondbacks.

Adelphi Beats Out UNH in Close Match



NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y.— Amanda Popoli connected on a free kick with just 2:26 remaining in the contest to lift the Adelphi University women's soccer team to a 2-1 East Coast Conference victory over 15th-ranked Uni-

temporarily - with 24 points (8-1-0). The Chargers and

C.W. Post both have 21 points for second place (each 7-1-0).

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A&E Continued

The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Halloween Season Brings Latest Vampire Film con’t from page 8

a shortage of pop-out scenes. Other good points of the film include the acting, the visuals, and the story. The acting is not great, but this is a horror movie so one must be generous when evaluating. Josh Hartnett does a fine job of commanding the lead role. Also, Ben Foster’s portrayal

of a deranged out-oftowner is the best performance in the movie. Visually, the film looks great. The cinematography seems well planned and delivers a dark and almost colorless landscape giving the film an eerie edge. And the best part of it, when there is a bright color, let’s say red, it jumps out at the viewer making it

more powerful. Lastly, a certain amount of praise must go to the writer. While every vampire story must follow certain guidelines, Steve Niles successfully adapted his graphic novel into an entertaining script. But what separates this movie from vampire greats of the past? The answer is simple, the vampires

themselves. There is no argument; Count Dracula is the most famous vampire of all time. His character has depth to him. In many ways, he is human just like the rest of us. But the vampires in 30 Days of Night are savages. They speak in a language that resembles a cheap knock-off of Star Trek characters.

And their dialogue is bad. They have nothing of value to say. While their brutish looks and ruthless violence give them a horrifying on-screen personae, overall they fail in comparison to the charismatic count from Transylvania. 30 Days of Night is a decent horror film, certainly better than most of what has been

put out there recently. It is not overly scary, but it has its moments of holding one in suspense. The violence may be tough to take for some viewers, but others may not be fazed or they may enjoy it. But in comparison to other films from the vampire genre, Nosferatu and Tod Browning’s Dracula are still number one.

field has never forced himself on anyone." Neither law enforcement officials nor Chesnoff has provided details about the investigation. Reached Monday, Chesnoff said the

"We are told by Copperfield management that David's show had been canceled by the artist," said Peter Basuki, whose company was organizing the Jakarta show.


causing bruising and swelling; then caused the third man to be hospitalized with a broken leg. When officers tried to arrest Marston, he began flailing his arms and kicking at officers and refused to be handcuffed, the complaint says. It says Officer Sean Turner had medical treatment for a cut hand and a bruised knee. Jennifer Kushner, spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney's office, said Marston was treated at Bellevue Hospital Center for scrapes and bruises before his court appearance. Lori Hogan, a spokeswoman for ABC, said, "We're

aware of the incident and (are) reviewing its details." Marston's lawyer, Tom Klein, declined to comment Monday, Oct. 21. Marston was charged with four counts of second-degree assault, menacing, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest. He was released without bail by Judge John Cataldo. His next court appearance is set for Feb. 4, 2008. Marston plays Dr. Michael McBain on One Life to Live. He previously played Eddie Silva on the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns.

Copperfield Cancels Shows After F.B.I. Probe


––––––––––––––––– BANGKOK, Thailand— David Copperfield has canceled upcoming shows in Southeast Asia following an FBI search of his Las Vegas warehouse and a casino theater where he regularly performs. "His management sent an e-mail to organizers Sunday to inform that his shows will be postponed indefinitely," Kittiyong Achawaphong of RSi Dream Entertainment said Monday. The company organized the 51-year-old magician's shows in Thailand. Copperfield was also scheduled to perform in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in the coming weeks. The cancellations came after FBI agents conducted searches in Las Vegas last week following allegations that Copperfield "forced himself" on an unidentified woman. Copperfield's lawyer, David Chesnoff, has said the allegations "are false because David Copper-


Magician David Copperfield is under investigation by the F.B.I.

shows were canceled because tour operators in Asia default on their contracts. "Those are serious allegations," Chesnoff said. "But there's no truth to them." Promoters of some of the Asian shows are trying to negotiate with Copperfield's management to reschedule the performances or recoup some of their losses.

"They said they would like to find any other available time to perform in Jakarta," Basuki said. "With this cancellation, we have lost more than $1 million for advertising and other preparations. Business is business. We want to make a profit. But this is making us lose money."

Soap Star Charged With Assault

––––––––––––––––– NEW YORK— Nathaniel Marston, who plays a doctor on ABC's One Life to Live, has been released without bail following his arraignment on assault and other charges in an altercation in midtown Manhattan. Marston, 32, attacked three men with a crate around 4:30 a.m. Sunday at 10th Avenue and 45th Street, says a felony complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court. The complaint charges that Marston struck one man on the hand; hit another in the back of the neck,

Calling all musicians!

Send us your music so we can review it. Send songs electronically to or drop it off in our mailbox on the third floor of Bartels.

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Fun & Games

The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

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The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

The Best Boo for Your Buck This Halloween con’t from page 1

Maze wasn't open, but there were still plenty of amazing displays and masks that make this place a worthwhile visit if you wish to look for costume ideas. Not sure what you want to be for Halloween? Halloween Express is equipped with dressing rooms so you can try on costumes before you buy them! In fact, this is the only store that lets you try on costumes as long as you can neatly get them back into the package. In my opinion, it contains the best of both worlds. Not only do they have an extreme variety of costumes for both men and women, they also have accessories to decorate your dorm. This store also offers a wide variety of plus-size costumes and movie character costumes, in addition to a selection of awesome shoes for women, ranging from gogo boots to platform shoes. No matter which store you choose, disregard Halloween Scene. Not only are the prices higher than the places already listed, but they also have a very small makeup selection and an equally unimpressive selection of costume accessories. This store would be best for those who want a joke Halloween costume, but don't want to go through the effort of looking for a great one. One great store to check out, even if you don't get anything, is Halloween Costume The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Warehouse, across the street from AMC bowling Lanes and next to Costco. This place is like Party City with just the Halloween costumes and decorations. This comparison is intentional, as they have a working relationship with Party City, just switching customers. This arrangement works well because you can run down the street to Halloween Costume Warehouse if Party City is too crowded. So expect the quality of Party City in a slightly smaller space. They also include some fun areas, such as the Meat Shop and the Black Light Room. You'll have to check those out on your own. Finally there is the Halloween store in the Post Mall. This place provides many costumes, but few masks, hats, and wigs. This store is fun, and is directed towards hanging out with your friends to get some ideas for Halloween costumes. Perhaps its biggest appeal is that you can try on their silly costume pieces with friends for a good laugh. However, if you want to find a good costume in the mall, you may be better off at Spencer's. These store reviews were based on our experiences, but you should still visit most of these stores for yourself. This guide will hopefully help you find your best Halloween costume yet, but even if you don't find the perfect costume, you will still have a great time. Page 14

Charger Bulletin Board The Charger Bulletin | October 24, 2007

Page 15

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Support Social Justice con’t from page 5

those who believed the punishment was too lenient. In December 2006, a physical altercation broke out between the two groups, with injuries sustained on both sides. A White student who was involved in the fight was charged with simple battery and put on probation. However, six African-American students were arrested

and initially charged with second-degree murder; these charges were eventually reduced to seconddegree aggravated battery (with the prosecutor asserting that a tennis shoe worn by one of the AfricanAmerican students was used as the dangerous weapon). The case of the “Jena 6”—the collective name of the six

African-American juveniles involved in the fight—continues today. In order for these students to enjoy their share of the benefits of this society, including equal protection under the United States Constitution, people from all over the country have reached out to those in power in Louisiana, imploring them to thoroughly investigate

The Charger Bulletin welcomes letters to the editor. Letters can be sent via email to ChargerBulletin@, dropped off at the Charger Office or left in our USGA box. All letters must include the writer’s full name and phone number for verification and can be withheld upon request. The opinions expressed in letters to the editors, poems, columns or other submissions are not necessarily those of The Charger Bulletin staff. The Charger Bulletin has the right to refuse to print any letter or submission. Final decisions are made by the editors.

these injustices. These individuals, like the members of the Victimology Club, are doing what they can to work towards the creation of a fair and just society. When— ———OPPORTUNITIES——— not if, but when—opportunities come your Students are strongly encouraged to write for The way, I ask that each of Charger Bulletin. Visit us on the third floor of Bartels you think about doing Hall for more info. the same.

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