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Volume 86, Issue 8

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

QUEEN ELIZABETH RETURNS The Elizabeth sequel hits theaters everywhere.

The student newspaper of the University of New Haven since 1938 World rubik’s cube championship Find out what tasks tested international Cube genuises.

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Nobel Prizes Announced



STOCKHOLM, Sweden— The Nobel Prize, one of the most esteemed recognitions, was announced this week in all six of its categories. Founded by Alfred Nobel in his 1895 will, the prize is awarded to a maximum of three laureates in each of these categories: physics, chemistry, physiology/medicine, literature, and peace by the Nobel Foundation. Economics MIDNIGHT MADNESS FINALLY ARRIVES was added later by Sweden’s central bank in memStudents gather to celebrate the end ory of Alfred Nobel. of a great Spirit Week. Nominations for the – Page 4 prize are usually done in secret, followed by an exRADIOHEAD RELEASES tensive investigation to deNEW ALBUM termine the actual winner. Is it worth the wait? Find out inside. Winners are announced in – Page 5

October but must wait until the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm on Dec. 10 to actually receive the prize. The only exception is the Nobel Peace Prize which is awarded in Oslo. The prize itself consists of a symbolic gold metal, a distinctive diploma, and a cash grant worth about $1 million. The award is split if more than one recipient

is involved. There is one stipulation for the prize that sometimes seems trivial—the award cannot be awarded posthumously. This stipulation prohibited Mahatma Gandhi from the Peace Prize and Rosalind Franklin from the Prize in Medicine or Physiology. See WINNERS page 3


Former Vice President Al Gore wins the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts with the fight against global warming.

Students Show Their Spirit

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WEST HAVEN— Spirit week, the celebration of our spirit towards any and all things UNH (and a major competition between the classes for Senior Week cash), came to a close on Sunday, Oct. 14 with Midnight Madness and the presentation of the 2007 UNH basketball teams. The week, sponsored by the USGA Sports Committee, which is chaired by Senator Will Little, was very similar to last year’s spirit week, with a few modifications. The week itself was great fun as students from all over competed in days like Mismatch Monday,

Tropical Tuesday, and Fall-Out-of-Bed Friday. Points were accumulated everyday, with raffle prizes given out to those who participated. Also, for those who participated in all five days of events were put in to a raffle for a larger prize, which was unknown until Midnight Madness. Besides the five days of themes, there was also the classic penny wars, a vote for Mr. and Mrs. UNH, and games and events all through the weekend including outdoor games in the academic quad with the Gaming Club, and the 80’s Flashback Dance. All the fun and games culminated at Midnight Madness, where students go to go out and celebrate the

announcement of our basketball teams for the year! Besides that, students participated in festivities like games and the Free Tuition Hoops Challenge, which unfortunately remained unclaimed. The winning class of Spirit Week was also announced and without surprise was the Class of 2008! Besides the winning class getting announced, we also got to find out who Mr. and Mrs. UNH will be for the next year! After voting took place for the last couple of days, Shea Loy and Rich Biondi were crowned as the next Mr. and Mrs. UNH. Congratulations to the winners all around, and go Chargers!

They Own the Screen



It is getting to the point where when a big cast and a big budget are compiled for a crime drama, the result will automatically be failure. Movies like The Black Dahlia and Firewall have soured moviegoers, and one-time film fanatics have become a little more cautious when planning their Friday nights. It is getting pretty bad, and the situation is showing no signs of improvement. One of the latest crime dramas to be released is We Own the Night. Will it rank with some of the genre greats like Goodfellas and The Godfather? Or will it sink to the bottom of a growing list of crime drama flops that have plagued movie theatres for far too long? The film stars Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, and Robert Duvall. The story is ultimately about loyalty. One brother, Joseph (Wahlberg), grows up to make his father, Burt (Duvall), proud. The father and son are a popular tandem, and both rank high in the New York City Police Department. As the NYPD embark on their quest to stifle drug dealing, Joseph seeks the aid of his lessthan-moral brother, Bobby (Phoenix). At first, Bobby resists aiding the police beSee ACTORS page 8

Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

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Wednesday, october 17  Game Day with beer Goggles

 “The convincer: Seatbelt Simulator

 Xkp pie Throw

 Docudrama

 brother 2 Sister Discussion: Inter-Racial Dating

 Women’s Volleyball vs. c.W. post

 beanhouse

 comedian: Wendi Fox

Bartels Lobby, 11am- 4pm Residential Quad, 2:30pm

Upper Student Lounge, 7:30pm Bartels Lobby, 9pm

charity Football Game Kimberly Park, 12-4pm

Men’s Soccer vs. Queen’s college Kayo Field, 1pm


 John Zaffis

New Hall Parking Lot, 5:30pm

 So Seductive 3

Haiti: Land of Tragedy, Land of Hope Alumni Lounge, 6pm

MEISA Monday: pop Rock

German Club, 9pm

Tuesday, october 23 Men’s Soccer vs. Mercy college Kayo Field, 3pm

German Club, 8pm

National chemistry Week

North Campus, 8pm

Dodds Hall, 8pm

Monday, october 22

Alumni Lounge, 7pm

open House

Upper Student Lounge, 7pm

German Club, 2-6pm

Dodds Hall, 9pm

Sunday, october 21  Movie: Hairspray

 Movie: Hairspray

North Campus, 7pm

Alcohol Awareness Week Saturday, october 20

Friday, october 19

Thursday, october 18

Women’s Volleyball vs. Dowling college (Halloween Giveaway) North Campus, 7pm

ISA Gaming Night Bartels Lobby, 8-11pm

Naughty bingo German Club, 10pm

By Dan Osipovitch A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH



For those of you who don’t know, there is a Ride Board in Bartels for people who may need possible transportation. The board is filled with people willing to pay for gas and offer company on the long, lonely ride back home. It’s a win-win situation to take someone along with you, and the Ride Board idea is a great one. Be a philanthropist and check it out!!

I’ve recently noticed that in the freshman dorms, at least Botwinik, there are doors which say “fire extinguisher inside.” That would be all well and good—if the doors weren’t locked!! Scenario: small fire. Let me get my RA. Oh no! RA doesn’t have the keys—let’s go downstairs to get the key for the fire extinguisher and then run back up to put said fire out. Darn, Botwinik burned down. Oh well. Here’s an idea—put the extinguishers in glass cases where the fire alarm will go off if the glass is smashed. That seems to work in pretty much every other building on this earth. Don’t put our lives in danger like that; if there’s a chance for us to put out the fire, give us a chance.

Spirit week this week was great. I was surprised to see so much enthusiasm from the freshmen—they really gave the seniors a run for their money. Either way, it was great to see people showing some pride in the school!

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National/World News The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

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Nobel Winners Announced con’t from page 1

This year’s Prize in Medicine or Physiology went to Mario R. Capecchi, Sir Martin J. Evans, and Oliver Smithies for their work in altering genetics of mice by use of embryonic stem cells. Their work revolves around gene “knockout” experiments in mice in which genes are targeted and inactivated. Their work has led to much innovation in the biomedical field, allowing mouse models of many human diseases. These innovations have had major impacts on research in the medical world and will continue to do so. Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR). GMR is a phenomenon that allows magnetic changes to be converted to large changes in electric resistance. It is this ef-

fect that allows data to be stored on hard drives. Their work pioneered today’s data storage technology and has contributed greatly to the field of nanoscience. It is because of their work that miniaturization has been able to occur in the technology field. For the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Gerhard Ertl was honored solely for his work in surface chemistry. Surfaces play a giant role in chemistry, allowing certain reactions to happen much more quickly. Ertl’s work delved into the mechanism, or the specific steps, of how a reaction could occur on a surface. This understanding is monumental in the chemical field. Most importantly, however, were his techniques in such a hard area of research—the nature of his research required purity and precision at a high level. His

work can lead to much better understandings of fuel cells, common surface catalysts, and other more advanced chemistries. Doris Lessing duly won the Nobel Prize in Literature. She was awarded the prize for being “that epicist of the female experience, who with skepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilization to scrutiny.” Her powerful works include The Golden Notebook (1962) as part of the feminist movement describing femalemale relationships; the series Canopus in Argos: Archives (vol. 1-5 1979-1984), a science fiction piece on post-atomic war civilization; and The Fifth Child (1973), a psychological thriller based upon repressed aggression reincarnated. Her many, many works are lauded by this prize. Both Al Gore and the Intergovernmen-

tal Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in global warming education and for outlining what needs to be done to curb such drastic change. Lastly, the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel is awarded to Leonid Hurwicz, Eric S. Maskin, and Roger B. Myerson for their work in mechanism design theory. The awardees pioneered a theory which takes into account people’s personal incentives and private information in economic decision making. For more information on the Nobel Prizes, the winners, and their work, visit The site contains not only information on this year’s winners but information on all past winners as well.

Zack’s Wacky Stack of News Your place to find the oddest stories in mainstream news. By Zack Rosen Got TMJ? Let me and head pain. 58, at a bus stop near last week when a Peprub your breasts Attorney Robert Vienna last week. si deliveryman allegWOODLAND, Calif. Zaro said Anderson He shot him at close edly punched his Coke – Chest massages are needs to keep seeing range, sliced off the counterpart in the face appropriate; at least patients so he can feed man's penis with a at a western Pennsylthat’s what one den- his seven children and kitchen knife and laid vania Wal-Mart. tist, accused of fon- pay for his defense. it beside him before The two deliverydling the breast of 27 The judge made no fleeing. men were "apparently female patients, is try- immediate decision. Offering no resis- bickering back and ing to argue. Mark An- Bye-bye penis! tance, the gunman was forth" while unloadderson's lawyer says VIENNA – An elderly arrested in a nearby ing their wares at the dental journals discuss Turkish man was ar- apartment building. Indiana County store. the need to massage rested in Austria after During questioning, When the Coke delivthe pectoral muscles shooting dead another he admitted the killing eryman left the store, to treat a common jaw Turk and cutting off and said he was re- his counterpart allegproblem. his penis because he lieved "because he had edly punched him in According to An- believed the victim rescued his honor." the face three times, derson, he routinely was having an affair Pepsi beats the F[izz] breaking his nose and massaged patients' with his wife. out of Coke giving him a black chests to treat TempoAccording to a INDIANA, Pa. – The eye. ro-Mandibular Joint police statement, the long-standing rivalry No charges have Disorder, or TMJ, 76-year-old Turk con- between Coke and been filed. which causes neck fronted the other man, Pepsi went physical



By Associated Press Writers

Student spelunkers are found safe AUSTIN, Texas – Three college students exploring a cave got lost but were rescued and declared uninjured Sunday, more than a day after they entered the cavern, authorities. The two women and one man, found in a 500-foot-long crawl space about the width of a sewer pipe, waited there knowing search teams would arrive, said Lt. Matt Cox of the Austin Fire Department. "They did everything right," Cox said. "They came out safe and sound, and they're going to school tomorrow." The University of Texas students emerged from Airman's Cave tired and hungry Sunday night but with no injuries. They had left a trail of leaves during their exploration so crews could find them if they got into trouble, Cox said. The group went into Airman's Cave on Saturday morning and told friends to call for help if they weren't back by midnight, Cox said. "They accounted for something like this happening," Cox said. Jarvis Brown, whose 20-year-old son Jeff was among those in the cave, said his son had been cave exploring before. The narrow, 12,000-foot long cave is one of the most difficult for cave explorers in Austin and an easy place to become disoriented, authorities said. The "keyhole" entrance to the cave, which is in a greenbelt area about five miles south of downtown Austin, is less than 18 inches across. Many places in the cave can be accessed only by crawling, authorities said. During the search, crews found water bottles and cell phones apparently left behind by the students. Rescuers had left food, water and medical supplies throughout the cave. Man killed by train after putting penny on the tracks GREENWICH, Conn. – Police say a man who was trying to entertain his family by putting a penny on the tracks has died after being struck by a train in Greenwich. Police say the man had jumped onto the tracks at the Riverside train station Sunday afternoon to place a penny on a track and show his wife and three daughters how it would be flattened by a train. Sgt. John Rizzitelli of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority says family members were trying to help him up get back on the platform. The Metro-North Railroad train, an express from Stamford to New York City, was traveling at about 75 mph when it struck the man. He died immediately. Police are withholding the man's name, pending notification of all of his relatives.

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New Haven News

The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

Midnight Madness Ignites Basketball Season By HEATHER BROWN STAFF WRITER


WEST HAVEN— The 2007-2008 basketball season kicked off Sunday, Oct. 14 at the annual Midnight Madness pep rally, where students from all the classes showed up to support the Women’s and Men’s Chargers. Amidst the face paint, bright yellow T-shirts, and loud cheering, the MC’s for the night were able to bring about an entertaining show and provide just the right amount of school spirit on a Sunday night. There were performances by dance groups including the 5,6,7,8 Dance Team, the newly formed Step Team, Empathy,

and Emanon. The pep band and the marching band played to pep up the crowd and the cheerleaders showed off their tumbling and cheering skills. There were also three student competitions: dizzy bat, saran wrap challenge, and a 3-point contest. Winners were awarded gift cards to some of the best places on Boston Post Road and giveaways were distributed to the lucky students that got raffle tickets on the way in. Midnight Madness is also famous for the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. UNH. This year, the title was awarded to Shea Loy and Rich Biandi for having some of the best school spirit during spirit week. Another

lucky student, chosen for having participated in all five days of spirit week, won a Sirius satellite radio with a $100 subscription. Midnight Madness is also the time to congratulate the class that has done the best this year to bring school pride to UNH. The senior class won the spirit week competition, giving them $750 to spend on their senior week at the end of the year. They also won the penny wars competition. The basketball teams were introduced when the clock struck midnight and the coaches and senior players came to speak, promising to bring UNH another championship title.

Students Test Skills at Clue Tournament



WEST HAVEN— Students convened last Thursday, Oct. 11 to compete in the Gaming Club’s annual Clue Tournament. During a mix of pizza, chips, soda, and random games, 13 students participated in the actual tournament part of the night. To top it all off, the movie version of Clue was also playing in the background. There was plenty

to do while the students put their puzzlesolving skills to the test. Of the original 13 participants, only four moved on to the final game. It was an intense game as the final four concentrated and carefully watched each other’s moves. And then the final accusation was made and the game won. Junior Ashley Barton called the correct whodunit, weapon, and room combination to take the win. She was honored with the newest DVD ver-

sion of the Clue board game as a prize, presented by the Gaming Club. Following the tournament were more games and festivities. Shortly after the tournament was a raffle—a usual event at Gaming Club events. Prizes included Bones season one DVD and Clue on DVD. Gaming Club has many more events scheduled for the upcoming weeks; check out the activity calendars for more information.

Check out The Charger Bulletin Online at!

The players informed the crowd that the first men’s basketball home game is Nov. 15 and the first women’s basketball home game is Nov. 17. Come out and watch them play! The end of Midnight Madness held quite possibly the most anticipated event of the evening. One lucky student had the chance to take a top secret hoops challenge, the prize being

a year’s worth of free tuition. The impossible challenge was to shoot a lay up, a free throw, a three-point, and a half-court shot in 25 seconds without someone playing rebound. As it can be assumed, there was no free tuition distributed. As another Midnight Madness came to a close, some traveled to Bartels Hall for a midnight breakfast

of eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Others went to sleep; classes did start the next day. Thanks to the USGA, Student Activities, SCOPE Weekend Programming and Residential Life for sponsoring the event. Make sure to catch Midnight Madness next year, or go cheer on your UNH Chargers whenever they’re home at North Campus.


CSI: West Haven

UNH Cheerleaders perform at Midnight Madness.




WEST HAVEN— Television shows like CSI: Miami, Law and Order, Cold Case, and others are the rage these days. This is largely due to the ability of the law enforcement professionals portrayed to analyze evidence to a degree never seen before and to use it to bring criminals to justice. In many reallife cases, the reverse is also true. Persons imprisoned unjustly years ago are being released with DNA evidence now proving them not guilty. These achievements are the result of amazing advances in the field of forensics. Due to the interest in Forensic Science at UNH, the Peterson Library has

recently subscriped to FORENSICnetBASE, an acclaimed resource from CRC Press, a respected, long-time publisher of scientific and technical information, now part of the Taylor & Francis Group. What is forensics? The Latin word forensis means ‘public’ deriving from the word forum, where in Roman times legal cases were argued. The term has since come to mean facts suitable in a court of law for evidentiary purposes. Forensics has evolved into a multi-faceted field, drawing on virtually any of the physical sciences, principally chemistry and biology, and on social sciences like psychology and anthropology, to analyze data and validate evidence for use in legal proceed-

ings. What is FORENSICnetBASE? FNB is an online library consisting of 165 reference books and monographs on subjects ranging from arson investigation and computer crimes to law enforcement and security management. The authors, editors, and contributors are experts highly regarded in their respective fields and include our own Dr. Henry C. Lee. These online texts are coverto-cover PDF reproductions of the original print books, with all the charts, graphs, illustrations, notes, and appendices. Each publication can be read online or downloaded chapter by chapter. Searches can be done against the See DATABASE page 14

Rubik’s Cube Abilities Put to the Test

USGA President’s Corner Happenings in USGA

dollars) was the quick trial standard cube ––––––––––––––––– test. In this part of the competition, contestants solved the RuBUDAPEST, Hungabik’s Cube five times ry— They come in all for an averaged comshapes and sizes, from bined score. While the large to small and viwinning time of 12.46 brant to standard. seconds went to Yu Some come in the loNakajima of Japan, gos of famous sports an American (Andrew teams and others in Kang) got the record intricate patterns. for the fastest We watched Rubik’s solua freshman tion of the day solve one in a at 10.88 seclittle over one onds. minute at the While this freshman talmight not seem ent show. You like much, the can even find world record Sudoku cubes for Rubik’s in the UniverCube solusity bookstore. tions is at 9.86 If you AN AP/ ERIN LUBIN PHOTO seconds as of Google the Former record-holder Leyan Lo. May 2007. phrase “RuNot far bebik’s Cube solutions”, over 1 mil- est foot solution with hind, Kang hopes to lion pages will pop 49.33 seconds and beat the world record up, each with a differ- Ryan Patricio of the and set a new standard ent way to solve the United States won the by the next competiinfamous six-sided, prize for fastest sin- tion. Obviously not just six-colored, block gle-handed solution puzzle. Created by with 21.13 seconds. a toy for boredom and Erno Rubik in 1974, The most awards went the creative at heart, the small 3 x 3 cube is to Hungary’s Matyas Rubik’s Cubes have now not only a child’s Kuti, who was the fast- grown into national toy and a popular est at the 4 x 4 and 5 x and worldwide pheGoogle landmark, but 5 cubes as well as the nomena. Pick up your own the next time the focus of a world- blindfolded events. wide competition The biggest event your at the bookstore (World Rubik’s Cube of the day (and the and try your hand at Championship) that most worthy, award- solutions; it could earn attracted 250 players ing the winner 7,000 you big!

Your Undergraduate Student Government has been working hard on several different projects to help improve your quality of life here at UNH. Here are just a few of them that we have been working on: At the end of last year the USGA voted to move $60,000 to a separate university fund which will accumulate to hopefully fund the renovation of the bar area in the German Club. The ultimate goal would be to turn the area into a full scale bar that would be open to students and yes, serve alcohol. The USGA has met with representatives from the Alumni Association and working in cooperation with them, this past week we received the official “go ahead” from the university into forming an exploratory committee to investigate getting a bar back on campus. Obviously there are many aspects that need to be looked into including security and location however I am happy to announce that we are moving in

the part of either of the doctors. Brown also said that “you don’t go to a judge and get a search warrant for somebody’s home unless you think some rather serious crime has been committed.”

Gary Lincenberg, attorney for Dr. Eroshevich, told the press that the investigation is only concerned whether the prescriptions were proper or illegal. “This has nothing to


from over 33 countries on Sunday, Oct. 7. Participating contestants competed in many different categories, from blindfolded, to one handed, to a foot solution contest. According to on-set reporters, Finland's Anssi Vanhala won the prize for fast-

Louis Eswood III USGA President a very positive direction. Over the past few weeks I have noticed that many of the vending machines on campus will not take my UND ID card. The more I looked around campus for a soda the more that I noticed that none of the machines were taking the cards. They all said “Card Reader Disabled.” To be honest, I wasn’t very happy. What’s the point of having the readers on the machines if they are disabled? So, working with Alan McDougall and the IT department all of the card readers on campus should now be working. There was apparently a problem with the new firewall that was installed over the summer that was being too restrictive. Hopefully they are

now all working. If they are not, please let me know by logging onto and posting a concern so we can get them fixed ASAP! At the end of last year a student inquired about placing a fax machine in the library for students to be able to use. I have bee in contact with the University Librarian and it is not currently something they are looking into. However, I was informed that students can both send and receive faxes in Campus Copy, in the basement of Maxcy Hall. At next week’s USGA meeting we will be having a very special guest come: President Kaplan! So if you’re interested in what he has to say or wish to share something with him that you think he should know about, come to the meeting. As always, all USGA meetings are at noon on Fridays in the Alumni Lounge and are open to all undergraduate students. Hope to see you there!

New Developments in Death of Anna Nicole



Six raids were conducted recently in connection with the death of Anna Nicole Smith in February at the age of 39. These raids included searching the office of Smith’s former psychiatrist Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and the office and home of Dr. Sandeep Kapoor. Attorney General Jerry Brown became

interested in the case because “dangerous drugs … were part of the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and I learned that these were California doctors and California prescriptions.” Brown did not say what charges the doctors may face, but said that they could be serious. There is also an ongoing medical board investigation to see if there were any violations of medical practice protocol on

The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007


Anna Nicole Smith introduces Kanye West at a 2004 award show.

do with whether or not Dr. Eroshevich in any way contributed to Anna Nicole Smith’s death.” Dr. Kapoor’s attorney, Ellyn Garafalo, would only confirm that the searches were indeed conducted at her client’s home and office. Through the investigation, it has been found that Dr. Eroshevich approved all 11 prescribed medications found in Smith’s hotel room after her

death. Eroshevich even traveled with Smith to Florida. It has also been discovered that more than 600 pills, some 450 of them muscle relaxants, were missing from prescription bottles that were only about five weeks old. Brown also said that the state has learned “quite a lot” from Bahamian authorities, but refused further comment, See DEATH page 9

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The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

Back in My Day, We Didn’t Need Gadgets Remember the nineties? We all had one of those fat Macintosh computers that were able to type in ClarisWorks and play Oregon Trail. Now, we’re capable of either squeezing that computer – with more features – into a tiny nine-inch by nineinch laptop or increasing the capacity to a 42-inch by 42-inch gaming console. Regardless, technology is dramatically changing and has been improving throughout the years. But is there a limit as to how far is too far? What about hydrogen-powered cars? Or nametags that tell you their wearer’s feelings? The prospect of an iCar? The former

Get your voice heard voice your opinions in the charger bulletin send your editorials to chargerbulletin@ newhaven. edu

are already available, and the latter is being discussed by Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, and VW manufacturers. Is technology taking over in the sense that human communication will soon diminish? Researchers are trying to warn people of this, and many are starting to believe it. This past week, a conference was held in Boston for researchers, scientists, and tech gurus to show off new and upcoming prototypes and to discuss new technological advances and ideas. One such invention that is expected to hit consumers soon comes from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, which are threadlike sensors worn on

shirts to detect their wearers’ posture. If a person is slouching in a chair or sitting incorrectly in a way that could cause back pain or injury, a message would pop up on their computer screen, email, or on their cell phone. Rescue technology was also shown off at last week’s conference. A student from Germany’s University of Bremen showed off a sensor worn in a person’s shoe whose tiny accelerometers provide real-time location tracking in places satellite navigation systems can’t reach or describe with precision. These are all great ideas, at least for technology’s sake. What

bothers me, however, are those who are skeptical of trying new technology for fear of laziness and cultural deterioration. True, gloves designed to control your iPod for skiers and snowboarders may be unnecessary, but they show sincere advancement in technology. If everyone were skeptical about technology, many beneficial aspects of today’s world would not be available – including emergency response services and equipment. Our grandparents and others of older generations may fear for our future due to our “necessary reliance” upon technology such as AOL, but we’re in a relative situ-

ation – no pun intended – as our parents were. Cell phones and the Internet, to

Britain has chosen to reduce its troop count in Iraq significantly with the prospect of complete withdrawal on the horizon. The depletion will be gradual, however, with Prime Minister Gordon Brown declaring a drop to 2,500 soldiers by April 2008. This is a recurring pattern for Britain, whose troop count in March 2003 peaked at 46,000 soldiers, only dropping a year later (May 2004) to 8,600. The question remains: Why aren’t we following suit? Britain is setting an example, and they are doing it confidently. Prime Minister Brown has said, “The fact of the matter is I take responsibility. I take the blame. I make the decisions. If anything goes wrong, it comes back to me.” What?

Accepting responsibility for one’s action? This appears to be a concept unheard of within America’s present leadership. Further action promoting the withdrawal of troops in Iraq is the fact that former Prime Minister Tony Blair resigned from office in June 2007. His approval ratings were dwindling quickly once the war began, mainly do to his alliance with the United States President George W. Bush. By July 2006, 67% of Blair’s constituents did not agree with nor support him. So what did he eventually do? He stepped down from office, saved face somewhat for himself politically, and made a good decision. Consequently, with the new action

taken by Prime Minister Brown, a correlation is easy to identify: Britain wants to cut off its association with Bush, not America. It is the Bush government that perpetuates this murderous, unjust war, not the American people. Britain has the right idea, the idea that the war does little but destroy Iraqi civilian and American soldiers. If the United States’ administration could hang its egotistical head and admit a mistake for once, it might see the same light. This war has gone on too long for us to show any sympathy or support for our unjust and unqualified government. A lone flickering hope dangles in front of our people, only to burn out when we realize who our

country is run by: liars thirsty for more power and more money in the name of oil interests. We are not world police. We were not attacked by Iraq. We are killing Iraqi civilians and nothing is being done. And maybe nothing needs to be done. As philosopherhistorian Bertrand Russell once said, “Either man will abolish war, or war will abolish man.” I reiterate: this war is not only killing thousands of Iraqis but also thousands of well-intended United States soldiers. From these facts alone, it looks like “war will abolish man.” If the United States could see Britain as a friend with some good advice then maybe some good can evolve. But no, our present government is stub-

Zack Rosen Assistant Editor us, are like radio and television were to our parents. Sure, the depths of technology today are far greater than technology 50 years ago, however it is – in relativity – the same. Imagine what

will be available in 50 years, and ask yourself if you’re going to participate in those technological craves, or rather curse them as our parents do satellite radio, AIM, and a hundred text messages a week. Without technology, we would still be living in a world where those Geiko caveman commercials actually WOULD be offensive to us. Instead, we’re living in a world where we can make that into a sitcom. I guess there ARE parts of technology that I could live without.

Britain Removes Troops from IraqSo Why Don’t We?

born and lies about welcoming Britain’s decision. More so, many Americans love this role of the solo cowboy annihilating all the “bad guys” with no help. It is our nation’s demeanor. It’s time to put on our thinking caps, take off the rose-colored glasses and listen. Maybe there is a reason why others in the coalition are leaving. Maybe people are finally getting the message: get out of Iraq. Not only is Britain getting the message, but they are also taking action on top of it. They are actually pulling troops out. Why is our administration blindly continuing on? -David Padula, Staff Writer

Steps for Success By Sijith Salim -

Opinion is Relative- Not Absolute There is no dearth of opinion in this world. Everyone has their own opinion for any kind of issues. If you want to know which car you want to buy, if you want to choose a university, if you want to know which department store is good, if you want to know if a particular political leader is doing well or not, if you want to know if the career you choose is good or not, if you want to know if a book is good or not, you get opinions. In giving opinions, people tend to become experts and seem to know everything about the topic. If we want to learn, we need to ask. As a student, parent, or employee, we might require getting opinions from others. We won’t be able to live our life without getting neces-

sary advice from others before we make any major decisions. We should understand that opinion is something which is relative and not absolute. Educational, religious, and environmental factors all influence the opinion a person gives us. A person himself will change his opinion when his environment changes. Suppose you want to buy a car to help your commute. So you decide to ask your friend for his opinion. If this friend has a motorcycle, then the advice he might give is “Hey don’t buy car because it comes with a lot of other expenses. Buy a motorcycle.” Now, you tell another friend that you are going to buy a motorcycle. He might respond by saying,

“What are you think- We just need to take ing? It’s too hard trav- these opinions as adeling long distances vice and use our own on a motorcycle. You investigative power to decide what is right should get a car.” With this opinion, and what is wrong. There is a problem you decide you are going to spend the ex- here. Sometimes we tra money and get a might not be mature enough car. Now to make you have d e c i to choose sions on which car our own you want due to to buy. our lack If you of expeask your rience. friend that W h y owns a make a BMW his mistake opinion, Sijith Salim w h e n he will tell you to get a BMW. someone who knows A friend who owns a more can lead us in Honda Accord will the right direction? In tell you to get an Ac- this scenario, we need cord. For everything to decide whether to we do, we get opinions blindly follow advice and all these opinions given to us, or ponder are actually based on over what is said and the personal experi- make a decision acences of the person cordingly. At the end of the giving the opinions.

day, we are responsible for our decisions. If your car breaks down, you can’t blame the person who suggested you to buy that car. If the apartment you rent is not good, you can’t blame your landlord. I believe this is true to with religious beliefs too. Whether you are an Atheist or a person who believes in God, whether you believe that life ends with death, or there is a life after death as Christians (http:// www.religionfacts. com/christianity/beliefs/afterlife.htm), Muslims (http://www. htm) or Jews (http:// www.religionfacts. com/judaism/beliefs/ afterlife.htm). The consequences of your decision are going to be enjoyed or suffered by you and only you

and we can’t put the blame on our friends, relatives, or spiritual leaders who influenced our decision. They just gave us their opinion, but we believed it and made it part of our life. Remember, opinion is relative, not absolute. Since we know that opinion is relative and not absolute, it is very important to take opinions from others just to know how they feel. We have the capability to think, to investigate, and to read more on topics, and decide what is right and what is wrong. This capability to think and decide on our own is what exactly what make us human and is something animals lack. We should embrace this capability and use to it its fullest.

Spirit Week has come to an end, and both UNH basketball teams are now officially recognized. The contests during Midnight Madness were fun to watch, and I congratulate the winners. However, one of the winners wound up losing. How does a winner lose, you ask? The answer is quite simple: the winner is set up to fail. I am referring to the Free Tuition Hoops Challenge at the end of Midnight Madness. The lucky raffle ticket was called out.

Tiff, the winner, came down to receive her prize. In order to earn the free tuition, she had to make a couple baskets. Okay, that sounds reasonable. Midnight Madness celebrates the start of the basketball season. Herein lies the trap. Tiff had to make a lay-up, a free throw, and score from the three point line and the half-court line. Oh, did I mention she only had twentyfive seconds to complete this? I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it from

the three-point line, unless luck was on my side. Since she was not able to complete the task, Tiff earned twenty-five dollars to the UNH Bookstore instead of $26,000 for next year. As we all know, news travels fast around campus. During the breakfast after Midnight Madness, I heard some details that were conveniently left out. But let us start with the known facts: (1) All students, except for players on the basketball teams, were eligible for the

contest, (2) There would be some kind of shooting challenge involved, thus explaining why the players were ineligible. Here is where the sneakiness comes into play. No one was told what the challenge would be until the ticket was called. This is understandable, because the playing field was kept even. However, instead of just writing off the winning student’s tuition for next year, an insurance policy was taken out. In order for the tuition to be paid

out by the company, Weekend Programming (according to my information) would have to pay $750.00. The challenge was made impossible to mere mortals to ensure this did not happen. This was a success, I might add. Personally, I would love to see either team attempt the challenge just to see if it could be done. This hardly seems fair. Here is a student who had school spirit and attended Midnight Madness. The grand prize was just above her head, and then

the carrot was yanked away. When the string came back down, a twenty-five dollar gift card to the Bookstore was the only consolation “prize” given to her. What does it say about student events when the students are expected to fail? In my opinion, Tiff should have gotten the tuition anyway because she showed school spirit. -Jonathan Cascio, Staff Writer

Dangling the Tuition Carrot

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Another Look at A Triumphant Queen By SARA MCGUIRE STAFF WRITER


If you’re the kind of moviegoer who delights in a good action movie, then this movie isn’t for you. If you’re a sucker for a good “chick flick”, then this movie is not for you either. Elizabeth: The Golden Age is a type of historical film that one rarely comes by anymore. The actors that tell the story of Elizabeth’s fight were perfectly chosen. Cate Blanchett gives an amazing performance alongside Geoffrey Rush and Clive Owen.

It certainly can be said that this unique movie captures the audience’s attention. Elizabeth: The Golden Age starts off slow, even dully, by getting into the politics of the conflicts between Spain and England that were brewing during the sixteenth century. King Phillip, portrayed in the film as a sniveling, weakwilled sort of man, feels that England is under the rule of a protestant “bastard.” He spends the majority of his appearances in the movie stating so. A secret

Big Actors Make Newest Action Flick a Success

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cause it interferes with his business of club management. After a bad situation worsens, Bobby is forced to rethink his priorities and realize where his loyalty should lie. The film is fantastic. The actors, both lead and supporting, are superb. Each of them brings their character to life in an astonishing way. Phoenix and Wahlberg compliment each other nicely, and Mendes is impressive. Duvall anchors the cast and adds to his long list of great performances. Also, the script is well written. The dialogue is believable, and thankfully there are no plot clichés. Ultimately, the movie entertains. It contains a little bit of everything; it demon-

Spanish society of sorts is under Phillip’s employment, as

well as the Vatican’s, who backs Phillip’s plan to murder Queen


Cate Blanhett stars in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Elizabeth and instate Mary, Queen of Scotts in England’s thrown. The end of the movie sees Elizabeth fighting alongside her people as the Spanish Armada approaches the English coast, and the rest, you’ll have to see it in theaters to find out. Elizabeth’s character was a bit of a disappointment. While accurately depicted as the strong leader history books describe her as, her disappointment in her social life is a theme that is starting to get old. As in the previous movie, the aptly titled Eliza-

beth, the famed queen struggles to deal with a position of leadership commonly shared between a king and queen. Instead of following the rule of getting married to another member of the world’s monarchy, she chooses to dedicate her life to her country, sacrificing her own interests. Both films, especially the first, portray Elizabeth as a strong ruler with a firm hand who, between making decisions to govern her people, broods about not being able

to know the band, but is short enough to not feel forced. You can tell that every song has been worked on until it was perfected; written and rewritten until the band was completely satisfied. Not a single song sounds like the band just wrote it so it could get on the CD. The ability to produce an album that does not sound forced is one that cannot be found often even in main-

stream music. The fact that Palaris has managed to do this on their first try definitely indicates a successful future. The vocals of singer/guitarist Dean Purificato, 21, are soothing with a rough quality that naturally fits with each song. The emotion of each song’s lyrics is matched perfectly with the emotion that

stage with his views on girlfriends, Britney Spears, his experience hosting the Porn Awards, and other tasty tidbits about his personal life that we really didn’t need to know, but do now anyway. I had a chance to chat with Jim over the phone about his new show, and ask him about his plans once it hits television viewers

everywhere. Charger Bulletin: First big question, why Monster Rain? Jim Norton: It really was this sexual game we used to play as kids, and it was just completely unique to me. CB: Since we are talking about titles,

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Local Band’s First Album Shows Promise

Haven’s diamond in the rough. ––––––––––––––––– The Pros and Cons of Redemption, the strates the importance As students here at first CD from local of family values, and the University of New rock band Palaris, is teaches the conse- Haven, it is hard for truly the epitome of quences of arrogance. us to be in touch with a great first release. In terms of action, local bands outside of Many bands run into the film has it. Some the university. It is es- difficulty creating a scenes are graphic and pecially hard for stu- first full-length alintense, but it is done dents who hail from bum. With Palaris, so tastefully. The final other states to know this could not be furshootout scene will what is happening in ther from the case. At have viewers on the the New Haven music 10 songs, The Pros edge of their seats it is scene. It’s about time and Cons of Redempcrafted so well. UNH students get ac- tion is long enough We Own the Night quainted with New for the listener to get is worth a view. The acting is wonderful, the action is great, and the story is spell- By TIM FASANO Tonight Show with Jay STAFF WRITER binding. Compelling, Leno (four times), or ––––––––––––––––– moving, and engaging on Last Comic Standare understatements ing, then you can anJim Norton, one swer “yes” with a when describing this film. So while sift- of the most outra- clear conscience. Eiing through the lists geous cringe comics ther way, whether you of movies to see and out there, has a new know him or not, Jim to avoid, remember, HBO special, Mon- Norton’s new show We Own the Night ster Rain. Don’t know premiered on HBO will not be found any Jim Norton? Well, if this past Saturday, Oct. where near failures you missed him on the 13, and to be frank…it like Perfect Stranger Opie & Anthony radio is freaking hilarious! show, Tough Crowd and Swordfish. Jim brings his little with Colin Quinn, The bit of crazy out on By CELINA NATOLA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

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Comedian Premieres HBO Special

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The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

Investigation Continues Regarding Smith Death

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saying he did not want to jeopardize the investigation by releasing too many facts too early. When asked if the investigation would soon include the death of Smith’s son Daniel, Brown answered that “we’re not setting any limits on this investigation.”

There have been several doctors who have gone to jail for prescribing medications that led to their patients’ deaths. In Florida, Dr. Freddie J. Williams was sentenced to a federal life sentence in 2004 for the death of two of his patients and Dr. James Graves was sentenced to 63 years in a state

penitentiary for four counts of manslaughter in 2002. The results of this investigation could lead to charges in California or Florida. They may even lead to federal charges if the government wants to send the message that over prescribing medications will no longer be tolerated.

Congratulations Mike!

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Future of the New York Yankees Unknown




NEW YORK— After the Cleveland Indians defeated the Yankees in the American League Division Series, questions about the future of the New York Yankees began to pop up. Would Joe Torre return as the Yankees manager? Would Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera resign with the Yankees? One of the most talked about topics is will Alex Rodriguez return next year. Many think that Joe Torre will be fired as New York Yankees manager. In fact, the decision could be made this week. Torre has been one of the most successful managers in Major League Baseball history and has reached the playoffs every year as manager of the New York Yankees. Torre won four World Series in his first four out of five years as manager of the team. However after 2000, Torre has only been to the World Series once, and has been eliminated from the first round of the playoffs three times. There is much speculation as to who in fact will manage the Yankees next year if Torre is fired. Some of the names tossed around are Yankees Bench Coach and former player Don Mattingly, former player and manager of the year Joe Giradi, as well as names like current St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russ. Also questions are

rising about whether or not Yankees stars Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera will return to the team next year or test the free agent market. Rivera stated that he does in fact plan to test the free agent market. Posada has not commented on the situation as of yet. If Rivera and Posada do in fact leave the Yankees, it could prove to be a big blow to the franchise. Maybe the biggest question going into next year is if Alex Rodriguez will return to the Yankees. Rodriguez could opt out of his current contract and sign with another team if he so chooses. There are many teams that are willing to sign A-Rod including the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Angels, however no team will offer Rodriguez more money then the New York Yankees. Rodriguez put up an MVP year this year for the Yankees, but still has was criticized for his performance in the playoffs. Rodriguez may choose not to come back to the Yankees because of the response from the fans of New York, and in the end it could prove to be a big blow to the organization. There are many questions that are going to have to be answered for the Yankees sooner rather then later. Ultimately, whatever happens, the 2008 New York Yankees are going to be under a lot of pressure to get back to be World Series contenders.

The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

2007-2008 Men’s Basketball Schedule- Coach Al Seibert

DATE Thurs., Nov. 15 Tues., Nov. 20 Sun., Nov. 25 Wed., Nov. 28 Sat., Dec. 1 Wed., Dec. 5 Sat., Dec. 8 Wed., Dec. 12 Thurs., Dec. 20 Fri., Dec. 21 Wed., Jan. 2 Sat., Jan. 5 Sat., Jan. 12 Wed., Jan. 16 Sun., Jan. 20 Wed., Jan. 23 Sat., Jan. 26 Mon., Jan. 28 Thurs., Jan. 31 Sat., Feb. 2 Wed., Feb. 6 Sat., Feb. 9 Wed., Feb. 13 Sat., Feb. 16 Wed., Feb. 20 Sat., Feb. 23 Sat., Mar. 1 Wed., Mar. 5 Sat., Mar. 8 Sun., Mar. 9 March 15, 16 and 18 March 26, 27 and 29

OPPONENT TIME @ Southern New Hampshire University 7:30 P.M. FELICIAN COLLEGE 7:00 P.M. SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIV. 4:00 P.M. @ Concordia College* 7:00 P.M. MERCY COLLEGE* 4:00 P.M. @ University of Bridgeport* 7:00 P.M. ADELPHI UNIVERSITY* 4:00 P.M. @ Molloy College* 7:30 P.M. @ Lynn University (Pepsi/DoubleTree Tournament)7:00 P.M. Barry University (@ Lynn University) 5:00 P.M. @ American International College 3:00 P.M. NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY* 4:00 P.M. @ Dowling College* 3:00 P.M. C.W. POST CAMPUS/LIU* 5:30 P.M. BLOOMFIELD COLLEGE 4:00 P.M. ST. THOMAS AQUINAS COLLEGE* 7:30 P.M. CONCORDIA COLLEGE* 4:00 P.M. QUEENS COLLEGE* 7:00 P.M. @Mercy College* TBA UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT* 2:00 P.M. @ Queens College* 7:30 P.M. MOLLOY COLLEGE* 4:00 P.M. @ New York Institute of Technology* 7:30 P.M. @ Adelphi University* 3:00 P.M. DOWLING COLLEGE* 7:30 P.M. @ C.W. Post Campus/LIU* 4:00 P.M. @ St. Thomas Aquinas College* 3:00 P.M. ECC Quarterfinals (on-campus sites) TBA ECC Semifinals TBA ECC Finals TBA NCAA Northeast Regional Championships TBA NCAA Elite Eight (Springfield, Mass.) TBA

2007-2008 Women’s Basketball Schedule- Coach Jessica Smith

DATE OPPONENT Sat. , Nov. 17 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE Sun., Nov. 25 SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY Wed., Nov. 28 @ Concordia College* Sat., Dec. 1 MERCY COLLEGE* Wed., Dec. 5 @ University of Bridgeport* Sat., Dec. 8 QUEENS COLLEGE* Wed., Dec. 12 @ Molloy College* Fri., Dec. 21 @ Holy Family University Fri. & Sat., Dec. 28-29 @Surf n’ Slam (San Diego, CA) Fri., Dec. 28 vs. Assumption College Sat., Dec. 29 vs. Southern New Hampshire University Mon., Dec. 31 @ California State L.A. Sat., Jan. 5 NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY* Wed., Jan. 9 ADELPHI UNIVERSITY* Sat., Jan. 12 @ Dowling College* Wed., Jan. 16 C.W. POST* Mon., Jan. 21 SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY Wed., Jan. 23 ST. THOMAS AQUINAS COLLEGE* Sat., Jan. 26 CONCORDIA COLLEGE* Thurs., Jan. 31 @Mercy College* Sat., Feb. 2 BRIDGEPORT UNIVERSITY* Wed., Feb. 6 @ Queens College* Sat., Feb. 9 MOLLOY COLLEGE* Wed., Feb. 13 @ New York Institute of Technology* Sat., Feb. 16 @ Adelphi University* Wed., Feb. 20 DOWLING COLLEGE* Sat., Feb. 23 @ C.W. Post Campus/LIU* Sat., Mar. 1 @ St. Thomas Aquinas College* Wed., Mar. 5 ECC Quarterfinals (on campus sites) Sat., Mar. 8 ECC Semifinals Sun., Mar. 9 ECC Finals March 14, 15 and 17 NCAA Northeast Regional Championships March 26, 27 and 29 NCAA Elite Eight (Kearney, Nebraska)

TIME 3:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M.

10:00 A.M. 12:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M. 7:30 P.M. 7:00 P.M. 5:30 P.M. 2:00 P.M. TBA 4:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 2:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 5:30 P.M. 5:30 P.M. 1:00 P.M. 1:00 P.M. 12:00 P.M. 12:00 P.M. 12:00 P.M. TBA TBA

A&E Continued

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New Haven Band Palaris Rocks Its First Album

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Purificato provides with his voice. A better lyric/singing relationship would be a rare find. The accompanying instruments (with both Purificato and Jon Masella, 19, on guitar, Tom Oppelt, 22, on bass, and Drew Hart, 21, on drums) don’t try to rise higher than the vocals just to prove themselves. Guitar rocks out when it needs to, as do the drums and bass. There is a certain refinement in the instrumental parts that can stand on its own but that does not try too hard. This refinement provides the whole album with a clean balance that lets the emotional lyrics stand out as they

should. It is not surprising that Palaris has been able to find such a great balance with the amount of experience the band has. Each member has played his instrument for at least two years, with Purificato playing guitar for five years. In addition, Purificato, Oppelt, and Hart have had experience in other bands prior to the formation of Palaris, which was in the summer of 2006. With the release of The Pros and Cons of Redemption this past August, it is clear that the band is off to a great start. They played The Space on Oct. 5 and are finishing up their tour in Taunton, Mass.

this week on Oct. 19. “The tour was a learning experience to say the least,” said Masella, “We're finally wrapping it up this week and are looking forward to what the future holds for us.” With the end of this tour, the guys plan on taking some time to write more songs, play local shows, and plan another tour. While their first album and tour show some promise of a successful future, the band isn’t getting too caught up in it. “We've had our plans change in a matter of seconds so we don't like to plan that far ahead. Hopefully [in five years we will] still [be] going nuts on stage and not

comparable to that of working in an office. to be free to fall in the hero in Greek tragIn short, wherever love with whom- edies. Her character God leads us,” said ever she chooses comes to accept her Masella, “We love and watches how the fate, yet is determined doing what we do so members of her court to stand by her people our goal would be to marry. While certainly as they face persecube able to eventually human, such a contra- tion and death. pay our bills without diction between two The movie, were having to make sand- subsequently different it to be rated, would wiches. And Drew Elizabeths can con- get an eight out of ten would like to meet fuse the moviegoer as from this author, while Tom Brady.” to what the real plot of it doesn’t suit the averWith their first the movie is. age taste. It was beauCD bound to make a Overall, the movie tifully made, and rich splash, it is quite pos- isn’t half bad. The di- in details, especially sible that all of Palar- rector accurately por- those of historic sigis’ dreams could come trayed both sides of a nificance. This movie true. To find out more very powerful yet dis- can thus be classified about the band, check tinctly human queen. as a “see-able” movie, out their MySpace The strength Blanch- one that lacks the acpage at http://www. ett’s character, like her claim of the “ real-life counterpart sees,” but certainly is or their Web site, from centuries ago, well worth your time p a l a r i s m u s i c . c o m . undergoes a change in spent in the theater. Also, be sure to look the movie that is only for their album The Pros and Cons of Redemption from Blue Duck Records.

Global Warming Thriller Fresh But Trite



What would happen if Stephen King and Al Gore got together and collaborated on a story? Chances are it would look something like The Last Winter. This thriller manages to hold viewers in sus-

pense while warning the United States that it is heading towards some serious consequences if the environment continues to be abused. Now, while the events of this movie may be far out and implausible, writer/director Larry Fessenden manages to pose an interesting

question: what would happen if the environment fights back at humans? When a research team for a massive oil company is assigned to investigate one of the United States’ last untapped oil resources in the arctic, the team encounters a number of strange events. The

climate is unstable, and the temperature is uncharacteristically high. Also, one of the members begins to act more than a little peculiar. Then an expert (Ron Pearlman) not originally assigned to the site drops by and starts running the

not writing reviews, I am only sparking resurgences. If you agree with him, then by all means, do not continue. The soft-loud, startstop dynamic that came with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” front man Kurt Cobain stood prepared to credit another band,

a band he admired for that same sound. The Pixies formed in 1986 in Boston, unaware they were going to lay the groundwork for bands like Nirvana and many others of the nineties rock scene. Comprised of Black Francis (vocals/rhythm guitar), Kim Deal (bass/vo-

cals), Dave Lovering (drums) and Joey Santiago (lead guitar), The Pixies were a different kind of group. They were not hair metal like Motley Crüe or Poison, nor were they trying to catch the last gasp of the dying punk scene; they were the

See SAVE page 14

Band Profile: The Pixies



When I told a friend what I was writing about for this week’s The Charger Bulletin, his response was frank. “Nobody cares about reviews of old bands,” he said. Maybe he’s right, but I am

Queen Elizabeth Saga Continues

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Radiohead Returns



I will admit that up until Wednesday, I was never really a big fan of Radiohead. I had always been interested in their material, but never really took the time to listen. However, I was very intrigued by the release of their new album, In Rainbows. Since the band is not signed to a record label anymore, the album is an independent release. This allowed the band to do something groundbreaking- they let buyers decide how much they wanted to pay for the new CD. You could enter any amount, even zero. Wednesday, I received my free download code for the album, opened it up in iTunes and began to

listen to one of the best releases this year. The album opens up with “15 Step,” an electronic drum and bass/glitch track. Right away, I knew this was something new from the band, so I was kind of thrown off, but as the song drew to a close, it became stuck in my head. The next track, “Bodysnatchers” follows up with a more constructive beat that almost makes you want to get up and dance. “Nude” is the third track off of the album which is a very winded, slowpaced song. The mellow tone and eerie vocals remind me of some earlier Radiohead tracks off of OK Computer. The next few See ALBUM page 14

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Fun & Games

The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

Look for the answers to this week’s puzzles online at www. chargerbulletin. com Page 13

The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

New Special Sure to Get Some Laughs con’t from page 8

I have to ask, why is your website www. JN: Well, we wanted to do, but it was taken by some stupid auto dealership, so I thought for a while, and “eat a bullet” just felt right. CB: You’re very crude and graphic in your act, is that how you act and feel in real life? Or is it something that you think about later and integrate it in to your act? JN: In real life, I’m very mellow.

But it has to be taken in context. When I’m driving, I say horrible things. My view is only mouth off who won’t punch you in the teeth, like old people. CB: I know that you are currently on the road, but is this new special going to be the start of a new tour? JN: Well, for right now, I am not going to be doing anything big. I want to see how the material [from Monster Rain] pans out in the small rooms. I will be in Danbury, CT pretty soon though,

and you will probably see a new tour in January. Jim Norton is a hilarious force to be reckoned with, especially with his in-yourface attitude, and jokes that sometimes push the edge. His special will be airing on Oct. 18, Oct. 23, Oct. 26, and Oct. 31 at various times, check your listings. He is worth finding, or you can currently purchase the DVD at Either way, Jim Norton is one of those comedians that you don’t want to NOT know!

that as a country, our priorities are out of whack. One last point of praise goes to the director. Larry Fessenden is able to take a small budget and relatively unknown cast and still create a story that can entertain, thrill, and make a viewer think. Despite the film’s originality and clever story, this is far from a classic. While the movie has its fair share of suspense scenes and thrills, there are times when it is trite. Also, the lack of sympathy for most of the characters will make it difficult for the viewer to become fully engaged in the story. But the most disappointing part of this film is the ending. Without giv-

ing anything away, one should brace themselves to be disappointed. Any suspense built up during the other parts of the film will be destroyed, and viewers will be asking themselves, that’s it? Overall, The Last Winter is refreshing because it is something different. The gore is not overdone. Actually, it is used rather tastefully. Also, the film is attractive visually. But in the end, the movie as a whole is nothing spectacular. It is not overly terrifying, and the final scenes are flat out bad. While it may be worth checking out, viewers be advised, you’re not in for a whole lot.

Can Originality Save The Last Winter?

con’t from page 11

operations. It does not take long for the members of the research team to realize they are in danger, a danger coming from supernatural forces. The movie succeeds because it is original. Sure there have been movies about an out-of-control climate, but how many were actually worth watching? The Last Winter manages to take a contemporary issue and make a horror story out of it. The film is loaded with traditional elements of horror movies: dark landscapes, the eminent threat of malice, and supernatural forces. But the film also provides insight into human nature and suggests

Get Pixilated con’t from page 11

ultra-nerdy-looking dissonant rockers that only they could pull off. Francis, as the main songwriter of the group, spewed themes of Biblical violence, claiming he was “obsessed” with all the characters from the Old Testament in various interviews. Other topics touched upon were incest, torture and surrealism. But don’t be frightened of that, Francis has other things to shock you, like his voice. Eerily reminiscent of Iggy Pop circa Raw Power, Francis’ painfully convincing, blood boiling yelps grab you and don’t let go. But despite clear similarities between Pop and Francis, the Pixies will not remind you of the Stooges, rather contemporaries like Sonic Youth around the time of Death Val-

ley 69. The band’s instrumentation galvanized ambience, using reverb effects on both vocals and guitar. With the alternating voices of Deal and Francis and Lovering’s apocalyptic drums, the Pixies produced hits like “Where Is My Mind?” and “Ana” before disbanding in 1991. The band members went on their own ways, with Deal hitching up with the Breeders again and scoring the smash “Cannonball.” Francis futilely attempted creating other bands, but nothing had the longevity of the Pixies. Taking the solo route, Francis’ latest album, Bluefinger, was released this past September, receiving mainly positive mixed reviews. The Pixies rejoined each other in 2004 and have been touring with various festivals,

most notably Lollapalooza. A single, “Bam Thwok,” was released in 2004 and reached number one on the iTunes charts. Talk of an album was brewing in 2005 and then was muffled by Francis in 2007 who proclaimed, “I don't think that that Pixies' record's gonna happen" on an Australian radio program. It seems that now, The Pixies, the coolest library geeks to emerge from the ashes that are rock, won’t be striving for your attention anytime soon. So this is where you get to go out and be a real listener. Many students here at UNH were not even born when the band’s first two records came out; it is time to bask in the era of music that created the music you grew up with.

aren’t many songs that fit in with the first two. It’s almost as if you’re listening to two different albums by the last song, “Videotape,” which draws a slightly similar sound to “15 Step” but only by the drum beat.

Fans of Radiohead can finally breathe now that the new album is here. Hopefully this intriguing release will capture new fans, like me, and really get them to listen to this amazing band.

Radiohead Releases New Album

con’t from page 11

tracks are very well thought out. It seemed like the band really sat down and constructed some very elaborate ideas for their music. The calm mood of the whole album really pleases the ear. There

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Lead singer of Radiohead, Thom Yorke, performs at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

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Charger Bulletin Board The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2007

The Charger Bulletin The student newspaper of the University of New Haven 300 Boston Post Road West Haven, CT 06516 Phone (203) 932-7182 Fax (203) 931-6056

——————STAFF—————— Editor-in-Chief Celina Natola Assistant Editor Zack Rosen Staff Writers Mario Abate, Jessica Balaban, Mia Becker, Heather Brown, Sarah Buchman, Jonathan Cascio, Joseph Chapman, Julia Cocca, Sara Collins, Erin Ennis, Timothy Fasano, John Kritzman, Sara McGuire, Dan Osipovitch, David Padula, Sijith Salim Staff Photographers Heather Brown, Keri Comeroski, Dan Osipovitch Staff Gaming Guru Timothy Fasano Staff Sports Writers John Oko

Log in to the New Forensic Database con’t from page 4

entire library or across a custom-selected list of books. What’s in FNB? Here are some sample titles in FNB: -Access Device Fraud and Related Financial Crimes. Identity theft is in the news every day. Access devices like credit cards are often the criminal’s first step. Luckily, electronic fraud is traceable through the use of the card itself. This book discusses a wide range of financial fraud crimes, investigative techniques, and ‘defeat technologies’ like encryption, biometrics, and smart cards. -Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes. This manual enables the investigator to identify misuse of corporate IT, gather and secure electronic evidence of wrongdo-

ing, set up audit trails to monitor activity, utilize forensic audit procedures to secure corporate assets and protect systems from further misuse. -Environmental Forensics: Principles and Applications. With increased concern for the environment, investigating groundwater contamination and atmospheric pollution is leading to more and more lawsuits against those responsible. Forensic techniques can help determine the dates of chemical spills, the transport rates in soil and water, and the original location of the event. -Expert Witnessing in Forensic Accounting: A Handbook for Lawyers and Accountants. Numerous cases of business malfeasance, like Enron, WorldComm, and others, have led to the need for forensic audits of corporate finances and

the expert testimony of auditors. This treatise provides case studies, annotated court documents, expert witness reports, and an actual trial transcript of an expert's testimony. -Forensic Botany: Principles and Applications to Criminal Casework. Plant life is everywhere and this FNB component shows how plant residue, matched to seasons, geographic areas, and specific species, can indicate or rule out a crime scene, a suspect, or a victim therein. -Forensic Linguistics: Advances in Forensic Stylistics. This book deals with a wide-ranging field covering the analysis of speech and writing patterns to link documents with purported authors and speakers. -Forensic Materials Engineering: Case Studies. Golf clubs shatter, bridges fail, pipe-

lines rupture. What happened? This book shows how forensic testing can identify material defects, design deficiencies, fatigue factors, impact stress, and improper use. Computer-aided simulations can also be used to test and verify hypotheses about failure. To access all these wonderful resources, go to to get to the Peterson Library home page. Database links are on the upper left. Use the ‘Subject List’ to find FNB in the ‘Criminal Justice/ Forensic Science/National Security’ group, which also includes other useful databases you can explore. And remember, CSI: West Haven never sleeps! You can crack cases all night long. FNB, along with most of our other 80+ databases, is available 24/7 through the library website.

————ADVERTISING———— The Charger Bulletin accepts advertising from outside sources. Ad rate sheets are available upon request by calling (203) 932-7182 or via email at Advertisements must be either submitted on disk by mail, fax or in person, or preferably sent via email. All advertisements must be received by noon on the Thursday prior to scheduled printing. Due to school sanctions, The Charger Bulletin is unable to accept advertisements from establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. The Charger Bulletin reserves the right to refuse any advertisements. Advertisements within The Charger Bulletin are insterted by outside sources identified in the advertisements themselves and not by the University of New Haven. Advertising material printed herein is solely for informational purposes.

—LETTERS TO THE EDITOR— The Charger Bulletin welcomes letters to the editor. Letters can be sent via email to ChargerBulletin@, dropped off at the Charger Office or left in our USGA box. All letters must include the writer’s full name and phone number for verification and can be withheld upon request. The opinions expressed in letters to the editors, poems, columns or other submissions are not necessarily those of The Charger Bulletin staff. The Charger Bulletin has the right to refuse to print any letter or submission. Final decisions are made by the editors.

———OPPORTUNITIES——— Students are strongly encouraged to write for The Charger Bulletin. Visit us on the third floor of Bartels Hall for more info.

—————MEETINGS————— Mondays at 2:00pm in Meeting Rooms A & B or in the Bulletin Office in Bartels Hall.

October 17 2007  

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