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Volume 86, Issue 7

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

COLLEGE NIGHT A SUCCESS! Check out photos from the fun night Downtown.

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UNH Athletics Prepare for Midnight Madness 2007

Q MUSIC AWARDS IN LONDON Find out which artists won big.




WEST HAVEN—The University of New Haven will hold its annual Midnight Madness event Sunday, Oct. 14 beginning at 10:30 p.m. in the Charger Gymnasium. This will be the first opportunity to see the Charger men's and women's basketball teams SCOPE MAKES HISTORY in action, as their practices can officially kick off at the The first annual Fall Concert goes stroke of midnight. off without a hitch. Midnight Madness 2007– Page 4 08 will feature prizes, music, performances, the introduction of the men's and UNH BEGINS CELEBRAwomen's basketball teams, TION OF RAMADAN a special ChargerREC inTake a look at the roots and benefits tramural three-point shootof this Muslim tradition. ing championship, and the – Page 5

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night's biggest contest- the Free Tuition Hoops Challenge. Details of the Free Tuition Hoops Challenge are being kept tightly under wraps. But one lucky student's ticket stub will be chosen at random, and that student will have a chance to complete the Hoops Challenge to win one year's FREE tuition to UNH! (The student cannot be a current or former college basketball player. Complete rules will be available on site.) Beginning at 10:00 p.m., Madness buses will run in a loop from Bethel to behind Bixler to the front of Maxcy and finally across to North Campus. At the conclusion of the event, buses will shuttle students

to Echlin Dining Hall for Midnight Breakfast. Midnight Breakfast will be served beginning at 12:45 a.m., with the Charger baseball team donning the aprons to serve the Midnight Madness attendees. Students must attend Midnight Madness and stay the entire time. Then, at the end of the night, stu-

dents will receive a special bracelet to be admitted to Midnight Breakfast. Midnight Madness is the final event of Spirit Week at UNH, which features school spirit competitions between the university's undergraduate classes. Mr. & Mrs. UNH will be an-

"I'm waiting for somebody to wake me up right now. This is a bad, bad dream," said Jenny Stahl, whose 14-year-old daughter, Lindsey Stahl, was the youngest victim. "All I heard it was a jealous boyfriend and he went berserk. He took them all out." Crandon Police Chief John Dennee declined comment on whether Peterson had a romantic relationship with any of the victims. The lone survivor of the shooting, Charlie Neitzel, 21, of Pickerel, was upgraded to serious condition and was improving Monday at St. Joseph's Hospital, spokeswoman Karla David said.

The white, two-story duplex where the shooting occurred was about a block from downtown Crandon, a small town located 225 miles north of Milwaukee in an area known for logging and outdoor activities. Marci Franz, who lives two houses from the duplex where the shooting occurred, said she was awakened by the gunshots. "I heard probably five or six shots, a short pause and then five or six more," she said. Then she heard eight louder shots and tires squealing, she said. "I was just about to get up and call it in, and I heard

sirens," she said. "There's never been a tragedy like this here. There's been individual incidents, but nothing of this magnitude." Sheriff Keith Van Cleve said he would meet with state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen on Monday morning to discuss the case. Crandon Mayor Gary Bradley said Sunday that a sniper killed the suspect, but Van Cleve would not confirm that officers shot him. The shooting raised questions among residents about whether Peterson had met requirements to become a law enforce-

See MADNESS page 10

Off-Duty Deputy Shoots Students




CRANDON, Wis.— An off-duty sheriff's deputy who killed six young people and wounded another during a homecoming weekend gathering may have been motivated by a romantic dispute, relatives of the victims said. Tyler Peterson, 20, was shot to death after opening fire early Sunday, Sept. 7 at a home where authorities said the friends met for pizza and movies. He was off-duty from his fulltime job as a Forest County deputy sheriff; he also was a part-time Crandon police officer.

See DEPUTY page 5

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Campus Events, Etc. The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

Thursday, October 11

Wednesday, October 10  Comedian: Wendi Fox Dodds Hall, 8pm

Spirit Week- Charger Wednesday Fire Prevention Week

Women’s Volleyball vs. University of Bridgeport

80s Flashback Dance German Club, 8pm

 Burn Box

 Clue Tournament

 Movie: Bourne Ultimatum

Bethel Parking Lot, 5:30pm Bartels Lobby, 7pm

Sunday, October 14  Movie: Bourne Ultimatum Midnight Madness

North Campus, 7pm

Alumni Lounge, 7pm

Spirit Week- Fall Out of Bed Friday

Monday, October 15 

Alumni Lounge, 7pm

North Campus, 3pm

 Women’s Volleyball vs. Bentley College

North Campus, 7pm

Spirit Week- Inside-Out Thursday Saturday, October 13

Friday, October 12  Women’s Soccer vs. Holy Family University

EID Celebration

Make Your Own Bamboo Plant


Alumni Lounge, 10am 

North Campus, Shuttles start at 10pm

Bartels Lobby, 11am-3pm 

Tuesday, October 16

Bartels Dining Hall, 4:30-5:30pm

Delta Chi Blood Drive Alumni Lounge, 8am -5pm

Pumpkin Painting ($1 per pumpkin) Residential Quad, 4-6pm


Bartels Dining Hall, 4:30-5:30pm

Alcohol Awareness Week

By Dan Osipovitch A weekly recap of the positives & negatives at UNH



There is grass in the quad! I know, it sounds like an oxymoron. But it’s there! I touched it myself! It’s nice and long and fluffy, although it’s a little odd that the grass in the middle is much longer than the rest of the quad, but I’m not complaining. Hopefully it’ll last…

Purportedly, the Brazilian sauce at Sandella’s is no more. As was mentioned in USGA, the people who ship food to our Sandella’s don’t make the Brazilian sauce. It’s such a shame since that sauce was one of the best things Sandella’s had. Oh how I and many others are going to miss that sweet yet delicately tangy sauce!

Family weekend was a great success. I saw plenty of families here and nothing seemed to go horribly wrong. Apparently this was the biggest turnout yet—it’s good to know families care about their kids at college! It’s just surprising that this small campus can accommodate so many people— congrats to everyone who put it together and pulled it off!

This whole “print on both sides” at the library is starting to get VERY annoying. It’s the default option for any print job and it’s easy forget to undo it when in a rush. Many a lab report or essay have been ruined by this option. They say it’s to save paper— it doesn’t save paper when people are throwing out their doublesided, unprofessional documents that they need to hand in for a grade!

Want To Write for The Charger Bulletin? Come to our meetings every Monday at 2pm in Meeting Rooms A & B or in the newspaper office in Bartels Hall

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National/World News The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

Story Behind Sputnik Publicized News heartedly admits that he did not see Sputnik as an actual possibility. In fact, the missile used to launch Sputnik into space had nothing to do with the space program at all. The R-7 ballistic missile was originally created as a leverage point during the growing tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. Perfectly capable of reaching the United States with a hydrogen bomb, the R-7 missile also had just the right amount of thrusters to push an object into space. When the R-7 hit a snag and was realized to be unusable in the arms race, Korolyov took a chance and began experimenting with a satellite that could be attached to it. The prototype originally designed by the Soviet space program

would take years to build, so Korolyov began to take shortcuts in an attempt to beat the Americans. Arguing against some of the most wellknown scientists in his field, Korolyov changed the shape of the satellite from conical to spherical and cut it down to include four antennas and only two radio transmitters. He believed that a satellite shaped similar to the Earth would have the best chance of making it out of the atmosphere and a satellite with fewer parts would have less of a chance of breaking apart. One week before the planned launch of the satellite, Korolyov decided to move the date forward to Oct. 4 and cancel all of the last minute tests in order to beat the Americans. Naming it PS-1, Russian for “The


Simplest Satellite,” Korolyov watched as ––––––––––––––––– Sputnik defied odds By Associated Press Writers and reached far beRUSSIA—In the days As Maine goes ... Former Maine nuclear exyond the skies. following October Now that the world pert comes to Vt. 4, 1957, thousands MONTPELIER, Vt.— Critics of the Verknows the truth about of people worldwide Sputnik, determina- mont Yankee nuclear plant routinely call for gathered to watch tion and happenstance an “independent safety assessment” of the sort what they believed to coming together to that led to the closing of the Maine Yankee be the Soviet satellite make history for the plant in 1997. But Vermont’s new point man on Sputnik sail across Soviet Union, what nuclear power, a veteran of the Maine Yankee the skies. As the tiny was the blinking light wars, is cool to the idea. blinking light sailed “Without a doubt, if I compare Vermont that crossed the skies across the horizons, Yankee to when Maine Yankee was running fifty years ago? One America and the Soof the last thrusters of into trouble, there’s no comparison. Vermont viet Union began to the R-7 actually, fall- Yankee is not experiencing the mechanical difpedal faster and faster ing from orbit as it fi- ficulties that Maine Yankee was,” said Uldis into the space race. nally let go of the tiny Vanags. Vanags joined the Department of PubNow, 50 years later, satellite. Sputnik was lic Service in August, replacing William Sherthe man behind the actually invisible to man, who retired earlier this year. Sputnik launch is tellBut he doesn’t mind critics like the New the naked eye. ing all the secrets beWhat does all this England Coalition and Citizens Action Nethind the satellite. mean? Why the sud- work staying on the case. Sergei Korolyov, “They bring up issues that you may not have den deviation from chief scientist in Sosecrecy? Above any- looked at,” he said. “I don’t have a problem viet Russia’s space thing else, as we pass with people bringing up issues, even opposing program, places the into the fiftieth year the plant. If you had it the other way, if nobody victory of Sputnik’s of space exploration, opposed, that would not be good. You’ve got to launch in the hands Russia hopes to make have this check and balance.” of the Cold War. Alus remember; they got though he was forced there first. to remain quiet about Housing costs, low wages lead to rise in the process behind number of homeless families Sputnik for the last AMHERST, Mass.— There is just enough fifty years, he wholespace for Lisa Rivera's family to sleep at Jessie's House homeless shelter. Zack’s Wacky Stack of News In one room, she fits the full-sized bed she shares with her 9-year-old daughter, the trundle Your place to find the oddest stories in mainstream news. for her 11-year-old son, a twin bed for her 14By Zack Rosen Get a free sandwich! when Town Manager County convenience turing English ched- year-old daughter and a playpen for her 1½All we ask for is your John Simko presented store for no appar- dar cheese that has year old son. naked body the Black Frog's ap- ent reason has been attracted a devoted "It's comfortable, but it's hard sleeping all G R E E N V I L L E , plication to renew its convicted of indecent worldwide following together," the 32-year-old woman said. "Oh Maine— A sandwich liquor license. Simko exposure and criminal on the Internet showed my God, sometimes it's so hard." called the “Skinny said he had been ap- mischief. its patriotic colors About 1,800 homeless families were in Dip,” featuring sliced proached about the A jury rejected the on Friday ahead of Massachusetts shelters last week — up from prime rib in a baguette nudity and suggested defense offered by England's World Cup 1,400 in June 2006 and just under 1,200 in roll, has been offered that Police Chief Scott 26-year-old Gregory quarter-final against June 2005, according to state figures. There are free of charge to any- MacMaster speak to David Moore, Jr. The Australia. more families in shelters now than at any time one willing to jump the owner. Uniontown man said Dubbed Wedginald since the inception of the state's family shelter naked from The Black The skinny dip was he didn't realize what by its many admirers, program in 1983, according to the MassachuFrog Restaurant's typically done at night, he was doing because the cheese appeared setts Coalition for the Homeless. dock into a lake. no frontal nudity was he had consumed a on screen on Friday, State officials blame a wide range of probSince the free sand- exposed to customers spiked drink at a par- Oct. 5 with an England lems — from cuts in assistance to the recent wich offer was in- and a towel was read- ty. rugby ball perched on housing crisis. troduced, there have ily available, Turner Moore went to the top. "We're very concerned that this is going to been two to three at- said. "Most everybody store after the party Since it first ap- keep going," said Julia Kehoe, commissioner tempts per week. But applauded" after the and was pre-paying for peared on the www. of the state Department of Transitional Assisnow the offer is run- plunge, Turner said. some gasoline when Web tance. ning into trouble after Naked man arrested he undressed and told site in late December Massachusetts is one of the few states that a patron suggested to because he was na- the female clerk, "I last year the cheese- keep government records of the number of selectmen that the ac- ked want everything." which simply matures homeless families in shelters. State law retivity be banned. UNIONTOWN, Pa.— Wow! Cheese on the on screen in real time- quires the Commonwealth to shelter any famThe naked lunch is- A man who stripped Internet! has attracted 1.6 mil- ily that meets income and other guidelines. sue surfaced this week naked in a Fayette LONDON— A ma- lion hits.


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New Haven News

The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

First Fall Concert Rocks North Campus Photos by Keri Comeroski

Sugarcult Paula DeAnda Baby Bash

UNH Experiences Ramadan



WEST HAVEN— Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. Fasting in this month is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. During this time, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during the daylight hours. As a time to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice, Ramadan is much more than just not eating and drinking. There are three aspects of Ramadan: (1) Understanding hunger— we know that feeling hungry is not the same as needing food. Ramadan helps people to experience what poor people go through day after day. By the end of the day, the person who fasts will appreciate how lucky he is to have plenty of food to eat. (2) Scientific benefits— fasting reflects on outward physical appearance by cutting out gluttony and getting rid of excess fat. The benefits of fasting on health are instrumental in alleviating a number of physical diseases, including those of the

digestive systems, such as chronic stomachaches, inflammation of the colon, liver diseases, indigestion, and conditions such as obesity, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, asthma, diphtheria and many other maladies. (3) Purifying yourself— Muslims are called upon to use this month to re-evaluate their lives. They are supposed to strengthen ties with family and friends and do away with bad habits- essentially to clean up their lives, thoughts, and feelings. The Arabic word for "fasting" (sawm) literally means "to refrain"and it means not only refraining from food and drink, but from evil actions, thoughts, and words. During Ramadan, every part of the body must be restrained. The tongue must be restrained from backstabbing and gossip. The eyes must restrain themselves from looking at unlawful things. The hand must not touch or take anything that does not belong to it. The ears must refrain from listening to idle talk or obscene words. The feet must refrain from going to sinful places. In such

The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

a way, every part of the body observes the fast. Therefore, fasting is not merely physical, but is rather the total commitment of the person's body and soul to the spirit of the fast. Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint; a time to cleanse the body and soul from impurities and re-focus one's self on the worship of God. Eid ul-Fitr or IdUl-Fitr, often abbreviated as simply Eid, is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. Fitr means "to break the fast" and therefore symbolizes the breaking of the fasting period. The Saudi Student Club at the University of New Haven is planning two events as a part of Ramadan. One is the preview of the documentary film ISLAM: Empire of Faith on Friday, Oct. 12 at 3 p.m. in Buckman 120. The second one is the EID celebration on Monday, Oct. 15 at 10 a.m. in the Alumni Lounge. The entire campus is welcome to attend the events and learn more about this Muslim tradition.

USGA President’s Corner Fall Concert a Success! Well, if you are currently a student you can say that you were part of history because for the first time in UNH’s history, SCOPE hosted a Fall Concert. In case you missed it, the acts were Paula DeAnda, Baby Bash, and Sugarcult. The concert kicked off just past 8 p.m. on Friday night to a gym full of students, and the show was amazing. There were many volunteers who lent a helping hand prior to, during, and after the show. For everyone who helped at this concert my thanks go out to you because from helping with the Spring Concert all day I know how much

course to the SCOPE Co-Chairs, for all of their hard work during the summer, and the foresight to be able to put on another concert; thank you. I can’t wait for the Spring Concert! Also this past weekend was Family Day. Louis Eswood III This year’s family day USGA President had an astonishing 750 work goes into it and people signed up. Unhow tiring it gets. It’s fortunately, I was not never a simple task to around on Saturday as set up a full scale pro- I had a prior engagefessional stage with ment; however I heard a professional sound from many students crew, do the show that everything went and then load it back great and people reout in the same day. ally seemed to enjoy Also, thank you to the themselves. Thanks to members of SCOPE everyone who helped who were the organi- plan all of those great zational managers that activities for visiting made all of the differ- families. ent parts of the show fit together. And of

ment officer. David Franz, who is married to Marci Franz, said it was hard to accept that someone in law enforcement was the gunman. "The first statement we said to each other was, 'How did he get through the system?'" Franz said. Peterson's father, Steve Peterson, said that the family planned to draft a statement to the public, but declined Monday to talk in detail. Nothing his family said about him now would be believable to most people, he said. "It is very trying," he said. Three of the victims were Crandon High School students, said school Superintendent Richard Peters, and the other three had graduated within the past three years. The Crandon School District called off classes

Monday. "There is probably nobody in Crandon who is not affected by this," Peters said, adding that students "are going to wake up in shock and disbelief and a lot of pain." Residents gathered at Praise Chapel Community Church Monday morning to meet with counselors. Many walked in with their arms around

Deputy Kills Six in Shooting

each other for support, embraced and sobbed. Victims included Jordanne Murray, Katrina McCorkle, Leanna Thomas and Aaron Smith, according to Sjana Farr, the pastor's wife, who was present when the town's police chief announced the victims' names to people who gathered at the church Sunday.


Residents embrace outside of the Praise Chapel Community Church.

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The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

Who is More Important- Students or Parents? Last time I checked, this is our school; we live here, we eat here, we learn here. True, some of our parents pay for us to be here. However, this is not their school. The way I see it, everything done here should be done for us. I understand that as a university, one of UNH’s main goals is to recruit new students. Obviously, this should affect the appearance of the school. The bottom line is that students should be priority. Unfortunately, I feel like my interests

are the least important in the minds of administration. Recently, as many

ating a law school, it is bringing back the UNH football program, it is finishing up the new recreation center, it is redesigning the student center, and it is planning the construction of two new buildings (the Forensic Science building and the new residential hall). All of these developments are great on paper, and will probably make Celina Natola our school better. Editor-in-Chief However, how many of these new of you are aware, the features were develuniversity has been oped with our best inmaking giant strides- terests in mind? Those it is looking into cre- two new buildings

are being put in two of our largest parking lots, even though we already have a parking problem here. That recreation center took away a large parking lot and has been waking us up at dawn for a year now. Everything else is bound to inconvenience the students here as well. The nuisance these projects are to students seems to take a back seat to how better the school will look against other schools and to other people. Not only does it seem like the administration is trying to

impress other schools, it is trying to impress our parents. It is a shame that our quad was rendered useless for the past few weeks due to the reseeding that should have occurred over the summer when it wouldn’t inconvenience anyone. What is more of a shame is that the ropes were taken down right in time for Family Weekend. So now that the warm weather is departing, we finally have our quad back. The funniest part is that on Saturday, Oct. 6, the new grass was covered up again with

the Inflatable Fun Fest; kind of counterproductive. Obviously, our school should look nice when our parents come to visit. But therein lies the problem- it is our school. Shouldn’t it look nice for us? 5,6,7,8’s practice was displaced for a full week from the Alumni Lounge (which they had appropriately reserved) because the Board of Governors was coming. One of The Charger Bulletin’s meetings was displaced

Throughout past years, the International Services Office has been doing an excellent job in directing students towards prospective landlords and helping them find housing. But many students have faced a real nightmare with a few of the landlords. These landlords hike the rents without any notice and when old students vacate, they have hundreds of reason as not to give the deposit back. The unavailability of oncampus housing for UNH graduate students has put a big hurdle in front of the incoming international students (who are mostly graduate students)– searching for a proper housing. Recently, one of my friends had a very bad experience with a landlord. Let’s call this person “Rahul.” Close to campus, there was a three-bedroom basement apartment for rent and Rahul went to talk to the owner. He spoke to

the owner via phone his other couple of and was informed the friends, he declined rent would be around the deal and left the $1500 a month. Later, house. when Rahul spoke to This event has the owner in person, nothing to do with eihe was told that rent ther the International would be $1600. Services Office or the Due to the sudden people assisting with increase of $100, my new student housing. friend asked for one The trouble is due to day to decide whether these landlords. This he wanted it or not. issue needs someThe owner informed one to take action. him that in the meanThe graduate inwhile if any new stu- ternational students dent was interested, are part of the UNH they would be given student body. Their priority. problems are probThe next day, two lems suffered by all new students went to students. As a person look at the apartment. interested in journalThe landlord increased ism, I personally felt it the rent for each room is my responsibility to to $600, which raised bring this issue to the the total rent to $1800. UNH community. We Within 15 minutes, have lots of services the deal was made being offered to stuwith the new students, dents via our school who were clearly not website. How nice it aware of other renting would be if we have rates around campus. an internal website Due to the sudden helping the students turn of events, the search for local houslandlord asked my ing. The International friend Rahul that he Services Office could could take the third ask the landlords to bedroom for $600. post their renting inSince Rahul was supposed to move in with See LANDLORD page 14

So you’re probably wondering why I didn’t write an editorial last week. Okay, so you’re probably NOT wondering. Regardless, it was because I was shocked by those “9/11 Dollars” floating around campus. They boast that 9/11 was an inside job planned by none other than our Wonderful President, George W. Bush, and that the September 11th attacks were used solely for his personal gain and wealth. For those of you who know me, you know that I cannot stand George W. Bush. For those of you who do not know me, let me tell you something. I cannot stand George W. Bush. That aside, I need to make something very clear. Our President is not the brightest bulb on the marquee. Sure, for the few of you left who still think he’s the best thing since sliced bread, he’s not the worst leader this world has seen; not at all. However,

I have many strong conservative friends who would agree with me- the man is not too smart. That said, he could not have planned the atrocious attacks on America that occurred on September 11, 2001. First,

and write about how wrong I am, and that our President should be given a royal carpet to his awaiting chariot, turn away. Because this week’s rant is not about the President, but, rather, how ignorant those who believe that the Bush administration planned 9/11 are; every reason I’ve ever heard explaining Bush having planned 9/11 is complete hogwash. Osama bin Laden and his group of cowardly terrorists are responsible for the attacks, and we all know that. Could the FBI have been informed prior? Yes, of course; they receive God-knows-howmany threats per day, and even more since 9/11. One of those threats on the days leading up to September 11th very easily could have been forecasting the attacks. So should they have looked into this one

Trouble with Landlords

See WHO page 14

Bush Caused 9/11?

Zack Rosen Assistant Editor as corrupt as I may think he is, he is not so corrupt that he would do something so terrible. Second, he’s not smart enough to plan something so severe. Third, he doesn’t have the staff to keep the secret if he actually did. Should I go on? So for those of you looking for something to catch me on

See INSIDE page 15

Steps for Success By Sijith Salim -

The Mind- An Extraordinary Garden Let us consider that each of you has a garden. Will we be ready to throw toxic waste all over our precious and beloved garden? As a matter of fact, most good gardeners guard their gardens like proud soldiers and make certain that no contamination ever enters. We also possess a very precious garden – and this is our mind. If we care for our mind, nurture it and cultivate it just like a fertile, rich garden, it will blossom far beyond our expectations. Every single day, we put toxic waste into our garden: worries and anxieties, fretting about the past, brooding over the future and those self-created fears that wreak havoc within our inner world. Worry drains the mind of much of its power. To live life

to the fullest, we must stand guard at the gate of our garden and let only the very best information enter. We truly cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought—not even one. The most joyful, dynamic and contented people of this world are no different than you and me in terms of their makeup. They mastered their mind and succeeded in life. We need to learn how to master our minds. Most people just don't realize the enormous power of our minds. I have read that even the best-conditioned thinkers are using only 1/100th of a percent of their mental reserves. There is only one thing that we have absolute dominion over – our mind. We don’t need anyone’s permission to control our mind. We might not be able to control

the weather or the traf- feel tired. My friend fic or the moods of all went home after 10 those around us. But, hours of a hectic colwe most certainly can lege schedule. He was control our attitudes not even in the mood toward these events. to eat dinner, so he We all have the pow- went to bed. Suddenly er to determine what he got a call from his we will think about at friend inviting him to any given a birthday moment. party. His This abilfatigue ity is part w e n t of what away in makes us a second human. and in a No matfew minter what utes he happens was drivto you in ing toyour life, ward the Sijith Salim you alone party. have the capacity to Let’s look at another choose your response example. Imagine sitto it. When you form ting in a class and the the habit of searching class is too boring. We for the positive as- feel sleepy. We look pects of every circum- our watch frequently, stance, your life will praying that the class move into its highest ends quickly. Suddendimensions. ly the professor gives Fatigue is actually us a basketball and a mental creation. It permission to go to a influences our body to playground and play.

Our fatigue is gone and we become one of the most energetic people in the campus. Our mind believes what we tell it to. Just close your eyes and say “I am weak, I am feeble” twenty times and when you open you eyes, you will feel like your body weak and feeble. In the same way, if you think “I am strong, I am powerful” and open your eyes, your body will feel strong and powerful. I read in a book that there is a simple secret to achieve life happiness. Find out what you truly love to do and then direct all of your energy toward it. Once you do this, abundant happiness flows into your life and all your desires are filled with ease and grace. If you study the happiest, healthiest, most satisfied people

in the world, you will see that each and every one of them has found their passion in life, and have spent their days pursuing it. This passion is almost always one that, in some way, serves others. Once you are concentrating your mind power and energy on a pursuit that you love, you are happy. This is the power of the mind. Training your mind is not a very easy task. It takes time and requires a lot of our patience. Let us all try our best to look after our mind and make sure that we grow it into a fertile garden, providing fruits of happiness and life success.

Dear Mr. OsipovitchThe unfortunate technicality of expressing one’s opinion in printed material which I’m sure you are well aware of is that people have the ability and fundamental right to interpret that material in a variety of ways. I think my response to your blurb which was originally published in The Charger Bulletin’s September 19th issue was construed as a personal attack on your words. On the contrary, I applaud the fact that the subject of Sandella’s and its malfunctions has been brought to such a public forum. Let me just ex-

plain that in the original Charger Battery, I was disappointed because such a basic idea was tossed out there (my memory seems to have failed me about the subject of your battery almost a year ago) with no reason why, just this is happening and it’s “annoying.” While you are not required to publish complete ideas, I felt obligated to do so after hearing first hand of the consequences to your words. Shortly after your blurb was published the management team called a staff meeting for all the employees of Sandella’s. I was upset when I learned that the staff meeting con-

sisted of an unkind, stern talking to by the managers, some of the employees felt that the nature of this meeting was quite demeaning. During this meeting, there was no acknowledgement of the working conditions, the lack of supplies and the effects these conditions might have on bickering. (See they forgot your blurb from 2006, too.) Since the management took action after your first article was published, I assumed they were paying attention; hence my reason to write a response, in the employees’ defense. Since they responded to what you wrote,

ity of many different interpretations. So what if I interpreted what you wrote incorrectly? The issue here (I thought) is Sandella’s. Not how well the readers of The Charger Bulletin can interpret Dan Osipovitch’s own personal forum for what he likes and dislikes. Getting back to that, the employees of Sandella’s are fabulous people; they work hard, they are dependable, they care about their jobs, and they are consistent. Additionally, many of them have worked at the various eating locations at UNH for years. With that said, they deserve better working conditions. If

they are happy, it will reduce the “unpleasant” encounters. - Jessie Grimmitt

Charger Battery Response, Part Two

The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

maybe they would respond better upon being presented all the facts at once, instead of in the span of a year. Reading your response, I was surprised that you would stoop so low to conclude that my inferences made from your blurb about Sandella’s are crazy and not founded: “Was she even reading The Charger Bulletin?” Sodexho management certainly put together what you were trying to saywhen they called their special meeting. Like I said, the thing about communicating in print is that it is difficult to determine the author’s tone, thus allowing the possibil-

Get your voice heard voice your opinions in the charger bulletin send your editorials to

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Arts & Entertainment The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

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College Night Photo Recap

Everything You need to know about the music genre that rocks your face off by mario abate Metal Buzz -Led Zeppelin To Reunite For Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Show -Scott Weiland recently made a surprise appearance at the Second Fiddle club in Nashville earlier this month, after announcing his intentions on embarking out into the world of Country music. -Mastodon will support Queens of the Stone Age on Monday, Oct. 29 at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, CA. -Chris Cornell has added another run of dates to his North American tour, which he began last spring to support his latest solo effort, Carry On. -Bad news, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) is reportedly in rehab, yet again. -Glenn Danzig will hit the road beginning in late October for a handful of live concert dates on both the East and West coasts. -A drummer from The Ramones, filed a federal lawsuit Sept. 21 claiming he is owed nearly $1 million in royalties on songs sold over the Internet. -Courtney Love settled a lawsuit brought against her by the attorneys who represented her in her own legal battle with the surviving members of Nirvana.

-Apocalyptica's new album Worlds Collide, has entered the Finnish chart at position No. 8. Upcoming Albums/ Music DVDs Oct. 9: SoilworkSworn to a Great Divide, Overkill– Immortalis, Carnal Forge- Who's Gonna Burn (Reissue), Ill Nino– Enigma. Oct. 16: All that Remains- Live (DVD), DemiricousTwo (Poverty). Oct. 22: Blut Aus Nord– Odinist. Oct. 23: CalibanThe Awakening, Exodus- The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A. Oct. 30: The Autumn Offering– III, Avenged SevenfoldS/t, VA- Unholy Alliance (DVD). Oct. 31: Helloween- Gambling with the Devil. Last Week in Metal 2001: SAVATAGE cancelled their European tour in response to the attacks of 9/11. 2002: WARREN ZEVON was diagnosed with lung cancer which had advanced to an untreatable stage. 2003: former VAN HALEN frontman DAVID LEE ROTH cancelled the remaining dates on his tour due to an illness/injury that landed the singer in the hospital.


Keri Comeroski gets a makeover at Origins.


Dan Osipovitch attempts to win big in the Cash Cube.



Students browse at Urban Outfitters.

UNH Opens Holocaust Memorial Exhibit in Dodds

discuss the importance of remembrance ––––––––––––––––– and refer to his recent WEST HAVEN— On memoir “Bread, ButWednesday, Oct. 10, ter and Sugar: A Boy’s the University of New Journey Through the Haven will host guest Holocaust and Postspeaker Martin Schil- war Europe.” ler, a Holocaust surFormer State Senavivor and UNH ’64 tor and UNH Presialumnus during the dent Emeritus Larry opening reception for DeNardis, who played “Memory & Legacy,” a role in making the an exhibition telling New Haven Holothe history of the New caust Memorial a realHaven Holocaust Me- ity in 1977, will offer morial. Schiller will his perspective on the By JULIE WINKEL


UNH musician Jordan Moser performs for students.

Memorial’s continued relevance. The exhibit will be on display from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. starting this week and ending on Thursday, Nov. 15. The opening reception for the exhibit is Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 4:00 p.m. in Dodds Hall. The multi-media “Memory & Legacy” exhibit features a series of display panels with text, photographs,

documents and audio accompaniment via headphones. The New Haven Holocaust Memorial was erected by a handful of Nazi death camp survivors and their children, with help from sympathetic New Haven residents. The design of the monument was sketched by architect Augustus Franzoni based on the six-sided See EXHIBIT page 11

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The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

Want to know what’s going on this weekend? Add UNHActivities to your buddy list! Events are listed in its away message!

What’s Happening in Community Service? Thank you to everyone who participated in the United Way and UNH Book Drive for Children. We collected 420 children’s books which will be donated to New Haven Reads and Read to Grow! Saturday, October 13th ~ New Canaan Nature Center Fall Festival This is an important frundraiser that will take place at the New Canaan Nature Center from 9:00 – 5:00 pm. It is a widely attended and fun day for both kids and their families! There will be a variety of outdoor activities and crafts to help with! Shifts are available. Please contact the Community Service Office by Monday, October 8th if you plan to attend and help with the event. Friday, October 19th ~ DAY OF CARING The University of New Haven’s annual Day of Caring in the New Haven and West Haven communities will be held on Friday, October 19th from 9:00 – 4:30 pm. There will be two shifts available: 9:00 – 12:30 pm and 1:00 – 4:30 pm. Please email to participate! * Special Olympics * Once again we will be helping with the Special Olympics Basketball and Volleyball Divisioning Tournaments that prepare the athletes for the Holiday Classic in November. There were many volunteers from UNH last year and we would like to continue this tradition. Volunteer opportunities: line judge, scorekeeper, timekeeper, results recorder, food service and official (if have experience). Forms available at the Community Service Office. Basketball Divisioning Tournament, Saturday October 27th from 7:30 – 5:00 pm Volleyball Divisioning Tournament, Sunday October 28th from 8:00 – 5:00 pm * Trail of Terror forms are now available! * Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in October sponsored by the American Red Cross

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The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

Let the Madness Begin

con’t from page 1

nounced, as will the winner of the Battle of the Classes competition. There will be numerous participatory events throughout the night, including a Dizzy Bat contest, Saran Wrap contest, Big Shoes to Fill, and of course the Free Tuition Hoops Challenge

to top it all off. The night also features performances by the Charger Cheerleaders, the Charger Pep Band, LASA, 5,6,7,8, and Emanon. Of course the highlight of the night will be the unveiling of the 2007-08 men’s and women’s basketball squads. The UNH women are the two-

time defending East Coast Conference champions and have made back-to-back NCAA appearances. The UNH men’s team was competitive throughout last season, advancing to the ECC tournament, and is on the rise with some of the best young talent in the region.

game, the Mets were jeered by fans. One player who took the most heat was shortstop Jose Reyes who struggled throughout the whole second half of the season. Reyes went hitless in the last game of the season and was booed off the field after his last at bat. As of Sept. 17, the Mets were seven games ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies. They soon became the first team in MLB history to lose a seven-game lead so late in the season. Mets manager Willie Randolph said after the loss to the Marlins, “We didn't play well at the right times, guys didn't play smart or didn't execute. The bottom line is, we gave away the oppor-

tunity to win the division.'' Despite the epic collapse, Randolph will return next season to manage the Mets. However, there are a lot of questions as to how the 2008 New York Mets will look. Fans are unsure of who will and will not be back to play next year. Mets season ticket holders received emails on Oct. 1 from the Mets apologizing for the team’s inability to win the division and make the postseason for the sixth time in seven seasons. In the e-mail, the Mets said that fans deserve better and that they are going to do their best to fix the shortcomings of the team that caused them to miss the playoffs.

The Mets Fall Hard




NEW YORK—The New York Mets completed one of the biggest collapses in Major League Baseball history. The Mets could not win or force a one-game playoff against the Philadelphia Phillies the day after being defeated by the Florida Marlins 8-1. Tom Glavine took the mound for the Mets and gave up a career high seven runs in the first inning and had to exit the game recording one out in the first inning. From there the Mets had to play catch up and could not take advantage of various opportunities to get runners across the plate. Throughout the

Midnight Madness TENTATIVE Schedule

10:00 – Buses start from Residence Halls to North Campus (Bethel to behind Bixler to Maxcy to Charger Gymnasium) 10:30 – Midnight Madness at Charger Gymnasium – Music Starts and Doors Open 10:45 – Welcome and National Anthem 10:50 – Announcement of Mr. & Mrs. UNH and performances by 5,6,7,8 and Marching Band 11:00 – Performance by Empathy, Dizzy Bat Contest, LASA performance 11:20 – ChargerREC Intramural Sports 3-point Shooting Championship, performance by the Step Team 11:30 - Performances by Chargers Pep Band and Emanon, plus Saran Wrap Contest 11:45 – Performances by the UNH Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams and Charger Cheerleaders, plus Big Shoes to Fill contest 12:00 – First Look at the UNH Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams 12:10 – Announcement of the winner of the Battle of the Classes followed by the Free Tuition Hoops Challenge 12:20 – Distribution of Midnight Breakfast tickets, buses begin running back to Bartels Hall 12:30 – Midnight Breakfast begins, last bus leaves North Campus (must attend Midnight Madness to receive Midnight Breakfast bracelet)

ChargerREC Intramural Sports 3-Point Shooting Contest

The UNH Department of Campus Recreation invites all students to participate in the ChargerREC 3-Point Shooting Contest, to be held Saturday, Oct. 13 and Sunday, Oct. 14 at Charger Gymnasium. The ChargerREC 3-Point Shooting Contest begins on Saturday, Oct. 13 with the preliminary rounds from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. Current students can come to Charger Gymnasium during that time frame with their student ID. Then, the Final Four from Saturday’s competition will have their nerves tested as they battle it out in front of a packed house at Charger Gymnasium on Sunday night at Midnight Madness, where the first-ever ChargerREC 3-Point Champion will be crowned. To be eligible to compete at Midnight Madness, participants must advance from the preliminary rounds that begin on Saturday afternoon. For more information about ChargerREC, the new Department of Campus Recreation, or the ChargerREC 3-Point Shooting Contest, email Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Morgan Rocheleau at

Men’s Soccer Grabs Third Straight Win



WEST HAVEN— Senior forward Tyler Smith scored twice, giving him three goals in the last two days, to help lead the University of New Haven to its third straight win with a 3-0 decision over Felician College in a non-conference men's soccer game on Sunday, Oct. 7 at Kayo Field. Smith scored in both the first and second half to help pace the Chargers to their

third straight win and a 5-7-0 record overall. UNH has now won five of its last eight matches after starting the season with four straight losses. "After a tough spot to start the season, we've gotten ourselves onto a little bit of a roll here," said UNH head coach Joshua Krusewski, At 25:56 in the first half, Cristian Sanchez hit a long pass to the right side to find Smith. He dribbled in a few steps before chipping the ball from

about 18 yards out, over the head of goalkeeper Nick Lyons. In the 66th minute, junior John Nolan crossed the ball from the left side and found Smith in front of the goal for a low, hard shot to the lower left corner and a 2-0 UNH advantage. The Chargers got their third goal with just 2:45 remaining on the clock and a number of reserve players on the field. Starter Jason Zurita chipped See FELICIAN page 14

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A&E Continued

The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

Holocaust Exhibit Opens in Dodds

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Jewish star, barbedwire stanchions reminiscent of the fences at killing centers all over Eastern Europe, and six evergreen trees representing rebirth. The memorial also features six radiating stone strips symbolizing the six million Jews who were starved, worked and gassed to death in the Third Reich. Schiller, a native of Poland, was released 62 years ago from Buchenwald, the second of two concentration camps he had been sent to as a boy. Schiller moved to the United States after World War II and eventually settled in Connecticut, where he earned a

bachelor's degree from the University of New Haven. He worked for General Dynamics, in Groton, and eventually became an engineer in private practice in Norwalk. His specialty was consulting on air pollution control. After a longawaited trip back to Poland and much encouragement from his wife, Schiller wrote a memoir, Bread, Butter and Sugar: A Boy's Journey Through the Holocaust and Postwar Europe (Hamilton Books, 2006) as “evidence of the Holocaust.” This exhibition is free and open to the public. For more information call 203932-7095.

Musicians Honored at Q Music Awards in London



"I thank Linda for seeing me through some real tough periods," McCartney said. McCartney, 65, said he still loves the music business. "I've been doing this since I was just a little bairn and it's still

the same for me nowstill the same magic, still the same emotion, still the same thrill," he said. Minogue received a Q Idol award. "Just don't ask me what it means, but I'm very grateful and hon-

ored to be receiving this," the 39-year-old Australian pop diva told the audience at London's Grosvenor House Hotel. Honorees were chosen by readers of music magazine Q. Arctic Monkeys were named Best Act in the World Today, while Kate Nash was named Best Breakthrough Artist. Amy Winehouse, who has been in and out of headlines and rehab in recent months, won the Best Album prize for Back to Black, but didn't attend AN AP/ JOEL RYAN PHOTO the ceremony.

LONDON— Paul McCartney and Kylie Minogue were among the honorees Monday, Oct. 8 at the Q Music Awards. McCartney paid tribute to his late wife, Linda, as he was awarded the title of Q Icon at the annual ceremony. He thanked his children and his former bandmates in The Beatles, but didn't mention his second wife, Heather Mills. British band Muse win Best Live Act at the Q Music Awards on Monday, Oct. 8.

Celina’s Salacious Celebrity Gossip Wrestler Benoit on excessive medication Federal prosecutors have released that wrestler Chris Benoit was over prescribed testosterone medication by his physician, Dr. Phil Astin. Benoit made headlines this past June when he strangled his wife and seven-yearold son and then hung himself. Until now, many suspected that mental illness caused Benoit to crack, but these new developments shed light on another possibility. At the time of his death, Benoit had ten times the normal level of testosterone in his system, according to the Associated Press. Astin has been charger with over pre-

scribing medication to two other patients. I’m glad that this information has come out. Until now, the media made Benoit out to be a complete psychopath. Now, we can medically account for his mental health at the time of the murder/suicide. I have to wonder, though, whose fault the prescription was. Did Benoit insist on the excessive levels? Or did Astin make a huge mistake? In the first instance, it would be a shame. Obviously Benoit never knew that his testosterone levels would cause him to kill the ones he loves. It just goes to show you, medicine is not something to be messed with.

The latest in celebrity news and gossip By Celina Natola

Would the babies please just pop out already? Is it just me or does Hollywood pregnancies run in cycles? Last year, we were bombarded with the Jolie/Pitt baby, the Cruise/Holmes baby, and Spears’ second baby. Now that the baby world has been quiet for the past few months, it is coming back with a vengeance. Christina Aguilera is so big she can’t hide her pregnancy anymore. She and hubby Jordan Bratman are expecting their first child, which is bound to cause a head-tohead between Aguilera and former pop rival Britney Spears. I can’t wait to hear sto-

ries about how good a mom Aguilera is compared to Spears. Nicole Richie is going to pop soon with Joel Madden’s child. Supposedly, the couple is going to be getting married on Saturday, Oct. 13 in Laguna Beach. Good thing, who wants a child born out of wedlock? I don’t think they’ll care, though, seeing as the whole pregnancy was probably an accident in the first place. Madden (of Good Charlotte fame, if you can call it that) was only single for a matter of months before Richie became pregnant. Worse than that, the entertainment media barely even knew that Madden and long-time girlfriend

Hilary Duff were broken up before Madden and Richie were expecting and engaged (in that order). And one thing’s for sure, the entertainment media know all! The big secret pregnancy is Jennifer Lopez’s. The singer (and now movie producer with the release of Feel the Noise) has not admitted her pregnancy, but if she’s not pregnant, she is just plain fat. Lopez’s belly has clearly been growing, and sources tell that she and hubby Marc Anthony are expecting twins. Good for them! Not only has J. Lo managed to stay married for more than a couple of months, but she is making the

relationship official with children! It had to happen sometime!



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Fun & Games

The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

Look for the answers to this week’s puzzles online at

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The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

Landlord Nightmare website link to new students. The students could browse through the site even before coming to the United States and make arrangements ahead of time. Getting proper housing is an issue

among all international students. As a part of the UNH community, anything we do to help these students would be highly commendable and something we could always be proud of. -Sijith Salim

flowers, the trimmed hedges aren’t for us. They are for everyone else. They are for the tours full of prospective students, they are for when families visit, and they are for hefty donations from wealthy alumni. I don’t think it would hurt to keep us in mind- the people that live here, the people that pay to be here, and the people that should feel at home here. The truth is, I don’t feel like a stu-

dent, I feel like a painting on the university’s wall. I’m just here to make the school look good. My good grades are just a statistic. Just like the newly-planted flowers, they are only important because they make the school look good. I wish I felt more like my opinion mattered and that I’m not just here for decoration. After all, this is supposed to be my school, and even more so my home.

the game, headed the the ball from the right ball into the right side end line to the front of of the goal for his first the goal, where fresh- career score. The Chargers man substitute Trent McCaskill, just into played twice this

week, with a trip to Southern Connecticut and a road match at nationally-ranked Dowling College.

con’t from page 6

formation on the site. Students looking for roommates could post a roommate request on the site and interested students could respond. The International Services Office could pass the

Who Lives Here?

con’t from page 6

because nearly all of Bartels Hall was being painted due to the Board’s arrival. The C-Store is never fully stocked and never has nearly enough milk to go around. Conveniently enough, there was plenty of milk for family’s to see this weekend. If this is our school then why is everything done for other people? The green grass, the blooming

Chargers Shut Out Felician

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The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

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Charger Bulletin Board The Charger Bulletin | October 10, 2007

The Charger Bulletin The student newspaper of the University of New Haven 300 Boston Post Road West Haven, CT 06516 Phone (203) 932-7182 Fax (203) 931-6056

——————STAFF—————— Editor-in-Chief Celina Natola Assistant Editor Zack Rosen Staff Writers Mario Abate, Jessica Balaban, Lisa Barker, Mia Becker, Heather Brown, Sarah Buchman, Jonathan Cascio, Joseph Chapman, Julia Cocca, Sara Collins, Erin Ennis, Timothy Fasano, John Kritzman, Sara McGuire, Dan Osipovitch, David Padula, Sijith Salim Staff Photographers Heather Brown, Keri Comeroski, Dan Osipovitch Staff Gaming Guru Timothy Fasano Staff Sports Writers John Oko ————ADVERTISING———— The Charger Bulletin accepts advertising from outside sources. Ad rate sheets are available upon request by calling (203) 932-7182 or via email at Advertisements must be either submitted on disk by mail, fax or in person, or preferably sent via email. All advertisements must be received by noon on the Thursday prior to scheduled printing. Due to school sanctions, The Charger Bulletin is unable to accept advertisements from establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. The Charger Bulletin reserves the right to refuse any advertisements. Advertisements within The Charger Bulletin are insterted by outside sources identified in the advertisements themselves and not by the University of New Haven. Advertising material printed herein is solely for informational purposes.


a bit more, judging by the severity of it? Yes, they should have. But it is in no way right to point your fingers at the President and his administration for planning 9/11 just because you hate him. If you ask me, Bush has shamed the Amer-

Inside Job?

ican people and hurt the American way of life. But no human could plan 9/11, and the men of al-Qaeda are anything but human. But if you actually believe that Bush planned 9/11, just be sure you have your reasons. As long as

you stand up for your beliefs, whether somebody thinks they’re crazy or not, and have reasons for your beliefs, then more power to you. There are many out there who don’t do that, and you should always believe in yourself, and

The Charger Bulletin welcomes letters to the editor. Letters can be sent via email to ChargerBulletin@, dropped off at the Charger Office or left in our USGA box. All letters must include the writer’s full name and phone number for verification and can be withheld upon request. The opinions expressed in letters to the editors, poems, columns or other submissions are not necessarily those of The Charger Bulletin staff. The Charger Bulletin has the right to refuse to print any letter or submission. Final decisions are made by the editors.

———OPPORTUNITIES——— always keep your beliefs no matter how Students are strongly encouraged to write for The much somebody may Charger Bulletin. Visit us on the third floor of Bartels say your opinions are Hall for more info. wrong. In fact, the only —————MEETINGS————— thing you shouldn’t believe is that I said Mondays at 2:00pm in Meeting Rooms A & B or in the Bulletin Office in Bartels Hall. “hogwash” a few paragraphs back. What the hell was I thinking?

October 10 2007  

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